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Car-Truck ·Crash Kills Club Owner the Owner of Danny's Cove, a Leslie Bar, Di~D in the Trailer An'd the Vehicle

Car-Truck ·Crash Kills Club Owner the Owner of Danny's Cove, a Leslie Bar, Di~D in the Trailer An'd the Vehicle

rin~port Bindery prin~;pon, Mich.• 49294

Vol. 109 No. 47 Socond cla68 poatago paid at Maa~n, Michigan. P.O. Box 226, Maoon, Michigan 48864 15c per copy Car-truck ·crash kills club owner The owner of Danny's Cove, a Leslie bar, di~d in the trailer an'd the vehicle. The department has a specially Ingham Medical hospital fo!Jowi~g an auto-sem1truck equipped rescue vehicle which has jacks capable of lifting collision early Wednesday mornmg north of Howell the semi-truck to allow a wrecker to haul the car away. road's intersection with Cedar street in Alaiedon town­ *** ship. WARD WAS REMOVED prior to this and transported Danny Ward, of 3123 S. Washington, Lansing, was on to Ingham Medical hospital. Jack Courtier, manager of his way home from his business in Leslie at the time of Danny's Cove, said that Ward was unconscious, had the accident. suffered serious brain damage and possible internal He was traveling toward Lansing when he collided with injuries in the accident. a U.S. Trucking company semitruck which was turning Ward has owned the Leslie night spot for three from the median crossover into the right hand, months. northbound lane of Cedar street, sheriff's deputies said. * * * THE TRUCK was driven by Charles E. Wilcox, 60, of Supervisors put Dearborn Heights. He was not injured. The Ward car smashed into the side of the semi-trailer and went underneath. Ward's 1962 model car is considered a total wreck with the entire roof cut off and three-quarters of the vehicle smashed in. 'bite' on county A rescue squad from the Delhi township volunteer fire department was summoried to the accident to help separate can1ne• owners Car meets truck with crushing results By SALLY TROUT A full size car became a ~rap of metal following a collision with a semi-truck early Wednesday morning just News Staff Writer north of Mason. · Fatally· injured in the crash was auto driver Danny Ward, S. Washington, Lansing. The car is a total Ingham county supervisors are putting the "bite" on Joss, according to investigating sheriff's deputies. News photo by Sally Trout, county dog owners. Following adoption of a resolution at the board of supervisors Tuesday night the dog license fee was raised in addition to raising the fee paid to dog census takers. BoP-f leaving Dec. 16 New license fees for all dogs is now $4 to be paid within the months of December and March, After March 1 of any year the dog license seeker is to be considered delinquent and required to pay $6 per license provided his _City administrator search dog is six months old or older. Census takers have been paid 20 cents for each dog counted and following board action this fee was raised to -30. cents.per dog. Action was based on the premise that higher pay for the census takers would J1•rovide · a more ·· .90,e,$ on. __ with little .success accurate animal count thus providing information for the animal control officer to follow up on. Mason has met with limited success in attempts to locate prospective city"-administrators to replace William CITY ADMINISTRATOR in Mason for two and a half Income from license fees collected in Lansing tripled years, Bopf is particularly proud of a number of during the year census takers were given a raise, according Bopf, who announced his resignation about a month ago. accomplishments which have materialized during his to Gerald Ernst, District 17 supervisor. · Bopf has indicated that he will likely remain at his administration. desk in Mason until after Dec. 15 and then move on to his When asked to explain the requested license fee hike He is pleased that the council was willing to contin~e new position in Holland, Mich. following a brief vacation. and the census takers raise, Supervisor Ted Fay of with the idea of city administrator-type government m Stockbridge commented: "I have maintained for several The search for a new administrator has not progressed Mason. For two years in Mason, Bopf indicated most of years that dogs should support themselves rather than too rapidly as yet. The city has sent out letters to 14 city his time was spent tying up lose ends of projects support handed out through the county general fund." managers who have assistants likely to be interested in the underway or in the planning stages. Census takers have been paid 20 cents per dog counted position at the $12,000 to $14,000 salary offered. One such project was the city police-fire building on S. since 1928. So far there has been one reply, but officials are Jefferson street. This has now been completed and has In addition to this action the Cooperative Extension hoping that many more will be forthcoming following proven itself functional in addition to being an asset to advertisements for a new administrator appearing in two the downtown shopping area. and Agriculture committee presented a county-wide professional magazines. ordinance which would offer strict animal. control Completion of the Laylin park and shelter building is enforcement. * * * also one of Bopfs pet projects. This winter will be the "I AM CONFIDENT that Mason can locate a qualified Board members were asked to give the proposed second season for the ice skating complete with use of the person for the job because of the opportunities it offers a warming house built through community effort of ordinance their consideration and be ready to take action young person seeking advancement in his profession," of the adoption at the next meeting of the board on Bopf said. individuals and organizations. December 9. * * * If a replacement for Bopf is not located in time, the SEVERAL AREAS OF street construction and Crash kills Main portions of ordinance calls for an animal control city has many avenues of procedure to follow until a city officer with all the authority of a peace or police officer. administrator can be selected. They include: reverting (See A,DMINISTRATOR, Page 16) It would be his duty to issue appearance tickets, citations back to the conm1ittee system by the council; an acting or summonses to those persons owning or harboring dogs Dr. Augenstein contrary to the provisions of the ordinance. city administrator can be named or greater reliance can be placed on the department heads until the new person is Dr. Leroy G. Augenstein was interred in Lansing's Provisions are outlined for the disposal of animals named. impounded over five days. The officer shall promptly Evergreen cemetery yesterday as the tragic denouncement "The city of Mason department heads are very VENISON - How to cook it for the mighty hunter, of a career as a brilliant scientist and public servant. investigate all animal bit cases involving human exposure, Page A-6. determine and locate all unlicensed dogs. competent people who could continue to function He was killed early Saturday morning when his smoothly without direct supervision for quite some time, ELECTION -The millage election cost $2 a vote and 14-year-old blue and white Piper Apache hit a stump in a Licensing and vaccination of dogs in the county is officials are angry, Page A-3. spelled out in the proposed ordinance as well as calling for although policy decisions and added responsibilities would field near Charlotte. fall back on the council," Bopf explained. FIRE - Minor damage is shown to Dart Container the establislunent of a county-operated animal control Corporation building during a fire, picture on Page A-2. Dr. Augenstein lived with his wife and family at 2708 In the process of selling his home, Bopf indicated that Rampart~ Path, Holt. shelter building. WHEE-E-E - When John took Cooper for a ride -and The ordinance further calls for all fees and monies he has not even had time to think about his newjob in beat him back to Mason, PageA-4. * * * collected under the ordinance to be transferred to the Holland, but is presently looking forward to a trip to HE WAS CHAIRMAN of the biophysics department of California before taking over his new job on Jan. 5. EXPERTS - They rate Mason high school among the Michigan State University, a member of the state board of general funds of the county. best, Page B-3. education and a potential Republican candidate for the In other business board members approved the United States Senate next year. ' appointment of Mary 0. Black to fill a vacancy created by ' Dr. Augenstein was returning to Charlotte airport after the resignation of Frederick L. Stackable from the Ingham midnight Friday from Richmond, Ind., where he had county fair board. Stanley G. Peck was named to fill a addressed a church group on the campus of Earlham vacancy on the Veterans' Affairs committee. Mildred college. Loveless was approved to act in an advisory capacity on (See DR. AUGENSTEIN, Page 16) the Social Services board. Both P-arties agree ...

~Capitol for the people' 'State needs new capitol plan backed by Milliken --andNOWJ State Senators Charles 0. Last of a Series . .• bringing demands that the new sales tax be raised to foot By DON HOENSHELL the state's bills. Zollar (R·Benton Harborl, News Editor They make these points: left, and Garland Lane (D-Fiintl. directed the *Major state programs, such as education and mental planning for the new state Michigan's money-shy government today started a health, will not suffer, pointing to a $20 million new basic massive public sales job on a new $45 million state capital science building at Wayne State University, a $30 million capitol to replace the present to replace the present domed firetrap which is crumbling medical clinic building; and five new hospitals for building, inadequate for the at its base. mentally retarded children. present size of government Lawmakers have already appropriated $6,970,000 for *The present building is condemned and dangerous to and described by fire its construction and Gov. Milliken was asked if this officials, state employes and to the public, and marshals as a firetrap. News photo by Sally Trout. committed the state. esthetically is "a bad copy of the Rennaisance period, "It does, it does and I have no illusions whatever about which itself copied something else." that, and that is my intention (to build the capitol)," he said. , "'The $13 million cost of renovating the present capitol would be money down the drain since the result would be inadequate for the times and. government would be POLITICtANS fear retaliation"'"'* at the polls for spending dislocated into inadequate quarters for five years7at a cost $45 million at a time when school financial crises are (See CAPITOL, Page 16) Dr. Lewis A. Wileden ·Harry J. Esch \ Lewis Alison Wileden, 81, former vcternarian ·for the Funeral services for Harry J. Esch, 53, of Lansing, we~e Ingham county Health department, died on Thursday, held Monday at the Church of the Resurrection, He was Nov. 6 at Mason General hospital. the father of Mrs. Charles Knapp, Jr. of Holt, His home was at 534 West Ash street, Mason. Dr. Wileden, a native of Oakland county, was Mr. Esch, who lived at 20i 5 Harding, died Friday iri a graduated from. the veterinary medicine course at Lansing hospital. He had been a resident of Lansing for the Michigan State university in last 28 years, coming here from Chicago, Ill. 1913. He married the former · He had been with Fisher body for 16 years and was a Carolyn Gorits in 1914. member of the Church of Resurrection, The couple ·Jived in Surviving arc his wife, Barbra; three daughters, Mrs. Lansing where the doctor Knapp, Mrs. William Haun of Chesapeake, Va. and Mrs. engaged in part time practice Richard Knapp of Germany.- There are two of veterinary medicine and grand-daughters;· four brothers,. Ernest of Lansing, part time work for the Leonard of Stockbridge, Fred of Rochester and Thomas Lansing health department of Portland and a sister, M. Francesea of Phoenix, Ariz. until his enlistment in the veterinary corps of the army Fr. Franeis Martin officiated and burial was in St. in World War I. Josepli cemetery. Following his return from overseas, Dr. Wileden moved Lula M. Hook his family to Cassopolis where he had a private practice. In Funeral services for Mrs. Lula M. (Provost) Hook, 73,· 1922 the family came to mother of Jerry Provost of Holt were held Nov, 5 at the Mason, where Dr. Wileden Palmer Bush funeral home. The Rev. James Dotson of the had a veterinary practice until Miller Road Bible church officiating. 194 7 when he became the health department A resident of the Lansing area for 50 years, Mrs. Hook veterinarian. He retired in Dr. Lewis A. Wileden died on Nov, l in a Lansing hospital. 1957. ' She is survived by her son; a sister, Mrs. Lorinda Ml NOR DAMAGE ··A fire broke out Monday noon at the Dart Container corporation while work was underway on Dr. Wiledcn was a past commander of Howarth of Morley and two grandsons, Mitchell and Craig Browne-Cavender post 48; past noble grand Vevay 93 Provost, both of Holt, a new roof. Cause of the blaze was attributed, by firemen, to a chain saw that ignited sawdust. Employes of the firin had IOOF, past president of the Michigan Veterinarian the flames nearly knocked down with use of fire extinguishers by the time Mason volunteer firemen arrived, A small h,Jtermcnt was in Glendale cemetery, Okemos. area of roof sheet metal was destroyed during the blaze with the loss estimate set at $500 by company officials. Mason Medical association; past master of Masonic lodge No. 70, firemen were on the scene for 45 minutes. a former member. of the Mason Board of Education and the Mason City counil. Dr. Wileden is survived by his wife; three sons, Max C. Wileden of Clawson; Robert J. Wileden of Lansing and Delhi's traJie,rs pay th.eir way Paul H. Wileden of Lansing; 7 grandchildren, one. PERSON great-grandchild and a brother Frank Wileden of Miami, By SCOTT KINGAN to Florida and a sister Mrs. Charles Mathieson of Oxford. News Staff Writer IN THE FIVE apartment complexes in the township, Services were· held on Saturday at the Ball-Dunn Sparked by resident complaints and questions about .there are 233 units, The study further showed that Holt funeral home with the Rev. William A. Harrington of the how much of the school tax bill is being picked up by apartment buildings yield one child per 27.9 apartment First Baptist Church of Mason officiating. Services were mobile homes and mobile home parks, Delhi Township units or about one thirtieth child per unit. PARSON conducted by Mason lodge 70 F and AM and Supervisor Joe Kierscy Monday night released a report This makes for $4,109 in school tax dollars paid per Browne-Cavendar Post 48, American Legion. which indica ted that trailers do pay their way in school student living in an apartment unit. Assessed valuation per by Burial was in Maple Grove cemetery. The bearers were taxes. child living in an apartment amounts to $139,763. Rev. William Richardt Ludell W. Cheney, Paul Richards, Ivan C. Heincelman, . *** George W. Post, Clyde B. Smith, John A. Hamlin, Stanley The report showed that the five parks located in Delhi IN OTHER business, the board adopted a policy on Township bring in total assessments at 50 per cent of water service maintenance. Holmes and Frank A. Schmidt, Jr. almost $690,000. According to the new policy the township will be Last night I had a dream that was terrifying, Tllis makes for an assessed value per child in Holt responsible for maintaining water lines from the water In the dream I was dying and then I woke uo schools of $7,339 per child. In terms of tax dollars paid to main in the center of the road to the curb stop. suddenly in fear, Today I know for sura that I Emily T. Townsend am not ready to dial What must I do? schools, this amounts to $330.33 per student when the The curb stop, Kierscy explained, is a valve located behind the curb from which water can be turned on or Mrs. Emily T. Townsend, 90, formerly of 610 South 1969 Holt school rate of $29.40 per $1,000 of assessed shut off. valuation and the trailer owners tax of $2 per unit is God may have allowed you to have this dream to make you Main street, Leslie, d led Nov. 6 at the home of her · figured in. Kiersey said Delhi's new policy falls between that for realize that you have neglected the most important thing in this daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Sanford of the city of Mason, whose obligation is to maintain only life and in the next, There can be peace for you! You can have Snyder road, Route I, Rives Junction. *** the water main, and policies for Meridian township, Delta the assurance that you are saved and you can have the assurance Mrs. Townsend was the widow of William Townsend. THE STUDY showed that there is one school age child that vou will spend eternity with. your Lord if you humbly township and the city of Lansing, who obligate themselves aclmowledge yourself as a sinner in God's sight, and ask His Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Nettie Metcalf of in every 4.78 mobile homes of which there arc 449. to maintain water lines from the water main to the water forgiveness through His Son, Jesus Christ. Christ died on that Route one, Leslie and Mrs. Sanford of Rives Junction; The $330.33 mobile homes pay per student compares meter on the dwelling. cross nearly 2000 years ago just so that you could ha~e this two grandchildren, Robert Metcalf of Leslie and Mrs. with $294.00 in paid taxes per student for a $20,000 The city of East Lansing has a water line policy the forgiveness of sins. And when you receive the forgiveness of sins Janet Foster of Jackson; four great-grandchildren; one you also inherit eternal life with our Lord. Let me urge you to home assessed at half that sum. same as the one adopted for Delhi township. get a Bible and read the following verses: Romans 3:12; Romans great-great-grand-child and one sister, Mrs. Hazel Ackerson 3:23; II Timothy 3:5; Romans 3:19; Ephesians 2:8; Lul

