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S^COV1NGTON^,LA.,'SATUIRDAY. JULY 8, 1922. ' V0OL. 48 No. 32 flt~ TU I^tT'hIU 'l. 'IIP nnlVAN 'rmrruv^ rI . Al fl~ it ifirau-Tv'H n'awr^i-vim' .u^.., . I - *;-* ** **------AND MEETING PA(S: 'EXECTIJWR- 0. W.UNVEIL JADS POITEVEN BOTH ARE WAITING FOR A BITE . THE EiWORU&T.H .COMMITTEE. lMAWISj .-There will be a meeting of;th VILLE OFGIVESEMPLOYES LEAIUUESLIuEl Parish Execttive MENT Committee at the Scourthouse in Covington, Thursday, -...... July 13, 1922, at 12 m., for the WL ORGANIZE PICNIC ON 4TH purpose o0 providing for 'vaeancies PM."PITTMAN ENTERTA1NED on the Parish School Board from th.e Fourth, Sixth and Eighth Wards. GIRL SCOUTS AT FOLSOM OF JULY •GEO. R. DUTSCH, ON FRIDAY - Chairman. SHORTLY L. Ponder, Jr., Who Barge of Poitevent & Favre MEETING OP W. P. U. Give a Ten Cent Social and The Women's Progressive Union Scoutmaster as Speaker of the Day, Lumber Co. Fitted for will hold its regular M. Green of Watermelon Party, With meeting on Mon- iMade Impressive Talk the Occasion day, July 10th, at 4 p. m., at the Slidell Invites Miss Games, Amusements home of Mrs. Preston Burns. This will be a social as well as business Holly To Meet Them NER SERVED meeting. ELKS THEATRE LADIES BASEBALL ON THE GROUNDS SOPENS BIDDEN ANOTHER WINNING JULY THIRD REDS-BLACKS PLAY CIL WAR IONrMENT DISCOVERED BY.PONCHATOULA nRecited by Miss Ger Large Number of New Or- --~"-- * ------' Creosote Team. Puts It Over Lee; News and President Harding Is here seen fishing with his friend, R. B. Creager, Moonlight Picnics to the Irude leans Boys Select Man- who, as be ti) boat flops up and down' in the water, is wondering if he will With Social Notes deville named as American Ambassador to upon the recognition of SBeach Growing Popular for Camping the Obregon government. Score of 18 to 6 With Young People i(S' taI Corrcspondentt (By St~ff Correspondent) By Staff orres•ondent. olsom, July 6.-On Sunday, July Mandeville, July 5.-On' July 4th Madisonville, July 6-Scoutmaster. he-W O. W., No. 44, of Amite, h4TH AT PEARL PARISH FAIR IS Slidell, July. --- Last Friday even Mr. Eadp Poitevent gave a grand ing the Epworth League charmingl M. Green, of Slidell, issued an invi- picnic veiled the monument of Delos M. for his employes and friends. tation to Miss Nora Holly, to meet One of the 100-ft. barges SRIVER GREATLY MAKING PLANS 'entertained at a "ten cent" social and tat Bogue Falaya Cemetery belonging the Slidell troops of Boy and Girl li a large crowd attending. The to the Poitevent & Favre Lumber watermelon party at the parsonage. Company was fitted up ENJOYEDBYALL FOR BIG EVENT with Misses Eoline Salassi and Scouts on an all-day outing at Man- r was beautifully carried out. with railings deville, Thursday, Jr., was the speak- on the tsides and heavy tent-like Gladys Crockett as hostesses. After where a wonderful IL.l Ponder, time was reported by all. Quite I the day. Mr. Ponder pictured cloth served as a covering. Thea Pearl River, July 5.-Pearl River Community farm associations have many delightful and entertaining a in a very boat left Lewisburg at 7 a. m.-then gales the crowd enjoyed thD wate:- number if prospective girl scouts biauties of woodcraft :folks celebrated the Fourth with a a great influence in the development who will organize here shortly with resive way. After the unveil- the good time began, everybody en- melon feast. Those present were: joying the occasion very enjoyable old-time picnic and of the parish, especially in social im- Misses Eoline Salassi, Gladys Crock- Miss Holly as captain, went, includ- oieremones dinner was served on very much. All ing enjoyed the delicacies, which fish fry on the swamp's edge at Hill's provement and loyalty to home. ett, Dunham, Eloiso Cleve- Misses Bonnie Mae Smith, Denia Srounds for the visitors, which con- Chatelier, Thelma Policar, Althea by J. Y. Mapes, of sisted of all sorts of sandwiches, icee Switch. There was a large and ren- Those wards of the parish that have land, Geneva Hover, Florence Pieri, ;prepared Alice Badeaux, Edith Badeaux, Dimples . Those