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Experience snow with Having a good time in The Vaud Jura, a novel Pro le of Peter Hasler, the family. Winter sports the land of time! way to love winter... Café de Riex for everyone! O ce du Tourisme du Canton de Vaud 04 + 06 + 16 + 20 + Avenue d’Ouchy 60 P.O. Box 1125 1001 Lausanne Switzerland

Tel. +41 (0)21 613 26 26 [email protected] 4-5 Summary

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In French “Vivre” means to live or to experience. Whether among friends on the shores of Lake Geneva, up in the snow-covered mountains with your family, or in the relaxing atmosphere of an exceptional spa, follow your heart’s desire this winter.

Looking for some exhilarating times on the slopes followed by après-ski fun? The await you! In search of calm, and large open snow-covered spaces? The Jura receives you with open arms! In the mood for tasting some regional delicacies? Peter Hasler welcomes you to his restaurant in Riex. And let’s not forget the numerous 2 6-7 19 22-23 winter events that bring a warm cheer Experience Vaud online Experience a getaway Experience a sense Experience the event to the holiday season. The best of the canton of Vaud at the click of a mouse. Having a good time in the land of wellbeing Discover the winter scene and its of time! Take some time out for yourself. merry-go-round of events! By providing you with authentic 3 8-15 24-25 experiences, useful information, Experience what’s new 20-21 multimedia interaction and unusual Getting the most out of winter. Experience the Alps Experience a discovery Interactive map ideas, this publication will help you Get ready for authenticity on Profile of Peter Hasler, Useful addresses the slopes as you enjoy the show discover the region in a different 4-5 Café de Riex. of the Vaud Alps… way. Because there is so much to Experience snow with the family Villars – Gryon – Les Diablerets, Recipe: Smoked char with experience here! Winter sports for everyone! Leysin – Col des Mosses, asparagus. Château-d’Œx/Pays-d’Enhaut. Andreas Banholzer, Director of the Lake Geneva Region 16-18 19 Tourist Office Experience the The Vaud Jura, a novel way to love winter… St-Cergue, Sainte-Croix/ Les Rasses, Vallée de Joux.

The Canton of Vaud in a video Profile of François Junod, o16 automaton designer in Sainte-Croix.


The best of the canton of Vaud is only a few clicks away! Experience what’s new All the attractions and news of the region are only a few clicks away on the tourism portal : Kids under 9 stay and ski for free in the Vaud Alps 1 — Mobile App Vaud:Guide Find the activity that corresponds to What a delight when children up to your area of interest without worrying about the weather or opening times: 9 years old can stay for free in their the app will provide you with all the parents’ room and also get to ski for information! Available on iPhone, free. With lots of discounts for the iPad and Android. lessons and gear, as well as visits and the restaurants, the Vaud Alps are a family’s paradise.

2 — iPad Free download of all our From 1 November tourism brochures to your iPad via the App Store onward, discover a ton of irresistible offers for the Alps and the Vaud Jura

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Espace Horloger - Vallée de Joux “James Bond Time”, Share your pictures, travel experiences and the spy who loved watches! tips with other people who love the region! An exceptional exhibition on James Bond’s watches, illustrating the QR code – Guide filmography of the British-Swiss spy and his watches presented in an — 1. Download the “QR code reader” innovative and fun layout. The timelessness of agent 007 and his relationship application to your mobile. with these objects is used to address several topics related to time, fashion, — watchmaking and, in a broader sense, mechanics. Exhibition for all ages. 2. Launch the “QR code reader” and 007 À LA VALLÉE DE JOUX scan the QR code. EXPOSITION UNIQUE EN SUISSE — 17 September 2016 to 23 April 2017 - DU 17 SEPTEMBRE 2016 AU 23 AVRIL 2017 WWW.ESPACEHORLOGER.CH 3. Access directly the content you

Le Lieu L’Abbaye wish to explore. —


From the Vaud Alps to the Jura, the slopes beckon. Enjoy the resplendent nature and let your imagination run wild. Whether on skis, sledges, skates, air-boards or snow-tubes, discover the many ways to slide on snow.

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1 01. 03. 05. 07.

