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This Summer, take a Break and Read! Simple and Fun Suggestions for a Sizzling Summer of Reading

A Guide for Parents, Caregivers, Teachers, Librarians, and Booksellers

Penguin Young Readers Group www.penguin.com/summerreading · www.penguin.com/teachersandlibrarians ThiS Summer, Take a Break and Read StudentS who read during the Summer perform better in the fall.

veryone looks forward to summer—to warm weather, This guide is designed to provide book recommendations Evacations, much-earned relaxation, and spending by grade, reading level, and theme that adults across the free time with family and friends. If you’re a teacher, country—teachers, librarians, booksellers, parents, and librarian, bookseller, parent or caregiver, you know that caregivers alike—can use to help the children in their lives the summer months are the most crucial connection on a participate in (and actually look forward to summer reading). child’s path to a successful school year. Students who read All titles featured are excellent choices for independent regularly during the summer avoidocumented reading reading selections and also fit well into national standard achievement losses in the fall. By dedicating time to books curriculums, making them perfect for required and during the summer months and demonstrating the impor- suggested summer reading lists and back-to-school tance of reading at home, you can help your child maintain assignments. Also included in this guide are tips to help the literacy skills he or she developed during the school make reading a fun, positive experience, attract reluctant year, gain additional ground in reading comprehension readers to books, easily incorporate reading into your during time away from the classroom, and start school in child’s daily summer routine, and bridge the transition the fall as a confident and eager reader. from summer to school with entertaining and educational extension activities. Flip to the last page to read more! Keep in mind that, although there is an expected reading level for each grade, children may be reading below, at, or V isit www.penguin.com/summerreading for additional above this level independently. For this reason, knowing helpful tips, book recommendations, downloadable your child’s instructional as well as independent reading materials, and printables to help enhance your summer level is essential for selecting appropriate summer reading program! The information on this site can be used reading titles. Be sure to refer to the guided reading levels during the summer for continued reading comprehension listed throughout this guide by each book, and feel free to practice and can also be helpful in jumpstarting classroom choose selections from above or below your child’s grade lesson plan ideas for year. level depending on his or her individual independent Booksellers: don’t miss the many printable activity reading level. sheets, ideal for in-store events, and read-aloud suggestions for summer storytimes! Table of ContentS In this booklet, you’ll find . . .

P ages 2—13: Recommended Reading Lists for the Summers Before Kindergarten through Eighth Grade P ages 14–16: Teen Must-Reads for the Summer Before High School P ages 17—19: Best Books: Use Critically Acclaimed Titles and Award Winners to Foster a Love of Reading P ages 20–21: Reaching Reluctant Readers: Using the Power of Themes to Entice Middle-Grade Boys P age 22: Book Clubs: Help Open the Door to Increased Reading Comprehension Skills P age 23: Additional Tips for a Sizzling Summer of Reading

DON ’T FORGET TO CURL UP WITH A CLASSIC! You’re never too old or too young to appreciate a wonderful story. Turn to the back of this booklet for some great suggestions that you can enjoy with your child, and download a full list of available classics at www.penguin.com/summerreading.

ATTENTION TEACHERS & LIBRARIANS! There’s even more helpful resources, additional materials, and fun stuff online! Be sure to visit us at www.penguin.com/ teachersandlibrarians to see all we have to offer. Having trouble getting your boys to read? Check out our www.penguin.com/ books4boys website for great ideas and tips on how to reach the most reluctant reader.

11 F ollow us on Twitter @thepenguinpeeps Guided Reading Levels D–O

Introducing . . . Penguin Young Readers a leveled reader program The Penguin Young Readers program is a great way to build reading competence and confidence. This program applies the standards of Fountas and Pinnell’s Guided Reading program in text layout, vocabulary, sentence structure, design, plot complexity, font size, genre, and themes in a clear, uncluttered approach that will appeal to kids, educators, and parents. To hear what educators and librarians are saying about Penguin Young Readers and to view a complete list of all available titles, visit www.penguinyoungreaders.com. LEVEL 2 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 1 LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL PENGUIN YOUNG READERS PENGUIN YOUNG READERSPROGRESSING PENGUIN YOUNG READERS PENGUIN YOUNG READERS PROGRESSING PENGUIN YOUNG READERSREADERS PENGUIN YOUNG READERS PROGRESSING PROGRESSING EMERGENT EMERGENT READER READER READER READER READER READER 2 2 2 2

1 1 RUBY & MAX THOMAS/PLECAS DICK AND JANE: GO, GO, GO GO, GO, JANE: AND DICK Ruby wants to play doctor and give Max a Dick and Jane Good Night, Good Night,checkup. But Max wants to draw. Will they agree Max's Dick and Jane on what to play? Read this fun story to find out! Go, Go, Go Good Knight Good Knight Checkup Dick and Jane are on the move! Go, Go, Go The Good Knight is on his watch. He hears a ROAR. They go, go, go! See Dick go. See Jane go. He finds three dragons. The dragons are very little. LEVEL Emergent Reader (Guided Reading Levels A–D) See Dick and Jane go, go, go! They can’t sleep. Who will tuck them in? Read this 1 sweet, funny book and find out. LeveProgressing Reader l Level Level LEVEL LEVEL • Longer sentences Emergent Reader

Emergent Reader (Guided Reading Levels A–D) GOOD NIGHT, GOOD KNIGHT LEVEL • Simple dialogue • Simple vocabulary 1 2 •

Picture and context clues CHECKUP MAX’S • Word repetition Level GUIDED READING LEVEL 1 • More in-depth plot development • Picture clues Level GUIDED READING LEVEL Progressing Reader • Nonfiction and fiction • Predictable story and sentence structures LEVEL E F HGI I G G • Longer sentences ABC D • Familiar themes and ideas • Simple dialogue 2 LEVEL • Picture and context clues GUIDED READING LEVEL Transitional Reader (Guided Reading Levels J–M) LEVEL D• More in-depth plot development 3 Progressing Reader (Guided Reading Levels E–I) D • Nonfiction and fiction 2 E F HGI LEVEL LEVEL Fluent Reader (Guided Reading Levels N–P) LEVEL Transitional Reader (Guided Reading Levels J–M) 4 3 Transitional Reader (Guided Reading Levels J–M) 3

LEVEL LEVEL Fluent Reader (Guided Reading Levels N–P) 4 Fluent Reader (Guided Reading Levels N–P) 4 PENGUIN YOUNGREADERS PENGUIN YOUNGREADERS

PENGUIN YOUNGREADERS *Penguin Young Readers are leveled by independent reviewers applying the standards *Penguin Young Readers are leveled by independent reviewers applying the standards *Penguin Young Readers are leveled by independent reviewers applying the standards developed by Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell in Matching Books to Readers: Using Leveled developed by Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell in Matching Books to Readers: Using Leveled developed by Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell in Matching Books to Readers: Using Leveled Books in Guided Reading, Heinemann, 1999. Books in Guided Reading, Heinemann, 1999. Books in Guided Reading, Heinemann, 1999.

