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Noteworthy Music Over the Internet

Noteworthy Music Over the Internet

Happenings The Lumberjack Dec.. 1 - 7, 1999 Noteworthy music over the Internet

Music Movie Movie Inside Peacemakers No one will sleep 'Toy Story 2' this bringperfect after the horror of brings second week: blend of music 'Sleepy Hollow' helping of laughs See page 2 See page 3 See page 3 ______% g,|| f |-| s| | ?•

^*C 2 - The Lumberjack Dec. t . 7- 1999 | December MP3s add melodies to Internet calendar Downloading How to listen MP3 Web sites To play these MP3s there are the all-new por­ is possible through the Internet on your table MP3 players. Usually * Souistice at Winamp: www.winamp.com computer, a few basic and the size of a pack of ciga­ Mogollon Brewing KeUy Coombes Sonique: www.sonique.com brief steps are required. rettes, MP3 players are the Company Listen.com: www.listen.com First, you will need to next generation of • 1World AIDS Day Celebra­ The iMmberjack Myplay: www.myplay.com download software on your walkmans. tion and March With the Internet, a person Graphic by Tony Bryantcomputer to play the MP3s. Newest technology • J Michael Dunham at the can take classes, reserve A few of the most popular Just in time for Christ­ Kerr C ultural C enter in plane tickets, participate in and convenient software that mas, these MP3 players al­ Phoenix an auction or watch a live offer some of the most inter­ low users to store music • New Play at Galvin Play­ mous musicians from the downloadable music files in concert, all from the comfort esting free MP3s are tracks on RAM chips in house in Phoenix Bcastie Boys to not-so- a matter of a few minutes. of a computer desk chair. Winamp and Sonique. Both small, mobile packages. * Ralph Cuda popular artists like local Listen.com works similar With all of the conve­ are easy to operate and in­ The first MP3 player on accordion at Heri­ wedding singers. to an Internet server, such as nience and ease of the clude features similar to a the market is Eiger Labs tage Square Like most locations on the Yahoo, because it provides Internet, it was just a matter stereo, like shuffle, volume MPMAN F20. For $200, the •2 Fat Chance at Charly’s Internet, these MP3 sites, navigation tools to locate the of time before people started and balance controls. player can hold 30 minutes • Dark Horse at Museum whether well done or not, are music you are looking for. wondering when they could The next step is to down­ of music. The speakers are Club sprouting up like weeds and, Another service on the also download music from load what is called plug-ins not the best quality but are • Chump at Mogollon Brew­ in the process, giving most Internet is Myplay which their favorite artists directly or skins. These are graphics currently being improved by ing Company users several compatibility also focuses on the digital onto a personal computer’s that act like masks, o r front the manufacturor. • Quintessence the Winds of problems. Just like a long music experience. The hard drive. pages, to the MP3s, giving A more expensive, but Christmas at Kerr Cultural line at Sam Goody, these lo­ founders of Myplay wanted This is when MP3s came them a unique appearance. much more advanced MP3 Center in Phoenix cations fall victim to prob­ to make their service easy along, less than five years There are thousands of pic­ player, is the MP3-GO. For * The Burnett Family lems such as overcrowed and less problematic for us­ ago, to contribute even more tures to choose from and $400, it is a computer, juke­ at Heritage Square sites and a lot o f dead ends. ers to download music and clutter to an already over­ they can be changed as of­ box, CD player and personal • Hammer Toes at Popular sites provide a service over the crowded digitized world. ten as you like. stereo all-in-one and can 3 Charly’s Of these sites, there are a Internet. Now that the MP3 player hold up to 100 discs’ worth What are MP3s? few dedicated to making the The Internet has now be­ • Dark Horse at the Museum is installed, a search engine, of music. Club MP3 is the shorthand term downloading of music fun, come a shopping mall within such as listen.com, will help The