2 0 1 2 ANNUAL REPORT Doubling our amount of local food Letter from CISA’s Executive Director and Board Chair

CISA has just finished its first generation of work, and we are proud of what we all have done together as farmers, owners of food-related businesses, elected officials, and community members.

Who would have thought 20 years ago that: CISA’s Local Hero program would be the longest running and most successful “buy local” campaign in the nation? There would be 50 farmers’ markets in Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire counties—including seven winter markets and 58 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms—many offering shares in every season? Local apples, barley, fiber, greens, maple syrup, meat, and wine could be purchased almost year-round at farmers’ markets, CSAs, and food retail outlets? Our farmers would be growing 10,000 farm shares that feed more than 40,000 people with sustainably grown produce? Here in the Pioneer Valley, CISA has helped to create a breathtaking cultural shift that is worthy of celebration. Not surprisingly though, some of the challenges facing our farms in 1993 at CISA’s beginning are still with us today: unprecedented competition in a global economy, rising energy and labor costs, and increasingly unpredictable weather, including more violent storms and changes in hardiness zones created by climate change. In 1993, CISA founders began a conversation about how to save small, family farms. Now, our community is working to increase the number of thriving farms and strengthen the local food system in our region, , and . In our 20th anniversary year, we are more convinced than ever that buying locally enables our community to keep its farmers farming, provides the freshest, tastiest food in our diet, strengthens the local economy, keeps vistas open, and reminds us why we call the Pioneer Valley home.

Springfield Winter Market, CISA photo

Wholesale farmers’ market begins Montague Food Co-op, the first incarnation in 1934 in Springfield and opens of the Franklin Community Cooperative, to the general public in 1972. opens in Turners Falls. Special Collections, UMass Amherst Libraries 1 9 8 7 1 9 7 2

Massachusetts College of Agriculture Massachusetts’ model Pioneer Valley Alliance for (now University of Massachusetts) is farmland preservation Sustainable Agriculture founded in Amherst. program, the Agricultural (PVASA), precursor to Preservation and Restriction CISA, begins regular 1 9 7 7 1 9 9 3 1 8 6 3 (APR), is launched. meetings. Greenfield Farmers’ Market, photo Rachel Chandler-Worth 2 2012 ANNUAL REPORT

We also believe that a healthy regional agricultural economy is part of the solution to many national challenges, from shrinking oil reserves and a changing climate to diet-related health problems. We need to make more locally grown food available to more residents of our region wherever they live, shop, and eat. As we look ahead, we are hopeful that the seeds we plant will be worthy of celebration a generation from now. Our goal is to double the amount of local food in our diets, to 25 percent, over the next 20 years. To accomplish this, we will need new and expanded farm and food businesses to fill the current gaps in our food system along the path from farm to plate. CISA will inspire and support entrepreneurs who start businesses with a commitment to local ownership and local products, through creative financing, technical assistance, and building marketplace demand. Maintaining CISA’s core work of expanding the number of committed local eaters and enhancing existing farms and food businesses is critical Northampton Winter Fare, Jason Threlfall photo to this goal.

Our goal is to double the amount of local food in our diets, to 25 percent, over the next 20 years.

If we succeed, the next generation will be surprised to learn that most of what people ate in 2013 was processed and shipped from thousands of miles away! We will be healthier, our food will be safer and more secure, and our local economy will be more resilient. Our children, and our children’s children, will thank us for acting on our values to support and strengthen our local farms, our communities, and our planet. Our example will serve as a model for other communities around the world. Now is the time to look down at your plate and around at the people at your table and make a commitment together to change the world. CISA will be there every bite of the way! Chase Hill Farm, CISA photo Sincerely,

Philip Korman Rachel Moore Executive Director Chair, Board of Directors

CISA receives a $1 million Kellogg Foundation grant for PVASA and six partner organizations: Hampshire College, University of Massachusetts, the New England Small Farm CISA launches FarmNet Institute, Nuestras Raíces, the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information and Studies, and Earth Arts Institute. Referral service. 1 9 9 4 1 9 9 6 Our Family Farms, Rachel photo Chandler-Worth

CISA brings together nearly 100 people for discussion and action Our Family Farms-brand milk successfully on the challenges to agriculture in the Pioneer Valley. debuts, produced by a cooperative that CISA establishes eight volunteer Action Groups to work on challenges began among members of CISA’s Dairy Action Group. Shows strong consumer 1 9 9 8 1 9 9to 5 local farms: marketing, labor, land, sustainable practices, dairy, education, sustainable communities, and finance. interest in ‘buy local’ message.

3 4 Senior FarmShare, Riverland Farm, CISA photo 1 9 9 9 Annie’s Garden & Gift Store,CISA photo Annie’s Garden&Gift at Nourse Farms in Whately. event with farm and retail members campaign is launched at a kick-off Be a Local Hero, Buy Locally Grown McKinstry Farm, CISAphoto McKinstry

2 0 0 0 CISA’s LocalHerocampaign. areaddedto Restaurants ® entrepreneurship in the food system attended by120people. attended system inthefood entrepreneurship on focused Forum Fall a held which Network, Grows Valley Pioneer the staffs CISA Fund. Loan Grows Valley Pioneer the in participation our through options financing new exploring are and businesses, food local expanding and start-up for services referral and information Weprovide the successes, challenges, and opportunities in the Pioneer Valley food system. of localexamples real-life, provides CISA’s report “ScalingupLocalFood” system Scaling upthelocalfood andnewfarmers. includebothexperienced tours andfarm our workshops planning and marketing to soil fertility and grazing practices. Participants in for new women farmers. Topics in this ten-class series ranged from financial Seventeen women participated in the Whole Farm Planning workshop series offarmers Seeding anewgeneration smallfarms. netfor ofoursafety part become avital 8,2013.Thefundhas ofFebruary snowstorm thesevere damage from thatsuffered farms available,andwehaveopeneditupfor has reserves thefund communitysupport, Thankstooverwhelming Hurricane Irene. by impacted loansto11farms madeno-interest CISA andpartners The CISA EmergencyFarm Fund than600participants. in 2012,withmore consultations assistance andone-on-onetechnical 44workshops offered program has had a positive impact on 92 percent of participating farms. CISA Our ofsurvey more than 200 member farmers indicates that the Local Hero businessesstrong and thriving Keeping ourfarm thatitdid!). indicate (andearlyresults produce tobuymore SNAPrecipients encouraged onpurchasesofproduce rebate and farm stands participate in a USDA study examining whether a 30 percent Winter Fare Farmers’ Markets. CISA helped Hampdenour at Countypurchases stamp) food (SNAP, or farmers’Program Assistance Nutrition markets Senior FarmShare program, and CISA matched the first $10 in Supplemental our through shares farm received elders than350low-income More in Franklin, Hampden,andHampshireCounties people for A shareofthelocalharvest Thanks to YOU, 2012 was a smashing success!

2 0 0 1 Apollo Grill,

Be a Local Hero, Buy Locally Grown the from Lessons Food: Grown Locally for Support with awrittenmanual,Harvesting and asconsultants, speaking atconferences, model; CISA staff and board share knowledge by CISA’s “buy local” campaign becomes a nationwide CISA photo

Strawberry Festival, CISA photo

2 0 0 2 ® Cabin Fever Farm Tour, andFruit LoopFarm Tour. Social, Festival,Asparagus including aStrawberry connect PioneerValley andtheircommunities, farms events that andfarming diverse food CISA supports Campaign.

