Over the last 20 years, Greater Manchester has Our mission in the next 20 years must be Planning will always be a difficult question of made great strides. to spread prosperity to all parts of Greater striking a balance between creating new homes Manchester, particularly to the North of our city- and jobs and protecting the environment. Parts of our city-region have been transformed. region, ensuring every citizen is able to benefit. But the first consultation revealed a strong On some of the UK’s oldest industrial sites now Put simply, we want a safe, decent and affordable feeling, shared by many, that the right balance release of sites for development It is important that it is read alongside other But we are reaching the point where stand some of the country’s most modern home and a good job for everyone who lives here, had not been found. • a new priority on town centres for more new policy statements being published today, compromises will have to be agreed and buildings and industries. with no-one forced to sleep on the streets. residential development including our plans for clean air, transport and decisions made. Without an agreed plan, Amongst many views expressed, people said: • a new drive to protect the existing Green Belt other infrastructure and housing. It also needs our green space will be at greater risk from , MediaCityUK, We want resurgent town centres circling our • the burden of development was excessively as far as possible to be seen alongside the Local Plans and Core speculative development. Park and the flourishing Airport City, are all vibrant city-centre and a reliable transport weighted towards green sites; Strategies of our ten councils. engines of the UK economy with Manchester system that connects people to the job, cultural • this site selection would not result in the This radically-revised GMSF is as much a vision I can assure you that I will continue to listen. But Airport serving as a gateway to the rest of the and leisure opportunities in both. building of new homes people could afford; for the environment and quality of life of Greater For instance, Greater Manchester’s new vision I recommend this revised GMSF to you as a plan world. • it could add pressure on our congested Manchester as it is for new development. for housing, with an emphasis on building at to keep Greater Manchester moving forward in Crucially, we want everyone to have green space transport system, worsening air quality, with least 50,000 homes that people can truly afford, the next 20 years with high ambitions for our Our city was recently named as the “most to enjoy and clean air to breathe. development linked to roads rather than It cuts the loss of Green Belt by over half, is entirely consistent with the “brownfield-first” people, places and environment. liveable” in the UK. public transport; introduces new protections on other green approach set out in the GMSF. This is an ambitious vision for the future of • and it was not aligned with other Greater spaces and a presumption against fracking in Andy Burnham, And, on top of all of this, we have in place a Greater Manchester - and this latest version Manchester plans, particularly for transport, Greater Manchester. In everything we do through devolution, we seek devolution deal with the Government which gives of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework housing and other crucial infrastructure. It is a prospectus for more sustainable to involve the people of Greater Manchester fully us more freedom to set our own direction. (GMSF) seeks to lay the foundations for it. development whilst not diminishing our in our decisions. That is why this plan will be Since the first version was published, we have As a result, I committed to re-writing the first ambitions for growth in housing and subject to a further round of consultation and So now is the right time for pushing forward on listened carefully to what people told us. GMSF and I have done so, working with our 10 employment. will ultimately require the approval of all of our Mayor of Greater Manchester our ambitions, set out in the Greater Manchester councils, according to three clear principles: councils. Strategy. • a brownfield-field first approach to the



In this time of national uncertainty, socially and assets. It enables Greater Manchester to meet its environment as for its economic success. Our and the Environment: the Greater Manchester Three informal consultations have already taken housing for local people economically, Greater Manchester is taking local housing need, promotes our new approach Green Belt plays a role in this but there are Spatial Framework Revised Draft 2019 is our plan place. The first, in November 2014 was on the • Employment sites were primarily for low the initiative to give people, communities to town centres, supports wider strategies around important green spaces, parks, rivers and canals to manage growth so that Greater Manchester is scope of the plan and our initial evidence base, density, low value warehousing and businesses hope and confidence for the clean air, walking and cycling and underpins our in the heart of our urban communities which are a better place to live, work and visit. It will; the second in November 2015, was on the vision, • No account had been taken of the future. The Greater Manchester Strategy sets a ambition to be a carbon neutral city-region by equally valuable. • set out how Greater Manchester should strategy and strategic growth options, and the infrastructure implications of new clear vision for Greater Manchester reflecting 2038. develop over the next two decades up to the third, on a Draft Plan in October 2016. development that people are at the heart of everything we There are significant challenges. Road congestion year 2037; do. We are already making great strides in We are striving to become a top global city, with is amongst the most severe in the UK, with • identify the amount of new development that RESPONDING TO THE 2016 CONSULTATION The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework: implementing this vision but we want to go higher levels of international trade, investment, knock-on impacts on to air quality. The need to will come forward across the 10 districts, in Revised Draft 2019 seeks to address these further, and faster. That is why we are publishing visitors, and students. We need to continue decarbonise our economy means we need to look terms of housing, offices, and industry and The 2016 consultation attracted over 27,000 concerns in the following ways. a number of bold plans for consultation www. to develop our Research and Development at low carbon energy generation and storage, warehousing, and the main areas in which this responses. We have been analysing these that capabilities underpinned by our excellent retrofitting of buildings, and low carbon transport. will be focused; responses and taking into account the comments More efficient use of land. will shape the future of our city-region for academic institutions as well as investing • protect the important environmental assets made, new and emerging evidence and the very generations to come. in strengthening existing, and creating new, Economic and population growth will place across the conurbation; different political climate we find ourselves in. As part of this consultation we are being as employment locations so that all parts of Greater significant pressure on our infrastructure, roads, • allocate sites for employment and housing transparent as possible about the land we have The Greater Manchester Plan for Homes, Jobs Manchester are able to contribute to, and benefit public transport, energy and water as well as outside of the urban area; The main concerns were: identified within the urban area. We published our and the Environment: the Greater Manchester from growth as part of a thriving Northern schools and hospitals. Future climate change • support the delivery of key infrastructure, such • Green Belt land was being released when Brownfield Registers in December 2017 and our Spatial Framework Revised Draft 2019 (revised Powerhouse. Town centres are critical to this pressures will also require the city-region to adapt as transport and utilities; there was a lot of brownfield land that could full land supply in March. An updated land supply Draft GMSF) has been re-written to reinforce our success and we’re working to improve them to bigger shocks and stresses, such as increased • define a new Green Belt boundary for Greater be used instead. position is published alongside this consultation ambition to bring forward brownfield land, reduce so that they become quality places to live and heat, drought and flood risk, which may require Manchester. • Too much Green Belt was being proposed for (LINK). the net loss of Green Belt and provide stronger work. It is our aspiration that Greater Manchester new sources of funding to be identified. development protection for our important environmental becomes as well known for the quality of its The Greater Manchester Plan for Homes, Jobs • The Green Belt sites would not be providing


