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One Man's Plea

One Man's Plea


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THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2020 / Mostly sunny, 68° / Weather: P. 18 LATE CITY FINAL nypost.com •••• $2.00 Christopher Sadowski ONE MAN’S PLEA: The Big Apple is dying. Its streets are empty.

‘ Tens of thousands have been plunged into poverty. Our leaders have no plans, no answers. New Yorkers have already learned to socially ‘ distance. Businesses can adjust. The elderly and infirm can continue to be isolated. ITNEEDSTOEND. NOW. Columnist David Marcus on the devastating lockdown: PAGE 21 Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 2 Customer Service Circulation andHomeDelivery Classified Advertising Sports Desk Tips  21, 31  46, 47,54;Bonus#:8  #: 34, 40,42,50;Powerball  29, 40,53,57;CashBall:1  39, 44,45,46,58,60,69,70 14, 20,21,24,27,29,30,35, Joel Sherman Brian Costello Horoscope Cindy Adams Cash-5 Wed.: 9,16, 22,30,33 Wed.: Play-4 Play-3 Wed.: 871 Cash-5 Xtra Wed.: 6, 18, Pick-4 Wed.:0353 ; Fireball: Pick-3 Wed.:800;Fireball:     NEW YORK 10036-8790. New York,NY Americas, 1211 Ave.ofthe daily byNYPHoldingsInc., Holdings Inc.(USPS-383200)Published Vol. 219No.188Copyright2020,NYP NY, NY10036-8790. New YorkPost,1211Ave.oftheAmericas, Postmaster: SendaddresschangestoThe to thePublishersInformationCenter,Inc. subscription ratesavailableuponrequest 208-4157. Foreignanddomesticmail 1407, Bellmawr,NJ,08099orphone1-888- inquiries, contactNewYorkPost,P.O.Box All orders,changesofaddressand Mail subscription&backissues: Main Office Editorial Television p.46-47 Mark Cannizzaro Sports p.35-45 Classifieds p.34 Home p.31-33 Su Doku Features &Lifestyle Business p.23-25 Maureen Callahan Post Opinionp.19-21 Weather p.18 Page Six Gossip Michael Goodwin News Columns Miranda Devine Steve Serby Mike Vaccaro Body &Soul Crossword Betsy McCaughey Weird But True Lee Smith 21, 25, 34; Xtra: 3     Lotto Wed.:13,18,23, Powerball Wed.:18, Cash-4-Life Wed.:11, Pick-10 Wed.:7,8,11,12, Take-5 Wed.:5,11,16, Evening Win-4Wed.: Evening Nos. Wed.: 558 Midday Win-4 Wed.: Midday Nos.Wed.:108 9; PowerPlay:x2 Post cont ...... Lottery ...... recycled paper. offices. ThePostuses New York,NY,andadditional Periodicals postagepaidat ...... a ...... 2204 ct numbers ......

(800)552-7678 (212)930-8100 (212)930-8700 (212)930-8500 ...... (212) 930-8000 ...... 44-45 44-45 36-37 27-29 12-13 4592 ... 7869 4-5 42 37 30 22 22 21 19 14 16 16 15 7 7 maries and theGeneral million people ahead of Pri- sends absentee ballots to 7.7 lots in upcoming elections. cast mail-inorabsentee bal- with initiatives for voters to the states follow through for Michigan andNevada if ened to “holdupfunding” my family is,” AOC said after men- is where my brother is.This iswhere ily has roots there. congressional districtandherfam- Trump building. cey apartment inaManhattan anchor, previously resided inapri- Caruso-Cabrera, aformer CNBC out of session. Queens districtwhile Congress was aged constituents inAOC’s Bronx- coronavirus pandemic that hasrav- in thelobby” duringthepeakof the ment complex witha“WholeFoods staying inher“luxury”DCapart- barbs downright stunningly personal. nasty thisweek, withsomeof the got Caruso-Cabrera, cratic-primary opponent,Michelle video debate withherchiefDemo- Don $$threatto ‘votebymail’states Dem rivalslapsAOC “Breaking: Michigan President Trump threat- “This iswhere my uncleis.There AOC said sheisstillactive inher The congresswoman hitback that Caruso-Cabrera accused AOC of Ocasio-Cortez’s Alexandria Rep. By Carl Campanile tweet andlater Wednesday Voter Fraud path!” they want to go down this up fundingto Michigan if morning. “Iwill askto hold on Wednesday State,” thepresident wrote tion by arogue Secretary of gally andwithout authoriza- Election. This was doneille- He deleted the original sponsored by BronxNet andcanbe District debate Monday nightwas mom isawidow,” AOC said. want. Leave my momout of it.My shot to bringuphermother. told Caruso-Cabrera itwas acheap the taxes are too high.” mother moved to Floridabecause “AOC says herfamily lives here. Her migrant kidsat LaGuardia Airport. Enforcement agents onbehalfof im- pute withImmigration andCustoms tioning that sheintervened inadis- primary debate primary The online14th Congressional “You cancome after meallyou That setoff Ocasio-Cortez, who But Caruso-Cabrera responded, Bitter online — AOC says herfamily Florida becausethe You cancomeafter Leave my momout taxes are toohigh. Michelle Caruso-Cabrera (left) lives [inNYC]. Her mother moved to ing agreat Voter Fraud sce- vote by mailballots, creat- that they cansendout illegal mail-in voting. Nevada for itsplan to allow lot applications.” was sending “absentee-bal- clarifying that Michigan issued anupdated posting me allyou want. of it.Mymomis “State of Nevada ‘thinks’ Trump alsolashed out at Ocasio-Cortez (right) — a widow. Rep. Alexandria tez’s oppositionto Amazon locating MIA” while criticizingOcasio-Cor- peatedly charging that “AOC is so-Cabrera was ontheattack —re- Yorkers,” Caruso-Cabrera charged. in theGOP-runSenate. Yorkers. The billwas nottaken up largely higher-income New benefit state andlocaltax deductionsthat Trump’s tax reform that limited year to repeal aportionof President for voting against aHouse billlast the first-termDemocratic socialist replayed onitsYouTube channel. During muchof thedebate, Caru- “AOC voted to raise taxes onNew Caruso-Cabrera went onto blast rampant fraud — asDemo- than inperson could lead to ple to vote inways other warned that allowing peo- the president wrote. must notcheat in elections,” the State. Sorry, but you think’ Icanholdupfundsto U.S. They can’t! Ifthey do, ‘I nario for theState andthe Trump haspreviously stand alonewhen necessary. posed to it. her office were overwhelmingly op- nesses andexcluded immigrants. tured inaway” to helpsmallbusi- Street andtherich“notstruc- the billwas skewed toward Wall care andtesting. money for smallbusinesses, health Protection Plan—that included recovery legislation —thePayroll month to vote against COVID- only Democrat intheHouse last brera said. never going to dothat,” Caruso-Ca- aborted Amazon project].’ I’m your 25,000 jobs[referring to the creators, ‘Goaway, we don’t want toward jobs.We can’t tell job sive intheDemocratic Party. figure called thefar-left incumbentadivi- a headquarters Shealso inQueens. She alsosaid shewas willingto She said constituents who called AOC defended hervote, saying She pointed out that AOC was the “We have to have anattitudinal voters state’s 7.7 million registered will besentto all of the sentee-ballot applications Jocelyn said theab- Benson Michigan Secretary of State demic. during thecoronavirus pan- tives becauseof healthrisks crats pursue otheralterna- His postcomes aday after .

Mark Moore, Wires Photos: BronxNet via YouTube via BronxNet Photos: 3 , Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com

Art Streiber The Bed-Stuy staffer said teachers teachers said staffer Bed-Stuy The on Insta- see us on Twitter, “They her students said staffer A Bronx balking even are teachers Some city or use their numbers block Many to have teachers things are “There view authority. “They interact with interact “They authority. view do their they way the same us now middle- a said friends,” school teacher. by online monitored routinely are their students. student/teacher “The she said. gram,” es- changed, has totally relationship or so.” years in the last five pecially apps dating through scroll routinely spot can see if they to Tinder like and their profiles. their instructors with their students over interacting at pri- of out cellphone their personal concerns. vacy corre- apps to messaging encrypted spond. have would that in 2020 about worry imagine not too to hard been pretty said. educator the Bronx long ago,” Others said that they are uneasy ex- uneasy are they that said Others a said job,” is a stressful “Teaching home and go could you “Before and students regu- teachers With avoid any involuntary appearances appearances involuntary any avoid said. sources online, to spaces living posing their personal so- blurred already students and that being lines are cial-demarcation during the crisis. altogether erased in Bedford- middle-school staffer Brooklyn. Stuyvesant, now, it. But from yourself separate is a classroom.” apartment your even each and e-mailing texting larly com- informal said the source other, kids is changing the way munication How do you shoot high fashion in a pandemic? For its June issue, Vanity Vanity issue, its June in a pandemic? For high fashion shoot do you How you poolside — because O’Hara Catherine capture to used a drone Fair glam This tongue-in-cheek with social distancing. safe too be can never Creek.” “Schitt’s the just-wrapped suit her haughtyshot would from Moira Some parents have complained complained have Some parents union has told teachers city The do so, to opted While some have Turning vid lessons Turning into dirty Web posts into dirty Web ever since schools closed due to the schools closed due to since ever crisis. coronavirus meaningful communi- a lack of about others while with teachers, cation preserving for lauded staffers have learn- during remote some normality ing. under no obliga- are they members if even teaching, live conduct tion to insist on it. principals restricting are claim others parents posting assignments. to their efforts limit their online les- Some teachers to audio communication sons to

Selim AlgAr By Education Reporter

Mischievous city schoolkids are schoolkids are city Mischievous aren’t us who a lot of are “There the at An eighth-grade instructor that risks right now are “There live of provision scattered The KidS’ craSS act KidS’ craSS manipulating and posting clips of and posting clips of manipulating les- remote-learning their teachers’ some sons on social media, leaving sev- classes, video of wary educators Post. The told sources eral middle- a Bronx with it,” comfortable know never “You said. school teacher end up to is going face your where right now.” colleagues that school warned Bronx — in upper grades kids — especially on sites footage lesson posting were profane and adding Snapchat like filters. captions or inappropriate the of,” aware even aren’t most people said. teacher of has been a source video teaching and nationally locally controversy

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52 percent will attend will attend percent 52 it will take say 51 percent mandatory say 61 percent ‘Safe’ at The survey of some 1,000 some 1,000 of survey The Anxiety over over Anxiety

70 percent say they are are they say percent 70 home: poll  (up events public fewer in March). 44 percent from  they months before a few a Broadway will attend they say percent — 16 show again. go never may  events live at coverings face their likeli- increase would attending. hood of by conducted was people Research. Performance more likely to see a first- to likely more run film at rental as a digital thea- home than in a movie ter  public spaces as some areas as some areas spaces public reopen leave to Americans’ desire home ing, a new survey has found: survey ing, a new New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 4 groped me ‘Abused’ onflight min Azizian,who are asking Darren DarwishandBenja- flight, said theirlawyers, know eachotherpriorto the can Americanswho did not did nothing, the suitalleges. members, but they initially Doe 2,complained to crew who isalsosuingasJohn delphia, in thesame row, perior Court onMonday. inLosAngeles Su- suit, filed seated next to her, says the of theathlete, saging” the knees andthighs took awindow seat . she boarded theplane and eled andunbalanced” when papers, appeared “dishev- incourt also isnotidentified 10. Feb. on geles for Newark Airport the ordeal began shortly after only as John said his Doe1, stop it, a lawsuit alleges. the crew didn’t doenoughto United Airlines flight,and addled woman aboard a assed andgroped by a drug- Jersey was repeatedly har- investigating. death threat. posts alsocontained the ing to hurttheJews.” The Heil Hitler. Sieg Heil. I’mgo- screed, writing:“Ihate Jews. poster began ahate-fueled the Jewish Sabbath —when a day —thestart of Live at around 5:45 p.m. Fri- ing services onFacebook Lexington Avenue was hold- said Wednesday. known as“bombing,” police practice that’s come to be including “KilltheJews,” ina rage messages, of hate-filled week were marred by abar- Midtown synagogue last Shul hitbyhate NFLer: Gal cy JohnBoth Doesare Afri- A second man,from Phila- She soon began “mas- He said thewoman, who The gridder, identified An NFLplayer from New Police and Facebook are The Central Synagogue on Online services heldby a By flight departed LosAn- Lia EustachEwich ber ‘bomb’ Tina Moore wo was who Shabbat,

ferent seat.” volved was moved to adif- priority . The customer in- customers isalways ourtop safety andwell-being of our Rachael Rivas said “the tion. vouchers$150 incompensa- plaintiffs, who were given and had poppedpills,say the admitting shewas drinking moved to anotherrow, after area.” Doe 2,grabbing his turned hersightsonJohn the belligerent woman plain to aflightattendant, face mask,thesuitstates. his penisandrippedoff his she alsoallegedly grabbed complaint says. At onepoint, leg nearhisgenitals,” the lap towards theinsideof his “ sified,” withthewoman suit says. and removed herhand,” the pleaded for assailant to stop male, John Doe1patiently young African-American the racial stigmaof beinga of beingamalevictimand tive damages. for compensation andpuni- his weapon, sources said. mez after he refused to drop intervened. Cops killedGo- ously wounded aman who He thenstabbed and seri- when sheanswered thedoor. his sister-to-law to death sources said. where hiswife was staying on thedoorof an apartment old Ubaldo Gomezknocked 127th Street when 44-year- Nicholas Terrace andWest 6:50 p.m. inabuildingat St. Wednesday, sources said. ing cops shothimdead Harlem apartment andarriv- killed hissister-in-lawin a Cops gundown stroking herhandacross his United spokeswoman She was eventually re- When hegot upto com- But the “Fearful of theperception Gomez shotandstabbed The incidentunfolded at An MTA worker allegedly Larry Celona, Larry in-law killer assault only “inten- Joe Marino “groin , T who knew what and who didwhat in seminal event in thequestto expose about to letthismoment pass quietly. than three years to seeit,we are not see here. Andhaving waited more to seehere. world to move along, there’s nothing istration andnow are telling the ing operation ontheincoming admin- They’ve beencaughtrunningaspy- — about protecting themselves. “You can’t beserious!” channels John McEnroe andshouts, Potentially, we are witnessing a Fat chance. There’s lots andlotsto Oh, but theObamaBotsare serious To which therest of theworld auguration Day isnobigdeal. herself onDonaldTrump’s In- Rice’s “DearDiary”e-mailto O the ObamaBots,Susan GOODWIN MICHAEL General Sally Yates at thescene and dle of ascam, places acting Attorney Vice President Joe Bideninthemid- puzzle. Oddly, Rice puts Obama and Comey replies. information from Flynn. “Potentially,” Obama asksifthey shouldwithhold the two have spoken. President secrets, heworries about how often Comey says Flynn hasn’t revealed any bassador. Though FBIDirector James conversations withtheRussian am- Security Adviser MichaelFlynn’s the monitoring of incoming National Jan. 5, 2017, where top discuss officials whets theappetite for more answers. Rice’s in someblanks and e-mailfills of aportionof the declassification gitimate prosecutions. But for now, ney General BillBarrwillpursue le- many answers and,hopefully, Attor- John Durham likely willprovide failed, sabotage Trump’s presidency. tion to HillaryClinton and,when that the illiciteffort to tipthe2016 elec- The beauty of thee-mailisalsoits The e-mailrecounts ameetingon The criminalprobe by USAttorney memo aims to do. to protect the president, which the counsel, Neil Eggleston. Hisjobwas suggestion of Obama’s White House day that shewrote thememoat the statement from Rice’s office Wednes- tive that Obama didnothingwrong. tions, acleareffort to create a narra- “by thebook”to describehisinstruc- wrote that Obama usedthephrase than two years ago. Three times,Rice surfacedsince thee-mailfirst more daysmeeting 15 earlier? what happenedat anOval Office feel theneedto put down inwriting tional security adviser, would Rice her lastday at work asObama’s na- letter hasalways beenwhy. Why, on the poisonedfruitof that cabal. and ultimately impeachmentwillbe than thenew one. Resistance, leaks more loyal to theformer president that adeepstateconfirms willbe implicates J. Edgar Comey. That view isbuttressed by abelated Part of theanswer hasbeenobvious Still, thecentral questionabout the By doingallthat, Rice inadvertently 5 New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com That alone is an unforgivable alone is an unforgivable That was whom one of agents, The classified leak of a to in- Thanks that years, than three more For It railroaded. if he was So what . counsel. House White a sitting against treachery act of president. misled Strzok, the odious Peter the in- of the nature about Flynn a get him not to advised terview, that and withheld the fact lawyer his calls with to listened had they hoping ambassador, the Russian the contents. lie about he would Washington The to formation those calls and Yates’ about Post fired soon was Flynn intervention, with Vice not being straight for Special Pence. Mike President Comey’s Mueller, Robert counsel zealots friend, and his anti-Trump to interview used the rigged later Flynn. prosecute man quiet and a dangerous kept the way. of out just as all done “by the book,” was ordered. Obama In the last days of ’s adminis- Obama’s of Barack PLOTTers: days In the last left), (far security his national tration, adviser, (above Jim Comey that FBI Director stating an e-mail wrote of top in the investigation the book” “by right) proceeding was That e-mail implicates left). (above aide Michael Flynn Trump . in a plot against team Obama’s Comey especially had reason to to reason had especially Comey Obama be stopped. to had Flynn so he the transcripts had Comey Trump’s after days just four So, worry because his fingerprints worry his to Up be on everything. would tricks, he would in dirty eyeballs prose- be finished, even maybe came out. truth if the whole cuted, him, hire not to Trump urged had the ignored president the new but he kill Flynn, didn’t If they advice. them all down. take could no was there that knew already Flynn against criminal evidence his conversations of out growing but ambassador, with the Russian guilt about or inno- this wasn’t a fight sur- was for This cence. vival. sent two Comey inauguration, try to House the White to agents Comey lying. into Flynn trap to advan- he took boast later would of start the helter-skelter of tage and did the administration of the usual custom not follow the from approval getting The man they conspired to de- to conspired man they The a security Flynn, Almost as bad, the the use of learn about He’ll their time is up and their worst their time is up and their worst come to about are nightmares they power awesome true. The their partisan abused for have to purposes is being transferred every- represents who Trump, de- they — thing — and everyone spise. in that will soon be sitting stroy this saw never They office. very assumed had They coming. day be did would they everything presidency. buried in a Clinton is Obama, fired by was who hawk find be in a position to to allgoing to be able He’ll laundry. the dirty FBI investi- the crooked discover campaign the Trump into gation FISA-court and the misleading on American spy to applications citizens. Clinton that dossier Steele financed, the CIA and the and that in involved were Department State up Trump. dirty trying to Yet perhaps we give the whole the whole give we perhaps Yet entrails, examining of Instead is a plot there things: I see two be any- need to doesn’t There to mind is easy of frame Their we’ve learned in the last three learned in the last three we’ve scheme of the grand about years impor- section is less that things, the meeting that than the fact tant Obama Office and in the Oval was there. and Biden were in assuming much credit too team e-mail has some grand, the Rice hidden significance. Maybe it than to nothing more there’s Which happens to meets the eye. be plenty. a the lens and get pull back let’s fuller picture. bigger, and Obama that Flynn target to and approve, about Biden know up cover to is an effort and there in the role House the White Trump. of ginned-up probe elements are two thing else. Those Obama, a damning indictment of involved. else Biden and everyone know All the participants grasp. But the move is so clumsy and is so clumsy the move But means knew he already That White Obama’s was And why the sec- also not clear why It’s patently obvious that it not only it not only that obvious patently it the president, protect to fails serious ques- more raises actually Remem- his conduct. tions about time where this is the only ber, discussing is documented Obama or Flynn into the investigation anti- the 2016 of other part any meaning it is proof effort, Trump it. about he knew ear- been other, must have there him. involving lier discussions Are too. those, hear about Let’s memos? more there so concerned counsel House him? protect the need to about his law- do that did Obama What his presi- of on the last day yer, about? worried was dency, classified until Tuesday tion was as say- Comey quoted Rice where sharing about concerns ing he had about information intelligence what Given with Flynn. Russia New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 6 beachy come from.” pending onwhere they feeling toward people de- should notbeabout any ill Tuesday, saying, “This its beaches. noncounty residents from paring ameasure to ban legislature thenbegan pre- .The Nassau New Yorkers to flockto saying itwould prompt end untilat leastmid-June, from Memorial Day week- for closingcity beaches de Blasioas“irresponsible” after Curran (inset)ripped later.woman clarified constituents,” hisspokes- ran] hasto prioritize her but he“understands [Cur- use LongIslandbeaches— Yorkers to beallowed to that’s great.” in abetter situation, [and] now. Inotherplaces they’re later intheseasonbut not our beachesyet. I hopeto City, it’s notsafe to open themselves.” out what’sfigure rightfor beaches, every place hasto “On thequestionof the highly of,” deBlasiosaid. ran], who Ithinkvery conversations with[Cur- coronavirus crisis. duringthe stituents first Curran hasto put hercon- County Executive Laura understands why Nassau beaches, Hizzoner said he has criticized —andsaid he in hercounty —apolicyhe dents from visitingbeaches to ban resi- County who official wants Wednesday to aNassau line inthesand. Julia Marsh Natalie O’Neill, Blas De Blasio fired back De Blasiofired His comments came De Blasiostillwants New He added, “InNew York “I had acouple of good Mayor de Blasiospoke Now heunderstands her LI pol keen Long Island lowed to use Yorkers beal- that New demanding the move. now respects A day after &

suIte LIfefor Tillary Hotel in Downtown Brook- homeless were dropped off at the scene when approximately 160 said oneresident, describingthe weren’t social distancing at all,” wearing masksand gloves. They side thehotel, andthey weren’t residential units,tenants say. to thedoorstep of thebuilding’s potentially bringingthepandemic tower to ride out thecoronavirus — Brooklyn hotel and apartment homeless meninto anupscale By “There were people linedup out- The city checked more than150 JuliA MArsh and AAron Feis JuliA MArshand outbreak during his federal trial. Joaquin “ElChapo” Guzman’s wife lowest floors, which once hosted building’s 174 hotel rooms onitssix were ushered into most of the raging, thecrushof newcomers of cramped shelters withthebug the homeless off thestreet andout masks on,but mostdidnot.” be named.“A couple of themhad tinued thetenant, who asked notto side eachotheronthecouch,” con- out inthelobby, talking, sitting be- tenants. “They were alsochilling lyn on May 15, withnowarning to But above thehotel sit five floors As part of aCity Hallpushto get concerns have prompted theinstallation ofametaldetector (left). often failto social-distance orwear masks—andsecurity Brooklyn. Permanent residents have thejitters asthevagrants ground asothers hangaround Hotel outsidetheupscaleTillary in Too closeforcomforT: identified, told The Post.identified, resident, who alsoasked not to be evators, lobby without masks,” the Tillary Street shared thoseworries. Flatbush Avenue Extension and at all.” people inwho aren’t practicing this ant. “But thenthecity moves these cial distancing,” ten- said thefirst their efforts to avoid theplague. who say that themove undermines StreetEasy.com —fullof tenants monthly rent of $3,342,according to of apartments — with anaverage “They’re usingoursame stairs, el- A second tenant inthebuildingat “I feel like I’ve donemy part at so- One manliessprawled onthe people are safe — ifthey’re having, metal detector inthehotel lobby. that thecity saw to install a fit neighbors openly use drugs and concerns, saying someof their new the second tenant. so that they canquarantine,” said offering shelters to thehomeless is point of thembeing off thestreets. question whether itdefeated the a.m. and6p.m., leading themto come andgo from thehours of 9 homeless hotel residents are free to “If the city doesn’t think these The residents alsocited security “The whole purpose of thecity tenantsBoth alsonoted that the 7 New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com

Natalie O’Neill Natalie Jennifer Gould Keil Jennifer and Normally, about 3,000 guests 3,000 about Normally, months, hotel the past Over One property in Wilton sold in Wilton One property is all of seen more I’ve “What such an initial was “There in Westport One homeowner “One . . . called me up and 10- in a beautiful, “She lives last month reported Post The nightly turnover, encouraging encouraging turnover, nightly and here out come to people their health about worrying and the staff and the health of manager the community,” “So I the paper. told Lilja Jenny adjust can we thought, how model?” our business — each year the hotel at stay can- been nothing but “it’s but this spring, Lilja cellations” said. have the country chains across the first for closed en masse the due to time in history coronavirus. for $1.9 million, she said — an million, she said $1.9 for all-cash deal. looking in clients are city my Ridgefield, Wilton, Weston, normally that — areas Easton go-to someone’s be wouldn’t . . . aspect the train because of from coming are you when But far,” very feel they the city, said. Giordano that rush on all the rentals, . . . We’ve left any hardly there’s benefited the New from always just it’s but market, City York been a tidal wave.” in a day offers five received slickers. city from anything of know ‘Do you said, an Pruner, Mark else?’” said Hathaway Berkshire for agent . Services Home in Avenue on Park co-op story time [she] every but York, New she is . . . in the elevator gets afraid.” resi- city virus-wary many that shipping out been dents have good. — some for Lia EustachEwich By A “tidal wave” of buyers are are buyers of A “tidal wave” the told agents Real-estate be a to going “I think there’s for an agent Giordano, Holly All that’s missing are the are missing All that’s in the Hamp- A luxury hotel in another 100,000 Throw bed- Inn, a historic Hedges the about great feel “I didn’t $1M to move ‘inn’ $1M to move ‘inn’ alone in Hamptons fleeing the coronavirus-rav- New jungle of concrete aged cre- Connecticut, for City York uptick in an unexpected ating ac- there, market the real-estate a report. to cording their that Advocate Stamford clients Apple Big well-to-do been snapping up single- have like homes in areas family Litch- Greenwich, Westport, east of field and towns County Haven. New and renting people of trend homes,” second then buying Berk- CEO of Adams, Candace Services Home Hathaway shire told England Properties, New know “I don’t the Advocate. to want necessarily they that — they the city of outside stay an option to have to just want else.” someplace go Interna- Pitt Sotheby’s William the publica- told tional Realty, been get- have sellers tion that — and ting their asking prices benefiting bidding wars from buyers. among eager bellhops. place the entire is renting tons the summer for one person to $1 million during the coro- for crisis. navirus a chef and get bucks, and you staff. housekeeping in East Hampton, and-breakfast full- live to a tenant will allow 1 June time in the building from per $350,000 for Labor Day to has- sanitation avoid month to own- sles amid the pandemic, Star. East Hampton The told ers

NY Post: Annie Wermiel [email protected] “Just like all other New Yorkers, Yorkers, all other New like “Just Yorkers, all New just like “And man, said that the homeless were were the homeless that man, said coro- abide by bound to no more than the aver- precautions navirus resident. city age a walk, take to free our clients are like Just air or exercise. fresh get not are we Yorkers, all other New devices with tracking monitoring spend may they and where how McGinn. said their time,” stay to our clients encourage we or wear inside as much as possible will if you covering a mask or face social distance.” to be unable outbreak Leo Rubin, one of the building’s the building’s one of Leo Rubin, the what you tell to have “I don’t a DHS spokes- McGinn, Isaac said one of the homeless men. the homeless one of said he that Post The told landlords, signed he was no idea what had in take to he agreed when up for of a rate at Yorkers New homeless per day. per room $100 for through has been going hotel go months. So you three the past decide you’re it and you over in the not take why closed anyway, thought “I Rubin. said homeless?” older, veterans, maybe it was no idea what I had calmer people. into.” myself getting I was Their biggest fear, however, is however, fear, biggest Their De- the city’s for A spokesman whom men — both of two But s--t,” us for test didn’t “They

on the hotel side, a metal detector detector a metal side, on the hotel the assume to — then I have tenant. the second said same,” the will introduce the move that the building. into contagion Services Homeless of partment being is not the location insisted or sympto- house positive used to homeless. matic smoking pot outside openly were whom and neither of the hotel The a mask — told wearing was tested. never were they Post HoMeless New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 8

Paul Martinka 12 nurses,” Brown recalled. “Ihad night, andusually there’s like 11or and there were only three nurses at pital was shortonnurses. hour shifts regularly when thehos- The Post. love,” Brown, aJamaica native, told nity andhelpthemshow them wanted to stay withinmy commu- nurse andasagood nurse, I really lot of crimeandviolence, soasa tion. There’s alotof poverty anda and they don’t have alotof educa- most of themare disenfranchised within my community because like to care for people bean area, andIreally It’s mostly aCarib- were hisown patients. care for themlike they used histimeoff to ers andfriends,sohe bug andsodidafew of hisco-work- in thecrisis,hismomcaught Brownsville hospital. But early on he was stillworking. Brooklyn, but even onhisdays off, sity Hospital Medical Center in 20-hour shifts at Brookdale Univer- crisis, Dwayne Brown was clocking News. nated surfaces, according to Fox pass onthevirus from contami- warning that it“may bepossible” to objects. ily” through touching surfaces or coronavirus “does notspread eas- trol andPrevention now says the CDC nowdownplays surfacespread This caringnurse “I cameinto helpthenightshift, Brown described working 20- “I live inFlatbush. Brown, 33, isafull-timeRNat the At theheightof thecoronavirus Its now guidelines includea sec- In early March, theagency was The USCenters for DiseaseCon- By is neveroffduty GABrielle FonrouGe HERO of the day [email protected] Post’s Hero oftheDay? E-mailhe- that’s me.” people get joy incaringfor people; . Some . nursing, nursing choseme. nurse’s hometo care for her. she neededandthento afellow Long Islandto bringhervitamins straight to hismom’s houseon didn’t go hometo sleep. He went recalled. tients Ihave to care for,” Brown friends andalsothe18 otherpa- ing of myself andmy family andmy woman succumbed, leaving Brown minutes of chestcompressions, the Brown said. we could callback anothercode,” room, soIhad to scream for helpso arrest. one patient who went into cardiac trying to keep everybody alive.” 19 patients . . . It was very stressful dated page states. or people to animals,theCDC’s up- ily spread isfrom animalsto people rus,” theCDCWeb site states. are still learningmore about thisvi- main way thevirusspreads, but we ing surfaces orobjects. ily spread —includingfrom touch- tion onways thevirusdoesn’t eas- Do you have anominee for The “I always say, I didnotchoose When dawn broke, finally Brown Unfortunately, after about 20 “I was theonly person inthe He recounted anexperience with Other ways the virus doesn’t eas- “This isnotthoughtto bethe shaken up. Iamthink- Brown said. was really saddened,” really andI mortified, state. frozen inacatatonic “It left mereally “I was Iwas notOK. Tamar Lapin outbreak lockdown and reopening strate- study modeledseveral different mies afloat. rus deaths while keeping econo- strictions —to reduce coronavi- lowed by 30days of loosened re- under strictlockdown —fol- countries adopt acycle of 50days The European Union-backed A new study suggests that Lockdown cycle bestoption:study ing Washington’s lead. that New York was justfollow- cooked upthemandate —and federal government actually said Wednesday, arguingthat the Trump” about it,thegovernor finger at theWhitefinger House. ple —andnow, he’s pointinga away coronavirus-positive peo- barred thefacilities from turning Health Department directive pened after awidely criticized sands of resident deaths that hap- ing-home operators for thethou- “Anyone who wants to ask, Critics should“askPresident First, Gov. Cuomo blamed nurs- By and AAron Feis MArsh and CArl CAMpAnile, JuliA Journal of Epidemiology. published intheEuropean cluded inthestudy, which was Cambridge. researchers at theUniversity of and South America,according to Western Europe, North America South andWest Asia,, gies in16 countries across Africa, The was notin- with 5,681 orsus- confirmed that March 25 directive, even betrayed noregrets onadopting the pandemic, however, Cuomo with thepresident throughout conversation,” herepeated. Trump. Ithinkthat willstop the deaths inthefacilities. rash of coronavirus-related rective that potentially sparked a he had any regrets about thedi- omo said when asked whether and Prevention] guidance,” Cu- [Centers for DiseaseControl lowed President Trump’s CDC homes?’ it’s becausethestate fol- COVID patients innursing ‘Why didthestate dothat with Despite frequently jousting “They shouldaskPresident ?