2 0 0 3 all food locally.all food dinner, sourcing large fundraising CISA holdsitsfirst T R O P E R L A U N N A 2 1 0 2

CISA photo Amherst Winter Market, Jason Threlfall photo

Join us in 2013, our 20th anniversary year! The launch of the “Local Hero Challenge” Throughout its 20th anniversary year, CISA will issue fun challenges to help people connect to more local farms, put more local food on their table, and share their stories about growing, buying, and eating local. Sign up to play the Local Hero Challenge at buylocalfood.org and begin the fun! Increase the value of your gift Thanks to several key supporters, CISA has set up the $100,000 Anniversary Fund. Every new dollar (a new gift from a new donor or a bigger gift from a current donor) that comes into CISA will be matched by two dollars from the Match Fund, up to $50,000! If we reach our goal, CISA will have $150,000 in new resources to use to support beginning farmers, expand our work in Hampden County, and scale up the local food system to provide more local food to more residents of our region.

b u y l o c a l f o o d . o r g

Clarkdale Fruit Farms, Rachel Chandler-Worth photo Senior FarmShare program begins, CISA fosters connections paying farmers to grow produce between farms and large employers, Winter Fare, the first winter farmers’ for hundreds of low-income elders as colleges, hospitals, and retirement market in Massachusetts, is launched in Franklin, Hampden, and homes are welcomed into the in Greenfield by a volunteer committee, Hampshire counties. Local Hero program. with CISA support. 2 0 0 6 2 0 0 8 2 0 0 4 Rachel Chandler-Worth

Women in Agriculture Network CISA intensifies its focus on infrastructure for the is established, adding to CISA’s local food system, contributing to feasibility studies array of workshops, consulting, for a regional slaughterhouse and dairy processing and print and online information facility, and a food safety program for salad greens. 2 0 0 7 2 0 0for 5 farms and food businesses. CISA photo 5 From blueberries to baked goods Kosinski Farm

“Agriculture is not a stagnant business,” says Sue Kosinski—and she has reason to know. Sue grew up on a farm, and she has operated Kosinski Farm with her husband, Gene, since 1983. They have built a diverse farm operation by responding to new opportunities and trends. Today, the many dimensions of their farm business reflect the growth of consumer interest in fresh, locally grown food over the past 20 years. Gene and Sue Kosinski, Kosinski Farm photo Sue and Gene Kosinski literally met in a blueberry field. In 1999, Sue and Gene opened their own stand at Both grew up on farms, and the two got to know each the farm in Westfield. “After all those years of making other when Sue was hired to pick blueberries by Gene’s deliveries to farm stands, we thought that maybe we father. In 1983, the couple purchased their own farm on could do it, too. We knew it had to be more sophisticated Russellville Road in Westfield, and today they specialize than a picnic table under a tree.” in blueberries among a wide range of fruits and vegetables. They sell their products through a stand on the farm, Today, the farm stand includes a deli, a full-service a new CSA, and other local farm stands. bakery, and plants from the farm’s greenhouse, in addition to blueberries and other produce. More recently, Over the years, Sue and Gene have continually adapted the farm has begun offering pick-your-own apples and their crop mix and marketing venues to new opportunities blueberries, and hosting school trips for children. In and demands, and in the process they have created a 2012, Kosinski Farm added a CSA option, and Sue says forward-thinking and diverse farm. In the early 1980s, that CSA share sales are already up fourfold for its the Kosinskis sold their crops through the wholesale second year. market in , which required nightly trips to the city after full days on the farm, and Sue and Gene The transition from a wholesale business into a farm had little control over pricing. with multiple markets, including several direct sales outlets, is huge. It requires ongoing development of “Sometimes the wholesale market was in the pits,” Sue new skills and comfort with a certain amount of risk. remembers, “and what could we do? I remember my Perhaps most importantly, it requires a clear sense of grandfather filling up his truck and going around to what customers are seeking, and an ability to anticipate the other small businesses and peddling his products. how that changes over time. We were known for our blueberries, so we offered to deliver them to the local farm stands. It was an old- Reflecting on the changes in her business over the years, fashioned idea, but no one else was doing it, so we Sue says, “Without question, there is a different customer were welcomed with open arms.” base now. Twenty years ago, our customers were people who had grown up in the country and knew how much Throughout the 1990s, Gene and Sue focused on better fresh, local food was. Now, younger people are farm stand deliveries, freeing them from dependence interested, too, and educated. People are choosing us onG the volatile wholesaler market.o w iover the supermarket. We’ve got to be out front, getting to know nour customersg and building trust withi them.”n CISA is among a coalition of agricultural and hunger groups to successfully advocate for legislation creating the statewide Massachusetts Food Policy Council. CISA brings Winter Fare to Northampton, and 2,000 people attend the one-day market featuring locally grown food and workshops. 2 0 1 0 CISA photo

Despite a national recession, the Local Hero program continues to CISA’s launches an Emergency Farm Fund in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, grow, and the seventh annual Eat the View fundraising dinner, held at offering zero-interest loans to help farm businesses following devastating flooding. Three County Fairgrounds in Northampton, draws 450 supporters. CISA’s “Scaling up Local Food: Investing in Farm & Food Infrastructure in the 2 0 1 1

2 0 0CISA 9 staffs Pioneer Valley Grows, a collaborative network dedicated Pioneer Valley” report provides local examples of the successes, challenges, to enhancing the ecological and economic sustainability and vitality and opportunities for growth in the Pioneer Valley food system. of the Pioneer Valley food system.

6 2012 ANNUAL REPORT Organic yogurt from the hills Sidehill Farm

When Paul Lacinski and Amy Klippenstein bought their first three cows in 2005, the Massachusetts dairy industry had already declined from about 1,700 dairy farms in 1970 to just over 200 farms. “Part of the reason we were able to take that leap of faith was that we kind of didn’t know what we were doing,” laughs Amy. “We were coming at it from the Amy Klippenstein and Paul Lacinski, Ben Barnhart photo outside, so we believed that we could do it.” know where their food comes from to how the land is The reality, of course, is that Amy and Paul had done used. We didn’t realize when we first started how loyal their research before deciding to launch Sidehill Farm’s people would be, but I don’t think that loyalty exists yogurt business, and their successes over the past seven anywhere else in the country. Part of our success was years reflect that diligence and attention to detail. Paul our timing, but a lot of it was the place. I’m not sure and Amy are now milking about 35 cows and producing we could have done this anywhere else.” 1,000 gallons of yogurt per week. Their yogurt is sold Additional keys to Sidehill’s success include the owners’ throughout western Massachusetts and is steadily gaining commitment to technical efficiency (Paul was a green market outlets in the eastern part of the state. This past building professional before he was a dairy farmer), and year, after several years of moving their animals from to creating good jobs that attract competent employees. one rented pasture to another in Ashfield, the entire Each of these commitments contribute to the consistent operation moved to a newly purchased, 225-acre farm high quality of their product, which brings customers in Hawley. This will provide Paul and Amy with long-term back for more. stability and the potential for further expansion. Looking forward, Paul and Amy have big plans. The move Although their choice of yogurt stemmed, in part, from to the new farm in Hawley has led to a flurry of barn and their own consumption habits—Paul was eating about a fence building and planning for the coming year. Paul quart a day—much of their success can be credited to the and Amy anticipate that the additional land will allow fact that Amy and Paul correctly identified an interest them to increase their herd to 100 animals, half of which in local, organic yogurt. They did not have would be milk cows. “We don’t want more cows than with cows (they were raising vegetables at the time), we can have relationships with—we don’t want them but they “realized that there was a lot of interest in the to become numbers,” says Amy. rebirth of local dairy, especially among people concerned “We’re projecting significant growth over the next few about the safety of milk and added hormones. People years. Growth in the eastern Massachusetts markets is wanted a local product they could trust. We felt strongly what we hope will pay for the bulk of our expansion, but about these issues, and we knew others did, too. we have discovered that even though we sell lots and lots “Being in western Massachusetts makes it possible to do of yogurt in the Valley, there still seems to be room for what we’re doing. People here are interested in local growth here. This is the community that we are most agriculturet hon many differente levels—from wantingV to loyal and connected to, and to be able to continue to finda more peoplel right herel who want to eat oury yogurt is reallye exciting.”