$3.99 US ($4.99 CAN) $3.99 US ($4.99 CAN) $3.99 US ($4.99 CAN)

PENGUIN YOUNG READERS PENGUIN YOUNG READERS PENGUIN YOUNG READERS www.penguinyoungreaders.com www.penguinyoungreaders.com www.penguinyoungreaders.com by Shelley Moore Thomas illustrated by Jennifer Plecas

G ood Night, Good Knight Spider’s Lunch by Joanna Cole Level Level by Shelley Moore Thomas illustrated by Ron Broda D D illustrated by Jennifer Plecas Max & Ruby: Max’s Checkup LEVEL 3 LEVEL LEVEL

TRANSITIONAL PENGUIN YOUNG READERS PENGUIN YOUNG READERS TRANSITIONAL 3 READER READER 3 PEARL AND WAGNER: TWO GOOD FRIENDS GOOD TWO WAGNER: AND PEARL Pearl and Wagner Two Good Friends L evel 1: Meet Pearl, a hardworking rabbit, and Wagner, a daydreaming mouse. Their trash-eating robot may not turn out the way it’s supposed to, but they know how Dick and Jane: Go, Go, Go to make up and stay good friends no matter what! LEVEL Emergent Reader (Guided Reading Levels A–D) Level Level 1 LEVEL Monkey See, Monkey Do Progressing Reader (Guided Reading Levels E–I) by Dana Regan 2 K Transitional Reader LEVEL L • Multisyllable and compound words Tiny Goes to the Library 3 • More dialogue by Cari Meister • GUIDED READING LEVEL Different points of view • More complex storylines and characters

• Greater range of genres Mc J K LM LeveMULLAN/ALLEY l Turtle and Snake Go Camping LEVEL by Kate Spohn (Guided Reading Levels N–P) 4 Fluent Reader PENGUIN YOUNGREADERS *Penguin Young Readers are leveled by independent reviewers applying the standards developed by Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell in Matching Books to Readers: Using Leveled K illustrated by Rich Davis Books in Guided Reading, Heinemann, 1999. $3.99 US ($4.99 CAN) THEODOR SEUSS GEISEL HONOR–WINNING AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR PENGUIN YOUNG READERS www.penguinyoungreaders.com by Kate McMullan pictures by R. W. Alley

L evel 3: Amanda Pig and the Really Hot Day by Jean Van Leeuwen illustrated by Ann Schweninger Pearl and Wagner: Two Good Friends by Kate McMullan illustrated by R.W. Alley Young Cam Jansen and the Dinosaur Game by David A. Adler illustrated by Susanna Natti LEVEL 4 LEVEL LEVEL

FLUENT PENGUIN YOUNG READERSREADERS PENGUIN YOUNG READERS FLUENT 4 READER READER 4 I AM ROSA PARKS ROSA I AM Emergent Reader I Am Rosa Parks Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing I Am Rosa Parks elit. Suspendisse at cursus lorem. Aliquam LEVEL 4 LEVEL vulputate molestie sagittis. Vestibulum nec velit LEVEL PENGUIN YOUNG READERSREADERS PENGUIN YOUNG READERS FLUENT felis, at malesuada diam. Etiam pharetra mauris FLUENT Guided Reading Levels A, B, C, D 4 READER READER 4 ac turpis varius a tristique lectus facilisis. Level ADDRESS GETTYSBURG THE OF STORY THE LINCOLN: MR. WORDS, A FEW JUST Just a Few Words, Just a Few Words, 1 LEVEL Mr. Lincoln 1 Emergent Reader (GuidedMr. Reading LevelsLincoln A–D) The Story of the Gettysburg Address LEVEL The Story of the Gettysburg Address Progressing Reader (Guided Reading Levels E–I) Abraham Lincoln was a busy man, but he took time to 2 say a few words about the battle of Gettysburg. This is a true story about a great man and his famous speech.LEVEL 3 Transitional Reader (Guided Reading Levels J–M) LEVEL Emergent Reader (Guided Reading Levels A–D)

1 Fluent Reader PARKS/HASKINS/CLAY LEVEL Level • More advanced vocabulary LEVEL 4 • Detailed and descriptive text LeveProgressingl Reader (Guided Reading Levels E–I) • Complex sentence structure 2 GUIDED READING LEVEL Level • In-depth plot and character development N O P • Full range of genres Progressing Reader LEVEL O Transitional Reader (Guided Reading Levels J–M)

3 PENGUIN YOUNGREADERS *Penguin Young Readers are leveled by independent reviewers applying the standards N developed by Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell in Matching Books to Readers: Using Leveled Books in Guided Reading, Heinemann, 1999. Fluent Reader N LEVEL

Guided Reading Levels E, F, G, H, I FRITZ • More advanced vocabulary $3.99 US ($4.99 CAN) •

4 Detailed and descriptive text /ROBINSON Level • PENGUIN YOUNG READERS Complex sentence structure GUIDED READING LEVEL www.penguinyoungreaders.com • In-depth plot and character development by Rosa Parks with Jim Haskins illustrated by Wil Clay 2 • Full range of genres N OP PENGUIN YOUNGREADERS *Penguin Young Readers are leveled by independent reviewers applying the standards developed by Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell in Matching Books to Readers: Using Leveled Books in Guided Reading, Heinemann, 1999.

$3.99 US ($4.99 CAN)

PENGUIN YOUNG READERS www.penguinyoungreaders.com by Jean Fritz illustrated by Charles Robinson L evel 4: Transitional Reader Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Day of the Dark Knight! Level 3 Guided Reading Levels J, K, L, M by Jade Ashe I Am Rosa Parks by Rosa Parks with Jim Haskins illustrated by Wil Clay Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln: The Story of the Gettysburg Fluent Reader Address Level 4 Guided Reading Levels N, O, P by Jean Fritz illustrated by Charles Robinson

Penguin Young Readers are leveled by independent reviewers applying the standards developed 2 by Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell in Matching Books to Readers: Using Leveled Books in Guided Reading, Heinemann, 1999. Guided Reading Levels C–L The Summer Before . . . Kindergarten D uring kindergarten, children often take their first steps toward becoming readers. The summer before, show your almost-kindergartner that reading is fun—and that anytime is a good time to curl up with a great book. Use the suggestions below to ensure that your child starts school viewing reading as an enjoyable, entertaining pastime. Remember, at this point you should be focusing on your child’s listening comprehension level and reading aloud to them as much as possible.

Level Level L L

Level Level J I

Level R eading as a family and incorporating books into your daily schedule J is incredibly important for emerging readers. Develop a consistent reading routine with your child by—for example—always reading before nap or bedtime. Whistle for Willie by Ezra Jack Keats is a favorite of this age group. Also try Max and Ruby’s C apitalize on the theme of summer by selecting books that focus on Bedtime Book by Rosemary Wells; the format of this book is topics and events your child will encounter. Try Ladybug Girl at the three shorter stories, making it the perfect choice for Beach for vacation and The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle for spending some quick time with a sleepy toddler. family picnics and to teach nutrition. Read Watty Piper’s classic confidence–building tale The Little Engine That Could to give your Level young readers an extra boost of enthusiasm for embarking L on new experiences.

Level C

Level Level F K

P icture books are a great vehicle for developing vocabulary and oral language skills. Choose books that focus on early concepts like numbers, letters, and colors in addition to books with story Level elements that feature interesting characters and imaginary play. J G is for Goat by Patricia Polacco is a wonderful rhyming alphabet Level story, and the original Ladybug Girl by David Soman and Jacky I Davis is excellent for inspiring imaginary play. Select books with vivid illustrations that lend themselves to rich conversations incorporating new words and concepts. A t the end of the summer, prepare your child for school by reading books with back-to-school themes to ensure an easy transition into the first formal school year. Favorites include Llama Llama Misses Mama by Anna Dewdney, The Night Before Kindergarten by Natasha Wing, and Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten by Joseph Slate. Look for The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School by Laura Murray.

I f your child loves a character—like Llama Llama, Skippyjon Jones, Max and Ruby, or Ladybug Girl—stick with it! A well-loved book character can become a friend to the youngest readers and a sure bet to keep them interested in reading! See what other books are available starring that character. Look for activity and sticker books featuring these characters; bring them on car trips and incorporate them into your child’s daily playtime.