Barbapapa Ski Centre Les Mosses Park Sledging and skating “Telebob” Rougemont Les Mosses on the lake Sainte-Croix/Les Rasses Vallée de Joux In the Pays-d’Enhaut next to Rougemont In a snow garden equipped with a travelling Whether on a sledge or bobsleigh, take it easy and allow the ski-lift to drag you up Church, the Barbapapa family awaits young conveyor belt, games and the little When freezing temperatures allow, the hill so that you can then tear down the children to play snow games. But which “Pikachu” ski-lift, learning to ski becomes the becomes Switzerland’s, snowy slopes as many times as you like Barbapapa is missing? Come to the Tourism child’s play especially in the company of the perhaps even Europe’s, largest natural ice without getting tired. All equipment can be 6 Office with the answer and you will receive park’s mascot Little Froggy. Free for children rink, where skaters, small sledgers pulled a lovely colouring book. up to 9 years old. hired onsite where there is also a restaurant. 2 by their parents and ice-sailors compete in Where : Pays-d’Enhaut Tourisme Where : Office du Tourisme Les Mosses- a flurry of movement. Where : Office du Tourisme de T. +41 (0)26 925 11 66 La Lécherette Sainte-Croix/Les Rasses T. +41 (0)24 491 14 66 Where : Vallée de Joux Tourisme T. +41 (0)24 455 41 42 T. +41 (0)21 845 17 77

02. 04. 06. 08. Tobogganing Park Sledge track Espace La Trélasse Open air ice rink Leysin Les Diablerets St-Cergue Gryon 7 3 These spectacular toboggan runs with The exhilaration of setting off on a This restaurant sits in idyllic and fun Find joy and good humour at this open air their icy bends and a 360° looping will seemingly never-ending sledge ride of 7 km surroundings so that you can enjoy yourself ice rink right in the centre of Gryon on the allow you to reach dizzying speeds on down a 560 m change in altitude. with your family, make the most of the sun, Place Barboleuse. Skates can be rented inflatable tubes. The park is designed by For the brave at heart, doing it at night and re-energize. As well as serving local at the bar, where it is also possible to buy medal-winning former bobsleigh Olympic after a good fondue and mulled wine specialities, the eatery gives you access to light refreshments. champion Silvio Giobellina and also at the Les Vioz-Les Mazots chairlift. a ski-lift ideal for learning how to ski with provides small runs for the youngsters. the family, as well access to a ski slope for Where : Office du Tourisme de Gryon Where : Office du Tourisme des Diablerets inflatable toboggans – laughter guaranteed. T. +41 (0)24 498 00 00 Where : Tobogganing Park T. +41 (0)24 492 00 10 T. +41 (0)79 377 96 71 Where : St-Cergue Tourisme 8 T. +41 (0)22 360 13 14 4 5 VIVRE MAGAZINE EXPERIENCE A GETAWAY Having a good time in the land of time! 12pm Between Lausanne and Food present and past Return to the origins of nutrition at Montreux, time becomes the Alimentarium and head off on an expedition to discover the food of beautiful when looking tomorrow. This entirely redesigned and out at the lake and one of renovated museum offers a total and unique immersion in the world of nutrition. the most beautiful views in For lunch, the restaurant serves a ’Journey through Flavours’ that changes every week, the world. Whether time or you can opt for the buffet. is suspended, delirious or leads to pleasure and discovery – it’s time for a Sunday – from Lavaux to 2pm 3.30pm 6pm A road to the future A time to be festive weekend in the canton of A taste of the future Vevey and Montreux Discover the exact premises where 150 years It’s time for relaxation before going home. Vaud. Join a young team of wine enthusiasts to ago Henri Nestlé invented powdered milk, Montreux’s Christmas Market, from drink an appetizer at Ta Cave, Lausanne’s which would revolutionize world nutrition. 24 November to 24 December, sits along first crowdfunded bar. Its 850 founders get Since then Nestlé has opened nest, an area the road bordering the lakeside esplanade a free appetizer for life, enough to create dedicated to the company’s history and amid an enchanting spectacle offering a fantastic atmosphere in the heart of brands. Its fun and interactive design takes beautiful presents made by local artisans, winter; the regional wines are served with 9.30am visitors on a road to the future. as well as mulled wine and a whole selection a delicious platter of dried meats and In the footsteps of the past of delicious food. cheeses. It is to the Cistercian monks that Lavaux owes its magnificent terraced vineyards, classed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Saturday in Lausanne Between Lutry and Vevey, take the Route 12pm​ de la Corniche, which climbs up into the A race against time 7pm vineyards, cross charming medieval villages Walk down to the Olympic Museum, which Suspended in time​ and admire one of the most beautiful views sits on the lakeside, and by doing so you Located in the quarter found beneath the in the world. enter the world of competition where station, with its end-of-century atmosphere 9am medals are won by beating the stopwatch. and Bohemian-chic clientele is the Café de Timeless It is also where a good meal is not forgot- Grancy, a place made extremely popular Start the day at L’A-T-E-L-I-E-R, a trendy ten. The TOM Café (The Olympic Museum) by its delicious but light cuisine and relaxed urban café bistro offering enticing bread offers one of the most beautiful views over atmosphere. This is the ideal eatery to Lake Geneva and a sizeable all-you-can-eat 10am slices spread with homemade jam, honey, let time run its course during an evening in Modern Times buffet brunch. or Cenovis, the Swiss equivalent of well- good company. On the hills above Vevey, in the Manoir de known brand Marmite. With its vintage and Ban where Charlie Chaplin lived with his reclaimed furniture, this warm artistic space family, discover his private life as you walk is not dictated to by passing fashions. through the mansion’s original decor. Then dive head first into his life as an artist in a 2.30pm 9pm vast studio that recreates his works and the Sign of the times To the end of the night people he knew. Chaplin’s World, opened in Next you can opt for one of three places to Party until the early hours in one of the city 2016, is a superb homage to the creator of 10am visit: the Musée de l’Elysée, neighbouring centre’s many night spots, like the MAD, Modern Times. Running with time the Musée Olympique, where photography Les Docks, and the D!, all of which make Unearth Lausanne’s charm thanks to the captures moments in the present; the Lausanne one of the most popular cities for hidden messages and challenges found Fondation de l’Hermitage on the hills young people who are on a quest to find Interactive city tour using the Foxtrail app and embark on a fun Inspiration Pure Riviera Montreux above Lausanne whose exhibitions denote good music or a great club to dance the race in groups of two to seven people. You of Lausanne o16

