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Homeland Episode Guide


Season 1 Episode Number: 1 Season Episode: 1

Originally aired: Sunday October 2, 2011 Writer: , , Director: Show Stars: (Carrie Anderson), (Jessica Brody), (Saul Berenson), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), David Harewood (David Estes), (Scott Brody) Recurring Role: (Chris Brody), (Dana Brody) Guest Stars: Jamey Sheridan (Vice President), (Abu Nazir), (Virgil), (Max), Nestor Serrano (Major Gen- eral Tony Trujillo), Afton Williamson (Helen Walker), Israel Balderas (Reporter), Michael H. Cole (Bo Hall), Vickie Eng (Elizabeth Chu), Jay Gates (Estes’ Aide), Jeremy Harrison (Delta Commander), Taylor Kowalski (Xander), Chris Rogus (Photographer), Josh Segarra (Josh), Anthony Reynolds (Stuart Strickland), Chris Chalk (Tom Walker), Ali Suliman (Warzer Zafir), Yousef ’Joe’ Sweid (Hasan Ibrahim), Jamil Khoury (Iraqi Officer), Bian Antir (Prison Guard), Karen Boles (CIA An- alyst) Production Code: 1WAH79 Summary: After being missing and presumed dead for eight years, Marine Sergeant is rescued in , and returns home to his family. But CIA agent Carrie Anderson suspects he might have been turned by his terrorist captors, and believes he could be part of a plan to attack America.

The scene opens in Baghdad where CIA Operative, , is driving through the city talking to David Estes of the CIA. He denies her request to be able to hold off the execution of a known ter- rorist, Hasan, and says that it is in the hands of the Iraqi people. She says that Hasan has Intel that will help them with the war and David tells her that it is not going to happen. Carrie meets with a con- tact who has someone who says that they can get her inside the prison. She goes up to Hasan and he doesn’t have any in- formation for her because she can’t save him. She says that she can save Hasan’s family if he agrees to help them. The Iraqi guards come in and take Carrie by force. Hasan says what he knows to her and tells her to keep her promise to save his family. The scene fast-forwards to ten months later and Carrie goes inside her place and cleans up. She heads to the CIA and gets in. David is there and he tells that during a sweep in Iraq, they found an American marine. His name is Nicolas Brody. Carrie leaves to meet up with Saul Berenson, Middle-East Division Chief. She says that Hasan told her the day she was caught by the Iraqi soldiers that there was an American soldier who has been turned. Saul asks how she could be sure. She says that Hasan told her that someone was close to Abu Nazir, the leader

3 Homeland Episode Guide of the terrorist group. She says that she is playing the long game and they need to authorize a surveillance package and Saul says that he is not going over David’s head. He tells Carrie that she needs to get proof that the safe house was planted. Meanwhile in Ramstein Air Force Base in , Nicholas is getting trimmed for his speech. Major Tony Trujillo comes in and welcomes him. He says that he wants to call his wife. At the same moment, Jessica Brody is getting "busy" with another man when she gets a call from Nicholas. The man asks what her deal is and she walks away. She drives home to find her son, Chris, playing a game. She goes into her daughter’s, Dana’s room. She finds her smoking pot with a friend. She tells that she doesn’t know what to do and Chris reminds her of the news that she had. On a plane, Nicholas is told that in 2 hours, they will be able to be on the ground. Dana asks Chris if he remembers their dad at all. He says that he doesn’t know. Jessica gets ready for the reunion and Dana comes in and tells her that she needs to hurry and criticizes her dress. They get out and Chris tells his mother that she looks nice. As they leave, two men enter the house. They let Carrie in who asks Virgil, one of the men, who he brought. Virgil says that it is his brother, Max. She tells them to wire tap every room. On the plane, Nicholas is vomiting and Major Trujillo tells David that they are going to be a little delayed for the Vice President. David tells Trujillo to get Nicholas prepared. Nicholas enters the airport and meets his wife and children for the first time in 8 years. Jessica runs and hugs him. Dana hugs him too and Chris shakes his hand. Dana tells him to hug Nicholas. The Vice President meets him and they escort him to a press conference. Carrie watches with suspicion and Virgil says that Nicholas has game. Max, Virgil’s brother, comes up and asks what a pill that Carrie keeps in her aspirin bottle. Virgil tells that he doesn’t know what kind of pill it is. After the speech, Nicholas says that he is driving. Mike Faber comes up and says hello. Mike is the same man who was getting "busy" with Jessica. Mike tells Nicholas that he has to go to Germany for debriefing. Jessica says that he just got there, but Nicholas doesn’t mind. They get home to find a crowd gathered outside the home. The reporters ask to get a picture with them. They agree. Carrie calls Saul and says that she needs to get into the debriefing and she says that she will behave herself. Virgil taps into the surveillance of the Brody house and asks when Carrie wants to be at the house. She tells him that 8 AM is good. Carrie watches as Jessica gets herself ready to get "busy" when their phone rings. No one is on the other end. Jessica asks if Nicholas wants some wine and she goes up and kisses him. She takes off his shirt and sees that he has scars all over his body. She cries and he says that it is alright. They kiss and get "busy". Carrie watches on how forceful he is with her. Afterward, she cries. The next day, Virgil wakes up Carrie and she says that two calls came in and there was no one on the other end. Carrie takes her pill and gets to the debriefing. The agents talk to Nicholas and Carrie turns the meeting into an interrogation and asks if he knows who Abu Nazir is. He says that he never met him. She presses him again and he remembers when he was captured and he does remember Abu Nazir, but tells that he has never met Abu Nazir. Carrie doesn’t believe him. David tells her to settle down. Jessica tells the kids that she needs help setting up for tonight’s barbecue when she gets a call. It is Nicholas and he says that he is stuck in the debriefing. However, that is a lie. Carrie gets the call that Nicholas is headed to Bomount Park. David goes up to Saul and asks why Carrie was in the debriefing. David says that it will be bad for both of them if Carrie messes up. David warns Saul of Carrie. Carrie, Vigil and Max watch Nicholas as a woman approaches him. It is Helen Walker, the wife of the other soldier captured in Iraq. She asks what happened to her husband and he says that he was beaten to death. She asks if Nicholas was there and he lies and says that he wasn’t. Virgil has Max step out of the van and Virgil brings up the anti-psychotic medication and says that she has a problem. Carrie says that she is dealing with it alone. Virgil says that this doesn’t look good for her and Carrie tells that Virgil is already in this. Carrie gets home to find Saul there. He says that she is going to need to hire an attorney for when she turns herself into the CIA. She asks if there is anything that she can do and moves in on him. He asks what she is doing and she freaks out and tries to calm herself down from one of her mood swings. At Nicholas and Jessica’s house, Mike comes up to Jessica and says that 3 days ago they were talking about moving in together and says that all she has to do for him to forget it is to tell that it wasn’t great between them. She tells that Nicholas is her husband. Outside, Nicholas asks how close Mike is to the family and he says that he is around whenever she needs him. He suspects something. At a bar, Carrie sits down with a stranger and he asks if Carrie wants to get

4 Homeland Episode Guide a table and she says that she just wants to go with him somewhere. He takes the hint and gets the tab. He gets the coats and sees Carrie watching the news report. She sees something going on with his hand. She goes to Saul’s house and shows him. He says that is something to go off of and says that it is not much to go off though. Carrie says that he is singling someone. Early the next morning, Jessica wakes up to find Nicholas gone. Nicholas is running and he remembers that it was him who killed Helen’s husband according to Abu Nazir’s instructions. The episode ends with Nicholas standing in front of the United States Capital Building.

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6 Homeland Episode Guide


Season 1 Episode Number: 2 Season Episode: 2

Originally aired: Sunday October 9, 2011 Writer: Alex Gansa, Alexander Cary Director: Michael Cuesta Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), David Harewood (David Estes), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody) Guest Stars: Amir Arison (Prince Farid Bin Abbud), Chelsea Cardwell (Maddie), Brian Patrick Catalano (Set Dresser), Max DiNatale (Club Patron), Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Jason Hatfield (Pittman), David Mar- ciano (Virgil), Dan Mengini (Alan Quick), Ravi Naidu (Broker), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), Maury Sterling (Max) Production Code: 1WAH01 Summary: Carrie receives a new piece of electronic evidence from an undercover agent while staying glued to the surveillance footage of life in Brody’s home, which reveals a man struggling with his traumatic memories and resisting pressure to become a media hero.

The scene opens with Nicholas remem- bering when he was in Baghdad. He has his friend put in the grave and the ter- rorists put a gun to his head and pull the trigger. Nicholas wakes up from the nightmare and it wakes up Carrie as well. Jessica is getting breakfast ready for the kids when Nicholas comes out. He asks what happened and she tells that he was muttering something in and hold- ing her arm. He apologizes when he sees the marks. Chris comes downstairs and tells that the reporters are still out there. CBS News wants to do an interview and Nicholas tells Dana to tell them that he is not home. Nicholas says that he will be fine and that Jessica can go to work. After they leave, Carrie watches him closely. Nicholas remembers when he was in a tight cell. He goes outside and then goes back inside really quickly and crouches in the corner. Meanwhile, Saul gets word from the cryptology department and they have found that there is no distinct pattern, but he says that they need to keep looking. Saul meets with a Judge who he has in his back pocket. He says that he needs a surveillance warrant. The Judge asks when Saul will let him off the hook for his mistake and Saul says that this is all about the law. Carrie finds out that she is out of her anti-psychotic medicine. She calls her sister Maggie and leaves a message. Saul comes in and tells her that she has a 4 week warrant to watch. He says that she needs to be careful not to think that he approves of this. She shows that Nicholas has been crouched in a corner for 5 hours. Saul says that if he had turned, he would be facing the media by now and playing the "hero" card. Carrie says that it could be hard for him. At a hotel, a woman interviews a girl for an Iraqi prince. She asks if she like girls and other forms of sex. She calls her salon. She says that her name is Lynn Reed and says that she needs

7 Homeland Episode Guide to have an appointment with Carrie. The Duty Officer calls Carrie and tells that her asset, Lynn called in for a meeting. Carrie watches as Jessica gets home and finds Nicholas at home. She asks how his day was and he lies and says that it was great. The next day, Mike Faber gets into his office to find David Estes there and another man. They ask when Nicholas will be ready to be their poster boy for the war. The Commander tells that Mike needs to tell Nicholas that he can get a package that will save his family and tell him to make it happen. Nicholas cooks breakfast and Chris asks him what it is like to kill someone. Nicholas freezes and sees a reporter in his yard. He goes outside and tells the man to get off his property. The reporter doesn’t listen and Nicholas hits the reporter’s throat. Chris sees the entire things and Nicholas walks into the wood. Carrie calls Max to find and follow him. Jessica comes in the kitchen to find the pan burning. She asks where Nicholas is. Nicholas walks to the mall and Max follows him. Carrie had Virgil come over and watch while she goes and meets up with an asset. He asks if there is any food and she says that there is yogurt. Carrie meets with Lynn and she tells that she is in town to interview more girls for the prince’s harem. She shows that Abu Nazir paid the prince a special visit. She tells Carrie that she doesn’t want to get caught and Carrie tells her that she won’t let anything happen to her. Mike goes over to the house and says that he needs to talk to Nicholas. Chris says that Nicholas beat up someone. Jessica says that she needs to talk to "Uncle Mike". They talk and Mike sees the marks and says that it will be alright. Virgil tries the yogurt to find that it is past its prime. Carrie tells Saul that she needs more bodies on Nicholas, but Saul tells her that she needs to slow down and that she has 4 weeks and says that David has career stakes in Nicholas. Carrie asks where Nicholas is and Max says that he is going to find him. David comes out and tells that Carrie is full on the prince. She tells that her asset is scared and David says that she is on her own. Max calls Carrie and tells Carrie that Nicholas is looking at wires, lumber, nails and everything is getting put in his head. Nicholas looks at carpet too. Carrie gets back with food and Virgil says that Mike is hoping that Nicholas doesn’t come back. Chris asks if Mike is the boss of his dad. Dana says that they are having Irish stew and that is their dad’s favorite. Nicholas gets home and puts something in the garage. They don’t have surveillance in there. Jessica says that they have all changed and that they need to start over. Jessica says that she didn’t like that he punched a reporter and he says that he will live. He gets in to find Mike playing Hearts and Nicholas jokes with them. They sit down and say Grace. Afterward, Mike offers a cigar and Nicholas asks if he always comes over in uniform. Mike tells that Nicholas is going to be offered a lot and says that he is not going to take the offers because he needs the last eight years back and be able to take care of his family and that he was tortured and tells him to leave. He calls him "Uncle Mike". Later, Mike goes into Chris’ room and apologizes that he saw what he saw and asks if he is going to be alright. Chris says that he is going to be. Carrie gets comfortable on the couch and watches as Jessica talks to Nicholas about what the military is offering. However, he is not talking. The next day, Lynn walks with the prince’s adviser and Virgil spills tea on her blouse. Carrie tells that there is a device that will fit into the prince’s Blackberry and says that there is a team protecting Lynn. She gives a compact and they switch them. Later, Carrie goes to Maggie’s place and greets her nieces out front. Maggie invites her in. Maggie gives Carrie more anti-psychotic medication and says that she is going to have to show up in a week. Carrie asks how their father is doing and Maggie says that he is getting the treatment now. She tells that she can’t tell the CIA and says that she is really good at what she does. The next morning, Nicholas remembers when he was able to be free from his cell and saw the terrorists praying. He walks out to the garage and fixes the garage door. He opens it a little bit and lays down a carpet. He begins to pray as a Muslim. He gets himself cleaned up and dressed in his uniform. He asks the reporters if they are ready. Carrie calls Saul and tells him that Nicholas is playing the "hero" card like he predicted.

8 Homeland Episode Guide

Clean Skin

Season 1 Episode Number: 3 Season Episode: 3

Originally aired: Sunday October 16, 2011 Writer: Director: Daniel Attias Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), David Harewood (David Estes), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody) Guest Stars: Amir Arison (Prince Farid Bin Abbud), George Bryant II (Discussion Group Leader), Viviana Chavez (Estes’ Aide), Chris Cozort (Scruffy Vet), Des Epps (Young Vet), Gaby Hoffmann (CNN producer), Taylor Kowal- ski (Xander), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), Maury Sterling (Max), (Danny Galvez), Lisa Varga (Demmie) Production Code: 1WAH02 Summary: Despite misgivings, the Brody family prepares to step into the spotlight with an exclusive television interview; at the CIA, Carrie and her team close in on an Al Qaeda plot to fund a terrorist attack on the U.S.

The scene opens with Lynn and the Prince Farid Bin Abud getting "busy". He finishes and leaves. She grabs his phone and puts in the device that Car- rie gave her. The phone information is downloaded and Farid comes in and asks what she is doing. She says that she is getting dressed. He takes her over to the mirror and puts a necklace on her. Mean- while, Carrie, Virgil and Max are watching as Nicholas Brody is allowing the cam- era crew inside the home. The organizer tries to remodel the place and Virgil gets nervous that they’re going to expose the microphones. However, Nicolas says that they don’t need to move anything. Mike goes up to Jessica and says that he is glad to see that Nicholas still has his opinons of the décor. Jessica says that she kept everything the same, but Mike says that she didn’t keep everything the same. Dana meets with friends and smokes marijuana with them. She says that she doesn’t want to meet with the press, but her friends convince her to tell the truth. She says that will be interesting. Carrie gets in and David says that their target is going to be Farid. They tell that the asset is Lynn and Carrie says that Lynn downloaded the information and says that the information is going to be a good place to start. Saul gives Carrie questions about the reason why she thinks that Farid is in America to fund terrorists. Afterward, she asks what that was about and she says that it was an attack on her. Saul says that is the same question that he would tell anyone else. Dana gets in late and Jessica wants answers, but Nicolas tells her to go to bed. They talk and Nicholas says that they have had secret lives and asks if she wants him to try to talk to her. He goes down the hall to Dana’s room. Chris comes out and he jokes and says that if he runs into any trouble, he will send up a flare. Later, Jessica hears laughing coming from Dana’s room and is confused.

9 Homeland Episode Guide

Carrie goes to a pool where Lynn is swimming. Lynn gets out and meets Carrie. She gives Carrie the compact and asks what they are going to find on the download. Carrie says that they are going to find a transfer of money and says that she is pretty sure that Farid is part of a terrorist organization. Lynn has doubts that Farid is a bad man and says that she is done. Carrie says that she is never done herself. Nicholas makes breakfast and Jessica asks if he is nervous he says that he isn’t. She asks what Dana and he were laughing about and Nicholas says that they were watching a video on YouTube. She tells him that Chris is not an eggs and bacon fan and says that Dana doesn’t even touch breakfast. However, when Dana comes down and gets breakfast, Jessica is confused again. Carrie gets into work and tells the tech guy that she needs any files related to bank transfers. She run out and meets Saul in the hall. She asks when he is going to stop avoiding her. She says that she is sorry that she lied to him and Saul says that the trust was destroyed between them when she treated him like everyone else. Nicholas walks around with a news broadcaster and talks about his experience with his rescue. Mike is there with them as well. He remembers when he was beaten and tortured and brought to Abu Zamir. He tells the reporter tells the reporter that they wanted him to lose faith and says that they tried. Jessica tells Dana that it is good to talk about Nicholas’ experience. Jessica tries to talk to her and says that they have to be there for Nicholas. Dana tells her that she knows about Mike and her. She tells that everyone is in on the secret besides him. Jessica tells Dana that she can’t ever tell Nicholas about it. She says that it will destroy him and her. They get in to find Nicholas and Mike there with the reporter. Carrie gets home and Virgil says that they have something. He shows that Jessica tells Mike that Dana knows about them. Carrie says that she thought it was something important and says that they need to find information that will indict Farid or Abu Nazir. Meanwhile, Lynn escorts the new girls for Farid and one girl asks what she is to do. Lynn tells her to be herself. Carrie watches as Nicholas looks in the mirror. Jessica comes up and Nicholas leaves the water running. Nicholas sleeps on the floor. Back at the party, the new girl keeps drinking and Lynn tells her to pace herself. The Prince’s advisor comes up and tells that Lynn has a job. He wants her to go to a man and make him feel "welcome". She tells him that it is not a problem. She tells that she has to freshen up. Jessica goes up to Nicholas and tells him that there is a lot that they have to talk about. He agrees that he will talk to her when he is ready. She kisses him and he kisses back. She says that she wants to try again. Carrie stares intently as Jessica undresses. She sees Nicholas get himself "ready". However, he finishes without her. He lies back down. Carrie gets a call from Lynn and she tells that it is getting weird and says that she has to impress a man. She asks about the "protection" and Carrie says that they are around. They track her phone and go on their way to her. Lynn goes outside and meets a man. He pulls a gun and kills her. He stills her necklace and drives off. Carrie and Virgil find her dead. They leave. The next day, Jessica finds that Nicholas is gone. Chris tells that he went off with Dana. He says that he doesn’t want to do the interview. Dana and Nicholas walk to a fence with padlocks. He says that each padlock is a couple who thought that they would be together forever. He says that they need to cut Jessica some slack and says that he wants to keep the peace. Carrie gets into work and David is there. He says that Lynn was shot and that it was a robbery gone wrong. She tells that she wants to talk to Farid and David says that he has the interview tape. The reporters are there for the interview when Nicholas and Dana come in. He says that he is going to go change. Carrie sits down with analysts and watches the interview. Carrie wants to still talk to Farid, but he is on his way back home. The Brody family is interviewed and Nicholas tries to talk and Dana lies and says that it has been really great to have their family together. Carrie goes up to the morgue and says that she is from the State Department. Carrie meets Lynn’s parents and later, tells Saul that she couldn’t tell her parents that Lynn was an asset. Saul says that she is there for her. Carrie says that Lynn called and asked for protection. Saul asks what she wants to hear and Carrie says that when he cuts her off, she feels alone. He sits next to her and says that an informant killed her and she says that she didn’t stop them. Carrie says that Farid was sad about Lynn’s death. Saul says that the real killer is in Farid’s entourage. At the same moment, Farid’s advisor has the necklace and asks for $500,000. The man buys it for $400,000. Carrie asks where the money trail is and Saul tells her to find it. The next day, a young Iraqi man and his Caucasian wife buys a home next to the airport.

10 Homeland Episode Guide

Semper I

Season 1 Episode Number: 4 Season Episode: 4

Originally aired: Sunday October 23, 2011 Writer: Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa Director: Jeffrey Nachmanoff Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), David Harewood (David Estes), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Mor- gan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody) Guest Stars: David Marciano (Virgil), Maury Sterling (Max), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), Scott Bryce (Major Foster), Omid Abtahi (Raqim Faisel), Hrach Titizian (Danny Galvez), Alok Tewari (Latif Bin Walid), Lisa Varga (Dem- mie), Viviana Chavez (Aide to Estes), Des Epps (Younger Vet), George Bryant II (Discussion Leader) Production Code: 1WAH03 Summary: The political powers that be make big plans for national hero Brody, but his increasingly erratic behavior threatens his media darling sta- tus; Carrie grows desperate for evidence linking Brody with Abu Nazir, as Saul directs her to focus on Nazir’s money trail.

The scene opens with Carrie watching the surveillance coverage and watches Nicholas as he gets ready. Nicolas sees Abu Zamir in the mirror. Carrie notes that Nicholas is having hallucinations. David meets with Ms. Gaines, the Vice President’s secretary. She tells David that they need to know if Nicholas is really as sane as he portrays. Saul comes by and tells David that they may have found out how Abu Nazir is funding his organiza- tion. They go into a meeting where Carrie brings up the fact that the Prince’s ad- visor is the man who made the transfer of the necklace that was around Lynn’s neck. She points out that several people have come by for the purchase of the necklace and they need to get the information before Abu Nazir does. David authorizes the inspection of all the potential buyers that came into the Laundry mat to talk about the necklace. At the same time, one of the "buyers" is having breakfast. Carrie goes up to Saul and thanks him for not attacking her in the briefing and says that she would like a longer allowance on the surveillance detail. However, Saul says that he had to pull teeth to get that first one. He says that she has to take down the surveillance the first chance they get. Mike drives Nicholas home and Nicholas invites him in. He declines and says that he is going to grab dinner somewhere else. Nicholas asks why Mike is avoiding them and Mike says that he wanted to give Nicholas space. Nicholas thanks Mike for taking care of his family and watching out for Jessica. He says that he would do the same for him. However, Nicholas says that he doesn’t think that he would. Nicholas goes in the backyard to find Chris and Jessica. They see a buck in the yard. He says that it is going to ruin her flowers that she planted. Nicholas goes to the garage and cleans up with a pan in the sink. He remembers when Jessica and he were happy and younger. He unpacks a gun and cleans it before putting it back.

11 Homeland Episode Guide

The next day, Nicholas gets ready to go to church with the family and sees that the flowers that Jessica planter were squashed by the deer. Jessica says that it is no big deal and that she will plant a special type of flower. Virgil comes over to Carrie’s and tells her that they need to go and says that he has to do it because Saul told him that he would get him into trouble. Meanwhile, the Brody Family is enjoying church, besides Dana. Lizzy Gaines, the Vice President’s Advisor watches Nicholas closely. At the same moment, Virgil and Max take out the surveillance detail at the Brody home. Carrie walks around the house looking for anything that they can use. She goes in the garage, but doesn’t find anything. Virgil comes in and says that they are leaving. They get inside the house and Max tells Carrie that he left the last camera for her to take down. She does reluctantly. After church, Lizzy goes up to Nicholas and Mike goes up to Jessica. Mike tells Jessica that Dana must have said something. Lizzy says that she wants to discuss something with Nicholas and offers lunch. He accepts. Mike suggests to Jessica to organize a friendly gathering. David asks another analyst what he thinks of Carrie. He says that they are friends. David says that he has the feeling that Carrie is hiding something from him, but doesn’t know what it is. David offers a position in Cairo if he helps him out. Carrie comes in and says that she was running late and asks what David wanted. The analyst lies and says that it is nothing. He shows a picture of Rakim, the man who bought the house with his wife. Later that evening, Jessica tells Nicholas that she is inviting Mike to the party as well. He says that it is fine. Outside, Carrie is on stakeout and watches the reactions to what Jessica is portraying. The analyst calls and says that Rakim made several trips to an Afghan country. She tells him that he needs to follow up on the information and they will meet up tomorrow. Jessica goes into Dana’s room and asks if she told her father about her and Mike. She says that she didn’t and asks what is wrong. She says that it is nothing. Dana asks if she and Nicholas are getting a divorce and Jessica tells that they are not. Dana says that she is cool with it. She tells that Chris doesn’t think so. The next day, the analyst is with Carrie on stakeout and asks about Carrie’s brief affair with David. They watch as Rakim gets into his car and they follow him. However, Rakim’s wife gets a call telling her to tell Rakim not to go home. She runs up stairs and puts an American Flag out. This is the signal. He drives off and later at the bar, Carrie, the analyst, and David meet for drinks and Carrie tells him that they followed Rakim, but nothing. David wants to know what happened with them and says that he wants to apologize. She says that she didn’t know the marriage that David had was going to end. He says that it doesn’t matter. Meanwhile, the party is underway and Jessica talks about their husbands and how the sex is non-existent. Mike gets there and introduces Demmy, a woman he picked up last minute. Nicholas is in the garage and sees Mike talking to Jessica. He sees Jessica rub Mike’s arm and puts together the pistol. Mike walks out to the garage and inside, Jessica and everyone hears two shots. They go out to find that Nicholas shot the deer. Mike tells Nicholas to give him the gun. Nicholas tells him to back up. Jessica asks what Nicholas’ problem is and says that he can’t even have sex with her and says that they need help. She tells that he better talk to someone or she can’t do this. Carrie goes home and picks up things. Back at Rakim’s house, his wife tells him that he is going to have to go back to work like before. Carrie exes off Rakim from the list and they move on to the next suspect. Saul comes in and Carrie says that she needs people on Nicholas and says Saul tells her that there is too much heat on him right now. She agrees, but later that night, Carrie sneaks out. Nicholas goes up to Jessica and tells that there is a Veteran Support Group meeting. She thanks him and he leaves. Carries is outside the house and follows him close behind. She follows him to the Center and Nicholas tries to make himself comfortable. She goes inside and pretends to bump into him. She tells him that she shouldn’t be there and leaves. Nicholas follows her behind and asks what the problem is and says that she can never go inside there because she can’t ever tell what she does as a living. Nicholas asks why is it so hard to talk about the people who weren’t there and Carrie says that she agrees that he is right. It starts to pour and Nicholas says that he might not make it to the second or third meeting of the group and Carrie realizes that she has snagged him.

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Blind Spot

Season 1 Episode Number: 5 Season Episode: 5

Originally aired: Sunday October 30, 2011 Writer: Alexander Cary Director: Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), David Harewood (David Estes), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Mor- gan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody) Guest Stars: David Marciano (Virgil), Maury Sterling (Max), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), (Mr. Mathison), Waleed Zuaiter (Afsal Hamid), Hrach Titizian (Danny Galvez), Jason Hatfield (Pittman), Justin M. Boyd (UPS Agent), Cynthia Barrett (CIA Officer) Production Code: 1WAH04 Summary: Brody confronts the lone survivor among the insurgents that held him, leading Carrie to believe she may be proved right about Brody once and for all — but Brody’s reunion with his captor surprises everyone; the agency is hot on the trail of the lovers who bought a house near the airport with funds from a stolen necklace.

The scene opens in Islamabad where a man is awaken by men. At the same mo- ment, Nicholas is praying in the garage. The man is taken out of the back of a truck and has a bag put over his head. Carrie goes to Maggie’s and hears some- one yelling. It is her father. She says hello and he offers to make her a sand- wich. She gets a call from Danny and he tells her about another surviving ter- rorist where they rescued Nicholas has been picked up. Saul waits for his wife as she comes off the plane. He sees her and greets her. Carrie sneaks off to the bathroom and takes some of her father’s pills. She comes back in the kitchen and tells her father that she has to go. However, he knows the drill and wrapped up the sandwich already. Saul asks how Mira’s trip was and she says that the Slum Project in India needed some work and Saul gets a call from Danny. He tells him that David wants everyone in. Mira tells him that she understands. Later in briefing, David says that Afzal Ahmed is the terrorist who they captured. He tells that he is a member of Abu Nazir’s group and that they could get a lot of information from him. David suggests that Nicholas sit in on the interrogation and Carrie immediately questions it. David says that the interview will be held at a designated "safe house". Carrie talks to Saul about this and she says that Nicholas is possibly a terrorist in hiding and Saul reminds her that they will be able to monitor the responses that Nicholas makes when he is listening in on the interrogation. Nicholas goes jogging and Mike finds him there. He tells him that Langley wants him. He gets home and tells her that Langley wants to see him about something and says that he has to shower. She asks if he is alright and he says that he is tired of her asking him that. Chris comes out and tells Nicholas that he has a ceremony in Karate and he is testing for his Blue Belt. He says that he wouldn’t miss it for anything.

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David and Saul wait as Afzal is escorted off the plane and but into the back of a van. Nicholas gets taken to the "safe house". Carrie is there already and welcomes him. She tells him that they met at the debrief a few weeks ago. He lies and plays along. Nicholas recognizes Afzal as the man who urinated on him while he was being held as his guard. Saul goes in and greets him. He sits down with him and stares at him. Nicholas asks what he is doing and Carrie says that he is waiting for Afzal to talk, but he doesn’t. Nicholas puts on headphones to communicate with Saul. He tells him what Afzal beat him and urinated on him. Saul mentions Afzal’s family and tells him that Abu Nazir is not going to be nice to them. He puts down a crayon and paper and tells him to write down what he knows before it is too late. Carrie says that is all they need of Nicholas and he asks if he can go talk to him and Carrie says that they can’t allow him to do that. David says that they did a good job. Carrie says that Nicholas stopped breathing for a little when Saul turned over the picture of Abu Nazir. He says that she needs to pace herself. That night, Jessica comes out with a new, shorter hairstyle. She says that she wanted to thank him for going to the support meeting and offers him tea. She asks what the meeting was about and Nicholas says that he can’t talk about it. Meanwhile, after a while of deafening music to keep Afzal awake and playing on his nerves, Afzal picks up the crayon and begins to write. Saul comes in and reads what he wrote. Carrie says that they need a sign of good faith and he says that he doesn’t know anything, but when Saul tells him to say goodbye to his family, he writes down an email address and says that he sends things that are sent to him to someone else. Carrie whispers and asks about Nicholas. Afzal says that they need to protect his family and then they will talk. Meanwhile, Nicholas goes into David’s office and tells him that he has earned a moment to be with his torturer. However, David says that they don’t have the authorization. Nicholas says that he just wants to tell him that the tables are turned. David feels bad and calls up someone. He tells him that he will have that chance. Carrie gets the tech guy to track the email address and they realize that the email gets sent to Rakim Fizell, the man who they believed was a terrorist from the start. At the same moment, Nicholas gets escorted into the "safe house". Carrie calls Virgil and tells him that they need to go check out Brighton University. Nicholas sits down with Afzal and tells him that he didn’t break him and says that he is a Sergeant now. Afzal spits his food on Nicholas and they fight. They break it up and escort him out of the room. Virgil and Max go to Brighton University and they get the address to Rakim. Nicholas gets home to find Chris with his new belt and Mike is there. Mike says that he better go and Nicholas asks if Jessica told "Uncle Mike" to take him. Mike says that Nicholas should be proud and he reminds him that he is leaving. Carrie, Virgil and Max watch surveillance at the Fizell home when Saul calls and says that Afzal is dead from suicide. He says that there is a razor blade fragment and says that they must have missed it. However, Carrie says that they went through everything. Carrie says that she needs authorization and Saul gives his authorization. They move in to find that Rakim and his wife are gone and that they packed up in a hurry. Saul sits down and speaks Arabic. He gets home to find Mira on the sofa. He says that he is sorry and says that it has been a long day for him. She has Saul sit down and says that she has been doing some thinking about their marriage. Carrie comes over and shows Saul that Nicholas was allowed to go in and talk to Afzal. However, Saul tells her that they have no evidence that Nicholas passed a razor to him because they can’t see him in the video because he found the only blind spot in the video footage. She tells Saul that he doesn’t care about the work and throws her hands up. She gets back to her office at work and takes down everything. She starts to panic. She goes over to Maggie’s in tears. She tells that she thinks that she just quit her job and Maggie tells her to calm herself down. Carrie says that she feels that she is on her own and has been for a while. Maggie says that Carrie is going to stay with her until she can get her head strait. She gives her the blankets and her nieces come in and ask if they can sleep in there. She agrees and they snuggle up. Nicholas goes into Chris’ room and apologizes for missing his ceremony and says that he messed up. Chris forgives him for it. Nicholas asks Chris what he prayed for while he was away and he says that they prayed that he was alive and now that he will be alright. Later that night, Carrie wakes up and one of the nieces wakes up too. Carrie tells her that she can’t sleep and that she can get back to bed. She tells her to live with them and says that they will protect her. Carrie says that it is her job to protect them. She goes to the end of the stairs and sits down.

14 Homeland Episode Guide

The Good Soldier

Season 1 Episode Number: 6 Season Episode: 6

Originally aired: Sunday November 6, 2011 Writer: Henry Bromwell Director: Brad Turner Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), David Harewood (David Estes), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Mor- gan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody) Guest Stars: David Marciano (Virgil), Maury Sterling (Max), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), James Rebhorn (Mr. Math- ison), Waleed Zuaiter (Afsal Hamid), Hrach Titizian (Danny Galvez), Sarita Choudhury (Mira), Jason Hatfield (Pittman), Renee St. Gelais (Ruby Mathison), Rachel St. Gelais (Josie Mathison), Rebecca Koon (Faisel’s Assistant), Justin M. Boyd (UPS Agent) Production Code: 1WAH05 Summary: Reeling after losing key players in Nazir’s plot against America, the CIA orders on everyone who came in contact with them, including Brody, which Carrie sees as an opportunity to finally learn the truth.

The scene opens with Carrie at work. She is reviewing the tape of Nicholas and Afzul. The Head of the division is in David’s office and he asks how the razor blade got to his possession. Carrie comes in and suggests that they ev- eryone who was in contact with Afzul and deal with it there. The Head of the divi- sion says for that to happen and David is upset that Carrie didn’t tell him in pri- vate. He yells for her to get the polygraph set up then. Outside his office, Carrie says that David was a little harsh, but Saul tells her that she deserved it. He asks her if she wants him to forget about what happened and she says that she was hoping so. Meanwhile, Nicholas gets ready for a memorial service for Thomas Walker. Jessica gets in and tells Nicholas that she isn’t looking forward to seeing Helen, the wife of Thomas, because of the fact that she treated her bad when Helen got remarried. She goes up to Nicholas and adjusts his tie. She tells him that he looks very handsome. Carrie goes in for her polygraph and when asked if she took narcotics since working for the CIA, she lies and says that she has not. The machine picks it up. She goes out of the room and David goes in without saying a word. He takes the test and makes it very clear that he is upset. Meanwhile, Saul goes up to an operative and asks what the neighbors are saying. He says that the interviews are in progress. Saul sees a woman come out of her house and he goes up to her. He asks her what she thought of the neighbors. She says that they kept to themselves. Saul is confused and asks who the other person was. She says that it was the wife of Rakim. On the road, Rakim asks what happened and Rakim’s wife says that someone must have found

15 Homeland Episode Guide out and that they were instructed to go to a house and wait for instructions. She apologizes for dragging him into this. He says that it is alright. Later at the memorial, Nicholas gives his speech to remember Tom Walker, but stands at attention and has all the people who served with them stand up. He repeats Tom’s name and everyone is moved. Afterward, Carrie goes up to him and tells him that the CIA needs him to take a polygraph. He says that he can come in tomorrow. Saul goes up to David in his office and tells him that Rakim has a woman with him. He also asks David if he could be activated into the field again. He says that Mira has been called back to India and thought that it best that he go with her. David says that he will take it up the chain. Carrie and Saul have the team find Rakim and his wife. Meanwhile, Rakim and his wife arrive at the "safe house" and they go around and inspect the grounds. However, they see that it is rigged with explosives and they get out of there quickly. A car is parked, watching their every move. She tells him that she knows this because she was trained. At the after party at Nicholas’ house, the Marines have fun rapping and drinking. Jessica goes up to Karen and tells her that she is sorry that she gave her so much hate when she got remarried. She says that she understands. The other Marines ask Nicholas what happened and he tells them that they were hit and that it was like someone tipped them off. However, one of the Marines stands up and tells Nicholas that he is a liar. He then says that everyone wanted to sleep with his wife. And only one of them actually did. Mike punches him and then Nicholas grabs Mike and punches him right in front of Jessica. He says that he thought that he was his friend and then drives away. At the CIA, Carrie tells the rest of the team that the wife of Rakim is Eileen Morgan, a woman with a past of terrorist activity. Saul gets called in for his polygraph and he is against it. They strap him up and he is nervous and anxious. He says that he wants to get back to work. The guy giving the polygraph asks if he was the one who slipped Afzul the razor blade and Saul says that he didn’t. The machine shows that he is lying and the guy plays it off as being too anxious. Saul leaves and says that they will resume the test tomorrow. He gets back inside and they find out that Rakim and Eileen met in and Saul suggests that it is getting hairy for an amateur. Carrie suggests that they have it backwards and says that Eileen is the terrorist. Carrie gets a call from Nicholas and he says that he can’t take the test because he is a mess. Carrie goes to the bar where he is and they talk about what he did. Nicholas admits punching his best friend. He asks if Carrie has been married before and she says that she never did. He asks her why she pretended never meeting him and she says that she has to be secret. Later that night, they walk out to their cars and Carrie says that she drank too much. She says that she won’t puke because she is Irish. She tells Nicholas that Afzul is dead and that is why the CIA wants Nicholas in. They kiss and then go in the backseat of Carries car. They kiss more and then "get busy". Meanwhile in a hotel room, Eileen is trying to calm down by watching a singing competition. Rakim is not calm and she tells him that they can’t turn themselves in because then they would just be interrogated like the men and woman from Guantanamo Bay. She goes to the bathroom and suddenly there is gunfire. Rakim is killed and Eileen manages to escape. Saul gets home to find Mira awake. He tells her that he is going to be able to come with her. However, she breaks it to him that she doesn’t want him to go with her. He is devastated. The next day, Nicholas gets home to find Jessica and the kids going off to school. He tells Dana to have a good day at school, but she hints that is not where they are going. Saul resumes the polygraph and when asked if he is married, he says that he doesn’t know. He is asked again if he gave Afzul the razor blade and he says that he didn’t. The machine doesn’t pick up anything. Nicholas is brought in and she says that this is what they have been waiting for. Nicholas comes in and with everything; the machine is not picking up anything. Carrie is coaching the man giving the polygraph and he still can’t catch him in a lie. Carrie asks if he has been unfaithful to his wife. Nicholas lies and says that he hasn’t. Carrie knows that he is lying, but doesn’t tell him how she knows this. Later, Carrie goes out to her car and Nicholas pulls up and tells her to get into the car.

16 Homeland Episode Guide

The Weekend

Season 1 Episode Number: 7 Season Episode: 7

Originally aired: Sunday November 13, 2011 Writer: Director: Michael Cuesta Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), David Harewood (David Estes), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Mor- gan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody) Guest Stars: Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Hrach Titizian (Danny Galvez), Marin Ireland (Aileen Morgan), Sarita Choudhury (Mira Berenson), Chelsea Cardwell (Maddie), Taylor Kowalski (Xander), Bridget Geth- ins (Clerk), James Allen McCune (Jeff), Joe Ward (Russ The Aryan), Viktor Hernandez (Federale) Production Code: 1WAH06 Summary: The relationship between Carrie and Brody becomes more complicated when they head into the countryside for the weekend, while Mike and Jessica face the fallout of the truth about their relationship, and Saul catches Aileen on the run to Mexico.

The scene opens in Beaumont, Texas. Eileen walks into a bus station and asks when the next bus goes to Mexico and when. The ticket agent asks her where she wants to go and she tells her that she doesn’t care. Meanwhile, Carrie and Nicholas drive and Nicholas asks why she got into his car. She tells him that she wanted to. She asks Nicholas what type of bar they are going to. Nicholas says that he likes Dive Bars. They get there and start playing pool. Nicholas walks off and a guy with an 88 tattoo walks up to Carrie. He suggests her to go with him in- stead of hanging out with Nicholas. She jokes with the guy and says that 88 stands for Ariean Pride. Nicholas comes up and asks if there is a problem. The man says that Carrie isn’t keeping her mouth shut. He goes to hit her, but is blocked by Nicholas and is taken down. Nicholas and Carrie get out of there and drive away. Carrie mentions a cabin that her family has and they drive to it. Dana and Chris are getting their haircut by Jessica. When it is Dana’s turn, she asks about Nicholas. Jessica says that he is taking the weekend off. She asks if he found out about Mike and Jessica says that he did. David and Saul meet and Saul tells him that they got a lead on the runaway terrorist. She says that Eileen showed up in Beaumont, Texas. Saul suggests that he go and meet her in Mexico when they bring her in. Nicholas and Carrie get to the cabin and Carrie calls Maggie and asks her where the key is to the cabin. She tells Carrie that she has to come to the house so that she can pick up her medication. She tells her that she will come back from the cabin on Sunday. Maggie asks who she is with and Carrie lies and says that she is alone. She tells her the location of the key and Carrie goes inside the house. Once inside, she goes into the living room and finds the gun in the drawer. She puts bullets in the gun and sees Nicholas

17 Homeland Episode Guide outside. She goes out to meet him and asks him how he beat the lie detector. He says that he had to lie all the time. Nicholas says that she is a good drinking buddy and tells her that he has been thinking about her a lot. They kiss and get "busy". In Mexico, Eileen is caught by the Federalies. Saul offers to take her into custody. In the car, Saul tells her that they are going to Virginia where he is going to hand her over to the FBI. He offers her to talk to him. Back at the cabin the next morning, Nicholas meets Carrie on the dock. Carrie tells Nicholas that she and her sister used to come out all the time and used to go exploring. Meanwhile, Saul talks more to Eileen and tells her that she is safer with him than she has been in two days. He asks her about the plan and she tells him that he can’t help her. Saul speaks Arabic to her and tells her that he knows about the life that she lived. She tells him that he doesn’t know her. Back at the cabin, Nicholas and Carrie go hiking and they talk about their time in Baghdad. She tells Nicholas that she her translator and says that a mob got crazy. Nicholas says that it is nice to talk to someone who can understand him. She agrees that she has found peace as well. Nicholas leans in and asks if they are going to try doing it sober, but Carrie changes the subject. At Nicholas’ house, Dana has her friends over and they are smoking marijuana and drinking beer. Dana’s friends say that they are going and she protests. She falls through the glass door. She looks at her arm, which is cut up and says that she didn’t feel anything. Saul and Eileen stop for dinner and he asks her more about what she knows and says that he has been in touch with her father. She tells him that she hasn’t. Saul says that her family is worried about her, but Eileen says that they are only worried what their friends will think of them after knowing that their daughter is a terrorist. Saul tells her that he knows that she was isolated and that is why she found Rakim. She tells him that there was something good there until her father found her with Rakim. Jessica gets home from the hospital and Mike is there. He asks if Jessica is alright and she tells him that things are complicated and doesn’t know how things got out of control. They kiss and then Jessica is called into Chris’ room. Dana comes out and says that Mike needs to stay away from their family. At the cabin, Carrie and Nicholas make dinner and Carrie says that she is thirsty. They skip dinner and start to get "busy". Carrie looks at Nicholas’ scars. Nicholas pauses for a moment and says that he wants to live in the moment just a while longer. Later that night, Nicholas has and shouts out the name "Isa". Carrie tells him that it is alright and tells him that he is with her. Saul drives Eileen to his old home and tells her about his life growing up. She agrees with him on the fact that parents mess their kids up. Saul tells her that he knows that she moved her way out for Rakim and for love. Carrie is woken up by Nicholas and she tells him that they don’t have Nicholas’ favorite tea there. He asks her how she knows at what tea he drinks. She stumbles and says that it was probably what he had at the CIA. She goes out to get some firewood. Saul drives with Eileen and she asks what problems he is having at home. He says that his wife is walking out. She asks what happened to Rakim’s body and Saul tells her that if no one claims Rakim, then he will be buried in a potter’s field. Saul says that she has a deal with Eileen. She says that someone needs to be on the roof of the house and says that Eileen is sitting with a sketch artist. Carrie gets back and Nicholas tells her that he knows that she has been following him and spying. She says that she has suspicions that he is a terrorist. He says that he isn’t and says that she can ask him whatever she wants. She asks him what he does in his garage. He admits that he prays. Carrie is shocked that he is Muslim. She asks how Walker died. Nicholas admits that he was instructed to kill him. He says that he lied meeting Abu Nazir because he offered his hand and he took it. He says that he loved him for it too. Meanwhile, Gomez is on the roof and he says that he isn’t seeing anything special. David is talking to him and tells him to look harder. Gomez sees an airport and that Marine One helipad is their target that they are looking at. Saul asks for Nicholas’ picture so that Eileen can look at it. Back at the cabin, Nicholas tells Carrie that he is leaving. Saul calls Carrie and tells her that they were wrong about Nicholas. An American POW was turned and it was Walker and not Nicholas. Carrie tells Nicholas that she is sorry and says that their time was real, but he leaves her at the cabin. Later that night, Nicholas gets into his house and checks on his family. He goes out into the living room and cries.

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Achilles Heel

Season 1 Episode Number: 8 Season Episode: 8

Originally aired: Sunday November 20, 2011 Writer: Chip Johannessen Director: Tucker Gates Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), David Harewood (David Estes), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Mor- gan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody) Recurring Role: Chris Chalk (Tom Walker), Afton Williamson (Helen Walker), Linda Purl (Elizabeth Gaines) Guest Stars: Billy Smith (Special Agent Hall), Hrach Titizian (Danny Galvez), Jaden Harmon (Lucas Walker), Joe Urla (Richard Johnson), Ramsey Faragal- lah (Mansour Al-Zahrani), Reggie Austin (Matt), Sammy Sheik (Imam Rafan Gohar), Sarita Choudhury (Mira Berenson), Jason Davis (CIA Tech), Jeff Albertson (FBI Swat Team Leader), L. Derek Leonidoff (In- terviewer), Sasha Rionda (Newscaster) Production Code: 1WAH07 Summary: As Carrie and Saul reel from the news that Walker is alive, the in- telligence community clashes on the best way to capture him; Brody learns a shocking truth about his captivity.

The scene opens with Tom Walker asking for money. Suddenly he sees a man who gives him money with a note and a key. Meanwhile, David talks to Lucas, Tom Walker’s son, and asks if the picture of the sketch that Eileen gave is his father. Carrie talks to Helen Walker and she tells her that she doesn’t know whether to be excited or scared. Saul talks to Nicholas Brody again and asks him the same ques- tions of Tom’s death. He goes over the de- tails that he doesn’t know and says that he was told that he was dead. Nicholas sees Carrie and walks by her without a word. Carrie runs up to him and tells him that she didn’t tell them anything that was said at the cabin. He tells her that he doesn’t want to hear it. Saul comes out of the room and asks Carrie if everything is alright. She lies and says that everything is fine. Nicholas gets home to find Jessica there. He says that Langley wanted to ask him more questions about Tom Walker. She tells him that he doesn’t need to tell her where he was. Nicholas tells her that he doesn’t blame her for what she did. Jessica breaks down and tells him that she waited 6 years and then she cracked and gave in. He says that she is not the one at fault. He tells her that he doesn’t want everything to fall apart. In the CIA, Saul shows Carrie that the phone records of Helen Walker shows that there is a number at the times when Helen isn’t home. He calls Helen’s phone and they hear the answering machine. Saul says that it is Walker’s "Achilles Heel". David enters and introduces Special Agent Hall. David says that Hall is their liaison. Carrie says that Walker is calling to hear their voices. Hall says that they need to enlist the public and Carrie tells him that the last time they did that, it took them 20 years to find the bad guy.

19 Homeland Episode Guide

Later that night, Nicholas, Jessica, Chris and Dana are playing cards when Mrs. Gaines calls. Jessica says that they are invited to a party for them to go and Dana convinces them to go. Jessica tells Nicholas that she is sending a car. Dana tells Nicholas to learn to say yes when good things happen. Meanwhile, Saul tells Mira that Elizabeth Gaines invited them and she agrees to go for old time’s sake. Carrie comes over to Saul’s and tells him that David has assigned her to the task force. She tells him about the relationship that she and Nicholas had. She tells him that it has stopped and he says that should have never happened. He asks if she is alright and tells her that they will be heroes by noon tomorrow if everything goes well. The next day, Carrie talks to Saul and tells him that Helen seems confident to do the task. They phone rings and Helen freezes. Carrie tells her to pick the phone up. She does, but it is not Walker. Helen breaks down and Carrie tells her that she can do this and to tell Walker that she kept him alive in her son’s thoughts. The phone rings again and she picks up. The person on the other end hangs up. Walker takes the battery out of the phone and looks at the dollar with a key on it. He takes the key and walks off. Later, Chris waits for the car and Dana tells him that they will come to the door. Chris says that Nicholas and Jessica aren’t fighting. They come downstairs and ask how they look. Dana says that she must be adopted. At Saul’s and Mira’s, Saul compliments Mira and she compli- ments him too. He asks whose going to tell him that when she is gone. They arrive at Elizabeth’s place for the party and Elizabeth walks up and welcomes Saul and Mira. She tells Mira that she needs to stay this year. She walks off and Elizabeth asks if she "accidentally" hit a nerve. Elizabeth makes her rounds to Nicholas and Jessica. She has Saul meet them and she tells Saul that she has big plans for Nicholas and Jessica. She tells him to stick around and he will find out. At Helen’s house, Carrie talks about how she met a guy, but thinks that it won’t work out. Back at the party, Nicholas tells one of his war stories and looks at Jessica. They walk up to one another and ask each other if everyone is being nice. Jessica says that everyone is being nice to her and Nicholas says that it is the same for him. Elizabeth asks if Saul wants to talk about his and Mira’s problems and he says that he doesn’t understand it. Elizabeth brings everyone into the library and they watch out Rep. Richard Johnson is in the middle of a scandal. Saul realizes that she is thinking of replacing him with Nicholas and Jessica. Later that night, Jessica and Nicholas get driven home and laugh about how the Republican’s name was Dick Johnson. Jessica thanks Nicholas for a wonderful time out. They get home and find Dana and Chris watching a movie and sit down together as a family. Late that night, Walker calls Helen. The tech team at Langley gets an alert and calls Carrie. They start the trace on Walker and Carrie finds Helen outside talking to Walker. When Walker talks back, Helen is overcome with emotion that she tells him that the FBI are tracking him and tells him to get out and run. The truck finds him and chases him down. Carrie tries to talk to the team to not pursue him and to hold back a little. Walker hits one of the men and takes his gun. Walker runs into a building and the FBI team moves in. They shoot at a man and realize that it isn’t Walker. Carrie realizes that they lost Walker. David arrives at the that the FBI infiltrated after Walker went inside and sees that two of the men are killed. Hall tells them that they need to make the news public now and Saul agrees that they don’t have a choice. Meanwhile, Walker walks up to the storage closet and finds a sniper rifle lying inside a case. Carrie calls Nicholas and he asks what she wants at six-o- clock in the morning. She tells him that Tom Walker is alive and that he was the POW that was turned. Nicholas tells her that she is lying, but Carrie tells him that they are going LIVE with the information in a few hours. She tries to tell him that the intimate moments that they had were real to her, but Jessica comes out and he stands by his wife. She gets in the car and drives away. Saul gets home and sees Mira leaving in a cab. He tells her that he promised to take her and she tells him that it is better this way. He kisses her and says that he will talk to her still. Carrie and Saul are in the office and Saul tells her that they are going to have to prioritize tomorrow since there are thousands of sightings. She tells him that she has an epiphany and says that she is going to be alone her whole life. The man who gave Walker the key to the shed gets home to find someone in a chair. He thinks that it is Walker, but it is Nicholas. He tells him to tell Abu Nazir that he is done talking to Abu Nazir and tells him to tell him that it is over. He walks out.

20 Homeland Episode Guide


Season 1 Episode Number: 9 Season Episode: 9

Originally aired: Sunday November 27, 2011 Writer: Alexander Cary Director: Jeffrey Nachmanoff Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), David Harewood (David Estes), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Mor- gan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody) Recurring Role: Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir) Guest Stars: Billy Smith (Special Agent Hall), Chris Chalk (Tom Walker), Hrach Titizian (Danny Galvez), Jamey Sheridan (Vice President), Ramsey Faragallah (Mansour Al-Zahrani), Sammy Sheik (Imam Rafan Go- har), Adam Boyer (Dan), Hend Ayoub (Zahira Gohar), Rohan Chand (Issa Nazir), Elizabeth Ashley Lawson (Protestor), Elizabeth Potthast (Cashier), Jeff Wicker (Reporter) Production Code: 1WAH08 Summary: After his attempt to sever ties with Abu Nazir, Brody finds himself reliv- ing his captivity and recommits to his mission; Carrie finds herself in the middle of a public relations nightmare on the heels of the mosque shooting.

The scene opens with Nicholas at the gro- cery store. He calls and leaves a mes- sage for Jessica about the grocery list. Back at the house, Dana can’t believe that Tom Walker is alive. Back at the store, Nicholas asks the cashier about the list and she recognizes him as the "war hero". As Nicholas gets to his car, he is attacked by two men. They kick him and beat him with a crow bar and then inject him with a sedative. Meanwhile, Carrie goes up to the Masque and Hall, from the FBI, comes up and Carrie says that she wanted to talk to the lead on the team. Carrie says that the leader of the Masque tells that none of the men knew Walker, but Hall points out that Walker knows the Masque well. At the same moment, Walker is walking through a forest. The leader of the Masque comes up and she tells him that she is sorry about the deaths. Galvez tells that he is Muslim too and they tell him that Walker needs to be caught. Carrie brings up that Walker knew the way around the building. He says that if the FBI tells the truth, he will say something. Carrie tells Galvez that the leader of the Masque knows something, he won’t say anything though. Jessica returns the message that Nicholas left and she tells him that she is taking Chris out to a movie. Meanwhile, Nicholas is getting cleaned up by a man. It takes him back 3 years ago when Abu Nazir cleaned him up and gave him a place to stay with his son Isa. However, Isa isn’t that happy to see Nicholas. Carrie meets with Hall and tells him that the leader of the Masque is telling her that Walker didn’t fire at the men. She tells him that he knows more, but won’t until they he gets justice. Hall

21 Homeland Episode Guide tells her that he isn’t going to allow for his men to be thrown under the bus for this incident. Back with Nicholas, he remembers more about what happened three years ago and how he tried to strike up a friendship with Isa. Back at the CIA, Carrie plays the recording of Hall talking about how he is not going to allow the CIA to throw them under the bus. David tells her that she has a lot of guts to do that. She says that she is going to do anything to catch a terrorist. She says that she knows a source. David says that she is to do nothing to sabotage the FBI manhunt for Walker. Nicholas remembers when Isa knocked over some glasses and Nicholas takes the blame for it. Carrie is in Saul’s office and she takes a pill. Saul comes in and asks what she is doing. She tells him that she needed to relax. Saul tells Carrie that she is approaching the problem the wrong way around. Nicholas remembers when he prayed with Isa. At a protest, Carrie and Galvez go to the Masque and Carrie visits the leader of the Masque. She says that if there is an attack that happens, the people are going to put a match to the place. Carrie asks what he expects and he says that he wants to the truth. He refuses to give up the information on Walker. She goes out to the car and tells Galvez that the FBI better find Walker. Meanwhile, Walker unpacks the rifle and shoots at a target. Nicholas remembers when Isa knows how to read so quickly. He gives Nicholas a hug. Carrie calls Saul and he tells her not to worry about it. Carrie gets a call from Zahira, the leader of the Masque’s wife. She asks to talk to Carrie in 15 minutes. Back in the woods, a hunter comes up to Walker and asks what kind of game he is hunting. Walker tells him that it is just office supplies. The hunter reaches for a bullet and loads a round in his gun. Walker tells him to have a nice day. Carrie meets with Zahira and she says that she loves her husband, but tells her that Walker has been coming to the Masque to meet with a man from Saudi Arabia. Nicholas remembers back in Iraq again and Isa comes up and gives him a drawing of him and Nicholas. He thanks Isa for it. Nicholas wakes up from his bed and asks what is going on. There is a monitor and webcam. Nicholas gets dressed and Abu Nazir sits down in front of another webcam. He asks what Walker is doing and Nazir says that he is helping. He brings up Isa and says asks if he has forgotten. Nicholas remembers teaching Isa "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". Later, there is an explosion and Nicholas finds Isa at the bottom of rubble. He is dead. He takes his body and prepares it. Nazir comes in and kisses his son goodbye. Back to the present, Nazir tells him that it was his choice to do what he did. He gets up and a man comes in and plays a press conference from 2 years ago. The Vice President tells the nation that it was America who bombed the compound where Nazir was hiding out in and says that the information that several children were involved is false. The man tells Nicholas that he is going to be asked to run for office and that he needs to take it. He says that this will be a symbol to Nazir that Nicholas wants to continue the work that he vowed to do years ago. Back in the woods, the hunter gets back to his truck and sees a newspaper clipping of Walker. He reaches for his keys, but it shot in the back of the head by Walker. Back at the hideout, the man tells Nicholas that he needs to take some medication. He says that that his car is across the street and that the groceries are there. Meanwhile, Walker takes the hunter’s truck with the body in the back. Nicholas walks up to his car and gets in and drives home. Saul and Carrie go up to the same house that Nicholas came out of. Carrie asks what if the Saudi national doesn’t want to give up the information. Saul says that they need to wait then. Nicholas gets home and Jessica asks what happened to him. He lies and says that he was mugged at the grocery store and that they took his money and phone. He says that he went to the hospital and is fine. Jessica tells Nicholas that the Vice President called.

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Representative Brody

Season 1 Episode Number: 10 Season Episode: 10

Originally aired: Sunday December 4, 2011 Writer: Director: Guy Ferland Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), David Harewood (David Estes), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Recurring Role: Charles Borland (Sanders), Nasser Faris (Tailor), Chris Chalk (Tom Walker) Guest Stars: David Marciano (Virgil), Jamey Sheridan (Vice President), Ram- sey Faragallah (Mansour Al-Zahrani), Remy Auberjonois (William Pritchard), Trent Dawson (Kyle Galyean), Gabe Begneaud (Young Man), Laura Palka (Reporter), Mike Killian (Sniper) Production Code: 1WAH09 Summary: Walker’s Washington contact is identified by Carrie and Saul, but the target is protected via diplomatic immunity. Meanwhile, political big- wigs approach Brody about running for a disgraced congressman’s seat.

The scene opens with Carrie driving and Saul is talking team about the Saudi Ara- bian Diplomat, Al Sahrani, who talked with Nicholas. Saul tells the team that Al Sahrani is gay and that he has wives and children. He says that he is $750,000 in debt to a bank. Carrie arrives at the bank to which Al Sahrani is in debt and meets with Dwayne Pritchard. She says that they want to give Al Sahrani some pain. She asks to borrow their bank. Mean- while, Nicholas is having breakfast when he sees black SUVs pull up to his house. He gets ready to attack, but it is the Se- cret Service. Vice President Walden comes in and tells him that he has to keep the security since the Walker threat. He asks if Walker is as good of a shot as they say he is. Nicholas says that he is. Walden tells Nicholas that he wants him to run for Congress, just like Abu Nazir had said. He says that he would love to, but needs to talk it over with his wife. He asks if that is going to be a problem. Nicholas says that it won’t. David, Saul and Carrie meet with a member in the State Department about what they can do with Al Sahrani. The man says that Al Sahrani has diplomatic immunity. They tell him that they just want to talk to him and the man tells him that he doesn’t want to talk to them about this and leaves. David tells Carrie to run point on the interrogation. Carrie gets the information on Al Sahrani and Saul tells her that he is alright with her running point. She tells him that she remembers Saul telling her about finding the humanity in people. Jessica gets home and Nicholas tells her that Walden visited him and offered him a place in Congress. Jessica is not happy about it and says that he can’t do this because he won’t be able to spend time with them ad also brings up the fact that they are going bring up everything on him including her and his affair.

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Carrie is at her place trying to quiz herself with Virgil on the information on Al Sahrani’s family when she gets a call from Nicholas. He says that he needs to see her and she says that she is busy tonight and that they can do it tomorrow. He agrees. Virgil teases her about the phone call. She asks him if they have enough to get Al Sahrani. He says that there are two types of people, those that lay down for the cause and those who fight against it. The next day, Carrie and Saul wait for Al Sahrani to arrive. When he does, Saul asks if she has this and she says that she is. Meanwhile, Nicholas goes up to Mike and apologizes for hitting him. He says that it wasn’t Mike’s fault that he got with Jessica. He tells him that the Vice President offered him a seat in Congress and needs him to talk to Jessica. He says that he will. Nicholas thanks Mike for taking care of his children when he was gone. Al Sahrani comes in and he realizes that they are not from the bank. He tells them that he wants to call his Embassy. However, Carrie tells him to look at the pictures first. He realizes that they have him at the Spa with other men. He sits down. Later, Carrie is still talking to Al Sahrani and he isn’t giving any information. He says that he will tell his own wives because they don’t care. He says that he will say that he is gay to everyone. It seems that he is going to leave until Carrie mentions his daughter, who he is very close with. Carrie says that they can deport her and take away her degrees that she is getting at Yale. Al Sahrani sits back down and Carrie tells him that they know that he met Walker and that a man, who is connected with Abu Nazir, gave him an envelope. He tells her that he is paid only to give Intel from his Embassy. He says that he is supposed to meet him again and Saul tells him that they are going to be bait. He welcomes him to the CIA. Back at Nicholas’ house, Jessica burns dinner and then sees that Mike is outside. He tells her that Nicholas apologized for hitting him and says that he is trying. Jessica realizes that Mike is there to try to convince her. She tells them that they should get in the same bed together by the way he follows Nicholas. Later that night, Nicholas goes over to Carrie’s place and she is dolling herself up. She tries to give him wine, but her refuses. He asks her if she told the CIA anything about them two. She says that she hasn’t. He asks if they could find out and she says that they can’t. Nicholas tells her that Walden wants him to run for office. He says that Jessica deserves better and wanted to make sure that none of what happened at the cabin is going to get back to him while he is running for Congress. Nicholas leaves and Carrie dumps the wine out and cries a little bit. Meanwhile, Saul is at the office still and grabs himself some bread and some kind of spread. He doesn’t have a knife so he uses his ruler. He looks at the picture of Mira and him. The next morning, Al Sahrani gets ready to go to the meeting with Walker. They arrive at a city square and Carrie, along with 15 other agents, are all watching for him. The sniper is in position to be able to take the clear shot of Walker when he meets with him. Al Sahrani comes to the city square and suddenly, a man comes up toward Al Sahrani. Carrie asks for confirmation, but they can’t conclude. The man has a briefcase in his hands. Carrie sees that the man is left handed and that Walker is right handed. Carrie tells everyone to get out of there, but Walker detonates the bomb from his phone. Carrie is blasted back and Virgil rushes to her side. At the same moment, Jessica watches the news report and says that it is a terrorist attack. Nicholas comes in and tells her that it will be alright. He asks her about her thoughts about the politics. Jessica says that the kids and her talked about the Congress bid and they agreed that it is a good thing that he is running. At the hospital, Carrie is on machines and Saul is there watching over her. The next day, Nicholas and Jessica go with the Vice President to a meeting. Saul goes into Carrie’s room and tells her that she is going to get a lot of good drugs and a week’s pay. Saul says that Walker paid a homeless man. Saul tells Carrie that they have a leak in the government. They watch the report of Walden talks about Nicholas’ bid into running for Congress. Carrie watches as Nicholas thanks them for the opportunity to run.

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The Vest

Season 1 Episode Number: 11 Season Episode: 11

Originally aired: Sunday December 11, 2011 Writer: Meredith Stiehm, Chip Johannessen Director: Clark Johnson Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), David Harewood (David Estes), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Charles Borland (Sanders), Hrach Titizian (Danny Galvez), James Rebhorn (Frank Mathison), Jamey Sheridan (Vice President), Nasser Faris (Tailor), Ben Pelteson (Dr. Jeremy), Taylor Kowalski (Xander), Gina Stewart (Gloria the Nurse), Ronald Ogden (Sweeper), Tom Turbiville (Patron in Diner) Production Code: 1WAH10 Summary: In the wake of the explosion, Saul finds Carrie hospitalized and manic, but realizes her chaotic theories have merit; before his congressional campaign begins, Brody takes his family on a weekend trip to Gettys- burg, where he retrieves an important item.

The scene opens with a man sewing something. He rolls out a strap and pours a type of glue on some fabric. He places beads in it. The man is creating a bomb vest. He situates the wires and realizes that it is ready to go. Meanwhile, David talks to the press secretary and says that he has to talk to the president. Saul comes in and says that there are sev- eral agencies who knew of the bombing and that the leak is even harder to find. Galvez tells David that the Vice President Walden wants to talk to him. He tells David that Walden is on lock-down until the threat is subsided. David asks where Carrie is and Saul tells him that she is going to be released in a few hours. However, when Saul gets there, he sees Carrie walking around manic about getting a green pen. She tells Saul that she is focused on the green and says that Abu Nazir doesn’t have a single sniper and says that he goes big. Carrie says that Walker is a pawn and says that there is a bigger threat out there. Saul gives Carrie a green pen and is worried about Carrie’s state of mind. At Nicholas’s house, Jessica is packing lunches and Dana says that she has plans with Xander and they are going to a concert. They tell that she is going. Jessica says that Nicholas wants to spend time with them before he is going to be taken away for political things. Back at the hospital, Dr. Jeremy comes up and Saul asks where the other doctor is. He says that he isn’t there. Carrie is still manic and Carrie says that she is on a roll and Saul tells her that she is not herself and says that she is manic. They ask if there is anyone who they can call. She tells him to call her sister. In the car, the Brody family is on their way to Gettysburg and Dana is recording their trip. She looks at Nicholas’ scars and realizes that they are faded. Carrie is taken home and Saul watches over her until Maggie comes in and gives her the medication that Carrie needs. She tells

25 Homeland Episode Guide

Saul that it is going to be a couple of days and that there needs to be someone there to watch her. Saul tells her that he can take the night shift. David goes down to the bunker where Walden is hiding out in and tells him the details of their threat. Walden says that he doesn’t like that he doesn’t like that he is hiding out and tells him to fix it. David says that the C4 that was used was part of a Saudi shipment. Walden tells David to find Walker and to fire someone. The Brody family gets to Gettysburg and Nicholas tells Chris and Dana all about what happened on Gettysburg and that they fought their way to the front of the line. Back at the CIA, Saul gets in and says that they are keeping Carrie another day. Saul tells David that Carrie things that there is something bigger and David says that she better get in the office soon. Saul tells him that it is going to be a little bit because of the fact that the doctor said so. Dana goes up to Nicholas and says that she didn’t know that he knew so much. Nicholas tells Dana to promise him that she will look after her mother when he is gone on the campaign trail. Dana is concerned and says that she will. Chris and Jessica come over with hats. Maggie drives Carrie to the store and Carrie says that there is something big coming and Maggie says that she needs rest. Carrie sees something and gets out of the car. She looks at a garden and says that somewhere there is a sliver of green and says that it is how everything works. Maggie takes her back to the car. The Brody family gets to a café and Nicholas tells them that he has to pick up a toothbrush. However, he goes into a shop and meets with the man who made the bomb vest. He shows him the vest and tells him how to operate it. He goes back to the car and puts it in the under the trunk. Dana comes up and asks what the package was. He says that it is a present for Jessica. She asks if something is wrong and says that he sounds weird. They get in the café and a man comes up and says that Nicholas is a hero. The man says that he is a tough man and says that he would vote for him. Nicholas stands up and starts to shake hands with everyone in the café. Back at the house, Saul gets in for the night shift and Maggie tells him that Carrie is upstairs. Saul sees papers scattered everywhere and Maggie tells him that she had to give Carrie another sedative. Saul goes up to Carrie and apologizes for not seeing this earlier and says that he feels responsible. He goes back downstairs and starts to see the pattern in Carrie’s mess in the living room. He starts to pin things up on her board and when he is finished, he sees the pattern of documents. There is a separation of Red, Yellow, Green and Purple. At a hotel, Nicholas goes outside to find Chris getting ice. He tells Chris that he wanted him to understand that wars turn things upside down. He tells him to be brave when he gets older. He hugs him and tells him to tell his sister to go to bed soon. Nicholas gets back in his room and finds Jessica in a lingerie piece. She smiles and says that she likes their new life and says that the trip was a great idea. She says that this candidacy is a good thing. She says that she is happy. They kiss and start to get "busy" quietly. Carrie gets out of bed and goes out to find Saul looking at her work. She is happy that he sees it. She says that everything points around the Yellow where Abu Nazir was in mourning and that he came back in force with the Green and then the Purple. She tells him that she heard him last night telling her that it is his fault that’s she is like she is and tells him that she has had this since college. Maggie comes in and Carrie’s father, Frank, is with her. Saul leaves and Carrie says that she needs him to tell Galvez. Frank says that he will make her his world’s famous sandwiches. At the Hotel, Dana tries to open the package that Nicholas got and he comes up and stops her. He says that is for Jessica only. She insists on opening in and Nicholas grabs her arm. Back at Carrie’s place, Carrie is pacing back and forth and Frank tells her to sit down and do a puzzle with him. She tells him that she has to get back to work so that she can help them figure out the pattern. He says that they will handle it. Carrie says that she has a friend who knows about this and says that he was there. Frank says that she needs to rethink this and says that he has the bad gut feelings too and that she has to wait. However, she says that she knows what she s dong. The Brody family gets home and Xander is waiting for them. Carrie calls Nicholas and tells him that she needs to talk to him about Abu Nazir and why he took a break of his terrorist acts. He asks to meet her and tells her to stay at the apartment. Carrie gets ready to meet with Nicholas and puts on makeup. She hears a knock on the door and opens it. However, it is not Nicholas, but David. He comes in and tells her that Nicholas called him and says that he knows that he had a fling with her and that she illegally spied on him. She tells him that she is working on solving the entire thing. David sees that there are classified documents scattered on the wall and says that her desk is being cleared out and that

26 Homeland Episode Guide the men are there to do the same. She tells him to stop what he is doing. David asks how long Carrie has been manic like she is. Carrie tells him that she is going to solve the mystery, but David tells the men to take it down. The episode ends with Carrie freaking out at David.

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28 Homeland Episode Guide

Marine One

Season 1 Episode Number: 12 Season Episode: 12

Originally aired: Sunday December 18, 2011 Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), David Harewood (David Estes), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Show Stars: Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), George McPherson (CIA Analyst), Hrach Titizian (Danny Galvez), Juan Veza (FPS Officer #1), Don Cal- houn (Daniel Benton) Production Code: 1WAH11 Summary: While Carrie is near catatonic and confined to bed, Saul investigates the unsettling implications of her timeline; Walker secures a perch for his mission; Brody makes his final preparations for the Vice Presi- dent’s policy summit at the State Department.

The scene opens on Day 1 and Nicholas is in front of the camera. He tells the camera that he did it to make those accountable of the incident to be held accountable in one way or the other. Meanwhile, Saul comes in to Carrie’s home and asks Mag- gie if there is any change. She says that there isn’t. She asks what being on "ad- ministrative leave" means. Saul tells Mag- gie will never be aloud to step into Lang- ley again. Saul goes into the bedroom to find Carrie sitting in a chair. He says hello and Carrie calls him by his last name. He reminisces with her and Carrie says that she wants to hear a story about a man named Abu Nazir who took a break from being a terrorist. Saul says that she knows that they can’t talk about that. She says that she knows. She asks why Nicholas turned her in like that. He says that he can think of hundreds of reasons why and says that he is running for Congress and can’t afford any scandal. Saul realizes that Carrie loves Nicholas. Meanwhile, Nicholas gets undressed out of his military clothing and packs up the camera. He is in the same storage locker as Tom Walker was in. Nicholas goes to an area in the park and sits down. He removes on of the stones and puts the SD card in and draws a line with chalk. At the same moment, Tom Walker walks up to a car and breaks into it. He lies down in the back seat. Later, a woman gets into the car and drives off. At a meeting with Vice President Walden, he addresses and thanks Elizabeth Gaines for convincing him to accept the nomination. Walden walks up to David and he tells Walden that they need to change the venue for his announcement of running for President. David says that Walker can do a lot of damage, but Walden says that he is not worried. The woman comes up to a police blockade and she shows her ID and they clear her. The woman parks her car and Walker puts a gun to her head. Virgil comes in for the night shift and tells her that he made dinner, but she isn’t interested in eating. She tells him to go away, but Virgil says that he is going to sit down until she falls asleep. Nicholas gets home and Chris is mad that Nicholas can’t go to his match. Jessica says that they talked about this. They sit down for dinner and Nicholas says the Grace. Afterward, he asks

29 Homeland Episode Guide how he did and they say that he did alright. Meanwhile, Walker is cutting a hole in the glass of the woman’s place. He props up the table and sets his sniper rifle on it. He lines up the shot to make sure it is good. At Carrie’s, Virgil is asleep, but Carrie isn’t. At Nicholas’s place, Nicholas remembers what Abu Nazir told him and to purify his soul. He gets out of bed and goes to the garage. He starts to pray when Dana walks in on him. She asks if he is Muslim and he says that he converted. She asks why he washes his hands and feet and Nicholas says that it is a ritual. The next morning, Carrie gets out of bed and asks Virgil where her medication is. He comes in and gives it to her. She tells him that she needs to get out of there. He says that it is a great idea. Saul goes into David’s office and says that there is an 11 month gap in Abu Nazir’s actions. There must have been an event. He shows David the redacted report and Saul says that he thinks that it is a Drone strike based on a number. He tells him that Saul needs to be at the conference today and not this. At Nicholas’s house, Chris asks if Nicholas is sure that he doesn’t want to go. Nicholas says that he can’t. Meanwhile, Virgil drives around with Carrie and she tells him where to go. Virgil doesn’t like the fact that they end up at the place where the conference is being held. He asks why they are there and Carrie says that they have a terrorist on the loose. Virgil says that it is someone else’s problem now and not Carrie’s. She asks Virgil to be on her side with this. A police officer says that Virgil can’t sit there and Virgil says that he needs to find a place to park the van then since Carrie is set on going up there. At the house, Nicholas pulls out the vest and puts it on. Dana comes to the door and tells him that she really doesn’t want him to go to this thing today. He says that Walden is expecting him to be there. He says that everything is being taken care of and Dana says that this is awkward to have this conversation through the door. He takes the vest off and opens the door. He says that he heard his car arrive and tells her to tell them that he will be right there. Dana says that she is worried about Nicholas and he assures her that he is fine. Nicholas gets dressed and connects the bomb. He goes outside and the car is there. Dana goes in to hug him and he stops her and tells her to be good. He gets in the car and it is a secret service officer. He says that he has been appointed to him. In another car, David tells Walden that Saul found a redacted document of the redacted form. Walden tells David that this cannot get out. Saul talks to Valdez and he says that there are no documents on it. Carrie watches from the crowd with Virgil and says that this is too small for Abu Nazir and that they are missing something. In the apartment building of the woman from earlier, Walker watches the news to be ready for his shot. Nicholas arrives and slowly gets his ID out of his jacket. Carrie sees that Nicholas is there and the pieces start to come together. Walker gets ready to shoot his target. Walden comes out of his car and Nicholas salutes. Suddenly Walker fires and Elizabeth is shot and killed. Walker fires again and kills more people. Everyone is rushed inside and Nicholas goes through the metal detectors without being checked. They are lead to a closed room and Nicholas asks where the Vice President is. David tells him that he is on his way. Carrie calls Saul and tells him that Elizabeth wasn’t the target and says that Walker wouldn’t have missed. She says that this is Stage One and that right now the Vice President and his team are in a tight room. She says that it is Nicholas who Stage 2 is. She says that Nicholas is going to kill the Vice President. She says that Saul needs to get in her in there. Saul tells Benton, an officer, to get Carrie and detain her. Meanwhile, everyone is terrified and Walden comes in and they close the door. The officer says that they have initiated a full lockdown. Nicholas walks up to Walden and is sweating. He reaches for the switch and remembers Abu Nazir’s words. He flicks the switch, but nothing happens. Carrie sees Benton, but Virgil asks what is up with the backup. She asks Virgil if she is crazy about Nicholas and he says that he believes her. She asks for Virgil’s keys and says that he doesn’t want to know where she is going. Virgil gets Benton’s attention. Carrie gets into the van and drives off. Inside the secured room, Nicholas goes to the bathroom and finds the Secretary of State there. He says that Walden has big plans for him. Nicholas takes off the vest and realizes that it is damaged. Dana turns on the news and sees the coverage of the Assassination attempt. Carrie shows up at the door and tells her that she needs her help. She says that Tom Walker shot those people and that Nicholas is working with Tom Walker. She asks what she is talking about and Carrie tells her to call him and talk him down. She calls 911 instead and tells them that there is an insane woman at her house. She runs out in the yard and tells her that there is something wrong with her. Jessica gets home and tells Carrie to get away from her daughter. Dana goes

30 Homeland Episode Guide inside and Carrie tells her that she is crazy. The police come up and they take her down and tell her not to move. In the building, Nicholas repairs the vest and goes out and joins the others. One of the secret service officers gives him a phone and says that it is for him. Dana asks if he is alright and says that Carrie came over and told her that he was a terrorist. She says that she told her that she was crazy because he would never do that. He tells Dana that he is going to come home and is shaken up about it. He doesn’t push the button and the room is cleared. Later, Walden announces his bid in for the President of the United States. Jessica comes into the living room and asks if Nicholas is going to press charges. She says that she doesn’t want to hear Carrie’s name in the house again. He says that he is going to take care of it. Walden goes up to Saul and talks to him in his office. He brings up the air strike that Walden ordered and Walden asks if they are on the same side. Saul says that he needs to know so that he can prevent anything like yesterday to happen again. Saul says that he is a sentimentalist and likes to hold onto things. He shows that he has the interrogation tapes of when they tortured terrorists. Walden realizes that Saul is blackmailing him. Maggie gets Carrie out of jail and Nicholas is there. She says that she has to talk to him. Nicholas says that his daughter is 16 and that she terrorized his daughter. He says that what he says to the police depends on her. He says that he is not a terrorist and says that she needs to get some help. She says that she is going to get the help that she needs. Nicholas says that it is crazy what she did. She says that she is going to stay away. She gets in the van and cries. Maggie asks where to go and Carrie says that she needs to go to the hospital. Saul watches the video of David and Walden ordering the Drone Strike on the compound where children were playing and where the hideout of Abu Nazir was supposedly there. Saul says that he is close to going to the news. David says that Saul isn’t going to because that would mean that he is handing over every asset in the field over to Nazir. Nicholas goes back to the rock and sees that there is another line made. He goes back to the garage and gets out a box. Inside it is a gun. He loads it and puts it in the back of his pants. He walks to an underpass and goes inside. Walker appears in front of him. He asks what happened and says that his vest malfunctioned. He says that what he didn’t do was a good thing and they would have replaced Walden with someone close. Walker asks if Nazir is listening to this. He asks to talk to Nazir. Nicholas says that he will be able to influence Walden. Abu Nazir tells him that Nicholas is going to have to give him a demonstration of his loyalty. He tells him to kill Walker. Nicholas gives Walker the phone and shoots him. He tells Abu Nazir that it is done. Nicholas gets back home and tells Jessica thank you for everything. He hugs her. Two days later, Saul goes into the hospital and tells the nurse to take the IV out of her. She tells him that she wants the electroshock therapy. Saul tells her that it will pass, but Carrie doesn’t want it. She says that her brain is already messed up. The doctor comes in and Carrie says that everything is fine. She says that the memory loss is temporary and says that she has made up her mind. She says that it needs to stop. Saul doesn’t agree with it, but he understands. He tells Carrie that the period of silence was because of a Drone Strike that Walden ordered that killed Abu Nazir’s son. She asks if there is a way to appeal the termination. He says that there isn’t. Nicholas sits on top of the roof and Dana asks what he is doing. He says that he wanted to fix the skylight. She sits next to him. In the hospital, Carrie is going under the treatment to shock her system. She remembers her and Nicholas’ time together. She remembers the Nazir’s son, Isa. She mumbles to not let her forget Isa’s name. They shock her system and the episode ends.

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32 Season Two

Homeland Episode Guide

The Smile

Season 2 Episode Number: 13 Season Episode: 1

Originally aired: Sunday September 30, 2012 Writer: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon Director: Michael Cuesta Show Stars: Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), David Harewood (David Estes), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison) Guest Stars: Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Jamey Sheridan (Vice President William Walden), David Marciano (Virgil), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Kerry Cash- ion (Reporter), Abigale Corrigan (Rebecca Morrison), Robert Crayton (Demonstrator), Raja Deka (Omar), Jordan Googe (Brody Supporter), Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Chad Kurtz (Secret Service), Ja- cob Leinbach (Tad Groote), Eliot Rosenberg (US Marine), Heanon Tate (Guard), Mark Robert Thompson (Navy Assistant), Hrach Titizian (Danny Galvez), Herzl Tobey (Fiat Passenger), Matt Whitnack (CIA Guard) Production Code: 2WAH01 Summary: Carrie Mathison is making progress with her mental health after her Electroconvulsive Therapy. A former asset threatens Carrie’s peace. Brody learns Nazir may not be happy with a nonviolent approach. Dana lets a secret slip.

The episode begins with Carrie picking up vegetables from her garden. Her fa- ther and sister are watching the news and Frank is worried that Carrie’s lithium levels are too high. His daughter, Mag- gie asks him to stay out of it. Carrie then goes to her room for grading papers and she follows the news online. Next, we see that Saul is in the embassy in Beirut. His team mates tell him that a woman has come to them with some informa- tion. Saul hasn’t seen her before. The woman wants a face to face. Saul agrees to meet her and he asks arrangements to be made. He leaves and he sees that someone is tailing his car. But they manage to elude the tail and meet the woman. Next, we see that Brody is now a Congressman and Vice President Walden is waiting for him in his office. Walden says that he is going to float Brody’s name as a potential candidate for VP while he runs for President. Walden says that he did run a background check on him. He has lined him up for an intelligence briefing and he wants Brody to be prepared for the questions. Next, Carrie is at school and Galvez arrives to tell her that Estes wants to see her. He asks him to get lost. At home, everyone is excited about Brody running for the VP’s post. Chris has made a lot of new friends but Dana is not in a great mood. She is going out with Xander. She doesn’t like her new school and she hasn’t made any new friends. Carrie arrives home and Maggie tells her that Saul has been calling all afternoon. She calls him and he tells her that he needs her help. He wants her to meet Estes who is sitting outside

35 Homeland Episode Guide her house. She tells Saul that she doesn’t want to see Estes as she has put all of this away. But later she comes out on the porch and Estes hands her a photo of the woman Saul met with. Carrie recognizes the woman. Carrie tells Estes that the woman is Fatima Ali and Estes knows her as the first wife of the district commander. Carrie tells her that she recruited her and she kept her off books as she wanted Fatima to remain alive. But she couldn’t manage to find out whether Fatima was a valuable asset as she was transferred to Bagdad. Estes then tells Carrie that Fatima came with information about an attack on the US that is going to take place. He says that she is refusing to speak to anybody but Carrie. Estes wants Carrie to go to Beirut for three days. But Estes also points out that this isn’t about Carrie getting her job back; this is only Carrie being a good citizen. Maggie tries to stop Carrie from going. She tells her that she needs to inform her doctor about this before she leaves. She feels that this isn’t about patriotism; a part of her wants to do this. Frank asks Maggie to let Carrie go. Carrie hugs her father and leaves. Estes introduces Carrie to Joy who will be accompanying her to Cyprus. Next, a reporter named Roya Hammad arrives to meet Brody. Once they are alone, Roya asks him whether there are any recording devices installed in his office. She tells him that she needs to talk to him privately about Nazir. She then proves that she is in touch with the Nazir family and that their families have been close. She tells him that Nazir wants his help. She tells him that they know about the brief that Estes would be giving him on homeland security. She says that in his safe there is an encryption key that contains the database of all the potential targets. She wants him to steal it. Brody infers that if they need these then they might be planning to hit one of these targets. He tells her that he told Nazir that he is going to influence the law makers through his access and that is what was agreed upon. He doesn’t want to kill innocents as he isn’t a terrorist. He says that he will not be able to access the safe. Roya tells him that he will have his chance. She asks him to contact her once he has the list. This is his chance to prove his allegiance. Next, during a school debate, one of the students in class says that the Arabs want to convert everyone as they want to go to heaven and they don’t value human life. Dana interrupts him by telling him that Iranians aren’t Arabs; they are Persians. As the argument continues, Dana blurts out that her father is a Muslim. In a safe house in Cyprus, Joy is briefing Carrie. She is struggling to remember the information of her alias. Brody returns home and a furious Jessica tells him that Dana was called to the dean’s office. She tells him about what happened in school. Dana thinks that Jessica is over reacting as the person she argued with is Walden’s son and Jessica fears that this could ruin her relationship with Walden’s wife. Dana apologizes to her father and tells him that it was a slip of tongue. Brody tells Jessica that Dana is telling the truth and Dana learned about this when she saw him praying in the garage. Jessica rushes to the garage and finds the prayer book. She is at her wits end and she tells him that this cannot happen. These are the people that tortured him and now he cannot be following this religion as he is a Congressman. She then asks him whether Carrie knew that he is a Muslim. Brody tells her that Carrie was dismissed from the CIA and was locked up in a mental institution. Next, Joy wakes up Carrie and tells her that they need to move out within an hour. Brody arrives to meet Estes for the briefing. Saul talks to Estes and tells him that Carrie isn’t coping well. But Estes tells him that there is no other option. Estes then takes Brody to his office for the briefing. But just as he is about to begin, Estes is told that Roya Hammad is waiting for him in the press room to confirm few facts of the story that she is going to telecast at night. Estes leaves and Brody manages to get into Estes’ safe and copy the encryption key in a notebook. Estes doesn’t give out much. Roya ends up asking Estes for dinner and Estes assures her that no way he is going to divulge any classified information. But he agrees for dinner. Next, we see that Carrie manages to get through the customs and arrives in Beirut. She reaches her room and finds a phone and an address in an envelope. Carrie uses that phone to call Saul. Just then Saul notices that he is being watched. He tells Carrie to walk past the café and not stop. He tells her the time he will meet her at a safe house. Saul notices that one of the men begins following her. He tells her to ditch the phone and get taken into custody. She tells him that she can lose the tail. If they arrest her, the mission will be blown. She then eludes the tail and when he gets close to her, she knees him in the crotch and escapes. At night, Brody wakes up and buries the copy of the Koran that Jessica threw on the ground. Dana watches him burying the Koran and asks him what he is doing. He says that this

36 Homeland Episode Guide copy of Koran is desecrated as Jessica threw it on the floor and tore some pages. He is burying it out of respect. Dana helps her father with his task.

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38 Homeland Episode Guide

Beirut is Back

Season 2 Episode Number: 14 Season Episode: 2

Originally aired: Sunday October 7, 2012 Writer: Chip Johannessen Director: Michael Cuesta Show Stars: Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), David Harewood (David Estes), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison) Guest Stars: Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Jamey Sheridan (Vice President William Walden), David Marciano (Virgil), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Hrach Titizian (Danny Galvez), Clara Khoury (Fatima Ali), Valerie Cruz (Ma- jor Joy Mendez), Zuleikha Robinson (Roya Hammad), (Cynthia Walden), (Scott Ryan), Larry Pine (Richard Hal- sted), Marc Menchaca (Lauder Wakefield), Timothée Chalamet (Finn Walden), Allie McCulloch (Betsy Kenny), Viviana Chavez (Betsy’s As- sistant), Gal Amitai (Team Leader), Cal Johnson (Stunt Utility), Hillal Kabub (Hezbollah Leader), Matan Amit (Sniper Team Leader), Jonah Lotan (Rudy McCoy), George Iskander (Local Chaser), Zihab Muchreb (Female Worshipper #1), Yasmin Hadar (Female Worshipper #2) Production Code: 2WAH02 Summary: Against the advice of her family, Carrie becomes involved in an op- eration that may rid the world of Abu Nazir once and for all. Brody’s handler presses the Congressman into service, as his relationship with Jessica takes a hit. And Captain Mike Faber questions the nature of the events surrounding the shooting of Elizabeth Gaines.

The episode begins in Beirut where we see Fatima, the informant praying. She comes out of the mosque and Carries approaches her. Fatima takes her to a safe place and asks her what she is do- ing here as Fatima was supposed to go to meet her. Carrie tells her that there was a change in plans. But Fatima says that she wasn’t informed. She tells Carrie that her husband is meeting Abu Nazir the next day in Beirut. Next, Brody is at- tending a fund raiser and Walden is also present there. Walden tells Brody that the Israelis are having trouble destroying an Iranian nuclear plant and so they are try- ing to acquire an American bomb. But the President is blocking the export license. Walden feels that it is his responsibility and wants Brody’s help to convince the Secretary of Defense. The Secretary is a Marine. Brody agrees. Walden tells him that this is strictly off books and no one can know. On the other hand, Walden’s wife wants Jessica to work with this group of war veterans and wants to organize a fund raiser for them. Jessica is excited about it. Next, Carrie arrives at Saul’s safe house in Beirut. He is happy to see that she is safe. Carrie tells him that she already met Fatima at the mosque. Saul

39 Homeland Episode Guide isn’t pleased to hear this as he wanted to be present while Carrie talks to Fatima as he wanted to assess her reliability. Carrie tells him about the probable meeting. Next, Estes talks to Carrie through skype. She tells him that Fatima’s husband, Abbas, the Hezbollah commander, will be meet Abu Nazir in person. Saul points out to Estes that this meeting place is a dense residential area with a lot of unknown areas; so a drone strike is out of the question. They require people on ground and they could be walking into anything! Now, Estes is a little dubious about this story and there is no one that they can verify what Fatima told Carrie is the truth and also Saul wasn’t present there. Carrie continues to tell him that Fatima is a victim of domestic violence and so she wants out. She wants five million dollars and a flight to Detroit; this cannot be a set up. Estes thinks that a Blackhawk Down isn’t the best thing for the US at this point of time. Next, Jessica and Dana are on their way to Walden’s house. Jessica asks Dana bout Brody’s prayers and Dana tells her what she saw. Later, Walden’s wife tells Jessica that they want Brody to be the keynote speaker at the fund raiser. Dana goes to the library to do her homework and there she meets Finn Walden. They get along pretty well. Saul and Estes are still discussing the issue at hand. Estes is really worried of dragging the soldiers on streets of Beirut without concrete information. Estes wants Saul to make the final decision. Saul tells him that he did not want Carrie in this mission at all. Carrie is listening to this conversation from the next room. She has an attack of sorts and she staggers to the roof to meet Saul. She tells Saul that being wrong about Brody really messed her up because she has never been so sure and so wrong. She says that she can no more trust her own thoughts. But this time she tells him that they do have a chance to get Abu Nazir. She tells her that she is sure about Fatima as she practically saved her life. And she trusts the Carrie who recruited her. Next, we hear is that the operation is "a go". Brody is preparing to leave for his meeting with Walden. He gets a surprise visit from Mike and Brody asks Mike to ride with him. Mike asks Brody to look into some information surrounding a lone shooter named Walker. He and his unit are a little dubious about him. They suspect a conspiracy of sorts. Brody agrees to look into the classified report if there is one. Estes is being briefed about the mission on Nazir which is "capture or kill". Saul and Carrie will remain in the safe house till the mission is over. There is a capture team in place along with several snipers. Brody arrives for his meeting with Walden. Walden tells him about the black-op in Beirut. He then takes him in to the command center to watch the mission. They see several trucks arriving. The capture team is clearly outnumbered and they wouldn’t be able to get out alive. So they change their mission profile from capture to kill. Brody wonders who are they going to kill and Walden tells him that it is Nazir. Another car arrives and Abbas and Nazir’s lieutenant alight. Brody is restless and he takes out his phone and texts "May 1". Another vehicle arrives and Nazir steps out. Just then one of Nazir’s men gives him a phone; obviously he got the message! Nazir heads back to his car and drives away. Walden realizes that somebody warned Nazir. Saul and Carrie rush to get Fatima. Fatima arrives and takes the house keys from Fatima and rushes inside to check whether there is something important in there. Saul tries to stop her but to no avail. While Carrie is in the house, a mob begins to form around the vehicle. Carries manages to get some file, but by this time the mob is about to destroy the SUV. So Fatima tells Saul that they should leave. They drive away leaving Carrie behind. The guys then go upstairs to get Carrie. She manages to escape the capture and gunshots. Just then Saul’s agent arrives and hustles her into the vehicle. Next, Brody meets Hammad who delivers Nazir’s gratitude. She says that they suspect Abba’s second wife. He tells her that he is a Congressman and he is not their guy. She tells him that his role is more important now and that Nazir needs him. He then meets his army friends at a bar. He tells them that he found nothing on Walker. But one of the men still is doubtful as Walker is dead and he is a man who never missed a shot in his life. And on that day he missed three of them He assures them that the truth is that Walker broke and gave up everybody’s position and that he is a traitor. He says that Walker is not the person who they think he is.. Brody arrives home and Dana tells him about Jessica’s plan to making him speak at the fundraiser. She then tells him about her friendship with Finn Walden. Carrie is dropped back at home. Next, Saul’s agent goes through the files that Carrie grabbed from Fatima’s house. There seems to be nothing useful in them; just some names and addresses but none important. Saul asks

40 Homeland Episode Guide him to go and get some rest. He then notices something hard in the lining of the satchel. It is a USB. Saul plugs it to his computer. We then see a video where Brody is telling the camera what he did and why. He wants people to know the truth.

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42 Homeland Episode Guide

State of Independence

Season 2 Episode Number: 15 Season Episode: 3

Originally aired: Sunday October 14, 2012 Writer: Alexander Cary Director: Lodge Kerrigan Show Stars: Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), David Harewood (David Estes), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison) Guest Stars: Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Jamey Sheridan (Vice President William Walden), David Marciano (Virgil), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Tamara Arias (Yadira / Flight Attendant), Talia Balsam (Cynthia Walden), Christian Higgins (Wounded Veteran), Taylor Kowalski (Xan- der), George McPherson (Body Guard), Marc Menchaca (Lauder Wake- field), Hrach Titizian (Danny Galvez) Production Code: 2WAH03 Summary: Fresh from her adventures in Beirut, a restless Carrie prepares for what she hopes will be a triumphant return to the CIA. Meanwhile, Brody attempts a last minute extraction of the Gettysburg bomb maker.

The episode begins at the Beirut airport where Saul is going through the secu- rity check. One of the officers asks him to step out and takes him to a room. He tries telling them that he is a Diplomat; but they pay no heed to him and they open his suitcase and rip off the lining and take out a memory card. The Hezbol- lah rep takes it and tells Saul never to come back to . We then see that Saul is in the plane and he still has the memory card with him as he had hid- den it elsewhere. Next, Carrie is writing a report and her father tells her that she ought to go to bed and she can’t strain herself. She says that she is feeling great and he says that she has one more hour to finish her work. Jessica finds the speech Brody has written for the fund raiser. He has mentioned his days in captivity and how he feels about returning to his family. She says that she appreciates it and kisses him. They start making out but get interrupted by Dana and Xander. Just then Hammad calls Brody and tells him that based on the intel that Carrie found in Beirut, the CIA is close to finding the tailor in Gettysburg who made his vest bomb. She tells him to go and move him to a safe house. Brody asks her to call him and tell him. She says that the tailor trusts and knows only Brody and so he will have to do it. He tells her that there is a problem; he is giving a speech at the fund raiser and the VP would be attending the vent as well. She tells him that he can get back on time of he leaves now. Next, Danny arrives to meet Carrie and she hands over the report to him. He tells her the time for the debrief. He tells her what she did on the field was very impressive. Brody arrives at the

43 Homeland Episode Guide tailor’s and tells him that they have to move now as the CIA is coming for him. the tailor isn’t very convinced and wants to know who sent Brody. Brody notices a truck across the shop and says that they don’t have much time. Brody then drags him out of the shop and puts him in his car. The truck follows but he manages to evade the truck. Carrie is a little worried as she hasn’t received any text from Danny about the debrief. The tailor still has a lot of questions for Brody. He then tells him his name is Bassel. Just then one of the tires goes flat and there is no jack in the trunk. Brody uses some logs to put together a make shift jack and raises the car enough to change the tire. Just the Jessica calls and Brody walks away from the car giving her a lame excuse for not being there on time. Bassel looks a little doubtful and he tries to listen to what Brody is talking. He picks up a stone from the ground but later when Brody disconnects the call and asks Bassel to get into the car, he drops it. Next, Carrie arrives at the CIA early and finds out that Estes is in a meeting. She then excuses herself to go to the bathroom and she walks into the debrief room. She finds that Estes has started the debrief without her. Estes tells her that she cannot be here. He then takes her out of the room and tells her that he wanted to meet her privately and appreciate her work. But then that is it; catching Abu Nazir is no more her concern and her work is done. In the elevator, Carrie fights back her tears. Next, Brody stops for gas and when he returns he finds that Bassel is gone. Later he spots Bassel running through the woods. At home, Carrie is packing her stuff and tells her dad that she is going home as she wants to figure out what she will be doing with the rest of her life. She can’t do it here with her family hovering. In the woods, Brody’s phone rings and Bassel attacks him from behind. He then chases him and tackles him to the ground, telling Bassel that he is only trying to help him. But he then realizes that Bassel has fallen on a sharp root and it has pierced his stomach. Bassel is bleeding. He tells Brody that he needs to be taken to the hospital. But Brody says that this will lead him to the CIA. Brody is trying to stop the bleeding. Bassel then tells him about his family in . Just then Brody’s phone rings again; it is Jessica. She tells him that the VP is about to arrive. He tells her that he is waiting for the tow truck as there is no jack in the car. Bassel starts making noises and Jessica asks him what is that sound. Brody then breaks Bassel’s neck with Jessica still on the phone. Next, Carrie arrives at her apartment and pours herself some wine. She then goes to her closet and picks out a dress. She then puts on some make up and her fake wedding ring. She then goes to the kitchen and pulls out some bottles of pills. She thinks for a moment and then gulps down around 20 of them. She goes and lies down on her bed. She begins to doze off but then she quickly jumps out of her bed and runs to the toilet and makes herself throw up the pills. Next, we see that it is raining as Brody digs a grave for Bassel. At the fundraiser, dinner is coming to close and Walden asks Jessica about the plan as there is no one to introduce. Jessica tells him that it is her mess and she will handle it. She then goes up to the podium. She apologizes for Brody’s absence and she gives her speech; it is brutally honest when she puts forth the challenges she faced when Brody returned home after eight years and how unprepared she was. And so she says that they need to use this money to set up a place for theses war veterans who return back after years, thus helping them deal with their homecoming which could be really hard on them. She receives a standing ovation. Next, we see Brody trying to wash himself at a car wash. Mike brings Jessica home and she asks him if he would like to come in. he passes. She then places a kiss on his cheek. She tells him that she doubts that Brody is cheating on her as he did spend a weekend with Carrie and so now she is having trouble believing the car breakdown story. Mike changes his mind and goes inside. Just then Brody arrives and he is certain that they were about to go inside together. Mike leaves. Inside, Jessica asks him to tell her the truth. Brody tries to stick to his story about the union meeting in his district. But Jessica is not buying it. She knows that he is hiding something. She tells him that either he tells her the truth or start looking for a hotel room and give their marriage a serious thought. Dana overhears their conversation. Next, Saul arrives at Carrie’s apartment and wakes her up. He then shows her the video as he wanted her to be the first person to see it. She watches the video and begins to cry. She was right!!

