ARRB Record Tracking Chart Open

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies yes Bill Adams 11/63 burglary of the Could request Terrell, TX Any information re: the 11/63 burglary of the Terrell, TX, Natl. Guard USACIDC, FBI, USA 2/3/95 Terrell, TX, Natl. Guard police/sheriff’s report s if deemed an Armory. Any information re: Donnell Whitter and Lawrence Miller. Army INTC, and CIDC Armory investigative priority. Believes many agencies have destroyed files re: this incident. Specific local requests listed in letter. yes Bill Adams Arrest of John Franklin Request a file search from the FBI on DPD arrested an additional suspect in the assassination of JFK named All Federal 50+ at 8/13/94 Elrod Elrod. John Elrod. DPD released records after the “JFK” movie came out. Agencies. diff. Believes many agencies are withholding documents about Elrod. places Write letter to Army CID requesting any information of Elrod. yes Bill Adams Harry Power & rifle Could request Terre Haute AP article in 4/67 indicated that, 3 days after the FBI, Secret FBI 10/19/94 found in the Terre police/sheriff’s reports if deemed assassination, a man checked into a hotel in Terre Haute, IN. Service, See also: Haute hotel an investigative priority. When he checked out, he left behind a rifle like the local Dick Russell 11/27/63 assassination rifle. Man was identified as Harry Power. Letter lists documents not yet released.

Bill Adams FPCC None. Info only. FBI 5/17/95 yes Bruce Adamson Nelson Rockefeller, *Incorporated in contacts to all Rockefeller papers regarding George Bush and CIA. Henry CIA CIA 2/27/95 de Mohrenschildt, media organizations by Anne. Luce’s papers at Time-Life. Probe Connections between de independent George Bush, Wm. Mohrenschildt, Rockefeller and Bush. Wm. S. Paley files. de Time-Life, Paley, Henry Luce Mohrenschildt IRS information. CBS, Rockefeller Library

Bruce Adamson FBI investigation of Believes there is a connection between the suicide of FBI 2/27/95 Igor Cassini Charlene Wrightsman (Mrs. Igor Cassini), George de Mohrenschildt, RFK, and .

Gary Aguilar, et Medical/forensic Aguilar, along with others (including Mantik, Milam and Cyril Various al. records Wecht), has petitioned the Board to release/secure various 9/15/95 records relating to medical/forensic issues.

Daniel Alcorn CIA/organized Has asked that the Board review and release two CIA CIA 10/11/94 ARRB crime/John Martino documents relating to John Martino (RIF’s for the two Hearing documents were apparently submitted to the Board at the See also: Kelly time of his testimony last October).

Mark Allen Sam Giancana Files have been requested Release FBI documents on Giancana from 1958-1962, esp. FBI, CIA 4/23/95 1958-1962 Present to Board on 7/18/95 those documents that involve CIA-Mafia operations against Castro. FBI released documents on Giancana starting 1/1/63, Completed. but did not release § 19 of those records (§§ 18 and 20 were released.) Steve Tilley knows about this omission.

Mark Allen Agencies’ “Not Believes agencies (he has a particular FBI record in mind: a FBI

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies 1/25/96 Assassination 5/10/62 memo from Hoover to cronies, re: a long Hoover/RFK Related” abuse conversation) are abusing the “Not Assassination Related” loophole. Believes Board should hold agencies tightly accountable on this matter.

Mark Allen Mafia files Get views of Golrick, CIA team, List of files on different issues related to Mafia. FBI, CIA, SS 9/12/95 Zimmerman yes Bradley Ayers Ayers’ Service in CIA Team gather background Ayers’ FOIA requests release re: his participation in CIA, Army CIA, 2/10/95 CIA at JMWAVE information on JMWAVE. JMWAVE. Knows of at least 5 sealed envelopes re: above Intel. Army that have not yet been released. Intel.

Bradley Ayers JMWAVE: Living CIA Team gather background Believes the following living individuals have operational CIA 8/23/94 individuals information on JMWAVE. knowledge of circumstances surrounding assassination: 1) Theodore Shackley, Chief of station, JMWAVE; 2) Robert Wall, Deputy Chief of Operations, JMWAVE; 3) Grayson Lynch, Contract paramilitary trainer/agent, JMWAVE; 4) Felix Rodriguez, Contract paramilitary agent (Cuban born), JMWAVE; 5)Thomas Clines, CIA paramilitary case officer, JMWAVE. Wants to ask them about Gordon Campbell, David Morales, “Rip” Robertson, Edward Roderick, Tony Sforza, and Operation “Red Cross."

Bradley Ayers JMWAVE CIA Team gather background Ayers received a letter from Gaeton Fonzi in which Fonzi CIA 8/23/94 information on JMWAVE. suggested that Ayers request the ARRB to ask the CIA for a list of every operation initiated or coordinated by JMWAVE. Fonzi said also get operational history for both David Morales and Joe Sforza during 1962 and 1963.

Joseph Backes Rusty Livingston Backes believes Livingston or his nephew Gary Savage has Independent 11/18/94 ARRB files that went into valuable files and perhaps photographic evidence. Hearing writing First Day Evidence

Joseph Backes Tapes of Oswald’s In progress - 7.1.5. Wants an inquiry into whether Capt. Will Fritz secretly local 2/2/95 interrogation by recorded and later suppressed 14 hours of audiotapes of DPD, DPD Oswald’s interrogation at the DPD. Inquire into whether researchers Robert Groden has a copy of the tapes. See, Backe’s letter on Backe’s list for a list of those who may have knowledge of the tapes.

Joseph Backes HSCA “gag order” L. Requests the ARRB to make the HSCA nondisclosure HSCA 2/2/95 on staff agreement null and void.

Joseph Backes Oswald’s 201 file In Progress. Oswald’s 11/2/59 201 file, # 201-0748009. CIA 2/2/95 #201-0748009

Joseph Backes Assassination Records showing which items were deaccessioned by the Archives, 2/14/95 “artifacts” Archives to the Smithsonian. Smithsonian

Martin Barkley Stemmons Freeway Believes Board should pursue present whereabouts of the Local

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies 10/11/94 ARRB sign Stemmons Freeway sign. Hearing

Dennis Col. Marvin Believes Board should pursue the allegation made by Lt. Col. Army, CIA, Bartholomew allegation Daniel Marvin (see Fourth Decade) that the CIA approached local 8/19/95 and him about assassinating Lt. Cmdr. William Pitzer. 9/10/95; see also: Marvin

Dennis alleged forgeries of Bartholomew cites John Armstrong’s presentation at the ‘95 FBI, IRS, local Bartholomew LHO COPA convention, re: alleged forgery of LHO’s W-2 from NO 2/13/96 tax/employment employers: Pfisterer’s Dental Labs, Tujague’s and Dolly Shoe. forms Armstrong/Bartholomew believe the Tax ID #s for these employers were forged by the FBI/IRS and that the alleged dates of LHO’s employment are incorrect. Bartholomew wants the Board to get to the bottom of this issue.

Malcolm Blunt FBI Oswald files Oswald file number 65-28939-2546 (Claims FBI says this file FBI 6/30/95 does not exist.) Lee Henry Oswald file no. 105-124685. Wants Board to check the FBI “94" “hiding place” -- “Research Matters.” Lee Oswald file no. 26-93322-13.

Malcolm Blunt Secret Service files Wants the original complete investigation reports on the JFK Secret Service from New Orleans assassination from the Secret Service Office in New Orleans. field office on JFK Says NARA has a synopsis of the files, but the raw reports Inves. and individual interviews are absent.

