3-D (Not Subd Geog) Doctoral dissertations BT UF 3D films Doctoral theses NT Railroad fiction Stereoscopic films Graduate dissertations Space (Fiction) Three-dimensional films Graduate theses Subterranean fiction BT pictures Honors theses and adventure films 3-D topographic maps Honours theses UF Action-adventure films USE Relief models Licentiate dissertations Action films 3-D topographical maps Licentiate theses Action movies USE Relief models Master's dissertations Adventure and action films 3D films Master's theses Adventure films USE 3-D films Ph. D. dissertations Adventure movies 3D game-based animated films Ph. D. theses Angélique films [Former heading] USE films Senior projects Bourne films [Former heading] 3D game-based animated programs Senior theses films [Former heading] USE Machinima television programs Theses, Academic Flash Gordon films [Former heading] 3D game-based films Undergraduate theses Indiana Jones films [Former heading] USE Machinima films BT Informational works films [Former heading] 3D game-based television programs Acclamations () films [Former heading] USE Machinima television programs BT Functional music films [Former heading] 3D topographic maps Accompaniments (Music) BT Motion pictures USE Relief models Resources that accompany compositions that have RT films 3D topographical maps been issued without the principal part or parts, or that NT Jungle films accompany music that is normally monophonic. USE Relief models Martial films 10-minute plays BT Music Space operas (Motion pictures) USE Ten-minute plays NT Recorded accompaniments Action and adventure plays A'ak Accords (Law) UF Action-adventure plays UF Ak USE Treaties Action and adventure Chongmyo cheryeak Account Action plays Jongmyo jeryeak UF Accounting Adventure plays BT music Accounting ledgers BT Drama ABC books Books of account Action and adventure television programs USE Alphabet books Journals, Accounting UF Action television programs Abecedaries (Alphabet books) Ledgers, Accounting Adventure and action television programs USE Alphabet books BT Records (Documents) Adventure television programs Abecedarii Accounting journals BT Television programs USE Abecedariuses USE Account books NT Jungle television programs Abecedariuses Accounting ledgers television programs Poems in which each line or stanza begins with a USE Account books Action successive letter of the alphabet. Accumulative rhymes USE Action and adventure comics UF Abecedarii USE Cumulative rhymes BT Acrostics () Accumulative tales USE Action and Abridged books USE Cumulative tales Action films USE Abridgments Acid folk (Music) USE Action and adventure films Abridgements USE Freak folk (Music) Action films, USE Abridgments Acid USE films Abridgments UF Club jazz Action movies UF Abridged books BT Jazz USE Action and adventure films Abridgements music Action plays digests USE Psychedelic USE Action and adventure plays Condensations Acrostic poetry Action Condensed books USE Acrostics (Poetry) USE games BT Derivative works Acrostic puzzles Action television programs NT Thumb Bibles USE Acrostics (Puzzles) USE Action and adventure television programs Abstract films Acrostics (Poetry) Activity booklets USE Abstract films Poetry in which particular letters can be read vertically to a hidden message. USE Activity books Abstract films Activity books UF Acrostic poetry Nonrepresentational films that avoid narrative and Works that consist wholly or chiefly of puzzles, instead convey impressions and emotions by way of BT Visual poetry word games, coloring pages, instructions for simple color, rhythm and movement. NT Abecedariuses science or craft projects, etc. UF Abstract animation films Acrostics (Puzzles) UF Activity booklets Abstract films UF Acrostic puzzles BT Illustrated works Concrete films Word squares Recreational works Nonobjective films BT Puzzles and games NT Coloring books Nonrepresentational films NT Double-crostics Acts, Legislative BT Experimental films charades USE Statutes and codes RT Animated films USE Charades Acts, Legislative session Abstract live action films Acting editions USE Session laws USE Abstract films Plays with full stage directions that are intended for Actualités (Motion pictures) personnel directly involved in a theatrical production. Abstracts USE Actualities (Motion pictures) UF Compendia UF Acting versions Actualities, Radio Compendiums BT Drama USE Radio actualities Compends Acting versions Actualities (Motion pictures) Epitomes USE Acting editions Short, unedited, silent films, primarily from the Précis Action-adventure comics period of early cinema, that portray daily life or Publication summaries USE Action and adventure comics specific events or occurrences as filmed by a camera in a fixed location without commentary. Summaries of publications Action-adventure films Synopses (Abstracts) USE Action and adventure films UF Actualités (Motion pictures) BT Derivative works Action-adventure plays Actuality films Informational works USE Action and adventure plays BT Short films Academic addresses Action and adventure comics Silent films USE Speeches UF Action-adventure comics Nonfiction films Academic dissertations Action comics RT Documentary films USE Academic theses Adventure comics Newsreels Academic fiction (Campus fiction) BT Comics (Graphic works) Actuality films USE Campus fiction NT Space operas (Comics) USE Actualities (Motion pictures) Academic games Action and adventure drama Adages USE Educational games USE Action and adventure plays USE Sayings Academic theses Action and adventure fiction Adaptations UF Action fiction Paraphrases, rewritings, etc., that are intended for UF Academic dissertations a different or purpose, or are in a different Bachelor's theses Adventure fiction form, from the original. Diploma theses Swashbuckler fiction BT Derivative works Dissertations, Academic (Fiction)

GF-1 Adaptations (Continued) Adventure movies UF Afrofuturistic comics NT Comics adaptations USE Action and adventure films BT comics adaptations Adventure plays Afrofuturist fiction Novelizations USE Action and adventure plays Science fiction that features Black characters and adaptations Adventure radio programs concerns, and depicts technology as a resource for Black empowerment. For fiction rooted in African Radio adaptations UF Radio adventure programs culture, history, and mythology that depicts Television adaptations BT Radio programs technology as a resource for African empowerment Theatrical adaptations Adventure stories, Nonfiction see Africanfuturist fiction. Addresses (Lectures) USE True adventure stories UF fiction USE Lectures Adventure stories, True Afrofuturistic fiction Addresses (Speeches) USE True adventure stories BT Science fiction USE Speeches Adventure television programs Afrofuturistic comics Administrative agency decisions USE Action and adventure television programs USE Afrofuturist comics USE Administrative decisions Advertisements Afrofuturistic fiction Administrative agency regulations UF Ads (Advertisements) USE Afrofuturist fiction USE Administrative regulations BT Promotional materials Agbadja modern (Music) Administrative codes NT Personals (Advertisements) BT USE Administrative regulations Radio commercials Agency decisions Administrative decisions Sample books USE Administrative decisions Decisions and opinions of administrative agencies. Television commercials Agenda (Liturgical books) For reported and unreported court decisions, Theater commercials (Motion pictures) USE Liturgical books opinions, judgments, etc. see Court decisions and opinions. Advertising films Aggadahs (Liturgical books) UF Administrative agency decisions USE Promotional films USE Haggadot (Liturgical books) Administrative opinions Advertising television programs Aggadas (Liturgical books) Administrative rulings (Decisions) USE Promotional television programs USE Haggadot (Liturgical books) Agency decisions Advisory opinions Aggadot (Liturgical books) Decisions, Administrative USE Court decisions and opinions USE Haggadot (Liturgical books) Opinions, Administrative Aerial photographs Aggadoth (Liturgical books) Photographs taken from the air. For Regulatory agency decisions USE Haggadot (Liturgical books) representations of cities or portrayed as if Aggro-metal (Music) Rulings, Administrative (Decisions) viewed from above see Aerial views. BT Informational works USE (Music) BT Cartographic materials Agreements, Cooperative Law materials Informational works RT Court decisions and opinions USE Cooperative agreements Photographs Agreements, Intergovernmental Administrative opinions NT Photomaps USE Administrative decisions USE Intergovernmental agreements Aerial views Agreements, Interlocal Administrative regulations Representations of cities or landscapes portrayed UF Administrative agency regulations as if viewed from above. For photographs taken from USE Intergovernmental agreements Administrative codes the air see Aerial photographs. Agreements, International Administrative rules (Regulations) UF Air views USE Treaties Codes, Administrative Balloon views Agreements, Union Delegated legislation Bird's-eye views USE Collective labor agreements Instruments, Statutory Overhead views Agreements (Contracts) Legislation, Subordinate BT Views USE Contracts Legislation, Subsidiary Aerobic exercise music Aguinaldos Quasi-legislation USE Exercise music BT Regulations, Administrative Aeronautical charts Songs Rules, Administrative (Regulations) Maps giving information intended for use in air Air checks, Radio navigation, such as compass rose, isogonic lines, Rules and orders, Statutory USE Radio airchecks location of landing fields, beacons, hazards to air Air movies Statutory instruments navigation, etc. USE Aviation films Statutory rules and orders UF Navigational charts Subordinate legislation Air views BT Maps USE Aerial views Subsidiary legislation NT Astronautical charts BT Informational works Airchecks, Radio Loran charts USE Radio airchecks Law materials Plotting charts RT Executive orders Aircraft sounds Affidavits Recordings of the sounds of all types of aircraft, Statutes and codes BT Legal instruments including planes, helicopters, dirigibles, etc. NT Church orders African American minstrel shows UF Flying-machine sounds Monastic rules USE Minstrel shows BT Sound recordings Administrative rules (Regulations) African American Airplane films USE Administrative regulations USE Spirituals (Songs) USE Aviation films Administrative rulings (Decisions) African fiction Airs (Lute-songs) USE Administrative decisions USE Africanfuturist fiction USE Ayres Ads, Radio African futurist fiction Airs de cour USE Radio commercials USE Africanfuturist fiction French secular songs composed between 1571 Ads, Television African futuristic fiction and 1660 for voice and lute or for 4-8 unaccompanied USE Television commercials USE Africanfuturist fiction voices. Ads (Advertisements) Africanfuturism fiction UF Airs de court USE Advertisements USE Africanfuturist fiction Cour, Airs de (Erotic comics) Africanfuturist fiction BT Songs USE Erotic comics Fiction rooted in African culture, history, and Airs de court Adult comics (Pornographic comics) mythology that depicts technology as a resource for USE Airs de cour USE Pornographic comics African empowerment. For science fiction that Ak features Black characters and concerns, and depicts Adult fiction technology as a resource for Black empowerment, USE A'ak USE Erotic fiction see Afrofuturist fiction. Alabados Adult films (Pornographic films) UF African futurism fiction BT USE Pornographic films African futurist fiction Alalás Advent music African futuristic fiction BT Folk songs Music that is traditionally associated with Advent. Africanfuturism fiction Ālāp BT Event music BT Fiction USE Ālāpa Sacred music -Cuban jazz Ālāpa Adventure and action films USE Unmetered and improvised prelude to the raga in . USE Action and adventure films Adventure and action television programs BT Popular music UF Ālāp USE Action and adventure television programs Afrofuturism fiction Ālāpana Adventure comics USE Afrofuturist fiction Ālāpanam USE Action and adventure comics Afrofuturist comics BT Carnatic music Adventure fiction that feature Black Ragas USE Action and adventure fiction characters and concerns, and depict technology as a Ālāpana Adventure films resource for Black empowerment. USE Ālāpa USE Action and adventure films

GF-2 Ālāpanam BT Reference works fiction USE Ālāpa Serial publications Alternative history fiction Albas Almanacs, Perpetual Alternative realities (Fiction) USE Aubades USE Perpetual calendars Histories, Alternative (Fiction) (Autograph verse) Almans (Music) (Fiction) USE Autograph verse USE Allemandes (Music) Uchronies (Fiction) , Original cast Almonds (Music) What if fiction USE Original cast recordings USE Allemandes (Music) What ifs (Fiction) Albums (Books) Alphabet books BT Fiction Books with blank pages that are used to collect, UF ABC books Alternative histories (Motion pictures) display, and preserve images, text, notated music, Abecedaries (Alphabet books) Fictional films in which the or assumes keepsakes, etc. Books, ABC an alternative outcome of an historical event. For nonfiction that presents alternative outcomes of UF Scrap albums Books, Alphabet Scrap books historical events and subsequent changes in history BT Picture books see Counterfactual histories. Scrapbooks [Former heading] Alphabet rhymes Souvenir albums UF Allohistories (Motion pictures) UF Rhyming alphabets Alternate histories (Motion pictures) BT Commemorative works BT Nursery rhymes Records (Documents) Histories, Alternative (Motion pictures) Alt- Uchronias (Motion pictures) Alcaic verse USE music USE Alcaics What-ifs (Motion pictures) Alt-history fiction BT Fiction films Alcaics USE Alternative histories (Fiction) UF Alcaic verse Alternative histories (Nonfiction) Alt-metal (Music) USE Counterfactual histories BT Poetry USE Alternative metal (Music) Alternative histories (Television programs) Alt rock music Fictional television programs in which the plot or USE Aleatory music USE music setting assumes an alternative outcome of an Aleatory music Altar books historical event. Musical compositions created by chance methods UF Allohistories (Television programs) or that may be performed in random or indeterminate USE Liturgical books style. Altar prayers Alternate histories (Television programs) UF Aleatoric music USE Prayers Histories, Alternative (Television programs) Chance music Alternate histories (Comics) Uchronias (Television programs) Indeterminate music (Aleatory music) USE Alternative histories (Comics) BT Fiction television programs BT Alternate histories (Drama) Alternative history fiction NT Open form music USE Alternative histories (Drama) USE Alternative histories (Fiction) Aleke Alternate histories (Fiction) Alternative metal (Music) BT USE Alternative histories (Fiction) UF Aggro-metal (Music) Alternate histories (Motion pictures) Alt-metal (Music) Alexandrine verse USE Alternative histories (Motion pictures) Hard alternative (Music) USE Alexandrines Alternate histories (Nonfiction) Nu-metal (Music) Alexandrines USE Counterfactual histories BT Alternative rock music UF Alexandrine verse Alternate histories (Television programs) Heavy metal (Music) Hexameter, Iambic USE Alternative histories (Television programs) Alternative music Iambic hexameter Alternate history fiction USE Alternative rock music BT Iambic poetry USE Alternative histories (Fiction) Alternative music films Alternate takes (Sound recordings) USE Alternative rock music USE Science fiction films Recordings containing material that differs from the Alternative realities (Comics) commonly issued material recorded at the same All Saints' Day music USE Alternative histories (Comics) session, or recordings containing multiple versions of Alternative realities (Drama) Music traditionally associated with All Saints' Day. one or recorded selections. USE Alternative histories (Drama) BT Event music UF Takes, Alternate (Sound recordings) Alternative realities (Fiction) Sacred music BT Sound recordings USE Alternative histories (Fiction) Allegorical Alternative country music Alternative rock music USE UF Alt-country music UF Alt rock music Allegories Americana (Alternative country music) Alternative music UF Allegorical literature Insurgent country music Alternative pop rock music BT Instructional and educational works No depression (Alternative country music) Indie music RT Y'alternative , Alternative NT Autos sacramentales BT Country music BT Rock music Bestiaries Alternative histories (Comics) NT Alternative metal (Music) Morality plays Fictional comics in which the plot or setting music Alleluias () assumes an alternative outcome of an historical music UF Allelujas (Chants) event. For nonfiction that presents alternative outcomes of historical events and subsequent music BT Propers (Music) changes in history see Counterfactual histories. Lo-fi (Rock music) Allelujas (Chants) UF Allohistories (Comics) New USE Alleluias (Chants) Alternate histories (Comics) No wave (Music) Allemandes (Music) Alternative realities (Comics) (Music) UF Allemands (Music) Histories, Alternative (Comics) Post-rock music Almains (Music) Uchronias (Comics) music Almans (Music) What ifs (Comics) (Music) Almonds (Music) BT Comics (Graphic works) Amargue, Música de BT Dance music Alternative histories (Drama) USE Bachata Allemands (Music) Fictional plays in which the plot or setting assumes Amateur films USE Allemandes (Music) an alternative outcome of an historical event. For UF Allohistories (Comics) nonfiction that presents alternative outcomes of Home USE Alternative histories (Comics) historical events and subsequent changes in history see Counterfactual histories. Personal films Allohistories (Drama) UF Allohistories (Drama) BT Motion pictures USE Alternative histories (Drama) Alternate histories (Drama) NT films Allohistories (Fiction) Alternative realities (Drama) Amateur talent shows (Radio programs) USE Alternative histories (Fiction) Histories, Alternative (Drama) USE Talent shows (Radio programs) Allohistories (Motion pictures) Uchronias (Drama) Ambience () USE Alternative histories (Motion pictures) What ifs (Drama) USE (Electronica) Allohistories (Television programs) BT Drama Ambience (Sound recordings) USE Alternative histories (Television programs) Alternative histories (Fiction) USE Ambient sounds Alma mater songs Fiction in which the plot or setting assumes an Ambient audio (Sound recordings) UF School anthems (Alma mater songs) alternative outcome of an historical event. For USE Ambient sounds BT School songs nonfiction that presents alternative outcomes of (Electronica) Almains (Music) historical events and subsequent changes in history USE Ambient music (Electronica) USE Allemandes (Music) see Counterfactual histories. Ambient music () Almanacks UF Allohistories (Fiction) USE Background music USE Almanacs Alt-history fiction Ambient music (Electronica) Almanacs Alternate histories (Fiction) UF Ambience (Electronica) UF Almanacks Ambient house (Electronica)

GF-3 Ambient music (Electronica) (Continued) Angling surveys Yearly reports Chillout music (Electronica) USE Fishing surveys BT Records (Documents) Downbeat (Electronica) Animal epics Serial publications (Electronica) USE Beast epics Annuals ( books) BT Electronica (Music) Animal fiction USE Gift books Ambient sounds Fiction whose main characters are animals that Annuals (Yearbooks) Recordings of sounds of the surrounding may be anthropomorphized. USE Yearbooks environment external to an audio system that are BT Fiction Answers and questions often recorded separately and mixed into other Animal films recordings to enhance live effect. USE FAQs BT Motion pictures UF Ambience (Sound recordings) Ante-masques Animal inventories USE Antimasques Ambient audio (Sound recordings) USE Zoological surveys Background sounds Antemasques Animal poetry USE Antimasques BT Sound recordings BT Poetry Amendments, Constitutional Anthems Animal surveys settings of religious or texts that are USE Constitutional amendments USE Zoological surveys performed in liturgical or ceremonial settings. Amendments, Legislative Animal television programs BT Art music USE Statutes and codes BT Television programs , Radio Americana (Alternative country music) Animated cartoons (Motion pictures) USE Radio anthologies USE Alternative country music USE Animated films Anthologies (Motion pictures) Amityville films Animated film music USE films USE Haunted house films BT Motion picture music Anthologies (Television programs) Horror films Animated films USE Anthology television programs Ampelographies Films that create the illusion of movement in Anthology films BT Reference works drawings, clay, inanimate objects, or the like, through Feature-length films made up of various episodes Amphigories an animation technique. or stories that are usually connected by a , USE UF Animated cartoons (Motion pictures) event, location or original author and often have a Amusement ride films (Motion pictures) wrap-around tale. For films that are composed of pre- existing published or unpublished films, or portions UF Ride films Cartoons, Animated (Motion pictures) thereof, see Compilation films. Ride movies Private Snafu films [Former heading] UF Anthologies (Motion pictures) Thrill ride films Motion picture cartoons Composite films BT Motion pictures Tom and Jerry films [Former heading] Episode films Amusing works BT Motion pictures Episodic films USE Humor RT Abstract films Omnibus films Ana NT Cameraless animation films Portmanteau films USE Sayings animation films Sketch films Ana (Anecdotes) films BT Motion pictures USE Anecdotes Live-action/animation films Anthology radio programs Anacreontic poetry Machinima films USE Radio anthologies Light and cheerful poems written in the style of the Motion comics Anthology television programs Greek Anacreon and characterized by an erotic, Pixilated animation films amorous, or Bacchanalian . Television programs made up of different episodes films or stories which are usually connected by a theme, BT Poetry -motion animation films event, location or original author, often having a Anagrams Animated/live-action films, Hybrid wrap-around tale. For television programs that are composed of pre-existing broadcast or unbroadcast BT Puzzles and games USE Live-action/animation films Analysis, Literary television programs, or portions thereof, see Animated/live-action television programs, Hybrid Compilation television programs. USE USE Live-action/animation television programs UF Anthologies (Television programs) Anas Animated television music USE Sayings Omnibus television programs BT Television music BT Television programs Anas (Anecdotes) Animated television programs USE Anecdotes Anthropological fiction Television programs that create the illusion of USE Ethnographic fiction Anatomic models movement in drawings, clay, inanimate objects, or the USE Anatomical models like, through an animation technique. Anthropological films USE Ethnographic films Anatomical atlases UF Cartoons (Television programs) Anthropological maps UF Anatomy atlases Pink Panther television programs [Former USE Ethnographic maps Atlases, Anatomical heading] Anthropological television programs Atlases, Anatomy Scooby-Doo television programs [Former USE Ethnographic television programs Atlases of anatomy heading] Anti-masques BT Illustrated works Television cartoon shows USE Antimasques Reference works BT Television programs Anti- Anatomical models NT television programs USE UF Anatomic models television programs Anti-utopian comics Anatomy models Live-action/animation television programs USE Dystopian comics BT Models (Representations) Machinima television programs Anti-utopian drama Anatomy atlases Animation and live-action films, Combination USE Dystopian plays USE Anatomical atlases USE Live-action/animation films Anti-utopian fiction Anatomy models Animation and live-action television programs, USE Dystopian fiction USE Anatomical models Combination Anti- Andaluz, Cante USE Live-action/animation television programs USE War comics USE music Animation/live-action films, Hybrid Anti-war drama Andy Hardy films USE Live-action/animation films USE War drama USE films Animation/live-action television programs, Hybrid Anti-war fiction Coming-of-age films USE Live-action/animation television programs USE War fiction Anecdota (Anecdotes) Anime (Motion pictures) Anti-war films USE Anecdotes USE Animated films USE War films Anecdotes Annals and chronicles UF Ana (Anecdotes) Disscussions of events written in chronological Anti-war plays Anas (Anecdotes) order. For lists of events arranged by date or time see USE War drama Chronologies. Anecdota (Anecdotes) Anti-war poetry BT Humor UF Chronicles and annals USE War poetry films BT Informational works Anti-war posters BT films Annotated USE War posters Angélique films BT Bibliographies Anti-war television programs USE Action and adventure films Announcements, Radio USE War television programs Historical films USE Radio announcements Antimasques Farcical scenes presented as burlesque preludes Angler creel surveys Announcements, Theater (Motion pictures) USE Theater announcements (Motion pictures) or interludes to masques. USE Fishing surveys UF Ante-masques Angler surveys Annual gift books USE Gift books Antemasques USE Fishing surveys Anti-masques Angling fiction Annual reports USE Fishing fiction UF Reports, Annual Reports, Yearly

GF-4 BT Apocalyptic films Armillary spheres RT Masques Films set in a world or civilization after a BT Celestial globes Antinovels catastrophic event (e.g., nuclear war, an alien (Music) invasion), sometimes also including the period Fiction that avoids elements such as plot, dialogue, immediately preceding the event. For films set in an BT Derivative works and , and focuses instead on sheer uncertain future, in a society ruled by an ineffectual, Music perception. corrupt, or oppressive regime or by aliens, robots, NT concertatos UF Anti-novels etc., see Dystopian films. Intabulations Nouveaux romans UF Doomsday films Piano scores BT Experimental fiction End-of-the-world films Simplified editions (Music) Antiphonals (Service books) Post-apocalyptic films Vocal scores USE Antiphonaries (Service books) Post-apocalyptic science fiction films Ars acustica Antiphonaries (Service books) Postapocalyptic films USE UF Antiphonals (Service books) Postapocalyptic science fiction films Art Antiphoners (Service books) BT Science fiction films UF Art works BT Service books (Music) Survival films Artworks Antiphoners (Service books) Apocalyptic television programs Fine art USE Antiphonaries (Service books) Television programs set in a world or civilization Fine arts after a catastrophic event (e.g., nuclear war, an alien Antiphons (Music) Visual art BT Chants invasion), sometimes also including the period immediately preceding the event. For television Works of art Sacred music programs set in an uncertain future, in a society ruled BT Visual works Antiutopian comics by an ineffectual, corrupt, or oppressive regime or by NT Artists' books aliens, robots, etc., see Dystopian television USE Dystopian comics Antiutopian drama programs. UF Doomsday television programs USE Dystopian plays Installation works (Art) Antiutopian fiction End-of-the-world television programs Post-apocalyptic science fiction television USE Dystopian fiction Mixed media works Antiwar comics programs Post-apocalyptic television programs Multiples (Art) USE War comics Antiwar drama Postapocalyptic science fiction television programs Photomontages USE War drama Sculptures Antiwar fiction Postapocalyptic television programs BT Science fiction television programs Sound art USE War fiction art Antiwar films Survival television programs Apocryphal works Art, Courtroom USE War films USE Courtroom art Antiwar plays Works that are excluded from the sacred of a religion, denomination, sect, etc., e.g., the Art, Sequential USE War drama apocryphal gospels; the Tripiṭaka apocryphal works. USE Comics (Graphic works) Antiwar poetry BT Religious materials Art criticism USE War poetry Apologetic writings UF Criticism, Art Antiwar posters Works that explain a religion, denomination, sect, BT Discursive works USE War posters etc., and defend from external criticism. Art exhibition catalogs Apadana stories BT Informational works USE Exhibition catalogs USE Avadana stories Religious materials Art music Apadana tales Apophthegms Music composed in any classical, learned, and/or USE Avadana stories USE Sayings court tradition, in cultures that have a division Aphorisms Apothegms between art and folk music. For popular and folk USE Sayings music in cultures that distinguish it from art music see USE Sayings Popular music; Folk music, or a subgenre of either. Apocalyptic comics Appearance dockets UF Comics set in a world or civilization after a USE Dockets catastrophic event (e.g., nuclear war, an alien Court music invasion), sometimes also including the period Apprenticeship novels East Asian classical music immediately preceding the event. For comics set in USE Bildungsromans Middle Eastern classical music an uncertain future, in a society ruled by an Arabesk (Popular music) Serious music (Art music) ineffectual, corrupt, or oppressive regime or by aliens, BT Popular music robots, etc., see Dystopian comics. South Asian classical music Arabesques (Art music) UF Doomsday comics art music BT Art music Western classical music End-of-the-world comics Arbitral and proceedings Post-apocalyptic comics BT Music USE Trial and arbitral proceedings NT A'ak Post-apocalyptic science fiction comics Arbitration agreements, Commercial Postapocalyptic comics Aleatory music USE Commercial arbitration agreements Anthems Postapocalyptic science fiction comics Arbitration proceedings BT Science fiction comics Arabesques (Art music) USE Trial and arbitral proceedings Bagatelles (Music) Apocalyptic drama Arbitration transcripts Plays set in a world or civilization after a Ballades ( music) catastrophic event (e.g., nuclear war, an alien USE Trial and arbitral proceedings Barcaroles invasion), sometimes also including the period Archaeological surveys Berceuses immediately preceding the event. For plays set in an UF Archeological surveys Cadenzas uncertain future, in a society ruled by an ineffectual, Surveys, Archaeological corrupt, or oppressive regime or by aliens, robots, Canons (Music) etc., see Dystopian plays. Surveys, Archeological Cantatas UF Doomsday drama BT Informational works Canzonas (Instrumental music) End-of-the-world drama Archeological surveys Capriccios (Music) Post-apocalyptic drama USE Archaeological surveys Carnatic music Post-apocalyptic science fiction drama Architectural designs Chamber music Postapocalyptic drama USE Architectural drawings Chinese operas Postapocalyptic science fiction drama Architectural drawings Chorale preludes BT Science fiction plays UF Architectural designs etudes Apocalyptic fiction Architectural plans Concertos Fiction set in a world or civilization after a Designs, Architectural Dastgāhs catastrophic event (e.g., nuclear war, an alien Plans, Architectural Dialogues (Music) invasion), sometimes also including the period BT Drawings Dumky (Art music) immediately preceding the event. For fiction set in an NT Floor plans uncertain future, in a society ruled by an ineffectual, Fanfares corrupt, or oppressive regime or by aliens, robots, Architectural plans Fantasias (Music) etc., see Dystopian fiction. USE Architectural drawings Finales (Music) UF Doomsday fiction Archival finding aids Fugues End-of-the-world fiction USE Finding aids Post-apocalyptic fiction Arias Hát ả đào Post-disaster fiction USE Songs Hát bội Post-holocaust fiction Arie napolitane (Songs) Heike biwa Postapocalyptic fiction USE Villanelle (Songs) Hindustani music BT Science fiction Ariettas Hira gasy USE Songs Honkyoku Impromptus (Music) Interludes (Music) Intermezzos (Instrumental music)

GF-5 Art music (Continued) UF Ascension Thursday music BT Love poetry Kacapi-suling Feast of the Ascension music Kāfī (Music) Holy Thursday music Auction catalogs Malhūn (Music) BT Event music BT Sales catalogs Ma'lūf Sacred music Audience participation radio programs Microtonal music Ascension Day sermons UF Radio audience participation shows BT Occasional sermons BT Radio talk shows Monologues (Music) Ascension Thursday music RT Radio call-in shows Muqams USE Ascension Day music Audience participation television programs Musique concrète Wednesday music BT Nonfiction television programs Nhạ̣c tài tử USE Lenten music Audio art Nō music Ash Wednesday sermons USE Sound art Nocturnes (Music) BT Lenten sermons Audio books Oratorios Association, Articles of USE Organ masses USE Charters and articles of incorporation Audio data Overtures Astrological USE Speech corpora Partimenti USE Horoscopes Audio effects recordings (Music) Astrology readings USE Sound effects recordings music USE Horoscopes Audio equipment test recordings Phlēng thao Astronautical charts Specially prepared sound recordings containing Ping ju Maps and charts giving information for use in signals and program material designed to measure, evaluate, or calibrate audio equipment. Preludes (Music) navigation in space to determine course and location for the astronaut. Program music UF Test recordings, Audio equipment (Music) BT Aeronautical charts BT Sound recordings Ragas Astronomical models Audio guides Recorded commentary or information about a Rhapsodies (Music) UF Models, Astronomical BT Cartographic materials museum, gallery, or another place of interest that is Ricercars generally provided on a portable device. Romances (Music) Models (Representations) NT Celestial globes UF Audio interpretation systems (Audio guides) Rondos Audio tours Scherzos Atabales (Music) USE Palos (Music) Audioguides Sicilianas (Music) Audiotours Sonatas Atellan USE Atellanae Guides, Audio cycles Interpretation systems, Audio (Audio guides) Songs without words (Instrumental music) Atellan farces USE Atellanae Sound guides (Music) Tours, Audio Spectral music Atellanae Farcical, bawdy from Ancient Rome in BT Informational works music which stock characters were represented by masks. Sound recordings Suites UF Atellan fables Audio interpretation systems (Audio guides) Symphonies Atellan farces USE Audio guides Text-sound compositions Fables, Atellan Audio recording lists (Music) Fabulae Atellanae USE Discographies Tientos (Art music) BT Farces Audio tours Toccatas Athnayn athnayns USE Audio guides Variations (Music) USE Masnavis Audiobooks Vọng cố Atlas factice Recordings of oral readings of books. (Music) USE Composite atlases UF Audio books USE (Music) Atlases Books, Audio Art works UF Cartographic atlases Books, Cassette USE Art Geographic atlases Books, Recorded Arte, Commedia dell' Geographical atlases Books on tape USE Commedia dell'arte BT Maps Cassette books Arthurian romances NT Children's atlases Recorded books UF Matter of Britain (Arthurian romances) Composite atlases BT Sound recordings BT Romances Linguistic atlases NT Children's audiobooks Articles of association World atlases Talking books USE Charters and articles of incorporation Atlases, Anatomical Audiobooks for children Articles of incorporation and charters USE Anatomical atlases USE Children's audiobooks USE Charters and articles of incorporation Atlases, Anatomy Audioguides Articles of organization USE Anatomical atlases USE Audio guides USE Charters and articles of incorporation Atlases, Braille Audiotours Artist books USE Cartographic materials for people with visual USE Audio guides USE Artists' books disabilities , Film Artist files Atlases, Tactile USE Screen tests Collections of materials relating primarily to individual artists, artist collectives, collectors, art USE Cartographic materials for people with visual Auditions, Motion picture historians, curators, cultural institutions, art events, disabilities USE Screen tests etc. Atlases factice Auditions, Radio UF Artists' files USE Composite atlases USE Radio auditions Files, Artist Atlases for people with visual disabilities Auditions, Television BT Ephemera USE Cartographic materials for people with visual USE Screen tests Records (Documents) disabilities Austin Powers films Artists' books Atlases for the blind USE films Books that are produced by artists and intended as USE Cartographic materials for people with visual Spy films visual art objects. For sculptural works that mimic the disabilities Authorized biographies format or structure of the book, see Book objects. Atlases of anatomy USE Biographies UF Artist books USE Anatomical atlases Auto-portraits Book art (Artists' books) Attitude surveys USE Self-portraits Book works (Art) USE Public opinion polls Autobio comics Books, Artists' Attorney general opinions USE Bookworks (Art) USE Attorneys general's opinions Autobiographic comics BT Art Attorney generals' opinions USE Autobiographical comics Artists' files USE Attorneys general's opinions Autobiographic fiction USE Artist files Attorneys general's opinions USE Autobiographical fiction Artists' prints UF Attorney general opinions Autobiographic poetry USE Prints Attorney generals' opinions USE Autobiographical poetry Arts television programs BT Informational works Autobiographical comics USE Cultural television programs Law materials UF Autobio comics Artworks Aubades Autobiographic comics USE Art Poems about the parting of lovers at dawn. Graphic memoirs Ascension Day music UF Albas BT Autobiographies Music that is traditionally associated with Biographical comics Ascension Day. Tagelieder

GF-6 Autobiographical drama Avant-garde poetry Lute-ayres BT Autobiographies USE Experimental poetry Lute-songs Biographical drama Āvāzes BT Songs Autobiographical fiction USE Dastgāhs Azharot Fiction that is based on events in the author's life Aviation films Hebrew liturgical poems on the 613 but employs fictional characters intermixed with UF Air movies commandments. fictional events. For works that present themselves as BT Liturgical poetry autobiographies but whose narrators and events are Airplane films fictional see Fictional autobiographies. Flying films B-box UF Autobiographic fiction BT Motion pictures USE Autofiction Aviation television programs B films BT Television programs Low budget feature films that were usually shown Semi-autobiographical fiction in a double feature program along with the major Semiautobiographical fiction Avodah piyyutim production, the A film. UF Avodoth BT Biographical fiction UF B movies Piyyutim of the Avodah Autobiographical films B pictures BT Piyutim UF Autobiopics BT Low budget films Avodoth BT Autobiographies B movies USE Avodah piyyutim Biographical films USE B films Award ceremonies (Radio programs) Autobiographical poetry B pictures USE Award presentations (Radio programs) UF Autobiographic poetry USE B films Award ceremonies (Sound recordings) BT Autobiographies Baccalaureate sermons USE Award presentations (Sound recordings) Biographical poetry USE Graduation speeches Award ceremony radio programs NT Confessional poetry Bachata USE Award presentations (Radio programs) Autobiographical television programs UF Amargue, Música de Award presentation films BT Autobiographies Guardia, Música de USE Award presentations (Motion pictures) Nonfiction television programs Música de amargue Award presentation radio programs Autobiographies Música de guardia USE Award presentations (Radio programs) UF Confessions (Autobiographies) BT Dance presentation television programs Egodocuments Popular music USE Award presentations (Television programs) Memoirs Bachelor's theses Award presentations (Motion pictures) Personal memoirs USE Academic theses BT Biographies Films that record the presentation of awards or prizes. Background music NT Autobiographical comics UF Ambient music (Background music) Autobiographical drama UF Award presentation films Awards ceremonies (Motion pictures) Elevator music Autobiographical films Environmental music Autobiographical poetry Awards presentations (Motion pictures) Filmed award presentations Lift music Autobiographical television programs (Trademark) Captivity Presentations, Award (Motion pictures) BT Nonfiction films Piped music Pirate captivity narratives Weather music Slave narratives Award presentations (Radio programs) Radio programs during which awards or prizes are BT Functional music Autobiographies, Fictional presented. Background music (Production music) USE Fictional autobiographies UF Award ceremonies (Radio programs) USE Production music Autobiopics Award ceremony radio programs Background sounds USE Autobiographical films Award presentation radio programs USE Ambient sounds Autofiction Awards ceremonies (Radio programs) Bad poetry (Bathetic poetry) USE Autobiographical fiction Awards presentations (Radio programs) USE Bathetic poetry Fictional autobiographies Ceremonies, Award (Radio programs) Bagatelles (Music) Autograph album rhymes Presentations, Award (Radio programs) Short, light pieces of instrumental music that are USE Autograph verse generally created and published in sets. BT Award presentations (Sound recordings) Autograph book rhymes Nonfiction radio programs BT Art music USE Autograph verse Award presentations (Sound recordings) Bailā (Music) Autograph poetry Sound recordings of ceremonies during which UF Bayala (Music) USE Autograph verse awards or prizes are presented. Bayilā (Music) Autograph rhymes UF Award ceremonies (Sound recordings) BT Dance music USE Autograph verse Awards ceremonies (Sound recordings) Popular music Autograph verse Awards presentations (Sound recordings) Baitaak gana Rhyming poems that were written in autograph USE Tan singing books. Ceremonies, Award (Sound recordings) Presentations, Award (Sound recordings) Baithak gāna UF Album verse (Autograph verse) BT Sound recordings USE Tan singing Autograph album rhymes NT Award presentations (Radio programs) operas Autograph book rhymes Award presentations (Television programs) English dramatic form of the mid-18th century, in Autograph poetry which songs set to traditional or popular Television programs that record the presentation of were integrated into the of a . Autograph rhymes awards or prizes. BT Occasional verse UF Award presentation television programs BT Dramatic music Autoportraits Awards ceremonies (Television programs) NT Jiggs (Ballad operas) USE Self-portraits Awards presentations (Television programs) Ballades (Formes fixes) Autos sacramentales Television award presentations BT Songs Spanish allegorical religious plays of the 16-18th Ballades (Instrumental music) centuries performed on the feast of Corpus Christi. BT Nonfiction television programs Awards ceremonies (Motion pictures) BT Art music BT Allegories USE Award presentations (Motion pictures) Ballades (Poetry) Religious drama Old French poems consisting of three stanzas, Awards ceremonies (Radio programs) Avadana stories followed by a four-line envoy. USE Award presentations (Radio programs) Stories that are usually narrated by the Buddha BT Poetry and that identify characters in the past as former Awards ceremonies (Sound recordings) births of characters in the present. USE Award presentations (Sound recordings) European and North American narrative songs that UF Apadana stories Awards ceremonies (Television programs) describe a dramatic episode in strophic form, often Apadana tales USE Award presentations (Television programs) with a recurrent . Avadana tales Awards presentations (Motion pictures) UF Folk ballads Stories, Apadana USE Award presentations (Motion pictures) BT Narrative songs Stories, Avadana Awards presentations (Radio programs) NT (Music) Tales, Apadana USE Award presentations (Radio programs) Ballate Tales, Avadana Awards presentations (Sound recordings) BT Songs BT Biographies USE Award presentations (Sound recordings) Ballet (Music) Literature Awards presentations (Television programs) USE Ballets (Music) Avadana tales USE Award presentations (Television programs) Ballet dance music USE Avadana stories Awits USE Dance accompaniment music Avant-garde drama USE Koridos Ballet films USE Experimental drama Axioms BT Dance films Avant-garde fiction USE Sayings Ballet posters USE Experimental fiction Ayres USE Dance posters Avant-garde films English lute-songs of the late 16th and early 17th Ballet programs centuries. USE Experimental films USE Dance programs UF Airs (Lute-songs)

GF-7 Ballet television programs Barong drama Be-bop (Music) BT Dance television programs USE Barong plays USE Bop (Music) Ballets, Filmed Barong plays Beach-blanket films USE Filmed ballets Balinese dance that depict the struggle USE Beach party films Ballets, Televised between the forces of an evil witch and benign lion- Beach-bunny films like figure. USE Televised ballets USE Beach party films Ballets (Music) UF Barong drama Beach music Musical works composed for, or adapted as, BT Dance drama USE Carolina beach music ballets. Folk drama Beach party films UF Ballet (Music) Base maps Films that feature groups of teens who gather on BT Dance music USE Outline maps the beach to party, surf, etc. Dramatic music Baseball films UF Beach-blanket films Ballets (Part songs) USE Sports films Beach-bunny films USE Balletti (Part songs) Baseball games, Filmed Sand-and-surf films Balletti (Part songs) USE Filmed baseball games Sun-and-sand films UF Ballets (Part songs) Baseball games, Televised BT Teen films Ballettos (Part songs) USE Televised baseball games Beast epics Balletts (Part songs) Baseball television programs UF Animal epics Fa-las (Part songs) USE Sports television programs Epics, Animal BT Part songs Basketball films Epics, Beast Ballettos (Part songs) USE Sports films BT USE Balletti (Part songs) Basketball games, Filmed Satirical literature Balletts (Part songs) USE Filmed basketball games Beat boxing USE Balletti (Part songs) Basketball games, Televised USE Beatboxing Balloon views USE Televised basketball games Beatbox USE Aerial views Basketball television programs USE Beatboxing (Music) USE Sports television programs Beatboxing BT Dance music Basse dances (Music) UF B-box Bambula (Music) USE Basses danses (Music) Beat boxing USE Palos (Music) Basse danses (Music) Beatbox Banda (Music) USE Basses danses (Music) Human beatboxing BT Popular music Bassedanze (Music) BT Popular music Bandit gangster films USE Basses danses (Music) Beauty contest films USE Gangster films Basses dances (Music) Competitions in which the entrants are judged as (Music) USE Basses danses (Music) to physical beauty and sometimes personality and talent, with the winners awarded prizes or titles. UF Malay opera Basses danses (Music) BT Dramatic music UF Basse dances (Music) UF Beauty contests (Motion pictures) association journals Basse danses (Music) Beauty pageant films USE Bar journals Bassedanze (Music) Beauty pageants (Motion pictures) Bar charts Basses dances (Music) BT Nonfiction films USE Graphs BT Court dances (Music) Beauty contest television programs Bastard pop (Music) Television programs of competitions in which the Bar journals entrants are judged as to physical beauty and UF Bar association journals USE Mashups (Music) sometimes personality and talent, with the winners Journals, Bar Bath books awarded prizes or titles. Journals, Law society BT Picture books UF Beauty contests (Television programs) Journals, association Toy and movable books Beauty pageant television programs Law society journals Bathetic poetry Beauty pageants (Television programs) Lawyers association journals Overtly sentimental or ludicrous poems that exhibit BT Nonfiction television programs insincere pathos, triteness, or banality. State bar journals Beauty contests (Motion pictures) BT Law materials UF Bad poetry (Bathetic poetry) USE Beauty contest films Periodicals BT Poetry Beauty contests (Television programs) Bar mitsṿah sermons Bathymetric maps USE Beauty contest television programs USE Bar mitzvah sermons BT Topographic maps Beauty pageant films Bar mitzva sermons films USE Beauty contest films USE Bar mitzvah sermons USE films Beauty pageant television programs Bar mitzvah sermons Battle-cries USE Beauty contest television programs UF Bar mitsṿah sermons UF War-cries Beauty pageants (Motion pictures) Bar mitzva sermons BT Human sounds USE Beauty contest films Bar mitzwa sermons RT Military calls Beauty pageants (Television programs) Barmitzvah sermons Battledoors (Primers) USE Beauty contest television programs BT Occasional sermons USE Hornbooks (Primers) (Music) Bar mitzwa sermons Battledores (Primers) USE Bop (Music) USE Bar mitzvah sermons USE Hornbooks (Primers) Bedtime prayers Barbary captivity narratives Bawdy drama USE Prayers USE Pirate captivity narratives USE Bawdy plays Beguines (Music) Barbershop (Music) Bawdy films UF Bigins (Music) UF Barbershop USE films Biguines (Music) Barbershop style music Bawdy plays BT Dance music Comedic plays that are sexually indecent, coarse, BT Songs or lewd. Beijing operas Barbershop harmony UF Bawdy drama USE Chinese operas USE Barbershop (Music) Sex (Drama) Belles-lettres Barbershop style music Sex comedy plays USE Literature USE Barbershop (Music) BT Comedy plays music Barcaroles RT Erotic drama USE Bellydance music UF Barcarolles NT plays Bellydance music BT Art music Musical compositions composed or arranged for Bawdy poetry belly dancing. Barcarolles Poems that are sexually indecent, coarse, or lewd. USE Barcaroles UF Belly dance music UF Ribald poetry Bargaining agreements, Collective BT Dance music BT Poetry USE Collective labor agreements Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament (Music) RT Erotic poetry Barmitzvah sermons BT Event music Bawdy songs USE Bar mitzvah sermons Sacred music UF Ribald songs Barong (Music) Benedictionals music to accompany Balinese dance BT Humorous songs USE Liturgical books dramas that depict the struggle between the forces of Bayala (Music) Beng beng xi an evil witch and benign lion-like figure. USE Bailā (Music) USE Ping ju UF Kris dance Bayalaaṭṭa plays Bengbeng xi Ritual barong USE Yakṣagāna plays USE Ping ju Trance dance Bayalāṭa plays Bengbengxi BT Dance music USE Yakṣagāna plays USE Ping ju Dramatic music Bayilā (Music) USE Bailā (Music)

GF-8 Berceuses Biblical stories Drama UF Lullabies (Berceuses) USE Bible stories NT Autobiographical drama BT Art music Biblical television programs Biographical fiction Berceuses (Songs) USE Bible television programs Fiction that depicts the lives of real people USE Lullabies (Songs) Bibliographies interspersed with fictional characters and events. For fiction in which real persons, places, or events are Bergerettes (Songs) UF Book lists depicted under invented names see Romans à clef. BT Songs Lists of books UF Biographic fiction Bergerettes (Virelais) Lists of publications BT Fiction USE Virelais (Formes fixes) Publication lists NT Autobiographical fiction Bergfilme Webliographies Biographical films USE Mountain films BT Reference works Films that depict lives of real people. For films in Bestiaries NT Annotated bibliographies which real persons, places, or events are depicted Collections of medieval allegories featuring Big Brother television programs under invented names see Films à clef. animals that were intended to teach Christian . USE programs UF Bio-pics BT Allegories Big-caper films Biographic films Literature USE Caper films Biographies, Film Bhagavatara plays Big-caper television programs Biopics USE Yakṣagāna plays USE Caper television programs Film biographies Bhangra (Music) Big-top films Motion picture biographies Popular music that combines traditional bhangra USE Circus films Screen biographies drumming with modern Western instruments and rhythms. Bigins (Music) BT Motion pictures USE Beguines (Music) BT Popular music NT Autobiographical films Biguines (Music) Bhaowaiya Hagiographical films USE Beguines (Music) USE Bhāwāiyā Biographical notes Biker films Bhāoẏāiẏā USE Biographies USE Motorcycle films USE Bhāwāiyā Biographical poetry Biker poetry Bhāwāiyā UF Biographic poetry Poems that describe motorcycling and the UF Bhaowaiya BT Biographies motorcycling lifestyle that are generally written by Poetry Bhāoẏāiẏā people with firsthand experience of that life. NT Autobiographical poetry BT Folk songs UF Moto poetry Bi comics Biographical radio programs Motorcycle poetry UF Biopics, Radio USE Bisexual comics BT Poetry Bi drama Radio biographies Radio biopics USE Bisexual drama BT Popular music Bi fiction BT Biographies Bildungsdrama Radio programs USE Bisexual fiction USE Coming-of-age drama Bi poetry Biographical sketches Bildungsfilms USE Biographies USE Bisexual poetry USE Coming-of-age films Bible comics Biographical television programs Bildungsromane Fiction or nonfiction television programs that depict UF Biblical comics USE Bildungsromans the lives of real people. For fictional television BT Religious comics Bildungsromans programs in which real persons, places, or events are Bible drama Fiction depicting the development of a character depicted under invented names see Drames à clef USE Bible plays from to adulthood. (Television programs). Bible fiction UF Apprenticeship novels UF Bio-pics, Television Imaginative fiction in which characters and settings Bildungsromane Biographies, Television are taken from the Bible. For paraphrases of Biblical Coming-of-age fiction Biopics, Television texts in story form see Bible stories. Entwicklungsromane Portraits (Biographical television programs) UF Biblical fiction Entwicklungsromans Profiles (Biographical television programs) BT Fiction Erziehungsromane Television bio-pics Bible films Erziehungsromans Television biographies Film versions of Biblical stories. Initiation stories Television biopics UF Biblical films Künstlerromane BT Television programs BT Religious films Künstlerromans Biographies Bible-histories (Drama) BT Fiction UF Authorized biographies USE Mystery and miracle plays Bîlinî Biographical notes Bible plays USE poetry Biographical sketches Plays depicting characters, events, etc., from the Histories, Life Bible. Bills, Legislative USE Legislative bills Life histories UF Bible drama Bills (Posters) Sketches, Biographical Biblical drama USE Posters Unauthorized biographies BT Religious drama Bills of fare BT NT Passion plays USE Menus Informational works Purim plays Bills of sale NT Autobiographies Bible stories BT Legal instruments Avadana stories Paraphrases of Biblical texts in story form. For imaginative fiction in which characters and settings Bio-pics Biographical comics are taken from the Bible see Bible fiction. USE Biographical films Biographical drama UF Biblical stories Bio-pics, Television Biographical poetry New Testament stories USE Biographical television programs Biographical radio programs Old Testament stories Biographic comics Hagiographies Stories, Bible USE Biographical comics Biographies, Film Stories, Biblical Biographic drama USE Biographical films Stories, New Testament USE Biographical drama Biographies, Television Stories, Old Testament Biographic fiction USE Biographical television programs BT Literature USE Biographical fiction Biological horror films Bible television programs Biographic films USE Body horror films Television versions of Biblical stories. USE Biographical films Biological horror television programs UF Biblical television programs Biographic poetry USE Body horror television programs BT Religious television programs USE Biographical poetry Biological Bibles, Thumb Biographical comics USE Biostatistics USE Thumb Bibles UF Biographic comics Biopics Bibles, Tijuana Comics biographies USE Biographical films USE Tijuana bibles BT Biographies Biopics, Radio Biblical comics Nonfiction comics USE Biographical radio programs USE Bible comics NT Autobiographical comics Biopics, Television Biblical drama Biographical drama USE Biographical television programs USE Bible plays Plays that depict the lives of real people Biostatistics interspersed with fictional characters and events. For Biblical fiction UF Biological statistics plays in which real persons, places, or events are BT Statistics USE Bible fiction depicted under invented names see Drames à clef. Biblical films Bird's-eye views UF Biographic drama USE Aerial views USE Bible films BT Biographies

GF-9 Birth stories, Buddhist Block prints, Linoleum UF Book of Mormon drama USE Jataka stories USE Linocuts BT Religious drama Bisexual comics Blogs Book of Mormon stories Comics about the bisexual experience. UF MABs (Multi-author blogs) Paraphrases of Book of Mormon texts in story UF Bi comics Multi-author blogs form. BT Comics (Graphic works) Web logs UF Mormon stories, Book of Bisexual drama Weblogs Stories, Book of Mormon Drama about the bisexual experience. BT Informational works BT Literature UF Bi drama NT Microblogs radio programs BT Drama Blood, of UF Radio book review programs Bisexual fiction USE Revenge tragedies BT Book reviews Fiction about the bisexual experience. Blooks Nonfiction radio programs UF Bi fiction USE Book objects Book review television programs BT Fiction Blue comedy films UF Television book review programs Bisexual poetry USE Sex comedy films BT Book reviews Poetry about the bisexual experience. Blue movies Nonfiction television programs UF Bi poetry USE Pornographic films Book reviews BT Poetry Bluebeat UF Literary reviews Bizarro fiction USE (Music) BT Reviews BT Fiction NT Book review radio programs Black action films BT Country music Book review television programs USE Blaxploitation films (Music) Book works (Art) Black comedies UF Jive USE Artists' books USE Black humor BT Folk music Bookobjects films Popular music USE Book objects USE Dark comedy films NT Blues-rock music Books, ABC Black comedy television programs woogie (Music) USE Alphabet books USE Dark comedy television programs (Music) Books, Alphabet Black exploitation films music USE Alphabet books USE Blaxploitation films Blues poetry Books, Artists' Black humor Poetry stemming from the musical tradition of the USE Artists' books Literary works that derive humor from suffering or blues that generally portray struggle, despair, Books, Audio the absurdity of existence in a bitter, ironic, morbid, or helplessness and loss. USE Audiobooks grimly satiric way. BT Poetry Books, Cassette UF Black comedies Blues-rock music USE Audiobooks Dark comedies BT Blues (Music) Books, Field Dark humor Rock music USE Field notes Gallows humor Bluesies (Tijuana bibles) Books, Filmed Comedies, Black USE Tijuana bibles USE Film adaptations Comedies, Dark Board games Books, Gift BT Humor BT Puzzles and games USE Gift books Literature Body count films Books, Model (Pattern books) Black light books USE Slasher films USE Pattern books USE Glow-in-the-dark books Body horror films Books, Pattern (Music) UF Biological horror films USE Pattern books BT Heavy metal (Music) BT Horror films Books, Recorded Blackface minstrel music Body horror television programs USE Audiobooks USE Minstrel music UF Biological horror television programs Books, Sample Blackfaced minstrel shows BT Horror television programs USE Sample books USE Minstrel shows (Music) Books of account Blackout poetry BT Dance music USE Account books USE Erasure poetry Bons mots Books of Shadows Blacksploitation films USE Humor USE USE Blaxploitation films Boo-ga-loos (Music) Books on tape Blank books USE Boogaloos (Music) USE Audiobooks USE Notebooks Boogaloos (Music) Bookworks (Art) Blank forms UF Boo-ga-loos (Music) USE Artists' books UF Forms, Blank Boogalus (Music) Bop (Music) BT Ephemera Bugaloos (Music) UF Be-bop (Music) Informational works Popcorn music Bebop (Music) NT Legal forms Shing-a-lings (Music) Rebop (Music) Blank verse BT Dance music BT Jazz Poems having regular meter but no rhyme. Popular music Bop (Poetry) BT Poetry Boogalus (Music) Poems in three stanzas that present, describe, and Blankbooks USE Boogaloos (Music) solve a problem. USE Notebooks Boogie woogie (Music) UF The bop (Poetry) Blaxploitation films BT Blues (Music) BT Poetry UF Action films, Black Dance music Bossa (Music) Black action films Book art (Artists' books) BT Dance music Black exploitation films USE Artists' books Popular music Blacksploitation films Book digests Botanical inventories Exploitation films, Black USE Abridgments USE Botanical surveys films [Former heading] Book lists Botanical surveys BT Motion pictures USE Bibliographies UF Botanical inventories Blessings, Papal Book objects Flora inventories USE Papal blessings Sculptural works that mimic the format or structure Flora surveys of the book. For books that are produced by artists Floristic inventories Blind, Atlases for the and intended as visual art objects, see Artists' books. USE Cartographic materials for people with visual Floristic surveys UF Blooks Inventories, Botanical disabilities Bookobjects Blind, Cartographic materials for the Inventories, Flora Objects, Book Inventories, Floristic USE Cartographic materials for people with visual BT Sculptures disabilities Inventories, Plant Book of Mormon comics Inventories, Vegetation Blind, Globes for the Comics depicting characters, events, etc., from the USE Cartographic materials for people with visual Book of Mormon. Plant inventories disabilities BT Religious comics Plant surveys Blind, Maps for the Book of Mormon drama Surveys, Botanical USE Cartographic materials for people with visual USE Book of Mormon plays Surveys, Flora disabilities Book of Mormon plays Surveys, Floristic Block diagrams Plays depicting characters, events, etc., from the Surveys, Plant BT Relief models Book of Mormon. Surveys, Vegetation Block prints Vegetation inventories USE Relief prints

GF-10 Vegetation surveys (Music) Ca vọng cỏ̂ BT Informational works BT Dance music USE Vọng cố Bottle-charts Bulls, Papal Cacce (Part songs) BT Maps USE Papal documents BT Part songs Bounce (Music) Bumper stickers Cachuas BT Rap (Music) UF Bumper strips USE Huaynos Bourées (Music) Stickers, Bumper Cacotopian comics USE Bourrées (Music) Strips, Bumper USE Dystopian comics Bourgeois drama BT Ephemera Cacotopian drama USE Domestic drama Bumper strips USE Dystopian plays Bourne films USE Bumper stickers Cacotopian fiction USE Action and adventure films Burial records USE Dystopian fiction Spy films USE Death registers Cadastral maps Bourrées (Music) Burial statistics UF Plan diagrams UF Bourées (Music) USE Death registers Plan maps BT Dance music Burlesque acts, Filmed Plat books Bow songs USE Filmed burlesque acts Plat diagrams USE Vil pāṭṭu Burlesques (Literature) Plat maps [Former heading] Bowery Boys films that ridicule serious literary or musical Plot diagrams USE Comedy films works by either treating their solemn subjects in an Plot maps undignified style or applying their elevated style to a Boxing films trivial subject. Property maps USE Sports films BT Parodies (Literature) Protraction maps Boxing matches, Filmed NT Satyr plays BT Maps USE Filmed boxing matches Burlettas Cadenzas Bragging tales USE Operas BT Art music USE Tall tales Burra katha plays Cafona (Music) Braille atlases USE Burrakatha plays USE Brega (Music) USE Cartographic materials for people with visual Burrakatha drama Caipira (Music) disabilities USE Burrakatha plays USE Música sertaneja Braille books Burrakatha plays Cajun music Traditional music of the Cajuns and for music BT Tactile works Telugu folk plays that combine dances, recitations, Braille globes containing elements of, or inspired by, traditional and songs to relate the narrative. music in the Cajun style. USE Cartographic materials for people with visual UF Burra katha plays BT Folk music disabilities Burrakatha drama Braille maps Popular music Burrakathe plays Calavera poetry USE Cartographic materials for people with visual Jangam katha plays disabilities USE Calaveras Saradakatha plays Calaveras Braille periodicals Suddulu plays BT Periodicals UF Calavera poetry Tamboorakatha plays Day of the Dead broadside poems Tactile works Tandana katha plays Branching-path books BT Humorous poetry BT Folk drama Occasional verse USE Choose-your-own stories Burrakathe plays Brega (Music) Calcudoku puzzles USE Burrakatha plays USE KenKen puzzles UF Cafona (Music) Business correspondence BT Popular music Calembours UF Business email USE Puns Breviaries Business letters UF Divine Office (Breviaries) Calendars Business mail BT Ephemera Hours, Liturgy of the Commercial correspondence Liturgy of the Hours Reference works Commercial email NT Perpetual calendars BT Liturgical books Correspondence, Business Briefs, Legal Call documents Correspondence, Commercial Official documents that outline the circumstances, USE Records and briefs Email, Business mutual obligations, and terms of a minister's call to Briefs, Papal Email, Commercial service. USE Papal documents Letters, Business BT Records (Documents) Briefs (Programs) Mail, Business Religious materials USE Programs (Publications) BT Discursive works Call-in radio programs Briefs and records Records (Documents) USE Radio call-in shows USE Records and briefs NT Pastoral letters and charges Call-in radio shows Broadcasts, Shortwave radio Business email USE Radio call-in shows USE Shortwave radio broadcasts USE Business correspondence Calon Arang plays Broadsides (Posters) Business films USE Calonarang plays USE Playbills (Posters) USE Industrial films Calonarang drama Brostep (Music) Business letters USE Calonarang plays USE (Music) USE Business correspondence Calonarang plays Brunettes (Songs) Business mail Balinese dance dramas that feature a magically BT Songs USE Business correspondence powerful widow whose black must be defeated. Buccaneer films By-laws USE Pirate films Rules or administrative provisions adopted by an UF Calon Arang plays Bucolic fiction organization for its internal governance and its Calonarang drama USE Pastoral fiction external dealings. For by-laws established by cities, Chalonarang plays towns, or other local governmental entities see Tjalonarang plays Bucolic poetry Municipal ordinances. USE Pastoral poetry BT Dance drama UF Bye-laws Bucolics Folk drama Bylaws USE Pastoral poetry Calypso (Music) BT Legal instruments Buddhist birth stories BT Folk music By-laws, Tribal USE Jataka stories Dance music USE Statutes and codes Buddy films Popular music Bye-laws BT Motion pictures RT music USE By-laws Buddy television programs Cameraless animated films Bylaws BT Television programs USE Cameraless animation films USE By-laws Bugaku (Music) Cameraless animation films Bylichki BT Dance music Films created by drawing, , or USE Memorates Gagaku the images directly on film stock. Byliny Bugaloos (Music) UF Cameraless animated films USE USE Boogaloos (Music) Direct animation films Byvalʹshchiny Bullariums Direct-on film animation films USE Memorates USE Papal documents Drawn-on films Bywords (Sayings) Bulldog Drummond films films USE Sayings USE Detective and mystery films Hand-drawn films Ca trù (Music) Noncamera films USE Hát ả đào UF Chandé (Music)

GF-11 Cameraless animation films (Continued) Chazzanos cards. Out-of-camera films Chazzanut BT Puzzles and games BT Animated films Chazzanuth Cards, Greeting Camp songs Hazanut USE Greeting cards Songs sung at youth camps or other youth Hazanuth Cards, Lobby organization activities or programs. Ḥazonis USE Lobby cards UF Campfire songs Hazzanut Cards, Playing Camping songs Hazzanuth USE Playing cards Scouting songs BT Chants Cards, Trading BT Functional music Synagogue music USE Trading cards Songs Canzonas (Instrumental music) Caricatures Campaign commercials Instrumental music of the 16th to 17th centuries Images, especially portraits, that exaggerate USE Political television commercials that was modeled on the style and structure of the certain features or characteristics to humorous or Campaign posters chanson. ludicrous effect. USE Political posters UF Canzones (Instrumental music) BT Humor Campaign songs Canzonettas (Instrumental music) Pictures Songs composed or adapted for political Canzoni (Instrumental music) Carmen films campaigns. BT Art music USE Motion pictures BT Functional music Canzone napolitane Carmina figurata Promotional materials USE Villanelle (Songs) USE Pattern poetry Songs Canzone villanesche Carnatic music Campaign speeches USE Villanelle (Songs) UF Karnatak music BT Speeches Canzones (Instrumental music) Karnatic music Campaign spots (Television commercials) USE Canzonas (Instrumental music) South USE Political television commercials Canzonets (Part songs) BT Art music Campfire songs UF Canzonettas (Part songs) NT Ālāpa USE Camp songs BT Part songs Carnival music Camping songs Canzonettas (Instrumental music) Music composed for, or associated with, the pre- USE Camp songs USE Canzonas (Instrumental music) Lenten festivities known as Carnival. Campur sari Canzonettas (Part songs) BT Event music USE USE Canzonets (Part songs) RT Calypso (Music) Campursari Canzoni (Instrumental music) NT Canti carnascialeschi UF Campur sari USE Canzonas (Instrumental music) Frevos BT Popular music Canzoni alla napolitana Carnival plays Campus fiction USE Villanelle (Songs) USE Fastnachtsspiele Fiction that is set on and around a college or Caper films Carol texts university campus and focuses on the lives and Films that feature the execution of a particularly BT Song texts interactions of students, faculty, administrators, and difficult undertaking, often questionable or illegal, the Carolina beach music staff. success of which depends on skill and careful planning. UF Beach music UF Academic fiction (Campus fiction) BT Dance music UF Big-caper films College fiction music Heist films University fiction (Campus fiction) BT Motion pictures BT Fiction Carols Campus films RT films For texts of carols that appear without a musical USE College life films Caper television programs setting see Carol texts. Cancans (Music) Television programs that feature the execution of a UF Christmas carols BT Dance music particularly difficult undertaking, often questionable or illegal, the success of which depends on skill and Easter carols Candlemas music careful planning. BT Songs Music that is traditionally associated with RT Christmas music Candlemas. UF Big-caper television programs Heist television programs Easter music BT Event music BT Television programs Carousel books Sacred music RT Television crime shows USE Tunnel books Candombes (Music) Capricci (Music) Carpatho-Rusyn chants BT Dance music USE Capriccios (Music) USE Popular music Capricciettos (Music) Carry On films Cañi, Cante USE Capriccios (Music) USE Comedy films USE Flamenco music Capriccios (Music) Cartograms, Linear Canned music UF Capricci (Music) USE Flow maps USE Production music Capricciettos (Music) Cartographic atlases Canons (Music) USE Atlases Musical works with a that is imitated at a Caprices (Music) particular interval of time, generally note-for-note. For Caprichos (Music) Cartographic materials works based on canonic that generally begin BT Art music NT Aerial photographs with a subject that recurs frequently throughout see Caprices (Music) Astronomical models Fugues. USE Capriccios (Music) Cartographic materials for people with visual BT Art music Caprichos (Music) disabilities NT Rounds (Music) USE Capriccios (Music) Ephemerides Cantatas Captioned films Gazetteers BT Art music USE Films for the hearing impaired Geographic information systems Cante andaluz Captioned television programs Geological cross-sections USE Flamenco music USE Television programs for the hearing impaired Globes Cante cañi Captioned video recordings Maps USE Flamenco music USE Video recordings for the hearing impaired Relief models Cante flamenco Captivity narratives Remote-sensing images USE Flamenco music First-person accounts of European settlers who Views Cante hondo were kidnapped by American Indians during the Cartographic materials for people with visual disabilities USE Flamenco music colonial period. UF Atlases, Braille Cante jondo UF Indian captivity narratives Atlases for people with visual disabilities USE Flamenco music Narratives, Captivity Atlases for the blind Canti carnascialeschi BT Autobiographies Atlases, Tactile BT Carnival music Captivity narratives, Barbary Blind, Atlases for the Part songs USE Pirate captivity narratives Blind, Cartographic materials for the Canticles Captivity narratives, Pirate Blind, Globes for the BT Sacred music USE Pirate captivity narratives Blind, Maps for the Cantillations Car-chase films Braille atlases BT Chants UF Car-crash films Braille globes Sacred music Crash-and-wreck films Braille maps Cantorial music BT Motion pictures Cartographic materials for the blind UF Chazanut Car-crash films Globes, Braille Chazanuth USE Car-chase films Globes, Tactile Chazones Card games Globes for people with visual disabilities Chazzanoet Games that are played exclusively or primarily with Globes for the blind Maps, Braille

GF-12 Maps, Tactile Oeuvre catalogues Ceramic ware Maps for people with visual disabilities BT Catalogs USE Pottery Maps for the blind films Cerdd dant People with visual disabilities, Atlases for USE Disaster films UF Penillion singing People with visual disabilities, Cartographic Catches (Music) BT Folk songs materials for USE Rounds (Music) Ceremonies, Award (Radio programs) People with visual disabilities, Globes for Catechisms USE Award presentations (Radio programs) People with visual disabilities, Maps for Works that provide comprehensive instruction on Ceremonies, Award (Sound recordings) Tactile atlases doctrines and are often structured in question-and- USE Award presentations (Sound recordings) answer form. Tactile cartographic materials Certificates of incorporation Tactile globes BT Instructional and educational works USE Charters and articles of incorporation Tactile maps Religious materials CG films (Computer animation) BT Cartographic materials Cautionary tales USE Computer animation films Informational works USE Fables CG television programs (Computer animation) Tactile works Cavachas (Music) USE Computer animation television programs Cartographic materials for the blind BT Popular music CGI films (Computer animation) USE Cartographic materials for people with visual CCM (Contemporary ) USE Computer animation films disabilities USE Contemporary Christian music CGI television programs (Computer animation) Cartoons, Animated (Motion pictures) Celestial charts USE Computer animation television programs USE Animated films BT Maps Cha-chas (Music) Cartoons (Humor) RT Celestial globes BT Dance music Pictures that use and/or to comment on Celestial globes events, social , politics, or other subjects. For UF Globes, Celestial Algerian popular music based on traditional narrative works that employ sequential art, and often Globes, Star proverbs or modern-day maxims that speak of , to tell a story, see Comics (Graphic works). Star globes everyday situations. BT Humor BT Astronomical models UF Chaabiya Pictures RT Celestial charts Shaʻbī NT Editorial cartoons NT Armillary spheres BT Popular music Political cartoons Cell phone novels Chaabiya Cartoons (Television programs) Novels meant to be read via text message on USE Chaabi USE Animated television programs mobile phones. (Music) Cartoons (Working drawings) UF Cellphone novels BT Dance music Full-sized preparatory drawings created to transfer Cellular telephone novels Chaconnes a design to the working surface of a painting, Mobile phone novels tapestry, or other large work. BT Variations (Music) SMS novels Chag Hashavuot music BT Drawings Text messaging novels Carvings USE Shavuot music BT Novels Chahār meżrābs USE Sculptures Cellphone novels Carwitchets USE Chāhārmezrābs USE Cell phone novels Chahārmeżrāb-ha USE Puns Cellular telephone novels Case digests USE Chāhārmezrābs USE Cell phone novels Chāhārmezrābs USE Law digests Case histories UF Chahār meżrābs Traditional music of Celtic ethnic groups in general Chahārmeżrāb-ha USE Case studies and musical compositions containing elements of, or Case reports inspired by, traditional music in the Celtic style. BT Dastgāhs Chain tales USE Case studies BT Folk music USE Cumulative tales Case studies Popular music Chalonarang plays UF Case histories Census data USE Calonarang plays Case reports Official counts of the population of a place or Histories, Case that sometimes include data relating to Chamamé (Music) economic and social conditions. For reports about the Reports, Case BT Dance music social, economic, health, or other characteristics of a Chambara films Studies, Case population that are generally based on estimates BT Informational works calculated through sampling techniques see USE films Casebooks Demographic surveys. For official public records of Chambara television programs births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and other life USE Casebooks (Law) USE Samurai television programs events see Vital statistics. Chamber dramas (Motion pictures) Casebooks (Law) UF Census figures Law school containing leading court USE Kammerspiel films decisions in a particular field, together with Census records Chamber films commentary and other material useful for classroom Census returns USE Kammerspiel films discussion. Census schedules Chamber music UF Casebooks [Former heading] Data, Census UF Consort music BT Law materials Returns, Census Consorts (Music) Textbooks Schedules, Census Vocal chamber music Cassations BT Records (Documents) BT Art music USE Suites RT Demographic surveys NT In nomines (Music) Cassette books Vital statistics Part songs USE Audiobooks Census figures Chamber operas Cast albums, Original USE Census data BT Operas USE Original cast recordings Census records Champeta (Music) Cast recordings, Original USE Census data UF Terapia USE Original cast recordings Census returns BT Dance music Catalogs USE Census data Popular music UF Catalogues Census schedules Chanbara films BT Reference works USE Census data USE Samurai films NT Catalogues raisonnés Censuses, Chanbara television programs catalogs USE Traffic surveys USE Samurai television programs Course catalogs Cento poetry Chance music Discographies USE Centos USE Aleatory music Exhibition catalogs Centos Chanchona (Music) Poems consisting of passages from poems by one BT Popular music catalogs or more other authors. For poems consisting of words or text taken from various sources and reframed as Chandé (Music) Religious inventories poetry see . USE Bullerengue (Music) Sales catalogs UF Cento poetry Chang Thematic catalogs (Music) poetry USE Sasŏl sijo Catalogues Mosaic poetry Changgeuk USE Catalogs Patchwork poetry USE Ch'anggŭk Catalogues raisonnés BT (Literature) Ch'anggŭk Comprehensive, annotated listings of an artist's UF Changgeuk works in one or more mediums, the works of a school Poetry of artists or , or art works in a particular Ceòl mor BT Dramatic music medium. USE Pibrochs Folk music UF Oeuvre catalogs Chansons de geste Old French poems that describe the exploits of historical or legendary heroes, most often

