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Qatar: the epicentre of the Gulf’s rising artistic scene Top stories Page 5 Qatar, United Arab Emirate, became independent on 3 September 1971. This oil producing country has passed through unprecedented increase in wealth thanks to sheikh Hamad bin Interview Khalifa Al Thani, who arrived to power in 1995, and established Qatar as one of the most Staffan Ahrenberg powerful countries in the world. The population’s standard of living equals now that of Western and the Cahiers d’Art Europe, with a Gross Domestic Product reaching $78,260/inhabitant. Skyscrapers, restaurants, Page 7 hotels, universities and luxurious villas have now taken over Qatar. This small emirate is developing very fast and seeks more visibility on the international scene. Qatar has become a Data large-scale diplomatic, cultural and even military player, and expresses quite openly its ambitions. Qatar is a Jack of all trades, and gets involved in all kinds of activities. The royal Jean-Michel Othoniel family sponsors the FC , and Doha will moreover welcome the 2022 football World Page 9 Cup. Qatar also hosts the Taliban and the Hamas headquarters, as well as other international organisations such as the British Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Museums Studies, among others, and broadcaster Al Jazeera headquarters (Doha). Page 11 For some years now museums have been developing fast throughout the country, and especially in Doha, that progressively takes over desert. Qatar’s financial means, which are Galleries considerable, enable the emirate to be one of the leading players of the art market on an Page 15 international scale. Some already call it “the Eldorado of the art market”, because of the royal family’s buying so many artworks. By acquiring a great many works, Qatar is willing to fill its museums — almost ten of them by 2030. Two questions must be raised: how did Qatar become Interview the greatest purchaser of artworks throughout the world? And does the emirate tend to rank Speedy Graphito first when it comes to museum industry? (more page 2…) Page 18

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Qatar: the epicentre of the Gulf’s rising artistic scene

(…more) Considerable expenses Owning no auction house — though the sheikh did consider Qatar is now considered the greatest purchaser of buying up Christie’s to François Pinault — Qatar called on artworks throughout the world. Two years ago, the country international experts to get some advice on big purchases, won the name “cultural destination of the year”, and over in order to reduce the margin of error. Indeed, thanks to its the last six years over $430m have been spent in cultural powerful financial means, Qatar systematically bids by 40% goods from the United States. This tendency was to 45% over the established quotations, and thus confirmed by a recent inquiry led by Artprice. It unveiled inevitably wins coveted artworks. For Artprice, this is no the interest of Qatar for Western modern and strategic mistake — for Qatar only buys major works, of contemporary artworks. The royal family surrounded itself museum quality — but it draws many artists up their usual with experts and consultants from the art world in order to quotation. The sheikh, pragmatic but visionary, claims he inquire into renowned contemporary artists. It then trusts in masterpieces only, and by doing so he shows appeared Qatar — just the size of one single German land audacity and manages to bring his country to modernity. — is as active on Artprice database as Germany itself. This will to promote culture and contemporary art has Their requests include American artists Richard Serra and brought Qatar to undertake museum constructions. The Jeff Koons, British artist Damien Hirst, Japanese artist Museum of Islamic Art saw the light of day in 2008, Takashi Murakami and American French artist Louise followed by the Mathaf, Museum of Arab modern art. By Bourgeois. Qatar indeed is interested only in the leaders of 2030, between 5 and 10 museums should emerge. The the art market, and neglects works under €100,000 — a National Museum, designed by Jean Nouvel, shaped as a rather criticised strategy. This explains however the desert rose, is expected to open by 2014. Doha will purchase of Cardplayers by Paul Cézanne, for $250m, the furthermore welcome a museum of Orientalist art, designed biggest operation ever registered on the art market. A by architects Herzog and De Meuron — who notably version of Munch’s The Scream, on auction at Sotheby’s in produced a pavilion of the Serpentine Gallery, and the new May 2012, was coveted by the Qatari royal family who building of the Parrish Art Museum, New York. This museum planned to purchase it, before it was eventually bought by will feature 1,300 Orientalist artworks and 400 valuable businessman Leon Black, who paid out $119.92m for the pieces. Qatar will soon be able to boast of owning the finest masterpiece. The royal family, that includes great and most precious collections in the world. Alongside these collectors and contemporary art connoisseurs, yields to new museums, Qatar is also undertaking eclectic buying works by major artists such as Andy Warhol and programming of contemporary art. It all began abroad, when Mark Rothko. Rothko’s White Center (Yellow, Pink and the country sponsored the Takashi Murakami exhibition at Lavender on Rose) was indeed purchased by the sheikh’s the Château de Versailles, and the Damien Hirst daughter for $70m. Whole American and European retrospective at the Tate Modern London. For the latter, only collections go to Qatari foundations, aiming at the Qatari royal family could afford such a risky enterprise, “establishing themselves definitely as essential players, for the transportation of works alone was a challenge. along with museums and contemporary art centres, to Besides, the Qatar Museums Authority purchased Lullaby compete with their American and European colleagues”. Spring for £9.7m (€12.02m) in 2007, (more page 3…)

Terenuthis-Stela: Standing Adorant with Horus and Anubis, Nida Sinnokrot, KA (JCB, JCB), 2009 1st A.D. 2 JCB 1CX Backhoe Arms, 460 × 255 cm Collection of Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum Hildesheim. View of the installation of the Sharjah Art Museum Photo: Sh. Shalchi Image courtesy Sharjah Art Foundation


Qatar: the epicentre of the Gulf’s rising artistic scene

(…more) and a Damien Hirst retrospective is scheduled in Doha next year. As stated by Edward Dolman — who left Christie’s to become executive director of the office of sheikha Mayassa, the sheikh’s daughter and head of the Qatar Museums Authority, the aim is for Qatar to become, by 2030, a country with a culture-based, rather than an oil-based economy. Qatar thus highlighted Louise Bourgeois, with the exhibition “Conscious and Unconscious”; Richard Serra, who installed a monumental work in front of the Museum of Islamic Art; and Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang, on display at the Mathaf. Qatar aims at becoming the main destination of cultural tourism in years to come. However a new question arises: is art really at stake, or is this only a money matter?

Art and freedom Though Qatar seems to focus exclusively on blockbusters of Western contemporary art, it is normal to question the true position of art in the country. Is it considered a mere source of income, or is it entrusted with a real educational value? New exhibitions organised in Doha might show the royal family and Qatar are truly interested in art. Let us recall the exhibition “Tea with Nefertiti”, organised at the Mathaf, under the curatorship of Sam Bardaouil from Lebanon and Till Fellrath from Germany. It is the first time an exhibition created in that part of the planet will tour to Paris and . This remarkable exhibition, dedicated to the historic figure become some freedom of expression. pop icon, Nefertiti, presents both ancient and However, on a closer look, one realises Qatar is not so contemporary art, uncensored. It includes indeed different from other emirates and Middle East countries. feminine nudes, as for instance Natacha Atlas by Indeed Qatar wants to be singled out, preferring art to oil Yussef Nabil, as well as an installation by Ala Younis, and choosing not to be involved in its neighbours’ made up with Nefertiti sewing machines, launched in conflicts: Qatar claims its neutrality. Nevertheless, in the 1950s to promote modernity in Egypt. Qatar spite of its open support of Hamas, it took part to military follows this path by organising at the same time an operations in Libya against Khadafi. Moreover it seems in exhibition of Chinese artist Yan Pei Ming at the Katara Qatar freedom is somehow limited. To date, the last Cultural Centre. It leads a reflection on history and example is poet Muhammad Al Ajami’s being sentenced the current state of the Middle East. It starts with to life imprisonment. He was accused of “insulting the watercolours representing leading personalities of regime, defaming Crown Prince Tamim and attacking the the region, from Osama bin Laden to former President constitution”. He was charged with writing in 2010 a of Egypt Anwar El Sadat, including Al Jazeera poem expressing open criticism towards the sheikh; the newsreaders and architect Zaha Hadid. The exhibition true reason might rather be his Jasmine Poem, showing continues with the depiction of political history his support of the Arab Spring. Voices rose throughout through the art history, with notably a triptych about the world to support him; and Amnesty International the death of Marat. Yan Pei Ming ends by making a list called the verdict “a scandalous attack on the liberty of of political crimes throughout history. The only expression”. French Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Middle Easterner represented is Saddam Hussein, in Fabius expressed his outrage regarding this verdict, the morgue, with an identification label fixed on his stating on occasion of a radio broadcast: “Attacking poets toe. These two exhibitions, launched in the end of is indeed neither wished nor admitted by the French 2012, and to run through 2013, are sophisticated — democracy”. He nevertheless continues to justify maybe a bit too much. But they single out Qatar as an economical agreements between France and Qatar. open emirate, with regard to its neighbours: there is Indeed, Qatar is supposed to fund (more page4…)


Qatar: the epicentre of the Gulf’s rising artistic scene

(…more) by €300m French Small and Medium Enterprises. One can then easily conclude than artists and artworks are not freely chosen in Qatar. Censorship does exist. The royal family’s support of the COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU contemporary artistic scene does not prevent its

BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN keeping certain works away from Qatari museums — at A 

DU BOCAGE COLIN DUP  BOCAGE COLIN  A DU BOCAGE least for now. Besides, the Damien Hirst retrospective

COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU HOMMAGE A MICHEL COHEN scheduled in Doha will by no doubt prove a bit BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN different than the Tate’s, for some of the works, DU BOCAGE Mercredi COLIN DU 19 BOCAGEdécembre COLIN 2012 DU BOCAGE deemed offending and repellent, might indeed shock COLIN DU Drouot BOCAGE Richelieu COLIN Salle DU BOCAGE14 à 14h COLIN DU the audience. The matter of censorship was recently BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN debated in the United Arab Emirates on occasion of Art DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE Dubai, when local authorities removed four works, one COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU of which represented an Egyptian soldier beating a BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN woman on Tahrir Square, Cairo. As in many other DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE countries such as China for instance, there is a kind of COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU reluctance towards political artworks. BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN One realises then Qatar is willing to innovate, by DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE highlighting the various facets of contemporary art. COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU This ambition puts the country at the core of this rising BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN Gulf artistic scene. Indeed, the region has been DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE developing artistically and culturally, by organising COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU international events such as the Sharjah Biennial, Art BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN Dubai and Abu Dhabi Art Fair. The emirate massively DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE invests in art and culture, creating museums and COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU purchasing the world’s greatest masterpieces. The Arab BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN artistic scene is not neglected either, for Qatari DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE museums and local events strive to promote Arab Shaman paré en terre cuite. COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGEMexique, Vera Cruz, 700 COLIN - 900. Haut. : 81 cm DU artists. However this promotion is not unlimited, for Ancienne collection Collet depuis 1970 BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN censorship is still rampant. Certain issues, however

Septime Sévère DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE Rome, COLIN IIIe siècle DU BOCAGE much favoured by the artists themselves, are banned. Marbre, 62 cm Expression is not free. Economically and politically, COLINContact étude DU : BOCAGE Possibilité COLIN de voir les DU objets BOCAGE COLINContact expert DU : Tél. : +33 1 58 18 39 05 sur rendez-vous Cabinet Ancient Art Qatar remains a mystery. It seems the emirate itself [email protected] COLIN DU du BOCAGE 26 novembre au COLIN14 décembre DU 1, BOCAGE rue Guénégaud 75006 COLIN Paris 10, rue Petit - 75019 Paris Tél. : 01 42 08 32 22 DU BOCAGE COLIN DU BOCAGE COLIN [email protected] BOCAGE knows not its mind. The point is now to know if the royal family is willing to promote a Western model, for the economy, society and culture. Enthusiasm for art might indeed guide Qatar towards greater tolerance and bring about great change in the Gulf region. ■



Is the Canadian art market “immature”? According to an article by James Adams in The Globe and Mail, the Canadian art market might be immature compared to the American or British art markets, that offer many works by living artists (or just recently deceased). It would seem the Canadian market struggles to establish itself on the international scene. One of the possible reasons is the dominance of public institutions and private collectors over the works of Thomson, Harris, Varley and Milnes, among others. The scarcity of works by masters in auction rooms might then be a necessity rather than a choice. Besides, it would seem auction houses appeal to few buyers, due to their old-fashioned, unsophisticated methods, that have occasionally led to mixes of periods and artistic movements : The Globe and Mail ironically mentions the adjective “contemporary” applied to a 1950 abstract painting by Lawren Harris as well as to a 1992 sculpture by Joe Favard. The article gives the example of a recent auction held at Heffel Fine Art Auction House: out of 192 lots divided almost equally between “postwar and contemporary” Canadian artworks and “Canadian Fine arts” (works produced before World War II), the major part of the turnover went to the most recent works, reaching $8m. Works produced before the war fetched only $1.1m. According to the newspaper, this might become the law for upcoming auctions.

