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Name: Calvin Kang Li Loong

Height: 1.76m

Weight: 67kg

Date of Birth: 16 April 1990 (25yrs)

Personal Best(s): 10.48s (Men 100m, 2015 Singapore Open)

Career Highlight(s): -

Below is an extract of the interview

Q) What are your hopes, dream and target this SEA Games?

Going for GOLD (Goal)! In the 4x100m relay, I am aiming to finish on the podium in the 100m as well! I’m fortunate to be able to compete at the Sports Hub in front of Singaporeans and that has always been my dream!

Q) How’s your preparation for the SEA Games?

It is going good so far, though I have been falling sick more prevalently these few days, I am listening very closely to my body. Working a lot of my weakness (a.ka, Achilles, foot strength, hip strength) and sprint technique.

Q) What are some of the biggest challenges in your sports career so far leading to SEA Games and your athletics career?

Battling with chronic injuries and rehabilitation, as we have an intense training regime, missing a session would affect the training cycle; it has not been easy managing it.

Q) How did you specialise in your particular event? Why this event, what’s the attraction?

I started sprinting since I was 9 years old, since then I always loved speed, I love to feel the breeze brushing past my face, the feeling of out running another, the atmosphere of competition resides well with my being, I like the short sprints and running the 100m is the shortest in the outdoor season (I also love the 60m – INDOOR season). I specialized in the 100m as I liked the training, I have tried 400m training and it is really tough (kudos to those speed endurance sprinters)

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A SA publication www.SingaporeAthletics.org.sg

Q) Who is your coach, tell us more about him/her. Also a mention of your previous coaches.

Coach Luis Cunha, he is one funny guy, his jokes are pretty high level and he has a poker face! I have always been with very humorous coaches, my previous coach was Mr Melvin Tan, he is one very lame guy and I enjoyed my training sessions with him. I was also coached by the superstar coach Mr Alfred Sim, Project Superstar 2014 champion. He can sing, he can coach, he is also pretty lame. I have been blessed to have fun, loving coaches that inspire and motivate me throughout my journey in athletics

Q) Do you take care of your nutrition and diet? Your opinion on supplements and food.

I do watch my diet, the types of food I take (e.g. more greens, less oily etc). I tend to consume food that I feel is necessary pre and post training. Before trainings, I would consume a heavier carbohydrate diet, post training, a protein diet for regeneration and re-building of muscles. I do believe in taking added supplements to give the body the best nutrients on a daily basis. I take multivitamins as a starter and anti-oxidants.

Q) Aside from athletics, what else interest you? You could say the other part of your life beyond athletics.

I have an interest in photography, music, cafe hopping and catching movies.

Q) How do you fit in your training/competing with your family and studies/work?

Training has a fixed schedule, working around those fixed schedules have helped me better time management, I know there are certain sports that have different training venues, timings every day and that would be a challenge to schedule your time. On weekends, especially Sunday dinners, I will always spend it with my family as Sunday is my rest Sabbath day from training. I want to put in the effort to ensure that I have face to face conversations with my family, this has helped me connect with them better though I am usually away.

Q) Share with the readers, some aspects of your training regime.

Training has been good; I am completing workouts that I did not manage to complete in the past. Now with my new coach, we are also working on my sprint technique; I have been focusing a lot on my foot placement, hip height and strike rate. A typical week in training would compromise of speed and speed endurance workouts alternate days with strength on the speed days. This helps to build the muscle memory that I am a sprinter. In the past, my workouts were really different and I am still adapting to the new style of training.

Q) What are your long term athletics goals?

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My next goal is to break the 100m national record. I have the 100m junior record and it has been standing since 2008, records are meant to be broken, someone will break it one day, it spurs us to reach for higher milestones. In the long run, I hope to be able to contribute to the athletics fraternity either in the management capacity or in the motivation and inspiration of the younger generation. It is important to continue the legacy that has been built over the years, through the current athletes, officials, coaches, family, friends, fans to build onto each other for the betterment of the sport.

Q) What advice do you have for young aspiring athletes?

Never stop dreaming, when I first began sprinting, I always wanted to represent Singapore. I have achieved that and I am still pushing greater boundaries to run even faster as the standards of others are improving exponentially. Seize EVERY opportunity that is given to you, a lot of times, it does not come knocking twice! Enjoy and let passion continue!

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