Kenninghall News Issue 187 February 2016






PROCEEDS TO ST MARY’S CHURCH immediately apparent, I believe God has given us unique spiritual gifts and wants us to use them to make a worthwhile contribution within our sphere of influence.

There is a result, the more we fulfil God’s general purpose the clearer His specific purpose will become! Fit for Purpose? I believe God has both a general purpose and a specific purpose for each and every one of us. In a general sense we have been chosen by God to let the love of His Son shine through us to make an impact Tel: 01953 888533 on others. More specifically, email: [email protected] although it is not always

Services at St Maryʼs for February

Sunday 7th 11am Holy Communion Sunday 14th 11am Family Service Sunday 21st 11am Holy Communion Sunday 28th 11am The Scout’s Family Service

You are Invited to All the Services!

Could anyone please help with flowers in the Church once or twice a year? Any help would be appreciated.

If you are interested please call Jill on 01953 888686 or Lynda on 01379 687781

2 2 Chancel Repairs

I have recently been indirectly involved in the purchase of a house in Kenninghall and I was annoyed to find that the mortgage company involved wanted an insurance premium paid to protect their interest against possible claims for chancel repair should the property be liable.

As churchwarden I am aware that Kenninghall is slightly unusual in that the Dean and Chapter of Cathedral are responsible for most of the cost of any repairs to the chancel with Kenninghall Parochial Church Council (PCC) paying the rest.

The mortgage company were sceptical of my news so I contacted the who were happy to provide me with written proof of the situation which is Dean and Chapter 97.99%, PCC 2.01%. This means that no property in Kenninghall will ever be liable for chancel repairs, so please don't waste your money on unnecessary insurance policies!

I realise that the Newsletter is not necessarily the best place to advertise this, as if you are reading this you are already a resident. However, it may be of some help to somebody!

Anne Wood

Useful telephone/email contacts: Amblers: 01953 888343 or 888483 Kings Ride GP Surgery: 01953 887208 Carpet Bowls Club: 01379 687305 Parish Council: 01953 887521 K’hall Lands’ Trust: 01953 888117 Playing Field Fund: 01953 888291 (email) [email protected] Red Lion Bowls Club: 01953 887566 Kenninghall Morris: 01953 888291 St Mary’s Bell Ringers: 01953 888117 K’hall Pre-Schl Nursery: 01953 888048 The Red Lion pub: 01953 887849 K’hall Primary School: 01953 887286


What should we be doing in our


For February:

Prepare vegetable seed beds and sew some vegetables under cover; Weed borders - weeds don’t stop growing!; Prune winter flowering shrubs when they We are struggling to keep the finish flowering: Club going without a hall, but Avoid walking on “frosted” lawns; please come along to the AGM When snowdrops finish flowering, divide on Thursday 10th March, to help and replant (or pot up some for our plant plan this year’s events. We will sale); be holding it at the Church at Prune hardy evergreen hedges and 7.30pm and there will be a renovate deciduous hedges; speaker - more details in the Cut back deciduous grasses and hardy March newsletter. perennials left uncut over the winter; Keep feeding the birds and put up extra We will be holding our Annual bird boxes. Plant Stall on Saturday 7th May. Please remember when you are planting or sewing seeds and taking cuttings this Spring to grow some for our Stall!

If you are new to Kenninghall and are interested in gardening, we hope (on completion of the new hall) to hold regular monthly meetings, normally with a speaker on gardening, local history, nature, or country related topics, and we also go out to local gardens, etc. Come along on 10th March to find out more.

Dates for your diary

Thursday 10th March - AGM and speaker Saturday 7th May - Annual Plant Stall


The December draw of the 200 Club took place during the Kenninghall Morris Practice. The winners are as follows:

1st £100 Mr A G Porter (148) 4th £20 Mrs S Brotherhood(133) 2nd £50 Sally Walker (160) 5th £15 Mrs A Alexander (130) 3rd £30 Mr G Lloyd-Davis (180) 6th £10 Mr P Francis (35)

Congratulations to all the winners!

We are currently (at the time of writing) collecting subscriptions for 2016. If any members have not had subscriptions collected yet, we will get round to you all but the timing will depend on when the collectors can catch you in. If you have not already done so, please consider a Standing Order as it makes it much easier for the collector and you. Good luck for 2016!