:-;-,' \ ~- -~- Santa's wonderland '· ',; comes to temple Miss Olive Bodtcher Mrs, James Taylor Santa's Wonderland will be the theme of the bazaar and luncheon to be sponsored by the Mason chapter, Free Methodists Set Order of the Eastern 011 Friday, Nov. 21. The bazaar will be held at the new Masonic temple on Columbia road, east of Mason General hospital from I 0 'It's time Miss~onary Convention a.m. until 4 p.m. Mrs. James Hudson Taylor, missionary to Taiwan, and Christmas de cora lions and gifts for all the family will Miss Olive Bodtcher, missionary nurse to Burundi, Africa, be featured. Other booths will inclu9e needlework, to decorate' will both be speaking at the Dansville Free Methodist aprons, baked goods, a country store, candy and attic treasures. · church on Saturday and Sunday, November 15 and 16, FESTIVE ·· All sorts of beginning at 7 p.m. Chop suey, salads, beef barbecue sandwiches and pie will be served from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. festive holiday decorations Mrs. Taylor served for 20 years as a missionary to will go on sale at the Mason mainland China and since 1953 has been in Taiwan under chapter of OES bazaar the General Missionary Board of the Free Methodist scheduled for November 21 church. She is largely responsible for a fast-growing work at the Masonic Temple on among the mountain tribes people, which now number East Columbia street from 10 around 20 churches. CC campaign goal a.m. to 4 p.m. Showing off As a missionary to China, Mrs. Taylor taught in the some of the items which will Kaifcng Bible school, Honan Province, and assisted her be offered for sa Ie are (from husband during World War II in opening a new field and within easy reach left) Mrs. Ted Welch, the Northwest Bible institute at Fengsiang, Shensi Province. decorations chairman; Mrs. Donald VanderVeen, Mason Area Community Chest Marvin Austin, associate For most of the past seven years Miss Olive Bodtcher campaign chairman, announces that the funds pledged and matron, and Mrs. l

Voters resP-onded responsib~y, but... The cost could have been avoided Dear Boss: Support your local editor Ingham County voters saw excessive and it i~ a failure of those things annually passed by their duty clearly and voted 3 to government that it was I for a half-mill tax increase for a necessary. at budget time when the crunch year to raise $425,000 to save of governmental costs seems· to As it was, the voters invite procrastination the the extended care facility on overwhelmingly supported the Dobie road. It was an emergency. facility's problem should have millage proposal. Delhi township, been more timely considered. It is a time, dear friends, when urgency to get back to the city Local officials are you might wish to bite on a without chasing him for a mile for example, voted 390 to 97 A s i t i s, we are happy to to call the department. and clocking him with hi: complaining at the cost of the and 379 to I 02 on the two parts bullet to keep from crying at the What followed might have one-issue election, which went salute the voters for responding odometer?" of the issue; Mason voted 378 t6 as they did to a real emergency sight of policemen gettillg been written for 1970 by well over·$2 for each vote cast in 67 and 365 to 70; and Meridian science to help corrall all us R-A-D-A-R! some areas. in Ingham county. Shakespeare or Chaucer, one of township 2,953 to 955 and And we agree that spending lawbreakers. those guys. The strong arm of the law ha! * * * 2,853 to 966. thousands of dollars in tax First, there was a radar and can time a car going in ONLY IN MERIDIAN The enormity of the any direction while the police car It is inconceivable that money for a special election with condition is enough, but to take wave-perhaps a greeting?--from township, where the voters county officials were not aware stands idling on the shoulder. decided to incorporate as a city only one issue on the ballot is the thrill of chance out of the officer behind the wheel. Or Trapped. of the condition of the boilers waste. driving-Oh, the inequity of it all. could it be a summons to help as and elected nine charter and the laundry equipment at the strong arm .of Officer commissioners, was there more It could have been avoided by In short, the Tearview mirror a citizen?· But heroism only ~o any point over the past several bringing the problem to the and a quick foot on the brake comes easily to strong silent Ben McLellan arrived. We than one issue on the ballot. years. understand from ·other sources The cost, obviously, was voters earlier at a general have been overcome as types, not to little guys who EVEN IF. IT WAS one of election. safeguards against traffic tickets. wear glasses. that Big Ben is always polite, Now, as you will see, the "What light from yonder firm and pleasant. He was all of science-police complex is in window breaks?" Shepherd these, suggesting that speed limit The good ol' days charge. asked. signs were not among those * * * "It is a strange and removed as unsightly by the IT WAS A GREAT DAY for enchanting light, Sire, a veritable Keep Mason Beautiful When John took Cooper for a ride the chase, dry pavement, slight whirl of color. Could it be that committee. In historical notes of Ingham determined not io go to jail, got overcast, vision unimpaired and Mason, lacking the wherewithal * * * County a tale is found of one at Jackson. It had taken four to light the city for Christmas, is AND SCIENCE insisted in a bear-hug on an upright timber men, two horses, six oxen, a sled, light traffic. There was, however, John Douglas, who, in I 844 or at his home and refused to let go. no chase. doing the thing with police black and white--and so did 184'5 "became involved in law." a cart and a wagon to get cars?" Ben--that the car was clocked at Cooper and helpers solved this Douglas to the sheriff. Drivil1g out Cedar toward As the historian said it, "in by dismantling the structure and * * * 14 miles over the limit. You order to vindicate the majesty of Holt with General Manager NAY, AND ALAS, it was a putting the beam on the sled, Constable Cooper and his Frank Shepherd riding shotgun, argue with a machine, friend, I'm the law, it was necessary that he with Douglas still holding on. assistants turned Douglas over to summons to join the police car not even going t6 argue with (Douglas) be sent to jail." your correspondent saw a Mason on the friendly shoulder in front Ben. This curious group then went the sheriff at Jackson and set off police car on the southbound There was no jail in Ingham to a farm between Mason and for home, returning borrowed shoulder near Don Fray's of Don Fray's. Not a great place I tried a small pleasantry. county at that time, nor courts Dansville, where a cart was rigs and animals along the way. automobile agency. for a conversation, but one takes "I wondered what you were nor sheriffs. By order of the pressed into service, replacing the The first p'erson they met friendship where one finds it. doing on my way to Holt, and territorial government of upon returning to Alaiedon was Aha! Mayhap there is trouble Shepherd was rhapsodic: sled. They proceeded to Bunker in the precincts and we shall now I know," I greeted Ben. Michigan, later approved by the Hill where conditions were "Old John" Douglas. Douglas, in "It appears that we must hie Dear Boss: That item of $17 state government, all of Ingham's an expansive mood, cheerfully check the department later, since ourselves to the side of the road improved by transferring to there apparently is no emergency on the expense account will legal problems were handled by horse and wagon. explained to the constable that .or find ourselves in the toils of cover the out-of-pocket cost of Jackson County. an enterprising Mason attorney at the moment. Why should a the law. Let us take the easy way By now the journey had police car be lurking there? an indepth investigation of a * * * assumed all the aspects of an had heard about the pilgrimage. out and comply, since I am a law stationary police car on Cedar THE PROBLEM was that in outing and although Constable No sooner had the sheriff The return from Holt was abiding citizen." speedy and the conversation was street one afternoon. No story, order to bring Douglas before Cooper was somewhat alarmed taken Douglas into his charge ''Agreed, Sire, but what but mission completed. "the Majesty of the Law," it was that Douglas might escape, than the Mason lawyer had sprightly. The police car was still manner of business is this, that a there so, of course, there was an Beware yon radar with the necessary to get him from Douglas would have none of it. arrived in Jackson with papers all policeman can put upon a citizen lean and hungry look, folks. somewhere in Alaiedon township According to the old. narrative, ready to "spring" Douglas. to the jail in Jackson. In all of Douglas was enjoying the trip Traveling light and without that area of Alaiedon there were throroughly and wouldn't have no horses or wagons. having to return articles, Douglas missed it, even to avoid going to had beaten Constable Cooper The enterprising Constable jail. back home. Cooper obtained two yokes of * * * Somehow we get a kick out oxen and a sled (in mid-July) and Two days after leaving of John Douglas' approach to life went after Douglas. Douglas, Alaiedon, the entourage arrived and liberty. The responsible ones will stay home