the study found. researchers proved ineffective, 0.5. to transmit thevirusto —would fall people oneinfected person can rate of thevirus—how many the 50-30 cycle, thereproduction conclusion that ifcountries used Other modelsexamined by the The researchers cameto the tained thenursing homes always itive patients,” hesaid. wrong inaccepting COVID-pos- saying thenursing homeswere the facilities. if there isany blame, itlieswith gave aflat denial —but said that nursing-home death toll, Cuomo is notfederal law, fueled the adherence to that policy, which against aCOVID patient.” home cannotdiscriminate CDC guidancesaid anursing facts,” thegovernor said. “The reported innursing homes. pected coronavirus deaths now Cuomo —who had main- “No. you’d Because have to be Asked point-blank ifthestate’s “You have to remember the Amanda Woods 9 New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com Cuomo asked asked Cuomo city Meanwhile, bad, too “Not [email protected] fected,” he said. he said. fected,” from know “We Rochelle, New the Westchester, first hot spot, that ceremo- religious nies can be very dangerous.” worship houses of consider to and park- drive-in services ing-lot possible. where re- statistics mained a mixed on Wednes- bag with hospi- day, talizations but up, slightly ICU admissions down. do to want we but de Mayor better,” Lia Eustachewich Lia The state’s Interfaith Advisory Advisory Interfaith state’s The do is to want last thing we “The another 112 fatalities Statewide, is right, direction overall “The Although deaths in Sweden in Sweden Although deaths Cuomo. “Then I’ll have the Ro- I’ll have “Then Cuomo. come ‘How say, man Catholics ” 14.’ get I don’t 14? get they will help guide the pol- Council it ensure to forward icy going harm than good, more do doesn’t said. Cuomo that ceremony a religious have in- people more winds up having admis- the hospital of Blasio said briefing during a press . sions stat pe- in the 24-hour logged were midnight Tuesday, riod ending at number of the overall raising least confirmed at to deaths 22,976. painful, this is a painful, but said lost,” lives number of tragic Cuomo. per day in a rolling seven-day seven-day in a rolling per day 12 and May between average to according 19, May Ourworldindata.org. the per-cap- on the decline, are the highest in Eu- figureita was the United and just above rope deaths 5.75 had which Kingdom, per million. 192,374 20,934* 354,370 22,976 1,548,646 93,163 United States New York City New York New York state New York pandemic as of pandemic Cases: Cases: Cases: : evening Wednesday Deaths: Deaths: Deaths: *NYC counts confirmed and probable COVID-19 deaths. and the Sources: Johns Hopkins University offices of Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio The toll of the coronavirus coronavirus The toll of the , NAtAlie NAtAlie JuliA MArsh, Sweden had the highest num- the highest had Sweden — country Scandinavian The By First place is deadly for Sweden ber of coronavirus deaths per deaths coronavirus ber of last the over in Europe capita shows. data new week, most has allowed which and busi- schools, restaurants open during remain to nesses 6.25 — saw pandemic the global per million inhabitants deaths Religious gatherings of up to 10 10 up to of gatherings Religious anxious so are “When people allowance The con- he would whether Asked set one to complicated “It’s MusuMeci and AAroN Feis Tiny religious services OK’d services religious OK’d Tiny people can resume across New New across can resume people Gov. Thursday, starting state York — though announced Cuomo social must maintain participants masks to and wear distancing coronavirus. the off ward and so confused, I think those reli- gious ceremonies com- can be very particu- forting,” during the larly the pan- time of demic, Cuomo during said told press an Albany briefing Wednes- need we “But day. find to how out do it and do it to and do it safely smartly.” one is similar to previ- Cuomo announced ously Memorial for observances Day days and comes the gover- after a re- nor teased re- of laxation Jew- the upcoming strictions for Shavuot. of ish holiday sider bumping up the number to to wiggle room more afford to 14 — which congregations Jewish a alone for people 10 require servi- mark officially to “minyan” rule it out didn’t — Cuomo ces reservations. voiced but another one religion, number for said [another faith],” number for commandment New York’s ‘10’ ‘10’ York’s New

Braulio Jatar / SOPA Images/Sipa to to the

Natalie Musumeci Natalie [email protected] , Julia Marsh He attributed the decline attributed He “Now is the time to get your child your get is the time to “Now ing” 91 percent dip, de Blasio said. ing” 91 percent closing of doctors’ offices and fear and fear offices doctors’ closing of that those to go to among parent remain open. is “This de Blasio said. vaccinated,” child your Getting work. essential your leave to is a reason vaccinated home.” Cuomo said during his brief- said Cuomo “If he said. “I’m not resistant,” de Blasio Mayor Meanwhile, “Whatever amount of testing, testing, amount of “Whatever states adopted policies based on policies based adopted states Rich said guidance,” federal Azzopardi. a closer he did not fear ing that the policy. look at to wants government the federal can start then they a probe, start me.” to is irrelevant It a probe. announced that starting next next starting that announced di- free will offer the city week, Big Ap- all 169 to agnostic tests homes. nursing ple lab capacity amount of whatever will find need, we they it for . de Blasio said them,” rates outbreak vaccine vaccine From March 23 to May 9, 9, May 23 to March From come clear to us in the last few us in the last few clear to come during his de Blasio said days,” briefing press as coronavirus daily health- the city’s that he explained worried” “very are leaders care the declining rates. about in kids older than 2 saw a “shock- in kids older than 2 saw rates in children age 2 and younger younger 2 and age in children rates with compared percent 42 dropped while period in 2019, the same “It’s not ‘Blame me except not ‘Blame me except “It’s Mal- Nicole Assemblywoman Cuomo for A spokesman politics “Cheap and petty said Assemblyman Ron Kim Ron Assemblyman said said governor (D-Queens). “The with him, [to] the buck stops made decisions him for blame during the pandemic. nursing to it comes when ” [homes].’ said, (R-SI/Brooklyn) liotakis needs to Cuomo Gov. “Perhaps sign the famous of be reminded Harry Truman’s on President ” here.’ buck stops desk: ‘The on the bipartisan pushed back criticism. the actual aside do not change other and 14 York New facts: Gov. Cuomo has Gov. pinned the blame on his directive that state that state on his directive pinned the blame experienced which have homes, nursing than 5,600 confirmed or suspected more patients accept COVID deaths, coronavirus guidance. administration on Trump Passing the Buck: Passing A flood of state lawmakers, lawmakers, state A flood of politicians those same Some of it both ways,” have can’t “He There’s a new crisis emerging crisis emerging a new There’s in the Big rates Child-vaccination sheer magnitude has be- “The however, have called for inde- called for have however, what into pendent investigations by directive 25 the March role Commissioner Health Cuomo in the played Zucker Howard tolls. death hellish nursing-home to trying again Cuomo at balked deflect blame. had both a right and a responsi- had patients help placing get to bility not equipped they’re whom for a state — has announced care to it’s But probe. general attorney the policy of not an investigation were the operators under which and the facilities of but bound — their response.

amid the coronavirus pandemic: pandemic: amid the coronavirus aren’t children City York New their shots. getting plunged dramatically have Apple pandemic, during the coronavirus Wednesday, de Blasio said Mayor shock- “quite calling the revelation ing and troubling.” Unvaxed kids a new health scare Unvaxed kids a new health New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 10 familiar with thematter told The . ing time for lying to Congress violations, aperson andcampaign-finance reports said Wednesday. the remaining two years of his three-year sentence inhome confinement, leased from federal prisondueto thecoronavirus outbreak andwillserve tioning back to Greatness’, Iam planned videoconference. The summit was replaced witha demic spread around theglobe. was canceled inMarch as the pan- Camp David retreat inMaryland of thecoronavirus isover, hesaid. world leaders signalingthe worst back on—apotential meetingof Group of Seven summitcould be suggested thecanceled in-person return themoney. with SBA rules,itwillhave to loan inaccordance$1,328,000 certifying itwas eligible for a letter stating that althoughself- Washington, DC,willreceive a enthood affiliate inMetropolitan ingly made false statements. determined theborrowers know- criminal orcivil sanctions ifitis stimulus fundscould lead to foreligibility the certifications sible andthat incorrect orfalse that “severe penalties”were pos- more than600employees. largest abortionprovider, has tion of America,thenation’s reported Tuesday. than 500employees, larger organization that hasmore cause they are affiliates of a PPP rules,they are ineligible be- 37 groups to explain that under eligible for thefunds. should have known they weren’t back becausetheorganizations tion reportedly wants themoney the SmallBusiness Administra- Protection Program —andnow lion inloans from thePaycheck applied for andreceived $80mil- Trump: UncancelG-7 Cohen willbug outofprison $$ clawback Cohen willbereleased from upstate Otisville where Prison, heisserv- President Trump’s former personal lawyer MichaelCohen willbere- “Now that our Country is‘Transi- The June G-7 meetingat the President Trump onWednesday The PlannedParenthood of The report said aPlannedPar- The SBA intheletter warned Planned Parenthood Federa- The SBA isreaching out to the Planned Parenthood affiliates Abo r t-clinic Program,” Rubio said. ble for thePaycheck Protection lion dollars inassets, isnoteligi- nization hascloseto halfabil- Parenthood, whose parent orga- organizations suchasPlanned record around itspassage that legislation that passed orpublic money bereturned. gation while demandingthat the souri, have calledfor aninvesti- Florida andJosh Hawley of Mis- including Sens.Marco Rubio of for PlannedParenthood. ment relations andpublic policy Ayers, vice president of govern- ment written by Jacqueline lic healthcrisis,” reads thestate- they provide thanduringapub- more criticaltimefor thecare cial safety net,andthere isno centers play acore role intheso- cludes leading industrialeconomies in- malization!” hecontinued. would beagreat signto all–nor- ginning theirCOMEBACK. It Wednesday. Camp David,” Trump tweeted Washington, D.C., at thelegendary on thesame orsimilardate, in considering rescheduling theG7, the UK. tions, includingItaly, Germany and met.” Act andtheSBA, which they rules established by theCARES ceived awards “undereligibility organizations applied andre- ment said someof itsnonprofit to theorganization’s affiliates. million loan —thelargest granted Counties inCalifornia got a$7.5 Orange andSan Bernardino “There isnoambiguityinthe Republican elected officials, “Planned Parenthood health Planned Parenthood inastate- The gathering of theworld’s “The othermembers are alsobe- some of thehardest-hit Mark Moore, Wires Ebony Bowden Ben Feuerherd na- outbreak

Tulskie Novosti whACkinG Vic’s sad body ofevidence think that.” and Iknow alotof people enough for itnotto affect me, Schultz told BuzzFeed. or not.It canaffect you,” have pre-existing conditions matter ifyou’re young orold, happen to anyone. It doesn’t Boston hospital. ill, theothersnappedat a about amonthbefore hefell gram followers —onetaken images for his30,000 Insta- COVID-19. pounds amidtheravages of pounds, but dropped had weighed about 190 50 underlying healthconditions, from San Francisco withno stay inahospital. ated shellduringhissix-week builder frame into anemaci- him —turninghisbody- the coronavirus hastaken on a shockingphoto of thetoll old California manhasshared “I thoughtIwas young “I wanted to show itcan Schultz posted these two Mike Schultz,43, anurse A muscle-bound43-year- Yaron Steinbuch Russian PPEsareXXX ing through thePPE. she didnotrealize that herunderwear was show- quirements for medical clothing.” Sheclaimed naughty nurse for “noncompliance withthere- from herpatients, hospital chiefs chastised the clothing underneath thehead-to-toe vinyl gown. Clinical Hospital that shewas “too hot”to wear ment. under hertransparent personal protective equip- tient wingwithnoclothing,save for herskivvies arrived for ashift intheall-male coronavirus-pa- While there were reportedly “nocomplaints” The A nurse inRussia was reprimanded after she staffer told hermanagers at Tula Regional Hannah Sparks New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 11 for for a Jackie Salo Jackie Ebony Bowden Ebony Heather Hauswirth Heather told The Post. The told and Beijing Beijing “I was placing a larger or- a larger placing “I was China is up hear how “We the cen- at Chinese city The prohibited officially Wuhan believed virus is widely The for exception only The China’s Communist Party Party Communist China’s Wuhan can’t preps for preps for ‘Round 2’ ‘Round der with one of the bigger the bigger der with one of me, and he tells distributors this order ‘I can complete been this we’ve after but the Chinese by contracted produce to government ” said million gowns,’ 250 Mala- Moshe Yorker New has done business mud, who than two more in China for there lived and decades avia- founding before decade M2Jets. tion company and running and the virus is ‘What them, so I asked, past million 250 ordering they are no course and of for?’ gowns one is talking.” pan- the coronavirus of ter the con- demic has banned wild animals — sumption of cash incentives offering while quit breeding to farmers for creatures. exotic as wild animals as well eating lim- hunting them within city its, declaring itself a “wildlife CBS Wednesday, sanctuary” reported. a wet from emerged have to possibly in the city, market humans to bats jumping from animal via an intermediary such as a pangolin. scien- be for hunting would tific research. is again seizing factory lines seizing factory is again sup- the world’s churning out — gear safety medical of ply is the country fears sparking wave a second for preparing American the coronavirus, of traders eat wild meat With Wires in December. Meanwhile, Secretary of State State of Secretary Meanwhile, the vision for a shared have “We pandemic Covid-19 recent “The con- had earlier a day Pompeo the at WHO member states The “had Tedros WHO’s said Pompeo in- chose not to he instead “Yet critical of has been highly Trump Trump threatened to permanently permanently to threatened Trump temporary my will make If not, “I toll is now more than 93,000. than more is now toll praised this week Pompeo Mike the coronavi- to response Taiwan’s rus pandemic. rule of includes — one that region and prosperity, transparency, law, in a said Pompeo all,” for security Tuesday. released statement the in- for an opportunity provided see why to community ternational pandemic-response Taiwan’s emulation.” of model is worthy Taiwan of demned the exclusion annual meeting, say- WHO’s from that US allegations ing it proved under the Chi- was the UN body thumb. Party’s nese Communist discussion annual meeting delayed status observer grant to on whether Beijing considers which Taiwan, to reunification awaiting a province all inter- from exclude and seeks to organizations. national and precedent” power legal every in the meeting. include Taiwan to from under pressure Taiwan vite China,” of Republic the People’s in a statement. said Pompeo the pandemic, to response Beijing’s using its influ- China for blaming the downplay WHO to with ence failing the virus and for of severity the number of report accurately to the initial after cases in the country outbreak halt US funding for WHO unless the WHO unless halt US funding for to commits agency Nations United improvements “major substantive 30 days.” within the next freeze of United States funding to funding to States United of freeze Organization Health the World our permanent and reconsider in the organization,” membership on Mon- Tedros to wrote Trump day. MARK MOORE By President Trump on Wednesday on Wednesday Trump President in China just re- “Some wacko this dope that to “Please explain name the didn’t president The use China as an US tries to “The COVID-19 Currently, is futile. “It House during a White Trump, a It’s honor. of a badge it’s “Really, than 1.5 US has more The million ‘incompetence’ Prez rips China rips China Prez for killer COVID for blamed China’s “incompetence” “incompetence” China’s blamed coronavirus the novel allowing for and kill the world around spread to people. than 320,000 more every- blaming leased a statement the Virus other than China for body of killed hundreds has now which wrote Trump people,” of thousands on Twitter. China’, of the ‘incompetence it was did this mass that and nothing else, killing!” Worldwide finger-pointing the of state- source for- China’s But China. ment from Li- Zhao eign ministry spokesman trying to of Trump jian accused Organiza- Health the World make his “incompe- over tion a scapegoat the pandemic. to response” tent and responsibility shift to issue obliga- on its international bargain in re- said Zhao the WHO,” tions to to Trump from a letter sponse to Tedros WHO Director-General Ghebreyesus. Adhanom in the US and is still spreading add- said, Zhao other places,” many and other US politi- Trump ing that game the blame cians should stop with the international and work community. said meeting on Monday, Cabinet honor” of it a “badge he considers coronavirus the US has more that in the world country cases than any the test- all of it up to and chalked has done. ing his administration and all of the testing to tribute great professionals a lot of that the work were “So if we he said. done,” have of instead a million people treating have would we million people, 14 cases.” fewer far cases and the death coronavirus

thebearded_nurse outbreak Amanda Woods Critics bashed him on Twitter him on Twitter Critics bashed Brady Tom reason “The for not-so-coincidental timing not-so-coincidental for on fears. capitalizing and for an isn’t coronavirus have doesn’t immune boosting supplement. rich obscenely because he’s It’s delivery unlike and can isolate workers, meat cleaners, drivers, nurses workers, store grocery geriatri- tweeted and doctors,” . Gregorevic Kate cian Dr.

NFL star Tom Brady launched Brady Tom NFL star signed and newly 42 — Brady

a new “immunity” multivitamin multivitamin “immunity” a new and crit- this week, supplement the quarter- tackled ics quickly dur- timing the release for back pandemic. ing the coronavirus Buccaneers Bay with the Tampa the of the release — announced supplement,” blend “immunity his com- through called Protect, TB12 Sports, on social me- pany, dia Monday.

Brady gets pill-oried Back at ‘Wacko’ ‘Wacko’ at Back New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 12 Gov. Bart Simpson proud. Mississippi stuff that’s good for them.” really doinga lotof educational the other,” she said. But “they’re pretty onemore difficult; sothan demic. “They it are bothfinding struggling to deal withthepan- (above) said hersons,now 19, are tem.” “Ilove them,” sheadded. Sia “aging out of thefoster care sys- 18-year-olds becausethey were Up” that lastyear sheadopted the SiriusXM’s “The Morning Mash 44, revealed inaninterview with sons. The “CheapThrills” singer, the prideof theDover family.” graduates . . . Maybe even — Ben adding, “We’ll behonoringmore Reeves rolled withthepunches, minutes now.” Asit went viral, I’ve beenlaughingfor about 25 ing onTwitter, . . “Proud moment. credit for thejuvenile joke, boast- zation. guv read, before pausing in reali- “Harry Azcrac,” theRepublican Reeves ran thelistof graduates. video, streamed onFacebook Live, during avirtualgraduation. Inthe named student—HarryAzcrac — congratulating an embarrassingly Sia’s sonsurprise Mind thecrack Mad Mattdigat‘Today’ hosts SiA isaproud mother of two IT’S Page Tate Reeves Smith Emily a prank that would make tookThomas DeMartini [email protected] Six [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Tashara Jones Mara Siegler Carlos Greer Oli Coleman Ian Mohr was dupedinto ® rectly aimedat hisex-co-anchors Guthrie and passage inhisessay that they believe isdi- consensual sexual relationship withNevils. raped her. He deniesrape andinsistshehad a NBC staffer tual errors” —particularly regarding former he calledFarrow’s “flawed reporting andfac- book “Catch andKill,” Lauerchallenged what rape by anex-staffer at theshow. “rushing to judge” himafter hewas accused of Savannah Guthrie and veiled digat hisformer “Today” colleagues limited-edition prints to raise funds for COVID-19 relief organizations. like Ihad messed up—but they loved it, anditran asis.” Seliger isworking withChristie’s to auction off his shirt read ‘Corporate magazines still suck.’ Ihad to go back [to theeditors] withthat picture, and Ifelt they got off thevan snickering.. was Kurt. wearing . hissignature cardigan sweater andopened it up, and asked often wore white T-shirts withthenames of localbands from Seattle, andIwas tryingto avoid that. I ing working withNirvana onaRolling Stone cover shootayear earlier, hetold us:“They of funwithit.He seemedto beingreat spirits.Two months later, hewas gone.” Recall- rounded by dollheads. The fotog said: “He was actually very easygoing and had alot with Cobain for thepromo for “InUtero,” Seliger took thefamous shotof himsur- took oneof thelastknown photos of Kurt Cobain weeks before hisdeath. Working Cobain’s wardrobe statement NBC insiders are buzzing about a barbed AT Lauerapparently made athinly MATT In hisstunningrebuttal to Ronan Farrow ’s FAMED photographer FAMED Dave Brooke Nevils [Grohl, theband’s drummer,] and Mark Seliger revealed exclusively to Page Six how he ’ claimsthat Lauer Hoda Kotb for Krist Krist Lauer’s firing in2017Lauer’s —becamepublic inOcto- firing the very least,recognized andconsidered it.” court of law, Ifelt journalistsshouldhave, at sumption of innocence isonly guaranteed ina cuser ‘brave’ and‘courageous.’ Whilethepre- some journalistswere already callingmy ac- and before Icould even issue astatement, on themorningIwas falsely accused of rape, them. The rushto judgmentwas swift. Infact, accusations against me, ortheperson making dia were willingto thoroughly challenge the shaken, but notsurprised,that few intheme- an amicable friendship. Lauerwrote, “Iwas Kotb, withbothof whom hebelieved hehad Details of therape allegation —which ledto [Novoselic, bassist,] notto wear these shirts,and maintain thoseblond model andhercolor- ventor? Thesuper- ist getcreative to locks duringthe Heidi Klum, in- Listen now! pandemic. LISTEN NOW! come forward. It’s noteasy at all.” are withBrooke. It’s noteasy, what shedid,to part of themyou didn’t know. Ourthoughts . . and allof asuddendooropensupandit’s a feel like you’ve known someonefor. 12years. . turbed to ourcore.” Kotb said, “It’s like, you forward withclaims.” Sheadded, “We are dis- And we supportherandany women who come Brooke to come forward then.It’s noteasy now. say that Iknow itwasn’t easy for ourcolleague “This isshockingandappalling . . . Iwant to terms “brave” or“courageous.” Guthrie said, pressed theirhorror —without usingthe ber, andco-anchors Guthrie andKotb ex-

Reps for NBCand“Today” didnotcomment. Instagram/@HeidiKlum e fhighs Web of COVID-19 across the world. Web site to track the spread of Avi Schiffmann, who created a duced anaward to high-schooler n Dr. and for his Club Quarantine parties; lle Obama presented to navirus; former First Lady their onlineresponses to thecoro- Kristen were Bell honored for Krasinski, nes andmath.” Tom Hanks, don’t understand things like vacci- memes. Now it’s 2020, andpeople concepts like broadband and most people didn’t understand “Back when [the awards] started, coronavirus stats andtreatments: Tuesday, andjoked of confusing the 24th Webby Awards digitally chief at theideathat Vogue“bristled” interview, AndréLeonTalley He’s Anna-mated shelves Tuesday. book, “The Chiffon Trenches,” hit pet reporter at theMet Ball.The was replaced asVogue’s red-car- tour onandoff until2018, when he early ’80s. He worked withWin- tute before joiningVogue inthe for Vreeland at theCostume Insti- ruling withfear.” Talley worked more about playing thegame and relationships, whereas Annais fore Anna,andisabout cultivating DianaVreelandtor-in-Chief] be- worked with[former Vogue Edi- a source closeto himsays, “André deal to Wintour professionally. But knowledged that heowes agreat their partnership.” Talley hasac- work shegot credit for during actually studiedandput inthe the result of good marketing. He happiness isbased onhow sheis plained: “[It seems]alotof hisun- touched anerve.” The source ex- make him,and[thequestion] is clearthat AnnaWintour didnot Show,” andaninsidertold us,“He day’s episodeof “ ness” —sat for aninterview for to- tour “isn’t capable of humankind- says inhisnew memoirthat Win- former creative director — who reer, we’re told. The magazine’s COMIC DURING Anna Wintour Anthony Fauci intro- Patton Oswalt hosted the taping of arecent Miley Cyrus and Tamron Hall made hisca- Miche- D-Nice John New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 13 S X ? CB FO HBO • PHILO • STARZ WHERE. • • H• E OX RY GO TC M ITB WA UTUB BR H, EVE HBO • • TC SLING TV YO PEACOCK • HED IT ALL • AY • WA TV+ CO TO E CEBOOK TC PBS AT FA • VUDU APPL OGLE PL SHUDDER WA S• N• • OF WH E• GO TB ESP ST NETFLIX • W• BE • W• U’VE FXNO SHOWTIME YO • • ITUNES FIND THE NCE NO DISNEY+ • U AMAZON PRIM DA • S• YO BOTV QUIBI HULU FU SUN • CES DECIDER. HELP • AC W• US ORN TV LET POP TV NOW ALL NO AC FEEL LIKE

BACKGRID Larry Scottie Scottie a Bull market. Page Six Six Page market. a Bull and Barkley Charles IT’S is told that the smash hit hit the smash that is told Last “The documentary ESPN rush a gold to has led Dance” memora- Jordan on Michael auctioneer sports bilia. Top us, “The told Heffner Mike MJ is everything demand for the 10- since ever” higher than the follows doc — which part season Bulls’ 1997-98 leg- Jordan’s of and the rest released — was endary career an that said in April. Heffner in price the spike of example Jor- of some versions is that basketball rookie 1986 dan’s $40,000 selling for were card — and now months ago three “It nearing $100,000. are they to related anything seems like in or tripled MJ has doubled shot up have and cards value said. Heffner the most,” are people and more “More cash in on this mar- seeking to is just so because there ket he be made,” to much money Lelands auc- Heffner’s said. selling tion house is currently as he wore that Nikes Jordan’s for Team” the “Dream of part in Barce- Olympics 1992 the sneakers Jordan’s lona, Spain. $25,000 around for going are identical while right now, teammates by shoes worn and Johnson Magic just reaching Pippen are The a pair. $3,000 to $2,000 the shoes as a gift gave players the support a member of to in the locker working staff is a Also in the sale rooms. 13 players signed by basketball historic on that the 16 of including Jor- Team, Dream Pippen, dan, Johnson, , Bird . Ewing Patrick Million-Airs flashes a smile from his car in LA, a Derulo flashes a smile from his car in LA, Jason More celebrity photos at nypost.com Singer his front teeth broke pretending fans by day after pranking corn drill incident. during a bizarre cob and power Ali- wants wants is quarantining with Irish identical twin with Irish identical twin is quarantining to be reinstated by by be reinstated to , who became sensations on became sensations , who Grimes Edward and


UK’s “The X Factor” series, and have represented Ire- represented series, and have X Factor” “The UK’s stars who — Reid Song Contest. in the Eurovision land 3 and June out in “5th Borough” is making a film on the based Quaran- called “Dr. pandemic on the — met the twins Big Brother.” “Celebrity tine” UK’s with them for lived She even months in their grand- two claim home. Jedward mother’s the name of inspired they “Shark- TV breakout Reid’s the set, visited they when nado” name. their act’s thanks to pop duo Jedward, Page Six has learned. The stars exclu- stars The has learned. Six Page pop duo Jedward, on Thursday’s in LA together living they’re reveal sively are Jedward Hear.” podcast, “We Six Page episode of John

Canned worms Reid isolating with pop duo isolating Reid The Butterscotch Stallion resurfaces from the waves in from the waves Stallion resurfaces The Butterscotch the Wilson appears to be celebrating Owen Calif. Malibu, for surfing and swimming. of LA County beaches reopening son Roman pa- The Times. York the New journal- food its buzzy per put after leave” ist on “temporary in a “sellout” she called Teigen — even interview a magazine for apologized Teigen though Roman twice. the remarks pub- “I very on Twitter, wrote Alison and that forgave licly I don’t When I said real. was for in being canceled believe was honest opinion, that your with agree I don’t real. very I am the NYT has done, what call them, I not them. I didn’t all, I’d and most of write, didn’t her back.” like BACKGRID New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 14 Beautifully shot.Real close-ups, version of thestage production. from thestage. Anactualfilmed he’s seen? “It’s alive capture $800,000.” four monthsto buildandcost numbers, told me:“It had taken to accommodateconfigured 51 the theater’s set,which was formed on2015’s openingnight. cast. Eachwould have per- is from Broadway’s original “Hamilton” July 3. Every actor stream for worldwide rights,will He setthe‘Hamilton’stage DISNEY+, © Center on Addiction / Partnership for Drug-Free Kids And thescreen version, which David Korins , who designed Ad Ci Lin-Manuel Miranda which paid $75 mil nd ams y ta an yo Co If Ca yo ke u’ d ll nn d u yo on 1- be find rfa ur ect ’s ’s yo 85 in ur yo , mi 5- wi aey” safety?” gether? What determines mometers? People jammed to- masks? Patrons subjectto ther- tually? Backstage crews wearing effort. knows — it’s ahuge financial hope it’s coming back but who Nobody thoughtit’s ayear. We thought we’re gone amonth. an audience reaction. Everyone because there hadn’t yet been views. No advance ticket sales untouched. We were inpre- plants. It’s eerie.Everything’s dio periodically to water the my computers. Igo into my stu- cleared itout. I’mhomewith like aghosttown. Stagehands British nanny, aGoldenGlobe. won Robin Williams, playing a $440 million worldwide and which earned of the’93film, “Mrs. Doubtfire,” anadaptation atre openingof thecomedy scenery for theSondheimThe- globe, Korins was prepping off darker.” and fabric. Andthedark comes You canseetheactualbuttons look alittle different oncamera. from 70not filmed feet away, we ur ch “And Broadway’s future even- sitting abandoned “Our stuff’s Before evil descended onthe ly DR th efin self ’r il ar e d’ e UG he a s go dr Pa re a ug FR in to si re g tu or hel EE th nt at al rou ion p. co Sp or No gh ho yo ec Te , l ma u we pr ia ne xt ob tt ca li ve er 55 st lem n r wh hel thoug 75 fo . at p r lifeguard. Former Defense Intel- ael Flynn. Former high-school year combat veteran. Gen. an Americanwho served asa33- American holiday. Let’s speakfor Show respect Gore’s nobore sider himapossibility? wouldn’t thosegem Demscon- neglected names who’d step in—orup, I continue hissnailrun.Listing cup, cough ormaybe inability to Gulliver Bidencould get ahic- 3 yo MEMORIAL I’VE Zooming thestuff. from herkitchen inAthens. into “pantry pandemic” recipes “My Greek Table” onPBSis who does “the Greek Chef” thing’s now virtual.OrZoom.DianeKochilas, ing. York,” aMaya Angelou reading, a die Zooming withtheY fr yo ht 92ND u ee u Hugh Jackman reading, Hon. mentioned thepossibility . Street Y’s springgala was avirtualgather- . Shouldn’t/ weekend. An Tony Blair calling 92Y “thesoulof New Mich- speaking. Every- him? What ishappeningto us? And Americaistryingto destroy never methim,but Irespect him. triot. With asenseof duty. I’ve ligence Agency director. Apa- black, brown. three colors —red, you: Mulchcomes in Park Avenue, willeducate won’t go furthereastthan stepped init. I, who know mulchifthey deners who wouldn’t becomegrims instant gar- the Hamptons. Andcity pil- Get the dirt here Get thedirt “the soulofNY.” Says the92Yis Hugh Jackman: Salman Rush- THIS weekend it’s migration to match the NYC attitude. Lawns Holly tone, which hasacid,to windy day thearoma of Wuhan. out of Washington. Like ona Crapola No.5. Like what’s seeping and evergreens love —smelllike and holly tone, which boxwoods mere. Key fertilizers —plant tone Something to match every cash- have different fertilizers. killers. It’s illegal intheHamp- and veggies, you add soilspring- time andlate fall. Easy onweed- To change hydrangeas color? For roses, rose tone. For flowers tons where heroin and kids, only inNew York. cocaine are mostly OK. and toilet paper.” Only inNew York, I, Madam Adams, live milk, aroast chicken to serve. CV he’d add, “with No needto thankme. turn.” With today’s healthy Memorial Weekend. I’llseeyou who said “Ishallre- again Tuesday. Gen. MacArthur, Meanwhile, remem- ber anotherhero HAVE

a good, safe T.JACKSON / BACKGRID / T.JACKSON New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 15 No matter how sick you are of of are sick you how matter No John it, it’s can do if anyone But million he has $2 the hefty by Judging socialist, and a lot of left is a far “AOC incumbent from the seat won AOC a creating job of “She has done a great Congressional luck, the 14th any With Ex-cop with Ex-cop good shot at at good shot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it’s hard to to hard it’s Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria could a Republican imagine that her deep blue her from dislodge and Queens. Bronx in The stronghold in The Born and bred Cummings. in the line injured cop an-ex he’s Bronx, a civics become to retired who duty of school, Saint his old Catholic at teacher Bronx. in The Raymond and the enthusiastic raised already not it’s district residents, from reaction think. a long shot as you’d as much of district are in that live that the people union homeowners, people, working in the service work who people people, in in health and hospitals, industry, firefighters,construction, . . . police high taxes. not looking for They’re socialized not looking for They’re their health like medicine. They insurance.” primary in a Crowley Joe Democrat a was Crowley upset in 2018. who Democrat,” a Reagan “moderate, decades, than two more for the seat had says granted, it for ended up taking but ideology is closer whose 59, Cummings, than is AOC’s. Crowley’s to to it comes when But persona. national her have even the district, she doesn’t Bronx.” in The office own buyer’s case of District has a bad remorse. beating AOC beating You could tell Nancy Pelosi thought she Pelosi Nancy tell could You it also is a political But pathetic. It’s America as fat, half of views party The Nancy steps in it Nancy was clever when she delivered her she delivered when clever was the insult against obese” “morbidly the Queen keep She couldn’t president. the by Buoyed her face. off Bee smirk she followed haters, Trump of adulation a child him to comparing up Wednesday, doo on his shoes.” with “doggy Girl Mean a geriatric in a way goal,” “own less, care couldn’t Trump fathom. can’t confirmand the insults only the elitism the surface beneath lurk and snobbery that Party. the Democratic of no It’s people. Walmart smelly deplorable, win an election. to way

