is an “innovation engine”, one of the most significant and best connected centres of research and enterprise in the UK and Europe. 1 From all over the world, each year, we attract new businesses and enterprises; investment from public and private sources; and the brightest and best students and researchers. We convert the energy that they bring into a constant flow of new products, businesses and scientific breakthroughs. We are able to attract and inspire ideas and investment because we have nurtured a dynamic innovation ecosystem within a beautiful and historic environment. It is that combination, of history and modernity, of urban and rural, that makes Oxfordshire such a special place. As US Ambassador Matthew W. Barzun put © Ashmolean , University of it, following his visit in late 2015, Oxford is ‘inspired by the past but focused on the future’. With that focus on the future in mind, where do we envisage this engine will propel us over the next twenty years? How do we nurture an Oxfordshire that is even more dynamic and offers an even better quality of life? In recent months, regional partners have come together in a spirit of cooperation to address these questions. We do not claim to have all the answers or agreement on all points. Nonetheless, it is important that we keep asking the questions and debating the answers. View of Oxford from by To that end, this green paper sets out some thoughts on a shared future with the hope it will spark a wider dialogue about what Oxfordshire may look like. We explain in the final section how you can contribute your thoughts and ideas to the debate. Our starting point We look forward to hearing from you, Oxfordshire has many strengths on which we can Academically we are one of the leading global regions build our future. for research and education. The is one of the oldest and best universities in the world. In economic terms, we have the most innovative Oxford Brookes University is one of the best new regional economy in the UK, the best educated universities in the UK. The two institutions work closely workforce, a unique cluster of big science and research together and complement each other’s specialisms. facilities including the Centre for Fusion Front: Oxford city skyline, MRI at , Diamond Light Source - UK’s Energy and at Harwell the UK’s national synchrotron All of this activity takes place in a very attractive natural national synchrotron science facility at Harwell, , JET - Culham Centre and neutron facilities. Together with strong retail, environment, which includes two Areas of Outstanding for Fusion Energy, bluebells in Woods, the . manufacturing and service sectors; a strong industrial Natural Beauty. is a world heritage site. Back: Biochemistry laboratory, ecopod, quantum technology OXFORDSHIRE GREEN PAPER base with specialisms in areas such as motorsports; The dreaming spires of Oxford and the unspoilt rural laboratory, , autonomous vehicle, genetic scientist loading frozen Signed, in a personal capacity nationally and internationally recognised businesses; setting for our and villages have inspired painters crystals onto X-ray diffraction equipment. and a retail outlet at that is recognised and poets down the ages. Councillor Matthew Barber, Leader, District Council Jeremy Long, Chair, Oxfordshire LEP worldwide. Commercial activity in the is Other regions have some of these things. Only Councillor John Cotton, Leader, District Council Councillor Sir Barry Norton, Leader, District Council more than matched by voluntary and community Oxfordshire has all of them, and within an hour of Professor Steve Cowley, Chief Executive of the UK Atomic Energy Authority The Very Revd Professor Martyn Percy, The Dean, Christ Church entrepreneurialism. We made a successful bid Professor Alistair Fitt, Vice-Chancellor, Oxford Brookes University Councillor Bob Price, Leader, by train, as well as links to international transport hubs to become the UK’s first official ‘Social Enterprise Professor Andrew Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Light Source Professor Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor University of Oxford such as London Heathrow. Dr Bruno Holtof, Chief Executive, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Nigel Tipple, Chief Executive, Oxfordshire LEP Place’. The award recognised the wide range of social Foundation Trust Professor Ian Walmsley, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) enterprises dealing with an equally broad spread of As the ‘innovation engine’ report notes, Oxfordshire Councillor Ian Hudspeth, Leader, Oxfordshire Council University of Oxford social issues. Prime Minister described “has an outstanding local knowledge base allied to the Professor William James, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Resources) Professor John Womersley, Chief Executive Officer of the Science and us as “beacon for social enterprise”. 2 established benefits of international connectivity, and University of Oxford Technology Facilities Council (STFC) it offers an excellent quality of life”. Nigel Keen, Chair, Oxford AHSN Councillor Barry Wood, Leader, District Council We have world-leading and a thriving arts Professor Linda King, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research & Global Partnerships, and culture scene that draws on Oxford’s proud history Oxfordshire is not only a great place to live, it is also Oxford Brookes University and the creativity of its diverse population. a great laboratory in which to work and learn. Cover and back images by Oxford University Images (photographers: 1 www.sqw.co.uk/insights-and-publications/oxfordshire-innovation-engine John Cairns, Rob Judges, David Williams, Elizabeth Lettmann) except for © EFDA-JE (Culham Centre) and iStockphoto (Uffington White Horse)

