Abu Dhabi (United Arab : ) [a-af] ã USE Ab Z. aby ( : [f] Emirate) Africa, Central [fc] ã Ab Z. aby (United Arab Emirates: Emirate) UF Assigned code: Africa, [a-ts] United Arab Emirates Assigned code: UF (United Arab Emirates : [fe] Africa, Eastern Emirate) UF British Abyssinia East Africa USE Africa, Eastern [fe] A.C.T. UF Eastern Africa USE Australian Africa, Equatorial Açores USE Africa, French-speaking Equatorial USE Africa, French-speaking Equatorial [fq] Adamawa (Emirate) UF Africa, Equatorial Assigned code: French [f-cm] French-speaking Equatorial Africa [f-nr] Africa, French-speaking Assigned code: [Coded [a-ys] ( (People’s [fw] Africa, West Democratic ) before Oct. 1992] UF French-speaking Assigned code: [a-ye] Yemen (Republic) Africa, Italian East Aden () USE Africa, Northeast [Coded [a-ys] (Yemen (People’s Africa, North [ff] Democratic Republic) before Oct. 1992] UF Assigned code: Africa, Northeast [fh] [a-ye] Yemen (Republic) UF Africa, Italian East Aden, of East African Horn Assigned code: [mr] Red Northeast Africa UF Africa, Northwest Admiralty ( New ) Assigned code: Assigned code: [ff] Africa, North [a-pp] Papua [fw] Africa, West UF Northwest Africa Assigned code: Africa, South [mm] USE Advanced Africa, Southern [fs] USE Developed countries UF Aegean Islands ( and ) Africa, Southwest Assigned codes: USE [e-gr] Greece Africa, Sub-Saharan [fb] [a-tu] Turkey UF Sub-Saharan Africa UF Islands of the Aegean Africa, West [fw] UF Assigned code: West Africa [e-gr] Greece Alabama [n-us-] [a-tu] Turkey [n-us-ak] Afars and Issas, French Territory of the USE

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas page 11 Name Sequence

Alaska, Gulf of (Alaska) Assigned code: USE [pn] North Pacific Antarctica [t] UF (Alaska) [Coded also [t-ay] (Antarctica) before [e-aa] Mar. 1988] UF People’s Socialist Republic of UF Antarctic regions Albania [n-cn-ab] ( Islands) Assigned code: Assigned code: [nwaq] [e-uk-ui] Antigua and Barbuda [nwaq] Miscellaneous , Greater Dependencies [Coded [nwga] () before [f-ae] Mar. 1988] UF People’s Democratic Republic of USE Algeria Antilles, Lesser [nwla] [ea] UF [sa] Appalachian Mountains [n-usa] America Appalachian Mountains, Southern Assigned code: Assigned code: [n] [n-usa] Appalachian Mountains [s] Appalachian America, Central Assigned code: USE [n-usa] Appalachian Mountains American [poas] , Gulf of UF Samoa, American Assigned code: River ( and ) [aa] [mr] UF Hei Ho (China and Russia) UF Heilong Jiang (China and Russia) Arab countries [ma] Reka Amur (China and Russia) UF countries Ula (China and Russia) Arab Republic of Yemen Andaman and () USE Yemen (Republic) Assigned code: Arabia [a-ii] India USE Arabian Andean Area Arabia, Southern USE Assigned code: Andes [sn] [a-mk] UF Andean Area [a-ye] Yemen (Republic) [e-an] [ar] Anglo-Egyptian UF Arabia USE Sudan [au] [f-ao] Arabic countries UF People’s Republic of Angola USE Arab countries Portuguese West Africa West Africa, Portuguese Assigned code: [nwxa] [ps] South [Coded [nwxi] ( and ) Aran Islands () before Mar. 1988] Assigned code: Anhui Sheng (China) [a-cc-an] [e-ie] Ireland UF Anhwei Province (China) Archipel des Marquises (French ) Anhwei Province (China) USE (French USE Anhui Sheng (China) Polynesia) Antarctic Ocean [t] Ocean [r]

page 12 MARC Code List for Geographic Areas Name Sequence

Arctic regions [r] () UF Assigned code: [s-ag] [pofp] French Polynesia Arizona [n-us-az] UF Tubuai Islands (French Polynesia) Arkansas [n-us-ar] [u] [u-at] Assigned codes: Australia, Central [a-ai] Armenia (Republic) USE [a-ir] Australia, Eastern [a-tu] Turkey USE Eastern Australia Armenia (Republic) [a-ai] Australia, Northern [Coded [e--ai] (Armenia (Republic)) USE Northern Australia before June 1998] Australia, UF Armenian S.S.R. USE Armenian S.S.R. Australian Capital Territory [u-at-ac] USE Armenia (Republic) [Coded [u-at-ne] (New South ) [nwaw] before Sept. 2002] [Coded [nwco] (Curaçao) before Sept. UF A.C.T. 2002] Federal Capital Territory () [lsai] [e-au] Azad Jammu and USE USE Ashmore and Cartier Islands [u-ac] Azad Kashmir [a] Assigned code: Asia, Central [ac] [a-pk] UF UF Azad Jammu and Kashmir Kashmir Asia, East [a-aj] USE [Coded [e-ur-aj] (Azerbaijan) before June Asia, South 1998] USE UF Azerbaijan S.S.R. Asia, Southeastern Azerbaijan S.S.R. USE USE Azerbaijan Asia, Southwestern Azores [lnaz] USE UF Açores Asia, Western USE Middle East Assigned code: Asia and (treated collectively) [a-iq] USE Bahamas [nwbf] Asia Minor [a-ba] USE Turkey UF Bahrein Atlantic (U.S.) Bahrein Assigned code: USE Bahrain [n-us] Balearic Islands () Atlantic Ocean [l] Assigned code: Atlantic States [e-sp] Spain Assigned code: Balkan Peninsula [ed] [n-us] United States UF Europe, Southeastern Atlantic States, South Southeastern Europe USE South Atlantic States Mountains [fa] Assigned code: [ln] North Atlantic Ocean [eb]

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas page 13 Name Sequence

Banaba () , of [ab] Assigned code: UF [pokb] Kiribati [f-dm] UF Ocean Island (Kiribati) UF Dahomey [a-bg] People’s Republic of Benin UF (Pakistan) Banks Islands () Assigned code: Assigned code: [pn] North Pacific Ocean [ponn] Vanuatu () [nwbb] [Coded [e-gx] (Germany) for Berlin as a Barbuda whole; [e-ge] (Germany (East)) for East [Coded [nwbc] (Barbuda) before Mar. Berlin; or [e-gw] (Germany (West)) for 1988] West Berlin before Jan. 1991] Assigned code: Assigned code: [nwaq] Antigua and Barbuda [e-gx] Germany UF East Berlin Assigned code: West Berlin [r] Islands [lnbm] Bermuda Triangle USE Assigned code: Bay of Bengal [ln] North Atlantic Ocean USE Bengal, Bay of [a-bt] USE Fundy, Bay of [Coded [f-by] (Biafra) before Mar. 1988] Island () USE Nigeria Assigned code: Bikini () [lnsb] (Norway) Assigned code: UF Bjørnøya (Norway) [poxe] Marshall Islands Bioco () Assigned code: USE Fernando Po (Equatorial Guinea) [r] Arctic Ocean (Equatorial Guinea) Bechuanaland USE Fernando Po (Equatorial Guinea) USE Bismarck () (China) [a-cc-pe] Assigned code: UF Peiping (China) [a-pp] Papua New Guinea Peking (China) Bjørnøya (Norway) [e-bw] USE (Norway) [Coded [e-ur-bw] (Belarus) before June [mb] 1998] Ridge Mountains UF Belorussian S.S.R. Assigned code: Byelorussian S.S.R. [n-usa] Appalachian Mountains White Russia Hai (China) [a-ccp] Belau UF Bohai (China : Gulf) USE Chihli, Gulf of (China) Po Gulf (China) USE Congo (Democratic Republic) Po Hai (China) [e-be] Bohai (China : Gulf) [ncbh] USE Bo Hai (China) UF British [s-bo] Belorussian S.S.R. ( Antilles) [nwbn] USE Belarus [Coded [nwco] (Curaçao) before Sept. countries [el] 2002] UF

page 14 MARC Code List for Geographic Areas Name Sequence

Bophuthatswana (South Africa) [e-bu] Assigned code: UF People’s Republic of Bulgaria [f-sa] South Africa [f-uv] [a-bn] UF Upper Volta Bosnia and Hercegovina [e-bn] Burma [a-br] [Coded [e-yu] () before Oct. UF 1992] [f-bd] Botswana [f-bs] UF UF Bechuanaland Byelorussian S.S.R. Bougainville Island (Papua New Guinea) USE Belarus Assigned code: Byzantine [a-pp] Papua New Guinea Assigned code: Bouvet Island [lsbv] [mm] Mediterranean Region [s-bl] Cabo Verde Brazzaville USE Verde USE Congo (Brazzaville) Caicos Islands [n-cn-bc] USE British Commonwealth countries () USE Commonwealth countries Assigned code: British [e-uk-ui] Great Britain USE Commonwealth countries Miscellaneous Island British East Africa Dependencies USE Africa, East California [n-us-ca] [a-cb] USE UF Kampuchea Khmer Republic USE Belize Cameroon [f-cm] British Territory [i-bi] UF , French UF Chagos Islands Cameroons, Southern Indian Ocean Territory, British Cameroun French Cameroons Assigned code: Southern Cameroons [e-uk] Great Britain Cameroons, French [e-ie] Ireland USE Cameroon British Cameroons, Southern USE USE Cameroon British Islands Cameroun USE USE Cameroon British [n-cn] USE Canada, Eastern British Assigned code: USE Togoland (British) [n-cn] Canada British [nwvb] UF UF Virgin Islands Canada, Northern Virgin Islands, British Assigned code: Virgin Islands (Great Britain) [n-cn] Canada Virgin Islands (Presidency) UF British West Africa Canada, Western USE Africa, West Assigned code: Brownsea Island () [n-cn-bc] British Columbia Assigned code: [n-cnp] Prairie Provinces [e-uk-en] England UF [a-bx] Canadian Northwest USE Northwest, Canadian

