: Social Activist or Gontra Support Networker? ty Carof Eewett, Bcrbar.Isnlo[lca e Stene.tonea

Committee claim that no effort was ever form of a donation to CORE, for the four made to coordinate the correspondence of black school girls who had been killed in a persons participating in the pen-pal activ- church bombing just three days before.e ity, nor were any records made of persons More interesting, however, is an FBI who took pan in this program, or with whom document which chronicles Ruth's one- they corresponded.a This reflects a strange woman crusade to advanceracial integra- lack ofprocedure for an organization whose don in ,Texas,after the assassination. ftqffimotivate her to shelter Marina Oswald,t How- main goal is to make personal, and presum- According to a Mr. Smith, the Regional Di- eve4,many researchershave suggested that ably lasting contact with Soviet youth. Other rector for the Federal Housing Administra- Ruth's activism and altruism are grourded gods of the East-West Contact Cornmittee don, he was telephonically contacted at least in a role as informalt, casud or otherwise, were to encouragestudents to "prepare them- three times by a Mrs. Ruth Paine who, for some aspect of US intelligence. The fol- selvesd[ough studyofliterature, modem his- "asked him for the identities of Negro lowing is arr overview of Ruth's political ac- tory economics and Russian language for families who might be interested in buy- tivities gleaned fiom FBI documents, grand eventual contact ing housing in jury testimony and first-hand reports. Ruth's with Soviet young lrving, Texas."ro effons on behdfofpeace and civil rights, and people."s It was lflgfllgil I Mr.smrth arso re- he! presencein Nicaraguaduring dte late 80's during this period -l;tEtlt'lll ceived a letter and early 90s, will be reviewed.While no defi- that Rud! beganher ffitl fromMrs. Paine nite conclusion can be drawn as to her mo- study ofRussian by llfilllliIE|Ellll that he provided tives, and certainly nothing emerges to attending the Uni- iitEFfiEfFFIl to theFBI. In the suggestthat she was not a sincere Christian, versity of Pennsyl- letter Ruth de- pattems do emerge that could be consistent vania and later gi{il:l5ilEE- | scribes a house fEt.-l wirh intelligence associations. spending summers EtrIill thatis being built at a special Russian for an employee EarlyActivities of Bell Helicoo- Ruth's activism began during the fifties -lter, and suggests that a similarhouse couid when she attended several Young Friends stitutes, which often employed a mixture of be built on an adjacent lot for a black family. conferencesdevoted to stimulating the par- right wing eastem European refugees and Is this lot pan ofthe propertyMichael Paine ticipation ofyouth groups in church activiry. white Russians,were prime recruiting bought fiom JackAmold in 1963?ttAnother At a conferenceheld at Quake! Haven in Syra- grounds for various agents and informants.6 employeeof the FederalHousing Adminis- cuse,Indiana in 1955Rutl actedas a coord! The schools Ruth attended, and her instruc- tration in Dallas states tlnt he believes "Mrs. nator. It was out of this conference that the tors should be further researched.Ruth's Rus- Paine contacted some Negro people in the East-west ContactsComminee was bom. The sian studies findly culminated in 1963 when area, but they do not want to have anything Committee's goal was to explore the possi- she acquired a live-in tutor-Marina Oswald. to do with her." He said,he "was contacted bility ofyoung Quakers making contact with It is