Proposal for the Library Enhancement Program in the Humanities 2019

Dr. Vasudha Narayanan ( Dr. Jonathan Edelmann ([email protected]) Department of Religion Dr. Megan M. Daly ([email protected]) Library West

To Director Mennel and Associate Director Acord, We are applying to the Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere’s library enhancement grant for a total of $5,000 to fund the expansion of the Smathers Libraries’ collection. The Smathers Libraries currently house a modest collection with some significant gaps, especially in core serials from Routledge, Oxford, and Columbia. In some cases, like the Murty Classical Library of from Harvard University Press, the library is missing the entire collection. Because Hindu Traditions is one of five major fields of study and expertise in the Religion Department, it is crucial that the collection be updated. The Religion Department also teaches courses on for undergraduates on a regular basis, so the texts would be used for their papers and course work. There is a growing awareness of the Indian diaspora at the University of Florida and Alachua County area; this collection would be useful to them as they seek a general education in their history. A stronger collection is fundamental for the Hindu Traditions track, but it will also benefit our Buddhism, Global Islam, Religion and Nature, and Religion in the Americas tracks. We have invited faculty in these areas to suggest relevant texts since has played a role in these other areas, and the collection will be useful to these faculty and students. We have about 15 faculty members (two are in joint positions) in the Religion Department, 24 graduate students, about 40 undergraduate students. We actively collaborate with several departments, institutes, and centers across the campus including Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, the Harn Museum of Art, Architecture, and the Water Institute. Our undergraduate and graduate students come from many parts of the world and have a wide spectrum of research interests. We have large numbers of heritage students enrolled in undergraduate classes. Our graduate program in Hinduism spans both textual studies and global Hindu traditions, especially as expressed through rituals, performing arts, and architecture. Our collection has not kept pace with these interests and it would be of immense help if we were to have these foundational volumes. The collection also impacts the greater University of Florida campus through other units that support the study of Hindu traditions, especially the Center for the Study of Hindu Traditions (CHiTra). Other institutes and organizations such as the University of Florida Center for Health and , the Indian Student Association (ISA), the Indian Graduate Students Association (IGSA), University of Florida Mindfulness, and the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art also have members who consult our books on Hinduism. Some texts may benefit other areas of study on campus; for example, the books on may interest members of the Philosophy Department. The Gainesville community can also benefit since it has a large population that is Hindu or interested in Hindu culture. The Hare community of Alachua County is the largest in , and volunteers from Krishna House, located only a few blocks from Library West, visit campus frequently. The India Cultural and Education Center (ICEC) offers educational and cultural programming for the Gainesville community, and Asha UFlorida hosts community events to fund educational projects. If awarded this grant, we will continue work with the Religion Librarian Megan Daly to acquire the materials on the attached wish list and advertise the new collection to the university and community through personal contacts across these various groups, through e-mail announcement, and with a book display in the Library West second floor exhibit space. The nearest distinguished Hindu Studies collection is located at Emory University. Others reside at top universities like the University of Virginia, University of Texas, University of California Berkeley and Santa Barbara, and Harvard University. As Florida’s flagship university, and with a growing program in Hindu Studies and related areas of Asian Studies, the University of Florida should have a Hindu Studies collection that can compete with these schools and contribute to the success of the Religion Department and community. Undoubtedly the collection funded by this grant will also support those working on Indian religions at other universities in Tallahassee, Tampa, Orlando, and Miami. With this grant, our team will update our collection of primary sources, critical editions, serials, and research monographs to help our programs and university on its way to greater success and higher status.

Library Enhancement Grant for Hindu Studies - Wish List 1. Routledge Hindu Studies Series Title Author Date ISBN Estimated Price The Other John & Mary 2016 9781317390633 $145 Women Brockington and Embodiment Barbara A. 2015 9781317669104 $187 Holdrege Hindu Perspectives on C. Mackenzie 2015 9780203135532 $187 Evolution Brown Interpreting Devotion Karen Pechilis 2015 9780203145890 $176 Debating 'Conversion' in Ankur Barua 2015 9781317538592 $171 Hinduism and Christianity Textual Authority in Sucharita Adluri 2014 9781317625278 $148 Classical Indian Thought Re-figuring the Ramayana as Ajay K. Rao 2014 9781134077359 $171 Theology The Chaitanya Vaishnava Ravi M. Gupta 2014 9780203500682 $193 of Jiva Gosvami Hindu Pilgrimage Prabhavati C. 2014 9781317806318 $176 Shifting Patterns of Reddy Worldview of Srisailam in Hinduism and Environmental Christopher G. 2014 9781317918950 $171 Ethics Framarin Attending Krishna's Image Kenneth Russell 2013 9780203099896 $209 Valpey A Woman's Ramayana Priyadarshini 2013 9781135071264 $171 Bose Self-Surrender (prapatti) to Srilata Raman 2009 9780203967812 $193 God in Shrivaishnavism Samkara's Jacqueline Hirst 2006 9780203001929 $220 Total $2,518