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas page 15 Name Sequence

Canal Zone [nccz] Central Asia UF Canal Zone USE Asia, Central [lnca] Central Australia [u-atc] Canton and Enderbury Islands [Coded [u-at] (Australia) before Sept. [Coded [pocp] (Canton and Enderbury 2005] Islands) before Mar. 1988] UF Australia, Central Assigned code: Central Black Region (Russia) [pokb] Kiribati USE Central Region (Russia) UF Enderbury and Canton Islands Central Black Soil Region (Russia) [lncv] USE Central Chernozem Region (Russia) UF Cabo Verde Central Chernozem Region (Russia) [e-urc] Republic of Cape Verde UF Central Black Earth Region (Russia) Area [cc] Central Black Soil Region (Russia) UF Region Circumcaribbean USE Europe, Central Caribbean Island Dependencies of the United (Spain) States Assigned code: USE United States Miscellaneous [f-sh] Spanish North Africa Caribbean Islands Ceylon Caribbean Sea [cc] USE Caribbean Sea Region [f-cd] USE Caribbean Area Chad, [poci] Assigned code: [fq] Africa, French- Assigned code: speaking Equatorial [ee] Europe, Eastern Chagos Islands Carpentaria, Gulf of (N.T. and Qld.) USE British Indian Ocean Territory [Coded [ps] (South Pacific Ocean) before Chang Chiang (China) June 1998] USE River (China) Assigned codes: [u-at-no] Assigned code: [u-at-qn] [e-uk-ui] Great Britain UF (N.T. and Qld.) Miscellaneous Island [ak] Dependencies [e-urk] Chekiang Province (China) Caucasus, Northern (Russia) [e-urr] USE Zhejiang Sheng (China) UF (Russia) (Md. and Va.) Northern Caucasus (Russia) Assigned code: [nwcj] [n-us-md] Celebes () [n-us-va] Virginia Assigned code: Chihli, Gulf of (China) [a-] Indonesia USE Bo Hai (China) UF (Indonesia) [s-cl] Central Africa China [a-cc] USE Africa, Central UF Central African Empire People’s Republic of China USE Chishima-retto (Russia) Central African Republic [f-cx] USE (Russia) UF Central African Empire (China) [a-cc-cq] Ubangi Shari [Coded [a-cc-sz] (Szechuan Province Central America [nc] (China)) before Sept. 2000] UF America, Central UF Ch’ung-ch’ing shih (China) Middle America Chungking (China) (Indian Ocean) [I-xa] page 16 MARC Code List for Geographic Areas Name Sequence

Christmas Island (Pacific Ocean) Confederate States of America USE Kiritimati (Kiribati) Assigned code: Ch’ung-ch’ing shih (China) [n-usu] Southern States USE Chongqing (China) Congo (Brazzaville) [f-cf] Chungking (China) UF Brazzaville USE Chongqing (China) Chuuk () Middle Congo Assigned code: Congo (Democratic Republic) [f-cg] [pomi] Micronesia (Federated UF Belgian Congo States) Congo (Kinshasa) UF Truk (Micronesia) Congo (Leopoldville) Circumcaribbean Zaire [Coded [cr] (Circumcaribbean) before Congo (Kingdom) Mar. 1988] USE Kongo Kingdom USE Caribbean Area Congo (Kinshasa) Cocos (Keeling) Islands [i-xb] USE Congo (Democratic Republic) UF Keeling Islands Congo (Leopoldville) Cold regions [q] USE Congo (Democratic Republic) [s-ck] Congo River [fg] [n-us-co] Connecticut [n-us-ct] Colorado River (Colo.-) [pocw] Assigned code: Sea Islands [u-cs] [n-mx] Mexico Corsica () [n-usp] West (U.S.) Assigned code: Colorado (Mexico) [e-fr] France Assigned code: [nccr] [n-mx] Mexico Côte d’Ivoire [f-iv] Commonwealth countries [b] UF Coast UF British Commonwealth countries Crete (Greece) British Dominions Assigned code: Commonwealth nations [e-gr] Greece Commonwealth nations [e-ci] USE Commonwealth countries [Coded [e-yu] (Yugoslavia) before Oct. Commonwealth of Independent States 1992] countries UF People’s Republic of Croatia USE [nwcu] Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Mountains Islands Assigned code: USE [n-usu] Southern States Communauté francaise Curaçao () [nwco] USE [a-cy] Communist countries [e-xr] [Coded [v] (Communist countries) before [Coded [e-cs] () before June 1998] 1993] Assigned codes: UF Czech Socialist Republic [e-ur] Soviet Union (Czechoslovakia) [ee] Europe, Eastern Czech Socialist Republic (Czechoslovakia) USE Czech Republic USE Czechoslovakia [e-cs] Comoros [i-cq] [Includes the Czech Republic and UF Comoro Islands treated collectively] Îles Comores Dahomey USE Benin River [eo]

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas page 17 Name Sequence

Deep space [zd] Earth [x] Delaware [n-us-de] East Democratic German Republic USE USE Germany (East) East () [e-dk] USE East Asia D’Entrecasteaux Islands (Papua New Guinea) East () Assigned code: USE Middle East [a-pp] Papua New Guinea East (U.S.) [n-usr] Desolation Islands East Africa USE USE Africa, East Developed countries [dd] East Africa, Portuguese UF Advanced countries USE Economically advanced countries First USE Industrialized countries East African Horn Developing countries [d] USE Africa, Northeast UF Emerging nations East Asia [ae] Third World UF Asia, East Underdeveloped areas East (Far East) Diego Garcia (British Indian Ocean Territory) Far East Assigned code: East Berlin [i-bi] British Indian Ocean USE Berlin (Germany) Territory Sea [an] District of Columbia USE (D.C.) USE Germany (East) Djibouti [f-ft] UF Afars and Issas, French Territory of Assigned codes: the [az] South Asia French Territory of the Afars and [as] Southeast Asia Issas UF Indies, East Somaliland, French East Pakistan (Pakistan) (Greece) USE Bangladesh USE DÇdekan‘sos (Greece) East Siberian Region (Russia) DÇdekan‘sos (Greece) USE , Eastern (Russia) Assigned code: East [a-em] [e-gr] Greece [Coded [a-pt] () before UF Dodecanese (Greece) April 21, 1980; coded [a-io] (Indonesia) [nwdq] from 1980-Sept. 2002] [nwdr] UF Portuguese Timor Timor, East USE Dubayy (United Arab Emirates : Timor, Portuguese Emirate) Timor Dubayy (United Arab Emirates : Emirate) [poea] Assigned code: UF Isla de Pascua [a-ts] United Arab Emirates Pascua Island UF Dubai Eastern Africa USE Africa, Eastern USE Indonesia Eastern Australia [u-ate] Dutch Guiana [Coded [u-at] (Australia) before Sept. USE 2005] Dutch West Indies UF Australia, Eastern USE Netherlands Antilles Eastern Canada Dza- USE Canada, Eastern USE River page 18 MARC Code List for Geographic Areas Name Sequence

