American Forum New Board Members Annual Report 2006 for FY 2006 July 2005-June 2006 The Forum welcomes these four new directors

National Office Meredith B. Alden attended s lecture,On Listening to 20th John Nuechterlein, Century Music, in what would be the President and CEO, 651. 251. 2811 last summer before World War II, and Craig Carnahan, his words influenced Merediths interest Vice President of Programs, 651. 251. 2833 in new music ever since. She served on O M P the Board from W . C O S Philip Blackburn, 1979-1984 and the Minnesota W E R Director of Artist Services, 651. 251. 2823 Landmarks Board from 1978-1985. In Board of Directors FY 2006 1986, she became a Trustee for W S Chris Campbell, F Mary Deissler, Chair Northland College in Ashland,Wisconsin innova Operations Manager, 651. 251. 2840 where she served until 1995, and is cur- O Wendy Collins, Anthony Tansimore,Vice Chair rently a Trustee with Emeritus. R Senior Program and Member Services Sam Hseng-Hung Hsu,Treasurer Manager, 651. 251. 2824 Steve Heitzeg, Secretary Ken Freed is a U David Ranheim, Past Chair Paul Hanson, violist and assistant M Finance Manager, 651. 251. 2813 John Nuechterlein, Ex Officio conductor with The Kelli Hirsch, . . Development Associate, 651. 251. 2815 James N. Berdahl He joined the O Karen Brooks Orchestra in 1998

John Michel, R Harry Brull after nearly five Director of Media Projects, 651. 251. 2817 years as a member Carey Nadeau, Richard Cisek G Raphael Cung of the National Program Manager, 651. 251. 2814 String Quartet. Cary John Franklin Carrie Shaw, His interest in childrens music education has Program Assistant, 651. 251. 2840 Gary Gardner led him to found a non-profit company, Julie Stroud, Mary J. Greer Learning Through Music Consulting Group, Development Director, 651. 251. 2822 Carol Heen which seeks to put music at the center of all Jay Walters, Jennifer Higdon childrens education. Administrative Assistant, 651. 251. 2810 Louis Hill Hella Mears Hueg Nancy Huart is the Logistics Director for Georgia Wettlin-Larsen, the St. Paul Travelers Companies, respon- FNCI Program Manager, 651. 251. 2825 Daniel Kunin Anne LeBaron sible for business continuity planning and implementation, mail and express ship- Greg McNeely Regional Chapters ping services, records management, R. Carlos Nakai audio-visual/meeting support including Los Angeles: John Orenstein real-time video streaming, and the Halie Rosenberg, 323. 388. 7111 John Paulson corporate art collection. She has Minnesota: Martin Shampaine worked in many different areas of the Craig Carnahan, 651. 251. 2833 Carmen Tllez company, including the Multicultural New England: David Wolman Business Group, Medical Services, David McMullin, 617. 304. 8150 Noel Zahler Human Resources, and both personal Philadelphia: and commercial underwriting. She is active in St. Paul Companies Womens Network, Jim Jordan, 610. 896. 1571 National Advisers GLBTF network and Corporate Diversity Bay Area: Committee, Council, Tod Brody, 415. 864. 0400 Marilyn Bergman and Ann Bancroft Awards. Washington, D.C.: John Cacavas Jonathan Morris 202. 315. 1315 Bobby McFerrin Evans Mirageas Meredith Monk is the Artistic Peter Schickele Director of David Shifrin Cincinnati Stanislaw Skrowaczewski and an independent artistic advisor to symphony orches- Stephen Sondheim tras, opera compa- Tom Voegeli nies, festivals and individual artists. Opera News included him recently in their list of The Most Powerful 25 AMERICAN COMPOSERS FORUM 332 Minnesota Street, Suite E-145 People in Opera. From 1994 to 2000 Saint Paul, MN 55101-1300 USA Mirageas was Senior Vice President of Artists Tel.: (651) 228 -1407 ¥ Fax: (651) 291-7978 and Repertoire for the Decca Record Company Ltd. From 1989 to 1994 he was [email protected] Artistic Administrator of The www.ComposersForum.org Symphony. In 1982 was hired by WFMT in , where he produced the national broadcasts of The Lyric Opera of Chicago, A20 The and The Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. Visit www.BandQuest.org for more information on BandQuest scores and composers A Letter from John Nuechterlein r e d

President and CEO i e n h c S

e v e t S :

Making Music ... Making News o t o

One of our recent h P Earlier this year Allan Kozinn of created Continental Harmony A Premiere Ensemble This story on the Lexington High School Wind Ensemble’s rehearsals for the premiere of ’s new BandQuest composition, a bit of a splash with an Op-Ed feature entitled Check the projects in Geneseo, Debut of Gunther Schuller work Numbers: Rumors of Classical Musics Demise Are Dead New York, resulted “Nature’s Way,” originally appeared in The Boston Globe on March Wrong (March 28, 2006). in the international John Nuechterlein highlights Lexington High’s Skill 16, 2006. It is reprinted here with their permission. premiere of a new oratorio by Glenn McClure — as well The gist of Allans argument was that while the numbers as an audio report on NPRs All Things Considered, more may indeed be going down for more tradition-bound commissions for its , and creative By Dean Inouye, The white-haired conductor peers over his glasses as he I think one of the strengths of our program, that I dont see in purveyors of what we call classical music, the audiences interdisciplinary study plans intriguing teachers across Globe Staff addresses a horn player in the back row of the band. a lot of other towns, is the balance of strengths between all of are growing for an ever-widening variety of classical music the country. According to the mayor of Geneseo, the the major ensembles, said Jeffrey Leonard, the high schools past and present — and increasingly diverse audiences are project even helped convince the Barilla pasta company Are you playing a B-flat horn or an F horn? band director. By his count, there are more than 40 student- accessing this music in more ways than ever before. (based in Parma, Italy and Ames, Iowa) that locating a or teacher-led music groups at the 2,000-student school. new production plant in his arts-friendly community Annie Johnston hesitates.Umm, F. Kozinn summarized his conclusions in this way: would be a good idea! The high schools bands, the choruses, the , the Can you play a B-flat horn? program . . . all of them [are] respected and well thought Woody Allens Annie Hall observation about Youll find more on these projects and programs in this of around the region, says Leonard, who adds that success relationships and sharks that both must either move overview of the Forums work over the past twelve The answer, sounding more like a question, is a Yeah of two should be measured not by awards or the number of students forward or die also works for culture . . . lots of months. Were proud to be associated with incredibly syllables, the second about an higher than the first. who become music majors or professional musicians, but by people really just want the dead shark . . . Most of all they creative and inventive composers, performers, and how many people actually have music as part of their lives want their repertory dials set between 1785 and 1920 . . . presenters of new music in big cities and tiny towns. I know some people will tell you once theyve left high school. You can send those people your condolences. For the forever, ‘Dont play the B-flat horn rest of us, the shark is still moving . . . constantly renewing Nationally and regionally, our mission is to help these in low registers, the conductor Top-notch high school bands exist in all types of communities, itself. You just have to grab onto the dorsal fin. people to keep moving forward. Were confident that says.Thats cockamamie. Leonard says, but the opportunities to hear live music and be they will keep making music AND news. around live music in Greater Boston provide a much more Here at the American Composers Forum we couldnt The horn section repeats the fertile atmosphere. agree more. While many of our composers are perfectly passage, and this time the conductor comfortable working with a major symphony orchestra in a reassures Johnston:Its more solid. Sam Mehr, a saxophone player in the Lexington band, says: traditional concert venue, others are equally at home pre- Trust me. I used to play the horn. I end up seeing [musicians from other schools] in the area

6 Members of the Lexington High wherever I go.You go to the Berklee festival, and you see

0 senting their music wherever people make connections — 0 School Wind Ensemble To say that Gunther Schuller used everyone is there. . . .You go to the all-district and all-state 2

indoors or out, in person or via someones iPod.

e to play the horn is like saying Arnold festivals, and everyone is there. Its like one big Massachusetts n u

J Schwarzenegger used to work out. Schuller did indeed play music students thing. Why does this not surprise us? - the horn, in everything from the first US performance of 5 0

0 Shostakovichs 7th Symphony, under Arturo Toscaninis The culture contributes to the quality of outstanding bands

2 This past year, weve discovered that while a new

table of y l BandQuest score by Gunther Schuller may seem daunting Contents direction, to the Birth of the Cool album with Miles Davis. at such high schools as Foxborough, King Philip Regional u J He also has composed more than 160 works for ensembles of (in Wrentham), Medfield, and Belmont, says Leonard, who also ¥ at first glance, talented teenage performers in Lexington,