2. SUNY Series in Hindu Studies Title Author Date ISBN Estimated Price Text and Tradition in South Velcheru 2017 9781438467771 $85 India Rao Somatic Lessons: Narrating Anthony Cerulli 2012 9781438443881 $80 Patienthood and Illness in Indian Medical Literature Engaging South Asian Mathew N. 2011 9781438433257 $75 Religions Schmalz - Editor Boundaries, Appropriations, Peter Gottschalk - Editor and Resistances

Colonizing the Realm of Sascha Ebeling 2010 9781438432014 $80 Words The Transformation of in Nineteenth-Century South


Tamil Geographies Martha Ann Selby 2008 9780791479452 $80 God of Desire Catherine Benton 2005 9780791465653 $65 Total $465

3. Clay Library Title Author Date ISBN Estimated Price Beyond Price by Murāri. Judit 2006 9780814782958 $26 Törzsök. The Lady of the Jewel by Harṣa. Wendy 2007 9780814719961 $25 Necklace and The Lady Doniger. Who Shows Her Foreword by Anita Desai The Ocean of the Rivers of by Somadeva. Sir 2007 9780814788165 $25 Story (volume one of James Mallinson. seven) Rama’s Last Act by Bhavabhūti. 2007 9780814767337 $24 Sheldon I. Pollock. Foreword by Girish Karnad “Friendly Advice” and by Nārāyaṇa. Judit 2007 9780814783054 $26 “King Víkrama’s Törzsök Adventures” Maha·bhárata V: Kathleen Garbutt. 2008 9780814731918 $22 Preparations for War Foreword by (volume one of two) Gurcharan Das Maha·bhárata VIII: Adam Bowles 2008 9780814799956 $26 (volume two of two). Maha·bhárata VI: Bhishma Alex Cherniak. 2008 9780814716960 $24 (volume one of two) Foreword by Including the “Bhagavad Ranajit Guha Gita” in Context. The Ocean of the Rivers of by Somadeva. Sir 2009 9780814795583 $26 Story (volume two of James Mallinson. seven) “How the Nagas Were by Harṣa and 2009 9780814740668 $22 Pleased” and “The Bhāsa. Andrew Shattered Thighs” Skilton Gita·govínda: Love Songs by . Lee 2009 9780814740781 $23 of and Krishna Siegel. Foreword by Sudipta Kaviraj. “Bouquet of ” and by Bhānudatta. 2009 9780814767559 $24 “River of Rasa” Sheldon I. Pollock. Garland of the Buddha’s by Āryaśūra. 2009 9780814795811 $25 Past Lives (volume one of Justin Meiland two) Maha·bhárata XII: Peace: Alexander Wynne. 2009 9780814794531 $22 “The Book of Liberation” (volume three of five). The Little Clay Cart by Śūdraka. 2009 9780814707296 $26 Diwakar . Foreword by Partha Chatterjee. Bhatti’s Poem: The Death by Bhaṭṭi. Oliver 2009 9780814727782 $22 of Rávana Fallon. “Self-Surrender,” “Peace,” by Appayya 2009 9780814741108 $22 “,” and “The Dīkṣita, Mission of the Goose”: Nīlakaṇṭha Poems and Prayers from Dīkṣita, Vedānta South India Deśika. Yigal Bronner & David Shulman. Foreword by Gieve Patel. How Úrvashi Was Won by Kālidāsa. 2009 9780814741115 $23 Velcheru Narayana Rao & David Shulman. The Quartet of Causeries by Śyāmilaka, 2009 9780814719787 $23 Vararuci, Śūdraka & Īśvaradatta. Csaba Dezső & Somadeva . Garland of the Buddha’s by Āryaśūra. 2009 9780814795835 $24 Past Lives (volume two of Justin Meiland. two) Princess Kadámbari by Bāṇa. David 2009 9780814740804 $22 (volume one of three) Smith. The Rise of Wisdom Moon by Kṛṣṇamiśra. 2009 9780814748381 $22 Matthew Kapstein. Foreword by J.N. Mohanty. Seven Hundred Elegant by Govardhana. 2009 9780814736876 $22 Verses . Málavika and · by Kālidāsa. 2009 9780814787021 $24 Dániel Balogh & Eszter Somogyi. Total $570