Eastern Europe Europe, East Central USE Europe, Eastern [Coded [et] (Europe, East Central) before [xa] Mar. 1988] USE Europe, Central USE Middle East Europe, Eastern Eastern Siberia (Russia) Europe, Eastern [ee] USE Siberia, Eastern (Russia) UF Economically advanced countries Europe, East Central USE Developed countries Europe, Northern [en] [s-ec] UF [f-ua] Europe, Southeastern Eire USE Balkan Peninsula USE Ireland Europe, Southern [es] [nces] UF UF Salvador Europe, Western [ew] Ellice Islands UF USE Europe and Asia (treated collectively) Emerging nations USE Eurasia USE Developing countries European Economic Community countries Enderbury and Canton Islands Assigned code: USE Canton and Enderbury Islands [e] Europe England [e-uk-en] countries Assigned code: Assigned code: [e] Europe [ln] North Atlantic Ocean Faeroe Islands USE Assigned code: [lsfk] [w] Tropics UF Malvinas Islands Equatorial Guinea [f-eg] Far East UF Guinea, Equatorial USE East Asia Guinea, Spanish Far East (Russia) Río Muni USE (Russia) Far Eastern Region (Russia) [f-ea] USE Russian Far East (Russia) [Coded [f-et] (Ethiopia) before Nov. (U.S.) 1993] USE West (U.S.) [e-er] Faroe Islands [lnfa] [Coded [e-ur-er] (Estonia) before June UF Faeroe Islands 1998] Federal Capital Territory Ethiopia [f-et] USE Australian Capital Territory UF Abyssinia Federal German Republic Eurasia [me] USE Germany (West) UF Asia and Europe (treated Federated States of Micronesia collectively) USE Micronesia (Federated States) Europe and Asia (treated of and collectively) USE Rhodesia and Nyasaland Europe [e] Federation of Europe, Central [ec] Assigned code: UF Central Europe [a-ye] Yemen (Republic) Europe, East Central UF South Arabia, Federation of

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas page 19 Name Sequence

Fernando Po (Equatorial Guinea) Assigned code: USE [f-eg] Equatorial Guinea French Territory of the Afars and Issas UF Bioco (Equatorial Guinea) USE Djibouti Bioko (Equatorial Guinea) Macias Nguema (Equatorial Guinea) USE [pofj] [e-fi] USE French Community French West Africa USE Developed countries USE Africa, French-speaking West [n-us-fl] Former Soviet USE West Indies, French USE Soviet Union Friendly Islands Former Yugoslav republics USE USE Yugoslavia Froides, Îles Formosa USE Edward Islands USE Frostbelt (U.S.) France [e-fr] USE States French Cameroons Sheng (China) [a-cc-fu] USE Cameroon UF Fukien Province (China) French Community [h] Fukien Province (China) UF Communauté francaise USE Fujian Sheng (China) French Union Fundy, Bay of French Congo Assigned code: USE Congo (Brazzaville) [ln] North Atlantic Ocean UF Bay of Fundy USE Africa, French-speaking Equatorial Futuna Islands ( and Futuna Islands) [s-fg] Assigned code: UF Guiana, French [powf] Islands USE Guinea [f-go] Galapagos Islands [pogg] Assigned code: Gambia [f-gm] [a-ii] India (French Polynesia) UF India, French Assigned code: [pofp] French Polynesia USE Indochina Gansu Sheng (China) [a-cc-ka] French UF Kansu Province (China) USE Morocco Gaza Strip [awgz] French Polynesia [pofp] Georges Bank UF , French Assigned code: Polynesia, French [ln] North Atlantic Ocean French Somaliland [n-us-ga] USE Djibouti Georgia (Republic) [a-gs] French Southern and Antarctic Lands [Coded [e-ur-gs] (Georgia (Republic)) USE Terres australes et antarctiques before June 1998] françaises UF Georgia (Soviet Union) French Southern Indian Ocean Islands Georgian S.S.R. USE Terres australes et antarctiques Georgia (Soviet Union) françaises USE Georgia (Republic) French-speaking Equatorial Africa Georgian S.S.R. USE Africa, French-speaking Equatorial USE Georgia (Republic) French-speaking West Africa German Democratic Republic USE Africa, French-speaking West USE Germany (East) page 20 MARC Code List for Geographic Areas Name Sequence

German East Africa Gilbert and Ellice Islands USE Burundi [Coded [pogn] (Gilbert and Ellice Islands) Mozambique before Mar. 1988] Assigned codes: [pokb] Kiribati German [potv] Tuvalu USE Germany Germany [e-gx] USE Kiribati [For Germany as a whole regardless of Coast time period; includes Germany (East) USE Ghana and Germany (West) as a whole Great Barrier (Qld.) between 1949 and 1990] Assigned code: Germany (East) [e-ge] [u-at-qn] Queensland [For the eastern part of Germany before 1949 or after 1990 and for the German Assigned code: Democratic Republic between 1949- [n-usp] West (U.S.) 1990] Great Britain [e-uk] UF Democratic German Republic UF East Germany Great Britain Miscellaneous Island German Democratic Republic Dependencies [e-uk-ui] Germany, Eastern UF Island Dependencies of Great Britain Germany (West) [e-gw] United Kingdom Miscellaneous Island [For the western part of Germany before Dependencies 1949 or after 1990 and for the Federal Great (North America) [nl] Republic of Germany between 1949- States 1990] USE Lake States UF Federal German Republic Great [np] German Federal Republic Great [fr] Germany, Western UF Rift Valley Greater Antilles Germany, Eastern [Coded [nwga] (Greater Antilles) before USE Germany (East) Mar. 1988] Germany, Northern USE West Indies Assigned code: Greece [e-gr] [e-gx] Germany [n-gl] UF Northern Germany [nwgd] Germany, Southern Grenadines (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Assigned code: and Grenada) [e-gx] Germany Assigned code: UF Southern Germany [nwgd] Grenada Germany, Western [nwxm] Saint Vincent and the USE Germany (West) Grenadines Ghana [f-gh] Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands) UF Ashanti Assigned code: [pobp] Solomon Islands Ghana (Empire) [nwgp] Assigned code: [pogu] [fw] Africa, West Sheng (China) [a-cc-kn] [e-gi] UF Kwangtung Province (China) Gibraltar, of Zhuangzu Zizhiqu (China) [a-cc-kc] Assigned code: UF Kuang-hsi Chuang tsu tzu chih ch’ü [e-gi] Gibraltar (China) [mm] Mediterranean Sea Kwangsi Chuang Autonomous UF Region

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas page 21 Name Sequence

Guatemala [ncgt] Gulf States (Channel Islands) Assigned code: Assigned code: [n-usu] Southern States [e-uk-ui] Great Britain Guyana [s-gy] Miscellaneous Island UF British Guiana Dependencies Guiana, British Guiana, British Island (China) USE Guyana USE Hainan Sheng (China) Guiana, Dutch Hainan Province (China) USE Suriname USE Hainan Sheng (China) Guiana, French Hainan Sheng (China) [a-cc-ha] USE French Guiana [Coded [a-cc-kn] (Kwangtung Province Guinea [f-gv] (China)) before June 1998] UF French Guinea UF Hainan Island (China) Guinea, French Hainan Province (China) Guinée [nwht] Republique de Guinée [n-us-hi] Guinea, Equatorial Heard and McDonald Islands [i-hm] USE Equatorial Guinea Heard Island (Heard and McDonald Islands) Guinea, French Assigned code: USE Guinea [i-hm] Heard and McDonald Guinea, Gulf of Islands Assigned code: Hebei Sheng (China) [a-cc-hp] [ls] South Atlantic Ocean UF Ho- sheng (China) UF Hopeh Province (China) Guinea, Portuguese Hei Ho (China and Russia) USE Guinea- USE Amur River (China and Russia) Guinea, Spanish Heilong Jiang (China and Russia) USE Equatorial Guinea USE Amur River (China and Russia) Guinea-Bissau [f-pg] Heilungkiang Province (China) UF Guinea, Portuguese USE Heilongjiang Sheng (China) Heilongjiang Sheng (China) [a-cc-he] Guinée UF Heilungkiang Province (China) USE Guinea Henan Sheng (China) [a-cc-ho] Guizhou Sheng (China) [a-cc-kw] UF Honan Province (China) UF Kweichow Province (China) Himalaya Mountains [ah] Gulf of Aden [nwhi] USE Aden, Gulf of Ho-pei sheng (China) Gulf of Alaska (Alaska) USE Hebei Sheng (China) USE Alaska, Gulf of (Alaska) Hoang Ho (China) Gulf of Aqaba USE (China) USE Aqaba, Gulf of Hoàng Sa Gulf of Carpentaria (N.T. and Qld.) USE USE Carpentaria, Gulf of (N.T. and Holland Qld.) USE Netherlands Gulf of Guinea Holy USE Guinea, Gulf of Assigned code: [e] Europe USE Mexico, Gulf of Holy See USE USE Oman, Gulf of Homelands (South Africa) Gulf of Assigned code: USE Thailand, Gulf of [f-sa] South Africa

