Weber's Variety Harvest Dates

Cling or Cling or Variety Ripens Flesh Comments Variety Ripens Flesh Comments freestone freestone Spring June 29 Cling Our earliest peach Contender August 13 Free Stone Very large, firm , high quality, excellent Excellent flavor, good for eating & dessert, semi- Candor June 30 Cling Yellow Allstar August 13 Free Stone Yellow Very firm, bright color, clear yellow flesh freestone PF 5B Flamin Large, firm, attractive, good for eating, one of the July 4 Cling Yellow Medium sized, colorful, semi-freestone Loring August 14 Free Stone Yellow best for freezing & canning, Steve's Fury favorite Very large, freestone, exceptional quality, a good Sugar May July 4 Cling White Medium sized, very firm, excellent quality, colorful Bounty August 14 Free Stone Yellow substitute for Loring

Rising July 8 Cling Yellow Firm, -red color, attractive Summer August 14 Free Stone White Stark nursery exclusive, high quality white peach

Excellent size, firm, good flavor, colorful, hybrid of Exceptional color and firmness, one of the largest Sentry July 9 Cling Yellow Sugar Giant August 15 Free Stone White Loring & Sentinel, semi-freestone varieties Firm, bright color, one of few freestones in early Summer Gala July 10 Cling Yellow August 17 Free Stone Yellow Large, firm, exceptional quality season, semi-freestone Breeze

Snow Prince July 10 Cling White Large, very firm, dark red Georgia Belle August 17 Free Stone White Old-fashioned white peach

Glenglo July 12 Cling Yellow Medium-large, firm, very attractive White August 19 Free Stone White Medium-large, firm, colorful

Medium sized, firm, wonderful flavor, very Redstar July 17 Cling Yellow Glowingstar August 20 Free Stone Yellow Large attractive, brilliant red color Medium sized, firm, keeps well, good flavor & Red Haven July 24 Free Stone Yellow The first of the great peaches of summer Biscoe August 21 Free Stone Yellow quality, good for canning, eating or freezing Very tender, high sugar content, called "donut" Saturn July 24 Free Stone White Cresthaven August 21 Free Stone Yellow Very firm, colorful, good for eating peach

Large, yellow with deep red blush, cross between Starfire July 25 Free Stone Yellow Very firm, excellent quality, brilliant red color Resdkin August 21 Free Stone Yellow J.H. Hale & Elberta, favorite for canning & freezing

Early Loring July 28 Free Stone Yellow Large fruit, excellent firmness & color Elberta August 23 Free Stone Yellow Famous canning peach from the past Stays firm even when ripe, good dessert peach, PF27a Flamin White Lady July 28 Free Stone White August 23 Free Stone Yellow Large, firm, very colorful aromatic Fury Large, firm, great flavor, discovered as a whole Large, exceptional quality, unique yellow stripe John Boy July 29 Free Stone Yellow Lady Nancy August 23 Free Stone White limb sport of Loring through flesh Discovered as a complete tree sport of the original Large, firm, one of the most beautiful peaches of John Boy II Augst 2 Free Stone Yellow Jerseyqueen August 24 Free Stone Yellow John Boy, matures 5 days later the summer Ernie's Large, white flesh tinged with , does not August 3 Free Stone Yellow Good flavor, almost fuzzless, a beautiful peach Blushing Star August 27 Free Stone White Choice when cut Very large, firm, dark red color, cross of seedling & Sugar Lady August 5 Free Stone White Firm, sweet, aromatic fruit Encore August 28 Free Stone Yellow Autmnglo Klondike August 5 Free Stone White Medium-large, firm, very attractive Snow King August 28 Free Stone White Large, colorful fruit; important commercial variety White Large, exceptional quality, one of the best of the Sunhigh August 8 Free Stone Yellow Laurol August 31 Free Stone Yellow Very large, attractive summer for eating, canning & freezing Large, high quality, seedling of Sunhigh, good Beekman August 8 Free Stone Yellow Snow Giant Sept. 5 Free Stone White Very large, firm, outstanding quality substitute for Sunhigh Large, firm , beautiful, mostly red color, doesn't Quachita Medium sized, attractive orange-red on yellow Coralstar August 12 Free Stone Yellow Sept. 12 Free Stone Yellow brown when cut color

*Please note all dates are approximate *Please note all dates are approximate