A Different Drum Dance Company H6 A Leg Even at Yale - An Undergraduate Organization M15 Accent Multilingual Magazine N16 AIDS Walk New Haven W31 AIESEC at L3 Alexander Hamilton Society Q10 Alpha Phi Fraternity W22 Alzheimer's Buddies J8 American Red Cross at Yale J4 Arab Students Association O10 ArtRacks New Haven A12 Asian American Students Alliance K11 Association of Native Americans at Yale, an Undergraduate O9 Organization Athletes in Action A10 Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Yale G1 Bee Space P16 Berkeley College Orchestra W12 Best Buddies International N4 Biomedical Engineering Society P5 Black Church at Yale E14 Black Student Alliance at Yale N12 Bridges ESL K14 Broad Recognition H15 Building Bridges S2 Bulgarian Society M12 Bulldog Productions C15 BulldogHacks W27 Bulldogs Racing R4 Camp Kesem Yale, an Undergraduate Organization L1 Chabad at Yale D14 Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship D12 China Economic Forum J10 China Hands Magazine H14 Chinese Adopted Siblings Program for Youth K12 Chinese American Students Association K16 Chocolate And Confectionary Artisans Organization W24 Choose Life at Yale R9 Christian Union at Yale: An Undergraduate Organization E10 Circle of Women Yale Chapter Q9 CITY Yale: Undergraduate Urban Studies Discussion Group P7 CityStep N3 Club 2 Soccer Q14 Club Colombia L13 Club of Argentine Students at Yale L14 Code for Good J5 Code Haven R3 Community Health Educators P12 Concert Band W1 Coup de Brass F5 Cuban-American Undergraduate Students Association L16 Damhsa: Yale Irish Dancers - An Undergraduate Organization I5 Davenport Pops Orchestra W11 Davenport-Pierson Printing Press B16 De Colores M10 Design at Yale - An Undergraduate Organization B10 Design for America at Yale B14 Despierta Boricua, the Puerto Rican Student Organization at Yale L12 Dimensions P2 Disability Empowerment For Yale: An Undergraduate Advocacy Q11 Group Dive In K8 DOWN Magazine G14 Drinkers with a Writing Problem B12 Dwight Hall First-Year in Service M3 Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investing M2 DZANA G5 Elm City Echo I11 engender Q12 Engineers Without Borders- Student Chapter M6 Fair Haven Tutoring L7 Federalist Party, The B1 Float Undergraduate Q3 Flyte Scholastics at Yale M4 Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children W26 Girl Up Yale - An Undergraduate Organization K4 Global Brigades Yale Undergraduate Chapter W30 Global Philosophy Society P6 Guild of Carillonneurs E2 healthyU O16 Heritage Theater Ensemble W8 Hindu Students Council D15 Hunger and Homelessness Action Project J6 India at Yale O13 International Students' Organization M11 Japanese American Students Union J13 Jazz Ensemble W2 Jook Songs W15 Just Add Water F8 Kappa Kappa Gamma W20 Kasama: The Filipino Club at Yale - An Undergraduate J12 Organization Knit One Give One C14 Korean American Students at Yale J14 Krolik Saxophone Ensemble F3 La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. W19 Latina Women at Yale L11 Latinx Pre-Law Society O1 Launch I10 Lawyers Without Borders Student Division at Yale University O3 Leadership Institute D9 Liberal Party A8 Living Water at Yale D1 Lo Stivale O14 Low Strung E1 Lux Improvitas, An Undergraduate Ensemble E5 Magevet C4 Maimonides Society at Yale F10 MATHCOUNTS Outreach; a Yale Undergraduate Organization N1 Matriculate Chapter at Yale J2 MedSci W33 Meor at Yale F9 Middle Eastern Resolution through Education, Action & Dialogue A2 Mind Matters P11 Minnesota Club O11 Moneythink: A Yale Undergraduate Organization J7 MonstRAASity G4 Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA) de Yale K5 Muay Thai Kickboxing Q13 Multiverse Undergraduate Fantasy And Science-Fiction Association I2 National Society of Black Engineers Q1 New Haven Resource for Essay and Application College Help M7 New Haven Urban Debate League B8 New Music Cooperative at Yale College E4 No Lost Generation at Yale S3 Objectivist Study Group at Yale - An Undergraduate Organization Q6 OneVoice at Yale S8 Organization