Downloaded By: [Boston University] At: 14:54 25 April 2008 hooyadSine o.6 o ,2008 2, No. 6, Vol. , and O:10.1080/14746700801976940 DOI: online/08/020197-16 ª 1474-6719 print/ISSN eager 1474-6700 ISSN ‘‘Big by of confirmation observational supposed the complexities surrounding sometimes the enthusiasm underestimating the of is was example involved classic than A theologians. and complicated physicists more complicated—far broader the into these theology natural call of parts and net. cosmological the semantic of and Whitehead of , of nature, sake North theology of the nature, For Alfred collecting the whole. ,’’ some follow a for ‘‘philosophical as in ventures significance shall nature least possess ponder I that at problems theology convenience, and , and philosophy theories physical debate. as of self-policing and philosophical of parts complex of discoveries these all iceberg As its the concerns be, science. aspects, of cosmology tip can as the physical scientists just counts cosmology Because and are of still physical scientists procedures among doing community their in activities are the clarify questions they to in methodological need what debated they whether are when decide famously questions signifi- cosmology that theological these physical and studying of metaphysical physical Some with the questions cance. within boundary discipline many a provokes is cosmology Physical Introduction process; cosmology; Whitehead Physical North cosmology; Alfred Philosophical Supernaturalism; nature; of Laws Multiverse; ; words: cosmology— Key philosophical of classes different cosmology. constraints physical three cosmology—negotiate ground-of-being from paper ways and This cosmology, plausibility. the process in cosmology, in decrease a awkward be an may around distinctive work price to the identifies cosmology though philosophical cosmology, a physical for possible from constraints usually These implication is reality. it ultimate because and strict nature not of are theories comprehensive as sense Whitehead’s North Abstract WILDMAN J. WESLEY Philosophical for Cosmology Cosmology Physical of Import The h neeta ore rmpyia omlg opioohclcsooyis cosmology philosophical to cosmology physical from journey inferential The 08Cne o hooyadteNtrlSciences Natural the and Theology for Center 2008 hsclcsooypae osrit npioohclcsoois nesodi Alfred in understood , philosophical on constraints places cosmology Physical ro ftm;Cac;Cmaaiepiooh;Fn uig Ground-of- tuning; Fine philosophy; Comparative Chance; ; of Arrow Downloaded By: [Boston University] At: 14:54 25 April 2008 agcnre h ahlcCuc’ ecigaottedvn raino the the of for creation article divine 1978 the a about in later, teaching Big the Years Church’s that . Catholic claiming allocution the an issued confirmed XII Bang Pius Pope 1951, In cosmology. Bang’’ 198 hi w luiiiysrcue.Teepasblt tutrsaeconsistent are structures philosophical traditions plausibility hypothetical supporting These their these within structures. say, sustain its to plausibility can that they is own way that That a their rich such deficits. so in are its plausibility cosmologies than for more criteria other enough the count philosophical possesses weighting it such natural by can if of cosmology considerations virtues the philosophical plausibility-reducing plausibility any of against But out the understandings negatively. hold and impact current positively can both against hypotheses cosmology tested Physical be world. can that hypotheses ietifrnefo at bu h ol okoldeo liaeraiyi a is reality ultimate of that to think world I of the . theology, about vain natural the traditional from of in claims direct around the to floating Contrary cosmologies ? philosophical interface inferential competing the various about learn cosmology. we physical what finish and you in cosmology before philosophical lies change between physical things through the supermarket, accomplished Rather, contemporary a be import. in counting. can theological stock-taking of cosmology Like and philosophical venture. metaphysical for world this value its lasting dynamic evaluate of to Little the there and research, within formulations cosmology about territory theoretical and stable theoretical cosmology, details. between physical scientific context, balance of changing the -supporting fortunes a to changing this strike sensitivity rapidly Outside to the their part. attempting throwing with about in concern in of less was, understanding lot have stable need Gilkey’s cosmologies a intended philosophical them as however, is giving that by faith, believers theology religious a their to of security context bring the to in especially strategy, understandable rfudydpneto h nvrefrlf n purpose. and life for are universe human the that on potent his the existentially of built dependent the understandings on who A but scientific profoundly be Gilkey, cosmology. universe any the Langdon on of of not theologian origins they trends creation American their of changing that is interpretation