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Oxygen concentrators reduce the level FOR OXYGEN of in the air, and increase the CONCENTRATOR oxygen level. APPLICATIONS

• Pressure Sensors – Board BACKGROUND SOLUTIONS Mount Oxygen concentrators are used to assist Honeywell manufactures many sensors • Pressure Sensors – Heavy Duty patients with respiratory illnesses or and switches that may be used in lung disease, who have difficulties in oxygen concentrators. Our solutions • Airflow Sensors absorbing oxygen into the bloodstream. are designed to help control pressure • Oxygen Sensors An oxygen concentrator receives air, and airflow, detect failures, enhance • Magnetic Sensors purifies it and then distributes the newly equipment performance and efficiency • Basic and AML Switches and act as a high pressure warning formed air. Typically, air is composed • Pressure Switches of 80 percent nitrogen and 20 percent within the oxygen concentrator. (See oxygen. An oxygen concentrator Figure 1.) increases the oxygen content to over 90 percent. Sieve bed filters contain , which removes the nitrogen from the air. Oxygen concentrators can be used in hospitals, home and some devices are portable. Figure 1. Solutions for Oxygen Concentrator Applications

1 Pressure Sensors - Board Mount Muffler MicroPressure MPR Series, MoleculMolecularar sieve sieve Basic ABP Series bedbed 1 1 2 Pressure Transducers - Heavy Duty MIP Series, MLH Series 1 Pressure Surge Four way reducing tank solenoid Cross over 3 Airflow Sensors (a(Airir) ) valve valve orifices AWM90000 Series 2 4 Oxygen Sensor OOMLF Series Molecular sieve bed 2 Magnetic Sensors Heat 5 Electronic SS360/SS460 Series exchanger control circuit Basic and AML Switches 6 DM, ZD, ZW, V15W Basics; AML Series (PB and Rockers) Product tank Pressure Switches Compressor Motor (oxygen) 7 LE and LP Series; 5000 Series

5 6 Flow meter Pressure Oxygen adjustment Out regulator 7 valve Air In 1 3 4

TABLE 1. PRESSURE SENSORS AND TRANSDUCERS FEATURES MICROPRESSURE MPR SERIES • Pressure range 60 mbar to 2.5 bar • Measures absolute and gage • Amplified and temperature compensated MLH Series MIP Series MicroPressure, Basic ABP Series • Digital (I2C/SPI) output (24-bits) MPR Series BASIC ABP/ABP2 SERIES • Pressure range 5 mbar to 25 bar PRESSURE SENSORS • Measures absolute, gage and Board Mount: MicroPressure MPR Series, Basic ABP. ABP2 Series differential Heavy Duty: MIP, MLH Series • Amplified and temperature compensated Smaller equipment size also means lower Function/Action • Analogue or digital (I2C/SPI) output power consumption, as well as greater • Monitor sieve bed pressure to • Supports and dry gases portability. maintain the optimal pressure so that MIP SERIES enough oxygen can be generated, but Heavy duty pressure sensors are • Rugged, stainless steel construction still remain at a relatively high oxygen used to monitor and control the flow • Ratiometric output: 0.5 Vdc to 4.5 Vdc concentration of air and oxygen delivered to oxygen • Total Error Band up to ±0.75 %FSS concentrators, and used to monitor and Honeywell board mount pressure • High accuracy: ±0.15 %FSS BFSL control pressure within the surge tank, sensors are extensively used within • CE, RoHS, REACH compliant providing feedback to the compressor medical equipment due to high levels of MLH SERIES which allows the compressor to maintain accuracy, sensitivity and reliability (see • Pressure range of 6 bar to 550 bar, the appropriate pressure level. Heavy Table 1). Board mount pressure sensors 50 psi to 8,000 psi duty pressure sensors support a wide may be used to detect when the patient • ±0.25% full scale accuracy (BFSL) variety of media and are offered with a begins to inhale so that oxygen can then • Total Error Band as low as 2 %FSS wide choice of ports and outputs (see be delivered efficiently and effectively. • Less than 2 ms response time Table 1). Not only does this enhance system • Fully temperature compensated, response time, it also minimizes wasting calibrated and amplified oxygen when the patient isn’t inhaling, • Rated IP65 or better allowing the oxygen concentrator to be smaller and to operate more efficiently.