moments in history; or the legendary night away. can choose either “Citi”, which explores the Collection de l’Art Brut, which attracts city’s historic spots, or “Alti”, which focuses visitors from all over the world to discover more on nature, steering you through green works separated from time. Lausanne’s areas. museums are among the most beautiful in Switzerland.


01 →p.10 Villars – Gryon – Les Diablerets →p.11 Leysin – Col des Mosses Get ready for authenticity, →p.12-13 Ski areas map Leysin – Col des Mosses, 02 Villars – Gryon – Les Diablerets →p.14 Ski areas map Château-d’Œx, Rougemont, Gstaad →p.15 Château-d’Œx/Pays-d’Enhaut the Vaud Alps show is 03 about to begin… 04

01 Snowpark 02 Sledge runs 03 Snowtubing 04 Ice rink

445 km of slopes Framed by Lake Geneva, the Rhone The curtain rises on spec- and the Swiss plateau, the Vaud Alps, tacular scenery. Traditional villages that are welcom- from a height of 3000 m, stages ing all year long are ready for their winter show, with marvellous adventures. activities galore as the tales unfold. The spotlight beams on the families enjoying themselves in Villars-Gryon and Les Mosses, snow- boarders soaring in Leysin, adventurers cascading down the Glacier at Les Diablerets, cross- Journey times departing country skiers criss-crossing from Lausanne : Fribourg forests and vales, Leysin, Col des Mosses bons-vivants marvelling Vaud 1:10 1:00 at the beauty of the Villars, Gryon, Les Diablerets Pays-d’Enhaut. There is Lausanne 1:15 1:00 something for everyone.

Château-d’Œx, Rougemont, The Vaud Alps are putting Rossinière on a grand performance 1:25 1:10 for you! And what’s more, kids under 9 attend for free! FRANCE