Vision Working together to address challenges Shaping the discussion National context and contribution of the region Let us look ahead, twenty years from now. What our schools at primary and secondary level. We will To nurture a place that is both more prosperous Within our small and historic city of Oxford, we must Now is a great time to have a discussion about our The ideas outlined in this paper will feed into do we want life to be like in 2035? support a wide programme of top-quality vocational and more liveable, we will work together on some make creative use of our precious real estate. We future and how we want to shape it. each of these developments, and more. The future of our region is not just important areas that are net positive contributors to the The starting point for the partners who have training and apprenticeships, and a network of Enterprise of the challenges that face many cities of our will need to use smart city solutions to come up with to the people of Oxfordshire. We make a Exchequer.3 State investment in Oxfordshire The Strategic Economic Plan for Oxfordshire, setting out As we explained at the start, this paper is a developed this paper is simple: we want Oxfordshire Zones that nurture businesses to grow and create jobs. size and age. innovative answers. huge contribution to the prosperity and delivers greater growth and yields a rate of return long-term economic objectives, is about to be refreshed. starting point, not the final word. We are not to be more prosperous and offer an even greater We will build on our successes at Harwell and Culham by We will need to manage environmental risks, such as Although a relatively small county we have no shortage This process will be led by the Local Enterprise Partnership consulting on a pre-prepared plan. We want quality of life of the UK. We acknowledge that is higher than any other part of the UK. quality of life. We do not see a tension between securing the next generation of big science facilities in flooding, and the unpredictable consequences of of groups, skills and community keen to assist in making and will involve looking beyond the already ambitious to develop our thinking together, creatively, the responsibility that brings. With and London, we form a these two goals. We do not become more the UK. In Oxfordshire we will lead the world in the rate climate change. our community a success but also in helping those that targets we have set ourselves. The findings of the collaboratively and openly. We make a particular effort to connect with ‘golden triangle’ of research excellence, and prosperous at the expense of liveability, nor and scale of successful knowledge-intensive business might need our support. planned science and innovation audit and the developing other geographical and technical areas (both in we act as a bridge to the and the increase liveability by constraining economic Cutting-edge scientific and medical research facilities To that end, we would be delighted to hear from spin-outs. Oxfordshire Innovation Strategy will feed directly into the UK and globally) that can assist us in providing north. Our geographical location means we development. Innovation and knowledge exchange will be required to support the innovation ecosystem, We will need to invest in letting the whole world know you. We would be particularly interested in your the refresh. the best possible opportunities for business to can collaborate and build partnerships with all will generate the ideas and income we need to We will attract businesses to the county and nurture as well as high-quality public spaces. what we have to offer and be seen as an important thoughts on these three questions: maintain and further improve all the things that world player in our areas of specialism. succeed. parts of the UK. local enterprises by offering them a well-connected, We will need to build more of the right kind of The collegiate University and the City Council have make Oxfordshire a great place in which to live. enterprise-friendly, innovation ecosystem in which they jointly commissioned the production of a Development As an innovation engine, we attract and grow We have Universities, a LEP and business homes at the right price, in attractive, mixed and We will need to work closely with our neighbouring can grow. We will lead the UK in the number of start-ups Framework Plan, to capture the vision for their Oxford- the high-tech, knowledge-intensive businesses community who are committed to highlighting Our aspiration is that the people of Oxfordshire in well-connected settlements that contribute to urban areas and beyond, throughout the UK, to maximise u What else should be included in and scale-ups that we support. Cutting-edge, high-tech wide estate ambitions, and to assist with informed that keep the UK at the forefront of commercial the benefits of UK skills on the world stage. 