Kathleen autopsy notes Cunningham faxed the ARRB an article in which she claims Cunningham that the “notes” Humes burned in his fireplace at home was 1/16/96 actually an early draft of the autopsy report, as opposed to notes, per se. Thus she believes the notes may stiill exist somewhere and wants us to try and find them.

Kathleen Histopathologic Kathleen believes there should be records relating to the Secret Service Cunningham Studies/Radiology listed subjects. 1/27/96 and Report/Elmer Moore 2/4/96 meeting w/Parkland doctors/Gochenaur testimony before Church Committee, re: the above.

Kathleen brain autopsy, Kathleen believes the record shows that the brain autopsy Secret Service Cunningham fixation, weight gain occurred sooner than some have suggested. 2/6/96

Kathleen draft report of Dr. Kathleen says HSCA record 180-10088-10221 indicates there Cunningham Dolce (Edgwood was a draft of WC ballistics report from Edgewood that 2/7/96 Arsenal), re: differed significantly from what was eventually submitted. ballistics She’d like the Board to determine if the draft ended up in the collection and, if not, secure it. Also, would like to see

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies redactions on page 47 of final report released if they haven’t been already.

Judith Davidson Great Falls, Completed. Investigation Any and all documents generated as a result of a shooting Secret 3/24/95 Montana, shooting closed. that occurred in the fall of 1963 in Great Falls, Montana, Service, in fall 1963 during the time of JFK’s visit there. local Great Falls, MT PD, MT State Police

Ronald E. Alleged “fenton Davis cites Robert Morrow and Jim DeEugenio in support of Davis Report,” re: the claim that Cliff Fenton of HSCA uncovered evidence of 11/22/95 conspiracy pre-assassination conspiracy meetings in New Orleans and meetings in New wrote a report on the evidence which HSCA Chief Counsel Orleans Blakey subsequently “buried.” Gary Rowell of “The Investigator” allegedly knows something about this, too. yes William Davy QKENCHANT and Request from CIA all CIA information re: CIA operations ZK/ENCHANT (Clay Shaw CIA CIA 1/28/95 ZRCLIFF background information on had a covert security clearance for the project) and ZR/CLIFF QKENCHANT and Hunter (CIA considered using Bradley in the operation. Bradley was a Leake. pilot, captured and detained in Cuba. On return, assisted by Shaw.) yes Frank Fair Play for Cuba Request from FBI the Tampa All documents re: the FPCC in Tampa/St. Petersburg area. FBI FBI DeBenedictis Committee in FPCC files. 3/10/95 Tampa. yes Adele E.U. Dr. Adele E.U. Have Anne do a name check on Any and all documents relating to herself and to Dr. Jose Secret SS, Edisen, Ph.D. Edisen, Dr. Jose Dr. Rivera. Rivera at NIH in the early 1960s. Any and all documents Service, FBI, FBI, 12/3/94 Rivera, Secret relating to Secret Service Rice’s interviews of her in 7/63 and CIA CIA, Service Agent J. Request to Secret Service on again on 11/24/63. Dr. Edisen believes that Dr. Rivera had NIH Calvin Rice Rice. foreknowledge of the assassination. She also believes he may have performed medical experiments on her without her knowledge.

James Garrison files Connick has agreed to provide Knows about at least one full file cabinet of material from the local DiEugenio material. Garrison investigation in the NO DA’s office now occupied by NO DA Harry 10/30/94 & Clear deed of gift. Harry Connick. HSCA was aware of this material. Connick 3/5/95 In Progress.

James Grand jury Connick has denied our request. Find and release all grand jury testimony from Garrison local DiEugenio testimony from Prepare memo on GJ issues investigation. NO DA’s 10/30/94 Garrison Raise question with Connick office, investigation In Progress. Louisiana courts

James Shaw trial Clerk advised all materials given Tape recordings and movie file stored in the NO PD Property local DiEugenio to HSCA or FBI. Court orders Clerk’s office. NO PD Clerk Voucher # W-2333. NO PD 10/30/94 re: same in file from N.O. Property Clerk Criminal District Court. In Progress.

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies

James DOJ mail section Have Golrick look into this. DOJ mail section series. RIFs indicate a large file that may DOJ DiEugenio series contain info. on FBI interference directed at Garrison 3/5/95 investigation.

James PBS “Frontline” Will be included in request to Obtain and release material PBS gathered in producing independent DiEugenio materials media for assassination records. “Frontline” based on the life of Oswald. The airing date was PBS Frontline 10/30/94 on the 30th anniv. of the assassination. in Boston, incl. David will call Gus Russo. Russo, Malone, Newman and Sullivan.

Dave Dix Joint Intel. Ops. L. All records re: JFK mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer. List of items CIA, JIOA rec’d 2/21/95 Board; Angleton found in Angleton’s safe. Records of Angleton as director of CI. See also Ravitnzky request.

George Evica SIFAR (Italian Evica believes Board should obtain SIFAR documents, re: Foreign, FBI 3/24/95 ARRB intelligence) Mannlicher-Carcano(s). FBI SA Robert Frazier, says Evica, Hearing could help here, and his notes/work materials should also be sought.

George Evica medical records: Suggests that the teaching institution affiliations of Parkland Local 3/24/95 ARRB teaching institutions and Bethesda doctors/residents be explored to see if their Hearing institutional files have anything of value.

Gaeton Fonzi Files of U.S. Request all Customs/CIA An informant told Fonzi that Diosdato, a U.S. Customs Agent, Customs, CIA, 11/15/94 Customs Agent records on Diosdato. was actually working for the CIA. Alpha 66 founder Antonio and Diosdato Cesar Diosdato Veciana said that Diosdato visited him after the assassination to ask him whether he knew anything about Oswald or about the . Fonzi says to subpoena Diosdato’s files. Diosdato did not cooperate with the HSCA.

Thomas H. Prof. Vincent P. Have Anne locate Guinn and The original computer tape and any surviving printout of the HSCA Foregger Guinn records on ask him for his working/back-up tape with data that Prof. Vincent P. Guinn (now at UMCP) 1/31/94 ballistics papers. developed in the course of applying Neutron Activation 6/26/95 Analysis to the JFK bullet fragments. Also, a copy of Prof. 7/27/95 Guinn’s paper entitled “Detailed Measurements of Homogeneity of Mannlicher-Carcano Bullets.” (Cited as reference 11 of his report to the HSCA.)

John Gooch Roscoe White, Tom has responded with a standard letter. Mr. Gooch does Edwin Walker, not have specific document requests. Permindex, etc.

John Gunther 10/19/63 edition of 1/29/96 letter from Jeremy Gunn Gunther forwarded a letter from David Edwards, whose uncle U.S. Army 10/23/95 The Geneva to Gunther, referencing referral was Brig. General Gordon Kimbrell, assigned in 1963 to the Diplomat prediction to Wray and intent to pursue. Intelligence Division of Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers of assassination Europe in Paris. Kimbrell subscribed to an expensive and attempt on JFK select intelligence newsletter called The Geneva Diplomat, supposedly put out by a man named Perzerki (or Pahzerky), who was in turn allegedly a deep cover agent for the U.S.

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies Army. The 10/19/63 edition allegedly claimed there would be an assassinataion attempt --- by rifle -- made on JFK. David Edwards claims to have seen the edition and wants the Board to locate it.

Carol Hewett LHO Social Security Hewett is attempting to sort out alleged inconsistencies in 2/23/96 Records LHO’s early school and employment history/records. Specifically, whether Oswald was in school or working full time for Dolly Shoe Company in 1955. Wants Review Board to secure records from Social Security Administration.

