Calvert Library Resources The Guy, Jayson Kowinsky FOSSIL of Calvert Cliffs, Third Edition. www.fossilguy.com Ashby, Wallace L., MD 560.9752 ASH, Calvert Cliffs Collecting Sites TEETH MD R 560.9752 www.fossilguy.com/sites/calvert/ Fossil of the Chesapeake Bay Printable Identification Sheets www.fossilguy.com/id_papers/ Region. Kent, Bretton W., 567.3 KEN CALVERT COUNTY, Shark Fossils Found at the Calvert Fossil : Beach and Bank Cliffs of Maryland Collecting for Amateurs. Thomas, M. C., www.fossilguy.com/sites/calvert/ 566.075 THO calv_srk.htm

Internet Resources - Brownie’s Beach Fossils [Bay Front Park] mysite.verizon.net/ Maryland Geological Survey browniebeach www.mgs.md.gov Sites at Calvert Cliffs Local Museums www.mgs.md.gov/esic/fs/fs10.html Bayside History Museum: Paleontology Shark Teeth Brochure Exhibit, 9006 Dayton Ave., North Beach www.mgs.md.gov/esic/brochures/ MD 20714, 410-495-8386. Call for hours. sharks.html Miocene Shark Species Calvert Marine Museum, 14200 Solomons www.mgs.md.gov/esic/brochures/ Island Road, Solomons, MD 20688, teeth/odont.html 410-326-2042. Open daily 10 a.m. to 5 Miocene Tooth Fossils (including p.m. Admission Fee. sharks, rays, , , and ) www.mgs.md.gov/esic/ References brochures/teeth/index.html 1. Jeanne D. McLennan, Miocene Sharks Teeth of Calvert County, Maryland Geological Survey Pamphlet Series, 1971. www.mgs.md.gov/esic/ Calvert Marine Museum publications/download/sharks. retrieved 2/8/2011. www.calvertmarinemuseum.com 2. Calvert Marine Museum, Where to Find Fossils. Fossil Identification Guide www.calvertmarinemuseum.com/exhibits/ www.calvertmarinemuseum.com/ paleontology-fossil-find.php retrieved 2/8/2011. exhibits/paleontology-fossil-id-guide.php 3. Jayson Kowinsky, Rough Map of Calvert County, Miocene Shark Teeth Poster, Fossil With Collecting Sites, And Exposed Formations Kits, Fossil Books Along The Beach, www.fossilguy.com/sites/ www.calvertmarinemuseum.com/ calvert/cal_map.htm retrieved 2/8/2011. store/ calvert.lib.md.us 410-535-0291

3) Matoaka Cottages/Beach Cabins is located just What are fossil shark teeth? east of St. Leonard off of Calvert Beach Road. How do I identify the kind of There is a daily beach access fee. Open round. 410-586-0269 shark a tooth came from? About 17 million ago, during the Miocene Epoch, Southern Maryland was 4) Ponds Park provides access (on a Several excellent graphic and photo- covered by a warm, shallow . In those seasonal basis) to its beach. There is a daily beach access fee. 410-586-1477 (direct line) graphic identification guides may be found , various species of sharks lived and 410-535-5327 (reservations, groups) online. died, leaving behind their teeth to become fossilized. A tooth can become a fossil if 5) Calvert Cliffs State Park is located five miles Maryland Geological Survey it gets buried in sediment before oxygen or north of Solomons on MD Rt. 4. It has nature trails www.mgs.md.gov/esic/brochures/ bacteria destroys it. It takes about 10,000 through a wooded park leading to the beach. The beach is a two mile hike from the parking lot. Open teeth/odont.html years for the minerals in the sediment to year round. Donation of $5 per vehicle. replace the natural structure of the tooth, 301-743-7613. leaving behind what is basically a rock in the shape of a tooth that we call a fossil. See reference 2 for more detail

See reference 1 for more detail

Where may I collect fossil shark teeth? Calvert Marine Museum www.calvertmarinemuseum.com/exhibits/ WARNING! Though you can collect paleontology-fossil-id-guide-teeth.php fossils from the beach, digging in the cliffs is dangerous and prohibited on all State and federal lands. On private land, permission must be obtained from the owner before digging.

1) Bay Front Park (formerly known as Brownie’s Beach) is located on MD Rt. 261 at the northern end of Calvert County, immediately south of the town of Chesapeake Beach. Limited parking is available. fossilguy.com Open year round – fee charged during summer www.fossilguy.com/sites/calvert/calv_srk.htm season. 301-855-8398 or 410-257-2230.

2) Breezy Point Beach is located at the end of Breezy Point Road just off MD Rt. 261. There is a fee to gain access to the beach from April to October. 410-535-0259 (only from April 15-October


See reference 3 for more detail