CISA’s market survey of Hampden County reveals that 55 percent of shoppers make an effort to buy locally grown food, and 66 percent CISA sets a goal of doubling the amount of local food in our diets over the next 20 buy locally grown food at least once a week, information that years. The effort was launched with a $100,000 Anniversary Fund, which will match provides a baseline for expansion of the Local Hero campaign new contributions up to $50,000. The $150,000 total in new resources will allow 2 0 1 3 2 0 1 2 and other CISA activities in our most populous county. CISA to expand our activities in Hampden County, support Local Hero program grows to include beginning farmers, and take 220 farms and almost 125 other additional actions to increase businesses, including food retailers, production and strengthen retirement homes, and restaurants. the local food system.

7 2012 Board Kelley Manson Former Board Anne Homme Former Staff Development Director Jane Howard Ann Burke (May–December) Do- Han Allen Michael Abbate Teresa Jones Ben Clark Claire Morenon Mitch Anthony Pamela Barnes Program Coordinator Pauline Lannon Sara Coblyn Robert Antil Cheri Butler Sam Stegeman Sonja Larson Laurie Estes Bob August* Tracie Butler-Kurth Program Coordinator Mark LaVoie Sherry Hager Charles Barker Stacy Carkonen Sarah Stout Ed Maltby Nancy Hanson, Clerk Development Associate Stacey Begg Rachel Chandler-Worth Bob Martin Greg Melnik, Treasurer Devon Whitney-Deal Justine Bertram Annie Cheatham Local Hero Membership Martin McGuane* Rachel Moore, Chair Anne Carter Jess Cook Coordinator Belle Rita Novak Mary Nourse Annie Cheatham Jaana Cutson Jennifer Williams Faye Omasta Rus Peotter Office Manager Tina Clarke Anne Marie DeMartino* Michael Parry Dan Prestegaard Kristen Wilmer Bill Coli Linda Enerson Program Assistant Sheila Phelon Diane Roeder Dan Conlon Kristina Ferrare Jim Pitts Gary Schaefer 2012 Interns Beth Cook Melanie Gaier Russell Powell Risa Silverman, Vice Chair Dan Cooley Gaby Immerman Abbe Hamilton Karen Randall Casey Steinberg Leslie Cox Mark Lattanzi Ryan Footit Nicki Robb MA Swedlund Larry Dean Michele Marotta Emily Fuller Kathy Ruhf Mike Wissemann Sheila Dennis Doug Minor Evan Kleber Brian Schultz Peter Diemand Allison Neher 2012 Staff Jamie Pottern David Sharken Kelly Erwin Chris Olson Sammie Scoville Tim Smith Philip Korman Warren Facey Sally Pick Executive Director Emily Schweitzer Barry Steeves Glenn Gates Rebecca Pollard Pierik Stacy Carkonen Sara Tower Joe Swartz Development Director John Gerber Jonathan Roche Christine Waltersdorf Mark Tanner (January–May) Beth Girshman Risa Silverman Brian Watson Ryan Voiland Margaret Christie Steve Goodwin Sara Silvia Special Projects Director Kamilah Weeks Barbara Wallace Barbara Greenstein* Vicki Van Zee Kelly Coleman Will Wallace-Gusakov Program Director Ann Hallstein Madelaine Zadik Jen Werner Gina Gigante Clifford Hatch Lynne Wilkie Bookkeeper Kathryn Hedgepeth

We apologize if we omitted anyone from this list who served on the board or staff. Please contact us so we can add you in the future. *Deceased

CISA photo

CISA staff field trip to Black Birch Vineyard in Southampton. Left to right, front, Sarah Stout, Devon Whitney-Deal, Kelly Coleman, Kristen Wilmer, Abbe Hamilton (intern). Back row: Philip Korman, Claire Morenon, Margaret Christie, Gina Gigante, and Jennifer Williams. Missing: Kelley Manson and Sam Stegeman.

8 2012 ANNUAL REPORT Financial notes

As supporters and investors in CISA, you will be pleased including CISA, had their state funding cut due to a fall to know that CISA has ended each of the last three fiscal in state revenues. In 2013, federal funding remains years with a surplus. Over the last five years, CISA has uncertain due to the sequester and the failure of nearly doubled the unrestricted donations it receives from Congress to pass a new farm bill. individuals and businesses, from $188,000 to $359,000. We currently have four months of operating expenses This increase was a goal identified in CISA’s Strategic Plan. covered in our cash reserves, which has enabled CISA to Donations currently represent 34 percent of CISA’s income, take bold steps to increase its impact and effectiveness. up from 22 percent in 2008. Increasing CISA’s unrestricted The CISA Emergency Farm Fund, for example, started at donations will need to continue in the coming years to the end of 2011 after Hurricane Irene, made loans to 11 respond to the growing uncertainty in government funding farms. (One loan has already been paid back, two years and to meet the expanding demand for CISA’s programs. ahead of schedule.) The fund now has a balance of $105,306 It is because of the support of the community that we and was reopened in February 2013 in response to are on our way to reaching our goal of growing CISA’s damages suffered by farmers from a severe snowstorm. cash reserve to cover six months of operating expenses. Signed, Before 2010, cash reserves were low, which left CISA vulnerable if any large funders, which rarely commit to more than one year of funding, chose to end their financial Greg Melnik Philip Korman support. In 2012, non-profits with “buy local” programs, Treasurer Executive Director

2012 Financial Summary

7 8 Revenue and Support 2012* 2011 6 1. Grants and 1 Government Contracts $559,166.91 $304,289.00 5 2. Donations $358,981.00 $335,704.00 4 3. Emergency Farm Fund $66,350.70 $131,488.00 4. In-Kind Donations $21,329.78 $21,482.00 3 5. Local Hero Membership Dues $54,927.50 $53,966.00 6. Rent, Consulting and Fees $88,983.64 $48,652.00 7. Advertising $44,738.00 $40,600.00 8. Miscellaneous: Interest and Merchandise Sales $1,877.73 $1,383.00 2 Total Revenue and Support $1,196,355.26 $937,564.00

Expenses 4 1. Program $643,431.20 $521,224.54 1 2. Community Outreach $65,682.12 $87,902.46 3 3. Fundraising $83,190.18 $43,729.00 4. Administration $88,601.08 $81,319.00 Total Expenses $880,904.58 $734,175.00 2 Change in Net Assets $315,450.69 $203,389.00

Net Assets, Beginning of Year $475,305.00 $271,916.00 Net Assets, End of Year** $790,755.69 $475,305.00

* Unaudited figures. ** Includes restricted Emergency Farm Funds in 2012 of $177,812. Chart photos: Jason Threlfall (peppers); Rachel Chandler-Worth (tomatoes)

9 CISA is grateful to the following individuals, businesses, foundations, and government agencies whose generous contributions in 2012 provided critical support for our programs and operations.

