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Archetype Profile

Archetype Profile

Archetype Profile

Your Brand Archetype Insights.

brandonian.com This is your Bradonian Archetype Profile insights document. This report captures the essence of your own archetype and is a CONTENTS valuable resource for building or strengthening your brand. The Methodology The values and behaviours aligned How we define your future brand...... 3 with your archetype should provide a set of guidelines for your Meet all the Archetypes...... 4 organisation’s activity. How Archetypal Theory is applied...... 4 Once your brand has been aligned to an archetype you can use it to Meet Your Archetype confidently navigate your future The Hero...... 5 marketing and business direction. Motivational Theory...... 8

Always ask: “Are the plans that we Using Your Archetype are making aligned Within business...... 10 with our Archetype?” From here you can flesh out your The Hero Trap brand strategy further to include A need for there to be an enemy...... 12 all your future business and marketing activities. Hero Customers What are the characteristics?...... 13

Awakening Your Archetype How to present a Hero brand?...... 14

What’s Next? Tell the world...... 15 Get some help...... 15

Copyright Statement

© Copyright Brandonian Pty Ltd – All IP, ideas, concepts and supporting materials are the property of Brandonian Pty Ltd.

2 ©Brandonian P/L | All concepts presented remain copyright of Brandonian www.brandonian.com UNDERSTANDING OUR METHODOLOGY

Your brand’s future direction is based on a bespoke position mapping methodology.


We believe marketing is a method and consumer buying behaviour is a science. We developed our Brandonian system to combine the two to make marketing a methodology that we term neuro-marketing.

Brandonian’s branding methodology is based on Swiss psychiatrist ’s theory of ‘archetypes’ or brand characters. Jung’s research concluded that everyone shares an innate understanding of what certain characters are and represent. Therefore, archetypes allow us to define the ‘soul’ or essence of your brand and to express it with universal feelings and instincts we all share and can relate to.

When we start telling your brand story using the language of your aligned archetype people will easily connect with your brand. They get you. They know what you stand for. It feels right!

Most importantly, a great connection with your customer or stakeholder becomes a SIGNIFICANT POINT OF DIFFERENCE in the market.

A powerful, aligned Brandonian brand no longer has to rely on differentiating on price, features or benefits.

3 ©Brandonian P/L | All concepts presented remain copyright of Brandonian www.brandonian.com MEET ALL THE ARCHETYPES


The online quiz you have just completed prompted you to carefully consider your brand’s true motivation (‘what it is you are REALLY selling’); and what your customer’s emotional response should be when experiencing your brand. At Brandonian, we contend that this ‘true motivation’ (the ‘Why?’) creates a more powerful connection with customers and stakeholders than simply experiencing the product or service.

Simon Sinek said it best when he said, ‘People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’.

Your brand’s emotional connection with your customers is defined by your archetype. You can tell your brand story from your business’s perspective as to why you have created what you have. Or, you can tell your brand story from a customer’s perspective telling why they need, or what they can expect from using your product or services.

This document provides assistance for you, your team, and any future employees to understand your archetype. When your archetype is understood it will help you appeal to the right customers, and communicate your ‘why’ more effectively.

Your business will be seen and heard and stand apart in crowded marketplace.

4 ©Brandonian P/L | All concepts presented remain copyright of Brandonian www.brandonian.com THE EXPLORER Your FutureTHE Brand HERO promises new experiences and challenges us to giveYour them Future a go. Brand By trying is a naturalthem, we createdefender, the possibility using mastery to learn for a the little morebenefit about of ourselves. others.

5 ©Brandonian P/L | All concepts presented remain copyright of Brandonian www.brandonian.com HERO The hero exudes power and strength, but a controlled strength, harnessed to the benefi t of the user.