page 22 MARC Code List for Geographic Areas Name Sequence

Honan Province (China) [e-ic] USE Henan Sheng (China) Idaho [n-us-id] Honduras [ncho] [Coded [f-if] (Ifni) before Mar. 1988] USE Hong Kong (China) Assigned code: Hong Kong (China) [a-cc-hk] [f-mr] Morocco [Coded [a-hk] (Hong Kong) before June Îles Comores 1998] USE Comoros UF Hong Kong Îles Froides Hong Kong (China : Special USE Administrative Region) Îles Kerguélen Hong Kong (China : Special Administrative USE Kerguelen ) Îles Marquises de Mendoça (French Polynesia) USE Hong Kong (China) USE Marquesas Islands (French Islands Polynesia) USE Futuna Islands (Wallis and Futuna Îles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon Islands) USE Saint Pierre and Miquelon Hopeh Province (China) [n-us-il] USE Hebei Sheng (China) India [a-ii] Hsi Chiang (China) India, French USE (China) USE French India Hsi-sha Islands Indian Ocean [i] USE Paracel Islands Indian Ocean Islands, French Hsin-chiang-wei--erh tzu chih ch’ü (China) USE Terres australes et antarctiques USE Uygur Zizhiqu (China) françaises Hu-pei (China) Indian Ocean Territory, British USE Hubei Sheng (China) USE British Indian Ocean Territory Hai Indian Territory USE Assigned code: Huang Ho (China) [n-us-ok] Oklahoma USE Yellow River (China) Indiana [n-us-in] Hubei Sheng (China) [a-cc-hh] Indies, East UF Hu-pei (China) USE East Indies Hupeh Province (China) Indies, West [n-cnh] USE West Indies Hunan Province (China) Indochina [ai] USE Hunan Sheng (China) UF French Indochina Hunan Sheng (China) [a-cc-hu] Indonesia [a-io] UF Hunan Province (China) UF Dutch East Indies [e-hu] Netherlands East Indies Hupeh Province (China) Industrialized countries USE Hubei Sheng (China) USE Developed countries Huthera (Tanzania) Inner (China) [a-cc-im] USE (Tanzania) UF Mongolia () Hwang Ho (China) Intercontinental areas (Eastern Hemisphere) USE Yellow River (China) [m] IÀkutskaíà A.S.S.R. (Russia) Intercontinental areas () USE (Russia) [c] Iowa [n-us-ia] [Coded [ei] (Iberian Peninsula) before Iran [a-ir] Mar. 1988] UF Persia Assigned codes: Iraq [a-iq] [e-po] [e-sp] Spain

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas page 23 Name Sequence

Ireland [e-ie] Islands of the Pacific UF Eire Assigned code: Ireland (Eire) [p] Pacific Ocean Irish Republic Islands of the Sea Assigned code: Ireland (Eire) [ao] USE Ireland Islas Marquesas de Mendoza (French Ireland, Northern Polynesia) USE USE Marquesas Islands (French Irian Barat (Indonesia) Polynesia) USE Papua (Indonesia) Isle of Man Irian Jaya (Indonesia) Assigned code: USE Papua (Indonesia) [e-uk-ui] Great Britain Irish Republic Miscellaneous Island USE Ireland Dependencies UF Man, Isle of Assigned code: (England) [ln] North Atlantic Ocean Assigned code: Isla de Pascua [e-uk-en] England USE Easter Island UF Wight, Isle of Islamic countries [a-is] Assigned code: Italian East Africa [f] Africa USE Africa, Northeast [a] Asia Islamic Empire USE Somalia Assigned code: [e-it] [aw] Middle East [ff] Africa, North USE Côte d’Ivoire [e-sp] Spain [nwjm] Island Dependencies of Great Britain Jammu and Kashmir (India) USE Great Britain Miscellaneous Island Assigned code: Dependencies [a-ii] India Island Dependencies of the United States in UF Kashmir the Caribbean Kashmir and Jammu (India) USE United States Miscellaneous Island [lnjn] Caribbean Islands [a-ja] Island Dependencies of the United States in (Indonesia) the Pacific Assigned code: USE United States Miscellaneous [a-io] Indonesia Pacific Islands (Channel Islands) Islands of the Aegean Assigned code: USE Aegean Islands (Greece and [e-uk-ui] Great Britain Turkey) Miscellaneous Island Islands of the Atlantic Dependencies Assigned code: [l] Atlantic Ocean Assigned code: Islands of the Indian Ocean [a-is] Israel Assigned code: and/or [i] Indian Ocean [awba] West Bank Islands of the Mediterranean Sheng (China) [a-cc-ku] Assigned code: UF Kiangsu Province (China) [mm] Mediterranean Sea Sheng (China) [a-cc-ki] UF Kiangsi Province (China)

page 24 MARC Code List for Geographic Areas Name Sequence

Jilin Sheng (China) [a-cc-kr] Kievan UF Kirin Province (China) [Coded [e-ur] (Soviet Union) before June Johnston Island [poji] 1998] [a-jo] Assigned codes: UF [e-bw] Belarus Judaea and [e-ru] Russian (Federation) USE West Bank [e-un] Jupiter (Planet) [zju] Kirghiz S.S.R. Barat (Indonesia) USE Assigned code: Kiribati [pokb] [a-io] Indonesia [Coded [pogn] (Gilbert and Ellice Islands) Kampuchea or [poln] (Line Islands) before Mar. USE Cambodia 1988] Kansas [n-us-ks] UF Gilbert Islands Kansu Province (China) Kirin Province (China) USE Gansu Sheng (China) USE Jilin Sheng (China) Kashmir Kiritimati (Kiribati) USE Azad Kashmir Assigned code: Jammu and Kashmir (India) [pokb] Kiribati Kashmir and Jammu (India) UF Christmas Island (Pacific Ocean) USE Jammu and Kashmir (India) Kongo Kingdom Kazakh S.S.R. Assigned codes: USE [f-ao] Angola Kazakhstan [a-kz] [f-cf] Congo (Brazzaville) [Coded [e-ur-kz] (Kazakhstan) before [f-cg] Congo (Democratic June 1998] Republic) UF Kazakh S.S.R. UF Congo (Kingdom) Kazakstan [a-kr] Kazakstan Korea (North) [a-kn] USE Kazakhstan UF Korean People’s Republic Keeling Islands USE Cocos (Keeling) Islands Korea (Republic) Kentucky [n-us-ky] USE Korea (South) Kenya [f-ke] Korea (South) [a-ko] UF East Africa Protectorate UF Korea (Republic) Kerguelen Islands Assigned code: Korean People’s Republic [i-fs] Terres australes et USE Korea (North) antarctiques française Kosrae (Micronesia) UF Desolation Islands Assigned code: Îles Kerguélen [pomi] Micronesia (Federated [poki] States) Khmer Republic UF Kusaie (Micronesia) USE Cambodia Kuang-hsi Chuang tsu tzu chih ch’ü (China) Kiangsi Province (China) USE Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu (China) USE Jiangxi Sheng (China) (China and India) [a-cck] Kiangsu Province (China) UF Kwenlun Mountains USE Jiangsu Sheng (China)

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas page 25 Name Sequence

Kuril Islands (Russia) Lapland [Coded [e-ur-ru] (Russia Federation) Assigned code: before June 1998] [e-fi] Finland Assigned code: [e-no] Norway [e-ru] Russia (Federation) [e-sw] UF Chishima-retto (Russia) America [cl] Kurile Islands (Russia) UF Neotropics Kuril’skie ostrova (Russia) Latin Orient Kurile Islands (Russia) Assigned code: USE Kuril Islands (Russia) [aw] Middle East Kuril’skie ostrova (Russia) [e-lv] USE Kuril Islands (Russia) [Coded [e-ur-lv] (Latvia) before June Kusaie (Micronesia) 1998] USE Kosrae (Micronesia) [a-le] [a-ku] (West Indies) [nwli] Kwang Sea Lesotho [f-lo] USE Yellow Sea UF Basutoland Kwangsi Chuang Autonomous Region (China) Lesser Antilles USE Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu (China) USE Antilles, Lesser Kwangtung Province (China) Lesser (Indonesia and East USE Guangdong Sheng (China) Timor) Kweichow Province (China) Assigned code: USE Guizhou Sheng (China) [a-io] Indonesia Kwenlun Mountains [a-em] USE Kunlun Mountains (China and UF Sunda Islands, Lesser (Indonesia and India) East Timor) Kyrgyzstan [a-kg] [Coded [e-ur-kg] (Kyrgystan) before June USE Middle East 1998] Province (China) UF Kirghiz S.S.R. USE Liaoning Sheng (China) La Plata River (Argentina and ) Liaoning Sheng (China) [a-cc-lp] USE Rio de la Plata (Argentina and UF Liaoning Province (China) Uruguay) [f-lb] (N.L.) [f-ly] Assigned code: [e-lh] [n-cn-nf] and Line Islands [poln] Labrador [e-] Laccadive, , and Amindivi Islands [Coded [e-ur-li] (Lithuania) before (India) 1998] USE (India) (China) Lake States [nl] USE Yangtze River (China) UF Great Lakes States (Papua New Guinea) Lakshadweep (India) Assigned code: Assigned code: [a-pp] Papua New Guinea [a-ii] India [n-us-la] UF Laccadive, Minicoy, and Amindivi Low countries Islands (India) USE Benelux countries Lan-ts’ang Chiang Loyalty Islands () USE Mekong River Assigned code: Lancang Jiang [ponl] New Caledonia USE Mekong River [e-lu] [a-ls] () Assigned code: [a-ph] Philippines page 26 MARC Code List for Geographic Areas Name Sequence