COMMUNIT Y Charles Benson Susan Campbell and Todd Fuller Ira Curtis Tyler Fritz MEMBERS Peter and Ellen Berek Mary Candy Stacey Curtis Bennett and Lilly Gaev Anonymous (2) Lisa Berger Sarah Milewski Cantara Carrie Cuthbert KeriAnne Gaffney Mark and Wendy Abramson Tina and Michael Berins Donna Card and Scott Laidlaw Meg Gage and Stephen King Tom Accomando and Jeff Stone Steven Berlin and Judy Cardell Bill Cutler and Lee MacKinnon Jennifer L. Garcia Martha Ackelsberg Valerie Lavender David Carlson Ari Damasco Migdalia Garcia Perez Ron Ackerman and Edw H and Julie C Berman Valerie Caro Eliza D’Angostino Wayne Garfinkel Cleo Gorman Phyllis Bermingham Cate Carulli and Linda Sinapi Barbara D’Arthenay Julia Garrido Douglas W Adler and Peter Greenwald Christine Casagrande Cary Dash and Vivian Miller Ashley Garton Lorenzo Agustin Gary and JoAnn Bernhard Luis Chacon Debra Davis and Anne and Don Gasiorowski David Ahlfeld Carla Bernier Grace Del Vecchio Catherine Champagne Frank Gatti and Joann Berns Christopher Dean Anne Alexander Anneliese Chang Eleanor Manire-Gatti Justine and Harry Bertram Patricia Delisle Donald Allen Madeleine Charney John and Gail Gaustad Kimberly Allen Channing and Marie Bete and Rudy Perkins Sheryl Derderian Jennifer Gauthier and Wraye Dugundji Terry Allen and Ernie Urvater Blaise and Linda Bisaillon Deborah Charren Amy Gazin-Schwartz Crystal Diamond Cassandra Aller Andrew Blefeld and Timothy Diehl and Ave Schwartz Joe and Barbara Blumenthal Elizabeth Chase Bruce and Ruth Frances Gebhardt Lucy Alman Dickinson Berquist Thomas Bobbitt and Horace Marchant Zachary Gencarelle Jean Alward and Pat Diffendale Beverly Montague Casey Boduch Lisa Chase and Bob Ethier Michael Genthner Elizabeth Dillman William and Nancy Ames Megan Bogacz Annie Cheatham and Mary Riley and Ann Gibson Fredy DiMeco Gretta Anderson and Paul Bay Marlene Borer Alex Ghiselin and Diane Welter Ann and Greg Chiara Kimberly Dionne Teri Anderson Maureen Borg Gibbs Real Estate Nancy Childs Jan and Robin Dizard Fred and Jane Andresen Jeff Bott Theresa Gibson Deborah and Peter Christakos Karen and Chip Doherty Denise Andrews Patrick and Elizabeth Boughan James and Harriet Gilman Margaret Christie Fabiano T Dos Santos Wayne Glaser Nina Antonetti George Bowers and Nicholas Jones and Shayne Beede Philip Doyle and Pamela Skinner Montserrat and Mike Archbald David Chura Bernice Bowler Rosalyn Driscoll Julie Goddard Rosemary and Francis Arnold Gorkem Cilam Candace Bradbury-Carlin James Drohen Roni Gold Suzanne Arnopolin M. Kenley Clark and Ronnie Williams Susan May Brano Tim Duchesne and Eric Howard Owen Goldfarb Linda S Clark and Priscilla Fairbank Nancy August Erik Bray Judy Duguay Wade Clement Norbert Goldfield Jerry Auth Marybeth Bridegam Stephen Earp Joan Cocks Steven H Goldsher, DDS Judith and John Averill Robert Bristol Meggin and Donovan Eastman Sarah Coe and George Critides Ellen Goldsmith and Sam Levitt Luis Ayala Lindsey Britt Alfred Eipper Mary Ann Cofrin Kathy Goos and Barry Werth Alan Bachers Laura Broad Marcy Eisenberg Joseph and Cathy Cohen Vahram Elagoz Emily Gopen Carrie Baker and Harvey Hill Amy Brook and Sonny Crawford Sara Cohen and James Kessler Stacey Elliott Katharine Baker Barbara Brown Mari Gottdiener and Joel Russell and Peter Titelman Adam Cohen Jean Esser and Terry Blanchard Kani Brown Tzivia Gover Madelaine Baker Leonard Cohen Beth Eustis Patrick Brown Jeffrey Goyott Carol Ball and Charles Cohn Kent and Scottie Faerber Felicia Buendo and Catherine Smith Barbara Graf Randie Handleman Justin Fallon Laurie Burnash Rachael and Gennaro Colacino Lyle Gray Joanna Ballantine Ann and Lloyd Fark Rebecca Busansky Krystyna Colburn Gigi Green Sharon Band and Jonah Zuckerman Shawn E Farley Kelly Coleman and Amir Flesher Marguerite Gregory Carol Beauvais Linda Bush Craig Fear Ron and Nina Coler Audrey Guhn and Jeffrey Knight Carla Becker Remember Cadieux The Feinland Family Kelly Collins Susan Gulick and Peter Reich Larry and Beth Beede Ted Cahill Justin Fermann Michael Begley Joanne Comerford Amy Gutman Melissa Caldwell and Ann Hennessey James Ferrara Pam and Charles Bell Heidi Haas and Natalie Calloway Susan Conger Jacob Field Frederick Hooven Andrew Bellak Stephen Camp John and Marianna Connolly Linnette Figueroa Molly Hale Adi Bemak and Rob Okun Brian Conz Bernard J Fine Jennifer Haley Donna Fisher 2012 Taste the View, Quonquont Farm, Soulful Life Photography photo Joseph Corbeil Katherine Hamm Joan Coryat and Art Silver Ed and Janie Fisher Hanauer-Jones Family Teresa Cotnoir Katherine Fite Jayme Hannay Gretchen Courage Emily Fitzgerald Christine Hannon Michael Crand John J. Fitzgerald Jim and Lois Harris Mary Alice Crim John and Elaine Foley Jennifer and Thomas Hartley Robert Cullen Jocelyn Forbush Bruce and Ruth Hawkins Claire Culver Nathanael Fortune Robert C. Hawley and Joyce Palmer-Fortune John and Toni Cunningham and Mary S. McCarthy Greg and Lisa Franceschi Joseph Curran Nancy Hazzard Rebecca Freed Karen Curran Lyn Heady Ron Freshley and Marilyn and Ron Hebert Colleen Currie Linda Tumbarello Louise and Cecil Currin John and Dede Heck

