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This was my personal favorite part of the book because we are reintroduced to the spy organization, Spyral. Part of this is due to the fact it continues to draw heavily from the work of Chuck Dixon's run on the series. Better writing please! Good, but not quite as good as the previous few volumes. And, a bonus, this whole book was one arc for once. Nightwing's ass. Nov 15, Sesana rated it it was ok Shelves: comics , superhumans. Account Options Sign in. This is another potentially great storyline, raising questions of what is "justice" vs. Dec 18, James DeSantis rated it liked it. He's sort of like Nightwing's King [Read as single issues] It's blast from the past time in Bludhaven as Blockbuster returns to take the city from Nightwing, but he's not quite how you'd remember him. To me, that series isn't even as good as what Higgins has done so far on Nightwing. And it's never not hilarious to hear bemoan his finances. We are experiencing technical difficulties. continues to right an interesting book here filled with action and a lot of heart. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Android 3. Dick flips and quips his way through fights with all his usual witty chitter-chatter, and whacks anyone who gets too close to him with his handy-dandy NightStick. Later there's a death that's supposed to have a lot of impact, but it's a character we've maybe seen on 6 panels previously. It's a testament to writer Tim Seeley that this character has become that important. What about Detective Nie from volume 2? At the end of the story, a vindictive character opens his closet to reveal a black costume. The choices you make here will apply to your interaction with this service on this device. Nightwing Volume 6 Sam Humphries. Nightwing Volume 7 Chuck Dixon. At any rate, I thought it was pretty well done. Apr 22, Fraser Sherman rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novels. Other Editions 3. As the story went on, Prankster seemed to imitate Bane through turning the entire city of Chicago upside down by letting loose a horde of insurgent felons on the city, taking police hostage, and causing massive to public transport. That's kinda a problem in most comics I read anymore it seams. I'm disappointed that the only really interesting concept of the entire run a support group for former C-list villains trying to stay straight has been kind of pushed to the side. Norm Rapmund Illustrator. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I think it's pretty intriguing and complicated relationship. It was an ok Nightwing comic, pretty cringy in some areas but it stayed mature for the most part. Other books in the series. No trivia or quizzes yet. His graphic novel adaptation of J. Anyway, the story opens with Dick getting shot at by Chicago's finest. An interesting move to take Dick Grayson out of Gotham and to Chicago, especially with Chicago being full of a citizenship tired of vigilantes. Man, Dick Grayson gets around. This series continues to impress and I can't wait to read the next volume, which is also the final volume of the series. View 1 comment. Nightwing Vol. This three-issue story tries to deal with any leftover plot holes from Seeley's Grayson series. This is the sarcastic, wise-cracking and self-assured Dick Grayson who is so much fun to read. Not a bad volume, and I'm probably starting to sound like a broken record, but I still don't like the "retconning" in books. DC Nightwing 50 . The art was cool though. As always, the colours by Dalhouse really pop and with Dick down to his last costume, I loved that they added wear and tear to show the damage it was taking. Nightwing: Vol 4 Writer

Shawn is angry because he didn't go out as Dick Grayson to get a minimum wage job that would keep him rooted in Bludhaven. He's sort of like Nightwing's Kingpin character, but a little more rough and ready. There's a bunch of ridiculous action in Blockbuster Part 3 with a whole handful of baddies. Dec 08, Jayson rated it liked it Shelves: pp , comic-book-trade , subject-batman-family , comics-dc-new , read-in , format-comic-book , genre-crime , genre- , author-american. Manga Workshop Characters. Where did Nightwing get this money from, if he apparently lost it all in the previous volume? The way this volume ended leaves me Second City has been the best volume I've read in this Nightwing series since volume 1!!! Email Required. Jan 23, ISBN A former criminal, Gizmo, who was helping Nightwing as a hacker is murdered and in the second three-issue arc, Ni This book collects Issues of Nightwing. Some of the dialogue between the characters was really confusing, or just seemed plain weird. May 26, Ma'Belle rated it it was ok Shelves: superheroes , comics-graphic-novels , dc. Learn More. And along the way he meets a few crazy informants who lead him to the one person who might be able to help him find Zucco Jan 16, Quentin Wallace rated it liked it. New arrivals. World: The art is good, the characters are strong, I wish there was a greater sense of motion and the splash pages were more evocative. Account Options Sign in. Anyone can destroy, but it takes a great author to create, and sadly, Kyle Higgins did not do the latter. Showing Plus having a temporary? Popular Features. Nightwing Vol. We are experiencing technical difficulties. But he was pissed when she shows up in Spyral Part One Nov 15, Sesana rated it it was ok Shelves: comics , superhumans. Mar 04, Colleen rated it liked it Shelves: over , supernatural , comics- graphicnovels. He must be magic. He is able to lure Nightwing into a trap, but loses the upper hand soon after. The series also makes an important change visually. DC Comics Nightwing, Vol. Comments Required. Kyle Higgins. Nightwing: Vol 4 Reviews