GF-13 Chansons de geste (Continued) Runaway films Peking operas Charlemagne and his knights. BT Short films Pʻing chü (Chinese operas) BT Epic poetry Chaser films Xi Chanteys USE Chase films Xiju USE Sea shanties Chastushkas Xiqu Chanties USE Chastushki BT Art music USE Sea shanties Chastushki Dramatic music Chants UF Chastushkas NT Model operas Musical compositions that consist of the rhythmic BT Folk songs Ching chü speaking and/or singing of words or sounds. Chatterboxes (Cootie catchers) USE Chinese operas BT Music USE Cootie catchers Chirographa (Personal correspondence) RT Clausulas (Songs) Chaucerian stanzas Personal letters written by the Roman Catholic NT Antiphons (Music) USE Rhyme royal pope. Cantillations Chazanut UF Chirographi (Personal correspondence) Cantorial music USE Cantorial music Chirographs (Personal correspondence) Gregorian chants Chazanuth Letters, Papal Organa USE Cantorial music Papal letters Propers (Music) Chazones BT Personal correspondence Prostopinije USE Cantorial music Religious materials Qurʼanic recitations Chazzanoet Chirographi (Personal correspondence) Responses (Music) USE Cantorial music USE Chirographa (Personal correspondence) Shigin Chazzanos Chirographs (Personal correspondence) Shōmyō USE Cantorial music USE Chirographa (Personal correspondence) Utai Chazzanut Chivalric romances Chantys USE Cantorial music USE Romances USE Sea shanties Chazzanuth books Chanuka music USE Cantorial music USE Service books (Music) USE Hanukkah music lists Chongmyo cheryeak Chanukah fiction USE Checklists USE A'ak USE Hanukkah fiction Checklists Choose-your-own adventure books Chanukah music UF Check lists USE Choose-your-own stories USE Hanukkah music BT Reference works Choose-your-own fiction Chanukah plays Cheek music USE Choose-your-own stories USE Hanukkah plays USE Mouth music Choose-your-own stories Chanukkah fiction Fiction in which the reader chooses from a number of possible options for developing the story. USE Hanukkah fiction UF College cheers Chanukkah music Yells UF Branching-path books USE Hanukkah music BT Human sounds Choose-your-own adventure books Chapka Chicha Choose-your-own fiction UF Chwach'ang UF andina (Choose-your-own stories) BT Songs BT Popular music (Choose-your-own stories) Chapterplay films Chick flicks Making-choices stories USE Film serials USE Romance films Multiple plot stories Charades Chicken scratch music Pick-a-path stories UF Acting charades USE Waila music Plot-your-own stories BT Puzzles and games Children's atlases BT Fiction Charitable cookbooks UF Juvenile atlases Chop-chop films USE Community cookbooks BT Atlases USE Martial arts films Charity cookbooks Children's audiobooks Chop-'em-sock-'em films USE Community cookbooks UF Audiobooks for children USE Martial arts films Charlie Chan films Juvenile audiobooks (Music) USE Detective and mystery films BT Audiobooks UF Screw (Music) Charters, Corporate Children's sound recordings Screwed and chopped (Music) USE Charters and articles of incorporation Children's films Slowed and chopped (Music) Charters, Municipal Films produced especially for children. Slowed and throwed (Music) USE Charters and articles of incorporation UF Juvenile films BT Rap (Music) Charters and articles of incorporation films [Former heading] films Instruments that establish bodies politic or other Tom and Jerry films [Former heading] USE Martial arts films organizations, or that grant rights, liberties, or powers films [Former heading] Chorale preludes to their citizens or members and for the governing BT Art music documents that set forth the basic terms of a BT Motion pictures corporation's existence. Children's maps Sacred music UF Articles of association BT Maps Chorales Articles of incorporation and charters Children's radio programs BT Hymns Articles of organization Radio programs produced especially for children. Chorinhos Association, Articles of BT Children's sound recordings USE Choros Certificates of incorporation Radio programs Chorographic poetry Charters, Corporate Children's sound recordings USE Topographical poetry Charters, Municipal UF Juvenile sound recordings Chorographical poetry Corporate charters Sound recordings for children USE Topographical poetry Incorporation, Articles of BT Sound recordings Choropleth maps Instruments of incorporation NT Children's audiobooks USE Thematic maps Municipal charters Children's radio programs Choros Organization, Articles of Children's television programs UF Chorinhos BT Legal instruments Television programs produced especially for BT Dance music Charts, Conversion children. Popular music USE Conversion tables UF Juvenile television programs Chorus scores Charts, Wall Pink Panther television programs [Former BT Scores USE Wall charts heading] Chreiai Charts, Wheel Scooby-Doo television programs [Former USE Sayings USE Wheel charts heading] Chriae Charts (Cartography) BT Television programs USE Sayings USE Maps Chillout music (Electronica) Christian contemporary music Charts (Graphs) USE Ambient music (Electronica) USE Contemporary Christian music USE Graphs Chin music Christian fiction USE Mouth music Fiction that promotes Christian teachings or Chase films exemplifies a Christian way of life. Short films, primarily from the early period of Chinese operas cinema, in which an incident results in someone Chinese musical dramas, including Beijing operas UF Christian stories being chased, usually by a steadily-growing group of and regional operas written and performed in the BT Religious fiction people. style of a particular locality. Christian films UF Chaser films UF Beijing operas BT Religious films Ching chü Christian popular music Jingju USE Contemporary Christian music

GF-14 Christian radio programs Chutney (Music) Class catalogs (Library catalogs) BT Religious radio programs UF Chutney songs USE Library catalogs Christian stories BT Dance music Classed catalogs USE Christian fiction Popular music USE Library catalogs Christian television programs Chutney songs Classical chreiai BT Religious television programs USE Chutney (Music) USE Sayings Christmas books Chwach'ang Classical music USE Gift books USE Chapka USE Art music Christmas carols Chymaychas Classical music (Tan singing) USE Carols USE Huaynos USE Tan singing Christmas drama Cianjuran Classical programs USE Christmas plays USE UF Music radio programs, Classical Christmas fiction Cinéma à clef Music radio programs, Western art BT Fiction USE Films à clef Western art music radio programs Christmas films Cinema lobby cards BT Radio programs UF Christmas movies USE Lobby cards Classified ads, Personal BT Motion pictures Cinéma noir USE Personals (Advertisements) Christmas movies USE Classified advertisements, Personal USE Christmas films Cinema posters USE Personals (Advertisements) Christmas music USE Film posters Classified catalogs UF Christmas songs Cinéma vérité films USE Library catalogs BT Event music UF Direct cinema films Classroom games RT Carols Truth cinema films USE Educational games Pantomimes (Music) BT Documentary films Classroom materials NT Aguinaldos Cinquains USE Instructional and educational works Christmas pantomimes Poems composed in five lines that often have a Clausulae (Songs) Christmas for children that are fixed number of syllables per line. USE Clausulas (Songs) embellished tales, and feature a male playing UF Quintains (Poetry) Clausulas (Songs) the principal female role and a female playing the (Poetry) principal male role. UF Clausulae (Songs) BT Poetry BT Sacred music UF Mime plays (Christmas pantomimes) Cipher fiction plays (Christmas pantomimes) Songs USE Cryptologic fiction RT Chants Pantos (Christmas pantomimes) Circulars, Wanted (Posters) BT Christmas plays Clay animation films USE Wanted posters UF Claymation films Christmas plays Circumstance, Pièces de UF Christmas drama Sculptmation films USE Event music BT Stop-motion animation films BT Drama Circus films NT Christmas pantomimes Clay animation television programs UF Big-top films UF Claymation television programs Christmas poetry Fairground films UF Nativity poetry Sculptmation television programs Funfair films BT Animated television programs BT Poetry BT Motion pictures Christmas radio programs Claymation films Circus music USE Clay animation films BT Radio programs BT Functional music Christmas sermons Claymation television programs Circus route books USE Clay animation television programs BT Occasional sermons UF Route books, Circus Christmas songs Clenches (Puns) BT Records (Documents) USE Puns USE Christmas music Cisco Kid films Christmas television programs Clerihews USE Western films Humorous poems that usually consist of two UF Christmas television specials Citators unmatched rhyming couplets about a person, whose Christmas TV specials Compiled lists of cases, statutes, and other legal name generally serves as one of the rhymes. BT Television programs sources showing the subsequent history and current BT Humorous poetry Christmas television specials precedential value of those sources. films USE Christmas television programs UF Citators, Legal USE Film serials Christmas TV specials Legal citators Clinches (Puns) USE Christmas television programs Noter-ups USE Puns Chronicle histories (Drama) BT Law materials Clips, Film USE Reference works USE Film clips Chronicles and annals Citators, Legal Clips, Television program USE Annals and chronicles USE Citators USE Television program clips Chronological lists City codes Clips (Excerpts) USE Chronologies USE Municipal ordinances USE Excerpts Chronological tables City directories Cloak and dagger comics USE Chronologies UF Cross-reference directories USE Spy comics Chronologies Local directories Cloak and dagger fiction Lists of events arranged by date or time. Town directories USE Discussion of events written in chronological order BT Directories are under Annals and chronicles. Cloak and dagger films City laws USE Spy films UF Chronological lists USE Municipal ordinances Chronological tables Clock stories City ordinances USE Cumulative tales Tables, Chronological USE Municipal ordinances Timelines Clog dance music City sounds UF Clogging music BT Reference works UF Urban sounds NT Geologic time scales BT Dance music BT Sound recordings Clogging music Chʻü (Poetry) City symphonies (Motion pictures) USE Qu (Poetry) USE Clog dance music Films that use a montage of images of a city and Closed caption video recordings Church cookbooks (Community cookbooks) city life to capture the essence of a particular city. USE Video recordings for the hearing impaired USE Community cookbooks UF City symphony films Church covenants Closed captioned films BT Nonfiction films USE Films for the hearing impaired Solemn agreements among members of a church City symphony films to maintain its faith and discipline. Closed captioned television programs USE City symphonies (Motion pictures) UF Covenants, Church USE Television programs for the hearing impaired Claims Closing credits BT Contracts Texts asserting existing rights to payments or to Religious materials equitable remedies. USE Credit titles Club jazz Church orders BT Informational works USE Regulations and directions on church governance Law materials that are decreed according to ecclesiastical or Club mixes Clapping games scriptural authority. USE (Music) USE Hand-clapping games BT Administrative regulations Club music Clapping rhymes Religious materials USE USE Hand-clapping games Chuscadas Coast-pilot guides Class catalogs (Course catalogs) USE Huaynos USE Pilot guides USE Course catalogs Coast pilots (Handbooks) USE Pilot guides

GF-15 Code and cipher fiction Colloquium ephemera Don Camillo films [Former heading] USE Cryptologic fiction USE Conference materials Fantozzi films [Former heading] Code fiction Colloquium materials Farces (Motion pictures) USE Cryptologic fiction USE Conference materials Farcical films Codes, Administrative Colloquium papers and proceedings Our Gang films [Former heading] USE Administrative regulations USE Conference papers and proceedings Pink Panther films [Former heading] Codes (Ancient law) Colloquium proceedings Pirates of the films [Former USE Codices (Law) USE Conference papers and proceedings heading] Codes (Canon law) Coloring books Scooby-Doo films [Former heading] USE Codices (Law) BT Activity books Shrek films [Former heading] Codes (Codices) Colors (Flags) Tom and Jerry films [Former heading] USE Codices (Law) USE Flags Toy Story films [Former heading] Codes (Jewish law) Column charts Trapalhões films [Former heading] Codifications of Jewish law compiled by individual USE Graphs BT Humor authors, including restatements presented in a Columns, Personal Motion pictures codified format. USE Personals (Advertisements) NT Dark comedy films UF Restatements of Jewish law Combat comics Domestic comedy films BT Informational works USE War comics Fantasy comedies (Motion pictures) Law materials Combat fiction Parody films Codes and statutes USE War fiction films USE Statutes and codes Combat films Rural comedy films Codexes (Law) USE War films Satirical films USE Codices (Law) Combat plays films Codices (Law) USE War drama Sex comedy films Ancient or historical codes, Roman and Roman/ Germanic codices, and the Codex Iuris Canonici. Combat poetry comedy films USE War poetry Sophisticated comedy films UF Codes (Ancient law) Combination animation and live-action films Comedy monologues Codes (Canon law) USE Live-action/animation films USE Humorous monologues Codes (Codices) Combination animation and live-action plays Codexes (Law) programs UF Comedic drama BT Informational works USE Live-action/animation television programs Comedic plays Law materials Combination live-action and animation films Comedies (Drama) RT Statutes and codes USE Live-action/animation films Comedy drama Codicils Combination live-action and animation television Comic drama USE Wills programs Comic plays Collage animation films USE Live-action/animation television programs Humorous drama USE Cutout animation films Comedic drama Humorous plays Collage poetry USE Comedy plays Satirical drama [Former heading] USE Centos Comedic plays BT Drama Found poetry USE Comedy plays Humor Collages Works in two dimensions or low relief in which Comedies, Black RT relatively flat materials, such as paper, cloth, or other USE Black humor NT Bawdy plays materials are fixed to a support. For works that Comedies, Dark Comedies of consist chiefly or wholly of photographic images that USE Black humor Comedies of manners are arranged into a somewhat unified , see Photomontages. Comedies, Musical Comedy sketches USE Musicals Commedia dell'arte BT Art Comedies, Radio Commedia erudita Collecting cards USE Radio comedies Farces USE Trading cards Comedies, Sketch Kotéba plays Collection catalogs Scholarly listings of collections of objects or USE Comedy sketches Kyōgen plays materials, especially those contained in museums or Comedies, Television Mock-heroic drama archives. USE Television comedies Sentimental comedies BT Catalogs Comedies (Drama) Comedy programs, Radio Collective agreements (Labor) USE Comedy plays USE Radio comedies USE Collective labor agreements Comédies-ballets Comedy programs, Television Collective bargaining agreements BT Drama USE Television comedies USE Collective labor agreements Comedies of humors Comedy radio programs Collective labor agreements USE Comedies of humours USE Radio comedies UF Agreements, Union Comedies of humours Comedy recitations Bargaining agreements, Collective English comedies of the 16th and 17th century USE Humorous monologues featuring characters whose conduct is controlled by music Collective agreements (Labor) one overriding trait. Collective bargaining agreements BT Humorous songs UF Comedies of humors Labor agreements, Collective Rock music Humors, Comedies of Trade agreements (Labor) Comedy routines, Stand-up Humours, Comedies of Union agreements USE Stand-up comedy routines BT Comedy plays Union contracts Comedy sketches Comedies of manners BT Contracts Short comedic scenes or vignettes. Comedies set among the sophisticated upper Collector cards classes, in which the characters' machinations are UF Comedies, Sketch USE Trading cards veiled by their elegant manners and repartee. Filmed comedy sketches [Former heading] Collectors' cards UF Manners, Comedies of Sketch comedies USE Trading cards Restoration comedies BT Comedy plays Collects (Prayers) BT Comedy plays NT Drolls USE Liturgical books Comedies of sensibility television programs Prayers USE Sentimental comedies Comedy television programs College cheers Comedy drama USE Television comedies USE Cheers USE Comedy plays novels College fiction Comedy-drama films USE Graphic novels USE Campus fiction USE Comedy films Comic books, strips, etc. College life films Comedy-drama television programs USE Comics (Graphic works) UF Campus films USE Television comedies Comic drama Collegiate films Comedy fantasy films USE Comedy plays BT Motion pictures USE Fantasy comedies (Motion pictures) Comic fiction College life television programs Comedy programs USE Humorous fiction BT Television programs USE Fantasy comedies (Television programs) Comic linked verse () College songs Comedy fiction USE Renku USE School songs USE Humorous fiction Comic magazines College yearbooks Comedy films USE Comics (Graphic works) USE School yearbooks UF Andy Hardy films [Former heading] Comic monologues Collegiate films Bowery Boys films [Former heading] USE Humorous monologues USE College life films Carry On films [Former heading] Comic music Comedy-drama films USE Humorous music

GF-16 Comic operas Comics without text Commercial email USE Operas USE Wordless comics USE Business correspondence Comic papers Comics without words Commercials, Radio USE Comics (Graphic works) USE Wordless comics USE Radio commercials Comic plays Coming-of-age comics Commercials, Television USE Comedy plays BT Comics (Graphic works) USE Television commercials Comic poetry Coming-of-age drama Commissario Montalbano television programs USE Humorous poetry UF Bildungsdrama USE Detective and mystery television programs Comic recitations BT Drama Committee prints USE Humorous monologues Coming-of-age fiction USE Legislative materials Comic songs USE Bildungsromans Communion liturgies USE Humorous songs Coming-of-age films USE Liturgical books superhero films UF Andy Hardy films [Former heading] Communion service music USE Superhero films Bildungsfilms Music composed for the Anglican or Episcopalian Comic strip superheroes films Rite of passage films communion service. USE Superhero films BT Teen films BT Event music Comic strips Coming-of-age television programs Sacred music USE Comics (Graphic works) UF Rite of passage television programs Community access television programs Comical tragedies BT Teen television programs USE Public access television programs USE Tragicomedies Comix Community affairs radio programs Comicbooks USE Comics (Graphic works) Radio programs that provide information about issues or events concerning a community or locale. USE Comics (Graphic works) Commedia a soggetto Comics (Graphic works) USE Commedia dell'arte BT Informational works Narrative works that employ sequential art, and Commedia all'improviso Nonfiction radio programs often prose, to tell a story. For humorous images that USE Commedia dell'arte Community cookbooks use wit and satire to comment on contemporary Cookbooks that contain recipes submitted by events, social habits, politics, or other subjects, see Commedia all'italiana community organizations, often church or civic Cartoons (Humor). USE Commedia dell'arte groups, frequently including a history of the UF Art, Sequential Commedia dei maschere organization and the region, personal recollections or local culinary traditions. Comic books, strips, etc. USE Commedia dell'arte Comic magazines Commedia dei zanni UF Charitable cookbooks Comic papers USE Commedia dell'arte Charity cookbooks Comic strips Commedia dell'arte Church cookbooks (Community cookbooks) Comicbooks Scenarios, scripts, and lazzi of comedies popular Fund raising cookbooks in the 16th-18th centuries that were improvised by Fundraising cookbooks Comix professional actors within a conventional framework Funnies (Comics) of masked stock characters and rehearsed comic BT Cookbooks Magazines, Comic routines. Community newspapers Newspapers that cover the issues that affect a Papers, Comic UF Arte, Commedia dell' cohesive geographic, ethnic, cultural, educational, Sequential art Commedia a soggetto etc., community. Serial picture books Commedia all'improviso UF Neighborhood newspapers BT Illustrated works Commedia all'italiana Suburban newspapers Literature Commedia dei maschere BT Newspapers NT Action and adventure comics Commedia dei zanni Community service announcements, Radio Alternative histories (Comics) Italiana, Commedia all' USE Radio public service announcements Bisexual comics Maschere, Commedia dei Community service announcements (Motion pictures) Comics adaptations Soggetto, Commedia a USE Public service announcements (Motion Coming-of-age comics Zanni, Commedia dei pictures) Detective and mystery comics BT Comedy plays Community songbooks Domestic comics Commedia erudita USE Songbooks Erotic comics UF Erudita, Commedia Community television programs BT Comedy plays USE Public access television programs Fotonovelas Commemorative music Compacts comics USE Memorial music USE Cooperative agreements Graphic novels Commemorative works Compacts, Interstate Grassroots comics Works produced as a memorial or in honor of a person, place, or event. USE Intergovernmental agreements Historical comics Companions (Handbooks) NT Albums (Books) USE Handbooks and manuals Cremation volumes Humorous comics Company promotion films Cruise books Legal comics USE Promotional films Elegies (Poetry) Medical comics Company promotion television programs Epitaphs comics USE Promotional television programs Epithalamia Mythological comics Comparative area maps Eulogies Nonfiction comics USE Comparative maps Festschriften Paranormal comics Comparative maps Memorial music Political comics UF Comparative area maps Memorial service programs Pornographic comics BT Maps Obituaries Psychological comics Compendia Toasts (Speeches) Queer comics USE Abstracts Yearbooks Religious comics Outlines and syllabi Commencement speeches Compendiums USE Graduation speeches Samurai comics USE Abstracts Commendatory poetry School comics Outlines and syllabi Science fiction comics Poems that generally appear in the preliminaries of books and praise the author and/or the work. For Compends Social issue comics poems that praise a person, place, event, or thing USE Abstracts Sports comics see Laudatory poetry. Outlines and syllabi Spy comics BT Occasional verse Competitive examinations Commentaries, Radio USE Examinations comics USE Radio commentaries Compilation films Transgender comics Commentaries (Civil law systems) Films that are composed of pre-existing published Underground comics USE Law commentaries or unpublished films, or portions thereof. For feature- War comics length films made up of different episodes or stories Commentaries (Law) which are usually connected by a theme, event, USE Law commentaries location or original author, often having a wrap- Wordless comics Commercial arbitration agreements around tale, see Anthology films. Comics adaptations Contracts between two or more parties to refer UF Compilation reels (Motion pictures) BT Adaptations commercial disputes to arbitration. Compilations (Motion pictures) Comics (Graphic works) UF Arbitration agreements, Commercial BT Motion pictures NT Graphic adaptations BT Legal instruments Compilation radio programs Comics biographies Commercial catalogs Radio programs that are composed of pre-existing USE Biographical comics USE Trade catalogs broadcast or unbroadcast radio programs, or portions Comics travelogues Commercial correspondence thereof. For adio programs made up of different USE Travel comics USE Business correspondence

GF-17 Compilation radio programs (Continued) technique see Studies (Music). Convention materials episodes or stories which are usually connected by a UF Concert studies Meeting ephemera theme, event, location or original author, often having Etudes, Concert Meeting materials a wrap-around tale, see Radio anthologies. Studies, Concert Programs, Conference UF Compilations, Radio BT Art music Seminar ephemera Radio compilations RT Studies (Music) Seminar materials BT Radio programs Concert films Symposium ephemera Compilation reels (Motion pictures) Films of musical concert performances recorded in Symposium materials USE Compilation films front of a live audience. Workshop ephemera Compilation reels (Television programs) UF In-concert films Workshop materials USE Compilation television programs Live concert films BT Ephemera Compilation television programs Live-in-concert films Informational works Television programs that are composed of pre- BT Filmed performances existing broadcast or unbroadcast television Conference papers and proceedings programs, or portions thereof. For elevision programs RT Musical films Published records of conferences, including made up of different episodes or stories which are NT films abstracts, reports, and the papers presented. For usually connected by a theme, event, location or ephemeral materials such as flyers, program books, Concert posters (Music posters) daily newsletters, or newspapers that are distributed original author, often having a wrap-around tale, see USE Music posters Anthology television programs. at conferences see Conference materials. Concert programs UF Compilations (Television programs) UF Colloquium papers and proceedings UF Music concert programs Compilation reels (Television programs) Colloquium proceedings BT Programs (Publications) BT Television programs Conference proceedings Concert studies Compilations, Radio Conference transactions USE Concert etudes USE Compilation radio programs Congress papers and proceedings Concert television programs Congress proceedings Compilations (Motion pictures) Television programs of musical concert USE Compilation films performances recorded in front of a live audience. Meeting papers and proceedings Meeting proceedings Compilations (Television programs) UF Television Proceedings, Conference USE Compilation television programs BT Televised performances Program papers and proceedings Compiled legislation RT Television musicals Seminar papers and proceedings USE Statutes and codes NT Rock concert television programs Seminar proceedings Compiled statutes Concerti Symposium papers and proceedings USE Statutes and codes USE Concertos Symposium proceedings Complaint poetry Concerti grossi Transactions (Conference proceedings) USE Complaints (Poetry) BT Concertos Workshop papers and proceedings Complaints (Poetry) Concertinos Workshop proceedings Poetry that bemoans lost or unrequited love, USE Concertos personal misfortune, or the state of the world. BT Informational works Concertos UF Complaint poetry Conference proceedings UF Concerti BT Lyric poetry USE Conference papers and proceedings Concertinos Complancha Conference programs BT Art music USE Laments USE Conference materials NT Concerti grossi Compline music Conference transactions Concordances BT Divine Office (Music) Alphabetical indexes of the words in a work or USE Conference papers and proceedings 's sketches selection of works, showing the words' locations and Confession fiction USE Musical sketches providing context. USE Confessional fiction Composite atlases UF Glossarial concordances Confessional fiction UF Atlas factice [Former heading] BT Indexes Fiction in which the main character makes a first- Atlases factice [Former heading] Concordats person confession to , transgressions, or sins. IATO atlases Agreements between a government and the UF Confession fiction Italian assembled-to-order atlases Roman Catholic Church. BT Fiction Lafreri atlases BT Law materials Confessional poetry BT Atlases Records (Documents) Poems that frankly reveal private and intimate aspects of the poet's life. Composite films Concords (Law) USE Anthology films USE Treaties BT Autobiographical poetry Composite novels Concrete films Confessions (Autobiographies) USE Linked stories USE Abstract films USE Autobiographies Computational poetry Concrete poetry Confessions of faith USE Computer poetry Poems in which graphic effects created by USE Creeds Computer and music typography replace the use of conventional verse Congadas (Music) forms, so that the typographical of text UF Congados (Music) UF Video and computer game music is integral to the experience and meaning of the work. BT Functional music For poems that are arranged to form a recognizable BT Dramatic music Computer animated films shape that generally illustrates the poem's theme see Folk music USE Computer animation films Pattern poetry. Congados (Music) Computer animated television programs BT Experimental poetry USE Congadas (Music) USE Computer animation television programs Visual poetry Congress ephemera Computer animation films RT Pattern poetry USE Conference materials UF CG films (Computer animation) Condensations Congress materials CGI films (Computer animation) USE Abridgments USE Conference materials Computer animated films Condensed books Congress papers and proceedings Shrek films [Former heading] USE Abridgments USE Conference papers and proceedings Toy Story films [Former heading] Conducti Congress proceedings BT Animated films USE Conductus USE Conference papers and proceedings Computer animation television programs Conductus Congressional hearings UF CG television programs (Computer animation) UF Conducti USE Legislative hearings CGI television programs (Computer animation) BT Sacred music Congressional reports Computer animated television programs Songs USE Legislative materials BT Animated television programs Conference ephemera music USE Conference materials USE Norteño (Music) USE Digital art Conference materials Consilia Expert opinions and legal briefs addressing Computer poetry Ephemeral materials such as flyers, program books, daily newsletters, or newspapers that are questions of law during litigations in 14th to 18th Poems generated or manipulated by computer distributed at conferences. For published records of century Europe, prepared for a judge or a party by and arranged as a sequence of words, conferences, including abstracts, reports, and the Roman law or canon law scholars. For Jewish signs, or symbols. papers presented, see Conference papers and decisions see Responsa (Jewish law) UF Computational poetry proceedings. UF Responsa Interactive poetry UF Colloquium ephemera BT Discursive works Virtual poetry Colloquium materials Law materials BT Experimental poetry Congress ephemera RT Court decisions and opinions Concert etudes Congress materials Responsa (Jewish law) Instrumental pieces designed for performance in Conference ephemera Consolidated laws order to exploit a facet of performing technique. For musical works and exercises designed for practice Conference programs USE Statutes and codes with the aim of perfecting a facet of performing Convention ephemera Consort music USE Chamber music

GF-18 Consorts (Music) Terms, Controlled Corpus Christi Festival. USE Chamber music Thesauri (Controlled vocabularies) BT Event music Conspiracy films Thesauruses (Controlled vocabularies) Sacred music UF Conspiracy thrillers (Motion pictures) Vocabularies, Controlled Correspondence, Business Paranoid thrillers (Motion pictures) BT Reference works USE Business correspondence Political conspiracy films Conundrums Correspondence, Commercial Political paranoid thrillers (Motion pictures) USE Riddles USE Business correspondence BT Political films Convention ephemera Correspondence, Personal Thrillers (Motion pictures) USE Conference materials USE Personal correspondence Conspiracy thrillers (Motion pictures) Convention materials Correspondence, Private USE Conspiracy films USE Conference materials USE Personal correspondence Constitutional amendments Conventions (Law) Correspondence art UF Amendments, Constitutional USE Treaties USE Mail art BT Constitutions Conversion charts Corridos (Koridos) Constitutional convention materials USE Conversion tables USE Koridos BT Law materials Conversion tables Corridos (Music) RT Constitutions Tables of equivalent values for units of measure or BT Ballads Constitutions weight in different systems. Folk songs BT Informational works UF Charts, Conversion Corsair films Law materials Conversion charts USE Pirate films RT Constitutional convention materials BT Tables (Data) Cosaques (Music) NT Constitutional amendments Convocation speeches (Graduation speeches) UF Kozaki (Music) Monastic constitutions USE Graduation speeches BT Dance music Consuetudinary laws Cook-books Costume spectacles USE Customary laws USE Cookbooks USE Epic films Contemporary Christian music Cookbooks Costume spectacles (Television programs) UF CCM (Contemporary Christian music) Collections of recipes in book form. For USE Epic television programs instructions listing ingredients and procedures to Christian contemporary music prepare something, especially food, see Recipes. Cotillions (Music) Christian popular music UF Cook-books BT Dance music Evangelical popular music Cookery books Council, Orders in Inspirational music (Contemporary Christian Recipe books USE Orders in council music) BT Instructional and educational works Counter-utopian comics NT Community cookbooks USE Dystopian comics BT Literary cookbooks Counter-utopian drama Contemporary Cookery books USE Dystopian plays USE Urban legends USE Cookbooks Counter-utopian fiction Contes philosophiques Cookery shows, Television USE Dystopian fiction USE USE Television cooking shows Counterfactual histories Contests, Radio Nonfiction that presents alternative outcomes of Cookery television shows USE Radio game shows historical events and subsequent changes in history. USE Television cooking shows For works in which the plot or setting assumes an Radio quiz shows Cooking shows, Television alternative outcome of an historical event see terms Continental Westerns USE Television cooking shows for Alternative histories qualified by form, e.g., USE Spaghetti Westerns Alternative histories (Fiction). Cooking television programs Continuing education materials USE Television cooking shows UF Alternate histories (Nonfiction) UF Further education materials Alternative histories (Nonfiction) BT Course materials BT Jazz Counterfactuals Continuing education radio programs Cooperative agreements Histories, Alternative (Nonfiction) USE Educational radio programs Agreements between a government at any level Hypothetical histories scripts and a non-governmental corporate body. Imaginary histories USE Screenplays UF Agreements, Cooperative Speculative histories Continuous films Compacts BT Creative nonfiction USE Loop films BT Legal instruments Informational works Continuous motion pictures RT Intergovernmental agreements Counterfactuals USE Loop films Cootie catchers USE Counterfactual histories Contra dances (Music) UF Chatterboxes (Cootie catchers) Counterutopian comics USE Country-dances (Music) Fortune tellers (Cootie catchers) USE Dystopian comics Contracts Fortunetellers (Cootie catchers) Counterutopian drama UF Agreements (Contracts) Origami cootie catchers USE Dystopian plays BT Legal instruments Origami fortune tellers Counterutopian fiction NT Church covenants Origami fortunetellers USE Dystopian fiction Collective labor agreements Paku-pakus (Cootie catchers) Counting-out poetry Deeds Paper fortune tellers USE Counting-out rhymes Contradanses (Music) Paper fortunetellers Counting-out rhymes USE Country-dances (Music) Salt cellars (Cootie catchers) Rhymes that are traditionally used to eliminate a player in a child's game. Contrafacta Whirlybirds (Cootie catchers) Vocal works in which a new text has been UF Counting-out poetry substituted for the original without a significant BT Puzzles and games Cop films Counting rhymes change to the music. For compositions that distort or Number rhymes exaggerate features of another composition or a USE Police films composer's works in general for humorous or satirical Cop shows (Television programs) BT Nursery rhymes ends see Musical parodies. USE Television cop shows Counting rhymes UF Cop television programs USE Counting-out rhymes Parodies (Music) USE Television cop shows Country and western music BT Songs Coplas (Music) USE Country music RT Musical parodies BT Folk songs Country and western music radio programs Contrafacts Copy books (Pattern books) USE Country music radio programs USE Contrafacta USE Pattern books Country-dances (Music) Contrandances (Music) Copybooks (Pattern books) UF Contra dances (Music) USE Country-dances (Music) USE Pattern books Contrandances (Music) Controlled terms Corner-flip movies Contradanses (Music) USE Controlled vocabularies USE Flip books BT Dance music Controlled vocabularies Coronation anthems NT Ecossaises (Music) Lists of words and/or phrases that are used to USE Coronation music Monferrinas (Music) index and/or retrieve content, and that may include Country gospel music cross-references. For lists of words and their Coronation music synonyms and often their antonyms see Thesauri Music written to celebrate the coronation of a BT Country music (Dictionaries). monarch. Gospel music UF Controlled terms UF Coronation anthems Country Headings, Subject BT Event music UF Country music lyrics Ontologies (Controlled vocabularies) Corporate charters BT Popular music lyrics Subject headings USE Charters and articles of incorporation Country music Corpus Christi Festival music Country music of the 1940s and later periods. For Taxonomies (Controlled vocabularies) country music of the 1930s and earlier periods played Music that is traditionally associated with the

GF-19 Country music (Continued) Court opinions Cozy mysteries and sung in the old-time styles, as well as music of USE Court decisions and opinions that features amateur sleuths, later periods played in those styles, see Old-time Court proceedings socially intimate settings, and a light-hearted . music. USE Trial and arbitral proceedings UF Cozies (Cozy mysteries) For country lyrics that appear without a musical BT Detective and mystery fiction setting see Country lyrics. Court proceedings, International USE Trial and arbitral proceedings Cradle songs UF Country and western music Court records USE Lullabies (Songs) Hillbilly music USE Records and briefs Crash-and-wreck films Western and country music Court-related drama USE Car-chase films BT Popular music USE (Literature) Crazy comedy films NT Alternative country music Court reporters (Publications) USE Screwball comedy films Bluegrass music USE Court decisions and opinions Creative non-fiction Country gospel music Court reports USE Creative nonfiction music USE Court decisions and opinions Creative nonfiction music Court rules Prose works that use literary styles and techniques -tonk music to present factually accurate narratives in a UF Rules of court Polkabilly music compelling manner. BT Informational works Rockabilly music UF Creative non-fiction Law materials (Music) Fourth (Creative nonfiction) Court rulings Yodels Literary nonfiction USE Court decisions and opinions Country music lyrics Literary non-fiction Court statistics USE Country lyrics Narrative nonfiction USE Judicial statistics Country music posters Non-fiction literature Courtly romances USE Music posters Non-fiction prose USE Romances Country music radio programs Non-fictional literature Courtroom art UF Country and western music radio programs Non-fictional prose Artworks depicting courtroom scenes. Hillbilly music radio programs Nonfiction literature Music radio programs, Country and western UF Art, Courtroom Nonfiction prose Music radio programs, Hillbilly Courtroom graphics Nonfictional literature Music radio programs, Western and country Courtroom illustrations Nonfictional prose Western and country music radio programs Graphics, Courtroom Prose literature (Creative nonfiction) BT Radio programs Illustrations, Courtroom Tales (Creative nonfiction) Country punk rock music BT Drawings NT Biographies USE Cowpunk music Law materials Counterfactual histories Country rock music Courtroom drama Diaries BT Country music USE Legal drama (Literature) Essays Rock music Courtroom fiction Nonfiction novels Counts, Traffic USE (Literature) Personal narratives USE Traffic surveys Courtroom films Sports writing Cour, Airs de USE Legal films Travel writing USE Airs de cour Courtroom graphics True adventure stories Courantes (Music) USE Courtroom art True crime stories BT Dance music Courtroom illustrations Course catalogs USE Courtroom art USE Literature UF Class catalogs (Course catalogs) Courtroom television programs (Motion pictures) Curricula catalogs USE Legal television programs USE Monster films Curriculum catalogs Coutumes Credit titles Compilations and collections of French medieval BT Catalogs customary law. UF Closing credits Course materials BT Customary laws Credits, Closing Handouts and other ephemeral materials used in Credits, Film coursework. Covenants, Church USE Church covenants Credits, Opening BT Ephemera Credits, Television Instructional and educational works Cover records USE Cover versions Film credits NT Continuing education materials Opening credits Course outlines Cover songs USE Cover versions Television credits USE Outlines and syllabi BT Informational works Court dances (Music) Cover versions Cover versions that are explicitly identified as Motion pictures BT Dance music such. Television programs NT Basses danses (Music) UF Cover records Video recordings Court decisions and opinions Cover songs Credits, Closing Reported and unreported court decisions, USE Credit titles opinions, judgments, etc. For decisions of Covers (Cover versions) administrative courts see Administrative decisions. Records, Cover Credits, Film USE Credit titles UF Advisory opinions Songs, Cover Credits, Opening Court opinions BT Popular music USE Credit titles Court reporters (Publications) Sound recordings Credits, Television Court reports Covers (Cover versions) USE Credit titles Court rulings USE Cover versions Creeds Decisions, Judicial Cow punk music USE Cowpunk music Concise authorized statements of religious Judgments doctrine within religions or denominations. For written Judicial decisions Cowboy and Indian films statements that describe the goals, opinions, and Judicial opinions USE Western films policies of a person or group see Manifestos. Law reporters (Publications) Cowboy and Indian television programs UF Confessions of faith Law reports USE Western television programs Faith, Confessions of Legal opinions Cowboy films BT Religious materials Opinions, Advisory USE Western films Creel surveys Opinions, Court Cowboy poetry USE Fishing surveys Opinions, Judicial Poems that describe cowboys and their way of life Cremation volumes that are generally written by people with firsthand Opinions, Legal experience of that life. BT Commemorative works Cricket films Opinions and decisions BT Folk poetry USE Sports films Reports, Court Cowboy songs Reports, Law Music that describes cowboys and the cowboy life. Rulings, Court USE Detective and mystery comics BT Songs BT Informational works Crime comics, Nonfiction Cowboy television programs Law materials USE True crime comics USE Western television programs RT Administrative decisions Cowpunk music Consilia USE Detective and mystery fiction UF Country punk rock music Responsa (Jewish law) Crime films Cow punk music Year books (English law reports) Fictional films that feature the commission and BT Country music Court music investigation of crimes. Punk rock music USE Art music UF Criminal films Cozies (Cozy mysteries) Doctor Mabuse films [Former heading] USE Cozy mysteries

GF-20 BT Fiction films (Music) local or regional customs and practices that are RT Caper films USE Crust (Music) accepted as binding rules of law through habit and common use. Thrillers (Motion pictures) Crustcore (Music) NT Detective and mystery films USE Crust (Music) UF Consuetudinary laws Film noir Crypto fiction (Cryptologic fiction) Customaries (Law) Gangster films USE Cryptologic fiction BT Informational works Juvenile delinquency films Cryptofiction (Cryptologic fiction) Law materials Police films USE Cryptologic fiction RT Statutes and codes Prison films Cryptogram fiction NT Coutumes Crime narratives, Nonfiction USE Cryptologic fiction Custumals USE True crime stories Cryptograms Rechtsbücher Crime narratives, True Puzzles that consist of a short encrypted text. Custumals Custumals or rentals relating to the 13th century USE True crime stories UF Cryptographs English manorial system. Crime noir comics BT Puzzles and games BT Customary laws USE Noir comics Cryptographic fiction Cut-out animation films Crime USE Cryptologic fiction USE Cutout animation films USE Noir fiction Cryptographs Cut prints, Linoleum Crime noir plays USE Cryptograms USE Linocuts USE Noir plays Cryptologic fiction Cut-ups (Literature) Crime noir poetry Fiction that features codes, ciphers, and/or cryptograms. Literary texts composed by the cutting up and USE Noir poetry rearranging of an existing text. Crime programs, Radio UF Cipher fiction UF Cutups (Literature) USE Radio crime shows Code and cipher fiction BT Literature Crime reenactment television programs Code fiction Cutout animation films USE True crime television programs Crypto fiction (Cryptologic fiction) UF Collage animation films Crime shows, Radio Cryptofiction (Cryptologic fiction) Cut-out animation films USE Radio crime shows Cryptogram fiction Paper cut-out animation films Crime stories, True Cryptographic fiction BT Animated films USE True crime stories Cryptological fiction Cuts, Linoleum Crime television programs BT Fiction USE Linocuts USE Television crime shows Cryptological fiction Cuts, Wood Criminal films USE Cryptologic fiction USE Woodcuts USE Crime films Csárdás (Music) Cutups (Literature) Criminal radio programs UF Czárdás (Music) USE Cut-ups (Literature) USE Radio crime shows BT Dance music Cyberprep comics Criminal shows CSAs, Radio USE comics USE Television crime shows USE Radio public service announcements Cyberprep fiction Criminal television programs CSAs, Television USE Cyberpunk fiction USE Television crime shows USE Television public service announcements Cyberprep films Critical reviews CSAs (Motion pictures) USE Cyberpunk films USE Reviews USE Public service announcements (Motion Cyberpunk comics Criticism, Art pictures) Science fiction comics that depict the relationship USE Art criticism (Music) between human beings and the rapid advancement Criticism, Drama UF Música cuartetera and omnipresence of technology, which leads to a USE Theater reviews BT Dance music radical change in the social order. Criticism, Dramatic Cult films, UF Cyberprep comics USE Theater reviews USE Subculture films Cyberpunk science fiction comics Criticism, Literary Cultural television programs Post-cyberpunk comics USE Literary criticism UF Arts television programs Postcyberpunk comics Criticism, Music BT Television programs BT Science fiction comics USE and reviews NT Dance television programs Cyberpunk fiction Criticism, Theater Cumbia (Music) Science fiction that depicts the relationship between human beings and the rapid advancement USE Theater reviews BT Popular music and omnipresence of technology, which leads to a Criticism, Cumbia andina radical change in the social order. USE Theater reviews USE Chicha UF Cyberprep fiction Criticism, Theatrical Cumulative rhymes Cyberpunk science fiction USE Theater reviews Nursery rhymes in which phrases are repeated Post-cyberpunk fiction and built up as the verse progresses. Critiques Postcyberpunk fiction USE Reviews UF Accumulative rhymes BT Science fiction Crockery BT Nursery rhymes Cyberpunk films USE Pottery Cumulative songs Science fiction films that depict the relationship Cross-reference directories Songs that repetitiously list a series of associated between human beings and the rapid advancement items, actions, or people, in which each stanza USE City directories and omnipresence of technology, which leads to a incorporates the words from all previous stanzas in radical change in the social order. Cross-sections, Geological incremental fashion. For songs that repetitiously list a UF Cyberprep films USE Geological cross-sections series of associated items, actions, or people see Enumerative songs. Cyberpunk science fiction films Cross-talks Post-cyberpunk films USE Xiang sheng BT Folk songs Postcyberpunk films Crossword puzzles Cumulative tales BT Science fiction films UF Crosswords Tales in which the action or dialogue is repeated and built up as the tale progresses. Cyberpunk science fiction BT Puzzles and games UF Accumulative tales USE Cyberpunk fiction Crosswords Chain tales Cyberpunk science fiction comics USE Crossword puzzles Clock stories USE Cyberpunk comics Cruise books Pictorial publications that document a voyage of a Stories, Clock Cyberpunk science fiction films particular ship and are distributed to the ship's crew. BT Folk tales USE Cyberpunk films UF Cruisebooks Cup-and-saucer drama Cycles, Poetic BT Commemorative works USE Drawing-room drama USE Serial poetry Illustrated works Curling films Cycles, Cruisebooks USE Sports films USE Linked stories USE Cruise books Curricula catalogs Cyclopaedias guides USE Course catalogs USE Encyclopedias USE Pilot guides Curriculum catalogs Cyclopedias (Music) USE Course catalogs USE Encyclopedias UF Krunk muzik Curriculum materials Czárdás (Music) BT Rap (Music) USE Instructional and educational works USE Csárdás (Music) Crust (Music) Customaries, Monastic Dactyls, Double UF Crust punk (Music) USE Monastic constitutions USE Double dactyls Crustcore (Music) Customaries (Law) films Stenchcore (Music) USE Customary laws USE Dadaist films BT (Music) Customary laws Hardcore (Music) Compilations of written statements on established

GF-21 Dadaist films (Music) Dance programs Films produced in the 1920s that juxtapose (Music) UF Ballet programs seemingly nonsensical, incoherent, or unrelated music BT Programs (Publications) images and vignettes, giving the appearance of spontaneous thought. Forró (Music) Dance reviews UF Dada films Foxtrots (Music) BT Reviews BT Experimental films Funana (Music) Dance television programs RT Surrealist films Furiants (Music) BT Cultural television programs Dādrās Gahu (Music) NT Ballet television programs BT Hindustani music Galliards (Music) (Music) Songs (Music) UF Dance-hall (Music) Dailies (Motion pictures) Gavottes (Music) Dancehall music USE Rushes (Motion pictures) (Music) Digital dancehall (Music) Dailies (Television programs) Gumbé (Music) Ragamuffin (Music) USE Rushes (Television programs) Habaneras (Music) Raggamuffin (Music) Dakou lian hua lao (Music) Reggae dancehall music USE Lian hua lao Hora (Music) BT Dance music Dance, Filmed (Music) Reggae music USE Filmed dance Huaylas (Music) NT Dance, Televised Hulas (Music) Dancehall reggae music USE Televised dance Italo (Music) USE Dancehall (Music) Dance accompaniment music (Dance music) Dang dut Musical compositions intended or adapted for use Jongos (Music) USE with dance class instruction. (Music) Dangdut UF Ballet dance music Jotas (Music) UF Dang dut BT Dance music Kolos (Music) Dhandhut Dance drama Kpegisu (Music) BT Popular music BT Drama Krakowiaks (Music) Dansi (Music) NT Barong plays Ländler (Music) BT Popular music Calonarang plays Mambos (Music) Danzones (Music) Kamyŏn'gŭk plays (Music) BT Dance music Khōn plays (Music) Popular music Kōlam drama Matachines (Music) Dāphā (Music) Kur̲avañci plays (Music) BT Sacred music Lakhō̜n chātrī plays Merengues (Music) Dappinata drama Makyung plays Milongas (Music) USE Sannata drama Rāsalīlā drama (Music) Dark comedies Sandae drama Modern dance music USE Black humor Topeng plays Mornas (Music) Dark comedy films Yakṣagāna plays Morris dances (Music) Films that treat serious and often tragic subjects in a comic fashion. Dance films BT Motion pictures Obereks (Music) UF Black comedy films NT Ballet films (Music) BT Comedy films Dance-hall (Music) (Music) Dark comedy television programs Paso dobles (Music) Television programs that treat serious and often USE Dancehall (Music) tragic subjects in a comic fashion. Passamezzos (Music) Dance mixes UF Black comedy television programs USE Remixes (Music) Passepieds (Music) Pavans (Music) BT Television comedies Dance music Dark crime films Musical compositions that are composed, adapted, (Music) or arranged for dancing and for dance forms used in Polonaises (Music) USE Film noir Art music, etc., even if not intended for dancing. Polskas (Music) Dark humor BT Functional music Porros (Music) USE Black humor NT Aleke Quadrilles (Music) (Music) Allemandes (Music) Quicksteps (Marches) USE Darkwave (Music) Bachata Rachenitsas (Music) Darkwave (Music) Bailā (Music) Redowas (Music) UF Dark wave (Music) Ballets (Music) Reels (Music) BT Gothic rock music Bambucos (Music) Remixes (Music) Barong (Music) Rengs Dasavatar plays Beguines (Music) Rigaudons (Music) USE Yakṣagāna plays Bellydance music Rumbas (Music) Daśāvatāra plays Boleros (Music) Salsa (Music) USE Yakṣagāna plays Boogaloos (Music) Saltarellos (Music) Dastgāh-hā Boogie woogie (Music) (Music) USE Dastgāhs Bossa nova (Music) Sarabandes (Music) Dastgāhs Bourrées (Music) Sardanas (Music) UF Āvāzes Bugaku (Music) Sevillanas (Music) Dastgāh-hā Bullerengue (Music) Soca (Music) BT Art music Calypso (Music) Sousedskás (Music) NT Chāhārmezrābs Cancans (Music) Square dance music Pishdarāmads Candombes (Music) Swing (Music) Rengs Carolina beach music Tamboras (Music) Tasnifs Cha-chas (Music) Tamboritos Data, Census Chacareras (Music) Tangos (Music) USE Census data Chamamé (Music) Tap dance music Data, Geospatial Champeta (Music) Tarantellas (Music) USE Geospatial data Choros (Music) Data, Radiosonde Chutney (Music) Tsapiky (Music) USE Radiosonde observations Clog dance music Twist songs Data, Rawinsonde Cosaques (Music) Tyroliennes (Music) USE Rawinsonde observations Cotillions (Music) Waila music Data, Statistical Country-dances (Music) Waltzes (Music) USE Statistics Courantes (Music) Western swing (Music) Data, Tabular Court dances (Music) (Music) USE Tables (Data) Csárdás (Music) Zortzikos (Music) Data banks Cuarteto (Music) Dance music, Electronic USE Data sets Dance accompaniment music USE Electronic dance music Dancehall (Music) Dance parties, Television Data bases Danzones (Music) USE Television dance parties USE Databases Disco (Music) Dance posters Data dictionaries Electronic dance music Collections of metadata describing the contents, UF Ballet posters format, and structure of a and the Estampies (Music) BT Posters relationship between its elements.

GF-22 UF Data directories judge. Restatements of the law Dictionaries, Data UF Debates, Verse Television Directories, Data Débats Descorts BT Handbooks and manuals Jeux-partis Poems consisting of multiple stanzas that differ Data directories Poetic contests from one another in verse form or language. USE Data dictionaries Streitgedichte BT Poetry Data sets Verse debates Desert island fiction Collections of similar or related data that are BT Poetry USE Robinsonades usually assembled as a matter of record or for Debate transcripts Designs, Architectural research. For electronic systems that allow data to be USE Architectural drawings easily accessed, manipulated, and updated see USE Debates Databases. Debates Detective and mystery comics UF Data banks Recorded or transcribed debates. UF Crime comics Databanks UF Debate transcripts Detective comics Datasets Filmed debates [Former heading] Mystery comics Raw data sets Radio debates [Former heading] Police comics BT Informational works Television debates [Former heading] BT Comics (Graphic works) NT Speech corpora BT Discursive works NT Noir comics Text corpora Debates, Verse Detective and mystery drama Data tables USE Debate poetry USE Detective and mystery plays USE Tables (Data) Débats Detective and mystery fiction Databanks USE Debate poetry UF Crime fiction USE Data sets Decimas Databases Spanish poems consisting of ten lines of eight mysteries Databases syllables. Mystery fiction Electronic systems that allow data to be easily UF Décimas espinelas Private eye fiction accessed, manipulated, and updated. For collections Espinelas of similar or related data that are usually assembled BT Poetry BT Fiction as a matter of record or for research see Data sets. Décimas (Music) NT Cozy mysteries UF Data banks UF Espinelas (Music) Forensic fiction Data bases BT Songs Noir fiction Databanks Décimas espinelas Detective and mystery films BT Informational works USE Decimas UF Bulldog Drummond films [Former heading] NT Full-text databases Decisions, Administrative Charlie Chan films [Former heading] Geodatabases USE Administrative decisions Fantômas films [Former heading] Datasets Decisions, Judicial Murder mystery films USE Data sets USE Court decisions and opinions Mystery films Day of Atonement fiction Declarations (Law) Private eye films USE Yom Kippur fiction USE Resolutions (Law) Scooby-Doo films [Former heading] Day of Atonement music Declarations du roy Shaft films [Former heading] USE Yom Kippur music USE Royal ordinances films [Former heading] Day of Atonement poetry Decretals Torchy Blane films [Former heading] USE Yom Kippur poetry USE Papal documents Who-done-it films Day of Atonement sermons Deeds films USE Yom Kippur sermons UF Indentures Whodunnit films Day of Judgement poetry BT Contracts BT Crime films USE Rosh ha-Shanah poetry Deejay radio programs RT Police films Day of Judgement sermons USE radio programs Detective and mystery plays USE Rosh ha-Shanah sermons DeGrassi television programs UF Detective and mystery drama Day of Judgment poetry USE Social problem television programs Detective plays USE Rosh ha-Shanah poetry Teen television programs Mystery plays Day of Judgment sermons Delegated legislation BT Drama USE Rosh ha-Shanah sermons USE Administrative regulations NT Noir plays Day of Remembrance poetry Demo recordings Detective and mystery radio programs USE Rosh ha-Shanah poetry Sample recordings made by artists to demonstrate UF Detective radio programs Day of Remembrance sermons performing styles or skills, such as recordings made Mystery radio programs USE Rosh ha-Shanah sermons for or on behalf of recording companies or booking agencies. Private eye radio programs Day of the Dead broadside poems BT Radio crime shows UF Demos (Sound recordings) USE Calaveras Detective and mystery television programs BT Sound recordings Dead, Prayers for the UF Commissario Montalbano television programs Demographic surveys USE Prayers [Former heading] Reports about the social, economic, health, or Dead teenager films other characteristics of a population that are generally Murder mystery television programs USE Slasher films based on estimates calculated through sampling Mystery television programs Deaf, Video recordings for the techniques. For official counts of the population of a Private eye television programs USE Video recordings for the hearing impaired place or ethnic group that sometimes include data relating to economic and social conditions, see Scooby-Doo television programs [Former Death indexes Census data. heading] USE Death registers UF Population surveys Sherlock Holmes television programs [Former (Music) Surveys, Demographic heading] BT Heavy metal (Music) Surveys, Population Who-done-it television programs Death notices BT Informational works BT Television crime shows USE Obituaries RT Census data RT Television cop shows Death records Demos (Sound recordings) Detective comics USE Death registers USE Demo recordings USE Detective and mystery comics Death registers DEMs (Digital elevation models) Detective fiction UF Burial records USE Digital elevation models USE Detective and mystery fiction Burial statistics Dendang jo Detective plays Death indexes USE Saluang jo dendang USE Detective and mystery plays Death records Derivative works Detective radio programs Indexes, Death Works that are based on one or more other works. USE Detective and mystery radio programs Necrologies NT Abridgments club music Records, Burial Abstracts USE (Music) Records, Death Adaptations Detroit (Music) Registers of deaths Arrangements (Music) USE Techno (Music) Statistics, Burial Excerpts Devotional exercises BT Registers (Lists) Facsimiles USE Devotional literature (Music) Film remakes Devotional literature USE Deathrock (Music) Instrumental settings Religious materials that are intended to be used as Deathrock (Music) aids for private study, prayer, and reflection. Law digests UF Death rock (Music) UF Devotional exercises Outlines and syllabi BT Punk rock music Devotions Paraphrases Debate poetry Forty hours' devotions Plot summaries Poems that feature a debate that is referred to a Marian devotions Spiritual exercises

GF-23 Devotional literature (Continued) Dictionary catalogs (Library catalogs) BT Motion pictures BT Instructional and educational works USE Library catalogs RT Survival films Religious materials Didactic drama Disaster movies NT Meditations Plays that are intended to be instructional. USE Disaster films Psalters BT Drama Disaster television programs Rosaries (Prayer books) Instructional and educational works Television programs that feature a man-made or Devotional poetry NT Morality plays natural calamity that places people in imminent danger. For television programs that feature BT Religious poetry Didactic fiction individuals or groups struggling for their lives in a NT (Poetry) Fiction that is intended to be instructional. harsh setting see Survival television programs. Devotions BT Fiction BT Television programs USE Devotional literature Instructional and educational works RT Survival television programs Dhandhut Didactic poetry Disc jockey radio programs USE Dangdut Poems that are intended to be instructional. Radio programs in which a host introduces and Dhrupad BT Instructional and educational works plays recorded music. UF Dhrupada Poetry UF Deejay radio programs Dhruvapad NT Georgics Disk jockey radio programs Dhruvapada Diddling (Mouth music) DJ radio programs BT Hindustani music USE Mouth music BT Radio programs Songs Die Hard films Disco (Music) Dhrupada USE Action and adventure films BT Dance music USE Dhrupad Digests, Law Popular music Dhruvapad USE Law digests Discographies USE Dhrupad Digests, Legislative UF Audio recording lists Dhruvapada USE Legislative materials Lists of audio recordings USE Dhrupad Digital art Lists of sound recordings Dhuns Visual works created or modified using a computer Sound recording lists BT Hindustani music or other digital method. BT Catalogs Di shui nan yin UF Computer art Discursive works USE Naamyam BT Art Orations or verbal or written exchanges. Diagrams Digital dancehall (Music) NT Art criticism USE Graphs USE Dancehall (Music) Business correspondence Dialect atlases Digital elevation models Consilia USE Linguistic atlases UF DEMs (Digital elevation models) Debates Dialect drama Digital surface models Hearings Plays that incorporate the speech patterns of a Digital terrain models Interviews particular region or social group. DSMs (Digital surface models) Law commentaries BT Drama DTMs (Digital terrain models) Lectures Dialect fiction Elevation models, Digital Letters to the editor Works of fiction that incorporate the speech Surface models, Digital Literary criticism patterns of a particular region or social group. Terrain models, Digital Literary readings BT Fiction BT Relief models Messages (Official communications) Dialect poems Digital fiction ( fiction) Panel discussions USE Dialect poetry USE Personal correspondence Dialect poetry Digital geographical databases Press conferences Poems that incorporate the speech patterns of a particular region or social group. USE Geodatabases Radio commentaries Digital maps UF Dialect poems Radio scripts UF Digitized maps BT Poetry Radio talk shows Electronic maps Dialogs (Literature) Scholia BT Maps USE Dialogues (Literature) Sermons (Hypertext poetry) Dialogues (Literature) Special events radio coverage USE Hypertext poetry UF Dialogs (Literature) Special events television coverage Digital surface models BT Literature Speeches USE Digital elevation models NT Duologues Spirit writings Digital terrain models Dialogues (Music) Television talk shows USE Digital elevation models UF Recitative dialogues Discussion drama Digitized maps BT Art music USE Discussion plays USE Digital maps Dramatic music Discussion guides Dikir barat Diaries USE Teachers' guides BT Songs UF Journals (Diaries) Discussion plays Diploma theses Plays in which debate and discussion on social Personal journals USE Academic theses problems are more important than plot, action, or BT Creative nonfiction Direct animation films character. Records (Documents) USE Cameraless animation films UF Discussion drama Diaries, Fictional Direct cinema films BT Problem plays USE Diary fiction USE Cinéma vérité films Discussions, Panel Diary fiction Direct-on film animation films USE Panel discussions Fiction written in diary form. For fiction written Disk jockey radio programs wholly or partially in the form of letters, telegrams, USE Cameraless animation films electronic mail messages, instant messages, etc., Directions, Pilotage USE Disc jockey radio programs see Epistolary fiction. USE Pilot guides Display catalogs UF Diaries, Fictional Directions, Piloting USE Exhibition catalogs Fictional diaries USE Pilot guides Dissertations, Academic Fictional journals Directions, Sailing USE Academic theses Journal novels USE Pilot guides Divertimenti Journals, Fictional Directives (European Union) USE Suites BT Fiction USE Statutes and codes Divertimentos Dictionaries Directories USE Suites UF Glossaries BT Reference works Divine Office (Breviaries) Terminologies NT City directories USE Breviaries Terms and phrases Telephone directories Divine Office (Music) BT Reference works Directories, Data BT Event music NT Multilingual dictionaries USE Data dictionaries Sacred music Picture dictionaries Dirges (Music) NT Compline music Reverse dictionaries BT Funeral music Lauds (Music) Thesauri (Dictionaries) Songs Vespers (Music) Dictionaries, Data Disaster films music USE Data dictionaries Films that feature a man-made or natural calamity BT Jazz Dictionaries, Geographical (Gazetteers) that places people in imminent danger. For films that NT feature individuals or groups struggling for their lives DJ radio programs USE Gazetteers in a harsh setting see Survival films. Dictionaries of USE Disc jockey radio programs UF Catastrophe films USE Quotations Dockets Disaster movies UF Appearance dockets

GF-24 Judgment dockets Semidocumentary films Doo-wop BT Informational works BT Fiction films UF Doowop Law materials Documentary-style television programs BT Rhythm and blues music Doctor drama Fictional television programs made to resemble (Music) USE Medical drama documentary television programs. BT Heavy metal (Music) Doctor fiction UF Documentaries, Fake (Television programs) Doomsday comics USE Medical fiction Documentary television programs, Fake USE Apocalyptic comics Doctor films (Motion pictures) Documentary television programs, Fictionalized Doomsday drama USE Medical films (Motion pictures) Documentary television programs, Mock USE Apocalyptic drama Doctor Mabuse films Fake documentaries (Television programs) Doomsday fiction USE Crime films Fake documentary television programs USE Apocalyptic fiction Doctor radio programs Fictionalized documentary television programs Doomsday films USE Medical radio programs Mock documentary television programs USE Apocalyptic films Doctor television programs (Television programs) Doomsday television programs USE Medical television programs television programs USE Apocalyptic television programs Doctoral dissertations Pseudo-documentary television programs Doowop USE Academic theses Quasi-documentary television programs USE Doo-wop Doctoral theses Semidocumentary television programs Double acrostic puzzles USE Academic theses BT Fiction television programs USE Double-crostics Doctrine and Covenants stories Documentary television programs Double acrostics Paraphrases of Doctrine and Covenants texts in UF Documentaries, Television USE Double-crostics story form. Documentary programs, Television Double-crostics UF Stories, Doctrine and Covenants Telementaries UF Double acrostic puzzles BT Literature Television documentaries Double acrostics , Radio Television documentary programs BT Acrostics (Puzzles) USE Radio docudramas BT Nonfiction television programs Double dactyls Docudramas (Literature) NT Educational television programs Light verse that consists of two quatrains with two USE Historical drama Ethnographic television programs dactyls each. Docudramas (Motion pictures) Historical reenactments (Television programs) UF Dactyls, Double USE Historical films Travelogues (Television programs) BT Poetry Docudramas (Television programs) Documentary television programs, Fake Downbeat (Electronica) USE Historical television programs USE Documentary-style television programs USE Ambient music (Electronica) Documentaries, Fake (Motion pictures) Documentary television programs, Fictionalized Downtempo (Electronica) USE Documentary-style films USE Documentary-style television programs USE Ambient music (Electronica) Documentaries, Fake (Television programs) Documentary television programs, Mock films USE Documentary-style television programs USE Documentary-style television programs USE films Documentaries, Motion picture Documents, Legislative Dracula television programs USE Documentary films USE Legislative materials USE Vampire television programs Documentaries, Radio Dodoitsu (Songs) Drafting histories (Treaties) USE Documentary radio programs BT Songs USE Travaux préparatoires (Treaties) Documentaries, Television Doggerel Drama USE Documentary television programs Irregularly fashioned poems that are often of a UF Dramas Documentary comics humorous or burlesque nature. Filmed plays [Former heading] BT Nonfiction comics BT Poetry Plays Documentary drama (Literature) Dolls, Paper Playscripts USE Historical drama USE Paper dolls Scripts, Stage Documentary fiction Domestic comedy films Stage plays USE Nonfiction novels Films that find humor in domestic situations and Stage scripts are normally set in the home. Documentary films Televised plays [Former heading] UF Documentaries, Motion picture UF Family comedy films Theatrical works Factual films BT Comedy films BT Literature Motion picture documentaries Domestic comedy television programs NT Acting editions Television programs that find humor in domestic BT Nonfiction films situations and are usually set in the home. Action and adventure plays RT Actualities (Motion pictures) Alternative histories (Drama) UF Family comedy television programs NT Cinéma vérité films Biographical drama BT Television comedies Educational films Bisexual drama RT Situation comedies (Television programs) Ethnographic films Christmas plays Domestic comics Historical reenactments (Motion pictures) Comédies-ballets Comics that feature home and family life. Travelogues (Motion pictures) Comedy plays BT Comics (Graphic works) Documentary films, Fake Coming-of-age drama Domestic drama USE Documentary-style films Dance drama Plays depicting the problems of the middle and Documentary films, Fictionalized lower classes, particularly within the family and home. Detective and mystery plays USE Documentary-style films UF Bourgeois drama Dialect drama Documentary films, Mock BT Drama Didactic drama USE Documentary-style films NT Drawing-room drama Domestic drama Documentary photographs Sewamono Drames à clef Photographs that are used to chronicle events, Duologues places, environments, etc. Domestic drama (Motion pictures) Fictional films that feature home and family life. Environmental drama BT Informational works BT Fiction films Episodic plays Photographs Erotic drama Documentary programs, Television Domestic drama (Television programs) Fictional television programs that feature home Experimental drama USE Documentary television programs and family life. Fantasy drama Documentary radio programs BT Fiction television programs Fastnachtsspiele UF Documentaries, Radio Domestic fiction Folk drama Radio documentaries Works of fiction that feature home and family life. Gay drama BT Nonfiction radio programs BT Fiction Historical drama NT Travelogues (Radio programs) Domestic poetry Horror plays Documentary-style films Poetry that features home and family life. Interludes (Drama) Fictional films made to resemble documentary Kabuki plays films. BT Poetry plays UF Documentaries, Fake (Motion pictures) Đờn ca tài tử USE Nhạ̣c tài tử Kōwaka drama Documentary films, Fake Kuai shu Documentary films, Fictionalized Don Camillo films USE Comedy films Legal drama (Literature) Documentary films, Mock Lesbian drama Fake documentaries (Motion pictures) Don Juan films USE Motion pictures Librettos Fake documentary films Liederspiels Fictionalized documentary films Don Juan television programs USE Television programs Likē drama Mock documentary films Living newspapers Mockumentaries BT Songs Loas Mockumentary films Machine plays Pseudo-documentary films Magic realist plays Quasi-documentary films Masques