10 2012 ANNUAL REPORT Ellen Heffernan Frederick H. Kool Kim Matland and Linda Farmer and Paul Gibson Philip Korman Richard McCarthy Valerie Heron-Duranti and Nora Israeloff Lisbeth and Hugh McLarty Frederick and Linda Hess Laurie Korza Linda Meccouri Marjorie Hess Shawn Korza Hardy Merriman and Rudolph Talaber Kathryn Kroll Luke Mertes Steven Hilbun and Kelly Turney Judith Kundl Jill Messick JoAnn and Richard Hinckley MaryAnne Kuroczko Matthew E. Mickiewicz Eric Hnatow Julie Labedz Stuart Mieher Matthew Hoffman Shelby Labumbard Lynda Minsky Anne Homme Sage LaCroix Conrad Mish Chuck Hommes and Audrey Ladouceur Vicki Baum-Hommes Anne Morehouse Susan LaForte and Mary Hurlburt Sandra Hoover Laura Lamarche Sarah and Pierre Morenon Margaret and Sterling Hopkins Susan Lantz Jacqualin Morin Daniel Horlitz Daniel Larouche Mary Morrin Susan Howard Kamilah Weeks (CISA intern) & Risa Silverman (board member) Joseph Lastowski Lisa Morrison at Northampton Brewery’s 25th anniversary, CISA photo. Jennie Howland and Justin Kurtz Nancy Laverdiere David Morse and Gayle Huntress Sarah and Don Persons Whitty Sanford and Tom Miner Carrie Leach Susan Shepherd Brett Iimura Stephen and Warren J. Savage Ellen Leahy-Pile Jeff Moss and Joanne Goding Elizabeth Petegorsky Marilyn Iwanicki Eileen and Thomas Savoy and Christopher Pile Jeffrey Muratore Helen Petkas Paul Jablon Annie Scarff and Peter Snedecor James Learned Michael Nagy Annette Pfannebecker Daniel Jackson Earl G. Schacht Alex Leloup Mona Naimark Steven Pfarrer and Joyce Tousey Stephanie Jacobson-Landon Judy Scherer Helen and Donald Lennon David Narkewicz Craig Phelon Monica Jakuc Leverett and Yelena Mikich Kristine and James Schramel Pat and Henry Leuchtman Corey Plucker and Bob Leverett Uladzislau Navitski Paul Schroeder Mark D. Marshall Helen A. Podlesny Pamela James and Helen O. Leung Brian Neal Louise Schuhlen Stephanie Podlesny Katherine Jamieson Lois and Stephen Levin Charles Neff Penny Schultz and Ben Gundersheimer Sean Pollock and Jody Nishman Robin Levine and Greg Kline Jenny New Dorothy S. Janke Denise Pope Susan Schuman Tracey Levy and Paul Gulla William Newman Abbie Jenks and Dale Melcher Elizabeth Powell Bruce and Kathy Schwartz Kirsten Lindblom and Paula Pannoni Phyllis Jeswald and Jay Baudermann David and Wendy Newton Ariella Schwell Barbara Pracknek and Roger Magnus Margaret and Skip Jodoin Jane Lindfors and Bernie Cohen Saoirse Ni Fhearghalie Joseph Prior Judith Seelig John Joelson and Joanne Levin Jocelyn Linnekin Jessica Nicoll and Irene Provoat Laura Seftel Carol Johnson Paul and Marcelle Lipke Thomas Myron Evelyn Pye Mary and Scott Seifel Jan Johnson John Lippmann Kathleen and Jerome Norton James Rader Gerard Senecal Jr. Mark Johnson Farnsworth Lobenstine Martin O’Brien Carol Jolly and Amy Ben-Ezra Ronald and Katherine O’Brien Vanessa Raditz Ann and Ed Shanahan Elizabeth and Matthew Jones Leslie Lomasson Maureen O’Connor Sheila Rainford John Sharpe Jeannie Jones and Peter Wulkan Ruthie Oland Omar Ramirez Ellen Shaw-Smith and Robert Smith Kelly Jones John and Elizabeth Lombard Daniel Olshansky Casey Ravenhurst Sarah Shepardson Rebecca Jones and Scott Wade Anne Lombard and Nancy Garlock Douglas Raymond Nancy Sherman T. Stephen Jones Lucy Longstreth Theodore Ondrick Family Robert and Virginia and Adele Franks Deanne Loonin and Rachel Onuf and Rechtschaffen Stan Shore Martha Jordan Elizabeth Renuart Richard Odman Jeanne Reed Peter Shukes Susan Juskalian John Lorenze Joe O’Rourke Nancy and Eric Reeves Samantha Skillins Mordechai Kamel Kathleen Lovell Alyssa Ouimet Wallis and Cornelia Reid Patrick Slaney and Sara Weinberger Robert Lowell Jr. Sara Overby Rachel Rhein Matthew Smelcer Sarah Kanabay Kathleen Ludwig Carol Owen and Michael Posner Celia Riahi Andrew Smith Marjorie Kaufman Adam Lussier Lou and Martha Pacilio Susan N Rice Arlana Smith Laura Kaye Joyce E Lutat Mike Packard Sara Riddles Keri Smith Ann Kearns and Mary Hocken Alexandra Lynch Lynne Page and Roland Ratté Kate Rindy and Suzanne Smith Trevor Kearns and John Lackman Debra Paleologopoulos Penelope Tarasuk and Christine Parrish Eileen Keegan and Caroline Mack Robert and Dorothy Pam Julie Riseman Beverly Smits and Richard Clarity and Nicholas Horton John Hoogstraten Greyson Pannill Diedrick Snoek Diane Kelton Peggy MacLeod and Peter Siersma Bianka Rivera Betty Snow and Robert Carey Kieras Oil Irene and Lawrence Madden Shawn Parent Jonathan Roberge Matthew Snow Therese Kim Holly Malinowski Jennifer Paris Kenneth Robinson Elizabeth Sorenson Connie Kindahl Kelley Manson Ruth Parode Susan and David Roitman Kristina Sorge Christine King and Rick Pacheco Steven and Michele Marantz Michelle Parrish David Rosenmiller Lisa Spalding and Rae Korengold Becca King Russell Marcus Melissa Patterson Mike Spera Catherine Rossi Brad Kinseth Jennifer Mark Andy Pauker and Elaine Handel Diann and Bob Speth Kayleen Rossio James B Kirchhoffer Arky Markham Alexandre Pazmandy Mary Lou and Jim Splain Eleanor Rothman Jan and Jeremy Klausner-Wise Jennifer Martin Daniel Pedersen Robert Stehlin Danielle Saint Louis Evan Kleber Leah Masci Kathryn Pekala Service David Stevens Kailee Sanchez Justin Kochanowski Diane Mason-Arnold Susan Pelis and Jeffrey Rankin and Fred Arnold Judith and David Sanders Barbara Kolb Rosalind Perera Diana Stiles William and Suzanne Massy Karen Sanderson Jennifer and Brian Konieczny Rachel Perla and Jeremy Marin Constance Sumberg Erin and Daniel Matica James Sands Damian Konkoly Philip Pers Elizabeth Suozzo and Chris Gole

