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2-9-1907 Albuquerque Evening Citizen, 02-09-1907 Hughes & McCreight

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9. 1907. Th Evening Cltlssn, n Advanea, to pmt fmr. VOL. 21. NO. 35. ALBUQUERQUE. NEW MEXICO. SATURDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY Delivered by Carrier, W canta par month. CALIFORNIA!!!) what Jerome's SAN FRANCISCO SCHOOL BOARD NOW REAT REDUCTION IS MADE BE ARE NOW AT IN LEGISLATIVE EMPLOYES mJ CONFERRING WITH PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT CAPITAL Sixty-Seve- n a mm m i Must Go; Leaving Only I'll I II IM.aJ.IMi.i.i 3 Twenty-Seve- n Out of the Meeting With President Ar That Was Matter of Conjecture Ninety-Fou- r. ranged For This Original When Court Adjourned Afternoon. Last Night. am ELECTION OF DISTRICT ATTORNEYS IS STILL IN COMMITTEE OF HOUSE WILL TRY, TO INTRODUCE Special to The Evening Citizen. not by the president of the council WILL LASTSOME MONTHS 9. Sixty- - and speaker of house, as pro- WILL THAT THAW MADE Santa Fe. N. M., Feb. the seven of the legislative employes out vided in a resolution containing tha payroll and contingent, expense ap- of a total of ninety-fou- r are to be propriation. Toas County Permltted'to Refund summarily discharged by the chief An additional payroll for the last Ottawa. Canada. Wants to be Too clerks of the house and council, as Ave days was passed by the assembly Her Indebtedness Is Fav- the result of a Joint caucus and a last night carrying an appropriation Good Tor This Mundane night session of the assembly last of nearly f 9,000. It has not yet been Di- ored by Congress. Sphere of Newspapers. Heading from left to right, the nwn in the pletiirc are: Supt. of Schools A. Roncovcrl. School evening. This Is done to keep the signed by Governor Hagerman. This) rector David Oliver, Asst. City Atty. .1. T. Williams, Sefy. Elmer Inning well, Scltool Director Tim. Doyle, pay roll within the limit of the $15,-00- 0 reduces the number of employes to of Lawrence School A. Altnianft. I appropriation authorised by con- twenty-seve- n, Pres. the Board F. Walsh and Director Washington, D, 9. A a total of the smallest C, Feb. con' gress for such purposes. The pay roll employed In year by New York, Feb. 9. The nature of Ban Francisco, Cal., Feb. 9. When Its secretary, and Its legal adviser, tical limelight, and the pair have ference on the Japanese school ques number a New should make the trip. been doing the Siamese twin act on for the first fifteen days of th ses Mexico legislature. District Attorney Jerome's cross-e- x President Roosevelt called upon the tion will be held at the White House The make-u- p of the local board various boards during three admin sion amounted to about $6,000 and The district attorney's bill, provid- of Evelyn Nesblt Thaw, members of the California delega probably at I o'clock this afternoon It was passed yesterday over the gov- aminatlon of education under the union labor istrations. Preliminary arrangements were made ing for the election of district attor- who has already spent two days on tion at Washington in reference to administration is a peculiar one. Altmann, now just an ernor's veto. neys by the people and taking away for the meeting this morning when The governor vetoed measure power govern- the witness stand, was the principal the Japanese question the congress- The superintendent of schools, A. ordinary director on the board, is Representatives Kahn and Hayes, ac the the appointive of the brother-in-la- w of Boss, because he wanted the employes paid or. Is still in the committee of subject of when court men and senators put everything up Roncoverl, is a candy maker. He the "Little ompanled Mayor Schmlti of San the discussion the to the local board of education. was a Journeyman before he entered Abe Ruef. oft by the territorial secretary and house. adjourned yesterday Mon Francisco to the White House to pay late until Then President Roosevelt asked for politics six years ago. He has be- Assistant City Attorney Williams, his respects to President Roosevelt. day morning. an interview with some members of come a master candy man, and now who goes along with the board as present. attorney a difficult Secretary Metcalf was also The district has the board to see if it would not be controls one of the finest stores In its legal adviser, has not been a limb From the White House Hayes, Kahn problem In this possible to sway the members from New Ban Francisco. of the law for any great length of and Schmlts went to the state ' de With the truth or falsity of the the decided stand they had taken Lawrence F. Walsh, recently ap- time, and his work in the city attor partment to call on Secretary Root. ENGINEER HURT TERRORIST BAND stories told her husband, he has In living up to the state laws. It pointed president of the board, was ney's office has been his Initial step nothing to do. The statement that was suggested one or two mem until six years ago a circulation man- to fame. things cannot that BROWNSVILLE INQUIRY WILL she told these Jerome bers of the board should go to Wash ager on an afternoon newspaper Secretary Elmer Lafrtngwell Is one LAST FOR SEVERAL MONTHS disprove. ington and there talk the matter here. Since that time he has done of the cleverest newspaper men in Washington, Feb. 9. The Browns His strongest chance is to mak over with chief politics. San Francisco. He Is now, In addl story the executive. The little but vllle inquiry by the senate commit AND THREE LOCATED IN her stumble in her or to com board of education decided that one Thos. Boyle, another of the di- tion to his position as secretary to tee on military affairs will continue pel her to admit the telling of other or two members could not properly rectors of the board, was a news- the board, city editor of the Post, at intervals for several months. things about her past life to Thaw, explain the situation on the Pacific paper man on the same sheet with the official mouthpiece of the Ruef Many men for whom subpoenaes which would minimize in his mind coast, and that the entire board, with Walsh until he Jumped Into the poli administration. have been Issued, have not been the effect of the story of her rela found and others are in Texas at CLERKS tions with Stanford White. tending the court martial of white of' SCHOOL He can introduce evidence, if he wolf and It has been decided to divide fleers of discharged negro battalion. has it, affecting her credibility as a LYNDENHURST, E the total amount accruing nmong the Investigation has proceeded far witness, but as for the main state sportsmen equally. The hardest enough to convince the members of ments In her testimony. White him work In connection with the drive will the committee that the only way to In Mall Service Are Injured on For Girls at Moscow and Num- self. If alive, could not go on the be done by the guides. The sleeping get at the bottom of the affair Is by , stand and deny. OF WANAMAKER each night will be done in tents, each VIRGINIA DIED THIS slow process of examlng every man the Pennsylvania ber of Girl Students Jerome will object to further tes of which will be heated by a camp to see what he knows. Thus far timony along this line. stove. The expedition will be nbout only a few men of companies B and ' As yet Road Arrested. no evidence has been Intro fourteen days in the wilds. 1.1 D have been put on the stand and duced to show that Thaw Is or ever DESTROYED no evidence has been secured lndl was Insane, and uf.lil this is shown ELKCTIUC MOTOU eating that these men are guilty of any BAGGAGEMAsTr more of these stories will be en SIGNALS SUCCESSFUL. offenses charged against them. It Is AND FIRE T I TAKE- S- tirely Immaterial. Baltimore, Feb. 9. The electric likely that at adjournment of con C Thaw's attorney stated last night Loss Estimated at SI.500.000 motor signals Installed by the Bal- Death Was Due to Consump gress a will be named Mrs. again assume ago that Thaw will timore & Ohio railroad some time to take testimony. MAN KILLED ON ON the stand Monday morning on direct Including Treasures have proved highly successful. The tion Not In Seat FRISCO APPEAL DIVORCE examination, but as to what she will entire mechanism is contained in a TWO THINGS FOIt GOOD OF testify he was not prepared to state. Unreplaceable. metal box or case at the top of the i This Session. NEW MEXICO TERRITORY Will Which Thaw Made. post and signal blade is attached the Special to The Evening Citizen. Halifax and Western Kills Two Falls to Give any Grounds Why It is expected that Delmas will direct to the main shaft without the Washington, D. Feb. 9. The vigorous on Monday to levers, C ' make a effort TWO MUNKACSY PAINTINGS interposition of rods or the FIRE IS DESTROYING MUCH nouse committee has ordered a fa Employes and Injures Sev-- .' Introduce Thaw's will in evidence. relays being mounted in a box at the vorable report on the Andrews bill It is believed that the will will be WORTH $750,000 SAVED buse of the post for convenience In OF COLORADO TIMBER permitting Taos county to refund its eral Passengers. of Lower Court. strongly relied upon to show the ef Inspection and maintenance. The Indebtedness at a lower rate of in feet upon Thaw's mind of the stories signals are known as the three posi- terest. told him by his wife. It is said to Philadelphia, Feb. 9. Former tion type, and the engineers of the Washington, Feb. 9. Congressman The Andrews bill for a Ash Pittsburg, Feb. 9. The Manhattan Moscow, Feb. 9. Headquarters of per- hatch have been written on loose sheets, Postmaster General John Wana-make- r, road claim them to be the most Rixey of Virginia died this morning. ery at Gallinas Springs. San Miguel limited upon the Pennsylvania rail the flying group of terrorists, whence partly typewritten . and partly in whose beautiful home, "Lyn-denhurs- t," fect of their kind ever Invented. He is a brother of Surgeon General county, was reported favorably and road, which left 'here for the east at agents were sent out to execute handwriting, with many lnterllna at Jenkinstown, was de- Rixey of the navy. Death was due placed on the calendar. 12:55 this morning, was wrecked death sentences imposed on General tions. According to the report to stroyed by fire last night, said today to tuberculosis. Representative Rlx near Wllmerdlng, Afteen miles from Ignutieff, member of the council of MIGUEL COUNTY day the will is expected to show that he thought $1,500,000 Is a fair esti- SAN ey had not been in his seat this ses MAN ITOItA GOVERN M ENT here, by running into a freight train. empire; Leutenant Pavloff, procurat Thaw feared assassination, and that mate of the damages. slon, his malady beginning to assert TO HACK HUDSON ROAD The passenger locomotive left the or general; Major General Von Der he ordered $50,000 to be devoted to itself after the close of the last ses Winnipeg. Feb. 9. Is daily ex track, the mall car, combination Launlts, prefect of police at St. Pet- The treasures in the house were CLERK STANDS PAT congress. It the prosecution of the assassin. gathered from all parts of slon of The house ad peeled that the Manitoba governmen mall and express car were burned ersburg, and S. A. Alexandrosky. the upon oi Provides for White's Victims. world. Among those destroyed were Journed Immediately receipt will make formal announcement and three freight cars were demol- governor Penza, has been located at Among other provisions is one seL collections of rare books, of china, notice of Rlxey's death. Its plans to construct a direct rail ished. The engineer of the limited a Moscow female university. The po- ting aside $75,000 for the care of of valuable tapestries, rare old REFUSAL TO DELIVER IlALLOT road line from Winnipeg, to Hudson and three mall clerks were Injured. lice searched the university building; women believed to have suffered FIERCE FOREST FIRE IS many nearby tenements ar- French and English pottery and an- -' BOXES CAUSES HALT IN Bay, as a link In a short route Many passengers were thrown to the and and through Stanford White. Th NOW RAGING IN COLORADO, o eight girl and a num- tlque furniture, which cannot be re-- 1 LARRAZOLO CONTEST Europe, which will mean a saving floors, and while all were bruised, rested students names of these women are reported placed. While many valuable paint- CASE. Colorado Springs, Feb. 9. A for millions of dollars annually to the none were seriously hurt. ber of men, but the leaders escuped. to be given In full In the will. est Are which is thought to be burn farmers of Manitoba, the water route A number of bombs and sixty pounds ings were destroyed, Mr. Wanamaker lng also provides for the education of Is thankful that the two great paint- Attorney E. W. Dobson returned between Bear Creek and Chey being a considerably cheaper metho ACCIDENT IN ALABAMA of pyroxllln was seized at the unlver 1 canyons, Howard Nesbit and an allowance ings by Munkacsy, "Christ Before to the city on the flyer today from enne has been raging since of shipping to Europe than the long KILLS TWO AND HURTS FIVE. slty. made for Evelyn's mother. The in Pilate" and "The Crucifixion," were Las Vegas, where he represented yesterday noon and much valuabl truln haul across the continent. Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 9. Lim- come from the remainder of the es saved. These two paintings alone Delegate Andrews In the taking of timber Is being destroyed. The Are is understood that the government ited passenger train No. 203, on the COUNT BON I APPEALS tate Is bequeathed to his wife. are worth $750,000. testimony in the Larrazola contest is plainly visible from this city is instigating the formrllon of St. Louis & San Francisco road, due FROM D1VOCE DECISIO.V Owing to dry company will case. Testimony was taken to the Jhe weather for some to build the road and here this morning from Kansas City, ParlH, Feb. 9. The rumor CANADIANS WOULD APPEAR weeks past and the wind which has guarantee the bonds Issued for Its eight west that PROMINENT point, where the probate clerk, act- was derailed miles of Count Bonl I)e Castellans had ap- TOO GOOD FOR OI.TK WOULD, ATHLETES at- been blowing since yesterday morn construction. From Winnipeg the Birmingham early today. The AT ANNUAL GATHERING. ing on the advice of the district pealed from the decision of the court Ottawa, Feb. 9. The postmaster torney, refused to deliver to the con- lng, the Are is burning fiercely. line will take an easterly course an and Areman were killed, of last November, granting a divorce general to deny New York, Feb. 9. There Is a not- test court the ballot boxes. then run due north to the bay, tap and Ave other employes were seri- has been asked the able gathering of prominent to his wife Is now confirmed. Tho use of the mails U all local papers athletes This unexpected move on the part CRUSADE AGAINST NARCOT- ping a country rich In minerals, tlm ously Injured. Several passengers period under French proceedure in ready to do battle at the annual of the district attorney has caused ICS BY ber and agricultural resources. The were slightly hurt. which printed details of Thursday sports of W. V. T. which appeal can be made, expires In New the Pastime Athletic club a halt in the proceedings, until in- Plan is backed by the conservative 14, evidence the Thaw trial at which will be held in Madison Square rew l ork, Fen. it. At a conven February and notice of appeal postmaster general dependent action, which has been VV. party. pre- York. The said Garden this afternoon. Melvin Shep- tion of the C. T. U. today reso PASSENGER AND FREIGHT entered In behalf of the count, he had not read the report on the begun before Judge Mills, will com itledirlnir enn IN vents becoming defi- herd, the Irish-Americ- A. C. lutlons were nussed thn FATALLY MEET COLLISION. the decree from papers mentioned, but law star pel the production of the uauoh HOUSE OF WELCOME FOR Muss.. 9. Two rail- on date. Notice does not that the will not meet Harry Hlllman of the ventlon to start an immediate crusud JAMESTOWN EXPOSITION, Mahone. Feb. nite that was clear upon point and ,h boxes. i against I.ady employes were sev- state the grounds of appeal and prob- the New York A. C, and Ell B. Parsons narcotics. Cooke, wh Baltimore, Feb. 9. The Baltimore road killed and would see that It was enforced. Any of Yale. already presided, saltf to carry on the war eral persons Injured in a collision ably It will be several months before newspaper publishing filthy tes Parsons has to his N ETIIERSOI.E LECTUR- "House of Welcome" athe James- passenger up before the credit one victory over the winged successfully they should first make town exposition Is now Rsured, for between a and freight the matter conies the ING ON TUBERCULOSIS. . : timony given in a trial In court, he fast flyer rec- an atack on tobacco In all its forms up by train upon the Halifax & Western courts. and holds the Indoor Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 9. Miss Olga upon the matter has been taken the said, would be guilty of misdemeanor ord of 1 minute and 14 esconds for and also "soothing syrups" and men in state of Maryland, railroad at Mahone junction today. law. N'ethersole, although a very busy powders" leading the passenger hnd stopped, under the Canadian the 600 yards. The other events will "headache and all other and the building committee now an- The train woman with her professional duties, stuffs loaded with opium and poison- when the freight crashed Into It. TOF be 60, 220, 440 and 880 yard runs, has Just returned from Canada, where nounce some particulars of the build- also the one mile and three mine ous narcotics. ing. It will be a spacious structure GOOD ROADS CONVENTION she lectured on tuberculosis in every PEN NSY L V A X I A AGREES championships. There will also be a Nether-sol- e situated in a grove of pretty trees, A running town which she visited. Miss DENTISTRY IX SCHOOLS WITH ITS FIREMEN. high Jump, standing high will deliver a lecture on sub- OF NEW CITY. where all visitors from Maryland can jump, 16 pound yards the YORK Philadelphia, Feb. 9. The differ- AT TEXAS Rhnt and 60 ject this afternoon in the Brooklyn New, York, Feb. 9. The commit- retire und persue all kinds of Inter- SHERMAN, hurdle race. In the special Intercol- esting literature dealing with the ences between the Pennsylvania rail- Institute, under the auspices of the tee of the Physical Welfare of Chil- road and its firemen. It Is under- New York, Feb. 9. A meeting of legiate relay race teams from Yale, society. steps to den- state. The committee unnounces that American dren have taken provide stood, have been satisfactorily d. the executive officers of the Structur- Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Cor- Miss gladly poor they got all facilities from the exposi- Sherman, Tex., 9. Nethersole embraces tal treatment for the children The firemen do not get an Building Alliance of Ameri- Feb. Under the nell and Pennsylvania will compete. every opportunity to great In city. tion authorities and are sure that the al Trades auspices of the National Good aid the the schools of this Dr. II. prove advance In wages, but the working ca wus held in the Prince George ho- Koads' cause and it is anticipated that her L. Wheeler, who has organized a staff "House of Welcome" will a association, the Texas Good Koads, GREAT WOLF DRIVE prove twenty great attraction. schedule has been made easier. tel here today, at which J. Tazelaar. association, the Grayson County Good address this afternoon will of dentists, all volunteers, hits the first vice president, explained IN ONTARIO WILDS. most Interesting. announced that mostly all the Ills Roads' association and the business JEW EI.ER'S ASSOCIATION TO PLACE CANANDIAN that It was the intention of the al- men of Sherman, a very important Sault Ste Marie. Mich., Feb. 9. children are subject to arise from PRISONERS ON FARMS. liance to form a combination of all great wolf organized by L. neglect of the teeth. Dr. Wheeler und AT ANNUAL BANQUET. convention was held here today to The hunt WORLD'S LARGEST 9. Toronto, Feb. 9. A bill has been unions connected with the building O. Armstrong, agent of commenced work In east Providence. It. I.. Feb. Five further the cause of good In colonization ELEVATOR COMM ENCED. his staff the Eng- prepared, and will be Introduced to trade. The statement issued by the roads com- 9. morning. hundred members of the New the states. When the was the Canadian Pacific railroad, Port Arthur, Ont., Feb. Work side schools this Si- the legislature fills session, providing members of other unions whs to the convention morning. today on will land Manufacturing Jewelers and culled to order by Judge C. P. Webb, menced here this Thou- commenced here what down for the sala of the present Central effect that since they hive agree- sands of sportsmen from America be the largest elevator in the world. COSTA Hit A RAISES lversmiths' association will sit chairman of the Grayson County TWO to banquet in the Freemasons hall prison property and the establishment ments with the employers running and Canadian cities are taking part. It Is being constructed by the Grand TARIFF PER CENT. h on Good Roads' association, there were 9. tonight. The guest of honor will be of a farm, a large scule, for prls from one to three yeirs. under which The drive commenced at Desbarats, Trunk Pacific railroad and will have San Jose, Costa ltica, Feb. The In over 800 people In attendance. After con- John Barrett, formerly Uni- ners who will be trained the most Ihey are guaranteed high wages while twenty-eig- ht east of here and a capacity of over 10,000,000 law recognizing the Costa Rica the Hon. an invocation by the Rev. J. M. Blnk-le- y, miles bushels. America, advanced agriculture. This farm will the agreements last, they, do not wolf-hunte- rs sular service has been Anally passed ted States consul in South the delegates were welcomed to is In charge of eight old The building will be Are proof and be established about five miles out- want, by Joining the alliance, to put while a force of guides acompany the constructed of concrete and tile. by congress. The duties on imports and now the managing director of the the city by Mayor A. A. Fielder and two per cent Bureau of American side Toronto, but the prisoners in the unions in u position where they expedition. As there has been a Four trains will be able to load or have been Increased and International will employed In Judge J. W. Hassell. Col. W. H. all vessels of 800 tons or less will Republics. Mr. Barrett, who has north Ontario be may be called on to strike. Mr. Moore, president of the National Good heavy fall of snow it will be quite unload at one time. The elevator is road making und other useful work. Tazelaar said tile alliance did not possible to secure a large quantity being erected at mouth of the pay port charges amounting to $22.50 been elected by all South American Roads' association, delivered an In- the as representative in It Is the Intention of the govern- proposed to Interfere In local trada of wolves. There is a bounty on each Mission river. and every additional ton over 800 will epublics their away structive and interesting address, his be charged ut the rnte of $1.80. All this bureau will speak on "The Great ment, as hinted in the speech from matters; that it wanted to do .subject being "National Good Roads In Commercial Opportunities of the Uni- the throne, to abolish nil kinds of with rival unions In the same trades foreigners the Costa Rlran service on agreements. Movement," and Hon. R. E. Smith, will be replaced by natives. ted States, in Latin America." prison labor now carried ut the and to encourage trade president of the State Good Roads' Central prison, but when the time jt H stated that if the plans of the association, spoke at length on the STEVENS MAKES DENIAL OF OYSTER IMINfTtHREAT- - lies heavy on the prisoners hands In alliance are carried out It will have same subject. The Hon. T. L. Peel- ROCKEFELLER'S GIFT HAS BAD HIS INTENTION TO RESIGN. ENS NEW YORK STATE. winter light employment will be j ;, nu inbei ship of 1.25O.0DO, the num-foun- d er, of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas New York, Feb. 9. A Panama New York, Feb. 9. An oyster for them. her now being fiOO.000. railroad; Captain William Iiradburn, dispatch to the Herald states thu famine which has threatened here is C. E., of Houston, and Senator J. L. Engineer Stevens makes an now sure to ensue for nil the pickers GRAND TRUNK BUILDING The Chief AT .1 M I '.STOW N EXPOSITION. Indians of Nhruku. Harbinson of CollinsvUle, Tex., spoke emphatic of the report that ho In New York harbor have abandoned 9 denial JaheJ-fnlau- .N Jersey City. N. J.. Feb. During on the same subject. Col. F. P. If work owing to the severity of the htl.JA .rsUG. .D. STRING FOR POOR COLLEGES would resign the digging of the 9. the course of a lecture on the above Rixey, counsellor and organizer of Stev- weather. The present supply Is near- Norfolk, Va., Feb. The Grand, canal was let to contractors. Hallway system has decided subject In the V. M. C. A. hall last the National Good Roads' associa- ens, says the dispatch, has in the ly exhausted and arrangements are Trunk on "Legislation." a to erect a handsome building at the ntgM I'ror. neniy rompson. wno n tion, spoke After past declared In favor of contracting being made by local dealers for In an address on "Good Roads and Chespeake Bay. Jamestown exposition. It will be In returned from a visit the Saute for the canul work and his latest supply from cottage unique ami 1'oncu Indian reservations, says Railroads," by Col. W. G. Crush, gen- Chicago, Feb. 9. President W. A. ' cause the conditions the form of a of of which must statement shows him to be still of one that will that the former are very prosperous passenger agent - j PUBLIC architectural design, and eral of the Missouri, Harris of the Northwestern Univer- be compiled with," said Mr Harris, BURGLARS MHT I.SOO that opinion. AT OM All . be It will be of Elizabeth- and contented. There are of & Texas railroad, the reports sity, night, upon t ' LIBRARY attractive. Kansas last commenting the For instance, Beloit was offered lit-i- i - beautifully decorated. t i on a reservation a short dis- of the committees were considered. donation by one-thir- d endow-th- e Omaha, Feb. 9. Burglars lust an design and John 1. Rockefeller to 1200,000 as of an NEW CASTLE BNK subjects uwuy froin 200 Poncas. All At tonight's sitting I)r. S. P. Brooks, general educational forjment on condition college TO OPEN DOORS night forced their way into the - The exhibits will consist of tame board that the FAILS symbolic iminuf iclure. the Santees ufa firmer and somn president of the Baylou university, the purpose of promoting the cause would raihe the two-third- s, New Cattle, Feb. 9. The New lic library and robbed the valuable of Canadian other Pa.. , growing weaony. Waco, Texas, will speak on the bene- of education throughout country, $400, 000. only Trust company l'yron Reed collection of many Industries, summer vacation haunts of tnem uie hit the Iieloit could raise Castle Savings and Canada, j Indians speak English and hav fits good roads, a stereoptlcan one by high-price- d coins. The collection transportation, hunting in of and found serious objection to the $',0,000 of the amount. Any college was closed today direction of the animals, .adopted the dress and customs of the on two-thir- in the west. etc. A collection of mounted lecture by Col. W. H. Moore system of the board in handling that could raise of such state banking commissioner. The wa the most valuable country, tney dislike Intercourse "Roads of the World," will bring the money. "Colleges need the mon- an is not college through The watchman was surprised, bound fish, und birds native to the Canadian but that endowment a that bank became embarrassed w It rt outsiders. conveatlon to a close. ey most cannot afford to have it, be- - needs the money most." failure to realize on notes. and gagged. waters and forests will be VfeCX TWO. ALBUQUERQUE EVENING CITIZETT. SATURDAY, FEMlUARir t. 