Summer 2018

Women are rising up in Welcome

The last six months have been a busy the needs and challenges but rewarding time for Womankind girls face, while promoting Worldwide and our partner girls’ empowerment and the fulfilment of organisations around the world. their human rights. With your help, we have supported and As ever, we look towards the rest of the year strengthened local women-led movements with excitement and ambition for what we across Africa and Asia, helping women and can achieve, together with our partners, to girls claim their rights. We have formed improve the lives of women and girls. And we new partnerships with local feminist could not do it without your support. From organisations (See the Nepal Disabled all at Womankind, we sincerely thank you for Women’s Association on pg 8.) and, on your ongoing commitment to our work. International Women’s Day, we launched an in-depth report on women’s economic rights abuses in Uganda. You can read more about this ground-breaking report, titled ‘Digging Deep’, on pg. 3. We are also excited to announce that we will be participating in this year’s Caroline Haworth International Day of the Girl on October Chief Executive 11th. Established in 2012, the day aims to Womankind Worldwide highlight and address

Womankind Worldwide’s Aims: Womankind Worldwide vision is of a just world  An end to all forms of violence Wenlock Studios where the rights of all against women and girls 50-52 Wharf Road women are respected, valued London N1 7EU and realised. We work in  Women’s economic rights and 020 3567 5930 partnership with women’s control over resources [email protected] movements around the world  Women’s equal influence in to bring about lasting change decision making and ability to Registered Charity No. 328206 in women’s lives. exercise political power Company Reg. No. 2404121

2 Womankind Worldwide Women united against land grabs, Nwoya Distict, Northern Uganda Welcome Women rise up against land grabs in Uganda

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, Womankind Worldwide launched Did you know, in Uganda… “Digging Deep: the impact of Uganda’s land • Women make up 76% of rush on women’s rights”. Working with agricultural workers1 3 the National Association of Professional • /4 of women earn their living as Environmentalists (NAPE) and the farmers2 National Association for Women’s Action • Only 7 – 20% of land is owned by in Development (NAWAD), this ground women3 breaking report documents how extractive companies and big business have been involved in violent land grabs blighting the But in the face of eviction and displacement, lives of local women. Ugandan women are coming together. To compile the report, Womankind’s partners, Through participation in the eco-feminist NAPE and NAWAD, interviewed over 350 movement, over 1,500 rural women have risen women affected by oil plants and industrial up to claim their economic rights. They demand activity in Uganda. that: The results were shocking. Women described 1. Women’s voices must be heard in every violent evictions from their homes and stage of decision making on land; land to make way for oil plants and factories; 2. Corporations need to fulfil their their voices silenced in any negotiations about obligations to the human rights of women compensation or resettlement. Women also lost and local communities; their livelihoods; no longer able to grow crops 3. Compensation for all lost land must be or tend to animals which provided food for their fair, transparent and equal; families. On top of this, women also reported 4. All forms of experiencing sexual and physical violence and girls must stop immediately. both during eviction, and afterwards by men coming to work in the new industrial plants.

Sources: (1) OECD Uganda Country Report, 2015. (2) Read the full report Voices: Leveling the field for women farmers in Uganda, Visit The World Bank, 2015 (3) Phillipa Lewis, Global Policy Forum, 2012.

Womankind Worldwide Policy and campaigns 3 ’s Feminist Curriculum

Our Ethiopian partners, Setaweet are Each ‘Gendershop’ will include modules on: excited to announce that their feminist curriculum project is now underway! gender and sex which looks at the Setaweet aims to create a critical shift in difference between sex and gender, understanding around gender equality everyday sexism, gender stereotypes and by delivering bespoke training, titled male privilege; ‘Gendershops’, to girls and boys in secondary schools in . healthy/unhealthy relationships The curriculum was developed in partnership which explores what healthy relationship with local illustrators Warkalab Designs might look like, consent and gender who created six characters each reflecting a based violence; different type of student you might find in an Ethiopian High School. Told through the the power of self which covers concepts eyes of each character, the illustrations bring of beauty, recognising personal qualities the ‘Gendershops’ to life. and the importance of self-love; Setaweet have recruited a dynamic team of young sisterhood which supports girls to gender equality champions understand the power to be gained from to deliver the course, supporting their peers when faced with many of whom are gender inequality; long-time campaigners on women’s rights in Ethiopia. masculinities which discusses both harmful and positive masculinities and how Above and left: Illustration young men can shape this for themselves. included in new curriculum by Warkalab Designs

This project is kindly funded Find out more by the players of the People’s Visit Setaweet’s official website at Postcode Lottery.