also likely that Ruth was under sur- by a leader of the Negro community who young Sovietsthrough pen pal correspon- veillanceduring theseyears, since there are told him they did not want to have anything dence and subsequent personal contacts, in FBI reports ofher receivingmail from Rus- to do with Ruth Paine.and askedifhe could order ro help relieve East-west tensions.2The sia while shewas living on her inJaws' (the keep her away from them."l2 Is Ruth just inspiration for this proiecr was the American Youngs) property in Paoli, Pa. in the late making a sincereattempt to carryout Presi- Friends Servicecommittee (of which this 50's.7This peliod coincidedwith a CIA let- dent Kennedy's civil righrs plans? Or did the group was not a part) who sent a delegationof teropening project that attemptedto mon! black community sensethat Ruth was some studentsto dre soviet Union to promote world tor mail coming fiom communist countries sort of informant seekingto identify poten- peace.It is entirely possibledtat dre Ea5t-West to the United States. By the end of the pe- tial "troublemakers"? Contact Corrunittee was a more consenative riod the CIA had opened over 13,000 letters responseto the liberal AFSC efforts. and placedrnany names and organizations on lUicaragua, l99l An integral part of the East-west con- surveillance lists. Eventuallythis information During the ensuing decades,the focus tacts Committee was t}le pen-pal program, was shared with the FBI.3 ofUS intelligence activiry shifted away from and in at leastone document a confidential FBI documents record her interest in civil Cuba to Central America, culminating in the informant suggeststhat itwas through pen- rights shortly before and after the assassi- Reaganadministration's effons to destabi- pal activity during this period that Ruth first nation. She attendedMartin Luther King's lize and overthrow Nicaragua'sSandinista contacted the Oswald family while they were historic August 1963march on Washington govemment, whose successfulrevolution in Russia.3Ruth denies contact with the and stopped off in Selma,Alabama during terminated the rule ofthe corrupt and hated Oswalds, and organizers for the Contact that sametrip to expresscondolences, in the Somoza family, through a CIA proxy war. In f{|OBE July-august, t996 the early sixties the CIA molded anti-Castro in the assembty,and American groups, sym- Wheaton goes on to recount Ruth and Cuban refugees into a paramilitary merce- pathetic to the achievementsof the revolu- an associateof hers, Jon Roise, attending nary gangdubbed a "liberation brigade," just tion continued m arrivein Nicaragua several meetings ofthe solidarity as in the eighties they would bankroll former It wasin ftis contlrc in 1990dnt committee at Casa Benjamin Somoza National Guardsmen into the mer- Sue Wheaton met Ruth Linder.Ruth took copious cenary army, dubbed "freedom fighters." hine. Rudtwas r €presen- notesand anotler friend Several alumni ftom the Bay of Pigs' rogues ative of a groupcalled of hers, Sean Mille! gallery materialized in Nicaragua to train the Pro-Nica, a proiect made severaltape re- Contras including: Felix Rodriguez, long of the Southeastem cordings and took time CIA agent and member of Operation YearlyRierds Meet- photographs.Ruth 40 Assassination Unit which was formed to ing, basedin SL R- claimed that rhe assassinate Fidel Castro; Rafael Quintero, t€rsbu& Flodda It photographs were who escapedfrom Cuba after the failed Bay is important to note being taken for of Pigs invasion and retumed to Miami to ttlat dte