significant policy protection. The remaining Values in the shortest possible time. The ten jobs. Ongoing work on the Local Industrial The majority of development over the plan period announced Future High Street Fund could play an Net loss of Green Belt 40% (20,000 hectares) does not meet the tests districts have chosen to do this collectively and Strategy will develop this further. This plan seeks will be on land within the urban area, most of important role in underpinning the contribution of The overwhelming majority of responses related of Green Belt but it is very important for the an Outline Business Case will be presented to to provide land to meet the widest range of which is brownfield land. Within the plan period town centres as high quality neighbourhoods of to Green Belt release. We have reduced the net continued wellbeing of the city-region. This plan GMCA and submitted to Greater Manchester employment opportunities to ensure that Greater 87% of housing, 96% of offices and 50% of choice. loss of Green Belt by 50% through; seeks to give stronger protection and priority to authorities for approval in 2019. Manchester remains as competitive as possible industrial and warehousing development is within this land at a strategic level. The detail of this will in a global economy in uncertain times. the urban area. Brownfield preference • reducing the number of proposed sites be developed in district local plans. Delivering a mix of housing National planning policy does not support a • reducing the loss of Green Belt within sites Most people accepted the need for housing to The majority of new jobs will be in the City Centre The scale and distribution of development ‘brownfield first’ approach, as Local Authorities • proposing ‘new’ Green Belt additions Taking the extent of Green Belt and Green help to address the housing crisis but considered and wider Core Growth Area stretching from Port required to meet the needs of Greater Manchester are required to be able to provide a 5 year Infrastructure together, over 60% of Greater that the 2016 GMSF would not deliver affordable Salford in the west to the Etihad campus in the will necessitate some greenfield development supply of housing sites which are available and The net amount of Green Belt land proposed Manchester’s land would have an enhanced level housing to meet the needs of local people. The east as well as around . This and the release of a limited amount of land from deliverable for example. If we cannot demonstrate for release is 2419 hectares – this means a 4.1% of protection from development. 2019 GMSF policy approach to brownfield land, area encompasses established employment the Green Belt. Development in the Green Belt will that our brownfield land is available and reduction in the size of the Green Belt compared higher densities and town centre regeneration areas such as Trafford Park, locations such as be dependent on the appropriate transport and deliverable (and this is something which most of to an 8.2% reduction in 2016 Wider environment alongside the proposed allocations in Green Belt MediaCityUK which has seen strong growth over other infrastructure being provided and Green our districts currently struggle with) then we are The plan sets out proposals to support the demonstrate how we are seeking to deliver a more recent times and our Universities which Belt policy will continue to apply for uses other required to identify other land which is – this may The Greater Manchester Green Belt currently Greater Manchester ambition to be a carbon mix of housing to meet the diverse needs of our are driving growth in world leading research and than those outlined in the allocation policy. be Protected Open Land or Green Belt. accounts for 47% of Greater Manchester’s overall neutral city-region by 2038. A key element of this communities and to support economic growth. development. land area. The proposals in Greater Manchester is to require all new development to be net zero Building at higher densities We are adopting a ‘brownfield preference’ Spatial Framework: Revised Draft 2019 would carbon by 2028 and to keep fossil fuels in the The plan sets a minimum target of 50,000 We are serious that our wider plans and strategies Policies to maximise the use of brownfield approach – we will do all that we can to make result in a Green Belt covering 45% of Greater ground. At this time therefore Greater Manchester additional affordable homes to be provided over deliver more inclusive growth to benefit all areas land and build at higher densities in the most sure that our brownfield sites comes forward in Manchester. authorities will not support fracking. the plan period. of Greater Manchester. Through this plan we are accessible locations have helped to reduce the early part of the plan period however to do looking to create more favourable conditions the total amount of land required for new this we need to continue to press Government Stronger protection for important Green We are also seeking to deliver a net gain in We are developing a new housing strategy for growth by providing sites for advanced development. for support to remediate contaminated land, to Infrastructure biodiversity assets over the plan period and to to provide more detail on the type and mix of manufacturing, digital and tech jobs in areas provide funding for infrastructure and to support In addition to the Green Belt we have identified contribute to improving air quality primarily by housing required as well as developing a definition where the urban land supply cannot support The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework: alternative models of housing delivery. This is our most important ‘Green Infrastructure’ – locating development in locations which are most of ‘affordable housing’ that works for Greater the scale or quality of development required. Revised Draft 2019 also supports regeneration of why discussions on the Housing Package are for example our parks, open spaces, trees, accessible to public transport, seeking to expand Manchester. We have published a new Housing We have identified more land than our evidence our town centres, particularly as locations for new vital and why we need our bids to the Housing woodlands, rivers and canals which provide the network of electric vehicle charging points ‘Vision’ alongside the GMSF to inform the Strategy suggest we need over the plan period, although housing. The Mayor launched the Town Centre Infrastructure Fund to be successful. multiple benefits and make a huge contribution and restricting developments that generate and signal our ambition. our employment land has reduced by about 25% Challenge in November 2017 and progress is to quality of life, promote good mental and significant pollution. Government has directed compared to 2016 GMSF, as several of the sites being made across a range and size of centres, physical health and supports economic growth. Greater Manchester authorities to produce a Supporting our ambitions for good jobs are large in scale and will take a long time to for example the potential Mayoral Development The strategic Green Infrastructure network in Clean Air Plan to tackle Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) The Greater Manchester Strategy sets out our deliver. Corporation in Stockport Town Centre and the Greater Manchester is extensive. Around 60% is concentrations and bring them within Limit ambitions to deliver good quality, high-skilled ambitions for growth in Bolton. The recently within the Green belt and therefore is afforded