Dog Poo!! It has come to the notice of the volunteers who check and tidy the Playing Field that someone has been placing bags of dog poo in the bushes round the edge of the field. This is a disgusting thing to do, especially in an area where children play. There is no excuse, a poo bin is available at the road entrance to the car park or it can be taken home and placed in your own green bin. How difficult can it be? If this continues we may have to look at banning dogs from the field altogether - so if you spot someone doing this remind them of that possibility. Please remember to keep your dog on a lead on the field and keep them away from the children’s play area.

Peter Osborne (Chairman) (Contact: 01953 888291 or email: playingfi[email protected])

5 Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

Poppy Appeal 2015 To make sure we never left anyone On behalf of the Royal British Legion behind on transfer days, we'd Poppy Appeal I wish to thank the arranged a cunning 'Checkpoint' plan - people of Kenninghall and especially we stopped the coaches about a mile the house to house collectors, the from the resort, at the top of a set of Kenninghall Store and the Red Lion steep hairpin bends (please remember for your generous support given to a the hairpin bends), in a donkey- very important charity. Each year I am infested village called Matulji, and did delighted at the generosity of the a quick numbers check before setting people of Kenninghall and off on the three hour journey to surrounding villages. This year you, Ljubljana Airport. On this award- The Lophams, Fersfield and Blo winningly horrible Olga-blighted day, Norton donated £2930.70, which is a comparing clip-board lists at the similar sum to last year and which will Matulji checkpoint revealed that yes, be used to support those who have once again she'd 'forgotten' someone. given so much to keep us safe. Two someones. The two most grimly complaining 'ladies' who had ever thrown a dark shadow over the resort. John Broughton ("Oh dearie goodness! I so sorry for that! You will be cross for me largely Local Poppy Appeal Organiser isn't it?" .. accompanied by lots of loud giggles and pulling down of Yet another Yugoslavia travel item microskirt to about chin level..) We from the 60s had two fully air condition-less coaches that day, me in one and Olga in the Readers with good memories will other. I made some feeble 'just an recall my earlier reference to Olga - administration matter - won't be long..' the large smiling guide with the major excuse to the sweating contents of English language 'shortcomings' sent both before we dodged some donkeys to our resort, Opatija, to help holiday and ran across the road to the dusty reps like me with the airport transfers. little cafe - where a radiantly smiling A few months after we first set Olga asked the gloomy staring disbelieving eyes on her - and her proprietress, dressed in a black teeny little X-rated outfits and beaded bin liner and with serious wobbling blonde Heidi plaits - she personal freshness issues, if we could made another 'operational error' with use the phone. A smiling Olga turned extremely unpleasant consequences. her big shiny face back to me.. "She is says no! Is private for phoning aren't 6 they!" Staring proprietress nodded whizz round without falling off. About grimly. "Tell her I'll pay!" I begged. three. I scraped both legs, blood stuck After some leisurely haggling, the my trousers to them and rather bent Serbo-Croat conversation droning on scooter wouldn't start so I hobbled on.. and on, (pointing fingers to chests and When I reached the office, feeling other personal areas suspiciously somewhat below my sparkling best, suggesting that much of it was a with industrial strength perspiration, discussion on irrelevant mutual medical red-stained sticky trousers, lots of tiny problems) this finally resulted in a very bits of gravel embedded in my hands grudging hand-over of the huge greasy and a major limp, what had hideously phone, and a bundle of notes from our happened earlier became clear. side. Olga phoned the tourist office in Opatija and told them to send a taxi IMMEDIATELY to the Hotel Belvedere "You did tell the driver to take the ladies and bring the two old bats to the to the CHECKPOINT at Matulji didn't Checkpoint at Matulji. At least I think you? You didn't just say 'Matulji' did that's what she said - my Serbo-Croat you?" Her face paled.. "To the.. er.. being of the most basic. We then Checkpoint? Oh yes!" she lied.. Now, waited... and waited... and when there's a railway station in Matulji, and nothing appeared in twenty minutes yes, the taxi driver had dumped his and the other piping hot holidaymakers furious passengers on a train to were getting very noisy and nervous Ljubljana. They'd had to pay too.. More about their flight, we hurried back to the frantic phone calls to Ljubljana Station - cafe and started haggling again for the when the train arrives make a tannoy phone. This time I spoke to one of the announcement telling Miss Hitler and senior girls in the office..."But the taxi Miss Goering (or something similar) to left at once! He should have been with take a taxi to the airport. They arrived you ten minutes ago!" We gave it with five minutes to spare before the another ten minutes. Nothing. departure gate closed, and I later heard Apparently a large taxi, complete with full details of how the air was rent with large driver and two furious tourists had their bloodcurdling threats of impossibly vanished from the face of vengeance. This time, the Ljubljana Yugoslvia. office definitely got the message, and ever-smiling blonde-plaited Olga bursting out of her Munchkin-sized I had to let the coaches go on, and fashion collections, losing tourists and started running back down those talking rubbish became just a ghastly hairpin bends to the resort. After about memory. half the journey a Vespa scooter appeared and I frantically flagged it down and jumped on the back. To be continued again (possibly).. Helmetless scooter rider, who seemed about ten, then proudly showed me just how fast he and his Vespa could go, Peter McLuckie and how many hairpin bends he could 7 Scouting News