4 Projects Womankind Worldwide Organising for Women’s Rights in

Following the fall of Robert Mugabe in November 2017, the forthcoming general election in Zimbabwe is seen by many as a period, WCoZ have recruited 280 community critical turning point in the country’s politics. champions from within its local chapters to monitor women’s rights violations. Equipped The women’s movement, led by Womankind’s with mobile phones and an online monitoring partner organisation, the Women’s Coalition tool, the champions are able to teach women of Zimbabwe (WCoZ), have united to push about their rights to participate in the election for the development of a Women’s Election process and report back to the coalition on the Strategy. Bringing together representatives local situation within their communities. from across political parties, government departments, media organisations, independent The project also provided campaign training commissions and women’s organisations, the for 325 aspiring female candidates through movement has successfully achieved cross-party the Women in Politics Support Unit. The training consensus on the key priorities that need to highlighted the difficulties faced by women be addressed to ensure women’s free and fair standing for election. Those already involved in participation in the election. local politics reported exclusion from important decision making at higher levels. The movement has successfully lobbied for voter registration to be extended to cover With the election due to take place in weekends enabling more working women to summer 2018, it remains unclear how the register to vote and has partnered with the public will vote. But thanks to the work of the Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio women’s movement, the women of Zimbabwe Stations to produce 39 podcasts specifically will continue to play a crucial role in the future aimed at encouraging young women and direction of their country. those living with disabilities to vote. These Above: Member of the Women’s Coalition of podcasts were broadcast on 12 community radio Zimbabwe stations, shared on social media and played on public transport to ensure they reached as many Stay informed women as possible. We’ll be sharing updates on the election In response to the expected increase in violence in Zimbabwe on our social media. Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. in the run-up to the election and post-election

Womankind Worldwide Partner Update 5 Womankind at the United Nations

Each March, representatives of governments, international organisations and women’s rights groups come together for the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at the United Nations in Above: Patience Muramuzi (left) and Thandiwe New York. Chidavarume (right), outside the UN, New York The CSW is an important moment in our calendar year where Womankind and our international partners share our evidence and the devastating impacts on women when learnings to influence global policy extractive companies and big agri-businesses and debate. buy land and displace families from their This year, Womankind hosted an event at homes and farmland. CSW to launch our new report Digging The event provided an opportunity to Deep (see pg. 3), examining the impact of shine an important spotlight on the work land grabs on women’s economic rights. of Patience and Thandiwe and led to new At the event, we heard from Patience relationships with other activists working Muramuzi, director of our partner National on similar issues. Womankind’s advocacy is Association for Women’s Action in at its most powerful when we can use our Development (NAWAD) in Uganda and international connections to open up spaces Thandiwe Chidavarume, from Women for women’s voices to be heard on the issues and Land in Zimbabwe, who spoke of they are affected by and are experts in.

Our former Head of Policy and Communications, Lee Webster, explained: “CSW is a hectic two weeks of lobbying, collaboration and building new relationships across countries and continents. I went from coffee with a Nepalese women’s rights activist, to the launch of the Gates Foundation gender strategy, to a consultation on violence against women research at the British Embassy, and finally to Womankind’s own event hosted with partner organisations from Uganda on corporate land grabs. It’s exhausting, and can be infuriating, especially when we heard that many rural women from across Africa were denied visas to attend and participate. Yet it’s a special space, where new relationships are built, and while governments negotiate on the official outcomes, the women’s movement bonds, builds and strategises to move the world forward on women’s rights”.