'ltt. some of them have succeeded In cap-tari- o the amount f MOOO.OOO. Al- EVENING CITIZEN tha Jaded tuteof tha bibulous-l- y though tha 'American Telephone a CLASSIFIED mt inclined on the Pacific coast. BIG FIGHT NOW Telegraph i company and tha New ADVERTISEMENTS MNy sad Weekly st Mcih-a- Prinks Not Popular. York Central railroad were close be- 1'ulqua, tequila, mescal, and other hind with Issues of $25,000,000 each. rERgOXAJfj PROPER TT LOANS. GUze Publisbinf; Company chaln-lightnl- Intottcants distilled The Lake Shore put out $16,000,000; maguey the Vf ANTED A dining room girl at the from the plant, In Mexico, Southern Railway $16,000,000, Columbus hotel. a 1 I li a-- have a vogue In south- and the Michigan $10,000,000, MONEY to LOAN lutein Inlaw certain the ON BETWEEN Central -- west,' but the national drinks of Mex- with many .others, smaller WANTED Good second hand gunny for. On - " - 1 sacks. Ilahn'i Cosl Yard, Furniture, Pianos, Organs, ico have not become popular this side amounts. Recourse to note Issues Wagena of promises to be a popular WANTEb More shoe repairing Horsfe, and other Chattels? the Klo Grande, and are not to be method of at also on SALARIES ' had, Rapta raising funds during corner of . Railroad avenue AND WARE- east of the Fa or. El Paso. for railroads the and HOUSE RECEIPTS, There arc theusapias of acres lis. Tex- current year. , Rrnadway. P. B. Daniel. as low aa $lt ?. as high - , as, Mexico, STOCK , and as $200. Loans are Newj Arizona, and Can- :i i ltoMigla WANTED Situation As grocery tor n In that are a$ preseqyleltl,nKTno j Copper 'nipany Booming. cb?rk or salesman for quickly made and strictly; privet. . I j wholesale one? return (hat could be utilized for' ma- Owtnf to the rather Son national h6use. Address R, Citizen Timet One month to year gtfea. OFFICIAL PAPER FOR In i pfflce. I nt rise the Douglas Woods remain youri guey plants, and doubtless the south-Wo- t share lit, ht VfANTEDAtonceT aDhousekeaper in powwloa. r CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE thickly Copper company In tli curb; market, Our rates are ' reasonable." Call would be a studded with And Produce Exchanges Over during for stnallt. family; good pay.t Also aad century plant dis- the last couple of weeks, con- see us before borrowing. . , ranches and mescal siderable good waiter. Colburn's Employ- tilleries as in tha sister republic of Absorption bf Curb Deal- attention has been directed ment Agency. - THE HOUSEHOLD (LOAN CO. Mexico If the American palate could to the properly., This hah been aided I Steamship tickets to ana (rem all by the election of Robert R. Arm- Persuasive WANTED-Fui-nlsh- ed house t on part of be trained to like tequila or mescal. ing In Mines. strong, highlands, the worlds I leverage I lYuncs). president of the Casualty Com- for family of. three. Ad- Rooms t and 4, Grant Bldg. MIRATION IS pany of America, and until recently 1 dress X, 7ll South A mo .' street, Many Immigrants k i. .. : 31S West Ave. from the Danube i n .. t u . . Railroad valley, Bulgarians, Roumanians, Ser- assistant secretary of tne treasury at i ! i i PRIVATJ3 OFFICHa Washington, to the board of directors. WANTED Gentleman s vians, Slavs, Bosnians, Russian Jews, IMMENSE ISSUE OF SHORT Talk'..... second , Open Evenings. etc., have Invaded the northwest, and One of the leading smelting Inter- hand clothing. No. 61S South First ests ex- aa a result the customs authorities of tha country has had an street, south of viaduct. Send ad-- . pert' of go- CAUSE OF have made the acquaintance of "trl-novka- ," International reputation dress and will call. R. J. Sweeney, a prune brandy. The valley TERM IMPROVEMENT NOTES ing over the property, and It Is said la sometimes neceamry, but we proprietor. HERE'S A BARGAIN to have been on his report depend upon of the Danube Is probably the original that the tlie merit of oar WANTED Teams Tha cfenta Fa recent heavy buying was Dur- goods , home of the prune and plum. Not based. and fair dealing with Gold A Copper Mining Co., wants only do they grow wild, but what ing the past year the Douglas Com- every customer, to Insure oar STRANGE Why pany has acquired several additional success teams for coal haul from Hagan is more, nowhere in Europe do they Should Jury be Treated as continual In the drug to the mines, near San Pedro, and For This Week Only reach such perfection, and despite the mines In Mexico and has conducted business. Prisoners While the Judge Is a vigorous development origi for other purposes. All good competition of France and California, of Its teams nal properties, Including the comple making application will be No. 717 South Edith, briek Bosnia and Hervla still furnish the Free to Enjoy Life? given work. Geo. O. Marrs, Super- greater part of the world's prune sup- tion? of a railroad for taking out Its lota of closets, big rooms, Drinks Brought to This Coun- J .t ore, ; ALVARADO intendent. oailnr, lat ply. Prunes and pigs are the two and the construction of a new I BOO l.OOQ-to- n if sold this freaac. Bet- chief sources of wealth of these Bal- Hpeclal Correspondence. smelter. AGENTS WANTED. ter see try From Other Lands and states, The company controls the Anita PHARMACY '. mi or the curlier' A: truit-- kan for after the people have Vork, MEN AND WOMEN ARB man, t. sold all the prunes they can for ex New. Feb. is a fine Copper Mines company of Mexico, Cor. Gold Av. and First St. MAKING If yon want a homo. Largely Used old row brewing $10 to $25 a day selling our em- 1 Here. port between the New whleh owns copper, gold, coal and - .hey feed the rest to the pigs ; . So-nor- broidery ex- York stock exchange and the New timber properties In the state of 4; B. goods. No capital or or distill them into prune brandy, H. BRIGGS & perience required. Cherries plums were long ago York produce exchange over control tha Pacific Refining a Smelting Why not youT ana trading In1 Write for samples PORTERFIELD CO. utilised for liquor by the people of of the mining stocks. This company, which owns government CO. W Proprietors and exclusive agency. B. , rQRE ARE Europe. has been becoming more and more concessions, in the same state, for U. EMBROIDERY 21o West Gold Aw. HUNTS Two famous liqueurs that apparent ever WORKS. Omaha, Web. are now extensively consumed, here since last fall when building and operating smelting transactions In mlnng stocks became plants, railroads, telephone and tele- were Invented in widely separated heavy SALESMEN WANTED OI'E BEVERAGE DEMANDED countries. Maraschino was first made and brought more business to graph lines; the SOnora Consolidated SEEK A RELIABLE DENTIST WANTElJJ&XpblVlcsrnanTocv PROFESSIONAL CARDS in commercial quantities at the outside brokers on the Broad Gold Mines company, which owns a the little street curb, than they ever dream- group er New Mexico with staple line, town of Kara, In Dalmatla, the mak had of mines near the towrt of high ' ' ed o(, before, Qulrlego, Baroyeca, Full Set of Teeth commissions with $100 LAWTERS. ers having obtained the secret from and tha coal fields po- , (monthly advance. Permanent "Thus the Tipples of All Nations the neighboring Slavs of Bonnli It First the New. York stock exchange In 'the same state. diold Filling , $1.60 up sition to right members rem-nte- the This Gold man. Jesa H. Smith, Ira M. Bond. was originally distilled. from the. fln, attitude of the Includes ownership of the Crowns $0 Detroit, Mich. ; in, ATTORNEY a Con be Found In Quantity public neglecting the trade on the townslte, buildings and Improvements Palnleaa Extracting 50c AT Law "ai tkTVwa large Marasca cherry, and after the big WANTED man N. W., Washington, distillation the seeds of the cherries board for business on the curb, at the' new station of Fundiclon, on Good in each county D. C. Pensions. in America. and then t.hey began to look around the Cananea, Yaqui River Pacific to represent and advertise hard- f"ucuin, copyngnta, caveats, were cracked and the liqueur flavored a ALL -' to see how they could break up the railroad, which now is being con- WORK ABSOLUTELY GUAR- ware department, put out samples, letter patents, trade' marks, claims. with the pits. The Germans, who mining ANTEED. etc. Salary $21 weekly, expense doubtless also learned the of malt- oraxe and bring the business structed from Guaymas to the City It. W. llrv.n Washington. IX Feb. 9. The art to money advanced. Dept. A-l- l, I. C ing light brandies of plums and back their offerings. It was rum of Mexico. The ATTORNEY AT LAW. . oC laasnlgraUon, lr- - cher In Columbia House, Chicago. Alhn which in an ries rom nelghbqr. Slays, in ored early December that the stock que, N. M. Office. First their ' National poured i exchange might list mining shares In In famous Treatment atreasn has inte the PtolatdC and ijohemla, invented the of Jurors, I nans OUIiaing. . hope, FOR attatea ttxtm every ' llquear1 I knoWn ' as. .iklrchsrrwasser the of corralling most of the Aa a result of the treatment ac ciorner of . K. W. Dobson. i curb business. Before this idea took corded to FOR RENT Two rooms for past cen-- f. f wulpM At whlah' rrknl the unfortunate men com i i world far the half any shape, pelled Inquire 30 ATTORNEY AT T.aot brought-wit- h - definite however, the New to do Jury duty In the murder at North baa It1 hr the way qiantltlea are consumed-I- fhe Uhl- produce, exchange, Broadway. Cromwell block, Albuquerque. N. It,' ted Btates. York which long trial of Harry K. Thaw, it will be ? and Jetsam a host of ' B. F. COPP, has been a seroirmorlbund association harder than ever Jn the future to fill FOR KENT A six room two-stor- y DENTISTS. liqaoxa, with Wflrd names and Sloe gin li a drink that has rapidly saw an opportunity ROOM li, N. T. ARMIJO BLDQ. aahUu effacta, The prosaic figures of beeome bopalar in tplf jcountry Of to, lift Itself from a Jury box In New York City. brick house, corner of Seventh caatama reports, treasury late years, Is closely akfei to the slough, and it started a movement The attitude taken by the state to street and TIJeraa avenue. Inquire n. J. K. KRAFT, of the and the to bring, practically the in the construction of verv ieot thei story of In- - Umovka ijof the eastetn' Stavjj Quan entire curb ward Jurors in. this trial has .been deen at Lommorl & Matteucci, 624 Dental Surgeon. tell the X market on to Its own flqor. nothing disgraceful. foundations, as silt at bot- i Rooms 2 -- p.m.. xnagnitude of 'this traffic tities of sloes the wild prune that short of Men the the West TiJeras avenue. - and 1 ..v., v..n,wuiiiiina. , .This movement has gone so far' who have been forced to serve on this tom of the Hudson river goes down over O'RIelly'a drug sfclcti fcpruag up In the wake of grows all overi EuropV are allowed' FOR RENT Seven-roo- m new store. Phone there seems to be .little doubt that of- Jury have been more as front 80 to 150 feet, nccordlnsr to lo brick No. 744. Appointments Save Of races to solve an d satla-th- e to soak for a idng period In first class treated ' house, part made by asalL vads ficial action will be taken during the though they were charg- cation. furnished or whole: grant American: thirst problem. gin. At tho end of Uils the liquor is themselves large barn and chicken house; twd Edniiirwl J AIm o. ' present month, so that all of the bet ed with than as though they It is planned to use the big bridge v. - The simple lift for the barkeeper drawn ott and. tha sloe pomace ts murder acres of land. See P. F. McCanna, NO. 306 Railroad avn... . ter grade of stocks now being traded were to pass upon the Innocence for several railroads which, upon pay- 9 " aaiy maworjr, No longer, placed In a press and the Juice Is ex or' or Mrs., P. M. Gavin. ( hours, a. m., to 12:30 p. m.; 1:1 in on the curb will be brought to the guilt of the accused.-- ' . ment of rentals, would ho nermlitnit ' 1 good old days Uhpervert-i- - tracted and added to the gin. The P. m. to 5 p. m. . of 'OK KENT Nicely , Both phones. Ap- - sloe Is believed to have medi produce exchange floor, and that As. soon .as a Juror was accepted to run into the heart of New York furnished rooms pointments .can he establish a Jag; tac- certain many of present by city, passengers $1.00 per week and up; also nice made by mall. cinal properties. Sloe gin! Is art In- the curb brokers will the attorneys for both sides he was toot and vehicles a a barrel of whisker, a take memberships In the produce ex Placed In close also would be accommodated. While rooms for light housekeeping $1.00 , v l confinement. From PHYSICIANS. Bile, and a qulcktrlgger fin. vention of recenC;Ta"'and made i per week up - change, where seats can be obtained tire minute of his acceptance an elaborate plan has been mapped and furnished with i- . ;' the vrntliic capital; at least he exclusively In England, ' -- out It will require stove and cooking utensils ! tor ?Sw hundred Not Juror has been under the constant the action of two and DU. J. R. IIAYNE8 - v tt and cut his coupons with Some Forclgri a dollars ' ' Other Drink. to be outdone, the stock exchange al- - ciplonage Of a court oftlger, has been legislatures, with the approval of con- dishes. The Minneapolis House, Physician and Surgeon. of certainty regular-- A Batavla ia liquor which Albuauer-qu- e, and urfack a ready has to list a few of the prevented reading letters or gress, to carry H through. 624 South Second street, Rooms 11 'and 13. N a . wptaa civilisation la also in localities where Dutch have started Ifrom M. ' ' t rn.i. .. mining shares and probably will fol newspaper!),' until every line In them N. t building. becoming , popular . settled is here. up Ita mem- passed upon by Hotel Added to Hotel. W. M.. v to make usa low it by Insisting that has first been an of SlIEKinAV u Its heterogeneous thirst They learned and arrack ' ficial, The construction of new hotels in Homeopathic but In- bers at once sever all connections and he has been compelled to Physician and - ttu ft. from the Javanese of their East F6fT"sAL&A good blgTeVTwllf be Surge. sake, tnaatlca, Umovka, With the produce exchange and cease forego communication, . even with the metropolis proceeds with unabat- Occidental Life Building. Tele-pho- ne dian, colonies la a strong liquor, ' fresh soon. See George bouaa, quass, chlca, . It to do business with members of the business associates or - J On ed vigor, but, in spite of the large K. weher. 886. Albuquerque, N. M. t eCf. fermented from' toeoanut Juice, an4 u. yaoast. In addition to an organization. adjournment court number of transient and family hotels FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE A : latter each of the Jurors DK. It. Ii. -- ' . tltless-Ms- t a decided coooanut flavor. HUST. i. of Dew wines and has already here, many typewriter. CItl 6-- The produce exchange and the curb have' been marched from the court there are times Yost See The Office, 8, N. .T. Armljo Bldg. The time has arrived when MUltar punsch, or caloric punsch, brokers believe they can' get together room to hotel, under heavy guard when accommodations are utterly In- xen. seductive" liquor, the Ingredients a a Tuberculosis treated with Hlg tetent barkeeper must not is a and make a success ef the present of officers, as though' they were mem adequate to meet the demands., Some FOR SALE Majority of In es Frequency expert analytical chemist, and process of making which are a days slock Electrical ia movement, even against the bers of a chain gang, and, still un- the transient population of New tablished paying busi- , accomplished anthropoio- - secret.' is manufactured 'for1 the and retail Germicide. Treatments given eaea aa It' stock exhange. i; der guard, they have been confined to York runs as low as 76,000, while ness. Incorporated. Owner wishes day from 8 a. m. moat part In Sweden,. and North Ger on .others, according pas- to 4 p. m. Trained Their confidence largely Is based on special quarters engaged fqr them un to railroad to leave city. Address No, 112 1, nurse- - in 200,-00- 0. attendance, i Both phones. Greece. many, it la Decoming exceeaingiy go senger officials, it Is as high as ' ' the bios of country, the success attained by the Consoli- til time to back to court again the Dally Citizen.' ' ' , or mast Is a gift to the popular In this and Is being dated Stock Petroleum exchange, next morning. , During horse show week, dur- UNDERTAKER. If. Increasing" and FOR SALE Twenty-eig- ht Head 57 republic from the isles of Imported every year In having Inception in New In meantime, however, ing the more recent automobile show, Its the old the the fine Jersey cows. Can be seen at Aute, phone 316. Colo., Red 111 It Is a drink with a proud quantities. York mining exchange, formed In Judge presiding at the trial has, with- and like events, the figure is greatly back to the times Liqueur do Dantslg, another grow exceeded. Hunters' wagon yard, 30 North A. BORDERS. that rata the seventies, and which later united out restriction, gone from the court Broadway. see Commercial Club building. mt er1ctea, Aspaala, Sophocles, and ing importation, is a strong, thick, with New York petroleum ex room at the' end of each day's pro It was only eight years ago when, Come and them. Black heavily with the The price will be right. or wnite hearse, $S. .' It is even the tradition slrupy brandy, flavored change, the National petroleum ex- ceedings, haB dined with family or during the Dewey celebration, there it ia the tipple that save Xan-- anise and cumin seed, and sweetened change, and the Miscellaneous Securi- friends. In public or private as he was such a congestion here that many FOR SALE At the "Variety" you ARCllITECM a tongue so bitter that Socrates to some extent. The liqueur, which ties board. This, in 1885, formed saw fit, and has had no Interference people had to go to neighboring will find fine home made bread, 6c hem- - Is colorless, has a small amount of . doughnuts, Spencer! the cap of deadly the present organization known as with his private life. The time spent towns for sleeping accommodations. a loaf; pies, baked F. W. Rooms 46-4- 7 Bar-- gold leaf added to each bottle, so It was beans, soup good tbe only solution of the trial the Consolidated Stock and Petroleum In court comprised his business hours Then declared that within five and other things nett bUlldtnC Alhnnii.Fn.,, ...XI jhuw problem. Painstaking ln- - that when shaken or poured out Into exchange. and he spent his other time just as years therewould be, so many hotels stirctly home made. ' Phone 710. Both phones. qualities of modern a glass the gold leaf flows about In New condition Mrs. Downs, 500 South Arno St. ot the very It is Interesting to note that Henry would any other professional or busli York that such a ! 'throws a fiood to light upon through the liqueur, giving It a would be' impossible.' During the 13, 16, CIVIL ENGINEER appearance. II. Rogers, John D. Archbold, S. C. ness man after his day's work was FOR SALE Snap Lots 14. problem of the battle of attractive T. Dodd, Anthony N. Brady, Charles done. The jurors, all business or years that have passed more hotels in block B, Simpler addition No. 2, - brandy, J. R. FarwelL in which a handful of Aquavit Is a kept oil sale W, Morse, Valentine P. Snyder and professional men, during the entire have been built than were dreamed only $600. $60 cash, balance in swept the vast army of invad- - by ail saloons that cater to the Nor- of at time,' still, at times, Room 23. N. T, Armljo building. gov- Dumont Clarke were among the early time have been cooped up and herd- that but Installments of $15 per month. Perataas into the sea and saved wegian trade. . It ia made in the Consolidated board. together, prisoners. the demand for accommodations ex- of Throndhjem members of the ed like Write J. C. Phelan, Fresno, Calif., NOTARY PUBLIC. for Occidental civilisation. ernment distilleries It is hard to see why a man, of ceeds the supply. At the present time or see E. H. Dunbar, 224 West Norway. Is distilled first-cla- ss eopathlc doai of mastic has and Bergen, It Short Term Note Isnucs. sufficiently clean repute to act as a there are practically 150 Gold avenue: Tlios. K. D. Maddlson. concentrated courage In It to largely from imported American corn, hotels on Manhattan Island, a Office potatoes. Never in the history of Wall street jurott, should not be permitted to and with W. B. Chllders. i a rabbit spit In a bullfrog's face Russian, wheat, and native have the big corporations of the coun spend time outside the court room In total of at least 500, when the smaller NOTICE FOR ITJBLI CATION. West Gold avenue. Ill and next to Crux ruin, Is about are. therefore, leaning to Santa try resorted to short-ter- m note is a normal manner, Just as the Judge ones are considered. The enormous theory famous charge of the strongest liquor made. St. Regis, Bel- Department of Interior, Land Of l.ame Back. 'la that the sues, for the purpose of raising cash Is permitted to spend his time. If Hotel' Astor. the' the the w Per-aaa- aa This ailment ia niiisiin ma Athtmlaaa, which struck the The thousands of Russians who for for Improvement as (now. Fully this were permitted there would be mont, the Knickerbocker and the Ho fice at Santa Fe, New Mexlpo. ravaging fury, the past few years have been flocking 23, 1967. rheumatism of thr muscles and may liaa a bolt of had $160,000,000 of notes have been Is fur less trouble in securing jurors. tel Gotham all have been built since January oe CSa soul-burni- States, must have their curea Dy applying Chamberlain's laapiratioa in to the United i the Dewey celebration, but Notice Is hereby given Ramon sued or offered for sale since Decem As It is, one does not wonder that the crush that Pain. Balm two or of the historical progenitor vodka and quaaa. The latter Is a ber first, with more to come. In ad New York men fight, as they do comes today as easily as It did then Padilla of San Rafael. N. M., has three times a day According to modern po- - beer made from rye Instead of barley. any and rubbing the Darts vlarornualv at dition there have been many equip- against being called upon. for., jury whenever big happening attracts filed notice of his intention to make each application. rda, one American full of and vodka is a species of whiskey or ment trust issues and extensions of duty. The situation largely ts because of final five year- - proof in support of his If this does not Is storm center of desola- - brandy distilled generally from rye, the number of people whd live per- claim, viz: No. afford relief, bind on a piece of flan- a maturing bonds, the latter transac- Homestead Entry nel slightly dampened y loaded with the Juice but sometimes made from potatoes. differing' only, nominally from Two Additional New Bridge. manently in the New York hotels, It 6689, made December 3, 1901, for tha with Pal An experience It a tion' Balm, and quick relief Is almost, sure be a cyclone of disaster. with furnishes short-ter- m Two bridges from Staten Island, being a matter of record that fully EH NW!4, SWU, Section issuing notes or bonds. and EH to follow. sale by druggists. na to the United complete and sufficient explanation These conditions have been brought and one from Manhattan, to the New 15.000 families so reside. 26, Township 10 N, Range 10 W, and For all la the train of the large Imml-- for the prevalence of revolution, an through prevalence of ab Jersey shore have been recommend- that said proof will be made before In about the ' ScIkmiI NOTICE FOR Greece and the coun archy, and terrorism the land of normally high mbney rates and the ed for construction, to the legislatures I .aw Openly Ilefied. Jesus M. Luna, Probate Clerk ait PUBLICATION. BIS ts' cxar. of the school census, II t taa Kantera Mediterranean, the general overstocking of the securities of New York and New Jersey, by the Ret:urns tak Los Lunas, N. M., on March 7, 1907. Department of Mt cast be had at nearly all the bars From millet seed the Tartars make special Joint commission which for en under orders from the state de the interior. United markets with Issues of a permanent partment He names the following witnesses States Land Office. aw targe cities of the east and n intoxicating drink which bears the too, situation several months has been considering of education, show that to prove his up- character. Then, the nearly 20,000 age continuous residence Santa Fe, N. M7, Dec. 19, 1906. It la one of the most significant name of bouza, and tefl has been amplified by the great pros- this subject. children of school on, and cultivation of, the land, viz: mt taw and is made nd yaoust. It can be found in tins bridge are not attending school as required Notice Is hereby given that the brandies perity of the country, which is out- Each Staten Island' would Jose R. Candelarla, Rafael Baldes, claimant the aunt of grapes or currents country where the few Arabians and stripping means of cost approximately ' $500,000.' The by the Compulsory Education law. has filed no- the financial the Of 4,171 illegal- Manuel Sanchex, Blsente Padta, all tice of bis Intention to make final the Juice has been expressed for Turks foregather. country. come to Manhattan bridge, which would cost these are working Rafael, N. M. sStr Investors also have ly; 4.787 are illegally: of San proof in support of bis claim raw. Care is taken to crush the look upon the present tendency of nearly $15,000,00, would be built from kept at home MANUEL R. under roust, and, as conae-- MOST ANYTHING. 