“Where there’s a will there’s a way”

Wish To help as many people as possible

Focus To use mastery in a way that improves the world

Fear Weakness, vulnerability and not delivering on your promise

Strategy To be as strong and dependable as you are capable of being Trap Arrogance, developing a need for there always to be an enemy

Purpose Competence and courage

6 ©Brandonian P/L | All concepts presented remain copyright of Brandonian www.brandonian.com THE HERO

The Hero is strong, confi dent, disciplined and courageous. They are at the height of their powers, fi ghting battles against evil forces and freeing the world from oppression. The Hero represents power, honour, victory and ability to triumph over evil, adversity or a major challenge. In doing so the Hero is an inspiration to us all, showing what is possible if we believe. The Hero Business They are often either committed to a worthwhile cause or devoted to helping their customers and employees to ‘be all that you can be’. They often create innovations that will have a major impact on the world and can solve a major social problem or encourage others to do so. The Hero When the Hero archetype is active in a culture the team are ambitious and seek out challenges – or they may be more reluctant Heroes who recognise the injustice or problem and role they can play to do what needs to be done to remedy it. Examples of the Hero Brand Famous Heroes: Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Hercules. Hero movie characters: John Wayne, Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker. Hero brands: Australian Army, Nike, Red Cross, Federal Express, Duracell. The Hero identity may be right for your brand if • You have an invention or innovation that will have a major impact on the world • Your product helps people perform at their upper limit • You are addressing a major social problem and asking people to step up to the plate to help address it • You have a clear opponent or competitor you want to beat • You are the underdog and want to rival the competition • You need to di erentiate your product from one that has problems with follow-through • Your customer base identifi es itself as good, moral citizens


Discover your brand at brandonian.com  mybrandonian  hellobrandonian.com DISCOVERING BRANDS ©Brandonian | All concepts and illustrations presented remain copyright of Brandonian.


7 ©Brandonian P/L | All concepts presented remain copyright of Brandonian www.brandonian.com MOTIVATIONAL THEORY

We spoke about the fact that people don’t buy Motivational Theory comprises of four major opposite what you do, they buy why you do it (Simon Sinek). themes as drivers which create tension in our Understanding what REALLY motivates your target : market (as individuals or as a collective) at a deeper 1. Belonging or a sub-conscious level is the heart of Motivational Theory. Discovering and leveraging these sub- 2. Independence conscious drivers and triggers creates a distinct and 3. Stability memorable brand, and a clearly defined position in 4. Mastery your market in the eyes of your customer. It is important to remember that consumer motivation At its core, motivation is a theoretical construct is comprised of both rational and emotional drivers. used to explain behaviour. It represents the reasons Rational drivers can be summarised as the benefits for people’s actions, wants and needs. Motivation can constructed from the 4 Marketing P’s (Product, also be defined as one’s direction to behaviour, or Price, Place and Promotion). Much of your sales and what causes a person to want to repeat a behaviour marketing activity will be conducted in this space and vice versa. but it is equally as important to overlay with the motivational drivers.

Life reuires constant negotiation along these poles



I n


g e

p n i


g I n

n d



e l

n e


B e



These are the primary tensions faced regularly in a person’s thinking

8 ©Brandonian P/L | All concepts presented remain copyright of Brandonian www.brandonian.com MEET YOUR ARCHETYPE