Impact of new development on Infrastructure existing transport infrastructure as far as possible. Process for Producing the GMSF Manchester Combined Authority (but not the consultation is an opportunity for you to have your Your comments - tell us what you do or don’t like Many of the responses raised the issue of Following a recommendation from AGMA full councils). The City Mayor of Salford and the say on the way in which Greater Manchester will about the part of the plan you are commenting on the impact of new development on existing More than 65 transport projects will be delivered Executive Board in November 2014, the 10 Local Leaders of the 9 councils have all committed to develop over the next 20 years. and include the reasons why. infrastructure. As the majority of new in the next five years, including Metrolink’s Trafford Planning Authorities in Greater Manchester seeking full council approval for the plan at the development will be in the urban area, the Park Line; the purchase of 27 new trams; an (Bolton, Bury, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, next and future formal stages of consultation The easiest way to respond is online - it counts Suggestions/alternatives - if you have better capacity of the existing infrastructure is upgrade of Salford Central Station; £160m new Salford, Stockport, , Trafford and Wigan) however so all 10 Councils will have the just as much as a postal submission and is easy ideas or want to offer up alternative proposals, let particularly important. We have looked at the walking and cycling infrastructure across all ten agreed to prepare a joint Development Plan opportunity to fully debate the plan before it is to do. You can access the online consultation at us know about them. Tell us why you think your major challenges that we consider our existing districts; expanding the city-region’s electric Document to set out the approach to housing consulted on next time. However, we know that some approach is better and how it will help us achieve infrastructure networks will have to respond vehicle charging network; and new interchanges and employment land across Greater Manchester people prefer to respond by email or post, please the aims of the plan to and are consulting on a Draft Infrastructure in Tameside and Stockport. for the next 20 years. In November 2014 the first We now want to consult with Greater Manchester be sure to include the following information. Framework alongside 2019 Draft GMSF which devolution agreement provided for an elected residents as well as a wide range of stakeholders If not responding online, please send your sets these out (LINK to Infrastructure report Relationship with District Local Plans Greater Manchester Mayor with responsibility to about our spatial strategy, strategic policies Name and contact details – please give us your completed response by: on website). It is our intention to develop an Greater Manchester’s Plan for Homes, Jobs and produce a Spatial Strategy. The first Mayor was and site allocations. All responses received in name and at least one way for us to get in touch email to: planningandhousing@ Infrastructure Strategy for Greater Manchester the Environment is the strategic spatial plan for elected in May 2017. It is intended that this will be response to this consultation will be considered with you (e.g. your phone number, email address, over the next 12 months. Greater Manchester and sets out the planning the first Spatial Development Strategy prepared and influence the Draft Plan at the next stage. or postal address). post to: Planning Team Consultation, policy framework for the whole of the city-region. outside of London. At the moment the regulations GMCA, Churchgate House, 56 Oxford Street, In addition we have done more work looking at It is a strategic plan and does not cover everything are not fully in place to allow us to prepare the Timetable Organisation – are you representing an Manchester, M1 6EU the transport and other infrastructure that will that a local plan would. Districts will continue to type of Spatial Development Strategy we require, Following this consultation, all responses will organisation or group? Tell us who it is and how we be required in order to bring the allocation sites produce their own Local Plans setting out more so we are continuing to prepare the plan as a be analysed and a Draft plan will be produced can contact them. In order to be open and transparent, the questions forward. The detailed policies for site allocations detailed policies reflecting local circumstances. Development Plan Document. This consultation for consultation in Summer 2019. This will be that are asked on are also set out the necessary infrastructure requirements will be undertaken under consultation will be subject to approval by the 10 Councils as well What you are commenting on – tell us which part shown within this full document, to ensure that and sites will not come forward unless it can be Once Greater Manchester’s Plan for Homes, Jobs undertaken under regulation 18 of the Town and as the GMCA (or GMCA/AGMA Executive Board of the plan you are writing to us about. Include everybody – however they choose to access the demonstrated this will be provided. Proposals for and the Environment is finally agreed all of the Country Planning (Local Planning) () depending on whether the SDS Regulations are in the question, chapter names, and the reference information and potentially respond to the plan - new Metrolink stops, development of orbital public Greater Manchester district local plans will be Regulations 2012 however we hope to move place). number of the policy you’re referring to. If known, can see the same questions. transport links and capacity enhancements to the required to be in general conformity with it. The to a Spatial Development Strategy at the next please also give us page numbers and paragraph rail network all form part of the overall package of evidence that underpins the Greater Manchester consultation in summer 2019. The final plan will be submitted for examination in numbers. If talking about a particular site, please measures identified. The 2040 Transport Strategy Plan for Homes, Jobs and the Environment early 2020 and adopted late 2020/early 2021. use the same site name/description used in the Delivery Plan 2020-2025 will be published in draft will also inform district level plans. The Greater The main difference is in the role of the local plan itself. If you have comments about more alongside the new draft GMSF in January 2019. Manchester authorities have worked together for councils in approving the document. A joint How to Get Involved than one part of the document then set them out It sets out all the transport projects we hope to many years and have collaborated for example Development Plan Document requires full Involving local people, organisations and separately. achieve in the next five years to ensure that the on work around Brownfield Registers, land supply, council approval at the Submission and Adoption businesses is an important part of the planning planned new housing and employment can be Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and Strategic stage, whereas a Spatial Development Strategy process. We want to give people the chance sustainably integrated into Greater Manchester’s Housing Market Assessment. requires the unanimous approval of the Greater to comment on the proposals in this plan. The