But it’s not true. He doesn’t doesn’t not true. He it’s But he pushed for Last year us he just tell And didn’t it. of sure made He the of the start from knew We is one thing, but A mistake how about good very “I feel is true he has been commu- It jok- — routine gov” His “love the people save it doesn’t But while trying to justify his deci- justify trying to while in lock- everyone keep sion to down. is pre- human life think every all. cious at and legislation euthanasia law signing into about gloated abortion late-term the state’s One World had even He laws. lit in hot pink in Center Trade death. of celebration an obscene as the heat last week, breezily fiasco his nursing-home from vul- dialed up: “Older people, die to going are people nerable to is going this virus. That from whatever happen despite do.” you elderly the frail that pandemic risk. Florida, with at most were population, its big retired nursing protect to early moved homes. or remorse lack of Cuomo’s is chilling. self-doubt been in com- I have exhaustive on he boasted municating,” Wednesday. “exhaustively.” nicating on with his brother ing around as his stuff CNN and strutting bach- most eligible York’s New for elor — has done wonders ratings. his approval deaths, died distressing who in and alone, unnecessarily knew he homes that nursing the best of at cope barely could times.

one day one day one day one day losophized losophized losophized losophized He appears to to appears He He appears to to appears He Catholic family family Catholic Catholic family family Catholic be a moral be a moral be a moral be a moral man who talks talks man who man who talks talks man who about his days as his days about about his days as his days about deceitful bully. deceitful deceitful bully. deceitful an altar boy and boy an altar an altar boy and boy an altar a dithering, vain, a dithering, vain, a dithering, vain, a dithering, vain, pocrisy pocrisy “To me, I say the I say me, “To “To me, I say the I say me, “To expresses concern concern expresses expresses concern concern expresses for the sanctity of of the sanctity for for the sanctity of of the sanctity for life. life. ity, he behaves like like he behaves ity, ity, he behaves like like he behaves ity, cost of a human life, a human life, of cost cost of a human life, a human life, of cost sponsibility. In real- sponsibility. sponsibility. In real- sponsibility. a human life is price- a human life a human life is price- a human life less. Period,” he phi- Period,” less. less. Period,” he phi- Period,” less. NY Post: Hans Pennink stands up and takes re- up and takes stands stands up and takes re- up and takes stands y “We always had alternative alternative had always “We a reporter in April he told Yet the directive of His reversal thing about terrible The that the policy has blown up in the policy has blown that those same he blames his face, doing what homes for nursing do. them to he ordered home nursing Any . . beds . handle a ‘I can’t just say, could ” person.’ COVID the that conference a press at the have homes “don’t nursing object.” right to - ac- a tacit was Day on Mother’s wrong of knowledgement indem- the legal doing, as was he homes that nursing for nity the slipped into reportedly March. in late budget state he has the ap- is that Cuomo being everything of pearance a of is a facsimile He not. he’s alpha male who take-charge take-charge alpha male who alpha male who take-charge

Gov h Gov Good question, which Good question, which blam- to he switched Instead, think do you “In retrospect, “Because Cuomo. said “No,” he or- is Kafkaesque. First, It nursing The now But The nursing nursing The now But

nursing homes nursing on life, death & & life, death on readmis sion or admis- readmis the NH solely sion to on a confirmed or diagno- suspected COVID-19.” sis of homes were in “prohibited” 25 March that even directive COVID- from dis- testing pa- charged tients. resident shall be denied shall be denied resident President Trump at other other at Trump President not on his March Why times.” directive? nursing-home 25 answer. couldn’t Cuomo homes. ing the nursing Do decision? a bad was that the to think it contributed you toll?” death the nurs- be saying to have you in ac- wrong ing homes were pa- COVID-positive cepting tients.” a obey homes to nursing ders with his name embla- directive “All the page: of the top at zoned with the ex- NHs must comply re- residents of receipt pedited . . . No hospitals turning from shall be denied resident sion or admis- readmis the NH solely sion to on a confirmed or diagno- suspected COVID-19.” sis of homes were in “prohibited” 25 March that even directive COVID- from dis- testing pa- charged tients.

[email protected] Miranda Devine Miranda his daily coronavirus coronavirus his daily briefing on Wednesday, briefing on Wednesday, as was Cuomo Gov. as and boastful haughty ever. N A reporter pointed out out pointed A reporter Asked about this convenient this convenient about Asked But the state Department of of Department the state But Cuomo even tried to claim tried to even Cuomo “So they should ask President “So they The difference this time was was this time difference The he highly how incredible It’s least some culpa- at bears He worry of not a trace And yet, just is no remorse, There he instance, for Wednesday, tough least he faced at But poli- from refrained “I have should ask President “So they claim tried to even Cuomo of Department the state But this convenient about Asked out pointed A reporter “willingness to thwart thwart to “willingness that Cuomo has shown a has shown Cuomo that guidance . . . No numbers numbers guidance . . . No Trump: “The state followed followed state “The Trump: CDC Trump’s President accounting, Cuomo returned to to returned Cuomo accounting, of the coronavirus, so the real so the real the coronavirus, of much higher. are numbers count nursing-home residents residents nursing-home count in hospital ended up dying who Health seems to have fudged the fudged have seems to Health it does not admitting toll, death ter toll, per capita, than most per capita, toll, ter deaths connected to nursing nursing to connected deaths a - was York homes in New that the more-than-5,500 the more-than-5,500 that followed President Trump’s Trump’s President followed

that the Albany press pack pack press the Albany that pass. him a free give didn’t he has pre- himself when rates COVID the most sided over in the nation state any of deaths Wednes- as of 22,976 — far by times more some seven day, 11 times more than California, still York than Florida. New grips to with why come hasn’t is not a disparity is. The that God, as the gov- act of random us believe. have ernor would re- to slower was He bility. the virus. of the threat spond to that And then he compounded cal- with the unforgivably error nursing forcing lous act of COVID-posi- admit homes to sen- — a death patients tive as the other residents for tence wildfire. like spread infection tanned see on Cuomo’s do we face. buck-passing. for Trump President blamed The deaths. the nursing-home is astonishing. chutzpah a potential questions about 25 his March into probe federal homes. nursing to directive “But laughably. he said, tics,” ask ‘why to wants who anyone with do that did the state and nursing patients COVID because the state it’s homes,’ Trump’s President followed CDC guidance. Trump.” the more-than-5,500 that nursing to connected deaths a bet- was York homes in New than most per capita, toll, ter other states. the fudged have seems to Health it does not admitting toll, death residents nursing-home count in hospital ended up dying who so the real the coronavirus, of much higher. are numbers to returned Cuomo accounting, followed state “The Trump: CDC Trump’s President numbers guidance . . . No changed.” were a has shown Cuomo that thwart to “willingness I New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 16 blame for stoking contro- MenendezSen. Bob is to eral —and that New Jersey Department inspector gen- Trump him asState to fire when heasked President taliate against Steve Linick Pompeo says he didn’t re- Pompeo hammers Menendez Secretary of State Mike S Russian intelligence officer. tor, said Millianwas asource anda campaign contrac- Trump’s tiesto Russia. ited “dossier” describingDonald for theformer Britishspy’s discred- that Millianwas source a“boastful” confusing. That was by design. documents andpress reports, is ostensible role, asdescribedinFBI the Russian “collusion” hoax. His tral, andyet little-known, in figures wrote merecently viaTwitter. left thecountry. ingly worried about hissafety and tion controversies, hegrew increas- Turned intotoxic manofSteeleby sleezyop T HE F A L L OUT "col l us i on" hunt upended l i v es Steele’s client GlennSimpson, a Christopher Steele told theFBI Millian (above) isoneof thecen- “I was beingsetup,” Millian A s er i es on how t he Rus s i an ting player inthe2016 elec- US citizen becameanunwit- York. After thenaturalized eRGeI Millian misses New tor Menendez,” Pompeo through the office of Sena- Wednesday. briefing tions Committee, duringa the Senate Foreign Rela- dez, thetop Democrat on versy about themove. “This is allcoming Pompeo accused Menen- Trump. He liked thecandidate’s site explaining why hesupported terview to aRussian-language Web sought to destroy him. the dark interest of thosewho association that would later spike make connections. But itwas this exchanges. tional mote business, cultural andeduca- ica Chamberof Commerce to pro- also co-founded theRussian-Amer- obtained hisreal-estate license. He York. He worked asatranslator and his homeinAtlanta andthenNew madecation He grant in2001. first States when hewas offered anedu- chance to come to theUnited in1978,Belarus hejumpedat the Siarheiand hustle.Born Kukuts in tial immigrant’s tale of ambition American story isthequintessen- ready paid asteep price. he may stillbeindanger. He’s al- his present location, isconcerned didate. Millian,who won’t disclose supported the2016 Republican can- Trump properties, andpublicly nessmen, once soldapartments in cause hedealtwithRussian busi- anti-Trump operation simply be- is neither. He was swept into the In April2016, Milliangave anin- Millian thoughtitwas achance to The early chapter of Millian’s The evidence shows that Millian bribes.” basically that he was taking colleagues, bipartisan, said A manfor whom his Senate Jersey federal districtcourt. — casenumber 15-155, New was criminally prosecuted guidance from amanwho said. “Idon’t get my ethics Steven Nelson espionage. “They promised they Commerce was afront for Russian asked repeatedly iftheChamberof former ABCnewsman BrianRoss he was baffled andupsetwhen on camera.” Millianwrote methat ABC News producer “to get Millian “Crime inProgress,” that hetold an of treachery. until itbecameanunbelievable tale to theFBI,andwas thenparroted hogwashverified was passed along Trump. Milliandeniessaying that. had compromising videosof wild rumors —like Vladimir Putin claimed that Millianhad relayed source spoke to Millian,andthen The dossier says that another team. secretly incontact withtheTrump they claimedhewas aRussian spy bolster theircollusion narrative, indeed intheircrosshairs. To Fusion GPS,show that Millianwas to Simpson’s Washington, DC,firm, target me,” Millianwrote me. view iswhen Simpson started to erty insouth Florida.“That inter- have soldunitsfrom aTrump prop- in Miami2007, andwas proud to business sense, had methimonce Simpson boasts in his2019 book, This secondhand account of un- In fact, Steele never metMillian. Research documentsbelonging ecutors said Wednesday. a car window after her, pros- taining thegirl’s clothesout tossing garbage bags con- crowded Queensstreet, 6-year-old daughter on a abandoned herterrified mom andherboyfriend Cruel mom‘dumps’ kid Patrice Chambers, 29, and A heartless LongIsland the President.” bestselling book“ThePlotAgainst would have doneto meifIstayed.” eral, you canonly guesswhat they to Flynn. Ifthey candoitto agen- time, saying: “You saw what they did chance of clearing his nameat the America building.” thing that I’d years spent15 in various enterprises. Ilostevery- the executive positionsIheldin peared. Ilostjobopportunitiesand dia about me,” Millianwrote me. ates kept getting callsfrom theme- threats. to Russian intelligence. Millian was asource for it,withties pushed thephony claimsthat publication of thedossier, thepress cials. With Trump’s victory and cious contacts withRussian offi- cials falsely alleged to have suspi- three otherTrump campaign offi- had with Gen. MichaelFlynn and investigation into Millian—asthey Simpson seriously, andopenedan the FBIappears to have taken “But they did.” wouldn’t air that,” Millian wrote. Lee Smithisauthorofthe Millian reasoned that hehad little “Some got scared anddisap- “My friendsandbusiness associ- Millian began to receive death Government documentsshow her to two safety agents. the youngster and escorted the girl’s biological dad. Monday nearthehomeof mom’sin Laureltown car ing thechildfrom her busted after allegedly forc- Mark Pamphile, 28,were A good Samaritan found

Rebecca Rosenberg Sputnik via AP via Sputnik according to the Daily Mail. in anote with thedelivery, now it’s your turn,” shewrote while she wept for days. her ex didn’t shed atear, calls her, had beencrushed ions. her ex aton of raw red on- with herbreakup by sending flying. Nobody was injured. powdered cheese andpasta driver lostcontrol, sending on Interstate 40when the way. licious mess across ahigh- Tennessee —spillingthede- and cheeseoverturned in 40,000 poundsof macaroni possible asthat’s her30th.” delivered before Monday if glasses read, “Can we have it message engraved inthe sonalization” section. the delivery info inthe“per- — but accidentally out filled graved for Hayley Woodward a message onthecupsen- glasses. carved into asetof gin had thedelivery instructions friend when heaccidentally mantic gesture to hisgirl- double-takes. trict 46,causingvoters to do state representative inDis- peting for thepositionof same postinNorth Dakota. ances —are runningfor the and similarphysical appear- same name, Hanson— Ben “Benjamin.” turned to themobster. “raised like ababy.” pal, which insiders said he Saba to get back hisequine to theWest BanknearKfar led theconvoy of 10 vehicles according to areport. with hisown private “army,” stormed theman’s home swiped hisbeloved horse, he heartbroken when acrook cowboy. “I’ve criedfor three days, “Ms Zhao,” asthe press A woman inChinadealt The rigwas nearNashville A semitrailer hauling Got afork? When thegift arrived, a Daniel Varey triedto order A Britishmanflubbedaro- The Hansonsare Ben com- Two candidates withthe Maybe oneshouldjustuse The steed was soonre- Nissim Alperon allegedly An Israeli mobster was so He messed withthewrong true We Natalie O’Neill, Wires ir BUT d New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 17 776.03 missing ” When r. ode: no questions asked. yc — plica of the ©2020 American Mint LLC Ke Wa re BE PROCESSED MDDYY TO soner of ri Order Date: out half of those soldiers Ab tion” or “P (made payable to American Mint) Ac es will never be forgotten. YM rc Signature required below Fo americanmint.com/776.03 matte black finish and laser-marked writing


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– Se dallion set into the pommel re gged plastic handle with crosshatch ris I want to order the O. Box 10, in 420 stainless steel with a black finish patter the Vietnam Me Ru ipping and handling is FREE. I will also believed to have been killed in the line of duty, while the other half American P. ng the immense chaos of the Vietnam • 6.625"-long* polished flat-ground blade crafted • • 24k gold-layered • Colorful 3D-printed bar Pa Sh ri signed re ailable exclusively from American YES! the soldiers Av Vietnam never forget the ultimate sacrifice they made in the name of freedom. De on both sides. The colorful 3D-printed bar YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN Du we ______City ______Street Address ______Name REDEMPTION CERTIFICATE $19.95. with my order! Phone Number New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 18 Wednesday. phone at theseniorcenter killer was allowed in. was thereason thealleged ing was unknown; neither Medina. collared Wednesday. by witnesses,identified and fatally wounding him. blasted Medina several times whipped out apistol and room, where heallegedly and ledSpears to thebed- said. Medina’s wife answered p.m. Tuesday, thesources Brownsville at around 2:45 ston HughesSeniorCenter in floor apartment intheLang- door to Angel Medina’s 14th- mask asheknocked onthe edly wore ahorned-devil lice sources said Wednesday. year-old dead inhisbed,po- center andshootinga62- before asenior infiltrating devil-like Halloween mask 36” Normal 13.66”, Ye Ye 66, High: Q rating: AQI Pollen: QUALITY AIR Precipitation Normal from Departure Temperature YESTERD Almanac Humidity index UV etIndex Heat date to year (normal) Last 1 Jan. since (normal) Total month the for Total oln eredy yesterday days Degree Cooling at sr. site 0t 56. to 50 Pa Evening Tonight: Today: clear. o68. to sunn o72. to 66 High sho Spotty Tina Moore ‘Devilish’ otWahrReport Weather Post No oneanswered the The motive for theshoot- EMTs were unable to save Spears left, but was later Gregory Spears, 39, alleg- A Brooklyn mandonned a tra:00” ot:0.92”, Month: 0.00”, sterday: degrees -5 sterday: tycloudy rtly we Thursda murder Saturda y. rs. AY Lo ih62 High Moderate. ’S w Mostly Lo frTu)...... 0(eyHigh) (Very 10 ...... Thu.) (for a on ...... 40% ...... noon) (at CONDITIONS 1t 57. to 51 Mainly . a noon (at :5,Ma:59 Mean: 51, w: Lo frThu.)...... Good (for w yS , yF ye Craig McCarthy ...... 29 Pre rt ae 18.28” date: to ar AT oiatple:Oak pollen: dominant ye CENTRAL t)...... 61 ...... st.) 8t 54. to 48 otycloudy Mostly Evening 73. to 67 cloudy Mostly night: Tomorrow Tomorrow: with two. o74. to 68 High cloudiness. Increasing ...... 2(35) ...... 12 Lo PA a ...... 2(26) ...... 12 unday High sho KTRUH6PM THROUGH RK riday w Cloudy Ye ...... 0 7t 63. to 57 we ar: , . Lo r or w for theoppression of thePalestin- ment,” will be“fully responsible with theIsraeli occupation govern- the occupied state of Palestine.” cupying power over theterritory of international community asanoc- ties andobligations infront of the have to “shoulderallresponsibili- ones,” Abbas (right)said Tuesday. agreements, includingthesecurity based ontheseunderstandings and ernments andof alltheobligations with theAmericanandIsraeli gov- agreements andunderstandings are absolved, asof today, of allthe nization andtheState of Palestine in theWest Bank. state’s plans to annex settlements Accord —becauseof theJewish including thelandmark 1993 Oslo with Israel andtheUnited States — agreements andunderstandings bas hasdeclared anendto allpeace PLO chief: Allpeacedealsareoff Abbas getsun-pact The US,asa“primarypartner He added that Israel would now “The Palestine Liberation Orga- Palestinian leader MahmoudAb- By N.J. Yaron SteinBuch 72/47 Sussex 61/55 ca City Ocean 61/50 osRiver Toms 70/50 Paterson 64/53 tatcCity Atlantic 59/51 Manasquan 59/52 ogBeach Long 58/51 suyPark Asbury 65/53 Newark 70/49 Peekskill N.Y. 65/54 aG La 58/53 ad Hook Sandy ue r ie o eetdcities. selected for given are tures h a.Frcs ihlwtempera- high/low Forecast day. the for highs are bands Temperature precipitation. and systems weather of positions noon are Shown 1s-s0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0s110s 100s 90s 80s 70s 60s 50s 40s 30s 20s 10s 0s -0s -10s 66/49 ht Plains White ete W:s-sunny, (W): Weather c-cloudy, storms, Mideast peace plan. accordance withPresident Trump’s tlements andtheJordan Valley, in to Israeli plans to annex Jewish set- acted onthem. lar moves inthepast, but hasnot ian Authority, hasthreatened simi- in Ramallah. emergency meetingof hisCabinet ian people,” headded after an Garden 62/52 63/50 JFK His statement cameinresponse Abbas, president of thePalestin- City 58/52 ogBeach Long p.m. oa’ ih n oih’ lo tonight’s and highs today’s so flurries, sf-snow Fo sh-showers, re ye atdt screta f6 of as current is data cast sterda 65/50 Stamford 65/50 Huntington 62/49 erPark Deer CONN. y. r-rain, prl cloudy, pc-partly Te sn-snow, prtrsare mperatures Thursda t-thunder- 64/51 Bridgeport i-ice ws y, . a 1 2020 21, May a 22 May one today Moonset today Moonrise tonight Sunset today Sunrise Moon and Sun New 61/47 Riverhead a 29 May 2017. Jerusalem asIsrael’s capital inlate ernment since Trump been boycotting theAmericangov- cord withthePalestinians. part of Israel underany of the West Bankcould become their own future state. the West Bankthat they want for recognize Israeli claimsto parts of in January, out of fear itwould Trump’s plan, which was released early asJuly 1. Knesset to vote onannexation as yahu to ask theCabinet andthe ter late next year, allows Netan- replace Netanyahu asprimeminis- leader Benny Gantz,who issetto party, withBlueandWhite party anyahu, of theright-wing Likud yahu term began Sunday. hisfifth Minister Netan-Prime Benjamin government was sworn in and ward quickly because Israel’s new First The Palestinian leadership has Under the plan, about 30percent have rejected The coalition dealsignedby Net- The annexation could move for- ...... :3a.m. 5:33 ...... 81 p.m. 8:12 ...... :5p.m. 7:15 ...... 50 a.m. 5:09 ...... cuete,Inc. AccuWeather, ue5 June 57/49 Southampton rpispr graphics Fu Stationary ll Warm T-storms Showers Flurries Cold 59/50 Montauk Fo Snow Rain re Ice ue13 June ov at and casts Fronts Last ided ©2020 by With Wires recognized pae ac- peace Tokyo Sydney Rome Janeiro de Rio Paris Moscow Montreal City Mexico Madrid London Kabul Jerusalem Kong Hong Geneva Dublin Cairo Berlin Beijing Baghdad Athens cities World Syracuse Torrington Stroudsburg Springs Saratoga Poughkeepsie Newburgh Monticello Liberty Kingston Barrington Gr Falls Glens Danbury Albany 2nd cities Regional Hook 1st Sandy Washington Port Point Montauk 2nd Inlet Jones Huntington 1st Hempstead Island Fire Island Coney for Tide High Tides York New

center.” ever thesource, right,left or . “What- script of thecallobtained by doing that,” hesays inatran- and I’ve gotten introuble for ti-Semitism.” from theleft morphsinto an- “But too often that criticism former vice president said. is notanti-Semitism,” the the source.” be condemned —“whatever anti-Semitism mustalways disagree withIsraeli policies, argued that while anyone can cratic White House hopeful munity,” the2020 Demo- the AmericanJewish Com- chat” between Biden“and that was billedasa“fireside donors at avirtualfundraiser liberal wingof theparty. when itiscoming from the ti-Semitism —including Israel that “morphs”into an- crats to condemn criticism of Joe warns anti-Sems “We have to condemn it, “Criticism of Israel’s policy Speaking onTuesday to Joe Bidenisurging Demo- of Dems’ 15a1:0 21p--- 12:18p 11:40p 11:58a 14a1:9 21p--- 12:12p 11:39p 11:48a 13a1:9 21p--- 12:11p 11:39p 11:36a :9 :1 :8 8:35p 8:28a 9:55p 8:01p 9:40a 7:49a 9:16p 8:59a :9 :1 :8 8:15p 8:08a 7:41p 7:29a :9 :5 :8 8:43p 8:18a 8:05p 7:39a :5 :7 :4 8:31p 8:24a 7:57p 7:45a 94/ 72/55/pc 69/46/s 44/ 77/57/pc 74/46/s 65/ 80/61/pc 76/50/s 34/ 76/59/pc 73/47/s 25/h65/61/c 60/51/sh 77/57/s 82/71/pc 62/58/sh 79/54/pc 67/49/sh 48/38/r 82/56/s 80/56/s 81/54/t 79/69/s 84/63/pc 91/62/pc 70/52/c49/39/sh 75/52/pc 83/53/pc 83/58/t 87/63/s 88/59/s 86/78/t 78/59/t 81/59/pc 83/56/c 61/46/sh 95/65/s 91/79/r 96/68/s 71/56/pc 88/61/s78/54/pc 64/50/pc 112/78/s 74/55/pc107/73/pc 69/48/pc 74/56/t 111/78/s 80/63/t 04/ 74/57/pc 71/58/sh 70/46/s 70/49/s 24/ 75/59/pc 72/49/s 65/ 77/59/pc 76/53/s 77/58/pc 73/46/s 44/ 80/55/pc 74/45/s 94/ 73/57/pc 69/47/s 73/57/pc 68/46/s 54/ 79/58/pc 75/46/s OA TOMORROW TODAY OA TOMORROW TODAY TOMORROW TODAY Emily Jacobs

New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 19 “followed the science closely from the beginning, from closely the science “followed Sun- approach.” a nuanced forged they is why which quickly the models that officials ignored shine State from the evidence examining instead wrong, proved risk. most at were the elderly showed which abroad, COVID-19- get to its way of out So “Florida went New homes, while nursing of out people positive them in, a policy now get to its way of out went York As been a debacle.” have to acknowledged widely the nurs- “if I can send PPE to Lowry, told DeSantis there, an outbreak can prevent ing homes, and they on hos- the burden lower to do more to going that’s hospitals. to than me just sending” gear pitals — Compiled by Karl Salzmann & Kelly Jane Torrance Jane Salzmann & Kelly Karl by — Compiled Ron DeSantis Iconoclast: Our Predictable Crises Iconoclast: crisis” as “flooding has led “a serious ecological faces Michigan Central Foreign desk: Uniting Against China Foreign desk: “the crisis, up the coronavirus covering after course” correcting from “Far Florida Got It Right How journal: Pandemic pre- so widely “the disaster in Florida, where response coronavirus The Media watch: The COVID Spike That Wasn’t Spike COVID The watch: Media corona- new of is seeing the highest number “Texas that CNN reported Memory-Holing #MeToo’s Libertarian: #MeToo many her, assaulted Biden had Joe that alleged Reade Tara After to the failure of multiple dams along the Tittabawassee River” — and it River” dams along the Tittabawassee multiple of the failure to it’s But Walther. Matthew Week’s laments The ago,” years predicted “was not late, too until it’s address to “no one wants problem the sort of ‘crumbling the phrase where States, the United across but Michigan on the is probably it too has been with us so long that infrastructure’ find meaningful action until we of “incapable We’re collapse.” of verge Indeed, many crisis.” predictable a totally in the middle of ourselves nurs- of — “the dangers pandemic during the coronavirus cited problems been — should have social atomization” inequality, ing homes, racial virus. with a novel faced ourselves found we with long before “dealt metaphorically do until the dams burst, always as we waited we Instead, and otherwise.” Chinese Communist Party is doubling down in its attempts to squash any squash any to in its attempts down is doubling Party Chinese Communist and insults” “all the threats Hill. Yet The at sighs Michael Auslin criticism,” the pan- question the origins of dare that and organizations countries against might War,” during the Cold diatribes Soviet worst the of demic, “redolent “work if democracies especially — standing Beijing’s weaken actually tac- Chinese intimidation of in the face front a united presenting together, and appeal,” wealth enormous power, still have “democracies Since tics.” with the needier nations “picking off Beijing from prevent to work could they be the first step would China playbook A united tactics.” aid or intimidation with China. relationship in the West’s and equality” “transparency toward a of the media narrative of is “the opposite materialized,” hasn’t dicted a reckless pursue to the facts disregarding governor Trump-friendly & Co. DeSantis Ron Gov. Rich Lowry. Review’s National observes agenda,” virus cases and deaths just two weeks after it officially reopened,” imply- reopened,” it officially after weeks just two virus cases and deaths RealClearPolitics’ groans — which, a resurgence led to reopening ing that remained has increase of the “rate In fact, wrong.” is “simply Sean Trende, areas. metro large in the state’s May” early since unchanged virtually were deaths Texas the latest quickly,” does not kill “COVID-19 Since the rising suggest the data and the reopening,” seeded before “mostly cases. not an uptick in testing, increased from result numbers infection a two- at is positive being returned tests of “the percentage Notably, — a “major media com- or malfeasance” “misfeasance CNN’s month low.” — erodes disinformation” close to is dangerously what spreading pany democracy.” for confidence public institution in an important “overall notes should be believed,” all women claimed that “never they’d said leaders As history.” rewrite to attempt — in “a transparent Soave Robby Reason’s when tenet” central the “movement’s captured Hillary Clinton notes, Soave be believed.” has “the right to assault” sexual of survivor “every she said every belief for of demanded a presumption advocates “#MeToo put, Simply anything say To victim.” be a sexual-misconduct claims to who individual gaslighting.” victims’-rights advocates, by beloved use a term else “is, to