present from Amite cream, lemonade and lots of othersa resentative crowd of old folk, with active community organizations will and Nellie Bousquet, Pomic in abundance: Some Dunham, Alice Carpenter, Baulah Ballam, Carmelite and Gladys Young, IW.iH. Clark, E. A. Leland, C. of the younger a generation of youngsters, and the be the ones that will make the best Marie Young, Sallye Gollehon, L. Ponder, Jr., F. A. people indulged in dancing, music and Zelma Stevens, Zue Spring, Mr. Aline Mores, Amos Senjoyment of the day had. the added showing.in the parish Gentlucci, Pearl Chatelier, Jessie iger, A. Brunett, Fred Lee, How- being furnished by a Victrola. This fair. -We un- and Mrs. Brent, Messrs. Marshal was a r pleasure of plenty of good things to Thompson, -Osborne Hover, Jones, Corinne Pelloat, Eva. Penn- Bell and J. Lowery. The poem very enjoyable amusement for derstand that Madisonville is prepar- George .ington. Lee. the rake breeze made it very pleasant eat and drink and fish that were ing Swetman, Sterling Mintirn, Davies, recited by Miss Gertrude cooked in a style for a community fair that will Baseball. is on the sick The delightful entertaining of Mrs. to delight the pal- Fred;Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Gilea. ,Mr;. ,.W. Stevens ate and strengthen the appetite. put prizx winners -in the parish fair jA most interesting historical find The Madisonville club again met this week. Eads Poitevent a charm to the Baseball. has just been made by a cameranian arrived occasion that added greatly to SA very pleasant incident of, the that it will be hard to beat. Folsom defeat at the hands of the Poncha- r 1OrvilJones, of Biloxi, its edlebration was the presence twt, Last Friday evening the two lady of a monument nearby , toula nine in Ponchatoula, iy:: the summer with enjoyment. of claims that. her community fair was teams-the Sunday, to spend this place, Reds and BlackE--play- D.'C., erected to an unknown south- July 2, by a score of 8-7. thea, Dr. F. R. Jones. The barge first landed at West tof the oldest residents of equal to the parish fair. We all re- ed a cracking good game, with the ern soldier, killed by a shell from End and later on the picnickers Mrs. Rebecca Crawford, 84 years of Friday afternoon the Madisonville LfieMiss Eleanor Bibby, of Co- went member the wonderful showing she Reds winning 12 to 1-1. Fort Stevens during the Civil War. club defeated i M'ss., was the guest of little to Spanish Fort. Special cars had age, mother of the late A. D. Craw- Thursday This monument was so hidden by the Paul English Play- young days made last year, and if the best ex- the Creosote team beat ers in a nine inning thriller, on the te York last week. been chartered for the occasion. At tford, who has spent her hibits of the Folsom community fair the Southern Railway team 18 to 6. dense woods, that its existence was these places everyone amused them- in this community, and Mrs. P. -. not known until the recent dis- localdiamond here, by a score of 1Mislone Collins, of Onvil, re- Craddock, 79 years of age. There are placed in the parish fair, as they This gives the Creosotes the cham- 3 to 1. Id home last week from Baton selves, either by riding on the scenic should pionship. They will play covery by a cameraman. was a proud light in their eyes as De, it will help the parish fair the Slide'l Moonlight Picnics to the Beach. ugewhere she spent two weeks railway, winning kewpie dolls, nov- to make a creditable showing. Stores team next week. :*^-43---- - elties, they watched their children, grand julends. etc., and in many other ways. Every community organization Local and Personal. Moonlight picnics to the beach are Mr. Melvin Some of the crowd went into the city children and great grandchildren eat- OZONE DAIRY ASSOCIA- growing in popularity. A party of •r;,Hiram Heith and ing of the goodies, and partaking of should- hold a community fair, and Misses Winnie and Sibyl Wharton, *e were the guests of friends proper where they visited friends the prize winners in each should be TION IINSTALLING approximately twenty-two. couples and