6 Policy and campaigns Womankind Worldwide Your impact London Marathon

This April, ten incredible runners braved We all run the same race. We all get the the heatwave to run the London same opportunity to shine. And the best Marathon for Womankind, raising over part? Despite having different goals, we’re £25,000. We sat down to chat with Judy all rooting for each other to win. (pictured above) who traveled all the How was your London Marathon way from New York to run the London experience? Marathon for Womankind. Challenging, but memorable. Training in New What inspired you to run for York City winter conditions didn’t prepare me Womankind? for the heatwave, but seeing all the costumed I wanted to run for a charity whose mission runners and charity supporters was a great aligned with my beliefs and passions. This distraction. It reminded me why I was there: past year has drawn a lot of attention to to represent Womankind. And I couldn’t have women’s rights issues. More than ever, asked for a better tour of the city! women are speaking up and fighting, and Do you have a message for other I’m proud to support any organisation that women and girls considering taking helps with that fight. up running? What inspired you to start running, Just do it. Not once have I ever regretted and what do you love about it? going for a run. Runners come in all shapes, I love the running community. It’s hard not sizes, colours, and speeds and you’d be to be inspired when you’re surrounded hard-pressed to find a community more by women who are constantly pushing welcoming and supportive. boundaries and by men who recognise that we’re a force to be reckoned with. Interested in running for How do you think running and Womankind? feminism overlap? Or know someone who might be? Email our The beauty of running is that it’s non- team at [email protected] for more information. discriminatory when it comes to gender.

Womankind Worldwide Community fundraising 7 Above: Volunteers at the Nepal Disabled Women’s Association Giving a voice to women with disabilities in Nepal

In over 30 districts across Nepal, there Association (NDWA) has been working is a growing movement of women to change this. With its main goal with disabilities who are asserting their of improving the socio-economic and rights in the face of discrimination. political status of women with disabilities In Nepal, similar to most countries in Nepal, NDWA focuses on everything around the world, women face gender from education to reproductive health to discrimination. But women with disabilities livelihoods. Focusing on human rights and face an extra burden. Many Nepali hold the advocacy, the organisation represents more belief that disabilities are a disease, illness, than 800,000 women across the country. or even a curse caused by sin in a previous Womankind has been working with NDWA life. As a result, women with disabilities since 2017 to strengthen the women’s face multiple discrimination, being movement in Nepal, and to ensure that perceived as unproductive and inferior, the needs of women with disabilities while also being denied access to education, are placed front and centre. Together, health and employment. we’re equipping women with disabilities Since 1998, the Nepal Disabled Women’s to deliver training on disability and

8 Feature Womankind Worldwide Megha’s story

After becoming disabled as an adult, In March 2018, I met with the regional Megha was ostracised by her partner coordinator of NDWA. She came to my and his family, suffered violent abuse home to discuss my experience with and was forcibly evicted from her violence. It felt like a fresh solution to home. Constrained by stereotypes and my problem. Since becoming involved her community’s perceptions of people with NDWA, I’ve joined a self-help with disabilities, Megha was feeling group of women with disabilities and hopeless – until NDWA helped her have participated in two sensitisation transform her life. and awareness workshops. “I am Megha, from Morang, Nepal. Now I have accepted my After marrying at 18, I acquired a disability; I can do anything disability in both of my hands due to an if I have the opportunity. electrical fire. After returning from the I want to change society’s hospital, my husband and his family no attitudes toward disability longer accepted me: I was abused and and fight against kicked out of their home. I returned the violence.” to my parents, but wouldn’t attend any social or cultural activities because nobody would speak with me. Here, people believe that disability is a curse. My disability made me totally frustrated and hopeless. I believed that my disability was an inability: that I couldn’t do anything or earn money; that I was useless and a burden.

development, increase their knowledge and different abilities. By amplifying just a few ability to prevent violence against women of the voices that are too often overlooked, with disabilities, to influence policymakers NDWA is working to make this a reality. and to support the livelihoods of women with disabilities since Nepal’s 2015 earthquake. Support our work NDWA’s approach is not only unique, it’s £73 could train 7 activists to lobby local working. For a truly equal world, we need government for better disability access and support in their region. to uplift all women, including those with

