008663/EU XXVII.GP

Eingelangt am 17/01/20

Council of the

European Union

Brussels, 17 January 2020 (OR. en)



'I/A' ITEM NOTE From: General Secretariat of the Council To: Permanent Representatives Committee/Council Subject: RESOLUTIONS and DECISIONS adopted by the at its part-session in Strasbourg from 13 to 16 January 2020

The Council is invited to take note of the following acts adopted by the European Parliament. At the above mentioned part-session, the European Parliament adopted 17 acts1 as follows:

– 3 legislative acts – 14 non-legislative acts




1. Protocol to the Agreement between the EU, Iceland and Norway concerning the criteria and mechanisms for establishing the State responsible for examining a request for asylum lodged in a Member State or in Iceland or Norway regarding the access to Eurodac for law enforcement purposes Recommendation: Jadwiga Wiśniewska (A9-0053/2019) European Parliament legislative resolution P9_TA(2020)0002

1 To consult the acts, Ctrl + click on the hyperlink (P9 reference) contained in the text concerned. You will be directed to the act as published on the European Parliament's website.

5110/20 FFF/mn 1 GIP.2 EN


2. EU-China Agreement on certain aspects of air services Recommendation: Tomasz Piotr Poręba (A9-0041/2019) European Parliament legislative resolution P9_TA(2020)0003


3. Common system of value added tax as regards the special scheme for small enterprises Report: (A9-0055/2019) European Parliament legislative resolution P9_TA(2020)0004


1. Numerical strength of committees B9-0039/2020 European Parliament decision P9_TA(2020)0001

2. The European Green Deal RC-B9-0040/2020 European Parliament resolution P9_TA(2020)0005

3. Implementing and monitoring the provisions on citizens’ rights in the Withdrawal Agreement B9-0031/2020 European Parliament resolution P9_TA(2020)0006

4. Annual report 2018 on human rights and democracy in the world and the 's policy on the matter Report: Isabel Wiseler-Lima (A9-0051/2019) European Parliament resolution P9_TA(2020)0007

5. Annual report on the implementation of the common foreign and security policy Report: David McAllister (A9-0054/2019) European Parliament resolution P9_TA(2020)0008

6. Annual report on the implementation of the common security and defence policy Report: (A9-0052/2019) European Parliament resolution P9_TA(2020)0009

5110/20 FFF/mn 2 GIP.2 EN


7. European Parliament's position on the Conference on the Future of Europe B9-0036/2020 European Parliament resolution P9_TA(2020)0010

8. Burundi, notably the freedom of expression RC-B9-0054/2020 European Parliament resolution P9_TA(2020)0011

9. Nigeria, notably the recent terrorist attacks RC-B9-0056/2020 European Parliament resolution P9_TA(2020)0012

10. Situation in Venezuela after the illegal election of the new National Assembly Presidency and Bureau (parliamentary coup) RC-B9-0048/2020 European Parliament resolution P9_TA(2020)0013

11. Ongoing hearings under article 7(1) of the TEU regarding Poland and Hungary B9-0032/2020 European Parliament resolution P9_TA(2020)0014

12. COP15 to the Convention on Biological Diversity (Kunming 2020) B9-0035/2020 European Parliament resolution P9_TA(2020)0015

13. Activities of the European Ombudsman in 2018 Report: (A9-0032/2019) European Parliament resolution P9_TA(2020)0016

14. Institutions and bodies in the Economic and Monetary Union: Preventing post-public employment conflicts of interest B9-0047/2020 European Parliament resolution P9_TA(2020)0017

5110/20 FFF/mn 3 GIP.2 EN