thereby rapidly this frame theological way and of the sciences, a to example by physical such classic the falsification try of in to discovery They reality invulnerable conceivable any altogether. ultimate with of consistent cosmology theories philosophical philosophical an to is physical of cosmology forms philosophical Both for decades task. three nothing. implications difficult last the increasingly in the from theories their discerning Physical on world changes premature. and of were host the be) a may rung case have created the cosmologists as naı frustrated, arduous had or (delighted their folk that enthusiasm through religious namely, what scientists confirmed along, that accidentally wrote had agnostic, labors self-described a Jastrow, htcnw xetfo hsclcsooyi em fcntanso the on constraints of terms in cosmology physical from expect we can What stable of patch transitory a to imaginatively here proposing am I oepioohr n hooin shwteifrniljunyfrom journey inferential the eschew theologians and philosophers Some hooyadScience and Theology 2 ahr h aiu hlspia omlge r atconceptual vast are cosmologies philosophical various the Rather, e okTimes York New srnmrRobert astronomer , ¨ eyblee all believed vely 1 hsi an is This Downloaded By: [Boston University] At: 14:54 25 April 2008 eaint h eahsclipiain fpyia omlg.Telw of laws The cosmology. physical of ultimate implications in some interpretation metaphysical in of world the flexibility created personality. considerable to the potter’s relation for the supernatural gives responsible express be This to nonetheless may sense. fail is clay and potter’s express the the and both as But or that just everything may shapes character, world creates into determinate natural deity’s forged The who the purposes. reflect reality express divine not to ultimate they may according world the but the is with exist, interacts features gaps determinate such of with if sense nature, the case. within either in in antecedent by gaps miraculous, laws with natural supernatural causal with be do consistent in somehow to may be may working nothing interruptions they having or laws, The natural can abrogating connectedness nature. for causal time in of flow causal any conditions its normal have at the with may absolute: and interrupted world entities, not natural responses, be are discarnate the and they that lesser means that feelings This but perhaps world. plans, rules and the and in God, act intentions to a as powers is such typically view, there features this or On determinate world. general natural are one the beyond as there beings by class control each and treat influence to physical context of this theories the in views, to sense similarly of view. makes react classes it class philosophical as so each disadvantages different are cosmology, within three and there significantly views and advantages physical are on and fact, the They however, in from about eye views, formulations. class of considerations competing an each class of to various a keep is internal the Each fights shall below. intriguing through discussed I be move to concreteness, cosmology we of as sake cosmologies the For cosmologies Philosophical theological the to pluralism. correlate is religious philosophical world the of one is problem that human This show another. to nearly to of is the superior it within rationally than picture inconsistency cosmology identify philosophical this to of easier worlds is in incorrigible evaluating it that for that debate, new appropriate and of structures theories, nothing traditions plausibility competing on the is on borne disagree is There routinely discourse philosophical people rational victor. that on know decisive pressure We out . rule one put to expect but to reasonably cannot able all it others—but be cosmology. than philosophical may more is cosmologies—some in complex cosmology comparison how physical and precisely Evidently, recognizes theory-construction correctly of also process it the White- But manage. recall and (to construct adequacy and considerations criteria). rational applicability, four famous consistency, of, head’s coherence, independent degree as some such to also but with, ntetesi eso fti uentrlcsooy n mioetdeity omnipotent one cosmology, supernatural this of version theistic the In to open is nature of world the which in cosmology, supernatural a is view One to difficult cosmologies philosophical competing between debates makes This h moto hsclCsooyfrPioohclCosmology Philosophical for Cosmology Physical of Import The 199 Downloaded By: [Boston University] At: 14:54 25 April 2008 otesnainls,ahitc aeils omo auaitccsooythat cosmology naturalistic of expound philosophers form and materialist scientists atheistic, some sensationalist, an form the to to ventures it as whole. indirectly a God as physical about nature framework, out process of in find the understanding participate it within to and all way, expect giving beauty this sustains, can In world, its it cosmology nature. that the