relatives. the refreshments provided for the who are attending Tulane, were the enjoyed a cruise and dip in the lake prSunday. occasion, swinging on exhibited in the'parish fair and com- children After becoming weary from the vines, running guests of their brother and sister-in- MACHINERY Friday evening aboard the Rowena. -rMi. Thos. Gusman and races and having a good time gen- pete for the prizes.i It should be law, Mr. and -Mrs. G. V. Wharton, ia~B:Thursday afternoon in Mand'e- long but pleasant day's tramp, the remembered that no community cai Monday evening a party on the Red of Lafay- crowd boarded the barge and de- erally. last Sunday. The Ozone Dairy Association of Nip included Misses Adrienne Den- *i•l with Mrs. G. N. Mayo, Another event was the- enjoyment be of as much value in promoting in- Miss Gladys Crockett spent the 4th ~,who is visiting there. parted for home about 8 p. m. The dividual interests as can the whole St. Tammany parish has recelyed its dinger, Ethel Oulliber, Elmer Oull- home-bound trip was immensely of a shower bath that lasted about in Bogalusa. machinery from the Creamery Pack- ber, Mamie Milloit, Theodora Milloit, l:aes Eula and Emma Fendlason two hours by the fishing crowd on parish. All should stand together, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Howze and iaiiWaid Fendlason sent the 4th in sociable.. Everybody was expressing in order to accomplish big things. age Company and is now installing Evelyn Dendinger, Velma Dutsch, the gay time that they had spent the day before on the banks of Pea l children motored to Bogalusa and same 4nif-• ts headquarters in the Carmelite Young, Gladys Young an-i WAite with relatives. River. - The young folks had a de- Every community should save the spent the 4th there. ).umu Truman Camp is visiting In and were showing the gifts that best it has for exhibition at the Burns building, in Covington. The Messrs. George Dendinger, Dan Coop- they had won. The boat reached its lightful time bathing in the strong Mrs. F. E. Howze and baby left equipment will take care of all the er, Capt. D. W. Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Bogalusa.I running water. pairish fair. Any product desired Wednesday for Bogalusa. for some S1l Tone Collins, of -Onvil, spent moorings1 at 10:30 c'olock. for this purpose can ,be put in cold milk that can be handled Theo. Dendinger, Jr.,:Mr. and Mrs. Although Indepe'ndence Day was There were people in attendance Mrs. Spring, Miss Zue Spring and time to tofie.-` It s modern, sani- E. R. Haas and Theo. Dendinger, III, y with Miss Claire Gusman. from other parts of the parish and storage or dipped in parafln. Our Mr. -Julius Knight motored Harrelson left Mon- quietly celebrated, still this picnic farm agent, Mr. 0. to Pop- tary and in every way asi improve- Stein-Ouliber. GMilsGladys some from . All enjoyed G. Price, will larville, where they visited Mr. handllnI dairy products that for Livingston and Bator Rouge Imeant much not only to the em- gladly show any farmer how this ment in The wedding of Miss Winona Oulfi- ployes the occasion and will look forward Spring, who has been quite ill; should be. ppreciated by the people. 4 be the guest of relatives. of Poitevent & Favre .wno with pleasure to the celebration of is done. Mr. and Mrs. ber, youngest daughter of Mr. Alfred and participated,I but to the many friends J. E. Brent spent The association will be able to pas- Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McLain next Fourth of July. The poultry show of the parish the 4th with relatives in McComb. thereby furnishing the Oulliber, and Mr. William Stein,tboth slly have returned after a short of the Poitevents who went on the has always been one ofits best fea- teurize milk, popular young people of Madison- trip. Mr. and Mrs. O. Reed and little baby with food with none of the Iaat Baton Rouge. t tures. Poultry culling will have daughter, Doris -Lee, are visiting rei- ville, was quietly solemnized at 3:45 M. Wallis, of Liv- taken place lurking dangers of ordinary cooled r. and Mrs. Opening of the Elks Theatre. BOY AND GIRL SCOUTS In a week or so. We be- atives in Picayune and Poplarville. milk, especially as the machinery for o'clock Tuesday morning, during ton, motored over Monday. The Elks Theatre had its grand lieve this will encourage closer at- Mr.