MINERS HANNA AS "HOMProvincial Library E Jf Miners of the Central ical place for the Miners to make a stand the first one is SuriHdy, November 7. He district, many of them supporters of the Hockey League, embracing Edmonton Oil this winter, and hockey fans locally and also said that in order to facilitate train- Miners are impressed with the decision Kings, Lacombe Rockets and Red Deer all over east central Alberta are fortunate ing and pre-season exhibition games, that and co-operation of the Miner executive Rustlers, will be playing at least eight, and in that this winter they will be able to see the ice in the arena must be installed the in having Hanna chosen as the "home perhaps all of their league games and some of the best hockey played in western first week in November. It is understood rink". Their appreciation is likely to bo playoffs in the Hanna arena this winter. Canada, right here in the Hanna area that local ice-maker Fred Bowman and reflected in a sustained support for the The Miners' home rink in Drumheller In a telephone call following a league town officials have sprung into action and Miners this coming winter, who by play- burned to the ground last Sunday night, meeting in Wednesday morning are fitting out the arena for reception of ing here will do much to bring the game and in the meantime the Miner executive, Al McDonald, said that all teams in the large crowds and all necessary arrange- back to one-time prominence in this part including Al McDonald of Hanna have league were agreeable playing here. He ments that go with operating a club of top of the province, S>". been busily engaged in coming up with a intimated that in all likelehood most of calibre like the Drumheller Miners. solution. They feel that Hanna is the log- the games would be in the week end, and No doubt hockey fans in Hanna and

10c AMONG OUJTNQMORS TW V W ANNA 1FT F1? A T v D PER COPY HAND HILLS, Oct. 12 — Due to the fine harvest weather continuinHANgD thiHILLSs week, Oct, a. meetin12 —g Du ofe thtoe thHane dfin Hille harvess Stampedt weathee exr­ JL. JL JL " -^ -JL JR- JL _m. X. ^ JL ^ XT ^- J-L. tmm\ MX J _M__m. __{_ _m. .M *4 -MtmmaW ecutive scheduled for Monday night October 11, has been post­ Authorized as Second CJHHH Matter by the Post ufru-e department, poned to Monday, October 18 at 8.30 p.m. The meeting was called Ottawa. And for Payment of Postage in < *:iwh to further plans for the 1966 Fiftieth Annual Stampede, however "And East Central Alberta News" immediate details and those for the future will be discussed at the October 18 meeting. VOLUME 53 NUMBER 51 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1965


iiiiritiiirriiiiiirrriiiiiiilin HUNTERS POSE GANDERS BY THE DOZEN! TRAFFIC DANGER Although likely to decline following the Thanksgiving Conservative Chief In week end, the danger of ve­ hicle mishaps involving hunters on main and sec­ ondary roads and even prai­ rie trails, will likely exist until the close of the sea­ Stettler Tomorrow son. Evidence of this was in­ dicated in reports from sev­ John Diefenbaker, leader of the Progressive Conser­ Mr. Diefenbaker in company eral farmers who had "near with P.C. candidate for Acadia vative party and Robert Thompson, Social Credit leader misses" with hunters' veh­ J. H. "Jack" Horner, will make icles while the owners were are bringing the federal election "closer to home" with a public appearance in Stettler personal appearances in Acadia constituency this week away in the fields in search tomorrow' afternoon (October of game. Hunters apparent­ 14) and hundreds of supporters ly are being careless in of he and Jack Horner are ex­ parking their cars, campers, pected to gather from all cor­ etc. and on several occas­ ners of the riding. Mr. Diefen­ ions these have been noted baker will be in the central Al at the bottom of a hill, on a berta centre at 12 noon, where curve hidden by brush er he will meet supporters and size even in the middle of the up the situation in Acadia in the road. Farmers who are busy course of a cross country tour hauling grain, machinery, embracing as many Alberta etc. have almost struck such points as possible in a tight sch- abandoned vehicles, and one man in the vicinity ef Scapa was forced te take to the ditch when he came over a hill, only to find two cars parked side by side, with hunters casually ex­ changing nimrod gossip. As mentioned previously the danger will not be as great now that the heavy influx hasp passed following 1 nd oQf bag s achieved during Mr. Stuart's staray o f several days. . Tlrn-iijtiw- W, m e *' *#mjw $m$< • j&Pfn ^r/ r. .a.mm tt'+eme*ammma ataa* ** motorists should be on the the "home of the Canada Gray". Evidence that they majority of them are the genuine., Coood» *_***_*'_. alert for vehicles in places caught a few ganders "at home" is seen in this display not seen at any other time of the year except during hunting season. Hunters, of course are urged to be more Heart Attack cautious in' parking their vehicles properly, preferably to one side of the road and in plain view of the driv­ Proves Fatal Prize Lists Being ing public. Robert Thompson A one-time member of tho .'dule. From Stettler he will be RCMP and a half-brother of in Alix at 1:30, Delburne at 2, Dick Cosgrave of Rosebud, Trochu at 2:30 . at Prairie Fire Allan Neilson "Neil" Lindsay 3:30 and on to Calgary in the died of a heart attack last Wed­ Prepared For Fair JOHN DIEFENBAKER late afternoon with a call at nesday, October 6 while out Biseker and other points such hunting with his two sons, af-vs Prize lists are now under preparation for the first Starts From approximately 17 and 13 years Delia Reporter as are on the route. BENEFIT DANCE Annual Fall Fair in Hanna Nov. 6, sponsored by the Thompson in Hanna rr The Lindsay's had been hunt I Hanna Agricultural Society and all members and interest­ F.U.A. Arranges Mrs Marguerite Friedley hat ing in the vicinity of the old AT BYEMOOR Robert Thompson is also on a Dump'! Spark Jack Miller Ranch, owned by ed competitors should be on the watch for them early assumed the Herald's news bur­ "whistle stop" tour of the riding BYEMOOR, Oct. 12—A ben­ | next week. The Society hopes to place these booklets in eau duties at Delia, and from Cosgrave. The Herald was given efit dance and raffle will Political Forum on behalf of Social Credit can­ A prairie fire reminiscent of to understand that Mr. Lindsay ithe homes, through the schools and a mail distribution. now on will be submitting a didate Art Wiebe. He called in be held in the Byemoor j sizeable budget cf news each j the early range days, but snuf- was stricken in his car. and the Community Hall this Fri­ j They are particularly pleased with the overall progress Hanna Wednesday afternoon, ac­ I fed out before reaching large two boys found him upon their I and want everyone to share in this opportunity of urban week from "The Highlands". companied by party officials day for Donnie Walker who Here Oct. 20 ! proportions, was caused by a return from the field. They im­ is still a patient in Calgary land district competition in agriculture, horticulture, fine Mrs. Friedley takes over the and local provincial officials in­ j spark from the . town garbage job from Mrs. Maude Marshall mediately tried to bring him after being knocked down I arts, cooking and school work. To bring people together All Three Federal cluding Mr. C. K. French, MLA. dump last weck and gave cause into Hanna. and being an inex­ ! who found that other duties pre- Mr. Thompson is not entirely by a car near Calgary in ; m friendly competition is to seek progress and fellowship. Candidates Will for a general alarm by the fire perienced driver .the older of August The dance is being j vented her from sending in new to Hanna as he has spoken department. \ provide for ' '* °* ^e competition, with sever- Address Gathering ! news on a regular basis. Mrs. the two boys was unfortunate in sponsored by the citizens of The budget will here before, although Mr. Wiebe having the car leave the road some $275. in prize money j' al opportunities to match their Friedley will welcome the co-op­ a relatively newcomer to this • For a time the traditional the community, and the la­ an( R.C. Orford, spokesman for , huge clouds of amber colored and end up in the ditch. j around 100 different compet­ skills. Suitable prizes will be of- the FUA in this area told the eration of all Delia and district part of the constituency is rap­ dies are asked to please fered in this section with details smoke clouds bellowed across bring lunch. Donnie Walker ition classifications. Four in- residents in submitting news of idly making his acquaintance With the help of neighbors : to be announced soon. Herald Tuesday that a political r the north end of town ,and spec- has been a polio victim all dividual trophies and a Grand forum involving all three can­ general interest, or of a social known to the electorate. the young lads brought their nature. In this week's Herald I tators by the hundreds crowded father into Hanna, where med­ his life and may never walk Aggregate prize has been pro- All interested persons will be didates in the Nov. 8 federal el­ Offices Established 1 j her first column appears The { around the hospital grounds and ical assistance was of no us . again. All proceeds from | vided. These will be on display able to obtain their prize list ection, would be held in Hanna. [ Herald thanks Mrs Marshall for Both the P.C.'s and the Social ; the golf course to witness fire­ The late Mr. Lindsay was 52 the dance will be turned shortly. books upon application to the The date of the forum which her co-operation and assistance, Credit candidates have set up fighters in action. years of age and during his pol­ over to the unfortunate lad Indications are that the bus­ Secretary' at P.O. Box 368, Han­ is also open to non-farmers is I and at the same time welcomes offices in Hanna. The Horner With the assistance of the fire ice career had spent a number and it is hoped the public will iness community has given na or P.O. Box 349. Booklets October 20 and will be held in Mrs. Friedley into the family of headquarters are situated ad­ truck and equipment, plus an of years in and around Yellow­ show generous response. ! stanch support to the whole pro- will also be available at the Dis­ the Pioneer's Hall, starting at more than thirty correspond- jacent to Odell's Hardware in adequate number of volunteers knife. Besides his sons he is sur­ j ject. It is now the contributors trict Agriculturalists office. 8 p.m. All candidates will ac­ I ents. the same building, while the the fire was brought under con­ vived by his wife Mrs. Jessie opportunity to show their met- The judging of the Fair en­ cept written questions only. Social Credit offices arc located trol, after burning off approx- Lindsay. The family had been ! tie and ability. The school child- tries will be handled by Mrs. M. Those attending will be Jack one door west of Franklin ; imately 25 acres of pasture land, residing in Calgary since Mr. Sheerness Man , ren will also enter into the spir- Cox, District Home Economist Horner, Progressive Conserv­ Hutterites Expand Plumbing and Sheet Metal on running alongside a swathed Lindsay's retirement from the and Mr. B. J. Godwin, Senior Wins Door Prize ! NDP NAMES ative, Walter Hourihan, Liberal second avenue west . crop and finally being brought Force. Instructor in Horticulture at and Art Wiebe, Social Credit. A land deal completed recent­ Thus far the Liberals have to a halt just inside the west ACAOIA ENTRY O.A.V.C. ly, has enlarged the Hand Hills Funeral services were held The door prize winner at The FUA intends to make a not made much of an appear­ limits of the golf course. at Jacques "Little Chapel on tho Moore's Motors, new car show­ STETTLER — Arthur Bunney. silver collection to defray hall Hutterite Colony. Expansion ance in this section of Acadia executive member of the Al- which was approved by the pro­ The town garbage dump has a Corner", Calgary at 4 p.m. Sat ing last Saturday was Dave FIRST REHEARSALS expenses and other costs involv­ and little has been heard of the pit for burning trash, and this urday, October 9 with the Rev. llirsch of Sheerness. He won a ' berta New Democratic party, ed in arranging the meeting. It vincial cabinet, involves the pur­ party's intentions in this riding has been named NDP candidate FOR HANNA PLAYERS chase of 958 acres from Rudolph is surrounded by a ploughed Gordon C. Dickin officiating. set of TV tables and cart. The is open to the public, but farm­ since Mr. Walter Hourihan of fire guard. However, somehow Whyte's Funeral Home, Hanna prize was awarded in connection for the Acadia constituency, The first rehearsals of the ers in particular are urged to Doering, long time farmer of Three Hills was chosen as candi­ Nov. 8. the Hand Hills district. a spark or two jumped the was in charge of local arrange­ with the showing of the new Hanna Players production, attend. date in Stettler several weeks guard .Fortunately there was ments and removal of the body 1966 Pontiac's to which the pub­ Mr. Bunney, a farmer, re­ "The Gondoliers" will take ago. very little wind to Calgary . lic was invited. ceived the party nomination at place at the east school a recent meeting held in Castor. auditorium on Friday, Octob­ i For several years he has been er 15 at 8 p.m. An invita­ j prominent in agricultural activ­ tion is extended to all sing­ Oyen Kinsmen Sale at Madge Ranch Next Tuesday; ities and has promoted 4-H Club ers who would like to take work throughout the Forestburg part in the production to Meets Oct 29 Club Achieves area. attend this rehearsal. C. F. "Casey" Pals, of Castor, secretary of History will be Recalled as Bidders Gather eventually went out of vogue, they bought stock from one of the Highway 36 Association has announc­ National Award An auction sale on Tuesday, ! in charge of the Lee Price Aue- exceptionally large acreage as and from that time on thc ranch Alberta's oldest ranches . . . It's October 19 is of special signif­ , tion Ser. Cal. will see thc dis ranches go nowadays, and it is was engaged mainly in produc­ a long way back to 1905, and it ed a change in date of the association's Thirteen members of the icance not only to the present , posal of the last numbers uf the termed the last of the "really ing purebred Shorthorns as well is a long time for one ranch to generation but to all oldtimers, tig" oldtime ranch operations. Oyen Kinsmen Club attended famous Madge Shorthorns, own- as commercial cattle. be under the same name. His­ annual meeting. Instead of the original the fall zone meeting in Calgary and those who are still around I ed by Cecil Madge. They num- Situated in the banks of the For many years the Madge date of earlier in the month, the meeting on October 3, where they were with fond recollections of the' ber 155 registered animals, antl Berry Creek, the Madge ranch Shorthorn Ranch was well tory will be made on Oct. 19 and presented with the Hall Rodgers opening of the West and thether e is also a disposal of fifty- was originally established by known in Western Canada the Madge spread comes under will be held on October 29. It will be pre­ Trophy Shield, a national award early ranching days around Han­ one grade cattle. Included in thc late Fred Madge way back livestock circles, and the found­ new ownership "off-cia-ty". ceded by a luncheon in the town of Castor for the best community project na. j the sale is also three herd sires. in 1905, when the wide open er Fred Madge who lived to a spaces, free from barbed wire Art Campion is not a stranger among Kinsmen in Canada for On that date the Madge Short- two, three and five years old ripe old age, was recognized as to the farming and livestock at 12.30 with the actual meeting getting tlie year 1964. The Oyen Kins­ orn Ranch, some six miles south ! respectively. fences and homesteaders proved a "dean" among Shorthorn under way at 2 p.m. in the Castor commun­ men project was the swimming of Richdale will be the scene of Cecil Madge is the last of that a stirring challenge to the horse breeders. business. A son of the late Tho­ pool. the complete disposal of live­ i name to have connections with man and cowman. It was first When auctioneers Lee Price mas Campion, he and Us broth* ity hall. The change was made necessary The club first became eligible stock, farm machinery and allth e ranch .and recently .sold the as a horse raising enterprise of Calgary and Harry Void of er George were raised on a farm because of the Southern highways meeting for the high honor after success­ effects belonging to C. Madge, land, buildings, fences, etc. to a that the Madge Ranch was est­ DeWinton rail for bids at. the some three or four miles north fully claiming the district Tom oldest son of the ranch's found­ Hanna man Arthur Campion. In ablished ,and with the advent of Madge Ranch next Tuesday, buy­ of Hanna, and the original Cam-! to be held in Shandrop award in Edmonton er the late Fred Madge. The sale the sale of the land there was an , the steam and gas engine, horses ers will be able to say that pion farm is still la the family

V. V^^'ijffir***,

iPAGE 2—THE HANNA HERALD, Wed., Oct. 13, 1965


TUNA WESTWARD HO — 8 oz. Solid White 3 TINS $1 KETCHUP AYLMER—11 oz. 5 FOR $1 SAVE • 1$AVE ! BETTY CROCKER ANGEL FOOD 16oz. 2 FOR $1 m-itm

TEA ROSE SILVERKIST — 48 oz. APPLE-STRAWBERRY 79c LIBBY'S — 28 oi. LOOK KETA SALMON TOMATOES 3 lins $1.00 8 oz. Tins YORK— 15 oz. WHAT APRICOTS 4 tins $1.00 CAMPBELL'S 3 TINS FOR $1 FRANCO AMERICAN — 15 oz. SPAGHETTI 6 lins $1.00 TOMATO LIBBY'S —FANCY HEREFORD —12 oz. CORNFD BEEF 2 lins $1.00 CREAM CORN 10 oz. PKGS. SOUP 15 oz. Tint CHERMOS-JSRSAL ,.„„,^ J pkos.U.00 X FLAT FOLD — 400's KLEENEX 4 pkgs. $1.00 6 TINS FOR $1 BALLET — 4's

LIBBY'S TOILET TISSUE 8 rolls 89c TINS BAYER'S— 100s ASPRIN 75c DEEP Brown BEANS KRAFT J5 15 oz. CHEESE SLICES 2 lbs. $1.19 $1.00 BURNS — BY THE PIECE 5 TINS FOR $1 BOLOGNA 3 lbs $1.00 ORANGES DOG FOOD,.. 10 $1


