Office of P. 0. Box 20307 Volume 17 Number 1 Jackson, Mississippi 39289-1307 March 1996


David T . D ock ery III Mississippi Office of Geology

INTRODUCTION The state's subsurface is from Thomas and Osborne (1987), and the -Permsylva­ The stratigraphic columns presented here are a more nian section is modified from Dockery ( 1981) . References informative revision on the state's 1981 column published as for the Cambrian- section of the 1981 column one sheet (Dockery, 1981). This revision wasmade forafuture include Mellen (1974, 1977); this stratigraphy is also found in text on " An Overview of Mississippi's Geology" and follows Henderson ( 1991 ). the general format and stratigraphy as pub}jshed in the Corre­ When subdivided in oil test records, the state's Ordovi­ lation of Stratigraphic Units of (COSUNA) ciansection generally contains the , the Stones charts (see Thomas and Osborne, 1987, and Dockery, 1988). River (see AJberstadt and Repetski, 1989), and the The following discussion is a brief background, giving the Nashville Group, while the contains the Wayne major sources used in the chart preparations. Suggestions for Group and Brownsport Formation. The Termessee Valley improvements may be directed to the author. Autl10rity's (1977) description of a 1,326-foot core hole at their proposed Yellow Creek Nuclear Plant site in northeast­ em Tishomingo Catmty greatly refined the stratigraphy be­ PALEOZOJCSTRATJGRAPffiCUNITS tween the Lower Ordovician Knox Dolomite and the Ross Formation of . TIJ.is stratigraphy is shown in the All units shown in the Paleozoic stratigraphic column are up dip Siluriansection ofth e 1981 chart and is repeatedhere. fromtheBiackWarriorBasinin northern Mississippi. Many Not shown on these charts are TVA 's (1977) differentiation of these units are known only from the subsurface, as Paleo­ of the Middle Ordovician Stones River Group into fonna­ zoic outcrops of Devonian - age are restricted tions, including in ascending orderth.e Murfreesboro, Pierce, to the TermesseeRiver Valley inTishomingo County. Corre­ Ridley, and Lebanon of Blackriverian age, and the lations with global and North America chronostratigraphic CartersLimestoneofRocklandianage(seealsoSauve, 1981). units are from Lindberg (1984, 1987), and the numerical time The latter section is like that of Column 11 (Cumberland scale showing ages in millions of (m. y, or Ma) at Plateau and Adjacent Areas, ) of the boundaries is from Harland et al. ( 1990). COS UNA Southern Appalachian Region Correlation Chart (Luther. 198-l ). age. New units appearing in this collllllil The Dcvonia.n-Petmsyh·anian section presented here is arc the Pine Hill Anhydrite Member. which overlies tlle similar to columns 17-19 of COSUNA"s Texas-Oklahoma Louann Salt, and the Frisco City Sand, a facies ofthe Buckner Tectonic Region Corrcl