Fundamentally, a Hero exudes power and a controlled strength to benefit others

Put simply, the Hero wants to make the world a better 2. Selflessness: True leaders always puts others first. place. They will not admit to being a Hero as they Ironically, that kind of selflessness can often be are only doing what is right, answering the call of strategic, because focusing on others’ needs often the innocent and helping a worthwhile cause. Hero winds up helping you achieve your own goals. A heroic brands are constantly proving their worth through leader helps others without any expectation of payback. courageous and difficult actions, whether they are 3. Humility: Nothing makes a heroic leader seem a little directly helping in a hands on situation or using new less heroic than if he or she seems to want constant technologies as a prop. credit for his or her actions. True heroism can amaze us, Heroes don’t think of themselves as Heroes because and it also often contains a component of modesty. that would seem too arrogant. They just see 4. Patience: While heroism often requires quick thinking themselves as doing their job and, as a result, Heroes and decisiveness, truly heroic leaders often also display have qualities that others admire. The secret for a Hero an impressive amount of patience. brand and the people within them lies in who they are, not just what they do. They bring out the best in 5. Caring: Separate from selflessness, heroic leaders everyone around them because of these qualities: display a sense of concern and kindness for others. This can often manifest itself in strong but gentle 1. Courage: It’s difficult to achieve anything truly heroic actions intended to improve the lives of others. These unless you’re up against daunting odds and all you are small acts of heroism that rarely attract any notice. need in this instance is 10 seconds of courage to get started with solving the problem. Like any Hero, you stick to your convictions, with a strong belief that your clients can have it all.

Relating the Hero archetype to the world of today

Open Hero – Superman (the man of steel, proud and open about his strength, power and actions). Australian Red Cross is an open Hero brand they believe in the power of humanity providing relief in times of crisis and care when it’s needed most. Red Cross is there for people in need, no matter who you are, no matter where you live.

Reluctant Hero – Spiderman (upon receiving his powers he stands up for those who are oppressed, but is not at all heroic beforehand. At times he quits being a hero but stands up for the city when no one else will). The same could be said for Presbyterian minister, Reverend John Flynn who started the Royal Flying Doctors Service. Flynn initially worked in rural and remote Australia setting up hostels and bush hospitals for pastoralists, miners, road workers, railwaymen and other settlers. He witnessed the daily struggle of pioneers living in remote areas. When he received a large bequest for ‘an aerial experiment’ from H.V. McKay, he knew he could provide a ‘mantle of safety’ for people of the bush.

Unsung Hero – Hawkeye (gets the job done without the need to be thanked). PayPal believe in a world that works for people. That’s why everything they do revolves around the customer. They call this ‘The People Economy’. From its first day in operation right through to present day, PayPal has been there with a solution for people across the globe to think about and use money.

Open Hero Reluctant Hero Unsung Hero

9 ©Brandonian P/L | All concepts presented remain copyright of Brandonian www.brandonian.com USING YOUR ARCHETYPE WITHIN YOUR BUSINESS

Hero brands are ‘defenders’

New clients/leads can be obtained through four main channels, each connected to the level of self awareness that the customer currently has in their life or situation. Each customer (no matter which level they are at) has the same fundamental underlying need for someone to help them. It is important to note that even though the underlying need is the same, their individual requirements for knowledge and support through your services will vary.

The below table outlines each channel we would target with individual marketing messages and solutions.

Self Lead Channel Defending Against How Supported Awareness

Self help High Desire to be Early adopter who better and find a know they need ‘flow’ state. to improve.

Absence of High An inability to Find a new way and alternative conquer a challenge. fix what is broken.

Referral Mid Not being the best Fix what is broken. they can be.

Dobbed in Low Not being the best Bring awareness of they can be without a better way. Fix what awareness of this. is broken.

Note: High self awareness means clients are open to being trusted and looking for change and business opportunities. At this level, customers will have a high level of skill/ understanding but have hit a pain point in their world.

10 ©Brandonian P/L | All concepts presented remain copyright of Brandonian www.brandonian.com What does the Hero stand for?

Fundamentally, a Hero exudes power and a controlled strength to benefit others.

Hero brands possess an inherent strength to help others at any time and continue fighting for them. They are versatile and efficient, providing energy to those around them and a lasting desire to be more than you are. They are leaders and exude a natural power that is inspiring for others.

What is the environment you are going to battle in?

As a Hero brand you are going into battle in an environment where you are the one with the ability to free a person from destructive patterns and limiting beliefs.

Hero brands are skilled at knowing when to step in to ‘rescue’ and when it is not required. It is interesting to note that the ‘rescue’ is only a temporary action and there needs to be a good balance between your brand stepping in to save the day (which may lead to clients becoming too reliant on you), versus your clients learning how to rescue themselves.