7 LBS. 1$

RED DELICIOUS A-G APPLES 'A Treat For The Whole Family" Food Market - LIMITED - n 6 LBS. IS "LOWEST SHELF PRICES IN TOWN" Phone 854-3543 Hanna Hanna Lions THE HANNA HERALD, Wed , Oct. 13, 1965—PAGE 3 - YOUNGSTOWN COMMUNITY CENTRE Seek Support TO HOLD MEETING, OCTOBER 21 Members of the Youngstown 21. Also on the agenda will be • SOCIAL AND ommunity Centre and all those discussion on installing new hr Blind interested in curling and other wash rooms for the hall. -ports activities for the coming The meeting will commence Annual Canvass reason are requested to attend at 8 p.m. and everyone is asked Gets Underway a meeting in the Community to please be on time. Here On Saturday Hall on Thursday evening Oct. Larry Williams, chairman of the store. Mr. Roger Johnson bine to help Keith finish up har­ the Hanna Liens Club commit­ will take over clerking duties vesting operations. Mrs Margaret Shacker return- Mr. and Mrs. Stan Johnson of Mr. and Mrs. Jas Devereaux tee announces that the annual canvass on behalf of the Can­ for the week. Miss Moira Doolan, Miss pii lo Ilanna Tuesday afternoon •"dmonton spent the Thanksgiv­ had as guests over the week end Diane Heatherington and Miss ;'ftcr a visit with her sister in ing week end with Mr. and Mrs. their son Roy who is attending adian Institute for the Blind will Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilson Ureal Falls, . Thos. Scott Sr. Alberta College in Edmonton, cnnimence with a canvass of the and family of Consort are at the Marjory Wilson were all home * * rr, * * e Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Devereaux residential and business areas of Keith Garbutt home. Mr. Wil from school for the holiday Mrs. Thelma Starr of Calgary of Calgary, and Mr. John Dev­ Hanna on Saturday, October 16. Hams brought down his com I week end. Miss Charlotte Enpel of Cal­ The Lions will be assisted by | gary was a week end guest of spent several days in Hanna last ereaux, also of Calgary who vveek at the home of Mr. W. E. spent Saturday here. members of the Hanna High her parents Mr. and Mrs. Carl School student body; who will Kngel. Fitzsimmons. r|r * * call on the residential section. I Mr. and Mr.s. Harold Mc­ ENGAGEMENT In the past the Lions have re- j Mr. and Mi> Jack White of Knight and family spent the ceived generous community- Dundi"•, Scotia I are expected long week end at Dewberry, Mr. and Mrs. Lorne McDonald wide response to the (NIB cam i to arrive in I nna this week wish to announce the forthcom­ Money... Alta. paign, and are again looking for (lid to take up residence at th * * + ing marriage of eldest daughter ward to the same support this home of Mr. R. T. Roberts. Mr. and Mrs. A. Kollman and Dixie Anne, to Mr. Donald Hodg­ year. Mr. and Mrs Ft. Garbutt attend­ son son of Mr. and Mrs. Eric ... when ycu need il FOR... Mr. Neil] Colbert who is att­ ed the RCAF ball in Alsask last Hodgson of Dorothy. The wed­ ending I'niversity of Alberta in Friday evening, a.s guests of the ding will take place in St. An­ October Bride Calgary spent the holiday week station command. thony's Catholic Church, Drum­ Honored at Shower • PURCHASING OF DWELLINGS end at the home of his parents heller, November 13 at two o'­ clock. • HOME IMPROVEMENT Mr. and Mrs. M. Colbert. Miss Anne McKinnon of Ed- NEW BRIGDEN, Oct. 13—A r- Ir * monton spent the week end in lovely bridal shower was h'-li! • HEW OR USED CARS Mr and Mr.s. Hob McKay of Hanna with relatives an(! ANNOUNCEMENT on Monday evening. October 4 Kimberley, B.C. were visitors in friends in honor of Miss Beth Code, • CONSOLIDATING BILLS Mr. and Mrs. Robert Regner Ilanna and Craigmyle over thc bride-elect of Octobers. Visitors at the home of Mr. of Hanna wish to announce the • FURNITURE & APPLIANCES week end, calling on relatives forthcoming marriage of their The evening opened with a a n d renewing acquaintances and Mrs Roy Embree during poem-making contest and was • A5K ABOUT OTHER NEEDS tht past week were Mrs. Barry only daughter, Donna Elizabeth with a \vule__circle of friends. to Mr. Lawrence Victor Fecho, followed by a ball-toss game * Fawcett and boys of Calgary. and Mrs. C. R. M. Kennedy :[: * * youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. which everyone enjoyed. Then First United Church, Hanna in a setting of pink and white "Repayable From One To Ten Years" Mr. and Mrs. Roy Embree also Wm. Fecho of Hanna. The wed­ The groom's mother wore an was the setting of a summer streamers and bells and flower­ had as their guests Mr. and Mrs. ding is to take place on Friday, old rose lace over satin taffeta j November 12 at 3.30 p.m. in the wedding on Saturday, August 21 ed heart, the guest of honor was OUR SKILLED Jim Johnson of Williams Lake, sheath dress and matching jac­ when Evelyn Marie, eldest escorted to the head table, B.C. Redeemer Lutheran Church, ket. She wore a corsage of red MEET AND COMPETENT daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nor­ where with the assistance ofher Cassidy-McCaliuni Insurance * * r. Hanna. sweetheart roses. man Soder of Fairview became two sisters, Mrs. Edith Beaudoin Mr. and Mr.s. Gordon Ward Mr. and Mrs. Charles Code of A reception of cold turkey and Mrs. Myrna Smigelski, the Hanna, Alta. — 854-3321 SERVICE STAFF the bride of Charles Robert Mal­ was served to the guests by and family of Calgary spent the New Brigden wish to announce colm Kennedy, son of Mr. and bride-elect opened her many Thanksgiving weekend with the forthcoming marriage of the Hanna U.C.W. in the Church gifts. Miss Code thanked every­ all ready to give Mrs. Charles Kennedy of Hanna. Mrs. Ward's mother Mrs. N. their eldest daughter, Diane basement. Ed Lawrence of Cal­ one and invited them to call on Rev. John Moules officiated at gary was master of ceremonies. your service needs Gasper. Peggy to Mr. David Ernest Forr­ them in their new home in Ed­ YOUR NEW . . . the double-ring ceremony. Mr. Mr. Colin Munn proposed the * r|r * ester, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. monton. Lunch was served by prompt attention Norman Chell was the organist. toast to the bride. several of the ladies in the com­ BEAUTY COUNSELLOR Mr. and Mr.s. Robert MacKay Ernest Forrester of Altario. The Given in marriage by her A beautifully decorated five munity. of Kimberley. B.C. were guests wedding is to take place Satur­ father ,the bride wore a white Representative layer wedding cake gift of the (luring the week end at the day, October 30 at 2 p.m. in the silk bemberg bell-shaped floor PROFESSIONAL REPAIRS bride's aunt. Mrs. Wilf Bittorf of home of the former's mother Oyen United Church. length dress accented in the WILL BE IN HANNA Milo decorated thc head table. Mrs. H. MacKay. back by a bow at the waist and © NEW BRIGDEN REASONABLE CHARGES Miss Anne Munn of Calgary and The First Wednesday and Thursday + * s a lace panel down the front. The Miss Ixiuise Whittemore of Han­ NEW BRIGDEN, Oct. 13—Con­ UCW Turkey lily pointed sleeves were com­ and the Third Wednesday and Mrs. Edna Fund who has been na were in charge of the guest gratulations to Mr. and Mrs. plimented by a rounded neck­ Authorized Dealer For spending the past three weeks Supper Oct. 20 book. Miss Shirley Chcrkas of Ross Adams on the arriv)**- of Thursday of Every Month line. A crown of pearls and cry­ at the home of her daughter and OYEN, Oct. 12 — the U.C.W.'s Hanna rendered a number of stals gathering a bouffant their chosen daughter, Rhonda Dtimont & Zenith son-in law Mr. and Mrs. John annual turkey supper will be piano selections before the re­ Jean. ar 211-2nd Avenue East Juzkow in Burnaby, B.C'. return­ shoulder length veil of illusion held in the basement of the ception. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hanson TELEVISION & STEREO ed home last Saturday evening. r. | tulle completed the bride's en­ church on Wednesday, Oct were Drumheller and Calgary Phone Orders to R303 Youngstown Collect at 5 p.m. Come and bring the semble. The bride wore a silver A number of telegrams were and pearl droplet, gift of the received from Edmonton and visitors over the holiday week Mrs. EDNA LAUGHLIN Miss Betty Ritchie and her whole family for a night out as end. NOW BETTER THAN EVER brother Fred, both of whom are well as to make this event a suc­ groom who wore a matching Winnipeg. For a honeymoon to pearl tie tack. She carried a Banff the bride donned a tur­ Mr. and Mrs. Nels Holmes, FOR LESS THAN-EVER attending University of Alberta, cess. Do you have any Nabob Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilson, Mr. Mrs. SIGNE NEEDHAM Edmonton spent the week end coupons at your house? If you white Bible mounted by a red quoise linen suit with white lace rose corsage with cascading rose collar and cuffs. She wore white and Mrs. Chas. Wilson, Mr. and Phone 854-3495, Hanna in Hanna with their parents Mr. would like to help the U.C.W. Mr. Robert Wilson and Mrs. Lea and Mrs. Fred Ritchie. > purchase a coffee urn, leave buds. accessories and a red rose cor­ -48-10c MORSE'S The maid of honor, Miss sage. The happy couple are re­ Wilson attended the wedding of I your coupons with Mrs.' Palmer Meryl Wilson, son of Mr. and at the Co-op store or mail them Linda Hage ,of Calgary and the siding in Calgary. TELEVISION Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hay and bn

1961 FORD For 1965-66 Season USED APPLIANCES V-8, 4-door sedan, I.ady curlers in Hanna aiv This year a special induce- ti ri tl prior to the October 20 radio, V-8 motor, nial;m': ( ally and determined ment to the fjir sex ti; take part meeting. Those who intend tr. p.s. p.b., and auto­ li:ds tn hi'iii'; an active and sue in the ".'.ame is the recent install- curl uhet!imjn"veterans or he Coronado 36" Electric Range — clock anl timer, matic trans., "don't ei sslul seasrm a.uain into play ation ol heatin;1. facilities. 'I'h ie ginners" are asked to imtned excellent condition — reqularly priced at $125.00 miss .this one!" this cnmint; year V' rna Kuhhs. will lie no "cold weather" pro- lately contact the pnsident Mr-. "Hallowe'en Special" $ 89.95 siciet.uy of th" club ami pres ble'u this winter, and this is ev­ Offen at 854 3443 or the seer, 1960 FORD ident I.oiiisi (illin have already pected tn appeal to the extent tary at phone 854-3033 or 854 Coronado 30" Electric Range 6 cyl. engine, two skirted the ball rolling", and that a very kinjf nieinbeiship 3092. Tins will greatly assist ;n Fully Automatic $110.00 tone paint, radio. have called a ne (line |,,r Orteli will be available, the forming of rinks, so that all 1 er Li,'. in the curlin;; rink skirl It is important that an ad- det ii!s will be properly linid up Moffatt 24" Electric Range — with Flat-Top 1959 FORD in.:; at 7:1.0. vance lislin" ol members be sec- before the st nt of the S"ason Burners — regularly priced at $35.00 6 cyl. std. with radio, "Now Only" $ 19.95 and two tone paint. would be Oeorge Paterson and Moffatt-Roper Deluxe (natural gas or propane) 1958 FORD his staff. Joe Scott and his skiff Range — glass oven door, clock and tinier, all the coaches and service club Fairlane, 6> cyl. motor warming closet. — "a real buy" at only $ 85.00 RECREATION ROUND-UP organizations and affiliates "very clean"** These people have all helped 1960 MONARCH — By Cliff Pilkey — at a great amount of personal Home Laundry Special! . . . 2-door hardtop, V-8, sacrifice and to these. I sa\ Frank Berke (left) and his family tried the salmon fishing near Port Alberni this summer and as all fishing tales go, Utility Deluxe Electric Dryer and radio, automatic, HANNA RECREATION DIRECTOR thanks a great deal. "don't pass this one" With the thanks out of tin the youngster, Jimmy showed dad how to catch fish Here | timer and 3-position heat control $ 79.00 all new tires. ed anyone, I would like to rem he is with a 36 pound salmon, snagged in the waters of Coronado Custom Dryer This beine; my last column for would go to the governing bod­ way, and I hope I have not miss- the Pacific and frozen for storage in the Hanna Co-op; 4-position heat control $ 79.00 the Ilanna Herald. I find it very ies af the ree. program. So first in isce a little. I believe we have Lccker. There's no mistaking, this time the boy made: difficult to keep expressions I would say thank you to the accomplished a great deal over away with the fish, although it is presumed the struggle Bendix Automatic Dryer $ 49.95 Trucks short as I have so much I would Ilanna Town Council and the the past three seasons. was "nip and tuck" for a few anxious moments! Maytag Automatic Washer — Top Load $ 59.95 like to say. However. I will try Hanna and District Recreation My recollections recall th' 1962 FORD to do justice and mention most Board. Needless to say without Zenith Wringer Washer first major new project was the tourney, and several teeri danc­ have gone off rather successful­ long wheel base half- of m> thoughts. these two important cogs, there 1-year old — excellent condition $ 75.00 Hanna and District Band. The es. Other groups to gain assist­ ly, but we must also realize ton. wc.uld be no such thing as a some things that have exper­ I imagine the first thing a per second was the highly popular ance have been the Hanna Play Beatty Deluxe Wringer Washer recreation program. To bunch ienced hardships. One of these 11953 CHEV. son would do is express thanks dance classes and the Hanna ers. minor and senior hockey, good condition $ 30.00 together here quickly, 1 also say Square Dance Club. Other activ­ I would say has been the tennis half-ton, 'ready to go' to all the many groups and or­ hearty thanks to the two school minor baseball and Hanna Seals Coronado 9 cu. ft. Fridge ganizations who have in so ities that were created under courts. Another may to some ex­ boards .the Ilanna School Board Above this we have been man A-1 shape, has new compressor $ 79.95 THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL many ways added to my life ov­ the auspices of the recreation tent be the minor baseball pro­ and the Sullivan Lake School ager of the arena, swimming gram. Despite efforts to pick up er the past three years. First board is the gym club, the Han 1958 FORD SEDAN Board. These two groups espec­ pool, sports field, and respons these two activities, they have I would like to mention by name na-Bullpound Fastball League, c ially along with Percy Cochran juvenile football, roller skating, ible for the busy program these seemed to slip away a little far YOU MUST SEE THESE "TOP QUALITY" APPLI­ std. with $«1A1S 00 and many by generalities. I ! and Vic Mohl and the Special basketball, playgrounds, pion­ facilities enjoy. ther. ANCES TO REALLY APPRECIATE THEM. — ALL V-8 m think the most expressions Areas office has been a tremen­ eers association, junior golf dous backer to my work. We think of the things that I sit here and think back and USED MERCHANDISE IS GUARANTEED AND IS see many good efforts also some PHONE OR SEE Of no less importance would disheartening failures To close AVAILABLE ON OUR EASY PAYMENT PLAN : come the town staffs, such as I would like to say, my stay has "AL MCDONALD' Lorne Lichtys ; the office staff of Stan Wright been on the overall very enjoy­ ' and Verna Robbs and the town able and my family and I have AUCTION SALES maintenance crews. 1 also have met and made many very good fhe \ to include Jim Stephens who re- friends. We will leave with | tired shortly after I came but many good memories and many October Hi—Ken Baines. Forg- j started me on the right foot. humble thoughts of sincere ap­ CENTRAL an, Sask. No reserve. These people have all held lofty preciation. I say thank you for MACLEODS I spots towards tho betterment of the fcoofl wished aim • may you . GARAGE October 21—W. P. (Bill) liwier, I the recreation program. Also of all be welcome in our home in Fiske, Sask. Farm sale. Live­ .nmmm. t'YOUR (AMILY /MOPrlMG CEKTRE." I great importance has been the Ponoka should you ever pass stock, full line of machinery, Phone 854-3822 Hanna, Alta. etc. No reserve. i assistance given by the school through travelling. Thanks! teachers, especially Mr. Charyk, October 23—Mrs. Lydia Swain, Mr. Hunter, and Mrs. Cochran, and Emil Hilbach Farm Sale the principals. To add to this Kerrobert, No Reserve. one jumbo word of thanks I have to include the town busin­ October 25—Clarence McCauley ess men, the parents and espec­ clearing farm sale, consisting ially the children of Hanna and ol farm machinery, extensive district. It is hard to say thanks COMPLETE DISPERSAL line new and used, Plumbing to everyone personally so I have and tin smith supplies. Time lO.HO a.m. Positively no reser­ bunched them and hope they ve. Location 8 miles south will all accept my appreciations and 6 west of Acadia Valley, However, I have left some for or 12 North and Two West of a different type of thanks. These Empress, Alta. October 28—Dedrich's Machine Shop and Machinery, Hilda. DAYSLAND LIONS AUCTION SALE Alta. Ne reserve. CLUB October 20—Herb (lallup farm EAST FROM HANNA ON No. 9 HIGHWAY TO RICHDALE 8 MILES SOUTH sale. Rindloss, Alta. 23 head of livestock, machinery, all I Hawaiian household. No reserve. WATCH FOR FURTHER THE FIRST PITCH. Don Drysdale, above, won the honors ANNOUNCEMENTS I Holiday of hurling the opening pitch for the Los Angeles Dodgers as they met the Minnesota Twins for the World Series. Drysdale has never lost a World Series game. Fellow CECIL MADGE, OWNER WHY DO PEOPLE LIST WITH B-l-H-G-0 Dodgers pitcher Sandy Koufax missed the first game, LICHTY? since Wednesday was Yom Kippur, Jewish day of atone­ Numbers Drawn to Date Are: 2 Sask. and Alta. Fully Licensed ment, and Koufax does not play on Jewish holy days. ' Low Rates. Wide Advertising B 14; I 17; G 59; G 58; O 63; Our clients are satisfied. Ask I 20; O 66; N 39; B 6; G 48; those we have served. B 13; O 69; I 30; B 9; N 35; O 72; "For Free Estimates Phone Kindersley 4632342" Watch Each Week's Herald For New Numbers Tues.. Oct. 19 LIST WITH LICHTY!