44 Homeland Episode Guide

New Car Smell

Season 2 Episode Number: 16 Season Episode: 4

Originally aired: Sunday October 21, 2012 Writer: Meredith Stiehm Director: Show Stars: Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), David Harewood (David Estes), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison) Guest Stars: Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Jamey Sheridan (Vice President William Walden), David Marciano (Virgil), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Lucius Bas- ton ( Kembe), Don Calhoun (CIA Blue Team), (Peter Quinn), Cal Johnson (Navy Seal #1), Taylor Kowalski (Xander), Marc Menchaca (Lauder Wakefield), Tavia Brightwell (Marine Veteran) Production Code: 2WAH04 Summary: Following a secret debrief from Saul, a stunned Estes authorizes a covert operation to pursue intel recovered in Beirut — but not with- out putting his own trusted operative in charge. Brody, still reeling from his misadventures, gets another shock when he runs into Carrie at Langley. A casual invitation to bury the hatchet turns into an en- counter neither of them could have foreseen. And Dana discovers she has something in common with Finn Walden, the Vice President’s son.

The episode begins with Saul arriving at Estes’ house with Brody’s tape. Estes is shocked and after watching the video he asks Saul what the next move would be. Saul suggests that they could ei- ther arrest him or have him followed. This could allow them to gather any in- tel about the future bombings. Estes feels that it is dangerous for Walden to be mov- ing around with Brody. Saul tells him that they should hire people outside the Agency to follow Brody and that no one else knows about this and it is carried out in complete secrecy. Estes tells him that he will be sending a man to him who will be running the things. At home, Brody brings Jessica coffee and tries apologizing to her. She wants him to tell her the truth and nothing but the truth. He tells her that he wants to tell her but he can’t. She tells him that she doesn’t trust him anymore. She tells him that if he doesn’t tell her the truth, he should leave. Brody packs a bag. Dana is talking to Xander and she looks as if she is growing apart from him. Brody then drops her to school and she sees his packed bags in the car. She tells him that his car smells like smoke and leaves. Finn arrives and there is a smile on her face. Next, Virgil and max meet Carrie and she takes them to Saul. Saul introduces her to peter Quinn, who is the ’man running things’ sent by Estes. His team will not be seen by anyone. Carries is slightly taken aback and wants to know about his experience and he tells her that he was an analyst at Langley with six years of experience.

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Now, Carrie and Peter both have a plan. Peter explains his plan where they would have Carries intentionally bump into Brody at the meeting today. This should trigger his fear that Carrie’s theory about him could be back in action and this could send him running to his handlers. Well, seems that Carrie shad a similar plan. Next, Brody is at a car wash and he is getting a ’new car smell’ as he wants the smoky smell to go away. The man at the place seems to be from the Middle East. Virgil and Max are watching Brody and clicking pictures. At the CIA office, Carrie is waiting for Brody to arrive and when he does, she walks past him, making sure that he notices her. He is stunned to see her and calls out to her. She thanks him as she owes it to him that she is fine know as he was the one who told her that she needs to get help. She also congratulates him on becoming a Congressman. He wants to know if she is back and working on something. She tells him that she cannot discuss it with him. Brody is intrigued. At home, a drunken Lauder arrives to meet Brody and Jessica tells him that he isn’t home. Lauder says that he will wait. Jessica is unable to get Brody on the phone, so she calls Mike and tells him that Lauder is home. Mike tells her that he will be there in a while. At the operation HQ, Saul and Peter congratulate Carrie on her good work. They are now monitoring Brody but they have no audio in the building. But they follow Brody on camera and see him talking to Roya Hammad. At the CIA, Brody tells Hammad about Carrie’s return and he feels that this might involve him. But Hammad thinks that she could be there because of Abu Nazir as the timing makes sense. Instead, she tells him that renewing his relationship with Carrie could be useful. At the HQ, Peter is very blunt when he asks Carrie about her sexual involvement with Brody. She thinks Peter is too mouthy for an analyst. Mike arrives and takes Lauder with him. Brody calls and tells Jessica that they will talk tonight, but she doesn’t want to. Lauder tells Mike that he is on to Brody. He thinks that Brody is trying to cover up Walker’s death. He thinks that Brody had teamed up with Walker and working together like old times. Dana and Finn are studying together and when Walden gives his son a tough time, Dana backs Finn up. They then make plans for the weekend. The team watching Brody discusses all the people Brody met during the day. Carries is suspicious of Peter and wants Virgil to dig around a bit and get some information on peter. Estes apologizes to Carrie and tells her that she has done a good job. Carrie tells the team that Brody is living in a hotel as his wife chucked him out of the house. Turns out that Peter and Carrie will be the only ones watching Brody and doing the night shift. Next, Finn takes Dana for a ride in his BMW and they go to the Washington Monument which is under renovation; but clearly not for the Walden’s son. They go to the top and they kiss. But then Dana pulls back, telling him that she has a boyfriend. He tells her that he wants to be her boyfriend. Dana tells him that she needs to talk to Xander first and he asks her to do it soon. Next, Carrie and Peter are getting cameras installed in Brody’s room at the hotel. Virgil sees Brody at a bar and calls Carrie to inform her. He says that the hotel security let them in on the cameras, and so she will be able to monitor him in a second. Peter asks Carrie if she fell for Brody. Carrie doesn’t appreciate this question and tells Peter to tell her something about him. He say she is from Philadelphia and graduated from the Harvard; a must in his family. He also states that he is very reliable. Just then Brody calls Carrie and tells her that they should meet for a drink and bury the hatchet. She agrees. Peter tells her that Brody hasn’t called his handler. Carrie thinks they should spook him a little more. Peter suggests that she should drop something about Abu Nazir on him. Carrie is nervous but Peter isn’t as he thinks she is good. She arrives to meet Brody at the bar. Saul joins Peter. Brody asks her how she is doing and about her work. She tells him that she cannot say names, but they are circling in on a terrorist; the big one. He then mentions her therapy and she seems a little irritated. Brody then pays the bill and leaves. Carrie calls Peter and tells him that Brody made her. She feels that he is on to her and so they should send in the team. Peter asks her to come back. But instead, Carrie goes to Brody’s room and tells him that she heard his room number when he paid his bill. She then instantly talks about the way he feels for his country and the way he treated her. She has blown the operation and Peter sends in the team. He moves towards her and just then the agents arrive. They cuff him and Carrie calls him a traitor. The team then places a black bag over Brody’s head and take him away.

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Season 2 Episode Number: 17 Season Episode: 5

Originally aired: Sunday October 28, 2012 Writer: Henry Bromell Director: Show Stars: Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), David Harewood (David Estes), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison) Guest Stars: Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Jamey Sheridan (Vice President William Walden), David Marciano (Virgil), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Hrach Titizian (Danny Galvez), Christopher Cozort (Driver), Timothée Cha- lamet (Finn Walden) Production Code: 2WAH05 Summary: Brody finds himself prisoner again, but this time it’s on American soil. Meanwhile, Carrie is forced to play second fiddle after her rash judg- ment call at the hotel as Estes is busy keeping Jessica off their trail.

The episode begins with Brody in cus- tody. A furious Estes arrives and heads straight to the room to meet Saul and Pe- ter. He doesn’t talk to Carrie. Estes wants to know what happened to the surveil- lance and why the arrest. Peter tells him that Carrie thought that Brody read her and so she blew the cover and they had to bring in Brody. They need to act quickly before Nair’s men realize that Brody is missing and then they will lose any intel about the next attack on America. Saul suggests that Carrie should go in and talk to Brody. But Peter thinks that she is too emotional and reckless. Carrie enters the room and tells them that she is positive that Brody made her. Estes tells her that Peter is going to take a whack at Brody and Peter asks Carrie to go home. But Saul wants Carrie to stay. they agree; but it is going to be Peter’s show! Peter enters the room and sits across Brody. He informs Brody that he is in CIA custody. He will not be given a lawyer and he is off the grid. Peter then asks him why the torture that went on for five years suddenly stop. Brody doesn’t know why. Peter then asks him who is Isa and Brody tells him that Isa was one of the guards. Peter points out that Nazir’s youngest son is also named Isa. But Brody says he isn’t aware of it. Brody tells Peter that carries is out of her mind and she is lying about him. Brody also denies being converted into . When asked he says that he doesn’t know how Walker missed the shot on Walden. Brody denies wearing a bomb; he denies everything. Peter then plays the tape that Carrie found and he leaves. He arrives in the surveillance room and tells them that they will let Brody stew for a while; no sleep. Next, Jessica tells the kids that Brody is living in a hotel so that they could sort out few things. Chris is really upset with the whole thing. Dana meets Finn and tells him about his parents. He says he can relate to it. She then tells him that she broke off with Xander and

47 Homeland Episode Guide they plan for a movie at night. Estes meets Greg, Brody’s staffer and he tells him that Brody is helping them with an issue of National security. So he tells Greg to spread the word that Brody has flu and he is staying at the hotel as he is in the middle of a conjugal spat. Jessica tries to reach Brody. Next, Saul tells Peter and Carrie that Jessica has called three times already. Peter gets back to the grilling session. Brody admits that Isa was Nazir’s son and he taught Isa English. Brody tells him that he loved Isa as his own son and that Isa was killed in a drone strike ordered by the VP. He tells Peter that he wasn’t wearing the vest. Peter threatens him to tell Jessica and the kids. But Brody says that Jessica will understand. Brody tells Peter that they have nothing oh him. Brody also says that he knows nothing about the upcoming strike. Peter then pulls out a knife and stabs Brody at the back of his hand. Carrie and Saul rush into the room. Brody receives medical help. Carrie tells Saul that she will take over the interrogation. Next, Jessica goes to the Ashford and finds out that Brody isn’t there. She calls Greg and asks him to track down Brody and have him call her. Greg calls Estes and tells him that Jessica is becoming an issue. Estes tells Greg he will have Brody call him back. After Brody’s hand is bandaged, Carrie sits cross him and tells him that he broke her heart and that she ended up losing her job and ended up in a mental institution. He tells her that he never wore a bomb. She asks him whether he felt anything for her and he apologizes for hurting her. She then gets him some water. Saul realizes that Peter losing his temper was all theater. Every good cop needs a bad cop! Carrie then disables all the cameras (the audio is on though). She then unlocks the cuffs. She then tells him to stop lying as he is drowning in his own lies. She states that Nazir is a monster an he killed hundreds of civilians; wives and children who were Chrises and Danas and Jessicas. She points out how they manipulated him by being kind to him and giving him a son to love. She says that telling the truth will make him feel better. To prove her point, she tells him that she feels that he should leave his family and be with her. She says she is now feeling better. She knows that he is a good man as he did not detonate the vest he was wearing. She knows about Dana’s call that he received when he was in the panic room with Walden. It was her voice that changed his mind. She then asks him about Nazir’s plan. He says there is a plan but he doesn’t know much about it. He tells Carrie that Roya Hammad might know about the plan. He tells her about Bassel and the Saudi attaché. Saul arrives and gives Brody his phone and asks him to call Jessica telling her that he will be back home tonight. Brody calls Jessica and tell her that he was out finding some answers. Dana is waiting for Finn as they have a date. While waiting for Finn, Dana tells her mother that she knows that her father changed during the war. Finn arrives. Next, Carrie wakes up Brody who is asleep on the floor. She tells him that they need to go over his options. She tells him that he could help them to uncover Nazir’s plans and he will face no trial and there will be no charges pressed. He will quit politics and go somewhere far way. He asks whether they could give him immunity and she says a yes. He knows that they don’t have the power to give him that; but she tells him that he better hope that they do. Also, his family will never know about any of this. Dana tells Finn that she wants to have some fun. Finn jumps the signal and tries avoiding his tail. He takes few quick, sharp turns and hits a pedestrian. Dana wants him to check on the woman. But he cant as his father is the VP and his future would be over if any of this gets out. They see that someone else is helping the woman and Dana reluctantly agrees to leave from the scene. Next, Carries knows that Brody told Hammad about her. He tells her that Hammad sug- gested re-establishing the relation with Carrie. Carrie tells him that if his absence is questioned, he should tell Hammad that he was with her. That could be their cover. Brody tells her that if Nazir finds out that Brody is working with the CIA, he will go after his family. She assures him that they will protect his family. Brody reaches home and tells Jessica that he is working with the CIA on matters of National Security. Just then Dana arrives home and she looks nervous. Chris is happy to see his father and hugs him. At her apartment, Carrie pours herself a glass of wine and sits on her couch.

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A Gettysburg Address

Season 2 Episode Number: 18 Season Episode: 6

Originally aired: Sunday November 04, 2012 Writer: Chip Johannessen Director: Guy Ferland Show Stars: Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), David Harewood (David Estes), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison) Guest Stars: Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Jamey Sheridan (Vice President William Walden), David Marciano (Virgil), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Don Cal- houn (CIA Blue Team), Marc Menchaca (Lauder Wakefield), Hrach Titizian (Danny Galvez) Production Code: 2WAH06 Summary: Dana’s visit to the hospital proves shocking; Faber’s interest in Tom Walker piques the CIA’s interest; Brody agrees to team with Carrie and Quinn to prevent an attack on the U.S., but his loyalty is called to the fore when Gettysburg once again becomes a focal point of a pivotal engagement.

The episode begins with the CIA surveil- lance on Hammad. Max and Virgil fol- low Hammad. Carrie knows that Ham- mad knows she will be seen as she is a public figure; but she also knows that she wouldn’t want to be heard. And Carrie is right; Hammad walks up to the fountain and meets a man wearing sunglasses. So they have video but no audio. Since he is wearing sunglasses, the facial recognition won’t work. Max walks up close to them but the audio is too faint and Carrie gets frustrated. Virgil then follows the guy but loses him in the subway. At home, Jes- sica says that she has fifty million ques- tions about the CIA assignment he is on. He can’t talk but he asks her what she wants to know and that he will tell her something if possible. But she changes the subject. Dana doesn’t want to go to school. There is no way they can get an ID on the man Hammad met. Carrie suggests they should get Brody in and see if he can identify the guy. Peter agrees but warns Carrie against trusting Brody. At home, Brody receives a text from Langley. Jessica wants to know if he is working with Carrie in the CIA. He says a no and says that CIA kicked her out because of her nervous breakdown. Brody drops Dana to school. Brody feels that he is being tailed. As Brody drives away from the school, he sees Finn and Dana walking into the school together. Hmm. Finn tells Dana to take it easy. He tells her that there is a hospital nearby and that the woman is going to be fine. Brody arrives to meet Carrie. He tells her about Jessica’s question. Carrie reminds him about the deal. She wants him to identify the guy Hammad met. But Brody tells her that he hasn’t seen him before. Brody states that he doesn’t like being followed. Peter senses that Brody knows something. Brody tells them about Bassel’s death. Peter is furious as his team is watching the

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Gettysburg store, waiting for the tailor to show up. Brody complains that he didn’t know that they were watching the store as he isn’t told anything. Carries takes Peter aside and tells him that they can ask the team to search the store and see if they can find something. Peter agrees to put a forensics team together and get them to Gettysburg. Carrie thinks they need to have Brody run back to Roya Hammad to get some information. Peter agrees. Next, Mike and Lauder go to the place where Walker’s body was found. The detective who takes them there tells them that a 9mm casing was found at the site. Looking at the place, Lauder thinks that Walker walked into this place with someone he trusted. The detective tells them that CIA took over the investigation in 20 minutes. Mike thinks there is a guy in CIA who could help. But there is no guarantee that he would share classified investigation. Dana goes to the hospital to see the woman they hit. There she meets the woman’s daughter and she tells Dana that her mother was doing better initially but now it seems that she isn’t going to be alright. Dana tells her that her father is a doctor and she came looking for him. The girl then tells Dana that the nurse has told her to call the priest. Dana is nervous and she immediately leaves. Next, Saul arrives. Carrie tells him that Peter says no to trust Brody. Saul thinks Peter is right. Well, she is the one who came up with that theory when the world was calling Brody a patriot of the Century!! But Saul worries that she is being so close to Brody again. Next, Peter and his team are in the store and he asks them to look for anything out of the ordinary. Carrie meets Brody and tells her to tell Roya that he overheard Carrie talking to someone about a Hezbollah operative who just entered the country. Is that, who he is? It is just a guess. Brody thinks that talking to Roya is a bad idea. But he says he will anyways. Next, Saul arrives to meet Mike. Saul asks him about his inves- tigation regarding Walker’s death. Mike agrees and tells him that he is meeting Peterson. Saul takes Mike into a room where Estes is waiting for him. Mike is a little surprised to see Estes. Mike is asked to stop his free lance investigation into a matter of National Security. Mike says he understands. Next, Brody walks up to Roya and takes her aside. She is surprised that he isn’t following protocol. He tells her about the conversation he overheard at Carrie’s place. She then tells him about the tailor’s shop and the FBI surveillance that has been happening since two weeks. She says that the team has now entered the shop and asks him if he knows anything about it. He says a no and asks if they found anything. She says "they might". Carries seems to have a strange feeling. At school, Dana tells Finn that the woman died. Finn doesn’t want to talk about it. He feels that it is more important that they don’t talk about it now. He freaks when he learns that she went to the hospital. He says that all this will come down on him as he was driving. He tells her that if any of this gets out, he will be dead. In the store, Peter gets a call from Carrie and she tells him about Brody’s meeting with Roya. She tells him that she knows that they are at Gettysburg. She asks if he found anything but he says a no. She feels that there was something wrong about the way that Roya said "they might" find something. She warns him to keep his eyes open. Peter calls for reinforcements. Meanwhile, Mike is going through Brody’s things and tells Chris that he is looking for something he lent his father years ago. He finds a 9mm and finds exactly one bullet missing. In the store, Peter is staring at an empty wall. Just then a team of men wearing gear enter and shoot down everyone one present in the store. They then break down the wall and pull out a box. The guy who Hammad met is the one leading the team. He puts one of their guys who is dead on his shoulder and walks out with his men and the box. Peter is badly wounded; but he has survived. Mike talks to Jessica and tells her that he cares about her and tells her that he feels that Brody killed Walker. Jessica tells him that Brody is working with the CIA, but Mike thinks it is a cover-up. Jessica asks him to leave. Next, Carrie barges into Brody’s office. She starts yelling at him saying that she has got seven casualties in Gettysburg and asks him that if he knew about the attack. She asks him if he has been lying to her. She feels that when he talked to Roya, he must have told her something. He denies. He tells her that he didn’t lie to her and that he doesn’t know what she is saying. She breaks down and he comforts her.

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The Clearing

Season 2 Episode Number: 19 Season Episode: 7

Originally aired: Sunday November 11, 2012 Writer: Meredith Stiehm Director: Show Stars: Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), David Harewood (David Estes), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison) Guest Stars: Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Jamey Sheridan (Vice President William Walden), David Marciano (Virgil), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jenny Austin (Waitress), Bethany Geaber (Diane Johnston), Tony Senzamici (Maurice Johnston), Fawad Siddiqui (Mohammed Al Ghamdi), Victor Slezak (Warden Jack Prithard) Production Code: 2WAH07 Summary: In the aftermath of the ambush, Carrie and the team scramble to gain control of the operation, while Brody attends a well-heeled fund-raiser at a Virginia horse farm. Elsewhere, Saul drops in on Aileen, who is in solitary confinement, hoping she can shed some light on the latest attack; and a conflicted Dana leans on Finn to fess up to their crime.

The episode begins with Hammad wait- ing for Brody during his morning jog. She tells him that they lost a man and so he is going to have to play a larger role now. This time he wants details as there are six feds who are dead. Well, that is how it’s going to be. She tells him he needs to meet with someone and she will give him the details later. She tells them that they are almost there. Next, Saul visits Aileen, who is in solitary confinement for twenty three hours in a day. He tells her that they need her help. He shows her the pic- ture of the man who led the Gettysburg attack. She knows the man and she tells him that in return of her help, she needs a cell with a window; a view. He tells her that he can get that done. She will help only once she gets what she wants. Carrie meets Peter in the hospital. She feels that judging by the size of the box that was taken from the tailor’s shop; there was enough C4 to blow up the embassy. Peter decides to discharge himself from the hospital. Next, Dana tells Finn that she went to the dead woman’s funeral and she wants to tell this to someone; especially their parents. Finn tells her that it is already bad with his father. But she says that if he doesn’t want to, she will do it herself. Finn agrees to tell. Brody tells Jessica that Avery Philips is the new contender. But he is still the front runner. He then asks her if Mike was home the other night. She tells him that Mike told her that Brody killed Walker. He tells her that the CIA used him to reach to Walker and it got messy and that he did have a part in it. They then join Walden at the fundraiser at Rex’s place. Brody then steps aside and calls Carrie. He is pissed that his wife came to know about Walker. Carrie assures him that they will deal with Mike. He also wants to know how the managed to lose six agents. Estes arrives

51 Homeland Episode Guide and Brody disconnects the call. Carrie understands Brody’s stress as a . Carrie tells Peter that they need to find a way to empower Brody. Next, Saul asks the warden about Aileen’s demand but he isn’t helping to expedite the process. Saul decides to go through the proper channels. He says that he will have orders sent from the Attorney General. Carrie meets Mike. He realizes that she is here about Brody. She tells him that there is a terrorist attack in work and Brody is essential to them. She knows that he is emotional about Brody because of his feelings for Jessica. He tells her that he will lay off his investigation. At the fundraiser, Brody ends up answering some uncomfortable questions about the days he was held prisoner. Walden talks to Estes about Gettysburg. Estes tells him that they are on it. Saul arrives to meet Aileen and tells her that the warden didn’t agree and that they will go over his head. But since time is of the essence, he wants her to help him immediately. Next, Rex apologizes to Brody about the way he was questioned. He tells him that since he served in Vietnam, he understands how Brody might be feeling. Rex tells him that he doesn’t care much about Walden as he feels he is ignorant. Considering all the recent events, he knows something is coming. Rex tells Brody that he is supporting Walden because eight years down the line, he is looking at Brody. Brody thinks Rex is giving him too much credit. Carrie calls Brody and aks him to meet her at the nearby clearing. She tells him that Mike is going to leave him alone. He tells her about the conversation he had with Rex. They kiss. He wonders if she is handling him by keeping him close. He also tells her that she makes him feel good. At the fundraiser, Finn drinks some alcohol; liquid courage. Dana tells him that they need to tell their parents and they end up in an argument. The mothers overhear this argument and Dana tells them what happened. They go inside to talk. They then ask the kids to leave. Cynthia says that these kinds of situations need to be handled in a particular way and asks her to let her handle it. She wants Jessica to follow her lead. But Jessica says that she has to talk to Brody about it. Saul calls Peter and tells him that he is waiting to hear from the Attorney General. Saul brings Aileen some bread, cheese and wine. They toast to her window. Saul gets a call from the Attorney General and he tells Aileen that they faxes over a signed order. The guard brings the form into the room. She tells him that the man in the photo is Muhammad-al Gandhi. And he is been in the States for a year. She also states that he is gun crazy. Next, Cynthia tells Walden about the accident. She also tells him that it was Dana who pushed him into telling. She tells him that Estes and his guys will deal with it. She tells him that Jessica is the one they need to worry about. Jessica tells Brody. At the fundraiser, Rex tells the crowd that he Walden/Brody ticket is the ticket to a bright future. They drink to that. Brody talks to Walden about the accident. Walden tells him that all this will be taken care of if they stick with the program. It means that all this will lie low. He tells Brody that they needn’t be benched due to some teenage screw ups. Next, Peter is in a private plane and plans an assault on al Gandhi’s residence. The agents go in. Peter finds out that the man is nothing but a musician. He knew Aileen from the pool club. This means that she duped them. Saul wonders why she would do such a thing. She knew that they would find out. He suddenly realizes something and he rushes into the cell. He sees that she has used one of the glasses from the specs he had given her to see the photograph and has cut herself with it. He asks her why she did this. She says that she is never going back to that cage. She says that she wanted to spend a day by the window. She dies. Next, Brody tells Dana that they are going to the police. They leave. Estes sees this and he calls Carrie. He tells her that he feels Brody is going to blow this thing. He asks her to get in her car and call him. Saul tells Peter that he got emotional and that led him to believe her. He knows it was sloppy. Brody arrives at the police station and finds Carrie waiting for him. Dana wonders why Carrie is present there. He asks Dana to stay in the car and he goes to talk to Carrie. She tells him that he cannot do this. He is surprised that she knows about it. She tells him that if he does this, it will alienate Walden. And all this will be off. Dana walks up to them and she assumes that Brody doesn’t want to report this because of the campaign. She walks off. Brody yells at Carrie and leaves after his daughter.

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I’ll Fly Away

Season 2 Episode Number: 20 Season Episode: 8

Originally aired: Sunday November 18, 2012 Writer: Howard Gordon, Chip Johannessen, Chip Johannessen Director: Michael Cuesta Show Stars: Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), David Harewood (David Estes), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison) Guest Stars: Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Jamey Sheridan (Vice President William Walden), David Marciano (Virgil), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Say- lor (Dana Brody), Jannette Sepwa (Alicia) Production Code: 2WAH08 Summary: Brody’s juggling of alliances appear to be leading him to a major melt- down, so Carrie, against Quinn’s orders, stages a dicey intervention. Meanwhile, a conflicted Dana seeks comfort from an unlikely source.

The episode begins with Dana getting off a bus. She walks down the street and keeps looking behind to see if she is be- ing followed. She then arrives at Mike’s house and Mike is surprised to see her. He invites her in. At home, Jessica and Brody are fighting over Dana’s disappear- ance. Jessica is pissed that Brody didn’t file the complaint and so Dana was up- set and so she went away. Outside, Carrie and Virgil are listening to the fight from inside the van and Carrie sis worried that Brody might miss his meeting with Ham- mad thanks to this fight. Jessica wants him to tell the CIA that his daughter mat- ters more and if he cannot then she will call them. Just then Mike calls her and tells her that Dana is at his place. Jessica leaves to get Dana from Mike’s. Carries sees Jessica and Chris leave the house and she goes inside and tells him that he needs to go for the meet as Hammad was going to introduce him to a new contact. He says that he can’t do it and she tells him that he needs to do it for his family. He tells her everything is falling apart. She tells him that this could possibly be the last time. Jessica arrives at Mike’s house and tells him what happened. Mike tells her that Dana is asleep upstairs and that he would call when she wakes up. Brody arrives to meet Hammad and he is in a mess. He tells Hammad that he cannot do this and that he is under a lot of pressure. He then tells her that he is done with this and is not going to do it anymore. Peter wonders what Brody is up to and calls Carrie. Hammad follows Brody and tells him that she does understand what he is going through. And that he quitting now will not be good for him. She tells him to sit; but he just blows her off and leaves. Peter is pissed and Carrie tells Virgil to kill the tracking. Peter calls her and she tells him that they are having some tech issues. Peter tells her that they too are facing some problems. She tells him that she is following Brody on foot. Peter tells Carrie to bring Brody in as he is a

53 Homeland Episode Guide threat to all of them and that if "they" pick him up first, who knows what Brody would tell them Carrie spots Brody but she doesn’t tell Peter. She then walks up to him and tells him that she wants him to be safe and so let her drive. Estes meets Saul and tells him that Brody jumped surveillance and that Carrie helped him do so as she isn’t answering her phone and that both of them are missing. Saul tries to point out that Carrie might be trying to fix the problem but Estes isn’t too sure as she has some twisted feelings for Brody. Estes wants him to find her and bring her back with Brody. Carrie takes Brody to a motel and then goes to get them some food. Next, at Mike’s, Dana is awake an d he tells her that she should call her mother as he had promised Jessica that he would let her know when Dana wakes up. Dana wants to stay the night and Mike says that she should ask Jessica. Dana calls her mother and asks her if she can stay back. Jessica tells her that she misses her. Dana then tells Jessica that Brody backed off as Carrie came and told him something. Jessica didn’t know about this. Dana says she is sorry for hurting her by telling her about Carrie. At the motel, Brody asks her how long before they are caught and Carrie tells him that it depends on how hard they look. He then tells her that he has burnt all bridges with the CIA, with Nazir and his family. He feels that he was better off in Iraq than he is now. She tells that they still need him and that he can make things right. But Brody says that they must now have some other person with some other plan in place. He says that the CIA can do whatever they want. He then asks her if she would visit him in the prison and she tells him that she probably will be in the cell next to him. She tells him that if they manage to stop Nazir then all of Brody’s past doings will not matter. Including what he did to her. He thinks that she is crazy. In fact she is crazier than anyone could imagine. She tells him that their deal is a way out for both of them. She then kisses him. We then see that a camera is filming them. Saul is listening into this and the noises get louder and busier for Saul to even hear it. Peter has sent a takedown team and Saul stops him. Peter points out that Carrie is not fixing it; this is about her getting laid. Saul tells Peter that Carrie did not run away; she went to a safe harbor house where she knew Saul could find her. She is asking for more time. Peter pulls off the takedown team. Next morning Brody calls Roya and tells her that he is having some trouble with his daughters and he would like to take back some words that he said to her. He says that he wants to be a part of it again and that this would happen. Roya thanks him for the call. Brody asks Carrie if Roya would believe him and she says that Roya will as this is the truth. Also, she wants him to confide in him before he blows up the next time. Dana talks to Mike and asks him was it difficult vanishing from their lives after Brody returned and he says that it was difficult. She then tells him she wants to go meet someone and asks him for a ride. Carries arrives at the Ops and Saul is worried about her. He tells her that most of them were listening into them at the motel. She tells him that he need not be worried about her as he is not her father. Peter arrives and shows Carrie the video where Brody is meeting Roya. Roya appears suspicious about Brody and asks him where he was last night. He tells her he was with Carrie as he was instructed to renew his relationship with her. Roya then takes his phone and pulls out the battery and the Ops lose audio. Carrie feels that Roya knows. She wants a follow vehicle with Max and Virgil. Dana goes to meet the dead woman’s daughter and she immediately realizes that Dana killed her mother. She wants Dana to keep quiet about it, otherwise she wouldn’t get anything. She asks her to leave and never show her face again. Roya takes Brody to the middle of nowhere and they stop the car. They get down in the dark. No one has any visual on Roya and Brody and Carrie wants to pass by to ensure that Brody is safe. Peter grants one clean pass. A third guy joins Brody and Roya. He is the guy who led the team in Gettysburg. Brody sees a car approaching and he asks Roya if they are expecting someone else. She tells him to get inside the car. Max clicks pictures of the man and sends it to Peter. Carrie tells Peter that she wants to go in and Peter orders to stay away. Carrie gets out of the car. Peter orders her to stay put but she doesn’t listen. She then sees them grab Brody and take him somewhere. She sees that the man has Brody at gunpoint and hustle him into a helicopter. Carrie shouts that they took him and now they are gone. Dana arrives home and tells her mother what happened and wonders if it is a payoff. Jessica doesn’t know about that but she is not surprised because of the campaign. Dana says that she can’t forget it and Jessica assures her that it will be okay. Brody is dragged into a warehouse and a car arrives. A clean cut man steps out and walks towards Brody; it is Abu Nazir.

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Two Hats

Season 2 Episode Number: 21 Season Episode: 9

Originally aired: Sunday November 25, 2012 Writer: Alexander Cary Director: Show Stars: Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), David Harewood (David Estes), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison) Guest Stars: Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Jamey Sheridan (Vice President William Walden), David Marciano (Virgil), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Say- lor (Dana Brody), Laura Avnaim (Diner Patron), Gordon Dillard Jr. (FBI Agent), Nneoma Nkuku (Waitress Gina), Paul Rolfes (FBI Liason), Ja- son Wesley (FBI TAC Agent), Christopher Cozort (Driver) Production Code: 2WAH09 Summary: Things for Brody are threatening to spiral out of control, forcing him to make a phone call he has been avoiding; Carrie preps for a pivotal meeting; Saul teams with Virgil and Max for an assignment.

The episode begins with Estes, Saul, Car- rie and Peter in the Ops. Carrie thinks that Brody is dead; if not physically then operationally. They need to move on. Estes thinks that their next best move would be to roll up Hammad. All agree. Meanwhile, Nazir drops Brody off in some remote location in Baltimore. He tells Brody that he needs his help on this one and that the mission cannot be accom- plished without him. They hug and Nazir leaves. Brody runs to a café and calls Carrie and tells her too take his family to some safe place. Carrie is relieved to hear from him. Estes thinks that Nazir and Brody can be playing them but Saul says that, 12 hours after he was taken, Brody is still alive and wants his family moved to a safe location; this means Brody is still on their side. They drop the Hammad plan. Mike goes to Brody’s house and tells Jessica that they need to move to some safe place as there is a threat. Dana doesn’t like it. Carrie watches Brody’s family leave with Mike. Brody asks Carrie to meet him where they first met. Max and Virgil break into Peter’s apartment as Saul and Carrie had asked them to keep a watch on him. They find a lot of anti-intrusion devices and a sniper cleaning kit. They have never seen an analyst live like this. They tell Saul that the cleaning kit indicates that it is a sniper rifle. They then tell Saul about a photo they found in the only book Peter has; a lady carrying a small baby. Her name is Julia Diaz and she is Philly PD. Brody’s family arrive at the safe house and Jessica is still being kept in dark about the nature of the threat. Brody meets Carrie and he tells her that Nazir is here in America and he is planning an attack. Brody then meets Saul, Estes and Peter. He tells them that Nazir threatened to torture him but never did. Brody says that he wasn’t too bothered by it after all that he has been through. Nazir then arrives with tea and asks

55 Homeland Episode Guide him about the recent happenings. Brody told him that he was worried about his family’s well being after he was gone. Nazir assured him that nothing will happen to his family if Brody stayed true to himself. Brody then tells them the specifics of the attack. day Walden and he are sched- uled to meet with the soldiers returning from Afghanis tan and their families to would be present there. Nazir plans to attack the homecoming. This is a locked down, classified event and Brody’s role is to convince Walden to allow one secret reporter to cover this event; Roya Hammad. Brody knows that no one believes but Carrie tells him that she does and he says that it is all that mat- ters to him. She tells him that Walden will be in his office soon and Estes will brief them about the recent developments. All that Brody needs to do is act surprised. Carrie then tells him that his family is with Mike. At the safe house, Dana tells Mike that she wishes that Brody should not have returned home from that war. Mike explains to her that they all come back from the war with some wounds. Next, Estes meets Walden and Brody and tells them about the situation. He tells Walden that with his help they can track down the terrorist cell and shut it down. He tells Walden that Roya Hammad is working with Nazir. He wants Walden to allow Hammad to cover the event so that they can roll them up and stop the attack. On learning that Nazir is in the US, Walden agrees for the plan. Estes tells Brody to make the call. Roya is pleased that Brody managed to convince Walden. She tells him to find a way to be with her at the vent. Saul realizes that it is a bomb and Roya just told Brody to be with her so that he can be away from the blast radius. Jessica thanks Mike for being there for them. Next, Saul goes to Philly PD to meet Julia Diaz. He introduces himself as Richard Keller from IRS. He tells Julia that he is there to talk about her son’s father. She tells him that they have never been married. She does not believe that Saul is from IRS and so she doesn’t divulge much. Saul leaves and tells Virgil and tells him that Peter will get a call from his mother. Peter does. Peter then tells Carrie that he has some errands to run and leaves. Virgil gets into the van and Max is following Peter. Max tells Virgil that Peter has taken a bus. He then gets off the bus. He has ditched his jacket and put on a hat. He then gets on another bus. Max then sees him talking to someone on the bus. Max clicks snaps and leaves. At the safe house, Jessica goes into Mike’s room and takes off her clothes and gets into the bed with him. Virgil shows Saul the picture of the man Peter was talking to; Dar Adul, who runs CIA missions "they don’t talk about". They realize that Peter is not an analyst and wonder what he is doing in the team. In the morning, Jessica wakes up and goes into her bedroom before the children wake up and realize what happened. Peter arrives at work and the tactical team is going through prints and layouts and preparing to deal with the attack. They are following Roya’s movements. Carrie is in the van with max and Virgil and they are following Roya. Brody’s family is allowed to talk to Brody over the phone. Chris calls Brody. Brody wants to talk to Dana but she refuses to talk to him. Jessica takes the phone and tells Brody that Dana is sleeping. Jessica wants to know what is happening and Brody tells her that things will be fine soon and that they will get back to where they were. Carrie is keeping a watch on Roya and reports to the ops that she is meeting with her camera crew. Peter signals to Estes and Estes nods his head. He gets up and leaves. Estes tells Saul that Peter is a liaison with the FBI. An analyst is a liaison? Estes tells Saul that Peter is wearing two hats today. Saul then asks Estes as to who is running the operation; is it Dar Adul and he also wants to know about Peter. Estes tells Saul that Peter is here to kill terrorists. Carrie alerts the team as Nazir’s ammunitions guy steps out of the vehicle and there are three others she doesn’t recognize. One person is in the van and she cannot see him. Carrie then tells the team that they are switching the camera batteries with something really heavy. The tactical teams move in and take down the camera crew. They also take down a vehicle that tries to flee the scene. Everyone is happy but Saul looks confused. Carrie moves in to confirm the man inside the vehicle is Nazir. Meanwhile, Peter arrives at Brody’s house in a limo. Estes orders him to standby as he is waiting for confirmation that it is Nazir. Carrie tells them that the man isn’t Abu Nazir. Peter removes a gun and points towards Brody’s seat, ready to shoot. Estes tells him to stand down as they still need him as the man in the vehicle was not Nazir. Brody is surprised to see him and asks him what he is doing there. Peter tells him that he is watching his back. Peter tells Brody that his information was good but they didn’t still catch Nazir. Nazir is still out there.

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Broken Hearts

Season 2 Episode Number: 22 Season Episode: 10

Originally aired: Sunday December 02, 2012 Writer: Henry Bromell Director: Guy Ferland Show Stars: Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), David Harewood (David Estes), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison) Guest Stars: F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Jamey Sheridan (Vice President William Walden), David Marciano (Virgil), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), Jack- son Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), David Bishins (Robert Valence), Gordon Dillard Jr. (FBI Agent), Chad Kurtz (Navy Seal), Hrach Titizian (Danny Galvez) Production Code: 2WAH10 Summary: Brody and Walden develop a chink in their political relationship, and it may impact their future, while Dana and Finn come to an understand- ing concerning their differences. Meanwhile, Carrie discovers she’s not as looped in as she thought.

The episode begins with Saul meet Dar Adal at a diner. After a brief conversa- tion, Saul asks him about Peter Quinn. Dar tells him that Peter is one of his. Saul knows that Estes has brought in a black ops guy in the picture. Dar tells him that maybe Estes did not trust Saul any- more and he put Peter in to keep a watch on Saul. Dar says that Saul is too emo- tional for this line and he is amazed that Saul managed to stay this long. Well, so is Saul. Mike and Jessica are not guilty for having sex. Brody arrives and thanks Mike for his help. Brody meets his chil- dren and then while they are alone Jes- sica wants to know what is the next step. Brody tells them that they are not going home yet. Jessica tells them that all of them ae going crazy. Brody finds Mike to be a great help. They then look at each other and Jessica asks, "What are we doing?" She tells him that Dana told her that Carrie was the one who stopped him from going to the police. Carrie calls. She tells Brody that the Attorney wants Brody to resign from the office and that they need to figure out what they need to say when he is asked for the reason. He says that he would tell them that he wants to give more time to his family. They then disconnect the call. Carrie is driving and we see that a white colored van runs into her car. During the celebratory meeting, Estes reminds his guys that Nazir is not yet found. Later, Saul talks to Estes and wants to know what Peter is doing in his operation. Estes tells Saul that this is Peter’s operation. Estes loses his cool on Saul and Peter arrives telling them that Carrie has been in an accident but she is nowhere to be found. Estes tells Saul to go and look into this matter. He then tells Peter that Saul knows. Finn wants to meet Dana and she agrees. Just then Brody gets a video call from Nazir. He has Carrie! He tells Brody that he wants the

57 Homeland Episode Guide serial number of Walden’s pacemaker and that if he doesn’t do it, he will kill Carrie at this very moment. Brody agrees. Brody decides to go to Walden’s house and the lady in charge of Brody’s security arranges for a car. Carrie tries to get to a blade so that she could free herself; but Nazir arrives and zip-ties her legs as well. Saul is at the accident site and there are reports that a man saw a woman being dragged into a car. Saul gets Carrie’ phone from the car and he sees that the last number she called was Brody. Saul calls Brody. He tells him about what happened and wants to know what they spoke about when they spoke. He tells him that they discussed about his resignation. Brody does not tell Saul about the call from Nazir. Finn arrives to meet Dana and tells her that every day he thinks about the accident and it is driving him crazy. Dana wants to know if he knew that his father paid off the woman’s daughter. He tells her that is how the world works. But Dana realizes that he did not know about it. Finn tells her that he wants to start over and Dana tells him that their relationship is broken. In the ops, Virgil shows Saul footage of Nazir at a gas station before the kidnapping. A man arrives and tells them that he wants to help. At the warehouse, Carrie tells Nazir that Brody will not be able to get the number; but Nazir tells her that Brody can be resourceful when required. He then realizes that Carrie loves him as well. Nazir thinks that they have at least that one thing in common. Carrie tells him that he won’t leave this country alive; he knows and he doesn’t care. They then argue about their interests and what their beliefs stand for. Carrie thinks that they pervert the sayings of the prophet and turn teenagers into suicide bombers. Nazir tells her that they are ready to go through all the pain and sufferings to exterminate them and that they would also wait for centuries. Brody reaches Walden’s house and learns that he is still in the meeting. He goes to his office and snoops around and finds the serial number. He then calls Nazir and tells him that he got the number; but he wants him to let Carrie go first. He knows that the minute he texts him the umber, Nazir will kill her. But Nazir feels that if he lets Carrie go, Brody will not text him the number. Brody swears on the soul of Issah that he will text him the number. Nazir is doubtful and Brody tells him that Nazir knows how much he loved Issah and how much he hates Walden. Brody tells him that Walden deserves to die. Nazir then sets Carrie free. Carrie gets up and runs. Brody wants to see Carrie getting away. Brody is relieved to see that Carrie has run out of the building towards the road. Nazir now asks him to send him the number; else he will go after Carrie. Brody sends him the number. Nazir then forwards that number to an accomplice who the feeds it on the computer. Brody then puts back the box and Walden arrives. But he does not suspect Brody. Brody tells him that this office and all this cannot e his as he is withdrawing his name from the candidacy. He wants to give more time to his family. Walden tells Brody to screw his family. They are talking about the second highest office on this land and someday maybe the highest. The guy types in a program into the computer and we see that Walden has a cardiac arrest. Brody asks him if e s alright. He then tells Walden that he is resigning because he wants to feel clean again and also because he disagrees with everything Walden says or does. The attack becomes severe and he wants to call the doctor. But Brody refuses and he also pushes the phone aside. He then tells Walden that he is killing him! The computer shows a flat line; Walden is dead. Next, Carrie stops a truck on the road. She takes the phone from the driver and calls Saul. She tells him the location she was held up by Nazir. The CIA is sent to that place. Estes and Peter exchange looks and, Peter checks his jacket and immediately leaves the ops. Estes picks up the phone. When Saul is about to leave the building, two men stop him. They tell him that they need to take him for questioning. Saul tells them to talk to Estes and they tell him that Estes is aware about this. Meanwhile, Carrie goes back to the building where she was held by Nazir. She picks up a long pipe and goes looking for Nazir. She hears a noise coming from a room. She opens the door and enters.

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In Memoriam

Season 2 Episode Number: 23 Season Episode: 11

Originally aired: Sunday December 09, 2012 Writer: Chip Johannessen Director: Jeremy Podeswa Show Stars: Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), David Harewood (David Estes) Guest Stars: Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Jamey Sheridan (Vice President William Walden), David Marciano (Virgil), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Say- lor (Dana Brody), Hakim Callender (CIA Guard), Ryan Daddi (Virginia State Trooper), Gordon Dillard Jr. (FBI Agent), Dean Lyons (Angry Driver), Scott Miles (Police Officer), Mark Robert Thompson (CIA Driver / Navy Staff), Hrach Titizian (Danny Galvez) Production Code: 2WAH11 Summary: Carrie’s hunt for Nazir continues, but she suspects something’s amiss inside the Agency, while interrogation reveals Roya’s true colors. Meanwhile, unexpected circumstances put Saul’s career in jeopardy.

The episode begins with Carrie walking around the warehouse, looking for Nazir. She is looking totally dazed and tired. She sees a man walk by and she follows the path. But then that leads her out of the building, where the CIA unit is preparing to enter the warehouse. She is confused and wonders how she lost him as she just saw him. Peter then asks her how she escaped and she told him that she was lucky. She doesn’t tell him about the call Brody made to Nazir. She asks for Saul and Peter lies to her and tells her that Saul got caught up with Walden’s mur- der situation. At the safe house, Jessica and Brody are unable to get some sleep. Jessica wants to have a talk with Brody; about the truth. Just then Brody’s phone rings and he goes to the balcony to answer it. It is Carrie. She tells him about Peter asking about her escape. She wonders what Nazir will tell the CIA when he is caught. Brody is relieved that Carrie is safe. Jessica is watching Brody talk on the phone and she is upset and she goes back into the room. Larry arrives in the interrogation room with the polygraph equipment and it is Saul who is going to take the test. Saul knows that all the tests are a farce but Larry tells him that for Estes it is very important. But he then learns that some unknown guy is going to ask him the questions. Peter tells Carrie that the tact team is completed the initial sweep and there is no trace of Nazir. Carrie finds that hard to believe. Carrie finds this impossible and she feels that he has help from an insider. Peter is skeptical but he still decides to take another look. During the interro- gation, Saul feels that Estes is trying to frame him for Aileen’s death. At the warehouse, Carrie is getting hysterical. She is sure someone is helping Nazir and she is about to question the tact team members. Peter stops her. She wants to know who is directing the search along with Peter;

59 Homeland Episode Guide he tells her it is Galvez. She thinks Galvez is the muzzle. Just then they are told that Galvez is driving away from the search site. They follow Galvez. They catch up with him Nazir is not with him. He tells them that his stitches popped up and so he was going at the hospital. At the safe house, Dana loses it completely and she wants to know what they are doing in that place, away from their normal life. She doesn’t want Brody to be around and she says that they all were better off with Mike and that Mike would be a better father than Brody. Jessica intervenes and she tells them that they can figure things out once they go back to their own house. At the ops, Carrie admits to Estes that all this was her fault. She goes to wash her face and Estes tells Peter that he wants him to question Roya Hammad. Peter thinks that Carrie knows a lot more about Hammad but Estes is not too sure about Carrie after what she just did. Later, Carrie walks into the room where Hammad is kept. She shows Hammad the wounds Nazir inflicted on her. She tries to reach out to her by saying that she understands what Hammad has lost over the years. But she also tells her that Nazir cannot help her with anything; all he wants is perpetual war. Roya gets agitated and she tells Carrie that she doesn’t understand anything. Peter arrives and takes Carrie away. He asks her to go home and tells her that he will deal with Hammad and promises that nothing will be done without Carrie. The guy who questioned Saul arrives with a report on the polygraph analysis and tells Estes that there is everything that he wanted to know. But he also tells Estes about a rant that Saul was going on and on about; something to do with Brody’s assassination. The polygraph machine showed that he was telling the truth but the man thinks it is the best to leave that out. Carrie is on her way back home and something strikes her. She calls Peter ad tells her that Hammad’s words are bothering her; she had said that Nazir would never run. She feels that Nazir is still hiding somewhere in the tunnels and that she is going back there. At the site, there are just few men left as the rest of them were called back. She wants them to sweep the tunnel one last time. Estes meets Saul. Saul tells him that he knows that Estes is trying to kill Brody. Estes tells him that Brody is a terrorist and not a Congressman. He tells Saul that he can either co-operate with him or else he has enough material to charge him with Aileen’s suicide and he would spend rest of his life attending the hearings on his case. Carrie is in the tunnels, with one unit of the tact team. She and one of the guys follow a different path and she notices something weird about the wall she sees in front of her. She feels that there is something behind the grill and turns out that she is right. The tact team member shifts a small unit like thing and enters the passage and he sees that there are paper wrappers and a bag and other personal items lying around. He radios for help but there is no signal. He asks Carrie to go and get help. She runs but then she goes back to check on the guy and she finds him lying on the floor; his throat is slit. It is Nazir and he tries to attack her. She was right after all!! She runs, screaming for help and he follows her. She hides but he manages to get her and punches her hard in her stomach and throws her against the wall. The team arrives and he runs. He then is found kneeling down and the tact team has their guns pointed at him. He attempts to reach out for something from his pocket and the teams shoots him. Nazir is dead. Estes congratulates Carrie as she was the one who always had the sixth sense about Nazir. He then tells Peter that he still wants Brody taken down and it could look like Brody was killed for what happened to Nazir. At the safe house, Brody and his family are told that it is safe for them to go back home now as Nazir is dead. The children are happy. They all reach home; but Brody is not going with them. His is leaving. Jessica tells him that she failed to do whatever was necessary when Brody returned home after his capture; it was beyond her. Brody tries to tell her the truth, but she doesn’t want to know it now. She tells that all this while she fought to learn the truth, but now she doesn’t want to know anything. She knows that Carrie knows everything about Brody and that she accepts Brody will all his baggage. That is lot of love there!! She goes back into her house. Brody arrives at Carrie’s house and she lets him in. Peter is outside Carrie’s house; he is watching them.

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The Choice

Season 2 Episode Number: 24 Season Episode: 12

Originally aired: Sunday December 16, 2012 Writer: Alex Gansa, Meredith Stiehm Director: Michael Cuesta Show Stars: Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), David Harewood (David Estes) Guest Stars: Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Jamey Sheridan (Vice President William Walden), David Marciano (Virgil), Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Laura Avnaim (Bar Patron), (Jeff Ricker), Gordon Dillard Jr. (FBI Agent), TJ Hassan (Sentry Jones), Michael McCauley (Man), Edelen McWilliams (Sloane Nelson), Andrew Wilen (Bar Patron) Production Code: 2WAH12 Summary: Carrie is faced with a pivotal decision, while Brody meets with Faber to contemplate the future of the family. Meanwhile, Saul undertakes a secret assignment and Quinn has a decision to make that may prove to be a game-changer.

The episode begins with Carrie and Brody arriving at her cabin in the woods; looks like they are on a break. But we see that peter is still keeping an eye on Brody to take him out. He then calls Estes and tells him that Brody is not alone and that he will take him down as soon as he gets him alone. Carrie and Brody go for a walk and she tells him that he father had the same mental illness like hers. She tells him that her mother left her father for the same reason and Carries is upset about the fact that her mother never reached out. Saul is still being detained by the CIA. He wants one of the officers to do him a favor and call Carrie. The officer doesn’t want to jeopardize his job. Later, Brody tells Carrie about a second chance and Carrie says that they could have a clean slate. They then discuss about her illness and he tells her that he is not scared of it. Carrie tells him that he should be. She also tells him that she is scared about the things he’s done. Peter is still watching them and stops when he sees them making out. The next morning, Carrie goes out to buy some croissants and Brody goes to the water to pray. Peter is watching him through a high power rifle and takes aim at him. Later Carrie arrives and finds the cabin empty. She calls out to Brody. She then finds him at the backside; he is alive. Next, Estes arrives home and is shocked to find Peter sitting in his room in the dark. He asks Peter if Brody is killed. Peter thinks that after Walden’s death and Brody’s resignation, there is no more threat to the nation. Peter thinks that they got Nazir because of Brody and Carrie is the best Intelligence Officer he has seen. And killing Brody would be like killing Carrie. So he infers that the only reason to kill

61 Homeland Episode Guide

Brody is for covering Estes’ ass. He doesn’t want to wreck Carrie once again; he tells Estes that nothing should happen to Brody, or else he will return to kill Estes. Next, Brody calls Jessica. He tells her that there is a memorial for Walden and that he needs to stop by at home to collect his suit. Jessica then tells him that Chris hasn’t been eating very much. Brody then goes to the cafeteria and meets Mike. He tells Mike that he and Jessica are separating and that gives his blessings to Mike to go back to his family. Next, Estes arrives to meet Saul and tells him that he is free to go. He tells Saul that he decided against killing Brody. He feels that since Brody kept his word, he too has decided to keep their end of the bargain. And the report on Saul is being redacted as they speak. Brody is at home, collecting his suit and Dana has decided to stay back so that she can talk to her father. She asks him about Carrie. He tells her that he is screwed up. She is upset. Next, Saul and Carrie are on their way to the service. He tells her that she is going to be the youngest station chief. She wonders how Estes agreed to this and he tells her that Estes owes him. Carrie is not too thrilled and Saul wonders why. She tells him that she is scared about her illness and also that she wants a more balanced life. He realizes that she is talking about Brody. Saul is not too happy about the fact that she chose Brody over the agency. He thinks that she is throwing her life away as she cannot be at the agency with Brody in her life. She reminds him that he doesn’t having an exciting personal life. He tells her that she doesn’t know a goddamn thing. He feels that she is the smartest and the dumbest person he has ever known. Saul arrives at the memorial. Saul lands on an aircraft carrier and he observes the burial rituals for Nazir; everything is being done according to the religious rules. At the memorial, Estes is praising Walden. Carrie and Brody sneak out of the memorial and go upstairs. She tells him that she has decided to be with him. They kiss. Just then Brody notices something weird; his car has been moved. He remembers that he had parked it elsewhere. Carrie realizes what’s going on. Just then a bomb explodes and the flames engulf Estes who is on the podium. Nazir’s body s dropped into the ocean. The Agency is a mess after the explosion. Carrie wakes up and finds an unconscious Brody lying next to her. She removes her gun and points it at him. He wakes up and is shocked to see Carrie aiming at him. He tells her that he is not responsible for what has happened. It would be Nazir and that he sacrificed himself for this. Carrie doesn’t believe him. He tries to reassure her that he did not do this. She collapses on to the floor and begins to weep. She tells him that nobody would believe him. She tells him that they have to leave the building. At home, Jessica and the children hear about the explosion on the news. Few officials execute a search at Brody’s place. Carrie brings Brody to a storage facility. She tells him the plan; they are going to leave the country. They enter the facility and Carrie opens a trunk; it is full of cash and fake IDs. Saul arrives at the agency and he is told that approximately 200 people have been killed and only 27 survived. Walden’s wife, son and Estes are dead. He is also told that Carrie and Brody have yet to be identified; but they are presumed dead. According to the forensics, the bomb was in Brody’s car. Saul is now the ranking officer on site and he will have to brief the President. Saul leaves a message for Carrie saying that he is looking for her. Carrie takes Brody to get a fake id made. Jessica tells the officials that Brody moved out and is no longer living with them. Dana tells the guys that Brody did not do it as she knows that they are holding Brody re- sponsible for what has happened. Just then Brody’s video of the suicide bombing is being aired and Dana is in tears. Following this video, there is a confession from the militant group who confesses that this is their doing. Brody is also watching the television and realizes what is hap- pening. Carrie takes away Brody’s phone as she knows that the minute he gets in touch with his family, the Agency will be on to them like bloodhounds. Saul gets a call from his wife. She was worried about him. She then asks him about Carrie and he tells her that she is gone. She tells him that she would like to come to the US and he gladly agrees. Carrie and Brody are about to cross to the Canadian border on foot through the woods; but at the last minute she decides against it. She tells him that she is not going with him; she intends to clear his name. They kiss and she assures him that this is not goodbye. Brody leaves. The next day, Saul begins with his investigation. He is in a hall with hundreds of bodies. He says a prayer and Carrie arrives and calls out to him. Saul looks at Carrie; he smiles.

62 Season Three

Homeland Episode Guide

Tin Man Is Down

Season 3 Episode Number: 25 Season Episode: 1

Originally aired: Sunday September 29, 2013 Writer: Alex Gansa, Barbara Hall Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody) Guest Stars: Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Sarita Choudhury (Mira Berenson), (Sen. Andrew Lockhart), Caity Brewer (Holly), Bonnie Cole (Courtroom Observer), Kevin M. Conte (CIA Jr Analyst), Autumn Dial (Olivia), Tim Guinee (Scott Ryan), Keya Hamilton (Courtroom Observer), Garrett Hines (Sandy), Cal Johnson (Shadow Figure), Carlos Alberto Lopez (Edgar Hernan- dez Cedeno), Daniel Newman (Jared), Joey O’Connor (Bartender), Ozzy Ojito (Photographer), Terry Dale Parks (Gene), Pedro Pascal (David Pantillo), Elle Richardson (Mimi), Rebecca Shrom (Rehab Teen), Sam Underwood (Leo Carras), Brian Patrick Walsh (CIA Jr Analyst), Gary Wilmes (Dr. Troy Richardson) Production Code: 3WAH01 Summary: In the aftermath of the horrific terror attack that destroyed the U.S. intelligence apparatus, a global manhunt begins for the world’s most wanted terrorist — Nicholas Brody. Meanwhile the government’s in- vestigation deepens, with a Senate Select Committee begins asking for answers, while Carrie and Saul attempt to put their shattered careers back together.

A man, Peter Quinn, is working in a dark basement. He appears to be build- ing some sort of bomb, which he checks to see if it is working, and then places it ominously on his fridge. Carrie is being questioned as a repre- sentative of the CIA by the Senate. Fifty- eight days have passed since the attack, and the Senate is investigating the extent of the CIA’s knowledge of Brody’s terror- ist involvement. Carrie’s involvement with the task force is talked about, and her judgment is being examined for failing to stop the attack. Over at CIA headquarters, Dar Adal and Saul walk into work together, dis- cussing the investigation and how Carrie is doing. Adal thinks that Carrie taking the fall for this would be a good thing for the CIA, which Saul refuses to let happen. The ruins of the burned building outside still remain, as a punishment for how much the organization has failed. The board continues to question Carrie, and she is shocked when she finds they have a secret document from the CIA. It is concerning the deal made with Brody for immunity, in exchange for

65 Homeland Episode Guide his help. Carrie claims to not know anything about it, and defends Brody’s innocence. A recess is called. Carrie’s lawyer warns her how dangerous it is for her to attempt to protect Brody, discrediting her in the public eye. Carrie steps out for fresh air, leaving behind her notepad, which her lawyer sees is covered completely in frantic scribbles and ideas. Carrie calls Saul and informs him there is a leak giving out documents, and he promises to get to the bottom of it. Dana is talking with a support group about re-entry into society. She has been institution- alized for unknown reasons, and talks about coping mechanisms. She and another boy in the group appear to have something going on between them. Dana’s mother arrives to pick her up and speaks with her therapist. He tells her that her daughter has made great progress since she attempted to kill herself by cutting her wrists. He suggests continued therapy for both Jessica and Dana, following her release. Jessica is without an income, and under great stress from the public eye, so this seems unlikely. Outside, Dana kisses the boy goodbye, and they talk about remaining in contact, until she has to go with her mom. Upon leaving the center, Dana and her mother are swarmed by the media asking questions about Brody. Saul has called a meeting at the CIA to discuss a planned strike against six members believed to be involved with the bombing. They have a twenty-minute window to attack all members except the leader, Jevadi. He has been nicknamed "The Magician," for making people disappear and no one can find him. Saul decides to hold off on approval of the strike for the time being. Dar Adal attempts to convince Saul to approve the strike, as well as letting Carrie take the blame once again. Carrie arrives at home and finds her father examining a massive map of the world on her wall, covered in possible locations of Brody. He takes note of her erratic behavior and confronts her on not taking her medicine. She claims she is fine without it. It helps her perform better, which is something she could have used the day of the bombing. Jessica and Dana arrive at home, Dana taking note of the FBI presence outside. Inside, her brother and grandma are waiting to welcome her home. Dana heads to her room, noticing the bathroom was re-done in her absence. Inside her room, she puts away a photo depicting her father and then begins to unpack. After finding a note from her boyfriend, she takes a shirtless photo of herself and sends it to his cell phone. Saul is shown at home, discussing with his wife Mira his confusion over what decision to make about the strike. She has been home for two months now, although they sleep in separate bedrooms. He explains that he does not want to make the CIA into assassins: they are not supposed to kill unless absolutely necessary, and remains torn on the subject. Carrie returns to court the following day, where the congressman brings up the subject of her whereabouts during and following the blast. In her official testimony, Carrie stated she was in the bathroom, and was then knocked unconscious for the following 14 hours that she was unaccounted for. However, other testimony has revealed people saw her leaving with Brody. While for now there is no proof of any wrongdoing, the congressman promises to uncover the truth and punish all of those involved. Over at CIA headquarters, Saul stands at a window staring at the rubble of the blast site. Dar Adal approaches him, and Saul gives the order to take out the six targets, as his potentially last order for the CIA. In Caracas, , Peter Quinn is on a motorized bike following his target. He switches on the bomb shown earlier, until he sees a small boy riding in the car as well and changes his mind. In a mission control room, Saul and his team are monitoring the situation of all six targets. Everyone is in place to go except for Quinn, who is given ten minutes to acquire the target. If he can’t, all six missions are to be aborted. Quinn gains entrance into the house he was stationed outside of by using the bomb to cause a distraction. He shoots three guards using a silencer, then kills the target and takes a picture of his body. As he begins to pack up files he found on the desk, someone shines a flashlight on him, and he shoots them as well. It turns out to be a young boy, and Quinn is visibly upset. At headquarters, at the last possible second they receive confirmation of the target’s death. All five other strikes are put into motion successfully. Carrie is shown at a convenience store buying an excessive amount of tequila as a method of self-medication. She makes small talk with a man who is also purchasing liquor, the two clearly flirting.

66 Homeland Episode Guide

At the house, Jessica and her family are having dinner. She talks about how she plans to go back to work to bring in money with her accounting degree. Her mother wants her to go after the government for cutting off benefits. There is palpable tension at the table, until Dana breaks it by cracking jokes. Carrie brought the man from the store home and had sex with him. Later, she wakes up to a phone call with a bad hangover. It’s her father who wants to read the paper to her, an article about Carrie. While she isn’t named in it, it discusses an agent who was having a sexual relationship with Brody. Carrie storms into the lunch Saul and his colleagues are having, and confronts him about the article. After fighting with them she is pulled away, yelling at Saul that Brody was his idea. Dana is at home taking down things in her room, when she receives a shirtless response from her boyfriend in a text. As she carries out a box of things, she overhears her mother and grandmother discussing her attempt at killing herself. Her grandma believes that if Dana had really wanted to kill herself, she would be dead. Accused of wanting attention, Dana walks away, clearly upset. Saul appears before Congress, where he discusses the successful attack completed the day before. The congressman does not want to discuss it in depth, and directs his attention to the article in the paper wanting answers. Under the pressure of the public eye, Saul cracks, placing the blame on Carrie as she watches on TV. He explains the agent in question is unstable, and had concealed her disorder from the CIA, among other things. Carrie watches in disbelief as tears fall down her face.

67 Homeland Episode Guide

68 Homeland Episode Guide

Uh... Oh... Ah...

Season 3 Episode Number: 26 Season Episode: 2

Originally aired: Sunday October 6, 2013 Writer: Chip Johannessen Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody) Guest Stars: Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Sarita Choudhury (Mira Berenson), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Tracy Letts (Sen. Andrew Lockhart), (Fara Sherazi), Stephen Caudill (Orderly), Christo- pher Cozort (Orderly), Aaron Farb (Lawyer), Amy Hargreaves (Mag- gie Mathison), Fernando Martinez (Security Guard), Daniel Newman (Jared), Ozzy Ojito (Banker), Terry Dale Parks (Gene), Kathy Wal- ton Pulley (Mental Patient), Rebecca Shrom (Rehab Teen), Mark Guy Thompson (CIA Security Officer), Sam Underwood (Leo Carras), Brian Patrick Walsh (CIA Jr Analyst), Gary Wilmes (Dr. Troy Richardson), Bruce W Greene (Orderly) Production Code: 3WAH02 Summary: Carrie learns who is really on her side. The Brody family turns to therapy.

Open with Carrie showing up at Saul’s place. He’s not home and Mira references the restaurant incident. She responds with a remark about being screwed over in front of a Congressional committee. A woman wearing the traditional Mus- lim head scarf arrives at Langley. She’s given several dirty looks as she walks in and shows ID. Her name is Fara and she’s an analyst there to help Saul with finan- cial transactions. Saul and Quinn aren’t particularly warm and Quinn seems up- set that she’s only been with the CIA a week. Adal calls Saul away from his meet- ing to tell him Carrie has contacted a re- porter and will likely spill the beans about Brody. He gives Saul a head’s up that he’s going to take care of this problem. We see a frantic Carrie meet with a reporter. She sounds less-than-sane as she talks about be- ing a target. Three police officers arrive to cut the interview short and say they have a psychiatric detention order. Dana and Jessica meet with a therapist. He asks her about her re-entry into the real world. Dana talks about the difficulty of being related to Brody. The topic of the bathroom being remod- eled comes up. Jessica tells Dana she had not choice but to change the bathroom because she couldn’t get the blood out of the grout. After the session Dana spots Leo, who is still in full-time treatment. They exchange mouthed "I miss yous."

69 Homeland Episode Guide

Carrie meets with a doctor. She tells him he can tell the CIA that she will "stand down." He brings up the fact that she is no longer taking medication. Carrie says she cannot take the meds, again referencing missing the bombing. When Fara tells Saul she hasn’t found anything directly linking with banks funds, he makes a nasty comment about her wearing a Hijab. She gets emotional and suggests they ques- tions employees of several banks and ask about some suspicious wire transfers. At home Dana retreats to her bedroom and covers her face with a pillow. She walks to the bathroom and turns on the water. Quinn visits Carrie in the hospital. He warns her that there were things which happened before the attack she’s not even aware of . He tells her to be careful and she screams at him to leave. Jessica can’t find Dana anywhere in the house. Cut to her standing outside Leo’s window at the hospital. She texts him and he directs her to a side door. It’s locked and he kicks out a fan to let her in. Dana said she needed to see him and they kiss. Clothes start coming off. While Carrie’s father and sister prepare for her hearing Saul shows up at the door. Saul tells them he’s on Carrie’s side and says they need to keep her out of sight so she can "level out." Post-sex Dana talks about them not being "defective." She blames the world around them. Security guards find them and break up the scene. Quinn shows up at Carrie’s hearing as a character witness. Maggie arrives with medication for Carrie and she starts to panic. Frank confronts her about going to the press with classified information and she goes on a Saul rant. As the hearing begins Carrie makes a break for the door and has to be restrained. Saul and Fara meet with the bankers who hid funds for Javadi. Quinn sits in. Saul and Fara explain that money which came through their institution was used to finance the CIA bombing. Fara uses strong language about needing to know the origin of the funds. The bankers leave the meeting indignantly. Jessica picks up Dana. She thinks Leo is unstable and not what Dana needs right now. When Dana gets home she brings Jessica to the bathroom. She says her suicide attempt wasn’t a cry for help, that she really wanted to die. But now she wants to live and a big part of the reason is Leo. Dana blames Brody for ruining their lives. Quinn tells Saul he’s not okay with the agency’s course of action and plans to leave after they’re finished. He doesn’t like how Carrie is being treated. Saul thinks everything will eventually be worth it but Quinn isn’t so sure Quinn confronts one of the bankers at a restaurant. Quinn threatens him that if he doesn’t give them the information they need he might be in trouble. Quinn’s intimidation worked. Fara tells Saul that all signs are pointing towards Iran. She tells Saul that a quarter of the banks’ fees for processing prohibited fees ($45 million) is missing. Saul tells her to make that lost money her top priority and that she should keep this between the two of them. Carrie is strapped to a gurney and sedated. Dana looks through old family pictures in the garage. While there she finds Brody’s prayer mat. She kneels on it and bows her head. Saul is brought to see Carrie, who is so drugged up she can barely speak. He apologizes to her and she turns away.

70 Homeland Episode Guide

Tower of David

Season 3 Episode Number: 27 Season Episode: 3

Originally aired: Sunday October 13, 2013 Writer: Henry Bromell, William Bromell Director: Clark Johnson Show Stars: Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody) Recurring Role: Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn) Guest Stars: Erik Todd Dellums (Dr. Graham), (Paul Franklin), Jennifer Marsala (Amanda Lambert), Manny Perez (El Nino), Marcia DeBonis (Abby. Jennifer), Martina Garcia (Esme), Stephen Schnetzer (Psychiatrist) Production Code: 3WAH03 Summary: As Brody finds himself in increasingly desperate straits, he returns to his faith for guidance in an unexpected way. Carrie struggles to connect with Saul when a mysterious man offers to help her, but at a great cost.

Open in Venezuela. A jeep approaches five heavily armed men. The driver gets out with his hands up and tells them he found a man. It is Brody: Ghostly white and with what appears to be bul- let wounds to his stomach. He is loaded into a truck and taken into a city. He’s taken to the basement of a half-finished high-rise where a Dr. named Graham is waiting to try and patch him up. With the help of a woman and small boy he seems to be able to get Brody stabilized. After the surgery-type procedure Gra- ham tells the leader of the group who brought Brody there, El Nino, that Brody should live. Graham knows that Brody is a fugitive with a $10 million bounty on his head but owes El Nino a favor. Later that night a confused Brody wakes up in pain. The woman, Esme, lays him back down and injects what appears to be heroin into his arm. Later, while Brody is half-conscious he sees somebody rifle through his belongings and take his watch. The following morning Brody has Esme, El Nino’s daughter, walk him out of bed. He’s still in the high-rise and looks out over a city through the open wall. El Nino tells him he’s in Caracas and Brody tells him he’s missing his passport. When Brody asks why El Nino is helping him he says he’s an acquaintance of Carrie’s. Brody and Esme walk around the building. He surveys his new surroundings and teaches her some English. The building is home to homeless children, prostitutes and drug dealers. After Brody begins bleeding he has a follow-up visit with Graham who appears to have a romantic relationship with the young boy who helped him work on Brody. Graham gives him some background of the unfinished building, which was abandoned when the economy tanked. Brody is adamant he’s leaving once he gets his strength back. El Nino brings Brody his watch and passport and shows him the man they’ve caught with the items. When Brody confirms this was the man who robbed him El Nino shoves the thief off

71 Homeland Episode Guide the side of the building to his death. He tells Brody there was no choice, in case the man told someone who he had seen. Brody returns to his room and grabs some clothes. He heads outside and quickly runs into armed men working for El Nino. El Nino tells him there is no place for him to go. This is the final stop for Brody. Graham comes to Brody with more heroin. Brody turns it down. We see Carrie at the hospital three weeks into her treatment. She’s now on Lithium and asks her doctor to tell Saul she’s doing better. She seems to be saying the right things but clearly doesn’t believe all of them. Brody tells Esme he thinks he can seek refuge in the mosque and asks her to help him. Carrie takes a break from arts and crafts to go to the bathroom. She bangs her head on the mirror hard enough to draw blood and is discovered by a nurse. She convinces the nurse not to tell anyone of her slip-up. Esme is able to help get Brody past the guards inside the building. While stitching Carrie up the nurse tells her a man has come to visit her. Carrie is convinced this was Saul and tells the nurse to help her meet with him if he happens to return, even thought she doesn’t yet have visitor privileges. Brody makes it to the mosque. Esme wants him to take her with him, but he tells her he cannot. Brody speaks with the imam, who takes his hand and brings him inside. Brody is brought inside and meets the imam’s wife. The nurse sneaks Carrie down to see her visitor. While Brody showers two policeman break into the room and knock him to the ground. They were called by the Imam who has figured out who Brody is: "You aren’t a Muslim, you’re a terrorist." At this point El Nino’s men break down the door. They kill the policeman, along with the Imam and his wife. The man there to visit Carrie is actually a lawyer, not there on Saul’s behalf. After El Nino yells at Esme he dumps Brody into a closed room. He tells him he will die there, that no one can save him. The lawyer tells Carrie one of his partners would like to meet with her. He thinks he can get Carrie out of the hospital. He says "I’m on your side" and she’s convinced he’s there on behalf of a foreign country interested in turning her against the CIA. Carrie walks back upstairs and frantically goes for her meds. Graham goes to back to see Brody. Brody says he can’t stay there, that it feels too much like the "hole in Iraq." Graham tells Brody he’s like a cockroach and belongs there. Graham leaves behind more heroin and this time Brody injects himself.

72 Homeland Episode Guide

Game On

Season 3 Episode Number: 28 Season Episode: 4

Originally aired: Sunday October 20, 2013 Writer: James Yoshimura, Alex Gansa Director: David Nutter Show Stars: Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jack- son Pace (Chris Brody), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber) Guest Stars: F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), David Marciano (Virgil), Gary Wilmes (Dr. Richardson), James Rebhorn (Frank Mathison), Jason Butler Harner (Paul Franklin), Jennifer Marsala (Amanda Lambert), Mar- cia DeBonis (Abby), Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi), Sam Under- wood (Leo), Stephen Schnetzer (Dr. Maloney), David Fonteno (Robert Strauss), Diego Klattenhoff (Mike Faber), Martin Donovan (Bennett), Stephanie J. Block (Patricia Cooper) Production Code: 3WAH04 Summary: Carrie learns that even in its crippled state, the CIA can still exercise power when needed. Dana goes AWOL, forcing Jessica to call the po- lice. Saul and Fara follow the money trail to an unexpected location and Carrie has a meeting.

Open with Carrie waking up in the mid- dle of the night to witness another pa- tience being forcefully restrained by or- derlies and doctors. Fara tells Saul she’s found the miss- ing money. It is being skimmed from the Iranians through a soccer stadium in Venezuela. The name associated with the account is a deceased Iranian soc- cer player. Adal pops in to confirm Saul still wants him to "handle that." Saul waits until he leaves before continuing the conversation with Fara. Saul knows that Javadi’s favorite soccer player was the name being used and he thinks this is his way to safely embezzle funds from the banks. Carrie prepares for her latest hearing with her attorney. Based on the reports from her doctors and the fact her family is so involved with her recovery, her lawyer thinks she should be allowed to leave the facility. All seems to go well at Carrie’s hearing, though for some reason her father and sister don’t show as promised. When she leaves for the deliberation the judge hints that she should be okay. Leo sneaks out of the hospital with security hot on his trail. He and jumps into a waiting car driving by Dana. While Carrie waits for the deliberation she spots Adal leaving the meeting room. When she goes in the judge tells her the justice department has stepped in and designated her a security risk. After they’re given the room Carrie tells her lawyer what happened with Adal and the CIA. She doesn’t think she’s getting out anytime soon. Carrie borrows her phone and calls her father. Somebody had told him the hearing had been moved to the following day. She asks her father to contact Saul and tells him that she’ll do whatever possible to get out.

73 Homeland Episode Guide

Dana gets a phone call from her mom and Leo tosses it out the window. He points out they can be caught with the GPS. Jessica and Mike are frantic trying to find Dana. They meet with the police and Leo’s parents. Leo’s parents hint that because of her father Dana must be the real problem here. Dana and Leo meet with some shady mechanics and trade her car for another one. One of them recognizes Dana but can’t place her face. Carrie is woken up with word that she’s been released. She comes home and finds the lawyer Franklin who approached her a few days earlier waiting in her living room. He says she can stay out of the psychiatric ward if she meets with his boss, one of the partners at the firm. He doesn’t know what the meeting will be about, but she agrees. Saul tells Adal to get Carrie off the streets. Carrie learns that the justice department has frozen her bank account and cancelled her credit cards. She calls Virgil, who tells Carrie that she’s radioactive right now. She gets him to agree to let her borrow his van, but towards the end of the conversation he tips her off that he’s being watched by the CIA. Dana and Leo sit in a cemetery. He talks about his brother, who committed suicide. Leo blames himself for not taking care of his younger brother, but Dana tells him it’s not his fault. Mike and Jessica talk about Leo’s parents. She lets her guard down and talks about how upset she is with Brody. Dana brings Leo to base where he left for his deployment to Iraq. She relives the experience and tells him it was the last time her father told him the truth. Since he returned from Iraq she believes everything has been a lie. With no other options Carrie drops in the one-night-stand guy she met at the liquor store. In the morning she steals money from his wallet and heads out onto the street. A black SUV pulls up. It’s Franklin, bringing her to the meeting. Fara and Saul look at a picture of Javadi and appear to have connected him to Venezuela. They have him dead to rights, but Saul doesn’t want to show their hand. If they tip off the Iranians to what they know he’ll be dead. Saul wants to somehow bring him in and question him. Carrie meets with a lawyer named Bennett. It becomes clear that he’s there on behalf of Javadi, who wants to use her as a source of information. Specifically he’s curious how the CIA was able to kill so many of his associates. Carrie says she’s not a traitor and turns down his offer. But Bennett starts reminds her how she’s being treated by her own government and says that it’s just a matter of time before the CIA shuts her up permanently. She agrees to help, but only if she meets with his client alone and in person. Mike gets Jessica information about Leo’s case. It turns out that he was committed as a way to avoid a homicide charge related to his brother’s death. It’s unclear whether or not the brothers had a suicide pact, but Leo appears to be the one who pulled the trigger. Dana tells Leo how much she’s enjoying their time alone. She says she never wants to go back. "And we don’t have to," Leo responds. Carrie shows up at Saul’s house. As soon as they’re alone we learn that what is happening was an elaborate plan between the two of them to arrange a meeting with her and Javadi. But Carrie is struggling with the weight of the mission and tells Saul he should have gotten her out of the facility. He tells Carrie she’s been brave and says "it’s almost over."

74 Homeland Episode Guide

Yoga Play

Season 3 Episode Number: 29 Season Episode: 5

Originally aired: Sunday October 27, 2013 Writer: Patrick Harbinson Director: Clark Johnson Show Stars: Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jack- son Pace (Chris Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody) Guest Stars: Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Sarita Choudhury (Mira Berenson), Tracy Letts (Andrew Lockhart), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Daniel New- man (Jared), William Abadie (Alan Bernard), Tammy Arnold (Sen. Jo- celyn Cates), Brandon Gregory (Clerk), Jessejames Locorriere (Border Guard), Ahmed Lucan (Navid), Kristen McFann (News Anchor), Mehul Shah (Aram), Jon Stafford (Gen. Lonnie Mckay), Amy Tipton (Lisa), (Majid Javadi), Sam Underwood (Leo Carras), Moneer Yaqubi (Iranian Agent) Production Code: 3WAH05 Summary: Carrie puts her mission on the line. Saul rubs elbows with his adver- sary.

Open with a man of Middle Eastern de- scent crossing into the US at the Vermont border. He claims to be there for busi- ness. Saul brings Quinn into the loop on the mission with Carrie. He needs his help protecting her. He tells him they think Javadi is on his way into the country. We also learn that Saul is being considered for CIA director and is expected to be told so officially at a hunting retreat. Carrie dumps her meds into the toilet. Javadi meets a man who is waiting for him with a new car and credit card. Dana suggests to Leo they find some- place where nobody knows them. She wants to escape "who we are," but Leo doesn’t sound convinced it’s possible. While staring down at her Leo lets the car drift across the center lane briefly. Jessica drops by Carrie’s place and tells her about Dana and Leo’s homicide charge. Carrie says it’s a terrible time for her but Jessica makes an emotional plea that works. Carrie uses a burner phone and places a call to FBI Agent Hall, who is on the Brody family detail. He wants nothing to do with her. Her next call is to Max. She tells him she wants set up the "yoga play" and will call him back on her regular phone. She hangs up and calls Max again, making sure he knows they’re still on for yoga that morning. Carrie runs into Quinn in the parking lot. He heard all of her phone calls and thinks she’s taking a huge mistake not handing Dana off on him. He thinks one of the two surveillance teams on her will figure out and she’ll be killed. We see Saul arrive the lodge for the hunting trip. He speaks with Higgins, the president’s chief of staff as well as Senator Lockhart.

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Carrie goes to a yoga class. She walks in and in the back is a woman with the same haircut wearing an identical outfit. This woman will pose as Carrie so she can slip her surveillance. Carrie walks out the back where Max and Virgil are waiting for her with a car. Lockhart requests a private hunting spot with Saul so the two can talk. It is clear Carrie is waiting for Hall at his regular coffee spot. He’s running a tad late and Vigil warns Carrie that she may not get back in time for the end of the yoga class. We see Javadi watching a suburban home. A woman and a young boy play in the front yard. Hall finally arrives and Carrie talks to him by his car. She warns that if he doesn’t intervene and find Dana the girl could be in danger. And if that happens Carrie promises to expose him as the agent who screwed up. The yoga class ends and Carrie still hasn’t arrived. Quinn is forced to help delay one of man following her to allow her time to return. It appears to work. Lockhart and Saul discuss the future of spy work. He tells him that the president has a lot of ideas about ways to change the CIA and much involves more technology and less reliance on in-person agent work. Saul doesn’t like it and says he’s not going to compromise his feelings to help earn Lockhart’s vote for him to be director. Lockhart then drops a bomb: It is he who will be nominated for director and if Saul doesn’t go along with his ideas he’ll be out of a job. Javadi arrives at luxury home and asks to be shows the interview room. Dana and Leo stop for gas. While inside Dana hears a news report about the two of them being missing. The report describes Leo and his brother’s death in a way that doesn’t gel with what Leo’s told Dana. Dana confronts Leo about it and he is vague, attempting to change subjects. Dana proceeds to jump out of the car and run off. Leo follows, leaving the car in the middle of the street. He admits that playing the game with the gun with his brother was his idea. Dana is furious that Leo lied to her and runs to a police cruiser as it pulls up. Saul calls Carrie. He’s furious about the risk she took with Dana and says Quinn believes her tails have disappeared. Saul thinks this means she’s been made. That night Higgins makes the formal announcement about Lockhart getting the nomination. Saul offers an impromptu toast of his own where he quickly makes it clear he doesn’t care for the appointment. He says Lockhart needs to reach out to the men and women he’s spent a career criticizing and walks out before dinner. Dana returns home. She gives her family an awkward "I’m okay," then goes to her room and cries. While watching her place Quinn calls Carrie. They talk about whether or not she’s been made and hang up. Saul returns home a day earlier than expected and finds his wife having dinner with a former colleague. He ignores her and goes upstairs. Three men break into Carrie’s apartment while she sleeps. They make her strip and check her thoroughly for tracking devices. Quinn senses something might be going on and calls Saul, who advises him to keep his distance. Eventually a concerned Quinn moves in and sees that Carrie is gone. He tells Saul, who is pleased this means the mission is still a go. Carrie is taken to Javidi’s interview home in a blindfold. It is removed and she finds herself staring at Javadi inside a small room containing interrogation equipment. He tells Carrie: "You’re in good shape. Must be all that yoga."

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Still Positive

Season 3 Episode Number: 30 Season Episode: 6

Originally aired: Sunday November 3, 2013 Writer: Alexander Cary Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jack- son Pace (Chris Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody) Guest Stars: Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Sarita Choudhury (Mira Berenson), Tracy Letts (Andrew Lockhart), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Daniel New- man (Jared), Mary Apick (Fariba), Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi), Kristi Booher (Truck Stop Pedestrian), Kimberley Drummond (Angela), Mehmet Korhan (Arab Guard), Ahmed Lucan (Navid), Mehul Shah (Aram), Shaun Toub (Majid Javadi), Bruce W Greene (Truck Stop Pa- tron) Production Code: 3WAH06 Summary: Carrie turns the tables on the mastermind of the Langley bombing, but recruiting one of Iran’s most powerful operatives has dangerous consequences. Meanwhile Saul struggles to keep an intrusive Senator Lockhart at bay, and Dana makes a radical decision that will change the Brody family forever.

Quinn shows Saul the UAV video from a drone that followed Carrie. They’ve lost where she is but they hope that Carrie can take care of herself while they con- tinue to look. Carrie sits in a chair while her blood pressure and pulse are measured. Majid Javadi enters the room and sits across from her. He apologizes in the precau- tions they took in bringing her there. He asks if she is ready for her polygraph test and she is. She knows that he is second in command of Iran’s intelligence direc- torate. Mira tells Saul about the man that he saw her with the night before. He tells her she doesn’t need to explain herself though. When she met him they were separated, even though as Saul points out, that was her choice. He tells her that the president will be nominate Andrew Lockhart as Director of the CIA by instead of him. Saul says he’s fine but Mira asks him to just get angry for once in his life. Majid continues to ask Carrie about working for the CIA. She says that no one knows about their meetings and he asks if she can provide him with information on CIA operations. She says she will talk to him alone and he sends his men out of the room. He tells her that the machine says she is lying. She asks if they are alone and says they are done with the test. Carrie asks about Majid’s embezzlement money and states that he is now an enemy of his own state. The two leave the room and walk out of the house together. Outside, Majid congratulates her on her knowledge and asks when she hatched this plan with Saul. She says that he won’t get off this property and he hasn’t been arrested because Saul wants

77 Homeland Episode Guide to talk with him. Carrie tells him to tell his men that she has been taken on but he insists on following procedure. This requires that she take on a mission to prove her worth. She promises to have the information by the end of the day. He returns inside to inform his men. A man comes outside and asks Carrie to follow him. Once inside she asks where Majid is but she is rushed to the garage and put in a car. She wants to speak with Majid once more before she leaves but they give her no other option. Saul asks for bank files from Venezuela and Fara delivers the files after he sits down at a desk. The two discuss Majid’s history and the murders he committed. Fara asks if this mission is his revenge but Saul says his revenge was when he helped Majid’s wife and son escape to America four months later. He points out Majid’s wife, Fariba, in a picture. Fara says this won’t be easy and Saul says their plan is a very delicate mission. Turning people against their own country often makes them stubborn and Saul knows that Majid was already stubborn. Majid’s men drive Carrie to the middle of nowhere and tell her to get out. They drive away and she begins to run. When Jessica arrives home, Dana asks her for some help. She wants to change her name from Dana Brody to Jessica’s maiden name. She needs a ride to the office to get it changed. Carrie gets home and calls Saul. She tells him what happened with Majid and where they were located. Saul tells her that Quinn will provide the file for her and provide backup at the meeting later. After hanging up, Carrie goes to the bathroom to administer a pregnancy test. It shows that she is pregnant. She puts the test in a drawer full of other positive pregnancy tests. Andrew Lockhart meets with Dar Adal, who apologizes that the director could not be there for the meeting. The director did not tell Adal where he was but Andrew is glad Adal is there. Andrew says the agency is a mess and being driven into the ground by the director. Adal agrees with Andrew that change is needed in the agency. Andrew wants to reclaim the fear and respect that the CIA once had and states that Adal would be perfect for this. He doesn’t want any surprises on his first day as director. Quinn arrives at Carrie’s place and says that they aren’t sure Majid is still at the house. He gives her the files that she needs to show Majid to convince Iran that they recruited the right girl. Quinn also provides Carrie with a new burner phone before leaving. Jessica brings Dana in to change her name. She keeps her first name and pays for the change herself. The man that processes her forms wishes them good luck and offers to pray for them. Quinn drops Carrie off near the meeting spot. Saul sees movement through their drone and sees a man get in a car and head toward the meeting place. He tells Carrie that this is it. Saul leaves for a moment to take a call from Adal, who says that Andrew is anxious for a smooth transfer of power. Fara quickly calls Saul back inside though. The man in the car isn’t heading to the meeting place. Carrie runs and gets in the car with Quinn. Saul watches as the car slows to a crawl in a residential area. It stops at a house that belongs to a man who rents it out to a woman named Susan Roberts. The lease was originally signed by her ex-husband Nassar Javadi who she has a two year old son with. Saul tells Carrie not to let Majid go in the house and warns her to hurry. Majid stands on the front porch ringing the doorbell when the woman who lives there answers the door. He asks if she knows who he is and she does. Majid hears a baby crying and asks if it’s his grandson. She asks him to wait a minute outside and he agrees. As she shuts the door, he kicks it open and shoots her in the head. Majid is standing next to the baby when Fariba enters the room. She sees the body of Susan but Majid stops her from running to her. Majid hits her to the ground and stabs her multiple times. Quinn and Carrie enter but it’s too late for the two women. Majid says that he’s now ready to see Saul. Fariba was Majid’s ex-wife who Saul helped move to America. Saul tells Quinn to get Majid and the murder weapon out of there quickly. He tells them to park Quinn’s car down the road and drive away in Majid’s. Saul instructs Carrie to leave the baby in the house. Jessica opens the front door for one of Dana’s friends, Angela. Dana was planning on moving into Angela’s because she can’t be a Brody anymore. Jessica says she can’t leave but Dana feels that she can’t live this life anymore. She says Nicholas nearly killed her and she needs to leave. Jessica hugs her and tells Dana how much she loves her. Chris hugs her too and Jessica asks her to wait a minute. Jessica goes into the other room and Dana leaves the house. Jessica chases her down and offers her a card with $300 on it. They say their goodbyes and Dana leaves to live with Angela’s family.

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Saul walks into the yard and watches as Quinn and Carrie return. They unload Majid out of the car while Saul watches from the bushes. Quinn leads him into the interrogation room and handcuffs his hands together. Carrie sits down on the porch outside, when Quinn asks how she is. Saul walks by and asks them to join him inside. The three of them enter the room with Majid. Saul asks that the cuffs be taken off of Majid. He orders Majid to stand and punches him in the nose.

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Season 3 Episode Number: 31 Season Episode: 7

Originally aired: Sunday November 10, 2013 Writer: Chip Johannessen Director: Carl Franklin Show Stars: Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jack- son Pace (Chris Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody) Guest Stars: Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi), Shaun Toub (Majid Javadi), William Abadie (Alan Bernard), Clark Johnson (Detective Calvin Johnson), Vin- cent Irizarry (Captain Lonza), Sarita Choudhury (Mira Berenson), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adul), Tracy Letts (Senator Andrew Lockhart), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Emily Donahoe (Susan Roberts), Brett Gentile (Forensic Tech), Keith Flippen (Partner), Ahmed Lucan (Navid) Production Code: 3WAH07 Summary: With an old adversary in custody, Saul makes the gamble of his ca- reer. Carrie and Quinn scramble to contain a local police investigation, while Mira finds her marriage at a crossroads.

Crime scene investigators go over the murder scene of Fariba and Susan. They are still looking for the murder weapon when one of the cops returns with a se- curity camera image from a neighbor. The picture shows Peter Quinn at the front door. Fara questions Majid about his em- bezzled money. His crimes are punish- able by death but he asks what the point of this is. Fara leaves the room after he gets to her. Carrie comforts her and says that manipulating people is what he does. Majid asks Saul if he is proud for the capture and assumes that he wants ev- erything he knows. He believes that there is a deal to be made since he’s not in prison yet. If he is to talk he wants security and his money. Saul says he has it wrong because he doesn’t just want intelligence. He has plans for Majid to go back to Iran and work for him. Majid doesn’t think it will work but Saul insists that he will go back. It’s up to Majid if he goes back as Saul’s asset or a traitor to the revolution. Saul warns that Majid will face torture and death if he doesn’t talk. He agrees to talk but refuses to go back to Iran. Peter gets out of his shower and opens the front door for Dar Adul. Adul asks why Peter has been MIA but he just says to talk to Saul. There was a double murder today and Adul shows the photo of Peter at the scene. He hopes they nail him for the crime. Peter heads over to Saul’s and shows him the photo from the crime scene. Saul tells Peter to stay low and asks Carrie to talk to a police officer that owes her a favor. She is to get Peter’s photo taken down from the police blotter. They are through if anyone suspects Majid is in the country. Peter asks about the progress with Majid and Saul says it is going slow. Saul returns to Majid and asks if he has come to terms with his situation. Majid asks how the double murder will be covered up and states that Fariba deserved it for being unfaithful to him.

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Carrie heads to the crime scene and meets with her friend Captain Lonza. She thought it was going to be a private meeting but detectives Johnson and Gortz have a few questions. They ask who the man in the surveillance photo is but she says it’s all classified. She feels sick and needs to use the bathroom. Saul converses with Majid and shows him some small bombings that have happened. Majid says that he should include the CIA bombings as well. Saul says they have been waiting for a chance to do something and now Majid has given him the opportunity. If Majid goes back to Tehran and backs him, Saul will do the same for him. Lonza informs Carrie that there isn’t much he can do. The detectives want to talk to the man in the photo about what happened. Carrie returns to Saul’s place and runs into Fara. She’s upset that Majid is being sent back to Iran. Carrie tells Peter that the police want to question him and he agrees to do it as long as he doesn’t say anything about Majid. They hope it will buy enough time to get Majid out of the country. It’s Carrie’s job to get Majid back with his men because Saul has a meeting with Senator Lockhart. Saul informs Majid that Carrie will accompany him all the way to the plane back to Iran. He also asks who is responsible for the bomb at the CIA. Majid says he doesn’t know but eventually admits that it wasn’t Brody. He only knows that it was one of Abu Nazir’s men. Before Saul heads out he makes a phone call to Mira. She is with another man while Saul tells her that he does mind her being with her friend from Mumbai. He won’t be home until late and she says she will see him then. Peter arrives at the house where the double murder took place. He notices that the blood is still on the ground as he takes a seat at the dining room table. As Majid prepares to go, Carrie hands him a sheet of what he will say. She also hands him the evidence that they supposedly got from Carrie. It’s a computer program that they used to track him. He’s ready to go back to Iran now. Saul arrives at his office and is confronted by Adul when he arrives. Adul says he thought they trusted each other and that causes Saul to stop walking. Saul says he will only tell Adul but he says that Lockhart is getting suspicious. Majid asks whose idea it was to rat him out as bait. She doesn’t say anything so he assumes it was Saul’s idea. He says that he must have done something terrible to convince her to get Majid. He admits that Brody didn’t set the bomb up but he doesn’t know who did. Detective Johnson questions Peter about the victim’s and their relationships to each other. Peter doesn’t answer anything and Johnson states that he just wants to learn what happened. He asks if Peter killed the daughter and mother for national security and Peter says yes. Johnson asks if Peter’s people have done anything other than make things worse. Saul meets with Lockhart and Adul in his office. He admits that he has recruited Majid to work for him and blackmailed him to get him to work with them. Lockhart doesn’t think it was smart to think that they could get an enemy to work for them. He says Saul has left the agency a mess but Saul says for the first time they have an agent in the Iranian government. Lockhart wants to know how it happened though. Majid says they are almost there and is surprised that Carrie hasn’t asked who moved the bomb. She doesn’t ask about it and he takes it as a sign that she doesn’t want the truth. She says that she does want the truth but doesn’t believe that she will get it from him. Lockhart asks about Majid’s dead wife and step-daughter. Saul admits that it was Majid and Lockhart is taken back that he was in the country. Saul reveals that Carrie lured him into the country. Lockhart knew nothing about the plan and Adul says this is the first he has heard of it. He wants Carrie right now and tells Saul to ground the plane. Saul refuses to though and says capturing Majid is short sighted and ineffective. He says this is a once in a lifetime transformation that could change the middle east. Lockhart wants to call the president and Saul locks him in a room. Adul won’t help him and Lockhart says they are both dead. Saul pushes a button that turns the lights out. Lockhart turns around and is surprised by what he sees. At the plane, Majid tells Carrie that she had her chance. As he walks away she calls out to him, she wants to know the truth. Majid says that the man who built the bomb and moved the SUV is still in the country. He also states that the man who brought them together, Majid’s lawyer Bennett, knows where the bomber is. Majid promises that after this, Bennett is no longer his lawyer.

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Saul tracks Majid’s plane and finds that it’s out of American airspace. He apologizes to Adul for leaving him out of the loop. Adul forgives him because he was acting director of the CIA. Peter gets up from the dining room table and leaves the house. Carrie is outside waiting for him and asks how it went. The police are standing down after he confessed to it. Peter says he feels that he’s through with the CIA. He doesn’t think anything justifies the damage they do. Carrie says he can’t quit yet because she needs help proving who the real bomber was. Peter agrees to help her with whatever she needs. Saul returns home and finds Mira in the bedroom. She asks how his day was and he says it was actually really good. He hugs her and asks forgiveness for forgetting how beautiful she is.

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A Red Wheelbarrow

Season 3 Episode Number: 32 Season Episode: 8

Originally aired: Sunday November 17, 2013 Writer: Alex Gansa, James Yoshimura Director: Seith Mann Show Stars: Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jack- son Pace (Chris Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody) Guest Stars: Chance Kelly (Interrogator), Jason Butler Harner (Paul Franklin), Manny Perez (El Nino), Martin Donovan (Bennett), Nazanin Bo- niadi (Fara Sherazi), Tim Guinee (Scott Ryan), William Abadie (Alan Bernard), William Sadler (Mike Higgins), Cindy Cheung (Bb-Gyn), Lisa Tharps (Roxanne), Parviz Sayyad (Fara Sherazi’s Father) Production Code: 3WAH08 Summary: After new information comes to light, Carrie and Quinn pursue a key suspect in the Langley bombing. Saul deals with political backlash while Fara discovers the toll an intelligence job can take.

Saul prepares breakfast for Mira in bed. She asks if there’s any chance he could skip work today but he has a meeting with Mike Higgins at the White House. Quinn tries to make connections be- tween various men and Bennett. Carrie believes what Majid said but she needs evidence before talking to Saul about the bomber. She wonders where Fara is be- cause she was supposed to meet them over an hour ago. Meanwhile, Fara sits in her car in the parking lot before driving away. Saul meets with Mike at the White House. Lockhart is also in the room and Mike says that he has made some serious allegations. Saul admits that he had Ma- jid in custody and turned him to their side. Lockhart doesn’t believe that Majid will help them but Saul says it is best that they have him spying on Iran and the Hezbollah. Saul asks Lockhart to leave the room because his clearance level isn’t enough to hear the rest of Saul’s plans. Mike asks about phase 2 and Saul hands him a folder. Saul’s plan calls for an eventual regime change once Majid moves up to a senior military position. In a restaurant, Mira informs Alan that she is giving her marriage with Saul a second chance. He’s upset that she’s going back to Saul and he tells Mira he loves her. Mira asks him not to say this and leaves when he doesn’t stop. Dar Adul tells Saul that his plan is genius. Saul is leaving soon and Carrie can’t know. The two men meet with Carrie and Quinn. Carrie gets angry when she thinks that Saul isn’t interested in catching the real bomber. Quinn outlines their plan to flush Bennett out and asks Adul if he’s comfortable making an approach, which he is. Fara return home and claims that she’s not feeling good. She allows the nurse to go home and offers to care for her father for the day. Her father worries that she will lose her job at the bank but she says it’s safe.

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Dar Adul arrives at a bar to meet with Bennett. He tells him that his firm has come up more than once. He is attending a top secret meeting where Bennett is the agenda. Adul offers that Bennett come clean but he won’t fall for that. He says they can come after him because he has nothing to hide. Carrie sends a cryptic text before entering a church. Inside, she stands next to Paul Franklin. He reminds her that she is an agent for Majid but she says she just consulted. Franklin wants her to confirm the report and help Bennett protect himself and his business. Carrie returns home and calls Saul. She says it’s on and Bennett’s company is panicking. Carrie asks for some personal time and Saul agrees. He knows how much she has been through and promises to get the real bomber. Saul gets off the phone and returns to dinner with Mira. He needs to leave for a few days and is sad to say that she can’t come with him. At the hospital, Carrie gets an ultrasound done. She doesn’t want to know her baby’s gender though. Carrie talks to her doctor about her test results. The doctor suggests that she try to have less stress at work. She needs to change her behavior if she wants the baby to be healthy. Fara opens the front door for Mitchell Clawson from the IG’s office. Mitchell asks her questions about why she hasn’t been to work and why she visited the scene of the double murder. She says she wanted to see where it happened because of how much it upset her. Fara tells Mitchell to tell the director that she’s fine but Mitchell suggests that she tell him herself when she goes into work tomorrow. Her father asks why she is helping the government because it could result in family members being hurt. She says she is American and leaves. Carrie is debriefed about her mission details in trying to use Franklin to catch the bomber. She enters the same church and sits with Franklin. Carrie says that his firm is connected to the man that set up the bomb. She asks if the man is still in the country and Franklin admits that he is. He says that Bennett will be safe but Carries doesn’t trust his assurance. After she leaves, Franklin calls Bennett and says that they have a line on their friend. Outside, Carrie listens in on their conversation. Bennett feels that they are safe because the man’s name isn’t known. He tells Franklin to get the man out of the country and orders him to give the man a new identity. The team tracks a text that Franklin sends out. The text gives the location of a hotel. Mira enters the front door of her house, just as Alan finishes hacking her computer. He sneaks out of the house when she enters the bathroom. He returns to his car and listens in on the house. Carrie watches as Franklin arrives at the hotel. The team is surrounding the area and they are told not to move until Franklin leaves. Franklin makes a call to a man in one of the hotel rooms. The man tells Franklin the room number. Franklin takes a silencer out of his car and prepares to enter the room. Carrie doesn’t want to let the bomber be killed but Dar Adul orders the team to stand down. She gets out of her van and says that Saul promised her the bomber alive. Dar Adul warns her that they will stop her if she continues toward the hotel. Quinn warns her to break away but she says she can’t. Quinn takes the shot and Carrie yells as she goes down. Franklin hears a noise but continues on to the room. When the man opens the door he shoots him with the silenced gun. Once Franklin is inside, the team rushes to pick Carrie up. Carrie wakes up and says that something is going on. She asks Quinn where Saul is. Inside the hotel room, Franklin pours acid into a bathtub that contains the bomber. Saul arrives outside of a large building and meets with El Nino. He is lead into the building and they take the stairs to an apartment. El Nino shows him to a chained door. Inside, Saul finds a very rough looking Nicholas Brody.