GF-25 Drama (Continued) Jōruri (Music) Drum 'n' bass (Music) Medical drama Madrigal comedies USE Jungle (Music) (Drama) Masques (Music) DSMs (Digital surface models) Memory plays Melodramas (Music) USE Digital elevation models Metadramas Modern dance music DTMs (Digital terrain models) Mime plays Monologues (Music) USE Digital elevation models Monodramas (Literature) Motion picture music Dub (Music) Monologues (Drama) Musical theater UF Dub reggae Monster drama Musicals Reggae dub Mythological plays Operas BT Reggae music Nō plays Oratorios Dub reggae One- plays P'ansori USE Dub (Music) Paranormal drama Pantomimes (Music) Dub step (Music) Participatory drama Pasticcios (Music) USE Dubstep (Music) Pastoral drama Ping ju Dubstep (Music) Picaresque drama Rappresentazioni sacre (Music) UF Brostep (Music) Political plays Dub step (Music) Problem plays Serenatas BT Electronic dance music plays music Dumas (Music) Radio plays USE Dumy (Music) Religious drama Dramatic-narrative films Dumb shows (Mime plays) Romantic plays USE Fiction films USE Mime plays Science fiction plays Dramatic readings Dumki (Art music) Screenplays USE Literary readings USE Dumky (Art music) Sports plays Dramatic tragedies Dumky (Art music) Superhero plays USE Tragedies (Drama) UF Dumki (Art music) Tan ci Dramatisations BT Art plays USE Film adaptations Dumy (Music) Theatrical adaptations Radio adaptations UF Dumas (Music) Thriller plays Television adaptations BT Epic songs Tragedies (Drama) Theatrical adaptations Folk songs Tragicomedies Dramatizations Duodramas Transgender drama USE Film adaptations USE Duologues Utopian plays Radio adaptations Duologues Verbatim theater Television adaptations UF Duodramas Verse drama Theatrical adaptations Two-man plays War drama Drames à clef Two-person plays Western plays Plays in which real persons, places, or events are BT Dialogues (Literature) Drama about drama depicted under invented names. For plays that depict Drama the lives of real people interspersed with fictional USE Metadramas characters and events see Biographical drama. Dynamic maps Drama adaptations BT Drama USE Flow maps USE Theatrical adaptations Drames à clef (Television programs) comics Drama criticism Fictional television programs in which real persons, USE Dystopian comics USE Theater reviews places, or events are depicted under invented names. Dystopia films Drama films, Historical For television programs that depict the lives of real USE Dystopian films USE Historical films people see Biographical television programs. Dystopia television programs Drama programs UF Romans à clef (Television programs) USE Dystopian television programs USE Theater programs Television drames à clef Dystopian comics Drama reviews Television romans à clef Comics set in an uncertain future, in a society USE Theater reviews BT Fiction television programs ruled by an ineffectual, corrupt, or oppressive regime Drawing-room drama or by aliens, robots, etc. For comics set in a world or Drama television programs, Historical civilization after a catastrophic event (e.g., nuclear USE Historical television programs Plays that take place in a domestic setting such as war, an ), sometimes also including the a drawing or living room and examine middle-class period immediately preceding the event see Dramas concerns and values. USE Drama Apocalyptic comics. UF Cup-and-saucer drama Dramatic adaptations UF Anti-utopian comics BT Domestic drama USE Theatrical adaptations Antiutopian comics Drawings Dramatic criticism Cacotopian comics UF Sketches USE Theater reviews Counter-utopian comics BT Visual works Dramatic films Counterutopian comics NT Architectural drawings USE Fiction films Dystopia comics Cartoons (Working drawings) Dramatic interludes Dystopian science fiction comics Courtroom art USE Interludes (Drama) Dystopic comics Geological cross-sections Dramatic lyrics Dystopic science fiction comics Pastels (Visual works) USE Dramatic monologues (Poetry) Negative utopian comics Watercolors Dramatic monologues (Poetry) BT Science fiction comics Drawn-on films Poems in which a character other than the poet Dystopian drama addresses a silent audience, thus unwittingly USE Cameraless animation films USE Dystopian plays revealing the character's own nature. Dreampop (Music) Dystopian fiction UF Dramatic lyrics USE Shoegaze (Music) Fiction set in an uncertain future, in a society ruled Monologues, Dramatic (Poetry) Drinking songs by an ineffectual, corrupt, or oppressive regime or by BT Lyric poetry BT Songs aliens, robots, etc. For fiction set in a world or civilization after a catastrophic event (e.g., nuclear Dramatic music Droll humors war, alien invasion, pandemic, environmental Music for staged works, whether composed as an USE Drolls collapse), sometimes also including the period integral part of the work (e.g., operas) or to otherwise Droll-humours immediately preceding the event, see Apocalyptic accompany or enhance it (e.g., incidental music). USE Drolls fiction. UF Music for the stage Drolleries UF Anti-utopian fiction Stage music USE Drolls Antiutopian fiction Theatrical music Drolls Cacotopian fiction BT Music Short farces and comic scenes adapted from other Counter-utopian fiction NT Ballad operas plays as a substitute for full-length or serious plays Counterutopian fiction Ballets (Music) that were not permitted by the government during 's Commonwealth period. Dystopian science fiction Bangsawan (Music) Dystopic fiction UF Droll humors Barong (Music) Negative utopian fiction Droll-humours Ch'anggŭk BT Science fiction Drolleries Chinese operas Dystopian films Congadas (Music) BT Comedy sketches Films set in an uncertain future, in a society ruled Dialogues (Music) Farces by an ineffectual, corrupt, or oppressive regime or by Entremés (Music) Drug formularies aliens, robots, etc. For films set in a world or USE Formularies (Medicine) civilization after a catastrophic event (e.g., nuclear Hát bội war, an alien invasion), sometimes also including the Hát chèo (Music) Drum circles Hira gasy BT Event music Incidental music

GF-26 period immediately preceding the event see EBM () information. For radio programs that use a structured Apocalyptic films. USE Industrial dance music format to teach or train the audience see Instructional radio programs. UF Dystopia films comics Dystopian science fiction films USE Erotic comics UF Continuing education radio programs Dystopic films Ecclesiastical drama Informational radio programs Dystopic science fiction films USE Liturgical drama BT Instructional and educational works Planet of the films [Former heading] Echo poetry Radio programs BT Science fiction films USE Echo verse NT Science radio programs Dystopian plays Echo verse Educational television programs Plays set in an uncertain future, in a society ruled Poems in which the last syllable of one line is Television programs intended to impart knowledge by an ineffectual, corrupt, or oppressive regime or by repeated in the line with a different meaning. and information. For television programs that use a aliens, robots, etc. For plays set in a world or structured format to teach or train the audience see civilization after a catastrophic event (e.g., nuclear UF Echo poetry Instructional television programs. war, an alien invasion), sometimes also including the BT Poetry UF Informational television programs period immediately preceding the event, see Eclogues BT Documentary television programs Apocalyptic drama. USE Pastoral poetry Instructional and educational works UF Anti-utopian drama Eco-fiction NT Science television programs Antiutopian drama USE Ecofiction Educational works Cacotopian drama Eco-poetry USE Instructional and educational works Counter-utopian drama USE Ecopoetry Egodocuments Counterutopian drama Ecodrama USE Autobiographies Dystopian drama USE Environmental drama Eid al-Adha fiction Dystopian science fiction drama Ecofiction USE ʻĪd al-Aḍḥā fiction Dystopic drama Fiction that depicts the interconnectedness of the Eid al-Fitr fiction human and natural worlds, and especially the impact Negative utopian drama USE ʻĪd al-Fiṭr fiction BT Science fiction plays of human activities on nature. For fiction that depicts the natural world and its phenomena see Nature Eid fiction Dystopian science fiction fiction. USE ʻĪd al-Aḍḥā fiction USE Dystopian fiction UF Eco-fiction ʻĪd al-Fiṭr fiction Dystopian science fiction comics Ecological fiction Eid ul-Adha fiction USE Dystopian comics Environmental fiction USE ʻĪd al-Aḍḥā fiction Dystopian science fiction drama Green fiction Eid ul-Fitr fiction USE Dystopian plays BT Nature fiction USE ʻĪd al-Fiṭr fiction Dystopian science fiction films Ecological fiction Eight-pagers (Tijuana bibles) USE Dystopian films USE Ecofiction USE Tijuana bibles Dystopian science fiction television programs Ecological poetry Ekphrases (Poetry) USE Dystopian television programs USE Ecopoetry USE Ekphrastic poetry Dystopian television programs Ecology rock music Ekphrastic poetry Television programs set in an uncertain future, in a society ruled by an ineffectual, corrupt, or oppressive USE Folk-rock music Poetry that describes or meditates on works of regime or by aliens, robots, etc. For television Ecopoetry visual art. programs set in a world or civilization after a Nature poetry that focuses on environmental and UF Ecphrases (Poetry) catastrophic event (e.g., nuclear war, an alien ecological themes and often portrays nature as Ekphrases (Poetry) invasion), sometimes also including the period threatened by human activities. BT Poetry immediately preceding the event see Apocalyptic UF Eco-poetry television programs. Election campaign posters Ecological poetry UF Dystopia television programs USE Political posters Environmental poetry Dystopian science fiction television programs Election posters Green poetry Dystopic science fiction television programs USE Political posters BT Nature poetry Dystopic television programs Electric folk music Ecossaises (Music) BT Science fiction television programs USE Folk-rock music BT Country-dances (Music) Dystopic comics Electric jazz Ecphrases (Poetry) USE Dystopian comics USE Jazz-rock (Music) USE Ekphrastic poetry Dystopic drama Electro (Music) Editor, Letters to the USE Dystopian plays UF Electro- USE Letters to the editor Dystopic fiction BT Funk (Music) Editorial cartoons USE Dystopian fiction Hip-hop (Music) BT Cartoons (Humor) Dystopic films Techno (Music) Editorials, Radio USE Dystopian films Electro-funk USE Radio commentaries Dystopic science fiction comics USE Electro (Music) Edits du roy USE Dystopian comics Electronic body music USE Royal ordinances Dystopic science fiction films USE Industrial dance music EDM (Electronic dance music) USE Dystopian films Electronic dance music USE Electronic dance music Dystopic science fiction television programs UF Club music Edo kouta USE Dystopian television programs Dance music, Electronic USE Kouta Dystopic television programs EDM (Electronic dance music) Educational comics USE Dystopian television programs UDM (Underground dance music) Comics that are intended to impart knowledge and Underground dance music [Former heading] E-poetry (Hypertext poetry) information, including those for classroom use. For USE Hypertext poetry comics that use a structured format to teach or train BT Dance music Early maps the reader see Instructional comics. Electronica (Music) BT Maps UF Informational comics NT Dubstep (Music) Earthenware BT Instructional and educational works Ghettotech (Music) USE Pottery Nonfiction comics East Asian classical music Educational films Industrial dance music USE Art music Films that are intended to impart knowledge and Easter carols information, including those for classroom viewing. Jungle (Music) For films that use a structured format to teach or train Techno (Music) USE Carols the audience see Instructional films. Easter drama Trip-hop (Music) UF Informational films UK garage (Music) USE Easter plays BT Documentary films Easter fiction Electronic fiction (Hypertext fiction) Instructional and educational works USE Hypertext fiction BT Fiction NT Science films Easter music Electronic maps Social guidance films USE Digital maps Music that is traditionally associated with Easter. Educational games BT Event music Electronic poetry (Hypertext poetry) UF Academic games USE Hypertext poetry RT Carols Classroom games Easter plays Electronic pop (Music) Heuristic games USE Synthpop (Music) UF Easter drama Learning games BT Religious drama Electronica (Music) BT Instructional and educational works BT Popular music Easter poetry Puzzles and games BT Poetry NT Ambient music (Electronica) Educational materials Electronic dance music Easter sermons USE Instructional and educational works BT Occasional sermons Educational radio programs Synthpop (Music) Radio programs intended to impart knowledge and (Music) USE Synthpop (Music)

GF-27 Elegiac music Engravings Recipes USE Elegies (Music) Prints on paper that incorporate impressions that Sample books Elegiac poetry are created on a plate into which the design Stationery was incised. USE Elegies (Poetry) Tracts (Ephemera) Elegies BT Intaglio prints Trade catalogs USE Elegies (Poetry) Engravings, Wood Trading cards NT Marsiyas USE Wood engravings Pastoral elegies Enigmas Ephemeral items Elegies (Music) USE Riddles USE Ephemera UF Elegiac music Ephemeral materials Musical elegies BT Popular music USE Ephemera BT Memorial music Songs Ephemerides Elegies (Poetry) Ensaladas BT Cartographic materials Serious, formal lyric poems that reflect on a BT Part songs Informational works solemn subject, generally someone's death. For non- Quodlibets (Music) Epic fiction narrative poems that express a deep regret or sorrow Ensigns (Flags) for the loss of a person or position see Laments. Fiction depicting action on a broad scale and often USE Flags characterized by grandiose treatment of individual UF Elegiac poetry films and/or national destiny. Elegies [Former heading] USE Fiction films UF Epics (Fiction) BT Commemorative works Entertainment news programs BT Fiction Lyric poetry UF Entertainment news shows (Television Epic films Elementary school yearbooks programs) Films that employ large casts and lavish sets to USE School yearbooks BT Television news programs depict action on a grand scale. Elevation models, Digital Entertainment news shows (Television programs) UF Costume spectacles USE Digital elevation models USE Entertainment news programs Epics, Film Elevator music Entracte (Music) Film epics USE Background music USE Interludes (Music) Heroic films Email, Business Entrameses Monumental films USE Business correspondence USE Interludes (Drama) Monumentalist films Email, Commercial Entremés (Music) Spectacles (Motion pictures) USE Business correspondence UF Entremets (Music) Spectaculars (Motion pictures) Email, Personal BT Dramatic music BT Fiction films USE Personal correspondence Interludes (Music) Epic poetry Email, Private RT Sainetes (Music) Lengthy poems narrating heroic deeds and events. USE Personal correspondence Entremeses UF Bîlinî Emblem books USE Interludes (Drama) Byliny Books containing illustrations with accompanying Entremets (Drama) Epics (Poetry) interpretations of their allegorical meaning. USE Interludes (Drama) Heroic poetry BT Illustrated works Entremets (Music) Stariny (Music) USE Entremés (Music) BT Narrative poetry UF Emocore (Music) Entwicklungsromane NT Chansons de geste Emotional hardcore (Music) USE Bildungsromans Epic songs BT Hardcore (Music) Entwicklungsromans Lengthy narrative songs, generally from an oral Emocore (Music) USE Bildungsromans tradition, involving specialist bards. USE Emo (Music) Enumerative songs UF Epics (Songs) Emotional hardcore (Music) Songs that repetitiously list a series of associated Heroic songs USE Emo (Music) items, actions, or people. For songs that repetitiously Oral epics (Songs) Enactments list a series of associated items, actions, or people, in BT Narrative songs USE Statutes and codes which each stanza incorporates the words from all previous stanzas in incremental fashion, see NT Dumy (Music) Enchiridia Cumulative songs. Epic television programs USE Handbooks and manuals Television programs that employ large casts and BT Folk songs lavish sets to depict action on a grand scale. Enchiridions Environmental drama UF Costume spectacles (Television programs) USE Handbooks and manuals UF Ecodrama Epics, Television Encomia BT Drama Heroic television programs USE Eulogies Environmental fiction Monumental television programs Laudatory poetry USE Ecofiction Monumentalist television programs Encomiums Environmental films Spectacles (Television programs) USE Eulogies BT Motion pictures Spectaculars (Television programs) Laudatory poetry Environmental impact statements Television epics Encyclicals, Papal UF Impact statements, Environmental BT Fiction television programs USE Papal encyclicals Statements, Environmental impact Epicedes Encyclopaediae BT Technical reports USE Epicedia USE Encyclopedias Environmental music Epicedes (Music) Encyclopaedias USE Background music USE Epicedia (Music) USE Encyclopedias Environmental poetry Epicedia Encyclopedias USE Ecopoetry Poems composed for funerals. UF Cyclopaedias Environmental posters Cyclopedias BT Posters UF Epicedes Encyclopaediae Environmental sound compositions Epicediums Encyclopaedias USE Soundscapes (Music) Funeral poetry BT Reference works Environmental television programs BT Occasional verse End-of-the-world comics BT Television programs Epicedia (Music) USE Apocalyptic comics Ephemera UF Epicedes (Music) End-of-the-world drama UF Ephemeral items Epicediums (Music) USE Apocalyptic drama Ephemeral materials BT Funeral music End-of-the-world fiction NT Artist files Songs USE Apocalyptic fiction Blank forms Epicediums End-of-the-world films Bumper stickers USE Epicedia USE Apocalyptic films Calendars Epicediums (Music) End-of-the-world television programs Conference materials USE Epicedia (Music) USE Apocalyptic television programs Course materials Epics, Animal Endangered species recovery plans Examinations USE Beast epics USE Wildlife recovery plans Fliers (Ephemera) Epics, Beast Englynion Greeting cards USE Beast epics USE Englyns Job Epics, Film Englyns Menus USE Epic films Short Welsh poems generally written in quatrains Newsletters Epics, Television or tercets with complex rules governing alliteration USE Epic television programs and rhyme. Playing cards Postcards Epics (Fiction) UF Englynion USE Epic fiction BT Poetry Press releases Programs (Publications) Epics (Poetry) USE Epic poetry

GF-28 Epics (Songs) Erotic films Minority radio programs USE Epic songs UF Gay erotic films [Former heading] BT Radio programs Epideictic poetry Lesbian erotic films [Former heading] Ethnic television programs USE Occasional verse Schulmädchen-Report films [Former heading] Television programs that are made by or intended Epigrams BT Motion pictures for a specific ethnic audience and that often feature ethnic experiences. Short, witty statements. RT Pornographic films BT Sayings Erotic periodicals BT Television programs NT Priamels UF periodicals Ethnographic fiction Epilogs Sex periodicals UF Anthropological fiction USE Prologues and epilogues Sex-oriented periodicals Ethnographical fiction Epilogues and prologues Sexually oriented periodicals BT Fiction USE Prologues and epilogues BT Periodicals Ethnographic films Epinicia Erotic poetry UF Anthropological films USE Laudatory poetry UF Gay erotic poetry [Former heading] Ethnological films Epinikions Lesbian erotic poetry [Former heading] BT Documentary films USE Laudatory poetry BT Poetry Ethnographies Epiphany music RT Bawdy poetry Ethnographic maps Music that is traditionally associated with Erotic songs UF Anthropological maps Epiphany. BT Songs Ethnographical maps BT Event music Erotic television programs Ethnological maps Sacred music BT Television programs BT Ethnographies Episode films RT Pornographic television programs Maps USE Anthology films Erotica periodicals Ethnographic television programs Film serials USE Erotic periodicals UF Anthropological television programs Episodes, Web Erudita, Commedia Ethnological television programs USE Webisodes USE Commedia erudita BT Documentary television programs Episodic drama Erziehungsromane Ethnographies USE Episodic plays USE Bildungsromans Ethnographic works Episodic films Erziehungsromans USE Ethnographies USE Anthology films USE Bildungsromans Ethnographical fiction Episodic plays Espinelas USE Ethnographic fiction Plays that consist of episodes that are each more USE Decimas Ethnographical maps or less self-contained but together follow a common USE Ethnographic maps theme. Espinelas (Music) USE Décimas (Music) Ethnographical works UF Episodic drama Espionage comics USE Ethnographies BT Drama USE Spy comics Ethnographies NT Station drama Anthropological studies of people and their culture. Espionage fiction Epistolary fiction USE Spy fiction UF Ethnographic works Fiction written wholly or partially in the form of Ethnographical works letters, telegrams, electronic mail messages, instant Espionage films messages, etc. For fiction written in diary form see USE Spy films Ethnologic works Diary fiction. Espionage radio programs Ethnological works UF Novels in letters USE Spy radio programs BT Informational works BT Fiction Espionage television programs NT Ethnographic films Epistolary poetry USE Spy television programs Ethnographic maps Poems in the form of a letter. Essayettes Ethnographic television programs UF Horatian epistles USE Essays Ethnologic works Verse epistles Essays USE Ethnographies BT Poetry UF Essayettes Ethnological films Epitaphs BT Creative nonfiction USE Ethnographic films Inscriptions commemorating the dead that are Informational works Ethnological maps etched on tombstones and graves. Essential medicines lists USE Ethnographic maps BT Commemorative works USE Formularies (Medicine) Ethnological television programs Epithalamia Estampidas (Music) USE Ethnographic television programs Poems written on the occasion of a wedding. USE Estampies (Music) Ethnological works UF Epithalamic poetry Estampies (Music) USE Ethnographies Epithalamies UF Estampidas (Music) Etudes, Concert Epithalamions Istampittas (Music) USE Concert etudes Epithalamiums Istanpittas (Music) Etudes (Studies) Nuptial poetry Stampitas (Music) USE Studies (Music) Wedding poetry Stantipes (Music) Eucharist, Liturgy of the BT Commemorative works BT Dance music USE Liturgical books Occasional verse Estrofas de Fray Luis de León Eulogia (Eulogies) Epithalamic poetry USE Liras USE Eulogies USE Epithalamia Etchings Eulogies Epithalamies Prints made from a metal printing plate onto which UF Encomia USE Epithalamia a design was made by coating the plate with an acid- Encomiums Epithalamions resistant ground, creating a design in the coating with Eulogia (Eulogies) an etching needle, and then exposing the plate to USE Epithalamia acid. Eulogiums Funeral orations Epithalamiums UF Hard-ground etchings Funeral speeches USE Epithalamia BT Intaglio prints Panegyricks Epitomes Ethiopian operas (Minstrel music) Panegyrics USE Abstracts USE Minstrel music BT Commemorative works Erasure poetry Ethiopian songs (Minstrel music) Occasional speeches UF Blackout poetry USE Minstrel music Eulogiums BT Found poetry Ethnic broadcasts (Radio programs) USE Eulogies Erotic comics USE Ethnic radio programs Eurowesterns UF Adult comics (Erotic comics) Ethnic films USE Spaghetti Westerns Ecchi comics Films made by or intended for a specific ethnic Gay erotic comics [Former heading] audience and that often feature ethnic experiences. Evangelaries BT Comics (Graphic works) BT Motion pictures USE Lectionaries RT Pornographic comics RT Race films Evangelical drama Erotic drama Yiddish films USE Evangelism plays UF Gay erotic drama [Former heading] Ethnic music Evangelical popular music BT Drama USE Folk music USE Contemporary Christian music RT Bawdy plays Ethnic music radio programs Evangelism drama Erotic fiction USE Folk music radio programs USE Evangelism plays UF Adult fiction Ethnic radio programs Evangelism plays Gay erotic fiction [Former heading] Radio programs made by or intended for a specific Plays that preach or espouse religious beliefs with the objective of conversion, generally to . Lesbian erotic fiction [Former heading] ethnic audience and that often feature ethnic BT Fiction experiences. UF Evangelical drama RT Pornographic fiction UF Ethnic broadcasts (Radio programs) Evangelism drama BT Religious drama

GF-29 Evangelistaries Excerptions Experimental poetry USE Lectionaries USE Excerpts Poems that emphasize innovative or Evening service music Excerpts unconventional technique. Music of evening services performed in any UF Clips (Excerpts) UF Avant-garde poetry religion or liturgical rite. Excerpted resources BT Poetry BT Event music Excerptions NT Computer poetry Sacred music Extracts (Excerpts) Concrete poetry NT Vespers (Music) Parts (Excerpts) Exploitation films Event music Portions (Excerpts) Films of a sensational nature, usually offering subject matter taboo in mainstream cinema, usually Music composed or adapted for events, named Samples (Excerpts) holidays, or rituals. produced on a low budget and often presented in the Sections (Excerpts) guise of preachy exposés or pseudo-documentaries. UF Circumstance, Pièces de Selections (Excerpts) BT Motion pictures Holiday music BT Derivative works Occasional music NT Snuff films NT Film clips Exploitation films, Black Pièces de circonstance Film excerpts BT Functional music USE Blaxploitation films Outtakes catalogs NT Advent music Parashiyot ha-shavua All Saints' Day music USE Exhibition catalogs Pericopes Exposition posters Ascension Day music Radio actualities Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament (Music) USE Exhibition posters Radio outtakes Extemporizations (Music) Candlemas music Radio program excerpts Carnival music USE Improvisations (Music) Television program clips Extracts (Excerpts) Christmas music Television program excerpts Communion service music USE Excerpts Executive orders Extrapolative films Coronation music UF Orders, Executive Corpus Christi Festival music USE Science fiction films BT Informational works Extreme metal (Music) Divine Office (Music) Law materials Drum circles BT Heavy metal (Music) RT Administrative regulations NT Crust (Music) Easter music Orders in council Epiphany music Fa-las (Part songs) Proclamations USE Balletti (Part songs) Evening service music Exempla Feast of the Transfiguration music Fables Short narratives intended to illustrate a moral point Stories intended to teach moral lessons, and Fight songs and that are generally found within a sermon or other whose main characters are generally animals or Funeral music didactic work. inanimate objects that speak and act like human Hanukkah music UF Exemplums beings. For short, simple stories that convey a moral High Holiday music BT Instructional and educational works lesson, and whose main characters are generally humans, see Parables. Kpegisu (Music) Literature Lenten music NT Fables UF Cautionary tales Masses Parables Fabular tales Michaelmas music Exemplums Moral and philosophical tales Morning service music USE Exempla Morality tales Exercise music Philosophical and moral tales New Year music UF Aerobic exercise music BT Exempla Passover music Fitness music Folk tales Pentecost Festival music Fitness training music NT Panchatantra stories Peyote songs Workout exercise music Fables, Atellan Pilgrimage music Workout music USE Atellanae Powwow songs BT Functional music Fabliaux Bawdily humorous medieval tales that were Propers (Music) Exercises (Music) generally written in eight-syllable verse. USE Studies (Music) Purim music BT Humorous poetry Exercises and problems music Fabulae Atellanae USE Problems and exercises Reformation Festival music USE Atellanae Exhibit catalogs Sabbath music Fabular tales USE Exhibition catalogs Simḥat Torah music USE Fables Exhibit posters Trinity Sunday music Facetiae USE Exhibition posters Vesnianky USE Humor Exhibition catalogs Visitation Festival music Facsimile copies UF Art exhibition catalogs Wedding music USE Facsimiles Display catalogs Event programmes Facsimile editions Exhibit catalogs USE Programs (Publications) USE Facsimiles Exposition catalogs Event programs Facsimiles Library exhibition catalogs USE Programs (Publications) UF Facsimile copies Museum exhibition catalogs Exam papers Facsimile editions BT Catalogs USE Examinations Photocopies Exhibition posters Exam questions Replicas UF Exhibit posters USE Examinations Reproductions (Facsimiles) Exposition posters Examination papers Xerocopies Fair posters USE Examinations BT Derivative works Trade show posters Examination questions Faction (Nonfiction novels) BT Posters USE Examinations USE Nonfiction novels Experimental drama Examination study guides Factual films Plays that emphasize innovative or unconventional USE Study guides USE Documentary films Examinations technique. UF Avant-garde drama Fados UF Competitive examinations BT Folk songs Exam papers BT Drama Experimental fiction Fair posters Exam questions USE Exhibition posters Examination papers Fiction that emphasizes innovative or unconventional technique. Fairground films Examination questions UF Avant-garde fiction USE Circus films Exams Fairy stories Practice examinations BT Fiction NT Antinovels USE Fairy tales Practice exams Fairy tales Practice tests Experimental films UF Avant-garde films Short simple folk narratives that feature Questions, Examination forces and magical beings and are usually intended Quizzes Personal films for children. Test books Underground films UF Fairy stories Tests BT Motion pictures Fairytales BT Ephemera NT Abstract films Magic tales Instructional and educational works Dadaist films Märchen Exams Lyrical films Stories, Fairy USE Examinations Structural films Excerpted resources Surrealist films USE Excerpts

GF-30 Wonder tales Fantastic television programs particular subject. BT Folk tales USE Fantasy television programs UF Answers and questions Fairy tales (Radio programs) Fantasy comedies (Motion pictures) Frequently asked questions USE Fantasy radio programs Films that feature benevolent intervention by Q & As Fairytales mythological or beings with comic Q and As results, or that feature incredible inventions or USE Fairy tales machines having a mind of their own. Q&As Faith, Confessions of UF Comedy fantasy films Questions and answers USE Creeds Fantastic comedies (Motion pictures) BT Instructional and educational works Fake books (Music) films Reference works USE Fakebooks (Music) Film blancs Farces Comedy plays characterized by improbable Fake documentaries (Motion pictures) Films blanc USE Documentary-style films situations, physical antics, fast-moving action, and Ghost comedies (Motion pictures) stock characters. Fake documentaries (Television programs) Heavenly comedies (Motion pictures) UF Farcical drama USE Documentary-style television programs BT Comedy films Fake documentary films BT Comedy plays Fantasy films NT Antimasques USE Documentary-style films Fantasy comedies (Television programs) Fake documentary television programs Atellanae Television programs that feature benevolent Drolls USE Documentary-style television programs intervention by mythological or supernatural beings Fakebooks (Music) with comic results, or that feature incredible Slapstick comedy plays UF Fake books (Music) inventions or machines having a mind of their own. Farces (Motion pictures) BT Scores UF Comedy fantasy television programs USE Comedy films NT Lead sheets Fantastic comedies (Television programs) Farces (Television programs) Falsobordone Fantasy comedy television programs USE Television comedies BT Sacred music Ghost comedies (Television programs) Farcical drama quotations Heavenly comedies (Television programs) USE Farces USE Quotations BT Fantasy television programs Farcical films Family comedy films Television comedies USE Comedy films USE Domestic comedy films Fantasy comedy films Farcical television programs Family comedy television programs USE Fantasy comedies (Motion pictures) USE Television comedies USE Domestic comedy television programs Fantasy comedy television programs Farm comedy films Family histories USE Fantasy comedies (Television programs) USE Rural comedy films Narrative studies of families and the tracing of their Fantasy comics Farm comedy television programs lineages and histories. For lineages of people, or Comics in which magic and extraordinary USE Rural comedy television programs purebred animals in tabular or diagrammatic form see characters are integral to the story. Farmer comedy films Genealogical tables. UF Fantastic comics USE Rural comedy films UF Genealogical histories BT Comics (Graphic works) Fashion competition shows (Television programs) Genealogies (Histories) Fantasy drama UF Fashion reality television programs Histories, Family Plays in which magic and extraordinary characters Reality fashion competition shows (Television Histories, Genealogical are integral to the story. programs) Narrative family histories UF Fantastic drama BT Reality television programs BT Informational works BT Drama Fashion reality television programs Family trees Fantasy fiction USE Fashion competition shows (Television USE Genealogical tables Fiction in which magic and extraordinary programs) characters are integral to the story. Famous quotations Fastnachtspiele USE Quotations UF Fantastic fiction USE Fastnachtsspiele Famous quotes fiction Fastnachtsspiele USE Quotations BT Fiction Amateur one-act plays that were usually performed NT at Shrove Tuesday festivals in 15th-16th century Fiction that incorporates characters and/or settings Fantasy films . of books, television programs, etc., of which the Films that feature elements of the fantastic, often UF Carnival plays authors are fans. including magic, supernatural forces, or exotic Fastnachtspiele fantasy worlds. UF Fanfic Shrove Tuesday plays BT Fiction UF films [Former heading] Shrovetide plays Fan films Lord of the Rings films [Former heading] BT Drama Amateur films created by fans of a film, television Shrek films [Former heading] Fatāwá program, comic book, etc. Wizard of Oz films [Former heading] USE Fatwas BT Amateur films BT Fiction films Fatras Fancies (Music) NT Angel films Medieval French nonsense verse composed in one USE Fantasias (Music) Fantasy comedies (Motion pictures) or more stanzas of eleven lines. Fandangos (Music) films UF Fatrasies BT Dance music Superhero films Fratrasies Fanfares Fantasy poetry Resveries BT Art music Poems in which magic and extraordinary BT Nonsense verse characters are integral to the story. Fanfic Fatrasies USE Fan fiction UF Fantastic poetry USE Fatras Fansyes (Music) BT Poetry Fatwas USE Fantasias (Music) Fantasy radio programs UF Fatāwá Fantasias (Music) Fictional radio programs that feature elements of BT Law materials UF Fancies (Music) the fantastic, often including magic, supernatural forces, or exotic fantasy worlds. Religious materials Fansyes (Music) UF Fairy tales (Radio programs) Fauna inventories (Music) BT Fiction radio programs USE Zoological surveys Fantazias (Music) Fantasy television programs Fauna surveys Fantazies (Music) Television programs that feature elements of the USE Zoological surveys Phansies (Music) fantastic, often including magic, supernatural forces, Faunal inventories Phantasias (Music) or exotic fantasy worlds. USE Zoological surveys Phantasies (Music) UF Fantastic television programs Faunal surveys Phantazias (Music) Telefantasy USE Zoological surveys BT Art music BT Fiction television programs Feast of Booths music Fantasies (Music) NT Fantasy comedies (Television programs) USE Sukkot music USE Fantasias (Music) Superhero television programs Feast of Dedication music Fantastic comedies (Motion pictures) Fantazias (Music) USE Hanukkah music USE Fantasy comedies (Motion pictures) USE Fantasias (Music) Feast of Esther music Fantastic comedies (Television programs) Fantazies (Music) USE Purim music USE Fantasy comedies (Television programs) USE Fantasias (Music) Feast of First Fruits music Fantastic comics Fantômas films USE Shavuot music USE Fantasy comics USE Detective and mystery films Feast of Lights music Fantastic drama Fantozzi films USE Hanukkah music USE Fantasy drama USE Comedy films Feast of Lots music Fantastic fiction FAQs USE Purim music USE Fantasy fiction Lists of questions and answers relating to a Feast of Tabernacles music Fantastic poetry USE Sukkot music USE Fantasy poetry

GF-31 Feast of the Ascension music Magic realist fiction Television crime shows USE Ascension Day music Martial arts fiction Television melodramas Feast of the Maccabees music Mathematical fiction Fictional autobiographies USE Hanukkah music Medical fiction Works that present themselves as autobiographies Feast of the Transfiguration music but whose narrators and events are fictional. For fiction that is based on events in the author's life, but Music that is traditionally associated with the Feast Monster fiction employs fictional characters intermixed with fictional of the Transfiguration. Mythological fiction events, see Autobiographical fiction. BT Event music Nature fiction UF Autobiographies, Fictional Sacred music Nonfiction novels Autofiction Feast of Weeks music Nonsense fiction Memoir-novels USE Shavuot music BT Fiction Feature films Novelle Fictional diaries Individual full-length films with a running time of 40 Novels minutes or more. USE Diary fiction Fictional films UF Feature-length films Passover fiction USE Fiction films Features (Motion pictures) Pastoral fiction Fictional journals BT Motion pictures Philosophical fiction USE Diary fiction Feature films, Made-for-TV Picaresque fiction Fictional non-fiction USE Made-for-TV movies USE Nonfiction novels Feature-length films Pornographic fiction Fictional nonfiction USE Feature films Prison fiction USE Nonfiction novels Features, Television Proletarian fiction Fictional television programs USE Made-for-TV movies USE Fiction television programs Features (Motion pictures) Religious fiction Fictionalized documentary films USE Feature films Road fiction USE Documentary-style films -and-touch books Robinsonades Fictionalized documentary television programs USE Textured books Romance fiction USE Documentary-style television programs Feghoots Romans à clef Fictive films USE Shaggy dog stories Samurai fiction USE Fiction films Festival of Lights music Scar literature Field books USE Hanukkah fiction USE Field notes Festival of Reaping music Science fiction Field guides USE Shavuot music Sea fiction Illustrated handbooks used to identify natural Festival of the Giving of the Torah music Sensation fiction objects, animals, plants, etc., in their natural USE Shavuot music Serialized fiction environment. Festschriften Short stories UF Field identification guides UF Festschrifts Social problem fiction Field keys Gedenkschriften Sports fiction Fieldguides Gedenkschrifts Spy fiction Guides, Field Memorial volumes (Festschriften) Stories in rhyme BT Handbooks and manuals BT Commemorative works Theatrical fiction Illustrated works Festschrifts Thrillers (Fiction) Field identification guides USE Festschriften Transgender fiction USE Field guides Feuilletons (Serialized fiction) Field keys USE Serialized fiction Utopian fiction USE Field guides Fiction War fiction Field notebooks UF Stories USE Field notes Tales Fiction films Field notes BT Literature UF Dramatic films UF Books, Field NT Action and adventure fiction Dramatic-narrative films Field books Africanfuturist fiction Entertainment films Field notebooks Alternative histories (Fiction) Fictional films Fieldnotes Animal fiction Fictive films Notebooks, Field Bible fiction Film dramas Notes, Field Bildungsromans Narrative films BT Records (Documents) Biographical fiction BT Motion pictures Field recordings Bisexual fiction NT Alternative histories (Motion pictures) Recordings of sounds or images made outside a controlled studio environment or professional Bizarro fiction Crime films Campus fiction performance venue that are generally unedited and Documentary-style films typically made with portable equipment. Choose-your-own stories Domestic drama (Motion pictures) Christmas fiction BT Sound recordings Epic films Video recordings Confessional fiction Fantasy films Cryptologic fiction Field reports, Radio Films à clef USE Radio field reports Detective and mystery fiction Haunted house films Dialect fiction Fieldguides Horror films USE Field guides Diary fiction Journalism films Didactic fiction Fieldnotes Melodramas (Motion pictures) USE Field notes Domestic fiction films Easter fiction Fight songs films UF Team anthems Epic fiction Political films Epistolary fiction Team songs Science fiction films BT Event music Erotic fiction Witch films Ethnographic fiction RT School songs Fiction radio programs Figure poetry Experimental fiction BT Radio programs Fan fiction USE Pattern poetry NT Fantasy radio programs Files, Artist Fantasy fiction Horror radio programs Fictional autobiographies USE Artist files Science fiction radio programs Fishing fiction Fiction television programs Folk tales BT Music Television programs portraying imaginary Film adaptations Frame stories characters and events. Gangster fiction UF Books, Filmed UF Fictional television programs Dramatisations Gay fiction BT Television programs Dramatizations NT Alternative histories (Television programs) Filmed books Documentary-style television programs Films from books Domestic drama (Television programs) Motion picture adaptations Humorous fiction Drames à clef (Television programs) Hunting fiction BT Adaptations Epic television programs Motion pictures Hypertext fiction Fantasy television programs Intersex fiction Film auditions Haunted house television programs USE Screen tests Legal fiction (Literature) Journalism television programs Lesbian fiction Political television programs Light novels Science fiction television programs

GF-32 Film biographies UF Motion picture soundtracks Filmed parades USE Biographical films Movie soundtracks UF Parades, Filmed Film blancs Soundtracks, Film BT Nonfiction films USE Fantasy comedies (Motion pictures) Soundtracks, Motion picture Filmed performances Film catalogs Soundtracks, Movie UF Filmed comedy sketches [Former heading] USE Filmographies BT Sound recordings Filmed kabuki plays [Former heading] Film clips Film take-offs Filmed kyōgen plays [Former heading] Short segments, usually incomplete scenes, of USE Parody films Filmed literary readings [Former heading] films. For parts, usually complete scenes or Film takeoffs Filmed monodramas [Former heading] sequences, extracted from a complete film see Film excerpts. USE Parody films Filmed musicals [Former heading] UF Clips, Film Film thrillers Filmed nō plays [Former heading] BT Excerpts USE Thrillers (Motion pictures) Filmed operas [Former heading] Motion pictures Film trailers Filmed [Former heading] Film credits UF Film previews Filmed plays [Former heading] USE Credit titles Motion picture previews Filmed puppet plays [Former heading] television programs Motion picture trailers Filmed shadow plays [Former heading] USE Movie review television programs Movie previews Filmed stand-up comedy routines [Former Film dramas Movie trailers heading] USE Fiction films Previews, Motion picture Performance films Film epics Theatrical trailers Performances, Filmed USE Epic films Trailers, Motion picture BT Nonfiction films Film excerpts BT Motion pictures NT Concert films Parts, usually complete scenes or sequences, Promotional materials Filmed burlesque acts extracted from a complete film. For short segments, Film travelogues Filmed dance usually incomplete scenes, of films see Film clips. USE Travelogues (Motion pictures) Filmed acts BT Excerpts Filmed award presentations Filmed plays Motion pictures USE Award presentations (Motion pictures) USE Drama Film festival programs Filmed ballets Filmed performances BT Programs (Publications) UF Ballets, Filmed Filmed puppet plays parodies BT Filmed dance USE Filmed performances USE Parody films Filmed baseball games Puppet plays Film lists UF Baseball games, Filmed Filmed shadow plays USE Filmographies BT Filmed sports events USE Filmed performances Film loops Filmed basketball games Shadow plays USE Loop films UF Basketball games, Filmed Filmed speeches Film music BT Filmed sports events USE Nonfiction films USE Motion picture music Filmed books Speeches Film musicals USE Film adaptations Filmed sporting events USE Musical films Filmed boxing matches USE Filmed sports events Film noir UF Boxing matches, Filmed Filmed sports events UF Cinéma noir BT Filmed sports events UF Filmed sporting events Dark crime films Filmed burlesque acts Sporting events, Filmed Film noirs UF Burlesque acts, Filmed Sports events, Filmed Films noirs BT Filmed performances BT Nonfiction films Noir films Filmed comedy sketches NT Filmed baseball games BT Crime films USE Comedy sketches Filmed basketball games Film noir plays Filmed performances Filmed boxing matches USE Noir plays Filmed dance Filmed football games Film noirs UF Dance, Filmed Filmed yacht races USE Film noir BT Filmed performances Filmed stand-up comedy routines Film parodies NT Filmed ballets USE Filmed performances USE Parody films Filmed tangos Stand-up comedy routines Film plays Filmed debates Filmed tangos USE Screenplays USE Debates UF Tangos, Filmed Film posters Nonfiction films BT Filmed dance UF Cinema posters Filmed football games Filmed vaudeville acts Motion picture posters UF Football games, Filmed UF Vaudeville acts, Filmed Movie posters BT Filmed sports events BT Filmed performances BT Posters Filmed interviews Filmed yacht races NT Lobby cards USE Interviews UF Yacht races, Filmed Film previews Nonfiction films BT Filmed sports events USE Film trailers Filmed kabuki plays Filmographies Film remakes USE Filmed performances UF Film catalogs UF Motion picture remakes Kabuki plays Film lists Remakes, Film Filmed kyōgen plays Lists of films BT Derivative works USE Filmed performances Lists of motion pictures Motion pictures Kyōgen plays Motion picture lists Film reviews Filmed lectures BT Catalogs USE Motion picture reviews USE Lectures Films Film Nonfiction films USE Motion pictures USE Satirical films Filmed literary readings Films à clé Film scripts USE Filmed performances USE Films à clef USE Screenplays Literary readings Films à clef Film send-ups Filmed monodramas Films in which real persons, places, or events are USE Parody films USE Filmed performances depicted under invented names. For films that depict the lives of real people see Biographical films. Film sendups Monodramas (Literature) USE Parody films Filmed musicals UF Cinéma à clef Film serials USE Filmed performances Films à clé Films that were shown in weekly installments and Musicals Movies à clef usually featured cliffhanger endings. Filmed nō plays BT Fiction films UF Chapterplay films USE Filmed performances Films blanc Cliffhanger films Nō plays USE Fantasy comedies (Motion pictures) Episode films Filmed operas Films for people with visual disabilities Serial films USE Filmed performances BT Motion pictures Serials, Film Operas Films for the deaf BT Motion pictures Filmed operettas USE Films for the hearing impaired Film soundtracks USE Filmed performances Films for the hearing impaired Recordings of unaltered film soundtracks that may Operas UF Captioned films include speech, sound effects, music, etc., and that Filmed panel discussions Closed captioned films may be complete soundtracks or selected portions of Films for the deaf soundtracks. USE Nonfiction films Panel discussions Motion pictures for the deaf

GF-33 Films for the hearing impaired (Continued) Flash drama UF Folk plays Motion pictures for the hearing impaired USE Ten-minute plays Folkdrama BT Motion pictures Folkplays Films from books UF fiction BT Drama USE Film adaptations Microfiction Folk literature Films noirs Short-short stories NT Barong plays USE Film noir Sudden fiction Burrakatha plays Filmscripts Very short fiction Calonarang plays USE Screenplays BT Short stories Kamyŏn'gŭk plays Filmstrips, Newsreel Flash Gordon films Kōlam drama USE Newsreels USE Action and adventure films Kotéba plays Final acts (Treaties) Superhero films Kur̲avañci plays USE Treaties Flash plays Lakhō̜n chātrī plays Finales (Music) USE Ten-minute plays plays BT Art music Flat-figure animation films Lian hua lao Finding aids USE Silhouette animation films Makyung plays UF Archival finding aids Flicker books Mummers' plays BT Reference works USE Flip books Purim plays Fine art Fliers (Ephemera) Sandae drama USE Art UF Flyers (Ephemera) Sannata drama Fine art prints Leaflets (Fliers) Folk literature USE Prints BT Ephemera Works based on oral traditions. Fine arts NT Wanted posters UF Oral literature USE Art Flip books Traditional literature Fine arts prints Books that consist of a series of illustrations bound BT Literature USE Prints together in a sequence so that they create an illusion NT Folk drama of animation when flipped rapidly. Fine prints Folk poetry USE Prints UF Corner-flip movies Folk tales Fingering charts Flicker books Legends Charts that provide fingerings for musical Flipbooks instruments. Movies, Corner-flip Ping shu BT Illustrated works BT Toy and movable books Tongue twisters Informational works Flip charts Folk music Fire insurance maps UF Flipcharts Locally or regionally traditional music that was UF Fire insurance risk maps BT Informational works originally developed in performance and aurally Risk maps, Fire insurance Flipbooks transmitted in community contexts, and for music USE Flip books composed stylistically and/or ideologically within Sanborn fire insurance maps these traditions. Flipcharts Sanborn maps UF Ethnic music BT Maps USE Flip charts Floor plans Traditional music Fire insurance risk maps BT Music USE Fire insurance maps Representations of horizontal sections through buildings that diagram the enclosing walls, interior NT Aleke Fish stories (Tall tales) spaces, doors, windows, etc., of a building. Blues (Music) USE Tall tales UF Floorplans Cajun music Fisher surveys Plans, Floor Calypso (Music) USE Fishing surveys BT Architectural drawings Celtic music Fishing fiction Informational works Ch'anggŭk Fiction that features fishing and fishers. Floorplans Congadas (Music) UF Angling fiction USE Floor plans Flamenco music BT Fiction Flora inventories Folk dance music Fishing surveys USE Botanical surveys music UF Angler creel surveys Flora surveys Folk-rock music Angler surveys USE Botanical surveys Folk songs Angling surveys Floristic inventories Freak folk (Music) Creel surveys USE Botanical surveys Gaitas (Music) Fisher surveys Floristic surveys Guaguancós (Music) Surveys, Angler creel USE Botanical surveys Hát chèo (Music) Surveys, Angling Flow line maps Hora (Music) Surveys, Creel USE Flow maps Huaylas (Music) Surveys, Fisher Flow maps Huaynos Surveys, Fishing UF Cartograms, Linear BT Informational works Dynamic maps Kantrum (Music) Fitness music Flow line maps music USE Exercise music Line maps, Flow Kolos (Music) Fitness training music Linear cartograms Kuyis USE Exercise music BT Maps (Music) Flag books Fluorescent books Mariachi (Music) Books that consist of rows of tabs of paper attached to an -folded spine, allowing for USE Glow-in-the-dark books Morris dances (Music) the layering of complementary or contrasting images Flyers (Ephemera) Mouth music and narratives. USE Fliers (Ephemera) Música sertaneja UF Flagbooks Flying films Norteño (Music) BT Toy and movable books USE Aviation films Old-time music Flagbooks Flying-machine sounds Palos (Music) USE Flag books USE Aircraft sounds Polkabilly music Flags FOAF tales Rebetika UF Colors (Flags) USE Urban legends Sanjo Ensigns (Flags) Folias (Music) Schrammelmusik BT Visual works UF Follias (Music) Sones Flamenco music BT Dance music (Music) UF Andaluz, Cante Songs Square dance music Cañi, Cante Variations (Music) Cante andaluz Folk ballads Cante cañi USE Ballads Yodels Cante flamenco Folk dance music Folk music radio programs Cante hondo Collections of miscellaneous folk dance music. For UF Ethnic music radio programs Cante jondo music for individual dances, see the dance form, e.g., Music radio programs, Ethnic Morris dances (Music). Hondo, Cante Music radio programs, Folk Jondo, Cante BT Dance music Music radio programs, Traditional BT Folk music Folk music Traditional music radio programs NT Saetas Folk drama BT Radio programs Amateur dramas based on folk traditions and local Seguidillas (Music) history. Folk plays Sevillanas (Music) USE Folk drama

GF-34 Folk poetry UF Forensic crime shows BT Fiction Poems that are composed and transmitted via oral Forensic dramas (Television programs) RT Novelle tradition. Forensic television shows Frame tales UF Oral traditional poetry Forensics television shows USE Frame stories Traditional poetry, Oral BT Television crime shows Franco-Roman chants BT Folk literature Forensic crime fiction USE Gregorian chants Poetry USE Forensic fiction films NT Cowboy poetry Forensic crime shows USE Monster films Toasts (Poetry) USE Forensic crime dramas (Television programs) Frat rock music Folk punk music Forensic detective fiction UF Fraternity rock music UF Punk folk music USE Forensic fiction BT Rock music Rogue folk music Forensic dramas (Television programs) Frat songs BT Folk music USE Forensic crime dramas (Television programs) USE Fraternity and sorority songs Punk rock music Forensic fiction Fraternity and sorority songs Folk-rock music UF Forensic crime fiction UF Frat songs UF Ecology rock music Forensic detective fiction Greek letter society songs Electric folk music BT Detective and mystery fiction Sorority and fraternity songs Folkrock music Forensic television shows BT Songs (Folk-rock music) USE Forensic crime dramas (Television programs) Fraternity rock music BT Folk music Forensics television shows USE Frat rock music Rock music USE Forensic crime dramas (Television programs) Fratrasies Folk song texts Form books USE Fatras BT Song texts USE Legal forms Fray Luis de León estrofas NT Kouta texts Formbooks USE Liras Folk songs USE Legal forms Freak folk (Music) UF Folksongs Forms, Blank UF Acid folk (Music) BT Folk music USE Blank forms Psych folk (Music) Songs Formularies, Legal (Music) NT Alalás USE Legal forms BT Folk music Bhāwāiyā Formularies (Medicine) Popular music Cerdd dant UF Drug formularies Free-booter films Chastushki Essential medicines lists USE Pirate films Coplas (Music) Formulary drug lists Corridos (Music) Lists of essential medicines BT Jazz Cumulative songs Lists of formulary drugs Free verse Dumy (Music) Lists of preferred drugs Poems whose rhythms are based on the Enumerative songs Medical formularies of common speech instead of on conventional metrical patterns. Fados Preferred drug lists Goigs Prescription drug formularies BT Poetry Gospel music BT Reference works NT Renshi Formulary drug lists Freebooter films Kalgi-tura USE Formularies (Medicine) USE Pirate films Kouta Forró (Music) Freemason music Luk thung (Music) BT Dance music USE Masonic music Molam (Music) Popular music Frequently asked questions Naamyam Fortune tellers (Cootie catchers) USE FAQs P'ansori USE Cootie catchers Frevos Rune songs Fortunetellers (Cootie catchers) BT Carnival music Sean-nós USE Cootie catchers Friday the 13th films Spirituals (Songs) Forty hours' devotions USE Slasher films Tan singing USE Devotional literature Friend of a friend tales Vesnianky Fotonovelas USE Urban legends Vil pāṭṭu Narratives consisting of photographs laid out in the Fu Waulking songs style of a comic book. Chinese poems in which an object, feeling, or subject is described in exhaustive detail. Yoiks UF Novels, Photographic Folk tales Photo comic books BT Poetry Short narratives of uncertain origin that are based Photo novels Fugues on oral tradition. Musical works based on canonic imitation that Photocomics generally begin with a subject that recurs frequently UF Folktales Photographic novels throughout. For works with a melody that is imitated Märchen Photonovelas at a particular interval of time, generally note-for-note BT Fiction Photonovels see Canons (Music). Folk literature BT Comics (Graphic works) BT Art music NT Cumulative tales Found footage (Motion pictures, television, etc.) Fuji (Music) Fables USE Stock footage UF Fuji garbage (Music) Fairy tales Found poetry BT Popular music Jack tales Poems consisting of words or text taken from Fuji garbage (Music) Urban legends various sources and reframed as poetry. For poems USE Fuji (Music) Folkdrama consisting of passages from poems by one or more Full-text databases other authors see Centos. USE Folk drama UF Fulltext databases Folkplays UF Collage poetry BT Databases USE Folk drama BT Poetry Fulltext databases Folkrock music NT Erasure poetry USE Full-text databases USE Folk-rock music Fourth genre (Creative nonfiction) Funana (Music) Folksongs USE Creative nonfiction BT Dance music USE Folk songs Fox trots (Music) Popular music Folktales USE Foxtrots (Music) Functional music USE Folk tales Foxtrots (Music) Musical compositions composed or adapted to Follias (Music) UF Fox trots (Music) accompany activities or events, incite actions or emotions, or to use in particular locations. USE Folias (Music) Quicksteps (Foxtrots) Food shows (Television programs) BT Dance music BT Music USE Television cooking shows Fragrance books NT Acclamations (Music) Football films USE Scented books Background music USE Sports films Frame-by-frame animation films Camp songs Football games, Filmed USE Stop-motion animation films Campaign songs USE Filmed football games Frame narratives Circus music Football games, Televised USE Frame stories Computer and USE Televised football games Frame stories Dance music Stories that contain other stories. Football television programs Event music USE Sports television programs UF Frame narratives Exercise music Forensic crime dramas (Television programs) Frame tales Hunting music Fictional television programs that feature the use Narratives, Frame Ice show music of forensic evidence in the solving of crimes.

GF-35 Functional music (Continued) Games with music Gay poetry Marches (Music) USE Musical games Poetry about the gay experience. Masonic music Gang films UF Gay erotic poetry [Former heading] Meditation music USE Gangster films Homosexual poetry Memorial music Juvenile delinquency films BT Poetry Military music Gangland films Gay pornographic comics Mission music USE Gangster films USE Gay comics Motion picture music Gangsta fiction Pornographic comics Musical games USE Urban fiction Gay pornographic films Patriotic music Gangsta lit USE Gay films Production music USE Urban fiction Pornographic films Radio music (Music) Gay rock (Music) Relaxation music UF Gangster rap (Music) USE (Music) Singing commercials BT Rap (Music) Gay television programs Television music Gangster fiction Television programs about the gay experience. Work songs UF Organized crime fiction UF Homosexual television programs Yoga music BT Fiction BT Television programs Fund raising cookbooks Gangster films Gazetteers USE Community cookbooks UF Bandit gangster films UF Dictionaries, Geographical (Gazetteers) Fundraising cookbooks Gang films Geographic dictionaries (Gazetteers) USE Community cookbooks Gangland films Geographic indexes (Gazetteers) Funeral music Godfather films [Former heading] Geographical dictionaries (Gazetteers) BT Event music Hoodlum drama (Motion pictures) Geographical indexes (Gazetteers) NT Dirges (Music) Mafia films Indexes, Geographical (Gazetteers) Epicedia (Music) Organized crime films BT Cartographic materials Requiems Outlaw-couple films Reference works Funeral orations Outlaw gangster films Gazettes, Government USE Eulogies Rural bandit films USE Official gazettes Funeral poetry Syndicate films Gazettes, Legal USE Epicedia Syndicate-oriented films USE Official gazettes Funeral sermons films Gazettes, Official BT Occasional sermons BT Crime films USE Official gazettes Funeral speeches Gangster rap (Music) GDBs (Geodatabases) USE Eulogies USE Gangsta rap (Music) USE Geodatabases Funfair films Gangster shows, Radio Gedenkschriften USE Circus films USE Radio crime shows USE Festschriften Funk (Music) Gangster television programs Gedenkschrifts BT Popular music UF Hoodlum television programs USE Festschriften NT Electro (Music) Mafia television programs -fluid comics Funnies (Comics) Organized crime television programs USE Genderqueer comics USE Comics (Graphic works) Rural bandit television programs Gender-nonconforming comics Funny animal comics BT Television crime shows USE Genderqueer comics Comics that feature anthropomorphic animals. Garage music Gender-queer comics BT Comics (Graphic works) USE music USE Genderqueer comics Funny works Garage rock music Genderfluid comics USE Humor UF Garage band music USE Genderqueer comics Furiants (Music) BT Rock music Genderqueer comics BT Dance music Comics about the genderqueer experience. Further education materials USE Kasa UF Gender-fluid comics USE Continuing education materials Gats (Music) Gender-nonconforming comics Fusion (Music) Gats for melodic instruments. Gender-queer comics USE Jazz-rock (Music) BT Hindustani music Genderfluid comics Future films (Science fiction films) Ragas Non-binary comics USE Science fiction films Gavottes (Music) Nonbinary comics Gabba (Music) BT Dance music BT Queer comics UF (Music) Gay comics Genealogical histories BT Techno (Music) Comics about the gay experience. USE Family histories Gabber (Music) UF Gay erotic comics [Former heading] Genealogical tables USE Gabba (Music) Gay pornographic comics [Former heading] Lineages of people or purebred animals in tabular Gagaku Homosexual comics or diagrammatic form. For narrative studies of families and the tracing of their lineages and histories BT Art music BT Queer comics see Family histories. NT Bugaku (Music) Gay drama UF Family trees Saibara Drama about the gay experience. Genealogical trees Gagliarde (Music) UF Gay erotic drama [Former heading] Genealogies (Tables) USE Galliards (Music) Homosexual drama Pedigrees (Genealogical tables) Gahu (Music) BT Drama BT Tables (Data) BT Dance music Gay erotic comics Genealogical trees Gaillardes (Music) USE Erotic comics USE Genealogical tables USE Galliards (Music) Gay comics Genealogies (Histories) Gaitas (Music) Gay erotic drama USE Family histories UF Gaitas zulianas USE Erotic drama Genealogies (Tables) BT Folk music Gay drama USE Genealogical tables Popular music Gay erotic fiction Generic industrial music Gaitas zulianas USE Erotic fiction USE Industrial music USE Gaitas (Music) Gay fiction Género chico (Music) Galliards (Music) Gay erotic films USE Sainetes (Music) UF Gagliarde (Music) USE Erotic films Genre parodies (Motion pictures) Gaillardes (Music) Gay films USE Parody films BT Dance music Gay erotic poetry Genre parodies (Television programs) Gallows humor USE Erotic poetry USE Parody television programs USE Black humor Gay poetry Genre parody films Galops (Music) Gay fiction USE Parody films BT Dance music Fiction about the gay experience. Genre parody television programs Game shows (Radio programs) UF Gay erotic fiction [Former heading] USE Parody television programs USE Radio game shows Homosexual fiction Geodatabases Game shows (Television programs) BT Fiction UF Digital geographical databases USE Television game shows Gay films GDBs (Geodatabases) Gamebooks (Choose-your-own stories) Films about the gay experience. Geographic databases USE Choose-your-own stories UF Gay erotic films [Former heading] Geographic information databases Games and puzzles Gay pornographic films [Former heading] Geographic databases USE Puzzles and games Homosexual films Geographic information systems databases BT Motion pictures

GF-36 Geographical databases Ghazels (Music) Theatre rock (Music) Geographical information system databases USE (Music) BT Rock music Geographical information systems databases Ghazels (Poetry) GLBTQ+ comics GIS databases USE Ghazals (Poetry) USE Queer comics GIS geodatabases Ghetto lit Glees (Music) BT Databases USE Urban fiction BT Part songs Geographic information systems Ghetto tech (Music) Glitch music Geographic atlases USE Ghettotech (Music) UF Microsound (Music) USE Atlases Ghettotech (Music) BT Music Geographic databases UF Detroit club music Glitter rock (Music) USE Geodatabases Ghetto tech (Music) USE Glam rock (Music) Geographic dictionaries (Gazetteers) BT Electronic dance music Globe gores USE Gazetteers Ghost comedies (Motion pictures) USE Gores (Maps) Geographic indexes (Gazetteers) USE Fantasy comedies (Motion pictures) Globes USE Gazetteers Ghost comedies (Television programs) Spherical representations of individual planets, Geographic information databases USE Fantasy comedies (Television programs) stars, moons, comets, etc. USE Geodatabases Ghost comics UF Lunar globes [Former heading] Geographic information system databases BT Paranormal comics BT Cartographic materials USE Geodatabases Ghost drama Models (Representations) Geographic information systems USE Ghost plays RT World maps UF Geographical information systems Ghost fiction Globes, Braille GISs (Information systems) USE Ghost stories USE Cartographic materials for people with visual BT Cartographic materials Ghost films disabilities Informational works UF Ghost movies Globes, Celestial NT Geodatabases Poltergeist films [Former heading] USE Celestial globes Geospatial data BT Motion pictures Globes, Star Geographic information systems databases RT Haunted house films USE Celestial globes USE Geodatabases Ghost movies Globes, Tactile Geographical atlases USE Ghost films USE Cartographic materials for people with visual USE Atlases Ghost plays disabilities Geographical databases UF Ghost drama Globes for people with visual disabilities USE Geodatabases Ghost stories (Drama) USE Cartographic materials for people with visual Geographical dictionaries (Gazetteers) BT Paranormal drama disabilities USE Gazetteers Ghost poetry Globes for the blind Geographical indexes (Gazetteers) BT Paranormal poetry USE Cartographic materials for people with visual USE Gazetteers Ghost shows (Television programs) disabilities Geographical information system databases USE Ghost television programs Glosas USE Geodatabases Ghost stories Poems whose early lines, which are generally taken from a well-known poem, recur at the end of Geographical information systems UF Ghost fiction the poem or each stanza. USE Geographic information systems BT Paranormal fiction UF Gloses Geographical information systems databases Ghost stories (Drama) BT Poetry USE Geodatabases USE Ghost plays Gloses Geographical views Ghost stories (Television programs) USE Glosas USE Views USE Ghost television programs Glossarial concordances Geologic cross-sections Ghost television programs USE Concordances USE Geological cross-sections UF Ghost shows (Television programs) Glossaries Geologic maps Ghost stories (Television programs) USE Dictionaries USE Geological maps BT Paranormal television programs Glosses (Law) Geologic posters RT Haunted house television programs USE Law commentaries USE Geological posters Gidayū (Music) Glow-in-the-dark books Geologic time scales USE Jōruri (Music) UF Black light books UF Geological time scales Gift books Fluorescent books BT Chronologies Illustrated literary that were given as Luminescent books Geological cross-sections gifts in the 19th century. Luminous books UF Cross-sections, Geological UF Annual gift books Phosphorescent books Geologic cross-sections Annuals (Gift books) BT Toy and movable books BT Cartographic materials Books, Gift Gnomes (Poetry) Drawings Christmas books USE Gnomic poetry Informational works Giftbooks Gnomes (Sayings) Geological maps Keepsakes (Gift books) USE Sayings UF Geologic maps BT Illustrated works Literature Gnomic poetry Geology maps Short poems expressing general truths. BT Maps Giftbooks UF Gnomes (Poetry) Geological posters USE Gift books BT Poetry UF Geologic posters Gigues (Music) Sayings BT Informational works USE Jigs (Dance music) Go-go (Music) Posters Girdle poems BT Rap (Music) Geological time scales USE Muwashshaḥāt (House music) USE Geologic time scales GIS databases USE Trance (House music) Geology maps USE Geodatabases Gobbing (Mouth music) USE Geological maps GIS geodatabases USE Mouth music Georgics USE Geodatabases Godfather films BT Didactic poetry GISs (Information systems) USE Gangster films Geospatial data USE Geographic information systems films UF Data, Geospatial Giustiniane (Villanelle) USE Monster films BT Geographic information systems UF Justiniane (Villanelle) Goigs NT Raster data BT Villanelle (Songs) UF Gozos Vector data Gladiator films BT Folk songs Gewohnheiten (Rechtsbücher) USE Peplum films Hymns USE Rechtsbücher Glam (Music) Golf films Ghazals USE Glam rock (Music) USE Sports films USE Ghazals (Poetry) (Music) Golf matches, Radio Ghazals (Music) UF Hair metal (Music) USE Radio golf matches UF Ghazels (Music) Lite metal (Music) Golf matches, Televised BT Songs Pop metal (Music) USE Televised golf matches Ghazals (Poetry) BT Heavy metal (Music) Poems consisting of at least five couplets that are Glam rock (Music) Golf television programs linked by rhyme and/or repetition, in which the final UF Gay rock (Music) USE Sports television programs couplet generally mentions the poet by name. Glam (Music) Good Friday music UF Ghazals [Former heading] Glitter rock (Music) USE Holy Week music Ghazels (Poetry) (Music) Gore-fests (Motion pictures) BT Poetry Theater rock (Music) USE Splatter films

GF-37 Gore films Graphic albums (Music) USE Splatter films Graphic novellas BT Hardcore (Music) Gores (Maps) Graphic short stories (Music) Maps that may be fitted to the surface of a Novellas, Graphic Groaners with little . Novels, Comic book USE Shaggy dog stories UF Globe gores Novels, Graphic Grunge music BT Maps Short stories, Graphic UF Grunge rock music Gorno (Splatter films) Short graphic novels BT Alternative rock music USE Splatter films Short story comics Grunge rock music Gospel music BT Comics (Graphic works) USE Grunge music BT Folk songs NT adaptations Gstanzl Popular music Graphic short stories USE Schnaderhüpfel Sacred music USE Graphic novels Guaguancós (Music) NT Contemporary Christian music Graphic travelogues (Comics) BT Folk music Country gospel music USE Travel comics Rumbas (Music) Gossip radio programs Graphic works Guaiños UF Radio gossip columns USE Pictures USE Huaynos BT Nonfiction radio programs Graphics, Courtroom Guang zi xi Goth rock music USE Courtroom art USE Lian hua lao USE Gothic rock music Graphs Guangdong nan yin Gothic fiction Graphic representations of data. For data in textual USE Naamyam Fiction that depicts gloomy and antiquated form arranged in columns and rows see Tables Guapangos (Music) settings, characters that are haunted by secrets and (Data). USE (Music) unresolved conflicts, psychological and physical UF Bar charts terror, and elements of the supernatural. Guarachas (Music) Charts (Graphs) BT Dance music UF Gothic horror fiction Column charts Gothic romances Guardia, Música de Diagrams USE Bachata Romances, Gothic Line charts BT Fiction Guidance films, Social Pie charts USE Social guidance films Gothic horror fiction BT Illustrated works USE Gothic fiction Guide books Informational works USE Guidebooks Gothic poetry RT Tables (Data) Poems that depict gloomy and antiquated settings, Guidebooks characters that are haunted by secrets and Grass comics Books intended for travelers that provide unresolved conflicts, psychological and physical USE Grassroots comics information about a particular geographical location, terror, and elements of the supernatural. Grass roots comics often including descriptions of lodgings, restaurants, BT Poetry USE Grassroots comics and places of interest. Gothic rock music Grassroot comics UF Guide books UF Goth rock music USE Grassroots comics Guides (Publications) BT Alternative rock music Grassroots comics Holiday guides (Publications) NT Darkwave (Music) Comics created by community activists or others Tour books Gothic romances that are intended to communicate a message and/or Tour guides (Publications) to encourage debate on an issue. USE Gothic fiction Tourbook guides Goumbe (Music) UF Grass root comics Tourbooks USE Gumbé (Music) Grass roots comics Touring guides (Publications) Government gazettes Grassroot comics Tourist guides (Publications) USE Official gazettes BT Comics (Graphic works) Travel guidebooks Gozos Graveyard poetry Travel guides (Publications) Melancholic poetry that meditates on mortality and BT Reference works USE Goigs immortality and is often set in graveyards. Grace before meals NT Pilgrimage guides BT Poetry Guides, Audio USE Prayers Gravity anomaly maps Graduals (Chants) USE Audio guides UF Gravity maps Guides, Field UF Responsoria gradualia BT Maps BT Gregorian chants USE Field guides Gravity maps Guides (Publications) Propers (Music) USE Gravity anomaly maps Graduals (Service books) USE Guidebooks Gray-backs (Tijuana bibles) Guisers' plays BT Service books (Music) USE Tijuana bibles Graduate dissertations USE Mummers' plays Greek letter society songs Gumbé (Music) USE Academic theses USE Fraternity and sorority songs Graduate theses The Kriol dance genre of Guinea-Bissau that Green fiction combines Cabo Verdean and zouk sounds with USE Academic theses USE Ecofiction indigenous traditions. Graduation speeches Green poetry UF Goumbe (Music) UF Baccalaureate sermons USE Ecopoetry BT Dance music Commencement speeches Greeting cards Popular music Convocation speeches (Graduation speeches) Cards that are printed with messages and/or Habaneras (Music) Sermons, Baccalaureate suitable illustrations and given on special occasions UF Havaneres (Music) or holidays. BT Occasional speeches BT Dance music Graphic albums UF Cards, Greeting Popular music USE Graphic novels BT Ephemera -and- films Graphic animation films Illustrated works USE Slasher films USE Cameraless animation films Gregorian chants Hadith stories Graphic memoirs UF Franco-Roman chants Paraphrases of Hadith texts in story form. USE Autobiographical comics Old Roman chants UF Stories, Hadith Graphic non-fiction Plainchants BT Literature USE Nonfiction comics Ḥag ha-bikurim music Graphic nonfiction Roman chants USE Shavuot music USE Nonfiction comics BT Chants Ḥag Matan Toratenu music Graphic novel adaptations Sacred music USE Shavuot music UF Graphic novelisations RT Kyriales Hagadot (Liturgical books) Graphic novelizations NT Graduals (Chants) USE Haggadot (Liturgical books) Novelisations, Graphic Prosulas (Music) Haggadahs (Liturgical books) Novelizations, Graphic Reproaches (Chants) USE Haggadot (Liturgical books) BT Comics adaptations Sequences (Music) Haggadas (Liturgical books) Graphic novels Tropes (Music) USE Haggadot (Liturgical books) Graphic novelisations (Music) Haggados (Liturgical books) USE Graphic novel adaptations BT Rap (Music) USE Haggadot (Liturgical books) Graphic novelizations Grimoires Haggadot (Liturgical books) USE Graphic novel adaptations UF Books of Shadows UF Aggadahs (Liturgical books) Graphic novellas Shadows, Books of Aggadas (Liturgical books) USE Graphic novels BT Handbooks and manuals Aggadot (Liturgical books) Graphic novels Aggadoth (Liturgical books) UF Comic book novels Hagadot (Liturgical books)