This chapter looks at the carbon and energy HOMES FOR GREATER MANCHESTER A GREENER GREATER MANCHESTER CONTEXT OUR STRATEGY policy, which sets out ways planning can help make Greater Manchester carbon neutral by Greater Manchester has a diverse range of As well as supporting wildlife and helping to Greater Manchester is home to 2.8 million people We want to deliver inclusive growth across the WE WANT TO 2038. We want to keep fossil fuels in the ground housing and residential neighbourhoods, capable reduce the impacts of climate change, our green and provides around 1.4 million jobs. We are one of city-region for the benefit of everyone. and we do not support fracking. of meeting the wide variety of needs of our spaces make a huge contribution to our quality the most economically diverse city regions in the MAKE GREATER residents. of life. They promote good mental and physical UK, generating nearly 40% of total output (GVA) This chapter looks at boosting northern The chapter also includes policies relating to heat health, create nice places to live, and support in the North West and 19% across the North of competitiveness, inner area regeneration, and energy networks, flood risk and the water Despite this, Greater Manchester is facing a economic growth. Many of our landscapes are England. MANCHESTER sustaining south competitiveness with the City environment, air quality and resource efficiency. housing crisis. It is adversely affected by the central to our local identity and pride, and are Centre continuing to be the driver of growth. broken housing market that afflicts the country as well-loved by local residents. We want to make Greater Manchester one of the ONE OF THE BEST A PROSPEROUS GREATER MANCHESTER a whole. best places in the world to grow up, get on, and We plan to make the most of our key locations This chapter seeks to protect and enhance our grow older. By the end of the plan period (2037), and assets, addressing disparities, make PLACES IN THE This plan will help make all sectors and places This plan is one of the tools we will use to address environment, explores how we can achieve a Greater Manchester will be a top global city, efficient use of land and prioritise development in Greater Manchester more productive and this issue. net gain of biodiversity, establishes a network attracting international investment and providing of brownfield sites. It also looks at the role of WORLD TO GROW prosperous for the good of everyone living in the of strategic green infrastructure, identifies key its residents with a high quality of life. the town centres, green infrastructure and a city-region. This chapter sets out our housing requirement elements (e.g. river valleys and waterways) which sustainable transport network in delivering the and the land supply necessary to deliver will have enhanced protection within the city OUR VISION UP, GET ON, AND vision for Greater Manchester. This chapter sets out our employment land it. It also sets out an ambition of delivering region, and sets out our policy for managing the targets and identifies the land supply necessary 50,000 new affordable homes across Greater Green Belt. The plan is designed to support the overall vision GROW OLD. A SUSTAINABLE AND RESILIENT GREATER to deliver Manchester, and explores a Greater Manchester for the future of Greater Manchester - to make MANCHESTER definition of affordability. Greater Manchester one of the best places in the them. It identifies key locations which will support world to grow up, get on and get old - as set out in We want Greater Manchester to grow in a long-term economic growth across Greater the Greater Manchester Strategy: Our People, Our sustainable way whilst also making the city region Manchester. Place. more resilient.