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One Last Time

Season 3 Episode Number: 33 Season Episode: 9

Originally aired: Sunday November 24, 2013 Writer: Barbara Hall Director: Jeffrey Reiner Show Stars: Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mor- gan Saylor (Dana Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody) Recurring Role: Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal) Guest Stars: Chris Chalk (Corporal Thomas Patrick Walker), David Marciano (Vir- gil), Donnie Keshawarz (Hafez ’A-Z’ Azizi), Jared Ward (Yousef Turani), Jaylen Moore (Eric Baraz), Maury Sterling (Max), Tim Guinee (Scott Ryan), William Abadie (Alan Bernard), Walid Amini (Josh Modarres), Jackson Pace (Chris Brody), Sarita Choudhury (Mira Berenson), Tracy Letts (Andrew Lockhart), Walid Amini (Josh modarres), Martin Dono- van (Bennett) Production Code: 3WAH09 Summary: Carrie reunites with Brody, but the circumstances are more difficult than either of them could have imagined. Meanwhile Saul gets a win from an unlikely source, and Dana grapples with her new life away from home.

Carrie wakes up in the naval hospital. A doctor explains her injury and says she will be there as long as she needs to be. The doctor informs her that her baby will be fine. Men stand over Brody as he lies in a bed. He tries to resist them but they hold him down. Saul watches this over a live feed with Dar Adul. Adul asks if he will be ready in time and Saul hopes so. Yousef Turani comes in and says that Brody is going through withdrawals. Saul needs him to go cold because he needs Brody to be functional. Back in the room Turani struggles with Brody who begs for his drugs. Lockhart enters Carrie’s hospital room and asks how she feels. He says she will be up walking soon but she won’t be allowed to leave the room. He states that the CIA charter doesn’t cover missions on American soil. Lockhart looked into her history and asks what Saul was doing in Venezuela. She didn’t even know he was there though. Adul gets off the phone with Carrie and tells Saul that Carrie knows about Venezuela now. The plan is the same, Carrie is to be kept in the hospital away from Brody. He doesn’t know how Lockhart found out and tells Adul to have their offices and homes swept for bugs. A man helps Turani to clean off Brody after he soils himself. Turani tells Saul that they still have another ten days before Brody is clean, but they need it done in six. Adul suggests a Nigerian plant that is outlawed in the US. It will make the withdrawals go by faster but there are some bad side effects such as violent hallucinations. Adul’s men find a bug on Saul’s computer mouse. They take it off and track it to a location in Washington.

87 Homeland Episode Guide

Brody sings to himself and gets angry at a hallucination of Thomas Patrick Walker. He slaps himself in the head and asks the camera what he was given. As Saul watches, he destroys a chair in his room and uses one of the broken legs to stab himself repeatedly. Saul rushes in to stop him but Brody has a flashback to when he was imprisoned by terrorists. Turani bandages Brody up and says he will be asleep for awhile. Virgil and the other man that Adul sent to sweep for bugs sit in a van spying on the house the bug was tracked to. Virgil thinks that the house was leased to and they spot Alan Bernard leave the house. When Brody wakes up, Saul is sitting next to his bed. He wasn’t sure that Brody would make it through alive. Brody asks what’s next but Saul says that will be up to him. Brody dug himself a hole that he can’t escape from but Saul might know a way. He offers Brody a chance to be a marine again, the man he was before he was broken. Brody says he’s done but Saul insists on him doing this . He wants to die but Saul says he’ll see about that. On a boat, Turani and his men take Brody to the middle of a lake. He tells them to throw Brody overboard. Turani wants to go after him but Hafez Azizi says he will surface. He doesn’t surface though and they jump in to retrieve him. Azizi informs Saul and Adul that Brody has no desire to live. Adul orders that they force feed him because they don’t have six months for him to get better. Saul visits Carrie at the hospital. She says she was about to clear Brody but he states that he doesn’t believe that Brody escaped the country while she was unconscious for 14 hours. He tells her about Venezuela and she asks how Brody is. Saul tells her that he’s not well but he was found like that. Brody is in Virginia with a special ops team. Saul has a play that involves Brody and he hopes Carrie will convince him that it’s in everyone’s interest. His plan is to take down the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Majid’s boss and the greatest roadblock to peace. Saul believes Brody can get to him and then Majid will be the head of Iran. He hopes that with Majid in power, Iran will be able to have real talks with the US. He asks if that is worth Carrie’s time. Carrie visits Brody in his room. She says she came as soon as she heard he was here. He rolls back over without saying anything. Carrie returns to Saul and asks when he needs Brody ready by. He needs to be ready soon, before Lockhart’s confirmation hearings start. She asks what happened to him in Venezuela. He explains and then she asks for a car. Virgil shows Saul photos of the man that left the house where the bugs led to. Saul explains how the man has been with his wife and doesn’t suspect that Mira knew of his intelligence background. Virgil followed him after he left the house and photographed him meeting with Lockhart. Turani and his men accompany Carrie and Brody to a motel. Brody recognizes Dina and struggles to get out of the car. The men hold him back and he yells at Carrie. Saul barges in to Lockhart’s office and shows him the photos that were taken. Lockhart says that Alan is writing a piece on him. Saul explains that Alan has already confessed to planting a listening device in Saul’s home at the request of Lockhart. He says the accusation is preposterous but Saul warns what could happen if he reports this. Saul asks him to postpone his confirmation for another month and won’t release the photos. Lockhart asks why he would do this and Saul says it would destroy his wife and the agency. Lockhart agrees to the deal. Back in his room, Brody asks Carrie what’s going on with his daughter. He wants to see her again and tell her that he’s innocent. Carrie asks if Brody wants redemption for the suicide vest and the death of two people in Venezuela. She asks him to do what Saul asks for the sake of Dana. He can prove his innocence by being willing to do what is asked. Carrie promises that they will get him ready. Brody joins the men outside for a run but quickly collapses. A man tries to help but Azizi insists that he stand up himself. Carrie watches from her car. 16 days later Brody is back in shape and doing great with his training. At a debriefing meeting, the plan is outlined to the team and Brody. Brody questions how he will get out after the assassination. After the meeting he asks Carrie if he can see Dana. He wants to see her before the mission because he knows it’s a long shot that he will make it back safely. He refuses to leave for the mission before being able to see Dana. Carrie takes Brody to where Dana is. Before he goes she warns him that Dana tried to kill herself two weeks after the bomb went off. Brody knocks on the door and tells her who it is. She cautiously opens the door and backs up when he moves in for a hug. Dana asks how he found

88 Homeland Episode Guide her and allows him inside. He apologizes but Dana doesn’t want to get close to him. Brody says he’s innocent and explains that he has to leave soon. She asks if he ever wondered if she wanted to see him. She doesn’t want to see him ever again. On the way back to the base, Brody tells Carrie that he will come back from Tehran and not just for Dana. Saul sits in wait for their return. He isn’t happy about what Carrie has done but she says they need to find a way to trust each other again. The team heads out and Carrie cries when she sees Brody. She tells him that she’ll see him on the other side.

89 Homeland Episode Guide

90 Homeland Episode Guide

Good Night

Season 3 Episode Number: 34 Season Episode: 10

Originally aired: Sunday December 1, 2013 Writer: Charlotte Stoudt, Alexander Cary Director: Keith Gordon Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jack- son Pace (Chris Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Sarita Choudhury (Mira Berenson), Tracy Letts (Andrew Lockhart) Recurring Role: Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi), Shaun Toub (Majid Javadi), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal) Guest Stars: Mazin Akar (Iraqi Cop 3), Monte Bezell (Iraqi Cop 2), Abraham Makany (Iraqi Cop 1), Donnie Keshawarz (Hafez ’A-Z’ Azizi), Michele Lawler (Lorraine), Jaylen Moore (Eric Baraz), Jared Ward (Yousef Turani), Tim Guinee (Scott Ryan), Walid Amini (Josh Modarres), William Sadler (Mike Higgins), Peter Bradbury (General Pfister) Production Code: 3WAH10 Summary: Brody embarks on a high stakes mission, but his fragile condition threatens the entire operation. Quinn makes an uncomfortable dis- covery about Carrie, while a sudden crisis forces Fara to rejoin the team.

We open with Quinn greeting Carrie at the CIA. He apologizes for shooting her but she doesn’t want to talk about it. While she was in the hospital he looked at her records and he now knows she’s preg- nant. He wonders if perhaps she should avoid this part of the mission given her connection to Brody. Carrie says the baby isn’t his. We see Brody and his team are in Iraq, a few miles from the Iran border. Carrie and Quinn enter the secure room where the operation is being con- ducted. Carrie is told the guys are waiting for nightfall. Adal meets with Higgins. Adal assures him that the risk of the mission is worth the potential reward. Carrie asks about the border patrol Brody will be turning himself over to. It’s clear they aren’t 100 percent sure what he’ll be facing. Brody goes over the backstory he’ll use to tell the Iranians regarding how he got there. It involves him getting connected with Al Qaeda. Saul enters the command center. The drone temporarily goes offline and it’s clear Carrie is nervous. Brody prays and the team gets into two vehicles and begins the trip to the border. Via night vision they see that foreigners are in the process of paying off local officials with gas. It means the road to the border is blocked. With the drone offline the guys get out of one of the trucks and pretend to be having car issues while waiting for a new route from Langley. Brody is getting edgy.

91 Homeland Episode Guide

Back in Langley the drone comes back online and the route is scouted. During this time three Iraqi police officers approach. They don’t buy the cover story, thinking the men are Al Qaeda. The officers decide to inspect the vehicle and see Brody in the backseat. At this point the order is given and CIA team quickly kills the three men. One of the officers is killed near Brody, and his face ends up covered in the man’s blood. While the bodies are disposed of Brody panics and runs off. One of the CIA men grabs Brody and is able to talk him down from the ledge. They are ordered to the alternate crossing point. Adal convinces Higgins that the president doesn’t need to be told about the three police officers being killed. He agrees, but gets the JSOC commander on the phone. Lockhart and the general in charge of JSOC arrive at Saul’s CIA operation headquarters. Saul goes out to meet them and Lockhart says they’re there to "advise and observe." Lockhart points out that he’ll inherit whatever comes of this mission. Saul lets the general inside and asks Lockhart about giving him more breathing room. Lockhart tells Saul he’s lucky Higgins calls them rather than the president or the national security advisor. Brody is given final instructions for reaching the drop point from. Word comes in that there is an Iraqi patrol nearby. This shouldn’t be a huge problem, but it means they’ll have to be careful. Only one of the men will take Brody to the drop point. The truck Brody and the other men are riding in hits a land mine of some kind. When Brody cannot be reached Higgins starts to panic. He calls Saul and suggests the possi- bility of hitting the spot with a drone, which could be spun as a U.S. mission to take out Brody. Saul refuses to order a strike on his own men. At this point Brody and the other man crawl from the vehicle. Brody seems okay but the other man has lost a leg. Brody pulls him into a nearby shed and radios the other guys to carefully follow their path to help get them out. A more comfortable Brody seems to be reverting to his Marine days. The other guys arrive but begin taking fire from the patrol. With helicopters eight minutes away the only options seems to be fighting their way out of their in the remaining vehicle and abandon the mission. Saul turns the mission over the JSOC general, who orders them to coordinate a withdrawal in conjunction with air support from a drone. Saul leaves the room dejected. Brody hears the order and realizes what is happening. He doesn’t want to abandon the mission. Brody refuses to go with the other guys and eventually Carrie is put on with him to attempt to talk him down. She tells him that without any extraction plan he won’t come out of their alive. It doesn’t work and Brody sprints for the border by himself, dodging sniper fire along the way. The missile strike is ordered. At the last minute one of the other guys decides to help Brody. The two of them come up with a plan, but when they get up to sprint run right into an enormous military unit. Brody immediately requests asylum in Iran. It appears to work. Back at HQ they get word that the Iranians are saying they have two prisoners. The plan is back in business. Carrie goes to Saul and gives him the word that "you are still in the game." The other man asks Brody what to expect in terms of torture. Brody says he’ll eventually be broken and the man says he hopes he’ll be able to hold out long enough for Brody to execute the mission. Carrie goes to see Fara. She tells her that their plans have changed and mentions Fara having an uncle in Tehran. Fara immediately resists, saying that it will put her family in too much danger. Carrie says all they need is a safe house and Fara appears to consider it. The guys hear a noise and Javadi walks in the room with another guard. Brody tells him he’s formally seeking asylum. Javadi asks to be left alone with the two men and asks Brody if he’s "ready to go with me to Tehran." He then shoots the other CIA operative. The other guard rushes back into the room and Javadi tells Brody: "Now. We go to Tehran."

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Big Man in Tehran

Season 3 Episode Number: 35 Season Episode: 11

Originally aired: Sunday December 8, 2013 Writer: Chip Johannessen, Patrick Harbinson Director: Daniel Minahan Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jack- son Pace (Chris Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Sarita Choudhury (Mira Berenson), Tracy Letts (Andrew Lockhart) Guest Stars: F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), William Abadie (Alan Bernard), Houshang Touzie (Danesh Akbari), Naz Deravian (Nassrin), David Di- aan (Masud Sharazi), Terry Dale Parks (Gene), Shaun Toub (Majid Javadi), Eyas Younis (IRGC Interrogator) Production Code: 3WAH11 Summary: Brody’s loyalty to the mission wavers when he meets a ghost from his past. As Lockhart’s confirmation looms, Saul stares into the precipice between success and failure.

Saul is led by an agent to a man in a cell. The man is Alan Bernard and Saul ac- cuses the prisoner of spying. Alan says he only caught him with his wife and asks what he wants. Saul is there to get him out, he needs Mossad agents on the ground in Tehran. Alan suggests that he just speak to Mossad directly but Saul can’t do that. He persuades Alan that it’s in everyone’s best interests if he helps them out. Brody is interrogated and filmed by one of Majid’s men. He explains how he has come to be in Iran and asks for asylum. Majid joins in on the questioning and asks who sent him here. Brody requests a break but Majid refuses to stop. Carrie checks into a hotel in Iran. She speaks French to the concierge and is given a room.She leaves the hotel soon after arriving. She heads to Masud Sherazi’s house, Fara’s uncle, and asks about the package. He offers to give it to her after she explains what is going on. She admits that they work at the CIA and she hands Masud a photo of Fara. He pulls a phone out of a drawer and hands it to Carrie. Masud asks if there’s anything else she needs. General Akbari asks for a meeting with Majid. He’s busy but he agrees to meet in his office. Akbari asks if Brody is telling the truth. Majid is still verifying the story and suggests that Akbari sit down with Brody himself, to make a judgement. Carrie returns to her hotel room with the phone and calls Saul. He mentions that he has two agents on the ground, ready to meet Carrie. She loses focus when she notices how pregnant she looks in the mirror. She ends the call so that she can prepare for tomorrow. The next day. Carrie meets with the two agents in Masud’s house. She explains the mission and the two men don’t believe that Akbari can be taken down. They are to get Brody to safety after he finishes the assassination. They suggest Brody uses cyanide while they create a diver- sion using C4. Carrie volunteers to get the cyanide to Brody. When she returns to her hotel, the

93 Homeland Episode Guide concierge mentions that two men have been waiting for her. They lead her through an under- ground tunnel to Majid. He tells Carrie that Akbari will be meeting with Brody soon. She hands him the cyanide to give to Brody. He reminds her that the primary goal for the mission is to kill Akbari, not rescue Brody. Back in Washington, Saul outlines the mission to his team. When Brody is near Akbari, one of the Mossad agents will detonate a bomb, allowing Brody to murder Akbari. He will then exit the building and be delivered to a safe house a few hours later. Peter asks where Carrie is and why she won’t be pulled out first. Saul says that’s not the way that Carrie sees it. In the morning, Brody is woken up by a man who instructs him to put some clothes on. He is lead to the building where the mission was supposed to take place. Carrie is surprised when Brody is taken away by the men. She follows in a car with one of the Mossad agents. Akbari heads to a house and Brody’s car follows close behind. Saul informs Carrie that the meeting is on. Carrie stops nearby to assess the situation. The Mossad agents want to wait for another chance but she says this is the only chance they have. The bomb is in place when Brody meets with Akbari in the street. As Brody approaches, he moves the cyanide into his hand. When Brody gets near him though, Akbari gets in a car and his men drive off. Brody is led into a nearby house. Saul wants to know who lives there and Dar Adul informs him that Nassrin lives there. He tells Carrie and she recognizes Nassrin as Abu Nazir’s widow. Saul explains to Adul that Akbari is using Nassrin to check out Brody. He had previously lived with her for two years. Brody speaks to Nassrin about the struggles they have both been through. He explains that he had nowhere but Tehran to go to. He wants to stop running. When he exits the house, a crowd of supporters have gathered outside. They praise Brody and ask why he is there. He greets them and states that he’s seeking asylum in the only place he can find peace. He is led into a car where a guard tells him that he’s a big man in Tehran. He hangs his arm out the window and throws the cyanide away. Six days later, Saul watches a television interview where Brody states that Iran is his home. Lockhart tells him that the mission was always a long shot, especially the Brody portion. Adul doesn’t think that Brody will ever get near Akbari now. Brody didn’t meet with the rendezvous so Lockhart thinks he’s a serious liability now. Lockhart believes that Brody is actually on Iran’s side and worries that he will expose Majid. He suggests that they kill Brody because the president wants it resolved. Saul calls Carrie who believes that Brody is still trying to carry out the plan. He tells Carrie to come back on a plane but she doesn’t want to abandon Brody. She agrees to talk about it more when she’s back in America. Saul doesn’t think she will come back and tells Adul to carry through with the plan. Carrie calls Masud and asks for one more favor. Masud greets Brody at the mosque he attends and slips him a phone. He states that a friend will call him now. Brody manages to get a moment away from his guard and receives a call from Carrie. She’s across the court yard and warns him that Saul is nervous. Carrie’s worried that they are going to cut their losses and kill Brody. He says he has nowhere to go but she pleads with him to come with her. She sees two men and warns him that he’s being hunted right now. He hangs up and tells her to get out of here. Brody manages to escape from the two Mossad agents. Back home, Lockhart wonders who could have warned him. Saul calls Carrie to tell her that she screwed up their plan. Brody runs to Nassrin’s house and tells her that he needs to speak with Akbari. He claims to have knowledge about Majid. She agrees to set up a meeting. Adul informs Saul that Majid told him that Brody has arrived at the Revolutionary headquar- ters. Lockhart believes that Brody is about to bring the whole thing down. Brody is brought into Akbari’s office to speak with him. Once the two are alone, Akbari asks why anyone would try to kill Brody. He states that the CIA has planned for Majid to take Akbari’s job. Brody admits that he was sent to take Akbari out so that Majid could take his job. Akbari thanks him for the information and promises to take care of Majid. Brody grabs a bowl and knocks Akbari out with it. He finds a pillow and holds it over his face. Akbari starts to regain consciousness but Brody finishes him off. He takes a cell phone from the desk and calls Carrie. He tells her of Akbari’s death and asks her to get him out of there.

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The Star

Season 3 Episode Number: 36 Season Episode: 12

Originally aired: Sunday December 15, 2013 Writer: Alex Gansa, Meredith Stiehm Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody), Jack- son Pace (Chris Brody), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Sarita Choudhury (Mira Berenson), Tracy Letts (Andrew Lockhart) Guest Stars: F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Laura Avnaim (CIA Analyst), Kristi Booher (CIA Jr. Analyst), David Diaan (Masud Sharazi), Keya Hamil- ton (CIA Jr Analyst), Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Shaun Toub (Majid Javadi) Production Code: 3WAH12 Summary: Lockhart steps in as the new CIA Director, endangering Saul’s plan to extract safely Carrie and Brody from Iran.

Brody rushes to hide Akbari’s body and clean up the blood. He quickly washes his hands and grabs Akbari’s gun. He leaves the office and makes his way out of the building. A man stops him at the exit and asks for his visitor’s pass back. The secre- tary enters Akbari’s office and finds him dead. Outside the building, Brody gets into a black van. The gate of the com- pound is opened just as men come out of the building screaming. Brody holds his gun to the driver and orders him to drive. Carrie calls Saul and tells him that Brody went through with the mission. She knows because he called her from Akbari’s office. She’s waiting for Brody and Saul thinks that the Iranians are after her. In order to carry through with the extraction plan, Saul needs confirmation of Akbari’s death. Carrie arrives at the spot she agreed to meet Brody. Brody orders his driver to drop him off outside of the city. He tells the man to walk away and Brody takes the man’s phone and car. Brody arrives at the meeting place that Carrie specified but she isn’t there. He leaves and gets back in the car. Carrie gets in the car and drives over to her car. She wants to switch vehicles and make their way out of the city. Majid informs Saul that Akbari’s death is true. He wants to capture Brody so that he has a guarantee to be promoted. He asks Saul for Brody’s location and promises to protect Carrie. Saul says he will call back later. He asks Dar Adul what they should do. Dar thinks that Brody should be captured to ensure Majid’s rise to power. He suggests that Saul slow down since it’s his last full day as director. Saul refuses and orders Dar to initiate the extraction plan. As Carrie makes her way to the safehouse, Brody tells her about his father. He ducks down when Carrie spots a car heading towards them. They arrive at the safehouse and Carrie searches through it. Brody goes to the bathroom and stares at himself in the mirror. Saul’s team watches a news report on the assassination of Akbari. Dar asks Scott where the extraction will take place. He says it will be done in by a team of men. There are

95 Homeland Episode Guide additional men on standby if the the team needs to fight its way out of Iran. Dar agrees to pass his concerns onto Saul, who is still director for another 11 hours. Carrie and Brody do their best to stay warm in the safehouse. She asks him what’s going on with him and he says that he just murdered a man. She explains that he was a terrible man who murdered many children. Saul calls to promise that he will get them out safely. The team should be there before sunrise to evacuate them. He’s leaving for Germany and says he will meet them there. Brody asks what will happen when they get home. She doesn’t know and asks what he wants to happen. Brody never expected to get this far so doesn’t like to think about it. He doesn’t feel that this mission fully redeems him though. She thinks it does though and asks why he agreed to the mission in the first place. He isn’t sure any more. Carrie reveals that she’s carrying his child. She doesn’t know if they will be together when they get back but she doesn’t regret having his child. Carrie watches Brody sleep and wakes him up when she hears a helicopter. They go outside but are surrounded by soldiers. Brody is taken away and Carrie tries to reason with a man who approaches her. She asks to speak with Majid but the man insists that he already knows. The soldiers take Brody away and leave Carrie at the safehouse. She calls Saul but he doesn’t know about what’s happening. Saul hangs up and meets with his team. Lockhart is the one who called Majid, on the president’s authority. He tells Saul that he’s no longer director. Dar argues that it’s better in the long run to have Brody captured. Lockhart claims to also be protecting Saul’s legacy. In her hotel, Carrie gathers her things to leave. Two men stop her in the lobby and force her into a car outside. The men take her to Majid. He says that Brody is in prison and she can’t see him. He has been sentenced to death by hanging. He is scheduled to be hanged in public during the night. Majid reminds her that the mission has been a success and it’s better if Brody dies. Brody has accomplished an amazing feat and now everyone will see him for what he truly was, for what Carrie knew him to be. She asks to see him but Majid says he’s at peace and he should be left alone. He concedes and allows her to have a phone call with Brody. As Brody washes himself in his cell, a guard hands him a phone. Carrie tells him that she will make Saul save him but he tells her not to. He wants this to be over and he feels ready to die. He asks her for one thing, to not be at his execution. She insists on being there though. A guard asks for the phone back and Brody hangs up. Sitting in his office, Saul receives a call from Carrie. He wishes there was something he could do but the president has already weighed in. It’s too late to save Brody so Saul apologizes. Carrie breaks down crying. During the night, Carrie and Masud head to the square where Brody’s execution will take place. The crowd begins to yell when Brody arrives in a police car. He is handcuffed and led to the noose. Carrie watches from the fence. Akbari’s wife places the noose around Brody’s neck. A man gives the signal to the crane operator and Brody is lifted into the air. Carrie cries and begins to climb the fence to yell out to him. She is knocked down from the fence by a police officer. When she stands back up, Brod is dead. Four months later, Saul relaxes in Greece with Mira. She asks about an article on the front page. Iran has decided to allow inspectors access to the country’s nuclear sites in exchange for the lift of economic sanctions. She attributes this to Saul but he says he wasn’t alone. He has tried to get in contact with Carrie but she hasn’t returned his calls. He will soon be returning to Washington to attend a commemorative ceremony. Carrie enters Lockhart’s office and he explains why he couldn’t keep Saul on the team. He asks what she thinks about her heading to Istanbul and she agrees as long as she can pick her team. Before leaving, Carrie tells Lockhart that she thinks Brody deserves a star. Lockhart doesn’t want to though because of Brody’s previous actions. She guarantees that his refusal won’t be an ongoing problem between them. Outside, Carrie informs Peter that she’s station chief in Istanbul. She wanted her baby because of Brody but it took her til the very end to realize that she can’t be a mother. The reasons she will make a great station chief are the same reasons she won’t make a good mother. Peter messed up his chance at being a parent and thinks it would be really sad if she messed her chance up. Saul meets Dar at a restaurant. Dar thinks Saul is better in the private sector but it isn’t for him. Dar believes that Saul misses the CIA and would come back in an instant but Saul denies the claim.

96 Homeland Episode Guide

Frank and Maggie visit Carrie to talk about her baby. They bring her a bunch of gifts but Carrie has to let them down. She explains that she’s moving to Istanbul and can’t keep her baby. Maggie thinks that the baby will help to ground Carrie. She doesn’t feel love for the baby and only feels scared. Frank offers to take the baby if Carrie doesn’t want her. Maggie wants everyone to calm down and wait until the baby is born. Carrie admits she is scared and very sad. At the commemorative ceremony, Lockhart reads out the names of those who died during the year. Saul wanders over to Carrie after the ceremony and asks how she is. He congratulates her on Istanbul and knows she deserves it. She isn’t happy that Saul is no longer working with the CIA. Dar calls Carrie away to meet with Lockhart. Saul says goodbye to Carrie and she wishes him luck in New York. Carrie heads to the wall where stars represent fallen agents. She takes out a marker and draws a star for Brody.

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98 Season Four

Homeland Episode Guide

The Drone Queen

Season 4 Episode Number: 37 Season Episode: 1

Originally aired: Sunday October 5, 2014 Writer: Alex Gansa Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi), Laila Robins (Martha Boyd), Tracy Letts (An- drew Lockhart), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Suraj Sharma (Aayan Ibrahim), Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Sarita Choudhury (Mira Berenson), Alex Lanipekun (Hank Wonham), Patrick St. Esprit (Aaron), Akshay Kumar (Rahim), Shavani Seth (Ki- ran), Corey Stoll (Sandy Bachman), Bradley James (J.G. Edgars), Pope Jerrod (General Josiah Loch), James Alexander (Joint Terminal Attack Controller), Hemali Juta-Pillay (Burqa), Tufail Khan (Pakistani News Anchor), Stephen Newton (Reaper Pilot), Anika Larsen (CNB Anchor), Candice D’Arcy (Female Marine), Bianca Simone Mannie (Female An- alyst), Abu Baker ( Spokesman) Production Code: 4WAH01 Summary: As CIA Chief of Station in , Carrie makes a critical decision when her counterpart in Islamabad delivers urgent intelligence on a high value target. Back in the States, Saul struggles to adjust to his new role in the private sector.

Carrie rides in a car looking out the win- dow. She’s not in America. She tells the driver to pull over and says she wants to walk the rest of the way. They don’t like it but let her out anyway. She’s in Kabul, Afghanistan. She walks down the street followed by a military guard. Her phone rings and she says she’s on her way. She gets back in the SUV and they head to an American site and she comes into an ops room. They call her chief and tell her there is eight minutes until the operation. She asks if they can use a drone and the guy says no. She says she needs to talk to Islamabad and goes to another room. She talks to Sandy and he says the guy is number four on the hit list. She asks for the source of intel and he say the same as the other hits. She says they usually have had time to double check the source. He says with Haissam there is no way to double check. He says the guy is cagey and they discuss they fact that he trained with the US military. She asks her tech if they’ve been able to confirm that he’s there and he says a car is a match. He reminds her that the source has been solid. She’s worried about collateral damage, but Haissam is a known killer of US soldiers. Carrie says to send the team in and they call Smash 11 and tell them to move in. The tech asks her to stick around and says there is something planned for after but she wants to Skype her sister. She stays and they watch the op come down. The building is blown sky high. They clear the

101 Homeland Episode Guide airspace and Carrie says to shut it down. The team brings in a cake and sing to Carrie. It’s her birthday — the cake declares her "The Drone Queen." They call for a speech and she says she doesn’t know what to say and blows out the candles. They applaud. She heads to her housing unit — it’s very drab and government looking. She clicks on her lamp and gets out a wine glass. She pulls out a bottle of wine and pours a big glass. She pops a couple of pills and drinks her wine. She pours some more and goes to her laptop. She opens it up and calls her sister on Skype. Maggie answers and she asks what happened. She says she just missed them — she says her Dad went to the park. Carrie says it’s okay — she just took an Ambien and is going to crash. She asks what she did for her birthday and she says she interrogated a couple of prisoners and ran an operation. She tells her she should be in Istanbul out of harm’s way with Franny. Carrie says that was the plan and asks about her daughter. Maggie says she’s a week older than the last time they talked. Carrie brushes her teeth and gets ready for bed. We see a picture of her holding her daughter beside her bed. Carrie pops in ear plugs and lies down with her sleep mask on and turns out her lamp. At the site of the operation, there are screams and people struggle to did out bodies. They find someone and uncover the body. A young man is pulled out. At the Pentagon, Saul is getting grilled by Gage on contractor costs. Loch says he knows they’ll need more of his type soon — he runs a private organization. He tells them Saul will brief them. He starts to give the sales pitch but stops and says if they had known back in the day they would be in Afghanistan so long, they would have made different choices. He says they only look 12 months in the future and he says they’ve waged a one year war fourteen times in a row. His private boss asks to speak to him outside. They step out of the room and he asks what he’s doing. Saul says he has an obligation and Aaron says they’re tying to win a contract. He says the troop draw down will happen no matter what and they stand to make money of it. Saul says he saw this before and says they will create a safe haven for Al Qaeda if they leave it like this. Aaron tells him that’s not his job anymore. Carrie asks her tech about the operation from last night and he says Mary has the reports. There is a news report saying that Haissam was killed and that the attack happened at a wedding. Revenge is promised and says they turned a wedding into a funeral pyre and their strike back will be unprecedented. Carrie clicks it off and says they have to go see the site. Quinn is in a meeting at the Embassy and there are protestors galore outside. The Ambas- sador asks where Sandy is and asks why Quinn can’t be her station chief. She says the protestors are furious about the attack. Sandy says it wasn’t a drone strike and the wedding claim is bull- shit. She says she can’t share that with the foreign ministry. She asks who in the Pakistani military signed up on the use of their air space. He says that Haissam put those people’s lives at risk not them and anyone near him knew who he was and that he was a marked man. The sole survivor from the attack is nursed by a woman. He asks what happened. The woman says there was noise and then an explosion. He asks if it was a drone and she says it didn’t sound like one. He asks where his mother and sister are and she tells Aayan she’s sorry. He looks over and sees a man on the next bed. He says no, it’s not possible then gets up and runs outside. He looks at the devastation where the bomb hit. He is pointed to some bodies that have been retrieved and then comes over to the pile of rubble. He then sees there are rows of bodies. He walks down the line of the dead and looks. He stops at a pair of shoes he recognizes and goes to uncover the face of the woman. He is horrified. He slumps down. Carrie is observing footage of the scene and asks them to get in closer. They see the guy sitting there and she asks who he is. They tell her he’s probably a village kid. He sees the drone and stands to face it and Carrie says he’s spotted them. He walks away and she says to stay there and try to ID the casualties. She is shocked by the number of bodies and says there were a lot more people than she thought. She gets a call from Quinn and says it’s a cluster f-k. He says they have protestors at the Embassy and she says they always lie and says it’s something and he says this one feels different because of the way they went in and that they didn’t have eyes before they moved. She says worst case, it was a wedding. She says it’s in a volatile area so no one will go in to verify anything and say they’re bullet proof. He doesn’t like that choice of words. Saul comes in and apologies to Mira for missing the dinner with her boss. He says he’ll call him and explain

102 Homeland Episode Guide everything. She tells him she wants to buy an apartment and he wants to keep renting. He says it’s not working out with Aaron and she asks if he’s going to get fired. He says he screwed up today and she says to apologize and unscrew it. She tells him they agreed it was her turn. Aayan sits on a bus watching video from the wedding on his cracked iPhone. We see his family smiling at him and dancing around. He tears up as he watches his other reach for his phone and shoot some video of him smiling at her. He’s clearly devastated. At a medical college in , Aayan walks through the campus and to the dormitories. He comes in and his roommate Rahim says he thought he was dead. He asks why he didn’t return his texts and he says he doesn’t know anything anymore. Rahim asks if he’s all right and Aayan says he feels like a ghost. He sits and tells his roommate that he lost them all. He says his whole family is gone. Carrie drinks beer at a bar. A guy comes over and asks if he can talk to her. She thinks he’s hitting on her and says don’t waste your time. She asks who he is — Lt Edgars — he says he knows she’s station chief and she asks what he wants. He flew the mission the other night. She offers to buy him a beer — he says no and asks if it really was a wedding party. She says she doesn’t know and if she did, couldn’t tell him. He says he feels sick to his stomach and asks if she ever feels that way. He tells her he killed four Canadian soldiers based on bad intel. He tells her they are all f-ing monsters and she tells him to get the f- out of her face. He says yes ma’am and goes. Rahim tells Kiran and Aayan that these people are evil. Rahim says the American Ambassador says there was no wedding. They want to upload the wedding video he has on his phone. Aayan says he doesn’t like politics and Rahim calls him a coward and leaves. Carrie gets a call from Director Lockhart. He asks if she’s up and has been online this morn- ing. He says the operation has gone viral. He says the video has 300,000 hits and has only been up a couple of hours. The footage shows the wedding and kids dancing when the missiles hit. She asks about Sandy and he says she has to work with him to come up with a story. He says the President and the nation of Pakistan want to hear something ASAP. He tells her she needs to get down to Islamabad now. Saul watches the wedding video online while Mira watches him from the door. She gives up and goes to bed. The video ends with the bright light of the missile and then goes to snow. Saul grabs his phone and calls Carrie. She looks at his name then declines the call. She walks out to do as she was ordered. Aayan confronts Rahim and he says to take it down. He says it’s too late — it’s already been seen a half a million times. He says he can’t take it down since his cousin put it up and says he masked the IP address. Aayan curses him and tells him to call his cousin and tell him to take it down. He agrees to call. Aayan is scared he’ll be identified from the video. Sandy talks to Quinn and he says they’re going to have demonstrations and will have a name of who put out the video by the end of the idea. He says the Ambassador wants to see him and then says he’s picking Carrie up at 12:30. Sandy gets a text from his source then deletes it. He has a meeting in 90 minutes but lies to Quinn about where he’s going. Quinn goes to a building and heads through a corridor of flickering lights. The place looks abandoned. He goes out a window and into another building then out through a small store. He heads onto the street and continues walking. Carries touches down in Islamabad and Quinn is there to pick her up. They share a hug and he tells her welcome to Pakistan. She asks to sit for a few minutes so he can give her the lay of the land. She asks what he thinks happened and he says Sandy is behaving oddly. She asks who the asset is and he thought she knew. He says he knows what it’s like — checking names off a kill list for a living. He asks how she feels when things go wrong — she says it doesn’t happen that often. She says Haissam’s family knew who he was. Quinn accuses her of taking Kabul because she couldn’t bring dependents. She asks why he didn’t come with her and he says they have to go to the Embassy. They see a news story with Sandy on it. They curse and head out. Sandy is walking down the street as his face is all over the news — looks like associated with the bombing of the wedding. People begin to look at him and he begins to notice. He ducks into a building entryway and then up a flight of stairs. He pulls out keys and unlocks a door. He notices the lock is not there and rattles the door. He sends a text asking about the locks. Someone opens a door across the hall. He smiles and waves at the woman who shuts her door again. He sends another text. No reply to either. Then

103 Homeland Episode Guide his phone rings and Quinn asks where he is. He lies and says he’s at his residence and Quinn tells him he’s blown and has to come in now. He asks where he is and says he’s all over the news. Sandy tells him where he is and Quinn says he can be there in five. He tells him to keep his phone on. Quinn calls for back up. Sandy head downstairs and looks at the street and notices some people have gathered. He checks his phone and turns his back as some people come down the stairs. He sees them pointing and runs back up the stairs. He heads down the back stairs and ducks down an alley. He walks away from the building and then jogs down a street. He heads down a larger street and tries to keep his head down but he’s quite distinctive looking. He sees some men heading toward him with stick and then he turns and they are on all sides. He holds up his hands and then pulls a gun. Quinn drives through the crowd, he hops in and they peel away. A bus blocks them and they are quickly surrounded. Sandy calls for back up as they break the window and try to drag Sandy out. Quinn shoots one guy and then another. HE can’t stop it as they drag Sandy out of the car. They can see the crowd as him. Carrie tries to go after him but Quinn won’t let her He says it’s too late for him. He fires some more shots and that clears people out and he drives back the way they came and gets them to safety. We see that Sandy was being stomped and beaten by the mob. They make it safely to the Embassy. Carrie tells him to come on but Quinn says he needs a minute. She paces and he asks what she means by what story they tell the Ambassador. She says they could have done more for Sandy and Quinn tells her f- you and asks what’s wrong with her. She asks him the same and says he has give minutes then he’d better be inside. Carrie comes in and says she’s there for the Ambassador. The desk clerk tells her she’s bloody and she asks for the bathroom then goes to clean up. She wipes the blood off and gives herself a long look in the mirror. She applies some lipstick and straightens her hair. She heads out to face the music.

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Trylon and Perisphere

Season 4 Episode Number: 38 Season Episode: 2

Originally aired: Sunday October 5, 2014 Writer: Chip Johannessen Director: Keith Gordon Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi), Laila Robins (Martha Boyd), Tracy Letts (An- drew Lockhart), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Suraj Sharma (Aayan Ibrahim), Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Adam Godley (Jordan Harris), Akshay Kumar (Shahim), Shavani Seth (Kiran), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Tal Raviv (Josie), Lee Raviv (Ruby), Riaz Solker (Kiran’s Father), Kira Wilkinson (Kiran’s Mother), Bhavna Singh (Interviewer), Jo Dee Butler (Nanny), Armand Aucamp (Frat Boy), Barbara Marie Immelman (Widow), Dennis Benneyworth (Priest), Tamer Burjaq (Farhad Ghazi), Stephen Jennings (Admiral), Adam Neill (Sergeant) Production Code: 4WAH02 Summary: An official inquiry brings Carrie back to the U.S., where she struggles with her ambivalence towards motherhood. Meanwhile, Quinn spirals out of control; and a disgraced former case officer reveals disturbing new information.

We open "TWO DAYS LATER". We see a flag draped coffin unloaded at an air base in Maryland. Quinn and Carrie are there to greet Sandy’s wife who tells them he told her it would be safe there. Lockhart is there as well. He says this is f-d up and that they had three kids that saw the videos of their dad being stomped to death on YouTube. Quinn says he’s go- ing to go get a drink. Lockhard asks Car- rie if he’s okay and she says he was right there when it happened. He reminds her she was too and says to be at his office in the morning. Carrie drives to Maggie’s and goes to the porch. She hears her daughter crying and starts to go back to her car. Maggie comes to the door and Carrie apologizes for being late. She asks Carrie if she wants to hold her daughter and she takes her. She says she has so much hair now but looks at the baby like she’s a stranger. Quinn sits in a chaise lounge by the pool drinking and tosses the empty in the water. A woman comes up and says it’s her pool he’s polluting. She tells him she’s the manager and reminds him they met when he paid her six months in advance. She says no glass bottles by the pool. He tries to stand but can’t. She takes him to her apartment and rides him. She’s a big girl but Quinn sees to be holding his own as she straddles him. Aayan tells Rahim he’s going to be blamed for the riots and the CIA chief’s death. He says it’s not true and Aayan says people are staring at him. Rahim tells him to calm down and Aayan says he has no one is safe there. There’s a news crew there with a camera in Aayan’s face. They ask if he feels like it was justice when Sandy

105 Homeland Episode Guide was stomped to death. He tells her are murderers but that doesn’t justify what was done to that man. He walks away and goes to his dorm room. He looks down and sees that Rahim is still in front of the camera talking. He grabs a bag and starts to pack it. He has a bunch of medicine vials in his cabinet and packs them all. The girl wakes the next morning and tells Quinn he doesn’t need to do anything. He asks her to breakfast and she’s pleased. Carrie wakes to a crying baby and says she can’t take her. She says she has to go but Maggie puts her daughter into her arms and hands her the bottle to feed her. She says she’s back only for a couple of days. Maggie asks what she plans to do about Franny and she hands her back to her sister. She tells Carrie that their Dad isn’t pitching in like he said and the nanny isn’t there often enough. Maggie says they have to talk and makes her commit to tonight. Carrie leaves as the nanny comes in. Lockhart watches the video of Aayan and asks if she saw it. He was Haissam’s nephew and the reporter found him at college. He says the kid is reasonable. She says they need a new chief in Islamabad and she can do it. He tells her she dropped a bomb on a damned wedding and now he’s under attack by State. He says they have a hearing and he needs her there to help him fight the committee shutting down what they’re doing. She agrees to stay and help but asks then what. She asks how long she’s back for and he says she’s being recalled permanently. He says she can spend time with her kid. She sighs and walks out. Quinn didn’t even show up for the meeting. He’s at breakfast with the manager. She asks why he doesn’t talk much and he says he’d rather listen to her. She calls him charming. She says he was moaning in his sleep and he apologizes. She asks if he’s okay and he says he is but she asks if he really is. He kind of laughs and says it’s been a rough week. A very rough week. She asks if he wants to tell her about it and she says she does but can’t. A couple of guys in the cafe are laughing at her. She tells him she’s a good listener. She walks off to the bathroom and the guys make a couple of more cracks about her eight. Quinn goes to confront them and she tells him to forget it and come on. The guy repeats his joke — it’s a bad, old fat joke. They call Quinn a douche and he slams the one guy face down into the table and breaks the other guy’s arm. He starts to beat them some more but she stops him. He regains his composure somewhat. Carrie watches the nanny change Franny’s diaper then goes to get her phone. She says she’s on her way and heads out. She finds Quinn in jail and tells him they’re letting him go. She says there’s a fine and she says she had to play the PTSD card. She asks what happened and he says he was just stupid. She asks if he’s okay and he says he thought he was until he found himself beating the hell out of some idiot. She tells him Lockhart didn’t really notice that he wasn’t there and she says she’s being permanently recalled. She says the one person who could explain what happened is being buried tomorrow. She asks about a case operator that left about the time he got there — he says it was Jordan Harris and he was sent back to file. She wants to talk to the guy and asks him to go. He says no and she asks if he has more brawling to do. He says maybe. Aayan is on the bus away from school. He checks on the vials of stuff in his bag and then zips it back up. The bus stops and he gets off. He looks around and then walks away. He heads to a house and knocks on the door. A woman answers and says she heard what happened to his family. Her husband, Omar, also comes to the door and asks if the bombing was an attempt to kill his uncle Haissam. His daughter, Kiran, comes to the door to try to stop him. Omar says they have a right to know and he says it was. Kiran lets him in but Omar looks concerned. He tells her that Rahim ruined his life by putting that video online. He says people just watch him now. He asks her to put his bag somewhere safe. She asks what’s in it and he says it’s personal things he wants kept safe. Kiran asks when she’ll see him again and he says tomorrow at school. She says she means really see him and he says he doesn’t know that everything is complicated now. Her dad calls her and he lays down the bag and thanks her formally for talking with him. He leaves out the back. Carrie finds Jordan Harris in the file room. She asks for a couple of minutes of his time. He says he doesn’t want to talk about Islamabad. She tells him Sandy was killed in the streets and she wants to know how it happened. He asks why she’s asking him and she says she’s been asking around about Sandy and knows that he kept everyone in the dark about what he was doing. He says he was a case officer and now he fills freedom of information requests. Harris says he doesn’t want to talk to her and walks away.

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She heads home and finds her sister bouncing Franny. Maggie asks where she’s been and says the nanny had to leave at 5:30. She says they were counting on her and she wasn’t there. Maggie says she had to cancel two patients. She says she has a career and family of her own that count on her. She tells Carrie this is not what they agreed — she says you have to be responsible when you bring a life into this world. The baby coos and Carrie tells her she’s there permanently. She says they can skip the big talk. She tells Maggie she can have her all day tomorrow. She says she needs sleep and walks off and leaves her daughter with her sister as she goes off to bed. Next morning, Maggie and her kids grab their lunches and head out. She asks Carrie if she’ll be okay and she says she’ll be fine but she looks scared. She looks at her daughter whose face is dirty and needs a diaper change. She feeds her some more food and then takes her out of the high chair. She changes her diaper and redresses the little girl. She puts her in the car seat and Carrie heads out with her. She puts the car seat up front (illegal!) and heads out. She takes her for a drive — looks like she’s at Brody’s. She pulls up and stops and looks at the house. She tells Franny that’s where her dad lived when she first met him. Franny starts to fuss and Carrie unbuckles her and takes her out to hold her. She tells her that’s where they all lived and says she was arrested on that lawn. She sighs and says he would have been a terrible father. She tells Franny she knows she’s a terrible mom but says he would have been worse. She says he was happy to hear that she was on the way and says it was the last thing he was happy about. Carrie cries and says she tried to hold on to that and feel it too — happy that she was there. The baby coos — she says with him gone, she can’t remember why she had her. She says she loved him so much and can still see him when she closes her eyes. Back at the house, Carrie gives her daughter a bath — she has a head full of beautiful red hair like her Daddy. She loses control of the slippery baby and she almost goes under but she grabs her. Carrie looks at her splashing in the water and lowers her down until the baby is under the water. She’s drowning her child. Then she stops and yanks her daughter out. The child cries and Carrie tries to catch her breath and calm down. Saul meets with Dar and he asks if Carrie has called him. Saul say she hasn’t called since she went oversees. Dar says Lockhart is recalling her and Saul asks if he knows why he’s doing it. Dar says the guy is transparent and only worries about himself. Dar says there are whispers about Lockhart’s abilities long before this latest disaster. Dar says he’s vulnerable and there’s blood in the water. He says his entire program is under review. He tells Saul if he wants a comeback, the Secretary of State could help. Dar asks what he thinks. Saul says officially, he’s very happy in the private sector. Carrie waits for Harris in the parking lot. He tells her to stay away. He tells her she’s crazy just like they say and asks if she brought her kid along. He tells her that’s very professional. She hops in his car and asks why he was recalled. She says she knows he was a great at his job and that he was silenced and thrown in the basement. He asks why she’s doing this. She says she’s going back and he says he heard she was going back. She says she can’t stay here. She says if he tells her everything, she’ll do everything she can to get him back in the field. She says the guy that fired her nearly got her killed. He says it wasn’t Sandyt that side lined him, but Lockhart. He says he flew back to report a leak and she asks him to tell her about it. Maggie comes home and finds Carrie sitting with Franny. She asks about her day and what Carrie did. She says nothing much really. Maggie says she knows mothering isn’t full time excitement but it’s important. She asks if Franny is fed, changed and bathed and Carrie says it’s all done. Saul catches Carrie outside Sandy’s funeral. He says his company told him to come and says he didn’t really know Sandy. She says she’s glad he’s there and says they may have something to talk about. She asks him to save her a seat. Lockhart is with General Scott and greet Carrie who asks to speak to her boss alone. She says Sandy wasn’t really a team player and he says the whole agency is full of people like that. She says Sandy had a dark asset who provided great information until the wedding. She says it got him and Sandy both a lot of praise and that’s why he didn’t want to know about Sandy trading top secret information for a few good drone strikes. She says he’s complicit and says he was committing treason. She says the laws apply even to the head of the CIA. He says it was a judgment call and she says he got a station chief killed and a wedding party

107 Homeland Episode Guide murdered. She says the Senate hearings won’t go his way. He asks what she wants and she says Islamabad. He tells her it’s not even a real country — it’s a f-ing acronym. He tells her it’s a shit hole and he doesn’t know why she wants to go back there. He stomps off. She sits by Saul and he asks what that was about. She says he changed his mind about bringing her back here and says she’s going to be station chief in Islamabad. He says her boss doesn’t seem to happy then smirks and says people aren’t happy at funerals. She asks him about his private security firm and says she wants him to send some people over there to help mop up the mess. He asks if this is what she really wants and she says yes. He says he’ll do anything she needs. After the funeral, Carrie sits in the vestibule and Quinn walks up. He says it could have been them and she says it wasn’t and he says he’s glad too. She tells him his tip on Harris panned out in a big way. She tells him that Sandy was trading secrets to get the locations for the strikes. She says they have to find out why the guy turned on them and the extent of the damage. She says Lockhart gave her Islamabad but he says he’s not going back. She says she needs him and he says he can’t do it. She tells him she was upset at what happened to Sandy as well. Quinn says it’s not about her. He walks out. She tells Maggie who is furious. Carrie says it changed. Maggie says she’s her mother and doesn’t know what she’s thinking. Carrie says she knows it’s not fair to her sister but says Franny is better off with her. Maggie says now anyone with a bottle can make her happy but later she will need her mother. Carrie says she doesn’t have a choice — they’re sending her back. Maggie says she doesn’t believe her and says she manipulated this so she will have no place for her daughter in her life. Carrie says it’s not true but Maggie says they both know it is. She asks when she’s leaving and Carrie says now. Maggie says there is not a diagnosis for what is wrong with Carrie and tells her she needs to at least have the courage to say goodbye to her daughter before she leaves. Carrie goes to Franny’s room and looks at her daughter in her crib. Franny smiles and giggles at Carrie. She tells her she’s so sorry then walks out the door, closing it behind her. Quinn walks by the pool bottle in hand and goes to his apartment. He throws his cushions back on the couch and sits down and pours himself a drink in a dirty glass. He sees a note from his new lady friend — it says "no one ever fought for me before" with a red kiss mark. He looks troubled. Aayan hears a noise and wakes up. His door bursts open and several men are there. They tell him to keep his mouth shut. He says he hasn’t said anything. He says he has nothing else. They tell him no more interviews, videos or anything. They throw him down and leave. He sputters in pain from where they held his throat. Rahim comes in and Aayan glares at him. Carrie is on a military plane back to Islamabad. A man asks if she needs anything and she says she’s fine. She repeats it again to herself after he leaves.

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Shalwar Kameez

Season 4 Episode Number: 39 Season Episode: 3

Originally aired: Sunday October 12, 2014 Writer: Alexander Cary Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi), Laila Robins (Martha Boyd), Tracy Letts (An- drew Lockhart), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Suraj Sharma (Aayan Ibrahim), Michael O’Keefe (John Redmond), Maury Sterling (Max), Emily Walker (Landlady), F. Murray Abra- ham (Dar Adal), Fiona Ramsey (Dr. Helen Byatt), Nick Boraine (Alan Hensleigh), Aidan Whytock (Brian Chase), Lance Elliot (Tom), Peter Butler (Dr. Malik Gorshani), Ali Mahmood Bukhari (Babar), Craig Hawks (Marine Sergeant), Tarryn Steyn (Pakistani Woman), Vasim Vhora (Man in Car), Sibongile Mlambo (Jackie Marr) Production Code: 4WAH03 Summary: Carrie ventures a delicate alliance with her counterpart at Pakistan’s secretive Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Fara fails to recruit a key as- set, forcing Carrie to intervene. Still reeling over events in Islamabad, Quinn zeroes in on a potential lead.

In Islamabad, Pakistan, Carrie tells her driver she needs to make a stop on the way to the embassy. She tells them it’s not a request when they try to refuse. She asks them to pull over and she asks them why Sandy was right there without pro- tection and asks wasn’t it his job. They tell her that he wasn’t easy to work for and never let them drive him. She puts on her head scarf and asks them to un- lock the door. She says she won’t go far- ther than the corner and gets out to look around. She thinks back to when she, Quinn and Sandy were attacked and Sandy dragged out to his death. She looks around and is startled when a car honks at her to get out of the street. She gets back in her car and says — let’s go. At CIA HQ in Langley, Quinn waits on the therapist to come in. She says last year she remembers he was looking to leave the agency. He says last year was about shooting the kid and he says now he just wants out. She says they have to make sure he’s not a danger to himself or others and reminds him of the diner brawl and the damage he did. He says he controlled himself for 12 years and only lost it once. He says it won’t happen again. She asks about his nightmares about his first kill. He says he just snapped. The says they have to talk about what happened in Islamabad. She asks about the two men he killed that tried to took Sandy. He says he thinks only about Carrie and Sandy. She reminds him that Carrie was one of the reasons he wanted out of Dar’s group. She says the agency worries that one day he’ll talk. He says he knows he can’t. She asks about Carrie and

109 Homeland Episode Guide why he chose her over Sandy. She asks if they’re romantically involved. He says he doesn’t see what that has to do with anything. He looks around and says — f- this. Dar watches this all on a monitor. Quinn walks out. Carrie arrives at the embassy and heads inside. Her guards and driver follow. She sees the car they were in when Sandy was taken, parked in a quarantined area. She goes in and goes through security. The guard checks her bag and hands it back. He thanks her. She badges herself into her offices and looks around. She hears men talking and asks where everyone is. They ask what she means and she says they have a full staff meeting for 9:30. They tell her it should be easy to get them together since they are on lock down. She asks where Redmond is and they tell her he’s in with the Ambassador Boyd. Redmond says he can- celed her staff meeting she requested since there wasn’t much to catch up on and she says to do it her way and get them together. Boyd tells her that Redmond is feeling blindsided and says they were all surprised she got Sandy’s job. Boyd says US-Pakistan relations are at their lowest point and Carrie asks how the lock down is helping. Carrie says she needs to be able to put her guys back on the street. Boyd says it won’t be that easy. Carrie asks her staff to tell her about Jordan Harris. No one says anything. She reminds them they worked with him for 18 months and asks if they share his suspicions about Sandy sharing intelligence with the other side. Redmond says Sandy’s intel was consistently good and she says maybe it was too good. She asks how he could get precise coordinates on high value targets. She says no one wants to admit he could have been spying under their noses. Redmond stands and says — young lady, let’s have a chat. She tells him to sit down. He goes to pour coffee. She says she wanted to believe Sandy and based on what Jordan told her, they have to retrace Sandy’s steps and find out if he was trading secrets. Hensleigh tells her this won’t be easy with the lock down and she says she hopes to have it lifted by tomorrow. She tells John now they can have a chat and takes him into her office. She tells him his directive is to be useful to her. He says that’s no license to come in and take a dump on his station. She says it’s her station and she can boot him with a word. He says he was told by Lockhart that he was the one to run it and then she got the appointment. She asks if he really wants to know how she got it and tells him she asked nicely. She tells John to clean himself up and says she can smell the booze on him from here. He leaves. Quinn ignores a call and his landlady gal pal asks who he’s avoiding as they booze by the pool. He says it’s a guy from work. She asks if it’s his boss and he says ex-boss who still thinks he’s the boss. He says he’s quitting his job and she asks if something happened. Quinn says a lot of things happened and she says he seems worried. He says his job doesn’t like quitters. She says he’ll need them for a reference but he says he’ll be happy if they don’t kill him. She asks what will he do next and he says — something different. She asks if he has marketable skills and he says he doesn’t know. She asks if he has a degree and he says no to that too. She says she’s shocked and that he seems sophisticated. The phone rings again and she asks if he’s going to get it. He throws his phone in the pool. Carrie heads to her apartment in the Embassy and looks around. There’s little in the fridge. Wonder if it was Sandy’s place. She gets a text that says simply "landed." She tucks a gun into her slacks and says she has to run to a hotel. The driver and security guys tell her they’re on lock down but she says limited pouch runs to cleared hotels are okay so they relent and take her. A motorcycle pulls out behind them. They tell her it’s ISI that wait outside all the time for a car to leave. She says to dump her at the Sadirah and drive on. She says she won’t be more than 10 minutes away and says she’ll be an hour. She heads inside and they watch the ISI tail as she goes in. She walks out another door and hops into a cab. Someone sees her and radios it in. The guy hops on a motorcycle to follow Carrie. They get away from him at a crowded crosswalk and then Carrie holds out money to draw a crowd of beggar children. The motorcycle tail tries to see what’s going on. She uses this diversion to slip into an alley and he drives on by still after the cab. Carrie walks through a market and then crosses a street. She goes into a building and up some stairs. She knocks on a door and is let in by Fara. She greets Carrie who asks how their flight was. She says she can tell she’s been working on her accent. Max is there and she asks about Parvez and Cadir. Max says they’re working on the van. She asks about the kid and he says Aayan is back

110 Homeland Episode Guide in class trying to act normal. Fara says they are going to approach him in his adviser’s office at school. She says it’s per- fect and says she’s nervous like she always is at the start of an operation. Fara is posing as a journalist. Carrie advises her to make light physical contact with him and says all she has to do is get him to agree to another meeting. Fara leaves and Carrie asks Max if Fara will be good. She says to watch out for ISI since they have no official cover. Quinn finds Dar pounding on his door and lets him in but refuses Dar’s guard. He reminds Dar that he told him to f- off. Dar says he’s concerned about him. Dar looks at the empty bottles and cans and Quinn says he doesn’t belong to them anymore. Dar then reminds him that he invested a lot of time and money in Quinn. Dar says once a scalp hunter, always a scalp hunter. Dar says the morons in the diner didn’t deserve what he did to them. Dar says Quinn needs to convince him he can keep his shit together or he’ll have to go through retraining. Dar says the issue is his feelings for Carrie and says if she wasn’t in the car, Sandy would be alive. He says he let Sandy get beaten to death to save Carrie. Quinn chokes Dar then lets him go abruptly. Dar struggles for breath and then tells him well done. He says he knows he wasn’t that far gone but Quinn tells him to get the f- out. Dar tells him to have a nice life. Eden asks if he’s all right as she stands wrapped in a sheet. She asks who that was and Quinn says no one. Carrie is jogging and listening to jazz — doing laps on Embassy property. She sees some guys bringing in bags and glances at them as she walks in. She finds Saul laughing with Boyd. She greets him and asks what’s going on. He asks if she saw her new security team. She says she didn’t expect him to hand deliver them and Boyd leaves them to talk. Saul tells Carrie she’s lucky and says Boyd is one of the good ones. She asks why he’s there and he says he’s only there for a few days, a week tops. She says it looks like she called him for help and he offers help but she says she doesn’t need it, then relents and says yes. She says he can do one thing and then go home. She asks him to have the lock down lifted with the Ambassador so she can put her case officers to work. He says done. Fara waits on Aayan and her team sits in a van listening. His advisor introduces her as a journalist from London and leaves them to talk. She thanks him for meeting her and he says his advisor insisted they meet. He’s ready to walk out and he says even if she is who she says she is he can’t talk to her. She asks if he’s in trouble and asks him to stay She touches him and says they don’t have to do this now. She says they can meet later but he begs her to leave him alone. He walks out. She’s disappointed in herself. Quinn drinks and watches the YouTube video of Sandy’s death. He recalls him yelling to Carrie about the gun being under the seat and her saying it wasn’t there. He sees Carrie trying to get out to go after Sandy and him holding her back. He starts freaking out and panting. Fara tells Carrie that Aayan was terrified. Carrie says he’s more valuable and his fear means that there is something. Max asks if they can pull a snatch and grab but she says since he’s the only survivor of a botched kill mission, it’s not likely. She tells them she’ll think on it. Carrie is on the roof when Ambassador Boyd finds her. She asks why she wasn’t at dinner and she says she got busy. She says she knows she violated the lock down order and Carrie asks who told her. She asks if it was Redmond and she says no. Carrie asks for a fresh start and Boyd says Saul recommended that. Carrie says Saul likes her and doesn’t like a lot of people. Boyd says they almost got married in Beirut a long time ago. Carrie says Saul never said a word and Boyd says he’s discreet. She tells Carrie she’s lifting the lock down but not for Saul, so she can improve their relations. She makes Carrie promises to deliver daily updates in person and she agrees. They have a smoke together to seal the deal. Quinn wakes to the sound of cans and bottles. He finds Eden cleaning up his place. He comes out and asks what she’s doing. She asks if he’s okay and asks again what he’s doing. He asks her to stop talking. She grabs the trash bag and tosses it down then asks if she did something wrong. He tells her she should leave now and she says okay. She says she needs to get her stuff and goes to the bedroom. Quinn sighs and she says she has one thing to say before she goes. Eden says she knows this has to do with the CIA guy on the news. He says she doesn’t know what she saw and he says she should be scared because these people don’t f- around. She says nobody should have to go through what he went through and says if that guy shows up again, she’d say it to his face. He says he’d really like to see that. She says she left roast chicken in the

111 Homeland Episode Guide fridge and eggs and cereal to go along with his liquid diet. She says whoever Carrie is — she’s a lucky girl. She leaves. Carrie is dropped off by her drivers to have breakfast with Saul. He says he heard the lock down was lifted and asks what else he can do for her. She tells him to go home. She asks about Boyd being his fiancee and he reminds her they haven’t talked much lately. She says she’s sorry and wanted to pick up the phone but says she can’t talk about what she needs to talk about. They discuss the tyranny of secrets. He asks what she’s doing today. She says she can’t tell him. Saul says he can guess. He says she needs to get Sandy’s networks up but she doesn’t know who to trust so she needs to set up a second station independent of the Embassy. He says he knows she’s done that already and says that was quick. She asks when his plane leaves and he says tomorrow morning. She thanks him and he wishes her happy hunting. She leaves. Aayan sits at a cafe studying. A woman comes out calling for a doctor and says a woman is in pain asking for help. Aayan follows them upstairs to the women’s room. He knocks on the door dpushesd pushes his way in. He says he’s a doctor. It’s Carrie. She tells him he’s in trouble and says she’s Fara’s London bureau chief. He tells her to let him go. She shushes him and they listen at the door. She says she thought she heard someone. She tells him he’s part of an important story and says she wants to tell the story of all his family he lost. She asks who he’s scared of and says she can help him, even get him out of Pakistan if he wants. He asks in exchange for what and she says just his story. She says he can continue his studies in the UK or US. She says she’s putting her card in his pocket. She touches him as she slides it into his pants. She says he doesn’t have to ever see him again if he doesn’t want to. She tells him he should want to though, especially if he’s in trouble. She tells him to tell the others she had female problems and was cramping. She says she’s sorry for what he’s been through and wishes him luck. He leaves. Quinn watches the YouTube video again. He pauses it and puts it in slow motion a few times and sees something that catches his eye. He sees a bearded guy looking down at the ground. He watches several different versions of the video and sees one from right behind the guy. It looks like the guy had an ear piece. Quinn says f- me. Carrie pours a glass of wine and takes her pulls. Her microwave beeps and she pulls our her food. She sits at the table when her phone rings. She sees it’s Quinn and asks him to not says she pocket dialed him. He tells her they never had a chance. He says it was per-meditated and saw a guy in the crowd with an earpiece orchestrating it. He sent her the video link and tells her to watch it. He points out the guy that’s wearing a comm. She curses and he says they never had a chance. His face turns to the camera but neither recognizes him. They wonder if he’s Pakistani intelligence and she says why would they do it. She says Sandy’s cover was blown so he’d have to leave anyway, so why kill him? She says this changes everything. She says she needs him but he says he can’t. She says there is no one there she can count on. She says not to make her beg, but he says no, so she does beg He says she’s the hardest person in the world to say no to and she asks if that’s a yes. She tells him she f-ing loves him and he says yeah, he knows. Quinn sits staring after they ring off. Carrie smiles and goes back to her boxed dinner. Quinn doesn’t look happy about going back.

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Iron in the Fire

Season 4 Episode Number: 40 Season Episode: 4

Originally aired: Sunday October 19, 2014 Writer: Patrick Harbinson Director: Michael Offer Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi), Laila Robins (Martha Boyd), Tracy Letts (An- drew Lockhart), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Suraj Sharma (Aayan Ibrahim), Michael O’Keefe (John Redmond), Mark Moses (Dennis Boyd), Maury Sterling (Max), Raza Jaffrey (Aasar Khan), (Tasneem Qureshi), Art Malik (Bunny Latif), Nu- man Acar (Haissam Haqqani), Shavani Seth (Kiran) Production Code: 4WAH04 Summary: Carrie gets a tip; Saul calls in a favor; Fara uncovers a conspiracy.

Carrie sits in her office looking at re- search on insurgents. Redmond comes in and startles her. He asks what she’s looking at. She says she’s trying to get familiar with the local ISI agents. He tells her she won’t find Farhad Ghazi in that database because he’s an outsource guy the ISI uses. He leaves her to look through the file he pulled up for her. She prints his photo. Aayan is back on the bus looking tense. He gets off at Kiran’s house and knocks on the door. Her dad isn’t there so she lets him in. He asks if she has the bag he left and she says Baba found it. Aayan says he need the bag but she says he smashed everything and wouldn’t stop even though he begged. She asks who the medicine was for and then her father comes in and calls him a drug dealer. Her dad says he reported him to the medical school for stealing drugs and says he’ll be expelled. He throws Aayan out of their house while he yells that they’re wrong and they’ll see. He leaves. Carrie is watched as she gets out of her car at Saul’s hotel. He’s checking out but she asks if they can talk. She asks if he still has local contacts and asks if he’s talked to them lately. She tells him Sandy’s death was pre-meditated by the ISI. She shows him the pic from the video then tells him it’s Ghazi who does wetwork for ISI. She says only she and Quinn know but he says the White House needs to know. Carrie says some diplomats will be kicked out and that’s the end of it. She says something larger is going on and he tells her Quinn called him last week concerned about her. She says Quinn is the one who’s wigging out. She asks if Saul is going to help or not. Quinn shows up to the office and Fara greets him but says Carrie isn’t in yet. She offers him coffee and he accepts. He finds a free office and asks her to catch him up. She tells him Carrie is with Saul talking about the operation. She says Carrie is good and he’s impressed how fast Carrie got the station up and running. Max comes in and tells Fara that Aayan is there. She heads in to talk to him. He says he’ll only talk to Carrie and Fara says she’ll

113 Homeland Episode Guide be there in about 10 minutes. He starts to leave and she offers to let him wait in private in her office and gets him to stay. She sits him down and offers him a glass of water. He’s nervous but he stays. Redmond’s guy reports back on Carrie’s movements. He wonders if anyone on her detail will play ball with the. He asks the guy to find out where the frame grab Carrie had of Ghazi came from. Carrie shows up and nods to Quinn but heads straight in to talk to Aayan. He asks about getting him out of Pakistan. She says they get sources out of tricky situations all the time. He says he needs 80,000 rupees (about $600) and she says she needs to know what it’s for. He says he can’t tell her. She shows him Ghazi’s photo and asks if this is who threatened him. She says if it is, he’s in more trouble than he can imagine. The kid starts crying and she comforts him. Quinn watches. She asks Aayan what’s going on and kneels beside him and asks if he’s been blackmailed. She asks why he needs the money and he says he can’t tell her. She asks if the money will fix whatever it is and he says it might and she agrees. She asks Fara for the money. Carrie asks to send someone with him but he says he has to do it alone. Fara hands over the money and Carrie gives it to her. Aayan thanks her and she says to be safe and to come back to them as soon as possible to get out of the country. She sends Fara to track the kid. Max is already in the van. Quinn comes out and tells Carrie that getting the kid asylum is a tough sell. She says Ghazi visited the kid last week and he’s intrigued. They head out. The Ambassador’s husband is finishing a lecture when a woman comes in and says she knows his friend Sandy. He asks who she is and she says she benefited from their friendship and says his death doesn’t have to end that. She tells him she knows he was the one providing classified documents from the Ambassador’s desk to them. Hmm but does his wife know he was leaking the docs or is he stealing from her? Saul shows up meet with a contact — Bunny. They greet each other warmly and Bunny says tongues are wagging all over the club. Saul offers to go elsewhere but Bunny says f- all the guys that are looking. Carrie and her guys are watching Ghazi and they bugged his home phone and laptop. She wants his cell bugged and they tell her they need to get within five feet of him. Quinn suggests they try while he’s asleep if the guy stays in his apartment. Bunny and Saul chat over lunch about how times have changed and Bunny says he knows 9/11 is an Israeli hoax. Saul says that’s crazy. Bunny thinks Bush was lying about Iraq so why not 9/11. Saul says he needs to talk to someone from ISI and Bunny says it’s not a good time for that. He tells Saul to go home and spend time with his wife. Saul reminds him he owes him a favor and Bunny says it’s late in the game to call in a chit. He says the Americans are being driven out just like the Russians were. Bunny says the Taliban has won. Saul tells him he can do the favor to be gracious. Fara and Max follows Aayan’s taxi. It pulls over. They are at Ommaya, the teaching hospital, and Max wonders why he’s there. The kid gets out and Fara says they need to hear and she says she’ll keep out of sight. She pulls up her hood, gets out of the car and heads closer. Max checks in on her ear bud and she says she can’t get any closer. He’s handing the money to a woman and she says it looks like she told him to wait. They decide to wait too. Quinn sneaks up on Ghazi’s place and picks the lock. He has a silenced gun with him. Carrie and the others watch him on the cameras they’ve bugged the guy’s place with. He creeps closer and triggers the app to access the phone. The guy has a gun by his bed where his phone is. The blackberry switches on and they’ve got it cloned but then the guy’s phone rings. Quinn creeps out and hides behind a wall but is stuck in the apartment. They listen in on the call which was in Urdu. Ghazi gets off the call and looks out the window. He walks back to his bedroom and Carrie tells Quinn to go now. Parvez tells Carrie the call was local and it was a friend asking him to go clubbing. Boyd calls about changing jobs to get out of Pakistan. He begs his friend Bill to get any job he can back in the states that he can sell to his wife. He comes in and finds Martha, his ambassador wife, still in her office working. She asks if something is wrong and he says GW offered him his old job back. He says Bill Nicholas himself called to end his exile. He says they want him back as soon as possible and he says within a week. She asks if he’s just going to leave and he says he can’t say no. She asks if their marriage will survive another separation. He says he can’t risk his career and she says he risked it plagiarizing a chapter of a book (guess that’s why he’s in academic exile).

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He tells her it’s not good for Toby to be so far away from home. He says he has spent his whole life following her around. He tells her he already took the job and she says fine and that figures. She goes back to work and effectively dismisses him. He leaves. She looks unhappy. Carrie asks Quinn about the psych eval and he reveals that he’s close to being done. She says that makes her even more grateful that he’s there. She asks if that’s why he didn’t come with her to Kabul. He says he didn’t want to live in a bunker and kill people by remote control. She says that’s harsh. He says when he killed that kid, he was pretty much done. He says he remembers that kid’s name — Carlos — but doesn’t remember most of the others he’s killed. He tells her going mission to mission is like a drug. Carrie says he wasn’t a bad guy but he insists he was and she asks why he’s doing this. He says she needs to hear it. She says she needs help. Quinn tells Carrie he’ll stay at the surveillance shop and she leaves wishing him good night. On the way back, Carrie stares out the window in thought. Early in the morning, Max wakes Fara and tells her the nurse is coming out that Aayan gave the money to. She wakes up and they snap photos of the woman. They spot Aayan who greets the nurse. She slips him a bag. They wonder what it is and Fara says likely medicine. The kid goes for a cab and they scramble to follow. Carrie tells Redmond to call off his guys and says ISI is enough of a tail to shake. He tries to say it’s keeping her safe in the wake of what happened to Sandy but she tells him to stop. She says he has no trouble getting out and he tells her about a secret tunnel. She asks why he didn’t tell her and he says she never asked. Saul is having breakfast at his hotel when all the other diners get up and leave and some imposing people come in and close the doors. A guy checks Saul and frisks him. Saul asks what the f- this is. They pry the SIM card out of his phone as well. A man sits down at his table and he asks if Bunny sent him. Saul says he wants to talk about Sandy’s murder. The man asks why’s speaking, Saul ex-CIA, Saul private consultant or Carrie. Saul asks who wanted him murdered and then he tell him who’s asking. He says he was recognized on the street and killed for drone strike retaliation. Saul says he knows an ISI operative was on the ground orchestrating the whole thing. Saul says the timing of the leak explains a lot. The man gets bristly and Saul says it wouldn’t be the first time ISI targeted one of them. The man gets up and says this meeting was only a courtesy for Bunny and he leaves. Carrie shows up at the surveillance point and she says Saul called her to confirm he stirred the pot. She asks to talk to Quinn in private. She says she knows he didn’t want to come back there and thanks him again and says it means a lot. She says they would be nowhere on this without him and he says they still might be. She asks if they’re good and he says they are. There’s traffic involving a cabbage truck accident. Aayan peeks out of his cab and Fara says he’s stuck too but is getting out. She says they’re going to lose him. She pulls up her veil and Max tells her not to do anything stupid. She hops out and he slides over to drive. She hurries after Aayan through the mess of cars. He’s in a tunnel under the street and then in a market. She keeps her distance. He comes out and she’s cut off by a pedicab and loses him. She keeps going, looking around. A bunch of young men run into a mosque and she finally spots him — he’s handed off the bag of medicine to someone and then some trucks pull up. Armed men get out and she hides her face. Carrie wakes Quinn as Gharzi gets a call and he shouts for Qadir, the translator. The caller is a woman speaking Arabic. He ends the call. Quinn says the caller says his laundry is ready for pickup. He crushes his phone and Carrie says it’s an exit code. They didn’t trace the caller and they tell her the guy is running. She curses and says they have to take him. Quinn asks if she’s kidding. She says he’s the only link between Sandy’s murder and the ISI. Quinn says the guy is highly trained. She heads out and Quinn says the guy could have back up. Fara calls and Carrie doesn’t want to take it but she says it’s urgent. She tells Carrie that Haqqani is alive and she just saw him with Aayan. She says they embraced and then the guy left in an SUV. Carrie asks if she’s sure and Fara tells her she sent her a video. They tell her Gharzi is leaving but she says they may have a game changer here. She watches the video and, sure enough, it’s Haqqani. The Taliban said they killed him. She asks if Fara can follow but she says she’s on foot. She tells her good job and to get back to the office in case Aayan shows up. She asks what Quinn is thinking and he says that Sandy’s death makes sense now. He was killed to protect Haqqani and Quinn says the guy wasn’t there at all and that they wanted to get him off the American’s radar. They wonder what ISI’s angle is.

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Professor Boyd is there to pack up his office but the mystery woman is there with a couple of thugs. He tells her she’s risking a serious diplomatic incident. He says he’s not the guy and he’s leaving. She tells him he’s not and has had a change of heart. Her guys punch him and force him into a chair. Boyd demands a call and she brings him his phone. She says if he calls, a packet will arrive to FBI HQ in DC showing the documents he stole from his wife’s computer and a time line showing what he’s done. She says he’ll be arrested for treason and his wife’s career is done. He asks who she is and she says he can call her Tasmeen and beyond that, he doesn’t need to know. She says he can leave Islamabad a free man if he does what she wants. She says the FBI and his wife will never know. She hands him a key and he asks what it is. She says it’s how they begin. Back at the office, Carrie tells Fara that Aayan will be back. She says if he had another way, he would have gone with Haqqani. Fara asks if she should start on a passport for him and reminds her she promised to get him out of Pakistan. Carrie says he’s not going anywhere and that he’s aiding a terrorist. Carrie says a stalking horse is something you hide between when stalking quarry. She says that’s what they’ll do to get his uncle. Fara says he’ll never agree and Carrie says to get him to the safe house and she’ll worry about it. Quinn sits at his desk late, bouncing a ball off the wall. Carrie lies in bed sleeping when there’s a knock. She flips on the light and goes to the door. Fara is there with Aayan. She lets the kid in and tells Fara she’ll see her tomorrow. She asks if he’s okay and he says he guesses so. She asks if he did what he needed to and she asks how else she can help. He thanks her for the money and says he’ll pay her back. She offers to take his bag but he says no. She says he can stay there and he asks about London. She says it will be two to three days to get him a passport and visa but tells him he’s safe there. She says she’ll move into a hotel tomorrow so he can have privacy but says they can make up the couch for him tonight. She goes to get bedding and a pillow but checks herself in the mirror first. She comes out and asks him to give her a hand. He does and they pull the pillows off the sofa and she smiles at him reassuringly. He helps unfold the sheets and she chuckles and shows him how to make it up. She stands very close and bumps him then says sorry. She puts down the pillow and offers a blanket. She lays that out for him too. She says he must be exhausted and tells him to get some rest. She says it will all work out no matter what he’s feeling now. She says the worst is over and says he deserves a little grace. He looks around and she asks what’s the matter. He says there is something he should have told her. She asks what and he says he got kicked out of medical school yesterday. She asks why and he says they accused him of stealing from the hospital pharmacy. She puts a hand on his knee and says it’s okay but he insists he didn’t do it. He asks if it will keep him out of King’s College and she says it won’t. He takes her hand and asks how and she says she’ll make them understand. She tells him not to worry so much. She moves her hand closer to his crotch and he asks what she’s doing. She says nothing but keeps touching him. She leans in and kisses him. He looks at her in surprise and she asks if that’s okay. He says he doesn’t know. She asks if he’s never done this before and he says no. She leans in and kisses him again. She puts her arms around him and kisses him deeply and then pushes him back into the sofa. She straddles him and he kisses her back and touches her. She pauses but then he reaches for her and pulls her back into a kiss.

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About a Boy

Season 4 Episode Number: 41 Season Episode: 5

Originally aired: Sunday October 26, 2014 Writer: Meredith Stiehm Director: Charlotte Sieling Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi), Laila Robins (Martha Boyd), Tracy Letts (An- drew Lockhart), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Suraj Sharma (Aayan Ibrahim), Michael O’Keefe (John Redmond), Mark Moses (Dennis Boyd), Raza Jaffrey (Aasar Khan), Nimrat Kaur (Tasneem Qureshi), Meren Reddy (Parvez), Tamer Burjaq (Farhad Ghazi), Zahir Bassa (Qadir), Mahmood Muhammed (Cop), Shabbir Ahmed (Store Owner), Claire Berlein (Woman), Jamal Mukaddam (Clerk) Production Code: 4WAH05 Summary: Carrie works a frightened asset; Quinn and Fara stake out a new sus- pect.

Carrie and Aayan lie in bed and he stares at her sleeping in the morning light. He pulls the blanker down and peeks under it at her body. He lays the sheet back down and her eyes open. She tells him looking is okay. He’s embarrassed to be caught at it. She sits up naked and he asks if he should leave. She says she’ll get them breakfast. He offers to go but she says it’s best if he stays out of sight. She dresses and asks if he’s all right. He says yes and she lies down near him and says it must be overwhelming. He agrees and she asks what he wants for break- fast. She kisses him on the arm and says she’ll be back. Parvez negotiates with a shop owner to rent out his shop. The guy says he’s respectable but he’s interested because they offer him a few hundred bucks. He consents but says no sex and Parvez agrees. Deal made, Fara and Quinn get out of the car where they were waiting and head inside. They set up their equipment to watch for Haqqani. Quinn has his sniper rifle in case the guy does show. He asks what’s Fara’s problem and she says Carrie promised her a desk job. He reminds her she’s the one who found Haqqani trailing Aayan and says she’s in it now and is good. Carrie meets with Saul who says it’s odd to be leaving when things are just getting started. She wants him to talk to Lockhart about the ISI threat. He has the photo of Haqqani and asks what her plan is to find him. She says she’s working the nephew and it’s going well. He asks if he’s recruitable and she says he’s young and emotional. She says step one is getting him to admit Haqqani is alive. She says she likely has three days to get him hooked and Saul says that’s a tall f-ing order. He promises to call her from DC. She gets out and they drive away. Aayan is packing when she comes back and asks what he’s doing. He says he’s changed his mind and has to go. He says

117 Homeland Episode Guide he’ll got to Kiran’s or school and she says he’s a public figure now. She says the video has made him a CIA target and says they have a kill list. He says she told him yesterday the ISI was the issue. She tells him if he walks out the door, he will be grabbed up and disappeared. She says she knows he must feel bad about them having sex. He says it’s against his faith and she says she knows. He says he doesn’t want to sin and she says they don’t have to do it again. She says his situation is very serious and he needs to stay put until they can leave for London. Martha comes in complaining about shoes and her hubby asks if she has plans tonight. She says there’s a concert and he says he’s heard enough Pakistani music for a life time. He tells her he changed his mind about leaving and she says she has a meeting. She says she doesn’t believe he ever had a GW offer and says if he wants to leave, to say it to her face. He says he wants to stay and she asks why. He has no answer. Fara asks Quinn how long he’s known Carrie and he says three years. She says Carrie told her she needs to become a professional liar to become good at her job and he says she’s learning from the best. He says lying, manipulating, exploiting are the keys to the job. She spots the cleric and they snap photos. He tells her good eyes. At ISI HQ, Tasneem gives orders to find out how Carrie is getting in and out of the compound. A guy reports to her that Saul is flying out today. He says he met with Carrie and then changed his flight plan to DC. He says they are playing a strange game. He says Saul is still in the hotel gardens waiting on his flight. Tasneem says good riddance. Professor Boyd is looking for Carrie. He has a gift and is knocking on her apartment door. A woman confirms it’s the right apartment, but she’s not there. He’s sweating and nervous. The woman walks away and he decides not to use the key he was given. Saul is at the airport and sees Ghazi there. He calls Carrie to leave a message about it. He rushes through security to keep an eye on him. Ghazi makes it through his security line and Saul is trying keep an eye on him. He bribes a guard to go faster and takes off after him. Carrie pours coffee for herself and Aayan and starts an "interview" with him. She says she won’t publish anything without his permission. She starts with his uncle Haqqani. He asks what she wants to know and she says she knows he was the target of the air strike on his village. He says they were close and he was around a lot when he was young then he wasn’t. She asks where he went and he says — to the mountains. She asks to fight but he says to hide from the drones. She asks what kind of man he was. Aayan says he was guided by two things — Islam and Taliban bravery. She asks if he liked him and he tells her how he used to make him laugh as a child. He says he would tease him and have fun with him. Carrie asks if he was a hero and he says he beat the Soviet Union and it collapsed. She asks how he felt about America and he says he knew how to beat you too. She says she heard a crazy rumor that Haqqani wasn’t killed in the attack. He says that’s not true and says he saw his body. She tells him to take it easy and it was just a spook rumor. He says f- them and says it’s insulting. Carrie says if he is alive, she has to wonder if he knew the strike was coming and he says that’s not what happened. She says okay to calm him. At the airport, Saul checks the departures board to see where Ghazi may be going. He lurks in the gift shop then follows the guy out and down the terminal. He sees him in line for a flight and looking around nervously. Saul joins another line nearby. Ghazi takes a seat now and Saul calls Quinn. He tells him that Ghazi is at the airport and boarding an East India flight for South Africa. He gives Quinn the flight info and says he’ll call back if the guy doesn’t get on the plane. He asks him to let Carrie know. The Ambassador shows up looking for Quinn and Redmond tells her he’s in the field. She says he helps her sometimes and he offers to assist. He asks if it’s Dennis and she asks how he knows. He says spies know shit. She says her hubby is drunk in the bar and he heads out to help. Carrie and Aayan do dishes and she asks how long he’s going to give her the silent treatment. She says she has a habit of making people angry. He says it’s hard to talk about these things and she says she gets that. She says she wants to be honest with him and says she doesn’t want any surprises when they get to London. She tells him she has a baby and he says he knows — he saw the scar. She says she forgot his medical training. He asks what it is and she says a girl named Francis but says the dad died before she was born. He asks what happened to him and she says he was killed in the line of duty and says he was

118 Homeland Episode Guide a journalist too. She says he was on an assignment that was too dangerous. She says it was her fault because she sent him. She walks away and says they don’t have to talk about it but he says he doesn’t mind. She says she usually keeps it to herself. He asks if she’ll tell her daughter when she’s older and she asks how she can tell her that she’s the reason her dad is gone. He asks how can she not. Aayan says he’s sorry about her husband and she says he wasn’t her husband. She tears up and says she would have liked it if he was. He steps closer and hugs her. The call to prayer begins and she says she’ll leave him alone but he asks her to stay. She asks if he wants to pray and he smiles shyly and asks if he can touch her again. He takes her hand and says he felt silly last night. She asks why and he says he didn’t know how. She tells him he did and he says he took and didn’t give and she says he’s new at it. He asks how he gives and she says she’ll show him after prayers. She steps close and kisses him and puts her arms around him. Later, they’re in bed and he’s on top of her and she’s moaning and groaning but then starts to cry. He stops and asks if he’s hurting her or doing something wrong. She says no, she’s just happy. She says he makes her happy. He kisses her and they start up again. Dennis talks about Sandy with Redmond in the bar. They were drinking buddies and Dennis says Sandy got him in a lot of trouble. He tells Redmond he’s in a world of trouble. He asks if it’s about Martha but he says worse. He says if he knew a way out, he’d take it. Tasneem shows up then and introduces herself to Dennis as if they are strangers. She asks if the Ambassador lets him roam free. Redmond asks why she’s there and she says meeting a friend then comments she didn’t know they were close. Redmond says she’s an ISI ball buster and is probably on the job now. Redmond asks what he was going to tell him but Dennis says to forget it. Saul watches Ghazi and notices when he gets up and gets in line for a flight. Saul then watches him leave the line and then walk off into the men’s room. He sits back down at the long area to wait. He notices two suited men walk purposefully into the men’s room then come out quickly. He watches the men’s room but still no Ghazi. Finally, he goes in to check for himself. He sees Ghazi there and then a man sticks a syringe in Saul’s neck. They take him out of the airport in a wheel chair. Ghazi calls Tasneem and tells her it’s done. Parvez coaches Fara on her Urdu and then they see the cleric is on the move on foot. Quinn goes to get the car and she heads out on foot as well. She stays back a ways but keeps a close eye. He meets with a couple of guys and something is handed off to him. He walks back toward her and she turns to walk away but now he’s behind her. Looks like they gave him car keys because he unlocks a vehicle. She hops in with Quinn and they follow. They decide they need eyes in the sky on this and they need Carrie to authorize the drone but she’s been out of touch all day. Redmond brings a drunk Dennis home and throws him on the sofa. She’s very embarrassed but he says Dennis isn’t a bad guy. She says 20 years ago he was dashing and says now that guy is gone. He tells her to get some sleep and then leaves. Dennis wakes on the sofa after she goes upstairs — he may have been faking it (and I think he heard her call him a loser). He looks at the key in his hand. Fara and Quinn follow the cleric but realize they are heading into a no go area and agree they don’t have a death wish to keep going. The cleric stops and is questioned. Quinn hands her a tracker to try and put on the cleric’s car. He says he can’t get close enough since he’s white. She takes it and gets out after he explains how to install it. Quinn gets Carrie’s voice mail again and says she needs to answer her f-ing phone and says they need a drone ASAP. Fara is stopped by a soldier and questioned and she is told to go back. The soldier’s check the trunk of the cleric’s car and see Saul bound and gagged but just shut the trunk because they’re Taliban. Fara gets back in the car and Quinn has to back out of the checkpoint before they get into trouble -that means they’ve lost the cleric and also Saul, although they don’t know about their former boss being kidnapped. Dennis uses the key to access Carrie’s apartment. He looks around at her stuff, sees a photo of her with Francis and snaps a photo of it. He goes into her bedroom and sifts through the drawers then looks under her pillows. He goes into the bathroom and pokes around. He sees her medicine bottles and snaps photos of those as well. Next morning, Carrie watches Aayan sleep as she stands in the doorway. There’s a knock on the door and she goes to get it before it wakes the boy.

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It’s Quinn and he waits across the street. She runs over and asks why he’s breaking protocol. He tells her she’s been AWOL. He tells her about Ghazi and the cleric. He says they lost him without a drone and says she crapped the bed. He asks what she’s doing and she says she’s recruiting. He says she’s f-ing a child then asks if there is no line she won’t cross. She asks what his problem is and he tells her to enjoy it. She goes back inside and sees Aayan is up. She doesn’t see him and then heads up. She finds him on the roof and he asks who was at the door. She says it was a stringer — a freelancer. He’s watching the sunrise and says it’s beautiful. She pats his back and says it is. He says he has something to tell her before anything more happens. He says Haqqani is alive and says he takes him medicine because he’s very sick. He says he doesn’t want to lie to her but says it’s a secret and she can’t write about. She agrees not to tell anyone. He says he’s the only family he has left and she comforts him and hugs him.

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From A to B and Back Again

Season 4 Episode Number: 42 Season Episode: 6

Originally aired: Sunday November 2, 2014 Writer: Chip Johannessen Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi), Laila Robins (Martha Boyd), Tracy Letts (An- drew Lockhart), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Suraj Sharma (Aayan Ibrahim), Michael O’Keefe (John Redmond), Mark Moses (Dennis Boyd), Maury Sterling (Max), Numan Acar (Hais- sam Haqqani), Nimrat Kaur (Tasneem Qureshi), Shavani Seth (Ki- ran), Nick Boraine (Alan Hensleigh), Zahir Bassa (Qadir), Meren Reddy (Parvez), Assad Raja (Soldier), Justin Munitz (Spotter), Gary Green (Tech), Candice D’Arcy (Marine), Sharief Smith (Warrior), Lemogang Tsipa (Drone Pilot) Production Code: 4WAH06 Summary: Carrie puts her operation in motion.

Carrie sits in bed with a half dressed Aayan and works on his cover ID with him. He kisses he and she tells him to focus on learning the dossier. She runs through a series of identifying questions and then why he’s studying in England instead of Pakistan. He has good answers for all and then pulls her back into the bed to cuddle with him. He indulges him for a moment then shows him an enve- lope. He opens it and sees a pile of money — a thousand pounds. There’s also a pass- port in his new name. She tells him they leave tonight. She says every day is a chance for him to be caught. She says she has some things to do and he says he has to pick up some things from his dorm room. She wants him to leave the stuff but he says it’s all he has. She makes him promise not to take any unnecessary risks and he agrees. She dresses and heads out. She comes to the station and finds Quinn and says she needs a small discrete team. He hassles her about screwing the kid and she says his surveillance op crashed and burned because she was in bed. H scoffs and calls her the boss and she says she’ll find someone willing to do their job. She sees Redmond and pulls him in to talk. Aayan is in his dorm room looking through photos of his family. He looks at his mother and is very sad. He puts these into his bag. Kiran shows up and asks what he’s doing. He says he’s leaving for London and she asks if he’s going for good. She asks how he can do this and he says he has a friend who is a journalist. He says she can’t tell anyone. She asks if he was going to go without a goodbye. He says it’s not fair and asks her what he’s supposed to do. He tells her he has to leave because of her father and says he has to go. She asks him to take her along and he says he

121 Homeland Episode Guide can’t. She steps closer and he gets angry and tells her no. He says he has to go alone and she acts jealous. He says the journalist saved him and asks when he met her and how. She asks if he loves the woman. He says she arranged for him to go to college in London and then she asks again and he says he’s only known her a short while. He tells Kiran he has to go and says goodbye. He steps out into the hall of his dorm. He’s very upset but keeps going. He sees a man waiting outside the dorms for him and heads back inside then goes into a stairwell and heads out the emergency exit. The guy notices him but at least he has a head start now. Aayan pulls up his head and takes off running into the crowd of students. He ducks into a building and hides behind a wall. His pursuer walks on by. He sighs in relief. Boyd is there and says he has a gift for Redmond — they get Quinn to help him. He tells him that Redmond bailed him out the other night. Boyd says they talked about ball busting women. He hands Boyd a pen and paper and he asks Quinn if she’s a crazy ass ball breaker like he’s heard. Quinn just stares at him and then Hensleigh comes in and calls Quinn out. He goes and the guy tells him Ghazi didn’t get off the plane in South Africa. He tells the guy to get in touch with Saul as soon as he touches down in DC. Boyd leaves and tells Quinn goodbye on the way out. Carrie walks down the street and lets herself into her safe house. The guy from the campus watches from across the street. Inside, Aayan tells her that he was chased but says he lost the guy. She says if it was ISI, there will be no limits on what can happen to him. She tells him she’s not at risk as a foreigner but he is. She says they have to push back their departure until things cool off. He tells her also about Kiran and that he told her he was leaving. She asks if he said where they were going and he did and says they need to leave now. She says she can find out ahead of time if he’s on the watch list and says if he is, there’s no safe way to get him out of there. He says he knows and then says his uncle can help. He says his uncle can get him across the border through Afghanistan and then to England. She asks if he would do that. He says Haqqani paid for his college and would help him. He holds out his hand for his passport and she hands it over. He asks if she’s angry and she says it’s her fault for letting her guard down. They see a shadow at the door and a guy breaks in the window. She tells him to go and someone breaks in through the bedroom. She drags the guy off Aayan and he runs for the roof. He scrambles across it and then down another roof and to the street. He hits the ground and is running like a rabbit. He comes out of an alley and looks around but sees no one. He hears tires squealing and goes to hide as a van pulls up. He sees Carrie being shoved into the van and then it peals out past him. In the van, Carrie asks if they had to make it so rough. They bloodied her nose. She tells them back to the Embassy and says they’re going to cross their fingers and see where the kid goes. They pull into the Embassy basement parking lot and Fara and Max are there. Carrie introduces then to Redmond and explains the one guy hit her in the nose. Carrie explains to Fara they put a tracker in Aayan’s passport. Fara wonders if she’ll take out the kid when they spot Haqqani. Carrie tells her to stop calling him the boy — she says he’s an adult who smuggles drugs to Jihadists. She says if she or Quinn have any issues with the boy, she can remind herself she wouldn’t have to do any of this if she had recruited him successfully like she was supposed to. Carrie tells her to go to the safe house and clean up and contribute to the operation. Fara reminds her she found Haqqani and there would be no operation without her. Boyd lurks in the lobby of the Embassy but it’s not clear if he heard any of what they were arguing about. Carrie goes upstairs and Redmond and Max show her the surveillance of Aayan at the bus terminal. They watch him get on a bus to Karachi and Carrie says that’s the wrong direction. But then he talks to a guy who points him to another bus. This is the right way — toward Gosa — where his uncle has a training camp. Carrie is relieved that it seems to be working. He boards the bus and it departs. Redmond says it’s a six hour bus ride and tells Carrie she can crash on the couch in the next room. He promises to wake her if anything happens. She goes to lie down. Fara looks at Aayan’s photos he left behind at the safe house when he fled. She dumps them into a plastic bag along with his jacket and some other items. She looks at the busted out side window by the door. We see Boyd peeking in. He ducks back as she goes to put some cardboard into the window.

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The bus is stopped and everyone is told to take their bags and get off. They are herded off by armed men. Max wakes Carrie and says something is happening. Aayan gets off with the others. Some of the men search the luggage on the bus while others herd the passengers together. Carrie watches and curses. She sees they’re checking papers. They down the line asking for passports. Aayan looks nervous. The man asks him for his then slaps him. Carrie tells them to wait and says he’s resourceful. He answers questions about his student visa and the soldier asks why he’s there instead of on the way. He asks who he is and holds the passport up to the light. Aayan gives his fake name but the guy yanks him out of line. Carrie tells Redmond to wait. The soldier demands that he tell him the truth. Aayan hands over his money and says it’s all that he has. The soldier snatches it and smiles. He tells him happy holidays and tosses his passport back at him. Carrie smiles. Redmond is smug. Aayan picks his illegal papers up off the ground and heads back onto the bus with the others. Fara hears the security alarm beeping downstairs and puts in the code. She sees the bags of stuff have been rifled. She notices the cardboard in the window is ajar. Hensleigh comes to tell Quinn that Saul isn’t in DC and he can’t find him. Quinn tells him to get a number from Carrie but the guy says she’s holed up in Ops 1 and he can’t get to her. Quinn tells him to call Saul’s wife Mira. The bus pulls up and Aayan hops off first. He heads down a street. They watch from satellites. Carrie asks them to pull closer and they see he’s at a pay phone. Max is on it and she tells him to hurry. Aayan is talking to someone and Carrie pushes on Max. They get it finally. They’re running the number down as they listen. He’s talking to Haqqani. Carrie asks what they said and the translator says they are meeting where they did when he was a boy. Aayan they calls her and she has to scramble to close down the audio to avoid feedback. She says she was worried she wouldn’t hear from him. He asks if she can talk and she says she doesn’t know whose listening. She says she’s okay but they gave her 24 hours to leave the country. Aayan says he thought on the long ride and says he thought about just her. He says she saved him many times and he wants her to know that he loves her. Everyone in the ops room just stares. He says he can’t wait to see her again. She says she loves him too and they end the call. She comes to sit by Redmond who just looks at her askance but says nothing. Aayan heads out of the village and through a rocky field. He goes to a small forest and heads into the trees. Carrie watches on the satellite feed. Redmond comes in and says Fara left her some garbage bags. She asks Redmond what he thinks and he asks about what. She says everyone heard what the kid said to her. Redmond sits and says he doesn’t think she cares what anyone thinks. She asks what if she does. He says they all thought Haqqani was dead but he’s not and now they’re about to get him for real and she made that happen. He says that’s mostly what he thinks. He leaves. Aayan kneels in the foothills of some mountains and prays to Allah as the sun comes up. He stand and slips his shoes back on and continues his walk. He walks through the foothills and stays near a creek. Finally, he comes to an area where women are dipping water with buckets. He looks into the mountains and smiles. Carrie pours coffee and goes back to watching his progress on the live satellite feed. Aayan pulls of his socks and pulls up his jeans and steps into the water. He crosses to a couple of concrete structure left in the creek and sits down. He lies back to feel the sun. Boyd is at a cafe when Tasreem shows up. She asks if it’s early for him and he says he’s turning over a new leaf. He says he got into Carrie’s apartment and shows her the photos of the drugs. He says he thinks she’s at least bipolar and maybe worse. He points to a yellow building across the way and says it’s a CIA safe house. He says there was a big clean up yesterday and shows her the photos. She says it’s Aayan and he says maybe not any more then shows her a travel dossier with a new name. She tells Boyd he has a real gift for this and says she has to move on this. Aayan lies relaxed on the concrete when men with guns approach. There are four of them. He stands and crosses the creek to them. He puts his socks and shoes back on. Carrie asks who these guys are and they look around. Max runs facial recognition on them as they head to a the waiting truck. One is Azir Makdeshi and another is Basir Keshan. They are both Haqqani’s guys. Aayan doesn’t appear nervous around the guys. They all stand and look

123 Homeland Episode Guide around and Max asks what they’re doing. Carrie says they’re waiting and says Haqqani may be coming. They tell her they can’t protect the asset if they drone them. She says if the target shows up, they take action. Quinn sees a note and asks for Hensleigh all up and down the hall. The note said he never got on the plane. He says he just found out a couple of hours ago and Quinn yells. Carrie asks what they’re looking at and we see a couple more trucks pull up. Carrie says to sweep and get a positive ID. Aayan talks to a man who says he shouldn’t have come. Quinn comes in and tells her Saul never got on the plane. She says they are in the middle of this. They confirm it’s Haqqani and Redmond calls it in. They are about to bomb them when they see a man dragged out of one of the trucks. It’s Saul. Haqqani tells Aayan that this man was the head of the CIA. He asks what the woman said to him and says the woman is practically his child. Haqqani says there is a drone overhead now ready to kill them. Aayan looks up at the sky and into the camera of the drone. Haqqani says the medicine saved his life. He thanks his nephew then puts a bullet in his head. Carrie curses. Haqqani stares up at the drone but knows they won’t kill him because of Saul. Carrie orders them to take the shot. Quinn says they can’t. Carrie orders the shot but Quinn says no. Max hesitates and Quinn grabs her and shakes her and says it’s Saul. The vehicles roll out and, for now, both Saul and Haqqani are safe. They watch the trucks roll out. Carrie storms out. At an intersection, each of the three vehicles rolls out in a different direction. They ask Quinn which vehicle the drone should follow. He’s not sure. Carrie paces in her office and tries to calm down. She looks at the bags of stuff Fara left then swipes her desk clear in a fit of rage. She begins to cry and shake.