So another week of crisis is housework and cracking the of taking care of their families, being faced by Americans. It's school books Thursday, Friday Monsoon in a Vietnam bunker hard to tell the players without a making their communities better roster. The shouting and and Saturday while a through the Community Chest, parading minority claiming to be comparative handful grab all the the Scouts, their churches and • the majority and the recently headlines and TV film footage. their civic and fraternal activated silent majority which is I am ready for the big week. I organizations. · becoming less silent are holding got a fresh haircut Monday, Unfortunately, those who press conferences, making claims, stay on the job this week won't This morning I had a rude bought a new shirt, polished my got thls morning when I was Since we try and build spreading pamphlets and taking shoes, dusted off an old Marine get the headlines and the awakening at about 3:30 a.m. nastily awakened by raindrops to the podiums. television coverage but they will This time it wasn't Charlie Cong, everything below ground I found band recording of "The Stars and drumming on my forehead. myself swimming out this Stripes Forever," with "Semper far outnumber those seeking to it wasn't the usual scurrying of On both sides we find many be instant heroes in the streets: rats or. the sting of insects. * * * morning. Fidelis" on the flip side and did a AFTER SOAKING in what who are making their stand little meditation asking for the * * * My "house" was the evil-doer. was happening and realizing it We've had so much rain that because they are reaping a profit Almighty to keep violence from NEWSPAPERS are in the We just finished a new sleeping would get uncomfortable, I did the Army is offering a new from it-some in cash, some in breaking out. forefront in curbing juvenile bunker for ourselves about two what any person would do .. I course in the artificial respiration votes, some in power. delinquency, according to one weeks ago and it was nice living struggled up and moved out of of gills. It seems that people over - * * * * * * researcher. He claims, if your, in dry comfort. the way of the waterfall and here are forced to develop gills in BY THE END of the week chlld talks back to you, hit him: Some sneaky individual must went back to sleep. order to survive during the rainy BUT THE VAST MIDDLE of when the claims and counter with one. · have had it in for me and decided Someone must have really season. the American cross section is claims are being tossed around, * * * to walk around on my roof in going about its day to day living remember that the vast majority Another researcher has' had it in for me, one leak after There have been over 30 . football shoes last night. another chased me all over the keeping its thoughts to itself. of Americans haven't spoken by punched a hole in the myth t~~t It is monsoon time over here inches of rain here since the They will be manning the desks, participating on the the most widely printed sentence 1 room until I gave up and pulled monsoon started a month ago. I · now -- that means one thing, iny poncho · over my head and the gas pumps, the hammers, demonstration firing line. is, "In God We Trust." He claims constant rain. That is just what I just sort of hibernated. think most of it dripped through pipes and wrenches, punching They continued to do their that honor goes to "Close cover • my roof last night. · the time clocks, doing the thing, fac.ihg up to the problems before striking." • : . . ' .

' I ' ·The Ingham County News;;Wednesday,.November 12, 1969. 'PageA:S 1 ' ' . · Looking bac·k· ~.: .• · •. ! 'C.ity slickers learn ' ' ' IF. YOU HAVE • ' • 'J.t. ~· II "' I • I 1 , I I , " about firearm safety · Mason City Slickers in~t for their monthly meeting TALENT AND Monday evening at the Vevay township hall. After the regular business meeting and recreation period, the PATIENCE YOU Julia Ward, a promising young singer and heiress of 24, I have seen Him in the watch fires of a hundred circling education leader, Julie Dufort, introduced Sgt. Wheeler of married Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe, 42. She took life and camps. . . the Ingham County Sherifrs dpeartment. CAN ACCOMPLISH responsibilities as a thrill and was little known in Boston, They have built, Him an altar in the evening ·dews , Sgt. Wheeler spoke on gun safety and hunting. He But in 1861 when the south had fired on Fort Sumpter and damp. . . d1splayed several weapons and demonstrated handling ANYTHING and she saw thousands of young men march through the · I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and them, As the talk progressed, it was explained that; Gun Boston streets on their way to war, she became a little Daring lamps. 4264 l

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MAX CURTIS FORD· TRUCK, INC. CLINE S. Cedar at Rd. TIRE SERVICE 510~ Jolly 1250 N. Cedar· Mason LANSING PHONE 882·6631 Phone 699·2372 ·Garden club gavel goes to Mrs. Fiedler Mrs. Francis Fiedler has been named president of the Mason Area Garden club." Mrs. Fiedler has been acting president of the club since the resignation of Mrs. Mrs. Eskes will head Sylvester Vaughan. Other officers named at .the Nov. 4 meeting at the home of Mrs. Roy W. Knopf were Mrs. Norman Good, first vice-president; Mrs. William Musolff, second Holt garden club vice-president; Mrs. W.H. Appleton, treasurer; Mrs. Knopf, Mrs. Stewart Eskes has been elected president of the· publicity; Mrs. Ray Perkins, parliamentarian; Mrs: John Holt Garden club. She is also the new president of the Paige, secretary and Mrs. William Hanover, historian. Inter-city Council of Garden clubs. Apples were the order of The Holt officers were elected at the November 4 the day at the salad luncheon meeting of the club. Others elected were Mrs. Orton meeting, Mrs. Knopf served Venison Tonight Greenman, vice-president; Mrs. Marjorie Gladden, from a lace cloth covered secretary and Mrs. Clara Lott, treasurer. table with an arrangement of Ronald Schneeberger grins The club will conduct a workshop for its holiday bronze and rust colored bazaar on Wednesday, Nov. 19 at the home of Mrs. Carl chrysanthemums. in anticipation of a meal of Johnson, Maple street. his mother's favorite venison She was assisted by Mrs. The bazaar will be held the first week in December at Wi IIi am Clark, Mrs. Paige, dish. Mrs. Lyle Schneeberger the Holt American bank, hands her son a package of Mrs. !·Inward Oesterle and Mrs. Evelyn Rcmalie of the Holt club is corresponding Mrs. Mac Dean. frozen venison in the family secretary of the Inter-City council. kitchen on West Columbia in James Lincoln, district Aure.lius township. extension horticulture agent of southeastern Michigan, was the speaker. He told the 17 Single parents to form members present about . Michigan apples. He illustrated his talk with sljdes. new tn-county group There were apples on hand for munching. Parents Without Partners, Inc., an international Mrs. Ina Bodamer, Mrs. Ed non-profit, non-sectarian educational organization Spichl and Mrs. Allan devoted to the welfare and interest of single parents and rs. leis Teachout joined the club. their children is attempting to organize a tri-county. The club will present a copy of "The Complete Book chapter. of Growing Plants from Seeds" by Elda Haring, to the An organizational meeting will be held on Monday, Ingham County library. It is being presented In Nov. 17 at 8 p.m. at the Consumer's Power auditorium at appreciation of Mrs. Blanche Jewett and Mrs. Beulah 524 West Willow, Lansing. Bullen. These two sisters were the club's first members. Bill Wells, president of the Eastern Michigan regional council of PWP and Pat Clayton, international vice-president for public information will. come from There will be venison in the pot Detroit to discuss with interested single parents the aims and programs of the organization. Holt Welcome Wagon Discussion groups, coffee, conversational gatherings when Ingham deer hunters come home and family outings are all typical of PWP activities. schedules dinner dance Anyolle interested in PWP but unable to attend the By SHIRLEY BECKMAN "It turned out pretty good too," he said. "It was all The Holt Welcome Wagon club will hold a Christmas meeting may get in touch with Howard J. Rother at 1231 dinner dance on December 6 at the Chisholm Hills Women's Writer eaten up." North Walnut, Lansing. Nov. 15 is the red letter day for Michigan's deer Ronald says that deer from this area is very different in Counq·y club on South Washington road. The evening will hunters. When the sun comes up on Saturday morning, flavor from the northern Michigan deer. Local deer feeds start at 8 p.m., with dancing until 2 a.m. thousands of men will be in the field hoping to bring on corn and other cultivated crops. The northern deer Reservations must be made by Nov. 19 with Mrs. down a buck. must forage for bark and other wild food. Cancer films shown Robert Niemi, 4418 Willesdon, Huntley Square, Holt at At home, more than· one wife will be hoping her For· those that cOiilplain that deer has a strong taste, 694-8240. The charge isS 10 per couple. husband won't be successful this year. She doesn't want Mrs. Schneeberger says "remove all the fat and gristle". to child study club to have to fix venison. She has it all removed from the ground meat and cuts it Not so Mrs. Lyle K. Schneeberger of 5163 West off the steaks and chops before she uses them. She also . Columbia road in Aurelius township. She is counting on thaws the frozen meat in water before using it. ·at least one and possibly three deer this fall. Mrs. Schneeberger has one favorite way of cooking Her husband and her twin sons, Donald and Ronald venison, the recipe her son used when he fed his Army will be hunting on opening day. Mrs. Schneeberger has buddies. She agreed to share it with News readers. reason to expect them to be successful. She has had Mrs. Schneeberger's Venison venison for her family "every year for the last five or six". 3 pounds venison, steak or chops "We all like venison," she said. The Schncebergcrs usc I can cream of mushroom soup a great deal of venison in ground form. "I usc it just like l 4-ounce can of mushrooms hamburger," Mrs. Schneeberger said. "In fact, I think I 2 medium onions, sliced like it better than regular hamburger." 2 cloves of garlic, if desired. * * * Thaw venison in water. Trim away all fat and gristle. WHEN SHE COOKS it as patties, she likes to add a Cut in serving size pieces and wipe dry with paper towel. Utile ground fresh pork with the venison. Dredge in mixture of nour, salt and pepper. Brown meat The Schneebergers turn the field-dressed deer over to a in hot shortning. commercial butcher for dressing out. This costs abq,ut $15 Layer in an oven-proof casserole; meat, onion and a carcass. A deer that weighed 195 pounds field dressed, mushrooms. Make a gravy with the pan drippings and that is opened up with the viscera removed, provided the about 2 tablespoons of floor and 2 cups of water. Cook Sctmecbergers with 75 pounds of meet for the freezer. over low heat until thickened. The family docs not like spare ribs, a favorite with Stir in cream of mushroom soup and pour over meat. some people. They discard these. If this does not cover meat, add more water.· Mrs. Schneeberger tells the butcher how she wants her Cook covered at 350 degrees for 2!6 hours. you buy a vehison cut and packaged. She usually orders steaks, chops Mrs. Schneeberger likes to bake potatoes along with a.il:l lots of ground meat. · the casserole. A tossed salad completes the meal. There arc six Schneeberger children, but only the twins Anyone who would like more information about arc still at home. The mother says that all the children,.' handling venison, from the time the deer is shot until it with the exception of one daughter, eat and enjoy reaches the table, Michigan State university has a booklet. venison. Called "Venison ...upper peninsula style", it is available battery-operated rv Son Ronald said that when he was in the service, he by single copy from the Bulletin Office, Agriculture Hall, took some of his mother's venison back to Fort Bragg, MSU, East Lansing, Mich. 48823. No. Carolina, to cook for his buddies. He wasn't sure of his mother's recipe, so he called home to make sure he had the exact ingredients. find out Mrs. Jones and daughters attend DAV meeting Mrs. Marcella Jones and her daughters, Penny and HOSIERY SALE Patsy. recently attended a zone 2 meeting of the Michigan Disabled American Veterans. Capitol City no. 8, chapter where the and auxilimy of the DA V was host for the meeting in the Civic Center in L1nsing. Mrs. Jones is a senior auxiliary member and her daughters arc junior members. The girls were color bearers at the meeting. batteries go. Our batteries go inside. REACH Panasonic invented a battery that goes right inside the set. Powerful enough to pull 70,000 1/2 off in a sharp, clear picture from just about anywhere. Almost twice as READERS rechargeable as the separate battery packs other portables still have to use. SALE And special circuits protect our batteries from overdraining and on overcharging. And they're included in the price. 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. The Sandhill 4-H club will meet on Friday, Nov, 14ai · are married at St. Paul's church .. ~), ... ,.~ ..... · .. 7:30 p:m. at the Alaiedon !0\vnship hall. Final sign-up for . -~·fall' lind WlntCf project~ will be held; ... ; I • .. , .. Mary Carol D~rt and John Norman Seaman, J~., The Rev. William I·Illl~·perfo~med the single ring s. **''*' ',':,:-•1-;:••... , •. '-~--c \,,,,',o'•io·~.~,.,. .. :· exchanged wedding vows at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 8 m ·ceremony. , St. Paul's Episcopal church in Lansing. ··The Sandhill HI club will hold a ba kc goods ;t1ifuscd· .. ____ · The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Dart book sale on Saturday, Nov; 22 ill downtown Mason, GIVEN IN MARRIAGE by her father, the bride wore Proceeds will go to the Nationai4-H Foundation, ··· · of 1456 Meadowbrook Jan

