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Self-contained mobile unit for many experiments in fl uid mechanics. Among other experiments it covers: properties of fl uids, hydrostatic principles and /fl oatation and Archimede’s principle.

Key features • Wide range of experiments • Self-contained mobile bench • Determination of fl uid properties including , specifi c , and • Demonstration of hydrostatic principles including ’s law, ’ principle and determination of at a point in a fl uid • Experiments cover study of buoyancy, fl otation and stability of fl oating bodies, on a plane surface, centre of pressure, operation and calibration of a Bourdon pressure gauge and column manometers • Ideal for lecture room demonstrations as well as student experiments

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Description Standard Features The apparatus consists of a self-contained bench • Supplied with comprehensive user guide complete with all necessary equipment for a wide range • Five-year warranty of demonstrations and experiments in hydrostatics and properties of fl uids. Much of the equipment is rigidly • Made in accordance with the latest European Union mounted on the bench, the remainder being free-standing directives items suitable for use on the bench top. • ISO9001 certified manufacturer The bench has a reservoir that supplies for the experiments. A tank on the unit can be fi lled from the Learning outcomes reservoir for experiments that need a free-water surface. • Determination of fl uid density and specifi c gravity A drain tray next to the tank is for collecting and returning water to the reservoir. • Principles and use of a hydrometer The bench is readily movable and is therefore ideal • Capillarity in tubes and between plates for lecture room demonstrations as well as student • Measurement of viscosity by falling method experiments. • Demonstration of Pascal’s law Experimental equipment supplied with the bench includes a fl uid-level apparatus for demonstrating Pascal’s law, • Measurement of fl uid levels by vernier hook gauge and two U-tube manometers. A toroidal sloped tank is • Fluid fl ow head relationship mounted within an integrated balance to determine centre of pressure. Archimedes’ principle is proved by using a • Verifi cation of Archimedes’ principle and demonstration fi xed immersed in a header of water mounted on of principles of fl otation a beam balance. Further items of equipment include a • Stability of a fl oating body and determination of Bourdon pressure gauge with deadweight calibration, and metacentric height a rectangular pontoon with adjustable for studies of a fl oating body and metacentric height. • Measurement of and centre of pressure on a plane surface Included with the H314 is the H2 MkII for the study of the metacentric height of a fl oating body. • Operation and calibration of a Bourdon pressure gauge Apparatus for determination of fl uid properties includes a Eureka can, a specifi c-gravity bottle, a hydrometer • U-tube manometers with fl uids of diff erent density capillarity apparatus, a falling-sphere and a vernier point gauge for fl uid level measurement. Recommended Ancillaries • Balance (H314a) – Searle’s torsion balance with scale and pointer for the determination of the surface tension of . • Hares Tube (H314b) – Hares tube to establish the specifi c gravity of a liquid when compared with water. • Half Circle and Vee Chine Pontoons (H2a MkII)

Half Circle and Vee chine Pontoons (H2a MkII)

Metacentric height and Stability (H2 MkII) (included)

Surface Tension Balance (H314a)

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Equipment included: • Reservoir tank with hand pump • Hook gauge • Fluid level apparatus: 5 off interconnected tubes of varying cross sections and shapes • Pressure gauge: Bourdon type with visible mechanism and dead calibrator • Manometers: 2 off U-tubes Hares tube (H314b) • Capillarity apparatus: glass tubes of various bores, glass plates with shims for various separations • Calibrated hydrometer • Measuring cylinder • Graduated beaker • Timer • Floating rectangular pontoon with adjustable centre of gravity • Specifi c gravity bottle • Eureka can • Air pump Operating Conditions • Three-beam balance Space required: • Centre of pressure tank and balance The apparatus is free-standing and needs a fl oor of approximately 2.5 m x 1.5 m • Archimedes’ mass Operating environment: • Various ball bearings Laboratory H314a Storage range: Nett Dimensions and Weights: –25°C to +55°C (when packed for transport) Nett: 350 x 150 x 270 mm; 2.8 kg Operating temperature range: Approximate Packed Dimensions and Weight: 3 +5°C to +40°C 0.05 m and 5 kg Operating relative humidity range: Equipment included: 80% at < 31°C decreasing linearly to 50% at • 5 x glass slides 40°C • 50 off (stainless steel bearings) Specifications • 1 m wire TecQuipment is committed to a programme of continuous • Hexagon tools improvement; hence we reserve the right to alter the H314B design and product specifi cation without prior notice. Nett Dimensions and Weights: H314 Nett: 600 x 252 x 310 mm; 4 kg Dimensions and weights: Equipment Included: Nett: 1700 x 750 x 1700 mm; 120 kg • 3 x 100 ml glass beakers Gross: 3.25 m3; 250 kg (approx – packed for export) • Two acrylic tubes mounted on a metal frame, connected in an ‘m’ formation to a syringe.

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