ART & ENVIRONMENT… TOP STORIES… Renewable public art — Land Art Generator Initiative Frank Kalero — artistic director of the 4th edition of Photoquai Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) is a project launched Le Journal des Arts informs that Frank Kalero will be the artistic in spring 2009 by Robert Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian director of the 4th edition of Photoquai, to be held from 17 which aims to join the concept of aesthetics with September to 17 November 2013. The Quai Branly museum, renewable energy. which stands at the origin of this biennial, wishes “to discover Robert Ferry is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University non-Occidental photographers whose works are unpublished or and a licensed architect. His “philosophy” is to design undervalued in France”. buildings that can achieve harmony with their local and Frank Kalero is the founder and editor-in-chief of Punctim, global environment and with the people who use them. magazine specialised in pan-Asian photography. Le Journal des His designs of “positive-impact” buildings that work Arts presents him as “a figure known mainly for scouting new simultaneously as a source of renewable energy were talents and new approaches to the art”. In fact, he is recognised featured in Popular Science Magazine articles. Elizabeth Monoian is a multidisciplinary artist and for directing OjodePez Photo Meeting in Barcelona and for co- founding the production society YWDF dedicated to new media designer whose work has been exhibited throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. She in São Paulo. He also stands behind the creation of the first works currently as an Assistant Professor at the Zayed International Centre of Photography in Latin America. University in Dubai. John Fleetwood, director of Market Photo Workshop, will be the The main idea of LAGI is to design and construct public curator of the African section, Hester Keijser — curator of The art installations that work as large scale clean energy Empty Quarter Gallery in Dubai, will be in charge of Near and generators. “Each sculpture will continuously distribute Middle East, while Bohnchang Koo — photography and video clean energy into the electrical grid, each having the professor at the Kyongil University as well as President of potential to provide power to thousands of homes”. Geonhi Art Foundation, will curate the section of China and Far Since nowadays we are more and more aware of the East, etc. According to Le Journal des Arts, this team of curators is differences between old and new means of energy “contrasting with previous editions”. production and due to the upcoming shortage of natural resources and increasing pollution we have to seek Launch of The Art Newspaper China other possibilities to “quench our thirst”. Lack of free The Art Newspaper, publication about the latest news of the art space, which became problematic especially in big world, has just announced the launch of its Chinese edition. The cities (and that is where the need for the energy is the editor of The Art Newspaper China will be Ye Ying, currently biggest), brings us to that holistic approach of artistic director of Bloomberg Businessweek/China. combining aesthetics with utility. Indeed, The Art Newspaper has entered into a partnership with Land art is a movement of the 1970s based on the the Beijing-based Modern Media Group. Together they will artist’s peaceful integration with the environment, release The Art Newspaper China from the beginning of 2013. obtained by treating encountered space as an This new publication will join the network of newspapers inspiration and a tool at the same time. It was closely founded by Umberto Allemandi that comprises The Art tied with ecology and an attitude of respect towards Newspaper, Il Giornale dell’Arte, Le Journal des Arts, Ta Nea Tis nature. This approach fits the one of LAGI which wants Technis, Il Giornale dell’Architettura and The Art Newspaper Russia. its projects to integrate with their surroundings both visually and environmentally. Besides, the Chinese publication will be distributed with In January 2010 LAGI put out the first call to artists, Bloomsberg Businessweek/China and the bilingual art criticism architects, scientists, and engineers to create aesthetic journal Leap. The release of the newspaper in Chinese and pragmatic solutions for the 21st century’s energy accompanies the development of art market in China. The chief crisis. 2012 edition is held in partnership with New York executive of The Art Newspaper China confirms art is “taken City’s Parks & Recreation for a site within Freshkills Park. seriously by the Chinese government and is of great interest to Not only the construction of aesthetic infrastructure is the the rest of the world”. Thomas Shao, chief executive of Modern aim of LAGI, but also education about renewable energy Media Group, adds that “the Chinese are now curious about the concepts, creation of educational materials and community world of art beyond their frontiers, so it is vitally important to outreach “because, after all, sustainability in communities is launch a professional art newspaper that provides timely and not only about resources, it is also about harmony”. accurate news about the global art scene”.


TRAFFIC & JUSTICE… PUBLICATION… Indian sculptures worth $5m seized in New York Weiwei-isms, a collection of Ai Weiwei quotes Five looted Indian sculptures were seized in Port Newark, New York, Princeton University Press announced the release of by agents of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). Weiwei-isms, a compilation of Ai Weiwei quotes about The authorities claim thet they were most probably stolen from a various issues such as political activism, freedom of temple in Tamil Nadu (South India) by antique dealer and smuggler, expression, the human rights, etc. The book was edited by Subhash Kapoor. Among the five sculptures seized is a statue of Larry Walsh, old friend and collaborator of the artist. Parvati estimated at $2.5m. Though it was listed in the stolen works The book “demonstrates the elegant simplicity of Ai of art database of Interpol, the sculpture passed through the hands Weiwei‘s thoughts on key aspects of his art, politics, of six dealers before being traced, notably thanks to false and life”. He achieves to convey strong ideas with documents. The authorities did not yet determine if the dealers and astonishingly few words, something he probably past owners were aware of the origin of the statues. developed on social networks. The book is divided into Indian and American governments, Homeland Security Investigations six categories: freedom of expression; art and activism; as well as Interpol cooperated in order to track down the stolen government, power, and moral choices; the digital objects. As for Subhash Kapoor, he is facing legal prosecution in world; history, the historical moment, and the future; India to where he was extradited last July. Under the yoke of and personal reflections. international arrestation order he was stopped at the Frankfurt It is already available on the “Friends of Ai Weiwei” airport in Germany. Special agent James T. Haye Jr. in charge of HSI in website and on Amazon, for $12.95 (€9.88). New York stated that “Kapoor is one of the most prolific commodities smugglers in the world today”. He is responsible of stealing more … than $100m worth of Indian artifacts. Now it depends on the art world to discover the pieces looted by Graffiti banned from Myanmar Kapoor. He was indeed known for selling and donating artworks to The Washington Post and Art Daily shared discontent of the museums, notably the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Norton Myanmar graffiti artists who are not allowed to express Simon Museum of Pasadena or the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in themselves in their country’s biggest city — Yangon. Washington. Moreover, the Metropolitan Museum of Art owns 81 Indeed, since 3 December the authorities of Yangon objects delivered by the smuggler, including 5 imitations. Seizing have forbidden works on the walls of public stolen cultural commodities depends entirely on art community. buildings, streets, bridges as well as parks and schools. This decision copies regulations enacted in Roman police finds a stolen sphinx neighbouring countries. Breaking the law will be Roman police announced on 6 December 2012 they had found an followed by legal sanctions. ptolemaic Egyptian sphinx, stolen from a necropolis near Viterbo, Whereas graffiti artists are not surprised by that North of Rome, just before it was smuggled abroad. The granite decision, they are not planning to give up their sculpture, 120cm × 60cm, was produced in the ptolemaic period activity. Many declared that from now on they will (between the 4th and 1st century BC). continue to paint in spite of the ban. They hope that According to the police, the brigade prevented the sculpture as well the government will leave them a certain margin a an ensemble of ancient artworks from joining the international allowing legal expression. black market. The importation of Egyptian sculptures and precious According to graffiti artist Arker Kyaw, aged 19, “the items in Italy started as soon as the 1st century BC when the Romans psychology of young people is the urge to do conquered Egypt, and it blossomed during the Empire, particularly something more when it is prohibited”, and he adds between the late 1st century and the early 2nd century BC, thanks to that “authorities should allow graffiti artists to paint the popularity of the cult of Isis in the West, and especially in Rome. in appropriate public spaces”.

Wolfgang Beltracchi, master forger, will have to reimburse €2m GRANTS… It was recently announced that Wolfgang Beltracchi, master forger, will have to reimburse Trasteco ltd Company for selling them a fake in 2006. The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation announces the Formerly, Lempertz auction house was judged guilty for selling a recipients of its grants painting made by Wolfgang Beltracchi as a work by Heinrich The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation is pleased to Campendonk. According to the court, the auction house did not announce the recipients of its Artistic Innovation and proceed suitable tests while the work was estimated at €800,000. Collaboration (AIC) grants, a programme highlighting The painting titled Rotes Bild mit Pferden, attributed to Heinrich the values promoted by artist and activist Robert Campendonk ,was finally sold for €2,88m to Trasteco ltd. Rauschenberg, during his lifetime and career. These Nevertheless, the new decision of the court, not yet official, states grants will certainly help the Foundation’s that Beltracchi will have to reimburse €2m to the company, philanthropic mission of enhancing, promoting and according to Artinfo. The article adds that Lempertz auction house, encouraging the production and exhibition of artworks. since September, have taken possession of several properties owned This is the second year the Foundation offers the by Beltracchi in order to refund the sum to Dimitri de Faria Castro, grants and 80 arts organisations across the country who bought the painting on behalf of Trasteco ltd. The sale, held in had been invited to apply for the second AIC grant Freiburg, made a total turnover of €2.95m. cycle. After a competitive application process, nine Finally, though Lempertz lost its reputation and money, the new grants (altogether €578,000) are awarded to several decision relieved the managers of the auction house. On the other holders of creative projects. hand, thanks to taking over Beltracchi properties, Lempertz has been The 2013 grantees are: Center for Women & their work, less affected financially than other auction houses, notably Sotheby’s Freewaves, LAND, Museum of Contemporary Art and Christie’s, states Artinfo. Wolfgang Beltracchi indeed managed to MOCAD, Real Art Ways, School 33 Art Center, SITE sell numerous fakes on auctions, some of them bought by museums. Santa Fe, SPACES and Storefront for Art & Architecture.



In October, AMA found out that the legendary Cahiers d’art magazine had been taken over by Swedish collector Staffan Ahrenberg. The Cahiers d’art publisher, gallery and magazine have therefore started trading again after an interruption of over 50 years. AMA met with Staffan Ahrenberg on occasion of the magazine’s revival.

Tell us how you came up with the idea of taking over the Cahiers d’art. I didn’t actually come up with the idea of taking over the Cahiers d’art. This project occurred in a totally « organic » fashion — in a surprising way, actually. I happened to walk past the Cahiers d’art bookstore and publisher without knowing they still existed. They suddenly appeared before my eyes, in a street I’ve walked through hundreds of times in my life without ever noticing them. I was astonished to discover the Cahiers d’art were still well alive. I entered the place and asked who it belonged to. A man told me it belonged to his brother. After that, I asked him — I have no idea where this idea came from — if the owner would be willing to sell. He answered: “I really don’t know. You should contact him directly.” I left my calling card with the man and insisted that the owner called me. And he did indeed on the next day. He called me and said: “I think we should meet”. I stood such a poor chance of him calling! People don’t usually call that easily. Less than two days later, I was back, I went to see “the upstairs brother” — we call him like that because there are two floors at the Cahiers d’art. He greeted me saying “Your arrival is most convenient, I was thinking of selling the business”. I said: “Fine! I’ll buy it.”

This is quite an incredible story, isn’t it… Yes, I agree. So much of it has to do with luck and chance.

Although you mentioned a very spontaneous move, isn’t there something that particularly interested you and motivated you to ask whether the owner was willing to sell? The Cahiers d’art are an icon, a myth, one of the most beautiful things to be found in last century’s history of art! It’s all the more strange since nothing was published for so many years… Staffan Ahrenberg, Cahiers d’art publisher I bore a totally instinctive attitude, like I told you, I had no 2012 © Photo: DR idea but I thought “it might be for sale, who knows?”.

AMA: And it was! Can you tell us what will be different in By that you mean art is much more accessible as well as it is this revival of the Cahiers d’art? What are you planning to do covered by the media… exactly? Obviously, yes. About the same thing as it always was. If you are acquainted with the history of the Cahiers d’art, you might know it was a This new series will strive to represent contemporary art; is gallery, a magazine, and a published specialised in books it also to broaden its horizon? and catalogues raisonnés. This is exactly what we are There are no limits in the art we present. Our first publication currently in the process of doing. There has simply been a shall be devoted to an artist of the time, not a contemporary 52-year long interruption. one like the one we presented in the first issue of the magazine… Have you read the first issue? Precisely, do you think that the Cahiers d’art can have the same resonance today as they used to? Will they benefit from the same myth or will things change? I have not. I haven’t had the chance, I would of course have According to the reactions I got after publishing the first 2012 preferred to meet with you at the gallery… issue, I believe the Cahiers d’art will be a myth to an even It is essential that you come and see it for yourself. I know you higher level, since the world is larger and more and more offer online services. But the Cahiers d’art are about paper. We people are interested in art nowadays, comparatively have a very website, but most of all you should visit the speaking to the population rate — many more than in the place, the exhibition dedicated to Kelly, see the old issues of 1940s, 50s and 60s. the magazine and discover the new version…(more page 7…)



(more …) As for the publisher, it is also bound to start In a broader sense, apart from your connection with the Cahiers trading again. What are its guidelines? d’art, can you tell me about your career path and your activity as Art! We publish things above all. We have published the a collector? How did you end up in Paris? magazine for the first time since 1960. Secondly, we I don’t live in Paris. I live in Switzerland and in the United States. release books, some of which in limited editions, as well as I am of Swedish origin. I speak French and spend a lot of time in catalogues raisonnés. We have a Picasso catalogue Paris. I’ve been collecting contemporary art for a long time, it’s a raisonné, we will soon have a Kelly catalogue raisonné… true passion of mine. My father himself was a great collector. We used to have the Cahiers d’art at home, I was acquainted with Everything seems to be as it has always been, as if there them and I was familiar with their typography. I’m passionate had been a time ellipsis, a void between the old and the about art, I also do other things, but when I happened to see the new magazine. gallery, I deeply understood how great an opportunity it was for I believe looking at it that way is essential. There is enough me. I’m immensely happy about it now. work to go for the next 100 years. What other things do you do? About the gallery (that I intend on visiting) — but you I produce films in the United States. might refuse to tell me anything about it until I come and see it for myself… Finally, a question which calls for me than just a short answer, That’s right…. The gallery is the original one. We also have but let’s have a go at it even though it seems a little artificial. a new gallery across the street, devoted to our publishing What do you make of the state of the art market in France for activities. In the original gallery, we are currently the last few years? Do people buy less? You might be familiar displaying an exhibition devoted to Ellsworth Kelly in the with these matters… 1950s, which has never been on show in Paris before, as I’m not well acquainted with the art market in France. I believe well as in the new space devoted to Kelly’s lithographies. there is definitely something going on since important galleries The publishing gallery is temporarily closed due to slight such as Gagosian open up in Paris; there must be quite a feverish renovation works, but the original gallery is open. I am activity taking place. Galleries like Ropac couldn’t possibly create there occasionally, and there is always somebody there to such exhibition spaces otherwise… There are many collectors in greet the public. France, as well as other non-French art aficionados. ■

Cahiers d'art 1960

Interview with Staffan Ahrenberg, Staffan Ahrenberg, collector and buyer of the Cahiers d’art magazine, gallery and publisher


