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(EartmCARTERET, N. J., FRIDAYt, AUGUST 24, 1962 •nwnd u tad Ola« Man it t O., Otrttnt, N J. PRICE TEN CENTS rogram Outlined For Dedication of



>r<'ii a period

i.. me.1' mid rc- .,,; i •>• children, 2 Schools Sunday ,KII, A-v-ociiillon ,(! » Oik Oil • ;.s m line wiih Hfliei .Schools i/Vo Polio Cases Reported in Carteret t vidi-rit s". Ray Minue . !i: u( 'he HSsn-

,.; Inui prow vi Second YearinRow,Mrs. Becker Says ;•• -.fill »at> tlif OARTERET — For the sec- Tribute Becker, executive secretary who has been chairman of •• irUfWlllK lilt ond straight year, no cases of the association, said. Car- the March of Dimes In Car- u K>'udln»r us H of paralytic polio have been teret had one case each in teret for more than a dozen :> siid. A <:om- recorded in Carteret. 1960, 1959 and 1958. Mrs. •«. Mrs. Mildred < 1MH< 11 KD11 M K JOIt. Pluili) IIHIH*. Horkmen hus> making alterations and additions to St. Demetrius' Ukrainian * V * Becker satd. years. Before then, hir Slated brother, the late Joseph nvz (It HII extensive Orthodox Chiin-h. ROOM-UII »nd l.cick A\fiiiu\ Complete refurbishing ot the interior of the church building also in on This Information came to- CARTERET—Final arrange* : ;c.itors in Iwal the u * *. Becker | chahmia in Cartere* r• 111v accredited said. "The same goes (or first State chairman of Nicholas Minue C.M.H. School "We had no polio cases -.ichers These adults as well as children." National Foundation. and the Abraham Lincoln Opens Monda\ *, o nnn is ru r J J For KC Saturday from Carteret last year and » * • • ondiii ted the was an aggressive and U*e- School. CARAWT-... Demetnu 918,000; AO/lfiOS Lauded CARTERET - A movie J- none has been reported so Mrs. Becker has been work- less worker In those yjpp The principal ceremony Is far this year "Mrs. Olga Unit the) "Carteret Fntr" \/ill net under jbaret night will be held by the ins with Dennii Fitsmmld when polio was rampant^** the dedication at 2 P. M. of the .way next Monda\ evnilnt AUK- CAKTKHKT The Board of,were invested in Federal Oov-[ Columbus r-nrov Mtaue School in honor of Pfc, M ul v uluraDlu ale •mred from »!UBt 27, at 7 P M ul the Car- Education hiis leahzed $18.-iernment Securities to realize! ' ' >- y Nltholas Ts. Minue, the only 0ounr;l1 1380 TheN i.His in thelr^^t ghopnniK Cnter and will 1M.15 imn intuitt-ri-si rest tor ththe year over $18,000.00 tax free to the| * tomorrow eve- Congreisitxal Medal of Honor '•y. It Planning Board \ ^i* run for one wen closing on June 31 iwople of Carteret. jning at -8 PM. at the Columbi- er ',n the history cf tlie ..itic mprove-jaaturdBy evtiurt. R;ptember 1 This wa.s revealed at tlie lust Mr. Kolibas. in thanking the an Club. The movie to be shown' nn », V,. , I Fewer Mosquitoes •st Armored Divlaion, Port lllm-> '•'"Pablll-1 p ( j -j!| b, |{)p ineetui;' of ihe board when Board for its warm comments: oairrGKET — et ure( 7 iU) exc K ;is "The Great Impostor" star- [ood. Texas. The ceremony vd ;: unprove-in^^jy oi Bflo onl'c thrill Mrs. Josi-pinne O'Brien, board'stated: "The tax fr • dividend fur Carteret ire Hn- September 5t will be at the Minue School. ring Tony Curtis. Edmond O'- TCARTEREo MeeT t— Monda The Carrtrety' N: .lie* thlsjrKjpg (Or b«tll VOii1(r an(J 0,d secretary, h.sua the figures. |of $18,000.00 mark:, the first to ride alonir at a CARTERET — An ho:u, guard from the Planning Board will hold a spe- i' i > will be nru| there will b> tt special, John M Kolibus, president [time that any school board has Brien. Karl Maiden and Ray- record breaking low. of the borough will n Sixth Infantry of that Division mil ,'hend in* program fo- tht klddtc*. Dell-'of the board, was credited withifollowed the policy of investing mond Masaey. Refreshments' cial meeting Monday night 4o' Health Inspects Michael the 1902-1963 jto comint; from Texas to attend. if give final consideration for __. ^ ittsbeski M»*ftnied this "'•'•' u ,;*r«yhi.' #a« done cation, Rev. Domino M. /IHIW to con- guest are cordially invited to ing Street. Suptf/intendent •"T_..> pco])le 'I earlier this season. Drltr «ho had a attend but a limited supply of S. Qum said transportation de- OBM-. I»stor Of St. When the Board meet Mon-| weather (his summer, also :li the pro- Mrs. Helen Macwnl find theJr(Khould ur«Tiallv proud ofjhowever. would not have been only 200 tickets are tails tor pupils will be published Chu/^Star^Spangled Banner; day night of this week, it sug- has been helpful, he said. Post 263, American Legion commute of nteBibflr* from trie a. taecjse it was through your possible without the affair next week. '"""* ins nunntr SUUrhood Of thv Bli r-.wisdom and hard woU that cooperation which I received trVZVr^'iWritoT 'A™' U"IV"*"J gested a number of changes| Principals will meet Thurs- Band: welcome address, Joseph Rt Wa tei Campbe and before acting favorably on the P. Lamb, vice president of the < implctely Mary, the Kt Anns Aux- Uie b,,mv,h b richer $18,000 from the members of the Board; ' » day August 30 at 9 AM. In Mr. Board of Education; remarks,, effec- and the 8t. Di-nictrlus'todgy other board members and in particular from application made by William V. Quin's office Teachers will [iLarrtson of Park Crest Agency, Welfare Cases . . ,„ Francis T, Tomczuk, Carteret i expansion A. The St. Demetrius' (.oncu,red wnll tnis thousht. Board .secretary. Mrs, O'Brieni Stephtn B dak • Men . Club by its . ° ' 46 Washington Avenue. meet in the .same office Sep- Veteraiui Alliance; selection. • Executive This was the first time that and the custodian of Tllls Sunday at 2 P.M. !dent. Pet*-r Phohopent ;inri spe- the tember 4 at 9 A.M. {Ugion Band. presentatipn ot appreci- the -vhool buiird hud invested monies, Alexander Comba. Iti Mr. Larrison asked permis- Here at Peak The office of the Supervising icl»l chairman. Michael |boy.s and parents of the Little schools, School Superintendent, it« funds an dtiad realized such was through the combined ef- sion to subdivide a portion of a Principal and the Board ' of will lunette tlu' booth!-. League t«sm sponsored by the CARTERET — The relief Edwin S. Quin; acceptance, ( a luixe sum. It w;i.s explained fprts of Mr. Comba and Mrs. tract now o&ned by the Car- Education moved this week to <»ven and tickets ii.l Council are invited po a ban- load here is quite high at the John M. Kolibas, president of d'uruiK the course of the meet- O'Brien that this dividend for teret Smelters and Refinery the new Abraham Lincoln '"'• Jee' tn»t!handled by Ray Wi-zmi nv.A quet at the Columbian Club. In the Board of Education; un- in nhat funds me- of the piuynrounds wi)l be the [contest will be run off at each jCarteret Veterans Alliance. Street from Locust to Roose- for the large load. Mrs. Chester cipal, Herman E. Horn, has an- trius Center with two bands lJtl|,, J,JJV. carteret Contestiof the nine playgrounds next velt; the installation of.sani- said. She pointed out that three nounced that the high school Dedication Committee: Oat»- llarsany^ i provldinu musU- from I P M. .M)(m.sored bv the Carteret Jay-;week. rlel Comba, chairman; Mrt Dance h Planned , (Continued on Page 2) (Continued on Page 2) office will be open for registra- Good "V"'ml,n'ght' ""If'*° b!"'ds eves Inc This contest is o V On Monday at 2 p.m. Little Julia Hlla and Anthony 4. W tion on Thursday, August 30 !*1U * Aoh"n" bh'lha »Il d hls M all residents .girls' b.!ueeiv iss Bernard Street will be By VFW Auxiliary Haroski, members of the Board will be Dr. i D M and Friday August 31. from 9 •ipic nd at 3:30 p.m. Little CARTEIET — The Ladies' of Education: Walter Chamra, A.M. to 11:30 A.M. and from 1 T of each urea playground Miss Post Boulevard. Tuesday Auxiliary of the Star Landing Canine Population Up Commander of Post 263, Le- Post 2314 will hold its annual P.M. to 3 P.M , for all new pu- fi He will 2 p.m. will be gion; Daniel Donovan, com* dance on September 22 at the pils who have moved Into the mander, VFW Post 2314J in Hungari- lember 9 at the Curteret Parkjtion tor Little Miss Grant Ave- 8chool of Dance with Miss Syti post rooms'as reported by Mrs. community during the summer Alexander Fazekas, Commander •" English at chlch conducting. Many wu^sts for the Title Of Little Missinue |nd at 3:30 p.m. Little Miss Mary Thorp and Mrs. Margaret This Borough Now Ha^ More Than 1,000 months. lltl 1 1 1 rl winner will theniwasnlngton School. St. Ellas Post, 797 CWV; wll be coming from other parts ''• ' ' ' " Nemeth, chairman. Tickets Pets, an All-Tinie Record. All freshmen will report to old Maddow, Commander, the annual lomp.'te in the Little Miss New| uiae Miss ghorecrest will be ;of New Jerwv, Delaw.nv. may be obtained from any the high school on Tuesday, Post, 745; Clarence G. McOiUte, .i,;sev Cnnt.'.st in Point PU-as-^hosen Wednesday at 2 p.m. con- York and Connecticut for this member or at the post rooms CARTERET — The canine Of this number, Mr. Yar- September 4, at 1? A.M. to re- Miriue Memorial Committee i!. on St'i>teinber 1». ••ld at Camp! outstandi.iK affair and at 3:30 p.m. Little Miss At the meeting, presided over population is increasing in cheski said 806 dogs had been ceive homeroom, assignments' and Michael Sekosky. Comman- •'•<><•>• 1-3 should 'l'!U' M'cond actiiity will be parkview Thursday wilLbe the by Mrs. Ruth Donovan, presl- Carteret. Inoculated against rabies. and schedules. der. CWV, St. James Post, 818. -'-•'• Call Ml8S|Le8^f ((old touriiiuiieiit t« be held elimination for Little Mlts Car- dent, a silver offering was Carteret holds a mass vac- 1 will be orK«iH/rd to- "" This is the word • from All pupils will report to the Plan Receptions The|nlght a Mondiiy Aunuijt 21th. Pif-,teret Park at 2 p.m. and Little awarded to Mrs. Bernadine cination once a year. After ,...„ a meeting in the Uk- "ii Health Inspector Michael high, school on Wednesday, Receptions at both the school ii youiiKsters hBvi' entered,Miss St. Joseph's will be chos- LltUB. that, pet owners have to go September 5, at 8;40 A.M. to looking | rainlnn Pavilion. t Yarcheski who revealed that and the American Legion Me> ""'v-men and s event It jwill be a hatidi-en at 3:30 p.m. In charge ot hospitality wa» to veterinarians if they want brain regular f morial will be held after tha •••irpiember 1-3 .mleilt with two win- for the first time in the his- TO MEET TONIGHT jc:ip tournai The flna. elimination contest Mrs. Mary Macioi Kowski j their dogs vaccinated. High school so|humore ceremony [ : - Nemlsh will and low net. Mrs. Ruth Donovan. Mrs tory of the borough has re- Most of the home owners CARTERET St. Elms low gj'OSS lwilwilll b( ne PrdaPrlday y aal 2 pm guides are to report, on Thurs- Minue, who was bqm in 8ed- '<> those who • Kalupa and garet Nemeth and Mrs. Wraula corded more than 1,000 dogs. who have come to Carteret in day, August 30 at 9AM. 797, CWV vrtll hold a special Thomas; ror uttle ljlss Cnrome. den, Poland, entered; the Array Freeman will be in charge of i In fact, he said, licenses recent years: brought their All pupils who attended sum- at Carteret. He was a member meeting ir. "£e "pol" 'roomV "aTcou.hlinJr last year's ^>>»^""Tni, wtanerB of tnese play. 1 y are .ntered uyum to hospitality for the next meet- tnui year have been issued for pets along,, Somehow, Mr. mer school must have grades of the Sixth Armored Infantry 'ii\n 1 S 6 o'clock tonight ground contests trill compete in 1 : championships Thlsi ing jo be held on September 17 ioBO pets and there are some Tarcheski aaid they had to worded on Tuesday, August during World War II, and tu A nominating committee will,' " the Little Mlssj Carteret Pa- . ~*n w ... .l.~ i. at 8P . M Hi the post rooms, i 80 others without licenses. part with them. shot land killed after single- Summer be appointed to select a slateii'unt will take place at tlie geant In Carteret Park, Sept. 8 28 handedly wiping out ten enemy ••|r "f Evan- of officers for the new year. •Oak HidKf Golf Course, Clark. at 2 pm. machine gunners to enable hlsj Church, 712 Hie third event will be Olym-j Ju(jgeii for the preliminaries has been platoon to move up. DREHB REHEARSAL pic Day on Wednesday. A^8-;Wj]i be Mrs. Ann Bonkoski, Mrs. A Seven-Day Week Colors Life of Rabbi Baum; A Minue Scholarship Fund « A.M., Sun- CARTERET - Carteret Vet-.usi 2«h at one oclock. This, Violet Lawlor, Mrs. Mary Mas- Committee was established last Morgan eraiu Alliance will hold a dresswili be open to all children in terson, Mrs. Jane Vargn, Mrs. on,the year to raise money for grants, rehearsal at Mlnue School at|th|] boro between the ages^ oi Natalie O'Donnell Mrs. Audrey fusibility ot Counselor, Aribitrator, Student of Ancient Law and loans for graduates of the 11:30 AM. Sunday in comuv-^f« and twelve The bracket* Mittuch, Mrs. Joan Burde, Mrs. i' Sunday after high schoo) who plan to attend Urn with the dedication of the'foji the boy« »nd tilrta w|l• l be (Andrey Lane and Mrs. Lynne CARTERET - "A rabbi's the Jewish Educational Cen- plains why the Hebrew School where he attended elemeni college. two new school* that day 7 mid 8. 9 and 10. U mfd 12.|glltOi i^p judses vfll work in life maans a 24-hour day" ter iji Elizabeth. plains why the Hebr|ew School 1 tary and High School. He all Honor Guard '- In I groups of three. ' Rabbi Morton Baum com- • Wl;ien he gets back home, now has more than 110 stu- ' s—«—J-o attendeJd •"—-•-Brookly• n College•• . , The honor guard lrom the "luting mented the other day, as he people jcome to him with dents as compared with about He was ordained in 1947 aft- 1st Battalion. 6th Infantry In \ i. Turnpike Fluoridation Debated \ \Rummm(, Satoie prepared to keep a series of the common problems and 40, before er graduating from the. Rab- making the trip from the First appointments. trouble!) of all, mankind. A "Religious and cultural binical Seminary. Armored Division at Fort Hood ! Members of Open on ifloiuwyi RRbbi Baum has quite a mother worries about her needs will be greatly expand- He served as rabbi iu Ben- will be comprised of Bergeant 1 i.i Aid Squad Cnrtrrvl unit kiv«' ()\\ur Town* Musi Favor cARTERET-'Pinal arrange-1 task. He directs two congre- children. A man fears his ed" Rabbi said "as soon as wnhurst, Brooklyn and from first class, Jimmie Jones, of •"">' HI 7:15 a.m. ,.,.,. ments have been made by St.' sations, the Synagogue -of mind is going. Domestic prob- the Hebrew Community Cen- 1950 to I960 was rabbi of an Killeen, Teixas, Sergeant Nath- •"• New Jersey It Before Fun" Aelion. Elizabeth PTA ,for the rum- Loving Jmttce in the Chrome lems. Two partners are quar- ter, now under construction orthodox congregation in aniel Lake, of New Orleans, La.; '''If-mile from mage sate which will be held: section and the Synagogue of reling. Boys or girls not up is completed We also plan Memphis Tenn Sergeant William Alfaro of lMlri'change. Brotherhood of Israel, Uppev to par in behavior require a a program of athletic acti- He is a former president of Puerto Rico and Sergeant Phil- J. Otst'ii presidcnl ot the at 51 Pershing Avenue during ' "lit, was born CARTKRET - No inuttei Petshing Avenue. lecture. vities." the Rabbis Organization, for- pip Conner of Abbeville. La. company the "whole system the week beginning Monday. ''••' Aleiiu, 38, of what, fluorldatlon of waterls He is up at 7 A.M. Before His work as friend, coun- "Service to my fellow man mer president of the Izrachl Lt. Col. Arsene P. Bonlfas, and not just a part of it The store will be open daily •"'" Assisting quit* « way off. breakfast, he puts oa the selor, arbitrator, student of and human beings" is upper- Zionist Chapter Memphis commanding officer of the 1st ( .i'oukt have to be fluoridated from 9 A.M. until 5 P.M. Ar- Battalion, 6th Infantry; it) '"mba. treasur- As the situation stands iu>« the ancient law and rabbi most In the mind of Rabbi aru) also served as president wouid tides may be,brought to the pleased his men oan play % '''' suimd. and Carteret will get a chatnei In small leathevn boxes con- done, Rabbi Baum may have Baum, \#ho Is now writing of . the Clergymen's Round nave to request fluoridated Istore or left in the Church part in the dedication cere- taining parchments of a brief moment for study. a book on "Commentaries of Table at Memphis. a new mem- November to say U they want water before fttorlne ls add- ment. monies. iu"d The mother ancient scriptural passages. Then there may be hospital Middle Ages In the Bible." He was married in 1948 to It or not. ed. The water system of the "It U a great honor bestowed '•"' ittlten to Ellz Sven 11 Cwteret votes ui With prayer shawl about his calls and he had quite a num- Rabbi Baum ls pursuing his the former Bernlce SallnskjL company is an Integrated SERVICES TONKJHT on this unit to have a school ravor of It, the matter will shoulders he chants passages ber of them recently. studies at Yeshiva University His brother, Eli Baum is a system and cannot separate CARTERET — The regular named in honor of a former iUll hang In the air. from psalms in praise and Rabbi Baum's principal in- for the degree of doctor of rabbr In Westcheater County, i he water. , Friday evening services of the member of the 6th Infantry,* idling .. The Mlddlesei Water Coiu- adoration of Ood. terests are training In family philosophy. New York, A brother-in-law, emei 4 Middlesex Water Compuny Congregation Brotherhood of Col. Borufas said. "While tin pany whloh supptlw water HI Afterwards, he drives his and peycholiglcal counseling. Born on the East Side in Mendel Eller is a rabbi too, present members of the unit .serves all of Carteret and Me- Israel will begin tonight at the ,' *•'"ool and is « Carteret, also furnishes wutti three children, Sherry, S, Mi- He is greatly interested In New York, Rabbi Baum was serving in Belmar. are protectintt g the America* 9 tuchen and parts of South Hill Bnagogue, Pershing Ave- "1 buketball offi- service to live other com- chael, » and H&daaeah, u to youth guidance which ex- brought up in Brooklyn, (Continued on Page 3) (Continued T 1) Plainfield, Edjaon and Clark. nue, at 7:25 V- M. munlt^e* According u> Curl PAGE TWO AUGUST 23, 24, 1962 Town Grants Better Schools Cornell Estates |OB I T U A R j (Continued from'Page 1) Group at Session Carteret Churches the Board of Education In get- MRS. NASCAR FUNERAL MBS- ROSKov CARTKRET - ThomM Mlllk lies Pay Raises ting the two new schools read; Thp funeral of Mrs. Zuzanne CARTER£ for the coming school year, and Jartrrct tax assessor, was the Nnscak. 158 Edgflr Street, Car- k Sunday* CALVARY BAPTIST CHTOCB WOODBRIDGE—Ordinances at the same time, formulating nest speaker at thn meeting of trret. was held on August 18, '• 8. Roskov,,; OF CARTERBT 6:00. 7:00. 8 00, 9:00, 10:00. granting raises lor Township plans for added facilities at, til'1 Corn.(•11 Estntefl Civic Afiso- at 8:30 A. M. from the Bisub * St. Run.. ,.. 11:00. 12:00 employees and department the overcrowded high school.' elation.. oonn Mondny evening. Funeral Home, 54 Wheeler Av- Church hm M Edwin Street Corner EMM Werkdty* Pimp, followed by a solemn high heads were Introduced at a Mr. Bonkotkl stated, "We are Tlif ax structure of Cartcret, Mrs-,,. Rev Maurice H Waltmon•'6:00. 7:30. 8:30 (11: 1& Fridays) mnss of requiem at the Sacred meeting of the Town Commit- pleased with newt from the the i ifficc of the tax assessor Thursday in h,,' Minister First Fridays m re-evaluation of Heart Church at 9 A. M, with Mrs Steven Adam, organist tee Tuesday. Board of Education meeting^ id thn fuiurr adelphia i •,.',, 6:30, 7:30. 11 15 and 9:30 PM The new salary schedules are that they Intend to expedite a the boro were amoni? the topics: tnr RPV. Andrew A. Okal, cele- STTNDAt Holy Dan of Obllfatlon served a.s p:1Mlll aa follows: financially and educationally brnnt, Rev. Dominic M. Manzo, ,Church 9:4J A M Sunday School. «:00. 7P0. 8:00. »:00, 10:00 until i Magistrate Benjamin Kan- sound expansion program for , M.lik .staled that the re-'O.S.M. deacon, and the Rev He classes for all age*, and 5:30 P M. i nOW |T |; tor, 17.500; Tax Collector Mich- which our Association will give |;lllon program Ls nearlngiMnrtln Komoslnski^ub-dfacon. ,M U A M Worship Serrte* ael J. Trainer, $8,610; Cleric's our support for the proper ac- ; ,n and ., expected to In t was n St. Obtrude ^ FIRST PRESBYTERIAN M = nwAt i communion first Sunday of Office. Anna DeStefano, $4,- ceptance of this referendum. by October 1. each month' a*r. H. Addijon Wwittmtjtr, Honorary pallbearers were: 987: Lillian Obcrlles, $3,209; All too often a tremendous Inn-ease of property value plus 6PM Italnlng Union, Putat Edith Wasilek, J3.029; Jeanette Mrs. Michael Caplk, Mrs. An- building expansion and reno- all addition* and Improvements classes (or all agea. i Manie it ton Gnydos, Mrs. John Oeles, 1 7 P. M Evening Woranlpi S3 Cirtent Avenue of prnpiicrtles will be taken Into Mrs. Anna Galvanek, Mrs. Jo- . Senrlcet shadows the evergrowing plans serration in this program, Service j $5,107; Henrietta Mclnlck, as- seph Poll, and Mrs. Afidrew Sunday. 8:30 and 11 A M. to enrich the academic phase 5 ot ltr WEDNESDAY sistant Municipal Court Clerk, he said. ,.,... iBIvonBlvon, Jr. Active pallbearers,pallbearers,*'* ' J . . Huber, $5,189; Gerard LeVan.jert ODonnell's work has been John Tlrabassi reported to The Sacred Heart Altar and nil in !Sf0Ut4 7PM second Tuesday e*ch - |$4.325; telephone exchange, followed with a great deal of the memberb s that the trees Ro,Bry society and the month. Board of Education. Thursday. 3:30 P M. Junior Mabel Naylor, $4,391. interest and satisfaction, and rc to be planted In the Catholic L*dle»' Jednota Bo- commisMnnrd . 8PM second Wednesday Assessor's office, Mildred has been pointed »ut as an in- foil wiwilll be obtained from the rlety rsclted the rosary on The nifn i-, each month, business meeting Albrecht, $3,988; Marie Schott.jdlcatlon of this town's desire to Princeton Nursery The maples Thursday evening at 8 P. M. (tether for n;.v of the church. Cholr; $3,779; Irene Eeilly, $3,779; [have a school jystem second to will bp six to seven feeteet talcanl anaimd > At 8:30 P. M. the Ford* Post|They repri-sf.- Saturday. 10 A. M. Brownies Agatha Raymond, $3,457; Pur-^one. This new spirit is reflect 8 P. M. every Wednesday, they will be planted 20 feet'office employees paid their re- tallon, 6th V: chasine, Ruth Hoflman. $3,209; ed ln an announcement by Mr. adult choir. apart. A portion of the price spects in a body. |monlM in F-t, ZION Tax Collector's office, Kathleen O'Donnell that a recently form- will be supplied by Bernard Rosary services were held on |nrst Armorer! 10:30 A M. every CARTERET BOUND: An honor guard from the 1st Bat- EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN Carl, $3,377; Margaret Cata- ed Teachers Committee has Hllderman builder of Cornell Prldav evening at 8 P. M. byjactlvated. lano, $3,910; Margaret Oreas- talion, 6th Infantry, 1st Armored Division, will travel to 7:30 P. M. every Saturday, 71! Roosevelt Avenue met during the summer vaca- Estates and the balance will bf ftev. Andrew A. Okal. At 8:30[ DurinK ar farteret, to attend a dedication ceremony next Sunday, th Mayor's Prayer Group. I R«T. VMlllt M. Xon. P«tor helmcr, $4,988; Nldolina Lom-jUon ^ evaluate and recom- paid by the boro. « Middlesex Water Compmnyjel-Bab. Tin,••, bardi. $4,924; Georglanna To-' c Sunday Ma&ies, 7:00, 8:00 CaUK-hetical Classes, Thurs- nUIVItp^ " „ , Doctor Talk pQp,g B:30, and 10:30 A. M. M Report on Picnic means any vaccine, senjm, our bereavement ln the death halted the days. 6:30 and 7:30 PA1. i Weekday Masses, 7:30 and Past President Arthur Stu- medloine chemical, or other of our dearly beloved wife, Minue went Choir Rehearsal, Wednesday By John B. Rembert, M. D. 1:00 A M. Woodworklng is a favoritepar, chairman Of the picnic substance used for the pre- n«r ueram *«^-;."^ «- moUier, grftndmother, great-|waged a on,n -., 7:15 P.M : hobby from coast to coast. A.committee, reports that the Socialistic plans for Amenca vention or treatment of ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL 'Old Ironsid workshop in the home, fitted,^0 have been slowed down a little was parked in thn parking lo «•• MJ ••». wun»m r. remit, not Wp wl5h 1 defeat of the at Bunns Une someone stol' - . nom^ Welfare Cases with various kinds of tools, is j ^; Mf_ Rectory tool box with assorted tool?, knowledge with thanks the,n.amt .becomiiu almost as common that the picnic first section 1 k-jmany spiritual bouquets, floral sion. It was : .sued a proclamationACt, snail,?!ieht and tail ^ate 1, Services famille? are currently being as the \0\\3 popular den. Wood- ever. this tj-pe legislation will be re-1""*6 i'assembiy, wltii a total value tributes, and donations of cars. ruary 3 of th:< To Expand Awards wlth medicinal 0 the Pr i(1( : Sunday, 8 A.M. Holy Com- given financial aid pending the work is being taught ln most introduced when Congress tsppcially wUh to thankl ' " ' • R (fllIar Anr v munlon: 9:30 A.M. Holy Com- disposition of th«r compensa- hUli schools and is an out- [n the area of Annual meets ln jBnuary substance he mivy by ordcrjor the Rev, Andrew A. Okal, thel * ' ,, . , . ., regulation allocate such sub-, munlon first and third Sunday: tion cases standing ):;i with boys and even Awar^ardsdSi, Cchairman Harold Ross IRCV Dominie M. Manzo O.S.M.,j Most Americans »..l w sur- , ^ ^ Sec. 6 This Act shall be ef morning prayer second and Mrs. Chester dlscu&sed manyja K°°d nu::-.ber of young girls. ced that the Association stann and an(J iI the Rev Martin Komoslnsklj D I I • D anri0Un learn that the hoera -, , _ fourth Sunday. welfare cases of varied types. There a:- any number ol has agreed to expand these distl butlor in such manMr Jthe Altar Boys, the organist,! riai)l)l liailll 11 AM Church School. Through her continued famili- publication.' and books packed awards to include students att planners intend to upon such conditions, „ such arity with all types of family jwith ideas i.;is and directions.!the new Minue and Lincoln their dream of com- th<) flxinff of price ceillnRSi mA reveals 'Contin .-•' anu uirtxwuns. ti1P new iwinue »nu untw, . q ... . , „ -n „ „. r . Rabbi m- ST JOSEPH and personal problems, many Paterns arc thr(m h0Clajlza (M Am ca the Rosarians, both of the j latest thing on Elementary schools For the f,! «° " °- " to such extenappropriatt as he mae y(o deer thme ateolutbe grantee dictatoriad lo the l Presidenpowers t will and Mrs A (Servile Fathen) people come to Mrs. Chester the market T .e Idea for these 'past 5 years Better Schools has lthr(m«h ^veral avenues of ap- ,„ ^ d Heart Church of Car-' Rectory—7 Locust Street proacli, and medicine is oiif of apndp preservatioiate (or nth oe fb e grampSuch dlegation lhe Pr, ildenf t Rockaway '.' I first for aid and often for pater:-.s canu :rom the tissue- awarded a Slide Rule to Catholic Slovak FT Dominic, M. AnbioAnb , PPtitoi the most important approaches. of the American would authorize the Presidontj Rabbi K Guidance. paper patten.- used in dress- school graduate who has "if n Society, Dr. B.I Ft. Pitrlck M. I.Jons, iuijunt of the United States to pro-; . . he Ls buf••• n. Victor M. Grabrian, »al«t*Bl making. They a:e tremendously the "Hlehest Scholastic^ A b,ll hasbc,,. cohered to I)0?plP. Congress dealm, with health • ^, 3. The y claim, according to his ownl^'1"' the Carteret Flrat Ald The Sabh;-:-, rr. Thomu M. cimninihun, Ais't. Joan Blondell, who celebrate! iopuhr becaui, of the slmpll- Achievement Inthe Field off Presidenl ma I, Foster Wheeler Corp. of 1 ^5 that n Friday. Convent: jher fiftieth year In show busl lty of directions Issued with Mathematics" Elementary ^ delegate any power or author-'judgment, a national hralth Caneret, 25 year club of Foster l atives •,ity L-ranted to him by this Act emergency empower Slater* o[ Servants of Mary iness, has finished "The Big •ach one The paterns and di- school graduate.- from Nathan j whwlfr 5S High Street iDay" for her ex-husband, Dick T^^hu" S", t l« bill H R. 8J8 and will be l0- the hea(, 0, anv department him to or-:er ana regulato the! ^P. Quality Control j ections are said to be virtually jjnle ar OT d lMl Hours of Holj Mui i Powell oolproof. even for be^r, ^ ^^SS £^™^ ^t^^ "* .^P?."^ . '^^™.V?. ^i «^tS£J£? S

1 Co. of CarUrct, Employees at uch items as several stylishly that are so vital to further edu- under certain conditions, to fully fails to perform any act upon suvh conditions as he con- Carteret Bowling Lanes, E and Drive-In Lillian's Dress Shop ifferent types of valance to'cation and employment in the'control, repulat*. and allocate required by the provisions offers n-asssary! A BowlinT Team Emil's Men's t any rtndow. lawn furniture,'years to come. I the use and distribution of any order or regulation issued This :yp.- of legislation must s"neak'Shop, W:nona, Minn., LIQUOR^ offee tables and card tables,: The first general meeting of medicinal substances for the under tills Act shall, upon con- not be allowed to employees, veral easy-to-bulld chairs and the Better Schools Association purpose of protectliv,' and PIT- vlction, be fined, not more than throu.L'h" Congress. This picce!Post nany more advanced projects, for the coming year will be held serving the health of the Amer- $10,000 or imprisoned for not of UwUUicm can. if passed.:'0* "..if,"?1 -fl" Campus W Beginers are advised to get on Friday, September 7 at 8:3o'ican people. more than one vear. or both. brlnE about the complete so- °™f' ™ * i*b „,,?' He feel of tools by making a'P.M- The- new meeting place. Be. it enacted by the Senate Sev 5. The President or the ciahzation of American .Be4l-|™«"" io'ak ritlzen Club p 10 IVrsliiiii; at ew simple things before try.;will be the Community Hall o(jand House of Representatives Confess may ,,t any time de-fine more rapidly than the de-j^» «^> » ^ ^rs and jisr the more complicated pro]-jthe Zion Lutheran Church, of the United States of America clare at an end the emergency featcd King-Anderso = n Bill. : You are ur«ed to"write"your,active pall bearers the Carteret cts. For those who are ready which Is located on Roosevelt in Congress asfiombled, That procla;mcd by thh e PresidentPidt, d ah Pnllt e Escort5 and whenever the President'whm-.irxm the future operation.Senators and Congressmen now,*'1" i! ^ j u ' or extensive home craftsman- [ Avenue near Brady's corner, (a) |ine Funeral Home. C4RTKKKT hip, power tools, suctj as an Ifinda that any particular medl-'of the controls pursuant there-—Insisting that they oppose H R. 828. \ lectric hand drill, electric jig'GETS BIGGEST FISH joins! sub.stance is the only one to fhu',1 be suspended mw, table saw, band saw andj CARTERET -- At a recent.or substantially the only one, drill press are recommended,!fishing trip held by the Mens which is effective for the pre- n that order. Club of the Hungarian Reform-jvention or treatment of any ed Church, Francis Ullersberger disease the prevalence and serl- Man...what Upper Division Exams received a prize for catching ousness of which creates, in Little girl: "Why does your|the biggest fish. his Judgment, an emerged na- t:\ERY facility nwdrd for IlllHT.l! ranny read her Bible so William Csablna won the tion health problem, he may is- Shopping Pleasure! •mice of dlfnlty and l*auty s 10 r" much?" horse shoe prize at the success- sue a proclamation setting found at oar (anrral home. "I don't know- forth such finding and declar- Little boy: ful family picnic. Thcre's a man's world . ,. maybe she's cramming for the Plans for the fall activities ing that it is necessary to ex- finals." will be discussed at the next erclse ln the case of such medi- right here in our well- Meetlng. clnal substance, the powers stocked collection .... everything that's newest Planning Board In grooming and shaving (Continued from Page 1) needs the bejt in smok- PRESCRIPTIONS CAR COATS RUMMAGE SALE funeral home, me tary and storm sewers for the ing pleasure! Promptly Flllrd Pick a winner to wear full length of Irving Street and Spomored by the over all your sklrta the reduction of the plot from and slacks this fall! 17 to 14 lots. Choose your car' coat COLONIA CHAPTER OF HADASSAH from our wide, varied HILL PHARMACY Headquarters for selection. Many styles 1438 Irving Street, Rahway, N. J. "The Home of Service" fur or pile trimmed. UITA-VAR PAINTS I JACKETS and August 27th thru August 31st 587 Roosevelt Avenue (larteret Eeady to register, a wonder- 24-Hour ful collection i of Jackets, LUMINALL PAINTS Sale Hours 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. For Prompt A Delhery S«nrtc« Call Ki 1-5315 from the classic blazer to .Wallpaper and new wools, velyets, corduroys Painters Supplies and piles.