11 Andrea Szylvian Zulfiqar Yusuf Claire E Campbell Christa Drew JoAnn and Richard Hinckley Joan Tabachnick Matthew Zajchowski Henry Canby Tim Duchesne and Eric Howard Barry Hirsch and and Jane Fleishman Susan Zarchin Cynthia Canham Dawn Duncan Eileen Aburke Hirsch Naomi Tannen and Joe Mahay Jayne Zedon Jeff Canter and William Bedard Jane and Kenneth Hirsch Felicia Therrien Steve Zigmont Sean Capaloff-Jones Jean H. Dunham Sr. Ruth Hoffman R. Brooke and Travis Zimmerman Jay Caplan and Easthampton Dave Hopkins Shirley C. Thomas Congregational Church and Joanie Dickson Adam Zucker and Heather Abel Marie-Hélène Huet Sandra and Russell Thomas Meggin and Donovan Eastman Jack Hornor and Ron Skinn Michael Zyla David Carlson Laura Tilsey Garcia John and Sheila Carpenter Rita Egan and Mary Hoyer and Velma Garcia Rosemary Egan Huggard Esther and Dave Husted ANNUAL Leslie Chaison Allison Todd and Sam Stegeman Leslie and Lou Ekus Claire Hutchins FUND DONORS Liz Toffey Cindy Chandler-Guy Vahram Elagoz Gaby Immerman Anonymous (3) Madgalena and Stephen Tomi Madeleine Charney Jamie Elkin Barbara Jenkins and Eli Kwartler Philip and Nancy Torrey Chris Abel and and Rudy Perkins William Ennen Mary Dingman-Abel Ellen Jenkins Susannah Tracey Small Stuart and Monie Chase Laurie Estes Richard and Judith Abuza Jewish Community of Amherst Ann Tracy Annie Cheatham Kent and Scottie Faerber Karin Johnson Tom Accomando and Jeff Stone and Ann Gibson Michael Tsapakos Barry Feingold and Marci Yoss Colleen and Jack Johnston Ron Ackerman Carol Christ and Paul Alpers Adam Tufts and Cleo Gorman Fred and Eva Fierst Rebecca Jones and Scott Wade Geront Turku Margaret Christie Anne Fine and Melissa Adams and Nicholas Jones Joel Kaminsky and Elvan Uysal Jonathan Liebman Jody Rosenbloom Juan Carlos Aguilar Peggy and John Christie Lisa van Gordon d’Errico First Congregational Church, Jim Kan and Jutta Sperling Beth Ann and Peter Cinner and Southampton Fran Van Treese Benjamin Albro-Fisher Ruth Kane-Levit and David Levit Susan Weinstein Cinner David Fisher and Anna Maclay Jessica Vinci Ibrahim Ali Elizabeth Katz Ben and Lori Clark Tara Fitzpatrick Sarah Voiland Don and Edith Adams Allison and Leticia Munoz Donald Clark and Ruth Bellows Jerry and Marcia Fix Fran Volkmann Jeff and Jean Anliker Alix Kennedy and James Haug Connie Clarke Maureen Flannery and Joan Cenedella Annino, Draper & Moore, PC Cynthia Kennedy Drs. Clayton, Kleinman & Canby Yvonne Freccero Dorothea von Goeler Robert Antil and Claudia Viele Deborah Koch Wade Clement Dorothy and Hugh Friel Lauren Voyer and Daniel Grose Patty Arbour and Chuck Stern Lewis and Sharon Korman Sue Clopton and John Levine James and Marianne Gambaro Emily V. Wade Eric and Christine Arcese Philip Korman Sara Coblyn John Garvey and Nora Israeloff Janice Walker Claudia Attardi Kathy and Rick Cody David Gengler Rochelle Korman Susan Waltner and Nick Dines Nancy August Joseph and Cathy Cohen Joseph and Linda Gianesin and Richard Friedman Amy Wang and Ruth Lehrer Gina Ayvazian Michael Cohen and Chia Collins David Glassberg Anne Kornblatt Nicholas Warren and Marcel Walters and Deborah Stier Roy Cohen Larry and Susan Godard Carol Wasserloos Carrie Baker and Harvey Hill Jean Krogh and Bob Solosko and Peter Allison Kelly Coleman and Amir Flesher Ellen Goldsmith and Sam Levitt Katharine Baker Neil Kudler and Nancy Flam Heather Watson and Peter Titelman Jessica Collins Leslie Goldstein Stephen and Suzanne Kulik Wendy Watson Ann E Barker Patrick Connelly and John Mosimann Bonnie and Eugene L’Etoile and John Varriano Bart’s Homemade/ Glenn and Jacklyn Connly Nancy and Bruce Goldstein Joseph Watters Snow’s Nice Cream Conway Snowmobile Club Steve Goodwin Nathan and Elizabeth L’Etoile Ray and Eve Webster Hosea Baskin and Deanna Cook and Jennifer and Seth Gottlieb Marianne LaBarge Beverly Weeks Sarah Buttenwieser Doug McDonald Kathie Gow Beverly LaBelle and Janet Rogers Tinky Weisblat Lisa Baskin Sara Cooper and Granite State P & H, LLC Helen Ladd Jonathan Chamutka Amy Weissbach Claire Bateman Moira and Andrew Greto Jennifer Ladd Carol Costin Stuart Wetherbe Louise Beckett Asheley Griffith Elizabeth and Nathanael Larson Sara Crawley Melody Whelden Larry and Beth Beede and Marcia Curtis Joe and Wendy Larson Sanford and Betsy Belden Sarah Creighton Al and Sally Griggs Kathryn Leary Jennifer and Richard Whiting Jr. and Phil Lawrence Janet Bennett LW Griswold Patricia Lee Lewis Scott Whitney Sue Crimmins Dianne Bensen Tamara Grogan and Don Wukasch David and Pamela Wicinas Anita Dancs and Bill Sweeney and Alan Stefanini Jim Hafner and Kelly Aiken Judith Leeds and Donna Wiley and Neal Abraham Peter and Mary Lee Daniello Richard Stonberg Pam and Ben Bensen Sherry and Chip Hager Keitheley Wilkinson Scott and Joanie Daniels Elise Lennon Olivia Bernard Lisa Hahn and Regina Figueroa Ashley Williams John Dauer Carol and Peter Letson Justine and Harry Bertram Mary Hall Jennifer and Thomas Williams Debra Davis and Mark D. Marshall Dennis Bidwell Ann Hallstein Laura Williams and Mary Ann Kelly Grace Del Vecchio and Helen O. Leung Nancy Hanson Sarah Williams Russ Billings and Amy Wehle John Davis Jim Levey and Christine Olson Donna Harlan James Wilson Blaise and Linda Bisaillon Karen and David Davis Robin Levine and Greg Kline Faye and Ed Harris Sherry Wilson Amber Black Deborah and Brett Denheart George and Ann Levinger Linda Harris and Alan Eccleston Corinne Wingard Judd and Beaty Blain Sandy Dennis Rachel Lindsay and Marty Knieriem Wil Hastings Bob and Janet Winston Marilyn and Jeffrey Blaustein Paul and Marcelle Lipke Sheila Dennis and Tom Henry Anne Hazzard Katrin Winterer Bruce and Rita Bleiman Kimberly Longey Peter Wintheiser Sheryl Derderian Ellen Heffernan and Paul Gibson Charles and Mary Longsworth Marilyn Bobetsky and Wraye Dugundji Andrew and Nancy Wissemann James Heintz Elizabeth Loughran Steven Botkin and Joan Levy Florence and Peter DeRose Michael and Sara Wolff Henion Bakery Kathleen Lovell George Bowers Tom and Sheila DeSellier Peggy and Tom Wolff and Shayne Beede James and Portia Henle James Lowenthal John and Patricia DiBartolo April Woodard-McNiff Meg Bowman and Peter and Margaret Hepler and Mary Beth Brooker Jen Dieringer and John Frey Michael and Amy Woolf Douglas McCarroll Anne Herrington Nancy Lustgarten Lori Divine-Hudson and Christine Plette and Ned DeLaCour Meg and Jonathan Wright Andrea Burns Jan and Robin Dizard Melissa Hession Todd and Janet Lynch Barbara Wroblewski Cheri and Stephen Butler Michael Docter Carol Hillman Daniel and Marlene Lyons Patricia Youmell Deborah Cahillane and Lynn Bowmaster and Robert Colnes Carol MacColl and Don Michak