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Use Our Christmas Lay Away Plan. for you! SALE TIME — 10 A.M. Lunch Served by Locol Ladies' Group Our Toys are Now Arriving Daily. Small Deposit Holds Any Item. Call us for all your printing needs. We pride — AUCTIONEERS - Small Appliances, Toys, Religious Books, ourselves on craftsmanship. We cover all Bicycles, and Any Other Item May Be Held business and social printing requirements. All For You Until Christmas! HARRY VOLD Iff PRICE r of your printing orders a e guaranteed for License No. 88 License No. 241 satisfaction. Shop Early mi _.. Sole Under The Manaqenrtent of ...... Don't be Disappointed! THE HANNA HERALD LEE PRICE AUCTION SERVICE PHONE 854-3998 — HANNA, Alto. Phone 854-3075 FOR INFORMATION CALL 243-4717. - CALGARY PAGE 6—THE HANNA HERALD. Wed., Oct. 13, 1965 Mrs. Larry Thygesen and family make them real show horses. cess of their experiments. This, of Calgary; Mr. and Mrs. Les Many breeders who have laid however, is not the case with Maahs and family of Calgary; Finnegan Rancher Once Famous For the foundation for a new strain Mr. Galarneau. His sons have Doug and Don Palmer of Red of stock have not lived to reap participated in the work of Deer and Edmonton respective- any reward for their research building up this strain and are Oyen District Bureau iy. and labor or to realize the sue breaking the colts. NEWS — CIRCULATION — JOB PRINTING R "C 'nt company at the home Pintos; Doan Gcslarneau Remembered of Mrs Rose Hertz wer • daueh (From the Brooks Bulletin) red ni'ii about this, the rarest os get special care because if Mrs. Merle Berg, Resident Representative - Ph 4-3919 t: r. Mrs. I'rawford (Marjorie' By D. George Huntl3y, Western end fimilv of Calgary They of all horses, to the effect that one of these could be raised it Produc.r 1938 only one Snow Horse in every would be very valuable OYEN, Oct. 12 — Mrs. Arnold Church, Oct. 8th. The couple were joim d later in the week by (The late Doan Galarneau. five hundred born will live bey­ SEE OUR ., Miller and daughter Nancy tra­ will residf on the former Wm Mrs. Crawford'; husband. Lloyd One of the older mares is a who pass d away earlier this ond the first moon. familiar figure at Calgary and velled to Calgary on business re­ Hale residence in Oyen. who nurtured out from Calgary mil wh'le here took part in a year, sold all his horses at a Mr. Galarneau has not only other Alberta rodeos. "Painted cently and while in the city they Come one come all __o the Hal­ successful hunt On ttv trip out special pinto sale auction during succeeded in getting the color Queen" another of the Galarn­ visiti'd with Mrs. Miller's sister lowe'en Masquerade d.ince on from Cai.'.rv he wis accompan Ihe week of the 1.940 Calgary he wanted but nearly all his ani­ eau rodeo string, is fast build­ Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Ed Oct. 29 at the Oyen Legion Hall, ; MI In Mi-s .1 n 1 -f So'ie.elski Stampede. Some 40 head went mals have the strength and sta­ ing a reputation as a bucking munds of Red Deer visited with sponsored by the Oyen Hospital laughter of M: and Vis V •» und.r Hie auctioneer's hammer mina for the work they are ex­ horse. Even the best cowboys Bargain thc lattrr's uncle, the ReR Jud- A thank you fro mthe Oyen Si'.ie.e'.sk- wee had so-."* a few inciudim.' the mare Kitten to pected to do and quickly resp­ find her hard to ride. son's over the weekend. Hospital staff to all those wlm the Karl of F.an: nit, who now ,in\- ;n i .'..'.;.ii\ h.os-.etal ond to training. Like the gila The color scheme of most pin­ donated Nabob coupons f ir pur rauehi s wc-,1 of Nanton. We wish to extend congratul \'r .::• < ^^: - ..ereoo Hunl.r monster of the Arizona desert tos is either chocolate and chase of a coffee percolator ations to Miss Viol"t Austin ree, :i''> ">•' :.\t from ,1 -i\ Mr. Galarneau retired from the markings of pinto ponies va­ white or roan and white. How­ CLOTH3NG FOR THE WHOLE daughter of Mrs. Harriet Austin Also a thank you from the Di T V A • v . a' te rk '! eelP iclive f.iriiiing that same year.) ry greatly. No two have exactly ever, there are several black i of Oyen and Mr. James Com- rector of Nurses to Mr John "> ' Is V ." 1 Over the Kditor. the same color scheme. and white ones in the Galarn­ FAMILY AT DISCOUNT PR.CES! peau. son of Mr. Compeau of Frisch for the lovely donation ot i I'.i'.'s *-. v " _ d.> i Mr and A rather unique experiment These horses are not being eau herd and they are really Drumheller who were united in vegetables to the hospital. •,. I'bz.V ii 'i in horse breeding which is a- pampered or specially fed. Op­ pretty horses. Doubtless they marriage cn Oct. 2 in the Hill Blest with the cool hu; sum:. z.z the ac 'h'ev n . considerable success is en range conditions where pas­ will soon be seen doing their hurst United Church, Calgary weather, the Thanksgiving wo s • w gr 1 nd :hat IKing conducted by Doan ture, is good, has proven pintos stuff in the arena, their attrac­ Ladies WINTER COATS Attending the bride was Miss •nd had many families irav.-l tive color and their clean build .n.i Mis (, lis • hil.irne.ni and his suns ii'iir are hardy. Naturally the albin many styles and sizes $ to Wanda Ann Huston of Calgary, ling to and from in ordi r ; 1-i'in a, ,;i. Alh.rta, Pintos. those and attending the groom was .1'. e S.56 12.88 spend together tile last holid.i.. K •; -tie ;•• en n had ••!• calico hoi'ies of the to choose from Mr Douglas Jameson also of Cal­ of the f.ill season So far .'.« V. ' • i ';. en ..!' ,'1M w"steni plains always eaten the gary. The happy couple will %!iown. the fi How ing fan:ii - S :l',l v. Oet,. her •vv wheth.-r they he prancing make their future home in Cal rd.; Old young adults w\re in at'.: : :i n the circus parade cir perform­ gary. • round O.en over the WCKC:: ' SEWING SPECIAL BOY'S AN i ". ' t he Thanks' he­ ing in Lie rodeo arena: why not Mr. and Mrs Dtr.nis ''Nm >i Also newlyweds to receive ' \b t! le How ard 'lire d teem, says Mr. Galarneau. COTTON Regina.: Mr and Mrs. J Y.r WINTER congratulations are Miss Carol M • Mi­ '•1 Mrs Al I h.-r • s. .am 'd a possibility of Rugsven and Mr. Kenneth Mc­ hr, st and family ef t .rl :.ir>. , ' i Vi; ld f.i mi' V ni Mo IIS,' AIDERS REMNANTS PARKAS "i.v il :i."ii! r. turns Iron: raisin;; these Donald who were married in the the 11 McKae'si'also K b it M V. . > p. lilted ponies if il were possi­ Many Assorted Patterns Oyen l'nited Church, Oct. 9. The Kae of Calgirv. Mr and Mis \; .in ! Mi s. ( , enl e'l Tavl or. ble lo produce a consist ant cnl- 'TO CLEAR AT" couple tendered a wedding vo-.e Blehm of the Ae 1' I. n e le re a id f.llrlil.V of er strain. Mr. Galarneau also Hilda. Mr and Mrs. Kenno'.h 10% OFF! $3.49 dance that evening in the Cap­ 1 > Vis;;. ;1 ei 111! • Oyen ( li.v kinw that he had to raise burs­ pon Community Hall Mr. and Munroe and family of Sa-r. tr let. as which would stand up under atoon: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Camp WANTED Mrs. McDonald will reside on Mr .ml Mi­ . I.!. ivd (liristi 111 Ihe hard grind of anna work bell and family of (.'algary. Miss thc farm in the Cappon district. tl an ll f .im 11 v nn itoi '.'rl to ( 'al and the Icing overland jumps by Rose Marie Faiehuk of Calgarv . .- Children's DRESSES Also best wishes to Lillian il'.v ti­i spend the lon g weekr •nd In.in and auto trailer between Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Berg an.l to $ Jefferies of Calgary and Kasy w lth IT laCves .hows. To do this they had to be The following School Buildings and Property is various sizes — lots of Cindy of Calgary: Miss Judv Linkewich of Oyen who were Mrs. I'.rllbe rg h ad her nil ace clean limhid, veil honed and styles to choose from 2.77 3.66 Helm of Coronation; Mr. and married in the Oyen United MI S II iehswander am 1 family of mu.scleil with the stamina and offered For Sale by Public Tender. Highest or any visit. heart for hard work. Another St ettlu • for a rert 'nt Tender Not necessarily accepted. Each building and Born in th.. Oyen Hospital to teatere that had to he consid­ M r. an d Mrs. Core lon I.ailey of ered was brains or adaptability item listed to be Tendered Separately. All Tenders Children's Laminated Winter COATS .-1 rne.so n, Oct in, u d; uighter. to training. sizes - 2-years and up $ and up! Mr. and Mrs. M, Fenske wc are to be in thc hands of the undersigned not later than Must pintos have a dash of ONLY 1 87 bi : si ness trav idler s t o Calg.ar y Indian cayuse blood in them, la st we ckend but such e.iyuscs were not of October 18th, 1965. HAMY and Mr s. E Melny k a nd Mr. the type required. They were fa mily motored to Sr noky Li ike lacking in at least one ol the e.v Rose Lynn School Building fo r the Thank sgivi ng holiday sential qualities this breeder We now have in stock the largest knew veil necessary. Years of Kirk's Stoker in Rose Lynn School Building selection of WINTER COATS for @ HAND HILLS experience in horse breeding led him to make the selection of Square Deal School Building Ladies, Men, Boys and Girls in HAND HILLS, Oct. 12 — Mr. his foundation stock with ex­ John Teichroeb is recovering treme care. Square Deal Teacherage the Big Country! see them today! from an accident in which he The sire chosen was a descen­ lost several Pneors. He spent Square Deal Heating Units dant of an Arabian horse im­ several days in the Ilanna Hos­ port -d by Vclliigli Bros, of Bas­ Square Deal Propane Tank — 500 gal. SEE OUR MANY OTHER I Don't forget to enter the pital and also several in the sano trom the famous Arabian Holy Cross in Calgary. NON-ADVERTIZED "Outerwear Bonus Buy— stables it Pomona, California. Cobblestone School Building BLUE BON Mr. and Mrs. Reg Marshall CONTEST" - further par­ The mares were cross-bred Cobblestone Teacherage SPECIALS AT THE and two children Donna and stock, either Arabian or other ticulars available at our "BARGAIN BAR" David of Calgary spent the long Thoroughbreds crossed with In­ Cobblestone Heating Units store — Ends Oct. 31st. weekend at the home of Mrs. dian cayuse pintos. In 19112 Mr. Violet Moench. Galarneau had four mares and Cobblestone Propane Tank Mr. and Mrs. Guy Monceh of the stud. Calgary and five children spent A fair measure of success lias several days visiting with rela­ crowned this breeder's efforts J. A. LUKEY, tives in the hills and also at the and now he is breeding pinto to home of Mrs. Amelia Moench in pinto and getting a large per­ Sec.-Treas., Hanna, 1 centage oi pinto colts. Very few ( Barry Creek School Div. No. 1 MACLEODS Several members of the or­ 'throw bark to thc darker breeds iginal Hand Hill United Church from which the major portion Sunnynook, Alta. *^YtJUfc FAM^YT&lOPPltfG CENTRE" ladies aid held a reunion at the of this strain originated .The Phone 854-3822 Hanna, Alta. home of Mrs. Ada Benedict on herd now numbers about twen­ Sunday, Oct. It). They included ty-five head. Mrs. Fred Gibson, Mrs. Hugo A strange thing that has oc­ Brown, Mrs. Alf Keay, Mrs. Ern curred during these experim­ est Peacock, and Mrs. S. E. Ben­ ents is the number of pure a'- edict. All plan to attend ncx. bino colts th it have been born. years fiftieth anniversary stam­ Six of these have arrived since CONTAINS 3 HANDY-SHAPED POUNDS FOR pede at the club. | n.r started raising pintos. This is EASY STORING, SERVING! Donna Burgemeister. who is i undoubtedly a record for such WEEK END attending Hollingshead Business births on any ranch in so short This new package contains 3 College in Calgary spent the ' ,i period of time. golden-yellow, parchment-wrapped weekend at the home of Mr. and I'nfortunalely these purr' Mr.s. Fred Burgemeister. | white coits with pink skin and pounds, each shaped to fit the re­ ! eyes cannot be induced to live frigerator compartment and your serving dish. Many farmers an- aimost fin­ I more than three or four days.at ished combining and a few more The whole package wrapped in sparkling foil— the most. Every effort has been days of good weather will si e made to keep them alive but you know the margarine's fresh when you buy it, most of the harvesting complet­ | without suce.ss. The last, bom SPECIAL Same famous Blue Bonnet all vegetable goodness. ed. ! early in I'.KYi. has been mount'd Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Rust at i und is believed to be Ihe oniy Also available In the one pound package of quarters tended the wedding last week specimen of its kind in Canad i, of Mr. and Mrs. Perry (nee Mary According to tiiose who have Engel) in Calgary. | tried to ra se them, these alh.no STOCK UP ON THESE CO-OP STORE VALUES!! I colts appear to be peifectly nor­ mal when born and olten feed • several times before they die. fhe cause of their deaths is a PERKY — 15 or. CO-OP— 10 or. mystery Veterinary science may solve at some future date. Pure aib.no Horses are very 9 for 99c Pop 10 for 95c rare and K w people have ever seen one. 'There are many while BURNS CO-OP — 25's horses in existence but they do not, possess the pink eyes and ! Sivin ol the aioie.o. Cheese 2 lbs. 99c They were known to the Imf Flour $2.89 ion as the ..,n,.',v Horse. There :s co OP — TALL SCONA— 14 oz. a legend among certain tribes of i OBITUARY ¥i\\k 6 fins 89c Tomato Tubes 29c MALCOLM A. MacMILLAM CO-OP— 128 or. LARGE HEADS Malcolm Alexander MacMillan of Stetth r diid m the Alunicip il Hospital Sept. 28 at the age of Cooking Oil $2.69 Lefluce 25c each 77. He was born in Sh phen. Min­ ALL BRANDS nesota ihe sun cf Archibald and Nancy Mai'viiil.i.i and mowd - Cigarettes $3.19 with his parents to Manitoba as a chiltl. The l.iiriiiy Homestead, d near Ilanna in 19o7. He sarvc'd overseas with th CEF in the First World War and on disoharv in ltlltl took a farm be money-wise: in tile Gaddjy disti'Lt. He was a member of Apollo Lodge A.F. From Our Locker Depf. and A.M., and served as a muni­ Ask for helpful hints on every phase of personal banking cipal councillor on the old Dub­ lin Municipal Council (now a PORK TURKEY at your nearby Royal Bank branch. part of Stettler County) from Money-saving hints, like: how our 2-Account Plan can help keep 1031 to 195:i. Spare Ribs 59c Ib. Drumsticks 29c Ib. He married Imelda flood in your Savings Account safe from "nibbling"; how a Personal Chequing 1920, by whom he is survived "BY THE PIECE" TURKEY Account (at 10^-a-cheque) c,an save you money on paying bills; along with two daughters, Mrs Chester (Louise) Miller of Bent­ how you can cut costs substantially by borrowing ley and Mrs. Kenneth (Mairei Bologna 30c Ib. Wings 19c !b. the Royal termpian way! Long of Lacombe. The funeral took place from Leaflets available; use your ^£3 _ Stettler United Church on Oct­ Royal Bank services ^g ROYAL B AN K ober 1 with Rev. A. G. A. Mc- Curcly efficiatiing and interment following in the Fairview Cem­ etery, Gadsby.—Red Deer Ad­ vocate. J. P. BUSHELL, Manager — HANNA BRANCH The Canadian who smokes HANNA CO-OP STORE • one pack of cigarette a day CARL ENGEL, mgr. Phone 854-3040 pays $70 yearly in federal tobac- ' co taxes. msps.

THE HANNA HERALD, Wed., Oct. \2, 1965-—PAGE 7 Western Co-op Fertilizer Plant Opened In Calgary October 9; Cost $24 Million A year and four months after atchewan Wheat Pools and Fed­ Co-op fertilizer will be avail­ the first sod turning, the huge erated Co-operatives Limited, at able in sewn open-mouth, poly­ Calgary-based chemical complex a cost of more than $24 million, ethylene lined, fifty pound bags of Western Co-op Fertilizers Ltd the new plant will supply hund­ or in bulk. was officially opened on Octob­ reds of thousands of prairie co- The opening of the new fert­ er 9th. operalors with high analysis ilizer plant marks a major for­ The plant has been operating fertilizer under the Co-op brand ward step by the co-operators of for some weeks getting all units name. The three owner-partners Western Canada. It is a venture "on stream" and will soon reach have established distribution that demonstrates what can be full production. It will turn out systems, using Alberta and Sask done with the united strength cbout 700 tons (.f finished nit­ of threir large co-operatives and atchewan Pool elevators and rate and phosphate fertilizers one of which hundreds of thou­ warehouses. Federated Co-op'.-, daily, for an annual production sands of prairie people are just­ of 225,000 tons. farm supply centres and Co-op ly proud.--Alberta Wheat Pool Built by the Alberta and Sask­ store retail outlets. Budget.