Villars-Gryon Profile Charlotte Chable is a Leysin Profile Les Diablerets Charlotte Chable young Swiss alpine skier Col des Mosses Arnaud Guex that never ceases to “Sport, nature and joy amaze. Thrills for all! Let’s make the most of From its summit at 3000 m the extremes! that over-looks Les Diablerets, During the Junior World 60 km of slopes welcome skiers, These are the three ”words “Glacier 3000” leads the Championships in Norway snowboarders and thrill-seekers young cross-country dance of the five skiing she was even within reach to enjoy freestyle, superpipe skiing champion Arnaud domains, including Villars, and snowcross in Leysin. The Guex uses to describe Gryon and Les Diablerets. of the podium in the show is magical! Take a trip to What total bliss to be able slalom; she continues to the panoramic revolving Kuklos Leysin, the ski resort that to slide down a combined prepare tirelessly for her restaurant where you can see the saw him grow up. Guex 2000 m from top to bottom. next challenges. Mont-Blanc in the distance. Then is a local celebrity, as in With snow parks, a panoramic take a shuttle bus down to the 2016 after just turning snow bar, a 7.2 km sledge gentler slopes of Les Mosses-La 16 he took part in the run, a new fatbike slope and Charm Perseverance Lécherette, where a Nordic area is a lively nightlife, your winter This smiling young woman Even two knee ligament injuries entirely devoted to cross-country Junior Olympic Games in holidays will be full exudes happiness and comes and a broken foot did not defeat skiing and snowshoeing. Lillehammer and was the to the brim! from a family of great sports the young woman’s cast-iron only Vaudois contender. men and women. After falling morale – as a result, Charlotte in love with snow sports from began training again as soon as Altitude 1200-3000 m a very young age, she is now she could. “Sometimes when the Altitude 1263-2331 m Sport in this rapport. “We train on 125 km of skiing slopes known on the competition circuit conditions are bad I ask myself: 100 km of skiing slopes It is thanks to Leysin that Arnaud pistes that are just wonderful, 50 km of classic cross-country skiing for her freshness, spontaneity, ’Wow, is this really what I want 49 km of classic cross-country skiing discovered cross-country skiing, and that is motivating,” adds 50 km of skating cross-country skiing and Swiss charm. to follow as a career path?’ but I 49 km of skating cross-country skiing after playing football, taking Arnaud. He hugely appreciated 35 km of snowshoe trails have strong character and hate 84 km of snowshoe trails part in athletics and running. his experience at the Olympics 30 km of winter trekking trails Competition giving up,” concedes the athlete. 9 km of winter trekking trails “The resort does a lot for sport: in Norway where, he says, It is in Villars that the young the facilities are excellent and the landscape was also very champion cut her teeth. “I grew Passion extremely varied.” The young beautiful and where he made up very close to the ski slopes, Villars remains her home when athlete progressed at a dizzying new friends. which I could go on by myself, she is not travelling around the speed in just four seasons and is even when I was little. That’s world for nine months of the one of the most promising cross- Joy one thing that’s great about year to attend championships, country skiers in Switzerland. “In the competition, you must the resort.” Charlotte sings or to train in Ushuaia in He is currently complementing give it your best to succeed, so the praises of this big skiing Argentina during the summer. sport with studies in Brigue, you have to really love what area that sits in the sun, where “It’s in Villars that I learned which allows him to prepare for you do,” he explains, revealing a her taste for competition was to love this sport and when championships while still going surprising maturity. “Enjoyment born. I finally get a bit of time at to school. is key,” he adds. Arnaud is home in the spring, I continue deeply grateful to his parents my training in the excellent Nature and Leysin for their support. sports facilities there. I love this Arnaud immediately became He says that when people get Most“ promising talent sport and I always finish what comfortable in a demanding together to support you, that I have started,” says Charlotte sport that takes place in the feels good and makes you want for French-speaking enthusiastically, who adds: “And middle of nature and where to always do better. “Coming Switzerland in 2015 I love Villars where my passion camaraderie is very present. back to Leysin is always a source was born!” “There is a great kinship of great joy,” he says when among skiers, even when in referring to the rare times he competing teams,” says the goes home. sportsman who is convinced ” Encounter in Vaud – The road between the two winter Tim Vodoz, that the discipline’s proximity to destinations of Villars and Les snowplough driver nature is an important factor Diablerets will be made shorter and easier thanks to two new chairlifts. →p.22 Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun, Jan. 2017 o16 →p.23 Worldwide Festival, March 2017

10 11 Ski areas Leysin-Col des Mosses, Villars-Gryon-Les Diablerets Sanetschhorn 2923m GLACIER 3000 Spitzhorn 2807m 3123m Les Diablerets Le Rubli Gumm uh 3209m 2285m 2458m Wittenberghorn 2350m Cabane Restaurant Botta Oldenegg Tête Ronde Rocher du Midi 2525m New 2096m 1919m 2971m Floriette Peak Walk Le Para 2120m 2540m Culan 2789m Reusch 1350m

LA LECHERETTE Isenau 1546m Pic Chaussy 1762m Meilleret 1400m 2351m 1949m Les Mazots LES DIABLERETS Col des Mosses 1200m Col de la Croix Croix des Chaux LES MOSSES 2020m Tour de Mayen 1445m Taveyannaz 2326m Vers l’Eglise Tour d’Aï Chaux Ronde 2331m Les Chaux 1987m 1750m Lac des Chavonnes Le Fer Chamossaire 2113m Mayen Bretaye Alpe des Chaux 1810m Restaurant Kuklos 360° Sodoleuvre Berneuse Le Sépey Roc d’Orsay 2048m 2000m Col de Soud