294 are truants; 8,402 are not attend- OTERO. sections 1$ and 17 of tne act of ia this a legislative bodies to pass laws re a point somewhere between Four; Register. 3, as-- Seventy-secon- ing evening required, March 1891 (26 Stats.. 854), the maatic has a peculiar garded as detrimental to great divi teenth and d streets, school as and as 1,449 amended by act . mug eat taste that needs considerable "Yes, the duke is wild, but you dend earnings on the part of rail and would be a suspension bridge, are physically unable to attend NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION1. the of February 21, t enjoy. know people one hundred" and fifty feet above high school. The actual total of iovo oiaia., iiu),. and that said mdin must make allowances roads and industrial combinations. proof inwtll be JapanRMn Jag Maker for a duke." The New York, New Haven & Hurt- - water ,aud with a span of 3,000 feet, found to date Is 19,30$, and Department of tne interior. Land Of made before the pro- every to bring to school bate clerk at Los Lunas, M"., With the invasion of the Japanese, "Not much. Let his father-in-la- w ford railroad lead all the Interests the longest In the world. The prin- effort them fice at Santa Fe, New Mexico. N. oi Is being by Superin- January 26, 1C07, Char-e- z awHcalarly In the west, has come the do that." . In note Issuing by putting out paper cipal part of the expense would be made Associate January 32, 1907. vlx: Mariana entratdaetioa of sake, a drink around tendent Meleney, who looks after the Notice Is hereby given that Juan de Otero, for the Small Holding artdest clusters many religious myths President Roosevelt announces that enforcement of tha Compulsory Edu- de Dlos Padilla of San Rafael, N. M., Claim No. 2547, situate in Sec. 36. T aw to Its origin. It is thick and slrupy he Intends to visit his son at Har- cation law, but he declares that he has filed notice of his Intention to 7 N., R. 2 E. Is five-ye- a1 so vard In a few weeks, but that he will handicapped by an inadequate make final ar proof in support He names the following witnesses a as smade from rice. It has STRENGTH prove Men a uerceutage of alcohol that it go as a private citizen, not as presi ASTING force of attendance officers. of his claim, viz: Homestead Entry to his actual continuous ad- la classified under the head of spirits dent. Is he thinking of resigning? The census, taken by the police in No. 6688. made December 3, 1901, verse possession of said tract fo aiy thai castom house ofHcials. There October , November, December and for the W4 NEW, and WVs SEU. twenty years next preceding the sur- It is said that Gov. Kweetenharu January, Includes all persons between 26, Township 10 N. Range 10 vey of the township, viz: am a aasober of varieties of sake, and pronounces Section his name "Swetnam. four and eighteen years of age In the W, and that said proof will be made Francisco Aragon y Baca, of Log This Is hardly to black-fac- e Women who suffer from unnecessary, disagreeable, greater city. fair the before Jesus M. Luna, Probate Clerk Lunas. N. M.; Aniceto Aragon, Guil-lerm- o performer who pronounces his the at Los Lunas, N. M., on March 7. Orona, Qulrlno Samore, Per-alt- a, painful, weakening, female complaints, will, find Neu-tioiu- g ljileM. of same. that liats the 1907. N. M. The sea-goin- g flat is the latest "im- following Any person If the Bowels Dr. says men Wine of Cardui is a safe and pleasant remedy for all provement" being by steam- He names the witnesses who desires to protest Purkhurst there are offered to prove his continuous residence up against the allowance of In New York who would mutch the ship lines bidding for trans-Atlant- ic said proof, their ills. It acts directly upon all dedicate, inflamed on, and cultivation of, the land, viz: or who knows of any substantial rea- Inclined to be consti- II apostles. There are. doctor. Men the traffic. This is the sucessor to the son arc would every Jose R. Candelarla, Rafael Baldes, under the laws and regulations who match them for a la carte restaurant, the Turkish Padla, of the pated do not attempt to force penny thed had; and clean them, tissues, purifying the blood, throwing off the clogging bath, and the elevators which re- Manuel Sanchez. Blsente all interior department why sues too. of San Rafael, N. M. proof should not be allowed will be them. Just commence taking cently have been Included as features given matter and relieving female disorders such as irregular, of the big ocean liners. MANUEL R. OTERO. an opportunity at the above) the Bitters before meals. It Kilitwr lleloiivM Over II. The Atlantic Transport line, the Register. mentioned time and place to cross has a mild but sure effect on ieo. I 'reed, of Coitsvllle, usks that scanty, profuse, painful catamenia, prolapse, etc. vessels of which ply between here examine the witnesses of said claim- the announcement Thursday Rising From the tirave. ant, and to offer evidence made and , is responsible for the A Wm. in rebuttal the bowels and never fails to Also . pronilnant, manufacturer, of that he ia to be in Coitsvllle. relieves headache, backache, dizziness, Idt-a- J that submitted by claimant. married latest, It differs from the famil- A, Fertwell. of Lucama, N. C, relates relieve. In this way Saturday be corrected, as he has no iar suite. In. that it has a private hall, MANUEL, R. OTERO. thought cramps; dragging pains, nervousness, irritability, etc. . a most remarkable experience. He of taking such a step. The a person to as janitor, all : Register. act, and snj-s- "After taking jess than three correction is gladly made. Youngs the olhai't modem jiiconvenierioes of Small Holding Claim No. 2547. HOSTETTER'S town If you need advice, write us a letter, telling us all bottles of Electric BHters, I feel like (.) Vindicator. Harlem life. Workmen now are con- grave. My one rising from the trou- " t.ns in tiro Neighbor structing these new apartments cf. ble Is lright's disease, In the Dia- Stomach. Una Suaked. your symptoms. We will send free advice (in plain ' Belching and sense Neighbors the tcauuii Mlimetonku, which is laid betes staxe.; Ii fully believe Electric that of fullness STOMACH BITTERS J. It. was committed to up in Lon U'n. As soon, as the Min so often experienced after eating 10-d- will nidi permanently, is Jail Friday to serve a sen sealed envelope). Address: Ladies' Advisory Dept., next Hitters cure for caused by the formation of gas. tence on neapolis and the Minnehaha it already stopped the liver and The Imposed him at the June touch port on side, each lii has stomach falls to perform its has been able to make thous- term of circuit court for carrying The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Term. the other bladder complications which have functions turn will be laid up for two weeks years." and the food ferments. Chamber- ands of people healthy. concealed deadly weapons. The alterations, trobuled me for Guaranteed lain's Stomach and Liver It was on for the completion of like by all druggists. Price only 60c. Tablets wl.t ueaputi used Christmas eve There will be two flats on each lin correct the disorder. They aid diges- also cures Poor Appetite, last year, when Win. ilnbbs was kill ALL DRUGGISTS SELL IT IN $ 1 .00 BOTTLES er, one on each side, and they will tion and strengthen and invigorate' Flatulency, ed and Thos. Chenault uoumlud in be built forward, on the upper pro the stomach and bowels. For Headache, Neighbor's saloon by pistol at MOTH PENNYROYAL PILLS tale Indi- inenade decks, in the space now oc by all druggists. Vomiting, Dyspepsia, his hands. Kllzabethtoun (Ky.) cupled quarters. Eac h Ttaty ui erninw Wrtknfm. ' !y the officers' fTV 11 it t alil oillUitlnna.ll,. t .tr A News. bed- l a i "Vairtg .1 ii.t-i- t gestion, Liver or Kidney flat will have a psrlor, hall, two j nt " iu MI WROTE YOU A ' , J u-- ii !' i l.lin aiivrra" e The Citizen Colds, Ma- WINE rooms, a bathroom und a clothes t . Uy yswJ ttH'.nnt",n. iii'lmj tie tiiiiiiiUUittiiPrint Shop Is Grippe I'il.l-- f i ills. or S IN ft no c C'l'RKD TO DAYS. ' m ii d.hi e where you can t II fof mni by following it closet. Tenants of the apartments ejTJSfcjY tr.ti get the most for Jik. ami . t Ml HUOMI1 rtllir.lV f..r ,(in-- I'l-- l, .'." t'"-,!'- . -- V your money. larial Fever. The genuine PAZO OINTMKNT is guaranteed tktng CrJm. py I rirak TinuWrk will take their meals In the regular VV : a'. p.. I to h ill. We print every. V . W3ijf" e to cure any casa Itching, e r uit-J- Mis. k. S. Wa'iv. will be s e''"" al bm thing but of Blind, restaurant sections, as there . f "' I. W greeibaeke and pott. is absolutely pure. Uvata. Ala. mill IT Bleeding or Protuding Piles in 6 to JU OF no kitchen range or dumbwaiter at KO'iTCUTHiC! J0.iwi-J.-euilliU S age stamps. Either phone. V 11 days or money refunded. t0c. tachiiuiit. FOR 8ALE BY ANN ft fcON. eeeetfTs - aLajuQUERQtnE. j sww &atciuat,i mmtuny- , IMT. kveniko citizeni viftwiTt aTASa tSSSS J i " . . by Mr. Gallegos, an act relative, .to a change In t a ; boundary lines of Quay county. This bill provides that county 3 t the portion of Union south of 11jU1VI&1UK1 a the fourth standard .parallel north, IFEE Miguel and that portion of San coun- THE POLICY OF THIS ty lying immediately north and ad- STORE joining the county of Quay, be at- tached to Quay county. The Mil was BY THE-- CBEJOST.LIVINO ckmiM OLOCIST read the first and second time and ordered translated, printed and re Is to clean up stock once ferred to the committee on counties and county lines. ' yearly and open season A message from the governor was i ...... t 1 i received and laid on the dek of the with new goods. CHAPTER VI. parallel Is extraordinarily close. Tou chief clerk to be taken up In regular have a Parsee, Instead of a Jew, with order. " ' ' I not know that there l much young blight- t save a bare recital, of the a and promising career GOVERNOR'S VETO House, bill No. 2 was Introduced add. ed, In each case the degradation from by request, an which, Mr.' Rupp6' by act' to events have occurred since re- a profession and the campaign for regulate , the organization of incor- then. Jitter EdalJI's convlctton the case outrages continued unabated, and the dress and restoration, In each VOTED porations', mining, Industrial and The Name epidemic anonymous lettera'raged questions of forgery and handwriting DOWN otherwise. The bill was read the first of EsterhasV In one, aa ever. The November outrage up arise, with the and and second time by title and ordered on Mr. Stanley's horses wfcl never the anonymous writer in the other. translated, "printed and referred to traced, but there was some good local Finally, I regret t0 say that In the the committee 'on Corporations. One case you have a clique of French by Em- Under- the business order nf com- Information. aa to the author of that; excess Legislature Stands Its Urn. CHAPLIN crime, and a widespread conviction' Officials going from excess to munications, the Chief clerk read a in the district, which 'may have been In order to cover an Initial mistake, ployesSalaries letter from V. S. Hopewell, vice and that In the other you have the president of the ' Santa Fe Central utterly unjust, that the police were way ot too anxious to push the matter, Staffordshire police acting in the. Paid. railway extending an Invitation to the aa any conviction would certainly dis- I have described. house members to take a trip on a Not only means the Best one which they had already I do not know what subsequent re- special trsrn over the: line of the San- turb the railway Tor- btalned. This Incident, also, will ports prevented justice, from being NEW MEX. IN LIGHT BUSINESS ta Fe Central throuich Shoes but it stands equally furnish some evidence for the coming done at the home office (there lies rance county at a time to null the inquiry. Finally, In March. 1904, a the wickedness of the concealed dos- convenience of the house. Mr. Ab-- lamed Farrlngton was convicted sier) but this, I do know, .that. In- ott, of Santa Fe, moved that the in for honest advertising. nai leaving (h fallen 4nai alone, Baca's Bill to Build Light Plant at vitation be accepted and that a com- for lajnrlng some sheep. No 'attempt stead of ' any con- - every possible effort waa made after mittee bf three be named by the has ever been made to trace PennKentlary Passes: $20,000 " ' ectloa between this man and Eilaljl. the conviction to blacken his char- chair to confer with a like commit III' ! I - VS (be Wreeh case not only was there acter, and thaCof his father, so as to Appropriation. tee from the council an Invitation ' la In- - a attempt to. prove complicity be- - frighten off anyone who might be having been sent to the council by Mr. Hopewell said committee to set The principal Interest yesterday a time (or the trip. Mr. Holt amend- morning ed the motion of Mr. Abbott of Santa in the house was centered Fe asking that the invitation be' made snnn p In veto message M the of the governor, special order of a session of the' A AT JIV1JI relative to house Joint resolution No. the UU 0 4, carrying pay house at 2 o'clock, that afternoon to the roll of employe be considered In a and for contingent expenses for, the committee of the first fifteen days, a total amount of whole and that the house after com- Shoes pleting Its regular work, take a re- about $6,000. The council spent the cess Mr. morning in executive session discuss- until that hour.. Abbott of ing Santa Fe urged that the Invitation' the question of extra employes. at all events be accepted,' stating that THE COUNCIL. It had to do with an Important mat- Fifteenth Day Friday Forenoon. ter soon to come up In the house AH Pursuant to adjournment, the and that the house members should Other Shoes at 10 council met yesterday morning at 10 try to secure all possible Information o'clock. President Spless in the chair. on Torrance ourvty. Mr. Holt, asked The Invocation was offered by the for a roll call vote and. the speaker, Chaplain and Chief Clerk Martin read then put the amended motion. The Per Cent Discount the roll, all answering present. motion prevailed as amended by Mr. The council upon motion, duly Holt, the, vote being IS ayes, 11 nays. seconded and carried, then went into The message from the governor executive session for a caucus of the was read by the chief clerk., The gov- whole on the question of employes. ernor announced that he had signed This session lasted until after 12 house joint resolution No. 2, relative Our window display will give yosa o'clock when the council again con- to. the drafting by a Joint committee an inkling of the vened In open session and upon mo from both branches of the assembly If shapes that stylish tion duly seconded and carried, took of a new election law. dressers will wear, but come in and recess until 2:80 o'clock this af The governor, in a seconded com- care ternoon. munication, then read by the chief fully inspect the shoes themselves. Wefeel clerk. Informed the house that he THE HOUSE. had not signed house joint resolution confident that if you' are a man who Fifteenth Day Friday Forenoon. No. 4, providing for the payment of The house met yesterday morning extra employes and for contingent wants the best money can buy we will pursuant ' to adjournment at 10:30 expenses. In his veto message the have your trade. o'clock. Following the invocation by governor stated that he did not sign the chaplain, the chief clerk read the resolution because he believed the roll, all answering present. Upon that, undr the existing statutes, the motion of Mr. Beach, duly seconded monies for the payment of employes and carried, the reading of the Jour- should be drawn by warrant by the nal was dispensed with and the reg- secretary not by the of business was up. territorial and ular order taken ! president of the council and the CilAPLIN - The committee on penitentiary. Mr. speaker of the house, as provided for Wm. SIIOE STORE 121 RAILROAD AVE. Green chairman, reported on house In stated further-- , No. 19, the resolution. He - bill an act Introduced by ' more that in no way did he Intend tweea Green and Edaljl, I have cllned to Investigate Speaker Baca, providing for the in but his case. i to reflect even In the remotest,' upon years stallation of an electrlo plant at ' evideaee to show that the police had For three Geo. Edaljl endured the the honor or integrity of any member asi saaawaaa asia mms a mast positive statement from Green the privations of Lewes and of Port- penitentiary. The bill was amended of legislative assembly, but to carry an appropriation of $20,000 the that lion to adopt the report of the com- that he had nothing to do with Ed- land. At the end of that time the he considered , It more buslness-ltk- e aljl, Indefatigable Mr. Instead of $16,000 as torlginally i . mittee, the 21 republican members blaJned under circumstances Yelverton woke the Jrl g with the law, to pay voting to pass the. resolution over the i case up again, an ex j which make It perfectly convincing. and Truth had the employesk. through the office ot governor's veto and the three demo- yet, Dis-turn- cellent series duly seconded and carried, the, report And In face of this fact, Mr. of articles demonstrat tne terrltorll4l 8ecretary, He stated crats voting against It. of the 'police ing the impossibility or the man s that the money for the payment of San- guilt. Then the case new turn, Oreen, In a motion duly seconded I Upon motion of Mr. Abbott of Vehicles at the trial, was permitted to say, took a the employes could be legally ap- ta Fe, the house then resolved Itself referring to this outrage: "The let- as Irregular and illogical as those and carrledt asked, that the rules be propriated, should be done In suspended and the bill be taken up and it Into a committee, of the whole, Mr ters which would be read would show which had preceded' It. At the end the proper manner. Beach, chairman, to discuss, the Invi- that the writer of them waa not act of hlsi third ear out of seven, the for passage. Speaker Baca asked Mr, message of the governor veto -- AND- J Fa-t-o The tation frorn W. S. Hopewell, vice ing alone, but . In conjunction with young man, though In good health, Abbott of Banta take the chair ing the pay roll .was referred to the some waa suddenly released without" a. par and he took Mr. Abbott's seat on the president of the Santa Fe Central other people, and he put It to committee on Judiciary Mr. , Holt railway to the house members to the jury, what was more likely than don. i Evidently the authorities-- ' were floor of the house. Speaker Baca chairman. M. Holt called for a meet shaken, compromised then moved that the amendments to take a trip Into Torrance ounty on a that, If there was a gang operating and with their ing of the committee during the noon special train at a .time to suit their In w-- v suggested, mem- consciences In this' fashion. But this house bill No. 19 be adopted by the the one of Us house then took a recess , arhess hour. The convenience. , f 1 cannot be man Is guilty, house. The motion prevailed by a bers wc commit a similar outrage final. The until 2 o'clock this afternoon. After having been In session for in order to create evidence ifor the or he Is not. If he Is he deserves viva voce vote. In a short, but forci- every day years. ble and convincing apeech, the one hour In committee of the whole, at Reduced defense." Counsel, no doubt, spoke of. his seven If he THK COl XCIIi. consisting Messrs. Ab-- according to Is not, then we must have apology, speaker urged that the bill be passed a committee of his instructions; but riftocntli Day KYIduy . Afternoon. bott of Santa Fe, Mullens and Mlra-- what are we to think ef those from pardon jand, restitution. There can as amended, stating that it would be Prices. Of benefit to the territory at large as The council met at 3 o'clock pur- bal was appointed to confer with a whom such Instructions Issued, since obviously be no middle ground be were ar- tween these extremes. much. as to the people of Saata Fe suant, to 'adjournment. All like committee of the council to they had the clearest proof that there present except Mr. Dalles, reported range for an acceptance of the Invi- waa ao connection 'between Green And what else is needed besides uml, pointing out the manner In ng by rail- whlcili It save money, by pro-vldi- sick. tation the Santa Fe Central and Edaljl? Such Incidents shake this tardy Justice to Geo. Edaljl? would pro- say several points sug power and light for territorial House Joint resolution No. 4, way authorities to visit Estancla and one's confidence in British Justice to should that viding for pay of employes of the Torrance county. Thereafter' the Albuquerque Carriage Company the very foundations, for it is clear gest themselves for the consideration institutions. Mr. Huca then moved any that the bill "do now, pass."' .By a Thirty-sevent- h legislative assembly,, house adjourned. that the jury, already prejudiced by of small committee. One is the which was to the legislature Cornir nd T(j0raa A vmmm the nature of the crimes, were hood reorganization of the Staffordshire viva voce vote the house passed the returned rirtt Strict p bill as amended. Speaker FWioa then with a veto by Governor Hagerman winked Into giving their conviction. constabulary from end to end; a sec reso- ond is an Inquiry into any Irregularity took the chair and Mr. Abbott re- yesterday forenoon and which COMING EVENTS oeoeoeoeooeo4K)Dooooo A few words as to the sequel. The to his seat. lution was passed over the veto by , friends of prisoner, organized of procedure at quarter sessions; the turned 3, the and House bill No.' 67 was' Introduced the house by a vote of 21 to was headed by R. V. Yelverton (late chief third and most Important is a strin- up gent respon- hy Mr. Studley, an Act to amend sec- Immediately taken' and passed justice of the Bahamas), to whose inquiry as to who Is the governor s veto by unanl- - . February 9 Creeton Clarke. sible man the office, tion 1368 of the compiled laws of over the longj at home and ' ceaseless and unselfish exertions 89 7,' Sunday ' woVk ' mous vote. February 11 Julius Caesar us 'of 11 jk Kdalji will owe so much when the what is the punishment for his de J relative to' and Write For Catalogue linquency, in case, as workers. Mr. Holt asked that the bll Charles Haaford. hqur, of triumph comei, drew up a when this in February 25 to March 2, "The PLOWS & ALL KINDS OF FARM be read In full for general Informa- IIOt'SK. ' MACHINERY. memorial to the home Secretary, set- that ot Beck, Justice has to wait for THE Twins." years upon tion, which was done by the chief llfUM-ntl- i Hay Friday Afternoon. ting forth some of the facts as here the threshold, and none I 14 County Chairman Clerk. The bill provides the sec- 2 March The recon-aiderati- will raise the latcn. Until each and that The house reconvened at o'clock ' " recorded. This petition for This Is banner performance of ' stunt . . Is quoted above be amended by ex- the v-v- V was signed toy 10,000 peo- all of these questions settled a dark tion yesterday afternoon, Speaker Baca In . V't. - the season. ple, including hundreds of lawyers strain will remain upon the admin cluding from the provisions of the the chair. The roll was read by the country. iuiidy law those who religiously and present. o an many K. C.'s, and was reinforced Istrative annuals of this chief clerk and ail answered exer- END.) In goad .faith observe as. sacred some Mr. Holt, chairman of the committee If you haven't the time to by the strongest; testifying to JTHE y. letters tuner day. lu the week besides Bun-fla- on Judiciary,, asked for unanimous cise regularly. Doan's Regulets will Edalji's character 'from men who prevent constipation. They Induce a NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. It was designed especially for consent of the house to submit a re- ' raast have known him Intimately, in Haturday as mild, easy, healthful action of the cluding Mr. Denning, his schoolmas- Hebrews who observe port on house Joint resolution No. 4, Department of the Interior, Land Of the Sabbath. The reading of the bill providing for the pay of employes bowels, without griping. Ask your ter; Mr. Ludlow, the, solicitor with fice at Fe, N. M. precipitated over druggist for them. whom he was for five years articled; Santa the third discussion and for contingent expenses, which honorary secretary and of January 29, 1907. the Sunday law. Mr. was vetoed by the governor yester- the reader Notice is hereby given San (.mending motion, : duly seconded, Birmingham ' society, that ' day morning. The report of the com- the law and tlago Garcia, M many others. ' of Chlllll, N. has asked that the trill be tabled then mittee was received. H recommend- Every Woman VAGON REPAIRS AND BLACKSMITH SUPPLIES filed notice of his intention to make nd there. Mr. Studley said that the ed the passage of the resolution as U murtu(l and all on id know memorial no effect, five-ye- ar The had and final proof in support of bill was presented In good faith be- originally drafted over veto of iwimitte wuiiaerrui 5 J. KORBER & CO., WHOLESALE some Inquiry should certainly be the I : M AR VE L Whirling Spray . his claim, vix: Homestead Entry No. cause of the fa,tt that a number of governor. Mr. U ' ALBUQUERQUE, N. N. how- was deter- the Upon motion of ' VK?;'y5pJW Z,.im,l 22 NORTH SECOND ST. made as to Its fate 6591 made October z, 1901, for the arrests had been made in Raton for Holt, duly seconoed and carried, the v..i.i mined. It would be Indeed a vicious SE(4 Alleged disregard Ifit. II citaiMM NWK. EH SW14 and SW14 of the Sunday law report of the committee was adopted, lUMAuHly. Kccccccoeccre circle; if a police prosecution, when EE , S, Township 8 N, Range among were Section tnd that those arrested the vote being by roll call. Every re- it Jk' doubted, is referred back again to the 6 E, and that said proof will be made persons who did not observe Sunday publican member of the house was In I It. i i I r police for, report. I cannot Imagine H. W. S. as holy, sacredly I i: i' I before Otero, United States but who observed line, the vote for the adoption of the 'I. !. unjust In .1 .1 .1 .. iic- it anything more absurd and Court Commissioner at Albuquerque, Saturday. He said these persons were 21 against ,..f ni" report being and the vote .'I l.'.'fKtl ti fcii'l irrin. aa oriental despotism than this. And on E, . Albuquerque Foundry N. M., March 1907. 