2035 will live in affordable homes, set in well designed density and buzz. our potential for the benefit of the whole community. the vision? and maintained neighbourhoods that are sustainably companies will see us as their natural home, where they consultation with the public. Both the collegiate University innovation. Our specialisms in areas such as We need to ensure that the homes we build are None of these challenges can be tackled by one u What other challenges will we Our national significance was underlined last connected to their places of work. Partners will work can benefit from high-quality workspaces in convenient and Oxford Brookes are developing their future estate biotechnology, satellite science, pharmaceuticals, physically and digitally connected to high quality organisation alone. Indeed, the answers will come not need to address? year, when Chiltern Rail opened the first mainland together to ensure that housing need is anticipated locations that are well connected to houses. strategy and investment plans beyond 2018. engineering and electronics, and telecoms, to workspaces so that we can compete to attract and come from institutions at all, but from social enterprises, rail connection to the capital in over a century. and met, so home ownership is within reach of those u How do we make it all happen? name a few, are closely aligned with the UK’s We will attract global leaders to a place where their ideas retain high-tech global companies. community groups and businesses. We will work hard to The devolution deal with central government creates on average incomes, alongside high-quality rented ‘eight great technologies’ and we also have When Oxfordshire is successful, the UK is can have an impact locally, regionally, nationally and ensure such groups are well connected and effective. new investment opportunities and new ways of doing complementary advanced manufacturing and successful. accommodation. internationally, contributing to prosperity and wellbeing. We will need to ensure that the development of new business locally. businesses does not lead to others being crowded If we do not tackle these challenges or take full services sectors. To get around the region, people will be able to choose This makes it all the more important to look We will have delivered the goal, set out in the Strategic out because we cannot offer an environment that is advantage of the many opportunities described, it will from a range of efficient, low-cost, and connected travel We contribute approximately £15.5 billion a year to the long term and set out a vision for Economic Plan, of generating an additional £6.6bn designed for growth. become ever more difficult to maintain our status as options. The air quality will be excellent, as our forward- to national output, and are one of only three sustained and sustainable development. in additional economic activity and creating 85,000 a world leader in academic excellence, economic looking decision to introduce the UK’s first zero emissions We will need to use inventive ideas to make it quicker new jobs, and at least half this growth will be in the innovation and quality of life. zone pays off. knowledge-based economy. We will have delivered and easier to get around the region when we need to travel, but use technology to avoid travel where We cannot take our future for granted. Staying To share your views, please email [email protected] The University of Oxford will continue to be a global the recommendations of the innovation engine report, possible. at the forefront and fulfilling our potential requires 2 leader in research, education and innovation. It will be enabling us to realise fully our growth potential and www.socialenterprise.org.uk/social-enterprise-places/certified-places/oxfordshire commitment and investment. home to more postgraduate students and researchers make an even greater contribution to the national 3 www.oxfordshirelep.org.uk/content/strategic-economic-plan and have even stronger links with business. Its estate economy. These achievements will be driven by strong will have grown proportionately and sustainably to partnerships in which business and social enterprises accommodate these ambitions. Oxford Brookes will be play a leading role. further established as one of the UK’s leading universities. Taking these elements together, we think that the We will still have the best educated workforce in the UK, goal of making Oxfordshire an even greater place and aim to have closed the gap in attainment between to live, work, learn and do business can be realised. Stephen Kill/© Medical Research Council Research Kill/© Medical Stephen Howard Stanbury Timofei Shatrov aka Grue/CC