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Season 4 Episode Number: 43 Season Episode: 7

Originally aired: Sunday November 9, 2014 Writer: Alexander Cary Director: Carl Franklin Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi), Laila Robins (Martha Boyd), Tracy Letts (An- drew Lockhart), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Michael O’Keefe (John Redmond), Numan Acar (Haissam Haqqani), Maury Sterling (Max), Raza Jaffrey (Aasar Khan), Mark Moses (Den- nis Boyd), Nimrat Kaur (Tasneem Qureshi), Art Malik (Bunny Latif), Shavani Seth (Kiran), Alex Lanipekun (Hank Wonham), Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody), Aidan Whytock (Brian Chase), Vaughn Lucas (Se- curity Guard), Roberto Meyer (Marwand), Rameez Nordien (Obaid), Michal Banai (Haqqani’s Wife), Chi Mhende (Aide), Yves Garnier (PAF Lieutenant), Lemogang Tsipa (Drone Officer), Gulam Mahomed (El- derly Patient), Waheed Samsoodeen (Large Man), Gary Green (Tech) Production Code: 4WAH07 Summary: Lockhart arrives; Carrie’s investigation gets complicated.

Someone is mixing up capsules — looks like they’re planning on messing with Carrie’s meds. The man mixes up a batch of white and green capsule and hands it to Tasreem. She takes the packet of pills and leaves the pharmacy. At the Em- bassy, a convoy of cars streams in. Am- bassador Boyd waits and the Director of the CIA Lockhart gets out. He asks when the Pakistanis will be there but says he’s not confident they’ll help release Saul. She introduces John Redmond and Quinn. She asks to talk 15 minutes be- fore the meeting. Lockhart asks where Carrie is and Redmond says she’s pulled herself out because she was overruled in the ops room. Redmond tells Lockhart he thought it was Carrie’s choice to make and Quinn says her CI was just killed and she was taking a hard line that he disagreed with. He tells Quinn to get her and says this is no time to sulk. She’s with Max and Fara — they are trying to figure out what drugs Aayan was getting for Haqqani. She tells Fara to go ahead and tell her she sent the boy to his death but Fara says they all did but she’s visibly upset. Quinn knocks on Carrie’s apartment door then lets himself in. She’s not home. He pokes around then calls her. He asks where she is and says Lockhart wants her. She says to tell him she’s on the way. He asks what she’s doing and she says she’s trying to find Saul. Quinn says that’s good. Boyd’s creepy hubby Dennis is hiding and Quinn didn’t see him. He’s there to snap more photos of her drugs. He counts out some of her pills, flushes them down the toilet and replaces them with the ones Tasreem had made. He compares his photo to how he replaced the bottles then leaves. Lockhart chastises the station personnel and says they have been dysfunctional but are Saul’s best hopes. Redmond says the gag order is making it harder. Carrie comes in.

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Redmond says all anyone needs to know is they’re looking for Haqqani. She asks to talk to Lockhart privately and she says she has a lead on Haqqani. She says he has a serious illness that requires medication. She says she’s following up now. They get a call saying the Pakistani delegation is there and Carrie and Lockhart go to face them down. Saul and Haqqani ride in a car and Saul tells him he has no value to him because his knowl- edge is obsolete but Haqqani says he’s proven his worth. He says being able to drive freely in the light of day is because of Saul’s presence. He tells Saul he hasn’t seen his wife or children in three years because it’s been too dangerous. He says thanks to Saul, he will again. He calls him his human shield. The Ambassador tells the Minister she knows this is difficult but knows they talk to these people sometimes. Tasreem is there and Bunny demurs. Martha asks him to exert some influence but Bunny says Saul is a big prize and nothing they could offer Haqqani would pay for that. Lockhart tells him it’s time for blunt talk. He says they know Haqqani didn’t pull this off alone. Bunny asks what he means. Lockhart says his predecessor was taken from an airport guarded by the Pakistani military and the ISI. Bunny asks what he’s accusing him of and Lockhart says there are people among them sympathetic to Haqqani as they were to Bin Laden. Lockhart calls them double dealers and says it’s unacceptable. Lockhart says to get Saul returned or Pakistan’s aid package will be under review immediately. That shocks even Martha. Bunny tells Martha goodbye but doesn’t address Lockhart. The delegation leaves. Martha asks what in God’s name he’s thinking and says threats don’t work here. She says he doesn’t have that authority but he say the President gave it to him. She asks why she wasn’t told and he says he’s telling her now. Carrie also leaves the meeting room. Dennis lurks as the delegation walks out. Carrie asks for a word with Aasar and says she knows he was one of the last people to see Saul alive. She says he’s at the epicenter of this shit storm. She says they know about Ghazi being at the airport and that Saul saw him there. She calls the ISI into question and says to prove her wrong by showing her all the surveillance tapes from the airport. He tells her to hop in the car with him now and they’ll go. She agrees to meet him there in 30 and he says terminal three by customs. She goes up to her apartment, takes one of the fake pills and then starts to have a panic attack of sorts. She cools off with a wash cloth. Dennis comes to see Martha who says she’s drafting a letter of resignation. She says her position there is no longer tenable. He closes the door and asks what happened. She tells him they are leveraging the aid package to get Saul’s release without telling her. He says it seems a small price to get Saul back. She says Lockhart destroyed her relationships there. He tells her he won’t let her give up her life’s work. She is surprised and says she thought he hated it there. Dennis says it’s starting to grow on him. Quinn drives Carrie and she says she gets why he did what he did but says taking out Haqqani was right even if it took out Saul too. She says she knows it’s harsh but says Saul would agree. She says Saul is humiliated right now and would put a bullet in his brain to prevent them from moving mountains to get them. She says she’s glad Saul isn’t dead and says it’s bad enough to have Aayan on her conscience too. They are at the airport looking at footage and Aasar says the cameras on Saul’s concourse were out. They do have some footage to show them and it’s him lurking near the coffee stand. She asks Aasar if he doesn’t find it suspicious that there were no working cameras from where Saul disappeared. He says it was unfortunate and then she asks what they did with the evidence. She starts hearing crazy noises — like clanging when a woman is stirring her coffee and other aggravated sounds. She thinks a guard is hiding something in his bag and makes him show her, but it’s just his lunch. Whatever they gave her is making her freak out horribly. The nurse they were looking for has gone missing and they assume she’s dead. Carrie tells them to find Aayan’s GF Kiran because she likely knew about the medicine. Haqqani and Saul ride through a village where Haqqani is greeted like a hero. Lockhart gets a report that Haqqani’s Mercedes is rolling toward his former HQ and he tells them to get Carrie up there now. They are furious that the terrorist is staging a public homecoming under their noses. The car pulls up and Haqqani’s young children flock around them. He hugs and kisses them all. One of the kids throws a show at Saul and Haqqani picks it up and asks whose it is. Marwand

126 Homeland Episode Guide says it is his — he’s an older child. Marwand says that man is the enemy. His dad tells him no harm must come to Saul and he must hide his feelings toward him. He tells his son to apologize and he does. Saul nods. Haqqani takes them all inside his compound. Saul isn’t bound, but is escorted by guards. Haqqani sees his wife and goes to her. She cries and embraces him. Saul is forced the follow them all inside. Carrie comes to the ops center and Lockhart asks what their options and assets are. John says they haven’t been able to break into that area. Carrie says they need to rescue him today before they move but they tell her it takes weeks to prepare this. Redmond says it’s impenetrable in that area. She curses at him and Lockhart asks what’s gotten into her. She says nothing but is clearly agitated. Lockhart tells her to go take a break then asks to talk to the White House and special ops in Kabul. Carrie goes up to her apartment and sits on her bed panting. It looks like the walls are falling apart around her. She curses and falls back onto her bed then pulls her blankets around her. Saul asks Haqqani what they were shouting at him in the streets and he says they were calling him the of God. Saul asks isn’t he tired of war and Haqqani says they could have left them alone but Saul reminds him of 9/11. Haqqani says they did not do that, al-Qaeda did and Saul says they hid them. Haqqani says many of those that helped were Saudis but they didn’t occupy their country. Haqqani says Amer- ica came, stayed and destroyed their culture and religion. Saul says his version of Islam is re- gressive and backward. Saul asks if he’s okay with subjugation of women and says they have taught an entire generation to live with one foot in the grave. Saul says — you just killed your nephew then sacrificed a lot of his family at the wedding. Haqqani mocks Christianity but Saul says he’s a Jew. That takes him back a little. Carrie wakes when he phone buzzes. It’s Max and he says Kiran just started a shift at the hospital. She says to pick her up in half an hour. She goes into her bathroom, unsteady and takes one of the fake pills and pockets two more to take with her. As she walks out, she hears the fluorescents buzzing insanely loudly. She heads out through the secret tunnels and is looking rough. The traffic is ultra loud to her. Lockhart talks to special ops and he says the potential for casualties his high and they could just kill Saul at any time. Lockhart says to work on a viable plan and call back. Haqqani is with his wife having loud sex and Saul is chained nearby, close enough to hear everything. He is clearly miserable being neat the terrorist sex fest. Carrie makes it to the hospital and looks for Kiran. She is very disoriented. She sees Kiran and runs to her. She introduces herself and says she was writing an article about Aayan. She says she heard about her and asks where Aayan is. She says he went to see his uncle to take him medicine. Kiran says she knows nothing about this and Carrie struggles to recall the name. She curses. Then Quinn is there and tells her she can’t harass hospital staff. She asks if he’s going to tell her shit about caring for her again and she assaults him then runs out into the street. She’s lost her head scarf and then vomits near a market stall then backs away. She’s coming apart at the seams. She hears loud music everywhere then sees a monkey and screams. A car horn sounds and she begins to have a flashback of when Sandy dies. She runs into a large man who curses her in Urdu. She roams the streets and falls down when she is almost knocked over by a motorcycle. She sees a car there and panics. She thinks they were following her. The people step out of the car and she shoots them both. Police pull up and grab her. She tells them to let go of her then weeps hysterically as they cuff her and drag her away. Lockhart asks if they think Saul and Haqqani are still at the house but they can’t confirm it. Quinn is there in the ops room. The guy she thought was Quinn was somebody else and she was hallucinating his face onto the other person’s. Saul and Haqqani are back in the car and Saul sleeps. He wakes Saul and he asks if he knows where he is. Saul says he’s guessing they are in the tribal areas. Haqqani says they are eight miles from Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires. He sees a light in the distance and Haqqani cranks the car. Martha shows up to see Lockhart. He was resting on the couch. She tells him his outburst has jeopardized four years of careful diplomacy. He says he doubts the delegacy was surprised. She asks for an update and he says they are in a holding pattern. She asks if would be good to

127 Homeland Episode Guide have the Pakistanis back on their side. She says the foreign minister called and is coming at 7 to brief her. Lockhart asks to be at the meeting and she agrees but says it has to be done her way. He agrees. Carrie is in a cell freaking out. The flies are buzzing loudly and then she’s dragged out of her cell while she demands to know where she is and begging not to be taken. Haqqani and Saul pull up to a little shack. They pull Saul out of the car and he walks behind Haqqani. They head inside and Haqqani tells him he hopes his stay there will be short. Haqqani says he’s going to take Afghanistan back and Saul asks him and who. He says a lot of factions are going to try this. Haqqani says he’s swapping Saul for a bunch of prisoners. Saul says they will never agree to it because he’s not that valuable. He says the Director of the CIA doesn’t think so. He says it has already begun. Carrie is taken in a strait jacket to a home. They unlace and free her and shove her into a fancy room. She goes to the French door but there’s a snarling canine outside. She backs away from the door. She opens another door and looks around the house. She hears a door open upstairs and runs back into the room. Someone comes into the room and she tackles him. It’s Brody. He tells her not to be scared and she screams at him to get the f- away from her. He says she’s safe. He tells her to look at him. He tells her to open her eyes. She does and then slaps herself and says to wake up. He tells her to stop it. She says she saw him die and he says her mind is playing tricks on her and it’s over and he’s here now. She says he’s not and he asks why it’s so hard to believe. She looks at him and says she wants to believe. She cries and he tells her to. He puts her hand to his face and she says — it’s really you. She cries and kisses him then hugs him to her. She holds him and sobs. She asks why he’s so cold and she asks if he’s mad at her. She says he came back to punish her for what she did because he hates her. She says she was willing to let him die and he says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He says no one has died. He says he’s right in front of her and she sobs. He pulls her close and says she’s safe now. She holds him and cries and cries. She says his name over and over again. He asks who Brody is. It’s Aasar who has her and is holding her! He asks who Brody is.

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Halfway to a Donut

Season 4 Episode Number: 44 Season Episode: 8

Originally aired: Sunday November 16, 2014 Writer: Chip Johannessen Director: Alex Graves Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi), Laila Robins (Martha Boyd), Tracy Letts (An- drew Lockhart), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Mark Moses (Dennis Boyd), Raza Jaffrey (Aasar Khan), Nimrat Kaur (Tasneem Qureshi), Michael O’Keefe (John Redmond), Numan Acar (Haissam Haqqani), Art Malik (Bunny Latif), Dylan Edy (Special Forces #2), Tyrone Keogh (Special Forces #1), Gary Green (Tech), Nicole Sher- win (Nurse) Production Code: 4WAH08 Summary: Carrie organizes a last-ditch operation; Lockhart and Martha stall Pak- istan’s Inter-Services-Intelligence.

Carrie wakes in a bed that’s not hers. She sits up and looks around. She sees a man outside her window and struggles to pull herself together. She sees shoes by the bed and tries to grab them. She can barely stand and clings to the poster of the bed. She struggles over to a sofa then goes to look outside. There’s a patio with a table and she sees a guard nearby. She walks further out then staggers and catches herself on a chair. Aasar is there and asks how she’s feel- ing. He says she was in quite a state. She looks around and asks if this is his house. He says it is. She asks how she got there and he says — you don’t remem- ber? He says his men brought her there because she was causing a commotion in the street and the police locked her up. He asks if she really doesn’t remember and he says she told him some things last night about herself because she thought he was someone else. She goes back inside and almost falls. He tells her she needs to rest but she says no. He picks her up and puts her in the bed. She’s shivering and he wraps the blankets around her. He leaves her there. Lockhart asks if they’ve found Carrie and Quinn says they are still looking. They are headed to meet with the Pakistanis. Aasar shows up as part of the Pakistani group and runs into Tasreem. He says he had an unexpected guest and she says she knows and asks why he intervened. He says she was out in the street acting crazy and they didn’t need another incident. She asks why he thinks Carrie was acting like that. She says she would have been on plane, relieved of her post if he hadn’t intervened. She’s angry and stomps away. They all head into the meeting. Saul is woken up and put in chains. He’s hauled out and put in front of a flag so that he can be seen on the video screen at the meeting. He looks at the camera and says don’t do a f-ing thing they ask. They drag him out of sight. Lockhart says to tell them if Saul is hurt, all bets are off and Tasreem says she’ll try to convey that message.

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Haqqani is there then reading off a list of names. Lockhart asks if they are prisoner names and Tasreem says they are being held at Bagram. Lockhart reminds them that Haqqani also killed Pakistanis and Tasreem says those are Haqqani’s demands, not theirs but Lockhart isn’t buying it. They agree to meet tomorrow after talking to each of their governments. When Saul is taken back to his cell, he fights his captors, is knocked to the floor and takes that opportunity to steal a nail he saw there earlier. He hides it and then once they leave, begins to work on his chains. Carrie is up and about at Aasar’s. She sets out a couple of pills to take. She pops one in her mouth then spits it out into her hand. Aasar comes in and asks if she’s feeling better. She asks why his men were following her and he says they weren’t. He says the police were called on her because she was acting crazy. She says she thinks someone tampered with her medications. He says nothing and then asks if she thinks he did it. He says he didn’t do it and she asks who did. He says he has no idea. She asks if he’d tell her if he knew. He says he saved her and she needs to rest. She says she’s leaving and he offers to drive her back to the Embassy but she says she can get herself there. She goes to see the doctor and has blood drawn and a nurse brings her new medications. Quinn comes in and Carrie says they have a breach because someone got in and swapped her meds. She meets with Lockhart and Quinn. He asks who could do it and wants to tell the Ambas- sador. She doesn’t want to tell anyone. They tell her about the prisoner exchange demands to get Saul back. It’s all of Haqqani’s command structure. She asks what the plan is and Lockhart says there is no plan. He says no one wants this, not even Saul but can’t have Saul’s head in a basket. He asks her what to do. She says they need to find another way and he says he needs something more specific. He also says he needs to tell the Ambassador what happened to Carrie. He leaves and Quinn asks what happened to her last night. She says she has no idea what happened and she wound up at Khan’s house who says he picked her up from police lockup. She says they exploited a weakness but Quinn says they poisoned her. Saul works on his handcuffs. He’s in pain and trying to hurry. He hears noises and has to stop. He lies down and coughs as a guard peers in through the window on his cell door. He goes back to work on the cuffs once the man moves on. He got one hand loose. He hears voice again but keeps working. Lockhart goes to see the Ambassador about the breach. Lockhart says this feels like a war. He tells Boyd he doesn’t know how she sits across from the Pakistanis every day and she says that’s what being a diplomat is about. He says they hate us. Dennis comes in and says Lockhart didn’t look happy. He’s brought her a treat that’s about halfway to a donut. She tells him to stay inside for a while and says to find someone else to cover his class. She says it’s not safe. She tells him there was a breach at the Embassy and he can’t tell anyone. He agrees. Great. She told the breacher about himself. What a moron. She tells him to be careful. A guard hears a noise and goes into Saul’s cell. He finds the man has hung himself. He grabs a bucket and stands up to cut him down. He does and then Saul attacks. He was only faking suicide. He chokes the man to death. He rolls the guy over and then searches him. He takes the guy’s cell phone. He calls Carrie as he runs outside. He tells her it’s him. She runs to wake Quinn and says Saul escaped but doesn’t know where he is. She says he’s calling back in 11. She has Redmond and the others ready when he calls. He asks what to do and he says they have to locate him. He says it’s pitch black and they work to track the cell signal. They pull up a map and Quinn tells him to calm down. Saul says he’s just in bad shape. They tell him to be quiet since sound travels. He says — just tell me what to do. Redmond says he’s near Makin where they have an asset. Quinn tells him to go up to a ridge line. He makes it there and tells them to get him out of there. They tell him to look for lights on the valley floor and tells him they have an asset there. It’s 20 miles away. They give him the asset’s name and tell him it’s a grocer and that Special Forces will extract him there. Quinn tells him it will be radio silent until the extract him but Saul asks to talk to Carrie alone first. She steps out to take the call. She says it’s just them. He says he won’t be recaptured. He says he won’t be a pawn in the prisoner exchange. He tells her no one can suffer for his mistakes.

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He asks if she hears him and she says she does. He makes her promise to drop a bomb on the whole mess if anything goes wrong. He says escape or die and tells her to promise. She says okay but he makes her say it out or else he’s walking off a cliff right now. She says escape or die and promises. He repeats back the extraction information to her and ends the call. Dawn finds him still walking toward the village wrapped in the guard’s cloak. Carrie says he’s almost there and they tell her Special Forces is 90 minutes away. Quinn asks Carrie what Saul said to her and she says he made her promise escape or die. Quinn says it won’t come to that and she says she hopes not. Lockhart says the Pakistani group is there and the Ambassador has been told to stall. They wonder if they know Saul has escaped. Dennis approaches Tasreem and says they know about the pills and that Carrie is on a rampage to find out who poisoned her pulls. She says she has something for him to do but he says it’s too hot. She hands him a napkin and Aasar sees the exchange. The Ambassador starts the meeting with a daily proof of life demand. She next says one of the names on your list and the Pakistani rep Bunny says that it’s not our list. She says one of the men has in infection. Carrie slips a note to Lockhart that the Pakistanis don’t seem worried. Saul lurks in the alley across from the grocer’s. He sees the man open up his shop and then walks in and calls out to the man. The guy pulls a gun on him and asks who he is. Saul says didn’t they say and he tells Saul to shut up. Saul says if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about shoot him, otherwise, he’s come for help. Carrie watches Tasreem as Boyd works through the list. Carrie steps out of the meeting and Lockhart follows. Tasreem smiles as they go. Carrie tells Lockhart they know where Saul is. Carrie comes in and says they don’t have to find Saul, all they have to do is find the drone. She says they know where help is coming from. Lockhart says that’s why they’re being so smug and says they have to give the team a hand up. Carrie calls the Special Forces team but then they lose their radio signal. Carrie tries to warn them. They are in an old VW bus. They curse and try to call in and tell her the Taliban are everywhere. They have to reroute and Carrie says it will take them forever. The grocer tells Saul that Haqqani is Taliban and came there shutting down the school and pushing for Sharia no one wanted. He says they killed his father and then everyone else backed down. He says he called the Americans the next day. Carrie calls just then and asks Saul how he is. He says he’s ready to go but she says there’s been a change of plans. She says she wants to move him to the South edge of town for pick up. She tells him to take an alley to the hospital. She says there is a park behind the hospital and says to take the phone and keep it on. The grocer also gives Saul a gun to take with him. They watch him leave via drone. The grocer steps outside and sees a truck full of armed men roll into town and disburses. Tasreem gets a text during the meeting. Boyd says she’s sorry about the delay and Tasreem says it’s okay, she’s sure Lockhart and the others will be back soon. Special Forces calls in and says they have been stopped by Taliban. The Taliban approach and then open fire. They return fire and throw it in reverse. Carrie wants them to press on but they have to back away because of the Taliban presence. She sees on the drone that Taliban are all over and calls Saul. She tells him there is Taliban all over. They are tracking him. Saul says there’s too many of them. She tells Saul to hang tight. He says he can’t get through. He sits down and says no. She says to keep moving. He says he won’t go back to those people. He tells her they had a good run and that they’re everywhere. He says there are too many. He puts the gun to his head but she says she’s in the ops room and can see that it can work. She tells him to do exactly what she says. Quinn tells her they can’t get Special Forces there. She tells Saul they’re waiting for him at the rendezvous. He’s crying hard now. He still has the gun in his hand. She tells him to exit the courtyard. He stands and tucks the gun into his pants. She tells him to take a right at the alley. He says that’s the way he came. He rushes out and she sends him down a few buildings and left. He sees more Taliban and she directs him to a door. He says it’s locked and tries the next few then ducks into a building. She says to look for an exit across the building. He sees one and she says it will take him to a street where there’s a park. He’s surrounded. She sent him directly into their hands and he screams out that she f-ing lied to her and he curses

131 Homeland Episode Guide her and calls her a f-ing whore. She tells them to turn off the sound. Lockhart says he’s going back to the conference room. He says he was really looking forward to telling the Pakistanis to go f- themselves but that can’t happen now. He goes back in and sits. He tells them to tell Haqqani they’ll meet his demands. Tasreem does not look surprised. The Pakistanis stand and leave. Carrie tells Quinn she was trying to do the right thing and may have steered him to his death. She says she betrayed Saul and asks how saving his life could be the wrong choice but it was. She says there was nothing but wrong choices. She says nothing good can happen in their world. Quinn says they’ve been up for two days and says they need some rest. He tells her goodnight and leaves. Carrie puts in her earplugs and goes to her bed with her sleep mask. She climbs under the covers and turns off the light. Her phone rings. She takes the call. She leaves the Embassy in the rain to meet someone. It’s Aasar. He approaches and she says — you won. He asks — did we. She asks what he needed to tell her. He says he didn’t tamper with her drugs. She says he already said that and he says he needs her to believe him. He says she makes everything so hard. He says she complains about distrust and she says what they did to her was f-d up. She says maybe it’s fair and what we do to each other but it didn’t feel fair. She says she believes him. He walks back over closer and she says she knows he’s telling the truth because she remembers some of it now — enough. She says the part at the end, with him, is part of what she remembers. He tells her it was Dennis Boyd that switched her pills. He says — he’s working against you, that’s all that I can say.

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There’s Something Else Going On

Season 4 Episode Number: 45 Season Episode: 9

Originally aired: Sunday November 23, 2014 Writer: Patrick Harbinson Director: Seith Mann Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi), Laila Robins (Martha Boyd), Tracy Letts (An- drew Lockhart), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Sarita Choudhury (Mira Berenson), Mark Moses (Dennis Boyd), Michael O’Keefe (John Redmond), Nimrat Kaur (Tasneem Qureshi), Art Malik (Bunny Latif), Raza Jaffrey (Aasar Khan), Alex Lanipekun (Hank Wonham), Numan Acar (Haissam Haqqani), Nick Boraine (Alan Hensleigh), Justin Munitz (Drone Operator), Irshaad Ally (Haji), Neil Coppen (Bill Franzen), Dayne Green (Boy), Esperanzia Adonis (Woman), Dean Johnson (Guard), Robert Hobbs (PMC Gary), Anton David Jeftha (Marine Sergeant Mullen) Production Code: 4WAH09 Summary: Carrie improvises to salvage her mission; the CIA closes in on a leak.

They have the prisoners Haqqani wants freed. They are leaders that sell drugs, recruit suicide bombers, act as logistics commanders and known bombers. Quinn signs to take custody of the motley group. Carrie tells Lockhart that Quinn has the prisoners but she says there is more go- ing on. She says Haqqani faked his death long before the opportunity came to take Saul. She says she’s working a source to figure out what he had planned originally. Lockhart asks her who’s running Boyd and she says Aasar wouldn’t tell her who on the Pakistani side is running him. She says they’ll know more when they ques- tion Dennis. Redmond calls Dennis is saying he needs some advice and brings him into his office. He asks if they can keep this between them and says it’s about Sandy. He says Sandy was generating a lot of good intel before he died but says his methods weren’t kosher. He says Sandy was trading secrets for the info and asks if Dennis knows anything about it. He asks if he ever saw Sandy meeting with someone he shouldn’t or taking things out of the Embassy. Dennis says no and Redmond says the info came from his wife’s computer. He asks if he thinks he did it then asks if he’s kidding. Redmond tells him now is the time to come clean. Dennis swears it wasn’t him but says he’ll let him know if he thinks of anything. Carrie watches and then Redmond comes in — she says Dennis is making a call. They lost the connection and Carrie says their evidence is weak and he may keep stonewalling them. She says to let him sweat for a couple of hours then grab him again for another go-round at the next level. Saul is hauled out of his cell and taken to sit by a window. A woman comes in to check him over and he asks what she’s doing. She takes off his glasses and washes his wounds. Once done, they drag him outside and load him into the back of a van and lie him down. They drive off with him. Carrie and Quinn watch the prisoners get loaded up and he wonders if they’re

133 Homeland Episode Guide doing the right thing. She says getting Saul back is the right thing. Redmond brings Dennis to an interrogation room where Carrie waits. She greets him and says she has something for him to look at. She shows him copies of the documents Sandy traded and says they know he was the only one that could have downloaded them and they synced his key card to when they were downloaded. She calls him a traitor and reminds him she’s fucking CIA. He tries to leave and finds the door locked. She tells him to tell her who Sandy’s contact was at ISI that is now running him. She says she knows he swapped her medication. She holds out the pills and says the pills she was given were twice as potent as LSD. He asks for a lawyer and she says — you poisoned me and you think I’m going to let you talk to a lawyer. She tells him to sit the fuck down. She leaves him there alone but says she’ll be back. Saul has a bag over his head and is lead down a narrow alley. He can see his feet and that’s all. He’s brought to a room and sat before a flag. They have a video camera on him and Haqqani snatches the bag off his head. He tells Saul — welcome back to Islamabad — and says he hopes his journey was comfort- able. He has Saul gagged. He talks to the camera about the drones murdering their women and children. He says they will drive them from the skies. He says Saul will bring them back their brothers and together they will march back to Kabul. He speaks Urdu then and the video ends. Haqqani’s son stares at Saul. They take his gag off and turn off the lights they used for the filming. He’s left in the room with the boy. Carrie watches Dennis on a security feed. He sits in the room on the edge of the table. She gets a call from Mira who says she talked to Ambassador Boyd that it’s all happening tomorrow and Carrie tells her they will have Saul back tomorrow. Mira says she knows swapping Saul for these people is a bad deal and worries the CIA will back out. Carrie says she’s running the exchange not Lockhart. Mira says she knows that and why she’s worried. She says Saul is proud of her and asks her to remember normal life and to remember she loves Saul and knows Carrie does too. She begs her not to let Saul die. Saul sits staring at the kid who lies sleeping on the floor. It sounds like the kid is having a nightmare. Saul speaks to him softly in Urdu to comfort him. The kid calms down into a more restless sleep. Next morning, Carrie comes in and plays the video for him of Sandy being mauled to death. She says this is how the other side behaves and these are the people he’s spying for. She says killing a CIA station chief is a big deal and that means there are more American lives at stake from a bigger agenda. He plays dumb. She says he passed state secrets and drugged her then asks what else he was asked to do. She says this is a matter of national security and has no idea how much discretion that gives her. She says she can take him to a black site and have him professional interrogated and tells him not to think she won’t do it. He tells her to go to hell and she says she just fucked himself. Carrie makes a call as the Ambassador forces her way in. She tells Dennis to come with her and tells Carrie she’s finished here. Carrie breathes and thinks. Dennis tells his wife Carrie accused him of spying for the ISI. She asks if Carrie produced any evidence and he lies and says nothing. She says it’s not likely they would have accused him out of thin air and asks if there’s a student or someone at the university he’s been talking to. She asks if he’s been having an affair and he denies it. She says she has to go take care of the Saul thing and tells him to stay put and call if Carrie tries anything. The Ambassador goes back downstairs and finds Lockhart and Carrie waiting. She says he has denied it all and says she thinks her husband knew she was playing him. She says she’ll keep trying and Carrie says it’s a hell of a time for him to develop a backbone. Carrie tells Quinn she wants him to stay at the Embassy on the ops room. She says she wants him to watch for anything that would let Haqqani keep or kill Saul while still getting his guys. He says he’ll keep his eyes open. The boy shakes Saul awake and offers him tea. Saul sits up and takes a sip from the cup he’s offered. There are armed men close by. Dennis packs a bag and is heading out of their residence. The Marine guard stops him and says he can’t leave the house for his own safety. He says he has to go to his office but the Marine says no. The Ambassador shows up and asks why he needs to go to his office so urgently. He says he has papers to grade and she asks what’s in the bag. She demands he show her. He won’t and she has the Marine take it. He has clothes, passport and money. She says to tell him what he’s involved in before she has him locked up. She tells

134 Homeland Episode Guide him to stop lying and he says he’s not. She tells the Marines to lock him up and that he’s allowed no visitors or calls. He begs her not to do it but they take him away. Carrie and Redmond show up to meet Bunny and Remaster who wants to know why Lockhart isn’t there. Carrie says they’ve got it covered. They talk about how the prisoner exchange will take place. Redmond asks what assurance they have that Haqqani won’t overrun the site and take the prisoners while keeping Saul. She gets a call and says it’s Lockhart but she calls Aasar and says this doesn’t seem right. She says they are very exposed and he says he was shut out of the planning. He admits that’s unusual. She asks about a double cross. [10:35:41 PM] Rachel Rowan: He ends the call and Carrie pretends to still be on hers before she walks back to the table. Bunny answers Redmond’s questions. Saul is brought to another van and loaded into it. He sees one of them men put a suicide vest onto the kid and calls the man who puts it on him a f-ing coward for not wearing it himself. He says the boy is happy to wear it because his parents were killed in a drone attack when Saul was running the CIA. They load the boy in with Saul. Lockhart and Quinn watch from the ops center. The exchange is ready to go down. Aasar, Tasneem and Bunny are at a distance watching through binoculars. Carrie asks Quinn if he sees anything but he doesn’t. The prisoners are unloaded from their van. Carrie radios to the Pakistanis that the prisoners are there. Tasneem radios back. Carrie says to show Saul. Tasneem talks on a walkie and then the van pulls up onto the tarmac and drives close to where the prisoners are. Carrie checks with Quinn again and he says the perimeter is still clear. The door of the van opens and Saul is pulled out. He fights them but they muscle him out. They drag him out bodily and down the tarmac. He finally stands and Tasneem tells Carrie to let the prisoners go. Carrie says to tell them to leave Saul and pull back or she wont release them. The kid is out of the van and standing there. The guys get back in the van but leave the kid. Tasneem says she doesn’t know what that is and Carrie says he has to go too. The sniper sees the bomb vest and Carrie orders the prisoners to their knees. Tasneem says she didn’t know about the vest and Carrie threatens to execute the prisoners now. She tells Quinn to find the detonator but they don’t know since everyone has a cell phone. Tasneem says the boy is insurance and will leave with the prisoners. Carrie says to make the swap. They stand the prisoners back up and Saul starts to hyperventilate a little. Carrie and Redmond watch as the prisoners begin to walk forward. Saul looks at them and then sits down on the ground. Carrie calls for them to stop the prisoners. Tasneem asks what he’s doing and Carrie says he must not trust the boy but Tasneem says Saul is the problem. A man comes forward with the detonator and demands that Saul get up. Saul says to blow them all to hell. Carrie says she’ll go get Saul and Tasneem checks then agrees. Carrie walks toward him and Lockhart asks what she’s doing. Quinn says she’s trying to keep this thing alive. She approaches Saul and tells him he has to move. She pulls his hands off his face and tells him to come with her. He refuses. She says she promised Mira she was bringing him home and he says she promised him no prisoner exchange. He says he can’t live with this. He tells her not to give one prisoner. He says to go and she says she won’t leave without him. He says then they can both die. She asks about the boy and he says the kid said his f-ing prayers and thinks he’s going to happen. Carrie says he sounds like them. She asks what he thinks he’s going to accomplish doing this and says this is not who we are. She says this is not who he is. She begs him to come with her and begins crying. She tells him to get up and puts her arms around him and tries to lift him up. She cries and curses at him. She tells him no more dying. Bunny watches all this through the binoculars. She tells him she wants to go home and pulls him to stand. They walk down the runway. She grabs her walkie and tells Redmond they’re ready and he can send the prisoners. They walk and the prisoners walk toward them. The Ambassador, Lockhart and Quinn watch from the ops center. Carrie looks back at the boy and picks up Saul’s glasses. Tasneem watches. The prisoners pass by Carrie and Saul and they walk away. They are instantly surrounded by an armed squad. Aasar, Bunny and Tasneem get into their car ready to leave. It looks like it all went down as planned. Quinn and Lockhart watch the cars disperse. Bunny walks over to the prisoners and speaks to them in Urdu. They are unlocked from their shackles. He walks away. The Ambassador goes to talk to her husband in his cell. She’s buzzed inside and tells him the prisoner exchange worked despite some tension. She says Saul is on his way back. He says that’s good. She asks how they ended up there and Dennis says this is all the CIA’s fault.

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He says ever since that wedding was bombed, it’s their fault. He tells her there is no evidence against him but she tells him to stop. They sit in silence. Saul rides with Carrie back to the Embassy. She holds his glasses still. Redmond gets a call and tells Saul it’s Mira. He doesn’t reach for the phone. He looks over at Carrie who hands him his glasses. He sighs and takes the call. The car in front of them is blown to bits. Their SUV stops. Another escort vehicle is blown up. Lockhart is alerted to RPG sound. They tell them they can’t get an answer from Carrie and says the convoy was hit. He curses and tells them to find Quinn. He asks how far it is and tells them to deploy the Marines ASAP. The convoy looks to be in bad shape with car fires burning everywhere. The Marines roll out and the guard tells Martha what’s happening. She says she has to go and Dennis asks if all the Marines went to assist. He says Tasneem wanted to know how Carrie got in and out and says he told her about the tunnels. Sure enough, there are some bad guys breaking into the tunnels. It’s Haqqani and many armed men. Saul may wind up a Martyr yet.

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13 Hours in Islamabad

Season 4 Episode Number: 46 Season Episode: 10

Originally aired: Sunday December 7, 2014 Writer: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon Director: Dan Attias Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi), Laila Robins (Martha Boyd), Tracy Letts (An- drew Lockhart), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Numan Acar (Haissam Haqqani), Nimrat Kaur (Nasneem Qureshi), Raza Jaffrey (Aasar Khan), Mark Moses (Dennis Boyd), Maury Ster- ling (Max), Michael O’Keefe (John Redmond), Nick Boraine (Alan Hensleigh), Meren Reddy (Parvez), Tamer Burjaq (Farhad Ghazi), Thabo Rametsi (Private Bryce), Luke Tyler (Young Analyst), Anton David Jeftha (Sergeant Mullen), Mogamatdien Basadien (Vendor), Ernest St. Clair (Taliban Fighter), Mzu Ntantiso (Marine Sergeant), Zain Mia (Mohsen), Anika Larsen (News Anchor), Candice D’Arcy (Ma- rine Private), Nic Rasenti (Marine), Charlie Bouquenon (Captain Fox) Production Code: 4WAH10 Summary: The security breach at the Embassy has far reaching consequences.

Carrie and Saul are alive, but looking bad. Carrie comes to with her ears ringing from the explosion and bleeding from the head. US soldiers are retrieving them. It looks like Redmond is dead with a huge shard of glass through his neck. Saul pulls Carrie to her and calms him down. Martha tells Quinn that they have to pull the Marine back because the ISI may be coming in through the tunnels. Quinn calls the Marines and tells Martha to lock herself in the vault. The Marine reports that they were hit by rock- ets but reports that Carrie and Saul are okay. Quinn pulls the Marines back and the guy says they’re pulling back now. But then they’re fired upon as they try to leave. Saul pulls Carrie out of the line of fire and she calls Aasar and asks him to send a platoon to help. Tasneem tells him to hold the call for 10 minutes and says it’s time they get a dose of their own medicine. He reminds her that Haqqani is a terrorist who has killed her soldiers. Tasneem says that’s because he insists the enemy is his friend and helps the Americans. She tells him to wait 10 minutes. Lockhart gets a sit-rep and he says Martha is locked down. Lockhart briefs everyone on level two lock down and they start shredding and incinerating files. Lockhart asks what he can do and a guy hands him a book that has all of the local intel and contacts they built. The guy tells him they have to get it to the vault because there is no backup. Haqqani and his men are in the Embassy and begin gunning people down. Lockhart makes it out of the first room. Quinn and a Marine are down in the basement near the tunnels. They hear men speaking Pashto and ducks down just before they’re seen. Quinn

137 Homeland Episode Guide calls Hensley but he’s dead. Quinn curses when he gets no answer. The peek at the men nearby who then walk off. He and the young Marine continue sneaking about and duck out of the way again. They are directly behind the squad of men and then the Marine spots another man further away for a smoke. Haqqani tears apart the ops room. He has several people lined up on their knees — a few men and a woman. Fara is among them. Haqqani tells her to stand up. She does. He asks her who has the list and she asks what list. He says the list of traitors that help them kill his men and women. She looks him in the eye and he asks if she’s a Muslim. She says yes and he asks if her family knows she’s there helping them kill Muslims. She looks him hard in the eye and says they know. He says if she won’t tell him where to find the list, this man will. He gestures to the young guy next to her who is near tears. Haqqani radios down to the men in the basement and Quinn listens in. Quinn says they are headed for the Embassy vault because they are after Lockhart and the list. They take aim at the men and fire off a bunch of shots. Looks like they took out all the basement d-bags. Quinn says that’s good and tells the guy to get a radio. On the street, a Marine tells Saul and Carrie that the sniper is still on them. He asks Saul to lay down suppressive fire to help. He hands the gun to Carrie and tells her to do it. Carrie asks why Haqqani would do this and Saul says it may not be him or there may be something more. Saul spots for Carrie who takes shots. She misses and then keeps firing and she says Aasar should be here by there. In the vault, Martha calls Bunny for assistance. She says to get them some help. They watch on the cameras as Haqqani comes to the vault and demands they open the door. They have all the analysts on their knees where they can see them. Haqqani says he knows they’re in there. They shoot one in the head. He says again to open it. Martha uses the speaker to tell Haqqani that the Pakistan Armed Forces are on the way and she says the door won’t open until she gets an all clear from DC. He says to send out Lockhart. She says he’s not there. He says she’s lying and shoots another. He says to send out the materials he wants. Martha says he can execute them all and there’s not a damned thing she can do. Haqqani pulls out a knife and hauls Fara in front of the camera. He says he’ll kill her there. Lockhart tells him to stop and says he’s coming out. Martha says if they open it, he’ll kill them all anyway. Lockhart says he’s going to cut her head off. Lockhart tries to open it but it won’t open. He tells Haqqani it’s on a countdown. Haqqani says he’s playing games but he says he’s not. Quinn and the Marine show up and put their cell phone around the corner to see what’s going on. Quinn sees Fara and he and the Marine talk strategy. He says he thinks they will run. The timer runs out and Lockhart opens the door and closes it behind him. He has the book. Quinn curses. Lockhart hands it over and says to let Fara go. He stabs her and says to kill them all. Quinn and the Marine turn the corner and open fire. Haqqani takes a hit but keeps going. They swap fire with two guys left with an automatic weapon. One goes down and an analyst grabs a handgun and takes out the other. Lockhart looks unarmed. Quinn and the Marine take off after Haqqani and the few survivors. Haqqani’s guy sets a charge that goes off right before Quinn and the Marine get there and it blocks the tunnel and keeps them from pursuing. Quinn curses loudly. He comes back upstairs and finds an analyst holding Fara’s bloody body. Carrie and Saul hear horns honking as the support finally shows up. Carrie looks around at all the dead marines. They get a ride back to the Embassy. There are people out in the streets in front of the Embassy barring the way and shooting cell phone video. Carrie stares in shock. Saul looks at the Isis flag (or whatever it is) hanging from the balcony of the Embassy and says — my God. Four hours later, the news updates the world about the attack on the embassy that killed 40 Americans. The reporter says the Taliban says it was retaliation for drone strikes. Martha watches the news with disgust — Lockhart sits with her. The phone starts to ring. Lockhart tells her to get it. She does and is placed on hold for the President. Carrie sits on the steps with Max and they stare at Fara’s body. Max tells Carrie she’s mean and that all Fara wanted was her approval and all Carrie gave her was a hard time. Carrie tells him she was training her but he says she could have said something

138 Homeland Episode Guide nice to her just once and that it would have meant a lot. She says she wishes she had. Max says she was doing okay and Carrie tells him that Fara was much more than okay. Lockhart comes to get Carrie and she follows him. He tells her he just got off with the White House and says they are pulling out of Pakistan. She says she’s not surprised and says it was clearly state sponsored. He says they’re being evacuated first thing but she says she has to stay and help pull out their assets. He says no and say the President doesn’t want her representing their interests. Lockhart says it’s his fault and he never should have given over the list. Carrie says it was a tough call and she’s not sure what she would have done and he thanks her for saying that. He say they are pulling out at 6:30. Dennis is back in lock up when Martha comes down. She asks what he wanted to see her about. He says he heard they were leaving tomorrow. He asks what happens then and she says he’ll be taken into custody and charged with treason. He tells her he’s sorry and she tells him 36 people died today. She asks what she’s doing there and asks what he wants. He asks for her belt. She says she will do no such thing. He says it will spare her a lot of heart ache and she says it will spare him. He says it’s better for Toby. She says he’d want his father alive and he says not locked up in a super max prison as a traitor. He tells her he deserves to die but she says it’s not happening. He says it could save her career. He says everyone at State knows how valuable she is and says if he dies, the worst can be swept under the rug. She asks if he’s serious and he says it’s the one good thing he can do now. She is crying and says she doesn’t know what to say. He says not to say anything just to let it happen. He says his life is ruined but hers doesn’t have to be. He says she knows he’s right. She goes to unbuckle her belt then says she can’t. She says it can’t be her belt. He tells her that his is in the locker and points to where it is. He tells her to go get it. She walks over to the locker and pulls out his belt. He tells her to bring it to him. She looks at it and then at him. He tells her please to let him do this one last thing for his family. She throws it on the floor just outside the cell at Dennis’ feet. He reaches down to get it and calls to her but she’s already gone and out in the hall walking away. Quinn says he put a bullet in Haqqani and he needs medical attention. He wants to go after him now where Saul was held. Saul says he saw nothing but Quinn makes him answer a barrage of questions. Saul doesn’t know if it was a house or an apartment. Quinn starts asking about the kid with the bomb vest then. Quinn asks about the phones and that Haqqani switched them out. Saul says they switched them every morning like clockwork. Quinn asks what type of phone it was and says he had the phone in his hand because he called Carrie on it. Quinn screams at Saul to nut up and answer him. Carrie comes in and asks Quinn to give him a break. Quinn tells her they can find Haqqani but she says they’re pulling out. Quinn says they can’t hand Haqqani Afghanistan on a platter. She says they’re going and this time they’re right. Quinn says it’s important and Carrie says he’ll die trying to do this and she won’t let him. She tells him to pack his things and be on the first flight out and tells him it’s a direct order. Carrie goes in to talk to Saul and says she and Quinn were just having a difference of opinion. She asks if he’s okay and he says not even close. He says he made a fool of his time as CIA chief and that people are dead because of him. Carrie says it was Haqqani’s plan all along to attack the Embassy. She says him faking his death and killing Sandy in the street was all part of it. Quinn goes down to ask which bodies are the Talibs. The guy asks if he’s authorized to be down there and Quinn says he has to take some photos to try and ID these motherf—ers. He lets him. Quinn snaps some photos while casually searching their pockets for phones. He finds one and then moves on to another body. Martha sits in her office like she’s on tenterhooks. She sits back and sighs as she waits. Carrie calls Fara’s dad. She tells him what happened. Saul is in the shower washing off this and all his other ordeals. We see bruises all over him as he lets the hot water wash it all away. Quinn and Parvez leave the Embassy cursing their so-called allies who showed up too late, intentionally, to help them and are now charged with keeping them "safe." They head out and Parvez says they are right on schedule as they see a vehicle pull out to follow them. He thanks Parvez and tells him not a word to Carrie. The vehicle tailing them pulls

139 Homeland Episode Guide up in front of them. Quinn gets out and says he’ll see him state side. The follow car pull sup and a few guys get out to go after Quinn who steps into a busy market. He ducks stall to stall. They struggle to keep up. Quinn buys a robe then starts a fire but overpays the shop keeper enough to make up for it. The fire pulls in a crowd and Quinn gets away. He hops in the car that was following him, puts a gun to the guy’s head and tells him to f-ing drive. The man brings him to a garage and he asks where Haqqani is. He says he doesn’t know and Quinn knocks him down. He takes a phone from him — the same make as the one the Talibs that hit the Embassy had. Next morning, Carrie tells Lockhart that Quinn is not on the grounds and is in a volatile state. She asks for five days to bring him in. She says they can’t live Quinn in the cold because he saved so many lives. Lockhart asks when this will end. She says five days and he tells her she’ll be without official cover. Lockhart comes and tells them they’re leaving Quinn. Martha plays dumb and asks where Dennis is. She’s told he was already brought up and is in the lead SUV. She goes to look in the SUV at him. She glares in disgust because he was too much a coward to take his life and save his family. Carrie tells Saul she’s staying to get Quinn out. He says there’s a point where she’s no longer responsible. She says she’s not there yet. Saul says the President activated the fleet and it could get ugly. He says he doesn’t want to leave without her but she says she’ll be on his heels. He tells her to be careful, hugs her and gets in his car. The convoy pulls out for the airfield. Carrie watches them all leave.

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Krieg Nicht Lieb

Season 4 Episode Number: 47 Season Episode: 11

Originally aired: Sunday December 14, 2014 Writer: Alexander Cary & Chip Johannessen Director: Clark Johnson Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi), Laila Robins (Martha Boyd), Tracy Letts (An- drew Lockhart), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Raza Jaffrey (Aasar Khan), Maury Sterling (Max), Shavani Seth (Kiran), Numan Acar (Haissam Haqqani), Nimrat Kaur (Tasneem Qureshi), Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Nina Hoss (Astrid), Akshay Ku- mar (Rahim), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Aidan Whytock (Brian Chase), Kevin Otto (Doctor), Kenneth Fox (Contractor), Shahir Chun- dra (Infrantry Major), Nicole Sherwin (Nurse), Craig Macrae (PMC), Na- zli George (Staff Nurse), Gary Green (Tech #1) Production Code: 4WAH11 Summary: Carrie puts her life on the line to get her team out of Pakistan.

A large banner of Haqqani hangs as Aasar and Carrie talk. He tells her he doesn’t want the people who attacked the Em- bassy running Pakistan but can’t do any- thing about it. He tells her to get on the plane and go and she says she can’t go without Quinn. He says his superi- ors have issued a kill order on Quinn because they know he’s an assassin. He asks if Quinn is going after Haqqani and she says she doesn’t know then says yes. He tells her to call him off and she says she can’t because he’s out on his own. She says if he can help her find Quinn, she will get him on a transport out of Pakistan. She says she just wants to get Quinn home and asks Aasar to trust her. Next day, she’s in a car and pulls up to the Embassy gates. She gets impatient waiting on them to check the car and steps out and goes in on foot. We see buses of American personnel be- ing loaded along with their luggage. They’re shutting down the Embassy. Carrie goes through security then heads upstairs. She finds staffers packing everything up in the ops center. Max asks where she’s been and says he had to cover for her. Chase and Barbara are still there too. He has papers for her to sign. He says he’s almost got everything up and running. Chase says he thought they were shutting down and she says soon. She says they have things to do to shut down — it’s called the Failure Protocol. She says all she cares about is getting them all home safely including Quinn. She says Quinn is out looking for Haqqani to try and right this wrong. She says they need to bring him in but Max asks what if Quinn can do it. She tells him that’s not their goal — they just want him back. We see Quinn on the street. He wraps rags around his hands so he can scale a security fence. He goes over it and then enters a house. He shuts the door softly. He puts his hand over a woman’s mouth and wakes her.

141 Homeland Episode Guide

She tells him everyone is looking for him — ISI and the Americans — and his name is on the watch list. She says they’re shutting down the Embassy. She asks if he’s going home and he says no. He says he can’t let it go that they put a Taliban flag up at the Embassy. He asks her to help him run down the cell phone numbers and she says she can have a tech guy at her Embassy run them down. He tells her to hurry. She tells him to take a shower and that there are still some of his clothes in the drawer. Max goes into an office and unlocks the safe. He pulls out cash and puts it in a bag. Carrie comes in then and asks what he has. She asks what he has — he says nothing — but she demands to see. She sees the cash and says she knows it isn’t for him since it’s Pakistani. She also finds a passport for Quinn and asks where he is. He says he doesn’t know. He says Fara was a financial analyst and Carrie brought her to this f-ing place. She asks what he wants her to do and he says to bring her back. She says she can’t and he says — then get Haqqani. She says she can’t. He says she’s just not willing but she says she can’t lose anyone else. She says to tell her where Quinn is unless he wants him dead too. Quinn finishes his shower at his ex’s place and hears a pounding on the door. She’s still lurking outside the door as his ex arrives. She says she knew Quinn but hasn’t heard from him in months. She asks her to give him a message if she sees him. Carrie says he’s missing and asks to leave her contact information. The woman say there’s no point but then relents and tells her to write it down. She lets her in the apartment. Carrie sees water on the floor from where Quinn was lurking and Carrie writes something down. The woman tells Carrie she won’t see Quinn and if Carrie does, to tell him to f- himself and says he’ll know why. Carrie leaves. The woman tells Quinn the numbers he gave were already dead. She says they ran the whole series of numbers and then he sees on the last page where Haqqani is hiding. She says it’s a secure apartment and he’ll never get in. He says he needs her car. She hands over her keys. He leaves and finds Carrie leaning on her car. She tells him there’s a kill order out on him and says he’s on a suicide mission. She sees the look on his face and asks if he knows where Haqqani is. She says he can’t do it and he says it’s not up to her. He tells her he has never been so convinced of what he needs to do right now. He says if she’s lost her nerve that’s fine, but she needs to get out of his way. She says they lost. Some men come in then to take Quinn away with her. He attacks one of the men and shoots one in the leg. He disarms them both and tells Carrie that for once in her life she needs to listen. He walks out of the garage. Carrie and the other guy bring the wounded one to get his leg treated. She walks out into the hall and sees Max. She says she found and lost Quinn again. Max says her sister keeps calling and says she has to talk to her. Max tells her she really needs to call her. Quinn spies on the building that he believes Haqqani is in. He makes notes on the print out his ex gave him and then watches again through a zoom lens. He checks out all the men in traditional garb walking around. Then he goes down into the street and clicks some photos with his phone while not appearing to do so. Carrie video calls her sister. She tells her that their dad died last night. She says he went to sleep and never woke up. She says they told her it was a massive stroke. She tells her that he said prayers with the girls last night and says it was like he knew something was coming. Carrie says she needs a minute. Her sister says there’s nothing she could have done even if she was there and not worry about that. Carrie is stunned and trying to keep control. Carrie asks if she can call her back and ends the call. Carrie comes back into the ops room and Max asks if she called her sister. She says yes and he tells her he’s sorry about her dad. She asks Max if the German woman that Quinn was with... then she has to stop because she’s crying. Max goes to her and holds her while she cries. Quinn is working on something with a soldering iron when his ex comes in and says Carrie called and sounded upset. He says she’s just upset she didn’t get her way but she says she doesn’t think that’s what it is. She looks at what Quinn is assembling and says it’s pretty big. He says it has to be. She asks how he’ll get it to Haqqani and he says he doesn’t. He says Haqqani will come to it. Carrie calls her sister back to talk some more. She says she thought their dad would live forever. Carrie asks how she is and she says she’s barely hanging in. Carrie asks for a favor. She asks if she can see Franny. She goes to get Carrie’s daughter. Maggie comes in with the baby and puts her in front of the screen. Carrie is surprised at how big she’s gotten. She cries when she sees her. Later, Lockhart calls

142 Homeland Episode Guide

Carrie and tells her he’s sorry about her father. She thanks him. He asks if there’s anything he can do but she says the memorial service is in 10 days and says her sister is handling it all. He asks about Quinn and she says he shot one of their PMCs but it was just in the leg. She says the guy will be fine. Lockhart asks if there’s something going on he should know about. She says not that she knows of and asks why. He says they’re shopping for his replacement as CIA chief and says there have been a bunch of security meetings that he wasn’t invited to. She says she hasn’t heard anything but agrees to let him know if she does. She asks him to tell her if he hears anything on Quinn and he agrees as well. They end the call. At the hospital, Kiran finds an envelope of photos that was left for her. They are of Aayan’s murder and there’s a stickie note asking her to come to room 37. She asks the nurse if she saw who left the envelope but she says no. Kiran goes down the hall to the room and finds Quinn waiting for her. He tells her she doesn’t need to be afraid and asks her to close the door. He asks if she knows Haqqani and she says it’s his uncle. She asks if he wants her to believe his uncle killed him and he says it’s true. He tells her it’s one frame from a video and says she can see the whole thing if she wants and holds to a flash drive. She sobs then asks who he is. He tells her Haqqani killed a lot of his friends too. She asks why he’s showing this to her and he says Haqqani is still in Islamabad and needs to pay for this. He asks for her help. She comes in the room and closes the door. Carrie shows up to the German’s place and asks to talk to her. She asks the woman if she’s told her Embassy about her involvement in an off-book assas- sination plot. She lets Carrie into her apartment and they sit down to chat. Carrie tells her this is suicide for Quinn and the woman says he doesn’t see it that way. She asks the woman if she and her VW are all Quinn has backing her up. Carrie says a month ago Quinn wanted out and the woman says he also said that six months ago, a year ago then back in 2008. She says he’ll never get out. She says sometimes he decides to retire then goes back to it because it’s what he’s good at it. Carrie asks the woman how he’s going to do it and she says she doesn’t know. There’s a knock at the door and Carrie says it’s for her then goes to answer. Carrie had her car searched and accuses her of helping Quinn build a bomb. She asks where Quinn is and the woman says she doesn’t know. She tells Carrie thought Quinn thought she’d have more faith in him than this. She tells Carrie to leave. Quinn works on his bomb some more. He puts on some rubber gloves and cuts into the C4 packets. He begins rolling and molding the explosive into a long thin shape. He tapes it up in thin brown paper carefully. He puts a wire into one end of it gently then loads the long thin roll into a metal cylinder. He looks at a photo of Aayan’s face as he works. He gets it all loaded in then sets the photo of Aayan on it and tapes it to the photo. Looks like he’s made a sign bomb with Haqqani’s nephew’s photo on it. Quinn takes it and leaves. Max calls Carrie and tells her that the drone footage of Haqqani killing Aayan has been leaked on the internet. They read her the translation saying Haqqani is killing innocent Pakistanis. They tell her it was sent from the medical school where Aayan went to school. She says it’s Quinn. They tell her there’s a call for a protest at a certain address where Haqqani is supposed to be. Sure enough there’s a large student protest screaming Aayan’s name. Tasreem meets with Aasar and the others on how to deal with this. They agree they have to secure the area before moving Haqqani but can’t let it look like a government crack down. The meeting breaks up and Tasreem asks about Aasar. She says she’s going to hold him personally responsible if anything happens to Haqqani. He tells her he’s not taking any chances and says he has a bunch of men down there in uniform and in plain clothes. Quinn is part of the protest waving his bomb sign around. He marches down the street with the other protestors. Carrie is trying to get there but they are stuck in traffic four blocks away. She puts on her head scarf and gets out of the car to proceed on foot. She grabs a frock from a vendor to cover up her Western clothes then goes on. Quinn is being jostled by the crowd and goes down he shoves the bomb pole down into a grate outside the place Haqqani is staying at. He walks by and tells Kiran it’s time to go. Quinn walks back through the crowd. The protest turns ugly as people start throwing fruit at the police and they start using anti-riot tactics on the crowd. Some of the protestors start to run off. Some Haqqani supporters walk down the other street and approach the crowd — the government hired them as counter-protestors. Carrie sees Aasar up on a jeep overseeing the action of his forces.

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Quinn climbs up a building and onto a roof. We see many people stepping on the grid where Quinn stashed the bomb. From his observation point, Quinn pulls things out of his bag and prepares to detonate. Carrie has a sign and is in the protest crowd looking around for Quinn. He watches through his scope and sees them getting ready to move Haqqani to a safer place. Carrie is very close to the bomb site. Haqqani is loaded into a vehicle to leave. The gate opens and armed men move closer to block the protestors from the vehicles coming out. Carrie’s head scarf falls off and Quinn realizes she’s standing almost on top of his bomb. He calls her and tells her to get the f- out of there. She says if the bomb goes off, they’ll know it’s him. She tells him there are hundreds of soldiers and he’s completely surrounded. She tells him she can’t lose him and he tells her she has no right. He’s ready to detonate but she’s standing too close to the bomb. He lets the vehicle roll off without detonating it. He curses her. Haqqani stands up out of his vehicle and looks around. Carrie watches him. He holds up his hands as people chant his name. Carrie thinks about Aayan’s murder and she pulls her gun. Aasar is there too and heads towards her. She cocks her gun as she moves along with the crowd near his car. His name is chanted over and over. She raises her hand to shoot and Aasar grabs her. He tells her to look and see who’s in the car with Haqqani. It looks like Dar Adal! WTF? Is Haqqani a CIA asset now? At the hospital, Kiran finds an envelope of photos that was left for her. They are of Aayan’s murder and there’s a stickie note asking her to come to room 37. She asks the nurse if she saw who left the envelope but she says no. Kiran goes down the hall to the room and finds Quinn waiting for her. He tells her she doesn’t need to be afraid and asks her to close the door. He asks if she knows Haqqani and she says it’s his uncle. She asks if he wants her to believe his uncle killed him and he says it’s true. He tells her it’s one frame from a video and says she can see the whole thing if she wants and holds to a flash drive. She sobs then asks who he is. He tells her Haqqani killed a lot of his friends too. She asks why he’s showing this to her and he says Haqqani is still in Islamabad and needs to pay for this. He asks for her help. She comes in the room and closes the door. Carrie shows up to the German’s place and asks to talk to her. She asks the woman if she’s told her Embassy about her involvement in an off-book assas- sination plot. She lets Carrie into her apartment and they sit down to chat. Carrie tells her this is suicide for Quinn and the woman says he doesn’t see it that way. She asks the woman if she and her VW are all Quinn has backing her up. Carrie says a month ago Quinn wanted out and the woman says he also said that six months ago, a year ago then back in 2008. She says he’ll never get out. She says sometimes he decides to retire then goes back to it because it’s what he’s good at it. Carrie asks the woman how he’s going to do it and she says she doesn’t know. There’s a knock at the door and Carrie says it’s for her then goes to answer. Carrie had her car searched and accuses her of helping Quinn build a bomb. She asks where Quinn is and the woman says she doesn’t know. She tells Carrie thought Quinn thought she’d have more faith in him than this. She tells Carrie to leave. Quinn works on his bomb some more. He puts on some rubber gloves and cuts into the C4 packets. He begins rolling and molding the explosive into a long thin shape. He tapes it up in thin brown paper carefully. He puts a wire into one end of it gently then loads the long thin roll into a metal cylinder. He looks at a photo of Aayan’s face as he works. He gets it all loaded in then sets the photo of Aayan on it and tapes it to the photo. Looks like he’s made a sign bomb with Haqqani’s nephew’s photo on it. Quinn takes it and leaves. Max calls Carrie and tells her that the drone footage of Haqqani killing Aayan has been leaked on the internet. They read her the translation saying Haqqani is killing innocent Pakistanis. They tell her it was sent from the medical school where Aayan went to school. She says it’s Quinn. They tell her there’s a call for a protest at a certain address where Haqqani is supposed to be. Sure enough there’s a large student protest screaming Aayan’s name. Tasreem meets with Aasar and the others on how to deal with this. They agree they have to secure the area before moving Haqqani but can’t let it look like a government crack down. The meeting breaks up and Tasreem asks about Aasar. She says she’s going to hold him personally responsible if anything happens to Haqqani. He tells her he’s not taking any chances and says he has a bunch of men down there in uniform and in plain clothes.

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Quinn is part of the protest waving his bomb sign around. He marches down the street with the other protestors. Carrie is trying to get there but they are stuck in traffic four blocks away. She puts on her head scarf and gets out of the car to proceed on foot. She grabs a frock from a vendor to cover up her Western clothes then goes on. Quinn is being jostled by the crowd and goes down he shoves the bomb pole down into a grate outside the place Haqqani is staying at. He walks by and tells Kiran it’s time to go. Quinn walks back through the crowd. The protest turns ugly as people start throwing fruit at the police and they start using anti-riot tactics on the crowd. Some of the protestors start to run off. Some Haqqani supporters walk down the other street and approach the crowd — the government hired them as counter-protestors. Carrie sees Aasar up on a jeep overseeing the action of his forces. Quinn climbs up a building and onto a roof. We see many people stepping on the grid where Quinn stashed the bomb. From his observation point, Quinn pulls things out of his bag and prepares to detonate. Carrie has a sign and is in the protest crowd looking around for Quinn. He watches through his scope and sees them getting ready to move Haqqani to a safer place. Carrie is very close to the bomb site. Haqqani is loaded into a vehicle to leave. The gate opens and armed men move closer to block the protestors from the vehicles coming out. Carrie’s head scarf falls off and Quinn realizes she’s standing almost on top of his bomb. He calls her and tells her to get the f- out of there. She says if the bomb goes off, they’ll know it’s him. She tells him there are hundreds of soldiers and he’s completely surrounded. She tells him she can’t lose him and he tells her she has no right. He’s ready to detonate but she’s standing too close to the bomb. He lets the vehicle roll off without detonating it. He curses her. Haqqani stands up out of his vehicle and looks around. Carrie watches him. He holds up his hands as people chant his name. Carrie thinks about Aayan’s murder and she pulls her gun. Aasar is there too and heads towards her. She cocks her gun as she moves along with the crowd near his car. His name is chanted over and over. She raises her hand to shoot and Aasar grabs her. He tells her to look and see who’s in the car with Haqqani. It looks like Dar Adal! WTF? Is Haqqani a CIA asset now?

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Long Time Coming

Season 4 Episode Number: 48 Season Episode: 12

Originally aired: Sunday December 21, 2014 Writer: Meredith Stiehm Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Nazanin Boniadi (Fara Sherazi), Laila Robins (Martha Boyd), Tracy Letts (An- drew Lockhart), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Scot Cooper (Dale), Victoria Clark (Ellen Mathison), Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Sarita Choudhury (Mira Berenson), Nimrat Kaur (Tasneem Qureshi), John Getz (Guest Star), Mike McColl (Guest Star), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal) Production Code: 4WAH12 Summary: Back in the States, Carrie and Saul investigate what she saw in Islam- abad.

Carrie looks at an accumulation of her dad’s stuff. His shoes, clothes, his chess set and matchbox collection. Maggie asks her how bad it was over there and Car- rie says it was horrible. She asks if she’s taking her meds and Carrie says she is and you can’t blame it on that. Maggie asks what she’s talking about then the doorbell rings. She looks out the window and sees a black SUV outside her house. She goes down to answer it and it’s Dar. He asks if he can come in but she says Franny is sleeping and steps outside. He offers condolences on the loss of her dad. He asks to talk. He wants to know where Quinn is and she says she doesn’t know and that he may be back in Islamabad hunting Haqqani. He says Haqqani is under the protection of the Pakistan Armed Forces. He says they have to get through the Congressional hearings before they do anything else. He asks her to let him know when she hears from Quinn. She says if she hears from him, she’ll let him know. Tasreem is on the TV making a statement about how the US has interfered so horribly in Pakistan. Saul watches the broadcast. She says no state can accept these dictates and says it’s good riddance if the US wants to break off with them. Mira comes in and tells Saul he’s going to drive himself crazy. He’s worried about Haqqani releasing the video of him. He says he’s already been fired and was sent a severance check. He tells her he wants back in at the CIA to make this right. He says he has to get ready for a meeting. Carrie is out with Franny at the park. She sits on a bench and is approached by a man. He says he’s used to seeing Franny with Frank and asks where he’s been. He didn’t know his friend dad. She asks if they were park friends and he says he was and she must be Carrie. He says his name was Billy and that Frank talked about her a lot. He says Frank was crazy about her and Franny and always said Carrie was coming back for her daughter. He says Frank said she was made of strong stuff and would be there for Fran. She

147 Homeland Episode Guide says he really shared with him and he says it looks like he was right. She thanks him for telling him that and he asks about a service for her dad. She says it’s tomorrow. She sees a car with Missouri tags in the driveway when she comes back. The nanny takes Franny off her hands as she goes inside. She is surprised to see her mom in the kitchen. She freaks and asks what this is. She tells her she has a lot of nerve and Carrie reminds her she’s been gone 15 years. She asks to meet Franny and Carrie says too bad. She says she made a hard decision a long time ago and is sorry for it. Carrie says — too little, too late. She asks if she should go. Maggie doesn’t want their mom to go but Carrie tells her to go. She slams out and Maggie goes to run after her. Carrie says — fuck her — but Maggie says she doesn’t speak for both of them. Their mom drives off and Maggie tells her — good going, now we won’t see her for another 15 years. Carrie says — works for me. Saul waits for his meeting with Joe. He invites Saul in and says with Lockhart on the ropes, he’d like to bring him in but if the video is released, would derail any confirmation hearings. Saul asks if he knows why Haqqani hasn’t released it. Joe says he doesn’t but has some questions for him. Carrie tells Maggie she thought she hated their mom and Maggie says she thought she did, but is the only mom they have. Carrie says — she walked out on us, what kind of person does that. Maggie reminds her that she walked out on her daughter but Carrie says she was always coming back and stayed in touch. Carrie says she can’t deal with their mom after the mind f- of Islamabad and losing their dad. Carrie asks if their mom left a number but she says Carrie ran her out too fast. Carrie speaks at her dad’s service the next day about his quirks, habits and favorite things. She tears up and says he was a man of extremes who loved she and Maggie like crazy. She says they all know he had demons but lived with them and taught her how to live with them. We see Saul and Mira in the pews. She says Frank loved her daughter with that same crazy love and helped with her. She says Franny won’t remember but tells her dad that she’ll remember for her. She steps down. She sits and takes her daughter in her arms and she and her sister comfort each other. Carrie gets hugs outside from fellow mourners. In the distance, she sees Quinn. She excuses herself and goes to him. She tells him thank God and takes him in her arms. He tells her hey and hugs her back. She says she was worried about him. He asks if she’s okay and she says she is. She asks how he got out and he says German Intelligence helped him — his ex-GF Astrid. He says he hung back a while hoping for another shot at him. She says she had a shot at Haqqani but Aasar stopped her. He says it’s all over now and she says — hopefully. She tells him Dar is looking for him. He asks why and she says he didn’t say but that Quinn should stay away from that moth- erf&**er. At the house, Maggie asks who Quinn is and Carrie says he’s a work buddy. He’s playing with Franny and Maggie comments that she seems to like Quinn. Carrie pulls Saul outside for a chat. He tells her Joe doesn’t think there’s any US deal with Haqqani. He says he didn’t tell Joe about Dar. She says it was definitely Dar. Quinn comes out with a bottle of Irish whiskey and the three of them share drinks. She says she’s learned a lot about her dad and says he was arrested several times protesting. Saul says that he knew it and says he got hundreds of letters routed that her dad wrote George requesting she be reassigned away from Baghdad. Lockhart shows up and says he would have been there earlier but that he was meeting with lawyers. He has a lasagne his wife made and offers his condolences. He goes to leave but the three invite him to stay and have a drink. Quinn pours him a whiskey and they toast. Later, Quinn helps them do dishes and clean up. Carrie goes to check on Franny and Maggie asks Quinn if he was in Pakistan with her. She says she’s never seen her sister so thrown and he says a lot went wrong there. Carrie finds Franny awake and giggly. She tucks her blanket around her and goes downstairs. Maggie asks if she’s okay and she tells Maggie she’ll be right back and heads outside with Quinn. Maggie watches them go. She tells Quinn that Franny took a shine to him and says he’s been quiet. He says he’s been thinking about all this — being home, away from all that. She says a normal life and he says it feels good to laugh. She says tonight was fun and asks if that’s awful. He says it’s not and she says it was sad but fun. They stare at each other and then they both go for the kiss. He presses up against her and then she stops it and steps away. She tells him she’ll just fuck it up but he says she won’t. She says she does and know how it goes — it ends badly. He says — until it doesn’t. He tells her he’s

148 Homeland Episode Guide seen her at her worst and she says he should be heading for the hills. He says he doesn’t want a black hole like Islamabad in his life. He says he wants out but has learned he can’t stay out on his own. She says she hasn’t been helpful in that regard. He says she could be and that they could get out together. She smiles a little and he tells her to think about it. He touches her face and she touches his hand there. He gets in his truck and heads out. She watches him go then heads back inside the house. At three a.m., she lies awake. She gets up and goes into her dad’s room. She opens a drawer and pulls out a box. There’s a rose inside and a photo from his wedding day. She leafs through some photos from the box of her parents when they were younger. Next morning, she tells Maggie she’s going to find their mom. She says she wants their mom to look her in the eye and explain herself. She offers to keep Franny but Carrie says she doesn’t want to leave her daughter again. Maggie says babies and road trips are a bad mix. Carrie relents and hands her daughter over to her sister. Maggie tells Franny to say bye bye and waves the baby’s hand at her. Quinn is back at his apartment when one of his buddy’s approaches him and says Group has been looking for him. They found three high value IS targets in Aleppo. He says it’s a small window and Quinn says he’s out. He tells him he’s really out for good and isn’t going. The guy tells him to show up tomorrow and Quinn says forget it. He tells Quinn that they are 20% less likely to pull this off without him and lives will be lost. Quinn says he’s sorry and he hands him a stack of letters and says it’s his job to deliver them if some of them don’t make it back. He tells Quinn happy holidays and leaves. Carrie drives to Missouri to locate their mom. She lands in a small town and then pulls up in front of a nice old fashioned two story Southern home. She knocks on the door and looks around. A young guy comes to the door and she says she’s looking for Ellen. He says she’s at work and he asks who she is. She says she’s a friend and can come back. He has to leave as well but tells her what school her mom works at. She drives a little bit away then sighs. She sees the teenager riding away on a bike and then goes to the school where her mom teaches. She asks about the boy and her mom says that’s her half-brother Tim. Carrie asks if she left her children to go and have more children. She asks if Carrie can meet her at her house after school. Carrie agrees. Dar meets Saul at a diner to talk. Dar says he heard he met with Crocker and Saul says it was just damage assessment. Dar says Lockhart’s resignation will be in next week and says he can get Saul on the short list as his replacement. Saul says he must be having a senior moment and then Dar hands him something. He says it’s the video of him and Haqqani and he’s been assured that’s the only copy and that it won’t be released even if it’s not. Saul asks what Dar did to get this and he says he reached out to Haqqani and offered to take him off the kill list as long as he didn’t harbor terrorists in Afghanistan. Saul says he his the terrorist. Dar reminds him that Menachim Begim killed British citizens before taking over as Prime Minister. Saul says this sounds like sedition. Dar says Haqqani will be in Kabul by Christmas and Saul asks why he’d keep his word. He says Haqqani handing over the tape was a gesture of good faith. Dar asks him to come back and lead them. He says the agency is waiting on Saul with open arms. Carrie lies on a bed in her hotel room when her phone rings. It’s Quinn. He says he heard a rumor she was in Missouri. She says she chased her mom down and says she should have called him. She asks how he is but he says he’s wondering about her. He offers to come to Missouri but she says no. She says she’s in the middle of something and tells him she has a brother she never knew about. She says she can’t think about anything else right now. He tells her if it’s a no to him, just say it. She says it’s not. She says she’s on a crazy road trip like her dad used to take. She says she’s no good for him or anyone else. He asks if that’s a no and she asks him not to pressure her. She says she’ll be back in a few days and they can talk then. They ring off. She’s waiting for her mom when she gets home from school. She asks if Tim’s father is around and her mom says he left before Tim was born. She asks how old he is and she says he’s 15. Carrie asks why she didn’t just say she was pregnant and she says she couldn’t and that it’s hard to explain. Carrie tells her to try. She says she wasn’t very good at being married to her dad or anyone. Carrie says she doesn’t get it. Her mom invites her inside. She asks if her dad knew

149 Homeland Episode Guide she was pregnant and she says he didn’t know about Tim’s father but knew she was sleeping around. Carrie says her dad never said anything and her mom says he was loyal. She says he’d forgive her then she would do it again until it ruined them. She says her dad always said she left because he was impossible. Her mom says he wasn’t easy and could be a circus but says she was the one that broke it apart. She says she got pregnant and couldn’t face what she’s done. She tells Carrie not to blame her dad. Carrie says she doesn’t and tells her mom she left just when she needed her. She says in her first year of college she got sick like dad and was institutionalized. She says she just wanted her mom but she never called or even sent a letter. Her mom says she had hurt so many people that she just had to stop and do one right thing — focus on Tim. She says that’s what she did. Carrie tells her she has to go. Her mom asks if she’s okay and Carrie says she thought being with bipolar meant you couldn’t be with someone for the long haul because of her parents. Her mom tells her not to believe that and says it is possible. Carrie gets back to her hotel and starts packing in a fury. She shoves things in her bag and then grabs her phone and calls Quinn but gets a message that the number is no longer in service. She calls again and gets the same message. She sends a text instead. She calls Dar and gets voice mail. She leaves a message asking simply where Quinn is. We see Quinn in a hangar meeting the crew for the mission. He asks who the new guy is and his buddy calls out Dale. The guy walks over and Quinn tells him he’s not going and that Quinn is going in his place. He hands him the stack of letters and on top, we see one for Carrie. He goes to lock and load his equipment with the others. Carrie gets back to town and heads directly to Dar’s house. She rings the bell twice impatiently. He answers and she asks why he didn’t call back. She asks where he is and he tells her they can’t talk out there. She comes inside. He says he’s likely in Syria by now and she says she needs to talk to him. He says they went dark an hour ago and they can’t reach them. He says the mission is open ended and are responsible for their own extraction out of Iraq. She says again that she has to talk to him and he says no. She tells him she saw him with Haqqani in Islamabad. He asks what she’s playing at and she tells him to give her what she f-ing wants. She threatens to go to the press. He tells her to talk to Saul before she does that. She says Saul would spit in his face for making a deal after what Haqqani did at the Embassy. He tells her to ask Saul herself and opens the door. She sees Saul on the back porch and is shocked. She glares then stomps out without another word to either of them. She gets in her car and takes off. She’s teary but drives on. She looks anguished.

150 Season Five

Homeland Episode Guide

Separation Anxiety

Season 5 Episode Number: 49 Season Episode: 1

Originally aired: Sunday October 4, 2015 Writer: Chip Johannessen, Ted Mann Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Ru- pert Friend (Peter Quinn), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Sebastian Koch (Otto Düring), Miranda Otto (Alison Carr), (Jonas Happich), Sarah Sokolovic (Laura Sutton) Guest Stars: Nina Hoss (Astrid), Atheer Adel (Guest Star), Sven Schelker (Guest Star), Micah Hauptman (Mills), John Getz (Joe), George Georgiou (Al- Amin), Samir Fuchs (Sheik Hafiz), Martin Wuttke (BND Officer Adler), Eray Egilmez (Abdullah), Adnan Maral (Ambassador Jamil), Michael Schiller (Proprietor), Noemi Besedes (Düring Receptionist), Lucie Pohl (Assistant), Hussi Kutlucan (Ali), Fahim Fazli (Video Jihadist), Chris Theisinger (Otto Düring’s Aide), Lotta Pfitzer (Franny) Production Code: 5WAH01 Summary: Carrie is building a new life in , almost two years after the em- bassy attack in Islamabad. But her peace is threatened when a request from her boss forces her back into the dangerous world she left behind.

The episode begins at a Catholic service in Germany with the minister offering communion. Carrie is there and takes communion. She crosses herself and steps back then goes to sit in a back pew. She kneels and prays. Later, at a train station, a shady guy gets off the train in Berlin carrying a satchel. He goes to Club King George and goes inside. He’s told to be on time that this is Germany. He goes into the back where web cam models are doing sex work. He goes into the control room for his shift. He tells the coworker his dad got onto him for being late and the guy asks if he finished it and he hands him a flash drive. They took a terrorist video and added funny cap- tions to make it look pervy. They talk about where to post it and decide to put it on a recruiting website. They make it the lead video of a terrorist recruiting site. The computer beeps and an alert pops up. At the CIA Berlin Station, they see the video and ping it. The two guys talk about the other person being se- cretly in the site too. They each ping each other. The one guy says it’s probably a government IP. The CIA tech says the guy is just hanging outside the firewall. He says they’re probably there in Germany and then says they’re trying to ping him too. They need more computing power and shut down some of the web cam channels but the guy says his dad will freak. The CIA people freak when the guy gets into their system. He tells them to shut it down. It’s too late, he’s stealing files and the German says it’s the CIA. He says he knows. He gets 1361 files. Carrie drive Frannie to school on her bike. It’s Frannie’s birthday. She drops her

153 Homeland Episode Guide off then heads to work as head of security at Düring. She meets Ambassador Jamil who leave straight after. Otto tells her they have to go to Lebanon and says ISIS is regrouping and civilians are in mass exodus. Otto wants to go to a refugee camp in Lebanon. Carrie says it’s a war zone and they’re not equipped for this. Otto says they have three days to prepare. Quinn is introduced by Dar Adal to a room of important people and tells the group Quinn has been on the ground in Syria for two years. He says he’s been in Al-Raqqah and says the approach is constant — air strikes against Assad and the Islamic state. He says he’s been heading up special ops there for 28 months. They ask him what the hell is going on over there. Saul is there too. Quinn says the program has been effective and should be continued. He says ISIL is growing and Assad is still in power. He asks Quinn if the strategy is working and Quinn ask what strategy. Quinn says tell me what the strategy is and I’ll tell you if it’s working. Then he says that’s the problem. The other side knows it’s there and says there’s a revival of slavery, beheadings and says it’s in their f-ing book and they read it all the time. He says they’re there to die for the Califate and live in a world without infidels. He says that’s been their strategy since the 7th century. One asks what he would do. He says 200k soldiers on the ground plus doctors and teachers. He says he can’t do that and then Quinn says hit reset and pound the place into a parking lot, otherwise he needs to get back. Quinn stands and walks out. Saul tells Dar that Quinn went off book but it was good for them to hear the truth. Saul gets a text and curses. He says there was a data breach in Berlin. He goes back into the room to grab his coat then rushes out. Dar stays with the meeting. Carrie is with Frannie at her birthday party. Her boyfriend Jonas is there and says Otto asked again about the trip to Lebanon. She says it’s a bad idea then he goes to answer the doorbell. Carrie’s journalist friend Laura shows up and asks to talk to her then says she was sent a CIA email from a hacker about a backdoor German and US deal. She asks Carrie to look at it to see if it’s legit. Carrie says she can’t look at it and keep her clearance and asks if Otto knows. Laura says Otto sent her there. Carrie says she could do damage by publishing it and Laura says backdoor government deals like this are the problem. She leaves mad. Carrie tucks Frannie into bed and finds Jonas doing paperwork. He says he’s sorry for letting Laura in and Carrie says this day started out well then it was like her old life tried to come back for her. She says she doesn’t want to be in that world and Jonas says don’t let it and says she doesn’t have to vet secret documents or go to Lebanon if she doesn’t want to. Carrie asks really and he holds her close. They kiss. Next day, Carrie is at the CIA station in Berlin. She’s shown to the office of Allison Carr who greets her with a hug. She says she wondered if they would run into each other. Carrie apologizes for not calling then congratulates her on getting Berlin. Allison says they went through so much in Baghdad. Carrie tells her she’s going to Lebanon with Otto Düring then asks what the real danger is that now. Allison tells her a bit then says beyond that is classified. Carrie tells her she thought it was best to make a clean break from the agency and says a lot of people don’t get that. Allison asks what’s going on at the Düring Foundation and who her boss has been meeting with and says they’ve been burned by that place more than once then asks if Otto will disclose their transit sites in Poland. Carrie says she knows nothing and is shocked when Allison says she needs to go because Saul is stopping by for a surprise visit and says she can head out the back way. Carrie leaves and goes down the stairs. She sees Saul getting out of the car and ducks back into the stairway but then steps out to greet him. He says nothing and then says if he was mad at her she wouldn’t have a clearance or a job. She says she didn’t tank his bid to be director of the CIA again. He says she did and he gets that she needed to leave the CIA but says not to go to the other side. He tells her that Düring does have some atoning to do since his family made an illicit fortune in WW II. Carrie says she’s just trying to do good work and Saul says she’s not and is being naïve and stupid, something she never was when she worked for him. He walks away. Carrie goes back to work and tells Düring to postpone the trip or send someone else. She says she can’t make this safe for him and says no one can. She says she even went to the Berlin station and their strong advice was not to go. Laura says they shouldn’t do anything if the CIA said no.

154 Homeland Episode Guide

Laura say Carrie spent the last ten years killing people and needs to do something different. Carrie says Saul is the European division chief and showed up the day after she got a hacked document. Laura says that shows the document is legitimate and she’s publishing it. Otto says the refugees will be out of food and medicine within a week and the ambassador came to him. He says he’s going to write a check then ask six more wealthy people to write a check and they will if he was there on the ground. He says it may be stupid but it needs to happen and happen now. Saul reads a report about the data breach. Allison sits while he looks through it. He sees it 1361 docs and he asks how this happened. They tell him some cabling got left behind during a remodel. She tells Mills he can step out of the meeting once he answers Saul’s questions. Saul says it looks like they got the docs on the surveillance program with the Germans. She says so far none have been published so it might be an intelligence service. Then she says they went back to the site where the intruder came from and she shows him the video and says it could be Anonymous or another hacktivist. She says it won’t stay secret and they agree they have to meet with the Germans who won’t be happy. Carrie puts on a head scarf and goes to a mosque to see the Imam. She says she’s from the Düring Foundation and that they’ve donated money to the mosque. She waits. She is told Sheik Hafiz will see her and taken to his office. He offers her refreshment and she accepts. They sit and she says the Foundation needs his help. She says she needs to speak to the Hezbollah commander who’s living underground in Berlin. She says she needs to talk to him about safe passage. The Imam says he doesn’t know the man and she says she knows he knows someone who could get a message to Al Amin. He’s annoyed. Saul and Allison meet with the Germans to tell them about the data breach. Saul tells them that this program was important and the problem it addressed is getting worse. He says he thinks they should continue with the surveillance. Saul says they will develop a contingency plan to deal with what could happen if the documents surface. The German says the program is over and trusting them is a mistake. The woman stays behind for a moment longer as Saul says this program is more for German safety than US. The woman says whatever they’re planning, don’t leave any tracks and says she can’t help them at all anymore. Allison is furious and asks what’s wrong with these new Germans. Saul says they used to fight like hell then he tells her he’ll see her back at the office. Saul walks down the street with purpose. He walks by Quinn in the city plaza of Berlin. Carrie is back at the church. She goes outside and sees a woman with a headscarf lock her bike to Carrie’s. While she’s distracted, some guys grab Carrie, bag her head and shove her into a van. She’s taken to a dark warehouse and the bag is removed. She’s given a scarf and told to cover her hair. She does. The men stand guard and she waits looking afraid. Quinn is outside a café playing Arabic music. He hops a fence and goes around back. He’s in an alley and climbs up the outside of a building and goes into an apartment. He looks around and taps a desk top then checks and pops it open. Inside is electronics equipment and a tube. Someone enters the apartment and he goes to hide. The guy sees the desk is open. Quinn hits him hard with a pope and looks through the guy’s bag. It’s more bomb making stuff. He rifles it while the guy is out cold. Carrie asks the man who approaches to take the ties off her hands and says she’s not a threat. The man says he was part of the team protecting Abu Nazir and knows how dangerous she is. He says she hunts them and keeps them from their homeland. She says all that suffering is one of the reasons she doesn’t work for the CIA anymore. He asks what she wants and says Otto Düring wants to bring supplies to the camp but needs his invitations since Hezbollah runs it. She says she’s risking disease and starvation. He says their strength is their suffering. She offers money for security. Al Amin tells her she killed his son in Beirut. He says he will fight them forever He walks away and she begs him not to do this and says she has asked respectfully for safe passage and he’s obliged to take her message to the council. She’s shoved back into the chair by the other men after he leaves. Quinn uses the guy’s components to make a pipe bomb. He has the guy duck taped to a chair. He talks about the ingredients the man uses in his bombs. Quinn talks about what the smell of it reminds him of.

155 Homeland Episode Guide

He clicks the timer and says the man has two minutes to prepare himself for paradise. He walks out. The time clicks down. Quinn goes out the front door. He crosses the street, the apartment explodes and people scream. Laura reads her article to Jonas and he says there’s some wisdom in waiting on the national security implications. She asks if Carrie has been working on him. He hears a car squeal to a stop and sees Carrie thrown out of it. He hangs up on Laura who gets mad and decides to post it. Jonas asks if she’s okay. She says she is and just wants to go inside. Saul gave Quinn a key to a PO Box and he opens it. Saul asks how it went and Quinn says the man is now a martyr in paradise. He tells Quinn the Germans won’t support them anymore and if he’s caught, he’s out of the agency. Saul says they can’t have any more contact and says the box will have money and the next target. The next is a woman who recruits kids. Quinn says put the names in the box and he’ll take care of whoever it is. Carrie lies in bed with Jonas, Frannie sleeping between them. Her phone buzzes — no caller ID. She answers it. Al Amin says Otto Düring is invited to the camp as their honored guest. He hangs up on her. Carrie looks at Frannie and Jonas sleeping peacefully.

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The Tradition of Hospitality

Season 5 Episode Number: 50 Season Episode: 2

Originally aired: Sunday October 11, 2015 Writer: Patrick Harbinson Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Ru- pert Friend (Peter Quinn), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Sebastian Koch (Otto Düring), Miranda Otto (Alison Carr), Alexander Fehling (Jonas Happich), Sarah Sokolovic (Laura Sutton) Guest Stars: Assaad Bouab (Waleed), Mousa Kraish (Behruz), Alex Lanipekun (Hank Wonham), Atossa Leoni (Fatima), Tobias Santelmann (Anders Haugen), Christian Serritiello (Arthur Rubin) Production Code: 5WAH02 Summary: Carrie and Düring visit a refugee camp; Saul and Allison are at odds; Quinn stays on mission.

The episode begins with Carrie in Lebanon with Phillip Becker and Mike Brown. They drive to a refugee camp where people are lining up to get inside. They pull to the gates and asks for Colonel Haugen. Their car is checked for bombs and they’re allowed inside and told where to park. They drive through the set up of tents and trailers, park and get out. Carrie looks around cau- tiously. Phillip asks her about Hezbollah and she says they’ll contact her but she doesn’t know when. They go talk to Haugen. The colonel takes them inside his office trailer. He says things are changing fast and today they got 1000 people. Phillip says they need resources and Otto will get them. Haugen asks why the journalists and Phillip says it will help raise awareness. They ask about secu- rity and Phillip says Otto needs to be seen in the camp but Haugen says it’s not safe. A guy comes in and Car- rie goes to step out and Haugen asks if she wants the message out that the foundation deals with Hezbollah. Carrie sasses him back and she and Mike step out and follow the guy. He walks them through a shat- tered warehouse and Carrie has to reassure Mike. They search Mike and Carrie and a woman searches her. Carrie warns her she has a gun under her jacket. The woman takes it and hands it to a guard. They tell Mike that only Carrie can go inside. She says it’s okay and goes. Inside, she greets a man and he says he speaks better English than her Arabic. The man says she’s CIA and she says she was but is a private citizen who the Council gave safe passage to. The man says he’s seen no payment and she says it was sent to Al Amin’s account. Carrie asks the man to please listen and asks for her backpack. She tells Waleed she brought him $40k as well. He says they have a deal but then says the camp is overrun and it gets worse every day. He says there’s all kind of scum and tells her to not stay longer than an hour or he can’t guarantee Otto’s safety. She agrees. A news program reports on the German intelligence cooperation with the CIA. They have Laura Sutton on the show and call her a dissident American journalist. Laura says the document shows

157 Homeland Episode Guide the details of the arrangement between the two governments. Laura says this could be the tip of the iceburg. Saul is watching with Allison who says there’s more and says BND had a team n Laura since she came to Berlin and shows him pics of Allison with Carrie. She says she doesn’t think Carrie is involved but they both work for Otto Düring. Laura tells the guy she’s sure they’re searching her apartment and just hopes that they don’t let her cat out. Laura has a safe in her apartment the intelligence people can’t break into. Laura says she moved to Germany because of the privacy protections that Germany promises citizens and guests. The German intelligence officer tells her cohort to bring Laura in. They ask her about the source of the leak. Laura says she doesn’t know but that person took a big risk to expose this and says she’s honored that person reached out to her and says she will respect their trust no matter what. The hackers watch and they talk about sending her the rest of the data. He says he can take the rest of it to Laura in person so it won’t be intercepted. Korzy says they should get money from this but his pal says information should be free. Fatima works on recruiting a German girl to do some dirty work for her. Fatima is the one Quinn is supposed to kill next. Fatima reminds her she saved her from killing herself and says that was Allah and says he chose her for important work and she must submit. The girl finally agrees and wipes away her tears. Quinn watches from nearby. Fatima hugs her and they part ways. Quinn watches her walk on and keeps tabs on her. She goes into a market and he loses her. Laura is outside the news station and she hails a cab. She sees the hacker but then Hans, a German agent, grabs her and shoves her into an SUV. She demands to know what the charge is and the hacker walks away. Carrie talks to Lothar who says Otto arrives today and she says she’ll come see him soon. She finds Hank waiting in the lobby and hugs him. He says it’s a small town. They step aside together and he says he didn’t believe when he heard she was coming with Otto. He asks Carrie if she’s a Trojan horse at the Foundation. Carrie says it’s not like that at all. He says whatever then asks about her meeting with Waleed. He asks how compromised his control of the camp is but she says she can’t be seen to help the agency. He asks if she’s joking but she says she’s not and walks away. Carrie goes upstairs later and finds a party in full swing. Otto gestures her over but she begs off. She goes outside on the patio where it’s quiet. He offers her a drink and she says she’s 9 month sober tomorrow. She says she would have liked to see the guest list first but he says he knows these people and thought it was good to do business here too. He says Phillip told her they’re all set and she says Hezbollah is cooperating but it’s unpredictable and says she was told just one hour. He says that will be tight. Carrie give s him a look and he says one hour. Automatic gunfire sounds nearby and she says it’s probably a wedding. He says of course but is shaken. He says she seems comfortable there. Carrie says hardly then says she was first here in 2004. She says there were truck bombs, assassinations and other scary things. He asks if she was scared and she says no, it was more like an adventure but she was different then. He asks how. She says she was younger and alone. She says there was no one waiting for her back home. More gunshots fire. The German agent Astrid speaks with Laura and shows her that they can hold her for 18 months as a security risk. She tells Laura to give her the name of her source and she can go. Laura says journalists protect their sources. Astrid asks if she has the other documents. She asks her if she knows what’s at risk then says hundreds of German citizens went to Syria to engage in terrorism and can come back and do worse here. She tells Laura she made it much more likely that this will happen. Astrid talks about tight resources and Laura says they got caught breaking the law and aren’t allow to spy on their citizens. Saul and Allison watch and Allison says Laura would let the country burn to get a Pulitzer. Saul says he talked to the BND and Herr Mohr too. He says the chancellery is furious. He says they want a scalp then tells her it’s going to be her and she has 24 hours to leave the country. Saul says the director refused to fight for her. Allison is furious. Carrie calls Jonas and he says Frannie just fell asleep. She says not to wake her then says she’ll be home tomorrow. She thanks him for watching Frannie and he says not to give it a second thought and they’re having fun. He asks if she’s being careful. She says very and she’s hiding behind hunky ex- Special Forces guys. She says she misses him and he says the same. Quinn waits in a car. He gets out as Fatima walks past. She greets Demet the German girl and asks if she’s seen Alya and

158 Homeland Episode Guide has her passport. She’s taking them to leave and then Alya shows up and says it was hard to get away. Fatima tells her she’s proud of her and loads them into a van. Quinn goes back to his car. The van drives by and he pulls out too. Astrid talks to Jonas, Laura’s lawyer, and tells him they acted within the law. Astrid says if she publishes any more documents, she will be on a plane back to America immediately. Otto does his speech at the refugee camp and talks about the need for food, medical care and shelter and says they will provide these things. Carrie watches the crowd anxiously. Otto talks about the need for education too. He says he has a check for $10 million to help. He says this is just the start. Carrie stands by Mike and they both look tense. Otto then calls on his peers to help as well and says when peace comes, these people can go home and rebuild their home with pride, knowledge and skill. The speech ends and she tells Mike to get the vehicles ready so they can go. Otto thanks Haugen and he steps down by Carrie who says the hour is up. He says he needs 10 more minutes. Carrie says no but he insists on time to talk to the press. Saul gets another update on issues caused by the breach. Allison tells Saul that Astrid called to say Laura was released and they have her under intense surveillance. They step into the conference room. Allison says moving those Ukranian assets is risky and says she’s the best person to find assets to replace them. She says she’s the best person to fix this but Saul says his hands are tied. She asks what would he do if she was Carrie Matheson. He says this and she says BS, he would be protecting her at all costs. Allison says Carrie is gone and he should show some allegiance to those who stuck around to support him. Carrie looks around nervously and Mike says they have to go. Carrie tells Otto it’s time to go right now. A woman asks Otto to look at a boy who’s eight and has never been in school Mike alerts Carrie to a guy in a dark jacket. Carrie sees the guy coming. Mike pulls a gun and Carrie pulls Otto aside. Mike says to show his hands. The guy grabs a woman and then shows he has a trigger in his hand. Carrie says to take him. Mike shoots him and they see the guy has a bomb vest on. Carrie tells the driver to go. They speed out and she tells Otto to stay down. Carrie looks around nervously and spots someone moving then notices there are no people around. She tells them to stop. The driver doesn’t and she slams her foot on the brakes. They barely miss getting blown up and the driver gets out and runs. Carrie gets behind the wheel. She does a u turn and busts through the gates of the camp. She drives them directly to the plane and tells him to get on the plane. He says he needs to make some calls first but she says get on the plane now. Carrie says she needs to get a sense of what happened here and he says they just stayed too long. She says no, it was carefully planned and they were going to hit them anyway. She says she has to stay and make sure this threat doesn’t follow them to Berlin. Otto says he won’t forget she saved his life. Carrie goes into the bathroom and tries to calm her panic. She’s crying. Carrie begs for God to help her. Fatima stops the van and the girls get out. Quinn still follows. They hug Fatima and she wishes them luck. He watches all this. The girls back in a van and Fatima goes into the restroom. Quinn calls in the license plate of the van and says it’s got ISIL females. Fatima comes out of the bathroom dressed differently and goes to another car. Quinn follows her. He pulls down her face scarf and she says "bitte" which is please in German. He shoots her with a silenced pistol then takes a pic of her face. Allison calls Dar and he says taking one for the team will help her career. She says it’s a huge security risk and she’s too valuable to sideline. Dar says no one doubts her value but the Germans are demanding an important head. She says to give them Saul but he says sorry. She says he can just kick Saul out of Berlin and he can do his job from anywhere. Allison says who would he rather have on the ground there — her or Saul? At the German post office, Saul goes inside and makes his drop. Carrie comes back to the hotel and finds a man in her hotel room. Bahruz says he has to give it back since El Amin gave his word to protect her and they failed. He says Waleed betrayed them. He shows her the video of them beating Waleed. He tells her to listen. She sees that they ask him why kill Otto when he was helping. Waleed says it was Carrie that was the target, not Otto. Bahruz says they questioned him six hours and says he was more afraid of whoever wants her dead than he was of dying. He says Beirut is not safe for her anymore. Quinn goes to the post office and leaves the phone with the

159 Homeland Episode Guide proof and picks up the next assignment. He sees there’s numbers for him to look up. He has today’s paper and works a cypher. He writes down the letters. The name is Matheson.

160 Homeland Episode Guide

Super Powers

Season 5 Episode Number: 51 Season Episode: 3

Originally aired: Sunday October 18, 2015 Writer: Alex Gansa, Meredith Stiehm Director: Keith Gordon Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Ru- pert Friend (Peter Quinn), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Sebastian Koch (Otto Düring), Miranda Otto (Alison Carr), Alexander Fehling (Jonas Happich), Sarah Sokolovic (Laura Sutton) Guest Stars: Suraj Sharma (Aayan Ibrahim), Nina Hoss (Astrid), Atheer Adel (Nu- man), Sven Schelker (Korzenik), Allan Corduner (Üter), Micah Haupt- man (Mills), William R. Moses (Scott), Steve Nicolson (Russian ambas- sador), Michael Schiller (Proprietor), Vladimir Vilanov (Russian Wind- breaker) Production Code: 5WAH03 Summary: Jonas and Carrie revisit her past; Quinn stalks his prey.

The episode begins with Carrie looking down at a sleeping Frannie. She tells Jonas she doesn’t know if she can put her on the plane tomorrow. He says to go with her and Carrie says that will make her just as unsafe. She says once Frannie is back in the states, she can figure it out. Jonas asks what if the guy in Lebanon was lying but Carrie says he wasn’t. He asks how she knows. They step out of her daughter’s room. Jonas says she’s been holed up for four days not saying any- thing and needs to talk to him. Carrie says he was tortured and finally admitted she was the target but was too scared to say who Saul paid him. Jonas asks how that makes it credible. She says he had two secrets. One he could tell and one he was willing to die for then says he did die for it and was shot in the face. Jonas curses and she says he asked for the truth. A woman hands her son some lunch money and he heads off with his friends. Someone is watching from nearby. It’s Quinn watching from a car. Saul is there to see Otto who says he rarely gets visits from CIA officers. Saul says it’s rare that German industrialists are the targets of assassination. He says he’s more of a philanthropist. Saul asks who might want to kill him in Lebanon then asks if it might have to do with Carrie meeting with Hezbollah. Otto says to ask her and Saul says he can’t find her. Then Saul says it’s not the first time he’s collaborated with the wrong side of history. Otto says it’s known his grandfather was a Nazi. He says he has spent years atoning and Saul asks about him giving to Muslim causes. Otto says they account for every penny then Saul asks if he considers Hezbollah a terror organization. Otto says he’s anti-terrorism but says legitimate rebellion is different. Otto says nothing has made the world more dangerous in the last 15 years than US foreign policy. He says Americans are great humanitarians when someone else is on trial. Saul says he wants to know where Carrie is.