Paul Hoch Law Enforcement Investigation Issue #35. Believes that the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit (LEIU), a local, 11/28/94 Intelligence Unit and quasi-public network of police intelligence agencies, the DPD, independent, related files and the American Society for Industrial Security may have FBI pre-assassination files on Oswald because of his Communist Party leafletting in Dallas. Says FBI has files on LEIU and ASIS.

Paul Hoch HSCA Defector L. All records of the defectors to the USSR that the HSCA used HSCA 11/26/94 Study in their comparative study.

Paul Hoch Oswald’s ID card Request card issuance Files of other Marines discharged at the same time that Marines 11/26/94 issued upon his procedures from Marinesfor Oswald was discharged. Believes researchers could use the discharge from the @1959. information to evaluate whether the identification card issued Marines to Oswald upon his discharge was a conceivable error or Ask Army & Navy for more suspicious. pre-assassination files on Oswald.

Paul Hoch Zapruder film L. Wants a digitized version of the original or a first generation NARA 11/26/94 copy of the Zapruder film.

Paul Hoch Military Intelligence H. Any pre-assassination files on Oswald held by military Army 6/10/94 files on Oswald intelligence agencies. In particular Army Intelligence files Intelligence, and ONI files. ONI

Paul Hoch intercepted Oswald Hoch believes the Board should follow up on Epstein’s claim CIA 7/8/95 letters that the CIA intercepted more of Oswald’s mail than it has ever acknowledged.

Paul Hoch Medical evidence Referred to Quinn for Analysis. Military, CIA 7/17/95

Max Holland HUAC and SICC Believes the House UnAmerican Activities Committee and the Congress 10/11/94 ARRB records Senate Internal Security Committee may have assassination Hearing records

Max Holland private papers of Believes assassination-related material may be found in independent 10/11/94 ARRB officials from papers of Dillon, Katzenbach, McGeorge Bundy, McCone, Hearing JFK/LBJ admn. Allan Dulles, Helms and Schlesinger. Also, RFK.

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies yes Max Holland Watch Committee H -Ask State Dept. for records Release all records rec’d or generated by the “Watch DOS, other DOS 1/19/95 records received or generated by the Committee” that met from 11/22/63 to 11/29/63. Committee intelligence “Watch Committee.” was an inter-agency intel. group that convened for several agencies days after the assassination to examine foreign sources of information for indications of intl. links to the assassination.

Max Holland PFIAB records Memo received from Quinn President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB) PFIAB 2/4/95 Draft letter indicated to Holland that the JFK Act does not apply to them, because they are not an agency. yes Max Holland “Solo” Request to see FBI source files FBI should release more documents relating to“Solo” project FBI FBI 3/30/95 on released SOLO’s . so as to provide a context for determining the reliability of the informants. yes Max Holland FBI surveillance: Holland has submitted FOIA requests to the FBI relative to its FBI FBI 12/1/95 John Abt surveillance of: 1) John Abt, 2) . He Warren Comm. would appreciate any prodding the Board could do on these issues. yes Max Holland Jesse Curry Believes FBI may have files on Curry FBI FBI 12/24/95

Max Holland NBC transcript of Holland came across documentation that NBC intended to Local 12/27/95 11/22-25/63 donate such a transcript to JFK Library and Library of transmission Congress. Apparently, NBC never followed through. Holland thinks we should ask for it. JFK Library apparently does have CBS transcript, which Holland suggests we obtain from Library.

Max Holland John Barron On page 103 of this book, Barron references that the Warren 1/11/96 reference in Commission was provided “a secret summary of what Morris Operation Solo to learned” as a result of being in the Kremlin on the day of the Morris Child report assassination. Holland wants to know where this document to Warren is. Commision

James Telephone calls to Record of telephone calls from Cuba to the US at least for the NSA, Johnston and from Cuba month of November, 1963. Believes that all calls from Cuba local 7/6/95 during this time would have been operator-assisted collect Bell calls. Billing records should be with the regional Bell Companies Operating Companies.

James 1963 Telephone 1963 telephone directories and cross-directories for local Johnston Directories metropolitan Dallas, New Orleans, Miami, Tampa, Detroit, Telephone 7/6/95 Chicago, New York, and Las Vegas. Thinks it would be Companies in useful to have these in the JFK collection at NARA. individual cities

John Judge SAC, NRO, Wants assassination-day records for these and other military SAC, NRO, 10/11/94 Pentagon War entities, consistent with his belief that the assassination was, DOD, NSA ARRB Hearing Room in fact, a military coup d’etat by Joint Chiefs

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies

John Judge Gurvich Gurvich is deceased. His Investigator for Garrison during Shaw investigation. May local, 6/29/95 brother runs the detective have some of Garrison’s files. Presently a detective in a independent agency. *Will pursue, time security agency. permitting, if these are prioritized as assassination records. In progress.

John Judge Ed Butler We have Butler’s whereablouts. Allegedly has all of Guy Banister’s files. (Same alleation local, 6/29/95 *Will pursue, time permitting, if made to 5 other entities). independent these are prioritized as assassination records. Have Anne send a letter.

John Judge Leander Perez Need more information on Allegedly connected with Guy Banister, Ochsner, Merchisun, local, 6/29/95 Perez. *Will pursue, time Hunt Bros., and Reilly. Wants ARRB to seek all of his independent permitting, if these are prioritized papers. as assassination records. Have Anne call Perez and ask if he has records related to these people.

John Judge LA State Police Investigation in progress. Intelligence Division allegedly has extensive files on Gen. local, 6/29/95 Walk, Leander Perez, etc... independent

John Judge Ochsner Foundation *Will pursue, time permitting, if Extensive CIA connections/research. CIA, 6/29/95 these are prioritized as local, assassination records. Jeremy independent will assign a CIA team member to check out the status of MKULTRA in the CIA collection.

John Judge Tulane Medical *Will pursue, time permitting, if CIA/Ochsner research on MKULTRA. CIA, 6/29/95 Center these are prioritized as local, assassination records. Jeremy independent will assign a CIA team member to check out the status of MKULTRA in the CIA collection.

John Judge Louisiana State *Will pursue, time permitting, if Allegedly did extensive research on MKULTRA with Tulane CIA, 6/29/95 Mental Hospital in these are prioritized as Univ. Seek files on Dr. Frank Silver (Baton Rouge, LA), Dr. local, Jackson, Louisiana assassination records. Jeremy Butterworth (former Director), and Timothy Leary. independent will assign a CIA team member to check out the status of MKULTRA in the CIA collection.

John Judge Alton Ochsner, Sr. Jeremy will assign a CIA team Allegedly has connections to CIA as doctor for Central/South CIA 6/29/95 member to check out the status America. Allegedly connected to Ed Butler, INCA, and Isaac of MKULTRA in the CIA Don Levine. Judge says Ochsners still have CIA collection. connections.

John Judge Request CIA to identify

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies 6/29/95 William Burke personnel in N.O. in 1963. CIA Chief, New Orleans, LA. 1960s. CIA

John Judge Malcolm Monroe, L. Attorneys for CIA in New Orleans. Allegedly represented CIA 6/29/95 Stephen Leman, Beaubeuf, Gordon Novel, and Ochsner in LA. Monte Leman, Steven Plotkin, Eddie Sapir, Frank Klein

Paul Kangas E. Howard Hunt L - Is this a records search or an Subpoena Hunt and have him testify about reports that he local 4/10/95 investigation? was on the grassy knoll.

Paul Kangas George H.W. Bush L - Assign staff to look up the FBI records he was a CIA agent in Dallas coordinating the FBI, CIA 4/10/95 George Bush issue. assassination. Subpoena Bush and have him testify about his knowledge about the assassination.