Macao [e-mm] USE (China : Special Maluku (Indonesia) Administrative Region) Assigned code: Macau (China : Special Administrative [a-io] Indonesia Region) [a-cc-mh] UF Moluccas (Indonesia) [Coded [a-mh] (Macao) before May 29, Malvinas Islands 2000] USE Falkland Islands UF Macao Man, Isle of USE Isle of Man Assigned code: (China) [e-bu] Bulgaria Assigned code: [e-gr] Greece [a-cc] China [e-xn] Macedonia (Republic) [n-cn-mb] Macedonia (Bulgaria) Mariana Islands [poxd] Assigned code: UF Commonwealth of the Northern [e-bu] Bulgaria Mariana Islands Macedonia (Greece) Assigned code: Marie-Galante (Guadeloupe) [e-gr] Greece Assigned code: Macedonia (Republic) [e-xn] [nwgp] Guadeloupe [Coded [e-yu] (Yugoslavia) before Oct. Maritime Provinces [n-cnm] 1992] Marquesas Islands (French Polynesia) Macias Nguema (Equatorial Guinea) Assigned code: USE Fernando Po (Equatorial Guinea) [pofp] French Polynesia [f-mg] UF Archipel des Marquises (French UF Malagasy Republic Polynesia) Islands [lnma] Îles Marquises de Mendoça (French (Indonesia) Polynesia) Assigned code: Islas Marquesas de Mendoza (French [a-io] Indonesia Polynesia) Maine [n-us-me] Mendaña (French Polynesia) Mainland China (Planet) [zma] USE China UF Red Planet Malagasy Republic Marshall Islands [poxe] USE Madagascar [nwmq] [f-mw] Maryland [n-us-md] UF Nyasaland Massachusetts [n-us-ma] Archipelago [f-mu] Assigned code: [i-mf] [as] Southeast Asia [i-my] [Coded [i-cq] (Comoros) before Mar. Assigned code: 1988] [am] McDonald Island (Heard and McDonald [a-th] Thailand Islands) Malaya [am] Assigned code: [a-my] [i-hm] Heard and McDonald [I-xc] Islands Mali [f-ml] Mediterranean Region [mm] UF French Sudan Mediterranean Region, Eastern Sudan, French USE Middle East Mali (Empire) Mediterranean Sea [mm] Assigned code: [fw] Africa, West

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas page 27 Name Sequence

Mekong River [ag] [n-us-mn] UF Dza-chu Miquelon Lan-ts’ang Chiang Assigned code: Lancang Jiang [n-xl] Saint Pierre and Song Tíên Giang Miquelon [pome] Mississippi [n-us-ms] (Spain) Mississippi River [n-usm] Assigned code: Missouri [n-us-mo] [f-sh] Spanish North Africa Missouri River [n-uss] Mendaña USE Marquesas Islands (French Assigned codes: Polynesia) [e-mv] (Planet) [zme] [e-rm] Mexico [n-mx] Moldavian S.S.R. UF Middle America USE Moldova Mexico, Gulf of [nm] Moldova [e-mv] UF Gulf of Mexico [Coded [e-ur-mv] (Moldova) before June Michigan [n-us-mi] 1998] Micronesia [pott] UF Moldavian S.S.R. Micronesia (Federated States) [pomi] Moluccas (Indonesia) [Coded [pott] (Micronesia) before Mar. USE Maluku (Indonesia) 1988] [e-mc] UF Federated States of Micronesia Mongolia [a-mp] Middle America UF Mongolian People’s Republic [Coded [cm] (Middle America) before Mar. 1988] Mongolia (Inner Mongolia) USE Central America USE Inner Mongolia (China) Mexico Mongolian People’s Republic Middle Atlantic States [n-usl] USE Mongolia UF Middle States [n-us-mt] Middle Congo USE Congo (Brazzaville) Assigned code: Middle East [aw] [e-yu] and Montenegro UF Asia, Southwestern [nwmj] Asia, Western Moon [zmo] East (Near East) Morocco [f-mr] Eastern Mediterranean UF French Morocco Levant Mozambique [f-mz] Mediterranean Region, Eastern UF East Africa, Portuguese Mideast German East Africa Near East People’s Republic of Mozambique Middle States Portuguese East Africa USE Middle Atlantic States and Oman Middle West [n-usc] USE Oman UF Midwest Myanmar North Central States USE Burma Mideast Namibia [f-sx] USE Middle East UF Africa, Southwest Midway Islands [poxf] South-West Africa Midwest Nansha Islands USE Middle West USE Island (Philippines) [ponu] Assigned code: UF Pleasant Island [a-ph] Philippines page 28 MARC Code List for Geographic Areas Name Sequence

Near East River [fi] USE Middle East Nigeria [f-nr] Nebraska [n-us-nb] River [fl] (Philippines) Ninghsia Province (China) Assigned code: USE Ningxia Huizu Zizhiqu (China) [a-ph] Philippines Ningxia Huizu Zizhiqu (China) [a-cc-nn] Neotropics UF Ninghsia Province (China) USE Ningsia Hui Autonomous Region [a-np] (China) Neptune (Planet) [zne] [poxh] Netherlands [e-ne] Non-Black Earth Region (Russia) UF Holland USE Non-Chernozem Region (Russia) Netherlands Antilles [nwna] Non-Chernozem Region (Russia) UF Dutch West Indies [Coded [e-ur-ru] (Russia Federation) Netherlands West Indies before June 1998] West Indies, Dutch Assigned code: Netherlands East Indies [e-ru] Russia (Federation) USE Indonesia UF Non-Black Earth Region (Russia) Netherlands West Indies USE Netherlands Antilles Assigned code: Nevada [n-us-nv] [u-at] Australia Nevis North Africa Assigned code: USE Africa, North [nwxi] North America [n] New Britain Island (Papua New Guinea) North Atlantic Ocean [ln] Assigned code: North Borneo [a-pp] Papua New Guinea USE Sabah [n-cn-nk] North Carolina [n-us-nc] New Caledonia [ponl] North Caucasus (Russia) [n-usn] USE Caucasus, Northern (Russia) North Central States Assigned code: USE Middle West [n] North America North Dakota [n-us-nd] New Guinea [a-nw] North Korea UF New Guinea Island USE Korea (North) New Guinea (Territory) North Pacific Ocean [pn] Assigned code: UF Pacific Ocean, North [a-pp] Papua New Guinea North Pole New Guinea Island USE Arctic regions USE New Guinea New Hampshire [n-us-nh] Assigned code: New [ln] North Atlantic Ocean USE Vanuatu North New Ireland Island (Papua New Guinea) USE Vietnam (Democratic Republic) Assigned code: Northeast (U.S.) [a-pp] Papua New Guinea USE Northeastern States [n-us-nj] Northeast Africa New Mexico [n-us-nm] USE Africa, Northeast New [u-at-ne] () [n-us-ny] Assigned code: [u-nz] [r] Arctic regions Newfoundland and Labrador [n-cn-nf] Northeastern States [n-use] [ncnq] UF Northeast (U.S.) Niger [f-ng]

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas page 29 Name Sequence

Northern Australia [u-atn] Northwestern States [Coded [u-at] (Australia) before Sept. Assigned code: 2005] [n-usc] Middle West UF Australia, Northern [n-usp] West (U.S.) Northern Canada Norway [e-no] USE Canada, Northern Northern Caucasus (Russia) Assigned code: USE Caucasus, Northern (Russia) [ln] North Atlantic Ocean Northern Europe Nova [n-cn-ns] USE Europe, Northern [n-cn-nu] Northern Germany Nyasaland USE Germany, Northern USE Malawi [xb] Ocean Island (Kiribati) Northern Ireland [e-uk-ni] USE (Kiribati) UF Ireland, Northern Oceania [po] Northern Mariana Islands UF Oceanica USE Mariana Islands Oceania, French USE French Polynesia USE Oceanica Northern Russia USE Oceania USE Russia, Northern [n-us-oh] Northern Soviet Union Ohio River [n-uso] USE Russia, Northern Okinawa Island (Japan) Northern Territory [u-at-no] [Coded [a-ok] (Okinawa) before 1984] Northwest (U.S.) Assigned code: [Coded [n-usw] (Northwest (U.S.)) [a-ja] Japan before Mar. 1988] Oklahoma [n-us-ok] USE Northwest, Pacific Oman [a-mk] Northwest, Canadian UF Assigned code: Oman, Gulf of [n-cn] Canada Assigned code: UF Canadian Northwest [au] Arabian Sea West (Canada) UF Gulf of Oman Northwest, Old [n-cn-on] Assigned code: [n-us-or] [n-usc] Middle West Orient Northwest, Pacific Assigned code: Assigned code: [a] Asia [n-usp] West (U.S.) UF East and if appropriate () [n-cn-bc] British Columbia Assigned code: UF Northwest (U.S.) [e-uk-st] Scotland Outer Mongolia Northwest Africa USE Mongolia USE Africa, Northwest Outer space [zo] UF Space, Outer Assigned code: Ozark Mountains [r] Arctic regions Assigned code: Northwest [n-cn-nt] [n-us-ar] Arkansas Northwestern Soviet Union [n-us-mo] Missouri USE Soviet Union, Northwestern [n-us-ok] Oklahoma Pacific and USE West (U.S.)

