, , and Vocabulary Word Definition The at which an changes or direction Balanced Two or more forces acting on an object without a change in motion Criteria Standards or specifications that have to be met An event in which one object exerts a force quickly Conservation of The total amount of is the same Momentum before and after a collision Constraints Limitations or restrictions Energy The ability to do or cause change Energy Transfer Energy moving between objects Energy Energy changing forms Transformation Force A push or pull Force Pair An force and the force it produces, according to ’s Third Law of Motion A force that resists motion between touching objects Gravitational Energy of an object due to height Energy The force that pulls objects together An object’s tendency to resist a change in motion The unit of measure for energy Energy of Motion Law of Conservation Energy cannot be created nor destroyed of Energy A material that has the ability to attract or repel other magnetic material

Continued on back side Word Definition Magnetic The or around a magnet where the magnet generates a force Magnetic Pole The part of a magnet where its force is the strongest The force exerted by a magnet The measure of the amount of in an object Momentum A measure of how difficult it is to speed up, slow down, or change the direction of a moving object. Momentum = Mass x Model that scientists and engineers use to represent ideas and provide Motion Change in relative to a reference frame All the forces acting on an object Newtons Unit for force Stored Energy Predict To make a statement about what might happen before it does Prototype An early version of a design to test if it meets the criteria Reference Frame The point at which you observe motion Speed The rate at which an object changes position. Speed = / System A set of related objects under study or under consideration Unbalanced Force Two or more forces acting on an object that cause a change in motion Velocity The speed and direction of a moving object Measure of the force of gravity Work When a force acts on an object and changes its position or speed