DRESSES ANGELO MICHAEL Handsome plaid & SON To get rid of "sklmper" drest !iiK-'.!*ii Washiiiston Avenue to wear with oi hard water without Its sell sash; bateau today neckline; brace- let sleeves. Bring In Your £ Friday, . . . to make your VACATION PICTURES Aijgust 24th home dreams come ft Woujd you i|ke to add a new bating-- ;_;t homj; - or modernize your old ow ^ bring your Kitchen op-to-date. fiiu " '' ^ : Relaxed dining here in basement or attic, enclose a |HH ; ,( Thcrf'i no need to put up with that ulllI add a new wing to your home? "| Ji; old hard water. To enjoy an unlimited ropply ideas may be, see us for ccnvmi<-"! SHIRTS pf pure, filtered 10ft water, Jut retnembet delights the fjamily ¥ • ' Bhlrts booked to go off to- UIOM three little wordi: ' financing to turn them into reaht"" tht campus ln style; wide Developim — Printing Pick your palate pleasure choice of'prints and plaint, Enlarging Pick up your phone and say from our wide, wide tailored and dre&sy editions. KODAK COLOR FILM lections of wonderfully , CARTERET BANK SLACKS • SWEATERS • BERMUDAS • K1LTB PROCESSING cooling salads. Size,-, 3-15, 10-SO, UVi-UVt & Petite Sizes 1 Day Service On and TRUST COI^ Btaek & White Film CARTERET DJNER Your Bank Since BRANt" 108 Roosevelt Avenue ( arteret MAIN OFFICE: Lillian's Dress Shop TOTH Photo shop 20 (uok« Aveniu 1 II "Servin"Servbgu CarUret EMtdentEeildentt. KI 1-1908 BJkNKINU HOUM: Since 1946" "Preferred by people who appreciate good foodl" (It"; t KM U) I r.M. 71 ROOSEVELT AVE. CARTERET 'rtdt; » AM. to « r.M. «4 COOKE AVENUE 12 Holmes Street, MiUburn, N. J. f»M PABKINO LOT CARTERET KI 1-5751 DR 9-5100 MU 6-1661 Membai Fed«ral 541-4W1 n Peder»i Dapodt Iiuwrtnrt Oorp 1 i-CP II,-* AUGUST 23, 24, 1962 PAGE THREE Anniversary Slated Carteret By Woodmen Circle Spiced Drama at CARTERET - Mrs. Anna Slomko, president, predded at EALTH and BEAUTY Community News Sunday's meeting of the White Foothill Theatre Carnation Grove #34 Wood- MIDDLESEX _ The Foot- men Circle which was held in illl Playhouse is enjoying its Eye make-up can make tht jjj St. Elizabeths Church. On Oc- most successful season in their fferenre between a girl belnf tober 13 the grove will celebrate 5-year history. Opening Wed- ist BveraRe lookinii or a real Its 45th year in 8t. James Hall lesday, August 22, "Invitation •ftuty. and a district convention will March" promises to be Every woman needs eyt be held in the afternoon with me of the season's highlights irlnke-up Such natural boau- a banquet at 6:00 PM. The play by Arthur Laurents as Oarbo, Hedy Lamarr, skirts about the fairy story of liner Kelly Ava Gardner, Cyd Members presented with 40 hnrlssr and Ellzabrth <"aylof vear pins were: Sleeping Beauty, but never set- les for long In one mold. There re expert In the art of eyt Mrs. Ida Bahush, Mrs. Anna s social comment on conform- makeup Miss Taylor's most re* -wa. Mrs. Elizabeth Czlsmar, ity and other failings of our cut film has accented a ne« Mrs. Sophie Jomo, Mrs. Mary modern civilization; there ls ook In eye mnkeup. MiiiuM 24. can- dents Is expected 'or the 1962- Konez, Mrs Helen Lencses, Mrs.' satire of the mores of the rich It is possible to give your unr. 7:27 p.m. 63 school year m the Jewish Elizabeth Kovacs, Mrs. Mary and the not so rich; there is ntire face a lift by using an 7-30 P.M. CommunitCit y HHebnw School Lent. Mrs. Elizabeth Monek, iso pure unadulterated, old- yebrow pencil to create ft This will be a r,% increase Pauline Nagry, Mrs. Ida 'ashioned romance, a comodity ovely tiame foi your eyes. Th# over last year. Registration will Pentek, Mrs. Mary Sandor. Mrs ioo rarely hawked\ from our mnrk of the pencil never Mil P.M. take place on Sunday morning, Mary Suto, Mrs. Emma Sltar, ontemporary Btage\The story recofiiilzable fts such. September 9, bet >/een 9 AM! Mrs Elizabeth Toth, Mrs. Bar- deals largely with the confliff Make your brows broadest 115 stu- and 12 noon at n)e Cleveland bara Tukszar, Mrs. Mary Bolon, between summer visitors to the H their Inner ends, then lift School, PershlnK Avenue and Mr* Helen Cuffreda, Mrs. South Shore of Long Island two md narrow them toward the I Pulaskl Street, MI student, Helen Dunch, Mrs. Margaret of the permanent residents who inter corner of yoi'v eyes and old and new, an required to Erdryl. Mrs. Julin Eremris, become entangled in their lives aper them off In a graceful be registered by n parent Be- Mrs. Helen Nagy. Mrs. Kadas, The visitors, rich, sophisticated winged effect. Follow the na- ural brow line as much as p blew Mrs. Frank Blno, Sr., 83 Birch Street, Port Reading. Samuels, who ' P especially on those occasions ward and outward toward yotuf Donal( Miss CInecc was graduated from Carteret High School and Mi and Mrs. Is a licensed ppubli c schoochool ' Messier and twotwo, when her intended discussei biows, oihn b s Is employed at Metal & Thermit Corp., Rahway. Mr. Bino •j4f> Randolph teacher specialising in ppre- °V were trying to fire their secure and predictable fu Your eyes should have the was graduated from St. Mary's High School, Perth Amboy. ,,hrth General schoohl l educatiodti n has been en- ft toy rocket from a launcher iture. During one of these nap: width of an eye between them. •m n He is employed by Catalin Corporation of America, Fords ,-i 'jft Mrs. mnd(> another young man, poor, un If this ls not true for you, It gaged as instructor of the kin-' °f and is attending night classes at Rutgers. He is also a furiiHT Jean ! ambitious and unshackled may be your eyes are too clo» dergarten and primer grades of °"iccrs sold the pipe was member of the Coast Guard Reserve Unit in Newark. A KlutTw1 w tn kisses the Rirl and wakes he: together to lok their most at- our religious .school. She also ' match heads and June wedding is planned. had an extensile backiuoimd'(lxplo(1(>cl wnen Messier tried to up with a vengeance. From tractive, it is possible to maka i»nd Mrs.:In the field of Jewish educa- "L'ht thr tmK then on there Is a battle be them seem wider apart by ap- tween the kissing boy's mothe: plying eye shadow, eye-liner, ,!,«nv H0Hplt«l,| All students inching th, age nRKAM COMKS TRUE Joan A. Ullersberger as free a soul as her son, an eye brow-pencil aid mascara- liiicrck is thejof 5 years on January 1, 1063, BUTTE, Mont.— A 104-year- the two mothers of the pros more heavily toward their outer ;,.].•. ;may be tCRlstrrid in our idi-!old woman Mrs. Barbara Le- pectlve bride and groom. An> Icorners. Rioiw school. saxe. prayed for Astronaut in the middle is caught an al Ionn Weds Robert T. Hemsel tractive man, who is Inextrlca Leather is the news In a big Mr and Mm. students reaching the «IT or' Glenn's successful jour- Robert L. Syre and Bride •f, Mercer Strwt.ig years on January 1. 1963 me ncv through space last Febru- bly involved with both camps.) way this season. We have had ftlT and CARTERET — The Zion Ev-,ated from the same school, at (To this idea, rich with humor leather coats for some time but onernl Hos-'requlred to renter this fall in expressed a wish to! S(ie thls ^angelical Lutheran Church was tended Union Junior Cotlegi and fantasy, Mr. Laurents has tin- all leather dress is a recent iorder to be edible for nar capsule. the scene of the wedding Sun- Cranford, and was employed b brought a very special mixture favorite creation of some d»- Mitmh and B,i.s Mltzvah ;n- Mrs Lesaae realized her On Honeymoon in Floridc ,; to Mr »nd. day afternoon of Miss Jonn A. U. S. Metals Refining Co., Car of skill, imagination and in- signcrs. It is cut on simple lines strucllon id confirmation dream when she reached from ilona, SB Essex: UllersberRer, daughter of Mr. teret, before enlisting in th sight. The result is a play CARTERET — A pretty wed-of the bi'ide, Elaine Syre, sister and Ls lined with silk, arrangements her wheelchair and touched the !'. Ambov Ocn- ire. and Mrs Stephen Ullersberger, ]U. S. Air Force. He is stationer which is graceful literate, stim- ing took place in the Hoiy'of the bridegroom, both of Car-, made for , ^Friendship 7 space craft on ex- 125 Lincoln Avenue, to Robert new comers to at Fairchild Air Force Bast ulating and funny - a rare 'amlly Church Saturday af-teret, and Deborah Scher. Jer-i J^orltw withrome d" 'comnumlty p.i.> the "age" of g liibit at the Seattle World Fair. Thomas Hemsel, son of Atfr. Spokane, Washington, and and wonderful combination of .ernoon when Miss Evelyn sey City, were bridesmaids. j , vear vvno ShSh e .saidid : "Th"Thii s i s wonderfuldfl. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hemsel, : sign( rs to Mr and, * lm-' h»d no prew- an airman, 2nd class. timeless (and thoroughly com- 1 ls morfl tnan r aarie Goyena, daughter of Mr. Steven Ooyena, Carteret, was •tic, 28 Edwin'011* Hebrew Education, for It;- il expected in! 140 High Street. The Rev. Wil- They will reside in Spokam mendable) virtues. This is an Ambov Gen-'dividual priva' tutorinR. *"• way' lis Morgan Ross, pastor, per- 3oyena 151 best man. Ushers were Dennis •h , , , . , ' . Czeto, Warren Mrak and Rish- •\ 14 .„ . iformed the double riny cere- INSULT TO INJURY invitation" which will be a Bus service i,-> weekdays u.ll •arteret Avenue, became the ^ ^^ tend three times weekly andimony WOODBRIDGE - Edward pleasure for all to accept. &u Qf c&vimt available to ill areas of the .ride of Robert Louis Syre.I he couple will reside In Car- Mr and Mr« iftr(> participate in E-scorted to the altar by her Blanco, 188 Flume Street, Co- T boro for a fcr (( fci 25 per stu on of Mr. and Mrs. John Syre. trip to Miami :H Tavlor Ave-jj"'" ull or father, the bride wore a gown lonla, reported to police yes- HUB CAPS TAKEN teret after a dfnl Arrangement.-- J''i ' Congregation Services. .Vnhoy Oeneral ! of silk organza with a scoi>ped terday the theft of a transistor WOODBRIDGk: - While his Larch Street. The RevJBeach, Fla. For traveling, the !muM be made 'or bus service R ibt)i Morton S Baum. will A. A. Konopka officiated at tlip)brids> wore a two-piece "ivory ••t 17 neckline and short sleeves. Her radio from the glove compart- car was parked in St. Cecelia's at time of m;t> be available to dLscuss any in- .ouble ring ceremony. jand itreen dress with green ac- bouffant skirt, featuring ap- ment of his car while it was parking lot Tuesday, someone Mi Jnd Mrs KlndemarU'ii and primer dividual educational problems: Given in marriage by hericessories. pliques of Alencon lace set with parked across the street from stole three huh cups valued at '.1 Edwin xliuwon meet mut u week on (iurlnu the first week in Sep- ather, the bride wore a gown iridescent sequins, ended in a his home. He also claimed that $45 from his car, Walter Keyak, Mrs. Syre, a graduate of St. Amtr v Oeneral Sunday momnm; tember. Please call KI 1-9497 if taffeta, with a scooped neck- chapel train. Her fingertip veil someone had slashed the roof 116 Trieste Street, Iselin, told Mary's High School, Perth Am- PRESCRIPTIONS • \C> ' Hebrew f*'|u>ol students for an appointment .ine studded with pearls and of silk illusion was held by a of his convertible car. The police. boy, received a bachelor of arts Tystals. Her boutlant skirt, crown of aurora botealts. She radio was valued at $15. while degree from Trenton State Col- COSMETICS .domed with Alencon lace ap- carried a cascade bouquet of the damage to his car, he es- and is employed as a Leather coats are seen in a iliues, extended into a cathe- roses. timated at $100. jtencher in the Carteret school FILM SUPPLIES variety of colors. Some have dral train, Mrs Oeorye Coanshock, Car- A crown of seed 'system flat fur collars and are inter- earls and Iterat, cousin of the bride, was flT^H ^i *T i" Her husband was graduated • GREETING ELECTED DIRECTOR lined for warmth. ;hree-tiered !f Cftteel Sch001an d matron of honor. CARTERET — William R French m JMS eEL"I ™ ™ Mona Andre Richard Ciszak, C'arteret, wasjopie, manager ot research The pea jacket influence is served four years in the U. S. :ascade of orchids and steph j best man. Ushering were Den- jseen in a number, of the winter Air Force. He attends Union PUBLIX D. S. Metals Refining Company, motis. nis Kopm, cousin of the bride. hag been elected a director of suits that are being shown. A Junior College, Cranford. Mr. "Known for Her Artistic Skill" land Richard Krausi cousin of the Metallurgical Society in narrow skirt has a jacket com- Miss Helen Koskoski, Car-,Syre is employe* by Bell Tele- PHARMACY the brideyroom. New York. ing down over the hips and is ieret, was maid of honor. The phone Laboratories, Murray 91 Main Street, Woodbrldfc Mrs. Hemsel wa.s braduated He represents the Extractive buttoned up to the neck with Misses Dorothy Goyena, sister,Hill. Present* j from Carteret Hiyh School and Metallurgy Division. large buttons. was formerly employed by the : Curteret Bank and Trust Co Mets gave $25,000 l»onus toj American Jews dispute Gur- llark-to-Sfliool The bridegroom was gradu-St. John's pitcher. ion theses. styled for every stage ojgrowing up... SPECIAL! for KEG. U. S. FAT. OFF. I CANADA • HADf IN U. S. A. III! II HHOOL and COLLEGE GOOD SHOES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS V<;K GROUPS Regular S17.50 Let us fit your child perfectly in the shoes that are designed for action, bnflt HlllMANENT for hard wear, styled to please. Prom Research tots to big boys and girls... ttay taeed .Style Illuslrated: Bell Telephone Laboratories is constantly Lazy-Bones' sound construction. working to increase America's lead in jf n *Jwtrl communications. Fot example, the transistor COED'S COIr' and the solar battery were invented right here in New Jersey, by the people at Bell Labs. They aie now working on tomorrow's communications Latest Hair Styles -devices that send thousands of pr\pne calls over beams of light—cortynunications satellites—and many other things that were For Pre-Teens jjst science fiction a lewiyears ago. SPECIAL! Regular $15.00 Manufacturing ,.• Western Electric engineers work closely with PERMANENT •expeits from Bell Labs to build the telephone equipment you use at home—and the hundreds ol behind-the-scenes communications products that give us advances like nation-wide Direct Distance Dialing. It's a big job-employing nearly 20,000 people in New Jersey alone '< (tiler (DaiujS Their production skills help hold down the cost of telephone equipment—and your phone bill,. For Appointment | Call MK 1-2894

WE 8PECIAUE IN ALL TYPES OK HALU PROBIJCMS" Service NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED FOH "A1K CUTTING New Jersey Bell brings the benefit of this research and manufacturing skill right into your home. Shop Friday Night And it's quite a benefit: phone service so good Till 9 O'clock Mona Andre's thai everyone takes it for granted. Everyone, that is, but the men and women cf your Beauty Salon telephone carn^ny, Western electric, and Bell Labs. They're working together as a team to Schwartz Shoes make youi phone service oeiW 545 Ambov Avenue, WtHMttjridge "One of Neui Jersey's Vinesl Shoe Stores" Hi,, & |'rid»y B A.M to * PM, •'"•" A Wednudty 9 A.M. to 6 P M. - 0 New Jersey Bell Mondiys 1519 Main Street Rahway, N. j. 8»turd»y 8:SO A.M. to 6 PM ATOTOT M, H Lutherans to Induct 1st Fords Man Weds Westbury Park News ttni Hillside Girl To Principal of New School AUCE CUTHBFRT8ON FORDS — At a nuptial Mass lflOfl Oak TrM M«M Saturday in St. Catherine's FORDS — Sunday at Our Church, Hillside, Miss Carole Inellii, New Jttiey Joint Pi Redeemer Lutheran Church m Jean Wolff, daughter of Mr. Tel. LI I-I4W MOtBLAWN special service of praise will^ be and Mn. John J. Wolff, Union,' held at 3:30 pm when Metvln -Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge R became the bride of Allen and Ladle, ,, R. Mueller will be ins!Ailed as Woodbridge Oaks A Thomaa McQuarrle Jr., son of Huneycutt and daughters, hold * Joint the first teacher and principal Mr. and MM. Allen McQuarrlc Gporgeann, Olymplap, , Andrea drovovee I I,, ROO of Our Redeemer Lutheran ALICE ClTHBERT8ON 179 Hooter Avenue. and lAura, Worth 8tr«et, were affaiff r Is open School. weekend guests of Mf, and 160fi Oak Tree Road kend (Ueiti Of Mf ad "their The Rev. Edwin Paulmunn Mm John Manlo, Smlthhrtn, only Pieacning at the service will LifJln. New Jerwj Other •fhcrtiilci officiated at the double ring Lx)n(t Island. be Re\ Donald U Diacsser. TH M 8-M69 jceremony, the port's pastor of the Holy Cross; Mr. and Mrs. James Hen- Given in marriage by her <«gne Church Mahfcah. —Mr. and Mrs. Richard Har nessey and sons, Glenn and father, the bride wore a gown th« post home well, Wood Avenue, celebratrd; Leny, Bayonne. were melts Mrs. Warren •la nit. "The rlt* of Installation will of taffeta with a lace bodice „, ,. ' thflr 26th wedding anniversary Sunday of Mf. and Mrs. Prank that JUpptr Wl'Tlli,, be performed by Rev.Walter ~ d i and scooped neckline. Her fin- MRS. MARY MAIN Taifliarrnl, Worth Street, at a R'j .ning vice-president of the ' , TT ' ' gertip rell fell from a crown o'clock sharp "«,;'rt Mr Rnd Mrs Hfnry Hap barbecue and swim party. v AtlanUc district for New Jersey' " " of seed pearls. She carried a NAMED RY OOP: Mn. Mary e sold in Bnd Olenn and Lenny are guests at llllllllfl and pastor of Our Redeemer <**> «"«• Oary. Bruce, and. 'cascade of carnations, stepha- Main, Kditott, has been ap- A P, Jo Bloomfleld, were cussion of how tn finance County follf-Kes this week In s meeting of the Totlnf member* Undgren, another cousin of the!from 5 to 10 P.M. Mn. Main FORDS — Joaeph Dambach ber 7,and 8. of the New Jersey LutheranLuests at iunCheon and swim! of the NPW Jersey Association of Chosen Freeholders In Monmouth Connty College. William bride, and Linda Stoker, both U former vice chairman of «? Fords Lionl Club announced Mrs. indrtw p,,Mi Christian Day Schools who,!part, at the home of Mr. and J Warren, left, of Fords, treasurer and past president of the Association and Joseph B. Costa of Irvlngton. I the Edison Republican Com- t>day that the club will hold nlty service cliuinr, wlfh neighboring pastors, wllljMrs. Alexander Cuthbertson, right, chairman of the Rroun's education committee, are shown with College President WU- Thomas §ofka, Hopelawn,, mittee and Is County Com- \s monthly paper drive Sun- a total of 969 cair. form an academic and clergy!,^ Tree Road. Mrs. Cuth- liam Viti Note second left, and association president, John Knox Duncan, second right, was best man. Ushers were mlUeewoman of Edbon'i 19th ay. Contribution* for the drhe were made and processlon. Also present will beibertsor. was hostess at lunch- u Freeholder. The shaker was Dr. Guy V. Farrell of the office of the Commlialoner Mt Thomas Mteuarrle, Fords, District. She Is also secretary >nould be tied In bundlei md! • Carmel NUISII; Dr. Arthur Wittmer, executhrejeon Wednesday to Mrs. Harry of Kduratlon who was presented by Mr. Costa. Sixteen Counties wer« represented. brother of thewldegroom, and of the Middlesex County •ft at the curb. May to Aupust r\\ secretary of parish education Evans and children. Harry, Jr., Donald Korneskl, Perth Amboy. Conservative Club. and linens arc r:j of the Atlantic District, Following a reception in; RECUPERATING by the auxiliary Mrs. Eflie Mueller, mother to Hold Special Watchung, the couple left for FORDS — John Faczak. 23 The ladles ?!•»•;; Mr. Mueller and his brotherjcarl Larsen and children, For Entries at Fair Cape Cod. They will reside in :gan Avenue, who underwent an annlversar, Glenn, of Des Plaines, 111. jKevln and Snndra, Rtdgecrest, Mat aw an. in operation Friday, is recu- trip to New FORDS- Mrs. Harry Peter-j perating at Perth Amboy Qen- After the service there will;Callf., were guests last week at Mrs, McQuarrle was gradu-J 28. This Is < sen and Mrs. Ernest Nelson, Service Tomorrow mgnt •ral Hospital, only. be an hour of fellowship wlth the Cuthbertson home. ated from Union High School. I members of the Woman's Club refreshments to be served In Hillside, and is a senior at the' of Fords, were awarded prizes FORDS — A special Sabbathi' the auditorium ol the LutheranjSUNDAY SCHOOL REOPENS Presbyterian Hospital School of j tormVries recrinly'ln thYMld>"'lce for respective members Education Center. FORDS — St. John's Epis- • Nurclng, Newark. j Mr. Mueller is a graduate of copal Church, Hoy Arenue, will dlesrx County Fair, EastBruns- will be held tomorrow night at I Her husband, a graduate of] REMOVAL SALE OWcofdla Teachers College,'reopen it* Sunday School Sep. wick | a: 30 o'clock at Temple Emanu- |St. Mary's High School, Perth! Biter Forest, III., and has tember 9. Mrs. Petfisen won first prize el, 78 Pleasant Avenue, lAmboy, receiver his bachelor oft : 3 DAYS LEFT taught for three years as well as for ai; embroidered .scarf and Tnis ^y^ ^ being held inj arts degree in psychology from •erring M principal for one! 41ITT_ clown doll and second pnze;conjUnctlon wlth the Temple's Seton Hall University, South) *eaf Jn LLoos Angelesngel, Calif., and SArm Once the new School term jfor an appliqucd table cloth,|{i[.bt anniversary c«lebration. Orange, He is employed as a' BliiaBagliiaww , MichiganMichia . teacher in Holradel. under way, the School Safety lson won second prize Temple Emanu-el Is the newest 50% OFF| "the school is a hew program for a child's Spring coat slie; ' } Patrols, manned by school boys refor me[ synagogue In the ADULTS BOOKS • BIBLES • 1>I< T It Ottf Redeemer and the door| and girls whose responsibility made. Middlesex county area and con- ARIES • ATLASES • CHILDRt.Ys BO()J •in be open for grades one ;PLAN BIS TRIP It is to keep the youngster back ducted its first service in Au- • ENGAGEMENT, AUTOGKUTI Ay and two on September 5. Rev. FORDS — The Mothers Aux- of the curb until it's safe to Land Mir risins in French 3, 1961. The service will TRIP BOOKS, DIARIES • PHdTOCRAH 8tohs stated that "the school gUst 2 iliary of the Fords-Clara Bar- crosp, will be on the job. farm arc;. AND SCRAP ALBUMS, WRIUM, Till Include in Its curriculum be directed to persons desiring jton BOVR Baseball League met! AND NOTES • DOLLS • DOLL (11 all the subjects necesary for a .to learn the practice of re- Monday In the Claia Barton STUFFED ANIMALS • TOYS • C,\\\ well-rounded elementary Chris- formed Judaism. firehouse, 'Amboy Avenue, and • CHRISTMAS CARDS tton Education." \ Since its inception the con- imade further plans for the bus Dr. White to Head 1962 • SCHOOL BAGS AND MTPU| Parochial education has been gregation has grown to a mem- trip to Meadowbrook, Cedar CUSSROOM Ifaders are, of- a part of the Lutheran Church bi'iHl'.;;) of over 100 families. Grove, October 9. Reservations 79 SMITH STREET, PERTH AMI JThe cunsregatlon has listed Its will be accepted until Septem-' ten, packets. Student shown "—Missouri Synod's 115 year ChristmasSealCampaign Opposite Mayfab Snpermarket VA to history—and has had the larg- ^accomplishments for the first ber 17, at the final meeting of; wears well-tailored style In tlie year. New officers will be British woolen herringbone Open Monday, Ttmaiay and Fridij Mta est Protestant parochial school EDISON — Dr. Harry J. facilities for t. .• detection of year, such as acquiring Its own| system in the United States, tuberculosis and other resplra-^nctuary; instituting a com- non)ln«ted I tweed. White, Medical Director and scliuo1 from kln with over 1,400 elementary Superintendent of Roosevelt tory dispasea, a health educa-lP'^ "W™* , - schools and some 6,000 day j Hospital, this week accepted the ,tion prosram for special groups dergartes through conflrma- schoolteachers. I chairmanship of the 1962 iand the general DUblic and aiion classes and o: becoming a ful1 1 Christmas Seal drive which will creative recreation program in ^ accredited member of the ibegin in November. The an-;flve institutions and nursine 1110 Amer;. an Hebrew ;"C0! "re alloIU°f Plan now.... nouncement was made by Mrs.ihoines for the aginp and chron- ^ S ' tly official or- :H. Gilbert Kelley, president of;icaUy ill. Special projects that Sa" of reformed Jjdaism. I the Middlesex County Tuier-'are Mn* contemplated for the Rabbi Marshall Hurwiti will iculosk and Health League. fal are a Conference on Resplr-^onduct the servic s and will be "Under the dynamic and ded-atory Diseases for Journaists^sslsted by Cantor Irwin Bor- icated leadership of Dr. Whlte,"|and Social Workers and ansisa. Immediately following the '.said Mrs. Kelley, "the S6th an- lAntl-Smoking Campaign for service, the Temple will con- nual Christmas Seal Campaign 'Junior and Senior High;duct an Oneg Shabat, at which i will be one of which we can SchooLs. (time the rabbi will an'Wer ques- all be proud." Dr. White, who has headed tions concerning the service and IT'S APPLE for teacher tine, ' The annual Christmas Seal Roosevelt Hospital since J 336. reformed Judaism. with boy'i tartan Jacket for Campaign, which providesjls an honorary board me:nber tarly fall school dayi. Tallor- funds for the voluntary pro-!of the Middlesex County Tuber- Elsenhower wins Swedish ac-i ored In wonted BrlUah uram to wipe out TB and to'culosls and Health League and claim. flanneL control other respiratory dis-'chairman of Its Respiratory rases, opens November 13. The Diseases Committee. He also l n Mon &F n Nit funds donated are used to pro-serves on its Committee potion °P' - «* • vide X-ray surveys and clinicaJProgram Planning. At School Time...or Any Time. TOM STEVENSm DANCE STUDIOS SCHEDULE calls far sweat- en at hish school, such as this cardigan. It blends lambswool and Eastman po- lyester fiber. ISELIN &£> CARTERET 1241 Green Street ' Roosevelt Avenue ATTENTION Phone Phone ST. JAMES LI 94855 KI1-5990 STUDENTS or or ME 4-3360 EL 4-OJJOa foryoirehiMm'sENMTKHI TAP • BALLET - ACROBATIC It seems like a long time between kii and MODERN JAZZ garten and college. Actually, these years Pick-up Service Available In Most Areas Including Iselin, Colonia & Menlo Park Terrace 1JHEY HAVE TO BE wiU slip by all too fast It's not too early to (Limited Service in Other Areas) start Javing on a regular schedule f°r )uur i> • . MAwn BALLROOM DANCING Register JNUWj Private and Class OUTSTANDING children's education. Special Bates for (Teaching in the Home — Special Clasps for Teenagers — TO BE RECOMMENDED No matter what your financial need, you Attention Fords Residents! \ RY SO MANY DOCTORS! will find our courteous staff ready to advi* OUR NEW NIXON STUDIO NOW OPEN and assist you at all times in any of these LOCATED QN OLD FUST KOAU Black Nylon Velvet Call LI 9-4855 or ME 4-3360 services ...... Soft to touch, hard to aolL • Durable • CURB TELLER and DRIVE-UP WINDOW '' •MORTGAGE DEPARTMEN^ • Reiistt Spoti • (JOMAAERCIAL ACCOUNTS • Cleam Easily • LOANS OF ALL TYIES Get ready/Get set I go.. • Retain* Nap • FOREIGN DEPARTMENT Even Under • SAVINGS ACCOUNTS Booti

CLUBS T.I • TRUST SERVICES • MONEY ,)ur : Carefully Filling Orthopedic PrejcrlpUona

Wluuever Ainuunf BACK TO SCHOOL ul W. K»p AOOUKATI TIME, SKILL riIK:ORD6 a{ til PltUuKi. mid PATIBNCE Mi.l; HEM1NDER CARDS is ri:i| ulred we nlve 11 Proildt Baldly and coitrieou»ly. S1ZI 0HBCKUP6 irstBank and TRUST COMPLY PERTH AMBOT - 181 8mHh Bt. Open Diilj »-J;3» POiDI jdiid PMfM AMBOT, N. 1. pride V jot) ¥ .»ou. 4 rri. »-• MENUS : SHOPP1N3 CINTBR •• •• " I MADISON AVENUE Jtt! Bun'4, OMT Shop Bite PERTH AMBOY Open Daily 14-1 " The Bank With All The Services SHOE CO. luei L »»t. K-f Skillfully Fitting Children . . Since 1918 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSliRA.NCt CORPORATION" F1B-CP AUGUST 28, », 1969 PAGE FIVE Hih Lofrano is BricfejTeen. Age Survey Reveals What They Want to Learn at d h r mm ftnd mth th wllh ourrent on Michael /• Lakos, Jr. ;j ^ really; thin^k "j«;about the^ lionp ~ ^^^."i^r • «-| :r5 *•„ ! ••? ^ i ** -«*"* °» de reft k t an Independent activity matics smaller dally, both boys and ! mmer»lal subjects and agri- subjects they study? In a re- co ,,,n)fiK - The mar- High School The combined group favored: flrlg detlrc fluency In other cu)ture , ,, Judith Lofrano, employed by tonnes, through earlier and ,.,'.,, nearly 10,000 (1) Much mor« emphasl* AglUn 1 b sk ' MTiiuc daughterjson. New Brnir jvlck. morr thoroiiKh lamuage I'^'w" * » «lf-', : 1 nlty of sugResting the study'-'tudente from all parts of the on the fields of science and training. ferences, boys preferred less " '."I1 'M^ Philip Lofrano, 1 '..', | Michael J. arena they feel need a change country and from grades mathematirs. "Thin In very 13) Greater rmphfuii on emphasis on home economics :inc 1 ' ' ,, ,,f Mr and Mrs. of emphwis in American through 12. In junior and sen- much In krcplnr with the our own language. The poll and music and visual arts! os lor ' , ..',, 57 Third Street, r°. hiRh schools of all sizes, current Amfrlctn trend to proved that high school stu- while girls wanted shop de-; V ' |,,id Saturday in The results of the poll lndi- both public and private better scientific training *t dents have awakened to the emphasized, : all educational levels. Tradi- F ' lM,,n-fii. The Rev. ptp that students have definite Boys and girls agreed in some necessity of a rood command No names were talced in the •'' \ I!,..).', performed the jdniw concerning the subjects cases, went their wpiirate ways tionally a boy's field, the of English In Preparing for survey. Nevertheless, the anon- tll(vy are •tudy revealed that our mod- 1V . t niKitiy and ccle- j quired to study, and In others Specifically boys college or a Job. ymoua replies reflected the ern mliM» are alto develop. 11 i most of them feel they need wanted science, mathematics, Other subjects that both boys careful and earnest thought • . , :,niMinl Muss In* a keen Interest In science. b ,better preparation In science,!foreign languages and English and gtrlg wanted given more that went into them. Our hard ' ,n:\.iTiiu:o by her mathematics, foreign languages'emphasised in that order The 12) Increased trainlnc In importance are social studie9|working educators may find I, :(|,. wore ft peau andEnRllsh. >riould-be-stressed lineup for foreign languages, Our teens and physical education ^helpful "directional" signals" In ,,,, «.ith a Snbrlna] | The survey was conducted byiglrls was foreign languages, stressed this as an Important They indicated satisfaction these students' suggestions. t- i , ,kirl eiidPd in «j * STRIDK RITK'S "1(1 II KFT" rest, though they do help to "IIVK'KKT'S" slipon styling r»inr<< from the boys! St. Andrew's is Setting combat and over overcome the Slrid* Rite makes it in nylon velvet . . girl-adored for it* *w [infection. Remember that the rich look, mother-approvrd fur its I i • ' . ',, A (imihlr crown I Health and Beauty easy clranabillty, * 1 t ,i,l nrl Firnch lltu-i body must heal itself. The new Smooth fit for growing feel. Piked at J8.98 in siies I?- '* ; honor was Mrs. f ...,, rimiod an orchid, Of Smith - Senesy Nuptial drugs only help to destroy the to 3. S9.9R In sins 4 to 9. Stride Rite shoes are sold in this Wood- Prolonged Illness or disability are constantly in motion. You Infection. : locality at Boston Shoes. Perth Amboy and Menlo Park. of i he hridp. ! AVENEL— MissOlgaE. Sen-.Bridgeport, Conn., and Mr. impels many people to spend do not notice this particularly,! The body is assisted in re-i , - - ' I,III,I, Fords, was fs daughter of Mr. and Mrsjjones. George and Oregory onths or years In bed. Time but your body Is burning fuel 1 pairing itself when germs and) When you retire, learn to re-'ihoughts If »ny one has tret* (j;ili Ferh and Jo- Anton Smesey. 297 Remsen Elsie, North Haledon, were ring ten drags, especially for those]whlch must be replaced to infection are weakened and de-ilax Do not clench your n»u iwd aiwiut you forRive him. ,,!,, both of Perth j Avenue, was married Saturday bearers. ho are not fond of reading tain life. . ,stroyed. The process of repair;and draw up In a knot. You Wipe the state clean Do not 1 ,y pro pair ad draw up in a knot You Wipe the slRte clean Do not . w-hi'rs . to James Emory Smith. Jr., son The couple left for a trip to .nd for those whose eye* are Rest conserves the fuel sup-,goes on rapidly when the pa-jimist sleep If your body is to harbor any feelings of hate or £ [of Mrs. Lorraine Killlon, North eak or defective. lPl ini> to the Vlr- Bermuda. The bride wore a ply. The drain on the system Went does not have to stmggletrepair itself during the niRht. imkindnes* towards any one. WrM Indies, the| Halfdon. Rev. John J. EaganJ beige cotton knit suite with Complete rest In bed to nec-l Is greatly reduced so that the against fatigue, changes In First wt Into a comfortablf Having gotten your mind and ,.,Kie in Wood-i |pprfnrmed the double-ring cer- brown alligator accessories, ssary In the cure of many body U snabled to fight the in- temperature, work, or worry, position when you go to bed,body in a state of peace and in ;i|e *orp a laven-' emony in St. Andrew's Church. |They will reside in Bridgeport. seases. The body la not equaljfection more effectively. Thus Unless the patient resigns KInch should be reasonably relaxation, turn Into a position 1 •i lute accessories The bride, given in marriage Mrs. Smith was graduated the wear and tear of every- the healing process oan be himself to bed rest, he will get.early. wound 10 o'clock. Relax in which you usually KO to sleep ;by her father, wore a gown of ih,' iranddauKh- from Woodbrldge High Schoo' day living. When you are up greatly hastened. but little benefit from it. Long'your muscles Let your body KO and repeat the little prayar sntin and polnte de mache lace md about, your heart beats] The new drugs, such as sulfa, Immobilization is necessary completely limp. that your mother taught you ,i!,d Mrs. Andrew and the University of Bridge- with quarter-length sleeves. lore rapidly and the lun«B|penlcillln, streptomycin, andjonly In certain illnesses, It is Approach sleep by an eve- as a child. Inhibit thought, in ft !, , I.yman Avenue1 port, where she was on the Her bell skirt ended in a chapel lave to work harder. You can- |other antibiotics, have not done positively detrimental in somelning prayer, Ask forgiveness few moments, you will be sleep* APPLE or her fashion ryt at dean's list. She majored In ,.. iiindmitpd from iot keep the muscles still; they away with the necessity for'cases. Ifor all your wrong deeds or \m soundly. H; •;•] s<'hiiol and is junior liich is two-piece den- jphysicai education. : A four-tiered shoulder length' •, I'urolntor Prod- im outfit. Hickory stripe of Her husband is a graduat viil of English Illusion was at- :,ri:i\ The. bnde- thr top rr|ii.itn on a ftklrt of Hawthorne High School am tached to a coronet of crystal .,d;iiilr of St. Mary's the University of Brldgepon and pearls. The bride carried a He has been appointed a rest of orchids. dent counselor at the universit; Mrs. Thomas Jones, Iselln and Is studying for a masters' MM •r of the bride, was matron degree in psychology. He wai of ionor.. Attendants were Mrs. also a dean's list student. M Gary Housman and Mtes Mari- Smith was a member of Kapp; lyn Peterson, Woodbridge, and Beta Rho Fraternity. Miss Marie Renaldl. Carteret. .Junior bridesmaid was Miss' .Joann Vetland. Avenel. Kdward Carey, Springfield, Mass., was best man. Ushering •Acre Rudolph Pasterczyk, New York City; Allan Koperwhatts,

fn .xaihion flow MIRACLE WNV <— ~

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01 IN FSETH AMBOT *Tb A1CBOT IN CAETEEET IK. TaM Chevrolet, IK s Chevrilet INeiy Chevrolet, 1M Ktm Bnuuwiek Am. Aw-U 9-MM HI 2-IIN S'-PA 1-14M M B«OMVelt AT»,"K1 AUGUST 23, 24, 1962 PAGE BIX dtatrlcs kdvlaad. In this connection, the The most smtltire >cv>cy>a> lean Academy of Pedlatrica has of the ,, phy-»H Mture ta t>» re t Instructing » ;a® Donna Ann Rhodes Wed$ Irecently issued for general ln- mental as well mind of a child HU . Doctor 1 alkl formation suggestions that allslclan will be > child's dons durlnt the first dan should read and follow closely, as a discussion of nil last among the deciding fMttti u Waterbury, Conn., Man !Due to the Importance of this medical history 1 nportance oi unsmeflicai ni»i«u »»~ ,- ~tat0 e will like or dU-U modm, By JOHN B. REMBERT, M. D. subject this latest release tovWt to the doctor th^ ° WOOUBRIUfiK Miss Donna-Amboy, cousin of the bride Hii coursea BACK TO 8CHOOL being presented in two parts. A special diet or adUce ior m, theaejand Jan arc Ann Rtiodrs. (liiiiRhtfr of Mrs.1 Junior' brldeunaid »« Miss Part 1 The flrst day of school for a —of ****™g\, ^c*^: i features „ William P. Hhodi'K. 871 DlBnc Jane C. Lucey. Perth Amboy, The advancement of Anicrl- child U perhaps the most 1m- lems. the P™'""01"" 1, They want to learn, Court anrl me late Mr. Rhodes, , , rem I teenagers and &lw) ft C0 Isln 0 tnr Mit |can medicine continues daily portant In his school life. "A struct the P* 2 They enjoy doing became th'1 brine of Joseph J. dancing Danlcl A and much of Its' past achieve- journey of a thousand miles Suppose the child does not wRh othef chudreOi Giordan') Mm nf Mr. and Mrs. Camerota. Proi ments must be credited to bcKins with the first step" and like school7 ,Y,<>U m*.nZr In 3- Tllfy lccept • frl*ndlyl » i»«»-up . RalpRnlph AA fiiuidaiio, Watdbury, groups of organized medicine, J lh wri Danlfl that first step may set the at-able to predict *••"**•", teacher and like her help as'dren is avaii.b jCnnn Katurrtny at 8t. Mary's«'«« ™« Qloroano. such as the American. College tltude of the child for years the preschool check, t>, ^ gubstltutt for motner. iand N °' broln(ir f thc Chmrli. I'eith Amboy. Rt. Rev. Danld " bridegroom; of Surgeons the American Aca- Danld Scavone and Louta Pan of school U> come may be .»rrt ^^J^j 'to be continued hu alsoeMabh", Mwr JamrsS. Foley performed null a1Scavon1 ot e and Louta Pan- demy of Pediatrics and to the l l °- Waterbury. Before he enters school he ably _«i« »_« »:^™, , nH ^ —• tatlon for writing jihe doiihlf-i-iim ceremcny. American Medical Association. After « reception ill MiUburn, tdoU sho s Ewwtrd bv hrr brother. Wil- Most ggroups of organized medl- will neei a health cheeky The iJom Steven* Opev * 1* thc C0U e left f01 l ljum (• Rhodes, Perth Amboy,: P' wl' rMide cine carry on public relations own of or-^ The y wl » Ithe bndr ».irp a Kown of orV^mia y programs that are dally in- may lnairHlr r > A plu with short LawrencevMe after August 26. rx^mlnatlon of the child made ' ""'" "— ; WOODBRIDQE— Tom 8tev-' cK> i>ii,,T unn/H over t.iiffctft „.... „ <"oco» br0*'n forming the public, of their sleeves (if Aleneun lafe and•TThh e bflde wolworee a <"oco» br0*'n medical needs and making very by R physician. Immunisation j. . wor]d m wh0 hu dance studio, in; An Indiana „„, , al1d bel e knlt 8Ult nmtchmit ha- on the bodicp; « useful medical suggestions. against regular disease - S. Joo^ opca lmport.:iBeiin. Carteret and R!liri*tti.;hen in four Wco.-,«i, '•• acressorles wltn orchld cor stvled »iih empire lines. Thel »" - At thi.1 tune each year this whooping cough, dlphthera.forthecm.a^o . anlWunces the opening of a been a rooster h,„ ,. SR e skirt, with lace flowing to thr! B - writer presents a column es- tetanus, smallpox pollomyell-ant ta this nem ™P n(sv gtudl0 on ow Po cathedral 1'-:iKth train. The fin- She has been employed as a «crt ip if illusion was at-!teacher In the Perth Amboy UKlH'd to a (.oronct of pearls school system and in the fall and i-iyMal; The bride carried with teach ln Trenton. iifiuscadr iihiiqtitt of roses, car- The bridegroom was gradu- natlons and baby's breath. al(,j Ilanm, Gulden's Presents ill Miss Julia Hob lit ze II Weds Frederic Bunocore ^fashi on AVKNEL — Ml*» Julia M.jtion and a master'.s degree from With Extra Support Hoblittell, daughter of Mr. and Newark; state college. lira. William C. Hoblltiell,! r. Buonocore Is a graduate M Black Velvet Rahwty, became the bride of Woodbrldge High School and and Thuradaj of Fredrio . Buono- recipient of his bachelor of arts Taupe, Boire con, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vln- degree, from St. Bonaventure Olive Green & «tni J. Buonocore. 68 Burnett university, olean, N. Y. and his Blue Leathers Street. A Solemn High Nuptialmastrr.s degree from Seton tfa«e waj performed at St. Hall University, South Orange. Slips U',-3 Mary's Catholic Church, Rah- He Is a candidate for a doctor 3!,- 10 way. Celebrant was the Rev. of philosophy di-nrep from Angelo Morbito. Rulton, N, Y. Fordham University, New York AsiUtirig were the Rev, Ken- City. neth B. Moore, Washington, D. 0., and the Rev. Tlioma* B. 95 Meaney. '61 WORLD FAIR Don't just drrnin. or wish. Get the things Senator Kenneth B. Keating, 1.12- Given ln marriage by her 'R., N.Y.) reported that Sen- father, the bride wore a gown > on want hy syslcnialii planning and atp-House conferees on a sup- To Sin plemental the bodice. Her short veil have agre saving. Start thinking today about the held by aplUbox 000.000 fo lace. She carried a cascade bou- at the New York's World Fair education of your children with a Savings . quet of orchids, chysanthe-!in 1964-67. mums and stephanotU. Account at Perth Amhoy Savings Institu- Matron of honor was Mrs. MA.W OTHKK Anthony V. Caruso, Rah way. ROCK I'OPIIAH STV1.I.S Vincent Buonocore, Downey, tion where vour inonev will work for von. Calif., served his brother as best; nan. Ushers were Robert Mul- SALT Interest will increase with each dollar ligan, Fords and Peter Nar-1 done, Rahway. $1.90 hundred lbs. saved. Remember . . . by saving today The Colonla Country Club $1.10 fifty lbs. was the scene of the wedding you will help open the doors of oppor- reception. SERVISOFT of A graduate of St. PeUr's WOODBRIDGE JTVENILE FOOTWEAR tunity for vour children tomorrow. High School, New Brunswick, i\9 Smith Street Perth Amboy 921 St. Georges Avenue the bride received a bachelor (Jilst S Doors From I'eninylnnm lUllroad Parklni Lot) (Juit South «f floTtrleif) of arts degree from the College HE 4-1815 OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY TILL 9 P.M. Of St. Elizabeth, Convent Sta-

ow is an ideal time to add a 1962 Cadillac to your most treasured possessions!