The French artist, born in Saint-Étienne in 1964, is well known internationally. His last retrospective, which toured the world, closed on 2 December 2012 at the Brooklyn Museum in New York after being shown at the Macao Museum of Art in China and the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, Japan, at the Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Notably represented by the Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery, Othoniel is considered a major contemporary French artist and his agenda legitimises this assertion: he will be exhibited in the Château de Versailles’ gardens in 2014, at the Musée Eugène Delacroix in 2013, several public commissions will be unveiled between 2013 and 2014 and his works are part of the greatest international collections. Starting from his first exhibition in 1988 in Paris, this artist from Saint-Étienne, who lives and work in Paris now, makes his mark in the art market, 25 years after his debut. If his rise seems guaranteed by big galleries in France and abroad, works by Jean-Michel Othoniel are rarely found on the secondary market, and even less on auctions. Indeed the artist has been auctioned a little more than sixty times. How could we explain this phenomenon? Othoniel is known mostly for his work on blown glass, he produces Medium… installations, sculptures with glass beads and also some fabric. One of his most famous works is Le Kiosque des Noctambules (The …by lots …by turnover night owls pavilion) which decorates since 2000 the Parisian Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre subway exit. 5 % Incidentally these sculptures and installations made of blown glass are 10% the ones which are better sold on auctions. The artist’s record is held by Wright, the Chicago auction house, for a sculpture dated from 2008, titled Double collier blanc (Double white necklace). This work found a 20% buyer on 24 June 2010 for $134,500 excluding charges (€103,374; 63% £83,452) while it had been initially valued between $50,000 and 93% $70,000. The second record for the artist is held by French auction house Cornette de Saint Cyr for La fontaine du plaisir et des larmes (The fountain of pleasure and tears). This sculpture was bought on 12 June 2012 for $97,582 excluding charges (€75,000; £60,546). Christie’s Sculptures Paintings Paris ranks third with a lot sold for $29,274 excluding charges. The top Drawings Others of auctions is then held by the artist’s sculptures which otherwise take

Countries… Auction houses …by lots …by turnover …by lots …by turnover

11% 15 % 41 % 41 % 50% 43% 58 % 33% 92% 5 %

France Belgium Wright Auction Cornette de Saint-Cyr USA Others Sotheby's Others up 63% of the market according to operations and 93% of the turnover (around $250,000 excluding charges). As often it happens to French contemporary artists, Othoniel’s market remains limited to France. Thus note that 92% of operations on auctions take place in France, and 97% of operations were held in France and Belgium leaving the rest to the United States and the rest of the world. On the other hand even if the biggest volume is in France, it is in the United States where Othoniel’s works are sold for the highest prices regarding the sales volumes. Indeed with little more than 2% in volume, the United States represents 41% of the turnover in relation to the artist’s works. Here again we acknowledge the singularity of the French market and French contemporary artists: prices applied in France are usually lower than those applied in England or the United States.

Unsold ratio Turnover and number of lots in relation into year of creation

150 K$ 15

47% 53% 10 K$ 10

5 K$ 5

0 0 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 Sold Unsold Turnover lots


Turnover evolution 150 K$ 9 100 %

100 K$ 6

50 K$ 3

0 0 % 1990 1993 1996 1999 2002 2005 2008 2011

Turnover number of lots Sold Unsold

For example, the American auction house Wright Auction with just the single sale of one of Othoniel’s work represents 41% of this artist’s turnover on auctions. Cornette de Saint-Cyr represents 33% of the turnover with 43% of transactions. Jean-Michel Othoniel has an unsold rate very variable according to periods. In a year, the unsold rate could be near to 100% or inexistent. On average, after more than 20 years, the unsold rate of Jean-Michel Othoniel is next to 47%, which is quite high compared with other artists. The development of turnover is in progression with two very Articles by language Exhibition by countries successful years in 2010 and 2012. On the other hand, one factor could seem worrying: the lack of link between the number of lots in sale and the turnover achieved. Indeed we see that despite the number of lots put on sale, the turnover stay stable and weak, 5 % except for years 2010 and 2012. On auctions, Othoniel is less 40 % 39% successful than with the press and during exhibitions. 18% 64% As for his media coverage, we find little less than 450 articles about Othoniel, 64% of which are written in French, 18% in 7 % 14% English, 5% in Spanish, 5% in Chinese… Since the end of the Nineties, the media coverage has not stopped growing. The most prolific about the artist are two French magazines, French English France USA notably Le Figaro, Le Sud Ouest and the AFP. In the press, Spanish Chinese Germany Others Othoniel is taking power and the same is happening with German Others regard to the number of personal exhibitions. The variation since 1991 is uneven, whilst we signal a constant rise every year. With his exhibition opening at Versailles in 2014 we Exhibition annual progression may expect Othoniel to continue this ascent for the next 10 forthcoming years. To date, we count around sixty exhibitions dedicated to the artist around the world. It is important to notice that Othoniel is represented in many countries: if 5 France counts alone 39% of the exhibitions, the United States have 14% and Germany 7%, with the rest of the world accounting together for 40%. Othoniel seems in the process of building his popularity little by little with chosen galleries 1991 1995 1999 2004 2008 2012 and with great exhibitions everywhere, as showed the Solo Group retrospective “My Way”. We shall have to wait a bit before seeing the artist regularly on auctions.

Annual publicity progression

80 Le Figaro

Sud Ouest 40 Agence France Presse

1997 2000 2003 2006 2009 2012 Top publications annual

THIS DOCUMENT IS FOR THE EXCLUSIVE USE OF AMA’S CLIENTS. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE. AMA NEWSLETTER 82 11 14 DECEMBER 2012 Museums… ARTICLE OF THE WEEK… “Museums Beyond the Crises”: 2012 CIMAM conference The CIMAM (International Committee of ICOM — the International Council of Museums — for Museums and Collection of Modern Art) from 12 to 14 November organised its annual conference in Istanbul, titled “Museums Beyond the Crises”. Later, on 15 November, it travelled to Beyrouth, Lebanon starting a “post-conference tour”. This year 218 delegates from 58 countries participated in the event. The conference received support from the Getty Foundation (Los Angeles), the Fundación Cisneros / Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros as well as the British Council. Likewise, Istanbul contemporary art institutions, notably Arter, Boursan Contemporary and Istanbul Modern, as well as galleries Galerist and Rampa, took part in the event. This year, as suggested by the title, the conference regarded two major issues: the condition of the museum in times of world economic crisis as well as new forms of cultural production being developed in the Mediteranean South-East and the Gulf — conflict zones in a period of economic growth, lacking museum and archive tradition. Indeed, the CIMAM’s press release confirms that in these regions “conservation of cultural heritage is not necessarily the domain of musems”. This conference allowed to draw a conclusion that opening this regions to cooperation with museums and other international institutions will allow the sharing of knowledge and methodology: two major factors necessary to gain recognition. The CIMAM conferences are devoted to the appreciation of art and ways of cultural production in different environments. The Comittee quotes that currently the world is facing cultural, political and economical tranformations which affects museums. New regions, having access to new methods of production, emerge on the artistic scene. Maybe next year’s conference will concern the way in which contemporary production methods affect traditional museums.

REOPENING… The Charles Dickens Museum of London reopens after a $4.8m renovation After years of closing and a $4.8m (€3.72m) renovation, the Charles Dickens Museum of London reopened on 10 December 2012. The museum is located in Charles Dickens’ former brick house which had been abandoned for years and interested only academics, being completely neglected by tourists despite of its highly historic value. The Georgian style house was built in 1807. Charles Dickens lived there for a short but essential period, between 1837 and 1839. His two first-borns, as well as Nicholas Nickleby and Oliver Twist, saw the light of day in that house. The restoration enabled this house-become-museum to modernise. Thus, from now on it offers audioguides, a learning centre and a café. On occasion of the reopening, the visitors will be able to discover a temporary exhibition featuring costumes created for the film adaptation of Great Expectations by Mike DU Newell, starring Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes. The director of the museum states everything has been done to give the public the impression Dickens is still living in this FLEUVE house. It will be an opportunity to (re)discover the universe of the most Londoner of authors and (re)meet some of the most ROUGE famous characters of literature including Ebenezer Scroodge, : Miss Havisham, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist… AU LAUNCHING… The Frick Collection’s new website MEKONG The Frick Collection has just launched its new website, more interactive, and with an entirely new design, to be discovered by VISIONS DU VIETNAM cybernauts from now on. This initiative comes from the Frick 21 SEPT. 2012 Collection’s Technology Information and New Media Department. 27 JANV. 2013 Visitors have therefore access to more data, with over 1,000 MUSÉE CERNUSCHI pictures of artworks from the permanent collections, to research 7 AVENUE VELASQUEZ — PARIS 8e WWW.CERNUSCHI.FR contents and various museum’s programmes and media. Moreover it has become simpler to get information about current 1942. Paris, Collection particulière. Droits patrimoniaux © Mai Trung Thu © Adagp, Paris 2012. Photographie © Editions Findakly 2012/photo Christian Murtin — Conception graphique — Conception Murtin Christian 2012/photo Findakly © Editions Photographie 2012. Paris © Adagp, Thu Trung © Mai patrimoniaux Droits particulière. Collection Paris, 1942. exhibitions and special events. Besides access to the museum’s store has become easier as well. filles, jeunes Deux The first website of the Frick Collection was launched as soon as 1998. It was then one of the first museums to offer a virtual visit (1906-1980), Thu Trung Mai of the collection. At first it included only five galleries, now over twenty galleries are available to the public and may be visited, with information provided in six different languages.


MOVEMENTS… CALL FOR DONATIONS… Executive director of the UMOCA to leave his office Rare painting by Hubert Robert The UMOCA (Utah Museum of Contemporary Art) Executive Director, On the occasion of its reopening at the end of 2013, the Adam Price, announced that he will be leaving his office before the Valence Museum of Fine Arts and Archeology launched a end of the year. He has been serving the museum since 2009, and public engagement and a call for sponsorship in order to his departure “is a real loss for the museum” as expressed its Board acquire a rare canvas by Hubert Robert (1733-1808) President Roy Jespersen. “He guided the institution through a very titled Embarcadère méditerranéen (1771). turbulent period and we are grateful that he left the museum in The museum gathers the third world’s collection of much better condition than we found it.” paintings by Hubert Robert in terms of quality and Price’s occupation had great impact in numerous achievements importance, after the Louvre and the Ermitage in Saint including the transformation of the institutions from Salk Lake Art Petersburg. In order to enrich its assembly consisting Center into Utah Museum of Contemporary Art; an approximate of of over a hundred drawings and paintings by Hubert 50% increase in fundraising; a 500% increase in audience — the total Robert, the city of Valence and its museum wish to attendance was brought to a total of 100,000 annually; the opening of purchase this exceptional artwork. The oil on canvas, two new galleries in the museum; a programme that brings original estimated at €400,000, is a painting of large format commissions of contemporary art to area schools free-of-charge; the (183 × 225 cm) and the only seascape by this artist. creation of a new national prize for contemporary painting; the Visible Italian influence and ruins, for which the artist reduction of the museum’s fee per visitor from approximately $44.00 was famous, are depicted on the canvas. Hubert per head to approximately $8.50 per head — one of the lowest rates for an art museum in the country — ; the hiring of two curators who Robert, a landscaper admired by Diderot and Catherine brought national and international renowned artists to the state and II, Empress of Russia, developed an exceptional many others worth applauding his hard work. interest in Antiquity during his travels to Rome. During Price’s tenure, UMOCA also received first ever mentions in USA The city of Valence does not possess sufficient means Today, The Wall St. Journal, W Magazine, Sunset Magazine, The to buy this painting. In cooperation with the museum, it Huffington Post, Yahoo! Finance, Art Forum, and more. calls for benefactors as well as individuals, companies From now on a selection committee of Board Trustees and community and institutions willing to contribute. leaders will run the search process for new museum leadership. Price’s words were “I think UMOCA has an important role to play in the PARTNERSHIP… community, and I want nothing more than to see it get a strong start on the next phase of its existence. I will remain forever grateful for the GEM to be venue for the Award presentations from role I was allowed to play there.” 2014 and associated with the Monique Zajfen Collection The Gemeentemuseum Den Haag proudly announces a MOLAA announces the departure of its vice president of curatorial affairs new six-year partnership with the Vincent Award and the The MOLAA, Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach California, associated Monique Zajfen Collection. The partnership announces the departure of Cecilia Fajardo-Hill who served as vice with the prestigious award represents a unique president of curatorial affairs and chief curator of the museum since opportunity for the GEM to raise its international profile. 2009. Director and CEO Stuart A. Ashman justified Fajardo-Hill’s It will certainly attract the attention of professionals and departure on the basis of a supposed decline in membership and art-lovers all over Europe. The Hague, an international attendance over the last few years. city of peace and justice, and the political capital of Although the statistics about Ashman’s declaration have been is certainly a suitable location for the questioned, the argument points to the ideas behind the museum Vincent Award. The Award is a Dutch prize presented board’s decisions and their disregard for the quality and every two years to a European artist making a significant intellectual substance of public programmes. contribution to contemporary art. It is worth € 50,000. Nevertheless, it is a fact that Fajardo-Hill’s vision helped transform the The Monique Zajfen Collection comprises several dozen institution from a provincial family museum into a site of true debate and works by fifteen different artists, including some earlier exchange with specialised art audiences across Latin America. Also, under recipients of the Vincent Award. It is one of the most her tenure, the museum acquired recognition thanks to significant important collections of contemporary art in the exhibitions and partnerships with national and international art institutions. Netherlands and features work by renowned artists like Marlene Dumas, Neo Rauch, Wilhelm Sasnal, Luc The Centre Pompidou Foundation appoints Sylvia Chivaratanond Tuymans, Thomas Schütte and Stephan Balkenhol. The Adjunct Curator of American Art Zajfen collection is coming to the Gemeentemuseum The Centre Pompidou Foundation has recently announced the Den Haag on long-term loan from September 2013. appointment of Sylvia Chivaratanond as first Adjunct Curator of the Benno Tempel, Director of the Gemeentemuseum Den American Art department. In this new role, she will work with the Haag, is delighted about the new partnership. “Holding members of the Centre Pompidou Foundation as well as the Centre the Vincent Award presentation ceremonies at the GEM Pompidou in Paris in order to develop the American art department from 2014 onwards will enhance both the reputation of and support programmes seeking donations of American art. the Gemeentemuseum as a top arts institution and the Graduated from Leicester University and UCLA, Sylvia Chivaratanond is image of The Hague.” an art historian, independent curator and critic. Her curatorial work includes exhibitions at the Walker Art Centre, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and the Tate Gallery in London as well as ACQUISITION… the 2003 Venice Biennale. She collaborated with numerous Getty Museum acquires a masterpiece of Flemish Renaissance contemporary artists, notably Dan Graham, Cady Noland, Christian The Jean-Paul Getty Museum announced the acquisition Marclay, Isaac Julien, Robert Gober, Matthew Barney, etc. while of the Roman de Gillion de Trazegnies, a manuscript organising exhibitions or preparing publications. illuminated by Flemish painter Liven van Lathem This choice is not insignificant for the Centre Pompidou wishes its (1430-1493). This work is considered one of the finest of Parisian curators to stay well informed about the development of the artist’s, renowned for his sophisticated depictions the contemporary art scene. Sylvia Chivaratanond will allow the produced in the Golden Age of Flemish illumination. museum to diversify its programming. The Centre Pompidou Foundation was created in 1977 by Dominique de Menil and its The Roman de Gillion de Trazegnies tells the heroic and main aim was to “support the Centre Pompidou in Paris by romantic feats of Gillion, a famous Flemish nobleman, during encouraging donations and acquisitions of works of art”. The his pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The manuscript comprises Foundation fosters dynamic exchange of ideas through events, eight miniatures and 44 illuminated initials. This acquisition exhibitions, unprecedented access to artists, private collections joins the Getty’s Department of Manuscripts, already in and contemporary architectural achievements. possession of the greatest Flemish collection in America. v THIS DOCUMENT IS FOR THE EXCLUSIVE USE OF AMA’S CLIENTS. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE. AMA NEWSLETTER 82 13 14 DECEMBER 2012