6 all sizes, launched a ragtime revival, written two seminal books is chairman for the Northeastern district of the Massachusetts

0 Massachusetts rose to the challenge (see the Boston Globe National Programs ...... A4

0 on jazz history, and in general compiled the kind of resume Music Educators Association. 2 feature reprinted on the facing page).

t Class of 2006 ...... A9 that explains why tiny agate type had to be invented. r

o continued on page 19 p We found that teenagers living on American Indian e Regional Chapters ...... A12

R His personas of composer and conductor brought the reservations are curious about creating all kinds of music, l

a 80-year-old Schuller to Lexington last week from his home in u ranging from rap to string quartets. Our First Nations Our Donors ...... A16 n Newton.The task was preparing the Lexington High School n Composer Initiative (FNCI) is connecting American Indian A

Organizational Directory . . . A20 Wind Ensemble for tomorrows world premiere of his

¥ composers across the country and piloting commissioning composition Natures Way at a conference in Boston for m and education programs to bring new music to audiences u ¤ ¤ r BandQuest, Composers Suitcase, and music educators. o not on the traditional classical music radar screen. (Give ¤ F

are trademarks of the

s us a year or two, and Im willing to bet FNCI artists r American Composers Forum. Composers e Its not every day that a high school band introduces the work s and programs will start making headlines, too). Datebook,¤ is a registered trademark of o

p American Public Media. Finale¤ is a registered of a musician of Schullers stature. But buoyed by a strong m o Front cover photos (clockwise from upper left): Lyz Jaakola (FNCI Advisory trademark of MakeMusic! Inc. public school music program, an affluent, education-obsessed C

n member and Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College music faculty) with community, and a region rich in musical resources, skilled

a ' 2006 American Composers Forum. c composition student, Deborah Cavitt-Bebeau; one of the instrumental parts for i music-making at Lexington High is an everyday occurrence,

r All rights reserved. e Gunther Schullers new BandQuest piece,Natures Way; Gunther Schuller directing a feature as ingrained in the towns character as Revolutionary m the Lexington High School Wind Ensemble; a member of the James Sewell Ballet

A Jeffrey Leonard and Gunther Schuller. during the Music in Motion performances at the SPCO Center in St. Paul War reenactments and overpriced real estate. A2 A3 Visit www.continentalharmony.org for more information on other composers’ projects across “The Starry Messenger” National Programs the country Beyond the premiere By Glenn McClure

Since the premiere of my Galileo oratorio, Ive been getting emails from all over the world. Scriptwriters Making news . . . du Lac Tribal and Community College. Making music . . . in Australia, choir directors in Germany, teachers in Italy, and foundation Galileo In diverse communities across Discussions are underway with members of the In schools and places representatives from around the have all voiced interest in Red Lake Band of Chippewa to create a second this project and the teaching curricula related to it. the country Minnesota residency, specially tailored to that of worship communitys tribal culture and mindful of the The Continental Harmony Encore program provided the infrastructure and support On January 23, 2006, the Joyce Foundation of tragic shootings at Red Lake High School in 2005. The Forums innovative BandQuest¤ series of to bring together a composer, a best-selling author, some fine musicians, some Chicago announced that the American new music for middle-level bands was inaugurated great students and teachers, the sister cities of Geneseo, New York,and Siena, Composers Forum was selected for the 2006 in the Spring of 2002 with the release of Italy, to all rethink Galileos Renaissance concept that the arts and sciences are Joyce Award for Music and awarded funds Thomas Duffys A+:A Precise Prelude and an both of vital interest and importance. The project garnered press coverage both to support the commission of a new for Excellent March. With the premiere of here and in Europe, and it prompted students from a rural Adirondack high guitar by Chickasaw composer Jerod Gunther Schullers Natures Way in the school to visit Italy to meet their Italian email pen pals. An inner city school in Impichchaachaaha Tate. The commission On May 20, 2006, a story on a Continental Spring of 2006 (see the Boston Globe feature Buffalo, New York, is creating a new opera with me:Galileino, or little Galileo, The First Nations is part of the Forums Harmony Encore premiere was broadcast reprinted on pages 3 and 19), the BandQuest based on the story of Galileos grandson. Composer Initiative First Nations nationwide on National Public Radio (NPR)s series now comprises 14 commissioned scores is funded by Composer Initiative award-winning daily news program All Things that have been greeted with rave reviews from My Continental Harmony Encore project proved a springboard for my career as a The Ford Foundation. (FNCI), a program to first Considered. The NPR feature, Galileos music educators and journals around the country. composer, but I feel something even more important is happening. Its one thing establish an infrastructure Letters Inspire a Musical Tribute, focused on The compositions are racking up an impressive to support the creation of good music that attracts audiences for a handful of in support of traditional composer Glenn McClures chance discovery number of performances both here and abroad. performances — its another to support work that profoundly engages young and contemporary music of Galileos Daughter, a book by science writer Over 4,000 BandQuest scores have been sold people, that lays the groundwork for future audiences and drives arts-based by American Indian Dava Sobel that drew upon Galileos correspon- worldwide, reaching an estimated 270,000 young educational reform. Did you know that Galileo — along with every member of his composers and perform- dence with one of his two daughters. It also musicians. family — was a musician? Galileos father was responsible for ideas about ers, and second facilitate examined McClures use of a madrigal ensemble composition and that were as controversial as his sons the integration of their and Renaissance instruments to create The Beyond the appeal of the pieces themselves, scientific ideas. Some historians suggest Galileos scientific experiments were work into the wider Starry Messenger, an hour-long oratorio. five of the BandQuest scores include a CD-ROM influenced by his early musical training. The arts have been relegated to a Continental Harmony Jerod ImpichchaachaahaTate cultural and artistic containing related interdisciplinary curricular marginal position in American education, and its an uphill battle to return them to and Continental framework. The host community for McClures commission, materials and lesson plans.These additional a central role in our schools.What would have happened if the young Galileos Harmony Encore are Geneseo, New York, used the work to celebrate resources enable teachers to link the music to teachers had told him that there wasnt a budget for music, so he would just have leadership initiatives of the This year, FNCI launched its national website, their sister-city relationship with Siena, Italy. the world outside the practice room. The most to go without? American Composers Forum www.fnci.org, linking American Indian McClures new work was performed in both recent BandQuest CD-ROM is paired with the and the National Endowment Geneseo and Siena. McClure worked with composers and performers across the country best-selling Old Churches by Michael The Forums Continental Harmony Encore program helped use the powerful story A for the Arts, with additional Geneseo school children to develop Galileos m and serving as a virtual gathering place for those Colgrass; it includes an in-depth history of of Galileos integration of art and science to help us place in e r i

funding provided by the Irvine interested in their music. Universe, a multi-discipline study plan involving st c

Western notation with audio and video clips of the middle of 21 century American science, math, and social studies curricula. a Foundation, the Kellogg n

lessons in math, science, history, and language arts

classical and contemporary scores ranging from Teachers in schools around the country have sought more information on this C

Foundation, the Rockefeller The programs initial community outreach as well as music. o traditional Gregorian chant to the iconoclastic project for their students: some have used our model and study plans to attract m

Foundation, and Target. activities will center on reservations and urban p works of the American maverick . additional administrative and funding support for their efforts to bring the arts to o s

Indian communities in Minnesota.This past year, McClures Continental Harmony Encore project has e their students. Here in upstate New York, the project has had international r s

FNCI program director Georgia Wettlin- sparked interest in his study plans and additional Five years ago, the Forum began developing ramifications: local high school students continue to build friendships with the F o

Larsen arranged short-term residencies by commissions for the composer. It also prompted r Composers Suitcase¤ to help elementary Italian kids they worked with through this project, and are starting to investigate u him to ponder the wider implications of art m regional and national American Indian composers

school teachers foster musical creativity and colleges with study-abroad programs in Italy. The teachers I met in Siena are ¥

and performers. In the first of these, three education today read more about them in his address required national music-education eager for more American students to study in Italy and theyre doing what they A n

nationally acclaimed American Indian composers report to the right of this page. standards. Educational materials are packed inside n can to help their students experience exchange programs in . u

— Brent Michael Davids (Mohican), a

a colorful suitcase, accompanied by a teachers l

Barbara Croall (Canadian Odawah), and The Forums Continental Harmony program R manual with lesson plans and supplementary We are only starting to see the effects ripple of the Continental Harmony Encore e BandQuest is made Raven Chacon (Din) — taught students of the was conceived in 1999 as a musical celebration p activities. premiere that occurred just few months ago. I can only dream where these rip- o r

possible by the National Fond du Lac band of Ojibwa in of the new millennium. It was designed as a t ples will take us next! 2