Soudrcast- the NicaraguaNet- work under CIA agent Thomas Clines; and em Yearly Friends wo*in Washington Theodore Shackley,former CIA station chief Meeting is a totally DC. Later, when a in Miami.t3 seParare grouP lrom fiiend of Wheaton's ln third world countries, the CIA rou- the American Friends checlcd with the Nica- tinely utilizes religious organizations to un- ServiceCommittee. Many ragua Network, they dermine the social movements ofindigenous people associate Quakers claimed they had not com- peoples,and to advancethe goals of U.S, or Friends with the American missioned anyone to take pic- policy. During the era of Washington's un- Friends Service Committee, a progressive tures in Nicaragua.Thus, the explanation official war against the Sandinistas the CIA social action committee, founded by several given by Ruth Paine was false. Months later was heavily involved with religious groups east coast Quaker meetings. Histodcallt Jon Roise volunteered to secure speakersfor due to the ideological struggle emerging when individual Quakers began to leave the the regular meetings at CasaBenjamin Linder. from within the churches themselves. "Lib- northeast and east coasts and migrate to tle The two speakers he brought were former eration Theology," bom out of the experi- Midwest, there weren't enough of them to Cortrai who complained of lack of suppon ence of Latin American grass-roots comprise their own meeting house, so they ftom the Americans, except for a Quaker theologians, advocated a church of social sometimes attended Baptist or Presbyterian group who "always came through for them." action. It attempted to shatter the traditional church services.The Midwest and southem alliance ofthe churches with oppressive gov- Friends meetings evolved along more con- OtherAssociatiorg emments and rich elites. The call of libera- servative lines due to the influence ofthese What conclusions can be drawn about tion theology, deeply threatening to church more fundamentalist churches. It is with Ruth Paine'spolitical philosophy and her hierarchies and the CIA, inspired many pro- these rnote conservadve meetings that Ruth possible relationship with elementsof the gressive U.S. church orgarizations and in- is associated. According to Wheaton, Ruth intelligence community in the light of her dividual citizens from around the world to told her that her Quaker group was funded social activism and FBI files? Three things go to Latin American countries and assist primarily by "6 wealthy, conservative indi- stand ouc she was strongly anti-communist, the people in their attempt to gain human viduals from the Southeast."r!It was cun- she was under surveillancebefore her rela- rights. Known as "Intemationalists," they ous to Wheaton that conservative tionship with the Oswalds, and virtually I flooded Nicaragua by the thousands to help individualswould want to suppon humani- every member of her family was either un- I in the Literacy Crusade, to teach, to build, tarian aid to Nicaragua, especially in light der surveillance and,/or had connections I to plant, and to provide medical assistance. of t}te previous Contra War. Ruth's group with govemment agencies that had fies to This became a clarion call for the CIA to in- also ran a sawmill project on the east coast the intelligencecommunity. crease funding to the missionary and relief of Nicaragua, a Contra holdout and nexus We can safely say that her political phi efforts of more conservative and fundamen- of CIA based activities. Ruth Paine showed losophy is considerably more ro the