' Safety For Stvingi Since 1869

< *• • • The PfcRTH AMBOV Savings Institution



young _ opening opportunl- doctorates, Including a Doctor County College Raubinger For tl«i, enoourtflni. Providing of Uwt from Rldar College, a • chancw for etch to belong and Doctor of Letter* from Prince- Uillrr, had teen » >am and taite aueeew. ton University and a Doctor of I :rMWmt Movement Begins , ,M Cd« ???**** 'o7si CHARLES N. OLIVIER 'Helping Hand' i H e oppbaei educational Humane Letters from Tempi* ' TRENTON—TRENT A start on coun- 1(.,.,-r held Monav.yetrg tIU] hid mired 'In- '"19S"4 """"*ICEUN- - Funeral services i, Should education be human- spokesmen "who leem to be "nlvrrslty. H» Is currently u ick in ineifrom the Woodb; ^ Pott(.ry for Ch(i;-|fs ^'^^ ™i™£p colleges will probably be one , n o'clock in ' - ™ of the blwert Ized or dehumanlied? In this motivated by what needs to Prwldpnt of th* Council of Home. "Corp. He was tx n jn zRnes. Winter Street who died Tues- development* ln continuing national debate, be done TO children.' Among rhl*f Stale School Offlrers, ,'''nurirtl wa.....s imn the' y|)ie7 Ohio..., dsy Rt ihf R-&hwfty Memorlftl,New Jersey education thla year. New Jersey's Commissioner of these he lncruoes "those who Before nls first appointment .i, y. Perth Amboy.f deceased T . rht ad also beeenn Hospita ptal willl be held tomorrow!! Groupps« In severall counties Education squarely favors the would Rlvp the go-called gifted us Commlsuloner tn 1952 Dr. r formerly emPlo>r!i a« a forman mornlni it 9 o'clock from the,are already working on g/two- helping hand ln the classroom a 60-hour work week, often Raubinger was superintendent d dalrv far- the AmerL yfar (Mllc wltnh l erk •>:i EtEncaustici QQrolnei i FFunera l Home. 44'f» collegll e unded r profusions and strongly opposes the whip dull to distraction: Male down nf schools in RldRewood He hern R "H».ut_r Tlllng Co pprt|, Amboy from Orppn gnT(,t Woodbl.ld,e to'of a bill which Qov. Richard J ll(lnd- l«e marks; put up the hurdles previously Had been supervising "' ' 'M' „„ , where n' retlre(1 ln 1M5 Htvbr follow«1<1 by a High Mass of,Huches signed Into law this Tn accelerate learning, wme.w that many oannot get over: principal of Passalc Valley He- R r| ,,f I'ml Keaaius. was „ ilfe mpmt).r of Middl(,. Requiem . in St. Cecelia's P nc Three or four counties school critics prefer more set up an obstacle course that eional Hi«n School, vlce-prln- , vaS I,,,,-,! '" ""i- sex Council 857 Knights or Co Church. jmay be ready to start building teaching machines and fewer only the aggressive, the sturdy. r!pn| of the Olenfleld School in"' ln tllf u"l ° tumbus. A parl.i.loner of St. Burial will be in 8t. Ger-^xt summer. Others will be teaching humane tougher the advantaged can survive." in Montolalr Before becomlnc mi; James Church, h< was a mem- trudr's Cemetery Colonla. ]further along ln their pian- courses and tougher Instrue-, That thouumda of student* an administrator., he taught tors. Rut Dr Frederick M. Rau-leavr high jchoola every year English at Montciair's Hillside ,,,,! by his viao»,ber o( the Ho)y N|me Soc(ety A f0rmrr rf8|dent of EMt'ning. ll r A bliiRfr i.s a leading spokesman before thry graduate shows the Si-hool and the Springfield, Miller. it a» B * \ gurviv|ng are : s widow Lll- ^'anpe. Mr. Olivier, had lived! county college would be llan McC Qr v lierp f for increasing achlevemrnt|hurdlcs are already too hUh for Mo, High School, ,,,, Mnrlin, Perth *" " • daughter. °r &ve y«rs and had established thii way: Mrs. Benjamin Zillnskl, Perth bf(in ^ployed as a welder at The board of freeholders tlirough better, warmer, more many children. Oreater teach- 'Illl HI'" Amboy: two J. Harlan th(l Elizabeth Iron Works, Un- would request the funds after 'personnllzed relationships be- er interest In every student Touehy Question 0 itween instructor and student,[could increase achievement and Bua Driver - How old1 are <;it\V Or»y, Metuchen ndUwrenceJ " j voting to build a two-year col- Funeral Sewftren: 13 grandchildren. In- Surviving are his wife, Es-,le&e 'n the county. ;He believes children will learnlthus cut the number of children you. little girl? ' \\, M yesterday eluding two who have entered tcllt' Burcznska Olivier; a Tlie State Board of Educa- | more through willing exertion propping out of school, the Uttlc Girl - If you don't "^ „ cireiner Fu- religious vocation,, sister litary "touchier. Mrs. Richard Cole, tlon would have to certify that than through coercion. Commissioner believes. tnind, Buster, I'll pay full fare i f:»ii Street. Benjamin. Mt. S' Mary's Aea- L«""'!ton: two sons, Charles!a need exists for the proposed j To point up the need for studying the dropout prob- "nrt ketP tlle «l»tlstics * m** M Jr Rll(i 'sympathetic teaching, the Com- \ has been one of the spe-50lf' '•" (irav 80.. 42__0 demy. , North PUinfleid. an._d , , • Kenneth Olivier,'college. The board of freehold- m was fol-Brother Joseph c.s.p. Biook- lsMlli: two grandchildren, and ers then would appoint a board mlssloner tells this story: ,clal interests of the Commls- ^ winch UaUlPr worn wlth of trustees to operate the col- A mother vaa caned In by rimers staff. Interviewers who worn , -•mn four sisters, Mrs. James Brle- knltte d sweaterg wlll appM to ii den. Lyndhurst: Mrs, Jessie lege and a board of estimate to the principal and told, "Your talk with New Jmey dropout* Uie co]Iege girl Anderson, Mis Isabelle Olivier fix the amount of money the BIlSIHl BROWN DART daughter Just cannot learn and their parent* have found and Mrs Raymond Sommers, county would have to provide. The Busier Brown DART — A smoothly styled illp-on French. She will have to drop that the dropouts feel they had JplMy City- ! The board of trustees would with an rlastlcized rorlnj: that guards aralnst slip-off. In the course" The mother re- no place In the school!. Thcj hil e a l esldent tot the colle e black, cheroot or tasteful ollvr, the shor features the jpllcd, "Isn't It a good thing saw nothing in the school re- ' P ' « - 1 The pl.esldent would hlre the gauntone stitched trademark of handsewn quality. The |shI e wasn't born In P'rancc' lated specifically to them, theli rORDS - Funeral services other collcge offlciftls ftnd tne toe Is tapered, for an added accent to masculine, stream- When a normal child "just problems and their ambitions weio held othercollcg eofflciftl sftnd tn e lined appearance. Available at Alljn Shoti, Perth Am- cannot learn," greater under- They feel that no one cared morningjfacu]t sub]ect to lhe tnuteeg. from the Greiner boy, N. J. standings by the teacher Is about them. They didn't Funeral|approvftI Equlpment would be Homo. 44 Green Street, WooWood-j^-^"^^"™d - needed, not another hour of;achleve, ind they left school, bndse. for Vernon F. Sher- ... ^ j ™ opening meeting on September DON'T SHOVT [homework, the Commissioner] This the Commissioner would *O.KI. 43B Aldrlch Drive, who1 Groups n Atlantic *"d Ber" believes. like to change. He comments el co untles wor ln s RC .0 at 8;30 P.M. will feature a Nice, France—Marcel Gruat, d.crt Sunday at hk home. « \ , ™ ^ f ( ' fashion show and supper and70 was knocked down by a A teacher can be a itorc- "Good parents wlll not be sun-lving him are his W,fe/Uvely for eatabUahnlent of two-will be held at the Clark Jew- sports car driven by a pretty house of encyclopedic informa- satisfied with a school where Mildred: a daughter, Mrs. co leges. Preparation* are tlon — a walking teaching ma- their own children do not grov. at the talltln stage in 5everal ish Center, Temple Beth Ora onbrunette. She kept right on Orimm. Albany'. Cal.': two u * chine — and still be a failure, and thrive and prosper—each Other countl Valley Road. All membership going and Gruat shouted some stepsons. Richard Grimm, A!-j «' be held at theuncomplimentary remarks the Commissioner feels. "But one, as a person, as an lndl- banv. who is also a son-in-law! Because of the time needed Center this year. Executive about lady drivers. a teacher who cares about vidual. No argument* about and William T. Grimm, Tulsaj'or planning, there is no money bqard meetings will continue to It proved more than the lady those he teaches, who has faith pedagogy, national concerns Olka his father, T. E. Sher-lln the current state budget forbe held at Linden Sunnyfleld could take. She backed her in them, who wants them tojstandards, and values of edu- wood. of Albany;' a brother.'helplng ln the construction of succeed, and who keeps learn- cation will suffice unless ALL Library car back, got out, took her 1 Lloyd, Waitiut Cal.. a grand-.count[ y colleges. However, the high-heeled shoe and slugged Ing and relating to pupils is children succeed.' budget for the fiscal year well on hln way to becoming. Dr. Raubinner was recently daughter and two step-grand- RETURNS LOST RING him over the head. children, |beginning next July 1 Is ex- Gruat was treated for serious a real success." appointed to a third term as pected to contain funds for Madlsonville, Ky. — A house head Injuries. '• The Commissioner was a New Jersey's Commissioner of MRS. OLGA REMIZOWSKI kicking off the county college!wife digging in her garden 'high school principal ami Education. FREE! COLONIA- Funeral services movement ln New Jersey. turned up a gold ring with the The Test [school superintendent, but he A native of Aurora, Missouri,. for Mrs. Olga Rcmizowskl, 74, — The final test of personallty!spcnt more yeal's as ft teacher he was graduated from South- date 1915 and S. S. engraved tllau n ttnv fil' W. Inman Avenue, «ho | • l On j Is to search for your wife's lost ' °ther position. He west Missouri State College and d:«d Tuesday at the Railway! JCWISll gluve under the feet of other'Rdmits that his years ln the received his M.A. and Ed.D. 01a movie patrons and not get classroom working with chil- degrees from Teachers Collese. SHEAFFER Memorial Hospital will be heleidu tomorrow morning from thl e annual she found the name of|slgpped, dren have made him wary of Columbia University. A year Grcinrr Funeral Home, «Plan Activities ! Sam "Sights as a graduate of —Oklahoma City Oklahoman "plans and panaceas and crash aco he was awarded the Teach- Green Street. Woodbridge, fol COLONIA - Fund raising 19159 . She called his widow and • 'programs." ers College Medal for Dlstln- CARTRIDGE PEN low'cd l)v a High for Central Parkway Sec- learned Mis Sights had lost Moscow accuse* Americans at' Dr. Raubinger thinks schools gulshed Service. He has also q cn. in St. John Vmnney ^ , „ , the ring in 1920. Soviet youth camp. I should do things FOR the been awarded three honorary \\,:h SI Purchase O( School Supplies U1 c Jowlah Church. Burial will be in St.Wome n were projected at ft'' IIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER Gertrud„, ,e .Cemetery , . .. . . meeting of the executive board While Supply Lasti She had been a resident of sunnyfleld Ll- Colonia for 30 year, and was, ^^ mH ^ a parishioner at St. John VI-, ^ ^ „„_ Seymour anney Chur.h. The widow of h of Rah 1Wed oseph Remi/(HV,ki, she leaves Rnd rummage three «, John find Adolph RS aj lhe anMal Don. and Jul.u^ Avenelji Mrg mU)li Masser .four prandcluldren: three neat , , wm be ,„ er.ndchilden, and a sister, Mrs. nmmgetale which wlll be held in October Mrs. George 0 Diamond of Linden is chairman We thank you.. of the Donor Dinner to be held j at Steinder'* Restaurant in May. Coniio's first budget shows a Mrs Harold Jncobson of Last Saturday, at 10 A.M., we opened the do6rs of our temporary deficit, Rahway announced that the office at 1379 St. George Avenue. From-that moment, on, we were given the most cordial welcome tfiat ve have ever experienced. Hundreds of you told us how happy you were that we had brought the First Bank and Trust Company to the Avenel-t olonia area. We were thrilled with your response. PLATT We'd like you to know that all uf us at the bank are included in STATIONERY this simple, but sincere THANK YOU IAIN STREET WOODBK1DGE Exclusive at Gidden's PERTH AMBOY FOR EfflYOIjlE OPENING AN ACCOUNT FOR $25 or more WRING OUR 0PENIHG Celebration H'S PUNCH

Accurate, i dependable, never neeps binding. BARBECUE SET GARDEN TOOLS SiYMHIIOOOD I!KST Smartly lOOKlN'li QUALITY color-styled. DESHiN. LEATHER Hardwood handles, chrome-plated Handsome, durably constructed) END utensils, leather grip thongs. this set will help make your .MATtlllALS G. E. ELECTRIC ALARM CLOCK Salt and pepper are swivel-action. gardening even more fun!

Banking Hours at Aveiiol Office: Now is an excellent time to open your First Batik checking or saving* account. Start it with §25 or more and'receive •Hi "It n User hasn't envied the Monday thru Friday your choice of our of IIIM practical gift*. ' illiiMi4lionk used by bl|grt 8:30 KM. - 2:00 P.M.

' '" puttini the knockout 5TKE1, ARCH NO NAILS FOR HUM Friday Evening* mio their e»pyT True, food TACKS IN SUPPORT. Mtllt ii lilt nol»»n I BOTTOMS 10 HKOAH TOB 6:00 P.M. • 8:00 P.M. •'"n *n is cxpeaiiVe. . Bui INJURE KOR "KIVE TOK DELICATE Irst Bank /•ading od»«fli«"0 "GROW BOOM." lit-rdit't worry about that KOOT TISSL'fc*. d DRIVE-IN WINDOW will be open from " HS we are with M«tro New»- WJU ta i( I0 M and TRUST COMPANY S( udo 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Monday thru Thurs- '' virr, our lUff ii able to put, v* mor k»'p i» day plus ALL DAY FRIDAY from 8:00 FORDS • PERTH AMBOY • AVENEL M'"iy touch" into your ad»— m«t and but" "^ PACIFATE A.M. to 8:00 P.M. ' New Jersey ' llu ''*if» r«it to you. «"'• PHOTECTKI) UMNO MEMBIR ffOSRAl OICOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION

CALL ME 4-1111 play Advertising Department

JUVENILE FOOTWEAR h Independent-Leader Smith Street ^rth Amboy 2 Green Street Woodbrldge OPEN MONDAY ANP FRJDAV TUX » PAGE EIGHT AUGUST 23, 24, 19B2


TOUR OWN PANSY PLANTS If you've alway* hankered for a really rye-fillin? bed of pan- POUHl gleg and have toyed *lth the idea of growing your own Its the pnce-per-pound that puts savings in plants, the time Is at hand. Early August I* the time to pocket. A few pennies difference in this ficu ^ put your Rrepn thumb to work make a big difference in the amount of meat ^ ^ on this project m But tWorp you rush out to for your dollar. This is why you save so much die. Donald B. Laeey, extension on "Super-Right" Quality Meats...the priced specialist In home ground* care at Rut pets, would have you re pound are low on every item throughout the w T member there's a little more to thr job of planting seed now savmg you more on your total meat bill! than there was lfl«t spring. Sx- prrlpnce comes in handy here, You'll have to prepare your noil well, and make sure your COMPARE OUR MEAT PRICES WITH WHAT YOU PAY ELSEWHERE! seedlings don't, dry out or wash away. First about the soil. Mix equal SEE HOW MUCH MORE YOU SAVE ON FINE MEATS AT A&P! ( part* of good earden soil, coarse sand and peat moss or leaf mold. This mixture will al- low drainage Mid also hold moisture. REAOY-TO-COOK-Long Island Glairs Prevents Washout A cold frame 1B a handy place Super-Right—Tip Qiallty to sow seed at tljis season be- 39' BUTTER cause the glass can be lowered American Choose when one of those violent, DUCKS dashing storms threaten. The Sharp Cheddar glass keeps the seed from wash Ovtn Rtidy Rifular Style c Ing away. Ib. Or you can plant your seed in Short Cut Danish Blue Cheese large pots and rig up your own RIBSOFBEEF- 65 Borden Cottage Cheese rain protection, possibly with a sheet of plastic. As for shade, you can either Super-Right" Qulity LOIN c choose a spot in your garden THICK tr THIN Cajtsr Cuts Ib. that gets sunshine only a half- 79 A4P Brand—Orange & Grapefruit day or build a little sunshade 1 PORK CHOPS Aftr •runs—vi«iii|< «• wi -rwl- "•• ^^ out of builders lath, spacing the sticks about an inch apart. Pre-Soak Soil "Super-Right" 14fhM ^ \ 60ftk your soil well. If you use Quality Beef SHORT CUT pots plunse them in water un- RIB STEAKS til the soil is wet all over. Then 75 I BLENDED JUICE eover for a day or RO before you sow your seed. FREESTONE Touil undo an your careful A&P Brand—Sliced »r IIIVM work If you plant your seed too 2:55 deep. The tiny seed can be SMOKED BEEF TONGUE 49 1 PEACHES pressed into the damp soil and pllt covered with not more than an fiontleit Btef c eighth of an Inch of soil. Makf Brisket Beef ^95^:75: Rump Roast 99b IK rows about 6 Inches apart. 39 The preliminary soaking Put* iff IHELLMANN pfMy Ground should provide enough moisture Top Round Steak * 99! Ground Beef 49: 1 to germinate the seed. 1 PMPArtD 15'. az. When you transplant your cam •eedlintrs allow 6 Inches of room Round Roast • 99,: Ground Round Steak 99: CDAr.UFTTI each way. 1 35 And be sure to mulch them in On« Pritt— All Cu+i 99: late November or December Top Sirloin Roast 99,! sirloin Steak Laeey recommends salt hay. Bonlitil 00 c His suggestions cover violas Cross Rib Roast 99! Flank Steaks * *lb. Applt N' Spict—ButierwMch Cr^i.-., --..i.ia..on Ri.:m ftritn Uiint Brand (tufted pansiest as well as pftn- DUTCH TOPf'NS r.o. Betf CKucV B..f Y l. Port C sies. He likes violas becausr l( CA 3 stand the winter. Pork Loins ^59,?. ^69 Beef Short Ribs Pk, •' lb 1 Be sure to plant fresh seed. "Suptr-RijM !••' 79,' Hint's Tomato Sauce '"It Swanoe Toilet Tissue Innocent Party Pork loins --49: 59Chuc: k Fillet F>m "You mustn't pull the cat'; k c Specially Socted 25 c Ubby's Ripe Olives tail," a rnoth'r warned her Fresh Hams S 63i H;«69 Beef Kidneys D j CAPS two pttci < son. "I'm only holdinR it )b _ c Ftorient Aerosol Deodorant Bornardin *» P* 9 Mom," the youngster replied seriously, "The cat is pulling." Boston Butts Beef Liver ^^ib. Too True! For fncliit« ir3 SiUdi Doctor: "You've been work- Fresh Pork Neck Bones Fancy Fowl 47,: ( Ing too hard." c ROCK COR'dSH Patient: "I know, but that> Salt Fat Back Pork 25 Game Hens 55,: PURPLE PLUMS — 2 2 the only way I can keep up tin easy payments." nb. _ • 'J.S.Sov't 18 to 22 m m 4f'e \i C Ibi. 49,: 5 Bacon End Slices Turkeys .-P.*- .U. 45 Cantaloupe • 23 Honey dew Melons i -it. e C Sliced Bacon --?— 69 is:Ib. Seedless Grapes 2 35 Watermelon 4 Breast of Lamb nation Bacon Ends and Pieces Lamb Shoulder 'd Stewing 45: Btfrflett Pe °Super-RigM babies wear 99: Orange Juice !',"'"' [ Veal Rib Chops 4V Sausage Meat Tip Top Fruit Drinks Link Sausage Veal Shoulder Chops as: libby's Lemonade ' Italian Sausage H 1 &l Stewing Veal ' - 69,: C OA c Extra ' Sausage Patties I.I-.L 57 Veal Cubed Steaks * *lb L C«nl«r C Plaid Stamps Roasting Chickens 'li 53'Smoked Ham Steaks Slic. 99 13 fluid • » . or BOLOGNA PAe 101a 1VVITH THIS COUPON A^ID PURCHASI c American P«ck«rt •z. cant Liv^r wurst •»*.".«. 59 12 Ibi. Canned Ham 79,: BRIGHT SAIL Fresh Chicken Parts! SO Eitrt ttmpi with purohm •( 1 7T ;LAUNDRY BLEACH I A MA With Thighi ^_ JC C BrntH — HICKORY SMOKED ;: 29 n vsid ift»r Stturdiy. F F c FERRIS CANNED HAH 3 YOU CAN'T BUY BETTER...WHY PAY MORE Chicken Wirfgs 29ib. H Extra Stinpi with purthui tl MOCCASINS THE GREAT ATIANTIC & PACIFIC TEA COMPANY, IMC. fRIED SCALLOPS S^; ;;39< Star-Kistfyna Chunk Styi«

Pricei cffecHvt through 26 Entra Itanit wlti Mniiw if Bunlees feature moccaiin eon- Saturday, Aitguit 25th siroflion,' allow freedom of in Super Markttt and fool action ... let little feet | NECCO WAFERS - • 99 $uper Markets Colgate's Al f , l 9 r)rip, cjrasp and flex as no Self Servict atom only. Fsr lutomatic within AMERICA'S DEPENDABLE FOOD MERCHANT SINCE I8S9 IS Eitra ttani* with iirakiu •( WitMc lib l^oiACe All Tobacco I'rodmti, Fluid Milk and Alcoholic Reverage* exempt from l'laid 'Stamp offer HOSTESS TRAY .ffl.b.l,. **

Juvenile Footwear 113 MAIN STREET, WOODBRIDGE; N."JT Open Tiil 9 P. M. Hon.. Tues.. Wed., Thu». - Friday Till 10 P. M. _ Sat. 8 . | .' . L pen Sunday, » 6 P M. in Smith St., Perth Ajnboy P M O HI b OtKirn iruiu PciuisylviiUj 833 ROOSEVELT AVENUE, CARTERET, N. J n_]lroml Parking Lot Open TU1 8 P. M. Mon.( Tues., Wed., Tburs. ^ Friday TU110 P. M. ^ Saturday JAMtoSPM. uri'N \10MUY AND FRIDAY nil. » P.M. 306 INMAN AVENUE, COLONIA, N. J,

Open TU1 * P. M Mmt, Ite, Wed., Thuw. - **^y Till 18 P. M. - 8.tB«toy I -» P. M. - Open ?und«y J . € f ^


Ball, Jack Benny, Andy Grif- LIGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES fith, Garry Moore and Danny Walking Com Are Thomas. The billing will be Saturday Series rtttm (UM0. The o*porit win above time limitations will fa* rtndrtntodMM to SlddBiddewn upon .... their depotlti. ssa alphabetical The New Lor Choice of Campiu ntQrfi of th* DOeninenti, Including til Addenda, if aaf. complete and in All Documents are returnable 1 etta Toting Show has lost u Populjar Item at On campus, walking-length tood condition Within 10 (Uys after the Office ot the Architect cast member and gained a law- coats, often laminated or lined Bid opening. A Bid Quaranty and a Parmi and Performance Bond at apetjlfl suit, Portland Mason, 13, who In pile, make a warm transition Contractor* wbo submit Bid* will be required. was to play Loretta's 18-year- to cooler weather. Jackets and return Document*, Including all The Board of Education of I Freehold Track Addenda, If any, complete and in Boroush of C»rt«rtt rtstnn I daughter, has left the show sweatrrjRckeU amplify the good condition after the above io!rlcht to reject «ny or all Bid* or and been replaced by Cells FREEHOLD—Freehold Race- casual wardrobe, while a dres- day period will receive only |in.m| waive any mformnlltln In tha » Kaye, 20. Portland's mother, way's historical series Is two stfr long coat Is needed for off of the depoelt. Thla period shall.din* Saturdays from staring but It terminate 30 diy« after the Bid! No Bids shall U« wlt'vlrawn W Pamela Mason, Is suing Loretta, campus wear. opening, | period ol I6O1 sixty ilnyj cubJefliU CBS and the series' sponsors, has bern a main talking point Contractors who fall to «utimlt.t0 th" oDcnlnR of Bids, LEOAI, NOTICES 1 asserting that Portland was of the dally conversations nids and return Documents, Inrlud- THE BOARD or F.nUCATB around the track since the inn »ll Addend*. It any. comi»!i\ <;K THE ROHOUOH wrongfully fired because of a PUBLIC NOTICE. and In Hood condition will receive OF C'ARTBRET wardrobe dispute. . . . NBC's campaign opened. Nntlrc in hereby given that bid only $10.00 off th»e deposit. BIKIBiKhI MIIH. josBrniNE The series, Introduced last will lie received for the demolition Documents mult be returned Whin Secret Project 20 Is preparing an hour or vc<> dwelling! located within th 10 days after Bid opening JOHN M, KOI.mAS I'resldi documentary, "That War In year, was an immediate success, DiimiiBh of Onrttret bj Edward T Contractor* who fall to observe the c. P. H/24 - 31/82 in fact, thnt the management Znimt. Building Inspector of th Korea," for fall airing. nonniRh of Curteret, at hit offlc has Increased these events by lix-ntrrl in the Borough Hall, Cooke two, adding "The Lafayette Avrnne, Cnrt^ret, New Jersey at 8:00 BRIQITTE BARDOT MIGHT PM. Tuesday, September 4th,. 19S2. Pace," on September 8 and the I'.IT, mill Hpexlflcatlons ma} be appear on U.S. television. Ne- "The Washington Pace," on iiilnnil from th« Borough Clerk n Rotlatlons are now In session September 15. 'fii-e, MnrtniKh Halt, Cooke Afenua. for her to film an hour special irii-ret, New Jersey, during regular These "Saturday special*" islness hour* Monday through In Prance, sell It to whichever Best continue with "The Battle of •l.lny. U. 8. network has the courage BACK hi SCHOOL EDWARD T. ZANAT, Buy Monmouth," Sept. 22; "The to buy It. ... Red Skelton's Building Inspector Old Tennent Pace" Sept. 29; new hour-long format bows FAVORED COLLEGE P. 8/J4-31/M "The Spirit of '76," Oct. 6 and Snpt. 25 with Phil Harris and MEN, JackrU Ukr (his hand- AN ORDOfANCR "The Molly Pitcher Pace," the Juliet Prowse as guest stars. . plaid an> appropriate ORDINANCB TO AMTOTO AN finale on October 13. HDfNANCR ENTTTLaTD, "AN OR- Jackie Qleason's American on or off rampu* Wool-"Or- IINANCE TO KMFIiOT CERTAIN SHOES Adding "The American Pace," Scene Magalne — that the title •EHSUNNE1, AND TO FIX AND OCCASION FOR GLAMOUR a long established Labor Day lon" acrylic blend. IECIULATB TOT COMPENSATION 7.95 to 9.95 of his new Saturday evening finds co-ed wearing brocade feature, the purse distribution, SUCH OFFICERS AND EM- According to Siie show on CBS — Is gradually PLOYERS OP THI BOARD OF dress, sequin-trimmed jacket, for this year's Freehold invi- taking shape In a loose, maga- HEALTH OP THI BOROtTOH OP Fashion to make, surfeited tatlonals, total $43,500. The CARTERET IN TBB COUNTY OP zine format. The show will MIDDLESEX AND THB STATE OF "Spirit Of '76" Is worth $7,500 .satirize the contemporary NEW JERSEY". and "The Molly Pitcher," $10,- scene, revive Jackie's best char- Pubrlc notice M hereby given that 000, while the others will be he. above entitled ordinance waa ap- acterlzatlon — ^Reggie Van Practical Illustration iroved and adopted unanimously by contested for $5,000 each. Glcason, The Poor Soul, etc. — A youngster asked his father the Board of Health of the BorouRh Before the special events of Carteret 'n the County ot Middle and offer a line of June Tay- how wars began. aex and State of New Jersey at the lor's dancers, six "Jackie Olea- "Well." said the pater, "sup- start, the track will continue 'egulnr meeting held August 9th 1962 at 8:00 PM. PJI.T. —'son Girls" and Sue Ann Lang- pose America quarreled With its present Saturday program of one feature Involving trot- At the public bearing no objec- England and—". tions w«re exprnwd thereon. don 9S thc new leat n ters and another for pacers. 54. Where Are You?, will swap " * "But," Interrupted the moth- Board ot Healtb Freehold's session this year Borough of Carteret gueat appearances with Mitch er, "America mustn't quarrel State of New Jersey Miller next season-. . . . Busy, GARDEN TOOLS STOLEN with England." is for 60" days, longest In the Dated: August 24, ISO TV Today — track's history, post time dally busy Danny K*ye It now wind- WOODBRIDGE — Garden "I know," he answered, "btlt STEVE SANDOR tool Is 2 P. M. Daily double windows President Ing up a movie In Hollywood -s valued at $10 were stolen I am taking a hypothetical In* MICHAEL MHNDA r closing 15 minutes earlier. and planning for his Nov." ni' °m the unlocked garage ol stance," Secretary 1 SuTHEKN MAY RE Joh C. P. 8/24/62 A' "' special on NBC. After the tap- " Ondar, 11 Warren Street, "You are misleading the :,> iv in the fall of 1 ln« In September, hell help Fords, some time Monday, he child," said the mother. Greater Need INVITATION FOB BIDS :: her third starring reported to police. Tennis rack- The Board of Education of the open the social season in Wash- "No, I am not," he answered. The butcher was busy wait- Borough of Carteret, N. J. will re- \'a Hoy. Mama, to be ington. D. c, by conducting a ets, bicycle tire and tube and "Yes, you axe." ing 6n a customer when a wom- ceive Sealed Bid* for: National Symphony Orchestra crabnets were damaged to the an rushed in, pushed herself LAWNS AND PLAOTINQ WORK i t,v aoodson-Todman "I tell you I am not! It's out- AT THE for Italy extent of $15, he added. to the front of the counter and There's No Substitute For Experience. I tst film shook soon, concert, then head rageous—" CARTERET AVENUE SCHOOL |,: Ni cried. "Give me a pound of AND TBS vh Ann goes to New and another movie. "All right, dad," said the Here, we're proud of thr care and attention we've f Shah reported easing Af- cat food quick." WEST CARTERET SCHOOL nirf'ii.ln "God Blew boy." The Bldl will M neeWed at 8:00 V •• rift. Turning to the other cus- given to the precise fittins of children's feet ovet - • on Broadway. . . . flEPT. 24 IS THE DATE "Don't get excited. I think I PM., prevailing tlmt on Wednesday, 0. tomer whom she had pushed the 3th day o'. September, 1M2 in ;. ; iind Fred Owynne. CBS's five Mar special, "Open-] Military support grows for know how wars begin." the office of the Board of Educa- the years. Because of this, an* because we keep aside, she said: "I hope you Ing Night," headlining l.ucille'Brlzllian regime. tion at the HtRh School Building on :• and Muldoon ol Car don't mind my getting waited Washington Avenue, Carteret, N. J., on hand a complete st-lwtion of Pleet-Air sizes and Merely Temporary at which time and place all Bld.i will "Strange how lew of those on before you." be publicly opened and read aloud. styles, you may be sure that your children will be movie stars who marry take "Not If you're that hungry," CLASSICS SCHEDULED for Contract Documents an on File the other woman retorted. at the Office of the Board of Edu- wearing the best . . . fitted to perfection. - VISIT - their husband's name." school include suits such as cation. "Oh, I suppose It seems hard- this, in wlde-wale corduroy, Bidden may obtain a copy of the ly worth while for so short a All brass buttoned. It's Cramp- Contract Documents at the Office of All this country needs now is the Architect Mun-ay Lelbowltz. 313 I time." ion Corduroy. State Street, Perth Amboy, N. J. by A&P's Newest, Most Modern to he as smart as it thought it Thant asks U. N. to act on was back In 1928. SUPER MARKET Congo. --QveenviUe New* 306 INMAN AVE. J.15"i,) COLONIA, N. J. JUVENILE FOOTWEAR 219 Smith Street Perth Ambo; (Jnit 6 Doors From Pennsylvania Railroad Puking Lot) OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY TILL 9 P.M. K kl ©Of SANOy S70RM to Reach! Iv minute* aw4n fmin all points in Start balancing the books \\ iMidliridge Township "The partt you need (tre rigU here someplace!"

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691 Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret MEMBKE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION — MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Rl 1-J600 AUGUST 23. 24, 1962 Playground News! 1BTMAN AVENl'E - Barry J.j Yelenik. Director, j The dinners of the clean-upj contest held on Tuesday, Aug- ust 14 were Tommy Higglrw, Bobby Rodders, Tommy Loom Is, Greg Newcombe, Ira Glasserjj and Johnny Trtmarco. The winners of the marble shootinR contest held on Thurs- day weir Kicky Trlmnrco, Kathy Burton, Stnphen Yele- nik, -Evil Newcombe, Robby Newcombe. Jeff McBildr, Toni and brother irii,, Karslch, Mnrc YafTe and Randy Innton. Va '•• Yaffe. o!rth,|,,v „, Next week we will have a Bnrm-ti clean-up contest, domino con- c1 Sl,m|,v , test .and -a play doiiRh building held on th,. Z contest, helped . gf'HOOL 22 — Teddy J. Wis- •;nefski, Director 'son of Mr Last week we hud relay races anrt SK Kqknsp fi|- and steal the bacon content M,.ln;,, The winners of the relay races home from are as follows: Judy Hodsdon, leave, Linda Dutton, Charles Bnston, -Today the * Karen Erummer, Art Steffey, First Aid Squad Dennis Huntz, Bob Pronjray, a one-day cirrus • Bob Gnadinger, Joe Pacillo, opposite the ,,,,, Red Qnadinger, Judy Kuntz, ters on Avmri «• Mark Hodsdon, Patty Colson, -C- Y. 0 nf Ai.i: Judy Thaler, Sherry Hodsdon, Church rmi\,'v Rich Landa, Jim McGlnnls, nlon together m Susan Sllva, Iris Paye, FIRST DEPOSITORS: Mfmbfrs of Avenel Boys Club are shown rmiklnit thr first deposition at thr nrw branch bank »f Maw Sundny The winners of the steal the MAKING IT OFFICIAL: Commitirrman Knbirt .Taoks, Assrmblyman Norman Tanzman and Emlen RoosfVflt, president of tin- First U;vnk and Trust Company are shown participating the First Bank and Trust Company in Avrnel. In the back ground arc (onimittceman Robert Jacks, Emlen Roowvelt, -The last n, ' bacon contest are Red Gna- In tht ribbon-cutting ceremony Saturday t» murk the opening of the Avenel Branch of the president of the First Bank and Trust Company and Assemblyman Normnn Tanzman. In the foreground, member* of series of weekly dinger, Bob Gnadinger, Jim banking institution. the club, left to right are Ted Smith, Thoma* Smith, Walter Londrejtan, George Reslevlch William Brake, Nleky Shine gponwred by n,, McGlnnlfl, Patti Kelly, Karen and Bill Brake, Sr. Srummer, Artie Steffy, Susan man's club mi: Gllra, Iria Page, Tom Don- Prances Kay Liptak, James Ur-'lenbach, Greg CiKKelakis. Mar-! On Wednesday arts and Monday at tin nelly, Connie Sharkey, Jo Ann banik, Robert Nielsen, Michael lin Straub, Paul Gavinski, crafts was held. Barry Ondey- included a cleanup contest and Grace Bothwell, Kathy Byoris, Some of our best jacks ".ill be read: "When man la Harold Sehill, bangel, and Mike Collins. Corders, and the playground [Karen Ky/.ima, Mary Straub, ko, Lnda Stark, Bert Lorentz, hobby show. Many varied and Karen Anderson, Virginia Shaf- players are. Joe Neville. Tern governed by God, the ever- hrldRe Avcruir STRAWBERRY HILL—George directors. A point system andland Virginia Hollenbach. were chosen as making the best interesting hobbies were dis- fir, Tommy Perry, Betty Duser.ONelll, and Put Sedlak. iresent Mind who understands:Avery will be , Ane Shultz, Director. secret ballot will be employed.! The hair Kioomlng contest egg timers. Note boxes were played and prizes were given and Mary Jane Plllipsuck. \ ill things, man knows that affair becln.i ,u H A ith God all things are possible. indicnted that future hair styl-ipainted and assembled. The in the various categories. Win- BIINNS LANE _ Terry Mc- CHRISTIAN SCIENCE —Mr and M The participant* of the clean. Entrants may register August The only way to thlj living tip contest were Kathy Flsh- 23, 23, and 24. All observers ists will be Andrea Marosevitch, best ones were Billy Stark, ners of the above mentioned f.uinn. Director. and children !•., LESSON - SERMON Truth, which heal* the sick, la tnger, Joe Santora, Susan and beauty connlseurs are wel-jJoyce Qyenes, Mary Straub, Linda Misiewlcz, and Christine activitietii s and contesttts are as I .nr,.-.™.-. - »n..™«" i rum, wmen ue&u me SICK, is Sue and Phvi: Qrand prize Wlnner for 8sh ; Barnko, Joanne Flshinger, Di- |come to attend. Melissa Straub. Eleanor Lehan.iBoland. K ArtfiSTrnVLi All things are possible to Ood.:ound in the Science of divine Avenue, vacntl.n-- anl Virginia Hollenbach. I On Thursday there was a ane Gabor, Guy Shareck, and EAST GREEN STREET—Chris- Lake Ontnrin KEASBKY - Lillian Pinka.jchess tournament for the boys Diane Holowatch. Debbie Santora. tin Thompson and Mary Ann The winner In the tile ash Isavage and Mary Cosky, Di-|and girls 12 to 14. The younger Cleanup contest: Virginia itacs, Barbara Har- „ . . . „,,,„, BACKS TRADK r\U Scanlon, Directors. 'children took part in table Ann Sza H.IIU tray contest was Prank Palin- Tectors. Shaffer, Valerie Adamczyk, tung| Kfttny Nevlllei Terry tian Science churches Sunday.; AFL-CIO P;v,;,: On Monday, the children dis- ames kas. The soup carving contest was;S and the four square Kathy Byores, Karen Adam- O'Neill, Joe Neville, Bob Nev-| Luke's account of the healing FOREIGN AID BILL Meany told ine s played a creative use of color President Kennedy recently PEARL STREET — Carol Zi- piayea a creauve use or coior b Kath K t Johnny;game. czyk, Mary Jane FillipcsukFlp. . il]e CaroCa\ol GullcGunCSa | sSharonaron McMc-o. of ththe papalsiel d man by Christ ,,„„,,„„„„„„. Committee that i: wus held on 1 once and Joy Wainwright, DI- while working with the tint and!R , and Tommv z I Sand modeling Donna Wantuck, Carole Fillip- cann, Debbie Bird, Emily Hohn,'J«us will be presented in thes :ned a $4,672,000,000 foreign- tratlop's foiviKi: • paint craft. Participants in this) Tnursdav H M vl tectors, A talent show will be held| afternoon. The win- csuk, Linda Manlscalco, Linda Lj|1(ja' Hanrl| Tommy Bird! readings from the Bible. In> d bil" l """tha*t "''wil" l •""*allo"w hi-m 't-o needed more thm activity Were John DiBlaslo,, ners we The intricate skills of car- on August L'J. Some wonderful; ™ Donna DiNuzDiNuzioi , EEll n, and Louise Despoto- - Winners of eluded Is this verse (Luke 5): ve limited aid to Communist "struggle to pn- Billy Straub. Janet King, Greg len pentry were tried and mastered entertainmi-nts is being pro-; Chiocchi, and Keith Mohr vicn# doughnut eating contest "And immediatelditl y :»e rose upemntriw. ^ freedom." Mggelakis, Joce Gyenes, Chris- the by those attending the weekly The oill's authorization for tine Kuzma, Andrea Marose- vided b the children registered}FREEMAN STREET - Brno- :jby Snow. Joe Muirooney. were: ""pat " Sedlak." Barbara before them, and t,,ok up that Meany declarrd arts and crafts workshop. here. iChristensen, Director. vitch, Mary Straub, Gail Deci- Linda Madsen, Donna Wan- Hartung, Terry O'Neill, Mar-thereon he lay, rmd departed ftreign aid this fiscal year Is convinced tlum Those constructing the best egg A clean-up contest was won] As the course of the summer bus Eva Maria Toth, Redk tuck, Susan Richards, DianeiKaret Ann Szekacs, Jean Le- to his own how. slorlfying inly $206,500,000 shy of Ken-[salvation of th- timers arid note holders were flows on, activity does not Lauren and Cindy Jost, Butch Hyatt, Tommy Dev-iVnn, Bryan Hartung, John Mc- God." iiedy's original request but it'pends upon Michael Cordero, Laura Koz- Hurt, icease. The spirit of the young- Urso, Donna Durinda, Eleanor eiln, Gary Bonicker, Harry Guinn, Edward McGuln, Kathy From "Science and Health'.-tiU faces the possibility of and expansioiml«,• lowski and Jo Ann Kozlowskl HOPELAVVN— Theresa Di Nun-lsters was heightened by a sur- Lihan, Kenneth Kovacs, Bruce inv ivn, DMiie Neville, Kathy Shugarr, Diannejwith Key to the scriptures" by much sharper cutting when the Western Europe, ,*: On August 27 th the annual zio and Theresa Chiocchi, Di-'prising third place finish in th( jKovacs, Dolores Kovach, An- Ann Yakovchuk.Kochi. Mary Baker Eddv this citation appropriations bill comes up. other democracy Pearl Street beauty contest will rectors. junior Olympics that was held drea DiBlasio, Robert Nagy, be held. For girls ranging The following children repre-'on Tuesday, August 14th. Point Sandy Kovacs, Gall Meszaros, from 5 through 12 yeafs of age sented the playground at thejwinners for the playground Pat Delaney, Marie Osolinski, the judging will be held at 10 Olympics: Peter Loventz, Keithlwere Diane Joet, Gary Bonicker, |Tommy Ring, and Art Ring, A. M. At 2 P. M., girls ranging Mohr, John Chiocchi, Glenn and Pat Mattos. Our last arts from 13 through 15 years will In the penny hunt on Wed- Mohr, Vicki Ciallella, Richardiand crafts class was held on be judged. Contestants will be!esday the winners were Phyllis DiNunzio, Linda Mi.siewicz, and Wednesday, August 15th. Note Judged on beauty, poise, and Grilla. Marie Osoliski. Billy Richard Di Nunzio was success-holders and egg timers were We Know Our personality. Juflfses will be Starub. Pat Wright, Gloria Hol- ful in bringng back a trophy, made. Thursday's activities ALWAYS Meet "Ross" Brarens and "Bill" Barnes MEMBERS OF M & J's CABINET (Department)

