CLASSICS OF A selection of classic science fiction titles, from the library’s fiction collection.

Please note: [electronic resource] indicates that a title is available only as an audiobook electronic download. Please see the Reference Desk for assistance with these titles!

1984 : A Brave New World • F ORW • F HUX • F BRA

20,000 Leagues Under the Childhood’s End Sea [electronic resource] • F KEY Jules Verne • F VER Arthur C. Clarke The Forever • F HAL Walter M. Miller, Jr • F MIL [electronic resource] A Clockwork Orange • F ASI Anthony Burgess • F BUR : An Ambiguous Foundation A Princess of (in the Ursula K. Le Guin • F LEG Isaac Asimov • F ASI collection The Collected John Carter of Mars) Do Androids Dream of Frankenstein Edgar Rice • F BUR Electric Sheep? Mary Shelley; with an Philip K. Dick • F DIC introduction and notes by A Wrinkle in Time Karen Karbiener • YA SHE Madeleine L’Engle • J LE Newbery • F HER The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Ender’s Game Douglas Adams • F ADA • YA CAR

Ocean City Free Public Library • 1735 Simpson Avenue • Ocean City NJ • 08226 609-399-2434 • www.oceancitylibrary.org I Am Legend Stranger in a Strange Land Richard Matheson • F MAT C.S. Lewis • F LEW Robert A. Heinlein • F HEI

The Illustrated Man The Man in the High Castle Ray Bradbury • F BRA Isaac Asimov • F ASI (in the collection Four of the 1960s) Journey to the Center of the Philip K. Dick • F DIC [electronic resource] Jules Verne; supplementary The Time Machine materials written by Heather H. G. Wells • F WEL Wilkinson • F VER Second Foundation Isaac Asimov • F ASI The Light of Other Days • F BEN [electronic resource] The Sirens of : An Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen Original Novel To Your Scattered Bodies Go Baxter by Kurt Vonnegut • F VON [electronic resource] Philip José Farmer The Chronicles Ray Bradbury • F BRA Neal Stephenson • F STE H.G. Wells; illustrated by The Moon is a Harsh Mistress The Stand: The Complete & Edward Gorey • YA WEL [electronic resource] Uncut Edition Robert A. Heinlein • F KIN We ; Troopers translated and with an ; with an af- Robert A. Heinlein • F HEI introduction by Clarence terword by Jack Womack • Brown • F ZAM YA GIB

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