sen of Edmonton, the Billy Ma- ppins. John Jones Sr. is a patient in ; Byemoor District News the Hanna hospital. The Ed. Buchmeiers motored ! "From the Heart of The Goose Country" to Friday to att ' — By Scoop Keough — end their nephew's wedding. The Jake Merkels of Drumh eller visited with the Frank Ke BYEMOOR. Oct. 11—Estimat­ Lester Babb and Teddy Car­ ough's on Sunday. es are that 75 percent of com­ less cf Armstrong, B.C. have Dick and Gerald Browne left bining operations are now coin been out helping with the har­ Calgary by car Friday evening pleted in this area and if warm vest over in the Carstairs dist­ to visit with their grand parents dry weather continues another rict. They werf rained out Sat Mr. and Mrs Clyde Wooden al 10 days all of the above average urday so drove over to Byemoor Kelowna, B.C. crop will have been harvested. and stayed overnight with the The Willis Martins held a fa­ Temperatures have remained in Ernie Kobi's and he Buster mily dinner on Sunday. Allan, the 60's this past week, strong Browne's, motoring back to vis­ Mabel, Bev and Donnie motored winds twice last week held up it relatives in Stettler and Red out from Calgary for the occ­ combining fr.r a short time. A Deer. The boys report they asion. light rain Saturday evening were getting around $25 a day The ham and turkey bingo as made most farmers come in ear­ for running a baler. sponsored by the Byemoor vol ly for supper. Machines have Dave and Lillian Carmieha"l unteer firemen was held last been running long after mid­ of Vernon, B.C. visited with rel­ Saturday and was a great suec night and local elevators are ho­ atives last week. ess,and a great big thank you The new WESTERN CO-OPERATIVE FERTILIZERS LIMITED plant in Calgary, Alberta. The plant was officially opened ping to get another bushel quo­ Ruth Walker accompanied her to all who came. For a while ta shortly. Elevators that were there weren't enough cards to on Saturday, October 9, by the Hon. Harry Hays, Federal Minister of Agriculture and the Hon. A. R. Patrick, Provincial sister Mrs. Coad of Hanna tu Minister of Industry and Development. The twenty four million dollar plant was designed and constructed by C & I- Girdler. practically empty a couple of Calgary last week. go around to the big crowd anrl weeks ago are now beginning many people stayed to play the It will have a production capacity of two hundred and twenty five thousand tons of fertilizer per year. The plant is owned Mr. and Mrs. Clint Keith were to fill with the delivery of the whole 20 games. Congratulations by Alberta Wheat Pool, Federated Co-operatives Limited and Saskatchewan Wheat Pool. at Tisdale, Sask. on the long t new grain. I to the winners: Patsy Schultz, visiting the Gordon McGorman's Vicky Roberts. Mrs. Bob Groat, The monthly meeting of the week end. It has been a long and frustrat- that continued good weather : Joe Boake, Eva Shanning, Ricky ing wait, but the hustle and prevails in order that fanners Byemoor Elks Lodge will be on Mrs. Maggie Porter was a pa­ Schoffer, John Schoffer, Henry bustle of harvesting now is al- can get "squared around" be- Thursday, October 14th. tient in the Stettler hospital last | Mapin, Mrs. Evelyn Morasch, most over, although all hope fore winter sets in. The Lyon's of Ponoka visited week. Hilton, Sargent, Mrs. Darrel with the Fred Crawford's on the The Leonard Hayes of Calgary ' Browne. Mrs. Bob Groat, Dale week end. One Bushel Quotes were week end visitors around i Green, Jimmy Graham, Harry The Ken Hayes of Calgary vis­ town. Mappin Sr., Harry Mappin Sr. ited with friends and relatives Visiting with the Jameson's (2 in a row), Mrs. Ellis Wesner, on the week end. this week end were John Jam­ Frank Burtwell, Mrs. Doris Boy- The Edgar Brownes accomp­ eson and friend of Calgary, F. ko, and John Baird. The next anied by the Darrel Brownes Jameson and son of Edmonton, bingo will be held at Easter. motored to Fort Sask. on Sun. , the Larry Jameson's of Sheern­ The firemen will now be able to Opens ut Elevators and visited Mrs. Georgina ess and the Harry Wade's of purchase some new equipment | and by thr' end of this week the Browne. j Drumheller. which is badly needed. Thanks A one bushell quota on the 1965 grain crop was op- majority of them will be finish­ CLERK II (Female), Oyen. Attends at counter dealing with Mrs. Lorraine Wooden was a Visiting with the Charlie Ne- to all who helped, especially to i ened at the Alberta Wheat Pool Elevator in Hanna on ed. Quite a number wound up xaiious applications; issues receipts; makes entries in town­ Calgary visitor last week. metz's were Ed and Eunice and Orval Hawthorne, John Baird Tuesday, and it is presumed the same applies on deliver- operations last week end. and ship registers; performs filing. Requires Grade XII with and Frank Burtwell. ies to the National and UGG elevatosr here have immediately put their com­ commercial course plus office experience. Department of The initial delivery comes at a ly removed from the unpredict­ bine.-, into neighbors' field, Municipal Aflairs. S240 $315. Competition Number 0004-11 DON'T MISS THIS ALBERTA COWBOYS time when the majority of farm­ able weath;!' elements. where \>. ith several machines in Closing Date October 20, 1965. ' / AMONG TOP CONTESTANTS ers in the Hanna and east cen­ With remarkable speed and operation the cleaning up" of Major U.S. rodeo competition tral Alberta districts have bar almost em Hess hours of hard fields is being accomplished For details and application forms apply to the Personnel during recent weeks has failed vesting on a "down hill pull" toil farmers are making "short twice and even three times a.s Administration Office, Room D 203, Terrace Building, Ed­ fast as was the case with the to change championship stand­ With the exceptions of a day work" of the 1965 harvest, once monton, Alberta. single unit. ings cf Canadian cowboys. lay-off in some districts due to . tfrat fine weather has prevailed, •• _ • \ l Winstova »Brvcrr>, Qochranp,._,itfi WrVtor_Ko_K_.lt.oi_n last Saturday, Farm SALE still seventh in the all around combines and other harvesting '<**<% standings and second in saddle; equipment has been working al­ bronc riding. most night and day, under quite Marty Wood, Bowness, still is favorable conditions. Thousands of Peter Morasch, Byemoor in fourth spot, and Kenny Mc­ of acres of grain which had lain 1 Mile South, 3 Miles West and 2'4 Miles Lean of Okanagan Falls, B.C. in in swath or was standing for the South of Byemoor seventh, both in saddle bronk past month or more, has finally Mow open! standings. felt the touch of the harvest The rodeo season winds up rush and is gradually finding its with the national finals, Dec. 4 way into granaries, piled in ® SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23 to 11, in Oklahoma City. fields or in any way at al! safe COOP Hunter Seeks OPENS NEW CHURCH N,ew fertilizer plant 27 Head of Cattle — Real Good Line of The congregation of the Return of Dog Christian and Missionary AI Farm Machinery liance at Delburne opened a A Calgary hunter in the dist­ new church at that point on serves Western Canadians first! 'Watch Next Week's Herald for Complete Listing" rict for Thanksgiving lost a val­ Sunday, Oct. 10. Miss Lorrie Cas­ uable Cocker Spaniel dog and is sidy daughter of Mr. and Mrs. most anxious for its recovery. Ken Cassidy of Hanna was 'ii — Auctioneers — The dog, a female answering to vited to be present and preside the name of "Candy" was lost as pianist for the opening ser­ C. Q. McKay T. A. Pratt in the vicinity of Dowling Lake vices. Lie. No. 233 on the west side. It is hoped Lie. No. 286 that a farmer or perhap passing • SIBBALD G. E. McKav Bill Wigley motorist will come across the animal. He is offering a reward SIBBALD, Oct. 11—Mr Hunt Lie. No. 137 Lie. No. 118 for its recovery. Anyone find­ er of Calgary is spending a few ing the dog is asked to please CLERKS: E. W. McKay and E. E. Bullington days out at th • farm. call the Herald office (854-3075) Mr. Thorton of Ontario has immediately. ? been visiting Mrs. McKenzie, his sister. Mr. and Mrs. H. Ferguson spent the weekend in Saskatoon. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Void spent a few days with Nellies folks at Clare, Sask. While they were away Mrs. Mainhood of Alsask looked after the telephone ol- SOCIAL CREDIT i'ice. Mr. and Mrs. E. Switzer held a family reunion Sunday, Oct. 10. Those attending were Mrs. Mc­ HEADQUARTERS Clellan of Oyen, Mr. and Mrs. V. Heatherington of Sedalia, Mr. and Mrs. R Kienzle of Bow Is­ land, Mr. nad Mrs L. McCleland of New Brigden, Mr. and Mrs. L. Here it is ... the new $24,000,000 Western Co-operative Fertilizers complex in Calgary! Designed and built Keier of Calgary and Mr. and to supply a wide, versatile range of fertilizers, to meet the crop and soil needs of western agriculture. Mrs. J. Anderson of Sibbald. Those home and visiting for And this is no ordinary fertilizer plant. It is unusual in many respects. Its technical advances are the Thanksgiving weekend are: • the newest in the industry. Mr. and Mrs. Munroe of What is equally significant... this is the west's only fertilizer plant owned in its entirety Now Open Moose Jaw at the W. V. Fizers. by its customers, through their co-operative associations. Wanda Ann Huston of Calgary at 304-2nd AVE. W. (Next Door to Franklin Plumbing) at her parents home. Also, Western Co-operative Fertilizers Limited is the first company of its kind pledged to serve Western Carol Norris of Calgary at the Canadians first. Top priority is given to the fertilizer needs of this plant's western customers. L. Norris home. After all, they own it! Mr. and Mrs. R. Anderson and Mrs. Anderson, Jack's mother all of Red Deer at the J. Ander­ A wide,varied range of first-lift*? quality fertilizers PHONE 854-4071 sons Mr. and Mrs. B. Speer of Cal­ Ammonium Phosphate 11-48-0 • Ammonium Sulphate 21-0-0 gary at the Greens and Pear- Ammonium Phosphate Sulphate • Urea 45-0-0 and 46-0-0 ins. 16-20-0 NEW 50 LB. BAGS • Urea: Ammonium Sulphate Mr.s. P. Knutson is spending a Ammonium Nitrate 33.5-0-0 EASY TO HANDLE, few days at Jenner, Alta. and ("Uramsul") 34-0-0 then going on to Edmonton for Ammonium Phosphate Nitrate 27-14-0 • Also: Complete fertilizers containing STORE AND. POUR - VOTE - medical treatments. and 23-23-0 Nitrogen, Phosphate &. Potash Mr. and Mrs. H. Tiessen of (N - PaO, - KuO) Calgary sipent last weekend with ; Mrs, Mills and Tom. Mr. and Mrs. D. Void have left Sibbald and taken up residence ART WIEBE at Benton. "RIGHT AS RAIN" Bob Void's baby has been hos­ pitalized for sometime with a WESTERN This Advertisement Inserted by the Acadia cold, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Lovig of CO-OPERATIVE FERTILIZERS Constituency Social Credit Association Mayerthorpe are visiting Mr. LIMITED and Mrs. Gladstone for the long Owned by: ALBERTA WHEAT POOL, FEDERATED CO-OPERATIVES LTD., SASKATCHEWAN WHEAT POOL weekend. PAGE 8—THE HANNA HERALD, Wed., Oct. 13, 1965 BOARD MEETING Place A Book In Your Child's Hands This month Canada's vast NEXT MONDAY Home and School movement launches a $50,000 public infor­ President Ted Tutt announ­ mation campaign to combat the ced Tuesday, that a regul­ problem. The objective: to ar meeting of the Board of reach every parent over the Trade will be held next next two years with urgent mes­ Monday, October 13 start­ sages about the profound im­ ing at 8 p.m. The meeting portance of books in the growth will take a different form of their children. than the usual in that It is It's just one part of a Centen­ not billed as a dinner aff­ nial projects made possible with air, but will have refresh­ donations pledged by the great­ ments served prior to the er number of Canada's 3800 lo­ assembly, and will be held cal Home and School associat­ in the Copper Room of the ions; donations from outside Westview Motel.' An inter­ groups and individuals have esting business agenda has been received and are most wel­ been lined up, and a large come. number of members is hop­ ed for. "Regular" members The appealing photograph of and "adherents'' are remin­ Colleen Smith is one visual ded to mark their calendars symbol of the campaign. You'll and ba fit the Westview Mo­ see it often together with the tor Inn next Monday. slogan PLACE A BOOK IN THE HANDS OF YOUR CHILD. If you watch TV, that is. Or read the papers, or look at billboards Spondin Store or listen to the radio. All media Favorite Spot including bus cards and store window posters, will be employ- The Spondin general store, id to give new life to an old one of the last "outposts" for truth: children need books in hunters in the Big Country is a order to grow. favorite spot again this year as nimrods from near and far con­ gregate in that area for goose Dr. From Scotland hunting. Karl Henriksen, owner Joins Hanna Clinic of the store has renewed many acquaintances this year and also Dr. Ronald Turner, his wife made new friends as the high- ; and three children arrived in Editor's note—Mrs. Edgar At­ day and when weather is favor­ and had four children. Her hus n addition to knitting ways and byways of the Spondin Hanna last Thursday from Scot­ kinson, of West Amherst. Nova able enjoys a drive in the car hand passed away in 1924. and and mittens for grand­ country teem with hunters, who land. Dr. Turner, a surgeon will Scotia, is a sister of Mr. C. F She always enjoys chatting ab­ for the past 27 years she has children and great grandchild­ ; either going to or coming from be associated with the Hanna Embree of Hanna, and on July out old times. She will be at made her home with Mrs. Lus ren. There are 13 grand child­ | the field invariably stop in at Associate Clinic of Drs. Laing 28 of this year observed her home to friends on Wednesday by. ren and one great grandchild. the "outpost". and Donald. Since their arrival 100th birthday. The following in the afternoon and evening. Mr.s. Atkinson is the oldest in Hanna the Turner's have MAY BE MORE PLANETS Five year old Colleen Smith is excerpt from a Nova Scotia pa Born at East Amherst. July member of First Baptist Church sidered important; some with heen making numerous acquaint­ MINE FOR WORLD Some astronomers believe an a lucky child. She has a book per gives an account of this re­ 28th. 1865. Ida Louise Embree having joined in 1873. She was no books at all. The result can ances and getting settled into South Africa expects 1965's other planet awaits detection in and she loves it. So? markable lady, which will be of was a daughter of George F. very active in the church in he ulterly tragic in terms of un­ their new surrounding, and the mineral sales to be worth $1,- the solar system beyond Pluto, Too many children live in much interest to Mr. Embree's and Mary Jane Embree. one of East Amherst where she taught fulfilled minds, school dropouts, community extends a warm wel­ 400.000,000. discovered in 1930. homes where books are not con­ human failures. many friends in Hanna and dist­ nine children, of whom two bro­ Sunday School for many years. come to them. rict: thers are left. Cecil Embree of She was a member of the East Mrs. Edgar Atkinson, who Hanna, Alta., and Ernest Emb­ Amherst Women's Institute, and ree of East Amherst. She attend- has been an active member of makes her home with her daugh l t tr Ul l'"Ol /lllllllJJli win. «in.f_i_» IIUi. uiin un n«_. 11 » *. sss_t*s *.j_t w_. ter, Mrs. Courtney B. busby and ed thc Amherst Academy under ! the Red Cross since 1914. The Mr. Lusby at West Amherst, will the late C. F. Hall and the late first meeting to organize the observe her 100th birthday on E. J. Lay, and later taught in Red Cross in Amherst was held Wednesday, July 28. Though a school in Cumberland County, in her home that year. semi-invalid since fracturing her She was a member of the . In late years she has spent a hip 12 years ago, her mind is Amherst teaching staff at the ' great deal of time knitting for The Canada Pension Plan very keen and she continues her time of her marriage to Edgar , the Reel Cross and during the interest in community affairs W. Atkinson, Nov. 30, 1887. past five years she has knit 513 Mrs. Atkinson is about every They resided in East Amherst pairs of men's socks, for the and its benefits

. |

Here is what the Canada Pension Plan will do for people like Esther Meyer, a 50-year-old owner of a small store 1

n««r___'*^ who makes $5,800 a year.

« TF. V,


•1 U •'V #i P m & ,i. %i w. m te_ '&, *i ^$M M "iT

BE OUR GUEST... when we sample fhe results.. .COOKED TO PERFECTION IN THE

ir it ft."' •-.: we___r .-I'J'•''', c_ W

K^lfeiirj Gite''^^' Check All These Features: • Variable Temperature broiling • Mammoth storage drawer ° Famous even heat oven • Automatic clock • Smokeless broiler |PLUS! . . . your choice of . . . ltf Esther continues to earn this Should Esther die anytime after given here since benefits will This advertisement is one of a REMOVABLE OVEN LINERS . . amount from her business 1967, having contributed until be adjusted to meet changes in series which relates some of until age 65, she and her husband, her death, her husband will living costs and in wage levels the important benefits of the'' THAT YOU CAN WASH IN THE SINK who is disabled and cannot work. receive a disabled widower's before they are paid and Canada Pension Plan to Can look forward to a retirement pension of S64.06 a month until changes in living costs after they individual circumstances./ income of $104.17 from the Plan he reaches age 65. At that time, become payable. M til* and $75 from Old Age Security— or if he is already 65 when Esther i • total of $179.17 a month. dies, his pension under the Plan What will the Plan cost you? When her husband receives Old will be $62.50 a month plus © Mar I HIES Store Age Security, their income will $75 a month Old Age Security. If, like Esther, you have self- be $254.17 a month. On the death of his wife, Mr. Meyer employed earnings of $5,800 a Issued by WARWICK'S LTD. — HANNA, ALTA. will also be entitled to a lump sum year, you will pay $158.40 a year payment of $500. authority of the Minister of which is 3.6% of $4,400, the National Health aAd Welfare, maximum amount upon which Canada, All benefits under the Plan will contributions are payable. The Honourable Judy LaMarsh. BUY TAPPAN.. Cook your Dinner on a Winner! maintain their value. The Payment will be in instalments in actual benefits payable will the same way you pay your probably be higher than those income tax. hurried. The dayliner paused THE HANNA HERALD, Wed., Oct. 13, 1965—PAGE 9 but briefly when again its whist­ THE HANNA HERALD le blew and away it went. One was home for the week end. by one the cars dispersed. By • CEREAL SECOND SECTION "And East Central Alberta News" 9.20 p.m. all lights went out and Miss Jeane Peacock has accep­ the Morrin station was left al CEREAL, Oct. 11—Mrs. K ted a position on the staff of one in the silenc of "the night I Hains is spending a three week the H**81 Bank in Hanna. vacation in Nova Scotia During Mr- arKl Mrs- Wayne Melvill and falml are uests at Now that the stories of aw­ her absence Miss Linda Barrack y 8 *•• Fd! Delightful In The Kootenays ards day, departures for other is relieving for her on the local home of Mr. and Mrs. R. Mel- AGT switchboard. I *"'• (By M. Engleton, 207 ?.obson Street, Nelson, B.C.) studies, and university entrance And fruit preserves and jellies Mr. and Mrs. Bill Coe of Daw­ We welcome to town Mr. ana have passed into history, it is Mrs. Jimmie Peacock and fam­ The Summer's colors keep. son Creek were guests at the Kditor. Ilanna on end in jars—also red beets. , pleasant indeed to be able to ily who have moved from the I IhniiKlit I sihiv you and ;.'r< , beans, green cabbages, A"tumn Days of life are blest say that a bit of University has home of Mrs. F. Coe. n By Him, the giver of things farm and taken up residence in your readers would be interest- :"»l red cabbage; all lined up come our way again. Dr. A. G. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Barnes golden bright . . . their new home next door to i r| jn h"ariiv: from 'mil our way' nicely on shelves in the base- Storey of tne Faculty of Educa­ and family of Calgary were holi­ Now let us store in inmost heart Dr. Baker's residence. Irutr. X e!.on» B.C., a place where ment. tion of the I'niversity of Al­ day guests at the home of Mr. Mr. Raymond Duffield of Ed­ The warmth, His Love, His berta, Calgary has started in­ and Mrs W. Adams. many j>ri Tie folk live and dancing around Ihe kitchen kind behest. monton has been home for the w!i. re iriany pr .ine people the eye is delighted by ripe, red struction on a course for teach- Miss Linda Halpenny and past week to help with the har­ ei'n.e each vear to holiday; find- tomatoes on the counter beside •rs on "Testing and Measure­ Miss Muriel Olsen both of Cal­ vesting. ments'. In past years. Dr. Stor- in trial we have splendid res a "Bee" honey pot and a white • SEDALIA gary were home for the week Mr. and Mrs. E. Stewart and re.!.. conifort..b!e Hod/in;1.-; in p'teher filled with fragrant pur- jy has directed courses of this end. kind f'.r teachers in Drumhell­ family. Mr. M. Rogers and Mr. mi.rrls and rood accoinmoda- ph- violas. SEDALIA, Oct. 10—Farmers Mr. and Mrs. Ben Myers have er. For many of those sharing Allan Rogers, all of Calgary tin;, ri trailer courts. 'hie sparrows come every day are thankful for a week of dry taken up residence in the house Ihe course he conies as an old were holiday guests at the home I n|„y is cloud,.- a soft gray for crumbs and Chickadees arc ..unny weather which has enab­ formerly occupied by Mr. Vern of Mr. and Mrs. T. Machell. eririrrpies t'ne Valley and shrouds b"i.inning to come, looking for led them to about finish com­ .np.iamtance and warm friend. Clemence. Mr. Herman Johnson spent Ihe mountains; here and there somethini; to eat. These birds bining. His efforts at making I'niversity Mr and Mrs -J Stentson of the holiday at the home of Mr. Messrs R. Hanson, and G. eours >. available here are wide­ I ,r ami in ar. liiere are splashes will stay with us all winter. Calgary spent the week end at and Mrs. A. Matheson of Watts. of aiK'-imn red and '-,ei:l. '1 he The frost recently, was not Racknor are helping on the ly ami deeply appreciated. the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. Mr. Dick Thorstad of Assina- n -lie aie coi'!. the day.-, warm- only 'front on the pumpkins' but Ciarbull farm as Mr. Charles In all twnty seven teacb'TS Boden. , r We hip1- |,u- ;|.i , \( nded In- it touched the pumpkins with Garbutt had the misfortune to have registered for the course boine is visiting at the home of dian Sumner. trust if they were not harvested 'ose a hand in a combine accid- this winter. First lectures were Miss Gail Marr of Edmonton Mr. and Mrs. J. Flug. (.llier des are clear and sunny .n lime. L. t's hope the Hallowe- ent- delivered in the high school bul w ii h a I il haze enveloping the ui pumpkins were safely stor- Mr- ar|d Mr.s. Hunter, friends all subsequi nt classes will be Mounl;.in«> around us. 'd. from White Rock are visiting held on Saturdays in the Voca­ And indoors thc kitchen is Last night The Big Dipper the D. Rude's. tional School. PORTABLE redolent, the aroini of fruit was shining clear above Klcph Mr- and Mrs. W, Blair of Cai­ In addition to those from rn,,,; ne to be canned; pears, ant Mountain and the other Kary spent a few days at the HISTORIC VISIT. A smiling Pope Paul VI is seen above, Drumheller members of the p.-acli s and plums; apricots al- night 1 thought 1 was seeing farm. arriving at Kennedy Airport, becoming the first Pope to class come from widely scatter­ ELECTRIC POWER readv have been canned. And Hie three stars of Orion's Belt Hunters are in the district all ever visit the New World. He came to the United Nations ed points such as Verdant Val Zeus what smells more 'wonderful' when the middle one began mo- li} Ottos* your own iquymait plan ten stt ' Int Oak" t_t_t i. We Coates BANK ______Brewed from the famous House of Lethbridge formula TORONTO-DOMINION and Son Where p_ep_*. make the difference xd. No. T-3019 SICKS' LETHBRIDGE BREWERY LTD. COMPEER, Alberta G. HUNTER, Manager — OYEN BRANCH For free home delivery call " '. •' PAGE 10—THE HANNA HERALD, Wed. Oct. 13, 1965 SUGAR THE HANNA HERALD AND SPICE "And East Central Alberta News" by Bill Smiley