Womankind Worldwide Feature 9 Housing in a Tanzanian refugee camp

Update from the Nyarugusu Refugee Camp

As a regular supporter of Womankind, women through mobile legal advice centres you may recall we shared Felice’s story and paralegal training programmes. with you at Christmas. Felice fled an In the last six months, WLAC have abusive forced marriage in search of a reached over 3,200 camp residents better life with her daughter. Through with information on women’s rights; the help of our partner in , the combatting traditional ideas and attitudes Women’s Legal Aid Centre (WLAC), she about the role of women and girls. They was supported in accessing justice and achieved this through home visits, by holding is looking forward to a life free from public events on international rights days, and violence. through holding ‘community conversations’ Felice is just one of the thousands of women at camp communal spaces such as water and children WLAC support in the Nyaragusu taps, churches, mosques, schools and football refugee camp every year. Nyaragusu has been playgrounds. The community radio station has a destination for those fleeing violence since also been an invaluable resource, enabling the early 1990s when the first refugees arrived WLAC to broadcast a series of 25 programmes from the Democratic Republic of Congo and over a five week period on how to identify and then later, in 2015, from Burundi. Today, report sexual exploitation and abuse. the camp has swollen to accommodate over As women and girls become increasingly 280,000 people. aware of their rights and begin to seek support As the leading women’s rights organisation in and advice, WLAC have trained a further Tanzania, WLAC uses innovative approaches 67 refugee paralegals to meet the ever to reach some of the camp’s most vulnerable growing demand.

10 Feature Womankind Worldwide Mbelechi’s story

At the age of 14, Mbelechi was married off as payment for her family’s lost cattle. Frequently beaten by her husband, she fled to Nyarugusu camp aged 20 where her husband and in-laws would later follow to stalk her and her new family. Having sought advice from a WLAC paralegal, Mbelechi reported her Above: Mbelechi, a client of the Women’s Legal ex-husband’s behaviour to the camp Aid Centre in Nyarugusu refugee camp. police, who issued an official warning and restraining order against him, while had arrived at the same camp and her supporting her and her new family. biggest fear came true: “My parents died when I was young “My ex-husband came to this camp and my brothers sold me into marriage with his family and started stalking me. to settle a debt for lost cattle. I was 14 He sent a message saying he would years old. I had three children with my come to take my children one night husband but he was violent and would soon. That’s when I went to WLAC for beat me. I escaped to the refugee camp support. but not long before I left him two of They reported the issues to the official our children died. My in-laws blamed camp police, and also arranged with the me for their deaths and threatened to camp’s rehousing department to have kill me if I returned.” us moved to a new home in a different Fearful of her husband finding her, part of the camp where my ex-in-laws Mbelechi arrived at the Nyarugusu could not find my family.” refugee camp in search of safety. Since then, WLAC and the police try to She settled at the camp with other visit once a week to check that we are Congolese refugees and went on to not being harassed further. Now that remarry and begin a new family. But WLAC are taking care of the case, I no one day she heard her ex-husband longer feel alone.”

Support our work This project is kindly funded by £160 could train a community the UK government’s Department volunteer to assist 10 girl survivors for International Development of violence. through the UK Aid Match scheme.

Womankind Worldwide Feature 11 Use your legacy to support women’s rights

As a supporter of Womankind, you’ll know how passionate we are about working towards a world where the rights of women are realised, respected and valued. By leaving a gift in your Will, you can help us continue that work in your memory. Each individual gift, no matter how small or large, has helped secure a brighter future for £1,560 | Training for 20 women leaders on how the next generation of women and girls. to raise awareness and promote the status of women with disabilities in Nepal

£4,546 | Education on Female Genital Mutilation £9,140 | Skills training for 200 women for a and other forms of violence against women and whole year in a safe house in Ethiopia girls for 200 government officials in Uganda

If you are interested in leaving a gift in your Will to Womankind Worldwide, or perhaps have already left a gift to us, please tick the appropriate box below and return in the freepost envelope provided. Please know that this is in no way a binding promise. I have already left a gift in my Will to Womankind Worldwide If you have any questions about leaving a gift in your Will or would like further I would like more information information, please contact Hannah on on leaving a gift in my Will to 020 3567 5930 or email [email protected] Womankind Worldwide Name Address Tel no. / Email

