Coretta Scott King Book Award Winners

2000-2021 Authors & illustrators

⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2021 ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2010 Jacqueline Woodson Vaunda Micheaux Nelson Before the Ever After Bad News for Outlaws: Frank Morrison The Remarkable Life of Bass R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Reeves, Deputy U.S. Marshal Aretha Franklin, Charles R. Smith Jr. The Queen of Soul My People

⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2020 ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2009 Jerry Craft Kadir Nelson New Kid We Are the Ship: Kadir Nelson The Story of Negro League Baseball The Undefeated Floyd Cooper The Blacker the Berry ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2019 ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2008 Claire Harteld Christopher Paul Curtis A Few Red Drops: Elijah of Buxton The Chicago Race Riot of 1919 Ashley Bryan Ekua Holme Let it Shine: The Stuff of Stars Three Favorite Spirituals ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2018 ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2007 Renée Watson Sharon Draper Piecing Me Together Copper Sun Ekua Holme Kadir Nelson Out of Wonder: Moses: When Harriet Tubman Poems Celebrating Poets Led Her People to Freedom ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2017 ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2006 and Julius Lester : Book Three Day of Tears: A Novel in Dialogue Javaka Steptoe Bryan Collier Radiant Child: The Story of Young Rosa Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat

⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2016 ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2005 Rita Williams-Garcia Toni Morrison Gone Crazy in Alabama Remember: Bryan Collier The Journey to School Integration Trombone Shorty Kadir Nelson Ellington Was Not a Street ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2015 ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2004 Jacqueline Woodson Angela Johnson Brown Girl Dreaming The First Part Last Christopher Myers Ashley Bryan Firebird Beautiful Blackbird ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2014 ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2003 Rita Williams-Garcia Nikki Grimes P.S. Be Eleven Bronx Masquerade Bryan Collier E. B. Lewis Knock Knock: Talkin' About Bessie: The Story My Dad's Dream for Me of Aviator Elizabeth Coleman ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2013 ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2002 Andrea Davis Pinkney Mildred Taylor Hand in Hand: Ten Black Men The Land Who Changed America Bryan Collier Goin' Someplace Special I, Too, Am America ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2012 ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2001 Kadir Nelson Jacqueline Woodson Heart and Soul: The Story of Miracle's Boys America and Bryan Collier Shane W. Evans Uptown Underground: Finding the Light to Freedom ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2011 ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ 2000 Rita Williams-Garcia Christopher Paul Curtis One Crazy Summer Bud, Not Buddy Bryan Collier Brian Pinkney Dave the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave In the Time of the Drums

The Coretta Scott King Book Awards are given annually to outstanding African American authors and illustrators of books for children and young adults that demonstrate an appreciation of African American culture and universal human values. Learn more at