Authorized as Second Class Mail by Ihe Post Offke Department. Ottawa We're Romans, All slaves passed regularly distnbu-' MEMBER OP THE AUDIT __SB»\ MEMBER OF THE CANADIAN I've been reading a fascinat­ ting emetics so that everyone, BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS V__W WEEKLT NEWSPAPERS ASSOCIATION ing book about the ancient Ro­ could throw up and then go mans. Meditating on their econ­ right on eating. A Strictly Independent Weekly Newspaper omy and social customs. I could­ I sure would like to get in on • Published every Wednesday in 'tie Herald Buildine. Jla;n Street. Hanna n't avoid comparing them with a good old orgy. Why does a fel- Eat. Dee 24, 191?. hy H. G. McCrea Published by THK HANNA HERALD G R McCrea. Editor ours today. lw have to be born 2,000 years SUBSCRIPTION RATE: Any Puint in Canada »3 '.»-•: British Commonwealth 14.00: Korean S4.Su Like us. the Romans of the tno late? Golden Age were nuts about S.ii_;ie Pr:i-e Per ,'npy 'u (.*en:s highway? The Roman Empire had over 60.000 miles of thru ways Italy alone had about 400 Diary Of NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED major paved roads These en­ abled Caesar to travel 900 mil­ A Vagabond Few occupations challenge one's in­ es in eight days A messenger AT TIMES WE, and a lot more like us (By Dorothy Baker) have been guilty of envying the dividual ability ingenuity and patience as sent to announce the death of farmers. Those ideas of sunnv skies, lots does farming, and the rewards at times Nero made 300 miles in 36 hrs. SPIRIT OF '65 of rain and luscious crops, plus many an Today it takes almost that long are hard fought for and none too en­to get home from_.the cottage, idle hour in the open-air are quickly dis­ Those of us who live in thick­ couraging We marvel at the patience and on a holiday week end. ly settled areas of this country pelled when a fall such cs we have been diligence bv. which farmers go about their Like us. the Romans were in­ may wonder what it is that experiencing this year, comes clong In work, and even this vear when the har­ terested in things that worked. draws others into the vast rea­ reality we are only "fair-weather farmers, vest looked discouraging, we heard verv I'nlike the Egyptians and theche s of virgin forest, muskeg and under circumstances pertaining to Greeks, who built massive, or and land covered with brush. It harvest 1965, when conditions cre so dif­ little grumbling . , once aga.n we are re­ beautiful, but useless structur­ is hard to even imagine the pos­ ficult, then and only then do we realize minded that farming is not c game for es like the pvramids or the Par­ sibility those acres hold a pro­ mise of bountiful crops. I was that farmers are made of stem stuff the faint-hearted. thenon, the Romans were great IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HURT. boys for water-works and sew­ so curious about this attraction ers and stadiums I sought an interview with the THE PERILS OF THE FIELD Like us. they were in the t rsi citizens of a brand new toils of the bankers, with all town. WE ARE INCLINED to & rk somet.n-es w d gc-^e Hunting around water also their diabolical inventions sav­ Mr. and Mrs. Owen Jordoh Learning How To Leave School . . . that hunters are indifferent to cer­ co:!S 'cr sound-thinking ... no oneing s book?, travellers' cheques, are the parents of a son and a Stafford House is a pleasant people about the prospects in tain perils which ex-st >n t^e wide coen s*cuia wcde out into water unless thev, money orders, interest and mor­ Jaughlei. When they should country mansion which stands various careers; doctors give ad MONEY GROWS ON TREES spaces, and man\ an intended happy :nd ce s^.'e c* the depth tgages. have been thinking of retire in a big garden in the village ot vice on health and sex matters; rpent ann enjoying their seven Hassocks, about eight miles there are talks on interesting Three facts are shaping the enjoyable hunting safari hcs ended on Trere are many seemmglv insignif­ Like us. they had a hybrid _r„nclrhildren. they decided to from the seaside town of Bright ways of spending leisure time; Christmas tree market this yeai, a dark note of sadness perhaps and c.s- government, half-socialist, half icant dangers involved in hunting The capitalist It froze the price of pake a dream come true. That on. m Sussex, southern England. someone from a local bank dis Frank Oxley writes in The Fin appoinfmenf most dangerous one we feel, is hunting wheat and plunged into public i ream now stands on firm, dry Nowadays, the house is us<»d cusses financial problems—how ancial Post. Although export s;i The first dcnger of course is the im­ 1 'nd that was once known as the les are declining, the value per cione . . even the most experienced nim- works to solve unemployment, mostly as a centre for adult ed to spend wages wisely, how to proper use of firearms Thev ought to be «urst mii_.ke; Hi the province. It ucation. but about six times a invest savings safely and how to tree is going up (72c ni 1964 rod s^ou'd never venture into the field but did nothing about slum land treated with due respect and attention at­ lords, exorbitant interest rates i-n't a cajtle they built in their yeqr it is given over to groups budget household expenses. compared with 59c in 196u This means the public want, oll times. The proper identif,cation o* without a companion .for he never knows and shady used horse dealers imagination during the years of senior boys and girls from All the young people go home 0 better quality and will pay when the hand of c hunting partner may Sound familiar ;'.!!•>• ran a motel in Valleyview. nearby schools. better equipped to face life af­ quarry is another impcrtant sa^erv rule r when they cleared, and first more. Canadian sales are dim'' r Like us. they practised birth They spend four days there, ter their school years are over, hunters have been kil'ed mistakmgiy ,r be fhe means of saving his life' farmed their homestead in the ing steadily—to about four mill control, and abortion was com learning how to prepare them­ and with a better understanding nortlurn Peace River country. ion trees last year. Makers of mon Unless she were hard up. selves for the new life that a- of how to take their places in !' ', a modern hotel, bank ar 1 artificial trees say their sales a Roman woman who had had a waits them when they leave the adult community, THEATRE "ENTERTAINMENT" i is stat on conrp'e.: the is a are booming, but some odd mar child got rid of it immediately school _.!!-_ s'art their careers "Pop'' Evenings r. indsomc addition to the rapid- keting facts cited by the Christ A LETTER to f-e "Yours T-uV column hcs been paid that this entitles them to by turning it over to a wet nurse in commerce, industry or the As one of the main purposes iv extending business section of mas tree grower indicate the last week concerned the actions cf : then to a Greek slave governess professions. of the scheme is to teach young ' go the limit" Nothing could be more far i'.2h Level. Alberta. market for natural quality trees r then to a Greek slave tutor We These young people are be­people citizenship, the accent is youngsters in the local theat e We pre­ from the fact. Perhaps it would be well is not likely to be affected very don't have wet nurses but we Out n Jordan is a big -tantwee n 15 ; nd 17 years of age, on group activities. This applies sume that the writer of the erter is not ^or mom and ded to accompany junior to , much. The days of buying som" have the bottle. And we don't rtith a kind, wrinkle-free count-' and usually they arrive at Staff both to work and play. alone in being thoroughly d sgusted with land, growing trees and making the theatre once in a while, where proper hav slaves, dang it. but we have era:»ci. f.iriiliu' to hundreds of ord House weam.g their school the way some chidren act, The boys and girls are expect­ a killing are gone—-successful manners could be demonstrated from i the baby sitter and the public P"o?i? w ho have passed his way uniforms. But in their baggage ed to help run Stafford House grower- today, need capital, for­ Natural'y youngsters are excited schools system. -inco the building of the Great are jeans and tennis racquets, parental authority There is lack of real­ while they stay there. estry knowledge, good muscles, when they attend a movie but their ex­ Slave La«.e Railway by the CNR 'pop'' records and guitars, for ization on the part of parents as to how: Like us. they divorced each They make their own beds, and marketing know-how. They citement need net extend beyond the made prosperity possible for the staff at Stafford House want keep the dormitories tidy and, if youngsters behave, even under strict ob- ' other indiscriminately. Caesar also must be able to spot thieves bounds of good behaviour resoect for roprietor. merchant and settl them to lei.'X as well as to work had four wives and was unfaith­ they want to help prepare some ana smooth-talking confidence servation This does not apply to all kids, ' er alike Li.,.', construction star­ The head teachers of the Sus theatre property and consideration for ful to all of them. of the food. men. patrons. Like many of the forms of re­ but there is sufficient "goings on" to stir' Their entertainment was ted, this northern area of Al­.sex schools decide which bovs Of course, it is in the evening berta had millions of acres peo­ creation in Hanna, the theatre is a place an opinion such as was expressed in ; much like ours: horse races, the and girls should go on the when the lectures have finished, Nine states are co-operating pled only bv hirds and beasts. to "send the kids" Parents it seems (and "Yours Truly" . . . Mom and Dad, its up • theatre, variety shows, gladiat­ couiiie, rnd there is always keen that the guitars and the "pop" in trapping dust as a soil imp­ Ir. Jians ori scattered reserves to you' j orial contests And just as today competition among the pupils to records are played. rover. Mom can tell 'em how the kids too) think that once a" admission nv.d here and there hardy home­ the chariot drivers, actors and get places. The majority of the boys and dust contributes to the spoiling steaders. gladiators were idolized and No Cost girls who go to Stafford House of her house. Perhapj s it took a lot of faith I "LIFE SAVING SERVICE" paid 8.000 times what they were In most cases, these are aw­ find their visit immense fun, worth. the future, Owen Jordan ad- arded to those who have shown and the staff go all out of their TO RED CROSS the people of the world Following World War II Red Cross Of course, the Romans were tted to mc. to spend the best | in thjir {inal school year that way to create a holiday atmos- years of their lives several hun- , .•rV.©*-^. '."- are divided into those who are for­ took on the task of collecting, processing, cruel. After the city was almost they ere likely to develop a vcry WICKS' WEEK tunate enough to be cbie to give help destroyed by fire, emperor Nero dred miles north of the nearest • strong.sense of good citizenship. While it is an ideal way of storing and delivering blood of the right city. Edmonton. He spoofed the rounding offa school career, ed­ By BEN WICKS and those who need help It has been so blamed the Christians, and had The course costs the boyr and type to the right place at the right time ima-.e most of us have of his ucation authorities think of the for a hundred years, and today more than the whole lot. or so he thought, girls nothing, as all expenses Red Cross maintains medically competent part of the northland. "People scheme as an investment in the three million Cancdian members are de­ thrown to the lions all 1.000 of are paid by their local educa­ personnel—physicians, nurses and tech­ them. We'd never think of doing who live in the southern sec"on i tion authority. future, and one that is likely to dicated fo assisting victims of wcr, dis- of Canada think dog sled is our j show good results for genera­ nicians—in its depot and laboratories, that today. It's too vicious, too Some people think of these asfer .disease, famine and misfortune of flamboyant. Today we quietly only means of transprtatin, that j tions to come. mony kinds helped by voluntary non-technical work­ this part of Canada is peopled Stafford House studies for the ers, and refuses either to pay for — or stuff six million Jews into gas 15 to 17 age group as a univers­ An article in CIL said several years; chambers, or incinerate 100.000 by Indians on snow shoes and BIG LOAD MOVES NORTH charge for—-the blood that it collects Eskimoes 'n parkas. They have ity course in miniature, and ago: "Giving blood is the simplest way in Japanese with a big blow torch there is a university atmosphere from volunteer donors and distributes to a picture of eternal winter here. , CALGARY—The largest sing­ which an individual can serve others. It The ladies will l?e glad to about the lectures which cover wii_n as a matter of fact it was le piece of equipment ever hospitals. The provincial governments know that Roman women were many aspects of life, and are takes about half an hour of your time It 10.1! degrees cNave zero in High . shipped from Calgary left here provide the premises and maintain them, just as silly as they are. about followed by discussions, when is harmless in fact it often has a slight Level mis summer". Jordan I by rail recently for McMurray the Red Cross provides the staff and their looks. It was three hours the experts do their best to an­ beneficial effect " said, however. th_.i once the win- j and the Great Canadian Oil equipment, and citizens donate the blood every morning over the hairdo swer the many questions Canadian Red Cross hcs a national assisted by half a dozen slaves. ter sets in the thermometer sel-1 Sands development. dom rises _ bove 50 to 60 deg- j thought up by the boys and the blood transfusion service unique in its The clinic's next call in Hanna is Underwear was of silk and the girls. The piece of equipment was completeness. brassiere was just coming in. rees below zero. "When she J a carbon dioxide absorber. It November 4. Local employees go to Staff­ The milk bath was common and reaches 20 above we think the was 144 feet long. 14 feet wide ord House to talk to the young wealthy gals who were travell­ spring has arrived." he laugh­ and weighed 356,000 pounds. FINDING ONE'S "NICHE" ing brought along their own ingly remarked. Two special Canadian National herd of cows to be sure of a de Most years, because the High we couldn't live in any other depressed flat cars and a regu­ IT IS COMMON subject of conversation most of the animals of mankind is an cent bath. Level area is practically tree of place." They admit howevei lar flat car were used to move these days among parents, who are unsighty weed in a tulip bed or a peren­ Bathroms as today, were lit­ frost and storms during the I that the coming of the railway- it. The equipment was built by "And as an added feature, concerned with the future of their off­ nial border Garlic that gives health to so tered with razors, scissors, soap, growing season, wheat crops av­ has had a lot to do with their Dominion Bridge Co., Ltd. in no payments need be made erage 40-60 bushels per acre. spring. Finding their "niche" in life oc- many millions is considered an insidious perfume, oils, powders, hair­ ..flection lor High Level.

•_afc_r* iii____-«i."_.s,.j_->.'. . ;e,.. ;,n,. ^J .,, .iAJiS ••-mM &__4__^-_^'^fr.^brM__r^- L • YOUNGSTOWN enson and Tommy of Edmonton John Dishan. THE HANNA HERALD, Wed., Oct. 13, 196S—PAGE 13 were week end visitors of Mr. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. Krei New Oldsmobile Termed Car of and Mrs. J. Jamieson and June. YOUNGSTOWN, Oct 11—Mr. ser for the long week end were Mr. Stan Gordon of Drumhell­ and Mrs. Darrell Sayers and fa­ Mr, and Mrs. Don Patrick and mily of Calgary spent Thanks­ er spent the week end with his mother Mrs. Olive Gordon. family of Clive, Mr. and Mrs. giving week end with Mrs. Wig­ Yuelle Tillotson of Edmonton, "Radically New Design"; Now on Desplay ley. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Strocker Mr. T. Coolin of Cloverdale, B.C. 1966 OLDSMOBILE TORONADO Mr. Rod Fidgeon and Roy Fra­ of Calgary and Mr. and Mrs. El­ ser of Calgary were enjoying a ds Strocker of Edmonton spent and Mr. and -Mrs. Andy Kurt few days hunting over the week the week end with Mr. and Mrs. aard and family-i.f Coronation end and were guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. Von Matt. Miss Connie Ruppert of Red PRINTING SER\K Deer and Mr. .and Mrs. JacK Walsh and family of Alix were week end visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ruppert. Visitors from Calgary in town for the long week end were Mr. Every Job and Mrs. Wm. Ewashen at the Williams, Miss Margaret Berger, Ab Gordon, and Mrs. J. Schober o WA. Ont After :i :-. have li ted the advan- while 88's have a large new at their respective homes in Welcome! mii! i,iile i of testing, (lids '•'2VS. ll'-r,. are a few of them, bumper and taillights with a lat­ town. ::i..:i• i_• h-h iiitrn(l,i.""(l u car of i ill advantage s of front-wheel tice design mounted flush in the Mr. Elmer Gordon of Winni­ No job too large or r .'lie Ii;. new ilrsiu'n that makes rive: end panel. ng is spending a few days with 11 the most advanced car of O ire passenger space and Optional on Delta 88 Holiday Mr. and Mrs. George Gordon. too small. Let us put III. I. '•• n i"il Motors announced /iitually flat floors — the drive coupe and convertible models Mrs. M. Munio is spending a toil v It's Ih" front-wheel drive haft is eliminated. this year is an automatic floor holiday in Edmonton. our presses to work Tnonado, Jiniiiiies' Auto Ser- j <_» In.prov d utility of lug shift transmission console Mrs. Nellie Wells left Tues­ viit, Ltd. ui Ilanna now have a" > compartment — no gears There is more comfort too, with day morning for Victoria, B.C. for you! the new Olds on display. in the rear. optional reclining back-rest on where she will spend several T!i.' i.iiiirr.i'Ui'inent said the U ItU duel ion in noise and vi- Strato-seat styles. Strato-bucket .iionths. s'-r. .ational car presents udvan- • ration the long, rotating seats can be specified on the Visitors during the week end Call us for all your printing needs. We pride I r.t.. •(•vi n Inyond the original hive shaft is eliminated, Delta 88 Holiday coupe and con tfith Mr. and Mrs. R. Roacl. (il)j' ctive" which were to build © Kxcellent traction and di­ vertible. Dual rear seat belts ar. i/ere Mr. and Mrs. A. Bodnai ourselves on craftsmanship. We cover all a car lhat would "unlock the ction; 1 slahility — thc "puli­ standard for any of the 19 mod ind family of Marwayne anc Iii;,'Is on passenger space; sur- ng" wheels arc also the "steer­ els in the six series. vlrs. Doull and Shann of Para business and social printing requirements. All p.i.ss ail conventional standards ing" wheels. Every model has new uphol­ dise Hill, Sask. iii A completely fresh look of your printing orders are guaranteed for of rick, handling and perform­ stery smartly tailored to add to Mrs. Isabelle Way of Bowden nc .use the style is no longer ance ; and offer a new concept the overall look of luxury for sn<>nt the week end with Mr. satisfaction. liclated by conventional niech- of style." 1966. and Mrs. Jas. Bickell. The long, low look of Action- .nical n quirements. Olds comes in five different Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bruci i.irif styling, which has charac­ H The up front tracking of wheelbases from the trim 115- Ironside for Thanksgiving wer terized the Oldsmobile line is the new car lets you take to the inch of the F 85 to the big 126- HOT SPOT- Heating at Parliament Hill in Ottawa is go­ i Mr. and Mrs. T. Ironside and more than ever in evidence this road with ease, gives excellent inch of the top-of-the-line Nine­ Mr. and Mrs. C. Ironside of Cas ing to be converted from coal to natural gas, and the an­ year, and a fresh .styling ap­ stability on curves and lets you ty-Eight. The Ninety-Eight in­ THE HANNA HERALD tor and Miss Mabel Ironside oi nouncement has sparked a hot controversy. It was made proach gives a more sophisic- day on course even in gusty cludes a new luxury sedan, a 'Edmonton. just as Labor Minister MacEachen was studying means to Phone 854-3075 ated profile. ci'osswinds. Town sedan, a convertible and kelp the Nova Scotia coal industry. The new look of Olds for '66 Tlie car is of fastback detw­ o smart hardtops — and the Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jorg­ is dynamic and fast-moving with sign with 119-inch wheelbase other models available are just new design and new chrome ..nd a manoeuvrable overall as varied — from the unique adding a distinctive touch of ele­ length of 211 inches. The width Vista Cruiser to the value-pack­ gance to the Ninety-Eights, 88's is nearly 79 inches and the car ed F-85 station wagon. Starfire A GENERAL MOTORS VALUE and Starfire. Car height has seats six comfortably with a flat coupe replaces Jetstar I and been lowered and redesigned floor that gives centre-of-seat Delta 88 convertible is new this fenders and a lowered hood pro­ passengers new room. year. duce a sleek, low and more 'there is individual styling for Engines vary from the 385- steamlined profile. the Ninety-Eight series, while hp Toronado Rocket V8 to a Up front, Olds this year is de­ the Delta 83 and thc Dynamic 88 brand-new economical Action- signee! with gr'ater emphasis on have similar grille and front-end Line Six. There are nine engines width. Bold bumpers combine tr.atm nt. But all are new for in all and four different trans­ with a shallower grille that fea­ this year. missions to team up with them. , tures rectangular h e a d I a in p ..i..ii.ngs are also put to new Under the long, low-slung , housings for the low-profile ef­ us • in design. Chrome is low- hood, Toronado packs a new fect. plact d along the body sides to Rocket V8 engine that turns out The Toronndo h.is a long, low, emphasize the lower silhouette. 385 horsepower and delivers 475 dramatic styling and is only The moldings along the sides of lb ft. of torque at 3200 rpm. It ] lour and one-half feet high. Con­ the body produce the same ef­ has a 425-cu.in. displacement cealed headlamps help give the fect. The lip moldings for wheel and an ultra-high 10.5:1 com­ iniprission of a car almost in openings highlight the full pression ratio. suspended motion and when this round look of the openings. An all-new Quadrajet Carbur­ ear moves it has the power to Tne Ninety-Eights have rear- etor offers a 40% increase in make that motion reality. whi el opening covers and wheel , air capacity and provides a bet- The moldings along the body discs. I ter mixture of fuel and air, sides emphasize the low silhou­ lp front, smart new corner­ boosting economy and prevent- ette ,and so does the side trim. ing lamps are available on all ' ing low-speed stall-outs. The rou/id wheel openings are large Olds and in the rear, new Toronado has its own unique emphasized by neatltly ddesignee d taillights, panels and bumpers ' version of Turbo Hydra-Matic as This is the Oldsmobile Toronado _ 1 lip 'moTaiHgS'. "TfRTfrbftt"' sffcffldv&blp emphasize the sophistic 1 standard equipment. It is ahead bumper complex is restrd-tieS,'' ated look of the passenger compartment, refined and elegant. An extra-deep bumper ends in allowing for a flat floor. The But the most dramatic feature large vertical rectangular tail- system involves direct coupling is front-wheel drive, and the de- lamps in the Ninety-Eights, to the differential, and a var- and you've never; evei; seen anything, anywhere, , iable-vane torque converter. All major components — en- I gine, transmission, differential I and steering are positioned up nearly as new-honestly! Bow Slope front, making for excellent trac- I tion — particularly good for Shipping Assoc. steady going on snowy roads. I Drive noise and vibration are is- Limited i olated. i Brooks, Alberta Power is transferred to front drive shafts, each of which has twin constant-velocity universal joints .The low-friction planet­ ary differential transfers power through a 3.21:1 gear ratio. The full-view side windows in the Toronado and the Toronado i Deluxe form a functional part of a unique new draft-free ven­ Cutlass Holiday Coi/pe tilation system. Outside air en­ •EVERY WmBiVI ters through five adjustable vents, circulates through the p a ss e n g e r compartment and At The flows out under pressure be­ » neath the rear window. On the Ninety-Eight instru­ ment panel this year, the sim­ These are some of the other .P.R, YARDS, BROOKS ulated Haitian walnut trim pan­ els provide a new richer appear­ Commencing at 10:30 a.m. ance, and the Luxury sedan also carries this rich panelling on new Oldsmobiles for 1966 Total Selling Commission t\_% the front seat backrests and doors. A new four-barrel carburetor on Olds V8 engines improves ...they're luxurious, performance under all con­ SCHEDULE OF SALES FOR ditions. All V8 engines also feature MONTH OF OCTOBER 1565 new simplified valve mechan­ elegant, exciting, isms and every manual trans­ mission is fully synchronized for October 14, 10:30 a.m.—Regular Thursday sale of more smooth up-and-down shift­ Feeder and Fat Cottle ing. powerful, appealing. The Jetaway automatic tran­ smission shifts better than ever October 16—Over IHO Purebred Registered Angus with new modifications, and teamed with a V8 engine fea­ Cattle Production Sale tures a variable-pitch stator. And all those things. Down-shifting is smoother too with new improvements in thc October 19, 10:30 a.m.—Special Tuesday Yearling Turbo-Hydra-Matic transmission. Dynamic 88 Ro/iday Coupe Feeder Sale All models of Oldsmobile this year have a padded instrument They're new. Too don't know them yet. But they bring you the best Hydra-Matic Drive, right to the front wheels. Toronado performs and 10:30 a.m.—Regulor Thursday sale of panel, padded sun visors, a two- October 21, speed windshield wiper with possible references. They're all Oldsmobiles. Which is to say thot they're steers and holds the road like nothing you ever tried before. It's Feeder and Fat Cattle glare-resistant arms, windshield extra-special. Extra-powerful, extra-luxurious, extra-smooth. Improved an Oldsmobile. You'll pick out the family likeness right away. We washer, outside mirror, shatter- Rocket engines, teamed with smooth Turbo Hydra-Matic transmissions, hope you'll take the time to come in and see the new Oldsmobiles, soon. resistant inside mirror and back­ ore available on all full-sized Oldsmobiles. They offer you new interiors, October 26, 10:3O a.m.—Special Tuesday Calf Sale up lights. new style seats and carpeting. And you can get familiar Olds luxuries They're very nice cars and very, very new. like air conditioning or totally new features like Automatic Level October 28, 10:30 a.m.—Regular Thursday sale of Control that lets you load 550 pounds of load into the trunk and still ride the way you did empty. Feeder and Fat Cattle ELECTRICAL Including, and this is a real revolution, if we do say so ourselves^ including today's only full-size, front-wheel-drive car. The Toronado. Oldsm o bi There's never, ever, been one like the Toronado. A 425-cubic-inch SUPPLIES Toronado engine pours the power through a re-designed Turbo for nineteen sixty-six For Information and Listing Phone