for Racial and Ethnic Openness M14 PALS: Tutoring and Mentoring Group K7 Party of the Left A5 Peace and Dialogue Leadership Initiative S5 Pi Beta Phi Sorority W21 Project LETS at Yale P14 Public Health Coalition P10 ReadySetLaunch N8 Red Hot Poker D5 Remedy at Yale Student Association K2 Reproductive Justice Action League at Yale - An Undergraduate M8 Organization Rhythmic Blue G7 RTA Publications, Inc. I15 Russian Cultural Club N10 Sabrosura: Yale's Undergraduate Premiere Latin Dance Team G2 Orchestra F4 Shaka: Yale's Undergraduate Polynesian Dance Group H4 Smart Woman Securities K10 Society of Shirt Art at Yale A9 South Asian Society J11 Spectrum Fellows L9 Sphincter Sketch Comedy E7 Splash At Yale J1 Spoon University for Yale Undergraduates W25 St. Thomas More Undergraduate Council D13 Standby: The Yale Undergraduate Travel Journal H13 Steppin' Out G6 Student Association of Thais at Yale J16 Student Investment Group G10 Student Partnerships for Global Health W32 Students and Alumni of Yale C11 Students and Alumni of Yale - An Undergraduate Organization D10 Students for Autism Awareness at Yale: An Undergraduate K3 Organization Students for Carbon Dividends R14 Students for Sensible Drug Policy at Yale S9 Students of Diaspora N13 Students of Salaam K6 Sur et Veritaal D4 Taiwanese American Society J15 TAMID Group at Yale J9 Tamil Sangam K13 Tangled Up In Blue C2 Taps H7 TEDx Yale - An Undergraduate Organization I8 Teeth Slam Poets W18 Telltale C10 The Black Solidarity Conference at Yale M16 The Boola I13 The Conservative Party B5 The Control Group W7 The Egalitarian Soceity B6 The Episcopal Church at Yale E13 The Exit Players D8 The Fifth Humour F7 The Freestyle Collective W17 The Good Show C6 The Hippopotamus Literary Magazine H16 The Independent Party A4 The Lengyel Wegry Society O15 The Logos D11 The MedX Students at Yale O4 The Odd Ducks E6 The Opening E8 The Polish Students' Society of Yale College O12 The Politic F16 The Purple Crayon of Yale D7 The Society of Orpheus and Bacchus D3 The Teaching Peace Initiative N7 The Tory Party A3 The Urban Philanthropic Fund O7 The Viola Question C5 The Whaling Crew I1 The Yale Film Society - An Undergraduate Organization B15 The Yale Globalist - An Undergraduate Publication G11 Inc. G13 The Yale Historical Review: An Undergraduate Publication H11 The Yale Political Union (Undergraduate) A7 - An Undergraduate Publication G12 The Yale Roosevelt Institute - An Undergraduate Organization R13 The Yale Undergraduate Prison Project N6 The Yale Undergraduate Speaker Series R11 The Yale Women's Center - An Undergraduate Organization I3 There's Hope in North Korea S4 Third Culture Association N15 Thomistic Institute at Yale E16 Tilting at Windmills D6 [email protected]: An Undergraduate Organization N9 Undergraduate Tragic Realization and Appreciation Guild for Q5 EDucation at Yale Undergraduate Women in Science at Yale Q8 Unite Against Sexual Assault Yale -An Undergraduate Organization M5 United Against Inequities in Disease W34 United Church of Westville D16 UNITY Korean Drum and Dance Troupe F2 Urban Philanthropic Fund J3 Ventures in Science L4 Vietnamese Student Association K15 Voke Spoken Word W16 Volunteers Around the World: Yale Undergraduate Chapter W28 William F. Buckley, Jr. Program at Yale B3 Women in Chemistry R8 Women in Physics Q7 Women's Empowerment at Yale I4 Women's Leadership Initiative at Yale C12 WORD: Performance Poetry at Yale W14 Y Fashion House B9 Y Pop-UP W23 Yale African Students Association N14 Yale Animal Welfare Alliance - An Undergraduate Organization N5 Yale Anti-Gravity Society - An Undergraduate Organization W13 Yale Ballroom Dance Team - An Undergraduate Organization H8 Yale Black Women's Coalition - An Undergraduate Organization N11 Yale Center for British Art Student Guide Program A11 Yale Chapter of American Society of Mechanical Engineers R7 Yale Children's Theater - An Undergraduate Organization L5 Yale College Black Men's Student Union M13 Yale College Chess Club F14 Yale College Council C9 Yale College Democrats