GF-38 Haggadahs (Liturgical books) Hanukah fiction Health care comics Haggadas (Liturgical books) BT Religious fiction USE Medical comics Haggados (Liturgical books) Hanukkah music Health statistics Haggadoth (Liturgical books) Music that is traditionally associated with USE Medical statistics BT Liturgical books Hanukkah. Health surveys Haggadoth (Liturgical books) UF Chanuka music UF Population health surveys USE Haggadot (Liturgical books) Chanukah music Public health surveys Hagiographic films Chanukkah music Surveys, Health USE Hagiographical films Feast of Dedication music Surveys, Population health Hagiographical films Feast of Lights music Surveys, Public health UF Hagiographic films Feast of the Maccabees music BT Informational works Hagiographies (Motion pictures) Festival of Lights music Healthcare comics Hagiopics Hanukah music USE Medical comics BT Biographical films Hanukka music Hearings Religious films BT Event music UF Public hearings Hagiographies Hanukkah plays BT Discursive works Biographies of saints, religious figures, and deities UF Chanukah plays NT Legislative hearings that focus on their lives as exemplars of the faith. For Hanukah plays Heavenly comedies (Motion pictures) calendars or lists of martyrs that may contain some Hanukkah drama biographical information see Martyrologies. USE Fantasy comedies (Motion pictures) BT Religious drama Heavenly comedies (Television programs) UF Hagiologies Hard alternative (Music) BT Biographies USE Fantasy comedies (Television programs) USE Alternative metal (Music) Heavy metal (Music) Religious materials Hard core (Music) Hagiographies (Motion pictures) UF Metal (Music) USE Hardcore (Music) BT Rock music USE Hagiographical films Hard-ground etchings Hagiologies NT Alternative metal (Music) USE Etchings Black metal (Music) USE Hagiographies Hardcore (Music) Hagiopics Death metal (Music) UF Hard core (Music) Doom metal (Music) USE Hagiographical films (Music) Hahilky Extreme metal (Music) BT Punk rock music Glam metal (Music) USE Vesnianky NT Crust (Music) Hai prose (Music) Emo (Music) (Music) USE Haibun Grindcore (Music) Haibun (Music) Ska-core (Music) (Music) UF Hai prose Hardcore punk (Music) BT Prose poems Thrash metal (Music) USE Hardcore (Music) Heike biwa Haikai no (Reference works) USE Renku UF Heikebiwa Works that list parallel texts or passages for the Heikyoku purpose of showing agreement among them. BT Art music Three-line unrhymed poems consisting of 17 BT Reference works syllables that express a single idea, image, or feeling Narrative songs that is generally related to nature. For three-line Harry Potter films Heikebiwa unrhymed humorous poems consisting of 17 syllables USE Fantasy films USE Heike biwa that generally satirize human nature or emotions see Hát ả đào Senryu. Heikyoku UF Ca trù USE Heike biwa UF BT Art music Heimat Films Songs USE Heimatfilme BT Poetry Hát bội Haikus Heimatfilme UF Hat tuông Films produced in Germany that present an USE Haiku BT Art music idealized view of country life in southern Germany. Hailky Dramatic music UF Heimat Films USE Vesnianky Hát chèo (Music) Homeland films Hair metal (Music) BT Dramatic music BT Motion pictures USE Glam metal (Music) Folk music Heist films Hand-clapping games Hat tuông USE Caper films UF Clapping games USE Hát bội Heist television programs Clapping rhymes Haunted house films USE Caper television programs BT Musical games Fictional films set in houses that appear to be Hellraiser films inhabited by spirits. Hand-drawn films USE Horror films USE Cameraless animation films UF Amityville films [Former heading] Thrillers (Motion pictures) Handbooks and manuals Old dark house mysteries (Motion pictures) (Comics) UF Companions (Handbooks) Old house thrillers (Motion pictures) USE Pornographic comics Enchiridia BT Fiction films Heroi-comical poetry Enchiridions RT Ghost films USE Mock-heroic poetry Manuals Horror films Heroic drama Pocket companions Haunted house television programs Plays depicting a noble typically caught in a Vade-mecums Fictional television programs set in houses that between love and honor, and distinguished by BT Instructional and educational works appear to be inhabited by spirits. bombast, exotic settings, and lavish scenery. Reference works UF Old dark house mysteries (Television BT Tragedies (Drama) NT Data dictionaries programs) Heroic fantasy fiction Field guides Old house thrillers (Television programs) USE Fantasy fiction Grimoires BT Fiction television programs Heroic films Laboratory manuals RT Ghost television programs USE Epic films Liturgical books Horror television programs Heroic poetry Pilot guides Havaneres (Music) USE Epic poetry Style manuals USE Habaneras (Music) Heroic songs Teachers' guides Hayama kouta USE Epic songs Hangzhou nanci USE Kouta Heroic television programs USE Tan ci Hayivky USE Epic television programs Hanukah fiction USE Vesnianky Heuristic games USE Hanukkah fiction Hazanut USE Educational games Hanukah music USE Cantorial music Hēvisi (Music) USE Hanukkah music Hazanuth UF Hēvisi pūjā (Music) Hanukah plays USE Cantorial music BT Sacred music USE Hanukkah plays Ḥazonis Hēvisi pūjā (Music) Hanukka music USE Cantorial music USE Hēvisi (Music) USE Hanukkah music Hazzanut Hexameter, Iambic Hanukkah drama USE Cantorial music USE Alexandrines USE Hanukkah plays Hazzanuth Hi-life (Music) Hanukkah fiction USE Cantorial music USE Highlife (Music) UF Chanukah fiction Headings, Subject Hi-lo books Chanukkah fiction USE Controlled vocabularies USE High interest-low vocabulary books

GF-39 films Historical drama television programs Histories, Oral USE Sophisticated comedy films USE Historical television programs USE Oral histories High Holiday music Historical dramas (Motion pictures) Histories (Radio programs) Music that is traditionally associated with the High USE Historical films USE Historical radio programs Holidays. Historical dramas (Television programs) History radio programs UF High Holy Day music USE Historical television programs USE Historical radio programs BT Event music Historical fiction History television programs NT Rosh ha-Shanah music Fiction set during a recognizable time prior to the USE Historical television programs Yom Kippur music time in which they were written. Hobo songs High Holy Day music UF Historical romances UF Tramp songs USE High Holiday music Regency fiction BT Songs High interest-low level books Romances, Historical Hockey films USE High interest-low vocabulary books BT Fiction USE Sports films High interest-low vocabulary books Historical fiction comics Hockey games, Televised UF Hi-lo books USE Historical comics USE Televised hockey games High interest-low reading level books Historical films Hockey television programs High interest-lower reading level books Fictional films that portray historical events or USE Sports television programs famous people. High-low books Hokku Low vocabulary-high interest books UF Angélique films [Former heading] USE Haiku BT Readers (Publications) Docudramas (Motion pictures) Holiday guides (Publications) High interest-lower reading level books Drama films, Historical USE Guidebooks USE High interest-low vocabulary books Historical drama films Holiday music High-life (Music) Historical dramas (Motion pictures) USE Event music USE Highlife (Music) Niskavouri films [Former heading] Hollow-Earth fiction High-low books BT Motion pictures USE Subterranean fiction USE High interest-low vocabulary books NT Historical reenactments (Motion pictures) romance films High school yearbooks Historical poetry USE Romance films USE School yearbooks Poems set during a recognizable time period prior to the time in which they were written. Holy Saturday music Highlife (Music) USE Holy Week music BT Poetry UF Hi-life (Music) Holy Thursday music Historical radio dramas High-life (Music) USE Ascension Day music USE Historical radio programs BT Dance music Holy Week music Historical radio programs Popular music Holy Week music Fiction or nonfiction radio programs that portray Hillbilly comedy films historical events or people. Music that is traditionally associated with Holy USE Rural comedy films Week. UF Historical radio dramas [Former heading] Hillbilly comedy television programs UF Good Friday music Historical recreations, Radio USE Rural comedy television programs Holy Saturday music Historical reenactments, Radio Hillbilly music Holy Thursday music Histories (Radio programs) USE Country music Maundy Thursday radio programs Old-time music Palm Sunday music Radio histories Hillbilly music radio programs Passion music BT Radio programs USE Country music radio programs Tenebrae service music Historical recreations, Radio Hindustani classical music BT Lenten music USE Historical radio programs USE Hindustani music NT Saetas Historical reenactments, Radio Hindustani music Sepolcri USE Historical radio programs UF Hindustani classical music Home movies Historical reenactments (Motion pictures) North Indian classical music USE Amateur films UF Reenactments, Historical (Motion picture) BT Art music Home recordings BT Documentary films NT Dādrās USE Personal recordings Historical films Dhrupad Home shopping television programs Historical reenactments (Television programs) Dhuns programs that purvey a wide variety UF Reenactments, Historical (Television Gats (Music) of goods that can be purchased by the viewers. For programs) program length television commercials that are Khayāl Television historical reenactments devoted to one product, and that usually include a Hip-hop (Music) BT Documentary television programs discussion or demonstration, see Infomercials. For hip-hop lyrics that appear without a musical BT Television programs setting see Hip-hop lyrics. Historical television programs RT Infomercials BT Popular music Historical romances USE Historical fiction Home sounds NT Electro (Music) USE Household sounds Trip-hop (Music) Historical television programs Fictional television programs that portray historical Home videos Hip-hop fiction events or famous people. USE Amateur films USE Urban fiction UF Docudramas (Television programs) Home workshop sounds Hip-hop lit Drama television programs, Historical USE Workshop sounds USE Urban fiction Historical drama television programs Homeland films Hip-hop lyrics Historical dramas (Television programs) USE Heimatfilme BT Popular music lyrics History television programs Homilies NT Rap lyrics Indiana Jones television programs [Former USE Sermons Hip-hop posters heading] Homosexual comics USE Music posters BT Television programs USE Gay comics Hira gasy NT Historical reenactments (Television programs) Lesbian comics BT Art music Histories, Alternative (Comics) Homosexual drama Dramatic music USE Alternative histories (Comics) USE Gay drama Historic structure reports Lesbian drama Reports that comprehensively document and Histories, Alternative (Drama) analyze a property's history and condition. USE Alternative histories (Drama) Homosexual fiction USE Gay fiction UF Reports, Historic structure Histories, Alternative (Fiction) Lesbian fiction BT Technical reports USE Alternative histories (Fiction) Homosexual films Historical comics Histories, Alternative (Motion pictures) Comics set during a recognizable time period prior USE Alternative histories (Motion pictures) USE Gay films to the time in which they were written. Histories, Alternative (Nonfiction) Lesbian films UF Historical fiction comics USE Counterfactual histories Homosexual poetry BT Comics (Graphic works) Histories, Alternative (Television programs) USE Gay poetry Historical drama USE Alternative histories (Television programs) Lesbian poetry Plays set during a recognizable time period prior to Histories, Case Homosexual television programs the time in which they were written. USE Case studies USE Gay television programs UF Chronicle histories (Drama) Histories, Family Lesbian television programs Docudramas (Literature) USE Family histories Hondo, Cante Documentary drama (Literature) Histories, Genealogical USE Flamenco music BT Drama USE Family histories Honky-tonk music NT Pageants Histories, Life UF Honkytonk music Ritterdrama USE Biographies BT Country music Historical drama films Histories, Local Honkyoku USE Historical films USE Local histories BT Art music

GF-40 Honkytonk music Horse operas (Television programs) Bons mots USE Honky-tonk music USE Western television programs Facetiae Honors theses Horse opries (Motion pictures) Funny works USE Academic theses USE Western films Humorous works Honours theses Horse opries (Television programs) USE Academic theses USE Western television programs Jests Hoodlum drama (Motion pictures) Horse pics (Motion pictures) USE Gangster films USE Western films Wit and humor Juvenile delinquency films Horse racing films Witticisms Hoodlum television programs USE Sports films BT Recreational works USE Gangster television programs Hospital drama NT Anecdotes Hora (Music) USE Medical drama Black humor UF Horos (Music) Hospital fiction Caricatures Khoros (Music) USE Medical fiction Cartoons (Humor) Khora (Music) Hospital films (Motion pictures) Comedy films BT Dance music USE Medical films (Motion pictures) Comedy plays Folk music Hospital radio programs Humorous comics Horatian epistles USE Medical radio programs Humorous fiction USE Epistolary poetry Hospital sounds Humorous monologues Horn books (Primers) USE Medical sounds Humorous music USE Hornbooks (Primers) Hospital television programs Humorous poetry Hornbooks (Law) USE Medical television programs Malapropisms BT Instructional and educational works Hours, Liturgy of the Puns Law materials USE Breviaries Radio comedies Hornbooks (Primers) House music Satirical literature UF Battledoors (Primers) BT Electronic dance music Shaggy dog stories Battledores (Primers) NT Trance (House music) Spoonerisms Horn books (Primers) Household sounds Stand-up comedy routines BT Textbooks UF Home sounds Television comedies Hornpipes (Music) BT Sound recordings Tongue twisters BT Dance music Hsiang sheng Xiang sheng Horos (Music) USE Xiang sheng Humorous comics USE Hora (Music) Huainos BT Comics (Graphic works) Horoscope charts USE Huaynos Humor USE Horoscopes Huapangos (Music) NT Tijuana bibles Horoscopes UF Guapangos (Music) Humorous drama UF Astrological readings Huastecos (Music) USE Comedy plays Astrology readings Sones huastecos (Music) Humorous fiction Horoscope charts BT Sones UF Comedy fiction Life readings (Horoscopes) Huastecos (Music) Comic fiction BT Informational works USE Huapangos (Music) Satirical fiction [Former heading] Horror comics Huaylachas BT Fiction Comics that are intended to shock or frighten by USE Huaynos Humor inducing feelings of revulsion, terror, or loathing. Huaylarsh NT Tall tales UF Scary comics USE Huaylas (Music) Humorous monologues Terror comics Huaylas (Music) UF Comedy monologues BT Comics (Graphic works) UF Huaylarsh Comedy recitations Horror drama Waylarsh Comic monologues USE Horror plays BT Dance music Comic recitations Horror fiction Folk music Humorous recitations Fiction that is intended to shock or frighten by Popular music Recitations, Comedy inducing feelings of revulsion, terror, or loathing. Huaynitos Recitations, Comic UF Scary fiction USE Huaynos BT Humor Terror fiction Huayno Monologues (Drama) BT Fiction USE Huaynos Humorous music Horror films Huaynos UF Comic music UF Amityville films [Former heading] UF Cachuas Musical satires Hellraiser films [Former heading] Chuscadas Satires, Musical Nightmare on Elm Street films [Former Chymaychas heading] Guaiños BT Humor Poltergeist films [Former heading] Huainos Music Spookfests (Motion pictures) Huaylachas RT Quodlibets (Music) Terror films Huaynitos NT Humorous songs BT Fiction films Huayno Musical parodies RT Haunted house films Huayñus Humorous plays Monster films Kashwa USE Comedy plays NT Body horror films Pameñas Humorous poetry Slasher films Quaswas UF Comic poetry Splatter films Takis Light verse Horror plays Waynos BT Humor Plays that are intended to shock or frighten by inducing feelings of revulsion, terror, or loathing. Wayñus Poetry BT Folk music NT Calaveras UF Horror drama Popular music Clerihews Scary drama Huayñus Fabliaux Terror drama USE Huaynos Kyōka BT Drama Hula-hulas (Music) Limericks Horror poetry USE Hulas (Music) Mock-heroic poetry Poems that are intended to shock or frighten by inducing feelings of revulsion, terror, or loathing. Hulas (Music) Nonsense verse UF Scary poetry UF Hula-hulas (Music) Renku Terror poetry BT Dance music Sasŏl sijo BT Poetry Human beatboxing Schnaderhüpfel Horror radio programs USE Beatboxing Schüttelreims UF Monster radio programs Human haiku Senryu BT Fiction radio programs USE Senryu Humorous recitations Horror television programs Human sounds USE Humorous monologues BT Television programs BT Sound recordings Humorous songs RT Haunted house television programs NT Battle-cries UF Comic songs Monster television programs Cheers BT Humorous music NT Body horror television programs Humor Songs Comical works intended to provoke laughter and NT Bawdy songs Horse operas (Motion pictures) provide amusement. USE Western films Comedy rock music UF Amusing works Nonsense songs

GF-41 Humorous songs (Continued) Interactive fiction (Hypertext fiction) BT Records (Documents) Novelty songs Network fiction (Hypertext fiction) Religious materials Satirical songs BT Fiction Illustrated works Humorous works Hypertext poetry Works that consist entirely or largely of images or USE Humor Poems composed for the computer screen that that include images that explain, augment, or embellish text or other content. Humors, Comedies of may often combine words with sounds, visual images, movement, or other . USE Comedies of humours UF Pictorial works Humour UF Digital poetry (Hypertext poetry) BT Visual works USE Humor E-poetry (Hypertext poetry) RT Pictures Humours, Comedies of Electronic poetry (Hypertext poetry) NT Activity books USE Comedies of humours poetry Anatomical atlases Hunter surveys Hypertextual poetry Comics (Graphic works) USE Hunting surveys poetry (Hypertext poetry) Cruise books Hunting fiction BT Poetry Emblem books Fiction that features hunting and hunters. Hypertextual poetry Field guides UF Hunting stories (Fiction) USE Hypertext poetry Fingering charts BT Fiction Hypothetical histories Gift books Hunting music USE Counterfactual histories Graphs This term is used as a genre/form term for music Hypsographic maps Greeting cards surrounding the ritual of the hunt, including music USE Topographic maps Paper dolls used to coordinate and rally the hunt while in Hypsometric maps Photobooks process. USE Topographic maps Picture books UF Jagdmusik Iahilky Picture dictionaries BT Functional music USE Vesnianky Playing cards Hunting stories (Fiction) Iambic hexameter Postcards USE Hunting fiction USE Alexandrines Posters Hunting surveys Iambic poetry Toy and movable books UF Hunter surveys Poems that consist of alternating stressed and Trading cards Surveys, Hunter unstressed syllables. Wordless novels Surveys, Hunting UF Iambics Illustrations BT Informational works BT Poetry USE Pictures Hyangga NT Alexandrines Illustrations, Courtroom Poems composed of four, eight or ten lines written Rhyme royal USE Courtroom art in Korean using during the 10th- Iambics 14th centuries. Images USE Iambic poetry USE Pictures UF Saenaennorae IATO atlases Images, Remote-sensing Sanoega USE Composite atlases USE Remote-sensing images Sinoega Ice music Imaginary histories BT Poetry USE Ice show music USE Counterfactual histories Hybrid animated/live-action films Ice show music Imagism poetry USE Live-action/animation films UF Ice revue music USE Imagist poetry Hybrid animated/live-action television programs BT Functional music Imagist poetry USE Live-action/animation television programs Ice skating films Poems aimed at clarity of expression through the Hybrid animation/live-action films USE Sports films use of precise visual images. USE Live-action/animation films ʻĪd al-Aḍḥā fiction UF Imagism poetry Hybrid animation/live-action television programs UF Eid al-Adha fiction Physical poetry USE Live-action/animation television programs Eid fiction BT Poetry Hybrid live-action/animation films Eid ul-Adha fiction Immunities and privileges USE Live-action/animation films ʻĪd al-Kabīr fiction USE Privileges and immunities Hybrid live-action/animation television programs ʻĪd al-Naḥr fiction Impact statements, Environmental USE Live-action/animation television programs ʻĪd al-Qurbān fiction USE Environmental impact statements Hydrographic charts BT Religious fiction Impromptu plays USE Nautical charts ʻĪd al-Fiṭr fiction USE Impromptus (Drama) Hymn books UF Eid al-Fitr fiction Impromptus (Drama) USE Hymnals Eid fiction Scripted plays that are presented as if they are Hymn concertatos Eid ul-Fitr fiction improvised and the actors behave as if they are inventing the plot. BT Arrangements (Music) ʻĪd al-Ṣadaqah fiction Hymns ʻĪd al-Ṣaghīr fiction UF Impromptu plays Hymn texts ʻĪd-ul-Fitr fiction BT Metadramas BT Sacred music texts BT Religious fiction Impromptus (Music) Song texts ʻĪd al-Kabīr fiction BT Art music Hymn tunes USE ʻĪd al-Aḍḥā fiction Improperia BT Music ʻĪd al-Naḥr fiction USE Reproaches (Chants) Hymnals USE ʻĪd al-Aḍḥā fiction Improvisations (Music) Musical performances or transcriptions of musical UF Hymn books ʻĪd al-Qurbān fiction Hymnbooks performances that consist wholly or primarily of USE ʻĪd al-Aḍḥā fiction improvised musical content. BT Service books (Music) ʻĪd al-Ṣadaqah fiction NT Shape-note hymnals UF Extemporizations (Music) USE ʻĪd al-Fiṭr fiction BT Music Hymnbooks ʻĪd al-Ṣaghīr fiction USE Hymnals In-concert films USE ʻĪd al-Fiṭr fiction USE Concert films Hymns ʻĪd-ul-Fitr fiction Sacred songs that are normally associated with In nomine (Music) worship services and are typically suitable for singing USE ʻĪd al-Fiṭr fiction USE In nomines (Music) by a full assembly. For texts of hymns that appear Identifications, Radio station In nomines (Music) without a see Hymn texts. For USE Radio station identifications Chamber music based on the Sarum antiphon instrumental hymn music that appears without IDM (Intelligent dance music) Gloria tibi Trinitas. accompanying sung text, see Hymn tunes. USE Intelligent dance music UF In nomine (Music) [Former heading] BT Sacred music IDs, Radio station BT Chamber music Songs USE Radio station identifications Incidental music NT Alabados Idyllic poetry Music performed as part of a predominantly Chorales USE Pastoral poetry spoken-word drama (e.g., a play) without being an Goigs Idylls (Narrative poetry) integral part of it. Hymn concertatos USE Narrative poetry BT Dramatic music Piyutim Idylls (Pastoral poetry) NT Kabuki music Spirituals (Songs) USE Pastoral poetry Nō music Hypermedia poetry Idyls (Narrative poetry) Incorporation, Articles of USE Hypertext poetry USE Narrative poetry USE Charters and articles of incorporation Hypertext fiction Idyls (Pastoral poetry) Indentures Fiction that relies on hypertext links to allow the USE Deeds reader to create the work's structure interactively. USE Pastoral poetry Ijāzah Independent films UF Digital fiction (Hypertext fiction) The license of a Muslim scholar to teach one or UF Indie films Electronic fiction (Hypertext fiction) more works, which may include a detailed record of the scholar's intellectual lineage.

GF-42 BT Motion pictures Academic theses Registers (Lists) NT Mumblecore films Administrative decisions Remote-sensing images Indeterminate music (Aleatory music) Administrative regulations Resolutions (Law) USE Aleatory music Aerial photographs Responsa (Jewish law) Index maps Annals and chronicles Reviews UF maps Apologetic writings Serial publications BT Maps Archaeological surveys Social problem films Indexes Attorneys general's opinions Social problem television programs Works consisting wholly or chiefly of systematic Audio guides Soil surveys guides to the content of resources, usually presented Biographies Special events radio coverage as alphabetical lists of names, places, subjects, etc., with references to their locations in the resources. Blank forms Special events television coverage UF Indices Blogs Statutes and codes BT Reference works Botanical surveys Technical reports NT Concordances Cartographic materials for people with visual Television news programs Reverse dictionaries disabilities Theater announcements (Motion pictures) Indexes, Death Case studies Traffic surveys USE Death registers Claims Travaux préparatoires (Treaties) Indexes, Geographical (Gazetteers) Codes (Jewish law) Travelogues (Motion pictures) USE Gazetteers Codices (Law) Travelogues (Radio programs) Indian captivity narratives Community affairs radio programs Travelogues (Television programs) USE Captivity narratives Conference materials Uniform laws Indiana Jones films Conference papers and proceedings Views USE Action and adventure films Constitutions Wall charts Indiana Jones television programs Counterfactual histories Web archives USE Historical television programs Court decisions and opinions Wheel charts Indices Court rules Wildlife posters USE Indexes Credit titles Wildlife recovery plans Indie films Customary laws Year books (English law reports) USE Independent films Data sets Zoological surveys Indie music Databases Informercials USE Alternative rock music Demographic surveys USE Infomercials Indie pop music Dockets Ingoma ebusuku BT Alternative rock music Documentary photographs USE Isicathamiya Indulgences (Canon law) Ephemerides Initiation stories Texts granting remission by the Catholic Church of Essays USE Bildungsromans temporal punishment for sins that have been Ethnographies Inspirational music (Contemporary Christian music) forgiven. Executive orders USE Contemporary Christian music BT Law materials Family histories Inspirational radio programs Records (Documents) Fingering charts Radio programs that are designed to , inspire, Industrial dance music Fishing surveys or motivate listeners and are often of a religious nature. UF EBM (Electronic body music) Flip charts Electronic body music Floor plans UF Motivational radio programs BT Electronic dance music Geographic information systems BT Radio programs Industrial music Geological cross-sections RT Religious radio programs Industrial fiction Geological posters Installation art USE Social problem fiction Graphs USE Installation works (Art) Industrial films Health surveys Installation guides (Exhibition documentation) Guides that are created by artists or institutions to UF Business films Horoscopes provide instruction on the proper way to install or Industry-sponsored films Hunting surveys uninstall visual works. BT Instructional films Job descriptions UF Installation instructions (Exhibition Industrial music Law digests documentation) Popular music that arose in the and Legislative histories Installation manuals (Exhibition documentation) contains elements of punk rock, , and Legislative materials machinery sounds. BT Instructional and educational works Local histories Records (Documents) UF Generic industrial music Magazine format radio programs New musick (Industrial music) Installation instructions (Exhibition documentation) Magazine format television programs USE Installation guides (Exhibition documentation) BT Rock music Manifestos NT Darkwave (Music) Installation manuals (Exhibition documentation) Maps USE Installation guides (Exhibition documentation) Industrial dance music Menus Industrial sounds Installation photographs (Exhibition documentation) Military regulations USE Installation views (Exhibition documentation) USE Machinery sounds Models (Representations) Industrial television programs Installation views (Exhibition documentation) Music criticism and reviews Visual records of permanent or temporary art Nonfiction television programs that teach or train installations. the audience about industrial and manufacturing Newsreels processes or issues. Official gazettes UF Installation photographs (Exhibition BT Instructional television programs Orders in council documentation) Industry-sponsored films Personal narratives Photographs, Installation (Exhibition USE Industrial films Plot summaries documentation) Infomercials Posters Views, Installation (Exhibition documentation) Program-length television commercials that are Press releases BT Records (Documents) devoted to one product, and that usually include a Proclamations Visual works discussion or demonstration. For live television Programs (Publications) Installation works (Art) programs that purvey a wide variety of goods that can Art constructions or assemblages that use the be purchased by viewers see Home shopping Promotional materials physical space where they are displayed as part of television programs. Prophecies Prospectuses their design. UF Informercials UF Installation art BT Promotional television programs Public affairs radio programs Public affairs television programs Installations (Art) RT Home shopping television programs BT Art Informational comics Public health posters Public opinion polls NT Video installations (Art) USE Educational comics Installations (Art) Informational films Public service radio programs Public service television programs USE Installation works (Art) USE Educational films Instruction books Informational radio programs Questionnaires Radio announcements USE Textbooks USE Educational radio programs Instructional and educational works Instructional radio programs Radio docudramas Radio news bulletins Works whose main purpose is to convey Informational television programs knowledge, attitudes, and/or skills. Radio news programs USE Educational television programs UF Classroom materials Radio station identifications Informational works Curriculum materials Radio underwriting announcements Works whose main purpose is to record and Educational materials convey factual information. Radiosonde observations Educational works Rawinsonde observations NT Abstracts Instructional materials Records (Documents) Instructional works Records and briefs Reference works

GF-43 Instructional and educational works (Continued) Instructors' guides Intermezzos (Drama) Learning materials USE Teachers' guides USE Interludes (Drama) Teaching materials Instructors' manuals Intermezzos (Instrumental music) Teaching works USE Teachers' guides Short, instrumental musical works that are Training materials Instrumental masses performed independently of other works. For music performed between parts of other works, see Training works USE Organ masses Interludes (Music). NT Allegories Instrumental settings UF Intermezzi (Instrumental music) Arrangements of vocal music for one or more Catechisms BT Art music Cookbooks instruments without voice. UF Settings, Instrumental Intermezzos (Operas) Course materials USE Operas Devotional literature BT Derivative works Music International agreements Didactic drama USE Treaties Didactic fiction Instruments, Statutory USE Administrative regulations International court proceedings Didactic poetry USE Trial and arbitral proceedings Educational comics Instruments of incorporation USE Charters and articles of incorporation Internet archives Educational films USE Web archives Educational games Insurgent country music USE Alternative country music Internet films Educational radio programs USE Internet videos Educational television programs Intabulations BT Arrangements (Music) Internet radio programs Examinations UF Net radio programs Exempla Scores Intaglio prints Online radio programs FAQs Radio webcasts Handbooks and manuals Prints made from ink that is held in areas of the plate or block that have been cut or etched away. Web radio programs Hornbooks (Law) UF Mixed method intaglio prints Webcasts, Radio Installation guides (Exhibition documentation) BT Radio programs Instructional comics BT Prints NT Engravings Internet videos Instructional films UF Internet films Instructional radio programs Etchings Intelligent dance music Net films Instructional television programs Net videos Jury instructions UF IDM (Intelligent dance music) BT Electronic dance music Online films Lectures Online videos Lesson plans Interactive fiction (Choose-your-own stories) USE Choose-your-own stories Web films Manipulatives (Education) Web videos Model acts Interactive fiction (Hypertext fiction) USE Hypertext fiction BT Motion pictures Outlines and syllabi RT Webisodes Pattern books Interactive poetry USE Computer poetry Interpretation systems, Audio (Audio guides) Patterns (Instructional works) USE Audio guides Phrase books Interagency service agreements USE Intergovernmental agreements Intersex fiction Problems and exercises Fiction about the intersex experience. Programmed instructional materials Intergovernmental agreements UF Intersexual fiction Recipes Agreements between two or more jurisdictions below the national level, or between a national BT Fiction Safety posters government and one or more jurisdictions that are not Intersex films national governments. Self-help publications Films about the intersex experience. Study guides UF Agreements, Intergovernmental UF Intersexual films Teaching pieces (Music) Agreements, Interlocal BT Motion pictures Textbooks Compacts, Interstate Intersex television programs Tracts (Ephemera) Interagency service agreements Television programs about the intersex Instructional comics Interjurisdictional agreements experience. Comics that use a structured format to teach or Interstate compacts train the reader. For comics that are intended to UF Intersexual television programs impart knowledge and information, including those for Interlocal agreements BT Television programs classroom use, see Educational comics. BT Law materials Intersexual fiction BT Instructional and educational works Records (Documents) USE Intersex fiction Nonfiction comics RT Cooperative agreements Intersexual films Instructional films Interjurisdictional agreements USE Intersex films Films that use a structured format to teach or train USE Intergovernmental agreements Intersexual television programs the audience. For films that are intended to impart Interlocal agreements USE Intersex television programs knowledge and information, including those for USE Intergovernmental agreements classroom viewing, see Educational films. Interstate compacts Interludes (Drama) USE Intergovernmental agreements BT Instructional and educational works Brief plays performed between the courses of a Interstitial television programs banquet or the acts of a longer play. Nonfiction films Short-form television programs shown between NT Industrial films UF Dramatic interludes full-length programs. Instructional materials Entrameses UF Wraparound television programs USE Instructional and educational works Entremeses BT Television programs Instructional radio programs Entremets (Drama) Interview transcripts Radio programs that use a structured format to Intermèdes teach or train the audience. For radio programs USE Interviews intended to impart knowledge and information see Intermedi Interviews Educational radio programs. Intermezzi (Drama) UF Interview transcripts UF Informational radio programs Intermezzos (Drama) Filmed interviews [Former heading] Lessons, Radio Momeries Interviews (Sound recordings) [Former Radio instructional programs Sainetes (Drama) heading] Radio lessons BT Drama Radio interviews [Former heading] Radio training programs NT Kyōgen plays Television interviews [Former heading] Training radio programs Interludes (Music) Transcripts, Interview Music performed between parts of other works. For BT Discursive works BT Instructional and educational works short, instrumental musical works that are performed Nonfiction radio programs independently of other works, see Intermezzos NT Oral histories NT Science radio programs (Instrumental music). Interviews (Sound recordings) Instructional television programs UF Entracte (Music) USE Interviews Television programs that use a structured format to BT Art music Sound recordings teach or train the audience. For television programs Introits (Music) that are intended to impart knowledge and NT Entremés (Music) information see Educational television programs. Sainetes (Music) BT Propers (Music) Inventories, Animal UF Training television programs Tonadillas USE Zoological surveys BT Instructional and educational works Intermèdes Inventories, Botanical Nonfiction television programs USE Interludes (Drama) USE Botanical surveys NT Industrial television programs Intermedi Inventories, Fauna Instructional works USE Interludes (Drama) USE Zoological surveys USE Instructional and educational works Intermezzi (Drama) Inventories, Faunal Instructions to juries USE Interludes (Drama) USE Zoological surveys USE Jury instructions Intermezzi (Instrumental music) USE Intermezzos (Instrumental music) Inventories, Flora USE Botanical surveys

GF-44 Inventories, Floristic Jataka tales Jingle- (Music) USE Botanical surveys USE Jataka stories USE Jangle pop (Music) Inventories, Plant Jazz Jingles, Jump rope USE Botanical surveys UF Jazz music USE Jump rope rhymes Inventories, Religious Jive Jingles (Advertising songs) USE Religious inventories BT Popular music BT Popular music Inventories, Vegetation NT Acid jazz Singing commercials USE Botanical surveys Bop (Music) Songs Inventories, Wildlife Cool jazz Jitanjáforas USE Zoological surveys Dixieland music Sound poems in which words invented for their Inventories, Zoological Free jazz acoustic qualities may alternate with or imitate real ones. USE Zoological surveys Jazz-rock (Music) Investigative films (Police films) Latin jazz BT Nonsense verse USE Police films Nu jazz Sound poetry Iroha Swing (Music) Jiuta USE Irohauta Third stream (Music) UF Ji-uta Iroha uta Western swing (Music) BT Songs USE Irohauta Jazz-influenced poetry Jive Irohauta USE Jazz poetry USE Blues (Music) Japanese poems that contain each character of Jazz music Jazz the Japanese syllabary exactly once. USE Jazz Swing (Music) UF Iroha Jazz music radio programs Jo-jo books Iroha uta USE Jazz radio programs USE Tijuana bibles BT Poetry Jazz poetry Job descriptions Isicathamiya Poetry that displays the rhythm and improvisational UF Job specifications UF Ingoma ebusuku feel of jazz music. Occupational descriptions BT Folk music UF Jazz-influenced poetry Position descriptions Istampittas (Music) BT Poetry BT Ephemera USE Estampies (Music) Jazz radio programs Informational works Istanpittas (Music) UF Jazz music radio programs Job specifications USE Estampies (Music) Music radio programs, Jazz USE Job descriptions Italian assembled-to-order atlases BT Radio programs Jodeling USE Composite atlases Jazz-rock (Music) USE Yodels Italiana, Commedia all' UF Electric jazz Johnny Jacks' plays USE Commedia dell'arte Fusion (Music) USE Mummers' plays Italo (Music) Jazz-rock fusion (Music) Joiking USE (Music) BT Jazz USE Yoiks Italo beat (Music) Rock music Joiks USE Italo disco (Music) Jazz-rock fusion (Music) USE Yoiks Italo dance (Music) USE Jazz-rock (Music) Jojks USE Italo disco (Music) Jazz USE Yoiks Italo disco (Music) USE Scat singing Jokes UF Italo beat (Music) Jests USE Humor Italo dance (Music) USE Humor Jolly Boys' plays (Music) Jesus music USE Mummers' plays Italo (Music) USE Contemporary Christian music Jondo, Cante Spaghetti disco (Music) Jeux-partis USE Flamenco music BT Dance music USE Debate poetry Jongmyo jeryeak Popular music Jewish New Year poetry USE A'ak Italo house (Music) USE Rosh ha-Shanah poetry Jongos (Music) USE Italo disco (Music) Jewish New Year sermons UF Pontos Italo-Westerns USE Rosh ha-Shanah sermons Poritos de jongo (Music) USE Spaghetti Westerns Jewish Pentecost music BT Dance music Itineraries USE Shavuot music Songs BT Records (Documents) Ji-uta Joropos (Music) J.D. films USE Jiuta BT Dance music USE Juvenile delinquency films -saw puzzles Jōruri (Music) Jack tales USE Jigsaw puzzles Japanese dramatic narratives chanted or sung to the accompaniment of a shamisen. Folk tales focused on the adventures of an Jiggs (Ballad operas) unsophisticated but lucky and resourceful main Stage entertainments popular in England and UF Gidayū (Music) character generally named Jack. Continental Europe during the 16th-18th centuries BT Dramatic music BT Folk tales that combined drama, music, and dance. For the Jotas (Music) Jack Tar melodramas dance genre popular in the British Isles from the 16th BT Dance music century onward, see Jigs (Dance music). USE Nautical drama Journal novels Jagdmusik UF Jigs (Ballad operas) USE Diary fiction USE Hunting music Jygges (Ballad operas) Journalism films James Bond films BT Ballad operas Fictional films that feature reporters and news- USE Action and adventure films Jiggs-and-Maggie books gathering. Spy films USE Tijuana bibles UF Newspaper films Jangam katha plays Jigs (Ballad operas) Reporter films USE Burrakatha plays USE Jiggs (Ballad operas) Torchy Blane films [Former heading] Jangle (Music) Jigs (Dance music) BT Fiction films A dance genre popular in the British Isles from the Journalism television programs USE Jangle pop (Music) 16th century onward. For stage entertainments Jangle pop (Music) popular in England and Continental Europe during Fictional television programs that feature reporters and news-gathering. UF Jangle (Music) the 16th-18th centuries that combined drama, music, Jingle-jangle (Music) and dance, see Jiggs (Ballad operas). UF Newspaper television programs BT Popular music UF Gigues (Music) Reporter television programs Jarigan Jigs (Music) [Former heading] BT Fiction television programs UF Jārīgāna BT Dance music Journalistic novels BT Folk songs Jigs (Music) USE Nonfiction novels Narrative songs USE Jigs (Dance music) Journals, Accounting Jārīgāna Jigsaw puzzles USE Account books USE Jarigan UF Jig-saw puzzles Journals, Bar Jataka stories Jigsaws (Puzzles) USE Bar journals Paraphrases of Jātaka texts in story form. Picture puzzles (Jigsaw puzzles) Journals, Fictional UF Birth stories, Buddhist BT Puzzles and games USE Diary fiction Buddhist birth stories Visual works Journals, Law society Jataka tales Jigsaws (Puzzles) USE Bar journals Stories, Buddhist birth USE Jigsaw puzzles Journals, Lawyers association Stories, Jataka Jingju USE Bar journals Tales, Jataka USE Chinese operas Journals, Legislative BT Literature USE Legislative materials

GF-45 Journals, Official BT Crime films Kantrum (Music) USE Official gazettes Teen films BT Folk music Journals (Diaries) Juvenile delinquency television programs Karaoke USE Diaries BT Teen television programs Recordings of popular songs without the main Journals (Publications) Television crime shows vocal parts, intended to be sung along with for recreational or competitive purposes. For USE Periodicals Juvenile delinquent films accompaniments issued without the principal part or Judgment dockets USE Juvenile delinquency films parts, or that have been provided for music that is USE Dockets Juvenile films normally monophonic, see Recorded Judgments USE Children's films accompaniments. USE Court decisions and opinions Juvenile sound recordings BT Popular music Judicial decisions USE Children's sound recordings Recorded accompaniments USE Court decisions and opinions Juvenile television programs Karnatak music Judicial opinions USE Children's television programs USE Carnatic music USE Court decisions and opinions Jygges (Ballad operas) Karnatic music Judicial statistics USE Jiggs (Ballad operas) USE Carnatic music UF Court statistics Kabuki drama Kasa BT Law materials USE Kabuki plays Lengthy Korean poems whose lines are each broken by pauses into two phrases which create a Statistics Kabuki music parallel structure. Jue ju BT Incidental music UF Gasa Chinese poems that consist of four lines with five NT Nagauta BT Poetry or syllables each and that often have Kabuki plays suggestive or erotic themes. Kashwa Highly theatrical Japanese dance dramas that UF Jueju feature a non-realistic style and an episodic structure, USE Huaynos BT Poetry in which the roles of both sexes are performed by Kasidas Jueju men. USE Qaṣīdas USE Jue ju UF Kabuki drama Kaskawi (Music) Jùjú music Filmed kabuki plays [Former heading] BT Popular music BT Popular music BT Drama Keepsakes (Gift books) Jukebox musicals NT Sewamono USE Gift books Musicals that use previously released popular Kacapi-suling Kēḷike plays songs as their scores. BT Art music USE Yakṣagāna plays UF Jukebox tuners (Musicals) Kafas KenDoku puzzles BT Musicals Medieval Armenian lyric poems that were USE KenKen puzzles Jukebox tuners (Musicals) composed of single-rhymed stanzas of four lines. KenKen puzzles USE Jukebox musicals UF Kafays UF Calcudoku puzzles Jump blues (Music) BT Poetry KenDoku puzzles BT Blues (Music) Kafays Mathdoku puzzles Swing (Music) USE Kafas BT Puzzles and games Jump rope jingles Kāfī (Music) Keroncong USE Jump rope rhymes BT Art music UF Kerontjong Jump rope rhymes Sacred music UF Jingles, Jump rope Songs BT Popular music Jump rope jingles Kāfī (Poetry) Songs Jump the rope jingles This heading is used as a genre/form heading for Kerontjong classical Sufi poems that are often set to music and Jumping rope rhymes have heroic, romantic, spiritual, or mystical themes. USE Keroncong Key maps Rope jumping rhymes UF Kāfīs [Former heading] USE Index maps Rope skipping rhymes BT Poetry Key novels Rope songs (Jump rope rhymes) Kāfīs USE Romans à clef Skipping rhymes (Jump rope rhymes) USE Kāfī (Poetry) Khap (Music) Skipping rope rhymes Kagok USE Molam (Music) Skipping songs (Jump rope rhymes) BT Songs Khayāl Songs, Rope (Jump rope rhymes) Kalagī-turā UF K̲h̲ayāla Songs, Skipping (Jump rope rhymes) USE Kalgi-tura Kheẏāla BT Nursery rhymes Kalevalaic songs Khyāl Jump the rope jingles USE Rune songs Khyāla USE Jump rope rhymes Kalgi-tura BT Hindustani music Jumping rope rhymes UF Kalagī-turā Songs USE Jump rope rhymes BT Folk songs K̲h̲ayāla Jungle (Music) Narrative songs USE Khayāl UF Drum 'n' bass (Music) Kamishibai drama Kheẏāla BT Electronic dance music USE Kamishibai plays USE Khayāl Jungle films Kamishibai plays Adventure films that feature a jungle background. Japanese stories told with cards that have pictures Khōn drama BT Action and adventure films on one side for the audience, and the story and stage USE Khōn plays Jungle television programs directions for the storyteller on the reverse side. klan plaeng plays Adventure television programs that feature a jungle UF Kamishibai drama USE Khōn plays background. Paper drama Khon luang plays BT Action and adventure television programs BT Drama USE Khōn plays Junior high school yearbooks Kammerspiel films Khon na cho, khon na jaw plays USE School yearbooks Films produced in 1920s Germany that focus on USE Khōn plays Juoi'gat the everyday lives of one or a few characters in an Khōn plays USE Yoiks intimate, naturalistic, and psychological manner. Thai dance dramas that are traditionally performed Juoigos UF Chamber dramas (Motion pictures) in the royal court by men in masks who are Chamber films accompanied by narrators and a traditional pīphāt USE Yoiks . Jury instructions Kammerspielfilme UF Khōn drama UF Instructions to juries Kammerspielfilms Khon klan klang plaeng plays BT Instructional and educational works BT Motion pictures Khon luang plays Law materials Kammerspielfilme Khon na cho, khon na jaw plays Justiniane (Villanelle) USE Kammerspiel films Khon rong nai plays USE Giustiniane (Villanelle) Kammerspielfilms BT Dance drama Juvenile atlases USE Kammerspiel films Khon rong nai plays USE Children's atlases Kamyŏn'gŭk drama USE Khōn plays Juvenile audiobooks USE Kamyŏn'gŭk plays Khora (Music) USE Children's audiobooks Kamyŏn'gŭk plays USE Hora (Music) Juvenile delinquency films Traditional Korean masked dance dramas. Khoros (Music) UF Gang films UF Kamyŏn'gŭk drama USE Hora (Music) Hoodlum drama (Motion pictures) Sandaegŭk plays Khyāl J.D. films BT Dance drama USE Khayāl Juvenile delinquent films Folk drama Khyāla Youth gang films Kanto (Popular music) USE Khayāl Youth street films BT Popular music

GF-46 Kines Krakowiaks (Music) BT Service books (Music) USE Kinescope films BT Dance music RT Gregorian chants Kinescope films -Rock (Music) Kyui UF Kines USE (Music) USE Kuyis Kinescope recordings Krautrock (Music) Kyuiler Kinnies UF Kosmische Musik USE Kuyis Recordings, Kinescope Kraut-Rock (Music) Lab manuals Telerecordings (Kinescope films) BT Progressive rock (Music) USE Laboratory manuals BT Motion pictures Kris dance Labor agreements, Collective Television programs USE Barong (Music) USE Collective labor agreements Kinescope recordings Kroncong Laboratory manuals USE Kinescope films USE Keroncong UF Lab manuals King Kong films Krunk muzik BT Handbooks and manuals USE Monster films USE Crunk (Music) Lafreri atlases Kinnies Kuai ban USE Composite atlases USE Kinescope films USE Kuai shu Lais (Narrative poetry) Klana topeng plays Kuai shu USE Lays (Narrative poetry) USE Topeng plays UF Kuai ban Lakhō̜n chātrī drama Klezmer music Kuaiban USE Lakhō̜n chātrī plays BT Folk music Kuaishu Lakhō̜n chātrī plays Popular music Shandong kuai shu Fast-paced, costumed Thai dance dramas Knock-knock jokes Tzu ti shu performed to return a favor granted by sacred beings. BT Puns Zi di shu UF Lakhō̜n chātrī drama Knockabout comedy plays BT Drama Lakhon chatrii plays USE Slapstick comedy plays Kuaiban BT Dance drama Knockabout plays USE Kuai shu Folk drama USE Slapstick comedy plays Kuaishu Lakhon chatrii plays Ko-uta USE Kuai shu USE Lakhō̜n chātrī plays USE Kouta Kung fu films Lam (Music) Koans USE Martial arts films USE Molam (Music) Paradoxes used in Zen as instruments Kung fu television programs Lamentations of meditation to encourage sudden intuitive USE Martial arts television programs USE Laments enlightenment rather than dependence upon reason. Künstlerromane Laments BT Religious materials USE Bildungsromans Poems that express a deep regret or sorrow for the loss of a person or position. For serious, formal lyric RT Meditations Künstlerromans Kōlam drama poems that reflect on a solemn subject, generally USE Bildungsromans someone's death, see Elegies (Poetry). Traditional masked dance dramas from southern Sri Lanka that are performed by male actors. Kur̲am plays UF Complancha USE Kur̲avañci plays BT Dance drama Lamentations Kur̲attippāṭṭu plays Folk drama BT Poetry USE Kur̲avañci plays Kolarice (Music) Lampoons (Motion pictures) Kuravanchi plays USE Kolos (Music) USE Satirical films USE Kur̲avañci plays Kolos (Music) Lampoons (Television programs) Kur̲avañci drama UF Kolarice (Music) USE Satirical television programs USE Kur̲avañci plays BT Dance music Ländler (Music) Kur̲avañci plays Folk music UF Ländlers (Music) Tamil musical dance dramas from the 17th and BT Dance music Konkoma 18th centuries that are composed in verse and depict BT Popular music both divine and human love. Ländlers (Music) Koran stories UF Kur̲am plays USE Ländler (Music) USE Qurʼan stories Kur̲attippāṭṭu plays Landrechtsbücher Koranic chants Kuravanchi plays USE Rechtsbücher USE Qurʼanic recitations Kur̲avañci drama Language games Koranic recitations Kur̲avañci poems USE Puzzles and games USE Qurʼanic recitations Kuravanji plays Language poetry Koranic stories Modern poems that are characterized by an BT Dance drama attempt to unsettle the ordinary working language by USE Qurʼan stories Folk drama systematically disrupting features such as syntax, Koridos Verse drama referentiality and structural principles like argument UF Awits Kur̲avañci poems and narrative. Corridos (Koridos) USE Kur̲avañci plays BT Poetry BT Poetry Kuravanji plays Lanternes Kosmische Musik USE Kur̲avañci plays Poems consisting of five unrhymed lines of one, USE Krautrock (Music) two, three, four, and one syllables that form the Kuyis shape of a Japanese lantern. Kotéba drama UF Kyui UF Lanterns (Poetry) USE Kotéba plays Kyuiler BT Visual poetry Kotéba plays BT Folk music Lanterns (Poetry) Bambaran comic plays consisting of chants, dance, mime, burlesques, and satires. USE Lanternes BT Popular music Latin jazz UF Kotéba drama Kwaya UF Afro-Cuban jazz BT Comedy plays BT Popular music BT Jazz Folk drama Kyōgen drama Kouta USE Kyōgen plays BT Popular music For texts of kouta that appear without a musical Kyōgen plays setting see Kouta texts. (Music) Japanese comic interludes presented between nō UF Edo kouta plays. UF Spanish trap (Music) Hayama kouta UF Filmed kyogen plays [Former heading] Trapeton (Music) Ko-uta Kyōgen drama BT Reggaeton Kouta songs Nō kyōgen plays Trap (Music) BT Folk songs Noh kyōgen plays Laudatory poetry Poems that praise a person, place, event, or thing. Kouta songs Televised kyōgen plays [Former heading] USE Kouta For poems that generally appear in the preliminaries BT Comedy plays of books and praise the author and/or work see Kouta texts Interludes (Drama) Commendatory poetry. BT Folk song texts Kyōka UF Encomia Kōwaka drama Satirical poems written in the form but Encomiums Japanese ballad-dramas of the 16th and 17th parodying it with bawdy or vulgar content and Epinicia centuries that consist of epic material intended for a wordplay. samurai audience. Epinikions UF Mad poetry (Kyōka) BT Drama Panegyrics BT Humorous poetry Praise poetry Kozaki (Music) RT Tanka USE Cosaques (Music) BT Poetry Kyriales NT Mawlids (Poetry) Kpegisu (Music) Modern books containing the chants of the BT Dance music Ordinary of the Mass and Office of the Roman Rite. Event music

GF-47 Laude Legislative histories Legal citators UF Laude spirituali Legislative materials USE Citators Laudi spirituali Loose- services Legal comics BT Sacred music Military regulations Comics that feature of law. Songs Model acts BT Comics (Graphic works) Laude spirituali Official gazettes Legal commentaries USE Laude Orders in council USE Law commentaries Laudi spirituali Privileges and immunities Legal digests USE Laude Proclamations USE Law digests Lauds (Music) Records and briefs Legal documents BT Divine Office (Music) Repertories (Law) USE Legal instruments Morning service music Resolutions (Law) Legal drama (Literature) Law commentaries Responsa (Jewish law) Plays that feature the practice of law. Works that include systematic, article-by-article or Restatements of the law UF Court-related drama section-by-section interpretation, analysis, and Statutes and codes explanation of a legal document or collection of legal Courtroom drama documents. Travaux préparatoires (Treaties) Law drama (Literature) UF Commentaries (Civil law systems) [Former Treaties drama heading] Trial and arbitral proceedings BT Drama Commentaries (Law) Uniform laws Legal fiction (Literature) Glosses (Law) Year books (English law reports) Fiction that features the practice of law. Legal commentaries Law reporters (Publications) UF Courtroom fiction BT Discursive works USE Court decisions and opinions Law fiction (Literature) Law materials Law reports Lawyer fiction Law digests USE Court decisions and opinions Legal thrillers (Fiction) Systematically arranged compilations of brief Law reviews Trial fiction summaries of statutes, regulations, court decisions, Scholarly periodical publications that emanate from BT Fiction and administrative decisions. law schools. Legal films UF Case digests UF Law journals Fiction or nonfiction films that feature the Digests, Law BT Law materials interaction of lawyers, prosecutors, clients, witnesses, Legal digests Periodicals and judges. BT Derivative works Law society journals UF Courtroom films Informational works USE Bar journals Law films Law materials Law television programs Lawyer films Law drama (Literature) USE Legal television programs Trial films USE Legal drama (Literature) Laws BT Motion pictures Law enforcement films (Police films) USE Statutes and codes Legal forms USE Police films Laws, Consolidated UF Form books Law fiction (Literature) USE Statutes and codes Formbooks USE Legal fiction (Literature) Laws, Session Formularies, Legal Law films USE Session laws Legal formularies USE Legal films Lawyer drama BT Blank forms Law for laypersons USE Legal drama (Literature) Law materials UF Law for non-professionals Lawyer fiction Legal formularies Laypersons, Legal guides for USE Legal fiction (Literature) USE Legal forms Laypersons, Legal works for Lawyer films Legal gazettes Legal guides for non-professionals USE Legal films USE Official gazettes Legal works for non-professionals Lawyer television programs Legal guides for laypersons Legal guides for laypersons USE Legal television programs USE Law for laypersons Legal works for laypersons Lawyers association journals Legal guides for non-professionals Non-professionals, Law for USE Bar journals USE Law for laypersons Non-professionals, Legal guides for Laypersons, Legal guides for Legal instruments Non-professionals, Legal works for USE Law for laypersons UF Legal documents Popular works (Law) Laypersons, Legal works for BT Law materials BT Law materials USE Law for laypersons Records (Documents) Law for non-professionals Lays (Narrative poetry) NT Affidavits USE Law for laypersons Short medieval French narrative poems that were Bills of sale often written in verses of eight syllables. Law journals By-laws USE Law reviews UF Lais (Narrative poetry) Charters and articles of incorporation Law materials BT Narrative poetry Commercial arbitration agreements NT Administrative decisions Lead sheets Contracts Administrative regulations BT Fakebooks (Music) Cooperative agreements Attorneys general's opinions Leaflets (Fliers) Legal memorandums Bar journals USE Fliers (Ephemera) Legal petitions Casebooks (Law) Leaflets (Tracts) Patents Citators USE Tracts (Ephemera) Wills Claims Learning games Writs Codes (Jewish law) USE Educational games Legal maxims Learning materials Compiled statements of established principles of Codices (Law) law. Concordats USE Instructional and educational works UF Legal proverbs Consilia Lectionaries Collections of passages from sacred works that Maxims, Legal Constitutional convention materials are arranged according to the liturgical calendar and Proverbs, Legal Constitutions are intended to be read during public worship. BT Law materials Court decisions and opinions UF Evangelaries Sayings Court rules Evangelistaries Legal memoranda Courtroom art BT Pericopes USE Legal memorandums Customary laws Lecture transcripts Legal memorandums Dockets USE Lectures Documents discussing in detail the legal issues of Executive orders Lectures a case Fatwas UF Addresses (Lectures) UF Legal memoranda Hornbooks (Law) Filmed lectures [Former heading] Legal memorials Indulgences (Canon law) Lecture transcripts Legal memos Intergovernmental agreements Talks (Lectures) Memoranda, Legal Judicial statistics Television lectures [Former heading] Memorandums, Legal Jury instructions BT Discursive works Memorials, Legal Law commentaries Instructional and educational works BT Legal instruments Law digests NT Radio lectures Legal memorials Law for laypersons Ledgers, Accounting USE Legal memorandums Law reviews USE Account books Legal memos Legal forms Legal briefs USE Legal memorandums Legal instruments USE Records and briefs Legal opinions Legal maxims USE Court decisions and opinions

GF-48 Legal petitions Reports, Congressional Lesson plans Formal written requests presented to a court, a Reports, Legislative UF Lesson notes legislative body, or a sovereign. BT Informational works BT Instructional and educational works UF Parliamentary petitions Law materials Lessons, Radio Petitions, Legal NT Legislative bills USE Instructional radio programs Petitions, Parliamentary Legislative hearings Letters, Business Petitions, Royal Legislative messages USE Business correspondence Royal petitions USE Messages (Official communications) Letters, Love BT Legal instruments Legislative prints USE Love letters NT Remonstrances USE Legislative materials Letters, Papal Legal proverbs Legislative proceedings USE Chirographa (Personal correspondence) USE Legal maxims USE Legislative materials Papal encyclicals Legal repertories Legislative proposals Letters, Personal USE Repertories (Law) USE Legislative materials USE Personal correspondence Legal television programs Legislative reports Letters to the editor Fiction or nonfiction television programs that USE Legislative materials UF Editor, Letters to the feature the interaction of lawyers, prosecutors, clients, witnesses, and judges. Legislative resolutions Letters to the press USE Resolutions (Law) Press, Letters to the UF Courtroom television programs Legislative session acts BT Discursive works Law television programs USE Session laws Letters to the press Lawyer television programs Legislative speeches USE Letters to the editor Trial television programs USE Speeches LGBTQ+ comics BT Television programs Lenong dedes drama USE Queer comics Legal thrillers (Fiction) USE Lenong plays Lian hua lao USE Legal fiction (Literature) Lenong drama Traditional Chinese dramas consisting of rhythmic Legal works for laypersons USE Lenong plays and singing accompanied by musical USE Law for laypersons instruments. Lenong plays Legal works for non-professionals Folk plays of the Betawi people of , UF Dakou lian hua lao USE Law for laypersons . Guang zi xi Legends UF Lenong dedes drama Lianhua lao Traditional narratives that are popularly regarded Luozi as historical and that generally feature famous or Lenong drama heroic people. Lenong preman drama Xiaokou lian hua lao BT Folk drama BT Folk literature BT Folk drama Lianhua lao Legends, Contemporary Lenong preman drama USE Lian hua lao USE Urban legends USE Lenong plays Library catalogs Legends, Urban Lent sermons USE Lenten sermons Systematically arranged descriptions of materials USE Urban legends held by , regardless of catalog format (e.g., Legislation, Compiled Lenten music card catalogs, book catalogs). Music that is traditionally associated with Lent. USE Statutes and codes UF Class catalogs (Library catalogs) Legislation, Subordinate UF Ash Wednesday music Classed catalogs USE Administrative regulations Passion music Classified catalogs Legislation, Subsidiary BT Event music Dictionary catalogs (Library catalogs) USE Administrative regulations Sacred music Subject catalogs (Library catalogs) Legislative acts NT Holy Week music BT Catalogs USE Statutes and codes Reproaches (Chants) NT Union catalogs Legislative amendments Lenten sermons Library exhibition catalogs USE Statutes and codes UF Lent sermons USE Exhibition catalogs Legislative bills BT Occasional sermons Library film Drafts of proposed legislation considered by a NT Ash Wednesday sermons USE Stock footage legislature before enactment. Lesbian comics Library shots (Motion pictures, television, etc.) Comics about the lesbian experience. UF Bills, Legislative USE Stock footage BT Legislative histories UF Homosexual comics Libretti Legislative materials BT Queer comics USE Librettos RT Statutes and codes Lesbian drama Librettos Legislative digests Drama about the lesbian experience. UF Libretti USE Legislative materials UF Homosexual drama BT Drama Legislative documents Sapphic drama Licentiate dissertations USE Legislative materials BT Drama USE Academic theses Legislative hearings Lesbian erotic fiction Licentiate theses UF Congressional hearings USE Erotic fiction USE Academic theses Parliamentary hearings Lesbian fiction Lieder BT Hearings Lesbian erotic films USE Songs Legislative materials USE Erotic films Liederspiele Legislative histories Lesbian films USE Liederspiels Compilations of texts (committee hearings, reports, Lesbian erotic poetry Liederspiels debates, etc.) that document the process of enacting USE Erotic poetry a particular law or a group of laws. Early 19th century dramas in which existing lyrics Lesbian poetry were set to new music and inserted into a play. BT Informational works Lesbian fiction UF Liederspiele Law materials Fiction about the lesbian experience. BT Drama NT Legislative bills UF Homosexual fiction Life histories Legislative histories (Treaties) Lesbian erotic fiction [Former heading] USE Biographies USE Travaux préparatoires (Treaties) Sapphic fiction Life readings (Horoscopes) Legislative journals BT Fiction USE Horoscopes USE Legislative materials Lesbian films Lift music Legislative materials Films about the lesbian experience. USE Background music UF Committee prints UF Lesbian erotic films [Former heading] Lift-the-flap books Congressional reports Homosexual films UF Lift-the-flaps (Books) Digests, Legislative BT Motion pictures Slide-and-peek books Documents, Legislative Lesbian poetry BT Toy and movable books Journals, Legislative Poetry about the lesbian experience. Lift-the-flaps (Books) Legislative digests UF Homosexual poetry USE Lift-the-flap books Legislative documents Lesbian erotic poetry [Former heading] Light novels Legislative journals Sapphic poetry UF Rainobe Legislative prints BT Poetry Raito noberu Legislative proceedings Lesbian television programs Ranobe Legislative proposals Television programs about the lesbian experience. BT Fiction Legislative reports Light operas Prints, Committee UF Homosexual television programs USE Operas Prints, Legislative BT Television programs Light verse Proceedings, Legislative Lesson notes USE Humorous poetry Proposals, Legislative USE Lesson plans Society verse

GF-49 Likay plays Liras de Fray Luis de León Doctrine and Covenants stories USE Likē drama USE Liras Drama Likē drama Liras garcilasianas Exempla Folk drama from and Cambodia that is USE Liras Fiction set in a loose framework of songs and dance Lists of audio recordings Folk literature accompanied by pīphāt music. USE Discographies Gift books UF Likay plays Lists of books Hadith stories Yeekay drama USE Bibliographies Jataka stories Yikay drama Lists of essential medicines Memorates Yīkē drama USE Formularies (Medicine) Musical texts BT Drama Lists of films Parodies (Literature) Lilit USE Filmographies Pastiches (Literature) BT Poetry Lists of formulary drugs Poetry Lilting (Mouth music) USE Formularies (Medicine) Prologues and epilogues USE Mouth music Lists of motion pictures Qurʼan stories Limericks USE Filmographies Romances Humorous poems consisting of five lines with an aabba rhyme scheme, the third and fourth lines Lists of passengers having two stresses and the others three. USE Passenger lists Satirical literature BT Humorous poetry Lists of preferred drugs Literature, Promotional Limited serials (Television programs) USE Formularies (Medicine) USE Promotional materials USE Television mini-series Lists of publications Literature of the wounded (Television programs) USE Bibliographies USE Scar literature USE Television mini-series Lists of sound recordings Lithographs Line charts USE Discographies Prints made using a process in which a design is Lists of trademarks deposited onto a stone or plate with a greasy USE Graphs substance that will accept ink. USE Trademark lists Line maps, Flow BT Prints USE Flow maps Lists of wines USE Wine lists Liturgical books Linear cartograms Prescribed forms of religious worship and ritual. Litanies USE Flow maps UF Agenda (Liturgical books) Linguistic atlases BT Liturgical books Prayers Altar books UF Dialect atlases Benedictionals BT Atlases Litanies (Music) BT Sacred music Collects (Prayers) Linked poetry Communion liturgies USE Linked verse Lite metal (Music) USE Glam metal (Music) Eucharist, Liturgy of the Linked stories Liturgies and rituals Collections of stand-alone short stories that Literary analysis interrelate and create a larger whole. USE Literary criticism Liturgy of the Eucharist UF Composite novels Literary anthologies Liturgy of the Lord's Supper Cycles, Short story USE Literature Lord's Supper, Liturgy of the Novels-in-stories Literary collections Menologion Short story cycles USE Literature Offertories Short story sequences Literary cookbooks Ordinals (Liturgical books) Story cycles Cookbooks whose recipes are inspired by or Responses (Liturgies) derived from literary sources, often containing Rituals and liturgies Story sequences excerpts from these sources. BT Novels Sacramentaries BT Cookbooks Short stories Service books (Liturgical books) Literary criticism Linked verse BT Handbooks and manuals Works that evaluate, study, and discuss literature Religious materials Poetry in which multiple authors take turns of any genre. composing lines or stanzas. NT Breviaries UF Analysis, Literary UF Linked poetry Haggadot (Liturgical books) Criticism, Literary BT Poetry Litanies Literary analysis NT Renga Psalters BT Discursive works Rengay Liturgical drama Literary non-fiction Renku Medieval musical dramas performed during USE Creative nonfiction Roman Catholic liturgies. Renshi Literary nonfiction Lino-cuts UF Ecclesiastical drama USE Creative nonfiction USE Linocuts BT Religious drama Literary quotations Linocut prints Liturgical music USE Quotations USE Linocuts USE Sacred music Literary readings Linocuts Liturgical poetry Poems written for public worship. Prints made from a design cut into linoleum-faced UF Dramatic readings blocks. Filmed literary readings [Former heading] BT Religious poetry UF Block prints, Linoleum Literary readings (Radio programs) [Former NT Azharot Cut prints, Linoleum heading] Liturgies and rituals Cuts, Linoleum Poetry readings USE Liturgical books Lino-cuts Readings, Dramatic Liturgy of the Eucharist Linocut prints Readings, Literary USE Liturgical books Linoleum block prints Readings, Poetry Liturgy of the Hours Linoleum cut prints Televised literary readings [Former heading] USE Breviaries Linoleum cuts BT Discursive works Liturgy of the Lord's Supper Linoleum prints Literary readings (Radio programs) USE Liturgical books BT Relief prints USE Literary readings Live-action and animation films, Combination Linoleum block prints Nonfiction radio programs USE Live-action/animation films USE Linocuts Literary rebuses Live-action and animation television programs, Linoleum cut prints USE Rebuses Combination USE Linocuts Literary recreations USE Live-action/animation television programs Linoleum cuts USE Puzzles and games Live-action/animated films USE Linocuts Literary reviews USE Live-action/animation films Linoleum prints USE Book reviews Live-action/animated television programs USE Linocuts Literature USE Live-action/animation television programs Liras UF Belles-lettres Live-action/animation films Spanish poems with five-line stanzas consisting of Creative writing Films that feature interaction between live-action lines of seven and eleven syllables and the rhyme Literary anthologies and animated elements. scheme ababb. Literary collections UF Animated/live-action films, Hybrid UF Estrofas de Fray Luis de León NT Avadana stories Animation and live-action films, Combination Fray Luis de León estrofas Bestiaries Animation/live-action films, Hybrid Liras de Fray Luis de León Bible stories Combination animation and live-action films Liras garcilasianas Black humor Combination live-action and animation films Luis de León quintillas Book of Mormon stories Hybrid animated/live-action films Quintillas de Luis de León Comics (Graphic works) Hybrid animation/live-action films BT Poetry Cut-ups (Literature) Hybrid live-action/animation films Dialogues (Literature) Live-action and animation films, Combination

GF-50 Live-action/animated films BT Law materials Luminous books BT Animated films Reference works USE Glow-in-the-dark books Live-action/animation television programs Looseleaf services Lunar globes Television programs that feature interaction USE Loose-leaf services USE Globes between live-action and animated elements. Loran charts Lundus UF Animated/live-action television programs, UF Long-range navigation charts BT Popular music Hybrid BT Aeronautical charts Luozi Animation and live-action television programs, Nautical charts USE Lian hua lao Combination Lord of the Rings films Lüshi Animation/live-action television programs, USE Fantasy films USE Lü shi Hybrid Lord's Supper, Liturgy of the Lüshih Combination animation and live-action USE Liturgical books USE Lü shi television programs Lute-ayres Combination live-action and animation BT Popular music USE Ayres television programs Love comics Lute-songs Hybrid animated/live-action television programs USE Romance comics USE Ayres Hybrid animation/live-action television Love drama Lycanthropic comics programs USE Romantic plays USE comics Hybrid live-action/animation television Love films Lycanthropic fiction programs USE Romance films USE Live-action and animation television programs, Love letters Lying tales Combination UF Letters, Love USE Tall tales Live-action/animated television programs Love notes Lyric poetry BT Animated television programs Notes, Love Songlike poetry that is short, subjective, and Live concert films BT Personal correspondence personal in subject matter. USE Concert films Love notes UF Lyrical poetry Live-in-concert films USE Love letters BT Poetry USE Concert films Love poetry RT Song texts Live shows (Television programs) UF Romance poetry NT Aubades USE Live television programs BT Poetry Complaints (Poetry) Live sound recordings NT Aubades Dramatic monologues (Poetry) Sound recordings containing concerts, theatrical Nirat Elegies (Poetry) performances, or other cultural events typically Melic poetry performed in front of an audience and transmitted, Love songs broadcast, or recorded as they occur. BT Songs Nirat BT Sound recordings Love stories Odes Live television programs USE Romance fiction Pastourelles UF Live shows (Television programs) Love television programs Qaṣīdas BT Television programs USE Romance television programs Sirventes Living newspapers Low budget films Plays that dramatize current social and political UF Low budget motion pictures Lyric theater issues, and are often intended as propaganda. Low budget movies USE Musical theater UF Newspapers, Living Low budget pictures Lyrical films BT Drama BT Motion pictures Films in which the images and other content are presented as subjective experiences as seen through Livres à clef NT B films the eyes of the filmmaker. Mumblecore films USE Romans à clef BT Experimental films Low budget motion pictures Lo-fi (Rock music) Lyrical poetry USE Low budget films UF Low-fi music (Rock music) USE Lyric poetry Low budget movies Low fidelity music (Rock music) Lyrics USE Low budget films BT Alternative rock music USE Musical texts Low budget pictures Loas Lyrics (Poetry) Short Spanish plays that are presented before USE Low budget films USE Poetry longer plays in order to set the mood and capture the films Maʻaravim interest of the audience. USE Slapstick comedy films USE Maʻaravot BT Drama Low-fi music (Rock music) Maʻaravot Lobby cards USE Lo-fi (Rock music) UF Maʻaravim Posters that advertise motion pictures, are printed Low fidelity music (Rock music) on card stock, and are intended to be displayed in BT Piyutim USE Lo-fi (Rock music) lobbies. MABs (Multi-author blogs) Low vocabulary-high interest books UF Cards, Lobby USE Blogs USE High interest-low vocabulary books Cinema lobby cards Macaronic poetry Lü shi BT Film posters USE Macaronic verse Chinese poems composed in the 7th-10th Local directories centuries that consist of eight lines of five, six, or Macaronic verse USE City directories seven syllables that display strict tonal patterns. Poetry that mixes two or more languages. Local histories UF Lü shih UF Macaronic poetry UF Histories, Local Lüshi BT Poetry BT Informational works Lüshih Machine drama Logic grid puzzles BT Poetry USE Machine plays USE Logic puzzles Lü shih Machine plays Logic puzzles USE Lü shi French plays of the 17th century that employed UF Logic grid puzzles Luis de León quintillas elaborate stage machinery and changes. Logical puzzles USE Liras UF Machine drama BT Puzzles and games Luk thung (Music) Pièces à machines Logical puzzles UF Lukthung (Music) BT Drama USE Logic puzzles Phleng luk thung (Music) Machine sounds Ranger films Pleng luk thung (Music) USE Machinery sounds USE Western films BT Folk songs Machinery sounds Long-range navigation charts Popular music UF Industrial sounds USE Loran charts Lukthung (Music) Machine sounds Loop films USE Luk thung (Music) BT Sound recordings UF Continuous films Lullabies Machinima films Continuous motion pictures USE Lullabies (Songs) UF 3D game-based animated films Film loops Lullabies (Berceuses) 3D game-based films Motion picture loops USE Berceuses (Motion pictures) BT Motion pictures Lullabies (Songs) BT Animated films Loose-leaf services UF Berceuses (Songs) Machinima television programs Legal publications that bring together primary and Cradle songs UF 3D game-based animated television programs secondary materials pertaining to a particular field or 3D game-based television programs topic, and that are issued in binders and updated with Lullabies [Former heading] replacement pages, sequential newsletters, or both. Slumber songs Machinimas (Television programs) UF Looseleaf services BT Songs BT Animated television programs Luminescent books Machinimas (Motion pictures) USE Glow-in-the-dark books USE Machinima films