Endowment for the Arts, partnership with Cloquet High School and Fond collaborative residency and commissioning 0

Grants from the Arts Council funded 0 the Pew Charitable Trusts, program that would include composers the development and testing of music-education Glenn McClure is a composer and arts 6 ¥

the John S. and James L.. representing a wide variety of styles and back- nd rd integration consultant, who presents dozens J curricula and materials for the 2 - through 3 - u l Knight Foundation, grounds.This landmark program continues its y graders in Whittier, California. A grant from the of concerts and workshops each year intended 2

AT&T Foundation, the work under a new name Continental 0 National Endowment for the Arts allowed the to animate learning through hands-on musical 0 5

George Frederick Harmony Encore — creating new collaborations Forum to complete the curricula with units for activities. For more information, visit -

J Jewett Foundation, the for 9 composers and communities in 8 states, th th his website: www.artforbrains.com  u

4 -grade students.The new 4 -grade materials n with projects scheduled through 2008. e Manitou Foundation, the nd rd

have been tested along with 2 - and 3 -grade 2

McNeely Foundation, and 0

FNCI Program Director Georgia Wettlin-Larsen curricula in Minnesota schools, using the 0 the Richard T. and Martha B. and the Lakota musician, activist and actor California results as a baseline. Listen to the All Things Considered radio feature on The Starry Messanger 6 Baker Foundation. Floyd Red Crow Westerman were both guest and sample excerpts of Glenn McClures music at: performers at a 2006 conference in Minnesota. continued on page A6 http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5420134 A5 A4 Visit www.innova.mu for Visit www.composersforum.orgthe completefor innova current member profilesRecordings and catalogprogram information National Programs continued

The Forums Essentially Choral reading The Forums Jerome Composers program provides an opportunity for emerging Commissioning Program, now in its 27th composers from year, offers emerging composers an early across the commission and more experienced composers a country to chance to stretch their current boundaries. develop their skills Applications are considered under two separate in writing for pools: those with a connection to Minnesota, choral ensemble and those where the composer is based in New with instrumental York City. 12 projects submitted by Forum accompaniment composers were selected in FY 2006 for JCCP or a cappella. grants. This year, 5 Minnesota projects were This program is selected from a total of 37 submitted, and Essentially Choral co-sponsored another 7 chosen from 31 New York centered and the Welcome by the Forum projects. Awards ranged from $4,000 to $8,000 Christmas! Carol and the for these 12 commissioning projects. Philip Brunelle and composer Contest are co-spon- Yoomi Paick during an - The Minnesota Orchestra Composer Institite on stage at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis sored by the Forum and Essentially Choral reading. based ensemble Another of the Forums longest-running the Minneapolis-based (standing, left to right): mentor , and participants Sean Shepherd, Matthew Fields, VocalEssence. programs selected four Minnesota composers VocalEssence ensemble, Mark Dancigers, Reynold Tharp,Norbert Palej, Zhou Tian,J.Anthony Allen, and Ed Martin. For the 2006 sessions, five composers were for McKnight Composer Fellowships in with funding for . selected from a total of 59 entries from 24 2006. The fellowships are awards for excellence Essentially Choral from Schools included were the ethnically diverse states. In conjunction with the reading session, and come with $25,000 in unrestricted funds. In Advancing individual The Jerome Foundation. Composers Suitcase is Minneapolis Public Whittier Community School artists’ careers ... the five composers attended a mentoring addition, two non-Minnesotan composers have funded by the National for the Arts, Aquila Elementary School in St. session with VocalEssence Artistic Director been selected for this years McKnight Endowment for the Arts, the Louis Park, and the rural Yellow Medicine East Through readings, Philip Brunelle and Swedish composer Visiting Composer Residencies. Each Seaver Institute, and the Public Schools in western Minnesota. The curric- residencies, competitions, and Sven-David Sandstr m. This year, the composer will receive $14,000 for their self- Katherine B.Anderson Fund ula will be revised based on continuing assess- commissions program offered a new component: designed, two-month community residency of the Saint Paul Foundation. ment results from all school sites in 2006-07. one of this years participants, composer projects in Minnesota. Over the past year, the Forum worked in Eric Barnum, was commissioned to write The ArtSong Competition The Forums Faith Partners program, now in partnership with several national arts presenters a new work to be premiered by VocalEssence Through direct assistance is co-sponsored by the ACF its 14th year, nurtures the relationship between to offer a variety of high-profile reading sessions during their 2006-2007 concert season. and fiscal agencies and The Schubert Club of composers and religious institutions. Through and competitions for composers. The Forum offers direct financial assistance to St. Paul. The New England Chapters this program, inter-faith consortia of churches Two composers were selected as the winners of th th composers and performers of new music Faith Partners residency and synagogues select a composer from a pool Eight composers participated in the 5 annual the 7 annual Welcome Christmas! Carol

6 through a variety of national and regional pro- 0 was supported by the A.C. of applicants for residencies and commissions. Minnesota Orchestra Composer Contest, also co-sponsored by the Forum and 0 grams offering direct grants, commissioning, and 2

Institute, which ran from May 6-11, 2006, at VocalEssence.This year, the contest sought new

Ratshesky Foundation and the Equally effective in both urban and rural

e residency opportunities to individual artists.

n Boston Globe Foundation.The communities, Faith Partners composers have Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis.The Composer carols for chorus with cello accompaniment; u J there were a total of 92 entries from 30 states. - Forums Faith Partners created more than 200 new sacred works for Institute included orchestral readings of new Funding for the Jerome Encore provides rehearsal and performance funds 5 The new carols were premiered at the Composers Commissioning 0 residencies in the Upper participating congregations and forged new works and a wide array of instrumental and

0 for repeat performances of recent works by com- 2 career seminars. Under the guidance of VocalEssence Welcome Christmas! concerts in Program, and subito in Midwest are supported by the inter-faith bonds.

y posers. Performers and composers who have not l

u composer Aaron Jay Kernis, the selected December 2005.The carols were recorded for Minnesota, is provided by

J Otto Bremer Foundation and

worked together before apply jointly for Encore ¥ the Athwin Foundation. On June 13, 2006, in preparation for the launch composers had their works read by the regional broadcast on the network stations of The Jerome Foundation

6 support; applicants must reside in different geo- 0 of the 15th year of this nationally recognized Minnesota Orchestra and participated in a series Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), and distributed 0 graphic regions of the country. The subito pro- 2

program, the Forum brought together over two of professional workshops on music, career, and nationally by American Public Media. t gram offers quick-turnaround, professional devel- r audience/community outreach issues. Composers o dozen Faith Partners church musicians, pastors,

p opment grants for composers and performers.

e composers, and congregants to discuss their met with Orchestra members and attended The response to the 2006 ArtSong

R Initially launched by the Forums Los Angeles and Funding for McKnight l experiences and help determine the programs small-group sessions with musicians and other Competition, co-sponsored by the Forum

a San Francisco chapters with funding from the u future. Under the theme Music as Catalyst for music industry professionals. and The Schubert Club of St. Paul, remained Composer Fellowships, n James Irvine Foundation, subito came next to n Spiritual Growth, sociologist Dr. Patricia Shifferd, impressively strong even as the guidelines McKnight Visiting A

Philadelphia with help from the William Penn

¥ Composer/participant Sean Shepherd chronicled narrowed.This year, the Forum sought only Composer Residencies, The Composer the Forums former Vice President for Foundation, and in 2006 was launched in m works for mezzo-soprano and piano, with the and innova Recordings u Community and Educational Porgrams, and the experience in a blog for New Music Box, the r Institute is presented Minnesota with funds from the Jerome Foundation. o online magazine of the American Music Center. option of one additional instrument.The Forum is provided by F Krystal Banfield, a former director of the Faith

by the Minnesota s The McKnight Foundation r Partners program, led a stimulating discussion To read Seans musings, visit received 290 submissions from American e Orchestra and American The Forum also helps individuals and commis- s composers living in 33 states, Canada, and o designed to identify the major challenges faced by http://newmusicbox.org/chatter

p Composers Forum in sioning clubs sponsor new music ventures.This

m the participants and determine what issues ACF Europe.Three composers were selected as The Forums Encore program o cooperation with the enables performers or composers to solicit

