FICTIONAL WRITING RUBRIC 4 3 2 1 1 The is thoroughly Plot is adequately The plot is minimally The story lacks a developed Organization: developed. The story is developed. The story has developed. The story plot line. It is missing either a interesting and logically a clear beginning, middle does not have a clear beginning or an end. The organized: there is clear and end. The story is beginning, middle, and relationship between the , rising and arranged in logical order. end. The sequence of events is often confusing. . The story has a clear events is sometimes resolution or surprise confusing and may be ending. hard to follow. 2 The is clearly The setting is clearly The setting is identified The setting may be vague or Elements of Story: described through vivid identified with some but not clearly described. hard to identify. Setting sensory language. sensory language. It has minimal sensory language. 3 Major characters are well Major and minor Characters are minimally Main characters are lacking Elements of Story: developed through dialogue, characters are somewhat developed. They are development. They are Characters actions, and thoughts. Main developed through described rather than described rather than characters change or grow dialogue, actions, and established through established. They lack during the story. thoughts. Main dialogue, actions and individuality and do not change characters change or thoughts. They show little throughout the story. grow during the story. growth or change during the story. 4 All dialogue sounds realistic Most dialogue sounds Some dialogue sounds Dialogue may be nonexistent, Elements of Story: and advances the plot. It realistic and advances realistic and may have or it may all sound alike. No Dialogue exhibits dialect and a distinct the plot. It may exhibit some elements of dialect elements of dialect and voice voice. dialect and a distinct and voice. It advances the are present. It does not voice. plot minimally. advance the plot. 5 The is clearly The conflict is The conflict is minimally The conflict is vague and hard Elements of Story: established, developed and established, developed, established and resolved, to identify. It may not be Conflict resolved after a gripping and resolved after a but lacks development. resolved in a logical way. climax. climax. 6 The rising action builds The rising action builds The rising action builds The in the rising Elements of Story: intense suspense, which suspense, and suspense, but minimally action is lacking or missing. Suspense thoroughly provides growing adequately provides provides growing tension, tension, anxiety, fear and/or growing tension, anxiety, anxiety, fear and/or wonder. fear and/or wonder. wonder. 7 Maintains a consistent point The point of view is The point of view is often The point of view is Elements of Story: of view. clear, but may be inconsistent. inconsistent. The point of view is inconsistent in some consistent. places. 8 Uses carefully chosen Uses figurative language Uses figurative language Uses no figurative language Elements of Story: figurative language to help to help the reader but not pointed out in and no glossary page. Figurative Language the reader visualize and are visualize and these are glossary page. pointed out on the glossary pointed out on the page at the end. glossary page at the end. 9 There are few or no errors in There are some errors in There are many errors in There are numerous errors in Written Oral English grammar, usage, mechanics, grammar, usage, grammar, usage, grammar, usage, mechanics, or Language Conventions or spelling. Dialogue is mechanics, or spelling. mechanics, or spelling. spelling that interferes with the Grammar, Usage, punctuated and formatted Dialogue may have These sometimes make meaning of the story. Dialogue Mechanics, Spelling correctly. minor errors in the story hard to may not be distinguishable punctuation and format. understand. Dialogue is from narrative, or may lack punctuated and correct punctuation such as formatted inconsistently. quotation marks or end punctuation. 10 4 or more challenging There are some There are vocabulary There are no vocabulary words Vocabulary vocabulary words are vocabulary words and words used but no identified. 4 Vocabulary words included and identified in identified in glossary glossary page at end. included at 7th grade glossary page at end. page at end. level or above

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