12 2012 ANNUAL REPORT Bonnie MacCracken Rachel Onuf and Russell Sawyer, All Star Dairy R. Brooke and Innovative Business Sue and Fred Mackler Richard Odman Gary Schaefer Shirley C. Thomas Systems, Inc. Peggy MacLeod Carolyn Oppenheim and Barbara Fingold Dan and Carol Thurlow Integrity Development & Construction, Inc. Eileen and Robert Mahar Lisa Oram Peter Schenck Martha and Ted Tirk Lightlife Foods Leda Mahmoodi Carlene and Lawrence Osborn Gus and Susan Schumacher John Todd and Dorothy Nemetz MassMutual Foundation Ed Maltby and Nora Owens Katherine and Pamela Schwartz Maria and Nicholas Tymoczko Benjamin Osborne and Joel Feldman for Hartford, Inc. Kelley Manson Martin Urbel and Anne Ouimette and Dan Major Mary and Scott Seifel Amy Leos-Urbel Northampton Brewery Clare Manz Max Page and Eve Weinbaum James Seltzer and Holly Perry Nicole Vaget Pfizer Foundation Marcy Marchello Matching Gifts Program Caroline Pam and Tim Wilcox Ann and Ed Shanahan Del and Robert Viarengo Judy Markland and Randall’s Farm & Greenhouse William Saunders Ruth Parnall and Linda Shaw Pamela Victor and Jeff Hausthor Donald L. Walker River Valley Market Steven and Jennifer Markow Alice and David Shearer John Waite and Robert and Susan Pasteris Eve Brown-Waite Rockridge Retirement Michele and Mike Marotta Joe Shoenfeld and Community John and Margaret Payne Lynn Rubenstein Joseph Watters Harriet Marple Plehn Seewald, Jankowski Ann Pemberton Alfred and Mary Siano Beverly Weeks Bob Martin & Spencer, P.C. and Jonathan Lipman Robin Silva Howard Wein Susan and Chris Mastroianni Select Equity Group, Inc. Penny Moore Trust Elizabeth Silver and Lee Badgett Jon Weissman and Joan Grenier Kim Matland and Linda Farmer Sinauer Associates, Inc. Rus and Jennifer Peotter Risa Silverman Ruth West and Carole King Sue K. McFarland The Farm Table Jennie Perrini and Ryan Hellwig Gregory White at Kringle Candle Micky McKinley David and Clare Perry Andy and Nancy Smith and Patricia Reidy Thomson Financial Rosemary McNaughton Marie Piraino Laurel and Gary Smith Cheryl and Mo Willems Management and Gary Felder Winton Pitcoff Leslie Smith Patricia Williams UMassFive College Felicia Mednick Stephen Platt Paige Smith and Thomas Swetland Federal Credit Union Carol and Craig Melin Michael Pollitt Suzanne Smith Mike Wissemann Whalen Insurance Greg and Claire Melnik Nancy and David Pond and Christine Parrish West County Interfaith Whole Foods Market Gloria and Ervin Meluleni Thanksgiving Service Brooke Pooler Winthrop and Anne Smith Wohl Family Dentistry, LLC Tamsen Merrill Lyons Witten and Laura Fitch Daniel and Laura Prestegaard Michael and Jennell Sorrell Wright Builders and Gregory Thorp Joel Wolfe Linda Prokopy South Congregational Church, Stuart Mieher Amherst Michael and Sara Wolff Linda Putnam FOUNDATION Marion Miller South Congregational Church, Betsey Wolfson Bob Rakoff SUPPORT Mary Ellen Miller Springfield Cate Woolner and Dan Croteau and John Pearsal Lisa Ranghelli Community Foundation Debora Sperling Susan Worgaftik of Western Massachusetts Loraine Millman Ray’s Cycle Center and Robert Kanig Farm Aid Rachel Moore Real Pickles Kathryn Staples BUSINESS SUPPORT Frances Fund, Inc. and Harry Dodson Paul Redstone Irene and Norton Starr Alternative Recycling Systems Green Leaf Foundation Andrew and Adriana Nancy and Eric Reeves Barry Steeves and Morehouse Babson Capital Hampden County Wallis and Cornelia Reid Rosemary Schmidt Sarah and Pierre Morenon Management LLC Improvement League Deborah Reiter Joan Steiger Sally Morgan Bacon Wilson, P.C. Henry P Kendall Jon and Terry Reske Freeman and Wendy Stein Marlene Morrocco Coldwell Banker/ John N. Conyngham III & Lin and Tucker Respess Jane and Peter Stein Upton-Massamont Realtors Lou C. Conyngham Family Janet and Richard Moulding Charitable Foundation Denise and Robert Riggs Randi Stein Cooley Dickinson Hospital Nathan Moynahan Lydia B. Stokes Foundation Alexandra Risley Schroeder Robert Stern and Judith Glaser Della Penna’s Trailside James A. and Suzannah Cheryl Stevens Realty, Inc. Peace Development Fund/ Fabing Muspratt Evelyn Robb Wellspring Fund John Stoffolano Easthampton Savings Bank Merry Nasser Joan Robb Rose Community Foundation Lucy Stroock Farm Credit East, ACA Kristi Nelson Diane and Bill Roeder Schwartz Family Foundation Susan Carol Rogers Elizabeth Suozzo Farm Family Insurance Jenny New and Chris Gole Solidago Foundation Susan Rosen and Doug Amy Finck & Perras Insurance Heidi and Gina Nortonsmith MA and Alan Swedlund Agency, Inc. The Beveridge Family Naomi and Michael Rosenfeld Foundation, Inc. Terrence Norwood Alice Swift Franklin County CDC Daniel Ross The Silver Tie Fund Belle Rita Novak Mark and Sarah Tanner Gage-Wiley & Co., Inc. Ned and Sharon Rudnitzky Vervane Foundation Gordon and Pam Oakes Jennifer Taub Greenfield Cooperative Bank Martin O’Brien Richard Rumelt and Jean Erlbaum Jane and Bill Taubman Hadley Garden Center Elizabeth & Frank Odell Family John J. Templeton Sr. Hampden Bank Fund of the Community Judith and David Sanders Foundation of Collier County Lise and Eric Sanders Millicent Thayer Hampshire College Faye and John Omasta Mitziko Sawada Cynthia Thomas Hillside Plastics

“CISA was way ahead of its time … The greatest success for any foundation is when a small seed grant ends up creating an organization with continuing positive impact in its community, even years after the grant is done. CISA is a wonderful example of this.”

Oran Hesterman and Philip Korman, —Oran Hesterman, former Kellogg Foundation Program Director and current CEO of Fair Food Network Leslie Cerier photo

13 GOVERNMENT United States Department Megan Butow Ritu Gill Faye Omasta GRANTS of Agriculture/Rural Erin Buzuvis Margie Haffer Myra Orlen Development Massachusetts Department Jeff Canter Judy Hall Donald Pacher of Agricultural Resources Mimi Carkonen Adam Heintz Kate Parsons MDAR/Federal State Marketing CISA EMERGENCY Adam Caron Marie Jones Improvement Program FARM FUND Denise Pope MDAR/Specialty Crop DONORS Cate Carulli Ellen Kelleher Russell Powell Block Grant Program Anonymous Julia Chevan Greg Kline Sabine Prather Massachusetts Executive Office A. J. Hastings, Inc. Robin Claremont Deb LaPaire Rob Rechtschaffen of Elder Affairs Acadia Herbals, LLC Kenley Clark Lisa Laprade Helen Scharber Northeast Center for Risk Wade Clement Amanda Lawall Julie Schliebner Management Education Eagle Hill School Deanna Cook Jim Levey Naomi Silverman Northeast Regional Center First Church of Deerfield for Rural Development PeoplesBank Denise Cormier Robin Levine Jackie Slocombe Northeast Sustainable River Valley Market Mary Alice Crim Taylor Lloyd Doug Sossa Agriculture Research The Loose Goose Cafe Anita Dancs Carleen Madigan Ally Sterling and Education Michael DeChiara Michele Marotta Liz Suozzo United States Department of Joanie Dickson Abby Martin Becky Sweger Agriculture/Agricultural CISA VOLUNTEERS Peg Ezell Christine McCarthy Joan Tabachnick Marketing Service Christine Arcese Craig Fear Mike McComb Marvin Warren United States Department of Allen Belkin Agriculture/National Institute Eric Fiedler Sue McFarland B. Wilson of Food and Agriculture JoAnn Bernhard Daniel Finn Sarah Morenon Ben Winter United States Department Justine Bertram Karen Gallik Pierre Morenon Betsey Wolfson of Agriculture/Risk Teri Billington Katie George Belle Rita Novak Management Agency Lindsay Britt

CISA’s Be A Local Hero, Buy Locally Grown® public awareness campaign has resulted in increased sales of local farm products at supermarkets and food retailers, farm stands and farmers’ markets, and in restaurants and institutions. Look for the Local Hero logo at the following member establishments:

FARMERS/ Bridgmont Farm Crimson and Clover Farm GROWERS Brookfield Farm at The Northampton Community Farm Amherst Farm Winery Brook’s Bend Farm Dancing Bear Farm Amherst Nurseries Buckboard Veggies Dave’s Natural Garden Apex Orchards Bug Hill Berry and Flower Farm Deepening Roots Farm Atkins Farms Burnt Hill Farm, LLC Deerfield Farm Atlas Farm Butler Farm Devine Farms Austin Brothers Valley Farm Calabrese Farm Dickinson Farm Australis Aquaculture Carl Popielarz Pig Farm Diemand Farm Balky Farm Carr’s Ciderhouse Dufresne’s Sugar House Barnum & Buckley Farm Chase Hill Farm E. Cecchi Farm Barstow’s Dairy Store & Bakery Chestnut Farms East View Farm Dickinson Farm, Rachel Chandler-Worth photo at Longview Farm, Inc. Chicoine Family Farm Echo Hill Orchards & Winery Bashista Orchards Ciesluk Farm Stand Bear Path Farm Echodale Farm Clarkdale Fruit Farms, Inc. Four Star Farms, Inc. Harvest Farm of Whately Bear Root Herb Farm Eden Pond Farm Common Wealth CSA Foxbard Farm Hettie Belle Farm Bear Swamp Orchard Emerson Family Cook’s Farm Orchard Christmas Tree Farm Freeman Farm Hickory Dell Farm Bird Haven Blueberry Farm Cooper Shop Farm Enterprise Farm Fresh Life Farm High Lawn Farm Blossoming Acres Couch Brook Farm Falls Brook Farm Frizzell Hill Farm Hillman Farm Blue Heaven Blueberry Coyote Hill Farm —Mohair and More and Raspberry Farm Frohloff Farm Intervale Farm Crabapple Farm Farmacy Gardens Bostrom Farm Gardening the Community J & J Farms Craigieburn Farm Alpacas Feldman Farm Boyden Bros Maple Goat Nook Farm J.M. Pasiecnik Farms, LLC Cranberry Moon Farm Flayvors of Cook Farm Bree-Z-Knoll Farm Godard’s Red Hen Farm Joe Czajkowski Farm Flourish Farm & Mineral Hills Winery Joe’s Farm Goldthread Apothecary Johnson Hill Farm Golonka Farm Johnson’s Farm “CISA’s Local Hero Program empowers Good Bunch Farm Juniper Hill Farm Gooseberry Farms Justamere Tree Farm both consumers and producers. Local food is Gran Val Farm/Scoop Kenburn Orchards Graves-Glen Farm King Creek Queen’s Greens the most sustainable, freshest, wholesome Gray Dog’s Farm Kinne Brook Farm Greens Treat Kosinski Farm food for all of us and the planet.” Hamilton Orchards Lakeside PYO Hardwick Vineyard & Winery Lanali Farm Hartman’s Herb Farm LaSalle Florists —Clifford Hatch, owner, Upinngil Farm

