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Creating a Revolve

Creating a Revolve

Always begin your creo session by selecting your working directory

If you select working directory at the beginning, that folder will be the default location when you try to open files, as well as when you save files. It makes everything a lot easier if you select your working directory first.

For help opening/saving/downloading files see basics, for help creating an extrude see basic solids.

Creating a Revolve

Open a new part file, name it something unique.

Choose a to sketch on Go to sketch view (if you don’t know where that is see Basic Solids)

Move your cursor so the centerline snaps to the horizontal as shown above

You may now begin your sketch

I have just sketched a random

Sketch Tips: ● Your shape MUST be closed ● If you didn’t put a centerline in, you will get radial instead of (in general this is bad) ● Remember this is being revolved so you are only sketching the profile on one side of the center line.

If you need to put in diameter dimensions: Click normal, click the line or you want the for, click the centerline, and click the same line/point that you clicked the first AGAIN, and then middle mouse button where you want the dimension to be placed.

After your sketch is done, click the checkmark to get out of sketch, then click the checkmark again to complete the revolve

The part in the sketch will look like this: