LADY BEARS from Page 1 TheTUESDAY | MARCH 22, 2011Baylor Lariatwww.baylorlariat.com NEWS Page 3 A&E Page 5 SPORTS Page 6 Row, row, row your boat review BU wins one, drops two Anyone can join Baylor crew, but A new worship CD provides Baylor baseball wins a 14-13 the demanding sport requires early an accurate summary of thriller Saturday but loses two of mornings and tough workouts American praise music three games to Texas Tech Vol. 112 No. 31 © 2011, Baylor University In Print >> Keep SXSW global Rugged defense propels BU to win Austin’s raucous South by Southwest fascinates with Lady Bears must Williams wasted no time getting The sophomore was responsible acts from around the world started offensively either, connecting for nine during a 13-2 run that led to on her first jumper and following that Mulkey sitting her starting five and Page 5 to beat up with two layups en route to a 16-0 sending in five reserves to finish out the West Virginia today opening run. game. >> Play outside The Panthers managed their first “No matter what you did at the be- Men’s and women’s track By Matt Larsen points at the 10:56 mark in the first half ginning of the season, no one will re- Sports Writer opens its outdoor season at and finished the half with just eight member,” Pope said when asked about points, the fewest first half points in her energy. “You pretty much remember TCU and performs well A stingy, glamour-less first half de- Women’s NCAA Tournament history. the end. It’s time to go get it.” Page 7 fense paved the way for the No. 1 seed The Lady Bears did not look as sharp Pope and company will not be physi- Lady Bears to overpower No. 16 seed as Mulkey would have liked on either cally going anywhere just yet, though. Prairie View A&M, 66-30, in the first Shining moment end coming out in the second half, Round two features No. 8 seed West >> round of the NCAA Tournament Sun- though. Virginia tonight in the Ferrell Center. The 2011 men’s day at the Ferrell Center. “I thought we were kind of sloppy in The Mountaineers are fresh off their tourney thrills with buzzer “It was a game that we took care of the second half with that first group; and own 79-73 win against No. 9 seed Hous- beaters and big upsets business, I guess you’d say,” head coach the thought crossed my mind to take all ton Sunday in which they carried their Page 7 said. five of them off the floor,” the 11th-year knack for rebounding into the postsea- A collective defensive effort on Bay- coach said. “But I thought better, and I son. lor’s part led to Prairie View A&M go- thought, ‘Let them work through it.” Senior Madina Ali led all players ing 3 of 27 from the field in the first 20 Meanwhile, the Panthers began to with 15 boards and tacked on 13 points minutes. find their shooting touch. as well. “Before every game that’s what I Siarra Soliz hit the Panthers’ first The Mountaineers came up just one always say is play our defense and our 3-point shot of the evening in the open- rebound shy of 50 boards. On the Web offense will come,” sophomore Brittney ing minutes of the second half. “Whoever has the most rebounds is Griner said. The freshman kept the Lady Bears going to win,” Williams said of the im- Nick Berryman | Lariat Photographer Griner, usually to blame for altering from building on their lead by hitting portance rebounding will play today. and blocking the most opponents’ shots, two more threes and finished with a “They had 25 offensive rebounds No. 32 forward Brooklyn Pope and No. 42 center took the back seat initially to sopho- team-high 12 points. [against Houston]. Our job is to keep jump for the against Prairie View more Destiny Williams’ three first-half Following the slow second-half start, A&M’s No. 25 Robin Jones during the first round of the swats. Griner would finish the night Pope took it upon herself to extend her NCAA tournament Sunday at the Ferrell Center. The SEE LADY BEARS, page 8 Lady Bears defeated Prairie View A&M 66-30. with six of her team’s 14 total blocks. team’s lead. Alumnus Tasty night Watch a recap of Sigma chosen Alpha Epsilon’s 2011 Salsa Fest, including interviews with festival attendees to help baylorlariat.com BU reach goals Viewpoints By Sara Tirrito Staff Writer

“The scary thing Baylor alumnus Dr. Jerry Haag here is not that I has been named vice president for university development, ending a could have had a national search begun in the fall stroke or a heart to fill the position. attack at 21. The He will be- scary thing is not gin work at how easy illegal Baylor on April 18. drugs are to obtain Presi- or how frequently dent Ken Matt Hellman | Lariat Photographer Starr said they are abused. he chose The real problem Haag be- Eye on the ball Haag cause of here is not Adderall. his “distin- It is not students No. 24 midfield Evan Pixley passes the ball to No. 1 attack Andrew Pandora just before Baylor scores against the UC Davis Aggies Monday guished career” and love for Bay- at the Westmoreland Intramural Field. buying and using SEE HAAG, page 8 illegal drugs. The real problem is that students feel there is Libya rebels attempt to Japanese no other option.” advance after strikes students Page 2 By Ryan Lucas said a new round of strikes had be- Associated Press gun in the capital, Tripoli, marking aid home the third night of bombardment. ZWITINA, Libya — Coalition But while the airstrikes can stop Bear Briefs forces bombarded Libya for a third Gadhafi’s troops from attacking despite straight night Monday, target- rebel cities — in line with the U.N. The place to go to know ing the air defenses and forces of mandate to protect civilians — the the places to go Libyan ruler Moammar Ghadafi, United States, at least, appeared distance stopping his advances and hand- deeply reluctant to go beyond that By Sara Tirrito ing some momentum back to the toward actively helping the rebel Staff Writer Associated Press rebels, who were on the verge of cause to oust the Libyan leader. Dodgeball tourney defeat just last week. President Barack Obama said An anti-Gadhafi rebel runs away Monday as smoke rises following an air After the recent disasters in Ja- Baylor’s chapter of the But the rebellion’s more orga- Monday that “it is U.S. policy that strike by Libyan warplanes near a checkpoint of the anti-Libyan Leader pan, several of Baylor’s exchange National Society of nized military units were still not Gadhafi has to go.” But, he said, the Moammar Gadhafi rebels in the oil town of Ras Lanouf, eastern Libya. students found themselves facing Collegiate Scholars is hosting ready, and the opposition disarray international air campaign has a the challenges of truly compre- cover for rebel operations. Gen. Abdul-Mullah, a 38-year-old civil a dodgeball tournament underscored U.S. warnings that a more limited goal, to protect civil- hending what had happened in Carter Ham said Gadhafi might engineer from Benghazi who was their homelands and trying to find from 6 to 10 p.m. Friday long stalemate could emerge. ians. The air campaign by U.S. and “Our military action is in sup- cling to power once the bombard- fighting with the rebel force, said ways to help from afar. and Saturday at Russell European militaries has unques- port of an international mandate ment finishes, setting up a stale- government troops stopped all Fukuoka, Japan, junior Yuki Gymnasium. It is $5 for tionably rearranged the map in from the Security Council that mate between his side and the reb- resistance after the international Ayukawa, who is studying at each participant and players Libya and rescued rebels from the specifically focuses on the humani- els, with allied nations enforcing campaign began. Baylor as an exchange student, must email Donte Williams immediate threat they faced only tarian threat posed by Col. Gadhafi a no-fly zone to ensure he cannot “The balance has changed a lot,” has family both in Fukuoka and with their Baylor ID at days ago of being crushed under to his people. Not only was he car- attack civilians. he said. “But pro-Gadhafi forces Tokyo. Though her family and Donte_Williams@baylor. a powerful advance by Gadhafi’s rying out murders of civilians but Henri Guaino, a top adviser to are still strong. They are a profes- friends are OK, she has found it edu. The winning team will forces. The first round of airstrikes he threatened more,” the president the French president, said the al- sional military and they have good difficult to watch the situation -un lied effort would last “a while yet.” equipment. Ninety percent of us be awarded a trophy. smashed a column of regime tanks said on a visit to Chile. fold on television. that had been moving on the rebel In Washington, the American Among the rebels, as well, capital of Benghazi in the east. general running the assault said there was a realization that fighting Monday night, Libyan state TV there is no attempt to provide air could be drawn out. Mohammed SEE LIBYA, page 8 SEE JAPAN, page 8 Newspaper of the Year | Texas APME TheLariat Best Student Newspaper | Houston Press Club TUESDAY| MARCH 22, 2011 | the Opinion 2 Baylor Lariat www.baylorlariat.com Editor’s note: Reason for running Online tax: The last frontier anonymous piece on drug abuse Below you will find a column from Baylor students in minutes. Editorial detailing one Baylor student’s I was also hesitant about this choice to abuse prescription drugs piece because I wasn’t sure how One of the many perks and in order to make it through a the experience would impact the conveniences of online shopping tough night of studying for three campus community. is the lack of sales tax paid when major tests. I knew that it was neither my purchasing on the Web. This con- I have agreed to run this col- nor the author’s intent for this venience may be at stake with umn anonymously. When this piece to lead students to believe many states’ pursuit of a requisite student asked me if it was possible that Adderall is the right solution sales tax for online purchases. to run this column in the paper, to the struggles of college life. Currently, states