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11-18-1965 Studio Arena

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Brian Avnel, general manager Kay Kingdon, assistant director Blossom Cohan, production coordinator Tommy Brent, publicity and promotion Gail Johnson, executive secretar-y Carda M iller, business manager Ceorge Foreman■, house manager

Rod McManigaL special consultant, audience development

Duane Andersen, artistic consultant

FACULTY Lois Watson, director Ellen Fleysher Joseph J. Herman Nancy. K och ery Sally Rubin Norma Sandler Lewis Shupe Dorothy Snyder Helen Touster


W e lle s V. XIout, Jr.. president C h a rles /. Hahn, vice-president Mrs, Charles Mott, secretary Peter Poth, treasurer Seymour Abel'es Mrs. Gerald D. Albertson Mrs. Peter C. Andrew* Mrs. William J. Bakrow R o b ert R. ISarrett W aller J. Barrett Melvin M. Benstock John C. Burns M e lv in F. H all Douglas Johnson Irving■ Levick Gerard Lang Miller Mrs. Clarence Obletz Calvin G. Rand Thom as IV. Ryan A lle n Sapp Mrs. Adrian W . Sm ith Frany. T. Ston e Robert U. Swudos Robert L. Terrill Trans Visser'l lloolt


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W H E N bustles aim1. tn;.v.::i!ie y*.i:s whm ASSOCIATION of INTERIOR A:r.e;;ca was rakirsi; »t:> !irat steps ru'Aard providing the world’s highest standard'of living . .. Dc;:n::iic'r; *\ Ouininsck w;.s there. ::ito DESIGNERS and DECORATORS ;:i:&e i:s ::: ’J r.c w .i:: and drpth of D m D 'j services :»;r the snvot.:;:: public sustained a steady-growth despite financial panics, wars and depressions. Today the talent of an organization of more than -100— including re­ NEW YORK search specialists, counselors, and administrative people stands behind our Buffalo office, giving you the Oppurti::;:;y for investment ../*UU* I.e: us advise you about your future investment- plans or review your portfolio.

D o m i n i c k & D o m i n i c k , Iiu-orpnr;ui-d S i v h o u r H . Kn o x III, Vice President & I 5 2. L’ .Nf.irir.L- T ru st Mtnktn Stu' Vi ri, tit S;c:ij STUDIO i l ill® THEATRE NEAL DU BROCK, Executive Director PRESENTS


Directed by


Set Designer /. igh I ing D es ign er ROBERT MOTLEY DAVID ZIERK

Costume Designer Production Stage Manager SANDRA WILLIAMSON JIM WAY

We wish to thank ANTA for special cooperation on this production


• p T T ) 5W J CTW^-7)

n a ^ . wild, wonderful, whimsical things from out of the past . . (d n & fA g , 511 Delaware Avenue 9J m jjpor iawi 3191 DELAWARE AVE, ^ S ? ' - ^ > e n,T*ore bet iveen Girard a Columbia ^ s r - - Phone T R 3 - 6 6 8 8


KLEINHANS MUSIC HALL W estern Mew ¥©rk9© L U K A S F O S S L arg est Conductor and Music Director Wm@ SpeeHalllstg Sun, Nov 21, 2:30 PM Over .500 Uarivtiei to iefvct from Tue, Nov 23, 8:30 PM f-^urveiipri of the nat imported neJ anJ s ,, i rit a from the world over.