divine nature, the to of reflect and and conveyed constants value there the fundamental and from The mathematizability, and meaning. are nature, and abstract and God’s regularity values this but structure course, causal in of fundamental God, rooted by The physical established deity. not of process is theories the nature and of of discoveries nature the that the between implies and connection This cosmology close another. a one constitute be and must influence there mutually two a the is that nature such consequent its actuality. and world’s reality, the the of that of in moments values version character, and the value-maximized possibilities to determinate of presented a envisagement the an constantly not have is is is does nature and primordial God This nothing, its process interaction. from that natural sense universe causal the a the every But unbroken is create in reality. not is cosmology role ultimate does process special world omnipotent, a of not the plays God is of that The God world it. web the break causal within to entity and the nothing entities, is exception; supernatural there no because of is of reality cosmology the flexibility deny process this explicitly that cosmologies naturalistic see of independent will relatively is We theism cosmology. character. supernatural physical why from God’s to considerations key reflect they the but not is yes, created, interpretation may are or physical the may of features fundamental and nature rcs.Mroe,bcueti o sutmt elt,ulk h o of terms. God depths. supernaturalist the in its theism in unlike of sacred reality, think ultimately they ultimate is world nature is the preserve of in God does all reality’’ this cosmology, God’s of process because affirming dimension also Moreover, while ‘‘depth to process. God, the German-American or of God called what being, between Tillich with divine the distinction God Paul existent ontological identifying an sharp entity But of is a natural amounts world. there a denying this the that even view of and denying sort, of respect any of point in of respect supernaturalist , entity in the an goes From , as view it cosmology. to God but This process of entities structures. in of supernatural as the ground depth of reject the rejection ontological religion. as to the and God further of cosmology posit axiological that with its contemporary shares as religious of of being, achievements forms cosmology nature’s great to atheistic refer the I flattened-out of Rather, this one of be inadequacy to empirical and conceptual 200 olvesai otegon-fbigcsooy hyjs o’ hn ftheir of think don’t just they cosmology; ground-of-being the to akin aes opeesvl criticized. comprehensively so have ial,w hl loatn oaohrntrlsi omlg.Id o refer not do I cosmology. naturalistic another to attend also shall we Finally, God, natural this with relationship symbiotic eternal an in is world natural The All naturalism. of form a is which cosmology, process is view second A upc htms cetssworfs oietf ihtes os because so do theism with identify to refuse who scientists most that suspect I hooyadScience and Theology 4 ned aetedmntaino the of demonstration the take I Indeed, 3 n ai a rfnadothers and Griffin Ray David and 5 e ayo hmhl spiritual hold them of many Yet Downloaded By: [Boston University] At: 14:54 25 April 2008 rcniaiei st epossible. be it know to we as is life if and it variations) tiny constants imagine only (with fundamental can are they many or have what another, precisely that one quite of be independent discovery to apparently most the nature, of to conditions boundary refers tuning’’ ‘‘Fine tuning Fine cosmology ground-of-being the exist). of do versions non-theistic (and theistic as omlge aepeetd hl ii xoiino h hsc obrief cosmology. to philosophical for the significance of the exposition contemporary on philosophical limit in focus three to issues shall the order of physical I constrain in series presented. to they summaries, a have response how to I see logical turn to cosmologies Yet we of looking . , cosmology, patterns tribal in physical and similar that religions display With nature which cosmology. of in views world, today ancient diverse cosmology even the these forms of dualistic of Trinitarian quieter cosmologies in polytheistic ontologically cosmologies the theistic persist the dualistic the and , of morally theism, Manichaeism, Cartesian cosmology Enlightenment the and Neo-, theistic of Christian the cosmology of the design, theistic includes cosmology intelligent the cosmology supernaturalistic of evolution, the cosmology cosmology example, a theistic For is diverse. are formulation). it is, Whitehead’s internally in it because least way (at reality answer, the ultimate is of cannot it account fundamental unified cosmology a the ultimate without process but the God, and that disclose of universe, questions nature the can of primordial cosmology structures the physical uncovers. causal reflect between; science that that in in structures nature somewhere of value nature, depths