are prohibit- hesitancy and sympathy coursed The first time I read the col- ed from gaining sales tax revenue through my veins. umn, I thought what the writer from businesses that supply to I was sympathetic because I had done was plausible and un- customers online. Now, however, understand the intensity of col- derstandable. in light of the ever-widening defi- lege life and my life mimics the My own acceptance of what cit, states search for ways to reap author’s in numerous ways. the author had done was scary and the benefits from this untapped Balancing a tremendous aca- I had nearly dismissed the idea of economic resource. demic workload while engaged running the column. “Students The problem is that states in extracurricular activities and won’t get it,” I thought to myself. must find ways around the Su- maintaining a part-time job de- “It’ll be taken as an endorsement preme Court ruling of Quill Corp. mands much from students. for the abuse of prescription v. North Dakota in 1992, which On a deeper level, I think drugs.” determined that states are not al- all students relate to the author. Hear this: If you are struggling lowed to collect sales tax unless We’ve all experienced that severe with the hardships of college so the business has a presence, such feeling of despair when tests are much so that drug abuse is tempt- as a location or store, in the state. rapidly approaching. ing, you are in need of help. Through this ruling, Arkan- We panic, thinking we might You aren’t alone in this, so sas-based Wal-Mart Stores Inc. forget everything we once knew turning to friends — who are has the legal right to charge sales or that we’ll study too late into most likely experiencing similar tax to online shoppers because it the night, missing our alarms and, feelings — is a viable and benefi- has nationwide locations – thus subsequently, the tests in which cial option that trumps any small fulfilling the requirement of hav- we put our time and effort. pill. ing physical presences where the In fact, I think many students The author is right in saying shoppers reside. — more than most of us would that “an entire generation is risk- On the other hand, however, small-business owners, online that are not looking to put a dent owe $269 million in uncollected like to estimate — have either ing their health regularly in order if online consumers would be re- companies have an unfair advan- in online revenue through sales taxes from online revenue. considered or engaged in illegal to stay at the top.” quired to pay sales tax, one of the tage because consumers basically tax enforcement. Amazon has threatened to substance abuse just so they can This must change, and we, as hardest hit online retailers would receive a better deal from shop- The standoff between the -af close this distribution center and competently fulfill all academic a generation, have to be strong be Amazon. ping online because all sales lack filiates, online companies and has abandoned plans to expand in responsibilities. enough to help those in the One way that states are try- a sales tax. physical businesses in states will the state. Baylor — while it maintains troughs of college anxiety. ing to bypass the Supreme Court The states are also receiving be detrimental to only one party This will cost both parties. a Christian mission — is not im- There are many great resources ruling is by widening laws to in- pressure to reform this gap in tax – the consumer. Amazon will lose revenue and the mune to illegal or prescription available to us, but none as great as clude online affiliates – like blogs collection by the physical busi- Through the standoffs, the chance to expand and Texas will drug abuse. the uplifting spirit of community. or coupon websites — that are nesses that exist throughout the only results will be inconvenience lose the opportunity for job cre- We have a great counseling This one author is symbolic of located in a state as physical pres- states. and the lost of profits from all ation with the discarded expan- center that is prepared to help the a generation’s self-inflicting ter- ences making the affiliates subject The best action is to prevent parties, except the states. sion plans. students of our university. rible habits. to sales tax. states from taking advantage of When online companies drop There is no simple answer to I think students’ mindsets We must embrace the model The Associated Press reports the opportunity to collect sales affiliates, both parties lose money. this issue. When all parties (save are the problem. We don’t think of Christ and realize that the best that based on a 2009 University of tax and enforce new laws. Physical providers may also have the states) are almost essentially about our fellow students even way to cure a generation of abus- Tennessee study, the uncollected Online companies are drop- online stores with their products guaranteed to lose money, it is though we’ve been in their place. ers is surrounding individuals taxes would amount to some- ping sales affiliates across the available and they will see a de- hard to create a solution that will As friends, we should be encour- with love and grace and working where around $10.41 billion this country in states that require creased revenue if the laws are satiate the complaints of all sides. agers and should be there in times through it together. year. This is a tremendous amount the collection of tax from online passed. With that in mind, the prior- of need. of money and on one hand, it is sales, with those affiliates seeing To localize the issue, Texas will ity of all parties should be the best The author’s easy access to pre- -Nick Dean understandable that the govern- 25 percent to 30 percent drop in soon feel the sting of this conflict. and most efficient service to the scription drugs, however, proves Editor in chief ment would want to take advan- revenue. Because there is a physical Ama- consumer, which seems to be the otherwise. Having never taken Dean is a junior journalism tage of this source of income. Many affiliates are relocating zon distribution center near Dal- only party that is not being con- Adderall before, the author was and political science major from From the point of view of the their businesses to other states las, Amazon claims that Texans sidered. able to get not one, but two pills Austin. One-time use of Adderall illustrates generation’s self-affliction My hands were shaking un- the paper you have due Wednes- I took Adderall for the first time. I got out of my second test feel- Even though I have been per- without sleep. No one wants to controllably — I could not take day, the class project on Thursday An illegal drug for those who ing confident in my answers, even manently turned off of Adderall experience all of the negatives of notes in my classes. I was petrified and work and school and family don’t have a prescription, Ad- though my hands were still shak- from my own experience, the Adderall and other attention defi- a professor was going to take off and friends and church… derall is designed to help people ing, my vision was still blurry and abuse of prescription drugs for cit drugs for laughs. No one wants points because my handwriting So then what? Do you finally diagnosed with ADD or ADHD I felt cranky and irritable. energy and focus is a continuing to be this stressed out about life. was so illegible on a test. cave to the pressure, throw up focus. For those without ADD or Even with the awful side ef- problem at schools around the We are this stressed, we stay up My eyesight was blurry — I your hands and tell everyone you ADHD, and those taking it late fects, I could not deny the Adder- country. for days on end and we brave il- could not concentrate on test don’t care what grade you get, that at night, it keeps you awake and all had done its job. According to a study done at legal and scary options for staying questions. The letters would blur your GPA isn’t important anyway? helps you focus. I had been awake for more the University of Kentucky, 34 awake because we are expected to. together until I was squinting and Quit your extracurricular ac- By 2 a.m. I was wide awake and than 50 hours, still functioning on percent of undergraduates have Our professors, our parents blinking my eyes to read a single tivities; decide to not go into work being the most productive I have the five hours I got Monday night illegally taken attention deficit and our future employers expect sentence. one day? ever been in my life. and Tuesday afternoon. I had not drugs. Almost 60 percent of up- us to have good academic stand- My mouth dried up. Every Of course not. Because, like By 6 a.m. I felt very prepared slept at all in 24 hours. Not only perclassmen use the drugs to stay ing. Our resumes require that word I tried to speak in an oral it or not, if you want to be com- for my first test; I had never re- that, but I think I did a pretty good on top of classes and work and in we have the requisite number of exam grew in my mouth until it petitive in today’s economy, your tained information that easily. By job on my tests. upperclassmen involved in Greek extracurricular activities to stay wouldn’t fit anymore and it just GPA matters. Your extracurricular 8:30 a.m. I felt almost as prepared I went to work when I finished life the percentage jumps to 80 competitive. Our employers ex- kind of fumbled out in a jumble activities matter. Your job matters. for my second test. with all of my classes — definitely percent. pect us to come to work on time of sounds. So you keep pushing yourself I took my next dose of Adder- functioning a little below par, but Just from my own experience everyday and excel. Our parents My heart was slamming and looking for ways to sacrifice all (I was using the slow-release all things considered I was doing at Baylor, I was one of two people expect us to call them and come against my chest. one essential thing our bodies capsules, which means the results a pretty good job. I was still shaky in my group of