C should consider as the program continues its finalists, and in addition to the cash awards for American Music Center, charitable donations, and individual donors to is made possible by support n

a role in strengthening the worship experience. all three ArtSong Competition finalists, the c from the Argosy Foundation and i and the University of receive a tax-deduction for their donations to r First Prize winner will have his song performed e Minnesota School of individual artists or presenters. The Forum acts a generous gift from an m at a future Schubert Club recital. A Music. as the fiscal agent for these entrepreneurs. anonymous donor. A6 continued on page A8 A7 National Programs continued Advancing individual artists’ careers Through a variety of media Class of 2006

Over the past year, the Forums own Over the past year, the Forum served more than 400 talented innova¤ Recordings label has released CDs artists and ensembles through its programs, grants, The Minnesota-based McKnight by 25 artists and ensembles, all available both as Foundation has supported innova traditional CDs and as MP3 downloads direct fellowships and other opportunities. Congratulations to all! from its vinyl beginnings in 1983 from the internet. The variety of music released through the advent of CDs, DVDs this year ranged from big symphonic scores by and on-line MP3 downloads. Jeremy Beck to the experimental balloon music The complete catalog, online by Judy Dunaway, with room for Electropolis, ArtSong Gian Carlo Menotti (U.K.) Stephen Newby (Wash.) Malachi Thompson Freebop purchasing, five sampler web a Minneapolis-based amplified ensemble whose Karim Al-Zand (Tex.) John Morton (N.Y.) Larry Siegel (N.H.) Band (Ill.) with Paul Steinbeck radio streams and interactive areas hard-to-define music has become one of innovas Randall Eng (N.Y.) Stephen Paulus (Minn.) Evan Solot (Pa.) (N.Y.) Electropolis accompaning a showing of the classic Fritz Lang can be found on www.innova.mu. best-selling new titles. Stuart Hyatts innova CD, Frank Warren (Mass.) Krzyzstof Penderecki (Poland) Ken Steen (Conn.) Nietzsche Ensemble (N.J.) The Clouds, was nominated for Best Packaging silent Metotropolis Daniel Pinkham (Mass.) Jerod Impichchaachaaaha Tate with Ying-Chen Kao (Md.) Design at the 2005 Grammy¤ Awards. BandQuest Sir Andr Previn (Germany) (Colo.) The Nonsense Company (Wisc.) Heres some of the critical In 2006, the Forum has also launched a new Einojuhani Rautavaara (Finland) Ishmael Wallace (N.Y.) with Steven Kazuo Takasugi reaction to recent innova titles: Michael Daugherty (Mich.) The Forum spreads the word about new music online discussion group at Gather.com (N.Y.) (Calif.) Adolphous Hailstork (Va.) Robert Xavier Rodriguez Encore NOW Ensemble (N.Y.) and its creators in a number of ways. And rather (www.composersforum.gather.com), a place where Tania Lon (N.Y.) Jeremy Beck: public radio listeners can exchange ideas with (Texas) Atzinger Duo (Minn.) with Matthew McBane (Calif.) than just preach to the converted, two of our Stephen Paulus (Minn.) Ned Rorem (N.Y.) Presidio Saxophone Quartet Wave todays composers and performers of new music. with Kevin McCarter (N.J.) media initiatives are aimed at Gunther Schuller (Mass.) Christopher Rouse (N.Y.) (Ariz.) with Judith Lang innova 612 These composers and performers are invited to Byna Ensemble (N.C.) the broad and inquisitive Frederic Rzewski (Belgium) with Rudy Davenport (Tex.) Zaimont (Minn.) Exhibit A in classical musics defense post stories about their work and respond to demographic of public Composers Datebook () Cayenne Flute Quartet (La.) Raleigh Symphony Orchestra against being out of touch... music that is radio listeners. comments and questions from radio listeners. Mark Adamo (N.Y.) Esa-Pekka Salonen (Calif.) with Polly Moller (Calif.) Chamber Ensemble (N.C.) dulcet but intelligent; easy-going This site provides an opportunity for those who Athena Adamopoulos (N.Y.) Peter Schickele (N.Y.) Chamber Orchestra of Boston with Hilary Tann (N.Y.) but not anodyne. Composers Datebook is a daily, two-minute make the music to contribute their perspective (Calif.) Lalo Schifrin (Calif.) (Mass.) with Katrina Wreede Walden Chamber Players Andrew Druckenbrod, Gramophone radio spot launched by the Forum in 2000. to the on-going discussion of the world of new Bruce Adolphe (N.Y.) (Mich.) (Calif.) (Mass.) with Alex Shapiro These radio spots integrate contemporary classical, jazz, and . (Minn.) Alvin Singleton (Ga.) Cygnus (N.Y.) (Calif.) David Amram (N.Y.) Stephen Sondheim (N.Y.) with Richard Festinger (Calif.) West End String Quartet Electropolis: composers into the continuum of music history. In addition to the Gather.com discussion board Daniel Asia (Ariz.) (N.Y.) Encore Wind Ensemble (Minn.) (Conn.) with Ruby Fulton Electropolis The shows tagline — All music was once new — Karen Tanaka (France) (Md.) intended for the general public, the Forum also Jack Beeson (N.Y.) with Kathryn Salfelder (N.J.) innova 642 reminds listeners to keep an open mind about (France) Sir John Tavener (U.K.) maintains Composer to Composer. This Ensemble, Inc. (N.Y.) with A restlessly inventive, Minnesota-based challenging new works. Composers Datebook is Henry Brant (Calif.) Augusta Read Thomas (Mass./Ill.) Volay Krishnakumar (Calif.) Essentially Choral bulletin and discussion board at post-rock jazz quartet in the spirit of heard daily by hundreds of thousands of public Wendy Carlos (N.Y.) Michael Torke (N.Y.) Fifth House Ensemble (Ill.) Eric Barnum (Minn.) Lounge Lizards and Medeski, Martin & radio listeners on more than 300 stations and http://acf.finalemusic.com, celebrating its first John Corigliano (N.Y.) (N.Y.) with Elyzabeth Meade (N.Y.) Andrew Bleckner (Pa.)

full year of operation in May of 2006, was A 5 Wood, Electropolis lives up to its name by (Pa.) Don Voegeli (Wisc.)

translators coast to coast, and has been broad- Gramercy Trio (Mass.) Justin Merritt (Minn.) m 0 e 0 powering up the effects pedals on pretty the brainchild of MakeMusic, Inc. President Richard Danielpour (N.Y.) Robert Ward (N.C.) r 2 cast on both the and XM satellite radio with Nicholas Underhill Yoomi Paick (Ind.)

i c much everything but drums, including the Michael Daugherty (Mich.) David Ward-Steinman (Calif.)

John Paulson. MakeMusic publishes Finale¤ , a e services. Current and past programs can be (Ohio) Philip Wharton (N.Y.) n n

u usually unamplified saxophone and trum- (Calif.) (Calif.)

the leading music notation software, and hosts a Halcyon Trio (N.J.) C J heard online at: www.composersdatebook.org.

o - pet, and filtering its music through fields of David Diamond (N.Y.) Judith Lang Zaimont (Ariz.)

number of related discussion boards, but Paulson with Edie Hill (Minn.) Faith Partners m

4 A free e-mail newsletter version of Composers p 0 eerie distortion.Theres a noirishly cinematic (Maine) Ellen Taafe Zwilich (N.Y.) Amy and Sara Hamann o

0 felt there should also be a venue for composers

Datebook is received daily by close to 7,000 sub- s 2

Carlisle Floyd (Texas) e quality to the effect, with a buzzingly Piano Duo (Minn.) y to discuss the craft of music itself Thomas Hale (Minn.) r l scribers.The program is a co-production with Cary John Franklin (Minn.) s

u propulsive rhythm thats full of constant Composers Suitcase with David Claman (N.Y.) J F

and discuss related topics with other composers. Linda Tutas Haugen (Minn.)

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) and is distributed o ¥ surprises. It seems perfectly appropriate (N.Y.) Eric Himy (Va.) Michael Croswell (Minn.) r

Tim James (Minn.) u 5 In addition to this discussion forum, this site

that Electropolis has found great success in by American Public Media. Osvaldo Golijov (Mass.) m 0 Douglas Little (Minn.) with Elisenda Fbregas (Tex.)

0 Sergey Khvoshchinsky (Minn.)

offers a calendar on which the Forum announces ¥

2 concert as a live soundtrack to the classic HK Gruber (Austria) Rene Izquierdo (Wisc.)

Patricia Rice (Minn.)

