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Midwest Region Study Guide

Midwest Region Study Guide

Name ______!#______Midwest Region Study Guide

Practice labeling the states on the . You will need to do this for the test!

1. ______

2. ______3. ______Illinois 4. ______Indiana Iowa 5. ______Kansas 6. ______Michigan Missouri 7. ______Minnesota 8. ______Nebraska North Dakota 9. ______Ohio 10. ______South Dakota Wisconsin 11. ______

12. ______

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Midwest Region Capitals and Abbreviations

In the second column, write the state abbreviation. In the last column, write the name of the capital . State Abbreviation Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Michigan Missouri Minnesota Nebraska North Dakota Ohio South Dakota Wisconsin

Bismarck Columbus Des Moines

Indianapolis Jefferson City Lansing

Lincoln Madison Pierre

Saint Paul Springfield Topeka

★ © JILL S. RUSS ★ States of the Midwest Region Look in the middle to find MIM, the Man in the Map. Arkansas, Mim’s pants, and Louisiana, Mim’s shoes are in the Southeast region. Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri make the Man in the Map.

Iowa has the eye. Minnesota is his hat, and Missouri is the shirt.

Mim got ill, Michigan and used looks like a Illinois for a mitten (and a tissue in front dog). of his nose. Then he had to wipe his face with Wisconsin. Indiana goes in the mitten.

★ © JILL S. RUSS ★ Ohio is shaped (sort of) like an O O.

Nebraska looks like Mim’s ne-brack-pack (backpack).

North Dakota and South Dakota are the twins of the north.

Kansas looks like a can.

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