GF-51 Machinimas (Television programs) Magical realist films Maloya (Music) USE Machinima television programs BT Motion pictures BT Folk music Mad poetry (Kyōka) Magic realist plays Popular music USE Kyōka UF Magic realist drama Ma'lūf Mad films Magical realist drama BT Art music BT Monster films Magical realist plays Mambos (Music) Madcap comedy films BT Drama BT Dance music USE Screwball comedy films Magic tales Man-on-the-street interviews (Radio programs) Madcap romantic comedies USE Fairy tales USE Vox pop radio programs USE Screwball comedy films Magical realism films Mandalas Made-for-television films USE Magic realist films Geometric figures that represent the cosmos in USE Made-for-TV movies Magical realist drama Buddhism and Hinduism. Made-for-television motion pictures USE Magic realist plays BT Religious materials USE Made-for-TV movies Magical realist fiction Visual works Made-for-television movies USE Magic realist fiction Mandó USE Made-for-TV movies Magical realist films BT Popular music Made-for-TV feature films USE Magic realist films Manfredinas (Music) USE Made-for-TV movies Magical realist plays USE Monferrinas (Music) Made-for-TV films USE Magic realist plays Mangue USE Made-for-TV movies Maḥberot UF Mangue beat Made-for-TV motion pictures USE Maqāmāt Mangue bit USE Made-for-TV movies Mail, Business Manguebeat Made-for-TV movies USE Business correspondence BT Popular music UF Feature films, Made-for-TV Mail, Personal Mangue beat Features, Television USE Personal correspondence USE Mangue Made-for-television films Mail art Mangue bit Made-for-television motion pictures Art created by using the postal service to transport USE Mangue Made-for-television movies a work in progress, so as to incorporate postal Manguebeat markings such as stamps and postmarks into the art. Made-for-TV feature films USE Mangue Made-for-TV films UF Correspondence art Manifestoes Made-for-TV motion pictures Postal art USE Manifestos Tele-features BT Art Manifestos Telefeatures Maivky Written statements that describe the goals, opinions, and policies of a person or group. For Telefilms USE Vesnianky drama concise authorized statements of religious doctrine Telemovies within religions or denominations, see Creeds. Telepics USE Makyung plays Mak yung drama UF Manifestoes Television features BT Informational works Television films USE Makyung plays Maḳāmas Manipulative materials (Education) Television movies USE Manipulatives (Education) Vidpics USE Maqāmāt Maḳāmāt Manipulatives (Education) BT Television programs Objects that are designed to be handled by Madrigal comedies USE Maqāmāt students in order to develop their muscles, as well as Music of the late Italian Renaissance that consists Maḳamot perceptual, psychomotor, or other skills. of a series of secular vocal pieces with a well-defined USE Maqāmāt UF Manipulative materials (Education) plot. Makassi (Music) BT Instructional and educational works BT Dramatic music USE (Music) Manners, Comedies of Madrigals (Music) Makeover reality television programs USE Comedies of manners Madrigals of the 16th and 17th centuries. USE Makeover television programs Manners, Novels of BT Part songs Makeover shows (Television programs) USE Novels of manners Mafia films USE Makeover television programs Manuals USE Gangster films Makeover television programs USE Handbooks and manuals Mafia television programs UF Makeover reality television programs Manufacturers' catalogs USE Gangster television programs Makeover shows (Television programs) USE Trade catalogs Magazine format radio programs Makeover television shows Manuscript maps UF Magazine radio programs BT Reality television programs BT Maps News magazines (Radio programs) Makeover television shows Mappa mundi Newsmagazines (Radio programs) USE Makeover television programs USE Mappae mundi BT Informational works Making-choices stories Mappae mundi Nonfiction radio programs USE Choose-your-own stories Early medieval world maps. Magazine format television programs Makossa (Music) UF Mappa mundi UF Magazine television programs UF Makassi (Music) Mappamundi Magazines (Television programs) BT Popular music BT Maps News magazines (Television programs) Makyung drama Mappamundi Newsmagazines (Television programs) USE Makyung plays USE Mappae mundi BT Informational works Makyung plays Maps Nonfiction television programs Traditional Malay dramas that tell stories through dance, song, and spoken text. UF Charts (Cartography) Magazine radio programs Plans (Maps) UF Mak yong drama USE Magazine format radio programs BT Cartographic materials Mak yung drama Magazine television programs Informational works Makyung drama USE Magazine format television programs Visual works Maʼyong drama Magazines NT Aeronautical charts BT Dance drama USE Periodicals Atlases Folk drama Magazines, Comic Bottle-charts Malapropisms USE Comics (Graphic works) Cadastral maps Magazines (Television programs) Humorous misuse or distortion of a word or phrase, generally through substitution of a similar- Celestial charts USE Magazine format television programs sounding word. Children's maps films UF Malaprops Comparative maps USE Magic realist films BT Humor Digital maps Magic realist drama Quotations Early maps USE Magic realist plays Malaprops Ethnographic maps Magic realist fiction USE Malapropisms Fire insurance maps Modern fiction in which fantastic or mythical Flow maps elements are included in a narrative that is otherwise Malay opera realistic. USE Bangsawan (Music) Geological maps UF Magical realist fiction Malhoun (Music) Gores (Maps) BT Fiction USE Malhūn (Music) Gravity anomaly maps Magic realist films Malhūn (Music) Index maps Films in which fantastic or mythical elements are UF Malhoun (Music) Manuscript maps included in a narrative that is otherwise realistic. Melhoun (Music) Mappae mundi UF Magic realism films BT Art music Mental maps Magical realism films Songs Meteorological charts Military maps

GF-52 Mine maps Martial arts fiction Math puzzles Miniature maps UF fiction USE Puzzles and games Nautical charts BT Fiction (Music) Outline maps Martial arts films BT Progressive rock (Music) Photomaps UF Chop-chop films Mathdoku puzzles Physical maps Chop-'em-sock-'em films USE KenKen puzzles Pictorial maps Chopsocky films Mathematical fiction Portolan charts Kung fu films Fiction that features and Quadrangle maps Spaghetti Easterns mathematicians. Remote-sensing maps BT Action and adventure films UF Math fiction Road maps Martial arts television programs Mathematics fiction Statistical maps UF Kung fu television programs Maths fiction Stick charts BT Action and adventure television programs BT Fiction Strip maps Martyrologies Mathematical puzzles Thematic maps Calendars or lists of martyrs that may contain USE Puzzles and games Topographic maps some biographical information. For biographies of Mathematical recreations saints, religious figures, and deities that focus on their USE Puzzles and games Topological maps lives as exemplars of the faith see Hagiographies. Mathematics fiction Tourist maps BT Registers (Lists) Upside-down maps USE Mathematical fiction Religious materials Mathnavis Wall maps Maschere, Commedia dei World maps USE Masnavis USE Commedia dell'arte Mathnawis Zoning maps Mash-ups (Music) Maps, Braille USE Masnavis USE Mashups (Music) Maths fiction USE Cartographic materials for people with visual Mashups (Music) disabilities USE Mathematical fiction UF Bastard pop (Music) Matter of Britain (Arthurian romances) Maps, Tactile Mash-ups (Music) USE Cartographic materials for people with visual USE Arthurian romances BT Remixes (Music) Maundy Thursday music disabilities RT Medleys (Music) Maps for people with visual disabilities USE Holy Week music Mashyakhah Maw lam (Music) USE Cartographic materials for people with visual Listings of the names of teachers of disabilities Muslim scholars. USE Molam (Music) Maps for the blind UF Thabt Maw lum (Music) USE Cartographic materials for people with visual BT Registers (Lists) USE Molam (Music) disabilities Religious materials Mawālid (Poetry) Maps of residuals Masks (Drama) USE Mawlids (Poetry) USE Statistical maps USE Masques Mawlam (Music) Maqamahs Masnavis USE Molam (Music) USE Maqāmāt Persian, Turkish, and Arabic poems written in Mawlids (Poetry) Maqamas rhyming couplets. UF Mawālid (Poetry) USE Maqāmāt UF Athnayn athnayns Mawlūds (Poetry) Maqāmāt Masnawis Mevlids (Poetry) Medieval Arabic rhymed prose that was imitated in Mathnavis BT Devotional poetry other semitic languages and Persian, and which Laudatory poetry generally featured picaresque themes. Mathnawis Mesnevis Mawlūds (Poetry) UF Maḥberot Muthannas USE Mawlids (Poetry) Maḳāmas Muzdawij Maxims Maḳāmāt BT Poetry USE Sayings Maḳamot Masnawis Maxims, Legal Maqamahs USE Masnavis USE Legal maxims Maqamas Masonic music Maʼyong drama Meḳamot Music that is associated with the ritual and social USE Makyung plays BT Prose poems functions of freemasonry. Maze puzzles RT Picaresque fiction UF Freemason music UF Mazes (Puzzles) Märchen Masonic ritual music Puzzle mazes USE Fairy tales BT Functional music BT Puzzles and games Folk tales Masonic ritual music Mazes (Puzzles) Marches (Music) USE Masonic music USE Maze puzzles UF Military marches (Music) Masques Mazurkas (Music) BT Functional music The texts of 16th-17th century courtly BT Dance music NT Quicksteps (Marches) entertainments that combined poetic drama, music, NT -mazurkas (Music) Mariachi (Music) dance, song, lavish costume, and costly stage effects with a simple mythological or allegorical plot. Mbalakh BT Dance music USE UF Masks (Drama) Folk music Mbalax BT Drama Popular music UF Mbalakh RT Antimasques Marian devotions BT Popular music Masques (Music) USE Devotional literature Marineras (Music) The music of 16th-17th century courtly entertainments that combined poetic drama, music, UF Township jive music BT Dance music dance, song, lavish costume, and costly stage effects BT Popular music Marionette films with a simple mythological or allegorical plot. Mchiriku USE Puppet films BT Dramatic music BT Popular music Marionette plays Masses Medical comics USE Puppet plays Musical settings of the Mass in its entirety or for Comics that feature medical personnel and the Marionette television programs the Mass ordinary. For chants of the Mass propers practice of medicine. USE Puppet television programs see Propers (Music). For collections of versets for the organ that replace parts of the Ordinary and Proper of UF Health care comics Maritime fiction the Mass and are played in alternations with the other Healthcare comics USE Sea fiction portions see Organ masses. BT Comics (Graphic works) Maritime poetry BT Event music Medical drama USE Sea poetry Sacred music Plays that feature medical personnel and the Marsiyahs RT Missals (Service books) practice of medicine. USE Marsiyas Organ masses UF Doctor drama Marsiyas NT Requiems Hospital drama Urdu elegies that generally honor the martyring of Master's dissertations BT Drama the Prophet 's grandson Ḥusayn and his Medical fiction kinsmen in the 7th century Battle of . USE Academic theses Master's theses Fiction that features medical personnel and the UF Marsiyahs practice of medicine. USE Academic theses Marsiyehs UF Doctor fiction Matachines (Music) BT Elegies Hospital fiction BT Dance music Marsiyehs Medical novels Math fiction USE Marsiyas BT Fiction USE Mathematical fiction Martial arts events, Televised Medical films (Motion pictures) USE Televised martial arts events Fiction or nonfiction films that feature medical personnel and the practice of medicine.

GF-53 Medical films (Motion pictures) (Continued) Memoir-novels Plays within the play UF Doctor films (Motion pictures) USE Fictional autobiographies Self-reflexive drama Hospital films (Motion pictures) Memoirs BT Drama BT Motion pictures USE Autobiographies NT Impromptus (Drama) Medical formularies Memorable quotations Metadramatic plays USE Formularies (Medicine) USE Quotations USE Metadramas Medical novels Memoranda, Legal Metadramatic theater USE Medical fiction USE Legal memorandums USE Metadramas Medical radio programs Memorandums, Legal Metal (Music) Fiction or nonfiction radio programs that feature USE Legal memorandums USE Heavy metal (Music) medical personnel and the practice of medicine. Memorates Metatheater UF Doctor radio programs First-person narratives that describe an encounter USE Metadramas Hospital radio programs with a supernatural being or paranormal event. Metatheatre Nurse radio programs UF Bylichki USE Metadramas BT Radio programs Byvalʹshchiny Metatheatrical drama Medical sounds Memorats USE Metadramas UF Hospital sounds BT Literature Meteorological charts BT Sound recordings RT Personal narratives BT Maps Medical statistics Memorats Methods (Music) UF Health statistics USE Memorates BT Teaching pieces (Music) BT Statistics Memorial music Mevlids (Poetry) Medical television programs UF Commemorative music USE Mawlids (Poetry) Fiction or nonfiction television programs that BT Commemorative works Mhor lum (Music) feature medical personnel and the practice of Functional music medicine. USE Molam (Music) NT Elegies (Music) Michaelmas music UF Doctor television programs Memorial programs Music that is traditionally associated with Hospital television programs USE Memorial service programs Michaelmas. BT Television programs Memorial service programs BT Event music Medieval romances Printed programs distributed during services held Sacred music USE Romances in memory of a person or event. Micro fiction Meditation music UF Memorial programs USE Flash fiction UF Meditational music BT Commemorative works Microblogs BT Functional music Programs (Publications) UF Tweets (Microblogs) Meditational music Memorial volumes (Festschriften) BT Blogs USE Meditation music USE Festschriften Microfiction Meditations Memorials, Legal USE Flash fiction Thoughts on spiritual truths intended for use in USE Legal memorandums meditation. Microsound (Music) Memory drama USE Glitch music BT Devotional literature USE Memory plays Microtonal music RT Koans Memory plays Compositions in the Western musical tradition that Meditative music UF Memory drama employ intervals smaller than a in the USE Minimal music BT Drama chromatic scale. Medleys (Music) Menologion UF Microtones UF Potpourris (Music) USE Liturgical books Microtonic music BT Music Mental hygiene films Quarter-tone music RT Mashups (Music) USE Social guidance films BT Art music Meeting ephemera Mental maps Microtones USE Conference materials BT Maps USE Microtonal music Meeting materials Menus Microtonic music USE Conference materials Lists of foods and/or beverages served at a meal USE Microtonal music Meeting papers and proceedings or available for purchase in a restaurant. Middle Eastern classical music USE Conference papers and proceedings UF Bills of fare USE Art music Meeting proceedings BT Ephemera Middle school yearbooks USE Conference papers and proceedings Informational works USE School yearbooks Meḳamot NT Wine lists Military calls USE Maqāmāt Merchant mark lists BT Military music Melhoun (Music) USE Trademark lists RT Battle-cries USE Malhūn (Music) Merengues (Music) Military fiction Melic poetry BT Dance music Fiction that features the military lifestyle and loyalty Classical Greek lyric poetry that was intended to Mesnevis to the armed forces and its codes and is generally set be sung to a musical accompaniment. during peacetime. For fiction that features military USE Masnavis BT Lyric poetry conflicts see War fiction. Messages (Official communications) BT Fiction films Official governmental communications from a chief USE Melodramas (Motion pictures) executive to a legislative body. Military films Melodramas, Television Films that feature the military lifestyle and loyalty to UF Legislative messages the armed forces and its codes and are generally set USE Television melodramas BT Discursive works during peacetime. For films that feature military Melodramas (Drama) Meta-drama conflicts see War films. Plays that emphasize plot, action, and USE Metadramas BT Motion pictures exaggerated emotion at the expense of . Meta-dramas RT War films Military maps UF Melodramatic plays USE Metadramas BT Maps BT Drama Meta-theater Military marches (Music) NT Nautical drama USE Metadramas USE Marches (Music) Melodramas (Motion pictures) Meta-theatre Military music UF Melodrama films USE Metadramas UF War songs Melodramatic films Metadrama BT Functional music Niskavouri films [Former heading] USE Metadramas NT Military calls BT Fiction films Metadramas Drama that self-consciously calls attention to its Military regulations Melodramas (Music) own fictional status as a theatrical pretence, often UF Regulations, Military Dramas in which the main character speaks during through the use of a play-within-a-play. the pauses of, or during, musical accompaniment. BT Informational works UF Drama about drama Law materials BT Dramatic music Meta-drama NT Monodramas (Music) Military television programs Meta-dramas Television programs that feature the military Melodramatic films Meta-theater lifestyle and loyalty to the armed forces and its codes USE Melodramas (Motion pictures) Meta-theatre and are generally set during peacetime. For television Melodramatic plays Metadrama programs that feature military conflicts see War television programs. USE Melodramas (Drama) Metadramatic plays BT Television programs Melodramatic television programs Metadramatic theater RT War television programs USE Television melodramas Metatheater Milongas (Music) Melody books Metatheatre BT Dance music USE Sound books Metatheatrical drama Plays within plays

GF-54 Mime plays Mixed mediums (Art) Morlam (Music) Plays or entertainments in which the performers USE Mixed media works BT Folk songs express themselves by mute gestures, often to the Mixed method intaglio prints Popular music accompaniment of music. USE Intaglio prints Momeries UF Dumb shows (Mime plays) Mixed methods (Art) USE Interludes (Drama) Mime shows USE Mixed media works Monastic constitutions Pantomime plays (Mime plays) Mixes (Music) Documents that order the activities and behavior of Pantomimes (Mime plays) USE Remixes (Music) the members of religious communities. BT Drama Mo lam (Music) UF Customaries, Monastic Mime plays (Christmas pantomimes) USE Molam (Music) Monastic customaries USE Christmas pantomimes Mobile form music BT Constitutions Mime shows USE Open form music Religious materials USE Mime plays Mobile phone novels Monastic customaries Mine maps USE Cell phone novels USE Monastic constitutions BT Maps Mock documentary films Monastic rules Mini-series, Television USE Documentary-style films The codes of discipline and conduct prescribed by the founders of religious orders. USE Television mini-series Mock documentary television programs Miniature maps USE Documentary-style television programs UF Rules, Monastic BT Maps Mock-epic drama BT Administrative regulations Minimal music USE Mock-heroic drama Religious materials UF Meditative music Mock-epic poetry Monferrinas (Music) Minimalist music USE Mock-heroic poetry UF Manfredinas (Music) Repetitive music Mock-heroic drama Monferrine (Music) Systematic music Drama that satirically treats a trivial subject in a Monfredas (Music) BT Art music grand style. Monfrinas (Music) Minimalist music UF Mock-epic drama BT Country-dances (Music) USE Minimal music BT Comedy plays Monferrine (Music) , Television Satirical literature USE Monferrinas (Music) USE Television mini-series Mock-heroic poetry Monfredas (Music) Minnesang Satirical poems that adapt the heroic style of epic USE Monferrinas (Music) UF Minnesong poetry to trivial subject in a grand style. Monfrinas (Music) BT Songs UF Heroi-comical poetry USE Monferrinas (Music) Minnesong Mock-epic poetry Mono-dramas (Literature) USE Minnesang BT Humorous poetry USE Monodramas (Literature) Minority radio programs Satirical literature Monodramas USE Ethnic radio programs Mockumentaries USE Monodramas (Literature) Minstrel music USE Documentary-style films Monodramas (Literature) UF Blackface minstrel music Mockumentaries (Television programs) UF Filmed monodramas [Former heading] Ethiopian operas (Minstrel music) USE Documentary-style television programs Mono-dramas (Literature) Ethiopian songs (Minstrel music) Mockumentary films Monodramas [Former heading] Minstrel songs USE Documentary-style films Monopolylogues BT Popular music Mockumentary television programs One-man plays RT Revues USE Documentary-style television programs One-person plays Minstrel shows Model acts plays UF African American minstrel shows Draft acts that are rarely uniformly adopted in their BT Drama Blackfaced minstrel shows entirety by state legislatures but are proposed as NT Ping shu guideline legislation for the states. Minstrelsy Monodramas (Music) BT Revues BT Instructional and educational works BT Melodramas (Music) Minstrel songs Law materials Monologues (Music) USE Minstrel music RT Uniform laws Monologs (Drama) Minstrelsy Model books (Pattern books) USE Monologues (Drama) USE Minstrel shows USE Pattern books Monologues Minuets (Music) Model operas USE Monologues (Drama) Operas that combined Western instrumentation BT Dance music and Beijing opera singing and were composed during Monologues, Dramatic (Poetry) Minute books the Cultural Revolution. USE Dramatic monologues (Poetry) USE Minutes (Records) UF Revolutionary operas (Model operas) Monologues (Drama) Minutes (Records) Yangbanxi Extended speeches uttered by one speaker, either alone or to others. UF Minute books BT Chinese operas BT Records (Documents) Models, Astronomical UF Monologs (Drama) Miracle plays USE Astronomical models Monologues [Former heading] USE Mystery and miracle plays Models (Representations) BT Drama Miscellanea Scaled and generally three-dimensional NT Humorous monologues USE Trivia and miscellanea representations of objects or structures. Soliloquies Miscellaneous facts BT Informational works Monologues (Music) USE Trivia and miscellanea Visual works Musical compositions in which spoken language is an integral part. Misquotations NT Anatomical models USE Quotations Astronomical models UF with music Misquotes Globes Recitations with music USE Quotations Relief models Speaking with music Missals (Service books) Modern dance music BT Art music BT Service books (Music) Musical compositions composed for theatrical Dramatic music RT Masses dances that display the characteristics of modern NT Monodramas (Music) Mission music dance. Monophonic chansons BT Functional music UF Music for modern dance French monophonic songs from the 13th-15th centuries. Sacred music BT Dance music BT Songs Missionary drama Dramatic music Monopolylogues USE Missionary plays Modinhas USE Monodramas (Literature) Missionary plays BT Popular music Plays that promote the goals of religious missions. Moh lam (Music) Monostiches USE Monostichs UF Missionary drama USE Molam (Music) Monostichs BT Religious drama Molam (Music) Poems consisting of a single line. Mix-and-match books UF Khap (Music) UF Monostiches USE Split-page books Lam (Music) BT Poetry Mixed media works Maw lam (Music) Works combining techniques and materials from Maw lum (Music) Monster comics two or more graphic or fine art processes, no one of Mawlam (Music) BT Comics (Graphic works) which clearly predominates. Mhor lum (Music) NT Vampire comics UF Mixed mediums (Art) Mo lam (Music) Werewolf comics Mixed methods (Art) Moh lam (Music) comics Multiple processes (Art) Mor lam (Music) Monster drama BT Art Mor lum (Music) BT Drama NT Vampire drama

GF-55 Monster drama (Continued) Motion comics Exploitation films Werewolf drama BT Animated films Feature films Zombie drama Motion picture adaptations Fiction films Monster fiction USE Film adaptations Film adaptations BT Fiction Motion picture auditions Film clips NT Vampire fiction USE Screen tests Film excerpts Werewolf fiction Motion picture biographies Film remakes Zombie fiction USE Biographical films Film serials Monster films Motion picture cartoons Film trailers UF Creature features (Motion pictures) USE Animated films Films for people with visual disabilities Frankenstein films [Former heading] Motion picture documentaries Films for the hearing impaired Godzilla films [Former heading] USE Documentary films Gay films King Kong films [Former heading] Motion picture lists Ghost films Mothra films [Former heading] USE Filmographies Heimatfilme films [Former heading] Motion picture loops Historical films BT Motion pictures USE Loop films Independent films RT Horror films Motion picture music Internet videos NT Mad scientist films Musical works composed for sound films or Intersex films Vampire films performed on soundtracks. For musical works Kammerspiel films composed or adapted to accompany silent films see Werewolf films music. Kinescope films Zombie films UF Film music Legal films Monster radio programs Movie music Lesbian films USE Horror radio programs BT Dramatic music Loop films Monster television programs Functional music Low budget films UF Mummy television programs [Former heading] NT Animated film music Magic realist films BT Television programs Silent film music Medical films (Motion pictures) RT Horror television programs Motion picture musicals Military films NT Vampire television programs USE Musical films Monster films Werewolf television programs Motion picture parodies Motorcycle films Zombie television programs USE Parody films Mountain films Montages, Photographic Motion picture play reviews Musical films USE Photomontages USE Motion picture reviews Mythological films Monumental films Motion picture plays Nonfiction films USE Epic films USE Screenplays Opera films Monumental television programs Motion picture posters films USE Epic television programs USE Film posters Outtakes Monumentalist films Motion picture previews Peep shows (Motion pictures) USE Epic films USE Film trailers Peplum films Monumentalist television programs Motion picture remakes Picaresque films USE Epic television programs USE Film remakes Podcasts Mood films Motion picture reviews Populist films Films that emphasize a mood or atmosphere Pornographic films rather than a plot. UF Film reviews Motion picture play reviews Propaganda films BT Fiction films Psychological films Mor lam (Music) Movie reviews Video reviews Public service announcements (Motion USE Molam (Music) pictures) Mor lum (Music) BT Reviews NT Movie review television programs Puppet films USE Molam (Music) Race films Moral and philosophical tales Motion picture screen tests USE Screen tests Religious films USE Fables Road films Morality drama Motion picture screenplays USE Screenplays Romance films USE Morality plays Rubble films Morality plays Motion picture scripts USE Screenplays Rushes (Motion pictures) Late medieval allegorical plays that teach moral Samurai films lessons by depicting the battle between good and evil Motion picture soundtracks in the human soul. USE Film soundtracks Screen tests Short films UF Morality drama Motion picture stock materials Show business films BT Allegories USE Stock footage Silent films Didactic drama Motion picture trailers Social problem films Religious drama USE Film trailers Sponsored films Morality tales Motion pictures Sports films USE Fables UF Carmen films [Former heading] Spy films Morescas (Songs) Don Juan films [Former heading] Stock footage USE Moresche (Songs) Films Street films Moresche (Songs) Movies Subculture films UF Morescas (Songs) BT Visual works Survival films Moriscas (Songs) NT 3-D films Swashbuckler films BT Villanelle (Songs) Action and adventure films Teen films Moriscas (Songs) Amateur films Theater announcements (Motion pictures) USE Moresche (Songs) Amusement ride films Theater commercials (Motion pictures) Morlam (Music) Animal films Time-lapse films USE Molam (Music) Animated films Transgender films Mormon stories, Book of Anthology films Trick films USE Book of Mormon stories Aviation films Unedited footage Mornas (Music) Biographical films War films BT Dance music Blaxploitation films Western films Popular music Buddy films Yiddish films Morning service music Caper films Motion pictures for the deaf BT Event music Car-chase films USE Films for the hearing impaired Sacred music Children's films Motion pictures for the hearing impaired NT Lauds (Music) Christmas films USE Films for the hearing impaired Orthros (Music) Circus films Motivational radio programs Morris dances (Music) College life films USE Inspirational radio programs BT Dance music Comedy films Moto poetry Folk music Compilation films USE Biker poetry Mosaic poetry Credit titles Motor sounds USE Centos Dance films Recordings of the sounds of all types of motor Motets Disaster films , including automobiles, buses, scooters, BT Part songs Environmental films motorcycles, etc. Mothra films Erotic films BT Sound recordings USE Monster films Ethnic films Experimental films

GF-56 Motorcycle films Multiples (Art) Instrumental settings UF Biker films Art works that are intended for sale or distribution Medleys (Music) BT Motion pictures and are identically produced, sometimes in unlimited Muğams numbers, so that there is no original. Motorcycle poetry Musical settings USE Biker poetry UF Multiple art Motu proprio BT Art Notated music USE Papal documents Multispectral scanning images Popular music Mountain films USE Remote-sensing images Sacred music UF Bergfilme Mumblecore films Sampler albums (Sound recordings) Low-budget independent fiction films that feature Mountaineering films personal relationships of young adults with realistic Songs BT Motion pictures scenes, naturalistic acting and dialogue, and minimal Sound art Mountain music action. Teaching pieces (Music) USE Old-time music BT Fiction films Music box books Mountaineering films Independent films USE Sound books USE Mountain films Low budget films Music concert posters Mouth music Mummers' drama USE Music posters Vocal folk music in which the singing imitates an USE Mummers' plays Music concert programs instrument, often using meaningless vocables or a Mummers' plays USE Concert programs mix of vocables and words. English folk plays that usually have a central Music criticism and reviews UF Cheek music theme of death and resurrection. UF Criticism, Music Chin music UF Guisers' plays Music reviews [Former heading] Diddling (Mouth music) Johnny Jacks' plays Reviews, Music Gobbing (Mouth music) Jolly Boys' plays BT Informational works Lilting (Mouth music) Mummers' drama Music for modern dance Port-a-beul Mumming plays USE Modern dance music Puirt-a beul -egging plays Music for silent films Puirt-abeul Tipteerers' plays USE Silent film music à bouche BT Folk drama Music for the stage BT Folk music Mumming plays USE Dramatic music Movable and toy books USE Mummers' plays Music posters USE Toy and movable books Mummy films UF Concert posters (Music posters) Movable books USE Monster films Country music posters USE Toy and movable books Mummy television programs Hip-hop posters Moveable books USE Monster television programs Music concert posters USE Toy and movable books Municipal by-laws Rock posters Movie music USE Municipal ordinances BT Posters USE Motion picture music Municipal charters Music radio programs, Classical Movie parodies USE Charters and articles of incorporation USE Classical music radio programs USE Parody films Municipal codes Music radio programs, Country and western Movie posters USE Municipal ordinances USE Country music radio programs USE Film posters Municipal ordinances Music radio programs, Ethnic Movie previews Laws established by cities, towns, or other local USE Folk music radio programs USE Film trailers governmental entities. For rules or administrative Music radio programs, Folk Movie review television programs provisions adopted by an organization for its internal governance and its external dealings see By-laws. USE Folk music radio programs UF Film criticism television programs UF City codes Music radio programs, Hillbilly BT Motion picture reviews USE Country music radio programs Nonfiction television programs City laws City ordinances Music radio programs, Jazz Movie reviews USE Jazz radio programs USE Motion picture reviews Municipal by-laws Municipal codes Music radio programs, Popular Movie scripts USE Popular music radio programs USE Screenplays Ordinances, City Ordinances, Municipal Music radio programs, Rock Movie soundtracks USE Rock music radio programs USE Film soundtracks BT Statutes and codes Muqams Music radio programs, Traditional Movie theater ads (Motion pictures) USE Folk music radio programs USE Theater commercials (Motion pictures) UF Mukams BT Art music Music radio programs, Western and country Movie trailers USE Country music radio programs USE Film trailers Murder mysteries USE Detective and mystery fiction Music radio programs, Western art Movies USE Classical music radio programs USE Motion pictures Murder mystery films USE Detective and mystery films Music reviews Movies, Corner-flip USE Music criticism and reviews USE Flip books Murder mystery television programs USE Detective and mystery television programs Music sketches Movies à clef USE Musical sketches USE Films à clef Murgas BT Event music Music videos Muʻāraḍāt BT Television programs Arabic and Persian poems that deliberately imitate Popular music the themes and versification of a famous poem. Muscleman films Video recordings NT Rock videos BT Poetry USE Peplum films Visual albums Muckraking fiction Museum exhibition catalogs Música caipira USE Social problem fiction USE Exhibition catalogs USE Música sertaneja Muğamlar Music Música cuartetera USE Muğams Musical compositions that may include words that are sung, spoken, etc. For the words sung, spoken, USE Cuarteto (Music) Muğams etc., as part of a when they Música de amargue UF Muğamlar appear separately from a musical setting see Musical USE Bachata texts. Música de guardia BT Music Music from any tradition that is not of a more USE Bachata Mughams specific genre/form. Música norteña USE Muğams UF Musical compositions USE Norteño (Music) Mukams Musical works Música sertaneja USE Muqams NT Accompaniments (Music) UF Caipira (Music) Multi-author blogs Arrangements (Music) Música caipira USE Blogs Art music Sertanejo (Music) Multilingual dictionaries Chants Dictionaries that give the terms of one language in Dramatic music BT Folk music terms of one or more other languages. Filk music Popular music BT Dictionaries Folk music Música tejana Multiple art Functional music USE Tejano music USE Multiples (Art) Glitch music Musical books Multiple plot stories Humorous music USE Sound books USE Choose-your-own stories Hymn tunes Musical comedies Multiple processes (Art) Improvisations (Music) USE Musicals USE Mixed media works Musical compositions USE Music

GF-57 Musical elegies Musical comedies and themes. USE Elegies (Music) Musical plays BT Television programs Musical films Musical shows Mythologies UF Film musicals Operettas USE Myths Motion picture musicals Plays, Musical Myths Musicals (Motion pictures) Shows, Musical Traditional stories that ostensibly explain natural BT Motion pictures Televised musicals [Former heading] phenomena, beliefs, or practices, and are frequently associated with religious rites and beliefs. Musicals BT Dramatic music RT Concert films NT Jukebox musicals UF Mythologies NT Rock films Musical films BT Folk literature Visual albums Television musicals Religious materials Musical games Musicals (Motion pictures) Myths, Urban Games that use instrumental, vocal, and/or USE Musical films USE Urban legends prerecorded music as accompaniment to Musique concrète Naamyam activities or for teaching musical concepts. Electronic musical compositions in which the UF Di shui nan yin UF Games with music sounds produced were originally recorded from Guangdong nan yin BT Functional music natural sounds and subsequently rearranged or Southern tone (Naamyam) Puzzles and games altered. BT Folk songs NT Hand-clapping games UF Tape recorder music Nachtmusik Singing games BT Art music USE Suites Musical parodies Musique spectrale Nagauta Compositions that distort or exaggerate features of USE Spectral music BT Dance music another composition or a composer's works in Muthannas Kabuki music general for humorous or satirical ends. For vocal USE Masnavis works in which a new text has been substituted for Songs the original without a significant change to the music Muwashshaḥāt Nanci see Contrafacta. Arabic poems consisting of five to seven strophes USE Tan ci that are each divided into two parts following differing UF Opera parodies rhyme patterns. Nang drama Operatic parodies UF Girdle poems USE Shadow plays Parodies (Music) Muwashshahs Nang talung plays Parodies, Operatic Tawāshīḥ USE Shadow plays BT Humorous music Tawshīḥ Nang yai plays RT Contrafacta BT Poetry USE Shadow plays Musical plays Muwashshahs Nanny television programs USE Musicals USE Muwashshaḥāt USE Television programs Musical revues Muzak (Trademark) Nanpure (Puzzles) USE Revues USE Background music USE Sudoku puzzles Musical satires Muzdawij Napoletani, Ottave USE Humorous music USE Masnavis USE Strambotti Musical settings Mysteries (Religious drama) Narrations with music Vocal or choral musical compositions that consist USE Mystery and miracle plays USE Monologues (Music) of pre-existing literary texts that have been set to Narrative family histories music. Mystery and miracle drama USE Family histories UF Settings, Musical USE Mystery and miracle plays Mystery and miracle plays Narrative films BT Music USE Fiction films Musical shows Medieval religious plays that present biblical stories or stories of miracles performed by saints. Narrative nonfiction USE Musicals USE Creative nonfiction Revues UF Bible-histories (Drama) Miracle plays Narrative poetry Musical sketches Poems that tell a story. Tentative drafts or preliminary studies, in either Mysteries (Religious drama) manuscript, facsimile or transcription, for musical Mystery and miracle drama UF Idylls (Narrative poetry) compositions. Pageants (Mystery and miracle plays) Idyls (Narrative poetry) UF Composer's sketches Rappresentazioni sacre Poetic narratives Music sketches Sacre rappresentazioni BT Poetry Sketches, Composer's BT Religious drama NT Beast epics Sketches, Musical Mystery comics Epic poetry BT Notated music USE Detective and mystery comics Lays (Narrative poetry) Musical television programs Mystery fiction Novels in verse USE Television musicals USE Detective and mystery fiction Rímur Musical texts Mystery films Stories in rhyme The words sung, spoken, etc., as part of a musical USE Detective and mystery films Toasts (Poetry) composition when they appear separately from a Mystery plays Narrative songs musical setting. For musical compositions that may Songs with texts that tell a story. include words that are sung, spoken, etc., see Music. USE Detective and mystery plays BT Songs UF Lyrics Mystery radio programs NT Ballads Texts (Music) USE Detective and mystery radio programs Epic songs BT Literature Mystery television programs Heike biwa NT Popular music lyrics USE Detective and mystery television programs Jarigan Sacred music texts Mythic drama Kalgi-tura Song texts USE Mythological plays P'ansori Musical theater Mythic plays Narratives, Captivity Musical compositions that are often small-scale, USE Mythological plays date primarily from the , and combine Mythic poetry USE Captivity narratives elements of music, drama, and sometimes dance, in USE Mythological poetry Narratives, Frame unconventional ways. Mythological comics USE Frame stories UF Lyric theater BT Comics (Graphic works) Narratives, Personal BT Dramatic music Mythological drama USE Personal narratives Musical themes dictionaries USE Mythological plays Narratives, Time-travel USE Thematic catalogs (Music) Mythological fiction USE Time-travel fiction Musical variations BT Fiction National anthems USE Variations (Music) Mythological films Musical compositions, with or without text, that are Musical works recognized as national anthems by a government or BT Motion pictures by convention. USE Music Mythological plays Musicals Plays based on mythological themes. BT Patriotic music Nativity poetry Music for theatrical productions consisting of UF Mythic drama musical numbers integrated into a dramatic USE Christmas poetry Mythic plays framework. For music for theatrical productions from Natural sounds (Nature sounds) Mythological drama around the end of the 18th century that feature a USE Nature sounds series of songs, dances, and other entertainments BT Drama without any unifying dramatic element see Revues. Nature fiction Mythological poetry Fiction that depicts the natural world and its UF Comedies, Musical UF Mythic poetry phenomena. For fiction that depicts the Filmed musicals [Former heading] BT Poetry interconnectedness of the human and natural worlds, Mythological television programs and especially the impact of human activities on Television programs based on mythological stories nature, see Ecofiction.

GF-58 BT Fiction New musick (Industrial music) Incidental music NT Ecofiction USE Industrial music NT Utai Nature films New Testament stories Nō plays Nonfiction films that depict or explain the natural USE Bible stories Highly ritualized Japanese plays incorporating world and its phenomena. music, dance, and poetry. BT Science films BT Alternative rock music UF Filmed nō plays [Former heading] NT Wildlife films New Year music Nō drama Nature poetry UF New Year's Eve music Noh drama Poetry that romanticizes the natural world and BT Event music Noh plays emphasizes nature for its own sake. NT Rosh ha-Shanah music Televised nō plays [Former heading] BT Poetry New Year's Eve music BT Drama NT Ecopoetry USE New Year music No wave (Music) Nature sounds News bulletins, Radio BT Alternative rock music Recordings of the sounds of nature, including Nocturnes (Music) animal and plant sounds and the sounds of the wind, USE Radio news bulletins rain, oceans, streams, etc. News conferences BT Art music Noh drama UF Natural sounds (Nature sounds) USE Press conferences USE Nō plays BT Sound recordings News films Noh kyōgen plays RT Soundscapes (Music) USE Newsreels USE Kyōgen plays Nature television programs News flashes, Radio Nonfiction television programs that depict or USE Radio news bulletins Noh music explain the natural world and its phenomena. News magazines (Radio programs) USE Nō music BT Science television programs USE Magazine format radio programs Noh plays NT Wildlife television programs News magazines (Television programs) USE Nō plays Nautical charts USE Magazine format television programs Noir comics News programs, Radio Comics about crime and detection that feature UF Hydrographic charts violence and treachery and a lack of distinction Navigation charts USE Radio news programs between criminals and heroes. News programs, Television Navigation maps UF Crime noir comics USE Television news programs Pilot charts BT Detective and mystery comics News releases BT Maps Noir drama USE Press releases NT Loran charts USE Noir plays News television programs Plotting charts Noir fiction Nautical drama USE Television news programs Fiction that features violence and treachery and a Melodramas of the 18th and 19th centuries that Newscasts, Radio lack of distinction between criminals and heroes. featured a heroic British sailor confronting at USE Radio news programs sea or on land. UF Crime noir fiction Newsletters BT Detective and mystery fiction UF Jack Tar melodramas UF Newssheets Noir films Nautical melodramas BT Ephemera USE Film noir Tar drama Serial publications Noir plays Tar melodramas Newsmagazines (Radio programs) Plays about crime and detection that feature BT Melodramas (Drama) USE Magazine format radio programs violence, treachery, and a lack of distinction between Newsmagazines (Television programs) criminals and heroes. USE Sea fiction USE Magazine format television programs UF Crime noir plays Nautical melodramas Newspaper films Film noir plays USE Nautical drama USE Journalism films Noir drama Nautical poetry Newspaper television programs Stage noir USE Sea poetry USE Journalism television programs BT Detective and mystery plays Naval fiction Newspapers Noir poetry USE Sea fiction BT Serial publications UF Crime noir poetry Naval poetry NT Community newspapers Poem noirs USE Sea poetry Newspapers, Living Poems noir Navigation charts USE Living newspapers Poetry noir USE Nautical charts Newsreels BT Poetry Navigation maps UF Filmstrips, Newsreel Noise music USE Nautical charts News films BT Music Navigational charts BT Informational works NT Noise pop (Music) USE Aeronautical charts Nonfiction films (Music) Necrologies RT Actualities (Motion pictures) Noise pop (Music) USE Death registers Newssheets UF Pop, Noise (Music) Obituaries USE Newsletters BT Alternative rock music Negative utopian comics Nhạ̣c tài tử Noise music USE Dystopian comics UF Đờn ca tài tử Noise punk (Music) Negative utopian drama Tài tứ USE Noise rock (Music) USE Dystopian plays BT Art music Noise rock (Music) Negative utopian fiction Niggunim UF Noise punk (Music) USE Dystopian fiction USE Nigunim Punk, Noise (Music) Negatives (Photographs) Nightmare on Elm Street films BT Noise music Photographs in which the tonal values are USE Horror films Rock music reversed from their appearance in nature and are intended to be used to produce positive prints. Nigunim Noisy books USE Sound books UF Photographic negatives UF Niggunim Nomenclatures Photonegatives Nusaḥ UF Terminologies BT Photographs BT Songs BT Reference works Negotiating histories (Treaties) Nine numbers (Puzzles) Non-binary comics USE Travaux préparatoires (Treaties) USE Sudoku puzzles USE Genderqueer comics Neighborhood newspapers Ninja fiction Non-fiction adventure stories USE Community newspapers USE Martial arts fiction USE True adventure stories -rockabilly music Nirat Non-fiction comics USE music BT Love poetry USE Nonfiction comics Net films Lyric poetry Non-fiction crime comics USE Internet videos Topographical poetry USE True crime comics Net radio programs Niskavouri films Non-fiction crime narratives USE Internet radio programs USE Historical films USE True crime stories Net videos Melodramas (Motion pictures) Non-fiction films USE Internet videos No depression (Alternative country music) USE Nonfiction films Network fiction (Hypertext fiction) USE Alternative country music Non-fiction literature USE Hypertext fiction Nō drama USE Creative nonfiction music USE Nō plays Non-fiction novels BT Popular music Nō kyōgen plays USE Nonfiction novels New media poetry (Hypertext poetry) USE Kyōgen plays Non-fiction prose USE Hypertext poetry Nō music UF Noh music USE Creative nonfiction BT Art music

GF-59 Non-fiction radio programs Book review radio programs Notated music USE Nonfiction radio programs Community affairs radio programs Music expressed through . Non-fiction television programs Documentary radio programs UF USE Nonfiction television programs Gossip radio programs BT Music Non-fictional comics Instructional radio programs NT Musical sketches USE Nonfiction comics Magazine format radio programs Part books Non-fictional fiction Public affairs radio programs Parts (Music) USE Nonfiction novels Public service radio programs Scores Non-fictional literature Radio actualities Service books (Music) USE Creative nonfiction Radio commentaries Songbooks Non-fictional prose Radio field reports Tune books USE Creative nonfiction Radio lectures Note-books Non-professionals, Law for Radio news programs USE Notebooks USE Law for laypersons Radio sports events Notebooks Non-professionals, Legal guides for Radio talk shows Books produced with blank pages that are used for USE Law for laypersons Reality radio programs taking notes. For books with blank pages on which artists draw informal or rough preliminary studies see Non-professionals, Legal works for Special events radio coverage Sketchbooks. USE Law for laypersons Talent shows (Radio programs) UF Blank books Nonbinary comics Variety shows (Radio programs) Blankbooks USE Genderqueer comics Nonfiction television programs Note-books Noncamera films UF Non-fiction television programs BT Records (Documents) USE Cameraless animation films Televised speeches [Former heading] Notebooks, Field Nonfiction adventure stories Television debates [Former heading] USE Field notes USE True adventure stories Television interviews [Former heading] Noter-ups Nonfiction comics Television lectures [Former heading] USE Citators Comics that are intended to be educational or Television panel discussions [Former heading] Notes, Field informational or that present facts or true accounts. Television press conferences [Former USE Field notes UF Graphic non-fiction heading] Notes, Love Graphic nonfiction BT Television programs USE Love letters Non-fiction comics NT Audience participation television programs Notturni Non-fictional comics Autobiographical television programs USE Suites Nonfictional comics Award presentations (Television programs) Notturnos BT Comics (Graphic works) Beauty contest television programs USE Suites NT Biographical comics Book review television programs Nouveaux romans Documentary comics Documentary television programs USE Antinovels Educational comics Instructional television programs Nouvelles Instructional comics Magazine format television programs USE Novelle Travel comics Movie review television programs Novelettes True crime comics Promotional television programs USE Novellas Nonfiction crime comics Public access television programs Novelisations USE True crime comics Public affairs television programs USE Novelizations Nonfiction crime narratives Public service television programs Novelisations, Graphic USE True crime stories Reality television programs USE Graphic novel adaptations Nonfiction films Special events television coverage Novelizations UF Filmed debates [Former heading] Talent shows (Television programs) UF Novelisations Filmed interviews [Former heading] Televised parades BT Adaptations Filmed lectures [Former heading] Televised performances Novels Filmed panel discussions [Former heading] Televised sports events Novelizations, Graphic Filmed speeches [Former heading] Television cooking shows USE Graphic novel adaptations Non-fiction films Television news programs Novellas Nonstory films Television talk shows UF Novelettes BT Motion pictures True crime television programs BT Fiction NT Actualities (Motion pictures) Variety shows (Television programs) Novellas, Graphic Award presentations (Motion pictures) Nonfictional comics USE Graphic novels Beauty contest films USE Nonfiction comics Novellas (Renaissance form) City symphonies (Motion pictures) Nonfictional literature USE Novelle Documentary films USE Creative nonfiction Filmed parades Novelle Nonfictional prose Short fictional narratives popular during the Filmed performances USE Creative nonfiction Renaissance that generally featured ordinary Filmed sports events Nonobjective films townspeople in realistic settings and were often Instructional films USE Abstract films gathered together in collections unified by a frame tale. Newsreels Nonrepresentational films Promotional films USE Abstract films UF Nouvelles Variety shows (Motion pictures) Nonsense fiction Novellas (Renaissance form) Nonfiction literature Fiction that emphasizes playful wordplay and BT Fiction USE Creative nonfiction rhythm instead of meaning and emotional RT Frame stories Nonfiction novels involvement. Novels Fiction of any length that intentionally blends BT Fiction BT Fiction verifiably factual journalistic research with fictional Nonsense poetry NT Cell phone novels elements. USE Nonsense verse Linked stories UF Documentary fiction Nonsense rhymes Novelizations Faction (Nonfiction novels) USE Nonsense verse Novels in verse Fictional non-fiction Nonsense songs Novels of manners Fictional nonfiction BT Humorous songs Sentimental novels Journalistic novels Nonsense verse Wordless novels Non-fiction novels Highly rhythmic, humorous, light poetry in which Novels, Comic book Non-fictional fiction sense is subordinated to sound. USE Graphic novels BT Creative nonfiction UF Amphigories Novels, Graphic Fiction Nonsense poetry USE Graphic novels Nonfiction prose Nonsense rhymes Novels, Photographic USE Creative nonfiction BT Humorous poetry USE Fotonovelas Nonfiction radio programs NT Fatras Novels in letters UF Non-fiction radio programs Jitanjáforas USE Epistolary fiction Literary readings (Radio programs) [Former Nonstory films Novels in pictures heading] USE Nonfiction films USE Wordless novels Radio debates [Former heading] Norteño (Music) Novels-in-stories Radio interviews [Former heading] UF Conjunto music USE Linked stories Radio panel discussions [Former heading] Música norteña Novels in verse Radio press conferences [Former heading] BT Folk music Novel-length fictional narratives expressed in Radio speeches [Former heading] Popular music poetry. For short fictional works written in rhymed text BT Radio programs North Indian classical music see Stories in rhyme. NT Award presentations (Radio programs) USE Hindustani music

GF-60 UF Verse novels Occasional sermons Old-style (Music) BT Narrative poetry Sermons written for particular occasions. USE Sean-nós Novels BT Sermons Old Testament stories Novels of manners NT Ascension Day sermons USE Bible stories Realistic fiction that describes in detail the Bar mitzvah sermons Old-time country music customs, habits, values, and expectations of a Christmas sermons USE Old-time music particular society. Easter sermons Old-time mountain music UF Manners, Novels of Funeral sermons USE Old-time music Regency fiction Lenten sermons Old-time music BT Novels Passover sermons Country music of the 1930s and earlier periods Novels of sensibility Rosh ha-Shanah sermons played and sung in the old-time styles, as well as music of later periods played in those styles. For USE Sentimental novels Thanksgiving Day sermons Novels of sentiment country music of the 1940s and later periods see Wedding sermons Country music. USE Sentimental novels Yom Kippur sermons Novelties (Motion pictures) UF Hillbilly music Occasional speeches Mountain music USE Novelty films Speeches written for a particular occasion. Novelty books Old-time country music BT Speeches USE Toy and movable books Old-time mountain music NT Eulogies Novelty films Old timey music Graduation speeches Whimsical or humorous short films designed to BT Folk music catch one's attention momentarily with something Occasional verse Popular music with a novel twist. Poetry written for a particular occasion. Old timey music UF Novelties (Motion pictures) UF Epideictic poetry USE Old-time music BT Short films Omens Novelty songs BT Poetry USE Prophecies BT Humorous songs NT Autograph verse Omnibus films Novenas Calaveras USE Anthology films USE Prayers Commendatory poetry Omnibus television programs Nu jazz Epicedia USE Anthology television programs BT Electronica (Music) Epithalamia One-act drama Jazz comics USE One-act plays Nu-metal (Music) USE Paranormal comics One-act operas USE Alternative metal (Music) Occult drama UF Single-act operas Number games USE Paranormal drama BT Operas USE Puzzles and games Occult fiction One-act plays Number place (Puzzles) USE Paranormal fiction UF One-act drama USE Sudoku puzzles Occult poetry Single-act plays Number rhymes USE Paranormal poetry BT Drama USE Counting-out rhymes Occult television programs NT Ten-minute plays Nuptial poetry USE Paranormal television programs One-man plays USE Epithalamia Occupational descriptions USE Monodramas (Literature) Nuptial sermons USE Job descriptions One-person plays USE Wedding sermons Octava rimas USE Monodramas (Literature) Nurse radio programs USE Strambotti Online films USE Medical radio programs , Sicilian USE Internet videos Nursery poetry USE Strambotti Online radio programs USE Nursery rhymes Octaves, Tuscan USE Internet radio programs Nursery rhymes USE Strambotti Online videos UF Nursery poetry Oddball comedy films USE Internet videos BT Poetry USE Screwball comedy films Ontologies (Controlled vocabularies) NT Alphabet rhymes Odes USE Controlled vocabularies Counting-out rhymes Highly formal, ceremonious, and complex lyric Open form music Cumulative rhymes poems that display strong feeling. Musical compositions in which the sections are Jump rope rhymes BT Lyric poetry played in an order that is determined by the performers. Nusaḥ Oeuvre catalogs USE Nigunim USE Catalogues raisonnés UF Mobile form music Oaters (Motion pictures) Oeuvre catalogues BT Aleatory music USE Western films USE Catalogues raisonnés Opening credits Oaters (Television programs) Offertories USE Credit titles USE Western television programs USE Liturgical books Opera adaptations Oats operas (Motion pictures) Offertories (Music) UF Operatic adaptations USE Western films BT Propers (Music) BT Adaptations Oats operas (Television programs) Office sounds Operas USE Western television programs BT Sound recordings Opera buffas Obereks (Music) Official gazettes USE Operas Official journals that promulgate laws and that Opera films (Not Subd Geog) UF Oberki (Music) often include regulations, public notices, and other Obertasy (Music) BT Motion pictures official announcements. Opera parodies BT Dance music UF Gazettes, Government Oberki (Music) USE Musical parodies Gazettes, Legal Opera posters USE Obereks (Music) Gazettes, Official Obertasy (Music) BT Posters Government gazettes Opera programs USE Obereks (Music) Journals, Official Obits UF Operatic programs (Publications) Legal gazettes BT Programs (Publications) USE Obituaries Official journals Obituaries Opera serias BT Informational works USE Operas UF Death notices Law materials Necrologies Opera television programs (Not Subd Geog) Periodicals BT Television programs Obits Official journals BT Commemorative works Operas USE Official gazettes Staged dramatic works in which the actors sing films Oi music most or all of their parts, and other types of musico- USE Stop-motion animation films BT Punk rock music dramatic works that have significant portions of Objects, Book spoken text and have historically been regarded as Old dark house mysteries (Motion pictures) forming part of the operatic repertory. USE Book objects USE Haunted house films UF Burlettas Observations, Radiosonde Old dark house mysteries (Television programs) Comic operas USE Radiosonde observations USE Haunted house television programs Filmed operas [Former heading] Observations, Rawinsonde Old house thrillers (Motion pictures) Filmed operettas [Former heading] USE Rawinsonde observations USE Haunted house films Intermezzos (Operas) Occasional music Old house thrillers (Television programs) Light operas USE Event music USE Haunted house television programs Opera buffas Occasional poetry Old Roman chants Opera serias USE Occasional verse USE Gregorian chants

GF-61 Operas (Continued) Organa Pacts (Law) Opéras comiques UF Organums USE Treaties Operettas BT Chants Paella Westerns Puppet operas Sacred music USE Spaghetti Westerns Singspiels Organization, Articles of Pageants Televised operas [Former heading] USE Charters and articles of incorporation The texts of tableaux, songs, dances, and dramatic BT Dramatic music Organized crime fiction scenes that commemorate historical events or traditions. NT Chamber operas USE Gangster fiction One-act operas Organized crime films BT Historical drama Opera adaptations USE Gangster films Pageants (Mystery and miracle plays) Radio operas Organized crime television programs USE Mystery and miracle plays Television operas USE Gangster television programs Paintings Tonadillas Organums BT Art Operas, Rock USE Organa NT Pastels (Visual works) USE Rock operas Origami cootie catchers Watercolors Opéras comiques USE Cootie catchers Paku-pakus (Cootie catchers) USE Operas Origami fortune tellers USE Cootie catchers Operas for television USE Cootie catchers Palindromes USE Television operas Origami fortunetellers BT Puzzles and games Operatic adaptations USE Cootie catchers Palinodes Poems in which the poet renounces or retracts a USE Opera adaptations Original cast albums sentiment expressed in an earlier poem. Operatic parodies USE Original cast recordings UF Palinodies USE Musical parodies Original cast recordings BT Poetry Operatic programs (Publications) UF Albums, Original cast Palinodies USE Opera programs Cast albums, Original USE Palinodes Operetta films Cast recordings, Original Palm Sunday music BT Motion pictures Original cast albums USE Holy Week music Operettas BT Sound recordings Palos (Music) USE Musicals Orthophoto maps UF Atabales (Music) Operas USE Photomaps Bambula (Music) Opinion polls Orthophotomaps Quiyombo (Music) USE Public opinion polls USE Photomaps BT Folk music Opinion surveys Orthros (Music) Sacred music USE Public opinion polls BT Morning service music Pameñas Opinions, Administrative Ottava rimas USE Huaynos USE Administrative decisions USE Strambotti Pamphlets (Tracts) Opinions, Advisory Ottava toscanas USE Tracts (Ephemera) USE Court decisions and opinions USE Strambotti Pañcākhyāna stories Opinions, Court Ottave napoletani USE Panchatantra stories USE Court decisions and opinions USE Strambotti Pañcatantirak stories Opinions, Judicial Ottave siciliane USE Panchatantra stories USE Court decisions and opinions USE Strambotti Pañcatantra stories Opinions, Legal Ottave toscane USE Panchatantra stories USE Court decisions and opinions USE Strambotti Pañcatantram stories Opinions and decisions Our Gang films USE Panchatantra stories USE Court decisions and opinions USE Comedy films Panchatantra stories Oral epics (Songs) Out-of-camera films Paraphrases of Panchatantra texts in story form. USE Epic songs USE Cameraless animation films UF Pañcākhyāna stories Oral histories Out-takes, Radio Pañcatantirak stories UF Histories, Oral USE Radio outtakes Pañcatantra stories BT Interviews Outlaw-couple films Pañcatantram stories Oral literature USE Gangster films BT Fables USE Folk literature Outlaw gangster films Panegyricks Oral traditional poetry USE Gangster films USE Eulogies USE Folk poetry Outline maps Panegyrics Orations UF Base maps USE Eulogies USE Speeches BT Maps Laudatory poetry Oratorios Outlines, Plot Panel discussion transcripts BT Art music USE Plot summaries USE Panel discussions Dramatic music Outlines and syllabi Panel discussions NT Sepolcri UF Compendia Recorded or transcribed panel discussions. Orders, Executive Compendiums UF Discussions, Panel USE Executive orders Compends Filmed panel discussions [Former heading] Orders in council Course outlines Panel discussion transcripts British royal orders issued by and with the advice Syllabi Radio panel discussions [Former heading] of a privy council. Syllabuses Television panel discussions [Former heading] UF Council, Orders in BT Derivative works Transcribed panel discussions BT Informational works Instructional and educational works BT Discursive works Law materials Outtakes RT Executive orders Excerpts from films and television programs P'ansori Ordinals (Liturgical books) usually excluded from the final versions of completed BT Dramatic music USE Liturgical books films or programs. Folk songs Ordinances, City BT Excerpts Narrative songs USE Municipal ordinances Motion pictures Pantomime plays (Christmas pantomimes) Ordinances, Municipal Television programs USE Christmas pantomimes USE Municipal ordinances RT Unedited footage Pantomime plays (Mime plays) Ordinances, Royal Outtakes, Radio USE Mime plays USE Royal ordinances USE Radio outtakes Pantomimes (Mime plays) Ordinances, Tribal Overhead views USE Mime plays USE Statutes and codes USE Aerial views Pantomimes (Music) Ordonnances royales Overtures BT Dramatic music USE Royal ordinances Musical compositions that are intended to RT Christmas music introduce a dramatic vocal work or spoken drama, Pantos (Christmas pantomimes) Organ masses and also for independent works with the word Collections of versets for the organ that replace “overture” in the composer's title. USE Christmas pantomimes parts of the Ordinary and Proper of the Mass and are Pantoums played in alternation with the sung portions. For BT Art music Poems composed of four-line stanzas in which the musical settings of the Mass in its entirety or for the Pace-egging plays second and fourth lines of each stanza are repeated Mass ordinary see Masses. USE Mummers' plays as the first and third lines of the next. UF Instrumental masses Pachangas (Music) UF Pantouns BT Art music BT Dance music Sacred music Pacifist films BT Quatrains RT Masses USE War films

GF-62 Pantouns Werewolf drama Sendup television programs USE Pantoums Zombie drama Spoof television programs Pantuns Paranormal fiction Spoofs (Television programs) USE Pantoums Fiction that features human characters that are Take-off television programs Papal blessings often involved in the occult, , spiritualism, Takeoff television programs psychic phenomena, vodou, etc., interacting with UF Blessings, Papal supernatural beings. Television parodies BT Papal documents UF Occult fiction Television send-ups Papal briefs Television sendups USE Papal documents Supernaturalist fiction Television take-offs Papal documents BT Fiction Television takeoffs UF Briefs, Papal NT Ghost stories BT Television comedies Bulls, Papal Vampire fiction Paronomasias Bullariums Werewolf fiction USE Puns Decretals Witch fiction Part books Books originally published in the 15th-16th Motu proprio Zombie fiction Papal briefs centuries containing music for an individual part Paranormal poetry within a polyphonic work. Papal rescripts Poetry that features human characters that are BT Notated music Rescripts, Papal often involved with the occult, witchcraft, spiritualism, BT Records (Documents) psychic phenomena, vodou, etc., and interact with Part songs supernatural beings. Vocal chamber music works for multiple voices or Religious materials chorus, accompanied or unaccompanied. NT Papal blessings UF Occult poetry BT Chamber music Papal encyclicals Supernatural poetry Songs Papal encyclicals Supernaturalist poetry NT Balletti (Part songs) Formal pastoral letters written by the Roman BT Poetry Catholic pope for the entire Church. NT Ghost poetry Cacce (Part songs) UF Encyclicals, Papal Paranormal television programs Canti carnascialeschi Letters, Papal Television programs that feature human characters Canzonets (Part songs) Papal letters that are often involved with the occult, witchcraft, Ensaladas spiritualism, psychic phenomena, vodou, etc., and BT Papal documents Glees (Music) interact with supernatural beings. Madrigals (Music) Pastoral letters and charges UF Occult television programs Papal letters Motets Supernatural television programs Rounds (Music) USE Chirographa (Personal correspondence) Supernaturalist television programs Papal encyclicals (Music) BT Television programs Villotte Papal rescripts NT Ghost television programs USE Papal documents Participation drama Paraphrases USE Participatory drama Paper cut-out animation films BT Derivative works USE Cutout animation films Participatory drama Parashiyot ha-shavua Plays structured to include active involvement by Paper dolls UF Torah portions, Weekly audience members. UF Dolls, Paper Weekly Torah portions UF Participation drama BT Illustrated works BT Excerpts BT Drama Paper drama Religious materials Partimenti USE Kamishibai plays RT Sacred works BT Art music Paper fortune tellers Parliamentary hearings Partitas USE Cootie catchers USE Legislative hearings USE Suites Paper fortunetellers Parliamentary petitions Parts (Excerpts) USE Cootie catchers USE Legal petitions USE Excerpts Papers, Comic Parodies, Operatic Parts (Music) USE Comics (Graphic works) USE Musical parodies BT Notated music Parables Parodies (Literature) Pasillos (Music) Short, simple stories that convey a moral lesson, and whose main characters are generally humans. Mocking imitations of a particular style, genre, or BT Dance music For stories intended to teach moral lessons, and work. Paso dobles (Music) whose main characters are generally animals or UF Spoofs UF (Music) inanimate objects that speak and act like human Travesties (Parodies) beings, see Fables. BT Dance music BT Literature Pasodobles (Music) UF Parabolic stories NT Burlesques (Literature) USE Paso dobles (Music) BT Exempla Parodies (Music) Paspys (Music) RT Allegories USE Contrafacta USE Passepieds (Music) Parabolic stories Musical parodies USE Parables Parody films BT Variations (Music) Parades, Filmed Films that comically imitate another work or group Passamezzos (Music) USE Filmed parades of works of a more serious nature. For films that use UF Pass'e mezzi (Music) Parades, Televised wit, , or sarcasm to hold up human vices or foibles to ridicule or scorn see Satirical films. Passing measures (Music) USE Televised parades Passy-measures (Music) Paranoid thrillers (Motion pictures) UF Austin Powers films [Former heading] BT Dance music USE Conspiracy films Film genre parodies Pass'e mezzi (Music) Paranormal comics Film parodies USE Passamezzos (Music) Comics that feature human characters that are Film send-ups often involved with the occult, witchcraft, spiritualism, Film sendups Passe-pieds (Music) psychic phenomena, vodou, etc., and interact with Film take-offs USE Passepieds (Music) supernatural beings. Film takeoffs Passe-piés (Music) UF Occult comics Genre parodies (Motion pictures) USE Passepieds (Music) Supernatural comics Genre parody films Passenger lists Supernaturalist comics Motion picture parodies UF Lists of passengers BT Comics (Graphic works) Movie parodies BT Records (Documents) NT Ghost comics Send-up films Passepieds (Music) Vampire comics Sendup films UF Paspys (Music) Werewolf comics Spoof films Passe-pieds (Music) Witch comics Spoofs (Motion pictures) Passe-piés (Music) Zombie comics Take-off films BT Dance music Paranormal drama Takeoff films Passing measures (Music) Plays that feature human characters that are often BT Comedy films USE Passamezzos (Music) involved in the occult, witchcraft, spiritualism, psychic Passion music phenomena, vodou, etc., interacting with supernatural Parody television programs beings. Television programs that comically imitate another USE Holy Week music work or group of works of a more serious nature. For UF Occult drama Lenten music television programs that use wit, irony, or sarcasm to Passion plays Supernatural drama hold up human vices or foibles to ridicule or scorn Plays that present the trial, suffering, death, and see Satirical television programs. Supernaturalist drama resurrection of Jesus Christ. BT Drama UF Genre parodies (Television programs) BT Bible plays NT Ghost plays Genre parody television programs Passion plays, Shiite Vampire drama Send-up television programs USE Taʻziyah Passover fiction BT Fiction

GF-63 Passover music Pastorelas Penitential psalms (Music) Music that is traditionally associated with USE Pastourelles BT Psalms (Music) Passover. Pastorellas Pentecost Festival music UF Seder music USE Pastourelles Music that is traditionally associated with the Seder songs Pastorelle Pentecost Festival. BT Event music USE Pastourelles BT Event music Passover sermons Pastourelles Sacred music BT Occasional sermons Old French lyric poems about the courting of a People with visual disabilities, Atlases for Passy-measures (Music) shepherdess by a noble suitor. USE Cartographic materials for people with visual USE Passamezzos (Music) UF Pastorelas disabilities Pastel drawings Pastorellas People with visual disabilities, Cartographic materials for USE Pastels (Visual works) Pastorelle USE Cartographic materials for people with visual Pastel paintings BT Lyric poetry disabilities USE Pastels (Visual works) Pastoral poetry People with visual disabilities, Globes for Pastels (Visual works) Patchwork poetry USE Cartographic materials for people with visual Drawings made with colored sticks of chalk that USE Centos disabilities deposit a powdery color on a surface. Patents People with visual disabilities, Maps for UF Pastel drawings Documents that grant sets of exclusive rights by a USE Cartographic materials for people with visual Pastel paintings government to inventors or their assignees for limited disabilities BT Drawings periods of time in exchange for disclosures of inventions. Pepla (Motion pictures) Paintings USE Peplum films Pasticci (Literature) BT Legal instruments Patriotic music Peplum films USE Pastiches (Literature) Films that feature mythological, biblical, or Pasticci (Music) BT Functional music invented strongmen as heroes. USE Pasticcios (Music) NT National anthems UF Gladiator films Pasticcios (Literature) Pattern books Muscleman films Books consisting of designs or plans that are USE Pastiches (Literature) circulated or published to enable widespread copying. Pepla (Motion pictures) Pasticcios (Music) UF Books, Model (Pattern books) Sandal-and-spear epics (Motion pictures) UF Pasticci (Music) Books, Pattern Sex-and-sand epics (Motion pictures) Pastiches (Music) Copy books (Pattern books) Spear-and-sandal epics (Motion pictures) BT Art music Copybooks (Pattern books) Sword-and-sandal epics (Motion pictures) Dramatic music Model books (Pattern books) BT Motion pictures Pastiches (Literature) Plan books Performance films UF Pasticci (Literature) BT Instructional and educational works USE Filmed performances Pasticcios (Literature) Pictures Performance poetry BT Literature Pattern poetry USE Spoken word poetry NT Centos Poems that are arranged to form a recognizable or Performance programmes Pastiches (Music) meaningful shape that usually illustrates the poem's USE Programs (Publications) USE Pasticcios (Music) theme. For poems in which graphic effects created by Performance programs Pastoral charges and letters typography replace the conventional verse forms so USE Programs (Publications) that the typographical arrangement of text is central USE Pastoral letters and charges to the experience and meaning of the work see Performances, Filmed Pastoral drama Concrete poetry. USE Filmed performances Plays with rural settings that idealize rustic, rural, UF Carmina figurata Performances, Televised or small-town life. Figure poetry USE Televised performances BT Drama Shape poetry Perfumed books Pastoral elegies Shaped poetry USE Scented books Elegies that combine pastoral themes and images Pericopes with a memorialization of a deceased person. BT Visual poetry Pattern sheets Passages from sacred works. BT Elegies USE Patterns (Instructional works) BT Excerpts Pastoral poetry Patterns (Instructional works) RT Sacred works Pastoral fiction Designs or plans that are used as outlines or NT Lectionaries Fiction with rural settings that idealize rustic, rural, guides to make something. or small-town life. Periodical publications UF Pattern sheets USE Periodicals UF Bucolic fiction BT Instructional and educational works Periodicals Pastoral romances Pavanas (Music) UF Journals (Publications) Romances, Pastoral USE Pavans (Music) Magazines BT Fiction Pavanes (Music) Periodical publications Pastoral letters and charges Official letters by a , pastor, moderator, or USE Pavans (Music) BT Serial publications chairperson to the members of his or her diocese or Pavans (Music) NT Bar journals congregation within some Christian traditions. UF Pavanas (Music) Braille periodicals UF Pastoral charges and letters Pavanes (Music) Erotic periodicals BT Business correspondence Pavens (Music) Law reviews Religious materials Pavins (Music) Official gazettes NT Papal encyclicals BT Dance music Zines Pastoral music Pavens (Music) Perpetual almanacs Music that portrays rural life or a rural atmosphere. USE Pavans (Music) USE Perpetual calendars UF Pastorale (Music) Pavins (Music) Perpetual calendars BT Art music USE Pavans (Music) Works that employ , tables, or Peace, Prayers for mechanical devices to compute or display the day Pastoral poetry and month of any year. Short poems that idealize rural life. USE Prayers UF Almanacs, Perpetual UF Bucolic poetry Pedigrees (Genealogical tables) Perpetual almanacs Bucolics USE Genealogical tables BT Calendars Eclogues Peep-show books Personal accounts (Narratives) Idyllic poetry USE Tunnel books USE Personal narratives Idylls (Pastoral poetry) Peep shows (Motion pictures) Personal ads Idyls (Pastoral poetry) Short films intended to be viewed through a small hole or magnifying glass. USE Personals (Advertisements) Personal advertisements Rural poetry UF Peepshows (Motion pictures) USE Personals (Advertisements) BT Poetry Raree shows (Motion pictures) Personal classified ads NT Pastoral elegies BT Motion pictures USE Personals (Advertisements) Pastourelles Peepshow books Personal classified advertisements Renga USE Tunnel books USE Personals (Advertisements) Pastoral prayers Peepshows (Motion pictures) Personal columns USE Prayers USE Peep shows (Motion pictures) USE Personals (Advertisements) Pastoral romances Peking operas Personal correspondence USE Pastoral fiction USE Chinese operas UF Correspondence, Personal Pastorale (Music) Peng peng his Correspondence, Private USE Pastoral music USE Ping ju Email, Personal Pastorals Penillion singing Email, Private USE Pastoral poetry USE Cerdd dant Letters, Personal Mail, Personal