Remember the Hero brand collective is often quite impatient to see results and will be motivated to continue the battle with a focus on tactics and proven strategies. The ultimate goal for any Hero brand is to put an end to the challenge and identify the new reality of what is possible for each business.

Remember we are on our individual Hero’s journey and there’s always the chance for a disaster. Always! That’s part of the deal and why we need to get really good at embracing the fear and tolerating the ambiguity and possibility of ‘failure’. Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist) has a great line, he tells us we need to wear our scars like medals.

As a Hero brand you don’t want to hide all those scars. The Hero brand KNOWS that you can’t go out fighting dragons for a living and not get all clawed up. So share your stories of challenge, share your customers’s stories of challenge and encourage them to do the same.

How to stay motivated, disciplined and focused?

The Hero brand will stay focused by continually aiming to deliver more results, create positive change, seek more challenges, deliver rewarding opportunities and help people. This keen focus will ensure:

• Greater client connections • A proactive approach to solving problems • Client advocacy for your brand

Maintain motivation throughout the team by encouraging a culture of sharing success stories – internally and externally – not only to motivate and inspire but also to help the team focus on helping more people improve themselves. Set yearly targets on the number of businesses you’d like to see achieve continuous or dramatic results.

‘Strategic opportunism’ is the ability to stick to your long-term strategy/vision, while staying flexible enough to solve day-to-day problems, find or reallocate resources and recognise new opportunities to unlock short-term revenue growth. Use this approach to maintain discipline to keep driving towards the fulfilment of the vision especially when times are tough or when results are not as forthcoming.

It is important to understand the difference between the Hero and Explorer archetypes as they both involve a journey as part of their story. The Hero brand’s emphasis is on proving rather than finding.

11 ©Brandonian P/L | All concepts presented remain copyright of Brandonian www.brandonian.com HERO TRAP

Developing a need for there to always be an enemy

Each archetype has a shadow side to their that needs to be understood in order to become aware, and therefore, prevent a negative brand experience for your team or customers.

When Heroes are overwhelmed by power, they run the risk of being arrogant and as a result, become a bully. They stop helping people as they search for the next challenge to conquer, succumbing to irrelevant competitions and not acting as the people’s champion.

An overly ambitious, over confident Hero may even be seen as ruthless in the for success, resulting in actions that hurt the innocent or not acting in the best interests of your clients fundamental needs and desires.

If we think about a conquering Hero as seen in many movie plots, for a Hero to win, there needs to be an enemy that loses. At their worst the enemy is de-valued, often losing everything. In a corporate sense, we have all heard stories of hostile takeovers where the buyer comes out as the winner at the expense of the seller’s livelihood.

Hero brands need to be constantly on the lookout for these types of behaviour as they have the potential to do irreversible brand damage.

12 ©Brandonian P/L | All concepts presented remain copyright of Brandonian www.brandonian.com HERO CUSTOMERS

What are the characteristics of Hero ‘type’ customers?

Audiences in which the Hero archetype is dominant (the low hanging fruit for your brand to market to) all have a common belief that they want to make the world a better place. To market successfully to these customers it is important to clearly outline who you are and what you stand for, what your values are and what difference you want to make in the world.

From here, we like to break these audiences down into two types that a Hero brand will appeal to the most:

• Victim: Sometimes by choice and sometimes by circumstance, Victims are in need of saving.

• Victor: This audience has a drive to be better. They are looking for the next challenge.

“Your goal is not to do business with everyone that wants what you have. Your goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.” – Simon Sinek

Victim Victor These people have had something ‘tragic’ Often goal setters, they are happen to them and they are needing always after the next best thing someone to save them. Generally they as a way to overcome mediocrity. find themselves at a point with their Characterised by a healthy set of ethics problem where there is an absence of and the will to overcome any ‘enemy’. alternatives or a clear path forward. Their The ‘enemy’ can be either conceptual, ‘tragic’ situations can be anything from egotistical, or external influences. being let down by a product or a service Often they will be focused on strategy provider to injuring themselves in an and tactics as a way to put an end accident. Their mind set is very much one to what has been identified as of PLOM – Poor little old me! In many wrong or unjust. cases they need to be saved from their circumstance just as much as they need to be saved from themselves.