page 30 MARC Code List for Geographic Areas Name Sequence

Pacific Area Pannonia Assigned code: Assigned codes: [p] Pacific Ocean [e-au] Austria (North America) [e-hu] Hungary Assigned code: [e-yu] Yugoslavia [n] North America Papua Pacific Island Dependencies of the United Assigned code: States [a-pp] Papua New Guinea USE United States Miscellaneous Papua (Indonesia) Pacific Islands Assigned code: Pacific Islands (Ter.) [a-io] Indonesia USE Pacific Islands (Trust Territory) UF Irian Barat (Indonesia) Pacific Islands (Trust Territory) Irian Jaya (Indonesia) Assigned code: West Irian [poup] United States West New Guinea Miscellaneous Pacific Papua New Guinea [a-pp] Islands Paracel Islands [aopf] UF Pacific Islands (Ter.) UF Hoàng Sa Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Hsi-sha Islands Pacific Northwest Xisha Islands USE Northwest, Pacific [s-py] Pacific Ocean [p] Pascua Island Pacific Ocean, North USE Easter Island USE North Pacific Ocean Peiping (China) Pacific Ocean, South USE Beijing (China) USE South Pacific Ocean Peking (China) Pacific States USE Beijing (China) Assigned code: Pelew [n-us-ca] California USE Palau [n-us-or] Oregon Pemba Island (Tanzania) [n-us-] Washington (State) Assigned code: Pakistan [a-pk] [f-tz] Tanzania UF West Pakistan UF Huthera (Tanzania) Palau [popl] Pennsylvania [n-us-pa] [Coded [poci] (Caroline Islands) before People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria Mar. 1988] USE Algeria UF Belau People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen Pelew USE Yemen (Republic) Republic of Palau People’s Republic of Angola USE Angola Assigned codes: People’s Republic of Benin [a-is] Israel USE Benin [awgz] Gaza Strip People’s Republic of Bulgaria [awba] West Bank USE Bulgaria Panama [ncpn] People’s Republic of China Zone USE China USE Canal Zone People’s Republic of Croatia Island (Philippines) USE Croatia Assigned code: People’s Republic of Mozambique [a-ph] Philippines USE Mozambique People’s Socialist Republic of Albania USE Albania Persia USE Iran

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas page 31 Name Sequence

Persian Gulf [ap] Portuguese Timor States USE East Timor Assigned code: Portuguese West Africa [ar] Arabian Peninsula USE Angola [s-pe] Prairie Provinces [n-cnp] Pescadores Islands Pratas Islands Assigned code: Assigned code: [a-ch] Taiwan [a-ch] Taiwan Philippine Islands [n-cn-] USE Philippines Prince Edward Islands Assigned code: Assigned code: [f-sa] South Africa [pn] North Pacific Ocean UF Froides, Îles Philippines [a-ph] Îles Froides UF Philippine Islands (Germany) Islands (Kiribati) Assigned code: Assigned code: [e-gx] Germany [pokb] Kiribati [nwpr] Pirineos [ep] USE Pyrenees UF Pirineos Pitcairn Island [popc] [a-qa] Plata, Rio de la (Argentina and Uruguay) Québec (Province) [n-cn-qu] USE Rio del la Plata (Argentina and Queensland [u-at-qn] Uruguay) Qinghai Sheng (China) [a-cc-ts] Plate River (Argentina and Uruguay) UF Tsinghai Province (China) USE Rio de la Plata (Argentina and R.S.F.S.R. Uruguay) USE Russia (Federation) Pleasant Island Red Planet USE Nauru USE Mars (Planet) Pluto (Planet) [zpl] Red Sea [mr] Po Gulf (China) Reka Amur (China and Russia) USE Bo Hai (China) USE Amur River (China and Russia) Po Hai (China) Republic of Cape Verde USE Bo Hai (China) USE Cape Verde Pohnpei (Micronesia) Republic of Ireland Assigned code: USE Ireland [pomi] Micronesia (Federated Republic of Palau States) USE Palau UF Ponape (Micronesia) Republic of Vanuatu [e-pl] USE Vanuatu Polar regions Republique de Guinée Assigned codes: USE Guinea [t] Antarctica Réunion [i-re] [r] Arctic regions River [er] Polynesia [pops] Rhode Island [n-us-ri] Polynesia, French Rhodesia USE French Polynesia Assigned code: Ponape (Micronesia) [f-za] Zambia USE Pohnpei (Micronesia) [f-rh] Portugal [e-po] Rhodesia, Southern Portuguese East Africa USE Zimbabwe USE Mozambique Portuguese Guinea USE Guinea-Bissau page 32 MARC Code List for Geographic Areas Name Sequence

Rhodesia and Nyasaland Russia, Northern Assigned code: [Coded [e-ur-ru] (Russia (Federation)) [f-mw] Malawi before June 1998] [f-za] Zambia Assigned code: [f-rh] Zimbabwe [e-ru] Russia (Federation) UF Federation of Rhodesia and UF Northern Russia Nyasaland Northern Soviet Union Rift Valley Soviet Union, Northern USE Rio de la Plata (Argentina and Uruguay) [sp] USE Russia UF La Plata River (Argentina and Russian Far East (Russia) [e-urf] Uruguay) UF Far East (Russia) Plata, Rio de la (Argentina and Far Eastern Region (Russia) Uruguay) Soviet Far East (Russia) Plate River (Argentina and Uruguay) Río Muni USE Russia (Federation) USE Equatorial Guinea Russian S.F.S.R. Rio USE Russia (Federation) USE Zambezi River Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic [nr] USE Russia (Federation) Roman Empire Rwanda [f-rw] USE UF German East Africa Romania [e-rm] Rwanda-Urundi UF Rumania USE Ruanda-Urundi Rome Assigned codes: Assigned code: [ff] Africa, North [a-ja] Japan [e] Europe Ryukyu Islands, Southern [aw] Middle East [Coded [pory] (Ryukyu Islands, UF Roman Empire Southern) before 1984] Ruanda-Urundi Assigned code: Assigned codes: [a-ja] Japan [f-bd] Burundi (Netherlands Antilles) [nwsd] [f-rw] Rwanda Sabah UF Rwanda-Urundi Assigned code: Rumania [a-my] Malaysia USE Romania UF British North Borneo Russia North Borneo Assigned code: [fd] [e-ur] Soviet Union UF Sahara UF Russian Empire Sahara Desert Russia (Federation) [e-ru] USE Sahara [Coded [e-ur-ru] (Russia (Federation)) before June 1998] Assigned code: UF R.S.F.S.R. [f] Africa Russian Republic Saint-Barthélemy Russian S.F.S.R. [Coded [nwsb] (Saint-Barthelemy) before Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Mar. 1988] Republic Assigned code: [nwgp] Guadeloupe UF Saint Bartholomew Saint Barts St. Barthélémy

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas page 33 Name Sequence

Saint Bartholomew Samar (Philippines) USE Saint-Barthélemy Assigned code: Saint Barts [a-ph] Philippines USE Saint-Barthélemy Samoa [pows] -Nevis UF Western Samoa USE Saint Kitts and Nevis Samoa (Islands) Saint Eustatius (Netherlands Antilles) USE USE (Netherlands Samoa, American Antilles) USE [lsxj] Samoan Islands [posh] UF St. Helena UF Samoa (Islands) Saint Kitts [e-sm] Assigned code: Sandwich Islands, South [nwxi] Saint Kitts and Nevis USE South Georgia and South Saint Kitts and Nevis [nwxi] Sandwich Islands UF Saint Christopher and Nevis (Solomon Islands) Saint Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla [Coded [posc] (Santa Cruz Islands) Assigned code: before Mar. 1988] [nwxa] Anguilla Assigned code: [nwxi] Saint Kitts and Nevis [pobp] Solomon Islands UF St. Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla São Thomé e Príncipe Saint Lawrence River USE Sao Tome and Principe Assigned code: Sao Tome and Principe [f-sf] [n-cn] Canada UF Sã Thomé e Príncipe [n-us] United States [nwxk] Assigned code: UF St. Lucia [a-my] Malaysia (West Indies) [nwst] (Italy) UF (West Indies) Assigned code: St. Martin (West Indies) [e-it] Italy Saint Pierre and Miquelon [n-xl] [n-cn-sn] UF Iles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon Saturn (Planet) [zsa] St. Pierre and Miquelon [a-su] Saint Vincent [ev] Assigned code: Scotland [e-uk-st] [nwxm] Saint Vincent and the Selvagens Islands (Madeira Islands) Grenadines Assigned code: UF St. Vincent [lnma] Madeira Islands Saint Vincent and the Grenadines [nwxm] UF Salvage Islands (Madeira Islands) Sakha (Russia) Salvages (Madeira Islands) Assigned code: [f-sg] [e-ru] Russia (Federation) Serbia UF IÀkutskaíà A.S.S.R. (Russia) Assigned code: Yakutia (Russia) [e-yu] Serbia and Montenegro Sakhalin Ula (China and Russia) Serbia and Montenegro [e-yu] USE Amur River (China and Russia) [i-se] Salvador Shaanxi Sheng (China) [a-cc-ss] USE El Salvador UF Shensi Province (China) Salvage Islands (Madeira Islands) USE Selvagens Islands (Madeira Assigned code: Islands) [a-br] Burma Salvages (Madeira Islands) Sheng (China) [a-cc-sp] USE Selvagens Islands (Madeira UF Shantung Province (China) Islands) (China) [a-cc-sm] page 34 MARC Code List for Geographic Areas Name Sequence