close friends who see them. Our friends expect us I got dizzy when I stood up; I absolutely cannot live without— last up to eight hours) at 8:30 a.m. and still dizzy. had never used Adderall. The per- to make time for them, whether it was still dizzy when I sat down. sleep. to get my through my tests and I finally got to bed around 11 centages from the University of is to have fun or help them with I had taken Adderall. I reached this breaking point work. Wednesday night — 64 hours after Kentucky match up almost per- their problems when they need it. Everyone knows America is a recently. Three tests back to back, In the middle of my first test, my week began, feeling confident fectly when I measure it against The scary thing is that this is fast-paced society. We go and go homework, a hefty bit of read- around 9:30 a.m., I started expe- about my tests. But also feeling the people I know. what society wants from me. No and never stop—and while this ing for my classes, a paper, a job riencing some of the side effects very conflicted about the decision I also know that Adderall is one cares — not professors, not tendency is found in all sectors and trying to still make time for Adderall can cause. I had made to take Adderall. very easy to obtain — I sent two employers, not politicians — that of American society, there is no- church, family and friends meant I began trembling uncontrolla- Not only is this an illegal drug, text messages and had two pills in an entire generation is risking its where it is more prevalent than I literally did not have time for bly, I was horribly dizzy and light- but it is also a dangerous one. Tak- my pocket within an hour. health regularly in order to stay at the American college campus. sleep. headed, my vision started to blur ing Adderall on too little sleep and The scary part about this story the top. We cannot start our day off By Tuesday night, I had been and I had a hard time reading the for continuous periods of times is not that I, along with probably Whether it is strokes at a without a full dose of caffeine to awake for 40 hours on five hours questions on my test. My mouth can result in severe damage to the at least 60 percent of other up- young age due to inordinately combat the insufficient sleep we of sleep — three hours Monday became incredibly dry and my heart — things like heart attacks perclassman at Baylor, have taken high caffeine intakes, ulcers or eat- got the night before, but just a cup night and a two-hour nap Tuesday heart was beating frantically. or strokes are possible. prescription drugs to stay awake. ing disorders due to stress, or even of coffee to jump-start our sys- afternoon. I got out of my first test and It is not something I plan to The scary thing here is not that I falling asleep at the wheel because tem in the morning isn’t enough. By midnight, with two tests immediately called four friends ever do again. The entire day I felt could have had a stroke or a heart of sleep deprivation —this genera- Coffee, soda, energy drinks — coming up that morning, I knew who I know take Adderall regu- like I was having an out-of-body attack at 21. The scary thing is tion has a problem with sleep. We these are the standard beverages I wasn’t prepared enough to go larly, asking them if what I was experience and I was constantly not how easy illegal drugs are to have a problem with stress. of choice for the college-aged for to sleep. But with three Monsters experiencing was normal. worried about my reactions to the obtain or how frequently they are So this is one voice crying out breakfast, lunch, dinner and all already in my system and still They all assured me that while drug. And it turns out I had a right abused. on behalf of a generation. Cry- the times in between. feeling tired, I also knew I wasn’t it doesn’t happen to everyone, to be nervous. When I looked up The real problem here is not ing out to say Wake up, America! Even with all of this caffeine physically able to stay awake any- these were all possible side effects. the side effects to write my story, Adderall. It is not students buying Wake up. Slow down. You are kill- consumption, we reach a point more on my own. So I continued with my day, going I was experiencing just about ev- and using illegal drugs. The real ing those who are trying so hard where the caffeine isn’t cutting it. So, as a junior in college, I did to my next class, though I could erything from the “Dangerous, problem is that students feel there to keep up. It just isn’t enough to conquer the what I always promised my par- not take notes because my hands consult a physician if you experi- is no other option. three tests you have on Monday, ents and myself I would never do. were shaking so badly. ence this” list. No one wants to go three days -Anonymous Baylor student

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Copy desk chief Multimedia producer Sports writer Delivery Amanda Earp Ted Harrison Matt Larsen Esteban Diaz Sarah Kroll TUESDAY | MARCH 22, 2011 www.baylorlariat.com News the Baylor Lariat|3 Justice week highlights modern-day slavery By Caitlin Giddens came to the Justice Summit will “The Tunnel of Oppression” from ern-day trafficking art exhibit. The Reporter have an undeniable awareness of 6 to 10 p.m. today in the Barfield exhibit will be held at 7 p.m. in the slavery in America. My goal is to Drawing Room of the Bill Daniels Bill Daniels Student Center den. There is some information that bring awareness that slavery is in Student Center. “This shows how artists and can never be unlearned. our country, our city and perhaps To fuse faith and justice, Inter- musicians and other students can This is how Ron Soodalter, co- our neighborhood.” national Justice Mission will pres- get involved with social move- author of “The Slave Next Door: In addition to receiving in- ent the Heart for Justice Worship ments,” Jones said. “Regardless of Human Trafficking and Slavery formation on slavery in America, Night at 10 p.m. Wednesday in what country you live in, slavery is in America Today,” described the students who attended the Justice Fountain Mall. happening.” realization of slavery in America. Summit were educated on injustice “This will be an artsy event us- As an executive officer for Jus- Soodalter served as the keynote issues such as human trafficking. ing prayer and worship to connect tice Week, Sugar Land junior Alex speaker at the Justice Summit “Unfortunately slavery isn’t with social justice,” Jones said. “It Scheibner said he hopes Justice Monday, which marked the begin- dead, and neither is sex trafficking will be interesting for Baylor stu- Week will reach beyond social ning of Baylor’s third annual Jus- or other issues,” Alvarado senior dents to see how they can plug reli- work majors on campus. Nick Berryman | Lariat Photographer tice Week. Samantha Jones, a member of In- gion into these issues.” “With Justice Week, majors Historian Ron Soodalter speaks to students about modern-day slavery dur- “Slavery is a subject most ternational Justice Mission, said. On Thursday night, Interna- who haven’t heard about these is- ing the Justice Summit, the first session of Justice Week 2011, Monday in Americans are not aware of,” Students can reflect on different tional Justice Mission will partner sues can come and have their eyes the Barfield Drawing Room of the Bill Daniels Student Center. Organiza- Soodalter said. “But students who social injustices by experiencing with Acoustic Café to host a mod- opened,” Scheibner said. tions involved in Justice Week are hosting Dr Pepper Hour today. Rowing crew: fun, but not for the faint-hearted By Kelly Galvin As the head coach of the team, She is a junior, but she acts like a Reporter Rogers said rowing takes as much grad student. She is so responsible hard work and dedication as other and is very passionate about crew. Baylor crew’s hard work has sports. She lives and breathes crew and seemed to pay off. Over spring “I meet with the officers once makes me want to work harder and break in Austin the rowing team a week to work on our budget and be better,” Campbell said. took first place at its tournament, regatta details. I also meet with Campbell never had any expe- proving that passion and skill are at my four assistant coaches and rience in rowing before she joined an all-time high. members once a week to plan the the team. The rowing team takes practice workouts and workout practice “The sport itself is rare and re- and competition seriously and de- schedules. I also stay in contact ally unique. It’s not easy to do be- fines it as one’s commitment, integ- with other schools about possible cause it’s not easily accessible — it rity and teamwork. scrimmages and manage the team take time money and resources,” “Flying down the river with the during practices,” Rogers said. Campbell said. wind in your face and no motor Crew may not be as popular as There are no tryouts for crew. attached to the boat is an amaz- football or basketball, but there are People can join crew in the first ing feeling; there’s nothing else like advantages to joining this sport. two to three week in the fall and it,” Fort Myers, Fl., junior Jessie “Crew is different from other spring semesters. Campbell said. club sports because rowing isn’t Oklahoma City junior Regan Amarillo junior Grey Rogers something that you had to have Nicewander is entering her sec- is the head coach of the rowing done for years and years in order to ond semester on crew and said she team and said she loves the regat- be on crew. It’s easier to learn than highly recommends giving it a try. tas, which are rowing tournaments other sports, but it focuses more “My advice would be to try it between schools. on details and there is more focus out for a few practices and see how “My favorite memory was the on the adjustments and such of the they like it. I would also encourage Jed Dean | Lariat Photo Editor last regatta of fall 2008. We went boats,” Rogers said. freshmen to join because it’s a great to Indianapolis on a charter bus. Campbell is the public relations way to get plugged in and meet Amarillo senior and coxswain Grey Rogers, right, directs while from left, Nashville senior Todd Underwood, Eu- less junior Bram Smith, Dallas senior Josh Brame and Flower Mound junior Stanley Shen row Friday outside the The bus ride was really long, but it chair of the crew team and has new people,” Nicewander said. Baylor Crew Building. was so fun to hang out with every- been rowing for the past three se- Nicewander said hard work one. The race venue was beautiful mesters. She said she respects Rog- goes into being on the rowing outs, Nicewander said. decent shape because the workouts Baylor crew is a nonprofit, stu- and we got to go eat and hang out ers as a coach. team. “You don’t have to have any can be a little intense if your body dent-led organization. The team downtown after the race. It was a “Grey has been the head coach The team meets at 5 a.m. half of rowing experience to be on crew, isn’t prepared for them,” Nicewan- practices and competes nation- lot of fun,” Rogers said. since I joined my sophomore year. the week and has “grueling” work- but I would recommend being in der said. wide. TUESDAY | MARCH 22, 2011 | the News 4 Baylor Lariat www.baylorlariat.com I Heart Me promotes self-love in students By Molly Dunn that focused on self-image not only this love when I’m giving the mes- Reporter for women but also for men. sage,” Wood said. Shehzad Jooma, graduate stu- Wood explained the importance Baylor students attending the dent counselor at the Baylor Coun- for students to perform self-care first workshop for the I Heart Me seling Center, said he believes to manage their stress. College Campaign last Thursday, learned that body issues in men ought to students in particular experience about self-worth and how to ex- be addressed as much as those in stressful situations, and loving press an agape love not only women. themselves through serving their for themselves but for everyone “I think people don’t realize own needs can reduce that high around them. that body issues can be prevalent level of stress, she said. Dr. Emma Wood, staff psychol- in the culture of masculinity, but “You cannot give to others un- ogist in Baylor’s Counseling Cen- they often take a different form,” less you are filled up,” Wood said. ter, along with the Body IQ team Jooma said. “A lot of times this “If you’re not giving anything to led the workshop’s first session. is in the form of getting buff and yourself, that well is going to run Students received a workbook that working out.” dry.” analyzed each of the core concepts When discussing body image The I Heart Me workshop ma- of the campaign: acceptance, re- issues, many instantly relate that terial explained to students that spect, justice, diversity, service to problems only women endure. they must take care of their lives in and freedom. many different areas of their life, “These are all really necessary “We often are such as physical, emotional and to being comfortable in your own spiritual aspects. skin,” Wood said. harsher critics of “We often are harsher critics The purpose of the campaign is ourselves than of of ourselves than of anyone else,” Associated Press to provide students with the infor- Wood said. anyone else.” As the session progressed, the mation of loving themselves, pro- moting self-worth and spreading concepts delved deeper into more U.S.Angry Dr. Emma Wood | Staff psychologist powerful and controversial issues, that love to others. in Baylor’s Counseling Center “We want to instill in you a pas- such as justice and diversity. A group of about 100 protesters burn a U.S. flag outside the government palace La Moneda, where Presi- sion for compassion,” Wood said “If we see something unjust dent Barack Obama was being honored with an official state dinner Monday in Santiago, Chile. Obama is happening, it’s our job to speak out in Chile as part of a three-country, five-day tour of Latin America. to those attending. “One of my passions is building self-esteem With this campaign, Wood empha- against it,” Wood said. and self-worth.” sizes that it affects everyone. Wood told students to be aware Waco junior Sarah Stoner said “I think if somebody was to go of diversity, gain knowledge of she enjoyed the workshop because into a men’s locker room, they’ll other cultures, develop skills in the messages related to her major, find body image issues that are relating to other people and share social work. sometimes of a different variety that information with others. Speaker aims to demystify “It reminded me a lot of what than of women’s, but they are still Now that students are intro- we talk about in class, and it’s ex- prevalent. They don’t get adver- duced to the campaign’s focus, this citing because we can only reach tised as much,” Jooma said. Thursday they will return for the so many people just from my ma- With this overall message of training session to become allies to evolution, religion theories jor, but getting more of the cam- agape love, Wood and the Body IQ spread love and the core concepts pus to think this way is exciting,” team wants to instill a message of of the campaign throughout Bay- Stoner said. understanding in students. lor’s campus. By Jade Mardirosian that theologians are finding, called tionally for the next generation. Throughout the workshop, “This is what I needed to hear The session will be held at 7 Staff Writer the theodicy problem.” “We do everything we can to Wood supplemented her presenta- when I was in college, so it just p.m. in 308 McLane Student Life Ayala is the Donald Bren Pro- bring as many [speakers] of na- tion with various videos and songs gives me so much joy and I feel Center. The College of Arts and Sci- fessor of Biological Sciences and tional prominence to Baylor so we ences and the Office of the Vice professor of philosophy at the Uni- can interact with them and learn Provost of Research will sponsor versity of California, Irvine. more about them,” Nordt said. “It a presentation Thursday featuring He is also a member of the Na- is a great benefit to the students CLASSIFIEDS tional Academy of Sciences, the and in the case of Dr. Ayala, we are distinguished evolutionary biolo- HOUSING gist, geneticist and former Domin- American Philosophical Society always searching for people with ican priest Dr. Francisco J. Ayala. and the National Academy of Arts that level of national prominence.” Large one bedroom. Washer, Ayala will speak at 7 p.m. in and Sciences. Ayala said he is looking for- B110 Baylor Sciences Building on Ayala writes extensively on the ward to lecturing and enlightening dryer included. $375 month. the topic of Darwinism and the interface of faith and science and the students who attend, and also 1924 S. 11th. 717-3981. relationship between science and has published more than 30 books, looks forward to their questions Available January. religion in his lecture titled “Dar- one of which has the same name as and comments. win’s Gift to Science and Religion.” the lecture he will present. “They will gain an understand- 2022 S. 8th - House close “There are some movements in Last year he was awarded the ing of how evolution is compat- to campus. Three bedroom the United States called creation- Templeton Prize, which “honors a ible with religion, while intelligent two bath. $1395 w/fenced ism and also intelligent design living person who has made an ex- design and creationism are not,” back yard. Call Brothers [that] are proposing that science ceptional contribution to affirming Ayala said. “I hope to persuade Management at 753-5355. evolution cannot explain the ori- life’s spiritual dimension, whether that [intelligent design and cre- gin of complex organisms, like the through insight, discovery, or ationism] are not compatible with One BR Units! Affordable, close human eye, and require direct in- practical works.” Christianity.” to campus. Rent starting at He is also working on research Ayala will also present a tech- tervention from the creator,” Ayala $350/month. Sign a 12 month concerning the origin and trans- nical lecture titled “The Molecular said. “My argument is the critique lease and receive off the June of evolution is wrong. We are able mission of malaria. Clock of Evolution” at 1:30 p.m. to explain very well the evolution Dr. Lee Nordt, dean of the Col- Friday in D109 Baylor Sciences & July rent! Call 754-4834. of complex organisms like the hu- lege of Arts and Sciences, said he Building. Ayala is investigating a Older 3 bedroom house 1922 believes Ayala’s lecture will expose number of human genes and test- man eye. I will point out that Dar- S. 11th. For June. $825. 715- students to grand ideas that are ing new models of rates of gene win’s contribution to science pro- 2280. vides a way of solving a problem present nationally and interna- evolution. 4BR/2BA large brick duplex apartments. 4-6 tenants. Days: 315-3827, evenings Fraternizing with faculty 799-8480. Excellent one bedroom duplex. have overcome adversity. somehow. We could be the catalyst Short drive, washer and dryer. Kappa Alpha Psi “We just wanted to have a more in breaking the chains.” $425. 715-2280 members positive interaction with the staff Mark Smith, Kappa Alpha Psi Two BR Units Available! Cypress and develop relationships so they alumnus and assistant director Point Apartments. Monthly develop can understand us more, and they of promotions and events for the can understand our organization Mayborn Museum Complex, of- rent: $550. Receive off mentorship so we can become more academi- fered advice to those in attendance. the June & July rent on all 12 cally successful,” Hyattsville, Md., “Take advantage of what you month leases. Call 754-4834 with professors post-baccalaureate Kappa Alpha have around you. Get into the hab- Psi member Kemar Brown said. it of meeting someone new every DUPLEX for lease. 