13 ©Brandonian P/L | All concepts presented remain copyright of Brandonian www.brandonian.com AWAKEN YOUR ARCHETYPE

How do you present a Hero brand?

There is always movement in the Hero brand environment – it is a place where things are getting done.

The Hero should shine in every environment and be placed against neutral terrain in order to highlight their natural skill and agility. Performance and productivity can be likened to machinery, powerful animals or vehicles; if it is strong, it is a good association to the brand.

Heroes are not wall flowers, even if they are Unsung or Reluctant. As such, use bold colours along with definitive lines and shapes to illustrate and cut through. Be careful to ensure your surroundings are not lavish or over-the-top as too much comfort implies the Hero is turning soft and comfortable, transforming into more of a Ruler or Caregiver.

For example, using soft, unassuming language in your marketing could dilute the strength of the message being delivered. Likewise, an over-furnished office without a hint of boldness may suggest a relaxed environment; an area of rest, not of focus and action.

Think about the actions of a Hero brand and their role for clients. Every image should convey dependability, trust and reliability. If your image does not support your convictions and remind people that they deserve more, then the imagery is not suitable. Sample images that could work for an advertising campaign are images where there is eye contact from the client with the camera and an activity being achieved with mastery.

Focus your communications on your results and capabilities – what you can do, how you’ve defended against previous challenges and how your team wants to give your clients more. This includes publishing client success stories and testimonials on your website and social media channels.

14 ©Brandonian P/L | All concepts presented remain copyright of Brandonian www.brandonian.com WHAT’S NEXT?

1. Digest the information. Read through this document and take the time to digest the information. We want you to understand and think about all the content within this document. If you are unclear as to how you would use this information in your business, then we are here to help.

2. Create a brand update and marketing plan. Review your next actions, create a plan to implement your Brand Archetype Profile Insights.

3. Do you want help to expand and fully implement your Brand Archetype? Brandonian’s expert Strategists can workshop your brand with you in greater depth. We will work with you to fully realise the potential of your new brand by articulating your purpose. By creating a unique message and language to express your Brand Archetype, you can’t be replicated.


If you are having trouble understanding or awakening your archetype, Brandonian can help. Our Online Test and this Archetypes Insights document has been designed to get you started and give you something you can work with to stand out and be heard in the crowd at price everyone can afford.

It is important to note that the process to determine the archetype most suited to your business is a four hour workshop with your key stakeholders present. We can only partially replicate that through an online quiz.

While any archetype can be used to create a language to consistently communicate with the world, this online quiz may not have arrived at the archetype best suited to your business. We would recommend further discussions with one of our strategists.

Our whole purpose and reason for being is to help small business be seen and be heard. We created this test and archetype system because we kept seeing so many businesses just like yours, with good people in them and a great product or service, but no one knew about them. We wanted to offer what big businesses with deep pockets pay big dollars for to give smaller businesses the same competitive advantage.

So if you are having trouble using what you have just discovered, but can see how this thinking can really help your business to be seen and heard and ultimately grow, we are here to help.

We can help you in many ways, from creating you a set of branded graphics and brand statements to setting up a number of different templates that you can use straight away and build off.

We can define for you a tagline and a why statement or write some website copy with brand language capturing your point of difference.

Just get in touch and we can chat about what will help you the most.

To inquire into how to successfully implement your new Brand Archetype Profile Insights, please schedule a call with an expert Brand Strategist at calendly.com/brandonian.

15 ©Brandonian P/L | All concepts presented remain copyright of Brandonian www.brandonian.com brandonian.com