Shansi Province (China) Skagerrak (Denmark and Norway) USE Shanxi Sheng (China) Assigned code: Shantung Province (China) [ln] North Atlantic Ocean USE Shandong Sheng (China) Slovak Socialist Republic (Czechoslovakia) Shanxi Sheng (China) [a-cc-sh] USE Slovakia UF Shansi Province (China) Slovakia [e-xo] Shensi Province (China) [Coded [e-cs] (Czechoslovakia) before USE Shaanxi Sheng (China) May 1993] (Scotland) UF Slovak Socialist Republic Assigned code: (Czechoslovakia) [e-uk-st] Scotland [e-xv] Shinnan Islands [Coded [e-yu] (Yugoslavia) before Oct. USE Spratly Islands 1992] Si Kiang (China) Snowbelt States USE Xi River (China) Assigned code: Si River (China) [n-us] United States USE Xi River (China) UF Frostbelt (U.S.) Siam (French Polynesia) USE Thailand Assigned code: Siam, Gulf of [pofp] French Polynesia USE Thailand, Gulf of (Yemen) Siberia (Russia) [e-urs] [Coded [i-xo] (Socotra Island) before Siberia, Eastern (Russia) [e-ure] Mar. 1988; Coded [a-ys] (Yemen UF East Siberian Region (Russia) (People’s Democratic Republic) before Eastern Siberia (Russia) Oct. 1992] Siberia, Northeastern (Russia) Assigned code: Assigned code: [a-ye] Yemen (Republic) [e-urs] Siberia (Russia) UF Sokotra (Yemen) Siberia, Northwestern (Russia) Sokotra (Yemen) Assigned code: USE Socotra (Yemen) [e-urs] Siberia (Russia) Solar system [zs] Siberia, Western (Russia) [e-urw] Solomon Islands [pobp] UF (Russia) [Coded also [posn] (Solomon Islands) Sheng (China) [a-cc-sz] before Mar. 1988] UF Szechwan Province (China) UF (Italy) Assigned code: USE Somalia [e-it] Italy Somalia [f-so] [f-sl] UF Sikkim (India) Italian Somaliland [Coded [a-sk] (Sikkim) before Mar. Somali Republic 1988] Somaliland, French Assigned code: USE Djibouti [a-ii] India Song Tíên Giang [a-si] USE Mekong River Sinkiang Uighur Autonomous Region (China) Songhai Empire USE Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu (China) Assigned codes: Sint Eustatius (Netherlands Antilles) [nweu] [f-ml] Mali UF Saint Eustatius (Netherlands Antilles) [f-ng] Niger St. Eustatius (Netherlands Antilles) [f-nr] Nigeria Statia (Netherlands Antilles) South Africa [f-sa] Sint Maarten (West Indies) UF Africa, South USE Saint Martin (West Indies) South America [s]

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas page 35 Name Sequence

South Arabia, Federation of Southern Cameroons USE Federation of South Arabia USE Cameroon South Asia [az] Southern Europe UF Asia, South USE Europe, Southern South Atlantic Ocean [ls] Southern Germany South Atlantic States USE Germany, Southern Assigned code: [xc] [n-usu] Southern States UF Atlantic States, South USE Zimbabwe [u-at-sa] Southern Soviet Union South Carolina [n-us-sc] USE Soviet Union, Southern South China Sea [ao] Southern States [n-usu] South Dakota [n-us-sd] Southern Yemen South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands USE Yemen (Republic) [lsxs] Southwest, New [n-ust] [Coded [lsfk] (Falkland Islands) before Southwest, Old Oct. 1992] Assigned code: UF Sandwich Islands, South [n-usu] Southern States South Sandwich Islands Southwestern States South Korea Assigned code: USE Korea (South) [n-usu] Southern States [n-ust] Southwest, New Assigned code: Soviet Central Asia [lsfk] Falkland Islands USE Asia, Central South Pacific Ocean [ps] Soviet Far East (Russia) UF Pacific Ocean, South [Coded [e-uro] (Soviet Central Asia) South Pole before 1994] USE Antarctica USE Russian Far East (Russia) South Sandwich Islands Soviet Union [e-ur] [Coded [lsfk] (Falkland Islands) before UF Commonwealth of Independent Oct. 1992] States countries USE South Georgia and South Former Soviet republics Sandwich Islands U.S.S.R. (Antarctica) Soviet Union, Northern [Coded [lsfk] (Falkland Islands) before USE Russia, Northern Mar. 1998] Soviet Union, Northwestern [e-urn] Assigned code: UF Northwestern Soviet Union [t] Antarctica Soviet Union, Southern Assigned code: [Coded [a-vs] (Viet Nam, South) before [e-ur] Soviet Union Mar. 1988] UF Southern Soviet Union USE Vietnam (Republic) Soviet Union, Western South-West Africa Assigned code: USE Namibia [e-ur] Soviet Union Southeast Asia [as] UF Western Soviet Union UF Asia, Southeastern Spain [e-sp] Southeastern Asia Space, Outer Southeastern Asia USE Outer space USE Southeast Asia Spanish Guinea Southeastern Europe USE Equatorial Guinea USE Balkan Peninsula Southern Africa Assigned code: USE Africa, Southern [cc] Caribbean Area

page 36 MARC Code List for Geographic Areas Name Sequence

Spanish North Africa [f-sh] (Indonesia) UF Spanish Territories in Northern Assigned code: Morocco [a-io] Indonesia Sun [zsu] USE Sunbelt States Spanish Territories in Northern Morocco Assigned code: USE Spanish North Africa [n-usu] Southern States Island (Norway) [n-ust] Southwest, New Assigned code: and if appropriate [lnsb] Svalbard (Norway) [n-us-hi] Hawaii UF West Spitsbergen (Norway) Sunda Islands, Lesser (Indonesia and East Spratly Islands [aoxp] Timor) UF Nansha Islands USE (Indonesia Shinnan Islands and East Timor) Sri Lanka [a-ce] UF Ceylon USE Suriname St. Barthélémy Suriname [s-sr] USE Saint-Barthélemy UF Dutch Guiana St. Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla Guiana, Dutch USE Saint Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla Surinam St. Eustatius (Netherlands Antilles) Svalbard (Norway) [lnsb] USE Sint Eustatius (Netherlands Swan Islands (Honduras) [nwsv] Antilles) Swaziland [f-sq] St. Helena Sweden [e-sw] USE Saint Helena [e-sz] St. Lucia [a-sy] USE Saint Lucia Szechwan Province (China) St. Martin (West Indies) USE Sichuan Sheng (China) USE Saint Martin (West Indies) T.A.A.F. St. Pierre and Miquelon USE Terres australes et antarctiques USE Saint Pierre and Miquelon françaises St. Vincent Tadzhik Soviet Socialist Republic USE Saint Vincent USE Statia (Netherlands Antilles) Taiwan [a-ch] USE Sint Eustatius (Netherlands UF Formosa Antilles) Tajik S.S.R. Strait of Gibraltar USE Tajikistan USE Gibraltar, Strait of Tajikistan [a-ta] Settlements [Coded [e-ur-ta] (Tajikistan) before June Assigned codes: 1998] [a-my] Malaysia UF Tadzik Soviet Socialist Republic [a-si] Singapore Tajik S.S.R. Sub-Saharan Africa USE Africa, Sub-Saharan Assigned code: Sudan [f-sj] [f-tz] Tanzania UF Anglo-Egyptian Sudan Tangier (Morocco) Sudan (Region) [fn] Assigned code: Sudan, French [f-mr] Morocco USE Mali Tanzania [f-tz] Canal (Egypt) [fu] UF German East Africa Sulawesi (Indonesia) [u-at-tm] USE Celebes (Indonesia) Tennessee [n-us-tn]