VILLARS 1300m La Barboleuse

Tobogganing LEYSIN Park GRYON 1300m 1114m

Ollon Yvorne Aigle Bex 12 13

Lausanne Saint-Maurice Geneva Martigny VIVRE MAGAZINE PLAN DES PISTES Winter 2012/13 VIVRE MAGAZINE EXPERIENCE THE ALPS WINTER 2016 / 17

Château-d’Œx Profile Interview: a man in a Pays-d’Enhaut Riadh Hadj-Azzame hurry who takes his time. Riadh Hadj-Azzame is flight director at The beautiful region that spans the picturesque villages of Rossinière and Château-d’Œx’s Rougement via Château-d’Œx attracts International Balloon families, food-lovers and sports afi- Festival cionados. The joys of snow sport in its (21 to 29 January 2017) many iterations and for all ages, goes hand in hand with discovering local food and drink including Etivaz AOP cheese, produced using milk from the “ cows that roam the beautiful pastures. To give, anticipate, And for adventure, nothing beats a manage and fly away flight in a hot-air balloon lifting off from the alpine aerostation centre, or the magic of the International Festival whose show during the month of Generosity Authority ” January fills the sky with balloons of all Riadh begins by acknowledging “When conditions are perfect or different colours and from all over the the volunteers’ generosity in else too bad, the situation is easy world. giving up their time to make this to handle. This happens only one festival the region’s key event. time out of every five. On all other Altitude 891-2293 m Even he takes time off from his occasions, you have to monitor 220 km of skiing slopes (including Gstaad) job as a project manager at the parameters,” he says. As a 50 km of classic cross-country skiing Fondation Urgences-Santé to pilot himself, he is best placed 50 km of skating cross-country skiing ensure the festival is successful. to handle the aeronautical side 33 km of snowshoe trails “The volunteers are the festival’s of this magical but logistically 27 km of winter trekking trails lifeblood,” he says, reminding us complex event, including that Switzerland is a country of acquiring the necessary permits militiamen. and validation for the 60 balloons taking part. Mastery With a background as an Enthusiasm engineer and physicist, Riadh When he was studying, Riadh subscribes to a Cartesian ethos. wanted to be closer to the But what he loves about hot-air mountains he saw in the balloons is taking off from one distance: “I told myself that I place without knowing where he wanted to work at the foot of the will end up. “Everything is decided mountains,” he recalls. When he once you are in flight. As a result, landed in the canton of Vaud it requires constant control when 20 years ago, he had found you are at the mercy of the winds. heaven. Now in the Pays- Château-d’Œx’s topography d’Enhaut, every year in January with its cool valley morning wind Riadh Hadj-Azzame releases a that carries away the balloons bunch of balloons into the sky and heats up in the sun to bring of the country he adopted as his them back, is ideal,” he explains. second home. Encounter in Vaud – Anne Rosat’s paper Espace Ballon, the story of an adventure. cutouts Did you know that the first round-the-world journey in a hot-air balloon took off in 1999 from Château-d’Œx, in the Vaud Alps? The story of the crazy adventures of pilots Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones can be →p.22 International Balloon Festival, Jan. 2017 o16 explored at the Espace Ballon, in Château- d’Œx. This fun museum presents the history of hot-air balloons, from Icarus to Piccard. 14 15 Ski areas Château-d’Œx, Château-d’Œx, Ski areas Gstaad Rougemont, VIVRE MAGAZINE EXPERIENCE THE JURA MOUNTAINS The Vaud Jura, a novel way to love winter…

