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& * PAGE EIGHT. THE GRAND FORKS DAILY HERALD, WEDNESDAY EVENING JULY 1, 1914. Three Straight to the Adopted Twins Duluth Opens Here Tomorro- -m RACER CRASHES INTO DROP THIRD TO Standing of Clubs FENCE AT SIOUX CITY. FEDERALS MAKE Sioux .City, Iowa, July 1.—A desire to take the turns at a seventy-five- X 4 II > • AMERICAN LEAGUE. mlJe an hour speed caused the first accident on the Sioux City Bpeedway ADOPTED TWINS W. L,. Pet. Extra here yesterday, when Harry Shrunk, CUT IN PRH Philadelphia 39 26 .600 in a White, ran into the inside fence 3f I Detroit . .• 38 30 .559 of the track and damaged his car to Fargo - Moor head Combina­ St. Louis 37 31 .544 some extent and tore up the fence for Washington 35' 30 .538 sixteen yards. Shrunk and his me­ Minor League Admissiqf tion Take Another Game Boston 35 32 .522 chanician were not injured, but their Chicago 34 33 ..507 machine is in such condition that It is . Cards Prevail at Broo^||®® New York 22 39 .431 probable that he will be unable to The Northern League Cleveland 24 42 .361 From Flickertails. start. yn Park, 'tis Said. Shrunk, who is a local boy, was at­ Games Yesterday. tempting to duplicate the feats of such SCORE BY IIVNINfiS— 4 B « 7 8 » R. H. Chicago l, Detroit 8. stars as Patschke, Oldfield, Anderson, FAIL TO HIT WHEN Boston 5, Philadelphia 3. Wilcox and Rlchenbacker when he New York, July 1.—The most New York 1, Washington 2. went into the south turn wide open. Fargo at Grand Forks 6:15 P. M. ous blow that has befallen the Fe RUNS WOULD FOLLOW Cleveland 8-0, St. Louis 3-5. He swung into the turn without a mis­ hap, but as he neared the center the al league's claim to major rank| AMERICAN ASSOCIATION'. right rear and front tires blew. The developed on the inside yesterday WINONA machine became unmanageable and when the Ward brothers of Brookl] * Near-Rally In Ninth Keeps W. L. Pet. went Into the rail. announced a cut to minor league pr" Louisville 42 30 .588 es for the rest of the season. Beg At FT. WILLIAM Milwaukee 38 SI .551 SHANNON JOINED ning Wednesday the Tip Tops Fans on Edge—Foster a play 25-cent baseball at the Kansas City 40 35 .533 •BB Cleveland 37 34 .521 FEDS YESTERDAY. Washington park. Hits Into Double. Minneapolis 36 35 .507 The Wards evidently have tired*! throwing money away. They are Indianapolis 37 37 .500 Chicago, July 1.—"Spike" Shannon, Duluth at Winnipeg 6:15 P. M. to boost the patronage, regardless^ Columbus 32 39 .451 who a score years ago was an out­ what effect It may have upon St. Paul 35 46 .352 fielder with the New York club of the TODAY'S "IF" COI-l'MN. claims of the other Federal leag and later with the SUPERIOR backers. Seats which before con Games Yesterday. St. Louis club, yesterday joined the W. L. Pet. Win. Uose. manded the half dollar tariff may ;$ Winnipeg 19 .tjr> ,t>42 .ti^3 01 Milwaukee 9, Minneapolis 2. staff of umpires In the . purchased In the future for a quartjL Virginia ....2X 1'J .h" ) .fi H 0 BBBII BBS Columbus 3, Louisville 6. He was scheduled to begin his duties apiece. Duiuth ....2a I'li .o.TL' .54:! .Fi.l. Cleveland 3, IndianapolUs 9. at. Kansas City. Shannon has been At VIRGINIA. The local backers of the FedefiJSjft Grand Fkg 25 21! ..*>21 .531 .510 01012 umpiring in the Northern league. 8lt0|0 league make no secret of'their dls»ipfj|f 27 ..ion .r. t n .r,no F.-M NATIONAL LEAGUE. pointment with the slim patronage Winona -'I 27 .4XS .4411 ,42fl I/IPTOV IS GIVEN A CUP. date and expect that bargain prieij«'|» Superior 2f) 2tl .40S .420 .400 W. L. Pet. will augment attendance figures. Ft. William. 10 31 .380 .:I92 .373 Sir Thomas Honored at Banquet— Xew York 37 23 .617 "Baseball prices are too high.'" saW'Si® American Assn. Federal League Chicago 35 31 .630 Rerlgged Shamrock IV. Decisive­ President Robert R. Ward, who mata^ (>ninos Yesterday. American League It. H. E. Cincinnati 33 32 .508 ly Defeats Older Boat. the announcement of the cut. St. Louis 34 34 .500 Fargo-Mnorhead 3. Grand Forks 1. Torquay, Eng., July 1.