3 Guided Reading Levels C–L Guided Reading LLevels AC––QI, Listening Comprehension Levels A–Q The Summer Before . . . FirSt Grade M any rising first graders are still acquiring pre-reading skills, such as letter/sound relationships, while others are slowly developing a sight word vocabulary, which enables them to read simple books. But all soon-to-be first graders are anxious to be readers! Use the suggestions below to help your child take the next steps.

Level A

Level Level M H

Level Level N M

A fter your child has been introduced to reading in kindergarten, make sure to maintain his or her interest and skills during the summer before first grade by knowing your child’s reading level.Being aware of how and when to introduce more difficult texts is crucial for your child’s reading development. Select easy-to-read picture books and simple stories for early readers. Billy & Milly, Short & Silly is a fantastic choice; three-or-four word sentences combine with vivid illustrations to create short stories about R emember to ask your child to pack a book or two when you go two lovable characters. Books with plenty of rhyme, rhythm, on vacation and always to keep books in your car! Try playing and repetition can be good tools for helping early readers an audiobook while your child follows along with the print gain fluency. Try Oh, Look! by Patricia Polacco and Gingerbread version. The Skippyjon Jones books by Judy Schachner are Friends by Jan Brett. perfect for this, as they come with an audio CD of the author reading the book aloud. This series is also a sure bet for encouraging imaginative play during the summer months. Level Don’t miss Skippyjon Jones: The Great Bean Caper. Visit J www.skippyjonjones.com for games, printable activity sheets, and more!

Level Level Q J

Level Level R eread children’s favorite stories so that they can become familiar with L the text and master words that they have difficulty reading the first I time. To develop reading comprehension skills, talk about the main idea and characters of each story with your child. Pause during the reading and ask your child to predict what might happen next or how the story might end. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by R elevant thematic reading selections always make good choices. makes an entertaining read aloud; comparing and Caldecott Medal winner Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy contrasting it to the original version can be a fun activity! A book Rathmann puts a fun spin on learning safety tips. Natasha Wing’s that is above your child’s independent reading level but at his or The Night Before series is fantastic for introductions to new holidays her listening comprehension level can make a good read-aloud. and events. Start your summer off with The Night Before Summer Move your finger under the line of print as you read aloud so your Vacation, and if your youngster goes to camp, don’t miss The Night child can follow along. At this age, many children enjoy the popular Before Summer Camp. To prep for school near the end of summer try, Bones mystery series by David A. Adler or the friendship-themed Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade by Stephanie Greene and Cork and Fuzz series by Dori Chaconas. The Night Before First Grade.

4 Guided Reading LLeveevellss C–I–QI, Listening Comprehension Levels A–Q The Summer Before . . . Second Grade The summer before second grade is the perfect time to begin to visit your local public library regularly with your child. Allow children to begin to select their own books and distinguish their personal tastes. Rising second graders should have access to different genres, including mysteries, poetry, realistic fiction, nonfiction, and fables. Their reading material should range from early chapter books they can read on their own to more advanced chapter books you can read together.

Try these more advanced picture books Join Horrible Harry on his Discover the lives of famous people with the biography series. as read-aloud selections: misadventures in the The Who Was? series is . . . popular series by Suzy Kline! Level Level I L Level fr iendship, Q ptoe ry, school , friendship, adventure, A diversity, humor modern fable tolerance featuring humor, cooperation & curiosity Level P Make friends with Jean Van Leeuwen’s Geisel Honor-winning Amanda Pig! Badger’s Fancy Meal by Keiko Kasza The Other Side by , illustrated by E.B. Lewis M irror, Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse by Marliyn Singer, Level illustrated by Josée Masse L humor, friendship, S olve mysteries with everyone’s favorite super sleuth, Cam Jansen! problem solving

solcho , Level new experiences L

m ystery series Follow award-winning author Paula Danziger’s Amber Brown as she navigates school, friendship, Level The Cam Jansen series by David A. Adler is . . . and family in TWO series at M H HUGE! With more then thirty books in the series, readers different reading levels. * are guaranteed a full summer of sleuthing! H a classroom classic. Beloved by teachers—and written by a former teacher, as well—Cam is a great choice for any read * ing curriculum and library or bookstore recommendation. H liked by girls and boys. * H part of the popular mystery genre. Kids love the excitement * of solving Cam’s cases as they read along. H perfect for practicing the comprehension strategies of predicting and questioning, which enhance active thinking * behavior while reading. f, amily friendship, H diverse in topics and themes. From school mysteries to conflict * dinosaur who-done-its to sports crimes, Cam solves them all. resolution H popular enough to have its own fan club! Visit * www.penguin.com/camjansensleuthsquad to learn more . 55 Guided Reading LeveLevellss C–I–QI, Guided Reading Levels M–P Listening Comprehension Levels A–Q The Summer Before . . . Third Grade The summer before third grade is a good time to increase children’s reading stamina—to encourage them to read longer books, for a longer period of time in sitting. Series books are an ideal tool for sustaining the interest of rising third graders throughout the long summer months. Children at this age respond positively to character-driven books and enjoy getting to know a group of characters that engage in different adventures from book to book. If you get them hooked, they’ll keep on reading, learning, and having fun!

Discover the lives of famous people with the biography series. Level The Who Was? series is . . . N nonFiction

H FUN! These books read like fiction but are packed with H diverse in subject and topic—from musicians to explorers information. to presidents to famous celebrities, there’s something for H a great option for a back-to-school biography unit where each everyone. child chooses a different figure to report on. H also available in Spanish to reach bilingual and ESL students.

V isit 26 Fairmont Avenue for humorous and heartfelt family stories! SERIES fiction, Level Humor N H a great introduction to Newbery books for younger readers. H filled with charming illustrations that Level Level children will enjoy as they read the story. M N

Take a step in someone else’s shoes (or paws!) with Katie Kazoo, auti ob oGRaphy series Switcheroo! The Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo series by Nancy Krulik is . . . F ollow job-obsessed Frannie B. Miller on her comical journey to find employment in H HUGE! With more then forty books in the series, fans can have a real live office. a book on deck all summer long. General fiction, Level H popular enough to have its own fan club! Humor M Visit www.katiekazoo.com to learn how you can become a member today! H a great tool for teaching creative vocabulary and nonsense words. I f your child likes Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo, don’t miss H a wonderful platform for a unique Nancy Krulik’s George Brown, Class Clown series! getting-to-know-you exercise: writing a résumé!

General fiction, time travel

Join Sam, Joe, and Fred on their action-packed adventures in the boy-friendly Time Warp Trio series. Level The Time Warp Trio series is . . . P H written and illustrated by the knockout team of Jon Scieszka, the first National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, and Caldecott Honor–winner Lane Smith. H the perfect way to give your kids a dose of history disguised as FUN 666 Guided Reading LLevels O–C–IU, Listening Comprehension Levels A–Q The Summer Before . . . Fourth Grade

F all into the splendiferous world of Roald Dahl! Roald Dahl is . . . H the World’s #1 Storyteller! H an author whose books will hold the attention of any child who loves fantasy and using his or her imagination. H the inspiration behind many wonderful movies based Level Level Level on his classic novels. Read the books before you see them! s U Q H the creator of memorable characters that make excellent models for character studies. H the perfect choice for a beginning-of-the-year author study. His books make perfect mentor texts! H an inspiration for teaching FUN vocabulary lessons— particularly using The BFG. H a crowd-pleasing selection for summer book clubs. Level Level R P V isit www.roalddahl.com for discussion questions, games, and more!