For Better Lights SEE THEM AT YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED QUALITY OLDSMOBILE DEALER'S TODAY OX-164C SEVAN HUTCH & CO. Come To ... Phone 362-3472 Brooks, Alberta JIMMIE'S AUTO SERVICE LIMITED CHINOOK MOTORS HANNA, ALTA. CHINOOK, ALTA. JOHN MARTIN, Sale Manager Geuder Electric PHONE 854-3125 Parts & Service 854-3656 Office PHONE 1 Phone Duchess 378-4381 (After 6 p.m.) Phone 854-3490 Be sure to see Bonanza on the CBC-TV network each Sunday. Check your local listing for channel and time. • •

Mr and Mrs K. Campbell of week end. PACE 14—THE HANNA HERALD ,Wed , Oct 13, 1965 ton spent the Thanksgiving end Miss .Term Tabor accomp­ Edmonton were out visiting Mi­ anied by Miss Alice McPherson Mr Harvey Herman of Cal week end at the home of Mr ami Mrs W J. Friedley over of Wawota. Sask.. who is train­ .md Mrs. Val Gobel . gary spent the long week end the week "lid. OUR TOWN Miss Helen Courtney of Ed ing with Jean, also spent their visiting his parents. monton was home over the long holiday with the Matt Tabors'. Mr. Bill King of Rockyford Wc under-tand that Ceo. (yr YDJ WON'T GET VOTES ' week end visiting friends and Mis- Linda Hewson. Miss El- has spent a few days hunting wa- to undergo an operation i; VWTH THAT APPROACH. J r.datives in the Hand Hills. •anor DevaierioLi accompanied .vith Don Fowler. I hear they Hanna ho-pi'al. His many lord NORM OLD BOY IT "¥ by Miss Lonna M«-rilia of Ber and district friends will wi.-n s Mr A. Rauch was a visitor to -iad r"al good luck ilBBlTATES./—^L^'x Vauxhall recently. na. id •,'. u ; io r .i,v..' o'.i .• z, Mr. and Mrs. Vein Daubert hun a speed, recoveiy. ong week end Mr and Mrs Herb Ewing of ind Dannett? also Mr. Harlen Mr and Mrs. V. Xunw. ill i Bic Valley and Mr. and Mrs M.,; Mane M.r'• i. ek end Monday Mr- Hamilton left for knn s parents Mr. and Mrs I. C Mr. dene Franciotti aso Mi Toronto by plane MORE DOWN UNDER riid Mrs. L. DiDomenicantonio Ir.irunt and family and other rel Mr I. E Larder and Mr R The population of Australia in ..n\r_-s m the Hand Hills recent .nd family of Calgary came out '.anhr returned honm from tie •i \isit v. .til Mr and Mrs John crea-id by 2:_7.987 in i.')(i4 to ., SMALL WORLD ly -oast and Robert ha- left for his total ( f 11.2o.7i,8 Mm Moyra (iibson entertain Franciotti over the long week iome in Nova Scotia. end. i j Mr. and Mrs. W. Gillespie Mr.- Phyll!- ("ample 1! and NEVER MAKE Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Reio 7 UN O? A&ISLS „nd four children of Edmonton. baby boy arc out visiting with NcW DO ESS, Mr. lion G.bson also of Edmon and Mr and Mrs. hah Reid oi > Edmonton were out at Mr. and li'-r parent- Mr and Mrs R Ol mmmmsa^t^tm mmi immyn , CSAIO. _^/ rs . • r.i. Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Ro son. VOU ~E_ - n and two boys of North Rat­ Mrs Or\ai labor's for Thanks­ M;ss Ann Richardson who io ford and Dr. and Mrs. A giving, and while here they vis­ READ end USE J Proudfoot and three children re- it'd with other friends and re­ working in Calgary and Mi-' rently Dr. Proudfoot is thi Su lations in the district Man,- Richardson who l- -ta> WANT AM \ ;r.Tintcndent of Schools at si; Mr and Mrs. Bob .McLean and ing with Mr. and Mr- I.uckie\ REGULARLY * I. rt liiey v.: ri here ov_r th.' Mr. Allan Howard were out w- and attending school in Tabei IH • ll iJlll. atrrfftrt* ! n_nks'_r. in_' week end .ting the:r parents Mr. and Mrs -pent the holiday week end uiti. V. Howard and family over thr their parents Mr and Mrs. Ceo fe*-d_ ^ fgj* Mr and Mrs Doug Gilray and Richardson and family Jimmy and Cathy were out from long week end. ^—• _L-V - I ..l-.-.r. visiting Mr and Mrs Mr. Arthur Venus accompan­ r _^*- ~-^ " Joim Franciotti and family and ied by Mr.-. Helen Baxendale oi M. and Mrs Fred Jensen and (algary wen- visiting Mr. and f,•:..!> and Mr. and Mrs Vernon Mr.s. Dan Laverty's and Mr ami Smith and John of Craigmyle. Mrs. Arnold Venn- over the J. Fntdey. Mr and Mrs. C. R ith is the former Harriett Ree^ a:so Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Fr.ed long week end. Need Cash rust? Friedley and Mr and Mr» John of Craigmyle. 1. \ and Mr. Frank Loucas of Mr. and Mrs Ron Eberly and Sinclair Mr and Mrs. Ed Erickson Drumheller also Mrs. Florence familv ol Edmonton were visit Delia District Bureau Mr 1. V. I-arder and his neph­ and Mrs Louise -Morlock of De iriiray and Lynn. ing Mr Jack Eberly over the iia motored to Linden last Sun ew Robert Larder of Annapolis Mi and Mrs. Ralph Morrison MARGUERITE FRIEDLER dav to visit Mr. and Mrs John \:rll<> N.S. left by bus la.-? of Hanna were week end guests to 4»> ••wek to \.Mt relat.ve.s and with Gall. RESIDENT REPRESENTATIVE nt the home of her parents Mr fr.cn'i-. around Vancouver and and Mis. Don Wallace and other -jr:"'.u'id:n'_ community DELIA. Oct. 12—Mr. and f. iatives in the district l/VHYTE DFLIA. Oct 11—I have been Dannett- recntly Mr and Mr- Kd Kuuuust and Mrs Dan Dunnd of Calgarv Mr. Barry Mel.ind accompan asked by Mrs Maude Marshall Mrs Jew..; chambers of Medi F,..nd>. n.r-o their dauuhU-r G!a- were out last week end visiting .I'd hy Mi-- Jan ( time al-o Mr m wl i to send the Delia news to th • c:ne Hat 1:.-- been out \iMtn_ oy- anri fam;.> have been r-c- Mrs. Durand's parents Mr. and and Mrs. Otto Beutler and fam- Herald, as she is unable to do her parcntn Mr. and Mr- W ent M-;t'rr- to Mr and Mr- Clif­ Mr- S. A. Ell'ott ly wre vi-itors at the home 'it so at this time. Your assistance Piffer recently Mrs. P:ffer re­ ford Kausu-t and Mr. and Mr- Mr Wm. Lenfesty has been Mr and Mrs. Neil McLeod and FUNERAL HOME and co-operation in keping a turned to Medicine Hat for a Terry Moore of (algary. out visiting with Mr. and Mr- family. Hanna real "live" Deli.-r column in th" vi<;it and while' there both Mrs Mr and Mrs Ralph Lindley Fred Albright and baby recent of tnore Mr. and Mrs. Ray Remfert ami Herald each week will be appre Piffer and Jewel went to Van­ and family of I'algan. have been ly. tamilv of (algary. also Miss Ph. 854-3100 ciated.—Marguerite Friedley couver tor a w eek to vi-it Mr out vi-itine Mr- l.indley's par­ Mrs. Elmer Friedley accom For any flood reason irWcii Hunter and Mr. and Mr- The Hard Hills West End and Mr> Wilfred Piffer and fa­ ents Mr and Mr- Horace Mar panied by Mrs. Harry Humph Dignified Funeral Service Garry Hunter and Penny Lee Club held their monthly met-t- mily and Mr and Mr- Gordon tin and Jean recently. rev and Mrs. Clifford Friedle. Anywhere 1 were visiting at Mr. and Mrs. NIAGARA FINANCE COMPANY LIMI ing at the home of Tillie Raug­ Brown and familv. The Hand Il.il West Fnd Club went on a shopping trip to Stet Paul Killian's and Mrs. Molly Grave Stone Memorials Drumheller ust. There were ten members h-ld a quilting bee at the home tier last Friday. Wayne Vleck Mr. and Mrs. Metzger of Ilan­ Remfert's. On Monday they took Flowers and present and we all had a very of Marguerite Friedley's last Mrs. Carl Swainston is out at Loan Manager Phone 823-3351 na and Mrs Herb Raugust ace Jean and Loura and attended enjoyable time It was decided Thursday There were ten cluo Oids helping her brother with Ambulance lOmpanied by Mr. Vioiet Metz­ the cc'"bration of their grand A to send the annual shipment of members and seven visitors pr ' the harvesting. ger motored to Calgary to att parents 50th anniversary at old goods to Adanac's in Winni­ sent. The ciub will raffle the ' Mr. and Mrs. Chester Kenn end the funeral of Mrs Irene Stanmore. peg. This is not only for mem­ : Bertsch quilt off this coram, winter. edy of Vermillion were out at bers, so anyone interested can The people of the Hand Hills Mrs Wm Wilson accompan­ Mrs. Kennedy's parents Mr. and Miss Sharon Miles and Mis- contact the following club mem­ , and former Georgetown district ied by Mrs Roy (Jakes motored Mrs S. Elliott aHd while then Lynn MacLellan also Mr. Fred bers: Mrs. Arnold Venus, Mrs. I wish to extend deepest sympath to Trochu last Saturday to visit they all journeyed to a family Sloan spent the week end with Ben Mammel and Mrs. Clifford. | ies to Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb Elaine's father Mr. Wm. Reeevs reunion at the home of Mr. and their parents. Friedley. The rags arc to be in Bertsch now of Calgary, who who is staying with his sister. Mrs. John Pettifer and family of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tabor of sacks and tagged. The shipment ! were oldtime residents "f th.t Mr-. H McKee. Mr. Reeves just Langdon. Grande Prairie were visiting at VALENTINE will take place on November 10 ! district, on the pas,ing of their left the Trochu hospital where Mr. and Mrs. Emil Gobel and 'lie home of Mr. and Mrs. Matt So there is ample time to get I daughter in law. Mrs Irene he had been a patient for some grandmother Gobel of Edmon Tabor and family over the week this material in Bertsch. who leaves her husb time. i^i^r CENTRAL DRUG LIMITED HANNA Around forty people attended and Ronald and two children A farewell dance was held in a meeting in tbe Legion hall Ronald attended school at Geor- the Delia Community hall last recently io hear Mr. Jo)_B Ttanr- tgttown and is remembered by Friday evening in honor of Mr. us of Calgary, representing of 'many friends Our heartfelt sym and Mrs. Bob Gibson who have - Presents - Medical Services (Albertai in I pathies to all the family. moved to Drumheller. The corporated. He explained the Come one. come all. who are Dodds orchestra with C. A. Mar­ CFCN TELEVISION LTD., CALGARY benefits of M.S.I, after which over 21 to the Elks' Annual shall at the drums played to a there was a discussion, and it Masquerade Ball to be held in lively gathering of over 120 peo­ Public Notice was decided that a group might the Delia community hall on Oc ple A corsage was pinned on be formed under the UFA. If I tober 29 Bob Hoy's orchestra Mrs. Gibson and Dianne and H. Channel 4 and 12 there wasn't enough members will be in attendance, and there Larkin made the presentation of from that organization the loc­ a tray and a purse, after which ] wiil be prizes for the best cost­ The Sullivan Lake School Division No. 9 will accept al telephone company would at­ umes. Bob and Laura thanked every WEEKLY PROGRAM LISTINGS tempt to form a group. If such Mr and Mrs. Bert Lewis and one very graciously. A very nice applications for the position of bus driver for the a group was started Mrs. Gladys son and Mrs Alice Killian were lunch was served to conclude SUNDAY. October 3— 2:30 People In Conflict 6:30 Calgary Sl'ety Roundup 9:15 Test Pattern 3:00 Fractured Phrases 7:00 Dean Martin Show Huddle was chosen by the peo out visiting their father last the evening. Scotfield south route (previously driven by R. Gore) pie to act as secretary-treasurer 9:25 Thought For The Day 3:30 It's Your Move 8:00 Favorite Marfan : week end Alice also visited Mr and Mrs Doug Gilray and 4:00 Further discussions will take 9:30 Portrait Romper Room 8:20 It's Your Move with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Killian family were out visiting Yvone's - In addition to the daily route, it will be required 10:00 Kaleidoscope 4:31 Head Hunter Show 9.00 Branded place in the near future. and Jean and Lora Hunter parents last Sunday. 11:30 Treasure Island 5:00 Mickey Mouse Show 9:30 Let's Sing Out to transport Shop and Home Ec. students to Hanna 5:30 Miss Sandra Morlock accomp­ 12:00 Sports Digest Thunderbirds 10:00 Peyton Pl.nce There has been three Mon Mr. Ernest Morlock who has 6:00 Focus 10:30 The Lury Show anied by Mr. Harlen Avramenko 12 45 Passport to Profit arch Kitchen Craft suppers in been a patient in the Hanna hos-; every Monday morning. Please send application to 12:30 Canadian Football 6:30 M unsters 11 :00 CTV National News were visiting Sandra's sister. the Delia district recently, at pital returned home last Thurs-; 3:00 Bud Sherman Report 7:00 Littlest Hobo 11:15 Channel 1 Cast Mrs. Vern Daubert and little .the homes of Mr. and Mrs. W. day Glad to see you home ag-1 this office prior to October 22nd, 1965 3:30 Horst Koehler 7:30 Musical Showcase 11-20 Regional Wrapup ain Ernie! 4:00 Kingdom of the Sea 8:00 Corner Pyle 11:30 Pierre Berton Show 4:30 Trailmasters 8:30 The Virginian '2:00 Foothills Theatre Mr.s. Millie Sutherland and V. MOHL, 5:30 Flintstones 10:00 Dr. Kildare 1:45 Thouoht For The Day sons Garry and Wayne were re- j 11 :00 Sec.-treos., 6:00 W.-ilt Disney Presents CTV National News cent visitors to Delia. 7 00 Please Don't Eat The Dai: 11:15 Channel '1 Cast FRIDAY. Octoher 8— Some time ago Mr Don Mam­ Sullivan Lake School Division 7:30 Amos Burke 11 :20 Regional Wrapup 8:00 Unrv e-'Sltv of the Air- CHARITON'S - Brooks, Alia. 11:30 mel attended the wedding of • Box 399, Hanna 8:30 Candid Camera Pierre Ber'on Show 8:20 Thought Fo • Tie Day 9:00 Sunday Nrte at the Mor 12:00 Wes'ern dnacJa Sports 8 33 News and We ither- Mr. Ben Ahlefeld to Miss Shei-1 11:00 CTV National News Report 8:41 T.B A. la Hood. The wedding took place 11:15 Channel 4 Cts» 12:30 Thought For The Day 9:00 Ed Allen Time in Creston, B.C. Bennv once re-' 11 :20 Regional Wrapup 9:30 James Ec^rd Show sided in the Hand Hills and at-1 11:30 Sports Hotseat WEDNESDAY, October 6— 10:00 Mr. .-nd M'_. 8:00 tended Delia school. 12 01 Sports Digest University of the Air 10:30 Today F'O.u Cllc.ry 12:30 Thought for the Day 8:30 Thought For The Day Teleraces-Dear Chariott Miss Sylvia Bizant who is nur- ] STETTLER AUCTION MART'S 8:33 News and Weather' 12:00 Cartoon Thealre sing in Lethbridge hospital was i MONDAY, Oct. 4— 9:00 Ed Allen Time 12:15 Colt .43 a guest at Mr. and Mrs. Terry 8:00 University of the Air 9:30 James Beard Show 12:45 Kids Is People SALES 8:30 Thought For The Day 10:00 Mr. and Mrs. 1:00 Matinee Theatre Laverty's and family last week. I 5th Annual - 2 Day 8:33 News and Weather 10:30 Today From Calgary 2:30 People In Conil.ct Sylvia is Dorothy's sister. 9:00 Ed Allen Time Teleraces-Dear Charlotte 3:00 Fractured Phrases Mr. and Mrs. Garry Crich and 9:30 James Be^rd Show 12:00 Cartoon Theatre 3:30 It's Your Move son of Newcastle were out vis- , 10:00 Mr. and Mrs. 12:15 Colt .45 4:00 Romper Room Uine recentlv with Mr and Mrs. I 10:30 Today From Calgary 12: a r> Kids Is People 4:30 Head Hunter Show CALENDAR Teleraces-Dear Charlotte 1:00 Matrnee Theatre 5:00 Mickey Mouse Show Ben Mammel and family. 12:00 Cartcon Theatre 2:30 People In Conflict 5:30 Flintstones Mr and Mrs. Reg Marshall 12:15 Colt 45 3:00 Fractured Phrases 6:00 Foci's and family were out visiting BLACK CALF 12 45 Krds Is People 3:20 It's Your Move 6:30 Hullaballoo Mr and Mr.s Ernest Marshall, al­ 1:00 Matinee Theatre 4:00 Romper Room 7:00 F. Troop so Mrs. Violet Moench and fa­ 2:30 People In Conflict 4:30 Head Hunter Show 7:30 Smothers Brother-s REGULAR CATTLE SALES 3:00 Fractured Phrases 5:00 Mickey Mouse Show 8:00 Patty Duke mily. and Yearling Sale 5:30 3:30 It's Your Move Dance Party 8:30 A Go Go '6b AT OUR YARD Mr. C. A. Marshall was unfor­ "In the Heart of the Beef Cattle Country" 4:00 Romper Room 6:00 Focus 9:00 Peyton Pt?ce tunate in cutting his hand and 4:30 Head Hunter Show 6:30 Wednesday Night at the 10:00 Andy Williams required stitches in a recent 5:00 Mickey Mouse Show Movies 11:00 CTV National News 8:30 MONDAY and FRIDAY mishap. By this time we hope 5:30 Rocky and Friends Run For Your Life 11:1. Channel 4 Cast 6:00 Focus 9:30 Petticoat Junction 11:20 Regional Wrapup : its on the mend Bert! Thursday and Friday, 6:30 Camp Runamuck 10:00 1 Spy 11:30 Pierre Berton Snow 1% COMMISSION ON CATTLE SOLD BY THE LB. A Tupper Tea was held at the 7:00 Gidget 11:00 CTV National News 12:00 Foothills Theatre home of Mrs. Doris Pasychnyk 7:30 Windfall 11:15 Channel 4 'Cast 1:45 Thought For The Day 8:00 Bewitched 11:20 Regional Wrapup last Tuesday evening. There was October 21 and 22 8:30 Andy Griffith Show 11:30 Pierre Berton Show SATURDAY. October 9— COMING SALES a gathering of twenty-two ladies 9:00 Country Music Hall 12:00 Foothills Theatre 8:55 Hllll_IIINIIt.llllllllr.nil I 111111.1111111.1.1.1111111111 llllllll. llll Thought For The Day and a very nice time was en SALE TIME 10 a.m. BOTH DAYS 9:30 Take A Chance 1:30 Thought For The Day 9:00 Sideshow joyed. 10:00 The Big Valley 10:00 Treasure Island 11:00 CTV National News THURSDAY, October 7— 10:30 Casper and Company — EVERY MONDAY — Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Reip of Last Year we sold almost 2000 head of calves for 11:15 Channel -1 Cast 8:00 University of the Air 11:00 Milton The Monster of Trochu are the proud parents 11:20 Regional Wrapup 8:30 Thought For The Day 11:30 Peter Potamus Regular Hog, Sheep and Dairy Cattle of a baby girl born Sept. 27, top prices. Our selling rate will be the same as last 11:30 Pierre Berton Show 8:33 News and Weather 12:00 Bowery Boys ! Catherine Ixmise, a sister for year, only three percent. Calves will be sorted to 12:00 Western Canada News 9:00 Ed Allen Time 1:00 Kids Bids the boys. Mrs. Seip is the form- j Roundup 9:30 James Beard Show 1:30 All Star Wrestling size and quality and sold as delivered to the 12:30 Thought For The Day 10:00 Mr. and Mrs. 2:30 — EVERY FRIDAY — er Margaret McNair of Delia. Whoopee A Go Go Stettler Auction Mart Please have your entries in 10:30 Today From Calgary 4:00 After Four Regular Beef Cattle Sales Mr. Dick Miles of Red Deer j TUESDAY, October E^— Teleraces-Dear Charlotte 4:30 Wide World of Sports has been out helping his broth­ early as your cooperation will assist management 8:00 University of the Air 12:00 Cartoon Theatre 6:00 Focus 8:30 Thought For The Day 12:15 Colt .45 6:30 Challenge er Harold with the harvest this in sale operation. 24-Hour Trucking service is avail­ 8:33 News and Weather 12:45 Kids Is People 7:00 Jackie Gleason "Eastern Buyers Represented At All Sales" \ past week. able to you at all times. Please Phone Stettler 742- 9:00 Ed Allen Time 1:00 Matinee Theatre 8:00 Green Acres A week ago Saturday Kevin I 9:30 James Beard Show 2:30 People In Conflict 8:30 Court Martial 3184 or 742-2785. 10:00 Mr. and Mrs- 3:00 Fractured Phrases 9:30 • Friedley entertained seven of Spotlight I. LIST YOUR LIVESTOCK WITH 10.30 Today From Calgary 3:30 It's Your Move 10:00 Convoy t ' his school mates on the occas­ —AUCTIONEERS— Teleraces-Dear Charlotte 4:00 Romper Room 11:00 CTV National News ion of his 8th birthday. They : 12:00 Cartoon Theatre 4:30 Head Hunter Show 11:15 Channel 4 Cast Charlton's Sale Yards, Lid. were the following: David and 12:15 Colt .45 5:00 Mickey Mouse Show 11:20 Regional Wrapup Bill Wilson, Danny Laslo, Dar­ 12:45 Kids Is People 5:30 Atom Ant 11:30 Foothills Theatre 1:00 Matinee Theatre 6:00 Focus 1:00 Thought For The Day "ALBERTA'S LEADING AUCTIONEERS" rel Unsworth, Ken Long, Sher- C. Q. McKay T. A. Prall win Kelm, Robbie Morrison. All I Lie. No. 233 Uc. No. 286 Honk Chariton Johnny Charlton had a wonderful time. Lie. No. 136 Lie. No. 293 Just recently Mr. and Mrs. ' Ed. Kittridge and family enter­ G. E. McKay Bill Wigley Phone: 362-3229 ond 362-2972, Brooks REXML'S FALL Ic SALE IS COMING! tained the following guests: Mr. Lie. No. 137 Lie. No. 118 and Mrs. Alfred Viste of Ada, 10 BIG DAYS OCTOBER14 to 23—Out of Town Customers Are Invited To CLERKS—E. W. McKay and E. E. Bullington "Farm Sales A Specialty" Minnesota, USA., and Mr. and Pick Up the Country Advance Order Forms in Order That Their Requirements Mrs. Roy Griffith and family of 50-5lc Can be Filled Prior to the Sale. ' the Hanna district. Mrs. Griff­