—Shamrock are many persons who would like to,, Pittsburgh 30 31 .492 Virginia 9, Superior 0. IV., again rigged as a cutter, yester­ go to the ball park and watch a ganVB : Winona 1, Fort \Villi;nn 2. ST. LOUIS Philadelphia 28 31 .475 from a good seat, but* cannot afford' MINNEAPOLIS Brooklyn 27 33 .450 day decisively defeated the older boat Duluth R, Winnipeg s. XEW YORK. .. In a good breeze over a course to do It, and therefore stay away. w4fa „ Boston 26 35 .426 eighteen miles to windward and back. receive dally scores of letters tellings® Father TTnglaub and his hopeful* Games Yestetrday. At the outer mark the challenger for us this. There is the same. complaintyMs hopped upon the Flickertails again Pittsburgh 0, St. Louis 1. At KANSAS CITY. America's cup led by twenty-two min­ I am told, all over the country. last night, and. as n result of an as- Brooklyn 1, New York 3. MILWAUKEE utes, which she Increased to half an "The people want entertainment Bault in the fifth inning, carried off Cincinnati 1, Chicago 5. At WASHINGTON. hour in a dying breeze on the and are willing to pay for it if they the third straight game. The score Philadelphia 6-2; Boston 4-4. home when the older craft abandoned can afford to. The moving pictures;' was 3 lo 1. Batteries: Minneapolis, Patterson the contest. have shown us that there is a demand, Chicago vs. Detroit. N'o game, rain. BUFFALO Several times after thai session, the and Smith: Milwaukee, Dougherty FEDERAL LEAGI E. Last evening Sir Thomas Lipton and but only at popular prices. Almost all and Hughes. of the big theatrical producers havsjM Flickertails had opportunities to win Charles E. Nicholson, designer of Boston at Philadelphia. No game, seen light and are catering to those .'f the game, hut they were unable to hit W. L. Pet. Shamrock IV., were guests of the in the pinches. rain. Indianapolis 36 25 .590 who patronize the picture palaces. I PAUL mayor of Torquay at a public banquet A near-rally in the ninth inning had ST. At BROOKLYN Chicago 36 26 .581 think It is time for the baseball mag-j St. bouls vs. Cleveland. No game, at which Sir Thomas was presented the crowd on edge for a few minutes, 1 2 Buffalo 31 25 .554 nates to consider the fans' pocketijjj rain. with.a handsome cup. but Foster, who, tn the first inning, Baltimore 33 27 .550 books, too. "The Philadelphia Athletics and"' scored the locals' only run after mak­ Baltimore VB. Pittsburg. No game, Kansas City 31 35 .470 PURDUE TO CARDINALS. the Boston Red Sox play 25-cent ball, ing a triple, hit into a double, re­ At KANSAS CITY. wet grounds. Brooklyn 25 32 .439 tiring the side. Pittsburgh 25 38 .431 Catlier and AVhltted Traded for Bos­ and there's no reason why the Brook-J| The bases were full at the time, and Chicago at Indianapolis. No game, St. Louis 26 40 .394 ton Pitcher. feds can't. Also we shall abolish thef^ only one was down. I11 this same in­ Batteries: St. Paul, Walker and rain. barbarous bleachers. The man who L National League St. Louis, July 1.—First division ning, ill-luck was with the locals Games Yesterday. can afford to spend 25 cents for hls-Jj n. H. E. Glenn; Kaneas City, Gallia and Giebel. chances of the Cardinals were im­ again, for. in connecting with tho No games scheduled yesterday. baseball will be as comfortably proved by Manager Huggins' deal •ball, Fofiter liroke the bat and it did shielded from the sun as his more Brooklyn at New York. No game, whereby he gets Pitcher Huh Purdue not. go tar. It fell Into the second COLUMBUS XICK ALTROCK A BENEDICT. fortunate brother in the higher-priced rain. from the Braves in exchange for Out­ baseman's hands, and he had rm dif­ 6 I 9 FEDERAL LEAGUE seat." fielder Cather and Third Baseman ficulty in doubling on Freer, who was Former A. A. Comedian Takes Iowa Whitted. SIGNS OF WEAKENING. sent in to pinch hit. PITTSBURG. At LOUISVILLE.. Girl for His Bride. 6 I 2 There were no contests scheduled to (Puck.) Morse did the hurling for the lo­ Baltimore, Aid., July 1.