iltP4‘,1**Z.Z.ifiA;46a6t..iW.4:. ‘i■C(.%.;:4,51.1 ,1,'"-'a.. igertVsee;I: Ch = ers a Is dad Messed killed Copyright 1990 Globe Communications Inc. HEERS star Woody Vis Harrelson's father - a mob hitman now in prison for gunning down a federal judge - vember 22, 1963, as the More than 25 doomed President's motorcade years after confessed more than a John F. passed by, according to testi- Kennedy was decade ago that he was mony at the hitman's gunned down, The GLOBE involved in the assassi- trial in 1980. reveals a new nation of President Ken- Amazingly, 52-year-old twist to his Charles V. Harrelson has never assassination nedy, The GLOBE has been questioned by the FBI about learned. his role in the JFK killing—even photography experts say the r n time Kennedy assassination inves- The elder Harrelson even though his claims are supported very likely is Harrelson. t igator and author of Crossfire, The drew a map showing exactly by photographs of a mystery man -11arrelson was, in my opinion a Tint That Killed Kennedy. Harrel- where he was positioned in arrested in Dallas less than an member of the Kennedy assas,:ivi.- son, whose son plays bartender Dealey Plaza in Dallas on No- hour after the assassination. Top tion team," says Jiin Marrs, a lo ig Woody on Cheers, later recanted his admission. Hut he has been linked by the HAIRLINE PHI to a shadowy group of hired gunmen, mercenaries and drug How he smugglers known as -Ile Compri- matches lie is now serving three life sen- ' tences in the 11.8. Penitentiary at Marion, Ill., for the 1979 murder-for- up with hire killing of Judge John Wood of LIPS San Antonio, , who was prob- mystery ing organized crime ties to the oar- CHIN critics trade. Harrelson is eligible for parole man in Charles Harrelson (above) and a picture of the mystce; suspect known as "The Tall Tramp" taken in 1963. "Lir,- May 22, 1998. less Harrelson has an Identical twin, there's no way he's "There was testimony at his trial Dallas not The Tall Tramp; say one leading photo expert that he admitted being involved in the JPIc assassination," his defense Harrelson's

attorney, Tom Sharpe Jr., has ac-

September, 1980, following his ar- knowledged. "Harrelson also

rest." milted his involvement to police in

covered the Wood murder trial for ness) told jurors that when he vis- the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, re- vealed: killing .Judge Wood and President about a 'will' in which he admitted ited I larrelson ... in jail in Sep-

tember, 1980, Harrelson told him Kennedy.

was first made public after he was

Cheers bartender Woody Harrelson has traveled a different path — to TV stardom

Reporter Anne Reifenberg, who

"Joe Chagra (a government wit-

"Harrelson's reported confession

father is


a hired

for life




arrested ... he reportedly ad- mitted both slayings. Chagra said Ilarrelson

matter at the same time I clear up

Plaza in Dallas to show me relson "drew a map of Healey the Wood matter.' " behind a fence on the famous "gras- Kennedy -was shot."

CHAGRA sy knoll" where witnesses say they where he was standing when saw gunflashes and heard gunfire.

"'I will clear up the Kennedy

He reportedly

Marrs says Harrelson told Chuck

Harrelson is currently

told him:

testified that Har-

pinpointed a spot

serving three life

"Listen, Cook of the Dallas here and have something that will be the

biggest story you ever had."

member that?" ply: "November 22, 1963. You re- rested "as a father. would be,

ness card of a close friend, Matthews -- a man he looked up to Harrelson was carrying the busi- close to Dallas nightclub owner

Jack Ruby, the man who gunned


down I,ce Harvey Oswald," so a man heavily engaged in criminal activity since the ilouse assassinations committee as

sination), then the entire spectruia of the Dallas underworld at that indeed involved in the ..11

mysterious men photographed en- "The 'tall Tramp" — one of three CharlesHarrelson." time becomes suspect.

der arrest in Healey Plaza. Wit- nesses saw at least one of the


And when asked what that story

Marrs also reveals that

"Russell Douglas Matthews was

"Mat thews was described by the

"If Dallas organized crime was

"And this would have to inclur]e

Researchers believe Harrelson is

for Judge Wood's murder,



feel free to talk, 1 .vill

for his role in the murder of 3 Texas judge. He's eligible for parole in 1998

and when 1


Morning News:

would only re-

get out


when ai -

1K assas-



' grassy knoll near the plaza. alike — behind the fence on the cal twin — and he doesn't — there's no way he's not The Tall

Select Committee on Assassina- says photographic expert Jack

Oswald (lid not act alone. . "tramps" because, at first glance, tions, which determined in 1978 White, a consultant to the House bums. But blow-ups that accused assassin Lee Harvey

show that their shoes appear to be new and shiny and their clothes are they look shabbily dressed, like his position

pinpointing tramps"