Paul Kangas John Milton Parrott L. Records regarding Parrott and his involvement in the John FBI 4/10/95 Birch Society in .

Paul Kangas Nixon White House Ask Steve Tilley about the status Kangas says that at least nine of the Nixon White House NARA 1/31/95 Audiotapes and content of these tapes. audiotapes have references to the assassination. Requests release of all Watergate audiotapes. Has petitions signed by over 500 people requesting release of the tapes.

Paul Kangas 29 Army Intelligence Request from Army a list of Wants U.S. Army files on the role of 29 Army Intelligence Army 10/10/94 agents in Dallas Army Intell. In Dallas on agents that were in Dallas on 11/22/63. Memphis Comm. 11/22/63. What was Army’s Appeal, 3/21/93. role in the protection of the President?

Paul Kangas Evidence showing L - Locate HUAC records & the Believes there are 1947 HUAC documents showing Jack NARA 10/10/94 worked Oswalld file. Ruby worked for Nixon. There is a whole box of files from for Nixon 1947 on this.

Paul Kangas 2/28/64 FBI L. Release FBI document from 2/28/64 showing FBI suspected FBI 10/10/94 document re: Nixon Nixon was in Dallas on 11/22/63. in Dallas

Paul Kangas 11/29/63 FBI Release FBI document from 11/29/63 showing George H.W. FBI 10/10/64 document re: Bush was in Dallas on 11/22/63. George Bush in Dallas

William Kelly John Martino, Request and release files on John Martino’s CIA-sponsored CIA 10/11/94 ARRB anti-Castro activities anti-Castro missions to Cuba Hearing; see also: Alcorn

William Kelly Ruth Paine’s notes Says that Pailne referred to notes in her WC testimony that 10/11/94 ARRB have never been made part of the record Hearing

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies William Kelly corporate personnel Believes Board should pursue personnel records from local, 10/11/94 ARRB records relevant companies, including Collins Radio independent Hearing

William Kelly Richard Sprague Claims that some early HSCA files did not make the transition independent 10/11/94 ARRB files from Sprague to Blakey; ie, that Sprague has “HSCA” Hearing documents that are not in the HSCA collection

Arend Nix film Will attempt to locate Bock if it is Requests ARRB to locate and release the original Orville Nix independent Kistemaker determined this is an film. UPI allegedly locked it in a safe deposit box in 1964 after United Press 1/13/95 investigative priority. the WC viewed it. Alexander P. Bock, UPI’s retired treasurer, International had the key. Film now missing from UPI.

D. Bradley Parkland Hospital Suggests the ARRB contact Dr. Skip Garvey, re: notes Local Kizzia records regarding Dr. Crenshaw’s presence in Trauma Room One; 12/21/95 also recommends we obtain video of a meeting involving several Parkland doctors hosted by the Council on World Affairs.

Jim Koepke Mike Hall, former Mike Hall has reportedly Mike Hall, a former Bureau Chief for the ATF in Minneapolis, BATF, CIA, 7/10/95 BATF Bureau Chief passed away since this inquiry claims to have knowledge of CIA involvement in the independent was received. assassination. Acquired knowledge while working in Miami (Mike Hall) as ATF agent. Koepke confirmed with ATF. Fonzi may have written about Hall in his book.

Jim Lesar CIA media assets Lesar wants the Board to secure information about CIA media CIA, FBI (?) ARRB Hearing assets who may have contributed to an official (if secret) 10/11/94 campaign to impugn Warren Commission critics; he suggests the Board start by requesting the files of those critics and work backwards from there to determine the assets who attacked them.

Jim Lesar CIA in camera CIA 3/6/95 affidavits from Allen v. CIA

David S. Lifton Oswald Determine if Navy Dept. has any records of LHO’s reading at Navy 7/22/94 Background: Base libraries where he was stationed: e.g., El Toro, Calif. Reading Material (spring & summer 1957 and then Dec. 1958 - Sept. 1959) and at Atsugi Naval Air Station, Japan (Sept. 1957 - Nov. 1958)

David S. Lifton FBI 12/9/63 Report Determine whether FBI 12/9/63 report was altered. Request FBI 5/23/95 any earlier drafts.

Harrison military records of Believes all these records would be relevant to his thesis that Army, Navy, Livingstone all personnel autopsy was a fraud and autopsy photographs forged. Air Force, 10/11/94 ARRB present at JFK DOD Hearing autopsy

Gary Mack recordings of Secret Believes that Secret Service monitored Dallas Police Signal Corps, 11/18/94 ARRB Service radio broadcasts out of the Adolphus Hotel which were then fed Secret Service

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies Hearing channels back to Air Force One and Washington; and that there are Local tapes of these broadcasts; also, Mack says several Dallas radio stations routinely monitored Dallas Police radio channels, and may have recorded them on 11/22/63.

Gary Mack Cap Field Wants the Board to request FBI and Secret Service files on or FBI, Secret 11/18/94 ARRB otherwise locate Field, who was allegedly a Service, Local Hearing witness who took one or more photographs.

Gary Mack photos of Dr. Carl Dockery allegedly took some 150 photos of Oswald FBI, Parkland 11/28/94 ARRB emergency room at Parkland; film was confiscated by Parkland security and Hearing treatment of Oswald never seen again; apparently there is an FBI reference to photos having been taken.

Priscilla J. Russian records Believes the (Russian) Presidential Archives should be Former Soviet McMillan contacted, as well as Central Committee’s Otdel Union 3/24/95 ARRB Administrativnikh Organov, GRU, Byeloruss govt., former Hearing KGB official Yvegeny Pitrovanov and others.

David W. HSCA Document released as “open HSCA correspondence with Dr. Pierre Finck, one of the three CIA, HSCA Mantik, M.D., correspondence in Full” and copy sent to JFK autopsy pathologists, referred to CIA by HSCA Ph.D. with Dr. Pierre Finck Mantick on 12/18/95 6/27/95

Richard D. New Orleans, 1963 Anne contacted him in Oct. 95; Sent a 8/95 letter to Kermit Hall which eventually made it to Manuel Joe Freeman in Feb. 96. Jeremy Gunn, re: possible information Manuel may have on 8/21/95 Manuel provided leads of Bannister, Butler, Oswald et al in New Orleans in ‘63. unknown value, re: Oswald in NO witnesses. Leads passed on to Jeremy Gunn and David Montague.

Jim Marrs Oswald School Marrs wants the Board to determine if Oswald attended Local 11/18/94 ARRB Records Stripling Junior High; references Frank Kudlaty who allegedly Hearing turned records confirming same over to FBI in 1963.

W. Anthony FBI memo re: bullet Document checked by Joe F., Document released to NARA with three words redacted. FBI Marsh analysis who believes Marsh simply has Wants the three words released in full. 9/9/94 62-109090-3452 a bad copy, and that the three words aren’t redacted at all; in any case, document is open in full in other parts of the JFK collection. Believe Tom subsequently forwarded clean version of document to Marsh.

W. Anthony Barghoorn incident All documents related to the Barghoorn incident, esp. with FBI, CIA Marsh regard to whether Barghoorn told JFK that he had once 9/9/94 worked for CIA.

Daniel Marvin Alleged Lt. Col. Daniel Marvin, U.S. Army Special Forces (ret.) claims Army, CIA,

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies see also assassination of Lt. the CIA tried to recruit him to assassinate Pitzer (who later Navy Bartholomew Cmdr. William Pitzer committed ‘suicide’, but Marvin believes he was murdered). 9/22/95 Pitzer allegedly had tapes/photos of JFK autopsy. Marvin 2/20/96 also claims that that a Boston Mafia don told him the CIA had offered the don a contract on JFK, but the Boston don declined; also, that as a Special Forces officer detailed to and being trained by CIA as an assassin, he was shown Zapruder film for training purposes.