Diamond Rio 500 is • Old Main Art Gallery’s for a formula used to com­ fast, easy and sometimes a computer and it seems to you locate music Online. the only portable MP3 Holiday Open House and press audio, mainly music, even free. have no limitations on the The question now is what player that is Mac-compat­ Craft Sale into manageable and easy- Listen.com is the amount of information and comes next? ible. • Rye at Mogollon Brewing to-share computer files. Internet’s first comprehen­ services it can provide. With Beamed-up holograms of This player has 120 min­ Company These MP3s allow a per­ sive directory of music that MP3s, the Internet and com­ the artists themselves per­ utes of playing time but does • The Nutcracker at Ardrey son to download tracks of an can be downloaded. This site puters can act like a music forming the music in your allow users to add additional Auditorium artist's music in a digital allows novice users to locate store, an album and a stereo living room? memory for more music * Stumpa and playground filled with fa- thousands of legally licensed all in one. Not quite so soon, but storage. Shred locks at Charly’s •4 Dark Horse at the Museum Club • Soulcracker at Mogollon Brewing: Company music REVIEW • The Nutcracker at Ardrey Auditorium • Cycle-cross Championships at Buffalo Park Peacemakers sample debut CD • Tree Lighting Celebration at City Hall Tempe and performers not expect to stayed as long as fans stayed certainly does this through Momma” show the lyrical • Ralph Cuda accordion at share the same stage. Lead to listen. Each the time the the often witty lyrics of genius that he built while Heritage Square frian Roger Clyne and drum­ crowd shouted for one more Clyne and inspired play by performing with The Re­ * Dark Horse at the band plays mer P.H. Naffah come from song, Clyne would ask the other four. freshments. Museum Club the successful bar band The which one, and then oblige Much like . As expressed in his four • Deborah Bartley at Flagstaff Refreshments, lead guitarist his fans with a variety of new The Peacemakers play about years with the Gin Blos­ Mogollon3 Brewing Com­ Scotty Johnson hails from songs, old Refreshments real life. But this isn't coun­ soms, Johnson is a talented pany Jeff Fend the popular , tunes and even covers rang­ try. It’s not your normal run- guitarist who brings a • The Nutcracker at Ardrey Danny White brings a coun­ ing from the Violent of-the-mill hillbilly band, al­ unique, laid-back style to the Auditorium The iMmberjack try flavor to the group and Femmes to Willie Nelson. though the title track band. The music of Larson * MoTown Monday The irony is a group of guitarist Steve Larson, who The debut album of The “Honky Tcnk Union” and and White show that this at Charly’s Tempe musicians resemble co-founded the Tempe band Peacemakers, “Honky Tonk “My Heart Is A UFO” are as band can succeed with a ♦ Dale Watson at the Phoenix. Dead Hot Workshop, rounds Union,” is a collection of country as this band gets. melting pot of backgrounds 6the Museum Club Much like the bird that out the quintet. songs about living. It is an The group comes full circle and styles. That is where the • Open Mic Night at resurrected from its own The Peacemakers have inspired ride through a mix with the song “Jack vs. band really shines. It is evi­ Mogollon Brewing Com­ ashes, talented performers played Flagstaff twice since of country, rock and even a Jose,” which details the jour­ dent on the album, and re­ pany | have risen from various set­ their inception early this little waltz. This album can’t ney of a man in search of his ally hits home in concert that * Open Mic at backs to resurrect their ca­ year. Both shows, including be labeled. It claims to cel­ favorite drink. The waltz The Peacemakers are a Charly’s reers. Tuesday night at Charly’s, ebrate the southwestern “Green & Dumb” explores group of musicians who play The Peacemakers are a were fun-filled, exciting lifestyle on a journey Clyne’s musical ability, to have fun and entertain a 7• Fiesta Tuesday at collection of song writers concerts where the band through many metaphors. It while “Easy” and ‘Tell Yer crowd. the Museum Club Dec. 1 - 7, 1999 The Lumberjack Page 3