During 2015 Kenninghall Scout Group had a packed programme of activities. Here is a quick snapshot:

Scouts Cubs Beavers

Summer Camp in Climbing Space and Stars Lake District sleepover

Climbing “Old Man of Summer Camp at Trip to World Horse Coniston” Eaton Vale Welfare

Ghyll Scrambling Abseiling Salt dough tea lights fundraising enterprise

The Annual Completed the Hike and woodland “Kenninghall Scout scientist badge games Group Masterchef Awards”

Water Activities Camp Halloween party Pizza factory

Wood whittling Fire safety badge Magnetic fishing

Arrow making and Visit to East Harling Archery and grass archery Fire Station sledging at Eaton Vale

Bricklaying Den building

Geocaching Recycling Relay

Pioneering First Aid

And we have lots more planned for 2016, including a canoe expedition summer camp, hill walking in the Peak District, more Summer Camps and a trip to Bewilderwood.

8 Fundraising We are also delighted to start fundraising for a defibrillator for the village. If you would like to offer support, or have any ideas as to how the Scout Group could raise funds, please let me know.

New Explorer Group We are introducing an Explorer Group for young people aged 14-18. Potential activities include hiking, climbing, hill walking, camping, water sports, etc. If you are interested in joining the Group, or as an adult helper, please let me know.

Are you good with numbers, or enjoy craft-work? We need a Treasurer and Beaver Leader to join the Group. The treasurer role involves four meetings a year and the production of monthly accounts for the Group. The Beaver Leader needs to plan and deliver (with the help of our two assistant leaders) activities and games for the children. Our exisiting Beaver Leader will be available to help train and guide the new leader.

If you are interested in either role please let me know.

Michelle Kenninghall Group Scout Leader [email protected]

Notes from the editor There was an artist called Terence Cuneo, best known for railway paintings, whose trademark was to “hide” a mouse within the picture. I don’t claim any artistic ability but would love to be able to “hide” a spelling mistake or error within the newsletter, although I can’t do so at the moment. I have scoured this issue to make sure everything is correct, so if any sharp-eyed reader spots something wrong then I can assure them it isn’t deliberate on my part! However, I am content that the bin collection data is accurate. In the last few weeks of 2015 I was told an apocryphal tale of part of the village where the wrong bins were put out each week for a while because of what I had put in one of the newsletters! My apologies to those concerned, but it certainly showed me that I need to double- and even triple-check those things for accuracy if I want to avoid the naughty step. Graham Barber 9

Every Wednesday


Village Hall Road NR17 1DU, 7.30pm

Call Becca on 07464 930099


A big thank you to everyone who joined us for Kenninghall's 3rd Annual Turkey Trot. There were lots of you and it was great to see so many people joining in the fun. It was pretty muddy out there but we all made it to the festive tinsel finish line. It would be great to see you all and for more to join us midday outside the village shop on this year's Boxing Day! Wishing you a very Happy 2016, Kirsty & Graham.


Amazing stalls, mulled wine, mince pies, hot chocolate, bacon rolls, superb Santa, wonderful singers, a tremendous tree from Paul (Bomber), a remarkable raffle thanks to kind donations from many of you as well as from local businesses, yummy cakes and snowballs in chimney pots - thank you all. It was all going so swimmingly until the heavens opened! Surprisingly, we did make £273 for St. Mary's. Thank you for all your support, it really is appreciated. We've all just about dried out, ready for the next one... Waterproof rain ponchos standard issue. Happy New Year one and all, Kirsty and Sandy.