Reuters [email protected] OPINION Whatever Roman’s intent, this intent, Roman’s Whatever com- hasn’t Kondo now, As of with the NYT “I’m not happy already the way, by Roman, dum to his piece, writing, “I want writing, “I want his piece, dum to unequivocally set the record to not mocking Alison was straight: she said when an Asian accent claim that and any me, to that is incorrect.” she was her — and shame cancel rush to — is caving for on the Times do ridiculous and has nothing to has It quote. with the “please-to” she said with what do to only The and Teigen. Kondo about lose her could Roman idea that vo- for and reputation livelihood non-me- calizing an interesting, very on two take dia-trained famous successful, wealthy, will be just fine who is women the plebes are And why terrifying. here? the 1 percent defending decid- who know You mented. who Teigen, offended? isn’t edly Ro- produce executive is set to cooking forthcoming man’s took Teigen On Tuesday, show. her displeas- voice to Twitter to suspension. Roman’s at ure in part. tweeted Teigen leave,” . . . I way. just sucks in every “It this one bit, and I’m like don’t to Twitter) I can (off doing what known.” that make last week. profusely apologized apolo- she has nothing to say I’d social the many of but for, gize this virus has made maladies — even culture cancel stronger, should that a publication at among — is top better know them. that has over a has over that million follow- it’s where ers, people just, like, running a con- her. for farm tent horrifiesThat POST Con Marie, indeed. Marie, Con parlayed said, Roman Teigen, opinion. is Roman’s This the inter- of part said, That as that taken Some have inter- who Dan Frommer, “Zen egg” ($40), among other on and jetsam flotsam Goopy site. her Web into: cookbook a successful Boom, “Boom, Target. line at page she has an Instagram now I not something that and it’s me, to aspire I don’t do. to want ever laughing who’s like, But, that. making a Because she’s now? ton of f - - king money.” not allowed we are when Since opinions, let alone voice have to is This be real: let’s Also, them? complimentary. ultimately she that admitting is Roman of has: “a ton Teigen what wants f - - king money.” as be interpreted could view ripping Right after problematic. imperson- Roman Kondo, into say- hustler, an infomercial ated my buy “Please to ing, in part, board!” cutting mocking an Asian per- Roman English. Roman at attempt son’s it saying on Twitter, denied that the “Please to to a reference was European an Eastern Table,” cookbook. an adden- posted Roman, viewed The Times has suspended writer Alison Roman for — mildly — criti- has suspended writer The Times (bottom inset). Teigen cizing Marie Kondo (top inset) and Chrissy MAUREEN CALLAHAN

a heaping portion of cow- a heaping portion of

Untouchables T’S reflexive with a side of ardice cour- culture, cancel liberal pro- our most reliable of tesy

After their star food columnist columnist food star their After won’t Times The better: Even The the reason: all know We such as it is controversy, This her bur- about spoke Roman figure“I do need to how out she ways about In talking who Marie Kondo, True! Yes! Dissing the uber-wealthy gets you canceled? uber-wealthy Dissing the

vider: The New York Times. York New vider: The last week online pitchforked was Teigen Chrissy criticizing for — the paper and Marie Kondo, their writer by than stand rather conversation a private or have trying to with her — is clumsily pub- appease the online masses, Alison 34-year-old placing licly leave.” “on Roman why! say ra- was think Roman editors speaking for insensitive cially Asian women, two of critically out come won’t the Times but social- kind of it. What and say is that? warriorhood justice bored, bored, we (God are unfolded in quarantine) bored an gave Roman when last week Consumer New to interview it, either). of heard (never differ- the stark fame, geoning sell- she’s the life between ence ing online — ar- stylish, tisanal, and — privileged her actual life, has her one that and work- living ing in a third- with no walk-up floor Brooklyn and no machine — dishwashing a (For house upstate. second that’s denizen, Times York New deprivation.) Roman money,” turn this into to up.” “Straight said. commodify and wouldn’t would criticized Roman her brand, Kondo, and Teigen. Kondo capital- to “decided said, Roman as the guru of on her fame” ize and making “stuff decluttering is com- That can buy. you that every- antithetical to pletely you.” taught ever thing she’s us to telling has built an empire own we everything out throw — what- joy” “spark doesn’t that sells means — now that ever an “Organic ($75), tuning forks Floor Cushion” Meditation Flax hypoaller- a “French ($169), ($115), linen kimono robe” genic Love “Inner Compass a deck of and a ($55) Cards” Meditation I New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 20 S D ‘T political spectrum,indeed enticingGeorge of neglectto become thegem itisagain today. proceeded to restore thepark from decades gin what becamethe Conservancy, which Howe &Co. In1974, hegave $17 millionto be- found thebrokerage Gilder, firm Gagnon, then dropped out of Yale Law, hewent onto and national policy scenes. tan Institute amajor player ontheNew York he was akeyinmakingtheManhat- figure a now-lively cultural treasure. Inbetween, moribund New-York Historical Society into ment created, two weeks after thefact and louder? Why would lawyers want adocu- That’s right: Sheusedtheterm three times. he’s“affirmed” “proceeding ‘bythebook.’ ” forcement proceed “bythebook.” Comey the book”andthen“reiterated” that law en- “every aspectof thisissue” behandled“by onRussiana briefing hacking. uty Attorney General Sally Yates, following ,FBIboss James Comey andDep- meeting withher, Obama, Vice President sel’s Office,” Fox News reports. “upon theadvice of theWhite House Coun- headed out thedoor. at noonthat day; heradministration was last minute: President Trump was sworn in cently to herself declassified) at literally the but it’s spectacularly. backfiring percent of New York income taxes. That’s a see how to virus-proof denseurban areas. already eyeing theexits, since it’s hard to earners to give uponNew York. Plenty are nesses shewants to milkorpusheshigh bear adisproportionate burden.” and thosewiththeleastare notmade to with themostare pitching intheirfair share theanswer is “ensuring that those State Sen. Liz Krueger (D-) told the economy andgovernment revenues. an instructionmanual. state. But thoselegislators plainly took itas risked causingthosefat cats to fleethe sion withmilkingwealthy New Yorkers And hedidso while reaching across the A native Manhattanite who graduated Yale Could anote scream “cover your butt” any Obama, thememoclaims,stressed that The point?Ostensibly, to memorialize the Oh, andRice’s lawyer says shedrafted it Rice senttheJan. 20, p.m., 12:15 note (re- As itis,thetop 1percent of earners pay 46 Never mindifthat “fairness” killsthebusi- The pandemic andlockdown have tanked Park Conservancy to turning thethen- were huge, from fathering theCentral ick viser’s boss, President Barack Obama — protect thethen-national security ad- Jan. 5, 2017, meetingplainly aimedto usan mocking state lawmakers whose obses- Gov. Cuomo complained inFebruary, the ax Rice ProtestsToo Much Gilder’s services to New York City Rice’s memoabout ahigh-level Keep theLegislatureClosed rich, tax therich,tax therich,” Richard Gilder, 1932-2020 America’ s letcniuul ulse al newspaper daily published continuously oldest foster, from, suchleadership. andbenefit ues.” Gilder would have embodieditshighestval- plies, for ifAmerica had anaristocracy, Dick whom theword ap- ‘aristos’ [meaning ‘best’] man, notes: “DickGilderwas amanto action committee to pushthoseideas. helped found theClub for Growth political free enterprise and free markets, healso other localinstitutions. Natural History andMorgan Library, among help save Central Park. Soros into hisearliest charitable venture to formation shouldnotbeshared. mits itwas on Russia from Team Trump. But Rice ad- tentially” withhold“sensitive information” the National Security Council should“po- her replacement, MichaelFlynn, andsaid that investigation was handledethically. think otherwise, because theprobe wasn’t. show theRussia probe was totally kosher? at thevery lastminute, that purported to Trump —anditworked alltoo well. This was afull-onbidto sabotage Team of itandcooperate withhisstaff to thefullest. successor: Their duty isto share every lastbit withhold information from hisduly elected calls to foreign officials. cause they were listening inonhisphone sion orof Flynn betraying hiscountry. Be- the FBIhad found zero evidence of collu- The Obama folks knew fullwell by thenthat the new team inthedark about golden goose. sumes state leaders don’t burden itfurther. omy won’t recover until2024 —andthat as- tial challenge: Experts warn thelocalecon- transactions anywhere but here. simply pushamobileindustryto perform its that thestock-transfer tax, inparticular, will Empire Center’s E.J. McMahon pointsout canvoterifice-ees “no” withtheirfeet. The their plans as “shared sacrifice.” But thesac- breaks in2017 andonon. ies on bigcorporations that got federal tax homes, surtaxes onhedge-funders, new lev- transfer tax, apied-à-terre tax onsecond new tax onbillionaires; others favor astock- skip to Florida. lot of revenue to loseifonly afew of them Let’s hope New York City can continue to His longtime“co-conspirator,” Lew Lehr- An energetic, principled cheerleader for He was alsoakey friendof theMuseumof Yet they had no Comey, she wrote, had “concerns” about We now know, infact, that Surely becausethey feared people would But at leastitwas by thebook. No outgoing president shouldpush aides to It’s beyond sad when the City andstate, New York faces anexisten- The legislative Robin Hoods talk about Some Democratic state lawmakers want a Obama legitimate who asked whether in- plan isto killthe grounds to keep nothing about anything.    buffoons. a bunch of clowns and quest for power. They’re cease to amaze withtheir attend ashow orto dine. Manhattan to work orto zens from coming into ban Nassau County citi- New York City should own thebeaches? Maybe beaches”? “our call they ers from coming to what politicians ban New York- very well. ThatBeach. didn’t work area onRockawayfishing swimmers out of the tasked withkeeping with awhistle, Iwas seasonal helper, armed city Parks Department water. pull swimmers from the beaches withorders to will beplaced onthecity the city. to spread it outside in thecity but it’s OK spread of COVID-19 we want to stop the Blasio issaying that idents? Basically, de ing to accept city res- side beachesbewill- May 20). (“Head inthesand,” not inNew York City sau andSuffolk but go to beachesinNas- for city residents to cided that it’s allright challenged mayor hasde- move, ourintellectually er-ID requirements, in tryingto prevent vot- logic theliberals engage same unsupportable garding safety. Using the obvious hypocrisy re- beaches remain closed. Island while his city’s to thebeachesof Long have city residents flock stroke of genius isto How dare theseNassau In anotherbrilliant So deBlasio’s latest These politiciansnever Since when dothey Many years ago, asa To enforce this,police Why would out- Set asidefor now the Americas, New York, NY 10036. Include name, address and daytime phonenumber. Nounverifiable The New York Post is publishedbyN.Y. P. HoldingsInc., 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036. [email protected] orWRITEto E-MAIL: [email protected] The Editor, The New York Post, 1211 Avenue of the A Tale ofTwo Beaches: Blas’ SafetyHypocrisy , Chairman; Sean M. Giancola, Publisher; Stephen Lynch, Editor-in-Chief; letters Saul Mishaan letters will bepublished. The Post theright to editall letters. reserves Brooklyn Bill Isler Queens Mark Cunningham, Editorial Page Editor   onstrating adistinctbias. of thepeople while dem- concern for thewelfare another liberal feigning transportation? and/or the higher cost of lack of available transit beaches becauseof a to usetheLongIsland people of color less able aren’t New York City’s Gov. Cuomo, Mayor de anything. thinks heisto demand who thehelldeBlasio resident, Iwant to know is. AsaNassau County beaches for residents as enough room on the restrictions, there isn’t spaces. our and Suffolk andoverrun to swarm out to Nassau isn’t rightfor city people cases are inthecity. It away from ourbeaches. to keep thesecity people will useallof ourpower erybody agrees that we Eastern LongIsland.Ev- guards inSuffolk and sau andfriendly with life- to LongIsland. should notbecoming out at Coney Island.They swimming residents city With social-distancing De Blasioshouldkeep New York Cityresidents use itsbeaches. The Issue: And sohere we have It’s my opinionthat Most of theCOVID I amalifeguard inNas- @nypost.com Long Branch, NJ Frank DeLustro Frank Rizzo Mayor deBlasio’s callforLongIslandtolet Seaford   us, either. more people crowding After all,we don’t need into thefive boroughs? Long Islandresidents allow New Jersey or crowding beaches. not want people over- same because they do land areas are doingthe only, andsomeLongIs- its beachesto residents beach security. his wife incharge of cision-making. doesn’t trusthisown de- elected who official just act of buffoonery from an on theirhometurf? same people onbeaches town leaders allow the OK to demand out-of- closes beaches.But it’s ter city beach areas, sohe people inthecity to en- The mayor doesn’t trust beaches. — to useNassau County which he isnotentitled manding a privilege to New York City, he’s de- de Blasiohasdoneto three stooges. fered becauseof these New Jersey is opening Let meget thisstraight. Why don’t we refuse to Maybe heshouldput This issimply another After allthedamage New Jersey have suf- Connecticut and surrounding areas. spread thevirusto states, andhelpedto longer than time, over aweek other extended periodof system openfor an kept thecity school lor andthemayor demic. The chancel- at fault for theepi- Richard Carranza are Blasio andChancellor New York state, Richard Graves Vincent Conti Valley Stream Tony Fasano Staten Island Staten Island New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 21 Twitter: @BlueBoxDave If our elected leaders won’t save save won’t leaders If our elected our con- by Our politicians serve this has been a long time since It We asked. were we did what We is The Federalist’s Marcus David and de Blasio have no plan. There There no plan. Blasio have and de when about a single question is not normal to back get can York New straight a have they which to cash their They one. Not answer. immiser- while paychecks taxpayer us. of the rest ating a from city greatest the world’s strangula- economic by death slow York New of tion, then the people tai- Barbers, must do it themselves. sporting-goods salons, nail lors, and others theaters movie stores, — while should open their doors of distancing, social maintaining shut to the state — and dare course them down. or run our businesses don’t sent; we The their consent. by our lives live is an the contrary to suggestion Americanism. to affront really this city, let alone country, of deal with the prospect to had about isn’t This starvation. mass par- about — it’s market the stock bed hun- their kids to ents putting there gry and hoping tomorrow eat them to will be something for 4:30 a.m. and get up at get if they bank. the food in line at is There curve. the freakin’ flattened justifica- reasonable any no longer deprive to the government tion for And our rights our livelihoods. us of or grant to the government’s aren’t us — the to belong They away. take and the God of nature of grant free More Americans. We’re nature. goddammit. Yorkers, New than that: correspondent. York New Reuters Scientific evidence shows how arbitrary arbitrary how Scientific shows evidence and York in New and mayors Governors end: need to the shutdowns proof More lieutenant is a former McCaughey Betsy They know that freedoms are rarely lost in rarely are freedoms that know They usually away snatched times. They’re easy under the guise an emergency. of ones especially rules are, some lockdown A minus- and healthy. the young targeting in deaths coronavirus of cule 1.8 percent peo- otherwise healthy are City York New 65. under age ple been calling the have the country across confidence in have should we shots. Why miser- them failed is, most of Truth them? A stagger- the vulnerable. protect to ably deaths coronavirus of ing 51 percent resi- nursing-home are the nation across their busi- shut to people dents. Ordering these save home didn’t and stay nesses stay-ins. already were victims. They COVID-19 ago. days opened 24 34 a whopping down are hospitalizations and freedom then, while since percent up. are activity economic chairwoman of the York, of New governor Deaths and Infection Reduce to Committee book “The Next author of the forthcoming Pandemic.” , and swimming is un- , and swimming You want to guess what hap- guess what to want You that consider should always We engaging in “human sacrifice.” in “human sacrifice.” engaging a on, take come pened? Guess, predicted the of guess. Instead number of the in deaths, spike and associ- coronavirus cases of declined. deaths ated my idiots, as one of led by are we me. Cuomo remind to friends likes Don’t count on the NYPD count Don’t extremely low risk, almost low extremely no risk the lowest. doubtedly swimmers. out drag to have cops the nation, Across Y The longer lockdowns drag on, the drag lockdowns longer The especially words, beautiful are Those Jersey.) Both these business owners raise the raise owners Both these business Jersey.) down walk to is it safe some question: Why not in a smaller but the aisles in Walmart more stores big-box makes What business? than mom-and-pop shops? “essential” de Blasio an- Mayor dumber rules get. beaches will be that Monday nounced will “be swim dares who closed and anyone Scien- Huh? the water.” of right out taken is being outside that tific shows evidence for sense and sympathy common displayed departments sheriffs’ Four their neighbors. refus- are they announced have in Michigan lim- “With orders. Whitmer’s enforce ing to Co. Shiawassee the said resources,” ited will be on enforc- focus priority “our sheriff, laws.” passed ing duly this in Even enforcement. law from coming is paramount, safety health crisis, when the principles up for standing Americans are liberty. and personal self-government of BETSY McCAUGHE OPINION In late April, Georgia Gov. Brian Gov. April, Georgia In late are we just left with the governor with the governor just left we are arguing brother and his talking-head Ma the two of which on CNN about best? (Who cares?) loves opening defied by Kemp experts magazine, Atlantic The his state. that a serious publication once with a stick of come should now of him bubblegum, stale accused Les Misérables: Hundreds of New Yorkers line up for food-bank handouts Les Misérables: Hundreds of New Yorkers Church in Queens amid a spike in hunger. Bartholomew’s outside St. POST Expect a similar outcome in Michigan, in Michigan, a similar outcome Expect and Although Whitmer is a Democrat, earn a living. is the right to stake Also at slammed him with have the authorities Yet down Gov. Tony Evers’ “safer at home” home” at “safer Evers’ Tony Gov. down it un- extend tried to Evers when regimen, 28 days said court The May. til the end of is enough. powers emergency of is suing Gov. the Legislature where accord- governor, The Whitmer. Gretchen has “de- editorial, News a Detroit ing to power the sole and absolute herself clared in Michigan.” Re- mostly the legislature mere this isn’t publican, Law- wrangling. partisan compro- to offered makers rules, mise on lockdown is stake At and she refused. a representa- remains Michigan “whether crisis,” in times of even democracy tive warn. editors News the Detroit his shop reopened who a barber Manke, Karl has been ago, weeks Mich., two in Owosso, his hands between a mask, washing wearing with UV his tools and sanitizing customers seriously. safety taking light. He’s same, (The criminal misdemeanor charges. gym in Atilis of the owner with the way, by Meanwhile, the Big Apple is the Big Apple Meanwhile, it. Right of All Open the city. waited have months, we two For Is any- on? the hell is going What United States has built so many, has built so many, States United other to them away giving are we countries. The empty. are streets Its dying. clubs, restaurants and jazz bars Be- sit barren. and coffeehouses per- rooms, haunts, storied loved shuttered, joints are fect-slice equity sweat The good. for many own- small-business countless of get- of Instead is evaporating. ers providing work to back ting people talks our mayor families, their for Deal for New a fantasyland about era. the post-coronavirus beaches, shows, Broadway now. the schools, the games, Yankees State Empire the freakin’ of top York- New building. Everything. so- learned to already have ers can ad- Businesses distance. cially and infirm can elderly just. The be isolated. to continue us tell and de Blasio to Cuomo for is ex-Mayor this ends. Where how al- with his Michael Bloomberg the gov- that tracers of army leged re- to the key us was ernor told he hand that did And why opening? Bloomberg, to over responsibility anyway? elected nobody whom Or this situation? of in charge body , a good rant is all rant , a good the Bill of Rights and the “ide- the Bill of


Da ITING of the owner disobedience,” civil als of defied NJ, in Bellmawr, Gym Atilis reopen- by orders Phil Murphy’s Gov. Last Friday morning, some Last Friday


Civil disobedience is alive and well, and well, is alive disobedience Civil salon told judge a Texas Last week, though. In many has a place, Lawyering struck court a Wisconsin Last week, a writer can offer. Bear with offer. can a writer me. OMETIMES Nonsense Rules Call for Civil Dissent Rules Call for Civil Nonsense ing on Monday. Cops “formally” notified “formally” Cops ing on Monday. the of in violation he was the gym owner wished him “a and then order shutdown days Two cheered. crowd The day.” good is still open. Atilis later, this pandemic. in even if she disagreed that Luther Shelley owner rules in Dallas, she should lockdown with most but and sue. Sorry, a lawyer” “hire They that. afford can’t people working laws when And disobey instead. protest oppressive. become and state churches groups, business states, what overturn suing to are representatives rules im- freedom-stifling claim are they On Monday, governors. autocratic posed by Gov. struck down judge county an Oregon rul- restrictions, coronavirus Brown’s Kate should last powers her emergency ing that she needs legisla- that, a month; after only is appealing. Brown approval. tive

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By prolonging the coronavirus the coronavirus By prolonging Now. end. needs to It we told were we In mid-March, moments were we told were We End the lockdowns — now the lockdowns End

3,500 New Yorkers lined up at a lined up at Yorkers 3,500 New re- in Queens to church Catholic it before hours food free ceive the to according opened, even Department. Police York New a Charities has reported Catholic in demand increase percent 200 month and a half. the past over mis- its core long after shutdown Cu- Gov. accomplished, sion was de Blasio have omo and Mayor New of thousands of tens plunged poverty. into Yorkers ensure to a lockdown endure to have We overrun. get didn’t hospitals that not over- were hospitals did. The Cen- turned the Javits We whelmed. need it. didn’t We a hospital. into ter ship to in a giant Navy brought We need it. didn’t We Yorkers. New treat ventila- of running out from away the and now weren’t, We tors. S New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 22 diamonds, twoheartsanda spade. clubs again, winningfourclubs, two diamonds withthe acetofinessein Later, sheovertakes thekingof South letstheeight ofclubsride. diamond tricksandnineinall. Two. 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Tips of hang the get you once Not Impossible? the of each in and column vertical each in as o utput must you horizontal each in once appear box. empty from www.SudokuWiki.or 10 Hogwartshousewith acorvine Down 69 Askingtoomanyquestions 68 “CountryGrammar”rapper 67 Musicandtheater 66 Rascals 65 Broadcasting 64 Enjoysomerays 61 Strugglevigorously...andwhat 60 Biblicalbrother 56 Potter’ssupply 53 Saywhen? 51 Employment 50 Pickup,inaway 49 WomenofTroy’ssch. 45 Whatatightpairmight61- 44 Sported 43 “I’m__hurry” 42 Sportsdoc’spic 37 WhatadevoutMuslimmight 36 Poleworker 35 Yours,inTours 33 Climber’sasset 30 Whatagracioushostmight 27 Amigo 26 Patronize,asarestaurant 23 Granny 21 TitlekinginaMozartopera 20 __Onevodka 19 SkierLindseywitharecord20 17 Whattheunalertmight61- 16 Grenoblegalpal 15 Between,poetically 14 “ArrestedDevelopment”ac- 10 Peel Across Solutions onPage 35 9 Marchedconfidently 8 Struck(out) 7 Aucklandnative 6 IconicWWIIisland, briefly 5 Lastinaseries 4 Smithof“AfterEarth” 3 Leavehighanddry 2 Naturalhealer 1 Talentlesswriter 5 AirJordans,e.g. 1 FifthpillarofIslam Sy To ahnme must number Each uDk puzzles Doku Su e tomorrow’ see ing wordscando? four otherlonganswers’end- Across todo 61-Across toperform 61-Across togive World Cuptitles Across totake tress Shawkat ndicated New 3-by-3 solve 1 o more For o9 neach in 9, to Pu Yo a zzles ro grids. uDoku, Su w, kPost rk a swell as number g 48 “Gah!” 47 ChristopherPaolini fantasy 46 Signofbadservice? 45 Wintermelon 41 __room 40 Traumactrs. 39 PossumpalofPorkyPine 38 Tickedoff 34 Controversialpretrialpolice 32 Separategrainfromchaff 31 Dreamy 29 Chemistryexam? 28 Labreport? 27 Org.whosefansfollowthe 25 Stella__:beer 24 Indianbread 22 Distancerunner 18 Dinerside 13 Signify 12 When51-Acrossstarts,for 11 “Weallhavethesamevalues” s best-seller practices links many name 7923 27 23961685 6 65 42 4387 69 82 68 53 48 42 61 95 92 PREVIOUS PUZZLE ANSWER PUZZLE PREVIOUS (C) 2020TribuneMediaServices 63 Taste 62 Alaskanresource 59 DIYsite 58 Tases 57 Riflefiller 55 List-endingabbr. 54 Mood 52 DesignerCalvin Ve 95 817 yEs #5,094 Easy ry ifcl #4,884 Difficult 5 8 697 4 2 6 49 6 4   5 5 New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 23 AP Up With Post wires With 190.67 9,375.78 [email protected] [email protected] sn flee o Michael Taylor, Zayek and Zayek Michael Taylor, a private then boarded They Nasdaq Comp. Ghosn continued by train to to train by Ghosn continued a hotel into and went Osaka, prosecutors 8:15 p.m., around the left and Zayek Taylor said. black with the two room hotel con- which — one of boxes not were Ghosn — that tained the to got they when checked fil- court to airport, according ings. p.m. 11:10 about at Turkey jet to two and Ghosn announced it made he had that later days said. prosecutors Lebanon, to If Qantas had to fulfill even five feet feet five fulfill to had If Qantas even sion on an aircraft” connected to the to connected sion on an aircraft” than more has infected that pandemic worldwide. million people 4.9 just leave it would passengers, between an Airbus SE A320 onboard people 22 means “That the CEO said. 180, for made nine be eight to to going are airfares he said. today,” are than they times more will not be justified.” economically “It plot thickens: global The corporate Ghosn Carlos highflier former thriller involving with the turn a wild (inset) took on Wednesday — seen Michael Taylor Beret of ex-Green arrest at the Istanbul footage in security-camera here helping the allegedly airport for son Peter — and Nissan CEO escape Japan. ousted The pair later met Peter Tay- met Peter later pair The night, prosecutors alleged. alleged. night, prosecutors they airport workers Telling entered musicians, they were audio equip- with two Japan which — one of ment boxes carry Ghosn, ac- later would filings. court to cording lor and Ghosn at the Tokyo ho- the Tokyo lor and Ghosn at his Ghosn changed where tel, appar- room, clothes in Peter’s given he was using a key ently prosecutors day, the previous To- to then headed Peter say. Airport and Narita kyo’s China, au- a flight to boarded thorities said. of helping Gh helping of But the airline — which previously previously — which the airline But passengers because that said Joyce know don’t “we also claimed that He planned to remove middle seats to to middle seats remove to planned — insists it is not space maintain cabin needed because the pressurized along with medical-grade filters keeps safe. travelers with “a barrier direction the same face is “a there them” of in front a seat of transmission.” risk of low very transmis- a single person-to-person of

Peter Taylor met with Ghosn Taylor Peter Michael day, following The off company cash for his cash for company off has denied the use. He own he fled and said allegations “persecution.” times last year least seven at Decem- the late up to leading said. prosecutors ber escape, a into On Dec. 28, he checked and then met with hotel Tokyo an hour, about for Ghosn again say. papers court a pri- took and Zayek Taylor Osaka, to Dubai jet from vate a board would they where that with Ghosn late plane

“We have to offer really cheap air- really offer to have “We a series of also revealed His company push to get back to “40 to 50 percent of of 50 percent “40 to to back get push to July. by operation” pre-COVID-19 their overcome to people get to fares he told COVID-19,” around reluctance with current show, “Today” 9News’ normal. of just 5 percent bookings start to measures safety Well” “Fly new 12, including contactless on June clean- wipes, extra sanitizer check-in, traveler. every ing and masks handed to nabbed, accused nabbed, Court papers unsealed in papers Court in on bail out Ghosn was lawyer, Paul Kelly, did not im- Kelly, Paul lawyer, a phone call return mediately seeking comment. court federal Massachusetts the Taylors how outline helped smuggle Ghosn, 66, They Lebanon. to Japan from a third help from had allegedly Zayek, Antoine man, George prosecutors Japanese whom arrested. also want trial awaiting while Tokyo under-report- allegedly for ing $80 million in compensa- and siphoning tion earnings n


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LEE BrowN By NoAh MANskAr LIA EustAChEwICh By and Australian airline Qantas plans to to plans Qantas airline Australian chief executive, airline‘s hard-hit The An ex-Green Beret and his Beret An ex-Green US special forces Former want prosecutors Federal spirit Ghosn out to plot “The nabbed Peter Authorities in Har- live who pair, The

Qantas plans cheap flights to goose biz Qantas plans cheap flights A s Father, lure back wary travelers with flights as travelers wary back lure cheap as $12.50 Wednes- — admitting without planes pack to it wants that day coronavirus in its new social distancing protocols. safety AU$19 for plans announced Alan Joyce, and Sydney Melbourne flights between $12.50 to a of — as part — equivalent son were arrested by authori- by arrested son were for ties in the US Wednesday helping Carlos allegedly in a con- Ghosn escape Japan equipment box. cert and his soldier Michael Taylor in charged are Taylor son Peter smuggle the to plot the bizarre Ja- of CEO out Nissan ousted in December. pan face they while jailed the pair saying Japan, to extradition an “aptitude for have they on a escape plans hatching authori- Japanese scale.” grand their for warrants ties issued in January. arrest the most one of was Japan of and well-orchestrated brazen history, escape acts in recent of array a dizzying involving meetups, bullet train hotel and the personas, fake travel, jet,” a private of chartering fil- in court wrote prosecutors de- seeking the Taylors’ ings tention. day in Boston the same Taylor Beirut, to fly to he planned that Ghosn has been hiding where months, ac- five nearly for out un- It’s prosecutors. to cording ar- was his father clear where rested. via will appear Mass., vard, hearing a court video for Their afternoon. Wednesday Up 369.04 us on 24,575.90


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A Ford plant in Chic- plant A Ford Meal-delivery ser- Meal-delivery Large banks, includ- banks, Large Disney and Univer- Disney

Stocks headed up- headed Stocks Briefs Braked Peek in oven New normal How amusing Mart-velous ago had a work stop- a work had ago the second for page because in a row day problem, a supplier of in Michi- and a factory be- also halted gan tested cause a worker COVID-19. for positive Jones, Dow Sources: AP, and Post wires Reuters vice Home Chef con- Home vice weeks firmed two that involving a breach ago on 8 million cus- data occurred, tomers reported. TechCrunch ing JPMorgan, Gold- ing JPMorgan, and Citi- man Sachs preparing are group, to their major offices fewer back welcome as the finan- workers, for intend cial titans to employees more or work telecommute smaller outposts, from reported. Bloomberg sal are due to submit due to are sal plans their reopening bring an end to — to the coronavirus-crisis Florida — to closures officials on state Thursday. ward Wednesday, with with Wednesday, ward giants tech by gains The the way. leading 1.5 added Dow percent, 2.1 per- by rose Nasdaq S&P 500 and the cent, 1.7nabbed close to or 48.67 percent, 2,971.67. to points,