4ealt with by the courts according to the adoption being 3, namely Huds- .1,1,. in-- M I . O. and Machine Works yet any superficial independent Inves- !..4 He names the following witnesses the letter of the present law, which peth, Moran and Mullens, democrats. tigation, or even a careful perusal of to prove his continuous residence up Jld not exempt them. m. m. M4LL, froprftmr ' Mr. Holt then moved that the former Castings; the memorial, must have convinced on, and cultivation of, the land, vis inner members of the house spoke on joint MEN AND WOMEN. Iron and Brass Ore, Coal and Lumber Cars; Shaft any reasonable human being. The ! vote of the house house lngs. Pulleys. Grade IJars, Babbit Metal; Manuel Y. Acunla, Antonio San do or and against the proposed bill. The resolution No. 4 be reconsidered The Cm Biff 41 for onoamrml Columns aad Iroa friends of Edaljl. headed by Mr. val, Lucero was then called and by a vote of dtscksarKSM.iaisiazDsnalioita, Front, for Buildings. j,, Julian and Jose Mora, all roll molton prevailed, Mrv Holt fthen I M UaarsatMa uJ Irritation or Blcersjito&a Yelverton, naturally demanded to see W Rmpmtr m WaaSSMffiE of Chlllll, N. M. 11 ayes and 12 nays, the motion to moved house Joint resolution jff4at mm M BWtSrMI. f toambrtDs. mining mmH mm Mmhlmry m , dossier at office, but, that Psk.tnl-bicoii the the home MANUEL R. OTERO, table the bill was lost The bill was 4, pass this house, aslna. Foundry east side of railroad track. as in the Beck case, the seekers after No. "do now the IrHftvANsCHUiicii Ca. at or poiaoooul. Albuquerque, N. M. Register, then ordered translated, printed and governor , S justice were denied access to the very objections of the to the SISCMSiTi,!. I I SteM BtraawUla. referred to the committer on judi- contrary notwithstanding." The roll or mat In mitim rtPMT. documents which they needed in or-- dr Itching ciary. ft Pile. was by the chief clerk. The vote J to prove their case and confute 68 read si jo. or botu u t If you are acquainted with anyone House bill No. was Introduced was the same as that upon the mo- - t vintumt wat aa nqoMt. their epponents. , who Is troubled with this distressing hy Mr. Herrera, an act relative to V8 I havs; said it was' as la the Beck ailment you can do him no greater bounties on wild animals. The bill WE FILL case. I might well have gone to a favor than to tell him to try Cham provides that county commissioners r.j'i'UjajMi: B. RUPPE more classic example, foe In all Its berIain's Salve. It gives Instant re- shall be authorised to levy a tax of PRESCRIPTIONS RIGHT details this seems to me to form a lief. Price 25 cents per box. Sold eight mills on all live stork for two - 203 WEST RAILROAD AYE-HU- i klad of squalid' Dreyfus case. The by all druggists. years to constitute a wild animal At Consistent E bounty fund and that after 1906, the Irrigated Farm Lands NEXT 10 BANK OF levy shall not exceed four mills. That IN SOUTHS KM ALBERTA, CANADA Prices Eyery mother feels coyotes, wild cats and lynx shall be W II tmmi great dread ot the pain paid for upon presentation of the and danger attendant upon scalps at ti each; lobos or gray $18.00 to $25.00 per acre the most critical period wolves on presentation of the entire Irrigated farm loads In Egypt, according to report of the United hide. 120 each; bears and mountain Department of Commerce, are worth 1225 per acre. Irrigated of her life. Becomins linns, upon presentation States Thos. F. of the skins, farm da tbe United States are worth from 100 to 12,000 per Keleber Mimother should be a source of joy to all, but the suffering and )10 each. The bill was read the first lan in re acre. COAL aanper incident to tne ordeal make its anticipation one of miserv. and second time and ordered trans- Irrigated farm lands In Southern Alberta are worth just as much Headquarters for Low Price Mother's Friend is the only remedy which lated, printed and referred to the In reli ve women of the great on finance. or more than lands Egypt and the United States, but the Canadian BEST CLARKVILLE LUMP on and danger of committee Railway Company Is selling them fig to $26 per Leather, Paints, pain maternity; this hour which is dreaded as woman's House bill No. 69 was Introduced Pacific at from acre PER TON Varnlha purpose of Inducing settlement In 3,000,000-acr- e block. $4.60 severest trial is not only made painless, but all the is by Mr. Studley, an act to for the their Jap-a-U- danger avoided amend aold by them ago BEST AMERICAN BLOCK Brushes and c by its use. Those who use this remedy are n section S340 of the compiled laws of Irrigated farm lands three months at from lit longer desr ndent or to 125 per acre are now being held by the purchasers at from ISO to PER TON gloomy ;, nervousness, nausea and other dist essing 1897 relative to appeals in courts In $8.50 409 Watt Awmamrn con tions are New Mexico. The bill was read the $75 per acre. RUrd overcome, the system is made ready for the coming event, had tho second time and The difference between $18 and $2,000 is worth while, if you are first and ordered doubling trebling your money cnuus acciucnis so common to ue critical translated, printed and referred to interested in and within a few month. W. L. TRIMBLE & CO. hour are obviated by the use of Mother's the committee on Judiciary. If you are, drop a card to the address below and receive detailed in- WOOD House bill No. 60 was Introduced formation, Ineluiiins maps, literature, etc., fully describing the oppor- "It is worth its weight in gold,' tunity of the LIVKUT. SALE, says many who have used by Mr. ClHllegos, an act to amend FEED AND it. fi.oo pe Section 2950 of the compiled laws of 810 LOAD OF MILL WOOD THANSKKH tSTAKLKA bottle at drug stores. Uook containing 1897, relative to civil suits. The bill The Canadian Pacific Irrigation Colonization Co's., Ltd. FOR AND $2.78 Horaos valuable information of interest to all women, will was read the first and second time snj Mules Itoaght tij be sent to any address free upon application to and ordered translated, printed and ROOM 31, CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA QUAD referred to the committee on Judi- S. BEST FIELD REGULATOR CO., AUaatm. Q Friend ciary. ; Dpmrtmmt, irrlgafd Lmnd; GmnmtUmm PselBo RmUwmy John Beaven TOUKNOUT3 IS Ttlsl CTrr (1 .f Se.-on- btreet, Ilatirw&d House bill No. was Introduced 602 80UTH FIRST STREET. Copper Aveau. roK rovt ALBUQUERQUE EVENING CITIZEN. ' RATIRDAY, TTtBRTI ART , 17. States Steel and Southeren Pacific' each showed a loss being THE ALBUQUERQUE CITIZEN of 6. Atchison was the next lowest, the decline 4 from 110 to 100, a loss of 10. Mr. Clewes also says that ere To Published Dally and Weekl. since the first of January about $170,000,000 short-ter- m "'if Taste and Comfort Don't Miss By The Citizen Publishing Company notes have been Issued by strong corporations. Ills It. 9 conclusion is that corporations alrendy doing large Worship - F. H. new in Furniture. W. 8. STHU KLEIt, W. T. McOlEKillT, business will be able to get the money, but that de-lay- President Business Manager. ventures and new Improvements will certainly be d tlirlxtlnn Cliurcl Corner Gold as much as possible. This means a lessoned de- avenue and Broadway; Ernest B. mand for materials and labor until lower rates for Crawford, minister. STRONG POWER OF THE EXECUTIVE either warrant a revival of the enterprise. Sunday school , 10 a. tn. Morning worship at 11 o'clock. The worth Time recently said: "President Evening services at 7:30. Roosevelt has begged congress to provide for a more 000000XX000000 Strong Block rentrallsed authority and responsibility in constructing 8 ALL MUST DRINK SOUR MILK TO 8 Highland m. K. Church South 318 the canal by cutting down the canal commission to South Arno street. Services at 11 three members. In the hope that this might be done, PROMOTE LONGEVITY OF RACE ft. m. and 7:30 p. m. Epworth 6 $ League at 6:30 p. m. Strangers several vacancies have been left on the present commit-slo- n, are OOOCKCKCKC earnestly Invited O. B. Holltday, but.congrss has not approved the change. The pastor, president gains one point, notwithstanding, by combin- Boston, Mass., Feb. 9. Drinking sour milk to 4 ing offices of the chief engineer of the and chairman strengthen the health, to fight off dleaease and even to St. John s Knlscopal Church Sil the commission In Chief Engineer Stevens. Secretary ver avenue and Fourth street. Sun TTaft makes a further announcement indicating other prolong life has been tried by a well educated Boston day school at 10 a. m. Mornlna ways to kill a cat. The four vacancies on the commis- woman after an example set and preached by some of service at 11 a. m. Evening service at sion are to be filled by heads of bureaus already em- most savants Europe and results 7:20 o'clock. the eminent of the Ash Wednesday service by Bishop ployed on the canal, a device that practically reduces have been good. Kendrlck. the commission to three as the president desires, while Is ! what every one Is looking for, and In The apparatus is simple and pleasant It requires may nominally leaving It seven accordance with the Senior Kpwnrlh league. there's not a Tou never have such another wishes of congress." no physician. It does not even call for great faith in Subject, Purpose trace of disappointment "The Divine For on the anyone opportunity of securing a fine dinner Still more recently the Leavenworth, Kan., Gazette Its efficiency. Us." Leader, Miss Nellie Nash. face of who pays us a 1. visit, Corner set or set w raid : "Governor Folk, of Missouri, does not want hardy Bulgaria, for Prayer. takes the time to see our stock tea at such prices aa The mountaineers of famous 2. Song. ' power. Is man, only sour carefully and make full Inquiries as ars offering now. house- much He a modest and asks that their longevity, have been trying the virtues of 3. Lesson. them at Ihe men to prices. . Here Is elegance lie be permitted to send armed wherever he thinks milk treatment for years, and It was on account of the 4. Address, Mr. Trimble Wells. furniture Second and wife will revel in the many choice they should go, regardless of local officials; for the excellent consequences that medical men of Europe In- 6. Song. for every part of the house at prices pieces of china, glass power to remove sheriffs and other officers who do not vestigated It and determined the scientific basts of the 8. Song. which surprise, until our large buying ware, etc., and do what he tells them; for a law to give Into his hands results. 7. Talks, Leaguers. and selling methods are understood. Copper Kitchen ware that we have spread on the absolute control of the liquor traffic and the state The philosophy of the treatment has been dressed 8. Benediction. Look In soon, please. our tables at such Incredible prices. charitable institutions, and for another law to give him up In grave looking scientific garb as different from the power corporations Inimariilato Conception Clmrcli over all doing business In the state. logic of the Bulgarians as erudite polysyllables differ Early mass at 7, high mass and ser- There are a few other things he may think of later on from the every day speech, but all that Is merely the mon at 9:30, evening service and con that he needs In his business as governor, but Just now beliefs of the Bulgarians on dress parade. ference at 7:30 o'clock. tie Is contented with asking to be an autocrat, without Man to IJve 110 Tears. Lenten Services. Every 7. power to behead his subjects." Professor Metcnnikoff, the most famous of, the ad day, mass at Next Wed- nesday, WILLIAM MclNTOSH, Presides! SOLOMON LUNA, al Similar utterances could be collected concerning vocates of sour milk diet, la severely opposed by Ash Wednesday, Sprinkling T. C. NEAD, Trcasarer tad Manager the of Ashes and high mass 8 o'clock. governors of states, would show from al- at other which that reason of his theories and practles for he himself Evening service and opening of Len the president down there are a good many executives ways has a large bowl of sour milk in his laboratory ten lecture, 7:30 o'clock. Interested In having their own way more than they are to Dr. Osier and his advocacy of a chloroformatory. Friday evening, stations of the in executing the will of the people, expressed directly Metchnlkoff would make the age of forty a period of cross and benediction, 7:30 o'clock. r through their chosen delegates. The constitution f life 'corresponding to what are now the teens. He can Every Wednesday and Friday even the United States and the constitution of every statj see not only possibility but the probability of no length- ing during Lent services as above. For the contemplates separate depart- alike three and distinct ening the life of man that forty or sixty or even eighty St. rani's Lutheran Church Cor ments of government the legislative, to give voice ti will mark middle, age. He and his fellow scientists ner of Sixth street and Silver avenue. the will of the people; the Judicial, to determine have come to consider the limit which Buffon set as Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Best Line of whether such voice is In harmony with the fundamental the natural end of human life 140 years as the one German service at 11 a. m. The principles of the government; and the executive, to se'i soon to be attained and they pick no flaw In Button's pastor will give a lecture on "The that the will of the people when pronounced constitu- argument to this conclusion from the incidents of com People, the Religions, and the Mis tional shall become effective. When the people have, parative zoology. sions In Africa." English service and sermon at 7:30 through a majority. Indicated their will, It Is neither Learned monographs and disquisitions on leucocy p. m. the province nor the privilege of the executive to pre- tes, phagocytes, macrophages, microphages, cirrhosis, The offerings of the day will be fer his views and wishes to the views and wishes of the arterio-scleros- ls and anemia all boil down to the every- given to the board of foreign mis- people. day philosophy of the Bulgarians: "There is some- sions. The tendency of the executive branch of govern- thing in sour milk that VIII make you outlive the man There will be a service every Fri- ment to exalt Itself over the. will of the people naturally who doesn't drink it. There is something in it, we day evening at 8 o'clock during the follows from the fact that the people have carelessly don't know what, that kills off the germ of disease." season of Lent. O- - In Albuquerque km given or allowed to be assumed a very large measure The scientists ell or pnagocytosla, of certain Flrst Methodist KplHropul Church-R- ev. of power by the executive departments of our several in the blood that make war on certain Invading J. C. Rollins, D. D., pastor. The divisions of government, and there is no trait In human germs and conquer them in many cases. They are now Sunday school meets at 9:45, all are See character which so largely grows with that It feeds studying means of so these germ eaters cordially welcomed. Morning worship Ours self-wi- at 11 a. m., with sermon by the pas- upon, as does ll or the love of power. that man will be as Immune from cholera, for instance, The only way to counteract this growing root of tor. Theme, "Reasonable Content- as the frog leading the simple life In a stagnant pool ment." At this service, Mrs. Collins evil. Is, for the people to retake to itself the exercise of from which it would be death for a man to drink; as will sing "Redemption," by Stubbs. iflili every power which has ever been or which should be free from tuberculosis as a pigeon cooing away happily Epworth League meets at 6:30. Invested In the people, leaving to the executive that In a pen where a man would soon die and as safe from The subject is "The Southern Educa- which It was originally crated for the carrying out of diphtheria as a rat scurrying around to the ripe old age tional Work." I pastor MclNTOSH CO, the will of the people. piles rags diphtheria Evening service at 7:30, the HARDWARE of a rat in of Infested with germs. will speak on "How Two Men Were Buried." ra WHAT COULD BE EXPECTED? It is the most romantic chapter in pathology," said The public Invited to all services. Lord Lister, president of the British association, more Strangers made welcome. $200 REWARD. It Is often said that chickens will come home to than ten years ago, and Is so entrancing that Metch- The Is located on the cor- it church offered capture 3. D. Eakln, President. Com. Melinl, roost, and this is true of many things other than the nlkoff and his confreres have been accused of mixing ner of South Third street and Lead Is for the of Q. Secretary Pettlne, the of Bene- Olomi, Vice President. O. Bichechl, barnyaiM. The unceasing, unwarranted and infamous their science with poetry and utopanism. murderer Treasurer. blackguarding of the republican party. Its organization detto Berardlnellt. Crime was com- The scientist points out what was discovered years mitted In Albuquerque Monday, Feb- its membership in th legislature, by the First Presbyterian Church Corner and ago, two in blood, the Fifth and Silver avenue, Hugh ruary 4. Consolidated Liquor Company querque morning paper, could only have one result. It that there are elements tho red street corpuscles , which constitute the larger proportion of A. Cooper, pastor. Service at 11 a. C. A. and C. GRANDE. Snoceasora to naturally created an indifference to Albuquerque, if m. and 7:30 pjm.'' Morning theme, a. i.J. ' the blood, and the white. To the white corpuscles they MELINI EAKIN, and BACHECHI QIOMI. nothing more, on part who have been com- the of those to give the name of leucocytes. The' white corpuscles eat "Heart Service." " The patriotic entertainment, WMOLMBALK outrageously and so Incessantly abused and vilified. Evening theme, "The Christian for bined with a sale of valentines, ice OKALUHSi IN up certain germs and they call these germ eaters phago- cream and cake, given , Hera Is the way the New Mexican looks at the matter: cytes. the Times," a sermon to the Broth- will be Tues "An appropriation of $8,000 to protect Albuquerquo erhood. day evening, Feb. 12, In the parlors Wines, Liquors Those phagocytes which prefer an animal diet and Musical Selections. of the Lead avenue Methodist and Cigars from anticipated Rio Grande floods would be money Wa kaap avarytblng to spent, according to Albuquerque which have but a single cell nucleus they call macro- Organ Andante Leybach church, by the Woman's Christian la stock outfit tho well but the Fakir Solo Selected '. .Harry Bullard Temperance Union. most fastidious bar eomplota Journal, Judging from Its comments on the Rio Grande phages. EVENING Have been appointed exclusive agents In flood bill two years ago, be Those phagocytes which have a nucleus, or stoinuh-heur- t, the 8outhwctt for Joe. t, sufferers' relief of. It would Organ Meditation ...... Flagler Subscribe for The. Kvening Citizen. Schlltz, Wm. Lemp and Louie A. B. special legislation; it would be merely local graft to In arranged like a partly folded string of sausages, St C. Breweries: Yellowstone, Male Quartet. Green River, W. H. McBrayefe Cedar Brook, Louie Hunter, Mon- fluence Bernalillo county representatives to vote favor- - they style microphages. Solo Selected ...Mrs. H. P. Collins arch, and other T.J. ' etandard brands of whlsklea too numeroua to mention. ably on other measures; a sop thrown to the voters of To phagocytes Offertory Mendelsohn the action of all those which devour ARE N0T COMPOUNDERS. , Albuquerque to run In with the majority party out of germs, and the Bcheme on which the phagocytes work, Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. YE 6:4 5 p. m. But tell the straight article a received by ua from gratitude for an Illegal squandering of money. give Christian Endeavor at DON'T PAY RENT the beet Vlaertei, the scientists the nume of phagocytosis. It is A cordial welcome to strangers. DlBtUleriee and Breweries In the United Stat a. Call and lnepeet our "However, the Fakir Journal changes its tune til's phagocytosis on which many of the beautiful ideals of Stock and Prlcea, or writ tor Illuatrated Catalogue and Priee Islet, time and an appropriation of 18,000 for the benefit of Metchnlkoff are founded and in which is the explana- First Baptist Church Broadway issued to dealera only. the city of Albuquerque or any of Its Institutions, is all tion of why a Boston woman has been drinking sour and Lead avenue. Sunday school at A walk of two blocks will right; for any other section or for any other purpose it milk to the betterment of her health. 9:45 a. m., J. A. Hammond superin- tendent. Public worship at 11 a. m. save you many dollars, that Is graft, dishonesty and robbery of the people. But a Find Secret in Fish. few days ago It sneered at bills introduced by Speaker and 7:30 p. m., with sermons by the you are now paying to MetchnikufT was thirty-seve- n years old and already pastor. W. T. McNIel. Baca to asulst the capital in making needed Improve- J. well known among biologists when he went to Messina Young People's meeting at 6:45. other merchants, whose Humphrey ments, but now expects the Santa Fe and all rep- other in 1882 to study primitive forms of sea life. Examin- Musical Selection Morning Service. rent and expense you must resentatives to help City in the Duke Its hour of need. ing young sturtlsh and small crabs under a microscope Organ Prelude Andante Maestas "This they do, even If memory help to pay. I occupy my should the of the he saw the leucocytes, which were almost transparent, Th. Dubois diatribes has prejudiced them against Anthem Praise Ye the own building sell- Fakir Journal's rush out to small wounds which he had made with his Lord.... and am city in which it is published. Albuquerque its Hayden OVALS the. and finger nail on the skin of the animals. They went at ing clothing and shoes people are all right and in no way responsible for the Offertory From "The Rose of the work of curing the wounds by surrounding the in- Macklnger I ,' - 'f - antics of the Journal. However, the bill should Sharon" without rent charges. ; : Fakir vading germs somewhat as a boa constrictor surrounds Postlude From "Samson" HEAT with the also oontaln provisions for the protection of the settle- prey. leucocytes were G. F. Handel Albuquerque as his Sometimes the successful and ments below far down as San Marclal, sometimes they failed. Evening Service. Whole of it. for It will be remembered that places like Tome and Prelude Andante No. 2 In A Major E. M The germs which invaded the bodies of the fish did AH ARAM Ran Marclal suffer In proportion more from the floods Henry Smoot SI6 1 Railroad Ava. COOK with coming down the Rio Grande than does the city of not differ essentially from those which attack man, so Anthem The Home Land.. Towner Half of Even If they publish no Fakir Journals, Metchnlkoff really saw what takes pluce in many In Offertory Melody Chopin it they in New Mexico, too, It is duty stances when the human system is attacked by certain Postlude From "The Messiah".. are and the of the Handel legislature to help them out of the same predicament forms of disease. Simple, as that of Albuquerque, by drawing on the same fund." His discoveries he gave to ie scientific world and Congregational Church Broadway A. D. to the world at large. Virchow hailed him as u learned at the end of the viaduct. Rev. Johnson Cheap, pioneer. Pasteur, the great, gave him cordial recogni- J. W. Barron, pastor. REPORT OF THE AUDITOR tion. His fame spread all over the world, and in 1888 Sunday school at 9:45, H. S. l.lth-go- Economical. Auditor W. G. Sargent has made his report to he went to the Pasteur Institute in Paris as one of the superintendent. Governor Hagerman of the financial condition of New associates of Pasteur. Morning service at 11 o'clock. The The AlbuprquB pastor will speak on the topic, "Be- Mexico for the term ended November 30th, He produced u book called "lntlammatiou;" he fore and After Birth." from the text Gas, Electric Light 10. After showing the fine financial condition of the studied and experimented nine years for material for "It would have been good for that territory, which tnunt be grutlfylng to every New Mex- his '.'Immunity," which becume a standard Immediately, man if he hud mil been born." ican, Mr. Sargent makes the following suggestion, which and he wrote an optimistic study of life entitled "Na The following musical selections and Power Go. seems to The Citizen worthy of careful attention. The ture In Man." He is now will be rendered by the choir: really the leader in original Corner Fourth and auditor says: research at the institute and Is, Indeed, a second Louis Anthem "Clirlstiun the Morn "The problem of the best methods to be employed Pasteur Breaks Sweetly O'er Thee" .. Shelly Gold Avenue Mrs. Sibernagle, Mrs. Washburn, Mr. In attempting to get all of the taxable property on the Leaving the phagocytes out of question C. N. Nettleton, Mr. Washburn. Rhone Red 98 assessment roll:: is still unsolved, and will always re- the for the time being, Metchnlkoff and Solo "But the Lord Is Mindful of main so until the taxation system now In vogue in the other scientists concentrat ed their attention on the digestive His Own" Mendelsohn territory is more strictly enforced. It is respectfully tubes, where the Mrs. Washburn. GENERAL CONTRACTOR trouble starts. The microbe producing putrefaction was suggested that frequent ami radical changes in the Y. P. S. c. K. at 6:30. (Eighty-fiv- known to have an implacable foe in the which House moving, Well drilling e Years the Standard of Piano Construction') system of the assessment and collection of tuxes Is microbe Evening service at 7:30. The pastor and causes milk to sour, and chemistry explains why. will speak on subject. "Ideals driving. against public policy. When a Kystem that Is generally tho Conceded today to be the best ia Ihe world Could the longevity of the Bulgarian and Duties of Pastor and People Near Gold and .Seventh. Phone 711 understood by the public which in ltd opera- mountaineers t'ongregatlonallsts." be caused by their partiality to sour Experi- With I's as tion, serves to equitably distribute the tax burden, and milk? A cordial Invitation to all. at the same time produces sufficient revenue to meet ments were tried. It was found possible, in the words Chickering & Sons Pianos the demands, it should not be hastily discarded. of Metchnlkoff, for a man to "implant the sour milk LOCAL PARAGRAPHS. EAT MORE ...SOLD ONLY BY THE... "If the burden of taxation sys- microbe within him and acclimatize it there." The under the present WHITi-SO- N tem Is not equal. It Is not, in my opinion, so savants who began to affect sour milk as part of their The Salvation Army will hold sev CO. much the (EstablishedMUSIC1882.) fault of the law as It. is the fault of those charged with regular diet, noticed a considerable betterment of eral meetings In their new hall on Come.CjjIn and examine our new Holiday its execution, if those charged with the assessment of health. In the words of MetihnikotT again: "It Is pos Sliver avenue tomorrow. The first Stock. Everythinga'il''In muslo one will begin 11 a. in. and the from a talking machine to a Grand Piano Sold on our pay- property were as careful In listing It as the law re- sible to transform one's internal flora from one that Is at new easy savage to one is seennd nt 1 u m There will also b ment plan, mwsbssw I quires them to be, there would lie less property escape that cultivated." it is like HtrimiliiK 118 underbrush of the poisonous fungi. meetings at 3 p. in. and 8 p. in. The South Second atret. Albuquerque, New Mexico. taxation than does." mi, nt 1 ikVliwIr wilt tie m mi'mni'lnl France und Switzerland imported the germ of the service for the late Mrs. Woodward, ferment On another page of this Issue of The Kvening n which the Bulgarians used to ferment milk wire or Adjutant woouwaru, wno Is nt Arizona, appears a write-u- p of the territorial fair of 190.! and this ferment now on the market in Purls and died Phoenix, last published In a. December number of Harper's Weekly. has been imported to Boston. The germ microbe of the a ordinary were held this F. PALMER The original article Is highly illustrated, carrying pic- milk differs from that of the imported only in Funeral services J 1m- - steer-ropin- being morning at tho Church of the tures of the g and bronco-bustin- g contests. smaller und less powerful. Some of It Is not Hay, Grain, Groceries and Fresh Meats, pleasant to tuke. but In Purls today they are PRUSSIAN POULTRY AND A. W. iJimock is th author, lie calls the fair "a real manufac mains of the Mrs. Kate Ethelba, STOCK FOODS, FRUITS AND VEC. turing a "lacto-baiilllne- late wild weBt show." A wrltie-u- p of this character Is the ferment which is called " and M,n,l,l,irl ofticlatinir. De TABLES. ORDERS TAKEN AND DELIVERED. which is pleasant to Father kind to attract attention. tho taste. The secret of its com- ceased was the wife of John Ethelba 501 North First Street Both Phonea. pound is no trade Keiret and It is possible thut some of this city and was a full blood In of the most nutritious of foods ilostonlan may in time see a profit in tin- - or In- Hood, wholesome bread and less of Henry Clews. In his last Weekly Review, manufacture dian, und a graduate ine local Financial of the ferment. dian school. She died yesterday the and note your gain shows that on February 2, us compared with the high- morning of tuberculosis at St. Jn- - In health. Ditto In money saving, be est prices in 1906, How 0000000e0 Finest Whiskies seventeen of the leading listed stock" Boston Docs It. I'ph s hospital. cause bread Is cheaper than meats I allowed Important declines. Fifteen of these stocks The uppuraius use.j in Boston consists of two and just as gratifying The St. Elmo to were railroads, the other two being Amalgamated and watertight glass Jars in a metal lined compartment box. There will be a regular monthly the appetite. To get the best bread Wines, Brandfss. Etc. 1 and other flour products, always cr-d- er United States Steel. The greatest decline was In Great The Jars are lillrd with ordinary milk, the ferment is tea of the St. John's Guild, at the jOSEPH BARNETT, Prop'r. o McLaughlin, 1101 dlKA-M- . I Northern preferred, which had receded from 348 to placed In the milk, the compartment filled water residence of Mrs. "ll'TTi:u with Tuesday ufter-nao- n, 1M. a loss of 182. The Northern l'ucillo came next and when is Marquette av.nue, 8AMPLi A NO the milk at the desired temperature it U 6. Every one j highest, being 79. from 2:30 to PIONEER BAKERY, 120 West Railroad Avenoe CLUB ROOMS the decline Amalgamated, United drunk. welcome. mouTM riRtr rsrerr. 0O00e0OeOCi hOiBfOalfOMIICIB 'ALBUQUERQUE SATVTIDAY, FEBRUARY ', 1001. EVENING CITIZEN. PAGE FTTC