is of the cosmology in processes the reality Process is creative ultimate just encounter and God we because structures part; cosmology causal physical has remain to relational, can responses cosmology thus mathematical, its Ground-of-being and in versions), flexibility cosmology. most theistic least physical the (in world the creator of natural its the independent has as of God relatively character of the cosmology physical character between the space of Supernaturalistic and logical cosmology— models the above. of theoretical because ground-of-being and suggested flexibility discoveries and as the to cosmology, cosmology, differently quite process respond Western cosmology, bliss, and natural suffering grace, of and form non-theism. nature Eastern potent and religiously revelation, theism secular, a special and within and sacred between idea general distinctions God traditional Indeed, collapses the axiological formulation. radically theistic of and naturalism a causal framing receives it and the cosmological if mathematical nature, this identifies divine its the in virtually with envisaged structures deep cosmology lovers as nature nature of Ground-of-being poetry of the character theological. and mystics nature essentially of literature is the as just view, this on ti motn ormme htec fteetrecasso omlge is cosmologies of classes three these of each that remember to important is It super- them calling am cosmologies—I philosophical of classes three These h moto hsclCsooyfrPioohclCosmology Philosophical for Cosmology Physical of Import The 6 h cetfi xlrto fntr sakn ftelgclexpedition, theological of kind a is nature of exploration scientific The 7 hspoonl rue h scientist’s the arouses profoundly This 201 Downloaded By: [Boston University] At: 14:54 25 April 2008 es ffietuning. fine presently. that of to sense display return their will to on I complex and universe extremely stress an tuning, place the has fine would cosmology to want Process that relationship reality. not because ultimate one of do design, view to they divine theological universe. connected a intentional reasons, or of being multiverse theological a evidence through own whether the cosmos, reduced their the of of least For account fine- necessary at proponents a of or in elements Meanwhile, another contingent eliminated, the tuning. a were if so happier fine tuning , be and would behind complexity cosmology and lies ground-of-being life A have argument. to design the world designer’s as the known wanted is being systems, which divine course, planetary of stars, fine-tuning, permit for explanation to as so numerous a does are of that these life. even constants and But manifestations once. chemistry, the modeling: at why all connected them explain physical sets be somehow not that the in process must or by inspired constants deeper is fundamental puzzle of a independent such success to reaction repeated automatic physicist’s The curiosity. fatrpcraoigcnb.A n ee,fietnn eeydsrbsthe describes merely fine-tuning force level, for logical one good the is—namely, not At what world is rather be. the but question can way designer, the reasoning divine physicists anthropic a of for entails tuning example, fine For whether theologians. and philosophers eihbt o ntne tigtersspooigasprtiglandscape superstring a reasoning proposing anthropic universe theorists the level, string redescribe another 10 merely instance, than at with For physicists and Yet, inhabit. , for different actual principle work nothing. we with or more anthropic possible explains does universes those the again of sometimes of universe, class once small each array a so within in an us constants locates propose merely fundamental that Likewise, for anything. scenarios settings explaining without multiverse description in the repeats merely principle 202 steesmtigrte hnntig’ n ‘h stesmtigwe something the is ‘‘why and nothing?’’ than rather ‘‘why something of case, questions a that metaphysical there basic In of the cosmology. is to ‘‘verses’’ resort philosophical to among supernatural has cosmology the offers differ philosophical for and whatsoever, can evidence mystery positive anthropic really no no presents Susskind’s constants tuning If fine Leonard contenders. fundamental then prominent multiverse, as different of most the or with settings of some bubble, the multiverse name to inflationary theory, inflationary with each landscape superstring eternal in scenario Andrei Sakharov’s constants cyclical-universe Vilenkin, fundamental Andrei Alexander Steinhadt’s as and bounce, Paul multiverses, each for Linde, and on possibilities constants Turok many fundamental too changing Neil just as are There whether design. divine intentional nhoial optbeuies sacntan nterspeculative their on constraint an in a live we as that fact universe the theories. use mathematical hospitable can constants, fundamental anthropically for settings unique hscsshtydbt hte nhoi esnn a oei making in role a has reasoning anthropic whether debate hotly