Robert Morris (Minn.) A t modernist sci-fi film Metropolis. Perhaps Funding for Composers Datebook was Salons, program deadlines, concerts featuring (Mass.) r David Wolff (Minn.) with Julia Crowe (N.Y.) n

o Janika Vandervelde (Minn.) provided by the James Irvine Foundation and the Forum-funded works, and workshops. Composer Jake Heggie (Calif.) n

p most impressively, more than half of the Petar Jankovic (Ind.) u e a

songs on Electropolis were spontaneously William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Steven Heitzeg (Minn.) l R to Composer offers members another online with John Rommereim (Iowa)

Continental Harmony R l improvised, and the rest were Lee Hoiby (N.Y.) a venue where they may also publicize own pre- JAZZAX Saxophone Quartet Class of 2006 continued e u William Kraft (Calif.) Philip Aaberg (Mont.) p n done in a single take. mieres and performances of their works. (Minn.) with David Bixler on next page... o n (Calif.) r

Gyrgy Kurtg (Hungary) t

A (N.Y.)

Christopher Bahn, The Onion

Janet Albright (Va.) 2 ¥ Libby Larsen (Minn.) 0 Since the launch of its website in 2001, the Matthew Jenkins (Minn.) 0 m The Forum offers Phillip Bimstein (Utah)

Lowell Liebermann (N.Y.) 6 u with Alexander Sigman (Calif.)

r Judy Dunaway: Forum has offered its composer and performer

Peter Boyer (Calif.) ¥ o broad and focused Gyrgy Ligeti (Germany)

Nickolai Kolarov & Roderick F of J

members free web profile pages, where they Lisa DeSpain (N.Y.) u s internet discussion Andrew Lloyd Webber (U.K.) Kettlewell (Minn.) with l r Balloon Music y

e can post their photos, bios and lists of their Gabriela Lena Frank (Calif.) 2 s groups on new Steven Mackey (N.J.) Velislav Zaimov (Bulgaria) 0

o innova 648

Glenn McClure (N.Y.) 0 p recent works. Not every composer or per- David Maslanka (Mont.)

music topics Aaron Larget-Caplan (Mass.) 5 m Hector Martinez Morales

In a scene where success often - o former has the time or resources to create and Ingram Marshall (Conn.) in partnership with with Kurt Erickson (Calif.) J C u hinges on finding your niche, shes dis- Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (U.K.) (Mass.)

maintain an indvidual website to publicize their n n Gather.com and the e a covered one out a long drive from the

c i

work but Forum members are offered just

publisher of Finale 2 r main highway. 0 e this service as a benefit of their membership  0

m notation software , The Village Voice 6 A

A8A8 A9 Class of 2006 Class of 2006 Continued from previous page

First Nations Jerome Composers Regional Chapters Regional Chapters continued Composer Initiative Commissioning Minnesota Chapter (cont.) Dr. Louis Ballard, Program Los Angeles Chapter Minnesota Chapter Philadelphia Chapter San Francisco Bay Washington, DC Sound Check Cherokee/Quapaw (N.M.) Kati Agocs (N.Y.) ASCAP I Create Music Community Partners Commissions Area Chapter Chapter Elizabeth Alexander (Minn.) Howard Bass (D.C.) Marita Bolles (Ill.) Expo in Los Angeles (Lullaby Program) Ranaan Meyer (Pa.) Community Partners New Music Salons Carol Barnett (Minn.) Alan Bise (Ohio) Michael Croswell (Minn.) Philip Blackburn (Minn.) Maura Bosch (Minn.) Ellen Bepp (Calif.) Jan Bach (Ill.) Philip Blackburn (Minn.) Raven Chacon, Din (Calif.) Annie Gosfield (N.Y.) Alex Shapiro (Calif.) Cantus (Minn.) Community Partners Kurt Erickson (Calif.) Douglas Boyce (Va.) Mary Ellen Childs (Minn.) Jos Roberto Cordero, Vijay Iyer (N.Y.) Andrew Bleckner (Pa.) John Ingle (Calif.) Robert Carl (Conn.) Joshua Clausen (Minn.) Mescalro Apache/Mxica Michelle Kinney (Minn.) Composers Salons Composer to Composer Robert Capanna (Pa.) Marisol Jimenez (Calif.) Evan Chambers (Mich.) Christopher Gable (Minn.) (Conn.) Rudresh Mahantthappa (N.Y.) Philip Blackburn (Minn.) Laurent Petitgirard (France) Andrea Clearfield (Pa.) Helen Michelson (Calif.) Brian Coughlin (N.Y.) Ellen Lease (Minn.) Barbara Croall, Giniw Dodem, Ann Millikan (Minn.) Julian Brody (Mexico) (N.Y.) Matt Davis (Pa.) Polly Moller (Calif.) Nick Didkovsy (N.Y.) Midge McCloy (Minn.) Manitoulin Island (Canada) Hiroya Miura (N.Y.) Paul Cohen (Calif.) Jay Fluellen (Pa.) New Music Bay Area (Calif.) James Dorsey (Md.) Elliott Miles McKinley (Minn.) Brent Michael Davids, Mohican Sam Newsome (N.Y.) Peter Golub (Calif.) Performances, Tuesday Orlando & Patricia Haddad (Pa.) Belinda Reynolds (Calif.) Jennifer Fitzgerald (N.C.) David Means (Minn.) (Minn.) Sean Noonan (N.Y.) Peter Grenader (Calif.) Salons and Readings Susan Watts (Pa.) Jake Rodriguez (Calif.) David Freund (Md.) Scott Miller (Minn.) Joy Harjo, Muscogee (Hawaii) Yotam Rosenbaum (Mass.) Sean Griffin (Calif.) Amanda Albrecht (Minn.) Jess Rowland (Calif.) Blair Goins (Md.) Kelly Rossum (Minn.) Lyz Jaakola,Anishinaabe (Minn.) Ann Marie Kurrasch (Calif.) Elizabeth Alexander (Minn.) subito in Philadelphia Erik Ulman (Calif.) Todd Hershberger (N.C.) Carl Schroeder (Minn.) Jennifer Elizabeth Kreisberg, Susan Rawcliffe (Calif.) Drake Andersen (Minn.) Dave Burrell (Pa.) Caroline Mallone (N.C.) McKnight Composer Bennett Siems (Minn.) Tuscarora (Conn.) Carlos Rafael Rivera (Calif.) Yawo Attivor (Minn.) Frank DAmico (Pa.) Composer in the Schools John Mayrose (N.C.) Fellowships Adam Wernick (Minn.) Barbara McAlister, Cherokee Jesse Rogg (Calif.) Carol Barnett (Minn.) Paul Epstein (Pa.) Matthew Goodheart (Calif.) Joel Puckett (Md.) Mary Ellen Childs (Minn.) (N.Y.) Adam Rudolph (Calif.) Eric William Barnum (Minn.) Ellen Fishman-Johnson (Pa.) Diedre Robinson (D.C.) Viv Corringham (Minn.) subito in Minnesota R. Carlos Nakai, Navajo/Ute Steve Schalchlin (Calif.) Al Biales (Minn.) Andrew Hanna (Pa.) Composers Workshops Mark Sylvester (Md.) Edie Hill (Minn.) Elizabeth Alexander (Minn.) (Ariz.) Alex Shapiro (Calif.) Arthur Campbell (Minn.) Jennifer Higdon (Pa.) Daniel Kennedy (Calif.) Lois V.Vierk (N.Y.) Aaron Kerr (Minn.) Erik Barsness (Minn.) Dr. James Nason, Comanche Kubilay Uner (Calif.) Paul Cantrell (Minn.) Chuck Holdeman (Del.) James Winn (Nev.) Abbie Betinis (Minn.) (Wash.) Nedra Wheeler (Calif.) Viv Corringham (Minn.) David Laganella (Pa.) Community Partners Philip Blackburn (Minn.) George Quincy, Choctaw (N.Y.) McKnight Visiting Michael Coyle (Minn.) Gerald Levinson (Pa.) Northern California Aaron Leitko (D.C.)  Laura Caviani (Minn.) Jerod Impichaachaaha Tate, Composers Dress Rehearsal of Rio de Michael Croswell (Minn.) Robert Moran (Pa.) Composers Commissioning Mary Ellen Childs (Minn.) Chickasaw (Colo.) Sangre at Disney Hall Catherine Dalton (Minn.) Geoffrey Peterson (Pa.) Program Sidiki Conde (N.Y.) Holly Hee Won Coughlin (Minn.) (Calif.) Bobb Fantauzzo (Minn.) Daniel Peterson (Pa.) Linda Bouchard (Calif.) Stuart Hyatt (Ind.) Michael Croswell (Minn.) innova Recordings Kate Gale (Calif.) Philip Fried (Minn.) Scott Robinson (Pa.) Matt Small (Calif.) 6 Alex Shapiro (Calif.) Christopher Gable (Minn.) Evan Solot (Pa.) 0 Mark Applebaum (Calif.) Christopher Gable (Minn.) Kurt Rohde (Calif.) 0 Minnesota Orchestra Chris Granias (Minn.) 2 Kerry Walsh (Calif.) Monette Sudler (Pa.) Ellen Ruth Rose (Calif.) Carol Barnett (Minn .) Timothy Goplerud (N.J.) Reading Sessions and Edie Hill (Minn.) e Chris Granias (Minn.) David Thomas (Pa.) San Francisco Chamber n Jeremy Beck (Ky.)