GF-64 Personal email Phone books Physical maps Personal letters USE Telephone directories Maps that represent the surface of the land or floor Personal mail Phonetic poetry of the ocean without man-made structures or vegetation. For maps that represent the horizontal Private correspondence USE Sound poetry and vertical locations of natural and man-made Private email Phosphorescent books features see Topographic maps. BT Discursive works USE Glow-in-the-dark books BT Maps Records (Documents) Photicular books Physical poetry NT Chirographa (Personal correspondence) Works that use a lenticular-based technology to USE Imagist poetry transfer fluid four-color movies onto a book. Love letters Piano scores Personal email BT Toy and movable books BT Arrangements (Music) USE Personal correspondence Photo-books Scores Personal films USE Photobooks Pibrochs USE Amateur films Photo comic books UF Ceòl mor Experimental films USE Fotonovelas Pìobaireachd Personal journals Photo maps BT Variations (Music) USE Diaries USE Photomaps Picaresque drama Personal letters Photo novels Drama that describes the adventures of a USE Personal correspondence USE Fotonovelas resourceful rogue. Personal mail Photobooks UF Picaresques (Drama) USE Personal correspondence Works illustrated by reproduced or original BT Drama photographs, with or without text, in which the Personal memoirs essential information is conveyed by the images. Picaresque fiction USE Autobiographies Fiction that consists of episodic narratives that UF Photo-books Personal narratives describe the adventures of a resourceful rogue. Photograph books Works which relate eyewitness accounts of events UF Picaresques (Fiction) such as wars or disasters. BT Illustrated works BT Fiction UF Narratives, Personal Photocollages RT Maqāmāt Personal accounts (Narratives) USE Photomontages Picaresque films BT Creative nonfiction Photocomics Films featuring the adventures of a resourceful Informational works USE Fotonovelas hero. RT Memorates Photocopies BT Motion pictures Personal recordings USE Facsimiles Picaresques (Drama) Here are entered sound recordings that document Photogrammetric maps USE Picaresque drama family or personal events, usually made by amateurs UF Stereometric maps Picaresques (Fiction) and not intended for public release. Stereotopographic maps USE Picaresque fiction UF Home recordings BT Topographic maps Pick-a-path stories BT Sound recordings Photograph books USE Choose-your-own stories Personals (Advertisements) USE Photobooks Pics (Photographs) UF Classified ads, Personal Photographic maps USE Photographs Classified advertisements, Personal USE Photomaps Pictorial dictionaries Columns, Personal Photographic montages USE Picture dictionaries Personal ads USE Photomontages Pictorial maps Personal advertisements Photographic negatives BT Maps Personal classified ads USE Negatives (Photographs) Pictorial representations Personal classified advertisements Photographic novels USE Pictures Personal columns USE Fotonovelas Pictorial works BT Advertisements Photographs USE Illustrated works Petitions, Legal UF Photos Pictures USE Legal petitions Pics (Photographs) Picture books Petitions, Parliamentary Pix (Photographs) UF Picturebooks USE Legal petitions Snapshots BT Illustrated works Petitions, Royal BT Visual works NT Alphabet books USE Legal petitions NT Aerial photographs Bath books Peyote songs Documentary photographs Wordless picture books BT Event music Negatives (Photographs) Picture books without words Sacred music Selfies USE Wordless picture books Songs Photographs, Installation (Exhibition documentation) Picture dictionaries Ph. D. dissertations USE Installation views (Exhibition documentation) UF Pictorial dictionaries USE Academic theses Photomaps Visual dictionaries Ph. D. theses UF Orthophoto maps BT Dictionaries USE Academic theses Orthophotomaps Illustrated works Phansies (Music) Photo maps Picture novels USE Fantasias (Music) Photographic maps USE Wordless novels Phantasias (Music) BT Aerial photographs Picture posters USE Fantasias (Music) Maps USE Posters Phantasies (Music) Photomontages Picture puzzles USE Fantasias (Music) Works that consist chiefly or wholly of Puzzles that consist of visual images, including Phantazias (Music) photographic images that are arranged into a -the-dots, hidden images, optical illusions, somewhat unified composition. For works in two USE Fantasias (Music) spot-the-differences, what's wrong with this picture, dimensions or low relief in which relatively flat etc. Pharmacopeias materials, such as paper, cloth, or other materials are USE Pharmacopoeias fixed to a support, see Collages. BT Puzzles and games Pharmacopoeias UF Photocollages Visual works UF Pharmacopeias Montages, Photographic Picture puzzles (Jigsaw puzzles) BT Reference works Photographic montages USE Jigsaw puzzles Philadelphia soul (Music) BT Art Picturebooks UF Philly soul (Music) Photonegatives USE Picture books Sound of Philadelphia (Music) USE Negatives (Photographs) Pictures Visual representations that are generally two- BT Soul music Photonovelas dimensional and to which more specific headings Philly soul (Music) USE Fotonovelas such as Caricatures or Coloring books cannot be USE Philadelphia soul (Music) Photonovels assigned. For visual works created for aesthetic Philosophical and moral tales USE Fotonovelas purposes, see Art or more specific terms such as Paintings; Photographs; Portraits; or Prints. USE Fables Photos Philosophical fiction USE Photographs UF Graphic works Fiction that emphasizes philosophical propositions. Phrase books Illustrations UF Contes philosophiques Collections of useful or idiomatic expressions in a Images BT Fiction foreign language, with or without definitions and/or Pictorial representations equivalents in another language. Philosophical poetry Pictorial works Poetry that explores philosophical ideas. UF Phrasebooks BT Visual works BT Instructional and educational works BT Poetry RT Illustrated works Reference works Phleng luk thung (Music) NT Caricatures Phrasebooks USE Luk thung (Music) USE Phrase books Phlēng thao BT Art music

GF-65 Pictures (Continued) BT Folk literature Plat diagrams Cartoons (Humor) Monodramas (Literature) USE Cadastral maps Pattern books Ping xi Plat maps Pie charts USE Ping ju USE Cadastral maps USE Graphs Pinghua Play-a-song books Pièces à machines USE Ping shu USE Sound books USE Machine plays Pingju Play-a-sound books Pièces de circonstance USE Ping ju USE Sound books USE Event music Pingqiang bangzixi Play adaptations Pilgrim music USE Ping ju USE Theatrical adaptations USE Pilgrimage music Pingshu Play programs Pilgrimage guides USE Ping shu USE Theater programs Works that describe the location, objects of Pingxi Play reviews veneration, and devotional practices related to one or USE Ping ju USE Theater reviews more religious sites. Pink Panther films Playbills (Posters) BT Guidebooks USE Comedy films Posters or single-sheet programs advertising a Religious materials Pink Panther television programs theatrical performance, usually listing the cast. For booklets that provide a of a performance Pilgrimage music USE Animated television programs Sacred and secular songs and other music of and its cast and crew, and are typically distributed to pilgrims and pilgrimage. Children's television programs audience members, see Theater programs. Television comedies UF Pilgrim music UF Broadsides (Posters) Pìobaireachd BT Event music Theater playbills (Posters) USE Pibrochs NT Shavuot music Theater posters Piped music Sukkot music Theatre playbills (Posters) USE Background music Pilot charts Theatre posters Pirate captivity narratives USE Nautical charts Theatrical playbills (Posters) UF Barbary captivity narratives Pilot guides Theatrical posters Nautical guides that describe coastlines, harbors, Captivity narratives, Barbary BT Posters dangers, and aids to navigation. Captivity narratives, Pirate Promotional materials UF Coast-pilot guides BT Autobiographies Playbills (Theater programs) Coast pilots (Handbooks) Pirate films USE Theater programs Cruising guides UF Buccaneer films Playeras (Music) Directions, Pilotage Corsair films USE Seguidillas (Music) Directions, Piloting Free-booter films Playing cards Directions, Sailing Freebooter films Sets of cards that either follow a standard suit or Pirates of the Caribbean films [Former have specialized markings and are used as game Pilotage directions accessories or in fortune telling. Piloting directions heading] UF Cards, Playing Pilots (Handbooks) Privateer films BT Ephemera Pilot's guides BT Swashbuckler films Illustrated works Sailing directions Pirates of the Caribbean films Plays BT Handbooks and manuals USE Comedy films USE Drama Pilot programs, Television Pirate films Plays, Musical USE Television pilot programs Pish-darāmads USE Musicals Pilotage directions USE Pishdarāmads Plays in poetry USE Pilot guides Pishdarāmads USE Verse drama Piloting directions UF Pish-darāmads Plays in verse USE Pilot guides BT Dastgāhs USE Verse drama Pilots (Handbooks) Pix (Photographs) Plays within plays USE Pilot guides USE Photographs USE Metadramas Pilots (Television programs) Pixilated animation films Plays within the play USE Television pilot programs UF Pixilation animation films USE Metadramas Pilot's guides Pixillated animation films Playscripts USE Pilot guides Pixillation animation films USE Drama Pʻing chʻiang pang tzu hsi BT Animated films USE Ping ju Pixilation animation films USE Pixilated animation films The Puerto Rican song and dance-music form that Pʻing chü combines European and African characteristics. USE Ping ju Pixillated animation films USE Pixilated animation films BT Songs Pʻing chü (Chinese operas) Pleng luk thung (Music) USE Chinese operas Pixillation animation films USE Pixilated animation films USE Luk thung (Music) Pʻing hsi Plot diagrams USE Ping ju Piyutim UF Piyyutim USE Cadastral maps Ping hua Plot maps USE Ping shu BT Hymns NT Avodah piyyutim USE Cadastral maps Ping ju Plot outlines Musical dramas of and northeastern Maʻaravot China. Piyyutim USE Plot summaries Plot summaries UF Beng beng xi USE Piyutim Concise descriptions of the stories of narrative Bengbeng xi Piyyutim of the Avodah works (e.g., novels, story ballets). USE Avodah piyyutim Bengbengxi UF Outlines, Plot Plainchants Peng peng his Plot outlines USE Gregorian chants Pʻing chʻiang pang tzu hsi Plots (Summaries) Plainsong Pʻing chü Summaries, Plot USE Gregorian chants Pʻing hsi BT Derivative works Plan books Ping operas Informational works USE Pattern books Ping qiang bang zi xi Plot-your-own stories Plan diagrams Ping xi USE Choose-your-own stories USE Cadastral maps Pingju Plots (Summaries) Plan maps Pingqiang bangzixi USE Plot summaries USE Cadastral maps Pingxi Plotting charts Planet of the Apes films BT Art music BT Aeronautical charts USE Dystopian films Dramatic music Nautical charts Plans, Architectural Ping operas Pocket companions USE Architectural drawings USE Ping ju USE Handbooks and manuals Plans, Floor Ping qiang bang zi xi Podcasts USE Floor plans USE Ping ju BT Motion pictures Plans (Maps) Ping shu Sound recordings Chinese oral storytelling that is presented by a USE Maps Television programs single performer in local dialect, often with added Plant inventories Poem noirs commentary. USE Botanical surveys USE Noir poetry UF Ping hua Plant surveys Poems Pinghua USE Botanical surveys USE Poetry Pingshu Plat books USE Cadastral maps

GF-66 Poems noir Lyric poetry Political commercials USE Noir poetry Macaronic verse USE Political television commercials Poems of places Masnavis Political conspiracy films USE Topographical poetry Monostichs USE Conspiracy films Poesie sonore Muʻāraḍāt Political drama USE Sound poetry Muwashshaḥāt USE Political plays Poetic contests Mythological poetry Political fiction USE Debate poetry Narrative poetry Fiction that features the political milieu. Poetic cycles Nature poetry BT Fiction USE Serial poetry Noir poetry Political films Poetic drama Nursery rhymes Fictional films that feature the political milieu. USE Verse drama Occasional verse BT Fiction films Poetic literature Palinodes NT Conspiracy films USE Poetry Paranormal poetry Political paranoid thrillers (Motion pictures) Poetic narratives Pastoral poetry USE Conspiracy films USE Narrative poetry Philosophical poetry Political plays Poetical drama Political poetry Plays that feature the political milieu. USE Verse drama Priamels UF Political drama Poetry Prose poems BT Drama UF Lyrics (Poetry) Qu (Poetry) Political poetry Poems Quatrains Poetry that features the political milieu. Poetic literature Religious poetry BT Poetry Rhymes (Poetry) Revolutionary poetry Political posters Rimes (Poetry) Rhopalic verse UF Campaign posters Verse (Poetry) Rondeaux Election campaign posters Verses (Poetry) Rondels Election posters BT Literature Roundels Political campaign posters NT Alcaics Science fiction poetry Political propaganda posters Anacreontic poetry Sea poetry BT Posters Animal poetry Serial poetry Promotional materials Ballades (Poetry) Sestets Political propaganda posters Bathetic poetry Sestinas USE Political posters Bawdy poetry Sijo Political protest songs Biker poetry Skaldic poetry USE Protest songs Biographical poetry Skeltonic verse Political radio advertisements Bisexual poetry Society verse USE Political radio commercials Blank verse Sound poetry Political radio commercials Blues poetry Spoken word poetry UF Political radio advertisements Bop (Poetry) Sports poetry Political radio spots Centos Strambotti Political spots (Radio commercials) Christmas poetry Tanka BT Radio commercials Cinquains Terza rima Political radio spots Debate poetry Topographical poetry USE Political radio commercials Decimas Triolets Political spots (Radio commercials) Descorts Utopian poetry USE Political radio commercials Dialect poetry Villancicos (Poetry) Political spots (Television commercials) Didactic poetry Villanelle USE Political television commercials Doggerel Visual poetry Political television commercials Domestic poetry War poetry UF Campaign commercials Double dactyls Yue fu Campaign spots (Television commercials) Easter poetry Poetry noir Political commercials Echo verse USE Noir poetry Political spots (Television commercials) Ekphrastic poetry Poetry of places Political television spots Englyns USE Topographical poetry BT Television commercials Epistolary poetry Poetry readings Political television programs Erotic poetry USE Literary readings Fictional television programs that feature the Experimental poetry Poetry readings (Sound recordings) political milieu. Fantasy poetry UF Poetry recitals (Sound recordings) BT Fiction television programs Folk poetry Readings, Poetry (Sound recordings) Political television spots Found poetry Recitals, Poetry (Sound recordings) USE Political television commercials Free verse BT Sound recordings Polka-mazurkas (Music) Fu Poetry recitals (Sound recordings) BT Mazurkas (Music) Gay poetry USE Poetry readings (Sound recordings) Polkas (Music) Ghazals (Poetry) Police comics Polkabilly music Glosas USE Detective and mystery comics BT Country music Gnomic poetry Police films Folk music Gothic poetry UF Cop films Polkas (Music) Graveyard poetry Investigative films (Police films) BT Dance music Haiku Law enforcement films (Police films) NT Polka-mazurkas (Music) Historical poetry Policiers (Motion pictures) Schottisches (Music) Horror poetry Procedurals, Police (Motion pictures) Polls, Opinion Humorous poetry BT Crime films USE Public opinion polls Hyangga RT Detective and mystery films Polls, Public opinion Hypertext poetry Police procedurals (Television programs) USE Public opinion polls Iambic poetry USE Television cop shows Polonaises (Music) Imagist poetry Police radio shows BT Dance music Irohauta USE Radio crime shows Polskas (Music) Jazz poetry Police shows (Television programs) BT Dance music Jue ju USE Television cop shows Poltergeist films Kafas Police television programs USE Ghost films Kāfī (Poetry) USE Television cop shows Horror films Kasa Policiers (Motion pictures) Polyphonic chansons Koridos USE Police films French polyphonic songs from the 13th-15th Laments Policiers (Television programs) centuries. Language poetry USE Television cop shows BT Songs Laudatory poetry Political campaign posters Polyphonic Lieder Lesbian poetry USE Political posters German polyphonic songs of the 14th-16th centuries. Lilit Political cartoons Linked verse BT Cartoons (Humor) BT Songs Liras Political comics Ponsandae drama Love poetry Comics that feature the political milieu. USE Sandae drama Lü shi BT Comics (Graphic works)

GF-67 Pontos Mandó Blue movies USE Jongos (Music) Mangue Gay pornographic films [Former heading] Pop, Noise (Music) Mariachi (Music) Porn films USE Noise pop (Music) Mbalax Pornies (Pornographic films) Pop metal (Music) Mbaqanga Porno films USE Glam metal (Music) Mchiriku Sex exploitation films Pop music Minstrel music Sex films (Pornographic films) USE Popular music Modinhas Sexploitation films Pop music, Alternative Molam (Music) Skin flicks USE Alternative rock music Mornas (Music) Stag films Pop-up books Murgas XXX films UF Pop-ups (Books) Música sertaneja BT Motion pictures Popup books New Age music RT Erotic films Stand-up books Norteño (Music) NT Snuff films BT Toy and movable books Old-time music Pornographic television programs Pop-ups (Books) music BT Television programs USE Pop-up books Rai (Music) RT Erotic television programs Popcorn music Rap (Music) Porros (Music) USE Boogaloos (Music) BT Dance music Popular music Rebetika Port-a-beul Musical works composed for mass appeal and Reggae music USE Mouth music usually dependent on for transmission to Remixes (Music) Portions (Excerpts) large . For popular music lyrics that appear without a musical setting see Popular music lyrics. Rhythm and blues music USE Excerpts UF Pop music Rock music Portmanteau films BT Music (Music) USE Anthology films NT Afrobeat Rumbas (Music) Portolan charts Early modern charts of the sea and adjacent Agbadja modern (Music) Salsa (Music) Ska (Music) coastlines that feature distorted coastlines, networks Arabesk (Popular music) of rhumb lines, and approximate bearings and Bachata estimated distances. Bailā (Music) Sones BT Maps Banda (Music) Soukous (Music) Portraits Beatboxing Soul music Images that are intended to portray one or more Bhangra (Music) Steampunk music persons, fictitious characters, or mythological beings. Bikutsi music BT Visual works Blues (Music) (Music) NT Self-portraits Boogaloos (Music) Tejano music Portraits (Biographical television programs) Bossa nova (Music) Timba (Music) USE Biographical television programs Brega (Music) Tropicália (Music) Position descriptions Cajun music Tsapiky (Music) USE Job descriptions Calypso (Music) Turbo-folk (Music) Post-apocalyptic comics Campursari Vallenato USE Apocalyptic comics Candombes (Music) Waila music Post-apocalyptic drama Cavachas (Music) Zouk (Music) USE Apocalyptic drama Celtic music music Post-apocalyptic fiction Chaabi Popular music lyrics USE Apocalyptic fiction Champeta (Music) BT Musical texts Post-apocalyptic films Chanchona (Music) NT Country lyrics USE Apocalyptic films Chicha Hip-hop lyrics Post-apocalyptic science fiction comics Choros Rock lyrics USE Apocalyptic comics Chutney (Music) Popular music radio programs Post-apocalyptic science fiction drama Country music UF Music radio programs, Popular USE Apocalyptic drama Cover versions BT Radio programs Post-apocalyptic science fiction films Cumbia (Music) Popular works (Law) USE Apocalyptic films Dangdut USE Law for laypersons Post-apocalyptic science fiction television programs Dansi (Music) Population health surveys USE Apocalyptic television programs Danzones (Music) USE Health surveys Post-apocalyptic television programs Disco (Music) Population surveys USE Apocalyptic television programs Electronica (Music) USE Demographic surveys Post-cyberpunk comics Enka Populist films USE Cyberpunk comics Forró (Music) BT Motion pictures Post-cyberpunk fiction Freak folk (Music) Popup books USE Cyberpunk fiction Fuji (Music) USE Pop-up books Post-cyberpunk films Funana (Music) Poritos de jongo (Music) USE Cyberpunk films Funk (Music) USE Jongos (Music) Post-disaster fiction Gaitas (Music) Porn comics USE Apocalyptic fiction Gospel music USE Pornographic comics Post-holocaust fiction Gumbé (Music) Porn films USE Apocalyptic fiction Habaneras (Music) USE Pornographic films Post-punk music Highlife (Music) Pornies (Pornographic films) UF Postpunk music Hip-hop (Music) USE Pornographic films BT Punk rock music Huaylas (Music) Porno comics Post-rock music Huaynos USE Pornographic comics BT Alternative rock music Italo disco (Music) Porno fiction Postal art Jangle pop (Music) USE Pornographic fiction USE Mail art Jazz Porno films Postapocalyptic comics Jingles (Advertising songs) USE Pornographic films USE Apocalyptic comics Jùjú music Pornographic comics Postapocalyptic drama Kanto (Popular music) UF Adult comics (Pornographic comics) USE Apocalyptic drama Karaoke Gay pornographic comics [Former heading] Postapocalyptic fiction Kaskawi (Music) Hentai (Comics) USE Apocalyptic fiction Keroncong Porn comics Postapocalyptic films Klezmer music Porno comics USE Apocalyptic films Konkoma -rated comics Postapocalyptic science fiction comics Kwaito BT Comics (Graphic works) USE Apocalyptic comics Kwaya RT Erotic comics Postapocalyptic science fiction drama Latin pop NT Tijuana bibles USE Apocalyptic drama Lounge music Pornographic fiction Postapocalyptic science fiction films Luk thung (Music) UF Porno fiction USE Apocalyptic films Lundus BT Fiction Postapocalyptic science fiction television programs Makossa (Music) RT Erotic fiction USE Apocalyptic television programs Maloya (Music) Pornographic films UF Adult films (Pornographic films)

GF-68 Postapocalyptic television programs that are relatively short stand-alone pieces that UF Immunities and privileges USE Apocalyptic television programs explore particular moods, musical figures, or BT Law materials technical problems. For musical compositions that Postcards are intended to introduce a dramatic vocal work or Records (Documents) BT Ephemera spoken drama, and independent works with the word Problem drama Illustrated works “overture” in the composer's title, see Overtures. USE Problem plays Postcyberpunk comics BT Art music Problem fiction USE Cyberpunk comics Prescription drug formularies USE Social problem fiction Postcyberpunk fiction USE Formularies (Medicine) Problem plays USE Cyberpunk fiction Presentations, Award (Motion pictures) Plays that dramatize contemporary social Postcyberpunk films USE Award presentations (Motion pictures) problems and are intended to change public opinion. USE Cyberpunk films Presentations, Award (Radio programs) UF Problem drama Posters USE Award presentations (Radio programs) Propaganda drama UF Bills (Posters) Presentations, Award (Sound recordings) Propaganda plays Picture posters USE Award presentations (Sound recordings) Social problem drama BT Illustrated works Press, Letters to the Social problem plays Informational works USE Letters to the editor Social thesis drama NT Dance posters Press conferences Social thesis plays Environmental posters UF News conferences Thesis plays Exhibition posters Radio press conferences [Former heading] BT Drama Film posters Television press conferences [Former NT Discussion plays Geological posters heading] Problems and exercises Music posters BT Discursive works Practice problems and exercises designed to develop and improve skills in an area of study. For Opera posters Press releases works designed to help prepare for examinations or Playbills (Posters) UF News releases courses of study, see Study guides. For works that Political posters Press statements consist wholly or chiefly of puzzles, word games, Propaganda posters BT Ephemera coloring pages, instructions for simple science or craft projects, etc., see Activity books. Public health posters Informational works Safety posters Press statements UF Exercises and problems Sports posters USE Press releases Workbooks Travel posters Pressings, Test (Sound recordings) BT Instructional and educational works Wanted posters USE Test pressings (Sound recordings) Procedurals, Police (Motion pictures) War posters Previews, Motion picture USE Police films Wildlife posters USE Film trailers Proceedings, Arbitration Postils Priamels USE Trial and arbitral proceedings USE Sermons Medieval German epigrammatic poems that Proceedings, Conference Postpunk music consist of a series of seemingly unrelated, often USE Conference papers and proceedings paradoxical statements cleverly brought together at USE Post-punk music Proceedings, Court the end. USE Trial and arbitral proceedings Postscripts (Epilogues) BT Epigrams USE Prologues and epilogues Proceedings, Legislative Poetry USE Legislative materials Potpourris (Music) Primary school yearbooks USE Medleys (Music) Proceedings, Trial and arbitral USE School yearbooks USE Trial and arbitral proceedings Pottery Primers (Readers) UF Ceramic ware Proceedings, Tribunal USE Readers (Publications) USE Trial and arbitral proceedings Crockery Primers (Textbooks) Earthenware Processionals (Service books) USE Textbooks BT Service books (Music) Stoneware Prints BT Visual works Proclamations Images that are formed by transfer from one Formal public announcements made by a Power metal (Music) surface or source to another, and that are usually government. BT Heavy metal (Music) created with ink and produced in multiple BT Informational works Powwow songs impressions. Law materials BT Event music UF Artists' prints RT Executive orders Songs Fine art prints NT Royal ordinances Practice examinations Fine arts prints Proclamations du roy USE Examinations Fine prints USE Royal ordinances Practice exams BT Visual works Production footage USE Examinations NT Intaglio prints USE Unedited footage Practice tests Lithographs Relief prints Production music USE Examinations Prerecorded music used in the production of film, Praise poetry Screen prints radio, television, and theatrical works. Prints, Committee USE Laudatory poetry UF Background music (Production music) USE Legislative materials Prayer books Canned music Prints, Legislative USE Prayers BT Functional music USE Legislative materials Prayers RT Sound effects recordings Prison fiction UF Altar prayers Profiles (Biographical television programs) Fiction that features prisons and prison life. Bedtime prayers USE Biographical television programs Collects (Prayers) BT Fiction Prog metal (Music) Dead, Prayers for the Prison films USE Progressive metal (Music) Grace before meals BT Crime films Prog rock (Music) Novenas Prison television programs USE Progressive rock (Music) Pastoral prayers BT Television crime shows Program booklets Peace, Prayers for Private correspondence USE Programs (Publications) Prayer books USE Personal correspondence Program books Prayers for peace Private email USE Programs (Publications) Prayers for the dead USE Personal correspondence Program guides BT Religious materials Private eye fiction USE Programs (Publications) NT Litanies USE Detective and mystery fiction Program music Rosaries (Prayer books) Private eye films Musical compositions that employ a suggestive Prayers for peace USE Detective and mystery films title, a text, program, or other extra-musical device to USE Prayers Private eye radio programs convey their meaning. Prayers for the dead USE Detective and mystery radio programs UF Programmatic music USE Prayers Private eye television programs BT Art music Pre-feature advertisements USE Detective and mystery television programs NT Symphonic poems USE Theater commercials (Motion pictures) Private Snafu films Program papers and proceedings Précis USE Animated films USE Conference papers and proceedings USE Abstracts Short films Programed instructional materials Preferred drug lists Privateer films USE Programmed instructional materials USE Formularies (Medicine) USE Pirate films Programmatic music Preliminary documents (Treaties) Privileges and immunities USE Program music USE Travaux préparatoires (Treaties) Texts granting special legal rights, exemptions, or Programmed instructional materials Preludes (Music) immunities to persons or classes of persons. Works using a step-by-step teaching method that Musical compositions that introduce another or larger instrumental work (e.g., a fugue, a suite), or

GF-69 Programmed instructional materials (Continued) Radio promos (Commercials) BT Promotional materials employs small units of information or learning Radio promotional announcements Television programs material and frequent testing and allows students to Radio promotional spots Propers (Music) control the pacing of the learning process. BT Radio commercials Chants of the Mass propers. For musical settings UF Programed instructional materials Promos (Television commercials) of the Mass in its entirety or for the Mass ordinary see Masses. Programmed learning materials Television announcements promoting a particular Programmed materials network or station, or upcoming programs from a BT Chants Programmed textbooks network or station. Event music Programmed texts (Instructional materials) UF Promotional announcements, Television Sacred music Self-instructional materials Television promos NT Alleluias (Chants) Self-paced instructional materials Television promotional announcements Graduals (Chants) Self-teaching materials BT Television commercials Introits (Music) Textbooks, Programmed Promotional announcements, Radio Offertories (Music) BT Instructional and educational works USE Promos (Radio commercials) Prokeimena Programmed learning materials Promotional announcements, Television Transitoria (Music) USE Programmed instructional materials USE Promos (Television commercials) Property maps Programmed materials Promotional films USE Cadastral maps USE Programmed instructional materials Films that promote or advertise a product, industry, Prophecies Programmed textbooks service, organization, etc. For films produced, UF Omens subsidized, financed, or otherwise significantly USE Programmed instructional materials supported by a business, government body, BT Informational works Programmed texts (Instructional materials) organization, etc., see Sponsored films. Proposals, Legislative USE Programmed instructional materials UF Advertising films USE Legislative materials Programmes (Publications) Company promotion films Prosae (Music) USE Programs (Publications) Promo films USE Sequences (Music) Programs, Conference Public relations films Prose literature (Creative nonfiction) USE Conference materials BT Nonfiction films USE Creative nonfiction Programs, Radio Promotional materials Prose poems USE Radio programs RT Sponsored films Prose that utilizes poetic techniques to emphasize sound, , and figurative language. Programs, Television Promotional literature USE Television programs USE Promotional materials UF Prose poetry Programs (Publications) Promotional materials BT Poetry UF Briefs (Programs) Materials that advertise or promote products, NT Haibun Event programmes causes, or concerns. Maqāmāt Event programs UF Literature, Promotional Prose poetry Performance programmes Promotional literature USE Prose poems Performance programs BT Informational works Prospectuses Program booklets NT Advertisements BT Informational works Program books Campaign songs Prostopenije Program guides Film trailers USE Prostopinije Programmes (Publications) Playbills (Posters) Prostopeniye Souvenir programs Political posters USE Prostopinije BT Ephemera Promotional films Prostopinije Informational works Promotional television programs UF Carpatho-Rusyn chants NT Concert programs Propaganda films Prostopenije Dance programs Propaganda posters Prostopeniye Film festival programs Propaganda television programs BT Chants Memorial service programs Public service announcements (Motion Sacred music Opera programs pictures) Prosulas (Music) Theater programs Radio propaganda BT Gregorian chants Progressive metal (Music) Radio public service announcements Protest songs UF Prog metal (Music) Television public service announcements UF Political protest songs BT Heavy metal (Music) Travel posters BT Songs Progressive rock (Music) Promotional spots, Radio Protocols (Law) Progressive rock (Music) USE Promos (Radio commercials) USE Treaties UF Art rock (Music) Promotional television programs Protraction maps Prog rock (Music) Television programs that promote or advertise a USE Cadastral maps BT Rock music product, industry, service, organization, etc. For Proverbial sayings television programs produced, subsidized, financed, USE Sayings NT Krautrock (Music) or otherwise significantly supported by a business, Math rock (Music) government body, organization, etc., see Sponsored Proverbs Progressive metal (Music) television programs. USE Sayings Prokeimena UF Advertising television programs Proverbs, Legal UF Prokimena Company promotion television programs USE Legal maxims BT Propers (Music) Promo television programs Psalms Prokimena Public relations television programs Sacred songs originally contained in the Book of Psalms. For collections of psalms arranged for USE Prokeimena BT Nonfiction television programs devotional or liturgical use see Psalters. Proletarian fiction Promotional materials BT Religious poetry Fiction that expresses a working-class perspective RT Sponsored television programs Psalms (Music) on social and political issues. NT Infomercials UF Working-class fiction BT Sacred music Propaganda, Radio NT Penitential psalms (Music) BT Fiction USE Radio propaganda Prologs Psalters Propaganda drama Collections of psalms arranged for devotional or USE Prologues and epilogues USE Problem plays liturgical use. For sacred songs originally contained in Prologues and epilogues Propaganda fiction the Book of Psalms see Psalms. UF Epilogs USE Social problem fiction BT Devotional literature Epilogues and prologues Propaganda films Liturgical books Postscripts (Epilogues) Films designed primarily to instill or reinforce a PSAs, Radio Prologs specific ideological belief or set of beliefs in the USE Radio public service announcements viewer. BT Literature PSAs, Television Promo announcements, Radio BT Motion pictures USE Television public service announcements USE Promos (Radio commercials) Promotional materials PSAs (Motion pictures) Promo films Propaganda plays USE Public service announcements (Motion USE Promotional films USE Problem plays pictures) Promo television programs Propaganda posters Pseudo-documentary films USE Promotional television programs BT Posters USE Documentary-style films Promos (Radio commercials) Promotional materials Pseudo-documentary television programs Radio announcements promoting a particular radio Propaganda television programs USE Documentary-style television programs station, upcoming programming from a station, or Television programs designed primarily to instill or events sponsored or supported by a station. reinforce a specific ideological belief or set of beliefs Psy trance (House music) UF Promo announcements, Radio in the viewer. USE Trance (House music) Promotional announcements, Radio Psych folk (Music) Promotional spots, Radio USE Freak folk (Music) Radio promo announcements

GF-70 Psychedelic folk (Music) Opinion polls Punkabilly music USE Freak folk (Music) Opinion surveys USE Psychobilly music Polls, Opinion Puns USE music Polls, Public opinion UF Calembours Psychedelic rock music Public attitude surveys Carwitchets UF Acid rock music Public opinion surveys Clenches (Puns) Psychedelic music Social attitude surveys Clinches (Puns) BT Rock music Surveys, Attitude Paronomasias NT Stoner rock (Music) Surveys, Opinion Quibbles (Puns) (House music) Surveys, Public attitude BT Humor USE Trance (House music) Surveys, Public opinion NT Knock-knock jokes Psycho (Music) Surveys, Social attitude Puppet drama USE Psychobilly music BT Informational works USE Puppet plays Psycho-rockabilly music Public opinion surveys Puppet films USE Psychobilly music USE Public opinion polls UF Marionette films Psycho thrillers (Drama) Public relations films BT Motion pictures USE Thriller plays USE Promotional films Puppet operas Psycho thrillers (Motion pictures) Public relations television programs USE Operas USE Thrillers (Motion pictures) USE Promotional television programs Puppet plays Psycho thrillers (Television programs) Public service advertisments, Radio UF Filmed puppet plays [Former heading] USE Thrillers (Television programs) USE Radio public service announcements Marionette plays Psychobilly music Public service announcements, Radio Puppet drama UF Neo-rockabilly music USE Radio public service announcements Wajang plays Psycho (Music) Public service announcements, Television Wayang plays Psycho-rockabilly music USE Television public service announcements BT Drama Punkabilly music Public service announcements (Motion pictures) NT Shadow plays BT Punk rock music UF Community service announcements (Motion Puppet shows (Television programs) Rockabilly music pictures) USE Puppet television programs Psychological comics CSAs (Motion pictures) Puppet television programs Comics in which the thoughts, feelings, and PSAs (Motion pictures) UF Marionette television programs motivations of the characters are of equal or greater BT Motion pictures Puppet shows (Television programs) interest than the external action of the narrative. Promotional materials Television puppet shows BT Comics (Graphic works) Public service radio announcements BT Television programs Psychological fiction USE Radio public service announcements Purim drama Fiction in which the thoughts, feelings, and motivations of the characters are of equal or greater Public service radio programs USE Purim plays interest than the external action of the narrative. Radio programs aired by or on behalf of nonprofit Purim music or governmental organizations to promote the Music that is traditionally associated with Purim. BT Fiction common well-being or general welfare of society. For NT fiction radio programs about public policy or politics see UF Feast of Esther music Psychological films Public affairs radio programs. For radio Feast of Lots music Films in which the thoughts, feelings, and announcements aired by or on behalf of nonprofit or BT Event music motivations of the characters are of equal or greater governmental organizations to persuade the Purim plays interest than the external action of the narrative. audience to take some specific action or adopt a favorable view toward a service, institution, or cause Plays that depict Old Testament characters and BT Motion pictures see Radio public service announcements. are associated with the Jewish holiday of Purim. NT Thrillers (Motion pictures) UF Public interest radio programs UF Purim drama films BT Informational works Purim Spiels USE Thrillers (Motion pictures) Nonfiction radio programs Purimspielen Psychological thrillers (Drama) Public service television programs Purimspiels USE Thriller plays Television programs aired by or on behalf of Purimshpiln Psychological thrillers (Motion pictures) nonprofit or governmental organizations to promote BT Bible plays USE Thrillers (Motion pictures) the common well-being or general welfare of society. Folk drama For television programs about public policy or politics Psychological thrillers (Radio programs) see Public affairs television programs. For television Purim Spiels USE Thrillers (Radio programs) announcements aired by or on behalf of nonprofit or USE Purim plays Psychological thrillers (Television programs) governmental organizations to persuade the Purimshpiln USE Thrillers (Television programs) audience to take some specific action or adopt a USE Purim plays favorable view toward a service, institution, or cause Psytrance (House music) see Television public service announcements. Purimspielen USE Trance (House music) USE Purim plays BT Informational works Public access television programs Purimspiels Nonfiction television programs UF Community access television programs USE Purim plays Publication lists Community television programs Puzzle mazes USE Bibliographies BT Nonfiction television programs USE Maze puzzles Publication summaries Public addresses Puzzles, Rebus USE Abstracts USE Speeches USE Rebuses Publishers' catalogs Public affairs radio programs Puzzles and games BT Sales catalogs Radio programs about public policy or politics. For UF Games and puzzles Puirt-a beul radio programs aired by or on behalf of nonprofit or Language games governmental organizations to promote the common USE Mouth music Literary recreations well-being or general welfare of society see Public Puirt-abeul Math puzzles service radio programs. USE Mouth music Mathematical puzzles BT Informational works Punk, Noise (Music) Mathematical recreations Nonfiction radio programs USE Noise rock (Music) Number games Public affairs television programs Punk films Science puzzles Television programs about public policy or politics. UF Punk rock films For television programs aired by or on behalf of Scientific recreations BT Rock films nonprofit or governmental organizations to promote Word games the common well-being or general welfare of society Subculture films BT Recreational works see Public service television programs. Punk folk music NT Acrostics (Puzzles) BT Informational works USE Folk punk music Anagrams Nonfiction television programs Punk rock films Board games Public attitude surveys USE Punk films Card games USE Public opinion polls Punk rock music Charades Public health posters BT Alternative rock music Cootie catchers BT Informational works NT Cowpunk music Crossword puzzles Posters Deathrock (Music) Cryptograms Public health surveys Folk punk music Educational games USE Health surveys Hardcore (Music) Jigsaw puzzles Public hearings Oi music KenKen puzzles USE Hearings Post-punk music Logic puzzles Public interest radio programs Psychobilly music Maze puzzles USE Public service radio programs (Music) Musical games Public opinion polls music Palindromes UF Attitude surveys Picture puzzles Riddles

GF-71 Puzzles and games (Continued) Quiyombo (Music) Radio soundbites Role-playing games USE Palos (Music) Sound bites, Radio Sudoku puzzles Quiz shows (Radio programs) Soundbites, Radio Pyolsandae drama USE Radio quiz shows BT Excerpts USE Sandae drama Quiz shows (Television programs) Nonfiction radio programs Q & As USE Television quiz shows Radio adaptations USE FAQs Quiz television programs UF Dramatisations Q and As USE Television quiz shows Dramatizations USE FAQs Quizzes BT Adaptations Q&As USE Examinations Radio programs USE FAQs Quodlibets (Music) Radio ads Qaṣīdas UF Quotlibets (Music) USE Radio commercials Poems with a single rhyme that reminisce about BT Art music Radio adventure programs the narrator's lost love, then describe Bedouin life Songs USE Adventure radio programs and/or a journey, and conclude with a tribute to a patron or other person. RT Humorous music Radio advertisements UF Kasidas Villotte USE Radio commercials Qaṣīdehs NT Ensaladas Radio air checks BT Lyric poetry dictionaries USE Radio airchecks Qaṣīdehs USE Quotations Radio airchecks USE Qaṣīdas Quotation treasuries UF Air checks, Radio Qu (Poetry) USE Quotations Airchecks, Radio Classical Chinese poetry consisting of words Quotations Radio air checks written in one of a number of certain, set tone Compilations of quoted passages from books, BT Radio programs patterns, and based upon the tunes of various songs. speeches, or other sources. NT Telescoped radio airchecks UF Chʻü (Poetry) UF Dictionaries of quotations Untelescoped radio airchecks Yuan qu (Poetry) Familiar quotations Radio announcements Yuan songs Famous quotations UF Announcements, Radio Yuanqu (Poetry) Famous quotes Radio special announcements BT Poetry Literary quotations Radio spots (Announcements) Quad maps Memorable quotations Special announcements, Radio USE Quadrangle maps Misquotations Spots, Radio (Announcements) Quadrangle maps Misquotes BT Informational works Maps that cover a rectangular or nearly Quotation dictionaries Radio programs rectangular region defined by four specified points. Quotation treasuries NT Radio public service announcements UF Quad maps Quotes Radio station identifications Quadrangular maps Treasuries of quotations Radio underwriting announcements BT Maps BT Reference works Radio anthologies Quadrangular maps NT Malapropisms Radio programs made up of various episodes or USE Quadrangle maps Quotes stories that are usually connected by a theme, event, USE Quotations location or original author and often have a wrap- Quadrilles (Music) around tale. For radio programs that are composed of BT Dance music Quotlibets (Music) pre-existing broadcast or unbroadcast radio Quarter-tone music USE Quodlibets (Music) programs, or portions thereof, see Compilation radio USE Microtonal music Qurʼan stories programs. Quasi-documentary films Paraphrases of Qurʼanic texts in story form. UF Anthologies, Radio USE Documentary-style films UF Koran stories Anthology radio programs Quasi-documentary television programs Koranic stories BT Radio programs USE Documentary-style television programs Qurʼanic stories Radio audience participation shows Quasi-legislation Stories, Koran USE Audience participation radio programs USE Administrative regulations Stories, Koranic Radio auditions Quaswas Stories, Qurʼan UF Auditions, Radio USE Huaynos Stories, Qurʼanic BT Radio programs Quatrains BT Literature Radio biographies Poems consisting of one or more four-line stanzas. Qurʼanic chants USE Biographical radio programs UF Rubāʿī quatrains USE Qurʼanic recitations Radio biopics Rubāʿīs Qurʼanic recitations USE Biographical radio programs Rubaiyat UF Koranic chants Radio book review programs Rubaiyyat Koranic recitations USE Book review radio programs BT Poetry Qurʼanic chants Radio broadcasts, Shortwave NT Pantoums Recitations, Koranic USE Shortwave radio broadcasts Sapphics Recitations, Qurʼanic Radio call-in programs Queer comics BT Chants USE Radio call-in shows Comics about the queer experience. Sacred music Radio call-in shows UF GLBTQ+ comics Qurʼanic stories UF Call-in radio programs LGBTQ+ comics USE Qurʼan stories Call-in radio shows Sexual minority comics R & B (Music) Radio call-in programs BT Comics (Graphic works) USE Rhythm and blues music BT Radio talk shows NT Gay comics R and B (Music) RT Audience participation radio programs Genderqueer comics USE Rhythm and blues music Radio comedies Lesbian comics R&B (Music) UF Comedies, Radio Questionnaires USE Rhythm and blues music Comedy programs, Radio BT Informational works Raas leela drama Comedy radio programs Questions, Examination USE Rāsalīlā drama Radio comedy programs USE Examinations Race films Radio situation comedies Questions and answers Films produced with African American casts Situation comedies, Radio specifically for African American audiences beginning BT Humor USE FAQs in the late silent-film days and continuing until the end Quibbles (Puns) of the 1940s. Radio programs Radio comedy programs USE Puns UF Race movies USE Radio comedies Quick-steps (Marches) BT Motion pictures Radio commentaries USE Quicksteps (Marches) RT Ethnic films Quicksteps (Foxtrots) Radio programs, or segments of programs, that Race movies consist of an informed speaker's analysis of events or USE Foxtrots (Music) USE Race films trends. Quicksteps (Marches) Rachenitsas (Music) UF Commentaries, Radio UF Quick-steps (Marches) UF Ratchenitzas (Music) Editorials, Radio BT Dance music Ruchenitsas (Music) Radio editorials Marches (Music) BT Dance music BT Discursive works Quintains (Poetry) Radio actualities Nonfiction radio programs USE Cinquains Here are entered brief audio clips consisting of Radio commercials Quintets (Poetry) quotations from speeches or interviews that are UF Ads, Radio USE Cinquains intended for use on radio news broadcasts. Commercials, Radio Quintillas de Luis de León UF Actualities, Radio Radio ads USE Liras Radio sound bites

GF-72 Radio advertisements Radio lectures Educational radio programs Radio commercials (Advertisements) [Former BT Lectures Ethnic radio programs heading] Nonfiction radio programs Fiction radio programs Radio spots (Commercials) Radio lessons Folk music radio programs Spots, Radio (Commercials) USE Instructional radio programs Historical radio programs BT Advertisements Radio-meteorograph data Inspirational radio programs Radio programs USE Radiosonde observations Internet radio programs NT Political radio commercials Radio music Jazz radio programs Promos (Radio commercials) Music composed, arranged, or adapted for radio Medical radio programs Singing commercials programs, such as their theme songs or background Nonfiction radio programs music. Radio commercials (Advertisements) Popular music radio programs USE Radio commercials BT Functional music Radio adaptations Radio community service announcements NT Radio operas Radio airchecks USE Radio public service announcements Radio news bulletins Radio announcements News announcements that interrupt regularly Radio compilations scheduled programming. Radio anthologies USE Compilation radio programs Radio auditions UF News bulletins, Radio Radio contests Radio comedies News flashes, Radio USE Radio game shows Radio commercials Radio news flashes Radio quiz shows Radio crime shows BT Informational works Radio coverage, Special events Radio docudramas Radio programs USE Special events radio coverage Radio game shows RT Radio news programs Radio crime programs Radio news bulletins Radio news flashes USE Radio crime shows Radio outtakes USE Radio news bulletins Radio crime shows Radio program excerpts Radio news programs UF Crime programs, Radio Radio programs that feature commentators in the Radio propaganda Crime shows, Radio studio reporting on current events and noteworthy Radio quiz shows Criminal radio programs issues. For radio reportorial pieces recorded on Radio rehearsals Gangster shows, Radio location see Radio field reports. For radio reports of Radio serials noteworthy events, often featuring several Police radio shows commentators and combining studio reports with on- Radio specials Radio crime programs the-scene coverage, see Special events radio Religious radio programs Radio gangster shows coverage. Rock music radio programs Radio police shows UF News programs, Radio Shortwave radio broadcasts BT Radio programs Newscasts, Radio Spy radio programs RT Spy radio programs Radio newscasts Thrillers (Radio programs) Thrillers (Radio programs) BT Informational works War radio programs NT Detective and mystery radio programs Nonfiction radio programs Western radio programs Radio CSAs RT Radio news bulletins Radio promo announcements USE Radio public service announcements NT Sports radio news programs USE Promos (Radio commercials) Radio debates Radio newscasts Radio promos (Commercials) USE Debates USE Radio news programs USE Promos (Radio commercials) Nonfiction radio programs Radio operas Radio promotional announcements Radio docudramas Operas originally composed for radio. USE Promos (Radio commercials) Radio programs that use drama to portray factual BT Operas Radio promotional spots events or conditions. Radio music USE Promos (Radio commercials) UF Docudramas, Radio Radio out-takes Radio propaganda BT Informational works USE Radio outtakes UF Propaganda, Radio Radio programs Radio outtakes BT Promotional materials Radio documentaries Excerpts from radio programs usually excluded Radio programs USE Documentary radio programs from the final versions of completed radio programs. Radio PSAs UF Out-takes, Radio USE Radio public service announcements USE Radio plays Outtakes, Radio Radio public service advertisements Radio editorials Radio out-takes USE Radio public service announcements USE Radio commentaries BT Excerpts Radio public service announcements Radio espionage programs Radio programs Radio announcements aired by or on behalf of USE Spy radio programs Radio panel discussions nonprofit or governmental organizations to persuade Radio field reports the audience to take some specific action or adopt a USE Nonfiction radio programs favorable view toward a service, institution, or cause. Radio reportorial pieces recorded on location. For Panel discussions For radio programs aired by or on behalf of nonprofit radio programs that feature commentators in the or governmental organizations to promote the studio reporting on current events and noteworthy Radio play scripts USE Radio plays common well-being or general welfare of society see issues see Radio news programs. For radio reports of Public service radio programs. noteworthy events, often featuring several Radio plays commentators and combining studio reports with on- Scripts of fictional radio programs. UF Community service announcements, Radio the-scene coverage, see Special events radio CSAs, Radio coverage. UF Radio drama Radio play scripts PSAs, Radio UF Field reports, Radio Radio playscripts Public service advertisments, Radio BT Nonfiction radio programs BT Drama Public service announcements, Radio Radio game shows Radio scripts Public service radio announcements Radio programs that feature contestants Radio community service announcements participating in various types of competitive activities Radio playscripts for prizes. For radio programs that feature a question- USE Radio plays Radio CSAs and-answer format see Radio quiz shows. Radio police shows Radio PSAs UF Contests, Radio USE Radio crime shows Radio public service advertisements Game shows (Radio programs) Radio press conferences BT Promotional materials Radio contests USE Nonfiction radio programs Radio announcements BT Radio programs Press conferences Radio quiz shows Radio gangster shows Radio programs that feature a question-and- Radio program excerpts answer format. For radio programs that feature USE Radio crime shows Portions of complete radio programs. contestants participating in various types of Radio golf matches BT Excerpts competitive activities for prizes see Radio game UF Golf matches, Radio Radio programs shows. BT Radio sports events Radio programs UF Contests, Radio Radio gossip columns UF Programs, Radio Quiz shows (Radio programs) USE Gossip radio programs Radio shows Radio contests Radio histories Shows, Radio BT Radio programs USE Historical radio programs BT Sound recordings Radio rehearsals Radio instructional programs NT Adventure radio programs UF Rehearsals, Radio USE Instructional radio programs Biographical radio programs BT Radio programs Radio interviews Children's radio programs Radio scripts USE Interviews Christmas radio programs UF Scripts, Radio Nonfiction radio programs Classical music radio programs BT Discursive works NT Vox pop radio programs Compilation radio programs NT Radio plays Country music radio programs Radio serials Disc jockey radio programs UF Serials, Radio

GF-73 Radio serials (Continued) Radiosonde data (Music) BT Radio programs BT Informational works USE Rap (Music) NT Radio soap operas Ragam Rappresentazioni sacre Radio sermons USE Ragas USE Mystery and miracle plays USE Religious radio programs Ragamuffin (Music) Rappresentazioni sacre (Music) Sermons USE Dancehall (Music) UF Sacre rappresentazioni (Music) Radio shows (Music) BT Dramatic music USE Radio programs Ragas Sacred music Radio situation comedies UF Ragam NT Sepolcri USE Radio comedies Rags (South Asian music) Rapso Radio soap operas BT Art music BT Popular music UF Soap operas, Radio NT Ālāpa Raree shows (Motion pictures) BT Radio serials Gats (Music) USE Peep shows (Motion pictures) Radio sound bites Ragga (Music) Rās lila drama USE Radio actualities UF Ragamuffin (Music) USE Rāsalīlā drama Radio soundbites Raggamuffin (Music) Rāsa līlā drama USE Radio actualities BT Rap (Music) USE Rāsalīlā drama Radio soundings (Radiosonde observations) Reggae music Rāsalīlā drama USE Radiosonde observations Raggamuffin (Music) Plays that combine poetry, music, and dance and Radio special announcements USE Dancehall (Music) depict episodes from the childhood and adolescence of Krishna. USE Radio announcements Ragga (Music) Radio specials Rags (Popular music) UF Raas leela drama UF Specials, Radio USE Ragtime music Rās lila drama BT Radio programs Rags (South Asian music) Rāsa līlā drama Radio speeches USE Ragas Rāsalīlānukaraṇa drama USE Nonfiction radio programs Ragtime music Rāslīlā drama Speeches UF Rags (Popular music) Raslilanukaran drama Radio sporting events BT Popular music BT Dance drama USE Radio sports events Rai (Music) Religious drama Radio sports events BT Popular music Rāsalīlānukaraṇa drama UF Radio sporting events Rail fiction USE Rāsalīlā drama Sporting events, Radio USE Railroad fiction Rāslīlā drama Sports events, Radio Railroad fiction USE Rāsalīlā drama BT Nonfiction radio programs Fiction that is set on and around a railroad and that Raslilanukaran drama NT Radio golf matches generally focuses on railroaders who overcome USE Rāsalīlā drama natural or man-made challenges. Radio spots (Announcements) Raster data USE Radio announcements UF Rail fiction UF Raster maps Radio spots (Commercials) Railroading fiction BT Geospatial data USE Radio commercials Railway fiction RT Vector data Radio spy programs BT Action and adventure fiction Raster maps USE Spy radio programs Railroad sounds USE Raster data Recordings of the sounds related to railroads, Radio station identifications Ratchenitzas (Music) including locomotive engines, wheel noise, whistles, USE Rachenitsas (Music) UF Identifications, Radio station etc. Raw data sets IDs, Radio station UF Railway sounds Radio station IDs USE Data sets Train sounds Rawinsonde data Station identifications, Radio BT Sound recordings Station IDs, Radio USE Rawinsonde observations Railroading fiction Rawinsonde observations BT Informational works USE Railroad fiction Radio announcements UF Data, Rawinsonde Railway fiction Observations, Rawinsonde Radio station IDs USE Railroad fiction USE Radio station identifications Rawinsonde data Railway sounds BT Informational works Radio talent shows USE Railroad sounds USE Talent shows (Radio programs) Readers (Publications) Rainobe Works containing material intended for instruction Radio talk shows USE Light novels and practice in reading. UF programs Raised relief models UF Primers (Readers) Talk radio shows USE Relief models BT Textbooks Talk shows, Radio Raito noberu NT High interest-low vocabulary books BT Discursive works USE Light novels Readings, Dramatic Nonfiction radio programs Ramadan music USE Literary readings NT Audience participation radio programs Music that is traditionally associated with Readings, Literary Radio call-in shows Ramadan. USE Literary readings Radio thrillers BT Event music Readings, Poetry USE Thrillers (Radio programs) Sacred music USE Literary readings Radio training programs Ranobe Readings, Poetry (Sound recordings) USE Instructional radio programs USE Light novels USE Poetry readings (Sound recordings) Radio underwriting announcements Rap (Music) Reality-based radio programs Announcements made on non-commercial or For rap lyrics that appear without a musical setting public radio stations that acknowledge companies or see Rap lyrics. USE Reality radio programs organizations, and sometimes their products and Reality-based television programs UF Rap songs services, that contribute funds for radio programming. USE Reality television programs Rappin' (Music) UF Radio underwriting credits Reality fashion competition shows (Television Rapping (Music) Radio underwriting spots programs) BT Popular music Underwriting announcements, Radio USE Fashion competition shows (Television NT Bounce (Music) Underwriting credits, Radio programs) Chopped and screwed (Music) Underwriting spots, Radio Reality radio programs Crunk (Music) BT Informational works UF Reality-based radio programs Gangsta rap (Music) Radio announcements BT Nonfiction radio programs Go-go (Music) Radio underwriting credits Reality shows (Television programs) Grime (Music) USE Radio underwriting announcements USE Reality television programs Ragga (Music) Radio underwriting spots Reality television programs Reggaeton USE Radio underwriting announcements UF Big Brother television programs [Former Trap (Music) Radio variety shows heading] Rap lyrics USE Variety shows (Radio programs) Reality-based television programs UF Rap music lyrics Radio webcasts Reality shows (Television programs) BT Hip-hop lyrics USE Internet radio programs BT Nonfiction television programs Rap music lyrics Radiosonde data NT Fashion competition shows (Television USE Rap lyrics USE Radiosonde observations programs) Rap songs Radiosonde observations Makeover television programs USE Rap (Music) UF Data, Radiosonde Rebetika Rappin' (Music) Observations, Radiosonde UF Rebetiko USE Rap (Music) Radio-meteorograph data Rembetika Radio soundings (Radiosonde observations) Rempetika

GF-74 Rempetiko Business correspondence Repertories (Law) BT Folk music Call documents Sayings Popular music Census data Standards (Reference works) Songs Circus route books Statistics Rebetiko Concordats Tables (Data) USE Rebetika Diaries Trademark lists Rebop (Music) Field notes Trivia and miscellanea USE Bop (Music) Ijāzah Reformation Day music Rebus picture puzzles Indulgences (Canon law) USE Reformation Festival music USE Rebuses Installation guides (Exhibition documentation) Reformation Festival music Rebus puzzles Installation views (Exhibition documentation) Music that is traditionally associated with the USE Rebuses Intergovernmental agreements Reformation Festival celebration in the Lutheran and Reformed churches. Rebuses Itineraries UF Literary rebuses Legal instruments UF Reformation Day music Puzzles, Rebus Minutes (Records) BT Event music Rebus picture puzzles Notebooks Sacred music Rebus puzzles Papal documents Regency fiction BT Riddles Passenger lists USE Historical fiction Receipts (Recipes) Personal correspondence Novels of manners USE Recipes Privileges and immunities Regeton Rechtsbücher Sketchbooks USE Reggaeton Compilations of, and commentaries on, common Treaties Reggae dancehall music (civil, criminal, and procedural) law and feudal Trial and arbitral proceedings USE Dancehall (Music) (constitutional) law of the Holy Roman Empire Reggae dub composed in German prose. Records and briefs Documents representing the arguments of one or USE Dub (Music) UF Gewohnheiten (Rechtsbücher) more parties and other documents submitted to, or Reggae music Landrechtsbücher generated by, a court in a particular case. BT Popular music Richtsteige (Rechtsbücher) UF Briefs, Legal NT Dancehall (Music) Spiegel (Rechtsbücher) Briefs and records Dub (Music) Stadtrechtsbücher Court records Ragga (Music) BT Customary laws Legal briefs Reggaeton Recipe books Records, Court UF Regeton USE Cookbooks BT Informational works Reguetón Recipes Law materials BT Dancehall (Music) Instructions listing ingredients and procedures to Recovery plans, Wildlife Rap (Music) prepare something, especially food. For collections of recipes in book form see Cookbooks. USE Wildlife recovery plans NT Latin trap (Music) UF Receipts (Recipes) Recreational works Registers (Lists) Leisure activities to be engaged in for personal Lists of names, addresses, events, dates, etc., BT Ephemera satisfaction or amusement. usually presented in a single chronological or Instructional and educational works NT Activity books numerical sequence. Recitals, Poetry (Sound recordings) Humor BT Informational works USE Poetry readings (Sound recordings) Puzzles and games NT Death registers Recitations, Comedy Redowas (Music) Martyrologies USE Humorous monologues BT Dance music Mashyakhah Recitations, Comic Reel à bouche Registers of deaths USE Humorous monologues USE Mouth music USE Death registers Recitations, Koranic Reels (Music) Reguetón USE Qurʼanic recitations BT Dance music USE Reggaeton Recitations, Qurʼanic NT Strathspeys (Music) Regulations, Administrative USE Qurʼanic recitations Reenactments, Historical (Motion picture) USE Administrative regulations Recitations with music USE Historical reenactments (Motion pictures) Regulations, Military USE Monologues (Music) Reenactments, Historical (Television programs) USE Military regulations Recitative dialogues USE Historical reenactments (Television programs) Regulatory agency decisions USE Dialogues (Music) Reference books USE Administrative decisions Recorded accompaniments USE Reference works Rehearsals, Radio Accompaniments issued without the principal part USE Radio rehearsals or parts, or that have been provided for music that is Reference materials normally monophonic. For recordings of popular USE Reference works Reimagined television programs songs without the main vocal parts, intended to be Reference resources USE Television remakes sung along with for recreational or competitive USE Reference works Relaxation music purposes, see Karaoke. Reference works BT Functional music BT Accompaniments (Music) Works intended primarily for consultation rather Relief maps Sound recordings than for consecutive reading. USE Topographic maps NT Karaoke UF Reference books Relief models Recorded books Reference materials UF 3-D topographic maps USE Audiobooks Reference resources 3-D topographical maps Recordings, Kinescope BT Informational works 3D topographic maps USE Kinescope films NT Almanacs 3D topographical maps Recordings, Sound Ampelographies Raised relief models USE Sound recordings Anatomical atlases Relief models, Raised Recordings, Video Bibliographies Terrain models USE Video recordings Calendars Three-dimensional topographic maps Records, Burial Catalogs Three-dimensional topographical maps USE Death registers Checklists Topographic models Records, Court Chronologies BT Cartographic materials USE Records and briefs Citators Models (Representations) Records, Cover Controlled vocabularies NT Block diagrams USE Cover versions Dictionaries Digital elevation models Records, Death Directories Relief models, Raised USE Death registers Encyclopedias USE Relief models Records, Vital (Statistics) FAQs Relief prints USE Vital statistics Finding aids Prints made from ink applied on the raised areas of Records (Documents) Formularies (Medicine) the printing block or plate after the other areas have been carved or etched away. Documents in any form created or received by an Gazetteers agency, institution, organization, or individual, Guidebooks UF Block prints accumulated in the normal conduct of business or BT Prints affairs. Handbooks and manuals NT Linocuts BT Informational works Harmonies (Reference works) Indexes Wood engravings NT Account books Woodcuts Albums (Books) Loose-leaf services Nomenclatures Religion films Annual reports USE Religious films Artist files Pharmacopoeias Phrase books Religion television programs Quotations USE Religious television programs

GF-75 Religious comics Remakes, Film Reports, Congressional BT Comics (Graphic works) USE Film remakes USE Legislative materials NT Bible comics Remakes, Television Reports, Court Book of Mormon comics USE Television remakes USE Court decisions and opinions Religious drama Rembetika Reports, Historic structure BT Drama USE Rebetika USE Historic structure reports NT Autos sacramentales Remixes (Music) Reports, Law Bible plays Musical compositions derived from one or more USE Court decisions and opinions Book of Mormon plays existing sound recordings through the process known Reports, Legislative as remixing. Easter plays USE Legislative materials Evangelism plays UF Club mixes Reports, Scientific Hanukkah plays Dance mixes USE Technical reports Liturgical drama Mixes (Music) Reports, Technical Missionary plays BT Dance music USE Technical reports Morality plays Popular music Reports, Yearly Mystery and miracle plays Sound recordings USE Annual reports Rāsalīlā drama NT Mashups (Music) Reproaches (Chants) Taʻziyah Remonstrances UF Improperia Formal documents stating reasons for opposition Religious fiction or grievances. BT Lenten music BT Fiction Gregorian chants BT Legal petitions NT Christian fiction Reproductions (Facsimiles) Remote-sensing images Hanukkah fiction Images of planetary surfaces created by means of USE Facsimiles ʻĪd al-Aḍḥā fiction reflected or emitted electromagnetic energy. Requiems ʻĪd al-Fiṭr fiction UF Images, Remote-sensing BT Funeral music Yom Kippur fiction Multispectral scanning images Masses Religious films (Not Subd Geog) Satellite images Rescripts, Papal UF Religion films Side-looking airborne radar images USE Papal documents BT Motion pictures SLAR images Residuals, Maps of NT Bible films BT Cartographic materials USE Statistical maps Christian films Informational works Resolutions (Law) Hagiographical films Visual works UF Declarations (Law) Religious inventories Remote-sensing maps Legislative resolutions Works that list and describe the permanent BT Maps Resolutions (Law materials) [Former heading] collections of books and/or objects belonging to a Resolves (Law) religious site or printing house. Rempetika USE Rebetika BT Informational works UF Inventories, Religious Law materials BT Catalogs Rempetiko USE Rebetika Resolutions (Law materials) Religious materials USE Resolutions (Law) Religious materials Reng-hā USE Rengs Resolves (Law) NT Apocryphal works USE Resolutions (Law) Apologetic writings Renga Japanese linked verse that is written in alternating Responsa Call documents two- and three-line stanzas that depict pastoral USE Consilia Catechisms themes. Responsa (Jewish law) Chirographa (Personal correspondence) UF Collections of decisions in Jewish law. For expert Church covenants Ushin renga opinions prepared by Roman or canon law scholars Church orders BT Linked verse see Consilia. Creeds Pastoral poetry BT Informational works Devotional literature Rengas Law materials Fatwas USE Renga RT Consilia Hagiographies Rengay Court decisions and opinions Ijāzah Linked verse consisting of six two- and three-lined Responses (Liturgies) Koans stanzas that share a unifying theme. USE Liturgical books Liturgical books UF Rengay poetry Responses (Music) Mandalas BT Linked verse UF Responsories Martyrologies Rengay poetry BT Chants Mashyakhah USE Rengay Sacred music Monastic constitutions Rengs Responsoria gradualia Monastic rules UF Reng-hā USE Graduals (Chants) Myths BT Dance music Responsories Papal documents Dastgāhs USE Responses (Music) Parashiyot ha-shavua Renku Restatements of Jewish law Pastoral letters and charges Humorous Japanese linked verse written in two- USE Codes (Jewish law) Pilgrimage guides and three-line stanzas. Restatements of the law Prayers UF Comic linked verse (Renku) BT Derivative works Religious inventories Haikai no renga Law materials Sacred works BT Humorous poetry Restoration comedies Sermons Linked verse USE Comedies of manners Service books (Music) Renshi Resveries Thumb Bibles Linked free verse in which the authors contribute USE Fatras entire poems instead of stanzas of a larger poem. Returns, Census USE Sacred music BT Free verse USE Census data Religious poetry Linked verse Revenge tragedies UF Sacred poetry Repertories (Law) Elizabethan tragedies that focus on a leading BT Poetry Encyclopedic arrangements of brief comments, character's attempt to avenge the murder of a loved citations, or digests to an author's works or to a one, sometimes at the prompting of the victim's NT Devotional poetry branch of law. ghost. Liturgical poetry UF Legal repertories UF Blood, Tragedies of Psalms BT Law materials Tragedies of blood Rosh ha-Shanah poetry Reference works BT Tragedies (Drama) Yom Kippur poetry Repetitive music Reverse dictionaries Religious radio programs USE Minimal music Works consisting of entries organized sequentially UF Radio sermons [Former heading] Replicas under their final element. BT Radio programs USE Facsimiles UF Reverse indexes RT Inspirational radio programs Reporter films BT Dictionaries NT Christian radio programs USE Journalism films Indexes Religious television programs Reporter television programs Reverse indexes UF Religion television programs USE Journalism television programs USE Reverse dictionaries BT Television programs Reports, Annual Reversed maps NT Bible television programs USE Annual reports USE Upside-down maps Christian television programs Reports, Case Reversible books Remade television programs USE Case studies USE Upside-down books USE Television remakes