161 Homeland Episode Guide

Otto says he doesn’t track her movements and thinks she’s taking some time off after what happened. Saul says he wants to talk to her and Otto reminds him that Carrie doesn’t work for Saul anymore and says he knows that must be frustrating since she’s a remarkable person. Carrie studies a huge collage of photos she’s put up at the house she’s at — all of likely terror suspects and people who could be after her. Frannie comes out of her room and Jonas has her packed to go. They drive to a small airport and load Frannie onto a plane. Otto was lying to Saul since he’s the one who’s meeting her. Frannie runs to the plane as Carrie tells Otto thanks. He says to get to the bottom of this then come back to work. Carrie says she will. He tells her Saul came looking for her and to scare him. He says he told him nothing. She says she’s sorry he had to lie to him but he says he didn’t mind and says Saul seems like a man too used to getting his way. He tells her to tell Frannie goodbye. Jonas gives Frannie a hug then Carrie says she’s going to see her Aunt Maggie and her cousins. She kisses her and says she’s sad for her to go. She hands her over to Anya who tells her not to worry. They load onto the plane and Jonas hugs Carrie as she starts crying. She goes back to the car. They drive back to the house as Carrie stares out the window. Jonas says saying goodbye to his kids and moving out was the worst day of his life. She reminds him he sees them on weekends and he says she’ll see Frannie again. She says he’s not helping and he says that’s because she won’t tell him anything. He says he’s not a brain reader and she laughs and says mind reader. Carrie says she knows she has not been herself the last few days and he says he gets it. Carrie says it’s more than sending Frannie away. She says maybe he can help her see this better. She says it would ask a lot of him and he asks what he can do. She asks to stop to eat and says they can talk there. They sit at a table at an empty restaurant. She says she knows she’s bipolar and says the meds keep her safe and sane. She says what he doesn’t know is what she’s like off the medication. She says it can be scary as hell but also exhilarating. She says you feel elated like you’re flying down a ski slope with no chance of falling. She asks if he’ll still like her once she tells him this. Jonas says he loves her. She says the meds literally saved her life but she loses something too — she says there’s a window when she’s lucid and does her best work. She tells him about some of her successes. He asks if she wants to go off her meds to figure this out. She says she already did — three days ago. Allison checks with her people who report that Carrie hasn’t been seen since she got back from Lebanon. They tell her Laura is on her email and they read what she types. Saul comes in and says Otto said he doesn’t know where she is. Saul tells her they need to talk. He says he’s known Dar for 30 years and says he knows she tried to put a knife in his back. He tells her to stop it then says if you aim to kill, don’t miss and asks if he’s taught her nothing. He says he treated her like an elite intelligence officer and says to behave like one. She asks when he wants her gone. He says she’s not going anywhere. He says they can’t afford a shakeup right now. She asks who will be sacrificed for the Germans and he says he’s working on it. She thanks him. He says she doesn’t deserve it. Carrie and Jonas come back and she says if he’ll monitor him, she can push the boundaries some more. He asks for warning signs and she gives him a list including belligerent or abusive. He laughs but she says he can get ugly. She says give her the pills once he knows it’s time. Jonas says she should have told him before she went off the meds and she says sorry. She says the sedative is fast-acting and there won’t be any crisis. He says there must be another way. Carrie says not for her. She goes back into her room with the photos and tells him it’s a timeline of her tours for the CIA. She says she’s making an enemies list of who has the means and contacts to make it start. Quinn is watching the woman from earlier. They’re at a restaurant. Quinn’s German ex is there and he asks about Lebanon and if she has any idea where Carrie is. She says no idea but a lot of people are looking for her. He says he is too. She says she thinks Carrie is back in Germany. Quinn asks if she can get him a stingray and she says yes then he asks her to leave with him. She says she can’t and he says handheld stingray if she can swing it. Jonas and Carrie have hot sex in her idea room. He’s never had crazy Carrie sex. At the During foundation, the hacker sits outside. Laura spots him. Some men sit across the street watching the place. He pulls out a computer and pops it open. Laura goes inside and up to her office. She opens her laptop. The

162 Homeland Episode Guide

fire alarm goes off and she’s told to leave. She does so reluctantly. The CIA watches this and alerts Allison that the building is evacu- ating. She asks where Laura is and says to get the team onto the street to look for Laura and Carrie both. Laura comes out and stands in the crowd. The hacker is nearby and nods. Laura sees the CIA guy get out of the car. She goes to get into a thicker crowd of people. The hacker walks and Laura follows. They cross the streetcar tracks and keep going. The CIA has lost her. Allison is annoyed. They tell her no Laura, no Carrie. Allison goes outside to stew and get some fresh air. She sighs. The hacker steps around a corner and Laura follows. She asks if he’s who she thinks he is. She says that was a ballsy move setting off the alarm. He says he was there when the BND picked her up. He asks what she told them. She says she told them nothing and says she doesn’t even know his name. She says of course they’re after him, but he’s smart and tricky. She says she’ll protect him and he asks how he can be sure. She reminds him he came to her and he says he read her stuff and thought he could trust her. She asks his name and he says call me Numan. She says she’s a fan of his too. He says he has the rest of the documents and she says she can release them like last time. He asks if she gets scared and says she can just go home to America. She says she has two warrants out for her arrest there. He says he can’t go home either. She asks Turkey and he says yeah. He hands her the docs and say she has to go. She tells him he’s doing the right thing. She asks how she can reach him and he says she can’t. He goes. Carrie takes a caffeine pill. She crushes it and snorts it. Jones comes in and asks if that’s necessary. She says she made progress after he went to bed and says he can make her coffee. She says this is faster. Laura comes back to her office. She opens her safe. She gets out a second computer she has there and then makes a call. Laura calls Jonas and leaves a message saying she needs him and asks where he is. She plugs the flash drive in and sees a portrait that giggles and flips her off and she says "you little f-er." He didn’t give her the documents. Maybe he was trying to hack her computer. Numan meets his pal Korzy at the club and says he had to meet someone — he tells him it was Laura Sutton. He says he gave her the documents. Korzy is shocked and Numan says no more talk about selling them to the highest bidder. Korzy calls him an asshole and Numan says it was the right thing to do. Korzy says he’s a fool and doesn’t even know what a fool he is. Carrie talks about Abu Nazir’s bombmaker and says he had a son who would be 18 now. Jonas says he knows this story and says it came up in her background check for Otto. He says she barely got hired. He says the wife Sanaa blew herself up at a checkpoint and killed three soldiers. She says Bassam should be on the list. Saul talks with Etai about the business in Lebanon and he asks how this fits together. Saul asks what. The guy says Carrie was handling security and met with Waleed from the Hezbollah. He tells Saul that no one believes Carrie is not still agency. The guy tells him the Israeli govern- ment will oppose any regime change. He says getting rid of Bashar is not a bad idea but he can’t be replaced with someone worse. Saul says they are out of the business of overthrowing regimes. The Ambassador, Scott, is annoyed that he’s being recalled and says Saul engineered this. He says he won’t go back and Saul says take it up with the State Department. The guy says the President owes him and Saul says not as much as he thinks he does, obviously. Jonas looks through some files she has and says there are hundreds of names there. She says 167. He says they’re all civilians. She says according to Pakistani foreign ministry. They were all killed while she was station chief in Kabul by drones. Jonas is getting a little queasy about all this and she asks what’s wrong. She tells him to take a break and he says he’s fine then gets snappy with her. She says she can tell something is wrong and he says he’s going to step out for a minute. She says he thinks she’s appalling and repulsive, maybe even a war criminal. He says to leave it alone. She says to say something and he shakes his head at her then walks to the door. She tells him that’s not her anymore. He says he doesn’t know how she lives with herself. She paces the floor and then sits with her knees twitching. She looks at the wall of photos. She tries to gain some focus. She does some deep breathing as she looks at all the faces on the wall. She paces then goes to the kitchen. She sees a bottle of vodka and pulls it out. She taps the bottle nervously. She opens it and takes a swig — that’s 9 months of sobriety gone. She sees Aayan talking to her and he says so much for self-control. She covers her eyes then he’s gone. Korzy greets a man who works at the Russian embassy who’s in the club. He asks if he’s

163 Homeland Episode Guide threatening him or trying to blackmail him. Korzy says he has documents for sale — American, top secret. The guy gets close and says tell him more. Carrie starts taking crazy to one of the photos and says he’s a loose end she should have killed. Aayan tells her it wasn’t that guy and says he doesn’t even think of her, doesn’t remember her name. Carrie says his name and he says Aayan is dust and is done. She asks what he wants and he says ask him what she wants to know. Carrie asks who is it? Who’s after me? He says come closer and he’ll whisper in her ear. She steps closer and he whispers to her. She starts crying. At a German store, Quinn flashes a Polizei badge and grabs the kid of the woman he was watching. He tapes him up with duct tape. He told the other kid to tell his mom that he was arrested. He tells the kid to shut the f-k up. Jonas comes back inside and calls to Carrie and asks if she’s hungry. She sits in the middle of a circle of photos on the floor. He kneels down. She says she figured it out. She says it’s all of them. He asks what she means. She says it’s the sum of her sins. She says it’s an avenging angel then says all angels aren’t good. She says it doesn’t matter who it is because whoever does it is doing it for them all and says it’s right. She says you can’t atone for that many souls. He sits her on the bed and goes to get the meds. He goes back to her and she asks if there’s a church nearby. He tells her to take the medicine and she says no. She says she’s not crazy and is crystal clear. He says she solved it and it’s time to go back on the meds. He says they agreed she would take them. She asks if he gets tired of the Clark Kent routine. He says take them or he will call an ambulance. She says they’ll find them. He says take the pills or he’ll call. She offers sex and he says take the goddamned pills. She says he’s a lousy lay anyway. He says show me after she takes them. She grits her teeth and then shows him her mouth. He thanks her. She says aww poor little Jonas. She says she bets he never had a GF like her before. She says she likes it better when he’s mad because at least she knows he’s alive. The burner rings and she says not to answer it. He says it’s his ex. That’s whose kid Quinn took — he took Jonas’s kid. The ex wife tells him that their son was arrested for shoplifting. Quinn sits outside listening to the call and gets coordinates. He uses the stingray to get the coordinates. Quinn leaves the kid in the van and says they’ll find you by dinnertime. He gets in the car and drives off leaving the van. Jonas calls the police and says that’s weird. He says the police have no record of bringing in his son. Carrie says he’s not in police custody and says it was staged to get him to call. She says Stefan will be fine. He says they have to get back to Berlin but she says he’s just a pawn. Jonas says it’s his son. She grabs a bag and runs out into the woods. Jonas yells at her to come back and says he’s not chasing her. He curses and asks where she is. She doesn’t answer and he gets into the car and drives away. She opens the bag and pulls out a rifle and loads it. Saul sits at his desk making a video call to Dar who says the Ambassador is not happy to be on his way home. Dar says the Germans are appeased then asks if they should put an official reprimand in Allison’s file. Saul says he needs her for the weekend if they’re still on and Dar says that’s why he called. He asks if Dar has cold feet and he says just the opposite. Dar tells Saul they have a green light but says he failed to mention the conversation with Etai. Dar says screw them as long as the Israelis don’t know the who or when. Allison tells Saul they lost track of Laura for two hours. She says they’re supposed to be professionals and says Laura could have met with Carrie. She climbs in bed with Saul and says she took a Xanax and asks if it’s okay they just sleep. He says okay then they cuddle up. That’s fun. Carrie lurks in the woods and it’s dark now. She sees headlights as a car pulls up off the road then shuts off the lights. She aims the rifle. She sees a guy lurking in a hooded shirt. Quinn creeps closer cautiously. She watches through the scope. He has binoculars and a gun. She takes a shot at him and he goes down. She looks around then checks with the scope. She creeps closer to Quinn. She never saw his face when she shot. She takes aim again as she gets closer. He’s gone. He comes up behind her and chokes her. She goes limp and then he drugs her with a syringe. He was wearing a Kevlar vest and he groans as he pulls off his jacket — he says mother-er.

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Why Is This Night Different?

Season 5 Episode Number: 52 Season Episode: 4

Originally aired: Sunday October 25, 2015 Writer: Ron Nyswaner Director: John Coles Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Ru- pert Friend (Peter Quinn), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Sebastian Koch (Otto Düring), Miranda Otto (Alison Carr), Alexander Fehling (Jonas Happich), Sarah Sokolovic (Laura Sutton) Guest Stars: Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Atheer Adel (Numan), Sven Schelker (Ko- rzenik), Allan Corduner (Etai Uter), Mark Ivanir (Krupin), Igal Naor (General Youssef), Janina Blohm-Sievers (Sabine), Reymonde Am- sallem (Uter’s Wife), Darina El Joundi (Mrs. Youssef), Emily Cox (Clau- dia), Anna Herrmann (Katja), Shai Vaknine (Gabi), Markus von Lingen (Dr. Droz), Uriel Emil (Radwan), Adrian Zwicker (Clinic Assistant), An- drei Zayats (Driver), Aylin Tezel (Amena) Production Code: 5WAH04 Summary: Answers elude Carrie; Laura asks Jonas for help; Saul and Allison run an operation.

The episode begins with Allison and Saul at a Passover dinner. Etai leads it says celebrating Seder in Germany is impor- tant because of their slavery just 70 years ago under a tyrant. He says their par- ents and grandparents wore yellow stars. He says they still have enemies all over the world who wish to destroy them and says we pray for the strength to defeat them. Carrie wakes and looks around. She sees some food nearby and a tooth- brush. She’s tied to a cot. Quinn comes in and she says — thank God. He sits and she says his name again. She tells him to untie her. She asks what the f-k is going on and he says her name is on a kill list. She says she knows but can’t figure it out. He says she must have crossed a line and pissed someone off. He tells her to stop moving. He cuts his hand and wipes blood on her face. He unties her and then says Saul put her name on the list. He tells her to close her eyes. She sits and he says play f-ing dead. She says she doesn’t believe it. He says she’d better and he snaps the pic. He tells her to get cleaned up because they have shit to do. She asks what. He says they have to execute her fallback plan. She asks what if she doesn’t have one. He says the picture will buy her time but she has to disappear. She asks how his deal with Saul works and he says it doesn’t matter. He says Saul gives him a name and he gives proof of death. She says Saul gave her name then asks why. He says he doesn’t know and doesn’t want to. She says she didn’t do anything and he says she’s probably not even aware of what she’s done. She says she needs to talk to Saul. Quinn says the order may have come from someone senior and if she shows she’s alive, they will keep coming from her. Etai asks him again about a plan to overthrow Bashar and Saul says there isn’t. Etai says he heard that Yousef would be

165 Homeland Episode Guide their replacement choice. Etai says the man was behind a chemical weapons attack. Saul asks what’s the alternative — leave Assad in place. Etai says when Arabs are killing Arabs, they’re not firing rockets at Jew. He tells Saul he was once a better friend to Israel. Allison thanks Etai for including her then tells Saul they have to leave in 15. Jonas calls Carrie and gets voice mail. Laura comes in and asks Jonas what’s going on. She says Otto should fire Carrie since she didn’t keep him safe in Lebanon. Jonas says Carrie told Otto not to go. Laura says her source gave her an empty flash drive and says the CIA is still following her. Laura asks him to have his hacker client reach out to her source. Otto comes in and asks if it’s all right. She says she wants Jonas to track down her source. Otto says he should. Jonas agrees to make the call. Laura gets a call and walks away. Jonas says Carrie is gone . He says they can’t call the police because it would put Carrie in more danger. Jonas asks who lives like this and Otto says — she does. He tells Jonas he’s worried about her too. Carrie sits and Quinn starts a video recording. Carrie makes a recording for Frannie. She says she was named after her grandfather Frank then says she knows Frannie will be mad that she had to leave. Carrie says it wasn’t safe for me to be with you but I’m trying to get back to you. Quinn says she’s making it sound like she’s still alive. Carrie says she will figure it out and fix it. Quinn says if they realize she’s alive, they will get to her through Frannie. He says Frannie is safe if Carrie is dead. Carrie starts crying then asks how he felt when he left his kid. He says not everyone is fit to be a parent. He restarts the recording. Carrie says maybe now you’re going by Frances and says she had to leave her and she probably hates her for it and she doesn’t blame her. She says something happened and it wasn’t safe for her to be with her. Carrie stops herself and says she did everything she could to get back to her, but she didn’t make it. She says the kind of work that I did is dangerous and says she believed in it so she took the risk but then she came along and she realized she wanted a better life with her daughter. She says she had it with her for a while but... She stops and says — I didn’t abandon you. She says she knows what that feels like and would never do it. She tells Frannie she’s the best thing she’s ever done and makes up for every mistake she’s ever made. Quinn looks away while she talks. Carrie cries and says I love you very much. She tops the recording. Laura is on the street in a shady area. She heads to a shabby building and rings the bell. She’s looking for Sabine. The girl says no Sabine here but Laura says the meeting was arranged through her lawyer. The woman grudgingly lets her in. She says Sabine is under house arrest and the BND keep sniffing around for some reason to send her back to jail. She makes Laura put her cell in a bag that blocks the signal. The first woman shows her the ankle monitor then says she’s Sabine. Her GF says Sabine can’t communicate with journalists as a condition of her probation. They tell Laura they like her work. Laura says there are more documents but she can’t find the hacker. She says Gabe H Coud could find it — his hacker name stands for douchebag backwards. Laura says she’s facing arrest and extradition then asks if they know what it means. Sabine says it means she’s not scared and Laura says she tries not to be. Allison meets a private plane on a small air strip. A family gets off the plane including General Yousef and his wife. They think she’s from a medical clinic that is supposed to help his daughter. Yousef’s security is vigilant but he tells them to relax. Allison says the donor arrived safely. Yousef says she’s not his Swiss and she says she’s from Berlin. She tells him his daughter will be fine. They drive to a private "clinic" and go inside. Allison introduces Dr Droz who tells them everything is in order. They hand him an envelope for the donor and Allison asks if they want to spend a moment with their daughter before she goes into surgery. Allison watches them talk to their daughter who is wheeled away. Allison says the waiting lounge is this way then points. She excuses herself. Allison goes to another room. She punches in a code then opens another door and shuts it. Saul is in an ops room and asks what she thinks of Yousef. She says he’s what you would expect and says his officers seem to be in charge and he resents that. Saul says Assad may think he’s a flight risk. Allison says they have a hand of aces and they can likely burn him. She says he does smoke and says Saul should offer him one of his cigars. She tells Saul she has to go and steps out. Saul watches Yousef pace. Carrie pulls stuff out of her fallback supplies. Quinn says Carrie must not have been sure her new life would work out since she has all this

166 Homeland Episode Guide stuff. Carrie asks where he’s been and he says Syria. She says she has looked for him everywhere she went and never stopped thinking about him. He says it doesn’t matter now. She slips on a dark wig and asks how she looks. He says — like somebody else. She asks if he ever saw Saul use the drop. He says the first time and she asks since and he says no. She says he can’t know if Saul put her name in there and Quinn says it’s Saul’s operation. She says sending him to kill her is not smart and Saul would know that. She says someone could be in their operation and they need to test it. She asks him to take him to his drop. She says she trust Saul more than she trusts anyone and can’t give up her daughter on less than a certainty. Yousef comes to Allison’s office and she says there are forms he needs to sign. His guard steps out and she drops the accent and asks him to sit. He does. He asks what’s happening here. She says everyone here is CIA except the surgical team. She says he is in violation of international sanction. She says the can send him to The Hague for war crimes. She tells him to keep looking at the form but says there’s an alternative. She tells him to go for a smoke in the garden after lunch alone and he can hear more. She hands him the pen and he signs it. She thanks him and says she knows he wants to get back to his wife now. She smiles at him like a clinic staffer would and closes the door after he leaves. She looks up at the camera and shrugs where Saul can see. Sabine is looking for Gabe H online while Laura paces around frustrated. Sabine finds him and Laura comes back over. Sabine tells Gabe that there were no docs on the drive. He’s surprised. Then he curses and says Korzy must have done with it. He tells Sabine his friend must have screwed with it. Gabe (aka Numan) calls Korzy and asks what he did with the drives. Gabe goes looking for him and asks his GF where Korzy is. She tells him to get out and says he’s working. He grabs her phone and says to call him now. He says call and I’ll leave. She gives up and covers the camera then makes the call. He snatches the phone and asks what he did with the docs. Korzy says they’ll be rich. He says his Russian friend paid big and says they even sent a car but he’ll cut him in. Gabe tells him he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Gabe tells him to get out of the car but Korzy hangs up on him. Now Korzy looks nervous. They stop and he gets out and is taken into a bar that’s nearly empty. Korzy is told that Boris is not there and says his name is Ivan and this is Valentin. Korzy says money first and he hands him a bag. Inside are thick stacks of cash. Korzy says okay and the guy says to give it over. He hands him a flash drive. Ivan takes it and says they will check it. He offers him a drink to toast. He asks if it’s the only copy and Korzy says yes and promises. Korzy says he’s going but Ivan says sit. He says he wants to be a trusting person but says cynical people make it hard and says that’s not a pleasant life. He says he wants to trust him but he’s cynical. Yousef’s wife stares out the window and says Geneva is so peaceful. He says he’s going to smoke. She asks him to check on Anena. He tells the guard to leave him then says what, they think he’ll swim across the lake while his daughter is in surgery. Saul sits waiting for him. Yousef recognizes him and says he’s flattered. Saul offers him a smoke and lights it. He tells Yousef that they know Syria’s crisis is getting worse every day. He says the Islamic State is preparing an offensive against the regime. Yousef says he knows all of this. Saul says they will lose the war and his people will be slaughtered. Saul says he knows he loves his country and has a loyal following among the officers. He says he thinks they will follow him when he replaces Assad. Yousef chuckles then asks if this is his solution for Syria. Saul says it’s the best they have. Yousef half of the government is related to Bashir. Saul says they are loading $10 million onto his plane. He says he needs to promise free elections and the US will support them. Saul says they have to act quickly. Yousef says he’s wrong and says the Islamic State is the danger in Syria. He says the world will come around to supporting Bashir. Saul says if Assad stays in power he’ll have to answer for his crimes. He says Assad has already tattled. Saul says Assad will blame Yousef for these crimes. Saul says he will say anything to keep his grip on the power. Saul sees a guard then tells Yousef they are out of time. Saul says — lead your people into the light. Yousef walks off. A man holds a gun on Korzy’s GF who is crying and has a bloody nose. Ivan tells a bloody and beaten Korzy that they found it then he says he only kept one copy. They garrote him. Gabe goes to Korzy’s place and sees the door is ajar. He goes inside and calls out for Korzy then sees

167 Homeland Episode Guide his GF shot dead in a chair. He gasps and then gets out of there ASAP. Quinn and Carrie pull up outside the German post office. They agree to sit and watch until Saul comes — she doesn’t think it will be Saul. Quinn goes to make the proof of death drop. HA! I bet it’s Allison that put Carrie’s name in the box. Carrie sits in the driver’s seat as Quinn instructed. He goes to the box and opens it. The postman watches Quinn on camera then sends a text in German that says "Den Fruend ist hier." That means your friend is here. A gunman gets the text and pulls out in his car. A young woman runs into Quinn and drops her mail and he helps her. Carrie watches the people around her with suspicion as they pass. Wuinn comes out. A car pulls up and gets ready to take a shot at Quinn. Quinn ducks but is shot. Carrie throws it in reverse and backs into the shooters car. Quinn killed his would-be assassin and Carrie snaps a pic of the shooter then shoves Quinn into the car. Quinn says whoever wants her dead now wants him dead. Carrie takes him back to Quinn’s safe house and she checks him. She says there’s an exit wound. He tells her where the medical supplies are and she runs to get them. He’s in pain and bleeding. She prepares a shot and asks if he’s still with her. She puts the shot into him and says she has to put pressure on the wounds. She sits him up and dresses the wound. She tells him to hang on. He puts his head down on her shoulder. Allison escorts Yousef and his family back to the plane after the surgery. He says he would like his wife and daughter to remain behind until this is resolved. Allison says they can’t do it and says if he went back to Syria without them it would raise a red flag. Yousef says he could just take their money and run off and Allison says they’re betting he’s smarter than that. Allison tells Saul what Yousef asked and he says that’s a good sign. He says it means he knows he’s f-d and might just cooperate. Carrie has tended to Quinn and she looks at the shooters phone. She says there’s only one number on it. Quinn says to call it. She does and Allison answers speaking Russian. Carrie ends the call and then they hear a boom and see that Yousef’s plane exploded moments after take-off. Saul says — oh my God. I was right about Allison trying to have Carrie killed then Quinn. Saul is not going to like that once he finds out. He may put Allison down himself if Quinn or Carrie doesn’t get to her first.

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Better Call Saul

Season 5 Episode Number: 53 Season Episode: 5

Originally aired: Sunday November 1, 2015 Writer: Benjamin Cavell, Alex Gansa Director: Michael Offer Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Ru- pert Friend (Peter Quinn), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Sebastian Koch (Otto Düring), Miranda Otto (Alison Carr), Alexander Fehling (Jonas Happich), Sarah Sokolovic (Laura Sutton) Guest Stars: Nina Hoss (Astrid), Atheer Adel (Numan), Allan Corduner (Etai Uter), Mark Ivanir (Krupin), Steve Nicolson (Boris), Rainer Bock (BND Officer Keller), Carol Schuler (Tatiana), Mehdi Nebbou (Hussein), Greg Mcken- zie (Reporter), Tom Veit Webber (Distinctive Mask Guy), Tom-Veit We- ber (Distinctive Mask Guy), Tomasz Robak (Hacker #1), Tomasz Robak (Hacker #1), Juno Meinecke (Hacker #2), Juno Meinecke (Hacker #2), Sophie Pfennigstorf (Hacker #3), Anna Herrmann (Katja), Tinka Fürst (Female Hacker) Production Code: 5WAH05 Summary: The hacktivists rise up; Quinn covers for Carrie; Dar and Allison as- sess the damage.

The episode begins with Saul and Allison still at the airstrip. Dar is there as well. Allison says the Swiss police are 10 min- utes out and they don’t yet know who was on the plane. Saul says they kept them in the loop somewhat and Allison says she thinks someone betrayed them. Al- lison says she has the medical team in interrogation and they worry who else it might be. Dar sends her away while he talks to Saul. Astrid comes out and finds her bike tire flat. She takes it to her car where Carrie lurks nearby. Astrid says the CIA is looking for her and Carrie says Quinn trusts Astrid so she has to. They get into the car. Carrie says she needs her help and Astrid slash- ing her tire wasn’t a good way to start. Carrie shows her the photo of the assassin she killed. Carrie says no one can know about this and she’s literally putting her life on the line. Carrie says she was the intended target in Lebanon, not Otto During and says whoever it is after her think she’s dead. Astrid says she doesn’t know the man then Carrie says the man also tried to kill Quinn. Astrid asks if Peter is okay and Carrie says he’ll live. Astrid wants to see him and Carrie says it’s not a good time. Carrie goes to get out of the car. Astrid asks for the photo and says she’ll try but she’s not doing it for Carrie. She tells Astrid that no one can know she saw her. Peter takes the bandage off to check his wound. He’s still hurting badly. He hears the door and grabs a gun, but it’s just Carrie. He says she was gone a long time and she says she had to wait for Astrid to wake. She says Astrid didn’t know the guy on sight. Carrie notes that Quinn has a fever and helps him to the cot.

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She checks the wound and says it doesn’t look good. He says it’s going septic. He says there’s an ER a mile down the street then asks how she feels about armed robbery. She calls Jonas and tells Quinn that his sister is a doctor. Gabe is at a strip club. He nods to a girl who looks nervous. She comes to sit by him then asks where he’s been. He says Katja is dead and she says cops were there to talk to Korzy. She says he hasn’t been in today. He curses and she asks if Korzy killed Katja. He asks her about Katja’s regular Russian customer. She says Boris but that wasn’t his real name and says she’d recognize him. Gabe tells her to come with him. He takes her to the video room then into the tech room. He asks when he was last here. She says four days ago maybe. He pulls up video. They watch it on fast forward. The girl points him out. Gabe gets a face shot and asks if she’s sure. She says she is. He plugs in a flash drive and copies the file. He has her drape a sheet over the lockers while he puts on a mask. He says everything must be covered so there is no hint of who they are. He says he owes this to Katja and Korzy. He puts on a mask and she starts the camera. He says he’s Gabe H Coud and says this video shows a pig who works at the Russian Embassy. He says this man murdered an innocent girl and disappeared her partner. He says it’s a call to arms. He says show up at the Russian Embassy at noon so their voices will be too loud to ignore. Jonas shows up to the safe house and tells him to get inside because it’s not safe. She lied and says she was hurt so he’s surprised to see her safe. He is furious and she says they need to get an IV into a friend of hers or he’ll die. She promises to explain and Jonas asks why he should do anything for her. Carrie says she doesn’t know then asks if he has the antibiotics. Jonas looks at Quinn who’s out cold. Carrie tells Jonas to wash his hands to she can help. Allison tells Saul he hasn’t spoken since they left Geneva. Saul says he had convinced himself they were going to change the world. He says it wasn’t the Syrians. He says they wouldn’t have let the plane get off the ground in Damascus. She says maybe it’s someone who wanted to keep Youssef out of it and suggest Mossad and Etai. He says he doesn’t buy it and says nothing is simple about Israel sabotaging their operation and the simple answer is usually correct. Allison drops Saul off and says she won’t be able to sleep tonight so she’s going to go into work. He kisses her then goes. She tells him not to forget his bag. He grabs it and goes. Allison watches as he goes inside. Jonas asks what if he doesn’t get better but she says he will. He asks if she’ll take him to the hospital. She asks if his sister would come check him. Jonas refuses to involve his family further and Carrie says she gets it. Jonas says he won’t be involved any further either. He strips off his gloves as Carrie thanks him and says he’s done more than enough. Jonas says no one should have to live like this. Carrie says she has no choice. He says she does. Jonas says it’s insane and says assassination attempts and gun battles in the streets. He says she needs to find a way to stop it. He says he doesn’t want to lose her and thought he had. Carrie looks away. Later, Allison is met by Ivan, the Russian, who says all went as planned. She says she got a call from Vasily but it wasn’t Vasily. He says he was afraid of that then says it’s not her problem. He says he thinks it was Saul’s hit man. Allison says they will find out she put Carrie’s name in the hit box. He says it might lead to the SVR but not to her. He tells her to f-ing relax. Ivan says — this was your problem then hands her a cell phone showing the photo of a dead Carrie. Allison curses. Allison says her nerves are shot. Ivan touches her hand and holds it for a moment. He says just a little farther now. He says they’re almost there and she says — easy for you to say. He says don’t be scared of Dar then says he’s a pussycat. She says it will take more to turn him against Saul. The man says Saul’s weakness is Israel and says when Dar comes to her play hard to get then go to Saul with a passenger manifest. Allison agrees. He winks at her and says ciao. Allison asks him to stay with her a bit longer. He says sure and turns off his car then lights a cigarette and passes it to her. They sit swapping it back and forth. Allison’s hands are shaking. At the CIA station in Berlin, Allison works the next day. Dar knocks and comes in and tells her something came up. He asks if Saul is in the building. She says he is. Then he asks about their dinner at Etai’s. She says they went to Passover. He says she reported it was friendly. He says the bomb was magnetic and set to go off at 20,000 feet but malfunctioned.

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He says the techs told him it was like what Israel has been using against the nuclear scien- tists. He says Etai and Saul go back a long way. He says they can’t ignore the possibilities then tells her to put a team on this. She asks if he means Etai but he says Saul and says he wants to know who he meets and what he’s saying to them. Allison broods on this development as she prints out something. She grabs up the printed papers then goes to see Saul. She finds him working and he says he’s looking at people at Langley. Allison says she has something he needs to see and shows him the passenger manifest of people on a Saturday flight to Geneva. She tells him to look at the highlighted name — Michael Petrich — a professor of applied sciences. Saul asks who that is and she shows him the photo. It’s Etai. Saul says his name and Allison says he was there in Switzerland the day Youssef’s plane went down. Saul sighs. Saul asks if they know who Etai met and what he did. She says she hasn’t told Dar and came to him first. Saul says to keep it between them for now. He leaves. Allison shakes her head — it went off just as Ivan said. Astrid looks for a match for the photo. She’s startled by her boss who says there’s a crowd at the embassy. He asks what she was looking for and she says an identification. He asks to see and she shows him the photo. He says this is a paid assassin and they do counter-terrorism. He recognizes the man and she asks who it is. He asks who’s asking and she says Annabel, a pal from the LKA. He pulls up the profile of Vasily Kovas. She thanks him. He says do it on your own time next time and she says yes. She sighs once he’s gone. The news reports on the protest outside the embassy. Jonas tells Carrie that she should see this. A reporter says the hacker reported that the SVR killed a young woman named Katja Keller to get to CIA documents. Jonas asks what this means. Carrie calls Astrid and asks what’s up with the Embassy. She asks if these are the same documents Laura was writing about. Astrid says that’s what the hacker said. Carrie asks about the photos and Astrid says it’s Vasily Kovas, a Chechen who used to kill for Russian organized crime who’s now working freelance. Astrid says he has done a bunch of freelance work for the SVR lately. Astrid says he’s a real tough guy. Carrie ends the call. Carrie says it’s been right in her face. She goes to Quinn and says the guy who tried to kill him worked for SVR. She says Saul didn’t put her name in the killbox, the Russians did. She says there’s more on the CIA hack. Quinn tries to get up and says he has to go. Carrie says no one is after her now. Carrie asks Jonas where Laura is and says she needs to see the documents. Jonas goes to call her. Quinn says Carrie needs to get out of town. She refuses. Jonas ends the call and says Laura is at the Embassy. Carrie asks Jonas to please look after Quinn for a few hours. She says it’s the last thing she’ll ask. He agrees and they embrace. Carrie leaves. Quinn checks his bandage and sees he’s still bleeding. Saul goes to see Etai then asks if he heard about a plane that went down in Geneva. Saul asks about Etai’s intel source. Etai asks if he thinks Israel brought down the plane then tells Saul to f-k himself. He asks where Etai was on Saturday and why he was in Switzerland. He says he was recruiting an asset. He says it was a waste of time because they never showed. Saul says this is troubling and Etai says these are coincidences. He says they did not murder the general and Saul says someone did. The CIA tail snaps photo of Etai and Saul talking. Laura interviews people at the protest. She asks if they think Gabe is dangerous and then asks if he’s there. He says he’s Gabe and they all say — me too. They start chanting that they are Gabe H Coud. Carrie shows up in her brown wig and tries to avoid cameras. She buys a mask from a protestor and slips it on. She pulls up her hood and works her way through the crowd. She drops a phone in Laura’s pocket then moves on. Soldiers put on riot gear nearby. Carrie calls the phone and Laura answers. She tells her to get out of there before the cops move in and says she’s watching the cops get ready to raid and tells her to lose her cameraman and meet her at the closest train station. The cops start with tear gas and move into the crowd of protesters. Allison shows Dar the photos of Saul and Etai and says they have no audio. She says it’s probably unrelated. Dar sighs and looks at the photos some more. Laura is in the bahnhof and comes up an escalator. Carrie sits on a bench waiting and tells her to sit and take out her phone and pretend like she’s talking on it. She does. Carrie acts like she’s talking on an earbud mic. Carrie says she needs to see the CIA files and Laura says she doesn’t have the files. She says the hacker doesn’t have them either.

171 Homeland Episode Guide

She says the guy’s buddy sold them to someone at the Russian embassy. Carrie curses and stands like she’s looking for a train. Laura says Gabe didn’t have the only copy and says he downloaded it and didn’t delete it from the server. She says maybe Carrie can get a CIA friend to get them. Carrie says they are not her friends and Laura says she has few options. Quinn is doing poorly and tells Jonas he’s cold. Jonas sees the wound is bleeding freely. Quinn says if he calls an ambulance, Carrie will be killed. Jonas says they’re out of their f-ing minds. Jonas says he would never put himself in that situation. Quinn laughs and says he’s already in it. Carrie calls and tells Jonas she’s going to be a little longer. He says Quinn has lost a lot of blood. She asks him to call his sister and he says the guy is dying. Carrie says call an ambulance then. He sighs and dials but then has to hang up when he comes back and sees Quinn is gone. Jonas runs outside and doesn’t see him. He calls for Quinn. Quinn was hiding inside from him. He’s in the garage and makes his way to a case. He gets out a gun and then puts it down and grabs some zip ties. Carrie is at a hotel and sees Saul come in. She goes to approach him then lets him walk by. A tail gets on the elevator before Saul. The man gets off and goes one way and Saul goes the other. He goes into his room and sees a note on the floor. He opens it and it’s a stick of Black Jack gum. Quinn sits on the docks panting and quivering from his fever. He tries to zip tie his wrists together around a concrete block. A man approaches him and speaks to him. Quinn says go away. The man says God sent him to help him. Quinn curses. The man kneels and says he’s injured and says he will take him to a hospital. Quinn says no hospital. The man takes the zip tie from him and Quinn says leave me alone. Quinn struggles to stand and walks away from the guy. The man follows him. Saul leaves his room and presses the elevator button then heads down the stairs and into the kitchen. He jogs now and goes out the loading bay by the catering vans and onto the street. A taxi pulls up and the door opens. He sees her and gets inside. She asks since when is he a runner and he says since Mira filed for divorce. Quinn struggles on whimpering and the man follows. Quinn staggers and coughs and then tries to open a dumpster to climb into. He can’t get into it. The guy walks up on him and stares at him. Quinn falls unconscious.

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Season 5 Episode Number: 54 Season Episode: 6

Originally aired: Sunday November 8, 2015 Writer: Chip Johannessen, Ted Mann Director: Alex Graves Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Ru- pert Friend (Peter Quinn), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Sebastian Koch (Otto Düring), Miranda Otto (Alison Carr), Alexander Fehling (Jonas Happich), Sarah Sokolovic (Laura Sutton) Guest Stars: Micah Hauptman (Mills), René Ifrah (Bibi), Jarreth J. Merz (Hajik), Morocco Omari (Guest Star), Mehdi Nebbou (Hussein), Christian Ser- ritiello (Arthur Rubin), Robert Schupp (Concierge), Erol Afsin (Utku), Tim Kalkhof (Cameraman), Matthew Bates (Polygrapher), Stacey Swift (Analyst), Katharina Schlothauer (Newscaster), Christoph Glaubacker (Lead Guard), Janina Agnes Schröder (Hotel Worker), Alireza Bayram (Qasim) Production Code: 5WAH06 Summary: Saul orders a sweep at the station; Carrie looks to Düring for support.

The episode starts at a prison. Prisoner names are called and they are given their little Muslim hats. They are all released. It’s the allegations of illegal spying by the US and Germany that set them free. Laura asks Zayd if he plans to return to Syria. He refuses to answer her and tells her to get out of his way. A guy with Laura says she must be glad she got him out. A man picks up Zayd who says they have much to do. Carrie gets out of the cab and Saul fol- lows her. She says he tried to take her out and he calls BS. She says someone put her name in his killbox. She says there was a shoot out at his dead drop and he must have seen it on the news then says Quinn was hit. Saul doesn’t have answers. She says the Russians did it. She says the bomb in Syria was also meant for her. He asks why the Russians give a shit about her. She says there is something in the hacked documents they don’t want her to see. She says he needs to get the documents for her then says Quinn made it look like she’s dead so she bought time. Saul says he can’t hand them over. He says that causes problems. She says his own agency is following him but he doesn’t believe her. He says she built a wall between them and says they should stay on their own sides. She says she risked her life to come to him and he says ask your hacker friends for the documents. He gets a taxi and goes. Zayd gets a hero’s welcome in his neighborhood. He goes upstairs and gets warm greetings all along the way. Quinn is in that apartment building being cared for by a Muslim doctor. Saul takes the cab to his hotel then notices his CIA tail just as Carrie told him. He waits for the elevator and looks around. He starts noticing things finally. Allison finds Saul outside her building and asks him what’s going on. He says he’s being followed then asks if she’s being followed too.

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He says she doesn’t seem surprised then he asks if she ordered it. She says Dar did. He says their plans for Syria blew up with the plane and she says something in the wreckage implicated Israel then says she should have told him. He agrees she should have. He says he wants the station checked for bugs and says if it’s not bugged they have an even bigger problem. The man who found Quinn argues with another man — Zayd — about Quinn. Zayd comes in then asks if he’s a spy. Zayd shakes him and the man says he’s under a sedative and says he can’t talk. He says the man was so weak, he transfused him with his own blood. He says Allah commands them to be kind to guests and Zayd says he shouldn’t have made him a guest. Carrie comes back and sees that Jonas is there alone and Quinn is gone. He says he looked everywhere for him and he’s been gone 20 hours. He says he thinks Quinn went out to die. Jonas rants at Carrie and says this is no way to live. He says she needs to go to the authorities but she says she doesn’t know who to trust. He says trust me then says he’s going home and asks her to come with him. She asks for time to think it through. She says she just saw Saul and he refused to help her get the documents. Jonas tells her to shut up about the documents then says a man walked out that door bleeding to save her. He says he’s leaving — he’s done and then he goes. The sweep for bugs starts at the CIA station. They go room by room clearing it. Saul oversees it and Allison says it’s not a good time for this. He says they have no choice. Dar shows up and writes a note — talk now — and they step into a private room. Dar asks what authority this is under and Saul asks why Dar didn’t set up a sweep then asks why he’s being tailed and is anyone else being tailed. Saul says he knows what this is about and says he leaked three names 30 years ago to Mossad. He says Dar is hanging onto it like it’s yesterday. Dar says he went to Etai and Saul says to make sure he’s not involved. Dar says Etai was there and Saul says it was the Russians. Allison lurks nearby listening. Dar says Saul is screwing his co-worker and he’s sick of his bad judgment. They each tell each other to f—k off. Dar says he’s bringing in a polygraph expert. Dar says come clean right now or else. Saul says he told him who it was and Dar asks where he got that from. Saul says nothing and Dar says he’ll face the machine tomorrow and storms out. Quinn wakes and looks around. He sits up in pain and stands. He walks with his pee bottle down the hall looking for a place to dump it. He finds the bathroom and dumps it out then flushes. He goes to the sink and looks at his wound and sees it’s still draining but looks better. He hears a man saying — they humiliated all of us and talking about how they will kill thousands of them for each of them — here in Germany. The rescuer tells him he needs to lie down and Quinn says he should tell his friends to plug the event or they’ll be heard. Zayd hears them talking also through the vent and comes to stare at him up the stairwell. Saul goes to his hotel room and the key doesn’t work twice then does on the third try. He goes inside and looks around cautiously. He shuts the drapes and starts looking for bugs. He hears a noise and goes to see there’s a door ajar. It’s a maid. He searches her cart while she stares shocked. He stops and says sorry. He hands her back the towels she dropped and goes back into his room. At the During Foundation, Otto pulls into the parking deck as he gets a text from unknown says — I’m behind you. He gets out of his car and sees Carrie in her dark wig in a far corner. He walks over to her and she says she’s staying out of security cameras. She says the people after her think she’s dead so she has to disappear. She hears a car and looks around cautiously. She says she hates to ask him for help then says she has nowhere else to go. He asks what she needs and she says a plane. He asks to where and she says it’s best he doesn’t know. She says tell the pilot 12 hours of fuel plus reserves. He says he’s happy to help but isn’t sure this will help her. He says he’ll do it if she’s sure it’s what she wants. Carrie says she went to Saul and says he was always there for her but this time he wasn’t and it shocked her. Carrie says he hates her then says her friend Quinn was hurt and she didn’t take care of him like she should have. He asks what’s the problem and she says she is and she brings down those around her. She says she has an opportunity to go away and take the problems with her. He says she has him and Jonas but she says she doesn’t have Jonas then says she’d like to leave today. Saul goes to the lie detector room and the guy asks if Saul is ready. He says just a minute. Saul walks down and asks for Ruben, the guy working on the network breach. They tell him

174 Homeland Episode Guide where to find him. Saul goes down there and asks how he’s doing. He asks if there’s anything about the Russians in there. They close the files when he comes in. Saul asks if they have a print out and they tell him he’s not on the list to see them. He says the list was revised this morning and tells Saul to talk to Dar Adal. Saul goes to his computer and tries to log in but gets a non-authorization warning. He tries again then curses. He sees the people walk by who are checking for bugs. He tells the guy he needs him to check something and tells him to bring his stuff. He goes and gets them to start on another room which distracts a guy and he hops onto that guy’s computer and copies the hacked files onto a flash drive then creeps out through another door. Quinn looks much better. He tells Quinn it’s safer for him to stay in this room instead of walking around. Quinn says Hussein has done enough. He says he was a doctor back home but can’t practice here because they won’t honor his license. He says his wife was a doctor too and died in a clinic bombing back home. He says he manage this building now. Two men come and tell Quinn to come with him. Quinn tells Hussein it’s okay. He says Zayd was screaming crazy things and says they can’t be happy that he’s back. Quinn walks over to them slowly and goes to see Zayd. Hussein goes along. He says he’s not a spy and says they were talking too loud. Zayd chases him out then tells the other this guy heard their plans. Quinn says he heard a few words and it doesn’t make sense. He tells Zayd he knows he just got out of jail and says he’s under surveillance and will be caught and locked up for life. Then he says maybe Zayd wants to go back to jail so he doesn’t have to go backt o Syria and fight the real jihad. Quinn says he’s spent enough time in Syria to know how bad it is. He says kill me or don’t then says just make sure whatever you do that the police aren’t watching. He walks to Hussein and they walk away. The tech tells Allison that Saul took the hacked documents just a few minutes ago. Dar comes in and tells Allison that Saul skipped the poly and Allison says he took the docs. Turns out he slipped the people who were following him. Allison calls Saul and says she knows he took the documents. She tells him to come back in and says she can square things with Dar. They get Saul’s location tracing the call. She asks what is in the documents and he asks if Dar is with her. She says yes. Saul says it’s what he already told him — Russians. Saul is at a restaurant and follows Otto in and sits. He says he wants to talk to him about Carrie. He tells the guy Carrie came to him for help and says he didn’t trust her because of him. He says he has something for him to give Carrie. He says this is for Carrie alone, not for his people to post or tweet. He says he doesn’t have long. Two CIA men came in. Otto says they have no authority here and says this is a private club. They ask if they can search Otto who tells the others in the restaurant that these men are CIA and want to search his guest and him. He says he will consent if they apologize to everyone in the room when they don’t find what they’re looking for. They are both searched by the CIA men. Nothing turns up, of course. They grab Saul and Otto tells them they have to apologize. They make a curt apology and haul Saul outside. He goes with them peacefully. Carrie looks at photos on her phone of Frannie and Jonas. Carrie is told her car is here. She deletes all the messages including the photos. Quinn gets ready to leave and Hussein has medicine for him to take but then says he’s not well enough to go and says he should stay one more night. Quinn thanks him for taking care of him. He asks if Quinn has somewhere to go and someone to look after him. He says he does. One of the men tells Quinn he knows he’s not a spy but Zayd wants to execute him. He says only one man supports him. He asks why Quinn was in Syria then asks why. Quinn implies he’s a mercenary and the man asks if he really thinks the police are watching him. He tells Quinn that Zayd is no Emir like he implied. Otto apologizes to the club as he leave for the disturbance. He finds something in his coat when he gets it from the coat check girl. Carrie asks the driver to make a quick detour. She gets out at her old apartment and stars through the window at Jonas who is in the kitchen. She looks for a moment then walks way. Hussein wishes Quinn luck. Zayd lurks in the street nearby with some men. He limps towards the hulking Zayd and his men. He says he’s sorry if he caused them trouble and says he’s leaving and has no quarrel with him. He says let me pass. Zayd says he will cut his prick and shove it down his throat. He has a knife and come at Quinn. He punches Quinn where he’s injured and Quinn gets his knife and cuts his throat so fast no one saw it. Quinn staggers to a chair and sits. The guy who spoke to him earlier tells the

175 Homeland Episode Guide others to remove the body of their martyred brother then he goes to Quinn and tells him he must stay another night and says he’ll be safe now. Hussein checks his wounds. Carrie is driven to the airport. She gets out and Otto is waiting by the plane. She goes over to him and he hands her the drive and says it’s from Saul. He says Saul said she’d know what to do with it. He walks away.

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Season 5 Episode Number: 55 Season Episode: 7

Originally aired: Sunday November 15, 2015 Writer: Alex Gansa, Patrick Harbinson Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Ru- pert Friend (Peter Quinn), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Sebastian Koch (Otto Düring), Miranda Otto (Alison Carr), Alexander Fehling (Jonas Happich), Sarah Sokolovic (Laura Sutton) Guest Stars: Atheer Adel (Numan), Mark Ivanir (Ivan Krupin), René Ifrah (Bibi), Allan Corduner (Etai Luskin), Ori Yaniv (Esam), Makram Khoury (Samir Khalil), Morocco Omari (Conrad Fuller), (Ahmed Nazari), Erol Afsin (Utku), Sarah Agha (Shatha Khalil), Marc Benjamin (Theo), Alireza Bayram (Qasim), Tamer Arslan (Zaheer), Aleksandar Radenkovic (Serbian Boarder Guard #1), Branko Tomovic (Sergeant Tomanovic) Production Code: 5WAH07 Summary: Carrie reconnects with old friends; Saul opens up to Allison.

The episode starts with Allison going up the stairs of a building. She hears a door slam and looks down then opens a door into a hallway. She unlocks a door but checks behind herself first. She looks around then closes the door. Inside, she meets Ivan who asks for the NATO details he wanted but she says the station is on lock down. He asks why she didn’t cancel the meet and what’s up. She says Saul smuggled a thumb drive out of the build- ing and then met with Otto During. She says the hacked files were on it. Ivan asks why and Allison says she’s been trying to figure it out. Ivan says Saul despises Otto but Allison says Carrie makes Saul go extreme things then asks what if Carrie isn’t dead. Allison says she saw a photo not a body. She asks what if Carrie is alive and going through the documents. She says she won’t spend the rest of her life in prison and Ivan says if she is right, it’s a long way to get to them from those files. He says talk to Saul and she says he’s under guard by Dar’s men. Ivan tells her to make it happen. He tells her no one does it better than her and says she’s played these men for years and they trust her. Ivan says again — talk to Saul. Carrie goes through the files that were stolen. She looks at report after report and then look at one on Javadi. Otto comes in and brings her some coffee. She thanks him and he asks if she found anything. She says no and she’s just a quarter of the way through it. She takes a break and he fixes her coffee. She compliments the house and calls it a Schloss (castle). He asks what she’s looking for in the files and she says something Russian intelligence would kill her for. Carrie says she hopes she finds nothing and this is all a misunderstanding. Otto says what then and Carrie says she would get Jonas, fly home and go get Frannie and all go to the

177 Homeland Episode Guide cabin she has there and never leave. Otto says it sounds nice. Carrie says Jonas wouldn’t come with her anyway. She tells him they broke up. Otto says he’s sorry to hear that and says Jonas is a good man but says he’s a lawyer. He says Jonas keeps both feet on the ground. Otto says his first wife was earthbound and says most people are — you’re born with wings or not. Carrie considers. Allison puts files on a flash drive, pockets it and goes down the hall at work. Saul paces in a room and she asks Dar if he’s going to keep him indefinitely. Dar says he’s being uncooperative and denies taking the thumb drive. Allison sets a drive down and says she found it in her desk where Saul was camping out in her office. She says it was in the top drawer and has all the files on it. Dar says nice try and Allison says sleeping with Saul doesn’t mean that she would perjure himself. She also suggests that Saul could have made a second copy and gave it to Otto. She asks to take a run at Saul but says not here — at the hotel. She says Saul likes his creature comforts. Carrie prints a Berlin station report and leafs through it. It’s about Touchstone seeks Oriole. It’s about "Oriole’s pariah status" then no further action. Carrie calls around to Iraq looking for Samir Khalil. She says she must be Shatha when the woman says he’s not there. She tells her she knew her father years ago and says it’s important she speak with him. The woman hangs up. Quinn takes some medicine then Bibi comes in and says they will not attack Berlin and will go fight in the Levant instead. He says the brothers all agree. Quinn says he doesn’t give a shit what they do. Bibi asks if they can help him get to Turkey. He says no. They offer to pay him and he says $10k a week and Bibi says his uncle is important and can pay. He says he collects ransoms in North Syria. He gives his name as Abu and Quinn says he’s never heard of him. Bibi says come with them or wait for Zayd’s brothers to come kill him. Bibi says they’re going tonight. Carrie finds Otto in a chapel on his property. He asks her to come sit with him then says it’s a miracle it survived the war and the Red Army marching through. He says his mother hired a monk to live with them and say Mass when he was growing up. He says he found being Catholic difficult and she says she was lapsed a long time. Carrie says he seems virtuous to her and he says he’s not. Carrie asks if Laura can join them there to help track someone down. He says yes. Her phone vibrates and it’s Samir who calls her his Oriole. She asks why he tried to contact her five months ago. He says someone named Smith or Jones contacted him but he says he told them he would only talk to her but he never heard from her. She says Oriole is on the shelf, had flown the coop. He says someone should have told him and he was waiting for the phone to ring. He mentions Ahmed Nazari and she says he died in a bombing but Samir says no. He says he saw him in the neighborhood walking around and he’s sure it was Ahmed. Adal talks to Quinn and says he didn’t know he was in Berlin. Dar asks if Saul ever mentioned Otto or a joint operation with the Israelis. Quinn says no then asks to sit. Dar hands him a sandwich. Quinn says he fell in with some jihadis. He says they just got out of prison and are looking for an escort to the Syrian border. Dar says they thought they were planning something big here in Berlin and Quinn says they were. Dar says Quinn is impressive. He tells him one of them is Abu’s nephew then says they may get a paint and kill opportunity and Dar agrees. Saul rants to Allison about how he’s a traitor and Otto is his accomplice. He says it’s sheer f-ing insanity. She says she thinks he took the thumb drive but can’t figure out why. He says buy me 72 hours he needs. Allison says she tried and he says if he’s shipped back, it will be long-term purgatory. She asks why he needs 72 and he says he’ll have the answer by then or not. She asks what he’s waiting for. Saul asks her if they’re alone right now and she says as far as she knows. She says they’re not being monitored as far as she knows. He turns on a CD loud then says — fuck you. He goes to the bathroom and turns on the faucets. He says he took the drive and gave it to Otto. Allison asks why and he says he’s loyal to Carrie and says she thinks her life is in danger because of something in the documents. He says that’s who he’s waiting to hear back from. Allison says she’s not feeling well and fakes pain. She says she’ll be fine then fakes stomach pains. He leaves her alone in the bathroom. She sits and pants — it really does look like she’s not doing well. Is it a panic attack? She groans and pants and then touches her head. She holds her nose and changes her breathing.

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Allison then gets out her phone and sends a text. She calms down somewhat. She gets up and turns off the taps and straightens her clothes. She goes back out into the room. Laura brought Gabe with her and Carrie thanks them for coming. Gabe says he needs to find his friend Korzy and Carrie says he’s dead. He asks how she knows and she says the SVR killed Korzy because he was a loose end. She says she needs help finding those responsible for his murder. She says first to find is Ahmed Nazari and Carrie says he was a CIA asset. She says he was supposedly killed in a bombing then his wife Jamila went to Jordan. Laura asks to see the documents and Carrie says she can’t. Carrie asks to talk about it later. Gabe asks for the WiFi password. Allison goes to Ivan to rant about Carrie being alive. Allision says Ahmed could tell Carrie everything since he’s in Amsterdam. She tells Ivan he’s underestimating Carrie and says she’s not willing to take that risk. Ivan says Allison is the greatest penetration into American intelligence and could be director one day. He says both of us know she loves this double game. He says she’d be a beached fish without it. Allison says she just doesn’t want to get caught and Ivan says he knows. He says they will be waiting for Carrie in Amsterdam. Carrie tells Otto that Saul gave her those files in confidence not to spread on the internet. Carrie says people have died because of this and she nearly did and so did Otto. Gabe comes in and says Jamila is in Amsterdam. Carrie says she’ll get on the road while Gabe traces her closer. Carrie says she has an expat friend there and Laura asks for a decision on the docs but Otto says that’s for later. Quinn checks their passports and tells Zaheer he can’t come because it has a Jordanian stamp. Zaheer says he was on holiday. Quinn says it’s too much of a risk. The jihadis argue that they don’t need Quinn. Bibi tells Zaheer to get new papers and he can go next time. The others head out with Quinn. Saul lies in bed when there’s a knock at his door. He answers — it’s Allison and he asks if she’s okay. She says they should be together tonight and he tells her to come in. In Amsterdam, in the Zeeburg District, Carrie parks her car and gets out in her brown wig. She gets into a taxi and the driver says he loves her brown hair. She asks how long he’s been driving and he says a few years and says it pays for grad school. Esam thanks her for getting him out of Iraq and getting him a second chance. He asks if she wants the report. He says it was easy and he found Jamila using her real name. He says she’s a widow and lives alone and Carrie asks where. He cranks the car and they head out. Jonas goes to see Theo and asks for Carrie but he says she left last night and sys Otto is in the stables. Jonas heads out that way. He says he’s looking for Carrie and Otto says she’s gone to Amsterdam. He says he’s not sure but she’s still trying to find out what happened in Lebanon. They both agree they’re worried about her. Otto says he’s concerned about her mental state then asks how long their deal is with her and Otto says they made a mistake hiring her. Jonas is stunned. Otto says she’s unstable and they won’t renew her contract then says that should not bear on his personal relationship with Carrie. In Amsterdam, Carrie says that seems like a big house for a hairdresser. They sit and watch it and Esam nods when Jamila comes out. She asks him to go ring the doorbell and asks if someone called a cab. She shows him a photo of Ahmed and says to also see if the house has an alarm. Esam goes and knocks. The door opens and he speaks but Carrie can’t see who he’s talking to. He comes back to the cab and says it’s Ahmed. She asks about the alarm system and he says none. Carrie says now they wait until he comes out so she can look in the house. Dar asks Saul if he wants to go out like an old actor you have to drag offstage. Saul says this moment will shame Dar in six months or so. Dar tells the guards to put him directly on the plane and says he doesn’t know what more he could do for Saul who says he could have trusted him. Dar says Carrie has brought him down like he always said she would. Saul tells him to f-k off and Dar leaves slamming the door behind him. Saul continues packing and tells the guard he’s calling for his laundry. Carrie and Esam sit and finally they see a man leave the house with a dog. Carrie tells Esam to call when Ahmed gets close to coming back to the house. She gets out and Esam pulls away to follow Ahmed on his dog walk. Carrie approaches the house and goes into a garage gate then goes to the back of the house. She breaks the glass and unlocks a back door then goes inside. She goes room to room rapidly. Saul sits as the guard makes a call and says they couldn’t find his laundry but will forward it.

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He tells Saul they need to go. Saul leaves with the guards who escort him onto the elevator. Saul watches the numbers count down then the doors open and armed masked men grab Saul and shove him into a van and drive away. Carrie searches the house going through a desk and some drawers. She hears children and a noise then hides. Then she peeks out and sees it’s noise from across the street. She finds a safe but it’s locked. Esam follows Ahmed who goes to a park. He loses sight of him and has to get out of the car. Carrie finds a laptop and Esam sees two mea approach Ahmed in the park. They pick up his dog and grab him by the arm and pull him away. Esam tells her two men just took Ahmed and he can’t follow since he’s on foot. Carrie says she’ll meet him there. She grabs the computer and then hears a door open. She hears men speaking Russian. She’s upstairs and they’re down. She hides and pulls out her gun. A man comes into the room and checks the safe. He opens it and pulls out something and walks out. One finds the broken glass and calls out to the other. Carrie opens a window upstairs and hops out. She scrambles for cover but one sees and takes a shot at her. She runs. On the sidewalk, she looks around nervously then pulls off her wig after ducking into an alley. She takes to the streets again then spots Esam’s cab. She goes over and gets in and tells him let’s go but his throat has been cut. She hops out of the cab and hurries away. Saul is brought to Etai and he thanks him for the assist. Etai asks what are we doing now. Saul says he’s never defected before and doesn’t know. Carrie drives down the road and makes a call. Allison takes the call and Carrie identifies herself. She says she’s sorry to call her like this and Allison asks what she needs. Carrie says she has questions about Baghdad and asks if she can meet her. Allison says yes and Carrie says she’s leaving Amsterdam and will call her later. She asks Allison to please not tell anyone about this and Allison promises not to. They end the call. Carrie dives on through the night.

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All About Allison

Season 5 Episode Number: 56 Season Episode: 8

Originally aired: Sunday November 22, 2015 Writer: Ron Nyswaner Director: Dan Attias Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Ru- pert Friend (Peter Quinn), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Sebastian Koch (Otto Düring), Miranda Otto (Alison Carr), Alexander Fehling (Jonas Happich), Sarah Sokolovic (Laura Sutton) Guest Stars: Atheer Adel (Numan), Mark Ivanir (Ivan Krupin), René Ifrah (Bibi), Al- lan Corduner (Etai Luskin), Micah Hauptman (Mills), Makram Khoury (Samir Khalil), Oshri Cohen (Igal), Darwin Shaw (Ahmed Nazari), Hadar Ratzon Rotem (Tova), Erol Afsin (Utku), Alireza Bayram (Qasim), Rainer Reiners (Village Priest) Production Code: 5WAH08 Summary: Carrie needs Allison’s help and presses her to see if there is anything at all that can be done to help her; Quinn’s plans are going to change in a big way, won’t this be dangerous for everyone?

The episode begins with Quinn and the Jihadis off the route. He tells Bibi they should push on to Turkey but he says they need to rest and eat and tells Quinn to get into the back because their host won’t understand an American with them. He goes to the back and hops in- side. The other guys go into the house. Quinn peeks through the window cur- tain. Allison meets Ivan and tells him about Carrie and says what happened in Am- sterdam. She says she doesn’t want to meet with Carrie. He sighs. She asks him why doesn’t he just finish her off. He says there have been too many bodies and they need to be smart. He asks why she’s so worried. Allison thinks Carrie will see through and know she’s lying. He says be patient and wait for Carrie to call. He says act concerned and helpful then lead her off the track. Dar goes over the details of Saul’s "abduction" when Allison asks if anything is new. Dar pulls her in for a private chat. He asks where Saul is then says he knows he wasn’t abducted. He says it looks like Mossad then asks if she helped him escape. She tells him to listen to the tapes and he says there’s a gap where Saul turned on the faucets full blast. She asks if he really wants to know then says Saul told her he loved her and asked for help. She says Dar is the one who drove Saul to Etai’s arms. She says they need to get Saul back with as little damage to their reputations as possible. She tells Dar to call Tel Aviv. Carrie sits in the back pew of a church writing on a notepad. She tears the page off the pad and tucks it into a hymnal. She returns the hymnal to its place and goes outside. She sees a man going for a bike and watches him carefully as she goes for her car. Etai talks to Saul and says Dar called their bluff and says Tovah is on the way to Berlin.

181 Homeland Episode Guide

Saul says he’s f-d and Etai chuckles. He says Saul has two choices — Tovash gives him to the CIA or he can try and get Saul to Israel. He says it won’t be a true defection but Saul says he can’t. He says he just needs to give Carrie a few more days to get to the bottom of this. He goes to leave but the Mossad guy says he can’t let him go under orders from the Director. Allison shops online for spendy purses when Carrie calls her. She says she had to make sure she wasn’t being followed and says not at her office. She asks her to meet her in Reinbech and says she left directions there under protocol. Carrie says she won’t talk over the phone then says acrobat is alive and she saw him in Amsterdam. Allison says that’s crazy. She wonders what it means and Carrie says Allison has to meet her and help her put this together. She says Baghdad protocol. Back in Baghdad in 2005, we see Carrie in the back of a car and people crowding around it. There are armed US soldiers all over. Carrie gets out and shows her ID at the embassy and goes inside. She asks for Allison and looks at the POW MIA wall. She sees a photo of Brody there. Now, Carrie thinks back on this encounter. Allison came down to see her and takes her to her office. She asks about her flight and then Samir Khalil is there and Carrie meets him and finds out she’s taking over for Allison. He’s a judge who is helping them work on security improvements. He speaks encouraging words but Allison cuts him off. He tells Carrie he’s glad she’s there and says they need all the help they can get. In her office, Allison offers Carrie a drink and says there’s no ice. Carrie says Saul speaks highly of Allison. They toast to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Allison tells her it’s an exciting post and says she’ll learn a lot and it will look good in her file. Carrie asks what else. Allison says if she wants the truth, there are IEDs, suicide bombers, death squads and a raging insurgency. She says you can’t shove democracy down people’s throats — then she says sorry and she’s been there too long. Carrie says she wanted to know. Allison says she needs a couple of months stateside and says she’s from Wisconsin but wants to go to Milan to shop. Allison says she’s going to burn all her dusty clothes then go to St Lucia and drink daiquiris on the beach at a bar. Now, Otto calls Carrie and she says she’s okay. He asks if she found the man she was looking for and she says she has his laptop. She says she can’t access the hard drive because of a password and asks about Numan. He says he’ll find the hacker for her. Carrie asks him if he’s seen Jonas. He lies and says no then asks why. She says she was wondering if he asked about her. He tells more lies then asks if he should tell Jonas about what she’s going through. He says he’ll get Numan and tells him to be careful. Back in Baghdad, Allison and Carrie meet with Samir who is angry about the law breaking. He says the first formal laws were written in Iraq and Carrie says the Hammurabi code. He says he knows who is selling the judge’s personal information and says they’re pursuing it but he says the man should have been arrested by now and says his country is circling the drain. Carrie promises she will personally follow up on Ahmed Nazari. He leaves then Allison tells Carrie she won’t and says Ahmed is their asset and says the information he gives them is too valuable. She says his code name is Acrobat then says he’s needy and has a thing for her. A guy brings food out to Quinn in the van and he thanks him. Quinn asks why they’re still there and he says they needed to pick up some things. Quinn asks what things. The guy says if Bibi wants him to know he’ll tell him. Quinn says they can’t cross the border with weapons then says they’ll all end up in jail. He asks the guy if he’s ever been in a war zone or jail. Etai and Saul plays chess then Tovah shows up. She wants to talk to Saul alone but Etai refuses. Tovah says director’s orders. Etai has no choice but to leave. Tovah and Saul sit and she asks if he’s there to help Israel. He says he doesn’t want to defect or offer them information. She says she will take him back to the CIA. He says his agency is trying to prove that Israel murdered Youssef and his family. He says he made a proposal to the general and someone killed him. Tovah says they had nothing to do with it and he says it was the Russians. She asks if he has proof and he says he has an officer in the field working on it and he expects to hear from her soon. She knows it won’t be good if Israel is blamed and says she can give it until tomorrow. She asks if he trusts this officer and he says with his life. She says that’s not a good policy in their line of work. Carrie is on line with Numan and he tells her how to connect the laptops and he tries to hack in. He says the dude has serious security but says he can do it in 30 seconds or 30 minutes or

182 Homeland Episode Guide

30 days. He works. Otto stares at Carrie on the webcam. Back in Baghdad, we see Carrie and Allison meet with Acrobat. Allison introduces Ahmed as their most valuable asset. He tells Allison he won’t work with anyone else. Carrie asks him to sit and have tea and he says he’s not a child to be tempted by cake. Allison asks him to sit and listen. Carrie says she knows the risks he takes and Allison says she has a lot of experience. Ahmed says the army will drill holes in his heads if he’s caught. Allison says she told him she would have to move on. Ahmed tells Allison to change her orders and stay. He says he won’t work with Carrie. She says maybe they can adjust the contract and offers more money. She says they want him to be happy. She says his information saves lives. Ahmed says he doesn’t know her and can’t trust her. He tells Allison if she wants the information, she stays. He walks out. Carrie curses then asks Allison if he’s bluffing. She says he’s a lawyer who knows how to negotiate and says give it a week. Quinn hears voices then sees men come out of the house and drive away in a truck. He gets out and goes to the house and peeks inside. He sees a woman and moves to the next window. He sees her bringing a tray of tea and he creeps around the corner. He goes to the back of the house and sees some of the men watching TV and eating. He climbs into the house and opens a box then finds steel cases and sees gas masks inside. He hears voices and runs out of the house. Allison goes to the church and sits in the pew. She opens the hymnal and leafs through it. She finds the note. She slips it into her purse after reading it. She replaces the hymnal and sits quietly for a few moments. Back in Baghdad in the past, Ahmed talks to Allison who tells her he doesn’t work for her but the United State. He touches her hand and she asks what he’s doing. He says she knows why he meets with her. She says she’s flattered and says their relationship is professional and important. He says he doesn’t want to work with Carrie. Allison says she’s leaving in two weeks then asks if he wants more money. He says he doesn’t need more money. He shows her a briefcase of cash and she curses. She asks how he got it. He says they keep it in the basement of the Ministry and says he takes a little every day. She says she has to report it. He says it’s for them to share. He says he’s in love with her and wants them to be together. Allison says no. He says he has five more suitcases like that at home — more than $8 million. She thinks. Later, she walks in and Carrie goes after her. She finds Allison in her office and she tells Carrie that he wants more money but will work with her. Allison says he’s going to visit his sister and she can meet with him when he gets back in two or three weeks. Allison drinks her whiskey. Now, she sits in the pew thinking when Ivan shows up. He sits down and asks what. She says Carrie wants to meet her at a café in the village. He says his team will be there. He says he changed his mind in case Carrie found a piece of the puzzle to connect them to Ahmed. He says they will be ready. Allison says he never tells her the whole truth and he says pro- tecting her is his first priority. He says signal if Carrie knows and she says she’ll light a cigarette. He says they’ll take care of Carrie if necessary. Allison comes out of the church and goes into the village. Back in Baghdad, we see Allison pacing as Ahmed shows up late. She kisses him then says not here. She says she’s leaving in three days. She tells him she’ll ship out the money then hands him a ticket to Geneva and tells him what to do with the money and says she’ll meet him in the West Indies in St Lucia. Ivan comes in and she curses. Ivan takes her gun and tells Ahmed he can go now. Allison tells Ivan this proves nothing. He says they caught her red-handed on camera and says she’s likely facing charges in federal prison. He says she should listen to her proposal but she says she’s not a traitor. He says Russian and American interests are more aligned than they have been in 70 years and says she has nothing to lose by listening to him. He says he believes their countries should cooperate. He says this will make the world safer. He says this spy game they play doesn’t have to be one-sided. He says he can give her intelligence too. He says real intelligence that will advance her in his career. He says this benefits them both. He says he means it and says years from now, she could look back at this moment from a great height. He says they can be professionals and help each other make it to the very top. He says the roof of the world. Allison stares at him. He says he knows everything about her — her ambition and how hard she’s worked. He says he knows what she’s thinking right now. He says she wonders if the $8 million is for real and he says it is and says half will be hers. He hands her back her gun and says that will take an edge off the uncertainty that frightens her so. Ivan walks out. Now, Allison is in the village and looks around. She goes to some tables

183 Homeland Episode Guide and sits at one. She pulls out her cigarettes and a lighter. She orders mineral water and waits. Carrie is nearby at a fruit and veg stand and looks over at Allison. Back in the day, we see Carrie looking at the news about an attack. The courthouse blew up and Allison sys Acrobat is on the list of fatalities. She says at least the judge is okay since he was on the way to a meeting. Now, Carrie looks around cautiously. The Russian sniper takes a position in a high-up window. Allison gets her water and sips it as Carrie sits down. She thanks Allison for coming then says her life is in danger. Allison plays dumb. Carrie says the bomb in Lebanon was meant for her and another attack in Amsterdam. She says the thinks the SVR wants her dead. She talks about the hack and says Samir demanded to speak to her in a message about Ahmed being alive. She asks Allison if she ever questioned his intel. Allison says his intel always checked out and she never suspected him of being a plant. She says it’s always a possibility and Carrie asks her to go back and reveal her old field reports but Allison says they’re classified. Carrie tears up and says — they’re trying to kill me. She says she wants her life back and Allison says she’ll see what she can do if the hacked documents go away for good. She asks if Carrie is talking to anyone else about this. Allison reaches for her cigarettes. She puts them back into her purse. Allison says she’ll be in touch and asks how to reach her. Carrie says through Otto. Allison says watch your back then leaves. Carrie sighs. Quinn nods off in the van but wakes as the truck comes back into the yard. He sees a mid-sized cargo truck has pulled in. He climbs out of the van cursing. The other guys come out and he asks what this is. They tell him Bibi told him to stay out of sight. He says they can’t take weapons into Syria. They say they have no weapons. One hits Quinn with a pipe and they pick him up. Bibi says they were never going back to Syria. They’re going back to Berlin. Etai wakes Saul and says — they’re coming. Etai says they have to go and Saul says he’s going to take shit for this but Etai says he’ll survive. Quinn comes to and finds he’s tied up and his mouth is taped. He sees a large drum of something dangerous in the back of the truck. Carrie lies in bed when Numan skypes her and says he’s into Ahmend’s computer. He asks what to look for and she says she doesn’t know then sees a screensaver pop up. She looks at the photo and asks him to Google a bar in St Lucia called Banana Joes. He says he doesn’t get it but she says just do it. He does. She thinks about Allison talking about St Lucia. Numan says he’s got it and pops up a pic. It’s the same bar as the photo Ahmed is in. Carrie says — oh my God, Allison.

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The Litvinov Ruse

Season 5 Episode Number: 57 Season Episode: 9

Originally aired: Sunday November 29, 2015 Writer: Howard Gordon, Patrick Harbinson, Alex Gansa Director: Tucker Gates Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Ru- pert Friend (Peter Quinn), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Sebastian Koch (Otto Düring), Miranda Otto (Alison Carr), Alexander Fehling (Jonas Happich), Sarah Sokolovic (Laura Sutton) Guest Stars: Nina Hoss (Astrid), Mark Ivanir (Ivan Krupin), René Ifrah (Bibi), Allan Corduner (Etai Luskin), Rachid Sabitri (Dr. Aziz), Martin Wuttke (BND Officer Adler), Sebastian Hülk (Hans Podoloski), Sascha Quade (Tech #1), Eva Maria Jost (Tech #2), Max Urlacher (Wilhelm), Konstantin Frolov (Dmitri), Jan Dose (Command & Control Man), Matthias Gall (Officer #1), Alireza Bayram (Qasim), Erol Afsin (Utku), Tamer Arslan (Zaheer), Reza Brojerdi (Hanif) Production Code: 5WAH09 Summary: The CIA and BND team up together to make a play. Carrie tries to convince Saul that Allison is a double agent. Quinn refuses water from his captors.

The episode begins with Carrie in the car with Etai who drops her off to meet Saul. Etai tells her that she broke Saul’s heart when she opposed him being direc- tor. She says she wishes she was bringing better news this time. Etai leaves and she heads inside. Saul watches from a window. Saul tells her to get inside fast. She starts to cry and says his name. He says come here and he em- braces her. She fills Saul in on the link between Allison and Ahmed. He says it’s not definitive and doesn’t buy it. Carrie says Ahmed was under sus- picion for embezzling American money. He asks why she thinks Allison is working for the Russians. She says Allison tried three times to kill her. She says Allison had access to his kill box too. He says he’s still not convinced and says he doesn’t want to be. He says this would mean the Russians have been inside US intelligence for more than a decade and she says that’s why they have to know. Quinn is in the back of the panel truck still as it pulls up to some derelict apartments. Bibi and the guys open the truck and then open the compartment where they stashed him. They drag him out and take him inside. He hears power tools and sees work being done. There are canisters and rooms sealed by plastic. He’s taken to a room and pushed to his knees then chained to the wall. They tape his legs now too. One of them offers him a drink.

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Quinn asks the guy if he knows the others are making sarin gas and says it’s a f-d up way to die. He says it’s horrible. The guy says fine, no water and walks off. He tells the guy to Google Ghouta, Syria and he can see it. Saul and Carrie meet with the Germans, Adler and Astrid. He tells him they have a case against Allison they need to prove. He says they need proof of her treason. Carrie says getting her on tape is best. Saul says he can plant something on Allison. Adler asks about Langley buy-in and Saul says they’re in no position to get CIA approval. Adler asks why they should do this and Saul says if Allison is a Russian agent, they have as much or more to lose as they do. Adler agrees to help. Qasim watches the video that Quinn told him to. He’s horrified. Saul shows up unannounced to Allison’s and closes the drapes. He says he couldn’t risk calling. She asks what’s going on. He says he never heard from Carrie. She asks if they’ll get the documents back. He says sit down so they can talk and she does. He says he’s been offered asylum in Israel. She says that’s not what she heard. She says he ran before they can hand him to the FBI. He says he’s leaving for Tel Aviv and came to say goodbye. Allison says it makes him look guilty and says he can’t be Mossad after all this. He says the SVR blew up the plane and Carrie is trying to prove that. He says they won’t see each other again. Allison says he’s being dramatic. He says maybe then says he’ll miss her. He says he was asleep for 10 years and she woke him up. He beds her and after she falls asleep, he gets up. He creeps downstairs and grabs her purse and phone. He plugs a USB device into her phone and then plants a bug in her purse after slitting a seam — he reglues it carefully. The phone is done and he plugs it back into her charger. He puts all her things back and heads upstairs. He gets back into bed and she asks if everything is okay. He says he needed a drink of water and tells her to go back to sleep. She cuddles to his side and he holds her. Qasim looks around at what’s going on and sees a plastic room and a camera. Dr Aziz comes in and says it’s all right that he’s looking and says they got it almost right. He asks if Aziz made this and he says he designed it. He asks Aziz what it is and he says it’s a testing chamber to test the sarin. He says the chamber is sealed and it they will have an antidote anyway that limits the effects of the gas. Qasim asks about the camera then says Bibi is going to test it on Quinn though the original plan was to take a Jew. Astrid and Adler meet with Dar and Allison and talk about a defector from Russia who is high up. Allison wants to know his name and Astrid says they can only have his code name Calico for now. Adler says he wants $5 million to defect and give his info. Astrid says the man wants to live in Boca Raton. They prattle to Dar about the Russian man’s demands. They negotiate what the Americans and Germans will get from him. Allison is distracted the excuses herself from the meeting. Carrie and Saul listen to this all go down. They hear Allison panting nervously in her office. She grabs up her purse and pulls out her phone. She sends a text that says change of plan — I don’t feel like going out tonight. The other person texts back if she wants him to bring dinner and offers Vietnamese or Italian. She says pasta and he says she’s always in the mood. She texts back a devil face with horns emoji. They wonder if it’s a code. Quinn lies on the floor when Qasim comes in. He sits Quinn up and gives him a drink. He thanks him. He also has fruit for him. He asks if Qasim went online and then says it’s hard to watch and says they will kill innocents. Qasim says terror is the necessary to a kalifate. He says if the West gives what they want, Assad out of Syria, they won’t use it. They also want the UN to recognize them as a state. Quinn says it won’t happen and he says they’ll send a warning. He says they will send a demonstration of the weapon. Quinn says that’s why he’s still alive and they’re building a test chamber. Quinn says they won’t give in and Qasim says it’s Allah’s will but Quinn says the blood will be on his hands. Then he says maybe it’s Allah’s will to stop this. He tells him to get rid of the DF so they can’t make the sarin. He says dump the DF and walk away without looking back. They watch Allison from cameras they planted. She’s pouring wine. There are two glasses.

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Saul says maybe she’s not what they thought since she’s not running. Astrid says it’s a civilian she’s waiting for. Ivan shows up and says traffic was terrible. He takes off his jacket and says he knows what she like and unpacks the food. He kisses her neck and she moans. Ivan starts doing her against the counter and Saul turns away. He walks out of the room — he can’t watch. Astrid is stunned Carrie doesn’t know. She tells her that Saul and Allison were involved. Carrie curses and goes after Saul. He tells her not to say anything. She asks if Allison is doing this as a performance then asks if he gave her a heads up lover to lover. Saul says he didn’t and apparently doesn’t know her at all. Carrie says she’s been there and Saul says no. She asks if he believes she’s innocent and he says he doesn’t know what to believe. Carrie says the BND won’t humor them much longer and he says they can up the ante. She goes back to talk to Astrid. Everyone is asleep while Qasim sits awake haunted. He creeps to the one room where the tanks are and opens one. He sees it’s empty. Looks like it was already mixed. He sees canisters in the test chamber. He tries the door but it’s locked. Allison sits at an outdoor café and Astrid goes to meet her. She thanks Allison for meeting her outside of the office then says Calico put his kids on the plane to Tallinn and wants the timetable accelerated. She says he’s spooked. She says he told them anywhere but Berlin for the handover and says it’s been penetrated. She says he wouldn’t tell them what but she thought Allison should know. Allison is stunned. Astrid says now she can get out in front of it. Allison says he’s making this up to increase his value. Astrid says they’ll know soon enough and says he’s promised to show them material that was passed to the SVR. She says he’s coming across through Latvia to a safe house in Hamburg. Astrid says she has to appear before a committee and can’t stay for lunch. She leaves. Allison sits thoughtful for a moment and Carrie cheers quietly for her to make a move. Allison pulls out her phone and makes a call. She asks Nina for a train ticket to Copenhagen. She says reschedule her afternoon. The BDR orders a team to be there at the station before her. She then makes a call and Carrie shushes the room. There are a few beeps. Carrie says it’s a call code and Saul agrees. She’s on the move. Allison walks down the street looking around carefully then hails a cab. Allison takes out her SIM card and Carrie this is what she’d be doing. Saul says he hopes the satellite transmitter works. Allison gets out at the trains station. She looks around and there are two teams there watching her. She isn’t getting on the Copenhagen train and is headed for the s-bahn inside (that’s a local train). Allison is on the platform waiting. She gets on the train then the door chimes. She looks around and gets back off at the last moment. She walks away. She goes to the opposite platform. Astrid asks where she is and they tell her she’s running. She’s going to Potsdam. Astrid says they can shut the train down between stations and pull her of with dogs and guns. Allison gets onto this train and looks around. She stays put. It’s in the country now. Astrid makes a call and says Adler approved a warrant. Saul says he thanks him. The train pulls into a station and she gets off. She heads upstairs and they have drones watching her. She goes across the plaza and she grabs a key from under a Volvo. She looks around then unlocks it. She pulls out. The drones follow. She heads out of the small town and into the country past fields of cows. She pulls off onto a smaller side road then an even smaller one. She pulls up to a gate and enters a code. The gate opens and then the GPS goes down. Carrie says it’s a dead zone and there must be jamming towers. The drones can see her but they can’t hear her. Saul says they have to have confirmation it’s SVR. Carrie panics. Astrid shows them the house and there’s a man waiting. It’s Ivan. Astrid says he’s the SVR Berlin station chief. Saul says to send in the team and arrest her now. Allison tells Ivan she’s burned. He says she’s okay and takes her inside the house. He looks around. Allison says one of the deputy chiefs is defecting with evidence that she’s a mole. He says it’s impossible and she asks why. He says it doesn’t work that way. He says two chiefs have access to the material and says both are fishing on the Kola Peninsula.

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He says it must be a misunderstanding. Then he curses and says she’s been played. An alarm blares and Ivan is told that federal police have crashed the gate. Ivan tells his men to crash the hard drives. Ivan says she led them here. He curses and she says calm down. He says he’s very calm and asks how the f-k could she be so careless. He curses at her in Russian. She slaps him and he grabs her face. She tells him to stop and think. He says it’s over. She says think. He says they’re done. He says we f-ing lost and she says they have not. She says to listen carefully. The polizei pull up to arrest Allison. Ivan comes out with hands up and so does Allison. They take them into custody. Carrie and Saul watch on the drone feed. They are loaded into separate cars. The BDR shuts down the surveillance. Saul looks stunned. Dar tells Carrie and Saul that’s quite a story. He says they brought down the temple. Saul says this explains a lot and says he didn’t want to believe it either. Dar says he’s dis- gusted with both of them. Astrid says Allison is in interrogation and Dar goes to talk to her. Ivan is in another room. Carrie and Saul are left alone to watch. Allison calls this a travesty and says some f-ing clown just tore apart 12 years of work. She plays dumb and says ask Ivan himself when he asks her for names. Dar says Ivan has diplomatic immunity. She says he can’t send Ivan back to Russia. She says he’s been getting intel from Ivan for years. He asks why she ran today and she says she didn’t run. She says she was told by Astrid about a mole in her station. She says she was trying to fool his people, not hers. She says she went to bring Ivan in and says she has done that. She says he’s been her Joe for 12 years and says he can understand that. Dar ponders. Carrie and Saul look tense. Qasim and the others come to get Quinn. One holds a gun on him as they haul him up. They march him to the test chamber. Quinn sees the camera on him. He sees the test chamber. Qasim says something in Arabic and cuts his eyes. Quinn makes a run for it. He’s tackled and as he’s done, Qasim stabs him with an antidote injection and whispers — maybe you will live. Quinn is locked into the chamber. They turn on the gas. Quinn watches through the door as Bibi turns it on. Qasim steps back closer to the cameras. Quinn’s eyes starts to water and drool comes out his mouth. His hands start seizing. He’s drooling uncontrollably. Snot comes out his nose by the bucket and he collapses groaning in pain.

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New Normal

Season 5 Episode Number: 58 Season Episode: 10

Originally aired: Sunday December 6, 2015 Writer: Meredith Stiehm, Charlotte Stoudt Director: Dan Attias Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Ru- pert Friend (Peter Quinn), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Sebastian Koch (Otto Düring), Miranda Otto (Alison Carr), Alexander Fehling (Jonas Happich), Sarah Sokolovic (Laura Sutton) Guest Stars: Nina Hoss (Astrid), Mark Ivanir (Ivan Krupin), René Ifrah (Bibi Hamed), John Getz (Joe), Morocco Omari (Conrad Fuller), Erol Afsin (Utku), Martin Wuttke (BND Officer Adler), Sebastian Hülk (Hans Podolski), Alireza Bayram (Qasim), Ercan Durmaz (Faisal Marwan), Tamer Arslan (Zaheer), Reza Brojerdi (Hanif), Katharina Schlothauer (Newscaster) Production Code: 5WAH10 Summary: Right when Carrie and Saul start to think that they have some parts of the situation under control, a new threat manages to emerge and test their mettle once again.

The episode begins at the Berlin train sta- tion. One Arab man has a suitcase and gets onto the elevator. He gets off and leaves the suitcase — another Arab man takes it. Carrie tells Dar that Allison is ly- ing and says this story defies logic. She says Peter was ambushed and the operation was foiled. He says Ivan is singing like a songbird and Carrie says this is all a Hail Mary. Dar says Allison has been a great operative and Carrie says the Russian information was care- fully curated. Dar tells Carrie she needs to go. Saul promises to call her as Dar kicks her out. Dar then asks Saul what he thinks. He says Allison owned them. Dar says maybe then says Ivan has confirmed the SVR that brought down Yousef’s plane and says he and Etai are off the hook. Dar says a Russian penetration at this level would be a scandal that could take down the agency. He says they can send Allison back to Langley and turn her over to counter-intelligence. Saul wants another shot at her for what she’s done to him. He says if they can get a confession they can run her back on the Russians. Astrid tells Carrie she also doesn’t buy Allison’s story. Carrie says at least she can chuck out the wig. She says she needs to find Quinn and tells Astrid he went missing. She says he disappeared — no ER, no morgue. She tells her the address of the garage they were at and Astrid says she’ll check security cameras nearby. Quinn is in the test chamber and he’s foaming at the mouth. The camera man says they need more for Bibi to get the message across. At the CIA, Saul goes into the room where Allison is held. She says, so? Saul takes off his coat and says he has questions. She says okay.

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He says she seems angry and says he should be angry. She says he’s the angriest man she’s ever known and it made her curious. Saul sits. Dar watches this all. Saul says she recruited Ivan in Iraq and she claims to have reported it to Estes. Saul says that’s convenient since he’s dead. Saul asks what Estes did with the info and she says she doesn’t know but he decided to keep the circle small. She says it wasn’t her call. He asks if she told someone else after Estes died. She says she protected he source and reported his intel as coming from other sources. Saul stands and she asks if that’s it. Saul says nothing in her life will be easy from now on — he says he will see to this. He says she tried to have Carrie killed. He says butchered agents in Cairo was her too then asks about her Kiev deputy getting a bullet in the face. He slams her against the wall and says she betrayed them all. He puts his hands around her neck and calls her a f-ing sociopath. Dar hauls him out the goes to check on Allison. She says she’s okay as Dar calls for a doctor. Otto talks to Jonas who shows him a list of requirements from Carrie. Laura says Faisal Mahrwan is here — he’s one of the guys who just got out of prison. She says he owned a cell phone shop and was locked up as a suspected terrorist. She says Faisal is nervous. Laura says she promised the foundation would cover his legal fees and Otto says that’s fine. Laura and Jonas meet with him and videotape it. He says his life was destroyed and he was a good citizen. He says he obeyed laws and says Germany let him down. Jonas thanks him. They finish the deposition and Laura says they can try and make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else again. The camera guy steps out and Faisal asks if it’s enough to win. Jonas says absolutely and says the government’s lawyers will respond. He says they will question him too and it might be hostile. Jonas says they will ask if he knows any radical Islamists. Jonas says 23 Jihadists bought phones from him and shows him that Zayid bought five phones from him. He says he doesn’t know him or talk to him. Laura says trying to hide you know someone looks bad. He admits to knowing Zayid. Jonas says the government will know if he hung out with the man because of cameras in the prison. He says he was with them for protection. Jonas asks if he heard them talking Jihad and he says they talked about Syria all the time. He says he listened, didn’t talk. He says her heard about an attack in Berlin, but mostly Syria. Jonas asks what kind of attack in Berlin. Faisal says he doesn’t know and Jonas asks when it will happen. He insists he doesn’t know. He says maybe it was just big talk. Laura and Jonas share a look. Faisal asks if this will hurt his case. Laura says no because he told them. Jonas says now they know, they can deal with it. He says his case is still strong. Faisal says he wants to leave and Laura goes to arrange a ride. Jonas thanks him for coming in and shakes his hand. Laura walks Faisal out and says Gunter will drive him home. She tells him to call if he needs anything. She promises to call soon. He goes and Jonas come to Laura and she says it was meaningless jailhouse chatter but he says it must be reported. She asks if Otto is still there and he says he’s gone til tomorrow. She says it can wait until then and he agrees. Carrie goes to the garage where she last saw Quinn and looks around. She sees a gun out of place in a case and then her phone buzzes. Astrid tells her to get to a TV now. Carrie goes to a bar and sees the film of Bibi playing. Bibi makes demands wearing a mask. Armed men are behind him and he says they have 24 hours to recognize their Islamic state. He plays the footage of Quinn being exposed to sarin gas. He says this will happen to everyone if they don’t comply. Carrie collapses then gets up and runs out. She’s sickened. Dar goes to see Saul who is being kept in a room. He asks if he saw the video. Saul has phone in hand and says it’s unbelievable. Dar asks if they can tell the Germans Peter’s name. Saul says that’s fine. Dar says, come on. They go to the BND ops center and they hear that they are rounding up the usual suspects and are following up on all leads. Dar says the victim is one of theirs and has penetrated a terror cell in Berlin recently. He says they were supposed to be on the way to Syria and he was going with them. It’s the Deputy Emir. Dar says the masked man may be his nephew. Dar goes to talk to Allison at her request. She’s still being held. She asks if it was sarin gas.

190 Homeland Episode Guide

She says they killed one man and may not have enough for a mass attack. Dar and Allison go to talk to Ivan to ask about Syrian’s chemical weapon stockpile. He says Assad’s materials were removed and destroyed. Dar asks if the Islamic state could get their hands on it. Allison says there’s a threat. Ivan says an airbase in Syria was overrun six months ago and their intelligence confirmed chemical agents were being kept there — some were the components of sarin. He says there was at least six. Allison says that much will be catastrophic. She asks if she’s under arrest and he says it’s just an open question. Allison says he can’t sideline her now. She says she’s not who Saul says and even if she was, no one wants another Paris. She says she can help stop this. The Jihadists talk about the sarin gas they’ll placed in the train tunnels. Qasim and the others are given assignments and told they will leave two hours before the deadline. He tells them to give their phones to Utku who will dump them in the river. Bibi asks his cousin Qasim if he’s anxious and he says the government might give in but Bibi says they won’t. He says soon they will realize that denying them will cost too much. Qasim hands over his phone too. Carrie lurks outside waiting on Saul. She asks who this group is and he says it’s a Berlin cell that was recently released from prison and Quinn fell in with them. She says Quinn was terribly injured. He says it wasn’t live so the film was made in the last few days. Carrie asks to see the full version. She says Quinn might be signaling and she might notice something. Astrid says she can use the help. Saul agrees and says she saw Allison with Dar and she curses. He agrees it’s bad. Astrid brings Carrie with her. She watches the Quinn video. Astrid warns her it’s rough. Carrie’s chin trembles as she watches Quinn start to drool and quiver as the gas takes over then he collapses to his knees. He throws up and grunts. Carrie turns away. She looks back and Astrid takes her hand. He’s on the floor twitching then he goes still. Carrie sobs. His throat is still moving. The last shot looks like he’s dead. Carrie has her run it back then points out the floor tiles. Carrie wipes away tears and says run it again. They restart it. At the Berlin CIA station, the CIA chief asks how they can get a message to the leader. Dar tells Joe they can’t stop this without more info. Joe says they’re making a statement at 9 am and won’t notify them that the target is Berlin. Saul asks why and Joe says they can’t send the city into mass panic and calls it the new normal. He ends the call. Allison comes in and says they found Bibi is the Emir’s nephew and may be the leader. He’s had no cell service for over a year. They are checking his photo on CCTV. Saul won’t speak to her and walks out. Jonas tells Laura and Otto they should let the police talk to Faisal but Laura spots this. Jonas says they are culpable if Berlin is hit and they knew ahead of time. Jonas tells Laura they saw the video and says they can’t let thousands die like that. Laura says her country was attacked like that and then they started two wars and thousands more died on both sides. She says this goes on and on. Jonas says nice speech but it has nothing to do with this. Laura says Muslim men are already being rounded up. She says she got Faisal out just in time. Otto asks where he is and she says he’s here. Otto asks for a minute to think. Laura wants to push more but he insists she leave too. He calls Saul who says he’s busy. Otto says they do outreach work with Muslim communities. He says he has someone who may have information and asks for word that he’ll be treated fairly. He says the man was treated wrongly. He says he must have a promise that he won’t be arrested and his lawyer can be present the whole time. Saul says please bring him in and Otto agrees. Bibi is told that someone tried to save Quinn and Utku shows him atropine tube. Bibi says they can’t get through with this until they find out the leak. He tells Utku to keep this quiet. He says leave the man in the chamber and says he’ll still die, just leave him there. He says they can’t go in or the gas will leak out. Carrie sits shocked and Astrid tells her not to be hard on herself for them not finding anything. She gives her a coffee and says he didn’t have enough time to send a signal. Carrie says Quinn told her to leave it alone and get out of Berlin. She regrets not listening. Astrid says Quinn always did what he wanted to do and says he was a pain in the ass and stubborn as a mule. She says he was beautiful too. A guy comes in and says the floor tiles are distinctive but there are 1500 buildings that used the artist’s work.

191 Homeland Episode Guide

Carrie says put them on a map and says they can use a JSOC algorithm. He says they have ATM activity for the guy from three months ago. They pull up confirmed sightings and the put up the buildings on the map. They run the algorithm. They are down to seven square kilometers. Astrid goes to take it to Adler to set up search teams. Bibi tells the Jihadists to lay out their hazmat packs. They line up and drop their packs. He says the American is alive just barely. He says one of them gave him atropine. He says Utku found it in the trash and shows them the vial. He says they have to find out who did this. They start searching their hazmat packs. Qasim’s vial is there but Zaheer’s is missing. He begs Bibi to listen and says it wasn’t him. Bibi pulls a gun on him and he swears he wouldn’t betray them. He begs Bibi to stop. Bibi tells him to say it and he says something in Arabic. It’s a prayer before dying. Bibi shoots him in the head before Qasim can speak up. The others are stunned. Bibi says finish packing, we’re on a schedule. Jonas and Faisal get into a car and Laura doesn’t like it. Back SUV’s pull up and the German police grab him. The BND takes him as Faisal screams they told him he wouldn’t be arrested. They mention Saul’s name, but the BND is gone with him in 30 seconds. Allison paces smok- ing with her minder out front. A woman with a dog walks by and gives them a look. The guard, Con, says he doesn’t believe what they said about her. The woman with the dog gives her a signal and Allison signals back. The woman moves on. Astrid and Carrie pull up at the barracks for their part of the search. Astrid tells Carrie half the locations have been cleared. They get out — they’re at the right place! Atrid and Carrie poke around and head upstairs of one of the barracks. Astrid whispers to her and Carrie comes over. They spot fresh blood on a floor and Astrid calls it in. There are drag marks and Carrie follows them. She finds plastic sheeting. Carrie says it’s not Peter’s body and unwraps it. It’s the guy Bibi just shot. Astrid snaps a pic of his face and Carrie rushes through the place. She sees the chamber. Peter is still in it. She kneels down by the glass and Astrid makes another call for a Hazmat team. Carrie sobs and Astrid looks away. Peter’s finger moves and Astrid says it’s impossible. She shines the light in his eyes and they blink. Astrid makes another call for a team to come urgently. Bibi and his men are on the move. Qasim is up front with Bibi who asks if he has something to say to him. He says he thought his faith would keep him strong and Zaheer paid for his mistake. He says he switched the kit because Qasim is family and Zaheer was not. He tells Qasim that was his last chance and he’d better not step out of line again. Quinn is in the hospital now and is intubated. Carrie sits at his side — Saul shows up. He sits down by her quietly. They watch Quinn’s machines breathe for him. Neither speaks.

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Our Man in Damascus

Season 5 Episode Number: 59 Season Episode: 11

Originally aired: Sunday December 13, 2015 Writer: David Fury Director: Seith Mann Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Ru- pert Friend (Peter Quinn), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Sebastian Koch (Otto Düring), Miranda Otto (Alison Carr), Alexander Fehling (Jonas Happich), Sarah Sokolovic (Laura Sutton) Guest Stars: Atheer Adel (Numan), Nina Hoss (Astrid), René Ifrah (Bibi Hamed), Rus Blackwell (Surgical Doctor), Rachid Sabitri (Dr. Aman Aziz), Ste- fanie Mueller (Erna Richter), Morocco Omari (Conrad Fuller), Erol Af- sin (Utku), George Georgiou (Al-Amin), Martin Wuttke (BND Officer Adler), Ercan Durmaz (Faisal Marwan), Sebastian Hülk (Hans Podol- ski), Mehdi Nebbou (Hussein), Alireza Bayram (Qasim), Reza Bro- jerdi (Hanif), Franziska Weisz (Grete), July Namir (Khadjia), Max Volk- ert Martens (TV Anchor), Oliver Schindler (SVR Anton Lenkov), Jana Voosen (ER Nurse #1), Dena Tyler (Surgical Nurse #1), Clara Emanuel (Surgical Nurse #2), Matthias Gall (Police Commander), Pierre Ki- witt (ER Dr. Holst), Florence Adjidome (Afro-German Woman), Arnd Klawitter (German Lawyer), Thomas Arnold (German Passenger), Livia Matthes (Female College Student), Jan Böhme (German Father) Production Code: 5WAH11 Summary: Carrie’s got herself a new lead to follow and may be forced to wake up Quinn who is confined in the hospital. There is plenty of panic when Quinn’s life is put into potential danger.

The episode starts at the hospital where Quinn is recuperating in Landstuhl, Ger- many. The doctor’s tell Carrie and Saul that the atropine saved his life, but he’s still in failure. Saul says they need him awake but the doctor says he’s in a coma fighting for his life. Saul says Quinn has vital information that can help thwart a potential terrorist attack. Carrie asks if they can wake him up and what risks are there. The doctor says he could suffer a cerebral hemor- rhage or death if they try to wake him. They tell the doc to run the tests to see if he can be woken. The suitcase of sarin is wheeled down a train access tun- nel. One of the jihadists opens the case and pulls out the distribution device. He sets it up and then activates the device. Allison argues that this is a waste of time as she leaves to do something that Dar has told her to do with her monitor accompanying her. She grabs a "ticket" off her dash and says the meter maids from hell monitor around their office.