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Service thats personalizec.. Call Roy Butler at LBIDB Softwater LINDSAY Ph. 517-332-5081 SOFT WATER CO. Bo6 DeLoach -2361 N. Cedar. . . Holt 6000 S. LOGAN STREET Acrog from the MSU campus LANSING, MICHIGAN 48910 1047 ~. GRAND RIVER -THIS WEEK'S 17th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Phone ·882-0241 • 393-3778 ham County News, Wednesday, November 12, 1969 • Page A~9 'Ingham Medical needs angels tn light tree · Mason Baptist church· Ingham Medical hospital is looking for· angels. The Medical hospital. The drive began Nov. 1 and will hospital's newest service auxiliary, the Pink Angels, is continue until Christmas, leading the search, A 20 foot Christmas tree was donated to the auxiliary honors nine members The Pink Angel auxiliary is raising money for 'and will be placed in front of the hospital. It will be · Members of the Mason Baptist church for SO years or equipment and furnishings for the proposed new Ingham lighted by colored bulbs purchased from Pink Angels as a more were honored on Nov. 5 at a family bohemian style donation to the fund. dinner at the church, . · · . · · . . . . . \ Place settings were marked with youth sllouettes. The DONATIONS FOR LIGHTS are $2; The goal is I ,000 Rev. William H;mington greeted· the guests and lights. All service auxiliary members are selling tickets for Vice-moderator Harry Smith gave the invocation. ' the donations. *.* Slogan for the ,project is "Be an Angel, Light the * Tree," They expect the Christmas tree bulb donation FOLLOWING TI-IE'MEAL, Dr. Julis Fischbach, former drive will become an annual event. pastor ·of the' First Baptist Church of Lansing, was· Ingham Medical hospital was the only. hospital in mtroduccd. He spoke of the accomplishments of people Lansing not included in the public fund raising drive in whp ·became famous for their work late in life. He stressed the need ·for intellectual and spiritual growth with the mid-1950s. At the time it was solely a TB hospital. advancing age, . . Funds now have been allocated for building a new hospital. When it is completed it will be about three times . Jerry DeGroot of Mason gave an exhibition of glass · the size of the present building. Building is to be started bowling. He presented each honored guest with a gift. before the end of the year and completed in about two Folders containing a picture of Sealman's Head of Christ years. . • and a plaque commemorating the years. of service were Although building money is available, no funds have presented to each honored guest by the Rev. Harrington. been set aside for furnishing it. The gift shop has been The nine so honored were Mrs. Clarence Bickert designating its profits for furnishing a hospital chapel and George Shafer, Mrs. Harry Freshour, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley the Pink Angels lire working on the other furnishings. Holmes, Mrs. Frank Wythe, Mrs. Willard Wixon, Mrs, The Pink Angels was organized in September and Hugh Bartley and Nrs, Neil Hinkley, approximately 100 women have volunteered their time. They work in the dental clinic, as play ladies in the Mr. and Mrs. Eddy RELICS OF THE'OLD 'church were on display. These pediatric section, visit and help patients on the medical included a communion set consisting of a tankard and two BE AN ANGEL--Members of the Pink Angel service floor and run a n1essengcr service throughout the hospital gobletsand an oil lamp bought for the original church. auxiliary of the Ingham Medical hospital, Mrs, Donald of x-rays, medicines, mail and other items, George Shafer related the history of the church. The Griffin and Mrs. Donald Spyke, are looking for people to The tree lighting ceremony will be at 4 p.m. on Nov. wed 50 years dining room was decorated with old fashioned lamps and be "angels" and buy a ticket for a Christmas tree bulb. antique dishts. 30, but tickets for donations may stili be purchased aft~r The goal is to have 1,000 lights on the tree by Christmas. that time. The tree will be lighted by a young girl who had Mr. and Mrs. James Esler Eddy of 624 Louisa, Lansing, open heart surgery at the hospital. Ingham Medical is the celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary on Sunday at only hospital in the city which does open heart surgery. an open house at the Mt. Hope United Methodist church. Babies wanted by· Holt Jaycees Over 200 friends and relatives were on hand to honor the * * * couple. If your baby is between the ages of three months and Le s I i e au xi Ii a ry THERE ALSO WILL be a local choir performing and a three years and you live in the Holt area, you are eligible short program and refreshments will be included in the James Eddy and the former Eda Bolton were married lighting ceremony. on Nov. 11, 1919 in the bride's home. They have lived in to enter your child in the baby contest now being the Miller road area for 46 years. sponsored by the Holt Jaycee auxiliary. General chairman of the drive is Mrs. Frank Bevez, Mail a picture of the baby and an application blank plans busy month 3209 Cambridge, Lansing, and ticket chairman is Mrs. Eddy retired in 1962 after 34 years with Oldsmobile. He is a member of the Quarter Century club at filled out properly to: Richard Davis, 2078 Jefferson, Lyle Edwards Unit no. 491, American Legion auxiliary Jack E. Warren, 414 Roundtop, Lansing. Tickets will Holt, as soon as possible. made project plans for the next month at the Nov. 6 continue on sale until Dec. 25. Donations of more than Oldsmobile, the Veterans of World War I, Barracks 235 the $2 tickets will be accepted. Booths will be set up in and a life member of the Holt Masonic lodge. The last· day for entering the contest has been meeting. extended to Nov. I9. Application blanks may be obtained President Mrs.l,'aul Jupp Jed the group in planning for the Meridian and Lansing Malls Nov. 28 to find angels He does• lettering in his spare time and is an who will light the tree. enthusiastic gardener. He gives a great deal of what he in the following Holt Plaza stores: Schmidt's market, D & a canned goods shower for the Leslie Service Council's grows to his neighbors. C Dime Store, and the Highlander Laundry center. They Thanksgiving basket project. Canned goods arc to be will also be available at Griffith's Drug store. taken to Mrs. Newell Raymond by November 23. . Mrs. Eddy was a librarian at the Miller Road branch of During the December meeting, members will hold a the Ingham County library for 18 years. She is active in * * * the Mt. Hope church, where she and her husband have ' PICTURES (which will not be returned) will be Christmas shower for Lesher Place, Ingham county's Church Women United been members for over 50 years. Mrs. Eddy is a member displayed in the D & C Store with every one having the newly founded home for displaced children. Members of the Friends and Neighbors extension club. opportunity to vote for his favorite baby by a penny a plan to bring such items as clothing and linens. These will The open house was given by the Eddys' family, their vote. The time for this has also been extended from be delivered by Mrs. AI Phelps, rehabilitation chairman. hear William 8opf son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs, James Eddy of November 2I to December 3. Members are waiting for the arrival of Scotch-lite Grand Rapids and their two grandsons, Stephen and First prize will be a $I 0 gift certificate and a stuffed material for a bike-lighting project. This material is Church Women United of Mason observed World Kevin. toy. Second prize will be a gift certificate for $5, reflectorized, and will be placed on Leslie youngsters' Community day on Friday. . Mrs. Hugh Bartley and Mrs. Willard Wixson were the Assisting were the couple's nieces, Mrs. Mary Clark, of bikes at no charge. Arrangements have been made to have Gull Lake; Mrs. Marjorie Ryder of Dimondale and Mrs. the Jaycees put the tape on. Dates and places will be greeters at the Mason Baptist church, where the program NOW was held. Don Ryno of Gobles. Mrs. Anita Burghardt was at the announced through the schools and in the papers as soon guest book. at DANCERS as the kits arrive. The Baptist and Catholic women were hostesses at the • coffee hour. Mrs. Neil Hinkley, Mrs. Lyman Freshour, The Eddy's neighbors presented them with a money * * * tree on Monday morning. They received over 200 cards. 1n MASON POPPY CHAIRMAN Mrs. William Galbraith is working Mrs. N.S. Rumbles and Mrs. William Dabb were in_charge. with the school art department on a poppy poster contest. Fall design name tags were presented by the Episcopal A Proud Fanious Name Joins Our Two years ago, 50 Leslie students entered this contest. Six women. The women of the Nazarene church were in Family of Famous Names prizes were awarded locally, and two of the posters took charge of the music. Mrs. Gary Nesbitt led a group sing prizes in the sixth district contest. period, accompanied by Mrs. William Harrington, Mary Shipman became a member of the junior The guest speaker, Mason City Manager William Bopf, auxiliary group. was introduced by Mrs. Hinkley, in the absence of the Goodrich Optical. , Mrs .. Ward Vicary, :Jr., was· appointed education presiqem,Mrs. H,S. Pulver, .. . .. chairman. She is working on plans for American He outlined some of the areas of community need. He Education week, November 9 • 15. mentioned the senior citizen drop-in center which has CHECK OUR SELECTION Mrs. Robert Shipman, civil defense chairman, is already been started. Other areas of concern are a day care I OF "MOD FRAMES" enrolled in a home study course "Civil Defense, U.S.A." center for working ·mothers, transportation for the put out by region IV of the National Civil Defense elderly, and calling on shut-ins. • Phone 393-2660 A. council. .TA"\'MA.l.· M r s. Phelps reported that gifts valued at $43. were Cut, Shampoo, or Set . .. . 8l,ACK. sent to the VA Hospital in Battle Creek. Most of these Professional Color . .. . were hand-made items donated by local women. These . . Foral!yourBeautyAids women will be thanked and honored at a tea on December Woman's club speaker 30 in the evening at the home of Mrs. J upp. . . . . * * * 1s v1s1t1ng nurse THE SUNSHINE GIFT was awarded to Mrs. George ! J BALLANCED- BEAUTY Bigg. The December meeting will begin with a pot-luck Helen Goodwin, executive director of the Greater dinner at the home of Mrs. Russell Smith on Dec. 4. Meat Lansing Visiting Nurses' association was the speaker FOR ~PPOINTMENT PHONE 393·18 77 and drink will be furnished. yesterday at the monthly meeting of the Mason Woman's Refreshments were served by the hostess Mrs. B.D. club. 6425 S. PENNSYLVANIA i:,~~;~h~~ 9 • Walker, assisted by Jackie Bridge. Using slides to illustrate her talk, she told of the services of the association. The primary service is nursing care under the direction of thepatient 's physician, Service is available to anyone who needs nursing care, Methodist women plan at home on a part time basis. It must be under the care of a physician. Fees are based on actual cost. Mrs. June Surateaux introduced the speaker. Mrs. November circle meetings Clifford Smith introduced the musical portion of the The circles of the Women's Society of Christian Service program. Mrs. Russell Robbins played two violin of the Mason United Methodist church are planning selections, accompanied by_ Mrs. John Wignall. several November meetings. Hostesses for the meeting, which was held at the The Orpha Ellen circle will meet at 9 a.m. on Ingham County library, were Mrs. Roger Hanna, Mrs. Wednesday, Nov. 19 at the home of Mrs. A,be C.ohn. Mrs. Herbert Fox, Mrs. William Clark, Mrs. Leslie Palmer, Mrs. Bernard Smith will be co-hostess. Mrs. H.S. Pulver will Glen Caltrider, Mrs. Floyd Harkness and Mrs. Marcus lead the program, which will be entitled, "What's In Your Hanna. Thanksgiving Bag?" On the same day at 9 a.m., the Rachel circle will meet at the church. Mrs. George Raymond will be in charge. Mrs. John Hepfer will lead the devotions. There will be a special Christmas cookie bake and decorating bee during the meeting. The cookies will be sold at the annual bazaar. The Deborah circle will meet at I p.m. on Nov. 19, at the home of Mrs. Lawrence Barton with Mrs. L.C. Otis as co-hostess. Mrs. Arthur Jewett will lead the devotions. The Miriam circle will meet at 1 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Mildred Holmes, with Mrs. David Fallon as co-hostess. Mrs. Sam Street Hughes will be in charge of Brighter, sharper ... v~lV& the program and Mrs. Montie Woodard will lead the To make better color TV, Sony had to develop a better system. devotions. Trinitron® is Sony's system. . It's color TV with a 12" diagonal screen. Far brighter. The picture's sharper. The color's better. Jl,nd we'll tell you why. Guesr book presented In the neck of everyone else's picture tube are 3 guns. Sony's system uses one gun. One gun makes space for one to anniversary couple big lens. A lens more than twice as big as anyone else's. Trinitron is the one with the single gu~. SANS~)~;BElT~ Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wells have been presented with a With the larger lens, you can get a sharper, brighter picture. guest book by the Sandhill Extension group. The And vivid colors aren't washed out in bright room lighting. presentation was made to Mrs. Wells at the October There are many other features to look at: automatic color For lnc"omparable Comfort! ' meeting of the club. control when changi(lg channels or contrast setting; pic· Awhole new world of comfort and trim good looks await you The book is to be used by the Wellses at their fiftieth tures stay crisp and brilliant at all points on the screen; Accent on the dramatiC:~ ... wedding anninversary celebration. The couple who are squared-off corners on screen face for comfortable viewing; in JAYMAR Sansabelt Slacks with the unique triple action Mason area farmers, were married Nov. 14, I919. picture and sound appear in seconds; contemporary wooden elastic inner waistband. It offers support without binding ••• Contrast of cut and loop . pile, like cabinet styling and all solid state circuitry for greater re· "gives" with every move you make. Choose from our collec· The extension group met at the home of Hazel Kranz. liability. shown above, produces an interesting· lion of solids, checks and plaid5. Have a slim, trim look wear· .' dimensional pattern rich in texture and ina the patented Sansabelt Slacks. · color. So elegant-yet so easy to care Harolds for! e S1111nlttft *'•h lictntl(f ~rndtr Y.-1 rCantfr .,.~ A. G', TrtMtllutof rrlntt. 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Lansing doing the advance work on dance," she said, The graceful movements, the sassy toss the show which will -be at the Lansing Civic Center Nov. of the head, the true smiles from entertaining people are 18 through Nov. 22. what make a good skater a good show skater. Skating is what Miss Sakovitch enjoys most, though, She said many people who take up skating seriously do and second to that is entertaining people. She told so purely for competition. However, not all good skaters Lansing Skating club members at the Michigan State have the showmanship necessary to be a show skater, and University skating rink that there is •a big difference conversely, not all good show skaters are perfection skaters outside the theater. · Miss Sakovitch ndviscd those interested in following a professional career to become aware of the grace and Haslett picks prime time rhythm needed in conjunction with skating skills to be successful. · She said it is not impossible to become a professional. to sell bonds for building Holiday is always looking for new talent for its six troups. She noted that there arc two Michigan people in the show The evening of Dec. 8, 1969 was chosen by the Haslett coming to Lansing, one is even from Lansing originally, School Board at its November 10 meeting as the time at The Lansing Skating club may have some members which bidding for non-taxable municipal bonds will ,occur. who will take up Miss Sakovitch's offer. There arc· six Funds realized through the sale of the bonds will be members who arc on their way to the Eastern Great Lakes used for construction purposes. Competition in December at Euclid, Ohio, and may make According to Richard Escott, Superintendent of THE PEACE RUN--Some 13 MSU young people are participating in a running relay to the demonstration for peace it in the competitive aspects of the sport and be looking Haslett Schools, that date was selected primarily for two ·for other outlets-maybe professional ones. to be staged in Washington D.C. on Saturday. The college students, with a van and a , jogged through Mason Friday reasons: First, the expected passage of a bill in the on the beginning leg of their trip to Ann Arbor. Here they are moving along on M-36 about six miles east of Mason. News staff hoto. · Michigan legislature will raise the ceiling on interest rates * * * for non-taxable municipal bonds to 8 percent. FRANK TUNKS, president of the club, said members This would cause a flood on the market and make .the are given special attention by the local professional sale of the bonds that much more difficult. teachers, Beryl Williamson and Don Stewart. They give Seco:1d!y, contractors have little work right now and group lessons and personal instruction during the Monday You,too,can be Santa's helper any bidf. on construction would consequently be lower. night sessions. There are about I 25 members in the club. They begin * * * as young as four years old. Children enter the club Mrs. Jerry Slaga teaches classes how to ANOTHER MATTER of discussion was the new through a supervised rink program on Saturdays and with American Studies program introduced this year at Haslett basic skills learned there can join the club for 26 sessions a high school, where all juniors are required to enroll in it. year. The youngsters make up the junior club members make beautiful Christmas gifts The program ideally combines American literature, and meet from 6 to 8: l 5 p.m. on Mondays. American IJ.istory, music and art into one two-hour Adults can join the club regardless of expcrtizc. Tunks By CHRISTINE BIRD last year's classes, arranged on a ring, sprayed with pewter "humanities" block, but according to Jack Anderson, said there are adults ranging from beginners to expert icc News Special Writer gray paint, and a large olive green bow added; These must assistant superintendent of schools, it needs much review dancers who come to the sessions from 8:30 until I 0:30 Most of us would like to have something new, and be seen to appreciate their beauty. ' in matters of presentation and cqntent. . p.m. on Mondays. Anyone over 16 is considered an adult. original to hang on our door to greet Christmas callers, or ~RS. SLAGAL has a large variety of materials for her Anderson said: "It can't continue this way. It isn't Adults get the same type of personalized instruction that a new centerpiece for the ta b!e, and something cheery for pupils to work with in the classes, which she purchases serving its original purpose. What we han to do is have the children receive. the shut-in on our gift list. from a florist's wholesale firm. She bas many of the little two teachers work in the summer to develop a curriculum He said new member's arc welcome at any lime. All of this and much more will be possible for those figures, such as Santas, Elves, Angels, Caroleers, as well as and syllabus." who will be attending the Christmas Workshop classes that the usual holly, poinsettas, etc. * ·* * Mrs. Jerry Slagal, 1896 Dean avenue, will be holding the She is planning to have winter, spring, and summer next few weeks in her home basement. THE BOARD is also considering the possibility of DEER workshops, also. She enjoys giving demonstrations to employing a "computer instructional aid" technique of The variety of articles that they may make is limited clubs, scout troops, and any group that is interested. only by their imaginations. The same basic rules are used teaching. Mr. Escott will be traveling to Cincinnati, Ohio, where the plan is presently in operation, to learn more PROCESSING as for floral arrangements and these Mrs. Slagal teaches by about it. her own-original methods. · Cut- Wrapped& * * * Boosters present awards Other issues upon which the board acted were: (!)the SHE HAS several centerpieces to show what can be cancellation of a subscription to the Detroit Free Press for Quick Frozen done. One is a topiary tree with pears and a partridge, of the teachers' lounge at Haslett High School and (2) the tonight in Okemos fete approval of new equipment for the one-year old earth course. Another'·is of flocked red roses with holly leaves science program. .and berries in a triangular arrangement. The red wicker. Tonight is the Okemos Booster club's fall awards Absent from the meeting was Robert Lockhart. ~sleigh filled with colorful candies is a child's delight, 01ie night. lovely set is in blues and greens, featuring double candles Players who participated in freslm1an, sophomore, and a blue bird. · .: ,. ··-- ··- junior varsity and senior varsity football and in cross FOR WALL -hangings, she has a French bread basket country will receive awards. with a swag of fruit and ribbon; a pair of natural blond The parents and players will assemble in the Okemos wicker rings interwoven with red velvet ribbon and .