GF-76 Reviews Richtsteige (Rechtsbücher) music UF Critical reviews USE Rechtsbücher USE Rock music Critiques Riddles Rock and roll music radio programs BT Informational works UF Conundrums USE Rock music radio programs NT Book reviews Enigmas Rock concert documentaries Dance reviews BT Puzzles and games USE Rock concert films Motion picture reviews NT Rebuses Rock concert documentary films Television program reviews Ride films USE Rock concert films Theater reviews USE Amusement ride films Rock concert films Reviews, Music Ride movies UF Rock concert documentaries USE Music criticism and reviews USE Amusement ride films Rock concert documentary films Revised statutes Rigadons (Music) Rock docs (Motion pictures) USE Statutes and codes USE Rigaudons (Music) Rock documentaries Revolutionary operas (Model operas) Rigadoons (Music) Rock documentary films USE Model operas USE Rigaudons (Music) BT Concert films Revolutionary poetry Rigaudons (Music) Rock concert television programs Poems that depict national or international UF Rigadons (Music) BT Concert television programs liberation struggles. Rigadoons (Music) Rock docs (Motion pictures) BT Poetry Rigodons (Music) USE Rock concert films Revues BT Dance music Rock documentaries Theatrical productions from around the end of the Rigodons (Music) USE Rock concert films 18th century that feature a series of songs, dances, and other entertainments without any unifying USE Rigaudons (Music) Rock documentary films dramatic element. For music for theatrical Rime royal USE Rock concert films productions consisting of musical numbers (songs, USE Rhyme royal Rock films ensembles, and dances) integrated into a dramatic Rimes (Poetry) UF Rock and roll films framework see Musicals. USE Poetry Rock music films UF Musical revues Rímur Rock 'n' roll films Musical shows Icelandic narrative poems from the 14-19th BT Musical films Table entertainments centuries that were generally written in alliterative NT Punk films four-line stanzas. Variety shows (Musical theater) Rock lyrics Vaudeville shows BT Narrative poetry UF Rock music lyrics BT Dramatic music Risk maps, Fire insurance BT Popular music lyrics RT Minstrel music USE Fire insurance maps Rock music NT Minstrel shows Rispetti For rock lyrics that appear without a musical Reward posters USE Strambotti setting see Rock lyrics. USE Wanted posters Rite of passage films UF Rock and roll music Rhapsodies (Music) USE Coming-of-age films Rock-n-roll music BT Art music Rite of passage television programs BT Popular music Rhopalic poetry USE Coming-of-age television programs NT Alternative rock music USE Rhopalic verse Ritterdrama Blues-rock music Rhopalic verse German historical plays from the 18th-19th Comedy rock music centuries that depict the valor of medieval knights in Poems in which each successive word has one Country rock music more syllable than the word before. scenes of battle, jousting, and pageantry. Folk-rock music UF Rhopalic poetry UF Ritterspiele Ritterspiels Frat rock music Ropalic verse Garage rock music Snowball verse BT Historical drama Ritterspiele Glam rock (Music) Wedge verse Heavy metal (Music) BT Poetry USE Ritterdrama Ritterspiels Industrial music Rhumbas (Music) Jazz-rock (Music) USE Rumbas (Music) USE Ritterdrama Ritual barong Noise rock (Music) Rhyme royal Progressive rock (Music) UF Chaucerian stanzas USE Barong (Music) Rituals and liturgies Psychedelic rock music Rime royal Rock operas stanzas USE Liturgical books Road fiction Rockabilly music BT Iambic poetry Soft rock (Music) Rhymed stories Fiction in which a life-changing journey is a central part of the action. USE Stories in rhyme BT Fiction Twist songs Rhymes, Shake-up (Music) USE Schüttelreims Road films Films that are set on the open road. Rock music films Rhymes (Poetry) UF Road movies USE Rock films USE Poetry Rock music lyrics Rhyming alphabets BT Motion pictures Road maps USE Rock lyrics USE Alphabet rhymes Rock music radio programs Rhyming stories UF Roadmaps Street maps UF Music radio programs, Rock USE Stories in rhyme Rock and roll music radio programs Rhythm and blues music BT Maps Road movies Rock-n-roll music radio programs UF R & B (Music) BT Radio programs R and B (Music) USE Road films Road television programs Rock music videos R&B (Music) USE Rock videos BT Popular music Television programs that are set on the open road. BT Television programs Rock 'n' roll films NT Carolina beach music USE Rock films Doo-wop Road traffic surveys USE Traffic surveys Rock-n-roll music Ribald comedies (Motion pictures) USE Rock music USE Sex comedy films Roadmaps USE Road maps Rock-n-roll music radio programs Ribald comedy films USE Rock music radio programs USE Sex comedy films Robinsonaden USE Robinsonades Rock operas Ribald films Rock albums that are conceived as a series of USE Sex comedy films Robinsonades songs that together present a unified narrative. Fiction about survival without the aid of civilization, Ribald poetry frequently on a deserted island after a shipwreck or UF Operas, Rock USE Bawdy poetry marooning. BT Rock music Ribald songs UF Desert island fiction Rock posters USE Bawdy songs Robinsonaden USE Music posters Ricercares Robinsonnades Rock steady (Music) USE Ricercars BT Fiction USE Rocksteady (Music) Ricercari Robinsonnades Rock videos USE Ricercars USE Robinsonades UF Rock music videos Ricercars Rock-a-billy music Videos, Rock UF Ricercares USE Rockabilly music BT Music videos Ricercari Rock and roll films Rockabilly music BT Art music USE Rock films UF Rock-a-billy music BT Blues (Music) Country music

GF-77 Rockabilly music (Continued) Romans à clef Rosh ha-Shanah poetry Rock music Fiction in which real persons, places, or events are UF Day of Judgement poetry NT Psychobilly music depicted under invented names. For fiction that Day of Judgment poetry depicts the lives of real people see Biographical Rocksteady (Music) fiction. Day of Remembrance poetry UF Rock steady (Music) UF Key novels Jewish New Year poetry BT Popular music Livres à clef Rosh Hashana poetry Rogue folk music Schlüsselromane Rosh Hashanah poetry USE Folk punk music Schlüsselromans Yom ha-Din poetry Role-playing games BT Fiction Yom Ha-Zikkaron poetry Games in which players assume the roles of Romans à clef (Television programs) Yom Hadin poetry imaginary characters who engage in adventures in a Yom Hazikaron poetry fictional setting. USE Drames à clef (Television programs) Yom Teruah poetry UF Roleplaying games Romans à thèse USE Social problem fiction Yom T'ruah poetry RPGs (Role-playing games) BT Religious poetry BT Puzzles and games Romans courtois USE Romances Rosh ha-Shanah sermons Roleplaying games UF Day of Judgement sermons USE Role-playing games Romans-feuilleton USE Serialized fiction Day of Judgment sermons Roller skating films Day of Remembrance sermons USE Sports films Romantic comedies (Motion pictures) USE Romantic comedy films Jewish New Year sermons Roman chants Rosh Hashana sermons USE Gregorian chants Romantic comedies (Television programs) USE Romantic comedy television programs Rosh Hashanah sermons Roman-feuilletons Yom ha-Din sermons USE Serialized fiction Romantic comedy films UF Romantic comedies (Motion pictures) Yom Ha-Zikkaron sermons Romance (Motion pictures) Yom Hadin sermons USE Romance films Romcoms (Motion pictures) BT Comedy films Yom Hazikaron sermons Romance comics Yom Teruah sermons Comics that primarily depict romantic love. Romance films Romantic comedy television programs Yom T'ruah sermons UF Love comics BT Occasional sermons Romantic comics UF Romantic comedies (Television programs) BT Romance television programs Rosh Hashana poetry BT Comics (Graphic works) USE Rosh ha-Shanah poetry Romance drama Television comedies Romantic comics Rosh Hashana sermons USE Romantic plays USE Rosh ha-Shanah sermons Romance fiction USE Romance comics Romantic drama Rosh Hashanah poetry Fiction that primarily depicts romantic love. For USE Rosh ha-Shanah poetry medieval chivalric tales written in prose or poetry that USE Romantic plays depict an idealized code of civilized behavior that Romantic fiction Rosh Hashanah sermons combines loyalty, honor, and courtly love see USE Rosh ha-Shanah sermons Romances. USE Romance fiction Romantic films Roundels UF Love stories Poems that generally consist of 11 lines arranged USE Romance films Romances (Love stories) in three stanzas that employ two rhymes and a refrain Romantic movies Romantic fiction in the fourth and eleventh line consisting of the USE Romance films opening words of the first line. BT Fiction Romantic plays BT Poetry Romance films Plays that primarily depict romantic love. Films that feature the development of love Roundels (Rondeaux) between the main characters. UF Love drama USE Rondeaux UF Chick flicks Romance drama Roundels (Rondels) Love films Romances (Drama) USE Rondels Hollywood romance films Romantic drama Rounds (Music) BT Drama Songs in which two or more voices sing exactly the Romance movies same melody beginning at different times. Romance pictures (Motion pictures) Romantic screwball comedy films UF Catches (Music) Romance (Motion pictures) USE Screwball comedy films BT Canons (Music) Romantic films Romcoms (Motion pictures) Part songs Romantic movies USE Romantic comedy films Route books, Circus BT Motion pictures Rondeaus USE Circus route books NT Romantic comedy films USE Rondeaux Royal declarations Romance movies Rondeaus (Formes fixes) USE Royal ordinances USE Romance films USE Rondeaux (Formes fixes) Royal edicts Romance pictures (Motion pictures) Rondeaux USE Royal ordinances USE Romance films Poems that generally consist of 15 lines arranged in two or three stanzas that employ two rhymes and a Royal ordinances Romance poetry refrain consisting of the opening words of the first line UF Declarations du roy USE Love poetry in the first stanza. Edits du roy Romance television programs UF Rondeaus Ordinances, Royal Television programs that feature the development Roundels (Rondeaux) of love between the main characters. Ordonnances royales BT Poetry UF Love television programs Proclamations du roy Rondeaux (Formes fixes) Royal declarations BT Television programs French songs composed in rondeau form during NT Romantic comedy television programs the 13th-15th centuries. Royal edicts Royal proclamations Romances UF Rondeaus (Formes fixes) BT Proclamations Medieval chivalric tales written in prose or poetry BT Songs that depict an idealized code of civilized behavior that Royal petitions Rondels combines loyalty, honor, and courtly love. For fiction USE Legal petitions that primarily depicts romantic love see Romance Poems that consist of 13 or 14 lines arranged in fiction. two or three stanzas that employ two rhymes and a Royal proclamations two-line refrain. USE Royal ordinances UF Chivalric romances RPGs (Role-playing games) Courtly romances UF Roundels (Rondels) USE Role-playing games Medieval romances BT Poetry Rubāʿī quatrains Romans courtois Rondos USE Quatrains BT Literature BT Art music Rubāʿīs NT Arthurian romances Ropalic verse USE Quatrains Romances, Gothic USE Rhopalic verse Rubaiyat USE Gothic fiction Rope jumping rhymes USE Quatrains Romances, Historical USE Jump rope rhymes Rubaiyyat USE Historical fiction Rope skipping rhymes USE Quatrains Romances, Pastoral USE Jump rope rhymes Rubble films USE Pastoral fiction Rope songs (Jump rope rhymes) USE Jump rope rhymes Films produced in the years after World War II that Romances (Drama) often feature exteriors in bombed-out cities. USE Romantic plays Rosaries (Prayer books) BT Devotional literature BT Motion pictures Romances (Love stories) Ruchenitsas (Music) USE Romance fiction Prayers Rosh ha-Shanah music USE Rachenitsas (Music) Romances (Music) Rules, Administrative (Regulations) BT Art music BT High Holiday music New Year music USE Administrative regulations Rules, Monastic USE Monastic rules

GF-78 Rules and orders, Statutory Religious music Sailing directions USE Administrative regulations Worship music USE Pilot guides Rules of court BT Music Sailor songs USE Court rules NT Advent music USE Sea shanties Rulings, Administrative (Decisions) All Saints' Day music Sainetellos (Music) USE Administrative decisions Antiphons (Music) USE Sainetes (Music) Rulings, Court Ascension Day music Sainetes (Drama) USE Court decisions and opinions Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament (Music) USE Interludes (Drama) Rumbas (Music) Candlemas music Sainetes (Music) UF Rhumbas (Music) Canticles UF Género chico (Music) BT Dance music Cantillations Sainetes líricos (Music) Popular music Chorale preludes Sainetellos (Music) NT Guaguancós (Music) Clausulas (Songs) Saynètes (Music) Runaway films Communion service music Zarzuelas chicas USE Chase films Conductus BT Interludes (Music) Rune songs Corpus Christi Festival music Zarzuelas UF Kalevalaic songs Dāphā (Music) Sainetes líricos (Music) Runic songs Divine Office (Music) USE Sainetes (Music) Runo songs Epiphany music Sale catalogs BT Folk songs Evening service music USE Sales catalogs Runic songs Falsobordone Sales catalogs USE Rune songs Feast of the Transfiguration music UF Sale catalogs Runo songs Gospel music BT Catalogs USE Rune songs Gregorian chants NT Auction catalogs Rural bandit films Hēvisi (Music) Publishers' catalogs USE Gangster films Hymns Trade catalogs Rural bandit television programs Kāfī (Music) Salsa (Music) USE Gangster television programs Laude BT Dance music Rural comedies (Motion pictures) Lenten music Popular music USE Rural comedy films Litanies (Music) Salt cellars (Cootie catchers) Rural comedies (Television programs) Masses USE Cootie catchers USE Rural comedy television programs Michaelmas music Saltarellos (Music) Rural comedy films Mission music UF Salterellos (Music) Films that feature rural locations or characters with Morning service music BT Dance music rural origins and often depict between rural Organ masses Salterellos (Music) and urban lifestyles and behavior. Organa USE Saltarellos (Music) UF Farm comedy films Palos (Music) Saluang jo dendang Farmer comedy films Pentecost Festival music UF Dendang jo saluang Hillbilly comedy films Peyote songs BT Songs Rural comedies (Motion pictures) Propers (Music) Sambas (Music) Rustic comedy films Prostopinije BT Dance music BT Comedy films Psalms (Music) Sample books Rural comedy television programs Qurʼanic recitations UF Books, Sample Television programs that feature rural locations or characters with rural origins and often depict the Ramadan music Samples books clash between rural and urban lifestyles and Rappresentazioni sacre (Music) BT Advertisements behavior. Reformation Festival music Ephemera UF Farm comedy television programs Responses (Music) Sampler albums (Sound recordings) Hillbilly comedy television programs Sabbath music Sound recording compilations of various Rural comedies (Television programs) Shavuot music performers, or of specific musical or styles that are taken from a number of previously issued Rustic comedy television programs Shōmyō sound recordings, that are generally issued by record BT Television comedies Simḥat Torah music labels to introduce or otherwise promote the artist, Rural poetry Sukkot music genres, or new issues. USE Pastoral poetry Synagogue music BT Music Rushes (Motion pictures) Trinity Sunday music Sound recordings Workprints of a day's shooting of a film, usually Visitation Festival music Samples (Excerpts) meant to be shown and studied before the next day's Yom Kippur music USE Excerpts shooting begins. Sacred music texts Samples books UF Dailies (Motion pictures) BT Musical texts USE Sample books BT Motion pictures NT Hymn texts Samurai comics RT Unedited footage Sacred poetry Comics that feature samurai and are usually set in Rushes (Television programs) USE Religious poetry the Tokugawa period of Japanese history. Workprints of a day's shooting of a television BT Comics (Graphic works) program, usually meant to be shown and studied Sacred scriptures before the next day's shooting begins. USE Sacred works Samurai fiction Fiction that features samurai and is usually set in UF Dailies (Television programs) Sacred works Works that are considered sacred by a religion, the Tokugawa period of Japanese history. BT Television programs denomination, sect, etc. BT Fiction RT Unedited footage UF Sacred books Samurai films Rustic comedy films Sacred scriptures Films that feature samurai and are usually set in USE Rural comedy films the Tokugawa period of Japanese history. Scriptures Rustic comedy television programs BT Religious materials UF Chambara films USE Rural comedy television programs RT Parashiyot ha-shavua Chanbara films Sabbath music Pericopes Zatoichi films [Former heading] Musical compositions traditionally associated with BT Motion pictures the Sabbath in any religion or denomination. Saenaennorae USE Hyangga Samurai television programs BT Event music Television programs that feature samurai and are Sacred music Saetas usually set in the Tokugawa period of Japanese Sacramentaries BT Flamenco music history. USE Liturgical books Holy Week music UF Chambara television programs Sacre rappresentazioni Songs Chanbara television programs USE Mystery and miracle plays Safety posters BT Television programs Sacre rappresentazioni (Music) BT Instructional and educational works Sanborn fire insurance maps USE Rappresentazioni sacre (Music) Posters USE Fire insurance maps Sacred books Sagas Sanborn maps Icelandic and Scandanavian prose narratives of USE Sacred works the 12th-14th centuries. USE Fire insurance maps Sacred music Sand-and-surf films BT Literature Musical compositions expressing personal or USE Beach party films Sagebrushers (Motion pictures) communal religious or spiritual beliefs, for use in films devotional settings and/or general performance. For USE Western films USE Silhouette animation films texts of sacred music that appear without a musical Sagebrushers (Television programs) setting see Sacred music texts. Sandae drama USE Western television programs UF Liturgical music Korean folk masked dance-dramas that satirize the Saibara nobility and clergy. BT Gagaku Songs

GF-79 Sandae drama (Continued) of a more serious nature see Parody films. Scary comics UF Ponsandae drama UF Film satires USE Horror comics Pyolsandae drama Lampoons (Motion pictures) Scary drama Sandae-nori drama Satire films USE Horror plays Santae drama Satires (Motion pictures) Scary fiction T’alch’um drama Satiric comedy films USE Horror fiction BT Dance drama Satiric films Scary poetry Folk drama Satirical comedy films USE Horror poetry Satirical literature BT Comedy films Scat singing Sandae-nori drama Satirical literature Musical compositions in which a singer improvises USE Sandae drama Literature that uses wit, irony, or sarcasm to hold syllables and melodies in jazz style. Sandaegŭk plays up human vices or foibles to ridicule or scorn. UF Jazz scat singing USE Kamyŏn'gŭk plays UF Satires (Literature) BT Songs Sandal-and-spear epics (Motion pictures) Satiric literature Scenarios (Screenplays) USE Peplum films Satirical drama [Former heading] USE Screenplays Sanjo Satirical fiction [Former heading] Scented books UF Sanzo BT Humor UF Fragrance books BT Folk music Literature Perfumed books Sannata drama NT Beast epics Scratch-and-sniff books UF Dappinata drama Mock-heroic drama Smell books BT Folk drama Mock-heroic poetry Sniff books Sanoega Sandae drama BT Toy and movable books USE Hyangga Satirical music Schedules, Census Santae drama USE Humorous music USE Census data USE Sandae drama Satirical songs Scherzandi Sanzo BT Humorous songs USE Scherzos USE Sanjo Satirical television programs Scherzandos Sapphic drama Television programs that use wit, irony, or sarcasm USE Scherzos to hold up human vices or foibles to ridicule or scorn. Scherzetti USE Lesbian drama For television programs that comically imitate another Sapphic fiction work or group of works of a more serious nature see USE Scherzos USE Lesbian fiction Parody television programs. Scherzettini Sapphic poetry UF Lampoons (Television programs) USE Scherzos USE Lesbian poetry Satire television programs Scherzettinos Sapphics Satires (Television programs) USE Scherzos Sapphics Satiric comedy television programs Scherzettos Poetry written in the style of the poet Sappho. Satiric television programs USE Scherzos UF Sapphic poetry Satirical comedy television programs Scherzi BT Quatrains Television satires USE Scherzos Sarabandes (Music) BT Television comedies Scherzini UF Sarabands (Music) Satyr plays USE Scherzos BT Dance music Ancient Greek plays featuring a chorus of Scherzinos Sarabands (Music) and mythical subject matter that provided USE Scherzos after a trio of tragedies. USE Sarabandes (Music) Scherzos Saradakatha plays UF Satyric drama UF Scherzandi USE Burrakatha plays BT Bawdy plays Scherzandos Sardanas (Music) Burlesques (Literature) Scherzetti BT Dance music Satyric drama Scherzettini Sasŏl sijo USE Satyr plays Scherzettinos Humorous that employs colloquial Saws (Sayings) Scherzettos speech and onamatopoea, and expands the USE Sayings Scherzi traditional sijo into a three-stanza poem. Sayings Scherzini UF Chang sijo UF Adages Scherzinos BT Humorous poetry Ana BT Art music Sijo Anas Schlüsselromane Satellite images Aphorisms USE Romans à clef USE Remote-sensing images Apophthegms Schlüsselromans Satire films Apothegms USE Romans à clef USE Satirical films Axioms Schnadahüpfel Satire television programs Bywords (Sayings) USE Schnaderhüpfel USE Satirical television programs Chreiai Schnadahüpfeln Satires, Musical Chriae USE Schnaderhüpfel USE Humorous music Classical chreiai Schnadahüpfln Satires (Literature) Gnomes (Sayings) USE Schnaderhüpfel USE Satirical literature Maxims Schnaderhüpfel Satires (Motion pictures) Proverbial sayings Humorous German poems composed of four USE Satirical films Proverbs rhymed lines. Satires (Television programs) Saws (Sayings) UF Gstanzl USE Satirical television programs Sententiae Schnadahüpfel Satiric comedy films BT Reference works Schnadahüpfeln USE Satirical films NT Epigrams Schnadahüpfln Satiric comedy television programs Gnomic poetry Schnaderhüpfeln USE Satirical television programs Legal maxims Schnaderhüpfl Satiric films Saynètes (Music) Schnaderhüpfln USE Satirical films USE Sainetes (Music) BT Humorous poetry Satiric literature Scaldic poetry Schnaderhüpfeln USE Satirical literature USE Skaldic poetry USE Schnaderhüpfel Satiric television programs Scar fiction Schnaderhüpfl USE Satirical television programs USE Scar literature USE Schnaderhüpfel Satirical comedy films Scar literature Schnaderhüpfln USE Satirical films Chinese fiction of the late 1970s and early USE Schnaderhüpfel Satirical comedy television programs that focuses on the physical and mental suffering that Scholia occurred during the Cultural Revolution. USE Satirical television programs Marginal notes that explain, interpret, or comment Satirical drama UF Literature of the wounded on a text, especially those added by a classical grammarian on a work by an ancient Greek or Latin USE Comedy plays Scar fiction Shang hen literature author. Satirical literature UF Scholiums Satirical fiction Shang hen wen xue Shanghen literature BT Discursive works USE Humorous fiction Scholiums Satirical literature Shanghen wenxue Wound literature USE Scholia Satirical films School anthems (Alma mater songs) Films that use wit, irony, or sarcasm to hold up Wounded, Literature of the human vices or foibles to ridicule or scorn. For films BT Fiction USE Alma mater songs that comically imitate another work or group of works

GF-80 School books Sci-fiers (Motion pictures) Serigraphs USE Textbooks films [Former heading] Silk-screen prints School comics films [Former heading] Silk screens Comics that feature the interactions of students Terminator films [Former heading] Silkscreen prints and school personnel. BT Fiction films Silkscreens BT Comics (Graphic works) NT Apocalyptic films BT Prints School fiction Cyberpunk films Screen-reliant installations (Art) Fiction that is set in a school and focuses on the Dystopian films USE Video installations (Art) lives and interactions of students, teachers, and administrators. Space operas (Motion pictures) Screen tests Steampunk films Recordings of screen tests. UF School stories Superhero films BT Fiction UF Auditions, Film Time-travel films School songs Auditions, Motion picture Science fiction plays UF College songs Auditions, Television Plays that depict imagined scientific or BT Songs Film auditions technological advances (e.g., time travel, artificial Motion picture auditions RT Fight songs intelligence) and their impact on society. NT Alma mater songs Motion picture screen tests UF Science fiction drama Television auditions School stories BT Drama USE School fiction Television screen tests NT Apocalyptic drama BT Motion pictures School yearbooks Dystopian plays Publications commonly compiled by the graduating Television programs Science fiction poetry Screenplays class of an educational institution, recording the Poetry that depicts imagined scientific or year's events and typically containing photographs of technological advances (e.g., time travel, artificial UF Continuity scripts students and faculty. intelligence) and their impact on society. Film plays UF College yearbooks BT scripts Elementary school yearbooks Science fiction radio programs Filmscripts High school yearbooks BT Fiction radio programs Motion picture plays Junior high school yearbooks Science fiction television programs Motion picture screenplays Middle school yearbooks UF Sci-fi television programs Motion picture scripts Primary school yearbooks Star Trek television programs [Former Movie scripts University yearbooks heading] Scenarios (Screenplays) BT Yearbooks BT Fiction television programs Screen plays Schoolbooks NT Apocalyptic television programs Scripts (Screenplays) USE Textbooks Dystopian television programs Shooting scripts (Motion pictures) Schottisches (Music) Superhero television programs BT Drama UF Schottishes (Music) Time-travel television programs Screenplays, Television BT Polkas (Music) Science films USE Television plays Schottishes (Music) Films that are intended to educate or inform about Screenprints USE Schottisches (Music) science or scientific topics. USE Screen prints Schrammelmusik BT Educational films Screw (Music) BT Folk music NT Nature films USE Chopped and screwed (Music) Schulmädchen-Report films Science puzzles Screwball comedies USE Erotic films USE Puzzles and games USE Screwball comedy films Schüttelreime Science radio programs Screwball comedy films USE Schüttelreims BT Educational radio programs UF Crazy comedy films Schüttelreims Instructional radio programs Madcap comedy films UF Rhymes, Shake-up Science television programs Madcap romantic comedies Schüttelreime Television programs that are intended to educate Oddball comedy films Shake-up rhymes or inform about science or scientific topics. Romantic screwball comedy films BT Humorous poetry BT Educational television programs Screwball comedies Sci-fi NT Nature television programs Wacky comedy films USE Science fiction Scientific recreations White telephone comedy films Sci-fi films USE Puzzles and games BT Comedy films USE Science fiction films Scientific reports Screwed and chopped (Music) Sci-fi television programs USE Technical reports USE Chopped and screwed (Music) USE Science fiction television programs Scooby-Doo films Scripts, Radio Sci-fiers (Motion pictures) USE Comedy films USE Radio scripts USE Science fiction films Detective and mystery films Scripts, Stage Science fiction Scooby-Doo television programs USE Drama Fiction that depicts imagined scientific or USE Animated television programs Scripts (Screenplays) technological advances (e.g., time travel, artificial Children's television programs intelligence) and their impact on society. USE Screenplays Detective and mystery television programs Scriptures UF Sci-fi Television comedies USE Sacred works BT Fiction Scoped radio airchecks Sculptmation films NT Afrofuturist fiction USE Telescoped radio airchecks USE Clay animation films Apocalyptic fiction Scores Sculptmation television programs Cyberpunk fiction BT Notated music USE Clay animation television programs Dystopian fiction NT Chorus scores Sculptures Space operas (Fiction) Fakebooks (Music) Three-dimensional works of art in which images Steampunk fiction Intabulations and forms are produced in relief, in intaglio, or in the Subterranean fiction Piano scores round. Superhero fiction Vocal scores UF Carvings Time-travel fiction Scouting songs Statues Science fiction comics USE Camp songs BT Art Comics that depict imagined scientific or NT Book objects technological advances (e.g., time travel, artificial Scrap albums intelligence) and their impact on society. USE Albums (Books) Sea chanteys USE Sea shanties BT Comics (Graphic works) Scrap books Sea chanties NT Afrofuturist comics USE Albums (Books) USE Sea shanties Apocalyptic comics Scrapbooks Sea fiction Cyberpunk comics USE Albums (Books) Scratch-and-sniff books Fiction that depicts a heroic main character on the Dystopian comics open sea and whose plot progressively strips away Space operas (Comics) USE Scented books the norms of land-based society. Steampunk comics Screen biographies UF Maritime fiction Time-travel comics USE Biographical films Nautical fiction Science fiction drama Screen plays Naval fiction USE Science fiction plays USE Screenplays BT Fiction Science fiction films Screen plays, Television Sea poetry UF Alien films [Former heading] USE Television plays UF Maritime poetry Extrapolative films Screen prints Nautical poetry Future films (Science fiction films) Prints made by forcing ink through a fine screen stencil onto paper or another surface. Naval poetry Sci-fi films BT Poetry UF Screenprints

GF-81 Sea shanties of 17 syllables that generally satirize human nature or Serials, Film Sailors' work songs. emotions. For three-line unrhymed poems consisting USE Film serials of 17 syllables that express a single idea, image, or UF Chanteys feeling that is generally related to nature see Haiku. Serials, Limited (Television programs) Chanties UF Human haiku USE Television mini-series Chantys BT Humorous poetry Serials, Radio Sailor songs Sensation fiction USE Radio serials Sea chanteys Victorian fiction that featured scandals, including Serials, Television Sea chanties crimes and social improprieties. USE Television series Shanties UF Sensationalist fiction Serials (Publications) BT Work songs BT Fiction USE Serial publications Sean-nós Sensationalist fiction Series, Limited (Television programs) UF Old-style (Music) USE Sensation fiction USE Television mini-series BT Folk songs Sensibility, Comedies of Series, Television Secret agent films USE Sentimental comedies USE Television series USE Spy films Sensibility, Novels of Serigraphs Secret service films USE Sentimental novels USE Screen prints USE Spy films Sententiae Serious music (Art music) Sections (Excerpts) USE Sayings USE Art music USE Excerpts Sentiment, Novels of Sermons Seder music USE Sentimental novels UF Homilies USE Passover music Sentimental comedies Postils Seder songs English comedic plays from the 18th century that Radio sermons [Former heading] USE Passover music emphasize the virtues rather than the foibles of the BT Discursive works Seguidillas (Music) major characters and celebrate the triumph of good Religious materials over evil. UF Playeras (Music) NT Occasional sermons Siguidillas (Music) UF Comedies of sensibility Sermons, Baccalaureate Siguiriyas (Music) Sensibility, Comedies of USE Graduation speeches BT Flamenco music Sentimental drama Sertanejo (Music) Selections (Excerpts) BT Comedy plays USE Música sertaneja USE Excerpts Sentimental drama Service books (Liturgical books) Self-help books USE Sentimental comedies USE Liturgical books USE Self-help publications Sentimental fiction Service books (Music) Self-help guides USE Sentimental novels UF Choir books USE Self-help publications Sentimental novels BT Notated music Novels from the 18th-19th centuries that Self-help publications emphasize distress of the virtuous and reward moral Religious materials UF Self-help books behavior and honor. NT Antiphonaries (Service books) Self-help guides UF Novels of sensibility Graduals (Service books) Self-improvement books Novels of sentiment Hymnals BT Instructional and educational works Sensibility, Novels of Kyriales Self-improvement books Sentiment, Novels of Missals (Service books) USE Self-help publications Sentimental fiction Processionals (Service books) Self-instructional materials BT Novels Sequentiaries (Service books) USE Programmed instructional materials Sepolcri Session laws Self-paced instructional materials BT Oratorios Laws enacted by a legislature during a particular USE Programmed instructional materials session or sessions. For texts of individual laws as Holy Week music well as codes and compilations of laws passed by a Self-photographs Rappresentazioni sacre (Music) legislature see Statutes and codes. USE Selfies Sequences (Music) UF Acts, Legislative session Self-portraits UF Prosae (Music) Laws, Session UF Auto-portraits BT Gregorian chants Legislative session acts Autoportraits Sequential art BT Statutes and codes BT Portraits USE Comics (Graphic works) Sestets NT Selfies Sequentiaries (Service books) Poems consisting of one or more stanzas of six Self-reflexive drama BT Service books (Music) lines. USE Metadramas Serenades (Instrumental music) BT Poetry Self-teaching materials USE Suites Sestinas USE Programmed instructional materials Serenatas Poems that consist of 39 lines in six six-line Selfies BT Dramatic music stanzas followed by a three-line envoi, in which the UF Self-photographs same six end words occur in each stanza but in a Serial films shifting order. BT Photographs USE Film serials Self-portraits UF Sestines Serial picture books Sextains Semi-autobiographical fiction USE Comics (Graphic works) USE Autobiographical fiction Sextines Serial poetry BT Poetry Semi-object animation films Collections of individual poems that together form USE Silhouette animation films an extended narrative. Sestines USE Sestinas Semiautobiographical fiction UF Cycles, Poetic Settings, Instrumental USE Autobiographical fiction Poetic cycles USE Instrumental settings Semidocumentary films BT Poetry Settings, Musical USE Documentary-style films Serial publications Semidocumentary television programs Resources issued in successive parts, generally USE Musical settings USE Documentary-style television programs with no predetermined conclusion, usually bearing Sevillanas (Music) Seminar ephemera numerical and/or chronological designations. BT Dance music USE Conference materials UF Serials (Publications) Flamenco music Seminar materials BT Informational works Sewamono NT Almanacs Kabuki plays of the that feature the USE Conference materials lives of ordinary people. Seminar papers and proceedings Annual reports BT Domestic drama USE Conference papers and proceedings Newsletters Kabuki plays Seminar proceedings Newspapers Sex-and-sand epics (Motion pictures) USE Conference papers and proceedings Periodicals USE Peplum films Send-up films Yearbooks Sex comedies (Drama) USE Parody films Serialised fiction USE Bawdy plays Send-up television programs USE Serialized fiction Sex comedies (Motion pictures) USE Parody television programs Serialized fiction USE Sex comedy films Sendup films Fiction published as successive installments in a newspaper, magazine or other periodical. Sex comedy films USE Parody films UF Feuilletons (Serialized fiction) UF Bawdy films Sendup television programs Roman-feuilletons Blue comedy films USE Parody television programs Romans-feuilleton Ribald comedies (Motion pictures) Senior projects Serialised fiction Ribald comedy films USE Academic theses BT Fiction Ribald films Senior theses Sex comedies (Motion pictures) USE Academic theses Sexual comedies (Motion pictures) Senryu Three-line unrhymed humorous poems consisting

GF-82 Sexual comedy films Shavuos music Shortwave radio broadcasts BT Comedy films USE Shavuot music UF Broadcasts, Shortwave radio Sex comedy plays Shavuot music Radio broadcasts, Shortwave USE Bawdy plays Music that is traditionally associated with Shavuot. BT Radio programs Sex exploitation films UF Chag Hashavuot music Shovuos music USE Pornographic films Feast of First Fruits music USE Shavuot music Sex films (Pornographic films) Feast of Weeks music Shovuoth music USE Pornographic films Festival of Reaping music USE Shavuot music Sex-oriented periodicals Festival of the Giving of the Torah music Show business films USE Erotic periodicals Ḥag ha-bikurim music Films that feature a behind-the-scenes look at the Sex periodicals Ḥag Matan Toratenu music show business industry. USE Erotic periodicals Jewish Pentecost music BT Motion pictures Sexploitation films Shabuot music Show business television programs USE Pornographic films Shabuoth music Television programs that feature a behind-the- scenes look at the show business industry. Sextains Shavuos music USE Sestinas Shavuoth music BT Television programs Sextines Shevuos music Shows, Musical USE Sestinas Shevuot music USE Musicals Sexual comedies (Motion pictures) Shevuoth music Shows, Radio USE Sex comedy films Shovuos music USE Radio programs Sexual comedy films Shovuoth music Shows, Television USE Sex comedy films BT Pilgrimage music USE Television programs Sexual minority comics Sacred music Shrek films USE Queer comics Shavuoth music USE Children's films Sexually oriented periodicals USE Shavuot music Comedy films USE Erotic periodicals Sheet music Computer animation films Shaʻbī USE Notated music Fantasy films USE Chaabi Sherlock Holmes films Shrove Tuesday plays Shabuot music USE Detective and mystery films USE Fastnachtsspiele USE Shavuot music Sherlock Holmes television programs Shrovetide plays Shabuoth music USE Detective and mystery television programs USE Fastnachtsspiele USE Shavuot music Shevuos music Sicilian octaves Shadow drama USE Shavuot music USE Strambotti USE Shadow plays Shevuot music Sicilianas (Music) Shadow figure plays USE Shavuot music UF Sicilianos (Music) USE Shadow plays Shevuoth music Siciliennes (Music) Shadow pantomimes USE Shavuot music BT Art music USE Shadow plays Shigin Sicilianos (Music) Shadow plays BT Chants USE Sicilianas (Music) Plays in which the characters and scenery consist Shiite passion plays Siciliennes (Music) of shadows cast onto a screen by two-dimensional USE Taʻziyah USE Sicilianas (Music) and other objects. Shing-a-lings (Music) Side-looking airborne radar images UF Nang drama USE Boogaloos (Music) USE Remote-sensing images Nang talung plays Shock rock (Music) Siguidillas (Music) Nang yai plays USE Glam rock (Music) USE Seguidillas (Music) Shadow drama Shoegaze (Music) Siguiriyas (Music) Shadow figure plays UF Dreampop (Music) USE Seguidillas (Music) Shadow pantomimes Shoegazing (Music) Sijo Traditional Korean lyrics with stanzas that average Shadow puppet plays BT Alternative rock music Shadow shows 45 syllables, arranged in three lines of four phrase- Shoegazing (Music) groupings apiece. Wayang kulit plays USE Shoegaze (Music) Filmed shadow plays [Former heading] BT Poetry Shōmyō NT Sasŏl sijo BT Puppet plays BT Chants Shadow puppet plays Silent comics Sacred music USE Wordless comics USE Shadow plays Shooting scripts (Motion pictures) Shadow shows Silent film music USE Screenplays Musical works composed or adapted to USE Shadow plays Shop sounds (Workshop sounds) accompany silent films. For musical works composed Shadows, Books of USE Workshop sounds for sound films or performed on soundtracks see Motion picture music. USE Grimoires Short feature films Shaft films USE Short films UF Music for silent films USE Blaxploitation films Short fiction BT Motion picture music Detective and mystery films USE Short stories Silent films Shaggy dog stories Short films Films produced in the early days of the motion Lengthy, improbable, and ultimately pointless picture industry before the advent of talking films. Films that are usually limited to a running time of stories ending in an anti-, as well as for jokes in UF Silent motion pictures which a pun is finally achieved after a long (and less than 40 minutes. ideally tedious) exposition. UF Private Snafu films [Former heading] BT Motion pictures NT Actualities (Motion pictures) UF Feghoots Short feature films Silent motion pictures Groaners Shorts (Motion pictures) USE Silent films Yarns (Shaggy dog stories) BT Motion pictures Silhouette animation films BT Humor NT Actualities (Motion pictures) UF Flat-figure animation films Shake-up rhymes Chase films Sand animation films USE Schüttelreims Novelty films Semi-object animation films Shandong kuai shu Trigger films BT Animated films USE Kuai shu Short graphic novels Silk-screen prints Shang hen literature USE Graphic novels USE Screen prints USE Scar literature Short-short stories Silk screens Shang hen wen xue USE Flash fiction USE Screen prints USE Scar literature Short stories Silkscreen prints Shanghen literature UF Short fiction USE Screen prints USE Scar literature BT Fiction Silkscreens Shanghen wenxue NT Flash fiction USE Screen prints USE Scar literature Linked stories Simḥat Torah music Shanties Short stories, Graphic Music that is traditionally associated with Simḥat USE Sea shanties USE Graphic novels Torah. Short story comics Shape-note hymnals BT Event music USE Graphic novels BT Hymnals Sacred music Short story cycles Shape poetry Simplified editions (Music) USE Linked stories USE Pattern poetry BT Arrangements (Music) Short story sequences Shaped poetry Sinfonias (Symphonies) USE Linked stories USE Pattern poetry USE Symphonies Shorts (Motion pictures) USE Short films

GF-83 Sinfonie (Symphonies) Sketch books personally written or orally related by the slave. USE Symphonies USE Sketchbooks BT Autobiographies Sinfoniettas Sketch comedies Slice and dice films USE Symphonies USE Comedy sketches USE Slasher films Singing commercials Sketch comedy television programs Slide-and-peek books BT Functional music UF Sketch shows (Television programs) USE Lift-the-flap books Radio commercials Skit shows (Television programs) Slowed and chopped (Music) Television commercials Television sketch comedy programs USE Chopped and screwed (Music) NT Jingles (Advertising songs) BT Comedy sketches Slowed and throwed (Music) Singing cowboy films Television comedies USE Chopped and screwed (Music) Films that feature a non-violent, singing cowboy Sketch films Sludge (Music) hero. USE Anthology films USE Sludge metal (Music) BT Western films Sketch shows (Television programs) Sludge metal (Music) Singing cowboy television programs USE Sketch comedy television programs UF Sludge (Music) Television programs that feature a non-violent, Sketchbooks BT Heavy metal (Music) singing cowboy hero. Books with blank pages on which artists draw Slumber songs BT Western television programs informal or rough preliminary studies. For books with USE Lullabies (Songs) Singing games blank pages that are used for taking notes, see Notebooks. Smell books UF Action songs USE Scented books BT Musical games UF Sketch books Sketchpads SMS novels Songs USE Cell phone novels Single-act operas BT Records (Documents) Sketches Snapshots USE One-act operas USE Photographs Single-act plays USE Drawings Sketches, Biographical Sniff books USE One-act plays USE Scented books Single-topic maps USE Biographies Sketches, Composer's Snowball verse USE Thematic maps USE Rhopalic verse Singspiels USE Musical sketches Sketches, Musical Snuff films USE Operas Films that feature a murder as the climax of sexual Sinoega USE Musical sketches activity. Sketchpads USE Hyangga BT Exploitation films USE Sketchbooks Sirventes Pornographic films Skiffle Medieval Provençal poems that consist of invective So-ca (Music) or satire. Popular music developed in England during the 1950s that is based on hillbilly music and rock and USE Soca (Music) BT Lyric poetry roll, and that is played by bands of standard and Soap operas, Radio (Television programs) improvised instruments. USE Radio soap operas USE Situation comedies (Television programs) BT Popular music Soap operas, Television Situation comedies, Radio Skin flicks USE Television soap operas USE Radio comedies USE Pornographic films Soca (Music) Situation comedies (Television programs) Skipping rhymes (Jump rope rhymes) UF So-ca (Music) UF Sitcoms (Television programs) USE Jump rope rhymes Soka (Music) Television sitcoms Skipping rope rhymes BT Dance music Television situation comedies USE Jump rope rhymes Soul music BT Television comedies Skipping songs (Jump rope rhymes) Soccer films RT Domestic comedy television programs USE Jump rope rhymes USE Sports films Sixteen-pagers (Tijuana bibles) Skit shows (Television programs) Soccer games, Televised USE Tijuana bibles USE Sketch comedy television programs USE Televised soccer games Ska (Music) Slapstick comedy films Soccer television programs UF Bluebeat Films that derive humor from . USE Sports television programs BT Popular music UF Low comedy films Televised soccer games NT Ska punk (Music) Slapstick films Social attitude surveys Ska-core (Music) Three Stooges films [Former heading] USE Public opinion polls UF Skacore (Music) BT Comedy films Social comedy films BT Hardcore (Music) Slapstick comedy plays USE Sophisticated comedy films Ska punk (Music) UF Knockabout comedy plays Social consciousness films Ska punk (Music) Knockabout farce plays USE Social problem films BT Punk rock music Slapstick plays Social consciousness television programs Ska (Music) BT Farces USE Social problem television programs NT Ska-core (Music) Slapstick comedy television programs Social fiction (Social problem fiction) Skacore (Music) Television programs that derive humor from USE Social problem fiction USE Ska-core (Music) physical comedy. Social guidance films Skaldic poetry BT Television comedies Films that guide people, especially teenagers, in Medieval Scandinavian and Icelandic court poetry. Slapstick films proper behavior, dating, personal safety, etc. UF Scaldic poetry USE Slapstick comedy films UF Guidance films, Social Skaldic verse Slapstick plays Mental hygiene films BT Poetry USE Slapstick comedy plays BT Educational films Skaldic verse SLAR images Social issue comics USE Skaldic poetry USE Remote-sensing images UF Social issues comics Skate core (Music) Slasher films Social protest comics USE Skate punk music Films that feature a psychotic killer who stalks and Sociological comics Skate punk music a series of victims, usually with BT Comics (Graphic works) UF Skate core (Music) unconventional weapons. For films that feature graphic depictions of gore, hard-core violence, and Social issue fiction Skate rock music murder see Splatter films. USE Social problem fiction Skatepunk music UF Body count films Social issues comics BT Punk rock music Dead teenager films USE Social issue comics Skate rock music Friday the 13th films [Former heading] Social problem drama USE Skate punk music Hack-and-slash films USE Problem plays Skatepunk music Slasher movies Social problem fiction USE Skate punk music Slashers (Motion pictures) Fiction that features a specific social ill, or contemporary political issue, to draw attention to it. Skeltoniads Slice and dice films USE Skeltonic verse Stalk-and-slash films UF Industrial fiction Skeltonic verse Stalker films (Slasher films) Muckraking fiction Poems consisting of short, irregular lines with BT Horror films Problem fiction parallelism, multiple rhymes, and abundant Propaganda fiction alliteration. Slasher movies USE Slasher films Romans à thèse UF Skeltoniads Social fiction (Social problem fiction) Skeltonics Slashers (Motion pictures) USE Slasher films Social issue fiction Tumbling verse Social protest fiction BT Poetry Slave narratives Accounts of fugitive or former slaves, that are Sociological fiction Skeltonics Thesis fiction USE Skeltonic verse BT Fiction

GF-84 Social problem films Songs Songs, Skipping (Jump rope rhymes) Films that dramatize a specific social ill, or a Relatively short vocal secular or sacred USE Jump rope rhymes contemporary political issue, to draw attention to it. compositions for any number of solo or choral voices, Songs without words (Instrumental music) UF Social consciousness films with or without accompaniment. For texts of songs that appear without a musical setting see Song texts. Instrumental compositions in song style. For BT Informational works compositions for solo voice(s) without text see Motion pictures UF Arias Vocalises. Social problem plays Ariettas BT Art music USE Problem plays Lieder Songs without words (Vocal music) Social problem television programs Solo songs USE Vocalises Television programs that dramatize a specific BT Music Songsters social ill, or a contemporary political issue, to draw NT Aguinaldos BT Song texts attention to it. Airs de cour Sonnets UF DeGrassi television programs [Former Ayres Lyric poems consisting of 14 rhymed lines. heading] Ballades (Formes fixes) BT Lyric poetry Social consciousness television programs Ballate Sonorist rhythms (Poetry) BT Informational works Barbershop (Music) USE Sound poetry Television programs Bergerettes (Songs) Sophisticated comedy films Social protest comics Brunettes (Songs) Films that feature the lives of the rich and urbane, USE Social issue comics Camp songs particularly their marital and romantic relationships. Social protest fiction Campaign songs UF High comedy films USE Social problem fiction Carols Social comedy films Social thesis drama Chapka BT Comedy films USE Problem plays Clausulas (Songs) Sophisticated comedy television programs Social thesis plays Conductus Television comedies that feature the lives of the USE Problem plays Contrafacta rich and urbane, particularly their marital and romantic relationships. Society poetry Cowboy songs USE Society verse Dādrās BT Television comedies Society verse Décimas (Music) Sorority and fraternity songs Epigrammatic or lyrical poems dealing with the Dhrupad USE Fraternity and sorority songs superficial problems and events of sophisticated and Dikir barat Soukous (Music) polite society. Dirges (Music) UF Soukouss (Music) UF Light verse Dodoitsu (Songs) BT Folk music Society poetry Dondang sayang Popular music Vers de société Drinking songs Soukouss (Music) BT Poetry Enka USE Soukous (Music) Sociological comics Epicedia (Music) Soul music USE Social issue comics Erotic songs BT Popular music Sociological fiction Folias (Music) NT Carolina beach music USE Social problem fiction Folk songs Philadelphia soul (Music) Soft rock (Folk-rock music) Fraternity and sorority songs Soca (Music) USE Folk-rock music Ghazals (Music) Sound art Soft rock (Music) Hát ả đào UF Ars acustica BT Rock music Hobo songs Audio art Soggetto, Commedia a Humorous songs Sound art installations USE Commedia dell'arte Hymns BT Art Soil surveys Jingles (Advertising songs) Music UF Surveys, Soil Jiuta NT Soundscapes (Music) BT Informational works Jongos (Music) Sound art installations Soka (Music) Kāfī (Music) USE Sound art USE Soca (Music) Kagok Sound bites, Radio Soliloquies Keroncong USE Radio actualities Speeches uttered by a character in a play who Khayāl Sound books reveals his or her inner thoughts while alone on stage UF Melody books or while under the impression of being alone. Laude Music box books BT Monologues (Drama) Love songs Lullabies (Songs) Musical books Solo plays Noisy books USE Monodramas (Literature) Malhūn (Music) Minnesang Play-a-song books Solo songs Play-a-sound books USE Songs Monophonic chansons Nagauta Sound box books Sonatas Sound effects books UF Sonatinas Narrative songs Nigunim BT Toy and movable books BT Art music Sound box books Sonatinas Part songs Peyote songs USE Sound books USE Sonatas Sound effects books Sones Plenas Polyphonic chansons USE Sound books BT Folk music Sound effects recordings Popular music Polyphonic Lieder Powwow songs Prepared recordings of collections of various NT Huapangos (Music) sounds for use in audio and video production. Protest songs Sones cubanos UF Audio effects recordings Quodlibets (Music) Sones cubanos BT Sound recordings Rebetika BT Sones RT Production music Rondeaux (Formes fixes) Sones huastecos (Music) Sound guides Saetas USE Huapangos (Music) USE Audio guides Saibara Song-books Sound of Philadelphia (Music) Saluang jo dendang USE Songbooks USE Philadelphia soul (Music) Scat singing Song cycles Sound poetry School songs BT Art music Poetry meant to be performed that emphasizes Songs Singing games sounds instead of the semantic meaning of the words Song texts Song cycles themselves. For poetry that is meant to be performed and that is heavily stressed, metrically regular, and BT Musical texts Tasnifs Tembang Sunda characterized by improvisation, free association, and RT Lyric poetry , see Spoken word poetry. Twist songs NT Carol texts UF Phonetic poetry Vaudeville songs Folk song texts Poesie sonore Villanelle (Songs) Hymn texts Sonorist rhythms (Poetry) Virelais (Formes fixes) Songsters BT Poetry Vocalises Songbooks NT Jitanjáforas Work songs Collections of mainly secular vocal music for group Sound recording lists singing, often scored on two staves. Yodels USE Discographies Songs, Cover UF Community songbooks Sound recordings USE Cover versions Song-books UF Interviews (Sound recordings) [Former Songs, Rope (Jump rope rhymes) BT Notated music heading] USE Jump rope rhymes

GF-85 Sound recordings (Continued) UF Space operas [Former heading] Speech corpora Recordings, Sound Space travel fiction UF Audio data NT Aircraft sounds BT Action and adventure fiction Speech data Alternate takes (Sound recordings) Science fiction Spoken corpora Ambient sounds Space operas (Motion pictures) Spoken data Audio equipment test recordings Large-scale action and adventure films involving BT Data sets Audio guides space travel. Speech data Audiobooks UF Space adventure films USE Speech corpora Award presentations (Sound recordings) Space exploration films Speeches Children's sound recordings Space films UF Academic addresses City sounds Space flight films Addresses (Speeches) Cover versions Space travel films Filmed speeches [Former heading] Demo recordings BT Action and adventure films Legislative speeches [Former heading] Field recordings Science fiction films Orations Film soundtracks Space travel fiction Public addresses Household sounds USE Space operas (Fiction) Radio speeches [Former heading] Human sounds Space travel films Speechlets Live sound recordings USE Space operas (Motion pictures) Talks (Speeches) Machinery sounds Spaghetti disco (Music) Televised speeches [Former heading] Medical sounds USE Italo disco (Music) BT Discursive works Motor vehicle sounds Spaghetti Easterns NT Campaign speeches Nature sounds USE Martial arts films Occasional speeches Office sounds films Toasts (Speeches) Original cast recordings USE Spaghetti Westerns Speechlets Personal recordings Spaghetti Westerns USE Speeches Podcasts Western films usually produced or co-produced by (Music) Italian companies and filmed in Europe. Poetry readings (Sound recordings) USE UK garage (Music) Radio programs UF Continental Westerns (Music) Railroad sounds Eurowesterns USE Thrash metal (Music) Recorded accompaniments Italo-Westerns Spider-Man films Remixes (Music) Paella Westerns USE Superhero films Sampler albums (Sound recordings) Spaghetti Western films Spiegel (Rechtsbücher) Sound effects recordings BT Western films USE Rechtsbücher Studio recordings Spanish trap (Music) Spirit writings Television soundtracks USE Latin trap (Music) Automatic writing said to have been produced Test pressings (Sound recordings) Speaking with music under the influence of spirits. Visual albums USE Monologues (Music) BT Discursive works Workshop sounds Spear-and-sandal epics (Motion pictures) Spiritual exercises Sound recordings for children USE Peplum films USE Devotional literature USE Children's sound recordings Special announcements, Radio Spirituals (Songs) Sound-text compositions USE Radio announcements UF African American spirituals USE Text-sound compositions Special events (Television programs) BT Folk songs Soundbites, Radio USE Special events television coverage Hymns USE Radio actualities Special events radio coverage Splatter films Radio reports of noteworthy events, often featuring Films that feature graphic depictions of gore, hard- Soundscapes (Music) several commentators and combining studio reports Musical compositions that consist of natural or core violence, and murder. For films that feature a with on-the-scene coverage. For radio programs that psychotic killer who stalks and murders a series of synthetic sounds from specific locations that are feature commentators in the studio reporting on sometimes manipulated electronically. victims, usually with unconventional weapons, see current events and noteworthy issues see Radio Slasher films. news programs. For radio reportorial pieces recorded UF Environmental sound compositions UF Gore-fests (Motion pictures) BT Art music on location see Radio field reports. UF Radio coverage, Special events Gore films Sound art Gorno (Splatter films) RT Nature sounds BT Discursive works Informational works Splatter flicks Soundtracks, Film Splatter movies USE Film soundtracks Nonfiction radio programs Special events television coverage Torture porn (Splatter films) Soundtracks, Motion picture BT Horror films USE Film soundtracks Television programs that record live, on-the-scene coverage of special events. For television programs Splatter flicks Soundtracks, Movie that report and comment on recent events see USE Splatter films USE Film soundtracks Television news programs. Splatter movies Soundtracks, Television UF Special events (Television programs) USE Splatter films USE Television soundtracks BT Discursive works Split-page books Sousedskás (Music) Informational works Books with pages split into two or more sections to BT Dance music Nonfiction television programs enable interactive mixing and matching of images. South Asian classical music Special-purpose maps UF Mix-and-match books USE Art music USE Thematic maps BT Toy and movable books South Indian classical music Special television programs Spoken corpora USE Carnatic music USE Television specials USE Speech corpora South-up maps Specials, Radio Spoken data USE Upside-down maps USE Radio specials USE Speech corpora Southern tone (Naamyam) Species at risk recovery plans Spoken word poetry USE Naamyam USE Wildlife recovery plans Poetry that is meant to be performed and that is Souvenir albums Species recovery plans heavily stressed, metrically regular, and USE Albums (Books) characterized by improvisation, free association, and USE Wildlife recovery plans word play. For poetry meant to be performed that Souvenir programs Specifications (Standards) emphasizes sounds instead of the semantic meaning USE Programs (Publications) USE Standards (Reference works) of the words themselves see Sound poetry. Space adventure films Spectacles (Motion pictures) UF Performance poetry USE Space operas (Motion pictures) USE Epic films Spoken word verse Space exploration films Spectacles (Television programs) BT Poetry USE Space operas (Motion pictures) USE Epic television programs Spoken word verse Space films Spectaculars (Motion pictures) USE Spoken word poetry USE Space operas (Motion pictures) USE Epic films Sponsored films Space flight films Spectaculars (Television programs) Films produced, subsidized, financed, or otherwise USE Space operas (Motion pictures) USE Epic television programs significantly supported by a business, government Space operas body, organization, etc. For films that promote or Spectral music advertise a product, industry, service, organization, USE Space operas (Fiction) Music that uses the acoustic properties of sound etc. see Promotional films. Space operas (Comics) itself (or sound spectra) as the basis for its UF Sponsoring films Large-scale action and adventure comics involving compositional material. space travel. UF Musique spectrale BT Motion pictures BT Action and adventure comics BT Art music RT Promotional films Science fiction comics Speculative histories Sponsored television programs Television programs produced, subsidized, Space operas (Fiction) USE Counterfactual histories Large-scale action and adventure fiction involving space travel.

GF-86 financed, or otherwise significantly supported by a Sports news radio programs Stalker films (Slasher films) business, government body, organization, etc. For USE Sports radio news programs USE Slasher films television programs that promote or advertise a product, industry, service, organization, etc., see Sports plays Stampitas (Music) Promotional television programs. UF Sporting drama USE Estampies (Music) UF Sponsoring television programs Sporting plays Stand-up books BT Television programs Sports drama USE Pop-up books RT Promotional television programs BT Drama Stand-up comedy routines Sponsoring films Sports poetry UF Comedy routines, Stand-up USE Sponsored films UF Sporting poetry Filmed stand-up comedy routines [Former Sponsoring television programs BT Poetry heading] USE Sponsored television programs Sports posters Televised stand-up comedy routines [Former Spoof films UF Sport posters heading] USE Parody films Sporting event posters BT Humor Spoof television programs Sporting posters Standards (Reference works) USE Parody television programs BT Posters UF Specifications (Standards) Spoofs Sports radio news programs Technical standards USE Parodies (Literature) UF Sports news radio programs BT Reference works Spoofs (Motion pictures) BT Radio news programs Stantipes (Music) USE Parody films Sports stories (Fiction) USE Estampies (Music) Spoofs (Television programs) USE Sports fiction Star globes USE Parody television programs Sports stories (Nonfiction) USE Celestial globes Spookfests (Motion pictures) USE Sports writing Star Trek films USE Horror films Sports television programs USE Science fiction films Spoonerisms UF Baseball television programs [Former heading] Star Trek television programs Humorous mistakes in which the speaker switches Basketball television programs [Former USE Science fiction television programs the initial sounds of two or more words. heading] Star Wars films BT Humor Football television programs [Former heading] USE Science fiction films Sport comics Golf television programs [Former heading] Stariny USE Sports comics Hockey television programs [Former heading] USE Epic poetry Sport fiction Soccer television programs [Former heading] State bar journals USE Sports fiction Tennis television programs [Former heading] USE Bar journals Sport posters BT Television programs Statements, Environmental impact USE Sports posters NT Televised sports events USE Environmental impact statements Sporting comics Sports writing Station drama USE Sports comics UF Sports stories (Nonfiction) Plays that consist of a series of fragmentary Sporting drama Sportswriting episodes in the life of the main character instead of narrative progression or plot. USE Sports plays BT Creative nonfiction Sporting event posters Sportswriting UF Stationen-drama USE Sports posters USE Sports writing Stationendrama Sporting events, Filmed Spots, Radio (Announcements) BT Episodic plays USE Filmed sports events USE Radio announcements Station identifications, Radio Sporting events, Radio Spots, Radio (Commercials) USE Radio station identifications USE Radio sports events USE Radio commercials Station IDs, Radio Sporting events, Televised Spy comics USE Radio station identifications USE Televised sports events UF Cloak and dagger comics Stationen-drama Sporting fiction Espionage comics USE Station drama USE Sports fiction BT Comics (Graphic works) Stationendrama Sporting films Spy fiction USE Station drama USE Sports films UF Cloak and dagger fiction Stationery Sporting plays Espionage fiction BT Ephemera USE Sports plays BT Fiction Statistical data Sporting poetry Spy films USE Statistics USE Sports poetry UF Austin Powers films [Former heading] Statistical maps Sporting posters Bourne films [Former heading] UF Maps of residuals USE Sports posters Cloak and dagger films Residuals, Maps of Sports comics Espionage films BT Maps UF Sport comics James Bond films [Former heading] Statistics Sporting comics Secret agent films UF Data, Statistical BT Comics (Graphic works) Secret service films Statistical data Sports drama BT Motion pictures Stats USE Sports plays Spy radio programs BT Reference works Sports events, Filmed UF Espionage radio programs NT Biostatistics USE Filmed sports events Radio espionage programs Judicial statistics Sports events, Radio Radio spy programs Medical statistics USE Radio sports events BT Radio programs Vital statistics Sports events, Televised RT Radio crime shows Statistics, Burial USE Televised sports events Spy television programs USE Death registers Sports fiction UF Espionage television programs Stats UF Sport fiction BT Television programs USE Statistics Sporting fiction Square dance music Statues Sports stories (Fiction) BT Dance music USE Sculptures BT Fiction Folk music Statutes, Compiled Sports films Squared away (Puzzles) USE Statutes and codes UF Baseball films [Former heading] USE Sudoku puzzles Statutes, Revised Basketball films [Former heading] Stadtrechtsbücher USE Statutes and codes Boxing films [Former heading] USE Rechtsbücher Statutes and codes Texts of individual laws as well as codes and Cricket films [Former heading] Stag films compilations of laws passed by a legislature. For laws Curling films [Former heading] USE Pornographic films enacted by a legislature during a particular session or Football films [Former heading] Stage adaptations sessions see Session laws. Golf films [Former heading] USE Theatrical adaptations UF Acts, Legislative Hockey films [Former heading] Stage music Amendments, Legislative Horse racing films [Former heading] USE Dramatic music By-laws, Tribal Ice skating films [Former heading] Stage noir Codes and statutes Roller skating films [Former heading] USE Noir plays Compiled legislation Soccer films [Former heading] Stage plays Compiled statutes Sporting films USE Drama Consolidated laws Surfing films [Former heading] Stage scripts Directives (European Union) Tennis films [Former heading] USE Drama Enactments Wrestling films [Former heading] Stage thrillers Laws BT Motion pictures USE Thriller plays Laws, Consolidated Stalk-and-slash films Legislation, Compiled USE Slasher films

GF-87 Statutes and codes (Continued) Stop-action animation films Stream of consciousness fiction Legislative acts USE Stop-motion animation films Fiction that features a character's perceptions, Legislative amendments Stop-motion animated films thoughts, and memories in an apparently random order. Ordinances, Tribal USE Stop-motion animation films Revised statutes Stop-motion animation films BT Psychological fiction Statutes, Compiled UF Frame-by-frame animation films Street fiction Statutes, Revised Object animation films USE Urban fiction Tribal ordinances Stop-action animation films Street films Films that represent the downtown street as a Tribal by-laws Stop-motion animated films dangerous lure. BT Informational works BT Animated films BT Motion pictures Law materials NT Clay animation films Street lit RT Administrative regulations Stories USE Urban fiction Codices (Law) USE Fiction Street literature Customary laws Stories, Apadana USE Urban fiction Legislative bills USE Avadana stories Street maps NT Municipal ordinances Stories, Avadana USE Road maps Session laws USE Avadana stories Streitgedichte Statutory instruments Stories, Bible USE Debate poetry USE Administrative regulations USE Bible stories Strip maps Statutory rules and orders Stories, Biblical BT Maps USE Administrative regulations USE Bible stories Strips, Bumper Steampunk comics Stories, Book of Mormon USE Bumper stickers Science fiction comics set in the 19th century that USE Book of Mormon stories Structural films feature steam-powered machinery and related Stories, Buddhist birth technologies extrapolated from the science of that Films that use photographic techniques to era. USE Jataka stories investigate the nature of film as an aesthetic experience. BT Science fiction comics Stories, Clock Steampunk fiction USE Cumulative tales UF Structuralist films Science fiction set in the 19th century that features Stories, Doctrine and Covenants BT Experimental films steam-powered machinery and related technologies USE Doctrine and Covenants stories Structuralist films extrapolated from the science of that era. Stories, Fairy USE Structural films BT Science fiction USE Fairy tales Studies, Case Steampunk films Stories, Hadith USE Case studies BT Fantasy films USE Hadith stories Studies, Concert Science fiction films Stories, Jataka USE Concert etudes Steampunk music USE Jataka stories Studies (Music) BT Popular music Stories, Koran Musical works and exercises designed for practice Stenchcore (Music) USE Qurʼan stories with the aim of perfecting a facet of performing technique. For instrumental pieces designed for USE Crust (Music) Stories, Koranic performance in order to exploit a facet of performing Stereometric maps USE Qurʼan stories technique see Concert etudes. USE Photogrammetric maps Stories, New Testament UF Etudes (Studies) Stereoscopic films USE Bible stories Exercises (Music) USE 3-D films Stories, Old Testament BT Teaching pieces (Music) Stereotopographic maps USE Bible stories RT Concert etudes USE Photogrammetric maps Stories, Qurʼan Studio recordings Stick charts USE Qurʼan stories Sound recordings made in a controlled studio Charts made by Pacific Islanders that indicate the Stories, Qurʼanic environment or other venue without a live audience pattern of swells and wave masses caused by wind. USE Qurʼan stories that may use sound engineering techniques not BT Maps Stories, Tall available in a live performance. Stickers, Bumper USE Tall tales BT Sound recordings USE Bumper stickers Stories in rhyme Study aids Stochastic music Short fictional works written in rhymed text. For USE Study guides Musical compositions composed through the novel-length fictional narratives expressed in poetry Study guides application of mathematical processes based on see Novels in verse. Works designed to help prepare for examinations to various aspects of the music, such as UF Rhymed stories or courses of study. For practice problems and , pitch or dynamics, either to create a static exercises designed to develop and improve skills in composition or to improvise a performance. Rhyming stories an area of study, see Problems and exercises. Stories in verse BT Art music UF Examination study guides Verse stories Stock footage Study aids BT Fiction Pre-recorded footage used or collected and Test guides Narrative poetry organized to be used in the production of films, BT Instructional and educational works television programs, and video recordings. Stories in verse Style-books USE Stories in rhyme UF Found footage (Motion pictures, television, USE Style manuals Stories without words etc.) Style guides USE Wordless novels Library film USE Style manuals Wordless picture books Library shots (Motion pictures, television, etc.) Style manuals Story books, Wordless Motion picture stock materials UF Style guides USE Wordless picture books Stock materials (Motion pictures, television, Style sheets Story cycles etc.) Style-books USE Linked stories Stock shots (Motion pictures, television, etc.) BT Handbooks and manuals Story sequences Stockshot (Motion pictures, television, etc.) Style sheets USE Linked stories BT Motion pictures USE Style manuals Storybooks, Wordless Television programs Su do ku puzzles USE Wordless picture books Video recordings USE Sudoku puzzles RT Unedited footage Strambotti Poems consisting of six or eight 11-syllable lines. Su doku puzzles Stock materials (Motion pictures, television, etc.) USE Sudoku puzzles UF Napoletani, Ottave USE Stock footage Subcultural films Octaves, Sicilian Stock shots (Motion pictures, television, etc.) USE Subculture films Octaves, Tuscan USE Stock footage Subculture cult films Octava rimas Stockshot (Motion pictures, television, etc.) USE Subculture films Ottava rimas USE Stock footage Subculture films Ottava toscanas Stoner doom (Music) UF Cult films, Subculture Ottave napoletani USE Stoner rock (Music) Subcultural films Ottave siciliane Stoner metal (Music) Subculture cult films Ottave toscane USE Stoner rock (Music) Subculture movies Rispetti Stoner rock (Music) BT Motion pictures Sicilian octaves UF Stoner metal (Music) NT Punk films Strambotti popolari Stoner doom (Music) Subculture movies Tuscan octaves BT Heavy metal (Music) USE Subculture films BT Poetry Psychedelic rock music Subject catalogs (Library catalogs) Strambotti popolari Stoneware USE Library catalogs USE Pottery USE Strambotti Strathspeys (Music) BT Reels (Music)