Physicists anthropomorphic bluntly a with ready stands cosmology supernatural The e hscssaewligaymr oitrrtfietnn seiec of evidence as tuning fine interpret to more any willing are physicists Few hooyadScience and Theology 500 aumsae,ec orsodn oapsil nvrewith universe possible a to corresponding each states, vacuum 8 9 u hi ocrsaefeunl ifrn hntoeof those than different frequently are concerns their But anthropoi ada htlvlteanthropic the level that at —and Downloaded By: [Boston University] At: 14:54 25 April 2008 rcs omlg per ob eil nuht comdt necessary accommodate the to but sciences, enough physical flexible needed. process are the be the they process in force to when physical may the adaptations knowledge appears of This changing universe, cosmology know processes. to causal the process we adapt of what of to account between own depths cosmology fit its the of and consistency in processes for avoid intentionality to searches necessity of cosmology seeks cosmology suggestion ground-of-being the the and presumes, it design causation. of be theory to current need slightly cosmology’s may be process would which may fear, than prehension, I schizophrenia of result, divine The theory extra accordingly. of Whitehead’s from adjusted an kind with separated has consistent This universe God be other. not one then every in epoch, in each information Whitehead a prehendable prehendable as for universe, keep God the in of to process epochs relativized one responsibility all in than are active rather is God conditions proposed, has one If process boundary problem. of serious cosmology and a philosophical just the constants then that But scenario, there. multiverse independent then problem no contingent, operates; the God the not process if the If and to which within price. out necessary universe turn the a ontologically defines day at and one again conditions theoretically boundary but which be and cosmology, process constants of ground-of-being independent that setting the apparently problem suit constant that basic of scenarios the process change sense. a no not proposes make can does is instance cosmology than physical this this efficiently more in But them control cosmology case. can God habits the established so by and usually down influence, weighed not divine of are resist universe will a that early philosophers not the Process in and influence. events Bang causal that constants Big to reply the susceptible of fundamental be moments can earliest about that the very development the that physics for in mechanism set physics a within already is the outside being it assumptions explanation that Moreover, current physics. an way of proposes contradicts constants a problem fundamental it the The such that of constants. is in setting fundamental obviously, causation) favorable this, an prehensive anthropically with not of on means takes usual account is the the universe (by process that the God universe influences pre-existing way the process a God within the within that the expansion propose in of can phases because intention early cosmology very course, process divine But of of creator. result omnipotent can, a cosmology as universe that supernatural the scenario particularly explain the cannot fine-tuned with cosmology live as Process can cosmology. cosmology supernatural process the the suits hand, one the On carefully. detailed the know. about we much cosmos too in the worry elaborated Gilkey’s of to be organization in having can which without back environment, cosmology basic cosmic existentially philosophical are a the a on to philosophers dependence roughly reduced human Then tuning of fine issue is?’’ of salience it the with way territory, the organized hra h uentrlcsooylosfrcnignya vdneo the of evidence as contingency for looks cosmology supernatural the Whereas universe necessary the with live also can cosmology process hand, other the On tread to has it but tuning fine with way either go can cosmology process The h moto hsclCsooyfrPioohclCosmology Philosophical for Cosmology Physical of Import The 10 dhoc ad n esattractive less and 203 Downloaded By: [Boston University] At: 14:54 25 April 2008 204 ciiyi h ol,i hc hr r rbesfrGdt ov n cin that actions and solve to God for problems traditional are time saving there God’s despite which beyond of the in accounts is world, of religious this the of temporality God in structure time—and The activity narrative which way). the of reflects the to also by life according arrow oxymoronic, divine God, seem nature, cosmic necessarily intentions of divine divine the the eternality are (making to in the aspect which of is temporal affirmations there God, inherently an as to is much particular there intentions so a things, in ascribes temporal current- average cosmology a on in move supernatural electrons but free place as the much over time, only all but of direction. time bounce flow of arrow wire the macroscopic of carrying the of direction probably aspect in average symmetry-breaking every explain that