A big thank you to all those people who left bulging bags and boxes on our doorstep for the Night Shelter run by the St Martin's Housing Trust. Our shed soon resembled an annex to Santa's storeroom. We are certain your generosity will be greatly appreciated. Our thanks also to John Hill of Brittany Farm for transporting everything to the centre in Norwich. Anne & Norman Groves PS. We have left the sign in our shed hoping our purchasers will carry on the tradition!! 11 EAST HARLING AND KENNINGHALL MEDICAL PRACTICE


We are delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Andy Pawsey, our new Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP), to the Practice team who joined us in January. Both Dr Jenny Schram and I have worked with Andy in his role as an ECP over the last 10 years, providing Out of Hours care in this area. An ECP is a Senior Paramedic who has undertaken extended training and is able to see and treat the vast majority of acute medical illnesses. He will be running his own clinics and undertaking home visits along with the rest of the Clinical Team, and will help us to be able to see those who need unplanned care at the Surgery. Some of you may already have seen him if you have used the Out of Hours Services and we hope you will join us in welcoming him to our Team.

Dr Nick Hazell



If you would like to attend, or require further information, please email [email protected]

Needles & Natter Do you sew, knit, crochet, (or would you like to learn), or just like a chat? Perhaps you have just retired or moved to Kenninghall? Why not come along and join our 'needles and natter' sessions. We meet on a Wednesday afternoon at 2pm, at different homes, so if you would like to know more, please ring for further information. Avril 01953 888483

12 by Steve Gordon, Chairman

Cable Laying Returns to Central Kenninghall The cable layers return to Kenninghall on 8th February to finish connecting the cable from to Diss. Power On Connection have spent a lot of time negotiating a different installation method with UK Power Networks, who have now approved them installing cables above the culvert through which The Beck flows. This removes the risk of damage that might have been posed to the culvert as well as giving them confident in their programme. We have been assured all the standard pre-warning signs will be put up 2 weeks prior to them starting these works and, of course, the entailed disruption they will bring.

Highways Activity There has been lots of activity over the holiday period with respect to various problems to do with drainage, etc. Some have been resolved, some have not. I have been keeping County Highways informed as matters arise as well as chasing them on progress. Hopefully most of these problems will be resolved soon - especially as real winter weather is finally kicking in! Flexibus Flexibus connects Norfolk villages with local towns and Is a 'ring and ride' service which anyone can use. In this area it connects all the villages with and between , Diss and . There is no fixed timetable - the bus follows a route set by the pre-booked requests of the passengers, so it can be different every day. All the buses are fully accessible with space for wheelchairs, child buggies and shopping. The service is ideal for shopping trips and health appointments as well as social activities like meeting friends, library and sports centre visits. You can even use Flexibus to make onward connections to Norwich, London and beyond. Simply ring your local service up to seven days before you want to travel. The operator will take your journey details and confirm your pick up point and time. Disabled people and people with mobility impairments can request a home pick up and drop off. Fares are the price of a regular bus fare with reductions for under 16s and Norfolk concessionary passes are accepted. Operation times are: 13 School term: Monday to Friday 9am - 2.30pm School holidays: Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm Bookings are taken 0900 - 1630 Monday to Friday on 0300 1231145 Web address : Public_transport/Buses/Flexibus/Harling/index.htm If anyone has any experience of using Flexibus and thoughts on how the service can be improved, please let me know and I will pass it on to the organisers who have asked for feedback from Parish Councils.