Philip Melanson files of groups with Believes Board should secure pre-assassination files of Local 3/24/95 ARRB which Oswald organizations with which Oswald corresponded: FPCC, Hearing corresponded Communist Party USA, Socialist Workers, ACLU.

Philip Melanson Alpha-66 in Dallas Believes the CIA should have files on Dallas chapter of CIA 3/24/95 ARRB Alpha-66, and that these should be requested and released Hearing

Thomas Meros Jim Leavelle’s notes Meros says Leavelle told him that he is still in possession of independent 11/18/94 ARRB of Oswald notes he took during Oswald’s interrogation by DPD; Joe Hearing interrogation Backes corroberated Meros, claiming he has Leavelle on videotape acknowledging his possession of notes.

Thomas Meros FBI and Ruby visits Dee McCarell, then an employee of the County Recorder’s Local 11/18/94 ARRB to County office, told Meros that the FBI visited the office the wk. before independent Hearing Recorder’s office the assassination and asked for records pertaining to Oswald; and that Ruby visited the office the day before the assassinaation and asked to see the County Recorder

Wallace Milam FBI document re: FBI document of 11/22/63 from Shanklin (DL FBI) re: Jean FBI 9/17/94 Jean Souetre Souetre.

Wallace Milam Eyewitnesses and Document is Open in Full; 3 page document dated 2/19/64 (HSCA #002603) from J. Lee FBI 9/17/94 WC Administration copy sent to Milam on 11/3/95 Rankin to Leon Hubert. Marked “Referred”

Wallace Milam SS Protective Document is Open in Full; 2 page document dated 8/18/78 (HSCA #010932) from SS 9/17/94 Research Section copy sent to Milam on 11/3/95 Robert Bouck to HSCA. Deals with SS Protective Research Section, James Fox, Robert Bouck, medical evidence, Roy Kellerman.

Wallace Milam Autopsy Document is Open in Full; 2 page document dated 11/26/78 (HSCA #008788) from FBI 9/17/94 copy sent to Milam on 11/3/95 Sibert and O’Neill to SAC Baltimore re: the autopsy, Admiral Burkley and Dr. Humes.

Wallace Milam Minutemen, Thomas 2 page document dated 6/28/78 (HSCA #009599) from CIA to CIA, FBI 9/17/94 Eli Davis, etc... HSCA re: CIA files, Jack Ruby’s background, Minutemen, Thomas Eli Davis and FBI files.

Wallace Milam Parkland Hospital Jeremy met with Parkland All Parkland Hospital files re: care and treatment of JFK, local 10/14/94 files officials on 12/19/95; They will particularly any documents re: a 12/63 meeting between turn over complete file. Secret Service agents and Parkland administrators and medical personnel who attended JFK.

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies

Wallace Milam Dallas County Incorporated in Investigative Sheriff’s Dept. generated files in the early days of the local 10/14/94 Sheriff’s Dept. Files Issue #7. investigation.

Wallace Milam HSCA Medical Milam says transcript of Finck’s 3/12/78 appearance before 11/18/94 ARRB Panel interview w/ HSCA Medical Panel is incomplete; wants Board to locate Hearing Dr. Pierre Finck and release the rest of it.

Wallace Milam HSCA interview Andy Purdy of HSCA interviewed Robinson; Milam claims 11/1894 ARRB w/Thomas Robinson tthere are redactions in transcript; he wants Board to locate Hearing of Gawler’s the original tape.

Wallace Milam FBI fingerprint Release any photographs taken or rec’d, or memoranda FBI, 4/18/95 expert Sebastian written by FBI fingerprint expert Sebastian Latona in local Latona November or December, 1963. Latona reports that he DPD directed that photos be taken of the Mannlicher-Carcano. Also reports that he rec’d photos taken by DPD Lt. J.C. Day.

Wallace Milam HSCA medical Dennis cannot locate any 5/21/95, and panel working “working papers” in HSCA 6/30/95 papers Records; Purdy doesn’t have any; ecommend contact members of Panel for information.

Wallace Milam Connection between Believes there may ber a link between employment at the NASA, 6/30/95 Reilly Coffee Reilly Coffee Company and employment at the NASA facility local Company and at Michoud, LA (outside New Orleans.) Lists names of Reilly Coffee NASA facility in individuals who worked at both places (see Milam’s letter) and Co. Michoud, Louisiana other relevant individuals.

Wallace Milam CIA secret Historian Michael Beschloss claims that Richard Helms CIA 6/30/95 investigation of indicated that the CIA conducted its own investigation of the assassination Kennedy assassination under LBJ’s orders, including examination of the Zapruder film and the autopsy materials.

Wallace Milam HSCA Interview of Document is Open in Full; HSCA Document 180-10091-10155. Outside Contact Report HSCA 6/30/95 Robert I. Bouck copy sent to Milam on 11/3/95 of an interview with Robert I. Bouck of the Secret Service. Bouck was in charge of the x-ray materials after they were delivered by Kellerman on morning of autopsy. [Document listed as referred on 6/22/93.]

Wallace Milam Samuel Bird tape D. Montague determined Bird is Samuel Bird was in charge of the Honor Guard that HSCA, 6/30//95 and interviews dead; will contact family asing accompanied JFK’s casket. Bird apparently made a local about tape( Note: Bird told Purdy contemporaneous tape recording of his role in the (Samuel Bird) in ‘78 that tape contained assassination weekend. Bird lives in Wichita - his phone nothing about autopsy). number is in the letter. HSCA confirmed that Bird still had the tape in 1978.

Wallace Milam Vincent Guinn, Milam maintains that Guinn’s testimony to the HSCA (re: 6/27/96 HSCA and Neutron Connally wrist fragment and CE 399) contradict Guinn’s own Activation Analysis research and writings on Mannlicher-Carcano bullets. Given

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies the importance of Guinn’s testimony in buttressing single-bullet theory, Milam believes ARRB should interview Guinn about these contradictions.

Page Putnam RFK telephone logs Wants RFK telephone logs from both before and after the JFK Library Miller assassination released. ARRB Hearing 10/11/94

Page Putnam Alleged Labor Dept. Miller believes that RFK ordered some people in the Labor Labor Dept. Miller assassination Dept. to conduct an investigation of the assassination with a ARRB Hearing investigation, specific slant on Mafia involvement. Miller wants the Board 10/11/94 requested by RFK to follow up on this lead.

John Newman John Franklin Elrod, See Bill Adams letter of 2/3/95. DPD has records indicating they arrested Elrod on 11/22/63. FBI, US Army, 11/16/93 Lawrence Miller, Elrod claims he told Memphis FBI that he saw Oswald identify Natl. Guard, (comments at Donnell Whitter, another prisoner, Lawrence Miller, in the jail that day. Miller local public hearing) Terrell, TX, theft had been arrested two days earlier with jack Ruby’s auto mechanic Donnell Whiiter with U.S. Army weapons stolen from Natl. Guard Armory in Terrell, Texas. FBI 14 page report on Whitter is still classified. Some documents released. See letter.

