8th Grade Science Atomic Structure and Review

#1 that is made up of only one kind of .

A: B: Element

C: Family or D: Atomic Mass

B. Element #2 A negatively charged particle that is part of every kind of matter.

A: B:

C: D: Scantron A. Electron #3 A positively charged particle that is present in the nucleus of all .

A: Scantron B: Neutron

C: Proton D: Electron

C. Protron #4 What is uncharged particle in the nucleus of an atom?

A: Proton B: Electron

C: Scantron D: Neutron

D. Neutron #5 What is the region surrounding the nucleus in which the move about?

A: Electron Cloud B: Proton Cloud

C: Neutron Cloud D: Scantron Cloud

A. Electron Cloud #6 The Atomic Number The number of in the nucleus of an atom.

How many protons are in the above atom?

A: 8 B: 4

C: 12 D: None of these

A. Atomic Number #7 What is the number of plus the protons in the nucleus of an atom?

Neutrons + Protons = ______

A: Atomic Number B: Atomic Matter

C: Atomic Element D: Atomic Mass D. Atomic Mass #8 What is the

atomic mass of this atom?

A: 10 B: 8

C: 20 D: 2 C. 20 #9 What are the elements that show properties of both and ?

A: Astroids B:

C: Transition Metals D: Nonmetals

B. Metalloids #10 What elements that are or brittle and poor conductors of heat and electricity.

A: Nonmetals B: Metals

C: Metalliods D: Transition Metals A. Nonmetals #11 A column of elements that have similar physical or chemical properties.

There are 18 of them.

A: Family or Groups B: Format or Group

C: Family of Gases D: Family or Format

A. Family or Group #12 What group number

are the Noble gases found in?

A: 56 B: 18

C: 25 D: 16 B. 18 #13 What is the average atomic mass of (Fe)?

A: 56 B: 16

C: 46 D: 66 C. 56 #14 What is the symbol for ?

A: C B: Cal

C: Ca D: CA C. Ca #15 What is the atomic number for ?

A: 56 B: 16

C: 7 D: 18 B. 16 #16 What are the elements that would probably have the physical and chemical properties most similar to (N)?

Phosphorus, , , Arsenic, A: , B: Antimony, Bisque

Phosphorus, Arsenic, Phosphorus, Arson, C: Antibodies, Bismuth D: Antibodies, Bismuth A. Phosphorus, Arsenic, Antimony, Bismuth #17 Elements in the Periodic Table are arranged in order of increasing _____ .

A: Atomic Mass B: Family or Group

C: Atomic Number D: Ductile C. Atomic Number #18 A of has… *8 protons *8 neutrons

*8 electrons How many electrons are in the first & second energy level?

1 in the first & 7 in the 2 in the first & 6 in the A: second B: second

3 in the first & 5 in the 1 in the first & 7 in the C: second D: second B. 2 in the first & 6 in the second Great Job!!!!

Thank you for playing!