Better Broadband for Norfolk (BBfN) While the Better Broadband for Norfolk (BBfN) programme continues to deliver access to improved broadband across Norfolk*, by connecting more and more properties to fibre connections - there are properties in the county where fibre is not currently an option. So BBfN is supporting a national scheme in partnership with Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) launched this week, aimed at a small number of properties in the county who have broadband connections of less than 2Mbps and are unlikely to receive a fibre connection in the near future. This gives them the opportunity to apply for a subsidy towards the installation and setup of a satellite broadband solution. This is part of the government's commitment that all properties in the UK should have access to at least 2Mbps. This should mean a basic broadband service can be purchased for a first year cost of no more than £400 (taking account of any upfront costs and the 12 month service charges). If you think you might be eligible for this subsidy please go to the Better Broadband for Norfolk web page where you can

· Read full information provided by BDUK about the scheme · Check whether you are eligible, and · If so, make an online application. Please note - as this is a government scheme, applying online through the website is the only way people can receive the subsidy if they are eligible. *Between July 2013 and September 2015 the BBfN programme almost doubled Norfolk's access to superfast broadband from 43% to more than 80% of properties in the county. Phase 2 of the project will begin to deliver more access

Continued on page 15 14 Continued from page 14 from the New Year. You can see the current progress of the project across Norfolk at Steve Gordon Chairman, Kenninghall Parish Council Tel: 01953 887521 Email: [email protected]

Volunteer drivers to help the Community

Here is a list of people who are willing to help Kenninghall folk if they haven’t got a car or suitable transport to attend appointments, such as doctors, dentists, collection of medicines, vets, physiotherapy, or other necessary trips.

To cover vehicle costs there is a fixed charge for certain destinations, or it will be calculated on mileage.

If you need a lift please telephone one of the names below.

Kenninghall Drivers

Alan Beeken 01953 887026 David Kerr 01379 687488 Avril Broughton 01953 888483 Peter Osborne 01953 888291 John Broughton 01953 888483 Shirley Powell 01953 887249

Anne Copeman 01953 888159 Brian Taylor 07702 113670

Marianne Jackson 01953 887998 Anne Wood 01379 687230 Tony Jackson 01953 887998 If you feel you could help members of the commun ity by becoming a volunteer driver, please contact anyone on the list above. 15 Bin Collections

February 4th (G); 11th (B) 18th (G); 25th (B)

8th February

Kenninghall Amblers Mobile Library

Due to the extreme amount of rain and mud, plus health matters, there hasn’t been a walk for the last couple of months, but if you are interested in having a walk in February and/or lunch, please contact Avril on 01953 888483. Stops Our normal routine is to meet in the Market 10.05am – 10.25am, Market Place at 10am (car sharing where Square possiblel) and have a walk somewhere for 10.30am – 10.50am, Church about an hour, and then have lunch at a Layby convenient hostelry near the chosen walk. 11am – 11.20am, School Close If you are interested - give me a ring. Dates Friday 12th February

16 The Kenninghall Noticeboard

Kenninghall Morris St Mary’s Bell Ringers’ Practice Practices 7.30pm - 9pm

4th, 11th, 18th, 25th February: February: 3rd 10th, 17th, 24th

Carpet Bowls Club

We meet on Friday evenings from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Always looking for new members to join. If you are interested please contact Gerald on 01379 687305 Parish Council Meeting

2nd February:

Ploughman’s Lunch 13th: (see February front page) Kenninghall Woods Workparty

February: 11th (9.30am to 12.30pm)


17 Events at Redgrave and Lopham Fen, nr Bressingham, IP22 2HX February 2016

Jam masterclass Sunday 7 February, 10am - 3pm Learn how quick and easy it is to make jam with lots of new ideas and flavours for baking. With local master preserver Janet Peachey £25 + £7 on the day for jars and ingredients Full course details and booking at or 01473890089

Find out about volunteering Wednesday 10 February, 10am – 12noon Come and find out about volunteering opportunities both at the Fen and at Knettishall Heath. Just drop in. No experience necessary.

Children’s activity day: Secrets of Survival Tuesday 16 February, 10am - 2pm For unaccompanied 6 – 10 year olds £6 per child, booking essential Book online at

Bird box building family afternoon Wednesday 17 February, 2pm - 4pm Make a nest box and bird feeder to take home. Plus trail and crafts. £5 per bird box, booking essential Book online at

18 Young Naturalists Thursday 18 February, 10am - 2pm For unaccompanied 11 - 15 year olds Wildlife detecting and practical conservation work £6 each, booking essential Book online at

Amphibians and reptiles - a talk by Froglife Tuesday 23 February, 7.30pm Organised by the SWT Valley Fens Wildlife Group £2 per person (including refreshments) All welcome, no need to book

Regular events

Guided fen walk Saturday 6 Feb, 10.30am - 1pm Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Fen with enthusiast and naturalist John Hill. £3 Meet at the Education Centre, no booking required.