John Newman FBI files on “Funds Newman wants the Board to pursue these files. See also FBI 10/11/94 transmitted to Peter Dale Scott, 3/6/95. ARRB Hearing residents of Russia”

John Newman CIA debriefing of CIA should have and probably did, debrief Oswald. CIA 11/16/93 Oswald (comments at public hearing) yes Lisa Pease Paul Hoch memo Pease copied the Board on a FOIA request to CIA, re: CIA, NARA CIA done for Rockefeller letter/memo by Paul Hoch among Rockefeller Commission Commission papers. Apparently, CIA redacted it and Pease wants an unredacted version. Record Number 178-10002-10378. yes Michael Joseph Patrick Release all records re: JFK’s older brother, Joseph Patrick FBI FBI Ravnitzky Kennedy, Jr. Kennedy, Jr. 1/22/95 yes Michael Jacqueline Kennedy Release all records re: JFK’s widow. FBI FBI Ravnitzky Onassis 1/22/95 yes Michael Robert Sharon Allen Release all records re: Allen, a mentor of Jack Anderson. FBI FBI Ravnitzky 1/22/95 yes Michael W. Averell Harriman Release all records re: Ambassador Harriman. FBI FBI Ravnitzky

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies 1/22/95 yes Michael Roberta Lynn Release all records re: Ms. Kupcinet, who died within a day or FB, CIA FBI Ravnitzky Kupcinet two after the assassination. Her father was a well-known 1/22/95 journalist in Chicago with indirect ties to Ruby. yes Michael Jerry Gird Landauer Release all records re: this investigative reporter who died in FBI FBI Ravnitzky 1971, during his investigation of various JFK-related leads. 1/22/95 yes Michael Mary Eno Pichot Release all records re: Mary Meyer, who was married to a top FBI, CIA FBI Ravnitzky Meyer CIA official and also had a relationship with JFK. Ms. Meyer 1/22/95 died under mysterious circumstances, perhaps related to the assassination. See also, Dave Dix request. yes Michael Grant Stockdale Release all records of Grant Stockdale, who was a Kennedy FBI FBI Ravnitzky staffer that committed suicide immediately after the 1/22/95 assassination. yes Michael Genl. Edwin Release all records re: Genl. Walker, including records FBI FBI Ravnitzky Anderson Walker surrounding Oswald’s reported attempted on Walker’s life. 1/22/95 yes Michael Mae Brussell Release all records re: Mae Brussell, a conspiracy theorist FBI Ravnitzky who died of cancer. 1/22/95

Michael William C. Sullivan Release all records re: FBI official William C. Sullivan, who FBI Ravnitzky was killed accidentally by a hunter the day before testifying 1/22/95 before the HSCA.

Michael Oswald census Release census forms for Oswald. Census Ravnitzky forms Bureau 1/28/95

Randolph H. personal papers of These papers are in the JFK Release personal papers of Warren Christopher, who was in Carter Library, Robertson, Warren Christopher Collection and are ”open in DOJ and was instrumental in setting up the Clark Panel to DOJ M.D. during Carter admin. full”. review the autopsy materials. Located in the Carter Library in 10/26/94 Atlanta, Georgia.

Dick Russell USSS interview with Believes Boards should seek release of notes/transcript of Secret Service 3/24/95 ARRB Marina Oswald, re: 1/18/64 Secret Service interview with Marina Oswald at which Hearing Richard Nagell she was allegedly questioned about Richard Nagell

Dick Russell JFK Library files on Russell says there is a file on Cuban exiles at t he JFK Library JFK Library 3/24/95 ARRB Cuban exiles that has never been released. Hearing. See also:Gus Russo

Dick Russell foreign Believes Board should seek KGB, GRU, Cuban and Foreign 3/24/95 ARRB sources/contacts on Japanese intelligence files on Nagell; also, files on Col. Nikolai Eroshkin and Prof. Chikao Fujisawa, who allegedly

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies Hearing Richard Nagell knew Oswald in Japan.

Dick Russell Harry L. Power Power was the San Antonio Trotskyite who left a CIA, FBI 3/24/95 ARRB Mannlicher-Carcano in an Indiana hotel room shortly after the Hearing. See assassination. Russell urges a request for files on him. also: B. Adams

Dick Russell H.L. Hunt Thinks govt. files on H.L. Hunt should be requested, suggests CIA, FBI 3/24/95 ARRB family members/employees be questioned. Alleges that independent Hearing Hunt asked employee to check on level of security in Dallas jail day before Ruby shot Oswald; also that Hunt conducted an ongoing damage-control investigation of Garrison probe.

Dick Russell John Thomas Allegedly, a right-wing, Minute-Men arms dealer close to H.L. ATF 3/24/95 ARRB Mason Hunt and Cuban exiles. ATF agent named Frank Elsworth independent hearing once arrested Mason (prior to the assassination) and subsequently claimed he was a dead ringer for Oswald. Mason, says Russell, is alive in Dallas area.

Dick Russell CIA Mexico City files Wants CIA files on the Hotel Luna, its proprietor and, in CIA 3/24/95 ARRB particular, a head waiter named Franz Waehauf. Hearing

Dick Russell Richard Nagell Russell believes Board should subpoena Nagell. Russell 3/24/95 ARRB also says Nagell may have a photo of himself with Oswald, Hearing and possibly even a tape recording of he and Oswald w/others.

Gus Russo Cuban activity Any information re: Cuban activity, and esp. pro-Castro Kennedy 3/7/95 activity. Request the Kennedy Library to provide this Library & 2/19/94 information, but to review the following sources in particular: (1) the private papers of RFK, (2) oval offices tapes from Kennedy’s presidency, and (3) audiotapes of conversations b/t RFK and LBJ. Believes RFK may have had contact with Ferrie, Banister, Arcacha-Smith and others.

Gus Russo Pro-Castro Cuban All information re: anti-Castro operations during the Kennedy CIA 3/7/95 activity, Mexico City presidency. All information re: known and suspected Castro & 2/19/94 agents operating in Mexico City and U.S. All information re: double agent assets in Cuba Project. All information re: Cuban plots against U.S. Presidents. All information held by Angleton relating to Win Scott, Cuba, and the assassination.

Gus Russo Pro-Castro Cuban All Cuban files in New Orleans (esp. SA DeBrueys) and in FBI (esp. CI) 3/7/95 activity Miami. All information on known or suspected pro-Castro agents in Mexico or U.S.

Gus Russo Pro-Castro Cuban Investigation in progress. All files on known or suspected pro-Castro agents in Florida. local 3/7/95 activity Investigative Issue #30. Esp. files of Det. G.M. Zenoz. Miami Police Intelligence Division

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies

Gus Russo Cuban activity All files from ONI re: Cuba from 1959-1964 and from Secret ONI, Secret 3/7/95 Service. Service & 2/19/94

Gus Russo Pro-Castro Cuban All documents regarding pro-Castro Cuban activity, esp. DIA, DOS, 3/7/95 activity known threats to the life of the President. Secret Service

Gus Russo Cuban activity Will initiate investigation if All Cuban notes and documents held by Desmond FitzGerald, Independent 3/7/95 determined to be a priority. William Harvey, Richard Bissell, Dean Rusk, Robert Private McNamara, Robert Woodward, Win Scott, and J. J. Angleton. individuals listed

Tom Samoluk Marcello Tapes and Summers, J. Davis, Sanders, Zaid, and Posner write about FBI 4/25/95 related documents three ELSUR tapes that allegedly contain conversations in which Carlos Marcello discusses the assassination. According to Summers, Davis is suing for release of the tapes.

Charles J. Medical records of Investigative Issue #39. Radiography and other hospital records accumulated prior to local Sanders Gov. Connally and at the time of his death by the Methodist Hospital in 5/10/95 Houston, and by his personal physicians are important to evaluating the single bullet theory.