places the to suggests able several on whole be back a large- in not loops as space-time will in arises where taken both holes, situation problem black paths, This of of itself. interior time-like the sort closed in and is this cosmology scale example but physics, Another solutions QED, the modern physics. of of one fundamental of neglecting equations by forwards simply theories the as avoided well be to robust can as supposition backwards most This move time. can in experimentally particles virtual that the supposes electrodynamics quantum routinely of And flow. time one laminar that a must means but (QED), there anything which is that space-time, level in allow smallest chaos to the developed geometric at have fully weird probably A and will loops, time. state whirls, of be vacuum flow the unidirectional of laminar, will theory a gravity quantum of and ideal space-time the of theory support quantized not any that must suggests physics time for is. existing of currently proposals theory arrow string any the as future, of much outside speculative, foreseeable the far wholly the the remain Because lie for for gravity well. explanations accelerators quantum so symmetry-breaking in of handles theories achievable mechanics testing levels quantum experimentally that for physics forces the with to and space-time have all links would particles that at era breaking of quantum-gravity symmetry be the particular experimental in not this early, solid But very would and occur them. early models of This the some mathematical Bang. in for good breakings evidence Big have symmetry such the scientists several and of are universe, there part as early principle, its in as the time surprising, of in direction unique decreases a to density commits of universe the arrow wherein are thermodynamic breaking, a physics puzzling. of do deeply system. they of emergence remains as the physics time closed equations in so fundamental forwards from and a within basic going time time), same physics in the the in work backwards in they of going time is, attested (that all time strongly with in virtually symmetric most increases is however, entropy like This Paradoxically, direction, one street. where in one-way flows time thermodynamics, a that experience on our to traffic refers time’’ of ‘‘arrow The time of Arrow h mlctoso l hsfrpioohclcsooyaeitiun.The intriguing. are cosmology philosophical for this all of implications The that note to is problem arrow-of-time the to physics within approach Another symmetry of process some for look to is here instinct natural physicist’s The hooyadScience and Theology Downloaded By: [Boston University] At: 14:54 25 April 2008 usqetdrvtvs oteslto ol eur rmtcmdfiain to prehension. modifications of its dramatic accounts of require any process would in and standard solution causation movement the the of to backwards theory so Any resources prehensive derivatives, easy. conceptual Whitehead’s subsequent be of in the not emergence indigestible possess will process is the it may time of causation though time, cosmology account challenges, of Process satisfying of these account a time. solve arrow for philosophical of its physics its an arrow despite in an how of quest And, the show emergence contradicts process. impact to should world the directly unable the of paths seems in space-time. cosmology account time-like of advance detailed closed account creative quantum unusually of of the in the idea be difficulties would But Whitehead’s likely technical suppose the beings. the faces must albeit explain time, we human which Moreover, of what flow, as flow to of one-way foaming such light strongly purports atomized, a organisms, fundamentally to that leads complex a grapple causation causation of in to account has of time prehensive cosmology has process account of Indeed, time. rich process experience of so arrow extraordinarily the and of an disciplined problem is, the cosmology with and explicitly supernatural meditation the through than confirm to differently another, serves or discover just and . way science) on some perception can cognitive reflection in of as adepts misleading shrouds well deeply the (as what be experience, physics through to human contemporary time, of is, and of aspect it us arrow every reality-as-a- as enlightens the expect of eventually reality including naturally that pictures viewpoints see one Such such to is cognition. all In beings us in human time. allows experience for of frame- human and path of perception ultimate philosophical character the the Asian illusory whole, including the East of aspects, of or equations its great Asian fundamental a non- South the make the (typically in works) cosmologies within But ground-of-being time formulations Some mind. the of it. of arrow theistic of of account experiencing evidence an quantum state be of people the may their indeed, absence physics by this; the on than enough and dramatic depending often more vacuum far passing, said be experience is time’s may be human illusion