Wildlife Watch Group Saturday 13 Feb, 10.30am - 12.30pm A club for 6 – 12yr olds, £2 Contact [email protected] or call 01379 688333

19 Borderhoppa Member Outings

Borderhoppa has lots going on for our members in 2016, including lunches out, visits to garden centres and places of interest. If you or someone you know would like to join us, please call us on 01379 854800.

Membership is £6 for six months, or £10 for twelve months. Outings are individually priced.

February Outings 2016 March Outings 2016

Thurs 4th - Lunch at Chip Inn, Long Thurs 3rd - Lunch at Chip Inn, Long Stratton - £5 (lunch extra) Stratton - £5 (lunch extra) Mon 8th - Bury St Edmunds - £14 Weds 16th - Thetford - £12 Weds 17th - Lunch at The Buck, Mon 21st - Lunch at The White Horse, Flixton - £7 (lunch extra) Stoke Ash - £6 (lunch extra)

To w e r Ne w s

Norman Groves, who has been captain of the Kenninghall team of bellringers for many years, has moved with Anne to begin a new life in Sheffield. We wish them all the best in their new home. The remaining ringers have elected me to be their new captain. It seems a daunting task to replace Norman. We have had two new ringers who are progressing well and, importantly, they seem to enjoy it, but the team still needs new recruits, especially ladies. Last year I completed an Association of Ringing Teachers course so I have some experience of teaching new ringers, if anyone would like to try an interesting and absorbing hobby. For any other information on the Kenninghall bells ask a primary school pupil, as they have recently been having a tour of the tower and bells. Failing that, or for other queries, ring me on 01953 888117 Pip Whittle 20 Help shape the new Breckland Local Plan

On 11 January 2016 Breckland will begin the next stage of public consultation in the development of its new Local Plan and will be asking local people for their views on the Preferred Options documents.

These documents set out strategic issues such as housing and employment targets, put forward potential site options for meeting these targets and outline the planning development policies that will direct future growth. Nothing has been decided yet and all the sites and policies put forward in the Preferred Options documents remain options. Once finalised late in 2016, the Local Plan will set out a vision for growth to deliver the Council’s aspiration that the District develop and thrive. It will provide the framework for planning decisions for the next 20 years so it is important that residents, businesses and community groups take the opportunity to have their say and help shape the final Plan.

The Local Plan process lets Breckland set its own housing targets, based on an objectively assessed local need, rather than on a national formula. Once adopted, it will identify a five-year housing land supply, giving Breckland greater control over where new developments are built and reducing the likelihood of ad-hoc developments.

The consultation will run until 22 February 2016 and there will be open public events, an online consultation and documents available to view. More details of the consultation, together with the dates and venues of the open events will be published on the Council website nearer the time, or email [email protected].

Village Christmas Card A fantastic £181.29 was raised from the village Christmas Card for the Norwich Night Shelter. A big thank you from John Hill and myself Lucy

21 There’s a hole in my ‘pocket’ dear Liza…

We’re all familiar with the old song, but how many of us make the effort to mend or recycle rather than buy new? With approximately 350,000 tonnes of clothing worth around £100 million going to UK landfill sites every year, it is time to think about the true cost of our attitudes towards clothing. The environmental costs are considerable - increasing landfill and greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to global warming. Mending or recycling unwanted clothes can make a real difference. Stitch, glue, dye and patch up are your best options to make a piece of clothing go that little bit further. If this is not possible, please take old, unwanted clothes to your local clothes bank, the nearest being at Queens Square, Attleborough or Church Road, . After they are collected from the banks, clothes are sorted and those suitable for re-use are exported to Africa. Damaged items are taken for reprocessing, pulped down and recycled into fibre based material. No waste, no environmental cost and a positive social benefit! Please don't put clothes in your black recycling bin - although we have increased the range of materials we recycle, we are not yet able to accept clothes and any put in your black bin will end up in landfill. So next time you go to throw a piece of clothing away, ask yourself if it is possible to mend or recycle it. If there’s a hole in your pocket ‘Liza’… sew it up or recycle it in a clothes bank! You can find out more about recycling from Breckland Officers at a series of ‘Well Being' events in local libraries. Representatives from County Council, MIND and Age UK will also be there covering a range of topics. Wellbeing events Watton Library: 20/01/16, Thetford Library: 27/01/16, Library: 03/02/16, Library: 10/02/16 and Attleborough Library: 17/02/16. All events will take place from 10am – 1pm Breckland Council Environmental Services Team

22 by Lucy Whittle

Christmas and the New Year are over now, and seem a long time ago, but I hope you all had a happy and healthy one.