Charles J. Israeli Any records which may have been generated by State (per § Sanders investigation(s) investigations conducted independently by the Israeli govt. 10(b)(2) of the 5/10/95 and/or by Mossad, the Israeli intelligence organization. ARCA)

Charles J. British intelligence Any records that British intelligence may have generated re: State (per § Sanders the assassination. In his 10/11/94 testimony to the Board, 10(b)(2) of the Sanders also referenced the governments/intelligence ARCA) agencies of France, Algeria, Morocco, Japan , Israel and Cuba. yes Frank J. Sarna, photographs and Investigative Issue #7. On the day Ruby shot Oswald, Oswand went to Parkland for FBI, local FBI III x-rays of LHO taken surgey. Dr. Karl (or Carl) Dockery, a radiology intern, took up 10/19/94 by Dr. Dockery at to 9 rolls of 35 mm color and black and white film of the 6/15/94 Parkland on surgery. X-rays of Oswald were also taken that day. FBI 11/24/63 documents and Parkland Hospital correspondence confirm that the film exists and is in the possession of Parkland Hospital. yes Frank J. Sarna, Oswald in Montreal, FBI serial 105-82555-3028 indicates that there were FBI, Canadian FBI III Canada, in summer allegations that Oswald was in Montreal in the summer of Govt. 6/15/94 1963 1963 and that the FBI investigated the same. Sarna obtained the documents in a FOIA request, but they are heavily redacted.

Frank J. Sarna, J.D. Tippett x-rays Investigative Issue #7. Any x-rays or medical records that Parkland Hospital may local, FBI III at Parkland Hospital have concerning the death of J.D. Tippett. 6/15/94

Peter Dale CIA MexiCable Board voted to postpone this This is the first post-assassination cable to come out of the CIA

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies Scott 7012, 11/22/63 document at its 8/29/95 meeting. Mexico City station, and Scott wants it released. 10/11/94 ARRB Hearing

Peter Dale Sylvia Duran Scott wants the Board to secure and release the Mexico City CIA, FBI Scott Station’s personality file on Duran; also, he wants Board to 10/11/94 investigate various issues relative to Duran’s interrogation by ARRB hearing the Mexican police (see pages 35-36 of 10/11/94 hearing transcript).

Peter Dale FBI COINTELPRO Release full records of FBI’s COINTELPRO against FPCC FBI Scott against FPCC files. 3/6/95

Peter Dale FPCC Release entire FPCC files at FBI HQ, New Orleans and FBI Scott Dallas. Esp. NO 97-74 and Bufile 97-4196-33. 3/6/95

Peter Dale FBI files on “Funds Release Bufile 100-353406 and DL 105-976. The subject of FBI Scott transmitted to DL 105-976 is “Funds Transmitted to Residents of Russia,” 3/6/95 residents of Russia” but it may include Oswald documents outside the scope of the title. See also Newman, 10/11/94.

Peter Dale correspondence Release files containing correspondence in the U.S. between DOS, CIA, FBI Scott between Oswalds Lee and Marina and the Soviet Embassy in Washington, D.C. 3/6/95 and USSR Embassy in US

Peter Dale Other FBI files Release “anomalous” FBI files on Oswald, including: FBI, CIA Scott * file number NY 105-38431, with news clippings of 3/6/95 Oswald’s defection and return (esp. Serial -1) * New Orleans 105-1095, entitled “Anti-Castro Activities IS - Cuba,” (esp. NO 105-1095-129, which is a 17 page CIA document)

Peter Dale Oswald Release all records about anyone who identified themselves All Agencies, Scott impersonators as Oswald, including all records on known aliases attributed esp. CIA, FBI, 3/6/95, also to Oswald (esp. A.J. Hidell.) This would include any Mexico and Army 10/11/94 City audio tapes of a “false Oswald”. Intel. ARRB Hearing

Peter Dale FBI interview with FBI interviewed Luis Kutner, a prominent Chicago atty who FBI Scott Luis Kutner had knew Ruby. Never turned over notes of interview to 3/6/95 Warren Commission.

Peter Dale DEA records on Ruby was a narcotics informant for the DPD and may have DEA Scott Ruby reported to the Fed. Bureau of Narcotics, predecessor to 3/6/95 DEA.

Peter Dale MEXI 6344 cable CIA cable MEXI 6344 of 10/1/63 to release name of CIA CIA Scott officer withheld.

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies 4/21/95

Peter Dale John Koch (al. Release records re: this DRE member arrested in raid of Lake FBI and other Scott Kock) Gene Pontchartrain north of New Orleans. Reffered to in Old Box agencies, 4/21/95 JFK 16, Folder 42 of the HSCA CIA Segregated Collection at incl. NARA NARA.

Peter Dale Paulino Sierra Secret Service investigated Martinez as assassination All Agencies, Scott Martinez suspect. FBI file number 105-121010. esp. SS, FBI 3/6/95 & 4/21/95

Peter Dale Mexico City file Oswald is called “Harvey Lee Oswald” in this file. FBI Scott MC 105-2137 on 3/6/95 & Oswald 4/21/95

Martin LHO American Two Dutch journalists have claimed that the Rotterdam Office foreign, Shackelford Express file in of American Express has a file on Oswald; the office private 11/18/94 ARRB Rotterdam reportedly confirmed its existence, but wouldn’t show it to t he Hearing journalists

Martin QKEnchant This is an alleged CIA project for which Clay Shaw and his CIA Shackelford counterpart at t he San Francisco Trade Mart are said to have 11/18/94 ARRB had clearances Hearing. See also: W. Davey

Jerry Shinley Joe Molina, John Transcripts of SACB proceedings against Stanford. Any and SACB, FBI, 2/27/95 Stanford, Wm. all FBI, DPD or TX AG files on Molina, Lowery, Stanford, or DOJ, Lowery the American GI Forum. local DPD, TX AG

Jerry Shinley Oswald-Communist David Marwell directed Anne FBI and Baton Rouge, LA, District Attorney, records re: FBI, Senate 12/14/94 Party connections Buttimer not to pursue with Communist Party literature mailed in January 1956. Any FBI Internal Baton Rouge D.A. -- too mail-cover of the St. Louis, MO, address P.O. Box 464, that Security unfocused. was a return address on Communist Party mailings to New Subcomm., Orleans. Look for evidence of a letter from Oswald. Also, ask local all agencies listed for records on Communist Party activity in New Orleans from 1954-1956. Finally, ask any living person who testied at the SISS hearings whether they remember Oswald.

Jerry Shinley American Nazi Party Will pursue local/private leads if Any records re: Robert A. Surrey and the Dallas ANP. Any FBI, local, 12/8/94 in Dallas and New so directed records relating to the 4/63 “swastika incident” in Dallas independent Orleans (swastikas painted on approx. one dozen downtown Dallas stores.) Any records relating to New Orleans ANP George Lincoln Rockwell, Colonel Bluford Balter and “Ray J. Leahardt.” Any privately held papers re: ANP activities in Dallas or New Orleans.

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies Jerry Shinley FBI files Shinley lists 7 FBI files which he believes should be classified FBI 11/29/95 as assassination records and pursued accordingly. Subjects revolve around right-wing politics of early ‘60s; e.g. Gen. Walker, Minutemen, Milteer, etc. Also: Hemming and Hall.

Jerry Shinley CIA Literature Believes certain employees in this office review proposed CIA 12/1/94 Review Board books and articles and remove passages related to the assassination.