TeacherS and LibrarianS Visit www.roalddahl.com to find out how you can help your school and library participate in Roald Dahl Month each September. Download FREE activities, printables, games, and more! AND: Did you know that there are play versions available of practically every Roald Dahl book? They’re each a ready-made reader’s theater script! Performances help to increase reading fluency and confidence and also boost enjoyment.

Spend your summer with everyone’s favorite C rack the case with John R. class pet, Humphrey the hamster! Erickson’s Hank the Cowdog on one of his more then FIFTY- SEVEN adventures! Level The Humphrey series by Betty G. Birney is . . . Q H The winner of eight state awards and has been nominated for more then eighteen! H m ystery series Hu mOROus fiction A good choice for animal lovers and can Level be enjoyed by both boys and girls. Q H Filled with humorous stories that kids will relate to (and secretly wish they could be a part of). Children who love Hank the Cowdog may Level H A great series for vacations and car trips, as the paperbacks have also enjoy the Encyclopedia Brown series P puzzles in the back! by Donald J. Sobol. Level I ntroduce your child to the outrageous O m ystery series (and incredibly charming) P ippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren. What child wouldn’t be fascinated by a girl who lives without grown-ups?!

A dventure series Level C lassic fiction Q

E very rising fourth grader should read the first book in Judy Blume’s classic Fudge series, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Level Celebrating it’s P 40th Anniversary! h umOROus fiction Explore the hazards of the deep in this exciting new series sure to grad the interest of any 77 reluctant reader. Guided Reading LeveLevels O–C–IU, Guided Reading Levels S–T Listening Comprehension Levels A–Q The Summer Before . . . Fifth Grade Lte yourself be charmed by Newbery Honor Book Savvy by Ingrid Law

S avvy is . . . H an award-winning book loved by adults and kids alike. H Bue s re to catch a coming-of-age story both boys and girls will easily relate to. Scumble, t he new york H filled to the brim with a well-defined, inventive cast of characters times lbestsel ing companion to savvy perfect for character studies and analysis projects. H fantasy, adventure, and just the right dose of realism to make for a Level page-turning, teachable read. U H a great prompt for creative writing: imagine that in your family, you receive a special ability when you turn thirteen. Your brothers create electricity and hurricanes and your grandfather could move mountains. What would you want to be able to do? H full of thematic connections: family, friendship, conflict resolution, understanding differences, valuing uniqueness. f antasy H a fantastic choice for fun-filled, dramatic reader’s theater presentations. H the perfect book to remind kids that everyone is special in some unique way.

V isit www.penguin.com/summerreading for printable teaching guides for both S avvy and Scumble. The information in these guides can be used during the summer for continued reading comprehension practice and can also be helpful in jumpstarting lesson plan ideas for the new school year.

TeacherS and LibrarianS E-mail [email protected] with “Summer Reading” in the subject line to request your FREE paperback Teacher’s Edition of Savvy, which includes discussion questions, extension activities, and full lesson plans aligned to national language arts standards.


Level S Level S Level Level t S

The Secret of Platform 13 W hich Witch? The Ogre of Oglefort The Books of Elsewhere series by Eva Ibbotson by Eva Ibbotson by Eva Ibbotson by Jacqueline West

8 Guided Reading LLevels C–R–XI, Listening Comprehension Levels A–Q

R eAD classic adventure story My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George

D on’t miss the other two books in the trilogy and the brand-new P ocket Guide to the Outdoors!

Level adventure Level V V Level Level U U

M y Side of the Mountain is . . . H H the perfect selection for classroom lesson plans and library a great prompt for creative writing: imagine how you would survive programs. in the wilderness with only a penknife, a ball of cord, forty dollars, and some flint and steel. H the ideal read for wilderness and nature enthusiasts. H a classic Newbery Honor book and page-turning read that modern-day H filled with adventure and the fantasy of living on your own. kids will pick up again and again—and recommend to their friends.

Spnde the summer on Alcatraz with Moose Flanagan and his friends!

A l Capone Does My Shirts and A l Capone Shines My Shoes by Gennifer Choldenko are . . . H historical fiction set in a time period recent enough for kids to Level easily relate to the setting. X H set in one of the most famous prisons in the world but are appropriate for younger readers. H stories that showcase the importance of family, tolerance, Historical Fiction and friendship. H award-winning novels that read like movie scripts.


f antasy & adventure Historical Fiction

Level Level U Level U Guided Level Reading V R Level u Level V

ra e listic Fiction ra e listic Fiction p oetry, realistic fiction

W hen Hitler Stole N othing’s Fair in The Cat Ate My L ocomotion and P eace, Locomotion A Tale Dark and Grimm Pink Rabbit Fifth Grade Gymsuit by Jacqueline Woodson by Adam Gidwitz by Judith Kerr by Barthe DeClements by Paula Danziger

999 Guided Reading LeveLevels C–R–XI, Guided Reading Levels R–X Listening Comprehension Levels A–Q The Summer Before . . . Sixth Grade

Gte wrapped up in the heartfelt and humorous Grandma Dowdel trilogy by Richard Peck.

hor um & History A Long Way from Chicago, A Year Down Yonder, and A Season of Gifts are . . .

H filled with laugh-out-loud funny, incredibly endearing, and absolutely unforgettable characters. H full of inspiring relationships and tales complete with adventure and action ideal for creative writing projects. H written in a short story format that is appealing to readers. Level Level V W H an excellent literary accompaniment to a unit on the Great Depression. H perfect for book club and literature circle discussion groups.

TeacherS and LibrarianS E-mail [email protected] with “Summer Reading” in the subject line to request your FREE paperback Teacher’s Edition of A Long Way from Chicago and A Year Down Yonder, which includes discussion questions, extension activities, and full lesson plans aligned to national language arts standards. Visit www.penguin.com/summerreading for a classroom guide to all of Richard Peck’s books and for one specifically dedicated to the Grandma Dowdel trilogy.



on novel spine Bestsellingspine author width 3/8" and wider JOHN

www.TheodoreBoone.com JOHN GRISHAM A PERFECT MURDER delivers high intensity legal for a new generation of readers A FACELESS WITNESS PUFFIN LOGO 2004 ONE PERSON KNOWS on novel spine “Not since Nancy Drew has a nosy, crime-obsessed kid GRISHAM spine width narrower than 1/4" Level THE WHOLE TRUTHLeve . . . l been so hard to resist.” —The New LeveYork(Sabon Times Bold 9pt) l Level AND HE’S ONLY “Classic Grisham.” —The Los Angeles Times THIRTEEN YEARS OLD Front / Back cover “Grisham is an absolute master!” —The Washington Post on novel title page V MEET PUFFINV LOGO 2004 W(Sabon11.5pt, track +) T Cover photograph of boy © Bob Krasner, 2010 THEODORE Background columns courtesy of istock.com/Jeremy Edwards Level Creative Direction by Deborah Kaplan

LEARN MORE ABOUTTriangle next to barcode BOONE Front / Back cover MR. GRISHAM

PUFFIN AND THE WORLD OF Y JOHN GRISHAM U.S.A. $7.99 / CAN. $9.99 Ages 0 up THEODORE BOONE AT on novel spine #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER VISIT US AT www.penguin.com/youngreaders www.TheodoreBoone.com spine width 3/8" and wider Level W Historical fiction on novel spine spine width 3/8" and wider

on novel spine spine width narrower than 1/4" (Sabon Bold 9pt)

PUFFIN LOGO 2003 on novel title page (Sabon11.5pt, track +) on novel spine spine width narrower than 1/4" R oll of Thunder Hear My Cry (Sabon Bold 9pt) by Mildred D. Taylor:

Triangle next to barcode on novel title page (Sabon11.5pt, track +) Guided Reading Level W

Triangle next to barcode The Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen Guided Reading Level Y Level Level U X

PUFFIN LOGO 2003 f antasy and


Mystery & suspense Level Level 21 Balloons by William Pène du Bois Guided Reading Level V W V The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin Guided Reading Level V The Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator series by Jennifer Allison Guided Reading Level W The Enola Holmes series by Nancy Springer Guided Reading Level U The Shakespeare Stealer by Gary Blackwood Guided Reading Level X The Redwall series by Brian Jacques Guided Reading Level Z Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer by John Grisham Guided Reading Level T The Lost Years of Merlin and The Merlin’s Dragon series by T.A. Barron Lsto Years of Merlin: Guided Reading Level W Merlin’s Dragon: Guided Reading Level V The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan 10 Guided Reading LLevels C–T–ZI, Listening Comprehension Levels A–Q The Summer Before . . .Seventh Grade U pper middle school and junior high school students will enjoy diving into these stories. By reading widely, students will increase the benefit of their summer reading experience. Encourage them to read across genres and to discover new authors and series.