Lukas Foss, Conductor SUNYABChorusand Buffalo Schola Cantorum Oswald Rantucci and William Kuinka, Mandolinists Francis Pierre, Harpist

TICKETS: $4.40 • 3.85 • 3.30 • 2.75 Music Hall (Penn. St. Ent.) TT 5-5000 Denton, Cottier & Daniels (Exc. Wed). Enclose stamped self-addressed envelope with mail orders

daterintj to the gourmet, connouicur. and co Hector o f rare I’intatje chateau and eitate Lott fed wind, champaijnej, BALLET and specialties. Kleinhans Music Hall -^}fio tremendous ie fed ions of Fri, Nov 26, 8:30 PM mod era leltj priced wines. with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Shop in com fort in one o f Richard Dufallo, Conductor 9jeiv 'IJorlt -S fate's most heau lifulfij appointed fitjuor stores. ORDER TICKETS NOW AT PHILHARMONIC BOX OFFICE. W e to conic in J i rowie aroun d ! CAST in order of appearance

Salvatore PATRICK G l RNCC: Vivi T!\ -\(_Y KU IIC K Bruno DANIF.L ROSE Ass u rite ANTON i A RLY Ro>?. Deiie Rose WARCK IT !3l;N Ni-.T 1 Serafina Delle Rose OIYMIMA i )l :!n -\KIS l:s((.'Ho H ohcngjr;en HETTY LUTIIS The Sirey,a D ORO’l i IV SNYDLR Ciu>eppir.a I3RY\A WEISS Peppina io r e t t a m :\.\i- Violetta ANN REIMAN Marietta DN.ORIiS ROSE Tere

SCENES There will bo a '15 minute intermission between each act.

Act O n c Scone 1 livening Scene 2 Almost momm y, the next day Scene 3 Noon ot" that day Scene 4 A late spring morning, three years later S c e n e 5 ImmediateIv tollowing Scene G Two hours later that dav

A c t T w o

Scene I Two hours later that day

A c t T h re e

Scene 1 livening of the same day Scene 2 Just before dawn of the next day Scene 3 Morning ELMWOOD AVENUE Banquet Facilities

you're in the Pepsi generation!

Pepsi-Cola Buffalo Bottling Co. PEPSICOLA 2770 Walden Avenue robert king presents for the PRODUCTION STAFF G3 rd COXSECKTBVE liE A M Assistant to the Director MICHAEL MONT ELL

Assistant “VI t Y & U - B * Stage Manager GrORGL 1)1 Ci'.NZO

(by the working group at KING’S DRY CLEANING) Production Assistant RICHARD G!ACHI\Q


A C K N O YV L E D G E M E N TS SHU Vrotlucvtl mill Dirnrlnl by Mvmhurs of the. Lobby Photos ior SHERVVIN GREEN 15ERG. "ORIGINAL STAFF” 77//: ROSi: TATTOO McGRANAHAN and MAY



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28 Bryant — 886-8563 Cuisine Exclusively Lebanese TL 2-9283 — Prescriptions

Featuring: Shish Kabab WESTERN NEW YORK’S Cocktails served - Catering to mnull parlies Closed Mondnya THEATRICAL DRUG STORE


custom made I-' A S H IONS

RIGIDIZED METALS CORPORATION Especially For Her Buffalo, New York

by Sara and Andree

TT 5-1114 TT 3-1759 «______


a cjjrtstm a* MILK g tu b to AT YOUR STORE 512 elmwood avenue, buffalo OR AT YOUR DOOR 882-3200

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Milton K-aiseJ'as was immediately placed in the ranks of the theatre's most important young directors with his staging of ''The Zoo Story," a productionwhich established the reputation of author Edward Albee as well. The following season he enjoved a similar success with "Gall' Me Bv My Rightful Name" by Michael Shurtieft. Active in the regional theatre as well as New York-, his production of "Coriolanus" this summer won the Globe Award as the outstanding presentation at- the San' Diego Shakespeare Festival. His other credits include directing Shelley Winters in "W ho’s Afraid1 of Virginia Woolt?", "A View from the Bridge" and "The Country Giri," jo Van Fleet- and the late Mvron' McCormick in "The Visit" and Robert Loggia and Salome Jens in "Macbeth-.”