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You know that had to be a message from her traitor network. She goes to use the bathroom and her monitor waits outside. Allison goes into a stall, locks the door and plugs in earbuds then grabs the ticket left for her and a flash drive falls out. She listens to what’s on it. When it’s done, she takes out the flash drive and flushes it away. A woman is there at the sink — Erna Richter — who is part of the SVR network and works at the German Foreign Office. Allison says someone there has lost her mind. She says she won’t do it and doesn’t even know where to start. Erna says Aman Aziz is involved and they have an eye on him. Allison asks why they did nothing to stop it. She asks how she gets to him without drawing attention to herself. Erna says this is her last assignment. She says Allison is damaged goods and can’t be in the field. She says they can’t trust the access she’ll be given access to after this and says the Kremlin can’t want this attack to go forward. Erna says make sure it goes off. Allison says this is obscene and Erna says radical Islam must be eradicated and says only the US President doesn’t see this. Erna says do it or you lose all your money and go to jail in Russia or the US. Erna walks out and Allison gathers herself. She joins the meeting about the terror attack. Dar takes over the meeting and says they identified Bibi this morning and found out his background and just how dangerous he is. Saul and Carrie have Quinn woken from his coma against doctor’s advice. They take out his breathing tube and try to bring him out. The doctor says they will know quickly if it will work. Carrie gets close and asks if he can hear her and tells him to open his eyes. She says come to the surface. She says she’s there waiting for him. His brainwaves begin to improve. The doctor yells at him and his eyes open. Carrie says tell me what the target is. They give Quinn some epi and his eyes come open again. She asks where will the attack be? He whispers and then spits up goo. He goes into distress and they start working on him to try and save his life. One of the jihadists is struggling to get the device to activate so they can trigger it remotely. Bibi says he can take it to Dr Aziz to look at. They want to go see Aziz but most of them are on the watchlist. He pulls Qasim aside since he’s not on the watchlist. He tells him to take it to Aziz then bring it right back. Qasim asks why he’s trusting him and Bibi says he trusts that he loves his mother. He tells him where to find Aziz. The doctor tells Saul and Carrie that they stabilized him and says trying to wake him didn’t do him any favors. They thank the doctor. Saul says he has to leave and Carrie says someone treated Quinn’s gunshot wound surgically. She says there’s a good Samaritan out there who helped and says she can run it down. Saul agrees and says check in often. Otto calls about Faisal and says he was arrested and shoved into a car and his lawyer can’t even access him. Saul says this is a major event and says he didn’t tell the BND what to do but he had to let them know they were bringing Faisal in and they acted. He says he expects Saul to make this right and says he trusted him because Carrie does. Saul agrees to go to the BDN and try to make things right. Otto updates Laura then says they still have three hours til the deadline and tells her to keep a low profile. She asks if that’s a gag order. He says show some sensitivity in a difficult time. She says it’s hard on Faisal and Otto reminds her that her reputation and the Foundation’s is on the line. She says she gets it. Laura opens her safe and makes a call from a phone she keeps there. She calls Numan and she asks if he got the documents from Carrie’s laptop. He says he got them all and she never knew. She tells him if anything happens to her, release them all She says if she’s arrested or whatever. He asks what’s going on and she says nothing. Numan asks what she’s planning and she says it’s better he doesn’t know. She says don’t vet them, just dump them and then wipe it all clean so there’s no trace. He says okay and she thanks him. Astrid shows Dar a profile on Zaheer, the body they found with Quinn. They discuss that he’s a university student. Allison says she can reach out to them — that’s her excuse to be on campus to talk to Aziz. Carrie goes to see Al-Amin. The woman who answers the door says she doesn’t know anyone by that name. Carrie says she’s not the cops and won’t make trouble. He comes to the door and tells Carrie come inside quickly. He asks who’s coming for her then he threatens to kill her. His wife leaves with the kids just in case. Carrie says she needs some info about the terror cell. He says he’s not part of that.

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He says he doesn’t know who they are and says now is not the time to rally the world against Muslims and would tell them to stand down. Carrie says these people are zealots and he calls the jihadists idiots and scum. She tells him she’s looking for a doctor near Kreuzberg who might know something. He asks why should he help? Carrie says she doesn’t know but he’s done the right thing before, lost a son, more fathers will lose their sons if they don’t stop this... Al-Amin says he knows a man like that and says he sees refugees in his apartment, poor patients that can pay very little. He says the man is no jihadi and Carrie asks his name. He says Hussein. Astrid asks Saul how Peter is doing. He says he came out of the coma briefly and tried to say something. Saul says it doesn’t look good and says the damage is extensive. She takes him to see Faisal. He asks why they pulled him and Astrid says they thought During might pull something at the last minute. Faisal is hooked to a polygraph machine and they are monitoring his biometrics. Saul says the guy looks scared. She says the interrogator changed things up. Saul asks to speak to him and she says Adler won’t like it. He asks if Adler needs to know. He says put his clothes on him and fix him a hot cup of tea and let them talk in an office. Qasim is on campus lurking near Aziz’s housing apartment. He sees him and goes to his place with Qasim following. They go inside his apartment. He tells Qasim that he can’t be there but he says Bibi sent him because the signal isn’t transmitting. Aziz says he gave Utku the directions. Aziz looks at what Utku wrote down then goes to his desk. Aziz says he has to run a diagnostic. Qasim texts Bibi to update him. Saul tells Faisal he just needs to cooperate but the man says he’s answered all the questions. Faisal says he was in prison with just one of them and Saul says he sold cell phones to the others. He says you must have heard something. He says he heard four words — Berlin is the target. He says anything else will be made up but he can make up something false if he wants. Saul says — you knows what to do then says — think and remember. He tells him to try harder but Faisal says he doesn’t know. Saul says if the attack goes off, no one can protect him. Astrid tells Saul to step out and see something. Saul says this will become a strictly German matter and you know what that means. He shuts the door. Laura is on TV talking about Faisal’s "arrest" and says he wasn’t arrested but was rounded up. Laura says why can’t he be reached and says he was illegally imprisoned once before and now this. The news anchor says sometimes the state is justified in extraordinary measures. Laura says she has seen her country and his violate human rights and its Constitution. Jonas and Otto watch. Laura says this hasn’t helped and it’s made things worse. Laura says there should be respect for the rule of law. Laura says everyone is scared and she is too. She says that shouldn’t make you forget who you are. Laura says she knows she can’t win this argument then says if she can’t speak to Faisal immediately, she will release all the docs from the CIA hack. Saul sighs and says f-k you. She says the foundation is not involved in any way and it’s just her. The anchor asks if she’s worried about retaliation. She says she is but the docs will be released regardless. They call for an ad break before the interview resumes. Astrid says she has to talk to Adler while Saul talks to Faisal. The window is open in the room Saul goes into. Faisal jumped. Saul looks sickened. Astrid looks out and sees his broken body on the sidewalk below and curses. Saul sits down and takes off his glasses. Astrid says the Laura problem just got worse. Saul says you deal with Laura, I’ve had enough for one day. Qasim asks Aziz if he has kids and asks how many. He says he has a son who lives with his mother in Lebanon. Qasim asks how long he’s lived in Berlin and he says three years. He asks if Aziz is conflicted about doing this. He says this country took Aziz in and treated him well. Aziz says this country supports the state of Israel even when they bombed the shit out of Lebanon. He says after that Germany sent troops to defend Israel against a possible counter-attack. He tells Qasim he’s an atheist and is not doing this for Mohammed. He tells Qasim he has to go when there is a knock on the door. He says to tell Bibi that he has to activate the machine manually and puts him out a side door. Allison is at the door. She introduces herself and Conrad then says they’d like to talk to him about Zaheer. She says he’s dead then asks if they can come inside.

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Carrie goes to Hussein’s building and sees the line of people waiting. Carrie tells the woman who answers the door that she’s from the During Foundation. The woman says she has to wait her turn. Allison asks Aziz about Zaheer. He says he was his advisor and he saw him now and then in class and office hours. Conrad pokes around the place and Aziz asks him to stop going through his things. Allison says the man was shot in the face. Aziz says he has no idea. Allison says they found his body in the same place the video was filmed. She asks if he knows about Zaheer’s extremist views then his own. She says there’s a WMD attack and he has expertise in this technology. She asks what’s the target. Allison asks Conrad for his gun and tells him to call for an arrest team. He hands it over. Allison asks again what’s the target and says he has five seconds. She shoots Conrad again then Aziz tells her Hauptbahnhof Station platform 7. Allison tells him to stop whimpering. She shoots him too. She looks around and then throws down the gun and grabs her phone. She repositions Aziz’s body a bit and kicks over her purse. Then she calls Astrid and says help, I’ve been shot. She ends the call. Allison paces then checks her collar bone and shoots herself carefully. She curses in pain. She staggers over to Aziz and puts the gun in his hand. She lies down near Conrad’s body and groans as the pain worsens. Hussein tells Carrie that Quinn was nearly dead but trying to drown himself when he found him. He says Quinn fought hard to survive and she says that sounds like him. He asks his name and says he never told her. She tells him Peter Quinn. He says he saw him on television and says the world has gone mad. Carrie asks where are the men who did this to him. He says he and his children will be killed if they knew he talked. She says he doesn’t have to come forward, just tell him. He says he thought they were on the way to Syria and that’s the last he knew. Hussein says one had an apartment downstairs where they met. She asks to see it. He takes her to it as Astrid and the team kick in the door to Aziz’s place and find Allison alive and the others dead. She says the attack is the BER, the airport, at 5 o’clock. Bibi, Utku and Qasim talk and Bibi says he can wear protective gear and release it manually. Qasim says they’re looking for him but Bibi says it’s Allah’s will and they need to finish what they started. Carrie calls Saul and says send a forensics team here. She says the guy was obsessed with Hauptbahnhof. She says the U-Bahn may be the target and he says BER is the target. He says they’re already evacuating. Carrie asks when this happened and he says they just found out. Saul says as long as they get everyone out, it’s good. She asks if he’s sure and he says it better be. She asks him to let her know when they find something. Saul ends the call and ponders. Dar comes over and he asks where Allison was taken for her gunshot wound. He tells him the hospital. Carrie looks around the apartment and sees a photo of Bibi and Qasim. Qasim is shaving in preparation so they look less Islamic. Carrie goes to the Hauptbahnhof anyway. She looks around. Carrie looks again at the photo she took and then around. She checks the arrival and departure board then takes an escalator down. Allison tells the nurse she can’t have surgery now. She says she’s a cop and has to be available and alert. Saul shows up and the nurse leaves. He asks if she’s okay then says the terminal is clear. He asks about her encounter with Aziz. He asks if he told her a specific area. He asks if the weapon is on an incoming flight. She says Conrad searched the place and found a laptop and some papers. He asks if there’s anything else and she says there wasn’t a lot of time. She says Aziz got hold of Conrad’s gun. He asks how that happened. Another doctor comes in and says that he needs to clean and repack her wound. A clean shaven Bibi and Qasim get to the Hauptbahnhof. Utku is there too. All three are clean shaven. Carrie is on a platform and looks around. She walks side to side and asks for the security office. She’s pointed up the stairs. Utku shuts the gates and secures it with a padlock then walks away. They do it at the other end as well. Carrie is upstairs and then sees Qasim coming down the escalator. She studies his face then the photo and texts Saul. Her message doesn’t go through and she curses. She asks a man to go up and says can yo please take this phone up where there’s signal.

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She says the attack is happening here. The guy calls her crazy. Carrie can’t get anyone to listen. Qasim shuts the gates of the next place. A woman in Muslim garb is there and he lets her out. Then a man has a child and he relents again. Finally Qasim walks through without chaining it. Carrie gets a woman to take her phone up and she goes running off towards the terminal. She spots the unchained door and races onward. She is looking for Qasim. A woman says someone just ran into the tunnel and Carrie pulls a gun and goes after her. Saul waits for the doctor to finish packing Allison’s wound. He gets Carrie’s text. Saul goes back and sees that Allison is gone from the wound. Saul asks where she went and the nurse has no idea. Saul runs out in a panic.

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198 Homeland Episode Guide

A False Glimmer

Season 5 Episode Number: 60 Season Episode: 12

Originally aired: Sunday December 20, 2015 Writer: Liz Flahive, Alex Gansa, Ron Nyswaner Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Ru- pert Friend (Peter Quinn), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Sebastian Koch (Otto Düring), Miranda Otto (Alison Carr), Alexander Fehling (Jonas Happich), Sarah Sokolovic (Laura Sutton) Guest Stars: Atheer Adel (Numan), Mark Ivanir (Ivan Krupin), René Ifrah (Bibi Hamed), Nina Hoss (Astrid), Rus Blackwell (Dr. Emory), Micah Haupt- man (Mills), Stefanie Mueller (Erna Richter), Sebastian Húlk (Hans Podolski), Matthias Gall (Police Commander), Reza Brojerdi (Hanif), Max Volkert Martens (TV Anchor), Alireza Bayram (Qasim), Joel Bas- man (Anders), Michelle Beck (ICU Nurse #1), Jörg Hartmann (Dr. Rudolf), Silvina Buchbauer (Mother in Chapel), Adrian Topol (Polish Police Officer) Production Code: 5WAH12 Summary: There’s no time left, as Carrie tries to stop a terrorist attack; she finds a ticking bomb filled with sarin gas, waiting to explode somewhere at a train station in Berlin. Carrie will chase Qasim down a dark tunnel and beg him to stop the attack.

The episode begins with Carrie head- ing into the subway tunnel after Qasim, gun drawn. He hits her with a pipe and presses her against the wall. He tells her to be quiet or they will both die. He asks who she is and she says American intelli- gence. She says the Federal Police are on their way and asks what the plan is and calls him by name. She says Dr Hussein told her his name. She asks again where the weapon is and says she thinks he’s having second thoughts. He says with Bibi deeper in the tunnel. He says it’s the next train that will be hit — that’s four minutes. She looks down the tunnel and then asks if Bibi has a gun and Qasim says maybe yes. She tells Qasim to take her gun and shoot him when he gets close. He says that’s his cousin. She says thousands will die if he does not. He says he will try and talk him out of it and Allah will help him find the words. She tells Qasim to go try and she creeps slowly behind him. Qasim calls out to Bibi and he tells Bibi the police are here and they know. Bibi tells him they’ll both die now. Qasim says they can leave and go with Utku and the others. Bibi tells him go save himself but Qasim says no. He tells Bibi he’ll have to kill him. Bibi does. Carrie sees him shot and she runs to try and stop Bibi who is wrestling with Qasim who is still trying to stop him.

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Carrie shoots at them both and the device does not go off. She comes closer and sees it says system is on standby. Qasim is choking on blood and Carrie tells him help I son the way and he did it — he stopped the attack. She asks if he saved Quinn. She thanks him and then he’s gone. Carrie says an Islamic prayer for him as he passes. She sighs. Outside the Bahnhof there is a ton of police and Saul approaches her and checks on her. She’s upset and he asks what happened. She says Qasim stopped Bibi. He says he saved her and everyone else. She’s near tears and struggling to maintain her composure. She asks about the rest of the group and she says Allison sent them the wrong way. He asks if she’s in custody and he says she got away. Carrie says she just wants to go home. Saul says he’ll find someone to drive her. She thanks him as he makes the call. Carrie goes back to her apartment where she hasn’t been in a while. She calls out for Jonas. She walks around the apartment looking around. Carrie checks the closet and sees clothes hanging. She pulls off her jacket and lies down in bed. Saul goes to talk to Ivan and tells him the charade is over. He shuts down the camera and says he’s now his confessor. He asks if Ivan is over 50 and he says 52. Saul says Allison was his life’s work then asks who’s idea it was to seduce him then says he’d rather not know. Saul says the boys must not have told him — Ivan asks what. Saul says the chemical attack was thwarted and Allison is in the wind. Ivan says he’s lost him. Saul says Allison was ordered by his bosses to help the attack go forward but she failed then disappeared. Saul says Ivan is burned and will take the fall. He says Allison means that Ivan is not a defector, Allison is a Russian agent and a traitor. Saul says this has so many moving parts. He sits down and smiles and says he knows he’s right. Ivan smirks. He says even if he believes him, what do you want? Saul says he wants her back and punished. Saul says he would know in his position. Ivan tries to stick to his cover story. Saul says with all due respect, he’s playing a bad hand. Saul sits back and says he heard he was a downhill ski racer. He offers him witness protection in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and says he guesses he has no kids. Saul says the SVR is turning its back on him. Ivan smiles and says it’s a good pitch. He says he admires it. Saul says he came this close to painting a masterpiece and says not many people can say that. He says he won’t make another offer like this. He says this offer is one-time and only because he wants Allison. He tells Ivan take it or leave it. Ivan thinks and doesn’t agree. Saul says it’s a shame and says he would have enjoyed talking to him again. Ivan says it was his idea. Saul turns back. Ivan says Saul was an easy target for Allison to romance since he’s middle aged and easily divorced. He says he knew if he was sleeping with Allison, he wouldn’t see other things so clearly. Saul asks where is she and how are they planning on getting her out of Germany? Allison is taken to a safe house — she’s still hurting from her self-inflicted gunshot wound. She’s put into a room and a doctor comes to check on her. She says her pain meds are wearing off. He sits her at a table and says his name is Dr Rudolf. She asks how long she will be there and he says until things calm down out there. He says he was told to give her first-class treatment and says she must be very important. She says she is and he better not f-k up her shoulder or she’ll make sure he never operates again. Otto tells Laura the BND is there to arrest Laura. Astrid serves and says she has threatened the state of Germany and is in violation of the Foreign Residency Act. Anders Larsen comes in and starts hacking her safe. Astrid says they’re sending her back to the US and the FBI. Otto says there will be consequences but Laura kicks him out of the office. She tells the hacker who got into the safe to try and find anything on Gabe H Coud. Carrie wakes to Jonas sitting at her side. He says the BND has Laura and won’t let him see her. Carrie says she didn’t know where else to go. He asks if she heard about the attack. He says there was a big shoot out and they got the rest of the terror cell. She says it feels like forever since she’s seen him. Jonas agrees it seems like a long time since he’s seen her. She kisses him and tells him to take off his shirt. He does. He asks what happened to her hand when he sees the bandage. She says nothing. Numan sits waiting in a park — he looks around with caution. He sees people that make him nervous and stands up to leave. Men approach and then the BND is on him. They knock him to the ground and arrest him. Carrie is looking at some books

200 Homeland Episode Guide that Franny likes and says she wanted to take some of them with her. He asks if the danger is done and she says she’s safe now. He asks what happened today and says it’s all over the internet about a mysterious blonde in the Hauptbahnhof tunnel with a gun then asks if that was her. Carrie nods and says — me. Jonas tells her she can keep the shirt and she asks if they’re just saying goodbye and says they were all happy. She asks why that can’t go on. She says she wants another chance and they can do better. Jonas says sorry and it’s not easy for him. He says he loves her and Franny but she can’t put things back the way they were. He says he can’t unsee what he saw. He says he can’t be worried about what’s around the next corner and can’t have his kids worrying him. He says what happened to his son can’t ever happen again. He says this will never work and was crazy from the start. She says she’s not crazy and went off her meds for a reason. Carrie says it was crazy that she opened up and let him in. She says she loved him and he comes to embrace her but she says no, she doesn’t want that. Carrie goes to the hospital looking for Quinn and sees the room a mess. She runs out saying no — she asks a nurse where he is. The nurse tells her to calm down then says he had a severe aneurysm and will be in surgery for several more hours. Carrie asks for the chapel instead of the waiting room and the nurse shows her where it is. Carrie sits and tries to breathe. A woman is singing to her daughter in one of the pews — a song about Jesus. The girl looks back at Carrie who is trying not to break down. Later, Carrie is alone in the chapel. The doctor finds her there- Dr Emory. He asks to sit with her. He says Quinn is out of surgery and says the hematoma was large and they had to do a craniotomy. He says they don’t know if he’ll recover but she says he must know. He says if he does recover, he will still have significant brain damage. Carrie asks to see him and the doctor takes her there. Carrie goes to his room and sees he’s on a ventilator. Carrie looks at him and she asks if they did this to him. Four days later, Carrie is sitting in a cabin by the water. Astrid goes into an interview room where they’re holding Laura. Laura says she thought she forgot about her. Astrid says she has three true things to tell her — she says Faisal Marwan is dead and says he jumped out of a fifth story window. Laura accuses her of throwing him out but Astrid says he jumped. She says they made a mistake leaving him alone, but did not kill him. She says Numan is in the next cell. She says they have his laptop and recovered the hacked documents and Laura now has no leverage. Laura sighs and Astrid offers to show her. Astrid says Laura has abused her position in Germany and Laura asks why she’s still here. Astrid says many of the others would like to see her rotting in Super-Max. She says it’s Numan they’re interested in. She says Numan has only temporary asylum and is up for review every six months. Laura says he’s an enemy of the state back in Turkey and Astrid says it’s up to her. Laura says they will execute him if he’s sent back. Astrid says she must do what she’s told or else. Quinn is off the ventilator and Dar sits snoring lightly in a chair by the bed. Carrie comes into the room and sees Dar. She gets some crème and puts it on Quinn’s lips so they won’t chap then pulls up another chair and sits close. She rubs lotion into his hand tenderly and massages it. Dar asks the prognosis as he wakes. Carrie says unchanged and Dar says it’s not a good sign that he hasn’t woken up. Carrie says they may change his status soon to minimally conscious. She says that means his odds of recovering cognitive function are very low. Dar says that would be Peter’s worst nightmare and says they found him in a foster home in Baltimore at 16. He says they needed a street wise kid who was pretty enough to turn heads. He says Quinn was a natural from the start then he sponsored him for training and says he was the youngest ever through the program. Dar hands her an envelope. He says she was Quinn’s beneficiary in case anything happened to him in Syria. It’s an envelope with her name on it written in Quinn’s hand. Dar says he wanted to give it to her now since he wasn’t sure when he’s see her again. Carrie reads the letter which says he must have died and they never happened. He says he doesn’t believe in fate or destiny and then Saul interrupts her reading when he comes into the room. He asks to talk to her outside. Saul asks Carrie if she’s given more thought

201 Homeland Episode Guide to what he offered. He says the director will offer her complete autonomy. She says she’s still not interested and Saul asks why. She says she’s not that person anymore and he reminds her she just saved hundreds of lives and says this world would be different today. He says she’s being selfish. He says she knows how to fight these guys. Carrie says she has no idea and Saul says, help me come up with a new paradigm. Carrie sighs and says she’s going back in with Quin now. Saul curses then says he needs her. She says she’s just not that person anymore. She walks away. Erna tells Allison it’s time to go and she hopes her stay there has been comfortable. Allison says this site is a transit spot for human trafficking and Erna asks what’s her point when Allison complains about the sale of underage girls. Erna tells her to get into the trunk for the three and a half hour ride to the border. Allison asks what if she needs to pee and Erna says hold it. Erna also says she’s done it before. Allison climbs in and she says the next time she sees sky, it will be Russian. Laura is on a German news talk show. She is back on the same show where she threatened to publish more documents. Laura says she values the truth as a reporter and says to the detriment of her career and to the US. She says she hasn’t been home in almost four years. She says Germany has given her a home and freedom to work. She says she’s tried to show her gratitude by championing the rights of the German people. Astrid is there and glares at her. Laura says four days ago she made allegations about state security. She says she accused the BND of arresting Faisal Marwan on bogus charges. Laura says she’s seen new evidence that Marwan was not innocent as she thought. Laura says he was a dedicated member of the terror cell that planned this attack. The host asks about damage to her credibility. Laura says she has to learn from her mistake and put it behind her as soon as possible. Carrie is with Otto and he asks what offer Saul made her. He says she’s being very discreet then asks if she’s considering it. He’s made her dinner and is asking a lot of questions. Carrie says it was painful to turn him down. She says Saul recruited and trained her and has helped her so many times. She says they’ve always been a team. He asks if she really turned him down and Carrie says yep. She says that chapter of her life is over. Otto says he has an offer for her too. Carrie says she needs time of work to be a mom. He says this is not about her old job. He says he’s hired many extraordinary people over the years but never anyone like her. She says that’s nice and he says it’s not. He says she’s a brilliant freethinker. He says it was 10:15 on a Wednesday when they spoke and he offered her a job 15 minutes later. He says he was waiting on her to walk through the door. Carrie says she’s lost. Otto says he wants a partner who knows the world as it is and wants it to be better. Carrie shakes her head and he says she can go back to America and think about it. Carrie says she doesn’t know what to say. He says think about the possibilities of what I’m offering and says he’ll be in DC next month for meetings. He steps closer and says they can talk then then. He walks away and Carrie is left stunned. Numan calls Laura and says the BND let him go. Laura says she can’t talk to him and says it’s a condition of the deal she made. She says goodbye when he asks what deal and she hangs up. Numan looks around and breaks the sim card out of his phone, cracks the phone and tosses it then walks away. At the German border, the Russians are told there is an accident up ahead and to go slow. After they let the car pass, the men pull the emergency sign off the road. A short way up where they were told to drive, a tire spike chain takes out the car’s wheels then automatic fire riddles the car and Allison’s escorts are both gunned down. Saul is there. He looks inside the car and doesn’t see Allison. He tells the men to pop the trunk. Allison is also riddled with gunshot wounds. She’s dead. Carrie thinks about Quinn’s letter. It says he doesn’t believe in fate but he says he’s not surprised things turned out this way. He says something was pulling him back to darkness. He says he was never allowed a real life or real love and says that was for normal people. She is at the hospital to see him. She puts a chair under the door to block it. He says he saw a glimmer with her and says this death is what should have happened to him. He says he wanted and asked for the darkness and it has him now. He says no star on the wall for him and no speech. She pulls off his oxygen monitor and puts it on her own finger. He

202 Homeland Episode Guide lies still — he never came back after the surgery — he’s a vegetable. Carrie looks as the sunlight streams in. The letter says he always loved her and now he’s hers forever. Looks like Carrie is about to finish him off as a mercy kill, but she doesn’t do anything to him before the episode ends.

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Fair Game

Season 6 Episode Number: 61 Season Episode: 1

Originally aired: Sunday January 15, 2017 Writer: Alex Gansa, Ted Mann Director: Keith Gordon Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Eliza- beth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Hill Harper (Rob Hemmis), Robert Knepper (General Jamie McClen- don), Dominic Fumusa (Ray Conlin), Patrick Sabongui (Reda Hashem), Hadar Ratzon Rotem (Tova), Zainab Jah (Mrs. Bah), J. Mallory Mc- Cree (Sekou Bah), Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut (Simone Bah), Leo Manzari (Guest Star), Alfredo Narciso (Senator Elian Coto), Mickey O’Hagan (Clarice), Bobby Moreno (Tommy), Sebastian Koch (Otto Düring), Claire Keane (Franny), McKenna Keane (Franny), Elena Hurst (Latisha the Nanny), Leajato Amara Robinson (Clarence Jackson), Gameela Wright (Nurse Sheehan), Kaitlin Mesh (Justine), Mugga (Mona), Nikki Massoud (Adama), Anthony Michael Lopez (Hugo), Debbie Troche (US Attorney Ortiz), Kyle Klaus (TAC Team #1), Sean Ricciardi (TAC Team #2), Meredyth Kenney (Waldorf Reporter #1), Obaid Kadwani (Waldorf Reporter #2), Cathleen Trigg (Waldorf Reporter #3), Michael Elian (Se- curity Guard DeMarco), Victor Plajas (Security Guard Warren), Jose Guns Alves (Prison Guard) Production Code: 6WAH01 Summary: Carrie returns home to the U.S. with Franny to work as an advocate for Muslim Americans. Meanwhile, Dar and Saul brief President-elect Keane, and Quinn struggles with his new circumstances.

The episode kicks off with Carrie Mathi- son searching for Quinn — she finds out that he didn’t go to physical therapy... again. Carrie tracks him down and tries to speak to Quinn, but he doesn’t want to hear it. Carrie shouts at Quinn that he needs to stay with it or he will never make any progress. Quinn snaps back at her and they have an altercation in the middle of the hospital. The doctors separate Quinn and Car- rie. After Quinn heads back to his room, Carrie gets more bad news. The doctors think that she should stop visiting Quinn for a while, and believe that she is actu- ally hurting him more than she is helping him. The inauguration is just a few days away, President-elect Elizabeth Keane has been doing hours of briefing. She calls Saul and Dar to her office to discuss the war. Keane is not a fan of the war against Isis, she shocks them by saying she wants to bring home all of the American troops — the war is not winnable. Saul warns Keane that the way may not be winnable, but while keeping the troops there they are containing the enemy and Isis.

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Saul and Dar need to discuss Operation Signpost — a covert action and collection against Iran, they are funded at $85 Million and obtaining information from Iranian computers. Keane says she wants to "skip ahead to the good stuff" and be briefed on the US’s drones and warfare. On the other side of town, a Muslim teen leaves his apartment complex and takes a car to the Marriott. He’s filming a video about the very first Al-Qaeda attack on American soil, Meir Kahane was assassinated right there in that hotel by a terrorist. Carrie heads to work, she’s working as an advocate for Muslim Americans now. When she arrives at the office, she is surprised to see Otto there. He’s there for work stuff, but he corners Carrie and asks her out to dinner later. She turns him down. Otto snarks that what she is doing as an advocate is "small potatoes." Otto changes the subject and announces that he "has met someone." Carrie is infuriated and tells him to get out. Before Otto leaves, he makes one last Hail Mary to get Carrie back to real work, and leaves a gift. At the hospital, Quinn is up to something — a janitor sneaks him out the back door and they hop in a car and drive off with Clarice. Saul and Dar discuss their meeting with Elizabeth Keane — which didn’t go too well. Dar thinks that Keane is acting out personally, her son was killed in Iraq at war. He has a feeling that Elizabeth holds a grudge against them and their military and is going to make their lives a living hell. Quinn heads to a check cashing place and pays off the janitor, then he leaves with Clarice. Despite his state, she even lets him drive. They head to a nearby drug den and pay $200 for a room in the house full of prostitutes so that Quinn can get high. Dar has a secret meeting with someone from Israel and warns them that the new President- elect is not a fan of their covert operation. They have minimum 8 weeks to get the job done in Iran before Elizabeth takes over and pulls the plug. Sekou Bah, the young man posting pro-Al Quaeda videos on his website has the FBI storm his house in the middle of the night. They arrest him for "inciting terrorist violence" and encouraging others to take a stand against America. Carrie and Reda take on the case — Carrie is certain that Sekou’s rights are being violated, and after all he is just a kid. The FBI on the other hand is certain that Sekou is "home-grown Jihad." Carrie gets a phone call from the hospital and rushes there when she learns that Quinn is missing. After questioning the employee that helped Quinn sneak out, Carrie track him down at the drug den. He has a bad gash on his head because he was beaten up and robbed. Carrie isn’t impressed, she drags Quinn back to the hospital. Quinn is in bad shape — when he walks in the hospital he begins freaking out and fighting with Carrie, guards rush to help Carrie and tackle Quinn. Carrie feels guilty, she takes Quinn home with her. She doesn’t have the heart to make him stay at the hospital any longer. Carrie moves Quinn in to empty apartment in her house and warns him not to bring any shady people over or do any drugs in the house because she and Franny live upstairs. Before Carrie leaves, she orders Quinn to take a shower. Later that night when Carrie is tucking Franny in to bed, Quinn wanders through the house and jingles her door trying to get in, but Carrie ignores him. Meanwhile, Sekou Bah is still in jail. He spends the night in solitary confinement on his prayer mat. Tonight’s episode ends with Dar holding a secret meeting, Saul is not invited.

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The Man in the Basement

Season 6 Episode Number: 62 Season Episode: 2

Originally aired: Sunday January 22, 2017 Writer: Chip Johannessen Director: Keith Gordon Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Eliza- beth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Maury Sterling (Max), Hill Harper (Rob Hemmis), Dominic Fumusa (Ray Conlin), Patrick Sabongui (Reda Hashem), C.J. Wilson (Guest Star), Zainab Jah (Aby Bah), J. Mallory McCree (Sekou Bah), Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut (Simone Bah), Leo Manzari (Saad Mahsud), Claire Keane (Franny), McKenna Keane (Franny), Debbie Troche (U.S. Attor- ney Ortiz), Jose Guns Alves (Prison Guard), Celeste Den (Liz Nash), Liche Ariza (Bodega Proprietor), Jane Dashow (Federal Judge), Re- becca White (EMT), Faith Logan (Alexandra) Production Code: 6WAH02 Summary: Carrie and Reda fight for their client; Quinn battles against his new life; Saul and Dar suspect Keane has a secret.

The episode kicks off with Quinn sitting at home in the dark and listening to po- litical rant on the radio. Carrie and her daughter Frankie are upstairs in their apartment, Carrie’s lit- tle girl is curious about who is living in the house with them. Carrie makes up a story to prolong Quinn and her daughter from interacting. Frankie is picked up for school and then Carrie gets started trying to get Quinn’s prescriptions straightened out. Carrie tries to get Quinn to take his medicine, but he refuses to open the door. He smashes the glass on the door and turns up the radio so that he can ignore Carrie. She pleads with him to take his meds, if he doesn’t, he could go in to convulsions. Carrie calls Max in for Carrie calls Max in for reinforcements. She has to get to work — she tells Max to make sure that Quinn takes his medication while she is gone. Carrie meets up with Reda and they pay their new client a visit it at the jail. Sekou is in deeper trouble than he realizes. Apparently when the FBI searched his house, they found $5,000 in cash hidden under his bed, and they are claiming that Sekou was going to give the money to an Islamic state to fund terrorism. Sekou insists that the money was just a loan from his friend Saad Mahsud to help pay for his trip to Nigeria to see his father. Carrie and Reda get to work trying to track down Saad so that they can verify Sekou’s story, but Saad seems to have disappeared. Sekou’s little sister was secretly dating Saad be- hind Sekou’s back — she promises to try and help Carrie find him. Back at her office, Carrie gets a surprise visit to Saul — but it doesn’t turn out to be a friendly one. Saul is still not happy with President Elect Keane, and her thoughts on military and CIA

209 Homeland Episode Guide practices. Keane’s ideas seem very similar to some of the ideas that Carrie was pushing, Saul accuses Carrie of secretly advising Keane. Carrie is furious — she kicks him out of the office. Meanwhile, Dar is meeting with Rob. He got intel that Iran is cheating on the nuclear deal, and the US’s partners the Israelis are going to pick up the Iranian nuclear scientist. Carrie has Max get to work on a picture of Saad, and he learns something interesting. It turns out Saad recently changed his name, he used to be in a gang in Pittsburgh, they were busted for dealing drugs. Saad ratted out his gang and now he is a confidential informant for the FBI. Sekou’s case is getting very complicated, very fast. Carrie and Reda head before the judge to request access to Saad from the FBI. The FBI is hiding Saad, Carrie argues that the FBI entrapped Sekou by having Saad give him the money. The judge doesn’t see things their way though — due to National Security, Saad the informant is off hands. The prosecutor does make an offer for Sekou though — he could cop a plea for 7 years right now. Quinn wanders out of the house and to the corner stone. Max follows him, and while Quinn is wandering through the store, he drops to the floor and begins having a seizure. Max calls 911 and the EMT’s arrive and stabilize him, but Quinn refuses to get in the ambulance and go back to the hospital. Carrie and Reda head back to the prison to talk to Sekou. He is shocked when he learns that his friend Saad was working for the FBI and was setting him up. Reda shares the plea bargain with Sekou, and when he hears that it is for 7 years, he freaks out and the guards drag him back to his cell. Carrie tells Reda that something has come up, and she rushes out of the prison. Men in an SUV pick her up and take Carrie to a secret meeting with Rob and President Keane. It turns out that Saul was right to be suspicious, Carrie is Keane’s advisor. Carrie and Rob fill Carrie in on Saul’s proposal — Carrie says that their only option is to send Saul is to oversee the Israeli investigation, he wants the Iran deal to work and he is trustworthy. Carrie teams up with Sekou’s sister Simone and they meet up with Saad. Carrie confronts him and tells him she knows all about his deal with Conlin and the FBI. Saad confesses that Conlin made him give Sekou the money, and Saad told the FBI that Sekou wasn’t a terrorist — but the FBI wouldn’t back down. Apparently, Conlin promised Saad he would make sure he didn’t do any prison time. Carrie heads home and her daughter is already in bed, she checks in on her and tucks her in. Max tells Carrie that Quinn had a seizure at the store, she’s livid that no one called her and told her. Max tells Carrie to just drop it, they have a bigger problem, Quinn is not getting better and he’s not happy. After Max leaves, Carrie heads downstairs to talk to Quinn. Quinn asks to see the video of himself that was posted online when he was being held captive. Carrie is surprised that he never saw it, she reluctantly agrees to play it for him. She explains how she found him from the clues in the video and he flatlined in the ambulance. Max wants to know why Carrie saved him — she gets choked up and begins sobbing. Carrie excuses herself and heads upstairs, leaving Quinn alone in the dark basement.

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The Covenant

Season 6 Episode Number: 63 Season Episode: 3

Originally aired: Sunday January 29, 2017 Writer: Ron Nyswaner Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Eliza- beth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Yassine Fadel (Mossad Tech), Dominic Fumusa (Ray Conlin), Natacha Karam (Mina Becker), J. Mallory McCree (Sekou Bah), Lynn Maro- cola (Police Officer), Nicholas Marocola (Police Officer), Nikki Massoud (Adama), James Mount (Agent Thoms), Hadar Ratzon Rotem (Tova), Patrick Sabongui (Reda Hashem), Bernard White (Farhad Nafisi), Faith Logan (Alexandra) Production Code: 6WAH03 Summary: Saul goes to Abu Dhabi; Carrie delivers bad news; Quinn senses some- thing.

The episode kicks off early in the morn- ing, Quinn wakes up screaming from a nightmare. Carrie rushes to check on him and comforts him. While Carrie is hug- ging Quinn, he tries to slip a hand up a her shirt. Carrie snaps at him and de- mands to know what he is doing. She scolds him and reminds him that her daughter is upstairs and he needs to get it together. Carrie gets a phone call from Reda, he demands that she come straight to the office. Apparently online called form the FBI and he is furious that carrie ignored a court order and was questioning his in- formant. Meanwhile, Saul has just arrived in Abu Dhabi — and it looks like his trip is going to be an eventful one. While riding in a cab, the driver notices that they are being trailed. He hops out of the car and is picked up in a crowd on a busy sidewalk by his contact — a woman on a motorcycle. When Carrie arrives at the office, Reda is not a happy camper. He just got off the phone with the judge — they withdrew Sekou’s plea deal and now he is going to trial, because of what Carrie did. It looks like they are going to trial, and Sekou is facing 15 years. Reda is having second thoughts about working with Carrie. In Abu Dhabi, Saul works with the Israelis to set up a meeting with Farhad Nafisi, an Iranian delegate who is negotiating an arms’ deal on behalf of Iran. The Israelis basically kidnap Nafisi, and they blackmail him with photos of him having an affair with a woman from Israel. Carrie heads to the prison and meets with Sekou. She explains that she screwed up and confronted Saad, and the judge is withdrawing the plea deal. Sekou freaks out, Carrie promises to fix it, but he doesn’t want to hear anything else she has to say and marches out of the visitation room.

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Saul goes through Nafisi’s phone and learns that he has a $120 Million line of credit at First Emirates Bank, and he has withdrawn over half of it in the last few weeks. Saul is certain that he is using the money to fund terrorism. Nafisi claims that the money is for a down payment on Russia anti-aircraft batteries. The Russians aren’t making them available until next year, but Iran is getting access to theirs early. Nafisi laughs off Saul’s accusations and says he has never even been to North Korea. Saul cuts Nafisi loose, but warns him to stay in line and he better be telling the truth, or else they will email the photos to everyone in Nafisi’s contact list. After the interview, Saul shreds Nafisi’s file before he heads home. Something intrigues him about Nafisi’s empty cigarette pack and he puts it in his pocket. Carrie pops up unexpectedly at Roger’s house. She asks him to do her a favor and pull phone conversations between Conlin and Saab. Roger is appalled she would even ask him something like that and warns her that this is the kind of thing that ends careers. Saul calls Dar and tells him that he is taking an unplanned trip to see his sister after he leaves Abu Dhabi, and Dar is going to have to brief President Keane on his own. Dar heads to Keane’s office, he exaggerates a bit and says that according to Saul the Iranians have definitely violated the nuclear agreement and they are working with Korea. The things is, Saul wasn’t sure that their suspicions were right. At Carrie’s office, she receives a bouquet of flowers and in the envelope is a flashdrive from Roger with Conlin and Saad’s conversations on it. On the recording, Saad clearly tells Conlin that Sekou is not their guy nor a terrorist. But, Conlin pressures Saad in to getting Sekou to take money from him. Carrie marches in to Conlin’s office and plays the recording for him. She accuses him of fab- ricating evidence and obstructing justice. Carrie tells Conlin to drop the charges against Sekou, or else she is taking the recording to the Attorney General and letting him know what Conlin has been up to. Quinn is home alone all day and he’s not doing well. He tracks down the woman that took him to the drug den and got him robbed, Quinn demands that Clarice take her to Tommy’s house. Quinn lies and says he wants to buy his gun from him. Then Quinn knocks him out, and steals the gun. Before Quinn leaves, he announce that they are even now. Carrie heads to a secret meeting with President elect Keane, Keane fills her in on what Dar told her about Iran and their program with North Korea. Carrie is skeptical, she tells Keane she may not be able to trust Dar and to wait for Saul’s report when he returns before she makes any decisions. Little do Carrie and Keane know, Dar has the place bugged and he is listening in on their entire conversation. Carrie gets home late at night and heads inside. Little does she know, Quinn is lurking in the shadows next to her house with his new gun, and he is convinced that someone is watching him and coming for him.

212 Homeland Episode Guide

A Flash of Light

Season 6 Episode Number: 64 Season Episode: 4

Originally aired: Sunday February 12, 2017 Writer: Patrick Harbinson Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Eliza- beth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Hill Harper (Rob Hemmis), Allan Corduner (Etai Luskin), Patrick Sabongui (Reda Hashem), C.J. Wilson (Guest Star), J. Mallory McCree (Sekou Bah), Jacqueline Antaramian (Dorit), Zainab Jah (Aby Bah), Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut (Simone Bah), James Mount (Agent Thoms), Jacinto Taras Riddick (Guest Star), Shaun Toub (Majid Javadi), Claire Keane (Franny), McKenna Keane (Franny), Kade Wise (Hakim), Ian Duff (Mbengeh), Mansour Badri (Palestinian Man), Mouhcine Malzi (Palestinian Policeman), Steven Fabian (Reporter #1), Roxana Saberi (Reporter #2), Amy Holmes (Reporter #3), Abdeslam Bouhcini (Farez), Guy Sparks (US Secret Service Agent) Production Code: 6WAH04 Summary: Carrie handles her client; Saul’s trip takes a turn; Quinn investigates.

The episode picks up where we left off last week, Saul is in a car sneaking back from his sister’s house. Suddenly, the car pulls over and men speaking Arabic grab Saul and kidnap him. Meanwhile back in the states, Sekou is released from prison and the FBI has dropped all charges. Carrie picks him up from the court house and there is a flurry of reporters. Once Sekou is safe in the car, Carrie tells him that they are going to release a statement saying there wasn’t enough evidence to indict him, but there is one condition, Sekou can’t go public or do any interviews on what happened. He has to keep his mouth shut. President Elect Keene is preparing for a conference with the media. Joey shows her an article in the Times to give her a heads up. The media is having a field day with the fact that Dar told Keene about what Iran is up to and she hasn’t addressed it yet. Keene corners Dar and accuses him of firing up the press, she informs him that she is not making any moves regarding Iraq until she actually sees Saul’s report with her own eyes. Carrie and Reda take Sekou home where his friends and family are waiting to celebrate. Reda is skeptical, he’s upset that Carrie cut a deal with the FBI without him. Now, Sekou can’t file a civil suit against the FBI, and Reda thinks that he deserves to be compensated. He warns Carrie that she can’t keep going behind his back. Carrie gets a text and rushes out of the party, she’s picked up by a black SUV — Reda watched her leave out the window and is obviously suspicious. Meanwhile, some of Sekou’s friends are

213 Homeland Episode Guide harassing him, they think that he went informant, and that is the only way that he got out of jail. Sekou skips out on his own party and heads to his bedroom and starts recording a video to post online. Saul is blindfolded and taken to a secret meeting, he’s surprised when his blindfold is removed and Majid is standing in front of him. Apparently, Saul has been trying to get meeting with him, even though its very risky. Saul explains that he met with Nafisi. He demands to know if Majid is cheating on the nuclear deal. Saul knows that Nafisi flew to Korea and that he took out $120 Million from Emirates Bank. Majid doesn’t know what Nafisi is up to, but he agrees to do some digging and let Saul know. Quinn is sitting in the house alone, and loading a hand gun. He stakes out at the window — convinced that someone is watching him and following him. Carrie is rushed to an emergency meeting with Keene. She and Joey fill him in on the drama with Dar and the article in the Times. They tell Carrie that she needs to shut down Dar, they need something to use as leverage against him. And, they know that if anyone has dirt on Dar, it’s Carrie. She’s offended that they are even asking her, and reminds them that she had to sign confidential agreements when she left the agency. Plus, if she throws Dar under the bus, she will be hurting Saul too. Quinn is certain that a man across the street, living in the adjacent building is following him. Quin waits with his gun until he sees the stranger leave his house. Then, Quinn sneaks across the street and picks his lock so he can snoop around his apartment. He finds a stool inside of the apartment, set up perfectly so that the man can watch Carrie’s house. Also, there are photos of a black family hanging on the wall, but the guy that has been going back and forth is clearly white. He returns and Quinn rushes out of the apartment building after lying and saying he was just dropping off some mail. Dar corners Carrie while she is picking up her daughter from pre-school. Dar reveals that he knows Carrie is working with Keene and advising her. Dar snaps at Carrie that she left the agency 3 years ago, and everything has changed, shes basically obsolete and is not doing Keene any favors. Saul returns to his sister’s house and she is upset with him for sneaking out — she accuses him of meeting with an Arabic and putting her in a dangerous position. While they are bickering, Etai shows up at the door and questions Saul about where he was last night. They had reports of an Iranian crossing the border, and it’s not a coincidence that Saul is in town. Carrie returns home and Quinn tries to tell her about the man watching her house. She brushes him off as if he’s just being paranoid. Carrie gets a phone call from Reda, he’s freaking out because Sekou posted another video and outted the FBI’s informant Saad. Carrie rushes over to Sekou’s house to try and get him to take the video down before he loses the deal. Etai tells Saul’s sister that he’s taking Saul to the airport, but instead he locks him up and informs Saul that Tovah will be there in the morning. They know that Saul has info about the Iranian nuclear weapon. Back in the states, Quinn is still watching the man across the street. After he sees him leave his apartment again, he is picked up by a car. Quinn steals Carrie’s car keys and follows the car. He snaps photos of the man being dropped off at what appears to be a factory and a parking lot full of delivery trucks with Medina written on them. In the morning, Sekou wakes up at the crack of dawn and heads to work, where he drives a delivery truck. The same delivery truck where Quinn followed the mystery man the night before. Sekou gets in his truck and heads down the highway, and the truck explodes.

214 Homeland Episode Guide

Casus Belli

Season 6 Episode Number: 65 Season Episode: 5

Originally aired: Sunday February 19, 2017 Writer: Chip Johannessen Director: Alex Graves Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Eliza- beth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Hill Harper (Rob Emmons), Patrick Sabongui (Reda Hashem), Do- minic Fumusa (Ray Conlin), Jake Weber (Elliott O’Keefe), Ian Kahn (Roger), Deborah Hedwall (Marjorie Diehl), Zainab Jah (Aby Bah), Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut (Simone Bah), James Mount (Agent Thoms), Robert T. Bogue (ESU Captain Wilson), John Bolger (General), Gary Perez (Deputy Chief Jansen), Elena Hurst (Latisha), Felicia Greenfield (Tina Myers), Mitchell Hall (ESU Lieutenant Marcus), Claire Keane (Franny), McKenna Keane (Franny), Kevin Martinez Rivera (Francisco), Patrick Noonan (Officer Murphy), Dan Truman (TV News Reporter), Charmar Jeter (NU FBI Agent), Marko Caka (Police Officer), Lynn Marocola (Police Officer), And Palladino (Looky Loo), Earl Vincent Sherwood II (Police Officer) Production Code: 6WAH05 Summary: Keane gets sidelined; Carrie’s work follows her home.

The episode picks up where we left off last week — a bomb just exploded in Sekou’s delivery truck as he was driving down a busy street. There are at least 2 killed and a dozen wounded. The police and emer- gency crews are on the scene and the me- dia is in a full-blown frenzy. Meanwhile, President Elect Keene is being rushed to a safe house by secu- rity. She’s not thrilled by the security measures and thinks that everyone is over-reacting. But, for all they know, this could be just the beginning of a major ter- rorist attack. At Carrie’s house, Frannie and Quinn are gathered around the TV and watching news coverage of the explosion. Carrie re- ceives a frantic phone call from Reda, the FBI is at the office, Reda just learned that Sekou was driving the bomb that exploded. Reda tells Carrie to get to Sekou’s apartment ASAP, his mom and his sister are being interrogated by the feds already. Frannie’s school was cancelled because the city is on lock down, and she doesn’t have a babysitter. Against her better judgement, Carrie leaves Frannie at home alone with Quinn. President Elect Keene’s flown out of the city by helicopter and tossed in an SUV. They still haven’t told her where they are taking her. Carrie arrives at Sekou’s apartment and the FBI is interrogating his teen sister and distraught mother. They believe that Sekou set off the bomb intentionally. And, Carrie’s job is on the line.

215 Homeland Episode Guide

The agent that had Sekou arrested, screams at Carrie that this is all her fault, she blackmailed him in to releasing a terrorist. Carrie heads straight to the NSA to warn Roger that the recording he gave her of Sekou is going to come back to bite him. She explains that the bomb that went off is being linked to Sekou. Roger reveals that he didn’t send her the Back at Carrie’s apartment, Frannie and Quinn are doing just fine. Then, there’s a knock at the front door. Within minutes, Carrie’s house is surrounded by reporters and press vans. He babysitter manages to push through the crowd and make it inside to Quinn and Franny. The reporters are stressing Quinn out. He grabs one of them and drags her inside. He chokes the reporter and demands to know who sent her and who tipped off the press. Then, he throws the woman out the front door and down the stairs. Frannie and her babysitter are freaked out by Quinn, but they can’t exactly leave the house. Protestor shave gathered outside, and are furious that Carrie helped free a terrorist, they are nearly storming the door and throwing rocks through the window. Quinn shoots one of the men and then tells Frannie to hide in the bathroom. Carrie hears about what is happening at her house and rushes home, when she arrives the police have barricaded her house and won’t let her in — they think that Quinn is armed and dangerous and is holding her daughter hostage. Carrie screams that Quinn isn’t dangerous, he’s just trying to protect Frannie. The police refuse to listen to her — and try to send the swat team in. Their trip is unsuccessful, instead of taking out Peter, he takes the NYPD officer hostage too. Saul returns from Tel Aviv and Dar picks him up from the airport. Saul reveals that he thinks Mossad is helping Iran and Nafisi cover up that they are cheating on the nuclear deal. So, he went straight to the source, Javidi, he’s waiting for him to get back to him let him know what is really going on in Iran. Outside of Carrie’s house, it’s getting dark, and the NYPD realizes that they have severely underestimated Quinn. The chief finally allows Carrie to go in to her house and try to talk some sense in to Quinn, which was what they should have done in the beginning. Carrie finds Quinn sitting in the dark with a rifle — she’s relieved that Frannie and her baby sitter are safe. Quinn has the cop bound and gagged. Quinn begins frantically trying to explain to Carrie that they are being set up, and he has proof on his phone that someone has been watching them. While they are talking, the police barge in and arrest Quinn and take him away in cuffs. Back at the safe house, Keene is freaking out because no one will tell her anything about the explosion. She can’t use any phones or internet devices, and they won’t even let her talk to her Chief Of Staff Rob. They finally let Keene watch the news, and the media I lambasting her for running away and fleeing the city after she was the one who was so lenient on Iran. Carrie sends Franny to stay at her baby sitter’s house after the chaos dies down at her house. Carrie’s house is destroyed, but she finds Quinn’s phone on the floor under smashed glass. She’s shocked when she looks through the pictures on his phone and realizes that Quinn was right, he had photos of the man across the street tampering with Sekou’s delivery van in the middle of the night.

216 Homeland Episode Guide

The Return

Season 6 Episode Number: 66 Season Episode: 6

Originally aired: Sunday February 26, 2017 Writer: Charlotte Stoudt Director: Alex Graves Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Eliza- beth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Maury Sterling (Max), Hill Harper (Rob Emmons), Dominic Fu- musa (Ray Conlin), C.J. Wilson (Guest Star), Rachel Ticotin (Mer- cedes Acosta), Deborah Hedwall (Marjorie Diehl), Alan Dale (President Morse), Leo Manzari (Saad Mahsud), Seth Numrich (Nate Joseph), James Mount (Agent Thoms), Ronald Guttman (Viktor), Roberto De Felice (Guest Star), Neal Matarazzo (Danny Jones), Nina Hoss (Astrid), Claire Keane (Franny), McKenna Keane (Franny), Marcus Choi (Tan), Jeff Gurner (Burly Cop), Joe Giorgio (Officer Vreeland), Michael Buoni (Agent Mazilli), Jessica Dickey (Thompson), Alexander Quiroga (Agent #1), Cynthia Bastidas (Franny’s Teacher), Sarah Wilson (Reception- ist), Nancy Sun (Reporter Nancy), Harry Sutton Jr. (Reporter #2), Kelly Miller (Reporter Tom), Jenna Wolfe (Reporter #4), And Palladino (Looky Loo) Production Code: 6WAH06 Summary: Carrie follows a lead. Saul meets an old friend. Keane takes a stand.

The episode kicks off with Carrie sitting at the police station, she has been there all night trying to see Peter Quinn. After the cops left, Carrie discovered Quinn’s phone and realized he was right all along about someone watching Carrie’s house from across the street, and whoever it was also was involved with the bombing of Sekou’s truck. Carrie is furious when the cop at the front desk finally informs her after hours that she can’t see Quinn, he was taken to the mental hospital, and she can’t see him for 72 hours. Meanwhile, President-Elect Keen is still being held at the safe house in the middle of nowhere, and it is starting to look like the reason she is sequestered has nothing to do with her safety. The President is in Manhattan giving a speech, its clear that there isn’t an imminent danger. Keene demands to speak to her Chief Of Staff, Rob. Carrie tracks down FBI Agent Conlin, and he’s not thrilled to see her. He blames Carrie for the explosion since she is the one who freed Sekou. Carrie tries to show him the pictures of the mystery man on Quinn’s phone, but Conlin isn’t buying her theory. Saul heads to the office, and asks assistant Mercedes if she got the file he requested on Tovah Rivlin. Mercedes admits she conveniently forgot to put the request in for the file, apologizes

217 Homeland Episode Guide profusely, and reassures Saul he will have it soon. Saul can tell that Mercedes is giving him the run around, he snoops around and learns that Tovah has a strict no-surveillance-order on her, she’s "off the leash." Conlin has a visitor at the FBI office, it’s his undercover agent that ratted out Sekou. There’s some serious bad blood between them. Conlin is still furious that he burned his cover. He shows the informant a photo of Quinn’s mystery man, but he has never seen him before. The informant thinks he "looks like government." Saul has a secret meeting with Viktor. He tells Viktor that he needs all the info he can find on Mossad Agent Tovan Rivlin. Viktor is obviously suspicious, but reluctantly agrees. Carrie gets home late with her daughter Frannie, and is surprised to see Conlin waiting at her doorstep to talk to her. Conlin reveals that he met with Saad, and Carrie might be right after all, the man in the photo might be responsible for the bombing. At the safehouse, the security officer informs Keene that Rob hasn’t arrived, and they got word that he is "held up." Keene is obviously suspicious, it’s almost like she’s being held hostage in the house. Conline calls in a favor so in the morning Carrie can get in to see Quinn at the mental hospital. When she arrives, Quinn is lying in a room without even a bed and covered in bruises and cuts — it looks like he took a beating from the NYPD. Carrie tries to talk to Quinn, but his PTSD is in full-swing and he’s clearly traumatized from the events that transpired. All Quinn wants to talk about is how he protected Franny for Carrie, and she turned on him. Carrie reassures Quinn that she never tried to hurt him, then Quinn begins screaming that Carrie is working with "them", he bites her, and calls for a guard. Meanwhile, Conlin is trying to tracks down the man in the photo’s car — according to the license plate numbers, it’s registered to a shell company. Conlin heads out in the middle of nowhere to the company’s address — it’s a bizarre business, the office is full of men in suits applying for a job. Conlin lies to the secretary and says he is tracking down the car and works for an insurance company. Conlin blends in with the man that are applying for a job at the strange building, which has ridiculous security. A woman escorts the applicants downstairs, and Conlin slips away from the group to snoop around. He stumbles across a room in the basement that is in the process of being remodeled and is full of computers, it’s not long before the guards escort him out, and no one will give him any information about the organization or what they do there. Conlin calls Carrie, hoping she had better luck with Quinn. Conlin says they need to discuss the place he found in person and texts her an address. Rob finally shows up at the safe house, apparently, Keene used one of the guard’s phones and sent Rob an email with the address. The guards won’t let Rob through the gates, and are upset that he even showed up. Viktor meets up with Saul a few days later, Viktor says he found something interesting on Tovah. Viktor shows Saul photos of Tovah having a secret meeting with Dar behind his back. After searching Rob and his care for what seems like forever, the guards finally let Rob in to the safe house to see Keene — but she’s gone. Apparently, while Rob was distracting the guards, Keene made a run for it and had an elderly woman from a nearby farm drive her back to NYC. Carrie heads to Conlin’s house to meet up with him, and something is not right. She heads upstairs and finds Conlin shot to death. The killer is still in the house. Carrie hides behind a door, and gets a glimpse of the shooter before she makes a run for it — it’s the mystery man from Quinn’s photos. Carrie picks Franny up from school and is relieved that she’s okay — it’s clear that Carrie and her daughter are in serious danger. Max comes over to sleep on the couch and keep an eye on them, and promises to install a new security camera and system first thing in the morning. Tonight’s episode of Homeland ends with two men injecting Quinn with a sedative in the hospital, gagging him, and sneaking him out a gurney and in to the back of a van in the middle of the night.

218 Homeland Episode Guide

Imminent Risk

Season 6 Episode Number: 67 Season Episode: 7

Originally aired: Sunday March 5, 2017 Writer: Ron Nyswaner Director: Tucker Gates Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Eliza- beth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Matt Dellapina (Randy Barbetta), Anthony Mecca (Larijani), Guy Olivieri (Teacher), Patrick Sabongui (Reda Hashem), Sammy Voit (Child playing), Alain Washnevsky (Amir Bastami), Thomas D. Weaver (Air- port Security), Bernard White (Farhad Nafisi) Production Code: 6WAH07 Summary: Carrie gets bad news; Saul makes a plan; Quinn acknowledges his situation.

The episode kicks off with Carrie receiv- ing bad news — as if she didn’t have enough to deal with now that Conlin is dead and she may or may not be the next mark on the mystery man’s hit-list, the former CIA agent’s daughter Franny is taken by Children’s Services. Apparently, Carrie is under investigation after Peter "took her hostage," although we all know in Peter’s eyes he was protecting her. Meanwhile, Peter is removed from the mental hospital where he was being held and taken to a cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere by some of his former co-workers with the CIA. It turns out that Dar is behind the move, and he argued that Peter was a CIA asset and managed to make the shooting "go away," but as part of the deal, Peter needs to remain out of sight. Peter Quinn tries to make a run for it and hitchhike, but it’s not long before Astrid drags him back to the cabin. In the meantime, Saul is in a bit of hot water as well. A woman named Rachel was sent by the director to question him about his trip to the West Banks. Dar arrives midway through the questioning and tells Rachel to get lost. Saul isn’t buying it though — he thinks Dar set up the questioning, he’s clearly up to something. Carrie meets up with Reda to discuss her chase with children’s services. Carrie is freaking out because they have moved Franny to a foster home. Reda will be going to court in the morning on behalf of Carrie and he reassures her that everything will be fine. Javidi is in New York for a meeting, and it doesn’t take long before someone comes looking for him. Naser and his men kidnap Javidi and take him to an abandoned warehouse, they proceed to torture him and demand to know what he is doing in the states. Javidi says he’s just checking on an asset, but Naser isn’t buying it. A man named Amir rushes in and saves the day and shoots and kills Naser. Javidi is grateful, and shocked, the man introduces himself as Amir — apparently, he served in the army with JAvidi years ago.

219 Homeland Episode Guide

Carrie and Reda heads to court, and Carrie gets more bad news. She won’t be getting her daughter Franny back anytime soon. Ever though Peter Quinn is out of the picture, child services thinks that Carrie is a danger to Franny too. Apparently, Franny told the case worker that her mom fell asleep in her room with a gun on her lap. Now, the case workers want Carrie to undergo a mental health evaluation since she was diagnosed with bipolar disease in the past. Carrie heads home, alone, which isn’t easy for her. She contemplates drinking an old bottle of wine stashed in the back of her refrigerator. Amir tracks down Saul and takes him to a secret meeting with Majid. Majid explains that he was picked up by his own people, and accused of being a traitor. Majid and Saul put two and two together and realize that Dar must be behind it. Majid says that he has proof on video that Iran is not cheating on the nuclear deal, and he wants political asylum. Saul agrees to get him a meeting with President-Elect Keane. Dar shows up at the cabin and Astrid greets him, he’s come to talk to Peter Quinn. Dar finds him sitting on the dock in front of the lake, he hasn’t been talking for hours. Dar tells Quinn he has to stay at the cabin — if he tries to go back to NYC again, he will either be thrown in jail or back in the hospital. Dar quizzes Peter about why he is trying so hard to get back, but Peter won’t talk. Dar mocks Peter for being hung up on Carrie, then he drops a bomb on him. Dar reveals that the reason that Peter is the way he is... is Carrie’s fault. Dar explains to Quinn that Carrie forced the doctors to wake Quinn up out of a deep coma, because she thought he might have intel on a case she was working. The only reason Carrie has been taking care of him, is because she feels guilty. At home, Carrie calls President Keane in the middle of the night. She cries that child services took Franny and she needs Keane to make a phone call on her behalf. Keane is appalled that she’s asking her to use her spot in the White House to solve her personal problems. Tonight’s episode ends with Dar getting a phone call from the case worker that took Franny from Carrie. She thinks him for the tip he gave her, and says that Franny is in foster care where she belongs.

220 Homeland Episode Guide


Season 6 Episode Number: 68 Season Episode: 8

Originally aired: Sunday March 12, 2017 Writer: Patrick Harbinson Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Eliza- beth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Maury Sterling (Max), Hill Harper (Rob Emmons), C.J. Wilson (Guest Star), Jake Weber (Brett O’Keefe), James Mount (Agent Thoms), Chris Coy (Rudy), Gabe Fazio (Frank Kolacek), Nina Hoss (Astrid), Shaun Toub (Majid Javadi), Claire Keane (Franny), McKenna Keane (Franny), Lesli Margherita (Sharon), Ryan Shibley (Andrew Keane), Arthur French (Homeless Man), Lorrie Odom (Josie), Sejal Shah (Female Se- cret Service Agent), Bill Winkler (Supermarket Employee), Anthony Az- izi (Nasser), Guy Sparks (US Secret Service Agent), Bill Walters (Home- less at Soup Kitchen) Production Code: 6WAH08 Summary: Carrie and Saul present evidence to Keane; Quinn tracks a mark.

The episode kicks off with Brett O’Keefe’s news series, he’s been on a mission to make President Elect Keene look unfit to be the President. In this segment, O’Keefe has brought in ex-soldiers that were in the line of duty with Keene’s son Andrew. He was killed at war. But, according to O’Keefe, he didn’t die a hero — he was dangerous, and he is interviewing men that were overseas with Captain Keene. O’Keefe brings on a soldier named Rudy, he was there when Andrew Keene was killed. Rudy explains that they were searching a warehouse, and they were ambushed by enemy fire, while they were under fire Andrew ran away and aban- doned his men and was shot by a sniper in the back. Rudy says that Andrew Keene was "the opposite of a hero." Elizabeth is at the White House, unfazed or unaware of O’Keefe’s latest broadcast, her chief of staff Rob briefs her on her meetings. She sits down with the Admirals to discuss the status of their forces. Saul meets up with Majid, he’s been hiding him out at a local homeless shelter. Saul explains that he will have to stay at the shelter for a few more days, he hasn’t had a chance to talk to President-Elect Keene yet. Saul leaves the shelter and stops by Carrie’s house to talk to her. Max warns Saul that Carrie probably won’t speak to him — she’s depressed and hasn’t left Frannie’s room for a day. Carrie explains that she has to go through a psych evaluation and therapy and the judge will consider giving her daughter baPresident-Elect to help, but there’s nothing he can do. Saul changes the subject, he tells Carrie that he needs her help. Carrie cries that things were supposed to be different, and now she has been deemed an unfit mother.

221 Homeland Episode Guide

Meanwhile, Peter Quinn is still out in the cabin in the middle of the woods with Astrid. After they take an afternoon walk, Quinn heads inside and begins searching through the kitchen drawers. He finds an envelope full of a fake Passport that was made for him, his meds, and a stack of cash. While Astrid is still out exercising, Quinn sneaks in to her car and empties the bullets out of her gun and throws them in the lake. Saul takes Carrie on a ride, he found out where Frannie is staying and takes Carrie to the foster home. They sit outside in the car and watch Frannie play outside with the other kids, she seems happy and healthy. Now that Carrie has settled down a little, Saul explains to her what happened when he met with Nafisi, and that he’s a Mossad agent and was working with Dar. Saul reveals that Majid Javabi is in New York and waiting to see President Elect Keene to tell her the truth about the Iran nuclear deal, and the Mossad set-up. Carrie isn’t surprised that Dar is double-crossing Saul. She explains that she thinks Saul is behind Sekou’s van exploding and FBI Agent Conlin’s murder. Quinn is at a local store near the cabin when he sees a man at the cash register and thinks he might be the man that was spying on him and Carrie and blew up Sekou’s truck. Quinn stalks him in the store and watches him drive off in a truck. Astrid is totally oblivious to Peter’s observations, and they head back to the cabin. On their way, they drive past a shady motel and Peter recognizes the man in the parking lot again. Quinn’s paranoia is kicking in. He freaks out on Astrid when they return to the cabin and accuses her of giving the man at the store a message — he is certain that Dar has plans for him, and they aren’t good. Carrie and Saul pick up Majid from the shelter and take him to a secret meeting with President Keene. But, Majid changes his story once he gets in front of Keene. Suddenly, Majid announces that the American deal with Iran is off, and that Iran is working on a parallel nuclear deal with North Korea. Saul freaks out and demands to know what he is doing. Carrie chases after Keene as she leaves the meeting. Keene believed Majid, she tells her that she and Saul were wrong. And, she was wrong to have turned to Carrie for guidance, they are officially done working together. Saul confronts Majid and demands to know what he is up to. Majid pushes Saul to the ground and reveals that he is working with Dar now, then he rides off in his car. Meanwhile, Dar is meeting with O’Keefe. He shows him all of the footage that he has been working on to prove that Keene’s son Andrew was not a hero. The video is completely edited, and grossly misinforming. In the middle of the night Quinn sneaks out with Astrid’s car and heads to the motel. He finds the man in the black hate and hits him over the head with a crow bar. Then when he rolls him over, he realizes that it’s the wrong guy. Quinn races back to the cabin, and can’t find Astrid anywhere. She finally emerges from upstairs, and Quinn is thrilled that she didn’t leave him after their fight. But, it turns out that the only reason she didn’t leave is because he had her car. Quinn begs Astrid to stay, and offers to let her punch him so that they are even. Astrid and Peter share an intense moment, he confesses that he cares for her and thinks of her as a friend. Out of a nowhere, a shot rings out, a sniper is shooting at them. One of the bullets grazes Peter’s head and he falls to the floor, it’s not fatal though. Astrid makes a run for the car to get her gun, unaware that Peter threw all of her ammo in to the lake. She’s hit once by sniper fire, and manages to get her gun. She tries to take a shot at the shooter, but the gun’s empty and simply clicks when she pulls the trigger. The sniper shoots and kills Astrid and then heads inside to find Peter. It’s the same man in the black hat that was spying on Carrie’s house. Peter tries to make a run for it, the gunman follows him outside and shoots him in the back, Peter Quinn falls in the lake and disappears. The shooter waits, but he never comes up for air. After the shooter leaves, Quinn comes up for air... finally. He’s banged up, but he’s going to be okay.

222 Homeland Episode Guide

Sock Puppets

Season 6 Episode Number: 69 Season Episode: 9

Originally aired: Sunday March 19, 2017 Writer: Chip Johannessen, Evan Wright Director: Dan Attias Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Eliza- beth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Maury Sterling (Max), Hill Harper (Rob Emmons), C.J. Wilson (Watch- Cap-Wearing Man), Jake Weber (Brett O’Keefe), David Thornton (George Pallis), Seth Numrich (Nate Joseph), Bernard White (Farhad Nafisi), David Adkins (Doctor Schouten), Bradford Anderson (Trent), Nina Hoss (Astrid), Shaun Toub (Majid Javadi), Jessica Dickey (Thompson), Carolyn Baeumler (Police Officer), Stephen Beach (Offi- cer Jensen), Rod Brogan (Dar’s Driver), Chris Barnes (Gun Shop Pro- prietor), Faust Checho (Hotel Manager), Michelle Simone Miller (Co- Worker #1), William Farrell (Co-Worker #2), Michael D. Joseph (Home- less Bag Man), John Madigan (EComCom Employee) Production Code: 6WAH09 Summary: Carrie catches a break; Keane makes a plan; Max goes undercover.

The episode kicks off with Carrie in court- ordered therapy. If she wants to get Fran- nie back, she needs to cooperate with the therapist. Carrie opens up about her complicated relationship with Frannie’s dad, and her relationship with Quinn. President elect Keane calls a meeting with Dar. She confesses that it looks like he was right and Iran is cheating on the nuclear deal. Obviously, he already knew that since he told Majid to say that. Keane has had a change of heart and she wants Dar’s advice, they agree to move forward with sanctions against Iran. Carrie heads home and rants to Max about the therapy session. Max has been hard at work while she was away, he tracked down Conley’s phone records, and found the address of the warehouse he visited be- fore he was killed. Max says that he thinks the address is some sort of shady start-up company. They have as many questions about the strange building as Conley did. Max reveals that he decided to apply for a job there, and he is going in for an interview this afternoon. Carrie thinks it’s a horrible idea, she doesn’t want to put any more people she cares about in danger. Dar has a celebratory breakfast with Majid. Apparently, Majid received millions of dollars for helping Dar convince Keane to take actions against Iran. He’s not going to see a penny of it though. Dar sold Majid out to Mossad. There’s a knock at the door — Mossad agents enter the hotel room, they’ve come for Majid and they’re not happy. While Majid is begging for his life, he calls Carrie on his cell phone so that she can hear what is happening.

223 Homeland Episode Guide

Carrie calls Saul and patches him in on the call, so he can hear Dar and Majid. Saul tries frantically to trace the call. But, they aren’t successful. The Mossad agents stab Majid with a syringe and knock him out, then wheel him out of the hotel room in a laundry cart. Local cops show up to the cabin In the woods where Peter and Astrid were staying, neighbors reported shots fired the night before. Quinn is sitting in the dark room with Astrid’s dead body. She has bandages on her neck, it looks like he tried to save her. Quinn leaves Astrid’s body and slips out the back, and drives off in her car. Carrie and Saul arrive at the hotel, but Dar and Majid are long gone. They search the hotel to no avail, but they do find Majid’s cell phone. Carrie and Saul take the phone to Keane, there’s a recording on it proving that Nafisi lied and Dar used Majid to make Keane think that Iran was cheating on the nuclear deal. Keane is obviously furious that Dar betrayed her, she shouts that he’s a "little shit." There’s even more bad news though — Carrie fills Keane in on the bombing, and that the bomb in Sekou’s van was planted there. Carrie thinks that Dar may be linked to the bombing as well. Meanwhile, Max is at his interview at the mysterious ware house. He makes it through the first stage of the interview process, but he has to wow the man in charge and explain a gap in his resume. Interestingly, the guy in charge is the same radio host, O’Keefe, that Dar has been working with to help bring down Keane. Quinn stops in a local plaza late at night, he creates a distraction in the parking lot and rushes inside a gun store and steals several weapons and ammunition. Quinn stops in a local plaza late at night, he creates a distraction in the parking lot and rushes inside a gun store and steals several weapons and ammunition. The next morning Keane calls Carrie in for a meeting with some members of her administra- tion. They explain to Carrie that they don’t have enough evidence to take down Dar for lyig about Iran or possibly being linked to the bombing and Conley’s death. But, they won’t to go after Dar for espionage for lying about his Berlin reports. They just need a sworn statement from Carrie. She doesn’t want to sign the papers though, because if they go after Dar for lying about Berlin, that would mean that Saul would be in trouble too. Afterwards, Carrie meets up with Saul and fills him in on the meeting. He’s obviously not happy about being thrown under the bus and taking one for the team so that Dar can be stopped. While Carrie and Saul are arguing, she receives a phone call from Child Services. The therapist approved a meeting for her and Frannie tomorrow. Dar and Keane had a meeting already scheduled. Keane takes the meeting, and tries not to tip her hand and let Dar know that they are on to them. But, she’s not a great bluffer, and Dar knows that something is up. Meanwhile at Max’s new job, he gets sent to work. He’s shocked when he realizes that the warehouse is full of social media gurus that manage hundreds of fake facebook, twitter, and other social accounts. Dar heads home and pours himself a drink, he’s shocked to find Peter Quinn standing in his livingroom. Quinn has brought along an arsenal and accuses Dar of sending someone to try and kill him, and kill Astrid. Dar plays stupid, he says he has no idea what Quinn is talking about and he never tried to hurt him. Dar reminds Quinn that he raised him like a child, and tells him that he loves him. Quinn is rattled by what Dar is saying. He hits Dar over the head with the fun and runs out of the house and gets in his car. As soon as Quinn leaves, Dar calls his hit man and calls him a "moron." Apparently, Dar told him not to go after Quinn and he did anyway. The hitman curses Dar out for calling him on an open line and hangs up. Quinn has bugged Dar’s phone, he listens in on the entire conversation and tracks the hit- man’s location.

224 Homeland Episode Guide

The Flag House

Season 6 Episode Number: 70 Season Episode: 10

Originally aired: Sunday March 26, 2017 Writer: Alex Gansa Director: Michael Klick Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Eliza- beth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Bradford Anderson (Trent), Julee Cerda (Reiko Umon), Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut (Simone Bah), Jay Hieron (Shaw), D Ivery (ACS Employee), John Madigan (EComCom Employee), Lynn Marocola (Police Officer), James Mount (Agent Thoms), Victor Joel Ortiz (Town Car Driver), Maritta Viola Sattelmaier (NYC Looky Loo), Sammy Voit (Child play- ing), Adam Goodnoff-Cernese (Delivery guy), Faith Logan (Alexandra) Production Code: 6WAH10 Summary: Dar plays his hand; Quinn revisits his past.

The episode kicks off with Peter Quinn, he’s wounded and bleeding from his run- in with Dar. He arrives at a diner in the middle of nowhere. The waitress recog- nizes him and calls him Johnny, she’s thrilled to see him. Nicki, the waitress, brags that she got married and asks Quinn about his old pals Dario and Shawn. Quinn asks Nicki if she was working there last night, he’s looking for someone. Nicki can tell that he’s agitated and tries to talk to him but Quinn rushes out of the diner. He drives around the neighborhood and pulls over on a street to scope out a house. At Carrie’s house, Max is telling her all about his new job and the thousands of fake social media accounts. He tells her that someone is paying O’Keefe to build a massive propaganda machine to manipulate public opinion. Carrie doesn’t have time to deal with it right now, she’s on her way to her visit to finally see Frannie. Saul is walking the streets, and he’s extra sketched out, he thinks that someone is following him. He heads in to a jewelry store and slips in the back to a secret room to visit Pesach. Apparently, Pesach is out of town, but another man helps him. Saul picks up a duffle bag with a gun, passports, cash, and cell phones inside and an envelope full of diamonds. Carrie gets dropped off by a car, when she climbs out, the driver taunts her and mentions her daughter Frannie. Carrie panics and calls the case worker, she reveals that Frannie is sick and headed to the hospital, she has a fever and they have to reschedule the visit. Carrie heads in to the federal building to give her deposition to the department of justice regarding Dar and Saul in Berlin. Carrie is freaking out about the phone call about Frannie, she runs out of the room and says she can’t do this today. Carrie put two and two together and realizes that Dar is probably behind children services taking Frannie. When President Keane learns that Carrie walked out of the deposition, she’s furious. And, then Dar shows up at her office. Keane isn’t shocked, she knows that Dar must have twisted

225 Homeland Episode Guide her arm. The Department of Justice decided to try and track down Saul and get him to testify against Dar. Keane is surprised when she sees the bruise on Dar’s face that Peter Quinn gave him. Dar acts oblivious, he tells Keane that he just stopped by to drop off a list of recommendations for office. Keane scoffs at his list, they exchange barbs with each other. Dar insists that he just wants to keep America safe. Dar warns her she doesn’t want to go to war with her own national security establishment, it’s a war that she won’t win. When Dar leaves Keane’s office, he calls his buddy O’Keefe. He explains that his meeting with the President elect didn’t go well, they are going to have to put the propaganda machine to work. Quinn heads in to the house that he has been scoping out. It’s where he used to meet with his old team years ago. While Quinn is recollecting, the men arrive for a meeting. He rushes in to the garage so that he doesn’t get caught. In the garage he finds a white van, just like the one the Sekou was driving that exploded. AS soon as Carrie gets home from ditching the deposition, she gets a phone call from the case worker. She explains that it was all a misunderstanding, and Frannie is miraculously better, Carrie can come see her if she wants to. As Carrie is trying to leave her house, Keane and her security team show up. Keane presses Carrie and wants to know if Dar is holding her daughter over her. Carrie refuses to talk and storms out of her own house. Saul arranges a super secret meeting with Mira, even though they haven’t seen each other in 2 years, Saul warns her that he is disappearing forever and the CIA will send agents to interrogate her about his whereabouts. Saul explains what’s really going on, Keane wants him to fall on a sword to take down Dar. Saul doesn’t want to be publicly humiliated and possibly even go to prison. While Carrie is waiting in the lobby for her visit with Frannie, she sees videos all over the internet about President Keane’s son Andrew — it looks like Dar and O’Keefe have unleashed their propaganda machine. Frannie shows up with the case worker and she and Carrie are reunited. Max is snooping around at work and sees Dar visiting with O’Keefe. He tries to get close enough to hear what they are saying. A little while later, O’Keefe’s henchwoman marches in to the office and orders Max to come with her ASAP, they know he snuck a phone in to the building. Quinn sends his friend Clarice to Carrie’s house, she plays a video of Quinn for Carrie and convinces her to come to Queens to see him. Carrie is obviously confused, she thought Quinn was in jail. After Carrie leaves, Saul shows up to her house looking for her. When there’s no answer, he sneaks in to her house through the basement apartment to wait for her. Saul searches Carrie’s house, and finds her work room — the walls are covered in news clippings about Sekou, Conlin, and Keane. He checks Carrie’s computer and find a video that Max sent her of Dar and O’Keefe talking. Keane is not taking the videos and horrible comments about her dead son Andrew all over the internet very well. Rob finds her crying in her office and watching them over and over. Carrie meets up with Quinn, he’s staked out across the street from the house where the meeting is being held. He has her look through a rifle to see the men in the window, and one of the guys inside is the man that was watching her and blew up Sekou’s van.

226 Homeland Episode Guide

R Is for Romeo

Season 6 Episode Number: 71 Season Episode: 11

Originally aired: Sunday April 2, 2017 Writer: Chip Johannessen, Patrick Harbinson Director: Seith Mann Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Eliza- beth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Julee Cerda (Reiko Umon), Lynn Golden (Protester), Ed Heavey (Tat- tooed Vet), Obaid Kadwani (Reporter), Christian Keiber (Security Offi- cer), Evelyn Liu (Secret Service Agent), Lynn Marocola (Police Officer), James Mount (Agent Thoms), Guy Sparks (US Secret Service Agent), Faith Logan (Alexandra), Amanda McNulty (Hotel Guest) Production Code: 6WAH11 Summary: Carrie and Quinn make a discovery. Keane makes a decision. Max finds trouble.

The episode kicks off where we left off last week. Carrie met up with Quinn and is shocked to see that he’s not at the hospital. Quinn is staking out the house across the street, he explains to Car- rie that the man inside is the one that has been stalking her and put the bomb in Sekou’s van. Quinn explains that the vans were switched, and the real van is in the garage. Quinn tells Carrie that she can keep the van, but he has plans to shoot and kill the guy inside the house. They begin bickering back and forth, Quinn freaks out on Carrie and reveals that he knows the truth about Berlin now [Dar’s version of the truth]. Quinn blames Carrie for his stroke, and his mental issues, because Dar told him that Carrie woke him up out of the coma early. Against everyone’s advice, Against everyone’s advice, President Elect Keane decides to hold a press conference to defend her dead son’s honor and call out whoever made the video about her son. But, as predicted the press conference doesn’t go well, and it looks like Keane is digging herself a bigger hole. After the press conference, Saul pays Keane a visit, he has something important to tell her. Keane knows that Dar Adal is responsible for the propaganda against her son, but Saul says that it is much more complicated than that. Meanwhile, Dar Adal pays O’Keefe a visit. He wants to see Max. Max is being help at O’Keefe’s office, because he was caught recording a video on his cell phone of Dar and O’Keefe earlier. O’Keefe thinks it’s all a big understanding, but Dar isn’t buying it. He barges in to the room where Max is being held and he recognizes him, he knows that Max sent the video to Carrie. After Dar roughs him up a bit, Max still refuses to talk, he just wants a lawyer. It looks like Max is in a world of trouble. Saul fills Keane, Rob, and the security team in on Dar and O’Keefe’s propaganda mill they have set up. But, they are raking in millions in finance from major lenders — Keane’s team

227 Homeland Episode Guide thinks that it may actually be government funded. While they are bickering over how to deal with O’Keefe and Dar, O’Keefe has the nerve to call Keane’s office and request a meeting with her. In the morning, Carrie tries to talk to Quinn about their blow-up the night before and what happened to him in Berlin, but Quinn isn’t interested in chatting. Despite the fact that he’s not in good shape, he leaves the house to tail the man that he has been hunting for days. Carrie sneaks across the street to scope out the garage, she is shocked when she realizes that Quinn was right, and Sekou’s real van is parked there. Carrie thinks the house is empty and she heads inside to snoop around. But, the man quinn was following has returned. He appears out of nowhere and attacks Carrie. Quinn arrives a few minutes behind him and saves Carrie, then he murders the man that killed Astrid and Sekou by bashing his head in with a rock over and over until his face isn’t even recognizable. Max is thrilled when he thinks he has made a friend at the warehouse, and the man that brings him lunch in the room where he’s being held — slips him a key pass to get out. Max sneaks out of O’Keefe’s office, he makes it all the way to the parking ramp and then men in a van grab him and toss him inside. It looks like he fell right in to their plan. Carrie calls Carrie calls Pallis and asks him to come to the address personally so that they can work out an immunity deal. Quinn finally explains to Carrie that Astrid came from Berlin to take care of him, and the man he just killed shot her and killed her. Quinn breaks down and says that he has never had a heart, it’s not from waking up out of the coma, he’s always been this way. O’Keefe proudly announced that he’s the one who made the video about Keane’s son, so she and her entire security team decide to pay him a visit. She goes on the air with O’Keefe, and they wind up in a shouting match. Keane announces that she knows he is running the propaganda mill, and the government is paying him to do it, and she vows to shut him down and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Dar Adal’s men are the ones that picked up Max in the parking ramp, they came him to a new location where Dar is waiting for him. Dar insists that he doesn’t want to hurt Max. Apparently, Dar wants Max to hack in to O’Keefe’s computer to find a website that he has been supposedly making about Quinn. Pallis arrives at the house to check in with Carrie and the FBI, apparently there is an issue with the immunity deal, the FBI doesn’t think that it was self-defense. Carrie explains that the man was trying to kill him and Quinn saved her. She takes Hollis to the garage to show him the van, which still has pictures of Sekou’s family clipped to the visor. Hollis is thrilled by the huge break in the case, and agrees to make Quinn’s immunity deal work. Keane’s appearance on O’Keefe’s show seemed to only make people angrier. Her hotel is sur- rounded by thousands of angry protestors, and one of them runs in front of her car and is hit. Carrie finds Quinn staring at a dry erase board in the kitchen, it’s been wiped down, but he’s trying to read what was wrote. He says that he thinks the black-ops team was working on the EastCoast, where they already are. Carrie puts two and two together when she sees some FBI agents unlocking the garage door to get the van out. There was a bomb triggered, and the house goes up in flames, Carrie and Quinn manage to make it out alive... barely.

228 Homeland Episode Guide

America First

Season 6 Episode Number: 72 Season Episode: 12

Originally aired: Sunday April 9, 2017 Writer: Alex Gansa, Ron Nyswaner Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn), Eliza- beth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson) Guest Stars: Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Hill Harper (Rob Emmons), Jake We- ber (Brett O’Keefe), Robert Knepper (General Jamie McClendon), Li- nus Roache (David Wellington), James Mount (Agent Thoms), Alfredo Narciso (Senator Elian Coto), John Getz (Joe Crocker), Philip Casnoff (Christopher), Marin Hinkle (Christine Lonas), Orlagh Cassidy (Rachel Crofts), A.J. Shively (Ronald), Matthew Streeter (Hagan), Nick Ritacco (Massey), Juan-Pablo Veizaga (Agent Rice), Gene Gabriel (Secret Ser- vice Agent #1), Nicholas Tucci (Secret Service Agent #2), Diana Perez (CNB News Anchor), Ariel Eliaz (National Guardsman), Graham Pow- ell (Mobile Command Tech), Parker Madison (FBI Agent), Billy Branni- gan (Protestor), Mark C. Fullhardt (Protestor), Lynn Golden (Protestor), Sara Harman (Protestor), Matthew Provenza (Anti-Keane Protester), Genoveva Rossi (Protestor), Guy Sparks (US Secret Service Agent), Eha Urbsalu (Decoy President) Production Code: 6WAH12 Summary: Pieces fall into place.

The episode kicks off with Dar Adal, he slips in to a restaurant for a discreet meeting in the back room. He has Sen- ator Elian chained to a pipe, without any clothes on, in the restaurant’s freezer. He taunts Elian for keeping him in the dark, and says that this is his punishment. Carrie is frantic at the explosion site, she fills Rob in on what happened. He says that President Keane is busy meet- ing with General McClendon about rein- forcing her security — Carrie puts two and two together and realizes that Mc- Clendon was the special ops agent who just set off the bomb that nearly killed her and Quinn. Meanwhile, at Keane’s hotel in Man- hattan, McClendon has taken control. He tells the security team that they have to clear the mob out of the street first and shut it down. Keane is upstairs with Saul, watching the angry mob from her window. Keane confesses to Saul that she is beginning to wonder if the people made a mistake voting for her. In the freezer, Elian has just been doused with a bucket of water, and he’s freezing. Dar demands to know what Elian knows about Peter Quinn.

229 Homeland Episode Guide

Carrie and Quinn are trying to make their way through the angry mob of protestors so that Carrie can speak to Keane. Quinn slips in the back to try and find the team of Delta officers that are working with McClendon. Quinn spots McClendon and sees he also has snipers on the roof. Dar calls McClendon and tells him he had an interesting chat with Elian. Elian sung like a canary, and he confirmed that O’Keefe has been setting up accounts to frame Peter Quinn and make it appear that he has been cyber stalking President Keane. Inside the hotel, Carrie is filling Rob in on her concerns about McClendon — he’s clearly up to something, and is the last person they should trust to keep the President safe. It looks like whatever is going to happen, is happening now. There’s a bomb threat at the hotel, and the security team evacuates Keane and her staff. While they are loading her in to an SUV, Dar calls Carrie on her cell. He warns her not to let Keane leave the building, it’s a trap to kill her. Dar reveals that they are framing Quinn for the bombing. Carrie stops Keane’s SUV from leaving the parking ramp at the last minute. The two SUV’s in front of her, explode in the street, Saul was in one of them. Carrie and Keane rush back in to the hotel in one peace. Meanwhile, McClendon’s team is already searching for Peter Quinn outside. Inside the hotel, McClendon’s men are searching for President Keane, who is running through the back rooms with Carrie. Two of McClendon’s men shoot and kill her personal head of security and begin search the hotel for Carrie and Keane with their guns drawn. Carrie and Keane get in the elevator and head to the basement, they bump in to Quinn on the way. Carrie and Keane jump in the back of an SUV, Quinn takes the wheel. They make a run for it in the SUV and there’s a barricade in the street — an entire army waiting to shoot and kill them. Luckily, the SUV is bullet proof, Quinn floors it right through the baricade, but he’s been shot and he’s losing consciousness. Quinn loses consciousness and the SUV slams in to a car and stops. Peter Quinn is dead. Carrie and Keane are out of the kill zone though. Quinn saved their lives. Six Weeks Later Brett O’Keefe goes live on the radio show — he goes in a wild rant about President Elect Keane, she has been officially sworn in, and McClendon and his troops, including other government officials involved in the conspiracy to take her down are all sitting in jail. Keefe shouts that there is a civil war in brewing. Meanwhile, Carrie is working as a liaison to the President and intelligence department. Saul joins her for the meeting, and afterwards he corners her to talk in private. Saul is worried about Carrie, she didn’t even say a few kind words at Peter Quinn’s memorial, and she has been avoiding everyone. Saul knows it is only a matter of time before she crashes, and he’s worried about her. Carrie stomps off, she doesn’t need Saul worrying about her. Carrie heads to President Keane’s office — Keane is grateful for everything that Carrie has done with her, and she offers her an official position as the Sr. Executive Advisor to the President. Carrie is thrilled by the offer, and happily accepts as long as it is okay with Frannie’s case worker. Saul visits Dar in prison. It’s the first time they have seen each other since Dar was arrested. Dar knows what he did was wrong, but he doesn’t necessarily regret it. He asks Saul to reach out to an old friend of his at GW and let him know that he’s okay. Carrie rushes home and puts on make-up. There’s a knock on the door, it’s Max, and he’s wasted. He rants that something is a disgrace, but he’s not making much sense. Carrie sends Max down stairs and tells him not to make a sound, Frannie’s case worker arrives at the front door. Carrie greets her and invites her inside, she gives her a tour upstairs of Frannie’s room, they make awkward small talk about Frannie’s collection of stuffed animals. The case worker seems satisfied and heads down stairs to fill out some paper work. The case worker raves that Carrie passed her home visit and she will let the judge know right away. Carrie reveals that she is considering moving back to Washington. After the case worker leaves, Carrie heads downstairs to deal with drunk Max. She finds him passed out in the bed that Peter Quinn used to sleep in. Carrie gets rattled when she sees all of Peter’s stuff stil in the room and she grabs a trash bag and begins cleaning it all up. In one of Peter’s dresser drawers she finds a book, and there are photos tucked inside in an envelope. Carrie is shocked when she realizes that Quinn kept a photo of her in personal possessions, and she breaks down crying. Max wakes up and comforts her.

230 Homeland Episode Guide

Carrie gets a frantic phone call from Saul, he’s being arrested by the FBI and has a gun jammed in his face. Carrie turns on the TV and learns that President Keane has had dozen more members of the government arrested for her assassination attempt. Carrie calls Keane’s office and demands to speak to her, but she’s in a meeting. Carrie heads straight to the office to speak to Chief of Staff David Wellington, she shouts at him that what they are doing is wrong and they can’t just arrest half of the government without authority. Carrie tries to talk to Keane, but she won’t open her office door. Security men escort Carrie out of the building. It looks like Carrie won’t be taking that job in Washington after all. Carrie heads to a nearby park and stares off in to the distance at the White House.

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232 Season Seven

Homeland Episode Guide

Enemy of the State

Season 7 Episode Number: 73 Season Episode: 1

Originally aired: Sunday February 11, 2018 Writer: Debora Cahn, Alex Gansa Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), (Elizabeth Keane), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Jake Weber (Brett O’Keefe), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Morgan Spector (Dante Allen) Guest Stars: Ellen Adair (Janet Bayne), Mackenzie Astin (Guest Star), Gary Ayash (Professional Businessman / Hotel Guest), Dylan Baker (Guest Star), Mel Burch (Prison Guard #1), Mitch Carr (Newscaster #1), Robert Catrini (Judge Julius Randolph), Paul Cottman (Senator Paley’s Staffer), Kendrick Cross (Secret Service Agent Roger), Elisabeth Da- ley (Hotel Guest), Dane Davenport (Jerome Jr.), Javon Davis (Exterior Prison Guard), Jerry DiLeo (Police Officer), Lamont Easter (President Keane Secret Service), Enya Flack (Desk Clerk), Brent Moorer Gaskins (Hotel Guest), Aurelien Gaya (Private Trotti), John D. Gordon (Pris- oner), Courtney Grosbeck (Josie), Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Larry Herring (Man In Lobby), John S. Howell Sr. (Coffee shop pa- tron), Wil J. Jackson (Prison Guard #2), Claire Keane (Franny), Robert Knepper (General Jamie McClendon), Kaylee Kristin (Coat Check Woman), Lesli Margherita (Sharon), Euseph Messiah (Hay Adams Ho- tel Concierge), Alex Miller (Bellboy Jack), Cheryl E. Miller (Newscaster #2), Jeff Moore (Whitehouse Staffer), Bradley Nnadi (Aide), Robert Olausen (Prison Transfer Guard), Craig Pearman (Hay Adams Clerk), Dane Rhodes (Wallace), William Shipman (Press), Robert Staropoli (Ho- tel Guest), Isaiah Stratton (Officer Jeffries), Chuck Taber (Patron), Roger Tyler (Armored Guard), Nick Vernon (Officer Newell), Mike Wha- ley (Ext. Prison Guard), Graham Wolfe (Prison Guard 3), Chris Condetti (Prisoner), George Ludden (Pedestrian) Production Code: 7WAH01 Summary: Carrie has left her job in the White House and moved back to D.C. and is living with her sister Maggie to take on the Keane administration.

As the episode opens, Carrie is unem- ployed — President Keane dumped her as part of her paranoia-fueled purge, fol- lowing his assassination attempt — and now she and Franny are living with her sister Maggie in the D.C. suburbs. Mag- gie’s husband Bill works for Keane’s Trea- sury department, and their teen daugh- ter Josie is a budding activist, compar- ing Keane to Stalin. Carrie agrees, calling Keane a "fascist" while noting that Saul is still in jail, along with two hundred other intelligence agents. Maggie just wants Carrie to find a job, and Carrie insists she’s about to leave for a job interview. But when she leaves, she packs a burner phone... and decides against bringing a gun.

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Turns out she’s having a good old-fashioned secret rendezvous in the back of a restaurant with Senator Sam Paley, who’s been a vocal critic of Keane’s tactics. Carrie’s been leaking information to Paley from an ex-FBI pal of hers who’s been looking into the two hundred agents Keane had detained, and can’t find a shed of evidence any of them were involved in the attempt on Keane’s life. Now Carrie says her source is ready to testify on the record — and his testimony can implicate Keane’s right-hand man David Wellington. Speaking of Wellington, he’s busy talking Keane off the ledge after the sentencing of General McClendon, who actually did orchestrate the Keane attack. Keane testifies at McClendon’s hear- ing, asking for the death penalty, and is crushed when she learns he’ll just spend life in prison. (She even sees it as "condoning another attempt on my life.") Wellington tries to calm her down, but she abruptly cuts him off, ordering him to "fix it." And yes, she means that in a Tony Soprano kind of way. Carrie snaps back into spy mode, checking into a D.C. hotel under a fake name, then throwing on a brunette wig and checking into another hotel under another fake name. She asks the front desk to hold an extra key for her "husband," and watches from the lobby as a man picks up the key. But he’s being tailed by another guy, so Carrie hustles her "husband" — Dante, her source — out of the hotel and into the trunk of her car. They escape, but their cover’s blown, so now Carrie needs a new venue to introduce Dante to Senator Paley. Saul, meanwhile, is stewing in prison, and he gets a visit from Wellington, who tells him Keane is feeling "vulnerable." She wants Saul as an ally, and is prepared to offer him the position of National Security Advisor. (When Wellington asks Saul if he’s surprised, Saul’s reply is classic: "I’m in a federal f—king prison. What do you think? Of course I’m surprised.") Saul will only agree, though, if Keane releases all the other agents who were arrested along with him: He won’t work for "a woman who can’t rise above her own vindictiveness." Scrambling for a new venue, Carrie decides to use her sister Maggie’s medical office after dark, even having teen Josie drop off the keys. (Not only does Josie see Carrie in her wig, she also spots her taking Dante out of her trunk.) The meet-and-greet doesn’t go great: Dante refuses to go on the record, despite Carrie’s pleas, and when Senator Paley shows up, he feels ambushed. Dante panics and bolts, roughly tossing Carrie out of the way when she tries to block the door. Her back channel to the Senator is burned, too: "You can’t call me again," Paley tells her on his way out. Back at home, Carrie has to face the wrath of Maggie and Bill, whose daughter left Franny with some strange guy "because Aunt Carrie really needed help." Maggie confronts Carrie about her steep credit-card bill ($38,000 in debt, under a number of aliases) and worries Carrie is off her meds again. Carrie insists she’s not paranoid — Keane really is that bad — and fires back at Maggie: "You’re the one married to a collaborator!" She tries to apologize, but the damage is done, and when Carrie looks in on a sleeping Franny, you wonder if she thinks she’s gone too far. There is some good news, though: Our old pal Max managed to sneak inside Wellington’s home as part of a surveillance sweep and install a series of cameras, so Carrie can keep an eye on the guy from her laptop. Wellington has a lot to answer for, too: When McClendon is booked into federal prison, he’s forced to strip down and endure a cavity search. As he’s getting dressed, his breathing stops. He gasps and falls to the ground in pain — and dies. The guard who searched him watches coldly on a security camera, then carefully removes the gloves he used and seals them in a plastic bag.

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Rebel Rebel

Season 7 Episode Number: 74 Season Episode: 2

Originally aired: Sunday February 18, 2018 Writer: Patrick Harbinson, Chip Johannessen Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Elizabeth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Jake Weber (Brett O’Keefe), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Morgan Spector (Dante Allen) Guest Stars: Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Sandrine Holt (Simone Martin), Matt Servitto (Agent Maslin), Dylan Baker (Senator Sam Paley), Sakina Jaffrey (Guest Star), Mackenzie Astin (Bill), Lesli Margherita (Sharon), Courtney Grosbeck (Josie), David Maldonado (Bo Elkins), Julee Cerda (Reiko Umon), (Guest Star), Colton Ryan (J.J. Elkins), Claire Keane (Franny), McKenna Keane (Franny), Isaiah Strat- ton (Officer Jeffries), Annie Humphrey (Mary Elkins), Christina Bach (Female Reporter), Casey Ford Alexander (Male Reporter), Jordan Woods-Robinson (Troll), Chris Condetti (Prisoner) Production Code: 7WAH02 Summary: Carrie makes a discovery; Wellington protects Keane; O’Keefe contin- ues to broadcast.