2 BR / 1 By Sally Ann Moyer The event was also a time to in- single day because you never know Bath. Washer/dryer furnished. Reporter crease awareness of Kappa Alpha who you’ll meet today that’s go- 701 Wood. Rent: $430/ Psi. ing to help you out five years from month. Call 754-4834 Baylor’s Xi Sigma chapter “I want Baylor faculty and staff now,” Smith said. of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity to recognize the presence of a posi- Astrid Beltran, coordinator for EMPLOYMENT members, who serve as mentors tive African-American group on Greek Life for the Multicultual Baylor’s campus,” Beaumont ju- Greek Council and the National to Waco youth, hope to expand WE’RE HIRING FOR FALL their mentoring relationships by nior and Kappa Alpha Psi member Pan-Hellenic Council, also spoke 2011! Now accepting appli- also having mentors of their own Danny Fowler said. about Greek Life’s ability to provide among Baylor faculty and staff. While developing faculty rela- a better mentoring relationship. cations for The Baylor Lariat, The fraternity’s Meet the Greeks tionships is a new effort for Kappa “We’re a resource; we’re al- Round Up Yearbook and Fo- Faculty Mixer, part of their Kappa Alpha Psi, the fraternity has con- lies. The students are really doing cus Magazine. Go to www. Week, occurred Thursday night in sistently worked as mentors to amazing things, now we as a staff baylorlariat.com to download the Barfield Drawing Room of the youth in Waco. need to be taking these oppor- Since November 2010, Kappa tunities to ask, ‘What can I do to and complete your application. Bill Daniel Student Center. Please return your completed “We hope for a better mentor- Alpha Psi has volunteered at Rapo- enhance their college experience?’ ship with faculty, a better connec- port Academy. If I can’t do it, I find someone that application to Castellaw 232 or tion,” Arlington senior Rob Ekwer- “We help rebuild the school, can do it,” Beltran said. fax to 710-1714. Deadline for ekwu, president of Baylor’s chapter, maintain the premises, as well as Smith also reminded fraternity Editors is March 25th. Deadline said. mentor the kids,” El Paso junior and sorority members to reach out for General Staff is April 8th. Kappa Alpha Psi members Inya Eleje said. to alumni. hope to continue building rela- Previously, Kappa Alpha Psi “You need to have that commu- tionships by hosting future faculty had also volunteered with Mission nication both ways you got to seek We can help you mixer events. Waco’s King’s Club program. out those older members in the “It is something we’ll look for- “We just want to be positive role fraternities and sororities. Make a reach the Baylor ward to keep doing and keep build- models to the kids,” Fowler said. phone call, text, send an email; that Students, Faculty ing that relationship, just constant- Fowler emphasized the impor- communication has to be a two- ly developing that relationship,” tance of developing positive men- way street,” Smith said. and Staff. Brown said. toring relationships between col- Members of three National ~ Lariat Classifieds ~ The event served as an op- lege students and Waco youth. Pan-Hellenic Council sororities portunity to ask faculty a range “Waco really does need good were also in attendance: Delta Just Call of questions from most embar- mentors for youth,” Fowler said. Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta soror- rassing moments to how they “You’ve got to break the chains ity and Alpha Kappa Alpha. (254) 710-3407 TUESDAY | MARCH 22, 2011 www.baylorlariat.com Arts & Entertainment the Baylor Lariat|5

Passion CD is summary of praise Lighter Beef Tacos By Jenna DeWitt ship, yet draws in the listener emo- Ingredients Contributor tionally and spiritually as its raw, Serves 4 honest lyrics speak of letting God Just in time for its upcoming fill us when we are empty and fol- Fort Worth conference April 1 to lowing no matter the cost. 1 teaspoon vegetable oil, such as safflower 3, Passion released “Here For You,” The song begins with lyrics that 1 large onion, chopped recorded in Atlanta in January. express doubt or hopelessness, 2 bell peppers (ribs and seeds removed), chopped The album is a soundtrack for “Sometimes every one of us feels 3 garlic cloves, minced like we will never be healed,” yet 2 tablespoons tomato paste ALBUM REVIEW he continues to express faith and peace despite hard times because 2 teaspoons chili powder he is lost in the love of Jesus. 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin Christy Nockels also makes a Coarse salt and ground pepper the direction of this year’s praise strong appearance on the album 3/4 pound ground beef sirloin and worship movement with Hill- with “I Will Carry Your Name” and 12 soft corn tortillas (6-inch) song’s already popular “Forever “Waiting.” Store-bought salsa and shredded iceberg lettuce Reign” and David Crowder Band’s The lone female artist, Nockels “Shadows.” plays a role in the peaceful, fo- The latter features an appear- cused, worship side to the album. Directions ance by hip hop artist Lecrae, who This makes for a beautiful compli- also appears later in one of the ment to Crowders’ individuality, In a large nonstick skillet, heat oil over medium. Add on- many Chris Tomlin tracks. Kristian Stanfill’s sing-along favor- ion and bell peppers; cook until crisp-tender, 3 to 5 min- In fact, Tomlin dominates most ites and Tomlin’s power anthems. utes. Add 1 cup water; cook until water has evaporated of the album, including the title That said, the keyboard-driven Courtesy: Passion and vegetables are softened, 3 to 5 minutes. track. Fans of Tomlin and Top 20 “Waiting” builds up to a Hillsong- Passion’s new worship album, “Here for You” is a compilation of modern Christian radio (i.e. KLOVE) will worthy climax of fully-abandoned American worship music. Add garlic, tomato paste, chili powder, and cumin; sea- likely consider this album manna worship and fades out to the sound son with salt and pepper. Cook, stirring, 1 minute. Add from heaven. of thousands of college students at influence on future Passion al- well as a window into the world of beef. Cook, breaking up meat with a wooden spoon, until Those who are uncomfort- the conference singing along. bums. a Passion conference. no longer pink, about 5 minutes. Season taco filling with able in musically contemporary Stanfill, quickly rising as a Still, if these two are any indica- If you are looking to connect salt and pepper. To serve, spoon filling onto tortillas, top churches or do not enjoy Christian leader on the American praise and tion of future tracks, he fits in well with God through modern praise radio should steer clear. worship scene, rocks Hillsong’s with the rest of the sixstepsrecords and worship music, or if you can’t with salsa and lettuce, and fold to enclose. One of the unique tracks on the hit “Forever Reign” and his own crew. make it to the conference for the album is Crowder’s “Sometimes.” “Always.” With the success of his Overall, “Here For You” is a live version, this is the album for Courtesy – Martha Stewart Recipes Musically, it fits more in the rock recent album, “Mountains Move,” nice and accurate summary of you. genre than typical praise and wor- Stanfill will likely have increasing American praise and worship as Grade: A- Point of view: UK acts at SXSW give music new feel By Bonnie Berger decide which show to attend. dies, making them one of the most I simply could not get enough. powerful sets, leaving a strong British groups. Reporter Oh, the choices. sought after South-by acts in the Pregnant with undertones of Belle impression upon fans. Don’t be With but a few precious days Although SXSW typically yields ensuing days. and Sebastian, songs captured that fooled by the name – Yuck is sim- left before many bands pack up Austin’s 24th annual South by a strong return of homegrown and A refreshing blend of punk quintessentially British sound we ply delightful, aptly catering to that their gear and head back across Southwest was nothing short of a unsigned artists, the international and pop, lead singer Justin Young Americans adore. slightly grungier, more deviant the pond, there is still a way to ex- roaring success. The atmosphere music pool was well represented at crooned out his tunes with poise. Coincidentally, lead singer and side of us that unabashedly loves perience these bands even if a trip was complete with excessive foot this year’s event. Respectably dressed and properly guitarist Roxanne Clifford emits the Killers and Radiohead. to Austin isn’t possible and that is traffic, eclectic garb and the guar- Up-and-coming British indie washed, Young instantly eradicat- a captivating innocence, holding Yuck’s popular single “Get through their music. antee that, long after the event is band The Vaccines did not cease ed stereotypical notions of unruly, fans captive as they listen to her Away” is a bit ominous, yet a If the music doesn’t appeal, over, your ears will ring for days to please as they charmed crowds grungy Brits. balmy vocals. cheerful base line acts as the guid- come in search of an eligible Brit on end. with their hipster beards and en- Visibly influenced by the Ra- Keep your eyes peeled for these ing light through the dark. rocker – because we all can’t snag With nearly every musical thusiastic tunes. mones and nothing short of ear spunky popsters, as I’ll be shocked Whether it’s those cheeky ac- princes like Kate Middleton, can genre represented throughout the Performing at one of AOL’s me- candy, The Vaccines’ music will if we don’t see much more of them cents, their impeccable sense of we? SXSW festival, I was less than sur- ticulously planned pop-up shows keep your toes tapping time and a in days to come. fashion, or the fact that they are Bonnie Berger is a junior jour- prised to pass crowds of confused- on Wednesday, the group inocu- melody lodged in your brain. Similarly, London-based alter- ridiculously talented, SXSW (and nalism major from Austin and a looking 20-somethings trying to lated the audience with their melo- Let’s move on to Veronica Falls: native rock band Yuck delivered this writer) was quite smitten with reporter for the Lariat.