-Roy Smith spent the nuptial mass at St. Catherine•si ENTERTAINED. tention 4th in cleansing bottles leaves them per-. it. R.D. Crook, of Bogalusa, was opening July 3d. The place was fill- to the finer points of the re- Poplarville. pure and sanitary. Butter Church. est of friends Wednesday. maining birds. jmakingfetcly will be accomplished with The ceremony was performed by"1v ed almost to capacity, something The Boy and Girl-Scouts were tak- Mr. Morris Richardson spent the aster Thos. Gusman, of New Or- near 500 people being present for An effort is being made to have 4th in McComb with relatives. Rev. Ottmar "Bliel in the presence en for a trip through Covington, the concessions the aid of the latest improvements. ssspent the*Fourth at home witn thet occasion. This beautiful place- at the fair of a more Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Eddins, Misses. The Ozone Dairy Association ls now of immediate friends and relatives. i:mother. i Thursday, under the auspices of a interesting character than hereto- The bride's only atten6dants were her is in keeping with up-to-date thea- committee of the W. P. U., of which Hazek Martin; Beulah Bourgeois, equipped to give first class service isbes Claire Gusman and Eula trest of the larger cities with its fore. Secretary Minckler is work- Helen Dunham, Mr. and Mrs. James all around, sister, Miss Juanita- Oulliber, maid fdason spent last Friday and Sa'- Mrs. Preston Burns was chairman, ing on this -matter with this in view. of honor, and Mrs. Rgsa DeMont, of comfortable seats, excellent colling Autos were furnished by Covingtoi Carter, Messrs. iutchinson, Johnson, -0- ay with Miss lone Collins, at systems and costly screen and engines. The Fair Association is specially de- Hover, Oscar Davis and Dr. and Mrs. , matron of honor. Mr. people and an' Iispection of the sirous that the fair should be of un- COURTHOUSE NEWS. George Leidenheimer, of New Or-- This hall is btcoming quite famous Mackie Pine Products Company and W .L. Folse motored to 3ogalua- -0- as a dancing place. 'he dances are t usual merit this fall, because farm Tuesday night to attend the dance. and Ge.. cans, acted as groomsmaTl. The the St. Tammany Ice & Manufactur- activities are greater, membersh'p Mike Ryan, Harry Penton bride looked very sweet in a natty . carried on in a strictly respectable ing Company was enjoyed by all. Mr. Char.es HrffLt of l'oplarvilll, Rientne are charged with reckless manner iand under constant vigilance to Bureau is increasing and spent the 4th here with friends. the traveling suit of Harding blue trico- Also a visit was made to St. Paul's everything pcints to -greater proa-, driving, drunk and distur-ing :ine with hat to match. Tregular meeting of the Police ofc Mr. Vautrainand Mr. Rosenthal. College. Mrs. Ed. Kennedy entertI-ined the peace, July 4th. Ryan was taken to Orywill be held in Covington on The'] whole parish is represented at perity for the farmer. A good faijl Priscilla Club, Monday afternoon. The happy young couple left im- Mrs. Wm. Porteous, who Is with will help things along wonderfully. New Orleans by Dr. Bulloch. He is mediately for New Orleans where y, July 11, 1922. thet dances and other occasions, and thet Girl Scouts at the de lo Vergnu Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Walker, of said to have some ribs broken, one F. J. MARTINDALE, I - 0 - Woodville, Miss., are guests of M:. they 'will remain for the prient. New Orleans visitors here take ad- place,I is anxious to establish a Wn- of which punctured the luigs. The very best wishes of SSecretary. vantage of the many enjoyments of- DEDICATION AND RAISING OF and Mrs. D. M1iller this wvek. Theyt hate the man's auxiliary to the Legion. She F'. oh'ers were simply bruised and shak- friends here. - . - fered at the Elks. The crowds a-e FLAG JULY FOURTH. