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Crisis on Wall Street By: Laura Fairgrieve smoking wreckage of a stock-mar- nitude. Truly, the state of the mort- Guest Writer ket, banks, and the federal deposit gage companies is in the worst dis- insurance fund pile up was dealt array in recent memory. As an ana- A noteworthy observation of the with through the efforts of Henry lyst leaving his office on Wall nation’s current financial predica- Paulson, Ben Bernanke, and Street with a box, ominously put it ment became blatantly obvious Timothy Geithner. The Secretary “It’s over.” recently, as the bold type embla- of the Treasury, Chairman of the With the stock market at its low- zoned across the cover of TIME Federal Reserve, and President of est (the Dow plunged over 400 magazine depicted; “How Wall the Federal Reserve Bank of New points on September 17), and the Street Sold Out America”. Crisis York proposed to Congress that a economy in the state of what Alan erupted on the famed New York massive bailout of roughly 700 bil- Greenspan refers to as a “once in a City center of American busi- lifetime” crisis, the common ness when Lehman Brothers question regards what will be went completely bankrupt, done next in response. The Merrill Lynch was sold off to bailout bill is being pushed for Bank of America, and AIG des- by Paulson, Bernanke, and perately applied for federal Geithner, but at the end of all loans. The failure of these finan- things, Congress has the decid- cial giants, previously soaring ing say. The American public with a steady influx of capital, can only react by avoiding bor- has stirred the waters of turmoil rowing money whenever possi- in the American stock market ble. However, while the federal and financial system. government stocks up loans Employees face the looming from other countries, and tries to possibility of mass job losses, nurse the staggering economy Steelers get grades after off week and Lehman Brothers is poised back to its former strength, the on the brink of liquidation. every-day consumer can be By: Dallion L. Townsend season (www.nfl.com). The The horrific meltdown finds reassured that intervention is up Opinions Editor Steelers have yeild to no running its roots in the rapid decline in to Congress now; whether to thus far and have not allowed a housing prices over the past bailout out the irresponsible Nearing the halfway point in 100-yard game by any of the six year, as well as the heavy losses on lion doll ars be enacted to buy out companies for the betterment of this NFL season, the Steelers have premier runners they have faced in housing loans. Credit eventually the assets. A few months ago, the economy, or to watch their mis- grinded it out at times, and flatout the first five games of the season. dried up, fearful and wary banks Congress bailed out endangered takes catch up with them. At this dominated their opponents at oth- Grade: A- cautiously refused to lend money lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie point in American economics, it is ers. Their only loss came against Special Teams: After a miser- to each other, and large companies Mac, which leaves Congress easiest to agree with TIME maga- cross-state rival Philadelphia put- able showing last year, the kick could not raise cash on overnight reluctant to hasten into another zine’s comment that “America’s ting them at a solid 5-1 record. But coverage has been solid thus far. commercial-paper markets. The bailout, especially one of this mag- number 1 export is debt.” this is how the Steelers have fared At this point last season, the outside of just the record. Steelers gave up one kickoff Offense: The offensive line is return touchdown and seven run Early morning fire heats up a weekday for Upper St. Clair students still practically offering Ben backs of over 50 yards with an Roethlisberger as a human sacri- average starting spot of the 37.8 face to the opposing defenses as yard line. This year, however is a By: JP Gooderham school’s decision: “At that gazette.com). they have allowed well over 120 different story. No touchdowns Editor-in-Chief point, we didn’t know what the Though the fire was success- sacks since the start of the 2006 allowed, no kick returns over 45 extent was going to be, fully extinguished, the impact season. However, the Steelers are yards, and an average starting While Upper St. Clair High plus we had smoke in the build- of the incident was felt the fol- still a strong team offensively field position of 23.6 yards School students prepared for ing” (www.post-gazette.com). lowing day when students since Willie Parker is back from (www.sports.yahoo.com). another grueling day of school, returned to their classes. Senior injury and the Steelers have However, the return game is not many received an automated Amy Twerdok attests to being brought in Najeh Davenport to fill exactly explosive. But the Steelers notification informing them that “shocked and surprised after in for the injured Rashard haven’t had a game-changing classes were cancelled due to an returning to school.” She also Mendenhall. As long as the return man since Antwaan Randle emergency. As numerous morn- remembers the remaining smell Steelers can give Big Ben at least El. The kicking game is still con- ing news shows explained, a as being “somewhat annoying three seconds to throw, the sistent, thanks in large part to Jeff small kiln fire had broken out and bothersome while traveling Steelers are still going to be a team Reed who has the highest kicking only hours before the school the hallways.” that can cause some damage, percentage since 2006 with a day would have begun. Naturally, the unexpected which we saw when he lit up 93.7% and missing only one kick Subsequently, students were absence of classes brightened Jacksonville’s defense for over inside the 40 yard line in that time surprised to receive an unex- the day of many members of the 300 yards and three touchdown span (www.stats.com). Punter pected day off. student body. Senior Christine passes. Grade: B Daniel Spedulveda is out for the “Firefighters were called to Prorok believes that “the fire Defense:Troy Polamalu is back, season, and the Steelers called the school about 5:30 a.m. for a definitely had an impact. I had a James Harrison is proving that last upon veteran Mitch Berger to fill report of smoke coming from lot of time to focus on my col- year was no fluke, and LaMaar the void whose yardage per punt is the roof, Upper St. Clair police He also explained that the lege applications, and a lot of Woodley is leaving people asking a mere shadow of the production Deputy Chief Douglas “kiln had been shut off around 9 people I know had the opportu- themselves “Clark Haggans of Spedulveda. Grade: B+ Burkholder said” (www.pitts- p.m. but apparently smoul- nity to get together during the who?” The Steelers defense final- The Steelers need to keep their burghlive.com). While firefight- dered” (www.post- day.” ly found a way to contain the run- star quarterback in one piece in ers sought to extinguish the gazette.com). Consequently, While students may have ning back tandem of Fred Taylor order to continue their success. small fire in the art room, the “there was damage to the observed a crew working on the and Maurice-Jones Drew on Willie Parker, Casey Hampton, school district simultaneously exhaust sleeves and part of the affected portion of the school, Sunday Night Football as the and Brett Kiesel are aiming to decided to cancel classes for the roof that was torn out to put the the damage was fortunately lim- Steelers allowed only 39 yards of come back for the Week 7 tilt day. fire out […] [and] there also ited to the building only with no rushing against a team that pound- against the Bengals, and this gives Upper St. Clair superinten- was water damage in the art injuries reported as a result of ed the Steelers for over 200 yards Roethlisberger time to patch him- dent Patrick O’ Toole explained classroom and some smoke in the fire (www.thepitts- last year. The Steelers, as usual, self up after being sacked 19 times the reasoning behind the the building” (www.post- burghchannel.com). are in the top five in defense this in the first five games. Page 2 Opinions October 2008

Panther Desk of the Editor Politicians abandon ethics while trying to appeal to voters Predilections By: JP Gooderham his connection to the radical reli- “palling around” with Ayers does ulous to the common voter. Editor-in-Chief gious leader, Reverend Wright, a not seem like an accurate portrayal As Americans face the greatest What was your favorite controversy involving connections of their relationship. economic crisis in decades while Election season has always to terrorists could possibly be the With several weeks left in the race thousands of jobs are lost and homes part of summer break? marked the return of aggressive “game-changer” McCain needed. and no clear strategy to catch are taken away through foreclosure, commercials and shady campaign Obama, the truth has become flexi- the fundamental economic advoca- strategies, especially in states ble for McCain’s campaign. “They cy of both administrations has been deemed “battlegrounds” for the can- keep talking about Sarah Palin’s muddled by lies and muckraking. didates. However, the 2008 presi- opposition to the Bridge to Nowhere While the norm of playing on the dential election has highlighted without any embarrassment over the irrational fears of Americans may many of the problems with this fact that she once supported it. They successfully garner a small number trend. With many commentators keep saying that Barack Obama will of votes from undecided voters, this calling this election the most impor- raise taxes, suggesting he’d raise strategy certainly is undermining the tant one of our time, the stakes are them on everybody, when Obama’s integrity of the political process. certainly high. After an extremely plan, according to the Tax Policy Even if politicians may be able to tight race throughout the summer, Institute, would cut taxes for ‘about get away with unethical behavior