~ith High school cafetorium for dessert at 7 p.m. Boosterettes ·tiny Christmas berries and a cherub; and several Christmas will serve dessert. About 300 to 400 people are expected wreaths. One that she calls her "pride and joy", is made of to be present. many kinds (and colors) of plastic candies, sparkled with Following dessert will be the presentation of awards. "diamond dust". Another is made of the scraps left from Robert Porritt, football coach, and John Bjorquist, cross country coach, will present the awards. \NlER RElREADS Speaker for the evening will be Morley Frazier, athletic Meridian ambulance busy coordinator for Albion College. w $25 pLUSTAX A second awards night will be held in the spring for 2 tor Ambulance runs kept the Meridian township fire winter and spring sports. Mrs. Alton Ambrose is general STUDDING SERVIC:VAit:ASLE department busy during the past week. An 'even dozen chairman for the awurds nights. Working on this program ambulance calls were answered by the department. as chairmen are Mrs. Richard Walker and Mrs. Cecil *** Scholfield. . LT. EVERETT C. SMILEY JR., first aid instructor for the department, recently returned from a workshop seminar in Chicago. on Emergency Aid and Transportation .VFW auxiliary presents MASON MARATHONSERVICE of the Critically Ill and Injured. The workshop was held & Columbia Mason, Michigan 'Oct. 29 through Nov. I at the Fire Academy and given by the Chicago Committee on Trauma of the American flags to Girl Scouts College of Surgeons. The Women's Auxiliary of the Oldsmobile-Higgins Post Smiley called this the "elite" of the ambulance service 3727 presented American flags to three Girl Scout troops workshops. Realistic demonstrations of rescue operations recently. were given and details related on how local fire Linda Roth, Americanism chairman, presented one to departments and ambulance services can train people to Girl Scout troop 401 which was accepted by Mrs. James BID·S WANTED handle seriously injured accident victims. Townsand, troop leader. The troop is sponsored by the Reo school. Sealed bids will be accepted at the City Hallin the * * * City of Mason, until B P.M. on Monday, December 1, 1969 SMILEY PRESENTED a summary of his four-day Another flag was given to Brownie girl scout troop 548 workshop to the other department members Monday for furnishing the following for a one (I) year period: sponsored by the Road school. The troop leader Minimum - 5,000 gallons of regular gasoline with stated evening. · is Mrs. John Breidendough. octane rating In addition to ambulance calls this week, the Meridian Brownie troop 212 received the third flag. It was Minimum - 5,000 gallons of premium gasoline with fire department responded to a fire call at 4383 accepted by Mrs. Bueno, troop leader. Tllis troop is stated octane rating Cherrywood drive for a small oven fire; an inhalator call at sponsored by the Sheridan Road school P.T.A. Minimum - 4,000 gallons of 245 type Diesel Fuel 4371 Greenwood drive; and a call from the Ingham LATEX The successful bidder to furnish, install and maintain County Sherifrs department for assistance in a drowning 3 pumps on the property of the City and the gasoline and incident. Marl\et Report diesel fuel to be delivered as directed by the Superinten­ satin dent of Public Works. Said bids shall be sealed. The council reserves the right to reject any and all bids. · Howell Livestock Auction Harold Barnhill City Clerk November 10, 1969 enamel CATTLE Dairy Cows: $250.00 to Steers & Heifers: $405.00 Choice $27,50 to :129.30 HOGS SUPER Good :126.00 to $27.50 Butchers: Cou neil Proceedings Ut. -Std. $22.00to :124.00 190 lb. to 240 lb. No. 1 WASHABLE Look Fed Holsteins $24.00 to $26.00 to $27.20 A Regular meeting of the City Council wa.s called to $26.50 190 lb. to 240 lb. No. 2 NON- YELLOWING order at 7:30 P.M. Nov. 3, 1969 by Mayor Evans. Cows: $25.00 to $26.00 Heifers $21.00 to $23.00 240 lb. & Up $24.00 to Bills were audited and allowed by the Council in the ahead Ut. - Comm. $19.50 to total sum of $55,4!4,03 and allocated as charges to the $25.00 $21.00 Sows: following budget accounts: General Fund $13,862.96; Canner - Cutter $17.00 Fancy Light $23.00 to Parks & Recreation $1,176.47; Major Streets $28p.96; this fall to $19.50 · $24.00 Local Streets $660.45; Water & Sewer $2,868,32; Equip­ Fat Yellow Cows $17 .oo ment $761.97; Special Assessment $34,039.21; Capital 300 - 500 lb. $22.00 to Improvement $3,387 .85. Line-of-Credit is a money reserve. It puts the amount you to $18.50 $23.00 ' need at the tip of your pen, and asks interest only on what Bulls: & Resolutions adopted are herein summarized as follows: you use. 500 lb. Up $20.00 to Heavy $25.00 to $27.20 $22,00 Resolution authorizing the City Treasurer to transfer It lets you concentrate more on farming and less on bor­ Light & Common $22.00 Boars & Stags: $1,832,94 from General Fund to Capital Improvement rowing. It covers new and used equipment, repairs seed-fer· Fund. to $25.00 All Weights $19.00 to tilizer-herbicides, labor and operating expenses... 'even There are 19 bids for various Items of new equipment current bills. Its repayment can be tailored to your income Calves: $24.00 beginning after harvest, if you~d like. ' Prime $40.00 to $45.00 Feeder Pigs: for which bids had been advertised. There were two bids for wiring Christmas Decorations PCAs are approving Line-of-Credit loans right now. Don't Gd. - Choice $36.00 to Per Head $18.00 to $23.- Here's the ultimate in Semi­ put off next year until next year. Look ahead this fall. $40,00 00 Gloss ease and beauty. Over which had been opened on October 27, 1969 reported to Cull - Med. $25.00 to SHEEP the Council to-wit: #!, Bob Leonard. . •• $3,448,00; $30.00 Wooled Slaughter Lambs: 1200 fashion-right colors-they #2, Sode-Bennett. , •• $3, !32.00. Heavy Deacons $38.00 to Choice-Prime $27.50 to match Minnesota's Flat Fin­ The Auditors reported on their annual canvass of City $42.00 $29.00 ishes beautifully. Funds, Charles Nihart & Mickie Perez explained the docu­ PRODUCTION Light Deacon $32,00 to Gd. - Utility $24.00 to ment and made recommendat10ns. CREDIT $38.00 $27.50 It was decided to display the Christmas Decorations but ASSOCIATION Feeders: Ewes: not light them until suitable wiring Is installed. Gd. - Choice $28,00 to Slaughter $7.50 to$11.00 Meeting adjourned at !1:42 P.M. $35.00 Bob Jones Paints 148 E. ASH· 616·2144 Feeder Lambs: Published and attested In accordance with Section 6. 7 of Common - Med. ~2.00 All Weights $28.00 to the Charter of the City of Mason. Open Mon. thru Fri. 8:30. noon 1-5 p.m. to $28.00 $28.50 427 S. Jefferson, Mason Phone 677-8141 Harold Barnh111 - City Clerk . Dewayne R, Evans • Mayor .··· Would you believe I paid $100 to hear Gov. Ronald Reagan speak • and then walked out before he opened his ·. manage to survive by playing a little gilmc. I try to make mouth? notes on what the man says before he says it. For : instance,jf Ronald Reagan says "1 have no objection to· Neither would I. So Jet the truth be told: I was present college students speaking their minds," I know his next on an editor's discount, which is better than that given word is going to be "but." Or if President Nixon says clergymen. But everyone else at the banquet, which SOMETHING FOR "The 1954 Supreme Court decision outlawing segregation .. covered a whole basketball court with no room to dribble, in our schools must be enforced," I know his next words EVERYONE--While mothers paid 100 bucks for a $5 dinner. · will be, "However, we must move slowly." and fathers spent the week's The idea was _to raise money to help Michigan budget in the stores of the Republican legislators get re-elected. And if I'd keep my Meridian Mall on opening big mouth shut, a Jot of influential people might think I'm AND SO ON Everytimc I'm right, 1 reward myself by taking a long look at the prettiest broad in the place, day, Nov. 6, children were a rich Republican, thus refuting the. qften-heard rumor that I'm a poor Communist. ___ ./ . usually a waitress. W)1en I'm wrong, my punishment. is entertained by talented bal· (Actually, I'm a prohibitionist: I drink, but I want to having to cat one of the cold green peas which I've hidden loon shaping clowns and other under my napkin. attractions. bring back bootlegging so George Raft won't have to make those degrading TV commercials. That's no kind of This game doesn't prevent the twitching, rash and '· work for a self-respecting crook}. nausea, but it keeps me from thinking about ··it and * * ~' scratching in public. HOWEVER, the price of the meal really doesn't matter. Free or $1,000, I probably would have left before Onward and Upward. the speech anyway. And this is nothing against Reagan. True, he was a pretty bad actor. The only movie I liked him in was Kings Row, when he got chopped in half. And also true,-he is not my idea of what a governor should be in the 20th century - or even the 18th. I keep having this · In service- · nightmare where he is elected president and appoints John Wayne secretary of defense. Airman David J. Lundgren, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. But still, I should have stayed and listened to Reagan. Lundgren of 449 W. Elm St., Mason, has completed basic It was bad manners to leave. But I have thi.s phobia or · .training at Lackland AFB, Tex. He has been assigned to illness or somethjng. I can't stand speeches. They give me · Sheppard AFB, Tex., for training as a medical records a severe case of the twitches, a rash, and nausea. The only specialist. Airman Lundgren, a 1965 graduate of Titusville cure is escape. Why is that, Doctor? (Pa.) .High School, received his B.A. degree in 1969 from Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio. You might think· this is a serious afflication for a newspaperman to have. There's no question that my · Wo'ro hero to sorvo you,, .. , Compounding proscriptions sinco 1!185 In Meridian profession sometimes requires that I listen to a speech. But not as often as you might think. Most hep speakers Qr~tten6erger 'Rx Pflarmacy today supply the press with printed copies of their RAY BONHAUS Ph. 332-4691 4 accidents hurt 6 persons remarks before they make them. owner OKEMOS * * * Monday thru Saturday 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Six persons were injured in four accidents in Meridian Wentzle said she didn't sec him. THIS ALLOWS the reporters to read along with he Sunday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m ... For your convenience township over the week end. Sheriffs officers at 12:17 a.m. Saturday investigated a speaker, usually moving their lips. And their stories the Five were treated and released at Edward w·. hospital one-car accident in front of the Murphy elementary next day always contain such illuminating paragraphs as: in Lansing. The sixth person, Carolyn Andrews Wentzel, "Departing from his prepared text, Senator Smith school in Haslett on Lake Lansing road. coughed." 58, of 1364 Bay Shore, Haslett was adn)itted for Glenn Ford Thomas, 32, of 1204 Bensch street, ALAI,EDON- TOWNSHIP treatment of a broken pelvis, sheriff's officers said. Her Lansing, the driver of the car, told officers he was very However, when there is no advance copy to ease my condition Monday was reported as good. tired, but remembers going past a house with lights on escape, and I am duty-bound to report the lousy speech, I She was injured in a two car accident at Grand River "and the next thing I knew I haa piled the car up". ZONING HEARING avenue and Marsh roads at I :05 p.m. Saturday. Officers said the vehicle went off the road and into a A Public Hearing will be held on Monday, December The driver of the other car was Lester Samuel Smart, ditch. B, 1969 at the Alaledon Community Hall at 8:00 P,M, To consider the rezoning of the following described 36, of 703 High street, Williamston. He had five young Thomas complained of pain and his passenger, John passengers in his car. All escaped injliTy. r60 and over' property from "A" Agriculture to 11R" Residential, Case, 28, of 224 S. Sycamore street, Lansing, suffered The E, 310 ft. of the N. 68 acres o1 the E 1/2 of the * * * cuts and bruises. _ NE 1/4 of Sec. 22, T3NR1 w, lllaledon Township, SMART TOLD sheriffs officers that Mrs. Wentzel was Shortly after 6 p.m. Friday, sherifrs officers said that Ingham County, Michigan, An 11 1/2 acre parcel on looking the other way and pulled out in front of him. Mrs. Mark Edward Lardic, 16 of East Lansing drove his car into the property of the Green Acres Turf Farm, Inc. dinner is set Ancl such other business as may be brought before the rear of a truck owned by the Capitol Excavating and the Board. Paving company of Mason as the vehicle was parked on Car plates go on sale the side of Newton road about 1/10 of a mile north of • Lyle Oesterle, Clerk highway M-78. 1n for Aln.tedon Township Dennis P. Lardic, 15, a passenger in his car suffered Dansville To be published: Saturday, if and but... cuts and bruises. · "Guess who's coming to dinner" shall be the refniin November 12, 1969 and The driver of the truck said his vehicle was parked echoing throughout the Dansville town hall on Tuesday, December- 3, 1969 New I 970 passenger car license plates go on sale beside the road with lights and the motor running along November I 8, as the first "60 and over" dinner is served. Saturday in Michigan ... but everybody will not be able withothers. Sponsored by the Ingham Township Extension group, to get them on that date. Mark Lardic said he was headed south, looked to the a dinner will be served at noon to all senior citizens who Nov. 15 falls on a Saturday this year, and Secretary of right of the lights of an oncoming vehicle, followed the wish to attend. READY• MIXED State James M. Hare said individual branch offices will lights of the truck and ran into the rear of it. Mrs. Loren Stid, chairman of the group stated, "It's , make a determination of whether they will be open on * "'* our hope to start a monthly dinner for the Dansville - that date to sell plates to "early-bird" buyers. WORKMEN of the Excavating company took Dennis res.idents 60 and over such as communities as Williamston · "Our I 3 civil service branch offices which normally Lardic to the hospital. and Webberville now hold. Dinner is served with cards, close on Saturdays will be closed as usual and will sell new At 7:14p.m. Friday deputies investigated an accident games or visiting and meeting friends each month as the pla~es starting Monday, Nov. 17," explained Hare. at highway M-43 and Marsh roads, involving cars driven by 4·Bag Ml~ $16 QQ 5-Bag Mix prime goal. per y~ rd per y~rd . * * * Terry R. Grant, 204L Thorburn, Holt, and Douglas Price "We ask anxone planning to attend to please bring of Lansing. Lee Potts, 2220 Webster, Lansing, a passenger 51J2•Bag Mix $1] 50 6-Bag Mix ''MOST FEE BRANCHES which are normally open their own table service and a dish to pass, Mrs. Stid said. por yard per y~rd in the Price car, complained of pain and a second Saturdays wiJJ be open to sell plates Nov. 15," he noted, Dinner will be served at noon. Meat, roils and drink will be Charge Acco•Jnts $1.00 Per Yard Extra but he added that some may close because it is the first passenger, Steve Van Degteren, 3021 Beau Jardin,Lansing, furnished. suffered cuts and bruises. day of the deer hunting season in the state. For those needing transportation, if they will call Mrs. Grant told deputies the Price car pulled out in front of at yard delivered Hare suggested that persons wishing to buy plates him. Price said he didn't see the Grant car coming. Phillip Scripter at 623-2079 their transportation will be CONCRETE 4 inch .... 17c "check with their local branch office to find out whether provided. Everyone is cordially invited. 20c it will be open Nov. 15 or not." BLOCKS 8 inch .... 18c 21c Have You Read? 12 inch .... 27c 31c Hare- reminded all Michigan vehicle owners that .it is necessary to have their titles when purchasing plates. This PSYCHO ·CYBERNETICS *DON'T FORGET* is in addition to a signed prepared or filled out or application, proof of liability insurance, and cash enough Min·lt·Mix Cement or Mortar to purchase the plates. POWER of POSITIVE THINKING KIWANIS TRAVELOGUE, ·- Ready to use-Just ~dd w~ter. Manufactured 90-lb, $1 00 The Secretary of State also reiterated his edict of the by Min·II·Mix, Inc., ~ division of Willson Bro•. Bag past several years that plates arc to be sold on a A GREAT WED. NOV. 19 "first-come, fi'rst-serve" basis. In a memo to all branch managers, Hare set forth the SALES OPPORTUNITY CONCRETE following policy: AWAITS YOU PHONE GRIFFITH .DRUGS 50 1 5 0 ST'EPS 2-Steps High $17 up "No transaction being mailed to out-of-town or 2111 AURELIUS ROAD HOLT SUC CESSuMaOiiVA T/ N . 372 ·907 PHONE· 699-2179 out-of-state applicants will be processed until after the Hardboard , x S' $485 close of business on November 15 or the opening day of Paneling 4 the sale, Sheets Inside Doors INSTANT Mahogany 5655 "Dealer transactions must be processed in the normal RESULTS 2/h 6/S course and should not be given priority over individuals Birch 2/8x6/8 Birch 5955 Use tho largest wook ly wont ud 'i./6x 6/8 who make applications for plates the first day of the sale. hiotory in I nghom ond Eoton IDUB YOU Front $2196 All Sizes In Stocq counties for ns littlo os Entrance Doors * * * "PLATES MUST be sold in strict numerical sequence Several pallorns to choose from on the first day of the sale and Department of State SIR-PIZZA Garage Doors officials will review all of the first day's transactions to 76C Thorseal make sure this is complied with. Per Doy Sectional Fiberglas Booed an o 3 Wcok Drdor Foundation 16' X 7' "Branch managers, their employees and members of S)]600 their families shall not buy personal vehicle plates on the ADVERTISE IN Coating first day of sales. TRI-ADS 5 70 "Transfer of series of plates that have been previously Bag Cement ...... ~t yard 1 dol. $180 assigned will not be approved except where the allocation YOU'LL GET of plates to a branch has resulted in either an insufficient 5 60 supply or a surplus of plates on hand." INSTANT Bag Mortar ...... at yard 1 *PIZZA 1 75 *SPAGHETTI Jack Post ~~~ ~b. vcapacity •••••••••••• 55 *SANDWICHES *SALADS Aluminum Combination Doors 521°0 Self-Storing-Pre Hung-Any Size