Miss Dukakis' acting credits include an impressive list of roles. On Broadway she has appeared with Ann Harding, and been stand-by to such notable actresses as Shelley Winters, in THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA and in THE ASPERN PAPERS. Her considerable acting talent was acknowledged in 1962 when she received the Obie Award for her performance in A MAN’S A MAN. Other Off- Broadway performances include roles in AGAMEMNON, NEW TENANT and CRIMES AND. CRIMES. No newcomer lo regional theatre, Miss Dukakis played the rule of the Mother in LONG DAY'S JO U RN EY at Pnincetoh in 1963, and in Boston in 1964 she played the Daughter in SIX CH A RA CTERS IN: SEARCH Of- AN AUTHOR. In addition lo the stage she has appeared in films, playing the lead in TWICE A MAN, the second prize winner of the Brussel's Film Festival. Also listed among Miss Dukakis' credits are numerous television appearances on such major programs as Dr. Kildare, The Nursex Ed Sullivan and Camera .1.


Joseph Mascolo lias taken a leave of absence from the current off-Broadway revival of "A View from the Bridge" to comr to Buffalo for "The Ruse Tattoo.” Mr. Mascolo's first major stage assignment in New York was the marathon-running production of "The Threepenny ." He made his Broadway debui in 's "Night Life," in which he also understudied . For television, he has appeared on The Defenders, Car .>!, the upcoming Coronet Blue, and in a continuing role on . A talented musician as well as an actor, he has played the clarinet with the Metropolitan Opera orchestra and Paul Lava.lie’s Band of America.

VICTOR HUGO'S HUGO PI c;UUO,.pr«fk- WINE CELLARS "Un repas Fantastique.” leisurely dining , , „ , in the unique atmosphere of Buffalo’s 414 Delaware on the Avenue onl>' wine cellars. Food prepared with imagination complimented by wines from the world’s finest vineyards. BOOKS and' STATIONERY THE LITTLE CLUB 750 MAIN STREET (Convenient to Theatre)



Armstrong-Roth-Cady Co. Inc.


Guild Opticians

930 Marine Trust Building Buffalo, N. Y. 14203

Telephone: 854-7800


tffARREN B. AUS7BN EQUIPMENT FUNERAL 1241 MAIN STREET • 882-6223 INC. Store hours: 9:30 to 5:30; Mon., Thurs., Fri. till 9:00 P.M. 565 Elmwood Avo. — TT 5-3034 FISHER Radio-Phonos The Attention of Our Personnel STEREO Components Is Unexcelled ACCESSORIES STEREO Records & Tapes

evenm g a t THE CLOISTER 472 DELAWARE: AVE • TT6-0070 at THE CLOISTER Specig/Atfent/oftg/ye/r to th e a te r f&rt/es A7Z DELAWARE AVE. TT6-0070 BIOCRAPHiES


Mr. Sirasoerg's experience in the theatre has been quite varied. As an actor he has appeared on Broadway in roles in FIVE EVENINGS-; and MARATHON 33. These two roles were intersperse'd by a directing assignment of a production of COPPER QUEEN. More recently he stage managed^ productions of BLUtS FOR MR. CHARLIE and THREE SISTERS. In addition to these credits Mr. Strasberg teaches acting classes privately for his father, Lee Strasberg.


Miss Bennett was seen in the Broadway and touring company production of THE IRREGULAR VERB IO LOVi:. O ’i-Broadway she has appeared in and tin: Equity Library production of JOAN

OF LORRAINE. Oulsidu 01 New York she has appeared in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where she played roles in AS YOU LIKE IT and PERICLES. Her television appearances include roles in most of the leading series: Omnibus, Armstrong, Naked City, Wide, Wide World, The Defenders and The Nurses,

ANTONIA REY Ri.-y was the lead::!;.', ladv for a Havana Theatre group of Andres Castro called Las Mascaias and one ot Cuba's loremust serious actresses before coming lo this countrv. Among her best-known roles were the heroines o! Williams'' ORPHEUS Di.SCENDING. (for which she received a critics' award) and DARK A I I FI!: I OP OF THE S FAIRS and she has starred also in the plays of Garcia Lorca. Her most recent appearances in this countiy were in the Broadway musical BAJOUR and a small part in the Hollywoo.d film, A FINE MADNESS.