APPLICATION NOTE | Solutions for Oxygen Concentrators | sensing.honeywell.com 2 AIRFLOW OXYGEN MAGNETIC SENSORS SENSORS SENSORS AWM90000 Series OOMLF Series SS360/SS460

Function/Action Function/Action Function/Action • Monitor a patient’s breathing to • Measure and control oxygen • Control motors and sense motor detect when the patient inhales, so concentration level of the air delivered speed that oxygen is only supplied when to the patient These magnetic position sensors are required and isn’t wasted. This helps Oxygen sensors are the oxygen-sensing designed to provide reliable, highly to minimize the overall system size by component of an oxygen analyzer that accurate output for smooth motor supplying oxygen only when required measures oxygen concentration in control that reduces noise and vibration The AWM90000 Series (see Table 2) is mixtures. Honeywell’s in the pump’s motor assembly and designed to detect ultra-low flow levels lead-free oxygen sensors are an improves its efficiency (see Table 4). at 0,1 cm3. This enhanced sensitivity innovative one-to-one, drop-in Its solid state reliability often reduces may be used to detect when the patient replacement for existing lead-based repair and maintenance costs. exhales and when the system should oxygen sensors (see Table 3). Their small size allows for design into reduce airflow, easing exhalation and The OOMLF Series fulfills the lead-free many compact, automated, lower- improving patient comfort. RoHS II regulatory requirements. In cost assemblies. A thermally balanced Honeywell’s airflow sensors deliver a addition, these oxygen sensors are also integrated circuit that is accurate over low pressure drop (down to 0,2 cm- temperature compensated and provide a full temperature range is designed to

H2O at 200 SLPM), leading to lower high accuracy of the sensor signal, low provide proper fan functionality. flow resistance and improved patient signal drift and low cross interferences TABLE 4. MAGNETIC SENSORS comfort. from common components of breathing FEATURES gases. TABLE 2. AIRFLOW SENSORS SS360/SS460 FEATURES TABLE 3. OXYGEN SENSORS • Fast response time AWM90000 SERIES FEATURES • No-chopper-stabilization • Bi-directional sensing capability OOMLF SERIES • High sensitivity • Highly stable null and full-scale • Compliant with European MDD (CE • Latching magnetics • Low pressure drop certification) • Wide operating voltage range of • Compact package design • Compliant to EU RoHS Directive 3 Vdc to 24 Vdc • Low hysteresis and repeatability 2011/65/EU as amended by • Built-in reverse voltage errors Directive 2015/863 • Fast response time (1 ms typical) • Meets ISO 80601-2-55 • Low power consumption • Designed and manufactured according to EN ISO 13485 • Higher accuracy and reliability in response

• Resistant to N2O

APPLICATION NOTE | Solutions for Oxygen Concentrators | sensing.honeywell.com 3 BASIC AND AML PUSHBUTTON SWITCHES PRESSURE SWITCHES

DM, V15W, ZW Series; ZD Series; LP Series; LE Series; 5000 Series AML Series Function/Action Function/Action • Act as high pressure warnings in the • Used as on/off operator controls, as event of error or over-pressure well as detection for covers, panels Honeywell LP/LE pressure switches and doors are often located on the output of MICRO SWITCH basic switches can be the oxygen concentrator’s pressure used as presence/detection for covers, regulator and can act as high-pressure panels and doors acting as a fail-safe warnings in the event of an error (see to prevent switching the machine when Table 6). The switch could illuminate doors/panels are ajar. Several series a warning light/sound, or simply cut are sealed to protect against fluids (see power in the event of a dangerous, over- Table 5). pressure event. In some cases, it may MICRO SWITCH AML Series are also just shut down the motor. available as pushbuttons, key switches TABLE 6. PRESSURE SWITCHES and rockers/paddles (see Table 5). They FEATURES are often used in medical equipment as LP SERIES, LE SERIES off/on operator controls on the external • Pressure switching set point range: face of the equipment. 3.5 psi to 150 psi TABLE 5. BASIC SWITCHES AND • Factory set and field adjustable PUSHBUTTON FEATURES • 500 psi proof MICRO SWITCH BASICS • Configurable • Watertight, dust tight; leaded • IP67 sealing rating versions are sealed to IP67 • Hysteresis option (LP) • High current capacity • More than 15 pressure port options • Many different switch characteristics, and over 30 electrical terminations actuators, and terminations • Smart diagnostic technology option • Miniature and subminiature size 5000 SERIES • Lower power consumption • Designed to stand up to extended AML PUSHBUTTONS duty applications • Pushbuttons, paddles, rockers, • 0 psi to 150 psi key-actuated, and indicators within • Factory set AML Series for coordinated panel • Gold contacts appearance • 500 psi proof • Less than 1.75 inch panel depth • #8-32 screws, 1/4 in blade, • Furnished lighted or unlighted Metripack options

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