"BILL" "RUSS" BUI Barnes is Construc- tion Superintendent lur M CREAMY Rusi Brarens is a cabinet Ai J Home Improvement makers cabinet maker . , (and lie really knows his in other words he is > real business). Bill works very •••W specialist. Rust will be closely with Joseph John- happy (o build jou i son, our President in see- cabinet of any die or ing that every job goes shape, any place jou want .ilnns according to it. He la Just one of the and is completed when PURITAN many skilled workers that promised. We are proud ol make up the M £ J llomt our reputation for a job Improvement team. well done and Bill sees ?T« 1)V i Thrive on M "Cume and get it" has a wel- PRODUCTS EXPERT TRADESMEN comt sound in the ears of T

i Creumy . M U HOME IMPROVEMENT Corp. Dairy Products Right (DIVISION OF OMEGA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY) to Your Door! The PURITAN DAIRY 1|J P. O. Box 215, Woodhridge, N. J. Phone ME 4-6464 or FU 8-1886 UCKN8H) BY Tilt STAIi OK NEW JERSEY <»AV) iNlAms) FAYETTE and WILSON STREETS PERTH AMBOY I..CP AUGUST 23, 24, 1962 PAGE ELEVEN ((|ern Teaching School Shoes Fashion Awareness Grows thods Challenge Get Big Lift Among High School Girls From Fashion Established Rules of Belter Grooming Art'; ildren To Learn Reflected in New Apparel for Class Children's footwear fashions 1 (l0I, of attention Some Arra« ng lift themselves by their boot- straps thli fall as youngsters In her high school years, a reefer coat are going to school i , ,h(. nation's pub- Improvement [„ the educa- In new leather boots stride girl grows—graws as she learns this year. ,'.,ti.m during the tional system nrrosi the boards back to school. Bright and how to meet the challenge and Reserved for after-school •l« < has achieved does not news iriiy mean that r fashionable, light and comfort- promise of becoming an adult, hours are most teen-age fadi •] ,'l', 'i will present a schools have become perfect. n able, boots of brushed, smooth a.i wfil as In learning knowl such as colorful sneakers and. ,,,,"„ flnrt rewarding nor _that all iuVe improved and grained leathers are the edge and skills she will need off - beat sweatshirts. A few.'; equally. Some have lagged for !,' Vor all the children newest shoe favorite of the for the next step in life, be, it tads ore considered chic enough'! lack of aggressive public silp. . '„.,„(!« ready to «to younger set, according to Shoe college or Job, or marriage. j for school - the Western look: port; some for inability to ob- ..^n for the new fall Fashion Service ol Leather Not surprisingly, fashion,In hlp-hiiRRer skirts, with well- ' tain fully trainid teacheri who Industries of America. are In short supply. •warenew develops strongly;tailored shirts, and neck Otf' iin. better," Is the d swiftly from the earliest; head scarves, a blgeer than* What this omd appear to Schoolgirls will take delight FOR 8CHOOL OR HOME: Fragrant bread, welcome for ; 'rn]\pgK nuthorities In glove-soft and sueded leath- am of high school learning over favorite. And tiny hat* ndicate Is the neenedd for a ddee. lunch box or home. Is surprisingly simple when conveni- ,',1 rrltlr*SiU(f. The er boots, high cuffed arid dain- nd growing. Just as the senior hows on bobby pins ar« still termlned redrdlcatlon on the ence foods get together In a recipe. You might say the ,,;; nre turning oat tily set on lightweight but Igh school girl looks to the booming. part of parents to the task of homemaker starts half way there. . ..I'^HK qualified by sturdy leather soles. For ad- tew and more mature fashion Socks, whatever the length. '\ , ,| ricntnl attitudes for supporting educational author-! Two-Way Orange Nut Bread, described here, has real itottls of college and career liv- now meet leisure or cold ^ lties and teachers In their er- ditional warmth and color,, «ay the col- many girls' boots are lined dividends In flavor, fragrance and moisture, thanks to ing, the junior high miss sees weather needs, with most teen* J !•'.. improvements In forts toward attaining the new two uniformly-smooth baby fods, golden Strained Sweet In her senior high sister the age girls preferring seamiest^ goal for all thi- children, which with colored wool shearing that have that spills over when the cuff Potatoes and Strained Orange Juice. The third ready- model for the dress-up trend nylons for class. v. Is no longer average compe- to-use food Is biscuit mix, which speeds the assembling • >> about have en- Is turned. Available in a full that has swept the nation's News In Separates tence — but rather "excel- of this well-tested Qerber recipe. young people. , i ilie plempntary M lence." range of fresh leather tones— Separates are a mainstay of bridght reds, handsome greens, TWO-WAY ORANGE NUT BREAD .i secondary schools. That better grooming forjyoung wardrobes and look r The youngsters themselves beautiful browns — the new % cup light brown sugar, % cup Oerber Strained . . •, in testing the school Is an established fact Is more personable this appear ready to meet this chal- boot fashions underline tweed „! the very young to firmly packed Orange Juice reflected In current styles for since they are more truly "sep* lenge with tl.e now demon- skirts, colored sweaters and 1 egg, slightly beaten V« cup grated orange peel ,•!:,(- math, basic scl strated capacity (or learning the new semester, Fashion isarate," without over-coordlM- textured leotards. 1 cup Qerber strained Sweet 1 cup chopped walnuts giving the girls what they want, ! forclcn languages more.earllerll . tlon of color and style. their greater Potatoes 3 cups biscuit mix and what they want ls apparel t ... Drop-Outs Are Problem .... The future spaceman will Main news Is In a wide rang* learning than that Set oven for moderate, 350*. Combine brown sugar that will meet both their in- A serious problem i the keep his feet on the ground In of variations on the classic!. they have been 3 and egg. Combine sweet potatoes and orange juice; add teased sophistication and the such as Shetland sweaters. "drop-out" whose failure to a pair of new chukkas, setnl- chukkas or mid-calf boots. to sugar mixture with grated peel and walnuts; blend 'dress right" standards set, usii ackets and wesklte, neat tuck* Of CUr,ri ^ e°n»n«e '" »»«h school Is , . h n m He'll cover territory, In school well. Stir in biscuit mix; beat vigorously 30 seconds. ally by the students themselves. In shirts and blouses. Sklrtt Turn Into well-greased loaf pan, 8x5x3 inches. Bake In many schools. have rarely been so varied — 11 wlUl learnln PRACTICAL DEMONSTRATIONS on how to bt safe In or one the playing field, in TT !^h «. or despair over 55 to 60 minutes, Classics Are In flared, or straight, pleated or ' fcm V! meetln* the challenge of these traffic are acted out In the classroom here with the help hardhard • wearing brushed "•" b-nfflt "f W-faat-paced years. of a Safety Patrolman using desks as can, under the di- leather boots In man-colors — Take out a little batter before adding nuts and bake As a result) up-dated clas- belled. ,,l turners in team A1, tWl 8umrtj ft three_ rection of teacher, Mm. Roslyn Fatigue. School Safety loden green, desert tan and a small muffin for your special Junior. sics and such modern favorites Auto coats are still going Tips: Send this golden, crunchy bread In the lunch- as the sweater dress, the "spare strong, often lined In lamb-likt •••:(fnIT point program for Immediate Patrolmen are much admired. charcoal gray. For dressier oc- casions, he wears a finely box filled with cottage cheese, peanut butter or mar- look" sleeveless shift (with a curly" pile or with foam back- consideration by parents, as blouse or sweater in class, Ing. of modern me- grained or polished leather malade. the new school term approaches. without and the coats" rival the boy coat !• ,:ni for exposing^ first Is the development In chukka. As a untrltlous spread, try 3 tablespoons peanut but- :i to better teach-jthe home of im atmosphere en- The Junior miss will find her ter combined with '/« cup (about) Oerber Strained Bana- . rich thing* Mjcouraglng to learning. This in- TODAY AND TOMORROW all-leather oxford, basic shoe nas. Or, add favorite seasonings to the handy 3% oz. .• television, •llde.volvcs, In addition to an ex TV- of every young' wardrobe, re containers of strained and Junior meats. di'.d sound equlp-jprefued Interest In the work the styled this season — from the ••••*!v revised text-jchdd d doli,? In school, the lightweight, flexible leather cm be kept up-to- easy aocesslbility of study fa- JANET LEIGH, who does will be Carol Lawrence, Lupe sole with the new weatherproof 1 very little television, will show Paperback Books ill i» fast-paceftdd cllltles and learning stimulants Serrano, Roberta Peters, Rob finish to colored eyelets and up as a guest star this fall on •!.!< modern world, In the home itself. ert Merrill, pianist Byron Janls fancy ghlllie ties. Red, navy iibot h The Dick Van Dyky e and :u students to a Second, with the schools re- and The Brothers Four ... An and black oxfords are piped Lighten Reading : .:i to learning. 'Andy Williams Shows. ... On hour series, Diagnosis: Danger, in white leather for eye ap- sponding enthusiastically to A noted educator has been ••lit heaviest em- is in the works for 1963-84 at peal, while colored saddles have lm -• public prints ap-! program, an- health checks to P°rtant during Revue. Story deals with a med- been criss-crossed with white quoted as saying that paper- stitching. back books are "the best Inven- !i the hleh school,make sure the child is physl- !"' M n ghtl ls ical detective..,. It's now firm • •:•<• percentsge-wisejcally fit lor learning, planning a Monday-through- that George Oobel will try a Toes will hold the floor at tion since the sandwich." Stu- Kriday doctor series. Titled nrreaws urB hlgh-| Third, display of enthsuias- new situation-comedy series for the first birthday party of the dents of all ages are devouring Hospital and star- new term, when they're shod 1963-64, the test film to be pro- them under guidance of teach- •re not neglecting youngsters n-ady for the return ring Ed Kemmer and Amzle duced this fall. in a pair of the new oval-toed Strickland, it will be produced pumps. A little girl feels very ers and, In the process, are de • nf the President^ classes, bv starting to outfit ANNETTE will star on Walt veloping a taste for more good • iltUe value in ef.;them now wv.h the school sup- by Seligman, the man re- grown-up when her new shoes [ Wonderful reading. -ivlng higher ed-'plies they are going to need, spon-ible [or ABC's Day in are Just like her mother's. World of Color shows this com- making a|the clothes and shoes and ac-jCourl Starling date and time The classic simplicity of Millions of these lightweight, '.out ing season, New title for for excellence at cessorles ewentlal not only as period are not yet set. . girls' party shoes has been re- less expensive and easily acces- Ernest Borgnine's series debut- jweartng apparel but as KynitK)Is'NB(." Pont Know of trie; lieved by colored patent leath- sible books- are being used in ; Ing in the fall is McHale's ::K enrollments—'of their Involvement with tiirir^Wi-t••; will also Join the niedi- ers, straps, and by low stacked English, history, and science | Navy. All Star Golf comes uro fantastic but;[cllow students. eal frau-mtty this coming sea- leather and covered heels. courses and still more — clas- back to NBC in January for :1. They are the'' Finally, of course, are con-son with "The Intern." Film Straps are seen frequently with sics, biographies, references — another 13 weeks. ... An epi- a s recommended auxiliary 'he post-war popu-intent. ,. turm-lun. g in orews will follow an Intern for the swivel strap, shorter T- sode of The Untouchables ti- books. :nn. Estimates for'thelr progress, participation in several days at New York's strap and the sabot-strap top- tled "The Fabulous Floyd (Jib- t( somewhere be-lpgfent-teacher activities and Bellevue Hospital. ped with self-leather bows, very The new paperbacks are not bons" Is being panned by Rob- popular, Vamp insets, decora- •Ml 45 million Inactive support for measures| RUDOLF NUREYEV, the Just for teen-agers. Colorfully) ert Stack's production company tlons and laces from tip-toe illustrated, specially edited ballet dnncer Who de- and writer Mort Lewis for a to throat add unusual style books are now available also for EDUCATED to resist rain, 1 of 3 000 00 in col- Suropean nation* form Joint fee ted to the West while in subsequent series touches. the short pnts set, costing no smart any time U draw- :i.'.:iig a'dulU. Ispace research unit. jPaia last yrnr, will dance in more than a soda. —• Bf 1! Telephone Hour's season string-belted coat in lanii- Dutch oppose Adenauer on Belgium pressed Dy Soviet in While most of the recom- , . . . opener. Appearing with him political plan. United Nations. ated naT By "Heads, I'll tell you my dream first-taila, mended paperbacks for use by » "lue denim. you teU->" all age levels are available al- American Bazaar. > At Ivoodoriaqt U'i most everywhere, even in some drug stores, many high schools are setting up their own BACK TO-SCHOOL LUGGAGE & STURDY TRUNKS 'stores" under faculty supervi- sion, supplied by such major FIRESIDE Realty Inc. Featuring Nationally Known Makes publishers as Bantam, New • Samsonlte • Lady Baltiiriftre American Library, Pocket, Dell, • American Tourister • \ and others. • Skyway • Daisy t Val-A-tak Some 3,000,000 high school Serving Middlesex and students also are reported to • Grasshopper and Many Others I have become members of "classroom clubs" to acquire Monmouth Counties those from a special distribu- tion system pioneered by Scho- lastio Book Service. Offering a Complete Flexible, easj/ to revise clus- • Foot Lockers ters of paperback textbooks are being made available through i Listing of Homes—All Just • Deep Packing Trunks publishers like Doubleday and • Steamers McOraw Hill. Universities and t Wardrobes colleges also are publishing t a Hop, Skip and Jump from paperbacks they consider essen- tial to learning. \\ the School of Your Choice FREE Comparative economy of Gold Inltlallni Open Mem. and Frl. Till 9 PJtf. pperbooks as against tradi- 1 Mid Dellvtfj VA 6-6024 tional hard cover books helps each student acquire more books qf his own. With care fireside realty inc. they last well. Significant of how kids have Middlesex County Office Monmouth County Offloe taken to paperbacks is the an nouncement that a leading 1401 Oak Tree Road Hlfhway 35 at Uorel Aw. manufacturer of blue-Jeans for Holmdel, N. J. youngsters has redesigned back U 9-1100 OS 1-2(31 i' pockets to accommodate the MADELINE ANDRE ever-present paperback book, 1 SCHOOL OF DANCING DINING #IDANCINGJ 451 Avenel Street, Avenel, Pi. J. at the Phone ME4.5173 Tap o Ballet • Toe • Acrobatic GROSS KEYS HOTEL Lto a little! Have some fun! Give your best (at an exettlnc evening, She'll love out fine food, mixed drinks u [Stage Training marvelous music. DANCING NIGHTLY OPEN HOUSE TO THE MUSIC OF and Registration Begins AUGUST 27th The STARLIGHTERS COCKTAH HOUR '. !>' KKTCH CORDUROY , COORDINATE From 1:00 P.M. to 5 P.M. J Sunday, August 26th corduroy ilpptnd, fl»p-fronC • • "•'•Hum, % tltirei. C0ordlutttd I from 5 P.M.

"iri with ,wo w#»uru (rant Featured Entertainment i riiDiy coutn4 ootwn knit itrtj*4 shirt We Will Only Accept Children FREE BUFFET *iiii colUr-Up button (rent. Friday and Saturday (<'"dlttn „ » IU.II Who Want to Learu. By Popular Request Enjoy Our • * Skirt „ ,... 1*,|| VINCE GARRY Palate-Pleating- We Invite You To Inspect Shirt _ 1.91 Acceptance By Interview Only CONTINUOUS WTOMO Businessmen's Our Newly Opened ALSO At Our Studio NO COVER CHAROBj Luncheons Key Room & Lafayette Room, STfUTCH CORDUROY 8LACKB AND BANDSTAND IHKIRTfi 451 Avenel Street, Avenel, N.J. FOR RESERVATIONS CALL TV 1-5759 37 W. CHBRRT STREET, RAHWAY, N. J.. off U.S. 1 & 9, between Linden A Woodprldft liHJ Main Street ATOTJST 23, 24, 19« PAGE TWELVE n, self and your home on a hot y,.,,^——•» lay, start by making the air •'••'WtXD^y Junior Miss Explains Today's Teen-Age Attitude lrculate. If necessary, manu- IAST TIME _ •• ..UIMI'M Tim acture a breere with electric ~ ~" Thus, New Hampshire's Jun- rans. The best type of fan, for Several thousand parents ior Miss may have cast some te afternoon and evening use, witnessing talent flnali during light on the current eagerness an installation ln the attic. this past year'f search for of so many high school »iv-' Large circulating fans which I America's Junior Miss, sat up dents to eft, on with their ,and on the floor do an ex- Iwhen 17-year-old Evelyn Ruth tent job of cooling. _ Here ami There: |Carr of Salem, N H.. launched The America's Junior Miss Complete air-conditioning en-!/\JMm|«; ,. • I Linda Mlrkovlch, daughter of ;lnto a short speech beginning . . originated by citizens ,bles you to control the temper- "'"'On, parking • Mr. and Mrs George Mlrko- "Tonight I have come before of Mftbilc ia no beauty con- iture, humidity and the ctrcula- rt'dpc Ift « . . ' vlch Avenel. spending the sum- you to defend my jzeneratlon." test It seeks to name a prin- tion of air. Thi« combination; u cen'S each mer at Highland Lakes, won a , Although the eloquent young ces on the basis of 60 points irovides complete comfort. r'o'd met'a] for that community Salem High School senior did for mental alertness, 20 for tal- The amount of heat you hr the backstroke ln the 100 I not come through to the na- jent. 10 for appearance and 10 a-eate within your body de- rrter medley relay at the tional title in the competition for physical well being. lendfi on how muoh exercise Mirth annual Invitation swim {with "misses" from the other Lending American Industrie*! ou take. Stay as quiet as pos- r-:t sponsored by Fayson stntea. she did make a lot of ble, wear light, loose-fitting ' -'"5. . Harold Mortensen, such as Eastman Kodak, Coca thf older folks attending the !CO1R and Bobby Brooks Fash- othes. drink lota of Water and -t Ward candidate for the PH^eant in Mobile, Ala., stop.1 ions have come to th« support •plf nish your salt supply "i n Committee, opened his jthink and applaud j pi'lltlcai campaign last nipht at of this annual event. a swim party for the Demo- ! Miss Carr spoke first of the New light la shed on multiple A trusc liniment from Stanley Kr.iminef-. dmiblf-Aeadt- "stunning frightening" effect '!BTJT OUR GENERATION IS DIFFERENT " proclaim! clerosls. cratic County Committee mem- 17-yeiir-old Evelyn Riitb Cart". >'w Hampshire's Junior bers , . Joseph Nagy, chief my Award Winner "Judgement U Ntirrmhrrif" which of the atomic bomb on parents opened i lerri.iy ;it thp Mrnlo P.irk ( inpnia. as Burt and student alike during the Miss In Mobllr Pageant Mwrrh. "We wish to «nd the machinist's mate, USN, son of truth »s quickly is possible." ABOUT YOUR HOME Mrs. Prlscllla Nagy. Fulton I.anrastrr. as a ('.crman Jurist, ai'miK liK tiiilt hy rnm- i early '50's. She characterized Street. Woodbrldge, has been pliilsancr for Sm\ rxtrwrs. Thr movip will have a seven- students as "the silent , . . generation" that accepted with- "We arc more inquisitive a matter of minutes there may Right now most of us are try released to inactive status after day run. 1s one TURNPIKE lout Question " searching be no future ... We wish to serving nearly & year on active Ing to keep cool. There axe sev- "But "our generation is en-for the truth while living fot find the truth •* quickly as eral things about what makes duty with the Naval Air Re- We realize that with possible." FIRST RUN - Today thru Tuesday gerve Anti-Submarine Squad- tirely different," she continued, today you warm or cool that you may # not know. ron 733, which was called to Tllp active duty October during ISELIN PERSONALS iSPEBSQSA, Barbershop Quar-i QtnnQ tfl ho tJtmitintPfl thermometer, itself, has the Berlin crisis. . .. itets, will meet on Tuesday atj ijieUb IO UV MJUMMIIUIVU very llltfe to do with summer ACCLAIMED ACROSS" 1 Fl • t heat. High humidity and lack of B» Alice CnthbcrUon rtdressrd -\v couples on the1'' P-m- at tne Veterans Of For- Jottings: i<7 Wars Post THE ENTIRE WORLD! Dick Tyrrell. S Vanderpllt 1606 Oak Trcf Road Medicnl Averts of Married " 'i Headquarters, At Parkway Restaurants *«*****«<«***«**. Place. Woodbrldge, is attend- Isrlln iff.* On Friday, at 8:30 P. M.. Mncnln Highway, panel of married couples will, --The Catholic Young Adult . . „ ... _, , It is said that under average WOODBRJDQE — The New 'Parkway's toll collectors, State „ „ ,,tjoiii, whfn lnp a)r •THE PICTURE 1$ ing the 114th Ekklesla, the bi- •Mr. and Mrs. William Gri« • on hand n answer questions flub, for single people over 18 ennial convention of Phi Gam- Jersey Highway Authority to-Police, and restaurant and W\not l00 mOist or too dry - am and daughter. Mark "Prnrtlev! Mutters in Fani • ; of BT, is rjlanninK a trip COLOSSAL!' ma Delta, national men's col- day took steps towards elimi-]oline station employees as a four or f|ve.milean-hour breeze Joodrich Street, were dinne: !lv Life." Plalnflnld tomor- lege fraternity, ln Dallas, Tex- eps for the elderly and 'guide in assisting physically wjl] do ag much for your CQm. •TIME uests Sunday of Mr. and Mre on Sunday. are to meet as, this week, Dick Is a senior -onclude travelers at Garden disabled patrons The Park-j,ort as a sovfn deKrpe drop ln fames Bamfnrd. Berkeley P M with a talk on ^ d-elia's parking lot at 7-3n gtTte'Parkway"restaurami."iind way survey was prompted by at Bucknell University where lights. Miss Nancy Granarr temperature. '•Rniritnal !••• in Mnniivr 'rm. Pnnsare beinecomnletedrestrooms siiKBestlons from disabled per he is president of the chapter vacatloninp at Jermyn. Pa. Humidity is probably the Of Phi Gamma Delta. Over 600 'ollowed bv ti- —Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cat- nt n-' ^'"^^t'^^^r ITS Authority Chaiman K.h--, themselves. imost important single factor or undergraduate delegates, na- in and sons. Doucln^s stir" Bt LI 8.0334 arine E. White reported a sur- In most cases, on. The i-v •urtions n- wv has been made to d lt( nd tional officers and graduate hrlstopher. Cooper Avenue "vecutlve Board of thpi ' '''- « .restrooms are presently BC- )ty jg hjgh thf ft,r dws not ab c"idi;evrf - Room ' H of 1 1 the test acwss to ••ij HESTOKLORt members of the fraternity are •re guests Friday of Mrs. Al- of Kennedy Park School' ™™ the cessible at ground level by way ^ raoisturp wiMi-, wher St. C-celin PchooT s faclliti(ls 8t p expected to attend the four-day xander Cuthbertson. Iselin. street !?4 will hold its first sessWof "kway sen-ice of adjacent gasoline stations itTie"r»JmidUty" "is low? the'air car convention which opened yes- —Hope Maxwell, dauehter of „.„„ „ areas for those in wheel chairs Of the Parkways eight sen-icri™^^""^,:^^;'; "j"^ —Thi r.spli'i Social Club will the school year tonlKhtat7-3Oi 0 terday at the Sheraton-Dallas T. and Mrs, George Maxwell meet I'" it? semi-mnnthly at the home of Donald Whit-:i " cratches, or otherwise in- areas.^only^ the^^heesequake|Bnd| as a does so_ Jt cools us capac.tated. and Montvale units do not per- Hotel. . . Thomas Napravnik, 'harles Street, was a suest meetinE 'onmht at 8 P M at nker, nrincipal. in Woodbrid?e When you want to cool your- seaman, USN, son of Mr. and She said the Authority was m" «*«s t0 ^e restaurants :ondBy of Mr. and Mrs. John the mee'ig rooms on Lincoln A barbecue will also be hold. Wlt Mrs. Joseph Napravnik, 555 and daughter, Joan, Hishway. -Announcement, has been considering construction of hput steps. However toilet Linden Avenue, Woodbrldge Joodbridge. —The S\reet Adelines. Clo- made that the reirular monthly;ramps with railings at the res- facilities are available in the RITZ Theatre and John T. Cheslak, seaman : meeting of the Women's Mis-itaurants where needed and in- gasoline stations at those two —Mr. and Mrs. Harold Maul verleaf C: apter. will meet f Minn, V. J. KI 1-S9M apprentice son of Mr. and Mrs. Monday at S:30 P. M., at Pel' sionary Council of Iselin As- stallation of handrails in the' _ AIR COOLED John J. Cheslak, 14 Henry ind children, Diane And Glpn. heesequake, were quests Tucs- lowship H.-.'l. First Presby- of God Church will be restrooms cf Wheel-chair patrons are ac- NOW THRf MONDAY Street, Port Reading, have re- terian Churi'h. Oak Tree Road. heid September 7. 8 p.m., atjice areas. commQdated at a dining room AUd'ST 22 31 ported for duty aboard the lay of Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. «ank. Lincoln Hluhway Mr. —The Chip's Ambassadors. the church. \ "Our aim to to provide easier table in any Parkway res- Two Top Hit* bj Navy's newest Polaris submar- nd Mrs. Otis R. Dougherty, ouns peoples or.siinizatton of - Si Vincent de Paul Society access and accommodations, tiiurant upon request to the itrry Lrvi\ ine tender, USS Hunley, home- enlo Park. the Iselin Assembly of God of St Cecelia's Church will recognizing that disabled or manager at. any time, even ported at Norfolk, Va. . . . "THE DELICATE —Mis. Louis Schmitt and Church, will n.cet Sunday at meet on Tuesday at 8 pm in elderly persons are otherwiseiwhen the dining room is closed ihildren, George and M;>ry 6:00 P M.. prn"ding the eve- St. Cecelia's School, Room 207 unable or reluctant to use thi and only counters are open. DELINQUENT" Tidbit*: nine worship service. —Reinilnr sessions of the service facilities," Commis- "THE SAD SACK" Lawrence D. Kantor, son of ane, Rahway, were guests on tiursday of Mrs, Robert C. St. Cecelia's Council, Knight? Sunday School of First Presby- sioner White said. ! In Business CARTOON Magistrate and Mrs. Benjamin :ank. Lincoln Highway of Columbus, will meet tonight terian Church will be resumed The survey Undines on the Panhandler—You want that! I. Kantor, 510 Linden Avenue, at 8 P M. in Our Lady of|Sun(1il-v- ppPtember !). best available means of acees> I should open an office? K\e. Show at 7:i: P.M.— Kiddle "One of the Woodbrldge, a graduate of Rut- —Mis. Theodore ^TnfTla and -Afather in a fries pf In- ilatlnre Sat. & Sun. at l P.M. in. Peter, 22 Bird Avenue. Patima Hall have been compiled ln a fact gers, New Brunswick, has been 1miirv classes on the teachings iave returned from a three- —The Federated Women'sl sheet for distribution to the WEDNESDAY THRU MONDAY -REDBOOK Maguin* accepted for admission to Rut- of thn cntholic Church will be- ek vacation at Long Beach Club of Iselin will hold a hat AfGl'ST 29 Til SEPTEMBER 3 gers School of Law, Robert P. shortly. Any person, Catho •nlif. social. August 29, at the home monthly meetings Tuesday, [DRIVHH THtATRE'WRXWAVt-3^oo| John Wijne - Elu Mirtlnelll Biunno. State University ad- lie or Non-Cnthollc, who would Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cat- of Mrs. Ralph Ambrose. 1615 September 4, at the home of nission director, has an- like to attend, Is ask>'d to cal! NOW TBRV TUESDAY! n and sons. Doiinlass and Central Avenue, Hishland Park Mrs. Daniel Cole, Regina St.; " HATARI" ' lunced. . . Angelo Mauro, Members of the Women's Club'^pv Robert Mayer, narish as- -As Bi| A, 'Btn-Hur'- Sfleeted Short Subject* hristopher, Cooper Avenue, —A reminder that the Plec- auro Motors, Inc., Wood- are asked to meet at the Iselin Mstiint. at the Rectory, or LI tron System for First Aid Calls If Noi Bigger!" •idge, will see the new 1963 otored to Sturbriririe. Mass, rwent wwry yesterday We are now accepting reservations for any banquet y<*i NOW THRU TUESDAY FLEMINGTON FAIR frn't wishln* him apeedy re be planning. We have faculties from 3 to MO peoplj- tall . The whole town 1 Saint DemetriiiH it (tbout the wonderfu. CHARLTON ME 4-5090 for additional information. p Klntrsmen are doing In SOPHIA * HARNESS RACIH8 . that jlx-year-old youne -*-» — fc victim of cancer. . . CARTERET CATTLE JUDGING p C "Mickey" • Robert M. Vogels, Qreen V '^ »»d we fere him! •M,, celebrated their flft. •Wrm anniversary Tuesday * STATE H EXHIBITS He U hete railing BILL BLACK In Street merchants ar<> hop favorite ^ 1 FAIR anri nraylnir that the Tffwn * GRANGE EXHIBITS ^ p will be able to sueed up at the |^he tfhablllttlon of the loca * AUTO RACES. kijyuslness section. They fea: IJriore merchants will decide CARTERET SHOPPING CENTER * THRILL SHOWS 'Salve UP. If something is no bfiflwe to BRslft them. . . . EVENINGS 8 PM Upper Roosevelt Ave. Carteret 4 SAT MAT 2 P.M * GRANDSTAND & last But Not least: (Just Off Turnpike Exit 12) Sunday Continuous Bom at Perth Amboy Oen MIDWAY ATTRACTIONS 2 - 5:3Q - 8:45 LOG CABIN LOUNGE •'• Mai Hospital: from Fords, ONE FULL WEEK «nn to Mr. nn

AUGUST 23, 24, 1962 PAGE THIRTEEN WINDOW {Indiana Chief Smoking By On Green Street Lauds Our CopsjiVens, Topic __._. By The Staff WOODBRIDOE — The Offl-j errs representing the Wood' WOODBRIDOE - A special ,,, , ion. I Walnut Lane, Colonia, IK one of a brldup Township Police Depart- week to educate children In Ji ,,„,,,,,i folk slniew, all student* M iin,|nlJI ment, at, the National Rifle and regard to stnokina habits will •J"1 p^i.cviili'. '"a. who have reached thr- Seattle Pistol Matches at Camp Perry, be set nsid« by the mayor, Oc- ,.,- » hectic trip of strumming their way Ohio, were commended In a tober 14-20. nccordlna to an ki<>- '•"' •' While rnroute to the fair, John and his lettrf rweived by Acting Chief announcement made today by Mill' .Cnmmlttecnmn Robert M. Vo- |Tl>» ( j,.finii7.rd by thlevei and lost all (he money Nelf Lauritzen from Blwood T fel. First Ward. (,lllN"'" ,1 mi thf Journey. Undaunted, they punned Luellen, chief of the Kokomo, i '•' ,„. Miiithwrnt appearing In nl»ht ilub» and Ind, Pollen Department. Mr. VoRel in thr. past, haa ,1,11-11. I' 1 1 1 1 f i,,,ns I of ciPaiette> H.,,hriM«k and Uon Martin, Weithmok, Conn. that I met several of your po-i J" „,, trip in a Volkswafen, owned by the Friend*. lice officers at the National Rl-j We have 10° Per cent CO°P* lCratl from r, .niiiK'il in San Franobco. Callltif thritHelvea the' flc and Pistol Matches at Camp °" Patrick A. Boylan, Sl| ( vinlelidcn |M • Kiev kept to their tlnflnf, ending up In a Perry, Ohio, during the lasti P ' t of Schools," I,,I •( ,,ffre and Confusion," Mrs. John Swlnton, two wrpks and would like to ex- Mr. VoRel said. 'The American Canter Society has promised to , nun's mother It hoping that thr applp, an(j press to you my admiration of ,,II in. nier and ripe lor the groupi trip hark the men as to their conduct, provide films and tie-in litera- deportment, attendance and ture and the Middlesex County KenenU friendliness. .Tuberculosis and Health Leasua has promised to cooperate." "Thr officers I met were: atluT pulled a real switch on i« lls it bectim Lieutoiiflnt LudwlR, Detective The First Ward committee- ,i!id most humid day* of the summer, w jWaldmnn, Detective Qrosskopf man also stated that several Diidiic Swim Club and glanced at the and Patrolman Ferraro. I re- local doctors have offered to m ,,,,>. they were packed like sardines" member their names so well speak at various school assem- 1 I ilini day. . . . Nice to heai that Joseph since I made it my duty to! blies and several clergymen e Zullii, Charles Haley and Richard. Cundml write their names down for thei to use thr toplc for ttleir ! ii.'ld a "Sonny Pox Carnival for Muscular purpose of .sending you this let-! iiiiini1 of Richard. The boys raised $7 from ter to let you know what some other Chief found In your men. Their very Rood conduct wasll only an example or the appar-| limlc. our uporU editor and wifr. Dotty, v.i ent sood discipline of your de- ,i i.tki I'larld, N. Y, Thin is John', favorite partmpnt. The men were sol As Grand Knight irnih, Mr. Sports" U being uked to M| us thr pleased Uiat they were allowed ,,„!,, i) New Jer»ey of outiUndlnt football the privilege of attending the; WOODBRIDQE — Andrew .;•„, :..i Ilir Collrje of William and Mary, llr wan Nntinnal wistol Matches as wen|Posany was elected Orand „„„,, •nlrd i.. Larry Prcratlello, »wl»Unt football coach n* the smill arms firing .schools Knight of Middlesex Council,