Follo @NYPOSTBIZ New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 24 Klobuchar-led attackonUber-Grubhub deal would give Uber and Grubhub 48 tition issues” inmany cities. Grubhub would “raise serious compe- buy rival onlinefood-delivery company Technologies, owner of Uber Eats, to enforcer to warn that plans by Uber Sen. Amy Klobuchar, wrote to antitrust In theirletter, thelawmakers said the Four Democratic lawmakers, ledby Heroes’ fallingwage him andwe’re committed to thesuc- Area plant. ing of theelectric-carmaker’s Bay spite arecent dustupover thereopen- leaving California “anytime soon” de- cerned about thebillionaire Tesla boss Tesla out of thestate. making good onhisthreat to move he’s “notworried” about Elon Musk Newsom dismissesTesla threat tham of Lansing,Mich.,who meat manager Hol- Kristine wear amask,” said Kroger until Inolonger have to workers say it’s notenough. time employees. But some ployees and$200 for part- of $400for full-timeem- ing itwithaone-timebonus boost onMay 23and replac- continues to rise. the coronavirus death toll throught thecrisisalthough 460,000 employees to work it had beenpaying its revoke theextra $2 anhour Kroger Co. —gets ready to chain inthecountry —The point asthelargest grocery could soonreach aboiling they shop. refuse to wear maskswhile even asornerycustomers threats to their“hero pay” pandemic are now facing forced to work through the Kroger markets tostop extra pay workers tocrisis “I’ve had alotof conversations with Newsom (right)said heisn’t con- California Gov. Gavin Newsom says “We deserve hero’s pay Kroger isendingthepay Employee frustrations Supermarket employees By Lisa FickeNscher By By DiaNe Bartz Noah MaNskar mart, Kroger, Trader Joe’s pandemic —includingWal- that have profitedoff the pressure onlarge companies Wednesday. ion press conference on Workers International Un- Food andCommercial spoke at avirtualUnited The UFCW isramping up different sidesover issuessurrounding workers’ pandemic-tiedrisks. The UFCWgroceryunionandKroger tofront line: are take starting which are then forced to pass these ex- app companies charge to restaurants, orbitant fees that theseonline delivery percentand 51 inAtlanta, they wrote. cent inMiami,60 percent inChicago New York, 68percent inBoston,65per- would have 79 percent of themarket in Dash would have 42 percent. percent of theU.S. market, while Door- “We have been hearingabout theex- A merged UberEats andGrubhub local lockdown order meantto curb shut down since late March undera tory inFremont. The plant had been reopening thecompany’s carfac- County blocked officials himfrom earlier thismonthafter Alameda headquarters to Texas orNevada Tuesday interview. Newsom, aDemocrat, told CNBCina state of California isaccelerating in,” been promoting for decades andthe bon, green-growth economy that he’s cess of theinnovation andthelow-car- Musk pledged to move Tesla’s national retailer to alsore- their customers. but donotaskthesame of employees to wear masks, Many retailers require their face maskswhile shopping. quire customers to wear called hazard pay andto re- and others —to continue Costco, andonly thefirst to arequest for comment onthe letter. an all-stock deal.Uberdidnot respond approached Grubhub withan offer for for revenue than ever.” when restaurants are more desperate consumer demand hasincreased and templated duringapandemic, when troubling that thismerger isbeingcon- lawmakers wrote. “It isparticularly cessive costs onto consumers,” the $815.56. for comment onNewsom’s remarks. tected workers from thevirus. open aslongitsufficiently pro- fore agreed officials to lettheplant re- County from enforcing theorder be- him. It alsosuedto block Alameda tively daringlocalauthorities to arrest of theorder,fiance withMuskeffec- duction at thefactory lastweek inde- the coronavirus outbreak. News broke onMay 12that Uberhad The company’s shares rose $7.55, to Tesla didnotrespond to arequest Palo Alto-based Tesla restarted pro- so- can pay aheavy price, in- face masksinpublic places state mandates requiring who tryto enforce localor the clubretailer. resulting inboycotts against back from somecustomers, face masks,hasfaced blow- quire customers to wear [email protected] Employees at retailers AP comply with antitrust law. Commission. seph Simons, head of the Federal Trade Department antitrust division andJo- Makan Delrahim, head of theJustice thal andCory Booker was addressed to Sens. Patrick Leahy, Richard Blumen- Committee’s antitrustpanel, aswell as Democrat ontheSenate Judiciary The agencies ensure that mergers The letter from Klobuchar, thetop were endinghazard pay.” have announced that they some of thosecompanies died,” Perrone said. “And many of theirworkers have leased information onhow grocery [retailer] hasre- the press conference. President Marc Perrone at coronavirus, said UFCW workers have diedfrom the calls, hesaid. ery day” over face mask police come inourstores ev- the law,” Kanersaid. “The we are nottrained to enforce not enforcers of thelaw and owner Avi Kaner. said Morton Williams masks, there are scofflaws, grocery customers wear where thevast majority of wear amask. after askingacustomer to Flint, Mich.,who was killed a Family Dollarstore in securitycluding the guard at “But notonesinglelarge Some 68UFCW grocery “It’s astate law, but we are Even in New York City, [email protected] Reuters at Target cent, at $119.63. demic. through thecoronavirus pan- higher wages for working at stores andpay employees maintaining safety standards $500 millionto spendon said ithad setasidenearly tional costs soared. pectations even asitsopera- results past Wall Street ex- said onWednesday, driving navirus crisis,theretailer to panic buying inthecoro- sales surged 141 percent due cent, to $22.75. year. will now take place early next meet, usually heldinAugust, Americans stay at home. has furtherdented demandas matters worse, thepandemic tract new customers. To make pany has found ittough to at- the Milwaukee-based com- boomer consumer base ages, motorcycles sold. counts for more thanhalfits US, itstop market, which ac- years to increase sales inthe of theyear, thereport said. izable features for therest colors andwithout custom- ling modelsandpalette of would belimited to bestsel- production inphasesthat andaccelerate plants inWisconsin and ters’ request for comment. mediately respond to Reu- try, thereport said. of its698 dealers inthe coun- this year to about 70 percent additional new motorcycles outbreak, may notshipany March dueto thecoronavirus which closeditsUSplants in with theHOGstock symbol, reported. cles, narrower range of motorcy- rates andsendingdealers a week at lower production opening itsfactories this reopens Bruised Bullseye Shares declined 2.9 per- Minneapolis-based Target Target’s quarterly online per-Shares closedup4.2 Harley’s annualdealer As itstattooed, baby- The company hasfailed for Harley would reopen its The company didnotim- The motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson isre- HOG Reuters Reuters New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 25

Alamy image ) Fox NewsFox P CA *Estimated $961B (TikTok) [email protected] $110B* (WeChat) (YouTube) $657B In January, ByteDance ap- ByteDance In January, did spokesman A TikTok Over AL MARKET ney’s streaming head Kevin Kevin head streaming ney’s new be TikTok’s to Mayer this week. chief executive law- ex-Microsoft pointed be its to Erich Andersen yer counsel. general global calls seeking not return comment. $546B itter cebook ncent $25B In a statement obtained by Reuters, a Reuters, by obtained In a statement along with Delta, more, What’s contributed News PuhakJanine of Fox Tw ByteDance Te Fa (Instagram, WhatsApp Google TOT flights in order to promote social dis- promote to flights in order it is that has said company The tancing. 50 per- to seating limiting first-class the main cabin will be while cent, 60 percent. capped at an- “We said: Delta for spokesperson capacity a policy on seating nounced has been de- Nothing 30. June through continu- are we but that cided beyond and make the situation monitor ing to as necessary.” adjustments Airlines, and United American Airlines with passengers will be providing but their own, do not have masks if they will members crew that suggest reports passen- the policy or force not enforce choose not to. masks if they wear to gers this report. to is starting — “TikTok is not as innocent is not as innocent “TikTok Tik- stopped hasn’t That as it sounds,” Schumer said Schumer said as it sounds,” in Feb- conference a press at on TikTok, go “If you ruary. the Chinese government no have You data. has your recourse.” high- of a spate from Tok in- profile recruiting, job Dis- it tapped cluding when MicHael HollaN By bly to these household names. Delta Air Lines is making moves to to Air Lines is making moves Delta announced recently company The at planes keep to will continue Delta it that announced previously had It vora Delta going 60% capacity ensure that planes don’t get too too get don’t planes that ensure crowded. flights so more be adding it would that at planes keep to it can continue that is move The capacity. 60 percent about main- to plan Delta’s of part reportedly amid the corona- social distancing tain feel and help customers virus outbreak fly. they while safe full through than 60 percent no more to In order reported. Reuters July, more will add this, the airline achieve de- than the current its routes flights to justify. normally mand would on its be limiting the capacity would fa e Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) its the app popular for that videos poses a se- viral quirky its China due to threat curity US govern- ties. Numerous the including ment agencies, Se- Transportation and Army have Administration, curity of- using the app for stopped ficial including re- business, cruiting. known for its smartphone-video sharing — y an TikTok ve mp co The moves are seen as a challenge to to seen as a challenge are moves The appears administration Trump The Party’s Chinese Communist The rule Department Commerce The d China’s trade relationship with Taiwan, with Taiwan, relationship trade China’s the Chinese Commu- that a democracy prov- claims is a renegade nist Party support for of as a show as well ince, independence. Taiwan’s that targets at be “hitting to determined and politically both economically are University Cornell Beijing,” for sensitive the Times. told Prasad Eswar professor the condemned Commerce Ministry of it saying Huawei, against US move the interests protect to continue would Chinese businesses. of us- from companies global bars change or design produce to ing US technology or through sent directly are chips that Huawei. to parties third The surge comes despite despite comes surge The Millennial fa to put up financial numbers that compar Goo said he expects ByteDance ByteDance he expects said financing launch a new to loan and a parallel round billion valu- a $125 at package will choose ByteDance ation. or equity raise to whether it determines after debt profitable is the more which said. the source path, like lawmakers by warnings

BoB FredericKs JosH KosMaN By By TikTok — the social-me- — TikTok TikTok of shares Private seeing buyers are “We a echo comments The ByteDance makes That ByteDance’s say Watchers see you when “Usually source Street One Wall

Short video app’s parent valued at over $110B at over valued parent app’s video Short TiKTOK STOCK rOCKS STOCK TiKTOK dia app popular with teens teens dia app popular with lawmakers odds with and at a hit becoming — is fast with investors. ByteDance company parent been trading have Ltd. value that prices hands at at the Chinese company Post The billion, $100 over has learned. bil- a $110 at pay willing to or higher,” lion valuation one private-placement Post. The told agent report, News Bloomberg that Wednesday, also from hav- shares ByteDance said ing been selling on the sec- that prices at ondary market bil- $105 between it at value billion, with lion and $110 it as pegged that one trade billion. high as $140 its than times bigger five like peers traded publicly billion, $26 at valued Snap, billion. $25 at and Twitter, suggests sudden ascension something expect investors make could happen that to valuable, more the company fundraising including a new round. this, it means something the pri- is coming,” bigger said. agent vate-placement The White House has ramped up has ramped House White The Manufactur- Semiconductor Taiwan Com- of the Department later, A day US cozies up to Taiwan pressure on the Chinese Communist on the Chinese Communist pressure closer political and forging by Party technol- ties with Taiwanese business ogy firms, time work- the same at while giant undermine Chinese tech ing to a report. to according Huawei, it last week said or TSMC, ing Co., a in Arizona, build a factory would State of Secretary by praised move as he and President Pompeo Mike the American decouple to move Trump China’s. industry from tech that a rule change announced merce limiting the busi- by hurt Huawei could York New The it does with TSMC, ness Tuesday. reported Times Reuters

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Cutting the Cord Cutting elevator pedal Don’t look for this in the box. this in the look for Don’t tech giant will not include a tech ear- of pair complimentary packag- buds in the iPhone 12’s de- increase to ing in order mega- its already mand for wireless popular AirPods TFI to according headphones, Ming-Chi Securities analyst Kuo. box in each headphones of pair first the very out it rolled since and has up- iPhone in 2007, its design and style dated the years. through to will either need customers connect to an adapter buy their old 3.5 mm headphones for the iPhone or shell out into headphones. Bluetooth 3.5 Lightning to mm jack the rid of it got when adapter stopped but jack, headphone it when free for it away giving line in the iPhone XS released 2018. AirPod of annual forecast million 93.8 shipments to his original esti- from pairs 90 million. 80 to of mate longer come with a pair of the of with a pair come longer white-wired iconic, company’s a top to earphones, according analyst. tech

kok’s Seacon Square, has Square, Seacon kok’s buttons elevator swapped pedals in an effort foot for the of the spread prevent to as help as well coronavirus normalcy and get restore spending again. shoppers on stores and department the first for time Sunday March. since No more No more New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 26 problems. h as fnear of cause the safel hoi iuii a o been not has sinusitis chronic yo unclog and coughing, runn constant up dry can known, ev mucus causing ENT h-one decongestant the-counter ml ar lining hairs small te spr t-- et n wligi the in swelling and n tri-otiignasal spr steroid-containing and sinus yo By soitdHat Press Health Associated as oso vision. of loss cause headaches, triggering spread disco ly a treatmen sal neto,cuigabscesses, and meningitis, causing infection, nearl niiu odto htcan that lead condition insidious to fe fe naethroug inhale natural epgtrdo hoi sinus chronic of rid get help hs ttmnsha statements These tos The ctions. to,cle “sinusitis” called ction, r nmore. en “Up The niitc,antihistamines, Antibiotics, otr at Doctors iurli h FIR the is Sinuprol h iu neto a also can infection sinus The Now ur rns -wtotsurgery without -- nose ur idi sifciu fungi infectious is it ind K USH XJVKOVWULJJHU KHOSV IXQJXV WUDSSHG 7KH ls netdmcsfrom mucus infected lush ay ay Wa ae nMneoaha Minnesota in based . Ho y, wh y to ve sw s s “In RUHGHVGLVFRPIRUW HQGOHVV \RXU neto.In infection. swiftl n B. yne a , ” l iu n aa in- nasal and sinus all w ar to re a actually can re fo le aa channels nasal ollen lo lt n brain and clots blood to c nsm ae can cases some in ich sa e fa d ut Onl sult? Sinuprol rmula, ” breakthroug ys now ct ohl nighting in help no yo y, the ve t , Dr h y Ro o been not ur n effecti and a ugsi likel is fungus htcnquick can that , yo . ev we berts ai Sherris, David re Sinuprol, h as of cause the eia cen- medical y to fa rnose. ur ndeath! en lcueof cause al ly ev re Br ilbones, cial y wo yo oe,end noses, fa aluated e disc New amthe harm ey ul up build l these all ct rnose, ur Sinuprol shocked h rks e ST , vely by 100% 08&86 fe ov sock eakthr the – we yo ve can na- er- re in- Fo an . ve . o sponsored not u dadDrug and od r, y – - - ov uu,runn mucus, yo up. neig osatcough- in ringing constant ing, sneezing, infect throat iein hide aa rbesafcigmil- lions? affecting problems nasal n i oltns ha pollutants, air and poor with ve insulation that Or fa gered yo l-aua nrdet.These ingredients. all-natural free u ufrr ar sufferers nus netosi the is infections “The h neto-asn ug in fungi infection-causing the includ bu this about ugsadml prsi the in spores mold and fungus Maritima, iigo h sinuses. the of lining mucosal the in lodged become air pr dail a ugsi hi mucus. their in them fungus had of 96% infections, sinus In ye fifciu ugsin fungus air the infectious of types htcrncsnsifcinis caused infection sinus chronic that h aua alternati natural The r agt netdtra uu - mucus throat infected targets ery e No ce. UPFOŒKOVJWUGR WKH RI ULG JHW KHOSV 3ULPDFHOOŒ ox tlto,pu normold indoor plus ntilation, Re o?Teeharmfu These How? iurlis Sinuprol Dr Did To rnslpassages nasal ur rbod ur . Ad a neihld h ug can fungi the inhaled, Once by y, Fu iitain hspouti o intended not is product This ministration. iu n aa Problems Nasal and Sinus . imatel p stud ut ogsin dripping Congestion, sult: IXQJXV ro h aeso iurl l rdc n opn ae are names company and product All Sinuprol. of makers the fo ayBennett Gary e , naig9 ecn of percent 90 inhaling g rges9%of 96% triggers ngi yo yo a yo iu problems sinus mlto aefrom made rmulation by tcueo uglsinus fungal of cause ot yo and otr ha doctors wo aa spr nasal riaDioica Urtica u y y lgeo iu and sinus of plague u rthroat ur rmcs causing mucus, ur naig4 different 40 inhaling e solution! new Pe y oug throug rah.Teproof The breathe. f20pol with people 210 of kno drmlin fsi- of millions nder


The The inside scoop on and dating mating, relating Annie Wermiel/NY Post Wermiel/NY Annie

“It was really rough Marcia, who “When she was little As Alenna grew “She used to do that Their tight bond has “I wouldn’t date for her in school,” says Marcia. “We used to role-play, and I’d be the tough guy and I’d make her tough. [Other students] would say, ‘How come you’re short?,’ and she’d say, ‘How come you’re not so smart?’ The kids would back off from her because I created a pit bull!” adopted Alenna from Siberia and calls her “my true love” on- screen in “sMothered,” wouldn’t let her daughter have a puppy while she was growing up. Instead, Marcia “became” a puppy, waking Alenna up by licking her face the way a puppy might. it was hard to wake her up, so I’d go in and be like a dog or puppy,” says Marcia. “We had so much fun doing it, it cemented the way we feel about each other.” older and started wearing makeup, sometimes the lick turned into a nibble instead, they say. more when I was a kid, but now she just kisses me a lot,” Alenna says. never presented a problem to romantic partners, they insist. somebody like that [who didn’t under- stand],” Marcia says. ”I wouldn’t tolerate that.” Alenna Marcia, 68, and Al- enna, 21, are a pair based in Briarcliff Manor, NY. Alenna, who’s currently a stu- dent at Quinnipiac University, has a rare enzyme deficiency that has stunted her growth, limiting her height to 4-foot-3. She was bullied for it as a child, which is part of what bonded her to Marcia. Marcia and New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 28 NY Post illustration composite/Shutterstock care. Mary saysshedoesn’t come offasweird,but sharing showersmight love ofmylife.” to herdaughteras“the in atailorshop,refers ings. Mary,whoworks showers inthemorn- ing abedatnightand cosmetic surgery,shar- including shopping, everything together, Fla.-based duowhodo 20, areaJensenBeach, Mary, 55,andBrittani, Brittani and Mary mommy nearest “There’s somany They knowthat FROM THECOVER Weighting with yourmomso ‘Why doyouhangout people’s judgment. also unruffledbyother people say.” I don’tcarewhatother I don’tseealotofit.So and, inthisdayandage, daughter needtohave, that amotherand The closenessisabond blessing foramother. have adaughteris Post. “Ithinkthatto close,” shetellsThe cause they’renot think it’sweird,be- close —andifthey out therethataren’t moms anddaughters “My friendsarelike, Brittani saysthatshe’s it out — she’smylife.” love mydaughtermore knows Ilovehim,but “That’s howitis.He cept it,”Marysays. ship, buthe’sgottoac- issues inmyrelation- “sMothered.” which willbeshownon friend, Frank,allof with herlive-inboy- on herrelationship Brittani hasputastrain knit relationshipwith ery day.” was smaller,itev- day thing.Whenshe into anevery-other- says Mary.“Thatgrew she wouldfreakout,” comfort her,because shower withher,justto started gettinginthe water, theythink. brought onbythehot that werepartly to havepanicattacks was achild—sheused showers whenBrittani whatever Ido.” supports methrough mom helpsmeand on me,andonlyme.My friends. Iwanttofocus am], boyfriendsorgirl- different thingsthan[I Kids myageareinto can tellheranything. 1 friend.I She’s myNo. Post. “Butit’smymom. much?’ ” shetellsThe “It hascausedsome Mary sayshertight- “That’s kindofhowI They startedsharing 10 and20 pounds. cent saidthey’d gained between packed onover21 pounds,and21per- 9 pounds.Only4 percent said theyhad ing aweightgain between1and tively minimal,with75percentreport- Most saidtheirweightgainwas rela- weight “duetoCOVIDrestrictions.” of menrespondedtheyhavegained 47 percentofwomenand22 thanks tothepandemic. report they’vehadtoloosentheirbelts tion, whileinternationally,moremen say they’veputonthepoundsinisola- WebMD polls.IntheUS,morewomen weight gain,accordingtotwonew The “quarantine15”isveryreal. In aseparate pollof900 interna- In apollof1,012USWebMDreaders, Lockdown hascausedwidespread

Tamara Beckwith/NY Post (2) was cited astheleading causeof but alcoholsales haverisenintheUS. since itaffectsthe immunesystem, booze an“unhelpful copingstrategy” World HealthOrganization hascalled they’d beendrinkingmorealcohol. The while 21percentsaiditwasbecause lack ofexerciseandstresseating, ity blamedtheirheavierfigureson a Hong Kong. slimmer nationswereGermany and as aresultofthecoronavirus.The said thenumbersonscalewentup Italians and60percentofBrazilians foreign respondents,66percentof reported weightgaininquarantine.Of of womenand55percentmen tional WebMDreaders,34percent Internationally, alackof exercise For Americans,a59percentmajor- out their day.” incorporate more activitythrough- foods, andlook foropportunitiesto lar schedule,reach formorehealthy tivation togetback toamoreregu- tling in,peoplecannowfindthe mo- “Hopefully asthe‘newnormal’ isset- WebMD’s chiefmedicaldirector. ing to,”saysDr.MichaelSmith, carb foodslikemanyofusareturn- good wheneatinghigh-fat,high- sens itaspeoplejustdon’tfeel as the stressandanxiety,itlikelywor- ality, notonlydoesithelpease help ourselvesfeelbetter,butinre- named by17percentofpeople. with ahigheralcoholintakebeing weight gain,followedbystresseating, “We’re turningtocomfortfoods go spendtimewithher.” Sarah. many daysofftogether,”says full time,andwedon’tgettoo tension. bond doessometimescause says theirmother-daughter with herboyfriend,Miguel,33, fashion companyandlives pain-in-the-butt teenager!” actly when,butnowI’mthe says Laurie.“Idon’tknowex- ting updatesfromherfriends. her, evengoingasfarget- Sarah constantlychecksinon ure inthepast.That’swhy has experiencedkidneyfail- taken insulinfor57yearsand what she’seating.” monitor herwaterintake, That’s abigpartofit—I tor appointmentswithher. health, soIgotoallherdoc- go forcoffee.Imonitorher shopping, tothebeach;we [basketball] games.Wego “Rap concerts,MiamiHeat gether,” SarahtellsThePost. “parent” tohermom. daughter Sarahactsasthe have adynamicinwhich lifelong healthstruggles,they Raton. BecauseLauriehashad Sarah anhourawayinBoca living inPortSt.Lucieand Florida-based duo,withLaurie Laurie, 60,andSarah,26,area Laurie andSarah “So onalotofmydaysoff,I “[Miguel andI]bothwork Sarah, whoworksfora “She becamethemother,” Laurie hashaddiabetesand “We doeverythingto- — Hannah Frishberg New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 29 An avid and attentive gar- and attentive An avid people so many are “There dener, Chandler took pride in Chandler took dener, hosting dear ones in the she cultivated oasis backyard her first-floor outside apart- recalls. ment, Parkinson — touched Sue lives whose and trav- she loved, people with eled with, and gossiped music and made (and about), politics with with, and talked Bu- says and dined with,” peo- so many chenholz. “And made were lives whose ple possible.” richer and even True Lives As head of Search and Care, a non- and Care, Search of As head in social Trained as a kind of or so years, the last 20 “For the I think when done all that, “Having who folks down Chandler hunted a pioneering visionary in ag- “She was ZACHARY KUSSIN ZACHARY Suzannah Chandler, 81 Suzannah Chandler, Upper East Side him when he passed. “Unlike so many so many “Unlike he passed. him when he died during the pandemic, patients his bed- him at loved who with people have.” we consolation the only side. It’s profit home- pairing with bound elderly Suzannah services, Chandler planned funerals. many she helped oth- work, up with come ers ac- plans, end-of-life friend to cording Parkinson, Molly with Chan- was, who of the Church member of an active dler, on East 88th Street. Trinity the Holy been plan- she’s philosophical comment, Gretchen says funeral,” ning her own and Buchenholz, another congregant she years, in the last five friend. “But as if each service earnestly, doing it was She hymns. She chose the her own. were sermon — chose some critiqued every — and others and discarded readings all this!” for herself she laughed at Buchenholz ready,” she was time came, 4. on May away Chandler passed says. supers asking area by needed assistance their older resi- about and shopkeepers says. Parkinson dents and customers, di- executive Brian Kravitz, says ing,” Chan- which and Care, Search of rector “All 2006. to 1972 dler helmed from Hill, and Carnegie Yorkville throughout in place aged people sure she made and life of quality a good had gracefully, mind.” of peace IN LOVING MEMORY students attend students attend of the many things the coronavirus pandemic has taken from us is the from taken has pandemic coronavirus the things the many NE of again. hug one another to able be we’ll In time, the grieving. comfort to chance who’ve those of the eyes through their lives can do is recall all we now, For live works their good colleagues. May friends and them best: family, known HANA R. ALBERTS, LAUREN STEUSSY and LAUREN STEUSSY ALBERTS, HANA R. A pulmonary and critical-care doctor doctor A pulmonary and critical-care the walking the mayor, like was “He who Mahoney, tell- home, from still working was “He resi- also trained three of father The in the morn- 3 o’clock if it were “Even evident was dedication kind of That to and spoke humble “was Mahoney a started have he mentored Those be admitted to he had After much I loved him how “I told we reMeMber we after them, inspiring us all to be our best, most compassionate selves in their honor. in their selves best, most compassionate be our inspiring us all to them, after By James Mahoney, 62 James Mahoney, Freeport, LI who worked in Brooklyn hospitals for 40 for hospitals in Brooklyn worked who beloved. was Mahoney James years, Dr. says our medical center,” halls of at boss Mahoney’s Foronjy, Robert Uni- Sciences Health SUNY Downstate “Everyone versity. him. He knew everyone treated didn’t He equally. hierarchies for care or titles.” died on April 27, on his patients doted the University at Brooklyn of Hospital He Center. Hospital County and Kings number. cellphone his out gave even as even their hands, wash to ing patients Ed- Natasha says sicker,” getting he was SUNY Downstate. of wards who dents and other junior doctors, Jay-Z.” him “our him, dubbing adored hour training spend an ing, he would he could do a procedure someone else to says. Foronjy minutes,” do in 10 he went endeavor, childhood. “Any from Oscar Ma- his father, says it,” for all-out it — he didn’t his all into put “He honey. hold back.” Olu Akindutire, says with respect,” you as a resi- with Mahoney worked who 30, made really “He 2018. to 2014 dent from He opinion mattered. your like feel you physi- young to a true superhero was color.” cians of help African- fund to scholarship American med school. SUNY Downstate were visitors the hospital, to from doctors But banned. stopped the institution across visit. the ICU to by much everyone him, and how who Foronjy, says him,” loved along Mahoney, accompanied other colleagues, with four be rushed from to he had when NYU to Hospital University special for via ambulance with were They treatment. O That turned out to be the to turned out That and ro- love “I still wanted the that is aware Katzmann en- to just want “I really mind is going to be different be different to mind is going of the sake for than dating have so I think you dating, and clear on that be really to “You’ll she says. it,” stick to I elimi- see along the way never I would men that nate just a if this was eliminate show.” dating her between main difference “The on ABC’s experience Bachelor” and her in 2007 on “La- this year experience 41. age at Love” bor of 1 No. my it wasn’t but mance, on ‘The whereas priority, the all about it was Bachelor,’ with tale, and fairy romance [kids] that the assumption she says. later,” come would definitely a was “So there the between shift priority this was Here, [shows]. two It face. my of right in front in 1 driver No. my was really doing, I was that everything difference.” a huge so that’s might the show of premise she says but eyebrows, raise watch to viewers she wants judge. they before an have to people courage this and really open mind to try- we’re what understand they before do here ing to she says. assumptions,” make special “I think this is a really modern story, a really show, a lot of and this is a situation I today. facing are women see can really hope people and see in this process that I am, sincere how not only the all of sincere how but too.” in this journey, men are

To search for these quali- for search To times in the drills, lot of “A during the instance, For the Ritz; at stay to love “I’d romance She still values with [kids] in “Dating what that really came down came down really that what a hands-on I wanted was to accom- was A man who dad. and giving, secure plished, up step to ready and really and be an equal partner.” the ties and bring them to one drill finds the surface, kids debating dads potential their smarts test — both to interact they see how and to Another chal- with children. camping, as involves lenge how observes Katzmann be the men might protective something unexpected when happens in the woods. informa- I learned valuable not neces- things tion about the drill,” to related sarily she says. she over- camping excursion, about one man talk hears rough- not used to he’s how — outdoors ing it in the great staying used to because he’s the Ritz. at she says. sounds great!” that practical really is that “But about talking you’re when was That a family? having of piece good a really kind of have. me to for information If someone is stuck on that not a lot of there’s lifestyle, there.” flexibility she says, in a relationship, her emphasis on looking but be would who a dad for hands-on causes her to some surprising eliminate otherwise seem men who catches. like “Labor of Love.” Kristy Katzmann Katzmann Kristy daddy hopefuls on hopefuls daddy wants to be a mom. to be a mom. wants She’ll entertain baby- entertain baby- She’ll

OST people find people OST a they before partner a having think about former but baby,

skills while the biological clock is ticking skills while the biological LAUREN SARNER

“Labor of Love” (Thurs- Love” “Labor of came “When this [show] show, In the eight-episode I’m what years, “In recent new reality show that tests men’s parenting tests men’s new reality show that

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days at 9 p.m. on Fox) is a on Fox) 9 p.m. at days by series hosted reality new and the (“Sex Kristin Davis Katz- follows that City”) and chal- mann as she dates 15 of a group hopeful lenges eliminating baby-daddies, until them along the way down the group she whittles This the one she wants. to — love a baby wants woman ideal, but are and marriage optional. just I had me, for about now Katzmann, turned 40,” just “I had 41, Post. The tells a relationship, of out gotten with faced of sort and I was dating navigate trying to to I still wanted that knowing and obviously a family, start side.” time on my not having the men puts Katzmann challenges various through their test to “drills”) (called the end of nurturing side. At she singles out each episode, stay to men she wants which and which know, to and get sending away. ones she’s in a man has [be- looking for with] synonymous come in the I’m looking for what I can’t children. my of father those two separate really me, “For she says. anymore,” “Bachelor” contestant Kristy “Bachelor” contestant through is going Katzmann backward. the process M New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 30    confident step at atime. confident climb mountains, taking ita Gemini, sobelieve you can there. This isyour timeof year ability to get to thetop andstay why you ever doubted your probably lookback andwonder A few weeks from now you will Very little, soget your acttogether. What have you got to worry about? thoughts to take root inyour mind. so good ifyou allow negative the next few days but itwon't seem way inoneform oranotherover Good fortune willbecoming your in your favor again. from now when theSun moves options you willhave amonth bubble into your brain themore The more ideasyou allow to your mindisafrenzy of activity. doing muchat themomentbut It may seemasifyou are not (May 22-June 21) geMiNi (April 21-May 21) tAuruS (June 22-July 23) cANcer

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“I’m on my bike, looking at my my looking at bike, “I’m on my

her books, plants and East River East River and her books, plants out is sweating Everyone views. together, storm the coronavirus their homes. of the safety from people 7,000 and there’s kitchen, says. King riding along with me,”

W E Peloton bikes take up Peloton bikes safely under lockdown as locals seek to sweat as locals

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Home Home H Nicole Rosofsky crammed a Peloton bike into exercise her Upper East Side studio after one week of lockdown. Adam Lindemann is his selling p.33 quietly Montauk estate,

“I was really leaning into the leaning into really “I was instructors, for goes And that a Willi- shares King, who Jess T Though it’s labeled an office on labeled an office it’s Though listing photos the floor plan, set-up. a Peloton show being used as a the space idea of inquiries really but home office, at are people excited how show for space using that the option of Abrams. Susan says the Peloton,” begun filming have who too, their homes, resulting rides from shifts furniture in some strategic their own. of with her two-bedroom amsburg So- singer-songwriter girlfriend, from her bike moved phia Urista, beside their to bedroom a second windows. of wall room’s living dog Zeus sometimes curls King’s can see riders the bike; to up next InsIde week into New New into week

NE or- stay-at-home York’s Rosofsky Nicole der, As her sleep. couldn’t thoughts churned with the anxiety, coronavirus

aNNa daViES “I’m a fitness fanatic, and was “I’m a fitness and was fanatic, rear- began -year-old 32 The building shared about Forget on the co-op A one-bedroom bro- says myself,” “I’m a cyclist and Susan agents Warburg By