**•******+*+• + **** »/ • / S r*~ ** 9 j^S^fe^iM^B^A^^ *r s * v -*• *f *f *,' *r *r *r*s . ' *' *"*****"«•*tfi*f.tf *£ ,ff.-g. ISKJ-3£.«f - L^SSSR-*; 3stta^r.i|M»'* **f nf THE HANNA HERALD, Wad, Oct. 13. 1965—PAGE 15 Ur. FLUNKC UT ACADIA VALLEY BUREAU Bozak. spending the week end at Ed­ NEWS — CIRCULATION — JOB PRINTING Trace Thanksgiving dinner ta­ monton visiting Vera'g brother IT HAPPENED Mrs. FREDA McNABB — Representative bles in Acadia Valley as result who has returned from overseas AT THE CORNER of lucky winners in the recent •duty. Of ELM AND Empress Legion turkey draws. The Wally Myers family are MAIN ACADIA VALLEY. Oct. 8— sediment bulb, however there Howard Krempien was involv­ at Camrose. The Community Club met for was a minimum of damage to ed in a combine accident rec- All the school children att­ th- irnv season recently and a the equipment. :ntly. He was caught momen- ending classes in various points highlight of the first report was The Home and School Assoc­ i-arily in a belt, which cut off this term have returned for the a bank balance of $659.07. The iation meets for the 1965-06 he first joint of his middle fin­ Thanksgiving Celebrations. Am­ ong them is young Neil Brunn- annual tag day for the blind ttrm at the school October 21 der on bis right hand. The little 1 (CMBi is set for Saturday, Oct at 8 p rn. This is award night. and ring fingers were also in- er. He is enrolled In speech ober 16. The public is requested Visiting at the Bozak house­ ,ured. i therapy classes in Medicine Hot. to watch for canvassers. Conve­ hold are Mr. and Mrs. Riffel of Mr. Bernard Niwa is currently ner for this project is Mary Rjgina. grandparents of Mrs working at McMahon Stadium in Prior to 1830, British banks Grudecki. A nominating comm Some 18 to 21 turkeys wih 1 Calgary. took 40 holidays on saints' days ittte to set up a new executive The Tony Hauck family is each year. consists of Rose Marshal. Jam t Peers. Ila Dilabough It was not ed too that Girl Guides will con­ CYNTHIA tinue for another season with Yvonne McFadyen. leader, as START THE DAY sisted by Lorraine Kuhn. i h • awards sponsored by the with ' onimunity Club for Jr. and Si Home Economics students is *o be purchased by Mrs. Jim Ail- ki ns. Two gifts in farewell gesture ware given to Mrs Hubele an I Mr.s. Jack Stolz. The Peers memorial fund now stands at S374.00 and all plans ii'e still tentative. It was report- ed too that the sum of $108.00 is required instead of the far­ YOU NEVER OUTGROW mer $96.00 toward the care of l.ee .Ie Scop. YOUR NEED FOR HIGH^PROTEII The program of Sing. Say and FUND CAMPAIGN lon. President of Ihe Alberta committed to heart research NEW RAILWAY ANNOUNCED Do proved laugh-provoking. Ser­ BODY-BUILDING MILK! GETS GOOD SUPPORT Heart Foundation reported thai the highest total since the for­ KDMONTON The Honorable viteurs were Barbara and Rose the 1965 Heart Fund campaign mation of the Foundation. "Tlv Thi' Tenth Annual Meeting of Marshall. was the most successful in the wonderful generosity of the peo­ E. C. Manning, Premier of Al­ the Alberta Heart Founriatoii ple of Alberta is the main rea­ berta and Mr Donald Gordon, w.is held in Hed Deer. October history of the Foundation with Two confirmation candidates son heart research can be sup­ President of the Canadian Nat­ ti over $146,000 beini! raised. Ol were presented to Bishop Jack ported to spell an extent" stated ional Railways announced last Buy your Neil F. Duncan, M.D, Kdmon- this amount, over $122,000 was son of Regina Oct. 7 at All Dr. Duncan. week the signing of an agree­ ment between the Alherta Re­ Saints in Oyen recently. They Canada At the Board of Director-' sources Railway Corporation were Lorraine Ewing and Rich­ mi etini; of the Foundation mi­ and Canadian National for the ard Brunner. A number of Ac ni' diatelv following the Annual construction of a 100 mile re­ . adians wa re present too at the Savings Meeting, R. S. Woodman, CI..!'. sources railway in northwestern dedication service in which two ifiMMttHSI Calgary, was elected President Alberta. | windows in memory of the late- Bonds of the Foundation for the ensu­ Rev John Hayhurst and Mr ing year. Newly elected officers The railway will extend north­ McNabb, the late father of Mr.s. at the were: H M, Kelcher. Edmonton. westerly from a point on Can Roy Johnson of Oyen. Vice-President and J. D. Balfour adian National's main line west Reports have it that the Char-. When we Reuphol .ter Furniture Calgary. Honorary Secretary- of Hinton to tap a rich resourc­ lie Blister family, formerly of Royal we practically re-build it \ \ \ Treasurer. es area near the Smoky River. Empress is enjoying the Kel­ Ask for application form owna countryside where they Buy a creamy quart, half-gallon from tne inside out, and \ \\ Newly elected directors to the at your nearest branch. The railway will be financed ire now residing. Buy for cash or by instal­ or gallon of milk at your return it to you looking Foundation for a term of three by the provincial Crown Corpor It seems too, that Mrs. Jack ments. Canada Savings grocer's. Or phone us, and your "like new!" years were: Mrs. D. G. W. Suth­ ation and Canadian National Bonds never fluctuate in milk man will have the order / erland, Lethbridge, F. A. Amy, (Margaret) Ross is in charge of will supervise construction for value, can be cashed any at your doorstep in the morning Red Deer. C. E Keating. CI..F. the Corporation. the cooking section at the Sen- .or Citizen's Home at Crossfield. time for full face value, Medicine Hat and Gordon L. Ha­ plus interest. rold, Calgary. Re-elected to the Tenders are expected to be daughter Sandra is staying at s Board for a further term of called later this month for clear Stettler with sister Jackie. three years were: Mr. J, D. Man ing and building the subgrade Irving Loran fought a fire on CENTRAL ALBERTA ning, Messrs. J. Ansemo, B. T. : for the first 30 mile section his combine last Sunday, Oct. 3. Banks. G E Foster, and Dr. R Track laying will likley start It started when chaff ignited S. Eraser, all of Edmonton and next July. The agreement calls from the exhaust. He tried to i DAIRY POOL Messrs II N. Sttwirt. E. D. for completion of the line by beat out the fire with his coat. | J. A. Rasmussen, Mgr. — Hanna H'aines and It. S. Woodman, C.I. the end of 1967. but the flames spread to a leaky ROYAL BANK L of Calgary. SHERMAN'S FURNITURE CENTRE On completion, the railway In accepting the Presidency will be leased to Canadian Na­ AND VALLEY UPHOLSTERY of thc Foundation, Mr Wood­ tional for operation on a ton­ man stated that "if we are to nage rental basis. Canadian Na­ Full Automotive Upholstery - Cars, Truck.ac_d stop the biggest killer of hum­ tional is given an option to pur­ Tractor Seats anity we need more money for chase the line at any tiijae by "New Furniture Sales" heart research and education of reimbursing the Crown Corpora­ Phone VA3-2444, Drumheller, Alta. the public. We need more minds tion for its outstanding capital dedicated to the heart cause. cost plus interest at 6 percent.



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• -* _c - — _«_i_5fi_ai_fa_M_._*_M_*_M_l_M_M_tt_fe_ll.t.i r

ronto, both stamps feature the AMERICANS MOVE IN PAGE 16—THE HANNA HERALD, Wed., Oct. 13, 1965 Good for Canada and Good for G.M. For Christmas bands of the Magi bearing fifts Australia's traditional heavy (Montreal Star) most of us are car buyers and Special Stamps trade with Britain has remained lew of us work in car plants or constant while exports to the Christmas begins on October r, LOBSTER- S MEAN CASH Mr. Diefenbaker has describ­ •nvn shares in General Motors, United States have risen from Custom Four-Door Hardtop Adds To ed the Canadian-American Aut­ 13 at your local post office. For I.lis is natural enough. Yet Mr. The lobster fishing industry is $336,000,000 to $607,500,000 in omotive a'lioimiiil as a $51,000- Drury put price reduction low an early start on Christmas mai­ five years. 000 bonu. !<> Ihe ante industry. ling, especially fur parcels to worth nearly $20..00.000 annu­ •m th • list ol b'iv fits which he ally to the Maritime provinces Long List of Choices in New Beaumonts Mr. T. ('. l.H.ii'.'i is. NDP Lead­ lhr.ught would accrue from the distant overseas points, the spe­ er, has call', d i' a "massive five aereer. cut. cial 3c and 5c Christmas stamps 1966 BEAUMONT away." In the l'nited States a will be available October 13 at Prickly pear cacti come in As f "' as Can:.da was enpeern- jj£| distinguished s; nator has urged your local Post Office. Designed many varieties. Some do not iAN'AO*: the Opposition to "j.'o to town" • il consumer benefits were to (•'••>]-:• from a :liff\ rent direction. by Miss Helen Fitzgerald of To- have spines. on it. With six WPC.S to votin • l- there L; considerable evidence h • basic ebj'ctive of the plan lhat the pact, si_in d last Janu­ was to quote Mr. Drury, "to pro­ ary b'tween Mr. Pearson and vide a rapidly expanding mark­ Presid'nt Johnson, wil! baconie et for Canadian vehicle and an «.•!. ,"!:<.ii i.'ir.'. This is fine, "iir|"enent producers." In this Tail fertilization is only good the agreement i . ey production, trad', employ important and nun! and efficiency were to be shnuu! be iook< : at, but reali.ii- for growing snowr ically. ;ncrejsrl d to a substantial div­ ine in other words, employ­ For eoed reason we have be- imenn t one government estimate come hipped on tin- price asp ,] ces the numbir of new jobs r- ec's cf tlie agreement. Since ,,| .Yl.OOO- was the first priority .11' in improved balance of pay- < a Oh*, yeah? ]6iiwlji^fi ii.. nt . th ' s' cond. Bv 1%'8. if the guarantees •v iv fulfilled, and Mr. Drury IVs sending my was confident they would be, Canadian automotive produc- kids to University!' lion would be up 5') percent. No OSHAWA, Ont. — A newwhee l trim covers are also new production mirical could ach­ four-doer hardtop, new sport op this year — and so is the inter­ • YOUNGSTOWN ieve this in a single year: it was tions and new power are fea­ ior trim .instrument panel and lo be a gradual process during tures of Beaumont for 1966. (.len upholstery. The Youngstown Community ", '-icli inevitably there would be Try a well-planned, dollar-producing Elephant Brand fall 1 The name of the person eral Motors of Canada annnuc 'I There is an attractive, new Library is hold.ng a pot luck i'i. al difficulties. fertilizer program applied after harvest—when you've you are addressing. today. The new model is now on erille treatment coupled with supper in the community hall new bumpers to help emplias:7.' I Hi 1 in the long run the patt­ got more time—and the weather's on your side. display at Moore's Motors in on Saturday. October 23 from ern was to I)'1 set which would 2 The street number, Hanna. the wide, long, low look. Trim 1 Your stubble and grassland fall-fertilized with 5.30 to 8 p.m. In reflected as far as Canada street name, or post office Thc new and beautiful Beau­ ornamentati! n is also new. Elephant Brand High Nitrogen fertilizers will give much Mr. and Mrs. Don Lewis of -..is concrnecl, i'i more work box number, apartment mont Custom four-door hardtop Other featuers: New thick.r Vancouver are spending a lew and siibstintial savings of fur- bigger yields and much more forage—because the prime brings to nine the number of laminated windshield: new ho."- days w :th the Stolls. ign exchange. Thi re may be a cause of low yields is lack of nitrogen—not moisture. or business block, suite zont.il heat r controls centred models aavailable in the two Mr. and Mrs. Builer of Cal­ bonus her • to the in.iustrj^— the Come Spring, the nitrogen in fall-applied high-nitrogen number, if any. series — Beaumont and Beau an the instrument panels: spec- nard headed men who run auto­ al frame and suspension mod gary have spent several days Elephant Brand is in the root zone—ready to promote 3 City, town or village, mont Custom. A long list of with their daughter and son in motive companies are not noted available options make an ol- fications for cars with high-out- iiri' industrial philanthropy— vigorous, early growth—to give you crops as green and and postal zone, if in use, rut V8's. law Mi. and Mrs. J. MacKinnon. real as money itself—and profits that can give your most custom-car available and Those hospitalized this week but equally it couid provide a province, too. with or without the options. There is a choice of 13 power in Ilanna are Mrs. Thos. Davies. lasting hem fit to the country. family some of life's better things. Beaumont is able to offer ex­ cams. A new three-speed tran- Mrs. Jas. MacLennan and little Car prices oe something dif- 4 Your name and your pensive-car features unsurpass­ .mission is a feature of Beau Penny Roach. lerent. Mr. Drury was being •complete address in the iiont '66. It is a fully-s. nchron ed in its price ran-?e. upper left corner. The options are typified by _td transmisison which means A farewell tea was held in the ihoroughly honest when he told Now! Save Money! the new sport option offered for •asier shifting for the driver, Rest Room on Saturday evening the House of Commons that thc last in honor of Mrs. Alice Ask about our the Custom sport coupe and ind the ability to gear down chief result of the agreement, Laughlin. A purse of money was Custom convertible. It includes nto low without coming to a :is far as the consumer was con- Attractive Strato-bucket seats, floor con­ omplete stop. presuited to Mrs. Laughlin. The hostesses were Mrs. Jessie corned, would be not cheaper sole with automatic or four- Beaumont has a new engine Fall Discounts speed transmission, wheel trim Schmitz and Miss Rose Osborne. cars, but that our cars would be- .hat will be available only on Mr. and Mrs. Benny Logelin discs, distinctive exterior orna­ nodels with the sport option. It coiiii more expensive more slow mentation and distinctive trim. were week end Visitors to Cal­ ly. At best the result he thought See us today for s the hiyh- performance 360- gary, There are new styling featur­ l.p. 396 cu. in. Y8. In the op would be that the gap between Week end visitors with Mr. es too in all models of Beau­ ional 3^7 V8. output lias been I'.S. and Canadian prices would mont for '66. ncreastd to 275 h.p. There is a F Taylor, Mrs. Ktta (ireas'ey, and Mrs. R. Wade were Mrs le narrowed. Elephant Brand The Beaumont Custom and lew automatic choke control for sport deluxe coupe has a new iptional V8 engines. Mr. Bob Alien and Mr. Vern Off ihe cuff r'-marks about HIGH QUALITY FERTILIZERS roofline and unusual rear win­ Turner of Rivers. Man., and Mr. bonuses or rather airy fairy Two standard engines are of­ and Mrs. J. Wade and family Produced by COMINCO dow treatment. It's recessed and iloiibts about the agreement do at a different angle than the fered — depending on the mod- and Mrs. Alice Laughlin and The Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada Limited not help. If there is an issue in 1417 quarter panels. The windshield •1 selected. On six cylinder cars Johnny all of Calgary. the standard engine is a 194 cu is lower this year in these mod­ Mr. and Mr.s. Geo. Gordon the Automotive Fact it lies in K&B MOTORS HANNA els. in., 120 horsepower (a 140 horse. whether it does what it was in­ power 230 cu. in. engine will be have moved over town to their Hood, fenders, trunk deck tended to do, namely provide T. O. MARTIN BYEMOOR available); on cars equipped new res.(Ience, SOMETHING SLEEK. There's lids — all have been restyled to with a V8 engine .the standard much ado recently about more work and save on foreign W. M. GIBSON - DELIA give new emphasis to the low- V8 is 283 cu. in. with 195 horse­ The Bank of Fngland issues the Muu-Muu, a type of exchange There ar

A Beaumont Custom Sport Coupe with Sports Option. SERVICE A spirited car frOmtn General Motors, offering completely THAT new styling and value unsurpassed in tlie low-price field!