SIT IN SEPnc· TANKS HOU 600 &allan Surprise•. •7soo 800saooo &allan 1,000sasoo 6•llon Triple·A announces incredibly low-priced lile insurance. Now $19 a year {plus a $2 enrollment fee) can provide­ Auto Club members or their families with more life NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSON CHARGE SERVICE insurance coverage per dollar than· ever before possible. Ask your Triple-A salesman about Memberlife ..• first of Triple-A's surprising new services for the seventies! Phone DELIVERY Willson Bros. Dick Gilmore SERVICE ~94 - 8121 PHONE IV 9-3731 in HllltArN - RIVES JUNCTION '"!":,:.~~::u MemberLife is underwritten by Michigan Life Insurance Co. Sir Pizza•lsdlocated in this arH 11t 220J !I. Cedilr·Lansing Ph11ne: 484-4555 Hours: Open Daily 7:30 a.m.•5 p.m. Sat. 'til12nooll I ·, The Ingham County News, Wednesday, November 12, 1969 I I In season finale· ':;... Vikings shut out Williamston,l2-0 I • • ' I I 1 By TIM GOODWIN four-game winning streak and a 4-3-1 record with them to NIMPHIE then lofted an up-the-middle aerial to senior News Sports Writer Williamston. three-yard line as Williamston lost the ball on downs. "Flow to finish a winning season in one easy lesson" Tom Carroll, on a 14-yard pass play, to give Haslett their ·The win capped off one of Haslett's most surprising second marker ·of the evening, upping their lead to 12-0, HASLETT attempted once more to score in the Closing could well have summed up coach Ernie Becker's Vikings seasons. Usually montioned as "also-rans," the Vikings put midway through the third period. · seconds of the game. The Vikings moved from their last Friday night as the Haslett grid men blanked their mark on football this year, after narrowly losing to three-yard line deep into Williamston territory, but a, Vikings stave off Williamston previously unbeaten Williamston, 12-0, in the non~league Circuit Champ, Gabriels, tying Mason, and then defeating Williamston interception thwarted their. efforts an~ the season finale for the two teams. The Hornets, paced by quarterback Jack Mellen with clock ran out with Haslett on top by a 12-0 margin .. · !iowell, O'Rafferty, Holt, and Okemos in succession to 205 offensive yards, threatened late in the final period Williamston, the Ingham . County League champs, move into the Friday night clash with their 4-3-1 record. Standouts for the Haslett defense were .T eff Robinson, . carried a perfect 8-0 slate in Friday night's contest, while when they advanced to Haslett's three-yard line. * * * A determined Viking defense dug in to preserve their with IS tackles, and Terry Sack, with 10 tackles, while Haslett, runners-up in the Capital Circuit race, brought a JUNIOR TAILBACK, Don Graham, once again Mike Hulliberger led the Hornets' defense with I 8 tackles sparked the Vikings, pushing over for their first shutout and Haslett took possession on· their own to his credit and one interception. touchdown early in the second period and picldng up I 57 yards, to push his season yardage over the I ,000 mark, rnaldng him the first Haslett gridder to do so in their Capital Circuit stay. The game began on a defensive note, as both teams exchanged the. ball several times in the first quarter' with neither able to provide any scoring punch and the first period ended in a 0-0 tic. Vikings score in four plays Going into the second period, it was a different story, however, as Haslett took a Williamston punt on their own 28-yard line. From there, on the first play from scrimmage, Haslett broke loose and moved the ball to the Williamston 23-yard line and a first down. After gaining another first down to the Hornets' I 0-yard line, quarterback Mark Nimphie handed off to Don Graham, who scampered the final I 0 yards and put the Vikings in the lead, 6-0, with 10: 10 remaining in the second period. Once again, the game turned into a standoff as both defensive units held their own and going into the. halftime, it was Haslett with a narrow 6-0 lead. Interception paves way A third period interception by defensive end, Rob Klusack, helped pave the way for the Vikings' final score of the evening. Williamston's Hornets had worked their way deep into Viking territory when Klusack intercepted a key pass by Williamston quarterback Jack Mellen. With the help of a couple of penalties against the Hornets, Nimphie quarterbacked the Vikings to the Williamston 14-yard line, where Haslett found itself in a "do or die" situation with fourth down and seven yards to go.