Mr. Terranova began his stage career at aye 1:5 in his native Italy. Fie has been seen in many Italian movies and associated with many leading Italian dramatic companies performing on stage and radio. From 19-12 lo 19-!6 he was with the Italian staff on the Voice of America broadcasts. In ly.^tJ off- Broadway saw him in MOON OVER MULBERRY STREET. Broadway appearances in DARK LEGEND and IN ANY LANGUAGE followed. He was featured in BUCKET in ihe role of Cardinal Zambelli during the 196'J-61 season. DAUGHTER OF SILENCE with Ernlyn Williams and THE WRONG MAN directed by Alfred Hitchcock are iwu motiun picture credits of which he is duly proud.

COMING! NEW YORK CAST! Specially produced, directed and mounted at Buffalo's Studio ARENA Theatre TINY ALICE One of the most controversial plays of our time by Edward Albee, author of ______V IR G IN IA WOOLF.______M ar. 2 4 - Apr. 2 THE FIREBUGS __ A fascinating comedy by Max Frisch. ______Jan. 6 - 22______iRMA LA DOUCE ______The sparkling musical comedy. ______Jan. 2 7 - Feb. 19 A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS A smashing Broadway hit. ______Feb. 2 4 - M ar. 19 Theatre for Children — Special Holiday Shows RUMPELSTILTSKlN Jim Menke MarionettiTThea t7 (T N 0 ^ 2 7 ~ ALICE I N~WON PER LAND ~ ~ Lewis Carroll's beloved cla ssjcT ______Pec. 26. 27,28 THE NUTCRACKER ___ A traditional'Christmas Ballet. ______Pec. 29 - Jan. 1 SEATS ON SALE NOW, AT BOX OFFICE, FOR ALL ATTRACTIONS Campus Corner

Gerald L. Heidenburg SALE - EXHIBITION James M. Lojacono

3262 Main Street Fine Contemporary Crafts Opposite U. of B. 499 Franklin St. (near Allen) Phone: TF 2-3221

Open daily 10 am to 9 pm OPENING: Nov. 28. 3:00-6:00 P.M. Sat. 10 am to 6 pm with Lutenist Richard Stanley

DAILY H ours-12 Noon - 9:00 P.M. 425 Elmwood Avenue Nov. 29, 30 -- Dec. 1, 2, 3, 4


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487 elmwood avenue buffalo, new york 14222 Statler Hilton Hotel, Buffalo, N.Y. 14240 I am interested in receiving sample wed­ ding menus with prices. I understand there is no obligation.

NAME ......


PHONE ______STUDIO '■-EA-=;~ as: V A X 5” . 5...-;:A._C \.\ ■ 65r-5;Vr o:~ ax::: v r

ANGELS Mrs. William C , H o u ck Bernard Finion' ,r 'nv Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Johnson C. Dr. and Mrs. Ben Fisher Bufialo Savings Bank .Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Kavinokv Mrs. George Kletter. Paul W. Flbrian Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Freydenheim Mr. and Mrs. Seymour H. Knox Columbus McKinnon Corporation Mr. and Mrs. John M. Calvin M r. and Mrs-. C h arles J. Hahn Mr. and'Mrs. Irving Levick Mrs. Albert R-. Gaither Mr. and Mrs. Irving Levick Mrs. William E. Lyle Mr. and Mrs. Hubert A. Coalman Marine Midland Trust Co. of Mrs. Harris McCarthy Vf.rv I H C o ver Western New York Norman E. Mack Nelson M. Graves and M:-~ IV. Fi H a rJe : Mr. and Mrs. W elles V. Moot Mr. and Mrs. William L. Marcy Dr and Mrs. D. ilarker Mr. and Mrs. W elles V. Moot, Jr. VV. N. M ille r I. /'. H ub er Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Obletz Western New York Foundation Mrs. Russell J. H. Hutton lohn R. 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