—Nick Al- UNCONGENTALITY. cals. He was in fine form lajst night, be played over the Federal league cir­ "So you think there is yet a chance trock, one of the pitchers of the (Chicago Post.) of selling Mr. Nuskads an automo­ and held the visitors lo si?; hits, which cuit yesterday. ST. LOUIS. pitchers of the Washington American "Emtee Hedee says he takes not the bile?" were scattered over five innings. In Cleveland at Indianapolis. No baseball club, and Miss Eleanore slightest Interest in nature." "Sure! He used to say he wished only one frame did the Twins get game, rain. ' A man is never as old as he feels Campbell of Keswick. Iowa, were "Mutual dislike. Everybody knows he had one: now he's arguing he can't more than one hit on him. and, these when he gets up in the morning. married here yesterday. what nature abhors." afford it." two blows, coupled with an error, cost three runs. Morse fanned eight and walked four. CINCINNATI.. Dumont pitched good hall for the visitor*?. He was tapped for seven hits, which he kept well scattered. gilFWK ON fanned four and walked four. A* CHICAGO. Grand Forks got its nnlv run In the. 11 12 first Inning. After McGraw had gone out, Foster tripled to left and came home on Flaherty's long sacrifice fly. First game, R. H E , U. S. DEFENDERS Fargo got all three runs in the fifth Philadelphia 7 10 •! : -1 inning. Murphy, up first, fanned, and Boston 12 6 3 'i- Dye was safe on Wheeler's bad throw. Batteries: Mayer and Dooin; Davis l'../ ; Dye got to third on a close decision, and Gowdy. Aid of Norway and Sweden •, .?. whic.h. to many looked wrong, and ; - ' ji came home on Wertz' double. Du- mont walked, a.nd Schuler went out, Second Game. Invoked in Guarding 5'' 3 Morse to Sampson. Sullivan singled, •; jj sending Wertz and Dumont across America's Yacht Cup. Weirtell struck out. PHILADELPHIA. » . > There was no limps again last night, and DeRose and Donley had to offici­ ate. New York, July 1.—With the vari­ : •'*! The score: At BOSTON. ous weaknesses which developed in Q: ' AR R- H- P-O. A. E. the tuning-up races corrected, the trio Schuler. 2b s 0 1 9 •> 0 of cup defense yachts are about to Sullivan, rf n n 1 1 n n enter upon the second stage of the

Weldell. rf 2 n a 4 n 0 America's cup preliminaries. Begin­ TTnglauh, lb » n „ 1 • " 0 ning next week off Newport will be Doyle. If 3 n n •> 0 T COBB AND GILMORE staged the first official tests of the Murphy, c 4 n 2 5 1 0 MEET IN BUFFALO. Resolute, Vanitie and Defiance and Dye, ss 4 1 n o 1 j I "We just had a pleasant chat," said most without exception the.y are for­ Sampson, lb 4 n •> j; n 0 , President Gilmore. "We discussed eigners. The captains or the three Peters, n 4 n j 1ft 3 n! the baseball situation in general and sloops have invoked the aid of Nor­ Morse, p 3 n n n 4 0 after a few minutes' talk Cobb left to way and Sweden in defending the T~*HE First Two Weeks of JULY •Freer 1 n 1 n n 0 I umpire a baseball game. The matter America's cup for Vanitie, Defiance : of his joining the Federal league now and Resolute are all manned, for­ A • :J. Totals 33 1 7 27 10 2 or at any future time was not raised." ward of the mast, by descendants of $2.00 will buy you a pair of . 'Ratted for Morse in ninth. President Gilmore stated that he the Norsemen. Years ago, America's : Score by innings: came here lo assist Hal Chase in free­ cup defenders were, manned with Pe­ Fargo-M 00003nno n 3 ing himself from the injunction .ob­ nobscot bay tars, mostly from Deer TROUSERS made to your measure Grand Forks ..1 0000000 0 1 tained by attorneys of the Chicago island, but very few Yankee seamen I White Sox which prohibits the first have been seen on the cup yachts Summary—Two base "nit. Wertz' since the Vinal Haven crew on the with any suit in the house at $17,00. three base hit. Foster; first r,n balls, I baseman from playing with the Buffa- ] lo Federals in New York state. He Defender assisted in defeating the off Morse 4, tiff Mumont 4; struck Valkrie III. out, hy Morse S. Dumont 4; left