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. H"tilty, MiIs en up. The Ford car was wrecked heir many has been active in scout work and Personals. -YFARM BUREAU MEETING. steadily increasing. takesi great interest in _the welfare Sallye Hailey, Mr. Lamar Hlarriso. on the Mandeville road and laid in Orleanians Select Mandeville for [of the girls and is anxious to make One of the impressive features of and Dr. and Mrs. W. I. Folso mdto:- the ditch. Miss Peggy Hanley, of Poncha- There was a meeting of the Farum Vacations. I;their stay here pleasant. the Fourth was the dedication of a ed to Mandeville last Sunday. Hootch Still Captured. toula, wvas the charming guest of iarOauat the courthouse, Wednea- Orleans The Girl Scouts would like to at- flag and raising, which took place Mr. and Mrs. James Carter are A still was captured on the farm Misses Pinkie and Nannie Gollehon. Quite :i number of New guests of Mr. C. 'B. Cunningham, Miss Goodsieed and Tonae RY,Mr. Frank Dutsch, the pre:i- boys have selected Mandeville as the tend church services Sunday and it at the Boy Scout Camp. Mr. Law- of Luke Burnthorn, near Folsom, Misses Irene lft residing. vacation. Five is intended to have autos take them rence M. Bourgeois, one of our pro- Estelie Gillis, Misses Helen and Vir- July 6th. Two jugs of liquor, be- Morgante, of New Orleans, are the ideal spo)t for their ginia Duinham for a few days .befo.e Mrs. John Barpett, Mr. Billoqs were given out at the young men, Bill Harter, Clifford La- tp the various churches. There are gressive citizens, donated the flag sides the equipment, was taken in guests of Ating forthe purpose of electing, both Catholics and Protestants pole to the camp. The flag pole going to is home in Grosboc, Tex., charge by Sheriff Galatas. Bur.- Lawrence Goodspeed and Mr. Geo. faya, 'Itch" Sonnfieid, Ashton La- to spend the remainder week Sb*d-of directors. These will be Church are camp- among them and those who can pro- has more than the usual significance of the sum- thorn has not been apprehended, but Meyers, ktf New Orleans, were faya and Whitner attached to it as it featured in the mer season. been issued. end guests of Mrs. Barnett, returning nid to Secretary E. J. Frederlci ing near Eayou Castaigne, enjoying Vide autos should call for them. a warrant has they will be counted and Spanish-. 'The cere- Mr( and :Mrs. F. L. Roache, of SSanity Questioned. on Tuesday morning. the all the sports of butdoors. Cyril Shreveport, t announced. This is a prelmi- and Emer' mony was very effective. The bugler were guests of Mrs. J. W. E. Singletary, of Slidell, was Mr. and Mrs. Oiyde Duckworth Felder, Clifford Campos D. Grant 'ast week. - and little sons, Clyde, Jr., and Wil- Wto the active work it is expect- Cousin are-also on vacations. BLIND STUDENf called the troops to colors and they brought to Covington, July 5, pend- e arm Bureau Will conduct in formed in line around the flag pole, Mrs. J. D. Grant, Mr. and MrL. ing investigation as to his sanity. ton Keith, left Monday for Mount Fighting Casard Boys Return. SWINS flHlHONOI the star spangled banner being hoist- '. L. Roach left Monday. for their New'Orleans Prisoners Sent Here. Olive, Miss., on a visit of one month The lighting sons of Detetctive ed and allegiance pledged the flag. summer home in Asheville, N. C. Judge Foster of the Federal Courr, to Mrs. M. Duckworth. * ald Casard, Jules, Frank and Mike, re- Captain J. L. Hogan, chairman 'Misses Jsieand.1 Viola Keller rd- New Orleans, has sentenced W. Dela- Mr. Rudy Flasdick left Friday for Mrs. Sam Hart are in last Sui,- turned last week from 'Long Iteach. Miss., to be away indefi- tn enjoying themselves turned from New Orleans of Troop 60, read a very touching cruse, W. 