Illinois Senator Barack Obama 80 percent of households’ while like publicizing blatant lies or treat- began to pull away from his older ‘only about 10 percent would owe ing the truth as flexible, the “Spending time with Kevin foe, Arizona Senator John McCain, more’”(www.washingtonpost.com) American voter is the victim in the by early October. . Though it seemed that American end. McGuire” On October 7th, 2008, Obama voters were not responding positive- Not surprisingly, millions of – Derek Young began to lead convincingly in polls ly to McCain’s tactics, Obama still potential voters fail to appear at the Freshman of voters in this election’s swing McCain’s campaign, of course, was chose to retaliate shortly after the polls during November because states including Ohio, Indiana, New attempting to connect Obama to terrorism accusations. Labeling they feel disillusioned with the polit- Hampshire, North Carolina, and William Ayers, a former member of McCain’s economic policy as ical process. Many attest to having Wisconsin (www.cnn.com). Almost a radical leftist group known as the “Keating Economics,” Obama feelings of apathy or genuine disin- immediately, the mudslinging and Weather Underground. The sought to connect McCain to terest in a political game that has attacks proliferated from McCain. Weathermen were responsible for Congressional corruption in 1989. become little more than a popularity Eric Zorn reports, “If the gates multiple bombings and domestic “The scandal involved Arizona contest. Harvard University’s […] weren’t already standing open, terrorist attacks while trying to per- Sen. McCain and four other sena- “Vanishing Voter” project which Republican vice presidential candi- suade the public to denounce the tors. They were collectively known studied American voters during the date Sarah Palin flung them wide Vietnam War. as the ‘Keating 5’ during a biparti- 2000 presidential election claims […] by declaring at campaign The truth? “William Ayers is a san congressional investigation into that “modern campaign techniques events in Colorado that Democratic professor of education at the their involvement with Savings & are a turn-off for some citizens who presidential nominee Barack University of Illinois at Chicago, Loan financier Charles Keating who otherwise have an interest in public Obama is ‘palling around with ter- with whom Barack served on the was eventually convicted of securi- affairs” (www.hks.harvard.edu). rorists’ and ‘not a man who sees board of an education-reform organ- ties fraud” (www.ibtimes.com). Hopefully, candidates will even- America like you and I see ization in the mid-1990’s” Though millions of dollars are tually realize that sincerity and hon- America’”(www.fightthesmears.com). While spent each election to destroy the esty could be effective vehicles for (www.chicagotribune.com). it seems that Obama has met Ayers image of their opponent in the eyes connecting with voters. However, Though Obama successfully before while serving Chicago’s edu- of American citizens, this strategy the current trend in politics has no “Mission trip to New dodged the public’s concern over cational needs a decade ago, only continues to make politics neb- end in sight. Orleans.” – Kristin Collins Sophomore Should school be Beating high fuel only 4 days a week? prices By:NickBuzzelli the same amount of corn, and By: Nick Buzzelli not be as productive because of Assistant Sports Editor that the fuel will cost less than $1 Assistant Sports Editor boredom and fatigue.” a gallon to produce,” said Bill The idea to reduce the days of With the world’s supply of oil Roe, CEO of the waste to With gas prices soaring, some school was reinvented a few dwindling, there have been ethanol company based in schools have gone to a four day years ago when gas prices were attempts to look into renewable Warrenville, Illinois. resources that can replace some While ethanol stations and schedule to cut costs on fuel and once again on the rise.“Not only of the cars that are “gas guz- plants are increasing in populari- electricity. Rural schools like the has the district saved hundreds of zlers.” Americans can try to con- ty in the U.S, it may still be Ardmore Academy in Ardmore thousands of dollars in trans- serve their share of gasoline or awhile until our trash can Oklahoma have begun using this portation but has seen gains in use alternative forms of trans- become fuel to power our cars. method and found great success test scores, teacher planning time portation. Hybrid cars combine an elec- in doing so. (www.kxii.com). and morale since the change,” Automobile manufacturers tric motor with a gasoline Students could go for an extra said Alan Lossner, spokesman “I jumped off a cliff.” produce flex-fuel vehicles that engine. By combining these two 60 to 90 minutes per day and the for the Webster County School – Bobby Nolte can run on E85 ethanol, gaso- engine types, hybrids get the best classes could be extended by 10 District in Kentucky, who Junior line, or a mixture of the two. E85 of both worlds; an electric motor to 15 minutes. “I like the idea of switched to four-day weeks in contains 15% gasoline and 85% that gives off few emissions and having a three day weekend,” 2003. “It’s been a great success,” ethanol. Flex-fuel cars are a gas engine that does not give comments sophomore Nick Lossner said. (www.timesandde- almost identical to gas powered up performance. The newer Delong. “It would allow students mocrat.com). Additionally, the cars but they can operate using a hybrids have a feature that will to have more time to concentrate schools are able to keep certain different power source. automatically shut of the engine on school work and sports.” classes that would otherwise be While most E85 is made from when the vehicle is stopped and Steve Kleinhans, another sopho- cut out. corn, some renewable energy then restart the engine when the more is opposed to the thought of Without an extra day in the companies such as Coskata are brake pedal is released. By hav- having school four days per week, students are more likely to starting to produce ethanol out of ing this feature in the vehicle, week. “Students are tired and have better attendance. Some waste products. gas will be saved in the tank. don’t pay as close attention at the schools in the northwest have “Coskata’s process will pro- By saving gas consumption, end of the day,” commented implemented this change with duce 100 gallons of ethanol from it not only cleans up the environ- Kleinhans. “If school was an success. Will Pennsylvania be a ton of feedstock, compared ment, but it also decreases our extra hour longer, students would next? with 67 gallons produced from dependancy on foreign oil. The St. Clairion Entertainment Editor mitted to producing a newspa- for student expression. Upper St. Clair, PA Ali Cupelli per for their fellow students Opinions expressed in by- “I went to the John Photography Editor that provides entertainment, lined articles are those of the Mayer concert.” Editor-In-Chief Madeline Kushner self-expression, and relevant authors, not necessarily the – Sara Mauer JP Gooderham Front Page Editor information in a fair, honest, entire St. Clairion staff. Senior Opinions Editor Julianne Tarullo thorough, and respectful man- Letters to the editor are Dallion L. Townsend Assistant Sports Editor ner. encouraged. All letters should News Editor Nick Buzzelli The newspaper is financed be signed and submitted to Marni Schreiber Sponsor by the sale of advertisement The St. Clairion mailbox in Features Editor Ms. Caty DeWalt space to local businesses. the main office. Obscene, By: Ali Cupelli Alaina Zenanick Advertising rates will be sent libelous, or otherwise inappro- Entertainment Editor Sports Editor The St. Clairion staff is made to any business upon request. priate letters will not be print- Greg Schlosser up of students who are com- The St. Clarion is a forum ed. Opinions October 2008 Page 3

St. Clairion Editorials Why support John McCain? Why support Barack Obama? Panther

to be accesible to all citizens of With polls opening government waste and retrain- Senator John McCain has said Predilections that the “issue of economics is the United States. Unlike November 4, 2008, this election ing laid off-workers — especial- McCain, who wants to tax health What was your favorite has proven to be one of the most ly from manufacturing areas not something I’ve understood care benefits for the forst time in highly anticipated elections in such as Youngstown — to do as well as I should” history, Obama will be able to part of summer break? years. new, 21st-century jobs” (www.thinkprogress.org). make health care a right, not a Republicans have nominated (www.postgazette.com). privelage for those who can Unfortunately, with almost Senator John McCain as the rep- John McCain feels that clean, afford it. resentative on their ballot and green energy is the way to go $10 trillion in debt, the United The war in Iraq is arguably the are confident that he will not while opening nuclear power States doesn’t need another pres- biggest difficulty the American only win this election, but also plants, which would create more ident who does not understand government is facing in balanc- ing the budget. Currently, the lead this country out of econom- jobs as well while cutting spend- the finances. Instead, the U.S. United States spends $341.4 mil- ic turmoil. So, why vote for John ing on foreign oil. McCain also needs a man who can help jump- lion per day, $4,681 per house- McCain? feels that by reforming entitle- start the country’s economy at hold, and $1,721 per person on Experience is one of the many ment programs such as social the unsuccessful war. things McCain has in his advan- security, he would be able to last (www.brillig.com). Barack Obama will, in reality, (www.nationalpriorities.org). tage. McCain understands lower the national debt that has triple the earned income tax But, according to McCain, “It’s “Vacationed in ‘Jersey.’” through his Congressional expe- accumulated over the past few credit of low-wage earners. As