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Connes Receives 2001

The Royal Swedish Academy the Collège de France in . He is a member of of Sciences will award the many scientific academies, including the Académie 2001 Crafoord Prize in math- des Sciences de Paris and the National Academy ematics to of of Sciences of the U.S. the Institut des Hautes The 2001 Crafoord Prize will be presented by Études Scientifiques and the the King of Sweden on September 26, 2001, at a Collège de France, Paris, for ceremony at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences his penetrating work on the in Stockholm. The prize consists of a gold medal theory of operator algebras and US$500,000. and for having been a The Anna-Greta and Holger Crafoord Foundation founder of noncommutative was established in 1980 for promoting basic geometry. research in , astronomy, the bio- Alain Connes is counted sciences (particularly ecology), the geosciences, among the world’s foremost and polyarthritis (joint rheumatism). Previous . For his laureates in mathematics are Vladimir I. Arnold and work in operator algebras, (1982), and Connes received the Fields Alexandre Grothendieck (1988) (Grothendieck Medal in 1983. Noncom- declined the prize), and and mutative geometry is a new Shing-Tung Yau (1994). Alain Connes of mathematics, and —From a Royal Swedish Academy news release Connes played a decisive role in its creation. His work has also provided pow- erful new methods for treating renormalization the- ory and the standard model of quantum and par- ticle . He has demonstrated that these new mathematical tools can be used for understanding and attacking the . Alain Connes was born in Draguignan, France, on April 1, 1947. He attended the École Normale Supérieure in Paris during 1966–70. Since 1979 he has held the Léon Motchane Professorship at the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques in Bures- sur-Yvette, outside Paris, and since 1984 he has also held a professorship in analysis and geometry at