IIIOUIE REUIEUPS ‘Sleepy Hollow’ scares audiences wide awake

Kelly Coombes This discrepancy can he forgiven after The iMmberjack watching this folklore come to life. Burton is perhaps the (inly director who In the tradition of director Tim Burton's could bring the fantasy of the Headless dreary and hypnotic storytelling, “Sleepy Horseman to life without looking ridiculous Hollow” is one of his best films yet. or too technical. Burton, who also directed "Batman,** "Ed­ Instead of using computer animation to ward Scissorhands." and ‘‘Ed V/ wk I,'* stays create the Headless Horseman or even a ro­ true to his demonic hut very simple and light bot. Burton used an actor and then elimi style of telling bizarre stories. nated the head in post production . “Sleepy Hollow" is based on Washington Now who could forget the Headless Irving’s classic tale “The Legend of Sleepy Horseman after reading the story or watch Hollow" and stars Johnny Depp (“Donnie ing the cartoon every Halloween a s a child * Brasco”) as the jittery Icabod Crane and AM of the terror and anxiety created by Christina Ricci (“Buffalo MS”) as Katrina the original Headless Horseman comes rush Van Tassel. Crane's love interest in the film. ing back while watching this him The quiet village of Sleepy Hollow has As with his previous films, particularly been terrorized by a murderer who most “Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before believe is the Headless Horseman of the Christmas.” Burton truly brings his imagi Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures haunted forest. nation to life by creating settings and char (Left to right) Johnny Depp as Crane is a New York detective sent to in­ actcrs who are meant to be mostly solemn, Ichabod Crane, Christina Ricci as vestigate the murders of Sleepy Hollow. and at times even |iKular. uith a vital un Katrina Van Tassel and Marc Movie Rating: The film creates all of the suspense, mys1 dertone of subtle!} Pickering as Young Masbath are the &&&& tery, magic and romance of Irving's legend­ “Sleepy Hollow" is one of those rare films main characters in “Sleepy Hollow,” ary story, but diverts somewhat from the that forces an audience to absorb itself into a film inspired by Washington On a scale of five stars. original plot by adding more plot twists and a different time and place and not breathe Irving’s story. characters. until all is said and done ‘Toy Story 2’ animates its way back into America’s hearts

Kelly Coombes final piece of Al’s set of toys devoted to the show and Al arranges for Woody and the The IMmberjack other collectibles to be displayed in a Yes, that's correct. The toys arc back museum in Asia. in town. In the tradition of all ac tion fig­ “Toy Story2" is the anticipated ure heroes. Buzz Lightyear rounds sequel to the 1995 blockbuster up the troops (literally) and springs from Walt Disney Pictures ^ into action to rescue Woody from the and Pixar Animation Stu­ evil clutches of Al the toy collector. dios. As most children adventure The film reunites stories go. the toy gang, which Tom Hanks and Tim includes Mr. Potato Head. Allen as the voices for Slinky Dog, Rex the dinosaur and the lanky cowboy Hamm the piggy bank, finds itself Woody and his partner in numerous predicaments that in crime, the fearless space jeopardize the rescue mission. ranger Buzz Lightyear. “Toy Story 2’’ also includes some With as much humor, new characters. Joan Cusask (“In & surprises and excitement Out”) is Jessie, the cowgirl who does Photos courtesy of Disney Enterprises as the first film, “Toy get the blues and is a part of Woody’s Above: Buzz Lightyear leads the toys from the room on a daring rescue Story 2” proves to be a Roundup” collection. mission across a busy downtown street to help find the missing Woody in movie that lives up to its ex­ Kelsey Grammer (TV’s “Toy Story 2.” pectations. “Frasier”) is the Prospector, also known Left: Tim Allen is the voice for Buzz Lightyear (left) and Tom Hanks is the ‘Toy Story 2” picks up as the toy’s owner as Stinky Pete, who is another part of the voice for Woody

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