Upper East Sider focused on the focused East Sider Upper Her control: one thing she could routine. exercise be able I would how wondering regular a function without to is the who Rosofsky, says gym,” at director partnerships strategic heard “I had agency. a marketing com- I hadn’t but Peloton, about I because partially before, mitted But in a small apartment. lived it, I’m buy- then I thought, screw ing one.” in her studio, furniture ranging between a small alley creating By 4 a.m., her bed and . for ready nook” was the “Peloton been riding — and she’s a bike since. day high every as times, amenities. In pandemic hunt for and buyers renters a place looking for homes, they’re work — to their Peloton stash to the germ-free within alone, out, The walls. confines own their of equipment, which of pricy piece with and comes $2,245 for retails video of roster a $39/month compact relatively has a classes, York So in New footprint. 2-by-4 every where apartments, City brokers inch is precious, square space make to findingare ways wheels. the trendy for for listed Side, West Upper area” has a “Peloton $565,000, (In the on the floor plan. marked been might have corner that past, all.) or nothing at labeled a foyer, Douglas Burman, of Karen ker the I saw when Elliman. “And I thought, a Peloton, had owners a Pelo- have to the dream, that’s to and a functional space ton So Burman called out it.” place End West in the 622 the corner unit online and in a video Ave. pedal- her features — which tour in place. ing energetically findMichael Abrams Pelo- that in their lis- pique interest tons a repping are pair The too. tings, in St. E. 10th 70 at two-bedroom on the market the East Village, $2.29 has a win- million, that for with sliding doors. area dowless O New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 32 A spaces duringdark times. here’s how somelocalslightuptheirsmall cleaning tools to ingenious kitchen extras, no less treasured —objects.From practical dwellers seeksomesolace insmaller—but pitsandtrampolines,ens, fire scrappy city While suburbanites may revel inpizza ov- day here for weeks, buying seemed worth these filters it.” four years withno problem, but after spending 24 hours a COVID,” Newton adds. “We’ve beenin theapartment for suffering from allergies and worrying about whether it’s and particle levels. “We are hoping to notbe where.” The device lowers virus, bacteria more aware of thelayer of dustevery- home allof thetime, we becameeven Williamsburg,” says Newton. “But being how muchdustandpollution you get in fore the pandemic, we thoughtwe knew their living room andhomeoffice. “Be- ($300, right)for 211+airpurifiers Pure band splurged ontwo sleekBlueairBlue Newton (above) and hisarchitect hus- By shoppi Brooklyn-based writer and editor John Clear theair From bigsplurgestocheapthrills, purchases easinglifeinlockdown JacKIe coopermaN New Yorkers sharethepandemic portunities for retail therapy. purchases are creating great op- For able, thosefinancially new joyare where finding they can. week 10, cooped-up New Yorkers S the COVID-19 crisisdrags into limbo purifiers forhis Newton bought Brooklyn pad. two priceyair Writer John ment, it’s my own private place.” closet. Andunlike therest of theapart- trol muchrightnow, but Icancontrol my much happierplace,” shesays. “Ican’t con- closet now, everything isinorder. It’s a hangers ($5.49 for eight).“WhenIopenmy via anInstagram post:white wooden Ikea prisingly affordable solution cameto her band andtwo school-aged sons.The sur- Side apartment sheshares withherhus- have inevitably crept into theUpper West way to reduce theclutter andchaos that Teacher KimSteinhorn was lookingfor a Hanger stake adds, “therole that music plays in healing orjust to distract us.” radio station from Martha’s Vineyard. “I don’t thinkit’s frivolous at all,” she erything from BBCbroadcasts to David Bowie playlists to afavorite hours,” says Curry Hartmann, who’s beenplaying ev- of thecrisis,have gotten methrough sometough Christmas cactus, which was blooming at thepeak very eclecticinourtastes. This radio, andmy the world. “We have musiconallday long,andare daughter to stream musicandpodcastsfrom around equally music-loving husband andtheir12year-old Duetto. It allows Curry Hartmann,alongwithher non Curry Hartmannrecently boughtComo Audio’s For herapartment intheEastVillage, artist Shan- Music totheirears Kim Steinhornfoundorderin chaos byswitchingallofher same whiteIkeahangers family’s clothes ontothe ($5.49 foreight). cating it’s beenovercooked,” shesays. low yolk without thetell-tale gray coating indi- boiled eggandseeingaperfectly consistent, yel- thing extremely satisfying about cracking opena adds, helpherboilperfect eggs. “There’s some- uncertainty,” shesays. The red timer, Gaudino tequila helpswash away thoughtsof powerless fresh-squeezed limejuice andample splashes of COVID days of business lunches,while adding lemon duringtheday takes meback to thepre- Timer ($5).“Sipping onseltzer withaslice of Stream Fizzi Classic ($89.99) andtheEggsact Egg ference.” Amongherfavorite purchases: aSoda highlights “thelittle things inlife that make adif- “Corona Chronicles: ’Rona Essentials,” where she tive exercise, creating a YouTube seriescalled ena Gaudinohasturnedquarantine into acrea- In Greenpoint, communications consultant El-  Bubblesandyolks New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 33 Planomatic Home Rise Media/Sotheby’s . Butler Paula , of Muir, of Margaret A Hamptons home where home where A Hamptons FOR city residents look- residents city FOR Jackie O-asis Jackie Jacqueline Onassis Onassis Kennedy Jacqueline is on as a child summered million. $7.5 for the market La Forest 55 at Wildmoor, has Hampton, Lane in East 4,291 over six bedrooms Street Wall The feet. square the first reported Journal the listing. Built in 1895, In the home sits on 1 acre. be- spread the 1900s, early grandfa- Onassis’s to longed Bouvier Vernou John ther, expres- abstract By 1960, Jr. Gottlieb sionist Adolph be to bought the property large Inside, near the ocean. let in light through rooms shin- The windows. large a gabled gled home features porch a wraparound roof, also There’s and an atrium. an art studio in a converted is listing broker The barn. Re- International Sotheby’s alty’s Isle be alone ing for the ultimate quaran- the ultimate ing for lie on could the answer tine, island. private own your Thim- Connecticut’s of Part Island Islands, Jepson ble for can be yours (below) spread rocky This $800,000. an of on almost one-third of with views comes acre stunning State’s the Nutmeg is a beach, a There coast. dock and mooring — along con- with a two-bedroom 962 home that’s temporary Built in 1980, feet. square glass the home features beams, sky- exposed walls, ceil- lights and cathedral within 10 And, hey, ings. the onshore from minutes to can be on 1-95 dock, you City, York New to back get the listing — to according from So- B Fee Pitt Julia William Realty. International theby’s

Doug Kuntz Klemm Real Estate S K U A JENNIFER GOULD KEIL JENNIFER . T rooms and three bathrooms. It fea- It bathrooms. and three rooms window details, wood exotic tures a chef’swalls, fire- and three kitchen guest also a Y-shaped There’s places. that with exteriors house (above), of metal the corrugated complement a 50- there’s sheds. Outside, local farm the Cat- pool overlooking foot-long is Graham listing broker skills. The Estate. Klemm Klemm, of Real ’ . Mohr Bradley Y E Ancram, NY N cels, but only the one at 8 Old Montauk Highway is publicly is publicly Highway 8 Old Montauk the one at only but cels, listed it for $85 million. The property is made up of two par- two of up is made property $85 million. The it for listed for sale. Built in the 1930s as a fishing camp for the Church as a fishing Built in the 1930s the Church sale. camp for for , who had initially initially had , who Drexler CEO Mickey Crew J. former family whose holdings included Arm & Hammer baking soda, Arm & Hammer baking included holdings whose family . Tsai Christopher bought Eothen in 2015 for $50 million. The seller was seller was $50 million. The for bought Eothen in 2015 Dayan Adam Lindemann Lindemann(inset) is shop- Adam and gallerist art collector it eventually came into the hands of Warhol and filmmaker Warhol the hands of came into it eventually record comment. Lindemann and his art dealer wife Amalia and his art dealer wife Lindemann comment. record Paul Morrissey, who bought it in 1972 for $225,000. They enter- They $225,000. for bought it in 1972 who Morrissey, Paul circling. A rep for Lindemann did not return requests for on-the- for requests return Lindemann did not for A rep circling. Gimme Shelter Gimme Ryan Serhant and Serhant Ryan O tained boldface guests including boldface tained house and six cottages are set on 5.7 acres. We hear celebrities are are celebrities hear We acres. on 5.7 set are house and six cottages Tahari tells The Post, “I bought it because I still think Post, The tells Tahari apartment for one of his children. Reached for comment, comment, for Reached his children. one of for apartment building, designed by Roman and Williams, features a features and Williams, Roman building, designed by common roof deck. A source says Tahari purchased the purchased Tahari says deck. A source roof common Elie Tahari (right) bought a one- mogul Elie Tahari Fashion THAT bedroom pad at 211 Elizabeth St. for $3.25 million. The $3.25 million. The for St. 211 Elizabeth at pad bedroom [New York] real estate is a great investment and I have and I have investment is a great estate real York] [New it design. So when & Williams’ Roman loved always oppor- be a good I thought it would sale, came up for Interna- Seekers Nest were brokers The tunity.” tional’s M ILLIONAIRE ILLIONAIRE es- oceanfront The $65 million. for off-market compound ping his Montauk A main Warhol. Andy to belonged famously as Eothen, which is known tate , in collaboration , in collaboration FOR $125,000, you you $125,000, FOR Eothen

Wei cool! It’s available for rent from June 4 to 4 to June from rent for available It’s is also still on the property The Sept. 7. Res- Tsai million. The $5.25 for market 3,500- The sits on 37 acres. idence bed- has three spread square-foot can spend the summer art. Up- of in a work NY, in Ancram, state, resi- only America’s designed by dence Chinese artist famed Ai Wei- and activist wei firm HHF with Swiss as Known grabs. is up for Architects, to the home dates Residence, the Tsai as a commissioned — and was 2006 collec- Ai’s one of home for vacation tors, businessman


We We hear... Panning out Panning With his wife and two chil- two and his wife With Houseman and has just pub- and has Houseman lished the cookbook “How To To “How cookbook lished the runs beloved Soho restaurant Soho restaurant runs beloved Dress an Egg,” has relocated has relocated Egg,” an Dress dren, chef Ned Baldwin, who who Baldwin, chef Ned dren, from his Spring Street apart- Street his Spring from  ment to the North Fork. His Fork. North the ment to newest cooking acquisition, a acquisition, cooking newest Smithey 8-inch cast iron pan ($100), ($100), pan cast iron 8-inch Smithey “is blowing my mind,” he exclaims. “It’s “It’s he exclaims. mind,” my “is blowing a raise!” crazy multipurpose: you can fry an egg or multipurpose: you crazy meaty, delicious oysters.” (The farm delivers delivers farm (The delicious oysters.” meaty, them so easy to open. These are huge, huge, are open. These to them so easy to Long Island and ships to NYC via FedEx.) via NYC and ships to Long Island to roast meat, and I even made chick pea stew chick pea stew made and I even meat, roast the of advantage also taking Baldwin’s in it.” local shellfish, of abundance particularly Matt farmer from Gold Oysters the Peconic says. Baldwin big oysters,” “I love Ketcham. makes which super hard, are shells “The Suck it up  comes back, I’m giving her I’m giving back, comes through,” she says. “When she she says. through,” two vacuums: the Roomba-like Eufy the Roomba-like vacuums: two tive to what my housekeeper goes goes housekeeper my what to tive Like a lot of privileged New Yorkers, re- Yorkers, New privileged a lot of Like RoboVac 11S ($160) and the “wonder- and 11S ($160) RoboVac to cleaning her own apartment. “I didn’t “I didn’t apartment. cleaning her own to know what my house cleaner was using, house cleaner was my what know man’s forays into tidying led her to buy buy led her to tidying into forays man’s so I had to experiment,” she says. Fried- she says. experiment,” to so I had fully light” Dyson V 11 Animal ($500). light” Dyson fully “This has made me much more sensi- me much more has made “This ecutive Nancy Friedman has had to adjust adjust to has had Friedman Nancy ecutive tired Upper East Side travel marketing ex- marketing travel East Side Upper tired Hot seat  of neighborhood In the Bronx Marble Hill, writer Chantal McLaughlin has made work- has made McLaughlin Chantal Hill, writer Marble Ac- Ergo Ergo with her new bearable home more ing from “This shade. in a “bright, orange” ($110) happy Stool tive can sub- so you a mild swaying fun. There’s chair is really and a circle can make or you working, core your feel tly fun It’s or typing. talking you’re while core your exercise on it eye my “I had she says. flowing,” the blood and it gets the whole before hit. When pandemic working I started I I knew home, from an For it.” get to had boost, cardio extra who McLaughlin, has also recently sits on a cat, adopted and pedals the stool on her Stam- her feet Ellipti- ina InMotion cal machine ($120). fitsIt her under and workspace in a similarly comes hue, orange peppy almost like “It’s too. a recumbent it’s she observes. bike,” be to “I just have because I careful and long legs have sometimes hit they the keyboard.”

Tamara Beckwith/NY Post; Smithey Ironware (right) New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 34 etl 1-1-04N texting No 212-210-0094 rentals $150wk+ Queens, Room iceet tdoRnasBklyn, Rentals Studio & Kitchenette ues rn,MnatnSingle Manhattan Bronx, Queens, 80o+Cul 90o nyc $900mo+ Couple + $800mo etl.222009 otexti No 212-210-0094 rentals.   UNSE ROOMS FURNISHED Hom

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 G H Q H R J ,I D  H H V V V       W W  O New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com R 35 Odds Odds Odds Odds FS1 TVG ESPN2 3-3-4 20-1 2-1-9 15-1 Last 3 9-1-6 30-1 3-10-4 12-1 Last 3 3-6-8 7-2 1-3-5 15-1 7-1-2 5-1 Last 3 8-2-5 6-1 2-1-1 5-1 Last 3 6-2-4 12-1 2-6-7 12-1 JLeparx 10-3-6FGerox 8-1 1-2-1MFranc 3-5-6 5-2 LMchd 15-1 5-10-5CLaneri 30-1 1-2-1JRamos 1-6-3 7-2 S Doyle 20-1 ABschz 4-4-3G Saez 8-1 MMena 7-8-3MMrrll 15-1 2-1-2PLopez 8-8-2EGnzlz 9-2 3-1-1 8-1 CLaneri 9-3-3 10-1 20-1 Jockey TGaffln 6-2-6JGrahm 7-1-1 15-1 JRosari 15-1 4-2-5JGarcia 7-1-3 5-2 FGerox 8-6-5 4-1 JVelzqz 5-7-3 12-1 JLeparx 3-3-8 4-1 BHrnnJ 7-4-1 6-1 DCarrll 20-1 1-1-3PLopez 2-3-1 12-1 C Orm 5-1 S Doyle MFranc 6-4-2RSntnJr 3-1-5 8-1 12-1 Jockey JTalam 4-2-2MMena 1-2-2 9-2 RAragn 15-1 2-2-3T Baze 15-1 MGarci 3-6-10CLaneri 2-4-3 8-1 JCstlln 1-2-6 9-2 MFranc 3-1-2 5-1 12-1 J Court Jockey CLndrs 9-1-2DCnnn 15-1 1-9-4JRosari 1-4-8 20-1 JLeparx 1-1-1 15-1 JCstlln 12-1 2-1-1DCarrll 8-5 7-7-11JLezcn 10-1 3-9-3MGarci 8-7-10 10-1 JVelzqz 1-3-2 9-2 CLaneri 1-9-8 9-2 FGerox 12-1 6-3-23DCarrll 5-1 7-2-1RSntnJr 10-3-4 10-1 15-1 JTalam 3-8-1 7-2 Jockey MGarci 4-10-5JRosari 6-1 3-6-xJ Ortiz 10-1 TGaffln 5-2-3T Baze 5-1 JGrahm 6-x-xDCnnn 12-1 x-x-xFGerox 2-2-3 30-1 JLeparx 11-2-x 9-2 CLndrs 6-1 7-5-5CLaneri 3-8-2 20-1 BHrnnJ 9-x-x 4-1 12-1 Puzzles on Page 22 on Page Puzzles 2 MineyerwnmlnL118 3 FrostOrFrippryL120 4 CalculatedRskrL118 Stand(L),118 5 United 6 Overzealous(L),118 Rubio(L),113 7 El 8 Valycove(L),118 Grey(L),118 9 Curlin 10 HighRiskStrtgyL118 11 ItalianCharm(L),118 12 Blue Steel(L),118 13 Roaring Fork(L),118 14 Candy Asset(L),118 15 On Patrol(L),118 SEVENTH-5 1/2 fur(T); $83,000; alw op cl; SEVENTH-5 1/2 fur(T); $83,000; 3up(f&m) PN Horse,Wt. 1 V J's Bet(L),121 D(L),121 2 Reenie 3 Dalika(L),121 4 Mentality(L),121 5 WinandyornGnL121 6 Devant(L),121 7 Harmless(L),121 8 Stylishly(L),121 9 More(L),121 10 Devils Dance(L),121 11 Lesley'sSong(L),121 12 FameFeather(L)121 13 IllhandalthcshL121 14 HolidayTime(L),121 3up(f&m) EIGHTH-1 mile; $34,000; cl($30,000); PN Horse,Wt. 1 Addison(L),118 2 ClassyJustice(L)124 3 ChannelPrncssL124 Eazy(L),118 4 Spun 5 Moorac(L),118 6 PrincessPhoneL124 7 Complete(L),124 Negrita(L),118 8 La 9 B Sky High(L),12410 LadyMcKenzieL118 S Doyle NINTH-1 mile(T); $85,000; alw op cl; 3up PN Horse,Wt. Mesa(L),122 1 Royal 2 Alkhaatam(L),122 3 Journeyman(L),122 4 Ivar(L),122 5 FrontRuntheFdL122 6 Ritzy A. P.(L),1227 MoonColony(L),122 Maroon(L),122 8 Clint J Ortiz Dumas(L),122 9 Mr 10 Casa Creed(L),122 11 Jais'sSolitude(L)122 12 Vanbrugh(L),122 13 Federal Law(L),122 14 LoudrThnBmbsL122 15 Lone Sailor(L),122 16 K J's Nobility(L),122 C Borel TENTH-1 1/16 miles; $35,000; md cl($50,000); 3up(f&m) PN Horse,Wt. 1 SenseYouLeft(L118 Lady(L),118 2 Joker 3 Eden(L),118 4 Soothing(L),125 5 SacredUnion(L),118 6 Thomasville(L),118 7 WrinklesYorNsL118 Red(L),118 8 Flashing 9 a Deal(L),118 She's 10 HashtagWinnrL118 11 GardenAffair(L),125 12 Bless Em(L),118 698713524 342586197 517942836 184697253 275138649 963254781 436875912 759421368 821369475 Solution to Difficult #4,884 Odds Odds Odds Odds Odds Odds KT Wiz at LG Twins NASCAR Xfinity Series: Toyota 200 Last 3 7-1-4 9-2 7-4-1 15-1 7-4-1 10-1 1-3-3 12-1 Last 3 Last 3 Last 3 Last 3 2-7-23-9-x 4-1 20-1 Last 3 3-8-1 15-1 4-2-4 30-1 5-2-53-10-5 20-1 20-1 Jockey CLndrs 4-2-3JMcKee 2-8-3 15-1 KKlnbr 15-1 9-6-7J Court 50-1 MMena 10-9-7JTalam 8-1 1-2-6AJimnz 10-7-5S Leon 5-2 20-1 ABschz 5-4-1C Borel DCnnn 6-1 5-8-5T Baze RBejrn 6-1 7-11-1MMena 5-4-2 6-1 JTalam 10-1 3-9-8 12-1 Jockey MFrnkl 1-4-1 12-1 Jockey RSntnJr x-x-xCLaneri x-x-x 3-1 AGomz x-x-x 6-1 TGaffln x-x-x 20-1 ABschz x-x-x 2-1 KKlnbr 15-1 x-x-xEGnzlz x-x-x 15-1 JTalam x-x-xDCnnn 6-1 15-1 x-x-xAJimnz x-x-x 20-1 DParkr 12-1 x-x-xDGarci 30-1 x-x-xKKlnbr x-x-x 30-1 20-1 Jockey MMena 1-8-4BHrnnJ 20-1 7-8-8JRamos 4-1-4 20-1 SBrdg 12-1 11-1-10JRosari 20-1 6-2-3CEmigh 1-1-2RSntnJr 2-1 3-5-4 10-1 JCstlln 2-8-8 3-1 CLaneri 3-2-3JLeparx 7-4-3 9-2 5-1 12-1 Jockey JTalam 9-3-3CLaneri 5-x-xRBejrn 8-1 x-x-x 5-1 J Ortiz 12-1 JGrahm 4-4-3ASerpa 12-1 6-10-3MPedrz 15-1 3-9-3MMena 5-6-x 15-1 ABschz 5-3-6 5-1 BHrnnJ 5-x-x 10-1 RSntnJr 2-4-3 8-1 3-1 Jockey S Leon BHrnnJ 11-4-10JRamos 5-1 2-6-5C Orm 30-1 CEmigh 2-4-7CLaneri 2-3-8 6-1 ABschz 5-2-2 6-1 MMena 6-5-1DCohn 8-1 1-2-2 6-1 JMcKee 1-5-2MFranc 5-2 4-4-4 20-1 G Saez 8-1 T Baze MMena 6-6-3TGaffln 5-4-2 10-1 RSntnJr 1-3-3 8-1 5-2 Easy #5,094 3 p.m. Racing Coast to Coast 5:25 a.m. (Friday) Noon ry Ve 796134825 314852697 825697314 582769143 637421958 941385762 479218536 168543279 253976481 Today's Sports on the Air Today's Solution to Churchill Downs Entries Post Time: 1 p.m. 1 Time: Post Entries Downs Churchill Horse Racing Korean Baseball Auto Racing  1 Southsider(L),123 Iron(L),123 2 Big 3 StayonthegrndL116 It(L),118 4 Feeling 5 JerseyAgenda(L123 Giant(L),123 6 His 7 Felipe(L),123 8 Intonation(L),123 9 QuestforFire(L),123 10 Horsefeathers(L123 11 Vineyard(L),123 12 Grade(L),123 13 ComeOnVenezlL123 14 Firehorn(L),123 15 Cadron Flats(L),123 1 HoorayforHrvyL118 FIFTH-6 fur; $26,000; cl($10,000); 3up PN Horse,Wt. SIXTH-1 1/16 miles; $26,000; st op cl; 4up PN Horse,Wt. PN Horse,Wt. 2 ,119 Mad Maddy 3 HopefulPrincess119 1 War ,119 a-Summer 4 Tequila Queen ,119 ,119 5 Prettyhappy 6 ShakeItOutWest112 7 Cool Enough ,119 8 Longdrinkofwtr119 9 Youawakemysol119 10 Seguro ,119 11 MyMargaretAnn119 12 DoubleWhopper109 1 a-Tiz a BitLucky,112 a-Coupled 4up SECOND-6 fur; $34,000; st op cl; PN Horse,Wt. 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Ali Sports Humanitarian the Minnesota of Moore finalists Maya are . O’Neil Titus and WWE wrestler Lynx can count and despite my own discomfort it discomfort own my and despite can count a smile on their their spirits and put lifted them.’’ for there just because I was face school. “School he said. a longshot,’’ met, not by elemen- from life, my me all for hard was up and I I showed But college. through tary takes skill. It take doesn’t That present. was commitment.’’ came as no surprise Manning challenged helped who thank anyone to the graduates touch. with a personal this far them get easy,’’ and much too seems insincere me that who life in your people are “There he said. thank you.’’ a personal get to deserve simply eli manning SportS ShortS Paul Schwartz Paul By

Hamlin wins rain-shortened race Cowboys’ Smith reinstated

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Embrace the awkward. Embrace to message Eli Manning’s of part was That awkward mind being in I don’t see, “You after retired Manning, recently filled was address 11-minute Manning’s kinda thinks this is one that I the only “Am memory lane, a trip down Manning took he said. 8 a.m. classes,’’ dreaded “The is unpredictable is

the Class of 2020 in a sincere and heartfelt and heartfelt in a sincere 2020 of the Class who graduates speech to commencement ceremony an on-site did not experience pandemic. COVID-19 amid the ongoing necessa- I don’t things or doing situations Manning said. do,’’ to want rily the Giants becoming “Like win- after quarterback backup and walk- Bowls Super ning two Embrac- with the MVP. ing away cultivating, is worth ing awkward this graduation, like because life, as planned.’’ goes rarely as the Giants quarter- years 16 iHeartMe- of as part spoke back, “Commencement campaign dia’s 2020.’’ of the Class Speeches for participate to Other celebrities Hillary Legend, include John and Bill and Melinda McGraw Tim Clinton, Gates. inspiration of words with self-deprecation, and failings his own and his acknowledging fears. graduations?’’ “Virtual he asked. weird?’’ alluding Ole Miss, at in college his years to — addresses something he almost never to as a 19- drunkenness public for an arrest old freshman. year a I still have Scantrons. were there “Then up to I show where nightmare recurring Scan- a freaking have and I don’t a test take me one. I remem- will give and nobody tron And wife. future my ber the first time I saw Eli to grads: Life Life grads: to Eli   won NASCAR’s first NASCAR’s Hamlin won Denny  , who hasn’t played in an played hasn’t Aldon Smith, who qualifying events at the end of the year, the year, the end of at qualifying events the same keep to deciding Wednesday its tours. it has on all of players of roster the Oakland Coliseum says the A’s have in- have the A’s says the Oakland Coliseum pay” to “no ability had him they formed the annual $1.2 on the facility. million rent to a two-year contract extension extension contract a two-year Chung to 2023. through

etc.: etc.: NFL: Wednesday race since 1984 when rain rain when 1984 since race Wednesday laps remaining with 20 the event stopped Raceway. Darlington at NFL game since 2015, will be able to take take to be able will 2015, since NFL game with the Cowboys activities in team part conditionally the NFL on Wednesday after an indefi- from the pass-rusher reinstated issues. off-field suspension for nite New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 36 a appear .6EAwt 105 with ERA 4.76 29 in WHIP 1.563 and BBs adnl.H aefiv made He Cardinals. 09stats: 2019 incentives. in $7 million additional an earn can He wo otatstatus: Contract Ag Po Michael otPae Profile Player Post .8ERA. 5.68 sition: e: started beforestarted the2017 Masters. withtheformer Patriotspartnership quarterback raise some$10 millionfor COVID-19 relief, but his Peyton Manning inagolfexhibition onSunday to Tom Brady willtake onTiger Woods (inset)and greatestPhil Mickelson team: and (right) appear rth 28 a ne,gig10with 1-0 going ances, FTEMT ROSTER METS THE OF A urned$ million. $3 guaranteed DA Right-handed ne o the for ances Wa We IL Y t67with 6-7 nt ASSESSMENT cha One- Ks , ye 55 e pitcher rdeal ar re a lief September, precluding him discomfort as recently as last Wacha incurred shoulder ing anabbreviated schedule. linedur- reaching thefinish might have abetter chance of tory of shoulderissues, right-hander, who hasahis- of asix-month season,the be MichaelWacha. baseball’s shutdown might among Mets pitchers during Mets’ injury-prone Wacha shouldbenefit No longer facing thegrind The biggest winner By Getty Images(3) One inaseries. Mike PuMa I tournaments together Tour at PGA brand, have played inacouple pro-am sented by thesameshoe high-profile Manning. on theteam of Tiger Woods andPeyton Phil Mickelson andTom Brady to take Sound, Fla.,allalongwas going to pair alist GolfClub inHobe lief, to beplayed at Med- million for COVID-19 re- tion to raise some$10 to partner withwhom. about whom was going there was little question public consumption, for Charity” andthenannounced for early inthemorning,playing 36holes events. form Brady-Mickelson tandem One ‘coollife moment’ helped Woods andManning,bothrepre- Sunday’s golf exhibi- formed for “The Match: Champions T The genesis of theMickelson-Brady versation for aswingman role liever, putting him inthecon- pearances, five came asare- for the Cardinals. Ofthoseap- 29 appearances lastseason 4.76 WHIP in ERA and1.563 helps aguy like himalot.” think ashortened season his wheelhouse better, soI more like 12-15 mightbein National club. League “But a talent evaluator from a him infor 25-30 starts,” said son for theCardinals. from pitching inthepostsea- When thetwo-man teams were MADE sensefrom thebeginning. partnership was abitmore or- Wacha, 28,went 6-7 witha “You don’t want to pencil ganic, andit’s highlighted by one particular “cool life moment’’as Mickelson puts it. getting inaworkout the membercabins, In advance of the2017 Masters, Mickelson, They were staying in Augusta National. kers ingolf, were ona golf hangtogether at Brady andJimmy business power bro- Dunne, oneof thebig get creative, they could and Rick Porcello. cus Stroman, Steven Matz behind Jacob deGrom, Mar- cha asthelikely starter, fifth him into 2021, leaving Wa- March 26 that willsideline Tommy John surgery on Syndergaard underwent staff haschanged: Noah within theMets pitching outbreak, thedynamic pended for theCOVID-19 this seasonwiththeMets. when springtraining began Cannizzaro But ifthe Mets wanted to But since campwas sus- Mark the left of down to “We were son said. ’’ Mickel- let’s dothis,’ ‘Hell yeah, request. think about Brady’s exactly zero timeto end’s charity match. vance of thisweek- told The Post inad- passes?’ ’’Mickelson mind catching afew sharp …doyou bit andkeep my arm like to throw alittle next week andIalways receiver Julian] Edelman I’ve got to go throw to [Patriots morning andBrady said, ‘Hey listen, course. peat that routine. over agood dinnerat night. and thenenjoying someexquisite wine “I was like, Mickelson said hetook “We allwent andworked out inthe The next day, they’d wake upandre- complished onthegolf amazing things he’s ac- side of family andthe ished moments—out- one of Lefty’s mostcher- thing that turnedinto asked Mickelson some- buddies’ trip, Brady One morningonthat more of abreak and they Maybe you cangive Lugo over that role Lugo has. tunity, but maybe hetakes he isgoing to get anoppor- evaluator said. “Obviously, tor thisyear,” thetalent to think hecanbeabigfac- ning role. with Wacha inthat multi-in- be willingto experiment but perhaps theteam would was the Mets’ bestreliever, expense. Lugo lastseason tation, albeitat thebullpen’s move SethLugo into thero- “Wacha, Ithinkit’s areach lived …ifnotthegreatest.’’ of thegreatest quarterbacks who ever stop mefrom catching passes from one hyperextend. But yet, itwasn’t going to gers bentbecauseIdon’t want themto a finger, to behonest.I’ve got my fin- heat that Iwas aworried about busting ball come inthishard. passes to meandI’ve never seenafoot- out and[Brady] isthrowing these It’s 7:20 inthemorningandhalfdark where there’s alittle gymby thecabins. the 10th holeinthecottages over there ters asaresult of aninnocent football forced to withdraw from that 2017 Mas- son had heinjured andwas afinger Wouldn’t ithave been “He threw withsuchvelocity and carefully managingit.He andhis always beenabout living it,not own beat, taking skivacations with his family inthemiddleof golf sea- uable timeonthegolf course. a limbandcausinghimto miss val- son withnoworry about breaking Mickelson’s mantra inlife has toss withTom Brady? has beenknown to walk to his Mickelson, after all,always wife, Amy, always have than arotation role.” see him more inaLugo role four innings at times,but I be extended over three or spurts, andnotthat hecan’t shoulder. Ithinkinshorter fort over timebecauseof the to be able to sustain hisef- guy that Ithinkisnotgoing the shortened seasonhe’s a start him,because even with cha’s] role thantryingto middle relief role. that spotstart, longrelief, both could kindof handle Wacha was an All-Star for “I seethat more of [Wa- made itapointto in-

