Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43

Benthic and calcareous algae from the - succession in the Tatras (Poland and

Tomasz 1*, Daria K. IVANOVA2, Piotr JAGLARZ1 & Ioan I. BUCUR3

1Institute of Geological Sciences, Jagiellonian University, Oleandry Str. 2a, 30-063 Kraków, Poland 2 3

Received: September 2012; accepted January 2013 Available online 25 February 2013 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5038/1937-8602.58.1.3

Abstract. - others were found in new locations. A few of them belong to index fossils. Based on the assemblage containing calcareous algae Oligoporella species, characteristic for the Oligoporella pilosa – Phisoporella pauciforata zone, as well as the foraminifera Meandrospira dinarica, and the presence of Diplopora annulatissima, the age of the - lishment of the foraminifera species Pilamminella semiplana, Glomospirella triphonensis and Nodosaria skyphica, Ophthalmidium cf. exiguum, Hoyenella gr. sinensis, Agathammina sp. and Gaudryina Turriglomina mesotriasica – Glomospirella kuthani/ gemerica – Aulotortus gaschei praegaschei - cludes ?Triasina hantkeni Keywords:

INTRODUCTION paraautochthonous) cover of crystalline rocks and two allochthonous The paper is focused on new micropalaeontological data 1996). High-Tatric Unit is overlaid by two Sub-Tatric nappes: the and High-Tatric units in the Tatra Mts (southern Poland, northern Slovakia). A few hundred metres complex of sedimentary rocks composed of several partial nappes and tectonic scales (Goetel and mentioned above contain rare index fossils. Genera described below belong to benthic foraminifera and calcareous algae. Some succesion, whereas the others are found in further locations. Tatricum, Fatricum and Hronicum basins respectively (Andrusov Presented data are a supplement of earlier investigations on benthic foraminifers and calcareous algae from of 1963, 1967, 1979a; Bac and Grochocka, 1965; Piotrowski, 1965; During Triassic time, Tatricum and Fatricum basins were mentioned deposits. (Meliata-Hallstatt Ocean; Kozur, 1991; Michalík, GEOLOGICAL SETTING basins caused similar facies development during Triassic time. The Tatra Mts are composed of the Variscan crystalline basement, its sedimentary cover and overthrusted nappes built of Mesozoic in the as a result of tectonic disintegration of southern rocks (Fig. 1). High-Tatric Unit consists of autochthonous (or Palaeoeuropean shelf (Michalík, 1993, 1994).


Fig. 1. Location of the study area. a) Location of the Tatra Mountains in the geological sketch-map of the Alpine-Carpathian-Pannonian successions of Tatricum and Fatricum units The set of sedimentary features indicates that the Middle Triassic succession of Tatricum and Fatricum was deposited on alternately with dark marly limestones (partly dedolostones) restricted carbonate ramp under relatively hot and arid climate conditions. Isolated basins with facies typical for low energy represent hypersaline deposits of marginal zone of restricted and Uchman, 2010). by dolostones. er: sandstone-mudstone

Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 Benthic foraminifera and calcareous algae from Tatras 23 and dolostone-dolomitic mudstone (Turnau-Morawska, 1953; following species: Ammobaculites cf. radstadtensis Kristan- facies were deposited in marginal marine environment heavily Tollmann, Calcitornella? sp., Hemigordius? chialingchaingensis (Ho), Trochammina almtalensis Koehn-Zaninetti, Turritellella mesotriassica Koehn-Zaninetti. This association indicates is generally characterized by a scarcity of index fossils. Benthic foraminifera of Anisian age (such as: Glomospirella shengi foraminifera, calcareous algae, crinoids, brachiopods, bivalves Ho, Trochamminoides pusillus Ho, Trochammina cf. pulvila and gastropods date on Anisian age the lower part of the Middle Pachyphloides klebelsbergi (Oberhauser), Triassic succession from the High-Tatric Unit (Rabowski, 1931; Geinitzinita oberhauseri Pseudonodosaria simpsonensis (Tappan), Nododsaria spiculata N. raggattiN. ordinata Trifonova, Dentalina cf. turgoidea Kristan-Tollmann, Lenticulina (Vaginulinopsis) cryptospira (Paalzow), Marginulina solida Terquem, Lenticulina (Astacolus) karnica (Oberhauser) were described by dated by calcareous algae, crinoids and brachiopods (Uhlig, Alexandrowicz and Szewczyk (1981) from marls and limestones assemblages (dominated by representatives of the Nodosariidae . Calcareous algae Physoporella pauciforata of the High-Tatric Unit is (Gümbel), P. prealpina Pia, P. dissita (Gümbel), P. minutula not palaeontologically dated. (Gümbel), Diplopora annulatissima Pia, D. helvetica Pia, D. hexaster Pia, Macroporella sp., Griphoporella sp., and PREVIOUS STUDIES ON BENTHIC Poikiloporella sp. were found within Middle Triassic succession FORAMINIFERA AND CALCAREOUS ALGAE FROM THE ANISIAN-NORIAN SUCCESSION Valley localities and indicated the Pelsonian-Illyrian age (Bac IN THE TATRA MTS. Benthic foraminifera 1979a). For many sedimentary rocks of the Tatra Mts have Physoporella pauciforata (Gümbel), Physoporella prealpina Pia and Physoporella dissita (Gümbel) article dedicated to foraminifera study from the Tatra Mts was published by O. Saxl (in: Goetel, 1917) and was devoted to the 1967, 1973) Upper Triassic foraminifera. IG-1 The Middle Triassic foraminifera from the High-Tatric Unit described Diplopora annulata var. annulata (Schafhäutl), Diplopora annulata var. dolomitica (Schafhäutl), Diplopora of Anisian foraminifera includes stratigraphycally important annulatissima Pia, D. uniserialis (Pia), Physoporella dinarica, forms. The species Ammodiscus incertus (d’Orbigny), Macroporella sp. and Teutloporella sp. from many localities at Glomospira densa Glomospirella grandis G. d the Fassanian age. triphonensis Based on assemblage of calcareous algae with Physoporella pauciforata (Gümbel), P. prealpina Pia, P. aff. dissita (Gümbel) and Diplopora annulatissima Pia the age of diplopore and Anisian foraminifera from the Ogarle-Opalone scale (High- nappe) was concluded on the basis of the presence of calcareous algae with Teutloporella herculea (Stoppani), T. cf. aequalis section in the Kondratowa Valley include stratigraphically (Gümbel), T. tenuis Pia, Diplopora annulata var. dolomitica important taxa such as: Glomospira densaGlomospirella (Schafhäutl), Macroporella sp., Griphoporella sp., Acicularia grandisMeandrospira dinarica Kochansky-Dévide sp. and Clypeina). coincides with the Glomospira densa Zone (Bithynian–Illyrian). MATERIALS AND METHODS s Keuper contains Agathammina austroalpina Kristan Tollmann and foraminifera and/or calcareous algae were found in a dozen The stratigraphically important foraminifera assemblages of rock samples. Foraminifera were examined in limestones

Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 24

. Tunisian Atlasic Range (Kamoun et al., 1997); Arabian shelf in DESCRIPTION OF DETERMINED SPECIES Benthic foraminifera Comment: Agathammina austroalpina Kristan-Tollmann and Tollman, revision of the type material and listed some foraminifera as 1963 (Pl. I, Figs 17-18). synonym with Aulotortus friedli. However, Aulotortus gaschei praegaschei were showned as separate species with synonyms Sections A. friedli. Biostratigraphical distribution Aulotortus ex. gr. ?sinuosus Zaninetti, 1969). Section: Geographical distribution Biostratigraphical distribution Geographical distribution Range (Kamoun et al., 1997); Pinarbasi area, eastern Taurus, Dolomiten, Osttirol, (Blau and Schmidt, 1990); Bulgaria 2006); Urbut section, north of Izmir, (Okay and Altiner, 2007); Dachstein Plateau, 2010). In , A. sinuosus 2006; 2010b, 2011). Formation, Dolomites (Di Bari and Baracca, 1998). Agathammina? iranica Zaninetti, Brönnimann, Bozorgnia and Huber, 1972c (Pl. I, Fig.16). Section: Sulawesi, Indonesia (Martini et al., 1997); Seram, Indonesia Biostratigraphical distribution (Kobayashi et al., 2006). Geographical distribution Dentalina cf. zlambachensis Kristan-Tollmann, 1964 (Pl. I, Fig. 28). Section: Pinarbasi, Taurus oriental, Turkey (Altiner and Zaninetti, 1981); ur et al., Biostratigraphical distribution 1997); Geographical distribution Styria and Upper (Kristan-Tollmann, 1964); Transdanubian Aulotortus ex. gr. praegaschei (Koehn-Zaninetti, 1969) (Pl. I, Range (Oravecz-Scheffer, 1987); Bulgaria (Trifonova, 1994). Figs 2-4). Section Diplotremina ? Kristan-Tollmann, 1960 (Pl. I, Fig. 11). Section: Biostratigraphical distribution - Biostratigraphical distribution: Anisian (Premoli Silva, 1971) - -Rhaetian (Kamoun et al., 1994). Geographical distribution: Almtal region, Austria (Koehn- Geographical distribution Zaninetti and Brönnimann, 1968; Koehn-Zaninetti, 1969); (

Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 Benthic foraminifera and calcareous algae from Tatras 25

Fig. 2.

Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 26

Earlandia tintinniformis (Mišik, 1971) (Pl. I, Fig. 23). Sections: Biostratigraphical distribution Geographical distribution: Préalpes médianes rigides, Diemtigtal, (Zaninetti et al., 1972b); Bosnia and Herzegovina (Brönnimann et al., 1973b); Turkey, Austrian Slovenia (Flügel et al., 1994); Hydra Island, Greece (Rettori et n Hungary (Bérczi-Makk, 1996 b); Iberian Peninsula, Spain (Arnal et al., 2002).

Glomospirella gr. gemerica/kutani Section: Biostratigraphical distribution Geographical distribution 1996b); Arabian shelf in the northe Comment such as Pilamminella (=Glomospirella ?) gemerica P. kuthant related species often amalgamated as Pilammmella gr. gemerica- kuthani these two taxa, especially with a low number of specimens, we et al. (2008) to attribute our few specimens to the Glomospirella kuthani/gemerica group.

Glomospirella triphonensis Baud, Zaninetti and Brönnimann, 1971. Section: Fig. 3. Biostratigraphical distribution: -Anisian (Rettori, 1995). with marked position of discovered foraminifera. Geographical distribution: Préalpes Médianes, Préalpes R (Baud, Zaninetti and Brönnimann, 1971); Southern Poland (Bucur et al., 1994); Kurosegawa Terrane, Japan (Zaninetti, 1976); Jelovica river valley, Southeastern Serbia (Kobayashi et al., 2006); Slovenian basin, Southern Alps, Slovenia (Gale et al., 2011). Earlandia gracilis (Blau et al., 1995); Tethyan domain (Rettori, 1995); Section: Karatash Group, Southeastern Pamir (Korchagin, 2008). Biostratigraphical distribution: Spathian (Trifonova, 1992) - Glomospirella vulgaris Ho, 1959 (Pl. I, Fig. 5, 6). Geographical distribution Section: Biostratigraphical distribution: Smithian-Anisian (Rettori, 1995).

Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 Benthic foraminifera and calcareous algae from Tatras 27

Fig. 4.

Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 28

Geographical distribution Comment: Rettori (1994) introduced the new family Hoyenellidae, fam. n. (type-genus Hoyenella, gen. n.) and new Hoyenella genus, gen. n. (type-species: Glomospira sinensis Ho, 1959). The following species: Glomospira 1995); Bulgaria (Trifonova, 1992); countries of Sichuan and of sinensis var. rara Ho, Glomospirella facilis Ho, Glomospirella ; shengi Ho, Glomospirella elbursorum Brönnimann et al., 1972; Palaeonubecularia minuta Brönnimann et al., 1972; Comment: Rettori (1995) conducted a revision of Ho’s material Calcitornella gebzeensis Dager, 1978 and Palaeonubecularia? (Ho, 1959) and included in the synonym list of the species Glomospirella vulgaris the species listed as: Ammodiscus incertus, attributed to the genus Hoyenella. Revision of the material type A. semiconstrictus, A. planus, A. multivolutus, Glomospira of the species Glomospira sinensis showed, that the porcelaneous articulosa, G. gordialis, G. sygmoidalis, Glomospirella wall and the miliolid enrollment of the test, did not allow for irregularis, G. spirilinoides, and G. ammodiscoidea as well as referring this foraminifera to the genus Glomospira Rzehak at the species Glomospirella irregulariformis described as new by cies in one “group” and named it Hoyenella gr. sinensis (Ho).