12 Gift in Wills Womankind Worldwide “Right now, I dream of a bright future”

Fatuma and her sister left their family home in rural Ethiopia when they were just children and headed to the capital, Addis Ababa, for increased work and education opportunities. When Fatuma was thirteen she was raped by her violence sister’s husband. Distraught, police took through Fatuma to one of four safe houses run counselling, by Womankind Worldwide partner, the training, legal Association for Women’s Sanctuary and advice and medical care. Development (AWSAD). At the safe house, Fatuma was helped to “My name is Fatuma. I’m 15 years of age deal with her trauma and supported to seek and I was born in the Gurage region of justice against her perpetrator. Ethiopia. My family are farmers. My sister “After many counselling services, I and I moved to Addis Ababa in search of started to recover. I started to care for a better life. my baby and worked to be a good While I was in the 7th grade my sister’s mother for him. I also testified against husband raped me while my sister was the perpetrator who was sentenced to at work. I didn’t tell anything to anyone six years in prison. because the perpetrator threatened me. Right now I dream of a bright future. When I fell pregnant from the rape, I The safe house was a lifeline for me and told the entire story to the police who my baby; we received treatment and brought me to AWSAD. encouragement like never before.” I came to the safe house with different Through skills training at the safe house, psychological problems and trauma. I Fatuma has trained as a hairdresser. She now had a high level of anxiety, unsettled earns an independent income to support feelings and frustration. I was not herself and her son. interested in caring for my baby and wanted to drop out of my school.” Support our work AWSAD is committed to supporting women £95 could pay for empowerment to rebuild their lives after experiencing sessions for 180 safe house residents.

Womankind Worldwide Women’s voices 13 Precious at the Community Green Radio studio in Hoima, Uganda

Interview with a women’s rights activist Putting people’s voices at the heart of everything.

Communications graduate, Precious straight away. They had been waiting for it. Naturinda has worked at the How have land grabs affected the National Association of Professional local community here in Uganda? Environmentalists’ (NAPE) Community We have been affected in this region to a Green Radio since 2014. As a partner of very large extent. In 2015, over 5,000 people NAPE, Womankind spoke to Precious were brutally evicted to make way for a sugar about what drives her dedication to the factory. Three years on, those 5,000 people victims of land grabs in Uganda. are still in a displacement camp nearby. Hi Precious! Tell us about your role Could you describe what the at Community Green Radio… conditions are like in the As a journalist and editor, I go out into displacement camp? communities, collect news stories and The conditions are inhumane. Many women broadcast them on the radio. My approach give birth in the camp and their children to activism is to put people’s voices at often die. Pregnant mothers are hungry and the heart of everything. We often record malnourished and have to walk long distances in rural communities so that everyone can for food and water. I look at these women have a voice on the radio. and I imagine my own mother. It gives me Was there a big demand for a the power and strength to keep going. community radio station? Have you seen a change in local We started by setting up ‘sustainability women since tuning in? schools’ where people would come together Because of Community Green Radio, women under a tree and talk about key issues like realise their voices can be listened to. They land grabbing. After this, people demanded are rising up and trying to defend their rights. a radio station and so we had listeners Women want to be changemakers.

14 Projects Womankind Worldwide Be a fundraiser

Thanks to everyone who got involved with our International Women’s Day celebrations in March 2018. Whether you held a fundraiser, made a donation or shared a social media post, we truly appreciate the dedication of our supporters. Etta and Joyce are just two of the many supporters who chose to fundraise for Womankind. This International Women’s Day, Etta shaved her head in support of women’s rights. She raised a whopping £3,750 for Womankind. “As a mother of two daughters, I want them to grow up in a society where both men and Above: Etta before and after women are equal. At home, in the workplace, her sponsored I believe that they should always feel safe.” headshave

Joyce and her husband, Ashlin, have supported Womankind since 1995. When Joyce celebrated her 70th birthday on a canal boat, she asked family and friends to donate to Womankind rather than buy her presents. Her collection raised a fantastic £270. Joyce said: “It was very rewarding to feel that my birthday was able to help Above: Joyce enjoying her 70th birthday by other women. I have always had a great passion for furthering the canal women’s development and opportunities.”

Feeling inspired to fundraise? funds for Womankind? 11th October marks International Day If you are interested in holding an event, of the Girl, a global day of action aimed please get in touch – we’d love to hear at sharing the achievements of girls what you’re planning. We can send you around the world and raising awareness our fundraising pack full of resources and of the obstacles that continue to stand in support you every step of the way! their way. Support our work Could you get together with friends Could you fundraise for women’s in October to mark this important day, rights? Email our team at whether that be at a coffee morning, film [email protected] for a fundraising pack screening or dinner party, and raise vital

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