u Gao Hong (Minn.) J Composer Institute Jazz Composers Series Todd Harper (Minn.) Orchestra (Calif.) John Belcher (Mass.) - Nickolai Kolarov (Minn.) J.Anthony Allen (Minn.) Babaghanoush (Calif.) James Holdman (Minn.) SoundExchange San Francisco Community Music 5 Henry Brant (Calif.) 0 Giovanna Imbesi Trio (Calif.) Scott Miller (Minn.) Ben Camp (Pa.) 0 Judy Dunaway (Mass.) Mark Dancigers (Conn.) Marc Jensen (Minn.) Center (Calif.) 2 Ann Millikan (Minn.) Stephen Lockwood Ensemble Charles Cohen (Pa.)

y Matthew Fields (Mich.) Juli Johnson (Minn.) l Electropolis (Minn.) Nirmala Rajasekar (Minn.) u Stuart Dempster (Wash.) J Ed Martin (Ill.) (Calif.) Bill Kempe (Minn.) New Music For People to Yoav Gal & Yael Kanerek (N.Y)

¥ Matthew Smith (Minn.) Norbert Palej (N.Y.) Mark Luger (Minn.) Helena Espvall-Santoleri (Pa.) Play 6 Alexandra Gardner (D.C.) J.D. Steele (Minn.) 0 Sean Shepherd (N.Y.) Richard Zvonar Tribute Midge McCloy (Minn.) David Gamper (N.Y.) Loretta Notareschi (Calif.) 0 Henry Gwiazda (N. D.)

2 David Evan Thomas (Minn.) Gerone Dale Jimenez (Pa.) Reynold Tharp (Calif.) Salon Elliott Miles McKinley (Minn.) Katrina Wreede (Calif.) t Randall Hall (Ill.) Jay Walters (Minn.) r Zhou Tian (Pa.) Pamela Goldsmith (Calif.) Shirley Mier (Minn.) Jesse Kudler (Pa.) o Teresa LeVelle (Calif.) Jennifer Weir (Minn.) p Alex Shapiro (Calif.) Wade Oden (Minn.) Byard Lancaster (Pa.) Reading Sessions e Timothy McAllister (N.Y.)

R Mark Wheaton (Calif.) Evan Lipson (Pa.) Mike Olson (Minn.) John G. Bilotta (Calif.)

l Harry Partch (Calif.) Welcome Christmas! a Julieanne Rabens (Minn.) New England Chapter Jonathan Matis (aka Morris) Earplay (Calif.) u Belinda Reynolds (Calif.) Carol Contest n subito in Los Angeles Paul Reiners (Minn.) (D.C.) Philip Freihofner (Calif.) n Neil Rolnick (N.Y.) Paul Gibson (Calif.) A Christopher Anderson-Bazzoli Monica McIntyre (Pa.) Savage Aural Hotbed (Minn.) Stephen Rettner (Minn.) Faith Partners Lisa Scola Prosek (Calif.) ¥ Jocelyn Hagen (Minn.) Bart Miltenberger (Pa.) Barry Schrader (Calif.) (Calif.) Matthew Smith (Minn.) Louise Mundinger (Mass.) Martha Stoddard (Calif.) m

u Philip Curtis (Calif.) (N.Y.) r Philip Schroeder (Ark.) David Evan Thomas (Minn.) o Valerie Opielski (N.Y.) F Paul Livingstone (Calif.) Sandra Waterman (Minn.) subito in the Bay Area Ensembles New England Conservatory s

r Karl Montevirgen (Calif.) John Phillips (Pa.) Stephen Blumberg (Calif.)

e (Calif.) Wind Ensemble Reading s Dan Ostermann (Calif.) Dave Smolen (Pa.) o Matt Steckler (N.Y.) Music in Motion Karl Henning (Mass.) Yu-Hui Chang (Calif.) p Joe Whitt (Pa.) Allan Crossman (Calif.) m University of St.Thomas Wind Marc Jensen (Minn.) David Patterson (Mass.) o Harvest of Song (Calif.) C Ensemble (Minn.) Anne Kilstofte (Minn.)

n Ann Millikan (Minn.) Alden Jenks (Calif.) a New England Orchestral c i Tom Scott (Minn.) Sam Nichols (Calif.) r Consortium Commissions e Matthew Smith (Minn.) Pamela Layman Quist (Calif.) m David Kechley (Mass.) A Michael Weinstein (Mass.) Kurt Rohde (Calif.) Laurie San Martin (Calif.) A10 Matt Small (Calif.) A11 Regional Chapters Coast-to-Coast The American Composers Forum A national and regional overview

The Forum began in 1973 as an informal group of In Northern California “Remove Before Flight” Takes Off graduate students including The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Libby Larsen and Stephen Paulus with funding from By Polly Moller ¥ Launched its New Music for People to Play collaboration with the San a $400 grant from the Universitys Student Club Francisco Community Music Center, allowing resident composers to The Hiller Aviation Museum is a familiar landmark on the Peninsula in Activities Fund. On February 25,1975, Articles of compose for and work with both young and adult amateur performers; the San Francisco Bay Area. After driving past it on Highway 101 for Incorportion were filed for the official launch of many years, it finally occurred to me that, given my long artistic love The Minnesota Composers Forum. At first, the Forum ¥ Celebrated its ninth season of Composers in the Schools residencies affair with aviation, I would be a natural match with the museum as a Composer-in-Residence. served only members and communities in Minnesota with a concert at Trinity Chapel in Berkeley featuring Bay Area professional Postcard announcing the and its surrounding areas. By 1995, however, more musicians performing new works written by participating students; Minnesota Chapters In early 2005, I paid the museum a visit to test my intuition. After than 50 percent of the Forums members resided Music in Motion performances spending just a few minutes with the early aircraft exhibit, I was outside Minnesota. Volunteer chapters were emerging ¥ Selected composer/presenter/performer partnerships for its first with the James Sewell Ballet convinced. The painstakingly handcrafted parts of the early flying in other cities, so a formal chapter network was annual Northern California Composers Commissioning Program, creating new works and relationships in the region; machines captivated me. These wooden structures had been hollowed created with national- and community-based funding. In Minneapolis-St. Paul out to approximate the air chambers in the bones of birds. I imagined ¥ Continued its popular Reading Sessions series with San Francisco new an early aviator doing everything he could to reduce the weight of his In 1996, the Minnesota Composers Forum renamed music ensemble Earplay; The Minnesota Chapter machine, and enduring trial after frustrating trial in which the craft just itself the American Composers Forum, and now acts ¥ Offered Composer to Composer sessions with American wouldnt fly. as the umbrella national organization for five locally ¥ Awarded Community Partners grants for composers projects at composer Kevin Puts, whose Sinfonia Concertante was performed funded chapters in Minnesota (based in Saint Paul), Bay Area venues; by the Minnesota Orchestra, and with French composer Laurent Inspired by this visit, I decided to approach the museum and convince New England (based in Boston),Washington DC, Petitgirard, whose opera The Elephant Man was performed the staff that they needed to have a piece written for them. In February 2005, I called up Tish Bayer, the museums Director of Development, and Philadelphia, and San Francisco, in addition to volun- Advanced the careers of regional composers and performers through its by The Minnesota Opera; ¥ announced,Im Polly Moller, and Im a composer. You need a teer-led chapters in and Los Angeles. subito grants for a variety of projects. composer-in-residence. Bayer was perplexed at first, but I convinced ¥ Held Composer Workshops including Publishing Models for her that a commission of a new work might be a good idea Forum members pay annual dues that are used to fund Composers, exploring the essentials of starting and Funding for the San Francisco - Bay Area Chapter is provided by the William and Flora especially since the Hiller Aviation Museum was searching for a way to networking and informational services, such as the maintaining a successful self-publishing business, and Music in Hewlett Foundation, the James Irvine Foundation and the San Francisco Foundation  reach out to new constituencies and become a community-oriented Forums website www.composersforum.org and Motion, exploring the ways composers and choreographers organization.Together we came up with the idea of a flute quartet to be bimonthly newsletter, Sounding Board. The Forum interact; premiered at the museums annual fundraising gala. also funds national and local commissioning projects, In Southern California as well as performance and career-advancement ¥Through its new Music in Motion program, commissioned two I wrote a proposal to the San Francisco Bay Area chapters Community programs for individual composers and performers. The Los Angeles Chapter (acf/LA) composer-choreographer teams to create new dance works Partners program, hoping to get its support so my piece could be 6 written for the museums underserved audience of aviation buffs, 0