'Miller and V. Miller to 60 Jackson, for day, after capturing several titles in poem about our flag and then paid Mr. and Mrs. R. I..: Murray and days in the St. Tammany parish jail, nitely. Whlle.; They are warm friends of niigtd the rings of the city. a lovely tribute to Mr. Bourgeois and two cliildrn" motored:to Mobile, Ala., in contempt of court for violation of Mrs. J. E. Cuny and little son, and great boosters for it. where they spent last week end and Erley, of New Orleans, are guests of ----- Beach Is Popular Picnic Ground. the scouts gave him fifteen rahs. injunction. The case came up in 0------0------the 4th with relatives. On their re- the railroad shop- Mr. and 'Mrs. V. F. Chatelier. They Mandeville's beach served as pic- connection with ABITA SPRINGS NOTES. A REAL DANCE. turni they were accompanied by Mrs. man's strike. They have been turn- were joined Saturday by Mr. Cuney nic grounds for three parties, the until Tuesday the Boy Murray's sister, Miss Nellie Pritchet, ed over to Sheriff Galatas by U. S. who remained over eschool election was carried "Knickers" of Madisonville, who will be their guest for a while. Marshal Loisel. Misses Althea Badeaux, Bonnie Iout and Girl Scouts of Slidell, and a A dance will be given at the Park oppostion, which shows that Pavilion, Covington, Saturday night, Mr. Charles Liddle, Jr., spent the -0--- Mae Smith, Edith' Badeaux, Mrs. IPeople of our town want party of Covingtonians. All outsid- Badeaux and daughters, Lilli- a neiv this July 8 (to-night), under the auspices 4th here as the guest of Mr. Russel A CARD. James ol0,and we will soon boast of a ers are heartily welcomed to Dunham. an and Beatrice, were members of. a Wersn chool. town to enjoy our facilities. of the City Auto Associa- ...... tion. The delight of dancing is lost Miss Flo Dunham of New Orleans,, To the Citizens of Covington and St. yachting party aboard the Rowena B entertainment given last Sun- Personals. spent last. week end here. to New Orleans for the festivities at B•or the benefit without good music, and with good Tammany Parish: 1 of the school Mr. and Mrs. Guy A. Smith and music it is one of the most enjoy- Miss Grace Larrabee spent the I taking this means to advise Spanish Fort, Tuesday. i"grand- success. son spent July 4th in Mandevile week end and 4th here with her par- Mrs. W. J. Herrmann is visiting 0Pt. C. able of all pleasures. We will have you that I am in no way connected J. Mott is spending two with Mrs. J. L. Smith. - Buddie Petit's Band. The fpra-ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Larrabee. with the Birmingham Graphite Com- Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Herrmann in New k8 with his family here. *Mrs. D. Mitchell and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Walker, of Mobile, Orleans indefinitely. asRlita Santos gram is a most popular arrangemeit pany, having left them on March 15, is visiting friends lona and Dotsy, are stopping at th6 of the best dance music. You won't were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. sixty days prioi to their going into Mr. Laurance Duhon returned Sun- NeW Orleans. Hotel. Buckley last week, and on their re- day afternoon to his home in New ir.Jos. LaBesque, Audubon be able to keep your feet still one receiver's hands, and that I have had civil sheriff of Mrs. T. Gusman and Dr. F.:R. minute. Admission, $1.50. Ladies; turn were accompanied by Miss Viola nothing whatsoever to do with them Orleans aiter a week's visit at the Oirleans, is now occupyilg his of Folsom, Were guests of Mrs. That courage and intelligence can Keller. Koepp Kottage. Jones, overcome the tremendous handitcap free.-Adv. since that date, nor was I responsible r home with his family. J. N. Miller, July 4th. ----- 0----- Mr. and Mrs. Clarence RBiley, of way for the present receiver- Mrs. Valentine Hacke and sons, Val "BElmina Pons of blindness has again been demnon- in .any and Allan, and Mr. and spent the 4th Mrs. Chas; Russell and Miss Emily Mrs. Thompson and son, of Baton New Orleans, were guests of Mr. and ship, neither do I care to or intend Jr., Bernard ly in'Lewisburg with Mr. and strated in the person of Miss Cath- Mrs. S B.BSWetman. Mrs. Wm. Hacke, of New Orleans, Hansbrough are visiting their moth- erine Burke, who lost her sight IRouge,-are guests of Mrs. Efferson. to be mfxed up in the adjustment of l Smith. a while. -Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Swetman, Mr. in- have taken