a not a matter of how long we’re in – Hannah Wilheln rience that some goals are just years. He will also give insur- Iraq, it’s if we succeed or not” matter of fact, only the richest 1 Freshman not realistic and require more ance companies $5000 per year, percent of Americans would (www.cnn.com). If McCain is than words and broken promises per person to help offset the cost have to give up 1.5 percent of hard set on staying in Iraq until to get this nation back together. of health insurance for families their after-tax income by the year success is achieved, the United States will just be pushed deeper Senator McCain never changes who can’t afford insurance. And 2012 (www.washingtonpost.com). into the economic plunder the his ideology on an issue to fit the since most companies offer war has been causing for the last occasion because when he health benefits, this also saves Obama has a major plan that will cut taxes for the middle seven years. makes a decision, he sticks to it. them money as well so that they Anyway one looks at it, McCain understands that it is will be able to hire more people, class. Obama wants an income tax cut of $500 per person, or Obama is the obvious choice for hard on the working and lower thus creating more jobs and $1000 per couple; for a family the next President of the United class citizens. stimulating the stagnent econo- making between $38,000 and States. Not only will he help He plans on giving tax breaks my. $66,000 a year, a tax cut of bring the country out of the huge to companies in order to create Obama claims that by cutting $1,042 would be given. This tax debt it has fallen into, but he will jobs and lower the welfare rate. taxes, our working class will be cut is THREE times larger than also promote education, encour- By doing this, the minimum better off. He wants to give McCain’s $319 saving age urban growth, try to relieve the United States’ dependency wage will rise, the percentage of more money towards welfare (www.boston.com). Obama’s tax policy seeks to on foreign oil. Americans on welfare (which with his “take from the rich, He will help alleviate some of was around 7% in 2007) will give to the poor” ideology. place the financial burden on those who can afford to pay (i.e. the dependancy on foreign oil by decrease, and hundreds of thou- However, if he cuts taxes, he’d finding and utilizing alternative sands of jobs will be created, be potentially increasing the big businesses like Exxon) rather “Went to Kennywood than the middle class. sources of energy (not simply thus decreasing the unemploy- national debt and increasing the Subsequently, Obama will be drilling in Alaska, which would seven times.” ment rate which was the highest welfare rate and cut the incen- able to fund the creation of new not only be an insufficient – Dan Goebel in 2007 than in any other year tive to find work. programs. amount of oil for America, but Sophomore since World War II (cnn.com). Samll business owners will Health care is also a main- will also destroy the environ- And McCain plans on funding suffer if their overall business streamconcern among the mass- ment), andwill end a war that McCain’s economic strategy supercedes $250,000 per year, es. Obama has a plan that will will save the United States bil- lions of dollars and save thou- is also “about cutting taxes, cut- forcing them to cut costs, or lower the rate of existing health care plans,and allow health care sands of lives by bringing the ting pork-barrel projects and jobs. troops back home. Regrets From the Other Side: Read your high school books By: Josh Jackson reading to learn as much as he I read just one book from front someone who knows that you Staff Writer Alumnus could before he passed away. to back in English class through- simply cannot read everything While I understand we all out my entire high school you are supposed to, try to make Thomas Jefferson wrote the can’t be quite as impressive as a career—The Chosen by Chaim slow progress forward and begin most definitive document of man who doubled the size of the Potok. Since coming to college, with reading the stuff you’re “I went to Japan” American values to date and United States, wrote the I have read three more classic interested in. Like in anything – Shari Kapples likely for all of our nation’s his- Declaration of Independence, books already, not because they else, you must begin with rea- Junior tory—the Declaration of and got his head carved into Mt. were assigned, but in my free sonable short-term goals. Independence. Rushmore, we can learn from his time (and trust me, there is not If you are successful in read- It is in this document that one example that maybe the guy was much “free time”). Upon com- ing only minimal amounts more finds the timeless American val- onto something. The following ing to college, I deeply regret my than before, you are still headed ues “that all men are created is my testimonial and my appeal error of not reading in high in the right direction, and that equal, that they are endowed by to encourage the act of reading. school. While my grades in high should be your focus at first. It their Creator with certain Politics Professor Larry J. school did not suffer, my own takes a process of building confi- unalienable Rights, that among Sabato, “the most quoted profes- breadth of knowledge is far dence and developing the skill of these are Life, Liberty, and the sor in the land,” according to the behind where it should be at this controlling your mind and pursuit of Happiness.” In other Wall Street Journal, and author time. expanding your attention span. words, Mr. Jefferson was a pret- of dozens of books on politics, I understand all of the legiti- Self-discipline is one of the hard- ty big deal. told me that reading is the “sin- mate reasons some students have est skills to learn, which is why if While we are often quick to gle best determinant of a stu- to neglect books and use Spark you struggle with it as I do, it is invoke Mr. Jefferson’s words on dent’s likely success in college.” Notes to get through the reading important to focus on doing these subjects to explain our He went on to say that “liber- check quiz, then pay attention in something every day to work political views or defend our- al arts education is designed to class and do well on the unit towards it. selves against excessive authori- help a student think better, speak exam. It’s what I did all through- Observable, reasonable, daily “I went to Hilton Head.” ty (as we should), we very rarely more articulately, and write with out high school, and it can be a goals are a great way to conquer – Jake Hofstetter consider these words he wrote: more precision—and the reading very tempting alternative to the tricky skill; it’s easy to fall Senior “I cannot live without books.” of great books is fundamental to spending precious time reading back into the trap of laziness Indeed, the Virginia statesman all three skills.” all of the material. when you have no short-term took academics very seriously, I myself would call Mr. If you, like me, suffer from goals. founding the University of Sabato’s books on politics to be this Chronic Refusal to Read So read. If only a little bit Virginia upon his retirement to some of those “great books” so I (CRR) syndrome, I advise you to every day, make an effort to read improve education for the next take his words to heart, as he is a take your education into your something. The benefits of this generation of Americans. very successful political analyst own hands and make an effort to activity (or lack thereof) will fol- He read thousands of books in who I’m sure many of you have read more, even if it won’t help low you through your college By: Ali Cupelli many different languages—even seen on CNN, ABC, or your short-term interest of get- years—take it from me, I learned Entertainment Editor on his deathbed he insisted on FoxNews. ting a better grade. If you are it the hard way. News Page 4 October 2008 Women steal the stage at the Democratic Teen tanning triggers melanoma National Convention By: Julianne Tarullo ly in males and Caucasians By: Marni Schreiber hold us together as one nation experience of being wrong [...] Front Page Editor (www.skincancer.org). News Editor even when we disagree” America needs a president who Protecting one’s skin is (www.huffingtonpost.com). knows that health care is a right, With the media coverage obviously very important. The Democratic National In addition to Michelle not a privilege, and that quality constantly explaining the Teens may think they are Convention, held from August Obama’s influential speech, education is a key to the future. dangers of tanning and the protecting themselves at 25 to August 28 in Denver, Speaker of the House Nancy America needs a president who effects on the body, the beach when they simply Colorado, not only allowed Pelosi gave a crowd roaring per- knows our democracy depends teenagers are frequently throwon a t-shirt to prevent presidential candidate Barack formance. Pelosi was able to on a strong middle class and reminded to stay away themselves from burning; Obama and Senator Joe Biden clearly and successfully show who will create millions of from the tanning bed. Even however, not all clothing to “wow” the crowd, but also good-paying jobs right here at with these warnings, will block out the harmful played host to a variety of home” (www.washington- according to the Skin UV rays. The strong rays respectable women from the post.com). Cancer Foundation, almost can penetrate through the Democratic Party. The second night of the con- 2.3 million teenagers visit light t-shirt, and one’s The first night of the con- vention was highlighted with tanning salons every year. efforts of protecting the vention, themed, “One another spectacular speech Recent studies give new skin will have next to no Nation,” kicked off with from a strong woman, Senator meaning to these cautions effect Michelle Obama’s speech, Hillary Clinton. The main goal by explaining in depth how (www.skincancer.org). introducing Barack as a “lov- of Clinton’s