arraignment. Me Is the man, It 1 said, through whom the police learn- ABLE BY PRESIDENT ed the Indian had lost his money. SPEECH Lucero Is said to be an exceptionally Intelligent Pueblo. He has retained This' Exquisite Brass Bed Attorney W. C. Heacock to prose- cute Mlsele for larceny from his i person. OF THE COUNCIL A Value . SPK After The Evening Citizen went to of Values press yesterday afternoon It was learned that a witness had been se- An offering far above what cured who stated that he was given c1fwBakinti Powder you have ever known at tha a $100 bill by Mlsele to get changed. """"" price. Stylish and highly ar- Also is Mlsele r Showed Why Employe's Bill Should Be it said that attempted tistic design, having two-Inc- h to get one of the $100 bills changed 1 1 i l 1 1 tubing In the highly polished of In a saloon himself. .Made from cream of tartar derived j if. , or satin finish: thoroughly well Passed Over the Veto the 81nce this discovery of the Indian made, with cross supports and In a drunken condition Wednesday solely from grapes, the most deli- heavy spindles. Governor, and 'twas Done. night and the report that he had been robbed of his money, Chief ln cious and healthful of all fruit acids. Come prepared for a big sur- has been giving the case his prise, as you will pronouncs personal attention. He evolved the Ul h'p, this the most decided barrain CAPTAIN RUPPE AND SENATOR SULZER BOTH theory that Mlsele is the man who you have ever seen. secured the money. His arrest by CLIMBED WITHOUT APOLOGY ON BAND WAGON Assistant Chief Kennedy followed. FIFTY WITNESSES IN THAW TRIAL BOOSTS In placing our order befors Mlsele was taken completely by sur- the late advance, we are able prise, as he stood talking to some to offer this bed in either finish, full site or three-quart- er sis at r DELEGATE CONTEST CASE friends in of the Ele- SALES OF BIG NEWSPAPERS E present front White TWENTY-FIV- DOLLARS THIRTY-FIV- E DOLLARS. Santa Fe, N. M., Feb. ((.Without legislative assemly Intended phant saloon yesterday worth and would keep a of em- afternoon. a dissenting voice in the council and record the Some more clever detective work Is by the unanimous republican vote in ployes and the expenditures of public Other Beds expected to brln other developments Attorney Thomas N. Wllkerson re. Local newsdealers declare they Brass in all Prices, Varieties the house, house Joint resolution No. funds and have the same filed in a to light. ar 4 containing the pay roll for em- territorial office for reference. He turned to Albuquerque this morning selling more of the eastern papers ployes and for contingent expenses, said further that he believed the from Helen, where he represented since the Inception of the Thaw trial and Designs. than they did after the San Francis- vetoed by the governor, yesterday af- employes be they competent or TELEGRAPHIC MARKETS Delegate Andrews in the Larrar.ulo ternoon was passed over the govern- who hurl hpn on the co earthquake. One dealer stated j contest proceedings, have or's veto. It was a sample of the or- pay rail to date, should be paid off which this morning that he would have to pol- been on Belen past two Increase his orders, as he did not re- Vr ganisation and "stand together" and he was In favor of paying them The following Quotations were re at for FABER'S icy In both houses of republican off. He furthe added that he was days. Fifty witnesses were examin- ceive enough papers to supply the the ceived by F. Graf & Co., 308-31- min- convinced the question of employes brokers, ed and testimony, taken before demand. This Is a good Indication 0 Building members. Even the democratic over their own private wires their Railroad Avenue ... Staab ority in the council voted aye. would be handled in a thoroughly from Fred Becker, notary public, was of the amount of Interest the trial New York, room 37. Barnett Build has excited In Albuquerque, Is President Spless in the council and up to date business manner. ing: carefully noted by Attorney Harry and It made a forceful speech In favor of It was a confession that should Owen, of Albuquerque, who will also a criterion of the Increase of passing the resolution over the gov- have pleased the members of the transcribe the evidence, which will newspaper sales over the country ernor's veto. He said that while council. A man, who on Its first pre- New YorK Stocks. be sent to Washington for the con generally, since nobody connected every member of the council per- sentation, voted against the resolu- American Sugar 134 sideration of the congressional com- with the trial has anything In com- - Amalgamated haps concurred In some of the- rec- tion, admitting that he found condi- Copper 112 mutes on contested elections. The mon with Albuquerque or New Mex- ommendations contained in the gov- tions not so bad as reported and American Smelters 142 taking of testimony was completed ico. ernor's veto message yet others diff- supporting the resolution with his American Car Foundry 43 H late yesterday afternoon. Attorneys The story of the crime, revolting com ; REPORT ered widely from the governor in vote. It was proof evident that the Atchison 103 Summers Burkhnrt and E. V. as it has been, Is too full of human ESI OF. THE CONDITION the remainder of his statements. employe question, which has pro- Anaconda 286 Chavez, of Albuquerque, appeared Interest to be Ignored. President Spless stated that the mem- duced so much sensational Journal- Itulllmore and Ohio 116 for Mr. Larrazolo. It Is estimated that the cost of Brooklyn Kapid Transit 73 OF bers of the thlrty-setvei- h legisla- ism, is a myth. supplying newspapers with stories tive assemly fully realized that they True Democrat Folio)'. Canadian Pacific 181 by special writers will approximate must show to the people at large that In the house the resolution - met Colorado Fuel 48 $350,000, aside from the vast sums Chicago 16 New Mexico Is capable of with no opposition except from the Great Western expended for telegraphic tolls on the com 35 and fitted for statehood oy democrats, who generally vote Erie regular news service by press asso- The Bank of Commerce . , Louisville having sent to her legislature men against everything. . . and Nashville 133 ciations. who take care of Even "Llttiefleld" Ruppe surveyed Missouri Pacific 83 George Elmer Iloeli. would her Jnterests 46 years, ALBUQUERQUE, and her public monies. He told of the field of battle, gazed longingly at Mexican Central 24 George Elmer Hoch, aged N. M. legislature In 1895, the minority of democrats, National Lead 70 died of tuberculosis at his home. 634 the when the three New SENATOR JACOBO CHAVES number of employes was so great that waved good-by- e to the Journal cor- York Central ,...127 South Broadway, yesterday morning. chil- close when they lined up for pay they respondent and climbed upon the Norfolk 86 He leaves a widow and four At the of business January 7, 1907 ma dp a procession half a mile In band wagon. He did not even rise Pennsylvania 130 dren, the eldest of whom Is 13. The HAKES A DENIAL length He then told how congress In to explain his vote. He said after- Northern Pacific 151 funeral was held from the Church 1898 passed an act limiting the num- wards that he made his explanations Heading com 122 of the Immaculate Conception this ber of employes for the New Mexico In the caucus. Hock Island com 25 afternoon, at 3 o'clock, with burial legislature, but stated that the' act To Keep Payroll IKmn. Southern Pacific 93 at Santa Barbara cemetery? The Citizen has received a com- RESOURCES did not contain any provision as to The question before the assembly St. Paul 147 Mr. Hoch had lived In Albuquer- munication from Hon. Jacobo 26 Loans th)e amount to be appropriated for now, and one which resulted In a Southern Hallway que for eighteen years. He was a Chaves, of Valencia county, member and Discounts $1,005,430.11 the pay of these employes or for con- variety of caucuses and two sessions Union Pacific com 172 painter and paper hanger by trade of the present legislative council, de- Furniture and Fixtures 5,036.91 tingent expenses. He resented the tonight is that of keeping the payroll U. S. S. com 44 and a member of their uiflon. nying that there Is any truth In the Real Estate 1S.431.S7 U. S. S. pfd 104 report statement in the veto message that down to where It will not exceed $15,-00- 0 that he has been promised a Cash Con 31 posiUon 117.4SS.SS the monies appropriated for contin- the amount of the federal ap- Greene John .1. Itanibrook. in the territorial peniten- Due Copper Range 93 tiary for his son and for his from other Banks SC7.60S.SS gent expenses had not ben used ac- propriation. This will be done. It John J. Hnmbrook, a well known another Calumet and Arizona 192 son-in-la- The published cording to law. He admitted that is said on good authority tonight that citizen of Albuquerque, and for many Citizen it while employes had been paid from about half of the employes on the Old Dominion 57 years as a rumor, but Mr. Chavez says that S1.60S.96S.7 North Butte 112 a pattern maker In the Santa such a thing never even these funds that these employes were present roll will be discharged and Fe shops, passed away early this has been necessary were entitled if necessary the assembly will Butte Coal 37 thought of by him or by the gov- and therefor that 22 morning at his residence, 718 South to come under the head of contin-egncki- s. run short handed to the end. There Shannon ernor. Total Bales 382,300. Arno street. Mr. Itanibrook had been - is now about $9,000 of the $15,000 a resident of this city for twelve gov-ern- qr present employes get LIABILITIES He heartily agreeed with the left when the Kansas city Live Stock. years, coming here originally from EXCURSIONISTS SPEND request legis- pay, . . . In his that the their Kansas City, Feb. 9. Cattle re- Mt. Vernon, Illinois. He had lnng Capital Paid Up t 160,009.09 lature should acount to the people for Trip Over Santa Fe Central. ceipts 400. Market steady. Native been recognized as a worthy member Surplus and Profits 50,044. monies expended and that records of The house yesterday afternoon ap- SI steers $4.00 6.60; southern steers of the community and was highly DAY IN ALBUQUERQUE Deposits . 1,3.91S.5S the payrolls, etc., should be kept in pointed a committee, consisting of S3.50ff5.25; southern cows $2.25(i respected by all who knew him. He & business-lik- e filed Santa, Mlrabal and Mul- manner and in a Abbott of 3.75; native cows and heifers $2.25 do Is survived by two sons and one public office of the territory. Presi- lens to confer with a like committee 5.00; Blockers and feeders $3.25ii! daughter, the former of whom are ll.60S.S6S.70 dent Spless, who had previously sur- from the council as to a time for 4.80; bulls $2.7&ii4.25; calves $3.50 the proprietors of the Highland liv- A Gates excursion, carrying sev gavel to Mr. of taking a trip in a special via enty-fiv- e rendered the Miera train fa 7.50; western fed steers $3.75 & ery establishment. The funeral will people from various points Territory of New Mexico, ytondoval cour.ty, then moved that the Santa Fe Central for an inspec- place tomorrow afternoon from east of the Missouri river, arrived at county. 6.00; western fed cows $2.60 4.25. take County of Bernalillo ss: the vote by which the resolution tion of Torrance The trip Sheep receipts 500. Market steady. the B. A. Adams undertaking puriors the local station at 9:30 o'clock this passed council previously be re- it Is urged, will be of avlue in con- the Muttons $5.00Ji 6.00; lambs $7.0010 at 3:30 o'clock. Rev. Hugh A.' Coop- morning, and will remain until 10 s I. W. S. Strlckler, Vice considered. The motion prevailed sidering the proposed creation of a er officiating. will be attended by o'clock tonight, while the excursion President and Cashier of tha county changing 7.60; range wethers $5.006.60; fed It above named bank, do solemnly swear abova and Mr. Spless moved that the house new ..Torrance and range wethers $5.00 5.60; fed ewes Temple Lodge No. 6, A. F. an A. M., ists see the sights of the Duke City, that the Joint resolution No. 4 be passed by the county seat from Estancia to in a body, deceased having been a The left Minneapolis January statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. .... $4.00 5.60. train the council, the objections of, the Willard. , ... member of that organization.' After 16, has been through Mexico and is W, S. STRICKLE R, governor 'to its provisions not, with- The house yesterday passed a sub- " ' will he ship- now en route to ' Produce Market. the funeral the remains the Grand Canyon, , V. P. A Cash. standing. The vate was 11 in favor stitute for house bill No. 44, recom- Chicago, Feb. 9. Closing quota- ped to Mt. Vernon, 111., for Interment. stopping at the Adamana petrified of the passage of the resolution and mended by the committee on terri- tions: forest for one day while on the Subscrl'fed and sworn to befors me this 8 th day of none opposed. Mr. Dalies was absent torial affairs, relative to filling of the Wheat May July 79 .MASONIC NOTICE. way. January, A. D. 1907, owing to illness. vacancies in county offices by the 4?80. 80; will special communi- M. Cameron (limine Vote. county commissioners. The bill Is de- May 46 47; July There be a R. MERRITT. Corn ft 46. 6, II mi ting for Trouble. A feature of the voting was the signed, so Its sponsor, Mr. Oallegos, May 41; July cation of Temple Lodge No. A. F. Notary Public. Oats 37. A. M., Sunday at 2:30, explanation made by Mr. Cameron asserts, to return nearer to the peo- Pork May $17.95; July $18.02. and afternoon "I've lived In California 20 years, as to his change of vote. He said ple this Jurisdiction over their county May July for the purpose of attending the fun- and am still hunting for trouble In Correct-Attes-t: Lard and $10.17. Bro. By or- that he had been convinced that the officers. Klbs May July $9.85 W eral of J. J. Bambrook. the way of burns, sores, wounds, $9.77; der of the W. M. J. C. Ferger, sec- boils, cuts, sprains, or a case of piled SOLOMON LUNA, 87 . retary. that Bucklen's Arnica Salve won't J. C. BALDRIDGE. Directors. Chicago Livestock. quickly cure," wrles Charles Walters, JEALOUS LOVER WRITES GERONIMO CLUB TO Chicago, Feb. 9. Cattle receipts BEST SUNDAY DINNER IN THE og Alleghany, Sierra county. No use W. J. JOHNSON, 200. Market steady. Beeves S4.10j CITY AT ZEIGER'S CAFE RES hunting, Mr. Walters; It cures every 7.25; cows and heifers $1.606.40; TAURANT, FROM NOON TO 3 P. M. rase. Guaranteed by all druggists. ANONYMOUS LETTER: HAVE stockers and feeders $2.6004.70; ONLY FIFTY CENTS. 25c. .. Texans $3.60 4.50; calves $6,001 7.75. YOURS FOR THE TAKIN- G- To Chicken Feeders. SANTA FE VOl'.NG MAN THREAT- Always alive with ideas, the Ue- - Sheep receipts 2000. Market steady FREE LUNCH AT THE WHITE EL Mausard's .Mills are selling good ENED WITH DEATH IF UK ronimo club this evening will put o:i Sheep $3.50f(i 5.70; lambs $4.80 EPHANT. wheat at $1.50 per 100 lbs. CONTINUES TO LOVE CAP- an unique athletic entertainment 7.65. rV ITAL. MISS. and smoker at their gymnasium. In the Elks' opera house building. Money Market. l&'MYW"wartsososossYaaoarar4 New York, Feb. 9. Money on call, Special to The Evening Citizen. The committee on arrangements 11 Convenience - Comfort - Security Fe, N. M., Feb. 9. Pedro active and firm. Prime mercantile ELKS' OPERA HOUSE, MONDAY, FEB. Santa have been busy for a week preparing paper. per cent; silver 68 c. Alarid is in receipt of an anonymous things for the entertainment, which 5(6 letter which threatens him with is to be an invited "stag" affair, and Engagement of the Eminent Actor St-- liOiiirt Wool Market. The telephone violence if he does not desist in his they have left nothing undone which St. Louis, Feb. 9. Wool steady; . makes the The telephone preserves to a certain young woman to a B. attentions would tend make the occasion unchanged. CHARLES HANFORD duties lighter, the cares less your prolongs whose name is mentioned In the highly enjoyable one. There will be Accompanied by health, your life a epistle. The missive is written in trapeze and horizontal bar perform- Metal Market. and the worries fewer. and protects your home. scrawling hand, with little regard to ances and a number of other stunts New York, Feb. 9. Lead and cop- MISS MARIE DROFNAH spelling. The writer is evidently a that are sure to make a hit with the per quiet; unchanged. Presenting Shakespeare's Greatest Historical Drajiui jealous rival suffering the pangs of crowd. The Geronlmo club has be- YOU NEED A TELEPHONE I.V YOUR HOME unrequited love. "I hert you was come a potent factor In social and Spelter Market. going to merry ," he cays. He athletic affairs in the Duke City. It St. Louis, Feb. 9. Spelter higher, JULIUS CAESAR I I THE COLORADO then declares that she Is deared to Is announced that the club will put $6.80. 40 people la the a Sent of Beautiful Stage mad m Carload of TELEPHONE CO. him than his life, and advises the re- a base ball team in the field this Proeuctlon Settings Showing Special Scenery cipient to quit going with her In the spring. "Dutch lunch" will be serv- SIX MEN FOUND lEAI An Event of I'nusual Artistic Importance. If his own life. The even- WILKKsllAKKE MINE DISASTER future he values ed at the entertainment this 9. Six The Grand Square In Home. The Roman Senate. The Conspiracy hi through the ing. Wllkesbarre. Feb. of seven note was forwarded night In No. 19 Brutus' Garden, The Great Quarrc! Scene. In the Tent of mails and the envelope enclosing it men entombed last The of Phillipl. colliery of the Lehigh and Wilkes-barr- e Brutus. Plains bears the postmark of the Santa Fe company Wanamle, PRICES: 75c, $1.00 and 1.50. Seats on salo Saturday, Feb. 9th. postofllce. was delivered on "DOSS" BOYKIN NOW Coal at HANDSOME It were found dead today. The bodies Thursday. Mr. Alarid is anxious ti NOTE Mr. Hanford will appear in the cast as "Marc Antony," in bottom lift of the Booth-Barre- ascertain the name of the revenge- were found the the same role he so successfully played In the famous tt mine. The men were caught through combinations for two seasons. Souvenir Crockery ful correspondent, who concealed his IN PENITENTIARY upon the fourth by leaving epistle un- tire which started vie ws or Identity the lift, cutting off escape. O0OO0OOO00OOO signed. He says he is not a bit Alvarado, Cathedral, Commercial Club afrali of the sender of the threaten- Convicted of murder in the second LAKGE COMPETITION be, For-tale- ing letter, whoever he may and degree A. M. "Doss" lioykin of s, rou raquet iioxoits. does not propose to heed the warn- yesterday morning begun serv- New York, Feb. 9. The racquet Household Goods of Every Description ing it contains. ing his sentence of twelve years in championship for the gold racquet the territorial penitentiary for his commenced at the Tuxedo Tennis and Don't fail to attend the crime. He was taken to Santa Fe Racquet club, at Tuxedo park today. jjChas. L. Keppeler GRAXD MASQUERADE PRIZE Thursday night by Sheriff Joseph There are competitors from nearly MSfc Borradaile & Co. BALL, win- Lang and Deputy Sheriff W. E. Tip- every state In the union as the I 117 W. To be held a I ton of Dona Ana county. ner of the match will be qualified to KALER IN Gold Ave. COIX1M1IO HALL, Iloykln wus arrested for killing his play for the championship of the brother-in-la- Henry Stoltz, which t'nlted States against Clarence 11. Tl'ENRAY EVENING, FEB. 12, l7, occurred at Portales In December, Mackay, the present champion on New and Second Hand Furniture Repaired, 1'iulcr the auspiees of the 1904. The murder was precipitated Wednesday next. OIOMHO by family differences. Stoltz called FURNITURE BENEVOLENT SOCIETY. at lioykin'8 home on the night of the PLANT MM! VL- MATTRESSES Two grand prizes will he awarded tragedy ta demand an explanation of i.i.MiM m production. Household Goods, Upholster- 9. A com- Made Over, REMOVAL the two finest drese. A fine prize certain statements lioykin was al- Philadelphia. Pa., Feb. will be awardetl the I eouple In leged to have made. pany of capitalists is being formed Stoves, Ranges, ing and Picture Framing. dancing. for the purpose of constructing a The American Lumber Co. Orches- plant on the Cumberland river in Chinaware, Crockery. All Work Guaranteed. tra will furnish the mimic. MISELE HEAR- - Kentucky, about twenty-fiv- e miles be- Williamsburg, purpose . Bakery . . low of French (ilMM) ILLUMINATION. for the ..Tickets $1.00. IjkIIcs free. producing aliuniinum. The plant will 315 and 319 South Second Street IS have 20,(100 horse power and will be From 213 West Railroad Ave. Itching piles provoke profanity, situated at a place where bauxite is ALBUQUERQUE, N. M but profanity won't cure them. plentiful. The capital will be be- Ointment cures ltethlng, tween three and four million dollars. Doan's ARREST OF ITALIAN 1 A 1 .1) To 202 East Railroad Ave. bleeding or protruding plies after Oil any drug hit of i.i:vi:it detective FIVE MAs'll li SCHOONER years of suffering. At i :. Raynolds' New Building store. work iv Tin: ioi.u WENT AGROUND TODAY Seabright, N. J., Feb. 9. The big Where to Dine Well five-mast- schooner Helen J. Seitz At the First M. E. church Tues- The preliminary hearing of C. aground early today en- Misele, the Ituliun mason who of Boston went Albuquerque, New day night a patriotic and social stone south of Harnett. Wreck- Mexico tertainment will be given by the W. was arrested yesterday afternoon by three miles Santa Fe Restaurant coming pre- a ing tugs have gone to her assistance. C. T. I. Help them by Assistant Marshal Kennedy, on Open Day and Night. pared t' buy valentines, lie cream charge, of larceny from the person "Don't you fellows ever gi t asham- San Lucero, and cake. of Juan an Indian, has ed of taking tips?" asked the grouchy Meals all Hours. Class Service 1 3 been postponed owing to the absence passenger, when the Pullman porter at First Private J. C. ALD Ivl DGE Notice. of material witnesses w ho are out of had finished brushing him. Dining Rooms in Connection. Fresh Lobsters DEALER IN NATIVE AND CHICAGO LUMBER All parties Interested In the con- the city. The hearing may be held "Yes, suh, yes, suh sometimes." guar- uucrnoou, and Blue Point Oysters Received Daily. - - struction of cement walks, work jaie mis u was announceu replied the porter, as lie bit the SHERWIN-WILLIAM- S PAINT Covers mure, looks best, weurs leave of- ofllce of peace anteed, please orders at the at the of Justice the nickel to see if it was good. 1 1 1 c 1 the longest, most et'onomlrul; full measure. ar- l Huvuy fice of La Opinion Publica. All George It. Craig, before whom Misele Hotel. BUILDING PAPER Alwayi in stock. Plaster, Lime, Cement. rangements for work of that kind will be arraigned, but this depends YOURS FOR THE TAKING-FR- EE Paint, Glass, Sash, Doors, Etc. at the above office. upon circumstances. C. E. SUNTAAGG, Proprietor will be made LUNCH AT THE WHITE EL AND LOL'IS TRUJ1LLO. Misele is In the city Jail awaiting EPHANT. FIRST STREET COAL AVE. ALltl'gi'EIMjl'E, NEW MEX. rur. sn. ALBUQUEKQUE - EVENING i CITIZEN. SATCIlDAr,' rKDIUTAnr.' ,( imt.