FUN TIMES Answers at www.baylorlariat.com McClatchy-Tribune

Across 1 King, queen or jack 5 URL starter 9 Van Gogh setting 14 Alan of “M*A*S*H” 15 Davenport’s state 16 Dracula’s title 17 *”Barry Lyndon” star 19 Singer Lauper 20 Against 21 Used to reach a high shelf 23 Sodom escapee 26 Armored vehicle 28 Being off target 29 Genesis mountain 31 Brandy’s , briefly 33 Under-the-chin helmet securer 34 Saintly circle 35 Types 39 Suffix with tele- 40 Caesar, e.g. (or each of the answers to the starred clues?) 41 It may be reserved Day one 42 Heavy drinkers 2 One of the Khans 32 “Woe is me!” 43 Functions 3 Nutritional no. 34 Siphoning aid 44 Second longest African river and you’ve set your sights 4 “The X-Files” agent Scully 36 Russian Revolution leader 45 Deed holder 5 Suggest 37 Elena of the Supreme Court 47 Sea between Greece and At Ernst & Young, even day one is a chance to focus on your next step. 6 Wheel alignment service 38 Weapon for David Italy To set your goals and make plans to get there. In fact, we’ve developed 7 First coml. airline to show in- 40 Sentence that should be 48 Start of Juliet’s balcony plea flight movies two sentences a unique framework with your career development in mind. It’s called EYU — 51 Male heirs 8 Friends 44 Trig function and it offers formal learning, experiences and coaching so you can jump 53 Opposite of SSW 9 Harmony 46 Charged angrily 54 Virgin Mary right in. Find a mentor. And discover future opportunities. It’s everything 10 *”Oh, Pretty Woman” singer 47 Like pawned items 56 Poet Silverstein you need to grow and succeed. 11 Day before mardi 48 Nebraska city 58 Like the Leaning Tower 12 __ a happy note 49 Boca __ 59 *Lead singer of The Cars Explore your career options in assurance, tax, transaction or 13 Attack, bee-style 50 Taking too much 64 Mazda rival advisory services. 18 Ready to serve, as beer 52 Sesame Street grouch 65 Apple computer since 1998 22 Mortise insert 55 Parched 66 Fairy tale beginning 23 Doesn’t fade 57 Thailand neighbor Want to learn more with a chance to win an iPad? 67 Dread 24 Big name in garden care 60 Britney Spears’s “__ Slave Download your QR code reader by texting EYQUIZ to 22333. 68 Turkey meat choice 25 Medium’s card 4 U” 69 Fake coin Then snap a pic of the code and take our quiz. 27 Adversaries in a Hoffman/ 61 NBC weekend revue Streep film 62 Old French coin Down 30 *Henry Ford contemporary 63 Oktoberfest need 1 Elevator compartment

rm located in the US. fi Object: Each column row, and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit, 1 to 9. LLP. Ernst & Young refers to the global organization of member firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited, Standard text rates apply. each of which is a separate legal entity. Ernst & Young LLP is a client-serving member © 2011 Ernst© 2011 & Young TUESDAY | MARCH 22, 2011 | the Sports 6 Baylor Lariat www.baylorlariat.com Baseball drops 2 of 3 in dramatic series vs. Tech By Chris Derrett struck out for what should have day is something that you never Sports Editor been the second out of the in- want to happen to you in one in- ning but reached first safely on a ning, but we did well to get it done Baylor and Texas Tech ex- dropped third strike. and come out with a win,” Ludy changed gut-wrenching losses in The next batter struck out, and said. last weekend’s conference-opening Texas Tech then made Baylor pay Ludy was speaking about the series, with Baylor falling in Friday for not retiring Tomlinson. Pinck- top of the ninth, in which Texas and Sunday’s games and winning ard gave up three straight walks, Tech scored nine runs on nine hits on Saturday. one intentional then two unin- to erase a 13-4 deficit. Freshman tended, to walk in the winning run. pitcher Brad Kuntz handed the ball Bears lose late-inning lead Sunday Two singles were responsible for to junior Tyler Bremer with one the Red Raiders’ other three runs. out, the bases loaded in the ninth Junior Trent Blank allowed four “I’m betting they go out to eat after Kuntz allowed two runs. runs in 6.1 innings and was in line with their girlfriends. They will All three of Bremer’s inher- for his second win this season, but bounce back very nicely,” Smith ited runners scored. A single and a Baylor (13-7, 1-2) squandered a said of his team coming back. double brought another two runs, late-inning lead before eventually and still two more came home for losing, 10-6, in extra innings. Ludy’s single on Saturday lets the 13-13 tie as Bo Altobelli was “I thought both teams played Baylor escape with nailbiting win thrown out at second trying to well,” coach Steve Smith said about stretch his single into a double. the weekend. “I thought they Entering Texas Tech’s ninth in- Ludy was the Bears’ top per- played hard. There really was not ning Saturday, it looked like the former with five RBI and a 3 for 6 a lot of throwing the ball around. Bears had an easy victory. Baylor day at the plate. Matt Hellman | Lariat Photographer [There were] a lot of nice plays de- would go on to get the 14-13 win, No. 30 catcher Josh Ludy swings to hit the ball during the baseball game against Texas Tech Sunday afternoon fensively and a lot of offense.” but the Red Raiders’ offensive as- Tech robs Hainsfurther at the Baylor Ballpark. Baylor ended up losing to Texas Tech 10 to 6. The Bears were ahead, 6-3, after sault and the Bears’ subsequent of game-winning hit Friday six innings but conceded one run comeback kept the few fans still in Texas Tech win. pitcher Logan Verrett. Verrett sur- his changeup, “by far his fourth to Texas Tech (14-7, 2-1) in each attendance anxious until the last Baylor junior Joey Hainsfurther “The game asked [for] me to get rendered an unearned run in the best pitch,” at the end of Verrett’s of the last three innings. The tying pitch. thought the ball he stroked into a good pitch and put a good swing first and three earned runs the next complete game-shutout against run came across in the ninth when Junior Josh Ludy saved Baylor center field would fall for yet an- on it and that is what I did,” Hains- inning off a walk, two doubles and Louisiana Tech on March 11. Andre Wheeler knocked the Red from defeat, hitting a single in the other Bears walk-off hit, but cen- further said. “I can’t be too down a single. “The guy who threw a changeup Raiders’ third single of the inning bottom of the ninth that plated terfielder Barrett Barnes thought on myself about it. I felt good at the Smith said he would have liked to try to finish a one-hit, 14-strike- off junior Brooks Pinckard, scoring sophomore Max Muncy and net- otherwise. On a 3-2 pitch with two plate, but it just didn’t work out for to see Verrett use his fastball, out shutout was [the player] who Trey Masek. ted the Bears their fourth walk-off outs and the bases loaded, Barnes us. Baseball does that sometimes.” clocked at 93 miles per hour, more pitched tonight,” Smith said. “It Misfortune struck the Bears win of the year. dove to rob Hainsfurther of a The Bears could not overcome often. Smith added he saw the wasn’t the guy that was out there in the 10th, as Kelby Tomlinson “Obviously what happened to- game-winning hit and secure a 6-5 early struggles from junior starting same problem when Verrett used saying, ‘You can’t beat me.’”