A GREATER MANCHESTER FOR EVERYONE A CONNECTED GREATER MANCHESTER quality, digital infrastructure across Greater DELIVERING THE PLAN Manchester. Although Greater Manchester has an excellent We want to make Greater Manchester one of This chapter describes how the plan will be range of employment, housing and leisure the best connected places in the world, both by PROPOSED ADDITIONAL SITES (ALLOCATIONS) delivered. Many of the actions lie outside its opportunities, some neighbourhoods have not transport and digitally. direct scope and will be taken forward through shared in the benefits of recent economic growth. To achieve the vision set out in this plan, and other strategies, plans and programmes. This chapter looks at how we will ensure that new deliver the scale of development required to meet There are places in Greater Manchester where developments will be well served by transport and housing need and increase economic prosperity, This chapter also describes our approach to a significant proportion of the population suffer sets out the proposed improvements to transport we need to allocate a number of strategic sites securing the infrastructure investment required to from deprivation with low levels of educational infrastructure. across Greater Manchester. support the plan attainment, and poor health and life expectancy. And many people are unable to find a suitable The chapter identifies our plans to improve the Whilst most new development over the home at a cost they can afford. transport network so that at least 50% of all plan period will take place on currently journeys can be made by walking, cycling and identified sites within the urban area, This plan aims to help address these inequalities public transport by 2040. some additional development sites are required and disadvantages. to meet housing need and boost the economic It sets out our plans for digital connectivity and competitiveness of Greater Manchester. how we will make sure there is affordable, high


BOLTON DISTRICT OVERVIEW KEY STRATEGIC TRANSPORT INTERVENTIONS Existing Green Belt Housing Land Supply Committed Options Development

Green Belt 2019 Employment Land Supply Develop the Investment Case Investigated Further Potential Station Replacement / BOLTON Town Centre Existing Railway Station Reconfiguration at Lostock (Rail) Proposed Site Allocation Potential New Station

Manchester to Preston Electrification


Bolton has three allocations, all of which are located HORWICH Quality Bus Transit near to the . These will provide land (Bolton to Bury) for warehouses, industrial space, distribution and Rapid Transit Corridor (Bolton - Bury) manufacturing.

BOLTON M61 J6 These three allocations are: Link Road GM Allocation 4 – Bewshill Farm Salford Bolton Bus GM Allocation 5 – Chequerbent North Network Improvements GM Allocation 6 – West of Wingates / M61 Junction 6 Electrification from Bolton to Wigan LITTLE LEVER GMA6


FARNWORTH To find out more about your area visit: WESTHOUGHTON Metro/Tram-Train Services M61 on Atherton Line GMA4

Potential New Station New Bolton to Wigan at Dob Brow Road Infrastructure and Quality Bus Transit

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14 15 OVERVIEW REVISED DRAFT FOR CONSULTATION - JANUARY 2019 BURY DISTRICT OVERVIEW KEY STRATEGIC TRANSPORT INTERVENTIONS Existing Green Belt Committed Options Development M66 Develop the Investment Case Green Belt 2019 Redevelopment Investigated Further

Town Centre

Proposed Site Allocation RAMSBOTTOM Quality Bus Transit BURY (Bury to Rochdale) Housing Land Supply

Employment Land Supply

Existing Metrolink Stop

Indicative Future Metrolink Stop M66 Capacity Improvements

GMA8 There are four allocations in Bury. These will provide land for a broad mix of Quality Bus Transit Northern Gateway (Bury to Bolton) Local Bus Network almost 5,500 houses within the plan period, including affordable homes. Rapid Transit Corridor GMA9 (Bolton - Bury) M66 M62 North East Corridor These four allocations are: Express Bus Route M62 North East Corridor GM Allocation 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 - Northern Gateway (cross boundary with Rochdale) BRT GM Allocation 7 – Elton Reservoir Area BURY GM Allocation 8 – Seedfield M62

GM Allocation 9 – Walshaw South Heywood Link Road Elton Reservoir Link GMA7 Road and Indicative GMA1.1 Future Metrolink Stop RADCLIFFE New motorway junction at Birch and M62 North East GMA1.3 Corridor link road GMA1.2

To find out more about your area visit: Metrolink Extension to Middleton

PRESTWICH M60 Simister Island M60 Improvements

Metrolink Capacity Improvements

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Potential New Sandhills Metrolink Stop M62 North East Corridor M60 Express Bus Route Salford Central Station Upgrade MANCHESTER CHEETHAM HARPURHEY HILL Great Ancoats Street City Centre Improvements Metro Tunnel NEWTON HEATH

MSIRR : A57 Regent Improve Piccadilly to Road Improvement Victoria Metrolink Frequency Manchester Piccadilly: HS2 and Manchester has three allocations, all located in the City Centre Transport NPR station and Growth Strategy Strategy Interventions south of the borough. These will help to maximise SALFORD QUAYS economic growth by providing cargo and operational facilities for the airport and industrial space. One of HULME LONGSIGHT

the allocations will also provide homes for 20 families. RUSHOLME Metro / Tram-Train Services on the and Marple Lines LEVENSHULME FALLOWFIELD These three allocations are: CHORLTON WITHINGTON Metrolink Capacity Improvements GM Allocation 10 - Global Logistics Castlefield Rail (East to Shaw) Corridor Improvements M60 GM Allocation 11 - Roundthorn Medipark Extension GM Allocation 12 - Southwick Park / Princess M56 Junction Parkway Improvements GMA12 Improvements DIDSBURY NORTHENDEN Potential New Rail or Metro / Metro/Tram-Train Services Tram-Train Station at Baguely (Stockport to Manchester Airport)