WHAT’S ON… Raffaello Sanzio’s drawings for the first time in Frankfurt Exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Arts From 7 November 2012 to 3 February 2013 the Städel The Royal Academy of Arts has organised Museum of Frankfurt will be displaying the work of various exhibitions for December 2012, January the audacious Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, and February 2013. The first one will begin on 8 1483–1520 Rome), the master of Italian High Renaissance art. December 2012 and will run until 17 February 2013, the The exhibition will include 48 drawings, nine sheets from the subject is “Constable, Gainsborough, Turner and the Making Städel’s own holdings and 37 loans from internationally renowned of Landscape” at the John Madejski fine rooms. collections such as the collections of HM Queen Elizabeth II, the The other exhibition is titled “New Mariko Mori: Rebirth” and Musée du Louvre in Paris and the Uffizi in Florence. takes places at Burlington Gardens, from 13 December 2012 This is the first exhibition of the graphic work of the artist in to 17 January 2013. This is a solo exhibition work by New Germany, and it is actually related to the history of the museum’s York-based artist Mariko Mori whose art aims to inspire in collections since Johan David Passavant, former director of the people a new consciousness of our relationship with nature. Museum, admired Raphael and Albrecht Dürer and enriched the A current exhibition running from 22 September 2012 collection with their works, making it one of the most beautiful through 27 January 2013, “Eros to the Ritz: 100 Years of ones of ‘Raphaelesque’ drawings. Street Architecture” at the Architecture Space. The exhibition The exhibitions stresses the evolution of Raphael’s graphic work, takes Piccadilly as its focus in order to explore how divided into four themes: Madonnas and child, compositions architects manipulate proportion, shadow, composition, from Roman decorations, history scenes and decoration of Santa ornament and representation to create memorable and Maria della Pace in Rome. compelling street architecture. Another current exhibition is taking place, running from 1st Mathieu Mercier at the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard The Fondation d’entreprise Ricard exhibits through 12 November 2012 and ending on 17 February 2013, titled January 2013 works by Mathieu Mercier. It is the first solo “Almost Real Art, a Satirical Archaeology of the Ra Collections and Library by Mark Hampson at the Tennant Gallery. The exhibition of the artist since “Sans Titre 1993-2007″ held at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris in 2007. exhibition attempts satirically an archaeological response to the In this exhibition, Mathieu Mercier questions the place of everyday complexities of information and histories of the RA holdings. object in art when its first function, “being useful”, was dissolved in the creative process. In his sculptures and installations “usefulness “Futurism and the past” exhibition in London was questioned and made unreal in order to put the object on the From 1 December 2012 to 30 September border of abstraction”. A certain ambiguity takes its place and 2013 the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian provokes a query. Symbolic and utilitarian functions are deducted Art, located in London, will launch its first and lead to reconsidering the object itself. virtual exhibition “Futurism and the past”. The In fact, during this exhibition, the gaze of the spectator is at first exhibition analyses the association between Futurism and attracted by grey columns. While most of the times the exhibitor the Italian pictorial tradition. The online exhibition skirts the obstacles present in the exhibition space, here the artist features around 60 works half of the futurist movement decided to multiply them by creating copies of the only PVC (1909-1919) and the other half spanning the history of art column present in the room. In this exhibition, the viewer will from Ancient Greece to Baroque Rome. The works can be discover everyday objects taken out from their usual context. A viewed here: belt exhibited in the showcase, glasses creating optical illusions The exhibition was curated by Rosalind McKever in a way or alarm clock waiting for the right hour… We find as well a scan of that one can establish connections between the two the artist fixed to the wall, including Sans Titre (Scan poussière). different movements and, therefore, think differently about one or the other. When futurism was founded by T. Programme of the Museo de Picasso in Málaga Marinetti in 1909, he demanded that museums be burned What is the grotesque in art? If you are interested in down and Italy’s artistic heritage destroyed in order to the grotesque explored through different media the allow the country to modernise. exhibition “The Grotesque Factor” at the Picasso The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art opened in Museum in Málaga will suit you. At times referred to as London in 1998. It contains six galleries, an art library, cafe exaggerated, compared to the deformed, satirical or even and bookshop. The Collection is known internationally for incongruous, this category of aesthetics will be the main theme of its core of Futurist works, as well as figurative art and this exhibition addressing its meaning and evolution. The exhibition sculpture dating from 1890 to the 1950s. began on 22 October and will last until 10 February 2013. Among the artists exhibited are Leonardo da Vinci, Francisco de Goya, “Art, Science et Fiction” at the MAC in Belgium James Ensor, Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso, Otto Dix, Willem de Kooning, On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Francis Bacon just to name a few since there are almost 80 the MAC (Musée des Arts Contemporains) of international artists and around 250 works displayed for the Hornu in Belgium, the museum will dedicate occasion. The exhibition is curated by José Lebrero Stals, artistic an exhibition to science-fiction: “SF: Art, director of MPM along with academic advisor Luis Puelles, Professor Science et Fiction”, curated by Denis Gielen. Science of Aesthetics and Art Theory at the University of Malaga. fiction, as everyone thinks, has not only produced The other programmes comprised in the schedule of the museum literature, films, illustrated magazines or comics but it are the “Guest Museum” from 9 October to 20 January 2013. This has also nourished the art in the field of Fine Arts. time the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York lent the Sculpture, painting, photography and video have been Museo Picasso a canvas painted by Pablo Picasso in 1965, Lobster inspired by it. The exhibition started on 18 November and Cat from its Thannhauser Collection. and runs until 17 February 2013. There will also be seminars on 14, 16 and 21 January 2013 at The exhibition will include works and documents coming 5pm. In the setting provided by the exhibition on the grotesque, from different aesthetic movements, and will include the seminars will address the special significance of caricature as modern and postmodern artists that respectively a genre in modern art. The three sessions will analyse the most approach the notion of the fourth dimension and popular relevant series and motifs in the works of William Hogarth, Honoré myths like Superman. Daumier and George Grosz. There will also be caricature The Museum of Contemporary Arts (MAC) is one of the workshops on 10, 17, 24 and 31 January from 5:30 to 8pm. And French Community of Belgium’s leading cultural projects. seven recitals of the Málaga Philarmonic Orchestra will be part of The space, designed by Pierre Hebbelinck, is dedicated the 6th Chamber Music Session of the Museum. to contemporary creation.


COMING SOON… The Hong Kong Museum of Art, a taste of “Gangsters & Gunslingers” at the American Museum East and West The American Museum, located in Claverton Manor near The Honk Kong Museum of Art, created in Bath, is proud to present the exhibition “Gangsters & 1962, celebrates this year its 50th Gunslingers. The Good, the Bad & the Memorabilia” from anniversary and establishes itself as one of the major 23 March to 3 November 2013. This exhibition brings together cultural institutions on the island. With 14,000 pieces two important chapters of the history of the United States that helped shape its national identity: the Wild West (from the mid displayed throughout 6,000 sqm, it offers a large 1860s to the late 1880s) and the wild years of the Prohibition/Great overview of Chinese classical and modern art, as well Depression (the 1920s and 1930s). as Western and contemporary creations. Each era produced legendary icons, who became famous or Its rich permanent collections are divided into five infamous, such as Bonnie and Clyde, Calamity Jane and Buffalo Bill to departments: Chinese antiquities, Chinese fine art, name a few. The exhibition investigates how facts gave way to the Hong Kong art, historical paintings and the Xubaizhai demands of popular fiction. Many of these heroes of “ancient Collection of Chinese painting and calligraphy. The American tales” seemed to be and acted if they were indestructible, historical collection of the museum was mainly however their life endings were anything but heroic. Many donated by Paul Chater and Robert Hutong, prominent astonishing personal items owned by these personalities will be on businessmen and players of the economic public display for the very first time, such as the armoured vest development of Hong Kong in the colonial era. found in Bonnie and Clyde’s bullet-riddled death car, and Al Sir Catchick Paul Chater (1846-1926), a British citizen Capone’s silver cigarette case among many others. made a knight in 1902, was a member of the Hong Kong Sam Szafran retrospective at the Fondation Pierre Gianadda Executive Council for over thirty years. Throughout his The Fondation Pierre Gianadda (Martigny, Switzerland) career, he gathered an important collection of historical will be hosting from 8 March to 16 June 2013 an paintings and engravings depicting the seafaring and exhibition dedicated to Sam Szafran, recalling his 50- colonial stories of the island from 18th and 19th century, year pictorial career. His work shows a range of colours rare and precious accounts of daily life and urban and obsessive lines of pastel sticks. Engravings, paintings, pastels, development in Macau, Hong Kong and Guangzhou. watercolours and charcoals display the artist’s favourite themes, with When he died the collection gathering 430 pieces, was the Ateliers, Stairs, Foliages and Rhododendrons series. His passion for scattered during the time of Japanese occupation. 94 plants was born when he worked in Zao Wou-Ki’s studio. works have been saved and are now displayed at the Born in Paris on 19 November 1934 in a Jewish family from Poland, Sam Hong Kong Museum of Art. Szafran miraculously escaped the Vel d’Hiv Roundup. He spent a few Among the missions of general interest claimed by the years in Austria, and returned to Paris in 1951. He dwelt in the artistic districts of Montparnasse and Saint-Germain, and in 1954 met Germaine museum, the preservation of Chinese and Hong Kong Granet, who acquired his first works. He met with Alberto and Diego cultural heritage, artistic education and promotion of Giacometti, Yves Klein, Tinguely, Riopelle. In 1960 he was offered a local production have indeed a great part; temporary pastel box, and he decided to abandon oil painting. He became a master exhibitions open to international issues, that allow to of the pastel technique and helped its revival. His works are on display dynamise the audience, are also included in its at the Centre Georges Pompidou and in major European museums. programme. Therefore the museum — under the The Fondation Gianadda was established in 1978 by Léonard supervision of the Leisure and Culture Services Gianadda, as a tribute to his brother Pierre, who died in a tragic department — in 2011-2012, has welcomed 338,000 plane crash two years before. visitors. In 2006 the Centre Pompidou had lent it 50 major works by Modern art masters — including Programming of the MACBA museum for 2013 Picasso, Matisse and Brancusi — for an exceptional The 2013 programming of activities at the Museu d’Art Contemporani of Barcelona (MACBA) focuses on the exhibition that attracted over 140,000 visitors, an transversal nature and representation of the audience record for Hong Kong. contemporary through exhibitions, public programs and the From 16 December 2012 to 31 March 2013 the Museum’s educational services. The Museum’s 2013 programming is museum will host the itinerant exhibition “Andy the result of an organic relationship between its lines of research, Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal”, comprising 370 pieces collections, exhibition and the Programme of Independent Studies. lent by the Andy Warhol Museum of Pittsburgh. It will On 24 January 2013 starts the photo work exhibition of Palestinian feature, among other things, Warhol’s Time Capsules, artist Ahlam Shibli, “Phantom Home” through 28 April 2013. The which the artist used to fill every day with souvenirs, exhibition is co-produced by the Museu d’Art Contemporani de letters, newspapers, magazines, sale records, Barcelona (MACBA), the Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris and photographs and other ephemeral testimonies of his the Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves, Porto. life. Capsule 23 will be highlighted, for it gathers Andy Eulàlia Grau will then be displaying her works from 7 February to 26 Warhol’s souvenirs of his visit in Hong Kong in 1982. May 2013. The exhibition titled “I Have Never Painted Golden Nevertheless Chinese classical art is not being Angels” will be curated by Teresa Grandas. forgotten among international exhibitions. From 30 The drawings of American conceptualist artist, Lawrence Weiner, will be November 2012 through 9 January 2013 “Chinese presented from 7 March 2013 to 24 June 2013. And from December 2013 to February 2014 the project of editor, curator and art researcher Abdellah Painting and Calligraphy of Song, Yuan and Ming Karroum, “Sous nos yeux!” will go deeply into the line of activities, focusing Dynasties from the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts” on the Mediterranean Area — North Africa and the Middle East — as well as will be a highlight of this year’s anniversary on the birth of new types of civil society in the Arab World. programme. The century-long history of cultural Regarding international exhibition , the MACBA and the Fundació exchanges between China and Japan is illustrated by “la Caixa” will be exhibited from June 2013 to January 2014 at the 38 historical paintings lent by Japanese institution. Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo of the Universidad de Through this opening policy, the Hong Kong Museum México. Also, the exhibition Oferta Pública/Public Tender by Rita of Art allows to appreciate the specificity of this McBride will be displayed at the Museo Rufino Tamayo in Mexico City complex insular culture, a unique point of contact from November 2013 to April 2014. Afterwards, it will be presented at between the Far East and the West.. the Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston, Texas, in 2015.