JUST ROLLING ALONG-Viking tailback, n Graham (24) rolls along on his way to extra yardage in Haslett's RAMBLING ON·Gien Brunger, Viking tailback, broke Friday night encounter with Williamston. The 155 pound junior paced the Viking's offense with 155 yards to raise his away for some important yardage early in the second season total over the 1000 mark. · period last Friday night, to help set up Haslett's first Page A-12 touchdown.

. . :_fowlerville raps Howell, ~9-6 Ingham County League foe, Fowlerville, ended insurmountable 22-0 .. Howell's season finale on a sour note last Friday night. The Gladiators picked up their final marker of the The Gladiators turned the game into a 29-6 rout behind evening on a pass from Bailer to Biake, while Dennis the strong running of senior Bill Smith, who paced the Evans booted the extra point to give Fowlerville a 29-0 Fowlerville attack with three touchdowns. lead as they went into the closing minutes. * * * Howell pegged their only touchdown of the evening in THE WIN GAVE Fowlerville a 6-3 season record, while the final period when Bill Beck capped off a Highlander dropping Howell's slate to 2-7. The Highlanders finished drive on a three yard run, avoiding the shutout. sixth in the Capital Circuit with a 2-5 record. * * * Smith scored the first three touchdowns for the FOWLERVILLE'S strong defense was paced by Roger Gladiators, the first on a 45-yard pass from Ed Bailer, the Reason, Pat Glover and Gene Tomlin. The three were second on a run, with Bailer passing to Larry Davis for the standouts in holding the Highlanders down. conversion, and again on a run. Another Bailer conversion The win also made Fowlerville the mythical Livingston pass, this time to John Biake, gave Fowlerville an almost County king of football. All-Circuit team picked by coaches

The Capital Circuit Football coaches annou'nced their choices for the 1969 All-Circuit Football Team Monday night. The three teams picked were offensive, defensive and honorable mention. Friday nights will once again get a rest, at least for a Offensive Team; Backs - John Hogarth (Holt), Bill couple of weeks anyway! Parker (Gabriels), Mike Spear (Eaton Rapids), Chuck The long hard high school football season ended as Larkin (Gabriels). Center· Butch Wol~ott (Eaton Rapids); explosively as it came in and the change-over period is Guards • Terry Sack (Haslett), Bob Blckus (Mason); upon us- the changeover being from football to basketball Tackles - Tim Patterson (O'Rafferty), Dan Doneth season, an almost needed rest as fans atune their thoughts (Gabriels); End • Chuck Henderson (Gabriels), Rob to a completely different sport. Klusack (Haslett), Kurt Schirmer (Okemos). While football embodies a rough, and tumble game of Defensive Team; Linemen - Rick Adams (Holt), Kurt contact, basketball concentrates more on agility and the Schirmer (Okemos), .Jeff Robinson (Haslett), Chuck avoidance of contact. · Henderson (Gabriels), John Argensinger (Mason); * * * Linebackers - Rod Hect'or (Eaton Rapids), Rob Klusack THE S 0 ME TIMES almost killer-instinct on the (Haslett), Mike Brogan (O'Rafferty); Backs • Denny football field is replaced with a grace and style unseen in M c N am a r a (O'Rafferty), Mark Nimphie (Haslett), any other sport. The eleven man squad disappears from Kevin Tribell (Okemos). the field and a five man unit takes over on the basketball Honorable Mention - Steve Anderson (Howell), John court. Comerford (O'Rafferty), Don Grahatn (Haslett), Joe From six points to two points, the change continues Hughes (Holt), Mike Johnson (Mason), Mike Kistler on down the line to the point where only one major thing (Okemos), Tim McManaman (Gabriels), Dan Minock remains in common--namely the competitive aspects of (Howell), Dale Mock (Haslett), Dale Rector (Mason), Dave the two sports. Snyder (Mason). It would be a hard call to make on which of the two is Hogarth, a 5'9" junior from Holt is a second-year pick the more competitive. Each pits man against man, team for all circuit back, and was a coaches' unanimous choice againSt team, and may the best one win! for the back position. In the 1969 season Hogarth gained High schoo Is and colleges alike share in this aspect. 1238 yards rushing in 216 carries for a 5.7 yard average, While professional athletes may base their competitiveness scored 16 touchdowns and carried for 6 PATS. on dollar and cents, scholastic athletes create a more Last year, Hogarth gained 1004 yards in 214 carries for competitive brand of sports based on pride-pure and a 4.7 yard average while scoring 9 TD's and 5 PAT's. 'In simple. the I 969 season Hogarth ·was the third leading tackler for the Rams with 72 individual stops and played both THE FANS CARRY this pride into the bleachers along offense and defense. NO GAIN·Seniors Terry with the competitive spirit, and as the short interval Both of the Rams' players, Hogarth and Adams, were Sack (65) and Dale Mock between football and basketball closes, we can be sure of the top vote-getters at their particular positions. ( 64) team up to stop a that single factor-competition-to pave the way for still Williamston gridder short on another exciting season for sports in basketball. his bid for a first down. The * * * Y. M.C.A. basketball organizing aggressive Viking defense held The break will give Swami a chance to rest up too! Now is the time to organize a Basketball team for the the Hornets scoreless as After predicting close to 70 per cent of the football Y .M.C.A.'s TOWN AND COUNTRY CHURCH · Haslett won the rival clash, games right, on a win-lose basis, the Swami feels fairly BASKETBALL LEAGUE. 12·0. confident that his accuracy will carry over into the basketball season. Any church sponsored basketball team in the Central He should have his work cut out for him, especially if Michigan area is invited to join. the basketball season is anything like the football season Age divisions for the league are: Midget Boys (I 0 yrs. was. and under), Junior Boys (12 yrs. and under), Intermediate I'd wish him luck but it would probably throw his Boys (15 yrs. and under), Senior Boys(18 yrs. and under). balance Off, maybe even drop his shooting average down a and the Men's Division which is open. little, so I'll just let him toss his hat into the ring and For further information on the basketball league, call . come. up with those far-

The closer people come to buying ---The.more newspaper ALL-CIRCUIT GRIDDERS - John Hogarth (22), Joe Hughes (28) and Rick Adams (80) pose with Holt coach Darold Briggs. The three Holt gridders were named to the 1969 All-Circuit football team. Hogarth, a unanimous choice, ads they read! was chosen as an offensive back; Adams, a defensive lineman; while Hughes received honorable mention for his efforts · as an offensive back. · OPENS 's ARE YOU NOV. 15 2179 CEDAR ST. READY FOR HOL'f X 4-7311 MIXED-UP DOZEN Grams 548 26 Parsons-Bowen 20 24 w L AL HIGH GAME Ball-Dunn 12 28 Joy O. Davis 14 3 0 DEER Strikeouts 31 9 (Women) JoAnne Ireland 1'12 TEAM HIGH SERIES Blll Richards STORE HOURS DURING Modern Barbers 29 11 (Men) Blll Grams 214 HART Well Drillers 2565 14 30 SEASON? Mamas & Papas 23 17 MASON 'BOO' TEAM HIGH GAME Shaws Appliance 13 31 Fearsome Four- w L Fink's Jewelry 9!8 TEAM HIGH SERIES some 21 19 GUNS, AMMUNITION, CASES, ETC. . DEER SEASON 21 .··· . >•• : .}Yyml\r.ec.,,;.,"c.· 27 13 INDIVID!JA~ .HIGH SERIES Smith Hardware 2?33 Saridbaggers 19 · Cedarway Auto vern Wolfe> · 602 ··.• Inghram ·Ma1Vlile Ford 2682 · 8:.3 0 .. a.m~ to 5:00 p.m._:: Onlonheads 20 20 Wash 26 14 INDIVIDUAL HIGH GAME TEAM· HIGH GAME ~ · Leslie Arrow Shop ~ Latecomers 20 20 Harts Well Vern Wolfe 229 Joy 0. Davis 954 CLOSED MONDAYS Goof Offs 19 21 Dr1llers 25 15 MASON RECREATION Smith Hardware 922 Ten Pin Knocl•ers 1? 23 Fink's Jewelry 24 16 W L -INDIVIDUAL HIGH SERIES 100 S. Muln Losllo Ph. 589-8275 Fighting Irish 16 24 Davis Men's Wear 24 16 I