It is with great sadness that I have to report that Anne and Norman Groves left the village in January. Obviously they were looking forward to the move but we at the Lands Trust will miss them. Over the past 20 years they have been a driving force for all things to do with trees and birds. Anne was the minutes Secretary and also made the posters for all our events - our poster girl! They set up and ran our website and designed the notice boards in the woods. The list is endless - they were also the photographers for the Trust, recording everything over the years. They were, on a more personal note, a rock. We will miss them, but they have promised to visit. I hope they do. On behalf of the Trust I wish them all the very best in their new lives near their daughters in Sheffield.

The next workparty will be on Thursday 11th February from 9.30am to 12,30pm as usual. More path clearing round the top of Hemp Meadow Wood - bring gloves and loppers. Thank you to all the regular workparty volunteers; we are really getting through the jobs and beginning to see the difference.

The Trust has a new project. We thought it would be a good idea to honour the 18 men of this Parish who were killed during the First World War by planting an oak tree in their name. I approached the Estate and they have kindly agreed, as has Adrian Pilgrim the tenant farmer. So with their support the project can go ahead, with planting round about Remembrance Sunday. The exact date will be fixed nearer the time. The chosen place is the footpath opposite the ex-council houses on the Banham Road - it is a wide track with plenty of room and is well used.

We would like to contact any living relatives of these men, whose names are given in the list on the next page, and invite them to plant a tree. 23 S Barratt S Davison J H Ward W A Bilham W A Fenn C J Wells

F Burrows E Francis F W Wells E Bush G Francis H J Williams W J Claxton J T W Futcher W T Wilson L Cunningham G W Mitson H J Witham

Please ring or email me if you are a relative and would like to get involved, or would just like to plant a tree. We will also invite a member of all the clubs and groups in the village, including the British Legion and Scouts, to plant one, much like the planting of trees down Mill Lane in January 1996 to commemorate 50 years since the end of the Second World War. Gosh, was it really 20 years ago! 1916 was the year of the Battle of the Somme - a terrible time - and we thought it would be an appropriate time to honour these brave soldiers. We would like to do some research into the men and wondered if there is anyone in the village who would like to do this? Their names and Regiments are on the Roll of Honour in the church. We could find out whether they went to the village school, whether they worked on the Quidenham Estate, what other employment they had or anything else of interest. If you are interested please telephone me on 01953 888117 or email me at [email protected]. Alternatively you can telephone Anne Wood on 01379 687230.

We shall be holding a Coffee Morning, by kind permission of Mandy, in the Red Lion on Saturday 9th April. I do hope as many people as possible will come and support the event to raise money both for the trees and to erect a small plaque with the listed names engraved on it. We shall try and have quite a high profile in the press in the hope we can inspire other villages to do the same. Let’s all spread the word. 888245 (a figure that bizarrely sounds as though it could be a telephone number in our village) men were killed in the Great War. I would have loved to plant that many trees in the Parish but I don’t think Jimmy Gooderham would be up for that - it would take up too many acres! Ah well, it’s nice to dream. We can at least do our bit and maybe others will do the same. I know East Harling are thinking about it.

Watch this space.

24 Thank you to everyone who helped or participated in our Christmas Bazaar in December. All the hard work by everyone was rewarded by raising £791 - well done everyone!

We are holding a Ploughman’s Lunch again this month (see notice on front page for details). Come along for a lovely lunch and a chance to catch up with friends and neighbours.