Historical Fiction ra e listc Fiction S ummer of My German Soldier R ed Kayak Level by Bette Greene by Priscilla Cummings Z Summer of My German Soldier is the story of Level Priscilla Cummings weaves a suspenseful twelve-year-old Patty Bergen, a Jewish girl T tale of three teenagers caught in a from Arkansas who begins a romance with web of deception in her multistate a German prisoner during World War II. award-nominated Red Kayak.

ra ce listI Fiction, GLBTQ M y Most Excellent Year: A Novel of Love, Mary C limbing the Stairs Poppins, and Fenway Park by Steve Kluger by Padma Venkatraman Told in alternating perspectives, this is the Set during World War II and the last hilarious and touching story of T.C., Augie, Level Level Z days of British occupation in India, and Alé’s most excellent year. Climbing the Stairs is a powerful Z story about love and loss.

Historical Fiction

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton P ostcards from No Man’s Land A groundbreaking classic that by Aiden Chambers reads as if it was written for Level Geertrui and Jacob live worlds apart, but Level today’s teens. First published Z their voices blend together to tell one story Z in 1967, The Outsiders imme- that transcends time and place and war. By diately resonated with young turns moving, vulnerable, and thrilling, adults: honest and gritty, it was like nothing else out there this extraordinary Printz Medal–winner bul l ying geen ral fiction takes the reader on a memorable voyage of and still stands up as one of the discovery. greatest modern YA classics. Lveo The Outsiders? Check out Level Another great S.E. Hinton read! The Schwa Was Here X by Neal Shusterman That Was Then, This Is Now Neal Shusterman’s award-winning by S.E. Hinton The Schwa Was Here is an unforgettable story of a unique friendship and an unusual quest for Level notoriety that middle school Z geen ral fiction students will love.

Continue Antsy’s advenures bul l ying in A ntsy Does Time

11 Guided Reading LeveLevels C–T–ZI, Guided Reading Levels T–Z Listening Comprehension Levels A–Q The Summer Before . . .Eighth Grade

Joan Bauer ra e listic Fiction Full of humor, unforgettable characters, surprises, and lots and lots of heart, Joan Bauer’s books are perfect for kids coming into their own.

Level Level T W Level Level T X

C lose to Famous Peeled R ules of the Road H ope Was Here by Joan Bauer by Joan Bauer by Joan Bauer by Joan Bauer Everyone has a dream, but Something’s rotten in the Meet Jenna Boller, star Meet everyone’s favorite nobody is even close to famous heart of apple country! employee at Gladstone waitress in this Newbery in the little town of Culpepper. Shoe Store in Chicago. Honor-winning novel.

T he ChRONICLES of Level Vladimir Tod series Z by Heather Brewer

Sink your teeth into a boy-friendly vampire series that’s clean (as long as you don’t mind a little blood). Bl ul ying

NONFICTION The Mayflower and theP ilgrims’ New World auti ob ography by Nathaniel Philbrick Level Level Adapted from T V bestseller Mayflower specifically Level for younger readers, this edition X brings to life an important period of history. american history

M arching for Freedom: Walk Together, Children, and Don’t You Grow Weary Boy, More About Boy, and G oing Solo by Elizabeth Partridge by Roald Dahl Level Y Award-winning author Elizabeth Learn the true story of Roald Dahl’s childhood. Partridge leads you straight into Read these three nonfiction tales to see where he the chaotic, passionate, and deadly got the inspiration for his marvelous storytelling. three months of protests that american history, culminated in the landmark civil rights from Selma to Montgomery in 1965.

12121212 Guided Reading LLevels C–X–ZI, Teen MuSt-ReadS for the Listening Comprehension Levels A–Q Summer Before . . . High School USING BOOKS TO PROMOTE COMPASSION AND CAMARADERIE H igh school is a challenging time in every teen’s life: new school, new classmates, new teachers, new classes. Everything seems bigger, more difficult, and more intense. At this time in students’ lives, their support system—friends, family, teachers—is extremely important. With the increased presence of bullying in schools, it is essential that students learn to treat each other with understanding and compassion.

ra e listic Fiction

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is a teen novel that has made a deep impact nationwide since its publication in 2007. The intricate, heartrending, and sensitive story that Clay and Hannah tell through their dual narrative makes for a standout novel that truly illustrates the power that teenagers have over the quality of each other’s lives. Thirteen Reasons Why is a book to teach, a book to learn from, and a book that will stay with readers long after they close its cover.

Try Thirteen Reasons Why as a one book, one school read. This title is being embraced as the perfect book for a adults and teens to read together to broach the sensitive issues faced by high schoolers today. Use this book to foster discussion and eliminate stigma surrounding these taboo topics by organizing a Community Read. For resources on how to adopt this book in your community, visit www.penguin.com/teachersandlibrarians. Level Z Laurie Halse Anderson Level PUFFIN LOGO 2007-PDF TEMPLATES NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR LAURIE HALSE ANDERSON

ate Malone is a straight-A student, minister’s daughter, and LAURIE HALSE Z K ace long-distance runner who thinks she can handle it all, until her organized life starts to fall apartFront like a/ chainBack cover of chemi- cal reactions. First her neighbors’ house burns down and Kate ANDERSON has to share her room with her nemesis, onTeri novel Litch. spine Meanwhile, the days are ticking by and she’s still waitingspine widthto hear 3/8" from and the wider only college she’s applied to: MIT. Kate feels that her life is spinning out of control—and then, something occurs that truly blows it all apart.

“Intelligently written . . . this complex, contemporary story carries much of the intensity and harshness of Speak.” on novel spine —KIRKUS REVIEWS spine width 5/16" and wider “Anderson is a gifted writer who makes the complex worlds of teenage girls real to the reader.” —KLIATT One little spark is about to change her life. “Anderson’s take on human relations succeeds through her fresh writing and exceptional characterizations.”

—THE HORN BOOK catalyst

MORE AWARD-WINNERS FROM LAURIE HALSE ANDERSON! on novel spine spine width narrower than 1/4" (Sabon Bold 9pt)

on novel title page (Sabon11.5pt, track +)

Triangle next to barcode photo copyright © Hanne Kelchtermans, 2011 U.S.A. $8.99 CAN. $10.50 TK VISIT US AT cover design by www.penguin.com/teens Katie Anderson catalyst W intergirls Twisted C atalyst P rom An emotionally wrenching, A thought-provoking No amount of planning can Ashley doesn’t care about her senior lyrically-written look at the exploration of what it prepare Kate for her senior year. prom, but she’s the exception as it’s deadly dangers of anorexia. means to be a man. pretty much the only good thing at her urban Philadelphia high school.