this of the might about course, that rates illusory Of conclusion it something different One arrow. reveals is reality. there time’s gradually that of of physics is deep-structure as this the from space-time is drawn of just character and the reflects so and the cosmology, on impose might it constraints recondite any the cosmology. to sidestepping philosophical problem cosmology thereby temporal arrow-of-time supernatural physics, the appropriately the the confine of to Thus, to domain needs perhaps not. in it is geared resources physics the (and be fundamental all can has if beings which even God plants), human of and life of animals for for arrow through world’s this salvation-history souls modified achieve the Such can and supernatural cosmology do. nature supernatural positing a temporal beings But God’s human commensurable. if are what time only on sense make depending narratives taken be must rcs omlg smr lsl idt h hrce ftepyia cosmos physical the of character the to tied closely more is cosmology Process physical to tied deeply always, as is, cosmology ground-of-being The h moto hsclCsooyfrPioohclCosmology Philosophical for Cosmology Physical of Import The 11 205 Downloaded By: [Boston University] At: 14:54 25 April 2008 206 hsclcsooydsrbsfru.W r ntebs falpsil ols on made worlds, have possible not all would God of omnibenevolent best and that the omnipotent in arrangement an are because particular We view, the this us. of for entire goodness the describes of maximal over cosmology overall control physical omnipotent classes the ultimate to God’s and three to process, cosmos, the the issues. of of design Predictably, set divine this ecosystems. to reactions entire different processes, have out law-like discussion solar under within of wipe cosmology collisions asteroid constraints or that galaxies canalizing merging systems within the of consequences collisions the be of within details it one It whether is events intimate which meanings. nature, and chance-like in the qualities suffering of of special to problem their the up development with opens events, also cosmic and , on an places, is particular large- constraints This the cosmos. links law-like it physical because the scale cosmologies of philosophical features for entire observed theme law-like rich the extraordinarily multiverse’s of that all almost the by for repeated of constrained potential process states. energy chance-like energy vacuum the a of landscape through is universes migration that of of those determine statistical universe; tree completely not can child family do universe constants universe overall a existing fundamental an of particular of the the sorts conditions But initial with potential. what and energy universe, governs vast a existing law down migrating statistical any a landscape from superstring multiverse, spring the large the in how Similarly, of and differences. be theory temperature will in fashion radiation eventually variance law-like background where the in would the is determines of walls slower expansion temperature galaxy average cosmic and the vast of light, what process where lower, overall to also the was is transparent Yet form). (which density became higher universe -energy were early densities where the faster which Big happening the by nature. of in process details regularities the chance-like law-like but of by space; constrained probability ways, of the chance-like calculate region energy in to particular average out able a know play be in Bang might might cluster We we galaxy Bang. and a Big time, having the particular distribution a of detailed at the conditions density predict the to from us regularities. matter allows natural laws describe relativity of mathematical merely general the they mathematical about that that nothing this say or Yet we nature have whether of we so laws between ontological remains because reflect this relation law-like and the them, seem of corresponding of objects The account picture universe. natural the large-scale in of them, objects accurate of massive behaviors and an variation energy some be the and or to space-time relativity, seems general in what but of constrained offer is equations universe, expansion The the cosmic many fashion. of of are process law-like the There geometro-dynamics that events. agree large-scale law-like cosmologists portrays the physical and intriguingly about chance-like whole, of details a interplay unsettled as fecund a sciences as physical nature the like cosmology, Physical law and Chance h uentrlcsooyi n lsial hitcfr scmitdto committed is form theistic classically one in cosmology supernatural The be can process law-like and chance-like between interplay fecund of story The the reflect radiation background cosmic the of temperature in Variations hooyadScience and Theology Downloaded By: [Boston University] At: 14:54 25 April 2008 a.Wieedgvsabatflacuto h nepa in interplay the of account and operates chance beautiful God of interplay a how fecund the Reason this gives