What are the roots of ?

• 400 B.C.E, Socrates & is innate-born within us • 300 B.C.E, – knowledge not innate but grows from our and memories • 1650-1700’s:

• Renee Descartes– Agreed with Plato & Socrates; attempted to figure Interesting that the political out how and body communicate. fluid (animal spirits) philosophers are also the sends signals through nerves (hollows) to muscles. psychology guru’s. Begs the • – a founder of modern , believed in experiment, question: How are & common sense judgment, researched the mind and its and psychology related? failings. The human mind searches for patterns to make sense of


– “the mind is a blank slate” on which experience writes. With Bacon, helped to form modern .

knowledge is based on experience and science should rely on Empiricism and experimentation.

What are the beginnings of Modern Psychology?

• 1879 – Wilhem Wundt, psychology’s first experiment measuring “atoms of the mind” – the fastest & simplest mental processes • Early branches of psychology include, structuralism, functionalism, , Gestalt,

Structuralism Edward Bradford Titchener, Cornell U; understand the structural elements of the mind through self-reflective ; unreliable from person to person, unexplainable – the why we do what we do can’t be answered

Functionalism , Harvard; how mental and behavioral processes function – how they enable us to adapt, survive, and do well. Study the , memories, willpower, habits, & streams of .

• First female PhD in Psychology – Mary Calkins, Harvard denied her the honor, but first female APA Pres, 1905; Margaret Washburn Initial surprise that Harvard became first female PhD in Psych, APA Pres, 1921 refused to recognize Calkin’s • William James wrote first Psychology text, Principles of Psychology accomplishments, pg. 5

Explore behavior and thinking with experiments How did psychology develop from 1920 – today? … Summary: CU’s: What are the five In trying to understand why we do what we do through observation, the science of psychology schools of early psychology? was born. The roots of psychology start with the early Greek philosophers Plato and Socrates, structuralism, functionalism, with Wundt the father or modern psychology… behaviorism, Gestalt, Psychoanalysis Who is the father of psychology? Wilhelm Wundt What is psychology? The study of behavior and mental processes.