right talist groups who supported the Contras. It up at one of Wheaton's council meetings of than one might assume.As mentionedpre- was also believed that the more progressive the anti-contra group---of which Pro-Nica viously, her associationwas with Quaker relief groups were heavily infiltrated. Dur- is not a member-centered in the CasaBen- meeting groups which were more conser- ing these embattled years, Ruth Paine must jamin Linder. According to Wheaton: vative in nature. Several FBI documents have forsaken her Russian for Spanish, since I ny8elf,dld thtDt Buthlfas teklngdowD tnfor. record Ruth's anti-communism as \rell. In she too shows up in Nicaragua, as a quaker natlon aboutAn8rloan8 ln Nlcarsguevho op, one such document, referenceis madeto a relief worker Sue Wheaton, a Kennedy re- DosedIt.S. poUcy th €rs.She con8tantly wlot € letter Ruth wrote in which she describes searcherand volunteer with the U.S. Ecu- downnsmes of i rlvldualsstrd orgsnlradons. Eer attending an International Christian En- prolect menical Commiftee, also went to Nicaragua, senta letterto all tbe tl8 P€a.oorgs.Dtzs- deavorConference in 1955.Ruth seemingly tlotri whlobvlolted Nlca.ra €oBcour41lgus tben to saw Ruth there, and detailed several inci- was inspired by a speechwhich stated: Btoyat thoquaker bospltsllty hous €Someom. told dents which promoted suspicions that Ruth roe8he otldled tbe bullotlD bo&r{ therr, copylng ev, wsx0u8t Ilsrh outln helpto thehungry alrl IUt€r may have an informer been elJrthlngoD lt...l.lso she made ref6ltD0s to !€ople 8tsD €00k8of thewodd...so we can wln the lattle Even after the election of violetta shehew ,-uthe O8. Entassy llost of us rltdnot a€aln8tthe c0nnutr1st...we cao81ve then the t €arh- Chamorro-essentially the favorite of the Xrowp€oplelothe Enbassy a8we 86so.lst d lt wlth lngso they c{n feed th €r0selve8,beooEo llterate snd rB ClA-Nicaraguan political life remained di- Dollcleswe abhorrsd. hnw lleslrcn trutbatrd be ablE to r€sdthe Blble."t. visive, The Sandinistasheld onto manv seats continxedon page10 Jutr-August,ree6 ftil$ilE r lprl 8, 1968 tttmttD mr rl|.f,rulf, ritt D6[l Ur Sslindris: cta lli t|tc/u, rxrrxr Dmettt I h3voboer thlnllng oe6! oul four otrdE htlf hour vtslt ot yostoldsf, strd I hcr6 g f6w oonn€Dt! h ns}!. DAT!|?-sG?l YouhlvB nsd€ soDovsly sorlous chsr8osconosrdag EI' drughi6r rnd h6r hus- EUOMISDUXFON TEB RICORD band.Itr €tteci ylu hrv€ 3eldthoy a!3 o! !r6!a Yo|lln3 fo! th€ CIA and a3 uodoa coversdent3 wl'I8 noi io b6 iru8t6d Youoqu8ted Ruih with e Ru38lanspli rnd SUB.IECT:Eot €, gtvt& E. 33k6dne il I {ould bollovesbet 3$chi Dorsonseid, You dld adslt thri lt I[rs pos. slblo thst Ruth'8e.tloo8 eB.6 unwtittngv Inflwnc4d by what ths CLApls33ured I FILE# rS4820l 3uggo3t6dthrt lt rvodd b3 fiD to conSidgrtbrt shohrd hor owtr! €!3ooal 1\3ason8 for whai shedld, 8nd you Brid you woroD'tloiole3lod ln bo! !6!3ond laaaoft. But l. gubj€ci,undsr ihe mmo ot Sylvt. tkke you aro lnt r33bd In motlvatlon.If you f4ll to look I't DSrto&l moilrttlotr3, you ar6 b6lngronh.l b€Uovo. wlur en adrbo33of At &nyrst6, I phon6dRuth y6st6rdqyeft rnoon.Wh8t puzzl €shor b why in th€ 521 Aohtkello Driv., FC- Va {orld Bho$ould coMlder worklng for th6 CLI Whrt losslble notlvo could 6h6 hav6?It wrs obvlousth8l dhecould think of nom. Eowover,wh6n I seld you wsnt€d w33 ldeniiliod s3 a CIA €mployEo ln tbe 6, ir8ue of lh6 h6r to tet6 a li6 d6iectori33i, Bh€wf3 willltr8, l[y own conmo , g3 I itrdlcebalto you, k tbat ewn llo det€cto!tr3ts are mt iDtrl- libl€.Anyon €who doe8into lt ldth sbrorg!r6um!t10ru oI dullt