Whether you are creating a special space reserved for tranquil moments or you are refreshing your entire home with a peaceful aura, you’ll find that decorating with will instill the calm balance you seek. Green is a deeply embedded in the human spirit. There is a holistic quality associated with this color that brings to mind nature, the environment and healthy living. It is pure, natural, and symbolic of rebirth and renewal. Green imparts a peaceful ambience to your living spaces, making it perfect for rooms where rest and relaxation are the main goal. t reen decora ingG with g

© 2008 Behr Process Corporation The Many The verdant of the earth are among the most common you will encounter in daily life, so finding inspiration for your perfect palette is easy. Ranging from the muted shades of and mint, to the bright of sprouting grass, to the rich glossy shades of camellia , greens will surround your space with a soothing presence. Inspiration can also be found in the ripe melons and vegetables available to us. Give your room a revitalizing and effortless ambience by painting your walls a refreshing shade of honeydew melon. Subtle Consider the cool green of a ripe pepper for a more formal feel in your Drama home. For a brighter, more -hearted feel, try a vibrant shade such An example of green’s as , kiwi, or green apple on your walls. Contrastingly, softer, shaded ability to harmonize with other colors, greens such as or avocado will imbue your room with a warmer, more this casual living space combines the down-to-earth appeal. peaceful, calming qualities of with the healing and restful aspects of green. The contrast of these two colors adds Coordinating with Green visual drama to the space while at the same time, Because they harmonize well with so many colors, shades of green will the calming and subtle qualities of the colors do not help you create a space that is balanced, comfortable, and calm in any overpower part of your home. For example, the pairing of green and blue, the senses. echoing water and forest, creates a space that is restful and The overall ambience harmonious. For a more lively contrast they create is compelling, in your room, try pairing a bright green soothing and with or . Muted shades comforting. such as sage green, when paired with pale , can bring a soft, romantic, and feminine appeal to your space. You’ll find that including green in your color palette will introduce a soothing energy into your home.

© 2008 Behr Process Corporation color provides the perfect background to highlight the streamlined décor Casually Elegant Kitchen and furniture. In addition, this office allows for better focus on the job at The use of green in your kitchen and dining hand--there is less areas creates spaces that are satisfying, pleasant, and visual “clutter” so conducive for enjoying food and company. you are able to concentrate better In this casually elegant kitchen, mossy green walls are and the rich green contrasted with trim in pure to create a space that is simple, color is inherently yet refined. The cabinetry in a light and natural wood tone helps to keep relaxing. the look bright and open. The kitchen décor in and green shades adds dimension and interest to the space. An Indoor Garden Space No matter where you live or what type of view you have, bring the outdoors inside with the use of color and décor. In this fresh, lovely room, a light melon green is applied to the walls to create a refreshing, spring-like atmosphere. The Modern Home Office warm wood floor adds to the garden- Darker shades of green have become increasingly popular like appeal, evocative of a garden path. in recent years, so consider using a richer, saturated shade of green in a The white trim not only accents the home office. These deeper shades are ideal for environments where work architectural elements of the room, but is the main objective; because of their inherent calming effect, green adds to the clean and casual ambience shades help you stay focused and concentrated on your tasks. in the space. The addition of reinforces the garden-like appeal and The deep green wall color in this home office gives a stunning perspective brings a pop of color to your space. to a modern design. Paired with white trim and furnishings, the wall

© 2008 Behr Process Corporation A Green Retreat Green as an Exterior Color Mint and greens are fresh and gently uplifting. The blue undertones Green is an attractive and versatile choice for the exterior color of your associated with these shades of green lend a cool quality to these colors. home. It can be used on the main body of your home or on any of the Whether you are reviving a traditional cottage home or adding character to trim or outdoor accent pieces. Consider using a soft, muted gray-green a new apartment, these greens will create a serene atmosphere. as the main exterior color on your home and accenting your trim with a richer, saturated green. Try white trim and accents against a green exterior to give your home a crisp, clean look. The right shade of green on a single accent piece can give your home an instant update. Paint your front door a dark to add a formal and dramatic look to your house. Classic Victorian This classic, Victorian home looks elegant when painted a pale green with soft white trim. This color combination gives a graceful look to the home and allows the unique and intricate This bathroom in a seafoam green is tranquil and architecture to shine. The gentle. When paired with white, it creates a light and shutters in a dark, muted green expansive appearance. The dark wood floor adds add contrast and depth to the depth and substance to the spacious delicate palette. atmosphere. Contrast your light green walls with towels in deeper shades of The tranquil ambience inspired green. Together these elements create by shades of green make this a spa-like atmosphere that is peaceful and gentle. color a popular choice for both home interiors and exteriors. It is versatile enough to be used as either a main color or an accent color and pairs easily with other color families. Find more inspirational color With a palette of green, you will create a space that is attractive and and style articles in our Inspiration Design Library sophisticated, as well as natural and peaceful. at www.behr.com.

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