Four ways of sliding into winter “L’Amandine”, The Jura mountain chain, gentler a delicious speciality of and rounder than the Alps, borders the Sainte-Croix. canton of Vaud along the French-Swiss o16 border. The mountain chain of the Jura, with peaks culminating at 1700 m, makers” of the region, with ice-rink in Switzerland. The most brands that are the pride of is pierced with flat corridors, allowing their famous automatons and beautiful watches in the world the Swiss luxury industry and St-Cergue Sainte-Croix / music boxes. Outstanding are made every year in the that have remained loyal to four ways of sliding into winter examples are on display at the small villages dotted along the the valley. Learn about the Aim for the summits Les Rasses CIMA Museum in Sainte-Croix, lake and beyond. extraordinary creativity and to coexist in perfect harmony: At the heart of the natural Vaud as well as the Baud Museum craftsmanship that goes into Jura Park, the Dôle at 1677 m in L’Auberson. Glide as far as the eye watchmaking. alpine and cross-country skiing, overlooks St-Cergue village. To the northeast of the Vaud can see Against the dramatic backdrop Jura, close to Yverdon-les-Bains, Altitude 1100-1600 m 220 km of cross-country Altitude 1004-1678 m snowshoeing and ice-skating. of Lake Geneva and the Alps, skiing trails make up the Sainte-Croix village and its 20 km of skiing slopes 42 km of skiing slopes the Col de la Givrine pass offers resort of Les Rasses have been biggest domain in central 100 km of classic 220 km of classic trails for cross-country skiing, favoured by tourists for more Europe. Follow the trails at alpine skiing and snowshoeing. than a century. Facing Lake cross-country skiing Thomassette, on the shores cross-country skiing Journey times departing from Lausanne: Neuchâtel, the ski slopes are 100 km of skating of the Lac de Joux, at 220 km of skating Enjoy family adventures adapted to all skiing levels. cross-country skiing Charbonnières and from cross-country skiing Sainte-Croix / Les Rasses L’Espace Dôle is the perfect the Marchairuz and 1:05 0:45 65 km of snowshoe trails 44 km of snowshoe trails place for adventure-seeking Experience nature 8 km of winter trekking trails Mollendruz passes. 30 km of winter trekking trails Vallée de Joux families. On offer are various Departing from the Nordic 1:15 1:05 activities ranging from dog sled centres situated at Les Rasses, Indulge in the famous racing, hiking, trekking or sliding L’Auberson and the Mont des Vacherin Mont-d’Or AOP St-Cergue FRANCE on trails either by day or by Cerfs, crisscross the forests, Between September and April, 1:10 0:45 Fribourg night, to simply eating a sunny plateaux and pastures on Vacherin Mont-d’Or is a must Vaud delicious fondue in a mountain classic or skating cross-country to crown a good meal. This restaurant. ski. Discover the marshlands local speciality is an unctuous 163 km of cross-country dream trails Lausanne and the natural reserves of the cheese encased in a delicate Vraconnaz and the Araignys. spruce corset that is served Altitude 1044-1677 m The crossing of the Swiss Jura with a spoon when it becomes 44 km of skiing slopes Vallée de Joux (“TJS”) from La Cure / St-Cergue Dare to try alpine skiing deliciously runny. 40 km of classic in Vaud canton to Les Bugnenets With guaranteed snow at the in Neuchâtel canton is made cross-country skiing top, seven ski-lifts make In the heart of the Vaud Jura, Celebrate the essence the length of a well sign-posted 40 km of skating FRANCE the skiing resort perfect for at an altitude of 1000 m, the of time trail cut by breath-taking cross-country skiing all skiing levels. Vallée de Joux lays serene and Enter into the recently views. Top athletes will dash down the trail in 3 days, others 25 km of snowshoe trails majestic, swept by glacial renovated Espace Horloger, will tackle it at a more leisurely Geneva winds that come in from the dedicated to the worlds of Valais 14 km of winter trekking trails Tease your curiosity pace over 7 to 8 days. north. At its centre, the Lac de Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, 5 km of dog sled tracks Time to take a well-deserved break! Discover the Joux becomes in cold winters Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, craftsmanship of the “dream the biggest natural open-air the prestigious watchmaking