Jerry Shinley Louisiana Joint Shinley found an HSCA OCR w/Jack Norman Rogers, Local (State of 5/28/96 Legislative formerly counsel to this Committee, who confirmed to HSCA Louisiana) Committee on Un- staffer Martin Daly that the Committee did indeed conduct a American Activities, contemporaneous (1963) investigation into the assassination, re: JFK interviewing people who later turn up again, for instance, in assassination the Garrison probe. Shinley wants the ARRB to seek out investigation these records, which, according to the OCR w/Rogers, were turned over to the State of Louisiana “executive branch” when the Committee went out of business, circa 1971.

STAFF Depositions Locate the following people as 7/26/95 targets of inquiry: Frank, Ragano, James P. Hosty, Birch O’Neal, Anne Goodpasture, Warren C. DeBrueys. Cartha (Deke) DeLoach, Richard Helms, Robert Groden, Richard Nagel, Carve Gayton, Louis Tordella, Teddy Kennedy, Dave Powers, Russell Holmes, Scott Breckenridge, John W. Fain, and the next of kin of deceased key CIA employees.

Jeremy will talk to Elizabeth Pugh about our immunity policy.

STAFF Hosty’s Book Call Josh about getting a copy of 7/26/95 Hosty’s book.

STAFF Antonio Vecchiana Have Anne locate Vecchiana 7/31/95 without direct contact.

Anthony McCone summaries Summers got ahold of a document from LBJ Library CIA Summers of Nov./Dec ‘63 referencing McCone briefings of LBJ w/ notation “Substance LBJ Library 1/9/96 briefings of LBJ of these briefings, as recorded by Mr. McCone, are in safe at CIA to which only Mr. McCone has combination

Ed Tatro Dorothy Matlack Information relating to Dorothy Matlack’s relationships with US Army 3/15/95 Office of the Army Clemard Charles, LBJ, and George de Mohrenschildt.

Ed Tatro de Mohrenschildt 4/26/63 memo between de Mohrenschildt and [redacted]. CIA, HSCA

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies 3/15/95 meeting 4/26/63 Files connecting de Mohrenschildt to LBJ, Howard Burris or Walter Jenkins.

Ed Tatro LBJ connections to Documents relating to activities of Billie Sol Estes, Bobby FBI, CIA 3/15/95 scandals Baker, Clint Murchison, Fred Korth, and Jack Halfen.

Ed Tatro Oswald military Oswald’s Service Record USAF Training Form 20 indicates LHO was attached to a unit USAF/USN 3/15/95 records indicates he attended a at Gulfport. USN denies. Release Gulfport AFB personnel Gulfprt AFB training school at Keedler files. AFBnear Gulfport in ‘57. No mystery to solve here.

Ed Tatro Oswald military Believes Oswald’s Intelligence were destroyed. Requests USN, ONI, 3/15/95 intelligence files ARRB to inquire whether microfilm exists of same records. DOD

Ed Tatro Canadian Govt. Request any Canadian microfilm or files on Oswald. Canadian 3/15/95 Oswald files Govt.

Ed Tatro Spas Raikin Raikin met with Oswald after returning from USSR. Requests FBI, CIA 3/15/95 ARRB to release all Raikin files.

Ed Tatro Windshields of ARRB should request documents regarding how many Secret Service 3/15/95 presidential limo windshields the SS owned for the presidential limo along with records regarding windshield replacement.

Ed Tatro A.P. Aldredie; curb Aldredie witnessed bullet scar on Elm and FBI conducted two FBI 3/15/95 scrape results scrapes of “scar”. Requests ARRB to search for results of scrape tests and files re: Aldredie

Ed Tatro Monterey School of Personnel files from late 50s and early 60s. Request DLI at 3/15/95 the Army documents regarding whether Oswald attended. Monterey

Ed Tatro Mary Bancroft Any and all information re: Bancroft, who had an intimate CIA, FBI 3/15/95 relationship with Dulles. Bancroft also knew Ruth Paine. Release all Bancroft files relating to the Paines.

Ed Tatro Dimitri de ARRB should request whether CIA has correspondence CIA 3/15/95 Mohrenschildt between de Mohrenschildt and Allen Dulles.

Ed Tatro Charles Harrelson Any and all records (criminal, military, intelligence) regarding FBI, CIA 3/15/95 Charles Harrelson.

Ed Tatro DOJ acoustics DOJ report issued March 1988 contradicted HSCA acoustics DOJ, FBI 3/15/95 report from March evidence. All files re: preparation of acoustics report and 1988 information on Thomas Boyd, author of Report.

Ed Tatro NSAM #273 (rough ARRB should release all rough drafts of NSAM #273, as there DOD, NSC, 3/15/95 drafts) are rumors that rough drafts of document (prior to 11/21/63) JSC, called for escalation of Vietnam war after JFK’s death. independent M. Bundy

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies Ed Tatro Oswald’s CIA 201 37 documents from 201 file were unavailable to HSCA. CIA, HSCA 3/15/95 file

Ed Tatro Kennedy autopsy Request any and all audio records of JFK autopsy. USN, DOD, 3/15/95 Bethesda

Ed Tatro HSCA audio records Inquire as to whether CIA edited/deleted HSCA audio tape CIA, HSCA 3/15/95 records.

Ed Tatro Oswald P.O. Box Differing responses to Oswald “post office box discrepancy.” FBI 3/15/95 Release all files regarding same.

Athan FBI & CIA office Office files of prominent individuals in FBI and CIA often FBI, CIA Theoharis files contain documents that are not recorded in the central filing 4/21/94 system at FBI and CIA. Specifically wants ARRB to request office files of Helms’ predecessors at CIA and the office files of DeLoach, Felt, Rosen, Evans, Belmont, and Sullivan at FBI.

Richard Trask photographic Believes Board should pursue privately held photographic Local, 3/24/95 ARRB records records from Dealey Plaza; also all govt. reports or independent, Hearing documentation on photographic evidence, CIA and Nat. CIA, NPIC Photographic Interpretation Center records on Zapruder film; also photographic records in local hands: Dallas Municipal Archives, etc.; news and wire services holdings, etc.

Richard Trask James Powell Special agent for Army Intelligence Corps present in Dealey Army 3/24/95 ARRB Plaza, took a photo of depository building. Hearing

A.J. Weberman Misc. Hemming, FBI, Army 5/15/95 Manuel Aguilar,; MIG

.A.J. FBI "Paris" docs As of 10/95, these records are Weberman from 1960 Ithat are under consideration. Once final 6/6/95 under Board Board action is taken, review). Weberman should be notified. yes A.J. 14 FBI documents Lists various documents on several different topics, including FBI, CIA FBI Weberman Orest Pena, John Robert Klinner and others. These FBI 7/1/95 documents appear to contain CIA equities

Harold CIA Office of Believes CIA Office of Security opened 2 files on him. CIA Weisberg Security files on Weisberg.

Harold correspondence b/t Wants correspondence between himself and govt. agencies CIA and other Weisberg Weisberg & govt. placed in JFK Collection. Esp. CIA. govt. agencies agencies

Harold relationship b/t CIA Believes Praeger Publishing formerly had an affiliation with

FOIA Source/Date Topic (general) RP Action Description Agency/ies Weisberg & Praeger CIA. Release records that reflect CIA’s communications with CIA Publishing Praeger re: assassination.

Harold Weisberg FOIA Wants ARRB to place his FOIA requests and appeals re: the DOJ Weisberg requests & appeals assassination in the JFK Collection.

Harold Weisberg radio and Wants ARRB to place his radio and TV appearances in the local Weisberg TV appearances JFK Collection.

Gene Wheaton USMCR unit in New Alleges that USMCR unit in New Orleans was cover for CIA USMR; ONI; 2/15/95 Orleans Latin American operations. USMCR; CIA