describing of include Whitehead to which all cosmos, itself law. the evades of limits cosmology rules of the cosmology account Process within integrated This suffix. fully of a reality. ‘‘-like’’ furnish nature to ultimate primordial the refusing the law-like by drop difficulties of and can influence and traditional constant chance-like chances we the are of so reflect really that there God, interplay laws causation, fecund also of account are a process there the woe, as morally on it. and nature encounter fact, we events—in weal be of as both world picture to the chaos, of scientific structure and have deep the order be would both would God of cosmology a theistic such source the any because ground-of-being fecund of in one the deity a is The ambiguous, which cosmology. of reality, ground-of-being ultimate the formulation of for kind motivations different main very a suggests naturally existence. into and ground o ol aecetdi h a eei ecie,o h a ..Lewis C.S. way the or described, then Genesis the say, way in theisms the supernatural it in about of pictures created worry narratives God’s have If to salvation would evolution. biological to the having God and cosmic what prior without of were form ends the plausible purposes in windup providential more of the years divine much created of billions God for actually world, the required of was understanding world old that an the as In viewpoint them cosmology. strikes contemporary strategy a end’’ the of worth in all OK ‘‘it’s adjustment be The all will cosmology. ‘‘it physical and including uncovered it’’ sciences, processes from -like modern and character the chance-like moral by of interplay God’s ambiguous of morally distancing the convenient cosmology’s supernatural within processes process creative in some as just same to with of nature). the choose action much we God’s is deity forms identifies pantheon—this good which small the cosmology, or not (or all large does deity can a creator processes among the the among from neither chance-like that of follow and goodness way strategy why overall law-like a the of such on and interplay shared reflect in the cosmology prevented, of The philosophical downside the be painful frame other. moral to cannot opposite is the and they supernaturalism good with both dominate why why explains happen, equipotent ultimately which cosmos, two things the of posit bad control for and battle suffering who valence and a but that is nothing goodness. of world God’s so of this come, picture often is to the that experience that dents blessed joy seriously events of and here world chance-like tears happens supernatural of is a vale deity of genuine the of foretaste the But capable suffering. with life cause complex fellowship for enough of and price plans The freedom providential do. processes moral the law-like subserve as events even chance-like God Thus, world. suboptimal a h rcs omlg sielysie omngn h contemporary the managing to suited ideally is cosmology process The and cosmology supernatural the strains severely evolution cosmic of story The rpnnso h rudo-en omlg r epyfutae ihthe with frustrated deeply are 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Conference center Beach took Newport reasoning anthropic a of on advisability reports which 750–754, ora fTelg n Philosophy and Theology of Journal oOeaTeNmesta noeteDeetSceso h Universe the of Secrets Deepest the Encode that 2003). Pantheon, Numbers Barrow, D. Omega—The John is to account up-to-date more A 1986). supernaturalist its 10. to p. religion see stick; confine argument all. to his at make needs view to religious but order a in as arbitrariness, counts versions the names) other recognizes by calls He he (which view ground-of-being Phenomenon idem, Natural and 8; 1–3. 6, chaps. 1–3, esp. Religion 2000), chaps. Problem of Press, Philosophy esp. Process Mind–Body 1998), A Supernaturalism: Press, Without the California of and University Freedom, Consciousness, 2006). 1993). Fortress, Augsburg (Minneapolis: Tipler, Scientists Leading by Essays New Quest: Spiritual the and h moto hsclCsooyfrPioohclCosmology Philosophical for Cosmology Physical of Import The h nhoi omlgclPrinciple Cosmological Anthropic The NwYr:Pnun 06,we erfsst lo htthe that allow to refuses he when 2006), Penguin, York: (New aue elt,adteSce:TeNxso cec n Religion and Science of Nexus The Sacred: the and Reality, Nature, o.2,ns MySpebr20) 173–190. 2006): (May/September 3 – 2 nos. 27, vol. , orce dto,e.DvdRyGifi n Donald and Griffin Ray David ed. Edition, Corrected , h o Delusion God The ayWrd nOe h erhfrOhrUniverses Other for Search The One: in Worlds Many NwYr n xod xodUniversity, Oxford Oxford: and York (New rcs Studies Process (NewYork:Routledge,2002). h osat fNtr:Fo Alpha From Nature: of Constants The Ihc,NY:CrelUniversity Cornell N.Y.: (Ithaca, NwYr:Huho Mifflin, Houghton York: (New raigteSel eiina a as Religion Spell: the Breaking LsAglsadBerkeley: and Angeles (Los o.2,n.2(92:85–112. 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