Profile Take some François Junod time out Precision, for yourself patience, Whether you wish to treat yourself to a heavenly break away from passion and your busy life or simply care for your aching body after a day’s skiing, the canton of Vaud provides a creativity unique environment for wellbeing. With sulphur-rich waters at Yverdon-les-Bains’ thermal centre and the Bains de Lavey’s thermal François Junod’s automatons that he baths (the hottest in Switzerland), creates in his Sainte-Croix workshop, in quality facilities fuse with harmony and wellbeing. In these havens of the region of Yverdon-les-Bains, are sought beauty, time stands still, providing after the world over, especially since he you with a moment for yourself. designed his Pushkin android in 2010. For the first time ever, an automaton began The Spa at the Royal Savoy writing and drawing like a man. The recently opened Spa at the Royal Savoy reveals itself as a 1500 m2 area of wellbeing in the heart of Lausanne. Here water is king, whether hot, as steam or Precision Passion Creativity ice and along with the massages makes up an atmos- François Junod has a background in François Junod’s passion for the François Junod continues to phere blending luxury and serenity. An enormous stone micromechanics, a discipline that arts and drawing fed the creation accumulate patents from the from the Bürgenstock mountain releases the steam has brought fame to Sainte-Croix of these extraordinary works, whose watch industry, including on a from a hammam, and two spas can be hired for private since the 18th century. It is there secret only he knows. Now he would recent signing machine the size of a use on request. that were born the legendary Bolex like to work on more contemporary telephone. Where does his creativity Next to interjoined indoor and outdoor pools with H16 cine camera and Reuge music objects. “I feel more and more come from? “I draw all the time and variable temperatures, a gym with all the latest gear boxes. “I wanted to do something drawn towards sculpture,” he says, that’s how I come up with ideas.” allows you to spend your accumulated energy. And for new with the traditional techniques, smiling. those looking for more specialised therapies, both chro- Villars’ sports centre I wanted to create something that motherapy and spray tan are available. The outcome no one else had done yet.” – a complete tailor-made experience attuned to beauty. doubles as a wellness centre While renovating its sports centre, Villars incorporated Patience Encounter in Vaud – A discovery of François Junod´s automatons a wellness centre that has become the resort’s pride It took François Junod 12 years o16 and joy. After a long day’s skiing, or to escape the bad to design the writing android – a weather, what could be better than to slip into hot water project others had told him was an International Centre baths spanning an area of almost 100 m2 bringing together impossible dream. But his unfailing for Mechanical Art (CIMA) Jacuzzis and massage nozzles, as well as a hammam perseverance and a know-how that Where mechanics becomes poetry that leads to a relaxation area with a log fire? Then there pushed the limits of technology is an entire floor of saunas with a panoramic view of the were finally rewarded. “It’s really A stone’s throw away from François Junod’s workshop, mountains. The outcome – a complete experience attuned the best thing when an android CIMA offers you a journey to discover fabulous to relaxation. automaton can do something automatons, music boxes and singing birds that man instead of a man and do it just as began creating when his imagination met with the well,” he recalls with wonder. mechanics of precision. Please note: guided visits only.

18 19 VIVRE MAGAZINE EXPERIENCE A DISCOVERY o16 Profile Recipes’ storiesRecipes’ Peter Hasler – Café de Riex Lavaux, the menu slate, wines and authenticity

In a delightful restaurant in the centre of the village of Riex, Chef Peter Hasler talks about his latest adventure: opening his own eatery after spending 22 years at the Smoked char with asparagus famous Auberge du Raisin in Cully. Recipe ­— For 4 people

Lavaux Wines Preparation Serving Having arrived more than 30 years ago from his native Peter Hasler is effusive in his praise of the Lavaux wines, Emmental, Chef Hasler still believes that Lavaux is the which play a very big part in his café. He can hardly Cut five 1 cm slices for each fish fillet. 1) Serve up the asparagus on the most beautiful region in Switzerland. “It’s magical to contain his enthusiasm about the indigenous grape Cut the rest into small cubes. plates. live in a place where there is the lake, the mountains, varieties such as Chasselas, and especially the Plant the vineyards and even pastures!” More and more Robert, which he says is evolving wonderfully. With Slice the asparagus in two. Cut the 2) Place the mix in the middle. visitors come to discover the superb terraced vineyard great satisfaction he adds: “I have a very fine choice of back parts into small cubes. 3) Over the top, place 5 slices of that cradles his village since it was declared part of the wines.” Mix the mayonnaise and tarragon, smoked char per person. UNESCO World Heritage site. “For nothing in the world adding a little lemon juice (to taste). would I leave this region,” he promises. Authenticity 4) Garnish as you wish (small green Peter Hasler seeks out excellent produce and always Add the cubes of smoked char and leaves, salad, toasted bread chips, The menu slate prioritises proximity of ingredients. As a butcher’s son, asparagus, before mixing. grissini breadsticks etc.). When he took over the Café de Riex three years ago, he doesn’t shy away from preparing pork products, calf Peter Hasler had put together an à la carte menu, but sweetbread and kidney; people come from far away Ingredients he soon realised that customers trusted him and came to taste his beef tongue. What is his favourite dish? more for his daily suggestions. To cater to the demands Ham on the bone with a nice potato salad. He believes - 4 smoked char fillets of the market and play with the seasons, he wrote the regional produce equates to authenticity and he is - 8 white or green cooked menu on a slate. It worked a treat. “I always remember very strict about where food comes from. “My cooking asparagus to include a dish like fish for those with a lighter is simple, fresh and honest. For me the best reward is - 1 soup spoon of fresh tarragon, appetite,” he says. when customers spend hours at the table.” chopped Gratuit Le pays du fromage Un vignoble, Gourmandise, Etapes inoubliables huit appellations terroir et volupté pour petits et grands - 4 soup spoons of mayonnaise 5-8 9-11 15-17 21-24