speech was to tanning causes melanoma. Recently, teenage girls ing husband and father and a unite the Democrats under one The Skin Cancer are going to tanning beds dedicated public servant who candidate: “Whether you voted Foundation says, “The dan- in more numbers than ever shares the same values as other for me, or voted for Barack, gerous consequence [of before. According to the tanning] is a significantly American Cancer Society, working-class Americans” the time is now to unite as a increased risk of the rates of melanoma have (www.seattletimes.nwsource.com). single party with a single pur- melanoma, the deadliest increased more than 60% Michelle Obama reached out Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic presiden- pose. We are on the same team tial candidate Barack Obama, hugs Dr. Jill form of skin cancer” for women ages 15 to 29 to all Americans by explaining and none of us can sit on the Biden, wife of Democratic vice presidential (www.skincancer.org). since the 1970’s. that Barack Obama “doesn’t candidate Joe Biden, greet the crowd, before sidelines” (www.thedenver- Melanoma is caused Though it is the most care where you’re from, or speaking to supporters on the campus of the channel.com). University of Virginia in Charlottesville, by the uncontrolled growth serious, skin cancer is not what your background is, or Virginia, Wednesday, September 17, 2008. Looking back at the conven- of pigment cells, the only consequence of what party — if any — you (Chuck Kennedy/MCT) tion, with the numerous influ- melanocytes. tanning. Effects of tanning belong to. That’s not how he ential women speakers, it was Anyone who has ever also include wrinkles, sag- sees the world. He knows that why she knows Barack Obama “refreshing […] seeing these used a tanning bed increas- ging cheeks, and skin dis- thread that connects us — our is the obvious choice for presi- powerful women steal the spot- es their chances of devel- coloration. With all of belief in America’s promise, our dent: “Republicans say that light in a historically male-dom- oping melanoma by 15%. these outcomes, teens commitment to our children’s John McCain has experience. inated arena” (www.collegiate- About 160,000 cases of should ask themselves if future — is strong enough to We say John McCain has the times.com). melanoma are diagnosed tanning is really worth the worldwide each year, most- risk. Obama eyes possible Secretary of State selections Chevy Volt ready to take on global warming By: JP Gooderham Zbigniew Brzezinski (Jimmy tend for the highest cabinet posi- Editor-in-Chief Carter) and Anthony Lake (Bill tion if Obama wins the presiden- By: Greg Schlosser Wagoner said, “”The Volt sym- Clinton), former Clinton assis- cy. Some have argued that Bill Sports Editor bolizes General Motors’ commit- In the high intensity world of tant secretary of State Susan Richardson, who originally bat- ment to the future, just the kind American politics, every part of Rice, and former Navy secretary tled for the partiy’s nomination In 2010, Chevrolet is ready to of technical innovation our the lives of presidential candi- Richard Danzig. Obama has would give Obama experience do something that no car compa- industry needs to respond to dates is questioned. This scruti- recently distanced himself from from a variety of areas. “In the ny has accomplished: make a car tomorrow’s energy and environ- ny includes the candidate’s mar- Brzezinski, a controversial fig- 2008 Democratic Primary, Bill that is (almost) completely elec- mental challenges” riage, children, and other factors ure in the Jewish community” Richardson was inarguably the tric. The car, which will be called (www.cnet.com). seemingly unconnected to a can- (www.washingtonian.com). most broadly experienced candi- the Volt, features a lithium-ion Although the price has yet to didate’s political abilities or date in the field. He was a battery that is expected to last for be released it is assumed that the strength as a leader. congressman, a governor, 40 miles (www.gm-volt.com). price could be around $30K. After the 40 miles, the car will That is 10K more than the hybrid However, one political con- the Ambassador to the switch to a gas generator and use Toyota Prius, and 5K more than sideration that will affect vot- United Nations, and the the gas as its the 2009 Hybrid ers is a candidate’s prospec- Secretary of Energy” energy source. Camry tive choices for his cabinet, (www.eyesonobama.com). The Volt will (www.autoblog- and most importantly, Another potential selec- use a regular green.com). Secretary of State. tion, which looks especial- home outlet and Although the Though the role of the cab- ly advantageous as Obama will need to price ranges inet has declined during the strives to claim fans of his charge for 6.5 from 5K to 10K Bush Administration, both former rival, is Senator hours more than the the Democrat and Hillary Clinton. Amitai (www.gm- hybrids released Republican candidates Etzioni contends, “Hillary volt.com). Theoretically, a per- by Toyota and Honda, the money appear to be prepared to Senator Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) campaigns would make a fine secre- son who travels less than 40 one would save on gas would restore the cabinet’s power for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. tary of state — a very miles a day will never have to definitely make up for the cost in once again. Indeed, the cur- Barack Obama at Ellet High School in important and powerful use gas because the car will be the long run. rent state of American politi- Akron, Ohio, on Sunday, September 14, job. Moreover, making a able to charge at night and be However, there are some cal affairs warrants expert 2008. (Lew Stamp/Akron Beacon clear commitment to ready the next day. drawbacks to the Volt. For one, it advice as politicians face Journal/MCT) choose her for this position The Volt will feature regener- isn’t completely electric and isn’t ative braking, which means that an end all solution to Global crises ranging from devastating Another possible selection would add much to Obama’s it will capture the kinetic energy Warming. Secondly, the battery economic problems to an for the Secretary of State posi- appeal, given that his experience produced when the car comes to might become a pain in the neck unclear military situation in the tion is Greg Craig, “the Williams in foreign policy is particularly a stop. However, if gas is needed, to plug in every night, as it is not Middle East. & Connolly partner who defend- short” the gas engine will last for anoth- known how user-friendly the Barack Obama already has ed President Clinton in his (www.huffingtonpost.com). This er 400 miles (www.gm- Volt will be. several potential selections for impeachment trial, has been a selection seems feasible consid- volt.com). Despite the shortcomings high ranking cabinet positions. vocal Obama supporter. He has ering the clear advantage of The Volt also features a futur- though, the Volt looks promising Several political advisors from experience at the State regaining support from istic look to go along with its in its early stages leading up to a past administrations may be Department and has been a Democrats who supported innovated technology. With a 2010 release. Although it won’t likely selections for the defense and foreign-policy Clinton as the party’s nominee. light gray body, the Volt has a completely rid the United States Secretary of State position. adviser to Senator Ted Kennedy” A commitment to adding Clinton low front windshield and bulging of its carbon dioxide emission “Obama has relied on four (www.washingtonian.com). to his Cabinet may increase wheels that give it the appear- problem, it will surely cut down familiar Washington names: for- Additionally, several other Obama’s appeal to members of ance that it might randomly pop on the damage that is caused to mer national-security advisers well-known politicians will con- his own party. out wings and take off. GM Rick the planet every day. October 2008 Features Page 5 Students prepare to elect the next president By: JP Gooderham Plus, his old age and medical Despite Obama’s popularity Teacher’s Lounge Editor-in-Chief record make death during his with young voters, Upper St. time in office a possibility, which Clair students have also been The 2008 Presidential election scares me considering his vice persuaded by Republican candi- has intrigued many young peo- president.” date John McCain. For instance, ple across America and has Senior Ben Benack shared a senior Ethan Horvitz prefers the Ms. Millovac, Choir Teacher motivated many new voters to similar opinion, proclaiming, “I economic policy of McCain to Q: What is your favorite piece 2nd grade. investigate politics. Of course, am extremely against John Obama’s. He explained, this year? Q: What was your favorite sub- many of the major problems McCain and the entire “Regarding the economy, A: The Men’s Ensemble- ject in school? facing America are issues with Republican machine. They con- McCain’s policies are much Climbin’ Up The Mountain A: Music! impacts that could be felt for stantly try to portray Barack more intelligent when compared Children(Spiritual) because they decades. Thus, many students Obama as nothing more than a to Obama’s liberal tax and spend have so much fun singing it. Q: What is unique about each are considering the implications celebrity or pretty speaker. policy. Obama says that he will choir you teach? of each candidate’s policies on Meanwhile, the Republicans only raise taxes on the wealthiest Q: What is your favorite color A: Each class has its own person- their future. choose a vice president with 5% of Americans, however, his and why? ality, they learn in different ways, “The next president will inher- absolutely no foreign policy plan would also hurt many small A: Purple because my mom and each class is at a different it a host of problems — a melt- experience. Even worse, she businesses and will harm the job made me a purple dress in the level in its vocal ability. down of our credit markets, two thinks