Level X P layground For an educator guide on this title as well as by 50 Cent additional anti-bullying materials, visit A hard-hitting and inspirational novel about the redemption of a bully from www.penguin.com/teachersandlibrarians. international icon 50 Cent.

13 Guided Reading LeveLevels C–X–ZI, Guided Reading Levels Y–Z Listening Comprehension Levels A–Q Read all the bookS by theSe favorite teen authorS Teens love to read about characters and situations that reflect themselves and their own experiences. Finding an author with a sizable backlist gives them an opportunity to read all summer long.

Level Gayle Forman Ally Condie Z I f I Stay M atched W here She Went Crossed Critically acclaimed novels Society Matched them, that will change the way but Love set them free. you look at life, love, and family.

Level Z

Sarah DeSSen Know teens who can’t get enough of Sarah Dessen? Tell them to check out www.sarah-land.com where they can chat with other fans, view trailers, and enter to win prizes. Level Y

W hat Happened to Goodbye? Along for the Ride L yock and Ke Just Listen

John Green Did you know that when isn’t writing books for teens he’s a prolific video blogger? See what John has to say at www.johngreenbooks.com.

Level Printz Award-winning Z modern classic

Will Grayson, Will Grayson A n Abundance of Katherines Paper Towns The Fault In Our Stars with David Levithan

14 Guided Reading Levels U–Z Other great High School readS

cl assic fiction get a head start with curriculum favorites

Level Z

D racula H amlet The Fall of the House of F rankenstein by Bram Stoker by William Shakespeare Usher and Other Stories by Mary Shelley by Edgar Allan Poe

f antasy discover a Unique new world Level Level U V

Level Z

F ire Incarceron S apphique EON & EONA by Kristin Cashore by Catherine Fisher by Catherine Fisher By Alison Goodman The exquisitely romantic and A heart-pounding, Find out what happens Is forbidden love worth the ultimate sacrifice? breathtaking companion page-turning New York next as Finn’s adventure Action, a stunning magic system, and swordplay to bestselling teen fantasy Times bestselling continues. galore! Graceling. thriller.

TITLE: Omnivore’s Dilemma YR Ed-PB CVR 6 x 9 SPINE: 0.875


“What’s for dinner?” seems like a simple question. Historical fiction But do you really know . . . Dilemma -What happens to a fi eld of potatoes destined to The The seCreTs BehiND become french fries . . . or whAT YoU eAT omnivore’s Dilemma omnivore’s -In how many disguises corn sneaks into your food? Between Shades of Gray (Hint: It’s in your soda, your burger, and that Twinkie!)

-Do you know what that “organic” sticker on your YOUNG READERS EDITION banana actually means . . . or Level by Ruta Sepetys -Where the chicken in your nugget grew up? DO YOU KNOW THE SECRETS BEHIND WHAT YOU EAT? Z

Between Shades of Gray is a novel that will steal, you’ll go undercover at the supermarket. You’ll delve IN THIS BOOK behind the scenes of your dinner, and by the time you’ve digested the last page you’ll have put together the fascinating (and sometimes disturbing) your breath and capture your heart as itpuzzle elegantly of what’s on your plate and how it got there. This young readers edition of Michael Pollan’s bestseller The Omnivore’s Dilemma includes a brand-new introduction and afterword, delves into a little-known event in historyan exclusive author telling Q&A, and a variety of fresh visual “evidence.” U.S. $9.99 • Canada $12.50 VISIT US AT www.penguin.com Cover art © 2009 and design by Natalie Sousa Michael Pollan the tale of fifteen-year-old Lina, a Lithuianian Printed in the U.S.A • 1009 girl who is sent to a work camp in the coldest DiAL BAseD oN The New York Times BesTseLLer reaches of Siberia during World War II. The Omnivore’s Dilemma for Kids By Michael Pollan Level The New York Times bestseller that’s Z changing America’s diet is now perfect for younger readers. 15 Guided Reading Levels U–Z GuidedGuided ReadinReadingg LLeveevellss C–C–II, BEST NEW BOOKS from 2011 Listening Comprehension Levels A–Q introduce your readers to these starred reviewed, soon-to-be classics For younger readers Level Level Level V J L N ew York Times B est Illustrated

Blue Chicken Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake A Nation’s Hope: The Story of Boxing Legend Joe Louis H H H H H H H H H By Deborah Freedman By Michael Kaplan By Matt de la Pena with with illustrations by Stephane Jorisch illustrations by Kadir Nelson An irresistible chicken who springs to life and wreaks havoc in When Betty Bunny eats chocolate cake for This elegant and powerful biography centers around a farmyard with a pot of blue paint. the first time, she declares, “I am going to the historic fight in which were able to marry chocolate cake.” put aside prejudice and come together to celebrate our nation’s ideals. For middle school readers

Level Level Level Level R X Y U

S ecrets at Sea Jefferson’s Sons S aint Louis Armstrong Beach S mall Persons with Wings H H H H H H H H H H H H H H By Richard Peck By Kimberly Brubaker Bradley By Brenda Wood By Ellen Booraem

An irresistible adventure story The untold story of Thomas A gripping story of a boy, a dog, An irreverent take on of the tiny individuals who Jefferson’s slave children. and a hurricane. fairies for fans of Savvy secretly live among us humans. and Ella Enchanted! For young adults A Morris Award meg nominee! rosoff

A finalist!

THERE IS NO DOG Cehim Between Shades of Gray Legend There Is No Dog H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H By Franny Billingsley By Ruta Sepetys By Marie Lu By As many secrets as Briony has Lina is just like any other fifteen-year- Full of nonstop action, What if God were a been holding, there are secrets old Lithuanian girl in 1941 until one suspense, and romance, this teenaged boy? even she doesn’t know. night when Soviet officers take her away dystopian novel is sure to move from everything she’s ever known. readers as much as it thrills.

TITLE: 5.625 x 8.5 SPINE: 0.875 PADMA VENKATRAMAN $16.99 USA S tay With Me I maginary Girls On a remote island untouched by time, PADMA VENKATRAMAN I sland’s$19.50 CAN End a young girl fights to preserve the spirituality that defines her people . . . Author of Climbing the Stairs A young girl must lead her tribe into the future on an island that time forgot . . . Uido is ecstatic when she’s chosen to be- H H H H H H H H PRAISE FOR Padma Venkatraman’s Hcome the oko-jumu, H or spiritual H leader, of H PADMA VENKATRAMAN her island tribe. But as excited as she is to

was born in Chennai, India, but became Climbing the Stairs complete her training, what looms largest an American citizen after attaining a Ph.D. An ALA Notable Book on Uido’s mind are the strangers from a in oceanography from the College of nearby island who have started visiting her William and Mary. Padma’s oceanographic ★ “With a delightfully strong female protagonist who island. research led her to the Andaman Islands, struggles between tradition and the values she holds dear, The strangers tempt the tribe members By Paul Griffin By Nova Renwhere she livedSuma for a year, in close proxim- this novel will capture the imaginations of many readers.” Bywith gifts, makingPadma them curious about Venkatraman ity to tribespeople similar to those in Island’s —VOYA, starred review modern life, and show little respect for