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas page 37 Name Sequence

Terres australes et antarctiques françaises Tobago [i-fs] Assigned code: UF French Southern and Antarctic [nwtr] and Tobago Lands Togo [f-tg] French Southern Indian Ocean UF French Togoland Islands Togoland (French) Indian Ocean Islands, French Togoland T.A.A.F. Assigned code: Texas [n-us-tx] [f-gh] Ghana Thailand [a-th] [f-tg] Togo UF Siam Togoland (British) Thailand, Gulf of [af] Assigned code: UF [f-gh] Ghana Siam, Gulf of UF Thian Shan Togoland (French) USE Tien Shan USE Togo Third World [potl] USE Developing countries UF Union Islands Tonga [poto] USE Tien Shan UF Friendly Islands (China) [a-cc-tn] Tonga Islands UF Tientsin (China) Tonga Islands USE Tonga Assigned codes: Islands (Qld.) [f-cd] Chad Assigned code: [f-ly] Libya [u-at-qn] Queensland [f-ng] Niger (China) [a-cc-ti] [Coded [e-ur-ai] (Armenia (Republic)), [e- UF Tibetan Autonomous Region (China) ur-aj] (Azerbaijan), [e-ur-gs] (Georgia Tibetan Autonomous Region (China) (Republic)) before June 1998] USE Tibet (China) Assigned codes: Tien Mountains [a-ai] Armenia (Republic) USE Tien Shan [a-aj] Azerbaijan Tien Shan [at] [a-gs] Georgia (Republic) UF Thian Shan Transjordan Tian Shan USE Jordan Tien Mountains Trinidad Tientsin (China) Assigned code: USE Tianjin (China) [nwtr] Timor, East Trinidad and Tobago [nwtr] USE East Timor [lstd] Timor, Portuguese (Papua New Guinea) USE East Timor Assigned code: Timor Island [a-pp] Papua New Guinea Assigned codes: Tropics [w] [a-io] Indonesia Truk (Micronesia) [a-em] East Timor USE Chuuk (Micronesia) Assigned code: USE United Arab Emirates [i] Indian Ocean Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Timor Timur USE Pacific Islands (Trust Territory) USE East Timor Tsinghai Province (China) USE Qinghai Sheng (China)

page 38 MARC Code List for Geographic Areas Name Sequence

Tuamotu Archipelago (French Polynesia) United States Miscellaneous Pacific Islands Assigned code: [poup] [pofp] French Polynesia Includes American Samoa, Guam, Tubuai Islands (French Polynesia) Pacific Islands (Trust Territory) treated USE Austral Islands (French Polynesia) collectively [f-ti] UF Island Dependencies of the United Turkey [a-tu] States in the Pacific UF Asia Minor Pacific Island Dependencies of the Turkmen S.S.R. United States USE Turkmenistan Upper Volta Turkmenistan [a-tk] USE Burkina Faso [Coded [e-ur-tk] (Turkmenistan) before Mountains (Russia) [e-uru] June 1998] Uranus (Planet) [zur] UF Turkmen S.S.R. Uruguay [s-uy] Turks and Caicos Islands [nwtc] Utah [n-us-ut] UF Caicos Islands Island (Wallis and Futuna Islands) Tuvalu [potv] Assigned code: [Coded [pogn] (Gilbert and Ellice Islands) [powf] Wallis and Futuna before Mar. 1988] Islands UF Ellice Islands Uzbek S.S.R. U.S.S.R. USE USE Soviet Union Uzbekistan [a-uz] Ubangi Shari [Coded [e-ur-uz] (Uzbekistan) before USE Central African Republic June 1998] [f-ug] UF Uzbek S.S.R. Ukraine [e-un] Vanuatu [ponn] [Coded [e-ur-un] (Ukraine) before June UF 1998] Republic of Vanuatu Underdeveloped areas Vatican City [e-vc] USE Developing countries UF Holy See Union Islands [s-ve] USE Tokelau Venus (Planet) [zve] Union of South Africa Vermont [n-us-vt] USE South Africa [u-at-vi] United Arab Emirates [a-ts] Vietnam [a-vt] UF Trucial States Vietnam (Democratic Republic) United Arab Republic [Coded [a-vn] (Vietnam, North) before Assigned code: Mar. 1988] [f-ua] Egypt Assigned code: [a-sy] Syria [a-vt] Vietnam United Kingdom UF North Vietnam USE Great Britain Vietnam, North United Kingdom Miscellaneous Island Vietnam (Republic) Dependencies [Coded [a-vs] (Viet Nam, South) before USE Great Britain Miscellaneous Island Mar. 1988] Dependencies Assigned code: United States [n-us] [a-vt] Vietnam United States Miscellaneous Caribbean Islands UF South Vietnam [nwuc] Vietnam, South UF Caribbean Island Dependencies of Vietnam, North the United States USE Vietnam (Democratic Republic) Island Dependencies of the United Vietnam, South States in the Caribbean USE Vietnam (Republic)

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas page 39 Name Sequence

Virgin Islands West Bank of the [Coded [nwvr] (Virgin Islands) before USE West Bank Mar. 1988] West Berlin USE USE Berlin (Germany) Virgin Islands of the United States West Germany Virgin Islands (American) for the western part of Germany: USE Virgin Islands of the United States USE Germany (West) Virgin Islands (Danish) for Germany as a whole: USE Virgin Islands of the United States USE Germany Virgin Islands (Great Britain) West Indies [nw] USE British Virgin Islands UF Antilles, Greater Virgin Islands (Presidency) Greater Antilles USE British Virgin Islands Indies, West Virgin Islands, , Dutch USE British Virgin Islands USE Netherlands Antilles Virgin Islands of the United States [nwvi] West Indies, French UF Virgin Islands Assigned code: Virgin Islands (American) [nwla] Antilles, Lesser Virgin Islands (Danish) UF French West Indies Virginia [n-us-va] West Irian River (Russia) [e-urp] USE Papua (Indonesia) Volgo-Viatskii Region (Russia) West New Guinea [Coded [e-urv] (Volgo-Viatskii Region, USE Papua (Indonesia) RSFSR) before Mar. 1988] West Pakistan Assigned code: USE Pakistan [e-ru] Russia (Federation) West River (China) (Ghana) [fv] USE Xi River (China) [powk] West Spitsbergen (Norway) Wales [e-uk-wl] USE Spitsbergen Island (Norway) Wallis and Futuna Islands [powf] West Virginia [n-us-wv] Washington (D.C.) [n-us-dc] Western Australia [u-at-we] UF District of Columbia UF Australia, Western Washington (State) [n-us-wa] Western Canada Washington Region USE Canada, Western Assigned codes: Western Europe [n-us-md] Maryland USE Europe, Western [n-us-va] Virginia Western Hemisphere [xd] [n-us-dc] Washington (D.C.) Western Sahara [f-ss] West (Canada) UF Spanish Sahara USE Northwest, Canadian Western Samoa West (U.S.) [n-usp] USE Samoa UF Far West (U.S.) Western Siberia (Russia) Pacific and Mountain States USE Siberia, Western (Russia) Western States (U.S.) Western Soviet Union West Africa USE Soviet Union, Western USE Africa, West Western States (U.S.) West Africa, Portuguese USE West (U.S.) USE Angola White Russia West Bank [awba] USE Belarus [Coded [a-is] (Israel) and/or [a-jo] Wight, Isle of (England) (Jordan) before Mar. 1988] USE Isle of Wight (England) UF Judaea and Samaria (West Indies) [nwwi] West Bank of the Jordan River [n-us-wi]

page 40 MARC Code List for Geographic Areas Name Sequence

Woodlark Islands (Papua New Guinea) Zaire Assigned code: USE Congo (Democratic Republic) [a-pp] Papua New Guinea Zambezi River [fz] Wyoming [n-us-wy] UF Rio Zambezi Xi River (China) [a-ccs] Zambia [f-za] UF Hsi Chiang (China) UF Northern Rhodesia Si Kiang (China) Si River (China) Assigned code: West River (China) [f-tz] Tanzania Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu (China) [a-cc-su] Zhejiang Sheng (China) [a-cc-ch] UF Hsin-chiang-wei-wy-erh tzu chin UF Chekiang Province (China) ch’ü (China) Zimbabwe [f-rh] Sinkiang Uighur Autonomous Region UF Rhodesia, Southern (China) Southern Rhodesia Xisha Islands USE Paracel Islands Yakutia (Russia) USE Sakha (Russia) Yangtze River (China) [a-ccg] UF Chang Chiang (China) Long River (China) Yap (Micronesia) Assigned code: [pomi] Micronesia (Federated States) Yellow River (China) [a-ccy] UF Hoang Ho (China) Huang Ho (China) Hwang Ho (China) Yellow Sea [ay] UF Huang Hai Kwang Sea Yemen (Arab Republic) USE Yemen (Republic) Yemen (People’s Democratic Republic) [Coded [a-ys] (Yemen (People’s Democratic Republic) before Oct. 1992] USE Yemen (Republic) Yemen (Republic) [a-ye] UF Arab Republic of Yemen People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen Southern Yemen Yemen (Arab Republic) Yemen (People’s Democratic Republic) Yugoslavia [e-yu] UF Former Yugoslav republics Territory [n-cn-yk] Province (China) USE Yunnan Sheng (China) Yunnan Sheng (China) [a-cc-yu] UF Yunnan Province (China)

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas page 41 Name Sequence

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