that she knows about for- market.” major wars, an exhausted mili- eign affairs because she can see Additionally, Horvitz feels HealthUSC: Smokeless Tobacco tary, a massive (and growing) from her house. The that McCain’s advocacy is By: Steve Garbin poison, and tar, the sticky black budget deficit, a huge trade McCain campaign is a joke.” preferable to Obama’s for stu- Guest Writer stuff on roads, are a few ingredi- imbalance, global warming, the While some students have dents. He claims, “To my peers, ents. You would think that any- energy crisis, unaffordable been pushed to the Obama camp health insurance is an important If you happen to frequent the one with an adequately function- health care and a host of other because of their opposition to issue. Senator McCain proposes men’s bathroom or locker room, ing gag reflex would be able to problems”John McCain and Sarah Palin, a $5000 tax credit for families to as I do (in other words if you tell that maybe they shouldn’t (www.emorywheel.com). many voters find Obama’s pay for their own health insur- possess a Y chromosome) you have tobacco in their mouth. With significant differences charisma and character very ance. This empowers the people have probably performed this Anyway, back to the whole between both candidates, Upper appealing. Stephanie Mitchell rather than businesses or the fed- maneuver. You go to wash your “maxillofacially defacing” thing. St. Clair students are taking explains, “Honestly, I started lik- eral government.” hands, and as you wave your First of all, the fiberglass cutting sides. ing Barack Obama after reading In the coming weeks, adver- hands in front of the motion up your lip can eventually Many students do not have the article about him in Rolling tising campaigns and other sensing faucet to activate a trick- require a gum graft, a painful faith in the abilities of a potential Stone. His speaking skill and means of persuading voters will le of water to rinse off that nifty procedure. Fiberglass is the least McCain-Palin administration. charisma really can appeal to surely intensify in our battle- pre-lathered soap, you end up of your worries if you choose to Senior Jake Hassenfelt argues, “I young people. Unlike John ground state. However, it having to dodge a soggy, menac- chew though. I think that every- am afraid that John McCain is McCain, I think Obama really appears that students have a ing lump of chew growing tepid one realizes how rat poison simply too old to fulfill the appeals to young voters like our- number of issues to consider in the dampness of the sink. would kill them (but then again duties of an American president. selves.” before casting their votes. Unfortunately, the use of we have some chewers out there The Front Page hopes to receive rave reviews smokeless tobacco is an all too don’t we?), but in case formalde- By: Alaina Zemanick Page: “I think it is great for the common problem in Upper St. hyde and tar are a little confus- Features Editor school to put on such an ambi- Clair High School. It is easy ing, let me elaborate. Both of tious project.” enough to ignore the alcohol these substances are carcinogens. The 2008 fall play, The The cast seems as enthralled consumption that occurs regular- They will give you cancer. If the Front Page, is beginning to in the play as Hall and DeBor ly outside of school, but anyone cancer that you will (yes, will) rehearse with much excite- are. who uses the men’s restroom in get in your gums metastasizes to ment from the cast and direc- “I love playing a crazy crimi- our school knows that chew and your mandible (jaw) bone, tor J.R. Hall, who is returning nal,” says freshman Will Aloe its equally cancerous brother you’re looking at surgery to as director after a three-year of his character Earl Williams, a snuff have a significant presence remove part of your jaw. That hiatus. The story line of the convicted murderer who will within the walls of the high would be your best case scenario script is similar to the famous possibly be hanged for his school. because the other alternative is classic movie, His Girl Carey and Jordi McDonough as crime. Why do people chew? Let’s death. It’s as simple as that. Friday, focusing on talented Walter Burns and Hildy Johnson, “There is a big cast this year,” just consider what actually hap- Cancer is the number two killer newspaper reporter Hildy and junior Adam Matonic will junior Emily Summers points pens physically whenever some- in America after cardiovascular Johnson and her conflicts with stand alongside them as Bruce out, “but I like to hang out with one packs one in. As soon as the disease. People who live healthy her soon-to-be ex-boss and ex- Williams. my friends and work on the pro- smokeless tobacco enters the lives still get cancer. A person husband, Walter Burns. Though Being able to direct The Front duction.” mouth, tiny shards of fiberglass who chews, consciously expos- Hildy will be marrying her Page has been a dream of Hall’s The Front Page premieres on go to work on the inside of the ing themselves to multiple car- fiancé, Bruce Williams, the next for a very long time. the Upper St. Clair stage with lips and gums making tiny lacer- cinogens on a regular basis day, Walter is trying to con her “I love the story and the style. performances on November 5th, ations. These lacerations provide increases his risk exponentially. into staying at the paper instead I love the wise cracks; I love the 6th, 8th, and 9th. With so much nicotine, which is as addictive as I guess it just seems like such a of leaving to be at home with whole thing,” he says excitedly. anticipation behind this year’s cocaine or heroin, with an entry- simple choice not to use smoke- Bruce. He also secretly is trying Senior David DeBor is also fall play, no Upper St. Clair stu- way into the bloodstream. While less tobacco. Regrettably, chew to make Hildy his wife once enthusiastic about participating dent should miss out on The one does achieve a supposedly and snuff remain a problem in again. as student producer in The Front Front Page. lucrative and exceedingly tempo- USC. Things can be done. If The show stars seniors Grant rary buzz, that goes away. A pos- you have a friend that uses, Freshmen adapt to sibly crippling addiction to nico- maybe let them know what tine does not. they’re doing to themselves. See new life in the high Actually, “crippling” is proba- someone chewing in the bath- school bly the wrong choice of word. room? Maybe slide this article By: Alaina Zemanick Maxillofacially defacing is more into their stall. The best thing Features Editor accurate. The thing about would be for individuals in the smokeless tobacco is that it con- school to take responsibility for It’s been over a month since tains more chemicals than nico- their own health. Whatever the school began, and the fresh- tine. Formaldehyde, traditional- case, whatever the solution, the men students are starting their ly used to preserve cadavers, problem of smokeless tobacco in high school careers in full arsenic, the main ingredient in rat USC cannot be ignored. swing with many sports and extracurricular activities. being in other college-oriented Even some classes are gain- On September 11th, students clubs, such as Future Business ing some praise by the new stu- were introduced to a multitude Leaders of America. dents. Dan Ryave finds many of clubs during Freshman Many freshmen are enjoying of his classes intriguing, espe- Rush. Cassie Fowler is becom- a new variety of athletics. cially civics. ing very involved with the fun From crew to fencing, many “I think it is very interest- activities of our school. students are becoming occu- ing,” he says, “I’m learning a “Improv Club is THE pied in the various athletic lot from it!” bomb!” she exclaims with activities Upper St. Clair has to Though the transition for enthusiasm, “I’m also in a lot offer. middle school to high school is of stuff that’s good for my col- Liz Alterr agrees, “I love obviously a tough one to han- lege resume, like Law Club.” crew! It’s such a great sport, dle, Upper St. Clair class of Other students mentioned and I like it a lot.” 2012 is defying the odds. Sports Page 6 October 2008 Golf team lights up the links USC Varsity Hockey Team By: JP Gooderham playoff against Peters Though the team has been looks to build off of last season Editor-in-Chief Township.” extremely successful over the The team was led by four tal- past few seasons, some members By: Dallion L. Townsend first year of coaching for Upper The Upper St. Clair boys’ golf ented senior golfers: Marshall of the squad believe that the Opinions Editor St. Clair and his team has faith in team, over the past several years, Brown, E.J. McFarland, Anthony team’s future may not be as his abilities to lead his team to has been nothing less than a dom- Paladino, and Zack Dubois. bright. Dubois explained, “The With a strong roster this year, the promise land. “One of our inant force in western Moreover, unlike in some years, future of our team is certainly in the Varsity hockey team is trying biggest strengths this year com- Pennsylvania athletics. Of the team’s seniors were highly question. I mean, we are going to to improve over last year. Not to ing in is our new coach (Marks). course, with a number of team experienced with players like lose four seniors, Marshall say that thehad a bad year last He’s a good coach, and he and individual titles captured, the Brown and Dubois having golfed [Brown], me, [Anthony] year, but Junior forward James knows what’s up,” said Senior team has earned its position as on the varsity team since fresh- Paladino, and E.J. [McFarland] “Peach” Kline and the team Stephen Trombetta. Trombetta one of the dynasties of our high man year. However, as Dubois due to graduation.” On the other want nothing short of a led the junior varsity team in school’s athletic department. contends, “Mr. Flynn [our coach] hand, some golf fans think that WPIAL title. point production last season and The 2008 season included provided the strongest leadership fresh new players may lead the A member of last