Manchester Airport KEY GMA11 Metrolink Western Leg Manchester Airport Expansion Existing Green Belt Existing Railway Station To find out more about your area visit: Highway Improvements Green Belt 2019 Existing Metrolink Stop WYTHENSHAWE M56 J6-J8 Smart HS2 Bus Rapid Transit City Centre Indicative Future Metrolink Stop Motorway (Airport to the East) Town Centre Proposed Route of HS2 STRATEGIC TRANSPORT INTERVENTIONS MANCHESTER Proposed Site Allocation M56 AIRPORT HS2 and NPR Station and Tram-train Pathfinder Committed Options Development Housing Land Supply HS2 Growth Strategy Project: Manchester (Options Development) Develop the Investment Case Investigated Further GMA10 Airport-Wilmslow Employment Land Supply

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M62 J20-J25 Quality Bus Transit KEY M62 North - East Corridor Smart Motorway (Rochdale - Oldham) Existing Green Belt (Kingsway South) Highways and Bridge Connections Green Belt 2019 Potenital New Cop Road Town Centre Metrolink Stop OLDHAM M62 Proposed Site Allocation Housing Land Supply

Employment Land Supply There are 10 allocations in Oldham which will provide the land for GMA3 Existing Railway Station more than 4,000 homes. Some sites will also enable the building of Improvements Existing Metrolink Stop employment floor space. M62 Indicative Future Metrolink Stop GMA17 SHAW These ten allocations are: GMA21 GM Allocation 2 - Stakehill (cross boundary with Rochdale) GMA16 GMA20 GM Allocation 3 - Kingsway South (cross boundary with Rochdale) Mills Hill Station Upgrade GMA2 GM Allocation 13 – Ashton Road Corridor Trans-Pennine Route ROYTON GMA14 Upgrade to Leeds GM Allocation 14 – Beal Valley A627(M) GM Allocation 15 – Broadbent Moss GMA15 GM Allocation 16 – Cowlishaw Bus Rapid Transit from M62 North HILL CHADDERTON East Corridor and STORES UPPERMILL GM Allocation 17 – Hanging Chadder OLDHAM Surrounding Towns GM Allocation 18 – Robert Fletchers to the Regional Centre GM Allocation 19 – South of Rosary Road LEES NATIONAL PARK GM Allocation 20 – Spinners Way/ Alderney Farm M60 J21 Upgrade GMA18 GM Allocation 21 – Thornham Old Road GM Allocation 22 – Woodhouses Cluster M60 Metrolink Capacity Upgrade (East GMA19 Didsbury to Shaw) Oldham Town Centre To find out more about your area visit: GMA13 Regeneration & Connectivity FAILSWORTH Package (Part 1) and (Part 2)

GMA22 M60 J21 - J24 Quality Bus Transit STRATEGIC TRANSPORT INTERVENTIONS Smart Motorway (Oldham - Ashton) Committed Options Development Rapid Transit Corridor (Ashton - Oldham) Develop the Investment Case Investigated Further

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Calder Valley Line M62 North East Corridor Improvements Express Bus Route with Longer Term BRT Potential

Quality Bus Transit ROCHDALE (Bury - Rochdale)

M62 J20 - J25 Smart Motorway

LITTLEBROUGH There are seven allocations located solely in Rochdale. These will M66 Capacity provide the land for almost 3,600 homes. Improvments GMA28 GMA26 There are 10 allocations in total, of which three are cross-boundary

These 10 allocations are: M62 M62 North - East Corridor (Kingsway South) Highways GM Allocation 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 - Northern Gateway Tram-train Pathfinder and Bridge Connections Project: Rochdale to ROCHDALE GM Allocation 2 - Stakehill (cross boundary with Oldham) Heywood GMA23 Metro / Tram-Train Services GM Allocation 3 - Kingsway South (cross boundary with Oldham) (Rochdale - Bury) GMA25 GM Allocation 23 – Bamford/ Norden GMA27 M66 GM Allocation 24 – Castleton Sidings South Heywood GMA3 KEY GM Allocation 25 – Crimble Mill HEYWOOD GMA29 Link Road GMA24 Existing Green Belt GM Allocation 26 – Land North of Smithy Bridge M62 North East Corridor Distributor Road Green Belt 2019 GM Allocation 27 – Newhey Quarry Quality Bus Transit (Rochdale - Oldham) GM Allocation 28 – Roch Valley Town Centre GMA2 GM Allocation 29 – Trows Farm Proposed Site Allocation Potential New Station Housing Land Supply New Motorway Junction at GMA1.1 at Slattocks Birch and Link Road for M62 Employment Land Supply North East Corridor Mills Hill Station Upgrade To find out more about your area visit: A627(M) Existing Railway Station GMA1.3 MIDDLETON M62 North East Corridor Existing Metrolink Stop Simister Island GMA1.2 Local Bus Network Improvements Potential New Station

STRATEGIC TRANSPORT INTERVENTIONS M60 Metrolink Extension to M60 Committed Options Development Middleton Develop the Investment Case Investigated Further