A6 Yale College Republicans B4 Yale Computer Society: Students Promoting Computer Science and C13 Engineering at Yale Yale Dance Theater I6 Yale Danceworks - An Undergraduate Organization H2 Yale Debate Association - An Undergraduate Organization C7 Yale DJs - An Undergraduate Organization F6 Yale Dominican Student Association L15 Yale Drama Coalition: An Undergraduate Organization W9 Yale Economic Review: A Yale College Student Publication I14 Yale Effective Altruists (Undergraduate) S10 Yale Emergency Medical Services: An Undergraduate Organization W29 Yale Energy Club: An Undergraduate Organization R12 Yale Friends of Israel: An Undergraduate Organization S6 Yale Glee Club W5 Yale Hillel - An Undergraduate Organization E15 Yale International Relations Association - An Undergraduate S7 Organization Yale Israel Public Affairs Committee: An Undergraduate A1 Organization Yale Journal of Human : An Undergraduate Publication G15 Yale Journal of Medicine and Law: An Undergraduate Publication G16 : An Undergraduate Publication I16 Yale Magic Society - An Undergraduate Organization B13 Yale Math Competition: An Undergraduate Organization P3 Yale Medical Professions Outreach - An Undergraduate O6 Organization Yale Model Congress (Undergraduate) C8 Yale Muslim Students Association E9 Yale Neuroscience Education Undergraduate Research Organization Q4 Yale Outdoors P15 Yale Project Bright: Undergraduate Renewable Energy Initiative K1 Yale Queer+Asian - An Undergraduate Organization M9 Yale Rangeela - An Undergraduate Organization G8 Yale Refugee Project - An Undergraduate Organization L8 Yale Rotaract Club: An Undergraduate Bazaar N2 Yale Russian Chorus W6 Yale Scientific Magazine - An Undergraduate Publication H12 Yale Slavic Chorus - An Undergraduate Organization C3 Yale Society of Women Engineers R2 Yale STEAM: An Undergraduate Organization B11 Yale Student Academic Competitions P8 Yale Student Environmental Coalition R15 Yale Student Klezmer Band F1 Yale Students for Christ E11 Yale Undergraduate Aerial and Circus Arts Collective H5 Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association R6 Yale Undergraduate Backgammon Club F13 Yale Undergraduate Ballet Company H1 Yale Undergraduate Buddhist Sangha E12 Yale Undergraduate Certamen Committee P1 Yale Undergraduate Choral Society D2 Yale Undergraduate Consulting Group G9 Yale Undergraduate Diversified Investments H9 Yale Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Magazine H10 Yale Undergraduate Film Alliance A15 Yale Undergraduate Global Health Review I12 Yale Undergraduate Go Club F12 Yale Undergraduate Gospel Choir C1 Yale Undergraduate Intelligent Vehicles R5 Yale Undergraduate Jashan Bhangra G3 Yale Undergraduate Jazz Collective A13 Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association L2 Yale Undergraduate LGBTQ Cooperative L10 Yale Undergraduate Mathematics Society P4 Yale Undergraduate Mindfulness Education Initiative P9 Yale Undergraduate Mock Trial Association B7 Yale Undergraduate Net Impact O2 Yale Undergraduate Photography Society C16 Yale Undergraduate Piano Collective E3 Yale Undergraduate Poker Club F11 Yale Undergraduate Political Art Club A16 Yale Undergraduate Pre-Veterinary Society O5 Yale Undergraduate Private Equity & Venture Capital Club K9 Yale Undergraduate Rec Tennis Q16 Yale Undergraduate Research Association Q2 Yale Undergraduate Rover Association R1 Yale Undergraduate Science Olympiad S1 Yale Undergraduate SEED Institute I9 Yale Undergraduate Sports Analytics Group Q15 Yale Undergraduate Super Brothers Club F15 Yale Undergraduate Young Democratic Socialists B2 Yale Undergraduates at Connecticut Hospice M1 Yale Undergraduates for UNICEF L6 Yale Undergraduates Socially Responsible Investments Journal R10 Yale University Dramatic Association, Inc. W10 Yale University Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter O8 Yaledancers - An Undergraduate Organization H3 YaleMakes Undergraduates A14 YHack Organization I7 Yogis at Yale - An Undergraduate Organization P13 YPMB W3 YSO W4