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)£Q$>$$i!!i)i_^ *•* '-""M.**.M ******* ***** it************** tar t»it» ». f.....*.../,. .^i*^^^,^^^ THE,HANNA HERALD, Wed, Oct. 13, .1965—RAGE 17.

sandwiches. 1 tbsp. finely minced onion Hem end Cheese Sandwich 2 tsp. prepared mustard Filling 1 tsp. salt Vi tsp. pepper 1 cup ground cooked ham l Shred corned beef. Blend ( e2 pound) cheese and salad dressing, then 1 cup grated Canadian cheese add remaining ingredients and (1/5 pound) combine with beef. School Lunches Simplified 4 tsp. prepared mustard Yield: 3 cups of spread — suf­ Courtesy Home Service Depart­ •ni tsp. Worcestershire sauce ficient for 12 double sandwich­ ment, C_\adian Western Natur­ Combine and mix well. es. Yield: sufficient filling for 9 al Gas Co>Ltd., Calgary. Bologna Sandwich Filling Homemakers who prepare double sandwiches. Baked 3ean Sandwich Filling 1 cup minced bologna paclced lunches for home or V* cup minced mustard pickle school are finding that a home 1 cup baked beans, drained ''4 tsp. grated onion freezer is a great convenience. 3 tbsp. lemon juice SruceElosis Vaccination; Should Stock l 'a tsp. salt Part of a morning devoted to Vt to k tsp. salt sandwich making for the follow- , Few drops Worcestershire 5 tbsp. ccoked salad dressing ing week can relieve the tedium sauce Combine ingredients and mix len Co-operate in Program This Year? of this daily routine. Mash beans well Add season- thoroughly. Best fillings ings. Yield: sufficient for 4 double by W. E. Mattheys I so that there will be no added Meat, fish, cheese, poultry, Yield: sufficient for 4 double sandwiches. Field Supervisor for i costs there. peanut butter ,hard cooked egg sandwiches. Municipal District of (4) The fourth and most im­ First Regional yolk (not the whites), piakles Deviled Corned Beef Spread MAKE OWN MOVIES Starland No. 47 portant reason we should vac­ Lab. Now Open and olives freeze well. Cooked 1 standard size can corned cinate is that the federal gov- COUNTRY COOKING. The delicious site of golden, puffy salad dressing (not mayonnaise), beef The South African film board Irucellosis Vaccination: i ernment is and will continue to home-made breads and jewel-toned jams is familiar this The Lethbridge Veterinary ' prepared mustard, relish, cat­ 1 cup grated sharp Canadian modelled on Canada's National Should I, or should I not vac- | conduct tests to determine the time of year as home bakiing contests are held at small­ Laboratory will be officially op­ sup, and chili sauce call all be cheese Film Board, now has the capac­ ;inate this year? I amount of Brucellosis within ened by the Hon. Harry E town fall fairs across the country. Judges report a resur­ combined with suitable fillings. 2 tbsp. cooked salad dressing ity for making about 60 ten min­ I will list a few reasons why the Municipal district and if the Strom. Minister of Agriculture, gence of interest in yeast baking among women. To Wrap '•2 cup minced sweet pickle ute films annually. think you should incidence reaches a predeter- on Wednesday, October 13th. Wrap sandwiches individually (1) The Agricultural Service ; mincd level it may again be nc- This attractive modern one Board initiated a vaccination in waxed paper, then individ­ cessary to enact legislation to story building was built to ex­ Service Boards Farm Managem't program in 1951 in an attempt ually or in pairs in plastic freez­ enforce vaccination and blood tend the services of the Edmon­ to eliminate Brucellosis within Do Good Job er bags or foil. testing of female cattle. ton Laboratory and represents Com mittee Meets To Thaw the Municipal District of Star­ For the above enumerated Johnny Shields the first regional or branch unit Alberta's 55 agricultural ser­ Remove from freezer and Band. It has taken the last 14 reasons, 1 feel it makes good The new Manitoba proposal to It comprises approximately 7,- vice boards are doing a very pack into lunch bags. Frozen Licensed! ond Bonded fc'ears to bring the incidence of sense from an economic and set up a farm management con­ 500 square feet of usable space commendable job in this pro­ sandwiches require 2 to 3 hours Brucellosis down to where is is health point of view to carry on sulting service for farmers who and includes provisions for pos vince, according to W. Lobay. to defrost at room temperature _lt that we are relatively free with Brucellosis vaccinating in want individual advice was one sible future expansion The total Supervisor of Soils and Weed and if removed in the morning from the disease. Starland Municipality. of the topics discussed by th? AUCTIONEER investment including the build­ Control. Western Canadian Farm Man­ will be ready by noon. (2) If we at the vaccination ing, land and equipment is PHONE 5 (Collect) CHINOOK. Alberta urogram drop at this time, just Mr. Lobay was very impressed agement Extension Committee Storage time TIPS ON TAXES about $250,000. jecause we are not compelled to with what he saw on a number at their recent two-day meeting In a zero-degree freettr — 3 The Lethbridge Laboratory is vaccinate ,we are indicating that of service board tours earlier in in Edmonton. months. In the freezer storage Your 1965 income tax return basically a diagnostic laboratory SALES REGISTAR the season. The projects includ­ compartment of refrigerator — re do not think that Bangs dis­ is something you probably equipped and staffed to provide The purpose of these meet­ ed trials of new and promising 1 week. ease can be very serious in our would rather forget for a few modern and complete services. ings is to exchange information herbicides, fertilizer demonstra­ Good Fillings To Freeze COMBINE FARM AUCTION SALE — Jack Karg cattle herds. It also shows that months. But if you're making There are post-mortem facilities on methods and developments tions, community pasture devel­ Mock Deviled Hem Sandwiches ve do not believe that undulant even modest investments, the for all livestock and poultry in thc four western provinces and Elmer Rassller, Monday, October 25 — opments, shelterbelt plantings, 3 weiners ?ver in humans is very serious. tax angle should be studied now which are supported by micro­ and to avoid duplication of ef­ Craigmyle. brush spraying operations and V. tsp. prepared mustard (3) The Alberta government suggests Beatrice Riddell in The biology and histopathology sec forts and services where pos­ the management of land taken 3 tbsp. cooked salad dressing is again paying the Veterinarian Financial Post's series "How tn lions. It is anticipated that.80 sible. MRS. HELEN GUENTHER, Seberb, Saskatchewan — under supervision or reclaimed Boil the weiners, chill .remove a 40c grant to help defray the make your money grow". Ded­ percent or more of the submis­ University farm management Saturday, October 30. because of weed and soil pro­ the skins and put through the vaccinating expenses. This uctions and credits available on sions will receive a complete ex curriculms came under discus­ r blems. food chopper. Mix with mustard means that the farmer and/or certain types of investment can amination at Lethbridge. Spec­ sion and the Committee outlin­ WATCH FOR DATE OF THESE SALES — John Bit*, Although some of the projects rancher should not have to pay imens requiring special serol­ ed the type of students they, and salad dressing. Oyen and Herman Kober, Hanna. increase your after tax income. are being carried out on a small more than he did in the past. ogy, viroloogy or toxicology an­ would like to see coming out of Yield: sufficient for 5 double There are four key points to re­ scale because of limited funds The Agricultural Service alysis will be forwarded to the universities for farm manage member, The Post says. These and personnel, Mr. Lobay feels — Listings Solicited For — iBoard is again taking care of are: 1, All income, including sa­ main laboratory in Edmonton. ment work. The list of new bul­ The Western Canadian Farm ie organization of the program that they play an important part lary, bonuses, revenue from Other facilities include admin letins required and the role of Management Extension Commit­ Farms Ranches — Town and Country Property in pointing out to farmers "how, compulors in date processing tee is made up of provincial, property or other investments, istration and media preparation when, where and why" certain General Real Estate is taxable, although the income sections, animal holding, wash­ for farm business analysis also federal and university personnel FREE ESTIMATES — WIDE ADVERTISING activities must be undertaken came under review. It appears from the four western provin­ from certain sources can be re­ ing and sterilizing equipment, by landowners a.s part of the PROMPT AND COURTEOUS SERVICE duced for tax purposes. 2, In refrigeration and low tempera­ that Alberta and Saskatchewan ces. It is the same group that privilege of owning land. are giving the lead in the data No general, expenses directly relat­ ture storage ,an incinerator, lib­ developed the Prairie Provinces "SELLING YOUR BUSINESS IS MY BUSINESS" rary and conference room. A.s a result of weed control processing field. Account Book. ed to production of income prob promotion by service boards, ably are deductible from that in The co-operation which has existed between the Veterinary about 65 per cent of last year's nagging come. 3, Capital gains, as such, cereal crops were treated with are not taxed in Canada. How­ Services Branch and the Fish _nd Wildlife Division for many 2,4-D and related compounds. DISPERSAL ever, the interpretation of "tax­ This year's figure is expected to backache! f § able profits" is broad. If the In­ years is reflected in the pro­ vision of separate laboratory be about the same. In the same She used to be bothered by backaches come Tax Department decides I period last year, about 450,000 11 and tired feeling. When she learned your intention is to trade in pro I und refrigerator space for the that irritation of thc bladder and use ot wildlife biologiists of the pounds of soil sterilants were urinary tract can result in backache perty rather than invest in it applied to weed patches and ap­ and tired feeling, she took Dodd's Fish and (lame Branch. Kidney Fills. Smart Kill. Dodd's Pills for income, the gain may quali­ proximately 3,000 miles of road­ stimulate the kidneys to help relieve fy as a "taxable profit". 4, the The Lethbridge Laboratory sides were back-sloped and the condition causing the backache and Sherry" ANGUS FARMS dividend tax credit of 20 per­ will be open for public inspec­ tired feeling. Soon she felt better — seeded to recommended grass Owned by: rested better. If you are bothered by cent of net dividends from tax­ tion on Thursday, October 14th. mixtures to prevent erosion and b-URkache. Dodd's Kidney Pills may help G. LEWIS STEEVES, HANNA -*-*i_#ERTA ilit. I you. too. Tou ean depend on Dodd's. able Canadian companies can weed growth. 1* substantially reduce your tax. FARM FACTS During this past summer, Auctioneer: The Alberta Horticultural about 2,000 notices to destroy Ralph Kuhr, Blair, Neb. Guide, available from district weeds were served to landown­ agriculturists and the Extension ers and seeding was prohibited SELLING: Service — Satis faction Service of the provincial Depart­ on about 25,000 acres because of ment of Agriculture, provides heavy perennial weed infest­ Your Alberta Pacific Agent welcomes the opportunity Wednesday-October 27th, 1965-12:30 p.m. home and farm gardeners with ations to discus* the following with yon: cultural and varietal inform­ The ARDA Land Reclaimation LOCATION: ation that is not more than two GRAIN CEREAL GRAIN SEED Project is another program years old. This information is which has been undertaken by The Round-Up Pavilion . . . Hanna, Alberta MALTING BARLEY COAL applicable to all climatic zones service boards. Most municipal SELECTED OATS AGRICULTURAL CHEMICALS in the province. ities are doing some work on a OIL SEEDS — Rapeseed, Mustard Seed ._ Approximately 175 Lots CHURCH GROWS FAST limited scale in co-operation with the farmers concerned io Plus Calves-at-side ALBERTA PACIFIC The Lutheran Church in Am­ reclaim land damaged by wind erica has grown from 1,800.000 and water or seriously infested GRAIN L T l> FROM THE SALE MANAGEMENT members in 1944 to 3,250,000 by perennial weeds. J, t H V_ S N G ALOtR U KftOfrH'CCRS WITH OVER Wo COUN1KV 'aVATCRS today. We have' f^r several years, and still lo, consider the Sherry band of females In addition to the above, Al hifc'h among; the very finest we have known. A real cowman has developed t_ht* Sherry foundation females, and those were tops to start with, selected berta's agricultural service from major established Alherta herds uf Internationally respected blood boards are involved in pest con [lines. Tempting offers have been refused for various females ;an important [addition select el for Sherry Farms by Dick Sour has added still further trol and brucellosis, programs. lustre. Please note the time of S;tle commencement — b**cause of the Im­ portance of this Dispersal we sunnest you come tlie day previous for They are also responsible for ;i inspection .I'oniact the Sale Management for Hotel or Motel accomrnolatlon. great many regulatory dutii^ [only because of illness in the family is this particular opportunity presented. and for making recommend­ fo-owned by Sherry Farms & Rnwena Cattle Company, "Crusader" scaled ations to the council on agricul lino lbs. exactly on his first birthday on Covernment scales, and. after tural matters. Some eighty breedings on pasture in li)fi5. was well over 1650 lbs. when 28 STOCKMEN! months of HKe. He is considered the greatest individual Hire ever used by Sherry Farms — the Ideal type for Western preference, wearing a great Service boards are made up of head with thickness throughout, long and smooth in his quarter, deep in two councillors, two farmers and the flank, and a tremendous leg and foot, it is easy to suggest that from females carrying his service will come many who will become Herdalres THIS FALL PLAN ON MARKETING the district agriculturist in the In his near-likeness. area. This committee facilitates understanding and team work Not Just popular Families I YOUR LIVESTOCK AT... between the provincial Depart­ GREAT PRODUCING CATTLE* ment of Agriculture, the mun­ Anna Barbara M Elm Park Rosebud Miss Burgess icipality and the farmers. Blackbird Blossom Erica Energy Miss Morrison Blackbird Lady Errolline North lane Blackcap Black Jestress Euralra Erica Pridetta REAL VALUES IN USED Blueblood Ladv Evening Tintje Portlethen Ruth MACHINERY Bride of Banks Georgina Queen Ames Daisy of Skene Glenelo Queen Royal Lady Delia Hartley Eline Tiptoe THE HANNA Henderson Barbara Edna Eileen atCC.I.L Hanna Ellen Erica Marsha)) Blackbird C.F.E. 132 S.P. Combine with I Floating Pick-up and Welger j More Thon Sixty Females Selling Carry AUCTION l Baler $2200.00 "Extra-Special" Service To: M.H. No. 27, 14 S.P. Combine ! WNUibar Jumbo Eric Jungle Eric of Candacraig with M.H. Pick Up $1600.00 j Willahar Jumbo 2nd 13702*; Baronda of Haymount i:.i:i:.t; Willahar Betty 1'rlnce Marshall of K'bend •Ronnie Moonbeam 2nd I.HC H064 with Motor and Pick ' l*i_77 Dalrene Bar Bardolier _»'* l>aIrene Eric Bardolier Up $275.00 i Honnif Chance Barbara 30" 94040 Barbara McH. of Da Irene t 121 Mi3 Bonnie Chance Floss 2nd Baronet F.A. I MARKET 98575 Bonnie Chance Flora Case 500D, PTO, Hyd. $2850.001 SHERRY CRUSADER OPENING SALE OCT. 16 - 1 P.M. SPECIALS Born: April 1, 1963. « Kston Compress iith Kston Compress 2nd ; Case "S" Tractor, with B.P. and Cilenmere Bandolier Kston 8592*1 Klsa Henderson 2nd PTO $425.00, 10.ri342 Birdie of Olds 2nd Bandolier's New Deal 2nil • Plans are for added Thursday Sales in November Kline of Satinwt 71700 Willow Park Birdie 4th 119744 Bar Kston Kston Elation Quality- ; CCIL 65 HP Tractor, Diesel, LP Kline Henderson 8th 65688 Barbara Henderson 2nd SGI 20 Kline Henderson 3rd Eston Elation Quality • Sales attended by more buyers than any other TO, PS and Cab $6500.00 67253 Kline of Page 26th ring in the province (Only run 779 Hours) CFE 560D with LPTO, BP, Hyd TO THOSE WHO WILL WISH Assistant Service Sire . .. • Cattle sold in the exact order they are delivered raulic $2300.00 TO KNOW — THERE ARE ABOUT an ONTARIO CHAMPION • Courtesy and service of the highest order extended IHC B250 Diesel with Loader, thirty daughters by Only $2200.00 DALRENE BAR BARDOLIER 15TH Eileenmere of Angus Blossom 19th to both buyers anH sellers M.H. 55 Gas, PTO, BP, Hydrau- the Sherry "Herd-Builder" A Champion at the 19G2 O.X.E., and ..-times 1st in lie $1250.00 Class at Ontario Shows during 19fi2. and is line-bred • Full commission for selling will be 2^ percent, with twenty daughters by to Homephiee Eileenmere 9!*9-S5th John Deere "D" $350.00 a maximum of $3.00 per head for all animals DALRENEMERE 4th, Grand Champion Calgary Bull Sale, 1957 At Sherry Farms you will find ont* of th* select breed- sold by the pound We Have Many More — All ins herds in this country — EVERYTHING SELLS! ! Makes and Models — Visit fifty daughters by 0 C.C.I.L., HANNA DALRENE DUKE 29TH. well proven Direct catalogue & reservation requests to: —AUCTIONEERS- Lloyd Pickard &. Associates Box 413 Phone 854-3277 AMONG OTHER NOTED SIRES: "So* Our Machinery Display Ankonian 35201 SALE MANAGEMENT SERVICE Tool" Proud Heckettier 70th Box 747, Olds. Albert*. Phone 226-3487 Ron Haqlund (Area Code: 403) Murray McKenzie —50-51 Sherry Bardolier 51st

- • ______t______a* ltt_M_M_M_M_M_M_M_M mg^msamm PAGE 18—THE HANNA HERALD, Wed., Oct. 13, 1965


nly specially selected, fop quality government inspected _j<9f Red and blue Beef is good enough for the valus check'd label. Aged for tenderness. Trimmed for economy. Tom- YOUR CHOICE Bcy excells in meat. FREE ALYMER FANCY CREAM — 15 oz. PARKING


PIKES EFFECTIVE ROBIN HOOD — 5 Ib. NESTLEYS — 2 Ib. OCTOBER U, 15,15, IM! bag 63c COIK boi$1.15


CELERY HEARTS .pkg. 43c KELLOGGS — 9 oz. KELLOGGS — 9 oz.

Golden yel!_>w, firm fully ripe \ imn (hex 2 pkg. 49c Mm Chexs 2 pkg. 69c bananas to tempt everyone from bobv to grandpa. These KELLOGGS — 11 oz. CHOC. DAiNTEE FAIR — 16 ot. top grade bananas are han­ dled with (he utmost care to Wheal Chex pkg. 43c Naitows 2 pkgs. 69c our "Fresher by Far" produce department. This assures you INSTANT PLAIN, CHOC—12 oz. DAINTEE FAIR of the finest fruit available where. Add bananas to your shopping list today. Ovaltine pkg. ?9c GsGcoIate Mil 45c


Vi,.-** -w<*

FOOD CONSULTING SERVICE WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES WllZrW^^t ;°0° B O X a 4-.0. STORE HOUR MENUS -FAMILY USE • ENTERTAINING ii*.. 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 LOVfc_^i_PRIE • OU^TiW^C6oKlNGV Tuesday Through Friday QUESTIONS ^.fPgCJIfSp'COOKlNG _ Sf^^H?M«R^S; 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ™ iffffnti •* Saturday DOT WEST says . . . PHONE 854-3234 When broiling steaks remember to preheat the oven to broiling temperature — this is as impor­ FREE PARKING tant as preheating for baking or roasting temper­ Westfair atures. FREE DELIVERY Associate jfl BILL CHIDLEY. Operator -:- HANNA, ALBERTA

, 1 i*m.*a.i**%i^. *m *a **• *m *t\ *%y a **m%MiM^:»nifi*P'.z%*=0.f 6^%J.%^.'3>A*>sM^*#' ?''#^ *"» 1-,-t *t\ ,*r.J*+Jf- - A^^ri -'* af.^?C*-.-j&^.-. J._.„__t__£_U_fctf__W,^^ .