0 These projects and programs are funded by grants ¥ Organized a regular series of Composer Salons at the TuttoMedia studios for performance by James Sewell Ballet;

2 pilots, and corporate employees.The Community Partners grant was

from government agencies, corporate and private in Venice.These gatherings offered Southern California composers,

e awarded in March of 2005. I wrote the piece for two C flutes, alto flute, n foundations, and individual contributions. u performers, and new music enthusiasts a chance to gather for informal ¥ Organized The Lullaby Project, in which Minnesota composer

J and bass flute. I called it Remove Before Flight, a lighthearted play on


presentations, discussions and networking; Maura Bosch will conduct a six-month residency at The Tubman words referring both to the early aviators need to remove weight from 5

0 The Forums regional chapters are able to provide Family Alliance. Commissioned new works for mothers and his machine, and to the red tags traditionally applied to air cargo. The 0 2 programs and services, tailored for their local ¥ Held a special memorial Salon honoring Richard Zvonar, a key figure in children will be performed by Cantus, a Twin Cities-based pieces two movements,The Breeze and Takeoff , were meant as two y l

u separate daydreams in the mind of that early aviator. J communities, with financial support from local donors. the Los Angeles new music scene and dedicated supporter of acf/LA; professional mens a cappella ensemble;

¥ And, by virtue of being members of the national 6

0 American Composers Forum, composers, performers After its premiere on October 8, 2005,Remove Before Flight had 0 ¥ Arranged for members to attend the final dress rehearsal of Rio De ¥ Arranged a monthly Tuesday Salon series at the St. Paul studio

2 three more performances in April and May 2006. The Cayenne Flute and presenters residing in the Chapter regions are t Sangre, an opera by Don Davis, at the new Walt Disney Concert Hall of the new music ensemble Zeitgiest, offering informal

r Quartet in residence at Louisiana State University won an Encore grant

o able to participate in the national organizations downtown; presentations of new works by local composers and new music

p to support these. On August 26, 2006, the piece was featured in the e programs and services as well. performers, open discussions, and career networking; R West Marin Festival Composers Concert, in scenic Point Reyes Station,

l ¥ Took part in the national ASCAP I Create Music Expo held in a California. In 2007,Remove Before Flight will be published by ALRY u

n Entrepreneurial artists like Polly Moller have found Los Angeles through a panel presentation by acfLA Board President ¥ Presented three Sound Check concerts at The Southern Publications, a 26-year-old company specializing in woodwind and n

A ways to use both the Forums regional and national Alex Shapiro; Theater in Minneapolis, showcasing new music by Forum . All this has come about thanks to that initial Community


programs to help advance their careers (see her composers, with audience discussions moderated by composer Partners grant from the American Composers Forums San Francisco m

u report on Remove Before Flight on the facing page). Presented two concerts of improvised jazz by the Stephen Lockwood Randall Davidson; Bay Area chapter. r ¥ o

F Ensemble, Babaghanoush, and the Giovanna Imbesi Trio;

s r During its 33-year history, the Forum has grown into Launched subito in Minnesota, a quick-turnaround grant program Polly Moller is a performance artist, e ¥ s composer, improviser, chamber musician, o an organization with a multi-million dollar budget and ¥ Helped advance the careers of individual Southern Californian artists to assist regional composers and new music performers. p and avant-garde flute player. Shes recorded m a national sphere of influence. with subito grants for a wide variety of projects initiated by regional o three solo albums and performed in C

composers and performers. Funding for the Minnesota Chapter is provided by the Carolyn Foundation,

n diverse venues all over the San Francisco a

c COMPAS Medtronic Arts Access Program, Jerome Foundation, Land OLakes

i Bay Area and beyond. She is currently r

e Funding for the Los Angeles Chapter is provided by the James Irvine Foundation, Foundation, Saint Croix Foundation, Saint Paul Cultural STAR Program, and recording her fourth album of original m  A the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation, and the City of Los Angeles Cultural The Star Tribune Foundation, with additional support from James Sewell Ballet work, entitled Not Made of Stone. Affairs Department  A12 A13 Regional Chapters Coast-to-Coast

In Philadelphia In Boston The Philadelphia Chapter The New England Chapter ¥ Witnessed The Philadelphia Orchestras premiere performance ¥ Announced the appointment of David McMullin as its new of Daniel Kelloggs Ben, a commission resulting from a director, succeeding Beth Denisch, the founding director of nationwide Benjamin Franklin Commissioning Competition the American Composers Forum New England (ACFNE); organized by the Orchestra and the Philadelphia Chapter; ¥ Saw the culmination of a Faith Partners residency at Jubilee ¥ Facilitated a commission for the Great Philadelphia Tourism Christian Church and Temple Ohabei Shalom,in Brookline, Marketing Corporation; Mass., by composer Louise Mundinger; the worship-service performances of new choral works she wrote for choir, ¥ Presented the premiere performance of four collaborative youth choir, and soloists reached over 1,000 congregants; compositions created through its SoundExchange residency with Pauline Oliveros and her Deep Listening Band; ¥ Through its Composer Residency Program, commissioned Michael Weinstein and David Kechley to write The D.C. Chapter acted as fiscal agent Top: Players from the Boston Landmarks Orchestra; Bottom: New England com- ¥ Arranged commissions, workshops, and summer residencies for performances of choreographer Jane new orchestral works for multiple performances by the poser Louise Mundinger (at the keyboard) rehearses one of her anthems at Juiblee for a variety of local composers and performers through its Jeradis Efficiency staged during the Washington New England Orchestra Consortium; Christian Church. Community Partners program; Performing Arts Societys 40th Anniversary Season. ¥ Witnessed the premiere performances of Weinsteins ¥ Helped advance the careers of individual artists with Chamber Symphony, by Consortium members, including subito grants for a variety of projects initiated by regional In Washington, D.C. the Boston Landmarks Orchestra, Boston Classical composers and performers. Orchestra, and Symphony by the Sea. This new work The Washington D.C. Chapter was heard by 1,788 listeners in four communities; Funding for the Philadelphia Chapter is provided by The William Penn ¥ Hosted its fifth Sonic Circuits Festival of Electronic Foundation,The Philadelphia Cultural Fund,The Pennsylvania Council on Music, with a variety of events and performers ¥ Arranged for reading sessions of members works by the the Arts Program Stream, and The Argosy Foundation for Contemporary staged at multiple venues around town; New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble. Music 

¥ Found a new home for its continuing series of New Music Funding for the New England Chapter is provided by the Cherbec A m

Salons and special concerts at the Patricia M. Sitar Center Advancement Foundation, Boston Globe Foundation, Hunt Alternatives Fund, e r i LEF Foundation, Massachusetts Cultural Council,A.C. Ratshesky Foundation, c for the Arts; its theater seats 80, includes a Steinway a n

Sunfield Foundation, John H. and H. Naomi Tomfohrde Foundation, with grand piano and is equipped with state-of-the-art C o

recording gear; additional support from an anonymous foundation and from individual m  p donors o s e r

¥ Awarded Community Partnership grants to several s

F regional composers and performers, and acted as the fiscal o r u agency for other kindred regional artists; m


A n

¥ Organized an open rehearsal and Composer to Composer n u

session for members with composer Adolphus Hailstork a l

Visit www.composersforum.org R

prior to a performance by the Master Chorale of Washington; e p

for more information on the o r t

Arranged for discounted ticket offers for members from ¥ Forum’s regional Chapters 2 0

several major music presenters, including the National 0 6

Symphony and the Washington Performing Arts Society. ¥

Composer Daniel Kellogg (left) and Philadelphia Orchestra J u l

percussionist/ y

glass harmonica player Chris Devinney (right) Funding for the Washington DC Chapter is provided by the Morris and 2 0 0

at Verizon Hall during a rehearsal of Kelloggs new work Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, Harman Family Foundation, and the DC 5