Friday Saturday Sunday Texas Tech Texas Tech Texas Tech 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E 1 3 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 9 1 0 0 2 0 0 1 1 1 4 6 10 0 13 22 3 10 19 1 Baylor Baylor Baylor 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0 5 10 1 2 4 1 4 0 1 1 0 1 14 12 0 3 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 6 8 1

Winning Pitcher: John Neely (3-0) Winning Pitcher: Tyler Bremer (2-1) Winning Pitcher: John Neely (4-0) Losing Pitcher: Kolt Browder (0-1) Losing Pitcher: Ben Flora (0-2) Losing Pitcher: Brooks Pinckard (1-1) Save: None HR: None Save: None HR: Hagan (3); Slater (1); Ludy (2) Save: None HR: None TUESDAY | MARCH 22, 2011 www.baylorlariat.com Sports the Baylor Lariat|7 Point of View: 2011 men’s tourney compels audiences

By Shannon Ryan The round of 64 saw six lower- Kentucky. sas State to advance in the South- McClatchy Newspapers seeded teams knock off a higher San Antonio fans will be the east Region. seed and produced enough “Shin- home of the underdogs in the BYU’s Jimmer Fredette has con- CLEVELAND – Selection Sun- ing Moment” highlights to last Southwest Region, where No. 12 tinued to deliver with 66 points in day brought record levels of eye- through both versions of the song. seed Richmond will play top-seed- his first two games of the tourna- rolling and scoffing. Eleven games Thursday and ed Kansas, and 11th-seeded VCU ment, beating Wofford and Gon- Columnists complained and Friday were decided by two posses- will play 10th-seeded Florida State. zaga, to advance the No. 3 Cougars analysts agonized about a weaker- sions, including eight games that Top-seeded Duke is still alive to a game against No. 2 Florida. than-ever NCAA tournament field after squeaking by eighth-seeded March Madness got started as that included seven teams with at Michigan, which was saddled with Kenneth Faried and No. 13 More- least 13 losses. The expanded tour- “The aspects that prompt 13 losses heading into the tourna- head State introduced themselves nament just meant more unworthy millions of college ment, to play Arizona. The fifth- to the nation with a fantastic block teams, the line of thinking went. basketball fans to fill out seeded Wildcats produced another and a one-point upset of Louisville Outrage was expressed that surprise with a defeat of No. 4 in Denver. And who would have the selection committee allowed brackets were magnified Texas. predicted Richmond would have to Virginia Commonwealth entry by the success of teams Guard Kemba Walker’s legs are get by Morehead State for a trip to through one of the “First Four” deemed unworthy before holding up and his smile is bright- the Sweet 16? games, but after No. 11 seed ening up CBS and truTV telecasts Few would have predicted that VCU’s upsets against sixth-seeded the tournament.” while leading the Huskies to a third-seeded Connecticut, which Georgetown and No. 3 seed Pur- meeting with ultra-athletic No. 2 was unranked in the preseason, due, there’s a big ha-ha coming out were decided by just three points San Diego State in the West Region. and Marquette, which entered the of Indianapolis as the Rams went or fewer. Through Sunday night, In the so-called third round tournament with 14 losses and a from debatable to darlings. 17 games had been decided within game – a name the tournament re- .500 conference record would be That was just one example of two possessions. ally needs to change back to second the last two Big East teams out of how the tournament prevailed VCU, Marquette, Richmond round next season – the first No. 1 11 standing. again by producing thriller af- and Florida State became double- seed fell when Pittsburgh stumbled Ohio State seems like the only ter thriller in the opening-round digit seeds booking trips to Sweet against Butler on two killer, yet ac- top seed that looks like a top seed. games to set up an exquisite mish- 16 destinations. curate, foul calls in the final two The Buckeyes haven’t been rattled mash of powerhouses and midma- Marquette’s new fight song seconds. yet, beating Texas-San Antonio by jors in the Sweet 16. The aspects might be “One of These Things is So, eighth-seeded Butler might 29 points and George Mason by 32 that prompt millions of college Not Like the Other.” They’re in the just be this year’s Butler, having points in Cleveland. basketball fans to fill out brackets East Region to play No. 2 North earned a trip to the Sweet 16 in That makes the Buckeyes an ab- Associated Press were magnified by the success of Carolina – a narrow winner against New Orleans against No. 4-seeded erration in the tournament, which No. 52 Pittsburgh center Gary McGhee and No. 21 Pittsburgh guard/ teams deemed unworthy before the Washington – in a bracket that also Wisconsin, which beat 13th-seed- so far has made a trend of tight forward Lamar Patterson walk off the court after an NCAA tournament tournament. features No. 1 Ohio State and No. 4 ed Belmont and fifth-seeded Kan- games and upsets. game against Butler on Saturday. Butler earned an upset victory, 71-70. Track and field opens outdoor season with strong meet at TCU By Lindsay Cash The Bears were expected to all my heart and more,” White said. most two seconds faster than run- transition into outdoor. Fresh- At the top Reporter start hungry after their near-per- Two more events from the field ner-up. man Brad Miles placed second in fect ending to the indoor season, contributed to Baylor’s victories. Ganzar stole a close 800-meter the 3,000-meters with a time of The Bears claim six golds at Just six days after its last indoor and they did. The women’s high jump winner, race with a time of 2:09.52, im- 8:56.30. Sophomore Gavyn Nero the TCU Invitational challenge, the track and field team Two gold medals belonged to master’s candidate Dess Meek, proving her personal best by four got his third-place finish in the Women took its momentum outdoors. The sophomore thrower Skylar White. leaped a bar of 5-8. 3/4 for victory. seconds. 800-meter at 1:51.16. Junior James men and women combined to White was victorious in both the Junior Joe Farley won the men’s “Leigh Ann had an impressive Gilreath was placed third in the SO Skylar White win six events at TCU’s Lowdown shot put and discus. White’s shot pole vault, clearing over 16-2 3/4. run,” Harbour said. 400-meters, with 47.62. Gilreath’s Shot Put Discus Track Complex on Friday. put won at 52-10 1/4. Her discus When the Bears took it to the Newcomers and veterans made fastest leg in the men’s 4-x-400 re- “We had a solid opener. We had throw of 164-7 helped her win by track, sophomore Christina Hol- top-three finishes at TCU as well. lay, at 45.7 seconds, brought them SR Leigh Ann Ganzar a few days from the NCAA indoor 12 feet, even in disruptive winds. land and senior Leigh Ann Ganzar For the women, junior Saman- to second place behind TCU. 800 meters championships to rest up, which “Going into the event, I stay left their marks. Holland won the tha Patty hit a personal best and As temperatures continue to SO Christina Holland was exactly what they needed,” calm, cool and collected. I go 400-meter hurdles after battling an was runner-up in the 3,000-meters rise, so do the expectations of the 400-meter hurdles coach Todd Harbour said. through the motions,” White said. injury for the majority of the in- with a time of 10:05.78. Junior Brit- Bears. The squad prepares to travel SR Dess Meek While the men finished the in- Moving from indoor to out- door season. tany OgunMokun finished at 55.90 to Tempe, Ariz., for the Arizona High Jump door season ranked outside of the door does nothing but good things “Christina is about at 90 per- in the 400-meters to earn third. Ju- State Invitation this weekend. Men U.S. Track and Field and Cross for White, she said. cent,” Harbour said. “It was good nior Diamond Richardson landed On the same weekend, oth- Country Coaches Association top “Going to outdoor, you add the to see her get a good opener, and fourth in the 200-meter with her er team members will com- JR Joe Farley 25, the women sat at 18th in the Pole Vault discus event. I love shot put with get her confidence going.” time of 23.52. pete in Palo Alto, Calif., at the final poll. all my heart., but I love discus with Her time was 1:00:31 and al- The men also made a smooth Stanford Invitational.

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THE FIGHTER (R) (1:15) 4:15 7:00 9:45 THE GREEN HORNET (PG13) (1:00) 4:00 6:45 9:30 NO STRINGS ATTACHED (R) (1:30) 4:00 6:45 9:30 THE RITE (PG13) (1:45) 4:15 7:00 9:45 TANGLED (PG) (1:15) 3:45 6:30 8:45 YOGI BEAR (PG13) (1:30) 3:30 5:30 7:30 9:30 TUESDAY | MARCH 22, 2011 | the News 8 Baylor Lariat www.baylorlariat.com LADY BEARS from Page 1 them off the offensive boards be- On the year, the senior averages most rebounds with 5.6 a game. see a very well-coached defensive cause they score best with second- 14.3 a contest. However, her pres- In Mulkey’s mind, though, the team,” she said. “They are very ag- chance shots.” ence inside and outside the paint Mountaineers’ identity rests more gressive and they are very big. They Rebounds only win games poses the biggest threat. on the other end of the court. are big in the paint. They are big on when converted to points, though, She has hit more than twice as “When I watched film of West the wings. Defense is very impor- and that’s where Liz Repella came many threes as any of her team- Virginia that is the first thing that tant to their basketball team and I in with her season-high 26 Sunday. mates (64) and averages the second I acknowledged ... we are going to love that.”