!,,ill: K"i Congress tn Columbu.v • ihlo. Shr is a ,,, tions that need to be better ac-jgumd, pnilip Boyle: three- .R of 1960. , The I Day Mr. and Mrs. Levi Mark More Performances^ Yet jqualnted for proper operationjyear-tiustee Robert Muclianic; .«tid Mrs Joseph Molnar New Street. Wood- Jf 'Romeo and Julie? and helpfulness. two-year trustee, Peter Me- • IN ii raid from Montreal, Canada. Joe'.s "Indeed, I was pleasantly im- 'Can n; one-year trustee, Wil- Kvi'iuiiK Newn photographer und his family WOODBRIDGE—Three more On Proposals pressed with the fine caliber of liam DcJo.v , to Canada. Go Fast Golden Wedding at Fete lerformances of "Romeo and men that represented your Emil J. Lello, chairman, an- . . . . WOODHRIDOE - Close to tiliet" will be presented by the WOODBRrDQE — "They |community.and Police Depart- nounced the annual picnic will 1 li.000 ISO tickets hui'e Leen sold • ——• WOODBRIDQE; ~ Mr. and Woodbridge Summer Festival didn't say yes and they didn't ment If these men are any be held Saturday at Merrill 1 . ,>mu:.s Club of AvenelteaiU'mptmn to write ^ fll|. ,,,, M,^!,.,,* omnty's r.VT PI.V „.,, Mrs. George H. Levl, 644 Har- nnight, tomorrow night and|say no." good examples, then you no Park. Iselin. There will be an .en.: Mrc. Joseph Max/.n. piwulem und Mrs, nrM ••(;,,w.nl0, s D;iv," honor- rell Avenue, celebrated their Saturday night, according to That in essence was the re- doubt have a very pood depart-1 admission charge per family, • chairman, have been busy tryliiis to \ GO.UUDI' WOODBRIDGE — The di«- nii Kichard J. 50th wedding anniversary on Mrs. Rose Belafsky. producer. sult of part of the meeting S. ment. iGames and prices will be fea- early history of the arm The chairmen.HUKIH-S nt tin Hoinesicad appearance of his first base- Saturday, August 11, at a din- The Shakespearean play has Buddy Harris, executive direc- "I have been sheoting withitured. Keoutth. Woedbrldw, for his a«|junce.:Couiuor Club. •ln« Uke. man,s glove fmm hlfi unlocked Iner party given Ijy,their daugh- been drawing capacity crowds tor of the Woodbridge Rede-jthe Fifth United States Army! ' fscta reniirrUiiK AveneL pieaw call Kcpirmbrr U. ter, Mrs. George Oakley, 330 at the Woodbridge Senior High igaxaKc at 52 Buraliam Drive, Rudolph Avenue, Rahway. velopment Agency, and HetnaniPistol Team for the past teniln the use of one of their most The latest flHiires wen d18"'Fords, w;w reported to police School grounds. Averill, business administrator.jyears at the 'National Matches'important working tools, the • • • • 'closed by lidiaon, Tuesday by Mark Ki.ssler. Mr. and Mrs. Levi were mar- had with top officials of the' ,nd have met a lot of fine po-'pistol. Mayor Anthony YI'IL'IH'SICS.J ti.. tnurh to be artn and learned of naturr and ried August 14, 1912 at the Dr. Boehm Returns Urban Renewal Agency in ,ce officers during that time "Thank you for your indul- cllalinum ol county-; First Presbyterian Church Washington last week. nd it does me good to see that gence in reading my letter. I '"•me arrow what we think h € mot In- avililable e warn d «ide (».iiliiK after tu'.had held' ;'l,^ .. ;' 1'. Manse, Woodbridge; They have The local representatives •ther departments are taking just felt that you. too, should ••( this, while ipendlnf M>mr time In thr f>vfT they From Speaking Tour a met'lini! earlier In the weekj ' "" " lived in Woodbridge for more he opportunity of sending be complimented on your pro- '-LIIIV and that the cut-off PERTH AMBOY— Dr. Her- were seeking permission to be- with 150 Democratic rapidly" than 42 years of their married heir men to the Small Arms gressive outlook with your de- 1 .ilxjut 11, uked HI If we had ever trrn an date for reservations Is near, bert Boehrn. neueropsychiatrist, gin phase two or the local pro- •vice-cliiiirmeij, oll'n- hoidrrsi Rema u nB life. Mr. Levi was born in Iring Schools to not only in- partment in urging your men '•'rk W> not only had never »een >Urk ant In the hole and in a apllt M-cund 'ci'u'.i: majors ui ilu- county, wolf, a full course dinner will Mrs. Jonathan Keim, Narberth GRAND OPENING .nh i... i to churn around the insect and before Congress held in Munich, Zur- were told that oui request of r ...lair will u!so be served under a mammoth Pa. They also have two grand OF NEW STOEE r an ich and Paris where he was a a speedup of phase two "was i!..jr the party.', six cou'ityjtent, 325 feet long, at 7 o'clock. children, Walter R. Lehigh, speaker. extremely unusual" but I felt ARJAY'S l-li'>:i \\, •> him repeat the proreu in the uth.r hulrn 48 Roosevelt Ave. • (iidates. led i»y Edward J.|Music und entertainment will Houston,! Texas, and Joanna they were most responsive in • III ! The meeting's agenda dealt 232 Hall Ave., Perth Amboy, N. J. nrr»tlni ilfht to tee . . . particularly sliu-r iMen. who is running for the also be furnished. Keim, Narberth, Pa, receipt of our request. They Carteret, N. J. l] 1.1 •» the ant lion Itaelf. Alv-crruicd Kith Connies-; Highlight of the all-day af- with the Injuries to the human body. Laws to didn't turn us down, they said GRAND OPENING SPECIALS District M-at. Ifair will be addresses by Gov. SINGLE SIGNATURE they would discuss It further" ciialrmiiii Y.'l.-iicsics iximted!Hughes and Democratic Na- prevent sale of the drug were NOW ON / '•'•• < 1/KlKe of Ellts after aij Unpnssivi' '-iiind WOODBRIDGE ~ An ordl discussed. The drug was first The Washington officials, Mr. i' thai "despite brisk ticketitional Chairman John M. Closeout ANY 8.98 JUMBO Choose from • • ••• i.1' n»w open every night after 6 uYlock Averill said, appeared "very i:• -s, some tickets are stiilBslley. nance was introduced by thi used In West Germany which •'\ lodne m«nbej-» are perpiltted on Fridays,1 Town Committee this week au- has since abandoned it. much impressed" with our pro- All Better BLANKET TOWELS ft FURNITURE ^.nduvs. The kitchen is maintained HUT the thorizing the issuance of indl Dr. Boehm was also guest grpm so far and, "although they DRESSES 25c i* TELEVISIONS ('ii' f Austen Dooley, who put out a fnir- corned vidual payroll checks on thi gave us no definite assurance $3.99 speaker at the Kraepelin So- AU Sizes Beg. 89c ft WASHERS , ' (liiiniT last Saturday and will try hit, hand single signature of the Town ciety in Munich and at the they would go along with our RUMMAGE SALE Transistor Values in NOVELTIES •s spajihettl this Saturday. The puny lodne ship Titasurer, or the mayor University of Heidelberg. He is[request, I got the Impression Sponsored by the or the Township clerk. Charlei there was a possibility they $ KADIOS ii CLOTHING • '"• nut visited the tic* home &e yit should neuropsychiatrist consultant of COATS Alexander said the passage would." in view the fine work accompliflHed by John the; Health Service of the $6.99 JACKETS £ HOUSEHOLD ^ »! building committee. the ordinance will permit him United Nations. A film, of proposed Wood- COLONIA CHAPTER OF HADASSAH 3 Includes NEEDS to streamline operations. Hear. bridge projects, taken by Mr. Case and $5.00 Ing on the measure! will tak Harris, it is understood, will be Reg. to Earphone BUDGET TERMS THl Beg. to 19,98 Miller, Colonla, on the "I'riir la 1438 Irving Street, Rahway, N. J. place September 4. HAPPY BIBfHDAY transferred to 16 MM with a k>« I " niornlni. She won a let of lain furul- AVENEL—The Mi^es Marie sound track.' COME CELEBRATE WITH US SOUVENIRS Luettchau and Kathy Kenny "" Wiiudbridic Emergency Squad baseball \u«rusl 27th thru August 31st BIKE DISAPPEARS ' i'n« fur •rlnier»" in an attempt to bei(t the um- were hostesses for 4 surprise 1 WOODBRIDGE — Margare: birthday party for Allen Luett- "' 'orthrumiiic lame The squad recently M- 1 kl Sale Hours 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. :Abato, 80 Cypress; Drive, Co chau, Commercial Avenue, on "' »>btT Into membenhlp. . . . Vincent Gioffrr lonla, reported to police T his fourteenth birthday. Guests "inliiec are "burnlni the midnlfht oil" in day the theft of Fa blue an included Joe Kenny, Gary Attention Mothers: • >r Hit- annual fund driv which utarts next ! white wlthisilvor bicycle valuer Bazuk, Ed Grimes, Dennis 'ti Al Hamilton, lUtidned with thr 1 S. at $49 from School No, 21 Reilly, Billy Lucas and Paul "Buy NoW For After - " ' "^ I'urrit Itland, 8, C, would Uke to hfui (rum Colonia. Edison. By MARIA ''lends. You oan write him care of 'nt. 352. School Treats" I CONVERTIBLE HAIRDOS ! Kn, Parrb Itland. S. C. ' LEISURE UNLIMITED It'a «• smart gal who can change her hairdo from a i own, daughter ot Mr and Mrs K. Ward SPORTING GOQDS casual daytime "i»n Street, Woodbrldge U towing Euiupe. ae- style to a 120.") St. (;*-orj;«' Avenue Coloiija formal evening '•'"•'•'> Kelta Cornell from Oalina. Ohio Boiii are one with a mi- ''ulumbug, Ohio achool system. The two uirls ME 4-7100 nimum of ef- fort. The trick "ii of the foreign countrlei by auto uiui at 1 It M P i la In having It DIXIES ''"inany. They have visited Holland, Frar. they will visit wltfi Mrs. Dundas On. tin C,\M SUITS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS of ^'"ey Sloan, o^ Sewaren They arc expecU'd u> enjoy th« convenleuce of a "i ihia month. • WOODBRIDGE GYM BAGS AND JACKETS convertible Hairdo, ;you seed the FLYING (S. help of a professlopAl stylist. I WOODBRIDGE VARSITY SWEATERS Our stylists are trained to cut • GYM SHOES, SNEAKS AND SOX uid style your ball to perfection. '•""• K SokJer, Lonfvlew Avenue, Carteret. i& ""• Mo matter what type of hairdo nt (Boys and Girls) prefer, you'lj Ilk* the way SAUCERS t f; "" "i fur tb« Princeton Players' production uf m .do It. ( s "•"'•> *)|>er«," which wu scheduled to]have clu^d ll ; Ulu" '> •-venin,, t(tor a o,,, week run.lBecau»r »* SUMMER SPECIAL ' "vli-ws, howevw, the musical will continue to Attention Bowling Leagues! -~ Monday & Tuesday """"Uy, Friday, and Saturday evening, thin ounty Glamour *-T en Bowling ShirlH " P".i,i, 1 MARIA'S >ui(>n,t WIW reached with the current pruduc We Also Carry Archery Equipment FUNERAL HOME """"•J telephone call was made to the it.; '•• Bat 1904 — AUGUST F. QREINKR, Director Hair Fashion "" rkl Ui ubtaln perml»slou to use like Brunswick, MacGregor, Rawlings, Converse, 44 Green Street 824 West Avenue "(l(|t on the campus, for the final th/cr P^I Woodbridge Port Reading •i4,,, s Voit T. A. Davis, Slaaenger, Stemmler, >>>. 8oklBr hM dlrecUd musicals tor variuua Adler, etc. By Appointment Only DARI- FREEZE STORE '"•>•- muupi the Central Jersey area, aud *" u TEL. U£ 4-1050 "itb hldlily succesaful production of "Alle«ro, ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 107$ St, George Ave., Colonia FU 1-9292 Clutd ''> the Queemi Theatre GuUd, of Rutgers. l» > *l»»» «id Fridmi «H^» FJI. Washington For Better UftdenUmding The 'Futility of War' vs. The Four Barrel Carburetor M tri to tli. Just a few short months ago, Mayor Since but budget time the atmo- Administration May Win its \ Walter Zirpolo and the Board of Edu- sphere has cleared considerably. Con- cation were at loggerheads. There were ference* have been held, attended by For Tighter Regulations On recriminations and disunion, The the mayor, the Town Committee and Editor, Independent-Leader: WASHINGTON, D. C. - Re- most reMmi,ia,lr Board of Education budget was sub- the Board to discuss mutual problems. Bv rending your paper, the Knrdless of what happens to nal form ' ,.' t th» n*onle in*5"10 of lts other proposals, it ject of dispute and with the mayor's The result* of speaking out frankly le Now that majority of the J"» '".noW seems nirfhly probable the HI," statement that the budget was padded, without enmity, were evident last week WoodbrldKR Township know •"'li Administration In going to score atlon, has the measurp was defeated twice by the about tlic illness of little John wilh congress this year on a when Mayor Zirpolo announced the most of Hie lo,, voters. Subsequently, the Town Com- Town Committee is In favor of the pro- Ounierl and feel really heart demand for tighter regulation removed (,•„,„ ,lok about this child being so if the nation's drug Industry. particularly p; mittee cut the Board budget by some posed 14561,600 school construction SICK BUUUI principal reason for a ihift of the govpriiim: very $300,000. program and will do all in its power to . u. prosuecta for major legislation both In iintjui The Kingsmen are to or ,,.„_,.. ,.."„_,_. .. . At the time this newspaper question- help the Board of Education secure drug and \n ,. ed the wisdom of such a large cut In State sanction. If ,|-, the budget. But apparently there was now nred it so badly. fa|(,h)ng thal|domlde Kftre H For years, this newspaper has advo- Enclosed find a check from become considerable "fat" in the budget. The And ui this case—at least AH health cated closer liaison between the two Woodbridge council, Pride of 8n(! far us the effect in this country 1982-63 Board budget went into effect New Jersey, 243. Sons Hearings »:l major governmental bodies in the joncerned—there may be the Daughters of scheduled U;r on July 1 and It now appears that situation of the barn being Township and th« is the first time any ALso enclosed Is a »« -, ^rt w t ^ the Houw In; school services will continue unabated the eign Commpiv real effort has been made to coordinate Mr. Cllne and myself. L^ hfta ^ ^^ despite dire predictions. If the Board Chairman o In reading the paper I ma. Thalldomlde the their efforts. flllMH s nd can operate efficiently on its reduced not we any address to ' now believed to have caused de-"'"'„ budget, the taxpayers should be able This should be but the first step, for s direct to the Kinsmeinsmen •»." formlUe$ to tab|ei when u*d'h"evend. if,'' „;, with continued unanimity of purpose, why I am sending It by rmi women had been™ h "" to look forward to continued savings to you to turnover to them for r™h ' the results in the long run will bene- dp]y pmployed by EuropeftM in the 1983 64 budget which the voters this very worthy causecause . j bpforc ,he ftppRrently dlsutw'.,„.'" " '' will be asked to approve next Feb- fit all the residents of Woodbridge Thank you ILS slde-effecta showed up. But, AdmlnLMrnr ' ruary. Township. Yours vpry truly. jwhile distributed to doctors for 'Mrs) RITH B. CMNEidlnlcal testing In this country,] A storn. .<•:• it had not yet been sold com-jcountrv's tn•-. < Arting Secretary of mrrcially In the United States shadows tMii\ Heartwarming Council 243. SAD of L. _ hence any 111-effecU here'passed trade (Editor's Note: The Independ- mayor, perhaps, expressed the senti- were limited so fat as can now side of Capn, The Kingsmen, a group of earnest ent-Leader will be happy 1> ac- ment for all of us when he said: be determined. j Industry >, young High School students, have cept donations tor this « rlhy The Immediate result of that renting e\>r\ . touched the hearts of all of us. They "At a time when the community Is cause > situation, however, has been ajttlM frotr Sn have shown feeling for those in pain, becoming concerned about the prob- tightening of adminlstratlve|Dlxle have : lems of Juvenile delinquency and the Editor jregulatlons within the Pood and open comii:.. • sympathy for those In need of a kind Tncifpendent-Loader DniR Administration on releasejnatlonal activities of our younger people, it is word, a helping hand and a spirit of Thank you very muci'. lor and approval of new productoof cottor •<>• compasion. refreshing ard indeed heartening to sendiiiR me The Indeper.nVnt- and for a much more sympa-|has failed rr Lr adrr while I was In the Perth Six-year-old John Gurrieri, Wood- learn of the public-spirited activities thetic reception on Capitol HilHow-wagr m.^ of the Kingston." Amboy Oeneral Hospital It to proposals for Implementing [record pnb bridge, is a victim of cancer and it be- was very much appreciated legislation in that field. months came necessary to amputate his leg to This newspaper is tremendously Yours respectfully Prior to the thalldomide They also o« save his life. When the young gentle- pleased that the Kingsmen brought Mrs. Rose Mai: >n. scare, a drug bill proposed by Ing has beer, < this case to the attention of the public liquor problem In signing a bill (Editor's Note: This nev.s-ISen. Estes Kefauver with Ad- a promise ' men of the Kingsmen heard about the prohibiting any person or cor- paper Is sent tn all Woodbrdge ministration support had been woolens, youngster's plight, they set out to raise and in an effor. to assist the young porntion from having a benefl- Township patients in area i.os-Subjected to some major sur- fibers not men-the epitome of Juvenile Decency Under the Capitol Dome pltals to keep them up -.vithVrv In the Senate Judiciary agreement. funds to help the family meet the cial Interest In more than two , ^— *i» III _••__.!_. A • the news at home.) Committee which eliminated (Continued •: Fist mounting medical bills. — The Independent-Leader will be By J. Joseph Gribbins (Continued on Page 20) Through Mayor Zirpolo, the Kings- happy to accept donations for the men received permission to go house- cause. Checks should be drawn In the name of John Guerr.eri Fund. TRENTON — One hundred DEBT:—The State of New to-house to ask for donations. The years, ago next month during ersey owes the Federal gov- the Civil War battle of Antie- rnment $46,356,740 which lani, a luge assortment of very must be paid within the next Commendation choice people participated in three or tour years. {the fray, Including the foun- The sum represents advances WOODBRIDGE NATIONAL BANK Congratulations are in order to Lt. NO Other poUM pistol team in Central der of the American Eed made by the Federal Govern- Jeney has established such an enviable ' ment to finance extended Andrew Ludwig, Detectives Jack Wald- unemployment compensation man and Arthur Grosskopf and Patrol- record. khe United States. payments to hundreds of un- man Frank Ferraro. wko, using part of For devotion to duty, for a willing-j Also participating in the employed workers during the 1958 recession when New Jer- Announces a long-awaited vacation, spent ten days ness to continue training, for placing|Western Maryland conflict;were five regiments of New Jersey sey unemployment exceeded 8 at the Camp Perry Fire Arms School the Woodbridge Township Police De- Volunteers and the percent of the work force Inj for Law Enforcement Officers in Ohio partment in the forefront, Lt Ludwig, New Jersey Light Artillery he Garden State. New Jersey Is one ot 17 states Detectives Waidman and Orosskopf Battery A, known as Hexamer's and competed In the National Pistol Men. Many casualties wen re- which took advantage of the Matches and Patrolman Ferraro are to be com- ported and the bravery of the provisions of a law passed by men won high commendation Congress which provided In-, NEW BANKING HOURS mended. The Town Committee and The four officers competed with for silencing Confederate guns terest-free advances of funds to some 2,700 other marksmen from all particular! v the Police Committee On September 9, New Jersey itates participating voluntarily. over the country and yet walked off should take official COgnteance Of their i Indiana and Massachusetts The federal moneys made COMMEiNCING FRIDAY, AUGUST 24, 1962 available a fifty per cent ex- with nine out of a possible 14 awards. tension of the benefit duration rededlcation of battle monu- or eligible unemployed who ments later erected by the re- had exhausted their regular Summer Vacation Time spective states on the battle- benefit rights. field. Among the New Jersey Edward J. Hall, director of In the United States just about every will travel by car. And every day dur- dignitaries to attend Include the Division of Unemployment Magistrate William M. Beard Compensation, has Informed all Monday thru Friday worker gets a vacation That is not ing toe summer a hundred or more of Westfleld, and Everett J Interested' it may not be too tru,e in some countries of the world, Americans 'win die on the highways. Landers, member and executive early to Initiate plans for re- director of the Civil War Cen- paymer.t of New Jersey's ob- «MI0A.M.to3:80P.M. and it was not always true in the Several hundred wDl be injured, lose tennial Commission respec- UgaUor. United States, legs or arms and be scarred for life. tively. • • • » Vacations are of; great importance. Many persons who later be- AUDITS:—Road Construc- The summer vacation season is Psychologists agr^e they are neces- came famous participated in the tion correctors In New Jersey about half over and before the year is Battle of Antletam. Clara will be paid more quickly under Friday Evenings sary — in most — for proper Barton, the five-foot ex-school out American? will spend millions of a new auditing procedure mental and physical health, and va- teacher from Bordentovn, who adopted by the New Jersey dollars on vacations. That means that founded the American Red State Highway Department for riety in living. tens of millions will have spent time Cross, had her first field hos- the first time In the nine North 6:00 P. M. to 8*0 P.M. In order to enjoy your vacation to pitals on the Antletam battle- Atlantic states. at the beaches, the mountains or lakes, field. Barbara Frttchie Waved the fullest, me experts suggest you Under the old procedure final or other vacation areas. Most of them a Union flag from her upstairs payment of federal aid funds take your tune in conyng and going window in nearty Frederick will have a week or two weeks off, but was not received from the Fed- and relax and go slow and easy while the AnUetam-bound Confed- eral Government until it com- many will have longer. erate armies streamed past. pleted a final audit of the fin- vacationing. Drive safely at all times John Greenleaf Whlttler later ished project which often took And while mai y will travel by air and help reduce the death rate, which wrote the famous poem about a considerable period of time: the Incident In faraway New The new concurrent audit pro- or train or bus, most of these millions ;ht include you. England. ... cedure provldej that the Bureau NOW However, twp representatives of Public Roods first satisfies of New England's literary arts-(itself as to the reliability of the The Peace Corps tocracy were on the battlefieldihlghway department's account in person. One was Oliver system and control of federal The Peace Corps first found Itself liberal, Have joined in their praise of Wendell Holmes, 8r., the Auto- aid funds. near an actuality when President Ken- crat of the Breakfast Table, All costs an billed to the the work of the Corps. The last and his son, Oliver Wendell Three Banks Federal Government monthly nedy advocated it in his presidential peace legisla pass- Holmes, Jr., the future Justice and reimbursement received of the United states Supieme campaign of the 1960's. After, his elec- edinCongrm a vote of 315 to 70. within a week. The Bureau of Our Permanent Bank jBuildlng Court. , Public Roads on occasion makes tion, progress was slow in Its organi- in Avenel will be un4er con- It would seem that it is now well es- Two American Presidents a functional, statistical type of zation and a great deal of criticism was tablished and wiD be an agency, no were also there, both of whom audit to assure Itself that the Structtlpn shortly at Avenel were subsequently assassinated. operating correctly. Street and Demoreit Avpnue. At Your Service leveled on the effort. matter which Party is in power. One was William McKlnley, a 1 I Many of the Republlrani claimed; What li the Peace Corps accom- young mess sergeant with the SALES:— Bargains that the new agency would build an- plishing, if anything? That li best 23rd Ohio Infantry. Abraham In liquor In New Jersey do not Lincoln came after the battle other giant bureaucracy within our answered by the (act that in every comprise food public policy, was over and Issued his Proc- claims Governor Richard J Our New Avenel Office Is Now Open government. This may have helped country to which the Peace Corps has lamation of Emancipation Hughes. Because of Antletam, he freed prevent such a bureaucracy from be- gone, everyone without exception has The u Governor recently re- the slaves. viewed the approach to the ing formed. asked to doable or triple thdr quota of at 383 Avenel Street, Corner of Minna Avenue To the credit ot both parties, the Peace Corp* wlanttm. Many coun- Paace Corps has become a bi-partisan tries which bonier the coaUritt which agerflfy This has resulted from the- now.have Peace Corps members have 130 Yean of Service Iselin Office at 1412 Oa* Tree Road, Iselin good which they have accomplished requested lor fotanteen to come into 'M and the praise of both Democrats and their country, alto to our Customers Republicans. Members who are con- Metnbofc of the Peace Corps can Woodbridge Office (Main Office) Moore Av;e. & Bern St .sldered as ultra-conservative, as well teach that people values which no * u those who are considered ultra- amount of money can boy or give T. L. WATSON & CO. "Complete Banking Service Throughout Woodbridge TmmMp" ESTABLISHED 111! -Urabf r (Sartmt |!rrss Charles Edwyn MONROE A. WEIANT

flu inucpcndint-Utdu (IMuoa-r«i4i WOODBRID(;K M Qrtea Itntt, tOEE AND WYMAIUtm* NATIONAL BANK WOOOBRJDGI Pert* tat* Ink Uwrenoi t. rk beginning at in' AVENEL - The first meet- n ch M,., ,inlrs Bluo- a new system to call AM September 16. »>R of the npw season of Sis- camping supplies Mrs. 1 tiiunster Rortd, In Bowen treasurer ,,f the and first aid as- The committee points out By CO.P. Club terhood BIIRI Jacob will b« !,., KnolLs section. ers' Club. Is In In St. Cecelia's Church thnt the tree shaded area is ISELIN - The Fourth Ward IV^ Bt the Avenel-Colonla '•har« of the; The new telephone number ommunlt Cenlfr ,'i:i[iaii, member- project. Anyon well equipped with fireplaces Republican Club will hold Its .. *' September ,,,, will answer Vor the Squad will be ME 4- ISEUN — At a double-ring A reception was held in Edl- for cookouts. There will beannual picnic Sunday. Septem- U Members are asked to make 77no icremony performed Saturday son. note of the -hanne in the ,irsn !be the re-lh, requested to mil Mrs Bowen to ppolic e headd - horseshoe pitching, a baseball ber 9 and socialjasocialit U 8-382683826. quartm. Residents are urged .n St. Cecelia's Church by Rev. The bride was graduated game and games for the young- Merrill Park. meeting ninht for this month. Warren Abrams, Miss Diana from Woodbridge High School sters are planned, Liquid re- A program plannln divides ; to jot down the new number Mrs Helen E. (Sue* Shrclber 5 |;lh|TStOd _ convenient "ane Catlno, daughter of Mr. and Wilfred Academy of Beau-j freshments and Ice cream will a. held with Mrs. Jules ,nd Mrs, Eugene Catino, 115 be furbished by the post. Trackman at ceived their first class badges Place near the phone :.'h of July. 32: °' Hadawah at a mernber- Ham Zimmerman, 24 East Cliff of its leader, Mrs. Joseph Ra- The College Admissions Con- h c e brother of the bridegroom; Ed- ter, 41 East 65th St., New Tickets may be purchased from guest entertainer will b« the ,,r,. made, it'nhlp tea field in the home of and pacloli, 3 Revere Boulevard. thanks to Mr and Mrs. Coope. win Blejwas, Cranford, and Eu-Road. them, members of the club, highlights. Mrs. Herbert Hint. Attending the committei The girls compared and dis-York, N. Y., which last year for the wonderful Job thej gene Catlno, Iselin, brother of placed 98.6 per cent of those county committee and poll 14 the fflsihth Mrs Hermim Habmimn, iMonday night was: cussed articles which were In March a skit "Malkah the bride. Rogert Sokoloski, Ise- who sought help. A S15 fee Is clerks and will also be available Purim Shpiel," directed by lin. another brother of the Mrs. Zimmerman, Mrs. Norentered in the County Fair, at the affair. ,, „,«! Mrs John [nounced that another mem man Jorgensen. Mrs. Alberi held recently at Dunham's required along with the appli- Mrs. Morton Olnlger and Mrs. ,-T. bridegroom, was ringbeaior Corner, East Brunswick. Work cation and College Board or Carl Fleming, president, an-JHarold^Meltz will be offered. <; pointed chair-ship tea Is bciiiu planned for W e viv thinhk The couple will live In Iselin Caplzzano, Mrs. Louis Csak: ,,nt. It «.,£««* 29 a. . .0 P.M. a, J™ ZHT Mrs. Robert Hompesch, Mrs was started on basic stitching American College test scores. nounced that the executive You Bet Your Bottom Mat- following a two-week trip to Williams, Mrs. Panek, Mrs on projects to be entered In The College Admission Cen- board will meet next Monday at iron" will be the theme of the l.iriatlon to thPihome of Mrs Manny Temkin.' Bermuda The bride wore a ter, 610 Church Street, Evan- (•• • !<•!• In Rrwv>-il20 Sherwood Une, Colonia George Keller, and Mrs. Charle; next year's fair the home of Mr. and Mrs. April meeting. Mra, Jack Tin- two-piece white suit with 1 ston. 111., where the fee is $10 William Keitel, man will direct the program. For furthei information Mrs matching accessories. The Teenettes will meet Tues- and where it is preferred that reminded of Haberman mav be reached ;it Plum Style Sit Oil) All members are urged day, August 28, 7:30 P.M., at attend and to bring prospebtivi applications be made throush Mrs. Rapacioli's home. the high school collie guld-|PLAN CARD PARTY LISTS SERMON TOPIC S- number 13 for COI.ONIA—Latest children's members as guests. There wl ance counsellor. COLONIA - The Mothers COLONIA — Sunday service! cl< Ih be a small charge for member; • -h. patients at Administration drafts aid fov » ™ «'1H be included in the Printed Pattern Ass of the United Church of Christ, r sl and the proffts will be sent to AID MD DRIVE The Catholic College Admis-i °cl«tion of Colonia will .'a! Dominican Republic " ' fashion show to be spon- Colonla. will be held at 10 Ail. soi rd by the Ladies' Auxiliary a Cancer organiztion. ISELIN — The Circlettes. a sions and Information Center, j sponsor a card party at the :••< to Common Ne«ro ptihtu A! influence m of the Little Fellows League of group of Iselin girls, are spon- Assumption College, 500 Salis JE'izabethtown Gas Company In In the Frank Hennly School, Alabama grow., soring a fair at 185 Elizabeth bury St., Worcester, Mass.JRahway at 7:30 P.M., Septem-Clark Township. The sermon to Colonia. September 10 at School where the fee is $10, for those iber 10. Tickets are one dollar be Riven by the pastor, the Rev, 17. Inman Avenue, at 8 P.M. Flag Football League Avenue this week. All the pro- ceeds will go to Sunny Fox for wanting to enter a Catholic and can be obtained from Mrs. George A. Shults will be on Mrs Edward Henning is Has K.C. Sponsorship Muscular Dystrophy. The girls college. |N. Letteri, FU 1-4532 or Mrs. 'Giving in to the Kingdom oJ chairman and she is being as- ISELIN — Parents of boy! In the club are Judy Davidson, [Rex T Nolan. FU 1-3834. God." John 3:22-36. to sisted bv Mrs, Paul Yeisley, Mrs. Judy Herpick, Lorraine Keleher, Thomas Donoiihue, Mrs. Jack age 9 to 12. are a.sked to tak< Grants to Education back school 7 note that the Knights of Co Laura Richmond, Donna Fen- Banliuv Mrs. David Hasse, Mrs. nesz, Susan Fennesz, and Den- By Funds, Show Rise Grace Paradis. Mrs.'John Zak lumbus, St. Cecelia's Council, supervising a Flag Footba' nise Keleher, Of some $389,000,000 distri- and Mrs Elllsio Machado. RENE' league for the fall. buted by 154 of the nation's Door prizes will be awarded SAFETY ON BUSES Flag Football is a fast, ex largest Foundations during and refreshments served. Important to the safety of 1960, grants to education to- citing version of the garni school children who must use ISELIN'S NEW PHOTOGRAPHER icomblnlng the action of tacfc talled $212,000,000, it is report- buses to get to and from ed by the non-profit Founda- BACK TO-SCHOOL Colonia Hoy Inducted with the safety of touch fool classes, is their conduct while SPECIAL ball, it allows the boys to learn tion Center Library. Into Order of Arrow .boarding and riding the buses. This was an Increase to 54 1 - 8x10 Hand Colored Picture COI.ONIA • Alexander Ra- the basic fundamentals of the'Rowdiness not on per cent of the total as against 2 - 8x10 Dawn Tone Pictures sk son ol Mr. and Mrs. 6 • 'iVmZVi Dawn Tone Pictures else for Alex :>adomski. 56 Highland distracts drivers to the point,of 1958. Grants to health and Road formerly of Carteret, Interested parents are asked where traffic accidents result. welfare organizations declined. Regular J30 Value .95 where he is a member of Troop to contact Len Heffers at ME 4-8613 or Joseph McGovern at BIKES RECOMMENDED American Place Names All For Only 14 .84, BSA, has been inducted Into Bicycles are considered musts Selection of Proofs the order of the Arrow, Cowaw ME 4-7048 for details. Presenting Golf, 111.; Gin- on the college campus where jseng, Ky.; Sisters, Ore.; Snow Valid 'III September 15, I96S Loil.'r 9, at Camp Cowaw last car ownership is denied stu- week Show, Pa.; Plain Dealing, La.: DON'T RUN — WALK! |dents. Soft Shell, Ky. Future Brides... The Order of tin Arrow is a Traffic authorities advise Bring this ad with you for a special savings applicable National Brotherhood of Scout that school children should be towards your wedding album photographed exclusively Honor Campers. taught not to ruq, out to walk ; rapidly, when crossing streets, by specialists. Stop In and My hello. P1.AID FAVORITKS I Stop Here for Fast In-and-Out Service STUDIO HOURS. h'avorlte back-to-high-school Mon, thru tn, i - 9 P.M, 139 Coireja Avenue Sat. 10-1 by Appointment ISELIN pds for i?irls range from mo- Sun by Appointment Only lNeM 1Mn Thf soap and water. 35% OFF HOMEMADE SPAGHETTI According to Size Sterling and Plated Holloware Us*gna, Ravioli, Phia Ptu Formulated by a pharmacist for his own BOY'S SIZES: 12Vi to S Hot or Cold Bandwfohe* daughters, PROPA-EH. is absolutely safe. So GET IT NOW ! WHY ? YOUNG MEN'S: 3'/ to 12 Y»u Save Money at Watch Mart 1 NOW . . PROMPT swiftly effective, we promise "Results in 3 8 SERVICE ON MX B lo EE WIDTHS TAKE-OUT ORDERS days or money back." Only $1.50 for 30 days The CALL ME M4 supply. WATCH MART BREAKFAST, Colonia Shopping Plaza LUNCH, DINNER Available Now At Route 27 FU 1-3777 COLONIA POOT SHOP S»n*A In Out Ulnw OPEN TUX 8PM OiilT from »M A. M. Tuesday, Thunday and Friday § Fine Footwear VILLAGE INN PUBLIX PHARMACY JUVENILE SHOES '- — imtlxj and Watcb K*p*ln Smith Street Perth AVnboy On tht Street Woocib WOODBRIDGE Bar & Reitaurmd 91 MAIN STREET (Jmt « Uuurg tium reum,jlv*uU Kniiro*d r»rkiii( Lut) (N«at to woolworih •) t Green 81, Woodbrldff We D«Hver Call ME 10809 hltl"y OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY TILL 9 P.M. l'lll 9 PJW — free Parking Rear (Cor. ftabiw •?«.) AUQTJ8T S3, J4, 1WJ PAOB SIXT8EN FIRST ntCBBTTEBUN CONOREOATi,, CHURCH Or MKUN N Sundays) Morning Prayer and ISRAEi Sermon (Second d fth Oak Tree R««d j 700 P M< Senior n(| Sundays) I United Presbyterian Youth Rti, Ro|tr D. IMmM, fuut * ilhi Hoi; Dan Sunday Serrloei WORSHIP Morning Worship, 8.45 A.M. Board and 11:15 A.M. ind the strength Trinity Vestry. third Mon- Tiirsdny Church School: Nursery TOGETHER Choir, Fridays 4-5 day, 7:30 P.M. j Junior through third grade. 8:48 A. M. Congregation St. Anne's Unit, first Mon- P M last Tues- Kindergarten, through sixth | Superintendents. THIS WEEIC day, 8:00 P.M. grade, 10:00 A. M. Junior fllgh CHBISTMN for vour life... first day St. Margaret." Unit, Church school, second Wed- Fellowship, 10:00 A, M to 12 Wednesday 8:00 PM. noon. Adult Bible Study, 10:00 Friday Oirl Scouts, 7:00 GRACE EVANGELICAL Episcopal Churchwomen first m'sdaisdayj FORDS ST. (HKUA'S ( llt'RCH White Church OuUd. second A M. Senior High Westminster ST JOHN V1ANNE1 CHURCH Saturday: Confirmation Class LUTHERAN CHL'RCH Monday, 2:00 P.M. I Whit fRESHYTKRIAN CHURCH Itrlln I Fellowship, 7:00 P.M. to 9:30 Sundgy at 0( ColonU Junior High Schnol 10:00 A M 600 N>« Bruntwlok Avenue Trinity Altar Guild, fourth and fourth 1 K*T, Wiltrt Radtlwon, Pmtor H". F'nnk Hitvirk RPI .John VMiut, I'Jslor second p.M Bundny Srtu,,,, Suiitl.iy Masva 6:30, 8:00. Perth Amboy o.nn p M ( Ladies Ala aoceiy, R*» fcdw»r<1 I) Strino liny Avenue, Kordi Rrr. Herbert f. A, Htcht, P«s'°' Wedncsdgy. ,,,„ 8'45 9 is. 9 30. 10:00. 10:15. OIK REDKEMER People's Pel- and fourth Wednesdays "I" in PtRtor Sunday WORdHIP SERVICES first: OI!R LADY OF PEACE ing at 8 00PM 10:45, II • 00. 1TM mid 12 nonh I1THERAN CHURCH lowshlp every Sunday, 7:00l Woman's Association. CHURCH Masses are nelci at the Co- 9:30 and 11:00 AM Thursday tod B:i)0 A M. Morning Worship Wrrkc1:iv M:I.. Runyon Ernst Woodbridte, N. J. Rahwaj Avenue and Carteret P. M. 8:45, 10 00 and 11:00 A M. ; children's Holy Communion, 3:30 to 5, and 5 to 6:30 P.M. of each month at 8:00 P.M. President 11:00 AM , Morning Worship, Weekday Masses, 7:00 and flrst Sunday of every month KCT. Wlllirm H. 8chmaui, S.T.D. Road, Woodbrtdge Junloi Hiuh Fellowship Rtctor Re*. Alfi N. Ntmeth, Pastor | Female Choir Rehearsal, 8:00 pr0Te the S8(!Rl] P.M. service Nursery provided. 7:30 A M. Alton Brandti, Orfinlst Jaffltt Marsh. Mlnlit«r A««tit»nt i NEW DOVER iP.M. 6:00 P. M., Senior youth Novena services every Tues- WOODBRIDGE METHODIST CHURCH age of his Sunday gervlcei Terry [.. !l«w». Ortanlit ' ConlettloM Thus, groups day. 730 p M. j METHODIST CHURCH Sunday 690 Nr» Dover Road, Edison FIRST CONGREGATIONAL 8:00 A M, Holy Communion gvery Saturday 11 A.M. un-|llcan charge th.,: 7.00 P. M.. Evening Gospel Kev. Theodore C. Seamant 9:30 A M . Church School | RfT. Albert R. Swwt. Tutor CHURCH OF WOODBRIDGE R«\ I,utb«r Martin, 9:30 A. M,, Family Service til noon 4 to 8 P. M. and 7 tOiPreildent has tn;i. Service EVANGELICAL AM) ! 11:00 A M . Morning Worshipi Sunday School Services Barron and Grove Avenues Assistant Partor for Youth and Sunday Schoo! 9 P. M and sometime* on days Important accom; it«T. Boji M. Johnion. Jr. REFORMED CHURCH ' (ieorg* E. Ruddy, 11:00 KM.. Holy Communion 8:00 P M, Junior Chrlstlanl 9:30 to 10:30 A.M. John Srhncder, Minuter or Muitc CONGREGATION BETH 94 .lames Street ] ornanist and Choir IHrector 11 A. M. until noon before Holy Dayi of OblljaUon'of a Democratic i Mri. Kenneth MeCtin Shtrlly Kenned; and Sermon (flrst and third Endeavor •nperintendtnt of Church School SIIOLOM Woodbrid«e ME 4-1751 Snprrinlcndent 0( Church School Robert Wahlgrun, Orianlit 90 Cooper Avrnue, Itelin M>T. l.fMlf Ktry, Minister Sunday Services Rabbi Bfrnsrd trankel Order of Sunday Services Sunday Dr. Noibert Kajtner, Cantor 9:30 and 11:00 A. M. Mom- 9:30 A M., Church School 10:DO A. M.. Sunday School Sabbath Services Friday eve- Ing Wo-ihip Worship 10:0n A M , English Service ning 8:00 9:30 A. M., Church School 11:00 A. M.. Church School, ll:0n A. M.. Hungarian Serv- Saturday Morning Service, 6:30 P. M., Junior Interme- age 3 through second grade. ice 700 I' M.. Youth Fellowship'diate Fellowship (Child care service) 8:30 First unday of the month,1 7:30 P. M.. M.YP. 12:05 P. M., Coflee Hour ST. JUlt> LUTHERAN 2:30 P M., Ladies Aid Society Fellowship. TEMPLE BAPTIST CHURCH CHURCH Mondu'.: 1:30 P M.. Pilgrim Fellow- Pfciffcr Boulevard and G4 Amboy Ave., Perth Amboy 2:30 ship Key. Rudolf Krlnuu, I'astoi Krochmally Avenue Tuesday 'First' Lorantf f y Meetings Perth Amboy Worsmp, 10:30 A. M. Guild. 7 3( Official Board. 8:00 P. M. Sunday School 9:00 A M, (Second) Officers J'>*Ph «• Baskin- Plstor How Super Shell's Tuesday; third Thursday and Elders, ~, 30 10:00 A.M., Sunday School Church School Staff, first ST. JOHN'S Tuesday: Fourth) Brother- for nil «ges Monday 8:00 P. M. EPISCOPAL CHURCH hood, 7:^0 11:00 A M., Worship Service, Surgical dressings first and Sewaren Wfdnrsday Junior Choir .(communion Service third Wednesday 1:30 P. M. Jowph H Thomson, La;rtader 9:45 A M, Sunday School 3:15 Nursery open 10-12 for chil- O.ET. Club, third Monday, WediU'sday: Adult Choir 7:30 dien through 3 8:00 P. M 11:00 A. M., Morning Prayer Holy Communion, Second Friday Brownie Troop, 7:001 7:00 P M. Evening Worship Sigma Alpha Phi second and 9 ingredients can give fourth Tuesday 8.00 P. M. .Sunday 11:00 A M. 6:45 P. M., Thursday, choir Congregators, first Sunday 1:00 P M. rehearsal. Men's Club, fourth Thursday ISELIN ASSEMBLY OF GOD 6:30 P. M. Attention Students! CHURCH Choir Kehearsah 48 Berkeley Boulevard Chancel. Wednesday, 7; 45 Iselin. N. J. P M. Ker, WllUam Klrbjr, rastor Be Reauy tor School Wednesday cars top performance Junior Wednesday, 6:45 PAl.j Sunday Services: 9:45 A M., Sunday Schooli with vcujr r BAPTIST CHURCH for all ages. Market and High Street 11:00 A. M Morning Worship1 Perth Amboy twaicMk, p .or ^nlor Church conducted ta KM. PeUr Kiwalchuk. Pastols r Morning Worshlpilower auditorium by Mrs. Wil- Regulation Gymsuits 11:00 A M 3:45 k M. Sunday School i»am Kirby. from 6:15 P M. Baptist Youth', 7:45 P M., Evening Gospel Fellowship [Service 7:30 P M.. Evenini! Gospell 8:00 P M., Tuesday, Cottage Service 'Prayer Meetings 11:00 A. M. Communion Sun-j 7:45 P M , Wednesday, Bible CHOPER'S •day first Sunday of each.Study month 8:00 P. M., First Monday of - for - Wednesday. 8 P. M., Prayer lAonth. Teachers and Workers Meeting Conference 8:00 P M., Second Monday Woodbridge High School ST, ANTHONY'S R. C. Board Meeting CHURCH 6:30 P. M., 2nd and 4th Mon- Port Reading daySl Mlsslonettes under dlrec- Woodbridge Jr. High School R«». suniiiaus Miio« Paitor tlon of Mrs. J. Waldhelm at Sunday Masses, 7:00, 8:00, her home, 154, Cooper Avenue 8:00 1100 and 12.00 noon Iselin Iselin Jr. High School Weekday Masses at 8:00 A.M 8:00 P M., first Friday of Novena in honor-of St. An-Month: Women's Missionary Fords Jr. High School thony ejjch Tuesday at 7:15 Council under direction of Mrs. p M R. Workman Colonia Jr. High School BOYS' POWER INGREDIENT in Super Shell works lor world Woodbridge NOISE-FIGHTING INGREDIENTS in Super Shell • champion driver Phil Hill (above, in Yerrari rycer). Hill, fgr a quiet engine at all speeds. Shell scientists even iw ' T-SHIRT and first American to win the World Championship for Drivers, stethoscope(a\)Q\e) to check effect of Super Shell's ami -kn^ ^ relies on Super Shell. One important reason: fower. Today's ingredients. One of these ingredients, an antiknock mi.\, h GYM SHORTS Super Shell contains "cat-cracked" gasoline—a power ingre- so effective that a teaspoon per gallon can boost antikniA MILK INSURES dient made by cracking heavier petroleum molecules into rating five points. Alkylate, another Super Shell ingredient. lighter, livelier ones. It works to give you the power you is noted for controlling knock in hot engines a|t high speed. if YOUR FAMILY'S HEALTH need for top yeriormanu. bettebetterr thathann anythinanvthingo diAt*e ye v*t availableav-,il3KU. '

Milk's important nutritntt pro- molt growth and good hfalfh for Iht whole family. Id rich: in both food value and flavor!