GF-88 Subject headings Superhero plays Surveys, Population USE Controlled vocabularies UF Superhero drama USE Demographic surveys plays Surveys, Population health UF Submarine movies BT Drama USE Health surveys Submarine war films Superhero television programs Surveys, Public attitude BT War films BT Fantasy television programs USE Public opinion polls Submarine movies Science fiction television programs Surveys, Public health USE Submarine films Superheroes films USE Health surveys Submarine war films USE Superhero films Surveys, Public opinion USE Submarine films Superman films USE Public opinion polls Subordinate legislation USE Superhero films Surveys, Social attitude USE Administrative regulations Supernatural comics USE Public opinion polls Subsidiary legislation USE Paranormal comics Surveys, Soil USE Administrative regulations Supernatural drama USE Soil surveys Subterranean fiction USE Paranormal drama Surveys, Traffic UF Hollow-Earth fiction Supernatural fiction USE Traffic surveys BT Action and adventure fiction USE Paranormal fiction Surveys, Vegetation Science fiction Supernatural poetry USE Botanical surveys Suburban newspapers USE Paranormal poetry Surveys, Wildlife USE Community newspapers Supernatural television programs USE Zoological surveys Succos music USE Paranormal television programs Surveys, Zoological USE Sukkot music Supernaturalist comics USE Zoological surveys Succoth music USE Paranormal comics Survival films USE Sukkot music Supernaturalist drama Films that feature individuals or groups struggling Sudden fiction USE Paranormal drama for their lives in a harsh setting. For films that feature a man-made or natural calamity that places people in USE Flash fiction Supernaturalist fiction imminent danger see Disaster films. Suddulu plays USE Paranormal fiction UF Survival pictures (Motion pictures) USE Burrakatha plays Supernaturalist poetry BT Motion pictures Sudoku puzzles USE Paranormal poetry RT Disaster films UF Nanpure (Puzzles) Supernaturalist television programs NT Apocalyptic films Nine numbers (Puzzles) USE Paranormal television programs Survival pictures (Motion pictures) Number place (Puzzles) Supervillain comics USE Survival films Squared away (Puzzles) USE Superhero comics Survival television programs Su do ku puzzles Supervillain fiction Television programs that feature individuals or Su doku puzzles USE Superhero fiction groups struggling for their lives in a harsh setting. For Sūji wa dokushin ni kagiru (Puzzles) Supervillain plays television programs that feature a man-made or Suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru (Puzzles) USE Superhero plays natural calamity that places people in imminent danger see Disaster television programs. BT Puzzles and games Surf music Suites UF Surf rock BT Television programs UF Cassations BT Rock music RT Disaster television programs Divertimenti Surf rock NT Apocalyptic television programs Divertimentos USE Surf music comics Nachtmusik Surface models, Digital USE Thriller comics Notturni USE Digital elevation models Suspense drama Notturnos Surfing films USE Thriller plays Partitas USE Sports films Suspense fiction Serenades (Instrumental music) Surrealist films USE Thrillers (Fiction) BT Art music Films that employ , juxtaposition of Suspense films Sūji wa dokushin ni kagiru (Puzzles) unlike objects, dream-like sequences, etc., to allow USE Thrillers (Motion pictures) the viewer's subconscious to make free associations. USE Sudoku puzzles Suspense plays Sukkot music BT Experimental films USE Thriller plays Music that is traditionally associated with Sukkot. RT Dadaist films Suspense radio programs UF Feast of Booths music Surveys, Angler creel USE Thrillers (Radio programs) Feast of Tabernacles music USE Fishing surveys Suspense television programs Succos music Surveys, Angling USE Thrillers (Television programs) Succoth music USE Fishing surveys Suspense thriller films Sukkoth music Surveys, Animal USE Thrillers (Motion pictures) Sukos music USE Zoological surveys Suspense thrillers (Drama) Sukot music Surveys, Archaeological USE Thriller plays BT Pilgrimage music USE Archaeological surveys Suspense thrillers (Motion pictures) Sacred music Surveys, Archeological USE Thrillers (Motion pictures) Sukkoth music USE Archaeological surveys Suspense thrillers (Radio programs) USE Sukkot music Surveys, Attitude USE Thrillers (Radio programs) Sukos music USE Public opinion polls Suspense thrillers (Television programs) USE Sukkot music Surveys, Botanical USE Thrillers (Television programs) Sukot music USE Botanical surveys Suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru (Puzzles) USE Sukkot music Surveys, Creel USE Sudoku puzzles Summaries, Plot USE Fishing surveys Suzhou chantefable USE Plot summaries Surveys, Demographic USE Tan ci Summaries of publications USE Demographic surveys Suzhou tanci USE Abstracts Surveys, Fauna USE Tan ci Sun-and-sand films USE Zoological surveys Swamp pop music USE Beach party films Surveys, Faunal BT Popular music Superhero comics USE Zoological surveys Swashbuckler fiction UF Supervillain comics Surveys, Fisher USE Action and adventure fiction BT Comics (Graphic works) USE Fishing surveys Swashbuckler films Surveys, Fishing Films that feature heroic characters in period Superhero drama costume and have swordplay as a central element. USE Superhero plays USE Fishing surveys Surveys, Flora UF Swashbucklers (Motion pictures) Superhero fiction Swashbuckling films UF Supervillain fiction USE Botanical surveys Surveys, Floristic Sword-fight films BT Fantasy fiction Swordplay films Science fiction USE Botanical surveys Surveys, Health films [Former heading] Superhero films BT Motion pictures UF Batman films [Former heading] USE Health surveys Surveys, Hunter RT Action and adventure films Comic strip superhero films NT Pirate films Comic strip superheroes films USE Hunting surveys Surveys, Hunting Swashbucklers (Fiction) Flash Gordon films [Former heading] USE Action and adventure fiction Spider-Man films [Former heading] USE Hunting surveys Surveys, Opinion Swashbucklers (Motion pictures) Superheroes films USE Swashbuckler films Superman films [Former heading] USE Public opinion polls BT Fantasy films Surveys, Plant Science fiction films USE Botanical surveys

GF-89 Swashbuckling films Tactile maps Tall talk USE Swashbuckler films USE Cartographic materials for people with visual USE Tall tales Swing (Music) disabilities Tamboorakatha plays UF Jive Tactile materials USE Burrakatha plays BT Dance music USE Tactile works Tambor (Music) Jazz Tactile works USE Bullerengue (Music) NT Jump blues (Music) Works that require physical interaction by Tamboras (Music) Sword-and-sandal epics (Motion pictures) engaging the sense of touch. BT Dance music USE Peplum films UF Tactile materials Tamboritos Sword-fight films Tactual works BT Dance music USE Swashbuckler films NT Braille books Tan ci Swordplay films Braille periodicals Chinese stories combined with singing and USE Swashbuckler films Cartographic materials for people with visual instrumental music that are presented by one or more performers in local dialect. Syllabi disabilities USE Outlines and syllabi Textured books UF Hangzhou nanci Syllabuses Tactual works Nanci USE Outlines and syllabi USE Tactile works Suzhou chantefable Symphonic poems Tagelieder Suzhou tanci UF Tone poems USE Aubades Tʻan tzʻu BT Program music Tài tứ Tanci Symphonies USE Nhạ̣c tài tử Xianci UF Sinfonias (Symphonies) Take-off films Yangzhou tanci Sinfonie (Symphonies) USE Parody films Yangzhou xianci Sinfoniettas Take-off television programs BT Drama Symphoniettas USE Parody television programs Tān-sangit BT Art music Takeoff films USE Tan singing Symphoniettas USE Parody films Tan singing Takeoff television programs Musical compositions from the Caribbean that USE Symphonies incorporate musical conventions typical of various Symposium ephemera USE Parody television programs regions in India. USE Conference materials Takes, Alternate (Sound recordings) UF Baitaak gana Symposium materials USE Alternate takes (Sound recordings) Baithak gāna USE Conference materials Takis Classical music (Tan singing) Symposium papers and proceedings USE Huaynos Tān-sangit USE Conference papers and proceedings Talent shows (Radio programs) Tan songs Symposium proceedings UF Amateur talent shows (Radio programs) Tent-singing (Tan singing) USE Conference papers and proceedings Radio talent shows BT Folk songs Synagogal music BT Nonfiction radio programs Tan songs USE Synagogue music Talent shows (Television programs) USE Tan singing Synagogical music BT Nonfiction television programs Tʻan tzʻu USE Synagogue music Tales USE Tan ci Synagogue music USE Fiction Tanci UF Synagogal music Tales, Apadana USE Tan ci Synagogical music USE Avadana stories Tandana katha plays BT Sacred music Tales, Avadana USE Burrakatha plays NT Cantorial music USE Avadana stories Tangos, Filmed Syndicate films Tales, Bragging USE Filmed tangos USE Gangster films USE Tall tales Tangos (Music) Syndicate-oriented films Tales, Jataka BT Dance music USE Gangster films USE Jataka stories Tanka Synonym dictionaries Tales, Lying Poems consisting of 31 syllables arranged in lines USE Thesauri (Dictionaries) USE Tall tales of five, seven, five, seven, and seven syllables. Synopses (Abstracts) Tales, Tall UF Uta USE Abstracts USE Tall tales Waka Synth-pop (Music) Tales (Creative nonfiction) BT Poetry USE Synthpop (Music) USE Creative nonfiction RT Kyōka Synthpop (Music) Talk radio programs Tap dance music UF Electronic pop (Music) USE Radio talk shows Musical compositions either composed or arranged Electropop (Music) Talk radio shows for tap dancing. Synth-pop (Music) USE Radio talk shows BT Dance music Techno-pop (Music) Talk shows, Radio Tape recorder music Technopop (Music) USE Radio talk shows USE Musique concrète BT Electronica (Music) Talk shows (Television programs) Tar drama Systematic music USE Television talk shows USE Nautical drama USE Minimal music Talk television programs Tar melodramas T’alch’um drama USE Television talk shows USE Nautical drama USE Sandae drama Talk television shows Tarantellas (Music) Taarab (Music) USE Television talk shows BT Dance music BT Popular music Talking books Tarzan films Table entertainments Spoken texts recorded specifically for use by the USE Action and adventure films blind or people with visual disabilities. USE Revues Taṣnīf-ha Tables, Chronological BT Audiobooks USE Tasnifs USE Chronologies Talks (Lectures) Tasnifs Tables (Data) USE Lectures UF Taṣnīf-ha Data in textual form arranged in columns and rows. Talks (Speeches) BT Dastgāhs For graphic representations of data see Graphs. USE Speeches Songs UF Data tables Tall stories Tawāshīḥ Data, Tabular USE Tall tales USE Muwashshaḥāt Tabular data Tall tales Tawshīḥ BT Reference works Outlandish or improbable stories of humorously USE Muwashshaḥāt exaggerated feats. NT Conversion tables Taxonomies (Controlled vocabularies) Genealogical tables UF Bragging tales USE Controlled vocabularies Tabular data Fish stories (Tall tales) Taʻzia USE Tables (Data) Lying tales USE Taʻziyah Tactile atlases Stories, Tall Taʻzieh USE Cartographic materials for people with visual Tales, Bragging USE Taʻziyah disabilities Tales, Lying Taʻziya Tactile cartographic materials Tales, Tall USE Taʻziyah USE Cartographic materials for people with visual Tall stories Taʻziyah disabilities Tall talk Shiite passion plays that reenact the martyrdom of Tactile globes Windies (Tales) the Prophet Muḥammad's grandson Ḥusayn. USE Cartographic materials for people with visual BT Humorous fiction UF Passion plays, Shiite disabilities

GF-90 Shiite passion plays NT Coming-of-age television programs Televised operas Taʻzia Juvenile delinquency television programs USE Operas Taʻziya Teenage films Televised performances Taʻzieh USE Teen films Televised parades Taziyeh Teenage movies UF Parades, Televised BT Religious drama USE Teen films BT Nonfiction television programs Taziyeh Teenage television programs Televised performances USE Taʻziyah USE Teen television programs UF Performances, Televised Teachers' guides Teenpics Televised kyōgen plays [Former heading] Works designed to assist teachers in presenting USE Teen films Televised literary readings [Former heading] lessons to their classes. Tejano music Televised musicals [Former heading] UF Discussion guides UF Música tejana Televised nō plays [Former heading] Instructors' guides Tex-Mex music Televised operas [Former heading] Instructors' manuals -Mexican music Televised plays [Former heading] Teachers' handbooks BT Folk music Televised stand-up comedy routines [Former Teachers' manuals Popular music heading] Teachers' resource guides Tele-features BT Nonfiction television programs Teaching guides USE Made-for-TV movies NT Concert television programs BT Handbooks and manuals Telefantasy Televised dance Teachers' handbooks USE Fantasy television programs Televised plays USE Teachers' guides Telefeatures USE Drama Teachers' manuals USE Made-for-TV movies Televised performances USE Teachers' guides Telefilms Televised soccer games (Not Subd Geog) Teachers' resource guides USE Made-for-TV movies UF Soccer games, Televised USE Teachers' guides Telementaries Soccer television programs Teaching guides USE Documentary television programs BT Televised sports events USE Teachers' guides Telemovies Televised speeches Teaching materials USE Made-for-TV movies USE Nonfiction television programs USE Instructional and educational works Speeches Teaching pieces (Music) USE Television soap operas Televised sporting events BT Instructional and educational works Telephone books USE Televised sports events Music USE Telephone directories Televised sports events NT Methods (Music) Telephone directories UF Sporting events, Televised Studies (Music) UF Phone books Sports events, Televised Teaching works Telephone books Televised sporting events USE Instructional and educational works BT Directories BT Nonfiction television programs Team anthems NT Yellow pages Sports television programs USE Fight songs Telephone yellow pages NT Televised baseball games Team songs USE Yellow pages Televised basketball games USE Fight songs Telephone yellowpages Televised football games Technical reports USE Yellow pages Televised golf matches UF Reports, Scientific Telepics Televised hockey games Reports, Technical USE Made-for-TV movies Televised martial arts events Scientific reports Teleplays Televised soccer games BT Informational works USE Television plays Televised tennis matches NT Environmental impact statements Telerecordings (Kinescope films) Televised stand-up comedy routines Historic structure reports USE Kinescope films USE Stand-up comedy routines Technical standards Telescoped airchecks (Radio programs) Televised performances USE Standards (Reference works) USE Telescoped radio airchecks Televised tennis matches Techno (Music) Telescoped radio airchecks UF Tennis matches, Televised UF (Music) UF Scoped radio airchecks BT Televised sports events BT Electronic dance music Telescoped airchecks (Radio programs) Television adaptations NT Electro (Music) BT Radio airchecks UF Dramatisations Gabba (Music) Televised ballets Dramatizations Techno-pop (Music) UF Ballets, Televised BT Adaptations USE Synthpop (Music) BT Televised dance Television programs Technopop (Music) Televised baseball games Television ads USE Synthpop (Music) UF Baseball games, Televised USE Television commercials Teen cinema BT Televised sports events Television advertisements USE Teen films Televised basketball games USE Television commercials Teen drama (Motion pictures) UF Basketball games, Televised Television auditions USE Teen films BT Televised sports events USE Screen tests Teen drama (Television programs) Televised dance Television award presentations USE Teen television programs UF Dance, Televised USE Award presentations (Television programs) Teen films BT Televised performances Television bio-pics Films produced especially for a teenage audience NT Televised ballets USE Biographical television programs (i.e., the general age range of thirteen through eighteen years) and films with teenagers and teen Televised football games Television biographies issues as the primary subject. UF Football games, Televised USE Biographical television programs UF Teen cinema BT Televised sports events Television biopics Teen drama (Motion pictures) Televised golf matches USE Biographical television programs Teen movies UF Golf matches, Televised Television book review programs Teen-targeted films BT Televised sports events USE Book review television programs Teenage films Televised hockey games Television cartoon shows Teenage movies UF Hockey games, Televised USE Animated television programs Teenpics BT Televised sports events Television clips Youth films Televised kyōgen plays USE Television program clips BT Motion pictures USE Kyōgen plays Television comedies NT Beach party films Televised performances UF Comedies, Television Coming-of-age films Televised literary readings Comedy-drama television programs Juvenile delinquency films USE Literary readings Comedy programs, Television Teen movies Televised performances Comedy television programs USE Teen films Televised martial arts events Farces (Television programs) Teen-targeted films UF Martial arts events, Televised Farcical television programs USE Teen films BT Televised sports events Pink Panther television programs [Former Teen television programs Televised musicals heading] UF DeGrassi television programs [Former USE Musicals Scooby-Doo television programs [Former heading] Televised performances heading] Teen drama (Television programs) Televised nō plays Television comedy programs Teenage television programs USE Nō plays BT Humor Youth television programs Televised performances Television programs BT Television programs NT Dark comedy television programs Domestic comedy television programs

GF-91 Television comedies (Continued) Television films Television press conferences Fantasy comedies (Television programs) USE Made-for-TV movies USE Nonfiction television programs Parody television programs Television game shows Press conferences Romantic comedy television programs Television programs that feature contestants Television program clips Rural comedy television programs participating in various types of competitive activities Short segments, usually incomplete scenes, of for prizes. For television programs that feature a Satirical television programs television programs. For parts, usually complete question-and-answer format see Television quiz scenes or sequences, extracted from a complete Situation comedies (Television programs) shows. television program see Television program excerpts. Sketch comedy television programs UF Game shows (Television programs) UF Clips, Television program Slapstick comedy television programs BT Television programs Television clips Sophisticated comedy television programs Television historical reenactments BT Excerpts Television comedy programs USE Historical reenactments (Television programs) Television programs USE Television comedies Television interviews Television program excerpts Television commercials USE Interviews Parts, usually complete scenes or sequences, UF Ads, Television Nonfiction television programs extracted from a complete television program. For Commercials, Television Television lectures short segments, usually incomplete scenes, of television programs see Television program clips. Television ads USE Lectures Television advertisements Nonfiction television programs UF Television excerpts Television commercials (Advertisements) Television melodramas BT Excerpts [Former heading] Fictional television programs that feature suffering Television programs BT Advertisements victimized by situations or events, in Television program reviews Television programs which emotion is emphasized. UF Television reviews NT Political television commercials UF Melodramas, Television Video reviews Promos (Television commercials) Melodramatic television programs BT Reviews Singing commercials BT Fiction television programs Television programs Television commercials (Advertisements) RT Television soap operas UF Don Juan television programs [Former USE Television commercials Television mini-series heading] Television community service announcements UF Limited serials (Television programs) Nanny television programs [Former heading] USE Television public service announcements Limited series (Television programs) Programs, Television Television concerts Mini-series, Television Shows, Television USE Concert television programs Miniseries, Television Television shows Television cookery shows Serials, Limited (Television programs) TV shows USE Television cooking shows Series, Limited (Television programs) BT Visual works Television cooking shows Television miniseries NT Action and adventure television programs UF Cookery shows, Television BT Television series Animal television programs Cookery television shows Television miniseries Animated television programs Cooking shows, Television USE Television mini-series Anthology television programs Cooking television programs Television movies Aviation television programs Food shows (Television programs) USE Made-for-TV movies Biographical television programs Television cookery shows Television music Buddy television programs BT Nonfiction television programs Musical works composed or arranged for television Caper television programs programs, such as their theme songs or background Children's television programs Television cop shows music. UF Cop shows (Television programs) Christmas television programs BT Functional music Cop television programs College life television programs NT Animated television music Police procedurals (Television programs) Compilation television programs Television musicals Police shows (Television programs) Credit titles UF Musical television programs Police television programs Cultural television programs BT Musicals Policiers (Television programs) Disaster television programs Television programs BT Television crime shows Environmental television programs Television news programs Erotic television programs RT Detective and mystery television programs Television programs that report and comment on Television credits recent events. For television programs that record Ethnic television programs USE Credit titles live, on-the-scene coverage of special events see Fiction television programs Television crime shows Special events television coverage. Gay television programs Fictional television programs that feature the UF News programs, Television Historical television programs commission and investigation of crimes. For News television programs Home shopping television programs nonfiction television programs that feature actual Horror television programs footage and reenactments of criminal and police Television newscasts activities see True crime television programs. BT Informational works Intersex television programs UF Crime television programs Nonfiction television programs Interstitial television programs Criminal shows NT Entertainment news programs Kinescope films Criminal television programs Television newscasts Legal television programs BT Fiction television programs USE Television news programs Lesbian television programs RT Caper television programs Television operas Live television programs Thrillers (Television programs) Operas originally composed for television. Made-for-TV movies NT Detective and mystery television programs UF Operas for television Medical television programs Forensic crime dramas (Television programs) BT Operas Military television programs Gangster television programs Television programs Monster television programs Juvenile delinquency television programs Television panel discussions Music videos Prison television programs USE Nonfiction television programs Mythological television programs Television cop shows Panel discussions Nonfiction television programs Television CSAs Television parodies Opera television programs USE Television public service announcements USE Parody television programs Outtakes Television dance parties Television pilot programs Paranormal television programs UF Dance parties, Television UF Pilot programs, Television Podcasts BT Television programs Pilots (Television programs) Pornographic television programs Television debates Television pilots Propaganda television programs USE Debates BT Television series Puppet television programs Nonfiction television programs Television pilots Religious television programs Television documentaries USE Television pilot programs Road television programs USE Documentary television programs Television plays Romance television programs Television documentary programs Scripts of fiction television programs. Rushes (Television programs) USE Documentary television programs UF Screen plays, Television Samurai television programs Television drama (Screenplays) Screenplays, Television Screen tests USE Television plays Teleplays Show business television programs Television drames à clef Television drama (Screenplays) Social problem television programs USE Drames à clef (Television programs) Television screen plays Sponsored television programs Television epics Television screenplays Sports television programs USE Epic television programs TV drama (Screenplays) Spy television programs Television excerpts TV plays Stock footage USE Television program excerpts BT Drama Survival television programs Television features Teen television programs USE Made-for-TV movies Television adaptations Television comedies

GF-92 Television commercials Television pilot programs Terror fiction Television dance parties Television soap operas USE Horror fiction Television game shows Television shows Terror films Television musicals USE Television programs USE Horror films Television operas Television sitcoms Terror poetry Television program clips USE Situation comedies (Television programs) USE Horror poetry Television program excerpts Television situation comedies Terukkuuttu plays Television programs for people with visual USE Situation comedies (Television programs) USE Yakṣagāna plays disabilities Television sketch comedy programs Terza rima Television programs for the hearing impaired USE Sketch comedy television programs Poems composed of tercets in which the end word Television public service announcements Television soap operas of the in one tercet supplies the rhyme for the first and third lines in the following tercet. Television quiz shows UF Soap operas, Television Television remakes Telenovelas BT Poetry Television series BT Television series Test books Television specials RT Television melodramas USE Examinations Thrillers (Television programs) Television soundtracks Test guides Transgender television programs Musical and spoken-word sound recordings that USE Study guides Unedited footage contain the actual sound used in television Test pressings (Sound recordings) productions, either as complete soundtracks or as Pressed or molded disc sound recordings, usually War television programs portions of soundtracks. with plain, typed or handwritten labels, that are Webisodes UF Soundtracks, Television frequently either rough, first off the press recordings made to assist in judging whether a recording or take Western television programs BT Sound recordings Television programs for people with visual disabilities is suitable for issue, or recordings pressed by special Television specials order. BT Television programs UF Special television programs Television programs for the deaf UF Pressings, Test (Sound recordings) BT Television programs BT Sound recordings USE Television programs for the hearing impaired Television take-offs Television programs for the hearing impaired Test recordings, Audio equipment USE Parody television programs USE Audio equipment test recordings UF Captioned television programs Television takeoffs Closed captioned television programs Tests USE Parody television programs USE Examinations Television programs for the deaf Television talk programs BT Television programs Tex-Mex music USE Television talk shows USE Tejano music Television promos Television talk shows USE Promos (Television commercials) Texas-Mexican music UF Talk shows (Television programs) USE Tejano music Television promotional announcements Talk television programs USE Promos (Television commercials) Texas swing (Music) Talk television shows USE Western swing (Music) Television PSAs Television talk programs USE Television public service announcements Text books TV talk shows USE Textbooks Television public service announcements BT Discursive works Television announcements aired by or on behalf of Text corpora nonprofit or governmental organizations to persuade Nonfiction television programs BT Data sets the audience to take some specific action or adopt a Television thrillers Text messaging novels favorable view toward a service, institution, or cause. USE Thrillers (Television programs) USE Cell phone novels For television programs aired by or on behalf of Television travelogues nonprofit or governmental organizations to promote Text-sound compositions the common well-being or general welfare of society USE Travelogues (Television programs) Musical compositions consisting primarily of see Public service television programs. Television variety shows electronically and/or computer-altered or computer- synthesized spoken words. UF CSAs, Television USE Variety shows (Television programs) PSAs, Television Television westerns UF Sound-text compositions Public service announcements, Television USE Western television programs BT Art music Television community service announcements Tembang Sunda Textbooks Television CSAs UF Cianjuran UF Instruction books Television PSAs Tembang Sunda Cianjuran Primers (Textbooks) BT Promotional materials BT Songs School books Television programs Tembang Sunda Cianjuran Schoolbooks Television puppet shows USE Tembang Sunda Text books USE Puppet television programs Ten-minute drama BT Instructional and educational works Television quiz shows USE Ten-minute plays NT Casebooks (Law) UF Quiz shows (Television programs) Ten-minute plays Hornbooks (Primers) Quiz television programs UF 10-minute plays Readers (Publications) BT Television programs Flash drama Textbooks, Programmed Television reimaginings Flash plays USE Programmed instructional materials USE Television remakes Ten-minute drama Texts (Music) Television remakes BT One-act plays USE Musical texts UF Reimagined television programs Tenebrae service music Texture books Remade television programs USE Holy Week music USE Textured books Remakes, Television Tennis films Textured books Television reimaginings USE Sports films UF Feel-and-touch books BT Derivative works Tennis matches, Televised Texture books Television programs USE Televised tennis matches Texturized books Television reviews Tennis television programs Touch-and-feel books USE Television program reviews USE Sports television programs BT Tactile works Television romans à clef Tent-singing (Tan singing) Toy and movable books USE Drames à clef (Television programs) USE Tan singing Texturized books Television satires Terapia criolla USE Textured books USE Satirical television programs USE Champeta (Music) Thabt Television screen plays Terminator films USE Mashyakhah USE Television plays USE Action and adventure films Thanksgiving Day sermons Television screen tests Science fiction films BT Occasional sermons USE Screen tests Terminologies The bop (Poetry) Television screenplays USE Dictionaries USE Bop (Poetry) USE Television plays Nomenclatures Theater adaptations Television send-ups Terms, Controlled USE Theatrical adaptations USE Parody television programs USE Controlled vocabularies Theater ads (Motion pictures) Television sendups Terms and phrases USE Theater commercials (Motion pictures) USE Parody television programs USE Dictionaries Theater announcements (Motion pictures) Terrain models Short, non-commercial films shown to theater Television serials audiences for various purposes, including requesting USE Television series USE Relief models the audience not to smoke, talk, etc. Terrain models, Digital Television series UF Announcements, Theater (Motion pictures) USE Digital elevation models UF Serials, Television BT Informational works Terror comics Series, Television Motion pictures USE Horror comics Television serials Theater commercials (Motion pictures) Terror drama BT Television programs UF Movie theater ads (Motion pictures) NT Television mini-series USE Horror plays

GF-93 Theater commercials (Motion pictures) (Continued) Theatrical playbills (Posters) Thriller drama Pre-feature advertisements USE Playbills (Posters) BT Drama Theater ads (Motion pictures) Theatrical playbills (Programs) Thriller radio programs BT Advertisements USE Theater programs USE Thrillers (Radio programs) Motion pictures Theatrical posters Thriller television programs Theater criticism USE Playbills (Posters) USE Thrillers (Television programs) USE Theater reviews Theatrical programs Thrillers (Fiction) Theater fiction USE Theater programs Fiction in which the reader is kept on tenterhooks USE Theatrical fiction Theatrical reviews by plots that feature a build-up of suspense, tension, uncertainty, menace, and anxiety. Theater playbills (Posters) USE Theater reviews USE Playbills (Posters) Theatrical trailers UF Suspense fiction Theater playbills (Programs) USE Film trailers Thriller fiction USE Theater programs Theatrical works BT Fiction Theater posters USE Drama Thrillers (Motion pictures) Films in which the audience is kept on tenterhooks USE Playbills (Posters) Thematic catalogs (Music) by plots that feature a build-up of suspense, tension, Theater programs Indexes to a group of musical compositions that uncertainty, menace, and anxiety. lists incipits and/or themes. Booklets that provide a description of a UF Film thrillers performance and its cast and crew, and are typically UF Musical themes dictionaries Hellraiser films [Former heading] distributed to audience members. For posters or Thematic indexes (Music) single-sheet programs advertising a theatrical Psycho thrillers (Motion pictures) performance, usually listing the cast, see Playbills BT Catalogs Psychological thriller films (Posters). Thematic indexes (Music) Psychological thrillers (Motion pictures) UF Drama programs USE Thematic catalogs (Music) Suspense films Play programs Thematic maps Suspense thriller films Maps that depict a special topic or theme. Playbills (Theater programs) Suspense thrillers (Motion pictures) Theater playbills (Programs) UF Choropleth maps Thriller films Theatre playbills (Programs) Single-topic maps BT Psychological films Theatre programs Special-purpose maps RT Crime films Theatrical playbills (Programs) Topical maps NT Conspiracy films Theatrical programs BT Maps Thrillers (Radio programs) BT Programs (Publications) Theme and variations Radio programs in which the audience is kept on Theater reviews USE Variations (Music) tenterhooks by plots that feature a build-up of UF Criticism, Drama Theme with variations suspense, tension, uncertainty, menace, and anxiety. Criticism, Dramatic USE Variations (Music) UF Psychological thrillers (Radio programs) Criticism, Theater Thesauri (Controlled vocabularies) Radio thrillers Criticism, Theatre USE Controlled vocabularies Suspense radio programs Criticism, Theatrical Thesauri (Dictionaries) Suspense thrillers (Radio programs) Drama criticism Lists of words and their synonyms and often their Thriller radio programs antonyms. For lists of words and phrases that are BT Radio programs Drama reviews used to index content and/or retrieve content, and Dramatic criticism that may include cross-references, see Controlled RT Radio crime shows Play reviews vocabularies. Thrillers (Television programs) Theater criticism UF Synonym dictionaries Television programs in which the audience is kept on tenterhooks by plots that feature a build-up of Theatre criticism Thesauruses (Dictionaries) suspense, tension, uncertainty, menace, and anxiety. Theatre reviews BT Dictionaries UF Psycho thrillers (Television programs) Theatrical criticism Thesauruses (Controlled vocabularies) Psychological thrillers (Television programs) Theatrical reviews USE Controlled vocabularies Suspense television programs BT Reviews Thesauruses (Dictionaries) Suspense thrillers (Television programs) Theater rock (Music) USE Thesauri (Dictionaries) Television thrillers USE Glam rock (Music) Theses, Academic Thriller television programs Theatre adaptations USE Academic theses BT Television programs USE Theatrical adaptations Thesis fiction RT Television crime shows Theatre criticism USE Social problem fiction Thumb Bibles USE Theater reviews Thesis plays Miniature books that contain summaries, Theatre fiction USE Problem plays paraphrases, or abridgments of Biblical texts. USE Theatrical fiction Third stream (Music) UF Bibles, Thumb Theatre playbills (Posters) BT Art music BT Abridgments USE Playbills (Posters) Jazz Religious materials Theatre playbills (Programs) Thrash metal (Music) Tientos (Art music) USE Theater programs UF Speed metal (Music) BT Art music Theatre posters BT Heavy metal (Music) Tijuana bibles USE Playbills (Posters) NT Grindcore (Music) Small, oblong pornographic comics clandestinely Theatre programs Threatened species recovery plans published in the between the 1920s USE Theater programs USE Wildlife recovery plans and that usually parodied popular newspaper comic strip characters or celebrities. Theatre reviews Three-dimensional films USE Theater reviews USE 3-D films UF Bibles, Tijuana Theatre rock (Music) Three-dimensional topographic maps Bluesies (Tijuana bibles) USE Glam rock (Music) USE Relief models Eight-pagers (Tijuana bibles) Theatrical adaptations Three-dimensional topographical maps Gray-backs (Tijuana bibles) Plays adapted from works in another medium or USE Relief models Jiggs-and-Maggie books from other plays. Three Stooges films Jo-jo books UF Drama adaptations USE Slapstick comedy films Sixteen-pagers (Tijuana bibles) Dramatic adaptations Thrill ride films Tillie & Mac books Dramatisations USE Amusement ride films Tillie-and-Mac books Dramatizations Thriller comics Two-by-fours (Tijuana bibles) Play adaptations UF Suspense comics BT Humorous comics Stage adaptations BT Comics (Graphic works) Pornographic comics Theater adaptations Thriller drama Underground comics Theatre adaptations USE Thriller plays Tillie & Mac books BT Adaptations Thriller fiction USE Tijuana bibles Drama USE Thrillers (Fiction) Tillie-and-Mac books Theatrical criticism Thriller films USE Tijuana bibles USE Theater reviews USE Thrillers (Motion pictures) Timba (Music) Theatrical fiction Thriller plays BT Dance music Fiction that features the lives and interactions of Plays in which the audience is kept on tenterhooks Popular music actors, directors, , and other people by plots that feature a build-up of suspense, tension, Time-lapse films affiliated with the theater. uncertainty, menace, and anxiety. UF Timelapse films UF Theater fiction UF Psycho thrillers (Drama) BT Motion pictures Theatre fiction Psychological thrillers (Drama) Time loop films BT Fiction Stage thrillers USE Time-travel films Theatrical music Suspense drama Time-travel comics USE Dramatic music Suspense plays BT Science fiction comics Suspense thrillers (Drama)

GF-94 Time-travel fiction Topographic models Trade catalogs UF Narratives, Time-travel USE Relief models Catalogs that are published by manufacturers or Time-travel narratives Topographic poetry dealers in order to present lines of products for sale, generally to people or businesses in a specific BT Science fiction USE Topographical poetry profession. Time-travel films Topographical maps UF Commercial catalogs UF Time loop films USE Topographic maps Manufacturers' catalogs BT Science fiction films Topographical poetry Trade lists Poetry about specific geographic locations. Time-travel narratives BT Ephemera USE Time-travel fiction UF Chorographic poetry Sales catalogs Time-travel television programs Chorographical poetry Trade lists BT Science fiction television programs Poems of places USE Trade catalogs Timelapse films Poetry of places Trade-mark lists USE Time-lapse films Topographic poetry USE Trademark lists Timelines BT Poetry Trade name lists USE Chronologies NT Nirat USE Trademark lists Tipteerers' plays Topographical views Trade show posters USE Mummers' plays USE Views USE Exhibition posters Tjalonarang plays Topological maps Trademark lists USE Calonarang plays BT Maps UF Lists of trademarks Toasts (Poetry) Torah portions, Weekly Merchant mark lists Narrative poems from the African American oral USE Parashiyot ha-shavua Trade name lists tradition that are usually rhymed, rhythmic, epical Torchy Blane films representations of extended conflicts between Trade-mark lists protagonists, expressed in nonstandard Black USE Detective and mystery films BT Reference works English, created for and during male recitative Journalism films Trading cards performances. Torture porn (Splatter films) Cards that are issued singly or in sets, bear a wide BT Folk poetry USE Splatter films variety of images, and are intended for collecting and Narrative poetry Touch-and-feel books trading. Toasts (Speeches) USE Textured books UF Cards, Trading BT Commemorative works Tour books Collecting cards Speeches USE Guidebooks Collector cards Toccatas Tour guides (Publications) Collectors' cards UF Toccatinas USE Guidebooks BT Ephemera BT Art music Tourbook guides Illustrated works Toccatinas USE Guidebooks Traditional literature USE Toccatas Tourbooks USE Folk literature Tom and Jerry films USE Guidebooks Traditional music USE Animated films Touring guides (Publications) USE Folk music Children's films USE Guidebooks Traditional music radio programs Comedy films Tourism posters USE Folk music radio programs Tonadillas USE Travel posters Traditional poetry, Oral BT Operas Tourist guides (Publications) USE Folk poetry Interludes (Music) USE Guidebooks Traffic censuses Tone poems Tourist maps USE Traffic surveys USE Symphonic poems Maps designed for tourists. Traffic counts Tongue-trippers BT Maps USE Traffic surveys USE Tongue twisters Tourist trade posters Traffic surveys Tongue twisters USE Travel posters UF Censuses, Traffic Words or phrases that are difficult to articulate Tours, Audio Counts, Traffic correctly due to a rapid succession of similar USE Audio guides Road traffic surveys consonant sounds. Town directories Surveys, Traffic UF Tongue-trippers USE City directories Traffic censuses BT Folk literature Township jive music Traffic counts Humor USE Mbaqanga BT Informational works Topeng babakan plays Toy and movable books Tragedies (Drama) USE Topeng plays UF Movable and toy books UF Dramatic tragedies Topeng dalang plays Movable books Tragic drama USE Topeng plays Moveable books BT Drama Topeng drama Novelty books RT Tragicomedies USE Topeng plays Toy books NT Heroic drama Topeng padjegan plays BT Illustrated works Revenge tragedies USE Topeng plays NT Bath books Tragedies of blood Topeng plays Flag books USE Revenge tragedies Indonesian masked dance dramas. Flip books Tragi-comedies UF Klana topeng plays Glow-in-the-dark books USE Tragicomedies Topeng babakan plays Lift-the-flap books Tragic comedies Topeng dalang plays Photicular books USE Tragicomedies Topeng drama Pop-up books Tragic drama Topeng padjegan plays Scented books USE Tragedies (Drama) Wayang orang plays Sound books Tragical comedies Wayang topeng plays Split-page books USE Tragicomedies plays Textured books Tragicomedies BT Dance drama Tunnel books Plays that combine elements of both and Topical maps Upside-down books comedy. USE Thematic maps Toy books UF Comical tragedies Topo maps USE Toy and movable books Tragi-comedies USE Topographic maps Toy Story films Tragic comedies Topographic maps USE Children's films Tragical comedies Maps that represent the horizontal and vertical Tragicomic drama locations of natural and man-made features. For Comedy films maps that represent the surface of the land or floor of Computer animation films BT Drama the ocean without man-made structures or vegetation Tracts (Ephemera) RT Comedy plays see Physical maps. Pamphlets, leaflets, etc., that contain religious Tragedies (Drama) UF Hypsographic maps exhortations, doctrinal discussions, or proselytizing Tragicomic drama Hypsometric maps appeals, and that are often issued by religious or USE Tragicomedies political groups. Relief maps Trailers, Motion picture Topo maps UF Leaflets (Tracts) USE Film trailers Topographical maps Pamphlets (Tracts) Train sounds BT Maps BT Ephemera USE Railroad sounds NT Bathymetric maps Instructional and educational works Training materials Photogrammetric maps Trad jazz USE Instructional and educational works BT Dixieland music Training radio programs Trade agreements (Labor) USE Instructional radio programs USE Collective labor agreements

GF-95 Training television programs Travel guides (Publications) Records (Documents) USE Instructional television programs USE Guidebooks RT Travaux préparatoires (Treaties) Training works Travel lecture films Trial and arbitral proceedings USE Instructional and educational works USE Travelogues (Motion pictures) UF Arbitral and trial proceedings Tramp songs Travel literature Arbitration proceedings USE Hobo songs USE Travel writing Arbitration transcripts Trance (House music) Travel narratives Court proceedings UF Goa trance (House music) USE Travel writing Court proceedings, International Psy trance (House music) Travel posters International court proceedings Psychedelic trance (House music) UF Tourism posters Proceedings, Arbitration Psytrance (House music) Tourist trade posters Proceedings, Court (House music) BT Posters Proceedings, Trial and arbitral BT House music Promotional materials Proceedings, Tribunal Trance dance Travel radio programs Transcripts, Arbitration USE Barong (Music) USE Travelogues (Radio programs) Transcripts, Trial Trance music (House music) Travel shows Trial transcripts USE Trance (House music) USE Travelogues (Television programs) comics Travel writing Tribunal proceedings USE Transgender comics Nonfiction travel writing, often presented in BT Law materials Trans drama narrative form or as memoirs, focusing either on Records (Documents) specific destinations or on the journeys themselves. USE Transgender drama Trial fiction Trans fiction UF Travel literature USE Legal fiction (Literature) USE Transgender fiction Travel narratives Trial films Trans films Travelogs USE Legal films USE Transgender films Travelogues Trial television programs Trans television programs BT Creative nonfiction USE Legal television programs USE Transgender television programs Travel writing comics Trial transcripts Transactions (Conference proceedings) USE Travel comics USE Trial and arbitral proceedings USE Conference papers and proceedings Travelogs Trials Transcribed panel discussions USE Travel writing USE Trial and arbitral proceedings USE Panel discussions Travelogs (Comics) Tribal by-laws Transcripts, Arbitration USE Travel comics USE Statutes and codes USE Trial and arbitral proceedings Travelogs (Motion pictures) Tribal ordinances Transcripts, Interview USE Travelogues (Motion pictures) USE Statutes and codes USE Interviews Travelogs (Radio programs) Tribunal proceedings Transcripts, Trial USE Travelogues (Radio programs) USE Trial and arbitral proceedings USE Trial and arbitral proceedings Travelogs (Television programs) Trick films Transgender comics USE Travelogues (Television programs) Heading for short films from the early years of Comics about the transgender experience. Travelogue films cinema that emphasize apparent transformations USE Travelogues (Motion pictures) through the use of trick photography or special optical UF Trans comics effects. BT Comics (Graphic works) Travelogue radio programs USE Travelogues (Radio programs) BT Motion pictures Transgender drama Trigger films Drama about the transgender experience. Travelogue television programs USE Travelogues (Television programs) Open-ended films that are designed to spark a UF Trans drama discussion on a controversial or difficult problem or Travelogues BT Drama issue. USE Travel writing Transgender fiction BT Short films Fiction about the transgender experience. Travelogues (Comics) Trinity Sunday music USE Travel comics UF Trans fiction Music that is traditionally associated with Trinity Travelogues (Motion pictures) BT Fiction Sunday. Nonfiction films that depict travel, peoples, and BT Event music Transgender films places. Films about the transgender experience. Sacred music UF Film travelogues Triolets UF Trans films Travel lecture films BT Motion pictures Eight-line poems with only two rhymes, in which Travelogs (Motion pictures) the first two lines are repeated as the final two lines, Transgender television programs Travelogue films and the first line is repeated as the fourth. Television programs about the transgender experience. BT Documentary films BT Poetry Informational works Trip-hop (Music) UF Trans television programs Travelogues (Radio programs) BT Electronic dance music BT Television programs Nonfiction radio programs that depict travel, Hip-hop (Music) Transitoria (Music) peoples, and places. Trivia and miscellanea BT Propers (Music) UF Travel radio programs UF Miscellanea Trap (Music) Travelogs (Radio programs) Miscellaneous facts BT Rap (Music) Travelogue radio programs Trivia books NT Latin trap (Music) BT Documentary radio programs BT Reference works Trapalhões films Informational works Trivia books USE Comedy films Travelogues (Television programs) USE Trivia and miscellanea Trapeton (Music) Nonfiction television programs that depict travel, Troilus stanzas USE Latin trap (Music) peoples, and places. USE Rhyme royal Travaux préparatoires (Treaties) UF Television travelogues Tropes (Music) Compilations of texts that document the process of Travel shows drafting and negotiating a treaty or convention, and BT Gregorian chants for texts prepared during the process of drafting and Travelogs (Television programs) Tropicália (Music) negotiating a treaty or convention. Travelogue television programs UF Tropicalismo (Music) UF Drafting histories (Treaties) BT Documentary television programs BT Popular music Negotiating histories (Treaties) Informational works Tropicalismo (Music) Legislative histories (Treaties) Travesties (Parodies) USE Tropicália (Music) Preliminary documents (Treaties) USE Parodies (Literature) True adventure stories BT Informational works Treasuries of quotations Nonfiction accounts of exciting and/or dangerous Law materials USE Quotations pursuits or situations. RT Treaties Treaties UF Adventure stories, Nonfiction Texts of individual agreements or collections of Adventure stories, True Travel comics agreements between two or more states, including Nonfiction comics about travel, often presented in protocols, supplements, amendments, etc. Non-fiction adventure stories narrative form or as memoirs, focusing either on Nonfiction adventure stories specific destinations or on the journeys themselves. UF Accords (Law) Agreements, International BT Creative nonfiction UF Comics travelogues True crime comics Graphic travelogues (Comics) Concords (Law) Conventions (Law) UF Crime comics, Nonfiction Travel writing comics Non-fiction crime comics Travelogs (Comics) Final acts (Treaties) International agreements Nonfiction crime comics Travelogues (Comics) BT Nonfiction comics BT Nonfiction comics Pacts (Law) Protocols (Law) True crime literature Travel guidebooks USE True crime stories USE Guidebooks BT Law materials

GF-96 True crime narratives UDM (Underground dance music) cities and that generally includes explicit profanity, USE True crime stories USE Electronic dance music sex, and violence. True crime stories UK garage (Music) UF Gangsta fiction Nonfiction crime narratives that are written in a UF Speed garage (Music) Gangsta lit novelistic style for popular audiences. UKG (Music) Ghetto lit UF Crime narratives, Nonfiction BT Electronic dance music Hip-hop fiction Crime narratives, True UKG (Music) Hip-hop lit Crime stories, True USE UK garage (Music) Street fiction Non-fiction crime narratives Unauthorized biographies Street lit Nonfiction crime narratives USE Biographies Street literature True crime literature Undergraduate theses BT Fiction True crime narratives USE Academic theses Urban legends BT Creative nonfiction Underground comics Stories of supposed events in the recent past that True crime television programs Comics that depict content forbidden to may be humorous and/or horrifying and that are popularly believed to be true. Nonfiction television programs that feature actual mainstream publications by the Comics Code footage and reenactments of criminal and police Authority, including explicit drug use, sexuality, and UF Contemporary legends activities. For fictional television programs that violence. FOAF tales feature the commission and investigation of crimes UF Friend of a friend tales see Television crime shows. BT Comics (Graphic works) Legends, Contemporary UF Crime reenactment television programs NT Tijuana bibles Legends, Urban BT Nonfiction television programs Underground comix Myths, Urban Truth cinema films USE Underground comics Urban myths USE Cinéma vérité films Underground dance music BT Folk tales Tsapika (Music) USE Electronic dance music Urban myths USE Tsapiky (Music) Underground films USE Urban legends Tsapiky (Music) USE Experimental films Urban sounds UF Tsapika (Music) Underwriting announcements, Radio USE City sounds BT Dance music USE Radio underwriting announcements Ushin renga Popular music Underwriting credits, Radio USE Renga Tumbling verse USE Radio underwriting announcements Uta USE Skeltonic verse Underwriting spots, Radio USE Tanka Tune books USE Radio underwriting announcements Utai Collections of hymn tunes without words, or with single stanzas of text. Unedited footage UF Yōkyoku UF Production footage BT Notated music BT Chants BT Motion pictures RT Hymns Nō music Television programs Tunnel books Utopian drama Works bound at both sides, with accordion-style Video recordings USE Utopian plays pages that are viewed through an opening in the RT Outtakes Utopian fiction cover. Rushes (Motion pictures) Fiction that depicts an society. UF Carousel books Rushes (Television programs) UF Utopian science fiction Peepshow books Stock footage Utopic fiction Peep-show books Uniform laws BT Fiction BT Toy and movable books Unofficial individual or collected laws proposed as Utopian plays legislation for adoption to promote greater Plays that depict an ideal society. Turbo-folk (Music) consistency of laws among states or nations. BT Popular music UF Utopian drama BT Informational works Turn-around books Utopic drama Law materials USE Upside-down books BT Drama RT Model acts Tuscan octaves Utopian poetry Union agreements USE Strambotti Poems that depict an ideal community or society. USE Collective labor agreements TV drama (Screenplays) UF Utopic poetry Union catalogs USE Television plays BT Poetry UF Union catalogues TV plays Utopian science fiction Union finding lists USE Television plays USE Utopian fiction Union lists TV shows Utopic drama BT Library catalogs USE Television programs USE Utopian plays Union catalogues TV talk shows Utopic fiction USE Union catalogs USE Television talk shows USE Utopian fiction Union contracts Tweets (Microblogs) Utopic poetry USE Collective labor agreements USE Microblogs USE Utopian poetry Union finding lists Twist songs Vade-mecums USE Union catalogs UF Twisting songs USE Handbooks and manuals Union lists BT Dance music Vallenato USE Union catalogs Rock music BT Folk music University fiction (Campus fiction) Songs Popular music USE Campus fiction Twisting songs Vampire comics University yearbooks USE Twist songs BT Monster comics USE School yearbooks Two-by-fours (Tijuana bibles) Paranormal comics Unscoped radio airchecks USE Tijuana bibles Vampire drama USE Untelescoped radio airchecks Two-man plays BT Monster drama Untelescoped airchecks (Radio programs) USE Duologues Paranormal drama USE Untelescoped radio airchecks Two-person plays Vampire fiction Untelescoped radio airchecks USE Duologues UF Vampiric fiction UF Unscoped radio airchecks Tyroleses (Music) BT Monster fiction Untelescoped airchecks (Radio programs) USE Tyroliennes (Music) Paranormal fiction BT Radio airchecks Tyroliennes (Music) Vampire films Upside-down books UF Tyroleses (Music) Toy and moveable books with pages that can be UF Dracula films [Former heading] BT Dance music read in reverse. BT Monster films Tzu ti shu UF Reversible books Vampire television programs USE Kuai shu Turn-around books UF Dracula television programs [Former heading] Uchronias (Comics) BT Toy and movable books BT Monster television programs USE Alternative histories (Comics) Upside-down maps Vampiric fiction Uchronias (Drama) Maps in which the orientation has been reversed USE Vampire fiction USE Alternative histories (Drama) and south appears at the top. Variations (Music) Uchronias (Fiction) UF Reversed maps UF Musical variations USE Alternative histories (Fiction) South-up maps Theme and variations Uchronias (Motion pictures) Upsidedown maps Theme with variations USE Alternative histories (Motion pictures) BT Maps BT Art music Uchronias (Television programs) Upsidedown maps NT Chaconnes USE Alternative histories (Television programs) USE Upside-down maps Folias (Music) Uchronies (Fiction) Urban fiction Passacaglias USE Alternative histories (Fiction) Fiction that features in inner Pibrochs

GF-97 Variety films Vesnianky-hahilky UF Villanelles USE Variety shows (Motion pictures) USE Vesnianky BT Poetry Variety programs (Radio programs) Vesperals (Music) Villanelle (Songs) USE Variety shows (Radio programs) USE Vespers (Music) Strophic songs for three or four voices that were Variety programs (Television programs) Vespers (Music) composed in the Neapolitan dialect in the 16th century and that consciously imitate folk lyric USE Variety shows (Television programs) UF Vesperals (Music) traditions. Variety radio programs BT Divine Office (Music) UF Arie napolitane (Songs) USE Variety shows (Radio programs) Evening service music Canzone napolitane Variety shows (Motion pictures) Video and computer game music Canzone villanesche UF Variety films USE Computer and video game music Canzoni alla napolitana BT Nonfiction films Video art Villanellas (Songs) Works of art that employ video technology. Variety shows (Musical theater) Villanesche (Songs) USE Revues BT Art BT Songs Variety shows (Radio programs) Video installations (Art) NT Giustiniane (Villanelle) UF Radio variety shows UF Screen-reliant installations (Art) Moresche (Songs) Variety programs (Radio programs) BT Installation works (Art) Villanelles Variety radio programs Video recordings USE Villanelle BT Nonfiction radio programs Video recordings Villanesche (Songs) Variety shows (Television programs) UF Recordings, Video USE Villanelle (Songs) UF Television variety shows Videorecordings Villotte Variety programs (Television programs) Videos BT Part songs Variety television programs BT Visual works RT Quodlibets (Music) BT Nonfiction television programs NT Credit titles Virelais (Formes fixes) Variety television programs Field recordings UF Bergerettes (Virelais) USE Variety shows (Television programs) Music videos Virelays (Formes fixes) Vaudeville acts, Filmed Stock footage BT Songs USE Filmed vaudeville acts Unedited footage Virelays (Formes fixes) Vaudeville shows Video installations (Art) USE Virelais (Formes fixes) USE Revues Video recordings for people with visual Virtual poetry Vaudeville songs disabilities USE Computer poetry BT Songs Video recordings for the hearing impaired Visitation Festival music RT Revues Video recordings for people with visual disabilities Music that is traditionally associated with the Vector data BT Video recordings Visitation Festival. UF Vector maps Video recordings for the deaf BT Event music BT Geospatial data USE Video recordings for the hearing impaired Sacred music RT Raster data Video recordings for the hearing impaired Visual albums Vector maps UF Captioned video recordings Music albums that feature narratively or stylistically USE Vector data Closed caption video recordings cohesive longform music videos. Vegetation inventories Deaf, Video recordings for the BT Music videos USE Botanical surveys Video recordings for the deaf Musical films Vegetation surveys BT Video recordings Sound recordings USE Botanical surveys Video reviews Visual art Verbatim drama USE Motion picture reviews USE Art USE Verbatim theater Television program reviews Visual dictionaries Verbatim plays Videorecordings USE Picture dictionaries USE Verbatim theater USE Video recordings Visual poetry Verbatim theater Videos Poems whose full effect depends on the Plays in which the primary source for the is USE Video recordings typographical or pictorial arrangement of text, images and/or symbols. the words of real people as recorded in documentary Videos, Rock materials such as interviews, reports, etc. USE Rock videos BT Poetry UF Verbatim drama Vidpics Visual works Verbatim plays USE Made-for-TV movies NT Acrostics (Poetry) Verbatim theatre Views Concrete poetry BT Drama Visual works depicting places or things seen from Lanternes Verbatim theatre a distance, in which detail is shown as if projected on Pattern poetry USE Verbatim theater an oblique plane. Visual works Vers de société UF Geographical views NT Art USE Society verse Topographical views Drawings Verse (Poetry) BT Cartographic materials Flags USE Poetry Informational works Illustrated works Verse debates Visual works Installation views (Exhibition documentation) USE Debate poetry NT Aerial views Jigsaw puzzles Verse drama Worm's-eye views Mandalas UF Plays in poetry Views, Installation (Exhibition documentation) Maps Plays in verse USE Installation views (Exhibition documentation) Models (Representations) Poetic drama Viithinaaṭakam plays Motion pictures Poetical drama USE Yakṣagāna plays Photographs Verse plays Vil pāṭṭu Picture puzzles BT Drama UF Bow songs Pictures NT Kur̲avañci plays BT Folk songs Portraits Verse epistles Vilancicos (Poetry) Pottery USE Epistolary poetry USE Villancicos (Poetry) Prints Verse novels Villancetes (Poetry) Remote-sensing images USE Novels in verse USE Villancicos (Poetry) Television programs Verse plays Villancicos (Music) Video recordings USE Verse drama Spanish-language part songs from the 15th-19th Views Verse stories centuries that are based on the poetic form. Visual poetry USE Stories in rhyme BT Part songs Vital event statistics Verses (Poetry) Villancicos (Poetry) USE Vital statistics USE Poetry Spanish and Portuguese poems from the 15th- Vital rates 18th centuries that are generally on religious or Very short fiction popular themes and are intended to be sung. USE Vital statistics USE Flash fiction UF Villancetes (Poetry) Vital records (Statistics) Vesnianky Vilancicos (Poetry) USE Vital statistics UF Hahilky BT Poetry Vital statistics Hailky Official public records of births, deaths, marriages, Villanellas (Songs) Hayivky divorces, and other life events. For official counts of USE Villanelle (Songs) Iahilky the population of a place or ethnic group, sometimes Villanelle including data relating to economic and social Maivky Nineteen-line poems with two repeating rhymes conditions, see Census data. Vesnianky-hahilky and two refrains, structured in five tercets and a UF Records, Vital (Statistics) BT Event music concluding quatrain. Vital event statistics Folk songs

GF-98 Vital rates Combat fiction Weather music Vital records (Statistics) BT Fiction USE Background music Vital statistics records War films Web archives BT Statistics Films that feature military conflicts. For films that Here are entered archived single or RT Census data feature the military lifestyle and loyalty to the armed collections of similar or related websites. forces and its codes and are generally set during UF Internet archives Vital statistics records peacetime see Military films. USE Vital statistics BT Informational works UF Anti-war films [Former heading] Web episodes Vocabularies, Controlled Antiwar films USE Controlled vocabularies USE Webisodes Combat films Web films Vocal chamber music Pacifist films USE Chamber music USE Internet videos BT Motion pictures Web logs Vocal scores NT Submarine films BT Arrangements (Music) USE Blogs War poetry Web radio programs Scores Poetry that features military conflicts. Vocalises USE Internet radio programs UF Anti-war poetry Compositions for solo voice(s) without text. For Web videos instrumental compositions in song style see Songs Antiwar poetry USE Internet videos without words (Instrumental music). Combat poetry Webcasts, Radio UF Songs without words (Vocal music) BT Poetry USE Internet radio programs BT Songs War posters Webisodes Volvelles UF Anti-war posters UF Episodes, Web USE Wheel charts Antiwar posters Web episodes Volvells BT Posters RT Internet videos USE Wheel charts War programs, Radio BT Television programs Vọng cố USE War radio programs Webliographies UF Ca vọng cỏ̂ War radio dramas USE Bibliographies BT Art music USE War radio programs Weblogs Vox pop radio programs War radio programs USE Blogs UF Man-on-the-street interviews (Radio programs) Fiction or nonfiction radio programs that feature military conflicts. Wedding music Vox populi radio programs Musical compositions intended for performance at BT Radio interviews UF War dramas (Radio programs) marriage ceremonies. Vox populi radio programs War programs, Radio UF Wedding songs USE Vox pop radio programs War radio dramas [Former heading] BT Event music Wacky comedy films BT Radio programs Wedding poetry USE Screwball comedy films War songs USE Epithalamia Waila music USE Military music Wedding sermons UF Chicken scratch music War television programs UF Nuptial sermons Television programs that feature military conflicts. BT Dance music For television programs that feature the military BT Occasional sermons Popular music lifestyle and loyalty to the armed forces and its codes Wedding songs Wajang plays and are generally set during peacetime see Military USE Wedding music USE Puppet plays television programs. Wedge verse Waka UF Anti-war television programs [Former heading] USE Rhopalic verse USE Tanka BT Television programs Weekly Torah portions Wall charts Warlock comics USE Parashiyot ha-shavua UF Charts, Wall USE Witch comics Were-wolf drama Wallcharts Warlock fiction USE Werewolf drama BT Informational works USE Witch fiction Werewolf comics Wall maps Warlock films UF Lycanthropic comics BT Maps USE Witch films Werwolf comics Wallcharts Water-color drawings BT Monster comics USE Wall charts USE Watercolors Paranormal comics Waltzes (Music) Water-color paintings Werewolf drama BT Dance music USE Watercolors UF Were-wolf drama Wanted circulars (Posters) Water-colors BT Monster drama USE Wanted posters USE Watercolors Paranormal drama Wanted fliers (Posters) Watercolor drawings Werewolf fiction USE Wanted posters USE Watercolors UF Lycanthropic fiction Wanted posters Watercolor paintings Werwolf fiction Posters that describe and/or depict criminals USE Watercolors BT Monster fiction sought by law enforcement agencies. Watercolors Paranormal fiction UF Circulars, Wanted (Posters) Works in which images are formed primarily of Werewolf films Reward posters pigment suspended in water, generally on paper or other two-dimensional surface. BT Monster films Wanted circulars (Posters) Werewolf television programs UF Water-color drawings Wanted fliers (Posters) BT Monster television programs Water-color paintings BT Fliers (Ephemera) Werwolf comics Water-colors Posters USE Werewolf comics Watercolor drawings War comics Werwolf fiction Watercolor paintings Comics that feature military conflicts. USE Werewolf fiction BT Drawings UF Anti-war comics Western and country music Paintings Antiwar comics USE Country music Waulking songs Combat comics Western and country music radio programs BT Folk songs BT Comics (Graphic works) USE Country music radio programs Work songs War-cries Western art music Wayang kulit plays USE Battle-cries USE Art music USE Shadow plays War drama Western art music radio programs Wayang music Drama that features military conflicts. USE Classical music radio programs BT Dramatic music UF Anti-war drama Western classical music Wayang orang plays Anti-war plays USE Art music USE Topeng plays Antiwar drama Western comics Wayang plays Antiwar plays Comics that feature the American West during the Combat plays USE Puppet plays period of westward expansion. BT Drama Wayang topeng plays UF Westerns (Comics) War dramas (Radio programs) USE Topeng plays BT Comics (Graphic works) USE War radio programs Wayang wong plays Western drama War fiction USE Topeng plays USE Western plays Fiction that features military conflicts. For fiction Waylarsh Western fiction that features the military lifestyle and loyalty to the USE Huaylas (Music) Fiction that features the American West during the armed forces and its codes and is generally set Waynos period of westward expansion. during peacetime see Military fiction. USE Huaynos UF Westerns (Fiction) UF Anti-war fiction Wayñus BT Fiction Antiwar fiction USE Huaynos Western films Films that feature the American West during the

GF-99 Western films (Continued) Wildlife films Word squares period of westward expansion. Nonfiction films about animals, insects, and plants. USE Acrostics (Puzzles) UF Cisco Kid films [Former heading] BT Nature films Wordless books Cowboy and Indian films Wildlife inventories USE Wordless picture books Cowboy films USE Zoological surveys Wordless comics Horse operas (Motion pictures) Wildlife posters UF Comics without text Horse opries (Motion pictures) BT Informational works Comics without words Horse pics (Motion pictures) Posters Silent comics Lone Ranger films [Former heading] Wildlife recovery plans BT Comics (Graphic works) Oaters (Motion pictures) UF Endangered species recovery plans Wordless novels Oats operas (Motion pictures) Recovery plans, Wildlife UF Novels in pictures Sagebrushers (Motion pictures) Species at risk recovery plans Picture novels Westerns (Motion pictures) Species recovery plans Stories without words Zorro films [Former heading] Threatened species recovery plans BT Illustrated works BT Motion pictures BT Informational works Novels NT Singing cowboy films Wildlife surveys Wordless picture books Spaghetti Westerns USE Zoological surveys UF Picture books without words Western plays Wildlife television programs Stories without words Plays that feature the American West during the Nonfiction television programs about animals, Story books, Wordless period of westward expansion. insects, and plants. Storybooks, Wordless UF Western drama BT Nature television programs Wordless books Westerns (Drama) Wills Wordless picturebooks BT Drama UF Codicils Wordless stories Western radio programs BT Legal instruments Wordless story books Radio programs that feature the American West Windies (Tales) Wordless storybooks during the period of westward expansion. USE Tall tales BT Picture books UF Westerns (Radio programs) Wine lists Wordless picturebooks BT Radio programs UF Lists of wines USE Wordless picture books Western sagas (Television programs) Winelists Wordless stories USE Western television programs BT Menus USE Wordless picture books Western swing (Music) Winelists Wordless story books UF Texas swing (Music) USE Wine lists USE Wordless picture books BT Country music Wit and humor Wordless storybooks Dance music USE Humor USE Wordless picture books Jazz Witch comics Work songs Western television programs Comics that feature witches and/or warlocks and BT Functional music Television programs that feature the American the practice of witchcraft. Songs West during the period of westward expansion. UF Warlock comics NT Sea shanties UF Cowboy and Indian television programs Witchcraft comics Waulking songs Cowboy television programs BT Paranormal comics Workbooks Horse operas (Television programs) Witch fiction USE Problems and exercises Horse opries (Television programs) Fiction that features witches and/or warlocks and Working-class fiction Oaters (Television programs) the practice of witchcraft. USE Proletarian fiction Oats operas (Television programs) UF Warlock fiction Workout exercise music Sagebrushers (Television programs) Witchcraft fiction USE Exercise music Television westerns Witchy fiction Workout music Western sagas (Television programs) BT Paranormal fiction USE Exercise music Westerns (Television programs) Witch films Works of art Zorro television programs [Former heading] UF Warlock films USE Art BT Television programs Witchcraft films Workshop ephemera NT Singing cowboy television programs BT Fiction films USE Conference materials Westerns (Comics) Witchcraft comics Workshop materials USE Western comics USE Witch comics USE Conference materials Westerns (Drama) Witchcraft fiction Workshop papers and proceedings USE Western plays USE Witch fiction USE Conference papers and proceedings Westerns (Fiction) Witchcraft films Workshop proceedings USE Western fiction USE Witch films USE Conference papers and proceedings Westerns (Motion pictures) Witchy fiction Workshop sounds USE Western films USE Witch fiction UF Home workshop sounds Westerns (Radio programs) Witticisms Shop sounds (Workshop sounds) USE Western radio programs USE Humor BT Sound recordings Westerns (Television programs) Wizard of Oz films World atlases USE Western television programs USE Fantasy films BT Atlases What if fiction Wizard rock (Music) World maps USE Alternative histories (Fiction) UF Wrock music BT Maps What ifs (Comics) BT Rock music RT Globes USE Alternative histories (Comics) Wonder tales Worm's-eye views What ifs (Drama) USE Fairy tales Representations of cities or landscapes portrayed USE Alternative histories (Drama) Wood-block prints as if viewed from a very low viewpoint. What ifs (Fiction) USE Woodcuts BT Views USE Alternative histories (Fiction) Wood cuts Worship music What-ifs (Motion pictures) USE Woodcuts USE Sacred music USE Alternative histories (Motion pictures) Wood engravings Wound literature Wheel charts Relief prints made from wood blocks incised on the USE Scar literature end grain. UF Charts, Wheel Wounded, Literature of the UF Engravings, Wood Volvells USE Scar literature Xylographs Volvelles Wraparound television programs BT Relief prints BT Informational works USE Interstitial television programs Woodblock prints Whirlybirds (Cootie catchers) Wrestling films USE Woodcuts USE Cootie catchers USE Sports films Woodcuts White telephone comedy films Writs USE Screwball comedy films Relief prints made from wood blocks incised on the plank side. Written orders of courts, in the name of the state or Who-done-it films other legal authority, commanding the addressees to USE Detective and mystery films UF Cuts, Wood do or refrain from doing specified acts. Who-done-it television programs Wood-block prints BT Legal instruments USE Detective and mystery television programs Wood cuts Wrock music Whodunit films Woodblock prints USE Wizard rock (Music) USE Detective and mystery films Xylographs X-rated comics Whodunits BT Relief prints USE Pornographic comics USE Detective and mystery fiction Word games Xerocopies Whodunnit films USE Puzzles and games USE Facsimiles USE Detective and mystery films

GF-100 Xi BT Motion pictures Yuan songs USE Chinese operas RT Ethnic films USE Qu (Poetry) Xianci Yikay drama Yuanqu (Poetry) USE Tan ci USE Likē drama USE Qu (Poetry) Xiang sheng Yīkē drama Yue fu Chinese comedic performances that usually USE Likē drama Chinese poems derived from folk songs. consist of a dialogue between two performers. Yodeling UF Yuefu UF Cross-talks USE Yodels Yüeh fu Hsiang sheng Yodelling BT Poetry USE Yodels Yuefu BT Humor Yodels USE Yue fu Xiangsheng UF Jodeling Yüeh fu USE Xiang sheng Yodeling USE Yue fu Xiaokou lian hua lao Yodelling Zamba (Music) USE Lian hua lao Yodles BT Dance music Xiju BT Country music Zanni, Commedia dei USE Chinese operas Folk music USE Commedia dell'arte Xiqu Songs Zarzuelas USE Chinese operas Yodles BT Dramatic music XXX films USE Yodels NT Sainetes (Music) USE Pornographic films Yoga music Zarzuelas chicas Xylographs BT Functional music USE Sainetes (Music) USE Wood engravings Yoiking Zatoichi films Woodcuts USE Yoiks USE Samurai films Yacht races, Filmed Yoiks Zi di shu USE Filmed yacht races UF Joiking USE Kuai shu Yakṣagaana plays Joiks Zines USE Yakṣagāna plays Jojks Self-published, non-commercial publications that Yakṣagaana prasaṅga plays Juoi'gat are usually devoted to specialized or unconventional subject matter. USE Yakṣagāna plays Juoigos Yakṣagāna drama Yoiking BT Ephemera USE Yakṣagāna plays BT Folk songs Periodicals Yakṣagāna plays Yōkyoku Zombie comics Folk dance-dramas that generally depict stories USE Utai BT Monster comics from Indian epic poems and the Puranas. Yom ha-Din poetry Paranormal comics UF Bayalaaṭṭa plays USE Rosh ha-Shanah poetry Zombie drama Bayalāṭa plays Yom ha-Din sermons BT Monster drama Bhagavatara plays USE Rosh ha-Shanah sermons Paranormal drama Dasavatar plays Yom ha-Kippurim fiction Zombie fiction Daśāvatāra plays USE Yom Kippur fiction BT Monster fiction Kēḷike plays Yom ha-Kippurim poetry Paranormal fiction Terukkuuttu plays USE Yom Kippur poetry Zombie films Viithinaaṭakam plays Fictional films that feature the reanimation of Yom ha-Kippurim sermons corpses that on human beings. Yakṣagaana plays USE Yom Kippur sermons BT Monster films Yakṣagaana prasaṅga plays Yom Ha-Zikkaron poetry Zombie television programs Yakṣagāna drama USE Rosh ha-Shanah poetry Yakshagana plays Fictional television programs that feature the Yom Ha-Zikkaron sermons reanimation of corpses that prey on human beings. BT Dance drama USE Rosh ha-Shanah sermons Yakshagana plays BT Monster television programs Yom Hadin poetry Zoning district maps USE Yakṣagāna plays USE Rosh ha-Shanah poetry Yakuza films USE Zoning maps Yom Hadin sermons Zoning maps USE Gangster films USE Rosh ha-Shanah sermons Y'alternative UF Zoning district maps Yom Hazikaron poetry BT Maps USE Alternative country music USE Rosh ha-Shanah poetry Yangbanxi Zoological inventories Yom Hazikaron sermons USE Zoological surveys USE Model operas USE Rosh ha-Shanah sermons Yangzhou tanci Zoological surveys Yom Kippur fiction UF Animal inventories USE Tan ci UF Day of Atonement fiction Yangzhou xianci Animal surveys Yom ha-Kippurim fiction Fauna inventories USE Tan ci BT Religious fiction Yarns (Shaggy dog stories) Fauna surveys Yom Kippur music Faunal inventories USE Shaggy dog stories Music that is traditionally associated with Yom Year books Kippur. Faunal surveys Inventories, Animal USE Yearbooks UF Day of Atonement music Inventories, Fauna Year books (English law reports) BT High Holiday music Inventories, Faunal English law reports dating from ca. 1280-1535. Sacred music Inventories, Wildlife BT Informational works Yom Kippur poetry Inventories, Zoological Law materials UF Day of Atonement poetry Surveys, Animal RT Court decisions and opinions Yom ha-Kippurim poetry Surveys, Fauna Yearbooks BT Religious poetry Surveys, Faunal UF Annuals (Yearbooks) Yom Kippur sermons Surveys, Wildlife Year books UF Day of Atonement sermons Surveys, Zoological BT Commemorative works Yom ha-Kippurim sermons Wildlife inventories Serial publications BT Occasional sermons Wildlife surveys NT School yearbooks Yom Teruah poetry Zoological inventories Yearly reports USE Rosh ha-Shanah poetry BT Informational works USE Annual reports Yom Teruah sermons Zorro films Yeekay drama USE Rosh ha-Shanah sermons USE Swashbuckler films USE Likē drama Yom T'ruah poetry Western films Yellow pages USE Rosh ha-Shanah poetry Zorro television programs UF Telephone yellow pages Yom T'ruah sermons USE Western television programs Telephone yellowpages USE Rosh ha-Shanah sermons Zortzicos (Music) Yellowpages Youth films USE Zortzikos (Music) BT Telephone directories USE Teen films Zortzikos (Music) Yellowpages Youth gang films UF Zortzicos (Music) USE Yellow pages USE Juvenile delinquency films BT Dance music Yells Youth street films Zouk (Music) USE Cheers USE Juvenile delinquency films BT Popular music Yiddish films Youth television programs Zydeco music Films in Yiddish produced from the 1920s to the USE Teen television programs BT Popular music 1940s in Europe and the United States. Yuan qu (Poetry) USE Qu (Poetry)