on brought with htm the league's attor­ bases, Grand Forks 9. Fargo-Moor- ney, and stated that papers probably Norse Man Resolute- head 7; double plays, Schuler unas­ will he served within the next few Captain Christiansen. Resolute, sisted, and Dumont to Murphy an3 days. President Gilmore left for Chi­ brought nearly a score of men from t'n^!fl.ub; wild pitches, Morfie 2; passed cago last night and Cobb left by boat his native town of Bergen, Norway, THINK OF IT balls, Peters: hit by pitcher, Sulli­ for Detroit. far up near the land of the midnight van: stolen bases. Schuler. Dumont; sun, while Captain Dennis of the sacrifice hits, l'nelatih, Murphy: sac­ Vanitie also recruited their crews A Suit Bade as you want it, and you rifice fly, Flaherty. Time of game •' EXPECT GOOD POLO with Scandinavians, although all hours. Umpires, DeRose and Donelly. AT PANAMA-PACIFIC hands give South Brooklyn as their hailing port. They are a lively set of have over 300 patterns of the very THKFTF.-I MAfiXATE DEAD. tars, these yellow-haired red-cheeked San Francisco, Julv 1.—If the ten­ sons of the Norwegian fjords, with Tnboroilosis f'auscs Dcjith of Decatitr tative polo program for the Panama- nerves of steel. It takes a cool head latest Styles, Weaves and Fabrics to C'luh I*i-esldctit. Pacific exposition goes through there to occupy the masthead position cn Decatur, ill., July 1.- -V. H San­ should be some of the best exhibitions a cup defender, especially in a smart ders, president of the "Decatur Thre«-I of the galloping game ever seen in any breeze and heavy sea. select from and you get the SUIT league baseball club, died yesterday country. According to present plans, Every man on the three boats is a at Artiuquerque, N*. M.. of tuherculosis. about twenty-five teams will compete, veteran, and with few exceptions have according to word received here today. including quartets from all parts of worked a year and some of them five and extra TROUSERS for Nineteen the United States, England, France, years under their respective skipper. Spain. India and Argentina. Captain Howell of the Defiance took a Dollars. With Indian a.nd Argentine teams number of his men from the sloop competing there will be plenty of nov­ Istaleno, although some, of them sailed elty in store for American lovers of with Commodore E. Walter Clark on the game, for it is only recently that the schooner Irolita, now the tender much has been heard in this countrv to the Defiance. CAN YOU BEAT IT? of the prowess of the Traill brothers of Argentina, and so little has been FEDS PLAN LITTLK LEAGUE. Everything That's known of the style of play indulged In by the Maharajahs that even in Evansville, Ind., July 1.—It was an­ Good to the internationals for the Westches­ nounced yesterday that the Federal ter cup few of the spectators realized league promoters are planning to SUIT OR how much had been borrowed from OVERCOAT launch a baseball league in this dis­ India by England. $17 trict in opposition to .the Central league.. The rumor Is that Evansville, THAT'S WHAT. Terre Haute, and Fart Wayne are among the clubs to be represented. It O. D. GLIDDEN, Mgr. . EAT is said representatives of the capital­ ists back of the Federal league were Can Be Found at in the city several days ago and that 23 North Third St. Opposite Frederick Hotel they talked lo real etstate dealers about securing a site for a park. Q: :Q It is understood that an option was Hough's 1 taken on a piece of ground in the western part of the city.. Dairy Lunches FLY BALL KNOCKS ^,«a*r Hwtteffi Clothing mom* - - . CROW TO FIELDER. •OVKH KH1RDST. Muncie, Ind., July 1.—Jimmy Pence local semi-pro player, yesterday laid claim to having knocked the highest fly ball on record. The sky-chaser jmgpoRD Bcniinaro from Jimmy's bat, according: to ve­ racious spectators, hit a crow sailing iDttMdSkfebli"' over the baseball arena. Crow and ball came to the ground together. Bob—What are you looking so sour about? What's up? ...... ' high coat of ttVlBfc :&