Satisfying by iittlf,,, makti NEW for GIRLS! tverythjng taile beiterl Yo« n«ver outgrow your need for milk. Short SUe«: 26-40 T-SHIRTS: It does so much . . . Men and Boyi yet costs so little. 8-M-L Child's Sizes 8 to 12 PHONE Liberty 8-2141 Misses' Sizes 10 to 20 $0.50 Or Contact Our Koutenutn— MILEAGE INGREDIENT in Super Shell is j He's In Your Neighborhood 2 TCP* AND FOUR OTHER INGREDIENTS c >m|' Sox 69c and 98c Shell scientists test it in many cars, many places. In a recent Super Shell's 9-ingrediint blend. TCP additive can ln'lp " School Children Love' Sneaks,From $1 ( lul 3 test in San Francisco (above), exactly 250 cc (about half a store power lost due to eombustion deposiu-can also eM (ill IIMI) pint) of fuel without Platformate was fed into test car. Car ran fresh MILK from We alio have spark plug life. Butane is for quick starts. Pentune mix IKV Sox 69c and 99c until fuel was used up, then coasted to a stop (left). Distance; v WOODBRIDGE engines run smoothly during "wann-up." The gum p'" " Sneak Oxfords |2.99 Up SWEATSHIRTS 6186 feet. Test WM repeated, using same blend of fuel with tivt ingredient is to help keep carburetors clean inside /V. Platfomat* addel Same unount of fuel. Same car. Same COOPER'S DAIRY when the weather calls f»-;* c C^M «intnins an 1 o ( ) 25 (1 Doollttle. •7 cup chopped dates. 17 ( > 32 lebrew ( ) Micky Mantle minced ducks m Rosftm Pwk pond violations, Judge w Blair Pick out the player who won Mix the cornmeal, sugar, salt. 1 on*-? Adams, wife of the late Cary Grant and Deborah 1 tablespoon bamboo shootn Beth Abranw, 8, went to In 1 bons says speeders will bee 2. What was whitey Ford's the 1961 batting title with and shortening. Scald the milk, vouiself: Mark Ernie Knvars, has been asked to !2 teaspoon salt father's work-shed, borrowed R street sweepers. pitchingrecord with the New )f .361. 1 t it over the mixture and 2-14. You^jtetj the main -ot of ««» called Pepper to taate piece of wood and painted « York Yankees |n 1981'' 1 1 stR11(1 unt th swe1 8 ) Pete Run- h|S estate by PilVm m)nofl on a Couch." This In a com- "* " * "»•' ' out I. ,, correct first' 19-8 ( 1 Jfi-s ( ) 25-4 on • • • When cool, add the flour sifted Is ' 1 Mickey Mantle cas PWhiatrv. correi'i-d mi, dl s , second, three1 ( > 20-9 1 iind $1,949,395 . the 1 cup ""' '"""win* their arre • Jim Gentile m' the spelling and tacked 'IK f0l. Mlmlm(! Th(; Jlld e 1 PK(t and Beal nun point for a Name the manager of the TODAY'S FILM RKVl'F. thor-ii-, n,8 fresh shrimp ihelled sign oll R telephone pole .Illli oughly. Bake in greased muf- nmce. Twrnty isj Boston Red Sox. 1 1 Mike p.)d(ioa qsno ui.toN s.HOJiaa The SplraI RoRd and deveined U oni ot their hom(> on mn:l „,„,„ |lnfn].mt)lri , clwim(? S Jayne Mansfield nrelv-d an ' fin pan in on oven 400 degrees! ' ::ood; forty.j HlKRinn 1 . cafcoll Hardy ami sin wjnp Italian rriovle award for her Spt m '-he colorful Dutch week-end so theJT dfiy Is perfect.l 1 > Pete Hmuiels ( 1 Ted "I Of mi 3|1H8W >ivoik in "Panic Button." As she East Indies, this film tells the ^ ch.rm.n of the Ho.u 1 Date Nut Square* j mrts Quiz per- Williams xos left thr stage a jealous actress story of a young and handsome 4 cup water Planning Commission saw he TOO MKll TAXIS , 3 beaten epR« ; 'S slapped her and remarked doctor who came to the jungle 2 tablespoons finely chopped sign - agreed with the hiss London • A J20.000-H-ye«i'-: 1 cup susar scaiiions. , n ,d now custom-made Mnis JTIOI JSOJ pirn "Why does she get a prize? to practice under a Jungle doc- t ^oi'kbrokor is looking for • j SK UOM .i8i.mii Z Why don't I cet one?" tor, Burl Ives, who Is the tore- '« cup flour Put the lobster meat through have been installed. M2-n-\veek job. Simon Lapp aqi uj jmost authority on leprosy. 1 teaspoon baking powder jthe fine blade of a meat chop- iiiid Ins wild are tired of high, u; c; •\ .lose Ferrer accompanied his. The young doctor. Rock Hud- 1 cup graham cracker 'per. Mix with, the minced MIRM'I.E BABY crumbs former wife, Rosemary clooney,!son is ambitious and cynical water chestnut* and bamboo' Rushmore. Minn. — After- Ii\n mid are ready to rlo ItarA'' Bankruntrv 1 cup chopped dates a plane at a London Airport.'and is full of scorn for weak- shoots. Add salt and pepper. tionsUely called the "inlrnrle dmnestie wink. ^ "So went bankruot 1 cup pecans chopped 1 er a possible lings, alcoholics, and people In a heavy frying pan heat the baby Todd Oioenewold, is- Tliis year, lie s-ays he will Beat eggs light, add sugar. ftio believe In God. salad otl and saute the crushed mouths has undergone f CP- only inakr 2.000 pounds '$5," . dltor* Uke the very coat ott jbeat well. Add sifted dry in- ihlsl Five years of working In the garlic for 5 minutes. Remove nations. Todd was born 400. because of the capital >ack" , Veteran actor Charles Laush- gredients. Stir in graham William A. Kochek, R.P. 'jungle proves too hard and it's the garlic from the oil. Add without a connection between pains tux and that does no| "Yes but not before he had;ton. 63, has underi?one an op- jcracker crumbs, dates and nuts. the lobster mixture, chicken his esophagus and his stomach leave enough to cover his ex* tran.sferred his wallet to his hipleratlon at Cedars of Lebanon jquite a revolution to see Mr. 8-inch Colonist Shopping Plaza Hud n reduce stock and shrimp. Cover theThe channel through whir I pocket." JHospitaffor'a coUapse'd 7erte'| ?° d to the debase- square pan. Bake in a mod- ment of a pan and cook over moderate food must flow came to a dm / I j ,,|n Highway - Route 27 - Colonia !bra. The actor underwent Warded tattered, erate oven, 350 degrees 45 min- Mr wlld e ed humnn ln stllmt) heat for 10 minutes. Add a lend Ten inns will make their de- Study predicts difficulties for surgery in New York for cancer. " y ™ -jutes. Serve warm with whip- little of the pan juice to egg.! He is now at home and thrr. - but m "Hud Bannon." They German farmers. Itwo months ago. lint: blindly through the lonely;_ \\(> Have a Complete Line of jungle. I ream IStir egg into mixture and cook j Ing much like a normal child, will be used In a rodeo "greased 2 minuteit s llonger , stirrintii g con- bub t hhe faces another operatinc pin scramble" contest scene. Hard words from the older | Fresh, canned, or frozen lob-'stantly. Dissolveicornstarc__ _ h in when he is 6-years old. Afi 1 This paramount release stwri hcts, Ms

FANCYi The brillianl Hearing Is Bettering, Ftrit Century Greek A friend of mine said he biographer, Plutcirch, knew a woman who raised fancied he could make eleven children but, never raised FU 1-8455 ke by toiling pebbles or her voice.—The Chicago Daily iron plates into a jug of Tribune. water! Just Try It If you don't think women re explosive. ,1ust drop one!— he Parris Island Boot, Parris CUSSIRED sland, S. C. secriow Geo-Political Note | This is the school of expert-' nee. or learning geography the1 d way. — Chicago Dally Mews. They Often Are But a study of the Invest- ments made by the thrifty shows that 50,000,000 Ameri- cans can be wrong. ti«ldard- Sarah Ann's Cooking I'll bet you have tucked away somewhere a dpzen or more re- cipes to try. Why not put them to use? In the meantime try some of these very good date recipes. Date Nut Bread 1 cup dates cat fine -j cup sugar 'i cup butter 4 cup boiling water 1 esg well beaten ADVERTISER AT WCTRK1 1 teaspoon soda 4 cup flour !> teaspoon salt CUP black walnuts chopped Mix dates, sugar and boiling water. Stir in other Ingred- ^aJMiBtegVp^pg .ents. Butter loaf pan and dust lightly with flour and fill.1 Let paper, pigbt on fatagh flbe eteeeffied, jotfM m «k Oat an V*ttg stand 20 minutes before baking. Bake in an oven 350 degrees 'or 50 minutes. Bake the iread v helps by apwafltog «hs worf 9mmfrm 9b tagBacfl ;he day before it is to be fused. of (to Ioa& to mm piopte we iaforaie^ more Ato Corn Muffins \Wtb Dates $M, niB dttoufl floowwflbao d csoset value 1 cup white1 corn meal ] 2 tablespoons brown sugar to vma&j tapKMJl pnSwte at lowar coat 1 teaspoon salt1 1 lid by which its products can be measured. 2 tablespoons shortening / melted . 1 flc iewefer usei the symbol of a pore diamond. In flatware, Ihe li/4 cups milk tiaing bdped lo Mug <» *>«! "sterling!' and in dinnerware, the word "bone china;1 re**aeo< high standards of quality and value., F«r the advertiser, *e symbol of the highest standard of circulation ***« *e emblem k ihe Audit Bureau of Circulations*. This 1>d*n*t means tiu^ newspapers or periodicals $0 identified are ir*as*red accordW to the most highly regarded rules and standard

The fact that we aft privileged to display this A.B.C. {•-.•* emblem here means that you can buy advertising in this ' i -1 ^ ^~—, • newspaper as you would make any other sound business luncheons Independent • Leader investment-on the basis of well lugui stottda«k known vataes. 11:30 till 2:30 MEMBER - GREATER WEEKLIES ASSOCIATES, In. 1 tooptfalrv*. •onprofa umxio'ie" ogindM. Oyr cirtulotiw. ii ouJN . . MEMBER - AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION r REPORORTT ..ditort. Ow A.1.C -port .h«« ho» m* dnhlbi « h.«, wh... MfcMi It vm. how rftol,«l, =«) -W fad. •»»* *» g*»."«« *ho> ' MEMBER - NEW JERSEY PRESS ASSOCIATION Yonr LOCAL-Newspaper ^ ^Q 20 STREET WOODBRIDGE The INDEPENDENT-LEADER <-EB-c AUGUST 23, 24, 1962 PAGE EIGHTEEN test were Jane Bundy, Leslie HelHrlg, Suzanne Hellwig. Pau-| line Olamplno. Larry El»en-i Parkway Lost and Lost I ll* 1133*35- bach, Bruce Sablan, Billy Vaal-! Ikk, Kathy McManls, Alan Zfltor. Barbara Swartz, and Office Lists Odd Items! Cindy Byank. * WOODBRIDGE—Men's bats ins to $475 li.i.- !><•<• u restored The clean up contest winners are the big loser on the Garden'to ouncis and J102 to finders. were Patty Lavin, Mary Lou State Parkway. ! In -wmr ca.M-s. the Authority SCohm. Debbie Brooks. Mary The New Jersey Highway;ha? tracrd li.f n«'iici through Unvlor. Jessica Bratn, Pamela Fisniberg, Marcia Etsenbach, Authority today reported thatjidentiflcaiion mi ihf lost ar-| lt» lost-and-found system onjtirle othrrvi " it must await r.itty Brooks. Eva Wult?., Suz- the Parkway has found that;inqc; .cm of the lost Fi'een Llgouri. I/ivralne Llgourl some straw hats too—are thejproperty is fo;met in Parkway ;i;.d Janet Flemm ISKLIN JUNIOR HIGH — Lil- Items most frequently lost rMturantj>: some arc' located along the way. jalnnk the roHdsides and at toll r%m iIB 11 O'Brian and Wally Mow. Dirrrtors Most If not all of the hatsiplazas. 1 were left behind In restaurants With gleeful counting and st Parkway service areas. AAtt n , ,,• • touting, we held a yo-yo con- the present time, there arejflOyS UOliieS j test: this week's winners were some, 37 men s hats awalttriRJ J \ Diana Oiarratann. Ellen Demp- their owners on the Authority's -ey. Batahena Lobel, Dbnna, lost-and-found section. Fastman, Rolynn Mastopeter, Sun glasses and rye glasses j edtoNevv i Patty Burgen, Sharon McKen- run a poor second and third in i na, Arlene Mastapeter. Sheri the current count. Among' Hoffman, Pat Throne. Dorothy other Items turned In for re- Thus Schooyear, baclk Needto schools! Kastman, Barbara , Toth, and turn are Indies' sweaters, clothes for tlv grade school bovj Gail Ross. scarves, handbags, wallets, not only fulfill the Ideal nf good| We held a jack tournament bracelets, gloves, earrings, grooming 'now universally nc-i this week, one of the most Jaci-ets, cigarette cases, and cepted for nil age levels) but arc f.uored games in our park. Thr two beach chairs. geared as wel to his more active winners were Donna Eastman. 1 Motorists who have lost any participation in games, sports. Patricia Throne, and Dorothy Items anywhere along the Park- and other exercise In pursuit nf Eastman. Other players Includ- way are asked to write or tele- the national goal of physical ed Sharon O'Donnell, Ellen Mc- phone the Authority's Lost & fitness. Glynn, Judith Kaaper, Jill Pound section at the Adminis- Thfs menus plenty of sturdy, Kasper, Gail Ross, Marjorle tration Building, Woodbridge, wear-reslslnnt apparel, much Ix>rdi, and Rolynn Mastapeter Articles which are unclaimed of it In the fitsh and wear cat- IITTIF (ilKIS SWING INTO THK SPIRIT of school. Fashlon-rUht dressea with tnatcti- A hobby show was held with for two months are given to egory. I In; tartan weskiU are casy-to-play-in styles that encouraje nereis* ai well « study, the finders, If wanted, or do- Robert Ross the winner for his Slacks take a top place in even thorn* thr active Mimmfr is over - as their friend, the basset hound regretfully nated to charitable organiza- .-tamp collection. This week's the more-active-than-ever Yioy'a notes. In (.'ourtauld's rayon with cotton. tions. arts and craVis was tint and wardrobe. These are slim-cut paint, Twenty five children Since the Parkway's lost and and come in polished cottons. Ijeff Storm, Coleen McMahon participated, showing fine tal- WHAT ABOUT COLLEGE? found lystem became operative Bedford cords, chinos and pop !Corcen McMahon, Nancy ent among the children with a In November of 1998, about 1,- 11ns for school and play. Strictly Playground News Plough, Ellen PloOfh. Jill Praiz- paint brush 700 article! have been pro- for knock-about are the dur- !ner, Dennis Champ. As usual all table games were cessed by the Station with 308 able denims. WOODLAND AVENl'E — Val- Bobbi Ann Teranova, by the time to look ahead .,, restored to owners and 56 given . sweat 5h,rtSfi?ure erie Vile! and Jean Splwker, Davis. Dennis Cohen, I back to finders. Cash amount-

!faces so . lean as after Mon- Blomer, and Jon Apostle. BANDITS TOO LATE and gabardine zip-jackets and lita Hay- MENLO PARK TERRACE — That hook totin' youngster of yours will lip Madeira Beach. Fla.—Armed jcarermts. day's wad melon festival. D'VSCHOOL n _ Sarah Smith, n, Kathy Mllano, Judy Straf- Judy Kollar and Connie Fekete, with ihot-guns, five bandits On the dressier side nf thjane e Daltoi, won the contest, as Director. fi. Rocky Rus8cr.:;.:.., 7-<"ik Directors reached the Bank of Madeira picture are suits fin flannels, U for college before you know it! Take steps her piece •>' watermelon con- winners of the shuttle run'.Rodgers, Jimmy Dunn, Andy The junior counselor for this Batch Just in time to be toohopsneks and tweeds) and sport italned the :nost pits. contest were Irene Hunter.i^J,"' Jo!m Usei[ng John week b Ellen Haney. late, jackets in bold patterning with now to niakp sure that when the time conies, Tuesday's- events included Donnie Palson, and MlchaeI.Locker_ 0eorKe Hart. Ruw Cli:- The winners of the bubble Apparently the daylight raid- I the plaids and cheeks scaled the Junior nlympks and a Simmons. ;ecuto and Barry Cassidy uum contest are Karen Ken- er? planned to arrive at thedown to the young physique. vou'll have lhe money to finance his higher edu- jclean up coyest. Our repre- The winners of tine and Thewalkln g b(,ckwal'd ton. nedy, Pat Dombrowskl. and bank Just at closing time. The Slacks for dress-up come In in i:.e Olympics were,paint were Bernice Jackson,^ , ,. Ann Moast. The winners of the wools and blends. Miniature wlnner werf Ch ls[me bank had closed Just minutes Daniel and Charles'Sylvia Jackson, Vanessa Roz-. , j contest are Susan North- cation. Let us help you set up a schedule of before they arrived. versions of man-sized topcoats Rodgergi Kathy Milan0 D( bra fan( iPendlcton. Nai. >• and Dousuus zella, mid Barbara Thomson. ' Gary ^:Rve, Kathy Sullivan, Maureen Include semi-fitted models, rag- Edgley| Joe Croasdale The gang stood baffled for JHermansen, Bar..ara Brose, and School 17 came in second in ' Munns, and Terry Cullivan. systematic living that will do the job! Conn- in a time then dashed to a parked lan-slecve bstlmacaans and split- Woodruff Ru-|c] Cnicut0 Bernadine Hard,.: The winners the Olympics at Woodbrld&e ^j^ . , had a com- automobile and sped away. raglans. The dog winnws wm On Tuesdgy we soon and tnlk it over. Joann Chicuto, Gene and Gary umed picnic and hot dog roast. Woodruff, Dlno Castellano, Three-legged races and other winner was . eri, and Katheriiii' Cyktor. Hunter: ribbon Mike Lengyel, Peggy Quinn. i-'ames were played. Much of the wok was spent Sylvia Jackson. Barbara Bolduc, Karen and Nancy Egan came in third on arts and crart.- The chil- Th1I11e' P"»KplaygrounIUL"'Ud "alsMVo wo"u"n "a Rusty Catalon, Kaihy and Ter-f-'r the soccer ball throw at the dren showed remarkable in- trophy ry Milano, Peggy Quinn, Dell .".mior Olympics. This Friday RIIL FAK James Current Dividend "cnuity ;:i their clay modeling >'H* * Sobel, Tony Sama. Gail Kur- our costume party was held. and the winners were Helen palJ and J°yc^u\ulrMwrs ley, Tomy Coffer. Barbara Bol- KENNEDY r.tRK-Ralph Car- the Jl Kreudl, Janet Jensen, and Su- bone and Isabel Swarts, Direc- vau Pawn. Also, m timers and «* varied rARJt — Florence tors I Some of the older boys note boxes were made. It wasj Director,; Even though our playground m evested ta difficult to say which was thej t . illUBThos_e „.„.„makin„g roosters and didn't place in junior.Olympics, more brightly painted - the;a ^J^J^wttta, wells in our arts and the following did have valuable childrrn or their projects. The; Tw0 days _lor ^ _ ^ „_ "f,. _ I craftss Derioperiod wewerr e Steve Ware-'experience In representing us. I were set aside with Mary Ellen; neatest projects were made by iham, Cindy Byank, Karen In the shuttle-run Edward Huston ' making the best tile iHelen Kreudl and Deane Fe- jPlesher, BUI Batlllck, Amy Glover, Mary SwarLs, Oary Al- ash tray and Becky Murphy dorky. Tlie judge wa....s „Mr ...... Bruce VaJvano Coimle berUon Und, Donneiiy, An- George Van Dal™. making the best pot noiaer Remias, Pattv Nelson Jim Tv- gelika Hoeher, and Pet Swarts. fOLONIA 21- Geoive Bishop, Other mcluded .._- Bundy__ , Debbi-.__,._..,.„,,._e Standing broad jump_ — „,....Edward, D'rector checkers, chess, horseshoes. = ' Antont'lli, Jackie Glover, Mary Swarts Gary Al- School 21 was aeam well at- Softball, dotm.ioes, pick-up- ^ KerbLs, Billy.bertson. Running broad jump- ! itendede Us past week. Domi-;S»£^, and other games.^ __JUwJori Eddy Gartner, Rlta Pete Swarts Softbal'. throw— Participants In the arts and Per Annum inoes, checkers, pick-up sticks, Hawkins, and Marcia Eisen- Teddy Kuszenberger. Judy Don- softball crafts were Pamela Andrews", MONEY-SAVING MAIN DISH: A wonderful meal-in-a- kings, kick ball, and ba pork sack race on Thursday were'Palcharies, Billy Fredrich, 1 tablespoons prepared and beans Art Samodovitz, Mindy Cohen.Becky Murphy, Steve Rlaotyl, mustard Mix brown sugar and flour in a 2-quart baking dish OMIfpfWIMMM MMWWVWWWIMMMk — — Member A or casserole. Stir In mustard, then gradually stir in evap- orated milk, mixing well. Cut two frankfurters Into • IMIKI) STA-p:S SAVINGS «. WfiS LEAGl'E thirds, Set aside for use on top. Slice remaining frank- IS OIR furters into \k inch slices. Add frankfurter slices and • \K\V JKRSKY SAVINGS Si LOAN LEA(flT beans to mixture in baking dish and mix together well but carefully so as not to mush beans Arrange frank- BUSINESS t IKDKHAI. HOME LOAN BAMK SYSTEM furter chunks on top of mixture. Bake in preheated moderate oven (SSO'P.) until beans are bubbly and be- Air — Rail — Steamship — Hotel • IEDKKAL SAVINGS k LOAN INSURANCE CORP. jglnnlng to brown, about 25 to 30 minutes. Makes 4 to 6 |servingj. TOUK AND CRUISE RESERVATIONS THE WORLD OVER | Phone VA 6-3661 Headquarters In Woodbridge For Sa>in»s Insured up to $10,000 CSIPO Travel Bureau by the 303 Maple Street IVdiral Suvinjjs & Loan Asaolr. SCHOOL SUPPLIES TERTU AMBOY, N. J, WORLD WIDE TRAVEL at PUBLIX PHARMACY V^S^ SPECIALISTS SINCE 1907 91 MAIN STREET WOODBRIDGE READY MIXED nunfber^n shoes *•* MMft» T2$O nf 1NE FOOT IN NtW UNITED (the h f -Wrile 300-3heel Package of 3-Holt COMPOSITION LOOSE LEAF BO()K PAFEK From Inftncy lp Age 8 ur 9 ... $3.50 to 89.50 dellvertd In Saturday iellvtrlei 77c 39 anT quanlltj eatlmatM liven ROOSEVELT Itrg. 98c 59c I. CHERENSKY & SONS UHlEr BAGS, Pen THOKN - WlLMEUDllNC; COUP. Ready to Vtar & i.^Um Mode Shots SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATE* (AKTItllllit (Clear Cartrldfe VVELOON CONCRETE CORP. , FKNS. I'lu. Om Ui PKN( II Mi III [he purduM mvisioNi or WILDON MATTEIAI.I, INC. 143FayelleSI. *?£ BOXES »t $5.M »or(h ol LINDEN WOOOBBIDUE 172 Kiw Brunswick Av«, i7, 11-15 COOKE AVENUE, UNI or STHOOl, IIPPL1ES HU 6.4422 , ME 4-4494 8COT8H PLAINS SO. PUUNFIELD '• PWTH AMBOY-VAWl 24 FA 2-4300 PL 5-2200 PHONE Kl 1-5445 SCHLESINGER'S OTHER WELPON PRODUCTS. Crushed tlont, Bla«k PLIHTY OF FRII PARKIN* l»5 SMITH STKKBT mill ,IMBOI for The Top, Oravel, Sand and Maion Materiali l0 OPIN MONDAY I FRIDAY TILL 9 P. M. DAILY 8 A, M. H) 4 P. M. ALSO, FIRST TJU'MDA* Of MONTH "" i - CP AUGUST 23 24. 1962 f AOE NINETEEN :i 1

On Wednesdaj we made not- Mary Ann Fulvio, Tony Mouro, chllle, , Beverly playground News holders and egg-timers. De- and Kenny Hylaitd. Motorists To Use - Jo-iBatalo, Theresa Nardlello, and borah Schneider and Terry Mary Ann Futoio, Jo Ann dred ClandUla, Butch Mitchell. lN HHOIITS Rudlne',1 were judged best. John Peln {Thomas Barrosii Pulvio, Paul White, Unda * Mai, On Thursday we had a bas- White, Domenlo Pulvio. and RomMh, Nancy held atj Winners 0/ another arts and ..-.,-*., a^w•••*••• v » HiTIVi HtBM ,. ketball throw won Frank Walton, Gall Starting Now w rc Play- waft* contest u, Janet Pas-' by Russell je(t Amicl wori the ciean.up re Istanley, Matthew Borkowskl and Thomas Ferro. _. , , cre Mlchele contest. W quail, Margaret Sasso, Donna' Prances Mahler and Dolores AND CHURCH—Gin > "e annu*' warning to mo- of speed limits, It Is generally Hagucci Chris Masar. Richard Pallazzo, Mary Winners of the writing con- Ml 1 re rt Thm mU8t Dnmlami and Sue Shrive, Dl-!^.**.«*' »*•. Hi"1»« . -.. .. * « 1,1 sofrati, 3u-|Ann Mayorak Donna Bergman,' test were Mary Ann Fulvlo and rectOrs the safety of all the childirnjawsreness on the part of the fnrmella Mar-IKathy Zampitu, Bnd Richard Phyllis subriisiato received a Kathy McEwen. trafflc now that the A tor winning twenty- i The children all enjoyed '" ' openlnfcmotortst that Impatient young • 'Kuchek. ! nf the nfw Kh o1 term bnt ones ma THORPE AVENUE- Doris M. m-i.|n. HI. ».htr«v« this week ° " >' thoughtlessly dart flvr of tacks this week. mailing we asnirays mis ween o fnti- .kmt ,,.„. •«,.„ <• i~i~ n...... i «„_ !.•*»,„« short 1s lnUl street from ,,1 thr sand! On Thursdav » baby parade CAMEO Jnan Terzella, Di- Walsh, Director, A talk on ',',.,1 were Charles was held Winners Wpre Debbie rerloi. j ['•/unwlio. Pat Mur-|Bei(tman John Ancodla, An- "A" j Dunns this past week the light" at a crossing. M .;itn, and Kathy.drew Sasso. Barbara Zampitin. won by a score of 8*7. •Ml •children at Cameo enjoyed The A clay modeling tltnp Jerry DePranesco. Barbarn players were Richard McKevltt, held with the winners as fol- , Motorists Need Control of basketball, Softball, c ta t ihm ln oi the taclc and;Zamplnu, Patrice Curley, nnri Alfred Cetrulo Eugene Fisher, '• This Is why. especially dur- •.4*| ,,,, carol Nunn.aeorge and Henry Herdman. Carol Marclnlak. Pettr boc- They also enjoyed some quiet herding youngsters around M durlng the "school's open" ,,„ KRthy Bcnnis.JGLF.N COVE Mary Mozri- chllle, Michael Becse, Bruce vlnzano. M table town to get them fitted out for!prrlods tne motori8f» responsl , , ,,nd Mlchaeljjten, Playground Director. Melton, Thomas Ferro, Theresa Our winners ln the Junior I Winners of the play-doh con- the coming term. biilty inv0|W, perfect controj ! Fisher, Beverly Robsh&w, Rus- Olympics were as follows: Ken- On Tuesday » penny hunt Business Areas Thronged ove rhls car at all times. 1 . test were Nick Purda. Jane Mil- sell Jacques, David Ritchie, I . Mtvrv Roma- was conducted Winners were ny Segrave, and Gary Saakes. ler nnd Lynda Banias. Richard Schneider, Rick Qano, Business areas may be ex-' To be properly equipped for , • ' [Charlene Herzim. Edward Zab-' Plans are now being made ; On Wednesday morning a Roger Schneider, Billy Feins, pected to be thronged with an contributing to the safe being , . w»s held onjiockl, Billy Gardner. Barbara for a final party to celebrate s kings tournament was held Billy Walton, John Feirus, Bud- unusual number Of children as'of the school children In tmf- >i|!!: winners were shied, Betty the closing of the playground. Huszar, Bobby dy Mc.Hale, Douglas Tobln, a result. fie, the motorist should make i,nd Chris U- The winners were Jefl Gauch StsnowlcJi. Thomas Gerek, Roebrt Roberts and Jlra Heane Roseann Dace Mile, and Sharon And no matter how careful sure his brakes are functioning U. S. MISSILES IN BRITAINjtheir parents, the natural colt properly; that the treads on !Billy Szurko (ireRory M<)7d«l- In the afternoon, a horse- Couch. ,.;. uimim were , Blily Tm-fenko. Carol United States missiles will tshness of the younger ones tires are not worn beyond slip- s erz ' shoe contest was held. The win- .; niul Ron*WMa«teller. and Danny Sobrelro. Winners in the baby showitake over Communist targets|who are not yet as well disci- pane: that windshield wlpera ners were Robert Roberts, Jim were Gary Rlzzolo. Doreen1 Those wro participated In a now assigned to 60 British-'pllned as they may be some are able to give clear vision In , . nas won iiey bull game held on Wed- Keane, Mark Kafman, and Da-!walsh. and Oeorge Robshaw. manned Thor rockets after weeks after school starts, may bad weather; that the motor If l]llr sl vo vld Roberts Participant* In the tint and ,, l ills songSnesday were Robert Sesnowicli. Bi:i,I. RINGERS FOR THE BOYS, who want wdl- they are taken off their padsJcause them to stray Into dan- tuned to respond to quick man- ( K Anthony Catugno won the tack arts and crafts were Ro- in nil William Terrfrnko, Billy s?,ur- Kroomrd enmfort and Treedom for action, are sweaters, Informants said "the basts ?er 'euverlng; that the steering gear arts and crafts contest. byn Moore. Paul and George k sporU shirts, slacks. Eair care rings bell with Mom, too. of the British action was finan- This is why local school au- dors what is necessary come .iiur - Phyllis Ya- °. William Crurdncr, Frank HOFFMAN BLVD. — Vickey Novack, Bobby Swelgln, Bar- Parlinkay Ki-nny Pallndas. Sweaters, shirt here of Acrilan aeryllf fiber; slacks, Acrllan cial" They suggested the thorltles, traffic officials and any emergency. Youngbluth, Director. bara Oshlro, Debbie and Joy this police Join in sounding »ou the arts Rosemnrlc Trl'nosky. and Betty acrylic and rayon blend. money Britain savei In the "School's open" signs will be* Winners of the three-legged Rlzzolo, Marlene Cogglns, Rlrvk earller-than-customary alert: gin to appear soon all over the ,,,,. thih week. ^ way may be used to strengthen M race were Ricky Hyland, David Gano. Robert Schneider, Rich her conventional forces — In- why they seek to Impress upon area to remind motorists to b« .,l;,v. a neighbor. To the delict of the children Axt. Tummy Moorehead, Ken-,Axen. Diane Mftstrannelo, Kevls Mogen. Tom Costello, Kevin ard Pecchlllo. Kenneth Pagel cluding those assigned to NATO the car driver his adult respon-'on the alert. New signs with iii:. William Iliuh, B.oom. prpd a&]brpn,n Ijind Alll!lPV WMWNMMMWMMMMMWM :. f!,owed »mu-. d c „ nfk In the soap • Such things as Those piiit.'ipi»UnK in 'lie • •'•' and fish were Junior week u.-e UP WITH YOUR "xerr James Ur-Blll.v Smi-h Linda An«l"y, Kovae? Betty *-Rt'ly Av' t'arol Rusnak. Lur- . ,i:ftn foyle. Pat Uoilna Cav;de. HOME TOWN NEWS <'.:.(' Terranova. Alan DavtsMin, Horx-rt Hauselt. D*"111' ^'N*1 Sieve Oalbremh, (IIP AM) MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY v James Davis. Eileen Burk. William Hish. GREEN ,j;u:i and Fred CJal- WOODBRIDGE PUBLISHING CO v Hyan. Edward breath 18 GREEN STREET Mssartls. Jeffery Tin- i:i:,>.fl .11 thr peanut WOODBRIDGE. N J. Panko, Frank raer r ntc^t were Tlieresa v,i:vcr Patskanlck'Suchaii Slid William HiRii 0 Enclosed please find $4.00 for one-year d «:. especially Winners of the arb and subscription to: •pis., our play- craft* COII'.CA1. werr Petrr Klus- D INDEPENDENT-LEADER !••!« *eek were ha, Tedd> Sui-han. Fred Hleh. Water Patska- William Hatu-ock. Josepii Ko- D CARTERET PRESS :\- •••:, «nd Ml- (fit. Josepli Kuholy. Steve Gal- 0 EDISON TOWVSHIP-FORDS BEACON National breath, Alan Davisson, Maria To be sent to: ,'.i:l\ *a.s ni' Maner, Carol Rusnak. Linda USDA CHOKE BEEF Stores Angles ••llern Burlce, Marilyn 'NAME •:HT™ Jean Ho- Singer. JoAnn Hlanchl, Catliy C Ptffect Eating Guaranteed ••aldi. Directors. Axt Kathy McKlnney, Sharon ADDRESS ••ie arU and Rllo. and Kitty Smith. •re Lynn Ad- Winners of the jacks conUst I OWN TOM¥ raw unaotAr, Aoo.Wk.rri— Anb. ml '.'iv.pino, Prank were Debbie Sorensmi, Cathy CHUCK Pt»l Uni. Uf City wd MMJtHw Htm. W. mm* to rifta • THM. ttn WT., MM. Htk £ FREE


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Current BAKERY HtQOUCTS pay the eo«t. •— . . DASH DOG FOOD .» 6« I>U Annual FMAST COfFlE CAKE ^ *~W «p fund" too auun' The children «n Mp. —, fiNAST CLEANING AIDS CHUW KINO NOOUCTS IV learning the way* o! thrift throuth the cwrtnlnt Dividend FWAST SWEH RYE BREAD 2^49; •chool uvinit. prusram «»frt-rt-d by » FINAST IWUH) DHERGENT ^--"59c BEEF CHOP SOEY t? 1 (ounts ntlt monlh to have thtthem opw«m **«h^ FWAST BLEACH «^-35c CHOW MEW NOODLES »— 2«-S3c • . ^ £b r% WK r^ -* TS FIRAST ROMAN APPLE LOAF » «. u. F1NAST RAISIN MtAI FWAST CLEAR AMMONIA — 19= CHUN KING SOY SAUCE '~-17« Tropiccma froien Season's Finest Fresh Fruits and Vegetables %3u *.*««), s-*,«... o« t v-. c.«». c Halo Spray Sot *£ ORANGE CARROTS r# ^ A1 UM Lustr^a $«« Crei•M Sr Liquii ^:d "I- t 1.09 ih. 35c Tomato Catsvp WM— PEARS »= 2 Coffee Cake Mix ,tt Sanka Instant Coffee »«>99« ONIONS -•;• 3 25 Codfish Cakes -^ ^%#% Hudson Paper Towels NH. 3V< Chicken •**• Sea AND LOAN ASSOCIATION PRUNES ••'••• 2 Sproy U 91. 23 a*. IJ, WOodbridgc — • '*• »(M Doz Fuck 57c TJ.03 (AHUCbU* Office) LtftfTB Pry Bieoch Lestoil Storch .Associate Office) Amboy Ave. at 5th St. •535 Amboy Avenue ( 8#eUon' lUitoilPtMScmt "Z Downy Zest Deojofofit Soap 2S£4!« ,t" :'Where¥lRSrhi The Same Zest Deodorant Soap 2 PAGE TWENTY AUGUST 23, 24, 196*