clude theirthree children in those special so very kinds of life

experiences that they’ll not only learn Mickel-

New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 37 JETS MAILBAG Brian By Costello Do you think this will be Marcus think this will be Marcus Do you for it I think this is probably Yes, on camp training no real With chal- be the biggest to is going This use an- could the Jets know We those names, but not heard I have proved think Hines Ward Do you The receivers last year praised the praised last year receivers The players? This is not a popularity con- a popularity is not This players? Gase is putting feel If players test. win, they to them in the best position him. will respect last season with the Jets Maye’s Davis? Ashtyn drafted they since Spriggs — Jake get to going are the Jets I believe Maye. Adams done with Jamal a contract a ma- make to will be hard It eventually. safe- jor financial two to commitment be deal would though Maye’s ties, even im- If Davis than Adams’. much less he can this year, the coaches presses All signs spot in 2021. Maye’s slide into 2021. by being gone Maye point to long will it take how the horizon, jell consid- line to the offensive for will be there ering it looks like position on in every starters new the line? — Dan opinion. We in my face, the Jets lenge a line with bad what last year saw the starting after chemistry looks like, all in the at together line did not play long it will how I’m not sure preseason. can do to they things are or if there take will be critical, It up. speed things page. on the same get they though, that Do you wideout. other quality about inquired have if they know two Pettis, or Dante Coutee Keke fit seem to would that players of crop than the remaining better receivers? agent unappealing free — Jetstream not ex- have does not mean they that he them. Douglas has shown plored situa- in every does his due diligence not surprise me if De- would tion. It some at is re-signed maryius Thomas is a He agent. a free remains point. He be a posi- Gase and could of favorite receivers. on the young influence tive [as an offen- in his 1st year valuable do you and how assistant], sive Jefferson help Shawn think he may — Dave room? WR a raw influence work Ward did, and I know he drew he drew did, and I know Ward work this other teams from some interest with closely worked He offseason. and I last year, Anderson Robby in late improved thought Anderson has instant the season. I think Ward his because of with players credibility helps. always That career. playing — Michael — Michael — Doug from — Doug from away last week believ- last week away ing a signing was immi- ing a signing was people got carried carried got people though. I think some brink of signing him, brink of nent. From my under- my nent. From Let’s take these two to- these two take Let’s mean they are on the are mean they sentatives. That does not That sentatives. standing, Ryan’s asking Ryan’s standing, gether. The Jets have have Jets The gether. talked to Ryan’s repre- Ryan’s to talked ters? ters? tail cutting [Brian] Win- [Brian] cutting tail Is there a realistic sce- a realistic Is there Larry Warford? Does it en- Larry Warford? sign both Logan Ryan and Ryan sign both Logan on big names on big nario where the Jets can can the Jets nario where But the second part of your your of part the second But and cap space. — Davey Cooks Cooks — Davey and cap space. many problems. problems. many Why haven’t the Jets signed Lo- signed the Jets haven’t Why Let’s take a few parts of this ques- of parts a few take Let’s I don’t imagine that is leading to to is leading imagine that I don’t gan Ryan yet? They have a need have They yet? Ryan gan question is something I hear some- Dolphin team. Dolphin team. Mahopac Mahopac Jets unlikely to to unlikely Jets member, they said he lost the said they member, price is still very high, around $10 $10 high, around is still very price times, and I’m not sure where this where times, and I’m not sure lot of players from the Dolphins from players lot of only interacting with Gase virtually. with Gase virtually. interacting only who liked playing for Gase. The Gase. The for playing liked who perception comes from. I have not I have from. comes perception ers. Most coaches do. But there are a are there But do. coaches Most ers. Warford is a similar situation. He re- He situation. is a similar Warford react- players these Jet are How You ask, we answer. The Post is field- The answer. ask, we You tion apart. Right now, the players are are the players Right now, tion apart. ing to coach [Adam] Gase? Re- [Adam] coach ing to s. the Jet installment: bags. In today’s spend big bucks bucks big spend sense I got last year in the Jets’ locker locker in the Jets’ last year sense I got appreci- most players that was room and dedication. intensity Gase’s ated the wrong Does he rub some people the best think about But Surely. way? of many in the league. How coaches their by loved universally them are heard that he lost the team in Miami. he lost the team that heard with play- disagreements a few had He million. The Jets are not doing that. that. not doing are Jets million. The $7 million. asking for is portedly not pay- are the Jets prices are Those Right this point in the offseason. ing at Douglas is shopping for Joe GM now, big names equate often Fans value. those signings but signings, with good rea- are There out. work usually don’t still free are players sons these two declining — a mix of right now agents much money. too skills and asking for question, yes the second answer To Win- sign both (and yes, could the Jets cap casualty) be the likely would ters on it happening. count don’t but ing questions from readers about New about New readers ing questions from and get- teams sports biggest pro York’s them in answer to ting our beat writers mail- published a series of regularly mpuma@nypost.com cha] would be gravy be- be gravy cha] would not the cause I think he’s and hopefully guy same the tal- he is healthier,” said. ent evaluator is a big thing rest “This the shoulder be- for cause the healing as- it is really pect of might and that good his ex- help him, plus being on perience championship-cali- and know- ber teams and pitch to ing how ” stuff. that all of The Mets also signed Por- Mets The [Wa- from I get “Anything ces. The contract has a contract The ces. it built into “points” system Wacha reward would that not a full-time he’s if even the Under pitcher. starting re- Wacha arrangement, a start one point for ceives of appearance or each relief Bo- innings. least three at nuses begin accumulating points. 10 he reaches once the but last winter, cello Award Young Cy former as a lower winner is viewed risk than Wacha. and mcannizzaro@nypost.com Wacha arrived to the Mets to arrived Wacha So, there was Mickelson, with a Mas- with Mickelson, was there So, the sto- about it’s Sometimes in life, with some guys catch played “I’ve but focused, really “I was Mickelson On Sunday, Brady get the chance to take down one down take to the chance get Brady all time in of golfers the greatest of a good do it for And they’ll Woods. called a win-win. cause. That’s the Cardinals in 2015, when when in 2015, the Cardinals with a 3.38 17-7 he went the past of three but ERA, a struggle seasons were four he posted him. In 2018 for — his best numbers some of and 1.233a 3.20 ERA WHIP, just 15 came over that but sidelined as he was starts, strains. oblique multiple by on an incentive- last winter that contract one-year laden him $3 million. guarantees max can contract Wacha’s on million based $10 at out appearan- and relief starts

from but never forget. never but from months, than two in less play to ters to light trying dawn in the dim standing hurting without passes Brady’s catch experi- a cool himself because it was forget. never he’d he knew that ence a dinner and over tell to get ries you hap- and that Cabernet, of bottle good favorite Mickelson’s of be one pens to un- do — other than drop to things difficultshots to flop thinkably the hole. within inches of this but arms and stuff, with good me and I’m only at is whistling ball Mick- it,’’ the last half of catching such got “He’s elson recalled. and with his feet force ground just his shoulder and the ball and away yards in 25 comes an had It just no drop. there’s because I didn’t on me, impact are balls those hard how realize those good in and how coming those catch to are receivers things. catch. to hard were those balls times the ball three were There I times and all three palm hit my shot right that a nerve had arm all the way my through And body. my throughout fa- my one of it’s yet, be- moments, vorite to gets cause who from passes catch greatest the freaking all of quarterback time?’’ from abbreviated sked New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 38 offensive coordinator Jason Garrett are eager this isinsomeways anew start for Engram. lem andwithanew coaching regime inplace, andingames.on thepractice It field isaprob- and pullsnaggingissues that limithistime tunedathletea finely susceptible to strains percent (14 out of 48)of hisNFLgames. He is liable, andEngram hasbeenunavailable for 29 on speedandquickness to make aliving. come for apass-catching tightendwho relies needs plenty of timeto healandisnever wel- pair apartial Lisfranc tear, aprocedure that gram. He underwent surgery Dec.20 to re- day Night Football.’’ the Cowboys on “Mon- sprain inWeek 9against down withamid-foot knee issue thengoing missing timewitha eight games lastseason, in 2018 andacareer-low games asarookie, just11 him. He played in15 is often somethingwith thing withEngram, but gest itisalways some- the field. and needsto stabilize hiscareer by staying on delights andfrustrates theteam anditsfans, tractually through the2021 season. movebrainer financial to secure himcon- are fully committed to him. It was ano- tion onEvan Engram innoway meansthey felt good about so many things, year,” Gasesaid recently. “We what hecould dogoing into last that we were allexcited to see in theoffense in2020. son starts. He could beakey cog to contribute assoonthesea- Herndon ishealthy andexpected expectations have returned. year for Herndon. Now, those ending broken ribledto alost hamstring injurythenaseason- game andhad onecatch. things hecould do. “unicorn” becauseof allthe coach Adam Gasecalledhima fellow rookie Sam Darnold.Jets showed strong chemistry with a strong rookie seasonwhen he season. Herndon was coming off for ChrisHerndon entering last You canbetcoach Joe Judge andespecially Availability iscrucialto stamp aplayer asre- That was itfor En- It istoo harsh to sug- This isahuge year ahead for Engram, who That theGiantspicked upthefifth-year op- Jets have Herndonfaithdespitelost2019 “I thinkeveryone canagree A suspensionfollowed by a Then, heplayed injustone The Jets had highexpectations By One inaseries. Brian CoStello By One inaseries. Paul SChwartz Po Giants’ A Eric Ka Le vnEga 52021 25 Engram Evan Pla oka oal ih nso the on ends tight notable at look vine e mt 32022 23 Smith den iingopanalysis group sition ye To r ro lno 82021 28 mlinson To But thetight endscould be a ceivers, where there are holes. they often focus onthewidere- talk about theJets’ weapons, dition for Darnold.Whenpeople inwitheverything.”he’ll fit wait to get going. Andseehow cited to get back andcan’t really plays. He’s aguy that we’re ex- andheplayedfield like [18] Then we get finally himonthe the suspensionandinjury. and itjustdidn’t work out with ster: Herndon could beamajorad- A nteJets’ the on ll 82021 28 ilolo Po Tr ynGifn3 2022 30 2021 Br Daniel 24 Griffin Ryan Herndon Chris Pla oka h oal ih ends tight notable the at look evon ye iingopanalysis group sition r We signed veteran Levine Toilolo, essentially to around that’s coming.” Engram said. “Iwant to bepart of theturn- he iscapable of doing. ing play at Tampa Bay showed exactly what gram turnedonthejets75-yard scor- NFLtouchdownfirst pass, andtheway En- the distinctionof haulinginDanielJones’ cern withhimismaintaining hisbody. He has drops earlier inhiscareer, but themaincon- while inthebuilding.He had aproblem with rookie andisearnestineverything hedoes with thisgroup, andstaying healthy ishis gram gets achance to impression make afirst get himimmersed inthepassing game. En- to checkuponEngram’s rehab progress and flashes tobecomenorm flashes tobecomenorm Ag ow To balance out theposition,Giants He willbe, ifhecanstay onthefield. “I want to bepart of theturnaround here,” c 52022 25 sco e Giants aimfor Engram ro n ster: through Signed Ag 82020 28 e through Signed straight-shooter asa showed himself to bea room heenters. Engram enhances any locker skills andaperson who legitimate disruptive tivity for aplayer with ledger ifthings go south. on Dave Gettleman’s Reese, meaningheisnot general manager Jerry round pickof former order offirst business. ends 2022 2020 2022 2021 This isaheapof nega- He wasfirst- thefinal ough required surgery. cember with anankleinjury that before hisseasonended inDe- 320 yards andfive touchdowns season. He had 34 catches for for astretch inthemiddle of the became Darnold’s favorite target just before training camp, Griffin vantage of hischance. Signed the roster. Ryan took ad- Griffin nities for theothertightendson ing timewas itcreated opportu- strength of thisteam. The benefit of Herndon miss-The benefit in training camp. very least,hewillbenoticeable onthefield down passes in10 games lastseason.At the lumbia. John is6-7 andhecaught10 touch- from Simon Fraser University inBritishCo- newcomertriguing mightbeRysen John try to stickaround once again. The mostin- years, mostly onthepractice squad, andwill High School,hasbeenonthescene for two open, andthat could prove useful. 2020 draft. Smithshowed aknackfor getting Giants missing out onChaseYoung inthe against theRedskins —soblame himfor the the game-winner inovertime inWeek 16 268 yards andthree touchdowns, including Giants. He endedupcatching 31passes for the 49ers but got waived andpicked upby the for Kaden Smith.He was asixth-round pickof wide range of things.’’ athletes out there. You canaskthemto doa so many different body types anddifferent tion isauniqueoneinterms of you canhave the better,’’ Toilolo said. “The tightendposi- ways thinkthemore tightendsonthefield, red zone, aswell asacapable in-lineblocker. a “throw itupthere’’ target for Jones inthe years for three different teams andshouldbe Toilolo has97career receptions inseven and jack-of-all-trades. The towering 6-foot-8 replace retired RhettEllisonasablocker 268 yards andthree touchdowns, including Giants. He endedupcatching 31passes for the 49ers but got waived andpicked upby the for Kaden Smith.He was asixth-round pickof athletes out there. You canaskthemto doa so many different body types anddifferent tion isauniqueoneinterms of you canhave the better,’’ Toilolo said. “The tightendposi- ways thinkthemore tightendsonthefield, red zone, aswell asacapable in-lineblocker. a “throw itupthere’’ target for Jones inthe years for three different teams andshouldbe Toilolo has97career receptions inseven and jack-of-all-trades. The towering 6-foot-8 replace retired RhettEllisonasablocker

Garrett Dickerson, from Bergen Catholic It willbeinteresting to seewhat comes next “I thinkfor mebeingalittle biased,Ial- It willbeinteresting to seewhat comes next “I thinkfor mebeingalittle biased,Ial- AP help him get playing time. ter, but Wesco’s versatility can in carryingafullback ontheros- Gase isnotacoach who believes duction out of Le’Veon Bell. might beaway to get more pro- worked late intheyear and seemed to besomethingthat more asafullback in2020. It down asafullback. including runningfor afirst a few key plays late lastseason, are strong blockers. Wesco made ups to Herndon and andGriffin NFL —bothcanbestrong back- tering hissecond seasoninthe Brown andTrevon Wesco isen- the offense. and openthings upfor others in can form a1-2 punchfor Darnold they hopeHerndon andGriffin they were withhisplay. Now, tension, asignof how pleased tosigned Griffin athree-year ex- Expect to seeWesco used The Jets brought back Daniel Before theinjury, the Jets paul.schwartz@nypost.com brian.costello@nypost.com robbery. The arrest warrant stated Baker Fla. Dunbar isfacing four counts of armed incident lastWednesday night inMiramar, gravated assault stemming from analleged andfourbery withafirearm counts of ag- the text,’’ Patel told The Post. is inthat picture, becausehisnameis in der, makingeverybody believe that Baker lawsuit against Grieco for libelandslan- against Dunbar’s lawyer, MichaelGrieco. ceitful, sparking anavalanche of accusations one of thelawyers for Baker —but itisde- old Giantscornerback’s attorney says. Baker ispictured inthephoto, the22-year- in thetext andthere isatacit suggestion ing to DeAndre Baker asBaker’s nameis ton Dunbar could beconstrued asdamag- representing Seahawks cornerback Quin- Twitter onWednesday by theattorney Baker isfacing four counts of armedrob- “Baker isgoing to immediately a file This isnotonly false, says Patrick Patel — A photo andtext message posted on By Paul SChwartz New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 39 s o o v. e o wa w the Y e a s a ccar of pr his — by were e wa kno d st file photo Va 87-37-5. “You’r behind : u the Po in 1928 s e ye their shington’s s ceiving , dskins, in by Yo s NY rd re Flaherty nkees), 1929 wa ro nting the division titles Wa Mik Re (and later d y wa in ya Ya o depends on ve — as fleet-footed Flaherty nkees in the Haggerty rk tw igniting cor Ra induction into the Flaherty earned aga ve n Ya re to. The futur Yo lo Grounds, 13-7. rs out of the Giants’ omer (2002), Victor ga AND ONL rk with in Flaherty is credited league Jack Jack McBride and u. Those Giants ar wo with Flaherty is credited Po nt 60 minutes of the for the 1930 season). To got highlighted ir of McBride-to- shington Yo y. 1932 yo owe er lead the NFL in e catches (5). e wa 1 tough tonight. E pa II he and oftentimes only I CY call that “retiring the Wa ev ll at Gonz ns u’v HERS WHO CAME CLOSEST r a ss in 1937. His number, 1, three-time All-P talk he me in 1976 thanks to his at the — CKGROUND McDonald. Bill Swiacki ba Yo we Their best moment came No pa ow OT Fa behind Charlie Malone. Homer kick the hell out of those Wa y s a to be (350) but also catches (21) and OT QU SKINNY BA they hate us.” s rite game. Goodwin finished second in 1935, rd wa rld get. E TH ckfield and Flaherty w nkees folded) and 1932, when he rd d mm egame vo ya THE E TH THE LEGA E TH THE AFTERMATH THETIME THE Hall of coaching career, which included tw receiving yards: Giant to To 1 the prime thr ba 1937 and 1942, and after servingWo in championships with the 6-foot, 190-pounder who pla Giants-Redskins rivalry thanks to Jones finished second in 1967Ben behind Hawkins. Del Shofner finished second in 1961, just 19 fa screen college pr To tar with the New the first taken out of circulation Giants; interrupted his career with the Giants to coach ther He (1948), Amani Cruz (2009) and Odell Beckham(2016) Jr. all finished third. Flaherty TD tosses beat theDodgers rival 27, when AAFC. His all-time number” toda coach in 1937, (with the old New gonna Giants. (when he joined the Giants afterYa the football in not only led the ya best that’s in this touchd going ho paul.schwartz@nypost.com AP; Twitter/@Mike_Grieco; Getty Images “DeAndre has no knowledge of anybody anybody of has no knowledge “DeAndre has a his- Grieco out also pointed Patel sive designer watches. The arrest warrant warrant arrest The watches. designer sive a gun a victim and pointed at Baker said to an unidentifiedtold assailant masked Pa- the party. into shoot someone walking was Baker Post The told previously tel the at video game the “Madden” playing a heard he after and left house party “ruckus’’ in the other room. Patel who,’’ sent it, to who in those texts, I cannot forward. come “Let the guy said. and cross- on the stand Grieco get to wait who text, that he got him on how examine from.’’ the text he got ac- was Grieco conduct. troubling of tory an as- of using his prosecution cused of de- the now Sean Taylor, case against sault his promote to safety, Redskins ceased in Miami disc jockey a nightclub as work in also mentioned Grieco Beach. Patel as Miami Beach commis- resigned 2017 an accepting of charges facing sioner after contribution. campaign illegal The attorney for Giants for The attorney legal battle: will sue they says Baker cornerback DeAndre Dunbar, Quinton safety Seahawks counsel for that (inset left) on Twitter a photo who posted and Baker is in the photo. suggests Baker with been charged (inset right)Dunbar have additional counts of and Baker armed robbery, armed assault. Patel said he has a video from that gam- that he has a video from said Patel one shows in the text posted picture The the arms and the of the size “Look at you amiss are if the tats In other words, steal- of accused are and Dunbar Baker is that person. Wasn’t it everybody’s it everybody’s Wasn’t person. is that client my the beginning that bulls--t at the text. read go Now lost $70,000? Baker So $10,000. won Baker is saying text The doing?’’ we are what not in at- was Baker shows that party bling tendance. and another a table at man sitting larger with one high stack nearby, man standing cash on the of cash and a smaller stack of a wearing up, man standing The table. on his tattoos shirt with red short-sleeve arm, on his left right arm and possibly The being Baker. be seen as possibly could yellow by concealed both men are of faces not clear when although it’s smiley-faces, added. were those smiley-faces not him.’’ “It’s said. Patel tats,’’ must dismiss. in cash and expen- than $12,000 ing more Baker entered a plea of not guilty to all not guilty to of a plea entered Baker is clear indica- development latest This someone he from a text tweeted Grieco Patel bulls--t,’’ is complete text “The and Dunbar may have lost $70,000 in a lost $70,000 have may and Dunbar suggesting night earlier, two game dice the incident. for motivation was that not guilty also pled Dunbar eight counts. him. against the charges to the Baker is a schism between tion there watch- bears camps, which and Dunbar the turn against could ing, as one player other. days a few party a gambling at claims was suppos- incident, a text the alleged before missed “You read, that Dunbar sent to edly dolphin bro yesterday money some good beat him we beat even baker Dre players and then it’s on the game 10k of him out another 60k out bout shooting dice was Dunbar this proves wrote Grieco there.’’ but get-together, the gambling not at was Baker’s the fact about anything did not say mentioned. name was anybody can say You the text. “Read said. New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 40 ag rn nati Bronx then. impact an fa memories, nMa on killed ha that, wa sa ra shak word fi Th pa ti dent e brain her re down. To onn or,the hours, morning pa ou h street the nte appr another Bronx tfrom it nomdhrhusband, her informed the n served and Jo pwt ikt n it and tickets with up violentl I pl wa ba wa birthda spoke. I brother Phengsene had. co uigSealy’ during car hog h da the through bering ls red Yucntpl hmou them pull can’t “You friend. close heart. S H ETO ST OF BEST THE e rst- ve mil co sdthe ised ay hn called. id Tw “Oh, “When “It’ icelbrok Mitchell i funeral His on she Soon, A “A NMA ON e yo by al ve ny kdi,adpeople and in, cked t lntbreathe uldn’t we ve s y e yo h pn oman so spent she T wa wa ce the s y, , of redha friend rvn oefrom home driving lntbete His breathe. uldn’t e ’s lhsschool his ll Sa ne ro on n polic ing y and yo d bo Tw o building nw the known sto rs s rmtredif three from ” netsndzl capacit dazzle son ungest abou Co ak h oenoccasion solemn the marks metery WA s e hand. her s y assistant by 30 members, n pick und wh m eae af decades to my gr to y ba u y? hit wh lik re 20 a y by ent nr a , in mne im Vi Mitchell, don’t her ck S rn dri drunk a Y iie high divided opa to o breathe. mains. St ai Sealy’ Malik n then And yo co , t co ve , Tw go e by stranger o ad sa fo h truck’ the thinking 20 e son, her llano y yZC BRAZILLER ZACH By St kne . Fe 20 at crossed oe[oen]seillike special [someone] lose u lntpoesi initiall it process uldn’t . ughing. Jo odness, s oa d ur iesodstill, stood time — by dnes o wa e a wa in . 00 ye They bruary ws eight h Garden, the y hn wa ikptruck pickup Louis y. ev co to ev wa hn her ching w Gempes Pe of ye e n ther and st ar Park s , s their awa va fo : te te ,” mrSeal Amir ery ach ’s and Ta rnttikabou think not er mak nted h ne the at n n n ” held s pei h etosabo sections the in ople Seal Seal ar the sw s s a Ti r amma rmer te . legend. Ann -y we e n simp Ann he to all fere s lk ag ” s of i tragic his te full, pa hnAnn When s wa y mberwol armed acher ye Park Ro troopers. a NB ear ve Pe a npio.B h ear the By prison. in dri h thought she Pa re e y etthe meet s — y 2019 Apartments s amma we o wa to wa wa nights oco to at h ihte6-foot-8 the with ths go the Ke sense ar Si sur wa s eayli legacy nt spects. in n nacraccident car a in r aw peall ople ws cers e ve We St re . no te , e the see Ri y. a t re dne s nted Ru , i Garnett’ vin te 3, ar Univ Malik’ s to r, re ba e . go Minn., called. s s, rmthe from ta y ve go Souksangouane w 0 mourner 000 n n Seal Ann and to , go mcm in. came am aedown came ie pacros up lined e Jo dnesda polic ce,friends, aches, wa . tledg h inthear didn’t she wn. te A ligious ki h arena the in ck [wer ad y, ke one of ce dtmsthe times od ly ve oman so rs wa pass n h wrong the ing halftime. ” hn ne. y ia ac Lisa, osa to aerand career in ersit s wo Re wh ve n lebr d Church. ide ” cr by privileg s ve tries s int ’s Re Fo tc e e ove ha wa so tw rsa present ow to wif e Mitchell fa wh ing man o s igher hing “For escort “remem — e them set trand star ox t rmer t y, d a y y at d n His on. n o there]. gr of started herself yo s them, Fu ries ds. y r e, y. St nhis en ica shis es presi to s fo brok at Seal spots co af oups to fo yo wh ung, 24 nic Th orm lton Lis und She e the my te ge te m- nd ld, St ve — ur to th to to a- ly d o y y y e e e a a ” s s r I - - t . son n she and Malik wh h car the ment. friend’ ero He n onc and to help school high junior his re wa to i East Big the of the the When encouragement. h Elit the St St r.We the When ers. Je Ye mentor he as abilit go nit fo at re ispol shar people bu ries NBA, the through school high president one co ke oa scou local t a fo mone hr.As there. fa esn.I ihsho,he school, high In lessons. ai pn 0minu 90 spent Malik rn driver drunk h accomplishment te e Wheelchair med at mrhear Amir “H r SEAL nMneoa then- Minnesota, In ih ear night ce dfrom ed . fe e ebrdhmas him membered pt r r achie urt ai el a ildby killed was Sealy Malik -t a 0year 20 ar y speak at s o kids Jo r e, pa te r o “princ wo fo ntl Jo oco to ev wa e go s te pa yo nhis in y kne the y hn am Seal co gu llowing nwith in hnnies wa wa ents, dpe schools prep nd ut af with y ing s y ove fo uld Y e s n children. ung ’s to wa yo ng y te w from fo ’s to inel e acrtrea cancer s r Eight s nv a t aigtobei coland school in trouble having y became fi e” To ba te ow ve at r r To r fo Co ve lik unger designa ra of freshman ly nhstruck his in i brother his pa epdease helped kids rs pa a inc St yo n the and re mls in lost am te wh ck he r ments. urnament . y a d d tulations. m n e ba ler-Gold t rticular id word a . He wo dNB nd mar n men ung turn co ye e to wa Derek to to o 19 Ko , ktal i suc his sketball, visited one wo Jo gr e n n n his wo mmu- ha ar n 98-99 fo i n da one him pl y, story pl frequentl Ohio hn casidsrbdhim described nchalski rare ke ad a te man , ” Cl s d y ay a r the uld ay te sa d A he trbecause star te igChris ting ’s to to u- at of rglcharacter “regal ly ea cha began Ti t- assic, wa Je ches - amma ly a dAle id , s dri . ga St mberwol te of te e.Legendary mes. nld i on- his include eigo Sealy Remington Minnesota. wa Lisa, FA . ve r s fe r s Jo pl y befor wh r, MIL with ighmlif him ring Ho s x te hn y. aye lef Ev al killed s ich He wa tt spital. cess ’s ago wa t Y to t ans, ve ing. , d e pa Wr h st the he s tickets LEGACY: pulled ys ra Derek of nthe in s alit call tients w hnhsfather his when two from .” by wh ight vic ised He wa , the his He o- a o e e s r oreyLs Seal Lisa Courtesy ending rn rvrin driver drunk , wh the fa sa et earned dent, uesschool. Queens wa abilit away escored he ro hrhAA Church ihman with to heard, co ing, ge fi and Mullin, edn crr(,0) eidonl behind (2,401), scorer leading He ihhsmom, his with We Malik rs r p “A “H Th id ce Seal ached om rt s at fi t as pl St y we s Wi a e ihda h school’ the as nished at y te St aye Seal fa ” . Aw ge wa co to to ll-liked mslcinand selection am Jo wa . lliams, sa r Jo tt r. steper the as mpan y ar hn s dLisa, id mak & y 15 h mailroom the s n neuainadshowing and education an ing y Ja hn U dnesday le kind d wa onl sRe ’s ons including points, ys wa y ve te ’s winner e a by s on nthe on a y mand am ls y He wa a s ev aaeetdeg management promise nqe nhis In unique. fo to tha mn it’ dmen, pa wh seemingl of Wi enc roefo h boar the from eryone s He ntnSeal ington und2 n just and gr 23 turned sadSchool Island his mation. with having with n ou ing on Gospel” “Midnight ing, sho tine Ni cit inhphssenior his pionship e career ded CBS ou ihtejob the with mrNB rmer int ye Jo NCAA and ih i junior his Eight fe wa a tw ev rt l abou all os af loss, o t Af Ipr “I hn ad tstudent-athlet ct lliams , ar t cholas y a o r e re s eryone. -ieAlBgEast All-Big o-time Ne ws of crea helps gi him, , fa at , ua an re ’s te All ihsc trauma. such with o,Malik son, ondRi nowned n st and wh ve a Seal ther , life tf i legacy his s a cigteElit the aching St ay t a r tha te superstar pl exce wo y tw s deg te i n “Toon- and lix fe ” eodall-time second n Ac c ecapped he ich the To te co . 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Los and at ge wa ld re A s gu timeout, wolve s dlzdSeal idolized him. ” pr ha n ha wo co wa re t Itikhe think “I st: bl ihSealy’ with s sto ippers cers A h odh crea he bond the .3 y t re sponse Seal h ipr during airport the y e Th n Seal and s i n ltigline clothing and tie o’ fi d rd ock draf him d of Malik’ e, ” at mor wa re s No Draft, ad onsadcareer-bests and points gr Hall . yo s nish ntefloor the on omc fun much so He ing. 4 s headed e startin go at pr adla [and y Wa .Af s. ea i aerin career his St u No to ys n n n . te ove Iu nthe in “Imus fi co yo sit and assists te Po oco to co re e o ,Sealy’ 2, . wa efo ihschool high from ne h adnaantthe against Garden the t l.Hsbgetimpact, biggest His eld. didn’t of e lling ukon dunk d lsh, He wa Jo f- . nsecuti of rso until shot ur sponded. ty s person, to re Ce mfortable co tvaeal “That’ email. via st ad te r the wa 1wt the with 21 -n ie osthis does times --ing Seal tdon nted tto tt Fa hn f pe mentalit y a the s

ebrMalik. member g rd r eou me a c ar Br Larry ach te ha ltics Seal ighim ding ga an wh mer sn’t at ro aeo i right his on name ow i et,Garnet death, his utse just ’s epdimmeas helped ga re Pi . r y fpl of of pl d me y wh wo . y He ra okie Knicks] h time the epein people o tn,he stons, co s ehis me n hnGarnet When f learned wh ay ve y 14 . to ego He ,

of to Pa go i n Seal and dio gr te draf ubrwith number the , uld’v fumed. rd t er Seal yo 47.6 we th ha aye ge I’m uhi his in much d of trick nhe en ea rp down trips , ing ,” the ve h dri the 19 y, n studio ing e wa Mo elef he ur ther d ove ihGar- with co rn the aring te a ” t r. yo 99- i shell. his Mitchell n to Ti

