M=Missionary journey Begins

Missionary: a person who goes out to spread the good news of Paul & began their first missionary journey in Acts 13. When they came to a new city, they usually went first to a synagogue where they could talk to the .

Chapter 13 is the beginning of Paul’s missionary journeys. This chapter is also important because Paul becomes the main character of Acts, and Peter slips into the background.

Christians were in Antioch worshipping. Antioch is significant because Christians were first called Christians here. :26. This was also the first church that was mission minded. While worshipping, the Holy Spirit picked Paul and Barnabas to start preaching abroad. The men there fasted, prayed and put their hands on them and sent them off. also traveled with them.

They sail to the island of and travel through it to on the western side of it. They meet a sorcerer and named Bar-Jesus aka Elymas. The proconsul (governor) of the city Sergious Paulus wanted to hear Paul, but Elymas didn’t want him to. So Paul filled with the Holy Spirit lets Elymas have it, and then Elymas is blinded for some time! Because of this the proconsul believed.

John returns home to Jerusalem. This is important because in :38 Barnabas wants to take John again and Paul doesn’t think it is wise because John deserted them in Pamphylia. But we see in II Timothy 4 they had worked out their disagreement.

They arrive in Pisidian Antioch and on the sabbath go to the synagogue. The synagogue rulers ask them to talk, and Paul delivers his first recorded sermon. Paul goes through the Israelite history beginning while they were in Egypt. All the while Paul is showing that through their history they were preparing for the coming of Jesus. VS 38 is great because it says, “through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you.” Reminds me of :38! After he was done, the people invited them to come back next sabbath. Next Saturday almost the whole town was there. BUT the Jews didn’t like that and were jealous. Paul lets them know about their jealousy in vs 46 and tells them they have rejected Jesus. Go back to :8. Be my witnesses. Now look at vs 47. Witnesses 1st) at Jerusalem. 2nd ) in Philip goes to Samaria and now 3rd ) 15 years later Paul and Barnabas bring salvation to the ends of the earth. It was being fulfilled. They were fulfilling Jesus’ command!!!

The word of the Lord spreads, even though the Jews didn’t like it. They even kicked Paul and Barnabas out of their region. They shook the dust off their feet and moved on!!!!

Acts 13 Review Questions 1. What 3 things did the church at Antioch do before sending Paul & Barnabas on their way?______2. Who else was with them on their journey?______3. What was the first town they preached at?______4. What happened to Elymas?______5. In Paul’s sermon, what did God say about David? ______6. Why do you think Paul reviewed the Israelite history to the church in Pisidian Antioch?______7. Did the persecution of the apostles stop the church? ______Why______