ARTICLE OF THE WEEK… Damien Hirst leaves the Gagosian Gallery The New York Times announces British superstar Damien Hirst will be no more represented by the Gagosian Gallery, ending their 17-year long collaboration. This amicable departure, sudden and more than unexpected, presumably leaves the artist unrepresented. This leading figure of the Young British Artists supported by Saatchi in the 1990s had then won international fame. Considered the wealthiest artist in the world — with a fortune estimated at $346m, according to The Sunday Times — he is mostly known for his iconic work The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, featuring a tiger shark preserved in formaldehyde in a glass case. His departure is a big surprise for the art world. For Carol Vogel from The New York Times, “the question remains whether Mr. Hirst will look for another gallery to show his work in New York, where he has a large number of big collectors”. Though Damien Hirst has indeed worked with other galleries such as White Cube and auction houses like Sotheby’s in the last years, Gagosian offered him a world retrospective in 2011 for his series Spot Paintings, in each of the eleven galleries, thus showing his full and exclusive support.

CONTROVERSY… OPENING… Swedish gallery exhibits a painting made from Holocaust Les Infirmières Gallery soon opening in Paris victims’ ashes. A new gallery will open in January 2013 in the Parisian A Swedish gallery based in Lund plans to exhibit from 15 artistic district Le Marais. Les Infirmières Gallery is willing to December 2012 a canvas made from Holocaust victims’ ashes. promote young women artists gathered in the collective Les Sweden is inflamed by a vivid controversy and representatives Infirmières (The Nurses). of the Jewish community in Sweden find this project revolting. Les Infirmières, led by Aurélie Mantillet, are a group of young Gallery owner Martin Bryder defended himself on the radio plastic artists. They claim to be the heirs of George Sand and saying that he “sees no moral problem or flaw with exhibiting” Simone de Beauvoir, the followers of Louise Bourgeois and this painting. The canvas was produced by Carl Michael Von Annette Messager. They are the heralds of all women of the Hauswolff from the ashes of Holocaust victims’ taken from 21st century. They liberate themselves from the traditional Majdanek Nazi extermination camp located in Poland, where frame — motherhood, child-raising and home — and go 79,000 persons were executed during World War II. beyond feminism. The point is now to show the modern woman It appears the artist collected the ashes during a visit in can support her household, be a mother and a lover, a worker Majdanek in 1989. While little is known about how he exactly and a leader. The matter is no longer sex equality, but rather did it, we can imagine he took it directly from the the assumption of a feminine status. crematorium furnace. For the museum in Majdanek, there is Les Infirmières Gallery will be hosting the collective and no doubt: he did not enter in possession of the ashes legally. enabling the public to discover their works. The museum opposes strongly the exhibition. Moreover, for Salomon Schulman, Yiddish professor and member of Lund’s EXTENSION… Jewish community, this exhibition is “disgusting” and “desecration of Jewish bodies”. He also shared with The Extension of Zao Wou-Ki’s exhibition “Beyond” in Hong Kong Jewish Telegraph Agency his concern about the vivid interest Due to the positive welcome of the press and public, the in Third Reich and racism among academics, which are still gallery FEAST Projects is delighted to announce the extension present in their conversations nowadays. of the exhibition “Beyond” through 7 February 2013. It features Nevertheless for Carl Michael Von Hauswolff, the artist, this Chinese French painter Zao Wou-Ki, one of the most prominent canvas has a different meaning. In fact he quoted that “the contemporary artists. ash has followed me, always been there … as if the ash The exhibition includes a group of exceptional large watercolour contains energies or memories or souls of people … people paintings that date from 2004 to 2009. The works show the tortured, tormented and murdered by other people during mastery of the artist mixed with a spontaneous fluidity of nature one of the most atrocious wars of the 20th century”. That is motifs. They convey with a special freshness Zao Wou-Ki’s why it is relevantly part of the exhibition “Memory Works” intimate appreciation of the Chinese and Western culture. at the Martin Bryder Gallery. With this exhibition, FEAST Projects has the distinct privilege to be the first gallery exhibiting a group of these works painted between 2004 and 2009. A fully illustrated colour catalogue is ARTIST & GALLERIES… available on occasion of the exhibition. The Paul Kasmin Gallery to represent Taner Ceylan The Paul Kasmin Gallery, based in New York, will from now AMA on represent Turkish artist Taner Ceylan, famous for his photorealistic paintings. Art Media Agency (AMA) is published by the company The gallery acquired his work Esma Sultan at Art Basel A&F Market, Limited company with registered capital of Miami Beach for $200,000. The painting is part of the Lost €40,000, incorporated in the Company and Trade Register of Paintings series, inspired in the Orientalist, Western look on Paris under the n° 523 512 788. 267 rue Lecourbe, F-75015 the East. It is displayed at the gallery’s stand and the Paris, France. exhibition of the whole series next fall; some works will be is hosted by the company OVH, borrowed from collectors for the occasion. Simplified joint stock company with registered capital of € Taney Ceylan studied fine arts at the Mimar Sinan 10m incorporated in the Company and Trade Register of University. He is famous for his mysterious, strongly erotic Roubaix-Tourcoing under the n° 424 761 419. 2 rue works. After leaving the Istanbul contemporary art gallery Kellermann, F-59100 Roubaix, France. Galerist, the artist was negotiating for two years with New York, London and Istanbul galleries. He eventually chose Director of publication: Pierre Naquin the Paul Kasmin Gallery. Chief editor: Antoine Cadeo de Iturbide


WHAT’S ON… Paintings by Dora Atwater Millikin exhibited in Boston Rachel Feinstein at the Gagosian From 26 November to 12 January 2013 the Walker- Gallery in Rome Cunningham Fine Art Gallery exhibits American painter Dora The Gagosian Gallery in Rome Atwater Millikin with the exhibition “Sense of Place”. Her work exhibits through 5 January 2013 includes several paintings from a series of Netherlands views. works by Rachel Feinstein. For the first show in The paintings on show were painted from smaller studies and drawings and Rome, the Gallery chose an installation remembered favourite places on the farm. They show red-tiled roofs of the consisting of paintings and sculptures antique barns adjacent to towering contemporary wind farms, ditches used produced by the American artist. to drain the land, the windmill once used for grinding wheat at Gernwerd, This exhibition reveals the artist’s fascination and the old house at Maarhuizen, a short distance from our place at Ranum. with religion, myth, beauty, morality and Recognition of her work includes the Edwin Gould Foundation Award, the decadence. Arranged as a reminiscence of John Stobart Fellowship Award, the Joseph Hartley Memorial Award for stage dressing, her paintings and sculptures Oil, and the Fidelity Investments annual juried competition at the are inspired in “diverse artistic, architectural, Providence Art Club. cultural, and stylistic sources — from religious Sherrie Levine at the Simon Lee Gallery iconography to Baroque sculpture, Romanticist The Simon Lee Gallery exhibits through 5 February 2012 new landscapes, and popular cartoons — art and works by American artist Sherrie Levine. This assembly illustrates history are charged with a burlesque the “themes of reproduction, seriality and commodification”. sensibility”. Twelve bronze mirrors accompanied by twelve pink glass skulls are put The gallery’s walls are covered with a on display. The artist elevates functional object to the status of artwork; panoramic wallpaper of impressionistic Rome transforms the mundane into the precious. Her work questions the process “sourcing and collaging various artistic visions of art merchandise. The new mirrors are the echoes of former works by of the city from different historical periods”. this artist which drew from abstract paintings from the beginning of 20th Diamond-shaped glass mirrors painted with century. Levine brings the viewer face to face with their own cultural faces are fixed to the walls merging with the patterns and hypothesis regarding the economic value of art. background panorama while catching the In the pink glass skull sculptures we see Sherrie Levine’s interest in passing viewer’s gaze. vanitas and still life. She “reconfigures an image of mortality as an object Four sculptures placed in the middle of the of desire by rendering the skulls in lustrous pink glass”. Sculptures are scenography represent Christian icons such as displayed in vitrines creating a museal ambiance. Her work always Archangel Michael, who defeated Satan, Saint reflects a specific relation with the works from which she gets Agatha, who did not renounced her faith under inspiration. Thus, “by emphasising the art historical imagery to which her torture, Saint Sebastian, who survived despite own work refers, Levine makes visible the endless chain of referents being pierced by numerous arrows and Saint made implicitly by all modernist artists”. According to Sherrie Levine it is Christopher, the patron saint of travellers, who like “putting a picture on top of a picture”. bears the weight of the world upon his shoulders. The Gagosian Gallery adds that each Polka Gallery presents “Format Pola”: Philippe Guionie, Sara sculpture presents the history of Biblical Imloul and Donata Wenders heroes, shown through “the expressionistic On the occasion of “Le Mois de la Photo 2012” biennial in details of their famous agonies and ecstasies”. Paris, the Polka Galerie presents “Format Pola”. This They are like shadows placed in the midst of an collective exhibition, titled “Small is beautiful” displays the illusionary setting — Rome. photographic works by Philippe Guionie, Sara Imloul and Donata Wenders from 24 November to 12 January 2013. Cabinet of curiosities at La Reine Philippe Guionie approaches the themes of identity and memory with Margot Gallery “Swimming in the Black Sea”, inspired by a Jules Vernes’ novel. He also Parisian gallery La Reine Margot — presents “Délestage”, a diary with black and white photographs, from his specialised in archaeological travel in N’Djamena’s streets. pieces, in love with ancient art and its magic Through portraits, still lives and abstract shapes, Sara Imloul, explores with beauty — presents the exhibition “Négatifs” the original intentions of photography and the artist. She exposes “Curiosities”, to be held from 13 December the paper directly in her film camera and creates unique small format prints. 2012 to 30 March 2013. The inauguration will Donata Wenders, initially worked in the movie industry and now, after take place on 13 December from 6pm. having shown an ability for photography, takes black and white In the framework of this exhibition, the gallery photographs. In the exhibition she shows her series entitled “In the Snow”. enables the visitors to live a very peculiar Henri Cueco exhibits pencil drawings in Paris experience, by unveiling its new collection, a From 7 December through 19 January 2012, French artist very special selection of items revisiting the Henri Cueco will be exhibiting at the Louis Carré & Co Gallery notion of “cabinet of curiosities”. in Paris. The event, titled “Crayon sur toile fine” (Pencil on Archaeological pieces come from Egypt, Greece Thin Canvas) will feature exceptional pencil drawings depicting, in a and Rome mix with precious mineral fossils, classical style, scenes representing the disorder of the world. mysterious masks and an important collection His drawings, small formats filled with grey, black and white, echo of Peruvian vases. famous works by French 17th century masters Nicolas Poussin and La Reine Margot is the oldest archaeology gallery Philippe de Champaigne, who often inspire him. Through his works, in Paris. It was founded in 1937, and has been Cueco conveys his views and feelings. managed by Gilles Cohen for twenty years now.


WHAT’S ON… David Salle/Francis Picabia exhibition at the “I love you with my iPhone” by Mussa Hassan Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery in Brussels The Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery is to present a dozen Belgian gallery Pascal Polar presents “I love you new paintings and hitherto unseen drawings by with my iPhone” by Sudanese artist Mussa American painter David Salle, from 23 January to 23 February Hassan, named after the artwork I love you with my Ford by 2013. It will accompany a selection of works by Francis Picabia pop artist James Rosenquist, 1961. The exhibitions will run (1979-1953), post Dadaist painter, among which Lotruli from February and will last until the end of April 2013. (1930), Melibea (1932-1933), Cocolo (1936-1938) and Woman Inspired by Rosenquist’s work, that takes a critical point of with a Bouquet (1942), shaking the codes of bourgeois and view towards the consumer society of the 60’s, Hassan traditional painting. takes this criticism and transfers it to the present day David Salle gave birth in the 1980s to a new conceptual situation stressing the fact that Americans achieved to impose to societies of oil-producing countries of the language for painting. His pictorial research produced visual Middle East, a Muslim version of the “American way of life”. juxtaposition and superposition, devices to be observed in The exhibition is inspired by The Death of Marat, by David, Picabia’s translucidities as well. The approach of both artists has 1793. It echoes to the assassination of Osama bin Laden by often been compared. David Salle’s attraction towards Picabia is the Americans, as a construction of images before being a more “about the spirit than the style. The first time I saw his liquidation operation of a political opponent. In Hassan’s paintings form the 1930s and 1940s , I felt there was no work, dead Osama bin Laden holds an iPhone, as Marat direction in the way of looking at them. It was a liberation, it holds a letter in David’s iconic painting. Mussa Hassan was exciting and free from good intentions — a real anarchy!” boldly shows the tragic dimension of the relationship we all David Salle lives and works in New York. He was born in 1952 in maintain with manipulative and uncontrollable media. Norman (Oklahoma). After studying at the California Institute of the Arts with John Baldessari in the 1970s, he became a leading Glasswork by Hiroshi Yamano in Hong Kong figure of New York figurative art scene. His paintings enrich From 1st February to 1st April 2013 the artist major collections such as the Chicago Art Institute, the Essl Hiroshi Yamano will present “Scene of Japan” at Collection in Vienna and the Guggenheim in New York. Koru Contemporary Art museum and gallery in Hong Kong. The Japanese artist is known for being a glass Susanne Themlitz exhibits “OH!” in blower but has equally worked in crafts and metalwork. His “OH”, an exhibition of paintings, sculptures and work includes glasswork considered as sculptures showing a installations by Portuguese artist Susanne Themlitz, delicate balance between Eastern and Western imagery. will be held at the gallery ARANAPOVEDA in Madrid The works will present studies of the natural world, from 7 February to 4 April 2013. inviting the visitors to share a contemplative moment. The “OH!” shows us the ability of drawing to configure intimate and pieces, called by the artist Nagare (a Japanese word immediate spaces from dreamlike stories. Her sculptures and meaning current) are designed to be lightly misaligned in drawings transport the visitor to parallel worlds and extended order to create a sense of movement or flow. The art landscapes through quotes of Art History. pieces are an extension of his popular From East to West Born in Lisbon, the artist has exhibited since 1992 until today series through which he explored the influence of both in numerous museums and art institutions of Portugal, Eastern and Western cultures in his life. Germany, Spain and France like MAS (Santander), Calouste His works can be found in museums throughout the world Gulbekian (Lisbon), Museo do Chiado (Lisbon), Hans-Peter- including the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, VA; the Corning Zimmer Foundation (Düsseldorf) and in the Vera Cortés Gallery Museum of Glass, Corning, NY; the Wheaton Glass Museum, (Lisbon), Angeles Baños Gallery (Badajoz), Steiner Gallery Millville, NJ; the Winter Park City Hall Winter Park, FL and (Berlin), Carla Stützer Gallery (Cologne), Luis Serpa (Lisbon) The Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, Racine, WI. among others. And has participated at ARCO (since 1998), Slick Art Fair, ArtBo, ArtRio, ArteLisboa and Scope Basel. Adel Abdessemed exhibits at the David Zwirner Gallery in London Georg Baselitz’s graphic work at the Pilar Serra Gallery Algerian plastic artist, Adel Abdessemed, who lives and works in Paris, will exhibit from 22 The Pilar Serra Gallery in Madrid presents an February to 30 March 2013 at the David Zwirner Gallery in exhibition of German painter Georg Baselitz, London. The exhibition will display the artist’s new works. “Painting on paper and graphic work” from 18 Born 1971 in Constantine, Algeria, he attended the École December 2012 to 4 February 2013. The exhibition comprises nationale des Beaux-Arts in , France. Abdessemed has the graphic work of the artist produced between 2004 and established himself as a prominent figure on the 2011, etchings, aquatints and woodcuts along with several contemporary art scene. He uses varied mediums for his watercolours on paper. art including drawing, video, photography, performance His etchings explore the same subject as his painting and and sculpture. His visual language is rich, direct, sensitive sculpture. He had started the etching period in 1964 and controversial. His art stresses the effects of the researching a personal language that could liberate him from globalised society on the individual. His work is any mimetic project. From 1977 he made his first monumental represented in prominent collections internationally, etchings and around 1981 the figure and the background including the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; the Israel integrate and there is a big interest in colour. Museum, Jerusalem; the Musée d’art moderne et This is the third exhibition that the gallery devotes to the artist contemporain, Geneva; the Musée d’Art Moderne de la and it comprises around ten engravings, four woodcuts, of the Ville de Paris; and the François Pinault Foundation, Venice. series Big Night, two aquatints and four etchings. He lives and works in Paris.