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Gastronomie, Produits du Terroir, Vins, Retrouvez ces itinéraires Bien-être et Shopping sur notre nouvelle - lemon juice application Vaud :Guide. 1-4 informations “Art de Vivre” on iPad. au verso “ Download the app for free: For nothing in the world In the canton of Vaud, a total well as 11 restaurants with would I leave this region of 101 restaurants are part Michelin stars. This makes it of the Gault&Millau guide the first gastronomical region ” making up 1410 points, as of Switzerland. 20 21 VIVRE MAGAZINE EXPERIENCE WINTER EVENTS Agenda 01 06 10 Yverdon-les-Bains Let’s get rid of the winter! Let’s be euphoric at the canton of March 2017 — Vaud’s Brandons and Carnivals, The winter scene and its where the processions take over the streets under a shower of Carnival merry-go-round of events! confetti and music. Each float Sainte-Croix is as humorous as the next and the performers dance wearing 17 to 19 February 2017 their Venetian masks.

01 Festival Lausanne Lumières (Lausanne Lights Festival) Brandons Lausanne Payerne Avenches

10 18 November to 3 to 6 March 2017 17 to 19 March 2017 31 December 2016 06 08 An open air art exhibition illuminates Lausanne during the Christmas Diablerets 3D International dog sled racing Moudon period. Contemporary artists create works that punctuate the urban Les Diablerets Les Mosses landscape with poetry, humour and fairy tales. 16 to 19 March 2017 3 to 5 March 2017 11 to 12 March 2017

02 Morges This event comprises three Come and experience this Christmas markets disciplines, three challenges highly popular winter event. Five enchanting Christmas 2 to 4 December and and three courses. All the As if teletransporting us to markets light up the canton like 7 to 11 December 2016 specialities of snow sports the Arctic, the race involves fairy lights, bringing wonderful take place in the sumptuous 70 teams of huskies with their smells, flavours and cheer to mountains of the Massif mushers, who come from all 08 our weeks leading up to the big des Diablerets including ski over Europe to compete in two Villars day. With guaranteed tastings mountaineering, the vertical legs, one measuring 16 km, the of food and drink, ideas for 04 05 race and long distance other 8 km. The race and other 23 December 2016 presents and unique local arts 39th International Balloon Les Hivernales Music Festival relay race. entertainment captivate the to 8 January 2017 and crafts, the markets offer Festival Nyon crowd throughout the weekend. a charming Vaud welcome for Château-d’Œx kids having fun and, therefore, 23 to 26 February 2017 07 content parents! 03 21 to 29 January 2017 Cross-country skiing race, 09 Fisherman’s Friend Four days of musical marathon La Mara Worldwide Festival Lausanne StrongmanRun Every year on the last week all around Nyon to rid you of Sainte-Croix/Les Rasses Leysin Villars of January, the sky above the winter blues and warm you 24 November to Château-d’Œx becomes the up in a good atmosphere to 4 to 5 March 2017 20 to 26 March 2017 24 December 2016 14 January 2017 setting for an unforgettable the sound of rock, and electro show when dozens of hot- that is both chic and electric. The Marathon des Rasses is one The Worldwide Festival is The new Fisherman’s Friend air balloons take to the sky The entire town tunes in to the of Switzerland’s most popular once again taking place in 09 StrongmanRun Winter Edition is together in a joyful throng of sound of music. cross-country skiing races, the mountains. The event Montreux sure to be thrilling. The summer colours and shapes. This event each year attracting hundreds offers a booming cocktail event already exists, but this is a not-to-be-missed meeting of racers in all categories. of music on the pistes and 24 November to new version of the ironman place for aeronauts from all The event starts on 4 March “après-ski” parties under 24 December 2016 competition will up your over the world. with 12 or 25 km events the aegis of famous radio adrenaline levels as you tackle requiring participants to use DJ Gilles Peterson. an assault course on snow the skating technique. The Orbe interspersed with hurdles. main race is then on 5 March 2017 and comprises 12, 22 or 27 November 2016 42 km. To discover more events please consult our online agenda:


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