wlll, la nJ opldon, 3. Sbce li h toovn that oppoditionint €llu€nc6 3ervics3haw b6llQosslble tO s8tbfy OOmAttbr $h&i th€ t3k6r Ofth6 t€3i 33t3, itr th8 p8st ch€cbd slmil&r publlcatlom,lt Bhouldb €!r6uro6d ih8t th6 ltrd!: Let ne r€iteret€ wbat I 33id y63t€rd8,y.I 3m h r losiiion to know oy ddudhterpel. h0p3!6it €r than anyom sb8, c8rtainly mry wol. I st8t€ osbdoricslty ih3t sh8hsg cat6d6nployn8nt of gub$ct by CIA k knom to otlt€r l$6lll8efte orgsniz&- not, would not, conlalDot wort for the CL{ Sh€b e trutbtul !e!son, and you nrJ iioru, Tlreba8lc monorandun on whlch paragruphon6 b basealh sraila,bl8 b€Uwe$h&t dbeBayB, ouch moae,in f&dt,than sorneol th6 rdrlt $ you lre8€nt€d ad ovid6tro6e €ain6thor. If a wribr u36sEoornful innu €ndo,th&t ln lt6€lf nak65 hln ln Volumelll of lrlo8ulo ol CIAP €!3ono€l,0S* 601 818.lbb ro6noran- susp€cta3 far aBI am conc€rood, durd oont3im no sddiiional lnformatlon concornlogSubj €ctand a furiher I lead the naterl&l you left, and I rY3Bhappy to deethai you we th6 f&chal ap lro3ch ltr your Biyle.But b your ze3lto flt togothoriho pi€c33of ih€ Jitlsswluzzl6 revlew of llle #801 818 can Dormallybe comideredunnocassary, ofth6 338a33lnatlon,tako ca$ l63i you bo carriod awsJ,Le&m moro room for coln- ci&nc8 atrd fat€,if you c&n..dnd b € prop8redto trwt thosewhom you 0ono6d6are BrucoL Solio p€r3oD3,lile Rutb sod Mlcha€l. 'tlood' DoputyCbl6f, gRS Cordhlly yours, $Iol E. Eyde

Ruth Paine information about the Young Friends Con- plopnent of her other daughter! (Seethe continuedfrom page9 tact Commiftee.teFBI documents indicate documentsabove.) In another letter Ruth wdtes "we should files kept on Ruth's mother date back to 1952, While serving on the Warren Commis- prevent Latin America from being Commu- and on her brother Carl Dudley Hyde, a con- sion, was the recipient of sev- nist controlled."rT Ruth's mother. Carol scientiousobjector, su]ce 1947.n eral memos from "a friend" concerning Hyde, claims her daughter cannot be a Com- Ruth's father, sister and brother-in-law Ruth's family. One memo concems Ruth's all had connections with govemment munist since"she knows the aims and pur- agen- father-inlaw Anhur Young and his study of posesofthe Communist and would be able ciesthat often did the biddingofintelligence. ESB and 's alleged "homo- to detect a fellow traveler of the Commu- According to Ruth's grand jury testimony sexual tendencies".'?sIt is interesting to nist movementin the United States."Carol in New Orleans,'zlher father William Avery speculateif this "ftiend" is Dulles' former Hyde goes on to explain that her family was Hyde, an insurance actuary worked for both mistress and OSS spy, Mary Bancroft. She (Agency involved in a cooperative movement in New AID for Intemational Development) would be in a position to filter information YorkCiry: and the ICA (Intemational CooperativeAlli to Dulles on the Hydesand Painessince she ance). Geolge DeMohrenschildt also worked was a close fiiend of Michael's mother, Ruth hadn0sqy luFlns wlth the ConnuDlsts who lThgyl for the ICA." In the same testimony, Ruth Forbes Young.26 wo& actlveln thls gmup.the 8B1dshe and h6r fornerhulbsnd we& very awire ol howthe Con' states her brother-inlaw worked for AID as Information conceming a CIA investiga- r0uDl8t8odd operalln€ thlstypo of or€aDlzatloo a photographic technical advisor (although tion of Vr'illiam Avery Hyde also comes by 1nod€rtogetthelroplnlorF overto otherl llvldu- he was really a biologist). Her sister Sylvia way of a memo.27ltseems the CIA was con- aloln tbegmup, ond they had ofr,en