Speedy Graphito is exhibiting through 22 December “The Essential of Painting 1987” at the Polaris Gallery in Paris, an occasion of discovering through a selection of works the multifaceted and polymorphic creativity of this representative of Street Art, who shows there his ability to overcome labels. Art Media Agency had the pleasure of meeting him.

On occasion of the exhibition at the Polaris Gallery, you resume your collaboration with Bernard Utudjian, who has represented you from 1985 to 2003. What could you say about this comeback? Bernard Utudjian came to me two years ago. He wanted to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his gallery, and since I had been one of his first artists, he offered me a retrospective. Though I have become famous on the Street Art scene, only few persons know my background and my work’s genesis. This is the story Bernard wanted to show. Because of space constraints in the gallery, we chose to focus the exhibition on a major element of my work: Lapinture. Altogether there are only few pieces on sale, five canvases and a few publications. Most of the pieces on display are part of my collection, or of Bernard’s, and neither of us wishes to let them go.

How would you define your career? I have always been a painter: drawing lessons at 9, creation of theatre settings from 14 to 20, five years of art school (including two at the famous Ecole Estienne in Paris). My first works as Speedy Speedy Graphito Graphito were made in 1984, the year of my first exhibition at the photo Férial 2012 Espace Pierre Cardin. The Polaris gallery, owned by the youngest art dealer in France, decided to represent me. In 1985, I created the poster “La Ruée vers l’art” (Art Rush): it granted me immediate and striking success throughout the country. Afterwards there have been many exhibitions, solo shows at the Fiac and urban performances on the walls of Paris.

Who are your collectors? With regard to other artists, I have faithful collectors, some of whom bought several works. For instance, one family has bought over sixty of my works! These collectors thus cover various stages of my work. Some of them have supported the gallery as well, by purchasing only at Bernard Utudjian’s, others stopped when my paintings became too expensive.

Sixty works, that’s something! Yes but one must see each exhibition of mine is unique and addresses a specific issue, expressed by various styles. Some did want to possess all the pebbles of my artistic path. Besides, some of my collectors are interested only in sculptures, but they are as enthusiastic as others.

How did your works evolve on the market? Today I have a double market. There is a quotation for recent works, which are more expensive than older works. The reason of this is that my past works have not been diffused by the media as present ones are, and they are not available on the market, for people keep them! Last February, Artcurial sold a 1990 painting, J’ai dû rêver trop fort (I Must Have Dreamt Too Hard) for almost €19,000 (hammer price). But altogether the market offers mostly recent works. They can reach between €23,000 and €25,000 (hammer price): Fascination, SprayTrash Urban Color 2012 2009, has been auctioned at Leclere, ,(more page 19…) Painted resin sculpture 80 × 80cm H: 200 cm



(more …)for €25,000, €30,980 including buyer’s premium, on 22 May 2010.

How did your quotation evolve? A painting worth today €20,000 was sold twenty years ago for 30,000 francs (€5,000) twenty years ago. It has been multiplied by four! Time favours me, I have become a historic artist. I believe the introduction of the euro has played a part as well.

Is this evolution slow and constant enough to establish the market? There has been a real speeding up in 2004: then a 1 × 1m painting was worth €5,000 ; now it is worth over €15,000!

What happened in 2004? The Street Art phenomenon became famous, auction houses began to exhibit and sell works from this movement, and this helped its discovery. As for me, I rarely put my works in contemporary art auctions: they make best in specific sales, for I am considered a precursor of the movement.

Do you feel there exist an investment speculation concerning your work? Pensez vous vraiment pouvoir éradiquer une culture? 2012 Acrylic and spray on canvas Not really, I feel more people are simply attracted to my work. That 150 × 150 cm is why they keep the paintings; they cannot live without them.

What is your difference with other artists? For instance, your studio neighbour is Street artist JonOne. JonOne and I have a different story. I got recognition in my early career, as soon as I started to paint, whereas JonOne established himself later. His American origins are an asset, for the movement is often linked with New York. As for me, I think Street Art was born in France, and Graffiti in the United States. I have a specific way of working: for each exhibition, I make people travel. Jon rather shows continuity and energy in his production. He creates more than I, and people wonder about him. My approach is very peculiar: my works require more time to be produced, but they are more varied, unique. That is why people do not resell them. If they resell them they know they will not get another. Our respective strategies are different. For all that, we respect each other, we are friends.

How do you establish the price of your works and its evolution? Once the price established, if the exhibition does well and everything is sold, then I slightly increase the prices (by 10%) for the following exhibition. It has been two years the prices have not been reestimated. It depends on circumstances. For the United States, where I am represented by the Fabien Castanier Gallery in Los Angeles, currency fluctuations raise a problem: one cannot adapt the prices with regard to dollar fluctuation! We therefore decided an equality euro/dollar. As this is not convenient for me, we also mix parameters. If the dollar is really under the euro, we make sure difference of prices does not exceed 20%, or everyone will go to the US to buy. With transportation costs, if the work is to be sold in auction room, the commission covers the Heroic Colors #1, 2012 Spray on glass difference. This prevents traffic. (more page 20…) 70 x 50 cm



(more …)You take part in charity auctions, for instance coulour has the name of a popular hero or reference (Charlie the forthcoming “100 Briques pour Madagascar”, Brown, Pink Panther, Clockwork Orange, Purple …) and rather another to support the Zafimaniry people in than figuration I chose to represent them as giant pixels. I never Madagascar… Does this allow you greater visibility in did that before. There is also a video of Sponge Bob Square the auction field? Pants “L’échappée belle”, where Sponge Bob escapes his No, for this is really a parallel circuit, and often I have to cartoon character condition: a real sponge on the wall with the create on a specific material for the occasion (bricks, head of Sponge Bob, and I am working on the video in order to wooden blinds), which I prefer, for there are no questions erase him from the film, to create the impression he got off the of quotations with a specific size or technique, no film. As an echo to recession, I gilded petrol jerrycans and wrote comparison can be made with the rest of my production. “lead-free 95RON-octane gasoline” or “lead-free 98RON-octane Besides, these sales are always for a good cause, but the gasoline”, to represent petrol as a perfume, a luxury good, and result is not guaranteed, and works can be sold for Monopoly paintings, where red hotels have become ruins. nothing. In this case, I prefer to sell the work myself, and donate the money afterwards. For instance, “100 Briques After the New Square Gallery exhibition in , what are pour Madagascar” went very well last year: my brick your projects? fetched €14,500, and Pierre Soulages’ €60,000. For now I am taking part in a collective exhibition at the Völklinger Hütte Museum in Germany from March to October, a How do you react when labelled Street artist? Many collective exhibition at the New Square Gallery in March, a solo artists wish to be seen as artists first, with no label. show at the Fabien Castanier Gallery in Los Angeles and I have long refused to be labelled Street artist, in my another at the Aragon Museum in May. ■ early career. When the movement won visibility I got more integrated, for being an outsider can be a problem as well, and it deprives you of many things. But I am a painter, this is what I have always been, and Street art is rather an extension of my work.

What is your view on the Street art market? I think we are still trendy, but only the best will outlive the fashion. I see an obvious parallel with post 1980s Figuration Libre. They all took to painting, but some disappeared afterwards. This infatuation stopped with the Persian Gulf War; suddenly nobody could sell anything. Either the galleries blocked the prices and nothing was sold, or they gradually sold off for nothing. Today there is a confusion between Street art and Graffiti, and I believe many artists are overestimated. Investors will be disappointed, but a natural selection will be made between who is an artist and who is not.

Have your work suffered from the current recession? Two years ago it has rather been a fortune for me, for people chose to invest in secure values. They preferred to buy one expensive large-sized painting rather than three cheaper pieces.

You are going to exhibit your recent works at the New Square Gallery in Lille, from 30 Novembre 2012 to 26 January 2013. What new topics will you be exploring this time ? This time I chose to address the evolution of our lifestyle with the Internet and the new relationship with digital technologies. I used more tools to express this; paintings, sculptures, videos, photographs…

Is your inspiration changing? I am willing to work with the codes of contemporary art — as I used to do with Street Art — and see how I shall L'atelier 2012 translate them in my universe. I made a series of gigantic Installation smartphones in paint on wood or glass, where each Galerie Polaris Paris.

Interview with Speedy Graphito


ARTICLE OF THE WEEK… Market of Salvador Dali sculptures flooding with misinformation, knockoffs, outright fraud… Manuel Sevillano, the managing director of the Gala- sold at prices ranging from $1,200 to $4,000 (from €915 to Salvador Dali Foundation won the battle against Museo Dali €3050). According to ARTnews a writer, posing as a potential Escultor concerning the misuse of the “Dali” brand thus buyer, queried the foundry about an edition of a Dali bronze. As misleading the visitors into thinking their museum was the an email response, the manufacturer wrote they could produce official one. Sevillano thinks, from now on, positive changes the edition plus three numbered artist’s proof. The sales can be done regarding the marketing tactics that are representative even sent a photo showing the “Dali” signature allowing an improper exploitation of the copyrights, that the foundry uses. Even worse, when asked if they had a trademarks of even the images of Salvador Dali. However license to produce Dali’s sculptures they answered back that the problem had grown way too much when the prosperous they did not since they were only a “factory able to make foundation, that was and is still supposed to gain control of sculptures or crafts according to our customer’s request”. the artist’s legacy since his death, seemed to have lost Controlling the rights becomes a hard work since many control of his rights, works and trademarks. Today an sculpture editors had contracts with Dali, which enable them to eventful production and sale of sculptures, commissioned represent his work and to reproduce them. Even Dali’s wife, late in the artists’ life, grows stronger and dates from the Gala, had given rights for many sculptures. It was just after artist’s death in 1989. Consequently the problem that Dali’s death that more and more sculptures began to appear, arises most likely concerns the origin of the works. mostly monumental ones. This suggests that sculpture An extended ARTnews investigation revealed that the publishers might not have respected the announced edition market for Dali sculptures remains inundated with sizes since no approbation was now needed from Dali, thus misinformation, unauthorised edition, ownership, disputes generating a distrust coming from the collectors and scholars and outright fraud. This confirms the phenomenon that is about the authenticity of the work. now happening on the market: the presence of knockoffs It did not come as a surprise then to see that the Dali exhibition (some coming from China) of existing Dali bronzes some of at the Centre Pompidou in Paris did not include any late which are available on the Internet. It is uncertain whether bronzes. According to Jean-Hubert Martin, former director of any of the sculptures have been sold, however, there is a Centre Georges Pompidou, “most of them are derived from the big financial incentive for unscrupulous operators wanting paintings, and the quality of the execution isn’t very exciting”. to pass off knockoffs as originals. So far, the foundation has not contested contracts under which Numerous questionable Dali sculptures have been the sculptures were produced because Dali and Gala were emerging on the market scene and French experts Robert willing to sell the rights, including Dali’s signature, in order to and Nicolas Descharnes have specified no knowledge or finance their luxurious lifestyle. familiarity with many works put up for auction. For instance, As it is, it is more likely that the foundation creates a catalogue the work Shoes with a Body Shape sold last December for raisonné of the sculptures, but after years of debates nothing $9,408 (€7,185) and attributed to Dali, seems to be one of has been done. Sevillano has nonetheless expressed his desire those mysterious unknown pieces; according to Descharnes that producers sign new restrictive contracts directly with the there is no existing drawing made by the artist for it. foundation, something that most of the producers have not Regarding the origin, there might be numerous foundry done yet. Many owners of the rights feel no need to work places around the world. Yongheng Craft Manufacturer, in together with the Dali Foundation. Leonardo Benatov, who Baoding, near Beijing, markets versions of some of Dali’s leads Valsuani Foundry in France, found the foundation’s terms bronze sculptures produced by Beniamino Levi, one of the too restrictive… It seems there is a long path to travel before major European purveyors of Dali sculptures. Each one is the issues regarding Dali’s late sculptures disappear.