LIBYA from Page 1 rebels are civilians, while Gadhafi’s mission is being carried out. been abandoned by regime forces. tions of pro-Gadhafi forces sealing people are professional fighters.” in Libya, a “political leadership” There, a power station hit by shell- off the entrances of the city. Ajdabi- Disorganization among the reb- has formed among the rebels, made ing on Thursday was still burning, ya itself was visible, black smoke ris- els could also hamper their attempts up of former members of Gadhafi’s its blackened fuel tank crumpled, ing, apparently from fires burning to exploit the turn of events. Since regime who defected along with with flames and black smoke pour- from fighting in recent days. the uprising began, the opposi- prominent local figures in the east, ing out. “There are five Gadhafi tanks tion has been made up of disparate such as lawyers and doctors. The Some of the fighters, armed and eight rocket launchers behind groups even as it took control of the impromptu nature of their leader- with assault rifles, grenade launch- those trees and lots of 4x4s,” one entire east of the country. ship has left some in the West — ers and truck-mounted anti-aircraft rebel fighter, Fathi Obeidi, standing Regular citizens — residents particularly in the United States guns, charged to the city outskirts on a dune and pointing at a line of of the “liberated” areas — took up — unclear on who the rebels are and battled with Gadhafi forces in trees between his position and the arms and formed a ragtag, highly that the international campaign is the morning. A number of rebels city, told an Associated Press re- enthusiastic but highly undisci- protecting. were killed before they were forced porter at the scene. plined force that in the past weeks The disarray among the opposi- to pull back somewhat, said the Gadhafi forces have ringed the has charged ahead to fight Gadhafi tion was on display on Monday. spokesman for the rebels’ organized city’s entrance and were battling forces, only to be beaten back by With Benghazi relieved, sev- military forces, Khalid al-Sayah. with opposition fighters inside, superior firepower. Regular army eral hundred of the “citizen fight- Al-Sayah said the fighters’ ad- rebels said. The plan is for the rebel units that joined the rebellion have ers” barreled to the west, vowing to vance was spontaneous “as always.” forces from Benghazi “to pinch” the proven stronger, more organized break a siege on the city of Ajdabiya But the regular army units that regime troops while “those inside fighters, but only a few units have by Gadhafi forces, which have been have joined the rebellion are not will push out,” Obeidi said. He said joined the battles while many have pounding a rebel force holed up in- yet ready to go on the offensive. a special commando unit that de- stayed behind as officers struggle to side the city since before the allied “We don’t want to advance without fected to the opposition early on in get together often antiquated, lim- air campaign began. The fighters a plan,” he told AP in Benghazi. “If the uprising was inside the city lead- ited equipment and form a coordi- pushed without resistance down the it were up to the army, the advance ing the defense. Makenzie Mason | Lariat Photographer nated force. highway from Benghazi — littered today would not have happened.” Regime troops are also besieg- Discord also plagued the co- with the burned out husks of Gad- He said the regular units intend ing a second city — Misrata, the last alition. The U.S. was eager to pass hafi’s tanks and armored personnel to advance but not yet, saying it was significant rebel-held territory in leadership off, but the allies were carriers hit in the airstrikes — until not yet ready. “It’s a new army, we’re western Libya. According to reports We made it! deeply divided on the issue. Turkey they reached the outskirts of Ajd- starting it from scratch.” from Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya, was adamantly against NATO tak- abiya. By Monday afternoon, around new fighting erupted Monday at Runners cross the finish line at the end of the Bearathon Saturday ing charge, while Italy hinted Mon- Along the way, they swept into 150 citizen-fighters were massed in Misrata, Libya’s third largest city, on Fifth Street. The Bearathon is a 13.1 mile half-marathon that day it would stop allowing use of its the nearby oil port of Zwitina, a field of dunes several miles (ki- which the forces have shelled re- begins and ends on Baylor campus. Junior Brandon Reed won airfields if the veteran alliance is not just northeast of Ajdabiya, which lometers) outside Ajdabiya. Some peatedly over recent days while cut- the men’s division and Nichole Jones won the women’s division. given the leadership. Germany and was also the scene of heavy fight- stood on the wind-swept dunes ting off most food and water sup- Russia also criticized the way the ing last week — though now had with binoculars to survey the posi- plies to residents.

JAPAN from Page 1 “We expected someday the big “I think I cannot understand “Because I live here now what tion is working with others on cam- Residence Hall and Brooks Flats. in the Vara Martin Daniel Plaza. earthquake to happen in Japan like what’s going on,” Nakano said. “My happened in Japan is like other pus to raise money for the Japanese The donation stations will be set up Attendees will be invited to in Tokyo, but I still cannot imagine family was the most stressful thing world for me, and even though I’m Red Cross, said Sho Suzuki, Tokyo at various times at each of the loca- participate in making 1,000 paper what happened in Japan now,” Ayu- for me, and at first I heard the news Japanese I can’t do anything for sophomore and event coordinator tions. cranes, each with a message to the kawa said. “[On the news] it looks I couldn’t think it as like real things, them now, so I have to figure out for the association. Japanese Student Association people of Japan written inside. Su- like hell, so yeah it’s just terrible for but it’s getting become much realis- what I can do here,” Ayukawa said. There will be several donation president and Haslet senior Sarah zuki said the Japanese Student As- me and I feel so sad.” tic for me as time past, so it makes So far, Ayukawa said she has fo- stations set up on campus today Leat said there should be an an- sociation hopes to send the cranes Exchange student and Tokyo me very worried.” cused on prayers and donations. through April 1. nouncement during Chapel on to Japan as “a message to cheer senior Megumi Nakano has only Finding ways to help their fel- Nakano said she also hopes stu- They will be located in the Wednesday to let students know them up.” received good news about her fam- low citizens in Japan is important dents will make donations to Hankamer School of Business, the the schedule for each station, and a The Japanese Student Associa- ily and friends back home so far, but to both Nakano and Ayukawa, but student efforts in fundraising on Baylor Sciences Building, the Bill website is being set up as well. The tion will also be taking donations remains worried about her friends being so far away has made it a chal- campus. Daniel Student Center, Penland organization is also holding a prayer April 2 during its spring festival, in Northern Japan. lenge. The Japanese Student Associa- and Memorial dining halls, Martin vigil from 9 to 11 p.m. Wednesday Leat said.

HAAG from Page 1 lor. At present, Haag serves as the and build Baylor, and that will be president of Florida Baptist Chil- his responsibility. It’s a shared re- dren’s Homes. sponsibility, but it’s his responsibil- “His heart for Baylor and his ity to wake up in the morning and heart for service are exemplary, to be dedicated to expanding the and he’s had a wide variety of re- base of friends and supporters of sponsibilities,” Starr said. “He has Baylor to help Baylor accomplish been in the business world and fi- its goals.” nancial planning. He has been an Though one of Haag’s foremost outstanding classroom teacher in goals is to secure funding for the college. He has served as an admin- President’s Scholarship Initiative, istrative pastor and then of course he will work on addressing various he has served in very important needs across the university, rang- leadership positions statewide, in ing from scholarship to building both Texas and Florida. In each renovations. of those instances he has headed “The main thing and the bot- up large organizations, and above tom line of my job is to provide the all he has an abiding love and en- ergetic commitment to Baylor and Baylor’s mission.” “... it’s his respon- Dean of the Hankamer School sibility to wake up in of Business, Terry Maness, who the morning and to be chaired the search committee and dedicated to expand- also taught Haag during his time at Baylor, said he presented a “com- ing the base of friends plete package” of personal traits and supporters of and accomplishments in his career Baylor to help Baylor that make him a good fit for the position. accomplish its goals.”

“I really think what stood out to me in visiting with him, but Ken Starr | President also the materials that I was able to gather through his application process, was that he’s a person that vision and leadership and funds his faith is extremely strong to him; to enable Baylor University and he’s very service minded. If you its ministry and mission to be ac- look at things he’s involved in, he’s complished,” Haag said. “I tell my very community oriented,” Maness staff here regularly we can have the said. “He’s not only helped organi- greatest dreams in the world, but zations achieve their missions, but they’re going to end up as empty he’s helped them do it by being ac- dreams unless we can find the in- tively involved in the fundraising dividuals to make it happen. That aspect of that, so those are things is my job — connect the internal we thought were strong character- with the external.” istics.” Haag said he looks forward to In his new position, Haag’s task meeting the Baylor family and re- will be to shift Baylor away from turning to serve his alma mater its tuition dependence by drawing — something he has felt called by more members of the Baylor com- God to do since his time as an un- munity to contribute to the univer- dergraduate. He said he hopes to sity, Starr said. help students follow God’s call as “I’ve frequently said that we well. need a new model of financing “What’s really exciting to me higher education in this country, is that I get to be a part of helping and that is clearly so with respect to transform the lives of students to public institutions, but it’s also today and helping transform the true with respect to private institu- lives of students for generations to tions,” Starr said. “Baylor cannot come,” Haag said. remain tuition-dependent for its “The work that I get to do is go- growth in the future, so there must ing to enable students to have their be a new model and that model is lives transformed and really find for this caring community of alum- and fulfill God’s calling on their ni and friends to come alongside lives.”