"When a eoramodltf li' "The \o» of our inte«Tity M New Jersey'* unemployment Ur the Boonton Line and.Burkhwdt remind. New Jem)' The Capitol Dome lilmior price eutUni la an wfl/'lindlYldualH * and M a nationjeompeiuatlotiji n funfdd Ii n ththe [Greenwood Lake Branch of with 'Kf^S .Continued from Edit Page> .Continued from Edit Page* isaid Burnett. "The enauWthrough our reluctance to do.ury in Washington total* np- Railroad -: CLASSIFIED o, ,;.M00 Penalty . . Bamegat They are » ^^ alcoholic" operate rttalf B- competition » not healthy buV;ah honest day? work for a rea- proximately $320 000,000. almost g certainty. a RATM - INFORMATION navt. Lighthouse, erected In 1858, protests what ^ *'"**' censes which are needed to op-malignant and wntageoua. It wnable wage: the concept or T lff C n for It word* Twenty s ranges have been se- Firewarden R. Wesley *2«M designed by George ling by ^, " ™^ erate liquor store*. result* "iin creatoneater and still getting something for nothing letted to compete for awards at|has been elected second f v |« each additional word Z who later became a Union Gen- and thr Office of Emergency r»f»ble la Package store proprietors greater bargains designed to which we arr approaching with the New Jersey State Pair this of the National " eral and defeated Robert E. Lee:planning °" industry requests 1 1 c d overcome Mies re- our agnation (or the four hour year from Sept 15 to aept. 23. wrote hundreds of letters to the' "*" Boft{ at Gettysburg ... for fee*s to close the two pricp e Duration of unemployment!catlons Association. NOT1: NO CLASHinrn ADR TAKEN Ovm . Governor requesting him to stance Whatever does that, day and the twenty hour week; co!ton (tap and for import curbs f compensation benefits are ex-loperators are advised bv H MUST BE SENT IN, •<— the measure to keep targe j* not in th. e public interest. ,. our, avoidanc, .... e objf, responsibilityof , il df Mat Adams. State Conservation CAPITOL CAPERS: -The ^^ * "*'1n"Bl ^'"^ promoting Bargain? ir. !:quor are not good and pected to be extendeexd d from 26 Telephone MErcnrr 4-111] private brands of liquor In half Public policy sine our careless disrepard of jt0 30 wefks by the 1963 Legis- [Commissioner, to "consider the New jersey st(,te Highway the tnith whm circumlocution,|_ture next January. . . Traf- Stgniflrnnce of the com- car drivers waiting to cross the partrr|en7Bdmlt8 there to much, Berkeley distortion mid prevarication flc deaths In New Jersey since bridge" and avoid unnecessary plaints is thftt they were aired 'serve w- belt- r: cheating and January 1 last *total 529 as drawbridge openings. The more w the building of high before--and rfot « seemingly FOR RENT ^ r stealing - (hew things can compared with 443 uj Ac-ways than the mere laying ofjwmpafhrtlr ear from ^ J> "; .pTFRCT .... c^ approvepp d 77 new concrete or blacktop. . . . Plc-igte Finance Committee which CARTEBET - Flve-room un- counsel for chain stores, re-wit.. , h some tr.m words of wisdom totroy us as Mirely u' nuclear Mme ,lnlP i«gt y,ar Pres- can iVcuiren'lv staging bearings on furnished apartment, tile;HOME for,,,,,, quested Governor Hughes toirecently at a combined meeting reacum* ent estimates of the New Jer- certified public accountants in turesque woodland glades Vl the State. ... The State Storm be the setting not only for the trade bill prior to action ex- batli. heat and hot water. Sec-: English »,„., veto the measure. of two parnn-teacher organi- • sey ~peactnnnnnh crop this year reach Disaster Committee started this idyllic romance but also for Y/ hortlv before SeptSt . 1 mid floor Couple or adults precludedpld . u>ve.s v In reaching" his decision to'zations in E.irabeth. JERSF.V JIGxAH :- Gov.2.500.000 bushels, compared 1 sign the bill, Governor Hughes "The atomic bomb is not the erno; Richard J Hughes an-witn 1.700.000 bushels last week to distribute applications the poisonous attack of blood- ._^_ .ferred Inquire 18 Harris Street, to apartment h " quoted New Jersey's first alco- only thrr.i: to nur survival." he nounces S6.fi44.746 has been year. Investment funds of to municipalities and eoimtep thirsty things that crawl and KI 1-4638. ;2407 said "We can be destroyed by approved by the Federal OfTice the State of . $2.5on.nw fii 40th Anniversary 8 23' __ aid funds of ; the slower and more subtle of Em< u"!icy Planning to re- $1.161,019,886 Of School Patrols WOODBRIDOE — Four - room ~ r* Hll( the original law upon repeal evils that have ruined other pair public works project* dam- Consolidation of passengeriwith of Octob. 1 Duplex September occu-! ". aired bv the March 6-7 storm, train sen-ice now operatinglSecretary State Robei t of suflraBe mmo. Saturd of prohibition. :nations l*:ore us. Occurs This " pancy. marks the 40th ^^g ,,ner This Year S.OO P. M. gtrm W(K)(|bnrk, of the School 8/23" bedroom suit,. Bafety Patrols, which have done *lngle ocd.v J yeoman service In saferuardlnc IIOl'SE FOR SALE couches; a budr. their classmates fmni the ho- ards of traffic ROOM SPLIT LEVEL =h*l™ each ; Six year.-i old. Newly painted, chairs; porch >; And as school enrollment." k gUn.;Ubte - 2 rhuiiv urow. SO «row their numbers ^ trRn8ferred ,171(58: amall niu, BUSINESS and SERVICE DIRECTORY Nearly HOMO of them nil CHTP No Broker? Call FU 1-1803. '2 vacuum* >, I fully selected by school aiithon- g,jj.,flat- top disk 1 'ties. win «o bBc)t on dutv wi'h .. 1 suite: mane], , the npenlne of the ne« school • BELT WANTED • curtains; dm in s ( term M.U-E AND FEMALE POrUblf typrv •. Barred from exercising any __^ „ jblankeU; snm!1, ri: Asphalt Paving • Coal & Fuel Oil Drugs Music listructioi Prlitlng Contractor control over the flow of TELEPHONE 3OUCTTOR3 _;P»cnic table &„., ulai traffic, it is their To call from home. Sott!kltchen »nd <.,.-,. sibility to keep their antl( UM v f AKK ADVANTAGE OP OUB Learn To Play The mates on sidewalks until it i Water experlniw desired bUt. l not essential. Exceptionally 'marble-top ,il(1 •,- LOW SIMMEB PRICES ON RAWtOlW L BUSTO safe to cross ;it Intwsectons T* H STANLEY PIANO-ORGAN , high earning!. Call Suburban ^P dresser ci;. -• General Contractor They need and deserve th , Soft Water Co FU 8-4308. i011 lamps: To.,,. ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS ACCORDION cooperation of every njotov.'- 8/16-8/2318 ft- ladd'r. :.">• whi will make It a point to co and Private Instructions by • Masonry .den hose; gatdi-:. slowly wherever School Traffic PARKING LOTS and Qualified Teacher*. TRANSPORTATION • cash. Herbert v,, Fill lour Coal Bin With • Carpentry Patrolmen are on duty, help INSTALLED Bfffinnen and Advanced WANTED aloneer, RendniL:. Lchlgh Premium Anthracite • Painting dear the way for them to allow FREE ESTIMATES Druggists Students Accepted ;phone: State •,'••(. • Jobbing !he children to cross safely. RIDE WANTED — Fords to All Work Guaranteed NUT OR Call ME 4-5446 FOR QUALITY School Safety Patrols have penn Station Newark or.vt-i Skilled Labor SS Main Street • Alterations the cooperation of police au- cinity for 7:00 A. M. shift. Call' STOVE 19 Authorlied USCELLWI First Class Materials YVoudbridge. N. J. Sales & Service For Fret Estimate thorities and since their found- IJ 9-5163 after 8:00 P.M. FOB SAI.I Call CH 6-2631 or 96S-1120 PEA inn the support and spon«>r- 8 23 1850 Trlpphone MErrurv 4-0554 CONN ORGANS PRINTING CALL KI 1-4822 ship of the American Automc :RENT A WATKH CARTtKH NKW JERSEY COAL RIMBALL PIANOS bile Association. SECRETARY for Carteret firm.; Only 75c BUCK DIAL Mature, capable. Salary $30. ban Soft Wati 17.50 wpek Write Box 214 Builders COAL EXTERMINATING JARDOT Service Stations PLASTIC EYE IN TONSILS P" M" PIANO COMPANY Chicago - Sumeons got. a b-c'o this newspaper. An; Type and Style 13.1 ME 4-1111-2-3 surprise when they removed 8/23* • 8ER\KT TERMITE CONTROL 448 Rah way Avenue Kristine Gartlnnd's tonsils. APPLY NOW - for the AVON CHILD CARJ Custom Built Homes GALLON When the tonsils came out ^o • EXTERMINATING Woodbridge TOWNE GARAGE Opportunity to make $30-$50 given to ci\:u Premium Oil OPEN DAILY 10-» — SAI. 1s- All Electric Home* National • I.AWN A TREE a week in your spare time while,mothers. Liti:: J ¥ Gardnet A SOD pitnl spokesrriiin said the eye Post and Beam Homes Brand SPRAYTNG • Announce- kiddies are in school. Get ready;Call ME 4-36!" Free Estimate 24-Hour • LANDSCAPING 485 AMBOI AVENUE was about the size of a dime Service on KrLstine's :nother said that:for an early CHRI8TMAS. Call Financing Arranged ,111 Makes 0! For Prompt Service Mrs. Ford MI 2-5U6. BRICKLAYER - Call For Appointment Rumen Learn the Beautiful- ments Woodbridge CALL MK 6-0258 8 23 tj-pes Of brieK (v For Fast Service Sounding MErrurj 4-3510 one of Krlstme's dolls,for about jobs. Spefiiii:/'.:..' WOODBRIDGE HOME three yars, but KrLstine ciuld Just Give Is a Call STEEL GHTAR! • Business We're Specialists tn UNFURNISHED APTS. porches and step* BUILDING CO., INC. ARMBEE LABORATORIES not remem'jer swallowing the any kind. Cill TO Dr. Robert V Bielarski Hawaiian, Western or • BEAR WHEEL ALIGN- eye TO LET 152 Strawberry Hill Avenue MENT and BALANCE Ionia'. Dirrctor - Entomologist Pedal Style Woodbridge, N. J. SIMONE BROS. 5?,0 Rabway Avenue Cards • BRAKE SERVICE Complrtely Enwrapped NOW LIMING FOR Telephone MF. 6-0028 Lessons bj * professional 1 LINDEN N J. Woodbridge N J. "I like to see a man com- AUGUST OCCUPANCY (SISTER MARY with yean of playtni and pletely »rnpped up in his work" EXECUTIVE I ADVISER. n,,,r HU 6-2726 teaching experience. • Billheads declarer an employer. He would - Car Rental - Leasing - APAHTMENTS |a week, 9:00 A. M t- For ares from 8 to M ;have thoroughly enjoyed watch ' iSunday by an : HU 6-0059 Heating-Air Conditioning In* us • wallpaper the RT 440 AND MiORTDA QBOV1 HO. .„ B. J. ROEMMELE • Letterheads COMPUTTKLTI AIB -CONDITIONED "7 Main 8tre-t only ONE room the other day 2'i ROOM imCIINCT APAKT- ft J YO 9-079! MINTS LV K1TW COLONIAL BMCK ' Construction QUALITY HEATING Bt'SLNESS BUILDUJO i Rent * Car • Programs Id«al for M, BactMloti. j " OPPORTirNITlES Retired »nd BudnaM _» YOUR DRJXK1 & AIR CONDITIONING Painting There is Couplrr and Newl7W«(U come i Per SPARE TIME INCOME — Re-| 34 Hour • ALTERATIONS bj • Signs FROM »109 MONTH Anonymoui c&n I .95 Period filling and collectmu money iBI 2-1515 or *r: 5 Complete Interior, from NEW TYPE hinh quality FREE HEAT QAS AND PARKWO Plui Pennies per Mile • ADDITIONS only one INCLUDED IN RENT. 253, WoodbnnV HEATING Exterior Painting coin operated dispensers in this loo1", ON SITE PAKKLNO K&O CBNTRALLV LOCATED CLOSE TO CALL TODAY area. No selling. To qualify you WARM AJR or HOT WATER Paperhanging EVEftTTHINaJus 1) tnlnute* HAVING TROVU: • CUSTOM 1 •ttlnutci Ctaeertull) GIT« WELCOME must have car, references $600 (rom Newark by c»r n««r Bum sewerage? HM": tree Kstimntej • Time to $1900 c«.sh n removel ro0 IHRIF-IEE UAR HOMES First Class Work No Job Too Large Seven to twelve »«• ™ c'enttr iwurs weekly can net excellent toaSiT**;" '; 1061 H'w gi ruRNiaHED MODEL APT. and ttoppane '•• RENTAL SYSTEM • GARAGES AVENEL or loo Small WAGON nonthly income. More full OPEN-FOR LNSPFCTION plpe». dralru %r.\ ME i-lMi ROOF, GUTTER and time. For personal interview DAILTf IINCLUDI.NO 8AT. AND |j._.(n. „ -. StIN.). U NOO» TO » F.M. digging HO CU IP Smith St. DOWN DRAIN nt • FENCES FREE ESTIMATES write P O Box 4185. Pittsburgh UANAQER ON PREU13KB * ' 'InClent Perth Arnboy REPAIRS Pa. Include phone number TEL : Hi 2-U9J Plumbing and Full; Insured 8'33 8/2-8/30 8007 VA 6-0232 Jewelers — Special rates for LADDIE and CONWAY -CONCRETE HE 4-T16S Longer Periods — M'DDLESEX J0 rears •( experience foi- terint food Kill in buwnew ind coinmunKi life OLD Mr. BOSTON SCREWDRIVI Ceramic Tile PATIOS - Plumbing & Heating - PRESS tor information on ALL WORK THE WOODBRIDGE Welcomr VVatoo in DRIVEWAYS "Servlw FULLY GUARANTEED) PUBLISHING CO. REGULAR With a • COLONIA EDWARD SWANICK SIDEWALKS FU 8-1667 16-20 Green Street CERAMIC TILE GOLDBLATT'S Smile' Woodbridge • AVENEL lUliwtj'n Oldest CiUbUihed CONTRACTOR Jewtler • ISELJN including Mosaic tiles 84 East Cherry Street Roofing & Siding Call KAJTVVAT New Jobs and ED FREY Repairs of All Kinds CONSTRUCTION CO. if*mnY> With Cbutor runt ME 1-0951 HI 2-6739 Liquor Stores Henry Jansei & Son 40 Mary Avenue, Fords If >ou reside In PLUMBING Tinnlnj and VAlley 6-4830 FREE ESTIMATES Telephone MErcurj 4-1889 Sheet Metal work > WOODBRIDGE Financing Arranged and Coal & Fuel Oil WOODBRIDGE Rooflnc, MeUlCeUlm 1 SEWAREN Liquor Store, Inc. HEATING and FunuM Work Concrete Patios & 1 PORT READING Hot Water Running ELECTRIC 588 Alden Street SLOWLY? Driveways WE DELIVER! SEWER SERVICE Woodbridge, N J » FORDS Alterations Complete Stock of Domestic CAU Additions and Imported Wine* Ml Hanctt Avcnu* Telephone li^Ercnry 4-124« Woodbridfe, N. J, Basements Been and Llquora ME 1-2759 Tanklcss Attics 574 AMBOX AVENUE Coils Roofing WOODBRIDGE, N J. T. R. STEVENS CARTERET Siding ftooftnt uid Slieel MaUi Work Chemically 685 ST. GEORGE AVE. RESIDENTS All Repairs - Moving & Trucking . CAU Cleaned Free ptlmat<-s WOODBRIDGE Russo Construction Co. PIANO TUNING !ME 1-9340 KI 1-5970 Move "IDEAL WAY" AVENEL Phone FU K-3911 PIANO TUNING Delicatessen AGENT" NATIONAL VAN COAL & OIL CO. and LINES CMtfJUunini 826 BAHWAY AVE. 1286 St. George Ave.i Avene) Wua _> Boat AVENEL SPECIAL WINTER RATES il ExbiDit ( LOCA1 REPAIRING M0101 Onaidt ME 4-1400 TREAT SHOPPE I Men and TrilUMOVEr S FOB FBEI Ufp IU Htrai U 4-J1U •» mm 613 Rabwttj Avenue WILLIAM Dl TROLIO RESULTGET S^^7J J Woodbndr* ' >p*ctal Long 76 Longfellow Drive Vodka in e.e

Favor Stylish Take Her, She's Mine." Tips Tor The Iravtlbound Twentieth Century-Pox has ok, Shunning "Beat" tentatively set the release date j,o For a imooth, carefully Qi you p,epar« your itinerary by following thde three and Oomorrah" for the late ith bla«er Jack- fall. itepi suggeitsd by Tyre* Inc., aiiociation of Tyr«x royon tire cord Ry FKI.IX (The Cat) BROWU'S' v. tailored shirts, 10re producer!. ,|V " ni iiiR from our 45 rt» •" tweedt, flan all-aioun111fL!/d YOUR THE MIRACLE WORKER ,,irats. ..8 „ we offer the followinf" „,„! tartans on thfi I" matchbox. This film Is an unforgettable fur yimr consideration. ;( i- „ f«mlllAr-yet-new shapepdd Bklrk BBnd no.Wftht display of physically powerful ii *<• - I'm- Roprlse records. Nanof* lily smarart look sleeveless Juni|,,Ts. acting. It is based on the true • iMcr. too, are such BACKYARD story of and hn ^luatm odors Think of Mt • Hooded fiwioters and lack ,,-IIP silhouettes as nurse, who labored for yearn to Hid June. July and Aurust, )"th Imvlnn good lyries and •! gnd the flare. Iveteen jackets imTboy-tal'lorpd make communications with this unfortunate child) who was •nappy br nt. The HI-I/i's tak«%|l ,,-nof worn neneedede , | separates a' opjed forr "occasionsoccasions" jcounuy-wlde vote as to the two , i hut answer campus opoilljnted Second step is up to you, For Duke, as Miss Keller, when a ford Hcndrlcks. ; *re '"hlons that have prac- jbest known birds In the United , | „,•,. rflsy to adapt, safety's sake, Tyrex urges you child, display realistic en- 1 States, what would the answer Vic Dnmone, well-known for i=, 'i .,,,, » dressier blouse J««llty as VT|| as giamo,,,. counters of passion and vio- br? Opinions would vary no to let your lire dealer check ,.',,; to the social side \w° »"Ch arf the brocade Jack- lence". It appears to be morr 1 'his sinning ability, offers ft I doubt but the over-all result your tires, look for wear ond et drew and the chiffon swlrl- a matter of muscle over sinew .platter with Vlenl, Vienl and er llkfd would, In the writer's belief, cuts.,, make iur« your spar* Cathy — Billy May and hii ' If . h, corning classics are - because they can bo than of a strong mind over a worn It in good shape. nrchrstra provide the musical I !•:.,. k such as the virtually any season. icttle for the crow and the| raw, young, uncurted will. obln. background. v •,.;,,;;«> and the bow While "kookle" fads him Victory Jory portrays Miss One 1,1 generally admired Our novelty offer for this li Hi, former now ap- faded, lounge dresses and other Keller's father and Andrew : and highly thought of: the time Is one entitled Pre« Can. - a s*cntcr, tooo;; ththee livelvey Ideas for dorm wear let Prlne plays her sjrown-up half : ither Is often cordially hated ftrpnee. Len Welnrib does aa i.mnrdd witithh bolerb o a collegcolle e giril Rivi e vent to her brother. and vtlllfled. Are such feelings L Imitation of President Kennedy - , ;; ,i little walsted flar-jllklng for f\», fashions Fun RIGHT FOR STUDY and The story ends on a happy BOOKED FOR cool school , ,i (ten widely belted.'too, are mny sweatshirt*' 'ustlfied, and is the crow really active life Is outfit of plaid as black In character as lbs note that the nurse has finally ,.|r,lt, .\dd Newi (Western-look hip-rider pants made communications with the c at. it, fashioned .f En - ^ <«£ dress, prrky denim pinafore plumage? If fair play and rea- e trendi Thmt From ., ! skirts add news to and perky kilts for leisure wear that KOH over other dresset, son had anything to do with It' child, when she receives a lish woolen tweed with velce- ference an Instrumental by too. By Joseph Love. and our relations to wildlife, hand signal, "I low you." tren trim. The White Honse Band. '.et's see where they would and us. >l NO CRISIS You're finally ready for the road and step number three: have President Kennedy's chief First, where does one find you remembered roadmapi, flash light, litter bag, first aid kit and economic adviser, Walter W crows? The answer Is all over enough games to keep the kidt occupied on those long stretches A NEW " Heller says present economic the country from one ocean to ahead? •• TWO "VERY SPECIAL" trends are "perplexing and In- another and from Canada to conclusive crosscurrents'' but Mexico. They have long fig- 1 they do not "sum up the crisis.' ured In American folklore and about to fly, Two broods per|maln Item, being 38 per cent While pointing put the pos- legend. They are known to old year are raised In the southern >f the total. Oats and wheat sibility of a recession, Heller and young alike and the sable part of the country with the1 are consumed In much smaller CAR WASHING snid the economic Indicators plumage and certain aspects of eggs numbering from four to quantities. Wild fruits such as1 are mixed. behavior have given rise to such NOW AT sbt. Ivy, wax myrtle (bay- The President ha* said he well-known expressions a s Much If not all the oppro- ierry), sour gum and dogwood and his advisers would be "black as a crow" and "as the jerries, make up 14 per cent. crow MM." n is the only spe- brium and vindication of this weighing these indicators be- Interesting bird arises from Its Look at and study these fore lie decides whether to ask cies against which systematic WOODBRIDGE food habits, To many, clrcum- Items and then make up your for a quick *ax cut to spur thi and determined efforts at ex- 0111 1 Is tne crow M Dlack , coiiumy or follow through with termination have been made stantlal evidence has been! " ' it has been painted? Certainly, his plans to ask reductions ef and yet it la now more common enough to condemn the crow CAR WASH than it was when the first The facts as determined by in some areas of the country fective January 1. the answer Is — no! white men came to America! examination of actual stomach 1. >h< rmau Automatic Power Wash HODGES AND TAXES In other words the crow can contents Is another matter. We EXECUTIVE CARS Secretary of Commerce take care of itself and any bird might do well to look at the 2. llintl Spotting with Power Guns Hodst's doubts that there will [species with a record like thatlaWer' 3. Automatic SoapsutU Applicator Is worthy of notice. One of the noted biologists HOLLYWOOD NEWS of thls imiYK IN u4 8EI THI DIFFERENCE! Much of the year it Is one country, E. R. Kalm- and Individuals should be able bach, made extensive studies o:' of the noisiest of the avian According to rumors Metro- to count on a tax cut effective tribe and its "caw" Is as fa- the crow's diet over wide areas! VIAL iOf the United States. He found Goldwyn-Mayer has abandoned miliar a sound as the out-doorsl plans to make a movie of WOODKIDCE President Kennedy has said affords. At the nesting season!the following to be true from| MM4333 wllllain L Shlrer s It becomes one of the most se- such"lnVestTgatVon"The"food"ls - ' " WE HAVE TWO 1962 CADILLAC 0 4 72 cent and Fall of The Third mi cieUve'oTbirds and'co'mcs'a'ndl?? " P? vegetable and! coes with the silence of a sha- 28 per cent animal matter. In JA TV series Is planned Instead 4-DOOR HARDTOPS wn dow. It nests In remote wood- the latter category the crow Is both "beneficial" and "harm' Two Hollywood actresses, lands and also in the heart of They are In absolutely "IIKE NEW" condition—only two people will PRIDE towns and even cities, but ful" as follows: Grasshoppers Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, ISA rarely Is its presence detected. crickets, beetles, cutworms, ca- (both old-pros at making pic- receive this "once in a lifetime" opportunity. These cars cannot be terpillars, mollusks, crayfish tures) will co-star In "What- pair once built a nest and duplicated. They must be sold on a "first come" basis .. . Both cars am raised young in a live-oak tree snakes, lizards, mice, rats, ever Happened to Baby Jane?' our yard, hardly 30 feet; young rabbits and the eggs ani . *re fully equipped with air conditioning, antl-freeze, controlled de- from my study wmdow.'but l|youn« °* other"birds, Fabian has been signed to froster, cruise control, door guards, fog lamps, 6-way seat, power door was unaware of the whole pro- In vegetable consumption co-star in the film version of ummimm cedure until the young werecorn, much of It waste, Is thi the current Broadway hit, lock, power headlamp control, radio, E-Z eye elass. trunk lock, power vent windows, white wall tires, power windows, brakes and steering, seat belts, floor mats and cushion toppers. CEASAR'S LEARN TO DANCE MORTON MOTORS Pre-School Opening CADILLAC SALES & SERVICE ANN'S DANCING STUDIO 225 NEW BRUNSWICK AVENUE HI 20100 PERTH AMBOTf 186 Remsen Avenue, AVENEL — Tel. ME 4-3098 OPEN EVENINGS ACROBATICS • BALLET • TAP TOE • MODERN JAZZ • PRESCHOOL SPECIALS! (CUM • Semi-Private • Private Leaoni) GET Mi» Ann Smith, the Instructor, If * member and rraduate, and reecired her matter*! decree FREE SHEAFFER in dance arti from IBALL POINT PEN! DANCE EDUCATORS of AMERICA, Inc. more An Orfanliatlon of Qualified Dance Tewhen '••' i-JI iuut rrea vtu *ntj tt purtbue of j | ' : •' (limit One I>et fmon) CLASSES Registrations BEGIN huse All Your Now Being Accepted SPELLING rood fashion for September ing luck-to-school girls Is red, by CalUnj HE 4-3098 or VUltlnf Our Studio at white and blue jumper dress. u 8th SCHOOL By Cinderella In Lowenstein's 186 Remsen Avenue, Avenel FOR YOUR MONEY cotton. I

APPLIES Successful advertising It not necessarily a matter of blgnttt ^ CEASAR'S FIRST BANK OF COLONIA aloft* . it consist* of using newspaper space mor« dramati- cally and more frequently. W» eon give you more advertising »nd neely* your Prettier for your money, at no extro cost, because w« ore equipped HALL POINT PEN! with the Metro Newspaper Service. Ow skilled staff it pre- s 'tin(,i Hags SHEET Than Ever! MORE pared to help you find the right (dta, choose the illustration Filler Paper That's because it was that will command certain attention for your ad and all* l>l" * Pencil Seti cleaned by our modern COPY write the copy that sells. You pay only for ""•tionaries II M methods, young lady I We Ihe space. VllBi 79c make soiled garments Metro Ifewipipet genrtc* li tbt ^"'•'liitoks BANKING look new, . • nation'! leading idurttilni out : * -i Hole FiUen ttrrlct, rabKiilltil to bj ui U> VINYL help rou |«t bittci reiulti from Our superior dry clean- JOUI (dTertldni Is our ••*»• Call ME 4-1111 CltHMt i>reemMiU Loo§eleaf Binders ing service puts the p^ixri. It coiti rou notblni to HOURS sparkle back in clothes Ufce tilTisUti of thi$ ttM Display Advertising Dept. — even when it's stained. '""'•"i & Erasers Thla "new look" means You can enjoy 66 iours of convenient banking at ("'"Position Books longer life for all" gar- -the First Bank of Colonial Bank Mon. through ments, cuts down, your '}|lnvi'ter Paper Brief Bagb Thurs. from 8 'til 6. . • . Prl. 8-8, Saturday 9-121 clothes costs! Woodbridge Publishing Co. ftef. For all your banking needs' oorae to th» First Bank |1 H PUBLISHERS OP Valu* $349 of Colonin.