amuse the ." At this moment a NOTTcne pryrt rvrnjCATtos. big black steer .trotting past with Are In his eyes and a chip on his shoul- Department of the Interior; United 4 1 der, was attracted by the little rroup States Land Office. . r of Judges and Journalists to which The Theatrej Santa Fe, If. M., Jaa. IB. HOT. COi Territorial Fair of 1902 we had attached ourselves, and bore Notice Is hereby give that Luis montezuma, TRUST down npon them. It wa my first Oarcla of Carpenter, If. M has filed -- TIIK FROM HARPER'S WEEKLY- - front view of a Texan steer In action, REDEMPTION OF ' notice of his Intention to make final A five-ye- ar and I was greatly Impressed by the KOfli TONIGHT proof in support : of his The I beautiful curve and wide spread of redemption fif a soul. It might claim, vis: Homestead entry No. xAlbuququ NtCW MCXICO Tha "New Mexico Territorial Fair" of the race. "If he had known that his horns, of which I had often appropriately be called.' said Creston 9220 made April IT, 190s, for the substantially "Cowboy Tourna- - he had bought Into a steeplechase he my eyes now saw. Clarke during a discussion the other a heard, but which day of NWH BR. NEK SWH. See. It, Of course there were other would have fixed himself differently," The Judges were old cattlemen who his latest and greatest success, Tp. ION., Range E and that said Bint" - the from the governor- ra he said, and then, to show what he scarcely paid a savage horse the modern emotional drama, "The proof will be made before H, W S. attraction, Ragged Messenger." "And to me, scrpm $100,000 to prise-bab- y exhibition, and could do to a steer If he caught him, compliment of looking at him when Otero, United States oourt commis- i'icepttaiibd a like the story of Mary Magdalen, it reception of wandering mounted a big one which had Just dashed toward them, but when sioner, at Albuquerque, i N. M., on from he Is most beautiful and absorbing. The high-cla- ss moral shows. been untied, and was tossed around fixed eyes upon them March 6, HOT. , i to this steer his costing into the darkness games and trot- the back of a bucker gave a fine they side-stepp- ' agility. Mr. of sinful He names the following witnesses There were base ball that with thoughts, engendered by the constant matches, a Shrlners' parade Imitation of the worst of the outlaws. Foraker, one of the Judges, forgetting to prove his. continuous residence ' ting knowledge on part; ,Mary An-slei- ' squaw be' cowboy, 'the ef upon, and of, .110 i tVy Jt'j . . il) whatever that may be), and a "John can ride, but then anybody that he had censed to u of her one false step, cultivation the land, Is to on and her vis: , race, and the people around the race can ride a horse; the trouble and happening to have a lasso his groping for the light of forgiveness, ," applauded cowboy. arm, Carlos Lopez, Federloo Lopez, Fau-stl- n INTEREST ALLOWED ON SAVINGS DEPOSITS course at Albuquerque saddle him," said a With cast It over the horns of the the Christian examples of John spent In advancing steer, and was being Garcia and Luis Garola y Gar- ; : perfunctorily the performers, but several others he much time Morton Hlglnnd : . ami point out to her, cia, all of Carpenter, N. 10:.: . (. . i v.y Uietr hearts were over by the corral blindfolding, bridling and saddling dragged over the' ground, when the can surely be found through! M. outlaw-Hill- an repentf ,' MANUEL, wHh the cowboys. These cnme from the biting, kicking, furious air became tilled vtth flyhig ropes ance are ,tjld! wafc R. OTERO., illrer'-tlo- n, as powerfully as fr'om every ; Colorado, Montana and Wyoming, Howie, on whose back lilocher cowboys charged ever story re- Register. ' ' the of fallen woman from Arlxonn. New-- Mexico and Texas; sat. until Hlncher. Hilly and the fence claimed from sin By faith. ' I have they brought with them the atmos- went crashing together . to the McGonlgle. looking: for new rec- discussed the of Ragged NOTICE, FOIt PUBLICATION. pony, seiz- moral 'The mountains and the ground. Roberts, of Arizona, lost no ords, sprang from his anil Messenger' many di- phere of the with eminent Department With Ample Mesne and Uniurpaitd Facilities. j plains. The people of the west eame time in overtaking his steer., He fol- ing the tall of the steer, played the vines. They all approved heartily of of the Interior, United to meet them, and men crossed the lowed ll his twists and turns, but child's game of "snap the whip" un- It. In their opinion, such plays do States Land Office. i . .... continent to tone up their Jaded was unfortunate in throwing the til he was projected Into space. After more good than a hundred sermons." Santa Fe, N. M.. Jan. 25. 1907.. nerves by contact with the breexy lasso, which ciMight the animal by the camera man had collected his Creston Clarke will present "The Rag- Notice Is hereby given .that Jose Griego y - spirits of these courageous boys who one leg. for which Roberts was Ideas anil his traps he continued his ged Messenger" at the Elks' opera Garcia- of Carpenter, ,N. M., asked sorry; since the steer acted, stood Interrupted observation: "As I was house has filed notice I o Ma Unttnjtibfv (to IWed'-s- near to nature, who tonight. prdof support no better couch than mother enrth, his ground, faring the cowboy, calm- saying, there seems to be an element make final tlKear 'IW and sleep In the ly lifted his leg as' the weight of the of cruelty In exposing human beings ( HRI.I;k II. HANPOIll IN of his claim, viz: Homestead entry but who could live No. 9(78 made. 17, addle, singing In their dreams In the pony came on the lariat, and re- to the hazard ot being gored and SIl'I.H'S CAK.NAK" I'KII. II. July 109, for 1 Was , to by the BEM. SEK, Sec. 35, Tp. 10 N., ' they soothed peated when the, strain off. trampled death such ferocious Charles H. Hunford an , even tones with which has made it Range 6E., 1 e nervous herds through nights When finally the steer wa conquered brutes." absolute rule to make each of his ant and lot and SE NEK. their Sec. 3,, lot 4, Sec. 1, , ' ranees. They were and tied, the Judges hud forgotten PLAINSMEN qi'K'K TO nual productions as much of an im- and Tp. 9N., Extends te Depositors Every Proper f storm on the Range 6E., and said proof will Accommodation, and Batlctr self-relia- nt when the tlag full and had to guess All) COMPANIONS IN DVXGKH provement on Its predecessors as ex-- i that wholesome, race, with a . New Accounts Capital, 1150, 009. 10.. , and they rep- at the time. Tlir" good luck of Frank Hnverty's friends said he had penditure of money and energy could be made before United State Court robust sense of humor, that Commissioner Vf. Al- in our west- Rojurgues deserted him Just as he spent the 1500 before his turn came, accomplish. When Mr. Hanford's tour II., Ss Otero, at resented the picturesque buquerque, N. M., oh March 6, 1907. i well as In the dayj was In sight of a world's record. Fate which was lucky for' him, as. that closed In May last, his manager, Mr. ' ern civilisation as He names following i OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS , with Winchesters and and a fast pony favored him with a was his only chance. He drew a big F. Lawrence Walker, made the an- the witnesses when they rode to prove his continuous residence Solomea Lina. President; W. S. Strlckler, T. P. and Cashier; W. announced their arrival In town with quick chance at a big white steer, of racing steer that outran his pony nouncement that It had been the most J. upon, and cultivation, of, ,the land, Johnson, Asst. Writ. Bl-in- oa of Al- which, he availed himself so success- half the length of the grounds, and prosperous season Mr. Hanford had ' Cashier: Mcintosh, JC. Baldrldge, The authorities Tlx: Luna, A. M. Blackwell, ' Geo. Arnot, O. B. buquerque voted the freedom of the fully that In a seconds his when the lasso was thrown it .went ever known. The prosperity which CremweM. steer was lassoed and thrown. But over as as this popular star has enjoyed of later Venceslado Griego, Jose Armenta, town to the boys, and Its cltlxens the head well the horns of Rafael Griego and Carlos Griego, alt both hands In welcome. when he ran to tie the animal his the steer and caught him around the years hns been manifested not In ex- ft thrust forth of Carpenter. N. M. DEPOSITORY FOR THE ATCHISON, TOPEKA AND SANTA WW the of ponies' sociable horse followed him. the neck, for ten minutes pony and steer penditure for matters of personal lux- W. At all hours clatter ury MANUEL R. OTERO, ,. feet could be heard In the streets, as freed steer had to be caught over gave a circus exhibition and waltzed but In his productions. He has again, and In the end Hojargues had made his performances his chief In- Register , row boys swept at speed around the all about the enclosure, chasing each o comers, wove lit and out through the 108 seconds to the bad. Pat Hughes, other alternatively, with Haverty terest and the public whlah has been .... , too, so loyal to for many years has NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. traffic or dashed up to hotel,-shop- was beaten by his horse, which constantly galloping around the steer him on as let up on a belligerent steer after It trying to tangle his legs, and the been able to regard the money paid ' er saloon, alighting their feet in box office during Department of the Interior, United they tossed the reins over the heads had' been roped and thrown, but be- steer persistently facing him with the a Hanford engagement States Land Office. '...... ( speed fore it could be tied. Hughes roped threatening horns and an occasional as being In a sense an f their mounts before their ' It a second time, got a record of charge. At the farthest end of the Investment which would bear returns Santa Fe, N. M., Jan. 25, 1907. was half checked. Sometimes a Mel-cho- ir seventy-tw- o ' ' In the shape of greater and bigger Notice Is hereby given .that cowboy on foot signalled a comrade seconds and thought he enclosure. where the ground wa" FIRST NATIONAL BANK was through. But the steer was vin- Haverty's heavily productions in the seasons yet to Garcia of Carpenter, N. M., galloping by, and In a few seconds broken, horse fell his filed notice to ALBUQUERQUC, dictive, and as soon as he was untied wilth. his rider, but- before come. The public selects a few actors of his intention NEW MEXICO m. carrying double went gayly almost five-ye- ar bronco went his enemy's horse, rolled out of each generation as the accept- make final proof in support backing down the street, while laugh- for they touched the ground, the fastest of his claim, him In the dirt and gored his saddle, In field was speeding like? ed exponents of Shakespearian playsi viz: Homestead entry ing crowds on the sidewalk applaud- horse the No. 9298, 1, ' while people cheered and shout- These actors are regarded as being In made May 1906, for the ed the Impromptu performance the an arrow from the corral, under whip 80, ed. "Bull fight." Hughes had better and spur to rescue. a sense custodians of a trust. They SEH NWK and Ntf SWIi, Sec. JOSHUA a RAYNOLDS office of manager of the the are only recognized many sea- Tp. 9N Range 6E and said ...... Prealdemt The the luck with the outlaw Dewey, which Every voice In great concourse after that M. W. FLOURNOT , a cowboy exchange, the sons probation. proof will be made before W. S. ....Ylce President fair looked like he rode without bridle or stirrups seemed hushed, every eye fol- of The enthusiasm II. any busi- rid greeted Mr. Han- Otero United commis- FRANK McKEB CMhler and If the man had other through a bucking and leaping tour lowed the flying horse, whose rider's which has always States court sioner, Albuquerque, N. , M., on R. A. FROST ..Assistant Cashier ness It mast have been snowed of the grounds, thence nut on the blows fell lncesstantly on his flanks, ford has demonstrated that he didn't at y 6, , H. F. nder. The plain, every-da- citizen race course, scraping the fence which err In aiming at the highest possible March 1907. RATNOLDS ...... Director that not even a possible second In profession, In He names following couldn't get a boy to blacken his was lined with spectators, and which dan- achievement his and the witnesses should be lost. It was not the applying his energies and resources to prove his continuous residence U. m. DMPOBITOBY hoes or a girl to look at him, and a dozen times his pony seemed about ger that was Imperative there was his only chance to secure a drink for to leap, entirely to the greatest works of the upon, and cultivation of, the land, until he had earned the $500 none to the rider, and little to the despite complain- Authorized Capital I5OO.O0O.M himself was to catch a cowboy and which was afterwards awarded him man story standard drama the viz: who had fallen but the ing assertion of worldly-wis- e man- Candelnrio Ruiz, Garcia y Paid Up Capital, Surplus aid Profits..' ,$250,000.W accompany him to the bar. from bronco-bustin- g. The second Pedro the spontaneous action told of the agers that "Shakespeare spells ruin." Garcia, Jose Griego Luis Garcia and Depository for Atchlsos, Topeks k Sssts Fs Rsllwsjr , INTKUKSTINti SPECTACLE OK prize for roping was won by the comradeship of the plains, and the management y Cempaoj same big sorrel first, Mr. Hanford's nnnounces Garcia, all of Carpenter, N. M. 11RM, WESTKHS LIKE that earned the Impression all received that If the a greater cast and a greater produc- MANUEL R. OTERO, but the money was given to J. E. ride had been In the face of crazy, In the corral at the fair grounds tion for the forthcoming representa- Register. Carroll, his rider, who made a good stampeded cattle, with peril Immi- "Julius Caesar" the Elks' were steers chosen for their catlike throw, a quick tie, and a record of nent, tion of at strength wickedness, It would have been taken Just opera house on Mondny, Feb. 11, than NOTICE FOB, PUBLICATION. activity, and forty-si- x seconds, but who lost first the same, to rescue a comrade. The from herds of cattle aggregating has has ever before given. The play place by a false turn after his rope steer was trussed up like a turkey re- hundreds of thousands, while the was over steer. Is one which commands the fullest Department of the Interior, United the horns of the It before he had discovered his oppor- sources of the modern theater and the States Land Office. "lacttaws" among horses had been could easily be seen from the petu- tunity, pony many by men but the dash of that Hanford production Is the result of Santa Fe, N. M., Jan. 25, 1907. STATE NATIONAL BANK called from ranches steps re- key-no- te lant of the sorrel that he across the field struck the life long study and experience. Mr. ' Notice is hereby given Daniel conning to detect the devils that lurk sented the blunder of his rider that of the cowboy tuornament. that ALBUQUERQUE, MEW MEXICO a some of the bronco descendants Hanford will appear ns Marc Antony. Jlnso of Carpenter,' N. M haa filed robbed him of the record he had notice of his Intention to make final wild horses of the plains. Each , f the earned. Stops in two five-ye- earache minutes; CLAI'DE ALBRIGHT PLEASES ar proof In support of his otlaw bore a certificate of character L. M. Barksdale. who at El Paso toothache or pain of burn or scald from the breeder who raised him, , WASHINGTON Al'DIKNCE claim, viz: Homestead entry No. Capital. $100,000.00 made the world's record of twenty-fou- r In five minutes; hoarseness, one At the lielasco theater Monday 9461 made May 22, 1906, for the .... good repute of the ranchman and the ' and three-fourt- seconds, hour; museleache, two hours; sore night week grand opera under Slow rested upon the bad repute of the of SWfc SE and SE14 SW, See. 12, chased a racing steer that ran like a throat, twelve hours Dr. Thomas' management Mrs. V. Wilson-- Tp. surplus . . . 20,000.00 the bronco. The management was the of Kate 10N., Range 6E., and that Maid fund scared Jackrabblt across the grounds, Eclectrlc Oil, monarch over pain. Greene Was Inaugurated with proof will be made before H; WV S. nod to us, for when I asked for. a and missing Mm once, and toss- by contingent my-e- lf after ''Carmen, rendered a Otero, United States court commis- , place for the camera man and ing him In the air after the second of eminent operatic stars, assisted by we got the freedom of the sioner, at Albuquerque, N. M., on With ample Capital, Management throw, made the quickest tie of the numerous and capable local amateur March 6, 1907. Conservative and Representative "Only," Mr. Hall, ' rounds. said "nt tournament, but found sixty-fo- ur sec- talent. The pluyhouse was almost Board of Directors 'we are prepared to offer policy goes with the per- He names the following witnesses unexcelled fadMtsea accident onds to his debit. Goodwin, of filled by a brilliant and appreciative to prove , legitimate mit" At the hour for opening the NO his continuous residence for the transaction of all branches of Banking Phoenix, drew a performing steer AN audience. The chief Interest of the upon, of, I , and cultivation land, i. , cowboys gathered In the Business. i . . tournament the that played tag with the pony, performance was centered In the work viz: their corner near the corral, examin- dodged the first throw of the lasso, of Miss Claude Albright, as Carmen, girths, and chaffed one an- Leandro Jaramllloi Jesus Garcia, ed bridles fell and rolled over, danced to the the frivolous and passionate cigarette Donaclano Gutlerres and Manuel other as each one awaited his chance end of the course and back again, ARTICLES ARE girl. It is a part in which good acting Gutlerres, N. O. N. MARRON, President; Wm. FARR. Vice B. all of Carpenter, M. President; J.' to make a record at roping a steer and was finally roped opposite must form a conjunction with super-ll- or - gate the MANUEL R. OTERO, HERNDON, Cashier; ROT McDONALD, Assistant Cashier. or busting a bronco. When the grand stand. While the steer was vocal attainment In order to In- Register. of the corral opened, a lithe, black being tied, the pony was posing be- sure success. Miss Albright possesses out, ateer stopped quickly rolled his fore the audience and nodding re- both, which. Joined with her tempera- NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. head from side to side, and then sponse to the Ironical cheering for RECORDED ment and personality, make her por- printed like a race horse toward the the 108 seconds recorded. trayal one of striking power, and In- Department Interior, As he of the United lower end of the enclosure. I I 1.1. ltI4OI INDIANS I terest. She Is equally effective In the States Land Office. McGonigle's big GROSS, KELLY & CO., INC. crossed the line Clay NOT BEST OF COWBOYS capricious moods of the opening and Santa Fe, N. M., Jan. 25, 1907. F orrel was on his track like a tiger, the scenes nt the close, the Arruljo. a big Navajo Indian, rode New dramatic Notice is hereby given that Eduar-d- o with the cowboy's lariat whirling in Conner ComDanv for dramatic quality of her vocal equip- Carter of Chllill. N. M.. haa filed I thought should have Hlghtower, an outlaw of outlaws, ment adding great strength to the the air. it who had all the active attributes of notioe of his intention to make final sooner than It was, but Otero Co. Fred Harvey latter. five-ye- ar been thrown a Bengal tiger, and who for a long proof in support of his when it was thrown it was well done, Another notable success was Mr. claim, viz: Homestead entry No. loop settled around the horns time successfully fought three cow- Comes to Territory Wlnfred Goff, as Escamlllo. In "Car- Wholesale Grocers and the boy? when they tried to saddle him. (752 made Jan. 2, 1962, for the EVi of the ster There was a quick turn men" the great .Toreador song. Is al- 12, 8N., He) was turned loose, before the expectancy, NEK. Sec. Tp. 6E., NW14 of th horso, a cloud of dust, and the ways awaited with ' und NWK. Sec. 7, and SW14 SW14. Seo. Navajo's feet were in the stirrups, The following lncoipar- - Mr. GofT's was no disap- butter of the camera caught tho articles of rendition 6, Tp. 6N., Range 7E-- , and that said rope when the and his first Jump was about ten atlon have been filed In the office of pointment. His powerful barytone Wool, Hide and Pelt Dealers taughtentng of the feet. There were three or four proof will be made before H. W. S. hock came.., It showed the rider Territorial Secretary J. W. Raynulds: and clear temperament grasp of the ' minutes of equine pyrotechnics, at : Otero, United States court commis as threw Boston-Jarill- a ' role afford unalloyed pleasure half out of his saddle he the end of which the Indian was Copper Company. sioner, at Albuquerque, N. M.i on his weight on one side partly: to bal- Principal place of business at Price, throughout. Washington Herald. March 15, 1907. in landed roughly in the ditch. The Otero county. agenlt. ance the strain of the lasso, and crowd sympathized with the Navajo Territorial He names the following witnesses ALBUQUERQUE AND LAS VEGAS another Instant the steer was lying George K. Moffett, at Price. Capital TEXAS KTHEET tiltANI). to prove his continuous residence and shouted itself hoarse In demand- stock 11,000,000, The Texas Street Grand Is a new-sho- on his back with four legs straight ing for him trial, but the divided Into one upon, and cultivation of, the land, p In the air, while the sorrel tugged another hundred thousand shares of the par house which will be opened In stz: management was house-warmin- g. obdurate. Although value of 10 each, commencing busi- El Paso U, by a at the rope and dragged htm In the Armljo took no. prize, the outlaw Miguel Apodaca, , Pablo, Beldonado, dost. McQOuilgle hrew, himself to ness with $2,000.' Object, general An Invitation received by Cldilo Montoyo and Celso Carter, all GROSS, KELLY & CO., INC. Hlghtower did, through the award of mining business. Duration, fifty years The Evening Citizen says that enter- the ground, and In a few seconds, a Judge of the outlaws, Garrett, of Chllill, N. M. - Pat incorporators. Wurren W. C. Spencer tainment will be furnished by the with a abort rope taken . from his who In the line of his duty as sheriff MANUEL R. OTERO, belt, tied the steer's legs securely. of Boston, Mass.; George O. Hale Frank Leake Stock company, and Register. rope had killed the famous outlaw, "Billy of New Bedford, Mass.; and George that only men will be present. The Bven as the horse pulled on the the Kid." a desperado with twenty-fiv- e to keep the steer down while his K. Moffett of IJiice. house will be formally opened Feb- NOTICE FOK PCllUCATIOX. IF YOU ARE IN murders to his debit, uml the ruary 23, by "The Prince Chap." SUSPENSE master tied him, he knew so welt quickest shot in the west. Fred Harvey. nincipal place of that his work was done that lie business In New Mexico at Las Ve- Department of the Interior, United as to the best purchasing place for In the whole bronco-bustin- g and gas. San Miguel county. This Is a strange world. One life States Land Office. eiletly nibbled the grass beside him Territorial insurance official Is fighting to keep finished building lumber dispel your to applause of the roping contests the Indian was the agent, R. E. Twltchell, ut Las Vegas. Santa Fe, N. M.. Jan. 23. 