years’ squad, looks to bring last year’s success many of the usual successes. during our season.” way in the near future. Brian Kline looks to have a bigger role up with him as a member of the With a 16-0 record entering the In the postseason, seniors Gaudio argued that “though my and now knows what is expected Varsity team. postseason, the team was poised Marshall Brown and E.J. brother takes far too long when from a veteran player. He claims He plans on using his overall to fight for another WPIAL title. McFarland advanced from the preparing to swing, I think his that his summer training pro- hockey experience and leader- Senior golfer Zack Dubois first round of qualifying for the team could have a bright future.” gram, “seven raw eggs, seven ship qualities to help lead the commented, “The entire season WPIAL individual champi- Nonetheless, students at the glasses of milk, and a seven mile Panthers deep into the playoffs. was amazing. The best part was onship. Dubois was convinced high school are excited to run every morning” can help He quickly stepped out of the that we crushed everyone we that the team would excel in the observe the Panthers’ postseason him further develop into a domi- spotlight and recognized that the played.” He also explained that team championship in light of results. Christian Wheeler, a star nant force on the rink. “team” can be successful and is the season had many exciting those successes. He stated, “I varsity baseball player stated, “I Kline needs to be a huge con- “solid throughout and can cause moments, such as when “[senior strongly believe that we have a love the golf team. I think their tributor in order for this team to some damage this season.” golfer] Marshall Brown won a 100% chance of capturing the success really has inspired me in go far. And he needs to continue The team can “do some dam- match for our team in an amazing WPIAL title this year.” my own sport of baseball.” to build upon his point totals age” as long as seniors Eric from last year, “the 100 point Surma, Theo Schnieders, and Penguins ready to ice the NHL this season range (Kline’s 2008 point total)” Brian Escherick prove that the is the prediction of Junior Kevin voids left by Mike McKelvey By: Greg Schlosser Staal, one of the best young percentage (www.espn.com). If Yealey, who’s on the top of the and Rocky Cersosimo were not Sports Editor defensive centers in the league, they get good starts out of call-up list as a member of the as huge as originally anticipated. and Brooks Orpik, the hit Sabourin, the Pens will be much Junior Varsity squad this sea- Juniors, Matt Wreggett and Rob Last year, the Pittsburgh machine who really shone during better off. son…maybe a slight exaggera- Schneid, and returning seniors Penguins came just short of their last year’s playoff run. Hal Gill The team will really shine this tion on Yealey’s part, but Kline Tim Graulty and James DiGangi goal, losing to the Detroit and Daryl Sydor can both hold year on the special teams. Last is still a key player to watch out are other players to watch out for Redwings in 6 games of the their own on defense, as can year, the power play finished for this year regardless of he gets this year as they take to the ice Stanley Cup Finals. This year, Pascal Dupuis, Max Talbot, and fourth in the NHL with a 20.7% ten points or forty. yet again in hopes of their first after a slew of new off-season Tyler Kennedy. Expect the powerplay. Although with the Coach Larry Marks is in his WPIAL Title since 1992. additions, the Penguins are ready defense to be good this year, even departure of Hossa, the Pens will for another chance at Lord with the loss of Whitney, a solid still have one of the best PP’s in Olympics Gymnasts Scam Competition Stanley’s Cup. Defensemen who stepped up his the league with Malkin (17 PP Among the key losses this off- goals 23 assists), Crosby (6 PP Walker in the Times of London, season for the Penguins are goals 21 assists), Satan (5 PP By: Madeline Kushner “The listing in there […] is He Jarkko Ruutu, who left for goals 8 assists with Islanders), Photography Editor Kexin’s birth date, January 1, Ottawa, Ryan Malone, who left Alex Goligoski, and Kris Letang. 1994,” for Tampa Bay, Marian Hossa, Although the Pens penalty The moment the female gym- Kexin’s age was truly put into now in Detroit, Gary Roberts killing isn’t as strong as their PP, nasts took the at the question when she beat the also in Tampa Bay, and Ty they still have a solid unit. Staal Olympics, the ages of the United States’ Nastia Luikin for a Conklin who is playing for and Dupuis have been great Chinese were immediately put gold medal on the . Detroit now. Key additions penalty killers and can create into question. As a result, the Kexin herself declares that, include Ruslan Fedotenko and short-handed chances. Hal Gill’s International Olympic “[My] real age is 16. I don’t care Miroslav Satan from New York, long stick helps clear the passing Committee (IOC) was put to what other people say,” even Eric Godard from Calgary, and lanes in front of the net. Also, work. The IOC requested that the though Martha Karolyi, the Matt Cooke from Washington. Jordan Staal takes a faceoff Orpik does his job of keeping Federation of International United States’ girls coach saw Offensively, the Penguins against Atlanta’s Erik opposing players out of the slot Gymnasts (FIG) review the that some Chinese gymnasts expect to have the same fire Christensen. Photo courtesy of area with his strong checking. papers recording the female were even missing teeth. power they had last year. Without Christine Prorok. However, the Pens have suf- gymnasts’ages (www.timesonline.co.uk) injuries, it is extremely possible fered some injuries early in the (www.latimes.com). Kexin’s passport just before that Malkin and Crosby will earn game during the playoffs, who is season that will hurt the team Mike Walker, a computer secu- the Olympics stated that she was around 100 points. And, if one of out for three to five months throughout the season. Ryan rity specialist, came across offi- sixteen along with her teammates them was to get injured, the other because of foot realignment Whitney is out for a few months cial Chinese Government papers Yilin and . star could definitely carry the (www.pittsburghpenguins.com). with left foot realignment and stating that , an Yilin’s birthday was originally load, which was proven by Between the pipes, Marc- Sergei Gonchar is out for about Olympic gold medalist, is only listed on registration lists, pos- Malkin’s performance last sea- Andre Fleury can be expected to the same time because of a sepa- fourteen years old. In order for a sessed by the General son. Also, the Penguins have play like he did last year when he rated left shoulder that will need gymnast to participate in the Administration of Sports of several key role players on came back from the high ankle surgery. Despite injuries to these Olympics, the gymnast must be , as August 26, 1993 and offense. They have Sykora, a vet- sprain. While Fleury is a great key players, hopefully Alex at least sixteen years old. These Yuyuan’s was originally October eran sniper, and Ruslan starting goaltender option, there Goligoski and Kris Letang can documents then disappeared 1, 1993. The girls’ birth years Fedotenko, who hopes to fill the is some question of who will fill fill the massive opening left by from the Chinese Government’s were then switched from 1993 to power forward role that Malone the role as the back-up. With the Pens two star defensemen. official sports website. 1992 (www.Time.com). left after being traded. Conklin gone, Sabourin needs to “I think the Pens will end up “These documents existed, on If suspicions regarding the Defensively, Pens fans can be more consistent in his starts with a number of points in the a state-wide website, and now ages of the Chinese gymnasts are expect about the same quality of where he relieves Fleury. He was upper 90’s,” stated sophomore they don’t exist, and this change proven true, the gymnasts will be play as last year. They have 10-9 last year with a .904 save Greg Williams. has taken place recently,” says stripped of their medals. Tiger’s injury leaves golf world waiting for next season By: JP Gooderham off, the golf world was shocked fans that he had absolutely no (www.TigerWoods.com). he wasn’t able to work out fol- Editor-in-Chief again by the announcement that hope for practicing, let alone Additionally, Tiger’s fans lowing surgery to repair a torn Tiger would require another sur- playing, during 2008. He wrote, began to worry shortly after the ACL in his left knee and two Golf audiences observed gery. “We simply don’t know what announcement about the condi- stress fractures in his left leg” Tiger’s noticeable limp during Woods announced that he type of swelling there would be tion of the star’s game once he (www.golfchannel.com). Of the week as he attempted to would miss the rest of the season or if there would be any residual returned to competition. In addi- course, if Tiger were to see sub- compensate for the pain of his as a result of the injury, but effects the next day once you tion to the lack of practice, Tiger stantial changes to his body, the injury at the US Open. However, intended to recover in time, if start wheeling and dealing on the also informed media that other injury could be devastating con- shortly after the excitement from possible, for the Masters in knee. Everyone’s body reacts consequences of his injury may sidering one of Woods’ greatest Tiger’s astounding victory after 2009. differently. I could putt right affect his game. “Woods said he strengths is his powerful golf a playoff against Mediate wore By August, he informed his now, but I’m not going to do it” initially lost 10 pounds because swing. October 2008 Sports Page 7 Pitt football looking to climb to Buccos 2008 Season Wrap−Up: the top of t h e Big East ladder The good, the bad, and the ugly