Hoyenella inconstans Meandrospira dinarica (Pl. I, Figs 14, 15). (Pl. I, Figs 12, 13). Section: Section: Biostratigraphical distribution Biostratigraphical distribution: Anisian (Rettori, 1995). (Kamoun et al., 1994). Geographical distribution Geographical distribution (K and France (Baud et al., 1971; Zaninetti et al., 1972a, b); Trento, Punta Bassano, Marettimo Island, (Martini et al., 2007). 1983); Transdanubian Range (Oravecz-Scheffer, 1987); Internal Comment: The species was introduced as Glomospira inconstans (1994) referred representatives of the species:, Glomospirella fatrica, Glomospirella minima, and Glomospirella paucispira Triassic combination of Hoyenella inconstans with Glomospira inconstans Hoyenella gr. sinensis (Ho, 1959). Sections: (Sichuan: Ho, 1959; Guizhou: He, 1984); Japan (Kaizawa Formation, Kurosegawa Terrane: Kobayashi, 1996; Tanoura Formation, Kurosegawa Terrane: Kobayshi et al., 2005; Maizuru Biostratigraphical distribution: Olenekian-Anisian, cosmopolitan (Rettori, 1995). (Kobayashi et al., 2006). Geographical distribution Miliolipora cuvillieri Brönnimann and Zaninetti in Brönnimann, Zaninetti, Bozorgnia, Dashti and Moshtaghian, 1971 (Pl. I, Fig. 10). Section: Biostratigraphical distribution formation, Tabas area, east-central Iran (Brönnimann et al., 1 l., 2010a, b). Geographical distribution Turkey (Dager, 1978); Transdanubian Range (Oravecz- Scheffer, 1987); Internal where it is described as Miliolipora many (Martini et al., 1996); Maizuru Terrane, Japan (Kobayashi, 2008). al., 1983); Transdanubian Range (Oravecz-Scheffer, 1987);

Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 Benthic foraminifera and calcareous algae from Tatras 29

Fig. 5.

Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 30

Sections: (Bérczi-Makk, 1996b); Biostratigraphical distribution and Styria (Haas et al., 2010). widespread in the middle-upper Anisian (Rettori, 1995). In the eastern part of the Tethyan: Banda Sea, Sinta Ridge Geographical distribution: western part of the Tethyan realm: D Southwestern Japan (Premoli Silva, 1971); Préalpes médianes rigides, Switzerland Nodosaria nitidana Brand, 1937 (Pl. I, Fig. 27). Section Biostratigraphical distribution and Baracca, 1998). Geographical distribution Dolomites (Di Bari and Baracca, 1998). (Zaninetti et al., 1994b); Dinarids and Hellenids (Zaninetti et al., Nodosaria skyphica Sections: Biostratigraphical distribution (Groves et al., 2005). Geographical distribution al., 1992); Bulgaria (Trifonova, 1994); Kaizawa Terrane, Japan 1990) and Japan (Kobayashi, 1996, 2008; Kobayshi et al., 2005; Romania (Bucur et al., 1997); Gevne Formation at the Tashkent and Maizuru Terrane of the Yakuno area, Kyoto Prefecture: Kobayshi, 2008). Comment: According the revision made by Rettori (1995) of (Groves et al., 2007). the both species and in agreement with the law of priority of as Nodosaria sp. also from High-Tatric of the Tatra Mts by Pilammina grandis Pilammina Comments semiplana (Kochansky-De Nodosaria hoi and Nodosaria piricamerata. Groves et al. ?Triasina hantkeni 1968 (Pl. I, Fig. 30). Nodosaria skyphica Section: N. hoi N. Biostratigraphical distribution piricamerata are synonyms, this fact we also cosmopolitan (Di Bari and Rettori, 1996). accept. According to the revised work of Gaillot and Vachard, Geographical distribution 2007 species attributable to N. hoi should refer to the group and Rampnoux, Polarisella ex. gr. hoae (Trifonova). Ophthalmidium cf. lucidum (Trifonova, 1962). Section: Biostratigraphical distribution Geographical distribution Mts, Turkey (Dage (Trifonova, Ophthalmidium Formation, A Pilamminella semiplana (Pl. I, Figs 7-9).

Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 Benthic foraminifera and calcareous algae from Tatras 31

Izmir, Turkey (Okay Fig. 5A), Trochammina sp., Tolypammina and Altiner, 2007) and other. Arabian shelf in the northern section; Fig. 2A), as well Aulotortus sp., Austrocolomia sp., United Ara Sigmoilina sp., Trochammina sp. and Palaeolituonella sp. from (Haas et al., 2010). In eastern part of the Tethyan domain: Yushu region, Qinghai, Calcareous algae In one sample from the High-Tatric Unit, rich assemblage of Indonesia (Martini et al., 1997); Seram, Indonesia (Martini et green algae there were present, comprising the following taxa (see Plate II): ). cf. Diplopora annulatissima Pia, 1920 Trochammina almtalensis Koehn-Zaninetti, 1969 (Pl. I, Figs 19-20). Diplopora sp. Kantia sp. Section: Oligoporella cf. dissita Biostratigraphical distribution Oligoporella cf. minutula 1996a, b). Oligoporella pilosa Pia, 1912, var. pilosa Geographical distribution: Almtal region, Austrian Alps (Koehn- Oligoporella cf. praealpina Pia, 1920 Oligoporella sp. Préalpes médianes rigides (Préalpes Romandes, Switzerland Poncetella hexaster Section and Herzegovina (Brönnimann et al., 1973a, b); Biostratigraphical and geographical distribution: The assemblage containing species: Oligoporella dissita, O. minutula, O. pilosa, O. praealpina and Poncetella hexaster is very well known from Anisian deposits with a maximum in Pelsonian- only: Austria (Gümbel, 1872), Bosnia-Herzegovina (Pia, 1935; Range (Oravecz-Scheffer, 1987); Bulgaria (Trifonova, 1992); (Pia, 1912; 1920; 1925; Herak, 1965), Switzerland (Botteron, 1961), Greece (Herak, 1967), Italy (Senowbari-Daryan et al., Turriglommina mesotriasica (Kohen-Zaninetti, 1969) (Pl. I, Fig. 24). Section: Romania (Diaconu and Dragastan, 1969; Patrulius, 1970; Bleahu et al., 1972; Popa and Dragastan (1973); Dragastan and Biostratigraphical distribution (Rettori, 1995), most often cited within the upper Anisian- Geographical distribution: Almtal region, Austrian Alps (Koehn-Zanine et al., 1994), and Hungary (Budai et al., 1993, Piros, 2002). A very interesting element of the assemblage consists of the probably presence of Diplopora annulatissima. This species was ina (Zaninetti, 1976); Turkey (Dager, 1978); found in the same area as the previously mentioned assemblage, but also in Sicily (Senowbari-Daryan and Di Stefano, 2001), in Greece (Rettori et al., 1994); Tethyan domain (Rettori, 1995); palaeogeographical province. The presence of D. annulatissima could also have a biostratigraphical importance. The species is 2006); Arabia (Maurer et al., 2008). also present in the Upper Pelsonian. Turrispirillina prealpina Zaninetti and Boennimann in Zaninetti, Brönnimann and Baud, 1972b (Pl. I, Fig. 29). STRATIGRAPHIC CONSIDERATIONS Section: High-Tatric Unit Biostratigraphical distribution Many of the i Geographical distribution: Préalpes médianes rigides, a relatively large stratigraphical range, covering almost all Switzerland and time intervals. The association recognized in sample from the Hydra Island, Greece (Rettori et al., 1994); Tethyan realm (Rettori, 1995). a very characteristic Meandrospira dinarica Illyrian) and Pilamminella semiplana species is undoubtedly of In addition to described species, some other were determined: Anisian age, based on the occurrences of two index species for Agathamina sp., Gaudryina sp. nd in middle eastern Asia as well.

Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 32

Agathammina austroalpina algae Oligoporella species, characteristic for the Oligoporella Kristan-Tollmann and Tollman, Ophthalmidium cf. lucidum pilosa-Physoporella pauciforata zone of Bystric (Trifonova), Nodosaria nitidana Brand, Earlandia gracilis well as presence of the foraminifera Meandrospira dinarica, Pantic, E. tintinniformis (Mišik), Sigmoilina sp., Trochammina and Diplopora annulatissima, which are characteristic for the sp., Palaeolituonella sp. and Austrocolomia sp. Illyrian, the most probable age of the studied samples from the FINAL REMARKS Most of recognized taxa of benthic foraminifera and c Pilamminella semiplana Glomospirella Unfortunatelly, only part of them belong to index fossils. triphonensis Baud, Zaninetti and Broennimann and Nodosaria skyphica stratigraphic markers in the case of the High-Tatric Unit. as well as Hoyenella gr. sinensis (Ho), Agathammina sp. and Gaudryina Acknowledgments. Authors are grateful to the managements Anisian age due to the absence of index species of the Middle Pilammina densa work. Authors are indebted to two anonymous reviewers for their critical comments on the manuscript. The investigations and 2P04D05229 (P.J) as well as by the Jagiellonian University for this time interval are: Turriglommina mesotriasica (Koehn- (DS grant nr 809). Zaninetti), Glomospirella gr. gemerica/kutaniAulotortus ex. gr. praegaschei (Koehn-Zaninetti, Trochammina cf. almtalensis REFERENCES Koehn-Zaninetti, Dentalina cf. zlambachensis Kristan-Tollmann, Agathammina cf. austroalpina Kristan-Tollmann and Tollman and A TolypamminaTurriglomina mesotriasica - Glomospirella kuthani/gemerica - Aulotortus Poland. Biuletyn Instytutu Geologicznego, 331: 125-141. gaschei praegaschei assemblage presented in the dolostones of Mineralia Slovaca, 28: 12-20. species of this assemblage is T. mesotriasica in association with ovoid to spherical large Ammodiscidae referable to Glomospirella Triasina hantkeni kuthani/gemerica presence of rare but very characteristic T. mesotriasica (Koehn- et Asie). Archives des Sciences Zaninetti) together with species Glomospirella aff. gr. gemerica/ kutaniAulotortus ex. gr. praegaschei (Koehn-Zaninetti, Dentalina cf. zlambachensis Kristan-Tollmann, Agathammina Micropaléontologie, Milieu de dépôt: Rivista Italiana di austroalpina Kristan-Tollmann and Tollman, Trochammina sp. and Paleontologia, 86 (4): 705-760. Tolypammina Andrusov, D. 1959, Stratigraphie und Tektonik der mesozoichen Zone des Massives der Hohen Tatra. Geologický Sbornik Slovenskiej Akademie Vied, 10: 97-132. Rhaetian. The assemblage includes ?Triasina hantkeni which is the zone marker for many Upper Triassic successions. Triasina hantkeni , Bratislava, p. 45. et al. (1988) redescribed the zone with the latest Sevatian- was corroborated by the occurrence of the ?Triasina hantkeni zone marker in many Upper Triassic successions, like in Acta Geologica the Raetavicula contorta Hispanica, 37 (4): 299-328. Tatra Mts. Acta Geologica Polonica, 21: 279-317. al., 1986). Other accompanying foraminifera in this zone are: Miliolipora cuvillieri Broennimann and Zaninetti, Aulotortus ex. gr. ?sinuosus Hoyenella inconstans (Michalík, Geologica Polonica, 15: 331-354.

Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 Benthic foraminifera and calcareous algae from Tatras 33

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Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 34

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Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 Benthic foraminifera and calcareous algae from Tatras 39

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Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 40

Plate 1.

Fig. 1. Aulotortus ex.gr. ?sinuosus Figs 2-4. Aulotortus ex. gr. praegaschei Figs 5-6. Glomospirella vulgaris Figs 7-9. Pilamminella semiplana Fig. 10. Miliolipora cuvillieri Fig. 11. Diplotremina ? Figs 12-13. Meandrospira dinarica Figs 14-15. Hoyenella inconstans Fig. 16. Agathammina? iranica Figs 17-18. Agathammina austroalpina x160). Figs 19-20. Trochammina almtalensis Unit, x160). Fig. 21. Fig. 22. Earlandia gracilis Fig. 23. Earlandia tintinniformis Fig. 24. Turriglommina mesotriasica Figs 25-26. Nodosaria skyphica Fig. 27. Nodosaria nitidana Fig. 28. Dentalina cf. zlambachensis Fig. 29. Turrispirillina prealpina Unit, x160). Fig. 30. ?Triasina hantkeni

Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 Benthic foraminifera and calcareous algae from Tatras 41


Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 42

Plate 2.

Fig. 1. cf. Diplopora annulatissima PIA. Oblique section. Fig. 2. Diplopora sp. Transverse section. Fig. 3. Oligoporella cf. praealpina PIA. Oblique section. Fig. 4. Kantia sp. Transverse section. Fig. 5. Oligoporella sp. Oblique section. Figs 6-8. Oligoporella cf. dissita (Gümbel). 6 – oblique-tangential (left) and transverse (upper right) sections; 7 – longitudinal-oblique section; 8 – tangential-oblique section. Fig. 9. Oligoporella cf. minutula (Gümbel). Transverse section. Fig. 10. Poncetella hexaster (Pia). Transverse section. Figs 11-12. Oligoporella pilosa pilosa Pia. Transverse sections. Fig. 13. Oligoporella sp. Transverse section.

Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43 Benthic foraminifera and calcareous algae from Tatras 43


Studia UBB Geologia, 2013, 58 (1), 21 – 43