Clips OU»n from flit


and SHIRT LAUNDERERS CEASAR'S 354 Amboy Avenue WbODBRIDGE •ConvwtoJ Drive-up 8mW STATIONERY OFFICES AT 120 Main Street, Woodbridge "The best in dry cleaning and Jll 18 Green Street Woodbridge, N. J ' " > • AM. to |,|l rjL~«iini.- >port P "p. 4 Finnegan Hurls r .Senior Soft !,;,,• vacation No different than anyone eise. With ;to 0. a.- B;i; T(i^p «sky. Jr.. hurled a rr,»j:i.:fir:-.utter Holy Family To my wife and some very close friends of ours, we getting 13 "tn.wuts and zivlnc spent a long three-day weekend down at Atlantic iup only ;•*'. bnsr> on ball'. City. We had three glorious days. The first two Ttv v.r'ory enasl^d thr Bi?6-2 IO.B.B.A MIII to tic Baum- till-., , CAKTKRET — •Jehind a were spent on the beach where wr got a pretty igartner.s fni ,|hr first iialf title mendous pitch,,,,, KtiMiiu two-hitter pitched by | The wmr.cif xoied their first He was |n I,,,',, good sun-burn. The third day we spent prac- Wnltrr Finnegan. ln Irun in the second inning on a the Holy ~ the thir(l , tically the full day down at the Strcl Pier where islnslf bv Tony Mu.vo and Family imseball team scored a the Kozy Konu. fi-: victory over the Cllffwood hits and Rudy Vallee is headlining the program 'Schmidt <. double They tallied «'('»• R;iin.s in an Independent game to enable the According to the program, Rudy Vallee. who two mo'rp run.'- :r. the fifth in- ning on an eiror followed by OUT the weekend. Plnnegan runs is starring in the Broadway success. "How to three SIUTC.^IVP singles. Mrnck out eleven batters and Tony Succeed in Business Without Trying", has re- The box score ^ hml perfect control In Issuing brother onlv two bases or balls. Kinc ,, turned to the scene of his early triumph, the G.B.B.A. AB ,lcie StUe, former Clemson triple and <\<,\,w Uniwrslty star led the attack Steel Pier in Atlantic City. Back in the 1930's, Jones. 2o 4 ners. Vallee was the headline attraction at the Steel .. 3 for Holy Family by getting twol Lou's won th. for foui stealing two bases andibl« six-run rail'. jFelauer. < .. 3 Pier and played there for several seasons. scoring »nce inning White, cf . 3 His act, which lasts about twenty three min- Sumutkfl • .. 3 The Holy Family had two big; I, utes, included political jokes, comic numbers and Musco, 3b 2 innitiKK in which they scored four runs ,8. 8emrnzn • a medley of songs that have become his trade- Schmidt, lb 3 LfUo. If Tin.- Sunday the locals willjJ' OluchUa ,., City. Tournaments for young boys and girls are c-SHk held the winners to one Knndrk if aid hit and two inns until the *""'"'*" a prime conern to her. sixth frame SICH'S BAR & GRIM, — Kunnrr tip. Won 11 Lost 5. Bark row. left to ri*ht—Coach Acr Trrrbetsky, Joe Terehptsky, Lands, in winning, struck out The New Jersay Interscholastic Athletic As- Kozy Don Condlto. Phil Bauxbuum. Ron Slomko, Richard Krup.i. H ill Euan Manaerr. Kneellne—Steve I'icc7>>ki. I id-win Zjrwin. 'levrn batters nd issued only sociation has rules and regulations governing its Rumbling Lou's .lolin Kpoganetz, Harry Hendrieks and Steve Brm. Misi-ins ( rnm pirturr—Bobby Burns, Bill Klliott and J"hn Sobifski. three walks. activities in sports. One important rule connect- With B. 2. ed with bowling must be made known to the pub- AB. R H Sapienz.a. cf, . . 0 lic, It deals with a youngster bowling under cer- With the 'ootball sea.son Practices Are Lou's Tavern Wins No. 20kopin ... 3 oPop Warner rapidly approat. ing, sport fans Morman. ss ... 3 1 tain conditions that would disqualify him as an are CKKITI.V looking forward to E«nn. lb. ... 3 0 amateur a good season for Carteret Progressing In In Senior Softball League fomba In Duel; Ijanda. p 2 1 CheerlcadeJ Reddineton. rf. .... 3 2 As in the past Mrs. Klcban will devote her High. Mudi is expected of the- vetc-in backfield but a new CARTERET — A treat Lou's went the distanc ... 3 0 Pop Warner Loop CARTERET-A *reaiLou^ «nu the distance Yanks Win, 3-i 0 Reirislratil time and efforts to serve the youngsters in guid- 01 the CaiUs 2 line must be bin.'. Fans will Tavern softball team, establish- - ' Kravetl 2bl ... 1 0 CARTERI 1 ing them into the proper tournaments. lalso be watching ">' ith interest. CARTERET - Ralph Anto- Tnp oox H lc: CARTERFI' - The Ynnks ing one of the moM outstand- " Eo 8 If. 0 John Hudak who vill play at i,,^ nead coach of the Car remained 111 :he running in the;^* ^ Gasior. com: • ln Lou's held Temple. They will b. pulling for tint Sportsmen. C^iterrt's Pop S records in Ri-nvation his- u Junior Rf reation Ba^r ball Sportsmen (':.> l.elinko, winning huiler, AB 22 football 'earn, an- tory, came through with it.1- j Qi osk 3b , League DV refeating the GianUs 1 the A and O to five scattered Al Makkai to make the grade Warner ucn 4 Kcpich nounced toil.: , Upset Scored By injat Upsala nounced today that he is ex- 20th straight win this week at s Semenza ss j 3 to 2 in a close ball game.' hits, most of them coming 4 AB. tlons will be :. For the past two months, a tremely pleased with the T. Semenza cf H. the first two innings. park a 4 2 Dennis Kopin outpitched Joe Kurjfrsky lb 4 1 Tuesday HIT, • j father and son were s«-en at the,, progress made the young 2 Comba in a stirring pitching,y Jackson ss Kozv Korner 9 The box score: 'close 8-6 extra-inning triumph G. King, lb 4 ... 2 o'and 28th ui '1 • jHigh School daily getting in [boys trying out for tht over a touirh Kollbas Cardinal D. Semenza. p. 2b. 2 1 duel, nivin.: up only one single A' Jackson, c. ... 3 OJRegistration- i CARTERET—The Kozy Kor- Kozy Korner 2 shape for the coming football He stated that approximately softball team S.;. 2b . 1 0 in the second inning and sti'ik-i^itz cf ... 3 ^the hours ot '' ner scored seven times in the Masculin 3b ,41 [season , BarneB y Wiel^olinski,i8Willlkij800 boyboys ououtt oof ththe ordinaorinal 13130 With the score tied at 6-11, Wawrynzyski 2b .... ! 1 ing out nu less than 14 batters.'szemesak, p. ... 3 Ijglrla interest' I i sixth inning to upset the A &(Sica C . 4 2 OjWho will be leaving lor South candidates are still attending 4 Q He walked 11 batters to get intO'genySyni rf. ... 3 I)!this time O by a score of 10 to 3 thls'Stragepede lb 4 .Carolina next Tuesday has been the daily tryout se.---.ions Lou's.won the game in the top Kinch, 2b, p 0 frequent trouble. •Papar'tys, lb 2 o; All Rills 12 .i week Finnesan SS 4 getting expert instructions from that cutting the sqi;;id is be- '. the eighth inning on a Van Alstyne, c .. 3 Walter Plnnegan and Bill l/!linko P 4 followed by t-.\o succes- Donovan rf .. 4 \r Comba had one rjaa inninK—'Pauliuvich. 3b. 2 O^age are rl.-ibli • his pop. who was' All State.coming more difficu:' He ex slv- e _[must bi- will:: Maretta led the 12-hit attack, B. Pusillo cf 3 down single.-. George King and Wojewudszki. If 3 1 the fifth — when the Yanks center and star at Albright uJpects to have: the -• 3 their o«:i cl-.i- with Finnegan setting a single. A. Maretta 2b 3 to Ed Wojewud>zki hit homers Jor — .scored three runs on two lilts. 25 3 Mr. and Mrs. Wiebolinski willj j4 boys by next w ek selected Mr- < double and triple, while Ma- B- Maretta rf 3 Practice x)u s 34 8 10 two walks and a cuuple of be guests of the South Caro-j "" equipment' was is- ^ Tavern assisted by ,M: 1 sue<3 toto the 12 and l3 vear The gamr was clckSe a11 lhe Kolihas enor.v In all. Comba :ave up retta pounded out a homer and R- Pusillo If 3 !i,.,a fnnthnll coach over next> iu Amhoy oIds lhis d tlie are way AB H two hits single. ~' ekend W" h2S the big bSi *«•* »« >' The Cards tallied one run PERTH AMBOY — The Ten- 32 10 . 1 The box score1 CAKTIlin 12 weekend We hope tlie Dif. Doyi^, ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ m ^ ^ ^^ m&de U.Q m RMklw 3b nessee Hillbilly's, with Cousin A A O lilcl drills Ttle .. 5 u,^7, innim- T^ftg,i,. > Pructices are the top half of the second to Sarzillo :f Yanks Elmer, the most colorful troupe]RFNIOR S0JTH,, , M Stise 2b 4 (>f I Kec QOinth.. . juiuoi IAUBUI ^^ hM ^^ evi.lljng| MciI1. [ake a_shor-lived lead only to Gural, L'ti AB R H wrestlers in pro wrestling, ,, ,, OPENINGS Krallok lb .. 5 1 1 1 Ui Satuiday »nen mei la_day through Friday, at 6 P. M. have the d:ds regain the up- Stragepcde, ss Stuart, 3b 1 l 0 who have become sensational; S'" " """ ^ '" ;; SaTuTy £n tie 1 Ziillo C . - , _. , _ . . .„„ jat the Little Leaeue field in perhand wrh a three-run rally.W. Kolibh.- c .. 3 1 Skiba, s£ 1 1 0 box-office attractions since . E. Carmichael SS 4 li ! FOR FALL LEAGUES 0,the Pirates. Cards have »_o™-iWest ^^ The coach,11(, ,„ the bot. ,,„ ha]f of the ^ Nardi 0. 2,Sisko, 2b 2 1 1 coming East, will make UieiriJf"" "' " Myers cf 1 lb 4 0 KollL s r rd 1 Rut^hS standingtrdnKss mud- staff hopes to move the prac-(.nth mnir.- Lou's got control O'Rourke Kopin, p 3 0- 1 first appea-ance in Perth Am-! " " ' '"- TEAMS-INDIVIDUALS Litwienski 3b Uce sessions Caitpl.el wlth thm. s in the third Vinsko, r! 4 0 0 boy. at Waters Stadium. Tues-| idle with to many ties and Park fields early next week. 0 Rigler, c 2 Comba If and one 11: the fourth. The Sosnow.-^k, 4 ''Herrenges-, lb 3 0 0 day evening. September 11. The Stima rf rained out Barnes, It will cause MON., 7 P. M. Cards tied :,ie count with two , — Teleposky. cf 2 0 0 Hillbilly's will oppose the Makwinski rf l|a few double headers for all s\ • j Korn,., 4-MAN MAJOR LEAGUE ! b in the sixth frame. U ~ Chamra, If . 3 0 0 anese team of the Oreat 0 cames must be at an end y\fl(j Oval u nf C|1 Abetemarco P Semenza .uid Kinch did the Lou's 0 0 and Baba, the Giant. In an 725 Average September 1. First half will be( P23 100 02-8'serson. rf decided, when Baumgartuer's pitching for the winners while^ohbas 130 002 00—61 _ _,stralian tag-team match, two;' GARDEN STATE MEN'S 26 3 5 i and G.BB.A. meet. Both teams', 20 3 a'out-of-three-fall.s that features! BABf! KflH 835 Average A & 2 0 10 0 0 0—3 Marks 10th Year finished in a tie. CiianU ! thr wrestling card .sponsored by wroml 9 P.M. Kozy 1 2 0 0 0 1 x—10 T«vem is the 1962 wiJOLD " BRIDGE - Sunday, Lou's 19 AB R jH the Humane Hook and Ladder WOMAN'S HANDICAP Tavern is the "'nignfS 7;30 twilight stock car Sitar Shop Rite Pirates, Giants Softball League Champs, hav- T • 1 McKenna. ss 3 0 1 oVolunleer Fire Co V F W Pi'-1 -• ins won 21 straight Tja Felauer. c 1 0! In another lea 1 ure match on ;o BB A I/"' Race Tightens Bladlum 1 0 the show Antomno Rocc*. the BaumKarti.'•: • TUES., 7 P. M. perfect record Playoffs begin Tops Sabo's, 104 Play 1IC Davidson 2b on -Monday, with Lou's playing annlv of 1 0 OiamaunK Argentinian meets the Ijibor CHUM : SUBURBAN LEAGUE |yaj;7he Madison'Township CARTEI4ET - Sitar's Shop, CARTERET - The PirateSJJ Comba. p the L !d tne Giants play,d t| cf CARTERET — The G.BB.A Promoter Tommy this week Local 111 -scored an easy 7-1 Wednesday for the trophy. b0 s bport Shop 10 WED., 7 P. M. j triumph over the Labor Council 25-lap sportsman and modified ' " * Pirates tied the count in the Lafferty, rl ; jTartpret Lanes RECREATION LEAGUE ||in its drive for the second half main as the "Anniversary frta- Joe Pieczyski hurled a fine last half of the fifth inning on Cards | 850 Average title in the Joe Medwick ture" race. Three pro and tuo six-hitter for the wlnners.iGallo's timely double Dark- Yanks League. The Labor Council Yantts Low Averase A»rico Gets 10 |rookie qualifying heau will dt- striking out, nine batters and ness set in to end the (ame. | heretofore was undefeated. 1 jtmnine the htartins positmri. ) allowing oiily flve walks. The Pirates scored twice in 000 030 x—3 CARTERET The Carteret ' 9 P.M. Lou Fedak held the Labor the 20-lap novice feature and Paul Tndosky was the start-,the first inning but the Giants I^ines won a 10 t(i 5 ball xame NEIGHBORHOOD LEAGUE Council to four hits, striking In 1st To JOF. ; 22-car super finale. mg and losing pitcher for the rallied for single runs inl the II ' D D from the Kozv korner for iu llf out eight batters. CARTERET - The Agrico Final Ci>i«P"" n 800 Average Nt.w Jersey's outstanding Sabo's, giving up three hits, first three frames to take the'TlOmC lUUlS DCat second win 0! f.hv season j Mixed Major and At the present time the race Jc«- Kiraly M-utttred six hits Club I Classic Flil has dwindled down to two mid i-inht walks for the victory teams— Baumgartners and the G.BB.A. teaVn. I for tlw THURS., 7 P. M, the Giants do thtj same in the J$lneSj Carterci Unes. ; Thei8l jOsci)n at the Park field this week. |fieid park and Railway's PHe : PEBfTH AMBOY G.B.B.A 100 202 2—7 Sitar'i top half of the fifth with a nA»Ti-nirT u wliin.-rs scored six rurvs in th^ ont-ral Iff-nv John Poloncsak and BUI Ry-]Rae, king-pins here in i™, WOMAN'S LEAGUE Labor Council 000 000 I—1 in ABl R. CARTIREI - Home runs;top half of the sixth mnfng U> tel hit homers for the KnighU| ,, 1959 respectively, will head reha 1 a d H ... 2 1 foiuiicsak, Hy.-l and Konclicomi- from behind and win thf Chmesti w in a losing cause. The Knights the drivers roster. 9 P.M. Bialick rf ... 1 2 ball outhit their rivals by 13 to 11.] Out of Male pilots, Bruno GUYS and DOLLS ... 3 1 1 Comba shared the mound work ' Pusillo and Kitz handled the!Bl.ackey of Preeport. L. I. wllkei 3b„ MIXED HANDICAP ... 4 1 l|for the Giants. pitching duties" for AKrico,|Qtorge Pendergast of Norwich' Mareir'p 1/" low Average .... 4 1 2 Giants while Meyers went the routelonn.. Art Fillbrunn of StatealBnunwto lb 1110 0 2-5 K 1D ... 3 0 0 Pirates 2 0 0 0 2 1—% »"-'ht.s .^ored six runs for the losers. ,Isk,id> ttlong with Garden p , . ,.' ' the OPENINGS for WINTER IE ... I 0 0 '" ''I'M inmijg on six walk* FRIDAY of C 0 10 0 0 3 4-, 8:state« Dape Hulse ol Point Stchew P C. 1 1 1 ' and only 1*0 hits and three MONDAY 9:00 PM. l 100 0 0 0 0 00 XH^ f S OPENING fronj 7 to 9 Elton Hildreth, ot Maiejj rf 3 1 T115SDAY 9:00 PM Low Iverace l-eauup Bndueton, current point leader oinda 2b 0 0 Club Dates — Reservations i Yanks Keep Hope "Sr y the Wally 0allenbach of Ea^t.Brown 2b 2 2 TUESDAY 9:00 PM, Brunswick and dozem of other' winners, six we/nt , for ixtra I SATURDAY BOWIJNG SHIRTS, open tompetition speedsttrs will 24 '10 Alive With fin S 3 1 1 0 1 2-14 be 0^ hand. ; Sibo>f WEDNESDAY 9:00 PM JUNIOR LEAGUES »nd FOOT BLOUSES, j CARTERET - The Yanks 0 0. 3 0 0 6 1- 4> 9:00 PM OPKN BOWLING Six time novice dl\u.ion fea- , AB. R.H.jkept their hopes alive in the WEDNESDAY ! 2 MAN ure race winner. Bob Voorhees Schaffhauser, 3b 2 1 0 Junior Recreation League by THURSDAY 9:00 PM LOCKER Plu> SUCKS, SKIRTS, of Sprmgneld will team upiChanwa, ss 2 0 0 defeating the Pirate*, 6 to 2 SUNDAY. ; with flve other 20-lap rookiejKushner, rf., If 3 1 2 this week. The victory enabled RS. «:45 P M. SUNDAV MORNING FRIDAY BALLS, BAGS, victors in tne mtei mediate jTindall. c 3 1 1 the Yanks to still wind up in a I M M1FM. SMAN 3 MAN TEAMS THE class stock car events on the|Thatcher, 2b _. 1 0 Oitie with the Card* EXPRESS BUSES FRIDW 500 Team Average naif-mile speedway in Friday ;Zukoc, lb _ '. 3 0 SHOES 0 DennU Kopin and Pat Hart^ tVERY • Ail and Sunday night's contests. |Rozanski, cf 3 0 1 1 Cotktil 11 Lounge * Snack Friday night's 8:30 P. MJMagner, if., S, 1 'ihooked up In a clo*e pitching SATURDAY p JOE SCHIAVONr' SUPPLY novice card will bt paired with Tldroski, p., rf. 0 0 fljduel up to the fifth Inning; AND the auto wrecking *u»U-track IJrokopiak, rf 0 0 . I when the Yanks scored five WEDNESDAY Korm.,1, ,r r.M. MAJESTIC LANES JAG'S _ rune on live hiu. KOI'Tg » ,& PENN AVE. jalopy event*. -The younj ainu- ' — — Now «ocUtrt teur daredevUf performing with' 34 4 6! Kopin gave up two hits, four ATIANT/C CITY HOPELAWN, N. J. SGT. bases bit balls and two runs to SPORTING GOODS old road-worn 'heapers" oiler: — Ml Halo Street RACE TRACK 40 AMfr LMM the patrons all typei or thrills day evening at 6 o'clock, when gain the victory for the Yanks BUM* leave Mam & School BOWL - MOR • 1 uiklul Louucc « Pto Sb«p RAHWAY I 222 Mate St., Fertb Amboy and excitement throughout the the New Jersey Ttolng Au'n Bob Soiko had ,two hits for the Stt. at 11:00 a.m. on W«d- t • " ' T*I. rc l-wn evening. stages a diversified Record »nd winners. nMdayi. Satt. 10:30 a.m. HI 2-3461 : 346 Main Street VA 8 Open Thuroliy »ni 1/ MUM TKIF *4-00 plult|> rrid TIU » P.M. The final weekend bargain club night drag tiding meet twin-bill will be run ofl Satur- the speedway atrip. ' | Yanks 0 0 0 0 0 2—2 ruiilC HJIVICE COOROIHAftO IRANSrOffl Tel, 834-4520 .00016 *-•! ' •" '•' — AUGUST 23, 24, 1962 Transportation Set BPWtoOpen Boy Scout Troop, Post New Season Enjoy Camp Cowaw Trip JC 'Showboat 1962 September 7 WOODBWDOI - Troop ay Sher, David Wlnograd an4 and Post Sfl, Boy Scouts of Explorer* Dennlt Hilton, Allen WOODBRIDGE — Wood- America, sponsored by the'Levlne, Micheal Martin aa4f bridge Township ftwinws and' Woodbrldue Jewtoh Community Steven Willis, led by Messn. Professional Women's Club will renter, are back home after David Unger and Sergio Oer* 1>J open it* 1962-83 season Friday spending two weeks at Camp' minarlo. earned a total of *» September 7 at a dinner meet- Cowan on the Delaware River. merit badges and 24 partial^ Ing at Lou Homer's Ad Lib, The boys took part In an 18- badges in such subjects aa MIM Claire Sutch, prwtdent, mlle canoe trip through several archery, bugling, canoeing^ Announced today. rapids on the river; had a 24- cooking, first aid forestry life* Special guests will be the mlle overnight hike with heavy saving, persona] .fitness plo«'; girls, who have been awarded pucks through rocky upland neering. swimming and wlldllft the nurse*' scholarships In the trails and cooked their own management. ; past, and their mothers. breakfast and supper. They in sleeping bags at Sun- A report of the National lsh pond where they awam be- Convention held In July In Los! ore their return. The scouts Guest Preacher • WIU.MM II. FRANKE Angeles, Calif., will be given by rid a skunk hunt after taps.! Mlsi Ruth Wolk, club delegate. nd took part In a Polar bear Report of the National Leader- >wlm in the Delaware in the Listed Sunday! ship and Membership Confer- Franke Elected arly morning hours. ence to be held at Cherry Hill AVENEL- Rev. David Craw- j In the evening, the boyg held Inn, Haddonfleld, over Labor ford, secretary of Prlncetotf songfesU and put on skits and Bank President Day weekend will be given by Seminary, will be the Quett ndtan ceremonies. Advance- Mlu Sutch The conference will Preacher at the 9:30 and 11 Wcx;>DBRir>OE - prank ment In the skills of Scouttng also be attended by Miss Wolk, a.m services at the First Prei- Kroner, chairman of the was one of the highlights of the M State recording secretary. iyterian Church of Avenel, board or the newlj -organised •wo-week encampment. Three Sunday. Graham Bardriey, Miss Sutch also atated plans Ewlng Bank and Trust Com- of the boys, Dennis Hilton. Mi- Minister to Youth at the Av» will be discussed for National pany, WeM Trenton, has an- chael Martin and Steve* Willis! mel Church, will preach at thi Buslness Woman's Week in Oc- nounced the election of William were Inducted Into the Order B:00 a.m. service. The 3 J'fc tober. A series of activities has H. Franke. 38 Clayton Court, of the Arrow; eight of the boys Misses Jane Campbell, Joyct been proposed, culminating in Woodbridge, as president of the advanced In rank while In camp Kcrekes and Janet Ruetch, the annual membership tea. institution. and Andy Hornlck received a «<11 sing at the 8:00 and 9:30 Reservations for the opening Mr. Pranke was formerly rifle marksmanship citation a.m. services, chief executive officer of the meeting must be made as soon Dr. Edward Novak gave the The Junior High Fellowship Perth Amboy National Bank, u possible with Mrs. Emille troop members a free pre- concluded its summer program. A veteran In the field of Halbert, dinner chairman. p [banking for over forty yean, Further plans will alto be medlcal examination. Scout-|Tueiday when tbs topic master Ben Martin and Com- 'You Are a Reformer, a Ml»- Mr. Pranke started with the made for the second annual mltteemen Sherman Goldsmith sinary, a Witness!" Recreation Guaranty Trust Company of Holly Debutante Ball to be held and Alfred Kaplan stayed over!In the gymnasium wu held ID All) PROJECT: To raUf fund, for tin- S.S. Hope, above, the white hospital New York. He organized his December 28 at Scotch Plains one evening. after the meeting. uslts tindtrdrvrloptd routitrlrs damning mrdlcal aid and knowledge, the Jay- first bank In Irvlngton — the Country Club. Registered Deb- r.iirrr.ptlm will present "Showboat 1962", an orlflnal musical comedy tomorrow Chancellor Trust Company. utantes are urged to have their Scouts Richard Ballon, Billy The final meeting of the Clemens. Leonard Erthow. Jay summer for the Senior High night on board a *nin milling around New York harbor. The new banking facility pictures taken as soon as pos- Frledl&nd, Ira Ooldfarb, For- Westminster Fellowship will be which Mr. Pranke Is organized sible for the program book. rest Ooldsmlth, Robert Hess, held today at 7:00 pjn. Colle- iY Wood-Ing in America, will appear a.sthr foresight to recognize the! will be located in the suburban; A number of 1981 Debs have Andrew Hornlck, Robert Kauf- gians from the Church wUl are arranglnglpart of the entertainment. necessity of human relations,!{Shopping Center, Scotch Road failed to pick up their silver MRS. JOSEPH C. D'ALESSIO man, Jerry Langer, Barry and|share some of their college ex for those Roy Doctof.slcy, newly-elected Mid. who have, to the best of and Parkway Avenue, West charms. They are urged to call to attend; Jaycee Siiiir Internallonal Dl-'their ability, utilized their time|xVenton" for them at Miss Wolk's office Roy Nifoussl, Barry Ruderman, perlenceF with those who win : •'••':" tomorrow at rector Muted that the 'Import- and manpower to this end." be attending college for tht The new banking facility at The Independent-Leader. ~-ien. New Yorlc,,ance and magnitude of this en-' Double Ring Ceremony first time this Fall. which Mr. Franke U organized Mt. Carmel School The annual Tournament '• of the hospitalldeavor cannot be over-empha- Have You? will be located in the Surbur- Dance will take place tomor- i-'jie The Jayc^erMMd. 'Hie hiuic premise of the Have you heard the one about ban Shopping Center, Scotch Final Summer Reopens September 5 .1 full program of,brotherhood of man ls cxem- the absent-minded husband1 Unites Local Couple row in Westminster Hall from Road and Parkway Avenue, WOODBRTOQE — The ex- • dy aboard a boatjplifled In the efforts of the xl)° sent his wife to the bank 8:00 p.m. to midnight. Musio West Trenton. AVENEL — Saturday after-1 After a trip to the Pocono ecutive board of the Mount ;•:<] New York Her-jJaycee» to bring necesary i>eo-!lIld hissed his money good- Card Fete Set will be provided by the "Moon* h e? Mr. Franke is a member of loon at a double ring ceremony will make their home in Port Carmel PTA met this week to glows." Refreshments will be jple-to-people aid to their fel- > — Balnbridge Mainsheet AVENEL — Monday night's Scottish Rite 32nd Degree Ma- in St, Andrew's Church, Miss Reading, For traveling the plan for Its 1962-63 season. served. .rave the Pennsyl-ilow man who might otherwise cftr<1 sponsored by the /alerie Ann Fox, daughter of Good Yield son, Past DUtrict Deputy of| bride chose a two-piece black School will reopen on Sept. •••ad Station, Ptarljtum to other means to secure Elks, past president of the Kl- Avenel Woman's Club was held Mr. and Mrs. Roy P. Fox, 396 and beige sheath of pure silk. 5 It was announced, and shoes ."dbridgr. Reaer?a-,lt." "The average woman has a wanis member of Perth at the home of Mrs. George Hudson Blvd., became the bride Mrs. D'Alessio ls a graduate and uniforms will be fitted at • made with Joseph! Mr. Doctofsky said that "tubularly of onlonly l.aOOi-—"- • m Rotary Club, former Ryan, Lord Street. Mrs. John if Joseph C. D'AlesslO, son of of Woodbridge High School. the school. Regular organiza- 1 Uimford AvenueJhls opinion "Project Hope can wolllqued with Alencon lace and Orpluinage Director .il Kr.couragement;all over the country as a group Sailor - That's okay. We DRUG CONTROL Mrs. Fred Hyde, table winners eaturlng a Sabrlna neckline, To Be Guest Preacher GLUE SNIFFING ILLEGAL t PRESCRIPTIONS Quartet Sing- Of dedicated young men with won't be readme President Kennedy promises The last of the summer card long sleeves, bouffant skirt and Jloseville, Cal. — Trying to jstiffer Government controls to parties will be held Monday at a chapel length train. Her WOODBRIDGE — The Rev. keep ahead of a local teen-age t COSMETICS avert drug tragedies and urges Mrs. Harold Schiller's, 600 shoulder length veil of Illusion Alexander Darocsy, superin- fad, the superintendent of the every woman in the country to Woodbridge Avenue with Mrs fell from a matching head- tendent of the Bethlen Orphan- Rosevllle Union High School • FILM SUPPLIES guard against taking thlltdo- Nelson Avery, co-hostess, piece, and she carried a prayer- age ofliiglonier, Pa., will be the district has proposed a glue' mlde. I book with roses and an orchid. guest preacher at the Sunday sniffing ordinance. • GREETING CARDS Kennedy praised the Food Strong Breath Maid of honor was Miss morning services to be held In The City Council Ls consid- and Drug Administration and; "I'm frightfully upset about Emma D'Alessio, Port Reading, the Evangelical and Reformed ering Blue-sniffing punishable Mona Andre Church, School Street. said "we ought to be tougher",ray husband," a woman told sister of the bridegroom; by a $500 fine and a six-month PUBLIX in regulating distribution of^he paychlatrlst. "He blows bridesmaids were Miss Joy Services in English will be at Jail sentence. "Known for Her Artistic Skill" drugs to doctors for experimen- smoke out his nose." Ostergard, Fords, and Mrs. 9 AM. and at ID In Hungarian. The sniffing of certain types PHARMACY tal use and suggested this could "Why, it's nothing out of Mario Simcone, Woodbridge. A special offering will be taken|of glue ls not"only intoxicating 91 Main Street, Woodbrldft be done without further legis- the ordinary for a man to Serving as best man was Wil-for the orphanage. but can cause paralysis. Presents lation. iblow smoke through his nose." liam Alexander, Perth Amboy. "But doctor," the woman ex' Ushers were Anold Gurslay and Tear gas disperses antl-Red|plained, "my husband doesn' Mario Slmeone, both of Wood- Back-to-School riot In Helsinki. smoke." bridge, p styled for every stage of growing up... SPECIAL! for re^ons why you enjoy Kg. U. 5. Mf. Off, i CANADA • MO[ IN U. t I HI I SCHOOL and COLLEGE GOOD SHOES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS AGE GROUPS Let us fit your child perfectly in the Regular $17.50 best pfione service shoes that are designed for action, built for hard wear, sjyled to please. 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Kejfiilar Manufacturing Western Electric engineers work closely with 5 50 PERMANENT experts from Bell Labs to build the telephone 5 °TO9 equipment you use at home-and the hundreds According *o Sin of behind-the-scenes communications products that give us advances like nation-wide Direct 'ivie, Illustrated: Distance bialing. It's a big job-employing j nearly 20,000 people in New Jersey alpne. \ utter Their production skills help hold down the cost of telephone Iquipmenf-and your phone bill.

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* A*, to I F.M. - NewJerseyBell 1519 Main Street Hahwuv, N. J. Monday. 8.t«rtay 8:80 AJW. to « P.M.- DOC DOC PAGE TWENTY-FOUR AUGUST 23, 24, 1982 LEGAI NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES _ NOTICED the Bajterly —* ofltno». ««>e with aald notes mltUe to be heleld at Iti mmeeting matten with respect to Municipal Building AvVneT Street to the Westerly iahown on"iaJd plainly marked with the name of thf Section 3. It 1B hereby detmnlned ORDINANCE IHTITUD "AN OH' lnu ththe Municipal Building,! aide of Hyatt Btwet; copy of each facts, Ms tint Fancies DIMAKCB TO AUTHORIZE THI not deMrmlnsd by thla blddef and "BID ON and stated that (1) thn Tpwnahlp St., of the J IMPROVEMENT OF shall he determined by rrom th« "Mtirly tide of U on file m th, "„>,!" and be accompanied by » certiflfd wfil contrtbut '•• uid to waive po»e »« been levied confirmed PAY .U i heard h !n whole or Iti P'ir' WK8TKRLV IIDK 2dewalk .1,1,'"" Immaterial find 3) meh special Mwannentt m Clerk ...... EDUCATION »y. paid In 10 annual UnrNNITO it the Westerly thereof .h^be "^ ride of Woodbridge Avenue to lowing manner TownsliU ol Woodhrldue nMibi. An the Easterly aide of Butler count of the N. J. Section 4. It la hereby • •'< "ll1 SALfc not a current expense of said Town- lmprovemetH h ship and (2) It Is neccaury to From the Weaterly Lota: 97S-9H1 • W 3M nillDOE. IN THE, aide of|thelr mpertlvn frci finance said purpose by me Issuance ch eiceit. be app IDDLXSEX, AS A Hyatt Htreet to Ula faiteriy p 9B2-385 • W fl-!4 Bection 1. Sections 1 to 0. In- COUNTY OF nlde <>f Aventl Street: purauant to nnd (CM-'I.!.1 • W.l!>4 of obllRatlons of said Township! ent Of such notes then out- MOVEMENT. THE pursuant to the Local Bond Law ofclusive, of the ordlnanoe entitled SIDEWALK of el,; »88-!)IID - W 39ft -- TO AUTHORIZE From ihe-WMterl...y «lde of5!?« ' o( the Reviim u, New Jersey and (3) the eatlmated Avenel Btrwt to the Imterly Jersey H; cost of mid purpose U $13,100, and side of U>rd 8tr*«t; JK)4 -Wi •• |4| $600 of mid «um If to be pro- Mid mirooie ac- IMPROVEMENT. rrotn the Westerly aide Of flection «. u | e w ws vider! by the down payment here- Ve»Xb>e HfVl. a| BE IT ORDAINEDb,-th.•Town- mined and stated • Lota: Ixird Street to, the Basterly W7-I0W - W ,'.m> inafter appropriated to finance aald from thf',hlp cnmtnltiep of the Townuiip oi •lile of Wylle Btrttt; will not eontribin purpose, and (51 the estimated 1001 W2BI IWoodbrldKO. in the Conn yolMld- From the Weattrly aide of, the cott of «urt, KlOfi-lOIB - W ™ maximum nmount of hond» being e»pected t AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF Section I Wvlle HI reel to th« latterly aide 'hut ion-iwo • .W5W neresnry to * issued fnr iinld pur Improvement win BONDS AND BOND ANTICIPATION mined and of Smith Strett; 1021 W MO pose Is $11,900, and (6) the cost hTinn the Weaterly aide of by the owner or f,»,,.. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I such purpose, as hereinbefore NOTES TO FINANCE BUCH COST . mental Debt eatate;affected by m,. ; adopted by tl Smith Street to the Bwterly At aa rc^nr nicctliim <>' ' thn TTown- stated, Includes the agirregate »lile of Thorpe Afenu*; Section S. Before ship Conimitii'i- of the. Township of •imount of »1,800 • hlc.h In estimated x> Improved by the From the Veiterly aide of sidewalk ImproVetnoir to be neceaary to finance the cost Woodbrltlsi' held Tmstlay. Augus: constru sidewalks a* here 7liorpe Avenui to the Euterly Section 1 hereot n,'\ 21»t, 1962. I WHS rilrertpd to adver- if such purpose. Including; archt- 1 portion, of Innfter provided If any such piib- contract for surh I Chambers. Memorial Municipal •cut prfmltted by Section 40A:2-20 structing or re-conatructlng thereon Commission haiinK control ofjMi Bulldlnc, Wooiibrldge. New Jcriuy. nf the Local Bond Law. notes authorized by this wi County, tftw Jeney. pre- esUM affected there',- a road of a le»st Mad, Rrnvel or l.""p«^nTue7h7»n"«c'ep:!hlKhway, before the Improvement 1, •hall contain a d,-. - mil expose .md .-ell at public «*!? wnter-bound macadam, or nirfaclin* ^T b pAreil by Charlei W B«nl«, section 9. It Is hereby determined property affected u,l•'••,' and to the lilnhrsl bidder according with penetration macadam. The,^™ the debt Umltntlona pre-lbegwn. To*n»hip mglnetr, dated July, and stated that moneys exceeding 1 tlfy It, a daacrlptlnn »: on file with the portions of the public jtreetB to by Mid Ixx-al Bond Uw. section J. Sftld sidewalk m-, to terms oi ?H0O. appropriated for down pay- ment and a ntntenni,' rtment and Town so Improved are aa follows: 'cliiitalnea ln subdivision f of 8ectlon|provei)ient» herein authorised nhali, (1) SIDKWALR OK WOODBBIDOK Itail Estate t on capital lmprovementi or the owner or ownet FACT: American! seeking cooling re- Rhlp Clerk to Inspection nni for the capital Improvement fund 4i)A:2-7 of »aJd Uv* iconslRt of HIP con.itnictlon oi AVENUI;. AVBHELJ FROM D.J. 1. HIOIIWAV ROUTE SI TO same within 30 tU\, freshment know they've found it when tn be publlrl'. read prioi r to snip n budgets heretofore adopted for thereof, the TowiuMr, Lots R78-1OO; mri. ti 1006-1021 Incl wld Township are now available WOomtlVE AVENUE 1 Hyde Avenue from Green Improvement at the ,, they IM the Four Roses Ice Cakel Four In Bliick 055 W'mdbrtdw Townshl]: •o finance salt purpose. The sum of • the Pliins and WEBTKRLV SIDI Street to new achool. [mentioned, .and owner or owners s red rosei frozen In a block of ice has Map. woo Is hereby appropriated from Delnwnre Avenue from Ininnn; REOINNINO at tht point of moneys to the payment of WALTEH ZIRPOLO, iCiirblnn us » purt of »uch Maevmu Intersertlon of D. 8. Highway,1 In «c symbolized summer refreshment for Take Avenue to new echool furthir notice that tin the cost of said purpose. CommlttfemWl-»t-Large|\vhe!lier or r.ot In the annln <>< 'he Route Al. Douglaa Arenue. and provltlont of Ch aptr, , Township Committee has, by reso- Woodbine Avenue from st decadeil , y 1 Intersection of Rtreets, »lr: of the Rev(»ed stntu' section 6. To finance said pur- QeorRp Avenue to Woodlirldcf: J«™ Wihiilbrldge Avenue to the lution und pu to llaw, fixed SIDEWALK UN RFMSF.N AVE- |aey. In particular >, pose, bonds of said Township of Avenue. \ti, J, (l) Southerly ito> of Retnjtn minimum iirirf .it which said lot. Nl'E, AVENKL, FROM ST. Avenue: and Section 40 15-t In said block Mill be sold together .in agsresate principal amount not Hunt Street from Mlddlese* advertltert in The Ini . (iKORUK'8 AVKNl'E TO WOOD-. Of service shall be • ,. with nil other di'inlls pertinent, said "xceedlnR til.500 are hereby author- Avenue to new school. From the NorUitrly >lde of iiendent-Leader on Aiiaust 23rd and; llRIDr.e AVF.M'K ! officer of the Tn*n,v.. minimum prlcr bring $100.00 pin. ed to be Issued pursunnt to said Qooilrlch Street from Middle- Remwn Avenue to th* South FANCYi The brilliant 1M2, with Notice of Public Hearing KASTKRLV SIDE the rerords of •« costs ol preparing deed nnd ftdvrr local Bond Lnw. Bald bondi shall sex Avenue to new school. rr!v Wde of Proapect Avenue: First Century Greek f • 'Inal adoption on September 4th, HEOINNINQ lit th* point of Township within , (.lull), tills v;i'c Slid lot* In snir bear Interest lit i rate which shall Bmattiers Street from Frer- From thf Northerly side of service thereof not exceed six per centum 16';,) IMS. Intersection of Remsen Avenue( biographer, Plularch, block must be iuld lor ln cash m: m»n Street to new school Pro»|>ect Avenut to the eilit per annum. All matters with respect Hoffman Boulevard from Co-l I.-L, 8/33/62 ,iinl St Oeorge's Avenue to the: :i\* wKlk al School »U Section I Thi* ..:• • fancied he could make nK'ht of sale. to said bontls not determined by Southerly side of Tikpprn Street.J take effect at the •; . 1 lonla Boulevard to denrt end | ln aii'ordanc* with the plan ice by tossing pebblei or Said property is more particular! , this ordinance shnll be determined From the Northerly «WF ofI mid profile propOMd aldtwalk manner provided v. , ( ?wrtb*ul ns follows by resolutions to be hereafter B Tapiien Street to the Westerly! WAI.IKI! . iron plates into a jug of S to i£,d.Toh™"r»1i NOTICE IS E& OWEN U,a,| uii Woodbrtdie Avenue altuaUd Lots !>7fl-1001 III'-) A- 1006-1021 Incl 1 t.Vinitnr 'i. idopted. Company. Ill" following proposed ordlnanre side of Smith Street; In WoodbrldKe Township, Mid water! In Block 952 Attest: Section 7. To finance said pur- Oak Street from Lafavettc «as Introduced and passed on first From the Easterly side of dlesei County. New Jersey, pre 1 B J. DUN 10AN Si,. ' it : .r<' M>lfl sutjjeel ii pose, bond anticipation notes of Hoad to dead end. reading at a meetly or the Town-i Smith ytrwt to the Westerly! pared by Charles W Magle 1 Township Clerk the following condition: •aid Township of nn aggregate prin- Slsrh Avenue from Carteret ship Committee of the Township of! side of Wyllr Street: | rnwnahlp Engineer, dat«d July, That u Inilldln: lie ronslnicU'ti or cipal amount not exceeding 111.500 Road to Orand Avenue iWoodbrtdg*. In the County of Mid-1 From the Easterly ilde of 1M3 To be advertlwd .. RECEIVES AWARD thp prrm^es for charitable, social, ire hereby authorized to be Issued Wylle Street to the Westerly |pendent-i«ad(T nn ^ 13. ROM Street from Crampion'dlesei. New Jersey, held on the 21st improvriiienui aball Include Dr. Frances Oldham Kelsey, civic or religions purposes. Said mirsunnt to said Local Bond Latt jday of August, 1W2, and that said | «lde of Lord Street; with Notice ol I'm. ; Avenue to meadows. side of ending and al) work necesiarr for Advertisers' building s'mll be commencfd within n anticipation of the Issuance of ordinance .will be uk«n up for filr- From tlie Eutrrly f" •'. nr|fi|)tl per Street to Reglna Street | ' •"."" ," ,, ,." , u J" n J , I by a proper BulklliiB Permit and nnnum, nnd may be renewed from al for distinguished Federal] c . ricV ,,f occupancy, m the 15. Oakland Avenue, from Florld:i| el U me to time pursuant to and with- Grove Road westerly to dead civilian service. event that .n-.v of thp aforesaid con- in the limitations prescribed by end. ditions wv violated or not complied President Kennedy hung this said Law. All matters with respect 16. Clinton Avenue, from Florida! ' .with then in iiiy of «»chevents, the to s.ild notes not determined by medal, the highest for Govern-1 property shni: automatically revert Grove Road westerly !o Head] Mill ft'411), tX jpyy this ordlnsnce shall be determined end both In the Keasbey sec-' and rtritj. Workers, and said "We to the Town hip of WoodtnldRcjby resolution* to be hereafter tlon of the Township of all have for OUl'cllilden" under.!wlthmn tnp ni'.-esslty of any notlce'ndopted. In the event that bonds1 bridge. ; aamplti Ptrlo4lolr/ aa audi- ir demund wh "soever. iare Issued pursuant to thl6 ordl- lor from On Aadll Burnt M 17. Pltinnn Avenue, from Mary I scored the importance of Dr. Upon acccptiiiice of the minimumjuance, the ftSRreeate amount of Avenue easterly to Poplur, All the Circulation *1iili our sflet bid, or bid ab(n>- minimum, by the notes hereby authorized to be Is to nalti an tuiU of oar tjr- Kelgey's accomplishment. Street, In the Fords section oft Township C'ottm ittee and the pay sued shall be reduced by an amount the Township of Woodlnlfl^e ' titatioa rMorda, ment therpof bv the purchaser ac- equal to the principal amount of; r the bonds so Issued. If the »ggre- Section 2. The sum of $93,000 ON POSTAL PAY RAISE jcordlnK"to the'ii.:mnef"ol•"p'urchase h e b in acrorrhnre uli the terms of Kate amount of outstanding bonds " . >' appropriated to the p.,vm..,r Postmaster Day said he would • • and notes issued pursuant to this-0' !hp (;ost.0' such '"1« Improve- Jutt u a bank •xamlner in- sale on nli' the township will de nients Sl h ordinance shall at any time exceed "' appropriation flu., tn urge President Kennedy to veto liver a bii n nnti ^ule deed for said mcI (rom ttle apecti the boob and aweta of premises the sum first mentioned In this Proceeds of thr bond the postal-pay bill If Congress section, the moneys raised by the authorized, and the down payment Dated: August 21s! your bank, w the A.B.C, audi- passed it in the form proposed Issuance of said bonds shall, to not, hereinafter appropriated, hv 'his B tor examine* all recordi and by a House Committee. 'ess thnn the amount of such en-iordinance. The Said street Improve- Township Clerk ™. be "PP»ed to the payment of''«™u shall be rrnide as ener»l Im- tlvcnlsed A nist J3rcl and K reports necessary for a com- The Adminisi ration bill callsj To be ismh MU!S lhen outsU^ltte. .provements »nd no part of tne ,-,,si plete and accurate audit of our ifor relatively larger increases O'h in the Indeprnddit- Section 8 It is hereby determined1 thereof shall be assessed against I -L. 8/23-30/62 1 [for hi^lier-level postal employes and declared that the period of use- property specially benefited circulation. , 'fulness of said purpose, according] Section 3. It Is Hereby determm- 'than for those in the lower ,„ „ „,*,;,"• I to Its reasonable life, Is a period1 ed nnd suited that (1) the niaktn« ol And when the auditor la fin- AN ORDINANCE, TO AUTHORIZE;,,( „.„ , p ted from the date such Improvement (hereinafter re- |brack.ts. The House version,^ CONH-,.RUCTI0N 0F SAN[. 4U yf r( m U of said honds. llerred to as "purpose"I. is not n ished, the ABC. pubUahe* a would provide more liberal i ART SEWERS IN A PORTION Section 9. It Ii herebv detannlned'current expense of said Township report of the auditor's finding! raise for those in the lower< pF_MUNi• STREET._INJHB_TOW™Tn.i"«N l statcrt that the Supplemental and |2| It Is necessary to finance np n THE|Debl Stjtcment reoulred by saldlsald purpose by the lsiuance of ob-. —known facts on which adver- version. AS A; i Bond Law has been duly made!Illations of aild TownsJili) pursuant LLoca w y !l i p LOCAL NEWS tiser! can place a value. LOCAL IMPROVEMENT. TO MAKE midd filefild in the office of the Town-jtTownjt o ththe LocaLl l Bond LawLaw of Ne.New Jer-Jer| LEGAL NOTICE AN APPROPRIATION OP S 12,100 TO ship Clerk of said 'Township, nnd sey sad (31 the estimated cost ofi PAY THE COST THKREOF AND TOthal t such statement so illed. »howj said purpose Is $93,000, tuxl |4) $4,500 that is Ask us for a copy of our PROPOSAL AUTHORIZE THE ISSUANCE OFJ thut the gross debt al -ild Town. of said sum ls to be provided by the Sealed bids will be received by the down payment hereinafter appro- latest ABC. report Board ui Education of Hie TuwnMilp said Local Bond Law, Is ln-i priated to finance said purpose, und TO iof Wotfdbrldce at the AdminlstrRtlon ,,„..,„ by this ordinance by SH.SOO (5) me estimated maximum amount Tie Building, Schoo. Street. VVoodbridae, \t THP alld lnat the l55uance 0[ lne bonil£,of bonds or notes nectary to be N'. J. at 10:00 A.M on Wednesday, Jf ini,ami I10tes authorlwd by thla ordl- issued for said purpose Is $88,500, oOrP 5 S LK> September 5, 1962, at which time ' nance, la pursimnt to an osceptlon|ftn(| {g) the cost of such purpose, is t0 thf debt rnltatl s bids will be publicly opened and „- „ „„ i " °n pr-scrlbfd|hereinbef0re stated, includes the 1 T- read aloud for Supplies and Equip- BE JT CSr.M-r. by the Town- by said Local Bond Law containediHeBtfK»te amount of J4.500 which ls ment for the school year 1962-1963, ship Committee of the Township;ln subdivision a of 40A:2-T of Kild:estltrmle(t to be necessary to finance 1 as follows: of Wcdbrldge, In the County ofjLnw, .tne cost of sucn purpoa, including Middlesex. New Jersey, as follows: Section 10. Th^ ordlna.: -e shall; ., accounting INSTRUMENTAL MU8IC ; arch|tKt t enBl- PHONOGRAPHS and Section 1. The sanitary sewer take I'ffeot twenty days alter the, M lftg and mspection cost,. LEADER B PHONOORAPH RECORDS iystem of the Township of Wood-.-.;flrs, t publication thereof afer ftnali, n5 p5 and 0^er expellsMp tO Green St., Woodbrldge TYPEWRITERS bridge. In the County of Middlesex,i passage, shall be Improved by cotistructlnKl dudll]!! lnterest Tel. ME-4-1111 OFFICE and WALTER ZIBPULO ,- t permltta[i by section^ BUSINESS MACHINES sanitary sewiirs. Including liousej Committeeman-.-.t.Lari!e'40A.2.20 0, the' ^^ ^J Law 1 AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS connectloiis, toBethcr with nil l Section 4. It is hereby deter- Llstn, Specifications and Bid purtenances necessary for the oper- B. J. DVJN1OAN. 'mined and stated that moneys ei- atlotl n of such sewers and their con- Township CIerfc_ t I Forma may be secured at the office UTITPVICKT breeding M.500. appropriated for o: the Superintendent of Schools In nenion with thp sanl;:ir>- sewer the Administration Butldlnu. system of the Township, viz.: The Bo d OrdS publbtedl^.W^VJ'SSSISf? SKST Hunt Street, Iselin, from the ex- B Each bid must be sealed andj - herewith has been fuifllly ]>,.ssed by ;"" ibllniai sanitary sewer sixtyy __feet|tlijthe TownshiTownahlp Committeee off ththe " "' adopted for said Tawtishlp an now to your west of the^lntersectiun of Hunt | Township of WoodbrtdRt- in the available to finance, aald purpose. Street and Talmadge Avenue wes- of Middlesex, In the State terly 380 feet. The of iid Improvement: shiill be con- ructed ln accordance with the ofTlmitatloiV wiiiiiii ^ plan and profile entitled "Plan and Section 5. To finance said pur of ai Profile of Proposed Sanitary Sewer, tlonlng the of brdl for Hunt Street", daied June 1062, aggregate principal amount no.t ei ;e(.aTbecomm€nWdfts proi ceedlnt; $88,500 >re hereby author- Bd In the Local Bond Law, has Township Enaineer a copy of which Ized to be Issued pursuant to a&ld U OQ file ln the oillce of the Town-1 , Local Bond LAW Said bonds shall ;;.PU cErM T:Z Z public1"-' rTmn^t0 nm fromms th e "^^-^'in^"0 . »a Inspection. i „: ; ".. ™.*? -- ...the. I «111 exceed six per cent! cctlon 2. Said improvement shall be undertaken IT centum (6'",) p«r annum, anc ture stdries about YOUR neighbor*, «* picture* of YOUR friend". liar benefit, advantage or Increase. consideration for final ppassagg e at a j ^e^ene om time to turn ln vulue which the respective lota mestlnis of said Township Commit- plusuttllt t0 the llmlU There'*! something for EVERYONE in YOUR LOCAL WEEKLY "And icftftt wtK they put in the STREET?" and parcels of real estate shull be deemed to receive by reason of such In . _. . -Improvement. The total amount of bridge, New Jersey, ou the 4th day NEWSPAPER. the asaeEsments so levied "shalVnotl"1 September. 1962, at 8 o'clock, P.M., exceed the cost of said improve- or asr soon thereafter as said matter Complete Pre-Teen inent. The portion of such cost «u be reached, at which time and which ahull not be no assessed shall Plac« ail persons who may be ln- Junior-Petite Dept. Id by the, Township us ln the turested therein will be ttfven an case of a general improvement opportunity to be heard concerning GRABERS which Is to be paid for by general the same. For Prompt, Courteous taxation. Suc~ h portion of the cost B. J. DUNIQAN, Township Clerk Youngset Shop shall be ID addition to the contrib Township of Woodbrldge, In the tion, If any, of the Township, hef It's Good Business to County of Middlesex, New Jorwy 319 SUt« St. Perth Amboy toalter provided. , , AN ORDINANCE AMENDING AN SHOP at HOI- School Time is Safe Driving Time... h0Dir Re«d tt» local •* and ihop •* FOLLOW THESE CAREFUL DRIVING ROLES It'i good lor WHokttt*, nhw; ud good f« IOMI twe* to • Be doubly careful near school* or when cblldNB pi*T. Children don't reallie tho danger and mar Ml •tbotm. chancei. That'a why you, the drlTer, mtut tak* lltn pare. ' ;j From the start, make your wedding in occa- 1 Slow down. 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MEMBER - AUDIT BUREAU Of CIRCULATION MIDDLESEX PRESS THIS IMPORTANT SAFETY MESSAGE SPONSORED IN THE MEMBER - NEW JERSEY PRESS ASSOCIATION (Independent-Leader Building) '' INTEREST OF OUB CHILDREN BY: 20 Green Streel, Woodbridgp Telephone Mauro Motors,, Inc. 20 GREEN STREET Imperial • Chrytler • Plymouth • Valiant MErcury 4-1111 611 Araboy Avenue, Woodbrldge — Phone ME 4-4100 PHONES. ME 4-1111 - *. 3