By: Nick Buzzelli underdog coming into the ses- By: Tyler Feldman game at Yankee Stadium, which players during the season would Assistant Sports Editor son-opener at Heinz Field. The Guest Writer was his first appearance. Pirate’s have to be pitcher Paul Maholm Panther offense coughed up the management looks for Nate to and first basemen Adam Within the last few seasons ball four times, leading to a 27- The 2008 Pittsburgh Pirates keep up the numbers during the LaRoche. Maholm, the Pirates of Pitt football, one thing has 17 Bowling Green win.”They baseball season consisted of ups 2009 baseball season. best pitcher finished with an even become apparent: losing. Pitt gave us some unusual formations and downs. Unfortunately as a 9-9 record with a 3.71 era and hasn’t been to a bowl game since and we had a tough time adjust- Buccos fan, there were a lot more 139 strikeouts, who was by far 2004 when they were defeated ing to it” commented Coach downs than ups. However, there the Buccos most consistent pitch- by Utah in the Fiesta Bowl. After Wannstedt, were a few good things that hap- er (www.mlb.com). If he was on Walt Harris left for Stanford, Pitt (www.postgazette.com). pened through the course of the a better team he could have easi- hired Miami Dolphins’ head Bill Stull, a junior quarterback, season. ly won 15 games because his coach and Pitt alumni, Dave who missed the 2007 season due To start, after a horrid 2007, average run support was less than Wannstedt, to guide the Panthers to an injured thumb, threw for new management looked for 4 runs per game pitched back to the glory of college foot- 241 yards on 33 pass attempts, Nate McLouth to finally break (mlb.com). After a rough first Pittsburgh Pirates' Nate McLouth holds ball. Wannstedt did not live up to setting up three rushing scores by through in 2008. McLouth was a half, LaRoche finally came expectations in his first few sea- “Shady” McCoy against Buffalo. a towel on his head after getting hit by pleasant surprise as a five-tool a double from San Francisco's Pablo through with his bat during the sons. “Coach Cav [offensive coordina- player this year. Using the short Sandoval in San Francisco, California, second half of the season, hitting The Panthers started the 2008 tor and former Pitt quarterback left-field fence at PNC Park to on Sunday, September 7, 2008. 25 home runs and finishing the season ranked #25 in the presea- Matt Cavanaugh] called a great (Mathew Sumner/San Mateo County his advantage, Nate hit 26 home Times/MCT) season with a .270 batting aver- son AP poll after coming off of game,” Stull said. “We executed runs, hitting 15 of those at the age (www.mlb.com). an upset win against West much better, there wasn’t a lot of friendly confines Along with McLouth, another New management is a good Virginia in the final game of the pressure, and we were able to (www.mlb.com). Additionally, top dog on the Pirates this season sign for the future, but Pirate 2007 regular season. Pitt had move the ball around quite a bit” Nate led the National League in was Ryan Doumit. After Ronny fans, shouldn’t expect fall base- high hopes in 2008 for LeSean (www.scout.com). Pitt complet- doubles with 46, and finished Paulino’s fall from the top catch- ball in Pittsburgh until Michael McCoy, who set a Big East rush- ed the 27-16 win over the Bulls fifth in the league in runs with ers position, Doumit came in as Phelps wins another eight gold ing record in his freshman season with a Connor Lee field goal of 113 (www.mlb.com). Many the temporary catcher. His all- medals. and junior linebacker Scott 42 yards with 3:31 remaining. other top categories for Nate star like play secured him that Because the Pirates faced McKillop, who led the nation in Pitt earned a big win against included career high in runs bat- spot for the rest of the season. another losing season this year, tackles a year ago, anchoring USF. The Panthers, led by ted in with 94, stolen bases with Ryan Doumit finished with they tied the 1933-1948 down the defense. McCoy’s two touchdowns, 23, total at-bats with 597, hits career highs in several cate- Philadelphia Phillies for most Pitt was a heavy favorite to arrived back on the Pitt campus with 165, walks with 65, and an gories. Doumit hit a career high consecutive losing seasons at 16. earn their first win of the season with a victory against the #10 average of .276 to top the list. In 15 home runs and 34 doubles that One more losing season and the against the Falcons of Bowling team in the nation.Along with the the outfield Nate led all major accounted for 68 runs batted in. Pirates could achieve an embar- Green, especially since the win against USF, Pitt narrowly league center fielders with only He hit a whopping .318 during rassing place in sports history. Panthers were 25-2 against teams beat Iowa 21-20. The Panthers one error all season, a nearly 431 at-bats through the season l The Bucs finish the season with in the Mid-American Conference look forward to anupcoming impossible feat (www.mlb.com). that helped him reach a total of a sad 67-95 record in a six team all-time (www.postgazette.com). game against rival West Virginia McLouth was the only Pirates 71 runs scored (www.mlb.com). division, and unfortunately, there Bowling Green was a 13 point and Notre Dame. player to appear in the all-star Two honorable mention Pirate seems to be no end in sight. Teens sacrifice normal life for By: Julianne Tarullo ents and the extensive training Front Page Editor often takes precedence over aca- demics.” Chinese divers, for At the conclusion of the past example, are selected around the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the young age of six, before they can US came home with 110 total develop a fear of heights. medals, ranking at number one in One of China’s select athletes the total medal count. But at left home at the age of what cost did they earn this title? seven to enter into China’s Select teenagers from all over the demanding state-directed sports world spend their whole lives system for . As dis- training to become Olympic cussed in the Herald Tribune, her champions. However, there is training institute includes many much to sacrifice when going to young athletes who follow the Olympics is a on your agenda intense training routines. The every for years. Gymnastics coaches often force children into requires about 40 grueling hours muscle building exercises and of practice a week for young US painful stretching. At one point athletes that want to make it to Cheng begged her parents to let the Olympics, according to her come home, but they request- Shawn Johnson’s official website ed she stay because of the time (www.shawnjohnson.net). These invested and the future money elite gymnasts have private she would bring to the family. tutors instead of going to school Leaving home at age seven, and have hardly any social lives. Cheng didn’t have a normal Instead of going out to a movie childhood, let alone a normal with their friends on a Friday teenage life. night, the competitors are staying American gymnast Shawn home to rest up for their 6:00 am Johnson proves that it doesn’t practice the next day. However, have to be this way. Shawn only the sacrifices made by the US puts in 20-25 hours of training a Olympians with even the most week and still manages to come extensive training schedules do home with gold. Shawn attends a not compare to those made by public high school and is on the the Chinese athletes. “A” Honor Roll. “Shawn, her Chinese athletes have even parents and coaches think it’s less of a normal teenage life than very important for her to have a US athletes. Chinese coaches life outside of gymnastics and search the country for very have time for friends, family, young children that have the hobbies, and school activi- right physique for a certain sport. ties”(www.shawnjohnson.net). Time magazine says, “Once kids Shawn Johnsonknows how to enter elite athletic schools like balance her life, yet still be a these, they rarely see their par- world champion. Entertainment Page 8 October 2008 Summer movies enjoyed by USC students Amy Poehler says farewell to SNL By: Ali Cupelli Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of arrived; The Dark Knight. The By: Madeline Kushner October, will in turn star in her Entertainment Editor the Crystal Skull. The story begins movie came out July 18th and all Assistant Entertainment Editor own sitcom on NBC that will This was the year of superheroes. at the height of the Cold War in across America theaters were sold air on Thursdays. The show The biggest heroes were, of course, 1957. Jones barely survives a con- out. The movie continues in Amy Poehler and husband, will be produced by the same found in Iron Man, Indiana Jones, frontation with Soviet Agents, led Gotham City. The crime in the city Will Arnett (“Arrested creators of “The Office”, Greg and The Dark Knight. by Inrina Spalko, played by Cate is escalating more than ever. The Development”), announced in Daniels and Mike Schur. The The summer began with Iron Blanchett, who will stop at nothing police cannot save the city alone, so April 2008 that the couple is show originally was intended Man. Robert Downey Jr. plays until she has the power to control they call for the help of Batman. expecting a baby. As a result, to be a spin-off of “The Tony Stark, a U.S. weapons con- minds. He returns home to Christian Bale, who plays Batman, Poehler will stay with SNL Office”, but instead the show tractor. However, when his cam- Marshall College where he finds teams up with Lieutenant Jim until the Presidential elections was changed to Poehler’s own paign is targeted, he is taken himself out of a job. As he is about Gordon, played by Gary Oldman, because of the half-hour spe- show. As a result, “The Office” hostage by terrorists with life to leave home, he comes face-to- and D.A. Harvey Dent, played by cials SNL will hold every spin-off will still take place but threatening injuries and forced by face with Mutt, played by Shia Aaron Eckhart, to fight the evil of Thursday until the election . at later date. his captor to build the ultimate LaBeouf, a tough rebel who shows the city. As a true rebel, The Joker, After the election, Poehler (www.nytimes.com). weapon, a missile. Stark then flips Indiana a map that could lead to played by Heath Ledger, is does not intend to return to Poehler, who has been with the story and creates a mind-blow- one of the most astounding archae- unleashed by the mob and deter- SNL when her maternity leave SNL since 2001and is best ing armored suit that saves his life. ological sightings ever: The Crystal mined to reek havoc for no reason is through (www.comcast.net). known for her segment, When he comes back to U.S. soil, Skull of Akator. Indiana and Mutt other than for pure enjoyment. In “It’s gonna be really hard ‘Weekend Update,’ recently he continues to enhance his inven- start their adventure in the jungles order to defeat the Joker, Batman — Boyz II Men hard — to say received her first Emmy nomi- tion that supplies him with super of Peru . The two also have a sur- and the police must use their skills goodbye to yesterday,” says nation for Outstanding powers that no one could ever prising meeting with Mutt’s moth- to save the city once again. Love Poehler in Men’s Vogue. The Supporting Actress in a dream of. The plan leads Stark to er, Marion Ravenwood, played by has a complicated twist in story star then continued to say to Comedy Series for her work on discover a plot against the world Karen Allen, who just so happens because there is a love triangle Men’s Vogue “‘SNL’ was dan- SNL. The nomination allowed and makes use of his new metal to be Jones’ old love. between Batman’s alter-ego Bruce gerous, late-night, last-minute Poehler to be the first SNL cast plated alter-ego. “Iron Man soars Hollywood.com thought that Wayne, Harvey Dent, and Rachel and star-studded, […] you need member to be nominated for above the rest, a thrilling, innova- “nineteen years is a long time to Dawson, played by Maggie to know when to put it down” the Emmy category as well. tive and enormously entertaining keep Jones waiting for an Indy Gyllenhaal. According to (www.bostonmagazine.com). Poehler can currently be movie...” The website awarded the sequel, but Steven Spielberg’s [...] Hollywood.com, “The Dark Knight Poehler also said to Us seen on episodes of SNL and movie with four stars fourth film in the series doesn’t dis- is extraordinary, an amazing piece Weekly: “I’m on the verge of the animated Nickelodeon (www.Hollywood.com). appoint.” The website awarded the of filmmaking that rockets the tears every minute.” series, The Mighty B, as 19 years later, Steven Spielberg movie four stars. Batman legacy to heights never Poehler, who is due in Bessie. finally made the Indiana Jones The movie with the most antici- imagined, ...” The website awarded sequel to The Last Crusade; in pation of the summer has finally the movie with five stars. Heath Ledger mesmerizes audiences as the Joker New York Fashion Week explodes with superb trends By: Madeline Kushner Ledger’s character, from licking Assisstatnt Entertainment Editor the corners of his bone trembling By: Alaina Zemanick bohemian style in her collection able territory with her collection. cackle. Features Editor and took it to an entirely different “It’s sexier for me,” she stated spectrum. She placed roses and rib- (www.style.com). On July 18, 2008, Batman, Pete Travers, a film critic for All fashionable nobles across the bons in the hair of models and The young and precocious played by Christian Bale, flew the Rolling Stone, was quoted on globe gathered in Bryant Park on styling them in printed chiffon Alexander Wang was alongside into theatres making his second AFP.com about his opinions of September 5th for the opening day dresses. But, along with the sixties Guerson this season with his bright- appearance on the big screen. Ledger as the Joker. “I can only of New York Fashion Week. The references, von Furstenberg added ly hued basketball shorts and a sur- Although, Christian Bale was not speak superlatives of Ledger, who religiously followed event pre- a shot of modern looks with sever- prising choice of fabric: mesh. what drew audiences to theatre. It is mad-crazy-blazing brilliant as miered the spring collections of al new takes on the classic pant suit. Though one may be suprised , was the infamous Joker, played by the Joker.” New York City’s elite fashion “This show is all about free- Wang claims he is experimenting: Heath Ledger, that caused viewers Pete Travers is not the only one designers, with each design usually dom,” she told Tim Blanks, fashion “I love testing myself on what’s to pour into theatres. to think like this though. The star receiving enormous praise. correspondent for style.com tacky and what’s tasteful” In the movie, the Joker disrupts of the movie, Christian Bale, told In contrast to the somber and (www.style.com). (www.wwd.com). Batman’s plans to get rid of the CNN.com, “I would love to see dark fall collections in February, Another specific fad that was With the continuum of several designers electrified audiences with noticed derived from the ultimate Fashion Weeks across the globe, remaining criminals in Gotham him [Ledger] get an award.” their colorful apparel. Designer event of the summer: the Olympics. fashion disciples can only sit and City by uniting the mobs of The movie also managed to Anna Sui delivered a mind-blow- Sari Guerson claimed Guo wait patiently for what is yet to Gotham under the Joker’s control. gross $486 million in three weeks ing creation of color; her mix of Jingjing, gold-medal Chinese diver, come. But, one should get a head The Joker’s reason behind all of which puts the movie in second bohemian style with a south-of-the- as inspiration for her spring cloth- start and go to Dicks clearance rack the scheming is to rob Gotham of place for grossing the most money border flare proved to be satisfying ing. Her dresses were cut as though for those mesh tanks she would not all of its good. in three weeks. to fashion followers everywhere. they were the latest Speedo swim- dare to even touch last week and Not only does the story make (www.PostGazette.com) The same is true for design legend suits, and the baggy, knee-length maybe pluck a flower from the gar- the Joker seem larger than life, but Despite the fact that some cast Diane von Furstenberg. Though she shorts screamed athleticism. den for an excellent hairpiece. All Ledger certainly packs a punch. changes were made, such as called the collection Rock Goddess Though some women might be anyone will know is that spring, Ledger’s performance was Maggie Gyllenhaal playing (www.vogue.co.uk), von taken aback by the less-glam effect, fashion-wise, will most certainly be enhanced not only because of his Rachel Dawes instead of Katie Furstenberg displayed a more Guerson found herself in comfort- an interesting season. natural talent, but also due to Holmes, the movie over all was Is Twilight the new Harry Potter? Ledger’s little nuances. These lit- very successful it received 9.1 out By: Julianne Tarullo quite a splash in the fantasy literature an opinion on the subject. In a girl’s tle details add so much more to of 10 stars on Imdb.com. Front Page Editor world. 50 million copies of the novels poll comparing the two novels, seven have sold worldwide and have been out of ten prefered Twilight. Wizards vs. Vampires. Who takes translated into 20 different languages. However, when ten boys were ques- the crown for the ultimate fantasy Godiva Chocolate even created a tioned on the topic, three preferred novel? Harry Potter fans argue that Twilight- themed chocolate bar, and Harry Potter, one preferred Twilight, there is not even a comparison the store Hot Topic released a and six had yet to read either of the between the Harry Potter novels and Twilight line of clothing. novels. When asked about the char- the new Twilight series. However, The new series involves teens, acters, a female student answered, “I this vampire love story proves that vampires, rain, and love in a tangled definitely care more about the Harry Potter isn’t the only book with up fantasy/romance, and many say it Twilight characters because they are bite. is the new Harry Potter. But will this easier to relate to and I developed a The Harry Potter series has been a new series even be remembered a crush on Edward Cullen.” A male huge success in recent years and has few years from now? Only time will student added that “Twilight focuses an overwhelming number of Potter tell. However, for today, Twilight is more on the characters while Harry crazed fans. The novels have been certainly a chart topper. Potter pulls the reader in by the plot. translated into 67 different languages, One area in which Potter tops Twilight has a deeper meaning of and JK Rowling is the highest earn- Twilight is the audience. While many love, not just action.” ing novelist in history. Harry Potter children, teens, and adults read Harry In an interview on MTV.com, and the Deathly Hallows sold a Potter, Twilight is mainly targeted Stephenie Meyer spoke on the topic record- breaking 12 million copies toward female teenagers. Though of J.K. Rowling, “It’s terribly flatter- for the first print run in the US. The some adults do read Twilight, the ing to be compared to her, but there’s last four books in the series now hold ever beautiful Edward Cullen, pulls never going to be another J.K. the record of the fastest selling books teenage girls into the story and builds Rowling; that’s a phenomenon that’s in history. Potter had sold more than a strong connection with the charac- not gonna happen again.” While 400 million copies as of June 2008 ters. Although some readers cite one Harry Potter fans believe this is true, (www.wikipedia.com). major difference between the two many Twilighters disagree. Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series series: Harry Potter pulls the reader in So what’s the decision; students has not had quite the success that the at page one, but Twilight takes some with wands, or vampires in action? Harry Potter novels have had; time to get into. Students at The dispute over the better fantasy nonetheless, the series has created Upper St. Clair high school also have novel continues.