allscussed these Hoke was a psychologist working for the Air sidering using Mr. Hyde for an AID project tartlcs{hen theFdau{htelwas preseDt.r" Force as a "personnel researchtechnician. "z (a cooperative education center) in Viemam It soundsas ifRuth, at the beginning of But what Ruth doesn't indicate is that Sylvia in 1957.Coincidentally, this is the sameyear the "red scare"era was being well trained at Hoke also worked for the C1A.2aResearche! that the Summer Institute of Linguistics, identiffing individuals who held controver- Vince Salandria inteviewed Ruth's mot}ler through the auspicesof the CIA, initiated sial opinions. Carol Hyde in 1968 and asked if Ruth work in Vietnam. The SIL, ostensiblya reli- Recall that the East-West Contact group worked for the CIA. In a le$er she resoonds gious educational organization, in reality of which Ruth was a foundet was probably to Salandriathat "my daughcerhai not, pavesthe way for US corporateinterests in under surveillanceduring the CIA mail moni- would not, could not work for the CIA." the Third World by using Chdstianity to gai! toring program.FBI files from 1958 conain Howeve! she fails to mention the CIA em- the complianceof indigenouspeoples.r ?tfOtE tu5r-August'leeo r

Gonclusion unwitting or wifting informant? Was she 7. FBr 10s-126128-11,12/18/63 Ruth's activities on behalfofworld peace manipulated by someone who knew that 8. For a completedescription of CIA mail and the less fonunate may derive from a Ruth's sympathetic nature would make het surveillancesee TheRockefeller Report, sincerewish to help others and do God's take in Marina Oswald? Why is Dulles re- GovernmentPrinting Office,June 1975. work, Nevertheless, this sincerity has a ceiving secret memos ftom an anonymous 9. FBr 105-126128-7s.3/14/64 strong foundation of anti-communist sen- source concerning the Paines? Why is lo. FBl 124-101 47 -rOO07, 9 /20 / 6s timent, influenced by a family Hoover so anxious to protec.t her privacy? 11.FBr 105-126128-110 ,4/8/64 that was government and intel- 12. FBt124- 10 1 47 - 1 000 1,9 / 20/ 65 ligenceconnected. Her activities, 13. There are many books docu- l{arch 19. 1996 such as popping up at peace menting rhis cast of characters, marches and making calls to con- starun Jone8 but a fun thing to look at is the tact black leaders in the Dallas 1I? P8rldew Ddvs "Iran-Contra Scandal Trading community are consistent with hn&ville, Pr 17568 Cards"by Paul Brancato, distrib- the "casual informant" classifica- ftsr gt6v6. uted by Eclipse Enterprises, tion. These are individuals who Forestiville, California. These are not on any agency's payroll, W€lscgnily roturmd faoo nbare{lu|, end to ouasulprlse bunpod cardsincorporate much ofthe in- lnto Ruth Pahe at en evenlodn&33 lo M8n{{uB,gh € but will gladly identifi/ partici- was the l$der formation developed by the now of e ha-lllca Smupfrom Florlds, Showi6 qult€ fli€ndly to m6,ond pants in a rally or leadersof so- &sk€dfo! lfihoroI w33worth, now,6ts. defunct Christic Institute. cial,/political movements. This 14. Correspondancebetween au- was doneout ofa senseofpatrio- L3tor,I hlt€d to om ol th8 Bt&ffnodb8!3 Bt th€ C[s8 de los lmidos thor and Sue Wheaton, Apdl 12, whem Rutb Bt0J3ltr ld&n8dua.Eo Bajdthai h€ was svsro of suspl, 1995. tism and was not that uncommon cloDsabout Ruih &ddh €l past,but that ln bl8 opiniotrsb6 hrd b€6n in the days before the FBI and CIA "wod' &trdh3d trot willingly p3riici!3trd ln ths €wnte of ths JFK 15. Cofiespondancebetween au- .ton6 fell into disrepute. Ruth herself Ee seld lh&t tho