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22 23 OVERVIEW REVISED DRAFT FOR CONSULTATION - JANUARY 2019 SALFORD DISTRICT OVERVIEW M61 Potential New Station Salford Bolton Bus at Little Hulton Network Improvements

M60 Metro / Tram-Train Services Potential New Station on the Atherton Line WALKDEN (Metro/ Tram-Train) at Pendlebury SALFORD Metrolink Connection New Guided Busway Stop (MediaCity - Salford North of Mosley Common Crescent)

M60 J13 / A572 Improvements SWINTON Salford Central Salford has four allocations. Three of these will GMA30 M60 J9-J14 Improvements Station Upgrade provide the land for 2,300 homes, whilst the fourth GMA31 will deliver 320,000 square metres of employment Potential New Station floorspace through the expansion of Port Salford. at Western Gateway

PENDLETON M602 MediaCity to These four allocations are: Salford Crescent New Rail Link into Quality Bus Transit GM Allocation 30 – Land at Hazelhurst Farm Port Salford ECCLES GM Allocation 31 – Land East of Boothstown GM Allocation 32 – North of Irlam Station City Centre MANCHESTER SHIP CANAL SALFORD GMA33 QUAYS Metro Tunnel GM Allocation 33 – Port Salford Extension New Motorway Connection to Port Salford M60 Trafford Road Junction Improvements

Metrolink KEY Extension to Existing Green Belt M62 J10 - J12 Port Salford / The Quays Further Smart Motorway Salford Stadium Connectivity Green Belt 2019 Ugrade Improvements Town Centre

To find out more about your area visit: Further Phases of City Centre Western Gateway Proposed Site Allocation GMA32 Infrastructure Scheme Trafford Park Line (WGIS) M62 Housing Land Supply

Employment Land Supply

CLC Line STRATEGIC TRANSPORT INTERVENTIONS Existing Railway Station Improvements Committed Options Development Existing Metrolink Stop Metro / Tram-Train Services on the CLC Line to Warrington Develop the Investment Case Investigated Further Potential New Station

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24 25 OVERVIEW REVISEDOVERVIEW DRAFT FOR CONSULTATION - JANUARY 2019 STOCKPORT DISTRICT OVERVIEW Potential Station Replacement M60 M60 J24 - J4 Quality Bus Transit Rapid Transit Corridor (Rail or Metro / Tram-Train) Smart Motorway Upgrade (Ashton - Stockport) (Stockport - Ashton)

Stockport Interchange Bredbury Industrial Estate redevelopment Access Improvements STOCKPORT Implementation of REDDISH GMA34 Stockport Station Masterplan GMA36 Bredbury Woodley Area South Stockport Rail Highway Improvements Infrastructure Improvements Stockport has eight allocations, the first of which will provide for National Rail/HS2/ Potential Metro/Tram-Train Services around 90,000sqm of industrial and warehouse floor space. Metro / Train-Tram Services The other seven will provide the land for 3,700 homes. on the Marple Line Metro / Tram-Train Services from East Didsbury to Hazel GMA39 ROMILEY These eight allocations are: Grove / Stockport STOCKPORT GM Allocation 34 - Bredbury Park Industrial Estate Expansion Potential New GM Allocation 35 - Former Offerton High School M60 GMA35 Stations at EDGELEY GM Allocation 36 - Gravel Bank Road / Unity Mill Cheadle (Rail or Metro / GM Allocation 37 - Heald Green tram-train) and Gatley North MARPLE GM Allocation 38 - High Lane (Metro/tram-train) CHEADLE GM Allocation 39 - Hyde Bank Meadows / Oak Wood Hall Stockport Town Centre SEMMMS: A34 HAZEL Access Plan & Structure GM Allocation 40 - Griffin Farm, Stanley Green GROVE and A560 Junction Enhancements GM Allocation 41 - Woodford Aerodrome Improvements Stockport HS2 CHEADLE Growth Strategy A560 Cheadle HULME Corridor Package GMA37 GMA38

MANCHESTER GMA40 AIRPORT KEY BRAMHALL Hope Valley Existing Green Belt Line Upgrade Potential New Station Green Belt 2019 Adswood (Metro / To find out more about your area visit: Potential New tram - train) Town Centre Station at High Lane Proposed Site Allocation Poynton Relief SEMMMS: A6 to Housing Land Supply Road M60 Relief Road Potential New Station Employment Land Supply Stanley Green STRATEGIC TRANSPORT INTERVENTIONS GMA41 Committed Options Development Existing Railway Station

Develop the Investment Case Investigated Further Potential New Station

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Develop the Investment Case Investigated Further

MOSSLEY Ashton Interchange Quality Bus Transit Redevelopment TAMESIDE (Oldham - Ashton)

M60 J21 - J24 Metrolink Extension Smart Motorway to Stalybridge M60

Quality Bus Transit Trans-Pennine (Ashton-Stockport) Route Upgrade to Leeds Tameside has three allocations, two of which will Metro / Tram-Train ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE Services on the provide the land for around 2,790 homes. The third Metrolink Glossop Line Frequency will deliver around 175,000 square metres of high- Improvements GMA42 STALYBRIDGE quality employment floorspace. to Ashton DROYLSDEN Tintwistle and Hollingworth These three allocations are: Further Interventions Potential Station GM Allocation 42 – Ashton Moss West Replacement (Rail or Metro / Tram-Train) GM Allocation 43 – Goodley Green Garden Village Mottram Moor and A57 (T) to A57 Link Road GM Allocation 44 – South of Hyde Denton Island Improvements