Friends of St Mary’s Church

Dates for your 2016 Diary Saturday 13th February - Ploughman’s Lunch Saturday 2nd April - first Café Church Saturday 4th June - Summer Fête and Flower Festival (don’t forget to save your Angels for this event) Saturday 3rd September - Village Garage Sale





CALL FIONA ON 01953 887187 or 0798 110 7703






Thank you from the Wood family to 20p paperbacks all our turkey customers, both 50p hardbacks regulars and new friends. Although it is a busy time for us it is lovely to see you all, mostly in suitably festive All in aid of Kenninghall School mood and we look forward to your visit next year! and the Village Hall. Rose Cottage, East Church Street Although Christmas 2016 is a long Just follow the signs way off the list of chick prices will be delivered late February and the little dears ordered by April, ready for their arrival, day old, in June. And so the time goes!

Happy New Year to you all. Lucy and Anne Wood


Available for hire at reasonable rates Large hall with modern kitchen and toilets Suitable for parties, dances, events, meetings etc.

For all enquiries and further details please contact Mary Ebbs: 01953 717768 or [email protected]

26 Graham’s Gardening Services


Call me on: 01379 741491 Mob: 07765 388082



SECONDARY GLAZING, UPVC WINDOWS & DOORS Drive down fuel costs, add value and security to your home. REPLACEMENT GLASS and SEALED UNITS We offer replacement glazing and double glazed units to prolong the life of your windows. GLASS SPLASH-BACKS and MIRRORS Simple but effective improvements for your home. No job too small!!! For a free quotation Contact Richard or Alex 01263 734127, 07778 836432 or 07825647775 [email protected]

27 Firewood Top Quality Fire Wood at Affordable Prices

*Now Barn Stored* Bulk loads At Competitive Prices ***** Free Local Delivery ***** We also stock Briquettes, Kindling, & Bagged Fire Wood

Tel Mark Tel Robin Home 01953 885730 Home 01953 483339 Mobile 07766 225366 Mobile 07774 257759

CHRIS HUNTER Andy Free TREE SERVICES Independent Family Funeral Director TEL: 01953888745 / 07776253867 Fairfields, High Street, Attleborough, Norfolk FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE, QUALIFIED AND FULLY INSURED. Andy Free and Jane Patrick have been quietly helping and guiding bereaved ALL ASPECTS OF TREE WORK families in Kenninghall and the local area for many years to arrange a funeral service INCLUDING: to reflect the life which has been led. You can visit us at our relaxing funeral CROWN REDUCTIONS, home or, if you prefer, we can visit you in TREE FELLING, the comfort of your own home DEADWOOD REMOVAL, Guaranteed pre-paid funeral plans and HEDGECUTTING, memorialisation available. STUMPGRINDING, “We believe the smallest of detail WOODCHIPPING, makes the biggest difference” WOODLAND MANAGEMENT. Contact us on 01953 452455 (24 hours)


GARYBELL Carpet Fitting Services

40 years experience

Sisal and natural carpets

31 School Close Kenninghall NR16 2EL

Call on 07951425905 01953 887639 GARY BELL [email protected]

Rebecca’s Dog Grooming Services

Market Place, East Harling

Full Groom Bath Blow Dry Nail Clip Ears Clean Clip/Trim to owners’ specification Purpose built parlour

Tel: 01953 718711 Mobile: 07933 789802 29 C&H Groundworks 25 years experience in all forms of groundworks and landscaping


Landscaping/Ground Clearance and Excavation

Brickweave, Turfing, Ponds, Lakes and Foundations

Lorry and Digger Hire - Available with Driver

Domestic and Commercial Work Undertaken

For a FREE no obligation quote just call 01953 452821 or 07818 272957

30 APPLEYARDHAIR 01953 887067

Unit 9 The Appleyard Banham, Norfolk NR16 2HE

31 J W Construction () Ltd

Benefit from our 30 years experience New build Extensions & Maintenance Refurbishment Visit our website for more information 01953 888123 07733 152770 [email protected]

March 2016 edition Ad specs Adverts 1/4 page: 67mm width, 93mm height To place an advert, please call Anne Full page: 138mm width, 190mm height Wood on 01379 687230. A charge of £3 is made for 1/4 page ads, £12 for full page News and articles ads. If dropping money for ads into the Please email all news and articles to village shop please remember to include [email protected] Please your name and company name and make send in all articles by Monday 15 sure the money is secured in a sealed February 2016. envelope.There is a charge of 50p per ad for “Classified” ads. e-news Please email ad artwork to If you would like the Kenninghall News [email protected] or sent electronically in PDF format in place in the shop by Monday 15 addition to your paper copy, please email a February. request to the above email address.

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