1 907. and listened tb only man thrown, yet in some out of Sing Sing, and down In New anxiety of mind by marching right crowd applause grew In vol-i- and Capital stock 1100,000 divided into Notice Is hereby given that Carlos that respects the Indian of the plulns Is Jersey another is fighting to be sent Griego straight to this office. thirty-eig- ht was an- one thousand shares of the par value of Carpenter. N. M., has filed Our yard Is a seconds a to the I'nlted States senate. nounced as the time between the fall superior to the white man as of $100 each. Object, conducting ho notice of his Intention to make final stacked and stocked full af tk horseman. At least his skin Is five-ye- ar of the starter's flag and the hat tels, restaurants, news stands, etc. proof In support of his choicest output of the highest grade tougher. At the tournament, ponies Duration, fifty years. The corporation claim, viz: Homestead entry No. thrown In the air by the cowboy as 10 MAKE IHE BEST lumber mills and you'll not turn away he finished his tank. Clay McGonlgle were lassoed by Indians on foot, who was organized In New Jersey and filed 9679, made July 17, 1906, for the roper theq sat upon the ground und were amended articles of Incorporation to SWVi NWU. NW SWK. Sec. 1, on account of our pricing. fa a champion of cattle and dragged of broncos, but he should have In that position until the comply with the laws of New Mexico. REMEDY FOR and NV4 SEV4. Sec. 2, Tp. 9N., Range buster ponies were worn out, which RHEUMATISM 61v, divided the purse of $500 which his after The Quay County Lumber company and that said proof will be made the Indians saddled 'tnd bridled the Principal place' of business at ri. before the United States Court Com- thirty-eig- ht seconds won with the ponies a bucking Quuy' RIO GRANDE LUMBER GO. pony whom half the glory be- and sat throigh county. Territorial missioner. H. W. S. Otero, at Albu- to performance, to they had agent, A large eastern publication tells Its querque, N. 5, longed.. When John Christian, in shov that William Troup, at Tucumcarl. M., on March 1907. come through the ordeal unscathed Capital stock, 15.000, divided Into readers of a number of simple und He names the following witnesses i Third mnd bronco-bustin- g contest, rode the Corner Marquette the This method is not popular with two hundred and fifty shares of the safe prescriptions thun can be made to prove his continuous residence wallaw Black Jack, kicking and cowboys, notwithstanding un par ut home. ThM following, however, for upon, over grounds, the that, value of $100 each. Object, deal- and cultivation of, the land. burking all the like Indians, they seldom wear mus ing In lumber. Duration, fifty years. the cure of rheumatloin and kidney VI: grand stand cheered and the cowboys and bladder troubles ' receives the can lin trousers. A squaw race by four Incorporators: S. P. Weaver, T. L. Venceslado Griego Jose Armenta. KeVwOOwwwwB nodded their heads and said, "He Navajo women was interesting Weaver and, F. W. Looney, of greatest praise, viz; Fluid Extract Rafael Griego Griego y when the same John, fat all ounce; and Jose "OLD RELIABLE. ESTABLISHED MTI. 0 ride," but of Flora, ; Dandelion, one half Compound M. signal to rope because of the Intense earnestness La,, and William Troup of Garcia, all of Carpenter, N. Christian received the the contestants and their incessant Tuoumcarl. Kargon, one ounce; Compound Syrup MANUEL It. OTEUO. bis steer, and his own favorite black use of quirts from start to finish. Lake Arthur Bank and Mercantile Harsapurilla, three ounces. These ' Register. B. poney bucked and pitched with him The funniest things ut a tourna Company. Principal place of business simple vegetable Ingredients can be PUTNEY all over the grounds, while the steer ment, as elsewhere, are those not on at Lake Arthur, Chaves county. Ter obtained at any goad prescription NOTICE FOIt PUBLICATION. solely trotted to the end of the track the program. Half a dozun steers In ritorial agent, R. V. Crowder, at pharmacy at little cost and are mix- and Jumped the fence, the grand succession had leaped through the Lake Arthur. Capital stock, $30,000, ed by shaking well in a bottle. Department of the Interior, United THE WHOLESALE GROCER stand yelled In derision and delight opened gate of the corral and sprint- divided Into three hundred shares The dose for adults Is a teaspoon-fu- l States Land Office. and the cowboys went wild. When ed across the grounds, distancing of the par value ot $100 each, com- after each meal and at bedtime, Santa Fe, N. M., Jan. 85, 1907. FLOUR; GRAIN AND PROVISIONS the boys recovered they made life a thoir pursuer and leaping the fence mencing business with $20,000. Ob- drinking a full tumblerful of water Notice Is hereby given that Juan burden to Christian, who seemed to as the chagrined cowboys turned ject, general banking and mercantile ufter each doa It Is further stated Antonio Garcia of Carpenter, N. M., Carries the largest and Most Exclusive Stock of Staple Grecerfcw ki have forgotten his name. They were back to face the comments of their business. Duration, fifty years. In- that this prescription Is a positive has filed notice of his intention to In the Southwest. solicitous lest he had hurt himself, comrades. The crowd shouted that corporators: It. V. Crowder, J. II. remudy for kidney trouble and lame make final five-ye- ar proof In support blamed him for getting on a horse they had enough racing and now Kingston, J. E. Whiteborn, J. B. Mor- back, weak bladder and unlnary dif ot his claim, viz: Homestead entry to steer him, B. Ar- ficulties, especially of the elderly No. 9297, 1, 1906, before he had learned wanted some roping. Fred Hect, of ris and J. Howard, all of Lake made May for the FARM . AND FREIGHT WAGONS and advised him to put a side-sadd- le Denver, suggested that when a Wy thur. people, und one of the best things to SH SWK. See. 19, and NH NWK, bis pony and give htin to his girl Notaries Public Appointed. be used In rheumatic afflictions re- Sec. JO, Tp. 9N., Range 6E., and that on iimlng crowd wanted fun the man pains re RAILROAD AVENUE. ALBUQUERQUE, N. af. Hoping In a tournament Is something agement provided It, and telephoned The following have been appointed lieving the aches and and said proof will be made before II. W. a lottery, and quite unlike the the to Judge's notaries public by Governor Hager-ma- n: ducing swellings in just a short S. Otero, United States Court Com- of from corral the stand while. 0OvOtOtt0OtOtOOtOt cvery-da- y work of the range. Some missioner, at Albuquerque, N. M., on for permission to release three or A druggist of the boys asked that plnon trees be four steers at once. The Judges re Andrew H. Stroup of Albuquerque, well known local states March 5, 1907. grounds, others by Bernalillo county; S. S. Ward of Fe- that the Compound Kargon In It He names the following witnesses set out In the and fused, but some accident, for is THE wanted a few cattle scattered around which, Hect said, the managemen lix, Chaves county. Jloes the work. It tine drug to prove his continuous residence which acts directly upon the elimina upon, and cultivation of, the land, Co, to make things natural. John had since quite unjustly blamed lilm kidneys; Albuquerque Lumber Wyoming, thought gate was opened tes tissues of the cleanses viz: lilocher, of that the and severs NURSERY PRODUCTS the spongellke organs and gives them y was against he drew wild-eye- d Faustln Garcia, Pedro Garcia WHOLESALE AND RETAIL lack htm when steers came forth. I re power to and strain the poison- two-minu- te three-mln-w- te sift Garcia, Carlou Lopez and Jose Griego, a steer to a member the camera man had Just al ous uric acid from horse, and racing him to to breaking of a waste matter and ail of Carpenter. N. M. after luded the steer's FKl'IT AND SHADE TREES, the blood Is cause of rheu R- Rex boundary saw his quarry sail was saying, which the MANUEL - OTERO. Lumber, Glass, Cement and Flintkote Roofing die horn by a lasso and SllltrilS, VINES AND l'MVi:ilS. matism. Register. over the fenee, leaving him distanced There seems to be an' element of BUY OF SOME ONE VOU KNOW. Cut this out and hand to some suf- I sadly listening gibes a to the of cruelty in exposing these cattle to the N. W. AIX.FIU Itt BO. WALTER ferer which would certainly be an act If you want reiu!u la advertising First and Marquette Alfctfquerqoe, New Mexico the crowd they culled for the time hazard of such casualties simply to bTIU.LT. ot humanity. tr' an veoicg Citizen want ad. 'ALBUQUERQUE EVENING CITCZHH. . PAOE 8EVCJV.

admitted, there are several bureaus engaged In fflMwrntnfttrar , Fairbanks OOOOOOOO OOOOOOOO literature and rtthsrwlsa keeping their THE candidate to the forefront. Mr. Fair PROFESSION o iO The Rbbih Yoii Sleep In banks makes no secret of his ambi- o o tion and his friends are In constant o should be restful to the ere as communication ' with Tils Washington o well as to the body to prevent headquarters. If I He suggestion of OF o A Call to My Sale o that tired feeling when you get one of the prominent Chicago papers, n o up. our made within the last few dnys, should o One of Brass Beds be carried out, Mr. Fairbanks would o o and Princess Dressers Is a have opposition In hjs own state. o thing of beauty and a joy for This paper In a timorous editorial that the o ever, and a Lrggett called attention to the policies of the INJURED REMEMBER Itatt present administration, to which it spring with an Ostcrmoor gives cordial approval, and declared my great Mattress is a life-lon- g com that If these policies were to be per fort petuated the one man who might be Clearance Sale comes counted upon to' do o as Senator This Industry Has Crown So Beverldge, of Indiana. This paper de when I close my door J. D. EMMONS clares thnt In the coming campaign Large an Alliance Has Been the fight must be ork' the Issues as It. SATURDAY The Furniture Man defined by Mr. Roosevelt and not up- Formed Against NIGHT, Cor. Coal Ac 2d. V. End Viaduct. on the personal qualities of any can- 22 the 16th. g didate, and upon this assumption It Auto Phcne 474. Cclo. Phone, Rd 177 declares thai the senior senator from New York, Feb. 9. American pros Indiana I the ideal candidate. perity hns developed many novel in- dustries, one ot the strangest of which SPECIAL INDUCEMENT Hliaw Strong lit Siinth ' Is the "profession or getting hurt." In the list of those who may b There are hundreds, possibly thou- designated as avowed candidates, the sands, of persons In the United States TEXAS TRAINS PRESIDENTIAL name of Leslie M. Shaw, secretary of who make a regular business of fig- LOOK AT MY WINDOW the treasury,, must be placed. Mr. uring In more or less fake accidents 1 Shaw retires from office March S and so that they may be able to bring ' will then be at liberty to devote ,hls damage suits against municipalities, O o time to the advancement of his own public service corporations and Indi- o IT U 0 interests. in some ,oi me sauinern viduals. In addition to this there are o TIMBER states Mr. Shaw is understood to, be thousands of lawyers, ambulance o o particularly strong, and is said to have chasers, and shady physicians, al- o built up an organization that Is labor ways ready to take part in anything M, M A N D E L L o ing to His or mis sort. o advance his interests. .. ,. . .. , o IE TALK strength in the south .Is said tOi lie Right here In New York damage o TIM chiefly in the. Atlantic coast states. actions against public service corpora Fine Clothing and Furnishing p A thorn In the side of Mr. Shaw, tlons amount easily to. $100,000,008 o nowever, is ine canaiaacy oi uover annually, and fully one-quart- er of OOOOOOOO' nor Cummins, of Iowa. Between him them are fraudulent, without the OOOOOOOO LOnG SiatBi Commission Washington Rife With Conjee and Mr. Shaw and the other stand- - faintest grounds for action. So en star pat tariff men of tho party there has ormous has the total of these notions .A Habit to De Knoonrngert. A Valuable Lrsnon. -- struggle become, and so great has become the The mother who hns acq Jl red the "Six years ago I learned a valuable Does Business: Thirty tures and Surmises Over been a bitter for several keeping ! years. It Is claimed by persons who percentage of fraud, that an organlr habit of on hand a bottle of lesson," writes John Pleasant, of Mag KILLths COUCH profess" the In zatlon has been formed, known as the Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, saves nolia, Ind, , "I then began taking Dr. and CURE tmi LUNGS Minute Stop Only. Possible Candidates. to know situation Iowa herself great that a divided delegation must In- Alliance Against Accident Fraud, to a amount of uneasiness King's New Life Tills, and the longer " protect Us organiza- and anxiety. Coughs, colds and " Y evitably- go to national convention. members This take them the better I find them." WITH a V V. v thf - t i v AguliiHt. tion has started a regular Rogues' croup, to which children are suscep- They please everybody.- ;Gaaranteed Dr. . Fnrakef Taft. . linn' BM 9. Special Correspondence. Pun. Feb. The state rail. Gallery system of preserving and dis tible are quickly cured by Its use. ny aruggisis. z&c. . "has order "Washington, Feb. a. Although the If' Jadge iTaft abandons his Idea of ail ro4 commission issued an going o- - be- seminating Information concerning It conteracts any tendency of a cold must op-- pressure of congressional duties rests the supreme court and ttiat all railroads in Texas comes active candidate, a similar fake accident claimants and their at- to result In pneumonia, and It given How Discovery erate daily passenger trains (except rather heavy upon public men during an' torneys physicians. organi- as soon as first symptoms congress, outcome .is likely la ryhio. where Sen- and The the of Suadajs) over all lines," and that "all snort session of a those sation. Which Is headquartered at 62 croup appear, it will prevent the at- rONSUMPTION opln-orig- ln ator Foraker will contest, with Mr. points who manage affairs and whose OUGHS IOofttf-0- 0 trains mast start ..from t Taft for the support of the Ohio dele- William street. In this city, In charge tack. This remedy contains nothing in accordance with advertised Ions have weight in the party councils Of Chauncey S. 8. Injurious give It lit- iOLOS Free Trial. gates. , Both Mr. Taft. and Senator Miller, already Is and mothers to schedule, and s&'d drains, except from ar f ndlnR the time to discuss the conducting complete In- tle ones with a feeling perfect se- - Foraker live InfClnclnnatl.- The sen- a card Index of Our tor svU unavoidable accidents V thereto en relative merits of prospecifve canal- formation system In New York curity. Sold by all druggists. Barest and ttuiokeat dates ' for the Drestdential camnalirfi ator's stronghold Is the southern part and THROAT nd LUNG TROUB- state, Mr. would find Boston, and just arranged to start o 1908. It is a Significant feet, that of the but Taft LUNCH LES, or MONET BAOX. thd published schedule as to arrival ,0 his supporters chiefly In the north- the Idea In Chicago, and will follow FREE AT THE WHITE and departure at the several sUtlons UP to the present no name in con-o- n In ELEPHANT. - ern- part and particularly In the lake it Immediately Baltimore, Phila may . nectlon- Mrjth the democratic side of the line; provided that trains region, where Representative Burton delphia and St. Louis., Dr. Williams' IndtnPtlB be held not to exceed thirty minutes me cumins campaign is menuonea In the alliance, which has been Ointment will oura Hltn sertously Save that of ' Mr.-- Bryan. Is one of the party leaders. Mr. Bur- 0)11 Es Hleetltne ana KhiBC at origin or junction points with ton, however, Is said to have presi- formed by Its members solely, are not IisbsorbsthetomorA. This does not mean diB-- munt-ctpaltt- nihr llnoa In tnnkn rnnnnctlnns with that other and he might find only the law departments of es alloys the Itching at once, acta con- tingulshed democrats are void of am dential ambitions as a Douitlee. tr'ves Instant ra-- tralns on such lines. Where something to his advantage In the and the law and claim de liet. Dr. ' bltlon or that the party has not avail ii Vllltain'In1lnnl'ileOln nections ar reliably reported to be Ohio, situation f the Foraker and partments of public service corpora- ment UnmnariHl for Pllm anil llefe. more i. thirty minutes no able presidential timber tut!.lt does tions, all big Ins of the private puns.' ' Every bex fes than ( late govint n wrangle and but of the accident and dnu.-fflKt- seefn to Indicate that by common con Taft factions warranted, liv bv mull on r- - wait will be made. Kxemptlons from liability Insurance companies as well. M sent the man who has twice made found It necessary to agree upon some pclpt of prlrr. cents and I.OO. WILLI! ? this rule are: horse. Just at present Foraker, The membership Includes such Im- P4UFir.TUr.IN6 Tl.. frop. :ive!n,l. OuMt - an unsuccessful race, may stand dark 4.- Gahreston, Harrisburg 4 - San aided by Senator Dick, state chair- portant railroads as the Boston ft il FOR SALE BY S. VANN A BON. Antonio-Texa- s & New Orleans ra I- better chance of nomination under Maine, New York Central, Lake Shore, changed conditions and changed pub-- , man, coptr.ols the party organization, nroad u Trains ffos. 9 and. 10, ;betweep all over ('state the contending Rock Island, Chicago & Great West- COMIJfQ- - DON J. RANKIN & CO. ! lie ppinlon any man today but the II OUT OF THE COLD Echo and El Pdsd. I , I than other con ern, Lackawanna, Central Railroad of prominent in the party. forces are preparing to fest this we appreciate a perfectly heated FIRE INSURANCE. REAL E3TATH S. & New Jersey, & 1 .' .Texas PaclHo railway: Trains 1 possible In Chicago Northwestern, . J i i ; In the republican party there are' trol from thenn f the house, but It Is every house ' LOANS. Nos ( f, betweeii Toyah and I i Sunta Fe, and the Pennsylvania lines hot that aad quite men quali- next state convention. $5.00 . . Automatic Fhone 451. Louis-Mexi- co a' number of whose Pittsburg. Is properly warmth. If yours Is lack- Tsxarkana; St. special. -- Hut-Jo I'oHMoblllty. west of N. Armijo Building: are being seri- Joe a - Room 10. T. 10. El Paso & Southwestern rail- fications carefully and Among the traction rompnnles ing in any way, or If you are unde ously considered by leaders, and al- There has been but little said about GOLD system way: Trains Nos. 43 and 44, between "Uncle Joe" Cannon, the speaker Of which have Joined the alliance are SHELL GLASSES cided what is the best to In Paso and state line. ' ' " though the time for election is still the Boston Elevated, the South Side, stall In a new house and need Infor- THE El t In future, by process elimi- theJiouee, lately!, but' there has noth- HIGHLAND LIVER This order shall take effect and be the the of this Union and Northwestern Elevated mation that Is trustworthy and val- mmom. nation efforts are being made to cen- ing happened to Indicate that uable, let us know your BAMBmooK rm. In force pn and after February 25, tuile hearty old man has with- Lines of Chicago; the Providence of trouble. LIVERY AND BOARDING 5 1 tralize" public, opinion around some tard STADIA 1807. . v : 1 L l presidential Street Railway system; the Capitol We are specialists, for hot water, hot iv,. one man who may be found to stand drawn himself fromthe 81.00 heating. SADDLE HORSES BPEOIALTT 7 City company, air and steam Trains Nos. and 8. on the Galves- peers. field. His friends are working on the Traction and the The "Sadie" (or Mountain Parties) & head and shoulders above his Washington Railway and Electric ton, Harrisburg San. Antonio are Upon whorr. may finally rest theory that It s fot wise to develop and at special rates on week day as conform to choice strongly so Company of Washington; the Brook- Standard Plumblng&HeatlneCo known locals and must Is a question that could not now be a presidential bobni tbo Any style frame, fitted with Auto, rhone CO. No. 113 Joha 8t the rules. In advance of the harvest time lyn Rapid Transit, Interborough the best grade Bra- answered and probably will not be far City1 White Therefore there can be no waiting that It may be nipped by some un- Rapid Transit, and New Tork zilian Lens. Will be In Albu- answered until the very eve of the Railway Companies of New York, and ; for California trains by the outgoing convention- Roose- timely frost. Illinois may be counted querque soon. It will pay A. WALKER, Q. H. and no waiting for Incoming - That President Bpeaker and hip, pow the United Railways and Electric any C velt will do all within his power to solidly for the ' one needing glasses to , by outgoing Califor- - num- Company of Baltlrnore. 