OBITUARY… MOVEMENTS… French artist Hélène Iché died aged 82 New photographers at VU agency Hélène Iché, literary woman and plastic artist, was born in Paris in VU agency has recently welcomed two new 1930. Her father, the sculptor René Iché, was then represented by art photographers, Liz Hingley (1985) and Frank dealer Leopold Zborowski. She was brought up in the bohemian district Loriou (1966). Hingley joins the agency as a of Montparnasse and poet Max Jacob was her godfather. In 1937, she photographer and exclusive member of the posed for two major works of her father: Hélène, Six Years Old, exhibited “Archives, Media, Corporate and Culture” in the 1939 New York Art Fair’s French pavilion and the emblematic department. As for Frank Loriou, he will be part sculpture Guernica, produced the very day of the killing, which he of the “exclusive archives” team. refused to exhibit because of its great violence. Liz Hingley graduated from Brighton University Since she was 10 she had learned how to draw with Robert Coutin, (editorial photography) and London College Germaine Richier’s former master. During the war she stopped to go where she studied anthropology. She obtained to school, and her father used her in his Resistance action. She the Getty Image Grant to continue her work about distinguished herself in false documents making, decoding and poverty throughout the world. transmitting “personal messages” broadcast by London, and led Frank Loriou is a photographer specialised in various missions as a liaison agent. music editions. He worked on numerous After the war, she entered Fernand Léger’s studio, and there she was images and CD covers notably for Yann Tiersen, trained in square enlargement techniques, notably for ceramics. She Jean-Louis Murat, Dominique A, JP Nataf, Peter befriended Henri Goetz, whom she greatly admired for his engravings. von Poehl, Alexis HK, Minda Tindel. He At the same time she studied Classical Literature and Linguistics. A produced as well various series concerning great traveller, drawer and occasional poet, she strived to preserve the everyday life (Outta season), childhood memory of Montparnasse beyond the artists of her own family. Thanks (Smallville), animals (The Wild Life) and nature to her daughter, Hélène Iché had recently donated the original plaster (Birdland). In 2009 he published a photography version of Guernica to the Musée Fabre in Montpellier. album titled Tout est calme.



Alëxone started to paint in the street, as many teenagers who try the aerosol spray to have fun, and afterwards he followed a path that established him as a true artist, with no restrictive label. His freedom opened him the field of all possibilities, and his curiosity needs to experience the unknown. AMA had the opportunity of meeting him on occasion of his exhibition at the Franck Le Feuvre Gallery, Paris.

You are exhibiting at the Franck Le Feuvre Gallery through 15 December. What story are you telling through this exhibition? The exhibition is titled “Alacrité”, which means “rousing gaiety”. This title gives a spirit, a kind of territory where I am

free, where everything is possible. I refuse to stick to one Atelier Alexone Dizac - ©Ben Lorph theme, otherwise it becomes a graphic commission. I put no limits, for they stop all possible inspiration. I paint rather Actually I do not wonder, I just do what I want! I like to instinctively. experiment techniques I know little, even more when they are classical, for my training has not been traditional at all. Where does the word “Alacrité” come? It just happened like this, on a sudden impulse. I used to be a It is a real word from the dictionary, an old word one does not graphic designer, that is why I like so much all papers and use every day I daresay. Each dictionary offers its own prints, books… I like also to give an artistic dimension to small definition, one just knows it is linked with gaiety, with gifts and advertising objects. I use things that I’ve always liked. something lively. I have long been in love with this word, and for the anecdote, there is a pub next to my place called “A la Does the use of engraving — a classical technique in the art pointe de l’alacrité”. I wondered for years about the meaning history — have an influence on your creativeness? of it, until I opened a dictionary. Moreover it is international, Indeed it does. What I like so much about engraving is that you in English it is “alacrity”. just do it, there is no way to erase, and you keep a true relationship with the material. Moreover it brings a very special Are you in love with words? emotion in the lines, which you may easily lose when working I like words, wordplays — it is my French culture. on computer, which is a much colder technical relationship.

Indeed, there are words in your paintings. Is this idea of opening to the field of all possibilities in They are not really words, but rather the spirit of the words, creation opposed to the general idea about Street Art? and then I really like words, it is simple. Using words does not The main problem of Street Art these days is that people are require anything special. One can play with words while having trying to define it. When I started to paint, the word “Street Art” coffee in the morning! did not even exist. I did something very close to graffiti, as teenage boys from the Bronx did so many years ago. When I What is the colour of “Alacrité”? grew up, after discovering this fun thing, I discovered I wanted It has not one colour, but so many colours, with dashes of more, I conceptualised by practice. What I remember of Street bright colours that sting the eyes! Art is the street scene, and the social openness: everyone mixes. You can meet all kinds of people, and even policemen, The exhibition gathers 18 paintings, as well as a real novelty for writing on walls is not always welcome! in your work: engravings, or rather an association of The point is to live sensory, human experiences rather than engraving and embossing. How did you choose that mere technique, but since the word has been invented and set technique? against the system, it has become nothing but marketing, only It modernises engraving, a long established technique! I marketing! I admit I discovered Street Art through passion: it scrabbled with a youngster, Gaël Beulier, who worked as an has been the origin, the beginning, and never the aim in itself. intern in my atelier. I had done engravings before, but I had not People define me as a Street Artist. I am rather willing to bring much experience, which I acquired after eleven plates! You do graffiti towards something more personal. everything simultaneously, engraving and embossing, on a copper plate. How would you define yourself? I am a painter, a contemporary artist. I think my painting is for Your relationship with technique is something very now, it is not the same than ten years ago, it is deeply linked surprising. When one thinks of Street Art, one immediately with our time. thinks “aerosol”, while in your work you use printed fabric as I like words, the openness of words: to play with them, to read a canvas, bronze sculpture and plastic… them backwards; when one begins to put (more page 23…)



(more …)labels, all becomes rigid and there is nothing to networks. In Germany for instance it was well organised; we had be done. That is why I am so keen on discovering different several shows there between 1999 and 2001, the year Bansky techniques. When you start to put limits, there is no more started to get himself talked about. freedom of creation. This is not what interests me in being an artist! I cannot just do what I know, what I like is to How do you feel today about exhibiting in Paris, in a gallery that surprise myself. promotes and highlights artists? I have been exhibiting in galleries since 2004-2005, for solo Do you make preparatory drawings on the canvas before shows exclusively. It has become “normal” and I quite like it! My using acrylic paint? job is to paint; thanks to the gallery I don’t have to worry about Things come progressively; there is something really selling anymore. It is more than welcome! instinctive about it. Then it all comes from my head, I put dynamics and masses — this is my graphic designer side — How do you define the price of your works? and I adapt it. Each time it is really different. I tried to be coherent with the personal investment my paintings I work mainly with acrylic paint, but I am rather curious represent. It is true I spend more time on them than a few years about techniques. It even provoked conflicts with stores! ago. A 92 x 73cm painting can reach €5,200 today, while a 270 x Once I wanted to buy simple canvas to draw on it, and the 140cm work rises to €29,200. My engravings (ten specimens) are sales assistant almost drove me out of the shop, for the sold between €480 and €550. idea of drawing on canvas was a scandal to her. Ever since, I A painting must create an emotion, that’s the most important have taken to draw on canvas! In the beginning, I knew thing. It justifies the price you pay for it. nothing of classical technique, I thought there were rules, but in the end they are meant to be broken. What is your view on the current Street Art market? Some people just speculate: they’d rather buy a style than an What do your fellow artists think of your openness to all artist, and this takes me aback. The real problem of the artistic techniques? circle is ego: the story of each artist is filled with anecdotes and They are rather positive about it. Then everyone has his stories nobody can prove. The only real thing, after all, is your personality. In the beginning there is a kind of formatting. work on the canvas. ■ In the graffiti technique, you paint the background and the inside of letters together, and then only the contours. Some ignore it, and they paint the contours first and the inside afterwards. When it comes to simple things, variations are possible. The important thing is to find rules that suit you. It is a general habit to paint big-sized patterns on walls all over the world. One has to adapt, for you paint with whatever you find there. I have been working inside for a year; I just try to discover new techniques and to keep those I like!

You say you are accustomed to working on big volumes. How do you get by with smaller paintings then? My paintings are mostly details of broader scenes, with figures exceeding the frame. I always imagine things bigger than they are.

In addition to your paintings, you also paint the walls of the exhibition room! It’s a habit of mine! If I must choose between a plain white wall, and a wall filled with drawings and colours to accompany my paintings, I prefer the second choice!

Your evolution and artistic creation followed the emergence of a Street Art market, how did you enter it? We entered an already existent art market, we just became a distinct category. Ten years ago I didn’t know what a gallery was. We exhibited in places out of the art market, yet everything was on sale. We exhibited in squats, in alternative places all over Europe, in international Alexone Dizac - ©Ben Lorph

Interview with Alëxone


ARTICLE OF THE WEEK… First Belgian art sale at Cornette de Saint Cyr: a success The first sale dedicated to Belgian design and contemporary art organised by auction house Cornette de Saint Cyr in Brussels on 10 December 2012 was a big success. Total proceeds reached €1,002,807. During this auction, La Fenaison, oil on canvas by Emile Claus was sold for €77,500, far beyond estimations, likewise ink on paper by Jannis Kounellis, from a private collection which fetched €39,990. Dominante bleue by Joseph Lacasse was sold for €49,020, while the canvas from the Jos Van Leyven de Koningshooikt collection and Personnage assis by Floris Jespers (1922) was auctioned for €23,220 — five times more than previously estimated. This sale offered as well Sève, oil on canvas by Jo Delahaut (1956) from a private collection, which was purchased for €38,700. Composition n°11 by Pol Bury was sold for €36,120, while a work coming from Christian Dotremont’s private collection, another Composition, by Guy Vandenbranden, was purchased for €23,220.

CONTROVERSY… The Bendicht Rudolf Wagner pre-Columbian collection in the sights of Christie’s Hong Kong makes $333,8m in a week Peruvian authorities Christie’s Hong Kong has recently announced On Monday afternoon, 3 December 2012 at 2pm the Castor Hara that the 2012 Autumn sales week brought in a Society in Paris dispersed the collection of Genevan Bendicht Rudolf turnover of HK$2.6b ($333.8m / €256.9m). Wagner with 92% of 262 lots sold. The collection consisted of pre- Columbian pieces, the majority of which came from Peru, especially Six sessions were organised from 23 to 28 from the Chavin civilisation. Other pieces came from Colombia and November 2012: other Latin American countries. • “Fine and Rare Wine” held from 23 to 25 The star lot happened to be the decorative plate of a golden pectoral November 2012, which made a HK$108.4m of a Shaman, acquired for €575,000 by a French collector. The sale turnover ($14.1m / €10.8m). We must note exceeded all expectations since the object had been estimated the sale of twelve bottles of Romanée Conti between €300,000 and €500,000. The piece is a treasure. According to — Vintage 2005 for a sum far beyond their the metal object specialist, Robert Sonin, it is the heaviest Chavin gold piece presently known. estimation, reaching HK$1,694,000 On the other hand, the international market bought the lot appearing on ($219,712 / €169,068). the catalogue’s cover for €40,000, a polychrome terracotta potion vase. • “Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art” Among the textile pieces, a poncho was quickly bought for €16,900 held from 24 to 25 November 2012. (estimated between €7,000 and €10,000). Proceeds from this sale reached HK$674.6m Despite good sales results, according to Peruvian magazine Ilustracion ($87.5m / €67.3m) making it the best session Peruana Caretas, behind the auction relies something that worries the of the week. The key piece of this sale was Peruvian authorities as to know how and how many pieces did the collector manage to obtain from the country over the years. The undoubtedly La forêt blanche II, a canvas by collected works would have been acquainted between the 1950s and Chinese artist Chu Teh-Chun, purchased for the 1970s and although an agreement with the UNESCO specifies the HK$60,020,000 ($7,784,594 / €5.99m) prohibition of exporting and marketing cultural goods, Bendicht • “Chinese Paintings”, the session held from Wagner printed a luxurious 120-page catalogue for the auction. 26 to 27 November 2012, brought a total Additionally, according to the General National Cultural Heritage Law income of HK$500.5m ($64.9 / €49.9m). The (No. 28296), every holder of such pieces must be registered at the INC. piece titled Magpies on Branches by Xu Any attempt to draw the heritage out of the country without authorisation or respective certification may be punishable by a fine, Beihong was purchased for HK$21,940,000 impound or confiscation. The actions that Peruvian authorities will ($2,845,618 / €2.2m), establishing the undertake are still unknown. sale’s record far beyond estimate. • “Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels” held on 27 RESULTS… November made a HK$580.2m turnover Result of the auction by Claude Aguttes in Drouot Paris ($75.3m / €57.94m). A Birman diamond and The auction organised by Claude Aguttes auction house on 7 December at ruby necklace, made by James W. Currens Drouot-Richelieu reached a total of €4,727,513 TTC. It gathered various art was sold for HK$39,860,000 ($5,169,842 / goods such as ancient paintings, Asian art, furniture and art objects. €3.98m) The ancient paintings themselves reached €1,420,580. The sale was • “Important Watches”, session held on 28 launched with a landscape by Flemish artist Hans Bol auctioned November, 2012 brought the income of HK €242,250. But the record price of the sale was a painting by Hendrick $186.3 5$24.2 / €18.6), thanks notably to Van Balen (1575-1632), auctioned for €969,000. the watch by Patek Phillipe sold for HK The great interest of collectors for Pieter Coeck Van Aelst has been $25,300,000 ($3,281,410 / €2.5m) confirmed, with two sales of his paintings, one for €31,975 and the • “Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art” held other for €29,325. The culmination point was the sale of lot 56 to a collector, a painted scroll by Chinese artist Zhang Weibang in 1752 for on 28 November made a turnover of HK which the auction rose to €1,530,000. Also, two court costumes for the $523.6m ($67.9m / €52.25m). The Imperial Imperial family were largely contested by the bidders since they were cup falangcai was sold for HK$48,820,000 auctioned for €108,375 and €184,875. ($6,331,954 / €4.9m).