Carrie meets with a therapist to talk about the latest turmoil in her life — and there it is, our first Peter Quinn men- tion of the season. A clearly emotional Carrie remembers her late friend, saying, "He would’ve understood what I’m doing. He never let me down." She’s adamant that Keane needs to be taken down, and that she’s taking her meds every day. But the therapist points out she’s taking lithium, and that can become ineffective if you take it for years. That gives Carrie pause... but it doesn’t stop her from log- ging into Wellington’s surveillance cams again, where she sees an unidentified woman enter his home and leave a note. She takes a screengrab of the woman’s face and tries to get her source Dante to identify her, but he hangs up on her. So she logs onto the notorious troll haven 4chan and posts the screengrab on an anti-Keane message board, asking if anyone recognizes her. One commenter claims to know, and sends Carrie a JPEG. She downloads it, and... bam! Her laptop is now infected with ransomware, locking her out of her computer unless she pays five thousand dollars. Carrie starts to panic: She’s broke, so she can’t afford the five grand, and her laptop has the very illegal Wellington spy cams on it, so she can’t go to the cops. She calls in Max to help, but even he can’t fix it — and the hacker, listening in to their conversation via Carrie’s laptop mike, doubles the ransom to $10,000. And when he finds the Wellington cams, he doubles the ransom again to 20 grand: "You’re going to be my golden goose," he tells Carrie. But she goes on the

237 Homeland Episode Guide offensive, claiming that Wellington wanted the cams in his house because it’s a sex thing; he gets off on being watched. Then she starts flirting with the hacker, offering him "an exchange of services." She takes off her shirt and bra for him via webcam, but once she senses him getting excited, she cuts him off, telling him, "It’s not for free, asshole." She wants to meet in person, and the hacker directs her to an empty warehouse with a very creepy vibe. There, the hacker reveals himself — he’s a skinny white kid, like you’d expect — and she starts to undress for him... but when he gets close, she hits him with a vicious headbutt and unsheathes a collapsible baton, beating the hacker senseless with it. She threatens to kill him unless he unlocks her computer ("I’m CIA, motherf—ker") and records him doing it on her phone. With her laptop unlocked, she strolls out of the building, leaving the hacker bloodied and whimpering on the ground. General McClendon’s mysterious death is fueling even more conspiracy theories about Presi- dent Keane, and she recognizes it makes her look bad, so she agrees to "change the conversation" by freeing Saul and the two hundred other intelligence officials she detained. In turn, Saul agrees to be her national security advisor, and Keane introduces him in a hastily arranged press con- ference. (Carrie fumes when she sees Saul and Keane together on TV.) But there is one catch to Saul’s new position: Wellington informs him that bringing in the fugitive O’Keefe is his first order of business. Saul heads down to the mattress store where O’Keefe did his broadcast last week, and finds the locals angrily protesting the FBI presence. They’ve detained one of the cops who escorted O’Keefe out, and roughed him up for resisting arrest, which Saul instantly recognizes as a bad move. He tries to play "good cop" with the guy, telling him he’s exposing the people he’s sworn to protect to serious harm. Saul insists he knows O’Keefe, O’Keefe knows him and he just wants to find him and talk: "No one will get hurt."

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Season 7 Episode Number: 75 Season Episode: 3

Originally aired: Sunday February 25, 2018 Writer: Anya Leta, Ron Nyswaner Director: Michael Klick Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Elizabeth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Jake Weber (Brett O’Keefe), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Morgan Spector (Dante Allen) Guest Stars: Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Sandrine Holt (Simone Martin), Matt Servitto (Agent Maslin), Fredric Lehne (General Rossen), Sakina Jaffrey (Dr. Meyer), Lesli Margherita (Sharon Aldright), Kim Sykes (De- tective), David Maldonado (Bo Elkins), Colton Ryan (J.J. Elkins), Tay- lor Selé (Officer Headlee), Justin Kucsulain (Andy Burke), Cory Hart (FBI Agent Goodman), Christopher Jon Gombos (Officer Jarewski), Chris Condetti (Pedestrian), Lamont Easter (President Keane Secret Service), Ira Grossman (Compound Neighbor / Father), Matt Gulbran- son (Secretary of State), Jeff Moore (Whitehouse Staffer) Production Code: 7WAH03 Summary: Carrie has a distressing realization; Saul negotiates; and Keane and Wellington disagree.

After last week’s violent tussle with a 4chan hacker, Carrie rushes straight to her therapist — the guy’s blood is still spattered on her forehead — and con- fesses that she thinks her lithium might be wearing off. "Impulse control is becom- ing a problem," she admits before chok- ing back sobs. When a worried-sick Mag- gie confronts her at home, Carrie says her therapist wants her to go into a drug- induced coma for a few days to break the manic cycle she’s in. She’s frantic at the thought of her creeping back in: "I can’t raise a kid if I’m at the bottom of a black hole with no walls." So Maggie agrees to help, using the drug Seroquel to put Carrie into a deep sleep. But before she can doze off, there’s a knock at the door: It’s Dante, who has new infor- mation about the woman Carrie spotted in Wellington’s house. Her name is Simone, she works for an NGO and she’s had an on-and-off thing with Wellington for years. He wants to dig deeper, but Carrie stops him. "I’m sick, and I’m going to be sick for a while," she tells him. But when he tells her Simone got a parking ticket right near the prison where General McClendon died, that’s enough to convince Carrie. She downs some of her niece Josie’s Adderall and heads out with Dante to chase down this lead. They stake out Simone at her D.C. townhouse, and even bond a bit: Dante tells Carrie that an ex of his was bipolar, too. When Simone leaves, Dante follows her by car, leaving Carrie to sneak inside Simone’s house through a window and snoop around. She finds the parking ticket, along

239 Homeland Episode Guide with photos of Simone and Wellington together, and snaps pictures of them with her phone. On her way out, though, she’s stopped by cops, who got a report of a break-in. Carrie lies that she was just there to feed a friend’s cat, but when she refuses to give the cops her name, they haul her downtown for further questioning. Carrie’s put in an interrogation room with a female cop, and when acting tough doesn’t work, she breaks down in tears, claiming she’s in a custody battle with an ex and an arrest will make her lose her daughter. (Which is sort of true, actually.) But she refuses to let the cop call social services, and that’s the last straw: She’s dragged kicking and screaming to get fingerprinted. Magically, Dante shows up to bail her out; he got all records of her arrest scrubbed. Once they’re out, Carrie admits she’s terrified Franny will be taken away from her again. Dante sits in silence with her, just listening. Saul, meanwhile, has tracked O’Keefe down to that West Virginia family shack in the woods and asks the feds to stay back while he goes in alone. The kid with the O’Keefe tattoo pretends not to know where he is, but soon, O’Keefe emerges and informs Saul that if he’s leaving, "it won’t be without a fight, I can tell you that." With O’Keefe’s well-armed followers and the FBI staring each other down, he and Saul sit down to chat, with O’Keefe insisting he’s just exercising his right to free speech. Saul counters that he’s breaking the law by peddling lies and conspiracy theories: "You’re poisoning the conversation." O’Keefe agrees to negotiate, but while Saul takes his terms of surrender back to Keane — she balks at a televised trial — O’Keefe laughs to his female producer that Saul "has no idea what’s about to hit him." She runs out to warn the feds: Reinforcements are coming. And just then, a convoy of pickup trucks scream up and take Saul hostage. A tense standoff ensues, with the O’Keefe side finally letting Saul go after the feds threaten to take them all out via sniper. But they won’t surrender, either, and the FBI settles in for a Waco-style occupation, with Saul left to marvel at the heavy military artillery being brought in.

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Like Bad at Things

Season 7 Episode Number: 76 Season Episode: 4

Originally aired: Sunday March 4, 2018 Writer: Chip Johannessen, Patrick Harbinson Director: Alex Graves Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Elizabeth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Jake Weber (Brett O’Keefe), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Morgan Spector (Dante Allen) Guest Stars: Lamont Easter (President Keane Secret Service), Laura French (News Anchor), Erica Frene (Local Police Officer), Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Cory Hart (FBI Agent Goodman), Annie Humphrey (Mary Elkins), Alex Hurt (Guest Star), Claire Keane (Franny), McKenna Keane (Franny), Justin Kucsulain (Andy Burke), David Neal Levin (Cash Ex- press Employee), David Maldonado (Bo Elkins), Brian Michael (Nate), Melissa Navia (Julie), Christopher Parker (FBI Operative), Vince Pisani (FBI Tech), Costa Ronin (Guest Star), Colton Ryan (J.J. Elkins), Paul Ryden (Male Reporter), Matt Servitto (Agent Maslin), Rachael Thomp- son (Female Reporter), Mark L. White (FBI Technical Analyst), Garrett Woodrum (Compound Kid), Chris Condetti (AA Sponsor) Production Code: 7WAH04 Summary: Carrie follows a lead. Saul’s situation goes from bad to worse.

With the FBI surrounding his West Vir- ginia hideout, O’Keefe and his loyal lis- teners settle in for a long siege with power generators, jugs of water — and lots and lots of guns. The family’s mom is worried about the children, but O’Keefe assures her he’ll give himself up before anyone gets hurt. He’s a little late, though: J.J., the teen with the O’Keefe tattoo, chases his dog through the woods, only to see the feds shoot the poor pup dead. An en- raged J.J. points his gun at them... and gets shot in the gut. An FBI agent runs out to help him, but the other survival- ists arrive and snatch up J.J., taking the agent hostage. While the family rushes to patch up a bleeding J.J. on the dining room table, O’Keefe looks stricken, as if he’s just now realizing what all of his heated rhetoric has led to. Saul calls in, wanting to transport the kid to a hospital, but O’Keefe admits: "I’m not in control here." The FBI doesn’t want to budge, either, until their agent is returned safely, but a call from President Keane herself seals the deal: An ambulance drives up to take J.J. to the hospital. The survivalists are wary of the medics and pat them down thoroughly... but they don’t catch one of the medics planting a bug inside the house before leaving. O’Keefe goes live to broadcast a fresh rant about Keane’s "trained assassins," but J.J.’s griev- ing mother cuts him off, and after a deal is struck to get the women and children out of the house

241 Homeland Episode Guide safely, it’s looking like cooler heads might actually prevail. Yeah, about that... a rabble-rousing journalist sneaks into the hospital where J.J. is being treated and snaps a misleading photo of him on a gurney after the doctors leave, spinning it as "FBI Lets Boy Bleed to Death." A conser- vative news outlet picks it up, J.J.’s family thinks their son is dead... and then all hell breaks loose. J.J.’s dad takes revenge by shooting the FBI agent hostage in the head, and the FBI batters the house with gunfire in response. (Keane calls Saul, hoping there’s still a peaceful solution here, but he gravely tells her: "It’s too late. It’s done.") O’Keefe hides in the basement, trying to broadcast one last bit of outrage — "We’ve been betrayed!" — before being silenced by tear gas. As the feds haul him out in cuffs, he sees the dead bodies of his listeners lying in the yard... and when Saul stares him down with a withering glare of disappointment, an ashamed O’Keefe can barely meet his gaze. Carrie hands over the contents of Simone’s hard drive for Max to dig around in, then heads out to trace Simone’s steps when she got that parking ticket close to McClendon’s prison. She parks where Simone parked and spots a check-cashing place nearby. By lying to the clerk that Simone is her sister and off her bipolar meds, she gets him to fess up: Simone came in there for a one-time cash transfer of $9,950. That amount is conveniently just below the threshold that would get noticed by authorities, but Carrie thinks that’s not enough to pay someone off to kill McClendon. Max digs up travel receipts on Simone’s hard drive that show her stopping at four more check-cashing places, so we’re up to almost 50 grand now. This all distracts Carrie, though, to the point where she forgets to pick up Franny, so Maggie forces Carrie to swallow her Seroquel in front of her to make sure she’s taking it. After a groggy Carrie buys illicit meds from a sketchy drug dealer to self-medicate, she presents Dante with the evidence of Simone. It’s not enough to bring her in, he says, so Carrie has an idea — but it’s "completely illegal."

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Active Measures

Season 7 Episode Number: 77 Season Episode: 5

Originally aired: Sunday March 11, 2018 Writer: Debora Cahn Director: Charlotte Sieling Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Elizabeth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Jake Weber (Brett O’Keefe), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Morgan Spector (Dante Allen) Guest Stars: Clé Bennett (Doxie), Julie Bragg (CNB Newscaster), Todd Cerveris (Hoberman), James D’Arcy (Anson), Lamont Easter (President Keane Secret Service), Ari Fliakos (Bennet), Jay Gates (Sound Guy), San- drine Holt (Simone Martin), John S. Howell Sr. (Funeral Patron), An- nie Humphrey (Mary Elkins), Mark Ivanir (Guest Star), Justin Kuc- sulain (Andy Burke), Nick LaRocca (Driver), Mike Marunde (Heckler #1), Liz McGeever (Kira Korrigan), Jeff Moore (TV Producer), Bradley Nnadi (FBI Aide), Brian O’Neill (FBI Director Stendig), Chinasa Og- buagu (Attorney General), William Popp (Stein), Chris Raines (Heckler #2), Cara Reid (Ashley), Alexandra Rodriguez (Mayor’s Daughter), Bar- bara Rosenblat (Guest Star), Roger Tyler (White House Staffer), Nate Walker (Uber Doug), Kevin Wayne (Protester), Devin Albert (Mourner), Chris Condetti (Mourner), George Ludden (Mourner) Production Code: 7WAH05 Summary: Carrie puts a plan in motion. Saul visits a source. Keane makes a desperate plea.

n her quest to expose Wellington, Car- rie assembles a dream team of for- mer CIA colleagues, including a for- mer flame named Anson (Agent Carter’s James D’Arcy). She briefs her team on her plan to "shake up" Simone, in an effort to tie her to McClendon’s murder. These guys are used to playing rough, though: "Don’t punch her in the face," Carrie has to remind Anson. They stake out Si- mone’s office, waiting for her coworkers to leave before they move in; Max disables her car and poses as Triple A to stall her so she doesn’t leave. Once the coast is clear, they cut the electricity and get to work, kidnapping Si- mone and zip-tying her to a chair. Anson grills her on the $50,000 payment to knock off McClendon, and she eventually admits to it. He demands another hundred grand from her before setting her loose, while another guy plants a bug in her purse. They’re thinking they’ll be able to listen in when Simone goes running to Wellington... but after they clear out, they realize the microphone in her purse isn’t working. So Carrie has to go to Plan B. She tracks Simone to a nearby bar and follows her into the ladies’ room, "fumbling" her purse so she can drop a miked-up pen into Simone’s purse. It goes off without a hitch, and they listen

243 Homeland Episode Guide in while Simone sets up a rendezvous with Wellington and orders an Uber to go see him. Mission accomplished, right? Well, maybe not: Simone gets to Wellington — but she left her purse in the Uber! Carrie freaks out that they can’t hear her conspiring with Wellington, but Dante calms her down; he thinks they already have enough evidence to go to Senator Paley. What he doesn’t know, though, is that Carrie and Max still have those webcams set up at Wellington’s, so they can listen in on his conversation with Simone. But Max has bad news for Carrie: Weirdly, Simone doesn’t mention anything about the kidnapping or the hundred grand to Wellington. Instead, she makes small talk before straddling him for a lengthy lovemaking session. The bloody FBI standoff with O’Keefe’s followers resulted in 19 deaths — including 5 FBI agents and 3 children — and Keane is left to do damage control. Saul blames the Russians for that fake news report about J.J.’s supposed "death," but Keane refuses to use that as an excuse: "We broke it, we bought it." A memorial for the slain O’Keefe loyalists is planned, along with a massive protest, but Keane wants to see the 5 dead FBI agents honored, too. So she meets with Jackie, the widow of one of the dead agents, and asks her to attend the memorial as an olive branch to the other side. "I’m worried about people killing each other in the streets tonight," she confesses. When the memorial begins, Jackie isn’t there, and Keane prepares for the worst, OK’ing the use of water cannons and tear gas to deal with the rowdy protestors. But then Jackie shows up in the church — and though O’Keefe loyalists shout at her to leave, J.J.’s mom Mary Elkins stands up for her, inviting her and her fellow FBI widows to join her in her pew. It’s a miracle! Keane later addresses the nation, lauding the widows for finding a way to unite during hard times, and says she wants to meet Mary Elkins.

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Species Jump

Season 7 Episode Number: 78 Season Episode: 6

Originally aired: Sunday March 18, 2018 Writer: Anya Leta, Ron Nyswaner Director: Michael Offer Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Elizabeth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Jake Weber (Brett O’Keefe), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Morgan Spector (Dante Allen) Guest Stars: Ellen Adair (Janet Bayne), Dylan Baker (Senator Sam Paley), San- dra Belforte (Senator Paley Staffer), Clé Bennett (Doxie), Cather- ine Curtin (Sandy), James D’Arcy (Anson), Lamont Easter (President Keane Secret Service), Jennifer Ferrin (Guest Star), Ari Fliakos (Ben- net), Courtney Grosbeck (Josie Mathison-Dunn), Lucky Harmon (Grad Student (Feature)), Sandrine Holt (Simone Martin), Mark Ivanir (Ivan Krupin), Claire Keane (Franny), McKenna Keane (Franny), Katie Kil- lacky (Frances (Saul’s Assistant)), Austin Ku (Kevin Chan), Charmin Lee (Ellen Lichter), Jeff Moore (Wellington’s Driver), Amy Parrish (Jen Rosenberg), William Popp (Stein), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Mike Sulick (State Dept.Employee), Roger Tyler (Grad Student), Toby R Williams (Reporter), Jake Crocker (Bar Patron), Preslaysa Edwards (White House Staffer) Production Code: 7WAH06 Summary: Saul calls an old friend. Wellington has a problem. Carrie enjoys a win.

Carrie and Max are still spying on Si- mone and Wellington via webcam, and can’t believe she hasn’t said a word yet about her kidnapping. She does, how- ever, tell Wellington when she receives a subpoena to testify before Senator Pa- ley’s committee. Carrie wants to warn Pa- ley and Dante before the hearing, but Max reminds her she can’t, because that would expose their illegal webcam activ- ities. So she finds a way to sit in on Si- mone’s private questioning session with Paley, to see if she can get a clue as to why Simone is so tight-lipped. At the session, Simone is confronted with hard evidence of her check-cashing odyssey, and her lawyer wants full immu- nity before Simone says a word. But Simone does admit that "a senior White House official" instructed her to withdraw the money and leave it in the woods right outside the prison where McClendon was killed. Gotta be Wellington, right? Case closed, right? Well, not so fast. Carrie senses something’s up and tells Dante she thinks Simone is lying. He thinks Carrie’s just off her meds and tells her to go home and rest, but she’s not satisfied, so she turns to an old friend for advice. Thus, we have our first Carrie and Saul scene of the season: She tells him, "I’m in a corner, Saul," and runs down the whole Simone/Wellington saga. When he asks how she knows Simone

245 Homeland Episode Guide is lying, she comes clean about the webcams, and Saul almost walks off right there. But he stops long enough to question Carrie: If this is a conspiracy to smear Wellington and discredit President Keane, who has a grudge against her? Carrie starts to put it together — she ran into Dante "by chance," he showed her the parking ticket — and that chin starts to quiver. Dante is the one behind all of this, and he made Carrie an unwilling accomplice... and now she’s determined to "nail that f—ker." So she hatches a plan, gathering Anson and her kidnapping team for some victory drinks along with Dante. They hand Dante a barrage of tequila shots, while Carrie stays sober. (She’s on her meds, you see.) Carrie giggles and flips her hair — we saw her doing this with the troll hacker, too — and flirts with Dante, eventually going home with him and making out. But Dante becomes a little unsteady on his feet... and passes out. That’s when Carrie goes to work, bringing in Anson and his team to search the apartment from top to bottom while a clearly drugged Dante sleeps it off. She even uses his thumbprint to unlock his phone! Don’t fall for Carrie Mathison, boys; you will wake up to regret it. Meanwhile, Saul is assembling a covert team of his own, pairing former CIA colleague Sandy (played by OITNB’s Catherine Curtin) with "information scientist" Clint to get to the bottom of the J.J. fake news spawned by Russia. They’ve traced it to Yevgeny Gromov — the muckracker played by The Americans’ Costa Ronin who took that misleading photo of J.J. — and Clint shows Saul how anti-Wellington news is always spread online by the same automated accounts. Russian bots, that is. Russian operative Ivan goes straight to Yevgeny, warning him that he got sloppy with the J.J. stunt, and now Saul is breathing down his neck. He calls Keane a "wounded animal" and says she could "strike back in unpleasant ways." But Yevgeny just brushes him off, even when Ivan threatens to report back to Moscow, saying, "The old rules don’t apply anymore." And Ivan learns that the hard way: After setting up a secret rendezvous with Saul at an abandoned dock, Saul arrives to find nothing but traces of blood, and Ivan’s necklace. Ivan’s been tied up and stuffed into a bag by Yevgeny’s goons, then tossed into the ocean.

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Season 7 Episode Number: 79 Season Episode: 7

Originally aired: Sunday March 25, 2018 Writer: Patrick Harbinson, Chip Johannessen Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Elizabeth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Jake Weber (Brett O’Keefe), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Morgan Spector (Dante Allen) Guest Stars: James D’Arcy (Anson), Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Cather- ine Curtin (Sandy), Julee Cerda (Reiko Umon), Fredric Lehne (General Rossen), Mackenzie Astin (Bill Dunn), William Popp (Stein), Clé Ben- nett (Doxie), Ari Fliakos (Bennet), Peter Vack (Clint), Courtney Gros- beck (Josie Mathison-Dunn), Tricia Paoluccio (Audrey Navarro), Ju- lian Gamble (Judge), (Vice President Ralph Warner), Claire Keane (Franny), McKenna Keane (Franny), Vickie Eng (Hotel Desk Clerk), Robert Pralgo (FBI Commander), Alan Boell (FBI Tech), Kendrick Cross (Secret Service Agent), Roger Tyler (Pedestrian), Der- rick Worsley (Pedestrian), Charles D. Clark (Secret Service Agent), Ed- ward Daniels (Major Jeremy Willows), Lamont Easter (President Keane Secret Service), Preslaysa Edwards (Pedestrian), John S. Howell Sr. (Audience Member), Reese Langlois (Audience Member), Bill Tomek (Secret Service) Production Code: 7WAH07 Summary: Carrie makes a move; Wellington has a reckoning; Saul expands an operation.

Carrie’s crew searches every inch of Dante’s apartment while he’s passed out, and Max copies over the contents of his laptop, but they have to scramble and leave when he wakes up suddenly. When Carrie gets home, she has to face an angry Maggie, who had to take care of Franny while her mom was out all night. It gets so ugly that Carrie grabs Franny, marches out of Maggie’s house and heads to a motel... only her credit card gets de- clined, and Franny is starving. So when an unsuspecting Dante calls, Carrie ad- mits she and her daughter have nowhere to go, and he saves the day, inviting them over to enjoy some of his "excellent pan- cakes." Meanwhile, Saul is busy making house calls: First, he visits Wellington and breaks the news that Simone, who’s set to testify against him in three days, is "almost certainly" a Russian intel- ligence agent — which understandably throws Wellington for a loop. Then Saul ambushes Max, informing him that he knows about the illegal Wellington webcams and dragging him down to his makeshift office to search through Dante’s hard drive there. (If he doesn’t comply, Saul will

247 Homeland Episode Guide nail him for the webcams.) Saul also tells him to bring what he finds directly to him, not Carrie. She can’t be trusted right now, Saul warns. Dante trusts her enough, though, to leave her alone in his apartment after he and Franny enjoy a few pancakes together. Carrie, of course, goes right to work snooping, but Franny is actually the one to hit paydirt when she finds an old scrapbook of Dante and his ex-wife Audrey, who works for the Treasury Department. Carrie poses as a job interviewer to meet with Audrey and question her about Dante. He told Carrie they split up because of his drinking, but Audrey says no, he just got too obsessed with work and thought he was unfairly blamed for that "mess in Kabul." In fact, he was fixated on "this CIA station chief who was completely off the rails" who ordered a drone strike on a wedding and still got a promotion. But maybe he doesn’t trust her that much after all: Dante drops by Maggie’s, supposedly to pick up some of Franny’s things, but really to sneak a peek at Carrie’s room, where he finds a profile of himself printed out. He returns with Franny’s beloved stuffed bunny, and Carrie isn’t happy he went to her sister’s unannounced, but she reluctantly agrees to spend the night, tucking Franny and her bunny in. Dante offers her a drink before asking, "What did Audrey say?" Uh-oh... he knows. Carrie is vague, but Dante keeps pressing until she says Audrey told her he was "preoccupied... with someone else." All this spying is apparently a turn-on, because they start furiously making out, and don’t worry about Franny: "She can sleep through anything," Carrie tells him. Well, maybe not anything. Saul’s tech guy informs him that Simone’s charity is basically a money-laundering front for Russian oligarchs, and Saul takes the evidence to a judge, hoping to get a court order to interview her before she testifies. But the judge turns him down, calling his request "witness tampering." So he turns to Max, who dug through Dante’s travel itineraries and found that five of his overseas trips match up with Simone’s. Saul realizes Dante is the key to exposing Simone, so just as Carrie and Dante are going at it, the FBI busts down his door and hauls him out in cuffs, bare-ass naked. That’s enough to wake Franny up, and she leaps into Carrie’s arms as Saul stands there and stares at her, leaving without a word.

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Lies, Amplifiers, F**king Twitter

Season 7 Episode Number: 80 Season Episode: 8

Originally aired: Sunday April 1, 2018 Writer: Patrick Harbinson, Chip Johannessen Director: Tucker Gates Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Elizabeth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Jake Weber (Brett O’Keefe), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Morgan Spector (Dante Allen) Guest Stars: Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Dylan Baker (Senator Sam Pa- ley), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Sandrine Holt (Simone Martin), Catherine Curtin (Sandy), Peter Vack (Clint), Elya Baskin (Viktor), Ma- rina Chello (Russian Singer), Derrick Worsley (Suited Security), Jen- nifer Ferrin (Charlotte), Mackenzie Astin (Bill Dunn), Claire Keane (Franny), McKenna Keane (Franny), Charmin Lee (Ellen Lichter), Ricky Wayne (Pat Steyer), Tess Malis Kincaid (Shari Braun), Brittany Guess (Julia Clarke), Dreah Marie (ER Nurse), Roman Roytberg (Russian Ops Guy), Aaron Gillespie (Secure Site Guard), Michael Alban (US Mar- shal), Emmett Hunter (Med Tech), Lamont Easter (President Keane Secret Service), Preslaysa Edwards (Pedestrian), James Hager II (CIA Security Guard) Production Code: 7WAH08 Summary: Carrie and Saul interrogate a suspect; Wellington makes a play.

After that late-night raid last week, Saul has Dante stewing in a holding cell in- side his makeshift office. Carrie wants to be the one to question him — "I can break him. You know I can" — but Saul bluntly tells her, "I don’t trust you. Not like I used to." Still, he lets her go in to see Dante, who’s fuming at Carrie and thinks she set all this up from the be- ginning. He loudly calls her a "lunatic" and notes she’s self-medicating with pills bought out of a car trunk, which makes Saul’s eyebrows go up. But she responds by calmly laying out the evidence against him, including the five times his interna- tional trips matched Simone’s: "We have enough to put you away for life." Dante brushes it off as a coincidence, so Carrie tries the good-cop route, sympathizing with Dante’s anger at the government after things went south in Kabul: "Your country doesn’t love you back." She thinks bumping into him recently at that coffee shop was part of him targeting her as an accomplice, but he’s insulted. He remembers it instead as a romantic moment: "I would’ve followed you anywhere." Then he demands a lawyer. Saul thinks they’re running out of time, but Carrie has another trick up her sleeve: "Let’s give him one." They bring in a lawyer for Dante, who gives him a document to sign and promises to have him out in a couple hours. But when he leaves, Dante notices ink from the pen on his hands... and

249 Homeland Episode Guide starts having chest pains. He calls out for help, thinking he’s been poisoned. Carrie yells out, "Stop that attorney!" But we can see she’s just faking: The "attorney" is standing by Saul in the next room. Dante fears he’s been poisoned "like McClendon, the Russians... Simone told me." Then he passes out, and Carrie asks Saul and the faux attorney: "Did we get what we need?" Yep, they’ve got him! Except the mild poison they gave Dante might not be that mild. The medic tells Carrie his heart stopped, and they’re forced to rush Dante to the ER. Saul gets a warrant for Simone’s arrest, but there’s a problem: Wellington told the Russian ambassador that if Simone lies in her testimony, there will be major consequences for Moscow. So the ambassador turned to that muckraker Yevgeny, and by the time Saul gets to the safe house where Simone was being held, she’s already been kidnapped by Yevgeny and his goons. "She’s gone," Saul tells Carrie. "Now Dante’s all we got." But he’s clinging to life in the ER. Saul pleads with her, "Tell me he’s gonna make it." But she can’t do that. Carrie barely does: Her poor daughter is clearly traumatized by the late-night raid and rushes into her teacher’s arms at school, but Carrie ignores that and runs off to interrogate Dante. She gets a series of frantic calls from Maggie, though, and learns when she gets home that Franny cried all day at school and Maggie had to bring her home. Maggie knows about the raid, and she’s had it: She wants Carrie to check herself into a hospital tonight, or she will file for legal custody of Franny. Carrie protests that "the country is under attack, right now," and that Saul needs her, but Maggie fires back that Franny needs her more. Carrie ends up storming out, leaving Franny with Maggie and screaming futilely alone in her car.

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Useful Idiot

Season 7 Episode Number: 81 Season Episode: 9

Originally aired: Sunday April 8, 2018 Writer: Debora Cahn Director: Nelson McCormick Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Elizabeth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Jake Weber (Brett O’Keefe), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Morgan Spector (Dante Allen) Guest Stars: Dylan Baker (Senator Sam Paley), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Sandrine Holt (Simone Martin), Ellen Adair (Janet Bayne), Cather- ine Curtin (Sandy), Peter Vack (Clint), Mackenzie Astin (Bill Dunn), (Mirov (voice)), Thomas G. Waites (Clayton), James Lloyd Reynolds (Jim Lippard), Claire Keane (Franny), McKenna Keane (Franny), Peggy Sheffield (Mrs. Tanya Shepherd), Brian Brightman (FBI Agent), Sarah East (RCB Reporter), James Edward Thomas (Male Reporter), Yvonne Valadez (ER Nurse), Jock McKissic (Parking Lot Attendant), Valerie Grace (Saul’s Secretary), Kysionia Daye (Doctor), Preslaysa Edwards (Pedestrian), Elle Emerson (Reporter), James Gray Griffin (Orderly), Gemma McIlhenny (FBI), Jeff Moore (Reporter), Kelly L. Moran (Reporter) Production Code: 7WAH09 Summary: Carrie has problems at home. Saul and Wellington work on Paley.

After last week’s poisoning, Dante is in a coma at the hospital. Carrie tells Saul he should wake up at some point, and as Saul says, "he better." With Simone vanishing, they need Dante’s testimony to connect the Russians to McClendon’s death. And speaking of Simone: Yevgeny is about to whisk her away to safety on a private jet when he gets word that Dante — who, yes, was working with Simone and Yevgeny — has gone AWOL. Yevgeny tells Simone he can’t leave without know- ing what’s happening with Dante, and lets her board that private jet alone. Once he finds out Dante’s been arrested and is now in the hospital, he sets his GPS for the hospital and angrily hits the gas. Dante does wake up, and Carrie (while still blaming the poisoning on the fake "attorney") presses him for details on his Russian contacts. He doesn’t trust the government to protect him, but Carrie eventually wins him over, and tells Saul he’s agreed to testify. He also revealed the Russians use Twitter to communicate with their network of spies, and Carrie and Saul hatch a plan to break into Twitter’s servers to manipulate the tweets and identify Yevgeny’s operatives. Saul gets a reluctant OK from Keane, and puts his tech guy to work illicitly infiltrating Twitter’s framework. Carrie realizes she has to go home at some point, though, to check on Franny. When she gets there, she only finds Maggie’s husband Bill. He tries to cover for Maggie, but eventually admits

251 Homeland Episode Guide she’s meeting with a lawyer about gaining custody of Franny. Carrie, of course, reacts poorly to this news, first with anger, then crying and acknowledging that she’s screwed up a lot lately. (Ya think?) But Bill doesn’t budge, telling her that if Franny "doesn’t get some stability in her life, she’s going to end up just like you." Ouch. That’s enough to send Carrie running upstairs to pack up her stuff and Franny’s and move out for good. Back at Saul’s, they’ve found the phony Twitter account the Russians use to communicate; when it tweets out, "Darwin loves Bitcoin," that’s code for the spies to stand down. They have a standard reply, too ("What about Ripple?"), and once Saul’s guy hacks into the account and tweets out the code, they can see who’s replying and identify them as Russian assets. That includes a wealth-management guy in Connecticut, so Saul sends the FBI to his house to put pressure on him. Sure enough, the guy panics and calls Yevgeny, who now knows the feds have his code. "My network is burning down," he screams to a colleague, adding: "Dante Allen needs to be eliminated." Yevgeny arrives at the hospital and, when an old Russian operative tells him about the tight security surrounding Dante, calmly shoots the guy in the gut so he has an excuse to enter the hospital. Once inside, he swipes a nurse’s ID and sneaks back to Dante’s room. Dante fears for his life, since he thinks Yevgeny was the one who poisoned him, but Yevgeny insists it wasn’t him: "I don’t poison my own people." In fact, he challenges Dante to call Carrie and ask her point-blank if she poisoned him. And he does... just as Carrie is picking up Franny at school. She’s just finished explaining to the school principal that she’s totally fine and stable and Franny is totally safe with her, when she gets the call from Dante, demanding to know: "Did you poison me?" She denies it with a few choice expletives, but Dante seems to not believe her, and in desperation, blurts out that Yevgeny is there with him. Yevgeny grabs the phone and starts to smother Dante with a pillow, and Carrie snaps into action mode. She dumps Franny back in the principal’s arms and runs for her car, leaving Franny to scream, "No, Mommy!" Franny runs after her, and when Carrie backs her car out, she almost backs over her own daughter, stopping just inches from her. (Christ.) She hands Franny back again and hits the road, but she’s clearly shaken: As she speeds recklessly to the hospital, she has visions of herself actually hitting Franny with her car, with a bleeding Franny lying on the pavement. Then as she enters the hospital and hears Dante "didn’t make it," she flashes back to Brody (!) being hanged to death in front of her, and Aayan (!!) getting shot in front of her, and Quinn (!!!) getting shot in front of her. She reaches Dante’s room, and is met by a nurse... who has Carrie’s face! She yells at Carrie, "What did you do?" while Carrie collapses to the floor, crying in terror.

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Season 7 Episode Number: 82 Season Episode: 10

Originally aired: Sunday April 15, 2018 Writer: Howard Gordon, Ron Nyswaner Director: Dan Attias Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Elizabeth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Jake Weber (Brett O’Keefe), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Morgan Spector (Dante Allen) Guest Stars: James D’Arcy (Anson), Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Dy- lan Baker (Senator Sam Paley), Catherine Curtin (Sandy), Adri- enne C. Moore (Rhonda), Francesca Faridany (Olivia), Sakina Jaf- frey (Doctor), Mackenzie Astin (Bill Dunn), Courtney Grosbeck (Josie Mathison-Dunn), Damian Young (Jim), Marin Hinkle (Chris- tine Lonas), Tricia Paoluccio (Audrey Navarro), Thomas Schall (Madi- son Bell), Beau Bridges (Vice President Ralph Warner), Claire Keane (Franny), McKenna Keane (Franny), John Newberg (Terry Mullen), Drew Matthews (VP Aide Kyle), Scott Poythress (James Schroder), Peggy Sheffield (Mrs. Tanya Shepherd), Tania Mejia (Judge Moreno), Thom Scott II (Anesthesiologist), Marcel P. Ames (Aide to Saul), Shelby Brown (CNB Reporter), Riley Scigliano (Court Clerk), Gregory Divers (Funeral Attendee), Preslaysa Edwards (Nurse), Matt Gulbranson (Sec- retary of State), Kathryn J. Hatam (White House Staffer), Greg Puckett (Lawyer) Production Code: 7WAH10 Summary: Carrie needs to choose a side. Keane needs an ally. Saul has an idea.

In the wake of last week’s psychotic melt- down, Carrie is in treatment, and even re- ceiving electroshock therapy again. (Sea- son 1 flashback!) Her custody lawyer brings her an offer from Maggie: She wants primary custody, with Carrie only seeing Franny one weekend a month. They’re set to go to a hearing if Carrie doesn’t agree, and she defiantly says if they want Franny, "they’re gonna have to take her from me." Her lawyer warns her, though, that if the hearing doesn’t go her way, she may not even get that one week- end a month. Anson wants her to fight back and offers to dig up some dirt on Maggie — namely, that she served as Car- rie’s doctor under an alias and adminis- tered meds to her under the table. Saul brings Carrie news on the Russia front, telling her that Yevgeny escaped back to the homeland, and they’re working on tracking down him and Simone. She offers to put Anson’s team on it, but they’ll need a supervisor, he says: "Really should be you, Carrie." She declines, though, insisting she needs to put all that aside and focus on being Franny’s mom. He doesn’t really believe she can do that... and we don’t really, either, do we?

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At the hearing, Carrie faces a damning battery of witnesses — Josie, the CPS agent from last season, Franny’s teacher — who all testify about her terrible parenting. Then she has to face Maggie, who says that Carrie "deliberately put Franny in harm’s way" by taking her to Dante’s. She addresses Carrie directly, saying she’s always been headstrong and fearless, and she’s done amazing things with her life, but "safe has its advantages, too." Carrie clutches an envelope full of incriminating evidence about Maggie she got from Anson, and it looks like she’s about to open it up as a Hail Mary when she calls Maggie over during a court recess. But really, Carrie just wants to see if that custody offer is still on the table — and if they could maybe bump it up to two weekends a month. Maggie happily agrees, as Carrie finally comes to terms with the fact that yes, Franny is better off with her sister than with her. She never uses the dirt Anson dug up, and when Saul tells her they’ve located Yevgeny and Simone’s hideout, Carrie is able to say yes to supervising Anson’s team, knowing that Franny will be safe with Maggie. And Franny’s going to draw her a picture every day she’s gone! An emotional Carrie thanks Maggie, and they hug as Maggie tells her: "Go do what you were born to do." Carrie isn’t the only woman under fire: Keane faces renewed opposition from Senator Paley, who’s ready to invoke the 25th Amendment and declare her unfit to serve. He has half of Keane’s cabinet onboard, but he needs VP Warner to sign off, too. Warner pledges his loyalty to Keane, but when he goes radio silent after a surprise dinner with Paley, she gets nervous and decides to fire the cabinet members who are ready to backstab her, despite Wellington’s protests: "I did not survive an assassination attempt just to fold up my tent and go home." Warner is stunned Keane would go this far: He admits to having second thoughts, but he was resolved to stick with Keane. Now the firings have changed his mind, though, and he tells Keane to un-fire them, or he will sign that letter after all. She refuses to play ball — "I don’t like being dictated to" — so he vows to go along with Paley’s plan and declare her unfit. Only Carrie and Saul can save Keane now.

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All In

Season 7 Episode Number: 83 Season Episode: 11

Originally aired: Sunday April 22, 2018 Writer: Patrick Harbinson, Chip Johannessen Director: Alex Graves Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Elizabeth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Jake Weber (Brett O’Keefe), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Morgan Spector (Dante Allen) Guest Stars: F. Murray Abraham (Dar Adal), Ellen Adair (Janet Bayne), Dylan Baker (Senator Sam Paley), Elya Baskin (Victor), Clé Bennett (Doxie), Beau Bridges (Vice President Ralph Warner), Catherine Curtin (Sandy), James D’Arcy (Anson), Lamont Easter (President Keane Secret Ser- vice), Ari Fliakos (Bennet), Laura French (News Anchor), Karen Gagnon (Saul’s Interpreter), Sandrine Holt (Simone Martin), Misha Kuznetsov (General Yakushin), István Draco Markolt (Masked Guard), Merab Ninidze (Mirov), William Popp (Stein), Cara Reid (Ashley), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Laureen E. Smith (Clint’s Mother), Todd Patrick Taylor (Swat Team), Peter Vack (Clint), Damian Young (Jim), Zoltán Zicherman (Russian Interpreter) Production Code: 7WAH11 Summary: Saul’s mission is a go. The clock ticks on the Keane administration.

Carrie and Saul arrive in Moscow with Anson and the Kabul crew, knowing that Yevgeny and Simone are holed up to- gether in that rural Russian castle. The plan: separate Yevgeny from Simone, and then bring her back to America. But they don’t have a lot of time, with President Keane possibly being forced out of office any day now. Saul sits down at a meeting with Russian officials, and demands to know why Yevgeny’s not there. A Russian general dismisses Yevgeny as a nobody — "He sits in front of his computer screen in a basement" — but when Saul threatens to walk away, the Russians agree to bring Yevgeny to the table. When Yevgeny arrives, Saul presents him with photos of him in the U.S. promoting fake news, but Yevgeny calls the photos fake: "Everything you think you know is fake." They argue, and Carrie screams at him for "using me to inflict damage on my own country," but really, it’s all a diversion to get Simone alone so Anson and his team can swoop in and grab her. The Russians seem to know that, though, and Anson’s team walks into an ambush, with armed guards killing one of them and forcing the rest to retreat without Simone. Carrie thinks they were tipped off, and Saul has even worse news: Keane is officially out, and "whatever authorization we had has vanished." Saul tells the team to pack up for home, but Carrie won’t give up that easily. She phones Max and Sandy to brainstorm ideas for finding Simone, and they decide to target General Yakushin,

255 Homeland Episode Guide an old-school Russian who doesn’t have any love for Yevgeny. Yakushin has $300 million stashed in American bank accounts, and Carrie plans to drain those accounts and tell Yakushin he’ll get his money back if he turns over Simone. She brings this plan to Saul, and he’s skeptical at first, but Carrie assures him she’s "not all over the place" like she’s been in the past: "I’m , and I need you to say yes." So when Yakushin angrily comes to Saul, saying "I’ve been robbed," Saul calmly explains that he needs to produce Simone in order to become un-robbed. Yakushin snaps, and the next thing we know, a small army of masked gunmen are loading up in SUVs and heading for a secure suite at Russian military intelligence headquarters. Yep, Yakushin knows exactly where Simone is... and he’s sending them in to get her. As Yakushin’s men take hostages and storm the building, Carrie and Anson arrive and put on masks to blend in with the gunmen. Carrie manages to snatch a staffer’s ID and make it upstairs, close to the suite where Yevgeny has stashed Simone. But to get inside, she needs to climb out a window and edge her way along a very narrow ledge many stories in the air. Spider- Man Carrie somehow makes it to the suite, but Simone gets the drop on her, pointing a gun at her and forcing Carrie to drop hers. She refuses to go with Carrie — "Yevgeny will never let me go" — until Carrie explains that Yevgeny has already betrayed and killed many people, and he’ll kill her, too: "In the big picture, you are expendable." So when Yevgeny gets back to the suite, he finds it empty, and looks outside to see Simone — brunette hair, red scarf — getting into a grey Mercedes and leaving. He orders the guards to follow that car. But it’s not actually Simone: It’s Carrie! She’s in a Simone wig, wearing her scarf, to distract Yevgeny while the real Simone, wearing a blonde Carrie wig, is stashed in the back of another van. Let the endgame begin.

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Paean to the People

Season 7 Episode Number: 84 Season Episode: 12

Originally aired: Sunday April 29, 2018 Writer: Alex Gansa Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Elizabeth Marvel (Elizabeth Keane), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Jake Weber (Brett O’Keefe), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Morgan Spector (Dante Allen) Guest Stars: Ellen Adair (Janet Bayne), Dylan Baker (Senator Sam Paley), Elya Baskin (Victor), Clé Bennett (Doxie), Beau Bridges (Vice President Ralph Warner), Jamaal Burcher (White House Staff), Dénes Bálind (Moscow Police Officer), Paul Ron Cruz (White House Staff), Cather- ine Curtin (Sandy), James D’Arcy (Anson), Lamont Easter (Presi- dent Keane Secret Service), Ari Fliakos (Bennet), Laura French (News Anchor), Karen Gagnon (Saul’s Interpreter), Sandrine Holt (Simone Martin), Sue Jean Kim (Guest Star), Michael Houston King (Michael Priess), Gyula Mesterházy (Oleg), Antwan Mills (Prison Warden Ortiz), John Moon (Chief Justice), Aaron T. Mott (White House Staffer), Merab Ninidze (Mirov), Geoff Pierson (Guest Star), Yosef Podolski (Aleksandr), Christopher G. Romine (Spectator), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Igor Szasz (Airport Sergeant), Todd Patrick Taylor (Swat Team), Pe- ter Vack (Clint), Zsolt Viczei (GRU Tech), Marla Aaron Wapner (Con- gressional Aide), Damian Young (Jim), Spencer Trinwith (CIA Officer Staffer) Production Code: 7WAH12 Summary: Carrie and Saul’s mission doesn’t go as planned. Elizabeth Keane fights for her presidency.

We pick up where we left off, with Carrie posing as Simone in a brunette wig and hightailing it out of there with Anson at the wheel. He pulls over just short of the U.S. embassy, though, when police cars form a blockade to box them in. Carrie wants to distract them to give Saul time to put Simone on a plane back to D.C. to testify, so she ditches Anson’s car — "If things go wrong, this is the plan," she tells him — and heads out on foot. When a Russian cop car starts to follow her, An- son hits the gas and smashes into the cop car head-on. Well, that certainly qualifies as a distraction. Meanwhile, Saul gathers his U.S. en- tourage to head home — with Simone stashed in the back of his van, sporting a very fetching blonde wig. Saul gives her a passport with Carrie’s name on it to get out of the country, and Simone pointedly asks him: "You’re just going to leave her here?" Back at home, VP President Warner confronts Keane when he sees the

257 Homeland Episode Guide chaos in Moscow on TV, and Keane tells him it’s because Simone is alive — and yeah, she admits she wasn’t too keen on looping him in. A guard tries to stop Saul’s van, calling one of his group a "murderer," but Saul essentially shouts "diplomatic immunity!" and shoves the guard, calling Warner directly for permission to pass through. Now Senator Paley knows they have Simone, and he warns Warner that Simone getting home and testifying would be very good for the ousted Keane... and very bad for them. So Saul and his van are forced to sit in limbo. Carrie dives into a Moscow train station, but Yevgeny keeps an eye on her via surveillance cams. Ditching the red scarf buys her some time, and she slips into an empty storefront to hide. But the guards (and Yevgeny himself) close in on her... and Saul is still stuck waiting for Warner’s OK. Luckily, Warner comes back to the good side just in the nick of time, threatening to close the Russian embassy if Saul and his team aren’t allowed to go free. (He tells Paley to "get the f—k out of my White House," for good measure.) As the OK is radioed in, Carrie points a gun at the storefront door as guards hack it down with an axe. They take her out and, when Yevgeny realizes it’s Carrie and not Simone, he punches her square in the face. But it’s too late: Max tells Carrie that "Saul is away." She looks back at Yevgeny, smiling up at him with a bloody nose. Three days later, Simone is ready to testify, and Paley is arrested for aiding the Russians while his chief of staff agrees to rat him out. Camera flashes buzz as Simone sits down to testify in front of Congress and confesses to being sent to "disrupt the American political system." Saul’s team — Anson, Max, Sandy — watch on TV, and Keane arrives with Saul, happy to be vindicated. But where’s Carrie? She sits in a Russian prison, while Keane tells the team, "I’m doing everything in my power to bring Carrie Mathison home." Carrie is led to a room where Yevgeny waits with a video camera; he wants her to record a statement saying this was all a CIA plot... and he threatens to withhold her psychiatric meds if she doesn’t comply. She says, "No," but we can hear a quiver in her voice, and later, she tells a kindhearted guard named Alexander she’d "do anything" if he can get her those meds. Back in D.C., Keane is re-sworn in as President, as her staffers and cabinet applaud — and even Wellington can’t get a peek at the speech she’s preparing to give. She’s aiming to level new sanctions on Russia via executive order, but Warner warns her against trying to govern without Congressional approval. Oh, and she meets with a groveling Paley, who begs her to reinstate his government pension to help his family. He literally gets on his knees... and she literally spits in his face. Saul works to free Carrie, offering the Russian ambassador three of his people in exchange. The ambassador wants a more high-level Russian named Goran back, though, and turns Saul away. And Carrie’s running out of time: Alexander manages to smuggle a pill in on her dinner tray... but Yevgeny reveals it was just a sugar pill. "Go to hell," she spits at him when he gives her one last chance to betray her country. "No," he replies. "I believe that’s where you are going." After a visit to her dead son Andrew’s grave at Arlington, Keane decides to switch things up: She’s ditching the teleprompter — and Wellington’s pre-written speech. Keane tells the country that the Russians have been attacking us for decades, but our divided nation made us an "easy target." She admits that the attempt to assassinate her clouded her judgment, and apologizes for her draconian measures. So for the sake of healing the nation, she announces she’s resigning as President, with Warner taking her place, and pleads for both sides of the political aisle to "find common ground." One more time jump, to seven months later: Saul stands at the border of Russia and Estonia, grim-faced. He’s there to exchange Russian prisoners (including Goran) for Carrie, but he has no idea what shape she’s in after all this time. She’s led out by two guards, and she looks a wreck: long-haired, wild-eyed, face scrunched in a sad grimace. She runs right past Saul, and stumbles to the ground. Saul looks into her eyes, but she’s like a feral animal. Her eyes can’t focus. The Carrie Mathison we know... she’s gone.

258 Season Eight

Homeland Episode Guide

Deception Indicated

Season 8 Episode Number: 85 Season Episode: 1

Originally aired: Sunday February 09, 2020 Writer: Debora Cahn, Alex Gansa Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Nimrat Kaur (Tanseem Qureishi), Nu- man Acar (Haissam Haqqani) Guest Stars: Mohammad Bakri (Abdul Qadir G’ulom), Tim Guinee (Scott Ryan), An- drea Deck (Jenna Bragg), Cliff Chamberlain (Mike Dunne), Charles Brice (Staff Sergeant John Durkin), Sam Chance (Specialist Drew Soto), Octavio Rodriguez (Specialist Arturo Gonzales), Victor Alman- zar (Staff Sergeant Justin Wenzel), Mohammad Amiri (Arman), Ja- son Tottenham (Alan Yager), Kevork Malikyan (Agha Jan), Anna Hol- brook (Robin), David Hunt (Jim Turrow), Jonjo O’Neill (Doug), Emilio Cuesta (Specialist Charlie Stoudt), Anna Francolini (Dr. Foley), Laila Alj (Orzala Fayez), Renée Castle (Night Nurse Emily), Georgia Good- man (Nurse Laura), Sarah Perles (Paksima), Adam Morjany (Zarawar), Mohamed Boussalem (Colonel Jakhrani), David Loyn (Reporter #1), Ramita Navai (Reporter #2), Siobhan Darrow (Reporter #3), Amine En- naji (Taliban Fighter), Abdenbi El Beniwi (Khalid), Mehdi Boumalki (Taliban Commander), Richard De Mayo (CIA Officer Richard), Beau Bridges (President Warner), Eric Reingrover (Sgt. Hathcock), Sammy Voit (Cooper), Dan Worthington (Spc. Klick) Production Code: 8WAH01 Summary: Carrie recovers in Germany. Saul negotiates. Max has a new mission.

The episode opens with Carrie waking, she had nightmares. She is in the hos- pital, the nurse tells her that she should take some Lorazepam to sleep, at first Carrie says no, but then she gives in. Then we see Carrie working out, she is running back and forth. On to some med- ical tests, and then she goes to see Doug, but he is not there, Jim, his supervisor is replacing him. Jim asks her if she was held in Russia for 213 days, she says yes, and she was interrogated by a man named Sergei. Jim asks why Sergei stopped interrogating her, she says because she threw her feces at him. Jim says that Doug told him that she wants to be reinstated at the agency, she says yes. Jim tells her that a security clearance is impossible since she has 180 days unaccounted for. Carrie knows that and that is why she is working hard. He then asks her if she knows that she failed her polygraph, deception indicated. Carrie wants to know what questions she failed, he says quite a few. She wants to know what that means. He says it could mean that she is working for the enemy. Carrie is frustrated, she gets up and Jim tells her to sit down. He says she did admit to giving the location of a safe house

261 Homeland Episode Guide in Beirut. Then he asks her how she can be sure of anything when there are 180 days that she cannot remember. The Marsa Malaz Hotel in Doha, Qatar. Saul meets with the press, he tells the US is going to get out sooner than later. Saul gets called away, Afghan VP G’ulom is holding a press conference. He says his country has been tricked to letting go of one thousand Taliban prisoners, he is in charge of them and will never agree to let go of a single one of them. Saul seeks to find the Taliban delegation, he says there is no deal since G’ulom says he will not release the Taliban prisoners. He asks what if he were able to accelerate the release of US prisoners, that changes his mind. He says he will consider if he can choose the prisoners, and he needs to get G’ulom to change what he said. Combat Outpost Steedley, Korengal Valley, Afghanistan; a helicopter lands, a man named Petrowski arrive on the bade, he is told to stay low and try not to get shot. Jim and Dr. Foley meet with Saul, to give him a report on Carrie. Physically she is in good shape, sleep is an issue, her thyroid hasn’t leveled out. She is having a problem with her moods and memory. Jim says he is not concerned about her memory loss, he is worried about the polygraph. Saul says he is there because he needs Carrie right away, it’s an important mission. Saul asks if they have anything else against Carrie than a junky polygraph, they don’t. Saul goes to see Carrie, he tells her that she needs G’ulom to retreat his comments about the Taliban prisoners. He tells her that he needs her and has arranged a military transport if she is up to it. Carrie is surprised, but happy and says hell yes. Saul tells her that this is going to be dangerous. Saul tells her he will help get her packed up and ready to go. Mike gets a call notifying him of a bad situation coming his way, a compromised officer, his old boss, Carrie. Meanwhile, Carrie is on her way, she just arrived at the CIA station in Kabul, Afghanistan. Carrie passes through clearance and meets Jenna, the newest member of the team who has been assigned to take care of her. Mike says the G’ulom meeting is set for Friday. Mike says he is glad that Carrie is there. Carrie is taken to her room, Jenna tells her that she has only been there for a month. She goes on to tell Carrie that it is bad out there. Carrie settles in her room, she is being monitored via her cell phone; meanwhile, troops are on the ground. Saul goes back to see the delegate of Pakistan. He says that he doesn’t know what to do about Pakistan, he just wants peace in the region. She says that it always ends up with chaos on her borders, their army is a joke. She tells him to at least make the Taliban think that they are not running for the exits. Carrie changes into traditional local clothing to fit in. She manages to get to the main level of the building and gets on a motorcycle. One of the troops on the ground uncovers a device hidden under a fake boulder. Carrie is on her motorcycle and driving through the city, she makes her way to see Arman. She gives him a gift for Daria, he tells her that he is driving her. In the truck, he tells her that nothing has changed. They hear gunshots, he tells her it is probably the Taliban. They arrive at the checkpoint, Carrie gets out and tells him that she will be an hour at the most. She knocks on a door, a young boy answers, she asks him if his father is there, Roshan. The boy lets her in. A woman comes to see her, Carrie asks if she is Sheena. She tells her that Roshan is there and she doesn’t know when he will be back. The woman tells her to go, the Taliban killed her husband because of Carrie and the CIA. She says they dragged him from the house and dragged him through the streets. Carrie is surprised, she says she never told anyone about her relationship with her husband. Carrie says she is so sorry. The woman tells her to get out of her house. Carrie thinks back to when Jim asked her if she ever revealed the name of an asset. She is walking through the streets and some men with guns notice her, she sends Arman a text and says now, meaning they should leave. Carrie tries to hide in a house so the men don’t see her. Two women hide her inside their house. Back to the troops, one of them is trying to fix the switch box that they found. Meanwhile, Carrie manages to escape and makes it back on her motorcycle. When she arrives in her room, Mike is there and is upset that she went out. He tells her that the meeting is rescheduled with G’ulom, it is in six hours. Mike asks her where she was, she won’t tell. Mike leaves, Carrie is having a panic attack. It’s morning, the troops are still on the ground, but they are heading back to their base when they have to pass through a clearing area. One of the troops falls down, but he makes it to safety.

262 Homeland Episode Guide

More try to pass and all of a sudden, there is gunfire, they are being shot at. The troops make it back safe, and the switch box is working. Carrie is at her meeting with G’ulom. She sees a man come out of the boardroom who she recognizes. It is Yevgeny Gromov.

263 Homeland Episode Guide

264 Homeland Episode Guide

Catch and Release

Season 8 Episode Number: 86 Season Episode: 2

Originally aired: Sunday February 16, 2020 Writer: Patrick Harbinson, Chip Johannessen Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Nimrat Kaur (Tanseem Qureishi), Nu- man Acar (Haissam Haqqani) Guest Stars: Mohammad Bakri (Abdul Qadir G’ulom), Andrea Deck (Jenna Bragg), Art Malik (Bunny Latif), Tim Guinee (Scott Ryan), Cliff Chamberlain (Mike Dunne), Charles Brice (Staff Sergeant John Durkin), Octavio Rodriguez (Specialist Arturo Gonzales), Sam Chance (Specialist Drew Soto), Jason Tottenham (Alan Yager), Sitara Attaie (Samira Noori), Laila Alj (Orzala Fayez), Ash Goldeh (Omar), Richard De Mayo (CIA Officer Richard), Jaylen Moore (Eric Baraz), Emilio Cuesta (Special- ist Charlie Stoudt), Zaki Rana (Houseman), Fehd Benchemsi (Talib), Anas El Baz (Hotel CIA Security Guard), Simon Luca Oldani (French Diplomat) Production Code: 8WAH02 Summary: Carrie reconnects with an old ally. Tasneem seeks counsel. Saul finds hope.

We pick up right where we left off, with Carrie gawking at Yevgeny as he leaves the Afghan VP G’ulom’s office. G’ulom refers to Yevgeny and his intelligence cohorts as "businessmen," but Carrie knows that’s not true. She tries to talk G’ulom into walking back his comments about releasing Taliban prisoners, but he’s a stubborn old mule. When she points out that he’ll have to release them eventually if the peace process works, he replies: "Or what?" She leaves empty-handed, and gets more upset when Saul tells her she can’t go after Yevgeny; they made an immunity deal with him to get Carrie released. She gets a juicy lead, though, when an anonymous tipster points her towards a woman named Samira, who called out corruption under G’ulom’s watch before her husband was killed by a car bomb — a bomb clearly intended for her. Carrie wants to know what she knows, so she has Jenna Bragg set up a fake job interview for Samira as a diversion so Carrie can snoop around Samira’s apartment. During the interview, Carrie finds a USB drive stitched inside a burqa... but Jenna flubs her script and makes Samira suspicious. She tries to flee the interview after snapping a photo of Jenna’s face, and Jenna panics. By the time Carrie arrives, they have Samira tied up in a hotel room with a hood over her head. (Kidnapping #1!) Carrie plays good cop, untying Samira and removing the hood. She shows her the USB drive she found: It contains personnel files left over from Samira’s corruption investigation that clearly implicate G’ulom. (He’s been scamming the U.S. out of tens of millions of dollars, taking money for military bases that were never built.) Carrie wants to use this as blackmail to get G’ulom to take back his prisoner comments — but Samira doesn’t want to let the man who killed her

265 Homeland Episode Guide husband off the hook. She wishes the Americans would just get out of Afghanistan already and leave them alone, but Carrie reminds her that without the U.S. there to negotiate peace, G’ulom will be too powerful for anyone to unseat. She must’ve convinced Samira, because Carrie takes the files straight to G’ulom, accusing him of stealing at least a hundred million dollars. G’ulom shrugs: Doesn’t every politician steal a little for themselves? Carrie thinks his fellow Afghans would kill him if they knew, though, and he seems to agree: He holds a news conference confirming that he’ll release all Taliban prisoners after all. Carrie and her co-workers celebrate with a drink at a local bar... where Carrie runs into Yevgeny. She yells at him to get away from her, but he reveals he’s the one who tipped her off about Samira. Plus, he seems surprised and hurt that she’d be so rude to him — as she remembers begging him not to leave her back in that Russian prison. Saul gets a blast from the past when Max informs him he’s picked up audio of Taliban leader Haissam Haqqani. Based on the audio, Haqqani actually wants peace with the Afghan govern- ment, so when Haqqani’s second cousin returns home thanks to a prisoner release, Saul enlists him to get a message to Haqqani, reminding him of their shared history and inviting him to meet face-to-face. Max warns him, though, that he’s seeing a lot of Pakistani intelligence activity in the area, and as Haqqani’s convoy pulls up to meet Saul, a sniper hits them with a rocket launcher, blowing up one car in a massive fireball. In the chaos that follows, Saul is captured and shoved into a truck with a bag over his head. (Kidnapping #2!) He’s taken to an undisclosed location, where he finds himself face-to-face with Haqqani. Saul is overjoyed to see he’s still alive... but Haqqani responds by knocking Saul out cold with the butt of his rifle.

266 Homeland Episode Guide

False Friends

Season 8 Episode Number: 87 Season Episode: 3

Originally aired: Sunday February 23, 2020 Writer: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon Director: Keith Gordon Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Nimrat Kaur (Tanseem Qureishi), Nu- man Acar (Haissam Haqqani) Guest Stars: Sam Trammell (Vice President Ben Hayes), Elham Ehsas (Jalal Haqqani), Andrea Deck (Jenna Bragg), Cliff Chamberlain (Mike Dunne), Charles Brice (Staff Sergeant John Durkin), Sam Chance (Specialist Drew Soto), Octavio Rodriguez (Specialist Arturo Gonza- les), Jason Tottenham (Alan Yager), Seear Kohi (Balach), Eugene Lee (General Mears), Beau Bridges (President Ralph Warner), Shamail Ali (Amadullah) Production Code: 8WAH03 Summary: Carrie arranges a meeting. Haqqani finds trouble at home. Saul cuts a deal.

Carrie is having flashbacks to when she was captured, and Yevgeny Gromov just left her there. The United States powers that be sit down and wait for the Vice- President, he arrives and announces that General Ryan has been in touch with the Taliban delegation and have confirmed that Saul is their prisoner. Haqqani is convinced that the Americans were in- volved in the attempt on his life. They are threatening to kill Saul at first signs of trying to rescue Saul. Ben wants to fire Saul, the VP says maybe they should get him back first. Carrie walks into her new boss, Mike Dunne’s office tells him she is not leaving. She tells him that Yevgeny Gromov is in Kabul and she is curious about what he is up to. Whatever it is, Mike says they can’t touch him, even at arm’s length. Carrie says he is the one that contacted her and gave her the lead on Samira Noori. Carrie thinks they are obligated to find out why he did that. Carrie says he keeps knocking on her door. She asks him to look her in the eye and tell her that she doesn’t get some operational payback. He gives her 48 hours, if he doesn’t contact her by then, she is on her way back to Germany. Saul is in prison, he tells the Taliban leader that someone in his camp is releasing information. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Haissam Haqqani’s son, Jalal, is surprised to find out that his father is alive, he tells him to come to him. His son is worried to go to him, what if he thinks it was him who tried to kill him. Joe is trying to work, to guys come in and scuffle with him, he is furious and tells them to leave him alone, his boss just got taken, prisoner. Carrie goes to the gate to get a letter that was dropped off for her, it is an address and a time written on the note. Jalal arrives to see his father, they hug. Jalal says that he came as quickly as he could, his father says that they have been betrayed. Jalal says he told him not to trust the Americans, his father says it wasn’t them. He says that Saul is a spy, Jalal says Saul is a liar. His father says it is someone who wants to sabotage the peace process.

267 Homeland Episode Guide

Jalal swears it wasn’t him. Carrie is with Mike, shows him the address and time. She says the handwriting is a match, it is Yevgeny. Mike says she needs backup, Carrie doesn’t want it. Mike wants to slip a bug into her purse, or one team, in a van, where nobody can see. Jalal is told that Saul is making his father crazy. He is poisoning his mind that there is a traitor in their camp. Jalal has to figure something out. Jalal goes to look in his bag, he has a gun and a cell phone. He calls Tasneem on an open line and tells her they have a problem, his father is listening in. Haqqani goes to see Saul, tells him that he is free to go and nobody will stop him. Saul quickly puts on his socks and shoes, he follows Haqqani and asks him why. They talk, Haqqani tells him that he grew up in Afghanistan, then he reveals that Jalal tried to have him killed, the only one out of four sons still alive. Haqqani says he has to either kill his son or step down. Saul asks him to do neither. Saul reminds him that he is called the arrow of God for a reason. Carrie is waiting for Yevgeny, he is fifteen minutes late, Mike’s patience is running thin as he watches her. Jalal is violently pulled from his bed and brought outside. Saul witnesses it. His father comes in, Jalal is calling for him. Haqqani tells Halal it was him and shoots near him, he asks for the truth. Jalal tells him that he is a tired old man. Haqqani tells him that he doesn’t understand how things work, they are just strong enough. Haqqani releases his son and asks him to join him on a new path. Jalal says he will try, for him. Haqqani kisses him on the forehead. Haqqani says he still needs the truth, he needs his son to confess. Saul is still watching when Haqqani raises his gun to his son’s head. Jalal says he has done nothing wrong, tells his father to go ahead and shoot him if he doesn’t trust him. Jalal starts to say a prayer. Haqqani hits him with the gun on the side of the head and tells his men to throw him in the street like the dog that he is. Carrie is still waiting. Mike thinks Carrie made the whole thing up because she didn’t want to go back to Germany. All of a sudden, they see Yevgeny’s approach, Carrie. He asks her if her people know, she says they do now. He asks her to follow him, he wants to make sure they can’t hear them. There are people chanting in prayer that drowns out the sound. Yevgeny says he is sorry, he didn’t mean to leave her in Moscow at the asylum. He says he really was just trying to pick up where they left off. Carrie doesn’t remember. He says he saved her life for one thing. She was trying to hang herself with a bedsheet and had he arrived a minute later she would have been gone. He talks about the moment when she considered drowning her own child. Yevgeny tells her that he has to go. Meanwhile, Mike is upset that he couldn’t hear anything. David goes in to see the President, he says Jalal was promised the keys to the kingdom if he killed his father. He needs David to call Saul and walk him through things there. David tells to be wary of Ben Hayes, he is positioning himself to exploit the fault lines. The President tells him to let him know when he puts a pole in the field. Saul is with Haqqani, he says if he is serious about peace, he needs to do what he has to. Haqqani says sometimes he thinks that he just wants to go home while he still can. Haqqani says ok, he agrees. Saul says they have a deal there. Haqqani says that they have known each other for a long time, he is counting on him to make sure America keeps their part of the deal. Haqqani says he is worried that he made a mistake with Jalal, that he didn’t put his head in a back and send it to his fighters as a warning. Carrie meets with Saul, they have David and the President on video cam. Saul updates Carrie on the cease-fire that Haqqani has agreed to. Carrie leaves the room and heads out, Mike asks her what the hurry is. She says that she wants to write up her report. Mike wonders where she was, she says that she was taking a walk, she went up to the University. Carrie tells him that Yevgeny is feeling underappreciated. She says she left it in his court, either way, she doesn’t think she should get on a plane anytime soon. Jalal is still walking, he has a blanket around him and looks like he is going to collapse at any moment. He sees a white pickup truck coming, it is Naseem. He runs to her and gets in the truck.

268 Homeland Episode Guide

Chalk One Up

Season 8 Episode Number: 88 Season Episode: 4

Originally aired: Sunday March 01, 2020 Writer: Patrick Harbinson, Chip Johannessen Director: Seith Mann Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Nimrat Kaur (Tanseem Qureishi), Nu- man Acar (Haissam Haqqani) Guest Stars: Mohammad Bakri (Abdul Qadir G’ulom), Sam Trammell (Vice Presi- dent Ben Hayes), Tim Guinee (Scott Ryan), Cliff Chamberlain (Mike Dunne), Charles Brice (Staff Sergeant John Durkin), Octavio Ro- driguez (Specialist Arturo Gonzales), Andrea Deck (Jenna Bragg), Sam Chance (Specialist Drew Soto), Victor Almanzar (Staff Sergeant Justin Wenzel), Sitara Attaie (Samira Noori), Omar Farahmand (Bilal Khan), Terry Serpico (General Owens), Eugene Lee (General Mears), Emilio Cuesta (Specialist Charlie Stoudt), Christopher Maleki (Presi- dent Daoud), Tracy Shayne (Ambassador Gaeto), Beau Bridges (Pres- ident Ralph Warner), Abdenbi El Beniwi (Khalid), Jeff Galfer (Paul Bachman), Jonathan Stanley (JSOC Andy Kiernan), Joseph Barone (Flight Engineer / Machine Gunner), Christina Lamb (Int’l TV Re- porter), Christina Lamb (Int’l TV Reporter), Lauren Hooper (Flight Ops), Faycal Attougui (Amin Pashto Driver), Cornelius Geaney Jr. (Plain- clothes Agent), Farzana Nawabi (Samira’s Friend), Alan Pietruszewski (Chalk One Pilot), Dan Worthington (Spc. Klick) Production Code: 8WAH04 Summary: Saul plans an announcement. Carrie gets a surprise.

Carrie is back, her meeting with Yevgeny is over. She goes upstairs, about to go to her room when she hears something, she listens in a bit and then walks off. Samira Noori is walking in a market with a friend when a man hands her an ice cream. Her friend tells her to take it while she takes a selfie with the men and tells them it is ok, it is a cease-fire. Carrie is searching the room where she heard the voices, military police come in and ask them to go with her, furthermore, Saul is fully aware of the situation. Carrie gets in a car with them and they drive off. She sees a sign for Bagram, one of the men confirm she is going there, but won’t say anything else. They arrive at an airport, and Saul is there. He tells Carrie that the President is on his way there to make a framework for peace. He will be met by the Afghan president. The president asked for her to be there when he lends, he wants to speak to her. Saul says they did it, step one anyway. Samira Noori goes home, she sees Bilal Khan at the doorway, he says hello sister-in-law. The President’s Palace, Kabul. Naseem is there, she is entering the front door. She walks up the stairs and goes inside. She sees the General, she tells him the American’s reached a new agreement without them, but expect them to applaud them. She says her president got a call

269 Homeland Episode Guide from the US president that Pakistan better is on board with everything, or they are going to implement sanctions against them. Naseem goes to get her cell phone, she wants to leave. Saul sees her and tells her that she is not leaving, she is staying. Samira makes a meal and sits down with Bilal Khan. He tells her that she should return to the village, nobody has seen her since the funeral and it has been two years. Everyone worried that she is alone. He says she is his brother’s widow. He says they had the elders at the house, it is time for her to remarry. He says he will take care of her as his brother did. She tells him to leave. The President’s plane lands, Carrie is there in the hanger waiting for him. He gets off the plane and poses for pictures first with the Afghan President. Then the US President goes to speak to Carrie and thanks to her for everything she does. He says he read the reports on what she went through in Moscow, and since he can’t thank her publicly, he wanted to privately, face to face. Carrie is speechless. He says he wanted her there to see the ending of a war that she helped end, and the longest in history. He tells her that he is flying with President Daoud to a combat post to tell the soldiers on the front line that they are going home. He puts on a bulletproof vest and heads out with his security. Carrie walks away, then gets back in one of the cars. The President is in a helicopter, on his way. Samira is in her apartment, her brother-in-law is at the door and asks her to open it, he apologizes for offending her. Samira opens the door, he tells her that he only wants the best for her. He is there with other men, he tells her to gather her things, she is going with them. Samir calls Carrie and tells her that she has to help her, she says her brother-in-law is there with two friends and wants her to go back to the village with him. Samir urges her to come and save her. Samir starts to pack up her things. Carrie tells her drive to go straight, a woman’s life is on the line and she needs to help her. Max hears the helicopters arrive on base, he heads outside with everyone else. The two he- licopters land. Saul goes to the podium and gets everyone’s attention, he tells them that their President was welcomed by president Daoud at the air force base. He wanted to show them a message about peace, from the front line of the war. Both Presidents get out of the helicopters and face the troops. The US President introduces them to President Daoud, he says that he wanted to come up there to tell them that there sacrifice and courage has helped President Daoud to negotiate for peace. He tells them every one is watching back home. And, before he left Haqqani agreed that no terrorist will find refugee in Afghanistan again. They agree on peace and are not prepared to send anyone else to die at war, time for them to come home. Max is smiling, so is Saul. Naseem looks disappointed. The US President takes pictures and shakes hands with the troops. Meanwhile, Samir can’t stall much longer. Carrie tells her driver that they need to make a move on. She arrives at Samir’s apartment, gets out of the car, walks down the street, only to see a car outside with machine guns. Max takes his bags and goes to head out the door, two troops try to stop him, but end up moving aside and letting him go. Max gets closer to the helicopter and tells one of the officers that he is not going, he turns around. The two presidents are heading back to the helicopters. The US president gives the troops a thumbs up. Samir is covered head to toe, her brother-in-law puts her in a car. Carrie is there, so is her driver, they put a gun to his head and steal Samir away. Samir is with Carrie and she is crying. Saul gets called away, he gets in a car and leaves. Four minutes ago the president’s helicopter disappeared off the radar. Actually, the two presidents were on board. Saul is heading to the CIA office. Carrie has to return to base, Samir thinks it is because of her, but she says it is not. The escort helicopter is looking for the president’s helicopter and they can’t find it. They got something, the president’s helicopter crashed. The cause of the crash is unknown. Carrie returns to base and leaves Samir in good hands. The escort helicopter goes to land, but the Taliban is there. The Taliban shoots down the second helicopter.

270 Homeland Episode Guide

Chalk Two Down

Season 8 Episode Number: 89 Season Episode: 5

Originally aired: Sunday March 08, 2020 Writer: Patrick Harbinson, Chip Johannessen Director: Alex Graves Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Nimrat Kaur (Tanseem Qureishi), Nu- man Acar (Haissam Haqqani) Guest Stars: Mohammad Bakri (Abdul Qadir G’ulom), Sam Trammell (Vice Pres- ident Ben Hayes), Tim Guinee (Scott Ryan), Andrea Deck (Jenna Bragg), Cliff Chamberlain (Mike Dunne), Charles Brice (Staff Sergeant John Durkin), Sam Chance (Specialist Drew Soto), Octavio Rodriguez (Specialist Arturo Gonzales), Victor Almanzar (Staff Sergeant Justin Wenzel), Terry Serpico (General Owens), Seear Kohi (Balach), Eugene Lee (General Mears), Christopher Maleki (President Daoud), Tracy Shayne (Ambassador Gaeto), Derrick Williams (Major Landau), Emilio Cuesta (Specialist Charlie Stoudt), Esteban Benito (Airman Barajas), Mustafa Haidari (Firooz), Michael Rabe (Chief Mechanic Worley), Lau- ren Hooper (Flight Ops), Joe Corrigall (Commander), Harj Dhillon (G’ulom’s Lieutenant), Derek Costin (JSOC Operative), Laura Morgan (Aide), Fatine Rahou (Chief Mechanic’s Girlfriend), Jawed El Berni (Pashto fighter), Roman Mitichyan (Taliban), Dan Worthington (Spc. Klick) Production Code: 8WAH05 Summary: Carrie chases answers. Max attempts a rescue. G’ulom takes an op- portunity.

Picking up immediately after the end of the last episode, "Chalk Two Down" opens with troops, including Max, headed out to the crash site while power players in Kabul and Washington D.C. watch his- tory being made through body cams and other forms of surveillance. Instantly, Hayes is blaming the Taliban and push- ing the narrative that they were behind this, and that’s before anyone even knows if Warner is dead. He didn’t want the president to go there in the first place, and now a man who looks like he’s always eager to express his opinion but rarely courageous enough to take real action is going to be in charge. God save us all. Saul knows how quickly this is going to go bad, especially if there is room for doubt as to what really happened. He notes how quickly people rushed to judgment after 9/11, an interesting stance for the writers to take in that it’s basically accusing the U.S. government of rushing that investigation instead of finding the people really responsible for the attacks (which is true, of course, but not commonly stated on television). While they try to basically keep their fingers

271 Homeland Episode Guide in the dam holding back World War III, Saul encourages Carrie to do what she can to find the truth, while G’ulom hears that the presidents of the United States and Afghanistan have not yet returned, and realizes he has an opportunity here, too. While the soldiers are reaching the first crash site, Carrie arrives at Bagram Airfield to retrace what happened there. The first site is not the president’s copter, but the wreckage and bodies there are not a good sign. And Max knows this is the one he was supposed to be on. The chopper with POTUS and the Afghani President is two clicks away for the soldiers, as Carrie discovers that the president’s helicopter was swapped out at the last minute. Why? Carrie and soldiers from Bagram hunt down the mechanic who made the swap, a man who abruptly left base after the president took off. Uh oh. Of course, it turns out to be something of a red herring. He left because of a pregnant girlfriend, not because he planted a bomb on a helicopter. And it turns out that they swap copters all the time because the equipment in the region is so shoddy. Is it possible that the president’s chopper wasn’t shot down, but crashed for a mechanical reason? Everyone needs to know for the safety of the world. The soldiers reach the key chopper and discover everyone inside is dead, including both world leaders. It’s a sad day around the world. Even Hayes seems crestfallen, his face swirling with uncertainty about what to do next. He seems like a man who never quite wanted this level of power. David, on the other hand, knows how to act in crisis. He tells him about closing the markets to avoid a crash and setting the tone in the way they report the news to the American public. Hayes isn’t ready. He’s emotional and stuck, unable to act, closing the door in David’s face. Saul calls G’ulom to report that the gossip is true, hoping that the General will be with him for whatever’s next. That seems unlikely. G’ulom never supported peace with the Taliban, and this is his chance to blame them for everything and start a war in at least the region, and potentially the world. Knowing what’s likely to come, Saul also calls Haqqani, telling him what happened and warning him to leave if they have any chance of succeeding at peace. This is an interesting move if the international narrative becomes that Haqqani and the Taliban killed the president. If that’s the public story, what if someone discovers Saul informed him first and told him to run? With so much going on, that subplot feels unlikely, but it’s worth noting how much Saul is putting on the line here. As the Taliban reaches the site of the president’s crash, the big question hits the floor: how far will they go to stop them from getting the president’s body? If the Taliban takes it, they could do horrible things to it to encourage their cause. Saul and Carrie desperately argue against destroying the site once the American soldiers are clear of it, knowing that it could mean they’ll never really know what happened to the helicopter. They even get a hold of Max and give him an assignment: get the flight recorder. He does exactly that, even as he watches all of his fellow soldiers die. As Max leaves the recorder at the first crash site and holds his hands up to a gun-wielding Taliban fighter who appears will either take him prisoner or shoot him, G’ulom strikes at his chance to be the world leader who write the narrative of this moment. From a podium, he says things like "shot down," "assassination," and he blames Haqqani. Who wants to bet that the recorder that will be retrieved from the crash site will prove that wrong?

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Two Minutes

Season 8 Episode Number: 90 Season Episode: 6

Originally aired: Sunday March 15, 2020 Writer: Debora Cahn Director: Tucker Gates Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Nimrat Kaur (Tanseem Qureishi), Nu- man Acar (Haissam Haqqani) Guest Stars: Mohammad Bakri (Abdul Qadir G’ulom), Sam Trammell (President Ben Hayes), Tim Guinee (Scott Ryan), Cliff Chamberlain (Mike Dunne), Andrea Deck (Jenna Bragg), Jason Tottenham (Alan Yager), Terry Serpico (General Owens), Seear Kohi (Balach), Mustafa Haidari (Firooz), Austin Basis (Lonnie), Danielle Nottingham (News Anchor), Kyle Stringer (Reynoso), Aziz Hamrah (Gahiz Electronic Vendor), Kyle Stringer (Reynoso), Azizullah Hamrah (Gahiz Electronic Ven- dor), Ebadullah Raihan (Mangal), Mark Ebulué (Second Guard), Ado- nis Kapsalis (First Guard), Tom Holloway (Staff Sgt Wynham), Tracy Shayne (Ambassador Gaeto) Production Code: 8WAH06 Summary: Upheaval in Washington brings an investigation to Kabul.

The episode opens with Carrie is washing up and getting ready for her day. We see Max walking in the desert, there is a man behind him that has him at gunpoint. Max tells the man that his people will pay big money for him. The man stops Max from walking and ties his hands together. Max sees a plane over him and starts to make a run for it when the other man is peeing, in the end, Max gets himself shot. The Vice-President is sworn in as President and holds a press conference to tell the American people. Carrie asks Saul if anyone has found Max, nothing yet. Saul tells her that they are doing what they can do. Saul heads into a meeting, Carrie takes off upstairs, she just wants to find out if they found Max because he was holding the flight recorder. Carrie overhears the FBI there and they want to speak to everyone. Carrie leaves, she gets on her motorcycle and heads out. Meanwhile, Hassaim Haqqani’s loyal advisor thinks that he was responsible for the attack. Carrie goes to see Yevgeny Gromov, she asks him for a favor and says she earned it. She says one of her people went missing, she thinks he is still alive and she is worried the Taliban has him. She asks him to find out. He says he wants to help, but she has a surveillance blanket over there. She says she can’t take down their monitoring where two presidents were shot out of the sky. He says he is just asking for two minutes. She tells him at 3:00 pm in the afternoon he will get his two minutes. Saul is with Hayes and President G’ulom who has 300 Taliban members in a soccer stadium for potential execution. Saul says that Haqqani did not order the hit, and for all he knows, maybe he did. G’ulom tells the two to see themselves out.

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Carrie is back in the office, Vanessa, and the FBI agent wants to meet with her. She asks her when she arrived in Kabul and when she found out the President was going to be there. She mentions that the President wanted to speak to her, he thanked her. Vanessa gives her an email address to contact her it and says they are done. Carrie goes to her computer. Mike and Jenna listen to an audio of Carrie and Yevgeny talking when they met at the water fountain. Mike is stunned, it reveals that Carrie’s entire debriefing of the encounter is a fake. Mike tells her he has to give it some thought, and he instructs Jenna not to let Carrie out of her sight. We see Max, he is handcuffed to the bed and knocked out with morphine. IT appears that his kidnappers don’t know how important the box is in his bag. The kidnapper heads to a shop and sells the bag and its contents, not realizing what the box is, the store owner focuses on the other items. Haqqani finds out that G’Ulom has put a price on his head, his advisors tell him that he needs to leave Kabul. If he surrenders, G’Ulom will free the 3000 men in the stadium, if he doesn’t, he will kill them. The President is talking with Saul, he tells him to speak to G’Ulom and draw a line regarding the 3000 lives. The President says that he could be bluffing, Saul says no. The President gets on the phone with G’Ulom, he starts talking about the Taliban fighters in the soccer stadium and he wants Haqqani in custody as well. He says if he executes the main it will destabilize his whole country. Carrie goes to leave the building, Jenna is following her. She listens outside the door, Carrie opens it up and asks her If she needs anything, she says no. Inside, Carrie runs down the hall to another room and takes a picture of one of the screens. Carrie is in the computer room, it is almost three o’clock, she pulls a plug for the two minutes without anyone noticing. Jenna goes to see Mike and tells him that Carrie shook her, for about 15 minutes. He tells her to write it up. Two days ago they were ending the war, Saul can’t believe the position they are in now. Mike asks Saul if he has a minute. He shares the details of the recording and says she is lying about her relationship with Yevgeny and aided in the assassination of the President of the United States. Saul goes to see Carrie and asks her to characterize her relationship with Yevgeny. He says that Mike recoded the meeting, he knows she lied to him and now she is lying again. He says he heard it, all of it. He says it is his fault, he put her in a terrible position bringing her here. He says he has to send her back to Germany tonight, the doctor said she wasn’t ready. Saul says she told Yevgeny things that she never told him, about Franny. He says this is the reason she was in a recovery facility, and this is the reason she is going back. Saul says she told the President he should come to Afghanistan, and the FBI thinks that she is involved and will be part of an investigation that will frame the rest of her life. Carrie says she doesn’t care, she wants to find Max. Saul tells her that in thirty minutes she will be escorted to a plane, and go willingly or in handcuffs. Jenna escorts Carrie to the airport to make sure she gets on that flight. Just as Carrie is leaving, she sees Haqqani arrive. Saul hears some troops screaming, he turns around to see what it is. The troops have Haqqani on the ground, Saul says to let him up. At the airport, Carrie starts talking to Jenna about her wanting to find Max and the flight recorder. She says she printed some surveillance documents, they are back on her desk and somebody should look at them. Meanwhile, Max is not in good shape. His captor is there, he asks for his backpack. The captor says no more bag, it is gone. Max shouts that they need to get it back. Carrie’s flight is boarding, Jenna sees her get her passport checked and got to boarding. As Carrie is walking through, Jenna keeps an eye on her until she is out of sight. Carrie gets out, she takes stairs and gets on the tarmac, Yevgeny is there to pick her up.

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F**ker Shot Me

Season 8 Episode Number: 91 Season Episode: 7

Originally aired: Sunday March 22, 2020 Writer: Patrick Harbinson, Chip Johannessen Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Nimrat Kaur (Tanseem Qureishi), Nu- man Acar (Haissam Haqqani) Guest Stars: Mohammad Bakri (Abdul Qadir G’ulom), Sam Trammell (President Ben Hayes), Art Malik (Bunny Latif), Tim Guinee (Scott Ryan), Kate Burton (Doris Warner), Andrea Deck (Jenna Bragg), Cliff Chamber- lain (Mike Dunne), Elham Ehsas (Jalal Haqqani), Tracy Shayne (Am- bassador Gaeto), Mustafa Haidari (Firooz), Zineb Triki (Judge Haziq Qadir), Sharif Dorani (Barlas), Nasser Memarzia (Presiding Judge), Hugh Dancy (John Zabel), Mamad Heidari (Afghan Court Police Of- ficer), Benjamin Hicquel (Victor), Mohamed Attougui (Saad) Production Code: 8WAH07 Summary: Saul finds an unlikely ally. So does Carrie.

Saul and Haqqani are both in a car on their way through the streets of Kabul to make the prisoner trade. Saul tells him that G’ulom is the government now, he will have to behave because the whole world is watching. Haqqani says G’ulom doesn’t care what the government thinks. They arrive, Haqqani says he is ready. G’ulom gives the order to release the prisoners, who when they see Haqqani they are excited. Saul tells G’ulom to treat Haqqani with respect and give him a fair trial. Haqqani is seized and put in the back of an army truck. Saul returns to headquarters and is approached by Jenna who tells him that Carrie escaped after walking down the jetway, she left with Yevgeny. Saul doesn’t think she went far, she is worried about Max. Carrie is with Yevgeny they are driving through Pakistan, he is helping her to find Max. They arrive at a blockade, Yevgeny gets out and speaks to the two men and convinces them to let them pass and Yevgeny tells her that they have a line on Max. They arrive at a village, Yevgeny gets out and goes to speak to a man. Carrie covers up and decides to go for a walk, she finds a gravesite where all wedding guests were buried and remembers back to the bombing. Yevgeny walks up, Carrie is upset, she says it is not a coincidence that they ended up here. He says it is not a coincidence they are there, but he is not messing with her, and he knows where Max is, it is not far. Back at headquarters, Saul attends a meeting with the White House to talk about Haqqani’s trial. The President walks in and continues to listen in. Saul says they should submit evidence on Haqqani’s behalf. The President says that the body of the former President arrives tomorrow and everyone is going to be asking what they did to avenge his death. He tells Saul not to disclose their classified materials, just get him the god-damn action plan he asked for two days ago.

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Carrie and Yevgeny are on their way to find Max. Carrie is still talking about the wedding when everyone was bombed and Haqqani was the target. She thought she could make things right by getting Haqqani and then more people died. She asks Yevgeny if he really didn’t know that she was the one who pulled the trigger and killed all those people in the village. Yevgeny evades the questions, by saying he is trying to find her friend. They arrive at a makeshift prison of sorts, Carrie gets out and follows Yevgeny. One of the captors says that they can visit the American, but they cannot take him. Carrie runs past and heads inside, she finds Max in a bed, handcuffed. He tells Carrie that he had the black box, but someone sold it. She tells him that he did good, she is worried about his back, Max says that he was shot. Carrie is going back to the truck, he tells her to stop they don’t have much time. All of a sudden, more men show up at the prison. Yevgeny sees them and tells his contact his isn’t right. The men take Max, Carrie is shouting that she will find him. Yevgeny asks his contact where they are taking Max, Carrie starts to go after the man, Yevgeny tells her to back off, he is taking care of this. The president’s "empty" casket arrives in the US, his wife is there and she is surprised to see G’ulom; he wanted to pay his respect. Saul goes to visit Tasneem’s father. Tasneem is there, Saul is surprised and hoped he could be alone with her father. Her father says anything that he wants to say, he can say to them both. He says that Haqqani is in custody, G’ulom wants the firing squad. Saul says the truth is that Haqqani did not shoot down that helicopter. Saul says he wants anything that could slow the trial and prevent Haqqani’s execution. Her father says you want us to work together like ’79, we were friends then. After 9/11 friends again, but only when you need our help. He reminds Saul that in the room they are in, they speak the truth. Saul says that the war will land on them. Saul is about to go back to the airport, Tasneem knocks on his window, he opens it and she tells him that she will help him. Carrie is still with Yevgeny, they have tracked Max to the new hideout. Yevgeny is reluctant to do anything, he doesn’t want to start a war with the Taliban. Carrie goes to call Saul, he can put together an extraction team; he doesn’t answer. Carrie then calls Jenna, Mike grabs the phone and tells him that she found Max, he is shot and critical, held by seven teenage Taliban. Mike asks her if she knows how much trouble she is, she hands upon him. Saul and Tasneem meet with the judge presiding over Haqqani’s trial, Saul tells her that Saqqani is innocent and he has classified evidence to prove it. The judge agrees to order a continuance to buy some time, but she doesn’t think she can give them more than a week. Carrie is in the truck, Yevgeny goes to get her, someone is arriving at the hideout where Max is. She looks through her binoculars, it is Haqqani’s son. He goes inside and asks Max who shot the helicopters down, Max replies, what helicopters. Max is not looking good. Carrie calls Mike and tells him that Haqqani’s son is there and she is wondering what is taking so long for an extraction team to get to Max. She reminds Mike that Max is one of theirs and they just can’t abandon him. Carrie tells Yevgeny that they are not coming, she has to get in closer to see if he is alive. Yevgeny says he is leaving then, she says she knows. Then she asks Max for his gun, he gives it to her. Saul goes to see Haqqani and tells him that the trial will be postponed to give them time to prove that he did not shoot down the helicopter and prove his innocence. Haqqani says forty years of war, nobody is innocent. The courtroom is packed, Haqqani is led in by guards with jeers and shots by people in the courtroom. Saul is looking for the judge it is not her that comes out, they switched judges on them. The judge says that Haqqani murdered the two presidents, brought misery and pain on everyone and he deserves a thousand deaths but this court can only give him one. The judge orders him to death. Saul calls David to tell him what happened, in turn, David tells Saul that John Zabel is in with President Hayes. Saul is worried, he thinks Afghanistan is going to go up in flames. Back to Max, his captors pull him out of his prison cell to a courtyard. There they forcibly put an orange jumpsuit on Max, while one of the men is getting a camera ready. Carrie is hiding behind a fence, gun ready, Yevgeny is there and urges her to back off.

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Season 8 Episode Number: 92 Season Episode: 8

Originally aired: Sunday March 29, 2020 Writer: Patrick Harbinson, Chip Johannessen Director: Michael Klick Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Nimrat Kaur (Tanseem Qureishi), Nu- man Acar (Haissam Haqqani) Guest Stars: Mohammad Bakri (Abdul Qadir G’ulom), Sam Trammell (President Ben Hayes), Tim Guinee (Scott Ryan), Cliff Chamberlain (Mike Dunne), Andrea Deck (Jenna Bragg), Elham Ehsas (Jalal Haqqani), Seear Kohi (Balach), Hilary Jardine (Claudette Fletcher), Mitchell Hall (Chief Cullen), Mitchell Hall (ESU Lieutenant Marcus), Mustafa Haidari (Firooz), Hugh Dancy (John Zabel), Ray Haratian (Kabul Prison War- den), Damon Arsalan Zolfaghari (Second Guard), Craig Stein (Special Operator), Norma Butikofer (Zabel’s Assistant), Laura Morgan (Aide), Benjamin Hicquel (Victor), Mohamed Attougui (Saad) Production Code: 8WAH08 Summary: Carrie waits. Wellington makes a discovery.

Haqqani is in a cell, the guards go in, put shackles on his arms and leads him out of the cell to a courtyard, where he is strapped to a pole with a firing squad facing him. At the same time, President Hayes calls G’ulom and tells him that the moment he kills Haqqani, Max will die. Hayes says nerves are quite raw now in the US and he doesn’t want another American death to add to it. Hayes tells him that he needs some time, G’ulom agrees to 24 hours. Carrie gets a call from Saul, she tells him it is quite but messed up. He tells her about the stay of execution for Haqqani, and Max’s situation is stable, he is on the radar with the highest level of government. Saul then meets with his team and tells them he hopes they have a plan. They video conference Hayes and say they would like to send an extrac- tion team to Max on foot. Hayes wants to know what are the odds, they are 50/50 at best. Saul goes to see Haqqani, tells him that his son has taken an American hostage and it bought them some time. Haqqani tells him that it is up to him to continue what they started. All of a sudden, the guards come back into the cell and pull out Haqqani. Saul is confused, he tells G’ulom that they had a deal. G’ulom tells him to speak to his president, he finally came to his senses. Haqqani tells the guards to tie Haqqani to the post again. Saul says to G’ulom that if he kills him there will be blood on the streets. A guard goes to put a hood over Haqqani’s head, he refuses it. G’ulom calls the order, Haqqani is shot with four bullets. But he is not dead, he is still alive, G’ulom tells them to reload, and again he is shot, this time he is dead. Saul looks disturbed, G’ulom leaves and walks right past him.

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Yevgeny tells Carrie that Haqqani has been shot, it is already all over the internet. Carrie is watching Max, just as he is shot with multiple bullets and his captors flee. Carrie runs to him, Yevgeny yells to her. Carrie calls Saul and tells him that Max is dead, he told him where he was and he did nothing. She asks him to come to get his body, he says yes, then tells her that she has to come in. She says she is with Max, he knows where to find her. Yevgeny and two of his men show up, she tells him that she will help him lift Max’s body. Jalal’s son interrupts a meeting, Firouzz who was Haqqani’s right hand, tries to rouse support for peace. Jalal says his father is not dead, he is his father and they must all remember the young Haqqani and his beliefs, not the old Haqqani. Jalal is the one who took down those helicopters. Back at the Whitehouse, John calls a friend and asks her to get dirt on Wellington. Anything he can use, she tells him not to worry, if there is something, she will find it. Yevgeny asks Carrie what is the plan, she tells him that she is sure he doesn’t want to be there when special ops arrive. She talks about Max with him. Carrie starts crying and throws herself down on the floor near Max, Yevgeny goes to comfort her, he hugs her. John Zabel’s friend brings him a video of the meeting that Firouzz held when Jalal said that he shot down the helicopters, his father was an innocent man. John brings the video to Hayes showing that Jalal has an RPG and he shot down the helicopters. John tells him that he has to go on the air, he can’t use the script that Wellington gave him, he needs to use the one he prepared. Saul is about to leave to get Max’s body when he sees Hayes on tv saying that Jalal shot down the helicopters and he has a message for Pakistan, to arrest Jalal or they will go get him themselves. Wellington is furious, he tells John that he took a nobody and turned him into a folk hero; he is starting a war. Carrie is outside with Yevgeny, near Max’s body when she sees Saul arriving. He tells her that they are going to give her a hard time, she says she can’t stay out there forever, he says why not and smiles. Yevgeny walks off and Saul’s helicopter lands. Yevgeny and his men stick around, from a distance. Saul says hi to Carrie, two men take Max’s body. Saul tells her what Hayes just did, asks her if she knew anything that could help, he would be grateful. She says she has a lead on the black box, it was taken from Max, but he told her. She says she wants no more crap from anyone, not from Mike and not from him. Saul says they need to go they were only extended a small window. When Carrie arrives at the helicopter, one man says they will have to search her. Saul asks what is going on, Carrie pulls a gun when she sees handcuffs. Saul says it was a mistake, she calls him a liar. Carrie runs towards Yevgeny, Saul gets on the helicopter, furious, he leaves with Max’s body. Carrie looks devastated by what she believes is Saul’s betrayal. She tells Yevgeny there is something that she didn’t tell him, something she needs to find, the black box, she knows where it is.

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In Full Flight

Season 8 Episode Number: 93 Season Episode: 9

Originally aired: Sunday April 05, 2020 Writer: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon Director: Dan Attias Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Nimrat Kaur (Tanseem Qureishi), Nu- man Acar (Haissam Haqqani) Guest Stars: Sam Trammell (President Ben Hayes), Tim Guinee (Scott Ryan), Art Malik (Bunny Latif), Cliff Chamberlain (Mike Dunne), Andrea Deck (Jenna Bragg), Elham Ehsas (Jalal Haqqani), Jason Tottenham (Alan Yager), Seear Kohi (Balach), Narinder Samra (Youseff Afridi), Ismail Bashey (Major Zulfikar), Rikin Vasani (Saleem Sinai), Adnan Jaffar (General Aziz), Hugh Dancy (John Zabel), Kemaal Deen-Ellis (Urchin), Jennifer Armour (Pentagon Spokesperson), Mohamed Attougui (Saad), Benjamin Hicquel (Victor), Alex Brock (Special Ops Parker), Mariam Haque (Pakistani News Anchor) Production Code: 8WAH09 Summary: Hayes has ideas. Carrie goes shopping. Tasneem has problems.

The episode opens with Carrie and Yevgeny looking for the flight recorder, but are not alone, they are being watched. Saul is back at HQ and sees Mike watching Carrie on video surveillance, he tells Saul that she is on the run. Saul cor- rects him and tells him that she is out looking for the flight box and wouldn’t be out there if someone had told him the plan when he went to meet with her. Mike laughs it off and tells Saul he has been called back to Washington. Carrie and Yevgeny stop at a hotel. A TV in the lobby is playing the news that Pakistan has threatened that America getting involved in Jalal Haqqani’s potential capture was an act of war. Yevgeny asks Carrie if she believes that Jalal shot down the helicopter, she says no, it could have been a mechanical or pilot error, nobody knows right now. They go to their rooms, Yevgeny tells her to knock on the wall if she needs anything. Tasneem goes to see Haqqani’s right-hand man and tells him that she wants to be brought to Jalal. He agrees but makes her driver stay put and has a black hood put over her head so she cannot see. Carrie is out of the hotel with Yevgeny, a young boy tries to get their attention, he tells them he knows what they are looking for and he knows where it is, follows them. He takes them through some streets and down a long alleyway, he knocks on a door. A man welcomes them in and tells them they came to the right place, he gives the boy money. The man ushers them into a back room of a building, he says he has the only four flight recorders available. Carrie tells him that she is looking for a recent flight recorder from the last 72 hours. He doesn’t have it and he tells Carrie he hasn’t heard anything.

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Saul meets with the president, Zabel is there, he is his special advisor on Pakistan. Saul tells the president that he doesn’t believe that Jalal shot down the helicopter, there are many reasons why he would want to take responsibility. The president tells Saul that Pakistan either stops making their country a safe harbor for terrorists, or else. Carrie is in a pawn shop and she sees Max’s backpack. Yevgeny comes in and calls Carrie out to the back, she asks the guy if he has the flight recorder that was in the backpack, he says he sold it to a broker two hours ago, Carrie is willing to pay anything for it, he agrees and she tells him that she will be back at midnight. Tasneem is with Jalal, she asks him if they really have gotten to this level that his men treat her like a barnyard animal. She tells him that America is threatening Pakistan because he said he shot down the helicopter, she is the one who picked him up when his father threw him out on the street. He tells her that she doesn’t control them, she has it backward. Jalal walks out of the room and follows him outside, he shows her that he basically has an army of men with weapons outside, he says his army is twice as strong now. He says this is why he will never run and she will never come for him; spare him her empty threats. Yevgeny and Carrie are back in the hotel, he tells her eight men are hunting her, they need to leave. She says she just needs a few more hours. He tells her to grab her stuff, they are going. Carrie calls Jenna, she tells her she has a lead on a flight recorder and before she brings Mike into this, hear her out. Carrie tells her that she needs to know where the safe house is, once she gets the recorder she will turn herself in. But really, Carrie is going to rat the team out to Pakistan police to buy her some time. Jenna calls her back and gives her safe house information. Tasneem goes to her father and tells him how bad the situation is. She tells him that they have to protect Jalal to protect themselves. Jenna finds out that the Pakistan police have found the safehouse, she knows that Carrie double-crossed her. Carrie escapes the hotel, she calls Saul and tells him that she needs money, she has a lead on the flight recorder. She needs a million at least. Carrie knocks on the door to the pawnshop, the door opens and she is ushered in, the buyer is there, he wants diamonds or gold in exchange. She says she is going to pay him by wire transfer to an account of his choice. The flight recorder is put on the table for Carrie, she hooks it up to her computer. Carrie calls Saul, he says he sent her an email with a link and a password for the money. Carrie logs in on her computer, she calls the original buyer over and tells him that all she needs is his account number. He receives his money, she pulls a gun on him and tells him to get out. Carrie listens to the recording, Yevgeny surprises her and grabs her gun. He tells her to go ahead and play the recording, it is pretty clear that there was an engine malfunction, they tried to make an emergency landing. Carrie tells Yevgeny that they need to bring the black box to the American embassy, they can continue to work together secretly. He tells her that she lied to him, she says she didn’t, he would have done the same thing, he did do the same thing, he ended up here. Yevgeny kisses her, picks her up and puts her on one of the tables; he then sticks a needle in her neck, she passes out and he tells his men to grab the flight recorder. Pakistan is getting missiles ready, the US president orders to get planes in the air and ready. Meanwhile, Yevgeny puts Carrie back in her bed in the hotel, he kisses her and walks out of the room.