Ben. Commission on the Arts and Humanities  J u n e

2 0 0 6

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A16 A17 A Premiere Ensemble Our Donors continued from page A3 The chairs of the central and western districts will tell you exactly small groups. Leonard and Schuller agree that the piece is Regional Chapters the same thing. ‘Well, we dont have the private teachers that you challenging, but well within the reach of any good high school band. have in Boston.We dont have access to the conservatories, Leonard says. In this situation, Im a composer who is a teacher, said Schuller. Teaching is making young people, whatever people, believe in the San Francisco Bay Los Angeles Chapter Washington, D.C. Philadelphia Chapter (cont.) Another advantage in towns like Lexington, where the median fact that they can do something that at the moment they think they Area Chapter Chapter Individuals household income is creeping above $100,000, is money. cant do. Foundations Timothy Albro Private lessons are standard practice for students in the wind Foundations The Ann and Gordon Getty Rusty Banks ensemble, and although good teachers can be found in any town They can play all of this, Schuller says of the Lexington students. Foundations The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Peter A. Benoliel and for a wide range of incomes, they are easier to find in higher- And if somebody on a high note misses a note, I mean, so what? Fund for Artists Foundation The James Irvine Foundation Peter Greer income places like Carlisle, Concord,Acton, Lexington, and Come on, its not the end of the world. (an initiative of the Ford, The Harman Family Foundation David Kramer Chelmsford, says Houry Marie Schmeizl, president of the Greater James Irvine, and William Government Grants Allen Krantz Lowell Music Teachers Association. During the rehearsal, however, Schuller manages to hide this laissez- and Flora Hewlett Foundations) The Los Angeles Department Government Mark A. Seidman faire sentiment. He speaks to the students calmly, usually with a William and Flora Hewlett of Cultural Affairs DC Commission on the Arts Susan Shingle Communities with a higher tax base attract families who are smile, but he is nevertheless an exacting technician. Notes should Foundation and Humanities Marilyn Tague looking for schools that have better arts programs and more last just so long; a solo should be just so loud; C-sharp means James Irvine Foundation Individuals San Francisco Foundation Vera Wilson community activities, says Schmeizl, who also is director of the C-sharp. Charlotte Brown Individuals Piano Academy at Hart Pond in Chelmsford.That, in turn, draws Michael Carroll J. Leeds Barroll Individuals In-Kind Gifts teachers who look for places that truly respect music and its At other times, hes a music historian, pausing to offer observations Joy and Jim Caswell Jon Bauman Alexis Alrich Melodyvision, Inc. place in education and the world at large. on musicians he has worked with (Vibrato is a big rarity nowadays, Daniel Cariaga Jodi Beder Peter and Ann Barden The University of the Arts also in jazz. . . . Stan Kenton killed it off.) and those he hasnt Nancy B. and Martin V. Chalifour Helmut Braunlich Herb Bielawa These towns attract teachers who can more easily make their (Beethoven didnt put grace notes before the first bar, so I thought Peggi Chute Angelo Cicolani New England Chapter Kitty Brody living because they can charge more, she says. I shouldnt do it, either). Don Davis Rose Ann Tod Brody Daniella Feightner Dennis Deloria Yu-Hui Chang and William Beck Foundations Put everything together, and Lexington satisfies the key factors cited And in a couple of instances, hes the substitute teacher keeping Tom Flaherty Glenna Dibrell Glenna Dibrell Anonymous foundation by Cecil Adderley, chairman of the Music Education Department at order, asking a couple of slouching saxophonists to sit up. Alan Goldman James Dorsey Adam Frey The Boston Globe Foundation the . Peter Golub Ulf Grahn Michael H. Hawkins Cherbec Advancement Foundation You in the hat, he says to a tuba player. We usually play without Stephen A Kanter M.D. Zona Hostetler Esther Landau Hunt Alternatives Fund A strong school music program starts with dedicated, certified a hat. Anne LeBaron Bonnie Thron Jacobowitz Frank Levin LEF Foundation teachers who know how to teach and continues with setting clear Mu Phi Epsilon Joseph Jakuta Wayne Peterson A.C. Ratshesky Foundation goals for the community, says Adderley. You need to have a plan in Josiah Reibstein snatches his black ski cap and drops it on his lap Mark Robson Keith Kramer Lisa Prosek Sunfield Foundation the middle and elementary grades to identify the population that before blowing again into his mouthpiece. Alex Shapiro Lori Laitman Kurt Rohde John and Naomi Tomfohrde will be later tapped to fill the ranks of the high school ensembles, Abby Sher Richard Lake Ellen Ruth Rose Foundation whether it be the jazz band, orchestra, choir, or what have you. Schullers ministrations are purely musical when he calls on piccolo Haim and Paula Shtrum Anna Larson Karen Rosenak player Hannah MacKenzie-Margulies at several points. Each time, she A Gernot Wolfgang Ronald Leve Government m Lexingtons version of the musical farm system goes on display four responds with a quick nod and another try at the troublesome e r

Andrew Malone Massachusetts Cultural Council i In-Kind Gifts c

times a year at the All-Town Concerts for public school students phrase. a In-Kind Gifts Donald McCullough n Berkeley High School In-Kind Gifts from grades 5 through 12. Over an hour and half, the audience can C San Francisco Ballet Raven Chacon Frances McKay o Northestern University see a descending number of participants as the students get older, She later describes the experience as intimidating, but adds, m San Francisco Community Peggi Chute Kenneth Rubin p and hear an ascending level of musicianship. It was interesting to be asked to do something, then not o s

Music Center Alan Goldman Haskell Small e necessarily have the pressure to do it right, but to try r

Individuals s

Peter Golub Harlie Sponaugle San Francisco Girls Chorus At the top of the pyramid are high schoolers like the 65 students something new. F Kenneth Amis o

Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman Gerald Yoshitomi r who streamed into Room 131 for last weeks rehearsal, ready to u Machtiger & Kinsella LLP JoAnne Wagner Charles Ansbacher m

John C. & Dorothy L. Crawford give Schuller the chance to hear his composition for the first time. Time and again during the 100-minute rehearsal, Schuller returns to ¥

Wes Hambright the subject of breathing. You attack the note and you dont follow A Roland Davis n Giovanna Imbesi Other Natures Way was commissioned by the American Composers through with air. You do it. You do it. You do it, he says, pointing n Mary Deissler u

Heidi Lesemann Master Chorale of Washington, D.C. a

Forums BandQuest program, whose stated goal is to create around the room. l The lists of Chapter Donors on this page Beth Denisch Washington Performing Arts Society R

works for middle schoolers. However, high school bands often e reflect gifts given between July 1, 2005, Zanaida Robles C. Lee Essrig p perform the premieres, says Leonard, and BandQuests artistic One of the targets is trombonist Josh Evans, whose uneven breath o and June 30, 2006. If your name has Philadelphia Chapter Wallace & Nannette Feurzeig r

Carlos Rodriguez t

adviser, Frank Battisti, a former conductor of the New England control is creating an unwanted surge of sound when he shifts his Hugh W. Gabrielson 2

been omitted, misspelled or misplaced, Jessie Rothwell 0

Foundations Castalia Jason Conservatory Wind Ensemble, recommended Lexingtons band for slide. After three semisuccessful replays, Schuller leaves Evans with 0 please accept our apologies and contact Kubilay Uner this honor. some advice. 6 The Argosy Foundation for Vance Koven ¥

your regional ACF chapter director J Contemporary Music u

Aaron Larget-Caplan l Richard Zvonar Memorial Fund y (see directory on page A20). The five-minute composition, like all of Schullers works, uses the If you practice that for 4 1/2 minutes, youll get it, Schuller says. The William Penn Foundation John McDonald 2 Dorie Griggs 0 The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts atonal method that is a pillar of 20th-century music but still hasnt Then for the rest of your life, youll remember me. 0 Ross Moyer 5

Joan King

gained much of a following among lay audiences. It scraps the - The Philadelphia Cultural Fund William Nicholson J

Kit Van Winkle u David N. Patterson traditional scales of western music and establishes a repeating n e

pattern for the 12 tones of the chromatic scale. In Natures Way, Copyright ' 2006 Globe Newspaper Company. Elliott S. & Dorothy R. Schwartz 2  0  dynamics change suddenly, and dense textures with the full Reproduced here with permission 0 Kevin Williams 6 ensemble give way to complex snippets of melody by soloists or A19