KEY A57 Hyde Road Localised Widening DENTON Existing Green Belt Green Belt 2019 HYDE To find out more about your area visit: Extent of Town Centre Proposed Site Allocation M60 J24 - J4 GMA43 Smart Motorway Housing Land Supply Potential New Station Employment Land Supply at Gamesley Rapid Transit Corridor GMA44 Existing Railway Station (Stockport to Ashton) M60 Station Potential New Station Potential New South-Facing Access and Station at Dewsnap Foot / Cycle Bridge Existing Metrolink Stop

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28 29 OVERVIEW REVISEDOVERVIEW DRAFT FOR CONSULTATION - JANUARY 2019 TRAFFORD DISTRICT OVERVIEW M60 KEY Future Phases of Trafford Park Line Existing Green Belt Existing Railway Station Western Gateway Infrastructure Green Belt 2019 Existing Metrolink Stop Scheme (WGIS) Potential New Station Indicative Future Metrolink Stop Town Centre at Cornbrook TRAFFORD Proposed Site Allocation Proposed Route of HS2 Housing Land Supply HS2 and NPR Station and HS2 Growth Strategy Potential New Station Employment Land Supply (Options Development) at White City (Metro / Trafford has two allocations, delivering around 8,500 Tram-Train homes in the plan period. The Carrington allocation URMSTON will deliver a minimum of 6,100 of homes in the plan STRETFORD period and up to 10,000 new homes in total. It will also M60 J8 deliver over 400,000 square metres of employment Improvements floor space up to 2037. Metro / Tram-Train Services to Warrington These two allocations are: Metrolink Capacity GM Allocation 45 – New Carrington SALE Improvements Carrington Relief Road GM Allocation 46 – Timperley Wedge GMA45 Sale West M60 Bus Corridor

Potential New Station at Timperley East

Metro / Tram-Train Services (Cornbrook to Manchester Airport via Timperley) New Carrington Bus Corridor ALTRINCHAM Bus Rapid Transit Rapid Transit Corridor (Manchester Airport to Altrincham) (Airport - Carrington / Irlam) To find out more about your area visit: Tram-Train Pathfinder Manchester Airport Project: Altrincham-Hale Metrolink Western Leg GMA46 STRATEGIC TRANSPORT INTERVENTIONS HS2 MANCHESTER Committed / Under Construction AIRPORT M56 J6-J8 Develop Business Case for Early Delivery Smart Motorway Manchester Airport: HS2 and NPR Options to be Developed Station and Growth Strategy Requires Further Investigation M56 Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database rights 2018 | Walking and cycling interventions not illustrated. For latest information on the 2040 Transport Strategy Delivery Plan see


M6 Wigan HS2 Existing Green Belt Growth Strategy Green Belt 2019

Extent of Town Centre M61 J6 WIGAN Link Road Proposed Site Allocation Housing Land Supply Electrification from Employment Land Supply M58 / A49 Bolton to Wigan Link Roads Existing Railway Station

Potential New Station Potential New Station at Dobb Brow Proposed Route of HS2

Wigan’s five allocations will provide the land for Quality Bus Transit M58 / M6 (Wigan - Bolton) around 350,000 square metres of employment Interchange Upgrade floorspace and around 2,500 homes. WIGAN Metro / Tram-Train Services on the Atherton Line These five allocations are: M58 Potential New Station GM Allocation 47 – Land South of Pennington GMA51 at Little Hulton M6 J21A - GM Allocation 48 – M6 J25 J26 Smart Motorway GM Allocation 49 – North of Mosley Common GMA48 GM Allocation 50 – Pocket Nook GMA49 GM Allocation 51 – West of Gibfield M6 J25 All-Movements Junction New Guided Busway Stop north of Mosley Common LEIGH Ashton-in-Makerfield Interchange Upgrades Bus Rapid Transit Extension to Wigan

To find out more about your area visit: Wigan and Bolton New M6 J23 East-West road Infrastructure Improvements GMA50 GMA47 STRATEGIC TRANSPORT INTERVENTIONS Committed / Under Construction M6 Potential New Station Develop Business Case for Early Delivery at Golborne Potential New Stations Options to be Developed at Kenyon and Glazebury Bus Rapid Transit Extension Requires Further Investigation to Lowton and Golborne

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Greater Manchester’s Plan for Homes, Jobs and The easiest way to tell us what you think is by taking the Environment: Greater Manchester Spatial part in our online survey. Here you will find more Framework information about the plan and you can answer as many or as few questions as you want: This Plan is all about making Greater Manchester fit for the future and one of the best places in the world to live and work. Other ways you can have your say are: It’s important you have your say to make sure the final [email protected] plan reflects your views. Planning Team Consultation, GMCA, Churchgate House, 56 Oxford Street, The plan talks about homes and jobs, but it’s about so Manchester, M1 6EU much more than bricks and mortar. It’s about reducing inequalities, improving the lives of our residents, and The consultation closes on Monday 18 March, 2019 at transforming Greater Manchester into the world- 11:59pm. leading city we know it can be.

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