possession of the Goldate M nand er for when she was sixteen. Aided by a their present affairs, my only for the Mrs. Bernhardt spent the Two of our charming young ladies, Gorge Swetman and Mr. and Mrr. terest being in trying to collect sal- cottage near the riverside end at their summer stylus and point system in note | BOOSTS THE STATE'S FORESTRV Miss Jennie Vernaci ar- home. Misses Gladys and Irma Howze, de- Staking, and a typewriter in exainin- Clarence Bailey motored to Bogalusa- ary due me from them, which is the summer. e Swimming pool at Morgan's parted Sunday for New Orleans ,to to spend the 4th. sole reason for my name appearing rived Wednesday evening from New erowded last Sunday. ations, Miss Burke prepared for col- IPresident Pack C alls for Winners .In to be their guest for several It is be- visit friends and relatives. Jege in , her home town, Rev. and Mis. ,W. H., Giles left in the present suit against the Birn- Orleans to be a popular place. and Arthur *Essi~y Contest in . Monday to spend the 4th in Donald- weeks. d.A. Messrs. James Thriftley and went to the University of Wis- ingham Graphite Company. 0. Pons was a business Burke, of New Orleans, are spend- consin for her first two college sonville. I am making the above statements Mr. Arthur Berlin, ot New York ,rto New Orleans, Thursday. ing their vacation ~iere. They' are years. . On her graduation from . Washington, D. -C., June 28.-Lou- Mr. and Mrs. ,W. 9. Varnado and to clear myself of any responsibility City, and Mr. Willie Weil*an, of New isiana's1 methods of booming forest- are among the interesting stopping 'at the . Barnard College, and after winning Miss Willard Varnado_ motored to in the affairs of thq company, either Orleans, Kottage. RECEIVER'S Miss Corinne Smith was a New J"'high ;honors, she -.was elected a 1ry are to be given nation-wide pub- Bogalusa and spent;the 4th. guests at the Koepp SALE. Orleans' visitorlast Monday: 1 past, present or future, and for the member of the Phi Belta Kappa licity. In a letter to-day to. M. L. Mr. Albert Fritchle, of Baton purpose of lettiAg my many friends Miss Estelle Rousseau, of New Or- cCormack Mandeville, . Alexander, state commissioner of Rouge, spent the week end here with leans, Is visiting her brother-in-law et al vs. Birming- accompanied:Miss Mildred by Smith Misses of Lucille St. Sorority. in the pariskhknow that I am blams- 11M Graphite Company. conservation,c the American Forestry his mother, Mrs. Fritchie. less for the sad condition of the said and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Christian Breaux, left New Association asks for a copy of the 'Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Salmen have Koepp, Sr Martin and E~fie for a trp company. -In justice to myself I be- No. 3594. Orleans last Saturday of New Orleansspent a week with jprize-winning paper on forestry by left for a three months tour of lieve this statement is in order. Miss Stella Heughan and Mr. Gene through tliheWeist. Mr. and Mrs. E. Destor. . Rene Dubourg, of the Mandeville Europe- -R. A. McCOIMAOK. Sparer, of New Orleans, were guests •-SixthJudicial District Court, Mr.' 'Adolph Dubourg spent -last Miss Eunice Smith, who recenti" IHigh School, in the recent forestry Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Sullivan ar- for the day, Sunday, of Capt. and Parish Mr. .nd frbm State Normal, is essay contest. rived Sunday night from New York Mrs. H. T. Snider. of St. Tammany, week end with his parents, graduated the , ' .Louisiana. Mrs. :i.Dubourg. - - at home for .the summer.. - ., ,-The letter, signed by Charles L. and spent Monday here with Mr. an Archie Everitt is confined to her bed Mr. Ambrose N. Danbert, of New Carl,'of New Orleans, Mrs. R. Levine 'aid hcildvre are IPack, president of- the American For- Mrs. Fritz Salmen before going to for some time. Orleans, was the -week end guest cf kiss Julia Aline ereby given that pur- risited -r$ieds-a-here last Stnday. stopping atMrs. Chas. Toomer's eestry Association, says the American their home in Bogalisa. 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