0. H. trains the er In the house Is such that a " watch The Citizen for date assist in the selection of a man who swung Other public service corporations Elks' Opera House nla trains In future, except the trains will continue the policies brought into ber of states may be Into line of arrival and location. Di- Secretary Mutual Building Assodan exempt. for him without' any very' great which have joined Include the Boston plomas and endorsements tlon. Office at 217 West Rallroasl existence and given force and effect Gas, New Consoli- amount of effort, and the names of Consolidated York on file. BTrnue. f '' EAffTERN VARUM EN IiOSE r by the president, no one can doubt ' dated Gas, People's Gas, Light A who understands the individuality and some of the members close to the ONE IN WAGE DEMASD CASK. speaker and. sharing with him the Coke Company of Chicago, Montreal SATURDAY V. sincerity of Mr. Roosevelt. No mat Judge Gray, of Delaware, recently control of the should Indicate Light, Heat & Power company, the NIGHT ter how men may disagree with him. houe - FREE EXAMINATION W. chosen umpire In the dispute between a number of western states that ought Hudson River Day Line, the New 9 E. MAUGEtt yard brakemen and conductors few are so bold as to charge the England Telephone & Telegraph ONLY FEBRUARY t,the president with insincerity. reasonably to be counted as sure for .and the various railroad companies the speaker, if he openly announces company and the American, Nation- - Therefore, it is to sup WOOL i an- wages of en cent reasonable - - ' A Express companies. for Increase in his candidacy. al Westcott 1 an hour, has decided against' the pose that If eaa con Practically all of the big accident DR. KIME with Raube and Mauser trol the conventions he will swing It'ollelte Must lie Considered. Office, 115 North First Be yardmen. The roads upon which the No republican list of possible presi- and liability companies have joined The New York Eye Creston Clark were- - Jersey for the one man in. whom he has a movement They include the ALBUQUERQUE, N. M. men made demands the nothing can shake dential candidates would be complete the , & confidence that Fol-lett- e, America, the Specialist Central. Lehigh Valley, Baltimore Secretary without the name of Senator La Casualty Company of In the Modern V A The only thing that Casualty i Company, Ohio, Delaware, Lackawanna may prevent secretary from of Wisconsin. His friends as- Continental Comedy rori a omAoi i i the war Traveler's Insurance Company, United Drama Western and the Erie. being a candidate would be a vacancy sert that he will be a candidate, and Dealers In Groceries, Provisions, FIay . " " although there are no present Indi- States Casualty Company, General Local railroad men have received In the supreme court justiceship. He Accident AasurarTce Corporation, Em- Grain and Fuel. judicial in temperament cations that Mr. La Follette has abso- Fine Imported i information that a move has been and ployer's Liability, London Guarantee Line of Wines Liquors recently in an state lute control of his own state, !he Is a "THE RAGGED Cigars. foa) started to form a general organiza-,'tlo- n official astuteness, & Accident Company, Aetna Indemn- and Place your orders ment admitted there were cer politician of such marked The this line with us. to be known as the Brotherhood he probably must be reckoned ity Company, New Amsterdam Casu- tain objections to him , that might that & NORTH THIRD ST. kot Railway Employes. It It unde- with as a factor in- - the presidential alty Company, Ocean Accident a will probably be make him unavailable as a presiden Company, and North "SHORT LINE" rstood that charter Ful- equation, although there Is a wide Guarantee the t applied for at once. The new or- tial candidate. If Chief Justice Accident Insurance Com- ler retires during the term of PreiU difference of opinion as to the extent American to the mining camps ot Colorado, THIRD STREET ganization will have for Its object the of the La Follette Influence In the pany. Utah and Nevada; to Denver, promotion general dent Roosevelt, the probability is that BoBton Ele- of the welfare of republican party outside of ;6ne or , Russell A. Saers of the Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Is . Mr. Taft would accept this place, as its members. The engineers,' flremenj two the northwestern states. vated railway, is president of the al- by way of Santa Fe, N. M., and Nothing Moat Market he looks upon it as a position worthy tf v ' of work Finer Will be Here 'conductors, brakemen a,nd switchmen - liance. The magnitude the the V the ambition of any man In his coun- now organised separately, v be. appreciated when It Is All Kinds of Fresh Bait are and it . , .How's jThfst can best All Season. and , big body, already are 60,-0- Steam Sanaa Factory. is proposed to unite In one "7"" ...... We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward known that there DENVER ire With the secretary of war eliminat & RIO GRANDE which shall not Interfere in any way for any case of Catarrh that cannot be separate record cards In the Bos- EMIL KLIENWORT ed, it Is difficult to see In what direc by Cure. F. J. 25,000 In New York, Masonlo Building, wlth the other organizations. cured Hall's Catarrh ton office, and IrWe North Third Btreef tion the president might turn for the CHUNKY CO.. Toledo, Ohio, t where the start of the work has been RAILROAD 75, $l.oo aad $1.5 v ... We, undersigned, have known F. It is reported in Topeka that, the kind of a man he would like to see as the Ilos Seats, $2.00. ' J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and delayed. through Ban val- ''side between Emporia and hi successor. The talk that Mr. In the fertile Luis O. A. GLEY8TER tracks believe him perfectly honorable all ley; also to the San country Roosevelt, himself, v.'A again be a and financially able run-dow- Juan Newton are crowded with "red ball' business transactions . Feel languid, weak, Seats oa sale at Matson's Thursday, side- - candidate Is Idle. to carry out any obligations made by his of Colorado. freight for eastern points. The hrm. Waidtng, Klnnan & Marvin. Headache? Stomach "oft"? Just so that our business men 'may be sble INSURANCE.. REAL ESTA- T- tracks between Newton and La Junta Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. a plain case ot lazy liver. Burdock as to rates, to i , NOTART PUBLIC also reported to be (tiled with - Has Ilewt Organization Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, stom- For Information see this excellent attraotloa. rare Fairbanks upon mu- Blood Bitters tones liver and service, descriptive ' loaded freight for eastern points, but acting directly the blood and promotes digestion, purifies the train literature Room &,' Cromwell Block, A!s Vice President Fairbanks, perhaps, cous surfaces of the system. Testimonials ach, address. Curtain will not rise until p. the Santa Fe is unable to handle the up to this time has the most perfect sent free. Frlce Vuc. per bottle. Bold by blood. querque, Automatio Telephone cars on account of the condition of ail Druggists. S. K. IIOOPEK, lit and effective organization. He Is an Hall s Family oonstlpa power. Take Pills for Passenger & HOME-MAD- the locomotive avowed candidate and his friends In tlon. Our ROUGH JKY. work oon's have General Ticket Agent FEE'S PEERLESS Give us your ROUGH DRV work. ... all sections of the country are ener- - o to be washed over. Imperial Laun- Denver, Colo. CANDIES, AT WALTON'S DRUG Monday, and get It bick Wednesday, J. H. Gidney, of Augusta, Kan., getically at work. Although It Is not KubNcribe for Ttie Evening CttUen. dry Co. STORE. Imperial Laundry Co. ( well known In Kansas railway circles. has been appointed roadmaster of the southern Kansas division, of .the Santa Fe, with headquarters at Chanute, where he will romove from Augusta, n - n Xt'lghtKtrs Got Footed. ( "I was literally coughing myself to death, and had become too weak to u leave my bed; and neighbors predict- H n ed that I would never leave it alive, n 09 but they got fooled, for thanks be to K004K4CwOeeOtOwOsCwwOCO999m99m9m99 COME TO BELEW, N. M. KtXtOfOtXfa n God, I was Induced to try Dr. King's 0 KfOttOtetOfa n New Discovery. It took just four 0 u one dollar bottles to completely cure Its Location the cough and restore me to good 0 Future Railroad Metropolis of New Mexico A Railway Center u sound health," writes Mrs. Eva CBLEN IS SI MILES SOUTH OF ALBUQUERQUE, of Grovertown. Stark county, 0 Cut-of- 0 N. M , AT THE JUNCTION OF THE MAIN LINE OF Belen f of Santa Fe Railway ALL FAST LIMITED EXPRESS, MAIL AND Indiana. This king of cough and 0 Located on 0 cold cures, and healer of throat and THE SANTA FE SYSTEM LEADING EAST AND FREIGHT TRAINS OF TTIE SANTA FE MILL GO lungs. Is guaranteed by all druggists. 0 WEST FROM CHICAOO, KANSAS CITY, GALVESTON OVi:it THE MAIN LINE THROUGH TO BELEN, EAST 0 and 11.00. AND EAST TO SAN LOS ANGE- tit Trial bottle free. 0 POINTS FRANCISCO. AXD WEST, NORTH AND SOUTH. 0 0 LES. AND FROM THE EASTERN AND NORTHERN 0 HAIR DUF.SSEK ASP C11IROPO STATES TO EL PASO AND TEXAS. i ' ' DIST. 0 The Belen Town and Improvement THE LOTS OFFERED ARE IN THE CENTER OF 1.000 BUSINESS AND RESIDENCE LOTS, 25x140 0 Mrs. Bambini, at her parlors. No. THE CITY. WELL GRADED (MANY OF THEM IM- 0 FEET. LAID OUT WITH BROAD 80 AND of 0 Z0 West Railroad avenue, Is pre Company Arc Owners PROVED BY CULTIVATION): NO SAND OR GRAVEL. pared to give thorough scalp treat 0 STREETS, WITH ALLEYS 20 FEET WIDE, WITH 0 ment, do hair dressing, treat corns, 0 BEAUTIFUL LAKE AND PUBLIC PARK . D GRAND Belen Townsite WE NEED A FIRST-CLAS- MODERN HOTEL AND A 0 bunions and Ingrowing nails. She OU) SHADE TREES; PUBLIC SCHOOL HOUSE. COST-IN- O GOOD, NEWSPAPER. gives massage treatment and mani- 0 116,000; CHURCHES; COMMERCIAL CLUB; A 0 curing. Mrs. Bambini's own prepara- 0 OF 1,500 PEOPLE; SEVERAL LARGE OUR PRICES OF LOTS ARB LOW AND TERMS of complexion cream builds up POPULATION 0 tion ESTABLISHMENTS; THE HELEN ON EASY WARRAN- the skin and Improves the complex-Ion- ,, 0 MERCANTILE PAYMENTS; TITLE PERFECT; 0 and is guaranteed not to be in- 0 PATENT ROLLER MILL, CAPACITY 150 BARRELS TY DEEDS. ONE-THIR- PURCHASE MONEY DAILY; WINERY; THREE HOTELS, RES- 0 jurious She also prepares a hair LARGE TWO-THIRD- Im- CASH. S MAY REMAIN ON NOTE, tonic that cures and prevents dan- 0 TAURANTS, ETC. HELEN' IS THE LARGEST SHIP- The Belen Town and 0 druff and hair falling out; restorei 0 PING POINT FOR WOOL. FLOUR, WHEAT, WINE, WITH MORTGAGE SECURITY FOR ONE YEAR, 0 life to dead hair; removes moles BEANS AND HAY IN CENTRAL NEW MEXICO. ITS WITH 8 PER CENT INTEREST THEREON. i 0 0 warts and superfluous hair. Also a IMPORTANCE AS A GREAT COMMERCIAL RAIL- powder, a freckle cure and pim- AT ONCE MAPS AND PRICES face 0 ROAD CITY IN NEAR FUTURE CAN NOT BE Co. AI'PLT FOR IF 0 I ple cure and pile cure. All of theso THE provement 0 'ESTIMATED YOU WI.SH TO SECURE THE CHOICEST LOTS. 0 preparations are purely vegetable V compounds. Have just added a vi- 0 brator machine for treatment of 0 Ke0 OtOeOsottatoOta 0 NJBOtOOOtOOOa-aoaotOtOtOeOtO- M. scalp, face and cure of wrinkles. It wsosossvoffotooeoI B jOHN BECKER, Pres! WH. BERGER, Sec'y ' Is also used for rheumatism, pains 0 KtOtOOtCOtOfOOtttel 0 ' and massage. o 0 0 We do It rlgbt. ROUGH DRY. Im- perial Laundry Co. KMhuMVibe for The Evening Cltisen. 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000:0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ALBUQUERQUE EVENING CITIZEN. 8ATTODAY, FEimUAIlY t, lfOT. lodges. The Albuquerque Elks are not behind In the matter and know- LOCAL AND ing ones predict that the Duke City representation will be an Important Believe Us one. While It Is too early aa yet to PERSONAL. reach a definite plan the matter of attending the meeting Is receiving We can save you money Tc)T3E,!toyS.VALEhJT7NE:rt)U considerable attention and the prob- - IfNffljJ! TltAlV AKHIVAI. atilllty is that a large contingent will flUSTLOOK WELL AN D BE vELi represents the metropolis NO IV No. H at 7:06 p. m. of tho "DONT southwest at this greatest of all Elk In the purchase of a Piano !SYv DRPSiED. BE. A No. 4. on time. gatherings. No. 1 ut 8:10 p. m. COMI C VALEWTWE. CO Tb No report on 7 and !. Mrs. Belle Lee has returned from Stylish Shoes for Women seven weeks' visit to California, ac TODAY The dest' place: Valentines at Houston's. companied by Mrs. M. H. Twltchell, We Carry the Largest Stock of Los Angeles. Mrs. Lee and Mrs Bujter brown It. S. Jackson Is lit from Wlllard. Twltchell were schoolmates. The of New Pianos Ever Shown Charles Neustitdt rump In from latter expects to make quite a visit Irgbnj These beautiful days tempt most anybody to dis- Grunts yesterrttiy. to Albuquerque. in This Territory. card high top, heavy winter shoes and treat the feet K. O. Fuch nn.l wife of Trinidad The medal contest to be given by SECONDHAND Pianos at are among the visitors here. the W. ('. T. U and which was an- your own prices to a pair of snappy low shoes. Mrs. W. Y. Walton I routined to nounced to take place on Monday almost. her bed with rheumatism. evening has been postponed to Fri day SEE US betore you buy We have a splendid assortment of Oxfords in Mrs. James Dlrhl, of 819 North evening. February lKth. The program will Include the ora- Eighth street, is 111 grip. beside either Vici Kid or Patent Kid, hand turn, extension with the torical competition, refershments and Mrs. N. It. Field returned on the a sociable. Do It Today soles. flyer from a visit to friends In Santa R. O. Gibson, bookkeeper for A. If you are afraid of some chilly days we may have Fe. J. Cochran, of Dawson, Pa., arrived Learnard & Lindemann, J. A. I'phofT came in from his at the Alvarado last night and ex and consider it rather early to change to low shoes, home at Wlnslow, Arizona, last pects to remain In Albuquerque the Eitabllihed I W0 206 W. Gold Avnoe night. remainder of the winter. Alvah we can show you some dainty styles in light weight A. H. Hansen of Wlnslow, Ariz., Is Cochran, who spent several winters among the recent arrivals In Albu- in Albuquerque, Is attending school COAL high shoes. querque. In Cnttlne American block, per Boston this winter. n yaso E. L. Washburn has added a set United States Deputy Marshal Cerrlllos Lamp of new Macy bookcases to his li- Blllee Smith has returned from the SA.SO Anthracite Nnt t&.bO Vic! Kid Oxfords $1.50 to $3.00 brary. jungles of Plnon creek, In the south Anthracite; em part of county. pur- mixed $9.00 Miss Helen Rogers expects to leave Otero The Anthracite, stove .ami WHETHER. YoU WI.SH FOR. .SOME ONE EL Patent Kid Oxfords $2.50 to $3.50 this evening on a pleasure trip to pose of the visit was not made clear .furnace JE To Denver. at the office of United States Marshal $9.50 BE YOUR. VALENTINE OR. WHETHER. YOl7 Vici Kid Shoes -- $2.25 to $5.00 Clean Gas Coke $6 00 B 8. Jacobson, the Kstancla val- Foraker this morning, where news Is WI-5- BE never given out until It happens. WOOD. TO A VALENTINE FOR. JoME ONE Patent Kid Shoes $3.00 to $5.00 ley business man, came In yesterday Green Mill Wood, per load. .. .$2.25 from Wlllard. Blllee has been absent for a week. ELJE, GOOD CLOTHE.S AR.E NECE Mrs. C. O'Falen and sister. Miss Dr. J. B. Agnew, of Klrksvllle, W. H. HAHN & CO. EVERYONE WIJHEJ THE BE.ST, WE KNOW. Mo., who the guest In Al- Fannie Lnmbson, are in the city from has been BE-S- Ketner, N. M., visiting friends. buquerque of Dr. C. H. Connor, de Both Phones. WE HAVE THE IN EVERYTHING HERE. Delegate W. H. parted for Denver last night, where The firm H. S. AND M. DOUGLA.S .SHOES, KNOX Andrews writes he expects to locate for the practice of Lommorl & Matteuccl S)TS, from Washington that he will return corner Seventh and TIJeras, will here, HAT5. C. to New Mexico on the adjournment of osteopathy. Dr. Agnew was after be known as N. BRIGHAM graduated from the parent oste- of congress. U8-120.- S. 2nd. Headquarters Coffee opathic Institute at Klrksvllle with for Ilev. John W. Barron, of the Con- the class of 1906. gregational church, is reported quite SIMON S A sick with acute rheuma- "The dance scheduled to come off CHAMPIONGROCERY CO. The Railroad venue Clothier. Our LeadersThe Celebrated Richelieu Coffees articular at Isleta tomorrow will take place," -- tism. Our new telephone Packages, 25c and 35c per lb. I 2 lb. tins, 85c. said Pablo Abeytia, this morning. number la H, Robert Cameron, of Bernalillo, one 1 lb. tins, 45c. I lb .tins, 11.00. "The Indians had intended to post- of the pioneers of Sandoval county, pone it for another week, but on Capitol Coffee arrived here this morning to visit learning that a large number of city relatives and friends. b. .bucket, with premium, I Golden Gate coffee people would be disappointed, I pre I tins, 40c. Peter and James Hill, machinists vailed upon them to dance tomor- 11.00. of Homestead, Pa., are b. tins, 80c. in the city row." Mr. Abeytia Is a relative of to remain the rest of the winter. Governor Abeytia, of Isleta. Something; -- nothing- like it in the city. Try can. The Hills are old friends of Dr. D. peerless offee, JOo to The American Lumber 40c H. Cams. company band will give an open air 115-11- 7 NORTH FIRST STREET The Albuquerque Pressed Brick & concert at Railroad avenue and Sec- Between Railroad and Ccppar Ave. Tile company today opened a new ond street this evening, at 8 o'clock, kiln of 16,000 buff brick. Samples The band has been augmented by the shown at the city office were of flrst-cla- ss arrival here of Nate Bolton, late of ''CEO. XV. HICKOX T. T. MAYNARD quality. the great Wallace shows, and H. C. Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Chadbourne Kacklery, of Hutchinson, Kas. The expect to leave tomorrow evening for band now numbers twenty-seve- n. Stoves and Steel Ranges Chicago for a two weeks' stay, Mr, Arrangements are now complete HICKOX-MAYNAR- D Chadbourne to attend to business for the celebration In our schools of CO. and Mrs. Chadbourne to visit friends, Flag Day, which falls on Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Glastetter the coming week, also the anniver- NEW MEXICO'S LEADING JEWELERS leave this evening for Palo Alto, Cal., sary of Lincoln's birth. The county they has purchased for the use of the HARDWARE RANCH s a s s where will make their future and SUPPLIES home. Mr. Glastetter has accepted schools twenty-si- x handsome flags, a lucrative position with a Palo Alto each one, eight feet by five, and these Send in Your Watches for lumber concern.. flags will be raised with becoming Repairs on morning John Goldhammer, Inspector from ceremonies the of the the day set apart for the celebration. Wagon Covers, executive office of the Postal Both teatchera and students have Harness, THE Alt CII Telegraph company In New York, is FRONT SOUTH SECOND ST. calling on been looking forward to the event the local office of the com for some Sheep TIN SHOP pany today. He continues west to time with enthusiasm and Shears, Horse Blankets, night. 1 the special protsTams prepared for In Rear of observance at the different schools Store Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Fuehr, former are elaborate. City schools will ob- Dipping Tanks, Saddles. residents of Albuquerque, arrived serve Flag Day with exercises on here last night on a short visit. Mr. Thursday, Feb. 21. ALBUQUERQUE HARDWARE CO. Fuehr at one time conducted an un dertaking establishment on Railroad The Black Cat stockings are what Foorth Ratfro&d avenue. you want to buy if you care to have and Avenue A party of visitors arrived here the best In wear and fit at the lowest yesterday from Pagosa Springs, Colo. prices. ' We have all sizes for men, They are registered at the Sturges women and children. Prices rang. ana include, J. M. Archuleta, J. H from 15c to 60c. C. May's Shoe Store, Martinez, A. D. Archuleta and M. Y S14 West Railroad avenue. Lomez. T. A. Mllet, who has had charge P. Lommorl has sold his interest of the medical dispensory for the In the Champion grocery, corner TIJeras, to American Lumber company at Ket Seventh and Matteuccl - ner for several months, has return- Bros. Mr. Lommorl expects to leave :Wholesale and Retail- ed to the city and Is at the $t. Joseph soon for a visit to his old home in hospital. Lucca', Italy. John Tettlno, who is the owner of O a ranch between Ulorletta and Lamy DON'T FORCifcl THE ZEIGER'S No. 202 arrived In Albuquerque last night. CAFE RESTAURANT TOMORROW He Is the uncle of the man who shot FOR YOUR SUNDAY DINNER. HARDWARE A Benedltto Barardinelli BEST IN THE CITY F0? FIFTY Rarebit and for whom CENTS. jtr the police are y, : p". v j'Tensro! jhould be made still searching. in a .:!! Cnurin Dish. Several members of the "Ragged The Demorest medal contest an- Iw. '.; .lv y.Ti i .vurrviu otiout Sre. i Messenger" company T 17-- ! : i jr u i, ali i ualcvruuulcl which is to nounced to be given Monday evening, D 1 T7i.. CV J Y7 af play this evening at the Elks' opera has been postponed to Friday even- iiuu j. lpcj lumps, vaives, iruungs oicam ana water jur house arrived here last night. Cres-- ing, the 15th. at the Presbyterian are. ton Clarke, Ada Gifford and L. M church. SuppliesHose and Belting. Goodstadt are registered at the Alva o rado. TONIGHT! TONIGHT! TONIGHTI Cfraving Dish F. W. Wenkle., of Louisiana. Mo.. FREE LUNCH AT THE WHITE Stoves, Ranges and Granite Iron Ware. Ur.9 prvVice I n lalntv norl to resale has accepted a position as bench ELEPHANT. yor.r . I : u.V: tit I iat vocr man at the Superior planing mills. Bar Iron. Steel. Wagon Stock. Suoolies. t iaf:rjr'i it m --ilitil with the Finest lot of valentines in the city, Wood Blacksmith f- Mr. Wenkle is mli.;nl Ivory" riiam a brother of Mrs. R. at Mrs. Wilson's, West Gold avenue. Ticl j:u.i fouivl ovAy in Man H. Hawkins, of the Postal Telegraph rlus, lowcja & Co. o Ciialis I'U.ies company. The Ladles' Auxiliary of the B. of ron olc oy There was a very pleasant enter- L. E., will gfve their eleventh an- tainment at St. Mary's hall last night. nual ball at Colombo hall, February Mah Orders Solicited A program wus rendered, cards were 22. Music furnished by Ellis' arches-tr- a. played and a very pleasant time Tickets, $1.00. ALBUQUEROUE HARDWARE GO. was had. A large number of young people were present. FEE'S HOT CHOCOLATE, WAL. o Albuquerque, New, Mexico Mrs. L. B. and Mrs. Robert Putney TON'S DRUG 8TORE. M;.,oi.,,'Ar;'tr:.,?t Fourth an J Railroad Avenue . entertained about eighty ladies this RECEIVKU'S SALE. afternoon at cards. The game began at 2 o'clock. Dinner was served at Public Auction. the Alvarado at 4 o'clock. Splendid Wednesday, Feb. 13. at new Ray- - THE lloral decorations adorned the tables. nolds' building. Furniture, store fix- hough the meeting of the Grand tures, etc. See adv. later for de 2C Lodge of Elks slated for the week of scription of goods. Diamond the 15th of July at Philadelphia, Pa., II. S. KNIGHT, EVERITT Palace Is still far in the future, great prep- Receiver. arations are under way in all parts RAILROAD AVE. of the country among the local FOlt RENT. Dlimonds. Watches, Jtwslry, Cat Class. Clocks, Silverware brick, N. 14th street .. 30. 00 IOCTOH MrCOKMICK. 4- - . Home Insurance Best your W. R. R. ave. 11.00 the frame, trad and guarantee A SQUARE DEAL. UOUOK HABIT CITUEI). rO'im 5- - room frame N. 8th street... 10.00 523 WKST RAILROAD AVK. modern, furnished, good location 40. Of X"tr 4, 4, JOHN M. MOORE REALTY CO., CANNOT refrain from again saying something about Home In- 4. 4. 4. 219 W. Gold Avenue. WE surance. Every time that the proposition presents itself of the KtibKcrilto for Tito Citizen ami get tremendous amount of money that Is being sent out of New tlio new. , Mexico and Arizona for life Insurance to eastern cities, the con- 20 1 viction comes home with Increased force that a home company ought to Discount 20 Discount be patronized and the money remain in the West. Pi o The revelations of the. past year of the way the enormous surplus of 10 lbs. Nice Extracted Honey for big companies has been handled and speculated $1.00. Order by Postal. the Eastern with ought to SEMI-ANNU- emphasize the fact that the people of the West should stop pouring their THIS AL V. I Allen. Box 202. Albuquerque. GREAT SALE money Into Eastern channels when It can be placed In home Insurance, every dollar of It kept and Invested at borne. ' (List your property with and bict;.,.. .,, It Is gratifying to note that home Insurance Is year by year receiving more and more Its just deserts. Statistics show that during the past year Live Men home companies far exceeded foreign companies In the amount of busi- Closes Saturday Night February ness written. Why cannot this same record be made hereT It can If Crawford & Jones every Individual who takes out a policy the coming year will carefully South Second St. Is sp IIO weigh the proposition of the value It to keep his Insurance at home be- 9th at 10 O'Clock F fore he puts his name to the application of any Insurance company. Insurance Company TICKETS BOUGHT. SOLO The Occidental Life of New Mexico and Arizona is owned and controlled by the leading business men of the two AND EXCHANGED terri- tories, and offers exceptional opportunities to ambitious and capable men Twenty Off Per Cent R.R. Aitoolslloo let and women to sell Its policies. Discount Transactions on all Fancy Worsted Cuaraol0o and Cassimere Suits ROSENFIEID'S, 1 18 W. R. R. Ave. Address Home Office, SOCIAL DANCE Occidental Life Insurance EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT Company E. L. WASHBURN COMPANY At TH ALBUQUERQUE, N. M. COLOMBO HALL DANCING SCHOOL Adolssloi 50c Ladles Fret