4. Murty Classical Library of India Vol. Title Author Date ISBN Estimated Price 1 Sufi Lyrics Bullhe Shah, edited 2015 9780674427747 $29.95 and translated by Christopher Shackle 2 The History of Abu’l-Fazl, edited 2015 9780674427754 $32.95 Akbar, Volume 1 and translated by Wheeler M. Thackston 3 Therigatha: Poems Translated by 2015 9780674427730 $29.95 of the First Buddhist Charles Hallisey Women 4 The Story of Manu Allasani Peddana, 2015 9780674427761 $32.95 translated by Velcheru Narayana Rao and David Shulman 5 Sur’s Ocean: Poems , edited by 2015 9780674427778 $35 from the Early Kenneth E. Bryant, Tradition translated by John Stratton Hawley 6 The History of Abu’l-Fazl, edited 2016 9780674504943 $32.95 Akbar, Volume 2 and translated by Wheeler M. Thackston 7 The Epic of Ram, , translated 2016 9780674425019 $29.95 Volume 1 by Philip Lutgendorf 8 The Epic of Ram, Tulsidas, translated 2016 9780674088610 $29.95 Volume 2 by Philip Lutgendorf 9 and the Bharavi, edited and 2016 9780674504967 $29.95 Hunter translated by Indira Viswanathan Peterson 10 The History of Abu’l-Fazl, edited 2017 9780674659827 $32.95 Akbar, Volume 3 and translated by Wheeler M. Thackston 11 The Killing of Magha, edited and 2017 9780674660397 $35 Shishupala translated by Paul Dundas 12 In Praise of Annada, Bharatchandra 2017 9780674660427 $29.95 Volume 1 Ray, translated by France Bhattacharya 13 The Life of Raghavanka, 2017 9780674545663 $32.95 Harishchandra translated by Vanamala Viswanatha 14 The History of Abu’l-Fazl, edited 2018 9780674975033 $35 Akbar, Volume 4 and translated by Wheeler M. Thackston 15 The Epic of Ram, Tulsidas, translated 2018 9780674975019 $29.95 Volume 3 by Philip Lutgendorf 16 The Epic of Ram, Tulsidas, translated 2018 9780674975026 $29.95 Volume 4 by Philip Lutgendorf 17 The Life of Padma, Svayambhudeva, 2018 9780674660366 $35 Volume 1 edited and translated by Eva De Clercq 18 Risalo Shah Abdul Latif, 2018 9780674975040 $35 edited and translated by Christopher Shackle 19 The History of Abu’l-Fazl, edited 2019 9780674983953 $29.95 Akbar, Volume 5 and translated by Wheeler M. Thackston 20 A Treatise on , 2019 9780674277069 $29.95 edited and translated by Patrick Olivelle 21 Selected Ghazals Mir Taqi Mir, 2019 9780674919204 $29.95 and Other Poems translated by Shamsur Rahman Faruqi 22 Remembrances Mir Taqi Mir, 2019 9780674660298 $29.95 edited and translated by C. M. Naim Total $699.15

5. Books on Indian art (suggested by faculty at the Harn Museum of Art) Title Author Date ISBN Estimated Price : Hinduism's blue- Joan Cummins 2011 9781935677093 $75 skinned savior Masterworks from India Kimberly Masteller 2016 9780997249293 $34.95 and Southeast Asia: the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and piety: Hindu, Jain, Pratapaditya Pal 2016 9780520288478 $85 and Buddhist art from the Indian subcontinent

The Sensuous and the Dehejia 2002 9780295982847 $49.95 Sacred: Chola Bronzes from South India Total: $244.90

6. Miscellaneous Title Author Date ISBN Estimated Price Samudramanthana San Sarin 2012 9789386111807 $35 Early Interactions between Pierre-Yves 2011 9789814311175 $90 South and Southeast Asia: Manguin Reflections on Cross- Cultural Exchange An English Translation of Kaviraj Kunja Lal 2016 9781334049149 $21 the Sushruta Samhita, Bhishagratna Based on Original Sanskrit Text, Vol. 1: Sutrasthanam An English Translation of Kaviraj Kunja Lal 2016 9781334714658 $40 the Sushruta Samhita, Vol. Bhishagratna 2 An English Translation of Kaviraj Kunja Lal 2016 9781333488093 $30 the Sushruta Samhita, Bhishagratna Based on Original Sanskrit Text, Vol. 3 Great Temple at Thanjavur: George Michell 2011 9789380581019 $68 One Thousand Years 1010- 2010 Modern and Global Dagmar Wujastyk, 2008 9780791478165 $90 : Pluralism and Frederick Smith Paradigms Sculptures of Ś esạ śā yī Ratan Parimoo 1983 B01N5K87AZ $60 Visṇ u:̣ survey, iconological (ASIN) interpretation, formal analysis Past and Present (A Vanamala 2014 9788189650414 $44 Bird's Eye View of South Parthasarathy Indian Traditions)

Total: $478

Total estimated price of all books: $4,975.05 Amount requested for the grant: $5,000