Nakaba Suzuki. The art is still terrible. Jan 26, Amanda [Novel Addiction] rated it liked it Shelves: dc , teen , series , graphic-novel. Buy other books like Nightwing Vol. Welcome back. Sep 03, Ivy rated it it was amazing Shelves: published-in , superheroes , checked-out-from-library , villains. It's fast-paced and focuses on the action which probably works best for Higgins's writing style. I especially loved that it took place in Chicago being a Windy City native myself and there were some awesome battles in recognizable places such as the John Hancock observation deck and the Museum of Science and Industry. Average rating 3. While it was just a minor plot hole, it was good to see Tiger again and to have him call Grayson an idiot once again. Seeley's Blockbuster is just restarting his criminal empire, while Dixon's Blockbuster has already formed one. Moving to neighboring Bludhaven, Dick established himself as the of a city steeped in crime and corruption. Cancel Save settings. Overall, really disappointed by this volume. While Seeley's Blockbuster has a novel feel to him, I'm not sure if I like him better than Dixon's interpretation to him. Rebirth Tim Seeley. Dick Grayson is unfamiliar with the city so he has to rely on an informant that Commissioner Gordon told him about. Nightwing feel's like it's all his fault because he asked that side-character to do some deep digging on some baddies for him. Learn more. Tracer gets cold feet about Dick after a pregnancy scare, calls it off, then discovers too late she regrets it when comes to town. This was a book that left me feeling like it should have been better than it was. Related Articles. Published on. You can learn more about our use of cookies here. Another irritating thing about this volume was that it clearly sets up a future story that most likely will never be explored. DC Nightwing 56 Comic Book. Content protection. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. But he gets more than he bargained for, when he must fact new villain the Prankster and a city up in arms against vigilantes.

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Showing Dick Grayson and Shawn Tsang are trying to work things out in their relationship. Friend Reviews. Does the guy with the black costume in his closet have anything to do with this? Probably the biggest problem with the Prankster story is, by forcing Nightwing into this fairly random battle, we lose a lot of the personal stakes that come from him attempting to avenge his parents. It's a testament to writer Tim Seeley that this character has become that important. Helena Bertinelli cameos as Huntress and teams up with Nightwing to take down one of Mr Minos' clones and to rescue Tiger. If you have time to kill, then go for it. Red traced the e-mail for Nightwing, but could only nail down the city of origin. Hopefully Grayson keeps up the pace. He's getting trampled and beaten so badly that there's no way he'll be able to get there in time. DC Comics , Vol. If Nightwing ever swooped in to save meyou can guarantee I would pucker up and be on him like white on rice Stay in Touch Sign up. Nightwing Volume 6 Sam Humphries. Really enjoying this series. The Huntress joins him in tracking Spyral where they learn that Minos is back. Plus, an untold tale of Dick as Robin with his teammates in the Teen and profiles of all his friends and foes make this a collection not to miss. Top charts. While the first few volumes of this series were pretty dark, this volume brings the fun-loving side of Grayson's personality back to being front and center. When you buy a book, we donate a book. Trivia About Nightwing, Vol. The sinister plots aren't that engaging and the villains are engaging, Nightwing lets his devotion for the job overcome the personal life. Not Gotham, not Bludhaven At least mostly For me it's forgettable and I'm sad to say I didn't enjoy it either time I read it. There's nothing unusual about it, other than the journeyman skill on display. Apr 29, Anne rated it liked it Shelves: read-in , arc , netgalley , comics , graphic-novels. Nightwing is awesome when he's kicking butt and making fun quips. Considered to be one of the most prolific writers in his field, this award-winning storyteller currently writes G.

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