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Call after 4 p.m. housokooplng. 2 children, 1· at 694•1361, Holt Presbyterian senior high fellowship held an open ceremony recently; where the girls learn the deeper Collins, Morley & Nancy Marvin. homo, 1 In school, Will consider LARGEST WANT) AD I H5·46w3c program for parents and other adult~ at the chuch Sunday so moo no to live In or own meaning of the Girl Scout promise· arid laws. Patrol 'LISTING IN transportation. Write c/o Ingham evening.' · Leader, Gwen · Roland;· ·Assistant Patrol Leader, Amy We wish to thanlc all of our _County News, Box No, 115, 222- INGHAM ,AND kind frlonds and nolg~bors for RAMBLER AMERICAN W. Ash, Mason,· · · The Vietnam moratorium was the subject discussed by Rotter; Scribe, Suzette Deitz and Treasurer, Debbie t hair many expressions of 195B; $35, Pl10no 677·1881, guest speakers ·who included: Bill Lukens, executive . Teeters conducted the ceremony and program. Mrs. Dale EATON COUNTiES sympathy and condolence during 5·46w1c Roland, troop leader presented a program aide bar and a our recent bereavement. Tho director of of the Ingham County Republician party; . II Families of Beverly Fruin. 6. Truclcs -membership pin to Gwen, Amy, and' Suzette. 4·46w1c MALE COOK NEEDED .• James H a rison, chairman of the Ingham County For AI L.tttlo AI All J 0, II, and J.2 grade girls arc welcome to join, as CHEVROLET, 1g66 ·pickup, evenings and two afternoons. Democratic party; Spence Abraham, chairman of the 5. Automobiles 'I• ton, V·8 engine, 38000 actual Experience helpful but not Ingham County Teen Age Republicans; James Ramey, a this is the. only Senior Girl Scout troop in Holt. They miles, All tinted windows, necessary. 5 day worlc week. Call li)Cet every two weeks at the Roland home, 4610 W. Holt GUARANTEED USED CARS excellent running condition, Body betwoon 1:30 pm and 4 pm. 76C good condition, 1 dent In rear 694·0080, member of the executive committ'tee of the Ingham Kolth's Auto Solos road. The next meeting will be November 25, from 7 to 9 Por Day fonder. Must soil, best offer. H9·44w3c County Democrats and international representatives of Stop In Todoy p.m. BoiOd on a 3 Week Ordor Phone 677·7194. the United Auto Workers (UAW). . · 6436 s. Codor St., Lon sino 6·46wlc FULL-TIME. man to worlc a Phono TU2·2961 • corn research cantor. Farm Varied views on the subject were discussed, followed *"'* YOU'LL GET 5·41w3c 1969 , liz ton pickup, experience doslrod. Good by a question and answer period. Brownie Girl Scout troop 603 held their Investiture v.a, heavy duty springs,. 6 ply opportunity lor young man. Ceremony· on October 23. The second year Brownies, INSTANT COLLECTOR'S ITEM-1947 tires, standard shift, radio, 8,000 Excollont frlngo bqneflts. DoKalb Twin speed Triumph 500, $350. mllos, Excellent shapo, Call Ag Research, Inc. 676·2479, Jody Ammon, Patricia Deccss, Jenny Hood, Kellie Moray, RESULTS! 1897 Burton Avo., Holt. Dansville 623·6160, 9·42wtf Delhi Center's beginning Lora Pierpoint, and Gloria Sumption helped with Coil Today H5·45w2c 6·46w3c ' NEED MONEY? Delhi Center was established on section 23 when investing our new Brownies: Cheryl Adams, Savonya . Tho Secret Is In the Selection DODGE 1946 lfz ton pickup 677-9011 Moton We will guarantee you George Phillips erected a hotel and post office there in Arnett, Lauric DeLong, Lori Howell, Sherry Hunt, Mary BILL RICHARDS INC, truck, 265 Chevy engine, Ruth lrwin,'Shelly Jennings, Jill McAlvey, Suzan Moray, 694-0425 Holt Buick·Ramblor automatic transmission, Chevy 1839. When the Michigan Central Railroad began carrying roar end, 12 volt system, very $800 PER MONTH mail in the latter 1860's it became necessary to change the Susie Mullins, Rita Moreno, Dawn Rogers, Brenda 351·1288 Meridian ll(loson Ph. 677·3541 little rust, runs well, all If you moot our requlromonts, Tarrant, and Diane Whitney. . I 5·41 wtfa equipment In worlclng order. Best This Is on lnterostlng and chol· name as mail was confused with that meant for Delhi Offor over $200, Call 676·2737 longing position with full com· Mills. The new name for Delhi Center was selected in Mrs. Beverly Decess is the leader and Mrs. Bonnie CHEVELLE - 1964, Malibu, after 6 p.m. pany fringe boneflts. NO LAY­ honor of the then Postmaster General Holt. -Early DeLong is the co-leader of this troop. THE 2 door hardtop, 283, V·8, 6·4Gw3f OFFS, work In the Lansing Ingham history. powergllde, power steering & area, For personal confldan· brakes. Very clean! Priced under CHEVY, 1968 pickup, 11, ton, tlol Interview call 484·1336; book, Bank Terms. Bob 1 to 4: 3D p.m. only. - -- ·-~--- ' • ' ) '::'J .,, ..·· .. custom cab, wast coast mirrors, Lutheran parsonage Ridenour, 3000 s, Cedar, rear stop bumper and radio, call 9·46w3c Lansing. 482·6756 anytlmo, H5·46w!a 6·4lwtf NATION WIDE INSURANCE 'f' ' . GROUP requires young aggressive . ats~.·o:f :.. ,~.~--~·~~~~ CHEVROLET, 1963 Bel Alre, 8. Female Help Wanted attorney to llandle Lansing area H nearing completion subrogation claims, write to Box ' " ' \ Good running condition, Call 565·3034, WANTED - someone to 114, cto lng11am County News, The new nine-room parsonage for St. Matthews 5·45w2c remodel fur hat In Holt area. Mason 48854. Lutheran church under construction on the church Phone 694·0829. 9·46w3c TRANSPORTATION H8·44w3p property, is expected to be ready for the Rev. William SPECIAL - rio need for second WANTED - Boys 11 years• Richardt and his family about December I. car, 1962 Chevy II Nova station and older on Detroit Free Press wagon, Hydramatlc, radio and BABYSITTER 15 or older In ·paper routes In Holt. Good profit Haslett area, pl1ono 339·2972. The Colonial style home, located north of the church, heater, new battery, good tires, & prizes, Call 676·2062. has been built to meet the needs of a pastor's family, It vory good condition, $350, phone 8·46wlc H9-46w2c COLUMN 676·5615, 3580 Harper Road, includes four bedrooms, an office and study for the pastor Mason, WANTED - Babysitter to MACHINIST; Immediate with access from outdoors. 5·46wlc come In 5 days a week, $40, per opening for Journeyman. Landscaping work now is in progress. . week, Call 694·0684. Mechanic wlth emchasls on lathe BIKES, 26.,, new tires, $9, H8·46wlc and planer, must have Journey Most of the work on the parsonage has been done by 332-3440, FORD 1968 Falrlane 500, 2 status or verified equivalent. members of the congregation. OL.D wagon wileels, $10, phone door, hardtop; gold body with BABYSITTER WANTED I Wages and fringes competitive 589·8371. black vinyl top; 302 cu. in. V·8; day a week in my l10me, Phone wltll aroa industry, Apply Melling standard transmission; radio, 676·S303, Fo rgl ng Company, 1709 BASSINET pad, Plastic liner, heater, and just equipped with 8·4Gw3c Thompson, Lansing, equal Church adopts a new good condition, $7. 677·7842. new wllltewall tires, Only 23,000 opportunity employer. careful mll~s on It, with a 9·46w2c GIRL SCOUT CADETTE transferrable warranty good for , HOUSEWIVES, need money stewardship program uniform, worn once, $5, the balance of 5 years or 50,000 for t11osc extras? Earn $2.50 and up hourly, servicing Fuller Brus11 APPLICATIONS are now 676-2289. miles. $1950, For sale by owner, being taken In the city of Leslie Holt Presbyterian church has adopted ·the Phone 677·4681. customers in the Mason area. For details call 485·6634, for a city maintenance man, FiVE drawer chests, $8 each, 5·45wtff denominational program, "Dimensions' in Stewardship 8·45w3c Experienced In backhoe and Commitment" (DISC) 339-8111 aftor 5. water & sewer mains. APPlY FORD - 1967 Falrlane. Must Monday, Wednesday morning or The program was presented to the congreg:1 !ion at the WOOD storm windows, 2B"x54", see to appreciate, must sell I Best CLEANING WOMAN once a Friday 9·6 at GAR Hall, 107 E. annual stewardship d i n n c r Nov. 2 at the Holt junior $5 each, 677·0591 evenings. offer. Phone 694·9562 anytime. week In Haslett areJ, phone Bellevue, Leslie. Anne M, Drew, H5·44w3c 339-2972. City Clerk. high school. METAL posts 4"XB', $1 each, 8-46w1c 9·46w1c Norman I-latt, ·stewardship chariman, chaired the 677·0591 evenings, 66 FAIR LANE, 4·door, $995, NURSES AIDES, dependable WANTED Farmer wanting program which was atten'ded by about 260 persons. FREE KITTENS to good homes, 68 FORD TORINO, V-8, cruisa­ wIth own transportation, paid full or part time work, with some Task force callers visited homes of members of the all colors, 677·8525. ·O·matlc, $1895, training, choice of shift and every knowledge of timber to scout 67 CAMARO COUPE, V·8, auto­ other weekend off. At Ingham timber, call Don Launsteln, congregation last Sunday for individual financial pledges LOVELY doll clothes, all sizes, Extended Care Facility, Okemos. 676·1133. matic and power, $1895, and commitments to help in the total church program. $1·$4, phone 351·4390. 332·0801 weekdays before 4 p.m. 9·44w3c 67 CHEVELLE CONVERTIBLE, 8-45w8c Two sons suceeded Chief Okemos SIX piece Cllb Scout uniform, V·8, automatic and power, $1695, ------11. Help Wanted General size 12, $6, 882-7498, All with 1 DO% written warranty. KITCHt:N HELPER, The Indian, Okemos, had a large family but they "It only takesn minute to get a permanent 40 11our week. Usually ---- RN'S & LPN'S, Geriatric SKIS, $10, and Ford car radio, 10:30 a.m,·7 p.m. Own seemed to die of disease very rapidly. l-Ie left two sons, battor deal" at nursing, full or part time. $8, 694·0602. transportation required. Better John, who succeeded him as chief, and Jim. John always Reasonable choice of shifts, Dll< WATSON than average rates and benefits. drank considerable and never was anyting but an Indian. 1. Special Notices County Care Facility, 332·0801. Excellent rates and benefits. Ingham Extended Care Facility, CHEVROLET 8·45w8c Jim became a farmer near Stanton, Montcalm County. - Williamston, Ph. 655-2171 Okemos, Phone 332·0801 before ANY MONEY THAT IS 4 p.m. old historical records. 5·46wlc WANTED, Housekeeping aide, NOW remaining In tile Drain 11·45w8c Fund of any of the fallowing 7-3 slllft, 5 days per weeK. Paid Too late to Classify Too late to Classify drainage districts, sl1a11 be FORD GALAX IE 1964, body holidays, .vacation, sick leave and __...:., ___ ...:.....:_....:.. __ -·. ___ . distributed In the manner as WANTED- employees full or .and upholstery very good other benefits. Apply personnel part time for office help, General condition, all new tires, 53,000 office, Mason General Hospital cleaning and all types of odd jobs. -ZAG CAR PET-CAR PET-CAR PET F:~~~~s~:~. ~~.!~~t~~~~ ~~~;a~~ miles;. $400, Phone 485·9642. before 3, woel

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