"Unless I larrelson has an identi-

The three

President when the

was shot


u map


h drew


e Harrelson look-

of the

were called



"tramps," who were ar- nation. "Were all three authors Gar) Shaw and and Shaw Gar) authors three all "Were nation. ar- were who "tramps,"

boxcar, were released so or more of them part of of part them of more or so released were boxcar,

learned why the three quickly after the assassi- an assassination team?" team?" assassination an assassi- the after quickly three the why learned

— but the resemblance resemblance the but —

'There was 'The Tall Tall 'The was 'There

rested while hiding in a real tramps, or was one Larry Harris ask. ask. Harris Larry one was or tramps, real a in hiding while rested Tramp!' Tramp!'

was just just was

betweeen the two photos photos two the betweeen

ment. "My God!" I said. said. I God!" "My ment.


court in San Antonio af- Antonio San in court

heart raced with excite- with raced heart

ter his 1980 arrest, his his arrest, 1980 his ter

GLOBE that when he he when that GLOBE

Gary Mack told The The told Mack Gary son are close enough in in enough close are son

relson being led into into led being relson

full-blown investigation." investigation." full-blown comparison to warrant a a warrant to comparison

tures of Charles Harrel- Charles of tures

man," says George Pearl, one of the nation's top experts on pho- on experts top nation's the of one Pearl, George says man,"

there there

tographic evidence. evidence. tographic

identified as The Tall Tramp' and Charles Harrelson that that Harrelson Charles and Tramp' Tall The as identified

dimmed. dimmed.

unsoiled. They are clean-shaven and their hair is neatly neatly is hair their and clean-shaven are They unsoiled.

No one has has one No "There were 17 years years 17 were "There

Assassination expert expert Assassination

"I believe that the 1963 tramp photos which I've studied and pic- and studied I've which photos tramp 1963 the that believe "I

"There are enough amazing similarities between the man man the between similarities amazing enough are "There


a videotape of Har- of videotape a

is a a is

(Continued from page 3) 3) page from (Continued

incredible." incredible."

very good probability that it is one and the same same the and one is it that probability good very

ever ever

assassination assassination

Investigators Investigators

was arrested arrested was

the mystery mystery the


agree he's he's agree

after JFK JFK after

, ,

who who

"Thanks to Dallas law law Dallas to "Thanks

Harold Elkins released released Elkins Harold

enforcement officials and and officials enforcement

the FBI, we may never never may we FBI, the

know. Deputy Sheriff Sheriff Deputy know.

Secret arvice agent scrambles onto JFK's limo as as limo JFK's onto scrambles agent arvice Secret

wile wile

it the the it

told MatlIa told

s:it:situ,' ion. ion. s:it:situ,'

care It Xenneily -- I hats hats I -- Xenneily It care

true,"i. • • true,"i.

confese-d to the .1FK as- as- .1FK the to confese-d

ten di di ten

admitted that he he that admitted

their their Mont miry in Hunts- in miry Mont

ville, ville,

being i.aken. i.aken. being

them without without them

interva w with GLOBE GLOBE with w interva


recoai recoai

"I s:lid s:lid "I

Ile ' ..i ' Ile

ugi lot or fingerprints fingerprints or lot ugi

In or exclusive prison prison exclusive or In



Ja: Ja:

names were writ- were names

.iTXaS, .iTXaS,

' \A.? \A.? '

.'e leans over over leans .'e

, ,

; killed JFIi." he he JFIi." killed ;

revealed. revealed.

klq klq

of my arrest" arrest" my of

Editor Ch Editor


made made

added that that added

"I "I

any arrest arrest any

I larrelson larrelson I

Not even even Not


V. V.

"I "I

didn't didn't

or any any or

yfT yfT


said said

the mortally wounded president president wounded mortally the

had had


e e

Oswald was gm ll ll gm was Oswald

said chillingly: "It "It chillingly: said

W11(11 W11(11

he fell silent, again. again. silent, fell he

not 1 not

Kennedy's assassination, assassination, Kennedy's other information information other

he only smiled smiled only he

when when

the the

he wasn't really one one really wasn't he

itory from which Lee Harvey Harvey Lee which from itory

Cops Cops


Texas School Book Depos- Book School Texas

"tramps" to jail, jail, to "tramps"

However, Harrelson Harrelson However,

(right). Behind them is the the is them Behind (right).


dead dead

ru,ry ru,ry

e!(` I larvey larvey I e!(`

Oswald allegedly shot shot allegedly Oswald

asked if he thought thought he if asked

take the three three the take

triggermen, triggermen,

asked asked

27 1 27

ringer ringer





1 .1 our our .1 1

if he had any any had he if

for Harrelson Harrelson for

smugly. smugly.

including a a including


y. Then Then y.

mystery mystery

about about

Was Was

but but

6 6

of of

' '