RESULTS… COMING SOON… Raphael drawing breaks records at Sotheby’s London Christie’s Paris’ first drawings auction A Raphael drawing, depicting a young apostle, established a In April 2013 Christie’s Paris is about to organise striking record at Sotheby’s London on 5 December 2012. for the first time an auction dedicated to The work fetched £29.7m ($47.8m/€366m) — almost thrice modern and contemporary drawings. The event the initial estimate between £10m and £16m. It is the will be held during the Salon du Dessin, scheduled between highest price ever registered for a drawing on paper. The 10 and 15 April 2013 at the Palais de la Bourse, Paris. previous record belonged to a Raphael drawing as well; Head François de Ricqlès, Chairman of Christie’s France, of a Muse sold for £29.2m in 2009. London art dealer declared “It seemed important, when all international Stephen Ongpin, second last bidder, declared the price is drawing collectors come to Paris, Christie’s should offer justified for such a fantastic piece; nevertheless he could not classical pieces, from the 16th to the 19th century, as well afford to bid higher. as more recent works. We will thus present for the first Head of an Apostle is a black chalk drawing, produced by Raphael time since we opened in December 2011 two auctions of (1483-1520) originated from the Chatsworth Devonshire works on paper, titled Christie’s Drawing Days: one Collection. It is one of the key figures of Italian Renaissance dedicated to old masters and the other to Impressionist depiction of Transfiguration, exhibited at the Vatican Museum in and Modern artists.” Works on paper have been on sale for Rome. When Raphael died, his body was laid out in his studio twenty years in Christe’s London and New York but it will with the Transfiguration hanging at his head. be the first sale of that kind held in France. Rare Gregory Rubinstein, head of old master drawings at masterpieces, such as Portrait of Singer Mojesko, 1907, by Sotheby’s, stresses that “If you are lucky, at some point in Van Dongen, are expected. your career a work like this comes along. A number of the world’s greatest collectors stepped up tonight in recognition “1960-1980: Game Generation” by Boisgirard- of the genius of Raphael and the extraordinary beauty of this Antonini at the Hôtel Drouot drawing with its exceptional provenance.” Boisgirard-Antonini auction house will organise on 18 February 2013 an exclusive auction Results of the Chinese ceramics and artworks auctions at “1960-1980: Game Generation” at the Hôtel Drouot, Paris. Christie’s The sale will gather 350 tie-in products from TV series and Christie’s just announced the results of the Chinese ceramics iconic Science Fiction films of the late 20th century. The and art auction held on 28 November 2012. The auction, auction house’s press release stresses this auction’s being composed of three sessions, fetched a turnover of HK the major sale of vintage games to date. Besides, it assures $523,562,875 ($67,906,105 and €52.2m). pieces from prestigious collections will be presented in The auction of Chinese furniture from American private exceptional conservation state, with their original collections made HK$104,002,250 ($13,489,092 and wrapping. The session will comprise “metal robots, pinball €10.4m). We might mention notably a pair of 17th-18th machines, iconic posters, spaceships, original works by century cabinets made of Huanghuali (Chinese wood) sold contemporary artists and other surprises”. for HK$23,060,000 (€2.29m), a pair of 17th century It will be an opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to Huanghulai armchairs sold for HK$5,420,000 (€537,867) and acquire tie-in products from the Star Wars universe, from a canopy bed that rose to HK$6,020,000 (€597,409). Japanese cartoons (UFO Robot Grendizer, Captain Harlock, The second auction was dedicated to lacquers from the Lee Ulysses 31), superheroes, Science Fiction films (Star Trek, family collection. It was the third time pieces from the Planet of the Apes, Thunderbirds, Aliens, etc.), iconic TV collection were put on sale, and the very first time an auction series (Starsky & Hutch, The Six Million Dollar Man, The presented lacquer pieces from one single collection. The sale Bionic Woman, etc.) as well as comics, Disney animation fetched HK$34,928,500 ($4,530,226 and €3.48). Collectors films, G.I. Joe, James Bond and Nintendo video games. have appreciated among others a small cinnabar lacquer circular box of the beginning of the Ming period, sold for HK 1966 Batmobile on sale at Barrett-Jackson $6,620,000 (€657,037). A Tixi saddle of the Yuan period rose Auction house Barrett-Jackson, specialised in to HK$3,020,000 (€299.736); and a cinnabar lacquer chest of automobile collections, will offer on 19 the Ming period sold for HK$2.66m (€264,006). January 2013 a Batmobile from 1966. It was The third auction achieved a turnover of HK$384,632,787 drove by Adam West in the Batman series and film. The (€38.4). The star piece of the event was by no doubt an vehicle might fetch over a million dollars. Imperial Falangcai enamelled glass brush pot that rose to HK It is undoubtedly one of the most iconic automobiles in $ 48,820,000 (€4.84m). We might recall as well a Falangcai Hollywood history, which inspired future generations of enamelled “Beneath Pine Trees” mallet-shaped vase sold for Batmobiles. The car was at the time revolutionary and became HK$ 35,380,000 (€3.52m) as well as a pair of “Clair-de-Lune” the series’ symbol. The Batmobile was created from Lincoln glazed bottle vases with the seal of Emperor Yongzheng, sold 1955, cutomised by George Barris and equipped with for HK$34,260,000 (€3.4m). Batphone, Bat Eye Switch, Bat Smoke, amongst other gadgets. By organising these auctions in Hong Kong, Christie’s During the sale, a unique model of Carroll Shelby, including responded an international demand, which shows the market GT350 from 1965, Shelby Mustang and “Green Hornet” will is in search of top-quality pieces. be offered as well.


ARTICLE OF THE WEEK… Art Basel Miami Beach 2012: another successful edition Art Basel Miami Beach, closed on 9 December, proved even more successful than previous editions, attracting numerous players of the international artistic scene as well as contemporary art enthusiasts. Almost 70,000 visitors participated in the event during five days. According to the press release 130 museums and institutions from around the world took part in the fair, likewise individual collectors form Europe, both Americas and “emerging markets”. In addition, the 2012 edition was enriched by the participation of 250 galleries from 21 different countries, including Nothern America and Asia. The presence of so many important players of the art world allowed to exhibit high-quality works and introduce new galleries in. On the other hand, this edition was marked with multiple artistic collaborations, both local and international, as well as events, notably Art Basel Conservations, Art Video and Art Public. Thus, Art Video presented almost 60 video works to 1,200 visitors, Art Film screened the documentary Painters Painting by Emile de Antonio, concerning the New York art scene from the 1940s to the 1970s. Art Salon allowed the organisation of 20 debates about the art market in Latin America and “New Perspectives from the Edge of Arabia”. The public could also explore private collections, notably the Rubell Family Collection, Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, De la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space, etc.

ABMB — SALES… Art Basel Miami Beach results: focus The 12th edition of Art Basel Miami Beach ended on 9 December 2012. The fair has been a big hit, with 70,000 visitors in the course of five days, discovering 250 stands FOUNDHAUS-SIT held by galleries from all over the world, featuring over MODERN ARTS 2,000 artists emblematic of the 20th and 21st century. Among the major sales recorded, we might mention: • Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery: Untitled (After De Kooning, Woman 1) by Robert Longo, 1950-1952, rose to abstraction almost €300,000; farhi • White Cube a recent work by Damien Hirst titled Capaneus, 2012, for £600,000 ($962,000 and €740,175); • Kukje/Tina Kim Gallery: John Sayegh-Belchatowski offered $5.5m (€4,205,214) for The Ruffians, 1982, by Jean-Michel Basquiat; • Helly Nahmad sold to a European collector Nurse on Horseback by Richard Prince for about $6.5m (€4,969,715); • Van de Weghe Fine Art sold a rare, late Andy Warhol work, Statue of Liberty, 1986, to an American collector for $3.8m (€2,905,372); • Luhring Augustine: Untitled (7/94), 1994, by Albert Oehlen was bought by another American collector for less than the required sum $1.5m (€1,146,856); • Barbara Gladstone Gallery sold works by Jim Hodges, Rosemarie Trockel, Anish Kapoor, Carroll Dunham and DimensionsTirag en cm. : 123 x 86 x 30 Size in inches: 48,5 x 34 x 12 Dimensions4 épreuves d’ar en cm.tist dee de la EA1 base à EA4: 86 x 30 Size4 artis in tinc prhesoof of fr omthe EA1 base: to 3 EA44 x 12 Allora & Calzadilla between $150,000 and over a Annéee d’édition: 8 exemplair : 2005es de 1 à 8, Edition:Year: 2005 8 copies from 1 to 8, Description : Porte ajourée avec chaîne Description: Openworked door with million each; et cadenas, éclairage intérieur par tubes chain and lock, interior lighting using néons neons tubes • Sprueth Magers, sold Buy Low Sell High by Barbara Patine : Noir et brun Patina: black and brown Kruger to an American collector for $275,000 (€210,258); Andreas Gursky’s monumental work Bangkok VI, from a six-specimen limited edition, rose

to €400,000; Jenny Holzer’s Secret 22, 2012 was sold FOUNDHAUS-SIT MODERN ARTS 41 Avenue Hector Otto — MC 98.000 Monte-Carlo — Principauté de Monaco for $175,000 (€133,780) to an American collector; (tel.) +377 — (fax) +377 WWW.FOUNDHAUS-SIT.COM • The Sperone Westwater Gallery announced good [email protected] results for the opening day. Among the works purchased, we might mention pieces by Wim Delvoye, Heinz Mack, Evan Penny, Alexis Rockman, Ali Banisadr and Emil Lukas among others.


COMING SOON… Arte Fiera 2013: contemporary art fair in Drawings by Vincent at TEFAF Bologna The new edition of Arte Fiera, contemporary art From 15 to 24 March 2013 TEFAF Maastricht will fair, will be held in Bologna, Italy, from 25 to 28 present rare drawings by , lent January 2013. Arte Fiera 2013 aims at enhancing the by the especially for the occasion. The 15 position of Italy on the international artistic scene. The new pieces have been chosen to provide a thorough overview of van Gogh’s artistic development. artistic directors of the event schedule a new strategy in These drawings will be highlighted in this fair known as an order to promote modern and contemporary art. artistic event of exceptional quality, expertise and elegance. The galleries present at the fair come from Italy, the United Among the star pieces of the fair we might also mention a Kingdom, Germany as well as Japan. They will offer a broad photograph depicting the assassination attempt of Tsar variety of artworks, enabling the public to discover the Nicholas II of Russia by William Henry Fox Talbot, a painting various facets of modern and contemporary art. Besides, a by Jan Bruegel and a 1957 work by Pablo Picasso. series of events has already been announced. The presence of these drawings at the fair is a unique “Arte Fiera Conversations” will offer debates and lectures, event, since the Van Gogh Museum only rarely show them allowing personalities to share their artistic experience and because of their extreme fragility. Director Axel Rüger and present models of artistic and cultural expression. An curator Marije Vellekoop made the loan possible. Some of exclusive exhibition, under the curatorship of Laura the drawings are really unique showing how Van Gogh worked his technique and others are only existing projects Cherubini and Lea Mattarella, will present about 80 works produced before a painting. by artists represented by participating galleries: it will be an opportunity to explore the 20th century through new Asia Contemporary Art Show announces the generations of artists who got inspired in the Italian culture dates of 2013 Spring & Fall shows to produce their works. The new section “Solo Show” will Asia Contemporary Art Show just announced the enable galleries to highlight one single artist. On 26 dates of its 2013 Spring & Fall shows. The fair January 2013, Bologna museums, galleries and stores will will be held from 23 to 26 May, and from 3 to 6 October, be open till midnight. Other initiatives will be organised over four floors at the JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong. throughout the city. These two events are made possible by Hong Kong’s being now a major pole of the Asian artistic scene. This October, over 5,500 art lovers and enthusiasts have indeed visited the fair. The two forthcoming shows “will provide convenient, efficient and fun ways for Hong Kong’s burgeoning base of AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — collectors and first-time buyers to get exposure to works AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — from exciting new artists as well as more established AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — favourites” said Carol Man of King’s Gallery. AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — Furthermore, the press release explains Asia Contemporary Art Show will also see the return of the Hong Kong Young AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — Artist prizes. The winner of the Grand Prize will be granted AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — HK$50,000 (€4,942) and the winner of the People’s Prize AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — (elected on Facebook) HK$25,000 (€2,470). AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — The Outsider Art Fair 2013 The 21st edition of the Oustider Art Fair will be AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — held from 31st January to 3 February 2013. The AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — list of exhibitors has just been released. The fair AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — will organise for the first time two solo shows: one of AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — Swiss photographer Mario Del Curto, and the other of Renaldo Kuhler, inventor of imaginary land Rocaterrania. AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — The 2013 edition will welcome 40 art dealers, 10 of which AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — will be involved for the first time. Among those, we might AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — mention Rob Tufnell (London), the Galerie du Marché AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — (Lausanne), Pan American Art Projects (Miami), etc. Valérie AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — Rousseau, director of programmation, also announced the presence of Massimiliano Giono (head curator of the AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — Museum of Contemporary Art and director of the 2013 AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — Venice Biennale), Ralph Rugoff (head of the London AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — Hayward Gallery) and Daniel Baumann (co-curator of the AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — 56th edition of Carnegie International and curator of the AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — Adolf Wölfli Foundation). The Outsider Art Fair was created in 1993 by Sandord AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — Smith. Throughout the years, the fair developed and AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — became an artistic and market hit. For fifteen years it has AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — been held in its original venue, before relocating in AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — Chelsea, near the Dia Foundation. The event continues to offer a dynamic atmosphere for art dealers, in order to AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — AA — highlight fascinating, unusual artworks.