End. Her fi rst young-adult novel, Climbing END ISLAND’S nature or the spirits. When Uido’s be- ★ the Stairs, won the Julia Ward Howe Award “Venkatraman paints an intricate and convincing loved little brother falls deathly ill, and the and was a Book Sense Notable, Booklist Best backdrop of a conservative Brahmin home in a time of tribe’s medicine doesn’t work, her courage Book of the Year, Bank Street College of change . . . [in] this vividly told story.” and beliefs are severely tested. If she jour- NOVA REN SUMA Education Best Book, New York Public —Booklist, starred review neys to the strangers’ island for help, will Library Book for the Teen Age, YALSA ★ “Venkatraman makes a memorable debut with ISLAND’S END she shake her tribe’s belief in their old ways STAY WITH M E An urban romance that As Chole andBest Book for Ruby Young Adults selection, reunitethis lushly evoked novel.” Fromand thus destroy her own culture? the acclaimed Notable Social Studies Trade Book for —Publishers Weekly, starred review Drawing on fi rsthand experience from Young People, and CCBC Choice. She her travels to the Andaman Islands, Padma lives with her family in Rhode Island. Venkatraman was inspired to write this story after meeting with natives who over- www.climbingthestairsbook.com came a natural disaster and preserved their www.padmasbooks.blogspot.com unique way of life despite several threats to will capture your soul, Secrets never stay below the surface following a tragic accident, the authortheir survival. Uido’s transformation from of Climbing the To arrange a speaking engagement a young girl to a tribal leader will touch for Padma Venkatraman, please contact both your heart and mind. the Penguin Speakers Bureau at [email protected] G. P. PUTNAM’S SONS a division of Penguin Young Readers Group

Paul Griffin break your heart, and fragile line between lifeEAN and Stairs comes a fascinating Dramatic sunset sky photo © Ivanova Inga and 345 Hudson Street island photo © Armin Lehnhoff used under license New York, NY 10014 from Shutterstock.com www.penguin.com/youngreaders Cover design by Natalie C. Sousa 1108 restore your faith in the death will be redrawn by the PUTNAM story1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2 set on a remote PRINTS MATTE LAM WITH SPOT GLOSS UV 16 human spirit. complex bonds of sisterhood. island untouched by time. Award Winners Use these critically-acclaimed,award-winning titles to foster a love of reading. Winners A mos Fortune, R oll of Thunder, Hear S ummer of the Swans Free Man My Cry by Betsy Byars by Elizabeth Yates by Mildred Taylor

Level Level Level V W U

The Twenty-one Balloons The Westing Game A Year Down Yonder by William Pène du Bois by Ellen Raskin by Richard Peck

Level Level V V Level V

N eWBERY Honor Books 26 Fairmount Avenue A fter Tupac & D Foster A l Capone Does by Tomie dePaola by Jacqueline Woodson My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko

Level Level Level N Y X

Feathers G etting Near to Baby H ope Was Here by Jacqueline Woodson by Audrey Couloumbis by Joan Bauer

Level Level Level X V W

A Long Way from M illions of Cats M y Side of the Mountain Chicago by Wanda Gag by Jean Craighead George by Richard Peck

Level Level Level V J U

S avvy S how Way To Be A Slave by Ingrid Law by Jacqueline Woodson by Julius Lester Illustrated by Hudson Talbott

Level Level Level U Z Z

17 17 C aLDECOTT Medal Winners Joseph Had a L on Po Po: A M adeline’s M ake Way O fficer Little Overcoat Red-Riding Rescue for Ducklings Buckle and by Simms Hood Story by Ludwig by Robert Gloria Taback from China Bemelmans McCloskey by Peggy by Ed Young Rathmann

Level Level Level Level Level I S K L U

Owl Moon R apunzel The Snowy Day S o You Want to Be by Jane Yolen by Paul O. by Ezra Jack Keats President? Illus. by John Zelinsky by Judith St. Schoenherr George Level Level Level Level Illus. by David O N J S Small

C aLDECOTT Honor Books A lphabet Blueberries C oming on G oldilocks John Henry City for Sal Home Soon and the by Julius by Steven by Robert by Jacqueline Three Bears Lester T. Johnson McCloskey Woodson by James Illus. Illus. by E. B. Marshall by Jerry Level Level Level Lewis Level Level Pinkney K M M K K

M adeline S even The Stinky Cheese S wamp W hen I Was by Ludwig Blind Mice Man and Other Angel Young in the Bemelmans by Ed Young Fairly Stupid Tales by Anne Mountains by Jon Scieszka Isaacs by Cynthia Illus. by Illus. by Rylant Level Level Level Lane Smith Level Paul O. Level Illus. by K K P P Zelinsky K Diane Goode M iCHAEL L. Printz Award Winners

L ooking for P ostcards from A Step from Alaska No Man’s Land Heaven by John Green by Aidan by Chambers

M iCHAEL L. Printz Honor Books A n Abundance F at Kid Rules John Lennon: All I Tales of the Madman of Katherines the World Want Is the Truth Underground: An by John Green by K. L. Going by Elizabeth Historical Romance, Patridge 1973 by John Barnes

C oRETTA Scott King Award Winners Bronx The Land The Middle M inty: A Story M iracle’s Masquerade by Mildred Passage: White of Young Harriet Boys by Nikki Taylor Ships/Black Tubman by Grimes Cargo by Alan Jacqueline by Tom Feelings Shroeder Woodson Level Level Level and Jason Henrik Level Illus. by Jerry Level Z Z Z Illustrator Award Q Pinkney Z Winner Illustrator 18 18 Award Winner Reaching Reluctant ReaderS NOT EVERY CHILD IS A BORN BOOK LOVER, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN CHILDREN CAN’T LEARN TO LOVE READING!

Both boys and girls can be equally reluctant to dive into summer reading, but boys are traditionally less eager than girls. Use these suggestions to reach the boys in your life and help them find the fun in reading. Know a boy who doesn’t love books but is obsessed with . . . sports/ science experiments/action movie blockbusters/comics/history (particularly war stories)/vampires/anything super gross, including bugs, snakes, and slime? Then suggesting books based on themes or subjects that the boys you know are already fanatic about will be a much easier task and a more effective sell. If you find a local author or series that your child likes, ask your librarian or local bookstore for more titles. Remember, getting your child hooked on a prolific author or large series means they’ll always have a book on deck. And don’t forget to visit www.penguin.com/summerreading for more recommendations!

For Kids who . . . L Ive TO LAUGH.


Zombiekins Time Wrap Trio #1 by Kevin Bolger by Jon Scieszka

D ragonbreath D ragonbreath: Curse Thn i k farts and burps are hysterical. by Ursula Vernon of the Were-wiener by Ursula Vernon

Level Level R N

S ir Fartsalot Hunts D ragonbreath: Attack D ragonbreath: Lair of The George Brown, the Booger of the Ninja Frogs the Bat Class Clown series L ove chocolate. by Kevin Bolger by Ursula Vernon by Ursula Vernon by Nancy Krulik

I t’s not easy for Danny Dragonbreath to be the sole mythical creature in a school for reptiles and amphibians—especially because he can’t breathe fire like other dragons. Using a hybrid of comic-book panels and text, author Ursula Vernon has created an irresistible set of characters with a penchant for getting themselves into sticky situations. It’s perfect for Level both the classroom and fun summer reading selections. O

C hocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith

For more awesome book recommendations for boys, supplemental materials for teachers and parents, notes from favorite authors, and materials and suggestions for book clubs, visit www.penguin.com/books4boys!

19 For Kids who . . .

Li ove act on movies ENO J Y A LITTLE NONSENSE. and crime shows.

Level Level T Level Level T T X

Zorgamazoo K nucklehead: Tall Tales and Mostly True Stories by Robert Paul The Alex Rider series Theodore Boone: of Growing Up Scieszka Weston by Anthony Horowitz Kid Lawyer by Jon Scieszka by John Grisham

Ar e into sword fighting Ar e intrigued by dragons and combat. and magic.