Pro-NlcaSroup hrd $ked be! to thor and Sue Wheaton, Apdl 24, down'',3sadshailon. h6r strlivity (i.s. stop taki4 trot€3tnd plctur6s ln ltruns€us) 1995. may have given us an apt descrip- bgcaus€3ho wa8 cau8ltrdunwBlcon €cornm8nt lrom !6opls.f,s f€el3 16. FBr 105- tion ofher acdvities.lnaRedbooh that nuih h per&noldabout droup8 th&t rhe is slth for fssr shewill 126128-ss,1/3/64 anicle (June,1964), Ruth claims bo'u86d' a€&ln,Ior thBt r6$on 3h6r,lwaJ6 wanis to llow n&nes 17. FBr 10s-126128-26, 12/1r/ an FBI agent came to her house snd ple!e8. 63 18. FBI 105-126128-28, 12/13/ on November1, 1963.to encour- I al3o&3k €dhin fo! the sddro8sofJgru e.{tloe, the forn€r connec- age Marina's confidence and to tion of Pro-Nlcein U3l33uq who hsd !r!.l8d {ltb Ruih.J €nnis's 63 offer her protection against black- iddro$ b: l-hivat€ sddm8s 19.FBI 105-126128 -7,12/12/63 -1, Younldht wa,ntto cortf,ct J€nnle and se6whai she h[€ to s&y, mail threats ftom Russia. Ruth is 20. FBI 105-126128-119. tO/9/ quoted as saying: B6stwlshos, 64; FBI 105-126 128-26, 12/1I/ 63 Mylespectforth €FBIwl chwasalrcady dibh€ld by Stove.tom8l gllat, wentup a,ftartha.t risit. We{ii8- lllamo 21. Testimony before the Orleans cus8edth €dlfrctrlty ln o f&e 8ocletyof Parish Grand Jury, April 18, Doltelywaicbbg peolle wlth quee!, pos- 1968,pp.5s-59 siblydangemus ldsos. Unllk a congrco- 22. WC VoLlx pg. 2O2 sioDalconmlttee, the I'BI neve!na,keg 23. Testimony before the Orleans tholr susplclon3an hdlvldualpub[o ol Parish Grand Jury, April 18, unt theyhsve edd €ncethet n1ll stsnd 1968,ps8 upln court...n 24. CIA memo dated 7/30/71. If Ruth respected the FBI, the Memo indicates Hoke was a CIA feeling must have been mutual. ln employeesince at least 1961. an uncharacteristicconcern for Do her political activities in Central America 25. FRI-IO5-126128-7,12/ 12/63 people's privacy,J. Edgar Hoover writes a let- offerus cluesto her associations?Is her real 26. Mary Bancroft, Autobiogrophyof a Spy ter to J. Lee Rankin, waming that serious re- role to "politely watch people with queer, (New York: William Morrow, 1983), percussions may ensue if documents possibly dangerous ideas," and to amass pp54-64. containing information of a highly personal "evidencethat will standup in court"? + 27. FBr 10s-12628-s,12/12/63 nature conceming the lives of Ruth and 28. For more information on the SIL see Michael Paine are released to the public.ro lvotes "The Summer Institute of Linguistices" Hoover is also worried about "gossip ald ru- 1. FBI i05-126128-94: 105-126128-56,2/ by Louis Wolf in CoyertAction Information mor" concerning and the 5/64 Bulletin,#18, Winrer 1983.Also Colby and DeMohrenschildts. Could these be tlle same 2. FBt 105-126128-56,2/5 / 64 Dennett's Thy WilI Be Done, (New York: "nasty rumors" that surfaced about Lee 3. FBr 105-126128-10,12/17/63 Haryer Collins, 1995). Harvey Oswald's role as ar informant? 4. rbid 29. "Prelude To Tragedy:The Woman Who Ruth Paine'spolitical acdvities, religious 5. rbid Sheltered 's Family beliefs and family associations do not give 6. For an account of intelligenceinfluence Tells Her Story," Redbook,June 1964. Also us a definite picture of her motivations for on campusessee Sigmund Diamond's Com- FBI document105-126128-9thNR I 15, 6/ taking in the Oswald family, or her role, if promisedCampus: Tfu Collaborationof tJniter- 18/64 an, in a conspiracy.However we are given a sitieswith the IntelligenceCommunity, Oxfotd 30. FBI 105-126128-1stNR 120, roadmap for funher research. Was Ruth an Universiry Press,1992. r0/23/64 tugr-August,reeo FlpilE