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Designated Driver

Season 8 Episode Number: 94 Season Episode: 10

Originally aired: Sunday April 12, 2020 Writer: Patrick Harbinson, Chip Johannessen Director: Michael Offer Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Nimrat Kaur (Tanseem Qureishi), Nu- man Acar (Haissam Haqqani) Guest Stars: Sam Trammell (President Ben Hayes), Cliff Chamberlain (Mike Dunne), Andrea Deck (Jenna Bragg), Jason Tottenham (Alan Yager), Mohammad Amiri (Arman), Elham Ehsas (Jalal Haqqani), Seear Kohi (Balach), Karen Pittman (Vanessa Kroll), Elya Baskin (Viktor Makarov), Michael Rabe (Chief Mechanic Worley), Samrat Chakrabarti (Ambas- sador Rashad), Hugh Dancy (John Zabel), Alex Brock (Parker), Mehdi Lamrini (CIA Officer), Jordan Duvigneau (Lieutenant Joss Morrell), Hicham Goullal (Afghan Gate Guard) Production Code: 8WAH10 Summary: No one admits to anything.

Carrie is walking through the city, she hops into a truck and starts going through some papers, she writes down something she heard on a paper, she says it is evidence. She heads to the airfield, it is going to take six hours to get there. The president meets the ambassador of Pakistan who tells him that if his troops cross their border, they will defend with all of their arsenals. David tries to calm the ambassador down, he tells him he has a half dozen special operatives sit- ting in a prison in Pakistan and he is ask- ing him to ignore that for the time being. Meanwhile, Pakistan is proud they are holding firm. Jilal finds out and asks for advice, he is told to gather men and weapons, stay out of sight. Jilal wants to attack the 20,000 Americans that are in their country, he is told that it will only bring more, don’t be stupid. Bagram airfield, Carrie arrives, she is looking for hanger 23 where the President’s helicopter took off, she gets out of the truck and tells her driver to meet her back there in twenty minutes. Carrie goes inside, Morley is there, he threatens to call for help when he sees her. She manages to grab his attention and show him the information from the flight recorder. Carrie gets her confirmation, the President’s helicopter was not shot down, it was an engine malfunction. Saul tells her they need to get the black box, she says it is with the Russians and she has no credibility. She tells him to get to Russians and ask what they want to get it back, he says ok, but it is time to turn herself in. Carrie goes back to the truck. Mike finds out that Carrie snuck back on the base, she is in Kabal and should be there. Mike tells Jenna to put a team together and get Carrie back. Saul meets with his Russian contact and tells him that someone in his government has the black box and he wants to know the price to get it back.

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Carrie gets her gun, she is looking for Yevgeny, she gets her driver to drop her at a place where she knows he stays. Carrie finds the apartment empty. Saul gets a call, nobody at the Russian embassy has heard anything about the flight recorder; he is told that he is barking up the wrong tree. Saul can’t believe it, Yevgeny took it, the Russian government has to have it. Saul pleads with Victor to tell him what they said, he says he did what he can. Saul wants to know their exact words, Victor says, "we have what we want." Carrie is stuck in a traffic jam, two men ambush her truck and kidnap her by gunpoint. Yevgeny is there, he tells her that it wasn’t personal. She tells him that he took something of hers and she wants it back. He says Saul is looking for it too and for him, there is no price, for her, there may be. Yevgeny tells her that there is an agent that has secrets about his country and he needs to know his name. Carrie tells him there is nobody, and even if there was, Saul, won’t give it up, there is nothing she can do. He says it won’t be easy, but this is her only option. She tells him she can’t betray Saul, he says that from what he has seen, she can do just about anything. Jilal is testing out his firearms with is men when he advisor drives up and tells him that he found a target, Americans. His advisor tells him that if he kills Americans it will mean more war. Jilal won’t listen, he says his father gave up and he won’t. Carrie calls Saul, he says he spoke to the Russians and they don’t know anything about the black box, he knows they are lying and keeping it, he just can’t figure out why. He tells her to think, and then asks if Yevgeny said anything. She says no. Carrie is back with her driver, she tells him that the people who took her made her an offer and she has no option but to accept, she heads back out of the truck again, she is on her own. Carrie turns herself in. Mike finds out that their team in Pakistan is going to be released. Jenna tells Mike that she wants to be at the border, someone should be there to handle the handover. Mike finds out that Carrie just turned herself in at the front gate. Mike goes to see Carrie, ushers her into an interrogation room. Jilal takes his advisor’s children, he tells him that he took them so he obeys his orders. Jilal tells him that he is going to drive the car that has explosives in it, or he is going to kill his children and wife in front of him. He has a choice, watch his family die, or die a martyr. Jenna is watching Carrie in the interrogation room, she then goes in and brings her a bottle of water. She asks her why she there, Carrie says because they have been looking for her. Jenna tells her that Pakistan is going to release their team of 20 and she knows the black box is a lie. Jenna asks her if she is going to give her up because she was stupid and told her where the safe house was, Carrie, says no. Carrie tells her that if the FBI sees her talking to a Russian spy she is going to get in trouble, she should leave. Vanessa and Ray meet with Carrie, Jenna and Mike are listening in. Vanessa brings to the table that she was the one that suggested the trip to the President, and wonders if she leaked it to the Russians, who left it to Pakistan who shot down his helicopter. Carrie says she is under the protection of the United States and wants a lawyer. Jenna says it almost looks like Carrie wants to be arrested. Saul finds out from David that Carrie turned herself in, and heading back to the US under his protection. David tells him that he needs his help, he needs to keep his distance while the negotiation is going on to release the 20 Americans. Saul says whatever trouble Carrie is in, is because of him and he is not turning his back on her. Carrie is put in a vehicle to head to the airport and back to the US. Angoor Ada Gate, Afghan/Pakistan Border: Jenna arrives to greet the convoy. Meanwhile, Carrie arrives at the airport and gets on a private plane. The convoy is nearing the border and the car with the bomb is close by. Jenna can see the convoy, the driver stops at the border, gives the guards some papers, the men are locked in the truck still. Carrie’s plan is about to go up when the car races down the street towards the convoy and blows it up.

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The English Teacher

Season 8 Episode Number: 95 Season Episode: 11

Originally aired: Sunday April 19, 2020 Writer: Patrick Harbinson, Chip Johannessen Director: Michael Cuesta Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Nimrat Kaur (Tanseem Qureishi), Nu- man Acar (Haissam Haqqani) Guest Stars: Tim Guinee (Scott Ryan), Sam Trammell (President Ben Hayes), Chris Bauer (Kevin Dance), Ben Savage (Young Saul), Andrea Deck (Jenna Bragg), Karen Pittman (Vanessa Kroll), Elya Baskin (Viktor Makarov), Robin McLeavy (Charlotte Benson), Merab Ninidze (Mirov), Sergey Nasibov (Andrei Kuznetsov), Tatyana Mukha (Anna Pomerantseva), Julie Engelbrecht (Young Anna), Robert Clotworthy (Judge), Hugh Dancy (John Zabel), Stephan Goldbach (Stasi Officer #1), Sacha Se- berg (Foreign Minister), Jon Eiswerth (U.S. Bookstore Owner), K.T. Thangavelu (Security Council Chairman), Peter Arpesella (German Bookstore Clerk), Trina Dong (Nurse), Troy Dillinger (French UN Dele- gate) Production Code: 8WAH11 Summary: Saul backchannels. Carrie needs one more favor.

The episode opens with Carrie being de- tained with handcuffs, Kevin Danz tells someone to get the handcuffs off her, he tells her that he works for Saul and she is staying there. Carrie sees a TV news re- port, she finds out that the convoy got hit with a bomb, all the men are dead and Jenna is hurt. Saul knew something was going to happen, Pakistan said if they tried to cross their borders there would be reper- cussions. Saul is at home, he tells Carrie that everything they kept at bay for decades is not being discussed as an open option by Zabel, he is a contagion. She says she can still tell them what she heard on the flight recorder, he says they have already discussed this. She says, so they need the real thing, the flight recorder, Saul says yes. She says he must know someone who can help, an asset in the Kremlin. She says it has been rumored for years that he has an undeclared source, this is the time. He says there is none and he wishes there was. Saul goes to pour himself a drink. East Berlin 1986, Saul thinks back to a bookstore in Berlin where there is a book, that is now on his bookshelf. Carrie meets Jenna at the airport, she tells her that she lied to her. Carrie says she was telling the truth, she was looking for the flight recorder, Jalal did not shoot down the helicopter. Jenna asks where is it, Carrie says Yevgeny stole it and he is willing to trade it, for a Russian asset that

283 Homeland Episode Guide

Saul has. Jenna tells Carrie that nobody will talk to her, and she can’t help her at all. The only thing she can do is let everyone know what she is up to, beginning with Saul. Saul calls Naseem, she is upset, he tells her the situation is delicate, he asks her to give them Jilal. She says she doesn’t know where he is, he asks for just a probable target. Jenna goes to see Saul about Carrie. She says that Carrie ambushed her and says a lot of crazy stuff. There is a black box that she found, Jilial didn’t shoot down the helicopter, and Yevgeny stole it. Saul says it is true, all of it. He says that when you are dealing with Carrie you have decided what matters, what kind of person you are. Time for Carrie to go to court, Kevin Danz is there with her, he tells her to breathe when it gets sot to be overwhelming for her. Carrie goes to the washroom, a woman named Charlotte Benson gives her her card and tells her she is there on behalf of Yevgeny, if there is anything she needs, she should let her know. Carrie tells her to buzz off. Jenna is called as a witness, she says it is not ok and she needs a few days, she gets up and leaves. Zabel walks into Saul’s office and tells him that have intel on Jalal’s whereabouts and every- one is in the situation room about to pull the trigger. Saul is standing near the President who asks him if he wants to tell him what is going on. Saul goes to leave for New York. Jenna meets Carrie, she gives her a folder. In 1986 Saul recruited a man a KGB language school in East Berlin, for some reason the guy panicked and had to get out in a hurry. He lost a leg, but he is still alive and living under witness protection in Pennsylvania, under Alex Surnow. He is not the asset, he has been stateside for thirty years. But, she thinks he may know something. Carrie thanks her. Jenna asks her if she is sure she wants to do this, betray Saul. Carrie says she is sure she doesn’t, but there is no other way. Jenna says she is done, with everything, the whole CIA. Jenna says she tries to see things like Carrie, but she can’t. Carrie goes to visit Alex Surnow, she gives a fake name and tells him they have Saul in common. He tries to deny it, but she says Saul saved his life. She says it is nearly forty years since he defected, most of the files have been declassified. He asks if Saul knows she is there, she says sure to feel free to call him. He asks her what does she want to know, she says anything that was not in the files. He tells her how Saul saved his life. She looks over at a photo and asks him what happened to the other cadets in his class, he says they were put up against the wall and shot all of them for failing to detect his defection. She sees in the photo, one of them was a woman, he says she was the English instructor. Carrie sees a red book on his table, she remembers that Saul has similar books in his house. The delegates meet, Saul loses it and asks the Russian where is the black box and how much does he want for it. Carrie is at Saul’s house going through the books on his shelf. She goes through all the books and finds that they have dates on them, she puts them in date order and starts to go through them. She finally figures out where there are secret messages stored in the binding of the book. Meanwhile, Saul receives another red book by his informant, in the binding of the book there is a note, "the price has already been asked, it is Yevgenny’s play." Saul thinks back to when he was younger in Russia, he is almost killed by two men when the teacher saves him. She asks him, do you trust me now. Carrie leaves Saul’s house, she gets into a car with Charlotte Benson. Carrie asks her if she arranged the call, she says he is waiting. She brings Carrie to a home, there is a laptop and Yevgeny is on it. She asks him if he is enjoying this. She tells him that the asset exists and she knows how they communicate with each other. In return for intel, she wants the black box. He tells her that the Kremlin has listened to it. She says she needs some records from a KGB archive, and when she gets them, she will be able to give him the name. Yevgeny tells her they already looked at the school, all the records were burned, the trail is dead. She says she has done all that she can. He tells her the war is coming from Pakistan, it is out of his control, she needs to stop this. He tells her that if she can’t find the asset, she can take out Saul. She says he knew Saul wouldn’t give up his asset, he knew it would come to this. He tells her to kill Saul. Carrie closes the laptop and leaves.

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Prisoners of War

Season 8 Episode Number: 96 Season Episode: 12

Originally aired: Sunday April 26, 2020 Writer: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon Director: Lesli Linka Glatter Show Stars: Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison), Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson), Maury Sterling (Max Piotrowski), Linus Roache (David Wellington), Costa Ronin (Yevgeny Gromov), Nimrat Kaur (Tanseem Qureishi), Nu- man Acar (Haissam Haqqani) Guest Stars: Amy Hargreaves (Maggie Mathison), Tim Guinee (Scott Ryan), Sam Trammell (President Ben Hayes), Jacqueline Antaramian (Dorit), Robin McLeavy (Charlotte Benson), Merab Ninidze (Mirov), Tatyana Mukha (Anna Pomerantseva), Johnny Kostrey (Valeri), Anton Narin- skiy (Tolya), Andrew Borba (Berkle), Jon Lindstrom (Claude Geroux), Hugh Dancy (John Zabel), Patrice Pitman Quinn (Vocalist), Dwight Trible (Vocalist), Brandon Coleman (Vocalist), Kamasi Washington (Kamasi Washington), Tom Archdeacon (Guest Star), Troy Dillinger (French UN Delegate), Mark Falvo (Politician), Manley Henry (Security Guard), Mobin Khan (Pakistan UN Delegate Khan), Amber Martinez (Russian Concert Attendee), Roman Mitichyan (GRU), Alessandro Pe- drazzi (Concert Attendee), Kate Torri (Reporter), Kalina Vanska (CIA Analyst) Production Code: 8WAH12 Summary: Events surrounding Saul and Carrie’s final mission come to a conclu- sion.

We see Nicholas Brody, in his speech telling people the truth about his captiv- ity. Carrie is driving in a car. Carrie ar- rives at Saul’s house and lets herself in. The next day, we see Saul, David tells him that Jilal was not in the farmhouse that they bombed. Hayes has been on the phone with the prime minister who didn’t say much. Saul wants to be on the Presi- dent’s schedule so he can speak to him. Tasneem is on TV, she tells people that an American aircraft violated their air space, and President Hayes gave Pakistan an ultimatum. She says that Americans have given them no choice but to arm their weapons. Carrie is listening to the broadcast. We also see Saul’s asset, Anna. She goes to see the Russian director she works for and sees the voice recorder on his desk. He tells her they are on the verge of a great victory for the Russian people. Carrie gets the poison to kill Saul. Saul goes to the President’s office and he is not there, John says he can talk to him. He tells him that he is ignoring the facts on the ground, he told him that Pakistan wouldn’t lay down. Saul tells John that the Russian’s have the flight recorder from the former President’s helicopter. Nobody shot it down, it was an accident, a bad blade. John says he wants to listen to the recorder. Saul says he is missing the point, the Russians are not giving it back for a reason, he doesn’t know why, but they need to find out. John says it sounds like he is making shit up. Saul tells him not to be the schmuck to take them to war twice in twenty years for no reason.

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Saul asks David to do him a favor, reach out to the Times, and set up an appointment. Saul arrives home and Maggie is there, a colleague saw Carrie at Langley the day before, she is surprised because she hasn’t heard from her. Saul says it is strange. Its night time, Carrie drives to Saul’s house and sits out in the car for a bit. There are tears in her eyes, she gets out of the car, grabs the poison, and puts it in her purse. She sees a man sitting in a car lighting up a cigarette. She goes into the house, finds Saul in the library, and listening to music loud. He asks her what the heck is going on. Starting with why she didn’t check in on Franny since she got up, she says she was waiting for the weekend. He says bullshit, she is leaving, so why come back at all. She says she came back to try and stop a war, anyway she can. She tells Saul that she made a deal with Yevgeny, the flight recorder in exchange for his asset. He says there is no asset. She tells him that she knows who it is and knows how they pass their intelligence. The two argue back and forth, Carrie tells him to give her the assets name, he won’t. He tells her to go upstairs and pack her things she is turning herself in. Carrie goes upstairs, takes out the rubber gloves and the poison. Saul walks in and asks her what she is doing, she says nothing and then touches him with the gloves, he asks her what she did, then falls over. She goes downstairs and flashes the outside light on and off. Carrie goes back upstairs and asks Saul if he can hear her. He can hear her, she tells him a team is coming and then it is out of her hands. If he tells her now who she is, she will call them off. She says that she knows him, if she is as valuable as he says, he would have put a mechanism in place in case of his death and she wants to know if it is her. He won’t tell her and she tells him it is not worth it. Two Russian men are there for Saul, Carrie tells him to take him. They carry him to his bed, prepare an injection while Carrie is watching. She pleads one last time for him to let her off the hook and not make her do this. She is begging him. He tells her to come close and then tells her no. She won’t give him, she tells the two men they will do the fallback as they discussed. Saul is tied to a chair, he is coherent. David is calling, he tells them that he is thirty minutes late for a meeting and will send someone to the house if he doesn’t speak to them. The West Bank, Carrie gets out of a taxi to go see Saul’s sister. She wants to know if he is dead. She says he had a stroke, he managed to call 911 but by the time the EMTs got there, it was too late. He is at GW hospital until arrangements can be made. Carrie says she took the liberty of booking a flight for her. Carrie goes into the house and helps her to pack. Carrie tells her that Saul said he gave her something for safekeeping if anything ever happened to him. She says she is just like Saul, always an interior motive. She says he was there three years ago, he used her as cover, before that, they hadn’t seen each other for twelve years. She says she is caught up on her own grief and forgot to give her condolences, she lost him too. Carrie says she doesn’t want to pressure her, but she needs what Saul left for her. She pulls out a can envelope from her safe and gives it to Carrie, it is a flash drive. Carrie says she is relived, she is so happy that she had it. Carrie asks her if she can stay there until someone from the agency comes to pick her up, she says yes. David gets a message from Saul saying he is on his way in and now knows something is not right because Saul knew the meeting was in Alexandria. Saul’s sister gets in a taxi, while she is distracted, Carrie steals her cell phone. They hug, she leaves. Yevgeny gets out of a car in front of Saul’s sister’s house. Carrie has her gun drawn and when he comes in, she tells him to put his hands on the wall. She says she has the name, he promises to turn over the flight recorder within thirty minutes. She hands him a piece of paper, with a name on it. She shows him a video of Saul who made a video to her if he died, he gives up the name of his asset who has been spying for over twenty years. Saul is ok, the police are at the house, he puts in an order to Scott to keep his asset safe, she tries to run, but it is too late, there are four men after her. She and Scott hide in a room, she asks him for his gun, unless he is willing to kill her himself. He won’t do it, but he does give her his cell phone to speak to Saul. Anna tells Saul that she wants to end this on her terms, she asks Saul to talk to Scott and ask him to give her the gun. He tells him to do it. She has the gun, Saul is on the phone listening to everything, she shoots herself in the head. The flight recorder has been retrieved and played for the public. Carrie is with Yevgenny, she tells him to turn it off. He asks her if she is ok, she tells him to leave. She tells him that she

286 Homeland Episode Guide blames him, he says he did what he had to do, it is the cost of doing business. She tells him that he sounds like Saul. He tells her that she will survive. She tells him that he must be very lonely. Carrie goes outside for some fresh air, she sees kids playing in the street. The Russians look like the good guys, they tell the US President to stand down their troops there is no reason for war. Yevgenny comes outside and tells her the asset is dead, she killed herself, Saul managed to warn her somehow. Carrie says there was counterintelligence, the two-run to Yevgenny’s car, and head to Gramala, then on to Sierra. Two years later, Moscow — Carrie is getting dressed to go out, Yevgenny asks if she is almost ready, she says in a minute. He asks her if she is excited, she says very. He then tells her to close her eyes and puts a necklace around her neck. She thanks her. Carrie comes downstairs all dressed up, she goes into another room to get her purse and sees a photo of Franny. She takes a moment to think, look at the posters of cases on the wall, walks out of the room to join Yevgenny. Saul is packing up, his sister is with him and gives her their mother’s silver. She begs him to move to Israel with her. The landline is wringing, his sister goes to answer it. She comes back in the room, it was a wrong number, a man was looking for a professor Rabinow. Carrie and Yevgenny are at a concert. Carrie gets up and tells Yevgenny she will be right back. She goes to the ladies’ room and is touching up her makeup alongside another woman, who switches bags with her. Saul goes to see the man that called his house, an envelope was left for him, Saul says impossible. Saul is back at his house with the envelope, his sister is there and she asks her to give him a minute. Saul opens the envelope, it is a book from Carrie. The book is called Tyranny Of Secrets why I had to betray my country. Saul thinks about it for a minute. Then he remembers that his former asset used to hide secrets in the spines of novels. Saul gets a knife and opens the spine. There is a message from Carrie telling him about a weapon and how it can be defeated. She tells him instructions to follow. Saul smiles, Carrie has become his asset replaces the one who was killed.

287 Homeland Episode Guide

288 Actor Appearances

A Victor Almanzar ...... 3 0801 (Staff Sergeant Justin Wenzel); 0804 (Staff William Abadie ...... 5 Sergeant Justin Wenzel); 0805 (Staff Sergeant 0305 (Alan Bernard); 0307 (Alan Bernard); 0308 Justin Wenzel) (Alan Bernard); 0309 (Alan Bernard); 0311 (Alan Jose Guns Alves...... 2 Bernard) 0601 (Prison Guard); 0602 (Prison Guard) F. Murray Abraham ...... 16 Marcel P. Ames ...... 1 0210 (Dar Adal); 0301 (Dar Adal); 0302 (Dar Adal); 0710 (Aide to Saul) 0304 (Dar Adal); 0305 (Dar Adal); 0306 (Dar Walid Amini ...... 3 Adal); 0307 (Dar Adul); 0309 (Dar Adal); 0310 0309 (Josh Modarres); 0309 (Josh modarres); 0310 (Dar Adal); 0311 (Dar Adal); 0312 (Dar Adal); (Josh Modarres) 0402 (Dar Adal); 0403 (Dar Adal); 0411 (Dar Mohammad Amiri ...... 2 Adal); 0412 (Dar Adal); 0711 (Dar Adal) 0801 (Arman); 0810 (Arman) Omid Abtahi...... 1 Matan Amit...... 1 0104 (Raqim Faisel) 0202 (Sniper Team Leader) Numan Acar ...... 7 Gal Amitai ...... 1 0404 (Haissam Haqqani); 0406 (Haissam Haqqani); 0202 (Team Leader) 0407 (Haissam Haqqani); 0408 (Haissam Haqqani); Reymonde Amsallem...... 1 0409 (Haissam Haqqani); 0410 (Haissam Haqqani); 0504 (Uter’s Wife) 0411 (Haissam Haqqani) Bradford Anderson...... 2 Ellen Adair ...... 5 0609 (Trent); 0610 (Trent) 0701 (Janet Bayne); 0706 (Janet Bayne); 0709 (Janet Jacqueline Antaramian ...... 2 Bayne); 0711 (Janet Bayne); 0712 (Janet Bayne) 0604 (Dorit); 0812 (Dorit) Atheer Adel ...... 8 Bian Antir ...... 1 0501 (Guest Star); 0503 (Numan); 0504 (Numan); 0101 (Prison Guard) 0505 (Numan); 0507 (Numan); 0508 (Numan); Mary Apick ...... 1 0511 (Numan); 0512 (Numan) 0306 (Fariba) Florence Adjidome ...... 1 Tom Archdeacon ...... 1 0511 (Afro-German Woman) 0812 (Guest Star) David Adkins ...... 1 Tamara Arias ...... 1 0609 (Doctor Schouten) 0203 (Yadira / Flight Attendant) Esperanzia Adonis ...... 1 Amir Arison...... 2 0409 (Woman) 0102 (Prince Farid Bin Abbud); 0103 (Prince Farid Erol Afsin ...... 6 Bin Abbud) 0506 (Utku); 0507 (Utku); 0508 (Utku); 0509 (Utku); Liche Ariza...... 1 0510 (Utku); 0511 (Utku) 0602 (Bodega Proprietor) Sarah Agha ...... 1 Jennifer Armour ...... 1 0507 (Shatha Khalil) 0809 (Pentagon Spokesperson) Shabbir Ahmed...... 1 Tammy Arnold ...... 1 0405 (Store Owner) 0305 (Sen. Jocelyn Cates) Mazin Akar ...... 1 Thomas Arnold ...... 1 0310 (Iraqi Cop 3) 0511 (German Passenger) Michael Alban ...... 1 Peter Arpesella ...... 1 0708 (US Marshal) 0811 (German Bookstore Clerk) Devin Albert ...... 1 Tamer Arslan...... 3 0705 (Mourner) 0507 (Zaheer); 0509 (Zaheer); 0510 (Zaheer) Jeff Albertson ...... 1 Mackenzie Astin...... 6 0108 (FBI Swat Team Leader) 0701 (Guest Star); 0702 (Bill); 0707 (Bill Dunn); Casey Ford Alexander...... 1 0708 (Bill Dunn); 0709 (Bill Dunn); 0710 (Bill 0702 (Male Reporter) Dunn) James Alexander ...... 1 Sitara Attaie ...... 2 0401 (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) 0802 (Samira Noori); 0804 (Samira Noori) Shamail Ali ...... 1 Faycal Attougui ...... 1 0803 (Amadullah) 0804 (Amin Pashto Driver) Laila Alj ...... 2 Mohamed Attougui...... 3 0801 (Orzala Fayez); 0802 (Orzala Fayez) 0807 (Saad); 0808 (Saad); 0809 (Saad) Irshaad Ally ...... 1 Remy Auberjonois...... 1 0409 (Haji) 0110 (William Pritchard) Homeland Episode Guide

Armand Aucamp ...... 1 0506 (Polygrapher) 0402 (Frat Boy) Chris Bauer ...... 1 Jenny Austin ...... 1 0811 (Kevin Dance) 0207 (Waitress) Alireza Bayram ...... 7 Reggie Austin...... 1 0506 (Qasim); 0507 (Qasim); 0508 (Qasim); 0509 0108 (Matt) (Qasim); 0510 (Qasim); 0511 (Qasim); 0512 Laura Avnaim ...... 3 (Qasim) 0209 (Diner Patron); 0212 (Bar Patron); 0312 (CIA Anas El Baz ...... 1 Analyst) 0802 (Hotel CIA Security Guard) Gary Ayash ...... 1 Stephen Beach ...... 1 0701 (Professional Businessman / Hotel Guest) 0609 (Officer Jensen) Hend Ayoub ...... 1 Michelle Beck ...... 1 0109 (Zahira Gohar) 0512 (ICU Nurse #1) Anthony Azizi...... 1 Gabe Begneaud ...... 1 0608 (Nasser) 0110 (Young Man) Sandra Belforte ...... 1 0706 (Senator Paley Staffer) B Fehd Benchemsi ...... 1 0802 (Talib) Jan Böhme ...... 1 Esteban Benito ...... 1 0511 (German Father) 0805 (Airman Barajas) Dénes Bálind ...... 1 Abdenbi El Beniwi ...... 2 0712 (Moscow Police Officer) 0801 (Khalid); 0804 (Khalid) Christina Bach ...... 1 Marc Benjamin ...... 1 0702 (Female Reporter) 0507 (Theo) Mansour Badri ...... 1 0604 (Palestinian Man) Clé Bennett...... 5 Carolyn Baeumler...... 1 0705 (Doxie); 0706 (Doxie); 0707 (Doxie); 0711 (Doxie); 0609 (Police Officer) 0712 (Doxie) Abu Baker ...... 1 Dennis Benneyworth...... 1 0401 (Taliban Spokesman) 0402 (Priest) Dylan Baker ...... 8 Claire Berlein...... 1 0701 (Guest Star); 0702 (Senator Sam Paley); 0706 0405 (Woman) (Senator Sam Paley); 0708 (Senator Sam Pa- Jawed El Berni ...... 1 ley); 0709 (Senator Sam Paley); 0710 (Senator 0805 (Pashto fighter) Sam Paley); 0711 (Senator Sam Paley); 0712 Noemi Besedes ...... 1 (Senator Sam Paley) 0501 (Düring Receptionist) Mohammad Bakri ...... 7 Monte Bezell...... 1 0801 (Abdul Qadir G’ulom); 0802 (Abdul Qadir G’ulom); 0310 (Iraqi Cop 2) 0804 (Abdul Qadir G’ulom); 0805 (Abdul Qadir David Bishins ...... 1 G’ulom); 0806 (Abdul Qadir G’ulom); 0807 (Ab- 0210 (Robert Valence) dul Qadir G’ulom); 0808 (Abdul Qadir G’ulom) Rus Blackwell ...... 2 Israel Balderas ...... 1 0511 (Surgical Doctor); 0512 (Dr. Emory) 0101 (Reporter) Stephanie J. Block ...... 1 Talia Balsam ...... 2 0304 (Patricia Cooper) 0202 (Cynthia Walden); 0203 (Cynthia Walden) Janina Blohm-Sievers ...... 1 Michal Banai ...... 1 0504 (Sabine) 0407 (Haqqani’s Wife) Rainer Bock ...... 1 Chris Barnes ...... 1 0505 (BND Officer Keller) 0609 (Gun Shop Proprietor) Alan Boell...... 1 Joseph Barone ...... 1 0707 (FBI Tech) 0804 (Flight Engineer / Machine Gunner) Robert T. Bogue ...... 1 Cynthia Barrett ...... 1 0605 (ESU Captain Wilson) 0105 (CIA Officer) Karen Boles ...... 1 Mogamatdien Basadien ...... 1 0101 (CIA Analyst) 0410 (Vendor) John Bolger ...... 1 Ismail Bashey ...... 1 0605 (General) 0809 (Major Zulfikar) Nazanin Boniadi ...... 6 Austin Basis...... 1 0302 (Fara Sherazi); 0304 (Fara Sherazi); 0306 (Fara 0806 (Lonnie) Sherazi); 0307 (Fara Sherazi); 0308 (Fara Sher- Elya Baskin ...... 5 azi); 0310 (Fara Sherazi) 0708 (Viktor); 0711 (Victor); 0712 (Victor); 0810 Kristi Booher ...... 2 (Viktor Makarov); 0811 (Viktor Makarov) 0306 (Truck Stop Pedestrian); 0312 (CIA Jr. Ana- Joel Basman ...... 1 lyst) 0512 (Anders) Nick Boraine...... 4 Zahir Bassa ...... 2 0403 (Alan Hensleigh); 0406 (Alan Hensleigh); 0409 0405 (Qadir); 0406 (Qadir) (Alan Hensleigh); 0410 (Alan Hensleigh) Cynthia Bastidas...... 1 Andrew Borba ...... 1 0606 (Franny’s Teacher) 0812 (Berkle) Lucius Baston...... 1 Charles Borland...... 2 0204 (Paris Kembe) 0110 (Sanders); 0111 (Sanders) Matthew Bates ...... 1 Assaad Bouab ...... 1

290 Homeland Episode Guide

0502 (Waleed) 0605 (Police Officer) Abdeslam Bouhcini ...... 1 Don Calhoun ...... 2 0604 (Farez) 0204 (CIA Blue Team); 0206 (CIA Blue Team) Mehdi Boumalki...... 1 Hakim Callender ...... 1 0801 (Taliban Commander) 0211 (CIA Guard) Charlie Bouquenon ...... 1 Chelsea Cardwell...... 2 0410 (Captain Fox) 0102 (Maddie); 0107 (Maddie) Mohamed Boussalem ...... 1 John Cariani ...... 1 0801 (Colonel Jakhrani) 0212 (Jeff Ricker) Justin M. Boyd ...... 2 Mitch Carr...... 1 0105 (UPS Agent); 0106 (UPS Agent) 0701 (Newscaster #1) Adam Boyer ...... 1 Kerry Cashion ...... 1 0109 (Dan) 0201 (Reporter) Peter Bradbury ...... 1 Philip Casnoff ...... 1 0310 (General Pfister) 0612 (Christopher) Julie Bragg ...... 1 Orlagh Cassidy ...... 1 0705 (CNB Newscaster) 0612 (Rachel Crofts) Billy Brannigan ...... 1 Renée Castle...... 1 0612 (Protestor) 0801 (Night Nurse Emily) Caity Brewer...... 1 0301 (Holly) Brian Patrick Catalano ...... 1 Charles Brice ...... 5 0102 (Set Dresser) 0801 (Staff Sergeant John Durkin); 0802 (Staff Sergeant Robert Catrini ...... 1 John Durkin); 0803 (Staff Sergeant John Durkin); 0701 (Judge Julius Randolph) 0804 (Staff Sergeant John Durkin); 0805 (Staff Stephen Caudill ...... 1 Sergeant John Durkin) 0302 (Orderly) Beau Bridges ...... 7 Julee Cerda...... 4 0707 (Vice President Ralph Warner); 0710 (Vice Pres- 0610 (Reiko Umon); 0611 (Reiko Umon); 0702 (Reiko ident Ralph Warner); 0711 (Vice President Ralph Umon); 0707 (Reiko Umon) Warner); 0712 (Vice President Ralph Warner); Todd Cerveris ...... 1 0801 (President Warner); 0803 (President Ralph 0705 (Hoberman) Warner); 0804 (President Ralph Warner) Samrat Chakrabarti ...... 1 Brian Brightman ...... 1 0810 (Ambassador Rashad) 0709 (FBI Agent) Timothée Chalamet ...... 2 Tavia Brightwell ...... 1 0202 (Finn Walden); 0205 (Finn Walden) 0204 (Marine Veteran) Chris Chalk ...... 5 Alex Brock ...... 2 0101 (Tom Walker); 0108 (Tom Walker); 0109 (Tom 0809 (Special Ops Parker); 0810 (Parker) Walker); 0110 (Tom Walker); 0309 (Corporal Rod Brogan...... 1 Thomas Patrick Walker) 0609 (Dar’s Driver) Cliff Chamberlain...... 10 Reza Brojerdi ...... 4 0801 (Mike Dunne); 0802 (Mike Dunne); 0803 (Mike 0509 (Hanif); 0510 (Hanif); 0511 (Hanif); 0512 (Hanif) Dunne); 0804 (Mike Dunne); 0805 (Mike Dunne); Shelby Brown ...... 1 0806 (Mike Dunne); 0807 (Mike Dunne); 0808 0710 (CNB Reporter) (Mike Dunne); 0809 (Mike Dunne); 0810 (Mike Scott Bryce ...... 1 Dunne) 0104 (Major Foster) Sam Chance...... 5 Silvina Buchbauer ...... 1 0801 (Specialist Drew Soto); 0802 (Specialist Drew 0512 (Mother in Chapel) Soto); 0803 (Specialist Drew Soto); 0804 (Spe- Ali Mahmood Bukhari ...... 1 cialist Drew Soto); 0805 (Specialist Drew Soto) 0403 (Babar) Rohan Chand ...... 1 Michael Buoni...... 1 0109 (Issa Nazir) 0606 (Agent Mazilli) Viviana Chavez ...... 3 Mel Burch ...... 1 0103 (Estes’ Aide); 0104 (Aide to Estes); 0202 (Betsy’s 0701 (Prison Guard #1) Assistant) Jamaal Burcher ...... 1 Faust Checho ...... 1 0712 (White House Staff) 0609 (Hotel Manager) Tamer Burjaq ...... 3 Marina Chello ...... 1 0402 (Farhad Ghazi); 0405 (Farhad Ghazi); 0410 0708 (Russian Singer) (Farhad Ghazi) Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut ...... 5 Kate Burton ...... 1 0601 (Simone Bah); 0602 (Simone Bah); 0604 (Si- 0807 (Doris Warner) mone Bah); 0605 (Simone Bah); 0610 (Simone Norma Butikofer ...... 1 Bah) 0808 (Zabel’s Assistant) Cindy Cheung ...... 1 Jo Dee Butler...... 1 0308 (Bb-Gyn) 0402 (Nanny) Marcus Choi...... 1 Peter Butler...... 1 0403 (Dr. Malik Gorshani) 0606 (Tan) Sarita Choudhury ...... 12 0106 (Mira); 0107 (Mira Berenson); 0108 (Mira Beren- C son); 0301 (Mira Berenson); 0302 (Mira Beren- son); 0305 (Mira Berenson); 0306 (Mira Beren- Marko Caka ...... 1 son); 0307 (Mira Berenson); 0309 (Mira Beren-

291 Homeland Episode Guide

son); 0401 (Mira Berenson); 0409 (Mira Beren- Candice D’Arcy ...... 3 son); 0412 (Mira Berenson) 0401 (Female Marine); 0406 (Marine); 0410 (Ma- Shahir Chundra...... 1 rine Private) 0411 (Infrantry Major) James D’Arcy...... 6 Ernest St. Clair...... 1 0705 (Anson); 0706 (Anson); 0707 (Anson); 0710 0410 (Taliban Fighter) (Anson); 0711 (Anson); 0712 (Anson) Charles D. Clark ...... 1 Ryan Daddi...... 1 0707 (Secret Service Agent) 0211 (Virginia State Trooper) Victoria Clark ...... 1 Alan Dale ...... 1 0412 (Ellen Mathison) 0606 (President Morse) Robert Clotworthy...... 1 Elisabeth Daley ...... 1 0811 (Judge) 0701 (Hotel Guest) Oshri Cohen...... 1 Hugh Dancy ...... 6 0508 (Igal) 0807 (John Zabel); 0808 (John Zabel); 0809 (John Bonnie Cole ...... 1 Zabel); 0810 (John Zabel); 0811 (John Zabel); 0301 (Courtroom Observer) 0812 (John Zabel) Michael H. Cole ...... 1 Edward Daniels ...... 1 0101 (Bo Hall) 0707 (Major Jeremy Willows) Brandon Coleman...... 1 Siobhan Darrow...... 1 0812 (Vocalist) 0801 (Reporter #3) Chris Condetti...... 5 Jane Dashow ...... 1 0701 (Prisoner); 0702 (Prisoner); 0703 (Pedestrian); 0602 (Federal Judge) 0704 (AA Sponsor); 0705 (Mourner) Dane Davenport...... 1 Kevin M. Conte ...... 1 0701 (Jerome Jr.) 0301 (CIA Jr Analyst) Jason Davis ...... 1 Scot Cooper ...... 1 0108 (CIA Tech) 0412 (Dale) Javon Davis ...... 1 Neil Coppen ...... 1 0701 (Exterior Prison Guard) 0409 (Bill Franzen) Trent Dawson ...... 1 Allan Corduner...... 7 0110 (Kyle Galyean) 0503 (Üter); 0504 (Etai Uter); 0505 (Etai Uter); 0507 Kysionia Daye ...... 1 (Etai Luskin); 0508 (Etai Luskin); 0509 (Etai 0709 (Doctor) Luskin); 0604 (Etai Luskin) Marcia DeBonis ...... 2 Joe Corrigall...... 1 0303 (Abby. Jennifer); 0304 (Abby) 0805 (Commander) Andrea Deck ...... 11 Abigale Corrigan ...... 1 0801 (Jenna Bragg); 0802 (Jenna Bragg); 0803 (Jenna 0201 (Rebecca Morrison) Bragg); 0804 (Jenna Bragg); 0805 (Jenna Bragg); Derek Costin ...... 1 0806 (Jenna Bragg); 0807 (Jenna Bragg); 0808 0805 (JSOC Operative) (Jenna Bragg); 0809 (Jenna Bragg); 0810 (Jenna Paul Cottman...... 1 Bragg); 0811 (Jenna Bragg) 0701 (Senator Paley’s Staffer) Kemaal Deen-Ellis ...... 1 Emily Cox...... 1 0809 (Urchin) 0504 (Claudia) Raja Deka ...... 1 Chris Coy ...... 1 0201 (Omar) 0608 (Rudy) Matt Dellapina ...... 1 Chris Cozort ...... 1 0607 (Randy Barbetta) 0103 (Scruffy Vet) Erik Todd Dellums ...... 1 Christopher Cozort...... 3 0303 (Dr. Graham) 0205 (Driver); 0209 (Driver); 0302 (Orderly) Celeste Den...... 1 Robert Crayton ...... 1 0602 (Liz Nash) 0201 (Demonstrator) Naz Deravian ...... 1 Jake Crocker ...... 1 0311 (Nassrin) 0706 (Bar Patron) Harj Dhillon ...... 1 Kendrick Cross...... 2 0805 (G’ulom’s Lieutenant) 0701 (Secret Service Agent Roger); 0707 (Secret Jerry DiLeo ...... 1 Service Agent) 0701 (Police Officer) Paul Ron Cruz...... 1 Max DiNatale ...... 1 0712 (White House Staff) 0102 (Club Patron) Valerie Cruz ...... 1 David Diaan ...... 2 0202 (Major Joy Mendez) 0311 (Masud Sharazi); 0312 (Masud Sharazi) Emilio Cuesta ...... 4 Autumn Dial ...... 1 0801 (Specialist Charlie Stoudt); 0802 (Specialist 0301 (Olivia) Charlie Stoudt); 0804 (Specialist Charlie Stoudt); Jessica Dickey...... 2 0805 (Specialist Charlie Stoudt) 0606 (Thompson); 0609 (Thompson) Catherine Curtin ...... 7 Gordon Dillard Jr...... 4 0706 (Sandy); 0707 (Sandy); 0708 (Sandy); 0709 0209 (FBI Agent); 0210 (FBI Agent); 0211 (FBI Agent); (Sandy); 0710 (Sandy); 0711 (Sandy); 0712 0212 (FBI Agent) (Sandy) Troy Dillinger...... 2 0811 (French UN Delegate); 0812 (French UN Del- egate) D Gregory Divers ...... 1

292 Homeland Episode Guide

0710 (Funeral Attendee) F Emily Donahoe ...... 1 0307 (Susan Roberts) Tinka Fürst...... 1 Trina Dong ...... 1 0505 (Female Hacker) 0811 (Nurse) Steven Fabian ...... 1 Martin Donovan...... 3 0604 (Reporter #1) 0304 (Bennett); 0308 (Bennett); 0309 (Bennett) Yassine Fadel...... 1 Sharif Dorani...... 1 0603 (Mossad Tech) 0807 (Barlas) Mark Falvo ...... 1 Jan Dose ...... 1 0812 (Politician) 0509 (Command & Control Man) Ramsey Faragallah...... 3 Kimberley Drummond ...... 1 0108 (Mansour Al-Zahrani); 0109 (Mansour Al-Zahrani); 0306 (Angela) 0110 (Mansour Al-Zahrani) Ian Duff...... 1 Omar Farahmand ...... 1 0604 (Mbengeh) 0804 (Bilal Khan) Ercan Durmaz ...... 2 Aaron Farb ...... 1 0510 (Faisal Marwan); 0511 (Faisal Marwan) 0302 (Lawyer) Jordan Duvigneau ...... 1 Francesca Faridany ...... 1 0810 (Lieutenant Joss Morrell) 0710 (Olivia) Nasser Faris ...... 2 0110 (Tailor); 0111 (Tailor) E William Farrell ...... 1 0609 (Co-Worker #2) Sarah East ...... 1 Gabe Fazio...... 1 0709 (RCB Reporter) 0608 (Frank Kolacek) Lamont Easter ...... 9 Fahim Fazli...... 1 0701 (President Keane Secret Service); 0703 (Pres- 0501 (Video Jihadist) ident Keane Secret Service); 0704 (President Roberto De Felice ...... 1 Keane Secret Service); 0705 (President Keane 0606 (Guest Star) Secret Service); 0706 (President Keane Secret Jennifer Ferrin ...... 2 Service); 0707 (President Keane Secret Ser- 0706 (Guest Star); 0708 (Charlotte) vice); 0708 (President Keane Secret Service); Enya Flack ...... 1 0711 (President Keane Secret Service); 0712 0701 (Desk Clerk) (President Keane Secret Service) Ari Fliakos ...... 5 Mark Ebulué ...... 1 0705 (Bennet); 0706 (Bennet); 0707 (Bennet); 0711 0806 (Second Guard) (Bennet); 0712 (Bennet) Preslaysa Edwards ...... 5 Keith Flippen ...... 1 0706 (White House Staffer); 0707 (Pedestrian); 0708 0307 (Partner) (Pedestrian); 0709 (Pedestrian); 0710 (Nurse) David Fonteno...... 1 Dylan Edy ...... 1 0304 (Robert Strauss) 0408 (Special Forces #2) Kenneth Fox...... 1 Eray Egilmez ...... 1 0411 (Contractor) 0501 (Abdullah) Anna Francolini ...... 1 Elham Ehsas ...... 5 0801 (Dr. Foley) 0803 (Jalal Haqqani); 0807 (Jalal Haqqani); 0808 Arthur French ...... 1 (Jalal Haqqani); 0809 (Jalal Haqqani); 0810 0608 (Homeless Man) (Jalal Haqqani) Laura French...... 3 Jon Eiswerth ...... 1 0704 (News Anchor); 0711 (News Anchor); 0712 0811 (U.S. Bookstore Owner) (News Anchor) Michael Elian...... 1 Erica Frene ...... 1 0601 (Security Guard DeMarco) 0704 (Local Police Officer) Ariel Eliaz...... 1 Rupert Friend ...... 14 0612 (National Guardsman) 0204 (Peter Quinn); 0208 (Peter Quinn); 0209 (Pe- Lance Elliot...... 1 ter Quinn); 0210 (Peter Quinn); 0211 (Peter 0403 (Tom) Quinn); 0212 (Peter Quinn); 0301 (Peter Quinn); Clara Emanuel ...... 1 0302 (Peter Quinn); 0303 (Peter Quinn); 0305 0511 (Surgical Nurse #2) (Peter Quinn); 0306 (Peter Quinn); 0307 (Pe- Elle Emerson ...... 1 ter Quinn); 0309 (Peter Quinn); 0504 (Peter 0709 (Reporter) Quinn) Uriel Emil...... 1 Konstantin Frolov ...... 1 0504 (Radwan) 0509 (Dmitri) Vickie Eng ...... 2 Samir Fuchs...... 1 0101 (Elizabeth Chu); 0707 (Hotel Desk Clerk) 0501 (Sheik Hafiz) Julie Engelbrecht ...... 1 Mark C. Fullhardt...... 1 0811 (Young Anna) 0612 (Protestor) Amine Ennaji...... 1 Dominic Fumusa...... 5 0801 (Taliban Fighter) 0601 (Ray Conlin); 0602 (Ray Conlin); 0603 (Ray Des Epps ...... 2 Conlin); 0605 (Ray Conlin); 0606 (Ray Conlin) 0103 (Young Vet); 0104 (Younger Vet) Patrick St. Esprit...... 1 0401 (Aaron) G

293 Homeland Episode Guide

Gene Gabriel ...... 1 0406 (Tech); 0407 (Tech); 0408 (Tech); 0411 (Tech 0612 (Secret Service Agent #1) #1) Karen Gagnon ...... 2 Bruce W Greene...... 2 0711 (Saul’s Interpreter); 0712 (Saul’s Interpreter) 0302 (Orderly); 0306 (Truck Stop Patron) Jeff Galfer ...... 1 Felicia Greenfield...... 1 0804 (Paul Bachman) 0605 (Tina Myers) Matthias Gall...... 3 Brandon Gregory...... 1 0509 (Officer #1); 0511 (Police Commander); 0512 0305 (Clerk) (Police Commander) James Gray Griffin...... 1 Julian Gamble ...... 1 0709 (Orderly) 0707 (Judge) Courtney Grosbeck ...... 5 Martina Garcia ...... 1 0701 (Josie); 0702 (Josie); 0706 (Josie Mathison- 0303 (Esme) Dunn); 0707 (Josie Mathison-Dunn); 0710 (Josie Yves Garnier...... 1 Mathison-Dunn) 0407 (PAF Lieutenant) Ira Grossman...... 1 Brent Moorer Gaskins ...... 1 0703 (Compound Neighbor / Father) 0701 (Hotel Guest) Brittany Guess ...... 1 Jay Gates ...... 2 0708 (Julia Clarke) 0101 (Estes’ Aide); 0705 (Sound Guy) Tim Guinee ...... 15 Aurelien Gaya ...... 1 0202 (Scott Ryan); 0301 (Scott Ryan); 0308 (Scott 0701 (Private Trotti) Ryan); 0309 (Scott Ryan); 0310 (Scott Ryan); Bethany Geaber ...... 1 0801 (Scott Ryan); 0802 (Scott Ryan); 0804 0207 (Diane Johnston) (Scott Ryan); 0805 (Scott Ryan); 0806 (Scott Cornelius Geaney Jr...... 1 Ryan); 0807 (Scott Ryan); 0808 (Scott Ryan); 0804 (Plainclothes Agent) 0809 (Scott Ryan); 0811 (Scott Ryan); 0812 Rachel St. Gelais ...... 1 (Scott Ryan) 0106 (Josie Mathison) Matt Gulbranson...... 2 Renee St. Gelais...... 1 0703 (Secretary of State); 0710 (Secretary of State) 0106 (Ruby Mathison) Jeff Gurner ...... 1 Brett Gentile...... 1 0606 (Burly Cop) 0307 (Forensic Tech) Ronald Guttman ...... 1 Nazli George ...... 1 0606 (Viktor) 0411 (Staff Nurse) George Georgiou ...... 2 H 0501 (Al-Amin); 0511 (Al-Amin) Bridget Gethins ...... 1 Sebastian Hülk...... 3 0107 (Clerk) 0509 (Hans Podoloski); 0510 (Hans Podolski); 0511 John Getz...... 4 (Hans Podolski) 0412 (Guest Star); 0501 (Joe); 0510 (Joe); 0612 Sebastian Húlk...... 1 (Joe Crocker) 0512 (Hans Podolski) Aaron Gillespie ...... 1 Yasmin Hadar ...... 1 0708 (Secure Site Guard) 0202 (Female Worshipper #2) Joe Giorgio ...... 1 Mustafa Haidari ...... 4 0606 (Officer Vreeland) 0805 (Firooz); 0806 (Firooz); 0807 (Firooz); 0808 Christoph Glaubacker ...... 1 (Firooz) 0506 (Lead Guard) Mitchell Hall...... 3 Adam Godley ...... 1 0605 (ESU Lieutenant Marcus); 0808 (Chief Cullen); 0402 (Jordan Harris) 0808 (ESU Lieutenant Marcus) Stephan Goldbach ...... 1 Keya Hamilton ...... 2 0811 (Stasi Officer #1) 0301 (Courtroom Observer); 0312 (CIA Jr Analyst) Ash Goldeh ...... 1 Aziz Hamrah...... 1 0802 (Omar) 0806 (Gahiz Electronic Vendor) Lynn Golden ...... 2 Azizullah Hamrah ...... 1 0611 (Protester); 0612 (Protestor) 0806 (Gahiz Electronic Vendor) Christopher Jon Gombos ...... 1 Mariam Haque ...... 1 0703 (Officer Jarewski) 0809 (Pakistani News Anchor) Georgia Goodman ...... 1 Ray Haratian ...... 1 0801 (Nurse Laura) 0808 (Kabul Prison Warden) Adam Goodnoff-Cernese...... 1 Amy Hargreaves ...... 19 0610 (Delivery guy) 0102 (Maggie Mathison); 0106 (Maggie Mathison); Jordan Googe ...... 1 0107 (Maggie Mathison); 0111 (Maggie Math- 0201 (Brody Supporter) ison); 0201 (Maggie Mathison); 0302 (Maggie John D. Gordon ...... 1 Mathison); 0312 (Maggie Mathison); 0401 (Mag- 0701 (Prisoner) gie Mathison); 0402 (Maggie Mathison); 0411 Hicham Goullal ...... 1 (Maggie Mathison); 0412 (Maggie Mathison); 0810 (Afghan Gate Guard) 0701 (Maggie Mathison); 0702 (Maggie Math- Valerie Grace ...... 1 ison); 0703 (Maggie Mathison); 0704 (Maggie 0709 (Saul’s Secretary) Mathison); 0707 (Maggie Mathison); 0708 (Mag- Dayne Green ...... 1 gie Mathison); 0710 (Maggie Mathison); 0812 0409 (Boy) (Maggie Mathison) Gary Green ...... 4 Sara Harman ...... 1

294 Homeland Episode Guide

0612 (Protestor) 0804 (Flight Ops); 0805 (Flight Ops) Jaden Harmon ...... 1 Nina Hoss ...... 11 0108 (Lucas Walker) 0411 (Astrid); 0501 (Astrid); 0503 (Astrid); 0505 Lucky Harmon ...... 1 (Astrid); 0509 (Astrid); 0510 (Astrid); 0511 (Astrid); 0706 (Grad Student (Feature)) 0512 (Astrid); 0606 (Astrid); 0608 (Astrid); 0609 Jason Butler Harner ...... 3 (Astrid) 0303 (Paul Franklin); 0304 (Paul Franklin); 0308 John S. Howell Sr...... 3 (Paul Franklin) 0701 (Coffee shop patron); 0705 (Funeral Patron); Hill Harper...... 8 0707 (Audience Member) 0601 (Rob Hemmis); 0602 (Rob Hemmis); 0604 (Rob Annie Humphrey ...... 3 Hemmis); 0605 (Rob Emmons); 0606 (Rob Em- 0702 (Mary Elkins); 0704 (Mary Elkins); 0705 (Mary mons); 0608 (Rob Emmons); 0609 (Rob Em- Elkins) mons); 0612 (Rob Emmons) David Hunt ...... 1 Jeremy Harrison ...... 1 0801 (Jim Turrow) 0101 (Delta Commander) Emmett Hunter ...... 1 Cory Hart ...... 2 0708 (Med Tech) 0703 (FBI Agent Goodman); 0704 (FBI Agent Good- Elena Hurst ...... 2 man) 0601 (Latisha the Nanny); 0605 (Latisha) Jörg Hartmann...... 1 Alex Hurt ...... 1 0512 (Dr. Rudolf) 0704 (Guest Star) TJ Hassan ...... 1 0212 (Sentry Jones) Kathryn J. Hatam...... 1 I 0710 (White House Staffer) Earl Vincent Sherwood II ...... 1 Jason Hatfield...... 3 0605 (Police Officer) 0102 (Pittman); 0105 (Pittman); 0106 (Pittman) George Bryant II...... 2 Micah Hauptman ...... 5 0103 (Discussion Group Leader); 0104 (Discussion 0501 (Mills); 0503 (Mills); 0506 (Mills); 0508 (Mills); Leader) 0512 (Mills) James Hager II ...... 1 Craig Hawks...... 1 0708 (CIA Security Guard) 0403 (Marine Sergeant) Thom Scott II ...... 1 Ed Heavey ...... 1 0710 (Anesthesiologist) 0611 (Tattooed Vet) René Ifrah ...... 7 Deborah Hedwall...... 2 0506 (Bibi); 0507 (Bibi); 0508 (Bibi); 0509 (Bibi); 0605 (Marjorie Diehl); 0606 (Marjorie Diehl) 0510 (Bibi Hamed); 0511 (Bibi Hamed); 0512 Mamad Heidari...... 1 (Bibi Hamed) 0807 (Afghan Court Police Officer) Barbara Marie Immelman ...... 1 Manley Henry ...... 1 0402 (Widow) 0812 (Security Guard) Marin Ireland...... 1 Viktor Hernandez ...... 1 0107 (Aileen Morgan) 0107 (Federale) Vincent Irizarry...... 1 Larry Herring...... 1 0307 (Captain Lonza) 0701 (Man In Lobby) George Iskander...... 1 Anna Herrmann...... 2 0202 (Local Chaser) 0504 (Katja); 0505 (Katja) Mark Ivanir ...... 9 Benjamin Hicquel ...... 3 0504 (Krupin); 0505 (Krupin); 0507 (Ivan Krupin); 0807 (Victor); 0808 (Victor); 0809 (Victor) 0508 (Ivan Krupin); 0509 (Ivan Krupin); 0510 Jay Hieron...... 1 (Ivan Krupin); 0512 (Ivan Krupin); 0705 (Guest 0610 (Shaw) Star); 0706 (Ivan Krupin) Christian Higgins ...... 1 D Ivery...... 1 0203 (Wounded Veteran) 0610 (ACS Employee) Garrett Hines...... 1 0301 (Sandy) Marin Hinkle ...... 2 J 0612 (Christine Lonas); 0710 (Christine Lonas) Robert Hobbs...... 1 Wil J. Jackson...... 1 0409 (PMC Gary) 0701 (Prison Guard #2) Gaby Hoffmann ...... 1 Adnan Jaffar ...... 1 0103 (CNN producer) 0809 (General Aziz) Anna Holbrook ...... 1 Raza Jaffrey ...... 7 0801 (Robin) 0404 (Aasar Khan); 0405 (Aasar Khan); 0407 (Aasar Tom Holloway ...... 1 Khan); 0408 (Aasar Khan); 0409 (Aasar Khan); 0806 (Staff Sgt Wynham) 0410 (Aasar Khan); 0411 (Aasar Khan) Amy Holmes ...... 1 Sakina Jaffrey...... 3 0604 (Reporter #3) 0702 (Guest Star); 0703 (Dr. Meyer); 0710 (Doctor) Sandrine Holt ...... 8 Zainab Jah ...... 4 0702 (Simone Martin); 0703 (Simone Martin); 0705 0601 (Mrs. Bah); 0602 (Aby Bah); 0604 (Aby Bah); (Simone Martin); 0706 (Simone Martin); 0708 0605 (Aby Bah) (Simone Martin); 0709 (Simone Martin); 0711 Bradley James ...... 1 (Simone Martin); 0712 (Simone Martin) 0401 (J.G. Edgars) Lauren Hooper ...... 2 Hilary Jardine ...... 1

295 Homeland Episode Guide

0808 (Claudette Fletcher) Clara Khoury ...... 1 Anton David Jeftha ...... 2 0202 (Fatima Ali) 0409 (Marine Sergeant Mullen); 0410 (Sergeant Mullen) Jamil Khoury...... 1 Stephen Jennings ...... 1 0101 (Iraqi Officer) 0402 (Admiral) Makram Khoury...... 2 Pope Jerrod...... 1 0507 (Samir Khalil); 0508 (Samir Khalil) 0401 (General Josiah Loch) Katie Killacky...... 1 Charmar Jeter...... 1 0706 (Frances (Saul’s Assistant)) 0605 (NU FBI Agent) Mike Killian...... 1 Cal Johnson ...... 3 0110 (Sniper) 0202 (Stunt Utility); 0204 (Navy Seal #1); 0301 (Shadow Sue Jean Kim ...... 1 Figure) 0712 (Guest Star) Clark Johnson ...... 1 Tess Malis Kincaid ...... 1 0307 (Detective Calvin Johnson) 0708 (Shari Braun) Dean Johnson...... 1 Michael Houston King ...... 1 0409 (Guard) 0712 (Michael Priess) Michael D. Joseph ...... 1 Pierre Kiwitt ...... 1 0609 (Homeless Bag Man) 0511 (ER Dr. Holst) Eva Maria Jost ...... 1 Diego Klattenhoff ...... 13 0509 (Tech #2) 0201 (Mike Faber); 0202 (Mike Faber); 0203 (Mike Darina El Joundi...... 1 Faber); 0204 (Mike Faber); 0205 (Mike Faber); 0504 (Mrs. Youssef) 0206 (Mike Faber); 0207 (Mike Faber); 0208 Hemali Juta-Pillay ...... 1 (Mike Faber); 0209 (Mike Faber); 0210 (Mike 0401 (Burqa) Faber); 0211 (Mike Faber); 0212 (Mike Faber); 0304 (Mike Faber) Kyle Klaus ...... 1 K 0601 (TAC Team #1) Arnd Klawitter...... 1 Hillal Kabub ...... 1 0511 (German Lawyer) 0202 (Hezbollah Leader) Robert Knepper ...... 3 Obaid Kadwani ...... 2 0601 (General Jamie McClendon); 0612 (General 0601 (Waldorf Reporter #2); 0611 (Reporter) Jamie McClendon); 0701 (General Jamie Mc- Ian Kahn...... 1 Clendon) 0605 (Roger) Sebastian Koch...... 1 Tim Kalkhof ...... 1 0601 (Otto Düring) 0506 (Cameraman) Seear Kohi ...... 6 Adonis Kapsalis ...... 1 0803 (Balach); 0805 (Balach); 0806 (Balach); 0808 0806 (First Guard) (Balach); 0809 (Balach); 0810 (Balach) Natacha Karam...... 1 Rebecca Koon ...... 1 0603 (Mina Becker) 0106 (Faisel’s Assistant) Nimrat Kaur ...... 9 Mehmet Korhan ...... 1 0404 (Tasneem Qureshi); 0405 (Tasneem Qureshi); 0306 (Arab Guard) 0406 (Tasneem Qureshi); 0407 (Tasneem Qureshi); Johnny Kostrey ...... 1 0408 (Tasneem Qureshi); 0409 (Tasneem Qureshi); 0812 (Valeri) 0410 (Nasneem Qureshi); 0411 (Tasneem Qureshi); Taylor Kowalski ...... 6 0412 (Tasneem Qureshi) 0101 (Xander); 0103 (Xander); 0107 (Xander); 0111 Claire Keane ...... 14 (Xander); 0203 (Xander); 0204 (Xander) 0601 (Franny); 0602 (Franny); 0604 (Franny); 0605 Mousa Kraish ...... 1 (Franny); 0606 (Franny); 0608 (Franny); 0701 0502 (Behruz) (Franny); 0702 (Franny); 0704 (Franny); 0706 Kaylee Kristin ...... 1 (Franny); 0707 (Franny); 0708 (Franny); 0709 0701 (Coat Check Woman) (Franny); 0710 (Franny) Austin Ku...... 1 McKenna Keane ...... 13 0706 (Kevin Chan) 0601 (Franny); 0602 (Franny); 0604 (Franny); 0605 Justin Kucsulain...... 3 (Franny); 0606 (Franny); 0608 (Franny); 0702 0703 (Andy Burke); 0704 (Andy Burke); 0705 (Andy (Franny); 0704 (Franny); 0706 (Franny); 0707 Burke) (Franny); 0708 (Franny); 0709 (Franny); 0710 Akshay Kumar ...... 3 (Franny) 0401 (Rahim); 0402 (Shahim); 0411 (Rahim) Christian Keiber...... 1 Chad Kurtz ...... 2 0611 (Security Officer) 0201 (Secret Service); 0210 (Navy Seal) Chance Kelly ...... 1 Hussi Kutlucan ...... 1 0308 (Interrogator) 0501 (Ali) Meredyth Kenney ...... 1 Misha Kuznetsov ...... 1 0601 (Waldorf Reporter #1) 0711 (General Yakushin) Tyrone Keogh...... 1 0408 (Special Forces #1) Donnie Keshawarz ...... 2 L 0309 (Hafez ’A-Z’ Azizi); 0310 (Hafez ’A-Z’ Azizi) Mobin Khan ...... 1 Nick LaRocca ...... 1 0812 (Pakistan UN Delegate Khan) 0705 (Driver) Tufail Khan...... 1 Christina Lamb ...... 2 0401 (Pakistani News Anchor) 0804 (Int’l TV Reporter); 0804 (Int’l TV Reporter)

296 Homeland Episode Guide

Mehdi Lamrini...... 1 0612 (FBI Agent) 0810 (CIA Officer) Gulam Mahomed...... 1 Reese Langlois...... 1 0407 (Elderly Patient) 0707 (Audience Member) Abraham Makany ...... 1 Alex Lanipekun...... 4 0310 (Iraqi Cop 1) 0401 (Hank Wonham); 0407 (Hank Wonham); 0409 David Maldonado ...... 3 (Hank Wonham); 0502 (Hank Wonham) 0702 (Bo Elkins); 0703 (Bo Elkins); 0704 (Bo Elkins) Anika Larsen ...... 2 Christopher Maleki ...... 2 0401 (CNB Anchor); 0410 (News Anchor) 0804 (President Daoud); 0805 (President Daoud) Michele Lawler ...... 1 Art Malik...... 7 0310 (Lorraine) 0404 (Bunny Latif); 0407 (Bunny Latif); 0408 (Bunny Elizabeth Ashley Lawson ...... 1 Latif); 0409 (Bunny Latif); 0802 (Bunny Latif); 0109 (Protestor) 0807 (Bunny Latif); 0809 (Bunny Latif) Charmin Lee...... 2 Kevork Malikyan ...... 1 0706 (Ellen Lichter); 0708 (Ellen Lichter) 0801 (Agha Jan) Eugene Lee ...... 3 Mouhcine Malzi ...... 1 0803 (General Mears); 0804 (General Mears); 0805 0604 (Palestinian Policeman) (General Mears) Bianca Simone Mannie ...... 1 Fredric Lehne ...... 2 0401 (Female Analyst) 0703 (General Rossen); 0707 (General Rossen) Leo Manzari ...... 3 Jacob Leinbach ...... 1 0601 (Guest Star); 0602 (Saad Mahsud); 0606 (Saad 0201 (Tad Groote) Mahsud) Atossa Leoni...... 1 Adnan Maral ...... 1 0502 (Fatima) 0501 (Ambassador Jamil) L. Derek Leonidoff ...... 1 David Marciano ...... 20 0108 (Interviewer) 0101 (Virgil); 0102 (Virgil); 0104 (Virgil); 0105 (Vir- Tracy Letts ...... 6 gil); 0106 (Virgil); 0110 (Virgil); 0201 (Virgil); 0301 (Sen. Andrew Lockhart); 0302 (Sen. Andrew 0202 (Virgil); 0203 (Virgil); 0204 (Virgil); 0205 Lockhart); 0305 (Andrew Lockhart); 0306 (An- (Virgil); 0206 (Virgil); 0207 (Virgil); 0208 (Vir- drew Lockhart); 0307 (Senator Andrew Lock- gil); 0209 (Virgil); 0210 (Virgil); 0211 (Virgil); hart); 0309 (Andrew Lockhart) 0212 (Virgil); 0304 (Virgil); 0309 (Virgil) David Neal Levin ...... 1 Lesli Margherita ...... 4 0704 (Cash Express Employee) 0608 (Sharon); 0701 (Sharon); 0702 (Sharon); 0703 Damian Lewis ...... 1 (Sharon Aldright) 0407 (Nicholas Brody) Dreah Marie ...... 1 Jon Lindstrom...... 1 0708 (ER Nurse) 0812 (Claude Geroux) István Draco Markolt ...... 1 Markus von Lingen ...... 1 0711 (Masked Guard) 0504 (Dr. Droz) Lynn Marocola ...... 4 Evelyn Liu ...... 1 0603 (Police Officer); 0605 (Police Officer); 0610 0611 (Secret Service Agent) (Police Officer); 0611 (Police Officer) Jessejames Locorriere ...... 1 Nicholas Marocola ...... 1 0305 (Border Guard) 0603 (Police Officer) Faith Logan...... 4 Jennifer Marsala ...... 2 0602 (Alexandra); 0603 (Alexandra); 0610 (Alexan- 0303 (Amanda Lambert); 0304 (Amanda Lambert) dra); 0611 (Alexandra) Max Volkert Martens...... 2 Anthony Michael Lopez ...... 1 0511 (TV Anchor); 0512 (TV Anchor) 0601 (Hugo) Amber Martinez ...... 1 Carlos Alberto Lopez ...... 1 0812 (Russian Concert Attendee) 0301 (Edgar Hernandez Cedeno) Fernando Martinez...... 1 Jonah Lotan ...... 1 0302 (Security Guard) 0202 (Rudy McCoy) Mike Marunde...... 1 David Loyn ...... 1 0705 (Heckler #1) 0801 (Reporter #1) Nikki Massoud ...... 2 Ahmed Lucan ...... 3 0601 (Adama); 0603 (Adama) 0305 (Navid); 0306 (Navid); 0307 (Navid) Neal Matarazzo ...... 1 Vaughn Lucas ...... 1 0606 (Danny Jones) 0407 (Security Guard) Livia Matthes ...... 1 George Ludden ...... 2 0511 (Female College Student) 0701 (Pedestrian); 0705 (Mourner) Dean Lyons...... 1 Drew Matthews...... 1 0211 (Angry Driver) 0710 (VP Aide Kyle) Richard De Mayo...... 2 0801 (CIA Officer Richard); 0802 (CIA Officer Richard) M Michael McCauley...... 1 0212 (Man) Craig Macrae ...... 1 Mike McColl ...... 1 0411 (PMC) 0412 (Guest Star) John Madigan ...... 2 J. Mallory McCree...... 4 0609 (EComCom Employee); 0610 (EComCom Em- 0601 (Sekou Bah); 0602 (Sekou Bah); 0603 (Sekou ployee) Bah); 0604 (Sekou Bah) Parker Madison ...... 1 Allie McCulloch...... 1

297 Homeland Episode Guide

0202 (Betsy Kenny) Jaylen Moore ...... 3 James Allen McCune ...... 1 0309 (Eric Baraz); 0310 (Eric Baraz); 0802 (Eric 0107 (Jeff) Baraz) Kristen McFann ...... 1 Jeff Moore ...... 5 0305 (News Anchor) 0701 (Whitehouse Staffer); 0703 (Whitehouse Staffer); Liz McGeever ...... 1 0705 (TV Producer); 0706 (Wellington’s Driver); 0705 (Kira Korrigan) 0709 (Reporter) Gemma McIlhenny ...... 1 Kelly L. Moran...... 1 0709 (FBI) 0709 (Reporter) Jock McKissic ...... 1 Bobby Moreno...... 1 0709 (Parking Lot Attendant) 0601 (Tommy) Robin McLeavy ...... 2 Laura Morgan ...... 2 0811 (Charlotte Benson); 0812 (Charlotte Benson) 0805 (Aide); 0808 (Aide) Amanda McNulty...... 1 Adam Morjany...... 1 0611 (Hotel Guest) 0801 (Zarawar) George McPherson ...... 1 Mark Moses ...... 7 0203 (Body Guard) 0404 (Dennis Boyd); 0405 (Dennis Boyd); 0406 (Den- Edelen McWilliams...... 1 nis Boyd); 0407 (Dennis Boyd); 0408 (Den- 0212 (Sloane Nelson) nis Boyd); 0409 (Dennis Boyd); 0410 (Dennis Greg Mckenzie...... 1 Boyd) 0505 (Reporter) William R. Moses...... 1 Anthony Mecca...... 1 0503 (Scott) 0607 (Larijani) Aaron T. Mott...... 1 Juno Meinecke ...... 2 0712 (White House Staffer) 0505 (Hacker #2); 0505 (Hacker #2) James Mount...... 8 Tania Mejia ...... 1 0603 (Agent Thoms); 0604 (Agent Thoms); 0605 0710 (Judge Moreno) (Agent Thoms); 0606 (Agent Thoms); 0608 (Agent Nasser Memarzia...... 1 Thoms); 0610 (Agent Thoms); 0611 (Agent Thoms); 0807 (Presiding Judge) 0612 (Agent Thoms) Marc Menchaca ...... 4 Zihab Muchreb ...... 1 0202 (Lauder Wakefield); 0203 (Lauder Wakefield); 0202 (Female Worshipper #1) 0204 (Lauder Wakefield); 0206 (Lauder Wake- Stefanie Mueller...... 2 field) 0511 (Erna Richter); 0512 (Erna Richter) Dan Mengini...... 1 Mugga...... 1 0102 (Alan Quick) 0601 (Mona) Jarreth J. Merz...... 1 Mahmood Muhammed...... 1 0506 (Hajik) 0405 (Cop) Kaitlin Mesh...... 1 Jamal Mukaddam...... 1 0601 (Justine) 0405 (Clerk) Euseph Messiah...... 1 Tatyana Mukha ...... 2 0701 (Hay Adams Hotel Concierge) 0811 (Anna Pomerantseva); 0812 (Anna Pomerant- Gyula Mesterházy ...... 1 seva) 0712 (Oleg) Justin Munitz ...... 2 Roberto Meyer...... 1 0406 (Spotter); 0409 (Drone Operator) 0407 (Marwand) Chi Mhende ...... 1 N 0407 (Aide) Zain Mia ...... 1 Ravi Naidu...... 1 0410 (Mohsen) 0102 (Broker) Brian Michael ...... 1 July Namir ...... 1 0704 (Nate) 0511 (Khadjia) Scott Miles...... 1 Igal Naor ...... 1 0211 (Police Officer) 0504 (General Youssef) Alex Miller ...... 1 Alfredo Narciso ...... 2 0701 (Bellboy Jack) 0601 (Senator Elian Coto); 0612 (Senator Elian Coto) Cheryl E. Miller ...... 1 Anton Narinskiy...... 1 0701 (Newscaster #2) 0812 (Tolya) Kelly Miller ...... 1 Sergey Nasibov ...... 1 0606 (Reporter Tom) 0811 (Andrei Kuznetsov) Michelle Simone Miller...... 1 Ramita Navai ...... 1 0609 (Co-Worker #1) 0801 (Reporter #2) Antwan Mills ...... 1 Melissa Navia...... 1 0712 (Prison Warden Ortiz) 0704 (Julie) Roman Mitichyan ...... 2 Farzana Nawabi ...... 1 0805 (Taliban); 0812 (GRU) 0804 (Samira’s Friend) Sibongile Mlambo ...... 1 Mehdi Nebbou...... 3 0403 (Jackie Marr) 0505 (Hussein); 0506 (Hussein); 0511 (Hussein) John Moon ...... 1 Navid Negahban ...... 19 0712 (Chief Justice) 0101 (Abu Nazir); 0102 (Abu Nazir); 0103 (Abu Nazir); Adrienne C. Moore ...... 1 0104 (Abu Nazir); 0105 (Abu Nazir); 0106 (Abu 0710 (Rhonda) Nazir); 0109 (Abu Nazir); 0201 (Abu Nazir);

298 Homeland Episode Guide

0202 (Abu Nazir); 0203 (Abu Nazir); 0204 (Abu Jackson Pace ...... 14 Nazir); 0205 (Abu Nazir); 0206 (Abu Nazir); 0101 (Chris Brody); 0201 (Chris Brody); 0202 (Chris 0207 (Abu Nazir); 0208 (Abu Nazir); 0209 (Abu Brody); 0203 (Chris Brody); 0204 (Chris Brody); Nazir); 0210 (Abu Nazir); 0211 (Abu Nazir); 0205 (Chris Brody); 0206 (Chris Brody); 0207 0212 (Abu Nazir) (Chris Brody); 0208 (Chris Brody); 0209 (Chris Adam Neill...... 1 Brody); 0210 (Chris Brody); 0211 (Chris Brody); 0402 (Sergeant) 0212 (Chris Brody); 0309 (Chris Brody) John Newberg ...... 1 Laura Palka ...... 1 0710 (Terry Mullen) 0110 (Reporter) Daniel Newman ...... 4 And Palladino ...... 2 0301 (Jared); 0302 (Jared); 0305 (Jared); 0306 (Jared) 0605 (Looky Loo); 0606 (Looky Loo) Stephen Newton...... 1 Tricia Paoluccio ...... 2 0401 (Reaper Pilot) 0707 (Audrey Navarro); 0710 (Audrey Navarro) Steve Nicolson...... 2 Christopher Parker...... 1 0503 (Russian ambassador); 0505 (Boris) 0704 (FBI Operative) Merab Ninidze ...... 5 Terry Dale Parks ...... 3 0709 (Mirov (voice)); 0711 (Mirov); 0712 (Mirov); 0301 (Gene); 0302 (Gene); 0311 (Gene) 0811 (Mirov); 0812 (Mirov) Amy Parrish ...... 1 Nneoma Nkuku ...... 1 0706 (Jen Rosenberg) 0209 (Waitress Gina) Pedro Pascal...... 1 Bradley Nnadi ...... 2 0301 (David Pantillo) 0701 (Aide); 0705 (FBI Aide) Craig Pearman ...... 1 Patrick Noonan...... 1 0701 (Hay Adams Clerk) 0605 (Officer Murphy) Alessandro Pedrazzi...... 1 Rameez Nordien ...... 1 0812 (Concert Attendee) 0407 (Obaid) Ben Pelteson ...... 1 Danielle Nottingham ...... 1 0111 (Dr. Jeremy) 0806 (News Anchor) Diana Perez...... 1 Mzu Ntantiso ...... 1 0612 (CNB News Anchor) 0410 (Marine Sergeant) Gary Perez ...... 1 Seth Numrich ...... 2 0605 (Deputy Chief Jansen) 0606 (Nate Joseph); 0609 (Nate Joseph) Manny Perez...... 2 0303 (El Nino); 0308 (El Nino) O Sarah Perles ...... 1 0801 (Paksima) Joey O’Connor...... 1 Sophie Pfennigstorf ...... 1 0301 (Bartender) 0505 (Hacker #3) Mickey O’Hagan ...... 1 Lotta Pfitzer ...... 1 0601 (Clarice) 0501 (Franny) Michael O’Keefe ...... 8 Geoff Pierson ...... 1 0403 (John Redmond); 0404 (John Redmond); 0405 0712 (Guest Star) (John Redmond); 0406 (John Redmond); 0407 Alan Pietruszewski ...... 1 (John Redmond); 0408 (John Redmond); 0409 0804 (Chalk One Pilot) (John Redmond); 0410 (John Redmond) Larry Pine ...... 1 Brian O’Neill...... 1 0202 (Richard Halsted) 0705 (FBI Director Stendig) Vince Pisani ...... 1 Jonjo O’Neill...... 1 0704 (FBI Tech) 0801 (Doug) Karen Pittman...... 2 Lorrie Odom ...... 1 0810 (Vanessa Kroll); 0811 (Vanessa Kroll) 0608 (Josie) Victor Plajas ...... 1 Chinasa Ogbuagu ...... 1 0601 (Security Guard Warren) 0705 (Attorney General) Yosef Podolski ...... 1 Ronald Ogden ...... 1 0712 (Aleksandr) 0111 (Sweeper) Lucie Pohl ...... 1 Ozzy Ojito...... 2 0501 (Assistant) 0301 (Photographer); 0302 (Banker) William Popp ...... 4 Robert Olausen...... 1 0705 (Stein); 0706 (Stein); 0707 (Stein); 0711 (Stein) 0701 (Prison Transfer Guard) Elizabeth Potthast ...... 1 Simon Luca Oldani ...... 1 0109 (Cashier) 0802 (French Diplomat) Graham Powell ...... 1 Guy Olivieri...... 1 0612 (Mobile Command Tech) 0607 (Teacher) Scott Poythress...... 1 Morocco Omari ...... 4 0710 (James Schroder) 0506 (Guest Star); 0507 (Conrad Fuller); 0510 (Con- Robert Pralgo ...... 1 rad Fuller); 0511 (Conrad Fuller) 0707 (FBI Commander) Victor Joel Ortiz ...... 1 Matthew Provenza...... 1 0610 (Town Car Driver) 0612 (Anti-Keane Protester) Kevin Otto ...... 1 Greg Puckett ...... 1 0411 (Doctor) 0710 (Lawyer) Kathy Walton Pulley ...... 1 P 0302 (Mental Patient)

299 Homeland Episode Guide

Linda Purl ...... 1 Tomasz Robak...... 2 0108 (Elizabeth Gaines) 0505 (Hacker #1); 0505 (Hacker #1) Leajato Amara Robinson...... 1 0601 (Clarence Jackson) Q Zuleikha Robinson ...... 1 0202 (Roya Hammad) Sascha Quade...... 1 Alexandra Rodriguez ...... 1 0509 (Tech #1) 0705 (Mayor’s Daughter) Patrice Pitman Quinn...... 1 Octavio Rodriguez...... 5 0812 (Vocalist) 0801 (Specialist Arturo Gonzales); 0802 (Special- Alexander Quiroga ...... 1 ist Arturo Gonzales); 0803 (Specialist Arturo 0606 (Agent #1) Gonzales); 0804 (Specialist Arturo Gonzales); 0805 (Specialist Arturo Gonzales) Chris Rogus ...... 1 R 0101 (Photographer) Paul Rolfes ...... 1 Michael Rabe ...... 2 0209 (FBI Liason) 0805 (Chief Mechanic Worley); 0810 (Chief Mechanic Christopher G. Romine ...... 1 Worley) 0712 (Spectator) Aleksandar Radenkovic...... 1 Costa Ronin ...... 6 0507 (Serbian Boarder Guard #1) 0704 (Guest Star); 0706 (Yevgeny Gromov); 0708 Fatine Rahou ...... 1 (Yevgeny Gromov); 0709 (Yevgeny Gromov); 0711 0805 (Chief Mechanic’s Girlfriend) (Yevgeny Gromov); 0712 (Yevgeny Gromov) Ebadullah Raihan...... 1 Eliot Rosenberg ...... 1 0806 (Mangal) 0201 (US Marine) Chris Raines...... 1 Barbara Rosenblat ...... 2 0705 (Heckler #2) 0702 (Guest Star); 0705 (Guest Star) Assad Raja...... 1 Genoveva Rossi...... 1 0406 (Soldier) 0612 (Protestor) Thabo Rametsi ...... 1 Hadar Ratzon Rotem...... 3 0410 (Private Bryce) 0508 (Tova); 0601 (Tova); 0603 (Tova) Fiona Ramsey ...... 1 Roman Roytberg ...... 1 0403 (Dr. Helen Byatt) 0708 (Russian Ops Guy) Zaki Rana ...... 1 Colton Ryan ...... 3 0802 (Houseman) 0702 (J.J. Elkins); 0703 (J.J. Elkins); 0704 (J.J. Nic Rasenti ...... 1 Elkins) 0410 (Marine) Paul Ryden ...... 1 Lee Raviv ...... 1 0704 (Male Reporter) 0402 (Ruby) Tal Raviv...... 1 0402 (Josie) S James Rebhorn ...... 4 0105 (Mr. Mathison); 0106 (Mr. Mathison); 0111 Roxana Saberi...... 1 (Frank Mathison); 0304 (Frank Mathison) 0604 (Reporter #2) Meren Reddy ...... 3 Rachid Sabitri ...... 2 0405 (Parvez); 0406 (Parvez); 0410 (Parvez) 0509 (Dr. Aziz); 0511 (Dr. Aman Aziz) Cara Reid ...... 2 Patrick Sabongui...... 6 0705 (Ashley); 0711 (Ashley) 0601 (Reda Hashem); 0602 (Reda Hashem); 0603 Rainer Reiners ...... 1 (Reda Hashem); 0604 (Reda Hashem); 0605 0508 (Village Priest) (Reda Hashem); 0607 (Reda Hashem) Eric Reingrover...... 1 William Sadler...... 2 0801 (Sgt. Hathcock) 0308 (Mike Higgins); 0310 (Mike Higgins) Anthony Reynolds...... 1 Narinder Samra ...... 1 0101 (Stuart Strickland) 0809 (Youseff Afridi) James Lloyd Reynolds ...... 1 Waheed Samsoodeen...... 1 0709 (Jim Lippard) 0407 (Large Man) Dane Rhodes ...... 1 Tobias Santelmann ...... 1 0701 (Wallace) 0502 (Anders Haugen) Sean Ricciardi ...... 1 Maritta Viola Sattelmaier ...... 1 0601 (TAC Team #2) 0610 (NYC Looky Loo) Elle Richardson ...... 1 Ben Savage ...... 1 0301 (Mimi) 0811 (Young Saul) Jacinto Taras Riddick...... 1 Morgan Saylor ...... 13 0604 (Guest Star) 0101 (Dana Brody); 0201 (Dana Brody); 0202 (Dana Sasha Rionda ...... 1 Brody); 0203 (Dana Brody); 0204 (Dana Brody); 0108 (Newscaster) 0205 (Dana Brody); 0206 (Dana Brody); 0207 Nick Ritacco ...... 1 (Dana Brody); 0208 (Dana Brody); 0209 (Dana 0612 (Massey) Brody); 0210 (Dana Brody); 0211 (Dana Brody); Kevin Martinez Rivera ...... 1 0212 (Dana Brody) 0605 (Francisco) Parviz Sayyad ...... 1 Linus Roache...... 1 0308 (Fara Sherazi’s Father) 0612 (David Wellington) Thomas Schall ...... 1

300 Homeland Episode Guide

0710 (Madison Bell) 0207 (Vice President William Walden); 0208 Sven Schelker ...... 3 (Vice President William Walden); 0209 (Vice 0501 (Guest Star); 0503 (Korzenik); 0504 (Korzenik) President William Walden); 0210 (Vice Pres- Michael Schiller ...... 2 ident William Walden); 0211 (Vice President 0501 (Proprietor); 0503 (Proprietor) William Walden); 0212 (Vice President William Oliver Schindler ...... 1 Walden) 0511 (SVR Anton Lenkov) Nicole Sherwin ...... 2 Katharina Schlothauer ...... 2 0408 (Nurse); 0411 (Nurse) 0506 (Newscaster); 0510 (Newscaster) Ryan Shibley ...... 1 Stephen Schnetzer ...... 2 0608 (Andrew Keane) 0303 (Psychiatrist); 0304 (Dr. Maloney) William Shipman...... 1 Janina Agnes Schröder ...... 1 0701 (Press) 0506 (Hotel Worker) A.J. Shively...... 1 Carol Schuler...... 1 0612 (Ronald) 0505 (Tatiana) Rebecca Shrom...... 2 Robert Schupp ...... 1 0301 (Rehab Teen); 0302 (Rehab Teen) 0506 (Concierge) Fawad Siddiqui...... 1 Riley Scigliano...... 1 0207 (Mohammed Al Ghamdi) 0710 (Court Clerk) Bhavna Singh ...... 1 Sacha Seberg...... 1 0402 (Interviewer) 0811 (Foreign Minister) Victor Slezak ...... 1 Josh Segarra ...... 1 0207 (Warden Jack Prithard) 0101 (Josh) Billy Smith ...... 2 Taylor Selé...... 1 0108 (Special Agent Hall); 0109 (Special Agent Hall) 0703 (Officer Headlee) Laureen E. Smith ...... 1 Tony Senzamici ...... 1 0711 (Clint’s Mother) 0207 (Maurice Johnston) Sharief Smith...... 1 Jannette Sepwa ...... 1 0406 (Warrior) 0208 (Alicia) Riaz Solker ...... 1 Terry Serpico ...... 3 0402 (Kiran’s Father) 0804 (General Owens); 0805 (General Owens); 0806 Guy Sparks...... 4 (General Owens) 0604 (US Secret Service Agent); 0608 (US Secret Nestor Serrano ...... 1 Service Agent); 0611 (US Secret Service Agent); 0101 (Major General Tony Trujillo) 0612 (US Secret Service Agent) Christian Serritiello ...... 2 Jon Stafford ...... 1 0502 (Arthur Rubin); 0506 (Arthur Rubin) 0305 (Gen. Lonnie Mckay) Matt Servitto ...... 3 Jonathan Stanley ...... 1 0702 (Agent Maslin); 0703 (Agent Maslin); 0704 0804 (JSOC Andy Kiernan) (Agent Maslin) Robert Staropoli...... 1 Shavani Seth ...... 6 0701 (Hotel Guest) 0401 (Kiran); 0402 (Kiran); 0404 (Kiran); 0406 (Ki- Craig Stein ...... 1 ran); 0407 (Kiran); 0411 (Kiran) 0808 (Special Operator) Mehul Shah ...... 2 Maury Sterling ...... 18 0305 (Aram); 0306 (Aram) 0101 (Max); 0102 (Max); 0103 (Max); 0104 (Max); Sejal Shah ...... 1 0105 (Max); 0106 (Max); 0309 (Max); 0403 0608 (Female Secret Service Agent) (Max); 0404 (Max); 0406 (Max); 0407 (Max); Suraj Sharma ...... 7 0410 (Max); 0411 (Max); 0602 (Max); 0606 0401 (Aayan Ibrahim); 0402 (Aayan Ibrahim); 0403 (Max); 0608 (Max); 0609 (Max); 0612 (Max Pi- (Aayan Ibrahim); 0404 (Aayan Ibrahim); 0405 otrowski) (Aayan Ibrahim); 0406 (Aayan Ibrahim); 0503 Gina Stewart ...... 1 (Aayan Ibrahim) 0111 (Gloria the Nurse) Darwin Shaw ...... 2 Tarryn Steyn ...... 1 0507 (Ahmed Nazari); 0508 (Ahmed Nazari) 0403 (Pakistani Woman) Tracy Shayne...... 4 Corey Stoll...... 1 0804 (Ambassador Gaeto); 0805 (Ambassador Gaeto); 0401 (Sandy Bachman) 0806 (Ambassador Gaeto); 0807 (Ambassador Isaiah Stratton ...... 2 Gaeto) 0701 (Officer Jeffries); 0702 (Officer Jeffries) Peggy Sheffield ...... 2 Matthew Streeter...... 1 0709 (Mrs. Tanya Shepherd); 0710 (Mrs. Tanya Shep- 0612 (Hagan) herd) Kyle Stringer ...... 2 Sammy Sheik...... 2 0806 (Reynoso); 0806 (Reynoso) 0108 (Imam Rafan Gohar); 0109 (Imam Rafan Go- Mike Sulick...... 1 har) 0706 (State Dept.Employee) Jamey Sheridan ...... 16 Ali Suliman ...... 1 0101 (Vice President); 0109 (Vice President); 0110 0101 (Warzer Zafir) (Vice President); 0111 (Vice President); 0201 Nancy Sun...... 1 (Vice President William Walden); 0202 (Vice 0606 (Reporter Nancy) President William Walden); 0203 (Vice Pres- Harry Sutton Jr...... 1 ident William Walden); 0204 (Vice President 0606 (Reporter #2) William Walden); 0205 (Vice President William Yousef ’Joe’ Sweid...... 1 Walden); 0206 (Vice President William Walden); 0101 (Hasan Ibrahim)

301 Homeland Episode Guide

Stacey Swift ...... 1 Sam Trammell ...... 10 0506 (Analyst) 0803 (Vice President Ben Hayes); 0804 (Vice Pres- Kim Sykes ...... 1 ident Ben Hayes); 0805 (Vice President Ben 0703 (Detective) Hayes); 0806 (President Ben Hayes); 0807 (Pres- Igor Szasz...... 1 ident Ben Hayes); 0808 (President Ben Hayes); 0712 (Airport Sergeant) 0809 (President Ben Hayes); 0810 (President Ben Hayes); 0811 (President Ben Hayes); 0812 (President Ben Hayes) T Dwight Trible...... 1 0812 (Vocalist) Chuck Taber ...... 1 Cathleen Trigg...... 1 0701 (Patron) 0601 (Waldorf Reporter #3) Heanon Tate...... 1 Zineb Triki...... 1 0201 (Guard) 0807 (Judge Haziq Qadir) Todd Patrick Taylor ...... 2 Spencer Trinwith...... 1 0711 (Swat Team); 0712 (Swat Team) 0712 (CIA Officer Staffer) Alok Tewari...... 1 Debbie Troche...... 2 0104 (Latif Bin Walid) 0601 (US Attorney Ortiz); 0602 (U.S. Attorney Or- Aylin Tezel ...... 1 tiz) 0504 (Amena) Dan Truman ...... 1 K.T. Thangavelu ...... 1 0605 (TV News Reporter) 0811 (Security Council Chairman) Lemogang Tsipa ...... 2 Lisa Tharps...... 1 0406 (Drone Pilot); 0407 (Drone Officer) 0308 (Roxanne) Nicholas Tucci...... 1 Chris Theisinger...... 1 0612 (Secret Service Agent #2) 0501 (Otto Düring’s Aide) Tom Turbiville...... 1 James Edward Thomas ...... 1 0111 (Patron in Diner) 0709 (Male Reporter) Dena Tyler...... 1 Mark Guy Thompson ...... 1 0511 (Surgical Nurse #1) 0302 (CIA Security Officer) Luke Tyler ...... 1 Mark Robert Thompson...... 2 0410 (Young Analyst) 0201 (Navy Assistant); 0211 (CIA Driver / Navy Roger Tyler ...... 4 Staff) 0701 (Armored Guard); 0705 (White House Staffer); Rachael Thompson...... 1 0706 (Grad Student); 0707 (Pedestrian) 0704 (Female Reporter) David Thornton ...... 1 0609 (George Pallis) U Rachel Ticotin ...... 1 0606 (Mercedes Acosta) Sam Underwood...... 4 Amy Tipton ...... 1 0301 (Leo Carras); 0302 (Leo Carras); 0304 (Leo); 0305 (Lisa) 0305 (Leo Carras) Hrach Titizian...... 15 Eha Urbsalu...... 1 0103 (Danny Galvez); 0104 (Danny Galvez); 0105 0612 (Decoy President) (Danny Galvez); 0106 (Danny Galvez); 0107 Joe Urla...... 1 (Danny Galvez); 0108 (Danny Galvez); 0109 0108 (Richard Johnson) (Danny Galvez); 0111 (Danny Galvez); 0201 Max Urlacher...... 1 (Danny Galvez); 0202 (Danny Galvez); 0203 0509 (Wilhelm) (Danny Galvez); 0205 (Danny Galvez); 0206 (Danny Galvez); 0210 (Danny Galvez); 0211 (Danny Galvez) V Herzl Tobey...... 1 0201 (Fiat Passenger) Peter Vack ...... 5 Bill Tomek ...... 1 0707 (Clint); 0708 (Clint); 0709 (Clint); 0711 (Clint); 0707 (Secret Service) 0712 (Clint) Branko Tomovic...... 1 Shai Vaknine ...... 1 0507 (Sergeant Tomanovic) 0504 (Gabi) Adrian Topol...... 1 Yvonne Valadez...... 1 0512 (Polish Police Officer) 0709 (ER Nurse) Kate Torri...... 1 Kalina Vanska...... 1 0812 (Reporter) 0812 (CIA Analyst) Jason Tottenham ...... 6 Lisa Varga ...... 2 0801 (Alan Yager); 0802 (Alan Yager); 0803 (Alan 0103 (Demmie); 0104 (Demmie) Yager); 0806 (Alan Yager); 0809 (Alan Yager); Rikin Vasani...... 1 0810 (Alan Yager) 0809 (Saleem Sinai) Shaun Toub ...... 9 Juan-Pablo Veizaga ...... 1 0305 (Majid Javadi); 0306 (Majid Javadi); 0307 (Ma- 0612 (Agent Rice) jid Javadi); 0310 (Majid Javadi); 0311 (Ma- Nick Vernon ...... 1 jid Javadi); 0312 (Majid Javadi); 0604 (Ma- 0701 (Officer Newell) jid Javadi); 0608 (Majid Javadi); 0609 (Majid Vasim Vhora...... 1 Javadi) 0403 (Man in Car) Houshang Touzie...... 1 Zsolt Viczei ...... 1 0311 (Danesh Akbari) 0712 (GRU Tech)

302 Homeland Episode Guide

Vladimir Vilanov ...... 1 Afton Williamson ...... 2 0503 (Russian Windbreaker) 0101 (Helen Walker); 0108 (Helen Walker) Sammy Voit...... 3 Gary Wilmes...... 3 0607 (Child playing); 0610 (Child playing); 0801 0301 (Dr. Troy Richardson); 0302 (Dr. Troy Richard- (Cooper) son); 0304 (Dr. Richardson) Jana Voosen...... 1 C.J. Wilson ...... 5 0511 (ER Nurse #1) 0602 (Guest Star); 0604 (Guest Star); 0606 (Guest Star); 0608 (Guest Star); 0609 (Watch-Cap- Wearing Man) W Sarah Wilson ...... 1 0606 (Receptionist) Thomas G. Waites...... 1 Bill Winkler...... 1 0709 (Clayton) 0608 (Supermarket Employee) Emily Walker ...... 1 Kade Wise ...... 1 0403 (Landlady) 0604 (Hakim) Nate Walker ...... 1 Graham Wolfe ...... 1 0705 (Uber Doug) 0701 (Prison Guard 3) Brian Patrick Walsh...... 2 Jenna Wolfe ...... 1 0301 (CIA Jr Analyst); 0302 (CIA Jr Analyst) 0606 (Reporter #4) Bill Walters ...... 1 Garrett Woodrum ...... 1 0608 (Homeless at Soup Kitchen) 0704 (Compound Kid) Marla Aaron Wapner ...... 1 Jordan Woods-Robinson...... 1 0712 (Congressional Aide) 0702 (Troll) Jared Ward...... 2 Derrick Worsley ...... 2 0309 (Yousef Turani); 0310 (Yousef Turani) 0707 (Pedestrian); 0708 (Suited Security) Joe Ward...... 1 Dan Worthington...... 3 0107 (Russ The Aryan) 0801 (Spc. Klick); 0804 (Spc. Klick); 0805 (Spc. Kamasi Washington...... 1 Klick) 0812 (Kamasi Washington) Gameela Wright ...... 1 Alain Washnevsky...... 1 0601 (Nurse Sheehan) 0607 (Amir Bastami) Martin Wuttke...... 4 Kevin Wayne...... 1 0501 (BND Officer Adler); 0509 (BND Officer Adler); 0705 (Protester) 0510 (BND Officer Adler); 0511 (BND Officer Ricky Wayne...... 1 Adler) 0708 (Pat Steyer) Thomas D. Weaver ...... 1 0607 (Airport Security) Y Tom Veit Webber ...... 1 0505 (Distinctive Mask Guy) Ori Yaniv...... 1 Jake Weber ...... 4 0507 (Esam) 0605 (Elliott O’Keefe); 0608 (Brett O’Keefe); 0609 Moneer Yaqubi ...... 1 (Brett O’Keefe); 0612 (Brett O’Keefe) 0305 (Iranian Agent) Tom-Veit Weber ...... 1 Damian Young ...... 3 0505 (Distinctive Mask Guy) 0710 (Jim); 0711 (Jim); 0712 (Jim) Franziska Weisz ...... 1 Eyas Younis ...... 1 0511 (Grete) 0311 (IRGC Interrogator) Jason Wesley ...... 1 0209 (FBI TAC Agent) Mike Whaley...... 1 Z 0701 (Ext. Prison Guard) Bernard White...... 3 Andrei Zayats ...... 1 0603 (Farhad Nafisi); 0607 (Farhad Nafisi); 0609 0504 (Driver) (Farhad Nafisi) Zoltán Zicherman ...... 1 0711 (Russian Interpreter) Mark L. White ...... 1 Damon Arsalan Zolfaghari...... 1 0704 (FBI Technical Analyst) 0808 (Second Guard) Rebecca White...... 1 Waleed Zuaiter ...... 2 0602 (EMT) 0105 (Afsal Hamid); 0106 (Afsal Hamid) Matt Whitnack ...... 1 Adrian Zwicker ...... 1 0201 (CIA Guard) 0504 (Clinic Assistant) Aidan Whytock ...... 3 0403 (Brian Chase); 0407 (Brian Chase); 0411 (Brian Chase) Jeff Wicker ...... 1 0109 (Reporter) Andrew Wilen...... 1 0212 (Bar Patron) Kira Wilkinson ...... 1 0402 (Kiran’s Mother) Derrick Williams ...... 1 0805 (Major Landau) Toby R Williams ...... 1 0706 (Reporter)