14 2012 ANNUAL REPORT Leaping Frog Farm Shattuck’s Sugarhouse RESTAURANTS “I wanted to express our gratitude to Left Field Farm Shinglebrook Farm 30 Boltwood/ Leyden Glen Lamb Shoestring Farm The Lord Jeffery Inn Little Brook Farm Sidehill Farm Apollo Grill CISA for building such an amazing Long Plain Farm Simple Gifts Farm Arise Farm to Table Pub & Pizzeria Lyonsville Farm Small Ones Farm community. It has been such a gift Bistro Les Gras Malinowski Farms Smiarowski Farm Stand Black Sheep Deli Manda Farm and Creamery to our young business … Your work Blue Heron Restaurant Many Hands Farm Corps Sojourner Sheep Bottega Cucina Maple Corner Farm Songline Emu Farm is truly inspiring.” Bridgeside Grille Mapleline Farm South Face Farm Bub’s BBQ —Molly Feinstein, co-owner of GoBerry Martin’s Farm Spring Water Farm Carpaccio Mayval Farm Steady Lane Farm Chandler’s Restaurant McKinstry’s Market Garden Stockbridge Farm The Whately Inn Keystone Market Chez Albert Meadowbrook Farm Stony Brook Valley Farm Wagon Wheel Restaurant Leverett Village Coop Coco Mockingbird Farm Sullie’s Vegetable Farm West End Pub M & M Green Valley Produce Cup and Top Café Moss Hill Farm Sunrise Farms Wheatberry Bakery & Café Maple Farm Foods Deerfield Inn Mountain Orchard, LLC Sunset Farm Woodstar Café McCusker’s Market Eastside Grill Mountain Pasture Farm Sweetwater Farm Millstone Farm Market Eighty Jarvis Restaurant Mountain View Farm Szawlowski Potato Farms Old Creamery Cooperative El Jardin Bakery SPECIALT Y Natural Roots Tanstaafl Farm PRODUCERS Portabella Fine Foods Esselon Café New Lands Farm Taproot Commons Farm Forest Products Associates & Catering Fitzwilly’s New Salem Preserves, Inc. Teddy C. Smiarowski Farm Appalachian Naturals Randall’s Farm & Greenhouse Gill Tavern Next Barn Over Farm The Atherton Farm Black Birch Vineyard River Valley Market The Bars Farm GoBerry: Amherst Serio’s Market North Hadley Sugar Shack & Northampton Green River Ambrosia, LLC The Benson Place Squash, Inc. Northfield Mount Herman Farm Great Wall Restaurant Hedgie’s Hot Stuff The Bitty Red Barn State Street Fruit Store Nourse Farms Heirloom Catering Mother’s Inc. The Gill Greenery Valley Green Feast Collective Nuestras Raíces Hillside Pizza Ponders Hollow Custom The Kitchen Garden Moulding & Flooring Whole Foods Market Old Depot Gardens Hope and Olive The Patch Real Pickles Williamsburg Market Old Friends Farm Hungry Ghost Bread The Pieropan Christmas Relish the Harvest Open View Farm Jake’s Educational Center Tree Farm Richardson’s Candy Kitchen INSTITUTIONS Town Farm La Cucina/3 Café Our Family Farms Roberts Brothers Amherst College Turkey Brook Farm Lattitude Restaurant Lumber Compay Outlook Farm Baystate Dining Services Twenty Acre Farm Local Tornado Firestarters, LLC Paddy Flat Farm Baystate Franklin and Greenhouses Lone Wolf Park Hill Orchard Valley Malt Medical Center Twin Maples Farm Magpie Paul’s Sugar House Baystate Mary Lane Twin Oaks Farm Monarchs Restaurant Pine Hill Orchards RETAILERS Cooley Dickinson Hospital Upinngil Northampton Brewery Pioneer Valley Farm Big E’s Super Market Farm to Preschool and Families W & W Farms & Vineyard, LLC Paul & Elizabeth’s Atkins Farms Country Market Greenfield Community College Walnut Hill Farm Pioneer Valley Growers Coop Ristorante DiPaolo Barstow’s Dairy Store & Bakery Hampshire College Wandering Brook Farm Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain Roadhouse Café at Longview Farm, Inc. Lathrop Retirement Pioneer Valley Popcorn Warm Colors Apiary Roberto’s Big Y World Class Markets: Communities Warner Farm Sage & Co. Amherst, Greenfield, Loomis Communities Plainville Farm Northampton and Plante Farm Wells Tavern Farm Sam’s Pizzeria and Café Southampton Mount Holyoke College Pop’s Farm West County Cider Side Street Café Cornucopia Foods Northfield Mount Hermon Potash Hill Farm Wheel-View Farm Spoleto Group Foster’s Supermarket, Inc. Rockridge Retirement Community Quonquont Farm Whitney Acres Sylvester’s Restaurant Fresh and Local Rainbow Harvest Farms Wilder Brook Farm Taylor’s Tavern & Restaurant ServiceNet Prospect Green Fields Market Meadow Farm Raspberry Patch Farm Wilder Hill Gardens The Dirty Truth Greenfield Farmers Smith College Ravenwold Greenhouses Williams Farm, Inc. The Farm Table Cooperative Exchange at Kringle Candle The Arbors at Greenfield Red Barn Honey Company Winter Moon Farm Hagers Farm Market The Night Kitchen UMass Amherst Red Fire Farm Winterberry Farm Harvest Delivery, Inc. The People’s Pint Red Gate Farm Yellow Stonehouse Farm Education Center River Bend Farm GARDEN AND River Maple Farm L ANDSCAPE River Rock Farm CENTERS Riverland Farm Andrew’s Greenhouse Robert’s Family Farm Annie’s Garden and Gift Store Robinson Farm Frances K. Pekala Horticulturist Rock Ridge Farm Gardens for Change Roots, Fruits, and Greens Hadley Garden Center Sangha Farm Megan’s Valley Garden & Landscape Supply Sapowsky Farms New England Seeds of Solidarity Farm Wild Flower Society Sentinel Farm

Andrew’s Greenhouse, Rachel Chandler-Worth photo

15 Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID S. Deerfield, MA Permit No. 8 One Sugarloaf Street, 2nd floor South Deerfield, MA 01373

CISA strengthens local agriculture by building connections between farmers and the community.


Larkin Christie and Calla Jones picking blueberries in 2005, before local yogurt was available in the Valley! (see page 7) CISA photo Front cover: Northampton Winter Fare, Jason Threlfall photo