Level Z Level Z Level Z Level U

The Ranger’s The Redwall series The Merlin’s Dragon series Apprentice series by Brian Jacques by T.A. Barron by John Flanagan

Ar e obsessed Li ke horror flicks. with l ike history and Ws i h for baseball . war stories. superpowers.

Level V Level Level Z Level W V

The Chronicles of H eat C ode Talker: A Novel H ero Vladimir Tod series by Mike Lupica About the Navajo Marines by Mike Lupica by Heather Brewer of World War Two by Joseph Bruchac

20 Book ClubS Hlpne p O e the Door to Increased Reading Comprehension Skills

A n excellent way to improve a child’s reading comprehension level during the summer is by joining or creating a book club. Book clubs make reading a joint and interactive experience through opinion sharing, question/answer sessions, and predicting exercises. Plus, they’re a fun way to get together with friends! With younger children, you can hold meetings weekly and discuss a few chapters at a time. During the school year, teachers or librarians can organize and moderate sessions after school or at recess. Booksellers, consider hosting your own events with young readers; have an author host a book club as part of an event at your store! Parents, create a parent/child club where adults and children read the same book and meet to discuss the story every few weeks. The following are several book suggestions that work well for group discussions, but keep in mind that sometimes the best book recommendations for younger children come from people their own age. Encourage your child to trade books with their friends or host a book-swap party during your first meeting, where all attendees come with an old favorite and leave with a new one for independent reading outside the club.

ra ce listI Fiction M ockingbird by Kathryn Erskine WRIR TE ’S Workshop: Throughout the novel, Josh struggles greatly W inner of the 2010 National Book Award for because he feels that others blame him for being related to one of the school shooters. Using Josh’s voice, write a journal entry Young People’s Literature, Mockingbird tells in which you detail the playground event and the altercation with the story of Caitlin, an eleven- Level Caitlin. To prepare, create an outline using the five Ws (who, what, year-old girl with Asperger’s. The Z when, where, and why). Remember to write in first person and give world according to her is black and white; special attention to sensory imagery (what you saw, smelled, anything in between is confusing. Before, heard, etc.) V isit www.penguin.com/teachersandlibrarians for a when things got confusing, complete discussion guide, including additional questions, activity Caitlin went to her older brother, ideas, and a Q&A with the author. Devon, for help. But Devon has died, and Caitlin’s dad is so distraught that he is just not helpful. Caitlin wants everything to go back to the way they were, but she doesn’t know how to do that. Then she comes ADDITIONAL BOOK CLUB SELECTIONS across the word closure, and she realizes this is what she needs. H ope Was Here And in her search for it, Caitlin discovers that the world may not be by Joan Bauer black and white after all.

Q UESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION Level Mockingbird is told in first person; how would the story be W * different if someone besides Caitlin were telling it? Historical Fiction Throughout the novel Caitlin tries to understand the meaning of ra e listic Fiction * closure. What are some of the events that help her achieve closure? How does her understanding of the concept of closure change? Between Shades of Gray Caitlin states, “You can open and close books a million times and by Ruta Sepetys * they stay the same. They look the same. They say the same words. The charts and pictures are the same colors. Books are not like people. Books are safe.” (p.34) What can we infer about her nonFiction Level statement? Do you agree with Caitlin? Provide some examples Z from the story to validate her point.

When Josh and Caitlin have an altercation on the playground, * their classmates come to Caitlin’s defense, but later, some of these same students laugh and tease Caitlin about her behavior—why M atched would they choose to behave this way? Crossed Society Matched them, but Love set them free. Level Z

V isit www.penguin.com/summerreading for tips on how to start your own book club, additional reading selections, and sample questions 21 and activities. TipS for a Sizzling Summer of Reading

W hile every district has its own literacy program, all schools strongly encourage reading over summer vacation and many require that children read specific titles in the months before they begin a new grade level. The intensity of summer assignments may range from asking children to read books of their own choosing, to selecting several titles from a reading list issued by the school, to reading a group of mandatory stories and then completing a writing assignment. Students’ reactions to summer reading are as broad as the assignments themselves: to some, reading is a welcome activity; to others, and for reluctant or challenged readers in particular, summer reading can seem like a chore. Take advantage of the following tips and suggestions, designed to assimilate reading naturally into your child’s summer routine and help you get personally involved!

Be a Reader and Writer Yourself: Children learn by example. S ummer Writing Is Just as Important as Summer Reading: The ability Through simple acts like reading a book in the backyard or the to write about what one reads is an essential skill that your child newspaper at breakfast, you’re showing your child that reading is will employ in each subject taught in school. In order to maintain both fun and important. Encourage your child to apply this concept the writing skills your child developed over the school year, he to his or her own life by reading the cereal box in the morning, a or she will need to practice writing over the summer. Visit www. menu in a restaurant, or signs as you drive in the car. Have your penguin.com/summerreading for a list of writing activities and child help you write your weekly grocery list and then read the prompts for every grade level. items to you as you shop together. * * Tie Reading into the Themes of Your Summer Activities: If you’re K now Your Child’s Reading Level: Remember that each child has an planning a vacation, read about the destination together. Look for instructional and an independent reading level. Book choices for books where the main characters take part in the same activities independent summer reading selections should be at a level where your child does, like going to camp, taking swimming lessons, your child can read most of the words and easily understand the visiting family, getting a new pet, etc. Ask your librarian or local story on his or her own. Keep in mind that a child’s independent bookstore for summer-themed books on your child’s reading level. reading level is slightly lower than his or her instructional reading level. However, when selecting a read-aloud, feel free to choose books at a higher readability level, which may be more in line with your child’s listening comprehension level. Booksellers and * librarians: having a handle on the reading level system used at A ttend Author Events at Your Local Library and Bookstore: Meeting your local schools will assist you in helping your patrons appro- a favorite author is an exciting experience for a child. Bringing priately select books during the summer. This booklet refers to books to life in this way will create a lasting connection between Guided Reading Levels; if your local school uses a different system your child and reading. for leveling books, you can easily find a conversion chart online. * M ake Reading a Joint Experience: As you read aloud together, take * turns reading pages, or obtain two copies of the book and each M ake Use of Your School, Bookstore, or Public Library’s Reading read silently. In either case, tell your child what you are think- Incentive Program (Or Create Your Own!): A motivational program— ing as you read and ask your child questions about what he or she whether you’re counting the number of pages read, hours spent, reads. Reading and discussing books together will expand your or books completed—is an excellent way to get kids excited about child’s ability to think more deeply about a story, which leads to an reading during the summer. Keep track of their progress with a increased level of comprehension. Sharing your ideas and enthusi- Summer Reading Log, available for download at www.penguin. asm about books will serve to nurture a love for reading. Children com/summerreading. who engage in recreational reading increase their vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension as they enjoy books.A n excellent way to achieve this goal with older children is by starting a book club. Visit * www.penguin.com/summerreading for tips on how to get started. E ncourage Students to Read Widely: Expose your children to a variety of genres, titles, and authors so that they can develop their own reading interests and expand their background knowledge in various subjects.

22 Classics ThiS Summer, Curl Up with a Cla SSic

Y ou’re never too old or too young to enjoy a great story! With eye-catching, modern covers and introductions written by some of today’s most popular children’s and young adult authors, the Puffin Classics line is a wonderful choice for any young reader. Return to these treasured tales or indulge in them for the first time. Choose a classic you loved when you were young and share it with your child—taking turns reading chapters can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you both! Remember to pause and prompt your child’s reading comprehension skills with questions about plot, setting, characters, and vocabulary.

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