. y go dabbled t e ex per friend, d s te oba to ge Ne , He pl urt. Mitch ga ro Pa rning” him u to Ew de mber .” didn’t ra of Malik fo deli a of ing 20 Seal am. actl ayo neral Ne ha m ow Pa okie ce t sin ts cers lin ll was vet- se ve und wa ve ” the 00 ing his his es. ck ve ” nt of to v- to c- w w … ff s. y, l- n y y s s ” - - - t t , , on wa more times, NCAA the scoring on Malik QUITE s it. St. Johnnies off for Sealy To John’ but THE the list ur the nament he and cour s CA Getty sits man reach all-time is REER: helped Images t re second than he vered three the (2) New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 41 Paul J. Bereswill all.” tion about it. None at at it. None tion about “She was very vigilant and very “She was with diagnosed was He there “Other than that, of score kept Turetzky when uncertain remains It the sea- for “I’ll be ready forceful, and it worked,” it worked,” and forceful, is uncer- who Turetzky, said the he contracted how tain his left he hasn’t virus, since to home other than going in the hospital and from “I months. than two more very imagine [it was] would tempera- If my important. 104 to 102 from went ture problems more and I had been I would’ve that, from shape.” in worse there kept and coronavirus see to unable days, four for the Fortunately, anyone. were he had symptoms only and general a high fever has malaise. His hunger and he has lost away, gone pounds. 20 he said. major,” nothing was do anything. “I just couldn’t TV and slept.” … I watched Nets consecutive 1,437 missing before home games, on the Warriors to a loss a fever due to Oct. 28, 2018, caused degrees 103 over of as a In 1967, an infection. by he began LIU, senior at games Nets of score keeping go- and became a constant, the ABA ing with them from and following the NBA to to Jersey New them from New to Long Island, back his home and then to Jersey Brooklyn. of borough season will NBA the 2020-21 begin, depending on finishes the league whether postponed sea- the current long that how son and, if so, re- the Nets once But goes. next Center Barclays turn to he said season, Turetzky in his fa- be there to plans miliar spot. he it comes,” son whenever no ques- “Absolutely said. Longtime Nets official scorer Herb Tu- scorer official Longtime Nets Zach BraZiller virus victory virus By On Monday, Herb Tu- Herb On Monday, thrilled — very, “I feel Turetzky 74-year-old The — I the numbers “I saw felt On April 11, Turetzky Nets stat guy’s guy’s stat Nets score the win: return and plans to with COVID-19 his battle retzky won it begins. season, whenever next retzky took a significant took retzky his bout in forward step coronavirus. with novel his wife the help of With out get to able was he Jane, his wheel- bed and sit in of he hopes week, Next chair. sit in the chair to be able to and possibly on his porch a ride in the car. take long- the Nets’ lucky,” very and officialstanding scorer York New the member of Fame Hall of Basketball City Post. The told the pan- of is a survivor the vi- demic, overcoming landed him in the rus that Though April 11-14. hospital has long the Queens native get to needed a wheelchair suffers — Turetzky around in paraparisis, spastic from and the his brain which don’t his legs to nerves — properly communicate have not to fortunate he was conditions. underlying any a scary time, it was Still, his age people with so many losing their lives. 91,000 people see them now, up get to had I never dead. he said. on the ventilators,” 80 percent that said “They on ven- went that people of it. of came off never tilators number stuck in my That on venti- — 80 percent head it. of came off never lators to going means they’re That the on ventilators die or live their life.” of rest do to unable and was weak ex- his normal upper-body his wheelchair. from ercises of a temperature had He im- 102.5 and Jane degrees, St. him to took mediately on Long Is- Hospital Francis waste land. She didn’t time. any (2) the three vered he than second re t Images helped REER: is all-time reach man sits Getty CA s cour and he nament the ur list the THE but John’ To Sealy for off Johnnies St. it. s QUITE Malik on scoring the NCAA times, more wa on ,” l- l- w at of of so be to uld r ne r Ho Ho Th — book d ” yo wo uld be ve ay - te ct ne t I pl wo fa member y him in a crea on the Grand he rnpike. dl , the Ma r still shared sketball. much he cared as memories speaking s Tu sa e enue he fo He ba his mom and id. ves e w w . than tha he turned lemons ar . of av r r enue uldn’t shock me wa sa t ar r ion from the no ho y, fo id. “You can’t te will ys e Av at te in his element in s wo ’s tters sa tha af e, , sa Un of s ans career seller wa ge it wh e hn ma — p Ev on through people , wa losing it. uld t pa Jo urse s to ,” such beautiful mem e r . w a Amir a his wif wo ld me he lliams belie in lif St fo co ve and on City sa ve ” ” r zbraziller@nypost.com , to n Wi ha of uring Fo rk id. “H u ke anything bet y ings, tha at him, r, y. sa uncertain Malik memories r Yo yo ta bl od. t od, on Madison fe ripped lemonade became s y fo ’s we the school. si t w s ncourse o ans ve “A Mitchell “If It “The biggest thing is just the r s wa ties tha int lywo Ev its board, because lywo Ne helping run fo Co ha man ans his legacy li hi known. Instead, ther ories or beautiful abou and the this da ask

don’t think. JOHN’S New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 42 Orlando, Fla. in Resort at Walt Disney itcouldbe court, toreturn the (below) finally Antetokounmpo and Giannis as LeBron James NBA stars such EARTH: When PLACE ON HAPPIEST T in charge —Adam Silver —who allparties trust, helped by thefact that there seemsto bealeader lando, Fla.,maybe Vegas —work. Allof this way to make asingle-site return — likely Or- some salvation of the2019-20 season. the league’s top-line players that they favor sult of which was avirtually united front among phen Curry andRussell Westbrook —there- as LeBron James, GiannisAntetokounmpo, Ste- by ChrisPaul andfeaturing suchheavy-hitters the conference callheldlastweek, conducted the coronavirus pandemic. players who’ve left theirhomemarkets during around June 1that willallow teams to recall office topect theleague issue guidelines reportedfirst by ESPN, was that NBA teams ex- morsel. Wednesday’s news, mism bit-by-bit, morsel by NBA that sustains ouropti- and sadistic. Allof that is fair. ing Sahara, at once seductive middle of ourshared sport- spring water anchored inthe rage, apuddleof nonexistent declaring, MichaelJordan-style: “We’re back.” sporting calendars —NBA, NHL,MLB,NFL— oursportinglivesviations that define andour two away, at theearliest, from any of theabbre- these days, even thoughwe are surely aweek or It’s nosurprisewhich league leadstheway Same astheleague’s aggressively a figuring As always, itisasmallstep forward, same as Still, itfeels like it’s the So thiscould allbeami- gues ishungrilygues devoured anddigested of news hatched by any of thesportslea- HIS Getty Images(3) may allbeatease, sure. Every nugget Mike Vaccaro strong beliefthat the NHLcanresume a24- early to say that about football. GaryBettman’s bond of trustbetween thosetwo parties. However, there is,for now, afar more tenable on May 8:“It soundslike incarceration to me.” — shedid,after all,say of the“hub-city” format Roberts aren’t exactly inlockstep onallissues Silver and NBPA executive director Michele to the way baseball isconducting itsbusiness. of thesesmallsteps mark aprofound contrast 105,000 folks intheBigHouse, but it’s astart. exactly watching OhioState-Michigan with their campusesare located permitit).That isn’t dividual workouts (assuming thestates inwhich allowed to return to campusstarting June 1for in- ketball players —both menandwomen —willbe tant, becausethat willallow phasetwo —quar- returned hometo foreign countries —isimpor- mid-July. Recalling theplayers —someof whom to restart insomeform theleague orfashion by a multiple-step plan to put theNBA inposition lationships have always beeninpro sports. certainly inrelation to theway mostof these re- We can’t say that about baseball, andit’s too So isthis.It isastart. It issomething.Andall Wednesday’s development isjustphaseoneof nounced that football andbas- Wednesday, the NCAA an- sports world rightnow. Also like abeacon inabarren a multi-week minicamp. workouts followed, at last, by week ortwo of individual antining —to begin.Then, a But even ayellow lightfeels There isnogreen lightyet. baby step. similar path now. sense that itwould take a curve then.It would make tion. It was ahead of the and thensuspend,opera- was inlineto halt, first of thecivic lockdown, that dawdling at thevery start did theleastamountof March, itwas theNBA that be. After all,back in probably theway itshould leading theway, which is nada openingupagain. border between theU.S. andCa- And allof thisiscontingent onthe sus where thesegames would beplayed. games. There stillisnothingcloseto consen- 2,000-2,500 fans could attend ifallowed infor ducted social-distancing modelsindicating just day saidanditsteams theleague have con- are issues: Areport out of Canada onWednes- team playoff tournament ishopeful.But there Baby step by So itistheNBA for now @nypost. mvaccaro com New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 43 AP The 6-foot-5 Haliburton checks Haliburton 6-foot-5 The one Haliburton,’’ of “I’m a fan and ability has knowledge “He finishedHaliburton his career under the radar flew Haliburton his criti- on ESPN about Asked their life. I take it in stride. People it in stride. People I take their life. I’ll be all than I do. it worse have right.” to with his ability boxes a lot of IQ and high basketball run a team, just weighs He length on defense. pounds and his upside is not as 175 is fa- Ball, who high as LaMelo pick. point-guard as the top vored “I Post. The told scout NBA to how knew thought he really the height for has great He play. length. position and exceptional also thin. He he is very However, fixhas to a his shot because of he has point. But release low dis- and can shoot from touch tance. add needs to but defend, to and competes. leads He strength. Physi- prospect. good a very He’s otherwise is a question, but cality mature and more better one of draft.” in a weak guards 3-point with a 42.6 State Iowa at As a sopho- shooting percentage. 15.2 points, 6.5 he averaged more rebounds. and 5.9 assists high school as just a of out coming be- he believes, recruit, three-star Adi- join the Nike, cause he didn’t cir- Armour youth das or Under played Haliburton cuit. Instead, his high school in Oshkosh, for programs. and local youth Wis., shooting mechanics, Hali- cized most important “The said, burton in and I think me is it goes for part I ex- high clip. a pretty in at it goes freshman my from perimented shot my but year and sophomore better.” gotten has only Point guard Tyrese Haliburton averaged 15.2 points, points, 15.2 Haliburton averaged Tyrese guard Point Marc BerMan By ready for NYC glare ready for NYC Iowa State point guard Tyrese Tyrese point guard State Iowa always they York, “Being in New two the top as one of Regarded supposed was lottery NBA The re- Post The Knicks, whom The the on “I think the Knicks are post- be to is expected draft The it will all get eventually “I know Haliburton vows he’s he’s Haliburton vows Haliburton won’t be daunted if he be daunted won’t Haliburton the by winds up being drafted as some project. Knicks, being a of the pressure about talk Tuesday said Haliburton Knick,’’ like “I feel Jump.” “The on ESPN’s the pressure I go, where no matter than I’ll is more on myself I put matter No anywhere. from get is pressure that at, I’m where and it will be more prominent any- play to me. I’m ready from where.’’ Halibur- in the draft, point guards one-and- is not the typical ton finished He his soph- done player. and State Iowa at year omore until under the radar flew mostly recently. night, with Tuesday be staged to fea- in Chicago combine the draft and measurements turing player off kicking interviews team all been post- It’s Wednesday. the coronavirus poned because of however. pandemic, seeking a were in February ported in the draft, point guard scoring 6 in the lottery No. at still stand seedings. 6,’’ him at take if they right track said. executive one NBA 25 its scheduled June poned from date. an an- have handled and [we’ll] “Peo- said. Haliburton soon,’’ swer uncer- a lot of in this world, ple will happen in on what tainty DOING IT ALL: State. at Iowa as a sophomore 6.5 assists and 5.9 rebounds marc.berman@nypost.com Knicks players, most of whom are not in New not in New are whom of most Knicks players, working he’s said in Orlando, already Barrett, RJ on Dis- combine hold its draft used to NBA The a final said and decision on site source One NBA fa- person one NBA revenue,’’ about isn’t “This is format, question still unanswered biggest The bringing in all 30 teams has considered NBA The reported, Post as The scenario, compromise The the mix of out teams that indicated have Sources with just four players allowed in at a time. in at allowed players with just four with the coaching communication in daily are York, pla- various in out and working and medical staffs ces. Rob- his home. Mitchell he has at on the basket out videos posted have Dotson inson and Damyean Orleans in high school gyms in New out working at is training Knox Kevin respectively. and Houston, a gym in Tampa. the Milk House at games playing grounds, ney on or near stay would teams the Presumably, Gym. hotels. resort plentiful Disney’s given the grounds 1-10. June between will be rendered probably format to the urgency about said miliar with discussions back, come to want you business, any “Like restart. entertainment and provide started finish was what be done with minimal — if it can and distraction risk.’’ to back will be brought teams many including how play. also talk season. There’s a short regular and staging position. in playoff currently teams just the 16 of clubs — the playoff to teams eight extra is adding in a engage — to the East and West from apiece four That the main event. into tournament play-in the playoff of out teams to incentive provide would in the in 12th place are such as the Knicks, who race, 7. No. position at in playoff are Nets East. The on season and focus next for prepare to just want agency. and free the draft outs, but in limited capacity capacity in limited but outs, Marc BerMan players to stage voluntary work- voluntary stage to players By their practice facilities open for open for facilities their practice By week’s end, 20 teams will have will have teams end, 20 By week’s shutdown regulations. shutdown two local teams are currently closed, per currently are local teams two early as other teams. The facilities for the for facilities The as other teams. early not be able to gather for workouts or camp as workouts for gather to not be able der isn’t lifted, Knicks and Nets players would would players Knicks and Nets lifted, der isn’t The Knicks and Nets might see their players re- might see their players Knicks and Nets The frontrunner” the “clear Fla., has become Orlando, call in a conference presented In the last scenario the one of has been considered however, Orlando, around sometime an ESPN report, to According hope- has been the NBA reported, As previously and training workouts for dates reported The at-home order until at least June 13. Thus, if the or- 13. Thus, least June until at order at-home turn to train in New York as early as next month. as next as early York in New train turn to resume to World Disney to also be going may They season. the NBA season, NBA the fan-less of hold the resumption to with Las Ve- Athletic, The by a report to according the wayside. by falling gas Adam commissioner 12, NBA on May with players the seasons resuming of the possibility raised Silver the for — Las Vegas sites bubble separate in two World Disney and Orlando’s Conference Western the East. for partially spots in Florida, which coronavirus safest being is now 4, and reportedly May reopened as the solo site. heavily viewed to players guidelines issue for to plans 1 Silver June in- more start host cities to their team’s to return re- to camp is expected Training workouts. volved sources. to according June, sume in mid-to-late the season in mid-July. restarting ful of as the Knicks and Nets, for issues create camp may stay- the state’s has extended Cuomo Andrew Gov. New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 44 H prevents ateam from doing within atively, it is always over what elseit give the contracts underfree will. to theproceedings. The owners been areport that he brought agun there hasnever deals.But fic as Ellsburyterri- get clientssuch many tricks to been accused of example, has Scott Boras, for willing to pay. third base. ance, nepotismorbeingbornon contracts. There was noinherit- pedes, they usedtalent to gain their of Jacoby EllsburyandYoenis Ces- So when Irefer to acontract neg- Players earn what franchises are into jobs.Whatever you think Wilpon DNA-ed theirway AL STEINBRENNER andJeff Joel Sherman While tryingtowinlatest battle,ballplayersand gone to theowners. just agreater share would have have been an$11billionbusiness — paid $50,000 each,MLBstill would last year, andifallthe players were were inamovie that bombs.These Lawrence norAdam Sandler ifthey money, justasIwould notJennifer criticize theplayer for getting the its self-imposed budget. Inever Of course, MLBwill notbean$11bil- lion business nearly an$11bil- the coffers. fan appetite fills afford because what they can nesses paying are bigbusi- MLB was W escape from allthat stuff, from theev- Sports issupposedto bearelease, an so people thinkoneway ortheother. stay safe. Everything gets sopolitical, the punches,doingwhat they canto is what hesays today to Mets fans: Meenan started the7Linein2012. This will beempty at . Darren dium. The BigApple Reserved section rently makingYankees masks. entrepreneur cur- apparel company tom-printed sports andcus- fixture Bleacher Creature Vinny, aformer Milano, aka Bald teed,” says Vinny better. Guaran- — you willfeel scream your face off for five minutes If you canstand onabench,and don’t care how bad of aday you have. one knows how long. solitude of theirliving rooms for no “Take Me Out to theBallgame” inthe cruel, heartless pandemic andsinging in thestands —heldhostage to this they play, they willplay without fans Young masterpiece. shot orwillingJacob deGrom to aCy wildly cheeringaPete Alonsomoon- dium, andthe7LineArmy willnotbe the BleacherCreatures at Yankee Sta- “Everybody’s kindof rolling with Section 203 willbeempty at theSta- “I’ll say this’tiltheday Idie— Whenever they play andwherever why shouldthey share theburden suddenly receive larger checks, so in aparticular season, players don’t that when owner revenue goes up should accept less. Players argue their revenue and,thus, players contracts ifowners knew thiswas have given out the current player take inalotless doughthanlastyear. tion of theschedule, MLB isgoing to forms andfans canreturn for apor- and corporate logos are put onuni- tive, expanded playoffs completed season isplayed andamore lucra- Even ifsomehow an82-game regular impact of thecoronavirus pandemic. planet, MLBisbeingwalloped by the about every corporation onthe lion business thisyear. Like just there willbenoroll callfrom again, andpitches hopeto us, HENEVER MLB’s view isitnever would baseball begins Steve Serby laston before moving to Medford, L.I. watch.” everybody’s dying for something to everybody canstay safe, but Ithink ing to make aconcession aslong and nolive sports.Everybody iswill- been tough to behomeandlocked up of distractions,” BaldVinny said. “It’s and later itwas Williams. Bernie player growing upwas DonMattingly, so would I,thisisbetter thannothing, much prefer to beat theballpark and day basis. whatever you dealwithonaday-to- family oryour kidsoryour wife or eryday strugglesof your job, oryour Meenan grew upaMets fan inDoug- “Everybody islookingfor somesort “Although it’s notidealandyou MEENAN DARREN negotiation to behad ifgames are say theagreement callsfor another in theink.Ifforced to pick, Iwould you can seewhat you want to see agreement asaRorschach test — player pay, IseetheMarch 26 games intheabsence of spectators.” economic feasibility of playing ation willdiscuss ingood faith the Commissioner andPlayers Associ- tion that reads, “the Officeof the played. The owners cancite apor- on how muchof theseasonis portion of their2020 salary based says they willbepaid aprorated to aportionof the documentthat dates theirposition. Players point claim theMarch 26 agreement vali- when therevenue goes down? Both In general, when itcomes to Vinny. Hisfavorite game by hisUncle Yankeesto hisfirst when hewas taken more, L.I.,was 8or9 hails from Bell- hope they are, too.” ing forward to it.I and I’mreally look- Bald Vinny, who MILANO VINNY ers inthegame, anditmade meevalu- threatened by someof thebigger play- his tees by theMLBPA. part becausehewas notlicensed for Rodriguez’s lastseasonin2016, in Stadium since midway through Alex than justbaseball for us.” have become roommates ...it’s more because of thegroup, somepeople represented inKansas City. mer, andIthinkitwas 23states were to Kansas City, for instance, lastsum- dozen states represented. Sowe’ll go trips have upwards of two, three not allNew Yorkers. Alotof ourroad Dodger Stadium onAug. 8—they’re 2,000 people go to thegame at stance, inL.A.,we were gonna have ing withthousands of people. For in- “When we go ontheroad, we’re go- don’t leave The Bronx,” Meenan said. well-known for many years, but they up to 20 group outings ayear. ries in2014. The 7LineArmy now has T-shirts, hats, outerwear andaccesso- MLB andNew Era Caps for his secured alicensing agreement with 2010, began group outings in2012 and from birth.” Mets fan justwas ingrained inme baseball was,” Meenan said.a “Being could even walk ortalk orknow what the press gate at SheaStadium. Darryl Strawberry. Hisgrandfather ran His favorite player growing upwas “My smallbusiness was being Bald Vinny hasnotbeenback at the “Some people have gotten married “The BleacherCreatures, they’re Meenan launchedthe7line.com in “So Iwas going to games before I itch willnot beinclubhouses. Nei- Steinbrenner, Wilpon andChrisIl- the onestaking therisks.Isuspect 2020, go for it.They are going to be more thanthepro-rata salary for 2020. Heck, iftheplayers wanted players —a50-50 revenue split for ship but never formally offered to cept what was floated by owner- mean that theplayers have to ac- to be anegotiation. It doesnot that condition aswell. Players Association understood seemed to corroborate that the revealed emailthat asmokinggun even before The Post onTuesday there isaseason.That was my lean will bethecaseat leastto beginif to beplayed without fans, which Still, that justmeansthere needs New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 45

Will earn Will Hit .278 with 38 with .278 Hit george.king@nypost.com 2B/SS


23 N.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg Charles Post: N.Y. Torres committed 11 errors in 11 errors committed Torres questions about are And there right now,’’ good really “Not I don’t Torres. is Gleyber “He the bat is no denying there Yet, Torres big league games, In 267 the offer? gets So who Contract status: Contract season final in $675,000 arbitration before stats: 2019 games 144 in RBI 90 and HR OPS .871 an with Gleyber Torres Gleyber Position: Age: Torres’ footwork wasn’t as wasn’t footwork Torres’ base. second smooth as it is at short and nine in 65 at 77 games second. at games be might though that his range, many how considering overrated in- three have times the Yankees fielders the side of on the same er- infield Five shift. they when games spring training in 10 rors too. eyebrows, raised David- Ken Post’s The told Torres his defense. 11 about on March off the coro- before one day was That and ended spring training navirus being season the regular led to on hold. put Cashman different,’’ see anything asked when week the same said the GM but defense, Torres’ about been tied up he had did admit which work with administrative games. looks at his live into cut ball last year’s Yes, is legitimate. with lower constructed likely was which tighter, and wound laces set a major league helped hitters with 6,776. homers for record 167 homers, with 62 .275 is hitting OPS. In the same RBIs and a .849 has played period, Judge two-year Judge 195. and Sanchez games 214 with 54 homers, has hit .276 a runs and posted in 122 driven is .211 average OPS. Sanchez’s .920 with 130 homers RBIs and with 52 OPS. a .776 Post Player Profile Post Player One in a series. GeorGe A. KInG III GeorGe A. By Torres has case case has Torres Pretend you are , are you Pretend to suggest Which one do you or Judge? Sanchez Steinbrenner. tell you “Neither,’’ he asks. not?’’ “Why with do that rather “I would an in- says why?’’ me “Tell laugh. Don’t sense, make and Judge Sanchez this no games are if there Even scheduled to was who Torres, outfielder Ronald When Braves to is the risk factor So there being an AL All- Torres Despite he is whether and center Front to be top priority be top to and is on the and Hal Steinbrenner he you tells owner phone. The or Gary Sanchez offer to wants deal. a multi-year Judge Aaron make to wants he only However, them. of one to the offer with raw A catcher Steinbrenner? the since average whose power has declined, is 2018 beginning of defen- below-average considered lower-body to prone and sively Or a right fielderinjuries? with power right-handed bigger even significant has missed who time due to years two during the past injuries? reply. is your Torres,’’ Gleyber trigued Steinbrenner. the Yankees in Torres but too, who a budding superstar have the infield in the middle of plays And he won’t and hits with power. Judge until December. be 24 turned 28 last month and Sanchez will be 28 in December. be credited will season, players means time. That with service will be free and Judge Sanchez season. the 2022 following agents be a can’t this year, $675,600 make sea- the 2024 until after agent free willing be more son, so he could contract. a long-term secure to 21, an to he agreed was Jr. Acuna million deal that $100 eight-year, so season, the 2026 runs through long- about is a barometer there And players. young deals for term did it a degree, to the Yankees, for years Hicks (seven with Aaron Severino and Luis million) $70 $40 million) and at years (four hurt. both get watched consider. seasons and in his firstStar two 38 ho- slugging a team-leading in 90 runs and post- driving mers, are there ing a .853 OPS last year, him. questions about on a full-time shortstop can play watched the Yankees after basis Philadel- for leave Didi Gregorius to got Scouts agent. phia as a free be- short last year at Torres watch from it back made Gregorius fore and noted surgery John Tommy joel.sherman@nypost.com Anthony J. Causi; Robert Sabo The losses incurred by owners owners by incurred losses The fight for the players Whatever cash flow. And definitely extract And definitely extract cash flow. the future, for some guarantees of the manipulation around maybe compensa- time or better service the star beyond agents free tion for all, this is not a one- After level. problem. year on will be taken and the debt now in the near fu- salaries in player felt is this year how of regardless ture the Thus, not settled). (or settled should be us- Association Players not myopically ing this moment to in penny every just getting look at see a big- to is a chance This 2020. some trade maybe to picture, ger — help and — vitally later for now the sport. of the status save no qualms, no criti- and receive, and in a room just get cism. Now, negotiate. Mets and Yankees fans won’t be packing Citi be packing won’t fans BALL! Mets and Yankees PLAY start that isn’t to Stadium the season, but and Yankee Field return the of baseball, dampening their enthusiasm for Serby. Steve The Post’s writes But that is risky. There are own- are There is risky. that But be to also have the players Thus, ers who would rather not play than not play rather would who ers If MLB losses. their 2020 to add then the staredown blink, doesn’t suicide. Should mutual becomes the receive the sport somehow bless- and medical governmental a fi- due to then doesn’t play to ings then the reputa- nancial stalemate, on both sides leadership tions of and the forever, will be destroyed will register the game to damage immense and irreparable, between both sides. ruinous to a result Perhaps, business. in the solution take previously, written as I have several over contracts the prorated and whole made are they so years helped with present are the owners steve.serby@nypost.com

Even in a pandemic, I will never I will never in a pandemic, Even itself, union, if it allows The

But COVID-19 has gotten Bald has gotten COVID-19 But is different life of climate “The who Meenan, restless. are natives The least lo- at the group, for plan “My will be deaf- silence sounds of The owners risk losing war ther will , John Sherman, John ther will Bruce Sherman — at Sherman or Joel no club- I assume least in 2020, reporters. for house access to negotiate players what criticize than I do think rather But receive. is re- already the issue stating negoti- should the players solved, with ideas. — and come ate be in a position of actually could desperate is clear how It leverage. some form play to want MLB is to postsea- a season and, especially, of all that so desperate son. Perhaps saying do is keep the union has to and eventually everything to “no” the pro- and give MLB will cave the season. save to salaries rata Vinny to reflect wistfully about some about wistfully reflect to Vinny friends Creature his old Bleacher of the Stadium. to return and a possible this online of “Some he says. now,” nostal- me very has made Zoom stuff some of and the past of things gic for seen, or hung out I haven’t the people so I would long time, with in a very say I never out. not rule anything the future.” for never via the 7 Line Army to connected stays excit- app, Zoom and the Houseparty playing mentions pop-up drive-ins edly County. in Suffolk old movies do to can figure a way we if out cally, plan- start is to and legally, it safely this once parties watch ning drive-in said. Meenan up again,” starts be separated to have we’ll “Granted, if but our cars, of the distance from do it to figure could a way out we be bathrooms could there where to love I’d or so on and so forth, there, or a week least once at plan to be able up a meet up and throw us to so for and some speakers and big projector either sits on just kind of everyone and their car or whatever, of the roof together.” game a baseball watch should at They the players. ening for will be their fans that least know will have that now, in spirit. For there them. all of be enough for to ate whether or not my time up there time up there or not my whether ate he said. the reward,” it for worth was New York Post, Thursday, May 21, 2020 nypost.com 46 A Augie Jeong (Jin Ha); therest of the10-epi- She meets andfalls inlove withjournalist (Zoe Chao, Sasha Compere) inManhattan. single woman living withtwo roommates when “Love Life” beginsin2012, isayoung mantic andthat shouldbeonscreen.” time, but sometimeslife ispretty damnro- tion. It’s really transcendent. Not allthe but Ifeel that romantic comedy isaninspira- ‘romantic comedy’ it’s inapejorative way -- that without .compromising inany way. mantic show andwe felt like we could do Post. “We wanted [’Love Life’] to bearo- writer] Richard Curtis,” Kendrick tells The [’Four Weddings andaFuneral’ screen- fans of romantic comedies andwe bothlove By Kendrick, 34,stars asDarby Carter who, “You get alittle senseof when people say “[Series creator] Sam Boyd andIare both michael starr ‘ HBO Max comedy on romantic in hernew Kendrick Anna It’s ‘Love’for sodic TV. which dive marks herfirst into epi- new HBOMaxseries “Love Life,” intheguiltypleasure”guilt of her NNA L Kendrick has“absolutely no i f e ’ Maggie LawsonMaggie(left). Biggs Jason stars with season one comedyfamily“Outmatchedafter ” on cancellationhammer the dropped ONE ANDDONE allow into her life .anddoingher best.” knowing her boundaries,people shewants to become —having herprioritiesstraight, was playing herasthewoman she hopesto embarrass ourselves andletourselves down. I ments of beingyoung andinsecure —how we myself to notshy away from thenatural ele- when we meetDarby, Iwas really pushing think thebestthingwe cameupwith, was that much over thecourse of 10 years? three-dimensional woman who changes so her. How doyou describeareally grounded, enough,” Kendrick says. “Ididn’t really know and felt maybe Ihadn’t fleshed herout about thefact that Icouldn’t describeDarby show andstarted to feel really insecure [’Love Life’] Ididafew interviews about the bastian. Detective”), Peter Vack andMaureen Se- Scoot McNairy (“Narcos: Mexico “ ,” over thecourse of adecade. Co-stars include Darby’s twisty journey through romance sode series,premiering May 27, tracks Kendrick says there’s a reason she decided “We had thebeautiful opportunity, andI “It’s funny, becausewhen we were filming i T n opening episodeof “Love Life” onHBO Jin HaandAnna Kendrick inthe V Max. p T Foxhas True i and e Darby’s future love.” narrator wasn’t thefuture Darby orwasn’t tantly, we wanted to make itclear that the on Darby,” Kendrick says. “More impor- omnipotent scientist who’s doing research more intelligent, and[the narrator] islike an nominated Britishactress Lesley Manville. utes long(give ortake), isnarrated by Oscar- how relatable itis.That was abigdraw for me.” she says. “It’s sohonest andjustalmosteerie people Iknow, andwe put itintheshow. real life, from somethingthat happenedto was adding alotof stuff that camefrom my And astheepisodesstarted coming together I know exactly what [Darby] isgoing through.’ they’ve captured thisfeeling soperfectly, I such anuncanny sensethat, ‘Ohmy God, at thispointbecauseof overuse —but Ihad elements —‘relatable’ iskindof adirty word to it,” shesays. “There are somany relatable world. on “Love Life” asherentree into theTV “We didthat becauseBritsalways sound Each episodeof the series,roughly 30 min- “Everything anduniversal,” felt sospecific “I justfelt immediately sucked inanddrawn h c u e r s s next Wednesdaynexta.m. 11 at live(left) Dragoncapsule SpaceX’sCrewof launch NASAthe air will Channel DiscoveryScience and d 2020 seasontoppingitscompetition Number ofweeksthatCBSwasTV’s most-watched broadcastnetwork this season.Itwillfinishthe2019- and Ted Danson. 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THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2020 www.nypost.com The Best Sports In Town® Baker lawyer Images; Getty Tw attacks Dunbar (inset) itter/@Mike_grieco rep over Twitter TWEETSgambling posts , TATS & THREATS

The attorney for DeAndre Baker says his client will sue the attorney for Quinton Dunbar for “libel and slander” after the latter posted a text message and photo he claims implies Baker is one of the men pictured. Baker’s attorney says the tattoos on the man in the photo prove it’s not Baker. SCHWARTZ / PAGES 38-39